28 Ocak 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Ocak 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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* Mm editing. Fw gokl.ddnlare paid < S a2)4 prdealom. we t?> ; . ??8*M MtumMm York % X ?* MM J4a)<prem. Philadelphia % d> M ? X ?tm. Baltimore ^ 4ta. fui^ pr?m. C?M %?2KI>r?B. SoSHprtm. ItMk tickaig*. II JiDiT, Jm. 27, isex |M00 U S fl'H/Sl, r?< 8814 140 sheNYCahHR.b80 88k 4o25uSS ?!'Sl!coa SO 700 4o 88* 1000 Illoou bd*, 02. 80SO 40 83ft 9000 do 80 OOQMeKR 86 9000 Michigan ? .. 80)4 M 4o blO 88 6000 do. 80 800 4o 34 % 4000 Misaourl 0'a.., 42)4 200 do alO 36 1000 Mod altoUUBJR 48 20 ChtaBvrAQuorKK 80 6000 California 7*a.. 8014 100 Erie RR prdd 68* 9000 Brooklyn c w I. 88 360 do 68)4 1000 NY Can 0'a... 84)4 96 Hodaee River MR 8814 4600 do 86 186 Mloblgan Con RR 66)4 2000 ERR 6th mtgb 73 060 do 66V 8000 HudRKlMmlb. 86V 960 4o 688 60 6000 M C8 pclmafcb 08V (60 do 6614 mtuu% It-1 xWDini? ?ut Ul<.h Oa X K f DO 41 ?ww uoi,u?wnran tft ?w ??v? * "** * 1000 Gal ftCbl 1st m 108 100 Mtcb So ft H 1 ga 41 30600 Amer gold.... 103X 601110wRRaori|>.b30 03 40000 do 100 60 do blO 02 10000 do b30 103 33 Wore ft Pitta RR.. 10 10 aha Bank N York 86 1100 Cloro ft To! RR. 88X 10 Uechanta' Bank. 83 36 do a80 38X 10 do 8# 100 do 38,S SO Bank of Republic. 79 300 do......'bl0 88X 10 Conimoow'lb Bk. 71 1130 do 88X 00 Bank Comraerca. 77X WO do ?6 3$X 10Cum Coal prf.... OX 800 do b80 30 386 ! acifte U 88 Co.. 09 600 Cbl ft Rk la RR.. MX 100 do BlO 90 100 do b30 6&X 136 do BlO 00 SBCOND BOARS. ?10000 D88'a,,81,r?f 89 100 aba Iria RR..b30 36 3000 U 86'a, '81.cou 00 100 do D10 84X 6000 ralirornia T'a.. 81 100 do b3 34X 3000 Ckl Ige beta, T'a 78X 909 fodaon Rtror RR 88X 600 ill war loan.... 78 X 30 HarlemRRt>r?d'.. 31 1000 N Y 6 a, '70.... 0?X 3? Micbtoniral RR. 66X 3000 Ool ft Wab 21 m 43X W *? 6?X 1000 Ml So akg id bda 84X 60 III Can RRaorlp.. 61X 40)0 do. 86 60 Goto ft I'ttta RR. 16X 2090 0,1'ftQRR 8pc b 97 300 CtawAtfc) RR. b30 39 30000 Amarlcau g .Id l'?3X 900 do. 38X 30 alialtkof I'.epubllo 80 200 do. 39 60Pac MSSCo...?30 98 X 200 ChicftRl RH.bOO 66X 160 N Y Central RR.. 83 X 66 Mil ft Pr du Cb RR 21 60 Kria. RR 34X Now York City Banki, Jon. 35, 1869. HnnAt. f.'an. Sjieeie. Oirrvtot'n. DeroiiUAme. i< a $7,470,781 862,28? 87,802 8,188,709 Am. Exchange. 7,914,088 1,936,008 124,436 6,828,368 Atlantic,...847,451 75,371 100,347 340,085 Bitch. ft Drov's 1,9J5,381 221,430 240.000 1,137,871 Bru.cway 3,014^6 2,445,522 204,020 6,487,815 Bull's iload .... 439,748 03,601 120,423 402.467 City 3,144,470 1,039,887 ? 3,232,469 Chemical 1,950,440 2,349,071 224,191 4,344,231 Commerce 15,835,781 1,120,340 1,975 0,737.209 Cbuiham 830,787 103,327 74.901 639.978 Citizens' 878,300 149,440 185,698 718,834 Corn Exchange. 2,100,334 317.078 180,484 1.317.824 Continental .... 3,677.549 272,820 163,813 2,220,000 Commonwealth. 1.647,364 164,310 286 634 1,102,381" Ury Dock ...... 415,206 87,183 127,084 254,940 Cost River 346.660 46.330 103,173 222,UtO Pulton 1,764,312 402,981 152,300 1,034,114 Greouwich 622,849 407,140 73,605 090,096 Grocers' 640.043 68,519 41,792 388,837 Hanover 1,768,722 162,610 66,427 976,966 Irving 845,681 90,142 94,966 697,038 tap- ft Traders' 2,743.204 200,014 136.013 2,273,301 Leather tUnuf.. 1,802,236 417.047 116,667 1,388,003 Manhattan 6,968,861 1,881.960 103,688 6,934,860 )l 'limits' 6,460,450 1,270.951 166,319 8,806,433 Mechanics'... . 4,821,277 656,562 217,929 8,316,718 Moch 8 ftTrod'S. I,235vi69 170,264 165,781 860,648 Mei cuntile 3.140,495 481,606 8,651 2,653,532 Metro,wlitan ... 7,925,417 1,428,899 209,414 6,117,046 Ma.kst 1,738,496 215,240 182,450 1,148,908 Marino 1,242,388 163,078 187,682 923.354 Mercli.li Maufr-s 1,028,020 185,617 108.368 759,684 Morcfi UKxolr.. 2,023,741 196,449 103,877 1,106,939 Met. Bkg Ass'n 948.147 184.600 64.067 731,854 Noith Itlvei.... 029.806 93.467 01,321 604.S90 N. Y. Exchange. 351.778 32,931 86,805 308.436 N. Y. County ... 314 831 72,632 08,990 2.'*,689 New York 6,537.418 840,404 330,693 3,820.501 National 2,001.018 348.917 90.663 1,659,009 North America. 2.222.068 168.793 72,032 1,813,677 Naa au 2,079,201 300.601 98,500 1,451,132 Oc as 1,987,688 200,298 66,368 1,121.028 Oriental 604,104 102,305 77.464 403,631 fork 6.643,187 1,647.900 203,227 0,524.020 Ph' nix 4,041.029 612.806 104.071 2,627,4^3 Pacific 1,196,046 217,947 138,922 P98.4(>6 People's 720,890 9" ,304 77,026 673,329 Republic 4,447,742 502,048 147.274 3,051,387, St. Nicholas.... 1.486556 180,302 91.816 787.932' Shoe ft l.-ather. 2.312.627 246,106 199,360 1,613,613 Hevcnlb Ward.. 1,341,442 291 186 128,333 976,(17 Stile 4,726,691 620,800 103,747 3,340,130 Tradesmen's.... 1,696,816 167,746 163,718 1,110,716 Union 3,288.846 621,662 132.686 2,362.763 Total $ 146,767,680 26,608,728 6,828,017110,874,786 CITY COMBIKKCIAIi REPORT. Moxdit, Jan. 27?6 P. M. IIIMftUI KM WIVU Ugllb BUIVB ! 9> 25 Tor pearls, and at $6 37 X Tor pots. BRsaoeTcrrs.?Kkror?Tb? market, under tbe iufluance ?1 tbe foreign news, waa heavy, and closed at a decline of 6c. per bbl., while the talea embraced about 6,000 a fl 000 bbls. within the following range of pricos>BuperAuc Slate $6 46 a 6 66 Kitra to fancy State 6 70 a 5H Bupei line Western 6 46 a 6 65 Coinmou to choice extra Western 6 70 a 0 80 Canadian 6 76 ' a 6 60 Southern mixed to good superflue 6 $0 a 6 30 fcxtrado 6 36 a 0 h6 flood to choice family do 0 00 a 7 75 Fye flour. 3 00 a 4 26 Corn meal. Jersey and Brandywlr.e 2 06 a 3 30 ?Canadian flour wax also dull and easier, while the aalea embraced about 400 bbls. within the above quotations. Southern flour was heavy aod dull, with sales of 600 bbls., closing within the above range of prices. Kye flour waa steady at our figures, with sales of 80 bbls. Corn meal was steady, while the tales embraced 160 bbls. at ear quotations. Whent was inactive, under tbe newt, and prices easier, while holders stood out for ^Saturday's nricce. 'l'hu sales footsd ud about 30.000 bushels, atll 42 r - for red Western, at the Stock; $1 32 Tor Milwaukee dub, at tl.e ilock; (1 46 for prune r <1 Kentucky, o.. fI 34for arob<;i low*.delivered, aud $i 30 for good Chicago rprlng. Com wee heavy and full 1 cent per bushel lower. Tlio alee were conllued to aomo 16,( 00 a 30,000 bushel* at 63c. a f>3 )*e. for Western mixe i lVoin store, and at 66c. delivered. Rye was firmer, . lib tales of 2.600 bushel* Etateat 84r.a34Hc. Barley wits steady, with sales ol 2,000 bushels delivered at tho railroad depot at 86c. a 00c. for idato. Oafs were steady an I in good demand at 41c. a 42c. for Western and Canadian. Co'tss.?Sales of 1.000 bugs of Rio were made at p. t.. and 700 do. common at 18 'fc. (<rrfov.?There yas jmp hiovement, while prices were without change of moment. The sales embraced about 000 a 7u0 bh'.os cn the basts of 32o. a 38c. for middliug, chiefly at the taller figure. I Kstf.BT-.~T" Liverpool, 1,400 packages of lard and bacon were engaged at 27s. fld.: 200 l>o es of cheese at JO*., and 3,640 bide, flour at 2s. 6d. a 2s. Ad. By neutral vessel, 800packages provis.nus at 32-. 6d. To London, by Dental vesnrl, 660 parkngea lard, bacon, Ac. at 30s. a 83?.; 400 bids. Hour a> 3s. a 4s Ad., and 100 tierces pork at As. <W. To Glasgow, 200 bbls. flour at 3a. liar.?The market wsa llrm, with an upward tendency In prices. The demand was on account of government contractors. The sales embraced 1,000 a 2,000 bales at 86c. a 90c., for shipment. Some holders demanded higher rail's. Kir city use It was firm at 06c afl, for good quality. Tha interruption to narlgalkm hoa thrown moat of tho transportation from thu country to the city on the railroads. Molasshi.?A sale of 100 bhds., new crop, clayed Cuba, was mode st 21c. Navai. Siokk.?Iu tho absence of sales of importance, prices we;e in a measure nominal. Pnoriaiotrs.?Pork?The ;n*rLM was firmer for old and new mess, with a fair dm nun ir<>m the trade, while the sales embraced about 1,000 hiv<. : eluding new moss at $12 76 a $13, and old do. at {12 . J112 26,and at $13 26 for chv prime mess, an 1 at u > t'.> > 60 fW old prime, and at $9 25 a $9 60 for new do. h. el was firm and in good lopt,ml with aalea of 600 bbls. at $13 76 a $14 for extra, at at $11 66 a $12 37>4 for p ain mesa. Tierce beef was quiet. B-ef hams wore quiet aud sa ?e limited. Cut meats ?rr* inaclivo. A salo of 76 lihds. al 4,\c. a Sc. lor bams, and 4c. a 4>kc. for shoulders. Bacon was less buoyant, with salea ol 000 boxo.i reported at t)(c. for Western Cumberland cut and at C%c. a flfic. for city do., 7c. lor short ribbed city and at 7 (go. for short clear do. lire sod hog* were Inactive at |4 a $4 (iOV Lard was aciive, anJ salea reported footed up 2,200 packages at 7)*c. a Hijc Butter was heavy at 18c. a 20c. for State andall'L a 1 C.n fnr AKin I . ... - ... A - m . # w,v? ?. xn . -'-x. > ? vi,i". W?? III W?|l . a |I iur ?tato ?tnl at 5c. a G '4c. 1'or Ohio. Ririt.?Tho fiovoromer.t contract for Kaal India waa taken?say for about 8,0U0 hags?chiefly at GJic. a 7c., ar.ii 200 do. do. were sold at 8>?c. a 7c. Whiskbv.?Tiro market waa rathar tama, while lha ales embraced about 600 hbl*.,chi?:l) or nearly all at Sir., with rmall lots reported at 24 <4c. hECTt It Ms. SADIES' ART SCHOOL, HG3 BROADWAY, NEAR J Union square. <: ae of Leeturea upon A"?t.imy, with rawing. Lad i*i at>. runted to aileud lliu l> ur# ihla mornlog, At fuovTlocfc. MISS EMMA 11A '1 'UE AND MRS E.J. FRENCH will li.dd a me hi., the Co iprr Union, room 1M, mi Tneadn.t, Ja i. 21, a , ', ' .h . for the purp of answering qu el Inn a (nndr .it n iiluencs) relitlre to the Puenomeiiaot Spiiitnal . i.m..union. millisbry, ac. R" AROMN' -ORFATTMT BARGAINS F.VER OKFFR" rd. p.il Knr HiiUIh t? if. f.|u en. h; Hlae* Velvet Hon" nets, H.Ik and H.ra'.v Hoiin- tv, Cliil 'r tie' llata, Skatinc III! 1'rnmi , Itihhona :unl ! 'I .? rr?. It" ineta, nt L. HtNNS' Millinery. 511 Broadway, fc<l, up ainl' ?, opposite Nlulo'a. SPORTIV . A hood wateii Dot) .-or . iikap-younu, atrouit and a loud l ?r i. An > at S..8 Uroadwey. In the h.i?eiii?iit. Enlraiii-e in (Irai d atreel. ANNUAL kxii IBITION OP long iireed CANARY JY Hirr'a.?JOHN lOUKCK ?TJ Bonny, invRet the |inh. Ii :iml fanrlei a 1 mi I, s'u -It, win. h in- niiKl lera equal If nut a per o to an tliown In tlieuty. All lor sale. Call and I m pro re your at a. Cl,ORTlNO.-Don?t.-W\Nn D, A NMALL MIXED PAIR (J of l.hfk and ?stn S oteh Terrieri, ii.i.e ant lem ' ; 11 at IM whjib and Wi II or*d. AuaiitAUoa to be lUedo ntlili TV eat alrueC a A cr?LIL:T,lB EdiBEM orriionwtwiisjj?!** A^iW > . wiufi their siimato thank* to Mr. 5tf?nBwKM[jbcmtm?' J*"/V'DITCHBTf, For?*n. Notice.?policemen who hate been fined unjustly and am frivolous charges, will pleas* m:dress, confidentially, Spotter, station C. OFFICE OF TUB ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE Company, New York, January 17, MB. The Trusts**. In conformity to th* charter of tho Company, submit th* rollowtof sutement of 1U affairs on the Slst IWmntKnP Ifttl _ uwmocfi tow Premiums received on marine risks from 1st of January, Utt, to Slst December, 1861 $3,8*0,28661 Premiums on poiklss not marked off 1st January, MB MTt.MOM Total amount of marts* premiums 4ASl?,t7< 89 Mo policies hare b**n Issued upon llf* risks; nor upon Ore risks disconnected with marine rlska Premiums marked off from 1st January, 1861, to in unxuiKr, ini M.U9.1BV 10 Losses paid during the same period. .$2,311,650 29 Return* of premium* and expenses.. 728,176 36 The company ha* the followingaaeete, vtx:? United State* and State of New York ataek, elty, bank and other (lock*. 2.9X3.10881 Loan* secured by iloek* and otherwle* 800,MO 00 Heal estate and bond* and mortgages 388,700 00 Dividends on stocks. tntereat on bond* and mortgage* and other loan*, sundry net**, reinsurance and other claims due the company, estimated *t m*..... 138,781 03 Premium note* and bill* receivable. 1,618,836 03 Cash in bank 2*6,6*3 96 Total amount of aeaet* $6,966,606 70 Six per cent Interest on the outstanding oertifleale* of profits will be paid to the bolder* thereof, or their legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, lbs 1th of February next. .Alter reserving TWO AND A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS of profit*, the outstanding certificate* of the Issue of I860 will be redeemed and paid to the holder* thereof, or their legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, the 1th of February next, from which dale all interest thereon will cease. The certificates to be produced at the time of payment end cancelled. A dividend of thirty per cent Is declared on the net earned premiums of the Company for the year ending 31st December, 1881, for whioh certificate* will be Issued on and after Tuesday, the 8th of April next. The profits of too Company, ascertained from the 1st Of July. 1812, to the 1st of January, 1861, for which certificates werwlssued, amount to $11,690,311) Additional profits from l*t January, 1861, to 1st January, 1862 1,280.000 Total pro6ts for 19X years $12,9*0,210 The certificates, previous to 1860, have, been redeemed by cash 8,880,170 Net earnings remaining with the Company on 1st January, 1863 $1,060,710 By order of the Hoard, W. TOWN8END JONES, Secretary. trostxks. John D. Jones, Caleb Berstow, Dennis Perkins, Charles Dennis, A. P. I'lllot, Joseph Gall lard, Jr. W. H. H. Moore, Lerey M. Wiley, William Wood, Thomas Tileston, Daniel 8. Miller, J. Henry Burgy, HenrvColt, 8. T. NieCll, Cornelius Orinncll, Wm, C. Flckersgill, Joshua J, Henry, C. A. Hand, Lewis Curtis, Geo. O. Hobson, Watts Sherman, Charles H. Russell, David Lane, Edward H. Bell, Lowell Holbroi.k. James Bryre, E. E. Morgan, Kobt. C. Uoodbue, Wm. Sturgls, Jr., R. J. How land, P. A. Hargous, Henry K. Bogert, Benj. Bibcock. Meyer Oans, A. A. Low, Fletcher Wemray, Royal Phelps. Wm. E.Dodge, Robt. B. Minium,Jr. JOHN D. JONES, President. Chiri.zs Df.n.vi3, Vice Piesl eat. W. H. H. Moons, Second Vloe President. THE PAINE CELEBRATION.?THIS WILL TAKE place St Jones'Rooms. 066 Broadway, on Wednesday, 29lh Inst., by a ball, short a peer lies and social amusement*. Tl, he is of 0. Vale,corner of Pearl and Frankfort streets, and at the door. A large to known frleud*. Open at 7; ball at 9 P. M. O. VALE. Third annual exhibition of the empire Canary Bird Fanciers Association will be held at No. 316 B?w<-ry, opposite Bleacher street, commencing on Monday, the 27th of January, 1862, ami continuing for one week. Admission free. Hours ol exhibition from 9 O'clock A. M. to 8 o'clock P. M. JOHN WILLIAMSON, President. William Makson, Secretary. Taxes, taxes, taxes. The property owners of Union and North Bergen townships Hilda n county, N. J., are hereby noll ied that the Collectors for the following places?Union Hill, North Hoboken, West New York, Guttenberg, Glahnsvllle, New Durham and Clerenton?will be at the house or Joseph Armbruster, No. 79 Chatham street, basement, New York, < n Wednesday and Thursday, Jan. 28 and 29, from 9 o'clock in the morning until 6 y'clo 'k In the evening, to receive taxes for tho years I860 and 1861. Al' those taxes not pud, the property will be sold by the Sber IT. N. B.? No other money taken but gold, e lver and City bills. john rkinhakdt, Collector of Union. egbert POST, Collector of North Bergen township Taxes, taxes, taxes. TOWN OP WEST FARMS TAXES. town op westchester taxes. TOWN OK EAST CHESTER TAXES. town ok i'elllam taxes. The Town and School Collectors of the above towns in Westehest?r county will meet at the Fourteenth Werd Hotel, corner of Orand and Elizabeth itrceta, on Wednesday end Tint rati ay of this week only, to receive taiea, from I AX, until 4 F. M. COLLICTOBS wm. jewet fisher, geo. cooper. JOHN S. YORKE. A. PENDLETON, PfcTER O CONNER. C. WEEKS. CHRISTOPHER MILLER. THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE Hoard of Aldermen will meeto-i Wednesday, at two o'clock, for the purpose of consiilering the communication of Ma llouor the Mot or, covering the communication from the Commissioner* of Oharlt.es and Correction, relative to convey! up smallpox patlcnta, and those afflicted with other contagious dlseaaea, In public vehl -les. 1F.REKCE FARLF.Y, 1 ComraRtea CHARLES J. CHIPP, J on _ ISAAC DAYTgN, ) Public Health. \ve beo t0 inform ocr friends that wk TV have our office ieni|H>rarlly at 114Chamber#atreet, our store being burned out yesterday. HART.W AN A louis, Wholesale Druggiatf. PKHSOWAIj. 4 ny lady wishing to adopt a female in" A I'ant. one day old, can do so by applying at tba Private Lying-in Hospital, No. 0 Greene street, second door from Canal street. _ Adoption.-a healthy female child, one month old. Address Mrs. Scott, Broadway Font office. A QQ R.?YOURS RECEIVED. "HONI SOITQUI J\ male pense." Communlcato further, and aend name to E d, New York Poat office. Annie gray wjsiieh w. f. to write to her and Inform her of his address. BB.?MEET ME TO-MORKGW EVENING AT RIGHT o cit* k, at S3 Eighth avenue, Mm Supper Rooms. (umomf the ' personal" in la^t friday's J Herald for "Jennie" sua lur Jennie K., she la In tovn, and can be heard from by addressing a line to J. K., box 207 Herald office. KING. <'TifRNANI."-MY DEAR, TltE COAST IS CLEAR. THE JjJ war cannot harm loyal people. So l>? nun,dual, ani 1 teuure you auu assure yuu insi no narin man or <T?n ncian you, from your parents or any one die, If true to yonr dr. votcd_ _ FRED,J'3&" i JjJ ?TO DAY, SAME PLACE AND HOUR. ^ INFORMATION WANTED-OF MR. JOHN HART, VPholslerer. who removed from Williamsburg, L. I., to Baltimore, Md., about four and cne lmlf years ago. Any Inlormallon of lit* whereabout* will br thankfully reie-tved by HC117 Traub, 2IM Urand street, Williamsburg, L. I. Haiti* more paper* plWM cmy. INFORMATION WANTED-OF WM. DONOHUR, WHO ? left New York itmi yrara ago for Providence, Rhode laland. When in Near York he Itred In bulllvnn ttrert; la a tailor by trade. Any Inforu aMou left with John An?lam, corner o." Court street and Hamilton avenue, Hrooklyn, will ho tl aukfully received l>y hie uephew. John Condon. INFORMATION WANTED.?IF DANIEL PRE8SLAND. iviri enter, lair of Hlggieswade, Bedtordahlre, England, who was In New Orleans In M ircli. ISM, will apply lo W. it, Horn till, 101) Wnll arei, he will bear of something t<? lilt advantage, and II an> p-rvon* wtll give Information of him, they will be rewarded >or their trouble. INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN FRIERY, WHO let a bis home on Sa.urday, the I8t.li of January, ISO; I ad on a light cap, dark green coat, with wide sleeves and brown I ante. Any Information concerning h'm will be thankfully lecelred by hia mother, Mr*. Frlcry, at Sll First avenue, New York. IF MR. JAMBR DWYKR WILE LEAVE THE TWO books that were left with hi* inotber In 1847 at 31 Bowery he wtll much oblige John McHvatn. IF LIMY WOOD WILL CALL IMMEDIATELY AT 49 West fclevenltt street, wh re she ??> iot,incr)y employed, one will hear of something gnotly to her advantage. IF MR. HOI'WOOD, ARCHITECT, WILL CALL ON Ribon A Munor, 167 W ater street, be will hear of some* thing greatly to III* ml vantage, J URLINK WILL FIND A NOTE AT 981 . MISS C.-I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU HAVE not answered my last letter, unless II wna directed wrung. I wish you Would send me it note Immediately, addressed Fred Harney, H<n'Old office. PERSONAL.?WILL THE LADY WHO ALIOHTBD frotn a Poarleeiilii street omnibus, at Fulton street, ye?terday mowing, in rntnptny with two ladies, address a note to the " Utile boy" lliut sal opposite to her Fur Cap, Herald offioel \irMT WARIIINOTON PLACE-SUNDAY, AT ONE vT unlock. The lady In gray plush cloak, who went up Si ilk avenue from West Washington place, would confer a favur upon the gciitlmnaa who stood looking at her near the church oy addressing Iiiiii through Personal, or by letter addressed to Frcnc h, s.albm 11 Fust olUce, Eighth street. WW.?THERE IS A COMMUNICATION IN THE Spring street Pint office, as requested In your letter dated National lintel. WILL THE LADY WHO RKCOONIZED THE OENtleman on Broadway and sainted lilni afterwards in a 8i-it'I her BiUlrew to Chance, Madiaon aqiiara I'oat oilier, dewlMl draaaf WALliACK'fl, Tl ESDAY NIllllT.?LOOKED BBAITTIIn). Olad l? net' ynu punctual, ltroadwar loo crowded Rmm any other atom or avanua. HKARfAi'RK WILL THE Vol'NO LADY, EITHER Willi OR without curia, riieaaen In luack, red or green, who, on nny d?jr In tliln year or the la?t, rode up Bmadwn* in an otnnilniaaud qurrreo tint*) nt.eman a hand who ?.<lit d her to alight, or dld'nt do it. or who rodo down any of the avenii?8 In a ear or any othar vahuloi or who walked throiuh any alien, either In eoinn.iiiy or al me, pi aae drop a t< inler line mot loin) to her no de .oarta.I admirer, and inua find a alneern and tof cournc) dla ntcrcst' d friend, and one who will'allele closer than a hrot .rr." A lureaa Timothy Wlah. full, L'nlon a<|iiare Post o I. n. wr ?YOUR RILENCH l'AI NED ME DEEPLY, BUT I >V . presume duly, n? w -I ia love .nid piIde, h 11 lied; In Una. l'erhapa all la for the beet. Tou win very ao< n lie a I'vlher. W M. WIRES A.V'D LUtltmis. AT Til E PBVKNfll AVENIK IUKTII LllRY, .T|V AMI) y.'itlh avenne, hrtwn-n fhinieih and T liriy Ar at aliHeta, New York, you can g.ti'i Inr t at amount of tli h?at (tailor for the lean money. Call nnd l>e aitl led. N. R._ Liquors for ante iu buud. W?. lil'UHKd M HON. KW YORK HERALD, Tilt ?..?"??? u? umna. APUUflAMT PARLOR AND BBDROOM-AMO, Room, for dnjle geallemeo. with Board, In iho Ant i TBLL PVBiniBID PIUM AND BED NOOK1 A wtth ay. oo Ike in* Boor, auhabla far a geatlemun u4 wife, or angle gentlemen, to let, wlUi or without board, la a email prWaie family. Call at MSImuraaaUreal A **> CHARLES nun.-FIRST CLASS HOUSB, II A oeltent loeatloa, convenient to Sixth and Eighth areaoe care, Bleeofcer and Pultaa terry elegn. furaiohed and oafurat.hed Room. to let to tenUemen or geaClemen and their wleea, with rut) or partial Board. Term, moderate. A COUPLE OP TOUMO MEN CAN BE ACCOMMOJ\feted with furalahed Room, and Board by applying at 187 Plfth .treat, batween Plret and Second arennea, on the third Soar. AT NO. BREVOORT PLAOB. TENTH STREET, mivmiwbi? frrj u?*ir?UN n?wu??. in snita or single, first and second floor* front; oonUln nil Improvements: recently tnk?n and newly furnlihed. A call 1? solicited. and parties will be-treated aavantageouely. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, ALSO TWO OR throe single gentlemen, can bo accommodated with farnlahed Room*, with or without Board, in n private family, at 97 Prince street, one block weat of Broadway. Reference* exchanged. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with a neatly furnlahed Room, ou third floor, with or without breakfast; gas. bath, Ac. Reference required. Apply at fit Amity atreet. A PRIVATE FAMILY WISHES TO BENT TO A gentleman, without Board, a furnlahed Parlor, with convenience for Are. Term* $3 per week. Reference* required. Inquire at 437 Grand atreet A WIDOW LADY. LIVING ENTIRELY ALONE, IB deairoua ot letting aome nicely furuiahed Room* to ladiea and gentlemen. Houne strictly private, central and quietly located. Gaa, Ore, Ao. Addreaa L. M. N., box 302 Herald office. A GENTLEMAN CAN FIND FIRST GLASS BOARD and room, near Wall atroet ferry, Brooklyn, In exchange for a good watch, diamond ring, or furniture. A gentleman and wife can be accommodated on moderate term*. Jewelry wanted in exchanged for water etock. Addreaa O. A. N., box 177 Herald office. AT 229 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET?GENTLEMEN and their wivea or aingle gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with Board. Terms moderate. Reference* exchanged. A FEW GENTLEMEN OR A FAMILY CAN FIND handsome Room*, with good Board, at KM Eaat Twenty-tlrat street. Dinner at & Terms very low. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCUPYING THEIR own brown alone House, in a most desirable location, wish to rent to a party of two or tbree an elegantly furnished euit of Room* with Board. Can and stage* leave the corner for every part of the city. Inquire at 72 Weal Thlrty-aecond atreet. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET ONE OR two handsomely furnished Room*, without Board, to single gentlemen. Unexceptionable references required. Apply at 37 Seventh street, between Second and Third awe. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO LET A FURNISHED Room, for a lady and gentleman, with board tor the lady only; term* $7, in advance, Are and light ineludad. Call at 37 Marion street. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE room than they want, would let, with Board, two pleasant Room*, on the second floor, to a gentleman ana wife, or two tingle gentlemen. Call at U1 East Eighteenth street, between Third avenue and Irving place. A FAMILY, GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE ! gentlemen, can have Rooms, furnished or uufumlslied, with or without Board; location first class. Apply at SO West Washington place, near Sixth avenue. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, IN A private family, In a bouse containing modern Improvements, pleasantly located, convenient to ears an 1 stages. 100 Lrroy street, one door from Hudson. Terms 93 60 per week each. A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYING A PLEASANT house. No. 3 Eaat Thirtieth street, near Fifth avenue, offer pleasant Rooms and Board to a gentleman and wire or to single gentlemen. Terms moderate. Neighborhood unexceptionable. A PRIVATE FAMILV WOULD LET TWO NICELY furnished Rooms, to a gentleman and wife or two single genMemen, at $3 to $9 per week, fire and gas iucluded; water In room; dine at fl. Call at 10 Lamsrtlne place. West Twenty ninth street, between Eighth end Ninth avenues. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO LET A HANDSOMELY furnished Parlor and Bedroom loa lady and gentlcmtD, Unnprf for th?i lnflv* f'umllv itmitll nnH nHram All tkn mn. dern Improvements. Location excellent. Apply at 66 East | Twenty-tilth at reel, near Lexington avrnne. At no. m east sixteenth street, neab union square, spacious Rooms to let, connected or single, with Board, A1IAND60MB FRONT ROOM, IN A MODERN BUILT house, containing, gas, grate, Ac., unfurnished nr partially furnished, suitable for a lady and gentleman, with excellent Board, $7 60 per week; also a ball Bedroom lor a s'.nfie gentleman, at $3 60 per week. Address L. B., box 160 lersld ofllcc. A few small families, desirous of Cl'Rtailing expanses during the winter, can be splendidly accommodated with l'arlor and Bedroom adjoining, with every convenient lor stylish housekeeping, at en Ineoncelv. ably low rate, at the private family hotel, 110 Macouugal street. Avery pleasant suit of rooms on the se eond floor. with or without Board; also two Rooms on the third floor, in a first class bouse, suitable for a gentleman and his wife or single gentlemen. For further particulars Inquire at 34 St. Mark's place. References exchanged. Avery pleasant, handsomely furnished front Room, wtth plenty of clothes room, to let, with first class Board. Also, a nice Room on the fourth floor, with grate, gas, Ac. References exchanged. Apply at 111 University place, corner Ninth atrael. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, OB QUIET LADY, CAN have a front or back Room, with Board for lady, at |6 and $7; partial Board for gentleman If desired; or R ems without Board. All modern Improvements. Apply at T) Amity street. Boaud.-youno GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN good Board and all the comforts of a home in a quiet American family residing at East Twentieth street, on very moderate terme. Board-wanted, by a youno gentleman, just commencing business down town, a nice furnished room, with dinner at six, in a private family; location be, tween Fourteenth anil Twenty-fourth streets and Fourth nnd Sixth avenues Terms $26 a month; undoubted references Ktvr n. Address J. U? box 694, Post office. Board?at 70 Columbia street. Brooklyn Height-; one Parlor and Bedroom on second door. )!-fcrear? required. Board.-a suit op rooms, on the second nor, pleasant and well furnished, to let, with Board; location good and convenient to cars and stages. Apply at 81 West Twenty-sixth street. Dinner ut 6 o'clock. Board.?gentlemen will pind good pleasant Room*, with nre and gns It desired, without hoard, wi ll furnished and tunomnonly cheap; location orntral and handy to business. 183 Qrand street. Everything o. K. Boahd-por tito or three respectable young men, in a home where all' the com I oris of a home ran be enjoyed. Terms?Full Board, B3 SO; partial. $3. Also two young ladles and two day boarders. Call at 13 Urand street, near Varlclt. Board on thirty fifth street, near fifth avenue?A second story, handsomely furnished; also u Parlor story, furnished or unfurnished. Private table If deaired. House and furniture new. Dinner at all. Table first class. References required. Apply at 30 West Thirty-ifrf It street. TJOARD WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. BY A YOUNO X) French gentleman, In a private family where the comforts of a home can he enjoyed, and French lessons. If possible. accepted as a partial paj meul. Address C. S. C., box 148 Herald ndioe. Board wanted-hy Ywo youno gentlemen, heiween Eighth and Fourteenth streets, near Broadway. Address, slating particulars and terms per month, which nr.'.t be moderate, Pemianrnt, box 13t Herald otl.ee, Board wanted-by a gentleman and his wife; location must be below sixteenth street. Address, With full particulars, m. A , Herald oflTue. Board wanted-b'elow twentieth street. by n gentleman, wife and servant; two good sired, well furnished bedrooms and good table Indispensable: terms not to exceed $6.1 per month. Address O. V. P., Herald oOce. Board wanted-by a single gentleman, in a strictly private family; wishes a furnished ro mi. with lire; wilt |>ay $,* per week. Parlies answering will please statu uumlwr In l.tmily. name and all particulars. Adtlrc is B. Y., Herald ottlce. Keferm es exchanged. Board wanted-by a widow lady; room, mm Bedroom connected and closet, unfurnished, with Bosrd. fire and gas, and bath, and ulee carpet, on second and third floor, In a gentile family, wllhuul small children and In n respectable neighborhood; terms not to exceed $0 per week, |iaid In advance; location between Fourleenth and Fortieth streets. Best references given and required. Address O. L. O.. Herald ode*. Board wanted-by a youno ladt, in a priveto family, or where there are but few olhrr boaidrra tikm; term* not to exceed $1 SO par week. Addreae K. II , llei aid office. Board wanted-by a touno oerman oentlbtaan, :it i "i-i j i r v iic American latully, reeking In a deamable neighborhood; reterencea given and required, Addrres, with lerroa, which must bo reaaooable, box 3,178 Foal nflee. Board wanted?by a orntlfean and Wipe. In a private laiully. Terms mode rate; few or no other bo.irriera preferred. Addraaa M. H., Herald office, elating particulars, price, Ac, - DOARDINO.-TnRKR YOITNO OENTXEMBN OR J> ladiea ran be a> oommodated with gttod Board lit a pilrale family, with all the com fort a of a home. In the vicinity of Hi. John'a Park. Terma moderate. Apply at 29X Renwick rtreet. BROOKLYN-A OENTLKMAN AND wife. OR SINgle gentlemen, can And p) a sent Rooms, IIrat elate ac. ciimmodationt, nnd every attention to comfort. Term# moderate; dinner at il? o'clock. Apply at 77 Htata atrroi, five in!niitra walk from Wall atreet or South ferry. BROOKLYN BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY CAN Accommodate two *ln?le gentlemen, or a IVtnlly. wllh back parlor on second lloor, wllh Board, at >21 State street. Terms Wry low. BOARD IN BROOKLYN?HI CLINTON RTRKET.-A etpiam front K<>om; eleo, two vacanclee-fnr slnglo gentlemen. Terms moderate. Dinner at "It. BOAHO IN BROOKLYN.-FOUR SINGLE OKNTt.K men, wishing Hotrd In a email private family n cr Wall street ferry, at a moderate price, will pie,tec rail hi ft Harden -tract, net w en .torolamon and Stat enacts, for one week. Dinner at 6U P. M. bOARD IN BROOKLYN.-'TWO PLKANANT ROOM1) togoili- r ?r i" | i? -in', l'i lhn hum* of n hiiihII tatmlv. Rath III the hotmo. Torins mntlrralo, Apply nt 77 *11 it>on in l et, < n<! il'ior imm Livingston. T?OARI> IM BI<OOKI<YI< ?WITHIN PIVK Ml Nil TKs' J) wil< or VV l Mi' i'l n n<l Knit n r rm n, l?rc tint pi iinni.- IrnnlPnri irrniil Hoiirniro, on III> n moil Hour, n < .* furii.f i U. Aio i IMU Rooii, Mill IM- for i? Mujr . ,i I I lorn ?lt. Hons ronuin* moil i .\ liipniTfoinls. Appvit

I k*> lknrt ain ni^ wiiworn 1'icrraaoni ? ' <:i?ri< rcii#. >m Hfw iitNl* j*? >k , iSDAY, JANUARY 28, 186 ayoipg Are tooowfl. TJOARD IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, MAT V^OBTATWBD JLf for ? r nlleaaaa m4 Vila or two Magic piUMMA where tl?? coinfuru of home may be had; emu. bath, hot aud eold water; convenient ho care had fcrrWa, al OJ Harriaoa atreet, two doora from Clinton. TYROOKLYN HBIOHTB.?PLEASANT BOOMS AND JJ Board in a private fainilv, wh. ro lha comforta of a home can be enjoyed. Apply al 13 Poplar alraal, belweeu Colombia and WlUuw. "DKOOKLYN 1IEIOUT9?A HANDSOMELY pur1) niehed Parlor on the Oral floor to let, wilu Board, to a KUnman and wtfa or two alngle gentlemen: alao a email m. Apply at 18 Willow at root, three mlauiaa' walk from Pulton ferry. Board in Williamsburg?kor two or three young men, in a houae where all the oomforta of a home may be enjoyed. Terma, $3 Ml per wenk for full board; S3 for nrwakfaei and tea. Apply al 38 South Ninth atreet, Wllliamaburg. COUNTRY BOARO.?WANTED, PROM ABOUT THE lat of April or May to the lat of December next. Board for a family of four peraona, within 100 or 100 mllea of New York, and oonvenient to a railroad elation. A country hotel woiiblhe preferred. A line addreeard to Harmon, New York Fu*i ADce, Mating terma, which mual be moderate, will meet with attention. Families desiring to live retired in a pri. rate family, Houae Aral claaa, can bare an entire Second Floor, with modern convenience*, add handsomely furnlahed, with private table, by calling immediately at 38 Wect Twenty-aecond atreet. Furnished rooms to let-without board, to geutleraen only. Honan conutlna all the modern 1mprovnmcnta. Apply at 387 Fourth atreet, between Bowery 171urni shed rooms to let en^odub?the en. 1 lire second floor of the private bouse No. 80 Bust Twentyfirst street, Onunercy park, suitable for a 1'araily, with private table if desired. The house is first class and conveniently located. Furnished rooms for gentlemen, heated, 612 Broadway, opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, 91 to $3 per week. Inquire up stairs. Furnished rooms to let-at no. m chrystib street, with Bedrooms and Closets attached, at 92, 93 and $3 SO per week; convenient for housekeeping. On the line of the Second avenue cars. Furnished rooms and bedrooms to let-to small families.?Stoves and cooking utensils attached. Apply for two days at 477 Canal street, near Hudson. Hotel julian. 7?7 broadway, corner of Ninth street.?First class accommodations for fain lies and geiiflemeu nt moderate prices; meals at all hours, and served m vooms If desired. Table d'hote at 6, Sundays at 6 'o'clock. French, Spanish and German spoken. NO. 8 WEST ELEVBNTU STREET, NEAR BROADway?Furnished Rooms to let, with or without Bieakfast and Tea. NO. 79 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM FIFTH avenue?A handsome well furnished Parlor and Bedroom will b< let, and private table furnished. If desired, to a small g nteel family, at a low price If applied for Immediately; a KoJtn also for a single geutleman. Dlunsr at Po'clock ONE OR TWO OENTLRMBN CAN OBTAIN furnished Rooms, with Board, In a first olaaff house, for $4 r>0 per week, at 148 West Twenty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. PRIVATE BOARD ?A PRIVATE FAMILY, OCCUPYlug a four story bouse. No. M West Thirty-sixth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, oler Board aud well furnished Rooms to families without children and to single gentlemen. Terms reasonable to desirable hoarders. References exchanged. ROOMS Ta LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, IN A private house, with all the Improvements. Inquire at 73 West Twenty-second street. References required. Rooms to let?with board, at 37 west twenIv-elghth street. A line large second s'.ory back Room, suitable fur a gentleman and hia wife or two single gentlemen. Terms reasonable to permanent boarders. TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR A GENTLEMAN AND wife can secure pleasant and newly furn'shed Rooms at 136 West Twelfth street, with Board, In a private family. Best of rclcrsnco given end required. TO LET-A FURNISHED ROOM, IN A PRIVATE FAmily, at No. 46 East Nineteenth street, near Bi oadwsy. WANTED-BOARD FOR TWO PERSONS; TWO TT Rooms; good accommodations; moderate tigures; Jersey City will answer. Address A. B. C., box 188 Herald ofllee. WANTED?PERMANENT BOARD FOR A GENTLEman, child, fl>j years old, and nurse, In a respectable family; with a widow lady preferred. Addrev-, with terms and particulars, Q., box 203 Herald office. Or would take unfurnished Rooms and furnish them himself, with board lor child and nnrso only. an errv?cheapest board?nick rooms with <P^j*UU good Boar<l, 12 SO to S3 a we?k ?n?l upward". I Ladies and families suited for leas than any other house; nice warm parlors with planoa. 48 Llspcnard street, near Broadway and Canal, watbhman up and lodgings cheap. 6 BEACH STREET.?A PLEASANT LARUE ROOM, ON second floor, with or without Bedroom attached, suitable for a gentleman and wife or two or three aincle gentlemen, can be obtained, Willi Board, by applying as above. I O CLINTON PLACE.?TO LET. ONE LARGE ROOM, XjU with Board, to a gentleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Also, single Rooms to gentlemen, on moderate term*. Dinner at 8 o'clock. Af\ BOND STREET.?A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LBT ON tU the second floor, with or without board; %lso a single Room. Terms reatouuble. QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALSTON ?7?J House.?Elegantly furnished suite of Rooms, with gas, Onion water and every convenience for housekeeping economically; particularly suited for small rsspectable families. Rent low. QLi MACDOUGAL STREET.?A LARGE HALL BOOM i7U for a single gentleman, with Board; also a few small Rooms, ss lodging rooms, at SI per week, al <8 Maudougal street. The lorstlon Is very pleasant and convenient to the stages. "I no QRBENB STREET.?A FRONT PARLOR ON FIRST IUO floor to 1st, to ens or more gentlemen, at S3 per week. Also, a front Room end ehamber attached, to party of gsnUem*n at $4, Including Arm; a comfortably furnished Room at $i per week. 1 *17 NINTH STREET, WEST OF BROADWAY.?TO lO I let, without board, a Parlor and Sleeping Room, elegantly furnished, suitable for a gentlemen or a gentleman and wife. Also a single Room, for A3 per week, Including Are and (as. N. B.?Private fable if desired. 1 MINCE STREET -ST. CLAIR HOUSE?ELKItlU gsntly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all the conveniences for housekeeping complete, m- lud single gentlemen. ' 1 ?i C BLEECKER STREET, 0PP03ITB DEPAtT ROWlUu furnished Room* to l?t, with Board, on the tint, third and t'dnrth lloors; the houoo lit* all the modern Ini' prorrmcnti; reference exchanged. m BLEECKER STREET. SIX BLOCKS WERT OF Broadway, o now houae, with all lite modern Imnror-menU; Pleasant Rooms, with excellent Board, from $3 SO to S3 per week; breakfast front 8 to 9; dinner at 12^' and 6. Q"| A ELM 8TRBET?JACKSON nOUSB.?THE MOST Alvl comfortably and conTenh-nUy furntahed Apartmeata In the city, to mart the wants of email families, with erery requisite furojtnrr, clean linen, oooklng range and uleualla. gas and Crowd water. (11 A BROADWAY.?TWO FURNISHED ROOMS TO OlO let, to gentleuien; prloa $1 and f I 33 per week. Inqplm In tha dra?#m iker's atore, 916 Broadway, up atalr*. MI ^xXSOVIf. ~~ BRCSHELR CABPET, SECOND HAND?WANTED. 37 to 30 yarda, In good order, medium alia pattern, dark eolora, for caah. Addreaa Carpet, bos 100 Herald ofllee. (NONPIDENTIAL LETTER WRITER, COPYIST, AC.? J Hy Mrs. EVELINE MORRIS, No. 133 Oreene atreat, tlrat hou?e altera Houston, weat aide. Oentlomen $1; Indira 31 canta. N. B.? Legal documcnta copied with aocuraey and at the shot-teat notice. ' CHILDREN TAKEN FOR ADOPTION-CHILDREN alio adopted out; three babies. from 30 niontha to one ear old, for good homea. Apply lio Madam Parealld, 313 Waat 13th at. (BRI TCHES ANP CANES FOR THE MILT,ION?AT J the manufacturer's. 0. FINNKLL, No. 3 Corllaudt street. CARDS?78 CBNT8 PER .1,000; BILL HEADS, FIRST cla*?, $5 per ream; Olrrulara, in large quantities, .18 rente per l.iXXI; Newspapers, Pamphlet*, Fosters. Drifts, Cherka, and eTcrythlng primed equally cheap. T. R. DAWLEY'S new establishment, corner of Reads and Centra eta, Housekeepers, look here.?the price list and location of the depots Of the FAMILT STORES SUPPLY ASSOCIATION will appear on the eighth pago of next Saturday's Herald. See, and sara money. Marble mantels.-oreat baruains in mantele.?A large etoek on hand, and a great reduction In drl es lor any kind ordered this month. Ceil aoon at A. KI.4MK.R Kwiarhlo rard. IIS East Eighteenth street, west of Third avouue. Mantels |>u( up III any place in the country. OLD DIRECTORIEH ?ANY PERSON WHO POMEBMM a Cliy Directory of thu (late of 1(01, or previous t<i that year, can find a purchaser fur one or for several copies, either for monc*. or will eicbmnga older copies. Apply to JAMES BARRETT, 297 Weat Houston atreet. a few doors from Hudson, or a note sent to that address will meet with prompt attention. Repined petroleum illuminating oil.-a sdperlor article, constantly on band and for sals. In quantifies from one barrel up to 101, at the lowest market price, hy the receivers, MILLER A OARR, 47 Pearl atreet and M Bridge atreet, N. Y. SAY* YOUR MONEY.-A. PARKER A CO., NO. 253 Washington street, corner of Murray. N. Y., aellaeholce efty sugar cured Hams, warranted at 8c. per lb.: heal Family Hoap, bo\ 7J and 60 lbs., 5)fc.; pure Pearl 8tarcb, boa 66lba., hi oeate. The bishop uutta verciia COMPANY, Bole manufacturer* of uutta perch a insulated teleoraph wire, and every description of pure uutta peroua u00d8. Office and Halrarooaa, 77 Cedar street samuel bishop, Oencral Agent RAILROAD!. nl'DSON IUVRR RAILROAD-TRAINS FOR ALBANY, Troy,iba N nth mil Wont, learn Chambers atioctatr j Mil 11 A M., ami 3.15, A end 10:14 P. M. N EW YORK, IIARLKM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albany, Tv?y, North end weal, Wlater arranifrri- nl, cnmm?iicln( Monday, Not. 4, 1HI. For Albany?10 3-1 A. M., EipmaaMall Train,from Twenty lull atrnrl M*eb For all I oral train* an Time Table. JOHN HURUHILL. Aaaiatant Snprrlntandent. COAL. CM 1/1 1 AN I KMVF.IMVO A RtTPBRTOR qi'ALI V " iy "f Ooal for fa ratty :tae, ar.l a rni ti, ut fi*i| rtoo i ,?,(' 0i.; Oo*'' ft p-r t'i 'i n; ai-r,L|. V It Ola <b< imii'l II'IKI. A. IlivAltTr, I'I4 IVaat iilrntnlb SU'Ofl, near Mevtmli av,n:i#. " - d# 9 ^ mtb# or bem. b?tat?. A MAGNIFICENT VIEW ON THE HUDSON, STONE Hon**, A) acres, fur sale or enhance, bee Harold 7lh of January, third pen'. WILLIAM 0. WKTHOBB, 61 Wall tree!. APERbOM ABOUT LEAVING THE CITT 0FTER8 for 34.000 property that coat over $100,0011 In ona parcel, or in SOU parts for $10 each, inoludli.g a superior atone fioni Hoase. Apply at 96 Maiden lane from 8 to lt? A. M. and 3 to 6 1*. M. A PEW WELL IMPROVED AND ELIGIBLE CORuen on Third avenue for sale on rarura'.le terms: also Inalde Buildings and several choice Building Plots, suitable for Immediate Improvement, among the te?t on the w hole line of the thoroughfare. C. O. PH.ATT, Noa. 4 and ( Pine. at. COUNTRT PLACE FOE SALE?CONSISTING OP A ' two afr.ry frame Dwelling and Barn and four to 6ve acraa of Land, hi good order, about twenty-Ara mllea fr >in the city; d eel table on aocount of IU healthy and piaeeant location and proximity to the railroad depot. Price $3,000. Apply at No. 7 Broadway, room No. 3, aaound door FOR RALE?to PERSONS OUT OP HEALTH.? FOR delightful climate, nee advertisement of Vine land Parma For sale?a farm of h acres, tiiKee miles from Newark, at irvtngtoo. N.J..suitable for gardening. For tale or exchauge, a Farm of 100 acres, three miles from Newark, on mad to Elizabeth, N. J. JOHN WHITEHEAD, 143 Market et? Newark. N. J. For sale-the oround lease, with buildInge and Good Will pf four large b.anda n Weet Wa-hlngton market, adjoining each other, well located for the wboleeale and general commission business, for which they have been several years used. Apply to FINDAR A UlbHuP, real estate agents, No. 328 Ninth avenue. For bale-a farm of is acres, at new ho chelle, three-quarters of a mile Irom depot and two miles froui steamboat landing; plenty of trull, also a stream of water, a valuable stone quarry, comfor ttble buildings, Ac.; pries $4,SOU. Inquire of Mrs. M. A. GARDINER, 107 West Twenty-lourtb street. xjlor sale?a farm OF 48 acres. $?,.V)0; ONE OF f 230 acres, $20,WO; one of 163 acres, $10,000; one of 300 scree, $13,000; one in MaesachtisetU of seven acres, $3,01)0; one Of SO acres. $7,800; one o! 28 acres, $3,000. F. D. Rl Oil ARSON A CO., 82 and 84 Nasea t street. For sale-two very desirable English hasemuul Houses, near Ma lison squ ire; very b- ant i dly located, and well calculated for a physician. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. For sale-an elegant house on fifth avenue, eminently calculated for a lasbianaulo family, beautifully finished; a part of the Furniture will he sold, If de lied l>y the purchaser. Apply to E. U. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Plue. street. IpOR SALE CHEAP?THE LEASE OF THE TERRACE 1 Saloon, now doing a good ouriiu-u, corner ol sixtyseventh stri ct and Eighth an nue, t i minus ol the Eolith Avenue Railroad, ana main entrance to the skating point on Central l'ark. Apply on the prem.scs, or at 711 Eighth av. TJIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FARM IN BERGEN J? County, New Jersey, within three rnilei soulhw.-ht i rout Spring Valley depot, In Rockland Comity, New York, of lit) acres; 20 or which Is woodlands, with dwelling, barns, Ac.; apple trees, pear tfees, cherry trees, currant bushes, Ac. Will be sold cheap for cash, or exchanged for other good property. RALPH, KINO A NEPHEWS, 59 Beaver etrect. 1J10R SALE OR EXCHANOE-A VERY VALUABLE X1 Mill Property, situated at Or en Bay, H'iacon in, with 2 5 one Building Lota and 1,WO-arret of Land, with > vcrythiug requisite for do nga large bueiness with llic mill. An exchange will bo mode for goods or real estate in New Jersey or New York. I-"or particulars Inquire of P. L. VAN DEVENTER, 195 Fulton street. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A SMALL BRICK HOUSE, with sixty-four building lout, in a thriving village on Long Island, and II!,IKK) In Merchandise, lor a i.nod Farm, not over twu hundred miles from New York, or a-House and Lot and vacant Lou in Brooklyn or Hobokeu, Ac. Address M. U., Herald office. FOR'SALE OR EXCHANGE?A THREE STORY AND basement brick Storehouse and full Lot, in Wouster street. Price cheap. Apply to C. F. JACOB, 126 Thirty, third street. For bale, or to let and furniture for sale, a ilrnt class Mouse, containing all the improvements, lo[ cated on Broome street, near Broadway ; would make a good boarding bouse: ii now occupied si a private residence by a gentleman about leaving for Europe. W. H. MELICK, 407 Broadway. House wanted?on fifth avenue or thiktyfourth street, not to exceed $20,1X10, which will be paid in cash. Any one having such to sell, call or address at once, S. DINGEE, No. 8 Piuo street. HOUBE OB VACANT LOTS AND SMALL AMOUNT OF cash wanted?For a stock of station, ry and books, amounting to aliout $8,000, belonging to a wholesale house going out of hneluexs. The stock is dean, in foo 1 order, and a great bargain. B. DINOEE, No. 8 Pine street. I SHALL SELL FORTHWITH, ON TERMS TO SUIT, A Store and Building, live stories, on Sixth avenue; 2 three story Houses on Murray Hilt; 28 finely lo oted Lois ueur Fulton avenue, Brooklyn; a fine Farm ami Buildings ol 70 acresjKaw Mill, Store and Stock of Goods, with Dwellings, near Worcester. Mass.; or may be ex-bunged for properly If desirable. J. W. BARTLBTT, 478 Broad* ay, N. Y. TO EXCHANGE?TWO UNFINISHED HOUSES ON Murray Hill for a Ilrnt cluaa country place, located beX la.n uriH ha li .l... sired, to complete Mid house*. Address, with full purticuhr?, L. W , box S2.1 IkralJ oUlce. r JEWELLERS.?A RESIDENT OF AN ADJACENT town, won owns therein two handnome brirli Hones, unencumbered, would exchange foran assortmentof Watches and Jewelry, which he desire* to take to a remote market. Principal* only treated with. Address T. J one*, MS Broadway. VINELAND FARMS.?FOR SALE, TIIE BEST OP Laud. ?t the new anil C?>lvlng settlement of Vinelaud, only 91) utiles from P.illade?phla by nutroad. direct to New York. Soil la a tine clay loam rich undpioductlve for wheat, grass and fruit*. Divided Into farm* ol 30 acre* and upwards, at the low price of fiotit $15 to $30 pur acre. Onefourth cash, balance In four years; also Lota of two and a halt to fire acre*, at from $00 to $2J0 each. Fine crop* can be nocii growing. To person* of small capital or out or business this I* a good opportunity to e?t*ldl?li a country home and he certain of a livelihood. Tbla la the right remedy for hard time*. Paper* and report* can be had by applying to JOHN M. MOORE, HI Pearl street, New York. Letters answered. Also, report of Bolon Rohtnicn, of the New York Tribune,- can be obtained. Extract from report of Solon Roblnaon, Agricultural Editor of the New York Tribune, upon Vlneland:? It laoartatnly onoof the mo*t extemlve fertile tract*, in an almost lcval position, and suitable condition for |>leasunt farming, that we know of this side of the Western prairies. T1TANTED?.K COUNTRY SEAT IN WESTCHESTER YT cjunty, worth fiom $1P,"W to $30,000, for cash or city property, by H. FOWLER, 82 Cedar street. QAA IMPROVED FARMS, COUNTRY SEATS, HOUSES OUly and Lot.?, for *nle, or to exchange; also, every description of Ilea; Eatelfl for aale. If you wish to purchase A Hons.-, Farm or Country Beat, apply to A. VjJROEANT, 15 Walljt. AAA -HARLEM LOTS FOR SALE AND EXiJlo.U"U. change.?'Twenty Lota, wellaituated In the vieliiity M llnrleni, with mod-Tale Incumbrance, wUl be exchanged for a brat class house or 1 u tine si property. M. L. SHELDON, 70 Cedar street. COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE*. A CHANCE FOR MASONS.?WANTED, A SUBSTANtlal responsible man ant good meres.ue to take an In' terest In a small, Mfe and prwOlable building emerpri-e In the best part 01' the city. A good opportunity. For |iwiiloulara apply lo 0. O. PRATT, Noa. 4 and 0 Pine street. A BUSINESS MAN WANTED?TO OO IN AS EQUAL partner lu an established cash business; one sull ied to make $1.rO) per aim mo and put In $2UU ready cash will aeeurc a go d opportunity ou a| pilcatlon at 0. B.HOWES a CO.. 42j Br la-iwav. Any active business man. having $3,0w capi. tal, wishing a copartnership Inte.rrkt In a eery remunerative light and pleasant cash business, yielding large pro. tits, without risk or competition, ran meet with an unusual ojiportunity by applying, before 11 A. M. or fr >m 2 until 4 P. at MS and MM Biosuway, room No. t, up sulrs. PARTNER WANTED.?AN ACTIVE GO AIIBAD MAN U wanted, with capital, in tl> Truss business, arcureil by patent and well established. The biislnes* la crery way satisfactory. Address Truss, Box IVO H i aid odloe. Partnership.?a party op small means can purchase an lutereat tu a sale, reliable hikI eir'ctly rush business; established nine y ars and returns a handsome Income, for lurtber particulars address Arnold, bos 210 Herald office. W^HANTED-A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, WITH A CASH capital of f l.tw or $1,M)0, t<> Join another, who 1 s< a capital at SI.UOll, to purchase the stok, Iril'irea sod good will ol a llrsl class tamily grocery, long established, In Chicago, Illinois. The business Is a profitable one and Oder*a i.na Inducement to a person desirous of establishing hituaelf. The b'St of references glren and ic pnred. Address L. L. B., box IW Herald office. W^HANTKD-A YOUNG MAN WITH $30d TO $.'4)0 CASH. I to join another In hs dnnes In Washington, D. O. Location aeli* led and goo Is to he shipped liurnt dulely. No agents need apply. Addr. sa W I). Hers.d uilice. Itrrt?Ji PARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS AMOUNT sP I il. n an umploymcnt olhoe long is' bllslnd. A young m<n or tun right stamp majadurcas, mill lull name, Wr. Mm ruy, bus 170 Herald utiles. (J>1 f\/\?PARTNER IN A LIGHT I1U81NKSS. $3,000ipI'/U Partner In a brat clana dining saloon. $NVI? Par.uer In a liquor store. Also Tor stale many places ot business. T. D. CASE A CO., tt Broadway, t| ,"|Wi TO ft.lXJU.?A 1'iilHALll HAKI&U, 1,1 A.l ijpt'ou rill eatuhltah, ,1 liUslncii, In a pli-umnt nltimtl n, and carry pmapcct of doing wall, and wbicn c..n Or lu,r^? 1 hy nn additional capital. For particuUia addr.u O. C., nrrrl I oflire. Silken cash will seccre to ant enerubtic ?)i)\/ man an lntrr*?t la a pleaaaht and lata loiafmaa, without conipallilon, who h naia ofir 14,JU per niontli pruflta. Apply Immediately at 117 Forayth atrret, fourth floor, rooiu No. I. Af'fWt -FOR BALE, THE INTEKE8T OF A RETIR POUU. Ing |*rtnar in th. Hroke.aga and R*al Ham* htndiie**. having a large rapltal on whlcb to ad act loan*. An hlatino< uufxceu luuablti. Bu?m aa raUbllahed atx year*, paying from |A,'tlO to $10,00) annually. r< I it I er A_0O? W Broadway, room 17. AAA -A rAHTY WANTED TO INVEST A V iPl.UoU, equal amount Willi me ndvrrttaar In alight, pleaxint Inndnraa?aomnhlng antlraly new; ran be (old by tl a million*: SOU par win prnllt a* Iaal aa made. Addrcaa BuierptUe, box 147 Herald utile*. ?9 INVEST, BY A PRACTICAL BUSINESS i]P^.V/u" inau. In aorna pi on: li ng hualnana that will bear liivratlgallon. Principal* unly may addrca* J. U. Car penter, Herald .idler. MATRIMOMAL. VJO H1IREW OR RPISSTBR NEED OIVE THIR A ?1 reply. I'm * well bred liainhelor.il' thirty-three; I want a youtfiltil wlte, neither bold nor ?hy: retiur.l end lovlne, fr m nffeelatlnn iree. A id now, In conlldenre, WE. H? bo* 113 Herald .fll e, Mew York. rpiIK ADVERTISER, AltED 2*. HOOD EOOiy NO, P08l er*?lng w-alth. A>\, l? d.-alroua ol correapnndlni with * lady Inim |3 to *V, with e view to matrimony; miiatneyni.d luoLlntt, tall and (tout. Addrcsa, In contldence, Komoloa, lit laid elBeo. lai'KKSSUS. A III'HMl IMS El'RMTt'RR KM'RKSS AND EACH /Y. In eaLib Unnenf, UJW*<t I 1 venh alteel, pv en , V lhand Plvih ttrmi.t II uteiinlJ Furniture hr.efl an I ! ii.ptM i to ad name ( llio world; on\ . red wajo'Oi for (O il ; tad rWTb'i'iiw of fain Ilea in and rrom the rnnntry. t'orni. In it not ed 3 TOHI1LI. ~ FAKE CHANCE?TUB rROPRIETOR or TBEOTT u k. Hold, the only Aral ciaae hotel now open in Alexandria, Virginia, to desirous to retire from bud. oaa, and will tall, for a tair price, the Furniture, Futures and Uood Will of the house. His leaae will te. mlnate on the let of January, IMS, but the property can, no doubt, be leaaad for a much loo err term at a moderate rent. Tbia hotel to now doing, and aaa for many years dune, a large and profitable bunlneaa. The de?ire of the undersigned to retire from public bualneaa to the onl)' Inducement to aell, as he oould not hope te encage tn one more proiltable. For terms and particulars apply to . . . JAB. A. ENGLISH, who la authorised to neKotUte, or to the undersl.ned, SAMIUL HEKLEBOWEB. ANHTP CHANDLER AMD GROCERY 8TORB FOR *l?4t?imilliltR?i located on South aire t, a<d o? doing a fair busitie.s 'this Ua rare chance for one. Only reasons for selling. the nwnar ia *mn* away. For lurthcr luirtieular*, apply at MITCHELL'S Agency, No. 77 Csdar street. A FIRST CLAM BAKERY FOB RALE?NOW DOING very protiunli- bminasa; located on a great thnrough4" re. A g>' -at chance, for aortic one; also a very nn? i.rst r* '"r **'' For |>art:ciilara, apply al MITCH l/LL 6 A^ftur.y, Mo. 77 Ce '.ar ktrtusi, ue?r Br* a (way. A LIQUOR STORE AT A BARGAIN.?THE STOCK ?-nd Fixtures of a nicely fitted up LI i or Sore, will bo aold rhe in aa the owner ha. to go to Virgins thia weak. Inquire at 9iM First avenue. A FIRST CLARK SEGAR STORE. WITH BAR AND Billiard Tables, lor sale, doing a good uusiueta. Location cannot be b> at, and h ndsomely filled up. Apply at llie nnrtn west corner of New Bowery and Chamber, street, aegar store. Agents need not apply. A rare chance for barbers.?will BE bold at oiie-h .lf lis coat, a splendidly lurui.ud Kaloou ?o Broadway, in a nrat clans ho- I. Present owner has other business. Apply at 943 Bros .way. Hotel St. Germain. Bakery for sale.-thb fixtures, good will and Lea e of the Bakery corner La I a., elte avenue and Cumberland street, Brooklyn. Inquire on the piO.nlaea, or at 27 Ann atieet, New York, in the dining saIopii. O.J. WE,VrWORTH._ Boot and shoe store fob balb, well located; atoca small, and well bought; good cash trade. A gentleman with little capital had better inve-ligate; would exchange for real ealaie or mortgage. Apply to O. H. MOODY, 183 Broadway, in the Uaa me.it. DE8KS, COUNTEK8 AND FIXTURES FOR SALE LOW. Also a desirable Loft to let. Apply al 412 Broadway, up Stain. IilOB SALE CHEAP.?STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE . of a Fancy Goods Store, with Dwelling; rent $500: now doing a fair busim-aa. Satlaiaelory reason* -lvcn tor Helling. Apply on the premises, 1,249 Broadway, or to H. M. ADAMS, Metropolitan Hotel, N. Y. l/IOR SALE.?AN OLD AND WELL ESTAHLI81IEU U Hegar Stoie. Apply al 14>? Carmine street. For sale?a large m llinery and d eisniakiug Esiablishnicut, doing a 1 irgc ouhiiii s ; 111- lines Las Utile elite l on it, thepiotl sa e $2.000 yearly. Pet one given for sell tig out, and solo uia very low pricu to a ea?li customer. Address Smith, ller?ld olli e. IflUR SALE?THE OLD STAND KNOWN AS TUB 1 East R vi r House, betw een James uud Rooscve.l * re te, with three ) owl ten pin alleys. Tills Is ail old sttml, es.abllshed sliM'C 1838. with a good paying bust nets sin. e. Inquire st 184 South Street, For sale-two second hand cylinder boilers. each 31 inches lilum tei and 14 lee. long; one Vacuum Pan, 4 feet 6 inches diameter, with ail alun hiucnie. Also oue six horse Emtio* en I Boiler, complete. Apply to CURTI8 A BHAPTER. 20b and 211 Franklin street. For sale?the chelsea tea warehouse, Established in 18>2, replete wi h every uuiivcnirtuc, -t <m engine. A''. s-i lea the la*t year, over tim-ty thousand dollars. Kent very moderate. For particulars inquire at 123 Nln h avenue, N. Y. T..e above wnl be sold st a bsrga n to a cosh purchaser, as the owner has other business. For sale-the lease, stock and fixtures of a lira- lass Liquor store. Sa is actcry r<-as >ns given or selling. I iqulre for two days at 146 bovenih avenue, iu lire drug store. For sale-for one-half its value, one of the beet corn, r Liquor Stores in the <4ty. The owner 1s about leaving the ctly. Call at 723 Third avenue. T7I0K 8ALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED FANCY GOODS X' aau toilet Article store, wtui stock aim elore nxtures complete; will be gold ? a low prke to a ca-li cu'tomer. F'?r l>ar uvular* apply at HIM Broadway, near Fourteen. h street F0RS ALE-TIIE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A LIQUOR store In the sixth ward. A good stand tor arocertca or any other business. Ca.l at No. 3 Franklin street, near Baxter street. IjlOK SALE-THE FIXTURES AND I.EAKE, WITH 1 part stock, U desired, ot a urn class Oroccry store in Brooklyn. Now doinit a toed payluu cash business. The owner retiring ou account of U1 health. Address J. O.K., Brooklyn city I'ost olhoe, for three days For bale-a stand and fixtures in one of the best locations In Washington Market. Inquire at No. 5 Jny street. For hale?an english ale and chop house, Building and Furniture; well located anil doing a fair business; or will exchange lor other properly; tust, bouss and furniture, 913,tX?:iiiorlx<ge, gn.UUO. t--n yen s to run. Also a Mirtil ir one for $800, ' u ly fuml-hed; o.o- of tin* finest little hotels lit the city, $l.5Ai. i-art down some grand fargains. K. D. KMTJAKSUN A CO., 83 and {W Nassau st. For sale?a sewing machine, a good ma- . chine for leather or henry wurk, in running o. .er. Will bo sold low, the owner luirlng no lurthcr u. . ur it. Apply at 4F0 Puarl street. FOR 8ALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FIRST rlssi Grocery, in a fine location, where a targe business lias b.-en done. W T be -old law. SslM aclory reason* lr< n for selling. Apply at 1D8 West Twenty-sixth street, between 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. For sale in Brooklyn.?the stock of gentlcineus' Furnts'iing Goods. Alio the Stock of a Hat aud Cap Store; both In an excellent locution: will be ?<id separate or together; terms readhnuhlc. Address E. L oo, box 187 Herald other. For sale for cash?one or the best liquor Stores in the Kitih ward, known as id Leonard street. For particulars Inquire oa the premises of JOHN KENnelly. For sale oiieap.?lease, stock and part of the Fixtures ot a Iilutard Room, now doing a ta.r bcsl nets. Apply on premise*, .)i* ronrsii mnw, ?p aiana. I7IOB SALE CHEAP?THE COUNTER, ICE BOX, AND X oilier imurrso. a l uit.r, che- *e, egg una poultry store. Apply at 4V7 Tuird asenuo, near Tlilrty-atstb street. Grocery foe bale?one op the rest stands In BrooHlvn, choice and well selected stock, en It t rnrt-- and low rent. Will Ue sold at a biir?i..n. lnqolr of J. t'lIAKLA.8, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10 end 4 o'clock. T EASE AND FIXTURES OP AN OLD ESTABLISHED Xj Scgtr store for sale. Apply on die premises, jOUJg Grand sireet. <|?Qn/\ ?roR BALE, A LIGHT MANUPACfURINO tfOUU. Buatnesa, not all'ec-ted t>* the times una puss prom of 1V0 per-ent; u 'taudeoeao income tan ho realised with n llttia pushing. Pi. til aire or givala suitable for the Wes.ern market taken In exchange. Address Furniture, box ldl Herald olhce. THK REBKL>L,IOpr. Army and navy pay collected, and arrears of pay for res'gned ana snpernntnerary ndl r- proc ured. JOHN ft MURRAY, Army aadNuty Banker, No. 30 Nassau afreet, New York, opposite the Pout ofilee. C1ANP LKUI l II. l'ALACE HARDEN. J BATTERY M, THIRD ARTILLERY. This Com) any will take a tew men* pood, respectable men; and aa this ta hip laid company of artillery'lor held servl*e td be organized ll la a Bne elinnoe for any one wbo deslies to Join. Wanted?Two Get mans as buglers; also three Get mans as cooks. _ Apply to J. i. MOgRIRON, p r.iplaln Battery M, Third Artillery, Now stationed St Frederick, MiL, General Banks' ntvlalun. Engineers, engineers. For Ooinpanjr A. United States Engineers, 28 more ab'o Imdleil nil O.-Iilea, bl.ven the moan 2U and hb, wante.i to llll up th ? lit e i ouipany. now at., tinned In Washington. Pay IPom $M td per month, with the tiaiial allowance o ,4vn>lug, rathina und meilicnl attenilamc. For i tirthcr port nlitrt liitiulre at No. h Bowling U ret en, third Boor, between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Four captains and four lieutenants wanteit?To take the field unme nuiely. None hut e.p> r.snced ofBeers need answer, Alao one Band Maa er and one Bugler. Andrea*Captain, llcind oUhr. UO. FUR THE WAR?ARMY OF TUB TO O IAO? Key's dlvUlon, Thlrtaalith regiment, N. V. v.?I hi* regiment, one or the crack mi pa or the army, .a note it* inn -d In comfnrabl* quarters at Camp Hrtgi'tnnnd, one of to - defences ol the capitil, near \Va?tilnglmi, U. 0. A n't to her >f able bodied m?n ate wanted to bring ihi* frgln.nt In ttt > xltiium standard tcqiilred by the Unit'd b'lati a go vert, in n ray, clothing and trttn?porlation furnish' d on t" >. ii. . tcred Into the ?ervlco. Fort'uihier Information a, p -e t .I.t tg. JAMKS ii KANT, re ru.ting ofllce, 83 Centra ttrott, Mr t Turk. / t EN. MrCLELLANB OAMI? BEDSTEAD WILL PK ON VT eiblidtlou tor two .lay a at F. COt.lt iN ti, lit Knit m at, near Naanan. oitWrn of the army and ail otueri int. r. at.nl are rtn|U ated to call and examine it. NEW 1*1 II LI CATION'S. NEW YORK STATE ARMY LIHT.-1-RICE REDUCED to tweutr-Bvg i ante a D'uniier.?This wo k haa i.een highly commended be tho Slate govoriiin. nt an I by i tin e iioti. la and other otln era of variona regiments, and l.a pub 1 to utility la tinieera.il!y admitted. Deul r~ sotipil,. b., KOMI A lOl sKY, Nonsuit a reel, New York: DEXIER A CO., Naaain street, New York; OKIE. DAYTON CO , Ann ati et, New 1 irk; and by the proprietors, OONt.RKVK, DAR-v KjjT A WHITEFORD. No. 336 Broadway, New York. Hold ny ell respectable bookseller*. "rrilAT" Ct RlOt'8 ROOK OF "CITY WOMEN;" A BIN1 golar no en/, wuh Interesting ake tbea of faranla charactera In the city. Bold by new dealer* tor 3n rents, or mailed free lor fig cents?half price. Cloth binding, Jul ?ei, 5J nigra ring* Dealer* allowed nearly ttliy |*-r eenl i aah M. O At' NIT Publisher, 411 Walker street, i.p stairs. PROPOSALS. ~ I QRALRD PROPOSALS ARB INVITRO, UNTIL TUB I O 8tb day (if Kebruury, I8H7, fur form-uiu.; PLOllKlotho Milialatan.'e Depirtuiem of the Unit.'., Htatea Army. About twelvn l lumen mi (IJ.WIUi tarrela will be required, of a huh grade of euro Plour, to be delivered In Waaulauian, nt the railroad d put, ornt the mllla or warehonaee in tleoraelo? n, aome time between the Atli and Ifltn 01 Pebi uary, Idga. Rth barrel of rinur to be Inapacted Jnat before It la reThe Plonr muet be equal In quality to the aamplaa to be ob. tained at the Uepitol bakery at Waahlngtoa city, and the baris hi o be hea l lined. The cuaiouiary natb of allegiance will be required of each ? Bm'a to'be dlrerte I to Ma lor A. BECK WITH, 0. 8., C. 8. A., and rndorard ' Propoeala.'1 ~~ MEDICAL.. 1\R. COOPER, 14 DUANK 8THERT, MEMHKR OP TTTB J J Unliege of Phyalrlaiia and Hmgeona of Now York-may lie con-u.l'd dully at h'.a office, froml In tha morning until 9 In ll.e arming. Ml, \RMOWt, PARI* AND LONDON, PIIYKI.'IAN ii i it irgotm, d47 II.oa Iway, np awtr*. OonauiUUon I troi.i A. M. to 8 I" 'I , e <n.!eya eveeptod. ])l:' ' ' ' t\'T~f I.. llBOTTAMBKRS NTRR T.OAIV I lw . 'na,?i ?i a. 00,11, Agci.ia, U,S Llbeity air.-I, I It. Y. In Brooklyn,'78 Kuitea tireet. *** * "**" ?> ' to (4T> IHA rlrt ?4T 4 fl