7 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Aralık 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK WHOLE NO. 9219. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1801. HERALD. ""'J ' ? . ? ? ? ^ n - .. ? _ i. ??*" ? ? ?? TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE REBEL ARMY. ITS STRENGTH AND POSITION. THE LEADERS AND THEIR STAFFS. Names of its Generals, Colonels and Captains. Nearly Four Hundred Thousand Rebels in the Field. IECR0L0GY OF REBEL OFFICERS. The Regiments, Battalions and Com panies and Their Position. Names of tbe Rebel Camps and Their locations, &C. | &0?i &Ci Ws republish to-day our record of the rebel army. Tho casualties of battle aud of life generally, tbo promotions Wd tran?fors iu commands, tho organization of new regi msnts, battalions and companies, and the alterations in cidental in an army have induced us to publish our list once more, modified by these changes. In addi tion to thla important consideration the list wi.l prove interesting as showing, to a considerable degree, tbo strength and character of the forces now in turns against the Union, and serves in a measure to aid our cause by giving to our military commanders an idea 'of the enemy they have to encounter. In our former list we havo given what wo know in relation to tbe arms and materiel of these forces ; in the following wo omit a repetition of theso facts as un necessary , simply presenting a record of the rebel army M It is now constituted, with some of the positions at irhich detachments of it aro stationed, an enumeration Of its camps and a list of its offlcorB killed and wounded daring the war. Tho surmises aa to tho strength of tbe rebel forces are various as tbe sources from which they emanate. A lato estimate is as follows: ? Su regard's army of the Potomac 150,000 .. Magruder's force at Yorktown and Big Bethel. 2.ri,oo0 Gen. linger. At Norfolk 1'2 '.mo At Savannah 80,000 ft Charleston 30,000 tiNew Orleans 20,000 At Mobile 12,000 At Galveston 8,000 'At various points on and near the Mississippi, in cluding Columbus, Hickman, the forts between the latter place and Memphis, Union, Humboldt, Jackson and Grand Junction 75,000 At Bowling Green, Cumberland (Jap and other stra tegic points in Kentucky 75,000 In Western Virgin ia, under Floyd 12 ,000 At Winchester, to operate against Itomney 10,000 Total 459,000 Another is M follows: ? STATEMENT OF THE POSITION AND STRENGTH OF ALL THE CONFEDERATE FORCES IN THE FIELD. NOVEM BER 1, lbiSl. DEPARTMENT Or TBE POTOMAC. General Joseph E. Johnston; headquarters, Manassas Junction. Troops. fenfe-e^-At Manassas, Bull run and Centreville.... 60,000 i <fl Winy ? Msj. Gen. Uustavus Smith, headquar ters Aldic, near Leesburg, under Brig. General V'vans 20,000 On the right bank of Goose creek 30,000 50,000 BiglU Wing ? Major Gen. Beauregard; headquar ters Brentsvilln On the line of tho Occoquan 25,000 Itor support of ths Potomac Mr? batteries.. 25 ,000 50,000 Total under General Johnston 160,000 DEPARTMENT OF WIS CnESAFKAKE. ?Norfolk and Portsmouth, under Gen. Huger. 15.000 'Yorktown, under General Magruder 16,000 ^or support of batteries oa Jamos York, and Bappahannock rivers 10,000 Total in department of the Chesapeake 40,000 Richmond, 16,000 ; ether points in Virginia, 5,000. 20,000 DEPARTMENT OF WESTERN VIRGINIA. .Under Generals Loe aud Floyd 20,000 Wear Winchester, Strasburg and Chariestown 10,000 Total in the Stato of Virginia 240,000 DEPARTMENT OF MISSOURI. tJnder Price and McCulloch 60,000 DKPARXMZNT OF HENTL'CKT AND TBKN12V*R. General Albert S. Johnston ; headquarters Nashville. In Kentucky ? Bowling Green, undor Gcnoral S. B. ' Buckner 20,000 43blumbus and Hickman, undor Generals Polk and Pillow 16,00<) {Reinforcements sent from Manassas 20,000 Xoudon, Manchester and Cuinberlaud Gap, undor ZoUicoMr 8,000 frestonburg, under Breckinridge 6,000 'Hazel Green, 6,000; other points, 15,000 20,000 Total in Kentucky 88,000 InTeunebSee, treopp from Manassas, guarding the railroad (rum Chattenooga to Joncsborough 10,000 Hsmphis 8,000 Ports Osceola, Wright , Randolph, Rector and Har ris, about 1,000 0-u.h 6.000 Nashville, Waverloy and Humboldt 6,000 Total 29,000 Points ob tlie Lower Mississippi, namely, at Forts Hernando, Coffee, Napoleon, T>eKalb, Benton, Raleigh, Pabine, Van Buren and I'olk 0,000 Vick.burg and Natchez, 6,000 each 10,000 Now Orleans 20,0(JU Total under General Albert S. Johnston 125,000 Charleston, S. C 10,000 Savannah, Ga 10.000 Mobile 12,000 Galveston, Texas 8,000 REOAPITVLATtON . Kpartraent of the Totomac 150,000 partment of Chesapeake and rest of Virginia... 90.000 Department of Kentucky and Tennessee 117 ,000 department of Missouri G0,0'>0 On the line of tbe Mississippi 89,000 At Charleston, Savannah, Mobile and Galveston . . 40 ,000 Total rebel force in tho field 490,000 This latter statement came to us with the assurance that It had been obtainod from authentic sources, and might bo relied on as correct. Wo give It for what it is worth, though no doubt it is considerably exaggerated for tho especial bcnellt of the rebels in Maryland, where it origi nated and was circulated. At the lima of publishing our last list our records of the rebel army, which wero per fectly authentic, placed Its strength at 290,000. Since then Judge Ochiltree, of Tuxas, admitted in a speech that its stronglh was 290,000, while Yancey told tho fishmon gers of London, and an officer of the rebel army, writing bome to England, states that it is only 250,000. It is re markable that no estimate of rebel origin gives a larger force than 290,000. Our estimate is as follows:? Regiments in the Held 400 Miscellaneous battalions aud companios, equal to 60 regiments. Total 460 regiments. Now, allowing 800 men on an average to a regiment, a ?imple calculation will give in the field 360,000 troops. ORGANIZATION OF THE ARMY In ttao organization of their army, as in the cb ;ter Of tieir legislative, Judicial and executive depar .^onu, the rebels have Initiated in generel details the organization of the Union army. The 1'rosident of the Southern confede racy la m officio Comman<lier-in-Chief of all the forces. The next highest oQlcers, whose rank corresponds to that of our Lieutenant General, are simply designated Generals. The Major and Brigadier Generals correspond 'n rank precisely with our officers of those designations. To defray tho expenses of the army the rebel Congre|jj^ made the following appropriations: ? it* Pay of 100 regiments of infantry 129,136,000 Legion of artillery, cavalry and voltlgcurs 650.000 Transportation 6,500,000 Ordnancc, Including machinery and manufac tures 4,r.oo,ooo Medical department 320,000 These appropriations aro devotod to tho support of tho army until the mooting of the new Congress , on the 18th of February, lgea. PERSONNEL OF THE ARMY. C'OMMANDElt-lN-CHlKF. JEFFERSON DAVIS 01 Mississippi. GENERALS. Samuel Cooper, Va lAto Adjutant Gen. U. S. A. Albert Sydney Johnston, Ky.. Late in nmmnnd of United . . , State.> forces in Utah. Joseph l. Johnston, Va Lute Adjutant Con. U. P. A. P. <). T. Beauregard, Lo Lato Capt Engineers l?. S. A. Robert E. Loo, Va I^ito t oiouel Cavalry U. S. A. _ Jr MAJOR OKNKIiALS. Pavid K. Twiggs, Ga linKa ij..r Gen. U. S. A. Lei mda* l'oik, Ia Episcopal Itighop. 'nt0 Ex Governor of Missouri. Joro. Utm.Mii, Ala Iaic member U. 8. Senate. Gideon J. Pillow, Tenn Brig, (ion. in Mexican war. >\a.tor Gwynn, Va Late Lleutoiuuit in U. S. A. Samuol It. Anderson, Tenu. . Fonnl'y Capt. Drag's, U.S.A. Gusiavjs W. iinlth, Ky Formerly Captain iu U. S. A. Richard H. Anderson, 8. C. ..Lieutenant in U. S. A. B. Magruder, V Lieu Qt 4 Moot 1 0. S. A. w illiaiu J. Hardee, tin Lieutenant Coloriol U. S. A. BoitJamiu Huger, S. C Lieutenant Colonel U. 8. A. llenry K. Jackson, Ga Lute member U. S. Congress and Col. Vols. Moxicau war. Simon B. Buckner, Ky Captain iu U. S.A. Miliago L. Itouliun. s. C Late member U. S. Congress. M. Jell. Thompson, Mo Archibald Yell, Ark ? Oil in G. Clay _ Asa Rogers __ Thomas 8. llayiU' til...!..'.. _ Kuuton Harper, Va ? Samuel Hanlana, Ala 8. S. Anderson United States Army. 8. G. French Captain U. S. Army. Mansfield Lovell, 1). C Captain U. 8, A. Geo. K. Crittenden ....Ijite United States Army. Karl Van Dora, VMM Late Major U. s. Army. Braxton Bragg, La lAte Captain artillery U.S. A. Jam s Longstreet, 8. C Major Uuitod Statos Army. BRIGAWER (JENEllALS. John B. Floyd, Va Lato U. S. Secretary of War. Benjamin McCulloch, Texas. Major Tux at Hangers. Thos l\ August, Va Reece T. Boweu, Va ? Wm. H. Harman, Va _ Robert L. Wright, Va W in. C. Scott, Va _ C. B. Conrad, Va _ C. G. Coleman, Va ? Jan. H. Carnon, Va ? _ Gilberts. Mn-m, Va _ Walter Draughou, N. C P. U. Hubert, La. Colonel U. S. A. Jan. S. Rains, Mo Monroe M. Parsons, Mo Capt. Mexico Volunteers. M. L. Clark, Mo U. S. A., Mi\ior of Mrfx. Vol. John B. Clark, Mo Mujor United States Army. N. W. Watklns, Mo T. B. Randolph, Mo IT. P. A. , Lt. Col. Mex. Vol. *m. T. Slack, Mo Captain Mox. Volunteers. J. A. McDride, Mo l'endleton William H. T. Walker, Ga... Late Lieut. Colonel U. S. A. Heury A. Wise, Va Late tiovernor of Virgiuia. Natliau G. Evans, 8. C I Ate Major U. 8. Aruiy. K K. Zolllcollsr, 1'eun Late member U. S. Congress. B. F. Cheatham, Tenn Col. Volunteers in Mexico. Robert Toombs, Ga Late United States Senator. Win. W. Loring Lato Colonel U. S. Army. A. W. Doniphan, of the Doniphan Expedition in Mexico. James L. Kemper, Va Com. of Kemper's rob. bat'y D. M. Frost, Mo.. bite United states Army. E. Kirby Smith, I'la Captain United States Army. John W. Reed, Daniel S. Ik. nelson, Tenu. ..Lieut. U. S. Arm v. D. R. Jones R. S. Ewell, D. C -.Captain U. S. A. Ge.jrie Blow. Jr. , Va Wm. B. Sbauds, Va Tubal A. Early, Va Lieutenant U. 8. A. and Ma Jor of Vol. in Mosioo. Steel Curl iugtou, 8. C Samuel McGuwan, 8. C Captain Mex. Volunteers. James Simons, S. C Harris _ Thos. J. Ormsby, Ala Tilghmau Lato Col. Stats Guard, Ky. ? Alcorn, Ky _ Lewis!'. Wigfall, Texas .... Late Uuitod Statos Senator. Solon Borland. Ark Late United States Congress. Clias. A. Labuzan, I a J. P. McCown, Tsnn U. S. A., Captain Mox. Vols. Richard G. Fain, Tenn. . . . . .Eieutenant U.S. A. " Albert Pike, Arlc Captain Moxiuan Vols Wm. 11. Browne, Va Lubbock. Texas United States Congress. ? Cba|?man,Va ? Trimble _ ? Taltafero __ Solon norland, Texas U. 8. Minister to C. America Oiarles Clark, Mississippi. . .Capt. iu Vols, Mexican war. Richard Taylor Son of ex President Taylor. William II. Carroll, Tenn .... A. Stem. Mo. W. H. T. Walker, Ga Lieut. Colons* U. S. A. Gatiiu, N. C _ P. H. Nolsou,8. C Albert G. lilanchard, La.... Major United States Army. Lafayette McLaws, Ga Captain Uuitou statos Army. Nathan G. Evans, S. C Captain United States Army. T. G. Rhott , 8. C Captain United Stales Army. HenryH.8(Mey. La Major United Statos Army. Ik P. W alker , Ala Late U. 8. Congress A. B. Poaroe, Ark Goorgs Johnson ,Ky _ Philip St. G. Cocke, Va Adjutant U. S. A. R. C. Hill, N. 0 Lieutenant U. S. A. Richard C. Gatlin, N. C Major United States Army Thos. T. Fauutleroy, Va.... Colonel United States Army Wm. JI. Winder, Va. Late U. 8. Army. Ruggles, Va _ Tboophllus H. Holmes, N. C.Major United States Army Tsrrett, Va _ ^ ? Russell , ? _ W.H.Stevens, ? J. G. Seymour, ? _ F. H. Locke, S. C _ Whitiield, Kansas Delegate to U. S. Congress. F. W. Capors, Ga _ R. W. Hai, son, Ky ? Phillips, Ga _ B. S. Ripley , S. C Lato U. S. Army. C. Robinson, Ala W. S. Featheraton, Miss Late U. S. Congress. Rogers, Texas John C. Breckinridge, Ky.. . I Ate United States Sonator. Brown Virgiuia Militia. Thomas F. Drayton. _ A. K. Lawton,S. C Late U. 8. Army. Howell Cobb, Ga .Lato U. S. Sec. Treasury. A. C. Myers United States Army. H. C. Wayne United States Army. T. G. Rhott Captain United States Armv. Hnnphr.v7 Marshall Lato United Statos Congress. George W. Lay Lieut. Colonel U. S. A. GENERAL DAVIS' STAFF. Aid-ile-Camp Colonel Geo. W. Custis Leo. Ald-do-Camp Colonel Joseph liavB. GKNEKAL BEAUREGARD'S STAFF. Acting Assist. Adjutant Gen.Coi. Tliomirs Jordan, P. A V Assistant Adjutant General. .Capt. C. H. Smith 1' A V Aid-do Canu) Lieut. S. W. Fcrgusou.C. 8." A. Chier Engineer Maj. T. H.Williamfon, p. a.V. Chief Quartermaster Maj. W. L. Cabell, 8. C. A. Chier Com. of Subsistence... Capt. W. H. Fowle, P A V Medical Director Surgeon J. M< F. Gaston. Assistant Medical Director. . Surgeon It. Brodie. Chief Artillory and Ord'nco. . Lieut. Col. S. Jones, 1'. A. V. Volunteer Aids -de-Camp Col. A. R. Chisholm. 11 ... .Col. John R. Manning. " ? . . .Col. Wm. Porcher Miles. " . . . .Col. J. s. Preston. " ? ? ? .Col. Josopti Hcyward. " " ....Col. A. G. Rico. " " ... Col. D. R. Joues. GENERAL A. S. JOIIHSTON'S STAFF. Ald-do Camp Lieutenant R. R. Hunt. Volunteer Aids Col. Robt. W. Johnson, Ark. Col. T. C. Reynolds, Mo. Col. Sam I. Tate, Tennessee. Major George T. Howard. Major.. . D. M. Hay don. Major Fd. W. Munford. Itepartment of Orders Lt. Oil. W. W. Mackall, Ass. Adjutant General. " " First Lt. N. WicklilTe, Acting Ass. Adjutant General. Quartermaster's Pepartm't . . Maj. A. J. Smith, principal. Commissary Itepartment. . . .Capt. T. K. Jackson, " Engineer Corps First Lt. Joseph Pixon. GENERAL J. K. JOHNSTON'S STAFF. Asstant Adjutant Geucral. ..Thomas G. Rhott. GENERAL POLK'S STAFF. Acting Asst. Adj. Cenoral. ..Captain E. D. Blake. Aid Major Winslo w. Aid ' aptaiu Polk. Aid. Lieutenant Smith. GENERAL PILLOW'S STAFF. Assistant Adjutant i.euxral .. Major Henry. Aid Colonel Burch. Aid Capt. Jackson. Aid Capt. Bethek Aid Lieut. Pillow. Aid Lieut. Loug. GENERAL PRICE'S STAFF. Adjutant General Thomas L. Snead. Afsictaut Adjutant General.-. Col. Henry Little. Aid-de Camp Liuut.Col. A. W. jones. ? " " Col. R. T. Morrison. Surgeou W. V Soodgruss. Assistant do H.W.Cross. GENERAL YELL'S STAFF. Adjutant Gonsrai Colonel C. J. Prentice. GENERAL BLCKNEK'h STAFF. General Buckner ? body guard is comjioaod of .the Buck, ner cavalry company, of Hart county, Ky., Captain N. Par ker. GKNKKAI. BONHAM'8 STAFF. Deputy AdjiKant Geaeral....Colouel'W. c. Morange. ~i vision Inspoctor Lieut. Col. W. D. ^impson. " vision yiartorinastor Lieut, col. A. P. Aldrlch. vision Commissary Lieut. Col. R. R. Boylston. _ vision Paymaster Lieut. Col. J,N. Lipscemb. Division Surgeon General. . .Lieut. J. McF. Gaston. Aid-de-Carap .Major S. W."Nelsou. << Major Ker Boyce. ?? Major E. 8. Hammond. Serge mt M<yor Major Wm. M. Gist. Assistant Surgeon Captain T. Clay MaddOX. Secretary S. W. Melton. GKNEltAL LONGSTBEKT'a STAFF. Aid-do Camp and Assist- 1 F q . IUU Adjutant General... /F> s Acting Ass't Ailj't General. . P. C. Manning. OKNKitAL BRAOO'S STAFF. Aid-de-Camp A. E. Maxwell. OP.NKRAL ZOLLICOFFKR'H STAFF. Aid M. K. Fogg. GENERAL M'CULLOCIl'8 HTAKF. Adjutant General K. C. Armstrong. OENEUAL EWFU.'s STAFF. Burgeon K. W. Hancock. OKNKKAL RAINS* STAI F. Assistant Adjutant (x iieral.,1.. A. Maclean. GENERAL J. B. CI.AKK'S STAFF. Pivislon Surgei'ii W. C. Boon, Brigado Surgeon 8. A. Peters. GKNKRAL SLACK'S STAFF. Adjutant Gonoral Captain Reuben Kay. uenkhal Floyd's staff. Aid Jolt union M. Daniel. OKNKKAL TRIMBI.kN STAFF. Surgeon A. S. Garnett. general ripley's staff. Assistant Adiutant Gonaral.. George 1). Walker. Aid -de Camp V. (i. Plavnul. " Captain Ilanckel. GKNRHAL M'BRIHE'S STAFF. Brigade Inspector Lieut. Coliuiel Tyler. Brigade Quartormastor Kpenoer iiitclioil. GKNERA L LABI/AN^ STAFF. Acting Ass't Adi't General. ,J arnoi Forbes. ORF.EKAL CARROLL'S fiTAFF. Assistant Adjutant General.. W. 11. Monsarrat. GENERAL BTlllN'a STAFF. Surgeon W. V. Wright. OKNKKAL TRAYTON'S STAFF. Assistant Aiijutant General.. I,. 1), Walker. Aid-do Camp. A. Lowndo*. " T. K. llainiltoa. ALABAMA. FIRST REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonol J. J. Seihlos. Lioutenant Colonel II. H. Itakor. Major J. 1). Gordon. Companies. Company A Captain A. C. Gordon. Company B Captain Kenneday. Oomimny C Captain Llnch. Company D Captain Duval. Company E Captain Willlngham, Company F Captain Gunth?r. Comt any O Captain Hardaway. Company H Captain Waddell J. Gordon. Company I Captain Weems. Company K Captain ? SECOND REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Oolonol . Montg'ry True Blues, Co. A.. Captain W. G. Andrews. Metropolitan Guard Captain 1'. W. Hunter. Alabama Fusiliors Captain Schuesslor. Tuskegee Light Infantry.... Captuin W. G. Sw anion. Alabama '/ouavos Cap.tain Law. Auburn Guard Captain Echols. Southern Rifles Captain B. H. Powell. Wetumpka I.iiht Guard Captain E. S. Heady. Greenville Guard Captain Dunjdin. Beauregards Captain M. L. Bonham. THIRD REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Oolonol CullonA. Battlo. Acting Adjutant C. Forsyth. Assistant Surgeon Paul Lee. " " C. B. Ilillard. FOURTH KEOIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonol (Late) Egbert J. Jones. lieutenant Colouel Charles L. Scott. Major ? Law. This is one of the regiments which was terribly cut up at Bull run. FIFTH KEOIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel E. It. Bodes. Lieutenant Colonol m .- Allen C. Jones. Major John T. Morgan. SIXTH HEIi IM-C..NT VOLUNTEERS, Colonel Sieble. SEVENTH KEOIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel John A. Winston. Lieutenant Colonel Thomas E. lrby. Major George H. Shorter. Major of Infantry John Tyler, Jr. ELEVENTH KEOIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel ? Jaineg. FOURTEENTH REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel .Thomas J. Judge. Cvmpanirs. Toucey Grays Captain J. A. Broome. Jackson Avengers Captain W. W. Seltnan. FIFTEENTH KEOIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel I'm. Is. Wood. Lieutenant Colonel .J. W. llari is. Major A. H. Helvenston. riEE COUNTY KEOIMENT. Colonel J. M. Arlington. Pike Guard Captain John B.Curtis* WE8T ALABAMA REGIMENT. Colonel Sydenham Mooro. Lieutenant Colonel Stephen F. Hale. OTHER REGIMENTS. Colonel T. H. Watt*' regiment. Colonel E. C. Bullock's regiment. Colonel T. Clan ton's regiment. Colonel K. 1'. mount's regiment. Colonol A. Scales' regiment. MOBILE nOME KEOIMENT. Colonel Walter Smith. Lieutenant Colonol Thomas S. King. Major Wm. A. Buck. INFANTRY COMTANIES. Canebrako Rifle Guard. .... .Captain Clare. Magnolia Cadets Captain Dawson. Governor's Guard Captain Goldsby. Mount Meigs Guard Captain John U. Cogburn. Alexander Stephens Guard. .Captain (.'has, T. ketchuin. Ind pendent Hangers Captain Dennis Deut. Hook and ladder Grays Captain Wm. 11. Dennett. Spring Hill Road Lt.lnfantry .Captain F. S. Blount. Gnlf City Guard Captain John E. Curran. Scotch Guard Captain Robt. Greigg. Southern Foresters Captain Walthall. Secession Guard Captain John MeGulre. Shreveport Grays Captain J. H. Beard. l'ope Walker Rifles Captain George M. Bonner. Mobile Independent Scouts. .Captain W. F.Clenvelaud.Jr. Moore Guard. Captain Williams n. Hsynesvillo Guard Captain J. J. Willmgham. Independent l ilies... Captain R. C. Farris. Montgomery Cadets Captain K. D. Ledyard. Montgomery Grays Captain Sam I G. Hardaway. Mobile Cadets Captain T. M. Sands, Sam Rice Guard Captain Wm. Rowo, Jr. Warrior Guard Giptnin . Grove Hill Guard Captain J. M. Hall. Sumter Rillo Guard Captaih Jolin Dent. Caliawba Rides Captain C. C. Peques. Gainsville Guard Captain Blount. Greensboro Guard Captain . Livingston Killes . .Capt.iin J. H. Dint. CAVALRY COMPANIES. Alabama Mounted Rifles Captain Jenkins. Alabama Ra:igors Captain Y. L. Hoyston. Montgomery Mounted Rules. .Captain James H. Clanton. Alabama Cavalry Captain Bowio. Alabama Cavalry Captain Jack.- on. ARTILLERY COMPANIES. Continental .State Artillery. . .Captain Win. II. Kotchum. Continental Stato Artillery. . .Captam C. P. Gage. ITOMR GUARDS. Washington Light Infantry.. Captain J. F. Jewett. Rifle Cadets Captain . Mobile City Troop Captain . ARIZONA Has not furnished any considerable number of troops her only forces being a few companies organized In the principal towns of the Territory, which arc now garrison" Ing tho forts evacuated by the federal troops. The fol" lowing is a jartial list of the rebel organizations now in Arizona:? L1EUIEKAXT COLONEL J. R. TAYLOR, Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate forces of Arizona. Major Edwin Walker. Adjutant George W. Baylor. Oompania. Mounted Rifl^B Captain Walker. Mounted ltilles Captain Hardeman. Infantry Company Captain McAllister. Artillery Company Captain Teel. " Spies" Captain Coopwood Arizona Guard Captain Martin. Arizona Rangers Captain Krazicr. Arizona .Mountaineers Ca| tain Mastln. Tuscon Company Captuin Hare. ARKANSAS. Arkansas has about thirtocn regiments of twelve months men in tho rebel service. Ail the juiy the troops have received has been in Arkansas war bonds, and a good deal of murmuring is heard among the soldiers, owing to the worthlessness of this currency, some writing home that they could not even purchaso a chicken with a hat full of the bonds. The following are some of the Arkansas troops in the field:? FIRST REGIMENT. Colonel ? Eagan. SECOND REGIMENT. Colonel 'KJaraes Mcintosh. THIRD REGIMENT. Colonel Rust. SIXTH KEOIMENT. Colonel B. Lyon. THIRTEENTH REGIMENT. Colonel J. C. Tappan. Compania. Company A Captain Lambert. Ooropany B Captain Sheton. Company 0 Captain Harris. Company r> Captain Balfour. Company K Captain Tetiuison. Company I" Capu n Wilcta. Company (! Captain rutin. Company H Captain Crump. Com puny I Captain Pollard. Company K < aptain Hi nt. SOUTH ARKANSAS UMIMENT. Colonel Kvander Mc.Sair. Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Williams. Major J. A. May. riNE BXUKF RKOIUGXT. Colouel Bradley. rOCAUONTAS KKUIMliNT. Colonel McC'arver. IIEMI'STKAD CAVAI.UY UKUIUKNT. Colonel ? <iamblo. OTIIKU KEUIMKNT8. Colonel Claiborne '? re^lm.iit Colonel T. C Hlndmnu's legion. Colonel ( liiirohill's regiment. Cole no I Miti lioli'H (Carroll and Marion countios) regiment. Colouol ot eou s cavalry regiment. INFANTRY COMPANIES. AFhley Volunteers Csptniti l>. H. Manning. " Arlviii:? i? Tiavo.l rs" Captain SV. 11. Stcbbs. B Dorado Sauttnola Captain . t lark County Volunteers Captain Williams. Camuon Knights Captain . Kutl Guard (Captain Chrl. lian. CAVAI.UY. Cavalry company < aptain Chrisman. FLORIDA. Florida has raisod some fly a or nix regiments, but wo liavo gleaned little information coucumiug thorn. The following arc some of the forces of the State FIK8T KJiUIKKNT VOI.UKTEJHIS. Colonel Andorson. Cvmj aniej. Doauregarrt Rifles Captain A. W. Iluaton. Madison Voi. utters (Co. F) . .Captain , Frankly- Hilles (Co. .1} Captain Young Guard Captain John H. Gee. Loon Artillery (0?. A) Captain R. H. Hilton. Pvnsaouia Guards (Co. K) . . .Captain . Cliipola Hilles (Co. K) Captain . Another regiment haa among Its flold officers Major O'Bannon. Thero is also a company of cavalry at 1'ensacola, under the command of Captain Cox There aro two companies denominated the "Young Re bels" and the "Ulue Whistlers'' ? the former commanded by Captain T. E. Jordan. Colonel Lieutenant Colonel. . . . Major Companies. Oglethorpe Infantry.. Walker Light Infantry, Pahlouega Volunteers. Baiubridgo Volunteer! Quitman Guard Gate City Guard. Southern Richie ;-uard Newman Gunrd Washington Ritlos..,, Southern Guard GEORGIA. FIRST REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. R.im?ey. . .('lark E. , .Thomisou. Coun'i s. .Richmond. . . . Richmond. . , . I. inii km .Decatur .Monroe . Fulton .Houston. . . . .Coweta . Washington. . Muscogee., . Captains. . Adam. .Crump. .Cabauiss. . Evans. Hnkard. . Ezzard. ? Houser. .Hanvey. .Jones. Wilkins. Colonel. FIRST BEfilMENT MILITIA. W.T. Wafford. FIRST REGIMENT REGULARS. Colonel Williams. IJcutenant Colonel Magili. Major Waikor. Adjutant J. C. Harrison, Jr. Quartermaster . ? ? ? ? L. Delaiglo. Surgeon George B. Douglass. Comjanits. Company A Captains. P. Hamilton. Company I) Oil 'tain William Martin. Company E Captain K. A. Wayne. Company P Captain John G. Patton. Company G Captain John C. I ain. Company H Captain Miller Grieve, Jr. CompauX J Captain Ix-wis H. Kenan. Company K Captain F. T. Cullens. Company L Captain A. M. Wallace. Company M Captain A. A. Frank. Hall. SECOND REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. tfommes. Harris. .liutt. Counties. Captains. Moril wether.. Harris. Colonel Lieutenant Colouel Major Companies. Merriwother Company. , Man n Guard llnrko Sharpshooters . . . Wire Grass Minute Men Hanks County Guard . . . Cherokee Brown Rifles.. Joe lirowns Columbus Guard Buena Vista Guard. ... Wright Infantry Athens Artillery Semmos Guard Stewart Greys .llibb .Burke ? Ware .Banks .Cherokee.. .Fannin.. . . .Muscogee. ?Marion . . .Whitfield. .Clark .Muscogee . .Stewart.. . .Lamar. .Wm.R.Holmes. .C. W. Styles. ..Candler. ?T.E.Dkkorson. .Campbell. . .Ellis. ..EM. IHitt. ...I. A. Glenn. .Stanley. ?Shepherd. .Ball. SECOND REGIMENT? MILITIA. Colonol t W. W. B yd. THIRD REGIMENT. .A. R. Wright. .J. S. Reid. A. H. Lee. Counties. .Richmond Wilkinson. Houston.. Putuuui. . . Richmond. Clarke. . . . Clark Newton... E.). Colonel Lieutenant Colonel. . . Major Companies. Conf'V.crate Guard... Wilkinson Kiil--^ Governor's G' ard (Co Brorfn Rillea (Co. 11.) Blodgett Volunteers Clarko Rifles Athens Guard Young Guard Homy Guard Dawson Grays Burke G iard Craviile Guard (Co. N)...., Duvieg Musketeers FOURTH Colonel Lieutenant Colon I Major Companies. Macon County Volunteers. Southern Killos Clover Guard Twiggs Volunteers Albany Guard I A Grange Light Guard . . . Toombs Voluuteura Sumter Light Guard West Point Guard Baldwin Blues Captain*. . E. J. Walker. Wm. 0. Brale. ?Griffin. . E. B. N'isbct. F. Biodgett, Jr. . \ incent. 11. G. Biliups. .Lee. . M-<! ^an Ueid. ,G;ei ne R.L.M'Whorter .Burke W.C.Musgrove. .Carsville Jones. . ? T. C. Cone. REGIMENT. .George P. Poles.

.John J. Mathews. .CliarlesL. Whitehead. Counties. .M- on .Talbot . Jasper.. . . ? Twiggs..., .Dougherty, ? Troup .Gordon.. . . .Sumter.,,. ?Troup . Baldwin.. . Ca i Out is. . Prothro. .B. Curloy. ?G. T. li.i r tlctt . ...Ins. Folsotn. .Y. G. Rust. . .R. S. Smith. ..Mayors. ..W.S. Johnson. ..MuiUiews. . .Caruksr. Colonel Lieu tenant Colonel . Ma or A ? i ju taut Quartermaster Sutter Principal Musician. C'tmva ;i it.'. McDuffle Riilcs Cuthbort Rillea Georgia Grays ( pson Guard Gritlin Light Guard Hardee Killes Ir.sh Volunteers.. . . Clinch Rides Pawfon Volunteers. Schley Guard F1KT1I REGIMENT. John K. Jackson. Tti mas Beall. Wlliiam L. Salisbury. William T. Black. James M. Cole. Henry D. -di.sgrovc, H. II. t urkins. C"uitt: i . Warren . . . . Randolph . . ? Muscogee. . . Vps. :i .Siwlding. . . .I>ecai r. . . . Richmond . .Richmond. .Terrell. . . . ? Scnre; :ey SIXTH REGIMENT. Colquitt. ....Newton. Tracy. Counties. Crawford. . .Mitchell.... , Pade Hancock... Ta\ lor Ogietliorpc. Baker , lions fc in.... Twiggs Butts Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Companies. Crawford Grays Mitchell Independents . Look U;t Infantry Sioney Brown Utiles.. Butler Van Guard Gilmer Biuos Baker Fire Eaters Beauregard Volunteers Twiggs Guard Butts Volunteers SEVENTH REGIMENT Captains. . .v. H. Pottle. ,.W. H. I/ing. ..A. Iverson, Jr. . Horsley. Mingham. ? H. M. King. ? John H. Hull. .Chas. A. Piatt. .C. B. Wooton. .Robert Burton. Captains. . .Cleveland. ? Shackelford. , .Ilinna. ..Arnold. . .Griffin. .Lofton. ,1'lain. . Anderson. .Barclay. .Dupreo. Colonel Lie it' nant U lonei Major Cmj lint 's. Dav is Infantry Cmledcrate Volunteers.... Franklin Volunteers Coweta Guard Cobb Mountaineers l'.oswell Guard Paulding Volunteers Stone Mountain Volunteers. Delialb Light Infantry Confederate Guard Iverson Invinciblos Heard Volunteers EIGHTH Lieutenant Colonel Major Comfania. Oglethorjie Light Infantry Atlanta Greys Miller Killes Macon Guards Pulaski Voluntoers Oglethorpe Rifles Floyd Infantry Rome Light Guard Echols Guards Stephens Light G sards. . . . NINTH Colenel Lieutenant Colonel Major Companies. Phoenix Rifles Irish Jasper Greene Bav. Vol. Guaid? A Sav. Vol. Guard? B. GartreH. Cooper. Dan woody. Counties. .Fulton Fulton . Franklin., f Coweta Cobb .Cobb Paulding. .. l'eKalb , Dekalb ..Cobb . .Carroll ..Heard REGIMENT. . .Gardner. . .G'opor. Soun'ieS. . .Chatham.. . . . .Fulton ..Floyd ..Bibb . .Pulaski ..Oglethorpe.. . .Floyd ..Floyd . . Meriwether . . .Greene REGIMENT. . . . Mui eer. . ..Rockwell. ...Olmstead. Counties. ...Chat liam... ...Chatham... .. .Chatham. .. . . . Chatham. . Cafitaim. . lialrird. , .Foreacro. . . Brown. .]/*. WWte. .TIiob. E. ..Jedkins. . Hoy le. . Fowler. . I.inilley. . Bnrke. .Brown. Captains. .Bartow. Cooper. .Powers. .Ijimar. .Ryan. .Lumpkin. Cooper. ? Magruder. . Howard. ? Paw son. King. Captmins. .Gordon. .Foley. .Screven. .Davenport. Oompamim. Gorman Volunteer*.., Dekalb Rllleraen.. .. Savannah Arnll?rjr., Republican III huh ? A. Republican ltlui'b ? 'I. ('?uiily1*. , haUiain. ? ..Chatham. . Iiit 1 1 u : 1 1 ..Chatham. . .I 'll allium. TKVTII RWUMKNT. Lieutenant Colon 1 < '1111111111#. Major Weens. Cviitpa ni&. ( ' niiiti-t. Confederate Status Sentinels. Musc^ee . . I .. Ichor Guards Richmond . . , Chut) . Beauregards Chat dioochi: Independent Blues Richmond.. lt-Hjimiin Uifantry ( lnyton.... Thomw ff Guards C ilmnhlo. .. Georgia Hiiiffoif 1* .I'u ki WIlCOX HitiCS W UOOK Favotto Kiilu Grays Fayette. . . . Pulaski Guards Cliatliam . . . ELEVENTH BBG1MENT. Colonel Anderson. Lieutenant Colonel G in rry . Major Crude. Companies. Countit*. Beauregard Hides Whlttleld ... Walton Infantry Unlofi Gaines . llli' I. .Jht Infantry . .Ilall . tlilmer Bays G Minor Fumim Yoiing Hilton Fannin Murray killc Comp.iay Murray Mrs. .Ido Brown s Boys Fannin Quitman Grays Quitman Houston County Vohuiteors. Houston .... Iao Volunteers Luc TWKI.Hll regiment. Colonel Johnson. Lieut mant Colonel Conner. Major flewdi te/unis. ('1 ntus. Marion (? uards Marion 1 lav is Hill. : Macon Davis Guards Itooly Jones Volunteers Jouu Muckaleo Volunteeis Sumter Lowndes Volunteers Lowudcs .... Calhoun Rifles Calhoun Central City HttM MM Put nam Light Infantry J iitiiuii) Muscogee Rifles Muscogoe Cai'kiiM. .St?n:lii. . Wetter. .Gallia. . An<l.rson. .Davis. C i/ia 11 u. . llaw H. . l'hiniur, ?.Holt. . Kirh&rds, .Crawford. .Johnston. ..Horn. ? IjOUd. .Woolen. . Uced. Ctptaim. .Wood. .Anderson. . Mitclioll. ? Welch. .Dobbs. .l.ullnian. .llyde. .Guerry .Goode. . Stokes. < ' i/Aiiu.;. .Bluntord. .McMillan. .Brown. . Pitts. .Hawkins. .I'ait'irsou. .Furlow. ..Rogers. ? Davis. . Scott. Colonel. . . Lieutenant Colonel. . . M?,or Oompaiiim. Baldwin Volunteers.. Lalayetto Volunteer* Chattooga Hull s Americus Volunteers Wkiten Guard Toombs Guard Irvin (i'laril Fort Gaines Guard.. . Brooks Rifles Talbot Guard THIRTEENTH REGIMENT. . A. A. Gouldiug. . . K. H. Turni|?tc ed. , . Mounter. Cmtntirs. Captains. Baldwin Beck. .Walker Gordon. .? huttooga. . . . Joneg. .Si. niter King. Walton Hillyer. .Bulloch Belt. Wllkos. ... . .Norman. (lay Webb. .Brooks., Ion -s. .Talbot Goulding. Colonel . . I.leutcnaut Oolonoi ...... Mjyor Chaplain Com/ianies. Rauiah Volunteers Confodern 1 0 Volunteers . I,"Ster Volunteers Rlackshcar Guard J or. I lav Is Hill' iiion Jasper Iniautry Ktowah Guard Yancey Independent.. .. . Cherokee Brown Roagers Johnson Grays FOURTEENTH REGIMENT. Brumby. . Ramsay .Frio . .J. L. Wilson. ' 'oiwti,. .Wilkinson... ..Monroe .Forsyth .ljturunji .Butts ..Itsper .Cass .Worth .Cobli .Johnson Captains. . Kois' un. . Ktheridge, . lister. . Hainsay. , Price. J01 dan. .Jones. .Harris. Kinlder. liar man. FIFTEENTH UKOIMENT. Thomas. Captains. .Cade. .Martin. . .Mcintosh. . .Burcb. .Poole. . Farmer. .Milllcan. . Laf.mor. .Lamar. . .Smith. Colonel... Lieutenant Colonel Si ephens. M.yor Mcintosh. Cmnpanitx. Counties. Delhi Bailors Wilkes.... Fireside Guard F.lbert Molnt) '8h Volunteers Flbert .... Bowman's Volunteers Klbert... . l'oole Volunteers Hurt Stophon.c Homo Guard Taliaferro. Tugalo Blues Franklin... Hancock Confederate Guard. Hancock-. , I-aYnar Guard Lincoln ... llauc ick Volunteers Hancock. . SIXTEENTH REGIMENT. Colonel Stylus. Lieutenant Colonel Lane. Major Gardner. Companies. Counties. Captains. Wire Gras* Minute Men Ware Styles. Brunswick KHHnon Glynn Harris. l.owndes Volunteer* Lowndes Hammond. Oclot kone.1 Light Infantry. . .Thomas Young. Bt. Mary's Volunteers Mcintosh Dufour. Seaboard Guard ...; Wayne... ... .Nichols. B -nicn Minute Men Berrien Knight. l'iscola Volunteers Quitman I*ne. Thomasville G uarrf Thomas Hockwell. SEVENTEENTH REGIMENT. ? Fetor. . .? Douglass. . .? Smith. Ouuntie*. Captains. .Troup Long. . Early Crawford. . Meriwether. . . Ector. .I'pson Smith. . Kundolph Douglas. . 1 ike Baker. Fayette Glass. Spalding Moorn. Terrell Spearman. l'aulding Robinson. Colonel . Lieutenant Colonel.... Major Companies. Evans Guard Karly Guard Muriwi ihrr Volunteors, Upson Volunteers Randolph Volunteers... Confederate Guard Fayette Ranger? Kingg"ld Itaugers Paiiola Hilies. . Etark Volunteers EIGHTEENTH REGIMENT. ... Woflbrd. ... Ruff. .. .Jeff. Johnson. Colonel. I.ieutnnunt Colonel Ma^'r C'tmj'anies. Counties. Captains. Acworth Infantry Cobb O'Neill. Newton RUIes Newton Stewart. Lowis Volunteers Cass Maddoz. I lav is Inv ineibles Dougherty Irvin. Rowland Highlanders C?=b Ford. Row land Infantry Cass Crawford. Jack*' 11 County Volunteers .Jarkaoo Jarrett. Davis Guard Ca=s Ro;ier. Stephens Infant ry Gordon Starr. IXioly L.ght Infantry Dooly A' NINETEENTH RKGfMENT. Colonel Lieutenant Colonol... Major OunpavU'. Georgia Volunteers... Jackson Guard Palmetto Guard Sonoia Infantry Hoard Grays Carrol! Guard Hen y Guard Cotl- n Guard Gold Diggers Kingstou Volunteers. ? Boyd. ..T. C. Johnson. . Hutch ins. Cnnti'.'. ..Fulton.... .Fulton . .Campbell . , .Coweta. . . .Heard.... , .Carroll.... .Henry. . .. .Paulding.. ..Carroll.... . X'as? Captain). ? Johnston. . Neal. . Ik-all. .Hunter. ? Mabry. ?Curtis. ? FTynt. . Heall . Chambers. . Hooper. TWENTIETH HEGJMKVT. Duncan Smith. ? John A. Jones. Colonel M?jor Qimpanitt. C unities. Captnint. Sparks Guard Bibb Cumming. Southern Guard Muscogro . ... Jones. Border ltangers Musco^oe Shorter. Jefferr-ou Guard Jefferson Gamblo. Whitesvillc Guard Harris Norwood. Toombs Hangers Fulton Waddell. TWKN1V-FIRST REGIMENT. Colonel Howell Cobb. TWENTT-SECONO KEOIMENT. Colonel Beining. Lieutenant Colonel Bryan Major Walker. Conjmnies. Schley Rides Captain lAllerstedt. Gardner Volunteers. Captain Hundley. * Liucoln County Volunteers.. .Captain Gibson. Glascock county Voluntcers.Captam G. II. Joaca. Henry County "Volunteers. .Captain Albert. TWENTY-THIRD RF.O IMENT. O'loncl Hutchinson. Colonel Lieutenant Colonel.... Major Companies. Glado Guard McMillan Guard Nacoocheo Voluntoers Thomas Guard Banks Volunteers.... White Marksmen.... Independent Blues... TWBNTSr-FOl'RTH REGIMENT. McMiiian. Saunders. R. E. McMillan. Counties. ? Hall . Habersham Habersham, ?Hart .Bmks ?White .Gwinnett... Cavtaisu. ? Poole. ..Porter. ..I>eonard. . Donovan t. ..Chandler. ..Sumter. .Mattox. THIRTY-FIFTH ( STEPHENS'') REGIMENT. Cokinel' E. L. Thomas. Lieutenant Colonel G. A. Bull. Major B. H. Holt. Adjutant A.J. Ware. Surgeon J. B. Hambleton. Quartermaster L P. Thomas. Commissary V. A. Hopaon. AUGUSTA REGIMENT. Johu B. Baldwin. Colonel , Colonel . Colonel . BUTTS COUNTY REGIMENT. David J. Bailey. Lieutenant Colonel . Major . . . 6 BORGIA LEGION. T. R. H. Cobb. ... Garnett. . . . Bagley. GUERRILLA REGIMENT. Colonel B. F. McDonald. MONTGOMERY REGIMENT. Colonel Z. C: Deas. Major R. B. Armistead. In additien to the above there are several MISCELLANEOUS REGIMENTS, under the command of tho following oillcors:? Colonel Conner. Colonel R. J. Cowart. Colonel MrLaws. Colonol Prtntup. Colonel W. H. Stiles. Colonel E. P. Watklne. Colonel M. C. M. Hammond. Major. FIR9T BATTALION. Villlpigiie. Ktowah Infantry CVs 1 arrv. Kill- gi 'M Vol Mil UMrr) (V >o?? Spray liorry. Brown Inlautry HiMi t;. A. -uiilh. Itnloj oudonl V'lluntoorh Wlbli. . ....... AiiarhoM. SIX' ONI) UATTAI.ION. Mil lor H.irl' man. Comi>ani*i. Onnlir . CipUiitli. Macon Volun cors Ilil>l> Siuitb. Kl< yil Itill. h Jiilib I! -w. (Sty I.ight rtu.ir.l Muscogee Cnl'iultt. Si aldii.g ijrityu H|'/ililii.?; I ?yal. I'OUItTit BATTALION (AKTfl.l .BUY.) ColotXil W. A. BUmtll. ('"?mp-iny A ?aplal?i C< m|>.iny II CipU.n II uilrl' lc. Company (! Captain Wi.'irtn. Comp ii'y I) Captain M< : "Well. Company E Cm um White. CAVAI.llY BATTALION. Miiji-r ___ w iic< your. ATLANTA AKTILLKllY ItATTALlON. Major Aril. I.I V.I/> . 1NKANTHY COMVANIEH. Stevens ttifles Capt. in I. J. 01. nn. lionry County Pioneer* Captain \s . C). Oats. Ilnitilin.lgo Onard. CaMnm H. II, l/'wm. I'*. 1 1 1" ii Kan^ei* CupLiiu K. <,'? llaiso. Hioyd RHlCft tVpt.'.Mi Har.a uiau. OUtiinhint Volimt. H , C.i. A.Ci .tui (dlquit. 0)liii?lni8 Vol.mto rs, l'. , li.Ca;il in -mitli. Kpaulillng (ij.tys . .Captain 1/iyd. (jl iver (iu:ir<l Ci|t?ln t,. I,. HaitVtt. Tumuli Hill Uilles Captain K. L. Thomas. An iry Toys c?p:um Orr. Atla'itaC'iiti'Ui .Captain W. 1'. Chin holm. IMm.'sville (Juard Captain Montgomery. Harris (iuard Captain W. II. McCulloch. I I v.l sharp.- liooti rB Captain A. s. Iliunlltoli. Chatham R U.im n C-iptalii T. II. Norwood. Dk.'ilnoko Kftliw Captain Dasher. Raker Voiur.tcors Captain A. I'. Ktidlor. Calhoun Oveys Captilu A.C. I'liiiiips. Hartow AvoUgorfl Captain I M. Win to. Walton Sharpsliootorg Captain W. S. liurrott. I,<!o Volunteers Captain l oo. County I.ltm Invincible*. .. .Captain A. K. Richdaon. AUTIIXKHY COltl'F. Savannah Artillery Captain John II. GalliO. Washington Artillery Captain J. I*. fiirardy. Uloo^et Artillery Captain Hlodget. KKNTUCKY. Keutucky, liko Maryland , furnished troops for the rob# service. They wont principally from tlio Southern tier of counties, bordering on tho Tounessoe lino, ami do not la the aggregate number more than sevon or oigbt thousand nioii. Tba following are some of ttio Kentucky rebel forccs in tlie flolJ: ? FIRST REGIMENT. Colonel Thomas Taylor. SECOND REGIMENT. Colonel Robert Johnson. TniKI) REGIMENT. Lionel Winters. FOUBT1I KKOIMKNT. O-lonol ? Trabtm. Major Thomas R Monroo.Jr. Company Captain Itenjaimm M<>nroo. regiment (late) Oil. Geo. II. Hodge. ? Kcgiinont Colonel May. ? ? -Reghnont (late) Colonel Humphro^ Marshall. Regiment Colonel 11. C. King. Hrgiment of Statu Guard.. ..(Late) Colonel Tilghman. Kentucky Battalion Lieut. Colonel Kiu. In addition to the above, John C. Urookiurtdgo, with Oolouol Dosha, Colonel William C. l'rest n , Coionol John P. Flcliiiu, Bob Woolly, Menifoo and Judge Moore, ban organized a large force at proscnt assembled In Floyd county, of which Brookinridgc IsaBrlgadlor General. Colonel Mi'Kue, lato editor of tho Louisville Courier, Is In command of a regiment under Buckuer. Jesse D. Bright la also organizing a regiment at War. saw. INFANTRY COMPANIES. Borne of the following companies belong to tho StatO. Guard: ? Davis Guard Captain R M. Anderson. Kentucky Riflemen.,,,... . .Captain John McGill. old Hickory Guard Captain Foster. Davis Guard Captain Joseph Desha. Cornwall Guard Captain Mitchell JjOpallle. Bustard Guard.... (iiptaln Jolm D. Pope. Duncan Rifles Captain James It Harvey. Dixie Guard Captain Thorn) son. Kentucky Rebels Captain James Morse. Captain Morgan. Nicholas County Company. . .Captain Holliday. ? ? ? Captain J. W. Goaler. ? County (Late) Captain R. W. Wake CAVALRY COMPANIES. ? Cavalry Captain W. D. Wilcox. Bourbon County Cavalry .... Captain Dosha. AKTILLERV COMPANY. Bankhead's Artillery Captain Bankhcad. In organizing the Confederate forces at Columbns, m portion of whioh consists of Kontncky troops, God. Folk issued a genoral order, of which the following Is an ex* tract:? The First brigade will be composed of the regiments of Colonel I'. .Smith, Colonel T. J. Freeman, Colonel Charles Carroll, and the battalion of Lieutenant Colonel Blytbe, and will bo commanded by Brigadier General Choatham. The Second brigade will be composed of the regiments of Colonels Ilowen . Marks, Scott and Neeley, and will be commandud by Colonel John P. McGowen. Tho Third brigade will be composed of tba regiments of Colonels H M. Russell, Wright and Pickett, and will bo commanded by Colouel Russell. The Fourth brigade will be composed of the regiments of Colonels Stephens and Douglas, and will be commanded by Coinnel W. H. Stephens. . The Held batteries of Captains Hudson and ftmltb will compose a part of tho First brigade. They will report accordingly. Tho Hold batteries of ninkhead and Stewart will oom poRu a part of tho Second brigade, and their officers will roport accordingly. The Held battery of Captain Jackson will compose a part of the Third brigade. He will report accordingly. The battory of siege artillery, of Captain Hamilton, will be \mder the immediate order of Brigadier Geuoral Pillow, who will C' .mmsjid tho whole column. Major Miller's battalion of cavalry and the separate com]?uilcs of cavalry, commanded by Captains Hudson, Colo ami Klelne, will organise into one battalion, und will, in addition to its Major, elect a Lieutenant Coionol. The six companies of Tennessee cavalry, commanded by Captains l/>gwood, White, Neoley, Hay wo. >d, Hill and Ballentino, and two companies of Alabama cavalry, oom mandod by Captain Itowio and Captain Jacks< n, will bo organized into a battalion by tho election of a Major and Lieutenant Colonel. LOUISIANA. FIRST REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel W. U, Vincent. LI utonant Colonel Wm. R Shivers. Adjutant P. W. Semmes. Quartermaster Edwd. Murphy. Assistant Quartermaster.. .A. Campbell. Chaplain Father Hubert. Sorgeon C. Beard. ComjMtiie). Oa Ido Rifles Cuptuiti I/wis. Emmet Guard Captain JMIigan. Montgomery Guard Captain Nolan. Davis Guard (from Ky.).. ..Captain B. M. Andorson. Orleans Light Guard, Co. A.. Captain . Orleans Light Guard, Co. B. .Captain F. M. Iteano. Orleans Light Guard, Co. C... Captain P. R. O'RourkO. Orleans Light Guard, Co. D. .Captain ? ? . SECOND REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel Henry Farno. Lieutenant Colonel W. T. I loan. Companiet. Pelican Greys Captain A. H. Martin. Ouachita Blues Captain John McKnery. THIRD REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS (ARTILLERY.) olonol Chas. A. Fullor. Lieutenant Colonel I). Beltzhoover. Major H. A. Clinch. bap lain Rev. P. F. Dicharry. FOURTH REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel W. R. Barrow. Lieutenant Colonel Henry W. Allen. Major 9j,R Hunter. Surgeon Marshal Popo. Assistaut Surgeon 0. P. Lang worthy. Adjutant C. Belcher. Quartermaster J- Kli bourne. Chaplain Rev. Mr. Godfrey. Companiet. Ijifourche Guard Captain T. E. Vick. Beaver Creek Killes Captain Jas. WingQeld. Hunter Killes Captain Pullea Hunter Hitl.-s No. 2 Captain Hilliard. lAko I'rovidotH'o Cadets Captain Witcber. St. Helena Killes Captain Taylor. Delta Rlile.s Captain H. M. Kav rot. W. itjton Rouge Tirailleurs.. Captain F. A. Williams. National Guard Captain ltagghman. West Felieiatia Killes Captain Toorean. FIFTH BBOIMBNT VOLUNTBKB8. Coionol ??Jones. SIXTH REGIMENT VOLUNTEERS. Colonel J. G. Seymour. Lieutenant Colonel Ixmis Lay. Major S. L. James. Sergt. Major and Act. Adjt. ,N. Hart Jackson. Acting Surgeon G. R. Carradlne. Company E Captain Revera. SEVENTH BBOIMINT VOI.UNTKKM. Colonel Harry T. Hays. Lkmtenaat Colonel ( barlen DeCUblseul. Major I). B. Peun. Companie*. ? Baton Rougo-Fencibles Captain A. S. Herron. Livingston Rifles Captain 'R M. Turry. Continental Guard Captain George Clark; Crescent Rifles, Company B. Captain II. T. Jett. Crescent Rifles, Company C. Captain J. H. Sarstleld Rangers Captain J Moore WlMa. Irish Volunteers Cfcptain W. B. Ratclilre. Virginia Guard Captain Robert B. Scott.