12 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8

12 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8
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\ 8 __ iSVMWBHTIi Lm oottschal*. w Ifr J CKiU begs to iddouik* itel Mr. OOTT8CHALK, after it series of eminently tr.uuipbaiil concert* la Washington. Baltimore and Philadelphia. will lira ONE OK AND EVENING CONCERT, At N1M0 a Saloon, on Mommy evening next, the 17th loaf., twin.; the thirteenth ul Mr. Gotntehalk's special entertainments, and tlte last previous to but viaii tu the Weal. Mr. Goliaclia.lt will perlorni several of bia beat compositions and eujoy Iba x> operation oi MLI.K. CARLOTTA PATTI, 81GNGR l.KMXOLI, hlUNOK SI SIM. KIGNUK MANCUSI. Tickets of admiss.on may be obtained at Beer A Schlr rr's. 701 nmadway Price $1 each. Where seals may also V secured without extra charge. MATINEE D'INSTRUCTION. Subscription ha a md ticket* lor Mr. Ooltachalk's aeries of MATINEES DMNsfttUCTlON will be ready this inormmt ti Beer a Schirmer a, 701 Broadway. Early application la aarUcularlT requested. iuasmuch as the number will be limitmL The aiibscripilon for the aeries of three matinees is $d. THE rfSsT MATINEE ?'INSTRUCTION will lake place Ml Irvine Hall on ' Tl'ESDAY MORNING, THE 18TH INSTANT, when Mr Gnttacbalk will play upon instruments placed In llw centre of the room, and so arranged as to be within the lute of aighl of all present. The special object of these mattwoes, it will be remembered, is to present to the i y ss well as the ear of the spectator the method by will. ., modern effects are produced on the pianoforte. Tne arrangement of seats to etfcct tins object ne es-arily involrea s considerable sacrif.re of space, and as, in addition to ibis, it la desirable that only a limited number should attend, so that there may he ample accommodation and perfect a cesslbillty, to enable Mr. I ottsclialk to converse with those present and xpiaiu ah.it they mar desire to have made clear to them, it has beeu determined t iat these matinees shall he by SUBSCRIPTION ONLY, The subscribers possessing the privilege of purrhasing extra tickets Under no ircumsta ices will more tickets be issued or persons admitted than can comfortably surround the pisn-is. _ NO OTHER ARTISTS will take purl on those occasions. The greatest care will be exeiTtM.il to make the Matinee^ as to.-ial and communicative aa possible, so that they may be a source of real AMUSEMENT AND INSTRUCTION. The second Matinee will take place on Wednesday, the 26th af March. Academy ok music. ITALIAN OPERA. Mr. ORAL' has the Uomir to announce that he will give A short season of Ital.an On-r.i commencing WEDNESDAY NEXT, THE laTII INSTANT, en which occasion he will have Ike honor of producing, with * peuullar. scenic effect* and unusual care, Verdi's celebrated ^ UN BALLO IN MASCHERA. < in rrurui una VlUlft IB iue gmuuu UppUrtllUliy OI European managements, and by Its brilliancy a ways contribul ? materially tu the enjoyment of t is evening. Mr. Uruu has much pleasure in announcing that the masquerade ? will be unusually spirited and will introduce a number of 1 new dresses, dominoes, Ac., never before seen on an Ameri- S can stage lie is hsp| y to be able to add that he has effected k an engagement with the brilliant Spanish danseuae, , SsENORITA CL BAS * be, with genor X1MENUS and a powerful Corps de Ballet, ? will introduce " A 6RAND TRRPS1CHOREAN DIVERTISEMEXT. In the course of the ball * ,r A NEW WALTZ, " eamposed expressly for this ncasion, by * SlUXOR BRIGNOLI, ? who, W.tll " MISS CLARA LOUISE KELLOO, ru MISS Ul.NKLEY, B SIGNOR MANCU'SI. ? SIGNOR DUBKEU1L, . will assist m the performance. 11 On Tbursdsy, the AHh. will be produced, for the first time P In srver.il arasunx, and with a lomplcte mise en scene, Aubcr s ebef d'ouvre MASANIELLO, J with a grand distribution. SEN0R1TA CUBAS will appear for the hrst Ume iu the great role of 3 KENELLA. * ALL THE ARTISTS 1 are east in this fine work. * On Friday, 21st, Grand Opera night ; on Saturday, 22d, ' Grand Gala Matinee. 1 Pali particulars will be announced. j BOWERY THEATRE. U TWO PERFORMANCES ON WEDNESDAY, March 12, AFTERNOON AND NIGnT. , STICKNEY S NATIONAL CIRCUS. 1 BERK HUGO KEINSC11 AND PUPIL. LITTLE AUC'B, * ON THE TIGHT ROPE. LATHROP, LONG AND STXCKNEY, CLOWNS. r EATON STONE, SIG. DEVEUXL TAKNTYFoUR PERFORMERS. " THE BEST CIRCUS E\ER IN NEW YORK. MELODEON, 533 BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING aud Prince streets. THE PIONEER CONCERT HALL OF AMERICA. J THE PIONEER CONCERT HA..L OF AMERICA. T THE PIONEER CONCERT HALL OF AMERICA * THE PIONEER CONCERT UAL.L, OF AMERICA. ? THE PIONEER CONCERT llAl.L OF AMERICA. ? THE PIONEER CONCERT HALL OF AMERICA CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE 11 CONTINUED SUCCESS OF THE L CONTINUED SUCCESS OP THE r CONTINUED SUCCE.-S OK THE v GREAT CONGRESS OF ARTISTS GREAT CONGRESS OF ARTISTS GREAT CONGRESS OF ARTISTS " GKKAT CONGRESS OF ARTISTS * ibni unAi.iu ^ iu II 1 UI NOW fEttFOHMl.su NIU1ITLY 1 yo THE largest hocmcs ever sees ix this citt. t TO TEE largest houses beer sees ix this city. ' TO the largest houses ever seek ix this citt. * TO THE largest houses ever seex ix this citt. 1 RKaD the array OK FTARS. HEAD THE ARRAY OF STARS. READ THE ARRAY OF STARS. 188 EVA BRENT, FANNY FORREST, 1 MISS EVA BRENT, FANNY FORttEsT, 1 M1S8 EVA BRENT, FANNY FORREST 1' 11188 EVA BRENT, FANNY FOttttEST. 1 MISS EVA BRENT, FANNY FORREST, MISS EVA BRENT, FANNY FORREST BAM SHAKPLEY, FATTIE STEWART, J 8AM SHAKPLEY, FATTIE SI E WART, 1: SAM SiiAKi EEY, FATTIE STEWART, SAM S1iARi'EEY, FATTIE STEWART. ? BAM SHARK LEY, FATTIE STEWART, S 8AM SHARK i.EY, FATTIE STEWART, S MONS. i EE '.HUE, KATE PENNOYER, ? MONS. VEgaRHE. KATE FENNOYER, MONS. VEEAROe' KATE PENNOYER, MONS. \EL\K?E. KATE PENNOYER, J JOE ENv.Ll?II, AUGUSTA WALHY, E JOE BNt.Ll.sii, AUGUSTA WaEBY, E JOE ENOAISH, AUGUSTA WAEBY, X SPLi.MKD PROGRAMME TONIGHT < NPLE>DiD PROGRAMME TO-NIGHT B By the whole etreut'tli o. ,.i<: i:.?nuiny, M' MBERiNG ONE IIU.NDKKD PERFORMERS, 1 MUM BERING ONE HLNOKED PERFORMERS, J M. MBKKl.vU ONE Ml NO REG PER FORMERS, n MUMHERINU ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS, C Terming ibit rf Junnina tm; ^ wsrm.ug tue bruins the VI GREATEST CONSTELLATION OF STARS R GREATEST CONSTELEATIO.N OF STARS M GREATEST CONSTELLATION OF STARS W GREATEST CONSTELLATION OF STARS nl GREATEST CONSTELLATION OF STARS k GREATEST CONSTELLATION OF STARS (i Ever wiineased In any one place in the world, ai Beer witm-own In any .me place In the world, ? Ever witneraed in any one place in the world, y Ever w itnessed iu any one place in tue world, \ Ever witnessed in uuy one place in the world, u Ever witnessed in any one place in the world, v MIOHTLY ECLIPSING ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS, ? NIGHTLY ECLIPSING ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS, NIGHTLY ECLIPSING ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS, . NIGHTLY ECLIPSI.sO ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS. 1 NIGHTLY ECLIPSING ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS, } NIGHTLY EC LI PhoNG ALL PREVIOUS EFFORTS, F AND DEFVlNtJ THE PUERILE ATTEMPTS f AND DEFYING THE PUERILE ATTEMPTS I AND DEFYING THE PUERILE ATTEMITS a AND DEFYING THE PUERILE ATTEMPTS i AND DEFYING THE PUERILE AITEMPTS I AND DEFYING THE PUERILE ATTEMPTS ? OF PUNY RIVALRY. L OF PUNY RIVALRY. ? Or PI NY 111V ALKY. * OK PUNY RIVALRY. , OK PUNY RIVALRY. f OK PUNY RIVALRY. 1 ADMISSION ONLY 13 CENTS. V ADMISSION ONLY 13 CENTS. J ADM1HMON ONLY 13 CENTS. ADMISSION ONLY 13 CENTS. COMMENCE AT 8 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. COMMENCE AT 8 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. COMMENCE AT 8 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. I COMMENCE AT 8 O'CLOCK PRECISELY. J GUUT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, I 5H4 Broa Iwav , A HIT, A PALPABLE HIT. r THE PUBLIC ENTHUSIASM ? Inereaakiig to a perfect FURORE OP EXCITEMENT. THE GREAT CANTERBURY , crowded to * *<* #. I HUNDREDS TURNED AWAY, 1 unable to obtain admUirton. THE GREATEST SUCCESS EVER KNOWN. , THE PUBLIC IN EOSTACIE8, 1 all eager to a?e : THE OREAT SENSATION, THE OREAT SENSATION, THE OKEAT SENSATION. THK BKAUTIKUL ZANKKET'TA, THE BKAUTIKUL ZANKRETTA, ' TIIK BKAUTIKUL ZANrRETTA, i TUB BEAUTIFUL ZANKKBTTA, , THR BKAUTIKUL ZANKRKTTA, I THK BEAUTIFUL ZAN K RETT A, THE BKAUTIKUL ZANKRKTTA, 1 THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKRKTTA, , THE BEAUTIFUL ZA.NKKKTTA, THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKRKTTA, ? THK BKAUTIKUL ZANKRKTTA, J. THE HBAUTIKUL ZANKRETTA, ? THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKRETTA, i II',5 25AUTIKUL ZANKRETTA. * THE BEAUTIFUL ZANKRETTA, * . . BEAUTIFUL ZAXFRBTTA, , MkMWladged by both 1 .. PRP.S8 AND PUBLIC J E?*?r tfca world, L> be K The Fjret F'-mal#. Tight Rope Ower Living Rr r?t Iu!" 'l"'" Living! The First Frmai. light K -v |tnrir,.r L.Itriiaic. 1 Wh . h??a r-,,iv ,t ' I THE OKKA. i tNlEKBLRY U Add.-d new laiin-m t? , THE BRIWHT wreath of fame 4 won hjr her it NlBI/nt HARDEN. md All the principal Ihoo."* of both hem- | sphere*, wn.Tr . 1 -1 ... ??,?t nrlt, jgi I sad cultivated with u the wildest Eirrm 8ia.sm , AMU I NAMMOUH AI'PLAU^E. THE BKAITII'I I, ZAM-RETTA. THK Ml Al TlH/l. ZANKKKT l A, t TIIK BE AI IIM I, ZANKKIITA, t THK BKAI/TIKI'lj ZANPREO A! > TIIK HKA' tirul zant rrtta. h AI'PEAKN THIS evening is net wondrot h performance. ( In edditi.r* 10 .vhlch, I BIEI.Y H1K II HEN COTTON, J.A.HERMAN 1 mro.'i bk> cotton, j. a. iiermani ? THE clifford >iatsiis, MT.LE. ADELAIDE THK ' -!.i K MINSTRBLd, I J ? '"i nil IIV. \i M INS I'll ELd, 1 And all the cunpinv 1 1 CRT 1> M VTINEE, 1 On sai idaY, ill 1'. m. I ?OT1( R 1 .. , an<tim:r ouf.at star. ? Thfl f*r|??brMt t mi Ir.n., r >. . I t HI 88 KATHLEEN CUE tig ( From ?i tei /II L u.l n, rng.ig And will Appeal 1 on I MONDAY, VA RCTI IT. 1 IRVINH IIAI.1M MIAMI' TIN K III', VII I IV ,< 4 ! Ha^'hr .... ,.r flr.tg.Vl ?i?,? ' ?> < . ? O d Uk* plAor An Wrdn '1 dar evening. Man h*| .il, ,, Hall, ii.ef.'ed t.? the n,,nt eminent enlA'.e ? E?W rofl 1 ,. r MM Will be given. histhh riosr. A LADY ('AN KKHKM'I: l l' AI, EDUCATION ! J\ bj Addi>>aing 8 g.011, 8t D, Ne v York. ' , NEW TOR SALEg AT AIMCTPIOI*. Auction notice.?*, b. chapman, auotionkkm MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, STATUaRY. til l atii) rare and e'?il*u' WORKS OP AKT. At public auction, this day (Wclu. mlay). Man h 12, Sole oammennng at 11 o clock precisely, at the elegant residence 48 West Siitesuth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. ROSEWOOD DRAWING ROOM 8UIT8, Bronze and Ormolu Chandelier*. V.;v.-t Medailmu Carpets, Bevres and Dresden China Vases, Pier and Maniel Mirrors, Embroidered Lace Curiam*, OU Paintings, by eminent artist*. The auctioneer* w ould call the particular attention of their friends and the public io Una lale, ihe catalogue comprising the richest assortment of Household Furniture, Ac., ultereu at auction this acaaun. The Furniture was all inade to order . less than seven munib* ago, and is o! the best description. Sale i-ositlve, w.thout regard to weather. Drawing Rooms? Rosewood Bookcase and Secretaries, EneoIgnores, Lady's Work Table, Writing Desk, French plate Pier Mirrors, marble slab and brackets; two large Mantel Mirrors, richly carved frames; embroidered La* Curtains, French Bhtdcs, . Cornices, two magnificent sun* Drawing Boom Furniture, ! covered in three colored satin brocade of the richest ilescnp- J lion, carved In solid rosewood; two Tete-a-tete Sofas, two 1 Arm and eight Oval Back Chairs, rosewood Centre Table*, itaiu-iry marble tops to match the suit*: Etagerea, lined with mini wood, marble lop, mirror doors and back; King* -stent Reclining Easy Chairs; Pier, Card and Quartette 1 rabies; Oil Painuugs, by Oolie, Ininan, Legrand, Boilers, 1 Iglaw and other eminent artists; Assumption of Virgin ait, from n celebrated painting in the Louvre, Parla; Storm ,t bea, by Pingernagle; two superb match twin tings by BoardBAD. < MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, 1 be richest instrument ollered at auction turn season; superb i nrved legs and ease, round corners, full iron plate, over- ; truug bass, all modern improvements, made by city makers, ( ? t Vj vt/myi irui juukrn aim pruiiuuuoe-i a sii|ierior imminent; rosewood Canterbury, do. Stool, covered In Tooale). Dining Room?Oak Buffet, Extension Table, Ihina Dinner and Tea Seta; Crystal dataware, richly enraved; Tabic Cutlery, aolid'Sllverware. Chambers?ftoserood and mahogany Bureaus, Bedstead*, Wardrobes, Toilet tablet, Cnmmodei, Dressing Tables, Hair and Spring Matrrsaes. Counterpanes, Blankets. Sheets, Towels, MeGraw's utent Sofa Bedsteads. Bookstands, Brussels and Ingrain larpefa. 4 XJCTION NOTICE. A. PEREMPTORY SALE OF BEAITTFI'LJURNITURE. OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, WITH ARARB COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS AND ELP.GANT WORKS OK ART. AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUSEKEEPERS, it the elegant dwelling house, 132 West Twenty-first street, near Seventh avenue, THIS (Wednesday! AFTERNOON, at 2 o'clock, precisely. COMPRISING THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OK THE HOUSE. The whole comb.nine a collection seldom offered st suction Rl'SSELL W. WESTCOTT, Auctioneer, will sell as above uuerb rosewood Parlor Suits, rosewood Centre and Pier Abies, 811k and Lace Curtains Elizabethan Etagere, eleaut rosewood Pianoforte. Stool and Cover, Turkish Lounges nd Arm Chairs, magnificent Mantel Vases of lava aud paisn, marble Bust of Byron, Bronze Clocks, valuable colset ion of Historical and Landscape Painting*, richly framed; lold and Landscape Shades, Chandeliers, Corner Etageres, ewel Cases, Chamber and Dining Room. Elegant rosewood Bedsteads, Dreaming Bureaus, with msrble jpe; Commode*, two wainut Suits, lined in reps, made to rder; Card Tables, Flower Vase*. Sofas, spring seal and nttage Chairs, Rockers, Hair Mattresses, elegant Beds and ledding, oval Mirrors, Sofa Bedsteads, Ac., with a large vsiety (of China, rich Cut Glass, Ivory Cutlery, Silverware and ledroom Furniture, of every description. All to be - Id rain r shine. Catalogues at house. N. B ? Housekeepers, hotel keepers and dealers, will find his sale worthy ot special attention, as tne furniture is all in erf eel order. A UCTION NOTICE.?ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FUR L NITU RE At Public Auction. JOSEPH L. SMITH, Auctioneer, Till sell, this da;. March 12, at 11 o'clock precisely, all the teautiful Household furniture, at the first class residence 37 East Eighth street, near Broadway, consisting ofbandloir i rosewood Parlor Suits, covered in rich satin brocutel; the wood Etagerrs, with mirror bacs and doors; Centre and ?ier Tables, Turkish Armchairs and Lounges, covered in irocatel and reps; China Vases. Oil Paintings, Corner and Jookatands, Bronze Clocks, Mirrors, Ac.; Elegant rosewood seven octave Pianoforte, 8to> I and Cover; cost $4<JU. Rosewooodandmaijoguny Bedroom Suits, Hair Mfittresses, led* and Building. Blankets, Sofa Beds, Lounges, Rockers, pring seat Chairs, Clocks, Curtains, Shades, Ac. Library Furniture In suits, covered in crimson and green ep<; Bookcase, Table, Chairs, Ac. Dining Room Furniture?Solid blick walnut Buffet, EzFusinti Table, twelve Dining Chairs, Lounge. Glass, China nd Silver Ware, Carpets, Table Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. \SSIGNEE'S SALE OF CLOTHS, CASSIMEKEs, VESTings, iirst class Furnishing Goods. Tailors' Trimmings, ,c.?A. M. CRISTALAR. Auctioneer, 23 Bowery, will S"ll on hursduy, -March 13. lNj2, at 10j2 o'clock, a large and Well levied stock of the above mentioned Goods, consisting in art of line black aud fancy Casslmeres uiid Doeskins, Carts. Miltons at.d Harris t asaimeres, fine Cloilia, Moscow It-avers aud Pilots, Velvet, Caasimere. Satin and Silk Ves;igs , Farmer's Satin, S-r.e and Alapicas ; Furnishing loods, comprising lau -v woolen Travel.in.- Shirts, silk, mein<> and iambs' wool I n ler Shirts and Drawers, in great ariety ; linen. Canton tlaunel and gauze do., do. ; a ery large and choi r assortment of alls, satin and velvet ieck Ties, Scnrl?, St- cks aud Cravats; linen and silk Hand. .rrrnief*, Icld. silk, lisle thread, leather, cloth, woollen, knit nid white merino lilo.'es; white merino, lisle thread, brown, vbile and fancy Ua.lt Hose; a general assortment of gentlenen s linen an.1 other Collar*, of all styles; a lot of ti.k, al?c.i and cotton Umbrellas; a large lotol' Tailors' Trimmings, Jultons, Threat), Sewing Suk, .*e. By order of J. W. AKMITRONG, Assignee. Also a large lot of line ready made .'lolhlng, Ac. Auction notice.-a. m. cristalar, auctioneer, will sell on Ttinrsday, Mar :h Id, at 11 o'clock, at id iowery, about 16,'XJU yards Calicoes, assorted patterns, sur.aile forcumlortrr manufacturers, to be sold positively and in ids p> sail purchasers. Also 4U bales Cotton Balls and 3d isles black W: tiding. * UCTION SALE?GROCERY AND LIQUOR 8TORK.tl. A. Ji. CRiSTAi.AU, Auctioneer, win sell this day -,h lust., at luj* o'clock, al 16 L run ,r I street, b-tween II noun and West Br mil way, the entire c intents of said Store, rhah is wed stocked" with hue Groceries, Tea, Coffees, pices, Ac. Also a quantity of fine Liquors, Fixtures of tore, together with Lease, having two years to run Ironi ext May. i SSIGNEE'3 8ALE OF HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, !X Cutlery, Tin. Wooden and Willow Ware, silver plated nd Britannia Ware, Ranges, Plumber's Sioek, Iron Safe, lesks. Wagon, Ac?PEtD A CO. will sell, on Monday, larch 17. 1MS2, at Id A. St., at the store of Aldridge A Oarriiii, 1167 Fulton street, Brooklyn, tbe stock coniamed therein, y order at J. S. MACKEY, Assignee. 5Y DANIEL A. MATIIEWS, AUCTIONEER.-THIS J day, at ll))4 o'clock, at bis salesroom, 7tf Nassau street, ear Fulton, a general assortment of Household Furniture, arpeta, Ac., viz; rosewood Parlor Suits, in h rotate I and p?; Centre Tables, r aewood and wainut Secretary and ibrary Bookcases, Louncea. mahogany Sofas, Arm Chairs, ockers, Sofa Beds. Extension Tables, Buffets, I'tning hairs. mahogany ai.d walnut Dressing Bureaus, French edslesil -, Wa-hsli.nl*. Hair Mattresses, Fentber Beds, lankcts. Minors, enamelled Chamber Suits. Engravings, r ardioh s, Hat Stands, Hall Chairs, Reception Cnair*. In lu*h;Pl*un Stools, Ac. Abo. a large number of Veivet, oglisti, Bruisels. T?|*?try and Ingrain Carpet*. Also, a lienor mahogany Pianoforte, in good order. Catalogues nd goods now ready for examination. CONSTABLE'S SALE.?8. HERMAN, AUCTIONEER J will sell, on Thin sua*. March U, at 11 O'clock, al 1.3 Iowery, a large lot of Fluid and Kerosene Cabs, lot Oil and 'luid Barrels. A so one Horse, Wagon and Harness. Bv rderot JOHN FORD, Constable. "N EO. HOLBROOK. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS JT day, at 10*4 o'clock, at Xo. *3 Rutgers street, corn-r of lenry, one bio ironi junction of Canal sir- e und East Iroodway, a verv teat assortment of Furniture, such as olid maiiognny Beds'.eails. one mahogany Parlor Suit, in airc'oih, 13 pieces; two BrusselsCarie.s on parlors, Ingrain nd Stair do., hal'. Oilcloth be?t llair Mattre** and fine eaua, heaul'ul marbleandchina Va-e-i. Refrigerator, rook ? llove and Cooking Utensils, China, Gas* an 1 P aicil Ware; " naking in all a tuosi desirable assortment, anil will be sold ' nwIIIHT. 1 8 ime Jav?At 2 o'clock, at 233 East Houston street, near lorfolk. the Furniture of a family lea Tin* for the oral of f ear, and eonststs of Fren-b Bedsteads, mahogany Bureaus lot as. Cham and Rokers, Ingrain Carpets and Oil'.loth, > -nosing Glasses, Wardrobes, Pictures, Mattresses and Bed- 1 ling, Cooking and Parlor Stores China. Glass and Crockery, 1 oid all the Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Deposits required on loth these sales, as the goods must be removed this day. I CBORGE HOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL, I JT on Tiiursd ir. at 10)4 o'clock, at 493 Broome street, the 'urniture oi said house?Ox: mahogany Bedsteads, Bureaus, f Yashstands. Tables and Chairs, rosewood Parlor Furniture, I russets. Three-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Feather Beds, Mat- t resses, Hol?ter? and P Hows, Oileloths, Looking Glasses, I hirtalneand Shades, one Piano and Btool?making In all a eat assortment, and w.ll be positlrely sold without any retire. i aiiNRY B HERTS, JR.. AUCTIONEER. t SHERIFF S SALE. , PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS, AC. HENRY WOOD a CO. will aell on Thursday, March f A, t.t HJ)4 oVl iek. at mil Broadway, a lot of Photo*: aphtc Intertals, Sliow < a?ea. Futures, Cameras, Pieturea, Chairs, , lof.ifl. at. Also, one extra 4-4 Instrument. J AMEN LYNCH, Flier IT , J P. TUAVER. AUCTIONEER. OFFICE 170 CIIAT ' . ham street, will sell, this day, at ll)^ o'clock, at ,90 , Ironme street, near Mulberry, Carpets, Oilcloths, Table*, ' diairs. Lounges, Iron and other Bedsteads, Feather Beds, (attressea, Quilts, Sh-e's, Bedding, Cooking and otiier lloTea, Washstands, Crockery, Kitchen and Ciiamoer Furni- ! ure, Ac __ J 1/ C. BOEY, AUCTION EBB.?BY M. C. BDBY, THIS VI. day (Wedn-sday. I at 12 o loek. will sell, at h.a sales- 1 oom, 06 t editr Sir""! opposite the P .at ollb e, a large \ ?ri"ly f Carriages, consisting or Slide Seats, Phaetons, Brets, " iepot Wagons, no top Buggl s, Top Buggies, Ro ka.vava, tc. To l? sold without reserve. Also, at 10)4 o't I a-k. Mori- ' go Bale of Drugs. PAWNBROKER* HALR-W N LEWIS WILL SELL L on Thursday, March 1.1, atttCbathaiu I reet, tlie usual 1 eneral assortment of men and women s Wearing Apparel, teuinauls, Ac. By order. J. B. A J. SIMPSON. PAWNBROKERS SALE-THURSDAY, 13TH INST, L at No, ? East Broadway. KM lots Wearing Apparel, Am ts carpenters, coopers and stonecutters' fools, Watches and ewelr*. By order or J RPternian, G Eighth avenue. WW BBOTT, auctioneer. Further particulars on day of sale. [JAWNBF.i KKR'S SALE -W N. LEWIS WILL SELL L this day, at lei Bow-ry. by order oi W. Simpson A Co., I large quantity of leuiale Clothing, consisting of Gowns, i.aa ls, Remnants, olivets, Ac. Bale to OOmtneuce at In1,' i t A j BOO ART. AUrTIOWESBS.?THIS DAY at 11 J, 'i '1'i i, itt ?ll Willi,i i -.tret, '"ineta'rlr'* sil'i, the ipctk itii'l K.xitire? of a B .nit Store. r onslailui of H auk lied ,iri, Writing tn I No'- Hip- r. I'amp'ileu, Hutllnlr-ry, Ac. < ilAKLKS K. WATTS, Attorney Cor Mortgagee. a a.i. noil art, auctioneers.?this day, at i \\i o'etoo*, IB from .it tbftauMton r"im?, No I Ifortk Wif lac *tre i, one Ur./ Lager III r Wanna. Sale poultice fur saati. y A J h KJlliT, auctioneers ? thursday' J Ma' 'h Ul a. lnj, nili ?, ,4i tlir atn i) hi rouai , |\11 i s rth Vlt.i ' ?t '"t. tin ?in.'l Furniture, niialaioRo' lot at, Lo .n ' Bureau*. Wa?h*tand*. Brummie and Tmi'r ply Carp. ' i,? o h?, Looking Oh*- a. nak < liur*. Ward roliea. mahogany French Heddeada, lia.r Matireaaee, Medliny, Kitchen FermiUM, Ac. ft HERMAN. AUCTIONEER, MILL SELL ON Till'ML D day, M trial 13, ai 1014 ? .nek A. M , at N . 13 Bowery, a arge ?ale u( Liquor* and Orocenea, .'mutiing of r**k* of ttrandle*, Whitneya, Port and Hhnry Wlne?: pipet <)|n. line* of Hwrel Oil, brie* of Wine, large lot Scgare, 10) roxee Cream Tartar, #n boxe* Ten. go utile Dried Applet, 30 ?<itet8perm Candl"*, barrel* M Iia*?ea, barrel* Ham*, Ofttee furniture, ilorao, Wagon and Harnett, Ac. By order of LIK r ANT. WILLIAM ARIIOTT, AUCTIONEER?OfflCE EO 4 Ka*t Broadway?Will *ell on thin day, at II o clock, the onienttof the f*?*penter'e Shop at I4d and Ilk) Weet Thirty, ftrtt atreet, Ben .lea, Mortlelng Machine*, Coal 1)11, Na hiuet, Lumber, ilorte, Wagon, Ac, y, MARCH 12, 1862.-TR1J HOQgB8, 1WOMS, TO LET. rLKA8K-POR A FIRST CLA88 PRIVATE BOARD mg House. the lour story BuiUlo, ISO Wax Fourteenth street, with three story extension, containing mirrors, chandeliers u<l is* futures, walls pane lied, ta perfect order. Apply at 171 Broadway, room II. ri RENT?A SMALL, FIRST CLA8M FURNISHED House, west of Union square; the owuer's family would board for the rent; tbe bouse is pleasant, location desirable and a favorable arrangement would be made with a highly respectable family. Address Madison, box 128 Herald cilice rRENT? FURNISHED, BETWEEN FIFTH AND Sixth avenues, 83 West Forty-fifth street, a three story high stoop House. Furniture very somplete ami handsome. Kent$9UU. Possession 1st May. HOMER HOKOAN, No. 2 Metropolitan Bank Buildiug, Pine street. WASHINGTON AVENUE. BROOKLYN.-TO LET OR K HERALD, WEDNESDA 8AL.ES AT AUCTION. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, TUIS day, at Z o' lock, tilM Canal street, admiuPilraor's sule of all the Furniture of a large hanse?two Pier and Mantel Mirrors, one inabogtuiy aud ua? rosewood Piano, o n Parlor Suit, In hxirvlolh; two Velvet and two Tapcalry Carpets, Oilcloths, Centre, Dining and Tea Tatilea, Hal Rai t, Late and Oaiuaak Cur, una, roeewood, ui.hogaiiv and other Bedsteads, line tlalr Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bedding, Ac.; ni irnle top Dressing and other ireaus. WashtUnds. China, tlla-ia, Stiver and other Wares, Wardrobe*. Bookcases, Extension Tatilea, Stoves, Ranges, Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Bale Positive. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., TO LET^ A HOUSE TO LET, AND FURNITURE FOR BALE? Mouse three story and basement; cuuiains all molern improvements. Rent moderate. Tbo Furniture will he sold at a bargain, and a portion of the purchase money can re main, if secured. Apply on the premises, 75 Mocdougsl st. A FIRST CLASS HOUSE TO LET?FURNISHED OR unfurnished. In New York. Also, several other Houses, rurutshed and unfurnished, in New York or Brooklyn. Rents moderate. Uood tenants only will apply to W. P. 3ACKETT, SO C. ,ar street, near Broadway. A FURNISHED HOUSE IN NINTH STREET, BETWEEN A Fifth and Sixth avenues, to be vacated on the Uth of kprll next, will be let at a moderate rent to a responsible par,y. Apply at 00 West Tweuiieth street for permit. A GENTLEMAN'S SUBURBAN RESIDENCE TO LETfrom Nay. in West Eighty-fourth street, one block from | Jentral Park, In full slew, comprising a three story gothic lottage, Carriage House, Stable and Green House, auacight ots in garden tilled Willi rare exotica and choice fruits. Neighborhood unexceptionable and rent very low ui a careful snd responsible family. Apply to B. H. taylor, No. 130 Sroadway, rear Insurance oOice. Brooklyn ?to let or lease, a three story and basement brick House, a most desirable residence,.. niuated in the best part of Clinton street (No. 131), with ivefy convenience, water, gas, Ac. Inquire of F. UERETY, So. 8 Old slip. New York. Factory to let?nqs. 35s and 355 west twentyfourth street,-with steam eugtue, shafting tools, Ac.; very healthy location, and cheap to n responsible party. Apply for particulars to Mr. HARRISON, opposite the premises, and of K. B. DALY, 101 Front street. Furnished house to lee-* gentleman, occupying a small ih ree story h >use? near Fifth Avenue Hotel, recently furnished taord ... ... .nd neatly, will let the same x> a small fitmlly of re?pectaoibiy without children, for a rear or inontnlv. at $100 per mouth, monthly in advance. Mttress-Quirk, Herald oiliee, for two day*. Furnished house to let-in west fortythird street; three stories and high basement; all liuirovements; in splendid order, and fully furnished; piano, to.; good neighborhood; rent very low to a private family. STEPHEN A. PIERCE A CO., No. 6 Pine street. Furnished house to let.-thb convenient, fully Furnished House No. 44 Great Jones street, will b? et at a low price, to a private family, for six months from lat if May next. Apply to WM. S. LIVINGSTON, No. 3 Broad Furnished rooms to let-by a small he pe.table family of two, no children, consisting of a back arlor on the first floor and Basement; no moving on the let if May. Will be let with or without Board. Apply at 109fett Second etreet. H RACE CHURCH.?A GOOD PEW IN THE MIDDLE LT aisle will be leaeed or aold at a very low price. Apply it 77 Cedar etreet, room 14. aOSSESTO LET?WITH MODERN IMPROVEMENTS, No. ISO and No. 207 East Ninteenth etreet, three stories ; hi Eaet Fourteenth etreet, four atoriea; No. Ill Sluyvesant, jartly furnished. Apply to C. J. FOLSOM, ISC Firet avenue, turner Eighth etreet. OFFICES -THREE VERY CONVENIENT OFFICES in the building 77 Cedar etreet, adjoining the Bank uf Comnerce, will be let at a low rent, together or eeparulely. lnluire in room 14. third etory. OFFICES TO LET-IN THE BUILDING NO. 2S LIB* erty etreet, between William and Nassau etreete. Aptly on the promisee to MARK LEVY. PART OF A HOUSE TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, CONeistlngof the second floor, basement, and part of cellar; as and water In the house. Rent low to a small family. tppiy at 234 Atlantic street. SECOND FLOOR TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, J front and hack Rooms, two Bedrooms, privilege In the i.throom and modern improvements. Kent $JU0. Can i ,ve possession April 1. Apply on the premises, 312 West ' wentleth street, between 1 ana 5 P. M. Best references .quired. rO LET-TO A QUIET, AMERICAN FAMILY, A Second Floor, consisting of four rooms, with gas, sltuled at ISO Delancey street. Inquire for one week. rO LET?A SMALL COTTAGE, CONSISTING OF TWO stories and basement, in Fifty-third struct, near First venue. ro LET?TO A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY OF adults i\M)R:?)ma and two Bedrooms on second floor, ind one Koom and one Bedroom, on fourth dour, with use if dan, litttn, laundry and pari of cellar. Kent $:3U. Can >e (sen from )U to 4 o'clock, ai 185 E?l Twentieih street. rO LET-LOVVEH PART OF HOUSE 110 FORSYTH street, near Broome. consisting of front and back Parors, front Basement, with three Rooms on the third story. Kent $365. rO LET-TIIE SMALL, GENTEEL THREE 8T0RY House 90 East Twelfth street, near Fourth avenue; all uodrrn improvements; gas fixtures, Ac. Also to let, the imall House 46 Lexington avenue at $500. Can be seen from , to 3 by card only. J. R. WILCOX, 185 Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-third St. rO LET-THE GENTEEL THREE STORY HOUSE 3* East Twenty-fourth street, near Fourth avenue, with al' noueru Improvements; gaa lixtures, wash tubs, and in per eel order. Can be sren from 1 to 3. Rent low. Also a unall House on Twenty-eighth atreet, at $451). J. R. WILCOX, 185 Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-third st. rO LET-THE COTTAGE HOUSE, NO. 135 WE8T Thirty-lourth street, containing ail the modern impruveuenis, water, gas, speaking lubes, furnaces, Ac.; rent $dU0 ler annum. Apply to B. f. BABBITT, (id an d 70 Waaliiiigon street, New York. I rO LET-THE THREE STORY UOU8E, 692 WASHingtuii street; rent $425; also the whole or the lower art ul the house, with two Attic R oms anil Ce liar Room, lu. 163 Charles street. Apply to R. 8. KING, 774 Greenrich street. no LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSB 15 HAM" L mund street, consisting of two rooms and bedroom, use f bathroom and wash tubs, to a family of not more than uree grown persons without halp; rent, -ucludiug gas, $250. b lie seen irum 10 to 6. rO LET-AT ELIZABETH, N. J , A FIRST CLASS L rurnmlsed House, containing all inn improvement!, ami, urw t, range, Ac.; one acre 01 ground in lawn and garden, table, hennery, Ac.; situated on toe Main street, ten minima i.i.a from depot, and forty-nve l'rom loot of Cortlandl treat; communication h luriy; possession lat of May. Inttire or O B. WHITTLESEY, Eluabeth, or II M DAY, It 'am place. ro LET.-THE FOUR STOHY, BKOWS STONE FRONT House, No. 177 East Foiirieentli atreet. Ia 111 excellent irder and coulam* all modern Improvement*. Toe cbanden-ra aud gas llxtures will lie let witb tbc bouae. Possession an be bad before the 1st of May, ao as to give ample time or tnovlugsnd arranging furniture. Apply to IN.SL.EE A. IOPPEK, tie Broauway. rO LET?IN TUE COUNTRY, FOUR MILES FROM Williamsburg, on a stage route, a large, newly built aud i.irt f lniHlicd Dwelling lloiike, finlitbud in the best modern tyle, with Cold and warm water, bath, range, heater, Ac., villi stable and lire acres of land, if wanted, slocked with an mumlance of French fruit trees, grapes, Ac. Terms modeat>-. Inquire of JAMES UODFRKY, 72 Catharine street, view York. rO LET?710 BROADWAY, TUE BASEMENT STORE; a,ao, the third, fourth and lifth storiea, with tea rooms ind kitchen, suitable to be let for furnished Rooms, or would >r rented separately to aruala, Ac. Apply to UEO CHESTKvl A N, on Nass tu atreet. ro LET?THE LITTLE RED HOUSE, FOOT OF 106TH street, llarlem liver, long occupied as a boat and tlshlng louse. Apply to UEO. CHESTEHM AN, 60 Nassau street. rti UMOOM IN OOOD LOCALITIES FOR I IUvnte lauillies and boarding houses, ranging from $.190 O $l,tii*i. Also handsomely furnished Houses from $SU0 to H.OjO. Also par ts of Houses and Stores. I'ltlt'E A THOMAS, ST.) Brotdway. rO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR. CONSISTING OF four Ko >ms, of noune No. S3 West Tweuly fourth street, o a private Amerlean family witliout children. Inquire at lame immiier. TO LET?CANAL, CORNER OF WOOSTER STREET, A B is mem. a very dcslra.de stand lor a truuk More, i urutiire, tinware, basket and housekeeplng articles, liatr lrckSlng and bathing rooms, haying two show windows and t wide entrance; will be r*n,ed very low to a good tenant. Apply on the premises, In the store over the basement.

ro LET-IN CANAL STREET, THE SPLENDID WAKErooiTis, on th" hist and second lloors, over the store corner ol i anal aud Wposter streets, marble building, thorough and In some raasnnta superior to Mrmdway ior 'Uklness purposes, .lg.lied by eleven window!, a line snowy 'lit rail on cnniu -neci; nan gas, i,nn'pu n ut-r n<i<i uuisvway <>u rear ruiraii e. Apply nu the premises, lu the nal .ton- below. r() LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUT CI1IU ill in, In f upper pa I of an at Collage, 61 Dialling treet, consisting of two Parlors, two Bedrooms and one Bason.nt and nail a Cellar, no* gas and water. Can ne seen I ru.n 11 to 4 o'clock. TO LET?TI1E FOUR STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK Hooae 17.0 East tsevonieenlb street, near Stnyvessnt Fork, tun e larlnrs d-cp; conveiuen . of gas, lulh. water ii-iiin, ivnsliuiba, and Inrna' ? lor beating, by WILLIAM 0. AMEIiMaN, l.l lile i ker street, rorin'r of Woosier, in tbe stare. rPO LET?AN RLE !ANTLT FURNISHED ROOM FOR J a Udy and geniiman; Board for tin- i?dy. Also a Room for a single gei.l.emai,. Apply at 2r| W est Fifteenth Street, near Filib avenue. rpo LET?FLOORS IN THE NEW BROWN STONE X Iriut bouses corner of Kilty-Unrd si rest and Klgntu avenue. Each Lour lias els rooms, range, holler, waaliiuna sn l - IS. It-Ills $16, $14. and $12 per uuiilu. Apply to S W.CKONK or It. I'bLTuN, No. l.'a) Wist Fifty tinrd sir -lTO LET?THREE SMALL HOUSES ON TWENTYsecond lire t, near Sum ?f-nac. Apply to J. B. WALhlt. 112 W Taniiy..-mid atr.-t. 'pt> LET?TWO BROWN STONE HOUSES l.V FORTYX s i ond street, n-lw-eo Kipun an l Ninth uv.-n oca; one lirlck houso on Thirty Seventh ?tr' t, one m Tivcniytkhih street, and brown stone ho . on F- ay.seventh ?ti- between Ninth and I'eut i averi i ?. A .lv t> M. W. I.RONK or R FKliToN, No. I&? Wr l Fll ty-mird stre-t, TO LET-SEVERAL FTRST CLASS FURNISHED AND umni nianed M iners, in goo 1 lontions, fi nil Fourth > Fn'tleih e;r. cteand S-ond to Kigh 'i .?> n i - isdpirlo .f Houses. For terms apply Id or address I'no-. hnlgnt, ijO Broad way. _______ TO LET?A HANDSOMELY FI RNISHBD FRONT Kih.pi, at ih or w.tnout b-droom at ached, on the sci ond lloor, in a niiin.l private li niee, No. 74 Aniliy street. TO LET OR LEASE -NO 14.7 EAST HdOAUWAV, A thrc-st iry brick House, with all the ni lern Improvements. W III be rented to a respectable lamlly at a in lerate rale. Apply h' H. SOLOMON, M CMIlie n etrcct. TO LET OR LEA B ON 0TATEN INLAND TWO Mil, ? from Vauderbilllending, with uinuioua . noun donation, one of the prettiest Cottage* oa the Island, with stablea, barns and srvetal acresoi ground. Willi a variety of frnii. Toe neighborhood the beet on the Island. Apply at J7d Broadway, up ilalrt. p TT for sale, furnished or unfurnished, an elegant double House, fifteen rooms, all the modern inproveint-n's, four or eight lot* of ground, mid out In the finest manner; fruit and flowiMJof all Xiuds: furniture of the most elegant description. Will be sold low. Thin is one of the finest placea in the best section of Brooklyn. Apply to 1NGKKSOLL, No. 343 South street, near Pike street. flM7K -TO LET. THE TWO FIRST CLASS, MODERN ?P*T I tl. improvement three story and basement high stoop Houses Nos. 445 and 444 Second avenue, near Thirtyfourth street. Rrnt $470; or each will be let to two responsible tenants, with small families. SAXJBg OF HJKAL. KgTATI. AT ASTORIA?KOR SALE, A SPLENDID PLACE FOR a gentleman doing business in the city, forty-five minutes from Fulton slip, an excellent two-story, attic and basement frame House, filled In with brick; tin roof , piazza, winter doors and sashes, marble mantels, dumb waiter, an excellent cellar, rain and well water in tl," house; is in complete order; occupied by the owner. T i.e.-- Is half an acre (eight lota) under the -highest elate of cultivation, stocked with every variety of the .fluent fruits, ilowera, shrubbery, ornamental and shade trees, asparagus bed, Ac.; situated on the corner. In a first class and Improving neighborhood. Will bo sold cheap, furnished or unfurnished; terms cany. Appiy to BENNBT BROTHERS, 42 and 44 Greene street. New York. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE, WITH 40 acres of land In Westchester county, 34 miles from New York, for sale; a great bargain; or would exchange for good city property. Apply to A. HOYT, 37 Park tr?w. third Uoor. room 17. FIR BALE-SI# ACRES OF LAND, ON PELHAM Neck, Westchester county, fifteen miles from New York: lies oil the Sound; good halting, bathing, plenty of new fruit trees, new house and baru. Apply at 68 West street. TjK>K SALE?THE FIVE STORY MARBLE BUILDING J? 33 Liberty street, between William and Nassau; also a Lot on West Fourteenth street, full size. For particulars apply to MARK LEVY. 23 Liberty street TjKJR SALE?A COTTAOE HOUSE AND LOT. IN JERr scy City, within seven minutes' walk of the ferry, having nil the modern improvements, hot and cold water, bath, basin, wash tubs, boiler, sink, range and gas fixtures, nil tor fll.fiUU. $100 down, the balance can remain on mortgage for I a term of yearn. Apply at 29 Montgomery street, or on the premises, 32)4 Bright street. No agents nor parties without the money need apply. TOOK SALE?AT GREAT BARGAINS, TWO THREE A* story brick Houses, in n beautiful neighborhood, near Ktllt/m BVfiBllJ) RrtMtklvti In nRvmont iiRPt ruik and Hal. snce In merchandise and Brookly n lots. Musi be sold, and will be sold low, aa the owners are going to the war. Inquire at 47 Bine street, basement. New York. rR SALE?CHEAPER THAN EVER, 390 ACRES, $226, 430 acres. $300; 30 acres. $30; 100 acres, $76. All good farming land. Will show it and give vour choice. Call on the owner, at R. Blake's, 14 Chambers street. For sale?low, a double tenement house in East Twenty-wound street. The house is live stories, brick, and about 40 or 43 feet deep, with full lot. Will be sold at a war price. Address or call on S. Sisson, 60 Hammond street, N. Y. No agents need apply. jjlor sale?at a very great bargain, a dioX1 ranu of Australia, all complete, showing the gold regions, forests, plants, wild animals, birds, Ac., making a good exhibition; will excuange tor real estate or merchandise. R. BLAKE, No. 14 Chambers street. For sale and exchange?beautiful locations lor improvement on the Palisades, fronting on the Hudson; also from one to titty aero plots, convenient to depots, churches, schools, Ac., Northern New Jersey Railroad; views unsurpassed. 8. A w. P. SEYMOUR, 132 Broadway. For sale or exchange?a very superior House, occupied by owner, in Eighth ward; lot J4xll>6: fine garden and grapery; a good speculating property .{Would exchange lor a smaller house in New York or suburbs. Inquire ot E. A. DICKINSON, 30 Beekman street. For sale or exchanoe?brown stone Houses In Forty-seventh street, at a great sacrifice; they have ail the modern improvements. Apply to S. W. CKONK or R. 1'ELION, No. 160 West Fifty-third street. For sale, let or leask-a very desirable Country Residence and Farm, about 100 acres, ill the town of Feluain, Westchester coumy, 16 miles from theciiy, 1% inllos from New Haven Katlrnud depot, containing house, barns, outhouses, Ac. Pla e well stocked with fruit, shade trees, Ac.; will be sold on luvurable terms, or leased to a good tenant at a moderate rent. Also, a Farm of 80 acres, at Mamaroiicck, three-quarters of a mile from New Haven depot; good water power and plenty of fruit trees. Apply at 68 West street. New York. Harlem lots wanted.-i will pay cash for two good Lots, located between 124th and 130:h streets, and near Fifth avenue; also, a good Farm want -it. In Westchester. W. II. DURANG, 486 Broadway, room No. 6. Lots to exchange -five unencumbered up town Lota. tiOxlllO each, to exchauge for a good mo lcrate size boose, in a good location, lielow Thirty-second street. Apply U> W. II. KING. 31 snd 33 Dcy street. Wantbd-a good lot, corner one preferred. State the price. Also, a high stoop House, froiu $7,UU0 to $8,00U, not below Tenth nor above Fiftieth street. Address, with full particulars, E. H , Herald oflice. WANTED-FOR CASH, A nOUSE WORTH ABOUT $3,000. well located, gas and water in, having six or seven Bedrooms, and within two miles of the Exchange. Address A. ft, box 216 Post office. QJO ACRE FARM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR alxO tirstclass dly property, not heavily encumbered, acoeaaible fn business hours to tbia city by railroad. For particulars apply to the owuer, at the Uirard Hotel reading room, from 10 to 2 o'clock. <H1 nnnDOWI< WILL BUY A SNUG FARM OF 100 ?PX.vrl/l/ acres, 63 under good cultivation, near a village; cuts twenty tons of hay; fine land. Terms easy and title indisputable. Call on the owner, at R. Blake's, 14 Chambers street. <BQ 7AQ FOR A FARM OF 73 ACRES. 50 ACRES PO. I V/U under good cultivation; thirty miles on Long Island; near lailroad station. Good soli, goo 1 fruit, good buildings; two story House, painted white; good Barn, Ac. A bargain. 6L BLAKE, 14 Chambers street. FOR SALE, A GOOD CHANCE FOR A MAN WITH A SMALL CAPIi*i.?Stock and Fixtures of tbe oldest lock and gunsmith establishment In Newhurg, N. Y., for sale cheap; death of proprietor reason for selling. STEPHKN A. PIERCE A CO.. No. 6 Pine street. A GOOD CHANCE ?FOR SALE, A CORNER LIQUOR Store, well bited up, and has been doing a good business for tbe Lust ten years. Will be sold cheap. Apply at the corner of Bridge and Plymouth streets, Brooklyn. C30UNTRY DRY GOODS STORE FOR SALE, J On tbe ltn? of the Hudson River, wituln 30 miles of New York city, a well established business; central location low rent and ivell selected stock of about $7.0 k I to $d imO. Terms will be made easy to a responsible party. Address, with name snd reference, box 231 Post office. FOlTsALB?A HANDSOME OAK DEHKAND 11Alance Chair. Apply at 24 Ann street, up stairs. L'UII nour,?a nruriAuil! niwvn yjr AS I? NKr cnud hand Tables. Table* to le>, and Bagatelle Table* fur iwln cheap. Call and examine or send by mail. W. H. GRIFFITH, 145 Fnlton street. For sale?a grocery and liquor store, with tiitnre*, and a Singer'* Sewing Machine. 27<i East Thirteenth at reet. Poll KALE?AN IN rE REST IN A SUTLER8 COM. mission to a Ane regiment?making money. Several opening* for Investments, all legitimate. IRELAND, 111 NCR LEV A CO, C3 Naaaau Itrert. For rale-one or the finest markets in the e tv, now doing a good business; large more and bailment, lixTS; long leaae; rent very low; addon account of sickhe**. Apply at US Ninth avenue, near Twenty-Ur.-I atrcet. FOR SALE-A TWO HORSE CROWN WHEEL HOWer; also, a MeHl Chopping Machine; also, a Double 1-athe, unliable lor wood and Iron, elide real, back gear. Apply nt 342 West Sixteenth street. IjlOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A 1 Crockery Stand, old exlal>li*hed. Oood reason* for selling. For sale cheap. Rent $5 per month. In inlrc on the premise*. :*H Spring street, near the mantel FOR SALE-A GROCERY STORK IN THE BEST PART of Myrtle avenue, without delay. Impure of UUhTAVl'S K1CHTKR, 56 Fulton street, Brooklyn. TslOR SALE?THE GOOD WILL, FIXTURES, STOCK I' and Furniture or an old e*tablt*bed Motel For particular* Inquire of I M FAIUUMiTo.N. lis Bridge atreet, Brooklyn. rue lvtaae can be renewed on liberal lei in*. Fjv>K sale chKaP-A l'LFD.K TICKET Of a m> ' gir Stonr Diamond l'li; also aingle Stone Diamond King; the Tleket* will be ?olit very rheap. Addrr** Mr*. K. M. (*., box 122 Herald nfflee, statini wbeii and where an Interview ran be bad. G1ROCERY FOR SALB,?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES T of a Ural' lam lirouery Store In Hudson City. 1>{mile* from Jeraey CI y or Hoboken rerry, doing a good aau huslneM. For j articular* apply at 214 (ireonwkth street. N. Y. Millinery and dressm akinii establishment of lour years'staudwg, doing a pro:ttable business, la n iw offered tor nale. The custom I* lirst eiasn,ami to a lady or good business qimlltlee a rare opportunity offers. i'rice A tiiom vs, S75 Broadway. Patent FOR sa1.f -at a 'cliilt sacrifice, or a very variable Invention, ol large demand, extenilra use and neee*?lty, cheaply fouen up, affording extremely large profits, and one of the bcstchmee* to get a atea ly, anre buNine-a. MOUTHWlCK A WOOD, s2 Naeait atreet. Restaurant for sale.-a restaurant and ISiiiii { Itiann. With L null Counter and Bar attnelied, established a long time, an I bavin ; a nrat class run or custorn, will lie sold at a sirrtltoe: location on Broadway. AdIlr. a* D. II. bo, 2,0.51 I'O-t olllcc. rpo CONFEOTIONHit I.?FOR SALE OK TO LET, A 1 S ore, Sui ion and Duelling, ami tteil In a lar.e town on l ie banks of ihfl lludaon ri. ei; ea?y aceea* by railroad or steamboat. it will b a goo I op lorluiiity for ? person under?ta ding I n- hua.nem, as It Is <ve I est 1 >i| the I and no eotnpetition. For particulars Inquire ut tin- 0II1O1 of ,h -Bridgewater I'.ilnt Company, 74 Maiden bin". Cil/t fWWk A $ia.??-F(lB SALE, TO A I'ARTY P J "/ "' *' ' having tbo abivn amount, one ol tin beat Retailing R ..meases Tn Broadwiy, n inth of Fourteenth street, esta llahed lor nine years, doing a good cn.-h trade, ab lb good* net rig imported dlreetly fiool the manufacturers. In Pari*. Ill health cotnpeit the present proprietor to retire, but would like to remain connected with tne house here as buyer or correspondent III Purl* Address, with real nsno io< no notice w,II lie taken of agencies or annni m<m? li'lum, Confidential, <?re ot r*. II., tin* a, lilj i'mtt iifllor, KXPMK**F,g. ADI RNIIAtf'H FURMTURB BXPRKSH AND PACK . tng establishment. Ill Wui Eleventh sti o-t, between Unhand Huth avenue*. Household Purnltur.' lime I unit hipped in *U peris of the world. Covered wagon* tor reno Yin* furniture to aud from country, Furniture stored. SHEETS HOAR'MNG ADO LOOOIRS. v A lady and gentleman, desiring handsome- i Iv furnish.'. H'Mi'i s ( Huaid for the lady oaiy>, plea,e 1 call at tfi West Tw enty-;il h afreet. J A LADY AND gentleman or two gentlemen ? an dud a ,ult of Humus, with alone lady, but a step o from Hro.i<hvay All the a:ag? s pass; convenient to cam. * Call nt #S Weal '. hirty-se.:ond sir"?t. __ <j A LADY AJ.D GENTUiMAN, OR A QUIET LADY, ' ain have a large. nicely furnished Room, without Board, or with Board for lady, at $7; family ainall; all modsrq Improvements: no moving in May. Apply ut 29 Atnlty struct. Board.-to let, with, board, at 137 second avenue, between Eighth and Ninth streets, nicely fur- nlahed Room-, suitable for gentlemen and their wlvea and ' gentlemen Location very desirable. References exrhiineed ^ Board.-those desiring first class boakd: j era will do well to examlue Into the principlea and tsriua " of our Cilv and Country Board Registry. IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO., AH East Twelfth street. J Board?in south Brooklyn, may be obtained 1 for a gentleman and wife, where the comforts of a home may be had. Gas, ball), hot and cold water. luqulreat&i Harrison street, two doors from Clinton, convenient to the ferries and cars. BOARD.-SINGLE UENTLEMEN WILL FIND PLEA- \ sant Rooms and the comforts of a home, nt No. 87 Clinton place. Terms moderate. Board?two or three bmall front rooms, having gas, bath, hot and cold water, Ac., can be had, with Board, on moderate 'erais, at 48 East Sixteenth street, next to Irving place. Dinner at o'clock. References ex changed. . Board wantkd-for a lady and a little ' girl, la a private family, or where there are few board era; location net above Fourteenth street; terms must be moderate. Address for two days M. J. H., Herald oflloe. BOARD1NG.-A LARGE AND ELEGANT FRONT PARlor, on the second tloor, with Bedroom adjoining, to let, | furnished or unfurnished, with Board, suitable for a gentleman and Ms wife, ora small family, as two other rooms can I ' be Added. If -desired; references' exchanged. Apply At 101 Seeond avenue. I | Brooklyn board.?a. gentleman and wife, i also single gentlemen, can tind pleasant Rooms with every accommodation, on moderate terms, at 218 Hicks > street, within four minutes* walk of South or Wall street lerry. Hotel lodging ?comfortable single booms, from $1 25 to $1 SO a week, or 25 cents a night, at the 1 Union Hotel, 1M Prince street, corner of Thompson. Meals at all hours. Open all night. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMO- I dated with a nicely furnished Room or suit of Rooms, without Board, in a small private family. Hoiias baa all the modern Improvements Apply at 21 West Twenty-fourth ' street, a few doors from Filth Avenue Hotel. j ONE OR TWO STEADY GENTLEMKN OR A GENtleman and his wife can have couifortahle Rooms, with Board, In a quiet and respectable family, where there am no . other boarders References exchanged. Apply at 101 West Fortieth street ONE OR TWO LADIES OR GENTLEMEN CAN OB 1 tain Board In a private family at 55 Grove street, nesr . Bleecker. References exchanged. ( rpo LET?WITH BOARD, A FEW NICELY FURNI8HX ed Rooms lo geuth-tneu and ladles with full Board for ladles sad partial for gentlemen. If required. House has all the modern improvements. Inquire at No. 9 Amity street, a few doors trom Broadway. At) GREAT JONES STREET.?TO LET, A HANDSOME suit of Rooms with kitchen and everything complete for housekeeping, if desired. Terms moderate. HOUSES, ROOMS. AC., WANTED. Drill room wanted?between Houston and Twenty-third streets, and the lines of Third and Sixth j Avenue Railroads; must be at moderate rent. Address for one week, with full particulars, T. R. B., box 188 Post olllce. Furnished house wanted?convenient to ; Wall or Fulton ferry, with the privilege of taking a few , lirst class boarders. Would be willing to board the owner, if agreeable. Possession desired on the lirst of April. Address L. P. II., Brooklyn Post olllce, for one week. House wanted, by a small family-a con- j veiiient House, with all the modern Improvements, In a respectable neighborhood, west side; rent about HOU; possession, If possible, the latter iiart of April; best city reference given. Address, with fill! particular* of rooms, location, Ac., 1 o , 3,324 New Yora Post oflice. WANTED?BY A SMAM. FAMILY, A SMALL HOUSE, or part of a house, in a good neighborhood; rent not to exceed $20 per month. Address B., box 421 Post ollice. WANTED?BY A SMALL FAMILY, ON 1ST OF MAY. four, live or six Rooms, near one of the ferries, Brooklyn, at a moderate rent. Address J. 11. V., box 2,688 New York Post oilice. WANTED?A SMALL TWO STORY DWELLING. FOR u family of four persons, within the boundaries of Canal and Fifth streets and First avenue, near Broadway; or a Seeond Floor, embracing four or live rooms, wiih water and gas. Address Dwelling' No. 485 Broadway, Mary Provost's ineatre. item must ue morn ian-. WANTED?TO HIKE, IN BROOKLYN OR NEW YOKK. or a short distance from either e.ty. a small neat cottage, or part of a house; iloutot the city it must be near a railroad route; rent not to exceed $140 or $200a year, to a very small family. Address Stuart, Brooklyn Foal ottice, for three days. . WANTED?BY A MAN AND WIFE, ON THE FIRST of May, a Second Floor, containing not less tiian four rooms, in a respectable neighborhood, with modern con vnnlences. It' suited will be permanent tenants. Address Broker, box 152 Herald office, stating terms. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, FOR BOARD- ! lng; rent about $1,000, or furnished, $1.50d; between Fourth and 8lxth avenues and Fourth and Twenty-third stis.; rent payable monthly in advance. Good reference. A party that would board part of the rent favored. N. C. BISHOP, 144 Broadway, store floor. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, A TWO 8T0RY AND ! basement House, containing gas and water, near the i Myrtle or Fulton avenue oars, not farther out l.iau Rycrnu I street; rent not to exceed $240. Address B. S., care of C. Bradley, 165 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. < WANTED TO RENT?IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, BY 1 the 1st of May, by a small family of growu persons, a two or three story House, situated not above Court and south of Atlantic street. Rent must be from $2utl to $J00. < Any one having the above will And a good paying tenant by . ^^ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. Ayoiino man with $25) 18 dk.sik0u8 OP en. gaging in some business which would realize a moderate income. Addreaa m., box 197 Herald office lor three daye. PARTNER?AUCTION AND JOBBINQ TRADE.?THE 1 advertiser, who la well potted in toe above but In as, . and now QUiug a a.tuation in a lar. a house, wlahet to meet with a man haying Irom $1,9110 to $2,0110 111 cash, lor the purehaae of wboieiale job ami auction lota of Dry Goods, Fancy , Goods, Ac,, and sell at retail auction In the populous portions of the city. lie an double hW money this year. Ad lress . Jobber, box It3 Herald office. nn ?PARTNER WANTED, IMMEDIATELY, to J ipiUU. rweive the cash and share equal In a ngbt and J highly respectable money making exhibition, now ready to < travel. Requires but two persons. Profit* divided dally. Call at the Friendship llouse, 1$ Centre street. , <I?-| Cft ?AN ENTERPRISING YOUNQ MAN WANTED, , PlvIW. with this amount ol cash, to nelp carry on ami J lake an Interest in the manufacture or an article just ready to be Introduced Into the market. This la a rare chance. Apply to J. CLIFT A CO., 34$ Canal streak , <*1 C(\ ?A LADY HAVING THIS AMOUNT WISHES . 'TpltJH, to Invest it a a respectable business wbere her ser- , vices would be required, with a lady or gentleman; or would I like a situation to superintend a hotel. Address Lady, station O. d>ort/\ ?a partner with this amount "POUVL wanted in an active outdoor business. Established for many years In this rlty, and customer* all seemed. , Pays large profit*. Money amply secured before Investment. Address Moi l or, box 131 Herald office. q>() nnn -wanted, a man to invest this sum 1 P^J.VV/V/. equally with the advertiser In a very pleasant cash business, from which $30,t> 10 per annum may be real. Ized. No agents or lumbugs noticed. Inquire of M. JACKSON, before 10 A. M., or from 1 to 3 P. m., at 72 West Thirtysecond street. UUS OFFICK8. A' Diamond*, Mil or uiimi, or buy* Hie name for ctuh; aiao I ' udvancoaon Walebea, SIlviT Plateand all Peraonal Property. 11ENRY liYMAN, MB Broadway. AT NO. 9 CHAMBERS STREET.?MONEY TO LOAN ' to any amount on Dlamonda, Walcliee, Jewelry, <ki-., by Ih'' wrll known and old eatabllahrd ISAAC, Binker and ' I'l.in'iiUalon .Meridian;, No. V Chamber* iinx't. N. B.?No liuxlueaa tranaacted on Saturday. AT 77 BLKECKER STREET?THE HIOIIEHT CASH jirlrea advanced on Dl nn .nd?, Watchea, Jewelry. Hitrer Ware, Piano*, Srgara, Dry (Jooda, A<- N. B?Pawnbroker* ticket* bought. H NEWTON, 77 Blaeeker (treat, np atalr*. AT C6 NASSAU STREET?A. HONIUMAN, DIAMOND broker, make* liberal advance* on Diamond*, Wateln-a, Jewelry, An., or liny* them at full value, at hla private nfllor, CO Noaaau atrect, room No. 2, up atatra. Bualneaa oouQdeaUaL AT 111 ORAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OK Broadway? Mon-y advanced on Watche*. Diamond*, Jewelry, Plate, Dry O mile and perann 11 property or every deacrlp ton. or botnthtitnJ aolil, by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. IIRERAL ADVANCES MADE ON DIAMONDS J Wan ha, I J-welry, or bought for a?h, at I he j I i hem pric ie. Peraon* having old Oold or Silver to aril an- ' not do better than eal.on LOl'IS A.NRIC1I, 7X1 Broadway. | Mu.NEY TO LEND -ABRAIIAM J JACKSON, NOflO J Walker elr el, n ar Broadwajr, loan* Money, in large or c ?" " *' '" ? jmrii,, Rinrr *V?H\ gun?, dry gtKHlR. w? irnig apparrl and pergonal property of -i every de?cri[iiloD. Money to IjBno on imwovim, watciiks ? Jewelry, Silver. l?ry Quods, aikI Personal Property of nil descriptions; artlel. earl lie redeeine I nt any time within r one yesr II. HA UN IIIJI, 21 Thlrtl avenue. Private olllce entrance. hull door p OAWNBBOKBBS' T CKETS I'I'HrilAHKD KOH CASH v X st4?8 Broome ti t, near It m vsy. or Clothing, M* r inonds, PImios, rurnl 're. Ar. An uMiirtmcnt ul Clothing 1 for h?Ib cheap. Busln <s Coat* $2, < a??lmere Pantaloons, (1 Sil. okn i.kvik, Commission Mi reliant. r OMb. ' i t m.\i, -licvi ink 1 bach obchard, rrd \sh, n \ ' lei-nut .Vnnnt'iin. lli-osd Mountain, lino k Heath and h other celohra.ed wlut a?h Coals, thoroughly ? reened, st lowest market priees. J is. M. UONAl.l), yards4Ht Seventh r v tine, corner nf Thirty lonrth street, ami lout of Twenty- J third street, North rliei c ti sj? I 1 ft - I AM N V DELITRRINO A SUPERIOR p' | t"/. piallty ul csal for family nee. well wrsriieil, } at $4 40 |ier I in, of 2,1 ? I be. Cn*? $5 a chaldron. Alan Liverpool and Oaniiel i'oal. At 1115 West Eleventh street, f ml ISI Eighth avetine. A. HEARTT. r I (2:1 /in-1 N,'W DRI'IVKRINtl A SUPERIOR ip'r IVi Article or -am ly Coal, screened and fiee from "\ siate, at $4 40 per ton n| 2,tASIllia , from yard 140 Waverley place, Perry and West stre U; I'l re 'i range store. No. ,4d | I' Broadway,and id Wall street A. TRKAUWKLL, Ageit. IV _ SPECIAL. NOTICES. COLLEGE OK PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS?MEGILP eal Department of Columbia Cn l*-ge, corner of Twennbird stree end Fourth avenue. Tli" tifiy-Bitb Annuel C>maciKviurnt of this Institute n will take piece on Thursday, lurch 13, et he'f-peat 7 o'clta k P. M , In the church el iso orner or Fourth avenue ami Tweuty-i-erond atre. 11 Kev. Dr. arker's). The Charge lo the gradualng class will be dcIvered by the Prslden', Edward Del.irteM, M. D.; e Yaleicturjr Address, by 11. M. Field, A. ? , M. D., a dm nib r of he graduating clnae, anil an Addre-s to the Alumni, ? > D. [ilden Hrown, M. D., of the elms of HI*, Superintendent of he Hlooinitigdirle Asylum. The proless on eud the public ire reepectftilly Invited to a'tend. SAMUEL ST. JOHN, M D., SecraUry of the Fltcultv. A LUMNI ASSOCIATION?COLLEUE OF PHYSICIANS cm. and Surg,una?MeJlcul Department of Coluuiuti C drge.?The annuel Oration before the Assoc atinn will b >leIvered by D. Tilden Brown, M. f). (clsas of lUli. New fork, at Dr Parker s church, corner of Twenty-ancoml ?t > et ind Fourth avenne, on Thureday, March 13. at 7!? P. M.. liter the usual commem-em nt exercises. The Aluinul ur he College ere re mettled to assemble in the lecture 101.111 of he church et 7 o'clock. The annua! meeting will be held at he rest ence of Prof. Clark, 30 Fast Twenty lirsl sue t, ou Friday, March II, a. H o'clock P. M. JOSEPH H. VEDDER, M. D., Bee'r. VTOTICE IS GIVEN THAT THE FRENCH M VN-OK Ll war Catinat. having received urilers to put lo ae.t, noK'a'ed propoanla will bo received at the Consulate General of France for supplylug said reasel. Notice is iierery given that i will not br. responsible for any debts contracted by the crew of the < British hrigantiue Onward, now in this isn't. Nkw Youk. March 8, 1862. J PENGELLY, M ister._ OFFICE of THE GREENWOOD CEMETERY, NO. 30 Broadway, New York, Feb. 28,1802.?The atinuul meeting of the lot owners of this institution will be held nt iho allice of the Crmeiery on Wednesday, the 12th day of March aexL at half-past one o'clock 1*. M., lo receive (he usuali annual report of the Board of Trustees. J. A. PERRY, Secretary. SPECIAL.?MR. P. O'GRADY, RECENTLY OF TllSI Stevens House, Broadwuy, has removed V) i. 75A. Broadway, corner of Elkhtb street, where he will be ii.ippjr lo meet his former friends aud tuitions. THE GOMEZ SUBMARINE ELECTRIC FUSE TRAIN can be u*nd for subinartne batteries, torpedoes, fixed i gun batteries, mines, Ac.; also for htlad and submarine rock blasting. Will save fifty per cent of gun pointer. Velouky of Ignition one mile In four seconds, and ii lh use by the United States government. ?!IGIMSK 9 WM lia, r Washington, Sept. 7, 1381. I Mr. Goatz?From your exhibition of yonr Patent Kuan, i and testimonials of those who have witnessed h* operation** on a large scale, I should consider It of very great value in military engineering, and I should think ft important that the government should be In possession of it. I am. yours, ic., J. G. BARNAUL), Major and Chief of Engineers. I respectfully recommend that the Commanding General: ord-r a Board of Uflleers to test Mr..G jmez's Fuse, and to recommend, if they think it proper, the necessary measures tosecure it for the government. J. G. BARNARD, Major and Chief Engineer Army of Potomac. The above Invention is for salu to foreign government^, arith all the necessary machinery for its complete manufaolure. EDWIN GOMEZ, Submarine Engine- r. 82 and 8i Amity street. New York. r builders ? A build1no wanted to be built:; the particulars to be had at 150 East Thirty-ninth street this day by 3 or 4 o'clock, or for two days, wheie t ie owner' can be seen. _ PKRSONAIs^ AT~WALLACK'8 THEATRE, MONDAY EVENING.? Will pink dowers and blue ribbons, in the par-iurtto, if agreeable to her, pleaae appoint an interview with the g> ntleinan who attracted her attention? Address M. M., box 19%. Herald office. Blue velvet ?fulton ferry, Wednesday/ morning, at 11 o'clock. Be punctual. BT.?I AM VERY SICK; THE DOCTOR DISLIKES. my illues-i very much. Conic to see me to-u'ght without fail; bring mc some Madeira wiuc. 11. T. Donna lulu.?yours was received, yoit will find an answer at New L n Post olllce to-morrow. When do you intcud to return? Answer througls 'Per-onal." Shall look for answer to mine by Saturday. moore. FOR ADOPTION.?ANY PERSON WHO WISHES TO adopt a healthy female infant, six months old, c?n do so by addressing tor three days pi. Harris, station E, Eighthavenue, stating where an interview can be had. ClRKD?'WILL FIND A NOTE ADDRESSED TO P. K. Id H., Madison square Post odlce. FM,*E. HAS LORD KEW DECIDED NEVER TO APPEAR again? Did the llttie la ly ollcnd him by asking if he was Mr. O.'s brother? The gentleman referred to is an old irienu 01 nic uimi.l, uraiius vuc nam- uauic as inn . .i.ieiuy,,. which I'liMcd her to ask the quc-tlon. she having no prrv oia knowledge of Lord K.'a exisieu e. hi LLOW. IP THE FAMILY OP SYIIAMUS H. GIBSON. MATS, of an American hark, will app y at the address oclow they will be directed to receive souic funds deposited at Coinpecbe, Mexico, and hear full particulars. HENRY POKSrUIOK, 26 Bond street, N. V. IF THE YOUNG LADY WHO WAS STANDING AT THE door of the Alston House, an 1 who smiled at one ol too two young gentlemen who passed there about 6 o'clock on Monday evening wishes to ui.ike his acquaintance she can do so by addressing Willie Thomson, Herald otllce. IF THE YOUNG LADY, WHO RODE UP IN A FOURTH avenue car, on Monday afternoon, about H ve o'clock, and: who noticed the young man get out near Eighth street (Bible House), wishes to make his acqualitanoe, she will please address a note to W. H. B , station D, Bibb- House. IF THAT YOUNG LADY, WITH BLACK HAIR. lOVEli ly face and beautiful dark eyes, dressed in a white biL robe, riding up on Monday night, at In a Third avenuw car, where she wis sitting on the I p or another young lady, and taking on tne way a little baby in her arms?if this lovely young lady wishes to make a'ouaiulanue with a young man who loves ber fondly, she will please to let him know al what place and time he shall be so happy as to sec her again. Address Friendship, Hersl I oHloe. IS IT AFTER HP?FOURTEENTH STREET BTAOB, Siiiiii'duv night.?Too bad thai there was an obstacle in. the way. Would be much pleased to b 'come better acquainted If agrvable. Please address U. Schuyler Tracejr, sua. iion C. JIM I NIK.?LETTER RECEIVED FROM THE FRENCH* man , does not expect to return. Come an 1 see ine, on 1 shall leave for New Haven soon, or I shall forget iny Preucta issoiis. I atn no such person. ALit'E C. JB.-I WILL MEET YOU WHERE YOU SAW ME . go in. That Is not my home. Call on Friday al three t'cloek, first floor. Should anything prevent, we'll ''Personal"* igain. II. Y. LOUISE-PER ARABIA MARCH 12. WRITE 80OX.. The same addresa Adieu. PU?S. Mr. jonx acnwARZ left his home on monday, March 3. Any iniormation res(?eciing bun srllt be tuankrully received by Mageretba Schwarz, No. 215> Rtviugton street. TUB LADY ON FULTON FERRY BOAT SUNDAY* evening, nine o'clock. DeKalb and Newtown cars. Close >b?ervaliou. Card and exchange an lnlcrview.' Broadway. I'ost otllce. T. N. ASHTON. THE LADY AND GENTLEMAN WHO HIRED TWO Fancy Dresses, on Thursday, Feo. 3d, one lady's Hcolrtx. lress, ami the other a comic rancy do.; as the card of Un Iradres* hue been mlalaitl, they will be *o kind at to forward the lreases or their address to L. A. Fb.lllps, coetinn r, 2j3 Bowery. THE YOUNG LADY WHO WALKED DOWN BROADway on Tuesday morning, wearing a black silk dr is, broche shawl, a green velvet hat, trimmed with mango lowers and strings, will oblige an adm rer by sending udIresa to Ed. Harden, Nassau street Fust office. Third avenue oars.?if the two young ladies dressed In black would like to make the acquaint*, trice of the gentlemen who gave them their scats about half* tiast four Tuesday F. M? and soon after got out of the car at Twentieth street, they can "open the hall'' by addressing, ia? sntlre conlldeuee, Merchant k Bro., hot 3,579 New York Post dtlee. T|77LL THE YOUNG LADY, WnO, IN TURNING THE TV earner of Fulton street and Broadway, In a Kiith tvonue stage (yesterday) Tuesday morning, wared her handkerchief to a gentleman in another stage, like to make hie acquaintance. She can do so by addressing T.,. Herald office. ~ THE TRADES. ~ A MACHINIST AND DRAUGHTSMAN, VERY SKILful In his branch and competent to make every kind of Irawlng. Address E. K., Herald olllce. AS GARDNER?A MARRIED MAN; UNDERSTANDS the business In all Its branches: the best of rclantirt*? rmm his Isst employer. Address II P., hot 228 Heritld office AS FARMER AND OARDENER.-W ANTED, BY A REspeciahle man, a situation as larmer and gardener; on* lerstands both; has had long experience; can be well re* Minincnded from his last place; Is a married man, with una :lilld Address M. M., Herald office. A GERMAN, WHO CAN FINISH EVERY KIND OF machine work, with good city reference, wishes a ilttialion as engineer and llrrman. Address John Kri.ger. Engineer, 214 Wlll am street, N Y. Boy to learn the boat building trade wanted, Iti years old and have father living. Aimly at J. R. Ingersoll's, 243 South at., N Y. Dentists, take notice -wanted, a situation as mechanical or operatlre dentist, lor i-.vo or three uontha, by a graduate with several years'practice. Wages rery moderate. Address Energy, Herald office. L1ARMEK OR GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED? r by a married innn; understiiiuls the raising oi grain ind farming slock, the rare and driving of hnr-es; ihe wonan as first class cook If required, or would work a farm on diarea; heat of reference. Call on or address IV., 53 Weil loth si, till engsged. PI ARDENER.?W ANTED, A SITUATION. AS GARDE* IT er, by a married man, w ho understands his hosinesa . xirfeclly; Is an ex client lorcer of grapes, peaches, strawxuries, Ac. Has had many years' practice In on- of the u'si estahllshments In the vicinity of New York. The very >csl of reiercncu can he given. Address L. D. 8., Ilurald ifflee. PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTER WANTED.?I >NK WHO I thoroughly understands the Albumen pi-. ?nf printn :and touring. Apply at the Photographic Art Gallery, No. II H road tray,a-'ornor of Llepc nard street. PO CARRIAGE MAKERS-WANTED. A SITUATION, L by ? hrst rut.- wag-in trimmer end stitcher, it lio Is also A ret ruse painter art.I striper, In alt . ilabllshtnent tvlihl'i M idles of Now York; Is steady, temperate and industrious, or rould hire premlMMaultable rof a harness niuherin-1 trimuer In a Tillage or railway station. Address C. Onlmgan, uriy e station, Weetcliesier county, N. Y. r, 01 nii.f.mkv OWNING OOUNTBT si.or farms.?A man of respectability, with a thorn uh snow dee of agriculture in all Us bran lies and the management f slock, wishes a permanent Ritnatl .n as .-are tahet- ur o-a-. rd. Address H. Walton, station 12 Post ofilce, which will e attended to and trerj glt'tn. PO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.?A MAN I of ability an I eiperlen.-e is open for an . n,,ne<-non! aa utter In a goo-1 house; coll inlluenoe considerable cash rade. Address H.. box 124 Herald olU. e. LITANTBD?A GARDENER AND COOK, A MAN AND t IT wile, wit., ut Inctimbrnnee. Kngbsh or German preei red, for a snt .!l I ice a few ml.ee Irotn the city. To eteudy I-Ilab.e help this would be a good home and a pern ancnt lac at moderate wages. Addreas 8. C, I,., Herald olltce. IITANTED-a SITUATION, ah experienced IT gardner, by an Kii.liiinsn, a married man, w ithout a umnranee. A. . r. ?* Oaidener, care of the postmaster at ( If. tell ester.