16 Aralık 1861 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Aralık 1861 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9228. NEW YORK, MONDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1861. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. total of tha Enropa of Halifax and City of WaiUlftai Off Copt tact. ONE WEEK'S LATER NEWS THE MASON-SLEDELL AFFAIR Tremendous Excitement in England. Special Meeting of the British Cabinet on the Subject. The Enropa Detained to Bring the Result to Lord Lyons* THE REPORTED ULTIMATUM OF ENGLAND. Apology for the Insult and the Restora tion of Mason and Slidell. Anticipated War with the United States. Active Naval and Military Preparations. More Troops and Artillery to be Sent to Canada. Napoleon Offered His Services a8 Mediator. Prance in 'Wo Hurry" to Recognise the Rebels and Gives Peaceable Advice to England. ALARM I N LONDON. FALL IN PUBLIC SECURITIES. &c?) Ac., kc? The steamship Europa, Captain Anderson, flrom Liver pool half past eight A. M. of Nov. 30, arrived at Halifax at eleven A. M. yesterday. Site was detained at Qucenstown twelve hours by order of the British government, leav ing that port on the 21 instant. She hi? fifty seven pu" ?angers, Including the Queen's messenger for Lord I yons, and ?4,300 in specie for Boston and ?43,000 for Halifax. Ttao F.uropa sailed f>r Boston at half past live P. M., whore she will bo dne at ?n early hour on Tuesday morn ing. The steamship City of Washington, from Liverpool 4tb Via Queenetown 5th, passed Father Point at eleven o'clock yesterday morning, and was hoarded by the news yacht. Tho City of Washing tun has experience! heavy westerly gales on her passage. She reports speaking the steamship City of Manchester, from New York for Liverpool, on faturday night. The Belgian screw steamship Congrors, from H.ivro for New York, put Into Southampton 2tftb ult. with disabled machinery; boilers also defect ive. Tbo ship Lady Franklin, from London for New York put into Plymouth on tho 3d inst., and took tire the same night. Sho was scuttled. There wero Southerners among the crew, who were suspected of firing her. The steamship Jura, from Quehoc, arrived at Liverpool on the 20th ultimo. THE MASON-SLIDELL AFFAIR The Excitement in England?Important l)e* eision of the Law Officers of the Crown? The Restoration of TIason and Slidell to bo Demanded by Lord Lyons?Troops Kent to Canada Mediation of Tapolron, Ac., Ac., Ac. THE NEWS BY THE EUROPA. Our advices from London by the Ruropa aro to tho ?vening of the 1st inst. The Iiondon Post says It has been decided by the law officers of the crown that tho action of Captain Wilkes of the San Jacinto, tats'unjustifiable, lie had vo right to arrest peaceful passengers sailing under the British llag. and tho deed ho lias committed amounts to a fagrant wo ?often of the ax?* of notions, find a (tired in unit to 'his country. Cnder these circumstances wc itsod hardly point out tb&t the government w ill Jose no time in seek ing for a prompt and complete reparation, which it is Its duty to require. In this cose it will assuredly receive the unanimous approbation of public opin ion. We aro unwilling to place the worst construction on the outrage committed by Capt. Wilkes and to look on it i? an intentional affront on our port of the government of the United Stater. HOPS OP A DISAVOWAL OP THE ACT. Wc hope tlrai government will at once disavow the act If their officer, make sui'alle apologia and restore the persons of the gentlemen arrested; and, in fact' make every compensation iu their power. Wild as are the words written and spoken bg Secretary Seward, and reckless as the American policy not unfreepiently is, wo can hardly suppose that the Northern S'atos are seriously disposed to accept a war with DigtaOd. ENGLAND'S NAVA1, FORCE IN NORTH AMERICA AND TUB OL'LF OF MEXICO. We hare in the. American craters, inducting the Mexican expedition, and ships already there, a force amounting to not far short of ono thousand guns, which tec could largely increase with the greatest case ami rapidity. In one tin nth ux could sweep all the San Jacinto's from the seas, blockade the No, them ports and turn to a direct and speedy issue tics tide of war now raging. This is so obvious that no And it almost impossible to suppose that tho Cabinet at Wash ington can commit an act so madly suicidal as to rojoct our earnest and positive demands. OPINIONS OP THE PRESS? BASIS OP 7VIE OPINION OF TUB JURISTS. TboLoadon Times says ti e depositions of tho officer:' of the Trent have been submitted to the Uw officers of the crown, and their opinion ha* been given thai the proceeding* qf the American frigate are not jut titled by the law of nation*. It Is, wo un derstand, the opinion of these jurists that tbe right of the federal government, acting bj Its officers, was confined t? the vlsitiug and the searching of the mail packet that if any men or things, believed to bo contraband of war, had been found on boaid of her, the proper court* wast,, take her into port and submit the question to the prise court*) which would hoar evidence and argument on both sides, and would have decided the case according to precedent and authorities. The Times observes that this proposition seems so clear that it requires only to be stated to obtain universal assent. The Cabinet raoets on Friday to con* eider wbat action shall be tatton on tbeMpinion of tbo law officers. We do not wish to speculate as to what stops they may consider neoei sary. If Mason and Slidell were wrongly taken, they must be reatorod with sufficient apology. The London Xeus says:?"Beneath everything there ex ists an undercurrent of Apprehension, lut the American government really cofUemplatt the desperate policy of sack ing to fasten a quarrel on Great Britain, in order to gain a standing ground for abandoning its design of subjugating herself" Tho London Timet (city article) says:?"The universal impression seems to be that, in the present un happy position in tbo oyer of the world, the United estates government can scarcely command thenwlve* to a* to regulate their course by the light of law, rae/i1 or cou, trtn. and that although this opens a wide Held of danger, it should also stimulate all other uaiions to exorcise the utmost forbearance. Tho London Times of the doth uit, makes the Important announcement that the Cabinet lias come to the eottcltuion that the act of the captain of the San Jacinto in icUiugyus sengei.' on ? British vessel and carrying >hem forcibly away is a dear violation of the law* of nations, and one for vhbh reparation must be <U one- demanded. In all probability the first strainer will carry out instructions to Lord Lyons to demand reparation for the ill advised act of seizing Mason and Slidell while under tho protection of tho British flag. Should this just demand not be complied with, try ' cannot doubt that Lord Lyon* will, under the instruction* Oj his government, withdraw with the British delegation from Washington. The Time* cxprtsees the belief that the Cabins: has taken a view of tbe matter which will he satisfactory alike to the patriotism and reason of the country. The limes says tho principle on which the government reals its demand, is that a British ship must, until he; viola lation of neutral rights is fully proved, bo held to be British ground at much as if she were an .actual piece of British roil, and the right of protection to all person* on board is a; valid en on British territory. JVou no tuch Wo" lotion ha* been proved or sought to be p, ored ogwiust the Trent: conseijutnlly the texture of fou r persons, dragged from her deck'. tca: entirely illegal. WHAT GKNEUAI, SCOTT 13 RKl'OKTKD TO HAVt SAID? THE ACT CONTKMPLATFB IN CABINET IN WASH INGTON. Referring to the iep<ort that ibe seizure wuh the act or the American commander, not expressly directed by tho government, tho London Times Bays it meur? that the federals hod del&trohly determined to ttUt the Southern commissioners, and it is underdood that General Scott has declared, since his arrival a! Paris, that the leisure had bt'ti the. sohj-.-ef of Cabinet dinricrion at iVaelinyton long Ixfore he ijt [ The A met ican authorities might have warned th" Eng lish steamer at Havana,that !f they took 011 board the Southern envoys they would subject the vessel to -eizure end forfeiture in a prize court. Thoy made no re 111011. etrance apaiutt taking them on hoard, as they \v ro bound to ilo, but lecretiy planned tho outrage for which we now u'- k reparation. Messrs. '-'Udell and Mason were, at tht most, civil servants to a hostile Power, and vror? travelling l'roin one neutral port to another, in a neutral vessel. If th > government at Washington declare thorn rebels, then the right of asylum has been clearly vio lated. Tlie London limes concludos by adjuring the govern ment and Northern people to do justice in the matter. Tho London I'otl confirms tho lint s s'alcnioiit, and says:?The demand of Lord Lyons will be pMnand brief. aiul if not complied I'i'h (he diplomatic relations will beat once tut/ ended. OPINION' or THE SHirOWNUUt OP ENGLAND. The I.ondon Shipping Gartitc believes that there is a possibility, but a remote one, that the federal government may disavow the acts of Captain Wilkes, and even go to tho length'of releasing the Southern com mi Men rs; but if the demand i- not compiled with, a declaration cf war in th: part of England it inevitable. If the federal govern nun1 it r .'ohvd at all huiards to force it quarrel upon Eng land, they have certainly a good opportunity, hut they must beacLusiod by eomelh lig Hi tic short of madness to avail ihcmaetvos of it. NAVAL VOLUNTEERS AN f> AKKt JtF.INt OHCEMENTB" The. export of saltpetre and xoorlile yores was formally prohibited. It was stated that one ship with a largo cargo of saltpetre for America, tins been stopped, and that tlie rclandtag of warlike stores, alrtssdy shipped, t-.d been roquiretj. The. natal volunteers ivere offering to tame forward topro te't the honor of the British flag. fhcro is no confirmation of tbo report that ten thousand troops wero to he sent to Canada. A QT'KF.N'h MESSENGER FOH WASHINGTON ASP HtS MESSAGE* Tli ? London Ob>t rrer stnWs that a special messenger by (he Enropn carries the demand <f the Uritish government to Lord Lyons insisting up-jnuo apology an t the r stor Ub n to the protection of the Uritish fag of the Rebel Oounnisrionrrs. j The same paper says largo reinforcements are to ho immediately seut to Canada. A large ship .a loading with guns and ammunition of all kind3 for the same des tination. The London Observer stata.s that there is 110 reason why tho Commissioners should not be restored to the quarter deck of tho British Admiral, in face of tenj or twelve British men-of-war on tho Potomac. WHAT TIIF. LONDON WLEKUBS THINK. Nearly all the London weekly papers treat tho question of tho San Jr. into in the same onvrgetio spirit, as the daily papers' agitation increases. QUEEN victoria in council on the sudject?OF FICIAL HASTB'AND A FPECIAI. TRAIN. On .-'aturday afternoon, Nov. 30 after five o'clock, her Majesty held a Privy Council at Windsor Castle. Three yi the Ministers?including the First lord of the Admiruhy and the Becroury of State for War?trav tiled frcm Lcnd'/n lo Windsor by rp-cial train to bo prercut. Previous to leaving town, tho three ministers had attended a Cabinet Council at Lord Palmcrston's offi cial residence. AM KNGI.TSII CURE FOR TIT >5 LINCOLN CABINET. Tl?e London Observer again adds that tiie face of some ton or twelve man-of-war would render tho blustering Cabinet at Washington a.< helpless as ihe Trent was b'fore the guns ami cut la tut </ the .Sinn Jacinto. It Is uo fault of ours if it should come even to this. MrNlTIONB OF WAR FOB CANADA, Th? Arrangements lor increasing Ike force in Canada are not yet complete, but in a very few hours everything will be settlud. Inth' mean time a large ship, the Melbourne, hat been taken up, ami it uoto being loaded urith Armstrong gum, sonn SO,00(i Rijield rijies, ammunition and other shires, at tFvduneA. It is not lmpoeeible that this vessel w ill be escorted by one or two ships of war. The rifts ore intend ed forlht Canadian military, and strong reinforcements ttfJUUl artillery trill be despatched forthwith. The Queen's advocate, Sir John Harding, Attorney General Sir William Atherstoue, and the Solicitor Gene ral, Ifr. Rowudell ['aimer, have been in frequent peraonal communication with the government during tit* last tow days. THE FINANCIAL ASPEtflT. TUB VAXL IN CONSOLS AND SHAKES IN LONDON ? THE EXTORT OP GUNPOWDER, SALTPETRE, NI TRATE OF SODA AND BRIMSTONE PROHIBITED FROM TUB UNITED EIMIDOM. The London 'hinet (city article), of tlte .TOth'of Novem tier, shows thai the fall of two per cent ir? consols and four to feeper cent in share;, white the question of actual toar is altogether undecided, is not justifitul by the nature of things. Between January and March, 1844, when war was declared agamst Russia, consols went from W3'? to 80?{, and within two months they had recovered to 01V; yet the rate of discount, at the timo of the out break, was nearly twice as high as at present, and the stock of bullion at the bank was con siderably lower. Throughout the entire struggle iho value of money wn? unaltered bcyoiul the extent of one per cent. The railway traffic remained good and tbo buslnesr of the country went on eatitfartorily. The position of the federal States of America i> a.'nor! identical in erery commercial point with that which was opett pied towards 11; by Russia. Russia had a hostilo tariff, while we looked to bor for a large portion of our general supply of breadstuff!, liut there is this peculiarity in our presont vuo, that the commencement woutd le by breaking up the blockade of the Southern ports; at once set free our industry front 'lie anxiety of a cotton /u mine and sure prosperity to [.aiicushirc through the winter. At the same timo uy, -Kail open our trade to eight millions in the Confede rate Mates ffvhn desire nothing letter tha n to he our customers With respect to necessary considerations also the contrast between the two periods is all in our favor. In 1841 wo were totally unprepared for war, and bad to provide everything, I it now, by the large but on precedents J outlay of the past three years, we have a tlained to a degree of efficient power such as was never before known. The Privy Council held by her Majesty on Saturday hist, was for the purport of issuing an order prohibiting the ex juitfrom th. United Kingdom, or carrying construe of ai' gunpowder, saltpetre, nitrate of coda "nd brimstone. The Q teen's proclamation is published lu the Ixmdou Gasdb Ertramdinnry THE TRADE IN LEAD FOR NEW YORK. It i stated iu the London Times that nearly every ship loading for New York is taking out large quantities of lend, l ead is not mentioned in the royal proclamation. The Antet !cau operations in lead in this market date from j ihe commencement of the war. In the Herman markets I they commenced iu October. As almost all the saltpetre used throughout tha world comes from Oude, w J avfc practically a monopoly of the article. LORD JOHN RUSSELL'S ULTIMATUM. On hYiday, Nov. 29, the Cabinet directed Lord Ruascll to prepare his despatch for Lord Lyons on Saturday. The ministers mot again to revise and finally settle Its terms, aud it was font off the same evening.' The London Times understands that this oommonlca tion, though < ouched" in the frmest language, presumes that Ihe J' deral government will not refuse t" make honorable ,?jieration for or illegal act. The Tim's has but fronll hope of such disavowal. WHOLESOME IDEA OP THE DEMOCRACY 01 THE NORTH. At the data of the last despatches the act of the Cap tain of tbo Sell Jacinto had been accepted by tbo Northern public. Tbo Now York journals were urging his promo tion. That n naval officer bad the spirit to board a British vessel and carry off rcheis, is enough to Insure a sturin of popularity. By the time Earl Russell's despatch, es arrive the multitude may have already declared to the government the treatment which Captain Wilkes is to re ceive. It becomes its to be preparedfor an unfortunate issue in Canada, in case of war with the Korihern Mates. The London Times adverts to Mr. Seward's recent instruc tions to the pecple near the Canadian frontier. The only in ference was that ho was about to force a quarrel with England. The dimes says the wisul course fat Canada will be to prepare lo hi her at once discipline her militia and emulate the mother country by drilling a volunteer army. Montreal only wuuts etout hearts andtcalcus hand; to le safe until the spring returns, when we can moke it secure. The danger l Montreal or to any other point of the frontier is less. Canada should not rely too much on its and bo tiUls upon hem If. THE BKIHSTI NAVAL RESERVES IN NORTH AMERICA. The three eluHsegof rescrvo eompriso eight iinc-of-bat tie ships, six frigates, fivo corvettes and twelve (loops, mounting a grand total of 1,861 guns. Tl.o steam gun boats attached aie not included, which are twouty-onc In numbor. with forty two guns. This, however, does not include tho gunboats and mortar vessels laid up. The 'i-l is confined entirely to effective vessel" at present, or could bo render"! so with little delay. Tha ships in 00m. mission for s ervice at Portsmouth mount 342 guns. The totat wioiher of guns in the ships ennmera'ed abort is 225, whii" Admiral Milnefs Aeet on the frorth American station amounts la 837 guns. ANOTHER ASPECT OF THE WAR ( ItV. The Morning (Txrndon) Slot declares the statement at ?nsti u( t as having been seut lo I .ore! Lyons to obt n the restitution of the Confederate commissioners, or to take his lu ll c of Washington, was premature, and so txnggcrotct as to be virtually untrue. Th? Liverpool Courier (extra) says we have ') ? u iu" formed Ilia', a private despatch has Im-en received in this town this morn lug, stating 'hat th e Warrior?'.? fin'If h'o imxrv' to Annapolis v ith the British Cabinets' ultimatum lh* delivery of the prisoners and fidl l 'j aralion. ARR1V AL OF THE PERSIA AT LIVERPOOL?REPORTED Mol IF I CATION OF TIIE IN.iJllUCHO.Vd TO LORD LYONS. JjvimrcoT., Doc. 2,1861. Tho royal mail steamship Persia. from New York, ar rived at Liverpool at eight o'clock this morning. Tlte i-peculations of '.ho Atr.erii au pre1, ju the San Ja clnto affair, on cog,: rly cunvtiseed lore,and the general&? tiw.lv 1. is that th re is las cauicio fear a rupture between the two eon'i , ics. Cotton opens 1I1 mor, with some recovery in prices. It is run ced thai-t he Cabinet is modifying iU in'.ruith,). to Lonl Lyi ns, under Hie influence of the I' riiuh advices, and licntfl tho detention of the Kuvopa at Que nslown. THE FEELING IN FRANCE. REPORTED CONDEMNATION OP THE ACT OK CAPTAIN WILKES IN PAK18--NAPOLEON AND PAI.MEHSTON 8A1D TO BE IN ACCORD ON TIIB QITSSTION?OPINION OF SOME OF TUB FRENCH JOURNALS, ETC. Letter* from Franco state that the news of tbo Ame rican difficulty caused imni.iu unsalion in Paris. and the first general impression iwii that ample reparation ?tust be made to prevent a collision. Communications have takeu piaco betwoen the English and French government*, and a good umhrstanding on the lulject was belt iyt( to exist, as already doc* tlio ques tlnii of policy to be carried out with reference to the American question generally Tho Pari* Patrie maintuln* that the American govern ment had no rigid to arrctt the Southern commissioners white on a British mail steamer, and asserts thai the British government shoe Id he immediately prepared totend rein forcemente to Canada. Tho same journal also gives a report that Adraira' Milne, commander of tho British West India squadron, on hearing of the San Jacinto affair, forthwith detailed three war veesds to escort tho steamers between Havana and 8t. Thomas, for the protection of Southerners traveling by that route. The l'arii Bays and t'onstitutionnel censure the action of tho San Jacinto. The French journals universally look at the Trent aflttlr in tbo interest of England. THE NEWS RY THE CITY OF WASHINGTON. Our advices by the City of Washing!.-a, off Cape lUco, are dated in London on tho the 6th intt. continuation or ire war excitement in ENG LAND?MURK ARTILLERY FOR CANADA. The seizure ot M on and Slidoll continues to monopo II'/,i the columns of the press, which cowtiuuee to de nounce the act aa an uisuit in tho strongest terms. Active naval preparations are going ou nt the govern ment dockyards. It was assorted lhat the Australasian had boon ohur tcrod to convey troops and n battery of artillery tot'ona. da. Sbo would sail about the 12tb. Tho partial eil'ect 01' Iba Persia's news wis aont per Eu rope. It v.as then regarded hopefully, and consols and cotton slightly improved; but after carefully digest ing the sentiments of tho American press on tho Nan Jn. pinto affair, a reaction set in, and fears were entertained that the Washington government would seek to justify the act. The English journal* generally wero vory bllter and hostile In their remarks, and continue to treat tho msttor as an insult which cannot be tolerated. ?

Lord Lyons' instructions, ou which the Cabinet were ur.animotts, are explicit and determined. WliAT ENGLAND riHNhS 18 HER Dl'TY. The I/mdon Pott lays I he acknow ledgomeut of tho error and surrender of the prisoners, will be received with grout joy; but If the federal government fails, no man In England will blind his aye* to the alternative that Erg land must do her duty. Her eights and duties vtcre never more enpoi- ty blcnd'd than in thepreftit care, Tlio I.ondon Timet continues to assert that it has been Mr. Seward's policy to force a quarrel with England. Both it and the Pott call for eir rg.Uic military prepara tions in Canada. DECLINE IN CANADIAN SRC t lift 1KB. A serious decline was taking plnco dally h. Canadian se curities. The total was twelve per cent. THE FIRST WAR ACTS OP ENGLAND The London limes says it may reasonably predict thu1 three things will Immediately follow an outbreak, viz:? Tho destruction of tho Southern blocknde. Complete lAochadt of the Korthorn ports. The recognition of the Southern confederacy by Pre net an>l England. Tho London News rejoices that Congress meets before tho En,.diHh demands can get out, and hopes it will act with honor and dignity, without foreign pressure. It hopes the golden opportunity will not bo lost. THE NATAL REINFORCEMENTS. Active preparations were making in the various navy yards. A considerable number of vessels had been or dered ready for Immediate commission. Tbo transport Melbourne would leavo Woolwich for Halifax on the 6tb, with 30,000 stand of arms, largo quantities of ammuni tion and a battery of six Armstrong guns. She wil' he Convoyed fry the Orpheus, a twenty one gun frigate,. Tho Warrior would bo reudy for foreign servico imme diately. Her destination depends on the answer from Washington. A royal proclamation prohibits the export of gunpow der and saltpetre, also nitrate of soda and brimstone. The tbipmont of rifle" from England for New York con tinued. EXTORT OF Alt MS AND AMMUNITION PROHIBITED. The export of arms, ammunition and lead has been prohibited in England. FRANCE STILL AGITATED. REPORTED COMING RECOGNITION OF THE SOUTH BY NAPOLEON?HIS RUMOR CD ARBITRATION BETWEEN ENGLAND AND THE UNITED STATES, Great interest is excited in I'aris. Appearances indicate that tbe^-Mvemment papers aro instructed to write in an anti-American tone. An article in the Paris Palrit attracts considerable atten. tion, .is it argues pretty clearly thai A Vance will tide wilfi Engl "ltd and rteagnise the Southern confxieracy, and alto take ? deritire atlitwU in the international question. Tho Liverpool Post given a rumor that Napoleon lias been proposed us arbitrator of the question. The Americans in Paris paid a complimentary visit to General Scott. Mr. Pay ion was spokesman. A letter from General Scott, la favor of maintaining friendly relations between England and America, attracts niutb attention. The Pari:) Patrir ban an editorial foreshadowing a di? I os,t.u of Franco to recognise (A '-'oldA, if England sets the example. REPORTED CAPTURE OF A REBEL PRIVATEER. It was stated that the James A lger captured a piiva teer off Fayal on tha 17th, and turned ber into that port. THE VERY LATEST. THE DEMOCRACY OF ENGLAND IN F A VUK 01'TUB NORTH. Liverpool, Dec. 5,1801. Atar cent banquet at Rockdale, Mr. Bright ma to an claU'duie speech on American affairs, In which be de .lincd give .toy decided opinion in the Trout alfair. He believed if tbo set is Illegal that America will make fltliug re, oration. lie strongly condemned wart ike feelings, and "o?'d the idea that the American Cabinet hail re tr,'\-&'.o fiek a (pi nr.U with England, /ft made an el' .juent pemrv ' a iaftpf r of the Worth. A le'U r -.vat- read from Richard t.'obdeu, of a jxst(fic l > if, urging o euspm rii n of jo Igmti!. Th' excitement continues unabated. Tlie Paris limps rebate the :<taCements that Napoleon has tendered hi. services as a mediator. It lia.i been rumored that tho Persia hod been cliar. torcJ to convey troops to Canada, but it ia pronounced prematura. Tbo Australasian bad been advertised to gall for New York on tbo 7th, but the America had beon substituted. IMPOKTANV 'CnANGE OF OPINION IN KK ANTE?KN'Q LAND'S HOME DirrlCOLTT. London, Dec. 6, 1861. The tone of the French pros is changing. The Paris Moniteur considers a peaceful solution not im possible, ami tags thai public opinion in the Uniteil States it very powerful, b'U is also very JUMe, and it it Us! to at tail a solid ulion of the question, The Paris Journal 'let Detents appro \ ca tbo review of tbo Monitcur, atid adds that the French government is in no hurrg to recognise the South. Othor French papers aro of the same opintou. ? iF.llMAN .KEADDHiS OF THE I.AW OF TlfK CASK. The German press generally takes the pai l of England The Augsburg Gazette aayg, the Charleston blockade la Ineffectual, otherwise tbo <?cape of the Theodora would have b.-eu inipo tibic. The Soul hern Commiaslonera, hav in; reached a neutral Spanish port, embarked on a neutral English steamer, and could not b< lav fully "iscdhythe North. France. TRIBUTE FROM TUB KINANUHT18 TO TUB EMPEROR. Tli? ManitrHr of the 1st instant publishes ? letter rtotn the stock brokers of Paris thanking the Emperor for tho suppression of tho eu trance fee to the Bourse, ami oskinh pcrml*. ion to erect a statue of tho Emperor within the building. The Emperor thanked them, but declined the proposed honor, lie was deeply touched by their oiler. The Bourse ha* been higher and closed drooping at 69f. 200., on the till Inftint. Italy and Spain. A despatch from liareelora of the .'10th of November, says:?Tim Italian Minister, Tacco, has arrived hero, and was received by many of the Italian, French and Spanish democrats. Taocodollvered a speech, and oxprossed tho hope that 1 Inly would triumph over all her enemies, and that the Kalian tlag would wave over Venice ai.d Koine Immense crowds accompanied Tacco to tho quay, whotice he embarked for France. Italy. Ali tho tiaribaidian otllcers now in Switzerland have received orders to assemble at (lenoa within a month. A despntoli front Turin of tho 1st of December says:? Masca.o proposed to grant a pension of ono thousand francs to every ono who tQ"k part iu Garibaldi's expedi tion to Maroala. UnribnlJi was at Genoa, where thero was an imposing popular demonstration iu his honor. In a speocli ho hoped for tho early deliverance of Italy. II angary. A despatch from l'esth of tho 1st of Decumber says:? New functionaries have already been appointed In all the conimitats. Another "Obongeulau" has been appointed to the coiuiuittul of biau, in the place of the Archbishop of Grau. Financial and Commercial News. iiy TUBKUior*, on hai.if.\x. LONDON MONBY MARKET. Consols closed Oil Friday at 92 X a 92ft for monsy. Tliu weekly rctui u of tho Pant of Kngluud shows an in crease of ?234,600 in bullion. Con ids, on the 29th, opened at a further fall of V under the opinion of the law oflbers of the crown. Sub sequutrtly the heaviness increased, and transactions look place at "one per oont decline, aud two per cent below the quotations before the news uP tho Trent ailair was re ceived. At the closo there was a rally of about >4 per i cont. Ill railroads ami other ' OcurUles tho decline was 2 a 3 per cenSflmt thoy ttbio rallied towards tho dose. United States 5's, which were quoted before tho news at 70 a 78, are nominal.y 70 n 74. in tho discount market the general rate continued 2>4 per cont. Funds were steady ou tho 2d, but foil a half percent ou the lid. . The London Tim (city article) points out that tho task ,<,r the Amorieau exec it.ve, hi setlng ap iinst popular vio lent of),-' It- ligh~M>l as much ?.* jifsitli. AMERICAN ->*' I lilllW. There hasli en a total suspem ion of business in Amori can stocks, since the announcement of the Trout ailhir, lire latest quotations were:?Illinois Central shares, 46 a 4.'; discount; Erie, 24 a 20. LIVERPOOL COTTON' MARKET. Brokers* circular reports:?'The > alesof cotton for the week foot up 22 ooo bale*, flie market is downward with a do, line of ,'td., i ho market closing dull omi inactive at the decline.' The sales to speualatot c were 4 600 be lee, and to ex|?rtor* 4.260 bales. The sales on Friday were re irict ed 1,600 bales, the market dosing with a downward ten dency at the following quotations:? Fair. MidtViivj. Orleans I2M 114.' Motdie 1HX 1144 Up am!* 4" 11 X The total slock in port at Liverpool is estimated at, 691,000 bales, including 204 ,000 bales of American de ter i)>tiou?. TRADE REPORT. The advices from Manchester are unfavorable, the markol for goods and yarns being unsettled and down ward, with no Bales to report. LIVERPOOL BREADSTUFF* MARKET. Tho market for breadstutls is buoyant, end nil deserip lions have slightly advanced. Wakefield, Nash & Co. and others report:?Flour firmer, with an advance of 6d. a Is. per barrel; quotations range 29*. a 34*. Wheat active ami excited, with an advance of 2d. a 44. per cental: red Western, 12s. a 12s. 8d.: rod Southern, 12s. !)d. al3s. ; while Western, IS*. ; w hite Southern, 13s. Od. a 14*. 3d. Corn buoyant and advanced la. a 2*. per quarter: mixed, 34s. a 34s. Cd.; white, 35s. a 88s. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. The provision market is generally qu >t and sternly. Tic m-M d authorities.pr f - 'I'l'tie' ?,.,i ., ;l iy. IVrk steady. Bacon ha* an advancing tendency. Lard quiet at 48s. a 60*. Tallow inactive hut llrin, at 48s. a 60s. 01. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. The Brokers' circular report*:?Rosin flat nt 13s. 3d. u 14*. For common. Spirit* turpentine nominal ct 70s. a 72s. dalles Arm: l>ota 36s.. pearl* 30*. Sugar has a downward tendency, t '-'II' C unchanged, with sm.'.l ail' s. Ulce quiet ?ud steady. Cod oil firmer, n! I.iin eed oil lirm ai 30s. LONDON MARKETS (DARINOS* REPORT). Bros stuflk quiet but y. Iron steady: Weigh rails ?6 6.-i., bar* ?5 7 '. 'Id. p ..**r easier, leu quiet; cum monOmgou 1*. Id. a 1*. l.'Jd. [icr lb. Oofibe llrm. Rico dull, Spirits turpentine nominal, at 70s. Ro*ln quiet: common 14a. Tallow ha" a downwrd tendency: quoted nt 50*. <Td. linseed cakes firm at ?11 7*. Od a ?11 16s. IJus'-od oil qniet-at 36s. cd. Sperm <dl in-ntir-al. Cod oil ha* an upward tendency .quoted ui Ids. TUB LATEST MARKETS. LlVKRl'oot,, Bee 1 1801. Cotton?Sab 3 yeslerdny vc:? 3.500 bales, including 1.600 bales to speculator* anrl exporter*. Tho market is dull and unsettled, wiih bui little iuquliy, aud prices are weak tiiough quotably uv h.ang-d. Urcadstullb?The tnarkft yesterday wu? excited with an upward tendency, an t all qualities have advanced slightly. Provisions?Tiro market -firm. I/(VI.ox, N'.v. 30,1801. Conaols closed ?! 92Jj a 02V f"1 tuouey. American socurlti's norniual?Illinois Central share*.. 4."> a 43 dis count; brie, 24 a 26. If tvnv, Nov. 28,1801. Cotton Sales of the week 4,600 bales: Orleans, tree ordm tiro, 148''.; ba*, 1401'. The m <rk.it 1 * a downw ird toieli ncv and irregular, with a slight decline. The ntock In port amounts to H2.000 bale*. LivEP.rooL, Dec. 2, 1801. TI10 sal"* of cotton to day roach'd 5,0o0 bales. The market was firmer, with a trilling advance, iho market t?r breads-mil* closed flat y< sti rdny, w ith a slight decline, being Influenced by hot*' of a peaceful solution of tho Trent and San .fociato alfuir. l/)Nt)ON, Dec. 2, 1861. Consols closed at 02V a 92J4 f"r money. Aniei ienn securities closed w ith a Urmor feeling and an upward tendency. BY CITY OP W.lSniN'iTON OFF CAt'B RACH. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. The silt of cotton on Monday and Tuesday reach, d 7 (E>0 ba'e" The nmr'. -t opened at n recovery of '4d per pou .-1 tmdc - th ' ad-, ices p r Persia, but u was not sustained, mil it closed un.-:ott'.ud with ,1 dowuv.ird tendency. JfANCnEFrER fit ADR REPORT. Manchester ad ices i.oatill unfavorable, and tho mar ket unsettled without any sale*. LIVERPOOL BREADSTUFF'S MARKET. Tho breadstotfs market ha* an upward tendency, with a s! ght a ivaucn on all description* Fionr firm or at an advauco of 6 1. per barrel. Wheat slid ad vancing with a rise of 2d. porconlol red Western 12*. 24. u la,) tod Corn upward and advanced 6 I. per quarter: mixed 34*. Od. LIVERPOOL PROVISION MARKET. Tho provision market is firm Ueot ti mer, and holders i'eirm.1 an advance. Pork firm, llncou buoyant, laird advancing qui tod at 49*. a 5is. Tallow quiet. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET. Ash ? adxat . ?: j..t< 37*. 11 ? In dull; comi m Us. ( I. *. is-it* tuipeaii i- nomi'i"!. Sugar -teady tteo inactive. MNatOdf. J.lnsced oil d.,11 at 36;. ' LONDON MARKETH. Wheat h s an upward tendency, and Ins advanced ts. ft 2s per q in Icr, of ISO It*. Sir ar dull. Cnlft'o h is a c.vnwuid lou'iincv. Tea steady and uuctuuig d. It co Hi mil. Tallow mnctivc at .*m. 61 I.itiseod cd itecUc.ug, quoted at 35s. 3d. A 358. Oil. Spirit* turpentine dull -| 66s. LONPON MONKY MA It ART. Consols closed on Wednesday at uu.'j a yt),*f for moncv ex dividend. Amkkuun Htocks.?Illinois Centra) share*, Ad a 45 <11* count; Erie, 24 a 25. TUB LATEST MARKETS. LivAHPOor., Pec 6, 1861. Cotton?Sales yester.lay and to-day 18,000 bales, In eluding 1,000 to spociilntorg and oxporters. Tim market Is firmer, but quotations are unchanged. The market for breadstuff* close* stoady and tin changed. Tho provision market Is quiet. Ixisnox, Dee. 8, 1861. Consols close atBO'fo. a U07jc. for monoy. Tho market for American securities ia flat and down ward. The Charleston Confla gration. Additional Intelligence of the Fire. Arrival of the Illinois at For tress Monroe. Two Millions Dollars in Cot ton Gathered, ttl?| &?., Ac* Vorthk a Mo.xhok, Pec. 14?4 P. M The United States stoam transport Illinois, Cupt Ruth' ben, has just arrived from Port Royal, which place she left on Wednesday, the 11th inst., at six o'clock P. M. When parsing Charlatan the entire cUy was an /ire. The scene Is reported at having been awfully sublime. Tho angry llaineH seemed to devour every thing within reach. According to this statement tho Urn muni have raged two days before tho fact was published in tho Norfoll Day Hook of yesterday. Pv tho Ililuois we leuru that all tho Islamlo adjacent to Pu t Itoyal are occupied by our troops, and immense gunn' tilusof cotton arc bH.uj gathered and brought in Iy out soldiers, amounting in value to hoo million dollars. Tito health of the troops is remarkably line. Wealwi very pleasant. The 3. R. Spalding arrived at Port Royal on Wodnoedn^ last. Tl.a Ericsson was passed by the Illinois on Thursday, southward of Ilatteras. Tho Illinois ennte to llemptou Roads for ordcrr.; on Iter passage had a terrific: gale, retarding her passage. Bauixohk, Doc. 16,1361 We learn from the i aptaiu of the Norfolk boat tiiat he was tnformeit by the captain of the stourner Illtnolt> which had arrived at Did Point, from Port Royal, that h6 passed within six miles of Charleston harbor, at tea o'clock ou Thursday night, and I hat a tremendous confia* gration wan evidently at its height in that city. The re flection on the eiutids exceeded auythlug bo ever saw,an<| tho whole bay, with tho dark outlines of Kort SunitcTi was brightly illuminated. It did not app- ar llko a reflec tion from smouldering ruins, but from a raging, nncoo. tro'.iablo conflagration. This Is later than tho Norfolk Day Book's despatch REBEL MOVEMENTS IN VIRGINIA. Change In the Military Command at (loose Creek?The Rebel Troops at Leesburg - Removal of Troops from l.ee*burg to Itartlmburg, Centrcvlkle, SfC; Ac, Ac. Sandy IT<k)k, Pec. 15,1861. There ha3 boon somo change In the movements of the rebel troops In Virginia, near this point, of an Important character. (kmc ral K vans has boen superseded by General nill La command of tho forcoa we:-t of G oe Cik The Thirteenth, fliventconth, Eighteenth and Twoaty first Mississippi regiments ore at Lecflhurg, with four companies of I/Jinlon county cavalry. Thore aro four bov, iizers and one i ifl-> cannon at Leeaburg. The Eighth Virginia regiment has been ordered from Loesburg to Centre-villa. Coiond A .hby's cavalry have retired to Mortiusburg. Ten thou, and men is tho force at Winchester, and twenty-five guns; Jackson commends there. There a.e no rebels visible In front of Colonel Geary's regiment. The rebel camps are continuous from Goose Creek to Ceutreville, and the rebels are pressing Into the.r ranks every one capable of bearing arms. THE NEW GENERAL, General Robert C. Hill is a native of North Carolina, ai.d was fonnoi iy maruly a Brevet Second Lieutenant lu the Fifth Infantry of the United States Army. IIo haw lieretofor J, however, never made any particular mark in the service us an army officer, he having apt/ graduated in July, lsi.5, and been appointed to a command October 18, 1855,'* TME MISSISSIPPI TROOPS. The following are tlio principal officers of tho regiments at Leesbnrg)? THIRTEENTH REGIMENT. Colonel Wm. Parkedaio. I.:euteuoui Colonel . SEVENTEENTH REGIMENT. Colonel ,.John Mctjulrk, I.leutennnt Colonel J. M Lyles. EIGHTEENTH REGIMENT. Lieutenant Colonel corn y.. r. M i.rilllu Major J. W Hal'.our. NINETEENTH RBG IMENT. Colonel C. II. Molt. Lieutenant Colonel ?? . Major ? . Ell.IITII VIRGINIA REGIMENT. The only portion of tho Eighth Virginia roylmcnl that were stationed at Leesburg consisted of four companies, me remainder having been remove I to Ot ntrovii.'o pre viou.-ly. Tlio following are their officers ? Colonel Jenifer. C'outjK'ni'j. Company K Captain M. Hampton. Company H Captain J. M. Walker Company I Cap lulu J. K. Snnpsou. Company K Captain Taylor. akiiby's cavalry. The i avairy formerly oommondod by Colon 1 or rather Captain Hick Ashby, U at present without an actual com mander, as he was killod at Itomagy. The charge of tha corps bos therefore devolve t for tho proscut on tho flrv. lleuteniiut. NKW'S TBOM FORTRESS 1I0NRQB? I'oitTi'Ksn MoMKOR, Dec. 14,1801. No (lay of truoe Wh i sent ont to-day. . Wo have no further pa. lieu lata of the Charleston flro The Steamer Illinois arrive 1 from Port Royal this after noon. Sbo reports that tho phot boat C. W. Blunt,of | New York, had arrived there. UNION (OAST OUARP. I This cor;* ure now In active service near Fortress Km I roo, and thus far have enjoyed a good reputation for tho alacrity with which they have discharged their dutu s In j the Held. Captain B. Hecht is now In this city rooi Ultlag . f?>r the regiment. This regiment, ffom its peculiar i ya I niiatloii as huth a sea aud land force, sffi-rds many ail* ' vimt y s possessed by oo Other The meu rerelvo all the i United States army ;ay m I ai'owarcos, and ilimrtaml i Ilea Will bo limply provided for by th U- u lbfiltCS ' Com. Iitce Meow shiny io ci:I ?t can apply at tho reft 1 demons, 338 ft art sir. at.