28 Ocak 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

28 Ocak 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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saLks at K V- B CHAPMAN A CO., ACCTTOR^RR^b A, SUPEKB UOUSKHObD PUMMITi/^S' ofAri Paintings, Statuary, and many n*re and cwnly Works . , at |MiuUi- auction. the croiAj 'J Qf a family dnlining houaekeplnz. Bale eommenai^Tr?^ CruesdV ' H eW. at the Urm story brown stone residence, Wast SUU-euth street, between fifth and 8ltth svC1*#. Seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, _ Hose wood and black Walnut fluiU, Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, ?, , , _ Velvet Medallion Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China Vases, __ . Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Brocade and Lace Curtains, _ . _ Oik Bulfet and Extension Table, Bookcase, Btegeres, Centre Tat les, ?. _ ? _ , China, Glasa and Silver Ware, Sheffield Table Cullers . Rosewood Chamber Furniture, stvle Louts XIV. ?rawing Raima?B jsewucd Suit covered In blue and gold br-oatel; one do. green and gold, Tete-a-Tute 80*in, * Armchairs, Reception and oval but k Chair*, rosewood Bmgereg, statuary uiuible lop Seoruiary and Bookcase, lined With satlnwood, plate glass doors: Enrol jnorea, Cabinets, Centre .Tables, Man el Mirrors, aix light bronze and ormolu Chandeliers, elegant embroidered Lou Curtains, Console and Card Tables, magnificent Sevres China V. a-a, superb Bronzes, repie-.eut.ng Mercury, Crusaders, liberal de Marley. Hamlet. Kembrandt; two mateh Paintlnga?S-em s on I the Hudson, by Cole; Aaaiimp'tuu or the Virgin, by Lecard; Marine View a original, by Do-bolt; Trench Line Engravings, Bronze Clock, runs one month; magnlfioenl seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, four round turners, made to order by City makers; 8 ool, Cover and Canterbury; black walnut Hatatand, Velvet Carpete, Ac. Chair., bers?Brussels Carpels, rosewood and mabogsny Dressing Bureaus, Bedaleu s, Wardrobes, Commodes, Lounges, Arm Chairs, Bofas, Chairs, covered wltn haircloth; Bpriug and Hair Maitrovaes, P.-aiher Bids, Blank, is. Count-rpanes, Oval Mirrors Dining lloom?O ik Biuret, Exienslun Table, China Dinner and T.-a bets, elegant se's Ruby and Crystal Clasawsre, Parian marble Punch Bowl, Silver Dinner and Tea Service, 8Cv rs, Table Out cry, Napkin R ngs. Also Furniture of ibu servai t?' ajmrtnienti. Basement and Kitchen Furniture. House fur sale ur to let. Inquire of the auctioneers. N. B?Stranger* wishing to attend this sale can take the Fifth avenue, Broa lw.iy or Sixth aven le stages uud cars at "the Ast ir House, St. Nicholas and Mctiopolitan Hotels, which -will bring tbrin within a few doors 01' the house, corner of 'Bixteeaui street Co upeten'. persons will be In attendance eto pack, ship or cart the goods, at reasonable char .e. Auction sale of a five story house, full Of ma nliieent I'arlor, D-uiog Room, Chamber an 1 Library Furniture, K.egatit R i-ew od 1'ian nortc, Rlefi P.irlor Soils, Silverware, Frem-li and India China, Ac. RU98ELI. W. WEsTCOTT. Auctioneer, will ?ell this (Tuesday) afte n on, at 2 o'clock precisely, a very large and elegatit >ar:cty of tiiat data Furniture, e muriaiug the entire contents ol' a large and elegan'ly fur i.-bed residence, 168 West Twenty.ilrst str et, b-twi en Seventh and Eighth avenues. all of ivhi. h la new and wort y Fie special a tcntlon of panlea In want of really superb furniture and vuluable Works of Art, as the who.e Is to be sold strictly without re serve to the highest bidder, rain or shine, conslallug In part Of two tioihlc Eteg.-rea, solid rosewood: one of the flu-at Plan .forti s in the city, used but two months, with marble 'top Music Cabin -t, Stool and Cover; ma.nHlocpt rosewood Egyptian Statuary, nturb'e top Centre, Sofa and Pier Tallies, rich M 11111(1 ant Pier Mirror*, costly l'arlan and Antique lart Vases and Parlor Ornaments, rar and valuable Paintings, marble lop Corner Etc^ercs, French Shades, Turkish Cham-, rt-rf'i Arm Chairs to match, Chandelier*, superb ro*ewood Ci Author Furnlti re, Redstenb,* Bureaus. Commodes, le :ant II.ur Mattresses, Beds ami Beddine, English Biaufceta, hprmg Mattresses, with Dlr.I 'g lti am Furniture, Kxtension Tut-le, marble top Sideliciard. Oht-lrs. Ac., all in oak; rich Silverware, Spoons, Foi ks. Caster-. Cake .B iak-is. Ice Pitchers, 8 t!vers, Ac ; French an India China, ele: ant Ruby and Crysia. engraved O'assware, Ta -ie Cutlery, Ac. N. II.?'The sale will take place without regard to weather, -and the entire cnlalogue will he sold strictly without reserve. Deposits will be required of purceawrs. A 8 RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER.??*> CARES BOOTS, J\. Slioesaud Brogan* at atiet.on by RICHARDS A WlllTINU, nu Wednesday, Juuuary 2V, a' MJs o'clock, at store 44 Cortland! atrcel, comprising "gent's Grain and Calf Boota, also ladieg' Halters and ioi|.?r nailed tvork of all kinds. -Catalogues on morning of saie. A UCTION NOTICE ?LARGE SALE OF ELEGANT J\. Household Furulturn n'the large d-velting house No. 128 Waver.ey place, east of Sixth av.nie, this nay, ut I wo o'clock precisely, consist'ng of elegant ISruxsols, "Three-fly and Ingrnln Carpets: China, Glass anil Siltrerwarr; Tabid Cutlery, Kitchen Vurniuire, 2 Parlor Su ts,i overed in repsnnd haircloth; rosewood Eieg-re, with mirror hack and doois; Centre and Pier Tablet, French l'lale M rrors. Curtains, 21 <la.v B ock. Vases, rosewood and in tnognny Bedsteads, Hair Mattress**, Beds and Bmld ns, Hlanki ts. Sheets, Pillow Ca-tcs, Metlallion Carpets, Sofa Beds, Lounges, Chairs. Rockers, Mirrors. ClorSi, Corner and Bo >k Stands, Ten Tables, Extension Table, Bullets, Broken*-*, Gil loth, Chandeliers, Ac. Bale positive. A:1 the goods must be removed twenty four hours after the sale. Auction notice.?b, ii, ciiilton, auctioneer? Will lie s -d Tues-*ay. Jan. 2d. ni ouu o'clock P. M., in front of onr office, 45 Nissan s'reet, a ,1un c- lored Horse, atx years old. .-nod traveller in Harness and under the aadd r. Warranted-< nud. Terms cish. A DCTIOJt NiTKB.-WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER.? jCX I1ENKV F.lliMJiR. will *cll this dav, January 2d, at 21 o'clock, at New York, Tiltrisalls, Sixth avi nue and Thirty tuiit'i Mien, Urses, Wagon?, Sleigh*, Ruber, Belle, Blanket*. . e A UCTIOK SVLTi OK CROCKERY AND GLASS. A HENRY G. EVANS will m'.I in lata 10 auit d-aicra, 011 Tuead *. jmiliary 2J, at 10J* n'cio k. at 80 Maiden lace, a line -naaoi liui 11'. of all kind* ui Crockery and Glaae, now suitable for the retail trade. Sale poaitlve, and g toda well packed for shipping. "JJOOKS.?S. A J. BOO \RT, Al'CriONEEUS. WILL X) ad on Wednesday, Jan. 29, at 11 o'o.i ck, at the corner I of Franxfurt and William atrccie, Cnidi n a Canal Caleb-ration; McClellan'.- Mil iary Report*; Li r of Brandt, 15 vol*.; IUaairated London New*: 7 Frank Lisle*; 2 Kr.ec.i yiedlaa; 12 role. Warerley ; 30 vo n. Watdie a Library, Ac.', ,ti* BANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SEI.L thin day, .At 10% o'cl m k, at hla nalearoom, 79 Nh?*u atreet, near Fill ton, a targe am.orU.ient uf new and second baud rurn.lurc. Tlx.?Ek'^aut Parlor Sultea, in bro a rl; O utre Table*. St"rotary and (dbrary Booker*-*, Sofa Bed. Dr-owlng Burouua, 9adateaa* Mult; < *?. . Feather He le, Blanket-, Waebaianle. Wardrobe.-, St. a-, Cbatr*, tt .k.r-, lb nine' Chair*, French China Dinner Hot*. Ac. Alio VELVET TAPESTRY, BRl S8KLS ami INULA IN CARPETS. A'sn, 1 or accuuiu 01 whom it may c ttoe n. one maboguoy ?b octave Pianoforte, tnario by Oeib A \l aikcr. TYANIEL II. BURDETT. AUCTIONEER.?wholesale JJ Ori-cery Su ck at auction. Bb'KDETT JONES A CO, will *e!l till* duy (Tuealay) ?t 11 o clock, at atorc M Franklin a roct. Brandy, Ruin, WhUkcy, Gin. Suhnapp*, Cbuuipagnr, Bitters, Candle*. Mulard, I'll- -. Tobacco, 01...-* Bottle-, oi l Bourbon und Itye Whi?kcy, Ac. Catalogue* are now ready. Edward schenck, auctioneer. ASSIGNEES oaLE OF Superb household furniture. By EDWARD SCHENCK. this day. 24 th nut., at 11 o'clock. At hit Haicsrootr.*, IAS and 137 Broad yvav. the Mock of one of the flr?t cabinet maker* In this city, cou-l't ngtu part of elegati 1 olid earvi d and |dain ronewooi Parlor Suits, elegant black walnut Llorary and Dining Room S111U, In rrpa; liiagnineciu rote.. 00 l round corner Bedstead* and B iicMi*, do. in Idee:, walnut, iinlaUed in oil; rosewood and wnluut Secieiary and Iiibrury ltookea ea, elegant toae.vood Eo-gerc-, carvel walnut Bull' l- and Eit-u-iun Table*, walnut H it Rack* and Chan1 n I oilier elegant Kill inlin e. The ul-.ve furtiluir 4a all ol tin- eery beat manufacture, and w 11 b positively aobl by order ol the as?i?iue. The particular alt rill n o. tb?ae III waul of elegant furniture 1? re-|*'- tfolly r.'i|t;osted to i.iit - J. U. FUEL MAN. Aaalgpec. EH. LUl 'LOW, AUCTIONEER. . PEREMPTORY SALE OKS FIRST CLASS HOUSES, by order ol the Supreme t oort, und r t in direction t>l John V Croabf. E*u, Referee. E. 11. LUl?LO\\ A CO. will aril at nuciion 01 Wednesday. February 5, 1x22, a Id u'ci. yk, at the Merchant*' Excuauge:? Ma ll, on avcu.n?Tim eight t.r?l cl 1 * four *:o,a l.royvii atone bl h atoop House* and L t* 1 a-l * de of .Mainaoa avenue, between tnlrty-aceond and Th rty-t'.iird Mreet-, eon prising 1I1 cut I front, nch boil* ' f4.s'.,ifl6feet and c leu aton; con a n a.l the uuMlern lnip.ovenienu. Lot* i'W 1'ci t dreii. A luge t>or on of the purciiu-e un ney can amain n ?n ir?4{.?tt' Maj?, 4<\, ul the a ntloucer's oill. c, K >. 3 IT. iliitL FCOr.TOV, AUCTIONBBK.-I.AROB KALE OK B*U4Iiii|i Furnluiro, l na, HlUiwd T. toifMrl JUte M rror -. Cm pets, Od- oih-. ?Thi* dsy iTnesdav), >11 2at IU*i u'cl >uk, ?t 111 I'ulum street, ti >r .Viim i, tin* entire Kuriiuuic ol a large house, reino*.?'a Horn llrooklyii I: will nuibrme nil kinds and di n rl|>tii>n< o' parlor, ill log room ?nd bedroom cia-ds; sleo. Car jets ami Ollc'niiia, Btdx ami Mnttreasi a, Chti a anil (llara Ware, Sinif., Kmlieti Kiirnlture, Ac.: also, a lar^? a-a >rin rut ol go al a ennd liand Furniture, Including eieiy article ne.cr.aury lor ilealaia; also, una innrble bed Jlilliar.l labia, iu iwwoJ; alto, in S.w.iig Maaliin a, rosewood riaiioiotta, A a. 8 il<- peremptory. GBOROE COOK, ArOTInNFEIL A.ssionke k KALE OP KINK llui*Kilwi.O i ii II'L'RK. This day, at 11 u ck?k, nt at >r , 111 iiroau.vay, below Liberty a: rvet. a Urge stoak o> nr t. 1 ?a .tt-iorn mada Furniture, con-isdnc nf Parlor Suits, tibat'ihstr and R rrptlon Knits, Parlor 8ecr?'aliva, M..ata Cablm ts, Cantcrburl- s, Bt?-:^ri a. Centre ami I'ancy wml T m"?ianl Armnlr a-tll.n i-. d ?.ii'|a door War.Irdx s B. oil s as, Kl n-buaiita, E?tension laluea, Lou uses, Chairs, Jut. bale positive, by ordi r . ul the assignee. Henry ii. Leeds, auctionkkh.-hfnry h. LEKLH A CO. w III sell ai nwUna en iv.-dnea.iajr evening. at 7>ji o cloak, at the residence 1M H tts aritiu,-, near Fo.irieaii.a stnsH, B ..t utor's >al of a large and valuable Library of Medical Books, 8 i i. a. lustrum. nt.*, dr., by ? ; r <?f the asasniofa I . of the lata Dr. Kissam. decease I. Among thrin will be found the following valuable Hooks, vU;?Yepesii'a Ml.l Wlf'-ry, Works on Dlae.ises of the Kyc end Ear, Brooasen'S Medicine Phvelologlana, Kearapas Tralte des Hernias, Trait d'An iiomie 1>. a rtpuve, &H vo.s.; Johnson's Mi .lioii-Cbirnrgi A-thlry Cooper. Belli Anatomy, 8pv.rslto.in oB the Anatomy . 0. loo Bi'.ttu, Ulnars Anato.iiloa: Ptal- a, 'Ilia New Yoik Journal of Medicine. complete Tor the yrara 18M to W. Tit - HtMlati ami Fotvlgu Me ininr Cuiitirgictl Review, vmnpirtr, for l.-ua to lbtal. A.nt oth-t books, comprising about flee hundred volumes. Ala - ilia t-n.lni coil-urn oi 8 trgical Instruments. Tltcy will l a ready fur exainii atioti on the day of asle, from Id A. M to 4 o rlm k |>. M Catalogu -a tan be obtln.ii at Ilia kotiND or at tlie oUi a of the auctioneer, 23 Nassau UM-t. HRNRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER llENKY H. LEEDS A CO. ml 1 tall at auction, on WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29, At 12 o, clock, it No. It Wen Thtriy-.dith street, near Fifth area tie, MOUSES. CARRIAGES AND IIARNKAS, Being the property ?l a gentlemen leaving the city, vli ?I - valuable pair of I ay llorses, liltren.i.nd una -half bands high, warranted aounl, kiudau-l gentle in alt harness. Also one e.oea Carriage (cost $1,400>, on- open Carrie ga (cost $l,k?u), and tint Central Park ahi t in tup, four aea-ed Wagon, all of whieli were built by Wood Mr-m, without regard ItA-ost, and are tn line condition. Also, unit alt settled Sleigh, with ehlftlng top, built by Alan (tinlie and Double Harness, Ilells, Betldlee, Wtilps, English liiuti e *, Hielgh Role -, rt a le Blankets, bnen Car rtagi C-.v.-rln.-, Ac. The etitiii istacilMtbi n. will e sold -With rcaerve. To bar?TIm alxire Stable. Apply lo thr aurtlot.e re. HENRY B. HERTS, JR . AUCTIONEER. ORTUAUK SA1.E OF UOl SKIIObit I I i:M rt RE. IIENKY WOCD .1 CO. Wtl.L MlI.L ON TUESDAY, JANUARY 2s, 1X62, AT II O CLOCK, At the Htilearoo.il No. 41V. lltoadway, .A large lot of Household lu.nitoie, , out) r ams roe-wood Bai lor Rutin, mahogany jB ili-ieade, Hula, rtttietf hart- M ittreaaee, roar wood anil inah -aauy marble top 4V ae It. tan da. Chairs, ItniTets, Velvet and iBjr.tiii Cur|a-ta, A>. BRNRY B. HRRT8, JR., AUCTIONEER. HIKUfFF'S HAbbr?<)irlt h ELKNITURB HKNRV WOOD A CO. wmTil on Turs ay, Jan. M, .it II 'clock, at 19 Wall atreet, t lot of Ofltce F <rti.l.ir-. ct?,,ta?ttng f Drake, Chairs, Imo Rating, Man? Ac.,Ae. By oiler of ia br.tt Lynch, sue.ui. rAWNHK'lB* h >.| rttl.H -JOHN ItTIHSR Wil l, ecil, 111 t day, at ft, II Kw (roadway, a teeg-t r i.?j . ireot niii. - n t w-tmrnv ? l *r*-. s>?w?. sjeatp <, leant" b-. Hy t.nler of AHflAHA X iuujDMaK. It (Jam Are elirev. ( VJ f Nl 8Al.ES AT AUCTION. _ Henry b. usars. jr.. ai ctionkkr. 8mb ilKK'S BALE .ARRETS, AO. henry WOOO 4 CO. w id sell on Tuesdav. Jan. ? 186s, at *? & o ?i>~? it the ?ak?.0"Ul\ *69 Broad.vo}, ><lgh'nau riii Oaiauia. JCV Ul(^thi^suire Klnmet, Counters, Peaks, Bate*, onona, oe. o> ?. JAMES LYNCH. Sheriff. , TOIJtf H. BUKLBV. AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIS 1 el day. ?t 3 o'clock, at III Ca?*l street. a large awrtmcut of Bureau*. Bedsteads, Chairs, Hofas, Bora Beds, Kiln s on, Centre andyothrr Tobies; Washsiauds, Paintings, Iron Solos; Pier, Msnier aud oiber OWsse.s; Kiegerrs. Brussels, Tliree p f and other U 'rt'fu; utiuotna, llalr and oilier MaUri hari, Feather Beds, P?'on r, Bolsters, llstrucks, Bakers' 'IV lea, Trough*, Ac.; alaa Casters, Crockery, Qlasa and Kltelirn Ware, Blankets, OaMotoriara, Ac. To be nold without reaerve. MDOUQIITT. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAY, Tuesday, January 2J, at o clock, at the salesroom No. 89 Nassau at reel, lIousMiolu Km uiture, oooautUi/ of rosewood Parlor Suites, covered in broeatei, mahgwuy do. in liair cloth, viz.; TetesT-e-, parlor and arm Chaira, velvet an l taoeatry Carp 't*. oil -hubs, muhogsnv t >p Centre 1 Tallica, Bookcases, Extension Dining Tallies, Bo He la, Dining i 0 ia.ra, Dressing Bure Ui, W..Bli?Unda, Bedstead*, H tir 1 Mattresses, Palllaaaea, laonig'H, Wardrobes; together with i an assorlmuut ui OIQcc Furniture. PAWNBROKER S R VLE.?J. MORTIMER WILL SELL on Wt'doe>day, 28th lust., a large assortment of Women's i Wearing Apparel; cnM'Silng of ailk, delaine and other ] Drosses, brochft an 1 woollen Shawl*. Remnant* Delaine, Ac.; Quids, Piiiowe, Biuukets, and u variety ol other goods. lly i order. J. LYNCH, 78 Grand street. | PAWNBROKER'S RALE.?'TITIS DAY, AT 10){ O'CLOCK, i X I will sell, without reserve, at Bell A Ingrabam'a Auction rooms, 2ANi w Howery?SOU lota Urat rate Men's. Women's I and Children a Clethln', Quilts, Sheets, Blankets, Shawls, Piece Goodi; sho a liu- line of Watehea, Jewelry, Ac. U, j PAZNANSKI, liceuaed pawnbroker, No. 2 Cil.'er street. ( RT. HA7.ELL. AUCTIONEER. I . WHITTEMOdE A 1IAZELL will sell at auction, this day (Tuesday), at lt>X o'clock, at their i alesroom, 198 Broad- t nARDWAKE, CUTLERY, Ac., I comprising In part Hammers, 8hoe Knives, Sad Iron 8tnnds, Sta r Rods, Turner Hook*. Snullera, Biitkles, Padlocks. Mea- i anrln- Tape*, Coliee Mills, Au,;crs, Curry C mibs. Plane*, , Olue Pota, Tea Kettle*. Sauce run a. Faucets, Sickle*, table and dessert Cutlery, Pocket Knives, Bowie Knlrea, Saw*, Ac. I Also, 50 Sample Card# Sheffield Table and Pocket Knives and Car- , vers. ) SA J. BOOART. AUCTIONEERS ?TUESDAY, JANU- ! sty 28. at II o'clock, at the auction room. No. 1 North WUllain street, mortgage sale of four Green's patent Iron | Billiard Tublcs, with marble beds lA.UiLB BUU^IVAH, AIL'/ lor Mortgagee. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS?WILL SELL ON Wednesday, 29th Instant, at 11 oVIock, hi the coiner of Frankfort anil William *:iveu?, by virtue of an execution, a large quantity of Miscellaneous Works, In sheet form, cuttsibtlngin part of ltoblnson Crusoe, Latin Rookli, Ugly Ouek, KoaamonJ. Auilerson's Titles, Switzerland, llappy lloure, Stories and foetus, Epttureau. Ac. Also a lot of sic el l'lalc Engravings. JOHN KELLY, late Sheriff. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS.?THIS DAY, AT 11 o'clnek. at lite auction rooms, N?. 1 North William street, Ho behold Furniture, Ac., consisting of Sofas, Lonn es, mahogany Rockers, Bedsteads, Beds und Bedd.n ., Linking Glasses, Bureaus. Washstanils, <ak Ann Chairs, Closets, S.-ielionrd, Oirundoles, Carpet", Olleloths, otllce S ove and flue. 101 woo i bottom Chairs; also lot Counters, Store Fixtures. Sashes, Grocery Fixtures. Also, Constable's sale, a to' of sheet Iron C.tiop Boilers, 79 dor. fen Knives, 5 dor. Hill t try Gloves, Ac. DANIEL FRlEL, Constable. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL THIS DAY . (Tuesday), 2dth inst., nt 2 o'clock F. M , by virtue of a custtel mortgage, on the northeast corner of Forty-seventh street ar.d Eighth avenue, on" Frame Building, situate on above site; and Immediately miter, the Furniture and Fixtures of a Wine and Lager Bier S.do >u contuhnd on premises above named. By order of Attorney for Mortgagee. Also, on Wednesday, 29th Inst, at store No. 13 Bowenr, at U o'clock, hy virtue of a ehuUel inort -age, a large lot of Hotel Furniture, vU.'Tables. Chair* Beds, B'dding, Sofas, Stares, Tinware, Ranges, Boilers. Kdnhen F'urnlture. Ae. S. HERMAN, Auctioneer, No. 13 Bowery. SHERIFF'S SALE OF TOYS.?CHAMBERS A FAIRchild, auctioneers, will sell at their salesroom 113 Nassru street, this day, January 2d, at M o'clock, a large variety of Gentian Toys and F'ancy Goods. JOHN KELLY. Sheriff. SHERIFF'S SALE.?DRY GOODB, AC. O CHAMBERS A FAIRCH1LD, Auctioneers. Salesroom 113Nhsk.ui street. Will sell at their salesroom, this day, at U o'clock, a quantity of French Valour.-, Stella and Brucbe Shawls, Scarfs, Foulards, Silks, Kid Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Ac. Also?lor account of former purchaser?a lot of assorted Vesting*. JOHN KELLY, late SherltT. Also, removed from No. 4 Dry street, for convenience of sale, A large assortment of Rubber Combs of every kind. Overshoes, Ac, SHERIFF'S HALE.?8. HERMAN, AUCTIONEER, WILL 0 Mil thin (lay, Tuesday, 28th lost., at ltij? o'clock, at Xn. 211 Broadway, the cntfce stock of a fr.t < h.aa Dining Sal.mo, known as the T.vi rialoou, consisting of about twelve o ,g Dining sml Ealrnaioti Tables, a large assortment of Dining Chairs, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, marble top ami mahogany li ning and Oyster Counters, Ileer Jumps, Gas Pixlurt a, Crockery, China ami Glass Ware; two large Ranges aud boll. rs, and a large lot of Cooking U.ensile, b o i lea many arlklta IH'rutiuiug to above business too uttmeions to mention. JOHN KELLY, Late SherlT. SAI.E OK RUBBER OOODS-BY ORDER OF A3, signers.?CHAMBERS A FAIRCHILD, Auctioneers, will s-ll, this day, at ten o'clock, at their salesroom, a large variety of Combs, Overshoes, Boots, Hand da, Coats, Toys, Ac., Ac. Also Counter, Lounge, Ac. J. TIIORNI BY, i F. C. WaQ.NER, > Assignees. 8- BROOKS. ) T OAF!NET. AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 170 CHATHAM slice:?Will srll, on Wednesday, Jan. 21), at IbJJ o'clock, tint Lease, R ock, Futures ami 0<?>dwtll of the Sratetasa Barroom and Lodging House No. 4 Great Jones ntreel, in ar Broadway, consisting of an excellent lour pull English He r I Bump, Counter, Sheivit , Chandeliers, Oil Paintings, till1 if h. almost new; malm, ly Tables, Chairs, walnut 15c,t-iea,ls. Feather Beds, loir husk ami atratv Ma'tresscs; < hlna and Crockery, bio.e-. lngiain Car|iet, Mirrors, Ac. WM. HOLLINGSIIKAD, AUCTIONEER.?ROOTS, . S'mes and itro.'.ana, at miction, on Tuoaday, Jaunary 2-'!i. at U'Jg o'clock, at the store of J. T. Wbitehnuse, No. 23 C n tlandt atieet, comprising a prime lot of desirable G o Is, llrecl from msnufucturers. Catalogues on mornlu.' of aale. r WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELI, TO- = rnorrcvv, at 11 o'clock, lit No. 4 East Broadway, th entic tick of a Fancy Stoie, Ri 'lious. Gloves, Iio.e, S.Iris, i ail's' Collins. Cbihlren'a Drrs ea. Glass Cases, Counters, Gas Pendant*, and "Vrrylliltig In that line. j *5n * d. ~ _ _ _ J vrOTICE.?THE CITY OK MANCHESTER WILL LEAVE J, A.1 tue C mpuny .. D h k, Pier it North rlver.at three o i l.ick 1 1'. .V. o day. 1'aii engera will please lie on board at two 1*. M. jj N otice to i'a.s.sex..eics for europe ? by or tier of Hio Sixne.ary o! Si.ite, all paasencers 1 laving tho United Stales, are required lo (rovule tbemselves with pass- J porta before ihey ivill is allowed on board the steamer. Passenger* will not ire subjected io any trouble or delay in i.rocsirinirlheni. II they rail for InsirmeiIons at the Company'. o Ileei. 15 B'O.i way N Y. JOHN O DALK, Agent. SI'am ue -kly Iter ween New York and Liverpool, tan ling and cmharslng pa s u_. r? rt Qucnatown, Ireland. The Idreritool, New York an ! Pis lah-iphhi Steamship Company tin end snatching their lull powered Clyde built iron steam- I hips, as foil e.\a ? CI I Y ii Nli'V YORK Saturn a v. February 1 J CITY OF W.tSlllNuroN Saturday, be-ruory 8 1 an 1 everv Saturday, at main, lion Pier41 North rivir. h n trxs or T'AssAi:r. 1 First cabin 37*|8u e a;e $10 S " t" Loudon Sd | " to I. onIon 31 " to >'nr a 8d I " to Par.s .18 I " to itambnr.'.... 8> | " lollamhurc 3i v Passengers a'eo forw irde l to Hiivre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp. Jr., at S'ptally low rati a. Pe sous wishing to lo iiig ?ot their friends ctn buy tickets e here at tli" following rat"-, to NerYork:?"rmn L'trorpool J1 or Qneenstown, first cab n. $7's 583 and $103. Steerage, d from I.iTeipooI, $40. From (jnceu iown, $3 . These steamers have s t? ro a routtnu ntlons for nss- * Bengera, a n! eit'. ry ecpnrlen o! ur.co.is. 1 hey are built tn w der tight iron sections, und have patent (ire am.hllators on board. For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIVM INMVN, A",out, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to AI.KX. MALCOLM, No 3 St K oehrstinare; In A W. D MKYMOt'R A < G.; 111 London toEfVBS v MACKY. fll J Eing William a roet; m Paris to JULES UEOOCK, No. 5 i Plooede la Bourae; In P diadelphla to .lOlIX G. DALE, lit I Walnut str'c\ or nt the Company's oflice-. 'I JOHN G. DALE, A ent, 13 Broadway, New York. HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY, ; Steam to II* "burg. London, Havre aud Southampton. ' The favotlie f.rs' class and elegant Iron inallsteKin-ihlp 1 BAVARIA. E Taiibe, cuinuianJer, canylng the UiilP'tl 8!-lea mail, sal's from pier No. 21 North ' rivir, loot of Fulton street, positively on SATURDAY, Februnnr 8, and takes pass-tigers lor Hamburg, London, Havre and Southampton at the lollowiog rates:? Kira >111 7. 9100 < 8 omdiabln <0 ' ti tcerage 36 1 For rasaage aptly oiclualvlv lo C.'B. RICHARD A BOAR. Ill Broadway, N. t. ( The NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S RTKAMHHH* II ANSA 1 11. J. Von Ronton, commander. carrying the United ' State- mall, a 111 aall from pier 30 North rleer. foot of Cbam- i bcrastre. t. on ; SATURDAY. February IS, at 13 o'clock M., ma IIP.!"..MEN YIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking paaarngrm t<? ! I/lNboN, IIAVKK, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at ill following nit a ? F' r the firat ratdn, 9100; aeaond cabin, 960; steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to oei.rioh8 A co., 68 Broad street Steam TO LONDONDERRY, tlHRGOW AND LIVER- j punt?'The M unreal SleaimblP C mpany'a flret rlasa, ttill p >wrred, Clyde built'learner NORTH A >1RRICAN, Capt 11 Burgees, carrying the Canadian and United R tales mailt, n 1:1 aall (rum Portland, tint Saturday, Feb. 1. Rites of I passage from New York?Firat e'a-a a eordliig 10 uroinrain- , d.a on. 9'0 .ind 9l'?; ate- iaje, found with good provisions, , 9.30. Cerilllrntra Issued for bringing'put p ssenjera from all 1 the princliatl towns In Great Btltuln and Ireland. at rery low rales. For passage api>l / at 33 b rind way, New York. BABEL A SKA RLE. General Ag.rua. Royal mail steamship arabia?for liver. pool.?The ARABIA, H. Shannon e uumander, will aall I frottrt ih" aiream on Weeneaday neat, tl e T.Hh Inst. A steamlo.it will leave the company's wlisrf, at Jersey City, for tha Arab a. a' one o'i link, to eonrey puss. n^-rs ami baggage on I board. The Afrlea will sail Fei rnan 13. 1 E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. PASSAGE TO OR FROM LIVERPOOL, BY TAPRCOTT 8 line, at the lowest tales. ship ROBERT L. LANK sells for Liverpool Jan. :V For p a ige apply on hosr'k pier No. 6 North river, or 10 TAPSCOTT .* CO., to SouiU atruet. IjlOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A first clues strain' r will lean- New York on the 1st, iltli Mid 31st ol ru, h month, ricept when the?e dales fall on Bunds y|twhen the day of departure will be on the Monday fid1 For^fmight or passage apply at the onlyoltlee. Nn. 6 Bowing Ureeu. D. B. ALLEN. Agent. FOR HAVANA.-TIIK UNITED STATE* MAIL 8TKAMalitp COLUMBIA, R. Adams, Utdteit States Navy, cominsnder, vvllilravo pter No. 4 North river,'on Thowday, January 30, at I J o c ork nomt precisely. Passengers are re. m.-s-ed te prouiw tlu-gr imsapert. betor<- pot up on imstd. l or Irelghtot pa-sate sl-nly to SPOI-FORO. TILETSON A CO . 3il Hi-'ia- Wty. The COLUMBIA wl.l stop < II Port ltoyal to land the mail*. ^ ! ff'O HAYA.AA.-THR DOI HI.E WF1II8 R UNITED I St-'iwh m* t Mi a 1 tfelp R()AN?'Rt, O'.o. ^. Couch, | tommau itc, will >a ' pet N-'th rivet. r lla ?.na dtt?r\ on tYw.nraeBt f?h >. *t 13 O-du k. Arfjl I 1,1 DLam a HKINRK, 116 Broadway. O - -y ? f i *7 * C EW rORK. HERALD. Tn; _ * * O A. v P" ? ^j^SEI, ROOMS, &CH TO LET. A IBtfjf OAN HOUSE TO- LKT-'WITHIN FIVE Irtrtea walk wcat of Union equate. Fnrultnre throughdtt exci |,i!ng lluen and silver; price $*1/0, which ball iuejiijh' r.-nl to May 1, as Ilia own?tr la going abroad. Ail Irdaa Mere, nil. aiatiou C Post ollioo, N. V. A LCTIONam.*? 79 NASSAU STREET. TO LET d ai,,T glvou on tee 1st of Fubruury; one of thTbillftMSe r"7- A*i? to GEO. G. BlcfcLKS, 7? Nassau street, up alaifa ' Tmaitirv n,w?? m LET?TUB FAMILY HOTEL. D rtitat""I'Xred I'^^uruau^r^K'Tbe gas and sen erage. Sire or btuieiS, kitchens To a uncd Sigh, with good dry under cellars ar?i . v fa"iabte te?w? tenant the hou-o wl.l be rented on ?""? ? Mr r IUUI timi, new YOTK. H???L , JjET-IN EWHTH STRWhs * ?^TrEf* Futh ?n 1 Bixtli avciiu *, to a pr.v.ue V ,ur gtoriea boarders, with Immediate possession; bouair W oomo.eie wltb all modern improvements, and recently nufSa Fonr.h f l>*ir tOrougbout. Apply toJAMLS NKILL, AM iue?t. L0FT8 TO LET-SIZE 13 FEET BY IHO FEET. A'#" V rent. Id the. marble budding No. 24 Walk r, near C'bjv meet. For particulars ad< r a or tuquiiu of E. L., 201 *n? Forty-eighth street, betwecu Eighth and Ninth avenues. STEAM POWER IN OREENE STREET.?TO LET. 1.* j Howard's Buildings, 43, 44, 46, 48 and 60, near Canal ana Hrnndway, Rooms wltb Power; real low, immediate posseslion given. Apply oh the premises. TO LET-COTTAGE HOUSE NO. 10 HORATIO STREET, with gas, furnace, range, bath, A Complete possession mmedtatcly. Rent $850. Apply to A. P. HTURTlSVANT A CO., 13 East Twenty -seventh s reet. rO LET?STORE 172 WEST STREET, BETWEEN MCRruy and Warren streets; a good location and suitable for iny business. Iuquiro at ibe suite. r LET?AT 116 WEST TWENTY SE VENTH STREET, large and well ventilated Lot ts, wltb seam power, eti .be second, third and Fourth boors; building ts 86 by 88, and will be let low to a good tenant, luuuiri; on the nremis s* JOHN S. MEi EH. Builder. rO LET?HOUSE AND STORE, 232 RIYINOTON Street. Also apartments of three Rooms, 187 Forsyth ilroel, 126 East Houston street, uud apartments of two [I loins. 123 and 132 Cbrystle street, 24 Luulow street, 101, LA md 187 Forsyth street uud others. K uis low. Inquire of A. M. FANNING, 226 Bowery. rO LET.?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE No. 1 Ablilugdon square, 304 Went Thirty-llfth street, be.ween Eight un l Ninth avenues, containing the modern improvements; 174 West Twenty-lirst street, between Seventh uid Eighth avenues, modern improvements; 263 WestTweu.y-second street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues, mod:rn Improvements; 7 West Forly-ilist street, near Hixth ttrenie, four story English basement, modern impr.iv> m nts; 12 Ninth avenue, three story house and store, between lighte n h and Nlneb eoth str-ets. Also, desirable parts of louses, The above houses will bo let very low, J. A W. IKNHA5I, Eighth avenue, corner SLtCeuth street, lruiu uuruing null: 9 In the evening. rO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POWER, FIRST second, third or fourth Floors, 27 by 76 feet, 101 East Thirty-third street. Inquire of JAMES OWENS, 102 East Thirty-fourth street. rO LET?SECOND STORY, CONSISTING OF FIVE Rooms, and I rout Basement of 130 East Tuirtlelh street, lesr Lexington avenue; gas und water throughout; nouses* nou 1st of February; rent very low. Iuquire at 08 East Twenty-eighth street. roUsT-AN OFFICE, AT NO. I CHATHAM SQUARE, on secoud boor; a very light room. A good location lor i real estutu ageuey. Will he let reasonable. Iuquire iu the amp stole, Nu. 1 Chatham square. rO LET?FOR BUSINESS, SOCIETIES, CLUBS, AC., the entire upper part ot the Buildings 817 and 812 Broad vay; also small 8lore at 48and 62 East Twelfth sli-uet, near Iroudway. JOHN 8. KELSO, 02 William street. rO LET-THE LAROE NEW BUILDING NO. 35 PARK direct, near Duiiuc nod Centre, suitable fur mauufaeturng or storagKent low, on early app.teation to WM. H. iCOFIKLD, 39 William street, llrat floor, rear ofllce. rO LET-THE FIRST FLOOR ABOVE 'IHE NEW marble front (tore, 45/ Sixth avenue, near Twentyerenth street, Ave Rooms, in good order, with water and as, to a small family. Apply nt the a'.ore. rO LET-A CHOICE OF BEAUTIFUL ROOMS, UNfurniahed, In a mat elan brown atone house, with ail he modern improvements, occupied by a private iaiuily, at a ery low rent. Apply at 59 Eaat Tweuty-elghtli street. rO LET?THIRD FLOOR OF NO. 12 PINE STREET, near Broadway, 65 feet Rv SO teet, wlih o lire atta bed, tillable for any buatneas. Rent $2M) per annum. llateliray ai tl rails la goo 1 order. Apply o K. R. VOUU11T, 12 "ine street. rO LET-THE STORE NO. 440 PEARL STREET. 105 feet deep, 25 feet front; dry and well lighted; Immediate loasession given. Apply on the premised. rO LET?IN BROOKLYN, AT PRIVATE HOUSE NO. 83 Ttllary street, the Second Floor, four Rooms, at $) 1 icr month, In advance; has Kldgcwood water. No childr n low In the house; seven mluutea' walk from ferries. Apply in the premises' rO LET?FURNISHED, WITH IMMEDIATE Possession, a Parlor and Kitchen on the second Uoor, with me or tiro Roonia on the fourth lloor, In house No. 98 St. lark s place. Everything requisite for housekeeping lor a mull family. Inquire on ihn premises, rO LET OR LEASE.?A COUNTRY SEAT AT THKOC'S Neck, Westchester rountv. There are forty-one acres atsoiled to the House, In a htgli state of cultivation, ivlth a *id<n of < ne and s half seres well stocked with fruit, Ac. 'lie buildings are commodious, with nil prop r outhouses, ix.:?Barns, Carriage House, Ice House Idled, Ac., Ac. The letaucu is thirteen miles lio n the City llsll, i.nd two and a all*miles fiom the rallro 'd depot, nn t w.thlu walking dissneefruin the steamhunt. Tnere Is also a Farm House on lie luemlses. Possession will be itlveu on Mnr :h I, or sou ler. Ippl.i 10 D. J. COSTER. No. 2 Hanover street, from 12 to 2 cluck, 1*. M.; or from ,3 to 10 o'clock A. M. at No. 152 West 'ourt'-enih street, rO CABINET MAKERS.?TO LET, ON RROADWAY, AN old established Stand, couslstlu^ of three large floors; nit to suit the tlmos. iuqti rj of 8. CANTKKLL, 815 Broad r-*y _ rO RAKERS AND OTHERS?A FIRST RATE CORNER to let or lease. Apply at 315 Third avenue. DRY GOODS* A T R. H. MACY H NOS. 2.14 AND 2Jt! SIXTH AVKNl B f\ uvo dciora below Fourteenth llrivt, you will alwayt tlnd i nil stuck of Klbbon#, Lcti, Handkerchief!, Embroideries, k'hlte Uuuda, line Flannels, llouaekeeping Goods, Ciiriuln ;.n.l Muslin, Hosiery Hint Gnder-wcar, ladles' made tip n ler Clothing, ,te. N. B.?The only house In Netv York inu sells ladir*'dollar Kid Glove# lor si tiy-three i cut* (by null al\ti-nlne cents), ititd always * lull assortment of sizes ltd colors. A 8FLENDID VARIETY t\. OK CLOAKS, SACUI'KS AM) 1'ALETOTR. IN 1'LUSUES ANU CLOTHS, A GREAT REDUCTION >N I'Klt'KS. W. R. ROBERTS, Bowery. r-ir> GLOVES, KID GLOVES, KID GLOVES ?WHITE [V mid hglii coiOrit, lor bull# and evening par.le*. I rest quality White hid (Ltdles) 60 cents per |ialr ie ond " " " 31 " " Irsi quality " (G nts) 75 " " leeotid " " " 50 " " We gtmranipc to supply every lady and ceutleman tvbo Inends to go in the Ktr> in n's or any other ball for the Season villi go ?i Otovi a a' the above pro ea. W. K. 1'EYTUN, 274 Bowery. nnn WORTH OF HOUSEKERl'INU AND DOpOl/.t/UV/ ints.le Giioda generally?Bought lor rash irloru the gp at rise in Cotton. W Hi be Hold I y the piece or urd leas than ptvaetil Wholesale p i e*. GEO. KbYhr, .K3Eightlt artune. tll.OTHI.VG. AT THE OLD STAND. EZEK1EL GUARANTEES TO t\ p*y the following prlt) * ? $ii to f to for Silk Ure?-i?a; tr.logk6forGo.ti; $3 lo $7 for l'anta; alao Furniture, Gar* els, .leivelry, Ae. A note oy |H?l punctually attended to hy 17.KKIKL, 1.14 Seventh avenue, between Nlnetuentli and fi< entleth Si reels. 1 sidle# attended lo hy Mr#. Kteklel. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ?I HAVE jnut teeelved gl.UtO to purrhH?e ea?t oir I'lothlnc, Ftirnl,ure anil Car|>et? lor Ihe California tnai ket. 1 do pronSae to )ay Ihn hivheatprice In the elly by ea'lliix on or addreaslng it tote to E/ MINT/., 137 Stub avenue, two doora above Tenth i iaiuicr tiKUuru iu uy nrn. eiuiic. nci.ivmwi, i?i Sixth avenue. Aroamvi PMt.-umu ahi> obxtlbmxii ir you want to gel tho full Tiiliie for yottrcaat off Clothing, furniture, Carpel* and Jewelry, the beet you c.n <ln l? to toil i r aend a note to A. HARRIS, AM Third avenue, between IT. irty-eighth unit Tnlrty-uiulb a tree la. east able. Lailiea atended to by Mr. Harrla. AT TIIF- CALIFORNIA* AND WESTERN AUKNOY Store the bighe-t price can be obtained for ra?l off .'Willing. Ca-|>t:*, Jewelry, Ae. for Silk Urcma. Mom $8 to >JS; lor CoatH, trom (2 to $18; for Paula, from $1 1/0 to $6. A note a<ldrr?ard H. Hnrria, SA3 Bowery, opposite Iwnl loin a "treat, will be pnucttially attended to. Ladle* attended ?y Mra. Harrla. ADKMAND.?$12,IX 0 WORTH OK CAST OKK CLOTHin*, Carpeu, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, lor wltleh ihe mw.1 value ran obtained by calling on or addre-ilng R II TO sinh avenue, near Wararlev nlare. Lailiea ait-tel r<l by Mr*. ?. H. Pick** remember ?n*(i try 79 Hiitli imuiit A REMITTANCE OK $3 090 AND ORDERS lO PAY bitv per rent more thiin any other denier for tUK mil woollen Dresses. Coula, Pant*. Ac., loi Minnesota. Please 1*11 on or address l>y p<>*l LKVEbHlYN, JOS Heventh avenue. L.iulr* attended by Mi*. L. A GREAT QUANTITY OK CANT OKr CLOTHING w.mted, Furniture, Carpets, Jewelry, Ae.. U? n.i] ply tlir Weatern market. I pay aa follow a ? K. r Slla llreaac*. (Mm |IJ to $(J; tloata, Iron $10 to $2,1; l'?*li, from $ .3 to t* Call nil or address A. Due**, No. 218 Seventh nvenue, Ix-twc it Twenty-fourth and Twenty-dub siren*. Ladle* ato n led to by Mr*. I>. _ Attention?i.adiks and gentlemen, ik you wi*h to art Ihe full value-tor your eaat olf ITotliuie, Carpel*. Kiirnllnre and Jewelry, the beat yon ran do I* to ra I or tend a note to F. IIA KRIS, 106 Seventh avenue; I here} on may be convinced you will be d.alt w Ith sattatncior*. Korail* Dreare* fiom $8 to $50, for Coal* from $6 to fat. for rant* from $6 to $6. Please do not forgetthe number? 196 Seventh venue, near Tweiity-flrst atrret. Ladiea attenned by Mra Marrla A LARGE ORDER.?9I9JXM WORTH OF CAST OFF Clo'hing. OMrpet*, Furniture and Jewelry warned lor the Western and California market*. l<a.Meaan<l genth m -u bnrlng any lo dispose of can receive fat per cent morn tliiin by any oiner dealer In the city. Call at or address H Mint/., 179 Third avenue, near Seve iternlb street. Lndlci el tend oil by Mre. Mini/.. li? Third ar. nue. Abetter chance than ever for ladies nno gentlemen lo obtain the 'ilghe-t price lor lltelr maloll C o'hlng. I guarantee In |wy the following prices.? FursMk Dreasa <, front $9 to $39; I rout 93 in 9lf> lor tioatat rrom 92 In $6 for pant*: also. Carpet*. Furnluir" and Jewelry. I'leaae call on nr addree* J, ANItALT. 132 He nth avenue, between Twentieth and Twenty.flrat street*. i-ailei attended by Mr*. Anlmlt. At the new stand, 299 third avkni e, ladies *u 1 gendemencan neenre the full taltte fur tin Ir c??t iiflf Clothing, ny calling on wt ad.irea?iiia C. JACOBS, 29.1 Third venue, lietwern T ' cn*v-#drd and TWeniy-fuurlltStreeta. Ladiea attended by Mlaa K. Jai una. A ttf.ntion1?i HAVE A LARGE ORDER FROM Til? J\ West to pnrcbaai minll C dung. Carpet*, Fnri.lt i.r?, Ac. laillu* and (etttb ni u, you can rc. elve tne highest pr? e by ealllngon oraddreaain* t<y pnat, M. Abraham*. 2S3Hgy? n'h avenue. Ladlaa punctually attended to by Mra. A,

- yr r ' r ;sdaV, jan 1/auy as, is( A*iU4KaiUMTS. NI F LO'S GARDEN. Ieos-e tnil W?n.m?r Henry C. Jarrett FOURTH WKKK Of T1IE OKRAT ARTISTS. MB. J. HT. WALL AUK, JB.. MB. E L. O.V.VE J'ORT. MK W.Y1. VV1I i.ATI.MY, MB. MARK SM TH. MRS. JAMES W. WALLACE. JR . MBS. JULIA K HARROW. TWO BEAUTIFUL PLAYri TO-SIGHT. This ToK!?n?r Etkmmij, Jan. 28 wilt l>e pre? uicj, lor ibe bis. time si tkia theatre, Lord Byron's beautiful p!a\ of WERNER: Or, Tuk i.?Kaittin. WERNER MR. JAMES W. WALLACE, JR. (Ah performed by him nlik moat limrked suet ens throughout I'm principal cities of Great Brt'nln and America.' UAUOR MR. K. L. DAVEN I'ORT 1 LR 0 MB. V. M WHE.vTLEV IDKSS'EfN MR. MARK SMITH JO. EI'lil.NK MRS. J AS. W WALLACE, JB. To conclude with the come.Helta of A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER. Alfred H'ghflyer Mr. Win. Whistler Sir Murk Chase, with song. ... ...Mr. Mark Smith Maria Darlington, with sung Alia. Julia B. Barrow To-morrow Mr. Hackrit wilt uuuear, for the 0,hs( time la three rears, aa PALSTAFF PRETENDING LOVE. im BiiakapA'Ns'a enrvwriv <#f THE MEKttY WIVES OF WINDSOR. [Jo preparation U ACnEm, with a tplrndtd distribution. Dda notice will he glv, n of the firs: representation THE COLLEEN BAWN, In whicfr MRS. JOHN WOOD. , he quern of DOmedy huiI ion r. unit hi!H. JOHN COLLINS. the vlebrated Irish coi.Vl.aii i.iul vocailit, will appear PRICES. Admls. ^"n (toa'.l partspf the bouse) 51 rents Secured " f'lUOl Stall* 75 cent* n0. v open at 7. A? tr sin rises a'7J?. jj0, "VdHee ojien dallyr from 8 A M. till 5 P. M. LOST XND FOI VT). j A lava"bra ?e,lkt lost?t n sunday, the 28th In doing lit). '/?>?' ohuua. , Twontv-nlxth street t marked Lizzie. A suitable reward .oil be given l'.ir the rata. ?j the came to SO Kail Twenty-sixth street. Valued us tht* yft of a friend. Found on the x>'st., a carriage doo black and whim apouSS. The owner nan have kirn l>y proving property and pay hi* excuses. Call at lid Third avenue, corner of Fourteen!?xtreM. BTOUND?running AT larob, ,ON FRIDAY, 2?If 1 lust , a valuable Hunting I>o*, Which the owucrcaa hare by calling at 312 Pearl street and paging chargra. Found-on Saturday morning, adrift at the foot of Eighty-eighth street, East river, a. Yawl Boat, painted blue. The owuer can have h"r by calling on Henry Kcu.ng, Eighty-eighth street and avenue A, by proving property ami p .ying expenses. Fount!?on saturday, january 21. in north river, a Bundle. The owner ran have it hy proving property and paying expenses. Inquire in the liquor store, root of Ounsevoort street and Teuth avenue, where Information will be given. Fur colt ar lost-on Friday NionT, in or near Union squ re. The finder cun receive a reward or thanks, as he muv meter. Iiv nnnlvlr.ir at 311 Kust Twentv. first street. Lost-a bunch ok keys, having three brass keys lu the bung'i. The under wilt be suitably rewardoil by leaving them at 2S7 Greenwich street, over the Irving Bank. Lost?on or about Saturday, January 25, a ladies' D ainoud Cluster King, ??r four Small stones, rained sotting, and twisted gold wire on outside of finger band. Toe I.ruler will be handsomely rewarded nu returnin : cild Ring to Clerk's offlco, 168 Clinton street, between 9 A. M. and 4 P. m. Lost?from the schooner trade wind, lying at Wuydell's wharf, Brooklyn, a Yawl Boat, painted lead color: drifted oil' on Saturday morning lust. The tinder will be suitably rewarded by giving information to W. IK lien smith, 12 Old slip. Lost?on sunday, the28th inrt., a gold bandlirauelet, on Fifth avenue, between Twenty-first and Thirty-second stret is The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It at 293 1'ifth avenue. IOST-ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, IN SIXTn AVENUE' 2 between Thirty-fourth and Forty-eighth streets, a lady's Small lllack Cloth Saek Cape. The finuer will be suitably rewarded by leaving it at No. led West Forty-elghtli street. I GST?CERTIFICATE NO. 7.941. DATED SEI*T. S. Iff#, 2 for twenty shares of the capital stock of the Panama It olio id Company, iu the name of Frederick Denial, who Will apply to sai l company for a new certificate. Lost-january 27, a pocket book. containing about Bid lu bills, also iwo-siateenth* of a Havana Lottery Ticket, No. 16,Ut'l. The tinder will be rewarded oy leav. log it at 17 Broadway, first lloor. IOST-ON TUESDAY EVENING, 21ST INST., GOING 2 into Ntblo s th aire, a Mink Muff. The limler will be rewarded by leaving or tending it to No. 34 Morton strcrt. RUWARDS. ~ d?0 REWARD.?LOST, ON FRIDAY NIGHT, JAN. 24. In the neigh- orhood of Firat avenue aud Eighteenth street, a fur Cap. The Under w II receive the reward an 1 the thanks of the owner by leaving it at Mr. Gallon's, corner o: Seventeenth street and First avenue. Q') REWARD.-STRAYED, FROM 349 WEST FORTY<jpO ?>iuh street, one door irnm Ninth avenue, on Sunday nnirning. 16th inst., a sinslt Dog, crossed with King Chsiles and blsek and tun, . a h side of neck long hair stands out, hair un breast wultc and tsu, legs tan and hair longer than on body, tips of toes white, answers la the name of Spurt, Mx years out. Any pen >11 mm n ng ntm 10 ino nrove number mIU receive the reward and thanks of the ow ner. (J>0 REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY EVENING. ?PO January Id, a small black and tan Slut. Auy one teturnlng hnr to C. H. Wright a Iced store. Hid Fourth street, will retjelvn the above reward. * Oil C REWARD.-LOST, ON SUNDAY NIGHT, JAN. iplt/ 2d, trnm n sleigh, between Slrj Iter's Buy, He ouiittgdale road. Seventh ami Greenwich avenues, an extra lat>,u minlt turn ton Eur Gape, t he Under will receive the above reward and the toanka of the owner by leaving It at 111 Carmine street, tlrst Hour. fljrn REWARD.?MISHINO, SINCE LAST FRIDAY xjp?)x.r afiornoon, 4 P.M., John CantieM, stevedore, lorrnerly r.n hoard the Hamburg steamer*. Any one know ing ol ins whereabouts will comer a favor on his wife by h avtng word at hisoUlce, CI West street, ami the above reward will be given. FlU.MTl'ltK. V bedroom suit ok enamelled furniture tor S21, In all eolora, of wnrrauleu mauufactiue; ulro solid chestnut Chtttub -r Sulla, plain and ornamental, at II. F. I'AKIUNUTON'S, 3G1 Canal street, uppualti: Woustar. Eatuhllahed tu IS4S. Auction notice.?you can buy all kinds ok Furniture, Uedmng. A'-., <hrii,er than at any other lua e. warranted and dHlvuted free, ul (1. W. HNEDEN S, 2b. Bowery. between Stanton and Houston streets. Call, you will save money. I enamelled chamber suits ok furniture, in VI an i-?t. r? and mvI-'n, nt w liolcsKle an I retail, at S-d mid upwards. Also, M.ittn s ea and Palliasses. WAKKEN VI Aid), 277 C?n.il struct, four doors east of IJroadway. LU KMri'IlE HOl'tillT.-AiJ. KINDS OK HOUftEHOLD I Kurni.ur>' bought f>>r uaali, anil h good price given, at 479 Tutrd avfniic. n ar Thirty-fourth street. rls u>e i-ali or andre** Furniture, as uho.e. N. B.?A good assortment of second hand Furniture for enlc. tlURSITI RE. - CA5U PAIEtFOR SECOND HAND FOB I miiiif. M i ron-and t arpots. Country culls attended to A.;>li>'*? Furniture Store, uiO Hudson street. A good ma boganjr rijmtpton Secretary Bedstead tor >a!c cheap. llESTAlHANTS. OT STB It II cooRED BY riTEAM AT* Till: FULTON Colli v House, Mj Knl.on street. ?To those ? Ito h teeirieti a "steam," nulling nr. <1 tie sstd; but to those wlio bare sot, wo would sajr, try one, and yon will acknowledge that It t* the only true way to oook oysters. This has been an thoto tghly ilemoiiatrated at Washington that ail other methods bars been abandoned there. A9TROLOUY. A BONA FII)B AMrttOlilMiiST, THAT KVKRy"(INK tan depend on, la Mini'. WILSON, wh tells the o''j?ot ol yoitrvlrlt as ?ooii us you enu r. She toils the past, present and rtiiure of your li e. and warns you of dangers, ami bring* Biieeess out of the nmsl perilous un tertaklng*. N. H.?Cslehrsted magic eharms. No. It) Allen street, between Houston and Htsn'on streets, over the bakery. Charges for ladies and gentleman, to eems. A BTOBIAUlNtl.?MADAME MUKIIOW, SEVENTH daughter, has a gtiT of foresight; tells how soon and how oi ten you wt 1 marry, and all you wish to know, even your very thoughts, or no pay. Lucky charms free. Her e jual la not in lie round. Her Magle. Image is now in full o|M!i-atloa?ItM Ludlow stjeet, below Houston. Price 25 cent*. Usntlemen not admitted. A clairvoyant.?ai.l diiiaim pibooterep and cured II eur.ilile. lost and ?tiden property discovered, the late ai d whereabouts of abai nt Irtvn <s made known, unerring advtoe on business. Ae., by .Mrs. SKY.MOl'lf, the most fclebruteil meiti. nl anil hustnesi c atrvoynnt In Amerl a. at lu| West Ktrt-enth street, corner of Sixth svenuo. Hot larsrtlon or no pay. CtOftA A. SEAMAN, INDKl'ENDENTCLAIRVOYANT? / Medical Slid business entlllllUtlnlis d .y sn t evenln.'. The seb>n< o she tinfoil* so sstlsfarlnry to sit It la imiii<* itssary to xlvc Illustrations of thetr astoun ling results, hut continue.* at JJ9 Division street. Madame hay, am seventh avbniib, nkaii Twenty seventh street, surprises sit w ho visit her. The sirk, troubd I and unlucky diuutd 'e?t her powers. She tells yiiur very thoughts, lucky nutnbsrs, buses. Ladles 24 rents; C.,r. own LA) I vnts Madame estelle's chaldean maoiyuk l> Amour.?Malame Kttrllr, of Roe B'. Ttonorr, I'aria, mt H' ti I Btirrt, London. roupe t, nlly .nflirma the Indie* unit gentlemen of loo Untied Suite* that slut liu* rnuliU?ln>u an Menu) in t mi rlty in Km* Ym k lor the *a.e of ktr MtobMkM I .iiiI'Ii-iiii Mi*ki*|iii! IVAmour. Thi* wonderfult-harra euahlra It* |hm?im.oi to obtain tin- love hi any pcraoa at the mmM bp*. It will l>c eont by mail lo any part of the elty or country upon ih?* receipt of one dollar, with toll dlreetu-na. Com, munleaH ma Mrletly onnlldentlal. Addrr-a K. Hoy OA to.. Agents, MS Broadway, New York. quie (jukatkst wonder in tiik world ib tub J. young and sccoiupliahrd MpUmf BTROIt. mm flrik who ran he i-onaiitinl with the Btrtrteat confidence on all flairaof Mfcj restores ilrutiknn ami unfaithful husbands: hat a aerrvi lo make you beloved by vuttr heart's Ideal, and Itrlmin loaPthi-r thoao long separaten. Ladle* 2o cento. Ileal deuce W Third avenue, abovu Twelfth street. TRULY WONDF.RFUL.-WHn WOULD N<?T CONRULT the re.enraied Madam FRIt'R. on the past, preeeat and future eventanl lite, at 189 Concord street, one door from Hud cm arenue, Brooklyn. Fee 1.1 eenta. WllO WOULD NOT 00 WHERB FORTUNE IBf-OO ye. * Mlaa WELLINGTON, the great English I'rrv phrlrsB, the lest of all, and c*i ttiM he excelled. Can heronaitl ttd, personally or by letter, on all affalraof lite, concernIn a Uw BiHta, journey*, ahaect friend*, lore, roitrtahlp, marriage, health, wealth, and who ran reclaim drunken and unfaithful husiiatidk. Ml*aW.la the only |ieraoB In till* etly who haa the gejoutne Roman and Arabian lallamana for lore, good luck and alt business atrelra, and an' enarestleea for life. Delay hot to cnn?nlt this naturally gifted and beiiutUul young lady. Lucky mnnhrra giren. uglily respectable rlty refereuea. Can he seen at her reside nee, I'll Hlith avenue, rpposl A Rig lull Blre-t. BOWERY, NEAR BROOME HTRF.KT ?MADAME , J|\)?2 WMHtER, Clairrojmnt and glfle i Span, ah laily. n g.' veil* the mysteries of fdlutIky, love, marriage, audent frie elrkunaa; prescribe* medletnea for all disease*; tclla oucky umber*) property loat or stolen, Ac. >2. AI>I I'MBJIKMTS. I WALLACE'S _ NIGUTLY VABIETT | STANDARD COMEDIM, And olhara in an a-'tlva t.iCe <>1 pronoratiOir, MM f ttieij, uiuaic, UMiumaa sod autre apuoinuuaula Ml ' He nr. . TO-NItillT, TO-VlUliT, TCE-iDAY, TI'ESDAY. WU1 ba repealed Mra. Cowlry'- ciegaut ?ro acl Comedy of BOLD BT.OKE YOB A n USB AND. WMf# ru received on Wedneadty lacl by a full and fa?lnooaula audience, ?1 U tbe moat gratifying demnn?lrat ana of aMjceaa aud now preacuted Willi Ilia aa.ue capital eaat 1> 11 J din ? Mr. i>i iter WaHack DuiiC.aa Mr. Bfcke Dun Vin-eutlo Mr. Floyd Don Oarloa Mr. C. Rlslier Oiapar Mr. Young D n (larcia Mr. Rejriioida Dju Yaaquar Mr. Bmwne 1' dro Mr. Par-Iuo De-Co Mr. Parka Olivia Mra. Hoof I l ioria Mlax K. Mnrant Luna Mu< Miller Mlrrtta Mi.sa Mary (lannon. Mane, la Mtas Crocker San --lie Mlait (,'Hrm.in ROTATION OP STANDARD CUM Willi* SOU TUB BEST OF JIIK M KHK. WEDNESDAY, LONDON ASoUUANi'E Tlf I'RSDAY, TIIK HONEYMOON. FRIDAY. A CURE FOR THE HEART SATURDAY. _ _ THE ROAD TO RUIN. Pot Rot now open. N.itick.?D <or? opvn it leren. Performance* commence at half | ait seven, and terminate before eleven. Family 0 n li* 25 cent* Knjtesand Par,|uet...t>0 cents. I OrchestraStalin. fl Frlvate Boxes '..$7 I yyiKTEB OAllDEN. *Hf? (TUESDAY) EVEMRO Bill be repeated the OREAT BENEFIT BILL OF LWLST NIGHT. The orlgi.Ml A'nwrtean Comedian. ? ? , *?. J. S. CLARICE, Will appear iir TWO or ma A* SCHNAPPS * C?MIC I KKS0NA710M8_ . lw , In THE NAIAD QUREHr, And,*by apodal desire; aw TIMO^IY TOODLIS. , THE NAIAD QUEEN, Admitted, to J>e the most beautiful scenic pteowever exhibited on1 lie stnfte, frill be presented, with Ita scenery ait unequalled apl,tutor, grutvi tiieciutiilrHbrflVcn, and brilliant dances by R09A WOOD And t? beautiful Corps da llallel, bcine positively THE LAST NlUftt V Of iioprestnUtion. It will be preceded by TOODtES. TlmothyTtodles Mr. J. 3i. CMrke LAUr.A KEENER THEATRE. ' THE WORuD FAMOUS COMEDY THE WORLD FAM'WJS COMKDY THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY la receivedutabtlv with SHOUTS OF LAUGHTER SHOUTS OF LAAlIlTER . AMI UNCEASING APPLAT-RR, unceasing applause, creating A CARNIVAL OF FUN. A CARNIVAL OF NUN. The distribution of character* will include ALL THE FAVORITES of the present popular company; and the play wilt be pre* sent** with that careful attention to SCENEBY, DRESSES AND MUSIC, or which thla theatre ha* ever been celebrated. TO-NIGHT, AND EVERY NIGHT TILL FURTHER NOTICE, OUI*. AMERICAN COUSIN. OCR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN" COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. OUR AMERICAN COUSIN. Doors open at half-paat alx; performance commence* at half-past seven. OLD BOWERY. ' STICKNEY-S NATIONAL CIRCUS UNROUNDED SUCCESS . or tita ENTERTAINING TALKER. DAN RICK, who will experiment upon the INTKI.LRCTUAL STEED, THE B 1ND HORSE EXCELSIOR, JR., and the juaily celebrated KOMIKAL MULES. MADAME LOUISE TOUUNAIRE, EATON STONE, and THE WHOLE OF STICKNKY'K TROUPE. On Wednesday afternoon, at 2W o'clock. DAN RICK WILD appear. DAN bice's BENEFIT ON FRIDAY. TUB BALL MIA SON. Ball c<.stomes ? a large assortment ok the netvrat Pari*. Renin and Vienna Ball Coatmuea, Fant? Dreaaes. Opera Cloaks, Ac., on tmnil at 409 Broome strnet. The undersigned, Mrs. A. HINOST, hogs| leave l i draw the attention of her former patrons, nuJ the public la general, to the above advertisement. nVAKlA!.. | Abound corner, seven octave rosewood ! Pianoforte, for $130, nearly new, made by Gilbert; one . A 14 octavo for only $lllO; roaewmtd Pianofortes for rent from $A to $0 per mnnili. Prince A Co.'a Melndeona, wholeaalu and retail. _ S. T^ GORDON, 706 Broadway. A magnificent seven octave rosewood w. anoforte for sale?Elegantly curved lege i.nd esse, overstrung bans, full iron plate, lined with satin wood; has all moderu Improvements; made to orJer, aud been In ua" sewn montha; rost$5?, tin $260, In -hiding Stool ami Cover: aiae Parlor Furniture at a creat aaerlliee. Inquire at 70 Wrat Twenty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. Any person rtavino a oood guitar to sell cheap, and who will be willing to take aome very tine furnlturu (Iron) In exchange as part payment for It, ran tlnd a purchaser by addressing tl. W. K.. station A, Spring street, for three day*. A good Instrument required. Bargains.?iour pianos, three ifrench orgnus, Melndeona, Music Stools, Wat- lies. Diainouds, Jew ciry, N?K.ir*, souse, mites, rnjrr, i mining, i uncry, nun*. i I'lutol*. ft email Sicun Engine, Ac , Ac., for ??le chop. Cash advance* 011 tnetehandlae generally. I. F. JONfcS, 02 Ann street, second floor. I Bass si nger w anted?for a quartette euro r, In an fcplecopul church In Brooklyn. One fnmlt-ir with the aervice required. A l.lrcaa, aut.ng salary expected, references, Ac., quartette, Hcistd office. MCSIC.?iBBTBCCTIOX ox THB flaxo at $s per moulh, with priv-lege of practice, 0:1 a pl< asiug an.I tin trough method. I'upila aUcmted at their rrnlilrnci >, lit) to $11 per quarter. Applv ut IW Twenty-aixth atrect, l>etwccu Sevnnth nn.l Kiplit.li avenue". I Pianofortes \t war pricks. -wi ARB vow ' selling our Pianoforte* at greatly rednred oricca fur cnah. Psrtle* wl?hlng to obtain a Itrat china llwnoforta at war rates are Invlti it to call. 1.1(1 IITK A BRADBI RVS, Ul Brootne atrcct, N. Y. O'* TVIEsK, TEACHER OV MUSIC, WILfc COX It tlnuo to give Instruction In S tiglng, Piano. Violin and Kittle, til hi* residence. Itil \Yeat Nineteenth atrret, <ir that of 11* pnplla. Lcaaona given to gentlemen alter buaineai hour* I If desired. IWMTRtCTIOK. J Academy ok bookkeeping, penmanship. Arithmetic, Ac., .t(U Broadway?Kifleen yoar* In ?ucicaefiil operation. Thorough, |oa ileal In*.ruction, day and evening, upon reduced term". Writing detainment conducted hy W. C. Hoo i'an l, for matiyycar" with Oohtainitlt. W J. KKNVilJ.R. AN AMK11K AN PROFESSOR Wi-IIKS A I KW LESmi iii German in exchange for English wiih an mIkcated Oi rman gentleman or l.vly who ran ejieak Eugliah or French. A ldre?? Ralph Dayton. No. V Carroll place, Bleecker atrcnt, r call at ( A. M. or at noon. ( A SPANISH LADY, NATIVE OF MADRID, SPEAKING jtl the Krcti h and buallah fluently, would like te tnairu -t In the three above language*. alao, KiM.ni" to let, furutahrd or unfurnished, with or without Hoard. Call at 38 llrrut June* street. At $2 .? for 20 writing lessons-unlimited Icaeoua in double entry, hot>kke>-p|ug, cuiniiicrci.il calculation*. .Ac., $10; |? u man ship and arttntncllc, three month*, 7* leVou* em-h, $ltl, at PAl.NE'S Mcicftutila College*. 62 Bowery, New York, and 2*3 Pol on -tr 11, Brooklyn. Govern kiss.?a young lady, of several years' rxia-ruiu-e u leaching, wlehes to obtain a allUAtton In a private family, to teach chi.dri ti tin) Eugltslt Branches and Siitalr; an agreeable and ph aaant home of more Iniportancu than aalary; the beat of rclen-uee. Addreoa What:. J., boa. 1*3 Herald ofllce. Lessons ok frem h langpage. by in ke Helen! teacher, lur 'i& cent* an boar, either at hla home, or at that ol ibe puplr or In via*a, I roiu S to 10 in the craning for ".5 cento. Addreaa Gerard, atatloo E Poet office. Lessons in french and tkanstlationk by an c*|ierlenccd teacher. Ad-trea" A. B. C., box 1*3 Herald office, or apply at 198 Clinton at., Brooklyn. ___ THE SPANISH LANGUAGE IS TACOHT. AS HERBtofure. hv CIPRIANG GOKKIN. For term*, which era very m.Mti rn ?\ apply at hla rcaldenee, 13 W?at T.veuty alxth alreet, or at hi* office, mom No. 7, Clinton Hall, Aalor piano, from ?>, to l?!,' o'clock A. M. I1TANTED?A COMPANION OR RESIDENT DOVER. ?T ne?*. loglre |e?atm* In the Engllali Innnehea and mualctoayoutig married lady whose education baa been tiaglected. Addreaa G. S., Union aquare Poat office, aiming where on Interview mny be bad. TV- \NTKD?HY AN i'XI'F.KIE.Nt.'F.D LADY TEACHER, ?l two or Hit ft pond* Id in b rcneh or Kugllalt branches, Tupil" ran lie attended to at (hair realdem e, either In New York or Brookt) n. or ai the residence of the teacher. Terms moderate. Addreaa for two day*, B., atatlon E. DAM IMU ACADEH1B9. ADODWORTU'S DANCING ACADEMIRH, , No. ?'? Fifth avenue, cor. Twenty-sixth it., New York. No. 137 Montague ati-eei, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesday a and Friday* tn Brooklyn. CLASHES?Wednesdays and Saturdays In Now York. Circulars for terms, Ac., may ba had. at either aaadatny ALLKT MASTER PI'.MAR'S DANCING ACADEMY, . 2?7 Bowery. Lessen* $1 per month, Monday*, Thursdays Wednesdays and Maim days, at 4 o'clock, for children and ladie*. Tumalaya and Fridays, $A Prlvata teaeuua bfty cent*. BROOKES' DANOINU ACADEMY, SM BROOMS nr. A NEW CLASH FOR TUESDA*7 All the rtehtonehle rtew-ee In one couree of leeeon*. LADIES biim-i Tneedeye end Prtdeye, 3 l? 8 P. M. UbNTl/.RKN Tuerdeye end fildey*, 7)4 w ?!>>? * CHII.uRKN Wrdneerteve end SeHirdejre, S tetfr. M. LADVfeS' Primer* Oteee le Inetrn. ted by Mm. RiwWee. 4M.MRBR EVERY WEDNESDAY BVKN1NU. PROFESSOR BOND'S NEW BAN01NO AND SKATINfl A ndomy, No. 78 VerUB rtrret one door frme Ce?1 Mroet -Diyeof tuition Mundeye end Tlmredey. elternooue > End ereBlnge. 'if) LESSONS AT MADAME fl*!rVA",'':Ar'1? I 14 \r.IV, 81 s limederey. will ?"jr.t"'P'l' Vn?<1 friall Ilir (uebliHi'h . d mree end ^tiedr.llr. {<_> ' .e erery I efteruooit fn>m 31o 8; Mon ley, WriMi1 ?<l?y *od Fiijey ?\rnI tog irota 8 toIV. Reunion to-night (Tmedey). | i f) 7 AMP?iMgy r*. ^ ACAX>KMIKaOK M UBIO-JTALIAll OPRE A NKW YORK AMD BROOKLYN. I Tu-<tay, at 8 o'clock A, M., eummau<** thq sale of Uck?u at the Academies, New York; Mid Brook I vn. R. bell's Wall S^eet. Been A Scherwet's, successor to B re using, 701 Broad* li'r '"-ail, rooo'iriMcrd by the snrrgsa which attended hid r.niiai b>tl season iu the cities of New York and Brooklyn, brge la ae^'Hutoa that be be# oomplstsd Ms HlMf mmb Pi oommeorln? In New Yor?. . _ Mr. Qrau has the plnasnre to ahwOIIMC* that'll# ha# WOceedcdto.U^a^bb.atto-wiU^^ by which arrangement he will also take entire charge of thd musical (lcparmeat of the cnteriirtBr. , The season in New fork etll Ita Inaugurated to morrow Wednesday, Jan. U, w.th flotow soberdltaarra, MARTHA MISS KELI.HOG in the part oi Lady Henrietta. Mail.une Buakoseh Nouny ttri.nuU Lyonel Suslnl Plunken BaHli Trlalaa In Brooklyn, on Tnurwlsy. .Ian. 110, '''^VdYOKE. mou si ulterior ana tmn uior Nil mtri'lUI FRIDAY, SECOND OPERA MUHT IN NEW YOKE. 1L TROVATORE. _ New bowery tueatrb. Sole proprietors Messrs. O. L. Fox A J. W. Lltunrd TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, IAD. A Drama of itowerful nuereat. entitled THE SEVEN ESCAPE* OF ADELAil/E OK DRESDEN. Favorite Dance M-ns l<ouUa Browns An entraiieoMaffair, en tiled FOX WORRIED BY BO.slKAOB. Aud Robert Jones, K-a.'a, patriotic Diamaef SCOITO; Or, *ux Scout jkd tub 8rr. QABNUM 8 AMERICAN MUSEUM. LAvT WBEK OF HOLIDAY ATTR MOTIONS. WHO WILL KAIL TO Ml B THE M I The most magnificent bill t<r nur.MUra aud am sementa ere* offered in thiHiMv, THE UKEAT FAIRY PLAT W')Dfi f* more Pino can be mi u eiriewnere for lesg tkii deihle fie admission to the Mua-mn. Its Lrtlliai,er surpasses uuvtliliu her O o-e -a-en in Am -rtc*. THE UORGKOt S Bi'EOTAC L VR SCENERY, The Urand Mar .1 ot the Ama on W-rrleie, The pcr'-ciion and beauty erf their i.rW, , _ At d the bewl dering splendor 01 ib it gorseonrf BOWER OF BE iUTY AND HOME OK THE KAIBIBB, lu w n h to many beautliul nymphs of l ie nlrandaeaap pene, is i-IchhIiib beyond expression. It will be produced THIS AKiKtiNOON ANI) EVENING, at 3 and 7k o'clock. As tUia is to - last week erf this piece, who can fall to sad It? Who w!H f ill to hear the laughable and nmiisiua MUSICAL RKPRESENTATION OK MLT KVM SHOWS? asJeony Lint. Canary E:rd Show, Uawy Family, Ac., Ac., Introduced by the orchestra between the third apd fourth at WT Who will fat* to we that mountain of Qesh. TDK CONNECTICUT OIANTE83, The largest woman In the world, Iff yen r* old and watolia 611 p on !s, yet hai tig* beautiful face,- aud e ery way measles suit inlcri-Htlng? Who will fail lo?ac TIIE MVTNG HIPPOPOTAMUS, The only one of these roioaaal inhabitant* ol the Nile aver In America? VFuo will fall to se?r THE OJKEAT LIVINO WHALE, Swimming about hia uilnhiture m ean, stoning and Mewing as If in hlsow u native sea on the cows of Labrador? Who will t*> to see Tl-o e IT beautiful tlnv .SEA IIOKSES, H large SPECKLES BROOK TROUT, LlVlNO- ALLIGATOR, aad myripd* ol other bce-s-ifu, llvlnr Klah. swimming In tbn Grand Auuarlal* WHO, IN SHORT. WILL FAIL TO BEE All then* and many ot,er noreltlca, w h u they aan see them all for 26 cents; children undor ten, tt rents. COMMODORE NtTT, the" smallest man alire, and the moat Interest-nig '-man In miniature" ever seen, will eons, menoe holding his annuo i.ktlbs in the Museum, dsy and craning, ou MONDAY, Feb. 3. BRYANTS' MINSTRELS, Meehanlca' Hall, 172 It mad way, above (J rend street. Monday, Jan. 37, and erery riLlft during the week, BLACKSMITH'S Jl'BILEE, AFRICAN POLKA. S. i . CAMPBELL, Gould, Hilton, Fowler and Leslie in new Bonn, Chortws, Ac. DR. TUMBLETY O.Ti'ONK Horn, Peel, Florence, Getting!, Nell and D.,n. Bryant, the favorite comedians, in th ir eccentri- iti. PLANTATION KEsTiVAL 8. ENE DOWN IN OLD ICY; Doors open at 6k; curtain rise* at 7k- Tickets 33 cento. HOOLEY'S MINSTRELS, 66'J Broadway, opposite Bond street. ANOTHER TREMENDOUS PROGRAMME. First week of a heavy J'rageuy concocted by O. W. H. Ortf9n and Kollin Howard, expressly tor Harney's MinaUelA" ailed J-ANE ASHORE. On Tan Row at STurvasurr Hall. Charier Fox aa Jane Arbors ' Rodin Howard as AramlntatSmlther G. W. H. UritUn aa Mr. Siuitnwx Other characters by the nmnpe. Undiminished Micoess of "Bacbary Allen," "Sally C?l Up," "Gideon*," Ac.,. Doors open at 6k: to commence at 7k. Ticket* S3 cents. Great canterbury mtsic hall, M5 BROADWAY, Mt THE PIONEER OF THE NKff JNNOVATIOr. TALENT, NOVELTY, MKNIUS, SPLENDOR, NO WAITER* (ilRLS. A CARD" to the pcblio:? The now nthnagemcnt of the Oreat Canterbury Millie HiA coutident of the greet error of ti e prcviuua management of thu magnificent theatre, in establiahtng the ay item of female waiter*, would Inform the public tint, feeling aa tear do the east amount of autierlor talent engaged by them, the complete and forgeouiljr elaborate manner in whirh they praeeail' ifanse popular apfciaclea, thcRAVEL PANTOMIMES, and toe . r .erly and respectable manner In which thie farorila ratabliabment la oomlucted ie the grand aerret of the wonderful kiu-ivss of the now regime, they have resolved to eboiab the objectionable cystoiu on which the minor and irreapnr.tdbio rdneert halls round their ephemeral popularity and praII la?that of "Pretty WalterOrla." T1IIR WEEK they wll inaugurate* new at item of col .red waltera, neatly and uniformly clad. tiie lamn plan wliich 11 puratied by all the leading butei* and dining ulaona of our country. Truating tla tills important change RRl convince our patron* that our cherished object la to eauihitah the Oreat Canter'nary Musi' Hall?the handaoiurat place of atrturement la the metropolla?on a nrm and respectable basis, and confident that the change ?ill be auatalned by public .eniiineat, we remain, Ac , ROBERT FOX, Agent. GLORIOUS BBCCESB OF THE RAVEL ravrl PANT-IMIMB. MAZULM, THE NIUHT OWL. EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. ROBERT F#X. Agent. Brooklyn academy of mpsic. ITALIAN Oi'ERA Till ItS 1>AY, JAN. 30, Inauguration of the n.i\ Opera a nam. IL TROVATORE. The bo* office of the A. udemy of Moaic, Brooklyn, and i Si ell'*, Wall afreet, N. Y? o|Mtua tlila utoruing. OUUB FRAXCAIBS, BY SUB.Sl'RIlTION, AT IRY1NO in HALL (opposite the Audeiny of Miutic). Paul Jnignct Direotor THIRD HOIItEE ON TUESDAY, JANUARY W, hiiJ < aclt .hoc o*?lve Tin adny. LE CACHBMIRE VERT Come He in oneaet, by Alexander minui INK TASEE DE THEE Comrdle. by H. Henry Manila* In Ihr entre 'him Mr. Jtiignnr will ain: lila eele orated Chauinnrtle, "Lr Vb'iii Mr.irunnier." Notti?*.?To rntnpljr with tin' niinirriiiik ppl.raii.itia, m.l In vii-w of the larre ctimea ion* uf the b ill, m ?n tptlnna will bo received. E trt .l.iketa, wll.i M-enr-d aeata, may bo ibiialnod at the hall on Ibi? evening of the pot formatter, or at the alore of Mr. U. Dardntirille, 0-t It oadway. MASON. A THOMAS' THIRD SOIREE OF THE ?rvcr.th wikiin will be given tit D> .worth * Hall on I'll- wtay evening, .Ian IS nt 8 ov ock. A <|nlntetln for p anolort" and mini inv.iininnla, b. Mn/art; aonala for p auo nn.l Violoncello, by Itee hfiren; Intp.ala lor p.ano and vnd n, by s-tiuhert: a.tl Be<tb>.veti? (marine in l'mi or (No t) n I.I I e perform" i. Tlckma $1; for aalr at the uiualc stor of N liarienbvrit A L'lla, and Heer \ hehlruirr, ami at I'm door. GoTTSCHALK'A CONCERT Til" p .lute are rrapa iully Informed ibat Mr. L. M. Itmtaehalk. Hie Ureal Pianlat, baa artlved In Now York Hla mat 11 rood Contain will take plete nn it Hlmot the 6Ut af I'eruary. Du notice wi 1 be air. n of Ilia debut. ,t I ,1 ?AMERICAN CONCERT HALL, 4*??. tit UROADWAT. UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS or THB (IRAN'D DOUBLE COMPANY. CROWDED HOUSES. RTANDTNO ROOM ONLY. THE BROADWAY M. NSt RKL *. Til R HltOvntYAY MINST KiS. IIIK BROADWAY MI NTSRELS. ft iN V PASTOR. TONY Pastor. TONY PASrOR. BEX COTTON REN COTTON. UEN COTTON. BEN OOTTOK. CHARLEY WHtTK. CHARLEY WHITE MISS LIZZIE SMUI LrZ. MISS LIZZIE SCIIOI.TZ. MISS ERNESTINE DE FAIRER. MISS ERNESTINE DM NklSnR. J. A. HRRRNAN. J" R OtRT14*^ PIERCE OFOROR c.ERMAlM. THE BEST HALLRT TROUlK tii U'eainirr, tinier 'h? dim-A.n of MOW8. VAUL BRM.IiANT Till MAMMOTH I'HOUKAMMB TO NKIHT. ROBERT W. BUTLER, Hula Proprietor ui Manager. Mosn. La Tiioa.iv, 8 Manager. f Vai Alkaja, Muaical Director. TTITt'UOOOB'S NATIONAL CONCfJTT HAI L, AA 173 Near C.mal aire-?, o< e b*i from to* lowm Thin (Ti.ea lav) evening, InnaAt of ? ^ .* HITCHCOCK, On whtah iomAn he will appear livih* novel eharartar at THE PSKtkcT Ci RK. _ ... . THE PERFECT 01'RB W. llllrhco.A ha* ?l? . the pluaure to announce that he haa aeewedithe valuable anrvkva <| ealtlvely (ar itala alght only) of Ihe hhRtily popul' and U!ai'>4 lady, *188 EMMA FBOrllINol<.\W, MI.S8 EMMA h K'iTH IMIH AM, MISS KM M A FR'jTIIIMJli A Mi who will poaltivrly appear for t'Jr night only. The main an thla occaalon will ha all rearaved, and tha ad. mUnion BJr Mr. c. jbromb hofkiw pianoforte MAUN KB, Mtgoned from la*t Saturday. wlUtahe place TO-DAT (TLESDAT) JANUARY J* al Uia Brooklyn Acadmrof Jlnalo *? epnon Rpoma, at >, o'ctork. Mm. J. M A KNOT ?*'H a??lai. Tiekeia DO eenla. /IRANI) COMPLIMENTARY OOMTKKT Tl^MK. J A MRS It" UlBt-ON, at tt" City AMfiiimi ?. ww on Wtduuadity rrrnlnfc Jan. ?. 1*1. >( whioh tue luJow.ag. eminent tali-nt ?til ?v>i ar ? Mr HARKY rBAHvlN. o lha WlntrrUar**. M .J. 11. (HI UK*. '-Mr Kraal I. A? tttmidUjn. rtnf. MACTIlKKi. N anil twoot M< 1'uyll*. MHq AllKI.AICP. KI KHKUh ? nnnpUi.u .1 Ha'lad Mr. J. M. AHUtnt, ?? AMt>.ROBBKTmJa H COaCKKT BAND. Mr. JAM KB UIPB >N vrtll al?o inn,; noma fhrorlta bitl'Ma. Tickala 24 ui.au "aeii. Door^opuu at 7; ly.nitamou at A MILU? A MOIXKNHAUBR-* CLABMt AC tU)|Kk.K4 ? Kirat Butma to lata placa Monun,' arrnia*!, ran. .Vat D<>dworU'a Hall, oppoHtn Klarunth at mat. Broadway, ft fitrliitr particulata ana pmgranma*. 8i.lia.r||itU>ua rJvaivud at all Ua principal uiuais a.orea. YATANTBIV-A YOUNG UADY NOH A OONCKKT CO*, f 7 pany; aha ntnai ua a a? hi "Injur and fa r i^u.crr. A Jn manual uti?ai:> ii out will Ih- tiian to mta atin JliNa. Alt Mr thla day ( l it-i.laj t, batwuun thn bowl nf I and a'olock. to tiEoRUR W. BMITII, JM Yannh avrnna. HAVINO ON HAND AN BXHIMTIO* WHICH HA? lutnl Urpvly tmvr lung and now r.mmt atia .4 t to it. n il uirhaM" or lli|..ora, .ara, fiirnlitoa ar aa. i Ca I at RRKNT/. * HI RNR .MBlWitwa/, OtMrtM * -?% I too worn W and 1 or after ? In tha arcal-i? %