18 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

18 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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?Rirriifa. T>A88EN(,E11S k'OR LL'KUl'E. Ji By order ol the .->e r uu> of State, all p?rs?ngerf lea? lag tho Uul:?d btuuu are r m Un a u> procure luupoila be fore going oa UourJ lt.e ?.miner. JOHN G. DALE, Agent. Strain w.i kly between New Tor. . n I l.lvi r,oo|. l.nilng and embarking paaaengt" at W?? n-iown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New \oi? *u i Puiiad 1, >.ia Si<h uH.<ip tympany Intend li .ug ihcirfuU powered C.yUe bu.lt Iron ati-am ?hii.e aa i.nluwa:? ?DIMBURO fattTi'ay, Nor. 23 CITY OK Mi\V YORK ?....bauirday, N. v. 3D KA.SUAHi.iJ Sa 111Jay, Dec. 7 Ami every Saturday, at noon from pier H Norm ruar. hAt i:a iii'' PAssAtJJi. FIRST CABIN $7> S.ii.-liAUR $.10 Do. toUxidin ,-l) J),i. io l.ondou.... i>?- "> Pari* Si II... toParH :i8 Oo. to Hamburg. 8i Do. to 1 Urn burg.. 34 I lig-ttiiigrtt* alto forwarded to Havre, Breuicu, Rotterdam, Autrteri AT., a e ...I, y low rail'... Peraoni ? .-? Ill ? o oris*: nut ih ir an liny tlcketa here at ib? lulluwiug r?t ? to N'1 w Vork:?Frjin Liverpool or ?aMeruntnivu, K im i itm. S".i, r "> .in *1 j. Steerage from X.1 rerpool, W>; from i/i, . n v. ., s, ?i. Th'vo steam th lj?ve superior a oimaodntlooa tor p;ia?en ?'ra, and i nry ek|1i. u,ei atii.wn.i. They aiu bntli tu watertight irou ?cctiouJ,uua La.i. ...uutlin auniLUatoraou feo..r<l. Kor further I: fortnit'on apply In Llmrpool to William In Jnan, Agent. 22 Water MI ei: u < : >. owtuWlllam liun.n, Mo. A St. Kaoeli ~quar*; In tiue.-oaluwii to C. .t W. T>. Sey mour A I o ,? It. Lo' don to fcive A M ueji, ill King Wi lituu 4ur*et: In I'arin to Julea De .ue, No, 6 Placo de la Bourat , in I'hlla|el| li ,. to John U. l>*ie, ill \Valuut altuct; or at tun oonupinj '? D.Ii. M. JOHN O. DALE, A-er.t, 15 Broad tray, N. Y. ffWE HftlTISH AND NoRfH AMEBIC AN ROYAL 1 Mail atfttmeiilpa. mnii m.w roas to mvkrfooi. ?Chief cabin pasaage $130 Second cabin puaai-e 75 rnuM to*Tox to LimarooL. <5hief cabin p.i?agc $110 tfiecoud cabfu pi~-a-.;e oO Timahipn limn Mew Y. ik. . i t'nrk iiarbnr, TbsalitjiH from B">ti'a caii ai II I. ix i,in! Cork barhor. D\,C lit. J I .el It'll. A ?! I. I?'A, Ci| i. II <ley. Nt\ VltA c.ipt M Kxlie i o v. (' ; i. Andaraoa, BCOTlA, i o>? building. s PKHSIa. t npt. Ju.V\iui. .ARA BiA, i laid. J. S n ?. JlMJA. <'M|.U ft. li. Lou, ACSTKALaSiAS, CapL Co k. AKRlt A, Capt. Shannon. Tlieje vew ? mj ii etair e lie light at ruan'liea.l, green on aturlKiurd how, red on | t .? AKRH'A, Slinunon. . .n N > Y r Wedaeaday. Nov. A, KDUOPA. A- ."i? n. --(lie I ? W n -.(?>. X .v. II PKRSI.1 ml kiua, leav- i .\ w Y>*ek iVednixiuv, X..v 20. NIAdAliA.M m l e, i.- ve r .< n W '.n ? ..y. N -i. ASIA, Loit, leav. a New Yotk ..ui a>lay, Dev. A Benin i aoeured m. il(*.-i An elperl ni?'d a.i genii "ii "aid. The 0? ners of p ? ill t he aeeotintahle for pp.l I, ?ilrer, bullion, aiM'cie. jewel n ???? ? tie>. >.r uietai*, vnleaa hllla ?d'lailliig w . i d I ere ? r n li e ra a t tiieie of therein expriBMU. K" f gl.t r|t a e ?pi y .o K t'UX iRi>, Ao. 4 Uow.iug tireoa. POR SOUTH*MPTON *SI? 'MVRK-ON K tTl'RDAY De>eml'.r7 Tl.e lulled St. t'? >i ol aie^mer HJLlMN. t Tt '.i. t .iiiBtander, ?will ull from pier No. 17 \ th ni. r, foot of Beaeh "treet, oa Saturday, is renibi-i'..i n . .. Thi* aleainer, niiaiir; aw ? r nafrty an I eorofon, h?? ?double rngi""? under .!? . n ? t.> water li U( < ?uipart. ?iienta, which, I' 'i.iiiea oh r re a t?, t-nd, in the . real of e l liiion or airimiiing, to gee i n,.. nee Ui work, auJ ec ?enre Ihe aafety o' Teaael an ;v.??engera. For Irelgnt or IM?aaea "ii KAMI KL SI K. X > tiKO. .M AC^H >/. K { Akenta. 7 Bro-vlway. The atcauiei' aRAUU will aal Janu ry 4. TEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLABCOW ANI> I.IVE't 'pool?l'he Mnnireal Ste.uiah'p Coin|ao>a Ural ela*., full powered, Clyde b.illl ntnamer S. ? > A t'> >T1 N. C?plain Alt"ii. carrying :lie Canailaa ?n 1 I n ? d 8uile? ma ?. w ll ?ail (mm V'lebo l?e*t sa.iirdav, riulvr Ai Kaiea f pa? ^age from New York:?Piml . Lih?, a<*. r ,tng to ??*'>iiimi*la ?toii, $70 aII I $S3; eteeraae, loiiud with gi....f P'Ol ikion*, S^> Certitn'aten luueil for bringing ohI p?..<ngeia umi a ? ?? prlnclpiil K.wna in ilrent Itr aiu .iinl Ireland, ul very low rate*. Por pauage apply at 29 Beoadw t, V wY ik. SA. r I, 4 MEAKIjI , V eoera Agenta. The northgurmanlloydustramship "nh il. ?? Y'ou S. i-ounui.Miilrr. carrying the Cn d 'Stated mall, wlllaall from pier 30 N .rtli river, foot of C'ham keraativei. on SATURDAY. Dewn' e ?? . al 13o'clock roa BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, ?taking naa senger* to LONDON, flAVRK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, .at the lailotvlng i*te?:? For the (list cabin, $110; ??''oncj cabin, $H0; iter rage, $U. For freight or past*** ai)i4y to OEUIICH4 A CO.. 64 Broad ?tnwl._ Royal mail stbimbhii* cbubia. For LlrrriHKil. lb- 1'KKSIA. t: 11 K Judklna,eom naoder, will aall from the aireani on Wedneaday Deit, Kith Instant. A ateamboat will ply be:we?n the mtnjiany'a wharf, al ierttry City, and the Perala, from .s to 9 A. M., to convey paa aengeif anil ba^gnge on bonrd. Paaaengei-H niiaKliava Pae'.porU ready for einulnatloa. Tbe ASIA will kail December 4. E. CUN iRD. No. 4 Bowling Green. TJIOR LIVERPOOL.?TUB SPLENDID CLIPPER SHIP J* REVENUE, Capu Luce, will sail on TarxuUy, Nor. It, lias aplendiit acv.oinntoiiaiioiia fur nil ' Ufcieiol paiau'iignra. Apply on board ablu, at pier 14 K'i-1 river, or lo JOBKPII WUBPIIY, 61 South ilreet, near Wa.L For LmtRfnoia?BltACK bam, line op pack eti.?Tlie i l;>y?r rhip 71i>KI.IA taiia lo mon-ow. For naaaage apply to JACOB WII.SON, 108 South alieot. Tba ?COLUMBIA valla November 'in FOB Liverpool.?black ball link of hack eU. The clipper ship Kl UKLIA Ueinorrow. For pasiaco apply to JACOB WII^S'iN, l'Jh twutb street. Th? columbia Mails iIm JSth o. November. Fob livekvool.?old black star linh -tub pocket Kl.ip DAVID HOADLKY. lying at per 27 E?t ? river, sails 22<1 November. The Belli- Wood sails t7tli No vember. For pttuiB or drift* cm Irsland, Ac., apply to WILLIAMS A GUI ON, <0 Fu.ton street. Fob ltvejipool.?the magnificent clipper ship WKBSTEB poslllv. ly ha lis In the stream tblsd.iy. At ten o'clock. A. II. A few inure Urst and second > lo?s paa ae tigers ran In- accommodated. For pHw,tg", at lowvol rulf^ ? apply tn 1!. COLLIN, at tlie office on pier 0 North river. X LINE.?FOB IiONDON.?SAILS THURSDAY, NOT 21, tlni packet ship M aKUAIJKT EVANS, lylngstpier 16 Kant river. Knr passage In ;he second cabin, at low rites, or drafts on any part or England or Ireland, apply to TAP ?corr a co, Sooth mm, FOB LONDON.?THE SPLENDID SHIP LONDON', AT pier 1) En?; river, sails November 111. I'asa -nccr* taken ? ?t greatly reduced rates. For pas^ago apply to 1'liOMAS C. KOCHE, 83 South street. A USTBALIA PIONEER LINE?CARRYING TUB Jk. United States Mail, rbe extreme clipper snip HARRY BLUFF is now rapidly loading lor Melhoiit ni> at pier No. IS East river. Has Hue accomm aatious for lirs' and second cabin passengers. For freight or i>ai!?go apply to B. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. Australia.? kanoaboo line for mel bourne,?Clipper chip rNOW I ALL i-alla Novem ber 23: can t.k" a few l r?t uabin paxengr*. Clipper ahlpSLUODA yalln uh< ut Jan. 5; <?n a< comm..late flint und second cat'in pa ? 'iger*. Api ly to MAI' LEU. LoKD ,% <}UERKAU, 10S Wall street. LOBD A CO., Cuiisl,;! e*s. biglit ilniltn for "ft.e. FOB CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A flm class steamer will leave New Turk on the 1st, lltb and 2lst of each month, except when these datuH fall on Sun day, when tbo day of departure will he on the Monday fol lowing. For irleglit or passage apply at the only nfllc o, No. SBotf ling Green. B D.B.ALLEN. Agent. Remittances to en land, iu-land, scotj \sn und Wale-.?TAPSCOjT ? CO., No. <>j Sumh street, New York. fu"nl<h draft* for uny amount, payable on de mand, throughout Great Britain an :! Ircla'jc.. m the lowest rates. FOB HAVANA, VIA NASSAU, N. P.?THE BRITISH ami North American ltoynl Ma.I Slriimsmp KAKXAIi, Captain Lc M??surlor, 1,1 ml for the above porta from '.lie company's wharf, Jersey City,on Monday, November 11. Tuesday, January 7, IW2. Tuecda\. December 10. Tuesday, February 4, lSt?2. PasaaRi'money t/i Na?sau SIS Pass.ice inorey to Havana fid All persona le iving the United Sla'^s will require to have passports fnnu tlie ai'.thorit.let of their respective countries, countersigned by the Secretary of Uiutc at Washington. For freight or passage apply to E. Ct'NARD, No. 4 Bowling Gieen. -- LOAY OFFICES. At J. H. JJARRINOEr.'S, 212 BROADWAY, ROOM 13.?Tills old established nin>-e advances ihe highest Hums, or buys for ''ash, Men handiae, Diamonds, set or unset; JPrarls, Watches, Plate, Optical instruments, Ac. 212 Bruad ?way, room 13, up s'.alrs. AT 77 RLEECKER STREET-MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on diamonds, watches, jewel Ay, pianos, segars, .trv comts, *<?. N. B.?Pawnbrokers' tickeu bought. H. NEn'TON, ,i Bleeckcr street, up staira. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN TO any amount on Diamonds, W itches, Jewelry, A'\. by the well known and old established ISAAC, Broker ami Commission Merchant, No. 9 Chambers street. N. B.?No vusinesii transacted on Saturday. A T Co NASSAU STREET, BOOM NO. 2?A. llOSIO _/V MAN continues to pay the blgheat price for Diamonds, Vatclies, Jewelry, Ac., and maki s casu advancca on the m*nic. on lt?x-ral ternia. All buaines*conlideutlal. T IDERAL advance3 MADE ON DIAMONDS, J A Watches. Plate and Jewelry, or bought for eash ai the hl*bt ?l pr <-. Persons having o.d (iold or Sliver to sell can ?o( do In-ttrr tlnn call on LOUIS ANitlCH, 723 Broadway, Money to lend at moderate rates-on dia nioii'l... Watches, Jewelry, Silver, Dry Ooods, and per ?<m U properly ol a,l descriptions, (iooils may lie redeemed ?ai any time wllula one Jear. l'riv:i'e ollli'e entrance, hall do ir. II IIAUNARD, 21 Third avenue. A ') CEDAR street.?money liberally ad. T ?J Vati cd in sums to suit, on Watches, Diamonds and oilier per?ona! property, or b night for cash and the higueat |irn* paM. IJii iloeM; sirictly conlldenilal. L JACOBS, branch olUcc, 4(*7 Brosdway. AlWl Til ADVANCE, BY HENRY HYMAN, 480 O?iv.vUU Broadway, room No, 3, on Wau;hi ?, Dia nio.id;. ,vnu ti" u'.isudise of every description, from $10 and upwards. Mtr hants in want of tu.iney will do well toeall, Bu inc?5 str.ctly confidential. * ~ ' PBITHTBT. Artificial bone filling for decayed teeth. Inverted while soft and witbnut the l-a-t jiain. AcLlng <o<-ili or m> re shells can Ve preserved und restored by tbe *liv?iverer. i. i'KARSON, M. D.. risut'S S59 Broadway," west aide, one door afmve Hiv t.ti eutu sir" t. N. B.?Beware of cbe miserable Imitation* ol cheap opi rotors. Artificial teeth.-drs. durkin and rous SLA U cootlnue to eitiact Urtli lu tw o se< without *lo ?lightevt pain. Teeth inserted ov r stumps. Noeitra charge for tomporai? ? -ia or extracting where artillcial teeth ?i" inserted Dr*. DCRK1M A ROC8SEAU, No. 373 Caual Mlreel, one door from Laurens. A RTI'D'lAL TEETH.-ONLY FOR BKACTUTL ?/V anu hubiiianiial mu on puri* 8ilrt*r: on fine jj 1U tiuii 1'in 4Jai, p?. single UMtb, $1. T- eth hliej and extracted wuh ?it the le 'St pain. S.ip rior artiiinai bun- Uiung only Ml ?*eU All work warranted. O lioe l J* s *ih aveuue. >w <wc-n T, nth and Eleventh airects. Di. Lo'I HER, D> n-.i.-.t. AS I HtvR hid CMUBB TEBTH EXTRACTED JV wntuMii to ling any )4.a whatever, b* Dr. J. lay >ll.et?, of <A* ,r*ul str. ? i , .. , . )?<> I ih;< i.s a i J a loail wfTrrlnu mm t'?oihA<*h*. J. .MUKPHlf, No. Mulberry street. D 1.KCTI HEM. B COBJ"V^ S NF.W I.E Ti RE AA tvMNIB. - Kir.E I I' oUOADWAY. clin .on hall, Tu.liiaj tvauiu^ No, ly, at 8 o'clock Till TURF. CKNTREVILLE COURSE, LONG ISLAND.?TROTTTNO uu Tueadai , Nov. ly, at 'l o clock. Mit sit to- $6 dl mile, ?na repeat, ill harm's*. T. I icksou n me* Bocky Hill, iwo y<mi?i,14; J. iiu^eii u. m V u.ig Am ilea. 'W ? year BiiV'LNi.k CONKLIN, Frupilctura. /^EO M. PATCHES WILL STAND KOH MAKES AT *" Hi* Dykeni.m Firm, L.'n ;?i>i !? g?i ??"''! Kehrt.ary, lftdl', al $lUu ilit seaaou. \> M. W .?, Tl It Ml III-:. Waabiugtun l>rov Yard, Ifc T. HORSES, CARRIAOBB, AC. Abet ok ueali.y good d ium.e harnbss, a Indies' Side h U r i n I ? torn eatable S' -I-;'- ? \'-v person having thfi-e ur cli-a . in t'.i d a ~?*U purchaair, at a lair price, l.y address ng -?i l.dTO l'?w? (Mice. TTiOri BALE?A SPAN OK OR AY HORSES, A GOOD f haUytiHriuti ll i'ikm iiUuk'i? i?u,i it very piruy l ri o I, al' lii nuuii older, w.U Iw au*j > u. ap for cash. Ap ply a i 11 iMWjr, Ir*Ott SALE-AN EXT 11A SlYLISB SPAN OF CAB" " rlage Horses; they arc Iw.>. > a ? I >?? tails, and well mn( In* i. and hare been used liy th< 'r pr?a n' own r '>r uvt y a ? wlili ciib>" MU'faoilnn. Also, if required, Willi ll e purees, h Coup ?. B r-' ebe, Hit!'. v, Uu- f-. Ap" i ?<? 111-! lirat ptitatti ear la In Uiu ailc.v o. No. 2 West '1Hrenty seven III Street. Fob hai.e-a bay iiohse, m h ands high, sound and kind, vr and stylish driver .mi an exn 11*111 o?ope li irse; a n.i, a square I* *x top Wuri.ii auil a Gig; allege p lor cash. 1 nip.jr.-1.i.Ylenvr Street. 1MB SAI.E.-A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO JHSTOSB ' u. hisleaih rl 'P Wagon; a so a ?n gl ? llnna- 1 hi- < l:u a tw limes, maj'* b\ - no of ihi* l?>.t in .krr>; will Le aold . heap. Audn as U rn'iu, uo\ 1 11 Herald ottt*. TpOIi .-ALE CHEAP?A VK8Y STYLISH AND GBNTLE !? brown H?w, bands 1114b, eiglityejira o,d; yiou .11 S'ttci" or double harness, or under the saddle: aW-i, a I f,.il Wa)?ou una Harui1*-;K(H>d as n *w; priut* $175. Inquire 01' TUiiODOltE BOUERS, Hranilictli 11 him. I1UR SALE?A VALUABLE FINB YOU NO STALLION, 16 l..it)il*hft,b, tree u i ?l>lmn iliivei1; w.iliulil d m cvcri reai r land to travel tw l e miles p< r bui.r; tmrfwlf fctf?'f.iru cnilmini or la. y fur a i?ddl.i or w^jjon liorm-. Applv at 41 Ouryktle stiw 1. F^Olt SAL" rHEAi'-A VERY STYLISH AND CENTLE 11. iwiHo f L>^4 ii .lid* high, i-l lit yearn old; tjoo.l in ? 'i ,> an I "U.i n li-un.-m, or 110 :? r Hi it-i diI-; aUo. a lull! W'a on iI'd li rni-~i?. go id hn n?? ; price $175. lunulre of IllEoi'OKE HUUliiu, iiiuiidriih Ilou?<-. I ROB p?iiB I SPLENDID B VY MA EE, BIX YEARS old; weii suited ior a liuiohrr, baker, grwMr, or w..ir4 until' a -pifiidid ?a Idle marc lor a lady or semlpnian; w.1 r laneo M.iund an.I kind In all h.irit' ?<? Apply at liy Cherry Kt. riOK SALK-A HANDSOME HAY MAKE, If'; HANDS r hij'i, :ivr yeiir- old; Napoh on mock: Is mi evoelltnl roa.Ut. r, and good under the a lMle; una ra -<'d by bar pre ae n owui i, and wariantad koi n l.klnd an L,.-iule. boll U wan: of tm . <). A. MBACHAM, WOortlauitt fctrtst, ].^OR HA I E OHEAr?A BEAUTIFUL NEW STYLE H 1 . i? iiv 1 art 1.1.", oit liltie u?a-l. Tb? Mat* enn e -hlfied toiMiti fourorKii peraoin. Api ly to I1. THOMPSON, Ur.ifeiwat, .. 'tween fonj-nei; nd and l-orty-lblrd stret-lu. L'Oit > A(.E?A THOROUGHBRED NEW MILK OOW; r Kuril tin, of the very best quality; iv.-.rram,d to n 11 tw?tr\ e ^li iiunriKp< r'lay or 110 a < ; .>-o. to make t iiiti n pound. 01 b-t.er a weea. Appij al 153 E .at Tweiit>-U.iii urect t Horses.?board wanted, fob two sadtc e hor? -a. tn ihe v|. lull) of Madinnn nqnare. Have . m n t. l ike i-are of ih. m if neeei i?i-y, uiul h ? eoul i attend to ,,io o. tbr e if?iie bm <i'i 11 wnnie 1. AddresK Oxford, Herald eilioe, kiatlut; location and trrum lier month. SPKCIA1. NOTICES. A CAUTION TOTIJE FUBUC ?MR. E., OF I3t SEVENTH aveuue. naa no connect.oil with any other lion-e m Hid a.inj" Muliira*. e~po< tally on the S'xih avenue, t'lease re Druitirr H., 144 Suvrnth avenue. AFAIlt-FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE ORPHANS Home and Asylum 01 Ibe I'| ..leat.inl Ej.lseopui Cbdiuh wt:i lie held .11 th ? lnstliution (Forty-ninth nir?et, oorner of L- ?iiigt. ii avenue), on Tuesituy, Wedneaday and Tbuiaday, the llltli. lUib and ilsl of November. C1ITY OF VBW TOBK, DEPARTMENT 07 FINANCE ) B 1re.n1 of the Beceirer ofTaxca, New Court House, Fark. Nov.?. I.?l. Not,c u I.ereby given that one per cent will be mlded on tie Ihi day of Oevemlier on all tax- k remaining unpaid; a ?o liiat i?o percent will be added on ths IS111 day 01 December. To avoid Intonvenieti. e and delay ta\payers are earueaiiy r*?iitc?>ed imi n wan until i.ie lam of this month. OCoe hours from 8A. M to '.' I' M JAMLS KELLY, Ren Irer of Taxes. C1 ASII WILL BE PAID FOr. 10.000 OR JS.000 REAMS / of Papi r, good quality, al?o ot ibe New York Herald, al prli-escurrent. Inquire at tiiU olllce. NOTICE.-LKTTEK HAGS OF STEAMER BALTIMORE for llaiana. will cloac at Kenyan's liui.er U^ce, ,8 W-llstreet. Seauun'a Bank Building, to-day (Monduy), at 4 15 P M. OFFICR OF THE SI.'PHRINTENDENT OK THE ME trop.iiliati Police, 413 Broome street, c rm-r o: i.l n. N?w Vo'is, Nov. 15, I8'?l. The following notle# has been rereiv d .rom the D paru nietit of suite, and li pubLsbud lor the Information 01 ull whom It may concern ? Taere Ivlnu r ason to believe that dlaloyn! persons embark far Asplliaaii for Improper pur|?/eea, notl'-e I* berel.v ulven that ail t>a-ai>ngers by vessel a bouiol to til it port w tl in fu ture be expected lo provide themselves with passports, In the Same manner as nasMrgerx by vcs-cla to Europe. JDIIN A. KENNEDY Superintendent THK WiVR. t GOOD COT, A GOOD LOUNGE AND a 'cOOD 1\ Cli-lr, all In oiio piece; size wberifoMed 4 by 6 square ?n<1 l?o feet long. Camp Cheat, Army Trunks, Camp Ktools, Ac. OUBLEY * BRADY, 412 Broadway. C10MP4NY E. KE%-ENTY-riRST REGIMENT?A SPE I iial meeting of this uoni|ainv will bo held at the Armory, on Monday memo*, NovetoU-r 1H, al liair-j aal seven o'clock. This meeting Is isliod by dlreetlon or Col mel Henry P. Mar tin, and ei ery mem ber ft exiavled lo l>e present, s? busioeaa ol l ujiot tam e will be i.rotight forward. Ily ord' f, KDWAHD 11 WADE. Commandant. CI KNJ.IUL BARRY'S ROCKET BATTALION, f Onief of Artl .?ry, U t?. A. The battalion wiU leave for the neat of war on the 30th day of Novcnb t. Tbl-i haitillon It organized st th" rcqoeitof the Conmun drr-lti I'hief, Major General M < > Un, and Bilgudler Gene. r?l Kairy. Chief of Artillery, U. t?. A , and accepted by ib? United Stat"'" rovernin'nt. Cavalry and arlllbijr .om|*nl?s organizing, who are not *w?rn Into uie Unitou St .tea ten Ice provl idthnrfi ri.lt. are suitable, tt11 be irntn dialdy rei ?ved an.l must. red liU> i 'nW; pay, clothing, fuel ant railoQa provided Iroin the day of enlistment. To youns ?ien ' I"1 have nny tnfll'ary nmMt'on tliia I* a ?ure road 10 lame and distinction; fur th'.s terrible arm, tue "war rocket," la (he (uo?l des:ui< live of all liii'iwn wea|H>n*, either ancient or modern. Vi.lunteei*, 10 nsure aceepuntv, should apply I nmedlat -ly, a? the order* for marching o the se.it of uararu Imp-i t v. and i annot he deby ? l. For > ar ticular* apply at headquarters, 4 'A Br *>me ?M et. Ne? Y..rk city. T. W. LION, C immauUlng. Men wanted-for company t. moci.ellan Chasseurs. f4 i>cr man will >" pnld f r 60 m> n, to muster jji immediately. This light Infantry regiment will la> led by experienced o(Leers and ha* the Governor sg mivnien against consolidation. Ap.dy at the he*.quarters, JOjGr.iud Street, WUIlainaii rg. PORTABLE SUTLER SHOPS, Coating troiu toU and upwards. Apt'lv to A. DERROM, Ft"am Carpentry, Palermw, Ncwwe.scy. EGIMENTAL STANDS OK COLORS On hand add t" order ot short notice. Hi I K AM) BI'NTlMi; Fl.AtiS Of all ?izes t n hand for *>1". LODGE AND SOC1KTY BANNERS. Ornamental Painting and L (?? . n M'k. Ae., *-. flOJEIt .1 GHAD AM, Artl*t* and Manufacturer?, 97 Duan ? st.cet, rpnis is union.-BRITISHOrrtqWU JOlKlKd hir lederal army. Cltixin* oi New V..r?, oo noi m,v-. t.u R1 opportunity of h aring liio h i; y u.t< resting >????* ire ly ' ap taio P. J. lie Cart ret, of In r Hi I h M J. ?i> s St un d It " si Jeis-y regiment of infantry, at Cliitou H..II, t?a.- ? Mull i evening, at? o e.ock. TUo lecturer, with oibcr oUt. ? is, wl I upi earln full uniform. Wanted?engineer soldiers, compri<>ino mechunlea nnd luti lllgi'ut Uoori'r*, for iwpfter* and miners of the regular army; llie m.'n mui.it>'. aw la?i ? I, not over.'13 yean< o< age, aide tu read and write, and slaud the four ground rule* of arithmetic; term of en .'?*? merit, three yeara; pay, from $IS tn 9.14, d' pending ou ranB attained by merit and nol.'.lerlv conduct; alao ration*, fill, quarter*, clothing, medical a'l' iidan.a-, and the uaoal Ui iniy. Ai ply dntiy nt No. 5 Bowling tlreeu, tnlrd floor, li-iw"..|i t A. St. and 12 St. (j. A. til I.MOID'.. Captain of Engineer*. I ulted Siatna Army. TirANTED?All INTEREST IN A SUTLERS!!!? OR TT two. M Miik can he turni?b''<l and teut uu> t>e > it tended to. Any one having wenrml nn apiadnttue.il. i.nd wlahing ? pitrtnor, will plea*o addrca* C. A. A., bot No. V Brooklyn Post otUce. WANTED.?A SECOND LIEUTENANT, HAVINO twenty-flve nu n, enn ohta n a (Hxltlon in a r- ?lm nt tinder marching orders. A'so two S rgeant* poal'li n-open for parties who c^tn bring live men each. Aiaoiain'a aer rant wanted, at 920 a month, to bring l.'n men. Addrc?* ua mediately CiuiH. Mercer, Bluaduay I'oUoUicc. WANTED?A SECOND I.IEl TENANCY IN A BEG! mont moft foil, by a young man who ha* >er*. d in Vir flnln; will pay $3(1 lor the jaisitloii u* a ?>n a* be r ???elv * (hi first month b |*y; I'cltrence* furnlahed. Adurnai L. A. II , Herald oflice. 9TII regiment HEADQUARTERS?ATTENTION.?A new battery ol artillery t. ill be orgatilzeu. In the oitlfo-m of the Ninth, by tlatitatn J. J. Morrison, lute C ipl.iln t (' u. pany A, Ninth n gimunl. N. Y S. M. All deslniu* of joining will report to the Ninth regiment headquai tcr?, corner of University place and Thirteenth street. I r. A ABLE BODIED MfiN WANTED IMMEDIATELY? XtiU to proceed to Waaiimglon, to join the Tuiriv-*ixtb regiment, N. Y. 8. V., Col. C. II. Inn< ?. JAMES GRANT. Lieutenant commanding, ic rulllng station, Jul t'.mal ?'n-ei FCRMTIKE. All kinds op furniture, looking glassb? Bedding, Ac., Lelow uu Hon prl es, ?a rante :, aoj - llver 'd frr e. Please cail at G. \\. SNEiiEN'S, 2ti3 Bow. r, ? between Manton aud lioustoU atieuu. You will aave uio .ey Note the number. A BEDROOM SUIT OF EN AMELLED KURNITI L1 for In all colors, of warranted manufacture: aen, solid chestnut I hamlar Suit*, plain and ornamental, at ?? if. FARKINUTON S, 363 Canal strut's opposlie Wooa.er. Es tabltshed In 1*48. IRt UNITCRE, CARPETS, B( MKS. *C? BOI i.IIT KnR ' ready money, at 1ZI Sixth avenue, between Ninth aud Tenth s'.reeta. FL'RNITI RE.-AN EXTRA.ORDINART Ori'oRTl NITV for housekeeper* wanting gc?.d Kurnit. re. at ? bar gain, for cash. All the epgant Household i uru.li r ?fa p>i vute lairily at ?0 East Twenty?? venth <tr*tt. u-.. I h avenue, will lit) sold at a great Sficrlllie lor c*?h. ronsMlu. ot on-' ?? ood seven octat e PiaucUiilc, Stool mil Cm n , i r .. elegant rosewend Parlor Suitsuveied In silk, br.-atrji.riil rei s; Etegfie, t'entre and Pi. r Tuble?, Ac,; hImi all k u l? of rosewood. Mack walnut and mahogany Parlor, Bedro. ni and D.ni.ig Boom Furniture, Maurcf ses, Bed*, Carpets, Ac. PLIMPTON'S IMPROVED PARLOR BEDSTEADS AND other lirstcluBS Furniture, sold at wholesale and retail; also I y monthly pa> men Is, a; H4 lentk atreet, loruivrly N?. uoiwi Academy ot Copa.kt x k rm11p NOTICE!). IWAVT A PA "tneii, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, 11 ttii D> .1111 ?i>d l> iiu"i bu?ra?s now in full op ratloo; . ^ tension nil tuat in uw unary lo mike a | r i of 7.? p?r cent. Apply peraoually at no. 273 hrk uvn u.-. I AW PARTNER WANTED?tc? ONB WITH $.'410 juash, an i&. \j m to ir urn; tha, n?.-ur? d. hii equal partner ? ip and owin isiLty w?ll he given in ;v good *?u?ioe>-a; good o*'. lt-of iri it a. ?d a j 2 odo .ibrtiy. wild aainoll.v tfmjierate an : parri' vo 1 voungmau; o ^vo'i bmu wajr. appli ant limy u?ard w u iu? family of his Ha.s.? u<? if d*?dr?*d. T u a r?r? >b?u(.r. addic a* itnuiedi&at iy ('bum a W. c. D., herald olll<e. tjai T.VER, WITH CAP T\l, \y vnted?in ah\fr, .l |> ? - halit, urt l i cl and wry in.ratine bu i. chh. t<? a *aii-? factory pans an u>icommuu good chance will be given. w ill 0. ?<r ? ?hi c mm sol'thvvick & wool^ 831 Na**au itiril c?1 ft A -WaNTI D, AN ACTIVE MANT^TAKF. full 0 i fill* chaig.-, a partner, oi an o u bushed it* a and co/ltv*(??;#, wi?h a a .i Hunt* a! $lfl lo $.'& day; three \eaiv u*.is.- ut iow r?i?i. s?o(i a?aiuu*'i i for a inniuv. VV ill fc'ivrt t ie rl ;i t man a ^reat chanua aj>4>ly al 22u blcerker blrett, t **- 1? mi ni'. <t* ft aa ?PARTNER wavtk1* >n tub rkal ks ?j?)u\f, u.f, r .ii'ui 11t, Aiom*y V\0\ ;a <? aim tit ae r.i Con m hh oo liuajlness, w li ??tnbfl*iu'u . n ? d"iu>; n ??* 1 (ib v?* . ai?\ i'ntiiu !ar :?? t 4. utt ri?k. Any ^rnumiiaii willing* |m?rtnaihmit carb butdt cm> may apply at ?&> iii oai* way, u t4i A ney, up aiaiih, room .V>. 4. -wanted, A partn2r OR assistant, w ili the ul?' to- amount,thf Druj; n * u??a; r t.' 1> b ?l mn year*, uml iioiv dum{;iiuufl trado. t .in a good op| ortuult, for a\onr?(- man to iiiuki in uey or l i u t; roil-i?i * ian hh ?4. nt * tak-n, aliuu-.ttnt n* u".y will e wn f ?r the m >?? v. i'or iocatiou ami pamu'^laia ?nil u on w. a. uru ta?. :s7 Park row. c'o r,nn -a papjinhp. waktki>. who can po %?*)?*)Vi\J? iltivrty i nnm n i $vm>?in i-anli, to ivivst in a i r-?tiialilo .?uhin >h, .iiu? ?? .?b.ihf.i, and li;.v>nf a : ood r /I of pavifit: iioibouuiiy to I'k^UAll *k lid HOP, no. 3-n niix'ji- uv^n ut'. li.vni l\ci acapkmie^ a dodwortu'^ dancino academikkw i^o. ?i?t l ulu av nu?'f ti?r. tvwiity*??atli York. No. i..7 m<?u. l no sin i'i, urool\l\n. CLASSICS?i'u? ?.?: tshaud ki. ;??>? >n hrnouyi. i'la^lis? vVtHi.i?\vlay? ao.j .-u.tmia>s in S --u Vork. Cu\ui.ii??i'or uhi-ob, .vu., may bo h.?d at ?nqu* wiaikiiiy. AT trknoh'8 arad*:.slv, no.fiHViVr i1uuty :ourih atri-w, n w York, and No. jk>-8'?utu h n'n k, iiit). k u. 11. t), pupiln cm ent?'i ai any iiii.f, trlioi.'h iu tue oil^ and couairy alttuu?d to. bead lor cl. ?n!ars. Ballet master nrmaivs dancing and skatinu auudcmy. 2n ho\V(i>.? D*n imr ick-om $i an \ $2 p?*r in on ti, ev? ry mjht. i'ri'uu i??son? Ui c?nta. For ba.t d?n o i, ovt'i.n inortaii , $.#pi / iu uni. Brooke 8 dancing academy, no. mi biioome strekt. NEW CLASS FOR ti E8DAY. ah iho lanhi m.i .1" ?ian ?? in ?>n ? ??o tr^m! ot* o* mm, i<\f'ikk tm ot ti ewi ?> k and kr:d yi^sto^p. m. tientlk^k.- tu >d<4>m.{iid Kit my*, <o iokj P. M. Cm i.ni'KS, Wod nehu ay a aud saturday #, ;?iul> al. ladies 'mi . a v v ? wain n i-t-d uv mi>. bio- kon. tiohuie EVERY wkdnesday evknino. Ferreros DANl ino academy, m WEST POI'R ice nth direct.?iilabmjn m u'lava and tiiuindnjo mid wednesday8 and 8a(nrd ya, Pruatt* liis-w and hchoou at t ii-l?d. circulaia iorlt riuk, Ac., uiay bo had at tue Aca demy hoisks, rooms, &cm UANTED, burnished HOl'SR WAN ted?in NEW YORK OR i1 Brookh n, i jr a sn ail family, witbontt h ldivu. AiJdr. sh, w tu u i p r lcnura. ^ta inic runt, wtilch inttbt la; moueraio, bua i 'Ai i'?) t otike. mum oe ? ? tnpb t ly int uish.-d. PARTLY flrnimird HOUSE WANTED?by A SMALL lam.ly, in .. i4?sni0< 1 nclahlhirpood, from ui De? fmiiborto id May n- t. uiuat nave c ?i p u aad t;ai? lixtarea. 11 ut mo di-ram. a iuie>? J. ])., 21 W?*?t Toirt eili am et. WANTED?iiy A CLUB, TO BUILO A SMALL BIDING scaooi, or h?ro a imiid nv lor s?id p..ip.?a . Tlio-o w inh n^' to mak?* a coniract lor eillitr may an.?wt-r R. H., 0o* l,07incw York Poat oiUco. WANTED?hy A german gentleman (MUSIC ti ac.-i-r), in a rcape tablu md^lioo.bood up t?vo, oue w. olo Floor and one B a n ent; r. ntto b* r?'a*ona<.{?, a.id v^o.ldprefor to pay o u in in??ini< tion on ilio piato; baMUc promptly paid, a id oent of reiereuceb giveii. atidrcus W. 11. D., Herald offi :o. WANTED?by A FIRST CLASS TENANT, FORTHREB or mor?? yr ara, a *mai!, lilxh aio. p House, \> ith in dei n lnipiovt*ni?*i)tu, in a ^nu^?i iifi^bborii o-l, ooovn > d: to c*ra; lam.ly two adulta and iam \aiii. Welt aido ol t ov ?i or Brooklyn prefo,,i*ed. Any one having auch may ftddr;>n, ?tatjng'location and lowfbt prt<r, vrhicb muct oe moderate, W. w. W., box I'ju Herald viuice. astrology* Astonishing.?mada vie morrow, seventh daughter, has a gil t of iomsit;hi; tidia how ro >n and oiu?n you wl?l marry, an.l all you wi^h to ..now, ev. n your v?*ry tnoitehtff, or no pay; iackycliarina fr*v: b**r eq? ai in not to ho found; her i;>ag c image Ik now l i fud operation. \M Ludlow atrtu'i, below uouaton. Price 26 ccnta. Gentle* men uot admitted. A BONA FIDE ASTROLOC.IST? MADAME wilson tc.lla the ooject of your riait, fj c- ma ;ic cltaruo, and good hu k lor lite, free ot charge; to.la ad events ol li-, paai, pm-aent ait ? futon*; coroot.ia>i<>ii4 on inutincba. aickneah, marriage, rourta.dp, travel.in:, ac. She la tu,? moat won dori'ul ^.atroiogtbt ol the age. Give her a ea.ll; you udl not mj;n*t ft. id* Alien atrem, biz doora mm S'.airoii ; nam on th ? door. chaifio .or ladl* a and ^?atlciu-u w ctc^a. $-'? ware ol' linpojtiou. Cilairvovancb,?MRS. SEVMOUR'S medical J rvmut n:e loca'a i ut wi Wr*i kil ntli glrei-t, vuri.it of sixth tfonufl (flvtmuw on kifin-nth btn ei). cuu?iiliaiiu:ia ou'weknem, bunliwhit, ii'jnbui frl'nun, iu., 4.C., ?u j salisfuc t'on b"h.an'f?d as vfun! ;? iw p>v. Clairvoyance.?mb3. alexia, test medium, ui-:<ucat mill builuh.it cUlt vuyitut, wbu bit. ocbievvil no ruu'-li cnlhbi lty ill j&?-u>r hii'i oilitirciiieh, ?uu be uoiimiiicd ?1176 V?rii-k atie -t, fiom 9 A. M. till 8 1'. M. Cora A. HE AM AM, INDEPENDENT CLAIRVOYANT. Hudi.-al and business < ousuitaUouM day ami evening. The science j?uu uui >Mw being so satisfactory to all it is un u? g vr illustrations o. the abounding reaults, but continues a?. 239 Dm isiou Mi eel. Madame habvby cas inform her many mend* aim toe public oi all tue even s of 1j;o. If you winh tit? ? ruth, j tvo her }l call at 2:>'J Kivin. ton street, near Oolumhia. Ladies, cunts; gentlemen, 00 cents. ilom-M from if ml 8. Madame milton, tiie unequalled clair v. yarn, cm t? - eouanlteu on a:I .vII.iIimo die, bu-iies* ormsdc.il. Hhe I* the only Indy who ran ten toe drunken or unfaith ul huhbattdf, and nn . u fcethi r loose Ion/,' *ej>a iat- . Victim* ot' ntispla' i d confid n ?? in clairvoyant pr?? I n !ers would do well t<? call him t? -i Imr ski.I N. II.?All alfxir- stiloUy couiidentlal. Oilie.; 48 We*t Tenth street, or 164 W*v?-ney place, corner ot VV. st Tenth street. Madame sdaekfek, no. 2*3 second street, be tweeu av nun (J ami Union JU.ai'** t, lUtor, irorit r>)oin, still continue* to tell about love, mairLge, al?*.ut fri n<;s, biutinusa ,.nd journeys. Ladies - j cents; ^ nt.ein> n not admitted. Madame hay,200seventh avente, neartwen ty-M'vrnth M.e. t, h irnrfbe all Wuo vl-.t h? r. T.ie ri k* troubled and unlucky shoui I t'?t her pow? rs. She It I1h your vi-rv thoughts, lucky numbers, losses. Ladies, 'Ajccurn; gen ii toes, 60 cents. Mi.s 8E00B, THE GREATEST CLAIBVOYAHT OF can he ?ecu at na) street. Sin t i).s < f pi,rn lucky numbers, causes (speedy marriages. bc uvreoi tmposulo.i. XT B.?WUO 1IAS NOT HEARD OK T1JB CEFJSBRA 1\ ? ted Mm . i'RriWSTER, wh ? han b et cousulte I by tuuitsandbiu t.iihund other cWe.s with entire sa h action? Site mhjis eonlident that sh* has no equal. Sli ? (el * the n ? me of future wi!e,or husha.Kt, an ! th t m her v.'s t r. if y< u wt h truth : ve Her a call, at 188 Tnlrteenth street, be ow Second avenue. Ladies W *?!!!? s Jj llEAD THIS.?A PiinENOLOOlfi'J* AND A&TROLOOI8T J fc t iut beaiH the world, an.: $5,WX> r-wartl lor any ono m ho can rquHl Mt ?. WKLLlNU'lON, who ?m acknowl. dge t to be the only la?ly in i!iis . ity who truthfully gives iuioi imalon r n ernln^io* >?, lawsuits, Journey*,, a.Vut rriends, )oie, eourtship marr g', lua.tli, we-ilih, and who will roelaim u> unk' n .nd uu.. l.jilul husi and*. Afnis W. 1^1 th?* onlv per son in this eltv w..o hrji the ^lunune Jioinan and Anihlan t iil-rnanN for love, good Im k and ali buslnenH ivilalrK and ar?? gtutrmntu * for lift*, i e ay i.ot to comeuv this naturally fined and beautiful yonu#; a y. Lucky numbers ulvcu. I l<hly r*A|.?*< lable c ty re.e.encea can be *v*+n-at her resi dence, 101 Sixth avenue. riUlE ORRATKST WONDER IS TltE WOULD fS TUB 1 ju.iiu; fttiJ in c i i.pllMn-1 HYRk.S, irom I'jrii, f,i"isnm r.m.iiicil w.ih th" utrli-t'-Ht I'Hi i lcnc on all life: iv.'Htw diinilii n i.ni tinfu.ltbrul huitbant!*; h * ? m lu nmif you beioi- 'd byyuur hi-.irt'? iili-.il, :(tt I hn ** i.i.:-lhrr ihu-c Ion; mp^rutmi. l^?'!i??2jc?nU. JM. n< ? VU TinrJ *?. nur, a > j?e TwulDb airvvU jf si ixrvAN street.-hrs. kohdkk unis.-i 'I'f tri , mnl won !t; ol Information on all iillnlr, tiir.io .h ll.c, li.i kv oimib?.ri< for thn lulirrli'ii. She 18 the on j if ?? . Tan i (Mlimat in tluicl jr. Kvuicuitor bur rc?i dnic*, l>sul!l?'.ui ?tre? t, lien Briiomo. MEDICAL. \HH I*roi!TA--'? VTOKK.?A Ol IDE FOR THE MAIU rUU. ? <r uitM.1- -Mnu nip atliiji tl. Tbr uULCl. il, iIiiIjIIiuimmI or hIm a?c'l kh.'Ulil i H m .ir> oi iuiopi any tr utmeut i ll ihoy bi..^ tnfurmt; UNiaiflMi of th^ uruth, unU lound to Dr. KAKMONT K l'ari?. I* l '''i an>l New York MiMltiil ArtvlioT IIIJ Matilav" I.Ml . umuii tl .n). Ma.li-il for ?l tiyiui. ll AKi?MiN, No. I if .trii I, iitil ROSH A TOU.SEY, 121 >a-?.iu HIT't. Tin Do. tor c ir?-5 <tt ? m n uiri'Ctlon*. r?*(vnt oi i I.-, c .landin,', c*>^?Jitiou.ly nMJ privati ly, lor yrars I ajit. a' 04.' Itri?>:u ay. up ?ulr., run 'J A. M. to ti 1*. M. AHKinCt runs IS QVAMAKtKD, A RADICAL rur I..??)| I'll* W-d i y Ur. WAil!*, 12 Luf lit t 0 if* la-'l !? ? n al>* tnr iimi.il timti a i l ik ball llir .bur , h. iMKTIOn CAl'SEI) nv MtRCL'RY A.Vt) I l;l{ A ' i'i ?? a ??:.!? ?i? i? Illy . ijr? it by Dr. WARD, So. ti l*i j^ht tri-i".. 'Ill? do- torn fu innatant at^'niianc*'. Dli RALPH'S OKflCI H. 139 crosby STREET, COR i.'.i il. ii- on. II.>..r<, U to 2 and 6 fill VI*. N. I iK lir.VTKR HAS roR THIRTY YKAR.S COMF1 '"!? 1 ' ti,. ii.o in n to d.?>'4* '> oi a curtain claaa. In wlu. ii bo ha. tr. atrd no 1 ?? ihm W,UOO ta-e?, wllbout mi InMaii 'o of (all .r<\ 111. (jtrat laui^.iy. Dr. Hunter a ltnd Drop, curea t. lain <ll.c I-. - whi-n rr?ji nr trrattm nl nn-l all other inini dii" Ibil; i nrr. i> itliont dlntinR or r*?!rlcllon m lh" h.i!i|M of tin'| a "ut; curra Without thr dla^untln* and oUlt.ninf ft frciMif ail ou.rr i.-ni.-'ii^-?. cur?? in m w csn. in li'.t ihun ?lx hour*. It root* out lh* f?imotioua taint the blood t? siirn toai- .i b ' n f ?% iho reiu'-dy Is uard. It If 81 a rial, and c.m n.'' !?? olna n- d r.-nuin? aujrwui-ff than at tin- old odlc?, Nik 3 DirHon .trr- L ISook <or n<nbui( tliat treats of thcvBecta ul early abuM. 1 \R CtlOnER, NO. 14 DUASE STREET, MAY BE CO!* J f aulfed on ..!! dUaitea of a c-rtain nature. Twi iity el*bt yeara n. 1'iHlv. ly de. ted lo theae complalntii enainn hlio to warrant , ror -in all a>e* The victuna of mitp.ared ro'iiiii" ii. n medtral pn t. nd- ra can call, with a c- rtaiuiy of beini; Mdiciliy . ur>-j, or no pay. UU Ik. WARD IS TREAT!NO ALL DISEASES OF KhT uiab a w.th eifraordinar)'?"o e.?, Somi tb.n, for every Ud>, hi? ureal It vie; ?< u.r. Oltc, 11 Lal?ht afreet, T\R. COX T E> S FI MALB I(I?'-ASr.S SCIENriFI 1/ .a .?Ilia Ureal Kern y (Japan (?.rat) la ?urc and h ni.. ii!'"..- ItUI r.o.ir . 1)ROFESROR RQiTEI.L, 182 CHAMBERS STREET, CAM In- oon-ail.'o, T. i.xi.ai, or Of ieuej to box i, ttjMvm oXcr, No. i llarriaon avenue. ri'HtS WtiR.-T sTAiiKS OF'dISK >E YIKLD To I IK J wnndi r workli ? "Trie.mar." itead th.it popmar illna tr t d work. lluiiiaiiKia.lt),' vDv. II. A ItAitKuW, 114 H e ckrr at re" , four d.a,r? from M.iono?*a: ?tre. t N. Y. Seni Ire* ev. rvw ete. nn re-e p| o. Utnll lit ponMip Maoipa. Coaiuliatioii, aa tuvuU. I? J. TSriBTKB OAR!>Sii. 11 I he ni iuv'ui nt ha* ainecre p1eaat:*? In announcing the ojwuiu n MONDAY F.vr.NINO. NOVEMBER If, Of aMuga^t ne t ?i 1 i;. ? . el c tfu <i*liu*uluraof vR Iit!_sU AMI YANkiE LU K. Hit.' AND mrs. nits. IMKNKY WIT.LIAVS, B/R\ Y WIU.IAM8, , BA ..NEY WILUAMH, ' Wtj?hnre inat-if rued rm Itii tun a tor having ratbiered

it trim p ' ci tn< -? 1 I'hii th l'-u?ii .1 iniy, UU.NDi.EDS 1 AVISti Itl'KX T< UNIUiNhlUTLY FROM Tin. DOORS. txA a rtr in-t'? fur r ..r< m e luy wirt what Beaton hits ????? 'or ye.ira. Thna, fitti 11 with It ??'??, ill J 11 litre 10 pt y 1 in lr 11 mini >'ii ., 'ii' irt 1 1 t id V/urer Uai.len in hi* i i iu w.i i-li 1 .id? 1 arm ri ami e\iiu a I-1 imr.wrui'uitv* Mill.i nit ilh'r i,c .,l r r;. e.iYime bu'J for them t. i.imte of ???'limn: i*"ku ?> mil ilu> r i ? mi l! w nee 11a* liver uiu'le a f nimtu r, rivn i t p r oil* of Ih- 1' 1 ?>-it glo ui. Dunn this <1 it nitii 1t ".in wilt preaent i" ihetrp'imna ?iwir?n im'viv 11 w pii'. rii 11 w 1H1 iitey b*-?* navm )M it p a i (1.111 1 .tit li c lit v o|te -to ?i<i?i'i ?b now l uiiini lo Uii' iv?> nn ? it' i-,. In 1I1 ?iciuury of Hi*; 1 ^/Ju. Un M iikIu' nveuiu" <li - "li. r TU'iEti I'lF.ftlES. 1. The bi'it ulful) ? 11.. v '1*.' 11 ?. . ute? IIIK FAIRY i lHCLH. M". Btrney Wllhttua in C,\n O'Otrollan Mrs.; .1 m v.>11 iLit is ..m .... ..^.oUlteo 2. 'flii! ttUUUilli bUI " " Ihe MAlilO .JOKE, UII, T I* miNt 1: OOUOROSO, tt .11 !?'? p .1 i- vv :|| NEW SCENERY, TKAN.-VoUDlAT10.N8 AS J MACHINERY. C11 AHAUTElUSTiU CO. -TUMBs, Ml ?W A:iD EFFECTS. PRINCE DOIiOROSO, Rui;?lug l'l ueo I , ihi- Uoleutl lalea, u t ru jiits ( i\ ktnit ptTmin io.t uf li'J utt :leiice) Felix litl, lv .1,: uf tli. lti' .lm "J Sintl. ft, Mrs. liA'iSEY WILLIAMS. Or! tl-an'.ly performed l>y Iter in tli.tt ?jit,'. . 1 h utibuiiuiied mii'iir 'I.' i <>no[ .;?? g . :i ltd recently Lit ihe cit) of iloalou w 1 1 Mi.- >.tie Jitliu msu?.'il uur..a ui u.'iir ilMiliuti. KKTC lUM, Mr. DAV1DC.K. lii.NnilMTA, it Ooo l ? 17, who mnV s evcrylnilt .. . tt* ^11 ?ood jN'tip e ou^e.t, lJKONOttA 2li.0lV.NE. M K N K (J.N 1', SE\ COAST t<l XOMATTAWIIAt THE SllU'Wll.iCiiEJ t UUE i.M.t.Vt #lYi.*, ii h .11 ii[i wi ti un-, ml i(f. iuiiI t ii I" l it frown; 'Ail tip' ox.-i'i t tin* oi.iit, una Hi.il'tt xitiiit ituvv?." T!t" Mf. ? '> ? U X?>uti>l< U ut't.Mt.iiuti ol mo FAIRY Si.Niai.NITA! "Muruil, I thank ihcc, I b'v^a 'lis to thee 1 II A ? Jt.t' h.l| t'.ll lli.lt I Hill fl ?>." ?Thi* Fi .!r)y .in,- a t Alrni, ?* Ni.llilng ojr ThfOti*! Bottlr?Tito tioiKi ti>< 1,lit? I'ln' tin iii K i:nl~ ' A JuXe an i* ? J"Kn"?Ji? M ui'r t>i rn; t 11 jutiiit tuitVinj; ll? W u*l l? ui? WillilttT? If nut loud Tint Inld of tt, ti ill' ni (I'lriuRiK it n urn ml*ht Rot boiil nf it. ft 'hem ih 11.1 r .LMirtt why Hie Fnirvnt I Ki?l ? m.iii thonld lui hiii;; ? ittiit, iltey du It, uml ilte I?jlry v?iii?iie?, un nil Fuirktiou it Co it'i* srvvR TWO. UEI.ANCHOLY COHUT OF THE FlilNt'E OK THE ItOi 'lM IIL I ll '.il. Tltocroo: -ha k"d Ki' huttl iiiffreO" iiu.kin? l tn for it hnn?," but mir 1!,., 1 un l'rin e oti'i ia hiti 1 kinKUotu Kir it a u:h? lh>' W iNt. n il jiiki?"Oh, mir.ii>! h ? I'ritim t? 11'itfi i?H"? Tne euuitl'rt, to court l.ivor, 1 II n ?uli?1< ? " Oaculn nmiiry t hutin, t?y lint l'lini e HI t 'l.inrt?Tie riaui riiiitll, of Ui ? Jukern, beroim it liil nl h . a Unl^ht. SQKNS Til III li. TitP. CHEAT I*K1 Sl'IIUtilTATOR'8 TOWER, Wh ei lui'Mlii *. mtli ihit llerinHnn i 11, Aitiler?'Hl.iii, Hal 1".u..mi and liiiiiJ iiiuiii tii ) uit..enni*?The rr> at P.'. rUiilK'ttt >r hii ;i. a f oot', whli'l. .ii.boI his pi e leeesoturii naaevur ilotie?Tlif .nil lit11'rite t' H?Tne l'rin. o in it emu o Mitii ;rrivi'N tviib hi* Maie Htteiiiiaiii, iiih(;iil-edii* It f? -Mi'l" ? The MyKlPrl"ti? Sivuro?The IiieUiiutMih r Itult eanil the Fa I y Our, whereupon and In which tlici will (inzaeon eertHii eolioorto, u ti un a> cuini anlnient in cuttcetlby Ibe oiueiira. srrsK rotiit. DOIiKKUL isles aoain. Liugliing 11 ilc iy prohtliiieil?No jo4lHGallowed. srx.ti* rim. THE AMBIDF.XTR'.tOrs 1 ltKSTiD10ITATt>I'.'8 ISLAND. Keleltiiin, Like t ui ouu* liopea ihul all the p ?f let;, ,*c., may full upon III- 1'ioi|m ro, under \\ lione nite lie ei.iinot pro per o-uo?i 1 1.0.ute I ve on 11 ' r-olatt Ifthtml?Kfttcbuin caiiKlit? Scene iait?( "Of nil th Uenilri thiamruii e' \enliulhUtory.") THE II AH. OK STATUES, Med- by Eiweott? and 1 'irroci'-d by s.-lwyn?Terrific coinuat twilb r. at aivortln? Cue m?^ii i?n thinVn tlint lie bear? a el.mt "tieii l.ie, hut lie doe* not, lor >,re.it aa ho la the uimi.iU hau e I'reil iUi'..ioi tluil> bin 111a elt ai lam, iho I'rinon twins tin1 pnii. ipul victor, of lo.irae?Tno Smtti'-a, coiitraiy to the autttiu* in ?neh ease mule and proiUcd, become antn.a 1'1 unit "Trip it on tlie llg'it luuia i r. toe"?The iruo lot vi rn unit -ii, mi uii true lovyt n ou^btto be, ana every body la drlighlcd al THE MA0I0 JOKE. The whole to conclu.i' wl 11 -1 .iri.ig farce of tbe IRi^U TItlKK. l'ady Ryun, tbe Iriab Ti.ei Mr. Bnrn iy Wllliama MR. AN1I MRS. HAltNKY WII.UA.MS Etery nlgbi luriUK Ih" week in innKnlncoiit eu'.i riaisiitent^. CtANTERBI'RY MUSIC 1IALL, 635 BROADWAY. / Firat night ?f t >ie GREAT Sil-QIUST IlROTtlEKS, (;it..lT SIK .HIST KRUTIiMilS, ORE \T MEUR1ST RB >ilIEitH, tillt.AT ijlKOillST BROTHERS. In their uut> montftrf'.. 1 act.-, initouuctug their CELEMKATED PO ?, Cl.LKUUAVELl IM '.S, trained to sneh an extent ib.tt they actually apeak. Second ulaiit of . ADELAIDE l'RICE, A"Kl.All)li I'RIOE, tbe celebrated D .UMitae, late of tbe Broadway Tlieatre. bonoud uigut ut BYRON CHRISTY, in bia original slump aj eechea and comic iota, fiocund night of J. H. BUDWORTH 8 uornlc burleaque or NEW YEAR'S t'ALLR, iibVf VEAR'S CALLS, received hy a ciotvded b'iu?e with b irsti of applaua?. Second week of MMB. AND MONS. MONTANARl, the ceiehrnied Coiul ? an 1 Seuliinrntai Duet Slnjrra, THE UKEAT A. U. HER.VASUEK, "ft >)"{!? a.;ts, and the oelehratcd CANTERBI'rtY Jrrasi'KKliM, with SUnar ABEtcO. the leadioi Tt nor, erery night. FOX A cDkraN, Proprietor*. NONELTY CONCEBT HALL. (ilii Broadway. 61C Broadway. 1 lie proprietors take pleasure In Informing Hie public that ti e above holt will .-e open 'd 1TI1S (MODDAYj EVENINfl, Nor. 13, I,SCI. with an inicriainuieut, in v. In n will be discovered that NOVELTY, NOVELTY, NOVELTY, will be '.he rule, and Its caption "'All b;? NOVELTY, never to he met with. '<>? n city limit rule. THE LAOY ATTl}>DANT.-i.TWENTY IN NUMBER, are voting, hiindeo.ne end atentlvc. The p freshmeDts are ol the best, a ui everything !? conducive to the'oiuluM and e , iojincnt ol ihe pi irons "f " Novelty Oonoe ri Hull. AamloMon, (includinga refreshment ticket; 10c nU On h ?htraso.it* '^u,:enl* Doors open o'clock; CO iinicuccatHoclock. Ml!. J AS. |.'-NN SINUS I OK Mi MILLAN'H BENEFIT at tlie MELuDEuN LO-niglit. t CO.ll) fOMIl' A.ND SENTIMENTAL NINOER, WHO J\ is a vinliiilai. w.inted, to >r.i?.'l in tlifl Wet; good jay. Addres* box No. ti,l.lf, Cui i Illinois. WANTED?TWENTY WAITER CIKtiS, THIS PAY. Inquire. I .el ween Hi uu J i o'clo k, ut the Oriental Oonet rt Salo ui, Wl! if mart way, ucj.t door to Lima Keene's Ui.ure, to Recnty. A Hun t*. and foi;kd. F"D-La'V PP,?, A BUCK AND TAN TEKUIER V". - T.A Otiki' i at ui.ro It hj railing ai the I'm in IT. 8JSi>riug street mid paying expenses. II uol called for ,11 twoda>a will 111 >(> d for the same. THOUND ON THE 7TII OF NOVEMBER, A SMALL 1' Italian U I jriotind. The owner enn liavu It by proving I nperiy ?ni p?y!>ig all exp uses, l'leaao call ou John t'huriliiH, No. s Howard street, for iluou i!a. a. /10AT LOST?ON SUNDAY MORNINO. A LARUE \Jf black anil brown Billv (Joat, with a bluek atripi down hi* back and broad turn-1 borns. A '.beral rewuru will be pain ou lils renin to 15 Ludlow street. IOST-ON S\TURi?AY AFTERNOON, ABOUT TWO J u clock, between Sixth antf Seventh avenues, in Four tfrtjith .tree), n mink Collar By ffr.Uruing the uliovo to John N. Uuuln, 513 Bri>iviw.iy, the Under will bo suitably re warded. TOST-ON SUNDAV, NOVEMBER 17, IN BEDFORD J street church, a'gold Watch and <'halii. No. iS (h9, with W. Smith ctigrav. il on the caae. By returnin ; t ,r same to J?Mca W. Smith,543 Urecnwlch mrect, tlie linu r will bcHult ufcly ru? afded. 10ST?ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16. IN A r Broadway mage. or on Broadway, b tween Etjliicentti and Beaver street- , a Lady's Cold W: t hand Chain,Tlir.iny's make. The ilnder will be handsomely rewarded by reluming it to No. 9 East Eighteenth street. IOST-IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF THE BIBLE J House, one $50 note on the Fai niers' and Citizen..' Bank, Long bland?, one JIJ note mi the Ocean B tnk, New York cjiy. If tho linder wiil c.-i 11 at 114 West Sixtceni ii street, he will lie suitably rewarded and receive tho UiauXf of a poor orphan boy. I' OST-ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A SMALL J brown D. something of n t rrier, wiui abort tmooth h.i.r, earaand tail uncut, and w.tuout any collar. aimw> ring to the name of Finky. The tinder will he nuilaldy rewarded b/returtilng It WU Seventh aveuue, between Thlrleonth and Fourteenth streets. TO-iT?ON SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, BETWKEN j tiro and four o'clook, in a M id son atnge, i.olng down, or on Broadway and .Vadlaou avenue, bet" i. n Broome ;>n I T venty e Iiht'i s s , or 111 xomo atore on Bro^-ulway, a umall Enamel WaU h, Chain and I'in. Th? under wilMu-aulubjr rewarded by leaving tho same at No. tio Matiuton avenue^ STRAYED OR STOI E.V-A RED COXY, W1TII A white star on bor forehead, short hoin< with liraxa k?ohs, and a white s; ot on her right hip from the premlaia ol I' .tr c l a-penter.U.eenpolnt. Any peraon who wtllglvo jniirma }iu or return her to tho owner will be reward d UWABM. Q," REWARD-LOST, A SMALL DIAMOND SHIRT I in, ou Thursday cveutug, Itih Inst., from F- c:, si p bimngb Beekmaa stieet, to tuc l oiirth avenue ears at tbe atUl Smith Btre?t.W'U rPCel7e ,l,e alx"r,! reward by I a> ing it $90 SKWARD-LOST, ON SUNDAY MORNING, ,N"v- * '?W black Nowtoiindland Do -j brea*t! iNiv.sand tip of u.11 'vhlie; answers to the uameuf Leo. V h n l?Ft kei n he w.ij f .uiwtn ; a black and tan him up ?l .iberry *ir<-et. The H.i 'ei, .-r <nyp. : ? n wbocaa give an a< ? Uut ol huu, w ill I e r wardi d a aliovj > i * t,. at &! in t -?. t. Fred .k RAILROADS. Hudson river kailroad?tuaivh fob albany. t ,u siul Weai, leave Ctuiiujern street at i aim 11 A. AI., and 3 3u, 6 and 10.15 t". M. V"EW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. X* t-or Albany, Troy, North >ud We t. Winter arrauifeni' nt, enmni. n. lng Momiay, No*. 4, 186L l or Allmny Itl.Jii A M.. Eipiew Mall Inun,from 1 wuuty ?lull Street Iepot. ' Ifot sll local tra us ? ?? Time Table. BCUo'UU-L Assistant Superintendent, AMUSEMKNT8. T AUKA KKKNK f? THEATRR. -Li MONDAY EVENING, 5.VERT NIGBTiMJEMfO TIIE WEEK, WlUbevfuMBniKd.il. ENTIRELY NBW VEPSTnN ENTIRELY. NHW VERSION hAUUkLY NKW VKlibiOJt 0* V*B *? "" \ 80S** '?? - \ SETOf SON'S, qf BETE* <p gEVE1| ^ ? ? * SONS. rp % 8 ? M, SEVEN \ $ ? -K 50 ^ SOX 3. P * .0<V " . V '6H09 m #. V . %. : AJ ?4? O & X ^ Already played SIXTY-FIVE nights. Ami ?iiufiiwmt )>v n?or? th?? NTNF.TY-N1NE TIIOi SAND I'LOl'Ui, Thin celcbruVui r n pi IHllur UNION BURLESQUE, which will fnitn tl.il1 In lone I e aiUfad, as oocaalon da uiaudH, m as to rruu.rtl in re peculiarly A1 ?AWED TO THE riiEHENT TLMES, And will tie pnesenlo.' w'llt nil its MAiiMl K1CE.N 1' OU1QINAL 8CESIUT NOVEL 8CENI0 EFFECTS Ib addition to which, A SPLENDID SERIEB or BRILLIANT UNiON TABLE AFX will ha Introduced, tor the pur pose ol pruaouliiig In a more uiai l.ud u/iuurr tin ?>' STIIiRING EVENTS which are dally transpiring in our u.mat, .ad which occupy to proiuuiuui a i?> .tmii in tli>'l.ulv iiuml. MONDAY, N0VEM11EU IS,. UU, and every night nil further nolle?, TIIK SEVEN SONS, with tha following poweiful dtalrib.iilnn o/rhanicter*:? DlAVoLlNE, aiierwan s .Mi>- Kli/ ig, ai.,<l. from , the Emerald Iale, afterwards Mls'i D in High boy, alt rwariis Scnorlta ile Seviila^ aflerivnitis tlir North, u itu a ti: in deic. tnltiutluii li> maintain Ihe Union MW LAI'llA KERNE. BATaKEli.a, ul't iwarila a viiaim!, re, atterwarita Sara Huiibo}, all rwards Sm.rt? l? So la, alter .tards the South, atl'luled tn diMaiiu ti .it \limSAH.t M EVENS. SULl'lll K1NE, attewanls Cliarl. i'e 111^Ubo v. h ter. wardx Sein-rile l.a Trinlilad, a, up wards the God dint 01 Liberty, with a new medley Union illicit Mia. tllANFRAU. PLl.'lELLA, afterward* Lo im llujliboy,aU'iwur ? Sen >rit? Bolero, attcrwi.rila Coluiuliia, ibi* acm ol thr iw. ati Mih. J. Ti. ALLEN^ TAKTAUINK, al'terwarda OUiTrUa Amu* Jeruaha Jaiif Mi'li.tatili' Ami M.,rUiu Wellington Luca> runoe, alu rwariin S< n jriki i'rltit iiH! Mrss LOtTV UOUQU, Fa.iclnr,1la, al'torwanls tlia S>'tiui ita U ,IW Ooncha, a't I'lvarnn till'Sj I. It of t-umi' Mm France* Vatitttt.il, atterwarUa tly Si i...ri,.i El Ziijiato, iifwir ivarda the Sp.rlt of ftxov Mjm Clifford _ BT1ADAMANTHU8 SULI'tll Rl'S DIAVOLDH ?iAi.A?st;s ASMOOEI'S TAltTAKUS I'LftELLU.S SEVEN SONS, I Mini, BUKKE oui on (lie liuiiM', j Mm. Va itlji ivv'E aniiiiptouU I mih Villon aoria oi larxa, ] Mim %?BKKTSOM K'-ntrNllr ami | Mil* bt'EBlsn' nc?rr doing any Mlaa 11, MuMI.EY good, If llic) can Mi all, Mubi.i.EY help ")? riulo. Kin^' of Had. h, atterwarda Sleekirlt, nn K* itur I lull blue ILthU, a'.tcrwuriia a ivi .tiy 8 ois tiun Mr. J. II. Stoddart Toung Maator Ouetrruiau, ?oii ot the IVi/aril, ui ier warilii Dr. runaatl, th? Tl.oes ?nr<'lal convapon di'in, coiuf o.cr to t. a li the Yi-ttScaa how to ? ruii? attei warus a Theatrical Mjtiag?r in dlfllctil ti.-H Mr. Lnrlck Jakt> Butt, a Ni'W Yotk itoy Mr. H. IT. D^ly Cullef, Irrepiniidbl' a? evor. i* everybody'* way, continually breaking out la a uew place, ?ith a lip.w Union Song Mr. J. (). Burnett Gamboge, a K en.- Painter, ,-ut to ilo dounln duty, a. tcrwariia a Spauinu Djuicr Mr. TophnflT Mirkei McOlnnto Mr. UtUoa Mm 1'liito. a well knowa < hara. ter, whom It 1h unnr ci auary to dt'i* rilK',allcnvard? th'. Irii.tikliu kny. ?haii?e, a |U'iiua Ouiiun, ati. ruat>!? thu Scnorlta l.ivano de Culiaana. a premiere UaaneuiH*. ? ho wUI lutroducu aevernl alexia larUnulnrl* rcc.m rrn nded tu Jett'. Davis wuou he li avea the coun try Mr. 0. Petwr* tiXNUl'tilS OF SCKNliUV AttD IK0IDENT8. Act Ftii.1T?St)?:<iE PinsT. PLUTO'S ORESSINO ROf)M IN HADES. A warm bath?l'lu:o In hot wm-r?A Plutonian bean? "Haniiiouie laua hatid?itnr do?-?"?A politician of the new acliool?A iiiin-coiiimitial anxiver?Tlie oiiu r half of I'imo, au.l the IftUT liair by coB-J<lerabie?Oon iu-T?l f.-ii'Ky?A cargo of wat.er girl*?'The rr< stl.llgila" ur?Pluto'a little laa< tiimilnna-XhS LUll-'k aft? 15of?LE VUE EXTRAORniNABT, Meamerlaui xllglitly in a log?I'li tiire?The T1IEKT Ob TIIK TALISMAN, Unwelcome information?'Tin* boyaoff. ScKNh UKroNo?Tua tioitAL iutk im> Pcari.t Palacb or Diavoiamc Bknkatii tiik Cxurnrf Labb. The aevrn aona and the aeren alslcra?A bit ol the terpal chorlaa. I'AS HE DEUX?Miles. MARIE and AUGUSTA, A little gammon?What tlio boya have In aid?A adietna of rebellion?Aid and comfort wanted?A retrospective gl inco? The taliMiian wanted?A tpci ial i* ruiitto rlalt earth? THE TALISMAN LN DIAVOL1NE S HANDS, Pluto arrlvea a little too lute?Mra. Piu<..a^aln lutruuea her trilling dotnaatle grlevancea?Jealouay?A house divided at.iiiint Itxelf?An uaoipecled avenue ol escape opened and ULjht of the SEVEN SONS AND SEVEN SISTERS TO EARTH ftrtRArHT.tnjTAHf?. floEUE TI1IKD?A NEW YORK HO12L. . A Now York Fircmjn?Thu T.raaa 8, edal uiid his friend Flutter of the Crime*?Turnip? nil the R.sO?A mean Cor roboration? I'ick im. A BLUB LIGHT FROM EXETKU HALL. A Pardonable ?? rotsnlty?A htvle that wont Wash?Precept ?mi Praetlct?KluliiK' T it Gin?A H >\v?A Muscular Chris tian? A Nose uut of Joint?Diurolinti In it Now Capacity?A Curious Prescription?The Tender Pasaion. SCENE FOUR?CASTLE OA KDEN ASK THE BATTP.RY. Lov Ina Maze?A Filend of tilt' Dr.ma?The Brothers and Blister* .slightly Mixed uii?Mr . Pluto iu u new Business. AN ITINERANT ACADEMY OK MUSIC. I'litlo on a Mu-uol Tour?An Impromptu Couucrt?The New York Eire Boy. TI E FIRE BOYS DJSir.L. E FfV E-^ St'/ENE WE-A STREET lN NKW YORK. Dlavottni' ami Sal'.Hclla Lool. in* lor iht Boys?A New Play in b'i Written?Tile Special Cot r.-sponUent and tho Fop once More?Two more Dupes. scknic stxin. THE PEERLESS POUT, OK WATER LtLIES, ASCENT OF THE GUARDIAN SPIRITS OF THE LAKE. ACT IKCOMIl. In which will lie Introduced a series of SLENDU' NKW I NION TAItLEAUX. T\BI.KAU MUST. SPIRIT OK .1 ACK SON ATTHK TOMB OK washington. TABLK ?u aw.wn. THE STAR OK THE UNION. TtHLEAC Taiitn. NORTH A VD HOUyu. IA?W.?r lY.C_i,r. V.v THE HANNKR IN THE ShX TAat.Kti; rirrn. BATTLE OK BUNKER HILL. taui.kau .sixth. AN EPISODE OK VALLEY FORGE. TABM'AV fff!Vf;.STir. itti or THE DEAfn OK Tilli REBEL 81'Y. TARMAC KlflMTn. NAILING t f 'i lli: KLAG. AN EPISODE OK THE REBELLION IN VIRGINIA. Tableii NIMH. THE STRUGGLE BETWEEN NORTH AND SOUTH. tabi.kau Tr.vrn. APOTHEOSIS WASHINOTON*AND UNION. ACT THIflrt? SCENE FIRST. INTRniOK or THE OP"KU TKK Mt'.-KtHf. A night reh'irsnl in full dress?The production of it Span ish ballet?A French i(aur.n)< master and hi* trlalo?The Seven Sisters h.i th -y wi-tf in S tvilie?After the charm^-The game of Who'a pot tin* Talisman?Popping Iho Quest.on?A chance tor an a nid"ous debutante?A start Hop denouement-^ ELOPEMENT OK THE SPANISH DANCERS. The fnhhagrr In a quandary?Dlavoliue to the rcacut?Im provisation of a Spanish daoseiisc?A Hew jfotlon of ber charmk?Tim Scene painter put to double duty?The Critic*? A perl net ealf? _ MRS. PLUTO Afl A SPANISH DANCER. A trifling disagreement between the principal*?A (rand Bpsnleh dance? XL ZAPADADE CALLAGA. BCKM'. SBCOMD? A VIRGINIA I.ASOSCAP*. CnflTc* la Uie Arullery?C?pu McGinnls and tho Emerald Green*. TnB RAW RECRUITS. A new nmnual exercise?On ward t> glory?Pluto In sear <4 of the talisman?A |>erempu>ry babes* xplnttm. SCHNM Til I HI)?KXTKUIOK Or HALBl The Plutonian family at home?More, folty?An unexpected revelation?'The boy* learn how they have been decelred? Mrs. Pluto and the ioo?qottoe?? Pluto in good humor? THE TALISMAN RESTORED. Pluto and rom)iany reunited?A mouatroua tine wimao?A fete cluunpetru. scsmii i.juit. THE GREAT WATTEAN SCENE or ARCADIAN NYMPHS Rerllning anions their flncka bv the MOUNTAIN TOUitENT OF REAL WATER. New mUMc by THOMAS BAKER. Alao OTertore, "Colleen ftawn" (ou Irlah 8lr>); Operatto Selection, "Nornia,'" and the popular LAURA KEENE WALTZ. D?>or? open at ; comment Inp >it 7,V Dread circle ae?U mar lx? aecured t<'n dayn In advance. Bowery tiif.atre. st1ckney S IaKEAT NATIONAL CTRCUS. ENTlltE CHANGE t^> PKOUKAM.ME. On MONDAY EVENING, Nov. IU, will Oe Introduced tbe following NEW FEATURES IN THE RI.VO Splendid cavalcade, " Foor Quarters of tile UJobe." Firm nppiMraiioe of Mlio. Caatello, ol North's Clraue, Chieapo. Klr-t ni?ht of Signer Sebastian'* Brldpe Leaping Art First arpcarance of the Handlcn aud flityden Hiotlien. F.riit app aratn:? of the gr> at Contortionist, Montcnule. Firm mphtol John Foster, as Clown. Besides the Horsemanship of Maater B. Stlckney, the brll liaut .irr al ^yiiinastics of W. K. Smith, L'E- nelle IVnileuse, and ail ih ? other preat feauby this unrivalled troujie. Prim ip I Clown and Jeiter. Joe I'entland llEltK CLINE. the preat Tight Rope i'criormer, laen gap. il, and will shor'.ly appear. Unceasino WONDERS. Al the Parisian Cabinet of Wonder* and Anatomy, BOB Broadway, ne?t door to Ball, Black A Co., New York. Just added to this large, superb and world lamed collection, ? p -rfeet freak of nature, a monster child v. ith two heads, four lejs and three arms. In conjunction with this Interesting si^'t.t tner>>sre ivonders of an unsurjiassahje and thrilling nature. At one plane- Is seen 1,70) parts of the human body. The Institution has hei-n pronounced by the many thousands who crowd to it ualiy to have a truly moral tf ndency. Lectures oally on interesting, scientific and pathological subjects. Of n for gentlemen only from ft) A. M. tiiili) f. M. A I mission 26 cent*. Swiss bell ringers?the last week; POSITIVELY. THE Al.LhGli aXIANS, VOCALISTS AND hWI vS BELL RINGERS, At nope Cbapel, 7^0 Broadway, Every ening thl* week MATINEE 8AT1.RDAY AFTERNOON, NOV. XL harplky s minstuels maice tiiliiTfirst-ap pearattce M U* MiiLVDttON to-ul^bc, Ivt UeHlUUAV'S bt uettW AMUMKMKSTS. Yy"ALLACK'S J _ Bmiilwar, mrner of Thirteenth street. ^^Hhkoui, Notice?Imtknukd cuahqk or Tuiil?Oil UMH TUfS EVENING, SttTli WUUC* W1" ?|,en *l < Vt"; 10h*'41" " SIXTH WEEK SIXIU WEE* or Tn? q f K.NQ 0a or THB MOUNTAINS. ^ \ g> KINO or TUB MOUNTAINS. ^ KINf? hi IJ KINO cf" OK I UK OK TUB OK IIIB ^ Mo UN IAIN'S. Mol'NTuNS. mountains. % ? & 9 KINO or TUB MOUNTAINS. & KINO OF THB ^ * MOUNTAINS. & - I, ^ \ ^>0 wrrn its beuttikul scenery, t 11 A I..M I N? J V.lNir IMOTURESOUK TAUI.K MIX, CHARACTERISTIC DANBINO A NO ARM TRAD I E ACTING. Pmr**.?Boxes mut Parotiet, 80 cm?; Private Boxe*. lit Oivl.r?(i a SuiIN. ft; !?'; mil. fir. le. :!!i eeuta. Doom open at 7; to begin at hall'-paat Nxw BOWERY TBBATML Hole I'rui i i "'>r< . Meexra. <1 L, Fi>* lad J. W. IJt|wA MONDAY, November 18, laul, Tie great IoihI ilr.mui <>r K \KT WOMEN OK THE MODERN TT.ME, Introducing the celebrated I'E't VI.K MINSTREL SCENE. THE I'i MALK MoCLKLi.AN HoUAVEB, THE COCKTAII> GUAKD:\ Ac., Ac. After which the iu'lll.' corned v of vouno v, idow. Concluding with d <? drama of DUMU GIRL OK GENOA. Bryants* minstrels, Mechanlca' Hall, 472 Hrondway, above Orand llreaC Monday, Nov. 18, uti'l ?."ri nil't rlurln : the week, SOIREE D'ETBIOPE, Interspersed with joke? aud cuoilralillea by the ftrorill Oroiutoa, DAN IIRYANT AND RPH HORN. S. C. Campbell In hU pleaa ntf bullada .iud Tyrolean kllon. THE RAW RECRUITS. I'ne gwlne d"?ii t? Washington To llcln lor Abnh >m'? d miner. TIN-PAN-ONION, OAT'S WHAT'S 1>K MATTBIt Lord Lnvel, P:?'>taiion Koativel .Se?nea, Carle il<* vndkm. Dooraopen ail>i. curtain rises atTtoketa B ttufc B ARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. GRAND PATRIOTIC ILLUMINATION In honor of the g.?rtou? nch'evements of <h;r navy and army, AT BEAUFORT, 8JUTI1 CAROLINA; <>f tue va' ant and !? NELSON AND HIS TROOPS la Kentoekr, an.I of th" nnhle ami heroic <t<*. ?l? of 'HIE UNION MEN OK EAST TENNEKSEB, all of which anil whoin have struck blows at rebellion m elorioiisly foreshadow THE RE.SIOKATION OK i'EACE, bv extending '? atrone ar>' o the constitution and law OVER TlIK ENTIRE TERRITORY OF THE I N1TBB STATES. MONDAY, November If). WiU be obaerve.j at tb.h gi and o'd National Mu?etim,?> A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. with muffniiiteni dramatic tierfonnanoet Roth AFTERNOON ami EVENING, At !land 7ic o'clock; anil in th? evm nit the _ MUSEUM WILL BE BKII.LIANTLY ILLUMINATEBk and a MAGNIFICENT DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS, on the top of the Mmetim, at 7 o'clock. _ _ Com", then, one and all, old anil young, aud jsta la MB recouniilon of the brilliant SERVICES OK OUR ARMY AND NAVY, and r-ioioe with os at the protnecUve DOWNFALL OP THIS INFAMOUS TREASON, and the re*t?r?t on of UNION. I'EACB and I'RO-.PERITYI All the brilliant attraction* of the place will bo foand,te? dudiog THE lIVINO niPPOrOXAMUS. m RIVER HORPE, From the rlrer Nile, In E?ypt, an anlmil eelebraU4 lH4Dk> iitenl and modern, M' red and profane hl? ory, THE GREAT BEHEMOTH Or THE SCRIPTURBB. who?i: lIkhiu i- size and hen nleau etremtth I* ligurMl by ebap. xV.t In tlieae word*: " He eateemeth Iron aa atraw, aam bran' ea rotton wood;" and who al*oaaya: "UPON THB EARTH THERE 18 NOT HIS UKBP* WHAT 18 1TI or. MAN MONKEY. And ALBINO FAMILY, Who close their exhibition here on thai day, aa they leave Bokiou on Tnewiuy, the I9'h. AIm> the MAMMOTH BEAR SAMSON, LIVING ELK P1IANT TURTLE, LIVING MONSTER SVAKES, LIVIM HAl'fY FAMILY, GRAND AQUARIA, abounding with II*. lnK Fi?h of tho moat rare aud itlterjlttllg apec.en, and a nib lion other Curloalitea from nvenf Quarter of the globe; tliiea that new and unlvernaUt aTmlrnd Drama, THE ANGBT OF MIDNIGHT, which b*abeen ,vett4 M <*r?wd?d Mfl AdsalMtntt to *1IjMnj|)W: 'Uliuiep uodw ten, 19 aOOLBY'S MINSTRELS (LATE OFNlBLO'S SAtPDOlb |jtuy veNant Hall, 6M Broadway, oppoalte Bond atreal. Monday evonl^ N^^l^aiiij during the week. rox, on'Fruj, heed and'qbaM, la Dew acta und featurca. Oiillln, Gray, Melrlhe and lowe in new Songa, XVi'ts au9 Choruaea. LOOK AT THE NEW FEAtURES. YALB COLMiUE AND ITS STUDENTS, THE TWIN BROTHERS, THE THREE FAIRIBS, BARBARY ALLEN, SALLY, UOMB OP. New Songs, Acta. Dance*, Burl'-a^uea, Ac., Ac. Doors open at b>?; to commence at t\. Broadway music hall. ?8.'l and 485 BKOA hway, ?S and tm OPENING OV THE WINTER CAMPAtO NEW ATTRACTIONS. NEW attractions ORE AT At'UMENTATI'N OF T/lenf. quadruple COM KIN \tion. _ BALLET, PANTOMIME. OPERA, Bl'RI.ESQO*, MIRTH. MUSIC, MELODY. The oomrauy now attached to this establishments k-UW icdgedui^ LAn0RST and most talentkd FORM SN?U?IV?J ^dIFERENT DEPARTMENTS. THE ethiopian COMPANY, TUB PANTOMIME TROUPE. THE CORPS UK TKRP?ICnORB, TUB ovmnafttio ARTISTS^ AND THE MUSICAL hkpartmfnt, each unilcr Us nppropi-lnUi head, and the whole under Immed.ate ?"l-rvf.U.n of u TnouNE. First nlgbt of Paul Br,UantT. Ith new Scenery, Drcssci, aud lu ?' ' ji?TP|ilaPP_.?c. ? ? ' M IBS ERNESTINE DE FA IBMt, MLLE. KATARINA, LIZZIE BCBVhVUL and ~ ~THB 0REAT BALLET TROUPE. THE CARO FAMILY, THE CARLO FAMILT, In ihtir gr- ii scene if Tom'il ng Posturing. Ac. i' IE broadway Ml >STKELS, RILLY BIRCH. J. A. HERMAN, HUN TOTTOt M. AINSLEV hCOTT, D. PRK E. J. MKKKB, ii> m'W h'jnj;*, Oleex.Chonises and Operatic Burlc? juml TONY PASTOR, the best C'imic Singer iii America, la new Sung*. Ac. Lust three night* of THE APE OP BORNEO, a* ii mint III* wlthrtifltvn to give p.nc: tu the grand Mythrtl?, filial, Infernal, Diab'lln,) Cornloal, Dcmonlacal. Magical aatf Multlfo I'- I Pantomime of THE FIEND <>F TUB BURNING LAKE, calling Into requisition the vast resource! of this immm r&uiblismnniil anil the erviuea < f ihe whole ' a. v. ROBERTW. SUTLER, SoleL-M* Mons. LA THORNE, Manager. I National Mugfc hall, ' O-ato Ch?t!i*ia Theatre). KXTRAORWNARY SUCCESS EXTBAQJUUttABY SUCCESS OF THE NEW ESTABLISHMENT. NOT AN INCH OF ROOM TO .SPARE. NO SEATS OR STAN DIM) ROOM TO HE HAD AT LEAK! 600 PERSONS UNABLE TO (JAIN ADMIT TANCE. CATTSK Th<> style In which the limine ta fitted up, the manner la which uifuir? are conducted and t'i? IMMENSE COMPANY ENGAGED. Noli the following names:? Bignor ABECCO, A. M. TTERVANDHL BOB HART. W. N. SMITH. DICK WATKINS, BOBBY WILI I IMS, C. ( ONSTANTtNE, DICK MaR^S PAUL BEUUER, FRANK SPEAR, L. MARTIN. HILLY .IESSLHU8, TUB C1REAT TROUPE OF HYM.fAsT-. ASHTON, UOGKR8, DE VERE, PElTEJUt STARK. WILLIAMS, thompson, And the celebrated JAMES MADIOAN Who Id the course of the evening throw* a DOUBLE SO MERSAULT. Al?o th? unrivalled Danseusca, Mile. WHKI.PLEY. Mile. WALBY. Mile. A. JOHNSON, Mlie, ROSALIE, Mile. CAROLINA, Mile. LOUISE, and twenty other* In the ballet*. ELLA WHITE anrf M. FRANCOIS In new drens cverv night. FOX & CURKAN, Proprietor*. \TOYBLTY.?MEET ME AT THE novelty CONCERT IN 11.01. 616 Broadway. un Saturdnjr cie nng. Di> k aiad the poodle will bo there. Bring a muzzle wit i yon. si1andarac. MISS DORA DAWRON (LATE OP BARNUM'S Ma' - <-nin > tinga to-nlghi at thi> MELODEON, lor McMile LAN'S Benefit. IiUtBB AND EASY AT THE HOUSE OP COMMON* to night: Mr. Watts In the chair, eupjioricd by Jumper Michael*, Boh Smith and a grand combination of talent. N. B.~The great English tenor will not be there. Don santiaoo oibbonnaise has kindly yo lunteered for MCMILLAN'S Benefit, to-night, at tte MKLODEON. "llfANTED?A second HAND MAHIC LANTERN, OP 11 from two to three hnndred magnifying jniwer. Adjree* C. H. Harrey, Striker's lane, Flfty neuund ?treet. A?3TORS wanted.?A DRAMATIC company IB w ?n'' d tor * short nt HprinnflBld *rul conimcuclnu Wcinrsdajr ftvonmg, Nov. HO. Appiy 4. T. |,ar>i )rU, 16 E w-^t >n ?t. CaptainVilliamV-wnAUN0 votaoe. Hope Chan.-!, 73U B oa lway, every evening at 8 o'eiook, Wednesday and Satif-I y afiermxni, at 3 o dick. Admission 35t-ents, cbiKtres i.t cents. The continental old folks will sino at re* J.LCuyler's church iBtookljn), on Tuesday e*cmnfc Norcmfier m, IML r o LIVlNvi WHALES AT JONES' WOODS, EA3T rtrerauil olity-uf.h street. AdauMlonM wbm, ChlV drsn under ten, U cent*