24 Şubat 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Şubat 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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2 height and the depth of the excellence Intended to be conveyed. wbeu it Is eatd,'1 Hotter m ha who rulelh hu own spirit than ho who takelh a city." Tho gaze of tho world is Hied upon us. Natioue look ou, curious to see how this new system of government witl move off ind whst manner <>f tuan have beeu chosen to guide its earliest utovemeuls. It is, indeed, s new system, for, though coinciding in tunny particulars with that under which we lived so long, it yet differs from it In many essential particulars. M hsu the constitution of 1781 was put in operation ths War of the Revolution had been successfully closed. I'ouce prevailed througtiout tho whole land and billowed all its borders. The industrial operations of the country, long held back, now bouudvd forward and expanded with all the vigor and * rankueea of tropical vsgeiaiion beneath the influence of a SBida uiuuer sun. The trial which that constitution had to encounter in its earliest, as well as in its more matured osislonce, was simply one engendered by a conflict of these interests. Ibe question was whether it could give protection to all these interests without becoming the part.sun of oue and the oppressor of another; or, in fv.t, whether it had (he sustaining power to preserve its integrity against the influence of in lei est wielded by ambition Wo have seon the result. The case with our constitution is very different. It is put into oporation in time of war, and its first movements are disturbed by ths shock of battle. Its trial is one created by the urgencies of this corneal. The question to be decided is, whether, without injury to its own iutegrity, it can supply tho machinery and afford the means requisite to conduct tliis war to that successful conclusion which the people, in their heart of hearts, have resolved on, and which, 1 trust, has been decreed in that higher court from whose decisions there is no appeal. The solution of this question is in the bosom of lite future. Rut our system can never perish out like that to which I have alluded. When ambition and interest seized upon that, and destroyed its integrity, they were not allowed to appropriateathe rule altogether to themselves. Fanaticism pant of power with them, and it claimed not in vain. Beneath the sway of this unholy triumvirate justice was forgotten, intolerance was established, private morals were ruined, and public virtue perished. All feeling of constitutional restraint passed away, and all sens* of the obligation of an oath was forever lost. The whole machinery of government degenerated into the absolute rule of a corrupt numerical majority. Already the weaker section was marked out for destruction by the stronger, and then came disruption and overthrow. Since then tyranny the most absolute, and peijury the most vile, have destroyed the last vestige of soundness in the whole system. Our new system is designed to avoid the error* of the old. Certaiuly it is founded in a difl'erent system of political philosophy, ai:d is sustained by a peculiar and more conservative state of society. It ha* elements of strength and long life. Hut at the threshholil lies the question I have already stated. Can it legitimately ailurd the moans to carry the war to a successful conclusion? If not, it must jierish; but a successful result must be achieved. But it must be destroyed . not by the hand of vioicuce or by the taint of perjury. It must go out pe icefullv and in pursuance of its own provisions. Better submit t.> momentary inconvenience than to injure representative honor or vioiate public faith. Iu the whole book of expedients there is uo place for falsehood and jierjury. Let us, ou the contrary, assiduously cultivate the feeling of respect for constitutional limitation and a sacred reverence for the sanction of an oath. Seeing, therefore, gentlemen of the House or Representatives, that wo are custodians of the aatiou's lite and the guardians of the constitution's integrity, what manner of men should we be? llow cool, how considerate, how earnest, how inflexible, how true. Having no prospect in the future, save through the success of our cause, how regardless should wo be of nil selfish views and plans of personal advancement. Elected by the people to take care of the State in this time of difficulty and of trial, how we ought to dedicate ourselves iu heart, mind, soul and energy to the public service. Neither history has recorded, uor l eg depicted, nor fable shadowed forth higher instances or self devotion than ought to be shown in the conduct of this Congress. It is not allowed us to pursue a course of obecure mediocrity. We inaugurates government, we conduct a re volution. We must live, live forever in tho memory of man.oither for praise or for blame. If we prove equal to the crisis In which we are placed, we auAii wiu iui(iwiaiuiuie auum. oui u, "U iu? wuiraiy, wa show ourselves incompetent to the discharge of our duty, we shall sink beneath tho contempt of mankind. Truly our position is one of great import. Our gallant army now holds, as it deserves, the first place in the thoughts and ailbctioris of our fieople. But of scarcely less imi'jrt.'ince, in the estimation of all, is the legislative authority, which initiates the civil policy of the confederacy, and which sustains and upholds that army taalf. And when the latter shall have accomplished its holy mission by driving the invader t'rom (he soil which he dosecrates and pollutes; and wbon the hearts of a gratafnl and free people, more generous than a Roman Senate, shall, for this service, decree to it one lifelong ovation; if true to ourselves,and competent to our duty, this Congress will be united in the triumphal honors. And if this cinstitution be destined t<> go forward, as we hope and believe it will, to a dhtant future, x lining new strength from trial, and winning new triumphs from .time, giving protection and peace to successive generations oMutppy and enlightened people; aa the gray hairethairea and venerated patriarchs ol' ages new remote shall seek to inspire the courage and Are the hearts of the ingenious youth of their day by recounting the heroic deads of the army which achieved our independence. Lot the lesson be extended and enlarged by our enabling t hem to tell also of the self-sacrificing patriotism and en Urged statesmanship of the Congress which inaugurated the permanent constitution of the Southern confederacy. Again I thank you. A message was received from tho Senate, announcing that that body had organised, by'the election of R. M . T. Banter a3 President, p oji-m , and John li. Nash as Secretary. Mr. t-URi'T, of Ala.,submitted tho following resolution, which was unanimously adopts I:? Resolved, That the rules of the Provisional Congress be lem oi$rily adopted, so far ibey are applicable, as the rules of this House, and that a committee of five, of which the Speaker shall be Chairman, ba appointed to report rules for the* permanent government of the House of Representatives; and that said committee also, in con)unctioa with such eommittee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, report Joint rulea for the government of 1 he two Houses. The House t hen proceeded to the election of a Clerk. Mr.Clusksy, 00 the first ballot, 23; Mr. Dixon, 36; Mr. McDonald, 7: Mr. Johnson, 21. No election. A second ballot reeulted as follows, Mr. McDonald's nam# being witndrawn:? Chtskey, 27; Dixon, 41; Johnson, 19. No election, 44 voles being necessary to a majority. On the third ballot Mr. Dtxou was elected, and therenpon took the oath of office. On motion of Mr.Jo.vss. ofTeun., a message was sent to the Senate informing that body of the organization of lk.t Uii'uiD rtf (loiirMdiint'itii'MB Oo motion of tho sime, a resolution was adopt") that tba House will receive the .-^enaie to morrow, for the purpose of counting the vulva for President and Vice President. Mr. Wyaa was declared elected Doorkeeper, and entered upon lua rtutie.-. Meters. ?*nu, of Va., and Cmi/rox. of Da., moved that a Committee <rf three be appoint"! by the House to act in conjunct Kin with a like committee on the part of the Beoate, to wait upon the President and inform him tliat the two Isiuses of CongD-aa have organized for business, and are ready to receive any communication he may see proper to transmit. The resolution was unanimously adopted, and M<-?sr?. Smith, of Va , thllton, of Ala., and Wright, of Oa., were appointed the committee. Mr. Haxi.t, of Ark., presented the petition of J. P. Johnson, contesting the election of A. H. (>ar!nnd, one of the members of the House of Representatives returned from that State. It was read, and for tho present laid upon the table. Peuding a resolution to go into the election of a Scrgoacit-at-Arma, the House adjourned. BECOXP PAT. SaXATT. WtensTSDAT, Fob. 19,1M2. The Senate met at noon?the President prot?m. (Senator Hunter, of Va.) in the chair. Prayor by the Kev. Bishop Kasi.t, of the Methodist Episcopal church. The Ct-iatK read the join nal of yesterday. Mr. Bkowx, of Mi -s , suggested that the journal lie corrected ko a- to read that the President pro trm/iore of the Senute was elsrtcd-'unanimously," instead of by "acclatnaliou " Agreed to. Mr. t>aa,ofs?. presented the credentials of Hon. Clement C. Clay. Senator from Alabama. Mr. Clay came forward and was duly qualified. Mr. Srawuiw. of 1a. , presented the credentials of hit colleague, Hon. Thomas J. Semtnea. Mr. Semtucs came forward and wan duly qualified. Mr. Heowx, of Miss-, presented tlie anientials of hia colleague, Hon Jam^a Phclan also his own credentmla Mr. l'belan came forward and waa duly qualified. Mr. Oan, of ?. C., offered a resolution that a committee of three Senators be appointed to draft standing rules, and that the same c oram nice act as a Joint committee, in oitpitiction with one appointed by the House of Representatives, to draft rules for the purpose of conducting the bucmcss between the two Huuaa. winch wai Mooted. Mr. Cb.ma,of Mo., moved that Ihe Senate now proceed to the election of a Sergeant-at Artna. Agreod to. Mr Ciapk nominated I. n. Fit/hue, of Kentucky, for Sergeant at Anna. Ha re< - mmmided Mr. Fltzbue as a gentleman ot character and property. He said he waa a BfliivA of Virtrnm And a ar?..tiTre.?i...? A# Dat-;?b r Mr. Pttrhur was elected -orgeantat-Arms. lis cam* forward ao<) ??? dnly qualified Mr Henrv, or Tenn , presented a bill to declare certain companies of Tenn s.e* trope, is ho liave volunteered for twelvemonth*, legally organised, though tlmir strength feae not reached the nunimiuu required b; low. Th* bill waeread a drat time. A message waa received from th* House of p^preaetiUtivee aanontK ing Ita orgmir.ati.iti, and inviting ih* Henats to mere It la th# hall of the House of Representative* for the purposeof counting th* vole* for Preeidem and Vice President of the Confederate Htatet On motion of Mr Ba<>w> of M;h?., the Senate screed to the invitation from th* Moose. On motion of Mr. Oaa, "f s. C., e message was sent to the floaa* of K-preeentatlves announcing that the Senau eroutd meet It at th* time and in the manner indicate* bore. Mr. On?, of 9. C.,offered a resolution that the Penal* Should more at one o'clock I'. M., preceded bjr the Prcei dent of the Hen.it*, and attended br tho clerk and Her g*aat-at-Arm?, to the hall of th* iloose of Hepresosta live*, to remit the rotes for President and Vice President Agreed t<? A mease ge ws* received from the Rons* of !>pre'*n tatiree announcing the sppoititment of a joint committe oa the pen of the House to wait on th* President of tin Confederal* Htetss to Injnrm htm that Congress wa: organised, end that it was rsadjr to receivs any coin in j b.e.ittons he might feel disposed lo make. The Presid.-nt of ih" Henste sppomted Messrs. Orr.o B C.. and Sparrow, of la., as Idlers on the part of Hit S. uate to oohnt the votes for President and Vice Preel dent. "."-i'TT PP',,T,,'v1 Clark, of Mo., and Barn Weil,or a. 1 ?S a eoiniiiutMe, on the |*rt of the .donate jWi.' . "tl 1 ''reel l?nt wider the joint roaolution Juel The hour of one O'clock having arrived, the Penal# prece ied by its oflicers. moved in proeesstou to the Re | 4 .V ] pre?nuti van' Hall, to witness Um oounllng of the vote* for Kxetulive oOtcera of the Confederate SUUa After an absence of forty minutes, the ^nate return ed to their chamber Mr. Bnswui, or 8. C., made a motion that a Joint committee of two on Uu part of the Senate be appointed to wait on thj President and Vice President elect of the Confederate States, and to inform them of their election, which was adopted. The Pkb-iokst of the Senate then appointed Messrs. Barnwell, of South Carolina, and Davis, of North Carolina, as such a committee. On motion of Mr. SfAHnow,of La.,a message was sent to lho House iuformuig it or iu action. The Senate thou adjourned until Thursday at twelve o'clock. nOl'SK OP RBPUKtnCXTATIVEfl. The Hoc.se was called to order at twelve o'clock. Prayer by Kev. J. A. Duncan. The minutes of yesterday were read and approved. Messrs. Foster of Alabama, Chambers of Mississippi, Burnett of Kentucky, and SinitU of North Carolina, appeared to-day and took the oath of ofllce. Mr. JoNm, of Teom, moved a reconsideration of the resolution of yesterday, in reference to the counting of the electoral votes for President and Vice-President. Mr Jore then offered the following as a substitute, which wes adopted:? He-solved, That tho Speaker of the House appoint two toilers, to b j associated with such aa shall be appointed on the part < f the Senate, to superintend the counting of the vote lor President and Vice President, and that the bUfmie ue auvueu u? vusa Bi>|H>uiiiu<Hib. lteso.ved, Tint a message bo sont to the Senate, to Inform i hat body that the House will be ready at one o'clock to-day to receive them in this chamber, for the purpose of executing the law requiring Congress to count the votes for President aud Vice-President to-day. The t>|leaker appointed Mr. Barksdale, of Mississippi, and Mr. Miles, obSouth Carolina, as tellers on the part of the House under the above resolutions. The resolution of Mr. Eliiott, of Kentucky, for creating the office of Sergeant-at-Arms, and proceeding to theeleetien of that Officer, came up as unfinished business. Mr. Sunn, of Va. .said that hs understood that the office of Sergeant-at Arms was not found necessary in the Provisional Congress. From motives of economy he should therefore vote against the resolution. Mr. Court, of Ala., moved to lay the resolution on the table. Carried. A message was received from the Senate stating that It would join the Heuse at one o'clock in the Representative Hall, for the purpose of counting the votes for President and Vice President. Mr. Cnti.to.ir, of Ala., offered a resolution for the admission of reporters upon the floor, except when the House shall be in secret session. Adopted. Mr. C'HiLXOir also offered a resolution for the appointment of various standing committees, which,on his motion, was referred to the Committee on Rules. Mr. Foots, of Teun., offered a resolution for the appointment of a committee to inquire into the causes of the recent reverses in North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, and report to the House as speedily as possi ble. Ho asked that it be printed and lie ui>on the labia for the present. Mr. Cn >ckktt, of Kv., suggested that the discussion of such a resolution should be in secret session. He moved to lay it upon the tablo. Mr. Fo im, iu response, said that he should go for the most full and public discussiou whenever the subject to be considered would admit of it. He thought his resolution was eminently proper for public debate. Mr. CaocitBtT would discuss publicly what would safely admit Oi it; but no fear of popular clamor could induce him to expose affairs of State. For the discussion of these he should demand a secret session. After some further debate, the motion of Mr. Crockett was adopted as a substitute for that of Mr. Foote. Preparations were now made for the reception of the Senate, the House meanwhile taking a recess. A tne.-a.igo from the Senate announcod that Senators Orr, of S. C., and Sparrow, of La., had been appointed tellers on the part of that body tor the pur{>ose of counting the votes for President and Vice l*reaidout. gpviso, another announcing a concurrence In the Joint resolution of tho House tor a committee to wait upon the President, and of the appointment of Senators Clark, of Missouri, and Barnwell, of South Carolina, to set on the iifipt of thn Sonatn. The Cbais announced the following to constitute, together with the Speaker, the Committee on Rules, under a resolution adopted yesterday:?Messrs. Curry, of Alabama; Perkins, of Louisiana; Lewis, of Georgia, and Jones, of Tennessee. A message from the Senate was announced, and soon the Senators appeared in accordance with the joint order to count tho electoral votss for l*reaident and Vice President at the late election. The President pro tern., Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Booock, Speaker of the Bo; so, jointly presided. The tellers took position at the C:erk'B desk. The Senators were escorted to seats in the centre of the hall. Proceeding in alphabetical order, the o irMficates of the several States were atinotuiced by Mr. Hunter, who broke their sea s, after which they were read by Mr. Grr, one of tho tellers. Ths vote of each electoral college thus ascertained was recorded by the other tellers. Mr. Mu.ro, on behalf of the tellers, then reported as Tollows:? Total number or States vot ing 11 Total number of electoral votes cast 109 Of which number Jetreraon Davis, of Mississippi, received for the office of President of the Confederate Stales 109 Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, received for the office of Vice President of the Confederate States. 109 The number of {electoral votes cast by ths several States is as follows:? Alabama 11 North Carolina 19 Arkansas 0 Smith Carolina 8 Florida 4 Tennessee 13 Georgia 12 Texas 8 Louisiana 8 Virginia 18 Mississippi 9 ? Total 109 The result was announced by Mr. Hcjrnta, who then .^aid that it was his duty to declare that Jefferson Davis had been duly elected President of the Confederate States, and that Alexander H. Stephens had been duly elected Vice President of the Confederate states. The Senators ihsn retired to their own chamber. Mr. Ksvner, of !?a.. moved that a committee of three members of the House be appointed, t> act with such committee as may be appointed by the Senate, to notify the President and Vice President of their elections. Adopted. Mr. Ka.vvtn, Mr. Mit*s, of S. C., and Mr. Baresdalb, of Mis."., were appointed on the part of the House. Mr. Smith, of Vs., moved that a committee of one from each State be appointed to act, in conjunction with such committee as may be appointed by the senate, to make arrang merits for the inauguration of the President and Vioe President. Adopted. Mr. Rcracu.. of Va., oilored a resolution that until further order, Richard M. Smith, Printer to tho Provisional G'Qgress 'bail execute the |>riuting of this Houss on the terms paid by Provisional Congress. Adopted. Mr. Wiasa, of Mise, presented several resolution!, adopted by tffie Legislature of that State, 111 nftlM t? ibe exportation of cotton. Also, a memorial in reference to iho pay of the army, asking a revision of the wages as now established. Laid on the table for tbo present. Mr. B jtki.ei, of Va., offered a resolution asking the President to oommnnicate a copy of toe report of (,e:ieraLThos. J. Jackson a" to the rec>ul operations in tbe Valley of Virginia. Adopted. A message was received from tbe Senate announcing i tbo appointment of Messrs. Barnwell, of South Carolina, and Davis, of North Carolina, as the .Senate members of the joiut committee lo wail upon tbe President and inform him ot the organization of tbe the two bouses of Congress. Mr. Satin, of Va., offered several Joint resolutioas.de clarmg that any officer of the army or uavy who shall hereafter be guilty of the vice of intoxication (whether on or off duly i ahull thereby vacito Ins commission, and b i dismissed from tbo service. Also, punishing those who -hull refuse lo report offenders. lie asked thai I bey be 1 ml ?n the lablefor tho present. Mr. Foot*, of Tson., wished tbe resolutions so amended as to punish past delinquencies. They v. ere laid on the table. Tb-' bour oi meeting of tbe House wag died at twelve o'clock. The .Srr.tKfr* laid hefore the House certain joint res >] a tioneof tbe legislature or Virginia, transmitted by tbe i Governor. Ihey atlirm Hie detcrmioation of the people of Virginia to maintain tbe boundaries of Virginia in their lull integrity. (They are tbe same that were laid before the Provisional Congress.) Mr. Pkrkiks, of La., tnovod the adoption of a joint resolution containing the same response which waa made by tbe Provisional Congress to these resolutions. Ihe Joint resolution was adopted unanimously. Mr. Smith, of Va., asked tbe printing of bis resolutions relative to intemperance among officers. Some debate ensued, in which Mes?rs. Smith,Foot* suit ILmiiiis, ot Missouri, took part, and lu which tbe merits of the subject' were somewhat entered into. Tbe printing of tbe resolutions was refused. Mr. WmoBT, of Oa., offered resolution authorizing the Doorkeeper to appoint an Assistant Doorkeeper and four pages. [ Mr. Pan*!*-" moved a reference to tbe Committee oa Bulee. Adopted. The House then adjourned. THE UNION PRISONERS AT THE SOUTH. THE KKEEL STATE PRlrlON--TnE RECENT EX (J BANC) eg ETC., ETC. [From tbe Richmond Enquirer, Feb. 19 1 Tbe erder Issued by Secretary of War Benjamin, on Teusday, for the release upon parole of all the federal iiPienniti H rum- IiaIiI in (hi# ??!t*r aft 4aliaKii*? v n '?? ._ caloosa, Ala., and other p-oute of the confederacy, n lmbaring in tue aggregate about three thou ,?nd, will have the Immediate effbet, we presume, of inducing a reciprocal discharge upon like terms of an equal number r>f coo federate prisoners. He indirect consequence will be. we hope, the softening of that mutual bitterness of feeling which lots been rugondered by alleged III treatment of i prisoners "n both sides. Viewed from an economical standpoint, the release of these prisoners will relieve the I treasury of the confederacy of a daily tat of not less than IJ.OOO- no inconsiderable saving, m the present con 11i tion of a (tors We have not learned the otact time llxed ) upon for the releaeedf those held in this city, but suppose I l hat w. i lun a week, or a fortnight at fart hot, the captive federals will be sent rejoicing on Ihtlr way home. ? Among the number now occupying the tobacco facto* ries at KockoHe are a score or more of officers, several of high rank. Among the latter, Colonel W. R lee, of the * Twentieth M-'Ssai husetta; Colonel Uogewcll, of the Toriysecond New York, ami Major K. J. Kev?re, also of the Twentieth Ma??ai busetts, wlm were taken at the battle of Ball * Bluff, October 25. The two former gentlemen, s it will be reinamlwd. were held, together with some 9 eight or nine oth-rs, as hostage]) f.,r the safety of our i prlsvateer.smen, but were roleased a few d?ys ago from i be rigorous confinement in which thoy had been placed, in ronseq ten e of the de< i i n of the Hernl government f placing privsioorsmen opoti i foo'lug wiih prNonors of i war. H"th Colonels Iste and Co, well are graduates of West l'olnt.and are gentleman or high social pcMUlon at horns Tlie former married s RaitIinure In ly, end during the Rrcgider tial cam; ngn of lgfiO w.is a frequent cm , tributor to the Hoslon Court r, a paper which then i espoused with Sf.al ability the causa of toe South I Against black republicanism, Thoro are confined In }he prisons of this c ty about two hundred Union men, chiefly from Wesl?ru Virginia *EW YORK HERALD, M< wlxwe detention will not. of course, be effected by the ordnr of Um Secretary of War. The prisons ere now under the eontrol of Captain A. C. Oedwio, Confederate Stetee Army, es c unmendent of the p<?l, end ere conducted with admirable system end-f'Hxl order. Though properly eery strict in the enforcement of the discipline of the prison, Captain Godwin's offlrial intercourse with those beneath his charge is marliixl with an urbanity and a generous sense of propriety, which appears to hsve gained him the respect of all tha prisoners He is Tory ellirieutly seconded by the following otltcers, nearly all of wham are young men of marked ability,and of courteous address:? Lieutenant (J. \V. Kiuaclc.of Mirylaud. Lieutenant E. A. Setnple Lieu tenant E. U. Mokler. Lieutenant T. J. turner. Lieutenant E. W. Ross, of Richmond, Clerk Captain Warner, Comraissury. THE late KXCHANtid of prisonbka. TErom the Rii hmond Enquirer, Feb. 20.] TOree hundred and muety seven prisoners of war will leave Richmond at live o'clock this morning for the North, via Fori reus Monroe, in exchange for a like number of confederates released by the federal government recently, and who reached Norfolk last week. Included in and twenty Ave non commissioned oftlrera. A. J. MoC.eary, of tho Philadelphia Tnauirrr, and Win. II. Sloanaker, of the same city, captured with Baker's California regiment at Haifa Bluff, ara also of the party. Both the last named prlsouera have acted for aome time paat in the rapacity of clerka to the commandant of the prison, and gained the general esteem of the prison otllcors by their Intelligence and good rouduct. Mr. George W Walker, a merchant of Wayneaboro', Pennsylvania, captured within our lines several mouths ago, accompanies the exchange. The party will leave this elty in a steamboat, under command of Colouel Nathaniel Tyler, of the Wise legion, and will be met at Nowporl Nows by the federal boat, to which tho prisoners will be transferred. We learn that an order was yesterday Issued by Becre tary of War Benjamin for the release, on their parole not to take up arms against the Confederate States, of all the prisoners of war now held by the confederacy, numbering, in the aggregate, about 3,000. MOVEMENTS OF BEAUREGARD. [From the Memphis Avalanche, Feb. 12.J General Beauregard is said te be exaaiiuicg how "the lauds lay" in person, and preparing for operations somewhere between Memphis and sunset. Otliors report him at Bowling Green, and others still at Nashville. MISCELLANEOUS SOUTHERN NEWS. death of a union i.ady in 8kcks8i a?northern papehs please copy. We find the following notice among the obituary of the Richmond IHspcUrii. We comply with the request for the New York papers to copy:? On the 10th inst., Hannah J., dear wife of Mr. Edward Newman. The funeral will take place at ten o'clock Tuesday morning, February 18, at the residence of the family, on Vcnable street. Tho friends of the family are respectfully requested to attend. New York papers please copy. more rebel troops from mississippi. The call of Governor Pettus, of Mississippi, for ten thousand more volunteers, meets with a hearty response in ail parts of that State. the way the rebels apply charitable donations. One hundred and ten thousand dullaiauf the SfcDonoughschool fund have been invested by the Commissioners iu the defence of New Orleans. rebel personal notices. Hon. Alfred Iverson,of Georgia, has published a letter Indicating that he has retired, finally, from public life. General L. Pope Walker, late Secretary of War, has gone to take command of the force at Decatur. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Sunday, Feb. 23,1862.. The importation* at this port continue to show a steady increase. Last week they were in excess of the corresponding week last year, the chief items being:? Hides $58,776 Molasses. $66,793 Guns 423,940 Sugar 529,420 Lead 118,223 Tea 151,216 Tin 81,072 Wool., 71,585 Cotton 294,756 Dry goods 1,501,917 Coffee 568,724 We need hardly repeat what we have said so often?that all or nearly all of these articles will bear a much higher rate of duty than that with which they are now charged. The importation of guns will fall off* presently, as we must be getting a pretty full supply. It cannot he supposed, either, that we shall long continue to import American cotton from Englaud. Sugar, tea, coffee, lead, hides, wool and dry goods we shall import, whatever tho duty may be, except in the case of such varieties of dry goods and such kinds of lead as can be produced here. The sub-committee of Congress, of which Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, is chairman, promised to report the tariff bill many days since, but has not yet done so. The public interest, and especially the mercantile interest, is a severe suiTerer by the delay. Our exports of specie were not heavy last week. It is more profitable to sell gold in open market here, at 3 a 3x/% per cent premium, than to ship it to Europe against bills at the present price. Still a number of foreign houses continue to ship gold by direction of their principals on the other side; and, as we have a great deal more specie than we want in the country, there is no need of alarm or uneasiness at the shipments, provided our imports do not increase too rapidly. Up to the present time our imports and exports balance each other very accurately. We arc still shipping, and shall continue to ship, large quantities of food, of various kinds, to Europe. The following are the Custom House tables of the trade of the port for the past week and since January 1: ? Ixroars. Far tkf Week. I860. 1*61. 1862. Pry goods $4,224,000 2,340,417 1,601.017 General merchandise. 1,823.400 2.280.386 3.070.482 Total for the week. $6,048,120 4,620,802 4.581,300 Previously reported.. UO.ilOO,088 26,686,682 10,183.6.10 Since January 1... .$30,444,214 3t .215,384 28,763,035 Exports of Pitonrt a v<m Mep.ch vmh-k. I860. 1801. 1862. Kor the week ft,230,042 2.278,002 2,855,129 Previously reported.. 8,783,344 10,006.067 13,344 276 Since January 1....$10.023,1*6 18.375.869 18,100.40: Ex ports or Srst ic. i860. 1861. 1862. l'or th? week $6:12 007 630.018 1,179,404 i*r?ri<xmy repjriea.. i.oim.mh# 403,7is 6,.'TU.wvj Since January 1 .. $1,627 69* 983,731 6 453,363 The banks showed last Monday a specie average of #28,114,148. which was a decrease of only #82,518 froai the previous week. As the average sras a declining one, it is supposed that a further decrease will be shown to-morrow; but the money drawn from the Sub-Treasury in payment of the February interest on the seven-thirty notes may have gone in part into bank, and this may alter the result. The banks are strong enough in specie for all ordinary purposes, and as soon as the flnancial policy of the government is settled, and the public are familiarized with tho new Treasury notes, they will be able to take measures for ar early resumption. We are happy to learn thai several leading institutions have set their face* against the insane policy of lending money or gold, and ho fostering the speculation which hai been going on In the precious metals. Of cours< it ia not the business of the government or th< courts to interfere with any speculations which ar< not directly dishonest. But it is safe to say thn no course of proceeding on the part of the Wal street operators could be njore mischievous oi more injurious to the financial interests of th< country than the speculation in gold which spran; up some time since, and the least that cat be expected of respectable banka is thai they will not aid or foster it. Gold no* standi at the same fictitious premium which il commanded a week ago, having fallen X% pci cent during the week, and rallied at the close, Judged by the ordinary laws ol political economy, the speculation is unsound. The demand for goid is decidedly le?-? than the supply, and when people get over their panic about a paper currency, then ia no reason why it should command any prcmiun at all. Ai compared with Treasury notes, indeed tehSnh oi<A rinw nrnttv utirn (a haenma !.? ~ ?.... mvH r.wwj ?.?.-w ?>? wvvvuiv mic i- urrrnrj of the country, it in marc likely to rule at a din count than at a premium; for the Trrwnry notei will he convertible at par into Uult-d State* bond' which, after the peace, will probably command i premium. But. Independently of this con .idera ^ion, the premium on gold i'< unwarranted, becauei there ia no demand from any legitimate source foi the precious metal, and at leant 1200,000,000 of i must be lying somewhere at the North, drawini no intorcst. Don'/.ons of foreign countries, unaqnainted with commercial operation*, and stcepe* jn general ignorance, have more than once ipp pled the banks of their respective countries b, hoarding large amounts of specie. No su i difficulty nool be apprehended here, fy JNDAY, FKBKUARY 24, 1{ the simple nimi that everybody here knows the value of money. The 1100,000,000 of gold held in the North costs some one $14,000,000 a year In loss of interest. It may safely be taken for granted that, after a brief experience of the hoarding plan, the owners of this large amount of money will tire of losing interest, and will place their coin in circulation. Money has been rather more active lately than it was a week ago. The heavy purchases of stocks which have been made within the last fortnight have been, with few exueptions, speculative purchases, gfiected on margins. Hence the inquiry for call loans has been more active than it was, and lenders have been enabled to secure 6 a 7 per cent for their mouey, on suitable collateral. There are very few, if any, loans outstanding at live per oent. Mercantile paper of good quality continues very scarce. Very choice names still pass current at 5 a o per cent; but the bulk of the best paper goes at 7 a 8, and a large number of very good names at 8 a 10 a 12. Money in England is worth iyt a 2 per cent. The British capitalists might just as ell be making 5 a 6 per cent on their money, were It not for the delusions which the tory organs?Herald, Times and Post?have spread amoug the people. The new French loan will probably lead to more activity In financial circles

in London. Foreign exchange closed yesterday on the basis of 114 a % for sterling, and 4.97% a 5.05 for francs?bankers' bills in both instances. The exchange market gave way last week, under apprehensions with regard to the passage of the Treasury Note bill, it rallied on Friday, when it seemed certain that the bill would pass. The price of exchange, like that of gold, is sustained chiefly by speculation. A number of foreigners* some residing here, others abroad, are possessed with the idea that the passage of the Treasury Note bill will amount to a confession of national bankruptcy. Trading on the fears of these classes* a number of speculators and brokers in exchange are bidding bills up, and keep the market fluctuating between 114 and 113. Drawers who oan afford to do so will probably make money by selling all the bills they can at present rates; and importers, whose credit on the other side is good, will probably save money by postponing remittances until the exchange market becomes more settled If in the course of the next three months cotton shipments should be resumed, the supply of bills would be far in excess of the demand, and exhange would fall rapidly. At present rates of gold and bills there is no profit on shipments of coin to Europe against bills of exchange drawn here. The following table shows the course of the stock market during the past week and month:? Jan. 25. feb. 1. Kb. 8. Kb. 15. t<b. 22. Missouri 6 s 42?4 41 41?; 4463>? New York Central 8 3?; 82?( e it J HO H\% 84 Reading 39*4 40 U 40?; 41V 43V Erie- 35 33',' 33*4 34'* 34\ Michigan Central.. 55.V 49'; 49*; 63 54V South, guarnnteed. 40 *; 40.'4. 41 41*4 46 Illinois Central.... 61 >4 60 56V 69 65 Galena 68,',' 65 V 66 68 69*4 Rock Island 65!; 62?; 62V 64)4 65?; Toledo 38>; 40S' 41'4 44!; 45V Panama 113 112?; 113 116 121 Hudson River.... 38*4 87'.; 381; 38 ; 37)4 Pacific Mail 98,*; 98 99 exd94J4 93)4 The stock market was buoyant and excited alj last week. Yesterday was observed as a dies uon among the established brokers; but the jobbers did a lively trade on the street corners, and the prices of Friday were fully sustaiued. The commission brokers still report an absence of orders, and there is every reason to believe that the balk of the purchases which have lately been effected at the board and in the street are for the account of a powerful and wealthy bull clique. So far as we can learn, the public are selling, not buying stocks. Their impression appears to be that successes in the field, though they naturally involve the decay of the rebellion, do not secure the restoration of the statu, quo ante beUura, without an intervening period of great embarrassment. If the war were over to-morrow, questions of no ordinary difficulty would arise with regard to the payment of the expenses of the war on both sides, and the adjustment of tha new business relations which would grow out of the peace. The prevailing impression at present is that the United States will not be burthened with anything beyond the debt now incurred and being incurred for the suppression of the rebellion. But it is easy to see 1 that if the restoration of peace were made to depend upon the assumption of a part of the debt incurred by the Sonth daring the struggle, a large and influential party at the North would be in favor of assuming it, as the shortest way to effect a settlement. In the meantime the rebels arc making a stand at Nashville, and there seeniB to be reason to anticipate a severe and perhaps a decisive conflict near or at that city. It is rumored, with some semblance of truth, that the pcoplo of Nashville and even the authorities of Tennessee arc at variance with (ien Beauregard on the question of fighting at Nashville. Recent purchases of Tennessee sixes, which have led to an advance of 13 per cent in a week, have suggested the idea that i parties here, who are in communication with Na*hi ville, are in possession of information that Oovcrtior , Harris and other leading Tenncsseeans arc preparing to desert the rebel cause. Whatever* foundation there may be for this notion, the public can, not be recommended to purchase the bonds of any of the rebel States until the end of the struggle is ' more certain than it is at present. Under (lie confiscation act passed by the rebel Congress bonds of any rebel Stale held by loyal citizens of the United States arc forfeited. This act will, of course, be pronounced nuM and void by the courts of the United States; but meanwhile buyers of the bonds in dispute will find that they have purchased a lawsuit. The advance In railway securities during thopast week has been very remarkable. Central now stands at 81, dividend off, and speculators in the ' stock predict 90 for it within thirty days. The earnings for the last four months show an increase ' of one million dollars over the corresponding ' months of last year. Other road* are likewise do'ng a good business. The Michigan Southern report, which will be ready in a few days, will show that the road earned between #:;00,000 and 1100,000 during the past year over and above all expenses and interest. At the same time the public, as we said, arc not buying stocks, and the commission houses appear to have no faith in the market. Foreigners are selling their stocks in large quantities; the speculators on the bull side are obliged to strain both their capital and their credit to tuke care of the stocks and bonds which < omc into the market from this source. Great hopes are placed by the bulls in the effect of the Treasury Note bill, which will be passed this week. As, however, the metallic and bank currency are being reduced at least as fast as the government currency can be increased, it is quite possible that the government may pay out the whole of the 1150,000,000 authorized by Congress without causing any sensible appreciation of values. SHIPPING NEWS. ALMAKAC ro* srw TOES?THH DAT. itm sum 6 4t I Moo.t mm morn S Si itsim 5 MI mioh watsk ere SIS f?iit of ST.w Yni-lc- fr.i>ruavt, ui iano. [ , ARIUVKP. fjliip "tfpl'.'nOrnw.l, L rnnMlar, T.lr*rnoril, J?n II with ? 1,1 * Buri|#M. ?Hh ln?t, Ui 4h25, inn 6ft, pa,mid * torn and on ?. !ir?ii(?nii.in.' I. with I..m of I, pw<prll Sutwar tfr.nml iininmtll |,m,]|y lorn, hull n|>|iiiMi i* in epviil Piin.ll t V"n 'JTVi'*1', v Ur*.l,r * "?. "> 'o;i|n1-.,i with aliiu Columbia). . .? mV JlKnT^n F?X' ,nle, 5 ?" UIU"I tuff* KW^VvMr"' Nc st1'- 65 with milM, lUikNI:, 11? (Nor), Havana,* f^lmrn, Doe SI, 81 Thoma, I . \ In io Th'?s U tl< ;vm* * (jo, V JMir Ann II, NVtvton. BalMtnmc, A <t*r* Bukiil M.i r*? (.>! K.ji jii); IVuAIMout Malhnt*% Fab It, II with minr *r, to inn-ii-r, r ?.B'* M,'ri|r"? A llurt m (Br, of Wlnilrnr, Mi), Kf-jDold,. ? Hi i?i tO l.i -i, wiit rn:>twi oty, | > |> K l? W Vf, *62. ehr Jbabe. Morrow, Imh, 11 ten wUh fruit, to/ *T ] ( PiarmUL ( . WrHI Laafalr. MeOlure, Key We*. ?day*. Had wry heavy KB to N W gale.. 1 8chr Laura France#, Hudson, Ohinroleafw. 3 dam ? BchrDE Sawyer, Pierson, Qeosaelown DC, < dam Srlir K C Parker. Parker, (ioorgetown, DO, ffdaya. 1 Bchr MarytaiuL Cat heart, Ballimure, 13 days. 8 hr laland CTy, Conkliu, Balilmore. 4 d iya. Schr CAN llogt'ia. Juliue u, Deal'a Island, 3 days. f Schr J 0 Ferris, W ouster, Mai viand, 3 (lay*. ) Schr Ooc.m W are. Baker. Philadelphia lor Boston. 8< hr Nellie D, Sludams, Philadelphia fur Stuuilord. 8ehr J M Preemau, York, Olouoraler, 10 daya 1 Bchr J M Lane, Boole, Frurldi uco, 3 daya. 8<hr Peiinaylvania, Lndd, Ni w Lou-ton. 3 daya. I Steamer Pelican, Baker, Providence. SAILED. . _ Prom Quarantine?U S gunboats Wevtfleld, Clifton, Jack ou. and rorbes. Wind during the day E, light; at auniiet SL. Miscellaneous. The steamahip Ediuburg, Capt Mirehouae. tealled at noon on Saturday fortjuecnatowu an#IJvorponl. The ateaiuahip Trulonia, Capt Taube, aailad on Saturday for Southampton and Hamburg. The Biitlab dipper ahlp Leirhhardt, Capt Clark, which recently arnived at thia port after a very gooj run from Shanghai, ia now faat Ailing up with cargo for Liverpool, for which port we underalaud ahe will aail within a few daya. Hmr Autocrat, Burwell, from Boston for Liverpool, drag ged anchors in Naniaaki-t Roads during the siorin night of 19th inst, and at 1H AM 20th went ashore on ill* NE pulut of Rainal'ord laland, where ahe lay broadside on in amooth water, and had uol leaked any up to an early hour same forenoon. She waa got off al 4 PM 1-y tugs, and lowed to Boston dm iug the evening. She probably ha# uol sustained much Bark VioO?During the passage to Key West of schr M V*iur, Jr. Oapt Havuge, and brig Hea Foam, Capt William a, both belonging to the Mortar fleet, they were enabled to render aaaiatanre to a disabled vessel. About daylight on the morning of the 7th berk Lucy King (of New York), Thurlow, waa discovered ashore on Orange Key. Bahama, with the Auierican ensign flying Union down. The vessels sent boat# and man to her assisunoc, got out anchors, and after > hours exertion the bark was adust. She was not materially da naged, and the rescuing vessels kept in bar company as far as the Double Headed Shot Keys. The timely assistance prevented the bark from tailing into the hands or the wreckers or tbo Bahamas. (The Lucy Ring arrived at Jfataura* 3 days afterwards.) Babk Georgk S IfcNT (not as before), Woodbury, from Gibraltar tor new York, waa spoken Feb 7, hi -'1 55, Ion 63, and reported having on Jan 27 lo.st mainmast 10 ten above deck, with fore aud inizcu masts. Would put into St Thomas to repair. Br Brio Crkkoka. Fulmor, from St Thomas for Liverpool, was totally lost recently (no date), at Pedrona or Pedro town, on the island of bt Domingo. Cm* sav.-d; supposed lo"have a cargo of wood. The C was built at Walton, N.S. in I860, 217 tons, rated A2, and owned by 0 K Ellison, ol? Walton. Brig A M Bartlktt, from Boston for Cuba, with shooks aud stavea, was wrecked on No Name Cay, Abaci, 5th init. Materials and part of cargo saved aud taken to Nassau, NP. Brig Trrnton, from Surinam, of and for Boston, before reported put into St Thomas ui distress, lots hecu i oudemned. Her cargo has been brought to Boston in brig Wurcamaw. Bjug Albuccabau (of Boston), Conner, from Manuinllla for Huston, before reported put into Key West, arrited on the 7th inst, with loss ot fore topmast, having carried it uwsy on the 29tli tilt, otT Ca|>e Antonio. She wutild repair and sail in a few daya for Boston. Brio Crkmona (probably Br), Fullmer), from St Tliomaa for Liverpool, was lost 12tli ult. Crew sated. No further particulars. Brig Marcos, at Newport from Buck -.port for N?w York, had very heavy weal her on the passage, and dorian a rale w as obliged to throw overboard the deck load, consisting of abolit 20,1)00 shingles. Senr Easikhn Light, from .Surinam for Hosinn. went on East Chop, near Holmes' Hole, duitig the storm night of 19 li tnst. She remained tight 20th. Si hr M Matter, Davis, left New London at b o'eloc k morning of 19th inst, anil when oQ' Faulkner s Island encountere I a thick snow storm. In titteiiipting lo run into New Haven, where she was bound, the wealher being eUrcroely thick, made a very bright light In a house on the laud, which was mistaken for the lighthouse at the entrance of the harbor, in consequence of which she ran on West Haven shore and bilged, and will probably be a to'sl loss. Part of the i argo may be aaved. The eaplaln and ?11 bands remained ou the vessel until she began to break to pieeea, and they were obliged to leave to save tlieir lives. They took the Iof, Which ha1 been lowered at the time she struck, and succeeded in reaching the land, the boat being sierras it struck the shore. At the time they left the sea ?.a< breaking over the vessel, go that little or nothing cotild be saved. The captain lost everything but ihc c-othes iu which lie stood. He states that the display of so large a light on the shore at that [mint must occasion great hazard to vessels navigating the Hound on dark nights. The Marry waa a sclir of 115 tons register, latcd A2)?, and owned in Newport. On ' her preaeut trip she was loaded with 1400 or 1000 casks of nails, consigned to parties tn New Haven and New York. Her i argo was insured In New York or in an Eastern ofllee. , i The vessel was owned by patties in Newport, aud was uninsured. ! A Sena with boy> mastheads gone and sails damaged was seen 20th inst, 15 miles SE from Breaiuu's Hcef Light vessel, 1 steering E. Ai.loa, Feb I?The American bark Island Queen, Bolitho, which arrived here a week ago 1 ruin one of the Black Sea ports with a cargo of grain, was seized on 'i'bnrsday by Mr Thomson, Sheriff officer, upon a warrant intuited upon tlie application of Messrs John Hanking* Co, St Helen's place, Loudon. In respect of a claim of ?367odd. which they make upon the master and Francis P. Drain, of Washington, the owner. As there was some difficulty about unshipping the rudder, i which Is the usual course taken when a snip is put under arrest, she was stripped of her sails, a plan which will be equally effective. It Is believed, iu detaining ber. Port Lrw-S. Mauritius, Jan 6.?The ship Conquest, of Boston, Hears, bound from Calcutta to London, put in here leaky. The leak started about ttie 1st December, and for the laat few daya she has made upwards of fifteen inehps of water per hour inside the liarbor in amoo h water. She has made since yesterday from ten to tweh e inches per hour. If possible Captain Sears will make teni|wmry repairs and 1 shiji extra men to keep the pumps goiug. The ship Eliza, of NYork, sailel yesterday for Calcutta. On her passage to this port she sprang the bead of her malnmnst. On stopping and taking out the mast to put s new head to it, ir was found so rotten, particularly In the make of the deck, that a new one was obliged to be pu t In. | By letter to EUwood Walter, Esq., Secretary Board of Underwriters, j n ATRRmKD, rcu ??I iir timici 'Bin Mirg rrum iiib wires ui the aliip Tiger, Iiowrll, from IJvmpuol for Button, which unk near Templetnwn Cove, in thin harbor, before reported, on the 22d nit, were sold to-day, Raizriui or the Bark Ark t. ok Sushcion?The Providence .Tournal saya that the bark Ariel, which (tilted from Providence Friday morning for Uoree, on the went coast of Africa, was arir.ed'yesterday by Untied State* .Marshal Sanford, when off Briatol. After (he left Information waa communicated to the Marshal, which led him lo believe it was beat to Investigate the matter. The tugboat American Eag e was chartered and wentln pursuit, and overhauled the Artel as above, when ahe was taken to Newport. Sh" waa rnniuinuded by Capt Iievenstone. and owned by parties in Bo'ion. Bark Orilla, of Mystic, Ct. where ahe was built, SOT ton*, now at Havana, bua bent sold to partiea in that city lor the antn of $9001). She will load for Havre. Kive aliteentha of srhr Ella, the intercut of Wm H Fowler, of Virginia, wan sold at Philadelphia tJOth inst, by the U a Marshal, lor $S30. Schr H K Weston, hnlll 9 years alnee at Sussex, Del, 170 tona, now at Providence, has hern sold to parties on Cape Cod on private terms. She will remain in (be coasting trade under command of Capt Jas A Flab, of Barnaiabie. LAtJ.vcn?The Baltimore Sun of S2d Inst says:?Should the tide permit, there will he launched to-day from the shipyard of Cooper ft Sllcer a ttr-l class hark named the Johannes, built for A Schumacher ft Co, ngenta for the Brothers Kittenlianipf, of Bremen. She Is 143 feet long la-i ween perpendiculars, 36 fret beam, 22 teet bold, and 925 tons bnrtben. Site bos iieen built in every respect with a rezanl to strength, of the very best materials, and with a model exis ted to prova first quality in sailing capacities. The following table gives a summary of the vessels In th# harbors of New York. Boston, Baltimore, Charleston, nsvannsh, New Orleans and tialvestou, at the latest account ' from each of those porta.? StW VORR. Btcamshlpa 10 Bug* 121 Ships #'4 Schooners 117 Barks .153 Total 616 EOSTOX. Steamships .1 Hugs 20 Ships hi Schooner, 75 Barks 21 Tula! 119 baltimork. Steamship* 3 Brigs 10 Ships 0 Schooners 07 Barks 10 Total t-9 CIIAMLVSTO*. Steamships 3 Brigs I Ships 2 Schooners 1 Barks 1 Total 8 AVASXAM. Steamships 3 Brigs.. S Ships 2 Schooners. I Barks 1 ? Total 10 SEW ORt.r.AM. .1.0, ! > 11, iuk * Shlim It Schooner* 10 I Bark? 4 ! Total 40 G4LTE?TOjr. Steamship! 1 Btiga ? Ship* ? Behoonera,.; II Bark* ? _Z_ Total 2 Sollff to Slarincri. 1h" I.lghlreanel Relief, lately nitwit Hi New Bed ford, lowed to Port Royal. SC. and ntatioued at Mai tin * Indumry, ??* driv.-n a.horr during ih<- talc aevrre atortn. The captain aud crew have arrived at Knrtresa Monro*. Spoken, Act*. Ship Aurora. Child*, iioni l.tvei|mol for NYork, Feb 3, at 9 I'M, N of Point f.yna*. Ship Belle Wood. Bn.b, I'rom Liverpool for NYork, Feb 4, at 7 AM. off the Kkerrlca. ship Wellington, Baratow, from I.leerpiKil for N'York, Fib 4, at a PM, off tlreat Orm*head. . Ship Jennie Real a, Croekep, from Liverpool for NYork, Feb 4. at 1 AM, 5 mile. N of Holyhead Ship Ueo W Bourne, |*,rd. from Portland Jon t for Bnenoa Ayrra, J.III II. lal !l N, Ion 44. Bar* Oriental,,lolm.ua, hence De<-# lor lions Kony, J?n 3, Ut 1842 N, Ion .14 W. Bark Richniotid, Kean, front B?hi* for Liverpool, Jan 13, Ut 8 S. Inn XI. Si hr I,omh?rd, Ifnrdlng, from Bordeaul for Mrlhotirna, Dee 28. lal6S, Ion 27 W. Foreign Porta. At nannOt'OH. Fell 4?sill Wlemnaln, Sl iiti, Carthagen*. Asco. a. den 21?Arr Hydra, Herrtnmn, Cardiff. Aaaoyo. Feb I?1" port tiark E-enilf Star, of New Tlnren. for NYoikldg; Br brig I'eaiieaa, for dodo; 8r?cbr Ellra, for do do. . A t:x C ivva, Feb 7? Tn port whra Thoa Spark?. from and for Bnaton, Idg: Wren (Br), for llallfai, do; Kll**b-lh .lane (Br), from NYork, arr 3d. _ _ . _ , Burnt RHAvr.s, Feb2?Kid Ella Virginia, Fo ke, Baltimore; Magdalene, Itciike. NYor*. BoRUkaux, Feb 3?Hid Urand Turk, Blanthard, Carina. '""I'lniiaar, .Inn 31?In port alilpa Nioho, Lend holm, from Cal. cut la, arr lot: Sunbeam. Odcil. from Matilmaln, arr 3d; A if.i.la. Lamb, from Adelaide, arr 4th; Agenorla. Jobnaon, from uVerpoof, arrtth; Vaton, BklUtnga. from Minima n, .... ioik* Trniiaoo. White, for Liver |>opl; Oharger, Smith, nuil Peter ?(a*well, Marshall, fordo; II B .Mllilmay, W.-bU, lor Calcutta; Challenge, Thorn dike; Clara Wherfer, Hilts: Daniel fl tart). Onehlitg; Jacob A Wratcrvell, Anderson, wild Protector, Clark, unr. Hid Doc Tt. alilr* Panther, Gannett, Calcutta; .Tan 4 Hhakrp-re, Norcroaa, do; JHh, Unutlncntal, Johnson, do, C M Lord, Smith, Rangoon; 7th, Chtuiiplon, Hlabee, Calcutta; 8th, W .1 MorrK Jaekeon, <'?P" Kegrai*. Htrrsot Arar*, Dec *??Hid brig William Mason, Gardner, "llAiinirr, Feb 2? Arr Lnejr Flirabe'h, Nichols, Gloucester. Cadis, Jan 27?Hid Dai ien, Htarret, 81 Tli tines; 30tli, Waltham, Brown, llalllat. t'ai.ctrrtA, Dee30?Arr previous Moses Da- eiiport, Poreival, Liverpool. In )xirt Jan 4, ahips Daring. Slmotunn, for Boston, with IV-fll i.ng? saltpetre, l?'l bath Patmos, Spring, for New York, with J/ftt ItagH fftltpclrc, ha I both b -en ordered to dischargeIt ts ,-iI.ho rrpartifl thai 1 lie alii| a Sarah Newman, thdib, fir Boston; Art union, Tlldw-lla, for do, and baik I.lllle, Kno > |e?, f t N York, proceeding down the river, will b? ordered beck fir (If ?ain<.- purpose. CiKgrt'KOOR. Feb <1- \ I r bark Oeesn Home, Hsrrlninn, N w York 1 Irlr* Vwtsii flirt. l>rew. do; Onward. lligeitia, Montego llaj . 7tlu O.l jto, ,b no, amhiiwuII. Hid 0th, sekr '"Alien leu lira* " HVhri Ttb '""it Marine 5ook. and Swan (Brt, ptka, Boston, 10th, M T Ellsworth Br), Uvn??, VTori. Dual, fab 4?V * Harriet, and Caroline, NYork for jondon (aud both proceeded); tth, Jehu Porter, Nslaon, Oai mita for do (aud proceeded). lu the Downs4th, 8 B Allen, Baker, from Rotterdam (of I York. Dvtur, Feb 4?Ait Jupiter, Joaephaen, NYork. Dsmaraka, Jan ft?In port l>riis Robert Mown, Bonrna or NYork Mtb; Chesapeake (Br), Owjrnn, for Baltimore 'eb?. FoweY, Feb 5?Arr White Cloud. Gardner, Huium, Falkland Islanpr, Dec 10? In pert ehlp Wilbur Flak, Poue aud, from Boston for San Franclsoo, ready. Glasccw, Feb 1?Air Keeipioclty, Mulr, NYork; tth. 1 nar ica, Iuglis, do. Sid 3d. L Southard, IIusury, Genoa. (lursMooa, Feb 4?Ait Marria, NYork. GufOA, Jan 31?Arr Nedora, PerciraL Jeremie. HolyukAu, Feb 3?K d 8 K Smith, Gates, Boston. Hull, Febt?Arr Kied Sheerer, Sheerer, Leghorn; J W leaver, Nlckersou, ttio Graude. Hav UK, Feb 3?Arr Julia Lawrence, Spear, New York; tth rolden Eagle, Hymonda, do. Old 3d. Vlilafranca, Swaulon, NYork; John Merrick, Scabs lundei land aud U8tatee. Uklvout, Feb 3?Arr Fairfield, Hull, Brouwerahaven; 4th aahclla, Allen, do. Havana. Feb 9?Arr brl? Alfarella, Blbher, Portland: schrt tlexauder (rebel), Anderson, NOrleans; W ile Awake rebelI, Martin, Mobile; 10th, lirlga John Uathaway, Town lend, NYork; Solo, Wooater, Portland; lUli. J ax Davis, SU der. do: Lisabel. Buckminater. do: ?ol,? a itnliiv Harrt nan. do; Win Mallory (rebel). Campbell, Mobile. Sid Oth. iC'irKuocb Pratt, Brightman. Remedies. Iu port 151h, ships Village Belle (Br). B'alsdell. for Pal nouth, B; St Peter, 8 tvin; Hamburg, Winer, and II R Mian, Kiln, unc; barks Hannah, Tbornti n, Johnson, fur New fork; Ocllla, Ash by, lir Havre; John Curtis, Sherman, Fanny Buck, Crockett: Cli.lton, Pennell; Sheffield, Fo <te; kudrew Mauderaou, Thompaon Emma F Harnaian, Harrtnan; Brunette, Havener; Pla, Mil'er; Harriet Bptuldlna Booker; T Cashing, Herrtn an; Jamrs Sml'h, Bieerer; H Darling, Bealea; Merrtmnc, tttrout: Mary Benlley, Benilyr; D mon, Hariltt, E A Chase, Mlliiklu; B I ward Everett, Harding, and David Nichols, Blake, unc; brivs Saniu l Llndwy, Quptel; Lisa he I, Webster; 0 M Carver, Pendleton; W A Dresser, Ha'eh; Jessie Rdynes, Pendlt ton; Tempest, Cobb; telo, Wooater; Oh H Frost. Hopkins; Abby Ellen, Qilmoro, lamna Davis, Staples; A A Chapman, Lsnrent; Ho|h>, Stmpmn, and Mary A Pierre, Wyman, uno; scbs Florence Borers, Beultv, and Chas H K gcrs (Br), Laugley, New Yore (both heso hava been reported sailed at an tarlier date); Uase, Booth, for Hamburg; J W Hall. Marshall; W B Horsly, Jlarke; Edwd Redder, Harkaen, and Zouave, Packer, uno; iml the recent arrivals. KiutBacHkc, Jan lb?In port ships Frigate Bird, Tbompeso, ror Loudon; Lorenzo, Hamlin, and Sea Lion, Alexander, for Calcutta; Time, Homer, and Maid ot the Sea,Stanwood, unc. Livkkiool. Feb 5?Arr Canada (a), Boston: 6lb, Adelaide Cutting, NYork. Bid 4th, American Union, Hubbard, New fork- ? , Cldld, Palmaa, Hall, Berra Leone; 3d, American Union Hubbard. NYork; 4th, Benjamin Adams, Chase, aud Weston Merritt. Robinson, do; Oonetantine, Macoduck, do: 5th. Sreat Western, Furber, and West Point, Child. NYork; lolin H French, Crosby, Santadar; John Wills, ((hadwick. Valparaiso. Ent for loading 5th, Endymlon, Williams, for NYork. London, Feb 4?Arr Longfellow, Moody, Calcutta: 61k, Hammonia, Schwenaen, NYork; Neaioriau, Worth, Maulmem ; Tith, Luey A Harriet, Uhrbrock, NYork Cld 4th, Zone, FuUerton, Shields, to load for Boston; 5th, Rising Sun, Scbolfleld, Cardiff and NYork; 6th, Cumberlaud, Waite, Sunderland and Portland. Arr at Qravesend 5th, Corinne, NYork. Sid 4th, Monsoon, Freeman, Boston. l.OANDo, SWCA, Dee 2S?In port bark Warren White, Wetion, unr. MiLronn. Feb 5?Sid Loehlarar. Cole, Bristol Channel; 5th, romet, Wright (from NYork), Briatol. M AKvrORr, Feb S?Arr Wabash, Thompson. DuMIn, MAR8t.ti.LKS, Feb 3?Cld'Columbus, Stewart, NYork; Moses Dav, Lord, Boston. Mauanhan, Jau 4?fa port brig Oilmore Meredith, from Baltimore, fur Cayenne Jan 10. Mayaol'KZ, Jan 20?Iu port brigs LAW Armstrong, of and For New Haven Feb I; Echo, Benson, for Baltimore: Pea* ck, Pauti, for NYork, ldg; iteseue, lor Philadelpbla; ketch Jommeree, Barnes, fordo, Mibacoanb, Feb 6?-In port achr Hanover, for Boston t lays. Mata.nza.i. Feb 7?Arr barks Welkin, Blanchard, Remedlosj lOtli, Iiticv King, Thurlow, NYork; brig J Mclntyre, Mcln;yre, Portland; acbr Juana Ward (rebel), Dennis, Charleaon. Sid 7th, Br schr Vernon. Milner, NYork; 10th, barks Beiah, lould, Boston; St Mary, Pendleton, NYork; brigs Eudorua, llirpard, Portland; Eagle, Parker, Cork. Newport, Feb 5?Sid Undo Joe, Sewall, Cope Verdo [slnnds. Nassau, Feb lz?In port Rtesmer Catawba (rebel), from Dbarleeton art- 12th, with cotton; aehr Mary Haley, for Boaen 2 days. Kid 12th, steamer Isabel, and another steamer, both cotton loaded, destination unknown. Arr at do Jan 30, srhrs Col McRea, Perry, Georgetown, sC; Feb 10, Courier, Bsvla, Charleston; 12th, steamer Nelly, Moore, do. Cld Feb 10, schrs Alice, Hampton, MinaliUau m Maiamoros; Mary Emily, Maya, NYork. Nrovitas. Feb 9?In port brig Iu, Williams, for NYork M days; schr R L Tav, for do 4. Portsmouth, Feb 6?Sid E M Strong, Strong, Newcastle. Port au Phinck, Feb 9?In port brigs Isabel Bcurmaan, ramss, for NYork8 days; Pilot Fish, Savage, for Boatonl; Br achr Mary Jane, Baem. fur do 10. Porto Cabsllo, Feb 1?In port brigs Thos B Watson, from and for NYok, repg; Ida, from Philadelphia, wtgeargo. 1)ukknstown, Feb 3?Arr Havana, Curtis, R (Alrande. 814 3d, Flying Mist (from Mazatlsn), London; United States Nickersoii (from Iquique), London, Walter S -ott, Graffam, (from Callao), Antwerp; 6th, Iaaac Jeana,*Drinkw*ter (from Rangoon), London. Passed by 4th, London, Hurlbul, from London for NYork. Rkvedios, Feb 4?Arr brigs N candor (Br), NYork; lttk, Deinarara, Cunningham, Boston. Swansea, Feb 5?Sid Kdlsto, Fllnn, Barcelona. Sunderland. Feb 1?Arr Eastern Quceir, Holbrook, Havre. Shields, Feb 4?Arr J B Litchfield, Crockett, London. 814 1st, Clara Ann, Coomba. Genoa; 2d, Aran, NEngland. In port 2d, Wings of the Morning, Wilson, for Cadis sad Quebec, ready. St Michaels, Jan 21?Arr Robt Pennell. Donne, Flares. St Jago , Feb 2?Arr schr Lulsita, Underhill. NYork. Br Domingo Cmr, Jsn 29?In port bark Harvest Queen, Hayden. from St Thomas for NYork. Bslt Cat, TI, Feb 19?No Am vt s ?la In port. Troon, Jan 30?Arr Thalatta, Otis, Greenock; Feb 8, li Southard, Hussey, Glasgow. Sid 1st, Minnesota, Symea, Matanxas. Trinidad, Feb 5?Sid brig Nathan, Means, Philadelphia; achr E O Knight. Howes, NYork. Watekvord, Feb 1?Arr Gold Hunter, Sogers, Eastport, with pan of cargo thrown overboard. WK.iTrORT, Feb 2?Air Florist, Ridley, NYork. Zaza, Jan 27?Arr brig Ocean Spray, Stubba, NYotk; Feb I, schr May, Smith, do. [Pu Steamship Canada, at Halifax?Tklkoba rare J Arr from New York Dee 23, Po-Yang, at Mauritius; Peb^ IlHrblnger, at Cork; 4th, Comet, at Bristol; 7th, John CoilM, at Liverpool, Hid for NYork Jan 2, Llllle, from Oa'eutla; -Feb 5, Edward, from Cardiff; CI h. Great Western, Hamilton Gray, OonMaotiue, and We?l Point, from Liverpool; 7th, Benj Adamat from do. Sid for Roatun Jan 2. Sarah Newman, and Art Union, from Calcutta; Feb 6, Succors, from Liverpool. (Latest via Queenstown.) Arr from NYoik, MalhllJe, at Ctrdlff; Prince Albert,at Hamburg; Lucy Haywood, at Cadi/. American Ports* BOSTON, Feb 2J?Arr bark* WildGazeile, Sparrow, Liverpool; Athlon Lincoln, Bibber, Cardenas; brigs (Vaccamaw, Nichols. Si Thomas; John Stevens, Hopkins. Cardenas, schr Mary Laugdon. Jackmn, NYork. In the bay, Inward bound, a ship. Wind NW, fresh. Telegraphed, bar* Andes, fiom Malnn/as. Signa1 for two brigs. Cld steamship Mississippi (new, of Boston, 200J49-96 ions), Fulton, Ship Inland via Fortress Monroe: brig J West, Ilardisoii, Cardenas, a-lir* William Ina (Br), Foster, St Jsgo; Pavilion, Falne, Deal's Island, Md; Telegraph, Nlckerson, NYoik. Sid, wins NE, barks Eventide, Benj Burgess, John Gilpin; brig Stromneaa. 21st?Arr hark Andes, Merriman, Matanui via Holme# Hole; brig H I-eeds, Grant, Philadelphia. Old ateamer Saxon, Mutlhaws, Philadelphia; bark W A Bank*, Burden, Havana; brigs Delhi, Crosby, London; Chlmborazo, Small, Havana; Chas Wesley, Ford, Matanraa: Gipsy (Br), Olaen, St J ago; aebraS K Parker, Fitzgerald; K Nl-kersoo, Nlrkeraon; Courier, llltfi; na, and Sophia Parker, Barnard, Baltimore; Susan Hearse, bVm k. Sid strainer* Mississippi, Saxon; barks If Sawver. lady Suffolk; brig (Jeo Amn<, BALTIMORE, Feb 19?Arrsehr Pathawny, Compton, Boa ion. Old Br balk C A Jonea, Francis, Cork; srhra Alice Mowe, Atkins, Mayagiiey.; York town, Wog'oui. NYork. 20th?Arr schrs Isle of Pines, French; M an Win Bell, Ro biiisoii; Harliaia. Decker; Maria Jane, Ami: Molt Bedell, Ry dor; West Wind, Burnett, and Yankee Doodle, VaurleaJ, NYork; Ada Ames, Ames, Rockland; E O Fogg, Lombard, Hoaion. Old aleamer Deestur, Tonge, New York; Br berk Hharstnn, King, Llverpo<?. Sid Br bark O A Jonea, Francis, ('ork for orderx; Br brig MacltM, Dickie, (J ueenstow n; acbi A'ice Mowe, Ma/ague*. 21-t?Arr Br bark Deluwara, Steed, Do mantra; sehra Jas Butler (Br), Hall, St Domingo; A ,i Bird, French, R.tcMand, Elb-ii. fa-land, NYork. Old Una W J Treat, Park, Matin/aaa lira Jennie Morton, Green. Weet Indlea; E W Pratt, Nick erson, Boston; Era, Sedrick, New Bedford, White Foira, I'otiley, Pn vi lence; Bree/. Brown; tleo S Adams, Ctowell and A Vancleaf, I. -non, NYoik. BRISTOL, Feb 19?Arrachr J Mar-In, Harding. Providene* for Philadelphia. ELIZABETH PORT, Feb 20?Old SchrLlon, Furbuah. Boa ton, KEY WEST, Feb 12?''n poit brig* J P Wciherell, Slor. bit Ige, Ship I? and, arr 1'Jlli; Alfred, Bullock, NYoik;Am bruse J.lj'it, Bryant, Phlhidel; hia; Alrnreabali, t'nnnor, from M ii)runi lo for Bo-ton, repairing forcir.nst, pari of whioh was carried awny In a a- van- gale; Charles Miller, from Oar deii i-i for B islon, rejig; a lira Young America, Lowe, dleg; .lane N Baker, (Jandcisoil, l'hllart- Ijih'a, do; Geo W Suow, Ellnis, fiom Maularas for NYorx, discharging eargo, with N Perrv, Lamb?lite latter io leave lor NYork in a day or two? ihe (1 W S Is si 1 a fly damaged that it Is thought imprudent lor her lo j r e-eed on her voyage; Ephrolm A Anna, Dole for 1'hilndedJhla, dlaa; Wm c Merahon, Cole, from NYork for Fort Pickens; Gallatin, Carver, Old Providence, di-g; Geo 11 Eneas (Br-, Sweeting. Bahamas, arr 12th; J J Siiencer, Dole, Hb p I-land, arr l2th. MYsTIt", Feb l??Arr sloop Fiunklln, Avery, Eli/abclh port. NEW BEDFORD, Feb 21?Arr brig Ormua, Baker, Ha vans. NEWPORT, Feb IS?Arr arhra Empire, Carr, and Isaac r Hazard, Wliwin, Bri-dnl for NYork. Sid atbia Rattler L- icht'-n, au-l E (' Smith, Bove, from Olonrester for NYork. Arr, Pith, eclira Seallowcr, t'lark. Klizabethport, JusticeTailor, do for l'eacedale; Sarah M Sherinau, Sherman, and O- ' an Bled, Hull, Providence for NYork. Bid whrWoi U A twood, Fo-ter, from Boston for Tangier. ? . to, i, >i-,-t.rii, \fi-f-iia I'mekriL Hncksoortflfor New York dim John, show. and K?"lrnn, (Jrovaa, Elixabethport 101 Hooton: Flavllla. Pinkney, Piurinoetown for NYork; Meteor Duvla, Ni'?r Bedford for do. Sid aohra Sarah, York, from Portland lor X York; T II Seymour, Kelley. New Bedford Too In: W II Turaer, (Irani, Frankfort for Baltimore; Erie Ultkcy, Hoaiou lor NYork; Roanoke, Paull, Biiatol for daanil oibara. Sdh?Arr bark A rial, Lerenaton, Providence for Coree Wt'A; acbra Lukln, Franklin, Demarara via St Tbonia* foi Warren: Maria F? a.?, llorry, Boaton lor Stamford; Adell Felicia, Fargo, Ellzabclliport; H Havana, Roberta, Prorl dance tor Kitaabatbport; belphlne, Hoaa, do for Delaware Hay. Ratnrned on oocotintof head wind, ai lira s M Slier man. Ocean Bird, Kmptra, Brie, Flarllla. and othera. Bid a< lira I. S Cbaae, Carolina, Ketlron. and John. Slat? Air a-hra Kuiitia f nrblah. Kemlall, XYork for Prorldance; K P b'oweomb, Kemp, ana M B Dyer, Put-rare, Bono* for Dcal'a Ialand. NEW HAVIiN, Feb JO-Arr achre I Anderaon, firming way, Elii-abrthport; Oertrode, Hill, NYork. CldhrigLA# Armstrong, Bowna, Potto Rico; hra Kate Wealon, Miller porlo Rico; Miranda, Ward, do; Faahlon, Kllrabcthport' (told I.cal, do; Planter, do; Emperor, Atnlaiy, PHILADELPHIA, Feb 20-Arr bark Whim Wing, EalingPorto Oabello; brl* D Malony. Hteelman, Port Royal; whra Mlnerra (Br), Fletcher, l'once: Magnum Bonum, Harding Wlntarport. Cld ahlp Amelia, MiKctule, I ,| car pool; bark A Hell, ftlll, Queenatown; aclira Annie. I,ehlane, Port Stmlni Flora King, McDonald, Cianfuegoa. Bid ahlp Niagara, Law i em e. Liverpool. ikiiTf.ialn avh 10?Arr bark* Mar* C Pn*. Frederleka Oardetiiia; LaTonla, Rearae, *11(1 Sarah H'Halo, Crowtfear, do HiUtial for a bark. < 'Id *hlp Queen of Ihe Lake* (Br), Thorn ton, Liverpool; brlpa Nathaniel Steven*. Eaton, Havana' K*tei, Smith, and Surf, Sweetlmd, Cardenu*; achr Luna (Br), Wllaon, do; ateamer Clieaapeake. Crowell NYork. 20th?Arr Mr aleamablp Bohemian, Hurgr**, Liverpool via Irfmdonderry. Old brlge C H Kennedy, Wfiielow, Cuba; \Yla. vaw, Wyman, Fort .lefferaon. Torntga*; *ehr* 81dm,a, WalL t'arilenac Hlahland Chief, Main doe, Baltimore. PROVIDENCE, Feb 19?Arr ateamer fNproy, Kenney, N Turk. Hid rrhra.lame* Mai tin, Harding, Philadelphia, (and went Into Briatol); Hannah Ilavena, Robert*, Bliiabuthpart 8*rah M Hherm*n, Hllerman. NYork. Dropped below, nnd anehored, bark ArleLfor Unree. 20th?Arr ?teamer weslchrater. .lone*, NYork. Sid bark Arl?1, Laveaaton, Uoree, WOA (and went Into Newport); ?rhr Dolphyi<\ lie**, Dataware Bay. 2l?t?Arr ateamer Pelican, .lone*, NYork; *chr* Lookout Thornton, Baltlmora; Danl webater. Perry, au l Emma Purl blah, K' ndall, NYork. Khl arln 8 P lUwci, Muon, Phlladcl tibia; aloopT Hull, Hull, NYork. KOCKLAND, Feb 19?Sid acbr Delaware, Manning. Net* York. KAN FRANCTSCO, Feb 19?Arr ghlp Cornel, Todd, NYork. 8 AI E M, Feb 10?Arr *ohr Magirtc BelL Ullkoy, Baltlmora. WI NTKIIPORT, Feb 11?Sid brig Robin, Kd'inan, Uarde. Dae; 16Hi, arhr Fiaeher, Hutohtnann, B.tlllmore. WAKRKN, Keb 2'?Arr ? hr Lor km, 1'raukiiu, Damararl tla 8l Thorn**. >