November 18, 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

November 18, 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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A mrrvArt?*? w?>alu. ? mrr *t u"t w **tto? ?t a toi nu wakrift tllmln ? . u>? hti |m iw wr <*? , h ? ik? kaai f ?? ttt ! ?? ik* j. ?vnit c?rt. i* k*m l?ui ? m i nj>).v?lwkuf?>4 ibm-) 'r-m tl ?'? >?> k m ulf ? A ..or-tint *t ?m*t?ir>.- aid l>n.: km?kir A 'mllaa, in ?al Ml kl M l ??? ml > ?> f -t | >r ???( ikwljlkf m 4* agbt *m>khwt kid mm ba a?,r at ? rala aarlul; mm ???>???>* m ???? ifck ??t? ft i?r mimiik. cm g?*e ik* kM a*lf ??aar?a?. i ? " m? k4 link ill fcul ikt ?? i? llr? mft A,, \ *'!??> v?|v|^- A apt ?T .* ?? ? h ?w ? barmald or raw r ta """i i?k* a"d ? ?!??? *? laaa mm tfafc.ijrru ckli al m tMI im ? . u mm*)?__ Ah Kilt ikdukh hi wawt* A "iti aflom TO Am i ta k?vn*t w a imi fawh*. ?w ? ? anil .iiil a? ' wmak+t ms ? ?r ?err, I- ?? if,, !, , (ram bar teal ptmem caj kl SI* mwlkkrr) k?. mai mmrnm. . Ah rkoki?h> wimr- ? ?nurio\ in 4 i prttkt* .lull/ , p. r a- | aamgmmbm fcm tlaa akak h bit ilk brawkaa, m kmf nlmaa. oku a* ik hi k il, mr 4mm< t. fc. ?? ___________ ?stri'anom ftvm-ir * kit ir?t Tor wo m^^^m ittnl>r?i4t. ? -li i f k?d .kkla ?<ala/ u m.i im** i i?< w?*iai m* ?* w r ? a). kl ui im ju kl., MkMk 7kk A MTV . ???, ARKHI'r?tahi.k ijkhmiW pr<**l*TAb? tn?l? a. Id Irk.rl aiikb? k * imihk k* ?tui?k * k rut i Am n, ,,, , k < i -i. at life i. ? ..??>?< a . il?> Kim i'um"' uri'uiifn Ahiti'ation VAlTIMff A cftwi'fw WO" mau. Ink |ih<?" ikau y a. .aak ik- ?m>. y ??*? w: it. i- ki.<t b.k ki an ?ak di 1 ntfwa a 1t.a? wril 1: <h r?l. '????<* ir-?? u ua' imi |'*?- ' (<" tmv dm/? ?m ??.. i ..luin u ?u, ? "i l>- >n>a. ira ?!)? A mwpktknt !>ki**MAI?icr. whu cai bakb j\ all km .? . .1 ?) ?!. ?? - "a. ?,.h. . i.. aa..-j- a k a |?w iti.ra u l.-k li|ikt>k) 'fa"!. <|an r<ka<?.? luikk a<i4l .akk* m l a w a?|'i?ra rual <.u, ? Ajitttathi^ wa*tfo-*t A *k*f*?TAIIUK n l 11 rd aln. aa c'b*utariimki*t ur ?ki ?m, a? a* mfc i k<l ?||]| w a?( sua kc ACOMI?frrnt lilbu WITH 0<?od kfekcrkm's, ? .ilt.k It .klkh. mkmt. ..akil at. i If* ur w ,1 ? - ml bi 'lwiaoi*. Y u 111 gal ha> ?a?ly" laaui il Arehteltahl E VOCXli u'oman * lalll a A mtv alioiak a iik- kiid i bkiulwru ali. ?tl>? .i?? kit i k? .n? ?uaao nn l-t|j i.i .i-?iiifc an! ? aa . ??! ?ai, l lar wtlhic i h' .k i-' I ?aurrall? u-lul w rii| b i?. r. n I'? I a. jri aid k?., "ua 4uut !!>>?? i>i at, avuu4 u?.r ?arr .a ? drug >u?', A TIDY RESl'bttari.e womak wwtles A HTCA li<ia k? no., ui?illlariia*i>1 ur uu* ii* -a; ha* g .-i r-? forrni-alr n liar Ual am pi.' ara Call at ur a r ??.;?> taru gk>?, 1". i >th kv , beiwcrii h and situ at , ir n. in u 1 Auiirbctaulk iikkm A> uirl. WAN TV A fUCC aa ln-al ?i .aa r.?.|t, ?lu (kodaraiai 4< kiarjr itad ol jkaairv. Xu.|uir?ki 114 kirlnf uiii at. , r> u. n?i & Ami, ni. woman wants a nutation tii im> grnantl hnnai <anrk: la k itiaxl |4ain .??* %ud lkriul> laril waaliai an,i irnnrr. la kml ..bligikg. g<?id < n> ra farriiif. i'alt lor iwu dk>k kl l^i Waal 3tkk al., tb Iba r< ai, w|i uo->r. yi'.ky ltr>'l'kf*TADLE ? ol.dkek clru W|>llts in k< i a aui'klliiu hk uareror ? haml" riukld. in a lial claak uinllv; ran gira tba ink! uf rlt/ t*iarai,ca. cau iwc twu da\ k .11 m v* rat AM ?! , fr im 1<i Mi d .. i c A YOUNG ami;iut'AN WOM AN wamtm A hiti ATI" >n. lu a p. ivatr family, kk plaa.ii <uuk ku<i Brat iau> ?aab<r aiut iron. r. ural ralrrrnce gttan. nu onjnii n to go ?a laumln-k*. Apply kt 1(m Eldr>,.gr at., iu lb? uaa- mauL C?ii b? aeeu (or lw# iays. A SITUATION WANTKD-bv A re"PFI"TABI.B j1 yoiiiu; won,itn. kkkoodilkln rook, wnl.n i ? cir to no h iiikra ivk la ? kinkil latn:ly > it? rvlrrrutr. Can la> a>. n kt s3 llcury at., X. Y., till anutgad. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN w1hhe8 v VITI ation an it<ii'M* and arnuiklri aa, nr ak rhklilla-ruiald, uiuroit^blv uudtrauuidk h*t dilltaa, kd.1 will ii.ak' har krll gan'-mjiy naalul; wunca o-u ao niurh an oiija ? i aa k eoinforuole and |mm utadt'iii ponlron. I an prodn < t in brat af ri irn-ncve. i;ail lor tbri? Ua)k al l'i? \A< ai laib at. Apiu'ation wanted-bt a yof.vii woman, am n kinln ttnaul knit w.tltrrak, in k pru air tamll>. tu ai\ r uounlc no boantm? mlatr<mi nri'ii appi>. i an niir lbrt '?t at city rcfert'nce ir in her lim pl? r. ruii u* ami nnal uuili'd at ll'ii Weal 37 tli at., bvlwucn ilb hi.: tl. at a. A A S1TI JY y??ui] uu^g ri, iod?> iht* gcnciul uou?i w?*rk oi a ?iu?kli j?n mi'1 u.u1a> ; is a good pl.iin cook uiid an ? i t ^r anU irout-r; has the b?*t of city reference. c.?u tw n ? u t > u al .so. ti'j -tjth direct, bciween Uib anil 7ihav< b,uop flout , back rootn. Absbi'ECTABLE protest\nt <;p:i. V/isiii > A aiiu.uioii ii liut no auo acumia r? rp, or ? aaiiiuf i tii?ni u*?j liun wahhcr tu u p.'ivute ianu:y; no oujr f u to ^ ? a ?u> rt ciialtutf in the couutry. 1'an be arcri lor two days ut 111 ui si 15ih bt. Beet of city rtlerencc given. AS COOK.?a reaspeirtabide WOMAN WISIIF.j* A aituauon a.i cook; uinu-rriutndii ail k.nda <?. <**114; would ix' willing to miuibi with the waiili uj, and iron im. 11 ? ?mall family, would do all; has no ohjc?-uon to ih* m:i) ; he? ttircc rrierrnce. Call at #67 to a v., u ?. AN EXPERIENCED YOUKtt OK KM AN fumal wuau a k.tuutiun ue numeand n< auietn ##; n<? oi?.. i t, m |#? a'aitiug or ehainberwork. iuaaixwl prlv.ii - i.m. ij , ucai ?1' vafercnce. Call at 143 kim bl, near ur?ii4 raua ol A MIDDLE AGED COLORED WOMAN WANT* \ ?t.nation; ur- unti-m^d to cookltik in larg* 1i#x kotim) and hot* lo; brought up at cold hjn'in^, l. I., uwu jecuon 10 ao general homework, city rtien uoc. t all mi 7u We?t 2oih St., lu tnu rear. A PROTESTANT WOMAN wishbfl TO bmlflli few private lamilica1 wuflhlng, to do in utr own no. *-; ar would ^o out to hou.frcieaii. can oe net-it al 14 ml# mL, Orat floor, iront room. A respectable WOMAN wischh A SITttA* lion to do hoii>rwwrk in ahinall lanii.^ ilan 110 ohjco* tiwn to no a hhoi t dtelauc** in th?* country. mum the of city reteience. Call at 115 West ltin tii., buwceu (>tb and 7tla av?., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED -BT A &e8p8cttab B kill, as nrui rlaart oo>?k; nn? who thocm^lly u*. .??: eiaedalmsr business. The b**si of city referi mm ran - la^t employer*. Cell at or address 147 Easi uih ?i., laaw. ? u la: hv. mm av. A, for two days. A YOUNG WOM AN W181IES A SITUATION IN CITY or counir>?ss laundress or Ui do hous- worw; nan <lo plain coo?tntf niake butter; is an exocJleut wash -r M*l ironer; wa#< u not t*o much of an oojeot \i prcseui am a good home. ('all at 86 East Idtli ot., In the busi*nicut. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD plnln ?fKik ami eu*?Uent w*?ber una ironer; would do housework. In a small* family; Ik wilhn< a* .1 obliging; no objection Ui yo iu the country: tnree y?nm rh.v ref*?renr*. Ca*l ior two days at *5 Macdougal gt., at her last empiovu't. AS1H ATloN WANTED-HY A OOMPETEHT AM) experienced goou plaia cook and bsker; is a mo*i ex cellent lauuuress; ciui give the best of <itv reference tor cha racier a id cai-ahilily; wii^-h not w> nm?'li an object as a corn Curtain' : uonie. t'au be seen uulil suited at ll&24tusi., be tween titli and 7th ava., hint Hour, (1COKS, CHAMBERMAIDS, LAUNDRESSES, SEAM J taresAea, coae.iimen aud waiters, in waiu of employ iu- ut, can apply at Mr. WlTl lliLD'S (late clerk to m. f*ul's Mission), at No. l*a Christopher s?., corner of <?re?*n- J vi 'h uv., near Jellei sou Muik-l. Families supplied tree of tharge. CtOOK S SITUATION WANTED?BY ONE WIJO FUI 1 V ) understand* her business in aSl rcspe* u?, baking, pastry aud all its branches; would do Home washing, or the oiu.rc fciieiien work of a email family: most excel lent reference, Cau be seen lor two days at H2 l?ael -1st hL, between -.1 and Bd a vs., second lioor. HO ME WANTED -FOB a <;?><>!>, HONEST, PA2TH Jul andiudustriouA#rl, with hoiuc good family; din* has lived iu tlie iatniiy for a long time, and is capable of'doing bd. kind of work. Can be ?een ioi two days at 'Jlo Atlantic ?t,,' Brooklyn. TtfANTED-4 SIT! MloN, BY A RESPECTABLE f I young woman, as nurse and wamstiv^, or to do ?hamberwork and line w^hiu;; and lrouiug. No o ijcction to go a short distance iu tne country. Best ot city refer nct^a. Can be seen lor two days at 1JU tith uv., between and DUt a sts. "Mf ANTED?A 8ITUATI01C, BY A B8I PBCTAB B WO f i man, as chain bernuud or liue watlier and ironer. Un derstands her busiucsg poriei t!j*. lias good e|ly reference. Con be seen for two da * s at VV Eadt &Ui st., near 3d uv., second story, buck room. TXT ANTED- Bit A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN, A SIT! v ff tion as wet nurse at b> r residence. The b"st n.' reference irom tho pays!, tan will be g?v-.?n. Lost her I aby only two weeks a^o. A tdr-as or call at 03 Main st., Ilr<?okiyn. "VTUU8B AND SEAMrfTKEHS.-A It EH PHOT ABLE PRO J.1 ti stant girl wishes a situailon as nur?<*; is fully compe tent to take tno enure charge of an in:attt ;.nd is fond of chil- | dren. Can produc excellent tef.nmotil.ils tor chara< ter aud capability. Call at 4U2tiCii ave , between l!ith ami 2!A\i ??!?*. ?\TUKSE?1WANTED, A 8IT1 iTTOJf, i'Y a YOUNO jL^I woman, as nur**; * fully con'p i?irt t ? take the e lure charge of an infant Iroiu Its blub; no oiijection n. travel with a lady. t?'H?d cit? roferencc. Call for two day* atJW West 11th f t., between 5th aud t>i!i avs , in the re;u\ SITUATION WANTED?IJY A i'U.;TMSTA N r (iKRM A N Cj girl, to do the housework of a small family. Uest of reference given. A pia?e prel'errod wall .% iaunly'of Kpisco fiaiian*. Can be seen at ?1 West 13th st. for two days. SITUATION WANTED?BY A BB8PECTABLB YOUNO woman, to co??K, wash and iron, or would do Keneiv.l liousework. Ihe best of city reference given. Call st M West37tli st. T) FAMILIES?A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN, with her own sowing machine, w ants a situation as ex perienced nurse and seamstn^**; cau cut and lit for Ciiiliir?'n; the best city reference, r^ll at No. t East IVi st., iu the oflic opposite the Park. Mo objection to the country. W'AMl b- ItV A MTI?I>I.K AC-I!I> AMERICAN L.ADY, f f !t m imu >n as lusis^kcxrper; und 'rstanua Uor business; ?an give jr<-? d city rejuroa???> h if i-eo ilicsl, bo lion to children. Adre?s 126 Kaat-,*rJi ?t, W .UiTED?A SITUATION, BT A KESPECTABLB Oiai, *? In U'i hum, -,iork m- uhaintw; ??rk, ?? il-Jiui:: <ii i ?-.iiUni;, Ca'.lfgrt?od?y?.iti3el W.Ul7ih ?L^tatteMar. TTT'ASIUNU W'VNTK]).?A Itrsi'KlTAIil-K ! V I.r.SH ?* v [ ? * >ua [? u ..... in. dlf?' line wufhini: ?nU flutlii)- Cm givi- th? t..v t .if oti? rr fl-r.-lli*-. C.OI at any tiiue oradurCM. Wen Jl, , ?(.a'r ?th iiT., wcou.l U.*,r. Wanted-bv a bi:si'b?-tabi.k v..r:vj~j s,.'j'i^m wnitiiiii. ?' fltin. on m rhainbmnuld, ..r iob^iki wliu the buu?t'Wiirk. t;?u b. .- .?:! i;jr iwo dnv? at V2 ,<?1 Bouth Brooklyn. ? u' WANTED?BV A.N [NDOSTBIOrS GIRL COMPE iriil iu ill) h?r i K1ta.ii.on to ilu t ;i.-rnl li ? . work: IS * gco.l Tlsin .'OO'; ?nl fxrcll^nt an 1 Imnev: makon nl.-e broui, 1> s ? nn reter uo- In. qulr< at 313171b ?t.. >n'?r Will n\r. WANTED-A .>?Tl-ATIO.V, BY A Kl.-rilCTABLB TT yo'iiig wonun, m Hr?' class laandn--, n0 <>i.j.- -tinns to rii a sboti distance In th? conutr>; iia^ umI r !rrein.o from Iiit las: pi ice. Call for t *c da\ s at S(^ Ea*t .'ij'l & . "11T ANTI'D?A SITl'ATION, BY A BI-sl'KCTABUI "" ynui. ? woni'iu, lo do setn*t?l hon?.ivnr?; >ii> uuv rv (mil tunk nuil a mm! evcellrut waslieran iir n r; .\ ki?.<1 temprrn.i ami veij kind to ctiililivti; hui i;u<ki rel<-rrn"? Can I>|- e ? u at 114 Huiulilon *vv., (Mwreii II t? uod Culuu - Ms rlt. HVVATMWI W AIITBD-FBmitBi. Tr*NTI!B- IT A PROTESTANT TOUNO woman, If * aituaiii-a *? a-mw ?i J ?<? <1" I'UIn *e*mii. Can to 4?* a far ia-. iimf at Ik- bou?i' i.t inr laily >ha bMllvcit erllh, No. 11 'Vw 11m at . WAKTBD-BT A TOUNO woman, a situation M*MkmMNM4liUMMltaj uIUnd; i* ? nki ?l..n ??***: ha* i?oj in lt?-r U?l pli.? fur ti-n jmu*. Cull at l?ii .'.*< .1 Wiwmi lettoil1) ava u?|> lloor. W*NT*I?-A WTTATION ah WET NL'SHE, BY A tt ythim Amrri' in ouwaii, v> tin l<*l hi r ti*j>j hi ii* birth; ?- ?< 1 rataraaare given. Cull f>.r three day* el 846 Wreck ?r ?C a UHV1KD-A NOTATION', HV A BSBl'BCTABLE " Ml, lOdo |?II? || MMMMMrt: la ? plallouec, ?M> ?' and >ruii r. gar <J ciiy rvlf reaca. Cu l? ai?p for two day* al ?? West iti a M . m"in! H<?--r W'ANTKD-BY A 1'h.MPEl'TABLE wojian..A 8itua ln?(a??l aad la..imr?-a* ur . hamlw-i maid In a prl ia<a 1-tn.n) i aii a bar law ?aiplo>i ' *, with wuoin aba baa Iin4 tbr--? )?rt Ui A daw at., Hi--hlvn. W'ABTKD- BY A TOUNO LADY, A SITCA-TION AS If laai.rai .?r tn4uag a"1*raa*a, or ** aaaUlatii i**a* hcr in ? aahdat, or a* nxii|<-i > >i. lor >li nf ? hM ?ha I* mil) <|Mli fi*4. (hIJ iik' "b/-. in ine country; uii*?*orpilun*nle iwl> raawa <-aa b- pvai. i . . ua or a-lure** waditr, 4 i H n 1 ? ? W'ANTi t? A SITUATION, BY A YOLNU UIRL; Id A* vf , main i .ail n nrr, {nod plain ?i ok and an ex* i?l:? 'atri bread; uo ooIi*t|iiB to do gaeii-nil h.-un tmri k h i f r> irr< ?? i\Jl lor two day* at <Q buie ?i i? MM ll MM hi I I'urniaii Hn? U) u. UTA.VTI D- B* A BBOTENTABT AMERICAN WOMAN, aauuatiua to a. rai himaiwora for a amull family. ? aa ho arva (ur i?? 4 > ? at Aii Laal iiroiulway, baaaiueut U'tT M BAB.?A f'JVKU WOMAN. WHO IIAS LOBT *T ? i * ik, aa awual.oa a* Iiiit*i- in a liond re ?4' ta la i ?} ? in bo *. u for twodn)* at 214 7tli ?v. Ur ANTED?A MT1 JTIo.V RY A BKHPBCTABLE WO nau l i lafci ? of" ?l ? h l.lrou ..III to it I lil.UU H? , or i.. do UaJt up aUura ?.14 Oail at tU Ucrgen St., Btu?hl)a. Ur l.NTI.D?4 AITCATION, MY A REHPECTAHLK > ii* wwa. to on huuaria irk, ?44ii|, chamber ?ott. ur i<< Mo Oar* of dtiklrvu. c ?u my n- rn in e given. I'an ' r . . .... > a ai Jtu otli ? , btlmrli avail. C and It, iuat Bw r, ia ik* **ar. \lrANThl??BY A VOt Ml WOMAN, A BITUATION TO Yf W'>. ?*?:> a id uwi; bvoj fur *1( yrar* ?lib >oal am ?u 1.4 v i ?* i.a i laoiily, to.I<4 city ref'-rrnco a ? a A . la . ot .1 . lav ur So oi . , rtnu .'-i .i ? UrANTL?- \ ItKATDW, AS CIIAMIILRM vIO AND O n - t.i ni l I. u aatlal ia IM aiMi Ka~l>lnn and li aila i? ? < in . i. 1 lug; b a vfcliy rrfririu??iveii. i 'a.1 a i?. h a. ?r Uu ai . a.?ntl Uvor, b*> a ruoui. \|TAN1 RD -A BiTt'ATIOK R\ A TOI'NO woman, TO VV tW i irur* i- a ? f^la ?wk. ;ij*n1 ?..aarr and 14 ?rr. aad afclfgI?? aaba ln<a J pa*M??> aatlul; li-i* no ? ?J ins lu tb . . tu.) . i ? iijr n I i. i. . i a ! al 2i? l.aai U I at., iv>?ira t?i awl 4U aio*.. iblr>l boor, frontrooiii. 11' AMi li- A BITVAfWiN, BV A VERY Bl M'fcCT I' ah4> ..I'|!?4 .11. iv Uak" raio i f ehtijnra an i lu Oo I him an. .ra Ihi .nj U. .1 .if r,l) NlrhMi in o.-ait*u I. .1 nar biat p'?? ? Can !? a?i n loi iain ^a>N at IU Meat lath * .. i? i?. ? a Jth ana h>b an ?'4XT1.U-1 PITl ATIOV, BY A TEBT RB-PI?T f Y _?> r ui I I- n .1 .. ii mi, ?lib it*? U ?i vl I y rcio iMar.loiaA, a?>kaa4lnaa la da a*a?4 houaaavik ia a>iualll<r. . f^m . an **? Ib ai h?*? r. waaurr aii l Ir.iMr, it.i o.^nrtiua !>, > a tb<**t alalalino lu the uwiutry. i'all tar lats i. ?/? a4 N- $ 14 i a! , nrar IIK Itnarry W'AMKl' BV * KT. PE? rAKU PIIOTEMTANT WO f f man a a I i ll ii.i aa aarw MM m aiauiaai. a .a d? all kiinla 1 | ia ii >? atagi *" * ",|M la > y I njul ct-.i ' a. > mi ? a* ban vijr i oe? ??wulvit al-. ' lallli' . No ?a^ 11 1,1 ; .? .ml) 11 I of I' < ri'UUO Oil l> I" i U>1 |la> S all .. fee *V . to. Ui l U l..l al., na ? ib? fe*it WiXTKB-ll A TO Nil WOMAN A MTI'ATION TO IT .. k. voaii ali-1 lion, . r M 4 . aO' . .al b*iua?-wo.a. At- al iM nty r*. < inn: - : i ' i all al M aUiu ?i . i- iumt ui Vfth av Ur ANTED- BYTAOOIBI4 .?r A- i uuh. * \ l| ? ra:i4ir .ri r, >,r I ral bona nut ur teua4r??a; M|w>ir lim-Mr. Tin- im ? a> ??l ikM nutir u 11 m i- ran 1 111 M vf ? Ian lli-i ? ' a i ai. iln - n . oi laui Uy ? HM; auul,l da leaaiii ra.irk an I a a U4 -r !?|- U.ul li .v? "ll i ' a al all Ui I. IM a* tv Omrk III a a HIr ia .. It Imt lu Bliki- ????all ??,1,1 . a> -1 I- I ??- I all, VT adJii-aa lor <au aa; ? 193 tar -i a ar > 4 n lyBT Nl R f WAMI.D ?T A k l l rvHI.i MAK baling I-al in 1 v ?. u !???> I ?. ? km i-. ana a* lna a f 1 ii I* .1*; ui iw.ia la... i lie.i ta^iba Mia. ?mi*rH|, at WO Mali 1 *1 \I ANTED ll* A Y 11 \ . ?> a, a ran - ? laaii i ii j I! near*- gi-.a. for et. WilXiAV ? nifl t'lnN To ai ii. 1* .. r? -ha Vail r t?o da/a at .i Mam \**antei? -? fll- tTION. I.l A ? ? IAN1.B Ulr I?. oa. ? I. a ? a ??**( OO. A. wa-artM.1 |*i**t rti, 11 i--r-?i- *? I ala-i | lair OaJlluriati I';eat 14ti'i <iii ?? ,Ari^ tfu W'antl l? BY A YOl .Snl ?i>MAN A A fl AYl'iN l> IV a t.m in, a*i-itauila riM ilil >m aaM4va& w m iM (>. >r*l b" i??? ra. 1 i? rai- r- lu iaat rm| y?t 1 .11 1 or tan 4a.* ai fe 1 *:., tui I u.-k, ba I 1 -tin. \\ ' r'' y' 4 R1 ? tu^rcnrujijc srA%r ^Fo^ndf* > nmm, ? r il uor r. ? all Tin ?%.. tor* t*ei u i4 h ?B Iu -? 14'Kr M I "O: < VtH N?< \ND MKll.TVIT HnVA*, n * .1 90i UUIrn". Wt* Vt H lffPttlf* a?*' I III Mil'? .?? rriCMM ?lir ?t, arar I????<?? t: ?* ? ???! * ?l' *1 i\-ivtkd riroi j i in i mi* whi i i i i. * wil ff tufl'l r ? ?1 h^n u j ? *. t'w*t*4n?u<. four al?4liuqp* - >k?. A;ja? at A' ??; ???? ai. \l ' A\i Ml B1 A I ? MTIIU VOI N -I Ki \ ff Kill i t...?l v? ? * ' ?> ? ? w ?! It* I'1*' v *h;u, ?. il If ?!|. Ififc, if ir?4Ul 1 '?" ' ? i i?*i?.ii<!? Jtoni l?? i i?u?i |>1 ..<? Ctuibrn- bitl^l tit ? jr. Ur ANTED-A SiTI ATIOV BV A ?TAIM,R jounc wo.uan, ?t? k?>! * riaai I. n.< ouj? ?4ioii'o the ?????< ? f vfel ti? i,, baa u < n nr*' r r? * ii >?? li< r U?i }?*oe. ?'??.??i M ?. I L-**f*u<+ ? ? . or-o^mi. iur two u iy?. WANTED?A llo*E Volt ? lOlKlEgX f I month* old, ili** chtld h* '+* i %%?? i*ii, ?n?i i* uenlthy ! ' | - | ..A will I <? |?Ad. At naa^urto lf??.uh. ti loa* oUk* , im Jorn U ???? A. TABLE MIDDLE AGED ho ituUer* ?land ? tmKu.g mil a'lii? I l.a* ik* tg uou lO atrialntth tfci ?ta?u\nif; r,.? iu> . sr. i?sf?.ieu??. CauIm aeeii Tor two dn^aai <4 Ea? a4U< ? UrAKTED A OTKL. TO 1 *> THE <il..NEfcAL HOI Hl> wvri0f?(M ? ? 1 - ? n?u*t wMrfh-r una ir rn?r,?ti t on ?? \* . rn p* r iuodUi. Aj j) y ui th*? .. Mir d> r of lU\VMii".i ?U VITANTBD?BT A RKfli 1 'TAHI.H WoNI \N. A KAHV ? y t. * .s ?? u at l^ti Hum 47iti r I., t?- i + *?? ti 1"- .ai-l 2 ! .?** . N V fANTBD?A KtTTATHiS. UT ANTED HV A KfciS:*: ? I 1'ioii^tiiir wnium. * i . WA?: tircsH, oroh^iaocnnrtiil n i n , d" ! <vou for a Miuli U?u*:i\ > ? ohj?* ? n?* ? h .v . U.?h ^ U city retVrvi c. C?il l?.. ? ? >i 4. 4U L.*akhi , ? u 4iii aii'l Mu tifeou h\>. WANTED?A hlTt ATMN A^ i.m ii? ci uk, IK A u. good r, ?*. : . ,.i?. m . kiudfl . ?>.?, ^ I viDing aii<l wb!?..inf, uu?t oi k.ial ?h*p >i.-1 , . .. %,j iiig io jo io u ?. i . ,m ou?? r aituat?oii. ? -,y i-u r< i .. An?l| at \\ ? ?* auii ?\ i a?'twet*A 7Li* mi?' 8th av#.# in i!i?* i < u. IXTAMTBD?A SITUATION. U\ A R?is|'K< TAH1 ff voui.k woman, i.xio ' ,?i - r^^rk an.l ih>,o i,, v .Mi ii'g. or < uM ?3" };?* :crai ti- ..m* ^ m k i . m ;,i?li .?itnH ; , ; the hfbt t>i cut ft n-ifiv.'e. ? *u . c ? **a at -4a\A?*i?. 4^. m , t tor two day* If u ? eiig?gt*ii. \irANn;D~siTr\Ti<)Ns, bv t\v?? HK-rictvbij; ?t yomiK *? iiv ; onr .?i ? ? waslicr .Mia tr n?? i , fir^t. rate bri a'1 an<! j?n^try ?? i ?.? r. Tin* ?? hi ?f * ii?i u u,?ut an*! waiin-.-, n?? "1?jr ???oii to .? ' i.-i in u.?- ? amd iron ing. Boia prr ?r i. . .ng to tin *mtiw I o.iv. ut hn ? ? . otjeotion to *^i*ar?i irc?!. *u.l do m ;??.m- w.--k % sio?\!l lamlly ? an u* ???*?!? lor iwo day? .. M l.'oU-.uh.jk ?? . .>j>p*iic 1'itn ap|*if, 1J; >. ;lyi . WANTED?BV A Hl'S'*KiT\HLE V\ :R!I l? Wov a batiy to nnti" f .n r * w n nmv,v H a SITUATIONS U IITED-MIIiKN. A hi iMAt IIVAN -WANTKD. I V A i'HOii |\M ^\. limn, u felt .- . u j < ?? . n?ai.. ?'an ?>c a? % io i? . tncircy 1'arL, nii- io h?: l.f i u.n? /M)Ai \i V ) li Ml a a:: r; ia\ v\ isirh^Tii ? mended, inquire f? t I j ( tu ti;w ?, ? ..,r, .4 ' BroAdwa ? nr. .iJ ti , . ? - (^Oy.MBKffAU-K l.KMl.KHAV OK OVKK TWl.MT J y?ar> ? v|?< r!i 1 ? u. oiuiiit# ?m t n p \tt. . w?4 nen?* men of t ' lnn iu, ia to v? <? ? t ??? ? \ i j - , wjit of one. or nuin- : ? ??u! ?t v%.? .. . ' eouniH Tor n In .*1? ? ? ;.?????! ...... 1 , >'u. 1U Sieve..a 11 ?*?*?. . ?r i v. ? da..a. ? ? -? I \\TANTED?BY A V? \ <j >I\N 1 J iUiM Uo:'K. if a uteaU-'ii to nik'" ? horiM ? a ! 1 o- ?./ to at.end i" :uin.\'w. m v#>r> wt ? ...... ( lal.? u-? fni ?'? 1 ? ? J * \ . '?* (| - g 1 It.1 raid oal ? . W 'ANTED? A SirrATION AH ( 4> V<1( M 4 N ?iK I'OC civ#* i<ck>1 n?t?*r?,no? p ?? '.?? ta???*?<?,v* ? , ? ,? he ? v-r had in N *vr Vo .? in . -at- |' ?, ?, ier; u0d?rnuiiu|?lnti&2?i ?. ?. who hui? Iioummi to kee|> in i? j?-ur. A l-i" (i \ ? O0U*. nr ? .'i 'j- MJPIOYMl t I! a MTKA ff n...? '?! (A. 1. !'*?:? ). 4 ',V'hU I . % , kiiidofi .alne>* wh r? h o 1 i.u ! mr. ? 1 , 11 >t n.n< li of au oUjtjci aa o.api<)>init. A .-.?2 ilor?id ollirtf. Til 10 TRADES. tOOD triloWTEREl 8 WAMED-AT Bi^O\|? Good i way. HAT FINISHERS WAN TED? AT HJ i'OU.i.ANDT S ?ir<n 1, bull KAVMO.ND A KK'li lli.I. rPO DKXT1.<T>.?WANTED. TWO DKN I^TS, K1 LI.Y J. comi ' i' iit iu* .111J trork. Api>il< ?ru. - % i..? t will 1 tali-ihcir ?g"", If wngle ur inarrt. J, Imw long rtr. Un .. in what hran'h tn*y ?> -1. ?l ?t ?.i ? r" n -r..*,i, tliev muldcoinnmnw. I'RKTKKBK liKuiIlKil-, i j B,,?. .r i S Y. A.m> a lienUUatuiirnt wtuileU. "WAKTHD?TWO TIS PLATE AND KIIKKT Iltn* fV workers. Apply ?t 136?U? nr. JOHN i.l.>iu.-h\. Nil II- A TIN AM Apply at Ki \ i!i?; *t. SOOD TAILORS W clilne. Oou<l ??,-.! given. Apply ?t 377 Biua.U>i>y, up ->Uiir?. con o* ARMY SHOES, MAKERS AND F!T A no, l;M^-.??nU :im. ? h. . , ,, "T HWT.P WA^IT^?V-FP,W?I.EW. I i IX PAMLLn^S^nTTiOOU SBRVANTS WILL KIN!) .A. the lur^tjhi oil t'tfUibl ial?a t iiiHtl'jiie on tlio eornar of Bulb arenua aud Eleventh atre t, l<?r German, Kimlipti, Iri*h I and American women, civil and capable, at moderate ? 1-' ? j to suit the UoifH. Mrs. P.oyU to atHaudauce. Good plau a always ready for city or oouut ry. ABUNDABOB OF good serv/nts RBiDT AT the old fatabll-med and Iki^hsi institute, 134 Eleventh aueet, l I coiner of Sixth avenue; neat, (.-*? table, civil women?Ger man, En lirth, Irlidi and 8couh. Modulate wages to suit the time*. Mra Floyd in attendant*. AMERICA!.', ENGLISH, IRlKil, SCOTCH, GERMAN null coloieil ktvuiiu, wiih w.i >d city r?f ri'mn,ai now be bad, lr> ? ol char?r, ai No. 7 litli it., n?ai H oadway. brveral gtrlaare now wauled .or t'H'cllunt ?llmiti"im. A CHAMBERMAID, TWO NI'ESES AND TIlltKE kiiIh for taiuecw.irk, want. .1, in ilrst laW fauiil.e". Holtaoie pcriiuUH may apply at the A.; u.y, o2J lib av., near mi. n * AhitdTIteTANT WAITRESS W.UJTED-ONK Wild IS utri.utf aud active, aim van bi'luit moo i ciiy reiVi- n.-ea, nitty apply at 46 Went ?iu at., on Monuny,. alter loo . l . k Girls wanted.-<;om> iiand.-1 WANTED, to wouk ai ? In hi ami gaiter A' ..U'Ji at til Naanau ?t., top Uoor. Mantilla makers wanted?one hundred m nulla noil cloak maker* wauiwt. .lliyhi-r wiikch :iven Hi .n ut any oiier e*ubilaiimuut lu Apply to George liioJlf, ut. VTL'RSE WANTED?A YOUNG PRO MUTANT WOM IN, il to ^0 to M iLeu Iain ml to 1.1 k'- can' of a l>ab.. live iiioivllirf old an.l unaial in cbainlierwork nut p .In iwwlntf; .?st'.l re lerencei. rmjulred. Apply at 88A??t X.'i M . botween llin houra of twelve ami two on Monday, tin- iti'li iiiKt. Saleswoman wanted-kob the .trimming hi: partun ut. 'i'lumc only wlio imd.T.Und liiu UiMn.fs and ii.ivo lii'lil siii h a .uuatiou need upp y. Al? > a .euiuel yutuii, from 12 to 14, to liaru tlie ?mall Wool aim buttery business, t" m.' Broadway, Bear Union aqtmra. S-ERVANTS without OHABOE-WOE 'MNG SEVE ral nations, with j;ood city 1'.. r ucvh, may be liud at Olintnii Il.ill, on Astor )i a u and El. Hi .licet, 1>'"M way. Gii u..n and Kreucu Umgua?i * ?pukeu. iMdMOO. W/t"antki)-by a leading cm- house, alady ok ll u. kuowiedjjed la*te and e*|* n ., to a i .n. a. ai i m Ir. lnlh; rlouk ili-partmciit. Miul lin aucin>touii:d lo lirst j ol i*?olty tradi", and tin* ex." ntloii of otdera. AddriMi, I ?nii i uipartioulora, bos 116Ileraldotiuio, \\ ANI'IiD-TWENTY-KlVE QIBLH TO RA8TK COATS 11 lur luaaiiluea and to U tko b.n .111 hot. ?. licst waik':* paid, at iil4 East laili at., buttvfen avK. li ana C. AV ET NUKi-'E WANTED.?A HKHPKOTA11LK AND Ue.utny Gcrmun or Kroneb woman ;ts wet nurtte. Ap ply at on? c at No. 11 IWiu lil>t t>t.. in a; Oth uv. Ur ANTED?A YOUNG Wi>.MAN VOE GENERAL li-M.MiworK, in a lainily oi lour |? rsomi; ?U?* tuunt no a g >?d v\ ialn r and ironer. an 1 acctiHtomed to ^ent iat hoiit>? - v> a !t. t ify it5.rr. nee rc<iuir? d. Alio a lu-anwr- us c.t}nit>le ol' r kiug plain drentMtM. Apply at 26 Wavoiiey p:ac<.'t lor two diiyi. tlfAlfTBX>?A <.1 :MAN OXRL, WHO ?'\n cook, f? Hurh-n'i iron |nsru e.iy, to K?'rvu in a bin.Jl lainily. i . i .. ? below J7ih ?t. IITAXTKO \ t," <D SERVANT* TO i><) OENRRAL \) , i - . ;ood cook, waa .< r nd ? u i. U ?tr|:> tef. f in? >r <|uir?Mi. Apply at lb Wei*i '2 t i 8t. \V'AN KD-SEVKHAL <;O()0 COAT BAXTERS AND 11 l u 4..1 rt a>l r machine; . \tr.i w.i};c? ^wiid to k"vxl h ? *i ' *. Apply ut ,v\'t llroadwuy, th.^dav. y D II . ' EIGHTH 1VBNI B A 831 kRT, ft r... i'r??? -tiiut i;ltl( to do r.'n.ia hoiiMtivork; in?:?t uc n i L i ironer, aud good p.a n cook; a German \y girl who understands si;vv ?? n : ii ? Mo. r * wmachine, aiid two i,irl? vvJ.o ki"-w Uu a in jti.tkr 4>uJ i.nlii'li'h; aiftooiiegood worKiiiau; w?> a il p.i| 4- mh! Ap;-r. at 20i at., Hccond Uoor, back rxmjm. U AMI'D~\ i*: UI FROM 1-' TO 14 VEAK8 OLD; ft . i :i gNQvrtlljr .1-' ? Ap| i > iti.iii. it a i .i kt., ii<iin J to 10 o'clock A. M. \l .%\'TFU~4 HM\I!T ACTIVE VOONO WOMAN, WHO ft i.u i* v,. ii i . ii taole in ? n^murant. None i i e. aii ? ? j ? is? ii : ?. ?i u)#j> y, at 16 V\ nil *(., between the li??or*? ol It Ai? i 9 o elm k A. M. II* A lfTKf? TWO M.KV \N dlHLH, OXK AS COOK tt w? - i't ard ir>, the oilier a* ?*li:?*ii' ? run id and to a?? m In m -n?iu; mid ?r ? .In*. Tboie tu? j(?it^iiiv ac ?i. ''.I win * . <" ud t*?vin? i:?nh4 ?;i.v r^lerenfeii, m, f?i v mi l.i> i ft- il ia*venth doorfr??in 1?<1 a v. a.M? i? t.\ ? /< U. MRST CLASS milliners I ? d up; > 1,1 J. , t J3tll v| \\ A\IM? KfMiftr, AiTIVE GIKL, WIIO TNliER tf itii'i ? ii. ' " ?? and Ir'ihiio,; ,HI ? nfly il.ier ?n l iiti t?. "ia? i ? ? ' u?,? laliy on* i.i', in* t.i^ 11:\ n - f. ?. i.j.j njij > ai '&>7 Siap^ a?rcet, Brooklyn, fotur . huu*5 U'A ?? I II t CoMPI r? Nl* WoM tN FOR GENERAL u , i . an Inlaw uoo i ?iy jetrii-ic* ?. ? H . h i n uiav 4t Went ii? - ? ?? - - - ? ? - \\ \\ AMI ? TIIRKE TRIMMKRf, TIIREi: MILLINERS, ? i ? i ? ? | . ?t i. '?iii , i Hire.-ire (ranie i.uiki'ii . ?ity rna f| I, I I.. liINN- , Miillneiv, 561 Bi'uadWuv, up . t- m . :i ... ii... u wrkl ?t M ItSK Ink V LirTLE li'nii, TIIKKE I v.i kmiable <i , 1 ? ? n, an 4? p i m* hum*.'? *; u id He required to ndd litflit cham* ? i ?*?.; ? i : . . i dirii-i, I"licitsli, German o:- Ainrri:aan, a: 1 i I'r .t| .. rre?l. Apply b<tv\een ihe bourrt of 9 ?;.d I- ii I'm J. i '. l^ib ?!., nea* Ud aventif, h( tin? >Miia'ment 4o<ir. U AMKI>-A I'ROTESTANT GIRL TO JX? GENERAL Ihujim *t?rk lor a miihII fuiiiily; por d recommendations required. ippl> at ^o, 9 Hamilton pl;i v, 6lst ne.irfilh avenue. OTANTRD- ^ STRONG, HEALTHY yottng GERMAN Tt v.u iiiui, |.> mnk" herself generally useful. Apply be ta in I and .1 oVl^k at No, 82 lfti? Bt. llr AK TEIV?A GEIMAV GIRL, WIIO I'NDKR ft b1; .lid* tia'kfni;, w? ii.iiK "nd Ironing, would like to hHV< j. pli: in an Ameri^n family; boardln* hoi k?- pern ii?. <i n? ' ;?pl>. ln^ r.t 17 * Emm-x st., tldrd atory, i^nn 12 VL'ANTKD?TWO GOO|> MiLLINER^. NONE NEED ft epply ^ x<*w\ iridf r-tandim; ibelr business. Ap- i h to !!'??. II jikiu", 4tli nv., near 22d | "tlTANTED-BY \ HMM.L#FAMILY. LIVING ABOPT ? T iwetity inilr* from New York,a Pro!? sunt woman who und#r?t.?i>(J* tin* i are ?if milk mi l butter and otb?'p Murk apl ertainm^ U*.? atnall farm; tin i?i l*e a ,'M>d wa-h^r an.t ironer. \ . tnp* eutp"i*ou. of an oi>liging 4ii<4po?*itioii, and n#iil In l?rtr h ildta,? mi have h ?md home an t tan* ^agea. Ippty in |h i - o. Willi ief?i. ri-? b?-. aeru I and .'i o clock., lot two lay-*, t^ Map*** A Lo^kwood, 'JLI ?'orhndt Jt. WANTED?AN OPERATOR ON 81%'GKR'fl Sf.WING ft iiia* i. e. Api ly i-? i\ Krank k Son, 4V B"*oadi%a>. U'ANTED?4IOOH CI.oaKMAKEIW AI'l'LY TO A U i It. Davton l.ruaaa ?>, up t .1 r> Kill <ouL> 4.IK1-S WANTED-FOR BASTING AND LUw ii kutf but'.'ii h?.io*, nt ,TT7 liiaailwMjr, i;paUii>. 11- < VI,I, iWEOI *. \T nil- o? i> ht\MI?, row i:v, ^ohm:v (?y H. >p s*?.1. !l. .'oP^i'TON .t ?'U?\W?1 im; Vi?r.itg A?\. *<.??*; Kjv'mrm. bv Ai-> Wi.i' i.'*, i t ?. v. i rni'i ric*d V* ;irft, *N of Um h*?! qunH?y ftfiti s*f !?>?* prt<*?. \N\ i ? ! SO M\\ v.. ASf NKH ARTIOLK T1IAT ? II *? n O n t v I . t#.,l I) th:N|S(Jlli! or 0 '? i fc < ' , t ? ?ft ^ ?lnj{ \N fc.1 ill ft H VV W' < U.i, ay KmJ *>?' <>,' tt i H ?<?i Hr? CRfpTf(>!i n run * 1 r**' t\ h ? v Hu. 1 , <?? I . <??. } |? I'M i r quality <* n?u .Upon hfti'4. nK SioH 8 IfASilhKMI ?aM>Y i'H "KMUI.IIM. ? , in A?"i?t?i? Wy r,f> !a> iw4 nil?* t w :tM t<? , v ? \. .?! III! . '?)' . ti'i I<?rtrl? \ or ?Wf i M r ? li i Um .!? it." l - - ufi I $1 p r .* A . ? New %'m-m I. ? r??*l I li ?4 n.i*, toi ttroo'iway, nol SKKF' r K> Uh?K 1!KKK r n f*ftt<'K X.iST ai..| of tii?* t" " ? ?*f I i* jrl* J*f? v?,?<o|i i . i * '?*'?? ?Laii ? ?<* o4 ? ?*! Kuu Uty ? it . * ?? i ???** ??. *y. MVHl r M ,\TRI.S ? -!' I ,%t HY IMC ( ion IN 'i n- " ? ?'?? ?:ft. ??'n\? ?7 ftbou 1 .* \ KI.AHK i l* mm' ' ? #r ' ' I.irli "*i?Ui *'???*. n?**? T ; ' \ 'W V?#!W. ??. *NT* r its t't c i#U> r?c?:iilcl *|i?. ?j?a?< -K nl'frMV.m TUP \ I* A Itul t <>?' V DMI'M) lioM. _ Wl i.? ' ? \Hi> 14 M*r*n Tti iitf^Mvint urd t?? ?? ? ft -? ??* * ' ' s ?? ? ?. r?tmu I* ?tf:% "'t lr? ui IWI4 ?' ki.js >y* *i ?k41* hi ?? m4 !?'* iMiuti* ift ftii t?U'wnilt*, ?. ti *. < u ?n ? * -i n'ft IMf'oKl \ Ni N..f1< I A'?r? flmsti wff i* ? s i i i '"" . I| d?m* ii lu M?|ii . ?. 1 ? . :i . M> ?.-r arr> A?a k m u> ? skto.J u % Mk omtii's ? h o t or >'}'m r%? ii.ina?ciUomAij ^r.yfi i: -r?i, fntnIK ?rc?m to 71 .v.! i'A *? ItlA. I*r.'# **#??. M'V. r*Hl i#ft?y i4*i' H4I1M 71 Wxmu P\t++\. VX <mi. mi. ri r * i n * vj. \yp mam f-Ai* ?% ?A l4?m?j, ?tiUou n.n y.fbf ????? ' * ?? \ * 1 * ' tv: A ' * ?? HilwMio'l of % .1 4* ' ?* *'? On1'' P? H * , u ! ? v iv, Itu* si ft 1 * ? ii* . tuy ? nifv' '.V- n. ? ' ?1 * ? ? ?' ? f, ??'n '* f- < tt ii I .ft iii ] hi ?M> 'ft-** ??-l> ? ft ?** ?*?'#' ?I"*' ; H, ?v,H||>??.'*?? . I* ^ ?? ' r "? . ?b>ft try tu f ?li? ! f* ?.i*i <?f on m ' f p?*rf to ??i|? <*? ** i^ft gi*** ?to'"7 m* ?*# |ww*weF4, Ihf A ? ? ?" lUft !<??*?" f> * ? - ? ' ft* ^ ? *- " ?? HI ? ?!?#?*??? ik*t" t?. -ft* f ? tfe ?#* ' ? *1 . . -4 , ? -it*4 ??? ? l? ?* f *? uf t f ' ift i ?*" ? I* m ?!t ' ? - or.: .4 .%???-* ?- ? ' ? ? 1 . ?* iiul t.-^r rg i? rr ^.-l tw. iier^we ?4Mml?'. Ib"r- !? It a*v 1 * ? I'-* f ?4 , fit' Af o -fti'ioi ? ? < ' 1 * . * ' ?? - * ' ?* *" if ?? rr*?M. % II Ha - ji, ? ?? K M . I* , !*;Mr n ? ; . 1 Itl W ' < UK. i. R. I f 1 4 ? 1 . . \. v* p. H w M ? rit?r!HU-. . If? ? ?' !:?(?; tl. r*?ft b*?4*| < ?!, > rli ^MP U?ir:r4? N ? Ul>< il !.?? ??l ? . ? ? W? 1 ??? ? ? lp. Tt <? t.\ ? ? > *'?' * n, t? (MuM to k?V W* M.>? . ?>; i. 6<i 4 j a nI?'ivr^r. ? x ?<<? iwaj-. x. v. rivj itKAis asi r vi ri ?;i.. an ii ?

I a I *urr?.-?tc I mom ?? ?ifc?it v.i .it ?. rr ? . i4 f. i i?,. |,, . '*-*? ?)'??) ? ? ? ,li ?it i1 > * >n ,)uii?. A " <> '? II i> . ??rk i" !? l'l-?. .. ,ii ;<. U'A>TtU ?< 'IKJ: t ?*!.? >U >tt K%|m it ' ? i in I ' * 1 ?? w . i?a 4 1.17 I* t r,,-? iii niui1 r 1 '?* ?vi ? ?' ; ?v" JW.IMMI i . ? Ut Um luw? M A liu ic ttrw'kijrs. IHlltTI\a. x?? It ACIiV 10.t KAi,.-. II. UK, loll U>,1 Til * k ilf l ?..??. * i ^ <,,u m i ii? rti ?'l ibi? U1 k A . r n _ HKI/P WMITBD-MALB*. Agents can make ?s i'BR dat-m*li o* rt untie, selling Ltoyd * great Mtei pa?* *?"i *0 Map and G'/etteer ol the lifieeii Southern out ?; U *? i?-c| #joai?, worth *10, price only 60 cent*. Ll??)d'i lltW.lW Tupogru)>hl al Map of Virgin a; IIv? J set s^aar* Tfc * ?? Hi# on y map UaM-d uv General AJcott; w> r .1 $Jb, Pfl e $1. Lloyd's odh'iul *t**el plate Map of MijMtoitri; w??nt? $.1, i ' ?* '};> conn. Luyd's $.? Ualr-'ad Map ? f Ainerim, ?o;>!es of wlii li have Mreudy been **??!?!; prion Zt tenia. An'-ntn supplied at iiutf the rciaii pre eh, ?iiJ map* * ??. i*i?t? C(i. y D ? h m t*v 01 ?l aivwh'Tf ' * r m ? eents po?i >k?% J. T. LLOYD, American Map Publisher, 161 Mro^d.v*/ and LuUi?vUic, h>. EVIDENCE OF THE CORRECTNESS or LLOYD'S MAPS. Dkpartmkpt or 1 Washington, D. C., Nov. 2, 1*>I. 1 J. T. Lloyd, PnMlsher .? S.R?l*i?.-km forward immediately by mail, dire t.*d to th~ gcciv ary of State, copies vi Lloyd'H Topographical M*p of \ ir.'ltii 1," LloydV Mihtaiy Mapand Ga/.etteer 01 the Southern State-., L?o>u's Ollloial M"m. of .d ssouri, ail.I Llo.d'ft Ain -i i can iianroad Map, bend your iillto(i*o. E Ba ,er. |?i 1. h 1;<H Clerk. AUo send uie* circulars ol all new map* you may i.>sue. KcwpetUoily \utim, J. C. bCKiiY. Librarian State Department fFrom the New York il-rald, Nov. 2. ISil.) We have received a liue copy <?f Llo.d's :;r a M t.iarv Map of tin* "Scat 01' War in Yin. ii'ia." This is toe be*i and olllclal map in cxiatciice, taken Iran actual survey a by ? ? >? r of 1 lie Executive. It is iicauiifully p inte I from seel pa.trs, ami colored with itreat perie- lion o art, and if. the only uup used in the nlmintijj of our earnimi^ii* in Virjiti'a l? y our Co .iim.n ier-iu-Cuiel. The publisner is J. T. L;o\ d. No. 104 li mad way. Bum 1.0, N. Y., Nov. 8. lsol. j T Lloyd, E*q ? Sin?I am wei, y eaned with your map of Virginia. Ilia^ctiu r the be??i I have set n. I enclose :>l for three copies LlOjd'a yreat trt* ??! };late Military M .pol the S nithern States. Ue?i)ieei u .> youra, M.LLAUD l-'lLl.dihiK AGKNTS WANTED-TO sell SOMETHING KN .in ly new ami original?-none ?itu?,ii ?|ae tn< m? ne I nion i'rize St itionery and Iteeefpi Park 1 :c. bucu |*uc?ago contain.s a Ihmuu: ul .in I eon? ei euyia. in: ot tiE.VEUAL (SEOilGE li. XlcCLEi.LAN, tU10; 75 Valuable it ?ipu. ti While KJ.irf Ea\'elopeM, lo colom. b lauil h" \V..i.e h'ia^ Luve.opea, in colors. ?'? iiutl Enveb'peF, G .ieeih ('? Note I'a per. t>S'n*ets Fine Lu'le-*' No e l'a|ier* 6 SUeetfl I.ailieN |! 1.*t i'aper. 1 Ae o.nniod 'i n l'enaoalcr. 2 b Hie S.rei I'eii *. 1 Fine lVn. 1!. 1 Sheet I lo;Lie 1' per. 1 <i;?: ot V iliuiob' Jewelry. Tt' i. i. on e |'ii' 1 he whole, twenty-Are rente. A cent wan ed in every city, town mid vllbig ?. ('.ill on or ad ore* eoeio.-ln ; : 1 ni|>, 'lllCKAH >S (M., b *J Nar>Han .-1 reel. A STEADY M VN WANTED-AS OLEKlv IN ALIGHT -'V indoor i>'.isim>j? wii cli is e.iKily tuvpiired. lie uiUht nave S'l.O.rt) t.o 1.1 ? 111 o i r?t tiond Uii 1 inort a^e and be w iling to r? reive a lair aaiary. Ap^ly at liroauway, up htairs, room Agents wanted.?we challenge comparison Our 1'iiioti 1'i i/e stati? nerv mid i'onrait l*a< k i^e, i on taiuH in*'i and better articles tnun any other. We put value in ui o is not 10 iluinin^ ;<lvertis< nients. (/ontalns portraits <d" S. ott. Mi 1 '1 11.: 11 and .ill the Major Gcm-ralN. Union Sta tion ry and a line piece of jewelry. For parih uIitk, e.-nd tor circular. Give us a tilal. II aSKINS \ CO , JW Heektnari street. 4 GENTS WANTED?TO SELL MAGNETIC TAriC j\ iMinmot,-., | "? ket mateh i'?h, new imni, ja kn and utili ties of our inuU'rartiiie Hell well. Dealer.** supplied. J. S. CLuliGIl, ii'JO Pearl Ktreet, N \v York. ^ BOY WANTED?ONE WHO HAS WORKED, AT JU irjihy, Xl? ilrei-nwich st.,'corner o? J Bookkeeper wanted?in a job printing of f:e . Alast write a dintiuct hand, be aeeurate at In ures, and willing to make himself generally useful. Sula ?y P* r w ek tor the 'irnt 'Ik months. Address, with relercnuoa, Joh Printer, bnv 17ft tlerald olli?e. Boy wanted?a bright, active lad, from 13 to 10 v, a: * of a?4?*, to assist in a ? ar store and l -ara the tra iw; an ?'irph:in preferred. Apply at -45 Uleecker ?t., in the store. plu v*?:t ^ :ind gas lit ling. Note- otleu- need a| ply to Luke B 3>OY WANTED?A SMALL ROY, TO ATTEND AN OF > lice down town, who ran write and w ho resides with his parent!*. Apply at yard 350 .Madi- n st., this clay, between 9 und Id A M. OY U ANTED?FROM 14 TO 1C YEARS OF AGE, IN u n.rr hant'p i.Jli'-e. Salary $5d Hrst year. Addr-. s, in own lisndwrlmj. N., ,6S5 Post otlice. I>OY WANTED-IN AN OFFICE DOWN TOWN; SALA > ry bl it v>i? k Address box |'o.,{ offlee. / 10MMT'R( I VT..? WANTED, AN OUTDOOR SALESMAN V> lor New York (My and nci^hborhooil. He must he able i?> influence radc :m:o:i^ grocers for rath or short time. \d dress, s. 'tlnij how la.-i employed midvieuia . to compensa tion. T. T. T.. I ox 72 Herald o.lice. RUG GISTS.?A YOUNG MAN WITH SOME EXPE i i -nee in t.i?? retail business wanted at Fuiton avenue, corner Oi uviad pla^e, Uroo^iyn. ('allat oraddri ss as above. Drug clerk wanted ?a touno man wellac Utialntetl with li ? re?ail and dispensing 1*1 ?! itsdetaiia. Apply to Mr F. Ko ..n 0:1, at Mr^trs. Rush, Gale A Robius, w/ioictale dru/.'^istf, lSt? Greenwich bt. IiESM \ .N W ANTED?IN A FURNITURE STORE; ONE w ho can give satiM'n* tory referen-es, and in able 10 loan hi- employer from $fXXMo $>od. Address M. J. 15., Herald ofllce, sta ll.w h it sari 17 will > e expi c e l. TIT ANTED?A TAD. OF ABOUT 16 YEARS OF AGE* ? ? None need apply but those who*- ? roferenws will bear the stri-u st itai ;?ry. Apply for two days at 131 Prince sl, be'ween the hours o-' 12 and 2 o'clock. 1) S VirANTED?A ROY, AS WAITER IN A RESTAURANT; ! 1 i o'.ored 1 r? ferrod. Apjdy carlj at. 57 Cortlandt kt. IIrANTED?A ROY, IN A DRUG STORE, FOURTEEN ? ? or fifteen years old, who can read and write coin Call imtneiMaiely ??t, 211 uv. B., C4irner of 13th st. tXTANTED?A EESPEOTABLE YOUNO MAN. ABOUT T F IS years old, to attc nd in a uenUud family li?juor sioro; lie must itlre satisfactory refere?ice as t-> sonricly, honesty and 'aoability, and reside with Jils pircuts. Ai?f?iy after ti at "i')b Stfi ave., northenst corner 26m at. "II? ANTED.?FOl It RESPECTABLE VOUNO MEN? ? ? wilt) goo! rciV I'r.iH', want jMtrtlal Board among sociable pei p!e; would ptvicj* fli?* vi-iuliy of St. John'*' park, though not particular. h.iitmg terras ami full particular*!, Nan-ail, box lf>9 HeraUl office. TITANTED?A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN A MA f? i?ni4. taring bin*.ties*. Address H. C., with real u&ma, lle-ald ofllcp. Tlr ANTED?A YOUNG MAN, IN AN OFFICE, WHO ft w riu * H I". ill* Uniiti; t?l-.?o, two collector*. Apply at the Met iini Cl' ii.v Registry oMcv, 13 Wall *t. Situation** pro* cur -'i ' >r ; ? ?>? ta' 1 ? pat 1.'*. Ap}4icant& by mail mubt*u? ? U-latin *. !*.?. ISOt*. \I'ANTED-A MINGLE MAN, WELL ACQUAINTED ? T In tUn wholi s ite .ill'4. r. tail liquor business; otic who in >t rtmn* lor Utile wages and board this winter, ean m?J: a niton ut the oorner of Main and Fair hUt'eis, J'a urw?n, N. J. \\* ANTED-A CLERK FOR A SHIPPING OFFirE, TWO H entry clerk*, three porter.*, two c\pr? as drivers, *tew arde a ior a steamer, two express drivers three boy a for trad-v, timekeeper lor a sugar refinery and tour girls to travt^. A'pl> at No. 7 Chatham square. II' ANTED?KOClt SALESMEN AND TWO ERRAND ? T U-ys. Tno: ? w *11 re? i'tnin?'ttil? <i toay uppiy otuteeu U and lOo'.U* k. at Smith Brother*', 1J2 Fulton mi. "IV"* ANTED * COACHMAN AND GARDENER. A v? sieauy, reliable man wno understands hi* bu?in?N* and i h ? Hie r? -fere nee*. rtuiy In ar o; a )*u mau<'iit situation J'; op!;. this day *t A Co.'s otfi -e, It) TtlUry at., Hr-'wklvu. i V ANTED ?AN EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER WHO ff ha* I0114 b< 1 n engaged in buHlnea*. de?ircs*n ? n^ament v .[?) . !.'??? \ ho VdcT"HM G.. !>'?* 2,76*1 I'oft; ottice. 0 I 11|| ?W \NTKD, A SMART YOUNG MAN, TO OPEN ?/ ? ''0? hii ode ?ti Bui!il?. N. V., and take the exclusive v hole-air ,??eucv for a 1 --l I. :ovd'? urea; Ml!lta?-y Maps, \vhi.-5i sril lik? the wind. f.Jni is 8'iiii' i'Miv To a >ou'4f man v- ln> w ill toilow Instruction* $1(JU nor week may 1 ade. Aho, omenta 10 go to Albany, N, \.: Milwaukee. W I*' nMu; Ooun? ???lent, Canada, Detroit, Indianapolis, and 'IficfteMter, N Y., and every other Siau\ Call at LLOYD'S. *<?. 1G4 Hi. dway. C*| |l|l PER U ? NTH.?AGTN LS POSITIVELY MAKE V IOU ? ! 4 DodJn .? I .tteni Hem I*'t?lder and Tuek ?. .g \ fur i> m inn ? at. 1 ti.4tt?l stwiuti; Hind (?asliene/ators; \'.?? " ,'t < , k Unite t.s: Improved Liqtii4 for n*; i .0 1.* ? >1 Hfid ?,?,?rion- i ink uotes, and 1 ' liu ? t.?* ' ki.i Plac er, A>'. < a I on or address . o I'll DtU'l N. .N?\ Hi a .e ati"et. n <1 Ct:a;l; ;.n,*N\ V ? nil wan iki?. an r.nT1:kpi: 1 srmi; man, t<imi V' ?'.ilt: . :a at:d uk* tl." e\< ;? :ve .^meylor . I d'a ?? a< V.l;iay Mi] >. A f- rtune an ntsrJt?on 1 < 1 a. Ove. .'..OtlU.nPOeuplea of one ol tny a. !?< :u ti'. * Siat.'iiU:--,1 ;y Also, a matt to ?o ? .? h \ n?-;- .1 -i.'i M' Tieo. 1 ranee and England ail .. ?? ?!, 1.1. : t w*. iKjAnin^: tnoney, J. T. LLOYD, It'4 U road way. t :\K\l II AD\ F.RTIMEMENT8. I^MP. l^NNE HUM Alf-B DESIRE SE PLACER i ? m ,i'M Motne d?* eharnbr* ?u juur M*rvir a t.ible; ello p4i . .? n ait. ?jv?, elie u de ronut* r?HX>mnuutdiiliona. S a ? . . r |<; u- of junta a;. 49U C anal nr., thiril floor. I'M, CI'Is:MKRh KUANCAISE (('ORDON hfTlin l> *ya. t ti uiai . ? dun<* b?* premiere matron df New York, ft ap4 d- toumli ,.*? no- lb n"? racommandaltons, driire ?? m*? 1 1. ? ol? ? . inno* u 11A dan^ nne irimllle priree. S a il p - I- ? ? ?? ot on jMir ecru pendant deux jouvs rh?* Mnn A .la 1*. ?1011 rotdway. KIX AMIAL.. | 10LLMTIONS ON WASHINGTON CITY, D. 0.? " 1 tut * 11 > .51 ast r|it? Armv and Navy Depart men t* and y itVr .i ? ?ed Payn.ttMers' ollirers, adjuated. Peti n aiol I-mvi 1 M rrantM pr<?eurod. Areounta of Poatm:u> t* - V.u , \r , N.- y and other r*orern:iient eontr.velora. t o y * d. JOHN P. MURRAY, Army and Navy i\. fc-T, SM N.i?uit ?tn*?,?, opjioatte the P?.at ofllee, NewYorit YORK AND ERIE SECOND MORTGAGE ?HoM' ta^f thew bonds tn-t \et ?*xtende?i for *i*t; ;y y.-a * ar** ?i**p'?aU?d to pr^auuit their ooiidn without de ?' 'tii'i* o th*; roinf<t*-\, at the loot o.' Du;mc atr-et, . i rn? T' 'si nir?riiiing to ??xtf?nd will r dm par .? ? r ?-? ?' isr iL tr i o" 1-, tt'oitt }*rtt??a who iuo willing to f .t t\w m, 4?'i jo. % o ' th-iii at ftii'! ofitee oa Tuesday 1 iti- >?.?? ?? ? ?-h w r.>a. nau 1U to 12 o'clock, uiitll the Ui ut I>H*#?twr. ,mw Yot a. Nov 1961. . !? I. ??l nil. I'ACIl'H MAIL SI KANiMnTT^T I % .y, .N. ? \j'k. .N-i* *1, 1 Stil ?Tlte Board of Diiectt'ta Nave t. t* ? ?.? tlitiir d .? ?. 1.. lend ??f (a) live per cent out of tf?? ... i? | t . of tl.< ? tonany, j ayable lo&UK kh ?lder.s U >*dr.en?la>, Nov. W I .1, u? 10 A. M. 1W ? . . S. L. MLKI'HANT, Secretary. 1?rMil I AN? ! > TO ENGLAND, I I I! I A N U, m ?IT I A N O A NO WALES. ^'?t Dial - to ??uie? fn-m ?1 upwards on the L'dio 1 H-r.< ?? l^otidoti, Nau *n ? 1 Hank of Scotland, H - kiit ? .mrany. Ireland* a ?. t t*vrr\whf?rf*. I-Hit. . bv 'J a\ I 01: HROTI1KRS, i: lo^i-rs ? li Wio*d\\iiy. eorn t M trr?>* street, 76 Wall, eottt r 1'eatl atn*et, fpO LOAN~fI.<?0To HX, HY A GENTLEMAN WITH 1 an rii'-i \v ? ! t o <|'Minfjv: ?, ?v 1 ? wanv> a ?itua. !M in a wii d?*-?aia aiore. Grv>cerv, or llmtr or eomml-ion preiei.10. AdUn-Ki W. W. 1>., I...x lOw Herald C**> ^IIM WANTED?ON P. ND AN ) Mt^ifiJAGE. ?"Ml O..PMP I a ...nib,: of lli"?ll)i). UKADLEV A a DAY, N?? JO I. a ion >; ;are. Q ? > 1 : lA , V M To LOAN ON fiOND \ s 0 MORT< J \Q !?;, ? ? ?? * 1' ?? mprov d |?i*? v i i id , jty, |,J A " . - R .v U) .\ "a DRY OOOM. UJUiA?r AMMRrMKjrr or nbw ooodo, fob ukMUvix Ntlk ul W?w4 t'?.!rrakiruat?4 Di??m CUJH'iAK JACKBTO, IIO. Cil/, CAM OB III > E. IIUV1I AMD CLOTH, <!!???* aao oauall?ta, KLEUiHT DftB>* kllHin t>D COLLARS, I nt..i, . Bella, H AMLET CAMUMI Ki KM1RTV AND DRAWER*, ?wri*. Ti'A, BORER DR CHABBUB. BOBS* DE *VIT. I'MB BELLA >~7 SI'END IK.4, AKXV AMU "iTaVT BIIIKTH, Rl.t, Merino I olluo ud ? al Id|>E AMi II tLF HOSE. rOR LAMES - Ho>?U. BII tut . Knit tial'er*. K KIT fclillU- en? fl.AND rAILR, MERINO AND KILE I'Nlir.RVKRTM AND DRAWER*. I'uton In ? ULOVER, O Al >i . . l? AMU MIT1ENR; Pol.?ti i ? iliera, COTTOR. MERINO. Ml.K iMi WOOLEN HTOCKINUS; Balmoral, iiowe fob skating. FOR CHILDREN - Knit Hvila, Capa, CLOAKS. MATS. Ml irni and OI?fH UNDEBSHIRTS, VESTS AND DRAWER*; Union Ui *?*?*, INFANTS' BOOTS, CLOTH, VELVET AND KMT OUTERS, COMtOUTERS AND MUFFLER*. A large itnd elegant variety uf the abova e<??l?. many of t'acni liiHiiti'.act u led nn tin* pr-iiuae* and not to be l?auU el-uwln ie, will be iouud at low piiw ? it UNION AIIAM.S', No. 037 Uioailway. T Cl.'S.IMAN AND BROOKS' NEW STORE. AT In vt>>\v of tha tlmi-K. have reduced the prl<ea of their Block, ami oiler to tt,c i>ut>l'<- a iseeiit VARIETY OF .EASONABLE GOODS. EMBROIDERED COLLARS, 13c? 18... 25c? Sic. and 6ft-.; aticuou lot. EMBROIDERED CAMBRIC BANDS, 18c. to Hfc. A very Oli'*.l|i lot. CAMBRIC EDGINGS and INSERTIONS, marked at coat, to BLACK LACE VEILS, ISc., 25-.. 31c , 38- to $?. EMBROIDERED CAMBRIC SETS,36c., AUa, 7Sc. to 91 SO; auction lot. LACE HOODS, of all ttlnd*.'.cd iiteitremely low prcca. Ki.ACK l'l'SHER EDGINGS. it:., ?... 5., Cc to 12 ?. HEAL VALENCIENNES EDiiINGS at co-i. to < lear the tot. KKAL ENGLISH THREAD do., 5c., tic , 8 . to 14.-.} very cheap. BLACK unit WHITE WEB I.ACES; a very cheap tot. A large variety o: other LACKS, marked al cloning prieea. HOSIERY and GLOVES; sreiit variety; verrcheap LADIES' HOSE, 8c., Sc., 10c? I.e., lie. 18... 21c. ami 25c.; I.icy i!re eneap. GENTS' SOCKS, 10 ., 12c., 15-., lfto. and Sfc.; from auction. CHILDREN S IIO.-E anil GLOVES, all >1 ei aud priuca. OLO\ ES for la lie* and Keutl?"iieii, all kind*. KID GLOVES oi Hie lie?t quality. 63c., ail klze*. FINE CORsETS. *1 HOOP SKIRTS, Sic., 3f<c.. JOc., n.*-., 75c. and $1; the heat ALL LINEN TOWELS, He. aim 1 !? .. van! long. worth 21c. LINEN i'ARLE CLOTHS, j.1 c In $1 2... vei v . he.,p. LINKN N M'KINH. $1 L1* a ilo/en; w.irih $1 W. LINEN BOSOMS, lu ., lie., lie., 1* ., 2U-.; verv line. GENTS' UNDEKMilETS. .*?e. t" 7ft'. LINEN 11 ANDKERCiliEKS. Hiving Juki purchcucd a vcxy cncap lot ui lames' and ucuui' Linen llaiidker< litela, ?? a?k pnrtteiilar ntti mi n to thein, uk ttiny arc (Jealrable bt.. lea, at exit'i uicly low pnci k. I'AKI.S KID GLOVES. O.V. RIBBONS.?Ladle*, we nave redueed the jirlcea of onr BioIioiih. It jou w ill eiauiltic ihcui you can puri na.,c anuio Knoil liarj:iiiii?. RUIBONn?Colored Velvet Ribbnna, In all the high colora. KlIihONS- illai k Vchel iliolioitb, uli widliia. VELVET BU rroNS, all -:/cs, very cli. ap. PARIS KID OLOVES, 63c. A' Cl'SIIMAN A HROOKa'?Rubbi'r ICoiind Combt, 4c. Rubber l>ie?> in,' Coml a 4c., .V., &?. and S-.'.; under piiie. PINS and NEEDLES (the very lieat i, itiv a p.i|?'r. TEE I'll HKl MIES, Sc. 4e.. v., (ie.; ii 11 und-r pi n e. Buy*' Leather lleitu, *??. V I. I Imitons, (*:. to 10c. All our Vankee Notions under price. PARIS KID OLOVES, 63c. PAPER CAMBRICS ANJi DltlLLINi.S, a yard. COLORED CAMBRICS, 4c. a fc-. a yaid. Hi -ached x Brown Cott? n, 8c. and Uc.; u ry ebeap lot. Wl> yard* btulr Co'-trlnc, 13c., v, e;I worth iSc. tOJ dozen Litiun Towcii-, }i 2'; iliey aie a bargain. CI'SHM VN ,? BROOKS, 463 Sixth nventie, coi ner ui Twenty eighth atrcet. t BlfOLD, CONSTABLS ,v co. HAVE NOW READV A VERV SUPERIOR STOCK CI.O MIS, OF ALL KINDS, AT MODERATE PRICES, To which tli"y invite special attention. Canal a'leet. eornerof Mercer. ^RNOLD, CONSTABLE 4 CO, AKK NOW OrrkRINO, AT 1IKTA1L, A LARGE LOT OF FRENCH CASHMERE LONG SHAWLS, At the following low price*.? 300 at $10 worth $25 200 at $1<< worth $27 100 at $20 worth $30 iLHO, THREE Hl'NDRED FANCY WOOL LONG SHAWLS, At $6, worth $10. CANAL STREET, corner of Mercer. AT EMBERTON'S, SIXTH AVENUE, CORNER TWEH A ly-aeoond street?Great harfatn* from auction, LOOK AT THE PRICES. French Needlework Sets ni $1 and 31 2S, cost to impart, $3. French Needlework Bun I* lor $]; cost $J. A large lot Collar' hi is anil 2ic., wonb JUc.; alto flue Linen Set* Icsa Until hall' price. Children's French Merino Costumes richly embroidered; also bonnet and velvet RIJ>uons. Soiila^s from 30c.. u> $1 25. Jjt.iies cloth (iloves, kid finish. with cuffs and buttons, for ft*!., worth 76c.; kid Gloves with studied ixn'ks for C3c. and 8tV. per pair. \ LARGE AND VAUIKD ASSORTMENT OP LYONS iV Velvet Cloaks ami of my own manufacture, will be opened for inniioeilonon Monday, llth Inst., at THE UNITED STATES CLOAK: AND MANTILLA MORE, Nos. 504 and am; Canal street. ceo. GAREY. A LARGE VARIETY OK "BLACK BEAVER CLOAKS, J\ from $S to $14, at THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STORK, Nor. 304 and .'*>6 Canal street, GEO. CARET. A N ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF MISSES' AND CIIIL A . Cloaks, In all materials, at THE UNITED STATES CLOAK AND MANTILLA STOltK No . .KM and 306 Canal street. _ <SEO. CARET. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF PARIS MADE VELVET C o ik" tnd Sawitiin. j nut landau, for mile al 11IE 1 NtTED STATES CI,OAK AND MANTILLA STORE, Noe S04 and SXi Canal fitreet. GEO. CARET. * 1TENTION. ?4,000 YARDS SLEEVE ILLUSION NET, j V. iroui auction, full yard Hide. I? per yard; worth Jfie. ROHALDSuS A MEAIiES, Corner of Sixth avenue nnd Nineteenth street. At the United Slates Cloak and Man tilla Store, kos. 304 and JlHi Canal street. GEO. CARET. c LOAKS. OLOAKS. CLOAKS. PARIS AND NEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. FRENCH BRAVER CLOTH CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS, CASTOR HEAVER CLOTH CLOAKS. SUPEREINE FRENCH CLOTH CLOAKS. ELEGANT VELVET FACED CLOTH CLOAKS, LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF CLOAKS, TRAVELLING CLOAKS, PROMENADE CLOAKS, LADIES" CLOAKA. MISSES' CLOAKS, CHILDREN 8 CLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS CLOAKS, At $6, at t?. al?r, ai At $0, al $10, at $12. CLOAKS AT ALL PRICES, At W. K. PEYTON'S Exeolfliur Cloak Hoiihp., 271 Bowery, UouAton street. / 1 LOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOCKS. FRENCn DEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY- ESQUIMAUX BEAVER CLOAKS. CASTOR BEAVER CLOAKS AND WRAPPERS. ELEGANT LYONS \ELVET CLOAKS, LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF CLOAKS, At retail at vcrv low prices. E. 8. MILLS k CO., 413 Broadway, near Canal street. (lOTTON BATTING. J COTTON BATTING. COTTON BATTING. For oa1?, to be delivered In ten days, Irotn twenty to ihirty thousand pound bats, a very nice article, at bo Court street, Brook!1, ii. r-1Ai:PBTTNGS, FLOOR OIL CI.OT1IS, V' DRUGGETS CllUMB CLOTHS. RUGS, MATS, AC. '! 11 . .: y lit ii ? ? N Cnrpetmp. foreign goods, 7S cis. per >?rd. Vein i l.riv ,'l< ' larpetins, foreign i;ood.s, $1 per yard. Flo irOil c libs, 3 io 24 feet u iite, :'s. to $s, per yn:\l. t- i bale iii ouanulie* to suit purchasers, bv A. JOURNEAV, Jn? No. 373 Broadway. /M.OAKS, CLOAKS, I' FIRS, FUR-:, FURS. Iai 'gp stock, selling at prices lo "lilt li e t tres, ,1. J. BENSON, 31.1 Canal street, enactly opposite Mercer. DRY GOODS. CONTINUATION OF OUR GREAT 8 A LB Of" NEEDLEWORKED <10008. K. II M At'Y, Will oho MONDAY, NOVEMBER 18, (la eddltlaa) FROM TilK i ASH AUCTIONS, LADIES' HEM-STITCHKU UN EN CAMBRIC HAND. KEl.CUlEFS, fur In., 1h. .Id., 1?. Od. 2s , 2s. 6d., 3a? 3s. ?d. "Vine french n*?dleworked HANDKER CHIEFS, aullebtefor IK,L.DAY PRESENTS, from 8a. up nidi. USE KRENCII NEEDLEWORKED BANDS, (doublay from 2k. Ao. to KINK tRENCU EDOINUS and INSERTINUB, from la. Bpu ards. NEEDLEWORKED INFANTS' WAISTS, 3a., 4a., 5a., Ba t-mid FINE I.INE.N SETS, for ?a.. ?*., Rs. and 10a. KPLEN HID NEEDLEWORKED FllENCIl SETS. In. boie?, Miiiaole lor HOLIDAY PRESENTS, $1. coat lo In-. t> rl tS. I K NCII COLLARS, STYLISH Sll A PES, closing at la. M E VI'R A FRENCH NEi.DLEWoi.KED COLLARS, cloa ln? oi 2s. Ad. Si ol'CII NEEDLEWORK COLLARS, la., la. 6d? %t... 2a Id l " .V <> i. ?n I 1 KM S' OITII NEEDLEWORK SETS, COLLARS ancl hi.I E I Es, ' It ?lll(! "lit at Id. li . a aet. CHILDREN S EMBROIDERED MERINO CLOAKS,, vary Uor, cluing at $J, $4, ?6, ?o und $S. R. H. MACY, 20A and ax> Sixib uventie. gVENINU DRESSES. ' ARNOLD, CONSTABLE A CO. ARE NOW OFFERING TIIEIR ENTIRE STOCK OF THE ABOVE QOODB?. AT OREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Canal mreei, corner of Mrwr. I^MnitOlDKrU.D SETS, SKIRTS AND 1IANDKEK 1j lil 'i?K"al La ei S s, Flounn ?, i'u|ies and Hu 'h n all oA" t ? Hi' ? elegant I'.irix Iin dyl*-: e ?-nai. d Pa: is Cnracta,. rtr, --, ? ii.ii a up In I ?? mo t a< hi sty Ira at Muie Rol LI.1EK Al (ilER'S 221 Foiuti ?ue-t, near Broadway. 1'l lIS, KIRS, Fl'RS?BELOW COST. I J.I jitk i north i f I.aduV Rich Fir ? must he nold regard 1, -? , f i ...i. .'ompr ?in ri'.il llud-on Bay Sable*, Mluk Mar tr . Slot i- v ii " ii, F.I li V.v t n, Erin.ii'. Siberian Sipilrrel, * ?., A.'..InClr? l.irC.iia.a, C .rr a ? ' a; e , Vletorin- ?, Muirc,.. C da. Ai-. Tn n .i"l oi ill' eniii-?t"? k iinmt l>e ?old by lh?> M ,l ''11 i.:.''i to *?!!'?? I a : '*. MoiWUOUblt' ? >tt?? r relu?ed, ihe tunprl ior n tlrlnti Irom Im-lness. Thin a<1 \ on.,.?ill 111't a| .i ar a^.ln be.mi tin* pitbli -: therefore ari iv.rljr r ,11 it i'-!>' 'In l.> iV|ii'aiiM al l!i" old e?litbll*he<tl Paterl'Fir Mull Ei')| on in. W.' ?r- Kcllinq on: Mliou-a' Fur* at $1 per set. 1*. II. 1'lllELIPS, 27DUriuid at reel. I.H IIS?KI RS.? LADIES. IK YOU WANT TOOK FI.'RH ' altered ..r repahed II 1 p n.npllr, by practical fiinl r". l?)tiMln ni'O'.b" rn.iu:: ii'-iiii>'S27 Elstltil avenue, hruvi-uTv. niy a< vtli. lid Tv* fiity?riei t.i street* Eeniem. Iiei. u;i-.utira. 'A nio* in* irtin oi' u Lnii"a' uud Ctnl dren ? . ip, Plena I o k'lvi ns.-t ail. If I NIO AN. 1,1 DERBY A COMI'ANY WE KB AWARDED ItY THE. r ? A- o a Ion lor the E- .ibllion of ludnatry of Ml* Natioiii, bolu in N'"< Y irK n 8..i, UONOUAB.,1. MENTION, for th" hi ? fartiu*' l? lor ti.e ? n.iiiinaMourd officer* of tli?* ar:n? an i na. \, u b. Ii the* t I " iilluuc lo luuki'to ordnr. TAIbOlU, 67 Wa.k-r street. T.1RENCII CIRC! L\RS. WITH HOODS, J Al llii! Uiilicd butca C'.aiU a I S ttntilln Store, Noa. Jill and .106 C ilia! atreet. UKO. CARBY B''RENCII CIRCI'LAUS, WITH COLLARS, At the UulUd Sti.U-a CIo.i!i u?<l Mantill i store, mid JiK> Canal atri-et. OBOROK CAltEYu bFRENCH CIRCULARS, WITH CAPKS, 1 At ibe L'nilcd Suif-a i 1 -an . n [ Main la Store, Noa. uud 30t> C .mil atrrel. OEO. CAltEY. b 1RKNCII SEALSKIN CLOAKS. IN ALL COLORS, Al ibe L'niU'd ,>uuea ' :i a ud Mantilla Sioh', Noa. 301 aud .XXj Canal klreet. OEO. CAREY,. H ALT. ATTENTION TO OUR CALL. ON MONDAY WE WILL OPEN TWENTY Til KEE CASES 0' THE FOLLOWING CiOODS? 5 rH?ra Felt Turbana. at 6'lc. Broadway price, $1 OVi .'i i a i a F it Bonn'I*, al 7fl". Bioadway prii o, I ? n e?M-a ??a He.-ivrN at SI il. Bioadiva.. prke, I 7C? 1U caaea B'lini'i Frainrs !.?? .. or 91 7 6 > r durru. FROM FRIDAY S AUCTION BONNET VEL. I T RIBBON'S, AT la., 3s., i*. per yard; worth 4s., 6a and As. KILIi BON.W.T VELVETS. 91 50, #1 73. $2. >2 .VI, IIP lo f I SO per Tard. CALL EARLY IN I'll!'. WEEK I ? ^ LY IN THE MOItNIN*. BKFOi u i ii,-. ;? i Ml. at 125 SIXTH AVENUE, ill Nlnlli and Tfi.ili aia. .1 IIIUUINS, Manager. Fonr ftrat ela?s Millinera wanted. Apply in person ut store, before t? A. M. L ACE CUR I AIN'S. ARNOLD, CONSTABLE * CO. Are now oiferlng to WHOLESALE ANI) RETAIL BUYERS A lar,:' and ele,unt atock of LACE cT^RTAINS, AU of wbMb are worked upon the BEST ENOlTTslT NETTINO. and varying tn |nui I $3 SO TO r><> PER PAIR. Also, DRAPERY IIUSUNR AND VESTIBi EE LACES. IN NEW AND CHOICE DESIGNS. Canal street, i oi lier of Mercer TONS \ EliVKT SIIAWLETTES, A At the L'uiftl r?uu< a CI nk ?????! Mttntltlu Slot??, No*. 304 and 300 (-.inn! - tri'M. <1E0. r.vUKV. PARIS WAVED TRICOT CLOAKS, At tho Vnitpd MttUn* Clnul and Mantilia Store, Nos. .'UM and ZSOij Canal atrert. GEO. CARRY. M'ANISTI \V BAPPER8, } Al the Uuiieil Siaus Clonk and Mirtil'n Store, Noa. 304 aud 30i) Omnil ? iveet. OKh. C vrky. L7"ELVET BEAVER CLOAKS. V Al the UniloJ Suuci. Cloak mid Mantilla Store, Noa. JIM and 3U6 C mal 11 rei. ?jno. ('Aurv. TATERri.OOF CLOAKS, At tlii Called Stair* Cloak and Mantilla St..i??. Sua. 30i .mil 306 airrpt. oko. i' \ rt:y. INSTRUCTIOlt. Algebra, bookkeeping, penmanship, ac.? Suidi-uif. fie.u i iiy or country pursue airh ?c tdie* aw they prelerat hour* milling, day or evpning, at PA INK'S, hi: Bowery. N. Y.. and iiS3 pillion ?tr*et, Brooklyn, and ; n ur.'iio as rapidly im their ability mid enterprise w ill | r mi". \ Diing men and bo.,a whoa* dliudctaie li.u prevented iupii ? r--"? In Uu if m-hiKils receive lo r ? nrktly tn-nr tiou, and learn more In two w . k >n in months tin !'' ?..iu terns. Terms?Hooklwp.i .hi, lra.on* I; I'm. mansltip and Arithtneti' r .aru r, 74 le??.>u-1 a h. *111 Ladies writing lcsaona, M !.?. ?n? Al AT O. DOWD'fi BEPOBTINO BOOMS, ?8BROADWAY Kliarthatid Writing la taught '.ay and evrulnj. Vo nig men who oomMenead a course of luatruetinn four tooatha ago are now prepared to '-mar the reporting rroi II, Mild cxn command saaUriee of iront $1 imi to $4.oifc> ? t mi . in. Academy op bookkeeping, abithmetic, writi ing, Ac., *2 Broadway, lor Ufteaa y?<i * m ? , .r?.fu operation. Sttiden4a are rp.ieived day an t e\n t,g, md llioroughly liurd lor the counting room or a> iv- '> i> n-w on the most faWUMl t> ri.1 . W J. REV- I I.I.h A GOOD BD8IXKH SAMDWEtTDM gi aKa.MBEO j\. to young me n In ten I winnf n hour- n. H . keeping reduced to $15 lura tb< r ugh ooorse < m? a Pi irate leaaoua siren. OLiYKK H. Gt'LDi 41 ill. Mo. I Pom: ii ?.?i: pa ?gF.ST SOSTAliaCO BOAROING SEMINABV i.V HIK $11U pur yoar. Brirk Sttlldlnga fortodlp?an.l i- M-man. Atlleal teapliara in all .Ipjiariinrnta. Wiul i ?? '? j AdUn-b.1 |4pt. Joneph B. Knit;, Port Edward In- i ? ST., on the S.tntoga and Wbltrhall Railroad. BUKINEfS WBITIKG. AC.?MR. DPI IH||<|I ln:<iAD w/iy. fcivna prlrate inatrui'tlun In ppim. m?..i| >nu, . rantrea to rttnove huJkpm or tremhllru l.- ?? . ' ? im -t dumped band. An ele^int bitalnnsaatylewiil b. g i-, t for One $10 s?nt 101 booltke?|iing mm, 1* NRTBUCTION IN ENGLISH. CLABSKU, M*. III IM AT tea, or Preueh (auokpu* in the innatrdKlpnt ni.. ., by an p?i>ei:"iirpti graduate of Yaie College. A ..J ? 11J,.I? Dayton, N". ? Carroll Piacc, Bleeoker alr.< i, or ?... i ,, or atx o'clot* P. M. TO FAMILIES'ASO" SCHOOLS -WANTED IMMEDI ntcly, a position In n (r.mily or M'ho?l, l>) ,r ,.r Holyoke.ol lour jeiiaauccpBtfnIeiperiPn.?; w. travl it daatrtid; a homn re.iuir?d rather thiui aalan. A d>? * i n iy, Po?i oflU-p, Kwtif. N. I!. WOODS GYMNAsil.'M AND FENCING ACADEMY, S3 and y.i Suih avei up.?"l'h? wiae lo !:ea else depend." iluriitn^. aftei noon un.l et.'.jng i. ?..??? for lndlp", gentlewon and h'.lrrn. Sword ? ? ? .?> lour, Uny or evening, lrrm-. ???. W.M. WotlD. Pr. EXCURSION!). /1I1F.VP EXiU'R;4I0N TO CAMPS ON STATES INLAND. Pare ilx eeBU by HT.t-n I ma-id l< rry, foot <*t Wurrtiali alreet, !? .vp -n il ?? i a Ply and hoiuh i.-rry. Hww iuii evprylioi-.rfr. m6 A M. ui 7 P.M. On iiuc miukji ??v?T ball liuur lo 7 P. M. ?