24 Şubat 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Şubat 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Personal Intelligence. Dr. Bogartaud P. W. Aides, or the United Slates Navy; Br. Brewer,of Boston; Marcus Spring, of Eagleawood; W. H. Newbold, of Philadelphia, end T. O. Brownell, of Providence, ere lopping at the Brevoort House. Edward Vernon, of England; U. Stewart, of the United Stales Army; A. B. Cox, Jr., of Tale College; J. T. ?enux,of Albany; E. A. Dunham and wife, oT North Carolina, and Mrs. M. E. Stewart, of Builalo, are stopping at the Everett House. Major A. V. Klliott, of the United Slates Army; Captain 9. Noal, from Port Hoyal; W. O. D. Mackintosh, Jr., of Philadelphia; R. lleminlug, of Bullalo; J. ,8. Ely, of Khode island; H. Adams, of Boston, and E. Baron and P. Angel, of Washington, are stopping at the Lafarge Boose. Bon. O. P. Chandler, of Vermont; Hon. Daniel S. Dickhison, of Bingham ton; Major W. E. Hoy, of the United States Army; Csptain 8. L. Amy, or England; T. R. Ton Is and M. Mitchell, of Philadelphia; A. L. Lawrence, J. A. HaII and E. P. Cutter, of Boston; P. V. Varuum, of Portland, Me.; W. W. Orne, of Springfield, and A. S. Porter, of Connecticut, are stopping at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Ex-Governor Gardner, A. 8. Mansfield and Mrs. J. A. Bates, of Massachusetts; E. Cf Hamilton and A. F. Edwanls, of Saratoga; E. P. Hubbeil, of Washington; H. W. Ring, of Chicago; Major H. A. Conant,of St. Louis; L. P. DOtey and Mrs. 0. C Davidson,of Albany; A. B. Ripley, of Rochester; Captain S. D. Hovey, of the United Stales Army, and J. w. Farrell and wife, of Detroit, are stopping at ths Astor House. Hon. A. Myers, of Syracuse; Professor Levering and W. Oi Pol ion d, of Boston; Dr. J. C. Ayer, of Lowell-Mass.; John Hubbeil, of Buffalo; H. Trowbridge, of New Haven; W. Willard, Jr., of Lake Superior, and N. Washburn, of Worcester, are stopping at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Bon. Allen Munroe. of Syracuse; Major H. A. Connan, Of the United State* Army; B. F. Stephenson, of Boston; T. 6. Newburne, of Canada; P. B. Tyler, of Springfield; A. L. Aldricb, of California; J. K. Field,of St. Louie, and C. A. Avery.of Ohio, are stopping M the Metropolitan Hotel. Hon. Washington Hunt, of Lockport; Professor Lowell, of Cambridge; I.ient. Col. J. C. Kice, of the Ellsworth regiment; Capt. Stevenson, of the British Army; F. W. Goddard, and the Misses B. Jenkins, of Providence; J. Ludington and W. E. Cramer, of Wisconsin; A. J. Franeisco.of Brooklyn; Mrs. C. .J. Russell, of Ohio; Cbarlos W. Allen, or New Haven, and G. C. Ripley and F. A. Sterling, of Yale College, are stopping at the Albemarle Hotel. Obituary. Eiizabcth Brtaxt, colored woman, died at Greenwich, In West Jersey, on the 2d inst., in the one hundred and fourth year of her age. Valcatioh or Neoroks ii? Mississippi.?In the Mississippi House of Representatives a resolution has been adopted suggesting a data for tho valuation of siavos in that State. The resolution suggests the division of negroes into six classos. Those ten years old and under are valued at $300; those between ten and twenty at $780; between twenty and thirty, $900; from thirty to forty, $880; from forty to fifty, $300; and from fifty upwards, $100. Arrivals and Departures. DEF AHTUltEH. LrrnroOL?Steamship Edinburgh?Richard R Man son, lohn T McCulloitgh, R P 'fellows, Mathcw T Mnrury, Ernest Heyjr, O W Palmer, J Buazith, .lames Baremore, h< nry Marie, Mrs Owens, Captain Craig, b ii Jjichier, c h Edwards, wife and two sons and daughter; Mrs Franks and two children, A 8 Sargent and wife, J 8 Arezzuna and wile, Blbert Chaundlcr, with others in the steerage?$180,0001n specie. _ IXJST AND FOl ND. 7, T OST,?LEFT IN THE LADIES' DRESSING ROOM, JLi Academy cf Music, Thursday evening (Light Guard ball), a white merino Opera Cloak, white silk lining, bordered with swan's down. A liberal reward will be {aid on Its return to OTIS A CO., 403 Broadway. Lost?on the 17th inst., while the owner was in the office of the Mutual Liie Insurance Company, In Broadway, or in passing therefrom up Broadway to Fallon street, and thence to 103 Fulton street, a Bund, exe rated by William Keener and John R. llalladay, of Jersey City, dated February 26,1836. The finder will l>e rewarded by leaving it at 49 Cortlandt street, with II. Price A Barklay u3i?in A r uijiun ninuli, auii i aau dutda i 11 Jj avenue stage, a Pncketbook, containing $21. The turner will 6e suitably rewarded by returning it to the undersigned M the depot of Army Clothing, corner of Broome and Greene treats. B. C. KEVE8. T 08T?SATURDAY EVENING, FEB. 22, A GREEN JLi Pocketbook, containing about $13 in money, and a dis barge from the Fire Department Tbe finder may keep the money, if he will return the receipt and pocketrook, as it to of the most importance. Tho finder will please return it to JAMES GILL. 1X3 Chatham street LOST-ON WEDNESDAY, 19TH IN8T., A LARGE NEWfonndland Slut, white, with black on one. side: had on a brass collar, aud answers to the name of Kate. The finder will be liberally rewarded on returning her to her owner. JOHN E. PHILLIPS, 78 New Canal street T OST-ON THE EVENING OF TIIE LIGHT GUARD XJ ball at the Academy of Music, a l'carl Ornament, pultn leaf pattern, having one large pearl in the centre surrounded by sma'ler ones. The finder will be liberally rewarded by returning it to A. H. Martin, at 214 East Thirtieth street. ~ REWARDS. ^ REWARD.?LOST. A BLACK NEWFOUNDLAND ?tJ Dog, with four white feet; answers to the name of Ned. Return him to S3 South Seventh street, Williamsburg, or to E. F. Taylor, Barnum's Museum, New York, aud receive tbe above. $0 REWARD.?LOST, POLICE SHIELD NO. 1,834 O Any person returning the same will receive the above reward by applying at the Sixth ward station house. an rt reward.?lost, a Newfoundland slut; ?piu the has a white breaat and white feet; answers to the name of J?lines. Any person bringing her bock to 34 Hud-on street. In tbe grocery store, wlD rcrclvo the above reward. aca reward-stolen, from baumer-s hotel, V Hoi okrti, a large oluek Russian Bloodhound, marked with w hile on breast and feet. Any informal on will he liberally re< o:n| eased. Apply as abovo to llcnry Uaug, lloboken, N J. AGO REWARD?lost, A LARGE GOLD WATCH with Chatelaine Chain and two Seals, w ith initials H. M. C. and A. F. Apply at 37 .lane street, when the above reward will be paid and no questions asked. REWARD.-LOST, IN A SIXTH AVENUE CAR, ?tJV/ or In the Cooper Institute, on Saturday evening, a Wallet containing tw o SUA) Bills an.l several smaller ones (city bunk*), and n note agiinst A. I'. (Iriint for $JSO, due early in Ma.rh, payment of which hss beau stopped; also Iher valuable pa|>>-r?. The finder will receive lb above leward on delivery to II. Ilitaton, 31 Church street. watchkTand jewelry. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A GENUINE CHARLES Frod.-hain or Julea Jurgeuseu Gobi Hunting CawWatch. Aildregp Uaaou, Philadelphia Ledger ofllee, staliug lowed eaah price. ? HI .BPMggEI. k BURNIIAMS FURNITURE EXPRESS AND PACK A. ing'Extabbsbnienl, 113 West Eleventh street, between I'lltb and Sixth avenues. Household Kuiniture boxed und skipped to all parts of the world. Covered wagons for removing Furniture to and from tho country. Furniture Mo red. CLOTHING. GREAT UNION VICTORY IS GAINED.?LADIES AND gentlemen It has been victorious in being pronouueed by A great many, that B. Mintz, of 17V Third avenue, lias been pay Inn the highest price for cast olf Clothing, Uurjieta Furniture and Jewelry, and still means to continue so it you will favor htm wttb a note or aal). lie Will not humbug the communitj by offering $40 for silk dresses, $20 for coats or $7 for pants, aa is done oy othergdealers; but he agrees to pay the full value for each article In cash. Please remember the Well known dealer, B. MINT/., of 17V Third avenue, near Seventeenth street, lain 137 Sixth avenue. Ladies attended By Mrs. Mlntz. A GREAT DEMAND FOR CLOTHING, FURNITURE, Carpets snd Jewelry. Ladies and gentlemen ran remit e the follow ing prices:?For Silk Dresses, from $6 to $.15; for Coats, from to $18; 'or Paots, from $1 to $0, by calling on or addressing by post L. Abrahams, 233 Seventh avenue, between Twenly-Uilh and Twenty-sixth streets Ladies punctually attended to by Mrs A. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.?I HAVE Just received $l,i?IO to purchase cast off Clothing, Furniture and Carpels tor the California market. I do promise to | sy the highest prl e in the city by cal Ins on or addressing a note to E MINT/,, 1.17 Sixth avenue, two doors shove Tenth street, ladles attended to by Mrs. Mlnlz. Remotnbei, No. 137 Sixth avenue. ADBliAND.-tl2.000 WORTH OF CAST OFF CLOTHing, Carpet*, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which rmotl value can be obtained, by railing on er nddrenaing H., 7V Rilth arrntie, near Waverley place. Ladle* attended by Mr*. E. II. 1'leaae remember and try 79 HI Jib avenue. At the californian and western agency Store the high* t price ran be obtained for < a-t nff Clothing, Carpeie, Jewelry, Ac. For Silk Ure?*e*. irnm $8 lu 135; lor Coal*, I mm $2 to $18; for I'antn, from $1 50 to $0. note addreaaed H. llama, 351 Bowery, opposite Oreat Join * street, will be punctually attended to. Ladle* attended hy Mr*. Harrin. A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY.?LADIES AND tlENJ% tinman can procure the hlgheat caah pre e for tbelr ca*t 9a Clothing, Fillnltarr, Carpet*, Ac., by addrraaiug Mr*. J. Ah'blati In, 1S8 Seventh avenue, near Tweniy-tblrd ilrcet. Oentlemen attended toby Mr. Uoldateln. ATI* SEVENTH AVENUE, LADIES AND GENTLEJY men tan dlapoae ol their can otf Clothing, Carpeta, Furniture and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay arty tier cent nor* than any other dealer In i.te city, and not to be humbugged by great puff* antl falee pretender* Pl. aee rail on or addreaaj. Anlmfl, 1M Seventh arenue, between Twentieth And Twcnty-int itreet*. Ladle* attended hy Mr*. Anbalt. AT THE OLD STAND, 1M SEVENTH AVENUE, EZEDIBLSguaraiiiee* lo p.ir the following prior* Inrraat oO Wearing Api areL From 17 to *15 far Hiik Dreaara, from $A to $25 fnivCnaia, and from $4 (O $7 for Panta AI*o Carpeta, Fiirnhure, *a A nota by poet punctually attended to (y BZEKIKLS, ISA Seventh arenue, betwtern Nlnetaonlh .".1 ?r? I?,l... .lien.led In lie Mr, E A GREAT QUANTITY OT CAST OFP CLOTHING A wmMil, Nornltui?, C?rwt?, Jewelry. Ac, to supply the Western market. I pay m tollows:?Far Silk Dreiwi, from ill ta 940. ronta, from 910 to 930; Panta, from 93 to 98. (' II on or addresa A. DuoM. 218 Hove nth avenue, between Twenty-foui th and Twenty fifth street. Ladles attended to by Mrs. D. HORSES. CARRHQES, AC. " 1AOH SALE?A SPLENDID DAPPLE GRAY HORSE, X? ctfht yctrs std, sound and gentle, shout seventeen bands high; has been used in a coupe. Apply at stable, 140 Cessna street. EOR BALE-WITHOUT RESERVE, THE PROPERTY OP a gentleman deceased, a pair of well matched black brown rses, hall brothers, sired by the same horse but not out oT Ihe same mure, 18 hands 1? Inches high'Seven and eight rears old, long natural tsSJs, wah superior symmetry, breeding nearer and action combined, and WHrranV.il In every way perfect. Any gentleman or lady wanting a pair or well seasoned, thoroughly rood, sound and perfectly gaailo carriage horses, will iind this an Opportunity seldom to lid met with, as they ars a beuiitiful and well matched team, atftO At for Immediateuse. Apply to TII09. B. RHODES, V. K.. eale a snt for the same, at IM i.nd IAd Jane street, where nny Information will be given, and also a guarantee to faltlifulnv.'S or the above Horses being perfectly sound and kind. A trie? given to an/ gentletuau or lady of known rcspectalnhty, NEW | _ HIPPII0; NOTICB.-BY OKIJItB oi^TilB^SBCBETAK* OF Hutu-, all iwaaeugers leaving the United Slates are re<|Uired to provide ibeinielvwi witb Fiup^'U* dlrucUuui lor obiaining whlrh may be bad at tne Company's office, 14 Broadway, N. Y. JOHN O. BaLE, Agent Steam weekly to Liverpool, touching at Queenstown, (Cork Harbor.) The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Sieaiudiiu Company intend deapatching their lull powered Clyde built iron steamshipMas tollows:? BOlNbl KU. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23. KANtlAKtiO, SATURDAY, MAKt'll 1, ETNA. SATURDAY, MARCH 8. an<l every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from pier 41, North river. RATES or FASSAGK. First Cabin $751 Steerage - $30 Do. to London 001 Do. to London 53 Do. to Parle 85 Do. to Parle 38 Do. Pi Hamburg... 851 Do. to Hamburg.... 35 Pasacngcrs also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rates. Rates from Liverpool or Queenstown.?First cabin, $75, $85 and $105. Steerage from Liverpool. $40; from Queenatown, $30. Ticket* can i>e bought here at these rates, enabling peo- I j pie to send lor tbeir friends. These steamers have superior accommodations for passengers, are strongly built In water tight iron sections, and carrypatent lire annlhUators. Experienced surgeons are attached to each Mearner. For further Information apply In Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, Agent, 22 Water street; In Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM, No. 5 St. Enoch square; in Queenstown, to C. AW. D. SEYMOUR a CO.; in London, to EIVES a MACKY. 61 King William street; in Paris, to JULES DECOUE, No. 5 place de la Bourse; In Philadelphia, to JOHN U. DALE, 111 Walnut street; or at the Company's office. . . JOHN G. DALE. A;oiil, 15 Broadway, N. Y. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL Steamships. PiSSPOUTd ? All nerenno IdRvIno thA ITnttarf fitntpa will rp. quire to have Passport* from the authorities of (heir respect- I iro countries, countersigned by the Secretary of Stale at , Washington, or by the Passport Agent at port of embarkation. FROM NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. Chief Cabin Pusxagn. $130 Second Cabin Passage 75 KROM BOSTON TO Li VEKPOOU. I Chief Cabin Passage $110 ! Second Cabin l'a.-sage 60 The ships from New York '-all at Cork Harbor. The ships from Boston tall at Halifax and Cork Harbor. PERSIA, Capt. Judkins (AFRICA, Capt. Sharon n ARABIA, Capt. J. Stone. [CANADA, Capt. J, Leitih. ASIA, Capt. E. G. L ill. [AMERICA, Capt. Muir. < AUSTRALASIAN,Capt.Cook.|.NIA(JARA, Capt Moodle. SCOTIA, EURO PA. Capt. Andcraon. CilfNA, I These vessels carry a clear white light at mast head, green on aliii hoard how, red on port b* w. AMERICA, Hoodie, leaves Boston, Wednesday, Feb. 19 < ASIA, Lotl, " New York, ' Feb. 26 i CANADA, Mulr " Boston, " Mar. 5 AUSTRALASIAN,Cook." New York, ' Mar. 12 < NIAGARA, Amlersbii, " Boston, M Har. 19 Berths not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on hoard. The owners of these ships will not be accountable for Cold, Silver, Bullion, Specie, Jewelry, Precious Stones or .Melius, unless hills of lading are signed theiefor and the value thereof therein expressed. For t reight or passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling green. IpOR LIVERPOOL-THE SPLENDID CUPPER SHIP ' ANTARCTIC, will p isiiivsly sail to-morrow, Feb. 28, at 10 A. M. For passage, at lowest rates, apply Immediately, j to secure berths, ou board at pier 14 East river, or to 1*. M. DEM UREST, 40 South sin i t. STEAM TO LIVERPOOL, DIRECT.?THE FIRSTCLASS Steamship HP. GEORGE, lying at pier 3i Noitt river, s ills on Wednesday Feb. 26. Cabin passage $fiO. No steerage. Apply to WILLI A MB A GUION, 40 T niton street. FOR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. A lirsi class steamer wiil irave New York on the 1st, nth and 21st of each month, except when these dates fall on Sunjlkl^wben tbo day of departure will be on the Monday folFor freight or passage arply hi the only office, No. 6Bowing Green. * D. B. ALLEN. Agent. FOR HAVANA.?IDE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMsl.ip ROANOKE leaves p'er 13 North river, for Havana direi t, en Saturday, March 1, UjC'L at 12 o'clock. Ll'DL AM A I1EINEKEN. FOR HAVANA VTA NASSAU, N. P. The British and North American Royal Mall Siextmship KARNAK, Capt. Lo Lnsstirier, will sail fur the above pons from the company's wharf In Jersey City, on Tuesday, January 7, 1?C2. Monday, March 3. Tuesday, February 4. Saturday, March 29. Passage money to Nassau fw " " to Havana tM AU*persons leaving the United States are required to have passports from the authorities of their respective countries, countersigned by the. Secretary of Stale ?t Washington or by tbc passport agent at the port of embarkation. For freight or passage apply to CUNARD, No. * Bowling green. FOR HAVANA ?THE UNITED STATES MA1I. STEAMship COLUMBIA, K. Adams, Uli.ted States Navy, commander, will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Thursday, March 13, at 12 o'clock M., precisely. Passengers are re<iuested to procure their passports before going on hoard. For freight or passage, apply to HPOFFORD, T1LKSTON A CO., No. 29 Broadway. PERSONAL. ADDIE ? *? * ,'NEWARK. N. J.?IT WAS AN IMTOSnihility to come yesterday. Will write. Call at the Post oflice on Tuesday attcrnoou for lctte.r und a pui kage. CHARLES. BAKU I'AI'S UR-WlIJi Jllfi xui ->u LAUI, in inn back aeat ami who lei I at about nine o'clock. p'.easc address Admirer, box 199 Herald olllee, muling where a cole will teach bet, and oblige the young gentleman who sul behind her. Ellen m.-i waited for you every nioht rnn.ei of Bowery and Grand etiect. Wlil be near the New Bowery Theatre Sunday ui-d Monday from at ven Weight. CAROLINE. GCBSIB A. V.?AM AT THE REVERE HOUSE, BOfton. Have written and directed aa formerly. Sl??;htug la ?|4endtd and all nature lovely. Return at once from the "orange" trees and "blooming' bcWk Of JeiSe.v, and ut lend to the rommnnicatloi, of UAIttUE. <<TTARK1E."?YOUR ENEMIES ARE cEIT1NO TIRED II of try ing 10 Injure you, lor they bud n Injure* thetnsrlvi a the moat, and that you t r. I your friend* only la iglt at and defy llteiu: to return, and annoy them with y our presence a while longer. ".MANY HUM AND TRIED FRIENDS." IK I HE YOUNG ~ LADY AT COOPER INHTITU'lis, Saturday evening, wearing a black < lo'.h cloak, like k cloth jokey can, with black futile r, and also rquiitvl nktu inn if. and who Rut the rreati I fart of liie evening with In r lelkhuud unaloveil, will permit tire iniitleiiiun who occupied the *eat nt her l 'ff to form hm acjualntauce, she Will plca-e addiesH Wm Arthnr, tier .Id otlice. INFORMATION WANTED?OP THOMAS MAt;HE. A bey of twelve yeaia of age, with lair I.Kir, \t bo let I hit home on tlie let of February, ntid has not been heard.frem since, lie hail on when he lei I home a gray tali jacket aud pant* and black cop. with fur around it. Any In OimatloB relaiing In lit in will be thankfully rereuved I y hie lather, John Mngee, St Gold etreet, Brooklyn. ENN1K S. (I ?I WTLLT MEET YOU AT THE I SI'AL p m e, uei.t the Academy ?f Mutoc, to-morrow evening at aapmrtei |vtKt tie veil o'clock. We will g" aud nee Adrian; be in time. 1". N. K. M'lSS SI'S A N T)?ERS E Y~C If Y~?G O T O Dl'HD A Brother's. Wl Naaaun street, and aek for a ropy of the ' llul Fosters Dream." It will make you laugh foi a w eoie. D R. O. MICHABL TRIIXY REFIDED AT THE AMERICAN Hotel, in New York, in ItM'J or IM3; lie wci.t Went aud left his danghtri In New York. Auy tnforni .ton if Iter wheieabonta will be of great beuelit to het. Ad.tiers.! ben ai d, Heiaid odice. PERSONAL-ANY I.ADY" WISHING TO LEASE ~A House aud mirahnso the Furniture, now doing a prosperou* business, please examine the 11*1 of lio vacs w Let and addresa M , station E Post cilice. SP. D i. B. O IS NOT IN TOWN, AND don't know address. "Atteinus Ward" lei tinea nt Bridgeport Monday; Wutetbitry, Tuesday, and Kpringlteld, lis**., Wednesday of this week. II. W. B I* here. Shall I engage! B. F here. Write at once. B WT1LL THE LADY, WH? ARRIVED IN the CARR WW ut TuiniiHr.uuvanih alppaL. tin lhi? 41!t ii.ulitni nlimku favor the gentleman, ?hov tciuaiiiiance (he mode, with her address iu a uotc directed to N. 8. F., Union square 1'unt oitlce. W~~ Tl,L"rirK LADY WHO CROS8ED WALL STREET ferry y< ster.ay, "amused itt her own thoughts," who bid good morning to tbe young gentleman near the City Half. gilMI N., station D, grunting nu interview. "\1 * ILL THE GENTLEMAN WHO HAD'Hit NOW II picked of tbr.-c insurance l>ook( by a lady, one afternoon (boot two weeks ago, and promised to cull and diil not do so, please to enll again or addreia a note to Mrs. &, at ber rvaideucc, as she u desirous of bearing from hint! lGJKBNOLOflY. Z -THANK V>U TUB BIND PACKAGE. REND another o.m, but please omit ike bnier, tor thev urs nil wrong, and produce |Mio to the |uillenl. Vonrs truly, A. " iPOBTixe. VTOTICE TO SPORT8MEN.-FOR SALE. A I'AIR OF J.N thorough bred lemon and white Pointer 1tips, six weeks old. They may be seen, togetherwlth sire and dam, at LAI Cburtb street, two doors from Duane. DENTISTRY. " 7IHZ Artificial bone filling.-rooms of the dir corerer AM) Broadway. Aching teeth, old roots and mere shells can be tilled without pain. Also on hand the celebrated Cuban Dentrltlce and Lolton, (lie only harmlras artlelea known for keeping the fb?ih whtio Hint gntiin healthy. Dr. l. beriiaro, dentist, removed to 6w Broadway, two doors easteof Fourth street. DR. 0. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL TEETH. Whole seta, $5, $6, $10, $18, and ttpwar I; warranted In every [mint. Teeth tilled Willi gold, *5c. to $1. AH work st half the prices charged elsewhere. OJRe 13 Bond street end 717 Arch street, Philadelphia. Having had two teeth extracted without pain, hy Dr. J. JAY VILLEKS, ISO Grand street, two blocks from Br<*dway,?I take great pleasure iu recommending him to thoje requiring the services of a aklllul Dentist. JULIA HUMS, 121 North Seventh Street, Willlamsbtwgh. DANCINO ACADEMIES. Adodworth's dancing academies, . No. 204 Filth avenee, cor. Twetily-aixth St., New York. No. 137 Montague street, Brooklyn. CLASSES?Tuesdays and Fridays In Brooklyn. CLASSES?Wednesdays and Saturdays In New York. Circular for terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. Brookes' dancino academy. 361 iiroome st. a new class ror tuesday. LA Dili's meet Tueidoy* and Friday*, 3 to 8 I* M. UKNTLKMEN,Tue?d7y**nd Friday*, 7)410 10U P IT. CHILDREN, Wedneedeye and Saturday*, 8 to BP. M. LADIES' Primary Clau ln*truct?d by Mr*. Brooke*. The ?rjiool ! open all the year. SOIREE EVERT WEDNESDAY EVENING. Ballet master dumar-s dancing academy 267 Bowc nr. Lewamt $1 per month, Monday*, Thursday*. Wednesday* and Rnturdfcy*, at 4 o'elork, for children and ladle*. Tuesday* r> id Friday*, |2. Private lc**vn* Ulty cent*. ^WHEI AND I.HIUORB. A RMY and navy?to BUTLERS, GROCSRR, I r A. per**hoU'l?,an(l liquor dealer*.?I am now telling, chr.ip for e**h, Fleming'* Golden Ale, In botllo end r??k; *l*o Sooteh Ale, Dublin and London Drow* Xtmrt. Uep.it IDS Uroadw*/. PIERCE MlJ.llAN,_A*ent. OLD R7R WHISKEY.-"ZKTGLER'8" CRLEBRATRD make of 1844, I860 and 1861. Aleo. lower siarir* of Itye end Bourbon. Fur ??4? by JOHN 1*. KFLLCUU ft CO-, 44 j Water ?tml? TORE HERALD, MOND. HALBI or REAL BiSTATIL - A SPLENDID PAKE, IN TBB CENTRAL PART OP this biate, lu exchange for city property.?Good house, sommodloue tiara and outbuildings, good fences and free from encumbrance; 119 acres, situated on Skaneute'.ea lake. Address box 1,790 Post office, giving description of property Dlfcred. A HOUSE IN 80DTII BROOKLYN, NEAR HAMILTON ferry, mortgaged for ?1.900, which can remain, to trade for a small genteel House near Fulton avenue; ?900 Will be paid if neoeeaary in order to effect an exchange. Will trade For unencumbered country pioperty. Address box 4,000 Post affloe, N. Y. A FINE COUNTRY RESIDENCE POR SALE OR TO let?Modern built. Iwo story, allick and basement brick House, witb ten and a half Lots, tastefully laid out, in a lealtbr and pleasant neighborhood, and easy of access. Apply to P. E , Villa place, corner or George street, Eltona. ;own of MorrUania, Westchester county, er at 47 West rwemy-slxlh street. New York. Brooklyn?magnipicent house and grounds, Washington avenue, for sale at a great sacrifice: four or tight Lots of Ground. House has all the modern improverlcnu; built without regard to cost. Grounds laid out In lnest manner. Shade and fruit trees, grapes, berries aud rare flowers. This Is one of the finest places fu the best secion of Brooklyn. If not sold by 1st of March, will be rented, rural?bed or unfurnished. Apply from 13 to 4 P. M. atlN3ERSOLL8,343 Southetreet, near Pike. Brooklyn.?house for sale at a sacrifice A neat, moderate sized, three slory, high stoop, brick Mouse; deep lot, with nice garden; suheellar, basement, titrbeu with range, two parlors, six bedrooms, gas, Ac., will Do sold for filteen hundred dollars lesptban coat?one half in bond and mortgage lor lire years; street respectable and luiet. Inquire at 176 Adams street, near Concord, between the hours of 10 and 3 o'clock. 0OUNTBY 6EAT POK 8ALE AT A GREAT SACRIlice.?Very valuable place, In complete order, near the -itv. Fine yacht accommodation. For particular* apply to IlOilEK MORGAN, No, 3 Pine street. Farm for bale?on the hackenrack river Bergen county, N. J., containing over Si acre a, with a good House and plenty of outhouses attached. For full particulars, with map of place, inquire of WM. BLAIit, 112 Barclay street. Farms, country FEAT8 and residences, convenient to the city, ncur depots, schools, churches and l iilngcs. of all sizes, prices, qualities and locations, for sale md exchange for olty or Brooklyn property. Also Western Farms and Lauds. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, ?2 Nassau street. For sale?three or fovr well built three story and basement Houses, in Thliiy-thiid. Thirty-tilth and Thirty-sixth streets, with all the modern improvements, at very great ha renins; terms easy. Also a very fine place, tvell mocked with choice fruits, at Mouul Vernon, at a great deal less than cost. Will tx< hange for good city property. AfP'y to WM. BEDELL, 177 West Thirty-third street. For hale.?to rent payers.?$i,soo will buy a new tw o story House, with a full Lot, five rooms and cellar, one block from the ears, running to three ferries: teruis Irom $1U) to $500cash; $WU can lie paid in instalments of $10 per month, without inten st. Also a oiih and a half story Cottage, with three full Lois; price $l,CU0; lei ins nearly as above. "A'so a two story brick Store and Dwelling, on Fifth avenue. A's i a number of other Houses; prices from $1,(00 to $3,600; all oil easy terms. Apply at the ollice of D. C. DANIELS, corner of Fourteenth street and Fifth avenue, Brooklyn. Tfino catw no 'en v nr.. iv upnnirT.vw Ttrn X story attic and I aaemem House, No. 20 Bond street, cor06]*of Lirlnja oa. with under cellar, hauler. hot and cold water. b?h, chandeliers, bay window, range. The earn from Fulton ferry puss Bond street every two minutes; title perfect ; terms to accommodate; IIoum' can be soon tram 10 to 3 1*. M.; rent $423. Dr. HUMBERT, room 22 Bible House, corner of Fourth avenue anil Amor place, New York, Astor plucc entrance. N. B?No billon liuuse. E,OR SALE-THREE STORY AND ATTIC HIGH t- stoop House, 20*30 feet, 12 Boormnn place, Tliirty-tlitrd street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Impure of WM. L. TAYLOR, 70 Wall street. For rale-from five to thirty acres of Ian I, with good building sites in healthy locality; price from $123 to $200 per acre; one nub- from Upper I'Mmo.nl railroad station, Rockland connty, N. Y. Inquire of J. D. or C. Al'KYANSEN, I'l trmont. For sale in brooklyn-$3,2<w-a neat two and u half stoiy Cottage House, |n the most healthy and convenient part ot Brooklyn. It is well mortgaged, requiring but a stn.VI amount of money, of which part would be taken In a good vacant lot or a valuable horse. Address O. A. T., ho* 943 New York Postollu e. For sale?the fine two story and attic House and Lot No. 273 E nt Mroadway; high basement and sub-cellar, w ith a is >r extension containing fourroon.s. The house has a'l the modern 1 upruvemenut, range, hot and cold water, bulhroom, water closets, gas, XIn Qrst rule order. Will be sold cheap. Inquire at SO Chatham street, In the steer. For sale-eighth avenue corner property; is one of the best business locations, and now paying about 12 p? r cent. Inquire of SMITH A MEAD, 176 West Twenty ninth street, corner of Eighth aventte. For sale, in wtlliamsburo.-a first class three story brick House, In South Ninth street, will be cxcliunged for good bond and mortgage, or a small house und balance in mortgage; little or no ready cash required. Address J. R. T . bo* OKI Post o.llcc. For sale low, on easy terms, several first class three story, brown stone, high stoop Houses, on West Fiftieth all cut; aisii two unimproved Lots, each 20 b> 1U0 Icct, south side Fifty-third street, between Second and Third avenues. A, p'y at IDS Weal Fiftieth street, between Ei?l h and Ninth avenues. For sale or to rent-a' pleasant cottage House, with two acres ol Land attached, situate I on the north side of the IlloomflcM turnpike, about three miles from Newark, uud about tive minutes'walk from IheWutsesalng del ot on the Kloomfleld railroad. The House eoDta.ua a wide hull, two parlors, with kitchen and wush room, with convenient bedrooms over the kitchen and In the dwelling. There is a stable, well, cistern, good fruit and tandacmo shade Trees on I lie place. Apply to'ANDREW LEMASKNA. corner Hank ami Broad streets, Newark, N. J. Kent, $260 per annum. Price, $3,600. FOR EXCHANGE.?COTTAGE, TWO LOTS UP TOWN, or House In Fiftv-lirut street, lor house down town, worth $3,1 00 to $8.OtJO. Also houses in New York ami Bio,,k lyn for Wctern !at.'.l or o her property. Address B. A.. T.10K SALE UK EXCHANGE-A SIXTY ACRE FARM, P near Tui.kuho' de; > 1, Weatrhea or cnuntv, with ap n-building* ami lout a-re upple orchard. Price fit) tW!'. A a,. an eighteen cure Farm i.eai Fickukdl. Apply to il. FOWL EH, S2 Oritur atreol. tjTOK SALE OR EXCHANGE A SUPERIOR HOUSE wi:h Grapery, 34xl<?, urn-pied by owner, c nirally lo cited in Eighth ? nni; would exchange lui u MiniII houao lu" NcwYmkor Brooklyn; l uian r on mortgage. Furpuriicnliirt ini|Ulre of E. A. DICKINSON, 30 He; kman arret. IjtOR SALE OR IXCHANGK?TWO FILL LOTH welt improved, |iaytug e.evcn |?r cent, on Forty-iL-hlh Greet, near Eighth avenue; neighborhood rood; would xrhnuge IOi our or two mi.nil Lunar*, in the Ninth or til tiriob wania, 01 autre property. Apply to S, AL1JI S, 94 > linnet" '?> h1OK SALE OR To LKT-FURXISHRD OB I XKl R n-lod, the three Mory brl k Ifiidar If3 Weal Fifl third aueet, between Biomlwiiy nod KiKhth avenue: liona' U by 4S. lotlatfiei; in perfect order; dfuiated puloie, loi oar , water, pia, line Imrk ptn/ra, U -lg.un pavement, Ac. Tcnna cheap and eaay. Ai>|.ty on tlie pr? miaee. T.AOR BALE OK TO LET-THE HOUSE AND LOT NO. P 13 Poplar atrerc, Brooklyn; it ia In riant order; gnu, water, Ao.; nltuated In n p.- aaunt an I healthy Juration, uh nit thiee inlnuten'walk frnni Kiiiton r>ui i Apply to I OaTKK .k LOPER, No. 4 Suuda Greet or at No. 13b Mailoou atrect, N-w York. Great bargains-for sale in west thirty aiuh at lie.. No. HH, near lilfhlh i.irn.ie, n lirovvn atone Houae, ?ith all the modern luiprovriiienta; aleo the two Honara 124 Wrat Thirtydifth afreet, n ar l<n>adwiiy. Trrma to anil the timet lnuuire of M. KtSKMAN. No 4.t?> Eighth ?venue, comer of ThTty-thlrd atrect, or at No. 177 Bieeeker afreet, of D. STEVENS. TO EXCHANGE?FOR CITY OR BROOKLYN PROPER ty, n number ul Farm?, lo i.ra abort diM.iioe fi ..m the elty, very line, ata fall valuation. I hone who have gaud property would ilo cu ll to rail on or aentl full paitlcnlura to While .* Co , <8 William atr et, N. Y. rpo EXCHANGE FOR PLATED AND OREiDEJI'.tVKL 1. rv and.It up Watches?From RKI to I.IMO acte?or Lund, three days'tisxeL i roin here. Ml |UIN|M. A) ply to or Idrces Met 11 >n i Slii WM Forty-thud mii i i ANTED TO ITRt I1ASE, A t.OOD FARM, ON TIIF. TV Hudson river; price unstrrate. to suit the tune*. Address Civls, slating particulars, lor one week, station 0 l'osl office, RtUr House. WANTED TO H'RCHASK-A HOURS IN RERflKX. Will give. In payment iwo lots of Uod st llmUoti ?' ly suit balance rush. Address box 3 4lW X. Y. Post nlGcc, staling lucnUeu. description and price. WANTED-A FARM OF AROIT RlfTY 0* BIGHT* sc res, with some wood land, good house snd outbuildings, 111 Westcliesier county, not over an boor troin be# York or twenty minutes from depot, In exchange lor city property. Address 1*. C.t box 1,14 N. Y. Pout oil c nnn in real estate, in Minnesota and Wisconsin, trill be sold vmy lo v for cash,ur extbanged for dry goods. Address box 102 llcrald oNn. nnn IN GOOD WESTERN LANDK--FARMS ?|) I tl.UUU and City Lots in Ohio, Michigan and Wlv mosln, sl*o Lake Superior Mining I. .no* lor sale lor ea?h, In i|iisnlltieH to suit purchasers; would exchange a portion for a dealralile lloi\sn tn or near New York or Brooklyn, and any good Merchandise, Honsebt Id Furniture. Ae. A somfoi tabid House and h few acres of Land, near Ihe dty, with direct eoinmuiilenllnu, would be acceptable. Address 1. M. N., box 221 Herald office. omn nnn estate for rale-want. iJllUu,wUU aid lo sell, te oue or more parties, the above amount of unincumbered tenement property, renting for SlO.IOJ per annum. Will be sold oh a credit ul'ten years, with a small payment down. M. L. RIIKLDON, ?S Cedar street. FINANCIAL.. Army and nav-yfay< oi,j.Kr i kn.-t Laim -U'i-on every department of tb i government promptlyTijusted and cashed. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Ranker, M Nassau street. Now York, opposite the Pest olllce. FOB BALE-FORTY SHARE-t OK TIIF. METROPoStan Oas Lis It I Company, of the elty of New York. Will be sold hy ALBERT lT MCOLAY, on Monday, 24th Inst., at 12 o'eiqpk. HXIRfl OP 8EAMRN OP UNITED STATER RHIP Levant, lost In 1881, and nil heirs of soldiers snd seamen of the Mexican and nresent war, esn oht tin the money due tfcesn by calling on TITOS. L. BK.VYN.VRD, 81 Wall st. ^D WALM. biuut b&?B*Y40? )f??z~Urr?v< SfelWABDT fc? m'iut^JR* KOTKf^D ^ 81VTER, 8'%S;E'S?S,*mt % &.Y, FEBRUARY 24, 1862. I FOR MALM. ^ ^ ^ ^ __ AMORIC AKD STATION B UY 8TORE FOR HA I B-A flue chance far a pcrsou wishing a small business; also a seven octave roecwood Piano. Apply at 438 Sixth avenue. A BARK CHANCE FOR AN ENTERPRISING YOl'NO man ?Tiie well established Bulrher Shop, 7*) Tfll* 1 aveuue, fur sale cheap fur caah. Apply on the premises. Bakery for ralb.?the lease, fixtures and

Good Will of the Bakery, corner of Lafayette aveuue I and Cumberland street, Brooklyn, for sals cheup, baking IS < battels per week. For particulars inquire on the premise*. Coal yard.?tiib fixtures for sale and Yard to lease, having a brick uflice, stable for four 1 horses, and a wagon house, all in tjomplcle order. Would let > it for other busiuess if desired. Inquire ou the premises, < 709 Washington street. FOB SALE-TOE ENOINE AND BOILER OF TOE steamboat Caledonia, as she now lies at her berth at the foot of Warren street, 28 Inches cylinder, 4 tret stroke of < piston, boiler 7 feet wide by 18 feet long; to be taken out 1 within three weeks from date. Also the barge Wallkill; has been uta;d for a number of years ss a freight and passenger boat on the North river; the has a complete auu of state rooms, dining and ladles'saloon; can easily be converted to | government purposes. Apply on board the boat, at the foot of Warren street; or to JOHNSTON A FALLS, Newburg. For sales-the stock, fixtures and tools of a manufacturing business long established. Will be i sold cheap, as the owner has other business. Apply at 17 I Peck slip. I For sale-a butter and cheers store, on a leading avenue. Satisfactory rcu oua given for selling. A'i'f" 'm Ull.L, 288 West Twenty-eighth sli'eci, from 12 ??? ? ?? i FOB SALE?buiter, cheese and PORK STANDS in oue of the best markeuiu BiOoklyn; will be sold this week. Por particulars inquire at 13 Atlautlfc Market, before 1 o'clock. For hale?one steam engine, nearly new, of tlx hois - power, witb all necesrary apparatus; also, one new Lathe, with Tools, Drilling and Saw Much n \ complele. Will be t-ol-1 together or separate, Apply ut the coach factory 146 West Nineteenth street. For sale?a good grocery store, for par. liculai a inquire 111619 Second avenue, between Thirty. second and Thii iy-third streets. No communications received from agents. FOK SAL'}?PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYI'B Roams, ni'uaied in the best thoroughfare in the city, wltli Loan.- Il can be bought with Instruments or without. Will be cold lmv lor caul), us the proprietor intends to leave the city. For partlculais inquire ul 51 Corllaudt street, corner ol Greenwich street, in tin; gallery. FOR SAI.K-TIIE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A l.iqnoi Store, situate I in the Sixth ivurd. No. SFratikliII street, between C? n'.ro uttd Uixter striets. l or lurtber purllculurg apply on llio pi runs ?. FOR 8ALE-AN APOTHECARY'S STAND, WITH Stork and Fixtures, established tliliteen yours since, on Newark uvi nur, Jersey City. Kent lor store and dwelling cheap. Apply to 11. I.IKNAU, 111 Broadwuy, N. Y., for one week. from 12 to 2 1'. .M. For sale?at a oreat baroain. t sewino machine. In good order, 0rover A llaker much. Apply lor three da., sat 217 Sixth avenue. IjlOR SAI E-A RARE CHANCE?THE EV1IKE GOOD I? will and fixtures ot a Real Estate OUlre, situated in the best location on Broadway, now doing u good huuln. s . Satisfactory reasons given tor selling. Apply at ?20 Broadway. IjlOR SALE?CHEAP FOR CASH. WITH OR WITHOUT ' SPk k. a good LI (uor Store and Cellar, with oveg three years' Lease, located in ilia Sixth ward. Apply lor four days to WILLIAM ABBOT1', No. 4 East Broadway. FOR 8ALE-AN OLD ESTABLISHED OYSTER ASD Drinking Saloon, In one of Ibe best war.li down town, near the New York and Erie Railroad depot; long lease, on reason iblo terms; will be, sold low, aa sickness Is t\p; cause for sellln?. Call at Sdt Greenwich street, near Reade. For sale?a porteriiause and dining saloon, with lour years' lease, loeaied in one of the h -st business parts of the elty. Inquire at No. 27 Howard s-reet. FOR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE?A FIRST CLASS ltcl reshmrnl Saloon and Restaurant. do nr it good b si nert For particulars npply to WM. II. VANDERBURU, ollice of tlarbun, Jordan * Bain, 03 Wall street. /GROCERY FOR SALE?ONE OF THE BEST STANDS VJ in Kroo'ilyn, choice and well ac'eeted stock, cash trade and low rent. Will be sold at a bargain. Inquire of J. CHARLES, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, letw e.cn 10 and 4 o'clock. Hotel for sale.?a first class hotel, in New York, well I nrnshed throughout, uiid doing a good business, will lie sold?the whole or h..lf? ai a I argain, to a patty that understands the business. Addrc.-s Hotel, box 10 Herald ollice. IIQUOR STOKE FOR RALE-ON THE CORNER OF J North Moore and Washington Streets, -.villi Si ok uinl Fixture*. Inquire of P.F.LYONS, in the cooper shop, 04 North Moore a;reel. I EASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A GROCERY J and Liquor Store, in tlie be.il location In the city, ..21 First uvciine. one block from Hie guillotine. Mil be* sold ci.eap for i ash, as the owner is going in the country. PATENT FOR SALE AT A GREAT SACRIFICE.?IT is very valuable, of greul use and Here sl.y, cheaply gut up, simple and easily comprehended, yielding extremely large i roll i and gr. utlv money making. It must be sold at ouee. lOLTliWICK A WOOD. h2 N ,o:a i street. (JOrH ?THE EXCLUSIVE PROPRIETORSHIP AND qpOtJl/. trade mark of "Dr. L. William- , Univ. r.u.1 i'nlii Extractor.'1 and "L. Knowles', American Iimeut Destroyer," will lie sold lor value of sio k on huiul, If upelied for Louiediutely. Call at 71 Nussuies treaty room No. 'J. MISCELLANEOUS. CONFIDENTIAL LETTER WRITING. COPPYIXG, *f., by Mr*. EVELINE MORRIS, at her oil.ee, 753 Broadtvi.y, ie. end lloor. Gentlemen $1, La.lie* bit rents. Ollice bonis I'lO.n 10 A. m. til! 4 p.m. >'. B-?L gr.l do. unicnia . opied with pronip.neas, A>'., at the shorten. mil ice. I 1 r.n.- I\| ii/mir.i# r.yi rm. !> nnn, < ii i i a \T i' c pofiu ul.. in (tamp* or < tin nv.?e. id. lei a .i| ai'vei r.-fcc. ft A"; bai k Pee an i 11 1 n i i. '.A. W.irrun ed in > ve,y pal ticular. Onhra v n all pr iu i ily a tended to. E. f, JOIiNSun, ... Moid la.r. UliOMER, MACHINIST AND DElLER IV NEW ui.d s-'ond bund T. tilt and .Mii'hiiirry. Ail kind* of pi-rrat'Ola mini , nun i ||.g ,mu ai;.l pieeiug if, One >1 lendld Bagatelle Table for >.? I> cheap, at At Ural Uroudwuy MARDI.E MANTKI.S, OH EAT HA HO AIN* IV MAN tela.?A large a.nek on hautl and a grant reduction iu pr.ces lor any kind radcrcd tola no nth. ?'nil hdoii at A. KLAHEU H marble yard, 113 Ka?t Eighteenth a: reel, wc-i of Third avenue. .Manila put iiji in uuy place in Ho conn try. V) E It NOT BROTHERS' CELEBRATED HEWIJRJ MAJ cuiiM! Net-dice, for all kind.c ol luacllllira. General de. pot IK) < anal Sim t, corner oi Elizabeth. All Needlea wnrrunted. CAVE VOI R MONEY.?A. PARKBR. 2J5 WA8IIIVOO ton alivel, c irie r oi Murray, V w Y.ir?, ael a eno.ee city angarcured llama, a an an tel. ai Sc. p t lb.; beat Kai illy Soap, box H and ti I Ibe., ; pure Starch, but 4) ll a., &>?<: rjbn THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATE?. LAURIE S LIE* PILLS. THE GltE.vT CHINESE REMEDY, OtSI'OTKKKD BT ?It. AUAM LAI It IE, Member of the Royal Cuilero of Surg. una. England; Llrentlale oi A|hi.b"< nrleV ilali; and OraiU ate of lue Erule de AlaJlclne, "aria, Ae. For many year* attached to the French and BriiDk Euibnaaca at liuiia Kong. Tbia extraordinary remedy, wUtrh haa fur aometimo paat been meat lucica fully lutroutierd In Bump", la now, for the II rat time, ollered to the Ara -rn an pub ic. It wa? dlacovereu by Dr. lamrle, during hi* realdcnec in China, where It baa been preacribed lor many rrniiinua, by celebrated pbyaloanx of that eoiimry, aa an antidolr to ilia effect* ol m mug leas, ratine of opium, Ae. Tlieae p'lla ate composed from lue eoncentratrd eeaence of a rare uud beautiful j lain, Indl-ielitma to the tea growing dtairtda of the Ce.ea ial empire. Tin ir opcr itinn oil I e nervoua ayatem, whether reaii'ilng from ? .! ntary occiipatlon, indulgence in tun,; dihiks, reai ienee in warn,.i,nvitea, dumralte grlefe, everaatre uae of lohman or 'tor opUtaa, la tr<ily mire uln lis. They are abo a aover- Ian remedy, in both eexea for Neuialgla, Tie Dole ire ,\. n V D n e, Languor, Liaatt.ide, Dep eaa.ua of Split, HI k lleeda he. Ini|>oteiicy, Irntah Mr, Fear, E cllemeiit, ill-. laa'r and Inrap udly tor Bindneee, (lull,Inch oi the llend and I'alpltu.luna or the lie ut. moat of which illaeia-a owe their origin to a derangement of the nervous ayatem or digeailie organa, Tlirr take no effect as.i cathartic, but act t|a ei.'ieillv on tha blood and nervuna i eulera, and ara guaraute-d to !>' ao | erlei t y liarmleaa to Ibe a., aiem that he m< at del , ate any or tender child limy take them with entire safety, while tnrlr action la almnat li.Bteiitaneotia in renovating Hie IniTalred power* of life ami git lug renewed vigor to ilia most all itiered eunatltot'on Tin Ir aorprta n t eDicacy haa been manifested to'liouainda of an terras. boiu tnnle nod l. male, wlatw Uvea Imd pr?*iinusjy been a b irtben to ibrms'd\ca and their faml 1IC*. II a slnzle pill I* mcaitniially Ink n after Hie pr nclj al Hi' ai or (In- iln.i. llirrr < an n < iluiK*r >; m:fl>i lug from mdigestion, and many n n ould-he "gourmand," h ho h?? II I irrSo nren only a I'Hjk'T-ou ai tin' dinner touie, niry now indulge Ill* in rotable appetite with impunity. Km- vt ansmlesiati by mail, ? :>) lor rar y'n* In tie porni'i, they nre -lour up In small Chinese rait n?, of ait ana el.apc. ami mild ?t ?l per l ux, ra< h hoi roni lining lo ty 1'iIIk, or two ami a Itn I link*'* >n one lor $2 S iti, p<.?t Ir I y mall, to any adJies*, on receipt oi a our or urn iloliar M I 01' any g 101I hank, or ail he obtained nerxmally al the ntllcr, Broadway, iom< i of Hoaraid atreet, Now York, rrnm Ofctl It I l.f IN, Oeneral Agent for the Unll- l St ilea, LOAN OKKICKJ. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET-HONEY I.IBEP ALLY fV advanced to any amount on Diamonds, W.itcln a, Jew. (try, Pmnoa. Be car*, liry W on, ,v<\ M. H.?Can nhrnaers Tickets bought, l). NfJIV i ON, 77 Hire jker street, up a .aire, ATCf. NASSAU STREET ? A. IIONIOMAN, DIAMOND broker, ii>akea liliernl advam-ranti D aitiond". Walelten, Jewelry, Ac., or buy a tliein at lull iralne, at hla private olllce, M Nasoau street, room No. 2, up atalra. Business coufldcnHal. AT 480 BROADWAY-HENRY IIYM AN ADVANCES ON Diamonds, act or nneet, or buys the aame lor cash; alao advancesnu W.itches, Sllv r Ham mi.I all IVr.mnal Property. .IIENKY II YM AN, 4bU Broadway. AT. J. 11 BARKINllER'B, COMMISSION BROKER ? Thl? old i stabi.shed office sdvan. ea the highi-1 atiina on, or buy* forraah, diamond*, art or timet; watches, n art*, nlatr, lure, tnrrchntiulae, qplk-ai laa'.iumenta, Ac. No <12 Broadway, room 11, up atalra. AT NO. CHAMBERS STREET-MONEY TO LOAN, t > any amount, on diamonds, watch-a, jew dry, A ., t y the well known and old established ISAAC, Brokerand Com* nilsaloii Merchant, No. t Chambers street. N. B ?No btialnoaa transacted on Balurday. ]' JACOBS, 41 CEDAR HTREET -MONEY ADVANCED In aum* to suit, on wan-lies, dlamonda, and other valuahla p>-r?oiinl properly, or bought tor cash. A liberal pri-t Kild. Hiirlnoaa strictly confidential. Branch ulEiw, No. 407 roadway. MONEY TO LEND? ABRAHAM J. JACKSON, NO. m *1 .11. 1 l?.?. II, n. . I., In i>*np K i'dll kuiik, <in WlMtN, I> ainont/*, Jewelry, Silverware, Gone, Prr (Inoda, Wearing Apparel ami Prr*onal l'ro|? Hjr of every dea< rlpllon. Tibf.ral advances madb on diamonds J Wnlclie*, Plnte ami Jewelry, or botieM forcaab alllie hlirheat prior. I'eraoaa uavlne old Oo d or S lrrr to 1 eanlioldo lienor then call mi LOC18 AMilt'll, 7J3 llro.nleay. 'I'll K. UALL NBASOI*. Tllli THIRD ANNI'AIi INVITATION HAM. OF THE I'onrlh Avenue Voliinteera, will be held * Jnnea' Aa. , eenibly Kevma CM Broadway, cm Monday uveii < , Ktnrmiry I & Ipk Br yKVCWi*. cbe.rn.aa. BOARDING) AID DODGING. A LADY, HAVING NEWLY FURNIcHED THE HOUSE No. SC Ea*t Flliaeutli street, will utile a (entleu.su and Ldy to Board (.ward for the lady only), or two single ladled. Pleuty of cloasta, bath and gas. Terms to suit Uie times. Mrs. B. CARLTON. A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAYINO MORE room than they require, would lets large front Room, srltb Urge closel? soil hoi sod cold water, to s gentleman sua his wife, or ts two or thro.' single gentlemen; references exibsnged. Apply st M Went Eighteenth stieei. A COUPLE OF RESPECTABLE GENTLEMEN CAN he sccomuiodslud lu s private Dm.ly with separate Booms, furnished or unfurul?he 1, lu s first < lass up town neighborhood. Apply to JOHN EAVANAGU, northesst turner of Forty-fifth street snd Sixth areuue. Attention is called to those living in hotela Slid hoarding houaea to ail establishment opened st No. 110 Mac iougsl street, and furnished wl'h everything neoeasury lor housekeeping, In order that a family may have a iromnl?b> hnrnu a rvrl linn aa* a Uwr A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A FURNISHED front Parlor, on second lioor, with uue ol piano, to a r-utl>maii and wife; Board for the tad/ only. Apply at U Macdongal street. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A MODERN IIOUSE, high Moop, brown stone from, desires to let a few handlamely furnished Booms, in anlta or sopurale, to lad. ex and Eintlemen, with or without Board for tadlea only. Apply at Went Fifteenth street. A LADY AND gentleman or TWO OENTLEMEN ran Und preitiy furnished Rooms. with or without H mrd, wiili a lone fail;; also one young lady. But a step I roni Broadway. All the stages pass. S3 Wesi Thlriy-seoond street. Anew enoland lady would like to rent a large House, convenient to Fuliou or Wail street femes, where the board of the ow ner would be tuken fur rent?with the privilege of taking other boarderi. Addie-s S. W., Brooklyn Post oil.ee. A BOARDING HOUSE, LONG ESTABLISHED, IN one orthe best locations lit the city, tilled with select boarder^, to let, and the Furniture for Mile. Receipts nre overBLUOda tnoiiih. Apply to GRIFFIN A BANNlS'IEU, No. 3 A-iter place. A NICE ROOM OR TWO, WITH BOARD, CAN BR obtained at 9.1 Mnedo igal sir el. lluuse contains all modern improvements I'leu-e tall. A nice single room to let?to a gentleman, at 19 University place, corner of N.nth street. BOARD.?TO LET, WITH BOAR?, ROOMS FINELY luiiri-hnd, on second Hour. In a modern-brown -tone house, four stories, piru-Hii ly located. Apply at No. 5 .Murray Hill Park, between Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth sts. Terms moderate. Board.?to let. with or without breakfast, In a private family, a linud-omc furnishi d hack Parlor, on first lloor, to u single gent email, for $10 per week. Apply at 30 Went Twenty-third street. Board ?an entire third floor and parlor, on lirst lloor, to let, lep.iruli ly or together, with Board. House in Filth uveuu ueur Twentieth sireet. Addrers Johnson, Unii n square rust olllce, Board?a second story, handsomely fur ui-hed, and other rooms now vu< unl. ean be had iu the four story h<gise 20 West Tlilrlyllfth street, near Fifth avenue. Iu s und furniture new; table lirst class; dinner at 0; references; no moving. Board in Clinton place.?rooms, in suits und h ogle, lor gcuilemeu aiot their wiv< s and tor s ug'e gentlemen, at priies to suit the times,at 97 OlinlMt plaee. Board wanied-by a lady, in a small pri. vale family, where there arc u other hoarders; a w dour lady preferred. Address, stating terms, whh h must not exceed $2 per week, if possible, a. u., box 132 ii -raid trill e. Boarding.?at 231 Greenwich street a few gcntl. men ran ohta.n good Board at $3 tier week. Also a gentleman and wife. Mrs. TAVLOK. Board up town.-a private family, occupying the handsome four story house M West Thirty-sixth street, between Fifth und Sixth avenues, oiler Board und very Ue-Jri.ble Rooms to families without children and to single gentlemen. Ths house lias all too mnlern Improvements; locution i onrenlent to cars and stages. Toms icaraiiable to d. situ'de boarders. Referetr. es exe.huu :e I. Board wanted?for a gentleman, lady and one elii:d, In a prlvuie family, in a respectable neighborhood, for which atiout tJ l>cr week will lie paid; pirilul Board only for the gentleman; west si te preferred. Addri si Comfoi t, uox 114 Herald otn 'e. Board wanted.?a gentleman, wife and two chd.lien, would like Board in a small private fumi.y, where there are hut few boarders: house must have all lbmodern iiiiprovemeuts, well I uruished and iu a good location Address 11. It., Uerald ollkc, ititlng locution and terms. liiexerp i.-n line reicreuves given and required. Board in brooklyn.?a lady and gennleman or two single gentlenicn can obtain pleasant Koomssnd B >uid in a small private family, at 83 Slate street, wdtun live mlnule-' walk of South and Wall street fnrrles. Dinner si li^ o (i ?sk. . # . Board in Brooklyn?io clinmon stri et?:e eolid st. o y ' rout Room, I i.mislied or unii run bed; also a Parlor, wlih Bedroom attached, and a single Room. Uui ner ui six o'clock. Terms low. but good reference* required* DU ONT IIOUSE (ON EUROPEAN PLAN), CORNER of Hudson und 1 night streets, opposite St. John's Park, i nlN house Is wed suited fur gentlemen doing luiatners down own. Rooms well Inrnishe 1 and let very leuso .able. salegantly furnished rooms to let?for lli geiitieinen, at 99 Prince street, one block west of Broadw ay. (AaMILTEB desiring To live RETIRED IN A URIC vale farully, house lirvt etas'., can have an entile Second Floor, w ill) modern conveniences, und liatol-omelv furnished, wlili private laule, by lulling im uodiatciy a; 31 Wsui Twentyseeend sireet. C<odd board and choice rooms to let?at210 T S coudaveuee n.-ar Si. .dark's place, b lee a T.vclab and Tmrt u nth am cl?, lor gt ntlcmen and their wive-; also lor tw o gciHleim u or two ladies rooming tugoilier. Accommodations IIrat elars. /ngod board and choice rooms?at 312 west U Fouitli rti e, near B'.u.mway, forgeud nun and their wive* or sl.v.e geiitieuu n, at reas uin 1* prices. Uenti-el ncigliboi'Loo , ana good table. References exchanged. DinIP r ui ii o' o k. r^OOD HOARD AT LOW PRIDES, AT 55 WEST T Tivemy-ei.iilb sired. I?ar^ il nun in a house w ith 'i 'il.Tii tiil|>ri vuinenn, puntrv. gmte, Ac. Ho mi for two, $ . Also it lioioiln lCoo.u ut $.1 50 ouch, Flu <>< a .on, m ar alxih avenue. Reference ex'hanged. A] ply soon. mo FOREIGNERS WISHING INSTRUCTION AND X Horn d.?The v, r; beat uccninmo la lions a .il lu-inn lion nin bo i a, a 210 Scond avenue. ne.tr Si. Main's putto. O <1: liiiai'i'l unit Ural clav-i in.i!<! unit female teachers. TIT ANTED? A ROOM, WITH FIRE AND HAS. BREAK?f I i i ami Toil about 7 o'clock, lor two -in,If geul emen, bnwe n lioml ami Tulri.etb strBeta. Addles*, stating luruts. R. ?., Imx In" II raid otliie. UrANTED?FOR AN ADULT (IENTLEMAN. IN A HOoD n ntliuorioMHl, a ntaiiv luri laarii Mt'iiruoiu, with fl.e. Kb* ami brculiiaxt, Willi full Itnaril on Suutlay, or lull Hoi id r li'iia-ly. Address N A , Imx 211 Herald oiili-e, Willi name and terms, wli.t b usual be mode: ate; far, if suitable, lite agreement will be foi a permanency. WANTED?AN UNFURNISHED ROOM AND BEDro.i. . not above Etgliti nuh aire I and at a modi-tale nun, n an A n-ileaii ianil.y. Wauled lata at-ek. Addivaa A., lo. -21 i.u i.lil oilier. WANTED? FOR A (IENTLEMAN, WIFE. INFANT ?f xnl Burse, time Rooks In a strictly private tnnilly, with Board; beai of reler. n 'fa given; locution b< low T.till i h ilmet und between Fourth i nd Sixth avenues: lio b atl'iling house keepers nerd ap| ly. Ai.licxa, stating location of rooms and li ruia, box 415 Post oilice. &O '111-* HEAPESr BOARD.?MPS ROOMS, WITH uU go.id Hoard, .u 32 fid to $3 a week, and nptvarda. Ladies an I lamilit a snip d at teas tiisii at auyotlier house. Nlue warm parlors, wltli pianos, ai 41 Llapeuard ?uaet, near Jlroadtvay and ttunal. Watchman all nlglit. Lodging cheap. c? I PER WIRE FOR A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM, V" L ?i h : nil Heard, to u k< ntieninti, In a tirat rl. aa in u e, with all lb m niiim of i home, at ItU West T>veniy-aii.ti Ire11, t.tar Eu.h h avenue. Tli ? >a u ram rln n fur fliai c.a?a ixu.rl i hi ap. 8NKILSON PLACE, ONE BLOCK FROM BKOADWAT. Km nislii-ii Hn. ins lo let, In pent rm n or a : an I' llian an J wile; full H .aid for lady and partial for gentleman. OA GREENE STREET, BKAK C.V.V'AL STREET.?d'j Tunnelled K >oin? lo lit, t.i Re llr.nen only at 75 c nia In S. per wees. Al-u minllar r o ue and noma fur i o e-kee.d.tg at .N i I Moor <o alren, enrii r of f'.illiail.e ai l>7 MOM) MUIV.-i OENTLKUW AM) IVITR m I and two gut ..eaten ana be -i.cn u iaied w.ili neatly r .nn-li -il Ileum*. with Hoard. A'ao one yuutiR la ly. OCA SO SI WEST Til KDETII STREET, BSTWEbN Olr Hmadwry and KLtli avenue.?One in-.we m lrel t nilIh e alld tbr. e or tier peruliiiyu an nun' l it ocotninodaled With sttiis or K.in,!e Raima, ou s. c md mid ltd d nora, newly furnoheil. Talue tuai etaea. R-irrrui-ea eielumgmL TO TENTII STREET, ONE DOOR BAST OK riKTII Ml avenue -A liandiuiinely turiilahed Mull id Kuima on :h nr-t lua.r Pi lei, wltli Hoard, to irv pee. aide parte a. pi Iinto talile if deoitm1. ?(k SPRING STREET, THREE HOOKA KKOM RROAD ?" w.i/.- To let, hantl-omel) ftimehmi R tuna, to GiRle eentlrnien. Tiie loenilun la n. ar all the in*, elaaa hutrla and pa.'ea ui iiniuaeiin nt. Reading loom free, lie,..lie of ANSON HOl'SB. Q?J GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING-ALSTON *70 llonae. Elegantly rnmlahed nulla of Koo ua, .aa, Crolun and eve 17 coureiilenee for lintinekrepltiK ee .nominally: parti, tilarly auil-nde fur atnall, r< ape, table faiuuiea or atnkle r- nllenien. R- nt low lo iiermnni nt t, nanta. IH7I OREEN STRBET, BETWEEN SPRING AND 11/ I I 1'rlie?Klepiut Knrnisli. <1 ileum* in let, ?lih giHul itnard, n> lad lea ..11.1 eentlein-n. IPmr.l mr ladiea only. Ouod ItK-ailon, near Bron<l> ay. Terma in..derate. 1Qi? WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET. NEAR STXTH IOO aienut? A nlre fnmUhe.l Ro mi to let lor a litOy a id peetleinnn or taro pen letnen: Imt*) on MM lloor; tllou- at all nolo k. Refereneea rirlianRnl Ootid npintlunlty Tor tlmae wialnnR to linpioro tlieiu>aivea In tfaa French language. Tertna moderate. Iff) AND lit BAST FOURTEENTH STREET, COIt X'Tll i er of Serond *r line; two uotib e and two a.ngle Ir<<t,l Rotana to let, aiib tf< ttrd, at rra-otutii.a prior*. 1 fTf? mi NCR KTRKET.?RT. CLAIR IIOCflE ? ELKLOU gMitly lorn all'1,! Room*, with ltednioina attacned, wltn nil tbe lonvi nl, iiwia far hmiaeki-npliig coaipltr, Inclo .in* gaa ami Crotou water, to let to reapectaole ramlliea or ringle gratlamen. 1 7/' BI.KKi-KER STREET. rix blocks west or 1 | O Broadway?A new boil**, with all tl n mtaiero itniirorrmenta. P'Caaaiit Konm ,wl'h tie llcnt B mrd, I mm fca 23 u>$6 par wo. k. Brrakfaat 1,0m6 to#; dinner at lll>d and A 1 m i MJJTT tenth btr1bt.-a lady his a very lOt elegant Parlor r'to-ir to in, furnlfthrd or oniiimUhed, to a gentleman, with Bteakfaat. Kcf-iamn exchanged. OI f\ E1'M "TRRKT, NEAR 8PRINO ?FURNISHED wlo A|nrtm,aot lor Immediate occupancy. Toe lotveal r> mi In the city, confide,lug llin onnvrnlen a of econi>inv?ln hmiw keei lng. Be <1 heddli a md furniture, with range, cooking uter.aila and linen Complete; gaa and Crolon. 1 n AN If 617 BROADWAY (CLINTON HOUSE), OVER 'Mil *1 ii*1l * ftm?? in?K fg?ni nullaol Koomaforgaiitl.*mi'tii u w urnldir , fcdft nttd bedding, *ud nil "?n?rutruer o. a fli -I <-Uflt Uou?e, s PROPOSALS. Army ai'J RUt.s. Orrua or Aur Clothiko in Ei|Diri|^ A i COK-MUt or b*OQUZ AND URKBMK MTRkST*. J Nkw York, Feb. 19, Idtt. J Healed proposals are Invited and will be received at tlita otlke until 12 o'clock on Tursdny, the ttb ot March next, a ben they will be publicly opened, for furnishing by contract the following armv aupplli a and materials, deliverable at the L)e,kit ?r Army Clothing and Equipage In title city, corner at Broo it and Greene street* ? 2'1,'tW vara, bin k Uilemiai, 80 Inches wide, beat quality. 2o,i Mi yards Mosquito Netting, linen. 2U.UOO Vmiage Cap Covera (glared}. 15,(100 pie ea colored Bed Sack Biudlnf. lO.oui) square feet leather for cltin .traps for cape. 60,000 Tin CauUirna, with oorlt stopper., S pints, to weigh I1B ounces without the stopper; to be covered with clout ?n luapectlon baa b. en made of Utea. 00,000 Axe Handles, beat hickory. 2,010 Drum Heads, better. 2.000 Drum Heads, snare. 2.011) seta of Drum Snare*. 600 Hospital Tents and File a MO re rul ing Hag halliards. The tenu to be It feet long, 15 feet wldt 11 feet high, with a wall tj? feet, and having on one end a lappet, ao as Jo admit of two or more tents being Joined and thrown Into one, with a continuous covering or roof, to be made oi duck, thirty inches wide, and weighing 22ounces per The fly to be 22 feet 10 inches long, and It feet wide; to bo made of duck 90 inoboii wid", uud weighing 163* ounces pel ysrdi 500 acta hospital tent pales. 6,000 hospital teul pins, large. 10,000 hospital tent pin*, small. All the above ineuliout d articles muat conform in every respect to the sealed standard pattern* In this oil,re, where they may be examined and additional Information received concerning llmm. The articles must be or domestic fabrication. Bids from manufacturers or regular dealers wkl be preferred, wbieh must be made for and conform to such articles only, la quality and description, as are required by the advertisement and the aani|d*a In this office; but contracts will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder who shall furnish satisfactory securities for the fal*liful performance th ci eof. The manufacturers' establishment or dealers' plaee of business must l>? distinctly slated in the proposal, together with the names, addrt as, and responsibility 01 two persons pro|Hjsed as sureties. The sureties will guarantee that a contract shall he entered Into within ten days after the acceptance of said hid or proposal. l'1-op..sals will i>? received for an; one of the articles separately, and for any portion of eseh. The privilege is reserved by and for the United States of rejecting sut proposals that may he deemed extravagant. All tile articles must la- delivered within twenty days a! lei the accepts nee of the proj o uls, except the Tents and Tenl Poles and Pins, of wbieh one-quarter of the quantity contracted lor must be delivered In twenty days, and tno remain ter in tift; days from date of acceptance, or sooner 11 practu able. Ah articles will he subject to inspection by sworn inspectors, appointed by authority of the United States. It is tu be distinctly understood that contracts are not transfcrrablu vvliliout the consent of the proper authority; and thul any su e, uadenment or transfer, without such consent having been ut,talued (except undera process ot law), will b? resumed as an ahandoinciil of the contract, and the contiactor, and lua or lueir seeuitiea, will be held responsible for all loss or damage to the United States which ma; arise therefrom. Payrn tits will be made on ench delivery should Congress have made an appropriation to meet thein. or as soon there, after us an appropr.utlon shall he made lor tliul purpose. Ten per cent or the ainounl of rah delivery will he retained until tlm contract shall lie completed, w hich w.ll be forfeited to the I."iiiieij,States in case ol defalcation on the part of the contractor. Korms of proposals and guarantee will be furnished npoe application in ihis oUlce, and none will be considered that tic tint coitiorm thereto. Proposals will be endorsed, "Proposals for furnishing Army Supplies," and be add reused, LIEUT COL. D. H. VINTON, Deputy Quartorm.is.ur General United States Army, Box S,2t)8 Post office. JRON CLAD STEAMERS. Navy DErXRTHSKT, ( Wasiiinotun, Kcb. Lit). 19(12. J The Navy Department will, unl.l the 21th of March next, receive prop. ?1 turns for the eomplelc coustriu'tion and equip, rm ni ot u on- da if vessels for ri\ er, harboi and roast d Pence. inoi-c vtesMs, with Uie exception of those for the Mississippi river an 1 its tributaries, will be propelled by screws: this, - for the Mississippi it er and tributar.es may be pro {wl.el by pad-11c wneels. Th iiulls will be either wholly ol rou (which would Is- preferred) or of iron and wrtiod combin d, as the proie tors may consider most stniarble for the o qe :t proposed, but their sid -s and decks must be protected with an Iron armature sufficient to resist ihu heaviest shot and sheds. T..e vessels for the Mississippi river and Its iribo'arlea sre not to draw mom than six feet water when lully equipped and armed, at will -h draft they are to be aide to maintain s permanent speed of nine knots per hour in still w-ate *, and iar.y soiliuleiii coil lu the hunkers for six data s ain.ng at that spec 1. T. e.i armaiumi will consist ef uot less than sis eleven in- h guns. The vessels lor harbor defence are not to draw more thaa twelve feet water when lully equipped an banned, at which draft they uie to he alee to maintain a |M>ruiHU*-iit -peed of Urn knoui pur hour in s.noo h water, an*carry surti lent coal lb the lungers lor seven days steamiug at thai speed. Tbeli armament will consist of uot leas than from two to fool leven-luebjsuno. The v essels tor coast defence arc not to draw more than twenty leci water when lully equi, pe l and armed, at which dratt they are to he able to maiiiuln a permanent speed ot tiltorn knots per hour at wa, and carry sutlielenl cosJ In the hungers tor twelve da s s.earning at Ilia speed. Ttudr armament w.ll consist ot one or two liite.-n or twi-nty-lncb guns. Toe guns of the vessels for harbor and coast defence are to train to nil po.ms oi the compass without change In the vest 1 k position. Tt.e proposition* must state the number of vessels, subject to the mouth.u ol the Dciati loient, which the paity piop.scs to furnish complete ttP every respect, cmhra lug armor plain g, U sui iiiuchiucry and equipments of all kinds, ready for s u vice, excepting only the ordnance and ordnance stores mid provisions: the propustl on must be accompanied by descriptions, specl c.1 lions, d swings and modeis of such ci.arui ter tin t U.e work could ne executed irom them. Th - |1> i' ii di.hv.ry must be stated; the time within which the vessel or vessels are to be complete I, and also the tola: sum to te paid lor tie II. It will lm stipulated In ti.e contract thai nnr-fllth the total rmnoiti will bo retained by the government uot 1 sixty days u i'-r :he ree< p-iou ol the vessel, Tn order to give It a trial, the remaining piynici.t* belig made wlili due re.uid lo the pnqn r peifoi niauco and | rogress of the work; t ie contract w .ll also embrace forfeit in s for failure to perioral the couch Ions s|i-etlied. * T e bids must le a conpani-d by I he gu irantee, required hv law, mat II a cont sc. Is awarded It will In- promptly plenum , and li e . aim s of tue p ,rrt s w ho .ne to Oeeouie the sureties to llio aim uut of the tare o: the coiitrai I will also bS >t . The 1) qmrtmeiit will consider any other i ro, o-.t'ons that ma> tm | ics'iiied lu which th diaflof water ab.\c named is not ex s?. tied. Th" li. pni tm. nt will he at lltsr.y b> accept or reject any or all inc propositions SEALED PROPOSALS AKE INVITED TILL THE lUitl uay of Marc i. |S(J2, at U o'clock M., fur ?upplylnc tin- Cured star ii riiiiMwieiiiv Deportment w lib 6,HJ0 head of Reel Cottle mi the hoof. The I'uiilc til lie drllveinil at Waauiugtnn C.ly, and each animal i<> acme* I.SPU |4i.iniln gro.? weight; no animal admitted w Inch wiglM I' ** ilian 1.0UO pound* groat To* ratiI* t If delivered ai audi tune* and in mirh qnantltl*a a* the government may require. No ratlin will If required under lliia coairnct b'-lm-n the lat day 01 April, ltkKi. lL lfrr* and bullock* nut wanted. A bund. Willi grind iinil uiiBiclent accurity, will bo required, iiorenuneut n Bern a to Iteelf tbo right to pay in Ticnaurj note*. No bid will If entertained when put in by r-onira>'lora who have | r-v.uiialy tailed tu corn ply with their contract*. or w |irn> th* bidder la not prevent to reauond to hla bid. b.d* In if dir. fled to M.ij. A. Beck with, C. S., u. 8. A., Washington. D. I!. rouH or BID. T, A B, do h*reby nni|ai* to deliver to the government giol brrf utile on the hoof for per huudrrd pounds groaa weight; the rattle to be ileltvered at , maordtng to tin- tcrina of the i-nrloaed advertisement; the r-atlle to bo weighed ou the waive, an I the weight en determined In bo th<' pnrehi.ee weight. I hereby agree to give a (raid and ruOld-nt bond for the fulfilment of the contract, and to rereive Treaaury Hotel in payment Tor the cattle. SPECIAL MOTIGKfl* JOPPA I.OI It IE NO. 201, K. A. X.?THE MEMBERS OP Jup a Ieetge are aummoiied to meet at the Lodge Room, eorner Court and Joraleinoti etreeia. on Monday. 24th mat., at one oMo-k P. M.. In attend the funeral of their lute worthy brother, Juiue* II. ltaldwtu. X. A BKIUUS, W. X. Rich run Suear, geen-tary. MOt" NT VEHNON TAXES.-WASIIINUTONVILL* I* lei'twoO'l, WakeQeld, Central and Weet Mount Vernon Ac., laxra are now due, and if not paid the Iota w ill be wild under the new tat latv, at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Uruud and Eli/alietb atrer**, on Monday. February 24. JOHN H. VORKE. General Julie tor. JACOB LAllAroil. Village Collector. OmrEOF TRUSTEED Of CREDITORS AMD STOCK hol-mia of the Ohio and M-eelenippi Rjilroa.1 Company, Koat. ru Oivlnloii. Na. HS Wall firmer, Hi* Toe*. Jan. 18,1888. TO HOI.DJ4RS OF ('KKTIFICA I KH A ape 1al n-.eetlni: at llie I olden of certo rate* will be held t the oAlc-- ol the truatcea, 84 Wall a treat, New Turk, oa Tlmraday, 1 he 8th day of March next, at noon, when matter* deemed b-neuclal to the truat will be (nbinlltad far thai* coal lent ion. .. \tt atteoda-ire laeumeetlr requested In peraon if poaalble, oihrrwtae by uroiy. By order ?l the triial.ea. EDWIN B ART LETT, Chairman. |>APER WASTED. Wanted to pun'haae, 3H.000 reama of An* Fourdrlnler Printin* Paper. ?lrr !U hy *L t a-h Will be paid on delivery. Apply at tba ofllce of Ihla P*P''r Tin-: c iMMirrKK on streets of the board of Aliirno nwhl im et on Tu adajr, the lith inau, at 8 oYlnck I*. V , in r.?>m No. fi City llall, tor the purpose of roil.Ml. ting the on poalUnn of cxten-iln* i'huroh alrvet 10 Ha't'-iy place. All |n-iR na Int. retted will plcaaa attend e Iiliout further noil. e. CI? AS. .1. CHTPP, i Committed K. I. A. ROOLK. > oa CUAH H. HALL, ) Street*. E. W. Taylor, Secretary. Taxes ok astoria, maspetit, winfibld, mis die Vidua", U*ai and South Williamsburg. In the town of Newiown, n.ay lie pad fur the laat time on Wednewlar, Feb. 21, at Jnini Miirphv'n, 2 4 Wal-r stret, and on 8alnr<lay, Mari:h 1, al the niiha of Kendall 4 Andrews, No. 8 Try on row, from 10 A. M. until 3 F. M. r a MORRIS Poller lor Taxes, taxf.h, taxes, taxes.?unionport, Wakefield ami Ol.nrillc Uli'l may he paid. for the hurt lime, on Monday, February 17, at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, corner of Urand and Kllrabelh atreeta. OEoRQB cooper, CoUootor. THE BIUItTH ANNIVERSARY AMD EXHIBITION OF the Sabbath School o, thr Calvary Raptm rhi.rh will lake p.a>* on TuradnT arming, Feb. 2ft. at o'clock. In tbn r.nurch, Twmty third atreet, twtwern Fifth and Slain avnn. Admittance five. MITAVRAIITI. ^n." ALB! ALB! ALL HAIL, rOR MID WOOD'S ALB J HE tiaa It old, new. dark and pair. Tv>mity-live diBernnl klnda of Ale. be hue them all on uranghl-and luraatn^MNo. W I'hambnra alreot, New York. Free Lunch frotu 111 Ull 9 o'clock. OYSTERS COOKED NT NTBA* AT TI1B "FULTON Cutler llooae, l? FulhJii auvet, naar Broadway. Gen. llemeit'a Inurh counter and ladle* dtnlnf foma alwaya anp> lied with the br?l the market ntlnrda. "Steuma'' nerved ?t all hour*. Cn? and iry our "ateam." HAllaHOAuie ~~ * nt'DBON RIVER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALBANY, Troy, the North and Wort, leave Cliambna atrial at# and II A. M , and S IS. S ami 10 IS P. M. NEW YORK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. For Albmy, Troy, North and Weat. Winter arrangement, ominnnctng Mun lay, Nor. 4, IMS. For Albany?10 SO A. M., Kiprraa Mall Train, from Twenty, all 111 ai reel depot, i For nil local train* aer Time Table. 1 JOHN BIRCH1LL, AanHlant SuotrlakMdn*