11 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

11 Aralık 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Mouth, M ahe ll now at HI, (laat reported 3 W*.r* ou'1 wllh 460 ?p and <0 wh) to Edw O Jones, NB, for flMO. Whalemen* Below New Bedford 8th mat, a whaler com ng up. A letter from Cant Pennlman. of bark Mltierra. ^ B r? pn. ta her at Bay of Island. July SO. from W Coasl o N,.w Zealand. with SOU bbl* ap oil, all told. Would be at Bmjt of lulaudalu Marco next. . _ . _ _ , A Inter from Capt < offln, of l>?rk tMtppBO, NB, report* her MTombex <?> t *4,1881, with OllObbU ap oil all told? 6JO bbla on board, ail well. _ _ Spoken, Ar. Bark Mary Adelia, fmin Liverpool for Havana, Nov 15, lat 4,v Ion 9. Foreign Ports. Antwkbp, Nov 21? Id port ship Kittle Floyd, Dearborn, for NYork lumu ; barks Merael ( I'riio), Masehke, for do do, El bins (Prus), Rentel, for dodo; Adele (Han), Claussen, for do do; Prus brig Ernestine, Lemke, for do do. Buknoh Wkk?, Oct 1 1 ? Hid previous, brig Nellie Hunt, Johnson, NYork. In port Oct 14, shin B Ay mar, Sawyer, for NVork; brigs East, Spates, and West, Rogers, from do. Bicuuuda, N - V 2H? In port ship Devonshire, Anderson, from London for NYork. in distress; Br barks Virginia, Hill, fromDemarara f? r do. do; Eli/a Barss, Cooper; nenee, arr 21st, idg the V's cargo for NYork; Louisa Blls*, from Mansa nllla for Falmouth, repg; brigs A B Cook. Perkins, from Bag ged Island fyr NYork, in distress; Excelsior (Br), Talbot, for NYork, with brig A B Cook's cargo. Colombo. Oct if? Arr ship Mogul* ftpooner, Bombay. CiEjirviGOK, Nov 25? Arr brig Kcoka, Burns. Nxork. Havana, Nov TO? Sid brigs D O Castner, Hastings, NYork; Robin, KiUman, Cardenas. C'd 30th, barks Oregon, Cbr.se, Nemita*: Senator, Bell, and Mustang. Pennington. NYork; brig Timothy. Roger, J'ort Med way schrs W II Nortbrup (Br), Sullivan, and A B Ter ry. Eldrldge, NYork. Livkrcool, Nov /i? Arr Glasgow (s>, McGulgan, Ni rk; 23d, Anglo Saxon (s), Graham, Quebec; Enchantress, Dins more, NYork. v ? ^ , Adv 23d, Anglo Saxon (s), for Portland 2*th; Europa (s), for Boston 30th; Glasgow (s), for NYork 27lh; Australasian <a>, for do Fiee 7; Conste lation Mulliner. for do; New Brunswick, Vickers, for Philadelphia; U D Mupherd, Gale, for NOrlcans via Havana. Lisbon. Nov 12? In port ship llarrisburg, Wiswell, for Rio Janeiro, Idtf. Mkssina, Nov 18? In port bark Celeatia, Blount, for Boston nbt Dee 3; brig Kodiak, Peterson, for NYork. Sid 18th( bark I Fury, Kent, Boston. \l a i.ac? a, Not fc? In p ?rt brig A urate, Davis, from Newport, E, dlag, and would flnNli abt 22d. Point iiu Galls, Oct 19? Arr bark Martha Wen/.cll, Smith, t Rt union. BOTTKHnAM, Nov 19? In port barks El wine Kreplln (Pros), Fischer, for Ronton; Henry tMeck), OhlerHi; Amanita (Prus), Rutige; Iteluhard (Brem), , and Christine (II. in), I Altmepnen, for NYork. Kio (iVtANDK, Oet 8? In port bark It H Gamble, l'owell, | from Cad ix, disg; brigs Abby Elizabeth, Martin, from New i York, disg; Havana, Curtis, from Lisbon, do. W 11 Hazard, I Miller, for Montevideo; schrs \ tola, Haskell, from < !ndf*, just | hit; Czar, Hammond* from do for England, hi*,: J W Heaver, ! Niekeison, from Oporto, do do; De Hart, L??we. from Lisbon, do do; Trade Wind, , for England, Wig; E C Howard, Niekeison, from Cadiz,disg. Mary Gr? enl*h, Greenish, under Brazilian flag; Ospray, I ravers, from Baltimore, also undei Bra/.itian ilitg. Hr John, NB. Dee 2? Arr sehrfl Ariel, Shields, NYork , 8 V Coo nan, Coonan, and O.enn Wave, Fie welling, do. American Ports. BALTIMORE, lie. 7 ;i h? \rt -hip M-ra McDonald, Fuller, ! Liverpool. Old Br brig Standard, Card, i' onw&lt ?, Ns, aehrs Exemplar (Br\ Davison, Morton, : Mayflower, Kilburti, Boston; Jamestown, Latouretie, and J no Hose, llulse, Nvw York. FALL MVKK, Dec 9? Arrachr Maggie Van Duses, Ire , land, Philadelphia. NEW BKDFOUD, Dec 8? Bl?l bark Catalpa, Ali* n, San Francis?t?. 9th- A vr sehr Wm H Howe, Harris PhilA'felphia. Std ?s-hrs E ll Adams. Hi nek ley, Baltimore . M H Read. Kellev, New Y-erk. A No aid 7th, 7' 'ships and barks, to be sunk on the Southern Coast. NEWPORT, Dee 7? Arr schrs Ellen Banter Briggs, East Greenwich for NYork; Kebeeoa s Warren, Warren, rhar loTtetown, PEI. for Baltimore; Pavilion Paine, and Eastern Ltglit, Cole, Wellfleet for Deal s Inland, Sid (and all aid AM tt1?). ? fcth? Arrsehr Ellen Rodman^ Bowmsci, NYork for New He ! ford (and ?Id 9th). 9th? Sailed this morning, wind NF, aebrs Alma (Br) t'rowlev, Windsor, NS, for NYerk; A Hastings (Br), Chap man, Yarmouth. NS. fordo; Tea *er. Clifford. Ban'*??r tor do; Orris Francis, Hall, Calais for do; l*> inix, Ham lton. Port land for Jersey City; Harriet Baker, Webber, do for NYork; Elvira, Warren, Cutler, Me for "do; Grace (Jird'er. Rieh, Boston for Philsdelphia: Golden Eagle, Kelsev. NlWdford for Jersey City; Wm II M.iiller, Hub, Philsdelp'hia for B".?. ton: J W Fish, Shaw, do fordo; Pathway, Crawford, Rout en for Baltimore; Julia E Gamage, Brewer, Bangor for NY rk ; Qlenroy, Wakefield. Gardiiler f??r do; Emma A Higgin's Pierce ; I II Horton, Freetnun: Express, Paine, and Lucy K Gallagher, l'urvere, aa fntm Welltleet for Deni s Inland. Md; Dresden, i.rant, Mnchias for New York; Louisa H Endicott, Leeds, Little Eu'g Harbor. NEW LONDON, N?.v 9-Arr schr Montrose, Wall, 'Calais for NYork; sloops Helen. Babeoek, Fall River for do; Julia Ann. Davis, New BecHore for do. PHILADELPHIA, l)er 9? Arr l arks Bavard (Nor).Yliur aen, Laroe, I, Elizabeth J, Holmes, Torka Islands, schrs Adella ( Br), Rait, Mttiatitlan for New York (pitt iti in dis tress); P Armstrong, Llnnell. and Ruby, Tuaocy, Bwton ; A M Aldrldge, Tloweil, ami Jos Maxfield, May, do. "Below, off the Capes, a hark-fitaiMinc in, supposed to be the Conrad, from Rio Jmieiro;*ofl the Le<ke Light, ship M Sett on. from Liverpool, coining itp. Old brigs Trebieon. Pearson, Cork, for orders; Marcfa, llnrnman. Sagua; sclim New Jersey, Bowman, HavSnu ; Jno Northup, Rok?, port iipaln; J It Pla ter, Towrmeud, Kev West; H Blackman, <iandy, Port Royal; Geo Bvron, Ijoweli, Boston; Thoa Bonhen,^; sgliiington, Fall River , Mat^ AflHa. Gibbs, Cutianeett. Law* 8, "Del, pee The bark MarpaTet. Qulg, f.iom Per nambuco, has been ordered to New Ytrk from Delaware Breakwater. v POKTLAND, Dec 7? Arr schr Lucy White, Hi x, Rockland fw KTflfk. Cld Br steamship Bf hrmian, Burgess, Liver C>\ via LMidonderry (and sld); "barks Merrimac, St rout, vana; Mary C Fox. Fredericks, 'v'srdensa: brigs Edwin, Webber. Havana; C H Kennedy, Win slow, Matan/as; <Jeo Barrfs, S towers, do; schrLydia A Mav. Baker, Philadclpbi 8th? Atr ?chr John Adams, HsN^b, NYork. PROVIDENCE, Dec 9? Arr wins Amelia, Rockhill, and CI Til ubttaird, Williams, Philadelphia. Sid schrs Mail, Kei ley, Philadelphia. AtAnchor in Dutch Island harbor 9th. AM, sclirs A (Toi'de ?rv, Grace, F C Sinith, Anderson; peter Boice, Boico; Ann S Irnvrn, Brown, and Aid, EudicoU, all from Boston for l'hi^a ?delnliia. SALEM, Dec 7? Arr schrs Lton, Furbush, Elixabethport ; Acltlam, Rav, do. Cld bark LSwrencS, Hanson. Cayenne. "f51d 7th, bark Lawrence; and the arrivals of Cih, which put In for a harbor; 8th, schr 11 G Porter, Smith, Philadelphia. 'TAuPAtJLIN COVE, Dee 7?' In port brigs Lucretia, Brotm, from Mtllbridt'e for New Ye?/k; f>cean Traveller, for Phila 'delphla; G H Sargent, for New York. ^WtSCASSET, Dec 2? Arr brig Tempest, McCobb, Havana. Sld'-Nov 30. brig Cyclone, XcCarty, Havana. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., WANTKft ?A SET OF MINK OR RAHLE FURS WANTED ? CON J%. stating of Cape. MufT and Cnfs; price about fflOi, <1 1p?s; IHI1 be perfect : will pay in fine wines, brandies and other lienor", at wholesale prfoe, or paihaps some cash. Addre?,s B., box 2,915 Pott office. Furnished house wanted? in a respect j.rle neighborhood, at. a rent of not over 175 a month, payable in anTanre; wanted 'trull neit May or longer. Address : 'House, Herald office, stating location, terms, Ac. Furnished or unfurnished house wanted By ayounj American widow ladv of mejiris, in a eeu Iral locality; would bnard the owner for the rent or other wise, with' the privilege of taking a few select boarders. Ad dress Gouldlug, Herald office. HYDRAULIC press WANTED.? DIAMETER <vr the rain to be from H to 12 inched. Will be iMm^ht for cash If the price suits. Address Hydraulic, Herald office. House wanthd ? any person having a small Home, with Stable attached, nnd willing to lease or sell on terms to suit the times, may address J. J. It.. bo* I . Hit) New York Post office. Location within a mile of the City Hall, Brooklyn. IIQUOR RTttRE-A CORNER PREFERRED? WILL J pav cash for a Rood located anil well paying liquor store. al a fair price, down town. Apply at 12 Centre street, corner of Chambers. ZEGLIO A HASTEN US. Merchant tailors having from $100 to $1,000 worth oi new Clothing oil hand, and wlllinp vo'disptifie of it at a fair price, will meet with a cash customer by calling at the store, or addressing Thos. D. Conroy, No. M Centre street. Rooms wanted ?wanted, in Brooklyn, bv a gentleman and wife, three or four Rooms, unfurnished, suitable for houaekoeplng, within one mile of Fulton ferry. Address, slating terms, which mint be low, J. l'., bo* Poat office. N. Y. TXTANTED? A ROOM OR A ROOM AND BEDROOM, T Y furnished, with all the conveniences for housekeeping, lw ii gentleman, wife and one child. Bi low Graml sii*et, pre ferren. Address for three days, staling terms, which lonfl correal oiid with the times, John Vcssey, boj Ifr* Herald office. WANTED-1N BROOKLYN, BV A SMALL, NKiT New EngUnd tamily of three persona, io a prl.a'e house, oocopii il only by one family, three or four Hones, convenient for housekeeping, within fifteen minutes' walk of the Citv llali. Would not object to Inking case of a whette house. Rem about $10 per month to first ol May. Adorers for three dais M. S., Brooklyn l'ost offloe. T1TANTED ? ONE rVOODWORTII TONGCE A-NF* W Grooving M:i?lil?-e, and i no Upright Saw and Mould ing Machine. Apply at No. 8 Coitlandt street, f 1'Oni 10 tHLJJ O'clock. TirANTED? A I TRNSSHED HOUSE, IN A GOOD. tt neighborhood In the upper part of the city, by :i goo.i tcuant? a gentleman iiikI his family. Addre*#; iiqk 1,??0 Post office. ASTIIOLOGY. A9TONISHING.-MAQi#:E MORROW, fiEVBNTH daughter, has a girt of .foresight; tells ho* scon and often yen will marry, mid if you wish to k now, .even yoir very tha-tghts, or Do pay; livvy charms free; her initial t not to he found ; iter magic litage i,s now in full ?y)eraU'iti. 184 Ludlow sir -pel, below Houston. Price cents, UuU'.k men not admitted. CLAIRVOYANCE -MRS SEYMorilS MKW.C.U Uoomsiare located at 101 West Fittoentli street, comer qf Sixih avenue (entrance on F: fleet!' Ii street). Constitutions on sickness, buslne?s, absent frles^ls, Ac., Ac., and s&ckafau tlon guarantied hs u.iual or no pay UA9AWS Y,*0 SEVENTH \ "ENUE, NEAR T WEN JVI t)- wvcntb -tr"< t, surprise' all v ho visit her The sl?r!t, troubled and unl.'cky shou/l test berfowcr*. She tells your very thoughts, lu>sXy numbers, losses. Ladles, 25 cents; tleiuen, f) cents. Mrs. At-Exis, medical and m siness clair; voyan;, while it tin- treiiw slate, gitrs to at.* part of the world, ant; Ilp? rib * person* aid pho.es Torieitly; also de scribes ami pees^ribes for dlsi j*sts. No. 7tj Varick street, neai Chariton Mrs sl> 'or >s TiiE' >nly TtH'E clairvoyant in tW.clly; v Wilms o: misplace* coofldeu e in large ad vertlsere^uis' should cull uA once. Jtll wenU M life, lucky <1 umbers, speedy iv .rrlures attned. al 3? ' anal street. THE GREATEST VVONDES. IN ThJP. WOKIU IS TlfR young i.-id atxinlfSftnd lUdamc Bl'RUN, Irom Paris, whoeauhe nonsulUii j-itb tU?. strictest confti\o-.e on au ? flairs of life; restore* .iriinken and unj tliful b'- 'bands; has > secret to make yon ueiot -d tiy vour ii -.rt's and brings tojetiisr tlwjse iunr " Lati cs 26oents* Resi dence !K? Third avenue, abore jreUiii street. XXTBO WOULD NOT OO >TIIBI B VOETI NE 1 y o, WlitIai;iiTC)X1 th<- cr.^nt Kiik*'!1*1 ? ' phftt IM, (he bext of all, <UH?fad. ? ??'* bfr"U Rultf.l, jHrrsonnlty or by h/h\. on all jrtiain oi , rn" InglAW units jotitwym iVl'-uflv, Bovr, co mul ' rincr. h^altb, wealth, and who oun reclaim dt iikrn;?!1 "n* faltlifvil husbHad". Mini W, li< th<* only person j' thiacity who has the genuine Homtu and AraM.vn i;?ll??ni^ ,or "'J'*'' good luck anfl nil buslne.^f* aflfalra, and are uti'Ju ''V life. Delay not to consult thU nntuinllv^lfted 1,(1 p^wtllul 1 young lady. Lucky uumb^i'^ clven. ltighlv Potable c i v rei'erenoe. Can be sren at hov residence, avenue, < I I I . . !. I a ' A K -1 ? T.TVAN STI'FT I ? M us '*KK gives 1 .> t. .i-matloUo "" aja'rs through llfa, aim ii' s lucky numh<<rs for t' j ,Jj* 's the on'y true - ? . so.' ,... hois' ? ihS 1 -jr her real rttlW<%4? S il.ivan -tuei, ne i Bi MUSIC At.. ... AMAONlFIt'ENT SEVEN OOTAVB ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale Rt a lierifiM, elegnntly carvea l?p aud case, round corners, full Iron plaia, overairung nana, in laid wljh |a*arl, lined throughout with aatluwooa, maue to order lor present owner by city makers, fully ^j^anteed for throe years been in use but wvcn mouth a, cost $500 ana w ill be sold for $260. Including Stool aud Cover. Also an elegant assortment of Drawing Room Furniture, 1 atut ngs, Mirrors, Vases and Bronzes, less than half cost. Inquire at 70 West Twenty-sixth street, near Blith avenue. A LADY OF FXR&T HATE MUSICAL ABILITY. 11 AV lug studied und< r the moat eminent masters m Europe, would wtsh a few in r ? lluishlng pupils in this ray or Brook lyn. Terms $!> per month ; or at her residence, terms mode* rate. AU.Ires* A Y. Z., Herald offlc.e. A GREAT BARGAIN.? AN ELEGANT CAHVED ROSE wood Pianoforte, with every modern improvement, aeven wtave, solid pearl keys, selected by a professor lor the owner** "He, for sale at l< is than half the coat, it ap| lied for immediately. A I ho some very rich Parlor Furniture. Apply at the residence 218 West Fourteenth street, near Eighth av. 4 BARGAIN.? A BEAUTIFUL TONED SEVEN 00 JY tave rosewood Piano; has a full (patent) Iron plate. ?Ter strung bans, i?e,irl keys and elegantly carved base ami le^>: I* but three months in use; will be sold fur a little more tiian half its value. Call at 67 North Sixth street, near Third, Williamsburg. 4 LADY, TEACHER OF THE ENGLISH BRANCHES. J.A. French and music, would give lemons daily in a private family in exchange for Board, or would give lemons in any one oi those branches in exchange for a furnished Room. Satisfactory reference given. No objection to travel. Ad dress A. I).. Herald office. 4 RAKE CHANGE. ? $ltf.V? M AGNI FICBNT 7 OCTAVE J Y. Pianoforte, beautifully carved case, legs. Ac., iron frame, overstrung bass, well knowu city manufacturer, short time used, together with handsome Music Stool. Apply at the residence of the advertiser, 28 Third street. Bargains to cash pi'rcii asers.? two magnt tiient 7l,t octave rosewood Pianolones, beautifully carved case, J Tegs, Ac.; linished back same as front; iron frame; overstrung bass, splendid tone and t>uch; guaran teed for fire years, ltefet ence* to 1.6 K> uamc McDONALl) Jt CO- 358 Bowery. /CONCERT OR ORATORIO.? MB. GBORGR CROZ1BF, \J tenor prinio, from London, desires engagements t.u Ring. Address to him at Messrs, Ilall <k Son, or Firth, Polid A Co., Broadway. INSTRUCTION ON TIIB PIANO AND VOCAL Ml SlC ? M J. 11. MAG RATH, organist of Sidney plaeo church, Brooklyn, atteuds pupils in New Yora aud Biooklyn. Ad dress or apply at 01 West Baitic street, between Clinton and Henry, Brooklyn. ML. J. DERCOMRE'S PIANO WAREROOM8, No. 149 . Ninth street, between Broadway ami Fourth avenue. A beautiful assortment ot Pleyel French upright Pianos tor Kale or to let. i \NE OF THE MOST ELEGANT FOUR ROUND COR " / ner Pianofortes, made by Nuiius, will Iw sold at less than half the cost; euuai to new. Apply at 18' Fulton street. PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICES? WE ARE NOW selling our Pianofortes at greatly reduced nr.ces for cash. Parlies wishing to obtain a lirst class Pianoforte at w ar rates are invited to call. LIGHTS l BRADBURYS, 421 Broome street, N. Y. I>14 NO FoRTE.? ANY ONE HAVING A GOOD PIANO tone, aud who w ill sell It low for cash, may lind a cus t'tmrby add re sang J. B., Herald office. "PIANOFORTE FOR HALE ? A FINE ROSEWOOD PJA I noforte, Chiekering's make, price $100; is in perfect or der; h is iron frame, French action, lit. led i gs, Cover, Stool, 4c, Will be disposed of for $100. Ai ply immediately at 127 Tw^nty-lirst street, near Third avenue. OTODA'Rr PIANOS, O GRAND, SQUARE AND UPRIGHT. A full assortment of these unrivalled instrument* for sale at the letvcst prices, l.y the manufacturer*!, at ttieir ware rooms, *606 Broadway, opposite the fit. Nicholas Wot el. TFllR VIOLIN TAUGHT FREE AT THE MUSICAL Aentlemy, 288 Bowery.? A new class will ?<e funned Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock. Gentlemen can play lif note in twelve lessons Boys' free class Saturdays at lO'OYloel Private lessons given on the piauo, violta, tlute, guit-nr, .tc , $4:0. Rooms open at all hours of the dav aud evening Pia ?so classes $d. L. A BENJAMIN. rnilK ADVERTISER OFKF. KS PO& SALE? OJAi OPTHE X best Pi >n h evrr made, 1 1 < 11 7 octave, a \ y ttirong rum-, pnwcrful and nwi imii"; ???? made l>y u ?>?!' known city maker for a nnificiati; ha* everything <>f the br> t quuUt) an<t b< > u lined but three months; will lie aohl very cheap. A fa mily rt"-lriiig a xtrnng a durabletaMrtimenfK Vvill do well lo call aud examine m IBS Ka?t Twruty-flrst miret. THE HORACE WATEK8 PIANOS AM MKI.uDKONS, an I Alexandre Organ*, are the limn iimtrunicuu lor parloriiaud churcheanow In nee. A lnrt;?-*?aortni<-nl can be M'i'ii 1:1 ilie n?w ??ruruuma, <81 Broadway, between Orand ami Broome atmeta, which will be k?K Ht extremely low prlcea. Puiwx and Melottons from aundn maker*, new and aermxl hanA, to let, a?tl rent all^t.ed If purchaiied a* j"T Agreement. Monthly paymema ren lved for the name. Sheet Mnatc, Voale Book*, and all kiadaof niuaic merrhao dlxe, at war prices. A (lianlat in -?'.teudauce will try new tuune. w "ANTED? BY A XlENTI.E\r/N, INSTRUCTION ON and the use of r pianoforte tar a couple of hour* every aay. Address J. Itc .molds, llersld oilUe " tWSTUOCTION. ACAriKMV 'OF HflOKICK^INO, PENMANSnir <VND Arlthmetle, 9f2 Broadway, for fifteen years in ^ececsn iwl if^ rutlon. Thortaigh nrardical (Vistructkou imjmr^d day and ?*\enlng, unen red need Ufms. Writing Depanrm^r.L <?n dueled by W. O. 1IOOGLANO, for many years with Gotd Kindb. W J. REV^niiLK. * 0 AKI>.? A LADY, WWOSPEAKH tJEBMAN "ntKNtlH JV and'Engllkli, winhi'K a Kltnatlon to t> Kcli In e ?H. hoof or tumily; Hlii haH been teach -r in a college. AddreM L. L., box lis Hemld olllce. AowRix-^aouMnkirB s ookkbrciai ^TiTiTtt. No. 3ftf' Broadway, MoD'al'H Building. ? Ternwoi ?eh' lar" *hl|i $Sil for a thorough practical coumit ?rl|)ookkeef#ig> MereantHe Pi'mnanrtftp and Arithmetic. l&>.?ap Willing t'lawH'M or private lws.m? ilnlly, lor adiilu., luil.ea Di get tie men, at Vhc In.tHuW', Broadway, or at the Ar?den>3', Mo. 6 Fourth a^nile, brtow Kighih strccf. OLIVER B. iPOftDgMlTII. A XL FOR $10? PENMANSHIP AND A K f rill# iTU\ J\. per quarter. seventy eight lemons each,' m- Di)llkle Euirf j 'Bookkeeping,- unlimited, $10. fcwdle*' day *f&?* ?ve? | nfiifc Writing le*#0;?H, $2 tvvnty lesions. WrlKE^ Mercan tile '"Ndlefc?*, 412 Bowery, New York, asrf.lro Fulton atieet, Broo .iyn. BRST KUStXINED BOARDING SE&WARY IN THE Heinle. $110 per year. Brick buildings for ladles and ftci Jena' m. A Mr st te^etiers in ull departments. Winter term Dor .5. Add re a* Rev. Joseph K. King. Fort Ed* ard Instil .ite, Y.t on I itoe Samtogaand WhlichairkailroaA, INflUtttTIftN WANTED.? A GENTLEMAN WISHES to plaet his son, a lad of sixteen years of^Mfje, btftverjr baelrward in his studies, under the charge of some sti let dtc eiplinurian, who has but lew pnpila and trsideu in the! count i-y. Address, stating full j>arttcul*rs ' as to location nunbercf isnpils, terms, Ac., box 3.674 New ?crk Po *t oftce H ARB) 1*8 COUNTING ROOMS FXMi ' fm\i Tl ( ;e and INSTK I'CTION IN MOOKKSEPrXG AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. Irving Building*, 596 Broa Iway. Circular*; with terms, on application. mo\AJCY PERSON WISHING TH<W,l <;H /NSTRPf' X tion in English, the Classic*, Mathematics, ??r French (spoken), bv an experienced graduate bj Yale i-. jjlege. Ad ore. VKalph Dayton, No. 9 Carroll placet Bleeclf ?r street, ?r call at noon or 6 o'clock P. M. "11* ANTED? IN A GERMAN FAWT Y, A V ,'ELL E1>1 ft cated lady, com netent to tcueh'Gcrman f French and Piano or French "and Piano; refereiwes requir id. Ajylyat JM* clymer street, Williamsburg. FxviHrciiii. ACiENTLEMAN OF STRONG UNION PRI.ViTPI.KS, and good business oualiticationr and just ,f.M;apfxl tiiaih, with a fiw tho.isaud dollars saved h ^m the a-reck of ;i .good fortune and happy home and fan -sol Sot it liern lai.siies, wishes to invest his means in w?*ne good .and ret|m<iiable paving business under his own conrt *d, and 'not bcjkjnti his cash means, that will keep "Owfwolf t r<> m his d<?tr" and aoul and body together until peace and sa? Aitv ratu**to our once hai p - land, and suggestions to tbia < liid wlii bekindly received and properly* ayyecWed. A* Idreaa JJewt^uii, Herald oflke. CoirrSlJoTOBS' BILLS Again" tli" War anil Navy iteparlmc #t? purrtinse* by JOHN ii MUKKAY, Army anil tfai.v Ha*k> r*. :>9 N.lsMni KU'eot, oppofcitfr till! 1'oat l ) 111" THE CLEVELAND AND TTTTSBt'BO Ittrt.KOMJ 1'ompany arc pn-pared tniji; y th ?? tniereftt imw due <n all tfii lr in.irn.-HK'' bunds. 'J'Ih; I'linpims may If prrwntedi.#it the "llki' of tli? company, in Cleveland, or *1 2i WUIUaa Rtir. i. New Ynrk, to II. 0. KJ N4 SLEY. mwo on thkbb momma d dollajm ?* an.tb-> A for six monilig. ? \ Uur^f liuiiua will be ftiYt-n .and em. jorai Ion wMirlty. Applyat 2<U Broadway, rooir. IS. 1*TA>TED? ONE HirXDREB ^flAliES OK NEW YOitF I* mill Nnw Haven Bullroatl.' Stock. Addioac box 8,7*: PoalcTlrp, Ni'W York city. WailTED-A DIAMOND EN, SU1TABL8 <?R A ReutlpmHii'x acarf, (ninpW ?lonc,) np m wlilcli neventy per ci'Ot of It* value will b< Mttvanced, at ncvrn pw cunt p*-r , ammm. reilwmabln at any tlmefc ithln two yearc. A ldic.p K. 1 . H l?iX 181 Herald olllc-. a?Ot) cn/j TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, iPvP'' '"" "n prodnctlTe riui! ??iateln thiactt}'.? Ampin ae iirliv ami a go'i l bondsman i quiriMl. Apply lo JOHN K. CONRfeY, In t Fiv ofllco of tlic ttl:'plc'a Flrt- lnaurnn cifjin- ? 1>uny, 00 Wall strepi. hOAM OFFICES. A T NO, 9 H VMBEKS SritEET? MONEY TdDUK W) ^3 any anvniut tin. Diamonds, Walcbtii, Jewrlry, A bv the wi'H'kiioM'n "nil oi l PxlublUhfti ISAAC, lifoki r M<i Cotiinns.'-ion NiMTliant, No. U Chambers atrost. N. B.? f.'e busim-aa tran-.'u tcd on SnturdiT A 'I 77 BI BK'.'KEB STREET? MONEY LII!EKAI.LV riX Klvmii'1'd to any amn iil on dlajnond*. watcb' H. jewel ry, pUnoa, div gooilfcAc. N. B.? Pawnbrokrr*1 tli k-iBiKHniht. I' NEWTON. 77 Biepckcr atrert, upwnlia. A T.ftt N ASS A I ' STKEET. ? A. HOMUMAN. DIAMOND JX I'i '-i.-r. niakaa lil.pial n<|t nn. eaon Diamonda, Waiches, ir valry, 1. ,, or buys ilii'tn ai i'ull m iip, at |,N private l's> Nu -au svreel, ti.om No. 2, ui, ?? ir<. Bnitlm.'as cjulideu tlai. 1 11 UUANll STKEET, III K E K DOORS WEST OK Hri' idv my uilv, nwl on Watcln a, D amoads, [ry I ivv Dry'lu.xla and tirrsoul pri'pei ty ol >?+rj ??!d, by Jt.si.l'U A. JAi'KSOJb, ' id i r ?Ke** A1 A* J l, B*UI IN?:.H'a 212 BROADWAY, ROOM ~T V ' ?'*?" "I'1 "?'lc ?' ivitncca tbc liKhrst or bnysforrn.h. M ".rhanaisc, DCimnnds, ?>? oi nn.ct: ihM' ,u'- ? I' IBEbAL ADVANCES MADE CS DriWUtM j wAicbaa, Plate and Jewelry, or hov,;., for caahaubn ) ,.! do Kut-r liar, cJj on Loll," AMUci.l. 72J Broadway, ( \fONFY LENT ON AT.L KINDS OF PEW-ONAL I'lirt j>1 pi'i'ly to any hiumini "rt Gold aud Silvt r U'.n .Kg uii. monda J'-vudrv, Af# r.o >'ia ki*|?t on# lot ol iiiir. diM-mi'd Watchi s ?ud Gold ChaJna KllverwvSr >? ADOLI'lIirs, Ucenwd ^wnt.rolter m Pearl , ^ corner or Oliaiabt r>. ""?I 4? 90 000 T.f.' A!?VAX(:F" BY henby hym in. Broadway, room No. 3, ou Wntrli.'S Dla. nn.t. 1" ?"cl merehandlac 'f avery description, from tiOand upwards. Merchaiitaln Want of money will do nrell to rail. Buslni **" atncily conflientlal. WATC IfKS AND JEWELRY, 1AM0N1> 'J E\\ ELRY.? A VA RIBTY ny SUs' Tj.hA 1 nemr , V ! * ' ' " n.j , ? . ? n . J ) n*nti* i ''v ?' r^' Still 10 A M. ai.'1 7,r a 'vh ue?Ml H. VN ? ' .Mm i. ( i _ j$j ;hi ? >e St. .VwiiOifv ' t' DRY GOODS. AT ISAACKR'.-JUST RECEIVED FROM AUCTION, black Silk*, black Velvets, black Heaver (Moth and all kind# of Millinery ami Dress Good*. O. W 1SAACKS, 71 Franklin street, three door* west of bi oadway. 0LOAK VELVETS. LYONS' BLACK SILK VELVETS, Of our own Importation. Made eipressly for our retail trade at a reduction of fully twenty per cent below regular prices. ARNOLD. CONSTABLE k CO., Canal street, corner Mercer. ^JLOAKS AT RETAIL. WOODBRIDGE A KEHOE Offer their stock of WINTER CLOAKS AT RETAIL, at the loweat whole ale pi ires. SM Broadway, corner of Worth meet. /CLOAKS. V' Immense reduction In the nrlce of Cloaks. At E. LAMBERT A Co 'S, 447 Hioadway. may !?? fmind a la rn?'. de.nl ruble and fashionable asu irtment of Cloth, Bea \ er una Seal Skin Cloaks, w lilch will be ottered at a great re duction from former prices. (ireut bargains m e now offered. The best opportunity <n er presented lo purchase a Cloak cheap An i iatuinaliou so licited. _ J^RESS UOOllS FOR HOLIDAY PRESENTS. A very large assortment ol low priced and medium FASHIONABLE DRESS GOODS, Suitable for presents, purchased ata Ktlon, ami retailed MUCH BELOWVWl'ja PRICES LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 487 Broadway. 23t to 261 Grand "reel. 47 and 4 9 Catharine street. F TM'HS, PrRH.? LADIKS, IF YOU WANT YOlTK FlTRS / altered ami repaired carefully ami promptly, by prar ul furriers lake tm-m to tho only m.inutinlory uptown, No. 327 Eighth avenue, between Twenty Mixih ami Twenty* geveuth utreetg. Remember. I'p Man* a nice ;?H*ortmem of ladle*' and children r t'aney Furs, cheap. FIN Hi AN. / 1 UK AT B A K < ? \1NS IN ( hOAKsi VJ FRENCH BEAVER CLOAKS, HEAVY ESQl'IMvrX I1EAVI II CI.daKS. MOSCOW BEAVER CLOAKS AM) WRAPPERS, ELEOANT I.VOXS VELVET CLOAKS (With real Uiiipnre, La c Capes), LIONSKIN PLUSH CLOAKS, Ac , Ac. All new stylos, ai retail, at reduced prices, E. S. MILLS A CO.. No. 413 Broadway, near Canal street. II OL1DAY PRESENTS I U 11. MACY, KM and 10(5 SIXTH AVENUE, 2d dlM* below l4>h it. WILL COMMENCE OPENING MONDAY, DEC A.N IMMENSE STOCK OF FANCY OOODS ADAPTED for the HOLIDAYS. Those wishing to avoid the ?->isb Iiici i-ntul (??HOLIDAY WEEK, Mill do well to oiitilv.' Ol R STOCK BE POKE HAND. Wfll also open from CASH AUCTIONS of last ?e< k, 1 BALMORAL SKIRTS full width, very low. l.ifAILAUlES and MISSES' Will IK MERINO SKIRTS, v;ry low. To gain room for our HOLIDAY GOODS, w" are closlim our RIBBONS, VELVETS, BO*. NETS. SILKS. FRENCH FLOWERS, RUCHES, HEADDRESSES. LACE HOODS, EMBROIDERIES, WHITE. (MODS, MADE UP UNDER LINEN, HOSIERY, GLOVES', Ac., at v< ry low prices. R. 11. MACY. R ICH LACES FOR 1*1 E HOLIDAYS. Collars, Sets. II a til* kerchlcfs, Biirlies, Bi illms, K<Jtti-t<s Shnwls, A<-., Ac., Ht 3D per cent BELOW COST OF IMPORTATION. Very ?iMtrable sty'"s, and suitable for Hollduv Presents. LORD A TAYLOR, 481 to 467 Bro?dwuy. 2;>j to 261 Gr. nd atreet. 47 and 49 Catnai lue atreet. R ICH PA?SS DRESS SILKS. Suitable for Carriage, Promenade. Evening and DluP?r Drehsea. Several eho.or lo.s Jnt raculved. ALSO, LOW PRICED SILKS. F*aWonabl? styles, from auction ; a full st??ri Un*tit, LORD ITATUOR, tfll lo 4I">7 Broad wmy, 234 '0 261 GiaudMrret. 47 :\nd 49 Catharine atreet. V^tiAWl.8 AT REDUCED PRICES. A very large u?d il*?lr.ibl? asi-ortnfeni <,f PAMIION'AM.E V\ INTER SHAWLS, 111' lading all tba l<M style* at re-ail,*l greMly r*'< ecd prlera. LORD & TAYEOB, ?61 i? *W7 Broiidwtt 265 Te t61 Grand ?l*eet. 47 uu4 *9 Culnurlti* .treet. ZEPHYR WORSTED, BHO., Jfc.LDIEUB' Yd IN, 750. I'cr pi?>?id; ArinyBin'ka, ??<?.; ?lee Fitting C* M-IH, 75>'. ; H?o|> Skirtu, MK'. ; EtiKliah llorivrf, cheap Fan y'iio.id* lor holiday p?w>](?, m ELOKH'S, S? and x.>2 Br<?*. way, near Nineteen!* Mtreet. N. B.?Ale?a?;dre'ii Glove. COVMTNRRSHIP HOTiWiS. A PAJTlHtKl WANTED-^T. A PROKfMBLK CASH manufftftfrttlng business; th? ? artic?e <># **? al merit, ami need's Ko to be npprecfcr ted, iiu.l will ?<*? 1 well. Capital required $1,2)0. General A(l nry, Oi N **>**?! 'feireet. A MAN V ANTE II ? AS SQUAL PART?*t,l. WITH $1,000 eniriial. In rf very pW* -ant ca-h Imtte eas, a monopoly, {i+w wiilch $20,000 can ne realized annually. Mo agents or fc-anrabuga not i <*4. ? Inquire at 532 ftlrt*1way, tip stair?, room 4. C^OPAKTNER.SHII\ ? THE UNDfiftSJGffED HAVE J iteltday formed a ropartnership. ruder the nnme and tirno I Van Srtiaifk A Co., ior lh? -trail taction of a Stock ?Tnmml*Mnri bimines*. J. VAN HCHAICK. T^mw Y o*a, Dee. 10, 18H. WtM . van SCHAICK. Lady partner wanted. ? a gentleman, now condurtin*; a larue im .aroint ke i*rt wiahc.s a partner; a first rate houst keeper, with nane *-.<anR. None but Ui??*e wfca <~an clve tlrst raie reference* need apply. Address A K. (X, box 141 Herald oflhe 'KrOTIOE.-A YOUKfl MAN HA? ING FROM TEN T!l?OC J.A Rand to fifty thousand <W?llars caah capital, detdr** to connect himself with M>me we',1 ?>Hl*Mished mercantile core mlanlon or manufacturing hotine ut New Vork. Sattetn-etorr references required anil given. Address box 1.97s New Yos* I Post office. /TJARTNER WANTED. -A LAf.GE AN!) LEADING KT i.1 tail house on Broadway. in good Monding, established ifre early part of ilna yea r, and enjoying ? i?r?; cla*# and re Uible patronage, will uike another partner into the ooj-ku m :?He uiue* be a pent.leman of cjuy.f ul business hanitA. capakH ? of discharging a portion of tlie cjuiiHiik tootn duties, and of ^?fi'iperintendlug those of the -clerks. His business hietrry must be without blemish, axid his surial HtAndiag unlit. - le ached. He must eontriijuu? % 10,000 to (othe< upl ? til of the concern, either In <aah or in goods* in the wume Un-c. Addrees A. B C. D. A Co., atasfcion D. Partner W^aktbd^wisr WQ0 cash at oom iii and, to loin the advertiser in a very profitable eash bufinesa already established ; a-jrlsk; < an have full control of capital. Apply at 30 Fineifttreet, room No. 8. To WHOM TT MAY OOUK 1 BN THIS lh TO<?BBT1 fy.that the < o|*artnerst4p heretofore exiKtln^ between Jamea B. Duff and Thoinua VI*. Ke.itln^:. nndei- the name and brin of Duff A Keating. machiclt'U^ formerly of 2?ew. York ? c ty. but later of I'mcnogue, long island, i? this day, by mu tu il consent. dls>iolv<'d. JAMES B. DTT'F," 'Htglied thlfc 4th day of Dee., ? Gl. I'lIOS. VV KEATING. The b-jFiness in future enrned on at the aame nlnce, i'Jct.tchogue, Long Iaand, by J. il. DUFF. Ti I B CO PA KTN ERfiHIP 2iE RET( >FOE B L 1 1 8TI2f< ; under the name of Aim ?* A JTunnah. i? itiis day itf l<aolved, by Mutual eorisent. All clalrna a^airiKt the lirm to be prenent rd toF. Walton Aims, who will also n eeive all ntonya due ? beii ? alone authorized toi*igc:i i huuidation. B. L. HAKVAH. N? w York. I). ??. ??. 18#>1 I*. WALTOX MM. rPHK ADVERTISER, HAVU <J BEEN APK;)INTKD : J '".ntlrrof a first class reglruen4 now forming, is dehirouM of a | artner with a 'vash capital of $2,600. An intevciew wi'J hatisiy. Address Sutler, staliou, \ V??st oillee, Spring street AOfiA ?PARTNER WAN'ffj TO TBAYBI WITH one of the best Ma^lcuit i in t bin couktry. well known/or drawing crowded houu- F, rec ipts Irom $40 to nightly. Apply at b'M Hroadv a} room No. 4, tip htairs. cash for half intbhest? INVBt>TION - in finall staple article v* >rn by every man. he.apcr and superior to the nresi'nt Properly introdueed .nUl net neveial thousand dollars yeitr. v profit. ReRrtnct' n and. -equired. Address Jli< hards. Herald oflfl?-e. A J n/yi WANTED? IN A MANUR VCTURLNG JFL'Sf. ^ J.""?.' ne-^s already eNiablished, 1?3* a young man, ? wishes to extend the [?uclne.kS, jiro?'s 50 per ceni. one h* will at'c.nl to the book rojre.pyn If no and Hnane||Mlnt:; c it dear per annum. Address SwA , New York A'ost o M'\ References exchanged. ? p.u'tn r in .i business pitying HCt ?italdifb^ i lour yearh; !ia>. i.o coinpfi'cion. A r*TG S?V40 ""w ?nnted? th k a ku*"/'' a .m o\ N r, as ev i been .ttabl | < ha uc a? i f llerml.ilu I TO film} WANTED?FOR AN INTEREHT U 'PwVI'. ;i i-jKb*1.'"- b'isuK -? Iti lhi? el'v. S'.<? k on luni>; i< I .*2.0 M. % t will ai'rc.cd. Als i fur silk, a Home in Kdii v I tljlitb m-. L and i/ ?? itiBtOot .yn. WIB Apply j t > P. C. AITHOKT, Flue Mvp<'t, from 11 10 .1 o'clock. AQflA -a MAaainCRNT 0HANCB tS NQW OPEN i .<J' vW. oh pill nt r< ipecUbllity, :th il-r above ! atuujni, in., nipau lutart'M In mush hint i* .*-. wlii.ni' ? i k ? ?>x , >uiL<Mltiii, UiiU imrs 5100 per m<wiih. t ippiy t.> JSAAC I A. lIQvH, ^Nasr-aii Kivirt. j MILU.'V ER \ , *ic7 DARUAtiS l.TIS WEEK.? BLACK VfJOVET BoNNET-f. f) W. . ?? * ?: t ?>.; $:a) H <nif t? fit $15 >a?i?; our J'j. $; u\i 4.1 Vclvut Jt nnri. re wortii $V) an.l 812; children's Vel' uf 7'irbunf, /ull.lny 'Ilfi? I, FINNS' MIlliMiy, larput hdiI cl --.pC"' i.i Ve world, 831 Rrc?d? ;i y, up s:a?? TJA8'JAJS4-^VELVET BONNETS, BLAOK VELVET Sj vock at b. r,; iin?. Children'* Hutu, Mm lc vrh ?t Turbno't U'diasy O.i tu, Komhera and Rlhbona. L.

BINS/I' Mllllulry, largest and ebeiip"si In the ivoild, t!U Broadway, Ml, ', poiiHu Metrup Aiiau Hotel. ~ SPORTIKO. PJRANCM litTTlEU. NO. 1 PECK SLIP, HAS ALL THE choice Breed, lor ?"<eU nod aUe. B'ltler'i Infallible Malaga ( ore and rjea Exicrmlnmtor, CU cent* per bottle. Biitl?r's "Bre*diu*.TrainInE, l?i.t of Doga," $1. l>i<K* Ihrardcd, trulmd, Ac. Medicines lor nJJ dlsensex. "VT-ICIIT fOC BiLB.? CABIN BOAT, AOOt.'T TEN I ? n . 1 > ?nli - boar>l :? rjjentseahftat uid 1 i^i falnj 1 1 *11; Ull?d '' ? 1 "el! ! in/1 in everj- re ?in ??! ' in 'v in "ix out 1 1 > ? . ? * i n - 1 < u targer yacht. \'. r in ? Hobol 0 v , !n CJ11I1 11 itlse, foot gf . 3'i tiect, HoV ken, %r p'l'ii Yachi. lKrafd efTtr?. A BO AUDI NO AND LODGING. T 22 WEST KOl'RTKENTH HTUEET, BETWEEV -j? Finn and Siith avenues, large handsomely furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms on second and third floor*; also sin gle Rooms tor gentlemen. All modern improvements. He re re nee ? exchanged. A FEW PI.EAHANT IUIOMS. WITH BOAKD, SUIT able tor single gentlemen. The house contains all the modern improvements. He fere tiers exchanged. No. *2 West Fourteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WILL RENT WITH HOARD' two neatly furnished Rooms, on second and third floors; house contains the modern Improvement?. Parties scckinpa really, com tur table home for the winter, ran secure such at 15ft East Twenty-third street, between Second and Third avenue*. Terms $8 and $9 per week for two persons. Also a hall room at $4. A SMALL FAMILY WOl.'LD LKT, TO .ETHER OR separate, h suit of well furnished Rooms, on the first or second floor, with partial Heard if desired, to gentlemen. Terms moderate Apply ?t 91 West Eleventh street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A 1>A.UTMKN r^ ?AN ELEGANT SUIT OF ROOMS ON J V the first Moor to let, with private table only, at f>4 Fifth avenue; also, a Room for a gentleman, with breakfast ?f re quired. 4 SUIT OF 11 ME. HANI >Si ' M I I \ Fl RNISHEO J\ Rooms. on second I! our; nloa Parlor aiid Bedroom on first and third floors, front, with a few destine Rooms for gentlemen, w it h or without Hoard. Private table if desired. Apply at .No. 5 Brcvoort place, Tenth street, three doors west of Broad way. Avery fine back paklor, with extension; one Room on third floor, and one on fourth floor to let, with Board, at 118 Second avenue. They will be let to single gentlemen w ho will room together, or gentleman and wife The house is tirst elans, with ail the modern Improvements. ATNOH. 1.123 AND 1,12ft BROADWAY, HANDSOME iV si' lis of Rooms, with Private Table or Tabl- d'llee. Single Rooms for gentlemen, with Hoard. Hetw en Twenty ft; th and Twenty-sixth streets, near the Fifth Avenue Hotel. AT 145 EIGHTH STREET, HEAD OF LAFAYETTE place? Fnrntshed Room* to iv#i to single gentlemen or gentleii 'Mi and their \n i v? ?*, \\ it h or w lthowt Hoard. Price to suit the times; good location, neftx the bo'cls. Reference* ex? hanged, ? PLEASANT, NEATLY FURNISHED 8UI1 OF J\. Rooms to let, with breakfast and ten, t > ntlemen or ?) a tmnl] family ofgrownie - ns, in a private ;.?mily, at i 77 Lex|Aiclon avenue, near Thirty-second street. Prnate !e i! Vc quired. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PRIVATE HERMAN family, occupying a tirst class house, will let a sn:t of neatly furnished Rooms. together or separate, WKll f^ii "t* partial Hoard oi private talde. French nd Eugtisii spo&cD. Apply al 48 East Hleecker street, near Broadway. A N' ENGLISH FAMILY, AT lft5 WEST FOURTEENTH tired, will let \ ?ry low, furnished or ui.furnislie t Roonis. having grate*. gas, pantries, Croton ba?ii.s, bath- , Ac., wan or without Board, suitable for adults seeking con fort and economy. An unfurnished rear parlor with hoard . for a gentleman and wife, or two gentlemen, in it pi vale family. Term* very moderate. Apply 1US West 1 wen ty-thlrd street. Early dinner. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOM*, WITH FI LL Hoard, to let to a family <?r slutfe gentlemen, in a flirt class house ; also a single Room. Apply at 20 Washington place, near Broadway. AT 229 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, GENTLEMEN JX. and their wives, or single grntle nrn, ran be a ' i?n;u?o. ( dated with pleasant Rooms with Hoard. Terms mo lerate; references ex 'hanged. Dlniwv atCo'clock. 4 FINE LARGE HALL ROOM TO LET? WITH J\. Board, for $5 per week; also a So t of Rooms, at 86 Macdt ugals'reet, between Hleecker and lloasion. 4 FEW PLEASANT ROOMS TO RENT. WITH HOARD, uA to single g.'iiib-ntHri or gentlemen and their wive* m the firs' .lass bouse. No. 14 West Ninth street, near Fifth avenue. Partial Board given ii desired. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen run be accommodated with Board and ele gantly furnished Rooms at the private house No. 12 Eleventh street, between University plat e, and B.-oadway. Reference requiied. Dinner at 6. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SECOND FL OR ar-l a Isiye frunt Room on foutth floor. t?? let, with Hoard, at Ne.. 38 West Ninth street, between Sixth and Sev ern h ave?iiK?. A T 122 VI NTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF J\ Ifatsd way, t\\ o or threw single gentlemen eau ootnin plea&iv t single Rooms, in a modern houne. with the Improve inents. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR ON ?econd iloor, with two < -losets, to in, with Hoard; the hoi. ise model ti, If-ation eligible; a pleanant home nu.i/rd; i??er?H moderate; references exchanged. Apply at ?3 drove ?r<*'t, l et w? n Hudson and Bleet ker. A LARGE, NICELY I URNIhlfED ROOM IN A PRT vate hoote, which will be vacant on the lfth Intl. Lo cution oen'ral. Can be had with or without Hoard. Apply al 398 F roomr street, near HrwKlwav. All RMSHKD ROOM OK THE TIITkD KTOItY, front, to rent, wiwont Board, III a prtfate lioiiae, ?llh all the Improvement*. Itvtulre at 78 Wc? Twenty secoud street. Retereure* re?i-.., \ A PRIVATE FAMILT, OPPOSITE fl?; AMEIU'Y PARK, rnn let well Room*, wflh Bon.d. Th? hoime )jhh t uoiilhe rn e xjaiaure, and 1m very doalrable for a winter reald? in c. Apply at B*?t Twtnly-lirtt street. Cata aud Hinges very eonvevite?t. A PRIVATE MIRN'CH FAMILY 'U VIM; AT 1J8 FIFTH J\ n\etiae, wnfiM accommodate w th line Iloomfi and good Hoard, two <wthr?e genU^inen oitiy, who can furiinh good i el erenoe. ?? at 6oVIu(k. A FLKA^AXT. 1VELL FURNISHED SITTING ROOM, J\ with ? small 'Bedroom adjoining. on the necond flout, to 1ft to a?tncle gentleman of omit t habita, in a amall private family, wfTh H*eakfa*t (only) it required. Apply at 41 Earn Thirtoooth rft^eet, corner'bi ? nircraity jilai o. A FINISHED PA !*?<*? FOR A LADY AST) C.T.X Ja. tlonHttis with Board ft* lady and Partix! Hoard forg?n liroian A Room for a L'et th man, with Ure.tklasl u<?4 l**n iwr. Apffty at 200 Fonrll afreet, near Sixth avenue, A OT&IGIITFUL ftt^r OF ROOM8? PA RLOIl F*R^?NT, hlffn wall* and mirror*, in brown aton- fcofiae J. ISO Broat w.?y. near MAdteon aooare, Fifth avetiuo. and junt. abor^' fie Fifth A v?ti*e Hotel, with Hoard. Family Vmalr ? Term* very ttiodtrata, aud perraaneutcy dcMreri. An U KKVEN'TI! AVF.Nl E, THIRD ptfoai *BOVE ;n Fourteenth attest, a Urge, handsomely fimiHted Pai Wr1 and Bedroom '*<a werond floor, with mrd, t? lei, to a eisdU 'arnily. Refercncea eachanged. ASl*LENflit>fiV FURNISHED PARLOR. WTTIi ltF.D r???m aiUkefced, to let to a gentlemau and frofwife, tor ' hfcittokfeplng; alto t* Min#l?* Room for a n. Tn a prl- f ?vat^houHe, v. ith?*!l the noalern Improvement? Apply ntffd *i , | fJPvlnee street; a ftrw do?)ra west, of Broadway. j ; \ FEW tJfcNTl.EMKN CAN HAVE CLASS ! A Hoard aiftl a |<ood home at thf rate of $4 per wr.ek^ ? ! al-oa rooui foi a crntleman and wife at $7 * wt?ek. Fir*. claft* houae. L*rari<.n unaurjiaaaed. A PRIVATE TAMILV, OtcrpYJ.Vfl / 1> I,RaSAVT,V 1< <-ate<t hoit*e in E4MI Thirty-fourM) m a lamily or iwi grjtfli'DiYiiMtit iliei wlv<n wttttiplea Krnl li inm*. wl"h Hoard, nn 1'e.if.xtaM Utiiik N?< l< her boarder*. Addr.its a. B. A.. llrraM P.ir tfrodtoj* \ LARGE HANDHOMITLY FUBWIKJH9D PRO*T W <>11, 1 V mi ar. nnrt flo<ir, tnN -i; ha* fa??, er- t.. and bathroom; pprvrrrk; a front baacnirnt, ??th gar, ?nliahl?'t)nn< |>hy ?i>'Un?a olll'?. . 91 SU per ?. ?k. A? {Ml Ei rt riiu ty flira?i irert" AFtRMSHEn BOOH, FROST, 'Off NE.:oKI>''ft .OOtti to :<'l, wHb nrwllhuiit Hnan); . ?no on IhirJ Il<?n' ? ulUbl<> for hm.?i>keG|>inR; a IMrooian 1 let to smalts gentle. men. 92 Ean Rftwnth i-trrrt. ? FBSKOi FAJflLT WIU. imi \ VICE ?, plor -A and Beditt jat, roianinnl -ailam, acseuund floar and onn large, well fuiT-lflifrt front R<?mi. or lirsl ll>?>r. w-.tli E<mrl Board, at very moderate pricci. A cpK t 10 W.;?< M rtn-nth ??treet, near Firth avi'nix . 4 PLKA8AJW ROOM MAY fTfc OBTAINED. WITH , J\ Board, for one or two single !?<*ntlein?'n, nt 15 VVeH,' I Fourteenth street. j BOARD? TWTCNTY-TF II RD 8tkzset.? two front^ Rooms for a gentleman and wifr\ or t wo orHMn-gt'ii tletnen; also, f? Room. TeMi.-:$ moderate. pply inuj tin* bakery, 13ft Vinth avenue, ^1 Board.? tow finely fcrn ikited roomf" o m:t. | separate c-r together, in afaniuyof iwo per* -n*, to ?? I I lady ?nd gentleman, with Hoard for W iv; term* ruatV to h ? n J ! the* partita takug, them. Add reus H.' F. L., Madder. squure* ? Post office. j Board. ? a p* rlor and onb or two rueeping I Rooms, with excellent table (private, if desiredj), nin hc*J had for the winter, on reasonable terms, in a how where-* 1 but few boarder? are taken. Apply v. 21 Ea*t Twenty-first^! t street. BOARD.-TWO 0A9DSOXEtT C RKI8HBD iTO0NT?l Rooms to K*t, v. iih Board, on the-second floor of a first. ] las* house, with all the modern iin|*r?r ??ments, s?ij a ate or- j aether, to a gentleman and wife or 'wincJe gentleman; {ami? i. private. Apply a&Ko, tt East Thirty* -venth itrwmt, near * 1 I . fill avenue. }|OAKD.? SI JNJM5 OENTMiMES <" ?' N BK AOC<?KMO > dated with desi*k,Me Hooimk ai frem^ fiOto $* fie.r s'eek, j with full or parti?! B;. 'r.l. Location \ ,Va?ant and ?t?nve j tucnt. Apply at i34 Hudson street, am*? of Morton. - AH E? Kt ? \ > v THIRD flNftT PRC >RT M mm' ami Bedroom uttachedean be seetired by applviuga' No. j 1 \a in gston plane, JK'uyvesant par k;a,isu a small Room for j a ait ^le gentleman; house first class# t*ro?>n stone, En* ish and French table. Ret ereiu es given and Acquired. | BQ' RPINO. ? A SHALL FRiONT R00*f . OR .A 8IKf?i<E r?on, in a fin* class house. very ?? Mgihbr ken' 4-J a Marvl uid * Uy. Apply a? 25 Vt -st Eigh-.?eig sttfW, near Fifth avenue. BOARDING.? A OEMXEM\> ANI) Li)>V CAN BjE acqcinmod.'ited wltl j. good K<otn, on ike Or*t floor of hotifti; 1. -? 12 Nevlnx ?tre?r. Br-?>kl;-n Also, a.j .ogle gen tic; . man, ij^r.n upper Room lieicjei - es requJntJ. Apply </n ? the pretjiteen. B0Af9f fO.? A YODM .\mkm? UN W100W LADY living alon?, and having more n??m than nfe" require*, w- 'ild like i.^let a couple of i n r: Islir ii Rooms u> a 'entleman and lady, ,* ith foil Hoard f*-r the lady and paft i* I I'or the irenUenmn i! required; Mk<> U joihh to t -t to aibfc!? gentle* ?,nen. Addriw Mrs. L. Forr** , ata4l'<n a Sjr.o*- treet, for luiher partlc j!ar*. bOABD . n T K I > BY A BINOUI OS)ffUMAN; apleAimn and well furfiil^'d Htkori) with clar.ct. gas, lire and couxaiemr ol i atit .rjom; t<5*j nre* 'ortakfaat; wlie v t>f?npi** of llbe-, ;il vif^.Hid ao noti< >f iai? or gentleman citU rs; leri.iH iwhw1 he rno<i?t'at<?. No notice tHlc* n of any anwrr unless f ? ?? 1 pi?*lieular* are givfv? no con nc* ? la?ion% lcu.i iv, flu? of 0>m?y. price, Ar. ,V(lt' ta*. j fully n ctnfldenoe^fttanford, Ho raid vlllee. T>0 A E/) WANTED? BY A YOUBW GENTLEMAN, IN A Jj Rtrto'ty private faiiiKy. whure nw other bo^rdera f!?fii ; iCmaelf vill.be ukt\r, aod where a/iii>eaMe axiety.nu^, ?b M-e all, vfco eomlort* a hom?- maybe found. J.ocatj n mt*t be ?-??iv anient to tr? car? or Mage* ?jtk1 aho/e FourtL I atne**, west <^de. \V nM'aive no objection <o Heboid a\eme i if bettve* n Kigh'h Aa?.1 Ei^teemli atreet*. hMh (V;ion ?nd j gap Dinner *t fix, and tern* ?ot to ei-f?4 $5 1 perwe*-fc. Add??n* for oji** a eck Dm jciat. >?x U9 Herald [ ofTic*, stating riutnf.'er In I Amii;* and nil tYio par 'iiU^r*. K?:- j I erence# exchanged, * j BOAKD WANTED? by A OEIfiTLKMAN AND WIFE ! in part payment of wrhieh Itdy deair*?a to t*aeb ain,;ing and the pianofoi te. Add rea* Un-^r^t box 113 Herald j om^. j BOA WD WANTED-BY A FAMILY 0." FIVR J?BB" | m>n?: noi ?hov.- Tw?>ntl?ih ?trcr(. and >??>? "u i ?vi>nuc preferreil. Addicx (}. W , B 1' VUiW, ?l?- I tine Wrmi, which uiuit b* moi'eriiti BOARDING AND LODGING. Board wanted? by a gentleman, in a pet vale family, or where there are but few othe?* boarders* with bicak rum and supper; bouse must contain the modern improvements, and must be located between Second and Fourth avenues and Tenth snd Seventeenth streets (outside these limits need not reply); the room to be of good si/e, on seoond or third floor. Address. stating terms, location, and all particulars, J. K. V., box 187 Herald office. Board wanted? for an elderly lady, in a village In New Jersey or on Long Inland, about ten miles from New York. A "plain family, desirous of taking such a boarder, will please address X., bo* 4*12 New Yoik Post office. stating terms, which must bo moderate. A family having children preferred. Board wanted- -by a yocno man in a respect able Catholic family, between Fourth and Fourteenth street* and west of Fourth avenue. Reference exchanged. Address Joseph Sands, Herald office, Board in Brooklyn? wanted, hy an elder ly lady tan invalid), a comfortable Room and Hoard for the winter. Address!'., box 1,140 New York Post office, statins location and terms, which must be reasonable. Kelts renccs exchanged. Board in brook lyn-fok gentlem en and j their wives or single gentlemen, with full or partial i Board, in a small private family; will Accommodate with I nice furnished Reel room and handsome Parlor, with use of j piano, on moderate terms. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Apply at ! 2tW Henry street, near South fetry. Board in Brooklyn.? a pleasant spit of Rooms to let, with Board, suital le for a family or gen tlemen; the house is pleasantly located; convenient* to cars; re er ii m h e\( hanjjed. Apply at Lawrence street, near Fulton avenue. Board in Brooklyn.? a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen can be a? oommoda ed with pleasant Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, at i?t? State str? et., Jive minute*' wr. Ik from the feri ies. The lot ? * j l.a mnient improve;. tents. Dinner at six. Tanns very roivSoiiahlc Board in Brooklyn.? pleasant rooms, with good it. ard, at moder to prices, ean Ih^h.v uved by m ir tied or single gentlemen in a comfortable 1i?h'm\ In a good loe Hon and < oiivcnleut to Wa.l and Fulton terries, by s} pi), in at 47 C'oiic >id street. Board in Brooklyn.? a large handsomely ' fin uished Room on second floor, suitable for a gentle man and wife or single geiiilemeu, a><> a small Room, \? 'th in ;ive minutes of the Atlantic ferry. Refereu es exchanged. Apply at It s> pocitlc s: reet. Board in brooklyn.-one large room t>\ 1 sec uid tloor, suitable for a gc?:tlemun and wife; also > one on third tl. or, for two gentlemen, convenient to W II street and South ferries, with nil the comforts of a sociable lioni , at ?7 htate street. Dinner at six o'clock. Terms rea- i co'nuble Hoard in Brooklyn.? two gentlemen can obtain good Board in a private family from the country; | all the condors of a home guaranteed Location pleasant i and convenient to terries. A rare opportunity. Apply at 170 i Adams sir- ot. Hoard in Brooklyn ? two handsomely fi r. nish' d suits of Rooms on second l'o-?r, \ uh lai ?<? Closets, also one or two single Rooms m v' be ha < wiih Board, in a mod. i n house, desiiably located, at 108 Clinton street, corner of State. priiNMII D ROOMS, $1 TO *1 PER WEEK; DAY P Board, $'i |ier week Table and n si class, with all modern convenience!. Ashland House, blMJ Fourth ave nue. above Twenty third oreef IjlTKNISHED ROOMS -A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL 1 let to -ingV genfomcn. t.ejether of s p ia'e. thic Rooms on a ttuor, tw<> ? onne. ttn<j w.th checi> an I water. I rcrmn, wttli (Ire, ga". Jce . $'t, nr without $2 'or ea<h num. I \pp \ for one week at 1 lt> Charles s'rcct, corner of Hudson, | u\ ei i he drug store. j "LU'RNlSHKD ROOMS TO LEV -SOME AT $1 PER I I week; waternnd bath on floor . bre -.k last can b h..d in j the room if required : Maim fir d ear.! convenient to sll jmrts of the city. Apply at I ho Mott street, shove Hroome, | TilDRMSHED ROOMS? A Si if OF PARLORS, ON I I lis si .' o ?r, with prr. ate mhle only if rem i ? ' also, on i per Rooms for gentlemen, without board, to let, on mod rate J terms, at 371 Fourth street, near Lai aye tie place. , / 1 KNTLKM EN OR A FAMILY DESIRING A COMFORT \ I an'e l.oiue, w ith u French family, can ot't.in handsome aeeitmiiiodations on moderate terms ; house contains all the umde n improvements. Apply at West Washington place * / i KNTLEMKN BOARDING I P TOWN AND PAYING \T high prl> cm for p. or areorninodiitions will Hud at No. SO White street, one door east of Broadway, a trood table, plea sant rooms, gas, bath, and everything as near I'ke home as posnblc. Priet s from $4 to $7 a week. Reference*. re ipured. Hotel accommodations, at moderate prices, cm ii be had at No. 49 West Thirty t'l -t f reet. corner of Broadway. Tnls house is well suited t? the eo:nfort of good ohiNM families and single fentlemen; lowest price for i ingle rooms, with Board, $?> per week. MAi BON MET BLKE, 70 AND 72 WEST THIRTY eighth street ? Rooms, elegantly ?nrntshed, or whole Floors, with kitchen, cellar and \ar?i; ho s. new. first, class, four story, high stoop, brown stone; common parlor; meals furnished; eligible Physician's olhee. VTEATLY FURNISHED PAIU.nR AM' liKMUOOM? on kcroii't <hi.ii front; K-nt muilrrute: wiimlil" f..r u cniillriiioii nuil irtO, or would ?l?" mum g<<nll?mau dwUim a eotnfi r ahle homo for tUe wlntnr: ta? ?nd lira grata in room, iwth, *r 47 Amity atreet, near Broadway. N'O. MWR8T ELEVENTH STREET. BETWEEN BROAH wty nlu! riilviTK'ty |.)iu-r? Handtann- Knit of Kooum to let to a jiHrty or "In l>- gentlemen; iiImo on- or two Single It- Nimn, with or without Board, whan the comfort* ol a home may l? r?all*ed. V<)W vacant. ? A fir IT OV HAKDROVELY FCH i\ uitbed Rooma, fronting on Fifth ?venut<, nf ParW, Dining Room ???'. thne, Bedroom*. b?th, Ac AImi Rwytim fur M??glr KmnK-oieii. with Hi?rd, In Ihi- Hotel HI. ili+mnln, comorof Fifth aveuua sod Twenty-?ee?md atrcat. Private tiMra W tie*! red. * ONE t)R TtPD GENTLEMEN (IAN OBTAIN FTRNIHir eil Kooioa, with Board, tn * fratrlnaa houae. for four and live duH?m p?'r ?'?ek, aft 148 Welt Tweaiy fourth utirct. Pusa-saxt rDinonD r"i>.m? to mbt-to MJMtag ami ?rntleinen, wiih or without Hoalvl; house Iiuk all moili-tV ?'?nprovi:infnt?; 'srtua moderate. Call at 27 Ureene Dlfei't. ior one work. ROT.MK, NEATI,Y Pl'RNlSHED, TW A PRIVATE KA 1 tolly, Muluhw* fUi u Kiintlcmftvi aM fct* wife: ilio ft If# I aiiuff* Ken'lemeti ear arcoiuriio<'.RledV par ml Board, lf*e. | llotise htMfell the modern tartjarovemeuta. Houston afS?et. iOiFFPEC TABLfc ARTISANS <1ti OT1TTRR STKRINO ?V Roanl at $9*11} in $i \,vr week, enough toeal%nd natla* lAeti??n cuarann*nd, rail at 284 F'axabeth aitret. *,?nr door* ''mm Bl/'frltcr, * hrre nice roonfn and a really '*iratortable will be TV* nd. R60M8 TO LET? WITH *>ARD, FtTKfftgHBD OR # unTumwi hmI, to afamlly rtr alngle v**nt>'.ii"ii; the lo -a tioif is the n in the<itv; ilff. housa in Wwj?.\ with all the modern iifq^.ivrmenu. auit the tiirr-a. References exchanged 40 WaKhlnctori s* '.are, west sWf . mo LEI*1 (N A SMALL Hi (V ATE KAVM.Y NEATLY I furrri -lied Konm, with good c!oa?*t?. ?nr?jV for two wtnfle ^ tlemrn or a. t'.rfs icman and wife, h?jni*ekeeplng, ran bee* ommodAted; 1?ath, Ac. M * htrd avenue, be tween ^ nth ami Elw-ntlT iii-eei*. TO l'ET-A Fl'RMlSffr I> ROOM, (t * TllftRD FfX>OR, w a gmth-rikan. n, a private fetnlly, 4 \- No. 4'5 iiiixt enth ?trr??t, frnaj 'Rroftd'.vny. AT* i, t' fa first lioorovet the i?ior<* No. Broad* iv ; una i Inoati *n l'?#r l>UMin?*iis. rjv LBT-WITn B \TW. TO A (IF/NT I.EM AN AS1 I wife or 'inan, in a hrt w v.gr h all th?? m? lerti l!i<f v?vemeiit>s a rTr..tv-?nu' larp^ *nt Parlor on the flrfcl flai r, lor $Ht; nl -ark i-'o m? a*>fl1vedrt???m, with puntvi<?f, l>n $M. Anply At VM Twt i.iv >1.1)1 >$ re? /t, between Sevec.th ?ui* 1 E^litn axeooea Dinner a/ #? \x. Th> LET- a XEA.LY KrnNiWf FD? PARLOR OIQ Yfi? ^ ' uihI to < oe nr iv* ?? umi '? nif #?, with pan!*.'. Board, ??r. to u i^Mitl.'iOiin ??.'"! wi> wish p*f i ? |;t? in J:iic!wn. TlruM* ?w.ntahif nil *Sk*?- m? ?'? ru irnp-rw?ti*r it*. Apply at lt>l flh^n ty-MCt'entli ?txutft. HflO LKT? A &NOI.E RfKTM, OK St'ITS OF TtfltMfS, 1 'J for alnrfks'iP'i* -i^nten. ?n icntifsmtti and the r grave*, >iir | *t**l Board Ifre-pired. To aAn?e* ,n Vr?nt of a jjood home in ? w ijiiiM. flca1wteln?'-lghborh?o t 1?M ma good change. ffcxi<H*ro | < l 85 KaM Twnr\ y-righth . V. Ttv) i^.?rp RNI8NEP? R* ?03f ON THE f.ROCTfD *1 floor ftoim.wt ith jirair., h. u f> iv?*te family; paniaMKird .V rc?|iiimt. Ap> ly at 147 All??ir* reft. TO LBMIBTiL rUl \'MI M? BOOKS IN m rrovt n gtoiwR hoi??e, .71 Howry. *i? *?!?? und in milt*. to ac *n nr? odate tamiiMw also MmUV." roi.maat f.14 Rroadtvav, *ee<cid *ar.ory. Inquire on the piaitnta I'llce in accordance v/i?th tie iimw. rnio LET? FU iNISIfED KO >MS, TO A GROTCEM A S and wife ?: single jsmitleFn?*?i, with partial Board* li te ??quired; ith nv?der?; niiyvovementH. 171 Wn?t'Tv?n ii^-slxtn wl, nea Eighth aruvuc rfllO LET? WT'llf Fl'LL ROM *:D, AN ELEO \NTL"V F K" 11 nlsh*d Uno?,i, on the third floor, to a r i!?ie % c\~ :t?k man u?? wtH ; one??r two e.:ildrcn no objee- n*n ; Uo'.so .fc-s all th- ji nl-rn Improving is, and the fiimiijr very ho. 'ir- 1; neigbfeorh* d very choice. <-*11 at 210 Sec >u& avaiue, 'fee wc;n TartlUL and fhiruoenU streets. 41H1E TllISU) FLOOR FEW ROOM, IN THE HOUSE j of a prtrato /amily. wl he let lo a gi ? nQ?iertw? 1 r#- nd?. wttb oa (inl Hoard.. ?t.a, grate, clogot, Sue. Apply mW* East Tvr*S:fU street, nearer tadwav. -1? ANTED? .1 'OMPORTASfiZ APARTMENT IS <rk X% near Fifth avenue; th?- nun ?oiiik? i?e a iytMidnU> F.s,.\il y furnished AddregajC. K., iuox WS5 H a! I oHioe. T?%. NTED? BOH iH FOR A WIWW LAOY, WIWCUT fj children. AvMregs, stating -krms And lo?a lor 91 . hf. ? M.. iS -xald office. ? sonu without, i.neli -jjartii o!hi? at eiui ed I r?. WASTE D-BY TV 0 YOTNC Cf \Tf KMKV. A KKtK Tf J>"< 'irnUlirrl KMuni, u->tfi hi-oakOmr, it* i; ai I prin lege of room, Ixavvi fii Kirn mi'i T? ?nty-fl?th utrm-i Private?., mlly preferred. Addr>-?s m.itln; ( i *rt m!*? i term*, ?% !i must he (, odors t<>, K. K. . ,: i ! Kr?r.t km W'A.MTfti'-A FUR* SITKO ROOM Ki ?R A S1.V?T,E Xi-asht, <un, K"tirleentfi i. 1 1 lilrtlrlh rtrwrt? Jinil Kourllt e?id Seventh., -.venuo*. nt fl S,'r? 'nv?k, Ki'fe n nca* jilvti mil requ ? I. Addivxi I >i 172 lleraid sA'ue. _______ ?*1?" AKTRD? t Y A OEVt .K.MAV, A I1.E \;<ANT ROOK It wlih Lr?-, and Bca'-d only cm fc'muu y?, .In n print* ?frtOiI.v. The '* Ih< H?| 'rtla'j.- I? tn kt rti JTjunch. A Frc ikj'i >m-her? faintly |>r? iV'rreJ. Addre*: A. K. K, b<?? ft |' k. nflji'f, gin. lull |urtiv iar?. Kalurfoft? oy .reference# I given. "I V.'AT ERI.EV ? r.Ai r C.QC NEB OK J8ttJAW.IV. J Several fornl'lw.! Hfrom* to ? t either U> la??llieK ornin gin (tmleDtn. Tku Ituatlon It 0te men eeatral in tin; dty, at' i ib<% r-jesrs can be rented \*iUv<>r without Butt ri. CIO GKEFVE fiTKT:nr-IN- THE NEIGHBORHOOD ?\ ) of til'- H* Kf !inteL; and piece* . f fiQtittictn^ni-', t'ornUb cd I?o <ini? to Ik to C'Utlo m ? only; K'xmig at from' V. to $3 per ivcr.k, liuu-.o This giut, ("rotuu vnter, Jtc., au< m '.'cry qilt4t. <)C E< .ST TWI I.KT11 S"REI"T -l.APIES A HI) . EX OtJ tlemen denliing H <ardiV>r tlie winter, will Mini goo 1 Hootnaano accommtdation* at the above (U.Orablc house ?,! 1 location, being a few doora went of liix>ad*ay. Uefereuici ?HMfMi <1 EAST TWENTY-THIRD VTRFET, VRAR FIFTH H Avenue Hotel.? The entire tbir* lloor, count, 'Ingof lroi>t ! I'.nlor atnl H'druom adjoining, and two ulngle I .*'< Kooiii*. with pantrlei an-i water, bath, Ae., "tillable for ( unillosor j sine'* gentlemen. Kooma well furnUhed n. .4 taVlo fir?t cla?? Highly respectable partita only tie. I apply. ; j I | W ?T WASHINGTON l'l.VCE- KOoMS TO l.FT. I I I wi'.b K>'irl, on in.'.l'T t " hi J. In ? : ?. ( ? located, containing all ? lie modern Improvi i> m if ? rcuci; given ?Md re puicd. , ^ BOARDING AND LOOOING* nr. east twkmtv.eiuiitii street. -to lft, in*,,.. l.i ir, ' lwo larKft Kuomi, communicating, witfe r!IS?.lSt.J ! ; "f Bnoms oil first floor; house first ,1,4h-' " i ?!.- ired IVrms low , references, 7 4- ^u?.7uhWi ?N rY*T,,,KD *ntEET.-HANJ>SOMELY | r lumish-d Rooms may he had, with Hoard; Room for ii single licQllHiiiitn; location near Fourth avenue. 70 n)l7nKI':N|H JJTREET, NEAR it ROAD - | r/ way and I moil jiuiu.'.-1 Two large Rooms, containing closets, ga*. Av., now vacant. At-.., s, Koom* Terms moderate; dinner at six o'clock it f n.w ,.H <.X(;hangcd. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE 8PRINU? ALSTON ? House.? Elegantly furnished suits of R?. mm, with can Croton water and overy convenience 1 r hoiiM-WiVping eco nomically ; particularly suited lor small, respectable families. Kent low. 00 PRINCE STREET, WEST OP BROADWAY -UEN f Iff tlemen will find very pleasant and comlortable Koomi at moderate charge*. 11 A MACDOCOAL STREET.? RICHMOND IIOrSE I* II'" now opened an ii private family Hotel, lor t !??? rc? ep. tion ? ?f single gentlemen, or small families tired of bonrdiig. Parties deah <hn of housekeeping can tint] every cowenienco at the abort e stablish meat. 11/* WEST TWENTY THIRI) STREET.? A PARLOR 1 1 ') un i Unit.. om on third iloor, -oiiulde for a gentleman and his tmnily, or a party of single gentlemen, may be ob tained, with Hoard. Also one Minall room. I PRIME STREET. -ST. CLAIR IIOU8E -ELE I ? II ' i.i'iitly I'll tiiH' . d Rooms, with itadrooins attached with all trie com enlenees f? r I. usek cpm : complete, ini hid ing ga? and 4'ro'Ou water, to let to revpcctable families or siu(.l< n< ntlemcu. M>n HI F ECKER STREET, OPPOSITE DEPAU )*) r<<w A I . ? ltd ?>* "inc !?' r . t or Ha k Parlor, with all e tension, on the lir??t Ibw-r, furnished, vs I h Hoard. Ainu two It ok on the i unit It fto -r, suitable for young men. Ter m? h . ? a-MMablf*. Tin* boon- has all the modern improve ments References exchanged. Ol i\ ELM STREET-JACKSON HOISE.? THE MOST & I J F uuntan y and eonv- ni -ntly furnished Apartment* In tie* ? ly to meet the want* of small families, with every ic<.ntslte i oriiitui e, cb ao tin ? n, cooking range and utensils. B PERSON \U OSTON DID N<>T OET VOI R NOTE UNTIL TI'ES W.ll gladly r e. *t yoa at the place yon appointed Pi I a . attoi no m. If not convenient write again, I will I^oR ADOPTION? A FINE. HEALTHY, FEMALE child, elev' n iii' nibs old, . f re peciable parents, w ho are h?uh dc..U and ha" no ic alivi H l i i i ?. ciiy. A Calholht timily preferred. Address Mr-. J. M., Union square Post ott.ee. IF THE LADY WHO tiOT INTO A TWENTY THIRD I street Mage yesterday afternoon aiiont 2 or 3 o'clock, in tlio i ol ?- r nth or Eighth ? i is and Bit advi ay. and v. ho rot out just befoi e e.unlng to s \ enth avenue ami Tw "tit * tli rd street, would d ire t<? ma .-?<? the ac<puilnianci? ? ?{ ! h '??micman who r? ?po 'ted her to 1 it the l*? ? t hoiiiiIm i .o !a> ? Herald, it woubl be ,\ ih .t i . p ? i ure, and she la re i',< ? ? d to ol. Ires- Alexander, Her ,iUt olU c, appointing ail Int' t v .( w for Thursday. I r MR. ?'ll \Rf.ES (1REIFK, SUPPOSED TO HE SOME ! v here in the State ot New Jith'm , \v ? .11 at -A"! Fourth 8 re . .New York, Ir will hear o! el i.im{ to his advantage. Me \ ark and Jersey City p ?p? is pi. n e . py INFORMATION WANTED? OF MHS. FRANCES EVANS* I widow of William K..ui -, *? lio ll v? ij t ?? A* or House. It* she will ? all af Mr. .lohn Dtck's, ?? r?n r t>: Et^htsenfli stn ct and Third avenue, lirookl> u, she will see Mrs. Evered, ? t I'pper t'anud i. II A A. B . WHO WROTE TO A. H. A , IN REPLY TO 1 an advertisement, and in can a . o ntment atthecor n r of ' Four'eentli meet and H ilwny, ior Tue<tdsy, at Z o'clock, w ill call at the name ? IH e where sue delivered Hi?? Iii l?'ttrr, she will iini! one ad res- d to her (A A H ), ex paining the reason why he did not ? i ie. IF MR LIHERTO L! IS SOLANA, WHO ARRIVED 1 la t S ptcinber by >teaun r F I fr in Havre, should ? ? .. he Is requ *t< d to r P C alh i 17 Rruadway, lor iuforimition regard in h<s am.ly in Madrid. IF THE UENTLKMAN WHO MET ? LADY CORNER i c?f Hi oat way and Tw nty-s cond ^ ? ? 1 .od a?',.-ompauic?l her from there to M uhoii Dorec, a en to \S a lack a t!ieatr>', wishes to continue t .. a <p.aii:' lice | lease address J. II. De A., station l>, New York. M PLEASE OET WflAI I OWN FOB YOU immci.i iu l.s , ami wliieti i am c i < will satisfy yon. Hut if not, and' you are .ieit rm'n ? I yon not pant me a i interview in D.'s presence? See tl ate first. Iv?s? no time and you will be more than vew.ir-.ied. Fl. Mrs. seymopr, formerly of no. ihi prince street, will her something <" lu aradvan age by sending her residence to E. S. Iwiyor, Po>t mil; e VTBLLIE? IF THE GENTLEMAN \s lio WINY from i^l Set ond avenue on 8unda> morning in a - mc horse wa j; n, and drove in company with n gentleman With a big ursy co.it on, w ould likt* to form the scipia utanee to a young lady who was pasidng, lie will aildreHS tbi-ough Personals, stating where sn interview can be had. p?X? MEBT ME TO DAY i WEDNESDAY) ON TIIK I. avenue, at two o'clock, 11 li t* itesn able '111 your part ti> coutlnue i he aciiualntmioe. Tiwrc U ? uot? for you, ad drcxmd a* usual, a). utatkin E, i'.OS Eighth avenue, from WILLI*. 1<ARAH RVSSELL ? Wll Y I'llt Mil' DISAl'POIIIV vj met Will meet you Thursday, at H P.M., tame i>la<o; 1, twt, aost* al&tony oftct. mtowN. UTEU.A -I WAS UNABLE TO KEEl* THE AH'OINT O meat y<-at> rday at three o' -lock In Second avenue. Oo there to-day, If pleasant; U uol, llrtl lair (lay, at nmr t lino and pla<-e. BROOKLYN. THE FRIENDS OF THOS. DJAIIY WHO EtWrh-r^uLK him prevMuato hlt d -?th will ?^m-niin<dlaeely io Bur fain, G?*n*?-rp House, when* h* i*^fTrtng?*r<?iiNly III. Thk LADY WHO ANKWHrfjJH THE katkimoniaT, adverllaemeut of rdale, In the Sunday H* r.iM of Drremlwr I, It )-e<)iiett?d tvaeml to (he place tbe g ave a? her aditrN>a for an answer. COVERDA LE. rpttls IS TO CERTIFY THAV JOSEPH MURI'llY, WHO L died an Sunday lint, flth ni.nr . la not th? only Murphy, r>u of Jas Murphy, tl?e farmer's ton, aa atated 1 y hint through the pipers fome lime ?:(o; btft tbat |,J?a. Murphy, am i li?- only lai uier a sou ?f said Jas. Murphy, from 1111* towu Carlo, eounly Carlo, Ireland. JAH. MURPHY. 1HIE OENTLEMAN WHO WALKED IJP BROADWAY to Thlctr-tirKt ?trift, with a voi.uk UJy with a dark hat trimmed with n-d flowers, and a brown cloak, and who after wards met ber on Sixth avrniii'. ha* no! forgotten lilt plea aaul (Mimiatulon. Will she farorhui with a better ac'iiiiliit anee, if she thlnka well of hit llrai effort* Address Arthur, Herald llkt. Velvet will find a leitkr at station a tm i J. m. .d? ?. T*fU,L THE LADY (SIPPOSED TO BE ANNA I'E r.> ? T who culled U?-t week ut No. H nnd lii'iulrcil after th? lifiiJili of the Sceptic, hii vo tl.e goodness lo romiiiuidcat* w lib liliu through the L'uion tquara l'oat office by letter to right name. ?mtmll emily (who was to meet hick kriend tV the Katurilay It rained so hard) ?eud a line, stating when and where a i Interview may be had, to True, Broaif way Post ofllee. 'tir _1 AM ANXIOUSLY WAITING TO HEAR KROM TV . you. Keep a good lieari, act justly, and Ood will bring you safely over your dilfltnlly. \our?, W. M. HCBLLAKBOP?. AT THE NEW PRINTING !?> I' AB1.ISIIMENT? CHEAP e*linth<-rlty.-C:iid? 80c. p.-r I.KW; Bill ll.'.id*, flirt rliti*H, all ?l/.ca. $5 per ream; II , ndlilll?, 10,000 or upward*. 3Sc. | ht 1,000; Books, I'nm|ih 1?W. N ? ?pa VJf-JX' > l,rl"U:a *' roually low i ulea. T. It. DAWLEY, Corner Readn and Ten' re "trecta, near City llal). AT COS NEK'S, ~No7 377 HOWlillY. NEXT TO Kin II ttrevt? $4 for prim.- Calf double gole, waterproof B(*)U; $3 25 for ptliite I'ftll' single miIo Boots; $3 for prime long legged yrnlii v. fttrr Boot?. ?JREAT ANNUAL EXHIBITION o> NEW TOYS AND HOLIDAY PBBS^ntS. 65 MAIDEN LANE, COKNEIt OF WII.t,IAM STREET. We nre determined that tlif. ^lilldr?/h shall not feci ib? ?pressure ol Hit* t im'?, and oflcr "'>t large and complete iwtork Of NKW TOYS AT RETAIL \furmc the month ?jt I> cember AT THE MOST KEA.*)NAItLE l'RICES. CALL KARLY to avoid thf, crowd, and (elect your goods 2>el'vre the prettiest thlnn* .v.-e nicki d out STRASflUl'.iiEK. ,t NU11N, Imiiorlcrs. * NO. 65 MAIDEN Corner of Will';,,, Holiday presextk -ladies Travi- i i i?,i Avn Sh'-Mrfn, Ba ?K, J,;?el . 4<,, 4c?*> 'j'^ * " AND li h-Hil ??!??> 1.* pn-m-ntH. .?0I1N ('ATTN \C|| Tt L J! auuiaotuivr and Importer, Sfi Bi-.a'wuv rnriiii! !,f S J Ml r~",*<id 7W Hroa.Nviy, ncir Fi"r h at reel a" ITOCSK KERI'KRS. LOOK IlKltK ?THF ITM. l- . n I 1L...J locilti< ID or I he depots IHE 1 KKt LIST FAMILY STORKS hi I'I'LY ASSOCIATION 1) KESESTU po* the holidays X TOYS, FANCY COODS if OPEN FOR INSPECTION a't ? i. . ALBERT A CO , 00 1 BROADWAY. A I&i Rf, wll wk'ct''<l dm] uttriiotive nock whifh <? ? oirei *d to the public aL.ur ,,Mh l,m piicr, ' ?h " "01v A I wrtlon the g lodx aro i;orisi?iiod ll( ?? 'hv a large Pan. hour. 1, w hh I- f* iiumni lo ?,?!! out th- entire imixiri.fi. ? / f;;.?,' ",n bu"Jay; k <.mi>rac? n... r^uow.,,* 17; ' L:\Zh.i iEHK OR.YAM K.VTS, FANS. tBKO.VZEri, (JLQVK HoXKS, I.V|f8TAVr>? ',,,r ^ **?&&&? * RESTAURANTS. OVSTKKtf.-RECKIVED AT I.IBBV'S, 1.19 FULTON jitrvrt, ? hi'" lot of Kufk??n; ?, Hlnewnlitir)* hikI Bin* I )',,nid- wl>i. ? ?'<? twins latn-inM lor mv cum The DupsV uuolx, ntewa auJ Irien In town. N. B.? Oyau-r* opened with0l 'Tmck!ii|(. _ m .y^RS.-BBCEIVED AT LIBBY'B, 139 FULTON \ J iirwi, 4 nn<> lot of Ruck .w; y?, Khrewaburya and Blun J\dnl?. whli b ?re baiiiK rattened for rny cu?Umi?r(. Th? nia.*V?, hi?w? and rrle? in 'ov. n. N. B. ? Oj stern opto* wutijitt ein<'Mn((. ? F|!VF AUTS>" ~ ~ F1'1 AKTS' AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Kliwl* rolored iileMire* on #!*?? for jSW lIntbk^aSDaIhssolvjno veiw All battlM -inJ In idenU of war up to the prcMni "'vn'll Mt.'Hi'.i'i fii*?i?h?<l bv the principal optl.-lann or AMERICAN STEKEOSi uVlC COMPANY, Hi Cheatnnl m reel, PMUidi Inliltt. W LANQHNHEIM, Oeneral Agent. RAILROADS. ? Hudson river railroad -trains for albany Troy, lli' N 'rtli und Wt ?t i. uvn Chambers Htreel aii end 11 A. M., and 3 18, ft and 10 IS I' M. el *17 YEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD ~ J.* For Albany, Troy, North and Weil * U .nt r urnngemi-nt, ? ing Monday, Not. 4. l*u For << " my? 10.80 A. M,. Bxpraaa Mill Train, from Twt-uH f xthilrfct "|x>t. * i ? t:M"< >1 tra ns w Time TaWe. JOHN Bl KOlli.L., AnaiaUal Stipe r i nt?n le?i.