18 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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aeatr:cal and musical. fh,?re tia.' benn it complete dearth of Incident III the theatrical an t muKioul line during the past wot It. We bear nothing of thn plan* of the Opera people, beyond a statement which reach"! us from Curia, through thu Qa.rlte Mutual', th.it L' 1 nan will not open the Academy of Music for o|>era a ;?ln this wlntor, and that the artist* recently engaged by him In Europe have con. traded other engagements. Without offering any opinion ou the correctness of this report, we must nay that It wears an air of probability, from the f.ict that the oompnny unriur tbn direction of Mr. Grau tuu bceu to. med independently of Mr. Ullraan, and with u i ntiro disregard of the arrangements of the directors ol both Academies. It in true that Maretzek will arrive here ?ith lili* troupe some time in December, anil that M.. Ullman may be only holding back until their arrival. Hut whether the plans of the two will hitch together m another question. Marctzc* is coming back tush with money, and may not bo Inclined to sink lt; a* h - <111 when he la*t returned from Havana, In the abyp? of New York me cil speculation*. In any ?Tent, it is not likely that ope. u will bo attoinptoil by any company under the present extra.-iigint rents or the tw.i houses. Kither the directors of tbe latter will liavo tu abate th ir preten- ions or k ep their doors permanently closed. No oomiocts will bold gool lu tbe facu of iuij? s. ?tbilltl??. At Wullack'S "The King of the Mountains" still holds ltd own. The popularity of thi? pleco is extraord naryi considering the sleidernoss of its plot and the triviality of It* dialogue. A line mi x en and ^ood acting s<vm 0i'tra<!a\ s all that ih n c ssary to constitute a dramatic success. The same remark applies to ''lhe Seven Cons," which still holds tho b urdu at Laura IieenoV. Vive la bagaUlle. Th'ife old established favorites, Mr and Mrs. Darwy Williams, moke their rentrte this evening at the Winter Gaiden. There can be uo doubt as to the warmth of tho welcome they will receive. Few performers on oar boards have enjoyed a more uninterrupted course of popularity, and fow h.iTo morj fairly meritod it. Hie entertainment." will eminence wit*? the legendary drama and fairy spectacle, ''The Fairy Circle, or Cm OTaro an's Dream," which was so much liked hero on its llrst pro. duction, and which bad such a longrun in London. It will be followed by the new burleacpjo writ ton expressly for Mr. Barney Wil iams, and entitled "A Magic Joke." Tho whole to conclude with tho popular farce of "The Irish Tiger." At the New Bowery tbe new local Arama, "Fat-l Wo men of the Modern l'ay," 1- to be played again to night" It is of the com|H>siui order, but exceedingly amusing. At Stickney's (Old Bowery) a new equestrionne, Mile. . Castillo, makes her tint appearance to-night, in lieu of Mile. Bla Zoyara. By the bye, the sex of the latter has ? been nlcler mined by rather an unexpected event, being no less t'lan her elopement and marriage with- manager jfltu ltney 's daughter Salllo (Mile. Helotee). Barnum keeps high festival to-day at tho Muaeum, in ?elebratmaof the capture of Port Royal. In addition to .?programme rich in attractions, there will be agrand Illumination and display of fireworks in the evening. The minstrels, both Hooley's and Bryants', are erewd ?d every night. It is astonishing with what little eObr tr the way of novelty the popularity of these plac<* of *u.usem< nt is maintained. The concert halls are doing a thriving business. There Is an addition to their number In the old Chatham theatre, which opens to-night under the title of tbe . National Music Hall. Tbneo who are tond of the study of physiology will do -well to visit the Parisian Cabinet of Anatomy, lu Broad way. The wax specimens exhibited there are some of the finest that we navo seen. Messrs. Mason and Thomas commenced their first sea ion of musical soirees in Brooklyn, at the hall of th* ?olytechnic Institute, on Thursday evening last. Th? ?rformonces wore cl a acterized by all the oarefulness ad Uni-di that distinguish tho concerts of thase merito Dus artists. We were sorry to find, however, the room it half tilled. It seems that it requires a bribe, such aa e gift presentation concert at the Athensum a few enings previous, to secure the patronage of the Brook i audiences for .good music. Ims Josephine Cbe^tney made her debut at the Wash too the it re on Friday, the Stb Inst., ns Constance in is Love Chase." She is possessed of considerable per il attractions, has a line figure and a clear, full voice* ?,bnhe uses with a well modulated discretion. She ?y and graceful In her movements, and promisee to i eicellont octrees. Hor reception was a very favor J<X Jefferaon la to leave San Francisco this month for A iul> Th? ' yoanR mon ?f Patroit are building by jolt Mb ion ? n?w hall, which is intend d to be nsod m a [rut < theatre. It is rapidly approaching comple tion. The Va,ley theatre was opened for the first time ?n thc ltth ult. The receipts were three thousand dol lars Mr. j I L. Davenport and Mr. J. W. Wallack have been playing " crowded hoiuea at (he Continental, Philadel phia. A ver V p'oasant parlor entertainment was given at the Brook I y 3 Athenajiim on Friday evening, by Messrs. Kop pitz anil ftcx, to an audience composed almost enclu- ' sively of German*. Th-* first pert consisted of a concert, in which MadameSchreincr Kronfeld, Herr Kron eld iiaA Herr Ki 'I*lz were flje P?''formers. The scroud wa?a vaudevil ?afllayed in costume by Madame Kronfeld, Mian Ottilie si Brb an<l llor" Kruger, Gebhard and Kronfeld. The instri wveulal portion of the entertainment wis flrnt | class of it ^"d the acting and singing were excel- ! ?nt. fh" |? soir?'Ori?hiif musical and hall dramatic?are I ({rowing Ito great favor ViU. the German populatioo of our large Mites. Miss M riattrainerd and W. Guptavus Geary aro con certing o Connecticut. Gkrma Thb?iri>'ais.?'The "Jortglour," a cpmte opera, ^n three it?, by Pohl, constituted the chief attraction at. he Stat! theatre last week. There is also in yeparatior at this et ablishment a local farco entitled "The Son of i'te Jcii| pur" one of tho few German productions of the kin> that have been originated on this side d the Atla ntlc. It la announced to be a three act piece, with six tableaux, music aud singing. Lieut. Hoy la, oua of the d rectors of the thoatro, now of the Turner regi ment, m mic his farewell appearance on Monday last, to mcrowdi d bouse, prior to his return to the array. 'Hie ? piece pis yedon the occasion was "Mijor Schill," by Rude'/ _Jof.ll>-' 1. the iirst time of ite production here. It repre The t: ??aig!? under * ?\gtt C of tne~ ^ M*10' XioO ^ Cpo: ?pro?V? tutee 1 b\e ta eugb1 CUUV?t Bl>oiie' the lT \jiin v t?llne toark Tb? episode of the war in Germany in tho beginning :ottury. Ia order to give the ticw tragedien:*?, etc, a fair opportunity for tlie display of be* ra>?t of the week has boon devoted to tragody. sending tlie unfavorable condition of buaiarK* ind the absence at the war of many thougaixls re going and music loving youag men, theUorman 1 irt, thus far, well supported. FOllETON. iste for Shalcpjre, whose glorious creatlone our laced neighbor* across the East river have placed an. is having quite a revival in Ix>ndou. On one 18th ult.) they were played at no lean than four principal theatres?"Othello" at the I'rinceRs', rd the Third" at the Haymarket, "The Midsum ight's I>ream" at Sadlor's Wells, and "Othello" t Drury Lane. On Mr. G. V. Brooke's im person a tbe Moor the Morning Pott thus comments:? the while, the Impression conveyod by Mr. > acting is a m lane/holy one, inasmuch us it pic a the laney of tlio sp<'Ciator a man of unquestlona eiit.who, had he been taught in a good school, have achieve 1 gr at distinction, but wh >m "cir ince, ilia', uprpiritual god and mlscreator," has. by banishing him for a long series of years from, jat hv l and centre of civilization, and conip?lliiia jicrf'iim before audience* who have less relish far , intellectual mid Impasslone I acting than for up as dec.umaiion and extra\agaut gesture. Manchester Guanhan, in critlolsinja recent rrpre ion oi John Br" ghnu r " immboyand Hod," thus I tof Mr. Florence'* Captain Cuttle: 1 Horence!in?shown by this interpretation of Old I that be la an actor of more ttian ordinary merits 1 I hiih a tr<:e jKjrccptum ni character, and >uw?r So l iy it, and that, In ibe midst of tliebroa lurt comedy DWH thu limit required by Rood tnste. The Si/*au f of Mrs. Florence mny aluo be p'acod rmong wliai y artistic?it was genuine artiug, never overp'.ayei King of Prussia baa conferred on M. Keyerb ver tie of the Crown, second class, for his .'?cant ootipo The Coronation March.'' omiooi>era, Id twoaois, libretto by M E. PlMitier, | S by M. Michael Burgson, is in preparation ?; ^ .re Lyrlque, Paris. i Berlin papers describe Johauo* Jaeuer's debut ?? a %raK' <H''"ne M * brlUlact success. ll? daneColson has overcome the Qrst unfavorable im pren rti'A that nha bad created at. Milan. Rbc had made her ^pp*' tfanr.'i in "Polluto" and tho "Travmia," and had ? |tir eucce.-s in both. U new opera ballet, emitted "Is neveu de Gulllv* t?, b*a beun producad at the Tli"ftlrs Lyrlque. The tni/,jc |i ?y U. L*i*rl? ' ' sp*"* Mr CuUl* tbal l ?mb? be is tr? Tb? Ordsi si^on tnuBi Tbea Tb -1 >v yn Mdlle. Sti'lTunoiil In Binding at Napli iJ'grange U In Madrid. Cazzaiilga is living la /etircwt n' al ^er cliatoau la Voghcra. A new farce, entitled "A I/cpsl Impeding "Dti" from tha pen of Mr. Axenford, was brought out at l'10 Olympic theatre, London, lust month. If lo keep the hi usellterally in a scream of laughter be tha legitimate x< ?ndard by which lo measure thu success of a fare*, "A Im pediment" la quite a success in ItH way. At hif) benellt at the Haymarkut, Charles Math*?i1 trH,'? his farewell of the regular atago in a speech, tf wht k I following is the pub:? I ntn not about to go 10 America?no. I should rait1**" think not?nor to Australia, nor to Serlngapatam. nor aaay "I the colnnies. ltut tho fact la I am about i" ret ru I'm **> ILo staye; not that I have mado my fortune; pray don't Inii pin? that for uu Instant. Tho pla n truth Ik 1 am going to hiive a shopof my own, going to art up lit buRiue** for aiyso'f, and 1 am a-Icing you to becom" my customer*. I know tills la an advertisement; indeed, a larpe poster, wd ought io he puid for accordingly. Hut everybody haa md to me, "Why don't you do an entertainment? ' and \t la?t th'-nn-wor haa come, "Why shouldn't 1." To excuse a reply cjf this kiml 1 hove only the old one to add, my fat Int did aobol'iire mo. (Applause.) If I succeod this will homy lut appoaranr* on thoptngo; If not, you will we rni- In tny old quarter*. I hivo only to add, Mr. an I Mr>. ' ba. !? b Mith.ws will bo "ai boiux" mmt time in \<ivtnl)er, and we shall bo liappy to recaivo all the company we cai got. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Spiwat, N*y. 17, 18G1. The war iaa now lasted raven months, and it may fairly be presomed that vre have expertenced its worst flnaaoial and commercial effects. So far as the foreign trade of thin port it) concerned, these t fleets h;?v?' beta a Uisge reduction in ou* consump tion of fortvgn goods, and a larje increase in tmi exportation of food. It would not be lair, of course, to iw;rihw the latter to the etfest of A* war. It springs M>m the failure- of the foreifpi harvest*. Practically, however, whatmw iSj, cause, ita effect is to eat* the mone;* market herer and to keep the foiuign exchanges in our favor. The import aggregate for the week ending ywter day aiiuuntad to about on* half the total export. Of this, a large suta represented importations of guni-r; wool and sujar were the he wiest of the remaining itains- PuMio feeling at present, as well among tba eBl'ghtaHied members >1' the com mercial community- -that ia to say, tatong fr*e traders?as-among ti c ctttwier variety of aercantiAe men who still achcrc to-obsolete theories of pre* tectioi, lean? very decidedly toward the policy of a prohibitory tariff peutftag tlio war. Owing to various causes?which arc-so well known that they heed not hterp be ?anumisra'JBd?this country at pre. sent is n mrly H09#KKHrt 00 richer in specie than it was twelve moathsuigv* when the traitors of South I Carolina first d'Mturhed ? ur It is of so mnch importance to pre*? rv? this gold in the country, aud to avoid the-nena wit f of a<8u*pension of specie payments iiyourbuaii s, 1 hat all parties would wil lingly veto- for pn >l*i4oitory- duties on such articles of foreign mt.uufa. iture as can bo made hern Chief ataong these are wich articles of dry is# ods as are worn by women. It ra hop id, whtTrfc the war broke out, that th*' woman of tha North woald adapt themseHajs to tfca > situation, and would s?e the necessity of enrtaiiiog tlicir purchases of fo reign nranufaoOirea. In some localities this ho^tf may have-beeat realieed, but it has n?t be?n so ia this metropclfat T.he ?a!ti of the ieatiing dry goods houses **r? )ure ibern larjfwn tftca fall tliM ever before, tutd the grp*croptaon lathnAtha womca * of the North ai*. spending an much in^'oniga ?lkt? poplins, ribbons. luce*, 3ca., an they nvor iid. Th? ! fact will probrh^y e?ggea* to C'ong- *s tV Dek<e? sity of impneirg'OB thus* -artistes s-.iah ? dfcatj- as ' may effectual!y?exchide them from our mark eta during th<* wtv TU*<iounta-y eannot afloai: to p ay ? or them ui itil ?o?oe ?? re-estajblishet.i. The folio wing are the- official tablet* at fthwjfo reign trad< - of *? poctifor the week aiuMna- Jao u ary 1 iMmm. For the W, tfk. W. 1800 MOT. Pry g-o<ls $e4.r>,ijft4 1,248,nr?> 434. JS <g G?uerdl mt-r ctuudiKO 2;720,1M0 l,23.'),2sa. 1,1X8.4t 9 Total for tJ ae vaak. $3.MA,5M 2,4N2,1J?- V812.7I 7 Ttoviousiy : .-epvrtaU. 211,003,57# 204,411,9^3 JOtVUUtK*3 5 9inco Jan. 1 $2*4,670,113 206,8#4,a?a. USvJ4^M ~i ? ipoikov Picocni AMD M*RrttAN-BB. > I860. I860. MM. ??r the w<m k.... $l?5O4.820 3,471,351 'H21M.11 9 ?M\luuely repi-rlod.. 60,338.634 81,418,617 111.'tit3 Place.JaD .1 $.57,843,455 84.H8?,m->U3feU.n 2 Kxnons of Spans. 1869. 1860 19*1 . the w? ek $1,300,991 13S,7P<>. anm l?r?Ttuusly reported.. 04.699.892 42.220,7"ii A Sloan Ju i. 1.. $01,900,883 42.309,421. jfi The b? nk rpecie reserve stood las* M'oo&w i at 541,'213,9 98, "vbout ths same point at .rtticlk it h as for sorie three weeks. There ? m b#?& b ut one tall on the banks during the weel-,,fos $XfiO 0, OtiO; ant 1 tho Sub-Treasury has gainjd nv niur cy at their ex[>ensc, wliile, on the other haiui, tl iey Tiavebe en rtceivins gold from Engknd a?i fi aui j Culil'ort ia. It is t expected, theret>?Ot Lltat t uey . will she .w aay serii.ua decrease of coin to-aiurr ow, ' tlira;?h the wants rf the government and.ti? tr ans misttioi i of ivpecie i Ao Virginia and the W??t Soi the paymt nt o/the tr ops, Ate., will prooald? pw vent, any et nsiderable increase at present. Warty mil lions of coin a; a coasitlerably r\wo 6hai our banki , aro accustomed to carry. Lcstv tliai t lia'| he amoant lira heretofore bc-?a ihtiw ed a safe i oasis for thrm to bank on. So !ong. U e w * lasti , ho\sever, i'ais probable that our Nou) s w il p?rre civo the r aoissity of keej ;ng Uni-t iseh us atro lg. The diraouut line continiids ta-rtu dovn. la t nree weeks it declined Jl-.O.Mj.OiOc w o si all doo btlejj witn as a further decline to-r norr >w. 1 Ia1 t Moiday it tood at $110,627,060. Ne(xt woek th< ban'is will r lace to the ore iit of tjj?> jtov ;rn n? rit tl ? $50,0<'J;000 lest on tla.new si:u:s; thia' w ill ratty the < Acount tor to tb? m'i&jhborhoxi of i I'M) ,0(?,000. ?he hi.nti nra d.-iDR a magni.'ioenA ?jnsine?; whe <tUie cndstbty wilL have ^uwiA Bomc iiviilcn "> to i:u<e, and their ntockh 4<lrsa will b? wibstp tfially OMMOled "or tb*. anxieties of i the p-?MLnt y Mt. Money clo; ?l y?*tMday d'dl alt j*t r?t for call loans ar.nl in good Ruppty.for f??st clasj p;ij>er, whi< h nave: .readily at 6% 7%. K>or paver not utri ,tly ftrfet tlass it 13 Uiflii-v.lt to (4>tain money ex cept *t wry high rates. J., feoltng pretiils that rrKutof th<" iousea whirh "itve tbus l'nr wnatii-red th? b&orro ire not likdy to go down now. But capitalists arc still loath to l?o eh pnper: which i? sj&pecite&j of represfnting tf.aims in thr rebel J'-tftU'S, o"* names, which hav%.'beeu current in the atroct at t a 3 !*rc?nU rue nth. Tha prospect ?f the r*>ney rmrket ia vety cheering. The effect ?f a w* and of hewy jf jvcrnment loans npon money has no r been teaWj, and we see that they do not make ?uney scaw cr or dearer. There is no reason to belie vt tha*, the future can prove as pivpaant wiih losa anil 'peril as the past has been* Wc 'aave se?n the woif t of tlio war, and the money Din Aet liaa never bov .1 inconvenienced by it. Foreign exchange advanced last week to 10f^ fr.r first c2a?s Bterlir ig bills, and 5.25 a '2(i^ for first Uass bills on Par* j. Merchants' bills were bovght by the fcankesa ? at 107% a 108. This advance w the fruit of aopinion which prevails generally among banker j, to the effect that tlie close of navi gation ou tlw lakes and rivers must stop the ex port of pit (luce, and cause an advanco in ex change. J" tolding this view, several leading Louses have ttf* n large bnyers of exchange, and very sparing sellers. The reckoning seems sound on I the for e 0f it. In order, however, to prevent an I adw ,ce in bills to the specie exporting point, the ' asv .ciatc. banks have taken United Htates nixes, j If >tcad of 7.HO Treasury notes, for ihc $T>0,000,000 I 'negotiated by Mr. CI ase la week, and these sixes ' are to be placed in Europe to bo drawn against, i' necessary. This will effectually succeed in keep ing cxclumgc down. Our imports continue light, and if our tieet should manage to secure any con i sidcrablo amount of cotton on the Southern coast , * e shall soon see 'tills fall tff agnui. The following table ahows the course of the ?tock market during the paat week and month:-' Oct. 19. Oct. 28. Nov. 2. Nov. 0. Nov. 18 M'ssotirl 6'? 45* 43 X 44 4T'i 44K Now York Central. 78 77 78 7s% 81 Heading 36?f 36 36* 0.>i 84!< Krie 31?< 31 33* 32X 38 Michigan Central.. 60 48 4860 63}? 8<>ulh. (ruaranieed. 38)tf 38 39 ^ 39 40)^ lllinoiB Central.... 07 * C6X 81 \ 82% 84 Galena 71* 70 70% 70 73 If Kock Ibland 61 61 '4' 67 \ Tnldo 38 V 86 >? 36% M* 37 X Panama 117 118 118 118 119 H'wlson River.... 37% 38 39% 40 40X PaclUo Mail 93% 91% 98 98% 97?i The courHc of tho market was upward last week, but yesterday and day beforo there was a grea* t'eal of realizing. Purchasers of stocks at prices 1 .a 3 per ccnt below those now ruling naturally feet' tempted to sell on the advance; hence a pause in tlk'* upward movement. The reasons by which th*advs.uo? of the past three weeks is justified continn a to operate with undiminished force. Every day thw power of the government Is in creasing., its capacity to crush out the rebellion becoming more evident, and the hopelessness of tho reVI -cause more transparent. On tho other hnnd, the traffic on the great Northern fines of rail' wuy continues to show a marked increase over last year, audit is clear tkut when navigation closes on tho Mvcrs ?nd lakes railway traffic must experi. ence n still' farther augmentation. The trunk linns between Nev.* York und the Wert will net only have to catfry all the food that wil be wanted* fee export to Europe, but will also bo required to carry Went all the goods noeded ia that regioi. Hitherto the Mi.nis sippi rivnr Jiae supplied the Northwest with ull its sugar, coTue aid a large nirnber of other neces sary articles; tkieyear these goods nmt be sent from New York by rail. Meanwhile tW genera, expansion af craAil goes on, and ite eflfect is be coming gra itailly felt. The )ioblio have taken ?omeihing li.le $l5fv#w0,000 of 7.30 Treasury notes and $13,000,0960 of United State:) notes. Tie con anmption of the former is at the? rate of afcout a million a da v, and of the latte.* Mr. Chase will probabty float tlie $77,tM)0,000 still in his hands us rapidly as circi umtamoew will allow. By the lit of Jouiwry ?er t?e hundred millions-of TYoawiry note?, of ?ne ki>id tor another, will file- attest. To su^pnae that this addition to the circulating rocliuoa will not exercise an influence upon tHe price of .all article a interchangeable for mon*y is Jo question the most elMnentary principle of p>*titioa] eoosomy. Anion;* the jiecivftiea which have been1 most popilar among spneulators during the past week uiay be ok, mera ted'Missouri#, New Yorla Central, J Erie and' Erie p refirred, Bock Island, Galena und Toledh.-. Hwscmir. is are' being chiefly bouj^it on the theory tliuA in U e nurse of a year or two tlioy must rise twfiioir <old value. The issue of the war must rftadfeT-MissaH iri, to-all practical intents and1 "purposes; a free Hh te - Asm free Htate, its pps*ent debt- -fk>me $25,01* '.O'OVa ttrat mortgage on lines of rail\my>w*ich ha ve rcost $06,000,000 to Wulld? will be quite- small, airi- will naturally rank with tbe-Htate'd^bta of Ol lio and Ilfinois. People-who f? atti?Ho 3ie out ol "their aioncy for a ysor or t *?' will- pvoitebly r mi'be a very large prof turn pnrchastKj- of Missou ris at their present ?rioe. New-Youk Centaal is 1 >eitf, bought, it is suppeaed, for<the Albany party. fchould the present large traiflo 1 i&d an <incwaso in the Febrmry dividend, there woui'd be & fair margin for an advatwev Erie is em urging from the slcagh of discredit into whic hjii vrus plunged undevits $25,000 a yean president, and bids fair, nnder the reorganization, to resuui o Ita place among dividend p ?.ftng proowties. It is a?w earning a dividend o-? the common stock, after papiag 7 per cent ? annually t?tho preferre d shareholders. Whether tl? scrip be funded or nct^tho dividend oil the pieferred utoek cannot long be dcJhrred, and spec ulator* will probably bo dealing in- it beloi? many. n ontlis elapse at the ratee which: former ly ruled fur the unsecured bonds which' it repri isent)? viz: from 70 to 80 per cent. The ooounoi t sto.;k, which has ataeays been a fav trMe vnth, speo ulatocs, will probably again enjoy s-une m?aeare o f popu. 1 uiity. A thn?o per ceil annual di vide ad, niich it ia- not unreasona l!e? to expect, would t rauko it .worth considerably more than i it com mands at present. With repaid t? the West ern shares- distinctions mist- b* draw) t. AJ!i he roads running east ar.d- w??5 will I do a large freight business during, the winta r. The roads running north and a3.1th, like tho lllinoin* Oontrul, c^anot expect much trafttr, and a decline Si tho etmings must be tak3nfi>r granted. Tho Oalena declares a dividend thia the C Ilk:ago, Burtingtoi' and Quincy will pay .one in Jud uary or February: the Toledo will probnbl? rcsu) ne divi dends in the spying: the M'.ohig&n Soutl iern will probably have something to divide next yt iur. As to the Rock Island, nothing can be said with any degree tl certcinty. Public confidence has beon so shaken .in the administration of this' property | that tho- publio are not likely to inwist the ir money in it. especially as it is undei-stood that tl ic princi pal dir ictor-?Mr. T. C. Dur^Ht?is- about toljuve lor Europe. The price of tje,stoc"i ha??!ul\'aaccd of late, but it is suspectei that the atdkvan jc is chiefly juie to ti?e purchases of spwculatois, cither in the board or connected with Vae bonnd of di rector*. The :.*oad is well managed: by Mr. Traoy but wl*?mancBuvres may !ie.ou the carpet in the stock no one can tell. The associated bankers 1' nd a meeting on f3fttnr> day to receivu-the report of their oomniittec on the merit of tho government "oan, and the following waB u mnnnozttiiy passed:- j Read-red, That wo Htonco t.-Jiaof the f^cretar^rf the*: TYeasurji fifty luillioti dollars of twenty years 7 pcr-cenUj bonds .v pur. la nquivaloiit 6 r er tonibflcuia. Tbsoxiat-J in* option for fifty million dollars-of ~ 310 pjf centii tbrre year bands, which v?i>l expire no 1st IHuMnb?^J proximo, being extended until 1st Jicuoj/ next. An opinioa appeared to "on entertained by noma bank presidants that tho bonds should be -sterling bonca, payable in Europe;. but oa reference to Mb.. Chase we hare reason to beliove that he was da cidedly aveise to accepting the money on sush> condition*, as being t&rogaiory to tbe interest and lionor of the United Ftatas, and the roAion wits accordingjy dropped. Soma ot the ban ja seened! to desire to take tits third lifty million of Ifbitedf Statea 7J0 Treasury notes at once; but, the ntajo rily thought it better that, as the asbor'.ated l*uils-i arato ba the interne sdiary between tho p;iblie and the government for all the loans to be negotiated during the vrar, they shs*ild be supplied at once with each class o! security. The earnings of the Erie Railroad far th* month of Oc?ber. 1S61. were *Ti2,3B2 06 turnings of October, 1800, were M6,SU7 60 tucr.*t* $1.(6.764 '46 CITT COMMERCIAL. RSPORT. 8aturrat, Not. li?G P. M. A?jh*-?Th? marlict was firm at tljt recont advance, with small Mlos of pots ami pearlij u $i 50 for but* sorts. The Block comprised 461 W)ls. i?.>w> auil 117 da pearls, toyatlior 67S t&ls. liRKinHTJirs.?1 ?ur *as in goo?J rettnest, and price1 were flrrcer for sotao grade.". The chlcf demand was for export. The transactions, Including f-me lots to a.-rive, embraced about 20,000 bbl*., closing within I lie fo'jtiwUig range of prices ? Superfine State t!> 55 a 5 65 Extra to f.mcy State 6 85 a d 95 Superfine We.-tern i bi a 6 tt5 Common lo cholcn extra Wostern 5 'C6 n C 75 Canadian 6 TO a 6 76 Southern mixed to g'xsl superfine J, 80 a 6 SO Kitrado % 35 a 7 26 Good to choice family do 7 25 >800 Bye flour 3 00 a 4 40 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 ^6 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour was also quite linn and to good request, with sales of 1,200 bbte. at the above quotai i .us. sjoutb ern flour was inactive, while th> sale*; embraced about 700 a 800 bbls.. wrtbm the range of lh<i ibove figures. Rye floiir was tilfady at quotations, *lt). sates oi about 200bbls. Corn meal was tl rn at Ike ubovc prices, while ss'e* enib-ac d about 300 bbls. Jf,sty and Prandv wine* Wheal ??? active atia Arm at fjli prices, while the sa^w embraced about 226 0t>0 bushels, included tu which were Canada club at $1 2j a {1 31, Jlir'tigan white at $1 48 a $1 f'2>?, good K'-nt.icky do. al $1 bo, white Ohlo?ud In diana at $1 43 a $1 48, cotuni'u to good white Canadian at I $141 a 1147, atabor ttKhlgOl at f. 40*9143,1138 ? $141 for re I Western, $1 36 a $1 SB ic red State, $1 31 a $1 32 for amber Iowa and Woetorn, here and to a rive. $1 2# a $1 SI for Milwaukee r ub, (tlie latter figure for future deivery); $1 2rt a $1 2U for Kacii.e ?I'rltig, $1 '23 a $1 28 for ( hlcajo spliig. Corn o >ot.e<l II; m, but wai less buoyant and rather low -r at tlie el se with a fair domestic ami expoi t demand. Tlie salea foot ed up about 75,000 bushels at 6Sc. a 09c. for shipping lulu ol Western mixed afloat, with ttumo aniail talo.i reported fri m store at 70c. Barley was fl. mcr. witii Bales of about 11,200 bi shelf at 7"c. for g'-od Canada Kwt and at H7He. for cbolco Canada West. Kye was lirtn and sales were limited. Oats were st a y and r> fair de tnand.wllh sales of Canadian and West.rn at 46>^o. a 4ti>Jc.. a.d at 4fl>Je. a 47e for 8? <te. Cornets.?'Ihn market was quiet but strady, wbilo sale* were Hinall and ol' a retail character. Corrn*.?The market was steady, wlille the sa'es were conllucd to ttboiit >':uo a 400 bales, dotting on the boaU of 2) a 24>?c. |?r lb. Knit curro.?To Liverpool nbout 1)0 900 bushels of wheat we engaged In bulk and baft at 8 Jjd. a 9 I., vrith some corn at Hd. a SJ^d. In bulk -"id l>ai">, *nd s me tto r was retried at 2k. a 2d. 3d. To I/>ud>.D IS,(too huttte s of wheat in haps we e taken at U Ud., ami 2 h'V bti'a. ?. flour at 2k. 7 '.:d a 2,?. Uil. (heose was nominal at 40 s., und to 11 vro 120,000 bushe's whei.l were engaged at ll)c , and l,l*n bldF. Hour at 7fc. Ki a?Dry rod was dull, with sales of Ceorge'i Rink at 2.*> a $3 37.13, and of Itai.k at 42 75 a Jo. Mn fcer I was tlrm, witli ?n upward tendency In p ice*: mle* of No. 1 we e rmking at 26, and No. 2 at Bfrel herrlMN wore d ill am) nominal; gibo d wore soiling a* (2a(2 :17Sue Ited herriug were unchanged, wh*e the supply w is targe. Knurr?li e de.uand wan fall and prices were sustalne V We ipiotr new layers u 50, ml halves .it $ij B.'. Now bunch at >3 SO, arvd h lv>s at$l 75, In Boston, de'l e aide In .ViwYoiK. O.J layers were at $- OJ-a $2 'Ju,' with Males* f old banch at $J 00 a $2 66, with aitali bum;* of currant* at 11c. (ii'Mnr l!*?:s were dull at Me. a 14c. Ikon.?So Veil \ ig w us selling moderately at |2*J 50 a $25 |Hir ton, iroonJ.n.r to quality. I.K-tn was arm, will ralae of Qa'ena and Mi<"?vnrl at $fl "J5 |K-r 100 'bs., ami noire lots uf Spaui- b at $0 1 **,. Ijmk?Flock hud wa-. Wiactlw and <| ?>l tio.'.s n"D> nal al 00 -. lor comra-D white;s. tit's ofl Jainla wire mulaat -1. Ni'ii Stokii' wure i|t4<'t an.I prw.es w re iUK'hanK*l, OlM?I 0! o-'d Wnh held in llnMMM, wbilo sales itrloU woro miking at fl 75oa."b; crarte ?|>*rm wan llrni, ~?li b sa <? at tbo I at t ward at j>l 'JO, i?w bold at higher r. tea and sales of v.lial.< woro mnile liv Niew Itadford at 44 '. a 4ftc.; p tro oum was Arm, *itli nalea at Mr. a 20c. c i"fr, part lur borne i s-?;o't\n oil waa steady, witb galea In quarts at $3 28, to w month:''. ! ?o m.sionw?[ or#?'i l;o imrkot wa* heavy and lowr, whilo Hull a were *>n fined lo 90(> MrJ*. al $-"53 a $14 fi;e "nras.andat $0 76 a $U for prime. )>?rf wa? steady au Jll a 812 lor repacked muss, and ui> $11 75 u:fl3 lor ex nn do., ami nt $9 a $10 lor old nir ttt, with sat^of niw primn on private t< rrriii Bann we? flnu, wistt nalee of 1?,000 hoxoM middle!) &t> 6>jc. *80., for future ronivery. Lard w?s heavy, win k-sa.os embraced aboi.t SOt/ bbls. at 8},'c. a VXc., the Inttor figure fr.r prime quality. Dre sed hoiii were s dim* at 5c. Butter .ltd cbMte-ffeie i*ateady demand and prices unchrugod. Wot?The market ? an quiet aid nominal. Hiflati' .?Clover wax in fair demand1, aid within two or threw days *ales of 600 m 680 bagu Vitro bt"?i made AS "'^c. to miTive, and at 8c. ?#Vc. for recleaned !tr m Mui a. Tinii'Hiy was Urm at $2 v&i 26, TWth sides within-a day or I -III Of 500 bats, chit! tjr tur oxp 'it. Li meed was quiet al *2 20; the firmness of holders e'tocked sale?. Snouts.?Tbo markit w*? quiet,and f alert canflnart to about ";00 libtLi. Cubus, aoally wlllin tb>?TUtii?of Tflfc. a H,;r T/uuaw?The market ww? les* art've ud kttoymC; within two or thro ? days 'atw h ivectobraoed 16 floo ibc., iu bbls., at , ami 32,0<% dot, in hhilc., a* BJ?c., Msb. Txa.?Ptio mtrket was ulet, but fjuite f*m. At f t? las. auctiou of a small cat. i?p? full p new woro nbtftind. Tin.?"lie !.?.?* sales of inmiient cmnprisod ;;5.>>s afti? S'raifs, ex stor . at 27)?c.. with a stall lo ioMJano* Mi. 30y;c..rash. (Mates we. c Jt? (food .(obbing d<vriant), until, pricrs llms w-,:h a tendon y towards lather piitecn. WnBUHtr.?Sales of 3u0 i40<J- bblB. veto i-epurled1 at, 20 'ji:. a sit. S K IP P I MG NEWS. M.IM1C rOR N rn TORK?THIS DAT. !TOH RISKS 6 K1SKS Oft f> 20 ma SKTS 4 4l?; IIWH W*T? tt IOTD' fr'U. Port o# Hew Yorlrr novembw 'IT, 1W11

AR:jvm Ship Jainf?Si?ltb (Br, of i!W<ihn, KB), CalHaun; d?eeno?li 7i? St .lidin, NB. :tf> days, in Salhutt, to nuikt. II td homr 30 ^\V to Nw jpile?; had mMnb?K>vn cariitHl away, losl at>d jplil a;iiIh, Ar IhI iriHt, lat iX loj >7, spoko i>rig Agtwe^Dora,. aa<i fn?rn York for H whiilrix. fcihip Qut'M*t (now), KunX Uc*ton,.4 dw^ln fc*06ut, t*> Jtoyci k HlDCken. Was anchored on iho ?ast nfjjjil. rfri^ J W Havryrr, I^iglitoni Riijabcthport for Boston. Kpi|j W A IwrMAT, Hatch. } Jsr>?U*hi>ori f'* Uh.trlftiMown. Mir Kato Kt^ld, ItohhiuM, Hi? Jaiifiro, S?,j)t27, via Hnibjw 4*of Oct 25, in bullaat, to DCJturray. O-1W tat 1S-ZA8.* Yon XC'&, spoke brig Wni Moaon, IbdAyafrom Uuagor Zo* Mon SBVkiJro. Bel it* Pheb*. Morrow, Ha rasa. Nor 0, -with tnola?ft?, to ?h?Ujo*r, Potter A Co. fckthr Kiorida. KaiIt. EllxafcMkport for 1\gW*t* fcnihr SraMark, Do'nn. Hlb.^tkrthport for H?.:it4in. Rchr Xf*mi Gl?*ain, Tarr, iSl^nf^ater, 3 day^ B<thr H 8 Barnes, liaviuond. Harwich, 3 da/a; h?chcT U Seymour. Kull^y. >aaon, 3 dayu* Sciir Atickr, BWaieh 2 dayH. feiclir A Field, Smith, Tallin on. Schr J L. I/arliiik'. Howe*, Providence, 2 dtya. ? 8< hr Genoa. Robbins Providence, 2 days. Hloopjtine Maris, Ward, Norwich. MAtner Delaware. Canuc u Philadelphia# 166b t 11 t3t* PM, |siSM*d atchra^ht>re N of Km Harbor, witb.olk?aail* lo?**?c. Hteamcr Delaware, Ashm n\ Trenton. ZtoeMutr Petrel, Young, r.wMence. BKU>W. Brl? Alice. Brig Aadover. Wind during the day KV\Jresh. Mine ttancotia, IHtiri D*T5?, of Bristol. K 'i. before incorrect!/ 'r vported alt Card^naa 27th tilt for New Y wk iu ballast, w?.i wr.cked yth of T!ar? h lust, on the bftel tide of Cardenas, en the passage from that port i'or New Yc. fc* Bitu h*AA0 Caktsr, of ucel from Searoaort for IVash!** tnnit. belope reported at 1 Aiies' Hole di^^a.s'odd. .mis lowed to ProviiK-etov. n 15th ins Bnio l-ir.L!SN, Bailey, f- ms Barrow for Newport, put laa^ to Mllft?rd, Kuk, 0 -t'J9, 4th lnainsail b Jit, hivii gbeen in oomaet with th?* Whit?', from Dundalk fo i'ardlll*. Sen it ConrlXR, Hopkln?t.at Philadelphia from Biaion, was. off Gape Henlopen in t! ^*al? ol Oth hiet^ split shifted deck loiwl and received ether damaue. Scan PsitAGOiv (of Ya*mo?iAh), t'spt K then llallett. which l^t ProYiai-etown morning of ]3th ln?t tor Yarmotuh. foun U?red' off Brewster about tioon of same lav. The crew* 3 iiv numher, landed safely r.throwster in tb >sehr'M bt ^w The P was 2.? tons burtL .a, aad owned \ >thc capt tin and J li ?f'rock/?T, E?*q. CaptGrant, ll^htkeepur at Matlnicus Tto^k, sta'ea that in % Heavy i^le on Tliursda ? &f lau+t week, a mt -rlogaed and aban d? ne?'. drifted b; X^llulcus Hock with topmsstsandall> She ringing cone, bows and bulwarks styve. She lumber loadeu. driitiug SSVV ?ia>'it 2 miles por hour, aid was lasfc #%???!) ? ;mnse , about f n#Ue? S from t! t.light, ?j quantity of lumber came athoi*e thd-Boane day. A largo quantity of wious, probably a portion of the car^o of (??rk Nathl Cogsw I, wnvked at ''Oituate, was driven by the N W wind across t a Ray to the shoae of Tape (Jotl. Seve ral barrels have been piuked up by j- rsons fio.i.Yarmouth, Barnstable, Donnis, r ai oth'*r tow ns joIow. ?'oik, (>et 31?The United States ?teamer Josnes Ar'tyr, fr^^in New York for i ^erfiool. put into this harbor jester-..ay nh??9iof ?M?al. It i* stoiod that sh ? wan in pursuit of tne steamer Nashville, w 'Meh recently ra -.4he ttlockude at ("harleH ton, having on boar I .Miosi s Ma^on *ul Slid?:lL, .he Oounuis sk??ers to Europe fi ?.tbe Contederr to States. Qurr.NSTOWX. Nov 1?The Amerl' ; xsJilp E Z Hodges, .from ^Liverpool for New \ 0i*k. has put lit leaky. Rio .Ia^kiro, Oct .V?The Henrletla Marey, Keyser, from Cartiiif li?r Paiui, :|eh i?ut iri h- r - Sept'J9. woa leaky. Put iutttli, the Ma^Jka, Leu in, fro a Boston t^r lion*: Kong, leuky. Khlp Young Ilretcn, of N'"v Hcrl ?rd, lia* tv?n withdrawn frm.1 whaling, aud -Wl! b' fltt'ni mrri L.unt gervicw. Itark N l> t'huso. ?:>! Brrrrly. liaaJwen withdrawn fro:n the wlialliwt Imsinrw a\d w>l>l to Novr. Hcotia parlies, Tito following tall* ghr* asumnyuyof th?ve*ael* In ihn 'hnrl"<rs of N.-w Yosk, Boston, H iliuiwrc, Ckarloston. SuTan "nuh, Hew Orleansi>ad (jalventou, at tlic Late*t.aocoimtt la-urn ?each vt tliow porta*? kkw T' as. ?filenru^'iii|>? 14 ."Iris* .....ICR Hhljx 20a Dchuonern.. 121 ?Bark? 134 Total 677 aor.tw. . Rtf?mkhli>i? , 2 Brig* 34 i 8hip? 19 ;Schuuiieri 52 Barks ? Total 146 BALTiWORM. Sti?n>Khii)8.... IlriKj 10 Ships f< Schooners^ KM) Bulks 6 Total 126 CUA O.KSTOX. I Ftramsliij* :t Brigs 1 Stii|?n 2 Kcljooni rti 1 1 Ti.tal 4 (A.MIIMAB. Ftnunkiia, S lirlK* .. 3 Sliijis.. . 2 bclico;?*r?.. I Bark* 1 Tc.'.ul 10 K)>w Aitun Ktfantvliips 12 Bng> 2 Ships 12 Bcliconira ID | Wh 4 Total 40 CALTUTO ?. RteamaMpa... 1 Br >c? ? Ships ? Sl juuiiti 1 Bark" ? Taial 3 Notice to DUrlarn. ccu or st i.>wi:*K(.b?n*votT:jia i.iodt on cm okohcb. JvDi;ouK/june llrtici, ADMiRM.rr, i JjONDiVt, Oct 15. 1K0I i The Board of W<vi? %t Htttfu ins gtvi-n notice ih.it 0:i or about ill' 25th day if Oct, 1861. a Light will bo exhibited irum a Liglillioiise recently erected an 1.11])* U<"orge, near the NE extreme of No'a Scntia, at thacnlrauta of Nurthumlierland Strait, ilulf ol 8t Lawrence. The licht will to a revolving white )>gM, attaining its prent est brilliancy evtry half minute. The elevation of the light:* about 4<H) feet above the mean level of the nea, and should bo wen in clear weather from a distance ot 2i miles. The ligAt is only shown during tl e navigable spason. The illuminating ?i'pa:atua is dwptrlc or by louses of tie ?cond order. The tower, which l? ?$ feet high from has* to vane. Is ?qiiare.tiaisted white, surmounted by a lantern, and aUads on the N side of the Cape, In? Latitude 45 52 50 N. Longitude.... til 55 00 W of Greenwich. Puhnlco Light Also. that on the 1st day of Oct, 1881, the Light at Pnbnloo. ct the SW Cuaat of Nova ScotUywuuld be changed from red * whdr. Fixed Light on Cape Sable. ' the 12 ' ? A\v), that on or about the 12th day of Oct, IWH. a Fixed Red LI. It would be shown from a Lighthouse recently erected on C'MN' Sshle. nenr the SW extreme of NovaSootU; of which r.? further tibialis are known. ?/ ootnmand ot their Lorilshly umand ot their Lordship*, J0I1N WASIUJiUTON, ilvdrographer. We am Infemel by Capt Staunton that during the last cruise of the Harscen he found <*n II M S Kuleigh a Hhoai only 12 leet of water Instead of 4 tathoms as niao d on the chart. The next reef KW about a mile in extent, according to the chart should have 7 to 9 fsthoms, hut the result of his exami nation gave a depth of onl4 12 feel. The whole space l>e twern this and the (leldrla's Batik la covered with knoll" and ?r st Alar aonndlnga may exist, sltps should not attempt io crois Aa these dangers all lie on tut Fast Coast of ltintang ?d are lit Uto dwt UMk ot tbli* bound fronAajler ao4 J.?\ a tn China or Slnm. It in of great importance iLatl they be 4;uueraliy kuowu.? ttiugtipore Tunc*, hepi7. U'laaleiiifn. r?pt Tin wll, of nhln I niraflt??i, N H, report! her at 8*^ 8ept 2, lai Si miles S, I- n lii \V. having taiteu HO np und 25 hlkli-h hinte lenvinir the banduIch l.-laiiiis?bound tocrui*e ca the Couxt of Chile. S|ok"i??Nov 1ft, off bark AnRuata, of and for Cirecnpori; had a (ireeii|H?rt pilot ou board, and had twn b.ovvu oU". Spoken, &c. Fhip Zephyr. King, ucuta iui baa franribco, Oct 20, lat 21 K. Inn ?. Ship America, Flnlay, from Liverpool for Bombay, Oct 26, ^ <>f Holyhead. Hhlp Nat<ci'iil. 8ma'I. from Liverpool Aug 26 for Calico, 8ej?f 25, la? 10 I-' N, l.-n 26 2*. Ship Sarah (J Owens. Norton, from Liverpool Aug 12 for Ciil a >. Sept 27. lai 7 N, Ion 2& Ship Juvh. Pa^ttt, from Liveri ool for NYork, Nov 8, < ff Sal 1" in.'and. Ship \ liiatic, Mocre, from London for NYork, Oct 27, lat 51. Ion 2d. H ,ip f'yramid, fronv NVwry for !*York, Oct 20, ESE of the Li I t h p. hh'p < rlvle, Slmpscn, from Liverpool for Boston, Oct Si), L of Point Lynuf. Foreign Porte. Hkihtol, Oct**? A r I II i.i .ors/o, M< linn, St John, NB. Arr off the IMll. li.m Kdcn, Keed, NYork for Oloucenter* liKM iir Hkao, O t 3o?Kiiflsed by, Mary O'Brien, Tracey, tr< ru Antwi rp for NYork. tfn.KAST, Ort JH?Arr.lonf* May, Cobb, Philadelphia; 31st, A M.m l? r*on, Tl oiup?oti. c*o. ){? koimu.v n t &>_Arr llel.'na. Webster. WVbnrjc. " Oct 25?Sid Kobe Caldwell. HihJm n, Snllna. Ht'KMim A? ?Kf, S- pt 1-? Arr Ada, Chiui' onrne, Cadi* via M?*ntev ili o; 2oih, 1.1 e lillaa. 1'chihoii, C?l Sfff-w; 2l-?, Ca ro' a*. Ortndle, do. Sid 24h, Lantashlre. Ha/anl, EIn M-m?. ISvitBADoe, Oct ??? lu port brig Ailautle, tor New llaven ne t day. Hi 'HTTPa Nov S?Tn port hrl* M T Ellsworth, Lawrence, from N* w Tor k lor Grnuada, disj!. t www, N?>v I?Arr Buvaria (a), NYork (mn4 proe eded for B.-imtmig}. CAKnur, Ot.T(V?Arr I F Channum, Chapman. London; St hi . star oi Hi e Sea, Alien, do; (?? u?orM?'redi li, I>"Hiie. Lou rondei ty; I'almeite, Mitchell, Bclfuwl. Sid 30lb, Windward, tin won Alcaste. Ckook fl wis. Oct?)? Arr WA Brcwn, licinnaond, bant antia lift ? av^ lor orders. i 0?-t |Arr J??hu, Rmlth, Corfu. V o.n 8 r a.n tin or i *. Oct 21?Arr lalnnd Queen, WoMtn?, Su tton. i>i af.. Ner 1?Arr Emily A H.ill, West, and W II Prescott, Bin holder, Lundnii for NYor ; M??nner;iiaali, and Hunts, do ft it do; Sirocco,. <; act;*, do for London (and all sld)"rSlil, J-dia Ls in a. Irom tne N.?r a tor NYork (..nd anchored); T--p?,ka, Chin h, I.ec,K?rn lor f^ondon; CorGrlnntH, 8pencerr NYork tor do (nnd ix>th i>roe?eiied). ? ^ Iunkirk, >'i?v I?Arr At del VCader, EldrUlje, Nlork. S.d Oct 41. Cornei'a, Horn, Rewra-tle K. ^ ?? F ^LMotrril, OM 31? Arr lloitti n, Share, NY-ork; Nov2, LS ateamer'Jaa Ad^er, do via Oucenhwown, in starch of etvumer KiUihT lie. Ki.i'kmino. Or* .11?Arr Kitty Floyd. Dearborn. Niork. Gi.otVr.sTi k, If .v 1?Sid Onward, Coombs, nil J Jcnuy lind, Larranee, Cardilf ; Ocean Pearl, ICeaxer, Br^tol. Ot.Aduoir, Oct 31^?Sid Ynroiao, Torrand, NYnrkv Ohi':?ock, Oct 30?81d Devouahire, CalhoJn, San Pr?a ?!m'o. (I.\i wit, Oct SI?Arr Sea' o ver, Hallowell, Sulir.a. <Orka?.tir, Oct 23?Arr Haref ta, Townsend, larcelons for NYork; L?tT>. .Matilda, West, Malaga for do. Cld 23d. < clea ns, Bion-tt, Messina; 21tli, Woribern B lie, Paine Malaga. GAKNtMHA, Oct 26?Arr Koyaiston, Robinnou, Barcelona. 11 t'l.L, IV t HI?8id Martha Whitinorc. I'reblo, Baltimore. IIavkk. tlct 30?An Mary, Bridgeo. NYork; 31st, Atlanta* Wiitttnore*, Lincoln. Mason, and HD MeUali. Peaw-ou. do. In the Kouviii Sist, If Boynlon, Mil from NYork: and an Ad shin. r Sid 2iHh, ^11 wood Waiter. Chadwick, NYork; 30?M Mary L Fut on, Splecr, and Arracan, Kelley, do; 21st, PiSiaiaqu^, V>?*kn, <]<>. lln.vo?T, 'M SI?Arr Mcleod. Kalmano, BttUim?7a. r?AUL'*, Oi-t i'J?I'm-n.-d by, Br bn^Kiu^ Mroiuer*. from B' Won for Fiirt*u I'rliwo. LtTKRHMtt, 0 -I3I? Aor R Biirk, Nlnknla, Bi"?r?port. hil?l 31 .t. NiTthfrO C7?ii?f*. Mcl.e.jin, N^w Ycrk; Virgin!*, I'r.-hn Sam Kram !*-?>; Nov 1>, Th .UlM, K*Mlt*y, NYi>?U, <' si I'111 fui?*li>h:a, I'Ooie, FbiladKlpLta; Nov 1, Ulchard S Ely. Livingston, NVorh. Ir rtv r ?iuiwaril bnuud 2d, Mary Ad<*li*, Stewart, for llav ttm; Oi rai^Scnil, Juak, lor KYork; Flillailellibli. ?Poi'le, for I'blbxli-lplilni lCm lor litjf 31?t, KoresdBasle, Sleeper, for NYork;-N6ti, SbiHiting Star, Ti? rnry, oo. Lokvon, Not I?Arr Premier. MrCllvrry, Baawln. ( Ill 1st, Ci<l J S ott, Sin lnir, Ne* York; Oanabrii'+, SHet *en, f an KraiU'ieen; I'arlb'-nnn. Uobln ou, Cromta'll (and hid from (lr.urs<ndS4); iU. Plynviitb R'v k, llaniniond, N Yin k; William Wilbeiiee, At*oo<l, Suuueiland lo load tor Genoa. - SI.i I "Win GraToarr.d Slst, Qiiickiitrp, Wade (from London), NYork. LisaoN. Crt8<?Arr Warren H?llctt, Hnl|ett, NYork. Mil.roan, Oi'l l!9-^.SId lire Iiilltiii, Badcy (from Bar*ow>. Now|>ori (anil put bwk??ee Mltn i'l). Mkssinj, Oct ^5?Arr Uaxliaiviiy, <' irnlsh, Olrg'-ntl. MouLMkl.N, Aug '11?In |iorl Ni aterkiii, Wortb, lor <lreat Britain 1 Ik timber;'HiTeminer, Snow; Kineo, Kvoreit, ami "Wav rley, rlionipsoa, for do ilo.. AlADitAa, Seut28?Arr TempUr, Martia, lioiton via R|j Ja neiro. Montctidro,' Septil7?Arr BrUannlai, Patten, Cardiff; 2M, Burl UKton, Sawyer, do (and Bid f.i'iyueaob AyreaJ. Sill 27ill, ?St.lotin. Skoirtrli'l, Monlni.'tn NuwroitT, Oct Ul?Arr .Wis Hume, Knoeally, Hwrf for !f?w York: Ke\In?, U?dd, London f.irlnTImium. S.d SIkI, melta KIihhI, llendeis-m. (ieniia Or,BTO, Oct 23?Arr Hirnet, SwwarK NYork. Pi.motrru, Nov 1?Oil, AUlun^ Hiiraimanu, from NY.irk> < for B? men. Paijcruo, QshSi-*-Arr Samoeot, Brings, Conatnntlnop'e. QuracNPTOWN, Nov I ?Arr K Z, W<i!_;e?. Liverpool for NI York, pm III l-akv; Vol..nt, Turney; Loin, Healey, and Prny, Denkia, NY.irk; llaze. Roosh, LoodoQilerrv lor do, with I.ma oi mamboom; 2il, B rilirpmd, So?era,Ptuiiidclpbla. Sid 31 Jt, Tila>l. So .le, G uuifMterli. yuKifcC, Nov 12?Ait br;gJ O I>rjbler, Sann, Liverpool fcr C^nveluiid Kina. Oct 2ft?Arr Ti !iir*pli. Ollea. Bdrtjo. Kio .11 .IK! no, Sep: 21?T* p irt Mary Stewart, Dcn-;laon, for Nur-etlV*; Hol>t Mill*, Kllery, for Col*. SriLi.f. Oct2??Arr Uanil>li-r, l*J>cu.?rd, Genoa (aid 31st fir - Khlelrts anil paased Deal Nuv 2); JtKt, Adnali, Nevlns, Port land (anil aid for liondonl. Shiki.im, No, I?Arr SfHMon, Owllen, Kctlerdam. Bid O-st 39, Hen|H-r, Co-Ik. Ilnniiiiirg; ^iUt, Vt-Bu??vd, N York; SUU df mlei*ve. Sail Krancleco." St'i.iNa, Oct 12?Arr Coi Inne, Ba't3ri.0t??ai?ntlnople. St IIki.kna. Sept 1(1 -Arr Cailblieon, Wluche.ier, llovi Kong land aid lltb for l.i ndon); 20>ai, Prion;na, Mitchell, il? nlia (and aid 27th tor London). Off do Sept i. Kami Lawrence. Wh?eler\ from Rangoon far England; tt'h, Wtinb ol the Wavi? TUd,.from Calcutta far loiidon; "It ay," reporani Am nlupj Si HON a Bay, Sept 13? A*r CloldejiOity.. Moore, Cardiff far AV?* Bat. Sept 6?Aw B-V ShaM% Okaai, San Franclsc*. Bid 17th, Thetla, Kimball, Sumatra. WATKKroKO, OetSI?Arr Abbyla, Tounf, NYork. Cld31X, Heroine, Cutbberi" n, N^ork. Amntoan Put*. BOSTON, Nov l:.. . ...- v .u i.r v< .... u of the Ware, Sin p- | son Port an Prince; Liiki (Span), llama, Matanzaa; achr H W Krv, Piuiiipa. St Thuiuua. t-ltl, wind NtoNN #, bark lladley, brig Denmark. 16th AM?Arr at atner Niagara. (Br), Moodle, Llverpril, via Quei-nn -wn and H-JJfux. Below, bark Champion, ti-om Liv -rtxHil. Signal for iria bark. CUtehtpa-Speedwcll, Will-y, London' Syren, Green, San Fri.nciwwi; brig* Monte Crlsvi, Cliunibiii. 'Aipnn; Auuelma Are.*y, Blan. ba d, Matunzj*: aehi a Harriet, Pierre, Philadelphia; W K Ui nu, Bacon, aad Culioi Pbtnnei, NYorit. BAI.Tl.MORS. No/ Arr aehra Samln N Smith, Flfke, Koaion; K W Karrlngton, Kohln-i.i( M.-.t'la Jane, Aaa; M.?ry M.ller. Dayton; Win Allen, Cranmer, a:??tCaroline Ander aun Bowker, NYol'k ? Ulenwood, l)lcKln^t?. Kail Rivei Tia Providence; Nancy (Br), Crowell, Hall:ax; it H Wilson. Da vis- Rebecca, M' Oee, and .laiut-ilown, Lamureite, NV tk. Cld'sehrs Kianklin l'lorce, Jackaun, alia Klijali ShuddA>n, ^b'vTIlVov IS?Arr solir T W JJorsey, Bilker. NYork. BKLKAST, Nov ??Airinchra Catbarin# Heal, Klowe-a, N lltb, "rig Circaas'an, Hawaii Buenos Ay re BRISTOL, Nov 1.'-?Arr schrs Tlli/a Janr, Klanderi, N fork; M uta Louisa, I'limmiligs, Kail tivor for SYork. DIGHTON. Nov 11? Arr si hr Salmon Washburn, TLmuih er, Phllaileh.hla :or Taunton. KlKfAKTOWN. 1?v 13? Arr whra Oorvo, Holbmok, New York for Batli; Sa'ali* He.i n. sUi-raiMi, do lor Bangor; Northern Light, Hall, do for Btlfnst; C.irollne, Smltlv, Ron dout tor Salem; Clim, lli.rton, Blizaluithport fordo; U D (Irtndle, Turner, N .^Tork for Boston; Siu'ah Burton, Id,irns, Port an Prince lor do; aloop Halle of 0'a.ye Ann, Orcci..JSliia betlti ort for ProvfoaKtown. l.Hli?In liort th'i above, and nthera bafnre reportei'. l-'Ai.L U1VKK, "ov 14?Arr. achr Z ri*ii.r, Bobbin v Dela ware City. 15: li?Sid Ki hrs M 0 Durfce, Crowoll, and Tims W Thorne, Davis, NYork; R'ahard Borden, Ainoki, and Silaa Wright, Seaman, Ellzabei^r.airt. (iLOL'ClisTEK, Nov IS? A?t achr Joseph Reed. Stetson, NYork. HARTFORD, Nov 15?Araschr Frtd Tyler, Tir?)l, New Brunswick. Sl'i slearner Parth-'iilii, White, NYirk; sehrs Sa 111 Colt, HllUi'.rrt, ami Mary M Hmuaaril, Dlbbel'.do; lijih, 1 j T Hubb.n d, Williams, aiid 'UtbiLba A lluuna j, Alorrell, Pblladelp..U. NKWPOKT, wov 11?Amtchrs Lookout. Ilnsk dl, Somer set lor NYork; Itliiliard Borden, AruAild, Fall Rlvol'or i.ii/.?.. betiii.ort. 15tu?Arr Heirs Justlna, Ilulmea, Rockland for NYor!v Slil whrs Ocean Ware (Bb>, Lockhnrt. iroui NYark for Liv guiiyru. buvli:g repaired; M A 111 Ul 71: tU, Lovell, J York; Ani basi-iidor, Lookout NK^V LONDON, Nov 14-Arrsc'ijs Jonas C C'*w, Bugbee, Ta imon lor NYork; (ji.Lien Eii|'J?, Kel.ey, II Aston for ''o; M uy A Lowll, Kimball. Providence lor do; Advcuturur, Rogers, and Thames, Ueer, Norwk h for do. PORTLAND, Nov IS?Cld b.irk Diligence, Falmcr, Caiie n;ts; s- hr I).nlel York (Br), Hill, Uav.tna. PROV1DK.NCK, N' V IS?Arr atvamcra Os>ray, Kenney. and Pi lic.iii, Jones, NMork; slwp Van Burn . Lewis, I-'ilia la-tliiiort. SUl schrs Ocean Wave, Veaile, Philadelphia or New Yors; .lob-a I. Darling. Howes; llunti r, Uaikett; Kirlly C D nison, Suuthnorth ; Montezuma, Peuney, v?d Chase Mills, NYors; Hlsnps E Spia^un, (iibka, auil Rienxl, Briggs, N'fork; Copv, Wheeler, Roniiiui. Ki'iCKf^VND, Nov li?Sld schr IlardacraSble, Packard, N York. ? SAN FRANCISCO* Hov 12?Arr ship W ? SturgU, Cook, Cardiff: bark Scotland, Fru-ud, Boston; brig Tanner, Uodg klnson, IUo Janeiro. Sl'LUVAN, Not IS?Sld new bark Glaliola, Drltjo, New York TAUNTON, Nov Vft?Ait *ehr Roanoke Paull, E'diabeth pori; sloop 1'ranee* F Bmwu, Brown. Fire Island. D PERSONAL.. B. WILL FIND A LETTER AX UNION SQUATUi . Post oltiw, on Tuesday morning. V. Iri'JK adoption?A FINE HEALTHY FEM,tLE CIIUJ), Ihnw we*kaold. Ati\ party wishing to a.ijpt the waie wUl ple.nae address hoi 12'J Herald oflkw. Kate, doyer kent.?you wtalobluje by send ln? early tomorrow to the boxl fur a letter fur yuu. Mistake somewhere. VTOTICE.?THE AGENTS OF JOHN lUBgTALL, OF li London, charterer of the hr'-lish brift .Janet KMstun, Captain WUIu-m Clarke, from London, wlU pl<use inane tl;. mselves known to ihc captiiij on board, or u U. It. Ut Wolf, 11 Water street. P. R. DJ W0L7, agent of vessel. New Yomi, Not. IB. 1861. THE FRIENDS OF MISS JENNIE M. D***?* FORME R ly of No. 21 ti**H street, will plear*c address tier at Sia tion A, Spring street. The youno gentlem an who attracted the at trntlon of th" lady with blue drew and brownish mutf, on the (4)i P. M.) Barclay street boat yesterday, would like to form an acquaintance wlLh her, If agreeable, Addresa A B., Ilcrald otQce. WANTED-BY JOHN WILLIAMS, OF LOUGH RE A, Ireland, information of hi* Mater, Jane Willlami, who emigrated 1>> '848 to New York and got married to James Buttertield :iOth D-cember, 18.VS. pleaae rommunlcate with M. Armstrong. at 18 baak street, New York. Wali. STREET FERRY-LAST saturday, It o'clock. Will the re ran n on the boat, to whom the handkerchief wm waved, have the )ct"<tn?es to grant an in terview? AddriisCont.de.nco, HeralC ITUce. PROPOSALS. OFFICE OF the WATER COMMISSIONERS.-CITT Hall, Jersey City, Nor. 11.1861. S?-aied propositi* will be received by the Water Coir.:*?? oner* of Jeiney City until Mondflf. Dec. Id neat, at 12 o'clutk M., '^ furnishing and laying about l.UUO feel Of 36 Inch unci ur?i i ster pipe across tb" llaekeiiaiii k rlrer and on the bottom of ih- mm,', Bid ders to furnish plan* for the construction and laving of inn pipe. All nMiraxary Information In regard to the wo k can M obtained *1 UUi office. R. 0, BACOT, Hupv. ftad Eng. HOU8KN, ROOMS, AC.. TV LET. ATTENTION 18 CALLED TO THOSB LI VINO IS jr\ hotel* mill biMrdUit; bauson.?There i? uu titabli trineal o|>eiieil Hi 110 M.ic ilnucul a:r>et, th? room* being laid out ka ?nil* and Iuruintn-d w,Ih everything iiecrs-arj for ho\>a? keeping, in order tbnt it laimly limy have a comjfete honMu ami live at an Inconceivably luw raie. There is a realauraai aitfti'hrd. A SPLENDID FURNISHED HOU.-B TO i.ET-OK Mm ray Hill, family rone South, rent half pilte; a lav thirty others, wi 11 hitiiitii'd, and reuts low, with Hilly unfile 111 lied. The b> st place in 11. In cliy t j relit or liai'e rente* Houses ntd Store properly, la at N. C. BlallOl'S, 1M Broadway, store floor. * CUBA? HOME.?TO LET, IK THE VILLAGE OW tY Anuria, opposite Eighty-aiklh street, a small Coltse# Nouse, barn win om nne of ground; will be let low. By Fteunib'at five tlineau day from Fullou market, and at aU h wu-s by the TLInl avenue tare. Apply to Wll. L. 8. HA? K >ON, n0 and 'i Di.ane street. A SMALL PRIVATE KAMILY, HAV1NO MORE KOOV lli.in they n uilue, ttoiial let, llliluriinb.il, the uup roi* liiwi r | art of the tarno Hiory inialern biiek limine 1!?7 West Tiilr y-HUlh street. lias gas bmures and other couv* uli in a. A3ANDSOMELT FURNISHED FRONT AND BACK I'ai or, on brat t,o?r, with iviuben, to let, for h. us?, keeplnf, to a prlv-t e I.unlly; term* moderate to agoodt* uant. Apply m 1 .Al Waverle place. Abbjctiful paw or A IIOUSB TO LET?WITH all I mi em lnipro?eiueiil? complete uud a tine yard; tae Sen in 4 Fhajr entire, Willi oasement Kitchen. more ronua li reipilrtwl; convenient >? e.ira ami sia?e?, at .is* Weal Twao ty.sUth at ?et, between ttokin ami btrcnib avenues. I^UHNfBIfSD HOUSE TO LET IN BROOKLYN.?A. lull i ill i -..lied ll ui-e lir Livlngnton 8 reel, o I ween Court and I'.liilon, to li I, alia no marge for IU< t mm lure, to a gowl tenant. Poaseaaiun Immediately. For particulars inquire of K Collou, 113 ymion aireet, w York* rpo LET?A VARGE BUILDING. 1ST THE CENTRAL JL pari "I l ie l ily, wall J, with Of Without aleaM power. ruwe.i.un iDUllei,lately If retimed. Adaroaa Factory, bull I? derail olb.e. rpo LET?WI' 11 STEAM FtiWER. A FIVE STOUT J. bra k lliiilulix, or in pan. Apply on the preiuiaea, corner ol Enu alia i'earl allee.s, or to KOISh K1 UoYO, IM l'eiirl street. rpo LET?EITHER WITH OR WITHOUT TUB FUKNI X lure, the line House N i. l.i Chariton street, Having all tne modem ? uteuieoica and Improvements: In perfect or der; n il: will i u ma c n a*oniwiu to a goon icn..ni. lai|uua aii&aad 71 Ktug street. TO LET?THE TIIH.EE STOI.T BTOCK HOUSE NO. 2U Went 'J'hlny lourWi street, commas all the modern iiu pr ireineuta. 11. nt low. Apply at 2-Hi Weat Tuirt>-iouitk a. reel. rpo LET-A BRICK WOTTAOE, Willi AIL THE 3IO X deru linprovemeiira. unit! tae lai of .Ma.-, or lou ern Inqutiecoruur uf 1'raukiSli uuu i>e Kain uvi'tiUea, Srai klyB. O. F. bLEAKNhi. ri O LET?AT 8-16 BROADWAY, JU.-iT AliOVfi UNIOW 1 aiju re, the Flint F o> r aoove l'ie alo ?; ? good loci.tluB for biisineu. Also a Fur ilah' d Room, in a nioc loeauoa, n-er Broadway, la a privute family. Inquire in the auir* MM) Broadway. rpo LET-VERY NICE FURNISHED ROOMS TO Y-OU!*? X in li, at 7.i ceutauud $1 pur week, at 21 Frauklort ainw^ near Wil.iaui. TO LET-TWO NEW STORES. 777 AND 777-J srXTW urenue; rent $2oO and per auuum. Apply ai UKt Femrl atreet. riw I.ET?'THE LARGE TH SEE 8TORY AtfD FINISIIE? A utile briek lliniae, N ). IX) vVlilli atreet; IKrtaea.-l. ll tUaa iuiuiedialely. Apply to C. 0. ROUMAOK, No. S I "ark piuoft. TO LET-THE THIRD STORY, f'ONF'STKIK OF SIX Koouis, at lJtt Sullivan atreat, mar 1'r.uee, Miilable lor a. genteel family; rent low. Impure ou tue premibea or al8, RtSSEL'Jj, 1-7 Weat Twenty-U Mi eireeU T~i LET ?A SMALL FAMILVCAN HAVE THE SEOUNI^ Flo .roi u limine In gotid ardur, uonia.iiliig Irnm auA Uioh parlor, eulry bedroi.ni and one room in ilui ante, wilii baofe kiiolit n. Item inodcrute. Apply at UM Ulotefcar aire?t, one uair i rum Harrow. TO LIT-A SMALL 1IOUSR IN TWENTTJTHIBI> Bin et, near Sei und avuniie, with all in<.derii eonviwal eucea;. will be let very low to a go>l tenant until lUof Ua|L ApvJy to A. LIVINGSTON, 111 Beektaan atreet. TO' riKT?PART OK HOUSE 1.223 BROADWAY) BE t'.*een Tweiuy-nln.h aud Tnirtb-ib atreeia, auitaole Tor a a-'biml or mustc toi.cher, lia^gaa and water. Aiau a Houau la Muih ward of Brooaiyn, eaumatlrg, o: live ruoma. UenlS*' lier uvunth. Iuipure at I,<33 Broadway. TO LB1?LARUE STORE, AC., BROADWAY, FORTY. aarnnU Mreet uinl Seventh avrmie, under the B?oadwar Hotel; Aiau IkotiM* and alore 2H6 Eluhtli avenue; hl<?ed?ea lng?2J6 West Tinrty-Hrsl ali'eet, HK7 Itodaou atreet, S.H WeaA Tuiriy tilth.sirei't,and aovernl oihrr?iu Kouneenth, Twenty, aeeoiul, Fortj-louiin, and o.be> atn eta, with tMrta of houav* atred-jrad rent*. J. A VV. DKNHAM, Elghih arenu?yoo? ner of-Sikieemb aireet, from inornlrg to nine P. M. TO TiBT-THE NICELY REFITTED TIIRSE STORK I'ai-* House aiul lour atory rear llouae No. ib Mulberry atreet, wlih. a la>gn N.ore In front liouae, T? lie let lor? nuuil-er. of yeara by ine proprietor, FltED. KVKlUt, M Cbei ry>atraet. TO'-JST?TH? ELIGIBLE SH0<? ROOMS, SBOOMI?' OuoraC IBHiMuvajf. corner ol Twelub atre-L Ala* desirable Rnoma, ironting Binadway, for business, swleda^ Ac.; eulrauce auaunoux; tent low. JOHN S. KELSJV62 William atraaC TO **T?UNVBUAL ADVANTAGES OFFERED TO RB apeet-kble parlici, the two llouaca Non. 2 >7 aud 2M Weak. Twenty-third ntre. I, wi ll nil the oaaleru llnuroieliianla. A | ply to 1*. HARMONY S NKI'HEWSA CO., til lire- uwtoh atrcei, nr to A. JLEaM.YN, 217 West Twrnly-lmrd street. TO LET?A HOUSE, NO. 189 TENTH AVENUR, TWO UiMiaea in Seiiimt akeuue; alno Uouseatu Weal Fortp fourth and Foety-alghth a,reeta, at very low rtviti; aia* Aparttnaota to aeut to ainall ?? n'eel fejalliea, al panic ratca. Ini|u'r> of I'UUMil A BlSIIOi', Real Estate Ageata, 1KB Ninth, avenue. TO LET?AT FK1CES TO BUIT TWB TIMES, IN A,, !?ou*e with ill of the Improvements, ao unfttrnishe* Use1:. Parlor, aiaLaulce Front Room nutix sc. ondiloor, wiih a large pantry, >o a gentleman an>l ? ijn or single geull. meu. at 1M T?uut>-Jixtk street, between Seventh anil Eighth aventee. TO RENTr-ULL 1ST OF MAY, AT A BACRIFXE, TH?. fit '<? stoiy huh stoop brick House, 3U Ninth avwiue, la., excellent order, ? ilh all modem iruu ovemculu, Apply ta C. COttDEE, :"il Weat Tweniy-aixtb sweet, between tttk aaul 9lh iva. TC HUNT ?R LEASR?ON FAST SIXTEENTH STRElHb, between Kit Hi hvi-uuc ana Unlomsquare, No. 5 East Sii teer.Alaaireei, four story bfuwn aioiia House, iweni.y-tive br sixtyfoet, Pw rent and further p?tlcularn apvlyioB.IL LU0'jOW A CO., Nu. 3 Fine street. T<S RENT-SHE TOUR STORY ENGLISH J1ASEMENT fi*UM- No. 174 Went Thirty-seventh street, all In pi rfeot oiiir.- All modern Improvements. Kern low. Also, Duell ing over stow No. U'K'.' Ilroaitway. Apply to EUWAUI) IX. J A jliiS, NivZli) Unudway. CLOTHIKO. . AOIIEAT BATTLE FOUGWr-rTHE VICTORY I?, \ ttalued??bacttea andgeutlem n, It lias h?cn vl torlon* In ? being pronoun^ d bv 11 gre.it >:ktay that F; HARRIS, of lriG.8uventti avewie, has been p:i< tug 2T> per rein more than ray.deaiei In the otty lor cam ofi Clothing, Carpets, Kurnl t are and Jewelry, ami still mean 3o conunuo Ml if you ultt I i.-ur him -vilh u rjj.te, or call, lie wm ? lo Ju'^ the following prices:?Vor Silk Dresses, lrom *>'? t > $30; for Coats, from $8 ?o ?->>; fcr Pam?v from to $l>. 1>" n i fn-sn 15fi Si'Viuitik ?v. nue, Mar Twouty-liltn street. Ladies rtteuded by Mn. tliui is. A TTEJWIDIL?INDIES AN~? GENTLIMFN, IF YOU ,f j_ wuh to semire the full valua for your nut olT Clothing Carpeu, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbugged by (also prico offerers, the besVyou can do is to send a not* to 15. V NTZ, Vi7 Sixth avenue, where you *111 lie sure to re ceive ,w n?T cent naore than from any other dealer. Ladiea. atiendfi. by Mi-i Mint*. 137 tlath avenue, between Tautlk aud Eleventh. streets. An>;NTI?N LADIES ANTX OENTLFMEN.?WANTED" :v lot of cast olf Clothine, Furniture, Uarp^ls and JuwaT** ry. I will pav the highest priue in the cllr, by oal'ln:; on or a?tdrs!.?ln? !f. ABRAHAMS, 1133 Seven Ji av-enu-S between, Tweiii -tilthand Twenty-sixJtsuveta. Ladies extended t? by Mi s. A. AGKEAT DEMAND FO* CLOTH rNCI ?LA'JIKS AN1V neiiili-*'-.-! liaviui? any cast <.fj" <'loi ?iug, Furniture and Caipata, will receive the blcheHt price by calling on or &d dr .^Ing 0. Misb, 3IB Sever. avenue, )*tween Twi-niy-ulatk ani Jhirtielh strecU. Lai'ies attended by Mi>. Mish. Abetter chance han isvej for ladies ani> gentlemen lo obtain Uie highest price for their ('ast Off (lothlng. 1 guarantee to -?iy the following prices;?For Silk. Drtvwii, from $IU to $40; from $6 to (LI) (or Coats, lrom $? V> $7 for hants. Also Carpets, Firniturn and Jewelqr. ?lea<e ' all on or addresr J. ANIIA1 I, 152 Si venih r.reuu?^ between Twentieth and jVanly-Urst streets. Ladles att?n4? *U by Mrs. AnbalL At levenstyn's, 20s seventh .wkmts?gd^. ranteed to Pay th>highe?t pi ces for 111* and Wo Ilea, Di-esse?, Coat*, Pant*. Jarpetn, A' ., by c.il iug or aildn a id| by poi.i will be attended to. Ladi'ja attendJd to l>y Mis. u. A GREAT DBMAKB) FOR CiOTHTNa.?LAWiBS AN1? g-.itlemen having any cant off Clothing, Furniture, Car pet* and Jewelry, will receive th s highest price b.v calling o* or uddrek-lng A. H.'jRHIS, BSf ? Third venue. Ladiea M> tended by Jlrs. Harr a. AT THE OLD STAND. 134 STJYENTD AVENtfF. EZEIUBLS guarantees to pjiy 'i e follow'mg priceafor ladles'aiidganlto men's can of Wearing Apparel:? From $d lo $4U fos-KHk D:"' - hi. fruui g $20 foj Coats. I r.ini $1 ftl to $7 far Panto. Also, q^rpets, Fiirnltnr?, Jcwel/y, At. A not" by pest; lactuaih vtendedto hy K? Ludles attended lo by 11 /*. E. 134 Seventh aveno* No conncctiurawlth any jther l'juse. ACARD.-BBNTLEXFK'S NEW AND LEFT OFT Clothing purchased for th?Westem market, in large or ?mall lots, lor which tbs full vrdue will he pa!c\ without hag* glingot- seeking to In pose. Fieaae (allot iba store, or ad 11 ss T.10.. tx Oonroy, 44 Cerilre etrest. Attent:?n, laoivs, ladies, ladies and Ul.NTU-.MEX Nerer eat you mwt with a ii -tlcj opportunity ta dispose of your oast on Wearing Apsarel tor such a high price as at present offered by E., T'J sixth aTenue, near waverley place, as I have a great demand for th m to supply our ordera; then fore I guarantee to pay 5l?per cent more ihan ever was Said for tlie anina be tors by uay uthera Ladies attended by Irs. E. Carpus and Jewelry bought Pleasa remcmbe* No. 79 Sixth avenue. A RARE CHANCE.--I.ADIEH AND GENTLEMEN, t want a large lot of Cast Olf Clothing, Carpets and F irnl nltare for the Western market. I promise lo pav the highest piwe for them,bjrcalling on or addressing M. ELLI3, 99 Seventh an uue, between Sixteeuili and Seventeenth st: jeta. la.liei attended bv Mrs. Ellis. ATTIU: C.VLI! I'RNIAN AND WESTERN A<'. WCI SLare the highest price can be obinlued for ; off Clothlns, Carpels, Jewelry,*-, Kt Silk Dresses, frmi $lt to $SS, for Com, from 12 to $is; for Pants, from ? ta $f? A note mldrcsset: if. Harris. 3M Bowery, oj p-is'te kir'?! Jones rttri et, will be punctually alvended to. Ladiea attended by Mt a Hair la. Attention -the surest way for ladies ai?i? g< nt.eini-n to dis; osc ot their cast oil Clothm. K rnl lure, 1 'ai pets. Jewelry, Ac.., is to send a note to A. UUCAts 21M sevenih av. ntie, between Is nty-io rth and T veoty fifth streets. There will be nothing In exchange ^ferefl, Tbe best juices (nod la cub. Ladiea altenlei la 01 Jta I*