21 Şubat 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Şubat 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH f jiijMf tpn, I ? WHOLE NO. 9294. IMWRTANT f ROM TENNESSEE. CedmBtioa of the Imported Evacuation of CJarkettile. The Rebels Preparing for Battle at Nashville Important Railroad Bridges destroyed by Union Hen. Memphis Cut Off from Charleston 0. 0. The latest Despatches from Fort Donelson. Mere Than Fonrteen Thousand Rebel Prisoners Taken* "the union troop eager to advance, fee., ?<c., e?. Hailroad Communication Between Mem* phi* and Charleston Cat Off. St. Loris, Fsb. 19, 1062. A Union scout who has hoen operating up the Tennosaoe and Cumberland rivers rsacked here this morning, and reports that one span of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad bridge, crossing the Tennessee river at Decatur, Alabama, wis destroyed on Saturday last by Union men in that vicinity. It was reported that the bridge at Bridgeport, some seventy miles above, was also disabled; but this Is no* continued % Evacuation of Ciarksville. Sr. Lone, Feb. 19, 1802. The NrpubUcan's Cairo despatch says that ibo latest advices from Fort Ilonelson report that the gunboat St. Ixiuis, Captain Paulding, proceeded up the Cumberland to Ciarksville, and found the enemy abandoning that place in a panic. Two large flat boats, laden with munitions of war, were captured at the rolling mill just below Ciarksville. The rebels were moving everything to Nashville, where the next rebel stand would be made. Tike T.atest Despatches from Fort Doncl* sou. St. Lotus, Feb. 19,1862. To Major General MiCmiA*:? A thousand more rebel prisoners have been taken. They came down tha river to reinforce Fort Donelson, net knowing that we bad captured it. n. W. HALLFCK, Major General, A?. St. Louis, Feb. 19,18C2. Six add.lional boatloads of the Fort Docelaon prisoners arrived taet night and this morning, and will be speedily forwarded to their destination. The actual number of prisoners taken is 19,o00. Among thorn ie-Creneral West, who has not prev iously been mentioned. The names tf the rebel officers captured on Saturday last were ince-rectly reported fronj Sedalia 1W-- morning. They are as follows:?Brigadier General Price, Colon*' j JWfcey, totcnei cross arm captain mr?? " joijor llensral Prise's stuff. Bverythtag at Fort Donelsou was, progressing sulisiac twiiy. # Our arwy are encjuupediuthe captured works ot the 4fcemy,4.ving comfortably in Ui# log huie ml touts of the late rebel soldiers. Our army weio very enthusiastic au<l anxious to laurel* agmnst Nashville. With tho e*i option Of severe colds. consequent upo*> their recent exposure, tho army was well. c/iro, i'el>. 20,1862. There remain only sixteen members of Company fl, ; Kkventh Illinois regiment, who ara not killed or wonndei') | or taken prisoners; and of tlio whole regiment not over I one hundred and forty effective men are left. Two thousand prisoners left tills place last evening, and 1 two bout loads have just arrived. THE BUUH.ES DESTUOI EH II TLYVESKKK. ?> heealliy of the Bridge* Ueporlrd DratroycdoTlie Importance of the Railroad Connection to tho Rebels?The Proximity'to Florence?Nketclin off Herat nr, .Bridgeport, dee,?Map off the Vicinity? I.leutenant Phelps' Report in Fall, Ac., Ac. Wo present our readers wilh a map of the vicinity of the bridges ncrosa the Tenuassee river reported a* having been destroyed by Union citizen*. It will Ire seen that Decatur occupies au important position on the rail rimu, luaruiuuu as it is urn jwjiiii m wuiiu mo -sn?n? inn and 'Decatur Railroad intersects the Memphis and Charleston Railroad. The former, as well as th^utler, croMot theTennessee river near this point by m#nns of bridge, the road to Kualiville being due north, and tearing Dwbtur at ona point, rrhila that to Richmond, Charleston,kc., proceed* in an easterly direction, ami arcane* at anotbtr point *f tha river not far from the Former road. Judging front the despatch, it would appaar that tha bridge on the east Ida of Decatur had been destroyed. If so. rebel communication between Nu-hviilc and the Rnst Iuih thus been out olf via the X.chville and Decatur road. A communication, however, would then still bo o|>on tie tween Nashville and the Kast vU (lie Nashville and Chat tanooga Kail road; hut, if the other portion of the report >? Uua, that hope of the rebels would also lie blighted, lor it la aabl, though not confirmed, that the bridge at bridge port has also been destroyed. If *hi? report should real ly prova trne, railroadcoinmunicaiion between tlie rebels at Nashville and thalr hoadi|uarl?rsiit Richinuiid will hiv" bean eullrely cut olf. Further than this, the destruction of the other bridge?viz, that on the rood leading pi Naahrillc?would entirely isolate the rebels at that point teem all railroad communication with the Kust, MemphisNow Orleans and Mobile, and wotdd prevent the troop- nl Naalirllla from going to Knnxvlll*. Tlius far, as rc gar da the troops at Nnshvillo, tlie destruction of thev" bridges arc all important. 1 tint there Is also another important feature in cum c. tlon with this movemont. These bridges form means by whish tha main railroad artery cf the South is connootod, and their destruction stops ell communication bel\\o"n the thn-e iinporUnt points of ill# Souliiwaat?Memphlr, a X*w Orleans and Mobile?aud Richmond, in Virainia 'j Charleston. In Soit'b Carolina; Pevaunali, in ttuorgia: and last, though not least, Kooavlllo, iu Tnunmni*. At I ho troops la Virginia,Charleston, Aw., Iinve had to depend npnn this hue for their supplies fro* )b? West, th? rebel gpianrnment have endeavored, as ftras possible. to keep the ootumuniaetion open: and, at waaaividcnt from the consternation of the nebcin when tUs bridges were d stroyed in Tennessee, the .breaking of Mmi lino most lit a source of great distress to tbein. If kopt broken, I1 will preva alano.t oedless ruin: and even m it In, *|Mrid ijtey And limo to repair the damage before our Iroav* ran reach the spot, the ilmple delay will cost tbam mora then tboy can afford to spare at the present crisis ft rents. The di> I ruction of the bridge at !) . atur ulouf 't effect* Ibis, and If the onn at Itrldgaport be alao do. . atrnyad this communication la doubly severed. y TUP EFAHONS FOR BHMBVINti TUB HKPORr. A number of parsons bare pretended to discredit ibe triv report. There exist, however, very gool reeflv '* '"or believing tbat it may be true, one of which is the ,"Tort Metttenant Phelps, which wo give in ful1 to day. \"* **** th,t ,n l,ml rortlon of Alabama tho <v pedltiuoavy officers bad ' mot with the tuoal gratifying proof* of layfc^fi" Add that the 'nhahitaots "Incrcwrts [E NE THE DES' Hap of the Locality?Th Cut Off-1 ms " IT/ hickmanJJL \ f ARK^T,, IE fafHISft JLM /s ha 4 shouted tlKlr welcome and bailed their national flag c, >'alh an enthusiasm there wag no mistaking; it wafl tl gwswmo and heartfelt." These words speak volumes. r l-.vui bound down as they were, they shouted; and that (1 thoy were under the influence of rebel tyranny is toG ti evident, from the following expression taken from the ' game report, in which place the oflicer quotes their words, j as follows:?"If we dared express ourselves freely yon * would hear such a shout greeting your coining a you never heard. We know there are ruioy Unionist , among us, but a reign of terror makes us utrai t n ( our chadows." Xow, however, as they find they ar likely to get protection from tho United ?t*te? govern / , remit, they are roady to aid in carrying out th 'law and | t the constitution. " Bring us r. small, organized for"'--,'' ?ald they, "with mnis ttn<l ammunition for us, nmi wo cnn maintain our position and put ilown rebellion in crJV miitst." Tho they hjalee, and even before tliey receive the arms an attempt is made to cripple tho rebels, t>v sve-nug the principal means of communication between their forces in the East and those in the West. It may ho argued that tins report only applied to Florence, in Alabama. What is tho diataueu fr< m Florence to Decatur? By the railroad a littbr over forty miles, and apparently about the same by the river. As the Union fueling wits manifested along the lioiiks of tin' whole length of the j river, front Fort Henry to Florence, there can be but j 'ittle doubt of its continuance for forty miles further. ! The Union feeling is doubtless strong all through the , northern i?rt of Alabama, nmi it wants but the support J of tho government of the United Mates to cement the i i tooling so strongly as to cause a general uprising of the ? Unionists in that part of tho country. Wherever (tic ; llag of tho Union appears, it is hailed with joy and en Ihusia-m, and hundreds, nay thousands, will, if opportu- I uily be offered, Uock to the standard of true liberty. SKETCH OP VKCATl'R. , Decatur is a thriving post village of Morgan county, Alabama, aud is situated on I lie left hank of the Tonnes , see river. H Is thirty miles west southwest of Hunts i rille?nil important town of that Slate?and is thf custom tri minns of the rsilruuil from Memphis srla Tue. cumbia, near Florence, from which latter place it in distant about forty miles. It is 0110 hundred and eighty eighl miles trom Memphis, one hundred and twenty-two miles from Nashville, about two hundred and thirty miles l'rom KnoxviUe, tercn hunuied and ten m.les from Kieti i inond. Vu., live hundred and sixty seven miles from Charleston, S. t'., and about live hundred and fifty mile* front Saxauuab, tin., by railroad. It is about two bun* drodmiha iu an air line from Montgomery, Ala., about three hundred end fifty miles from Mobile by railroad, and J a Utile over Ave hundred unles from New Oi lean- by the same conveyance. All these points, directly or Indirectly) i are connected with Decatur by railroad, and the deelroc- ' tion of the bridge here separates all those places cast of j tho village item all tliosewektof the earn*,'sax ing no ' other means ol' railroad coiriiuunication. SKETt n OF BlilPGKI'ORT. Mrnlge|iert is a small post \ illnge of Jat kson ctuiniy, .Matin tuit. It is situated on the rentier see rivet, along the line of the Nashville end Chattanooga Railroad, whi I, rond crosses the river by nieana of a bridge, it is one bundled ami twenty three nnlcs soul limpet from Naah vlllo, ami twenty eight nnlcs wrest from Chattanooga. 11.e rnilroau I'rotn Memphis Jolna lliis line obuul leti miles neater to Nashville, at a place called Stevenson, the train" from both itoluls running eastward throi gh Brldg<porlon the sumo track. The xntiie of this bridge is at j once apparent ut a glance. 1 Llenlenaiit Phelps' Official Kr|ior( of the 1 Tennessee lllver Expedition. The following vlliciai icportof Lieutenant Phelps more j than coufirins tlie statements previously given of the wonderful outbreak of Union sentiment at the Fouth ? Umvttn Htaivb <>t mioat f'<u?*sn t,a, l TiMtK-m Kh an. Feb. 10, ltui". j F'M<. t )r mi kk A. 11. I outS,I xnmi .- i Alas N \ x . OmvaM isx. N xvai. Vow Wk tkiis W-vnews :? Km? jtoon aflar the surrcmler of Fort Henry, on the 6th Instant, I proceeded, in obedience to your order, up the Tenuessee river w it It the Taylor, Lieutenant Commanding (.'win; Lexington, Lieutenant Commanding Shirk, and this Vermel, forming a divts on of the flotilla, ami arrived alter dark at tho railroad crossing, twenty live miles abive the fort, li.'txing on the way destroyed a small amount of cetnp ? piipnge abandoned iiy the Hying rebels. The dr*xv nf the bridge was found closed, and the merhlnery for U turning disabled. About hell a mile above warn sex ere J rebel traimperl stentuers escaping up t tmiim n A I avty win landed. and in on* hour I had lit* B*ii*r*r- i Hon to a*? tba draw nytn. The Taylor b*ing Uic glow e?t a ol tho f mlwmta. J.looU'iiaut Commanding Cwin lanital a * form to i!.-troy at? rliou of the railroad tru.-k and to no a c.irr "Oti'li military storm aa might U? loiiud, whil* I <11- * 1 rai'tnl I. oitoiinniOnunanriiug fliirk to 'Ollow in* with V all rpooil In ehaa? of Ik* fleeing km la. lu Iv* hours this ii total tttcoaedad in ioro'ng Ui? rebels to ahotidan and horn n the."* of ll^ir boa'a loaded with military ?u>r??. Tba h flrttono crH (flamual Orr) had on b?>ard a quantity of ti roHnarin# batterb", which very goon arjdodo.l 1 lie go- n cm. I o<yt was freighted *rilh powder,cannon, ?hot,grape, t balls, fc.% Faarlng an dsukwlon from tba tirad boats? n th <r? *?fb two kaether?"J had stopped at a dlatanca of a on* then?*th! yard*; but <n ?n there our skylights wcra IV broken by t?i? ool.?n*?lon, Mm light upper deck wna n ratted lisllly, /loom ware foro*p opan, and locks and ft fastenings ercr/jrhcra broker. ft The whole river, for half a ?Mf round about, wa W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY, rROYED BR e Principal Communica lashville Completely I Rising in Defence i t &\N t FORT HENRyr'"^r~-? ~.J *MRTDONEL! 'IOHC/IY \ \ \l N L Jif MTPUASA, L/T TtOM r CQfl^yJ^rtORENteEj/^*' / IrhstmuaiA? - 'nlr /3> I ! A L i L ill vmpletely ''beaten up' by tlio falling fragments, end ac shower of shot, grupe, balls, Ac, Tlie hon?e of a eported Union man was blown to pieces, and it is susec ted there was design in landing the boats in front f the doomed borne. The l.exington having fallen ichind.and being without a pilot, on board, I concluded o wait for both of the boats to come tip. Joined by hem, we proceeded up the river. Lieutenant t'oininandng Gvvin had destroyed some of the trestle work of the >nd of the bridge, burning with them lots of ramp oqui>ago. J. N. Brown, formerly a lieutenant in tho navy, tow signing himself (.'. f. N., had tied w ith such preclpistion as to leave his papers behind. These Lieutenant I bmmandingGwin brought away, and 1 send them to roil, ag they give an ottlcTal history of tho rebel lioa'lng | ^reparations on the Mississippi, Ctnnberland and Ten- , leasee. Lieutenant Brown had t.liargo of the construe ion of gunboats. At night on the 7th we arrived at a landing iu Hardin ottnly, Tennessee, known as t'orro (Jordo, where we I bund the steamer Eaatport being converted into a guu>oat. Armed boat crews were immediately sent on j )'<tird,aml search mi do for mean* of destruction that night havo been devised. She had been scuttled and . lie suction pipes broken. These Ivnks were soou stop j >ed. A number of ritle shots were fired at our vessels, j nit a couple of -hells dispersed the rebels. On ox.miiua .ion I found that there were large qiiuntiliex of timber 1 uid lumber prepared for titling up the Kastport; that the ,'CeSel Itsclt?some t wo hundred and eighty feet long? ! van ill excellent condition and already half Unlabel; ! avisiderablc of the plating designed for iter was lying on ' he bank, and everything at bund to complete her. I . Uorefoie directed Lieutenant Coiniuundiiig tiwiu to it j naln witit tho Taylor to gourd the prize and t- h a .1 lint ntnber, A'., wbi e tho Lexington and Concfttoga should j irocucd still higher up. .-'oon after daylight on theg.h ee panted L,i,ipoit, ' dls't . and at f'bKkasaw,furthei up, near tlie state tine, I eizod two steamers, the Sallio Wood ant) Muscle?.In J driller laid up and the latter freighted with it on, d?'?- , tied for Richmond and for rebtd use. We then pro- ' ended on up the river, entering the state of Alabama, uid ascending to Florence, at the foot of llie Muscle heals. On coming in eight of the town three steamers veto discovered, which were Immediately set on lire by he rebels, some shots vero Ured from the opposite -ido it' tlio rivor It. tr.vt' A force wd- landed noil i mnddem !)!<> |iinti?iti<-8 <<r supplies, marked "Kurt Henry," ware inuredfrom the burning; wrecks. Some tun! beet, laud- d m l stored, These 1 seized, putting such us we could ning aw ay on our vessels, ami destroying i lie remainder. So thus or other craft could be found. I found, also, wore of the iron an.) plating int? u< 1 c<i for the Kaetjiort. A dcputalton|of citizens of Florence waited upon tne. lirst desiring that tbey might be made able to ipuet tho cats of their wivea and daughters. with amurauceafrom wd that they would not he molested; and secondly, raying that I would not destroy their railroad bridge, ts for the first, I told them wo were neither rulfbun lor savages, and that ws were there to protect from rtolencc and to enforce the law; and, with reference to lie second, t bat if the bridge w ore atvay we could ascend 10 higher, and that it could possess no military im Kirlance. so far as 1 saw, as it Srtuply connected Florence itself with tho railroad on Ilia south bank of tbe iver. We had seized three of their steamers, one tbe hall intuited guuboul, and had forced the rebels to bum Mix 1 iibevs, loaded w it It supplies, auljtbeir loss, w Hit that of he freight, is a heavy blow to the enemy. Two basis are 'till known to bo on tho Tennessee, and ure doubtless mlileu in tome Of the creeks, where we shall be ijblc to hid thein when there is lime for tho seurcb. We -eturned on the night ot the 8th to where thu Kaatport ay. 'lite crow of the Taylor had already gotten on board f* the prize an immense amount ot lumber, Ac. fhe crows of the three boats set to work to finish Jm> undertaking,and we have brought away probably Job,000 feel of t lie best ipiulity of ship and building lum er.a'l tlm iron,mechlnery,spikes,plating,nails, Ac..be. , ungiug to tbe rebel gunboats, and 1 causeH the mill to be lestroyed, Where the lumber bad becu sawed. Lieutenant Comniandlngtiwin had, in our absence,enisle! foiue twenty-live Tonnes s< aus, who gave informa on of ttie encampment of Colonel Itrow's rebel regiment it tbtvannalt. Tennessee. A portion of the six or seven u i nd rod men were known to tie pressed men,and all were badly aimed. Alter consultation w ith I.nu,tenants Corn natn'li gtiwin andPliltk. 1 determined to makealand it tack upon the encampment. Lieutenant Commanding Shirk, ts ith thirty rlll"tnon,caine.on board theConeetoga, e.iving ltia ve?sel to guard the* Kflatport, and,ac iii [tamed l>y the Taylor, we proceeded up to tbat ptaro, pre i ared to land one hundred and thirty riHernen and a welve-pounder rifled howit/or. l ieutenant Comiuuniling )win took command of this force when landed, h<t had fie mortiheotion to find the camp descried. The robels had Ted at one. o'clock In tbeuigl.t, leaving 'cnstderehlennuntttles of arms, clothing, shoe*, oalnp iteneils. oru\ ieioi a. implements. Ac.. allot which were 'ocuieJor i< >??l. mmI their Winter quarter* of log ruts were burned. 1 v /ed, also, a large nunl ting, ami n nd you the letters giving military information. Iho [uuhoatl were lUcn <U->t?|n <t down to a }>oitit where trms, gathered under the relurl "press law," had been i to red, and an artnod party, under Second Mae tor Uou.lv, >f i ho Tay lor, succeeded iu selling about seventy rillus ind fowling piece*. Returning to Cerro tiordo, we took he Eastport, Pallle Wood and Muselo in tow, and ? ain? , town the river to the railroad troealDg. The Muscle prang aleak,and, all efforts failing to prevent her sinkng. we were forced to abandon her, and with her a contderabta quantity of Ann lumber. We are having trouble u getting through the draw of the bridge here. 1 now come to the, to me, moat interesting portion of his report, one which eaa already b come lengthy, but I unst trutt you will (lnd M>me exiuae for this in the I act hat it embraces a history of labors and movements,day nd night, from the 9th to the loth of the month, all of rhtchdatadaldecroltDicpertogiveyou. We have met ritli the tuoet gratifying proofs or loyalty every, rhcre acme* Tennessee and in the portions of UMdanippi and AUI.auui we vialted. Wort affect ig inatan.ee greeted us ftltnoei hourly. Men. woten and oh i Id ran several times gathered Id crowds of undrods, shouted their welcome, '"id hailed their naoiml flag with an enthusiasm there whs no mistaking, it . me genuine and heartfelt. These people braved overyliing U. go to the river hank where a sight of their Hag light odco more be enjoyed, and they hate experienced, , they related, w; posallHe form of persecution, Tears owed freely down the rhod%s of men as wall as of wo | ten, and there we?e thoia w ho had fought under the tars and Htripes at Moultrie, wN In this manner tosli 1 rd to their toy. This display of feeling and sense of fc*t?dnees at our suo Hi ti_r Jm. n FEBRUARY 21, 1862.

IDGES IN A tion of the Southwest wi solatfld?Thft Tinval AT a> of the Union, &c. u C K rf^RKSVBlk \sJUNCTIOI^^><r r > NASm^fi ^MiMKWA \tmOEDESWOYED Z2Mzk^^asJ CATUR "^N ^ ^ \ & A cess, anil the hopes it created in the breasts of n> many people in the heart of the Confederacy, astonished us not a little, and i assure you, air,I would not have failed to witness it for nny consideration; I trust it has given us all a higher sense of the sacred character (if our present fa duties. 1 was assured at Savannah that of the several hundred troops there more than one-half, had we gone to the attack in time, would have hailed us as deliverers and gladly en listed with the national force. Tn Ttncess-e, the reoplo generally, iu their entlin- ' sin.-ui, braved secessionists and spoke their views 1 freely, hut iu Mississippi and Alulmina what was p., said was gna.-ilud. " if v.o dared express ourselves I'ree v, > oh would hear such a shout greeting your 01,1 coming aft you never heard." "Wo know there aro arj many Unionists anions but a reign of tor- f?| ror makes us afraid of our shadows." We wore told, t ie. "Bring us a small, organized force, with arms anil ammunition for us, and wo can maintain our position, tii and put down rebellion in our midst." There were, it is Bj true, whole communities who, on our approach, tied to , the wood*, but Ih'se wero wheie there was I -uoftlie loyal element uinl wl.-i e the tinning steamers in a tvanee oil had spread tales of our coming With lire brands burning, th drt-iruyiBg, rovishii g ami plundering. " 1 ho The crews of these voxels have had a very ta'iorfo- ! timo, nut ha\o evinced a spirit in the work highly | oil i editable to them, T.inulorunts Commanding (iwin and , o'< and fliirk have been until in;,, and I owe totlieiii and to I ' their officers many obligations for ( ur entire srcee*. I in I am. respectfully, your obedient servant. tu S. I,. I'liKUS, I ic .tenant Command Inc. Ctiiled Slates Navy. i IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. St'iilruvc of flic llililgsburni'rii Mill- ; gated?Kvacuallon of Columlta*? Projected Advnm'r on Memphis. hi. IAII'IH, 1 20,1862. J'* General llallock has issued an order that, in cons id era- as (ion ef the recent victories w on by the Union forces, and '-i of the rapidly increasing loyalty of the citizens of Mis- m aourl, tho sentences of the eight brl'lgcburncrs hereto- |C fore condemned to death are provisionally mitigated to vt close confinement in the military prison at Alton. If, n; however, rebel spies again destroy tho railroads (h and telegraph linos, and thus rentier it necessary to rnaVe severe examples, the original sentence* against these men will ho carried into execution. No further assessment will bo levied or collected from any one who will new take tho prescribed oath of allegiance. Boards or commissions will be appointed to examine the cases of prisoners of war who apply to toko the oath of allegiauce. On their recommendation orders will he issued for their release. Private advices indicate that Columbus has been or Is being evacuated. M Preparations will undoubtedly he made for an itunic date advance on Memphis. Professor Swallow, the State Geologist, was arrested 'I last night aud committed to a military prison on tbo ma charge of disloyalty. nit us i The Tarsal! of Trice?Strong Union Keel- |h( Ing In ArbanNti. f-'i RiM iiw.n, Mo., Feb. 10 1862. IlUl It is not probable that our army will follow Genera] Price very tar into Arkausas. There is considerable talk ^ . of fortifying Neosho, and placing a detachment of troops stOMKVille. 1 " p|\' Letters found in Price's headquarters reveal a strong In ion sentiment in Arkansas. Albeit Pike is working wonders among the Indians. Camviut, Mo., Fell. 16. 1862. 5"'' Wo uro in pursuit of the enemy. Ho ts now encamped 1 at Koetsvdie, eight miles southwest of Ibis place, ox- '1 pec ting (lie regiment* from Arkansas. Perhaps Price '' w ill make a stand at Kectst ilL; but It is doubtful, us h s artnj scorns demoralized. At McDowell's, ou Flat Creek of we stta. ked his rearguard. They made a weak resist- j hU' #, and then precipitately tied. j A ires t of General Buekmr on a Charge of Treason. I ovtevitu, Ky., Feb. 20,1862. The Journal learns that Marshal Merrlweather left here 1 !'' i iiu last evening f'or Cairo to briug General Bucknor bore Hi. under a Union wan nut from .luetic) Catron on a cbargo U trente n *'1 Oomaiuii'a I.*?t Kvmmm Cotwrnrr.?The last of I,. M. ^ liottschalk's delightful evening concerts came oir at n?., Niblo'g Saloon lost night. As upou aUprevkiusooca-uou*, 1 the bouse was crowded by a fashionable audience. The mi young mafHro showed his complete command of tho j instrument to which his grouts has added so much power and ao charming a fascination. All the artist*?Rrlgnolt, did i-tusiul sad Mancusl?were in excellent voice, and maite a th? most favorable Impress'on on the audience, t 'arietta I'atti pang well, and was Justly applauded and encored. Dr. Sanderson, In the four bands movement with Uotlselielk, n ucipiitted hlmHeir admirably. These brilliant entei tainmenu have b< en marked throughout with gratifying necenn, and we have no doubt that the atti"utance at. the matinee to morrow will bo the largest of the season. " set T n? Ksmsts 1'ranrs.?Tho military drama, ' Ic Camp del/Eufcr" (the Cfcmp of Hell), will bo perfoiincd at Ibe Academy of Music, thin evening, by tho troupe of Inkcrmaa Zouaves, Tor the benefit of that crack P* -orpe, Ixie Knfante Perdue. Three hundred member* of the regiment assist In the military evolutions ind tableaux, enduing a battle chant. The fin d Inlnoxu 1 srtll represent the apotheosis of Washington and Vafotesu h'' Ic (irAnd. The performed o proiuiees to (hi esesBent. j ERA] LABAETA. th their Bebel Capital >amians finewpn/s E E VpMMMVlUa jL WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY. Tlie City Celebration. OOUAUME OF ARKAMiKMENT8 FOR TUB CEMUKI TIOR OF TUB ONE HINDRKD AND THIRTIETH ANN VERSARY OK THE BIRTHDAY OK WASHINflTOK FEBUFARY 22, 1HH2, I NDER THE Al'SPICES OF TH COMMON COUNCIL OK TUE CITY OF NEW YOU*. [Tie Corporation of the oity or New York will cell vte the Anniversary of tlio Birthday of the Father c f Country, on Saturday, the twenty second ofFebrii ,. olio thousand eight hundred and sixty-! wo, by th lowiug observances:? V national rain to will bo tired at sunrise, at the equei an statue oC Washington, Union square, anil at sunse I lie City Hull I'ark. Hie bells throughout the city will be rung from noo nl one o'clock. The bolls of Trinity church will chint it national airs and other music between liic tutu Ul'H. The Mayo1' and Common Council, auil officers or Hi y government will review the military at twelv ] ck noon, ill front of the t ily Hall. The followiic; exercises will lake place ut two o'cloc the afternoon, jn I he largo hall of tho Cooper lust te :? Firtl -Music?Ity Wallace's foil hand. is.urn!?IT ay or?Uj the Ko>. l>r. Tyug. Tiiiiil?Reading Washington's Farewell Address?B; ior*c JT. M> ore, ?>, , Secretary of the Historical Su ity. F urth?Oration?By Hon. George Ruuctoft. F fth?Tlie Voi .01! Ans w ill ho sung by one of on W-'t ? fl'ectlvC glee clubs S j'Jt -Benediction?|,y the Rev. Dr. Potis. Uur fellow citlreiuine re.-ixsu,fully requested to sua ml liusim -s anil to obsyrvt the day us a holiday, a nil in cmnniemornllon of the Birthday of Wa?hiugt'>i in response to I he recent glorious victories which hat ownod the arms of our UnTou. The flags will he di.spluyeii from all the public build gs,aud the iti/ens aud masters 01 voisels in port ai quested to display their flags from their houses an imels durini, iho day. The City Hell and public bmlitin.B in the Park will h undiluted, and all citisens are rcmiesteJ to iliuminat eir stores and houses in the evening. JAMES RKKD, 1 IIKNRY SMITH, | Commit me MUM IS I. A. BOOl.E, !- of Board of ISAAC DAYTON, I Aldcriuen. W 11,1.1 AM W.tLSH, I A1J-.XR II. K MAT I, ) JACOB M. LONG, I Committee CORNELIUS DESMOND, I of Hoard of THOMAS STKITIENSON, I Councllmen. ii.iui tlUli L' I HENRY SMITH, Chairman. Ai.kxim.bb 1J. Kkkch, Secretary. trfiHK of the Committee on .\ationa AfTnlrs?Arrangfwmti to Celebrat WaalilnRton'fi Birthday. Hie Committee 011 National Afifoirs met yerterday t ike arrangement* for the celebration of the 130th an ureary of .Washington's birthday, with moro thai ml ccf.it. Alderman Walsh was appointed Chairman n s committee who hold their meeting with closed doors rhe following te, we believe, the programme which wa ally adopted:? \ national salute will be (li ed at sum iae at the I'/piei an statue of Washington, in Union srinaro, and a siin salute will also be fired at noon from tho City Hu rk. rhat reals bo rung by the bells in the city from noo one o'clock, ami I bat the hells of Trinity church chim ne of our national and patriotic airs during tho sam te. The milltnry companies remaining in this clt II be reviewed at uoon in front of the City Hall by th iyor and the members of the Common Council. In th n.-noun the follow lng exe-cisns will take ruare in Coop Institute;?George II. Moore, K?<|., tho Secretar the Historical Society, will read Washing 1's Farewell Address. An oration suitable b e occasion will t>o delivered by the Itou orgs Ran.-rnfi. Wallace's full bnn 1 will be In attend ce to nil up the lutcrvuJe with selections of nations s. Tim City Hall will be brilliantly il umlnated In th. ening, as well as other public buildings. The commit j a'so recommend that tuc day boobeci ved as a genera llday, and that our merchants aud storekeepers clos fir placea of business on that day. By doing so It wil Ord all our > itlzen* nu opportunity of celebrating th mversary of the birthday of the Fat 1 er ?f his louulr a becoming nmt suitable manner, flie Committee also rocommend ha' <uir citizen n.dit Illumine their dwelling houses and id-ices of lmui k? oil (lm night of ihi> Sfcld. Hail fin anil canulni of vetMl* lying in our harbor ar jn?-t?-ri to dteplay their Ungg, nnd will, by go doing, ad n h to ihefeebil appearance "f the city, in the arming we lielieve it ia the intention of Ihamatr re of thoOinimon Council to eutertain a number c tlngulehnd viHlteri at a grand l>an<piet, to l>e "given ? i (M, NicholiiK Hotel. Caatoni Honer. Kot(?e. lie follow >ug hag been i.-rued by the Collector:? CreroM Iloi ev, New York, 1 coi i.wtor r ornnt, Feb. 20.18fl2. / 'o afford the olllcer of the cogtonfR oyportflklty to oh ve the recommendation* in the President "a proclama ? of the 10th nttai t, thla otttoe will be rioted al'te rive o'clock *. on ibe 2*1 inat ant. HIRAM HARNKT, Collector. -ogrammt of the Celebration at thi National Capital. W ARtttvwrojr, Fob. 20,1802. he following is the order of printedioga for tho tw tree of Contfreas on the 22<1 of February lust.:? |t ceo ?Vice* prociaeiv the Senate, with tho invited LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. guests, will proceed to lhe hall of the House of Repre Mutative* iu the following order:? The Vice President ami the Secretary of the Senate, pre ceded by the Sergoaulat Arm*. Senators. The President aud Heads of the several Departments. The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court. [Representatives from Foreign Governments near this Government. Invited guests of the Army and Navy. Distinguished citizens aud other luvited guests. Preparatory to proceeding to the House the President and heads of bureaus will asscmb'e in the President's chamber; tho diplomatic corps in the marble chamber, in the roar of the Senate chamber; the Justices of the Supreme Court in tho Vice President's chamber , invited army ami navy officers in the Supreme Court reom, and | iuc uiniiiiguieueu chiziiu ana outers mviieu id me ' Semite reception room. 'Jhe proceedings in the House will be, sftor prajsr by the t hsplain, tilts reading of Washington's f arewell Ad| "rsu. Then the Hugs captured from the rebels will be presented from the Army and .Navy Departments to Con. ; gross. Colonel John W. Forney h is been invited to read the address. Six tlkousaud tin candle.-1 cks were placed in the window of the Capitol to-day for the Saturday evening fllu. m nation. | THE BOHEMIAN AT PORTLAND, ONE DAT LATER FROM EUROPE. i : The American Question in Parliament. | Lord Paluimton Proclaims Non-Interferenw with the Blockade. I ~ Another Failure of the %iti?h Frigate Warrior, Ac., Ac., Ac Ponnoxn, Me., Feb. 20,XW2. The ateamship Bohemian, Captain Burgess, from Liver, pool on the Oth, via Londonderry on the Tthiust., ar* , rived at this port at ten o'clock this morning, i The dates per the Bohemian are one day later than those already to hand. The steamship Canada, from Boston, arrived at Liverpool on tho 6th inst. The Prince of Wales had embarked for Trieste. The Bank of France has reduced ita ratee of discount to four per cent. The product ol the lost cotton crop of India waa peering into Bombay. Tho British iron-clad frigate Warrior, on her passage to Lisbon, labored badly. Her decks and cabins were Hooded, and in uino ca. es out of ten she would not mind her helm. It was not quite certain whether the advance to the 1 reuch i ovorninent of from two to four millions of pounds, and the shipments to the Continent, would not tell upon the Bank of England. lulluontial movements wore on foot at Manchester for th?i removal of the duties levied under the new Iudian tariff ou cotton goods and yarns imported into India r, These dut i<-s were also regarded as disastrous to tbe col. K 1 ton manufacturers of Lancashire. THE AMERICAN WAR CRISIS. ?r < "... j "1 lie British Opposition In Parliament 4 Satisfied with the Trent Surrender? I.ord Palinerston States that the Block' I uite und England'* keutrulUy Mutt be ' I Maintained. j Both houses of the British Parliament had voted an u | uddre -b to the Queen in response to her speech. TLo ? I vote was unanimous. The opposition approved of tlio course of the governio . incut in the Trent affair. ' 0 j Lord Derby thought that the federal government had 0 1 a^ented with a very bad grace to the demands of the 1 Brli iah gov t rumcut. Lord l'ulmarston said tliat the distress in tlie manufacturing districts .n Fog land from the blochadt <y the y Southern /?..'? iuoidd not justify the interference of tin gotyi timcnt, and thxt thev icouhl continue in their n-utral tourer. The Tusrarora and Nashville. A BIT OP BPXrOMHK KltOM THE PRIVATKER. Theiedei.il gunboat Tuhcarora left Cowcs about uia* ^ o'clock ou tlie moruing of the 6th inst., and proceeded e westward. ^ The Nashville had forty hours start of her. 'i( | The ettgiueer of the N cshvlllo told the pilot who took ,1 | her out that It was agreed by all ou board the Nashvi II* 1 that ~h< a!n'uld ncvor bo raptured; that bo had all tit* M valves of the engine ?o arranged that she could be blown ? tip in a moment, und that if tlio ouptur - of the Naahvlll* was ever heard of, a violent explosion would accompany It. The Invasion of Mexico. in... r.K 7 lus Tbc Munil'.ur or this morning says tlmt Gen. Prim will not lake supreme command of the allied forcoa in Mexico, but that each general will preserve the integrity of lite own command. Ruele. St. Prrewevac, Feb. ?, 1808. The Jou.nal to-day, in an article on the government 1 budget, shows (bat tlio state of Russian finances, corae psrod w II b other countries. may be considered favorable. It says that an increase of tho ordinary income of the government, without an increase of taxes, may eoeo fee o expected. Tarkey> ' A single ministry Tor the two prlncipalitiee of Wallecliia and Moldav ia baa been formed under the Presidency ' of Monsieur Barfeo Catardji. AfTalrs lss the East. ( Private despatches from China quota teaat Foo-Cliow at | Ibree to four tacls higher. Holders of manufactured H goode held thorn at firm prices. Nibgpoo was in possession ol tho rebels. n Advices from Cochin China say that Bieu boa, after an energetic resistance, sought capitulation. It was prcposed (o march on to the capital, as the taking of that ? plure would |uc.fy the rounlry. y Kxcbungeat Hong Kong waa at 4a. 7d., and at bhanghue at 6*. 6 ',(1. Advices from Manila say that all tho tobacco there is ? to be sent to Fpuin. V Commercial Intelligence. LONIKJN MONEY MtRKKT*. 0 Lennox, Feb. 7, 1812. Consols closed at P6". a P2?? for money. The weekly return or tbc Rank or Kbgland shows a decrease in bulliou 1 or JU124,0OO. Anierit an accuriiies are quiet and steady. a The London Timtt city article says that the funds o\wned oti the 0th at a decline of more than one eighth, I but gainud Brmness toward the close. 1 I.IV EH root. COTTON MA RKIT. 1 The Brokers' Circular rejiorts:?Tha sales of the week o foot up 28^)00 bales, Including 3,500 to speculators and y 6,500 to exporter*. The market la doll, with a partial declina of Vd. Tlin salea to day (Friday) reach s 6,000 baiea, Including -.000 to speculatora and eiporters, I- the market closing quiet and unchanged, at the following quotations :?Orleans fair, 14 'Ad.; ditto rn Idling, lSfd.; e Mobile lair, lfl>,d.; ditto middling, lif'.d. uplands fair, d l6.'?rt.; ditto middling, 12'-d. The total stock in port Ik 660.000 bales , Including 660,000 American. I- BltRAP8TCF?-e MAHgMT. >f The market is genera1!)-quiet anil steady, except hr it corn, which has a downward tendency. PROVISIONS MAlUftT. The provisions market has a downward tendency The Bohemian's Malls. ftwmw, Feb. 90,1888. Tlte foreign mails per steamship Bohemian were forwarded by the half-past eight P.M. train, due at New i* York at six A. M. to morrow. i-mw i* * ni? r mncini'Vi PROTRPT AOAINBT TAXINO TH* CAMPOWMA MP*PP. f?AP FrpRi mrv, Feb. JO, 1W3. Concurrent resolution* hare |>aa*ed both hnnMMoTtb* California legislature protecting *paln*t lie policy of > laving lite California gold mine* by tbo feneral fnrernnx nt, an proponed by the rotary of the Interior, I Arrlvr1,?hlp tomet , from New York. I \