19 Kasım 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Kasım 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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tlie latter place more readily at tho morey of Iho I'a ducah lorcos. 11 is w II 10 state Just liero thai tlio plau of tho movement was kept a societ I'roin eveu the officers commanding thesuv?rftl divisions, and < u Sunday whoa Oglesby's troops J.ti't for Hloomtl<dd, iio <>n? la Cairo kn w or <1. earned of an anticipated attack upon any point down tho rivor. Consequently I wont with Colonel Oglcsby through iho swampsof MissouiI ui>"? what seemed to bu the only expedition at hand from which an action tnnt'l bo expected. J shall not worry your r< adois with a (Val, of tho march f.?-m m;.'.'co, J on tho river, through liio jungles and (isinei-scn of thu groat Mingo or Nigger W'olsw.i.npihow wo h el to cut now roads through drear fo; csts andovortia kless marshes; how we had to hi i g < si" uhs. and rh ers, and ponds and lakes; bow we-s iliu mt lor want of water or shook with agues ei gondered hy tho foul miasm is and cxlmlatIons incident to swamp camping; li"W we w.idod through mud and sand, over logs and tluough brarabl a. All thi -earo things which ran only ho appreciatod by those who en dured them Suffice it to say that wo wont through, after four days of hard marching a: d weary labor, ouly to tlud itloomlii Id deserted by tlio rebels who ha t heard of our appron h ami iiicontlnietiy tied to the swamps in the di rection of Arkansas. Wj reached lilot.mll <id on Ihurs day morning, and aftor halting for a short rest of one night, started on Hrlday for Capo Girardeau to rotuin to Cairo. We reached tho Capo this morning and thero learn ed of the liattle of iielmoul. 1 Immediately cume down from Cairo. NEWS FROM QEN. HUNTER'S DIVISION. WITHDRAWAL OF THE MAIN ARMY FROM SOUTHWESTERN MISSOURI. OUR JtlS.SOllU COKKiUrONDltNCK. Rou.*, Thelps Co., Mo., Nov. 13, 1861. Mtvemnti of Tnops in MiisrwriSecresv -f Plana in Pu tun Ujurations?tyrimfietd to be Aban Umed?Policy of the Kebcl GenerttU?Probable Concemtra1inn of Trnopt at St. Lov.il, RotU and Jqj'trion City?Canisn/ts to It Main tain d at th*M Point*?Peeling of the Pe nile in the Sottlk mmt?Crt ditabU Conduct of the Troops?1>tin ted Condi Won qf Vie Country?IH:pi iiiion of the T/oojz?The Spe cial ArmyCorre*i4?uienti I'nlrOtnmrUrd, <tc. Long before you rocelvo this tho telegraph will have informed you that on Saturday Ian three dlvlsious of tho Army of tho West marched north from Springfield, iu the direst ion of Sodaliu and Tipton, and that Siege! and As both's divisions took ih>kIU< n noar tho old battle ground on Wilson's creek, leaving the command of Acting Brigadier General Wyman in occupation of tho t?wn Itself. The orders of the portion that marohod to tho north gavo them direction, to proceod to Warsaw, on the usage, aud thero await further commands, General Hunter not revealing any o his plans for the future. Iho supposition was generaf that we were to fall back to th - lino of railway and go thenoe to St. Louis, with a view to operations down the rivor. General Hunter received oriiois from Wash, lngton In regard to the oonduct of atfairs in tho Western department, aud among th>se orders was one for tho withdrawal of our tro-i* from Foutliwoat ilissonii and their ooncoiitration at s me central and available joints. It will bo a wiH'k or more fr. m tho time of starting before the advance ot tho army reaches tho railway , and by the tirno that shall arrive tho division left ut japl uij; field will be ou its Way, giving up Iho couutry to the Contedorates. Geuei aUVymau's orders were to remain there until the sick were ubiu to bo inoved when ho w is to take them in cliargo aud march either to uoi.a or Sodalia, at his option, loavmg tstegel an I Asloth s divisions to bung op the rear. The physicians at the hospital reported that tho patients co da no moved by Thursday or frltlay of ibe p esont week and n.'ess General Hunter has issued now orders, or th relief liuve made a hostile demonstration refill ing an earlit r de parture, you may cusidor SprlugUe.d abandoned by tho 16th of the present month. It has b' en asoortaiuod through reliable sources that tho orders from Iticlimoud to|i.cue;.il i'rice are t , aniua ? ' and dally with our at my a* much as possib e, aua to draw it well into the nuenor, whore II could ouiy lie s tp ported at immense e\p*^n^o, but net to on^age ,i in l>%ii,e uuless certain cf suei ess. ttcau ica.iily be Men it at tho policy is to koep hs many <u pu;s;ble ot oui trooi*, away from the sceue of operations ou theMissi sipt i aud at l>oliits whoro they c >u|d not bj readily withdrawn for use elsewhere. That General Price did not intend l<> litht wasshowuby his falling back whenever our rorcos ad vanced. Two days before the main body or the army loft Sprir>lleld tho rebels fell back fioui Cassvilie, a distance of eight mils, to Uiar the Arkansas lino, aud ror several days they had been engaged in devastating Stone co.iuty alo:,g t!ie Kayette ville road, to prev. nt our array from following them with rapidity. Hay, corn and other fodder belonging to Union men was burned in the stnek or in the Uc!d, and in some Instances houses, and all tli-y eoutainod, were destroyed In oue township the property of rebels wus burned to prevent it being nseu by our troojis, but thu owners were reimbursed tor their lossrs. Ufcoursou wool | bo utterly nni>ossible to pre? ent tho army from marchinir by reasou ofai.ch devasuti. ns;but it could bo much-Im peded, so that it would never lie able to overtake the iiee ing rebels unless tho latter were willing. The policy to be pursued will doubtless be Hie conceu tratiou of the army at1. Ixiuis, ana tho occupancy of I Rolla, Jailers..n City aud I Ilot Knob,a-? [Wriuiuieut uLti sons, each of wheh can suddenly be streVih ened whenever threatened, and will not re.iuire an enormoi s outiay for trunsporlatiou over tho feartuliv bad wagon roads ot Missouri. The voluntary relinquish munt of the Southwest Is of little ouseipienco iu a st a teglo point of view, as it will hardly be occupied by a large rebel force whon demonstrations are ma ;e uuon Memphis and other ;?dnts on the Missiysippl. Iheurin clpal thing to deplore is the annoyanos to whu h our I nlon friends in that soetion will agaiu bo subject at the hands of the rebob, gr. ater, porh ijis, than during our ?bandonment of thu co.mtiy aftor tho battle of August 10. With the main boily of our a< my at t-t. Louis |u alaad of tho interior ot tue .State, we can strike at short notice down the rive, whenever deemed propor, aud as t P01,1* 1 Ujv" ""uod to be garrisoned are tu; ceMlul? oj railway, reluforcemcota and mipp2i?>8 cannot be long In reaching ttiern in esse of a threatened nttack About noon of tho Bth, learning that there was no oros C?ir tYer?^ahaUlowl,h lh8 rebels, I left Spring. Id ror a horseback ride to tnis point, over oue hundml ?nd twenty one mi.es or the worst road in the world 1 acoomplished ths disune* in two and a half days re*ch l^,ltoU?& *?(ote yesterday,,nan extreme;^' 2P , ?rny had commenced moving to the Worth but three ttoars before I took my departure y. t ro#d knew or its marclTand from ?*?'7 house I was eagerly interrogated as to the proapecti ve nadactual condition of things intho.South Wtal. It needed but a word or two with a man to deter uine for myself on which side he was v> be tonnd un. lew partioular care was taken to assume a dlsvuiae' t> moet instances the inhabitants favorable to the rebel "on Showed no foar of the Union trootw To* iMdlng thai, beyond stealing a few pigs aud ddckSS" they did not take any thing that was not paid for and no dtvWi?al* for ent0| tainiag the most radl cal Southern sympathies Tho Cuion ts.'ple, on tho c?l. Imj. maalfostejkthe greatest consternai i<?n lest our ar my should abandon ihe country, and m< st of them dn ?Ur*lthey should bo forced to leave shouhl the itouth weal again go into the hands of the rebels. It Is a com Boa remark of tho rebels of Missouri that titer ?re safe in any ovent; that tneir own army auarn then, while it plunders from Union mnn.uj (hat the ??*SB.?fmT ? miBdful ?f l?w and order to Interfere With Uwrnoet active traitors. On General Kremonts ***** tron llptoa to Sprlngfiold he took whatever rrtiel nroperty waa required by the army, and Genersl Hunter wJS? "noun<M>d the pohcy the day before I loft What the new commander, Geo. Ilalleck, wiU do, is not known. On the road from Springfield to Rolla at least half tho hotiaea are deserted, the lamillo. having fled through fear ?Of mideetation. from hair the remainder the men were thaeut In the two contending armies, leaving their farms ) run to waste. At one house where I diucd I found a pleasant lady, with an interesting family of six children and everything about the premises indicating orosneritv On my asking if her husband was at home, she replied m tha negative, with that peculiar intonation that clc son all further questioning. I subsequently ascertained tliat h" bad been the entiie summer in the ranks or the rebel *"7' .Md,"pire'* to,uo hi?hw !>? sition than that or ? private soldier. The lady was bitter in hor au:m >sity towards "the Dutch," who, as she averrod, stole every thing they could lay their bauds upon, even taking from women and children everything needed for their suste nanoe or clothing. Interrogating her closely, i fo,ind they had appropriated several of her chiokons at the time of the retreat from Springfield. She said of Gen Slegel that he could hardly speak a word of Knglirih ?nd was utterly unable to give a military command ex ?apt la Dutch. My assertion that he si^ke our languw as well as tha host ot us astonished, but failed to <m>vjace her. Hare was ouly a specimen of the Ignorance prevalent among the better clsss of women In Missouri. It was not long since that I apparently intelligent rebel female ii Ver?i *?d in such ? "ninner statomlent^ sincerity of her ** ?"'i* >? at present In the command or Col. G. M. Dodge, of the Fourth Iowa, an abla and efficient flloor. Col Dodge Is busily engaged In p^tinTCt Wyman, which commands the town and tha country ground within range of its guns, in a finished condition he force here is adequate for the protection of tho m"1'!!.**!?. Is 111 ** condition. CoL s ! Uoyds regiment, which wss raised from ound* miTi at0? SI'nD?,leld <wd the country ? wn ^m^r.. fbr tho last mentioned ?re andlpr'^M^rt lir ?D the '!n# of ro*d betweeu d been irlnud tSl" ?,? m I met several who the way and repmKhem t Uk'U<I lh*tr own ,km# ngfield, a UiW ^e'nselvcs on a ccrUln day in ..ritses to sell it at public anr!u?? . Q>t<**1 lhe prineeds to t nion punX? U> n>wr0w' *** '??? npeeial to tho World ot th? i'i.k - " rrlends controlled the tha' f>e ?. and that tho ntiarhr J' ti . il c?rr?,ll?odents In he author or bogus despatch.-. rL..,'0'1"' "T^i'an a. my concerning F^ont . l" ,h* fc*liug Ibere was novo,- any attomntMllV*111 r*'sc ?owledge, to iufiuen.e a memb?Wlthin I Ireinont s camp,and as r.w?h!* ? l'r^* in ? ruHican ridlnn and livinc at m^*:'1'0lJd',Dt ^ eivert the same i?urtoki? sxtetfded to .n1"11"' hc llohemian Brigade," o?,.ii?n,? i0*11; rdonts and arlists was fi n,, v, 1 el8hlOr ten which ?* h mnn gavo'hU ; , ^ n yr partiality was -ho"wn the oo^tV^Vx " .ugh some of tli;; reporters were strong ho Path finder. Tho ,A? 0 J* 0 way treated dilferei,t(v from the ,,th, m i* n Itohemlan Bng.le, and for the last ten du s t.v of tho army In Springfield, rodo.. horse loan d ? your coiresi<oni!enl. u dos,uitches of tho K ivblirnn carresjv.nderil are 1 '.y taets. and can be abundantly proved ir.h,. I? ?r T% ?Ti BWcrid ^ Pick r h?udful of mud and try agilu. SITlTATH>!*S WA\TRD?FEMALES. A SITUATION Yt'ANTF.D?1'T A YOUNO WOMAN, A3 ehanibernialrf and wnltreaa, In ? private family. To hh.b trouble nil nilntri mi need u^pljr. t'un xlve the l?l of elty reference from ber IhhI place. Cum lie aeeu uuill nulled ?t 12ri W it .17th at., between 7th and Sib am. \ RITUATirm ?AfTBD-BY A RKHI'KOTABI.K PER J\. wn. nn l( dyV: rSMtWIUIlieu. Can bu tciu thia week at 02 Went 21st A A SITUATION WANTED^** ? 5BAT, TIDY YOUNO girl, in do ulntmberwork anaOTUl in thu wadilng i.ml Ironing or l>'.aln aewlag; no objection lo go a sbuit di.uu.e In the country. Addreaa 141 Wet.128th St. A SITUATION WANTfeD?BY A VERY COMPETENT woman, hh etiamlicrtnatd and laund i ft**; nnUcriUaudi taking < ?'?. ?f ch 1 In n i,nd |ln.n vkiui. ileal of city refe rence. Can ha wen foi two daya at 109 Weal lKtb at., be tween (ilh und 7tb ava., Ural Itoor, front room. AVROTKSTANT OIRL WANTS A KITl'ATION AS chambermaid and lo do fine waalllng or plain netting Die best of i lly relerencK >r >in ber la?l place. Call for two daya at 3d uv? near lotli at. A TOUMO OKRMAN LADY, Sl'KAKINO 1NQLIHH, of good education and uiputile of taking entire charge of a honaehol l, wl?hea to I,ml a unliable aliiiailon, where nb? would be tientnl ai one of tli ? f.unily; will ^Ite Hint claaa reference. Addic-a M O., liox S.947 l*o?l oIIUm. ABITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WO man, to do *< n 'ral hoimework In a tiade-onan'a family; iindeiatamla l ooking, "a^iilng and iioiilngi la a good linker nf l ri-i.il; liavini: no lrlenda, wIII co for mo ierutc wagea. ('ail at No. ItAiWcet 17th at., In iho rear, between 8tb and <jtii aveiinei, ARKHPIU.TAB&E WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION a* urat claaarook; haa ti n beat ot clljr reference. Call for two daya at lJSMlli at., second floor, room 8. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE youiiK tflil, aachan.liei n.ald ?nd waltn na; l.eni ? ity re. ference from her laat plaiv. Call lor two dnyaatl">l Eaet Jsib at., b 't?een 2 I and .kl ava., llrat lloor, ba k rooin. ARE8PECTABLE PROTKflTANT YOUNO WOMAN wlahea a aituatiou; la a nrat ritlc cuok and baker; makea alt kinda of paatile* and Ji'illea; nu ohjeclkin to aiclhtla wuib in.; ami Irouint; beM reference from ber laal pbice. Apply ivt I8 8ih nr., for two daya. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS Coo ! look, n aalii'r and lroner, or would go ua laundrena; beat city reference If idiulrcul. Call fur two daya at 162 7lh av., near2.Mli ct,. 111 at lleor, front room, weal. A SITUATION IS WANTED-BY A YOL'NO MARltlED mitu of mlu< at!ou and busjneea qualllicutlona; he can f urul-ii uiidoiil 1' il re eiencen a? to ? h '.meter, Ac. Addreaa J. E. t> , box 2, v?. New York Post ollli e. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT ainurM-; Is a good plain anwer and beautiful embrol dereaa, and willing lo take entire ebarge of a baby from ua Inrih; city relercncc. A|i|?l> .a 490 Oth av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO enok, waali ami Iron: i* w lllmg ami obliging; h:ia good i lly reierei oApply for two daya al 40 :i2d ?t., between 4th mid Madlaoa uvea. A FIRST 0LA8S COOK, WASHER AND IKOVBR wi-,hea it situation in a private family. Good city refe. r< n?>. Call at 14& Slat at., between 7th aud Bth avea., Urat lUtor. A I A A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A3 FISHT J\ rate laundrt a.? or a*?!?;imbermalil aud waitress. Ctly reierouces. Aj j 1> ut 34 Knsox ?t., front b .senu ?it. PKOTKSTANT OIHL WISHES A SITUATION AS hiun'^niiiiki or to luk.r care <?! chiliiron ; ih kln t aiui I'^ng. Can ho hi in a> hrr pn w?nt rinployor'a, 2U) Wcat , iltiril liou-*'* east ot bill avr., ior throe day a. 8 OKNKKAL JIOU.^KWOUKKH.?SITUATION WANT _ J, by u wi'I! re- oiiiiueiuit'd. williuu arid obliging woman, 11 ify or co ,i t y, aa ? Q ? ?<. wimlier ana ironor, or to d?? g no r11 houRowi ri.; i>? n ivic .ok, hakor Atol tirat rate lamulroaa: tal.trv nut ao miiiu ,m TR jCt- i ua a good home. Call at 378 Mh uv. A SITUATION WANT?- D?BY A B88PECTABLB ^V. y'lin,,' woman, a gmal c ??k, waah^rand lr??noror to do ??? neial houa?*wo?k Iti a pifvato Jainilv; l?eat of ?Icy rrforonoo from lo r lafct jl ice. C an Ue m oii l'or two il.tjs ai 3??'J \\ oat 17th at. 4 CLEAN, HEALTHV YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A ;\ Mtuiition ae wt t nurao, or will t iki* a haby to her own boom* t>> nurao. Hei own 1 a' y 1h t!ir? o montha oil. Call at thr corni-r of liond au.i Doilylua ata., liiookiyn. A SITUATION WANT KI>?BY A TRUSTWORTHY jl V 'ony woman who la .votl o?jiabb* of taking oliarge of an iniunt, and ia neat in her habtta; omi give th* b'htofro \a .'1-no a plaiu aewer. t all at 4166th ave., bo !f?tl? a??d 26tn iti, AUESPLCTABLE YOUNG Woman WANTS A BAJIY t W'-i nui M' a* h?*rowi? rogidon ? , 307 Woat 31*t at. ;|:he boat of relet t uco. Can bo aeeu tor two daya. AS TIATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO no gt-neral Inmai wot k, or etiamb* w ?rl? and pl.iiu aew Ing; ha^ the brat of iity reierence. Cau u? *ion at l?i Wont 26ih at., fOi- two da\a. AWPICTABU YOVWQ woman WANTS A 8SIV. ation; i? a hr<i data waaiirr and tronrrand gom'ial houseworker; ia willing to do any kind of work. Call at M)7 Weel 3iat at., nearUth av., lor two daya. Yory boat n feroute tor ai*von yeura, A SEAMSTRESS' SITUATION WANTED?IIT A HE hpcct ibie \oung Ionian, in a |?rh*ste family; would be willing to asaiat iu chumtorwork or ju tie t arc or children. Heat relVmjcc from iant place.. ( nil at 372 bill nr. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KK8PECTABLE young woman, hs mua<", ia competent to take the i n lire charge of an Infant from It* birth; or Would do chain : crwork and waiting; K'Kni city reference. C*ll for two days nt 113)f 7th a v., between Itith sud Itfih ata., second lloor, back room. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CIIAM berinuld or wuitl"?l; Is i:i>in|ielent ami wliliug to lake rare of children; best of ivfrrt nee. Cull at Vai irk at. A SMART YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as cook, washer and ironer, or would do genet al house work; hs* lived many years In Iter lust place. Cull lor two ilafn at 114 Butlpr at., Brooklyn. A DRESSMAKER WISHES TO GO OUT BT THH DAT to work; can cutund Hi ladles' p rfrctly, would have no objection to reside ai seamstress ?nh a family, or irar. L Address for one wrek, K. K., at 212 it avc. ARESIECTAHIK WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS tir?i class cook; haa no objection to assist In washing and Ironing; beat of city reference trom her last place. Can be seen at i;8 East 23d at., tetweeu 2d and 3d aves., for two day. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNO girl, aa nurse and seamstress; haa been sccusUimed to the care of voting children; or would do ehnmberwork an I sewing; owlug to ihangea In th.: family her servles we:o not required, i all at or address for two days, 2UU Bast i6.h at., between lat and 2<l arc*., third Door, front room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRI, WISHES A situation aa chambermaid or waitress in a private fam ily; ha* beat of city reference. Call at 2to We?l 29th at. A SITUATION WANTED AS NURSB OR LADY'S maid: understands liair dreaslug and dressmaking, or wonld do chamberwork If required; beat city reference. Call at US Knat 20ib at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa wait' r and cl>aml<erinaM, or to do chamberwork, waahing and Ironing; the beat of dly reference. Can be aeen for two days at 106 Knat 26th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CHKL WANTS A 8ITUA lion an dues.-maker and seamstress; haa r.o objection to do chamlierwork; l.aa the beat of city reference. Can bo acen for two days at 124 West 26ili at. AS WAITRESS ?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A VERY competent young woman, aa wattreaft, or would do cham berwork und waiting; no objection to city or country; the rery beat of city reference eun be given. Can be aeen for two daya at 212 West 2jih at. A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO the work of a private lamlly, which ahe fully understands in all Its branches; no objection to go a abort distant *' in tlie country. Can be aeen at 191 42d at., between Sth and 1 top Door. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A VERY RE8PECTA ble middle aged Roman, aa gom1 plain cook, washer and Ironer; la an excellent baker ot bread; or Would do the general hnuaework of ? small family, llaa no objection to go a ahort distance In the country. Han the beat of city re Terence. Call until engaged at 171 Eaat 11th it., between a vs. A and B. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO hnuaework in a private family; ih a good washer ami ironer and a ^ood plain oook. OooH city reference from tier laat place. Can be aeen at 47 6th at., between 1st ait-1 2d ava. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO chumberwoik and waiting, or to take raro of children anil do plain sewing, or would do housework In a small family; no objection to the country; good ci'.y reference given. Call for two days at 199 15lh St., between lat and 2d ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG JV girl, 18 years old, to do np stairs work or take care of children aud make herself generally usulul; la w illing nnd obliging. Call for two days at 199 lath si., between lat und 2d avs, A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid, or to general housework in a small pri vate family; good reference from her last situation. Call at No. 7 Clymer at., Williamsburg. A8ITUATI0N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man, aa first clata cook; one who perfectly understands her business In all lta branches; cuu give the best of city re ferences from some of the first families In the city, t all at 145 West 17th st., between 7th and fitb uts. Can be seen un til engaged. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?IN A PBIVATE family, by a competent woman, aa first -Ian nook. She understands ail kinds of soups, tiab, meats and poultry made dishes and game; a grest variety of lcea and jellies; has lived with some of the beat faun ilea In the city; beat of re ferences a* te character and ability. Call at 83 East 15th st A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES TO EN gage with a family as seamstress; understand* dress making, cutting and Suing lor children, sliirt making, Une e- 'vlng, can do up babies wardrobes neatly, and would at teui to a gruwItjjehlM if required. City reference. Can be seen at ?M Broadway, between UKh and 19th als, in the phi losophic .I toy store, .or two days. A GOOD, HONEST GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO JX. do ? neral housework. Call at 110 East 23-1 st. Good reference. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation to do housework In a small family; is a good plain cook anil a hrat rate washer and ironer; lias the best of city lefercnee from her last place. Call at 130 8th at., near Sth av , s-cood lloor, bark room. A NEAT, CLEAN, RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS a situation to cook, wush and iron, or do the housework of a small family; luu good country reference: moderate wages lor the sake of a nice home. ( all for tw o d..j a at 141 Wa^ungion st. AN AMERICAN OIHL WISHES A SITUATION AS nurse nd seamstress, or (liamia luiaid and waitress. fail for two dnys .it 37 Slant in st A H WAITRK8F?WANTED, A SITUATION. HV A t 7, >?? H private faiu ly. No ohj -eiiona ) , and Ironing or chftm' erworlL t'sii lor > ? i?)m ; i M) \S 14th at., i?rai tloor, front room. AS ,M:"SMM) SRAMSTRESS.?A SITUATION VV VNT at for I li Idri 11 slid i- r" *>?",'?"????' woman; can cut and do emhi''dert \Yry i a^'h"1 f'.T ?r"*1" to cat a . MV .udcfmnciv (.%,? ^ Ul> a. WI i-st lX\n::Vn Sd'fnV^ ^(fr,f0fc,r.';,S SITUATION* WASTED-FKMALES. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANT8A SITUATION AS iam clans laundress, or to do ehamberwork uinl flna washing and iron.lie liaa no objection to ma lug heraoif general y useful If required: the i>e,t of city referecces trom n?r last place. Call at 6V West 16th at., between Cth and 7tl> av*. A'MIDDLR AOED COLORED WOMAN WANTS A Situ ation?Who la accustomed to oooktng In Urge boarding houses ami hotels; wm bmtwhl up at ('old8prlnj(, L. I.; bin no objHci on to do general housework. Best of city refe i?noH cun tie itlvcn. Call at 79 2Mb at., between 6th and 7tb avs., In tbe rear. ARE8PBCTABLB YOUNO GIRL WANT8 A SITUA tlnn .la chambermaid and w alter, baa no objection to do general housework in a ?nmll family. Beat of recommends lion. Call at l!>7 7th av., near 23d at., second Ik or, back room, for two days. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION M i himheriiiuld aud to take care of children; ia a nlro plain newer: ha? lived lu her lust pin. ? for ten yeara. Call at l'.iO 21st st., between 1st and 2d ava., top Boon "IITANTED?A SITUATION, ltY A RE8PECTABI.E TT girl, !0 do general houaework; ta a good plain cook, w.i?bcr and .ron. r; good city refeieuce. Can be aeen for two daya ut lij Weat 24tb at., aecond tloor. WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA tlon us cook and laundress or chambermaid In a pri vate family. Mull at her la'c employer's, with whom abe baa lived three yeara, 219 Adaina at., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO coek, wulb and iron; lived for alx yeara with laat em ployer: would preier a auiall family: be?t of city reference given. Address left Slat at., two or throe doom fro* 2d ave WANTEO-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OfKL, A altuatlon aa cook and to asalst in tbe washing and Iron ing, If required. (Jo..d city n-fereuue from her laat place. Can bo aeen at 1,2*4 Broadway. WANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid; baa noobjeorinnto the care of children; baa two yeara' reference from her laat plan-. Call at No. 1 Lawrence at-, Brooklyn, for two dc.yn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a baby to uurs? at her own residence, 90?j Hick* be tween Paciiic nud Amity ata., Brooklyn, Uret door, back room. ? WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB girl, aa chain lermaid and waiter, or will do houae work lu u small lauiily. Can giv0 good city reference. Call for two ilaya at i12 Concnrd at, in the basement, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL. AS chamocrmaid and waitress. (iood reference given from her laat place. Call lor two days at 227 av. A, Ural Hour, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BESI'EtTABLE young wumam, to do general bona, work; ia a i;ood washer and irouer and &ood plain cook. Beat city roferencn from her bint plate. Cau be aeen until eugageU at Utf York at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO PROTE8T ant Kirl, us lady's maid; la an excellent hairdressr and acanutr. as' can cut and lit ladles' dresses; hita no objec tion to travel. The moat unqualified testimonials ulvt n aa to character and capai.llity. Apply ut th ? olilcc oi Dr. Burns, No. 9 Hudson place, Ikih St., o. twi en 9tb and 10th art. WANTED-BY A PERFECT SEAMSTRESS AND EM broiderer, a situation aa acamatres.1 and to do light cbambrrwork or tako care of growing obildren. Beat >li v rcforcuoo given. Can l>e seen lor two days at SI West lOin at., where she has lived four yeara. WANTB1X-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do the geueral houaework of a small family. 0kat of city reiercme given. A| ply at t>2 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. WAN I'ED?BV A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA* lion aa plain cook, Good city referenoe given. (Jail at Ul West 19th at., lirat Ihair, back rootn, fur two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIItL, AS cbambeimatd and nurse, or to do general houaework. Beat ol city reference. Call at 163 Weat 3Jd at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PltO u-atant woman, to rook, wash and Iron; understands family oa^ln ;; no o..(< ctiou to the country. Call for two daya at 169 V> cat Ki ll at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO 01RL, AS ni.r*e mid seamstress, or to do chamber'work aud wait lug; aj'C.il.a German and English; i an do ull kinds of needle work. ('all at 2l/S Eaat 12th at., near lat av., top Uoor, frout lOolll. WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS chambermaid und waitress; best of city ruleremo tlven. Address lor two days at her present employers, No. Itlo West i4t.li at. \XT ANTED?A SITUATION", BY A COMPETENT YOUNO TY woman a* dressmaker and Seamstress or 1 irly'a raaid: ahe understands her business, la of amiable disposition and will!iti'. to make heraclt useful; the beat city ruiercncc given, (.'all for two ilaya at 33 West 12ib st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO AMERICAN gnl juat from tbe country, to do housework. Call ut 4SH 8th avenue. IVTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON, A SITUA TT linn <i.s cock; has no ubjct lIon to asais. v? ith the wuuli iitgan.l Ironing in a private lunniy; csu produce the best of city ri i' rem i*. Call lor two days u nut eu^aced, ut East Warn u m., South Brooklyn, lias lived many years In her 1 .at p:.?-?? WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS experienced >o >k <>r Unit olu?? laundress. Call lor two .lays at ner pres. nt employer's, 26 Eaat 13ih at., between University place und 6.h av. "\\J"ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS TT experienced chambermaid snd waitress, t all for two days in her present employer's, 26 Eaat l.iiti at., between University |-:a e and ith av. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED YOUNO MM,a baby lo wet nurse at her own InMmk*, To Have trouble, nobody ueed apply without the beat of city re ference, as tho rams will b? (lien. Apply at 48 Molt at., near Bayard. WANTED-BY A WOMAN, A SITUATION AS PRO le.-aodcook; she undir-tands all kind* of French and English cooking, suppers ani .llunei a served In tho latent manner; taa superior pastry cook, deascrts, Ac., and a supe rlor housekeeper. H. si of reference from the nrat families. Call at 181 East 17tb at., between lat and 3d a**. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A COMPETENT, RE apectabl ? girl, as chambermaid and waitress: would bo w llling to usi-lat In the washing. A|>ply at 23 Washington place, where she haa been living lor six yeara. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tiou na chambermaid and waltreaa or would lake cant of children mid do plain aewing. Beat or city reference. Call at 2J8 Eaat 12ih at. WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED PERSON, A SITU allon In a respectable private tamllv; can cut ladies' and children's dresses; or would do ligLt chamberwork and line washing and Ironing. Beit of city reference. Can at 7'J TiUary at., Brooklyn, for two day a. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A STTUA tion aa chambermaid and waitress, or to do general housework for a amall family. Call at 142 Weat .'Ml h at., top tloor, front room. Oood city reference. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, lo do chamberwork an.I waiting. Oood city rete rente. Apply for twvdaya at 224 Weat 17tn su, between tku und 9th a vs. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENOLISU woman, a altuatlon aa nurae and to do plain sewing, or aa p.aln cook, washer and ironer. Apply at 16 Mansllcra place, Weat Alst aU Oood city refeienco. No objection to the country. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and assist In washing and Ironing. Brat of clly reierence given, Address lor one day 23116th at., between 7th und 8ui ava. WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN YOUNO WOMAN, A altuatlon to do general housework; Is a good plain cook and good washer anu iiouer; good city reference from her last place. Call at 47# 2d av., between 34th and 36th sta., lu the bakery, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa good plain cook, waaber and ironer. Can give t;ood city reference. Can be seen for two (laj a at 177 Adam* au, second Boor, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RBSPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA TT tiou as chambermaid and laundress, or to do plain cook. In*; a home preferred. Tim beat of city reference given; ten yeara In her last place. Can be seen at 210 13th at., corner of lat av., second Uoor. V\rANTEl>?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION~AS TT chambermaid and to atrial with the waahing and iron ing. Can be seen at 88 3d av.. in the store. \VANTED?BY A RESPEt'TABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA TT tiou in a amall plicate lauiily or young ladies' achool, where ahe can have the advantage of a plain education; Is willing to assist with tho housework. No. 113 4th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA Hon to do general housework; the best of city refe rences can be given. Call at 109 Hamilton ave., South Brooklyn, for two days. W ANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA TT tiou aa lirst claaa cook; ih a good baker and pastry cook; a^io a good waaher and Ironer ; best of city reference from laat place. Can be seen for two dsys at 91 Atlantic Ik, Brooklyn, first floor, front room. WANTED-BY A RBSPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN, A situation as good cook; will wash and iron; live year* with laat employer. Best of city reference given. Address or call at 411 6th av., near 30th at., lor two da>s. WANTED?BY A HESPBCTABLE~YOUNO WOMAN, a situation to do general housework In a small l'an.1 ly. Can be teen for two dajs at 48 East Warren si, Brook lyn; ANTED?A SITUATION. AS COOK AND TO ASSIST in washing and Ironing. Can be seen at her laat place, 41 West 47th at., on Thursday, between 12 and 3 o'clock. \V ANTED- A "SITUATION, BY A SMART, TIIT " Clean young woman, as chambermaid and waitress or to do general housework; would be willing to go a short distance in the country. Oood references given from her laat place. Call at 243 West 26th at., resr bona.-, second floor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL, A situation a* chambermaid and waitress; fully under stands her business; the best of city reference can be given Can be seen for two dsys at 1U6 West 17th St., between 6th snd 7th avs. \irANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A TT situation as first class rook; understands pastry soups, poultry, game, boning, larding, baking, 4c.; the beat of city si IM E?st*20th st""* her employer. Call fcr two days WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE, BY A WIDOW woman; is capable of taking charge of a baby from Its mrtn; is a good seamstress; can give the best reference from her last empl iyers. App y .it No. 9 West 36th St., Urst door from otn av, WANTED?A_SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO TT do general housework; uudcrstan.ls cooking and Is a sood washer and roner. Can be seen at her last place, 99 Harrison ?u, South Brooklyn, lor on<* d?y. lyANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, ATsi'TuATION iN f? m sniK.l J iTiiilv; l-i % good cook, wanher und Ironer. Oood recommendation iron hcrl.tst place. Call at 24 Van ilam for two TIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE " y ,l|l|K woman, hk otl cook, wnshcr and Ironer, or to r i grncral Honwork in a ?niiiil private futility. Hest 01" city tereience from her h.at place. Call at 4.' West 14th st, be.w.en 6th and 7th avs. TirANTED?BY A KESPEi'TABLE YOUNG ENGLI8H wojiihh n situation hh first. gI>ikh H^anihtm.sw; under ii ;ui kiu lrt ol ;aiiiily kcwing; ran cut and lit children's

c?oth?;> liCHt of dty raicrcucc. Apply at 107 Kaat l3tb ft., intrriio. PASSENGERS PoVbUKOPE. By order of the Secretary of State, mil passenger* leaving the UnitoJ States me io iulred U> procure p.uijHjit* before go lug on board lh? steamer. JOHN 0. DAI.K Awnt. hTEAM WEEKLY BBTWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVER POOL, I anding and embarking pa .seogers at Queenslown, Ireland. The IJverpooi, Now York aud Philadelphia Steamship Com pany Intend de'patohiug tbelr full powered Clyde built Iron HU'wnihtDfc as folio we:? EDlNHl'Kti Saturday, November IS CITY OK MANCHESTER Saturday, November 30 ETNA ..Saturday, December 7 Aud every BaturOuy. at uoon, from i.ler 44 North river. ?A?a or riiuci: First Cabin $75 I Steerage 990 to London 80 I " to London 33 " to Pai ls 81 I " to Parts 38 " to Hamburg.... 85 I " to Hamlmu ... 35 Paaaengers also forwarded to Ilavre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low mien. Persons wishing to bring out their friend* nan buy tickets hero at the following rates, to New York:?From Liverpool or yueenatown, Aral cabin, 975, 9&5 and $105; steerage from Liverpool, $40; from Queenstown, 930. These sieamer? have au|?rior accommodations for passen gers, and carry experienced Surgeons. They are liullt in water-tight Iron soctions, and have |>ateot lire annlhllators on bo ird. For further information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, agent, 22 Water street; In i<la?gow to WM. INMAN, No. A St. Enoch square; In Qu?enstr>wn to C. A W. D. SEY MOUR A CO.; InLondoa to RIVES A MACEY, 61 King Wil liam street; In Paris to J Ui.ES DECOUE, No. 5 Place de la Bourxe; In Phlla ielphla to JOHN U. DALE, 111 Waluu struct; or at the Company's ofllcea. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. FOR SOUTHAMPTON AND HAVRE-ON SATURDAY December!. The United States Mall steamer HJLTON, J. A. WorroB, Commander, w li tail from pier No. 87 N?i U> river, fool of Beaoh street, on Saturday, December 7, at noon. This s'.eamer, unsurpassed for safety and comfort, has double engines under deck, enclosed by water tl^bt compart ments, which, besides o hrr re.u'ts, tend. In the event of col lision ?r stranding, to keep the pumps free to work, and se cure the safely or vessel au>l passengers. Por freight or itusnye apply to 8AMUEL M. FOX, I GEO. MACKENZIE, I AS*at*> ' Broadway. The steamer Alt Alio will sail January 4. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, OLASdOW AND LIVER pool?The Miuitreai Hteainslitp Company's first olaaa, full powered, Clyde built steamer NOVA SCOTIaN, Captain Alton, carrying the Canadian and United States malls, w.11 ?all from unebe next Saturday, November 23. Ra'cs of pas a?g? from New YorkFirst class, according to accommoda tion. 970 huiI 983; steerage, found with good provisions, 93", Certificates Issued for bringing out passengers from a'l the principal lowna In Ureal Britain and Ireland, at very low rales. For paasagc apply at ?\ Broadway, New York. MABEL A KEARLfc, General Agents. STEAM TO HAMBURO, HAVRE, LONDON AND Southampton. The Hamburg American Packet Company's iron steamship HAXiiNIA, II. Rhleri", commander, carrying the United States mall, will leave from pier No. 21 North river, foot of Pulton street. SATURDAY, November 80, at noon, for Hamburg, via Southampton, taking passengers for Ha vre, London, Southampton an 1 Hamburg. First cabin, 9100; second cabin. 9&>; atuerage, 935. The steamers of tliia line will leave every alternate Satur day, carry inn the United Slate* mall. The Steamer llAVARIA will succeed the SAXONIA, on D ?< ember 14. C. B. RICHARDS A BOAS, 131 Bro.dway. THE NORTH OERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP ,l ?N-<A. H.Von S-.i-n commander, carrying the Un' d Slates mall, will sail from pier 30 North river, foot of Cham ber* street, on SATURDAY. Decern! er 31, at 12 o'clock M^ roa BREMEN YIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BRBMBK, ?I the following r atea:? Por the Drat cabin, 91U0; second cabin, 900; steerage, 935. Por freight or passage a?gy t OELRICH4 A CO., 68 Broad street. F Royal mail steamship persia. For Liverpool. The I'kitSIA, C. H E. Judkins, com mander, will aall from the slreaiu on Wednesday nest, 20th Inaiatit. A steamboat will ply between the company's wharf, at Jersey City, and the Persia, from 8 to 9 A. M., to convey pas sengers and burgage on board. Passengers :mtat liave Passport* ready for examination. The ASIA Will sail December 4. E. Cl'NARD, No. 4 Bowling Orei ii. OR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.-THE iwrket ship lfAVID iloADLEY, lying at pier 27 East river, ailla 22d November. The Belie Wood Kails 27llt No vember. For passage or drafts on Ireland, Ac., apply to WILLIAM"* A lil'IOM, 40 Fulton street. X LINE.?FOR LONDON.?SAILS THURSDAY, NOY 21, the paekvt ship MARGARET EVA .VS. lying at pier 1C East river. For passage lit tl.e second cablu, at low rates, or drafts on any part oi England or Ireland, apply to TAP gCOTT A t o , 8:1 South Street. FOR LONDON.?THE SPLENDID SHIP LONDON, AT pier 10 East river, aalis November lit. Passenger* taken at greatly reduced rates. For passage apply to THOMAS C. ROCHE, U3 South street. Australia pioneer line-carrying tub United Slates Mall. The extreme clipper ship HAIiKY BLBFF 1h now rapidly loading for Mi'lliourni' Hi pier No. 13 East river. Has line uimiinmndatimni for llrst and w orn! cabin passengers. For freight or passage apply to U. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. AUSTRALIA.? KANGAROO line FOR MEL botirnc.?Clipper ship SNOW SQUALL nails Novem bers: <"m t.ik. a few lirn cabin |>us>cngcrs. Clipper ship SIMODA Mils about Jan. S; can accommodate first and second cabin pa?*"iigers. Apply in MAII LEIt, LORD A OUEREAU, HIS Willi .treeI. lord * CO., Co:isigue?s. K4 rht drults lor sale. FOR california YIA panama. A first elaaa steamer will leave New York on the 1st, 11th sod 21st of each month, eicept when these dates fall on Sun day. when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol lowing. For frleght or passage apply at the only office. No. 5 Bow* ling Urecn. D. B. allbn. Agent. FOR havana. The United States Mall Aloatnshto COLUMBIA, Richard Adams, United Slate* Nary. Command***, will leave pier No. 4, North river, on Tuesday, November 26, at 12 o'clock noon precisely. Pusaenjersere requested to procure passports before secur ing passage. For Freight or Passage, Applv to SPOFFORD, TILESToK A CO.. 29 Broadway. FINANCIAL. (COLLECTIONS ON washington CITY, D. C.? J Claims against the Army ami Navy De|>artmenta and Uuartermaaterr and Paymasters' officers, adjusted. Pen sions and Land Warrants procured. Accounts of Postmas ters, Mail, Army, Navy and other government contractors, Sromptly settled. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy ?inker, St Nassau street, opposite the Post office. New YorK Marsh a works on bookkeeping. Complete and beautiful edition*. Printed In colors. For sale sv MARSH'S COUNTING ROOMS FOR PRACTICE Ilf BOOK. KEEPING AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS, Irrlng Buildlnga^M Broadway. Circular* with terms on application. ? NEW YORK AND ERIE SBCOND MORTGAGE Bonds.?Holders of these bonda not yet extended lor twenty years are requested lo present their bonds without de lay at the office of the eompanv, at the foot of Dnane street, for extension. Those iiinwlllfng lo exlend will receive par ami interest for their bonds, from parties who are willing lo eatend them, on presenting them at said office on Tuesday and Thursday of each week, from 10 lo 12 o'clock, until the 1st day of December. New York, Nov. (?, 1861. OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COM pauy, tiew Yotk, Nov. 9. 1881.?The B?*rd of I>lt* -tors have this day declared a dividend of (ft) live per cent nut of ihe surplus profili of the company, payable to stockholders at this office on Wednesday, Nov. IS, 18til. at 10 A. M. By order of the Hoard, S. L. MERCHANT. Secretary. Remittances to England, IRELAND. scotland AND WALES. Slj.'bt Drafts In sums from ?1 upwards on the L'nlen Bank of London, National llank of Scotland, Belfast Banking Company, Ireland. Good everywhere. Issued by TAYLOR BROTHERS, Bankers, 247 Broadw.iy, corner Murray street, Ttt llf. II ........... 70 Wall, corner Pearl street. TO LOAN.?$(5,000 ON BOND AND MORTOAGE, ON Real Estate In New York or Brooklyn. Address L. C. W? box 1,358 New York Post office. diin nnn plrs'r mortgages ON COUNTRY PRO" iJpivJ.UUv/ perty, suitable for liquidation, lor sale very low, for cash only. Address Liquidation, Herald oilice. I&ionno ?WANTED, THE ABOVE 81 M KOR ?I*XU.UUU. three years, on property in Brooklyn, worth about three or four times the amount. First rate bondsman. Address F. G., Herald otllce. Off nnn TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTOAGE, JJpOfJ.V/lMf on productive Real Estate In this city, in sums of from fci.OUU to *15,0110 Apply to JOHN K. CONRBY. In lite office of the People'* Fir* Insurance Company, No. M LOAN OFFICES. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN TO any auiouut on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, A1"., bv the well kt.own and old established ISAAC, Broker und ConituUkion Merchant, No. 9 Chamber* street. N. B.?No business transacted on Saturday. AT M NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. 2-A. IIONIO MAN continues to pay the highest price for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac , and make* cash advance* on the aame. on liberal term*. All business confidential. AT 77 BLEECKER STRKET? MONEY LIBERALLY advanced to any amount on diamonds, watches, jewel ry, pianos, segars, dry goods. Ac. N. B?Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. H. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street, up stair* AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OF Broadway?Money advanced on Wak-hes, Diamonds, Jewelry. Plate, Dry Gooda and personal property of ever/ description, or bought and hold, by JOSEPII A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. Liberal advances made on diamonds. Watches, Plate and Jewelry, or bought for cash at the highest price. Persons having old Gold or Silver to sell cmn not do better than call on LOUIS AN RICH, 723 Broadway, Money to lend at moderate rates-on dia monds, Watches, Jewelry, Silver, Dry Goods, and |>er soual property of all descriptions. Goods may be redeemed many time within one year. Private olTlee entrance, lull door. 11. BARNARD, 21 Third avenue. ?on nnn to advance, by henry nYMAN, <so Jp^U.UU'/ Broadway, room No. 3, on Watches, Dia monds and merchandise of every description, from $10 and upwards. Merchsnts In want of money will do well to call. Ilu?lness strictly confidential. HCnOPAL AFFAIRS. /lORPOUATION BOTH B. The Committee on Railroads, of the Board of Aldermen, will n.eet In room No. 8, City Hall, on Tuesday, November 19, at 3 o'clock P. M., lo consider the subject rclat.ve to the Tlilrd and Fourth Avenue Railroads. All parties having business before said committee, and thnne interested In the above, arc respect I ully requested to attend. F. 1. A BOOLE, CHARLES li. CORNELL, .TOMV RUSSELL V ? ' M'l Y ill., lit SMITH. _ MTTSICAZjt AOUEAT BARGAIN.?THE advertiser OFFERS for private sale one of the h--ui rosewood HauofortM ever made, full amen octave, rirli carved legs, OVM lU'Ulitf bass, richly Inlalil an l solid p url k? yt, a Tory powerful and sweet tone; waa selected liy an em. ie.it pruf>?sor for th? owner; ban onljr been In use all months, and will ba sold at less than hall' the coal Apply Immediately at iho private residence 218 West Fourieeuth street, betweeu Eighth aud Ninth avenues. Church music.?wanted, by a tenor, with a. good powerful voice, who rc.i la mmlc well, a situation In a Cathollo or Episcopal oburch, in or near Brooklyn. I-* acquainted with the service of the former; or would oe will ing to sing a abort time itratis, in order to learn the musio Oflhc la'.ti-r Ad.Ires* Tenor, Herul.1 office. Depot of tub alexandre organ, For Churched, Ch 11? a, Schools ai d Drawing Rooms, 2113 Broadway BOLB MEDAL OF HONOR at the If n I vernal Exhibition of IMS. This maanlfleent Inatrument (patented In the United Stales May 3, IH60), which the brilliant iterfortnance of Til ALBERO, VILA NOVA and M I. I.E. WELIJS have rendered as i>opular In America ax in Europe, ha* been adopted by the greatest artlata and composer* of bolh conti nent* OOTT8CHALK. LISZT, ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac , 4c. The Alexandre Organ la celebrated for the aolldltj- aud pre claiou of Ita mechanism. as well aa for the fullness and power of lla tone, and the remarkable quality of keeping perfectly In tune In all climates. ?&,^li&U,'POt."6' **>' ?100' ,l60' ?186' ?*0. A descriptive circular sent to any adi'retis on application to E. FABRKOUET1BS, Jr., 203 Broadway, Importer of Buiaun Aoeordeons. Violins, Violin Strings, Ac. PIRTH, rOND A CO.-44T BROADWAY, NEW YORK, have one hundred new I'lauolurtca to let, at low prices, and will allow the rent If purchased. Sheet Musi.-, Mimical Worka, Ouliars, Violin*. llrass Instruments aud all kinds of Euakal Gooda at low prices. NBW MUSIC ?THOMAS BAKBR'S NEW WALTZ, THE LAURA KEIi.NE WALTZ. For piano, price 35o. The most h.mullful uri popular wait* of the season. IIORACB WATERS. 481 Broadway and all musli sellers. INSTRUCTION ON Till-: PIANO AND VOCAL MUSIC - Mr. J. R. MAOKATH, orisaul-t of the Rev. Dr. Plst 'a church, attends pupil* In New York ami Brooklyn. Address or apply at 01 West Baltic atreel, Brooklyn. JUST PUBLISHED?"THE CAPITOL MARCH," WITH a beautiful ph ture o( Washln.tcn city mid surround ings; prlr?36 cents. "Potomac V.'ulU;" 2.1 cents. "Llltlu Belle Blair. "Sweet Little Maid of the Mountain," and "Farewell, Mother, Dear,1' all by S. 0. Foster, each 25 cents, at DALY'S, 41V lirand street LIOHTB ft BRADBURY'S NEW SCALE OVERSTRUNQ Bass Patent Insulated Full Frame (Iraud and Square Pianofortes, 421 Broome street. What everybody says must be true; everybody says they are the best, therefore they must be the best. THB HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONS, and Alexandre Organs, arc the lineal instruments for parlors and churches now In use. A Ur e assortment ran Imi se.-n at the new warerooms, 481 Broadway, between Uraiitl an I Broome streets, which w ill he gold at extr-mcly low prices, l'lanoa and Melodlons from sundry makers, new and second h ind, to let, and rent allow d If purchase I as per agreement. Monthly payments reoelvrd for the same. Sheet Muaic, Music Books, and all kind* of mualc merchan dise, at war prices. A plaulst In attendance will try new j music. WANTED?TO PURCHASE, CHEAP FOR CASH, SIX or eight ?ood Pianos, either new or second haud. Ad dress l'lano, Herald office, stating nrlc? and maker. UNEW SEVEN OCTAVE PIANOFORTE i TO EE sold this month, for less than cost of manufacturing. New seven o lave for $150, and warn inert tor three yc.ua Pianos exchanged, sold on Instalments and U> lent, at the manufactory, 75 Last Twenty-sec ui street, near Lexington avenue. IMTBtCTlOS. At o rowD's reporting booms, kss hroadway Shorthand Writing i( taught ..ay ami evening. \oang men who cumofn't'ii a course "f lus'rur,len four rooiilMS ago are now prepared to ruler the tvpor lug pro.eaidon, anil c in romii.an d saalarles of from $1 lW0_t. per A CAllEMY OF BOOK KEF, PIN',. ARITHMETIC, WRITl A. Ing. 4c., 362 Broadway, fur iitireu yearn In suerearfu operation. Students are recelvi .1 day and eveulur, and tliornujhly titled for the counting room or "f'J}84 on the mo?t favorable term?. _1 ? '4 "good IJUSTNESS HANDWRITING GUARANTEED A to young men In ten toSMii.t of un li<mr each llook keeplng reiiu ed to $15 Tor a thorough court* of luatrui.lon. Private \> ?sonH Riven. _ OLIVER H. GOLDSMITH, No. 6 Fourth aventie._ TJRST SUSTAINED BOARDING SEMINARY IN THE $110 prryear. Brick buildings for lad leu and ge ntlemen. A bleat teacher* in all departments. Winter term, Der J. Ad drew* Rev. Joseph K. Kline, 1? ort Edward institute, N. i., on the Saratoga und Whitehall H.,i't-oaa. TTtRENCH OH C.F.RMAN LANGUAGE?BY AN EXl'E P rit uc- d Parisian teacher, either at III' own residence or those of pupils. 5' cent* I'll hour, or 12 ol celt* for $5. Ad dress J. Barrier, U? Pine street. INSTRUCTION IN FRENCH.?AFTERNOON AND I evening elates are now lorloing, and will bo opened on MomUy, December 2, at i'rolc . r NOIL BERUIER S, No. 172 Bleceker arret. TEACHER.?WANTED, BY A YOUNG I-APY FROM New England, a aituaUou as Teacher, either In a school or family; la competent to teach the higher English branches, particularly mathematir*, also, Latin, French and Drawing; liest of references given; Mil refer to her last employ el", Willi whom She taught three year*; no objection* to the country. I Address Miss Bmmellne Edwards, Biooklyn 1 ost olllce. WOOIV8 otmnasium AND FENCING ACADEMY 93 and 95 Slith avenue.?"The ?Ise for health on eier I rise depend." Morn In,;, afternoon and evening claases for ladles, gentlemru and children. S?'oi'd ?'\e':U? aiiv lour, day or evening. Terms low. MM. WOOD, Proprietor. DANCING ACADEMIES. A DODWORTH'B DANCING ACADEMIES, . No. 204 Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth at., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tnesdsysand Fridays in Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays in New York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may be had at cither aoademy. Ballet master dumar's dancing and skatino Academy, 287 Bowery.?Dancing lesson - $1 and $2 per month, every night. Private lessons 80 (cuts. For stage dame?, every morning, $3 per month. Brooke s dancing acadbmy, no. 3Ci broome STREET ' new class fob ti;esdat. AU the faahtonahle dance* In on? rourse of leison*. LADIES meet Tuesdays and Friday!, S to 9 P. M GENTLEMEN. Tuesdays and Fridays, 7X to 1UX P. M. children, Wednesday*and Saturdays, 3 to 6 P. M. Ladles primary classes Instructed by Mrs. Brookes. B01RBB EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. CLOTHING. _ GREAT BATTLE FOUGHT?THE VICTORY IS gained.?Lidlos and gentlemen, It has been vlrtorjoui tiding pronounced by a great many that P. HARRIS, of 136 Seventh avenue, ha* been p.tying Vk per cent more than any dealer in the citv for caul olf Clothing, Carpet*, V urni ture and Jewelry, and still mean to continue so If you will favor him with a note, or rail. He agrees lo pay the following urines:?For Silk Dresses, from $8 to $30; lor Coats, from %S to $20; for Pants, from $2 to $A Do not forget 1S6 Seventh avenue, near Tweuty-flrth street. Ladles attended by Mrs. HarrU. ATTENTION.-LADIES AND OENTLEMEN, IF T#0 wish to secure the full value for your caat off Clothing. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, and not to be humbugged by false prlra offerer*, the best you can do Is to send a note to B. MINTZ. 137 Sixth avenue, where you will be sure to re celve HO p T cent more than from any other dealer. Ladles attended by Mr* Mlnti. 137 SlktU avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets. ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?WANTED a lot of cast o? Clothing, Furniture, Carpel* *nd Jewel rr I will pay th.-> highest price In the city, by Sailing on or addressing M. AHBAHAMS. 2USeventh avenue, between Twfnty-llrth and Twenly-sintb streets. Ladies attended to by Mr*. A. A GREAT DEMAND FOB CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any east off Clothing Furniture and Carpets, will receive the highest price by railing on or ad dressing C. Mish, 302 Seventh avenue, between Twenljr-nlnth and Thirtieth street*. Ladle* attended by Mrr. Mish. Abetter chance than ever for ladies and gentlemen to obtain the highest prlee for their Oast Off Clothing. I guarantee to pay the following prices:?For Silk Dresses, from $10 to $40; from $5 to $20 lor Coats, from $2 to $7 for Pants. Also Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry. Please i all on or address J. AN HALT, 152 Seventh avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty-first street*. Ladles attend ed by Mrs. Anhalt. AT LEVENSTYN'S, 203 SEVENTH AVENUE?*QUA ranteed to pay the highest prices lor Silk and Woollen Dresse?, Coats, Pants. y?r|*l*. Ac., by calling or addn ?dng by |>ost w ill be attended to. Ladle* attended to by Mrs. L. A9RF.AT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING.?LADIES AND gentlemen having any cast off Clothing, Furniture, Car pets and Jewelry, will receive the highest price by calling on or addressing A. HARRIS, 68H Third avenue. Ladies at tended by Mrs. Harris. A*? guarantee* to pay Ih e following price* for ladles' and gentle men's ea*i off Wen ring Apparel :? From $8 to $40 for Silk Dresses, from $5 lo $a) for Costs. from $1 ?0 lo $7 for Pants. Al*o, Carpets, Furnllure, Jewelry, Ac. A note by pest punctually attended to by E.. Ladles attended >o by Mr*. E. 134 Seventh avenue No connect Ion with any other house. 4 TTENTION, LADIES, LADIES, LADIES A and GENTLEMEN. Never ran you meet with a better opportunity to dispose of your cast otr Wearing Appar- I for such a high price as at present offered by E? 79 Sixth avenue, ue*r Waverley phtre, as I have a treat domnnd fbr them to ittpply our order*: tUerefore I guarantee to pa) 00 per cent more ihan ever wa* paid for the same before by any others. Ladles attended by Mrs. E. Carprt* and Jewelry hought. Please remember No. 79 Sixth avenue. VRARE CHANCE?LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. I ff.nl i! large lot of Cast Oil Clothing, Carpets and Furnl nttuie tor thi' n"'-?trrn market. I promise to pay the highest price for tnem, by railing on or addressing M. ELLIS, 93 S-venth avenue, Itelween Sixteenth and Sevenfenth sireet*. Ladies attended by Mr*. Ellis. I T THE t'ALIFORNIAN AND WESTERN AGENCY _?1l Stop l'ie highest price ran he obtained lor cast off Clothing, C.w Jewelry, A> . For SI'k Dres?< *. from $? to $W. for Coats, from $2 to $18; for Pants, from *1 M to $6 A note *ddresa?d II. Harris, 3\1 Bowerv. opposite Great Jones street, will be punctually attended lo. Ladies attended by Mr*. Harris. AT the NEW STAND, 293 THIRD AVF.NLE, LADIES and gen s can secure the l ull value Clothing, by callini on or ml Iressing E. Ja obs 'hiro avenue, between Tw< d<\ third nnd Tw? nty-foulh stieet.. Lad es utt tided by Mis* F. Jacobs. . 11AII.KOADS. Hudson river railroad -trains for *''Ba*Jy. Troy, the North and West, !eav?i Chambers street at 7 md IIA it, and 8M, tand I0.lt V. M. ?VTF.W YORK, HARLEM and ALBANY RAILROAD. jN For Albany, Troy, ^"" llondav NoT. 4, l<?l. Winter arrangement, Mmmeodng Mondav, .. Tw.M tV For Albany?10.311 A. M.,Evpres* Mall rrMlu.rrom iw,i ij mlxtfi utrect depot. w#V (wfvfftT' A UCWOM LOT r UWDKH. ' 1 l"l I Ipu _ HOOK sitljtfj! AJt. frtkiPFT Kir-rt urtiBrtjfJ ANi) f^rTHGa-^ ?iiiSKOiptfuiHii A.\'t i, A' t/ 0'iLf>o LINEN HAMKSECHiEr# ?? ,/&;?" f<7\ -rf store, sum avsniit, cantor uf tuiouwmoi, iuub#ium II ?tM u* J* ii? TCI* ?*? I r^%siaMSKite ^ML ?hJrU. Drawer*, BuapeuduM, la.iu .1* ku4 * ?!.?' /3&1 & brio Hind iT'uiefn, nil to b? M>U #t ',.?t ilov (fll KiMtt chauee lor .IciUers. Open unii. A #,. ^JlLOAKS. CLOAKS. OLOAKS. PARIS AND NEW YORK WINTER FASHIONS. FRENCH BEAVER CLOTH OLOAKS, HEAVY EiitlMAUX BKAVKit OLOAKS. (' \SSoR BEAVER CLOTH OIOAWL SUPEREINK FRENCH CLOTH OLOAKS, ^ ELEGANT VELVET FACED CiOTH CLOAUL LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF CLOAUL TRAVBLLINO CLOAKS, ^ PROMENADE CLOAUL LADIES' CLOAKS, MIS.SE8' CLOAKS, CHILDREN'S CLOAKS. CLOAKS, CLOAKS' CLOAKS, At (3, ut ?ti, at $7, at8?. At $9, at $10, at tit. CLOAKS AT ALL TRICES, At W. K. PEYTON'S EiceWior Cloak House, 274 Bowery, m ar Houston street. CCLOAKS, CLOAKS, CLOAKS. > !? KKNCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQUIMAUX BKAVKit CLOAKS. (JA.^TOK BEAVER CLOAKS AND WRAPFHBS. K LEU AM' LYONS VELVET CLOACA LIONSKIN CLOAKS, WATER PROOF OLOAKS, At retail at rery low prloea. E. S. MILLS h 00., <13 Broadway, Mar Canal (treat. CHARLOTTE O.SMITH, Moil it i t!'>' attrmliiu uf the laillea of New York totiev exclusive and #le?tai t his ies of Parts CLOAKS, MANTLE*. tiASQUES, *0., ComprlslnR a full variety of all thu Idlest and in oat MleotM vrliicH, Willi a la ,.- .o-s irtment of veiy choice gtruioaU uiuuui.ii tHifd "*pr<-.--ily i'< r oily trade. 1,142 Broadway, ono door almve Twenty-Histh streak IfMBROIDERINO IN OoLD, SILK AND COTTOM.? 'J Initials nml ntiinno (1 >- v ea worked on handkerchlefa la a superior manner. "i oken, border*, collar*, slippers, slutwU, Ac., atikUiiied ai bhui". notice. L11 i. i llueu mtido up. MME. I'ETEltSCHIiN. l'.H Grand street. PDF.RHY A COMPANY WERE AWARDED BY TUB . Association for the Exlii'ililon of Industry of *8 NaUoim, held in N'*? York in 1<>,L HONOKABLE MENTION for the beat Oamienis ior Iho commissioned officers of tte Army and Nury, wii.ch tliov still continue to m.ika lo order. TAILOllS, 67 Walker street i: iDlill OF FASHIONS. WHO GOTTUK MEDAL AT ? UK LAST MILLINERY OPENING! HIQ0IV8, OF SIXTH a VENUE. 00 TO THE LEADER OF FASHIONS rou youk SUiha.cn.., price. ???? *1 Sixtha.cn.., prtcea ;:;3^: 5^3^ il niiiIi avenue I""'1 7 Broadway, lfc Sixth aveuue priota ' H o.v we sf l our roo.I - k 1 cheap I b the Hit. n slim lit of nil; 1; h hi 1 v*. iit;igf? yuu can reap, u ivo II- l?!t a cull. I 11 tlii* cvy, our cna'om-rs say, N o:.esell Bonne ? ? 1 v.v m c Th " ateo 111* way. Tuii fashion liJadisk, uigoin iialt. ATTENTION 10 bl'R GALL. ON (ONDAY wlTwiLL OPEN twenty-three cares THE FOLLOWINO GOODS, FROM FRIDAY'S auction. 1 *Pf T TITRR* N'S at....(Be. Broadway price, M 5"V." "r?T BONNBi'S at ....5W.oadway i-rko. ? ? ? BEST BEAVEKs!.a$l 35o. Br-Jwrtr P/loe. 1 ? 10 " BONNET FRAMES, 15c. or >1 79 per Vox. bonnet veTvet RIBBONS, AT Sfl 4*. per yard, worth 4*.. 6a. ana 8*. SILK BONNET VELVET*, AT SI 50. SI 75. $2 no. $2 SO ?2 75, up to ?4 80 per far4 CA& KA&LY IN THEAWKKK. u v IN ^ MORN1NO, BEFORE THE RUSH. AT No. 1* Sixth avenue, between Maniji. H. b.?Two ??leswomcn war.teApply before 9 A. M. iriar? May depend ou finding a most cxtenahre and deairaoie ilon or .U ^;LSl;leBr^,NETSr'S'BILS1 *0. All at very low 'm'ol'^INQ STORE, No 5M Broadway, biAweon Sprint and Prince atree^ N. b.? Suit* mud? up on abort nottc*. gOL0M0NTuART^BROADWAT, Are offering to wholeaale and retail bnyera, _ . for cash ?nil short um? at oxtrem. lv low ^J*s their ??*? ? ' CURTAIN HOODS. FliRMTURB COVEBINOS, II I'M oLSTE R Y MATERIALS of'ever*?d?acriptioo, GOLD AND ?*LNTED WINIWW SHAD&, ??D ">M??Dt*?A?,?B?WS,5JLli5" bankrupt atocks, at prlcea ow*r than coat of importation, which toey arc able to offer at great bargain*. fpHB QREAT closing MALB Of the aloek of EDWARD LAMBERT 4 CO., No. 447 Broidway. FRESH REDUCTIONS Are oooatan'.ly being made In price*?'"ur# ** the entlie atock prior to the lat of December. special ATTENTION U Invited to the atoek of EMBROIDERIES. SHAWLS AND CLOAKS. SILKS AND OTHER DRESS GOODS. in whloh will be found aome very choloe atylca, at exceedingly low price*. ALSO FOR SALE CHEAP A large lot of 8tore Fixtures, conalatlng of Countcra, Shelving, Herring'* Safe, Ac. ^^d1CALm 'VVKLICTED restored?IGNORANCE BXPOSBO-. A F-Vacl. unmHakid'-Dr LARMONT S Pari^ Lond^ nud New York Mimical Advlaer and M?rriage Guide to forma the debilitated and dtoeaaed, In'h'dlng thoae *?***? ignorant of the cauae of their ill health, and who have bee* (tiaaiipolnted In llieir phyalclana of the "'SipwIRnSOl? convenient mode of cure. Mailed for $1 bv RICHARDBOll. Nik 1 Veaey street: DEXTER ? CO.. ? DEW1TT, IS Frankfort street; or the author, 647 Btoadway, up atatr*. ___ ? ?? Affections caused by mercury ani) oil* tain diseaxea ure speedily cured by Dr. WARD, IB Lnight atreet. The Doctor la in constant attendanc*. "I PBRFECT CURE IS ouarantekd ?A RADICAL A cure ia alwaya eMVolad hy Dr. WARD, 13 Lalght atroelL Cure*, bealdea, in half the uaual time and at hslf the chargea, ___ DR COOPER, NO. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE COB auUcd on all dlsfciaea of a certain nature. Twenty eitfht vears exclusively devt,te?l to these inmplalnts enabw him to^ariinl a cure ill all caaes The victini* of mlapiaced contidenann ui?dicttl pret ndera can caU, with a certainty oT bring radio*lly fured, or no pay. DR r cobbett, member of the new yore *Univrr*ity Medirnl Col*nd Cullw olSur^oaj, London e?n be oonaulted with the ??nV?0XL^ ?ate entrance at No. 6 City UaUj>lace.^^^ ???? zl _ uitvtpr HaS for THIRTY YEARS CONMNW) D hlaanenilon tod^^ofaccrulni^^n^c^ ^ certain dlpea?e^ when rejr of 1-ealrif-tton in the hablta of dJe*.aii: mre? without aw y t j ?f.. the patient; c.irca without the. aiMuau* a^ ia lrl,nha? Tecia or ?" <;'h,'r ^?'?,h.'nolaonoua taint the blood la anr* aix hour*. It root*i oiuihe iwwnou u. ^ ^ ^ ^ toabaorb onie?a th* J?? 7 herr ,i,?n at the old ofBce, Now 3 DlvWon^treetf ^ook fo/Totbtng that treat, of the efred. of?tit ibuWi ?? ? ? ?.,PUI9 OFFICES. 1? CROSBY STREET, COB DneM^So^ Houre, 1? to 2 and 6 till # P. M. V S ^T5?I8 treating ALL DISEASES OF KK T\R. WARD K n|,n?ry ?. *-. Sometbingfor erery iL?^.-t B^n??.,,;.r. Otflec l'i l.'Li^iit htreei. ^ P?.1_?bwor rkSTBLL, 168 chambers STREET, CAW be Mn?nl.ed, a? usual, or by letter to box 3,S?. Boat** office. No. 8 Harrison avenue. _..F WORST STAGES OF DISE \SE YIELD TO THE T wonder working ;TrieM?ar. ' Read that pajgUHlUaje .V'.iert work. "Human 1 vatlty, i'y I>r. ' ? A. BAKKOW, 1M n.nlelcer a reel four doora Irom MacNiugai atreet, N. T. 2inTfrIe e7ervwh*re. on receipt o! JJ-ent* In poalafl* iwmiT". Conauliatlonaaau?uaL "watches asd jewelry. Diamond jewelry for sale at a sacrificb A few desirable articles r?? he h.-xd upon early applioa i?? K \N FLI Mil, diamond broker, 5U Bro?d*ray. horn's only iroin tUl 1<> A. M. and 2 till 3 F. M. Monef tlc_ om to lo.iu T"\IAM()\l> RING OR I'l.v, SINGf.E STONE, OENTLB 1) ^nan J ?A ny one having'either of ,1.- above, that th^ i,:. rth to dlspii-e i f at 11 I .?? r, ore, may hoar of acw\ purcbaaer by a 1 rening t'.nsh, box 167 Herald oftue I TtR 'VTT^D CTIAMPA' NF. At*E