6 Şubat 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Şubat 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9279. IMPORTANT FROM TENNESSEE. The Gunboat Expedition Up the Tennessee River. The Union Military Force Under Gen. Grant Within Three Miles of Fort Ilenry. CANNONADING HEARD, PROBABLE ENGAGEMENT, Ali) Aiij Ac* Wo received tho follow log highly important despatch Worn Tenuaeeeelast evening, by telegraphs? teaensaa Riven, Fab. 1,1812. Oanaral Grant ig now up ibeTannaeaee river, within three mUee of Fort Henry. A light is anticipated. Seven gunboat* aro with him, ami Tour moro are coming. Firing U nam ktiri. The following despatch, e nflrmatory of tho foregoiug, area aloe received last evening:? Cini-AOO,Fob 5,1882. A special despatch to the Chicago Joumat, from Cairo, aye hat the force under General Grant arrived at Ives' landing, el* mile* *below Fort Henry, yeelorday uftorMon. Thfl ffltt.ltiinla anrl U? 1 <.i,U mn.t* a fgthe rcbst works, for th* purpose of landing forces. Il^y want within * mllo and a half of tho fort, throwing levers! sheila inside tho iutronchuients. Tho Are *u returned. One shot struck the Kssox, going through a con ar of Captain Porter's cabin. Iho rargo of their guns bolug ascertaim.il, a placo was selected for landing, which was to bo dona yesterday afternoon. The lorco of tho enemy Is supposed to ho ll> A despatch dated to-day says that General Grant's farce was wilhin four miles of Fort Henry. A light Is a>{ acted to-day. In Tuesday's Hik alii we published tho following desyateh, which confirms the above report and will give at least a superficial idea of the strength of the expedition:? THE EXPEDITION FROM CAIRO. Chicago, Fab. 3,186:2. A special despatch to the Chicago Tribune, dated Cairo, My a that twelve steamers, laden with trodps, in chargo af Com mod ore Graham, left there at tan o'clock this Morning, to Join a still larger force at another point. The expedition has every indication of a genuine active movement. It will ha remembered by tho readers of the ITnuu> tU a few weeks ago Gsnsral Grant, with a strong forco. left Cairo and proceeded in the direction of tho Tennessee mv uc??j raii'n him unit uau b? bwuiiw u?y | river as to render it impossible to attain any progress toward the ancmy. Added to tbis the transportation fa. Sliies wero found inadequate, bonce the expedition was J Obliged to return. The newa whicl) wt publhh above hows that the expedition$i& Eot abandoned, Ifttt after Ha return to Cairo its subsequent movements wero kept aecret until the tolfcgrapb baa drawn tho veil, and plac :s Ihfi expedition within tbroo milee of tho rebel Fort Bcnry. m Ibis fort, tbq (inly fortification cn tho Tonnessee river Of much importance, is situated near the line of Kentucky and Tennessee, on the ea?t bank of the stream. It stand* In the bottom, about tho high water mark, just below the bend in tbe river, and nt tho head of a straight Itrotch of about two miles. It therefore commands the river for that distauoo down stream; and very little else. Xhe land around it is a little higher than the fort, and a portion of it is covered with timber. Tbe armament of tho fort consists of eight thirty-two pounders, four twelve pounders, and two six pounders. The thirty two and twelve pounders are heavy guns, and the six pound ore light ptoses. On the opposite side of the river are three hills, which completely command tho fort. Ro oonily some new fortifications were commence J on theso hills, where it was intendod to mount some very large guns find three rifled cannon. The garrison of the fort is ss follows:? Brigadier General Floyd Tilghman, Commanding. st a it. Captain Powhatan EMf, Af-elxlant Adjutant General. Captain 8. C. Morris, Atd-ds-Camp. troops. Kentucky regiment, late Colouel Tilghman. Mississippi Fourth regiment. Colonel ?. Louisiana regiment. Colonel 8tucke. Fori Hoary and its approaches wero reconnoitered ou the 21st ult. toy the United Plates gunboat I xingtnn, with a view to ascertain its strength and tho position of tho rebels. She went within two miles of ilto fort, and threw a number of shell* Into it, Without eliciting any reply. At first It wan thought that tho rebols had evacuated the work, but on approaching it till nearer the rebel pickets were seen at. various points. The heavy gnis on the work w ere seen liettm .ly; also h number of Held ph ots, designed evidently to lie hauled out into commanding portions along the bluff) in ea.,c of aeceesity. It was also observed by the ottlcers of the Lexington that in addition to the fort proper numerous earthworks bad boon thrown up uu a high b! t!T above tho fbrt, on the west bank of the river. Theio works were armed with what appeared to bo two eixty.ronr pounders. Bits additional work commands Fort Henry, and in the event of the capture of the latter by General Grant, he would be obliged to make e second assault on ths work on the heights in the vicinity. On the 2vM ult., Hrigadier General ('. F.Smith, whose brigade was then at Crown r?int, Ky.. proceeded from there on a perrons 1 reconnopgance, on the gunboat Lox tagton, in the directions of Fort Henry. The gunboat proceeded up the west channel of the river, to a point within aac mile and a half of the fori. Three rebel steamers were discovered lying off tho mouth of the small rreek that empties into (be Tennessee river just above the fort. * w?ii uirNivi ulu vu uicu iruut im i.eimt too, striking boo o f tho rob?1 craft in Urn Urn. A second shell foil short of it* mark |qot lo front of ibe en-'njr'a works, a tb.rd burst In tbs air, directly over Fort ilaor/, doubtless doing good sxcrution. Tb? rcbsij In the fort then brought Wit a thirty two.pounder g in to bear on the Lexington, the shot from which Cull into the wafer one naif mile abort of Its mark. Genera'. Smith obta aed an excellent View of the rebel Tort, etnv ?n < garrison, tnd sant b* report to head'iuertors. The present expedition under General Grant is a > doubt of euOioient etrei gth for any emergency, and, probably, ere this, be Is in full poeeeiwi->a of Fort Henry aod Us surrounding*. News from Cairo. [cpeo.*l despatch to tb<- Mieswrl rwss erwt.) Cairo, Jan. SO, 186k. Affairs here are exeondlngiy quiet. Two rebel grin, boats were seen abo it six or eight raiiM Pelow here today by our pickets Nelow Bird's Point. They took good are nut to eomc within sight ot our ?>eats, however. TboCtty or Memphis has returned from Hmitblsbd, having safely landed the Iowa Twelfth regiment. 0?mral lew Wailaoe ban been transferred to ctoittblend to assume coiumai.d of the forcea there. Colonel Mo-gaii g^fmlth, of the Kighth MiMourl, aMume* conim ind of Ventral Waliaoe'a old brigade. John Osborn, coi r scrgea.it or the In Lata fwnnly third, wee shot at Padjc.th to day by tho provost guard, from which ho wee attempting to escare. He bean rreetcdfmr Siteiteatloa He was killed aier.oet iaimodtately. Thilman's Chi.ngo oavn'y have bsoo moved twenty two mlua above F mil hi and. on the Cumberland, wb>ro tooy ?r<t to be stationed on outpost duty. The court raartisl upon Or. Scale, of Chi rieetou. a n-ito. rtous lierst- thief, liaa oonoledeJ its labors. The verdict u auppoael to be that of urpriaonunH.t dm i.ir, the erar) Tbo Tlllaois Ritteontb, from Qelncy, dock not u yet make its apFoareoco. This rcgiuitul is also to go to Smithiand A portion of His mortar* for the mortar fleet are on Ibetr way from Pltub irg. and are daily expected here. M\i?r L'icans went to Chicago to.dny at lbs in^tt-'C# ef Ouiam'vtero Foot*, t? endotvpr pi secure the Mecb-tnio Fnsileers for Ihe gunboat fleet. HTho band of the Fifty flfth Ll'Rcle Ool. Stuart, will be mustered out of eervt.* to oiorrow A general oourt mantel euinmeuoee Lire to morrow, no). JoUn A. Logan, President. flints Jan fiiJ'i tint. OMfUblt.of the mer'a* km arrhtd fivm ftU?b?r( if??l nportmnil All of th? ioorur0.?tw ahMli anil lunmiim^lon Will be hern hi gowj of week#. Hem* M tbam Will b? hero to nighi. tu? Tweet.fV*4iu lllmote wm md( to pjrt.ob :e ne day. The Tenth Iowa, Colonel Pur coll, remains at Charleston. A woman from Ohio was arrested by the Provost Marshal this morning for carrying on a smuggling trade with Columbus. An aged negro woman named Jane Tnlemvp-e, died here to day. She is supposed to hav been nea-ly, if not quite a century old, and bus apparently oocn<n ti)o brink of (ho grave for many years. 8be was formerly of Cincinnati. The J-lxteenth Illinois, Cnlon?) Smith, will arrive hero by rail to night. This regiment will take tlio place of the Twenty eighth Illinois at Fort Ho I. The Thirtysecond and Forty-nlotb Illinois regiments, Ih Twenty tiftli 'ndiana, and fo ir baHoriermr a'Tillory from 8'>ringfleld, ami three batteries from St. Ix> Is, are als<> new .<? route for this place. Tho second Iowa will also probahly be ordered here in the course of a week or eo. The gunboat Chancellor, the Paducah packet, now extends her trips to Itictiland. Another d- a rter arrived to-day from Col imbus. Ho gives no information of Importance. A great pres-nire Is being hi ought upon Pre. i lent Hav is to restore General l'lllow to the coipmand of tho force-" at Cnbttnbos. The rebel troops aro leproscnled to bo in a sorry crnditlon.an-l in the language of the du.-o ter,"o o ho f of the entire force at Columbus wuuld desert if they had an opportunity." ARRIVAL OF PRIVATEERSMEN FROM PHILADELPHIA. Tlilrf y-elglit Secession Prisoners, Belongtng to tho Privateers Petrel and JiTT, Davis, Sent to Part t.afayrttc?Thelrlleceptlon ?t Jersey City ami Passage Dunn the Bay to Port I. a layette?List uf the Prisoners, ami What They Are CumjwimI of?Wliut Thty Tliluk of the War-Incidents of '1 Itcir Imprisonment, die. At two o'clock yesterday afternoon thirty-eight pri-ateersmen. who have been con'lned in tne jail at PhlUdeL. plila, were brought on here '-y train from Philadelphia, in order to be incarcerated in the govornmont prison at Fort iAfayotte, in accordance with Iho now federal ruii. g, that all privateers captured at eea are to bo treated at prisoners of war and exchanged as such. The following is a copy of the order in regard to iho raino, sent by the Secretary of Stat j to Marshal Milhvard, of Philadelphia:? IncpaitTMKNr or Metre, I WaSHivoTV'M, Jan. 31,1^62. f ToWiix'aw Mi:i.WiRi>, l.eq., lasloru District ie..nnylva ni.i, 1 lnladeii hia:? Sin?You will plca-e transfer all prisoners charged with piracy, including WiUiain Hmiib, who has been convicted, to Fort Lafayette, Now York harbor, and reoort their MM) the dato ot their arres .and the oamti of the vessel upon which they wire em 1 yed, to this department. 'Ibis does not include uiteudo s against (ho laws for preventing the slave trade. I am, sir, your obedient servant, WII.L1AM H. bKWAKD Tlie privatecrsiuen who wero bro ight on hero yes torday have belonged to the Jeff. Mavis and Petrel?thirtyfour of the latter and four of the former. They have been incarcerated hi (ho J til at Philadelphia4 cinco their capture, more than six months ago, and their appearance indicates that they have been dealt w ith in a considerate and careful manner. The train com eying the prisoners left Philadelphia at half-past nine o'clock yesterday morning, but did not arrive at Jersey City until two o'clock in the afternoon, me ears oemg forty-live minutes behind time. Tho "secesbers'' ytore ".ud?r oliargo of Deputy Marshals Jenkins ami Sharkey, botli of whum paid all tlio attention in their power to tho comfort and convenience of tho some. Mr. Lor ear. u do Auto!is. of this city, was on baud, and had a tugboat in loadiness at tho Jersey City side to take the prisoners to Don Lafayette on tl?j arrival of the traiu. Some dissatisfaction, however, teas expressed at the accommodatens provided for conveying the prisoners to tho fort, as the tugboat in question was not large enough, alt on b*rd being compelled to stand on dock, expose 1 to tho sharp sea breezes wntclt vrero blowing at tho limo. The prisoners were marched ou huard (b ; tugboat from the cars without delay or icci lent of tiny description. A largo crowd, however, had congregated at tLe depot, eager to catch a gtimpse of those wh > had proven false to their flag and fought against that const llutioo which had been cemented in tho bio. d of their fathers. No taunting or Insolent expiesstov. however, was given vout to, and the rebels marched on b?ard the bout which was to c >nvey them to the fort with a? much nonchalance an if going on an excursion down the Mississippi. All of them were well clad, and teemed to be in the bent of spirit*. They walked along with a certain degree of reckless dare deviltry which seemed to put forth tbc idea that they did nut care lor the i>ositiou in which they wore planed, nor fur the portion of tho glebe win re the winds of time might rhatico to waft them. It was fairly half-past two o'clock are the party put out from the Jersey City dock and headed for T'ort Lafayette. N? sooner, however, hid fhu u nit put out into the ni.ddlo of tho stroam than a large Atanricaa banner, which fluttered over the cntiro length of the boat, was hoisted. The prisoners seemed to gaze upon it at tlrst with a ,-:ullon apathy; but when tho old natninid banner cast out its glittering colors to the hreoze, and bygono recollections of former patriotic emotion welled up in their once loyal ucuri", wuku, ui ?.!di nine, oeui uign won uraor at ino alght, nno could ur t help imagining that there v. as $t II left some of the genuine emotion which guided on to violoiy the* lolling bruit* <f '70. 1h? incidents connected wiih the capture of tbo privateer l'elrel are a> vivid iu our imagination that t is uuueceseury here to enumornte them. It will be remembered th -t eho was taken off Charleston by the Culled Stales war vrs?e! St.. latwrence, and burned to the we ter's edge upon thai occasiun. her crew, witli tho orreptlon of three, w ho wsie drowned, b -log made captive by the faithful servants of Uncle Sam. It wan thin on tiro crew, accompanied by four of those of the Jeff. Davis, which waro hro-ght from I'hilarfoiplii t and transferred to Frt Lnlsy-otto yesterday nfuri.con. -Mnong th?-m wag l: eh .nl M. lla v>y, once a midshipman In the United Staie.-; Nary.b .1 who deserted his country in the nimotit of Iter dan* r at 1 went o\er to the rebels. lie acted in the caps .iy i4 'leiitecaot on b-wrd of the I'elrcL He otill ap-> a a 'o r? :?! tho doggo! rwulution of o southern fanatic, and, though itformg from incaroeraliou. (pre era tho ludrcipis that he would rather die in a Northern p isou in* bo compile d to raise *n arm against the Puiireito flag Ca, tan William i'erry, who had n-'innuLd of the ^trc', appears to bo in quit-* a feeble sta'e fr-m -Tic '.-fleets ef rhe mat Ism. It was with nu.uli dill cully 'hat lie wah.od acre*) the geiigpjuuk which c tvb ctcd the pri*on?i a to ?.i:d frotn the tug beat. Fair of theso v.bn woro brought on hnre jentoruay hail ben. v>i.virted of treason, iu nc ardancu with iti laws of thW United ftnton. Tlicir name i are Wtr. Smith. Daniel Midline, Kuwaid Kockford nnd Thomas Mul.its. Ail of tho pr'-Hcnirt speV. in l.iglt to tin of thilr treat m?at ultico captured, and hnve rot a word of complaint to r.iake in tlmt reap >-t. 7 boy ere u.i 11 uninu in he. Uy ng praise upon Mr. Isaac Tayk't, -.tie of the keepers ol ilmir jail at I hi'adeltihia, who ha" died in that city within tbo last thi co weeks. Among tho oris-'ucrs is * very lutol igent yming man nam. d Charles II. Marriott, whom?mile is Colonel Thus. Hammond, at present holding a *oit ,d the Maryland l/igis'.ature. He w a youth ni" t.weitv. who evidently eninred into the r< hot scrvh e on board' the Vetrei more for the luvn of (Vlvu-ituro thin f r that of patriotic euthu ia.tin in tlie< auraof .'el. lavig. llo U| pears to be well posted in the aifiirs (>i* tin- ror.redo.-acy, and assort* as ilv opinion of rr.anr eminent Southern potlUoin-.s wh- m b" liu b*.ttr<* rpcek that.', had tbe toitr, il garrboti tw? u . t M. >r>iii<> ur<nw iiiiwi |'.vvrv ? l. III t* im* VJ tbo rib-'!', the country would tiavo spared ui'irh blocdaliod. tt.is wan oxprossiM his intention to lite# tlto <?tth of allntiaroe to tUe Cr.ttBil flutes -ia avn ae ha act his foot to fort I.nfayotta. Af'.or a (:a?: 15c of i.sarly two hours down the hay tbo boat reached !'ort I.tfayalta, wh-ro the pria tiero wi-o at oi ra dlsombvked aid iftven la chare- by tmjiuty Marsh d Jenkins to tho officer In commend of tho fort. lh* toll <wlr( a a the iiimusr of the prlsoesrs:?William Rmtth.ThomaaMutfl-y, Itanlnl Mu'ins, f'dward R'rfc fnrd. William l orry, Richard M. Harvey, Chaa. C.impl-sll, August J'syrupct, 1'.'bsrt Barrett, llenry Mil's, K ward Ftyoa, Austin 0. Wtllumn, llsnry Auli mi, Daniel Oiurt nay, John M. Morgan, (irorye IUiikni?, A?a Dalahay, John CiMmingbntn. Ibbnrt U. JstTrlsn, William II. Iliria hnot.Ornrga 9. lisrris-n, JoLn Mu>, Huuh Manaipmrt, Wif iam R/ao, Uoorgn Mcndtn. Johi t.'rvotn, Michaei Uol ton, Ueflrv A. R> mn, .Ihhu Miaibns. 0. H. Marriott,?}. fj. Hobartii, T A. Urno'ibj?il?A, Hkbird Lao le, Kdwvd Murphy, John JI. P4?iri*a, Th man Wx*l, JohnO. A tenckstt. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ffouT'iKW MowitnK, r"?h. 4, laos. hevoriU rolsa.iad prtsinror* cm.a down t'roro Baltimore U.u nanrnmg to I* ?-n? tfniitb. Thej aura t-Iran to Cranny lslaa-1 by a ilng of truro. Ho news r*'ativo to toa llnrniMa erpsdi'i.vn or b? movement* of tU JMcrrimso vraa 4 unmuatcatert. Ths rL?.imship Csnstitnth.a, With the rtay 9t.*u rentinout of MaMach'irntii, the Main# Twelfth and otbar troops, sailed for island tb'a forsnooc. Tha 'icamshlp Irictioon, with tbu hark .tcim Trucks in ' If tlm *r,Llr?r )ia,?I..o ?1.a ff.ri.ti ? v?.? , I ?~s rni; uiliu iui*rrn> mon*, (U'KpinMii Zouttm) on t>o?rU?thl* mculn# for AnDapolio. Th) .?l?> a-?f vrar Jomaatown ruilad uue.xpn <?dlr 1?0' right. Sho %tll go down the Southern oo?M. Soire of our pwk'ts wore Urou mv?n last nl**', ontr fat K'll Nore w?e ban, A fiuub?r 'if rcVcta wcro lent u. ;'imnK the trn'ig f "*> ? <*>itn Ap?'?r?it!y bcjr ?a CampHamilton. The norm her r;e*.e 1 oand tl.ei a is a good pro^poct of ronton]*-! ploasar.t w?;ithef. Tbn Altidro'l orlM fvr Now York f?r repair* to-day. W YO NEW YORK, THURSDA1 I ' ~ THE GUNBOAT EXFEDITK Map of the Tennessee River, Showii the Battery Commanding Ttu son, Commanding the tcAmPBmm ',v\ 2OMIELSrnuM\pF\Tm^ * | pmRLUFF PANTHER GREEK VP LAGE OF &s %| **" StfWji r''i BATTERY OF2 #y? Si e.4 POUWQCRS. ON HIGH BLUFF JKm\ rty COMMAWOJNQ FORT^SIL\ri DANVILLL ,rtk_ _ M/LES FROM FOi I WATERS 4>SflN REFERENCES. .4?Cd-poundcr. /J?32-po-nder, breech ioador. C?2( pounder, rltled. Z*?Two 12pounder?. smooth. E?24-poundor, smooth. F?64-pounder, smooth. <;?Magazine, /f?Three Gpouuder field pieces. INTERESTINQ FROM THE SOUTH. ! THE BUENSIDE EXPEDITION. " Important Besignation" in the Bebel Army. WHERK 18 BEAUREGAUU1 ate., Ac., Ac. Wo have received another batch of Southern papers to the 4th Inst. In addition to tho official report or lienors] Ilean repaid of the "Battlo of Manas. as,'' and tho statements relative to the refusal of tho rebels to receive Messrs. Ames and Fish, our Commissioners to our prisoners 1n the f'outh, which we give in another column, wo publish several items of considerable interest in regard to tho Burnside expedition and of lite movements of Beauregard. rnn nt hnsidk ixhuhtiom left haytkkas. [From tho Norfolk Day Book, Fab. 4.] A letter wa i received in Una city on Saturday from Kllzabeth City, In which It was elated that on Friday one of the learners loft ltoauokc Island for tha purpnno of reconnoitertrg, nod on bar return reported that the entire Bunuide ,r.?i had left Hath rat. We have to re ark (hat this may bo correct. Vosslbly Burnsido, cn viewing his crippled armada, ruay have wisely concluded that ha could not etTvct his puriioso with bin vessels in so bad a condition, and relinquishing bis original project, ho may have sot sail, with the intention of aiding soma other expedition?possibly that against Savannah. Imperial to the Richmond Dispatch.| Nonvui.K, Feb. 3,18r?2. A letter received here from a reliable gentleman of Klirabcth City, N. C.,staler that a rtoamsr went down on Uilurday in the Sound to reconnoitre. No vessels of tho Burusldu lleet were seen, aud it was supp-nod they had left. WAR MATTSM4. [From the Hichmond Dispatch, Feb. 4.) We have nothing new to report this morning in the Situation of affairs. The excessive bad weather, and the consequent condition of tho roads, has caused a tompo. rary cseation of active ope-attone, and wo look lor nothing if an exciting nature so long ss this state of things continues. The rauntet Burmide aep-diih.n in a dead Iorfc trm^whei t on (he "etenr.tfeoeut," and all tha deep hid Si hemes of the enemy bid talr to result In nothing of pMctlcel importance. [From the Richmond Dispatch, Feb. 4.] M ch baring bran e-IJ recently In the newspapers about the movements of Ihia ofliocr, It Is proper th it ill public should bo made aware of the fact Uiat ho left Mannaie en Friday last,at midnight, by a special train ror I.yticHburg,on hl.t wiy to the now post of daty t > which h? hsa been assigned. IPMArr (Act be A'rn/urlry, Jfem Ortearu or eknoherr, ke will iW>1?i U kcard/rem in I ih ft Sto. |F om the Dowllrg Green Courier.) The uiOounr.emeut that ReeureguM was assigned to Kentucky has canned a thrill of delight and en'bueiasoi thronghunt the South. Under the lead of this groat general our brnve men will bo prepared to perform deode of heroic eal<? worthy of their holy cause. "tnrOUTANT lUtSIOKATIOH" IW TUB WtBXf. 1KHV. I From the Richmond Esaminer, Feb. 4.] We hare intelligence of en inj*rr*>;rt rctig-%H\m Vn <he ermji, but at it Is not likely tt.at It will he accepted, and as it Is understood that It wan sent In for personal rea. toes tbal may be acwro iijotlatod, at 1 above all, as we do bet think li prudoat iur??ef To Joy rmportaat J; our roiliutry commands, wo decl'tio to publish the state merit of fbeie which bare come into our poese-sion.

TEl.BQr.APmC NIC ten. ~lfl son* o? tnrijunersa r?wi m?km oar or novr-n? n*n ut rkikht or tii* homvukkt eiimc?th* mrxro im, wopvr en or rj?? r. mnimi mtwi-dum rcow.st Nasryui*, .Ten 31.) Via UmitM, Feb. 1,1*63. I A desjiair t won received here to-night from How.ig Creon. which Htatin that tbo remains of Gen. /..ililocVr aad Rnlin 1'eyion, Jr , were received at ouro tpost* this atoning,and will be conveyed to Nashville to-morrne roilor military escort. FlnUAnr 1, lliid. The retnaiss of General ZotDonflhr reached nrre to-da^ RK H F, FEBRUARY 6, 1862. ON UP THE TENNESSEE. 1$ the Portion of Fort Henry and ! it Hirer, and Fort Donaldi Cumberland River. I I ^ I limnrrr 4 , mti caup % / ^ M ' i ' >01J riUAO T0_ 01 "rQ ^ 1 ' l 1 ? I Warn* ^ GAKRtSOM. Fourth Uietissippi regiment. Seventh Mississippi legiment, Regknout Louisiana Volunteers. Thirteen hundred elective men. CM. Stacker, Ixmb.iaua Volunteers, Cvtuiu.iudu.g. Brig. Gen. Tillman, Commanding at Forts Henry and DouaHleu. from Rowling Green. the legislature took a recess for tho tlr.y. The h > y of tho deceased was escorted from the depot b> the unitary. the Governor of the State, the Olivers of Ftate, members of the Legislature and citizens generally. The lemuins sro now in tho Capitol in state, and tho funeral will take place to morrow. The uihcirl report by Lieutenant Colonel Walpum,commanding tho Fifteenth Mlrsisslppi regiment., tf tho battle of Helling Crook, or Somerset, states that forty-three we e killed, one hundred und flfty-'hrao wounded, and twenty-four are mir.--.iiig. PK cm OP TIIE EDITOR OP THE tHARJ.ESTON COIHIKR. CHATuaewox, Feb. 3, 1882. A.S. Willington, senior editor and proprietor of the Charleston Courier, and probably tho oldest editor on tho con til: cut. died in th a city yr.urrrtay. Mr. \V. connected hiiuaeif with the Charleston Couri. r about tho commencement of I he presi^ century, ar.d fi.r nearly sivty years his name as editor and proprietor has continued at its head, llo was about eight> four years of age. NEWS FROM THE STATE CAPITAL. Prrpiiriitlona for tho Scaruaet and I<ake Drftncf* of New York?Wesf elirster Connljr Surrognlc?ChiihI Board Appointments?lieapjiitintmcnt of Police Commissioner Acton?The State Medical Society, &( Ald'M,Feb. 6.18d2. 1he Military OminiUee of the House, in concretion with General Arthur, liavo been preparing an important bill In regard to the defence,-? of tho Stuto. It in now oomplated, and Sir. Pierce will ask for unanimous consent, Immediately alter the reading of tho journal to-morrow morning, to report It to the Houae. It is probably the most im ortant bill of the xe:-Ah >n, carrying out the reeomtnen-lntiun of tt?iieral Arthur .n his ropori. It sp:>oiti!3 ilicGovornor, I .t-u tenant Oorernor it id Comptroller a Com mission on Public Deieuet; also empuiYca and directs that the fngit.er r-tn.f'hiet, <;oreral Arthur, the St to tug inn r and Surveyor, and such other engineers ? ; tho Com invasion on I'nblio I nfence may solcct. to prooeed at 01 cm to the frontier and make surveys all txpowl points liablo to be attacked in cas--of difficulty with foreign I'owers. It appropriates one million of dollars for the purchase of ordr.Alice and pro.lcclil s: cue million as contingent, to ho used in the barber of New York duriuy the recess of the Is-gh laturo, i the public defence require; ali o half million for the erection of earthworks on the irontier, and the building of gunboats, to he u:-od on (be la),?x, and some (Uty th u<and dul.art- to left nrUDMiee, submarine apparatus, Ac. The hill is e.vneisu and'piain in ail its foati.ro.->, and.jndgiuir from the present disposition of the l,i?glslatuie, it will pur* ? il" ok. HIV I- r.|i(K Mil I' II, Mr. t'arrott, of the Parrott gun fame, wim bar* to day, und' r mii lnvituti<>n from tho authorities bere.fur ihu purport of miking out .in ealimaio for cannon before (lot ComnlMce on Privd'egee anil Election.', this owning. Judgo Parker appenred aa bit counsel. Ho anrwercd ruudily tbo (pi'Vilioii.i propounded, and BOuio iutorcaitig fact.' wore ohla.ncd in regard lo tlio o\pnndilnre of Ih eight thousand doliara. He will be b#for? (be committee again to-morrow. lie repibliciuin of tborfeuate held ricaur.ua to -nlpht to CODsi<'<'r the llninoo r< solution# tl-.?t pitaied tbo Ami inlily. Thoie was oot.ilile ablo UilTnreocu of r>plni< n on .any pinois at llift Start, b t tuey linaliy ageed to atriko o .t Hi t |*>rtion of tbo last resolution tliat ref.irred to tit* legal tender, leaving In loo resolution relating to thai rub . ct, -tiiil with ilmt modification will glee the ro goli turn their unanimous suppt rt. Toe liriind Muider of ltoyril Ari 1i Masons m-d. hero tod?y. 'Ihu u d oillrors were a.I reelected, with tlio escepti< u of (Iranit Captain ?f Hoot. if. j|. -Jtcoe, of fyrucusr, war r'ect."t in p.atc of Mr. Holmes, cf Rochestor. The a nirflt for the p'SlUon of 8 irrogale of Wes choarer county h.at b-en Dually settied by tho appointment of fiilas it. UUP rd The tiovcroor only bad twenty-four app! i nt+ to choose from. uaTne <anil Ro?rd linve toalc their afpointmi !a of ran.il oi'.icia's today, ird tbo ar.nv of upplicar -a aro leaving for home, some (dated and other* decidedly motoKfl, d?'!arii)g thcmioivea bellevera in the lugratitudt of rep itlfot ThomasC. Acton was pi day reappoint#! police Comm aaiMi r, a-d iend mind by too Rebate. Tl>* talc Me lical ,-oci ty are a' preset;' holding their ai nn?! sessions berc, Pr. K. H Pn iter, of P ughkeepfie, prieiillng. T'.' C ?y very able and int;rer."tig piper wae read bv Br. S"*iPhiirn, of Albany, embracing the *r|./.'!<< , UWn* the noeilion tiiat the dejihwasnot ntui.'tiai acv.oii. that ibe wound in tbo throat .nuat have been indicted by anniher pertou after death. The |*per waa lllnflrateti by c <* abd ni"d? I* ahowlng the theoiy o. Urn manner of hor death. A reeoli.ti a wua ad uited decMIng against \b* Irtroduetlnn of the Ilomenpatlile practice Iri any porii n of It" army. A resolution to emend the Code of HP ics by striking out that pert which forb. In patenting surgical lostrnineida, waa laid upon t'.ie Uble. NKW YOItK liKDbLATtRE. tnati. Aik*vt, Fob ft, 18IM Tho report of tho managers of tbs St-Un L in itio Asflum was pre*anted. im.i# aer'nrm **vos?STT. In relation to the punish moot of ortroa In cart sin Csaoa. ERAI rtM majnritr of the committee reporle I to alter the term i)( s ndlng criminals to the B*ate prisons, and re utive to Uin e< m nutation ot sentences: and also to prevent supervisors from holding oounty offices or being par lies to conUracu with the county. Mr. Moxr >b presented the report of the select com mitlee appointed at the laat session to inveg igato charges of m.dl'o u'oice against certain harbor master*. Ordered to be printed. Mr. 5 ii.h gave notice of a bill to provide comiwnsation to pitstteiigem or personal injuries receive on railroads. and for'he istablishinent of surgical stat.o.is, as hospital accommodations, 011 lines of railroads. Mr. ( OMtou.Y gave notice of a bill to raise the New Vorlt Ccumy Court Ho isc fund stock. uius ixraonucED. liv Mr. Ganio.v -X<> umond the act enforci"g the liabilities o'stock olders it) certain bunk corporations. By Mr. Mlh"h.?To amend the act f'r tho formation it gas <mill snics. I'y Mr. Connolly?Concerning the jMiblio health of the city of New York. I'T Mr. f Miru?To aweud the act to regulato the sale of poifj. 1 e. On motion of Mr. MuRnrv.tbe Governor wen requested, if cm ,"i tout with the public intoroHt to communicate to tho Sot ato, in executive sssrnn, fact* connected wl h the r in. ainta ma n in December la?t iiy Oapt in T. W. Tr undy ?Ddothers rgainat Hirbor MaRter A. W. Taylor. Assembly. Ammny, Feb. 0, 1892. Mr. CoDciM.TOif presented a petition from the hotneop itbic h> slcians i f Now York, asking that a jus share of tho . ctice in tie Hei'cvue Hospital bo nlaced in their charge. Mr. CcddlitgU'n mado a homo reus speech iu tavur of tho pc*.lionets' request. BILL* It " 'Rl'iSll lAVORARf.Y. l\i allow the negotiation of tier son 1 paper .aider two hundred and fitly dohu.s in amount at rates above legal interest. A so in relation to tho punishment of oriuio, and persons confined iu -tate prisons. Also in regulate the sl/o of apple bar re s. Also to re.'cul part 01 the act regulating the port of New York. Also to prohibit the erection of division fencers on wharves. 'i ho Committee on the Internal Affairs of Towns and Comities repotted ttiat tin y were unablo to conic to a.iy decision on the bill in relation to tlio excise Halo of spt ituo.iH liquors, and unki d that the hill bo re.o rod to lbs OnimiUeo of the Whole. Agreed to. Mr. Pnxua .ORirfd favorably on I lis hill to amend tiie law cediiigjurisdicliou to tlie United Sta.es of sites for iighlhontt'R. Mr. I'lisu'Sexplained tho importonce of speedy action, in order to enable the government to proceol witlithe nerccsury work of dnfoneo in the harbor at the Narrows. itr. 11m i moved forward tlio bill to tho firs'. Cowmitteo o. the Whole. To provide for iho distribution of soldiers' allotments. Aito to repeal tho section of the law relating to taxes and assessments in the city of New York, which alows the amount of assessments uncollected from corporuti is assessed on tlicir whole capital stock to bo credited to that city by the State. Tho report of Oiu Committee of Ways :uid Means iu favor of the bill to repeal the law In relation to the publication of legal notices was called up. Mr. Fisukr moved to recommit the bill to the Judiciary Committee. ' Warm debate en?ucd. Messrs. Knit and Piimm opposed the recommittal end advocated the bill. Messrs. FisnsH and McL* n opposed the bill. D .ri; g the debate Mr. Fi-hbk denounced the New York P.b'.it-ana paper always endeavoring to oppress and crush out the country prevs. Mr. 1'iRUi k predicted lliat the friends of tho bill would be denounced by the press, but reminded members that others be*, das ncwspa|iers would watch their actions. In cv ry county, under tlio pressure and burden of laxum n, tax ass ciulkms would spring up and hold members acCOtitHbe. A moti u was made to refer llie bill in re'alion to the pub i -uiion of legal notices to tho Printing Committee, with Instructions to inquire into tho present rntos of legal advorth iug and aseortain whether they are more than ought to he paid. Carried, 67 to Ml. The r- port of tlio Commissioners "f Public Charities and Corrections was presented. Mr. Tau.-san gave notice that he would Introduce the Broadway Itailroad and Tenth Street Itaitroad bills. Mr. U'itRiEN gavo notice of a bill to forbid grams to railroads in the streets of cities without the concent of two thirds of th? property owners, and that tho sale of the franchise be made at auction. ? ? OUR COMMISSIONERS TO THE SOUTH. Arrival of ttisfinp Ames and the Hon. Hamilton Pith at Port race Man roe The Rebels Will Refuse to Receive Tlieiu, &c., * &c? &c. OUlt PORTRESS MONROE CORRESPONDENCE' Fobtxks Xotntox, Feb. 4, 1S62. The Hon. Hamilton liah and Bis bop Ames, tlia Cuminlsak-ners soot South to examine into the wants and condition of oor prisoners in (lie hands of (he rebels, arrived here this morning by the Baltimore boat Adelaide, (.apt. Pritohard. and uu lauding were escorted to the headquarters of Msjor General Wool by Capt. James Miitward, Jr., Captalu of the I'ort. The General ieur|\ed the Commissioners very cordially, end Invited thein t? dir.o with him. At eleven o'clock a flag of truce, in chargo of flag of truco oflleer Hill ward, went from bore to Oraney Island with despatches to Gen-rnl Huger, wlio, in turn, will have them forwarded to the rebel headquarters at Richmond. In tl e in an time ttv< distinguished gentlemen will remain here snd await "tidings from (lie South" a.' regards their reeeption, &.C. Governor Fish aud Bishop Ames have taken quarters at tho HygniaHotel, wliere Mr. Willard, the gentlemanly hott, has fitted up comfortable quarters for litem It is scarcely possible to hear from tho rebels bvfore a week's time,anil during that period the Commissioners will be j compelled to remain here. WHAT THE REBELS HAY ABOUT THFM. [From tho llu Lmond Kxamitier, ?h. 4.] COMMISSIONERS FISH AND AXES. Tft arc art'irrd thai our government will A'ruj permittiin to radnvrrnnr Fohaml Bithop Amur, the titled Cimmitiionert unl from Wathingtcn U> comfort the Yankee prisoner! in our hard/, to ;?? our lines. Wo hope that thi* i? so, ami that "iho wish is not father tnthn thought." Such a mission is intuiting to us, is accompanied with danger lu our cause, uud come* from an cuo my wlto haa refused us tho commorient right* of war, laden our prisoners with fetters, and gloated over th* fiendish wnrU of pillage and assiuainatiou that bag everywhere marked the track of Ins invasion. We are not acquainted with the antecadents of Rev. Mr. Ames, but for us bis "aim* are alms of try* terjr." A* to ex-Governor I'nth, we know him to be a man of marked nblllty, a 01 cco?sful politician of the Albany school, and a frtn, p~r i-'etst aholiti'misf, rne of the litUreet enemies the .South hi) ever had. We may re-it assured of one th ng, and that Is, that a* soon aa thrso two O.tnmisftioucr.trome within our lines, two able and cunning spin* will be in the (lonfcderato States. As to tho Yankee prisoners in our band*, they have MM Mi comforts ono'iRh, vHbOd iho bon 'ont ari l ' Stewart's gurn drnpa" which Bishop Aroea and his coiliulor are tn hrtnr; tb?m from the North. >'y a special ict of rnngrrsa they are ullowcril tho aamo rations as u?r brave .soldiers !u the ; ami u fimerat Winder has not objected to \oung Yankee cutthroats hem; taken from ihe hospital* to b? nursed in tho families of phvslclatu in ^bis city, and to he toil with sugar plums by the l td ea, we eatipoee their con litlon Is quite ae comfortab'e as could be expected under the circumstances. [From the Richmond Dispatch, Veb. .1.) TUK r.lXCOI.N I'UMMISKTON TO Till flOPTII. Information In our posse an km enrxbl't ui to trh'ei* tho puMtcop; etimnow that the Comntuionm apjxn'nttd by the Lincoln governumt. to ritit the military prisons if the South, viii b'. jvTmitlri tn fulfil that purpo$>\ Indeed, wo osnld not auppoec it poatlb'.o tl at the authorftlee of the Conrad-rate Hiatet. would Tor one ntement entertain a prop-ist t: >ii re absurd anil rldlcalous. We nro Informed that our Twmnveet uili not only refuse, ptTrm/torily, to allow Bishop Aroei ami Mr. ftsh la come hero for (hepurpoto (f (fi?rMiMti?a our rru'in iy-tem, or f ir any elhtr p-trpotr, i,..i -11 t,.nib ,i*?rci'd a i Igij e'trreilUaoeovcr aav Muo.iiaicatioo, t?y ptrionor J?f t^r. >>Atw*?a t'flioom. j r, y unit Mm Worth. Thl* it * atop in ihw right airictton, ; ami ?U? only ii)gr-i ia it at tbt policy hat tntbiait lot tier On-vxtvii AfioKut d? Mt-jir.?!>? opira of "t.uciaJl mrmior" wiU hi pr*??oti i at ihW liou?a wltli Ilii kMy,Iptx'IHo ?ml iirii.mh In ihosant. On Si. tarday thi icuMn will olo<* with ' U Trivial*." C'n. r.v t** KmnaiT. Mr. SKipbon JCivHt will dHWT tht* ivralng in iho kr.tori room of tbi<- oliureh ol'Uii K?ikmptl>r.,E? t Fourt?"aUi atrcfl, nppooita ilio Acadricy ol \t r'.i, it an* rt.nlln i, Uim <ron? a nl |*-th?tic, to ai'l in plytag clVtlio fluting iliUt of ,:al>l church. jD. PRICE TWO CENTS. IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. The Nova Scotian at Portland and the City of Baltimore and Hansa at New York. FIVE DAYS LATER INTELLIGENCE. English Opinion Adverse tolnterventionin the United States. The London Times Opposed to Interference in American Affairs. Mr. MuRsey, M. P., Appeals to the Operatives . Against the Union. Lord Jolin Russell on the Blocking Up of Charleston. THE WAR QUESTION IN FRANCE Revision of the Allied Treaty Against Mexico. FRENCH TROOPS TO HOLD MEXICO CITY. PRINCE NAPOLEON SERIOUSLY ILL. Ft TIL COLLIERY ACCiOEYT If EWLJLfD, &c.) At., At. Tho st?im*liip Nova Scot inn, Captain Wm. Ballantyne, from Liverpool at half past throe o'clock on the afternoon of the 23?t, via Londonderry on the 24th ult., arrived at Portland at four o'clock yesterday morning. Purser Brown reports:?Parsed on the 23d ult., at eleven o'clock In the evening,off Cair of Man, the steamer Norwegian, bound to Liverpool; on F. hruary 1, Wlitudo 4(1 OA, longitude 4G 14, a steamer, supposed to be the Hibernian; also a steamer on February 3, off tho west end of Sable Island, supposed to bo tho North Amor i? an. The steamship llausa, Captain Schwenaen, which left Southampton January 22, arrived at thW port at halfpast nine o'clock last night, with tho malls, poesongora aud cargo. . The acrew steamer City of Baltimore, Captain Jeflbry, which left Liverpool at noon on tho 22d and Queonstowa on tl.o23d January, arrived at this port at half-past nino i> \f vAcfarrliv hrinfflncf iIIam. nRoconcnrn and freight. 1 ho dates per the Nova iScoitau are five days later than those already received. A despatch front I'arts of the 23d ultimo says Prince Napoleon is serhntsly ill. France tvili send large additional forces to Mexico, and will take the lead in the operations there. 'the . tcanisbip Victoria, which left (Jueenntown for naiifox with troops, Ac., had put back with loss of boats, decks damaged, Ac., after having been fourteen days at sea. Two hundred and fifteen colliers were burled alive in the Hartley miuee, near Newcastle. Six days' efforts at rescue wcro unavailing. It was feared that all are dead. After strenuous exertions, access had been gained to a part of the Hartley (Kugland) coal mines, and about 10? of the 216 buried minors hod been discovered. It waa feared tlmt the remainder of the miners would be found I H..a. 1 in another nortian of tho mine. The steamship Etna, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on tho 22d of January. Tho : tra:n !iip Borussia, from New York, arrived at Southampton on (he 24lh of January. The -teaiwhip Norwegian, from Portland, arrived al Londonderry on the morning of the 23d of January. The Niagara arrived out on the forenoon of the 20th ulL THE AMERICAN CRISIS. THE FEELEfti II EffCLAIO. The London Tlmea Doubtful of the Prudence of Intervention?'l ite Cotton Famine In Mancheatsr?Arrival of a Venae! from Charleston?The "Stone Blockade1' Not ao (treat an Evil. Mr. Ma^rey, member of 1'arliameut, bad delivered a ai-eecli before bia constituents al Faliord, England, In which he advocated (hat tho European Powere ehonld interfere to close the striurg'o betweea the North and the S'Uth, hy recognizing the Confederate Stales, and break, log the blockade or tho Southern prrle. The Manchester Guardian argues in a seaaawbal almllar slialn, and as regard* the ;otton supply It says:?It la a question how far, hi this diet let, tne prevailing distress Is due to tlio civil war '.n America, aad whether Ik ianotaa much attributable to our production as to A mere deurtb of out ton. Tlie factory stattvtiee of Manchester shew that tho shortening of the hours of labor in the iactorieo is gradually extending, and in course of a week or two the move' merit was expected to become much more general aad extensive. It was represented that Cbarloeton was well defended, find that between that city and Savannah (ianeral Leo had about forty thousand troops under bis comtn ind. Tho qnoattou of European intervention in the civil war in America Is being much more freely canvassed, tho proceedings at Charts l maud the a'leged general inefficiency of tho blockade being the excuses pat forth fer euch s step. The Llverjool Pat! emphatically declares that the civil war must be stopped by tnelUUoj, if possible; by force,if necessary. The I/>ndon .Vmv continues boldly to denounce the idea of rec'.gntzlng tlie South, and says that it to time tho country should otter its voice against It In uamietakeabl* tones. The London CW* argues that the maritime Posers ran not Its expected to rexpect the blockade nnlees II be I really effec'-lvn. Lord Elgin was about to leave for India. lie promised tho deputation on the cotton question to do his best 10 er'Couragc its growth. Tho Loudon (city erltcle) sf lbs 24th nil. says that an uneasy feeling prevails. The avoidance of com. plications in connectiin with American affairs cannot be pnrinittient'y a?ttclt>ate<l, a. d tho foaling will probably increase until the meeting ef the French Cbunbers <M Monday, at wh i h sojis Indication of the policy to be ad'.pted by Prance, England oi Europe generally e> eras to he looked for. tho (its arlL-lo of ir.a Lmduft //emit aava tho as count* fr?m A merle* ore of * wmi d*.*poa<luic dur* actor, Urn c<imm#rt'*! fltrttkn ?f Now York bringu? p*r*ll*:?<1 Tli* London Timoi Agftllo* Ui?rvM<l?a. 8TOKM OK TH* OOTTOf* orFiATIVlM O'MlKf TBI lll.OCKAOI~IWOI.AWP IIIOVU) WOT fill A ttUH ON Mr. If Mi*.. b*li.nk* t" llirl ruction of our j-ubl* mm ?A whom WC l0"k for *ob#r ?m? ??W'i* new*.* tusitag ev#ni*. II* not ? groat rhotorwwo nor I nun of rory for*i l tm*Klr??lnn. bill ho i* *?H MOrmod bo ht?u>rio*l Hiu<i?,*oO ho Iim rocolv.<1 U-* tMilmony of ih?Hmjo9| i omrnoo'to In* knowlisloo Ml aMKtuitv In bla ?I?cin>4 to t!\u oTclnlrmAo of rommlutM. Whon.Uioreror*, if. ?m*o? fot* down to njeoihm cimM t':Ooi?, w i 'xjoct ftee nni. il'?i 'o vl* f of the ) retont *?i. olof ?IT. .i?,*.ut uliou w? r? m>int)?r tli?l nstiirm ^ >>rr.i j.a toC Ih' g'u?t JoiOc?ahir? huJy *f oi?"ni. ?*?kD ura i g.uitr g from til* hlRii i > ifcoll i urul from l ? ?tJj?r oocnnonrM of UMii!?..rfanlzed*tat< oAtioic*, (WNUNlol) 0.1 *30inil VAAX.)