12 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Aralık 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Thole no. 9224. new york, Thursday, December 12, isci. price two cents. THE FIGHT AT FORT PICKENS. THE FIRST ACCOUNT FROM OUR SIDE. "The Town of Warrington and the Navy Yard Partially Destroyed. Tiie Loss on the Union Side Two Killed and Seven Wounded. FORT PICKENS BUT SLIGHTLY INJURED. Sketches of the Vessels Ungated, and of Oen. Brown, Ac~, Ac., Ac. Tho mail steam f l.fp ' olumbia, that arrived at thin poi i yesterday from P'.vi?na, brings us Intelligence from our own Biilo of the late tight ut Fort Pickens, which confirms the flrKt reports thai wo received concerning the engage ment,us far as regards the pnrtUl destruclion of the town of Warrington ami tho Navy Yard. Tie vol,el a. counts that we huvo published have been vory carefully worded, and furnished but very liltlo inform urn?. Our own elory, though at pro sent very meagre, still eon turns enough to slew that tho rob? Is wcro taught a 1< sson llicy will not bo detircus of having repeated. dll lliat Oens val Brows wants is more troops to follow up any victory liu may obtain, and to occupy f> fts ihat mny be captured. Some heavy rifled cannon w-ouhl also bo welcome. Tho gi.vernnionl has taken a step in this direction already, and it was orilj a few days h,;o that tin) Baltic left this city, heavily freighted and having on board a large number of troops. 11 was g ne illy un derstood that her destination was Fort Ph Wens. OUH NAVAL CORRESPONDENCE. Fmtmi Status Sikawkk Watkr Wtetm, 1 Kky Wbst, Dec. 5,18(51. j T?<* Arrival at Key HVjf?.Yctes of the F.gM?Itt Origin? The Lots on the Rukmond?Firt M< liar, ftitenctd?T. e It\jury Pone?Elf lotion of a Shell, Kilting Fire Men and Wounding Several?General Jlrtnen ll'mling for Win fmrerts rnf, ite., dr. On llic 28lh of November, while at Pcueacola, w? learn- I ?d Ih'it some sharp fighting hud been done there. It up pears that two or three rebel at tumors had been constant ! ly running from (lie town to Die Navy Yard with aitunu , nition ami matorlale, for tbo purpoee of eroding bat | tcries, fce. Genera! Rrown, of Fort Pick one, notified i Xleneral Rinrg,of tlio rebel forces, tint if either of th .? ? ' steamers made their appearance again be would liro j upon them. "Fire uway," was the response. On the morning of the 22(1 nit. two steamers mute t their appearance as before. General Brown disabled one , and the other escaped. A general cannonade then took j pla ce betwten Fort Plokons and Fort Harrnueas,the \i | agara and the Ri< hinrnd opening Are npou Fort tb lino i and sov er.il water batteries. The engagement lasted lb j better part of two days. Fort McRncpva* silenced, .m 1 also the wrutcr batteries witHn roach of the Mclnuoud's ' gnns. The Richmond bad one tnsu killed, James('< ok. i <a captain of a gun) and seven men wounded. There were none injured on board the Niagara. Roth vs-.-els were slightly damaged in their upi>or works. The tow n of Warrington was destroyed. Fort Pickenssustained no Injury from Fort Rarrancas, not even ? sand bag dis placed. One roan killed, but no other casualties until two days after, when a most deplorable nceident ocoiirred j at Fort Pickens, killing five men and wounding mnny. ! It was caused by > amoving from ? shell a fuse. The ! shell exploded, doing the above damage. The shell was j one that had been fired front Fort Barraucas, ami hud jclg ! ed in the fort without exploding at tbo time. General lit own suvs that he has Fort Rarraueae eulii e'y ? at his mercy. He is uioet anxiously awaiting the art i j val of troupe to hold the forts w hen lie shall have taken ; thorn. AThimONAI. l'AKTIt't'l.AUS. The artist of ITarprr't Weekly has rent Iliem mi lute i seating account of the engagement, which w e annex? I Camp Bimw.v, Nov. 21, W6I. i' For soveral days an unusual stir ha* been untleee on tho side of the rehele, such as moving of gtms and other | things that denote thejr aro preparing themselves for un attack by our troops. We expect tho bombardment j ?o commence every day. Novkww h 2;), isiii. I Tho bombardment was commenced on our side j on the 22d of November, at half past ulne o'clock A. M , | having about hnlf an Hour'b start of the rebels. Since t ben ! the firing has continued. The first day vvc had one nmi I killed aud one wounded. Tho ono killed was a m?inb?o i of the Zouave rogiment. tjfc'd shots were fired on Ho- h 1 aides, llut little lmrrn waSJjnonc to Fort l'icki n-, while j Fort McRae suffered very much. The United Sates ! frigate Niagara and the Richmond took part in tin hum | bardment, with good results. The second day Fort 1'lckcti? commenced firing again m half past ten A. M., and was answered promptly by tin. rebels. I think about 2,600 guns have beet tired in two ? days. At Ihrco o'clcck 1*. M. on the Ziil of Novumlx r Warrington tvas set on Are by the guns on trie sale arm the fire destroyed nearly all of that plnee ami the greater part of the Navy Yard. It m et nol be forgot leu that the steamer Times w'as disabled the first shot tired. She was towed out of the Navy Yard at uiglit. The rebels did not Are so much tho second day . Perhaps th-y are short of ammunition. Two companies of Wilson's Zonav ?> have charge of tho batteries near the fort; two more con pan leg of tho smoe regiment as.-ist in the fort, carry iug ' shells, powder, doing guard duty, Ac., and the rest lie in the trenches, to repel any night at luck. Tho heaviest I guns of tho rebels are near tho lighthouse, and tU* it loci ! mortars on both ;Mo of the hospitals. The water bin 'cry below Fort McRae is proving a bad customer, and is In ; be (OAted more than thofcrt is. Our ranges are Hplvn | did, aud it gives, one ,:rcat sai i.'faotioii to w iliie.-,n tin. 1 great trial of our artillery. .If I have time I will send you j sketches of the tmrning of Warrington ami this Navy Tard. Not turner. 31, ladl. U being Sunday, Oen. Hrowr g ive orders not to com ? .memo firing unless the rebels Jlrst begun upou us. , went all ovor the fort; saw lire damage done, win b i" ' flight, eonsi b ring llie very heavy til ing, one of Hie I guns burst through tho excessive firing on tho sv id | Any of tho bombardment. Through a telescope T saw that,the rebels ruffe, ei; very | much. I suppose we commence rgaln to-nmrrow. Tin i i. j s?. ft Inn Is much defaced, tliere bo. been no ti'.e.uh mane ' ?n the fort. THE UNION VESSELS ENGAGED EN Mil; WATTLE. I We append sketches of the vcm-. i* engaged liuih 1 Virion ?t>d rfl> I. together with the number of ao'.l.ti n ; >'?rl I ickeiis, and a ske'eh of <5. ner.;l Brown, its gx lanl 1 defender. Tlmre are, in addition to tiio number of r. ttars glv -n, some 500 of Wilson's Zounv 1 . nvtk > g a i total of 1.000 turn. STEAM riittfATK NfAliAtlA. The United states frigate Kl.igrrit i? a *e. w ? > m. ?, ' 4 CSC tons, and carries twelve gnus. ?he w.i> tniit in j -. a ; in Brooklyn, and for the fow y- cs that: in bar N ? hit! i service che hr.a occupV d a mo* prnuiUicut go it \ lug engaged in many things <; va.-t inipn ;.<?? !? ' Instance, tho 'nyi g of t o At'nni ? cubic, cot yu : Japanceo Cotauiisgloners home, k-. Slio hi* -Is'h'ii of great service in assisting in supporting the > hr'ti d- j Jt will teremembered that at the tlm< of tho raw <ack of liolliuA upon our fleet In tL'Mism-.|'p ? ? Ulagara arrived the next ray, and was of pre -' ire. in getting off ono or two of tho vet-sols thai be 1 groiuocd i while drifting in the river. Ha 1 she boon t he ? ont - j the i?t<>?y in giil, have been Tory df,T..ren', Her anna mont is very heavy; she carries twelve Alevcu .neb | ,v t which throw shot tvoighing otm ban<Ired and rev. *t"47 pounds, rc'tuirir.g fifteen pounds of powder -u each ^?Jfr vrge. Hun enn dischargo at the s.imo iijo. atit at one -Wacl , with one huudrcd and eighty pounds r f i'nvd?i-, '.wo thou-and imunds of metal. The following are her oftlcCre ? yndtn?nl C>mmand.np?John r.i.esi THE LATE FIGHT AT FORT PICKENS. The Relative Positions of Forts Pickens, McRae, Barancas, the Town of Warrington, the Navy Yard and the City of Pensacola. saW \ / I p/?| 1 >AI * ~f\ I a J# . roma j CLMM \ Tn^r,T } OPNSAr/w '> hjllf I W B Attend PRINCkj C^^-TL -i!j n^y^v.va /r_-PLAIM - I Tta^HFiJ. ??> / QE^iP^^?SACOLA ,J,ASK?^DD / r^cnv -j^Hvfl^&t-TZeuc.4a lii:7 ? umarkct nobtt Tmw^eff J>DP ciC? ~ f> custom huuse PEDRO RES C GHAPPEL -^r W._ _ (J COUNT N0.? JAM. ~^-^~Srar,unAi * OLD CAU.WOSA at~rtUULAL. f Pl/UUC STORE A /OiS? EfJCfl.MPME WAV , ^ ?/CHr HOUSE k ^ \\ jjgg ^y>#imrr<c -iOd NAVV.COV _ .. .__ . . . .~f ^ - V*awar /J r^sy / ceer ^ ^ \\"DEM?TEHr // S^L - ^ / ~.r^L ^ ?? VLUn A A A A A A A A A -i-j. ^ "A AAA A A A A a""* I .1~ yyy IS AMAAAAAa^'j r ~ ?:.rS^~-?i \ ?>tr~ -j 4 --?/? ^'*3 SSssk. aAMIT '--Lf- . t^r--v Sggpup XftfS2* 43 .WAT CBI v SCALE OF MILES -? 3 iGULF OF m; /.!>*{'nautt'Wt?>. 1" spiew. J. C. I*, do KraUt, Robert 1*. Ma\ . Kdwarrt I". . Siinjct H- .Jonathan M. Foliz. Asi'L-'iiti' Si*tijriyh - 'Hiii'.-: M? Ma??l?*r. / Vv*?t4i.iVr-"^an'MU B. l^trrj. .l>>.-? h D, Marvhn-. .hm>e$ 0 Kane. Henry 11. Kt?b< on. SHa <--i , Jr Oho,} hi in,?i 'liarlrs S. Stow ill t. ('ftjfoilt UJ W<(? ?/?'>??b. ,.?ft Wftl^ou. I i ?itroovt' /' Marin**?* ;????. Butler. < flit t' Isliqim f.r Roboit II. J/'111 8. F.id'Assistant b.u ;?t Ii. Macomb. S,'mail .1 i ir un> kiiyti- . - A lun Uou 11. Kidd, K. A. C. I?ii {'initio, l.ey i Iv. Creen. T ?Amo'oti! Kttyiiu.r.- Robert II. Gunnel), Robert Poll*,. ftmt-Mtin? \. M. Pomo/oy. IjnnU'V -Ukh ivd .1. H?i'. On, t Sufi r ? lohn Rainbow ^ a it mi''t r?Stephen Seaman. TilK STKAM H.OOP-OK-W Ali RICHMOND. Tilt? Rkhunrul k* a iir>t steam srrcw siooj of war. M?o >v.tg built in iS.?h, hi Xorlolk, Va., is 1,1)20 ions bur ihet)y and ?? ?Hbsd to t arry fourteen RUUs. She was eir .fiyi) ,n u*f >n'*ffioi.i|?!o batik* af the mouth of the Mis ri-slpin. i"upI. John Pope. her obi commander, has been su< ib'O by i ,|.i. brands R. Kill son. The folio wing are l?er ell eo, - Ca/^u'n Kruno,is 1*. Rltboti. Jj nf'iirfU?N. C. Hryant, A. Ti. < ?.iduhul**, Robert Boyd, J i St* A. I. Ib riti' rc'Ti. A**i*tar<t S?<rijKtii?William Howell. I'nyntati 'i' - George \\ Cutter. Atofts.r?Kiiwaril J < rry. A, nny S. B. OoggersbftU. Kiedcrkk S. Hill t 'ft,plain ? k?P. C. prrpe. foinHc ?' . r\- C/^rA?John Van Dyke. Ar.fino Hon' wain?.1. T. Ch?Mte. A "tin*: i.Hnnrr?James Thayer. A> fj "y ( oijh ?iliram 1.. l'Don. sailiH'Urr?Henry T Stwker. Ac.iim Matter MoO ? t luirltv s. I.iviugston, (hales.I. 1?ibbe Henry W. Grinned, lleU'vHeilnum, Howard V. Motf.it 1 /?'irxt At***ldht Kn(fin-',r?John V* Moore. S*U4M' A (t)t ' yi f n, l-.l ' ii f tov t, (i , - ii?t .1. M. limit'i Tim ii i.v triouf. EiigLwrt-?Wi'liam Pollard, H. B. P'.otts, V. \\ Done, ( bark's Kmery , Albert W. Morloy. THE HEOULARS AT FORT I'M Ms ENS. I If ?t Port l'ick?iiK belonging to tlie regular ami) immhtT nearly a tli'iinittul men, almost all > norotijili'y drilled in the use o* artillery. He* 11>!;? w r table shown the strcDgib of the regular t'oif..? ('? 111 feu I y K, Third iiil.iui iy .. " i i 'unifMtii . riiiril in) i iii 11 . . . 70 Company M, E'oewntartittery "n ' omt'.tTiy A S.-. 'inl ai'llliurs 72 Sujijiore utd Miners 'it! It. i ; i.p Hi i i :uji?'. y 1'..' . !I . I , 11 j H. I\ .A- . . >4 T't.i! *?# ? 'iii Mr1 above a,Hi," few ml- i i. . h ive born reoentlj maOa, whtofa arlll lAcroana '.V** fam to nwtrly one thou pond. tiii; ofkichrh ok liii" n viM.'i-' :c. Among ibeotUe-rs o[ -.in jiiiin >?? .)'? he '??Uuwi* i in: ? o ' n KK :X . ('oltiDi'. .'I'K.ii artillery) iu ?. ?i !?'? wi K?| I' A- II 1.1 . ?fiijer (ft it artillery ' 1 iv.- o Arnold. Elf' <iu t)V no'ln ul.'.y) m -I. 'i . t ? i. Captain (TV ti tufwitrjr). (oho HeL. Jiii It I i-utiitiiii.) 'I. A,K. ? I'iJ... v ' . I riant: . T.i. i . . I ieutenaut 1 ? ?,lo;rUi ttfIiliI ? ; W . , . y MKET" H OF COI ON-PL BROWN. '"ii'niiel !(?rvi / B.own i' ?: otlioer in chi'l ? mu iu.ni! .? I a ' I1! i.i'i'.-, i'- a native nt V'-iv ,1*i r.. . ni Yum aixty to 'i.n'.'iity e.iid of ??.?. Ho '.vv. fcilniiiteil k ? ?i ?. il M'or! I'OilltiO tin! ye..' 1-14, aii't ivt.'X) .l|i|m:m tt to the army flood .:x: ?i iu hi- is. It ? ?vc ?? hrevettef .?'in on it > "Mri nt ittliK l.iitlit At iilli'iy rO-tie "i! !h* "til ? July HJ8, and n?. irn'Me full n .*i>nci I.i .mi ,iit ni (in. l'.iorili ai till.'i v iu August, ISill; uforo tb? iduI/ivt is 0' l wim proiAiuii it to i lint ' "it? . \ u ? in s-iu. moor ? f tin Mime y< sins )T In' ''mi V-.~, ?'iw mi.*-i y ol tSuNii.-li'i.i e. i" . iiitf ijje yuais 1 i.+atj UCilv. was aid ce??'i.|. totbvfor0?bwai 8ww*,aiid troth Hay, 1926,to Vi.hritaiy lton* w t.?-' ?? at ti jarhTuuruer i tin.*army. In August, lsill, In- is a.- hrevoUi 'l ??xp'.i in tar ( ?: yeo ??? faiblul survivals in ttm army >1 it.y St.'t.-*, < tin. in April, IKtO, ss.is pivui.red . n i.ill ??uptni'iuy. j v./ijii f*i<[itrtiil er, 18. o. ? i. ."?? 11. in .. i , tSr.7 he | acted .h I.untenant Colonel Of Ihe Mourned I ru ? * \blunieelh, in the Florida win-, and ?*; brcioltoil Ma,or of the United States Army, for his gal' iut" unlet t on several w rneioiis, and general elDoiomj in ;h war against the Florida Indians, his coiutois-i in bear.nr date Novemt or ill, He wan disLiDgubdied iu tin r u'< at Mon'troy wag acting Major of bin regiment in 1S4I: was hi' vetted n Lieaiotuiil Colonel for ga'Iant in d mmi torinus rtSJ'lii.t in the battles of Oontreras nS'icitrrn bnsro, his (ommi : k)t? dating from August Jo 1.--I7 and was farther bn vottod a Colonel for gallant conduct ui the gate of B'-lnn. This la a. hn vet dates front September l;i, JV47 (in the llth day of January, Idol, ho was uppoinleti full Major of llio Second arliliery, whi<||comti,i>.sIen he held ni the breaking out of the pr< .~<HU trouble;. On II. Uth ol" May, 1801, he was promoted from the rt colonclij to the full colunohy of the tun artillery repi tin id, the Fifth artillery, which rank hesiill holds. TUB REBKL VKSSKBS. Till? UK UK J. STBAMfU NKI.MS. Hie Nelros, i hut was originally the stnomei Neultc, ?... reuhr la toned for the purpose of handing down to po iei .t\ (,be name oM.leiiioiiant Nelm ? of (leorgia, wlio wa-ki led at the h.iitie?.rS uiti Rona. This is the lirsi time tl iip <v? have heard of her being m any kind of eugaginn-nt siBCOtbe rhango in her name, wliii h occurred ,i ii t a lei the battle, hi the preiont fight it does not appear iliui the NcIiiih dhl much execution, as she left after otie shot had bom tiled. TilK KKBK1. KTKAMKR TIMI The steamer Times, belonging to the robe's. W n new actor upon tho stn;;e. its w<: arn r.ivi u". itih'il v ill her name or officer*. jtojordiog to tlie win' ?uii the Times war a target, for ilio guns of l or' Piclniiis, but one that they felted t" hit, w th the .n of a few t mult holes made in ill rifle hot, i-m !i tho ver I on. Tliero is uo statement utude. to i in- nuoint of , damage - e did. Probably it was morn. ! OUB JiiVTTKHAS IM.l.T OORHIWONDCXCE. II wrent* 1mK.i. I ??. ft, 1?dl. J /*Vcr/ .VsPH to PttM th' ft't'i?'>df (iuat tJ'/riil t1 r<'t hv I K'ir l Stnxmm?hnjiinl iy' </?? IUciof i:>hn l /All'/,',,;' l'itirhlnto'i;t ?7'toe ?III A'/l /, ' ,'I 1 j OiV. i'i'. etc.. '/' ? , Tho monotony <1 Halte#*" Ii>"? was l ? n by in dibits ill unusual in'- : ? ;. I At Sunrise wo all turned out to S"0 a fleet of reotlf i fllisi. 4 along tho Imhti'ii!, Ii ? the - iu , antiUM tlyit . south- u I. Wo 1 . ?!> 4 f ind-' tnd to |)ta N|bra re< of < ? ? i- ?ii?l !.<(o<1 upon IhOir ritfftfutl?'H Ml! l proba!,,- ea . ihi n,.t o . i cy of us however,cum to tie . ' ??n the great cxpedit ion of Ck . latter III tlic day IV' .* ',??.! a ti m .. ii in!" a ? id ???.<?.: -in mt by l'to appeal*; e oi ???/??? ? li ? ?> ? ' . iimi'i- up the SOutta. Iti-; :u ? i u' I ' a tu.il totwo ?ml thr''? i iai'VT mile . I, j lire iuin'Sillttely ajKin u :r little flcetot -?'t.l > u ' | i. ng range, tho abot from t v * - ?? aboi'f n qiifii lor of a nul''. One of their lev ? i i11;.1?. ral rail shot In ve, y mr !? ? . t ' u ". on" striking undor il ?> .ur'-r i ,f. i ? i!i great Imrri-' of thu blnelr or. ,ut. i ? i be i-mi-of ully me i ?,,ii r ? t t h? ? c 1 in ;>i. v 1 ?efenm ' ' irortf p , ?;< > n l'eili rate th?s. AUefS'pliJKttind'"'ttwn> ill tlii- n. ? (? ? in ? o. i bailing, ncni, tag and dm ' r ? .r . nib I ' j ;>!. i fill ing thai til y did II I I.uffl ? , . tl: i ? j in >MHj,s und r <Br botts-y jr. ,i.? avh h i ?!> j for ii?. or. iag to tho sb. Howie? of ?> w?',t ' j slowly steaou'il away, and v.o i.,?nld 1'no ? ?? I .1 , in^ nf 0i< rug;n Ihca, et>: big in. i-1."" Mi wn : lb" - ml ?u il>- irjei i int cpr p. i 1 her dosing lay last tiv nititi arri ?d l?ore from In ?titer si'bi of the aountl,?id Upon iu u r< U>tni?l tin n to he tin' me.? wlw waro s. nt ivlth) .nvtuii' mh?!> t 4*/f I'rooliuiiatk'U toUglov. me <>? Vurih ' ir,, na ire iit'lely njvfi tb"ir in vol with tb* it.oy w#o plan il m prls"'!. Thojr say tbtn ihey tvero badly led, Aid finally al!i,we,i to yo ;iomit ? ? intry ' constraint on i arolo and at 1 .-i,.t r, 1 ef ti -ir in^uhr ?> - ! McJity/M't bo.t. y app, lite, th, y ah e Hi- tn to rcb:rn t" tliiH pi, CO, tbo triMN ' h< a?'P y 'pi under i tPOuhaniloif '."ii ml WiiJl.i; ? win) i . Justly, lnta\? ongirt lalo. 'Ho s.. lei, iflf a roper..-d In ho cstir.o'l for n",r <_? . If ? .,'b be id ? *i' ?. 1*0 (tapritfl 1 ?? di'8 foi . i" time EKTERiSTENfi HlOftft THE SOUTH. McHMige of Governor Urown, of (itorgia. What Ihf Jtebrte ^ay Of President Lincoln's Message. General Butler's Expedition at Port Royal. Autipat iiy at the South to the North ern "Peace" Party.

The Financial Trouble* of ilie Itcbi'h, Ac?i &>(*?? Jl#? We Are tp ri'M ipt "f (SIh - of Fwitliorii p.ipet'ft to the !Hll ill*!., 1111)1) Will t| VC ?>V0 Itlf fnl.'lnl il.p ?'-l I'*" M, I MKSS.VOK OF <.t?V. BROWN, OF OKOROIA. hxt ' BlilR I 'KI'/IHTKKXr, | ! II.i1 snort ii.iw, NOv. l'J, 1861. j . Tn iM-inn - In if-jmis- ? 'ithi' c.jR m.iO npon m?l)ytli ? nine I ; , lien-wlth treiieii.ii; i nil > : - Ii C'ii'r0fi?'nii'-iii'f lid ? I'll i in" .nnl the r-'nerrtii )' "i War, rciat tug to the m oi , till ??? let i f (.CO*gin, , . I, v: my Jniii.iiiuiW, proper n) be lllll'I'" 1' !lli. 'It I i ll 11 ?? : I llll . Hy mltiri'ii' i to ;r ; oorreeiMHfih'iii'o it will be ven thui. I liuvi>,f"ii lie, i i n tkin tnid.Tic of \iiiil!*'.-l, | m%ont)y sutioiK'il (be s'vremri' ot' War tn place ii| oil the . i i??>.?? i u! Uii-i ri.i ? . lii"! a.'wn necessary t i tin pm tfl'licNI ami ii'Mn i\ ?? our people. While his ri'spcnaeii ' to my Miriof ? !' !i" 'J !" i ? kivl and "Oiicjliar ry, | ? > niiMiigtl" prui i "i -..i' li i" !.i b ii . ?'( J, hi.. ? i of (liily linn can*"'! turn fu wilimid us large u fnron n* I i hiivi - ? . : u in ."j-. ur itio omlmna'. uiei i i li_v i wUr' In in i1 ,1'u lu'iil li rendered it imir J lite lor I :in in ,(li.iI liia s.w.-r of |>ro|irloty ilinlali if, i ! Till < i .i. ? . : ii in ii. '; .i", in V " ? , last. | ?? .. ?! ,n I ordinance tmtif CiMTiiiK (lio forts ami arsenals iieiptiri'il | fiiiiu iIn r i M i, li. liiiilud ..itn iliu i ? u i ' rati?lal. . i i;.,*l i '.I''' ro vur" nut, suit'"'. it , (!? in, . ? i i a i.l r i>t iii" i ,?! for ill i roiMitiil dull in ? ago .in t a h.i.ivy attack. No stej s wi re i j i i . ,o , j ? 111! " v", b v lb t.i'iiledi'l . j j.ii\tjiitiiii?til tii ]'?uf-.? nliiii rnul 1'iais. shot, slioll or j- , d r iu ti.' ? t i-i I -v. i ii|".i" I to piiritlitis - the i if.. i up. i *.- uli .. one) i' '.'Mi', i I be t i'i'H'i y j ' 11? , llll ' U p ' 1 III'III III po.lltllf Ihl' Iii; I lutiotu.'e (,'emire I in i;.iiii..i.ml, or to permit the nuts u. I... . i i ? : It 11 It, I I -lit Tall 11H l* i , |) i.y I lo ihu atincke ? a nuit'le herd. In tliig ..apply I t:\ A* ii.a ivnii'i)"; .s > mv.T not prepared willt troops t.i ? ... ? i i to "1 il'H ;? ii j: .... i .?> I .i- gi i Ibu Iil'dit 111"", till'} l'||?ir.)ncil iU (.HWOariuu ul liet.i'1 ia. i i cupi i by iit I'l'i'riar liiK.f.i, till tin" i troops were I'll- . lo til'" . ' t.i" I'ltC.l . 1- ' V.IV , t, " l|.\l I i ". I" lilt' tl.e |>??- I'-I I', III. Coll- ' li"' .I. .a.iii'u a;? , to, ilicr \. ill ii,. 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I'M .Ii, a|,l tho ' ijue tion p.r nii'd f?*r onr p nraut i ?i-ul' iauoii h, ! r we'.nil einih'til -C'??f"drf.h > ami (lofenti Pur raivr;;, or \, ui ii)l the e.otifodoraey iJ pi ej *r?? i to tinfrnd i,y, ? ? U : .Rk the. (tiHa'-tors whu h timy ,111 l|\?* Uiflatujnv*. brfa)'. " on it*-'mint ?>? iho ?1eh > My own opinion >? <y{.? r it Is 11 ??. now the Mi1 - t > 'o to co ;nt tho ?t, but tb it w? si oitld rollout us tnauy troops m.iiybn no rseary t" f"iv! tin' Invader,rhoult ho appear- tin r up ? the h. .1 111 ist or u[K> 1 llio boriloin of 1'cime m;e. Wtielb.r It nvav t-ike ion th'iiiMUtd or two ty 'housand men,or whether it limy coot i!v or Uu ml. lions of dollars I n*k initio name of dm people, that tin fr rcp-oaeiitatlve* piny aim <vitn 11111'I the 1 en ???! mon nece.- an u> ?? mplmhtbi* object. JOSE II E. liKOWN A REBEL OPINION ABOUT PRESIDENT LTN t 'OI, N MKKSAGH. [From tl iblk Pay If k, Pec. 9 ] fill-, 'li 0 1 out, w lin li o n spread bob ro our run (lore on "aiurd.iy, came 1111 cm: perfection, *r cow 'l"<t. no prss ble, in the a '? of dor dl'.n. The Wciwagr wai doubtlcs* ?li 1 en o;? by -<??. ; I (tlio ininnln.r old 1 mi, wUu naos the Eu 'sh i*ng 1 i'o to conceal his tlnufibls. VSo think our renin a bin ,0. this,come to the roiiclrsinn that tliry , Rixlno.l us lltllo i! SI, lit into tbeallliii'S of th<> YimUo 'iiu , I lotl by |>ei sinj.' 1 1?ii dw iim int s they uu iM llAVO gO'liS'l hy readlnyr a proc'amatlan from the Kbig of tin Foj o ( lands, six mortal en'.".mm to General from tho world tlmt tb b' c||i.... Ynblteo dyn.'.-'tv has b < it whipped hi oeery bathe Ho y have undortakon, and would like 10 liai'lt out "f 'in.1-riuye 1. .1 decent pre! net were to ofl'er, 1 la 11 li. s'n'h i. l>rid,;i'(iilu' tion In thrmwai tlruos, with rot .'.uti hiIi. ty 1 inn a pound, and anarchy >n t ?'i' vatlbn 10 . iio in in H10 i.r i'. 1.od Ho* nlimmt' rteinty of I' \ my thoir owu |U. bin,!, vital by .hi 1-luhsli fleet daring: the wint'ir. : HF.NKRAL MJTEBR'B EXPEDITION AT PORT ROY Al? 11' 'Hi 1I1O Xo.'iik I lav Bo, k. Ore, 0 1 KavaNx hi, lire. 7?Tim Vt u j of tu- lay I.mhih that i i. 1; olio I' '! ' ov|.?' 1 juti hAK arrived :lt I'Oft Roylil. A Mi.' i i,.|ii 1 .yiino.il .11. i\ml on the c wist this tnorn ng. EMBARKATION OK TROOPS \T FORTRESS MONROE. [From tin' Norfolk,llay I took, Per.. 0.) Smcewli ro 11 the ni'lthborhood of two tl'iiiisainl irnona \m i? i i>s Tvod tii In* I'l-iI'irkin" from I - tr * ?' Monroe on b" 111| a In, ? i Minor opposed to be Mm (junker city, . ? etcrilay elr ot in on. \\ I XI EDITION IN SEARCH OF YANKEES. Krora lln Soilidk Pay lt'?k, I es 11 ) Nah hi s. I ri'. 0, via Mm it li I sr. 7, 1801. \ i .1 il.u * amColoni'l lOrrrsl, w icb*i?)o lbinK'T ,0Snrt* ' il iV. ni Pirk 11, Ky., on llio lid, with an oxpeditiiiu. for I isoi li.. r. Ibny 11 is I \ 1 id ??1 b, sb ir,f, (!ren river, Ml re It'll I, 11| lliere W H n III , 0 for* r III Yil'ili "S, ? I 1 tu ? found no ? '?In s tbon wnt 11 lleuitemna on i tbeiitttb: the i iiomy by lug on their api ewranro, they ra tio " 1 to I , r:c in .1 ? ? I, ?'."'lb, A d"le b' olvi ul Van li-" *i \ I - i 1 11 \ib'. thitol nty, hy ,oit tbw "ib 1 u ?, ci *' 1 >1 ? o *? It uulrrd li' .. od i?io< 1" It I l a b.' u avert .mod that the boys bel I to I) 11 , men. " iirn''.'ii \ ii'.wyrk ,?t I'orre.-l s mi inn tu, w?a hit in.' k.li. it by a J.m ..iiidi'n.'.it e 1 Itrst,i.i i( ml | v Ky ..?'ti ill ? Hi 1. Best wit aria. Bute raped. I'My "k s 1 rom Ho " \ ul*'. THE SI IDlii.l* AM) MAstlN AFFAIR. [Fnuil tit " 10 k I ay Book. He .0 | ClMRtdcst /Is r 1,1801 The/7* /es of lb niarti'Mg bus llaraitn ilolss to ilni j ..'Dh ult. Tbr ('.i|n.lin Hi'iKoiir ; ayrril of tUn Trent has j ciii"i 0 1 protest brp!' tho projior .ioltoorilios of si. 1 ' honi.is, and rnt, a ip-'isal nirsrisngsr *ui the sti'aniio In 1 ; I if tu iii rejKH! ih ? \|n in and Slide!! oihr p. fin* hotne ! " vornmeut. \ I'i: \ t'K < OMM!SSi(i\ I iN?\! V \ .IttiiCUOM. \ Kr< m h ? . .rf..'k |> y H ??V . 1 ?.) j \W -co !?? 1.1,.? ii;i' - i f Mm ?'???I'M'ii' 1 au^tv l.h.'t n IT * on Mm J!|j >!i . * nlnh iry oftarwl n ? *:11 r? Motion, ih.u Mill.'ni l i'.l t mv. I 'i .o klm I'ioit.h, la'K** ' !?? "I*A?ioy f i .(v. ? 1 ? vor? it. ?.? ???,?? M. Daliio , ' . M. t:\viii'.;, Ilw> ? H .:-u??y 1;< \ rrtv .fobo-Oa, .tnlin .1. Mi tit ? . ior , ? mo. I'.. I'urh ain't 1a \V\ Tliotiip 1. b ; dp'"' ? <tf.Ni ?, /il< S oil lln <ij OMi f ? ? ' no a* -.' ili lii*- ? ?:n? i ? 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