19 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

19 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 9321. THE UNION ADVANCE UPON MANASSAS. Scenes and Incidents Along the March. oramraib and the field ov bull bun. n ^ j.1. JMUMsas ana lae uocum?aui Found There* Rebel Official Papers Decide Several Matters Concerning Boll Ran which Have Heretofore Been Subjects of Dispute. SKETCH OF GENERAL SUMNER, Ac*) k(?i Ac* Oar Special Army Correspondence. Marusa*, sMarch 17,1862. Manassas is Owrt?The March Towards that Rebel Stronghold?Appearance oj Ctntrenille and Bull Run fieldi? The Rebel Documents?Sketch of General Sumner, etc, The world renowned and long dreaded Manassas is very quiet now, as far as rebcldom is concerned. The terrors ?f masked batteries and rebel guns bursting up m us at very step no longer make us falter. "Manassas is ours!" But without further preface it will be my duly to chronicle lbs advance of the eorps with which I am connected, end I will try to givo a concise statement of eyents from the tlmo wo started until the present moment of writing. The active preparations for the advance into Virginia, which had been going on in this division for nearly two eeeement of tbe march of the grand army of the Union toward the Taunted Quebec of the South. On Sumlaj night Uon Sumner issued orders Tor the troop* to bold themselves in read 1 new for hi* signal to move. At thro < o'clock on Monday morning tbe long expected ant anxiously awaited note was sounded from the (ienerai'i headquarters, and in an instant tbe deathlike silence 01 'the camps was broken by tbe sounds of busy prepare Von, which were soon completed. By six o'clock th< troops were ready, and the column moyed off in goot order. The new roods wore rendered almost impassable bj the heavy rain, which lasted nearly all day, and it was a terrible ordeal for the men to go through with. Gradual!} the troops bogan to lag, and many ftU behind, beinj unable from exhaustion to keep up to tbe beavy task be Ksrethem. It was indeed tremendous work; but then was no alternative short of reaching the place indicate! in the order of the day, and through almost superhumai exertions all the men were comfortably bivouacked be fbre night. Tho march afforded nothing in the way u: Incidents. Tneaday morning, at daybreak, tbe call was sounded and tbe troops began the preparations for tho second day's marcn. About teu o'clock tbe move took place, yhe day opened iu beauty, and tbe terrible fatigue oi yesterday was soon forgotten in the glories or to-day. The division still kept the by-roads, converging to the line of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, and reached Songster s station about three o'clock. A small mill tream ren here, and it seemed as if nature herself bad prepared the locality for a pleasant camping ground. A brood slope extending up from tbe run a long distance, and flanked by beautiful bins c.owneu with pines, gnobled the division to halt and encamp in line of bat ie At Sangster'sstation tho rebels, after having burned the railroad bridge across tbe Aecotinok, commenced kklaa nn llul rn,l< -Vi a... W.... ttt slaeperfi in ezceilont condition for the rails whenever Ike fovornmont shall see lit to put tbera down. The 'faile have only boon removed on the route from HangsCar'e otation up to Union Mi!!*. Tbo bridges remain in(Mt,and I have no ooubt tbe road to Manissa? will soon bo put in complete running order. At this point tbo rebel approaches to Mouasgaa com ^eaca on tbe line of tbe rail row), and too ptoce afccut ight mlleo eoeib from the scene of the rt(mutter of July teat. The ran and tbe railroad hero pass throdgh a arrow gorge, end to tli# right und left 'command tteuMM. The hrowg of tbe bills are crowned with vd'wnitif bnltletiienw, whole occuji., Ion is gene,rail Toad sleepers with which tbey wore fn ed innk ?g m'il excellent camp fires for our brave soldiers. Upon a kill to Uia west of tba mill reams to hr.ie been tl?< prim 41! camp of tbo enemy for a period ur to about CUrtetuntS, the appearance of the ground givine ovi.loaee of Wen by probably four regiment*. Tho on'y apj.i vanca of a recently occupied camp in thU vicinity is to bo nw about a mile from tbe mill, where Colonel Robert ou's regiment of cavalry was station.d At that place cur treops found the cirap fires still smoking, and a con -uierabte quantity of corn, shorts and other fodder for horses, which caino very acceptable in tbe deity of our supply train. It has bean painful to witness tba desolation which estate on this aide of Alexandria. All tbe way to this point the exception he been to see au inhabited dwelling Ob all si lee ran bo aaen fenceless domains aud ten antlesa, untenable dwellings. Ruin marks Virginia's felly, and her pauishment Is Indeed grievous even at the hands of tbeee w bo came as professing friends. The inhabitants at Union Wills wbo hod reanainu I bailed the efg>roach of the Union army with |ey. and expressed, teeequalihed terms,their delight that the oppressors have dejarted. A sad casualty occurred to day. Cbrkttopher Campbell, drumuier boy in Company F Sixty ninth reglmont, and pTTVSle DanieUternian, of the same company, wero acci> dentally shot in Us; woods, and A is feared that the fur dlr Is fatally Injured. After getting oyer tbe fatigues of our march I started en an examination tour, during which I maJa a thorough Inspection ofCeutreville, Bull run, the plains aud June%M of Matrnnms. I am very much fatigued. F.very'buig m uicd siren a naw aoa euuacn turn. 1 also eocMt yta a few 1<wm from rebel gvuurul*. TheOroU-evlUc rebel encampment oarers a apace Ian napreaRtento length. and there are at leaat fifteen thousand or regularly built log houses,ell nicely cbiuked aad fitted up with hinged doors, bedsteads,mantelpieces, chiniueys, draplauee, and ao forth. There wau hardly anything left In Ibeou of any valna whatever, aid black Ing braes. ale and wht.-key bed ties aad worn out (kM aad akHbea preponderat tny. Ia rare laetancra aid towte knives ware found, aabres aad musket*. At tba qaartrita utters', commissary aad hospital tenia there waia small quantities of atorea pe'tabling to tboaa places Mattered about. Hie fort* at Ontrnville and rifle pits aeere well and eoteauuli al.y built, aad effectually com aaaod-d the natural and artificial approaches, but were af sucb a nature that from opposite height* tbey could iMee been made aatenable. It would beye been merely a question or superiority of cannon and aim. At and aawuad the battle Oekl of Bull run there are no signs of nwv fortifications whatever. All the houses about ths Meid are pierced with balls. The stench,eren now, from Se'rM oerpees ef men and hot sea Is very offensive, blear the spring in the peach orchard, where tba jevereal antral look place, and but a short die lance from the fceaae, or rrtlher ruins af It, in which Mrs. Henry was MUsd, lie several corpses of ("men soldiers, sll unbu tad. The water running over ibeta, or something else, has preserved the IndtstlDct lines of Hie human form. Band hodtee sf horses aro abundant all about. 1 counted ae lass than 300. A mutilated marble column marks ths pet where Bartow, ol Uour?u?, (ell, with the inscription, ?1Wy have killed me, beys, but nsver give up the tight." The iehl has since bees visited by hundreds of rebels, She baser portion of whom have invariably carried home srlth thetn either ihe skull of a I'niou soldiar, or rings, aaaulets, he., made of their hones. The rebels bavs taken the rihe and mada pipe stems ef them, Ac.,and nasd tkulia fur soup iiishns. At Manassas J unci ion the dastrui tli.n of property was much gieater. No less than three hundred barrels of flour weie store In. The freund was strewn with meals ef all descriptions, to father with earn, rice, dried apples, crackers, mediators, tents, broken trunk*, letters, cards, cartridge heaea, botes of ammunition, cluthinc, bluakets, and tmrythtng |?rlaming to a well supplied camp. His do traction of ears, wagons, iron work, slows, nails, on ffnea, he, was frarful. Near by was the slaughter house, its ruins nltil smoking, and from It a itroam of mronnn n? tallnm r..e.,lne mm laroa mm m ct.iull TNa Ucam waa two yards wide. and in man/ places <]ult? deep, and ita mouth wai altogether too far ufffor ina to think of exploring. There war* from a thousand to OfIM huodrail splendid hi'ksbaig.Bg up, winch, or course, Mvebeen secured. Soldiers, visitor* and people living Mar ibere have b< en as b isy as bees In securing what wsr their fancy dictated, Notr there Is tVcir's bouse. Has plantation la an Immense one, but now tolallv tie- acted. Tbe whole c'.uatr/ round about is the boma of the image of desolaMon. At the house of his oversser I spent the night. Pound v the borne occupied by a negro fStoiiy belonging to Mr. %Vctr. They were Intelligent and greatly surprised at tna pi xi eppeeranro of our party. They wore ustonixlird to 2n4 i^at wc had good shoes i nd stockings to wear, hatr. tag l'6*" mailc by the rebels to believe that our a. my war#v*"ltre,Jr destitute. They represented the rebel soldiers nv1 abun lanlly fed with bread and meat, but for clothing *ery poorly off, fow having anything but cotton. Tl?e nioefs0^tbrir rfUoers could bardly be distinguished from the pf.'ts'es, such has been tin ir inability to proCure woollen jwds. The rebelsooik w'ced tbeirrotrest from f'entiev lle.in.t M-iuaeeas at em ly '' 'flst February. at which lime Uircevar lottdsv^ *e,? td'fied away. Jt [E NE NEW THE NE) The BriQigJUft Victory o 1 r *' *^< % ly^r . ? T Se? baa been going rn slowly ever since, bit It wn* not until the gth of thm month that the gene' *1 retreat timBienced. The artillery went flrst, the eavslry f't and the iofantry lust. Said they were going to 'lonlon vilie, Rappahannock, Ac. Yesterday morning I learned :rom a contraband that the rebel# were a th' ?uJ ;?rong at Warrrntun: that they had many largo c*nn>n ttiere, and were hoping that wo would venture that far into the interior. Four rath-i hnlow Manaveaa \\? c bat large Oonrtog trull#, which the rebel# in their retree.' omlttod to burn. They returned Friday night to tvltlvi two miles of tlioro, but General .Stonenutn bad just occupied the place in se son to prevent it General McDowell has been everywhere very active, and hat fllted hi3 division withconOdei.ceand enibn-ia?m. gkctrh #T Qtntral Kdwla V. Senanr, Genera! Kdwin V. Suw?ior, who ?ow iankt as Com mnnder of It* flrst evrja d'aruut, a po.itlon uualagojis to that of a Marshal ef Franc#, It a native of Boeloo, Mass. He entered the army in (he year 1119, and has been upon constant dafy evor since. He evrved with dietinctloti in the Mesican campaign, in Fcoit a line, and was severely wounded In the battle of Corro Gordo. la that campaign be vrae Major of the Second regiment of dragoons, and led the charge at the bridge of Medelis, near Vera Out, in which a regiment of lancer# was bro ken and pet to flight. For hie gallant conduct while commanding the Mounted Rifles in the assault at Gerro Gordo, he was breveted Lieutenant Colonel and piaeed in command of all the cavalry engaged at Molino del Rev. where the most mnntlerou ftehts in th* Mexican war took place. Ik there h*U in chock a body or flvo thouaand laocara which threatened to overwhelm tlio loft of tho American Caret, and tfcua changed tho fortune of tba 4b?. In thia act km Lieutenant Cotoool Suiaoer waa under mat muoue and destructive 4re, hut maintained hta poaition although tin horse wai abet under bias. For kid gallant conduct on that occasion ho w#e made Brevet Coloool. I'p to ike Mexican war General Sumner wwa continually on service en the extreme weetern frontirr in the Indian country. Hie great experience in In dlati affair* led to his select ion sa the nruct Oiling officer in the amy to nettle the difference* between the government and the Cheyenne Indian# Hit conduct on that occasion waa characteristically prompt and energetic, at.d the Cbeyeraiea were most effectually subdued To this dey that tribo r< incmher* the erjual and roiributive jiietico meted out to thrih. From 1861 to 1863 tbe General wae Military Governor of tho Territory or New Mexico, end dnrieg Me occupation of that positiorO he was called upon by the public exigency to exercise the functioMOf a civil governor, in an interregnum occaarined by the retirement of Governor Celhmin, thiia uniting in coo persoa tlio .mpnrlaat duties of amiliiary occupation and the administration of executive routine. Hie exhibition of executive ability wax naly equalled by hig miliary skill, and he received the highest encomiums from cstr government for the able manner in which ho discharged tbe doubly arduous tasks imposed upon him by Ins delicate position. II# brought ordsr out rnf chaos in tlio territory, and conferred llie greatest, possible benefit ut>on tbe penplo there by his hrm and even handed jtniice in bia conjoined military and civil capacity In 1866snd 18.16 be commanded in Kansas, and incurred the die pleasure of Jell Davis, iben Secretary of War, who removed him beiauas he would not allow himself tt> be made the tool of I hat ar> h traitor to hie government In 1868 he was appointod C< mnmnder of the Department of the West, and remained in that imeition for two years u?i I,sir in tool h- ..... ....... fornia in an urgent hurry to retiova Ganoral A fl .lolin-t.ui in that iteparltuoiu. in onnaoipieivo OT lAfl then rxialinK political (iltfarcncea. % quietly unil mnaditinuftly illd General lumnor manage this delicate undertaking. (lint Ins departure from New York ?.* not kn??wn until some lime after I lie railing of the ai.-air.cr. His celerity of mot amen t anil Judicious keeping ?; ins own rout Ml ware of groat Imp. run ?e to the governnienP at tli.it tUie, evice they worn tjetriimenial in circumvent. inn the macliiMtJnraof the sub-iqnonti* reVI Hen. John stno. tiousral Riltftnar anaonlitrarl at hit own req..oat, from Caliron la for KtvI. o in I'to IMst and we now i r.d h'i i asslgn-M lotl.o rr.'iiitiand i n division In the Army ef I ho Foioii.se, mil moiA leyeuily n cc uimatid 01 a p? w ro YORK, WEDNESDAY, M, V TRIUMPH I f General Burnside at Its Geographical and .'.i . mi, .v.iiiry. m 3 c>" v.i'l ,ni. f\ p j>/w " ? sf.,u> . x ^ \?*| ?*> - /! / g Scale of Miles a I A, N 1 Third Tag* for Fall Tffrtttatmrs of In 1M8 t'enerel Sumner (then captain of dragoon*) wil | in cuiutnand of Uto Cavalry School of Practice a|.Car!iale , Barracks, a most laborious and arduous position: but his nwarpy of character suslaiaed him throughout iha wear 1 and toar Incrdeat lo-theservu-e. So wall did barecomw>end himself aa a cavalry officer <a all hia varied duties that he waa eeiected in 186S and sent on special dutv to Europe with aapactal refaraoea to an improvement in hia particular arm of tha 1 service, and in 1869 was appointed Colonel of the Virtl , NUMB of cavalry,(ban organised The General holda nineocmmieaions?probably mere than any other officer in the Cuitod Slates service?four by eelei-tioa, two by I Sumner is about >my year* or age. and displays in an eminent degrr* <ha cbaracterietiee of tba par fan ranDaman and aok'ir. Hp baa n moat eipreaalve fa,-a. a is compactly built, and exhtbila great powers of an durascs. He aoflbrs tometbisg yet from tba raoaot mjury received from a fall from bis boraa. bat bo ta rapidly recovering. CURIOUS REBEL D0CUUERT8. lattraillng Rtliaa Fannd tm tba Rtbfl Camp < Manaaiai. Among the Interesting doenmsnta fonna In tba ramp of tba rabala wara tba following, wbkb ware pioked np by Colonel Simpeon, of tba Fourth Nsw Joraey Volunteers, of General Kaarnay'a brigade, General Kaaroay a brigade took tba load Into Manastea. Tbeaa documauta wara louad on tba pramiaaa of Mr. Wier, wbiab bad baao nsad as tba oBVce of Beauregard's Adjutant, Thomas Jordan, tba documauta araarlalaala, a ad a/a now la General McClelbm a bands. Th* grml pr*cipitanty of tba .dipt* retail It proton bit tkrir l+ttnug ikrrr roprrj net only, but by lh$ fad thai lbty loft in a building on Ikrtr hooptlal ground! aetarof t!lad tad*/, but rrcanlly laid i<ut for interment, tthuh, inlhtir hndt, Ihty H'gledtd lo bury. This waa SOSD by Colaaal Pinipann and several otber officers. Tba dacumaata found, wblcb wo givo balow, ara 1. Tba plao of attack proposed by Gcnoral Beauregard oo McDowell at Ceotrsrille, and approvad by General Johnston. Frooa tbia It will ba soon tbat tbty inlandtd to attack McDowell; tbat tba force tbey intended to attaek btm with consisted of ten brigades, making forty-two regiments of infaotry, thirteen batteries of artillery and tweoty one companies of cavalry, In addition to tbolr raerrves. What might have bean tbc result of ibis at. tack bad McDowell waited, may form a aubjact of curious speculation among military men. t Abator qMrMrnuifr atoree captured at in* nat tie of Bull ma. 4. A Hsl of hospital equipments captured et tbe battle of Cull run. 4 An abstract of priaocere captured at ibe battle o{ Bull mn. 0. A lirt of ammunition captured at ibe battle of Bull rua. fl. A report from Tbomaa 0 Rbett, Aeeietant Adjutant -fiieraltoGencralJohooton.ebowing (boforce*from Gen.. a! Johnston a roc pa wbwb participated in tbe battle. II.cm, tt will Ire recollected were, in addition to tboro of General Beauregard's, the part of the force wbi<:b rreaped General Patterson to Join General Beau regard. T. An incomplete rlatoairnt, Wiiboul date, made up (unri'ubtcdly) amce the battle of Bull rue, having tbe fci;<.w.nK endorsement, rigncd 0 W Toy (it will bo rr nr. in be rod that ley wee an eld to (tencral Scott pre cloif to the robcllloo) ?" Incomplete, but aont to Col <\ml Jordan informally foynliet It ie worth, for tempo rary purposes,'> This document includes anno of ilm cut|? of flpetnvun \?. Smith. By tin* etntamenr, incom plctodt Is, iheic a ema to bure been eorfv'roa br. , RK U A.RCH 19, 1862.?TRIPLE N NORTH Ci Newbern, North Carol Military Importance. 3f*2LL. 7 . \ ""vC* 111/,1"i fVsSS& harbou? ^w^gas ! l^lp/, a m p / qbmntslaiw .^d&jjrantf n"^tt. Shqad l||g|| ..otw -2>8ou^o? j^^vvanl^ a ^ *. i ap sifj^a '* 'p') kl.cl c?jf / -'v" iimi'? i';a.1^^.afcx' /' l^ sv7 /v:.::.;^^ viw .^ -ti?fi\<*' ^ ,, '*,Vh?SK\JUU\^?HA^,% xvN\\\.MMv..?\\ni ^ f jfc~ rt?j<22*! k , ? b v ^<'^-v?,"o*ft-ik'>vivv,,'-*"^kii....\>" \>v a1 l&ss^g&s^M A ca^^qokovx *?? ' - ?" ^ ' this Spltadid sad Important Ac |ed*e (eiatp ragimants) of infantry, Ian regiments of artillery, tli regiments *f cavalry, in tba rebal army at mo limo sine* the battle of Ball ran. lb# documents ?rt interesting tod will repey perusal. rh(#OMl(d ?n? hundred cannon captured at Bull run irt reduoad by this naiamani to twenty eeveo; tba boaetrd tan tboueend maaaets to faor tnouaand. Tbe?e document* wara til regularly endoried, ted beareviry mark tr being genuine alBcitl papers fbrv will giaa much llgbt ta tba impartial historian m making ap t r* cord of tba batt.a at Bu'i run IVa hava la.".ei?ed tba ttroog ptiott lot tba biaaDt of tba ratoar The Rdbal Plain of Battle at Ball Raa. { CONPIDKNTIA L.) BlAPOCAJirnM A amy or Porosac, Juiy 10, RM. rtcuL unbape, *o ?. Tba following order la published for tba informal.on of division and brigade commanJera ? 1 Brigadier General Kweii a brigade, supported bp

Geuerul Holmes' brigade, will march a a I'll.on Mills ford and pitca Heeif in poailino o( nitnck upon ibe enemy II will ba bald in readiness altbar to tuppoii A< attack upon Cmtrtoxllt or to mnra in tr.a diroction af Santera Croat roads, according ?o :ircumaitaraa Tba order to advance will Da gtvon bp tba commander ta. cbiof 9 Brigadier General Jor.ee brigade, aopportad op Colonel Karl'S brigade, will march via McLtna't lard to piai e uaalf lo position of attact epon tba aoamp at er about tba Union Milt and Centrartlla road It will :? Arid in rMdiaeil nthir u ro;f?r( (Ac allatk m Crnlrtnllf, at It mo>a in (A? direction o> Fa\rfao ration, at cording lo ctrrumaMwcrr, with ilk right lank towards tba left of Ewetra command;mora ar era distant accera ing to tba nature of Ike country and attack. Tba oretr to advanra will ba givaa bp iba commander In chief. 8. Brigadier General l.engstreet a brigade, supported bp Brigadier Generel Jackson a brigada, will marub vie Mel ans a ford to place Iteelf in position of enact open Ike enemy en or about tba Union Mill and Cenirevd:* roads It will be Arid in rrodnieii rilkrr lo rupperl (A* altnk m Ccn'fr. t/lr or lo mats la (At hr'ction of fair, fax Court Houtr. according to circumstances, with its right dank toward* Iba left of Jonas comment, mora or lass distant, according to tba natare of tba country. The order to advance will b# givto by the commanderin chief. 4. Brigadier General Bonhara'S brigade, eapporied by Color*I Harlow* brigade, unit march via AftuvU't for 4 to f?* attnek of Oalrrrillr. The right wing to the l*rt of lb* Third nlvtetoo, tnor* or lee* diatent, an ordxg to the nature *f lb# country tod of lb# attack. The ordar to advance will be given by ibo commander in chief 5. Colonel Coeke't brigade, eupported by Colonel Klry'e brigade, will march Tie Hfone Hridge and the forda, on lb* right thereof, to the attack of Cmttrmllt Tb# right wing in the left of tho Kourtb division, more or le?* dielent, according to the nature of the country and of the attack The order in advance will be given by the coramaiiderdn chief. f Hrigadlcr General Bee'* brigade, supported by Colonel Wilcox'* brigade, Colonel Steart'a roglm*nt of revelry, and the whole of Walton'* battery, will form the i e*erve, and urill march ria iHlrktlVt Jorii, to bt ured according to circumdanrrj. The light betterlee will be dt*trlbnted a* follow* ? 1. To Brigadier General Kwell'e command, Captain Walker, eii piece*. 8. To Brigadier General Jone*'?Captain* Albert!*' and Stanwood'a batteries, eight piece*. 3. To Brigadier General I.ongalreel'*?Colonel Pendleton's and Captain Imhoden'a batlcriee, eight |tieree. d. To Brigadier 0%n*rnl Bonham'a?Captains Kemper'* and Shields' ballerica,eight piece*. 6. Ho Coloi.el Cooke r?Colonel llemton'a and Captain I-athMn'F nod iteckwith's battorle*, twelve piocet. Colonel Hadforri, commanding cavalry, will detail to report immediately, aa follows ? To Brigadier tieneral Kwell, two i-ompnnie* eavn'ry. To Brigadier General Joqg<>. two companiea cavalry. To Brig. Geno-al I*>nrslri cl, two romiatnlea cavalry. To ItrigadlevGeneral lJonham,three companiea cavalry. To CVI-neJ Ottkf, the remaining compani** of cavalry, earept those in special service 9. T'lf ftmr'h and F tlh ilirtrian*. afkr the fait rf C ft( rm/i will aihmrr ti< th* at ark of Fairfax Ormrt than no the itrmtilrck eimt tm 'pikr rmcir. lo ih? north of thr Uitt, 7V h"r t. $ remit nttr T int etinrion I iff, i;' rjr ,( *ry, Fijjflt f|>f F iirfh ntif (HrftfrtU, ERAl SnEBT. \ROLINA. ina, March 14, 1862*-J* tt&p=Z/~ ' . Y ^>^1' A^Vx.i 'r- 1 LSiieljandj / ~r.Ji?k. j ^ AJCIApVUIIIIUI l? ^QUARTEB; ^ ^ \% Swan Quarter I %,? ?\ t cto ' , % ' * tS?^^ U N D^l ^ SjXJJLSMl* ^ ^%Jl 16^L0 -> ? f $&/W ^ llr s ;9: r ^ T V f N V 1 * u 0 ^ Availed - tftm frifS/ Hon. 10. Ill thie movement the First, .Second and Third divisions will form the command of Brigadier General Holme* The Fourth and Fifth diviiiona, mat of ibe second in command. The retertt will move apoo ths plains beltum Mitch'U * ford and Stone Bridge, and, together with the Fourth and Fifth divteione, will he under the immediate direction of General Beauregard. Bjr command 01' General BEAUREGARD. Tnoms Josras, A A Adjutant General. SPtnit. oRDsn. so. ?. HiAtKjr tarsus .tesv or rns Poionae, July HUM. The plan ef etlock g'ven bp Brigadier General lie* jre gird, .n the stave erder, ia approved, and will be ese Cuted accordingly. J K. JOBy-lOS, General C I A. List fUaartermwster s Stores Csptsrtd Jul/ 41. The following It a lt?t of captured Quartermaster a proprrlr turned in to the Qoariermaeter'e Department of the rebel Army of the Folomae up asnugesill, IW1 to a see pa dee and intrenching tnets 1 eeie carpenter e toota and bmekemith t teal*. ]J tete harneee, AT turn traces let artillery. t platform an.1 ether ereies 1.000 eamp coating etnnstie f 700 .temp maee a tensile I too raire nnute. rawart Mi seeii. | ioc blaakttS tl taett ?nd AM* It WdfOM. M horses SI truokl IBS rarpdl tip. i > < 01 rep*. lasempteia return M au? mteealiaaaeua articles. ! aao a* badiick*. buckets. eeflee mum, kaitiri. pricks! p'na teddies and br dias, I'j barra'.a aommiteary noraa nd a raw handeiifU i?ri raon a iar<a lot aapmrea bit earns of bf ladialdaan u tropbiaa I' ALIXaNDKR, Captain Fagtnasra Usntrai Staff, C. 9 A. List # lloapltdtl Rqalpmiali Ckptarad juty ?r. Thafoilowiag la araiura of boapital aqtipmaaia supplies eaptared rrom taa team; and laroed late iba Madical Oapitrunsoi of toe loniadsraies Stales Aria7 of toa Poiomac, up to Aegtitl 16, U*l ? matlicioa cheats, partialis bitaJ. 6 rata# anrgieal laatruaaata. 2 sets tf panattra. 7 ambulances. 1 lot or medicines, Hal, bandages, Sr. Returns of Itttara, tnrlromente, supplies, At . ara all vary taromplata, ao marh having bean appropriated bp surgeons of regiment*. Ac., basidaa tba lost from plundnnrg bp prleatea and cituaaa. E. P. ALEXANDER, Captain Engineer* tlanaral Staff. Ma* of Prlaoncra Captared at Ball Ran. Abstract llat of prisoners and wounded of tba enemy sen to Richmond and tba hospitals at oihsr places sicca 1*1 batils of Manassas. July 21, IR61:? rnisotnut* sot woisDtft. - B71 iu - - wovraro rmamntm. Pent to ho?pltal* ninn* July 27 430 Estimated Dumber seat previous to July 27 180 Total fiftO Grand total 1.421 Tnese prisoners represent lliemsrlvs* aa belonging to forty seven dlflerent volunteer regiments, nine reg menu of the regular army, and the marine oorpe. Bcetdie there regiments, In the report* and orders o( the enemy are mentioned by name, one regiment of volunteers, and companies from two regiment* of regulars In Hunter's division; six volunteer regiments Id Hill's division, sod Runyon's entire division of at leuat five rogimenis from New Jersny,from which ws have netiber prisoners or wounded, giving as bis entire force fifty nine volunteer rrgiinents nnd detached comt>uiite* and battalions from marines, and eleven regular regiments. Krom tiie mos reliable data his volunteer regimont* averaged BOO mm each, m"king in all &t Otto moo. K. Y. AI.KXANf)eJt, Captain Irglneers,Genarsl 8UIT. 1 Mttsf rasnnn anil tlrrlnan'r Mores Captilled at Hall Haw# JUtl.TI pt raptnrO.I cn nttct *ild >ilJn*0CS Stores [iD. r PRICE TWO CENTS. turned into Ord ikUMi Department, Army of the Potemao lo August Id. Ibfil,? 1 30-pout.der Parrott gun. with 800 rounds inaul tiou. 9 10 po under Parrett guts, witb 100 rounds each. i 3 6-pouudOi- brass runs, witb 100 rounds eaib. 812 pounder brass howitzers, witb 100 rounds seek. 3 12-pcundcr host howitzers, w lib 110 rouuds each. 9 James' rifled field pieces, with 100 roundsSMb. 37 rai?aun.?. 0 travelliug forges. 4 battery wagons ,sptanaidly equli ped. 84 artillery horses, with harness, Ac. 800,000 rounds small arms ammunition. 4,600 sots of accoutrements, cartridge boxes, bo. 4,000 muskets. No accurst-) returns of drums,swords, pistols, knapsacks, lmverpacks, canteens, saddles, brides, Ac.,can be obtained. One six-pound gun and one twelve-pound how itzer were found spiked, hut ibey were easily withdrawn. Ono of the enemy's caissons was exploded un tbe fluid in addition lo those captured. E. P. ALEXANDER, General Staff, Captain Engineers, C. 8. A? List off Rebel Rrgimmti in Action at Kali Ran. HmutfMBTKss Auj* or tvs Potomac, 1 August 33, 1881. i CotourriuJa accordance with roar re lueet, I send you a lirt of the regiment# actually in the battle of the 21st of July, 1681:? Jit- ks<>u s brigade, consisting of tbe 8c.(lid regiment Virginia Volentee;s, Colonel J. IJ. AHcn'commanding. Fourib rcgimciit Virginia Volunteers, Colonel Jas. F. rreston commanding. Fifth regiiuont Virginia Volunteers, Colonel Kerton Harper c: mmaudiug. Twenty-suvemb rcgimont Virginia Volunteers. Cdonel Gordon, absent, Lieutenant Gdcnui Echols commanding. Thirty-third regiment Virginia Voluuleeia, C'oiouei A. C. Gumming.-' commanding. Under Ceneral Lee, consisting of a part of his own and a part or Colonel Bartow's brigade:? Seventh regiment Georgia Veluuteors?Partow's. Eighth regiment Georgia Volunteers?Harlow's. Second regiment Mississippi Vol uu leers?lice's. Fourth regiment Alabama Vulunteois?hue's. Sixth regiment North Carolina Voiunteors?Leo's. Two companies Eleventh Mississippi Volunteers?? Pec's. E. R. Smith's brigrde:? Tenth reginftnt Virginia Volunteers, Colonel Elsey. TlUrdreginiKiit Tennessee Volunteers. Maryland Volunteers. llAITKRlSS IN ACTION, Colonel Pendleton's?Four pieces. Captain Imbodau's?Four pieces. Captain Alburtl'8?Four pieces. 4 Captain Stauard'E?Four pieces. ' Llvutouant Beckham's?Four pieces. CAVALRY. Colonel J. F. B Stewart, with twelve companies. I cannot lurnish the strength of the regiments, companies, &c. Respectfully, your obedient servant, THOMAS G. RHE1T, Acting Adjutant General. Colonel Thomas Joiipan . Acting Adjutant General, First corps, Army of the Potomac. Incomplete Return of the Kehel Forces at HaauiMi - PISTRIBITION OF T1JLK AJiMV OF T1IB POTOMAC. To Oenerul .fomc.?TON, Commander-in-Chief, headquarters, Duncan's House:? FIRS* CORPS. '4 General Beauregard, commanding. Headquarters, Weir's house. First Brigade?Brigadier General Bonham, commanding. Violins, on lxiudou and Hampshire Railroad. Second S .nth Carolina (Kershaw's), Third (Williams'), Seventh (Bacon), Elgh'h (Cash); Kemper's battery, six guns attached. Second Brigade?Brigadier General Enroll, commanding. Xear Union Mills. Fifth Alnbama (Rhodes), Sixth (S"ibe!s),Thirteenth iLieutenuut Cuiouel OHara) ,1 welrth Mississippi (Grittith). Third Brigade?Brigadier General D. R. Jones, commanding. Corny behind the Hraddock road and east of road (rum Union Mills to Centreville. Fourth South Carolina (Sloan's), Filth (Jenkins )., Sixth (Winder's), Ninth (Blsndlng'b). Fourth Brigade?Brigadier General Lcngstreet, commanding. At and about Centreville. First Virginia (Moore), Seventh (Kemper'n, Eleveutb (Garland's), and Seventeenth (Corse's); Hhiold s battery attached. Firth Brigade?Colonel Cocke, commanding. Beyond Cub run, on road to Cet>trcvt1lo froid Suspension bridge. Nineteenth Virginia (Lieut. Col. Strange), Eight?nth (Withers).Twenty eigeih (R.Prcetoa),Forty-nintlt (Wn?. , Smith); Latham's battery attached. Sixth Brigade?Brigadier General Early. commanding. Camp Wigfatl. to the right of General 8. Jones' brigade, ana lie.ir w n< oimi s nouse. Firui norm uiroiuia (sscHoe^, Kiovemh (Kirkkuid), "Uoke'' Twenty rourth Virginia (Lieut. Col. Uaiiwiou). Seventh Brigade?Brigadier General Swans, woimuiin p. Two mtitu AVwsi of Centreviiie. Seventh Mlestaifippt, Thirteenth (Barksdale), Seventeenth (Fcatherstone), Eighteenth (Burt). Kigliih Brigade Sixth Lenta iana - (Seymour), Eighth (Kelly), Seventh (Hays), Vluth (Taylor),special Lotusl*na battalion (Wheat's). Detached rommand of First Oorpa?Walton's loutalana artillery, thiriaan pieces,naar Mitchell's Ford; Hunter's Eighth Virginia regiment, lees' '\rjg-. Hampton Legion, Hrsntsville cavalry, Col. Radford; " >ud Virginia roglia?at, sis coin pantos, at Vienna, mtn First brigade (Donham's), Lieut. Col. Hurford.i itir companies saas regiment, at Centreviiie, with Fourth brigade (Longstreet's). aaroxs court?<w mr, jorxmww. First Brigsdo?Brigadier GeneralJackson, -msllDdiny. Camped l>oi ween Ceutrevilteandc?t , antew.i.on er hear the rend. Thirty-third Virginia v tummm f), Second (AIIon's), Fourth (Prastoc'S). HiTh (Harper , tiidTwentyseventh (Gordon's); Venn Wen's art dairy allSdbed^Jeui. McLaughlin, commanding. Second Brigade?Brigadier General 9. loner, otiimam!ing. Headquarters,Smith's house. Camp at ridgo between Busby branch and Bull run,called *Carrp Harlow, separating Camp Walker from Camp Wgt..lL Kevenlh Georgia, kighih Georgia, Ninth Georgia, llevenlh Georgia, First battalion Kentucky (Lieut. Col. Clairbone), Albania' battery attached. Third Brigade?Brtgadior General Whiting, eonamanding. Beyond llillford's, across Broad run and north of Intersection of Greenwich road with road to Gainavtlle. Eleventh Mississippi (Moore), Second (Faulkner),Sixth Kentucky cavalry (Lieut. Col. l.igbtfool), First Tennessee (Timer), Fourth Alabama (Cn'pt. Goldiby); linboden'a battery attached. Fourth Hrigsde?Brigadier Gene ml Ftiey, commanding, at Fairfax station, with Tenth Virginia ami Thirteenth ?. 'I he First Maryland and Third Tennessee at Fairfax Court Uoutt, company C, artillery, attached. K?n?n mar*. Firib Brigade?Colonel K?r nvy, commanding. Two rig inent* about ba.f a mile o irtb'if llreelln nation; remainder oat aud ft ba!f or two mil** further bark, 10 eamo direction, to right and r?ar of Wbit.Bf brigade. T*t lb Alabama (Llaul Col Martin), fiineteeuib Mmeieetppi (Molt), t.ctcnib Alabturift (Moore), thirty eigbth Firg r.la (Funohitoc), Nnleteenlb Virglo.a (Cftdmua tVllcni) Palter* attached, Capt. ?tanard'e. 1 Piath Brigade?Tocnibr'?Ccl tVilllftm*, commanding ( nip Walker, near lluB'U'i boote. Fuel regiment Georgia regu.ar* (Wiiiinme), fifteenth regiment Georgia rniuBiee'a (Tbomaa). utriun rrMnajiD. Cot (1. B Stuart. First Virginia cavalry, Falrfai Court Route 1 Chfti. Dillon Wltkei to Knttr tit* Secret Service of the Kebtle. The toilowmg letter n.Uins lUeif ? Orrona 11, INT. General 0 T Beiranouo-w Sin?The bearer, Cbarleo Ptllon, of the Twelfth Mieeitttlppl, hat )'irt brought noma late paper*, wh c.b may be intereatiog In yon. lie baa a pro|?eitr>n 10 make la refereoce to waichirg the raemy, wbirb I tbougbt might bo of imporiar.ee to brlDg to your notice. They (ho and three ecmradet) hare been erouting around and about SprlngOeld, and I hero alwaye found tbero reliable. Ha prrpeeea now to ge into Alexandria, and I advieod him te ere you, id order, If you wub him to do an, that bla exertioDt mey be proporiy directed. Hoyiettfuil^^^ [Sequel?n iari#e DtUen waa eingbt and hilled as * py -Ir. Hiftaut) Trenblaa In the Rebel Qaartermsiter*! Dtpartm(itl>Gentral Do it ha in to Denetal Beanngard. Noreunea IT, INI. Gtneaii ?t tend Capl. Oolmea with tome paper* for your taepoctloo My tran*p< nation ta not eufficlcnt now,bet each a* It la I procure it tn.vacif through my own offlcare.and h ire ti.rned orer mora than 1 originally got from the department. I truat the efficiency of my brigade will not be permitted to be tbiia destroyed, but your order* will control. Tonrn, eery reepoclfully, If. L. BUNHAM General UaarnacAau. 1 Major Bgubonr'a Complaint. Gear Gnaoo, I Qr**mwAer*a'ft PerAtmtnrr, August IS. INI. f CumuL?l hat* deferred bringing to your official notice a eery rerloae obet ruction to my a-rangemonte tbr implying Ihia command with forago and tr.i importation fftLilttiee, ar.elng front the tuiautliorired and mandatory topping of my train* by pereone dinning to he In as hnpiiv > nit or other uuartermaatere or officer* of (ho army, In The hope that furlber ooraekme wood not occur, and your attention need not, therefor*, be mIM to 11. . Home day ?r (wo ago twenty wagoaa cad (name en rvul* to tbia camp, hired br one of my aceat* la (be unpor roord'*. wore aloppdd. and their deattnatioa chaaped. and (boy hare aot yet lieea receded. Th ?u."Tlnj one of my teamatcra reporla (hat hia wa#on,rontnli;lny corn for tlila oanp, waa met at the towa of ormantewD and tarne<l bark by the Thirteenth Mlaalr#Ippi reyinieal, aril be <x mpelled to drive bio toed to L-errory. wlierr plenty of com waa found, tie waa then Riemiaee l, and only arrived thh mornina, alter an ab.-.ence of mi tUya. Very respectfully. fcr., AI.t'RF.D M 11 \UItO< B. Major, (tuarterniuater kn-Chier, C. 8. A. Gen M. t . Bi in**, Cotnmaiuiinf. General ItnntianTa Railenrmrnt, t r??p rtfu ly fbrwi rd (hia by Major Harbour hlm.*elf. I remo'iatmt i efair.at. aurb a conrro of oordict on the part "i Mhwrj and If *r'borlrajet are tio( pel a etop to