November 18, 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

November 18, 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?ALII AT APCTIOW. AH. I. CHAPMAN A CO ., AUCTIONEERS. . A rm opportunity fur houaekeeper* aud dealer*. A .*l*ne?i ? Ml*?tl&.OuO worth of ?LBOAJIT FJK.ST CLASH HO('SKHOLI) FURNITURE, To be Peremptorily (old at public auction, Oti <hi* day, Motidav. November 18. TBI PROPERTY OK A FAMlLT LBAVlNi THE OITT. JtoMiwood aeven s um Pianoforte, ro?e?foo<l Drawio : Room tuUM, ro*e?roo4 ud mahogany Chamber Furnltur*, Oak l)i In* Rooin Furniture, Paiutlu#*, Suttuary, BronrM Chandelier*. Mirror*, Velrtt Medal lion Cupel*. HORSES, CARKIAUKS. HARNESS, ROBES, 40 . At the residence of Autfusiua 8. Mat nurd. Esq., No. SO Weat 8Uteeuth street, between Fifth and Sluth nvenuea. KALE COMMENCES AT II O'CLOCK. flnperb Suits, oarvc 1 to Id rosewood, cuvcrnl with allk bro ?atrl, consisting of Tete-a-tete Sofa*, oval back Chairs, Arm Chain, Reception Chair*, Ottoman*, lady'* Work Table, Cbeaa and Card Taul>-x, Ye. vet Medallion Car/ieW, Ruga, Serre* and Drc*dcn China Ornament*, Marauelre and Boll 4'Bo*e Cablnei*. nearl Inlaid Stereoscope, superb Maildalln, tBlald with tortoise shell; antiuue and Oolhlc Re?eptlon Chair*, Secretary and Bookcase, Etegere*. brome Clock, run* Me month; Pier and M ante! Mirror*, enii.roldeeed Lace Cur Jain*, Mantel Ortiam-nta, 0 mire Table*, King'* patent >*iln'ngChair*, Oil Paintings, by tmlncnt ariiata; broom* Hi utar. le Statuary. Magnliicent Se en Octave Roaewood Pianoforte; Canterbtiry, Sto.d and Cover, Mack walnut Hala'.and, oa* Hutfei, Etteualon Table, ehlna D nn< rand Tea seia, crystal Ulaaiwate, richly engraved To M? Cutlery, (olid Si.vcr Ware. riM.ewia?*i and mahogany Bu reau*. Bedsteads, Wardrobe*, Tdlet Table*, Com modi *, DressingTable*, hair and spring Mjt:res*es, Counierpaurn, ? aukeU, Sheets, Towel*. McOraw a patent Sofa, ?ookstaii.!*, To tie i Table*, Bruaael* and Ingrain Carpet*, Oil ? and s air CartN'to. Alio, a large assortment of Bur netii and Kitchen Furniture. N. B? Every lot will be posi tively nold to the highest bidder N'> po?i,,ucinetit on any account. A ooinpotent person will be lu attendance to cart, box aud ship tbc gooda. A CCTION NOTICE.?r> D. CAULKINS, AUCTIONEER JV F. LEU A NT HOUSEHOLD Ft ttNlTUUE?SU1 EllB CABVED ROSEWOOD 1'IANOKORTE. .STooL AND COVER. Kv virtue of a chattel ntorUa .<>. MONDAY, Nov. 18. .it 11 'cluck. ?reelaely, all the supero and costly Furniture, Palntlnra, Btat tar>" and Work* of Art. ro* Wood Drawing It,nun Suit*, elegant seven <x tave Pianoforte. Mirrors, Velvi t Cart* la, Ac., tt.D alned In tbe re*ld<n e No. 21S West Four.centli street, between Eighth ani N mh avenue*. The auc:loueercalla the ?)?i'tal attention of the public to this b.ile, aa bcingtbe htrgest and richest nmoriiiient of IIuu?i-uo..l Kui uititro oilcre.i at ?uctlon tbta H> a?on. The itiinitnr*' waa all made for the present owner, ard I* In complete order. The whole will be peremptorily and aneolutelv -old wlthon' n> r\r. DHAWlNtJ itOOM KCRNiTl KE ?onMntn of cjurveti ro^wood K"i<'Mt top* Frt'Dch plate doorsam! la/ly'* H'"r > Tu <lc, lulaid wljh of p< url: <1 C?'n'?c TabU?, gtatuarv mnrMu top. full suits of Drawing Room FurniHii*?j tele Sofas, two Arm, tw i li'oep.ion anU e.iilit oval b^c-k Chairs, carved rnM?woo?l i au?Hp, and c?iv?*r? d tn <!m tj oo ktrt'd futin br<x-.'?dft of expensive lotion ; two Console Tabic"-, inlaid v. 1th buhl an i sin 11; Hrurade and Laoe Curtains, French p!at(> pier and Mantel Minors, wtih rivh *ilt fiame*; kij}>ito 8 vr.-s nud <%h<ni4 \aa?'H, richly d?'c?)rated; I'xrian tnarbU- tit uicUeso! the S?*a podh, arlUtcic Hroiucn, reprtsen ing Ni^hi and Moniiu^, ran 4ora, falntlm!, Poetry, Muniv, Ac,; antique lava Tasen, i roin Herruianeum avid PompHl; ebony Card Ynble, Telvei Carix;ts Hu?-, Turkish Easy Cii.ilrs, bronze Clock, runs one month; Oil Paintings, by R.tKM au, Ionian, Ilun ttut,ton, <*o!e, l^i'ur^nd ;?nd other ?-min nt art'ftt.H. MAOMl'ICLNT SKVi > OCTAVK PiANoKOHTE, cin-i d Uy<* and cu*.-. four round eom-Ts, iinuhed all r??und, tttittl i with pe/ul: MuhI<- Kaek, roHewood Stool, eovere<l in bro< ad?i; ?''ribr. idfrtu t'loth t'ov? r, lJo. kh and Muaie, hail ro?rwood IliitHtJind, Oileloth, Stair ('?rp t, &c. Cbaml ers, second story?Ha hl>* wirved rowewood Hi vUt^uds, style Louis XIV.; Hureausand Ooiainodes to m.t h; Wi.r robe's, Dr? ss in* and To.let Table*, Rltavmg Stiud*, Bo.ikM.ind, Couch, Jtrm Chairs, Curtain*, S.iade*, Co-nioa. Ilalr Matticnaea, Beds and Beddlne. d' mraicd Cuina Toilei Sets, Mlrrora, IMnlni: Room Kitruilitr. of every kind, leu Seta, Silverware, Ivory Table Cutler), Dmu^ Tabic, Ac. No poatpoiicmeiit. A SSIONEK S SALE UK A MAUNir.Cr.NT HOUSEHOLD FURNITCRE. With a B .lull,ul and Vuliia.dc Culle tIon os Maible. Bisipie and Kron/e Work* of Art; Splendid Pianulor.e, ttlch Mirroia, Knncb Etegcrea, Siver Ware, Freucli and Doliemluti ('liino, with'ly Roaewood PARLOB. CHAM Halt ANI> DINING ROOM Kl B.MTU It E AT PUBLIC AUCTION. Po*ltlvc!y perempt'irv h :c of ELEOANT rirsr CLASS FURNITURE, This day (Monday), at 11 o'clock precisely, Wie beantliul I'ar'or. Chamber, liitiln^ 1-ouui a i I Library Furniture In the <tw llitif! ltot*e lia Wc.^t Twenty-lit ?t street, between Seventh and E^li'.h avenuea, ail of \\ bleb 1* uew, kavlmt l>ei n recently made, tod comprlat**everytliint; adapt ?d to a la-hi<uialile an I elecmtly I t ml hed re^llcnee; tn? wh ile to be peivtuptoilly ?ol for'ca?h; coin, ruin.: of Enuliili Velvet and Tapestry Carp<'t*,elu.aiU rosetvimd 1'arlor !? tirnl tun; en *uiur, connnIblnu lhn? full ginin, rlelilv carve I. all of which are Corelcd In rich il\ brocatel "f (lie la 1.1 d s iritt tlnn; ro?ewo?Hl Centre and I'ltrTable*, Turkl-h Chair*, in blue and sold satin ant! moqi <; Dan a?-k and I n- e Curtain*, Telvel and Tnrklah Lounges, Haute! and Pier Ml. nira, gold Md landscupe Kliaiie*. two rib' Ktefieree, style Loul* XIV.;r|ih Serrchand DreK.le :t Manud Vaae*, bibtpue I'i^urea, Mrtlitic Ilrtiure*. l'nrlnrOrui nenis, Ac. Ei EOANT SEVEN OiiTAVK. 1*1 ANOFOItTE, .Mtifcic Cabinet, St/cj. uni Cover;cost $.150; tnarblelop ltureau>, mlt y e.ifvid Be lht ads twenty large Hair M.ittrchhe!*, Tete-a-tt te* Cltatiib r Suit* In r iaewood, Bronie Clock*, mai ble op Wn latand, Loutitic*, Kreueh and ?prinn r '.it t'lialre., Itoc ;, D v*jih.O.toinbns, Oval Mirrors, ?ufieio Bedannd Heditinp, Extension Tn'de, two lute Sofa Be Isteads, rail Fretich an I linh .'iiitau Cliin.i, rich Tea Seta, Silverware, Spoon*, F.u ki, Castor*. Ice I'ltchcr*, Urn*, Tea hen ice, ruby and < t y*Ul (' it UIuhn of every description, oel?^lal'^ll? top Btitlit oak Chairs superb oak Desk, Oil cloth, neb ('liatuli llet'H. marble llall Stand, one ol Wilder'* Safes. Catalo ilies at house. .Sal" positive, rain or?hiue. N. B.?Parties from a dis'Atice are assured that every arti cle in the house will be add sirtrtly without reserve, and there w ill be )>osittvcly no p?Mj ?n m- tit. Purt basers ? *n kave their goods carted, paused or f .ipped bv reliablo j?ar Uea, who will be In stteMdano.* f'orrhar iinr[K?xc. RUSSELL W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer, ASSIGNEE'S HALE. Ovv.r #y,(.OJ north of linntKomir HuucehoWl FCRMTCKK AT PUUUC AUCTION. Fonltivfl p"n mn''iry ??)(? of m.ic.t.vNT Kinsr CLASS KITRXITt'RF. To-morrow iMonduy) uiormi f, ut ll o'clock pry Tin- beautiful Parlor, Chamber. Ptotng Ho >ru .mil Library Furniture, in the dwelling boose l52We? Twentv-?irst street, between Seventh and avenues, wll of \% M?}? m ne?, hindnr been re ently made, and coiaprfse even t lir.g adapte i to a fisllmabiy ami elegantly i'timt?h<*d roaldeuee. Tae whole to be o?r?niptorily t-olu fcr n si, consisting of English Velvet and Taiieatrv Carpets, elegjim r<?>< e. <*? P trior Furni- j tare, on suite, comprising three full Suit*, n *hl> ?arved. all of which are wvo^ l In rich *Rk ie- icatei, ?nd of the bewt Asset iption; r one wood Centieand IV; T?Mes. Turkish Chel a. in blue and gold si?in and moque : unmask a i t Lice Cui tains, Velvet mid Turkish Lounges, Mxntel and Pier Mirrors, Eld and landscape S ades, two r ?sewood Etegeres. style iu1s XIV.; rich Sevres and Dresden Man:? 1 Vases, Bisque Figures, ArtUtic Bronzes, Purler O naments, Jtc. E<egan> Seven Octave Plamnorte, Mttfie Cabinet, Stool and cover, cost $400*, atarble top Bureaus, richly carved Bedstead*, twenty largs Hair Mattresses, Tete-a-Tetes, Chamber Suit* in black wal ls tit, Bronze Checks, marble top Wash lands, Luiuge*. French ami spring seat Chsirs. Rockers, Divans, Ottomans. Oval Mir rors, sup-rb Beds and Bedding. itnli Extension Table, two fine Bofa ]ied?tea?irf, rich French and Boneraian Colna, rich Tea 8ets, Silver Ware, Spoons, Forks, Caster*, Ice Pitcher*, Urn a. Tea Servi.e, Ruby and Crysntl Out giask of every d? ? I aeription. oak marble top Bullet?, o.'k Chairs, superb oak, Desk, Oilcloth, rleh Chandeliers, marhh H illstand, one of Wilder'*Sales. Cataloguesnt house. positive, rain or shins. N. B.?Part'es from a distance are aw* red that every article in tue house will be sold strictly wal-oiu reserve and there will be positively no postponement. Purchasers have their good* carted, packed or shipped by xeliablc parties who wiU be in attendance for that purpose. AM. MERWTN, auctioneer. . BV BANGS, MEUWIN A CO.. Irving Buildings, Nos. .V,'4 and W> Bromlwa IMPORTANT i'O BOOK BLlRRK. TUESDAY MORNING, November 1?, n? vu 'lock, and four followln ' t'avs, nt same h.> .r. I GREAT SALE OF KNtiUMI AND WEVMWS BOOKS will bo commenced a?? above HUtted. 'i'ij. ataiojiue is now ready and may bo had on anplieati'vii. It )n'*b;des very larpe I oontributions*of tNOldsli BOOKS, con:pHMn^ 2>uisr and | ?aluable works in all the \arions depH'iiie?jjs; msay of them an* e!ej'sntly iil??Ktrate.J <;nd Ki:perl-!>' I?? nd. jum re- j reived l rom the Londcii publlshet*. coitsi^iM-d ?'\pr? i?slv t'??r 1 this sale. Also, extensive c?in^ignTt:enfsof'?tiir.f;?!-d AMK1M- . CAN BOOKS, from many of the }e?<];n;rh : -r??. embr.cin^ a large vaiiety of choice works in vr . an<. bub^t.-.ntial Idntl- ' fngs, and new miscellaneous puldi'-iitlonK. ?ndudinc pro- 1 fuM*ly emb^Hiabed and richly bound W>??)??*, *ulfed to the holiday Keasnn, Ac. All tie v.*, fre*)? ?nd i? stock. Alao, an invoice of imfvrfed PeM'ttmerv and Fancv Articles, A \, i Ac. To be bold WITHOUT KfcSKRVK, in loui to anlt piu Olnraers. Auction notici:.?kleoant first class tioi sk hold Pundture at piiva'.c nafe, in iotH to suit pttrchu aers, at than auction prices, conni^n .? '-f very elegant i Psc! or Suits ; n, satin; Oent.'c and ^ <1 'fab'.ok. ejirved rose wood, m/ik'ni'icerr veven *ar;.iv?? : smvood Piano forte, seleeted br ;? prol*>sor of innA'c, l or tin owner. Also, alartre vnricty of Chainlter and Dimn^ Room furniture, il:? whole Ve'n ?? ?iUibc:<* t Joe lt J'ii f?,. r >,ufry jjenwe. Apply at the reBidenco, 218 F'Virteenth s r--et. 1-mmav. n T'i^htb and Ninth aveutn v. The whoie of the ai?ovc for absolute sale, on account of removing from the city. Auction xottce.?a rabb opportttkiw rrin b">i O'n" and luoiseker-p II. JJChS am.'ilone?-r, Will *e'Hhl*afternoon,at2o loci precisely,' tht elegant House h ud I'nrniturc. of a nrst cla*s ]>rivate innrdlng hou.M-, No. f4 K ?M. Twenty-seventh street, between l^xlngton an 1 Fourth nven ?es, cinsisUtj;? o* rosewofwl tcven iK'ave Piano forte,made by llryeandM C/'.: three r ?s^w?H??! Pnrlor Suita. oover-'dii. bi<?C't?i', plus a au?; rcp>; Contre a net I'ier Table*1. Bie^ere, Ventelnand Lounges to match. Curtai l.Vases, Mir rors. t^locks. A".; also, for lourtenn bedr-fuun, r?-ewooi and Mahogany Furniture. In s ji" ; Bing'e and d?.nb!c Hair Mat tre-se#i, B- dding, Beds. i:.':?nkets, Shw s. all Hind' of chins, gt.v-s and silvr wore.'fai-i ? Culler*, live iirU'Sib, ta>wntry and ingrai t Carpets; Oild >th-?. Su ves, ,'.c S-w |?oHittTe. Auction n h ice.?m. dot ghtt. ai ctionbbr will sell this da? , at !?}!? o 'o. l;. at salesna m ? Nassau ?tr et. near Kui'on, o large k?.?d gene; a! ux^ortnwiu o? lio<i,^? liold Fuini ure, consisilng of ro?cwoo<i !*... i >r Suits. i?i bro oate) a ad plush. inahoga. y French ard C?:uvge BedsteadK; Wardrobe?, l r-vuigfud r'laiu Buteaus; Wnr>\r i'.ook a:isen, mahogany Sor -s. S 1a B'"lstea<i.#, Tcte.n-?? t '. 11o-? > 4* ; Kid Arm *'ha >*, curled hair Mutt re* ??***, 1'i lw> < . < fll :e esk* aud Tables: marble t lent re, P'-rand t'wl'lao aak and w.rnut Ext *n?d?m Diulng Tiale>. Dia.n' Bnom Chaiis, Iron bate, PalntiiK , K*igr*?\ u?,-(v ?n*i ? - gram Cr.iia's; t.niua, Cr./t Aeiy and Gla-?^ War ; Ciulsrj, ac. The whole t<?r abaoiute sale. i'at.i o^u<?s ready AUCTION NOTICE?< BOCKBUT 01 188,1 HIVA UQ> J\. Fancy Ooods.?Bv./. ??>. H. IlAi; I'tiUVV, aucti?aiect, un Tuesday. Nov. 10, at 10 ? ?!?>?at ^8! 1'earl street, ten crate* beat W. Oni. Ware, ad in 1 t to suit r -t-idei . Ca.l and sec. Cash b?rgaluM. Coo Ja well packed for siilppiug. Auction noticb.-burnham's furxiti;rb ex pte** hi. \ Packing l;*tabii-l?!# IJ'1 We-si Kleventh street, b?tween Fitih ami St> ?h avenuea. IIoc.s'd;"i l furni ture bo\ed and shipped to ail park* of the world. Covered wagons for removing furniture to and from the country. Furniture stored. Auction sale -furniture, stoves, .%c.? . DANIEL S il ATHENS, am tioneer, al --room 79 Nas sau street, aill-i'llat Third arecme, between Tweuty. sscond and Twenty-third streets, this day (Monday), a* HHi o'elo k. a quantity o; rlxunehdld Furniture, new ana second haa.i; Stove4, VV''odeu Ware. Ac. 4 UCTION NOTICE.?THE SALE OF MESSRS. J. C iierriau's sioc* '?t Houwfumlsnlng Oo.^ds, ae, at N"- ft'i Rr??adway, will eoninc n e this nay. Nov. i lb a elot.v, and He continued ort I'uenia v an i U eui?es.;a ?. *T ..-r. ^ easii. ?urrent monev. Bv order of H. Morrison, As.-t^ncc. JOHN i . I AN an rW KKP * S IN, Au tio ? er. AXibert R. NICOLAY, AUCTION HER WILL SELL this day (Monday , Nov. IJ1, at 1.M-. o'ciock, at thi- so.t-s salemo m. W Htiect. ig-.oiv: .iVv!)i- )?nc? and Bank S:o.-us, li?,?n ?? a "o nthei Sen ??; |,.s. Ml ? f \n veaim-nts. For full p,?r oia s >r >- w crM, Commcr. ^ vs.'tlwr and Kveran ' i*.. t. ?'hi.:?0'4u > ? i be n-jji iu at tiis salesroom. Next regular tale ou 'i hn: ?'.??y, Nov.Dt. UC1T0N NOTICE.?FIR3T CLAS ? FI RNITC R AT prirare???.!?. tau a 1.1/ u .' t.i vt e?, far. ?? o s oi I'. o.'.w y, ll, ? < O.v '. i JV J',.., A ro% 1 o 1 male pm> it dr .? m S : - Jl?,r . ? . T. . i c.mU mao.e . ? ; < ? es, B -tJ i:u ?' A SALES AT AUCTIOW. Auction notice -grocery stock, liqoors Ac.?M. DOUGHTY, Auctioneer, will sell on Tuesday, Not. 19. at o'clock, at 1S6 Writ Twenty-eighth *treeL Mir Eighth avenue, thr content* ol' the above oroonrv and Liquor (lore, oonslsiing ol Twi, Sugars, Spiiva. Hoap, Wln?, Brandie*, llln, Scale* and Welxhu/Coiiutera, Pixtura*, Tea Canister*, Beer Pomps, 1 kwu, raila, llorae, Wagon and Harnesa, Ac., toge.tlier with the u*tjalattornment fvun* jn a retail family (tor* Hale peremptory. ASSIGNEE'S SALE-FINE READY MADE CLOTHISO Ac.?A. M. CRISTALAR. auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will Mil tbia day. 18 th Inst , at 10W o'clock, a lar^re and evten aive aaaortmt-nt of sea*onable Clothing, comprising about L20D garments, including pilot, beaver cloth and peteraham Frock, Hack, Business and Over Coal*; tine oasaJroere, don. akin aud aatlnet Pant*, in (rent variety; atlk, *ailn. doth, velvet and plush Vests; together with a Urge lot of Fancy Goods, Caaaimeree,. Cloths, Ac., Ac. By order of M. Lipo mas, aulgnee. Auction sale of fancy china, CROCKERY AND CI.A88 WARE. HENRY Q. EVANS will noil without res t\ for ca*h, In lots to milt dealers, on T.iesduy, November ly, i t 10 o'clock, at H6 Maiden lane, the largest and beat (took offered this sca aon. Cash buyers would do we 1 to attend h s sale. Browne a Nicnoi.8, auctioneers-will hell, on Monday, Novewl er Id, at 1 o'clock. In fruut ol sales rooms. No. 35 Nassau street. LIEl'T. GEKERVL WINFIELD SCOTT'S ENTIRE establishment, consisting of Horses, Pony, Rockawav. Harness, Saddles, Buddie*, Blanket*, Wblpa, Ac., among ?lit' h la a SPLENDID GRAY HORSE. I'vn year* old, 161* hatidl hlnh. of line at vie, lound, kind and gentle, of grout endurauce md action. Also, A BEAUTIFUL BLACK HORSE, six year* old, 10V; hands bi>ih, of line style, aound and kind. AI?o, A FINE BLOOD BAY HORSE, 7 years old, 16 hand* high, of g iod style and action, sound and kind. Tbc*e horse* are all of hlj(b cost, and Orel rete animals. They have been u.eU alternately all tluee, di Ivlng eiich wltb th* other perle tlv well In double harness, end euually no In ? ntie. Tw Wi'-k honi" I* an excellent auddle timae; bus been used a* t'ol. Scott's charger; of Una style and action. *|sO, A BEAUTIFUL BAY PONV, 8 year* old, aonnd, kind and K<nuc: Ii*h been used altogether ua a middle pouy; la very valuable lor ladies or children. A ROCK A way carriage, In ?ood order, together with Double ll.irne**. Saddles, Bridles, B'a .kets. Whips, Ac., Ac., all ol which are to be sold Without reserve. Also, A brown Horse, R year* old, hand* hlch, fust ?nd very *t> lb h, sound, kind aud gentle in ail harness, aud Hue sad dle beast. (1 M. LEVY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, ON TUE* Jm day next, l'Jili Inst., at 107 Clinton place. Eighth Ktr el Oneveiy su;?trl >r row wood Piano. Also, all Furniture contained in mild house. Housekeeper* and the public will li ml It to tin ir advantage to attend lain sale. See advertise meat. CM. LEVY, AUCTIONEER?STORE NO. 261 CANAL . street.?Elegant ucw and fee nd l a'd lloitsehod Fur niture.?I'. M LEVY will ?ell, on Tuesday next, 1!) It Inst., at 1U% o'clock, at 1(17 Clinton place, Eighth, between Fil h ami Slvtli av>-niies, a.I the Furniture contained in said house, consisting of caned rosewood Hull, in bi'o at el and reps; roflbwood Pmno. Etrgeice, Mirrors, n? wood, main , nv and walnut Chamber suits, Extension, Centre an I Sola Tables, rich Velvet and Brussels Car|*"*, ITiit'? anc '?Vather Mm tresses, Bolsters, Pillows, BlanVc s, ,V'..K t henUi nsllj, with whlci the sale will commence. Tins house is being thoroughly painted and put In elegant o>d r: will be ren cl ?u 1 part of the rent taken in board, or will sell the llo ise. IJDWARD S'-IIKN'CK. AUCTION KER. !i ELK I ANT SI'ATUAllV, MARBLE VASES AND ItKON/.U ANII MAKULE CLOCKS. VASES. vC. By order o. I*. IIARMONVS NF.i'KEWS v CO. At the salesrooms. N >. U6 and 1.'.7 Bnsidwav, on Monday, the 18th insf.. at II o'clock, an ec'ijaiit ass t"ijn?'tit of line Statnark, Or tt s nn l Flutirea, Bariligil > an l H etf a V.oes lat'de I lets- do.. T.i//.as, Urns, and a large variety ol b autlful Marble goods. ALSO. Superb Bonic and Marble and Gilt Clock*, Bronze Fi^ur"*. Groups, Ar.; Parisian China Vasts, mid many other costly and ta'aulifttl noodf. The whole to be sold without auy re serve won ev r. Among the Ileal Marble Statuary will he foun t ? The First Grief of Lite?uu original?by Mariano Cafassl. Pan I'l y lis the l':|>e?, do. do. do. Pan Rnis|n? a B?e-hant*. do. do. do. Baa Ktlie o?Kntil Mounting to Heaven do. Co. The Ka)x ? f tie Kablnes, by Jean Buiogna. Venus, of Tborwaldsen. Ven a, of Canova. Du.i , of N i hacl Angelo. The Turee Grnee*, 1 Canora. Venus, of Jean Bologno. H. LUDI.OW, AtTCTfONEER ? CAPII SALE OF UN. J, claimed, and O'Hids held l*?r cliMrgea at a ic.tii oy order of Ely A Co.?E. II .LUDLOW \ t'O. will sell at public auction, on Monday, Nov. 18. IXfil, at II o'clock A. M? at 18 New street, a larcn quantity ol llraudy, Wine, Rum, Gin and t'uatnpaBiie. Al*o, a < a it'tyol Ani.cahutte Wood. All tne above goodsarein United Stales bonded warehouses. Also, a uuantitv of B mrbon slid .-M-ot u V\ biskev, CuNtwisi Brandy.r'lottr. ll p-*. Msddar, Orchilli. Sal .so<'a. R -ed Poles, Lea'! Pijie, Wi inner*' Frutnes, Ileum*, B itt" m- nn I otln r Weighing Appal1?tus. ,Vc. Cutalogic \Mll Is- tvady l'irdis trlbiiiion on the 13 h Inst., aud tuny be hn<1 a: l!.e oUtce of A t'o.. 53 New kircet; also, at the ollice ol the auctioneer, No, :t Pine st. NOTICE.?We hereby notify jnrties Interested In the abo e nissls that they will be sold, st t'.e t,n>s and place above meiitioucd, unless tbu charges are prcvio?st\ paid. ELY x CO. IpmVAKD SCUENCK. AUCTIONEER. J A^IONEET* SALE OF SCPERB HOUSEHOLD Fi U> 1TI; HE, ByEI)W-\KJ> mMJKNCK. on Tues/1 r , IO*h iiim? at eleven o clock, at hi* *<Uw?>om, 155and 157 Hr wlwnv, the st??ck of on* flu* cabinet maker* in tti?; cnty, ron*U ,jjg 4?? p 4rt life: i* <nt solid earvrd anil plain msewtarxt Sum, in hatin and b, plush aud repi; ?-U'tfant rote wood Anvmr-a-OUve, bun niboent rosewood round cornered BedM**ads iciH |{u. r?*..?iH, ti?i, in bltiW: walnut. tint* nedin oil; roue wood aid wal nut Secretary Library B<a>kca*e, ele*ant rotwwood hu?? ? a - nut Etciieres, carved waiuumnd oak oak and walnut Library and Dining Room Olni :rs, and o'h- icl"(?niii Furni ture. fhe above ik ad oC the very neat manufa<-tir , and \ull 1x5 |?i sitlvely sold hyord?rof a-tdgnee. The pari! -uUr a x ntioii of those m want oi elegant l'nrnlt i:rv* is re?>p?*ct. rally reiju'??ied to this sale. J. B. FREEMAN, \*S{$nee. Ij'XTKA ORDINARY OPPOUTlrXrr V Foil HOt'SB J keep >v? and the trade. The proper y of n prlvaie /ami y at No. it. East TwenO-seventh street, ou t ??: l \>.,itli a\ will he Mi d at auction to the hl? Ji"?t f idd'*r, w:Ui**ut reicrve, this Mi nday morn inc. Nove^aer J.S. at 1 % o'c.ock, e insiat;nf of au el* ent r ?*-?*??od seven o tav # I'miioiorfe, s o 1. uj fovrr; one aohd ro'fWHhi tlouhl" r?u lor Suit, ounprKnc two r -w-.i t?.' s oiU' Ann, iwo Ilc ep tfon and four Medallion Ka/*!v < 'hairn, coffi^d In rick a*un Fr?-ii' h br? ' utel; one do. *:ti^le Suit, eoinpr.*)??>: one Sofa Tete-a-ieic, o:c Ann. one K*c<>ption and four M-daiUon Ba'.;k l-halo, ri,v re i In erhosiu and maroon Pro iml; Librarr sui?, oovercdin green reps; (*,?^iuit ?i> cw- oi ht#?i{er*\ with mirror doors ami tact; (Vntiv anil Pier lobes, Turkish and J^unyw, Paining. \'h?h, >1 r i*r?, Curia, ns, Bna*vl-, Tapeatry and Ingrain t?arl-e;*; -wo d muI ma ho#any Chain ?*t Suits; h?trand tprmt AUttrc ae*. Poinwa, I'idows, Blankets, 0;sndelier% O.oeas Mn-ora, Sofa Bods, ?'(? ker-, Tabiea, Kxtet sion Tu.i.e, ilufe^s, B Dining Chairs, ' ilasa, China ana Silver nr+, A ? k *?.? p ??d:i ?. J&OTft, AucUubMT. C^EOBOE JIOLBHOOK, ArrTJONEKK?WILL SELL T loinorrow, all oViork, at Uouauoi Ktre?jt, all the g*n eel Pa*.lor. Oa;n ?r. DinMig Ko< m atid Iviti li^n K' rni t ?e, .?e.# oi a large hou.v, cwouprislng Oanieu, Beda, Bed diner, Tanien. Mtrr-.if. r.u.-e?ua, China, 8i ? r and ottoer V> hh'.s, St"\e? Ail tiiUMi l>e w<<id. Tne house to let. A; - j iy to the a ietloiieer. f^EOJUiB HOLBKOOK, ArrTIOXKEP?WILL SELL, \ J tiua day, at ito',-.i<k*S, at i.*? Labi HouKton atreer, i t*mr Broadway, aii (he Ki-nie*4! r'l.niture of the bonne, in lud t?K ? lie tine rosewood Pianoforte; also several other aaiea in a few days. HKNKY GREEK, M CTrONKEH?Tins DAY. AT 1QU oVloek, fit the store i04 William a large lot of r>-ady n-ade floihii ?*, O/or-o ta, i'ai.'? Veat> !adifa' Fi:r?, Kaney i.oot's. Yank'-" N'Uitnia. VVh'o'Iji ^, Jewelry, ioya, jc ^ars; also a few Oro^-eriei*, la (iiora. ve. fOHN OAKLEY A CO. WlI,L SliLIi, AT Al CTION, a# on Monday ev**ni i?. \ov?j .?o- ; IS. a? 7& oVh^fe, at sales room 16 ' 'uiirt Kiret*.. Bro< Uivn. v lanv n oi ? l.oi ?? ? lion of Oil l'nlntin; f, in :?:?r rik r n\?'?, !.n r .vlnsra. &r., ani Mr; whl'h urt' i onr.i!:-<r r'ray, '.li r.w H'aahhi/toii, Na ool-o't IP napHjtt*. our Saxi f.r. l?u( ? loupes, Vinri'ie and il<K)H'it;hi Vl"'va, by c? iebr.U"d mra ??*!r-', being aeoiir :*ion of a ? o)ii)icHt?<iir ieavlo^j lor The whoie to i>.; aoid with out reserve. JVO'.'PUTY. \ f t"no> ?\V \] 7, >KLL. AT 17TI ? Chatham a?|*f this A. y, at IrUo e -k, a vai i?*tj of Kurriitrtre from rnaaa a .tm r-. who uutat m-.I: a!>o Father I'.ed.-, Ma tter ???. I?<i? Mil i'a.nfiu'*s, l'uiv, Biaaket^, ShneU). and i' variety of Faivy and Dry c?ik>uh. r I'. Tit Willi, ACtTIONEKU,?MOUTtiAliK SALE tf ? on 51 .nday, trtth Insi., at jt '_. oVlock. <he Stoek, K.* turea an?i r'ui'TiUnio of t!t<? O-van lion-**, ;?17 ^sr'>n? street, near VN athm: ton: Kin" ?'liiintera, l>eer I'tiaipr li ?r i- ixtureh, ? ne old Oil tifii;-. M;. r<>r-. < lo-k??, C,'h.i , In h r*, S-tr.-ena, Tables. Oi^ai s K.o-he i I'u n?tur?\ ('rt^ k-i v. r?'. eh?d'*e l.iipioi'S, fu-., Sjgether > Ui ad oiii^r nvtur<-.> of a iirw elasahoine. s. SHAW, Mtorne) ; Mort^s^ee. Mortgage sai-e of boots and bhoesi will Uiiiikr Ui n> 'Oi'! 4tt nubile aneUon iliia miv. Nov. JS at Ulo clock A. M.. ??;;U'? Tuiru avenue. ?oim r i f Twenty seventh st.reet, a lar;-<j sto-'k of Boot* and ?'Mo?.?s and S'.ore Purnituie. JAMliS MAKl'.lNKK, Atiorney. MonroAor.vvH salk.~ bv yiurvv. ok a chattel Mot tuuki'I v ill 4-vp-??4 r p" i j- \ ??n<iue, on Xii.iw'.ax', ?.In- i- i dsy nf N" winner, !??>!, at JlJi Sivth aveui.e. one liil Hani Table, Bai I :\v.ur?*H. i. ^uors, Wlti?*? and Megara, Ac. A1k<? the lea"?* of premises. lU'IMAHl' !'*? OI MUI.l'VltJ.V, Attomev I#r llortinuzee. MEN.*. EA\ ER, .IK., A ???*??. * MORTGAOJI SALE OF POWER LOOMS. IRON SAFE, Ac,?On M"udav, Viivcm.M-r M, i.noi, at A.M., at 210. 218 ami 2*- > VV -i T'Von;y-tjr*i ?tre? t, arp:anti' V of P ?w?-r 1 a::d other Loom.-; al*o aii *4'? juo'rv ?o 4 1- jxturea l>e lon^ing Ui the same. A?aa ? i ? lar^e irv/n Sa:??. ,t?-. J. If .W?/X, Attorxif.v t< r M'ri^iaU'*. t I^AWNBROKKR SALE?'Til IS DAY, JOHN MORTI. .1 MEIi wi : i*4*lI at lb E tf*' Br -a ivr./y a iat^.i .MMirtrueiit of men ami wone n s \V? atln? Ai ptr l. Sh?? u, t^uilL-, Biau keta, ami a va' U t;. of ot.ier \*u. ;hy til*'atu*ntio(i of i #l?*al r* am: hoi K-ep r?. AIno fd'y of lav, h' Ololh ia? By order. Al*P.All AM (ivM)DMAN, 111 OqUv i>irmt. PAWNBROKER'S SALE THIS DAY.?BELL & INGR4. 11AM. Au? tioneers. Will s**.ii thi- day Muidiy), at 5> } New i;uw?r>'t si* huiidiwi i'/ta oi AlenV t . a..ty fMtlra Mi H'a?u?an?i Sb'? -j*. Hata and Military t Tiuiot* ? >h?-?%r.-# UnuniK!o-a Clolhit ^ ami trait* rs Ae. i?> ordoi oi FH1DEN lDJUi, Licenae*) P.?wubrokr*rt Eatt ?1 >.?uvv ! OIM05 HEKKVAJi, AT;? TIONfiBU?ADMIMSTRA i m's s.?n- or" I'liMiitui? I< t?* s^?i.4, on Wtaiaealay, , Nov lit. at 11 o'.!' F ? ir h >tr? c , -wotM ami tmi lio^an., Sofas; K **y. k'114 ;u..i Pa.-ior O uilra; Oaipei, Oli'di tb, llail aa i UhMiH! uiiS.s, Bui-ou% Tat i Crocketyand (ilas \var?'. lvlt' le n l-'e.tnliure, i'ooking toen ails, Jte., Jte. B v ol d1 J the e\*?-iji?r. O A.I. BOUAUT,AUCTIOSEI'US?WKIjS'RMttAY NOV. , (7, 2'). fl( i't.'i " -liK-k, .11 '!?? jiiic'Imii r?nin .No. | NuitU Will:.i n s.reet, llou^ 'hol.i Vu'nlttwe,. < n- t,, msii"(;a 1 11 v Solas, Loun^- ?*, raoie-*, (Ji atra Minors, Hi u^-ela, thteo I ply ami riorum * a: o -??. Bed-t'-ada, Beds ami Beddim*, Kiveh I fti Furniture. A<? A<*. I tJiIKRTKf"8 SAl.K ? HaTs. 1 S Oil AMlii.,..- I'AI i-1 HII.U. Al'CTIOJCKI'RH, WtH wu. v?Moa<l*r, flmduoer W.. nt uiflr Mirrrxiu,, 111 N ?"?*au atieet, ai lu o ei?-h. a l uv Utiaiui'y S,.t'i \\ -,ol JUi.-. JtjflX KKU.Y, M.^r.U. i "\\ M. WITTKUS, AIM THINr.KR-WU.I. M%i. THIS 1 \\ day, a*. 2 o e.?s k. at -K*l (- uieef, all tin ?- i'?t. t 1 Furniture, ?t .'i a 1 1 ; .? r.i?.\ ?-?j inn iio ? Ue? , mm. j piis.u^ Parlor miUA, Beds, Bamong, t'htna, Oia^w, Jb*. , A\"M. WiTTEr.S, .MOTI(?.SEKK V.TLL SELL T.IJrt If -al*., :?< 2 o'?l ? k. ; N<?. i.'i ' 1U.1l &h'. et, ;?* v?; t'.?- o: a chatm: :'o??r:.i.t". ..ii th?- ? un< :n?. ? : a'hi -r I a.*., j 2 Pi.:II f. 2 P. : or Sui'a \) 1. . b -?-. pi??r and if .:\ir\ \\ j. rors * a.rvaiuh, b. 1! ?*ud ( a*?t.ra -nt 1 diet" its. \ v. t *|'up. t ? \, I Tbre?~pi\ ami Hi!:. . sia 1 K . . ' ??.ah:?.ar>. ;. ? 1 Ji 1 1 .1. ?' '' '??? .e. ?!*', H'l. M iitie?M-??. !*<-.*i ? l{.?. ' ? 1... i. l'-P lU'f ^Jnv tli'K ? -. W sdtoUILdS. j . , t ill!. 1. t<iai-# ^lr ?-. a:: W .ie . -Kar . w lALIt AT APCTIOiy. QHERirrs HALE.-LBi.THER, 0ALF8KIN8. *0. O CHAMBERS A KAIBCUILI), AL'CTIONEEKS, Will Mil ou Monday, November IS, ?t 11 o'clock, *1 MS Uoerclt s'reet. ? Urge assortment of Calf Bftlna, finished and unfinished; alao tha FUlursa of a Tannery. JOUW KELLY, Sheriff. U. H. nuLLINOBHEO, Al'CTIONEEK, LABOR AUCTION BALE OF BOOTH AND SHOES, 0? THURSDAY NKXT. We renpeetfully invito the attention 01 Inn-er* to onr AUCTION SALE OK !*Q1>T8 AtfD SHOES, On thursday, Nor. *7, ?U?>K O'dock, Which will Include ONE THOUSAND OASES, FIRST CLASS SEA thrift BLB GOODS. Among which I* ? LARUE ASSORTMENT OF MN'S, BOYS' AND YOUTHS' BOOTS, Of STRICTLY PRIME QUALITY, Adapted 10 the best retail trade. ALEXIS, BKAOO A WARREN, No. SO Warreu street. CAVALRY BOOTS AT FBIVATE SALE. WM. M. HOLUNGSHEAD WILL SELL AT PUBLIC auction, at the store 01' J. T. WhKcliousr, ZS Coit street, a well selected stock of Bool* .iul Shoes, well ad.i|t?dior tiiy and country trade. Catalogue* ready on morning of aaie. MUM OF REAL ESTATE. A FOUR STORY BRICK HOUSE. 25X80 KEET, WITH a three story extension, In compl. to order, wt 11 palmed and papeied, In let; lum gun, water, .\c. It In wall adapted and desirably located for u hoarding or public house, being down town and near Broadway ; will be rented low or leaned on laToi'Hiile term* to a good tenant. Apply to CHAS. E. MILLS, 54 Cedar ?ireel. A FINE FARM OP THIRTY-FOUR ACRES I OR BALE? at kingMou, on the Hudson; eouuonsil" buildings; e* eelient water and fruits; well fentvd and iu per e t order. Full particular* f urnished by W. A. t'KE A CO., 371'arkruw. AVAHIKTY OF FARMS FOR SALE AND EXCHANGE? o ? Herein sue*, quit! and pri c*, convenient by fre-im n: trains to the city and near tkh. nl*, churches, Ac., and wtd be sill or ev banned ?n vei v 'euinmodn'i a term*, fciil'THWICK A \V('0 >. xa Nassau kt eet. A GOOD FARM FOR SALE NBAR FOUOBKEBFSIX? a large Lot und Maiihloti In Pom h'?i ephlo. Also Houses ?*!?? and to rent In New York. Aii|i|v to STEPHEN A. FIERCE A CO., No. li I'll:,- Street, New York. For SALE?a FOUR STORY shown stone FRONT liouse, containing hII moder.i iuiprove.n nts; also a cor ner Lot, next to ft, partly Improved, cheap and on accommo dating term*. inquire on the premises, 31 President street. Hi ooslyu. ?Jj10B SALE.?A STOCK OF PRY GOODS, FROM TEN F to twelve thoiiMin.l doll irs In umouut. will sell for one third ea?h the balance in good real '-suite. Addrcs bo* 2,313 Post olilce. For sale-a farm, at irvixgto.v, three miles from N"?ark. .N. J., of 55 a' res, luliable and now prepared for a market garden. A Farm of Ml acre*, four null - south from Madison, N. J., suitable lor grass und r / ug. Will i>e exehanged for city property. Apply to OllN whitehead. Newark. N. J. FOR exchange?residences for MERCHAN' diiti', M* rt huu*n*t> lor Hunt'lent en, Farms lor Merrhanj di-e. and Mcr--handi*e lor Fartna; a Druj;, Faint aud Or Store for a Farm worth $l,UOO. AImo, to let, a lurnlaht'd CUl e F. 1) RICHARDSON A CO., ftJ and K4 Naawmtrect. FOR SALE OH EXCHANGE?A FIRST MORTGAGE' of $2(tiO, on country property wor?h tine - ihiimh the anoutit. f ?r a tuna 11 farm or Btookiyn praia-ny. No agema need at>j ly. Apply in the segar store, on the north weatcor* ner oi >e?v Bowery and Chamber* ?tree?. FOR SALE OR TRADE?A CONVENIENT, COMFORT* able double Coitui;^ Ifoua** und morv than lourl^oa* liaautit'uliy Hha?1rd, Jn one o!' ib** pl? asjiut-?i biptiw in Bro >k )yn; worth $17,?XiO; mor; a <??l for Aihlrcnh, with i?al name, W. B., box 2,7New York Poaf ofiice. B^OR .SALE. A VERY desirable LEASEHOLD pro |x?rtyt <,ii Eiutt Hrtwidway, near 3Ji4iv?*tatr<*?t.?A lo ir st. ry Hrick Mou.^*, 20\C5, well rented. '1oi*iim e> sy. Wijl be h?i?? at a barium. Apply to CHAllLES E. M1LL.S, 34 Cedar Htr?et. MfCHIQAN LVNDS.?F. J. It CRANE, OF DETROIT, will ghtt blh attention to aelling n ai estate in Mi?'hi#an, p.t t?!^ oi tdix?'8, ,\f.; als?? innkina ten per cent loan#, feai Ut'* atwiridci. Refers to ltowurd Ifo? fraine (Company, <$?{ Wall Htreet; Anson Liv n.'.Kiou, Knq.,).! lie- uuian aueet, and llchara. Storm, Smith .v Co., 170 Fitlton -^r.M-t. rpo owners OF REAL ESTATE ?TIOC8ES AND i part* <? l(oti?ea want d. <)\sne.r?? ill do wed by pla. in ? their property in our charge; onr jaeili.ieii for reniii'^are c?3*nl. Suk't attention paiu t j all busai hh eiitr t ued n in. tin. rro'apt refill iih made o. ui. moneyn vo;l.'d. by fMNU.VR ?k BiSHOF, BuilderH and Real E.ita.e Amenta, aSh Ninth ave. \\TANTI;D TO PURCHASE FOR CASH?A Dl.HIRABLE i ? Hon*.- J or a small lamUy. with a '\eral Loin or aci?*r? of Ground, Stable, Ac , in a & looa 1 ?n ut Il.trlem, or near Inere, or in tJ?o upper part oi tliis.Jiy. AdUreaa box A,aen a wil. not notice. rrn avenue.?for sale, in fifth avenue. *) neartv\onty-mikth m?-n, a bandaomo english ttiaetn'nt Houa**, with part of tae ftirrtftmv. apply 10 k. il. Li i> LOW A CO., no. 3 i'm* >t ? O 1 ka ?the fbi;it and < onfkotionery s coke ??pi?)*"? 62 e h tw 4.tlt s.r?'?m, ?til imiroiu :?>!? im* amount if t?;i lay; k?aai a.o lv, t*uiiivr andt ade, \\orlh $300; arhuol ??1 $1,0 Ml yot.n ; iadiea m-xt door; la*>teluin e. ?ffc(| ACRES scperior farming am) HEAVILY, u'/u raliui'.o timbered Lund to ?* h?nge ont,icor*.ule term* lor 1 y or iiroo*l\ u property, or a F .rin. A clutnco for u good trad**. socthwick * WOOD, 82 niuiiu mreet. for >ae An iron safe for i>ale?very cheap. price $-kr. A| l? y lit 62 liberty ?tre?t. h rd atorv. jlOR SALE?at A GREAT sacwkk'r, A COMPLETE f f+>i *>i toola i?>r ra?iiu/?? iunn;; i;oid ??>,her pi-neil < *i?a, froa* ~ ?jnitikintiiik of draff Bench, L?t-h?-n, pro* e*, rj1 aioi ? thin# miulreil fn the bu?inf'a*. Inquire of J. li. 11 ERRS, no. 'J m ild?:|l latjo. fion sale?cheap for cash, to close the coaoern, the su?ek aim Fixture* of the Gro ery Store on the aomh we*t corner of street and Third avcuuo Apply u> blinj. weight, 66 Wall atiwi, third atory. {/or sale?a CORNER LIQUOR STORE. WITH fix j l ire* h.j'1 l. a'k ; one of t)*?? beat turn.i* in u*e S? teiuw-th \\ u;?t; r. t.l lie hold cii?up, a* lite ow nejr boa other butane** w> aiu-n4 u?. Apply on the premise*, 300 avenue b, corner of twfitth aircet. IjlOU SALE?a business, DONE mostly THRU! oh 1 it.,* mall ?? rxi espr< *-; ia ronr>ect# d with a mommy n^wi napi i of large rttvulauoi,, aim. iaud m l)f.uiw?ronmiiij, New York; rimh or mcrctmiaimu* taken. apply at 60naaaao mm-t, rooui ii. For sale?a hotel of thirty rooms, fur n?sh??a, within luo .^-.t >>t arnvnl .iiirt i,.epartui,e ot *.l\iy rann per hour; utr f.rade si' to c'?o t-er<kiy; p !?? $1,600, $7fll)dowii, no ivv.iL butcaaii: tvnt cl.^fo , "r armniu. F. o. richardson a CO., w kiio hi na^.ni str? n. For sau:?a lamp and on. storf; in ckand ?tr.'?*t, loun and ?. l.h'^r biimnot^; lue own'-r ha? other an-: will *<*j1 at a yreal bargain; bualni'msi ????!?. jimuirc nt3?'*r> broadway, room 4%',. j^ur KALE?the stock AND FIXTCRES OF A TEA 1^ and collet* do:m; a tan-any onf cau b?.te itntoeuiat^ poc^t-<011011 with alw<ut $2. '. t)i'* ??. at oo la una or tho bi nt in tin* my. Apply at li. i'Oi'l S, 2?o Htorckrr ktrth't. corni-r of w'?rton. 171 OR sale?$ 0> CASH WILL im uchafe A WELL l?km>e't - ?-ilie.'hutter xtia i r-s'isi it s o **. n <w di-iog a o $7'? ? *v? i k. I. a ?* n iwi ???)! iu, i* joining *n? ttavy. A biiigain worth en*mimeg. 0* agency,08 na* kan ,-fr. ot. Ijtor SALF.-tiik WELL KNOWN REKTATRAKT AND ^ dlnii S ?lo< u, ?kt.. ted .tt in#* j?> l'lty m'lty,! t ii** !>'??. Wdl be foit' at a i'iu^ftin. i'or i#>rn.a??ppjy on lue premiuft, lootoi c onunai mtr'-et. y.IOR hale-TIIE desirable PORTER house V knowo ;ih il.e t^tty o lir.w York, locnreu bear the L|vi*r? p.) il .**mtiiline. st"lu on . tveoiii oi' lh? id ji**anb oj the ptopricUir. in<4uiio ai n?>. jk6 rff-r.j k wtn?ot, lor turoe uayn. X,10r SALE?a PHOTOGRAPH \ND akrrotypr " (iajle,'y, vvub a ifoou n.n of ?j?i*'arnf;jvv 7utt pioir^- or lnu?iid,^ fc-i i. uve u?e ? uy. liejuue t JiO j> w :ry. 1,1 OH SALE?an DM) AND wv.ll lstaklisdkd I. i.o.l^lfi?; an.) dm k S.uoom, ;? 3 ^ h lu.aui fc,' ??!. 1 i", oi wb )!(.' inter?-> u- a ;?? .na, b. j >?'-.iiovv o ; li . a #?o ??! ea?.a b.*.?*u?*su. suu?.a. to:*y r *a..'.i? ^.%?-o ???r m??1 iu*, A; ply t" i'ETLli Itl n^in<;, on tue pi?<?.*, .rata b A m V' a m., for one wvrii. E*v\C jsai.i; and wi st i>k sold, one of tjik Knee*. op h*o or Mor?*a on u.-- ei^itih aTerme. A mr^ rtianec 1-* non oi!eiv<l to a purvjiafter bytrijki'f: ? arty i appllo?tion u? j <?a1,'1,nj,.Y .t V.O., ltuchatliaui itiveu 141ur"sale-one OF thi: md;>T desiuarle llyijok . stores io ihia* lty; < an bt* boo.lit on ver> nviaoq b ? i lortufs >** 'bo pa? fn a now in j>o. r?>purlni< tbeir attention. Apj?i i li OH ri.vl.v: (uikai1, tdclosi: an ESTATE?a KOt'r i f >iory br.?.?; bonw to F. ntli atte-'t, fwsar union mp?, jn, lot 23 by ball the idiark. apply to e 11. LUD i losn* .u CO.. nu. s i'ine atreei, u?o r hroatlwny. ; i ? :-ST.?.L: ka.'/r" k<>? sal.k 'cheap or. WILL ISX [ .1%. ? lor ? plea>h'il krtaldeiux* or go?m Farm. i/va tioa on a, principal tb i.'hj/.m.nif, bai.d>on?ely uttetf up and fiiminbttd, alld tlt4 u: ? lar^f ieylo?; bt;gln?iea. soi fhwick .w wojji, tS na<ma't istreoc. ilrj>T was iU noton M ARICET.?the FIRST RATE ?v double Stand, Noa. 2."?1 ..nd 2."*2 Fulton jd? r, w at , waiibltiiitou Market, fur ?ai.e. iu-ju p as e.bove uf tha owner. T. F. m EE HAN. ; \irijll be ohkaP?a ymjvt s'?oue, wtth it haint i?4 ro'nu rtttai h? o, it. the op,?r part of toe oj>; ; a piie lo xitioti. Addreaa 11. G., atation K. airrr wh.l i'i v th'k stoi k, fixtirrs ami i ?) good Will o3 the Waiian.'a th vi're h' ^ar ao<j fruit hiore. rtuii $6.*. i'.ry miaona f.?r Appsy immediately In the ?io?-?. ?4 c* ikc i on itt?aih i. qona will hi;v a ssm littij< dpugstokh , on mi. nu' fc;n??t, 1 in 1 >#?. al-o, iiuin iu a1 rroiatl way, rtaao 4.X bn?majftpg, a u.w;': c-hance is offered uv thk mam* -?v lo tuier. iv'.M. .1. SHARP, to pttreha-e nia ut^v ci<<^a roliunf T..m?'4, tvitli ma .uvehird pa?-. ? osinoo.-. ttviik'jnwit to ?e ujmtior to ..dy now ia i.s", a; t il< to wnli toe tiiu?*a. 1 hut ;ue tnanoia. voiy, i4b Fulton .ftri i t. a mi a lirw ????? o?ot hand Tablea Iiilu\ri> tai'j.;;'w 4ntkii .t f/k.-^t clast*ivlblk J whirb b ** i. but little uw;d ??n i wi.i t.o nold low. Ad ?irt'??tf box l.'d herald oifj. ??.

"jjhflvn s PATENT 1mproved blllfard TABLES J an i C'>;t:hiti;ition chshiortft?*fj?? I?o-1 anti "lily I* ...bit on", nianut'bt tun i. Pri- a to kmu the time ? PHELan & collender, to t?.? croaby . freet, N. Y. mllsicipal AFFAIRS. / n kpor \ rlo.v notice. i " , i'l.e t iouuiltw e ?n railroad*, of the Board of Aldermen, 'vi!l me m ro <-n No. 8, ci'.v Hall, ontueaday. xoveniber p.1, at il o'clock f. m., to coimtdi-r tbe aobje? i to tin i T.uhi ami Fonith avenoa kailroio!a. All put'iies havbig , huhli.a^a before a .id comrniffoe, and tiio*e iniereatcd in the ,!)>?.v?, are reti?eei: ully rcquented to ntteml. F. I. a BOOI.E, CI) VRLI s H. fvhnell, .lotI.N If ssel1?, rc.'ff.v;vre farley, jie.NRY billth. boakdlmq alfplodoibiq. A small FAMILY. RESIDING AT isi WAVERLEY p'"*! t,?tb ? v^rr plaumiit iruntrnom ou aa.?ud Koor 10 lat. ?iu> hm ana col J water am) (a*. AJaoonp aliigleronm on ?an* Boor a i<l two ud llie third Uoor. dinner ai ti. Teruia moderate. keierenoeaei.-lianged. At TUB LARUE FIRST CLASS DOUBLE HOUSE, NO. .1 ?'<f?ck?r atrert, wax of anil near b o^lway, fa a ** j'ji*'1 f*ni' y noardlnt Uoune, with kconi. unaur ?nd oonilurt, in nulla or aiugle; Ilia chnapett place tn the city fur the aiyle and 4utility of arhat la offuivd. At e08;.!'123 and 1,1js BROADWAY.?HANDSOME ?utta of rooina, with prlvntr lauls or table d'hoie. Also fu>omt lor gentlemen, wan Board, between Tweuty-iifth and twaut/ allih atreeta, near uie firth Avenue Hotel. AT NO. ll? WEST FOURTEENTH STREET?'to LET, with Board, very dmlruhta koouia, auibitdn foriieuile $4u6e7 rwwwsi1<1,ul<le **uuelu,,u* kvfensm*? ax A PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM OR TWO, in A .null private laiuily, at 170 Went Thirty-fuurlb atreet. hou.e has the luodriu luipruvt-uit uta. beleramoa ax changed. Term* moderate. A WELL furnished PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO let. together or separately; gss, water, large pantries. frato, ac. Apply at 1,276 Broadway, southwest corner ox hlrty-lourth ?tr?et. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON tiir SECOND FLOOR; ALSO Rooms on third and l'ourth floors, sultuble lor gentle* nteu, to let, with Board. at 46 Ea*t Twenty-tourth street; homo first eUss. containing au modern improvement* ho. iereuees exchanged. Aokntleman AND wike. OR ONE OR TWO muxle gentlemen, can obtain a front Room oa the se cond or third tloor, in a private family, by appljtug at 1a0 East Eighteenth street. A WELL kirnisiiei) BACK PARLOR, AND THREE Rooms on mi. oud tloor, with or will.out Board, in a small private la ml) of adult*. Apply al 3o West T.veuty third street, n?tar Filth avenue. Ascit OF THREE ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, with bathroom a .joining, neatly lurnslied, to let to a l*aity oi ^entlmneu or a small family. Also iront Kooin on tulrd Jloor, with lar^?? closets. App.'y at M) West Eleventh mivn, near mi ?a iway* Alarok AND eletlantly FURNISHED st it OF Room* on the nrst lioor at No. 'J. vv cm tw? niy-iilth atreet, co?uer of Broadway, Private tables lurntehuu ll pre ferred. aaso a sua on the second Moor. Best oi referent* required. A FEW qbntlbmbn <><i A GENTLEMAN AND wile, wishing a good hem" and u nisi elans table, eati huve a u.-.ulv l tit mulled front itooui, on seeond tloor, or a luivona. k Room on third uoor at a very low price. tu? hou-e is lirst class and contains ail ibe 'model a improve ments Call at 1u>)? East Thirteenth stivet. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?se cond lino, .rom, suiuble lor nousearepia^ oni.. per week; in< luded. AUo. Uoom and me.*roout tor t&. w'?uld i;?ve Board if required. Apply at \Ve?t 'xveiuy fii th street. At tut PRIC88- TWO handsomely fl BXl&BED Rooms, on luhi tloor; also Hoou?s on seeond and Imrd in ors, wito or witnout lt ?.ud; ^i.e, use ot butli, .ke.; one ito.mi suitable lor bou?<'ke< pni;{. i/2 liuat fiftr^nth Mtre<?t. Ayouvo OENTL.BMAN (A MEDICAL STUDENT) aim u we d?*>iiv ihmm m a i rvato l.^jiliy, m ar the Four teenth Street Medli ul oo.le^e. i' i iuh (l.r-' and gas itiehnlnd) not to excerd vs [h-r week. a tdivss J. i'. (4., svattoti d i'ott ollice. Am:mi.i;ma\ and win; ok TWO 8ik0le obk tiein.'n cm lie accoitnoodaved with well turn s ??d rvt(;tnn .inn g ?od Hoard in a |>ieasatu modern house; io*-..ii?ui eonv nient./ud doirable; iatmly small. ai p.y at 241 West Twi n'^mmtiiid bitvet. A FKONT fahlor AND BEDROOM, witii large imniry, on seiu.iu tluor, un?urnih.ied. or would l'u ni>* to suit d< ku.ibh* appihuuh. personh \\;j*hln?a pcrnv .ncnt and oomlortable homo may npply *0 *)dma in?in al stivel. BOARD.-I44 M(rlberry HTREET, NEAR CiRAND.? k om for h?*veral youti;{, at ^h}>? r w? e?t; alt-o nine f.???nt Farlor, on lirst llour, tor two petsous, iiictuuing yat, at $7perwe?fc TJOARD? \gentlemanocccpy1no A FINE BROWN 11^ st'?n<? house o.i murray il l/, will '.is;???s*? 01 n miful suit of h lotus, the entile seeoiul or liilltl iiiku'k; no otner hoarder* mkeu. Address L. A., box im) lie raid oliw. Prieel moderate. Hoard.?a lady having a ?mall house kiob* ly luruthlu d, in a pleasant n.n t o: ,?ers. y i'ity, i/ umii niinuuw walk from nil tne ne v York lei rie.s, would l(;t jwut inr l.o;i*e.i< ?f'lfig, ivonhf Jo nl a pritlf m.?n - nd his w f'r. api> y at 286 South .second sirtei, a few doom 1 rum jerst^y avenue. flOA UD.?a SIT IT or PLEASANT fi/rnisiied ROOMS, ,i> o?i neootiu ?4ory, may o?* na -, together or s(!:. rate, wi .h it, .id. ii No. 01 Cluron })lm:e, two doors cast oi Foth ave nue. 11 uerem < r rtmjuired. pOARD?$r* WANTED, Ft>r WHICH HOARD, WASH jj in,an am ituhcar b rt i\\e?i on a iuii e ill 110.o now till Atay, "s an am? rn an lady of ??\p<ra't c*. iiete r? n.*e i;lv? n.* address llr?. ti., atauon F, Third av.-mie. Board.?to with board, one parlor and e*t i.k|(?o k ? ni, mdtii???!? lor a iriin mui and woo. Terms $10 per wet fAm Also one back and end iusmt on r<e?-oud uoor, jo ?v u rms. D/i.ner ?l u. rji n - qttlivd. a^ipi) at luj fouru.en h street. p> \\ Boaud?for AM) and lv*h>? i n f r .-'In .?? hmuI'mi. n, In a Usg" i.otiKe, wHIi a.I u?, iit it tvui a i>? a iou, with h nn?s loiiilurj*. Dom.1 at 1 ft iVHl No. 37 LaHl M. vvntu mn et. OAltD.?THREE OENTLKMI-N DESIRING BOARD <-ontloria; lo ftCrv4>.n in u private lunmy ?vu. la- a - mum JaltM ul lv.^onable ehnrva. House lii'Hi i Lot and col j \wtt-r, bath*, A.'1. Appiy at ft-M >oMli avenue. BOARD.?A LADY HAS TAKEN THE MVAT CLAM ittiiiM' I'm. 1 Lit iru.M?-u plane, on Siuy. * ni p.?rU, *m-ia i.tiiiilivH an well at tul** ?eml*-men tuajr lind u pleaaAnt hoin". I'c'ixii aim Et^h. U upoktm. mu-* ,;ivea ?nd required. Board in jt:l*s:;y *?ty"i 1 lk asa'vt i:Tm>its* Nuiai. Uotittxmt??> aid Parlor* conn ??? a, in a lar. ?? .?*???.I#? li'/ii*.*, a e * minute*' walk irvm the Jerry, J%o. Xi &.?*? x a ivet, nrjir JiUofnii. ijoard WANTl.D?jn south Brooklyn, hot hen lJ a;.d I i ion ntn '???., h?ra L>itv, num. in. lo fclr. nlti*- ym&r* tti <tv , infant and naive. Ad<lr*:**>, wub full I j*/b?? 'ai>. teruia ?i'.. N, V., Herald ud'.ee. Boarding.?at .13 olinton place, between I'triteraiiy ptaaertnd liitwiwav, a bnndwnncl;. turni?tat?4 ftisit ot tfeio*** to lit, with l>oard; al-o uesiianie Kindle lUamt* for gen Lie m<n. JARDINO.-OENTf.EMEN' A.VD TflEIR WIVES OR ifenUemt.n, can L>? ace. mi?n?*:ao?l orm o.r Uo 'omuni j,t?o j Hoard. nn ni"d rate K-rnwal i?Jo Ninth ^trw'i, .H'lr Hnii^wav. Atntt a bwk Parlor on nrnt flour u? let. h tereneeK t* vhanijed. T>OARI>JXO.?AT 331 OKEKNWin? Ri RttET, A FEW X.) r*: U'*me:? ir.u i- a?*<-nrnm<> i\ t ?<i with gooa iinaru uaa j'j'sir.j.'ii Room*, by Mi*. Ta>lor. TvnnH &.? |h*i week. 'pOARDlN'J.?AN EL*G NT parlor AND BED I ) room. with ??% rry ii<* i. .!?!<? PKv?un**i??-iM ?< n lor a a?n i v>? ini.n and )ili? \s it't, in l?'i i;h I?o*r<inUo ? ?kj?1o i:o >m, KUiuiti?s ior ii yoini ^ iiu- umii K .??ri:iu;?R giVell ami n - i <|uif<!<!. Apply k? l-H S?""ond av<'fiu *. BOAUDIKO?A. LADY. LTVINO (JIMTR AI^>NK, ui/i/.o rrnt? largr in.iiiom. )y trout famtn o ;t lady an 1 K'-iithMnau, with jr liulv: t>r thfj Kutim j wnnln Iw i#*t to a \ mm;, 4.wly al?n? ^|?ay lot* gi'nuvl a?? ojii? i ?nu.a'ion*. ti?H. Uir^'t? jMiiiiy, un<l aJl tin* /jordom ??: an ??wn h we. Apply ai 17"? ureeuu fitix-ft, a irw doors lroiu | Bk?sk?r. B! ROOKLYN IDaulITS.?K0R SALE, A BEAUTIFUL* ly 1 ?at?'<l ii iiu* inn ?;nr .Kin iUi . l.i far r ?.*t ! offivr. Ja i Z! i?\lvO. iio.iM- SZ \f\4ii. W 11 be Mild vi r> L?w nn : on t*.oy t? iu?H. Ato L. ('. WLLD, 41 Widow htri?et, | H.o.,ki)?. BhOOKI.YS HEIonm?A LMIGE FOOM AND 1IAIX i, ?.ir..n.n, f.n Mwt,u,u J.oor, t?jvnt. wi j. Bo i: ?, m? a tool U?a?m ii 111" upp i lUioi ; tiouci" pi itha.i :y .siuu',. d; )?4th, .:? om.j/iiocb t*) trtn> h. Terrnhino.1. v, i . .4 VV'fil- wh.. 1>0AR2> IN BROOKLYN.?MAIUUi:D OR SINCiLil I > tioirMi <\m l/e ac o;/ilum.u t'd wiUl MutUU uttd p #W4nt lloupn4, i?t 47 Concoid biif. t. t'tinvonieiit to all the [err.os, and <u a very ! loiisant n^j^hlMMhooo. I>( A ".0 IN liKOOKLYN ?A (JKNTI EM AN AND HIS v- .it, or lb ret: ll> iJ!!?n?en, ixu !??.' a?-vy>iiJ)iiodat^d ' i h pi^?*>aut front K?> m- and |;ood Atiard In it private family at XVLIUounbl y strew; liot,?e h?w? a'.l the modi rn iin ! |i,o.>iii- iu?, o.'Htlon pK^ant and com. ut?at to thu oarci. ; i\ on# moderate. I>OAUD IN LROOKJ.YN ?A UE.NTLI'.MAN AND WIFE > or two bi i g'-iu.. in *ii. can be ?vio:nuiiKbki<*ti J pi ab.'int R<<>nu 1?? <?mj. In a ar!:U*?*J pnvatr Juaily, bf ; appty in;; ai 'Jw.' Ilejjr) rt.- ?-l, ootv.?.cn hut? and Adamit sin. Board in brooklyn.-the ownku or a uou^e, w?r.< h nc ha*? leuuxi iXirnlfhi^l Ut hii Knullah 1'amily, j I'-miuntf' rli? KtK ma u*nn'mr tits own n*^-, ?i<rM <m? to l it fh ? I whole or p.?rt of tli- ry'noliJ Flo-n\ lurnUned. lor the wtn t*-r. 1 be pren^iit occup.uiu of the han^e arc s*l.livr u? boaini j an a^raa^filft i^nanL Adtiroix* J. B. !J., i>os 4 Ml I'ont miicii. ! 1J BOARD,?A I'ARTAliiNTS," Kt iiNISHED*"oR r unhirnibin ?i. mneet aoo.ety, FrrnUt coiivMinion and I 1- irncit taught; Frnneh cooking. Ajip!/ ' to j?r.?r^?-ii"H MIKii jl KE4AK1UE, li) Uuloo aquarc. iiai'u | rouudt lo^ulred. liirRNlKHKD ROOMS AT 7<n BROADWAY. between 1 l.i^iiUi aitd .Sinio ntre< ta ?r-tntn of Kooiiim and nnir Ho rn*, am a* ond u? let u> a-nti m.< n, tb;ly or 10 ' ^ thei*; houae han a?t Uve modem an pro v omenta, aQii lu ? i li^iKiiiit i?i*'4<Lk?n. LM'RNISUKD ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?AT M9 17 atentie, to a ^ntlrinau and hi? wl e or two j Millie j-ftntlejii-. n. with or wlttioni Ho^ra, In . Kinuil jtrlvaut t'atuo> ; ?.o i tbor b-vir ere .uu convenient t ? a!! jatrta u? Ute eMt; won id 1' t*ii'?re rotnti if requtnu u<i/'u(ii.#hod. LltTRMIrillED ROOMS.?A SLIT OF J'ARLORtt Oil 1." Iir?i floor, anu ITont Hail Be i/o?>m, with private Iv lr; o.dy, or wttiiont bo.ira, t*> lei <>n moderate terui?, at 3/1 i r'"-.irt(i street, ne?i LaMtyett*' pin**. B1UKNISHED ROOMH to LET?AT NO. $ BOND atreet, o? g*r,u*n;.'n. without B<?ari. / 100D BOARD?WITH A<;RLEABIJi PKVAf^ SOCI l J my. not <ai in r ih ?u fciit.. n^wA, w.*ni#.i or .*?<*ntle JU m. !;? pijr lur Mouuajr, huulng taraia aud all partJi^ara, u? i> ?< No. UK/ Heralu oiiae. /iKMTLk^EN ?.:a>C J'SOCVKE PLEAS A.Tl' ROOMg. I v7 \fiih n?anl l.#s 4A and eienn IfinTia, Ml n ..ioi.abic ternia, ? lit ' ?e uicatern la#ilt houa<', Uti Domini -k at rem. VK ELY F. RNIHIJKD ROOMS to RENT?WITH Oft i,\ v. it:, ui Bo ^rd; ho ;st. tVjf?t m'sull the modern m.p.Mve mei.t*. Y?rms very in'vO' * ate. The howkc of a widow lady, i A|i> . i' out; \Y t!<; < a I Weill II ailou Biuret, uiie Wi<i I trioii Blwdwiy. ONK l'J.KAaAXT KcKJ.M, WITH or WITHOUT li'-ilru >m, wiiern thett ai't: :? \v t'oaruir*. Tcrino reason* , ante. Rcf^irace. i X'liaiiKid. A| | l> ui l,ir.'Ilroadaaj, cor ner of T?'rr.ty-i-wliUJ sir'M. pABtiORJ, AND 8BVBBAX. FLBAKAMT BOOKS, ELB J. ? aily faruliard, or antuniishril. It ruqatriHl, to Ift, In iii' b'l'i^' 140 htutiTwenty.',bird urcct, b?'l\r?i;ii wvunil ?nii Third uvrniir*. liillui'J tun.e pu: up if iitqulrid. Kent very mudurMe torivi-anaibln pirit''.. PAKTil.S wi9htno A COMFORTABLE nOMK ALL >v liM-r muy apj'ly ior Kooiu. .it 'Si Boiul ttrift. OESI'ECTAULli MECHANICS Oli OTHERS oEKKINO iV ii?ur t at $3 W to $4 pir w*flc, ^ uh rn uiKh i11 tut nnil . s.uinwmm tfuarutiici-.i, .-all m Ufii lUi/.iO?ia mi'iii, four I li.xir'. ! 1'iin KleiM k' r, where plowau; rooma and a really I c.Miilortatijp p!aw will !"? lound. ! fro UtT?WITH board, a nicely furnished ! x I'*ck J'arlor, auftabln ior a KPtuieaian and vftie, or ^'.a* jic go.nilenien. Apj ly at as We?t Bleveuibatreot. BOARDING AHD MJDGIlfO. TWO BEAUTIFUL PARLORS, BEDROOMS ADJOIX. In? If required; larc* eloaeta, hot aud wild wat?r, gi ?t<-a, healed i jr ? furnace, nicely oarpeMd and furni?ied; line l?? eation and neighborhood; to l-l reaaooably. Dinnerat nix. Reference. eichau((ed. No. IsS Wait KleTenlh atreet. WAR PRICED-TWO PRETTY FURNISHED LAIIOK Rooiiih id irt, with lull Board, to * griitlrmiui and wiln, for $9 aud (ID imr week, in a unt Whim lion.*; I amity unall. 162 Wen I'wrnty-iitiih .ireet, near Eighth avenue. VERY PLEASANT PROMT AND BACK ROOilH TO let, to tooth matt and wife or sin In gett'lemen, with or without Hoard. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Term, modeiatv. Call at 111 Weat Fourteenth ?Uvet. wA "ANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FUR nlshed Room, with lire and ga?, In a quiet, respectable locality, whore there are no other boarder*, and can enjoy the oomforui and solitude of a home. Address, with lull particulars at to locality, Ac., Captain V. U., station D, Bible House. dfcO Of; ?CHEAPEST BOARD IN NKW YORK *P+J mK Fine Ro. m<, with good Hoard, $ J 2ft to ? I a week and upwards. Lsoles and ?? tutted lor \ n* i an at any other boost* rim parlors, with pianos. 48 Lisps* nard street. near Broadway and Canal street. Watchman ail night. Lodjlnas chssp. 4TH AVENUE, NEAR MADISON 8QUARE.-VFRY nleanunt Rooms, with Bi ard, are offend by a private family residing in the firm. class bouse No. 417 fourth ave nue; ?>lso a large Reception Room, suitable lor a family or a physician. Dinner in the middle of the day. Oft WASHINGTON PLACE, NEAR BROADWAY.?A &\J suit ol very deHlrable Rooms, with ample closet room, suitable for a family, with full Board, to let; aUo, a single Room. Private table it" desired. Apply as above. 0*J NINTH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET, HANDSOME* ly furnished. to &eutiemcii, without Board, In toe modern bout*! No. Ninth street, between Futb and Suih avenues. Ol University pla?'E. o?km:r or ninth r street ?A suit of ver\ d alral |e Rooms, suitable ?wr a lam iy, with lull Heard, to let; ui?o several single 1 Coo ins. A Un ited number os gentlemen ran be accommodated with raeals. Rciercuces exchanged. Dinner at t> o'clock. O- EAST TWELFTH STREET.-LADIES AND OEM OtJ tiem n desiring Hoard for the w inter, will wild good K<> >m"unda<voiuuiodat ofisat the above desirable house and location, isting a tow doors west of Broadway. Uciercnces exchanged. IQfBST TWELFTH STREET. BETWEEN i ll Til TU and Sixth avetiu- a ?A pr.vaie family, o? cupylng ? urn ehiMs bou^e, oontfining all the ..mdern liujr ?voinc jjus, aijj Jet a low handsomely furnished llouis, in suits or single, to g ntlemeu, with oreaAiast if required. RA wi: ;r WASHINGTON PLAGE, A PEW D00E8 f J west of Si .it 11 ? venue.*?R huhh, with or without Hoard, furnished or unfurnished, suitable 1'or a iamily, gentlemen or a lies; near cars and stng? s. /-l MADISON A\ rs E, NEAR TWENTY-SEVENTH OJL street.?Three Rooms lu second sloty, him three tn third story, to let, together or separate, with Iburd; house first e.lass, w th all modern Improvement*. Dinner at six o'clock. R',;er<'Uee required, QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRINO?ALSTON t'O llouoe ? Ehyanily 1 nrnisned st.lts of Ro ihk, wi;hvas, t'roion water an . e\ ryeoitv nieuee fur iiou-elv"<,ptug eco no'uiiatly; particularly suited lor small, reap* ctaole lauiilies. Rent low. 1A f EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE THE LUt Veademy m Mlisle.?tine gnliot Room oil second floor, also one large trout Parlor a ol two or three small ) loon km, to lei, wlih lloard, to lamliies or single permns. TO,) WAVERLEY PLACE, NEAR SIXTH AVENUE ami Wiisldngton square.?A genth man and i i* \\ t e or ?w?? single g'-ntlemen ejtn obuiin a hands tnety furnished fr< n Ro?tnt on the seeon i floor, with p4ntr??a attached. Family private. Reference, excuamted. Dinu r at Go cloek. WAVERLEY PLACE.?A FEW SINGLE <iEN ttemen r^n ee awomimitated \\ tli >t??oil Hoard i n l nit R?suns; convenient to eats and Hiatus. Dmneraitf oVbH'k. Refi i t ijees r. ?julred and given. Mr TWELFTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVENI E. ? ) front R >oins on so? olid and tlnr.i Honrs, With Jsoard, or lurn shed Itoouis for get tW^meu. 15 ?srd reasonuble. 1 -f PRINCE STREET.?ST. CLAIft HOUSE.?ELE !?)') gantly fttrins * ?l U<s?m?, wiiu ne !rooms aitaerj-' i, with all the''oiivei,ie^ees ior lloU.v?ke<'p|ug e..in4 iete, ifirlud tng gssand Cro on watt r, to let to re<?i>ectab4e families or rtingle geutleuien. 1(1 | EAST TENTH STREET, TWO AND A HALF 10/"t r??*eks from i'roadwiiy.-A party ot two or ti iee gentlemen can obuiin % handsome parlor on first nrKeeouil floor. ueati> inralslred, w th or wititout Breaktasi undTei, at rn.MierftM? pHees, Also two smalt Rootos, with gas, bath, beat and good aitendanetx O/Wl THIRTY SECOND STREET, RET WEEN EDillTH tLKrVJ a ?<1 Mo h awnuen?IUwmIIS to let, i l e.y t'arnlHoed, wall Hoard, in a very desirable house und I eut o.i; a-u-e has the uio ,eru to.ivenh tu wH. Terms w.u V- ve y moderate* Cml at the hon e or address,!. ]*. P., bov 2.CG9 Postotlhe. 0] ft ELM STREET?.TACKSON I!Ol'SE.?Till! MOST 4mii\/ comiorabiy und conveniently turn is ied AfKirtmenis 1ji u#e eijy io mm>i ibe Want* of small tain Je N, v. :1: er-ry reipiisite furniture, elean linen, cooking: range and utensils. ga> and t'roton water. 1)<.) i VAR1CK 8TREUT, BET WEEK HOI STOk AMD ^dsmi4,? Cartnliie streets.?Kurmshe'i Kooms. ?ingi* or in koi.^i, willi o w ithout iatard. A w younu lart?es will be t, ki lt. Sixth avenue tvirs ]>asM the door. Term* moderate. ' ? ni:o AD WAY-CLINTON HOUSE.?OESTLE. .. ? f.) n.en wnl Mid < iegantiv tuoilsued Rooms, every thing new and in complete order. Pa; li ular altentiou ia d u> toe ? ? io?ori of all who may favor this house with tneir patiotuue. 144 1541 COVKTftY BOARD. pOUKTUY JH)AJtD.- -4)NK OR TWO FAMILIES OAK \J b ?4V itnnwMwtUMi *Vk. IJ vanl lor the. w.nt-M ?i Corn wall; cburr-ti*** ami M'.htMMt iti the neighborhood. For purlieu lari aj'jilv nt (H Kuu S ?veutoerth atriet, or uddre** 11. Smith, Cornwall, Or.*?if:#* count), K. Y. nvticxx,: AaRKAT BAJIUA1N.?T11K ADVERTISER OFFERS l'or privnte mi|p one of the bent i w,muM Plarofurto* evrr nutd , lull *even octave, rich <arwd Ic*:*, ovej&trunc ha**, richly iuUiifi an,> m?JM f*a/J keyn, a ven jioaerfwl and 4W<*lo<nr; w?*. seliwiti-d hy an ? mine it pni,'e?*or tor the owner; htu- unJy in urn >fv mufitlii. and will f>e mild ?i Um? ih?n ha li tVe wM. Apply Jamlodtately ut the private waideinte 21.S Weal Kourtucnu* street, between E.*h h and jSiiith nremja*. AHUPBRB KETHN AND A HALF OCTAVE UOKR. w<>m )'mn"t<'re'for **<<? Ht hit! )** <?*t; maa* to order f?r t e M?fcerrli?er hy ?Uy mater*; Me si.l !sp elagamly carved; I" an over*iron* ba*s. full 1p.ii pUte; ail the modem inLprove?.en'.a, limy *:oar?*i)tc<*d mr tuiae y?a**: ??e mi In me but seven nvwuhs. ? <>si % At; vs ill he *>-4 jot $-?)/, tneiiuiing stool fttid cos't. Also, riehlv ratVtid r>*e wiMKt I'ttt'lor Still,'???vftrnd In uroeAt+l. Cost **ia, tor ?140. liuittiic at70 Went Twenty-aixth street, near fctith areana. M. LIVJKCKTON. A K ACCOMPLISHED TEACHER OF MUSIC, FRENCH f\ and Kii/I sh branches, would fa-vote a lrw hoar* each MH*ioinv u.itr I'lton oi' rhil ?r*n at their resilience* or at herd. Andre** If rs. H'hlfe, .V*? Tt&st Broadway. 4 LADY, EXPERIENCED IN TEACHING THE PIANO J\. 5oiV\ uouli liKe to rlltfkw n f??*, in* its pnpifr>. /,? i?. u < mlveii at the rotud'iioe oi the pupns or her owu, 46 bunk, b.reet. Terms rrdueed. BAROANS IN PIANOS TO CI/)SE a receiver* Hbip.- -one uand?on?e neven fx tftve tor vnry k?><hI r.'s"\so??.4 Pia .o;.?ri- l??r and m?v? .?! o !??rn 1? hm c<w>t. Hy order of Jttdte Leo.iartl Kopvesne Court. Apyly at the wuierooiuH, 358 Mowcry. JOIIM Mi DONALLi, livt*. Xj^lKTH, POND k CO.?.riT BltOADWAY, NEW YORK, I1 ha>e nno hundred new Pianotnrten u? let. nt low iirteeo, and will alio* tbr r??nt iJ porch aim 1. 81)?*i*t M'lni-.*, MmarviI Work*, Oi.l'.arn, Violins HruKb inntrunicnu and all klndu of Eti?l? a1 <i<?o\ij? at low price*. Vott SAU: *'JIKA1'?A M;r(A'T> HAND PIAKCi. r <iJ4' ortarc, Hall A HonV rn.ikr: prec f4o. Apfdy at Mo gaft i anrt on roomn, corner of North WitUam and Kranlc* lorLntr?ecA, pl ITAU AND SINGING.?NAPOLEON W. GOULD, \.T VaOiiA^nt, from the pr-n ij al eoDO^rin, enal?!e? hm pupf s, i:, nfrw l'->*j-on?, to a i ? inp:my vmgi and pla* eirr- tivdy rJ^e iu?<*i admired t-oini'o^mons. Addrena N?>. W rourtii avenue, near TdiiCli A?ituL Jus I arrar.L'ed, tlae .Southern Ke treat, ami, D fje. TNsTIiUCTION t>N TJIE J'lANO AND VOCAL M!>!C.~ I Mr. J. K. MAOKATH, organlrt <n* : ; Ri?v. Dr. l'Wt ?i?tir. li, uttoii' V pufii m in Nav, York and i'rooaiyn. AdUrea* or i;ppl> at 01 West Baltic street, Brooklyn. Tt ST Pt'BLfSI!KJ)~"THE CAPITOL MARCH," WITH ;J;e*i{iiiul j.L-'i.e of W.Mljl&rfiun cjiy and nurromid* li. k: j.rl? i? 'M> "PiMiinm: \'ialt/.;'' *T? eentK "LilUe B.iile "rtwwt Lft.le Maid of the Mountnla," tmd "Farewell, Mother, Dear." all by S. C. K<*hUm, each UGcenln, at DaLY'H, 4it Orund street. IIOUTE k BRADBURY'S NEW 8CALE OVERSTRCNG J Bum Patent Insulated Full Franw (iraud aiid i tro Pum Ji^rtep, 42) Broooie ntrnst. What everybody a.iya min*l b?? u ue;everttM?dy 9B)h they are the beat, therefore they iniiht be the hc-t. PUT MA DONNA BOPItANO, KLfZA VA!.KNT( XI I J rARAV'ALLf. "'a^heM and th? Piano at her pri ?ate ri*4ldt??'', 5S7 B mad way, trilnl floor, abov? ih?- nuir** of M . Ilataway, where ?iic oan be #>e n imm 11 til. 4 o'clock over/ day. Mil. 1). MIRANDA, TENOR VtK'ALLST, HAS P.R movi'd to 21 Sc. Mark's plaoe, New Vork, whei" iir wll give vooal ItiitrmHloii, an ii?o?l. alito, la this cltv- and m Brooklyn. ?cbool? and <4aoacH attended to. Mr. M. ia open for oratorio, o|a*rolle and coji'eri en^a^nmenta. | - - Mad^mk wac lace not;* iTRLLr.. kistf.r of the ^? ??brated ? o . p ??o-f W. Vix?? i nt, Wallae?. liaa tin* honor I to aunounee thai ?:**-intenda resuming her fcUneing Can**-*. 1 Iltir r-inenfJen claw will be ou Wedaeadays an<* .Sa'urdays at ! h r rcaiaenoe, 14 Wwat Twent/.;ourth htiaot, near Fifth avenue. N JEW MUSIC ?TUB "Sr.VKN HONS ()AZ>LOP.n 4NO "Lmir. brm Wnli*," i?s i?r!'?rin^d at I^nrn Keonc'* iheiiin-, !>\ Thuinim Kr>k>*r; pri'o .licenUJ wll. Aim "Our G<-nt-tm '? (^u. byC. S. Ufkfiilii, trmilnr at I':n' ,->e ronth i?,lmnnt Udiid, *1ili bmuilful Hibugrnpbn of SS of our G tmtrel*: prlc- Juat pul/llah?<l by IJUJIACK WATERS, U1 l!ri??dwav P1A.V0KORT8 TOR HAI^ A HUJ'EBIOB )'IAXCr fnrt.!, ik'W, hy on-' of the br?'. Now Yoik mak^n; ion* S#*l, will be mid kt ilZ.'c i< Mtyon ?"?(?re. full lruu friiino, r.ltfr.ut rc?*owiM?l <m.n, ifroncU firind action jiv-' I lotpi. Ivri! anil <lo?k. M i?t Ix? t>r lull mlUleiy. Ap ply mi 127 Tweo'y-iii.t ne?r f.iird .v nlmj. Cr.VENTREN I'lASOFORTES AND OXK MKI^IDEON lot m 59, J* $f> ami t<! * m.inlli, or To }.Uui> In f3WI each. On" aollaii ?nrt two uprlvl.t. '.?nict. .nil l'lknua tuned by Prol'. DIXI8DAY, 'AW I,. ..till fttl'Oot. TO \iriLUELM DOEHLEB BEOS TO ANNOUNCE VI ih pnhtlc ih*t bo h?? ret imed to tbo oily imiu will sumo ills on thp i'lur.o. Violin Afid Slni^n^. I!fi will Alio acoept fn(,lgi menu fnr lir^t clwi Ooiwri^. For p r tlonldOK n|if>!y ?r ill* icriUcnc", 41 Ua*t Tinnij tliiid tli.rt, ii'-.r MkdiKiii Mi.are. 1 7 NEW SEVEN OCTAVE 1'IANOKOKTKS To l(E J I kjld tliln mon;h, I'U-'-Mi liiitn o*" uian'ifauiiinnj'. Now novoii o tuvo for ?150, ?? it?l w?ir?nted inr threo yc?ia I'hi nun oti-UiinKorl, ?old oti iai.'Binieiil, *nd (<> tout, ?i loo innimfnctorj, 74 Twcmy-^ouuu s;r<rct, uear LexlQgUta avenue. CM l"\ -T"E PRESENT HAltTi TIMES ORLIOBS ?IH ?Jpl utl. t" oirl with nir Piano, npU ndid ro?ow<)..d, -v.ri ' ' i'". oi. K ?> i l l ), perfect In ovi'iy r' :-p -i.t, no., n -w.l ?.! i o-t ? ? 'n over offered lor aiti-lt?? I'll ti . on ? i ' ' ith n foil;- du\* the p i > > c?rl> at to ili^'i ..'.iciBrooklyn. A SbVENTH 8KXATOKIAL Dl? if.r.rti. .. pub'1,'*n<1'',ln,lln?*Dl* Oou??uil./n, hrMsttia Ml'Iw ni ilrkil 8mlUrUV *'v,'nlu?. ?"? M'kliit, U? T Tri.tiil {, h n unanimoiiHljr nuiulnmlfd?li.u?tliMl O.O.W. Tium, AT CWmu. ? .MWHrfJCAU MOVUI NOMINA. ! L jriwwf ill Sut i At ftrniitnlc o* part. of |h? JVnl'i. t'hirie.mU, FuurW.nih, ti>4 S vonu-enUi wur.l??J AMKti KEED. ' * JAMKS OARTY, 01 ih<- VourlMiith ward, ol lb? ^? tiuaiiiiK 0 <tiv?titiOBa Cl.IHKNT FoflDYCK, of Ihe gavnoUuUlb war.l. S 'crvury. POPTICAL BANNERS, KLA(18 AND TKANSKAHK** ciea of every dc.rtpunn uu hand ?ml t<> o. iu-r. HOJBn Jk GJtAif A *!, Apiimi. una MAimiactunni 91 Di.oe ?tn c.t. T HE MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL CLUB WIL& meet at 170 l'rluc^ street. on Monda\ evening, at 8 o'clock, to transect l>imfitcH? of importance. My order E. A. Mksikngku, Hi?.-. liOBT. 0. Lo.NE, ('hairm'n. fTUfE TWENTIETH WARD HARMONlOff0, fNDEPKN X dent D? mocratic Union Club will bold their lirst rctnUr meeting on Thursday evening, the 21 Mi, at James Collins', corner Thirty-seventh street nnj Eleventh a vatic at 8 o'clock. J am is Coi.lins, Sec. DAVID F. HL t I'll hit, l'i airman. National democratic primary election. MozAitr ilall, Nov. l(i, 1861. i'lirtmant to resolutions adopted by the N Umnul DeunHra ile General Committee, ike unuersf^ned, u spec!*! commute# anpmt.vd for that puapoMC, Invite the na'ioual ocmta'raey of New York to meet at the j laces hereinafter drsiictiated, on Monday evening, 18th Inst., Ikmween the hours oi H and 8 o'clock, and elect one per*on from ea< h election di*tri< tin each ward to a City Convention, Ui uniujiwuc ?t candidate for Mayor; thirteen permous to an Al emia-ilc Convention, to nominate candidates for Aldermen in lli< wards which eoiu on AMermanic district, and which choose Aldermen al tiiim coming elv lion. Five persons from each ward to a CoitneUtuanle Convsu tion, to nominate candidal s f ?r; mi l utm> per son., io a Oonv? n Ion to h for ?ebool otD cers, constables and any oilier ward ofin or*. In those wards electing Aid' rtnen wui h compose parts of 1l? rent Alderinanic distrKta, to ei ? to ?e u? i at ? io un Al d^rmuiiie Convention; and the El, ? h .<oo Mala wards to elect lived- le^at 'H p u*u to a tJonvi*u.i .. to mumuUv a eandi ,it" ior l-lrll Jnntlc, In jdace ol J. titntmuu isruvvm II, de? c* a>ed. T?? c??ty Conrentlon will me ?t. at Mozart 11 ill o:i Thursday November 21, lHtil, iit7i^ ?'ci ? a. The Al'.lermunie (-onvetitionH ?o ttUoneti nhall meet on Tuea day evening, November l'J< Itxit, at ?'a o ? ?? ond diMrict at N-?. 17 (.'??ntr-' ?? ? t. K uirih dlntrlet at Win. KeKenn.i'i?, corner of Cherry and M <>k i hirft U. Mixth diHtri 't atTrnth Ward Hotel. i.i ilUir'u, corner of Eist Broadway and (jou.i ruear * reft. Ti'tuii dUmei ai liurke'4, corner of Twelfth sUeeet, and Thirl aw fifth dUtrict at Mair-M-'H, 'J2<) Thirl itveniic iWu nth Millet and Sixt-enth district at Wm. flare'?, Kit ty**venth elreei and Pi. ih avenue. Tb?'i'ouui llmanio Cotiveuilonii fehall meet on Wednesday ev? niuif, November !>l, Irttil. at 7), o ? o ... K itirih dtatil tar Uudttoti IIoum-, JiJ ?u ?.fre"f. Fifth Ulfctrlei at luoa. i;.uiioo>, coiner ol hu4UU<n and Coliunb a wtr i'te. hHih diMi iei al KuUnm'n, Viek^on Hall. h vei.t.nii-ifu i at ^e.ibai . t, Korty-iourlh nlrert, between i'Ji bin und Nluth avenue.-. The coinmtttc.. h io nominate school o'Ti -em ond eoiiHtablea ?>n* 11 wci on l-'riday ev? mm;, N??\ in ?< r '??, I nil, at 7>? o'floek. at I he de*i#nuUHi l or boi^mg the (iriuiary <.'ie<' lioUH No tlele^ate (thai! be deemed elected where their election la noi cevltued to by ihti luhi eetora her- inittier dt Ht^naU d, or a majority thereof. Urm uui i?li ejieetora?Daniel Brohpy, Thorium Hoche, Mi n.iel It>.in. Piaee for hol. in^ the ^ IUM Cedar street. SiMwnti ward?-Inepe/tore?'Wm. K. Iv.V rton, M. M. Kor t. d ?, K. 1'i.i for hoi ih g he il'l Kulion aireet. Third ward ? Inanecior*? M. K?alie, Wm. O Keelle, B. IS. lleailie. I'lai e lor h?-i Hug the polU, 127 Idoeriy atreet. Foillia Ward.?liispe toih?111'haul t'h/jmtn- i;, liuuh Murphy, Eugene Sullivan, riace I o h i-un^ the polls, 376 IVari fat reel. Ki.ih ward.?Inupectow? Daniel Kennedy, Ale>. MeiJar ren, Henry l.vaitx, i'la v for luddin^ the po.ii, No. i Lau;hl htreet. Sixtti ward.?'Inep^etofH?Hugh Downey, John Mauutre, J'. Carroll. I'Uv o (oriioiduig tu>- polls, .Sixth Want Hotel. Seventh f,?James Marphy, !*.?:rick Mc Nam r.i, ??< o. i' i -mi. I'mru lor mm iug p?/iis, Tiioe. Sh'c ds, corner ot Monroe and I'Ue air- t?. EU.bih ward.??iiMiectors?Ml* h u*l i'o/. Ihh, J??iin Lind bhv, le nnl,? Mt.Ca .ley. i'loeo lor h d idk the p<dia, 372 II tii,Mi11 h,reet. Ninth ward.?Iri?p?'"f.or>?Henry Rot;ei<?, AlbertH. B;m'a, Michael J. u It11 ii. Place tor uoiiun^ lite poue, Juckson Hail. l -'iit!) ward.?Inspectors?Mlchacl Ilav?, <^>rnellus Hiilen. SuitiiieiT. Wans. 1'laee ior holdiiift l.te poita, Teiuii vVarti Hotel. LI. venth ward.?luspe<:tora?llenry L. Wright, lN*ter Tra cy, IV'to M iloire. k'taen nit* hutd.u^, wue po.l?, at Carlton's, corner Humiou ami CoiUinhia mia-1*. T\\ nta wi.rd.?ln?fiectora?Georn? S. Drew, Bernard M Cai?e, Paul k Lawior. Pi.oe tor holaiug the (Hills, at i'a, corn, r lliltn Htreet and Third av. nue. TaiMeenih ward.?lii.-pffio.*f ?bt piteu A Smith, Win. II. Fein.el, Mschue. Kmith. riaee lor ho?aiuK tao poil?, Hastings' llii.i, onrnei-ot Itr* an t Pitt strceto. Kouri*S'iith ward.?ln^p- ctoi H-MJorueiiub C mtedy, Daniel Calluiteu, r?*u?iah lluxo. Place lor holding tao polls, M. Lynch'*, earner ul l'roome. and Marion a r? eln. Fillceiuh ward.?llibpectora?J obit P. Haw. John Vol a a, Jainea laonnrd, 1'tMe jor ho?d ok tn? ?mi1<!*, Mozart llall. Sixteeuth wwd.?IiiMiajftora?Ai tbi r Amuiy, !? raak Me* Kena, itiotnaa JLyucu, I'uw tor i?o?a ni the poil*, 124 K venth avenue. S- vent* eutli ward.?Inapeetorh?Heuj. Itiy, M. Kjine, Hyl vthter Kooolnt. l'loc-o ior boiolii^ tho po.ia, 1.a> hiisi av uue. Eighteenth ward.?In*pectora?James Owens, James Mc (itfc-Lu, Jonn O Dounell. Ptuce for Uoidln^the tMilla, at Wm. 0'Donnell% Third aventit, between El^hieeuth and Nine tccnui *tr?cto. AUiet eaih ward.?Inspectnre?Un^er Dowllnp, Daniel tin* iter, Paiitck Ford. Place ior holding tho polls, al Wllikim Clare's, corner ol Mity-sevenih street anu iTlfth avenue. Twentieth wa?*d.? Inspector*?Keyson Perkins, Vatentina Cotik, Thomaa M C-onkey. Pla?e tor hohiio^ me polls, at Il?ley's, corner oi 'i'lni ty-seoond street /.n.i Ninth avenue. Taenty-hrst ward.?Jnapeetora?John MoilaJiy, Uhsrlea Huieet, Thomas lloa?*y. i'Luo for holding the polls, 364 Thini avenue. Twenty him'oimI ward.?Insnoctora?Dennis F. Kcn-t, lloser McDerin'ott, John Jasj?er l*.uv for too hoidln^ the polls. Terrroce Uilnr's, earner of Ninth avenrte and F 'rtV hwood Htreet. MO. IH AN L. ItArtKlH, THUS. N. 1'EK.UIH. * JJA ?. fHANCIR D.\M > liOWLAND. Y, M. it WrtD. TOAnal.V. PATKl' ix KKRXtlN. 1 ST WARD wXsTlINTiTiiS'irNl'iN OH*II.?A~ MRKTINa X of tSV Cub wi I ne h'M.t at 2t A onny street, on Monday a\eninsr, Nov. 18, at H o^sloeK. Uy orde*- oi HANiK;, KENNEDY, Chairman. UtcaxKi. Firr?KKALD, Heereiary. 1~?T WARD /NDKPKNUKNi tjLUMAN OEMOCHATIO Clns.?The nieml?eii. ot the above ? ut ? are hi .????> not.fl d to ane<??nble at Mr. I'hatiea Fahah>?e)t's, No. 6 Oreenwlcls street. ?n Tu ad*y evenlofr. Noveniser 19, at H oMock, as bnsir.eea ol liniairtanco will b?' hr??u#lit be lore the meeting. By order. J. N. MlLUAi, President. Hk^ut If at Kit. fcv'cretary. "TH SEKaTORIAL LI-i.R OT. Twelfth, Nineteenth, Twentieth. Twenty-first and Twenty MM On'I \Vurd!l. BEPUBI.ICANKOMINATIOS roH consctuifc:*. JONATHAN T. TROTTEB. OHAIII.ES C. HINC.KNEY. "I ATH Al.DF.liMAM' DISTRICT J.U d'artsof tke Kille'-nili and Snrenteenth ward*). Tin- Nominating Convention apt ilntel by the Citizen** Aw> ):ii|nn of tlitu district met. pursuant to adjournae-nt. al i'.mui N?. Hi Cooper Institute, on Wednesday evening, 13d? mm. Dun. John Lloyd occupied tb.- ch.ur, uiid the following members wi n' prr?'iit'? Maltby (J. Lane. Th.?. B. Stlllman. J.imes Le.\ A T Albro. S. K".-eo. Jackson 8. richilltl. .lonst'n II. Random.Wtn. I>.ii ir. Wo, Tnin.ow. Will, ii.bmrd, M D.W li. Kvtnr. Mem? A. llurr. 0(11 .1 no, II. Water- N\ m II. Iloople. B. Hduy ll.iight. house. T. Hunting. Iiilus Edwkrd Ti'lpler. H.iirn I. C,.oper, Hen. N. <1 (Jiiiliam, Wm. rttemtt. l>aulil Huji". 0. EbeHlsrdl. Daniel V?/i Reed. Tu'Wi-u* 1 aylor. J/is. L. Miiler. A. Pollienius. H. Soutt. John Klannlly. Juinr* Crumble. Wm H'-nnett. Jtoardniun lia.dwln. Ji.tin A lIuJI. And. ilHJulre. Conrid !4*i^er. Kosenhiatt. J.HU" II. Hiady. J. .M. 1>. Keating. Gen. Jol.n J.lnyd. ,lnhii Th< \-r. E. 8. Mar hull. C. H June* W.-uver. DaiU U. McDonald, li. H Baton. J. MkilU:i". Wm. 11. Monk. WnHei II'^s. L'liuder N.irlea. John C. Hocb. 11.? i,j. sweld. H. C. I'jMon Jain-*Lowrey. Joseph Na.'lu. <ii'org>' ili.bop. K. Clinch. Nelson bauual*. lfi iincts H. .Sueaden.Tbo*. hi. Adriance. C. 1.. Carpenter. l'hf commit**- appointed at the previous meeting :o select a < ? .ol .ato 101* Ai'ioruiitri l.'povled the name or UKOKOE A. JEHEM1A11. Tbi? report tvus received, ai d. after remark* by (Jen. !t. H. Orabatn and others, iiio nomination uas unanimously adopted. A committee, consisting of M*ssr*. W tilth ray, Van Reed, fi.'oit, RariHorn, Jllbburd mid Nagln, was appointed to select ? abcdxtKM for ?> hool 0;lieern utiti report the >atne&l the uont nit-cling or the assoc'fulon, whUh will lie helll nn Wcdne* cluyeyenlng next, lioth Inst., ut i he mine plu< -. JOll.S LLUY1>, C'nairinan. Or.?*or Bisaor, i *..CTrUr.r* Ja?ih W liTf.n, ( socmariea. rn wakd.?"T.'iii i.;.sio.v ml-kt .miall bm premrred." Kor Schi 'l Coinmtwiuuer, JOHN 11. TKAl'P, Lawyer. .litTIl WAitlV-A KEUULAH MEETISO OK THK Kranklin Uemncratk: Clti" will I# b<-ld /it Heii'diin , to 'luiriyiHH. nl iin-et, bftweeti Sixth i.n l Kefenth irttiuuea, tills eremna at Vi n'rlnct, l'T the purpose of dl?ii Uiitlln| ti. Rets to Ihe mruibei -i t>-i their Annual 11*11 <n 'Inanka L.ving night, and iransactlnu o'lifr In pntunt bualneaa, l'uoctual attendant* m requested. By orui r PA1K1CK W. ULAtlE, fresidtot. MtciiAci. SHisnn, Hieretery. ? i'jt'jiV WARl) I.NDKI'KND!-NT DEMOCRATIC 0LUB.? The rnrm!,. rar ( rhe noofeeluoare r sjn etfnlly lorltad I., Iitu nd a meetlus to Ue'.d on Tonrsdky, Jlst luau, all ? . at the corner ol Klfiy-slith street and He?i:ulh iw n?e 11IU.MA.S M'COHMICK, lVealdeat. TKRcaoB l^oosr, Becrntary. J*?'s SitKitiUKN, Treiiaurer. 13 WATCHES AND JEWELRY. iamowd.u'.vblrv you h.u.E at a sAmmc*? __ A few desiralile articles can be had upoii e.iny applkma Don to 13. W rLCMB, diamond broker, SI- t!r"u(Iway. I)' (Jill. ' hours only Iromt till 10A. M. and 2Ull 31*. M. Mao?f to U^au. fSTKVrHBOATS. / iHANGE Of HOUR l ull KEVl'ORT -TUB STBA* \J t.oal EEYl'ORT ??ves luOtoi KodIjis -n a . -elit kit S?st two o'clock V. M. for Keypor; direct; reiornlag leave* erport at e%ht A. M. MORNINO 1.1>.E TOE PEEHSK1LU-TUK AURORA Icav.1* Jay stK-ni pirr daily Oueludlnj.' Btuidays), at ? A. M. Linda at Weil T? nU> and Tbtr l'th stre, is, YonkcJ^ listings, Dohba' Kerry, Tsrrj town, ?tng, lUiimuWi UtaSky I'o.uand Verpi.'iik's. CQA]L> ~ rtOAL-LEHIOH, PEACH ORCIMRD AND LOCVW ly M'ltinialii. wammted to bo genuine arUein, at WtseM m\r;;et j.rle from van: S'J cents i.from hoats. A ?o berlaod, Liverpool O.i'l and En*lisii Uon**'Lann--I.?f Hid otuillUea.etcurretftmtcs. llt..<tt\ Ki.hvfc. Corner of t.'.u:al and ( i n re streets, and corntr ci Jane and W es; Street*. _____ WYOMINO VALII V COAL, $4 V>, K()Ft THIS WKB*. \V T'Is !s th? Mide < ",w n u*e. For I sal*only I LOYO A tt'., -J3 ? ?' i TvM utj-seven'.li Iti ft.