20 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6

20 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 6
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4 % WTTATlOUt 1VAHTKD-FOI1LEI. I A*~OH*MAN Y0UI>0 WOMAN WANT8 A SITUATION I to do H< Uiml hi work; U an esirlleiit < ua?, waidier and Iroatr A!*o. a usriuaii ai.nw and * amstreaa. Al o, a bun br ot . civil, cauatdr ctrls. for all cap c Ilea; wn-oa moderate Ai M ltd. KLOYO H large iusLlata, earner of UiA at and 6th sr. a TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS J\ chambermaid sad seamsc as; understands all kinds of Ibmily aowia*; haa goou ilty referenee. Call at itlBockell t. between Mkcta and Columbia, B ooklyu. AKKSI'EATAIIEj-J UKKMAN OIlUi WISHES TO OO to Europe wan a tainily, b> twe u this anil Ma> 1, aa ai.r e or ,?am stress. and to make hetse f In over) way awe nal; she is Dot subject losaa ?icaiieea,*ud iafondof andkln I Isentldren; no wag< a re mirad. Can be seen tor one mouth at he: ure.-eut etcpljver's, where ahe will be highly re.ouiatead.d. Call at or address t>7 W sWainu at, tx.l vtin enry and Clinton sis., Kouth Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMberma;d and to assist in washing, or would late cat e of prow it :b I ren. Excellent city reler. uce. Call at Sit) old We , m ar dbth St ADr.ESKM.VKEK, FULLY COMPETENT AND WEI L rec uno-ended, can so oinruodate a few more families, by tbo day, or at her own house. Orders promptly ui.e J. niit'i n< 1. r ante. Address Miss C. A., station U, Broadway, amr Thirty- lint street. ABESPECTABI.E YOUNO WOMAN WAXTSASITUAton as good cixib. Good cite rel reucc from lier last pla-c. Cult at 3S6 Jd ar., tear 3bth si. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as ill., moei maul and w:tl f, or 'o do ei.aiiibei work aDd Kite sewing; can al.o do nil kinds f embroi d ry. ball for o days at 131 Weal -lib st. between 8th and 8;a avs., * aaeotid l!o ir. AYOt'NU GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAMIn rmaid and n.ro s or as cook, washer and ironer in small private /'amllv. Good city relercnce. Can be seen lor two uays at I28U West 29 b at., top i.oor, irout room. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY, OP INTELLIGENCE AND _/\. amiability. would I ke to obtain a situation as housekeeper. Address Mr.. B: yan. station F, lor two day a. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yo.iin, n email. to take ibarge of a store room la a hotel, for which shi s inlly coiuiKirnt, baviug i ad ten jian, espo trace in a first etase ho.ef. The best refereooe. 0..11 on or address M. F., A5 Wis. 18th at., beiweeu bib and 6lh ays. AUDY WISHES TO FIND A PLACE FOtt UEU seamstress. w utn ane can recomuirn l as a very u si faithful sewer; is willing to do light ch: une work. Can be men at her present t uip.oyer's, 40 Wcat 47ta ?t., on Thursday and Friday. A SITUATION WANTED?B If A RESTKCTAELH young girl, as chambermaid, waiter and to do p.ain swing, or g icral boo* tvoik in n s.i.all Tamil-. IV best of city refe.et.ee. Call for two (lay* at .'oO Ea?llolu (., moo:.a Hour, f.out room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGilcb a.rl, ju*t arrived; ha* lived a* cook in England; an Wa.il an.l 1.0:1 well, Ca.1 at 144 West I.0J1 sr., uctwecu 7tn mad 8th av*. ASITUVriON WASTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO rto general Lo ise.vrr r; is au excellent waAier and trooer: would he willing to do ohninberwori and lakceaie Ot children; i* willing and ouliaiu*; heat of city relerom 1 from Iter laa' place. Call at 607 3d a*., between lint and 42 1 U, third floor, bach r om. A PROTECTANT girl wishes a situation as cuaiiiuerniald and Waitress; Mould not object to do line waahlrtg aud ironing; good city relet once. Cad at 137 Wt*i 17til at., between 7tli and 8th ar?. AS CHILD'S NUREE.?WANTED, BY A RESPECT? able woman, a >1.nation as child'* nurse; under lands the care of a child from r.a birth; has lour years' reference from her .ust piace; no objectiou to the country. Can be seeu till suited at 40 Wea; 13Ui St., in mo rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cook and to assist in wash ng; no objection to Ty or country; b-?t reference from her la-t piace. wall at 2177th av , between 23th and flbtb Bis. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS lauudres* 111 some aoo'i family; I* fully capable; best eliy reference. Call at 1311 West 13lo ?t., in the rear, fcr two ?wya A YOUNG GIBL WISHES A SITUATION AS CIIAM bermaid and waitress or to t?ke rare of children and ?iii t in a. win,'; neat city reference. (. all at 76 bp.-lng at.. * war Br- ad way. ARE.SPECTAHLE TOONO GIRL WISHES A SITU Ation m chambermaid uiitwnitrfM r uurse an t i-eamBn'iw: would do waiting; no objection lo the conn'ry for the saaamer months; ia vv-ui i;; to make t rr?elf uaeful. Call for Isao days a; 133 Sib at, Clinton place, room 13. Best city re(Breocc. ANUKfiE 3 SITUATION WANTED ?THE ADVERT!, ait ha? had ten yearn' rip: ream-, and ia fully compe. lent to take charge of an infant :r<>m its birth : unexreuti' abb reference. Call at 333 6th av., between 21st and 33d tie. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and lroner, or to do housewtMk. Call at 86 East Warren at-. Broohl; n, A8ITUATI0N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do fueral housewrrk; Is a good washer and Irroer, is very kind to rhilarcn. and has good city refesaner If required. Apply for two dara at JUtT East l&lh St., ytrner of 1st st , second door, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO GO JOl out sewing by the bay, week or mouth; e n cut and at liases a.nl tmn-fer Insertion. lias 19 mouths' city reference. Apply ct 'AW Ea-* 15th at., corner of 1st ar., second floor, wout room, for two days, A BITUATION WAKTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAR A ried woman, to w. t nurse a child, where she can hare ?r baby with her; has a good breast of milk: wages not so muefa an ob icet as a borne. Good rsferenee giren. Call for two days at 333 WeatSCth St., Mrs. Dunisen's. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A A situation sa oonk; la an e*<ellrnt baker and understands fear bwnaens thoroughly; would aaslst^wlib the washing and Ywnlng; can gtre the heat cltr reference. Call for two days MU l/nton court, between lltbaod 13th at., University place. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamberwork and waiting or chambermark and rials sewing; baa the beat of nty and country re*batua?. Call for two days at M East 13th at., between 3d lad Uh are. A TO UNO AMERICAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION to take care of children and do plain sewing or chamber ark: has no objection to tha country. Call for two days MMWiiiCle. Good reference from last piece, A SITUATION WAICTBD?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, aa a dm class cook; understands her business tboro><ghwin all its branches; la an excellent baker of i.r.n.1 mi toe. aadtialso understands ih- rare and management of milk and better; has no objection to the country; would u*!il in washing and ironing if required; baa throe years' reference. Apply 'M Ttb nr., between ISJth and 21at ata A situ att05 wanted?BY A protestant girl, aanurae and seamstress; la competent to uke the entire tharge ' a young baby. Haa good city reference. Can be aeen to dar, and the remainder of the wek. at her laet place, Kaat .?Ah it, between Madison and Sth sea. A8ITI ATION WASTED?BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, TO do rhamberwork and take care of children. City relcnaw Apply at 53 Tlilary at., Brooklyn. A REBrBCTABLK PROTECTANT WOMAN WISHES A A eituatiou aa wet nurse. Apply at 238 W eat 13th at., top A situation wanted?by a touno rtlrl, to do eham'ierwork and plain aewlug.?ud Is fend of children; baa good refrrer.ee from her last pi* e. Call fur two days at an Bast 31th at., in the store. A situation wanted?by A respectable JBl yoi.Uk cirl, to doseneml housework or take rare of tfU'drrn. Call at 306 Wret rdth at. A SITUATION WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROtea aut girl, to do general housework; la a good cook, sraahrr *nd iron< r. haa good city reference. Can be aeen fur two days at IM 3d as., be: wren 17th and lSih ata. A situation wanted-by a TOUNO girl, AS wattrera and chambermaid; has t h* best o' city refeaeno . no objactton to go a ahort^aaunce In the country. Cad at Ml 7th sr., in the faarj^lore, between 3d and nth au. a situation wanted?by a respectablr A girl, 11 do general huuaswort In a private family; heel af raierrn w from her laet place. Can be aeen for two days ? 87 Main St.. Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RE8PECTABLE GIRL, to do the plata rooking of a aanall fsm.lv, or to do ebami>erw,>rk, wai'lng and plain sewing. Good city refe* pears from her .eat place. Call for two days at !M eth ar., Cap ttoor. ir .at room. ARESPECTABLB WOMAN WMSEH TO TAKR IN washing or to go out by the day. Call at MS 3d av., bag wees bill, and Mtb ata., back room, top Boor. 4 nitlation wanted?bt a resprctablb A yvang woman, aa oook and to aaaiat in washing sod rwalng. la a private family. Olty reference from her last |ilao?. Gaa be seea for two days at 71 Weal SOth at, near 4 TOUNO UIML WANTS A SITUATION TO OO TEA A veiling with * lady or family, or would go aa stewards A ?f a wesmsblp. Can give g Hid etty refere urea Call at 37 Nark a*.. room No. t, Brat Door, betw een the hours of 3 tad B Wam-k A MEM'ECTABLR MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A A all latum ?a?rt nurne. Can be aeea for Iwe days al B West scui si, between Mb sad Mb era A SITUATION WANTED?BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS Brfl <v in WAIteAAaan l eh.ml?.Id dm ? <fld a. ... tat In Ana wanking and Inning; la obliging and neat In her ark. Ovud ohy rtf'raa t from tar laat plares. Can ba mm Mr two day* at lit hMwaan 7th aadlU araa. 4 lomo oirl. latt.lt nio* Ireland, wishes, a situation a* chambermaid and In dn plain anelog^or Bdo general b-maework; the c>untrj preferred. CaU at 37b VM aw*., batwosa SM ana Stu* au. 4 to oho scotch oirl wants a situation to A An ehemberwork or waR'ag, nr to do chnmberwark and tafca ntra af children, no objection to go la tha country. SUat KMTtb ar., naarbtth at A torho oirl w1she8 a situatioh as coo* ; is a i...*id wastmr and Ironeri la also a good 'mkar. fiaa (fee kaet ofelty reference. Can be aaan fur two dare at 177 taltk . Bnokljn Acompbthht woman wahts a SITUATION: It a good cook; can make fond bread and pattry Can mm* wail re. ounierxted from tier laat place. Can be seen Mr two dayaatllA 7tk ar., corner of 14th at, aerond goor, front re n?n. A REAPEOTAS IE WOMAN WISHES A CHI LO TO wet mine at tar uwa rraMeoce. (food reference givaa. I for ta.j days at IHH Amity at. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS LAUNA dmae, toy a reepee table young woman, who uauaraunda pi lie br*n?hre. no obj-ction lo do obambrrwork aod waittag; la nral and tidy In her habits and a Prutea aot. Can tee ike beat af clij reference. Call for two day* at 77 Court at, Brooklyn, between Atlantic and 1'aatHc, la tba fane; Mure ASlTUATIOli WANTED-ET A TOCHO WOMAN, TO enok,waab andiron audio crneral houaewora. In a eall 'amity. r|ty ref r, nee Call for twu day a at IIS Blita k at, front basement. T EESPBCTASLE PROTESTANT WISNRS A SITU A A- lion to dn several housework In a an.all pr ?aia faml Mj no abjection to r> a abort Haianee la the . ooa'ry good mtr TtX*aenr.. if ra^nlred. Cell far two days at H Went SNA St.. third door, bv k wo n. A KITl ATIOM WAITED?BY A foTlsa OIRL, TO W |wu children Mil dv tU.n new.ug Stall si lid fib dr. N] BITT A T I OM 8 \V A N T ED?F EH A LE?j. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL CO .Wed), u do g.-ncral house*o. k hi a fa nJ'.r of " J these per* .us; she is of gn>d dl p Hun and can 'i>?? *' ' 1 ree. mm?iided; Urge wages not -o mucii o an cb ' t as * ' fit lone; prefers living to Brooktiu. Call at *** Fuitun av , between CWrmont sr. and Adeluhi at.. Oetwesn the bourn uf lb end 2. AYOFWO W(\MA\ WANTS A SITUATlOIf^AB C'V K < M?d ;o in ura-hn^ a i lrtH.i %0iL i? ,v''*n# to take a launarrow * plac?*; dtjr refexeoec. Call tor two day at *7# 3d a*., u.ar tid at. ' A SITU ATION WANTED?AS CHAMHERMAID AND to do tine ivaab.n : an 1 Limine, <" as tsoi.dr i-s, al?o a eUatnb. riii.il ! and ier.i ess; no . I'je. t.. n to go a short dnt I tunc, in the country; beat nit/ reierenoe. Can be seen for two days at lit West 19tli at. A LADY WOULD LIKF. TO GET 8ITUATTONR FOR I two exueUeut girls: one as rook, washer an I lrimer, ' tl.e oihei aachauile.iuaiU and waitress. Call at ltd) West I ad st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOM AN, AR gn.nl ji.&i'i cook; widing to a?sl-t in the washing and in mug; no objection to go a short distance lu the country. Call st 77 West Wib at., between tftb and 7th avs., front b?"' menu AYOl'NO LADY WIRHE3 A SITUATION TO TAKE care of a naby or do ii'.ain sevt tag, or to o tons at with [ tb M .sh ng and Iron ug. Can be seen for two days at 42 | East Hit at., between Madison and ilb a vs. AYOL'NO WOMAN WISUEfl A SITUATION AS nt ainberni i.il and waitress, or would do cl ainherwork and take cart- of chlldr n: understands all kind- o upstairs work, U will ng and obi g nr. Has good city reference from her aal place. Inquire at 61 Bail.est., between Uoyl anl Smith sis., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED AS GOOD PLAIN COOK?BY a respectable girl; la an eacclicul washer i nd Ironer, a [ good bread and biscuit maker. The be t of city reikierne [ given. Call for two days at io7 t h St., between 1st and 2d [ area. A MIDDI.E AGED WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS J\ roolttn in all it^brnuehi a; la a good bak r of bread, blue.' t, roles: no objection to the country; is willing to assut with ib? washing and ironing, or to do the entire hou-evrork f two r thrc in family; a l ermai.ent home desired icoie than U gti tva.cv, see no comp.ny. Call at 27D Rpiing at., a few doors West from II idron. ARESPEt TABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANT3 A 8ITU ationo n i encral housework In a . mall prlva'e family; ha* tier, y best of c.tv rid erence from her ia tem, I*'.,y. Can for tuteo days at 12s VI c.?ti?. a sc ua lloo. lr nt o an. AS COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, AND CHAMBBRnial'l and ivsl ii" .?Two girts, li I. compttrul for li, ur d ma. desire sit auons in city or country ; one a good c> k and cx.eiicnt natber and livier, mas.es nice bread and pan rms'ry; ti.e other . neat person for up stairs work. Ap! ply at 676 Oih av., first boor, fiout room. V8 COOK ?WA> TKD, A SITIV.TH If tR COOK, BY A J ri'ipeouble woman; understands alt sinda of soups; Is an c-e llent bread and biscuit Inker- ado of all kinds ot pi.s and cake; willing to assist in washing; wRti"g logo in the country or in a boarding Loose, besi uty reference. Call | :.i V, i n 'An.' dl fi st first n,,use from fith ar. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. ' to rook, * ash and Iron In a Drlvate family; the best of > ity retereucr. Call for t-.ro day* at XSG Bridge St., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GERMAN 1 woman, to do chamberwork or cook, a It and iron; city a reference. Apply lor two days at 3d Crosby at. AL1DY WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION FOR an educated German girl, to take charge of children, kw t or companion to a Udy. Apply to J. B. Htion, 303 Broadway. ~\ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE a young woman, as chambermaid and wultrcis, or ssaiat f in tvush nior Ironing: hat no o jectlmts to go a abort dis- tl ttnioo In tt.c country; the beat city reference from her but employer. Can be aeen for tw o days at Hi East 37th at., llrat o Boor, front room. . I SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG c _f V. ttlrL its nurse and chamlern.aid, or woulJ do chamberwork and wa Ung in a tmtl family. Good '-try reference i from her last place. Call until suited at 112 7th ave., near 2lat stri ct. I A WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, WITH A A. li tie girl eighty-ars old. us _ood cook; would make I herself generally useful. Call for two days atlilU avenue A. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM- ,b, beruiald and waitress <T to take care of children and lo sewing; no objection to go in the country. Be?t of e ly ~ reference. Call at 2i3 West 16th St., betwt en 7th a..d 8th 1 avenues. rt A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD ^ A cook, washer and iron i; no objec.ion to do general hpusrw'irk. Be?t ol city reference. Call for two days at 23 T State a'., Brooklvn. ' : : 03 i SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, * ft to rook, wash and iron, in aam.ttl private family; is a K?d plain cook, Lr>: rate w .taher and irouer. and good baker. t <t city rmerence from her last place. Call at 127 G.cen I w.eh av. . d. A S HOUFEKEEPKR-BY AN ACTIVE WOMAN. A " A member oi the Episcopal church, a situation wanted, ) wid be foi.nd valuable help; la capable of taking chaise ot ' any geuilrmau a family; 1* eipc rtenced in cooking and baking u in its various forms. R ttcrcnoe from her last employer. cl Address for two data E. M. C., Union square Post office. 2i A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE 1 young woman, to do chamberwork and waiting, would have no objection to do general housework in a small f.vml- * ly; la a good washer and kroner. U od city reicrencc If re- * quired. Can be Men at 416 West Kith ah, between 8lh and 10th ivt, for two days if not engaged. T| A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS C first clasa seamstresa; no objection to do chamberwork; ? uo objection to go in the country. Can come well recom- "1 mtirtAi-A Ar>nll at 17R A* K*-tWi>pn 2')l K And 30th ntfl.. for 1 two daya. S A row a WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS GOOD "1 plain ecnk and excellent waatier and ironer: would do ' honaework t a <mill private family; ia willing and obliging; f no objection to go to the country. Three yeara* city reie- C rone*. Call lor two daya at Si Eaat 41 at at., near Lexlng- tl ton ae. ~ A TO I'NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS PLAIN ^ cook, waaher and ironer; baa no objection to go a abort 01 diatauce In'.be country. Call for two daya at 109 loth at, be- ft ween lat an 1 2d art ? A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN W18IH9 A SITU- "I ation aa^?.'d oook ond launcreaa; underaui . all kind < of fam ly baitin;;; vrou.d go aa laundrtt* la a prlva:- family: baa the beat ?[ n ; re'r -c fr >m h r ia?T place, f'a.l ;W J", two daya at2Sfi III - s St., Scuta Brooklyn. t< A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WISHR-i A SITUATION "1 aa uarar to g to Ln^ ar. ;; r jcld take eare ..f eblldi* a ' or tak .%.iy ether alt icti n-m r vagc. ( all for tiro daya v; at 71 lorayti at., be wet n Hti'j r an J urand t'%. J AN AVEK. > NUN v LADY IS MHIS > Ofc talking a sin.?i ten a* houfttkecper in ft hotel or i/rivtt. in- Y mily, is ib rtectlycon; patent to take ftill charge. Adi!re*? J. * r., or call at 272 We?t 36th ?t, from 10 till 4, for olc week. lh i in A SITUATION WANTED-in the CITY or coun k' try, by a respectao.a, induatnoua girl, to do good plain cooking or general homework; ts a neat, economising and l obbclnc .errant; an exegnent waaher ond Ironer. Highly ' recommended. Apply at 121 Atlantic at., Brooklyn bCOOKS SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT ? woman, aa brat claw rook In a on rate family, wbrra thea?rr. ei of a thorough cook are renutred, either In the I city urcount 1 ho weaning, but ail kmat of good American, ' Prcnrb and Eng'.mh evoking and baking. Firm tlaaa city rci'erenrea for character and ability. Cab at or adureaa 2IW Eaat >1/1 Hat at. Housekeepers or seamstress' situation ' wantad?By rd American vtMow lady, where abe tan un :i email room to berielt. tompi nwilon no object, but ? u good home. Addreaa S. S. 8., Herald o3ke, for two uaya, Z mil ng perticalare. ^ HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY AN }? Ameriear, lady, who hu had long eiprrlence: or would " toko cure* of the etch. May b? aern tor two day at 110 A: Piwe at. \tIRS KELLY WISHER EMPLOYMENT, AT DRERS- " 1\1 making; la a rood Utrr, and goat out by tiie day, 75c. a: a day, or per. week. Call at IK) Eaat Sd at. B SEWING WANTED?BY A COLORED WOMAN; IH A 1 good ahlrtmaker. Inquire for A. Van Dycka, 90 99th ' at, in the rear, up a'.aire. cl CJITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG *? O woman, aa chambermaid or wallreaa In a mall private *' family. B< ?t "ity r?r*renrea Can be aeon for two dava at Z 111 waat 2dtb at. comer of 7ih ar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOCNO OUT., TO DO O cbamberwork, fine waahlng and Ironer; or aa aurae and ? plain "ewer. City reference from her Uatplaee. Call at 77 " Greenwich are., In the rear. ~ SITUATION WANTED-BT A SCOTCH WOMAN, AN } oook; understand* cooking In all Ita braaehea and bah- y lag; naderataada the earring op of party dinner* thorough- ' ly. Two yrari' < Ity reference from bar preecnl plaer. Ap- ~ ply at U86;h nr., top front room. 1 SITUATION WAITED?GT A RESPECTABLE TOCN<* r< woman, aaxu^ and eaamatraaa, can do the taeat of P mnhrotdtmy. Ber ?f city refareacea gtmi. Call for two I daya at IM Waat Mth at. 1 SITU ATION9 WANTED-BT TWO YOUNG girls; one aa chambermaid and waitress-. the other aa nook or P! to do general housework; both with meet la eoalamily. Z Be.i city raferenoa*. Call at 195 Beat 111 at ^ Situation wantbd-bt a respectable young woman, to do waiting and ebaraberwork or houeewc., k * In a email family City references. Can be ieen at Ml Went I Mb at., near 8th are, .top door. fj SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE OIEL. TO ? do general houeeworfc la a nitrate family. Beat of city _ referen-a giren. Call for two daya at 591 Greenwich st? -a roar, third door \ SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO il woman, aa aret naree. with a fraab braaat of milk; baa r no object on to go to the country, beat reference can be giver tall for toro day* at 117 Uroonwlck ?v, bathroom, ? SI TV ATI Of WAKTKD-BY A RERPBCTA BLR TOCNO ? Ctrl, ucook or laundiwet; kw lirod with the boot of J?- ? ml Mo*. Call a! Ml CoUaahlarft between Cart and PreaMt at. Broohlrn. 1 SITUATION WANTED?BY A BRRPB<"TA BLB YOVNO * W"m?n M took, wA*h*r?hd li oner. Bret city referen t. , tall At Bo. a ilenry at. eonor of Hamilton av., South Brooklyn. SITVATIOB WABTRD-BY A YOl'BO OTRL, TO DO _ l,..n.''*rwork t.r plain tewing, or light bouaework Inn f amall fam'ly. < At. for two day* only At ?44 Weot 37th *4, ' Brat floor, j UITVATIOB WANTKD-BT A EESrP.t TAM E YOt Nti \ tj *<>iuau, t<> tak* r?? ot children and to do plain waring, and la milieu to make h. raelf u? ful Vail at Ut Court at. c betwMS I'oof ret and Amity eta., Brooklyn. 11TABTBp-A PITTATION, IB A SMALL PRIVATE T family, to do retooal hou?e* irk or cla^ to araiet In I w? ,) in : and Ironr g an to do tip *tatr* work. Can be aetu ' at her laat plact, 104 Maotiouga. at WANTPD-A SITVATIOB, BT TRBNPHCTABUR , wi.'uw woman, aa plana cooe, w?aher and iron#r, in A private family. Call a< lit Macdoapu at, to the rtar. , WKT BCRHR-RITI ATION WAStPD. IB T?|B nhovr <ep?< l?. bf a ra?|ir< (Able ir. rr?. I woman. In ? 1 Wl? it* f.t wHi i Ir. ah I eat t o' m . > n yr nei r. I be Wlibi't l? mhm? fgrn?'-i.ly of. I 'an u Ata Jla .tlao-till Ajui aa J, EW YORK HERALD, THP SITUATIONSWASTK^r BMALE8U IITANTED?BY AN^ASIERICAN LADY A SITUATION ?? ?? Ouu?iami<| tr ma nr?i r'a-a truant bonae, wh.va the could u?> 4>aiu' rooms in puytu ut lor her services, I ?f wonld uik" charge of a ha h lor'a or w.dowar a UonaiA. Ad- i ireaa ouara?per, lx>i UN Herald ufflce, fur two daja _ A\rANTED? A SITUATION BY A COMPETENT YOUNG M wu:.4ii aa a first cat cbamtern aU . would have no wiacUon lo 1??.' euro of children Ha* llvrd ai* jeaialu tier Uat n ace, aod can furuu-U the *a y beat of <-?l> releroute. Caa be moo lor two dura at A2 lllh at., between WO tod 6th ava. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Wt MAS. A SITU atein to <!n kpuc itl h naevork far a small private Family. Good city rel renoe. Coii at 3.9 Di an at., Brooklyn. AIT"ANTED?BY A YOUNQ GIRL, A SITUATION AS ?T cli.rabermalit and walt.ru, or to tak ' . are of children and do plain sewing, baa .lved elev. o years io h r last place. Call at 2931st av., between I7th and 13th ?u , in the fancy store. WANTED?P.Y A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAliou a< nurse and chambermaid; la willni.5 to mar.e berae.i generally uaeiuL Inquire at ISA 7lb ave , second Boor. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL, A ltual'on ut br.1 r..tr took; understands Kr nm t.nd Ainerlcan cook ng to the beat sty la. C m give two yc.u s oily retrreuce from h< r last place. Caa bo aeon lor two days at 292 lal are., third floor, room No. 9. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE It yo aig woman, to cook, wash and Iron in a small private family. Good .,ty rrler uce given if requtn d. Can bo seen fur two day* at 17 West AWn at., between jtli anu 6tli avenues. WANtED-BY A RESPECTABLE C1P-L, A SITUanon as cook, w&soer and ironer, it to do general house tvoj k, id a \ r vale family; g.od rel'vrcocc. Inquire fur tw o ays at 8A Wyckoff at, Brooklyn, third floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU" atiou as uurse, la .wC'irtotu. d to bi'iiigiii? up children with the bottle, or can lake charge ol thorn trom their birth; cun take can or' a lady In her i o idnvment. orassisl in chainher work; good city rrfcrtnce given. t.'a.lat 370 2d av., second door, back room. \ \\T A NT ED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A VV nit ,ailo;< U) do genei*! housework. Cull for two days i at 326 9th ay., top Boor, , i \\TANTBD?A, SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COOK' VV cither in the c ly or country. Cau come we.l re om" meiiili d. C.ih !or Knee tiny a a- dij ffcfct 16th !. VyANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI'AVV tun as chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of BhtlJr n and do miu iiv; ho o ijecliou to go a shoi t distance u the country. Good reference. Call lor two days at 6J7 i fib av , near IS'.b St. i WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE AND CIIAMbonnaid, or as waitress In a respecia'jie family; bom of aty reference giTco. Can tie wen for two days at 199 Wist !6tn at., ot tween8th and 9th av?. WAN'fED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a" cook, washer and Irouer, or would iave no objection to do general hous- work. Beet of city efcrence giv< n if r. i| bred. Call at 17 Sheriff St., up stairs, | rout room, tor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A PROTESTANT GIRL. I t. do chaiuberwork and assist In the washing and lon.ng, r>r to do general housework for a small private lamly; is a,,eod wiishei and Ironer. O >od city reference. Call it wj West 19th st, in ibe easement, lor two days. t rXTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 81TUA" ' m tton as nurse. Good city reference. Call at 362 Put" on St., Brooklyn. III AN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE PERSON. A SITU A- ' TT lion as aeamstress; understands .ireBStnakiug. cutting nd fitting laeies' and cl.P.drcu's dresses and ail kinds of a amliy sewing; 110 objectiou to lake tare of growing chit- j iren. Call at 49 Main at., Brooklyn. Best of city reference. iy ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girl, as c-iok, washer and irontr. No objnlions to go a t hurt distance in the country with a private family. Beat of t :ity reference given. Inquire at 335 9tli av. iy ANTED?BY A MARRIED WOMAN WITH A FRESII TV breast of milk, live * < . us old, a situation us wet nurse. g las no objection toy o in the country. Can be seen for two r lavs, at 231 East 12th St., third flour. > iy ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNG WOMAN, A 1 VV situation to do general homework In a small private ' ttuily, or to take care of children and do plain sewing. The ti est ni city rrferen'e can oe given. Call at 525 6th av., be- ? vocn 31st and 32 1 bis. ^ irET NURSE.?WANTED, A SITUATION AS WET p r T nurse, by a respectable married woman, from her own a< fc?drin.e, 116 Alott si., in the rear, first Moor. Call for two di EL , 17ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A \ IT siiuaib n a* aoarustresu or nurse; 1* <ap.ible of taking ei ire of a baoy from it* birtb. Rofereucw if required. Gail 7i i ?3 Wt?t 27th an, b' t ween fcth and 7111 avea. ? ITANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR ^ 'V to take cnre of children and aew oy a respectable r< 3c.DC woman. Beat of reference. Can be seen lor two ~ Ijra at 108 Eiat lllb at. "1 ITANTED?BY *A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN C IT a s.luation ai chambermaid and to do flue washing nd Irouioj; can d > French tinting; or aa 1;.undress; heat of 1 ty reference. '"oil lor two day* at 111 East il?l *L. between ' 1 and 3d art., *ec< nd floor, front room. h jV"ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS B ft cock; understands her business In all Its branches: 0 ould assist w ith the washing; beat or city reference. Call t 471 dtli iv., lu tt' atuie, lor two daya. r|r ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN OIRL, A SITUATION d IT a* nurte and aeamsm as; good references ran be given. n an be aecu for two daya at 21 Jane at. at ITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA- 1 IT* tion at wet nnree; good references. Gall atSlli Weal ' !th at., between 10th and 11th are., for two daya. ai 17ANTED?BY A NEAT, QUICK SEAMSTRESS, WHO IT understand* diesuiuking perfectly and ell kinds of 1 imily sewing, a situation to go out by toe week or month. * an be acen at 336 Weet ICtb at., until engaged. Inquire in si lie store. rt . b ATANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO It do touaework, or chnmbrrwork, washing and lronlog 1 r plain sewing; sbe is will.ug to make herself generally ttae- ' 11. Can give good reference*. Call for two days at SOU Weal f. itb at., between MU and 10th arcs. C lTAVTf D-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO rT cook, wash Mid iron, or would be willing to do chain- T v an 1 nek; with the washing and ironing. Good city \ fe.e rr .; required. Call at 2U1 Eaat 13th St., second door, tc ret ro-ua. ai fAMED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT AME * T '* ? a yo . w on an, aa chambermaid and to do do One \ iVut; , i' J. vn .d* her business. Beet of city reference. oi " . ai 833U. a(., between the Bowery and 3d ft i., in ue r.*ar,e-.oond Eoor. r. ITAXTED-A 81TUATI0N, BY A COMPETENT PER- \ T nr, ; ea..ittrewi and lady a maid, <>r would go out by 1 e day. y a yei aon to do cberabi rwoik and fine wash- 1c :cra- ,<r. ..m. Can be seen for two days at Xfi East In tii i. It ITANTED- V SITUATION. BY A COMPETENT PER- "I 'T ,1. a-, cock; imderstiuds all ktndi of broad ' kkln ' ot'on tn the country. Also by a person a* 1( .an'..-i'..v 1 nl line washer or laundress. Can be seen at I We. t ' "i , corner of 6th gv. ^ XT ANTED -BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS ii IT rt ,r? vd to do line sewing or light chamber*ork; no h hjec..- ; i ikn'ountiy. Can gtte goert city reference. Gun C m > 11.i . at., m the dry good - etoie. AT ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA- "\ IT lion a* hsmtermaid or waitress; no objection to the oi mniry for tl - " immcr. The beet of city referrnee* given I! required. C.n be seen at 471 6th av., lu the fancy store. ? ATANTED?A 8ITCATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \ IT young won an, as cook, who thoroughly understand, di er buatneM; hrat no objection to assist in washing and iron- at ig; heat city n -ren e. Call for two day* at W Pitt at., Tt rat doer, front looun .. ? ttiwrrn-a kiti'stion. *t i ntw rises ^ iy ieutidrtKii, wbn tbtionghlr underatanda her bunluraa, I u nd ran glee the beet reference*. Apply Tor two days at tk ookbam A Bedell'* Servants' Iiiatituto, a?J lib av. u riTANTED-BY A YODKO OIRL, A SITUATION A9 T FT (T.amb.rmald, 01 to do rhunherwork and take care of Y liUdren; I* a good platn aewer. Ooud city reference from it leet pl.t >rhere am be* Ifred nearly four year*. Can re ; aern fi'i .t .to day* at *60 6th ar., between 27th and 2Mb ? a, eccou 1 floor, Ui k room. T YA>rEU-BY A HKUPECTABLB PROTESTANT at young r, j'.an, a titration aa chambermaid and waller, p id to lake Lre of ciiil Irta and do plain eewlng. no objec- ? 00 to go In lis country, t ail for two daya at 1M8 ar. U., "\ rtween 14tb .>nd 16th eta., Orel floor. < " C ATAKTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNO OIRL, A V I? situation aa chambermaid and wattrela; baa no objec- 1 on to do cooking In a >mull family. Can be aeen for two r ays if But eugug'd, at 167 Court at, near BaiUo, Brooklyn. _ AT"AH TED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR IV waitreaa, by a joung woman who haa good city refeinr* front ber late employ era, understands ber bnalneaa erf -etly. Call at 172 W?*l JOth at . between 7th and Ath art U E7 ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLB OIRL, A SITl'AIT tlon aa cook, would be willing to aaaiat In the washing * nd Ironing: baa lb? beat of city rerenne* from her laat lane. Can be area thle day at 86 Meat Ifrtb at i / .VANTED-BY A kxflPECTABLB TOUNO WOMAN, A & FT situation a* goad plain cook, weaker and Ironer; good ' ly reference. Call at 266 Went 27lk at, naar 10th ar. ? ETANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS i T aear.iatrea* and oarer; can cut aid flt tntaaea' and * itldrrn'a draaaea; baa no objection to the country or to 5? nreli baa the bant of references Call for two daya at 126 " Sat inii at. ' ? L'ANTED-BY A YODNO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS FY cook, waabor and Ironer, la a perfect and good J saber and Itom r. no abjection* lo do geneM housework tl 1 a amall prtrale family llaa good city reference. Call M ii F55d a v, between Ath aoo JVth eta, In tbe grocery etnrr. g [VANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN. A " IT eiiaatlon e*chambermaid end to aaaiat in tbe walking j ad Ironing and make bamek generally naeful. Una th* bent rf f city reference, t an he aeen for two day* at 67 Boat 22d !: ULYANTED?A BTCATIOJI, BY A REAPETTABLE " TY yom.grtrl, aa nhaw.ba-mald and waltraaa, or would do j ooklnii, waakipg and Ironing in a mail family. Oood r Ity ? pffrin f. Ca.| Icr two or lhra? daja at*ll2 MA a*., between " 5 1, nnd 16th fW., (Wood Luor, back room. tl/ABTED?h SITUATION, FY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO i YY eiok aa?! ?> *?'* with ln? w?<hing and Ironn g, .> a a. nod r'-*?k aod bahar; would |i?a to msct w.ib a fcmtijr g.'ing * n tha counirr thlaa immar . oaai aea to milk and b'itt?r Boat o it* rrfertn e frowi ia?i p'a< e. Can b? aaan for two daya at II ttb at , botwoaB Ma<-donga' at. and dtb a*. [irANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A MTtTA- g YY tlon to do prnripral hooao ori in ? amall faTUr; rood 5 Ity raftranor. t'aJi lor two day* at J/t Wrat 17ib at. IITA^TBD-BY A RESPEt'TABI.E YOUNO GIRL, A I Yf ailuatw* tod' t,' naral bourrwork, m an rioeUant rail or an* lr nor, grol'uakrr and plain took Un'l at HI Ya?t ldtli at., lop door, from room j k?TANTED?BY A RPSPBI TABT.F. YOUNG OpRT.' A * YY al' aJlun ?a eh*'1 IKrmaM; baa no obj?nion to cm tho laillnu, la a gg*0 plain ooob, a .n awib-oiclor a:: I la will.||. o i -nlr tir arli i i ?r lly iteful; n l< raian la kitrt,..n A

irk I la" g'.wt 'lly It'far" wo. Call tor two daytalUJ ii Ea t fffft ?i , ti ai Id . f tl/ANlEn-A MTUATION. BV A REriPKt.TABLK IT j"inft?ri - ? r.l it'' in"!, *4'?ri ml Irno r, j ;i In ' I I r>?i*i ? "it' T'irk '.f a an all i riralo fan"i?, a o*t. > rt;ia?o ?Y A>fi; aliU ia l^VHa ab i / RSDAY, MARCH 20, ib6 glTUATIOMil WAHTMK-MAlJI. ^ tntanted?by a neat youn*q girl, a situation V ' D b.l l*i oi.j?e; lit eapa' te of laklug care of a haby Foa iu blub; no objratiua to do light chamber work or logo m tbe uiui.tr. ; a. my referi ttce from iaat place. Call for iwo clay i at 3&6 Till ar., corner of 341b >t WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESIKC TABLE Tr yoi.ng w< man, to ?!u geneial ltt> oar work in a email porch1 family; best city rel' rence; hia livixl sercralyearawi h on# uinlly. Call at lit) Eael Baltic it, one door ecu of Uoyt, B: Oikiy n. Wanted?hy a respectable girl, a situation aa chambermaid and scauiBUriia or chambermaid and lo take care of rh;b1reti; good ci'y reference from lust p!a_e. Can 1 e seen lor two days at 126 Weal Ibkb at., between 7lb and bib at a., top Uooi, front room. a WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young Prot-atant widow; baa a baby iour weeks oid; is very hc.ilil.y und eh su and b.iagood reference; 1? an excellent nurse. Cau be aeeu at 19? 9th St., between 2d and 3d avenuea. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yoi.ng girl, aa chambermaid and tyailreut; la willing to as iat in the wa-hing and Ironing; would do plain rooking or housework in a Ktnall family. Good city iciereuoe. Apply for two daya at 407 Hudson at. TArANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VERY RE-PEOTAIT b!e girl, as ehanibcrmaid and wa'trt. s or chambermaid and laundries; la willing to do general bouietvorlc in a email private and respe. table 1'amilv; baa no objection lo Ike country. The beat eby reference*. Call at or address Sdd De^raw St., northwest eorner of South, Brookly u. Can be ecu till cnga.ud. WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION WITH a family travelling; would prefer to engage with one B lug to Europe. Any one wishing a trustworthy peiaou will Ho well to tall at 'J9 Vest 15ib ?t. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation to do cbambcrwork and walling, or to do I'banib rwork, *ew and take c ire of .children; no objection logo In the couutty. Good reference fiotn her la-i place. Ca 1 for two days at 212 Pulton ah, up stairs, over the bakery. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS WAITRESS OR CHAM bermaid; bits two rears' re.eren e from her last place: no objm Hon to go a .-.hort db lance In the (onnlry; is fond of ell I ten, a id very 00U2">t{. * -"I ai ?? -lat St., between aiu and 9th avs. ^ TT7"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO VY do chuu.be. ne k, Una washing and ironing; .? ft g'iod waller; has !:vcd three years in last place. City reference. I'all At 5111 2d av., h-twecn 31st anil 321 sis. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waiiiev, or tide chain berwork and use cure of children; la willing anil obliging. Good city reference from last place. Call lor two days at ?9 Wast VI i st., betw on 7th and 6th avs. WANTED-BY A NEAT YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION as tiiast class chambermaid and waitress; none bwtlprlrate families need r.j piy. Best of city icfcieuce from last liiace. Call at ZJ Wot 28th St., near 9th av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCH GIRL, AS cook, waahrr end lroner, or to assist t:i wa-htng Ins private family, or Would go as laundress; understands the arc of milk and butter; no objection to going a short diaisuoe In the country, (b od city references. Can be seen 'or two days at 24b kt'i si., between lat and 2d sva 117"ANTED?A SITUATION, AS GOVERNESS, BY A YY young la ty, a graduate of a Northern seminary. Adlrcss for three days .Miss E. Curtis, 1'o.d ofllce, Brooklyn. 1X7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE. YY girl, to cook, wash and iron or do housework in a imall private family. Call at 133 Smith St., Brooklyn. 117"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAYV lion to do general housework; is a good plain cook ind excellent wa-her and froner; good reference from last ilace. Call at 200 Ea.it 30th St., corner 3d st. IITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PROYY testint girl, to ook, w?sh and lrouiisan excellent <aker; has no objection to go a short dlslam e in lbs county. Call at 324 lei h st., between 8th and 6th avs. rrTANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN YOUNG YY woman, to do noun-work in a small private family; is a ood plain cook and excellent washer and lroner. Good city oferenee from her last place. Can be seen for two days at lo. 0 East 31 si st. [IT-ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG LADY, AS r V housekeeper to an elderly gentleman, in city or county. Address Miss Thompson, station C, for two days, JIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, rY as seamstress and lo take i arc of children; Is fully enable to cut and fit all kinds of lamltv sewing. Call nt or 2drc>s 219 East 2bth St., near 1st av., in the store, for two ?y?; . IT ANTED?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS, IN A 'Y private family, by a competent woman, having the best ty rclerence. Call at 71 West 47th St., between Uh and b avs. AT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE CV gill, ua chambirmaid and seamstress. Good city refa nce. Call at 197 East 32d st., in the store. AT"ANTED?A 81TUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE rY girl, ss cnambennuid or laundress. Good references. all at 16/ East Xta si., in the store. 11TANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE it yuung woman, in a small private family, to aogeneral ousework; la a good washer and Ironer at.d an exielj nt aki-rof bread; vwuld go a short distance In the country, est testimonials as to sobriety, honesty and capability, all for two days at 139 West 13th St., rear unemcnt. [XT'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A IT situatioa as first class Uatnbcrmald and waitress; can 0 all kinds of embroidery and plain sewing. Apply at corerof Concord and Bridge sis., Brooklyn, la the dry goods lore. [I/ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION il as nurse and seamstress, or to do ehamberwork and nd plain sewing. Has good reference from last employer, sll at 230 7th av., < orner of Zlh.st. XT ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A it situation as chambermaid ana waitress, or nursj ana remstress; no objection to the country. Brat of city refesuoe from her last plaoe. Call for two days at ?36 6th av., etween 91st anil 33d sta., third story, front room. XT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, it a situation as good plain rook, eicellent baker and a rat rale waeher and irouer. Unexceptionable rcferenora all ler two days at 46 West 13tb St., between SthandMh ra, first floor, beck room. IT ANTED?BY A REBPEi TABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A IT situation to do chamberwork, act as waitress and 1 lake care of children. Good city reference given. Apply 163 ling st. ITAN1ED-BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT, A rY situation to do gener.il housework In a small family, would take care of children and aew. llaa two yea: s' re. n-enee from lier last plaoe. Cau be aeen at 179 Smith sk, -ar Wairen, Br. o'-tlj n. IT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO it do general housework; Is eery willing and obliging and ves children; is agood plain cook, washer and trooer; can 9 recommended fi out her last place. Call for two daya at II Weal SHh IL. artond floor. JJTANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO IT do general houaework; good eity relcrouoe. Call at )8 Earn W wren >1 , near Bou t, Brooklyn. XT ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A PROTECTANT II a atliiaUon ae cook and to aael.it with the waih'ng and 'join* > a good moat and vegetable cook, alao a good aLerol bread, < eke and biicnlt. Can show good references all at 198 West S7th at., third floor, front room. ETAMTEIWBY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, FT aaituatlob ae good plain cook, waeberand lrooer; no DjerUon lo lee conntiy. (Tan be aeen Tor two daya at SU1 ludton at., corner of Spring. In the ahoe atort. IT A NTE D?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO IT do rhamberwork and waiting or to take rare of ebllren and do plain aewlng. In vtblch ahe would glre entire itiafariion. The beat ot city rtiereace. Can be acta at 21 reat 13tn at. for two daya, 1TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH PERSON. 'T a altnation aa nurae and aeamelreaa; la capable of kinneiie entire charge of achil 1 from tla birth; no objesJO iWo hainbrrrroi k, aatlararlory rcferenoe. Apply for ro daya at No. 3 Harrison at., Mew Turk. VANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE Eqgliah girl, aa chambermaid aad a good laundraaa, or i rook, waabor and lroner In a private family; good city fere nee. Call for two daya at 131 Varick, corner Spring at. XTANTRD?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE rT young woman, aa cook, waaher aad lroner; la wllltne >d obliging. Can come well recommended. Call at m ike at. if ANT ED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITUArY tion aa rook, waaher and lroner. Beat ctly reference^ all at 147 Eaat II th at.. 11 rat goor. IT ANTED-AHITUAT10N, BY A MARRIED WOMAN IT ai wet nurte, to go out in a family. City referrnre. an be aeen for three daya at 47 South 7lh at., WilUamaburg. SITUATIONS WANTE1I>?MALES. t YOUNG MAN, POSSESSED OP CAPITAL. WOULD \ like a poaitlou aa dark, aaleaman or aaatatant book* caper: the latter preferred, in n mercantile houee. with law of ultimate!/ becoming an acUre partner. Address Elorado, Union aqiiara Poal oBoe. k MAN or THOBOCOH BUSINESS EDUCATION. 1 l.aMog bean an gated to Iba whoW lata and retail grocery tslneaa for eighlean yrara. a good bookkeeper, ipaaktng rcacb, deaieea employment. Reliable references aa to iparity and Integrity. Addme P. N., UU Herald ogee. t TOUNO MAN, WHO IB A GOOD ACCOUNTANT BT 1 aingle or double entry and a 6nc penman, dealrea a alt* at loo aa bookkeeper or entry tJarfc la a mercantile bouae or aok; compensation moderate; Iba moat satisfactory rare, tncaa fui nlabed. Addreaa tbl* day A C. H., Herald oSca. a riRBT CLASH SALESMAN, or TEN TEARS kxprX peilitnca In retell dry gooda, betas thorotigbly puatad la a dree* good*, abawl and mantilla trade, deairea a illiiaUon i a good retail bonaa Satlifactory relamncaa furnlabed. ddraee tkia day A C. H., ilarald offica. a man WHO hah a perfect knowlbdob Of V the manufacture of the different kinds of brandiraand quora erpml to the imported, offera bla sendee* to tha ade at liberal terma. Hamptea for elimination will ba for 'aided by addraealng A. <1., bar HO Herald otftoe A RESPKCTARLE SINGLE TOUNO MAN IS IN WANT IV of a altnatlon as roaebman or gardanar; eao glee MUSIC tory eliy reference. Call for two days at BR) West 16th at. A NEWLY MARRIED MAN DESIRES A SITUATION IV aa vegetable gardener and farmer; understand* milking lirsi Is a good carafcl, aobcr, Meedy and Induatrtona man; ailsluctory r*lerea<a from last employer. for pnrtie.ilara 1 pi; at 23 Waat Broadway, room No 6, up atalra, for thraa ay* A GENTLEMAN or,ACTIVE BUSINESS HABITS, A f\ good accountant, and familiar with bookkeeping by ainle or dodbio entry, d' tlrea a altnatlon In *ome responsible, crinarent csteMiahment, where aa principal or assistant ooak 'R-r, check clerk, collector or bunneaa agent ba ledge* nIn:self to render bla service* useful and desirable to is employers. Address B , boi 140 Herald olB-r. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO MAN. FROM fV Maine, aa entry clerk, or would accept a place In a f rat la*s grocery or wholc*aie store; I* a goof penman, and will wrkTor a moderate aaiary Adorers J. if, Herald o?ce. ? fTRONO TOUNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION A3 t\ purler or to drtvc a trie* nr cart ; Is willing to work and we.l acquainted with this etly. Call at or addm* 62 prin,- a*. A SITl.'A I ION WANiED-MY A YOUNG MAN WHO It can nnte an evetiant bend, la wtiil >t to make ' i.nnif Client' y n-e.yl, wid Idle at reaaonabta wage*. A|? y ,it pt/n del air , iq il?a-^lOti wei? S|tif. 2. BITU A TIC MB WAWMP-MALKI. ATOC'NU MAN. FROM THE COUhTRy."wishlis A situation 1j> some capacity in this city; is a good penman and quick at quick at ttgures. Can come well recomutrudcd. To a party wishing nu upright young man hi-re ia an oiler. Call at 165 hewora nr., Jersey City, or address box 204 Herald olUce. A MIDDLE AGED MAN, WHO WHITES A GOOD band and la quick at a counts, wauU employment; lie 1- a good salesman and of good add rca<, and la w illing to make himself gtnerally useful; will take low wages. Address A. W., 176 Hudson aL Bartender.?a young man wants a situation a? sbore, In a fli nt class barroom or wholesale and retail liquor store, Good re crcnce. Call at E. II, flume's, Exp, 87 Vai ick si., for a few days. Coachman?a situation wanted, by a rk pe,table young mail, who undtr-iauus his business: his had mauy yeais' experience; Is a g<>od and lureful drirer, ban had much experience in grooming aud treatment of horses; will be found willing and obliging: good city reference. Address K. D., 91 West 19tb St., or box 213 Herald office. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AGE 31, A 8ITUAfl iiou.e.titer iu the city or country, In auv re?p"Ctablo wholesale nouae of bus,ne>ii; can write a good hand and understands single cuirr bookkeeping; has been In the liquor, dry goods and.office niisiuass In tins city for the last twelve years. Can produce A* city references. Address Frederick, box l&S Herald office. TITANTED?A SITUATION, IN A RESI'ECTABLE COMtT mlMion bouse, by a young man iront Western New York, who Is aide to control consignments of produce. S fasfactory references given. Address Commission, box lti Heraid office. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESI'ECTABLE ;eu union, an Auieil an, as porter In a store; good references given. Addres J. T., box 113 Herald office. Wanted-by a young man. a 81tuation a3 eoachman nr groom, who thoroughly understands the i nie o' horses itnd to make himself ne slly useful; no objection to eithercity or country. lias the best city reler nee*, t'au be seen for two days at his piesent employer's, 71 West 41st st. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITER, BY A RE ppe-table Protestant youilff man. Has the best of city reiereiieeo. Can at 2b3 Ea'st 13.li it , between 1st an I 2d uvs. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TV young man, nu Am r . n, as porter in a store; good references given. Addi cts J. T? box 113 llerul 1 o.'lus (^r/\ ?TI1LS AMOUNT WILL BE PAID BY THE ADOcll/s t'i lls. r. who is a o ld lie age 1 man. for a sliuan n to work In a store or pnblte office; Is willing t > work and mace himself useful. A ! 'IK.amine hos lha IfArahl office. CjOnn -TIIE ADVERTISES, IIA VINO FROM MOO pOUv/. to $.*AK) curb, wish, s to invest the same cs Security 01 otherwise, that be may obtain some honorable employment; has been engaged for years as travelling afeut In New England ar.d olhvr Stales. Addrc*, nanus name of parlies and kind of business, Travelling Ag.ut, Herald olDoe. HELP WANTEiJ- FEUALEH. A servant wanted.?must be A first rate hou ckeoprr, a good oook and w illing to make herself generally ue.ui. Address Single, llcrald office. American and foreign intelligence office, on the European plsu.?This cslabUabnu nt, duly licensed, and kept by a gentleman connected with similar offices in the priuelpal cities of the Old World, will be found the most suitable fur these wishing to p"curi the services of servauis of all nations. L. C. 1>E llUllEN, Proprietor, 175}? Klin street. New York. All families and good bervants will find the largest old established Institute, at the corn, r of ikh av. anl lllh nt., for German, English, Irish end American women. Mrs. Fmyd in attendance. Good places always ready. Protesiauts wanted always. COOK WANTED.?A GOOD AND COMPETENT COOK, with good wages, either French or German, can he ir Of a good place by applying by letter, addressed to B. B. H., Herald office. Terms and qualifications to be staled in the application. Dressmakers wanted.?two or three good drecsmn1 ers wanted at 09 Bleecker st. Those who can work on t o ik preferred. Mrs. green s agency for employment, Established in 1843, removed from Broadway to 14th St., corner of 3d a v. Domestics of the highest grade promptly supplied with good places. N. B.?Entrance on 14th U., southeast corner. Vfll.LINF.R WANTED?A COMPETENT PERRON, TO 1?L take charge of a lirst class hus.ness in a city in Rhode Isl ind. Apply to H. Openhym, 13>< Division at. Milliners vanted.-two good milliners and good first (lass trimmers. Apply ut No. 192 Blcocker st. Nurse.?wanted, a woman, who perfectly understands the esre df children; must be kind and obliging and Wil ing to assist In the children s washing and Ironing; one who can sew and has had children of her own preferred. Apply at f8J West 19th st. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL FOR'GENER.VL HOUPEwork;mnst be a good rook, washer and ironer, aud coine with citv refcx-euces. German Protestant preferred. Call at 127. East 3d 1 at., between 2d and 3d avs. Wanted?a girl to do general iiousework in a small f.imtiy, to go a short distance in the country; she must understand cooking, washing, ironing, milking, making butter, and a good taker. Must bring good recommendations from her last place. Apply at 47 St. Mark's plice, In 8th st., near 21 av. Wanted?a good american woman as uousekerper; a steady situation and a good home. None Died apply without a recommendation, j AN80N HOUSE, 79 Spring st. WANTED-AN nONEST, TRUBTWOKTHY YOCNO girl as nurse; one who understands plain sewing and ean brine a good recommendation, can apply at 40 Ptias-1 su, near Wall street ferry, Brooklyn. WANTED-A GERMAN OOOK; ONE WHO THOrougbly understands her business and is a good washer and ironer. Apply at 79 Wast 43d St. WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO UNDERstands cutting and filling ladles' and children's dresses, and who understands operating on Wheeler A Wilson's sawing machines. Apply at 207 Eaat 10th st WANTED-AS WAITRESS AND CHAMBERMAID, AT 105 West 44th st., a Protestant woman, with good re<*-Atnmfsnrf*LtiAna I'all nn 9mk (mat* ?** o'clock. ** TIT ANTED?A WET NURSE. ONE WHO CAN FURTT nUb satisfactory r? omineudatlons may apply at 307 Bleccker at. WANTED?A SMART, TIDT GIRL, TO DO THE general housework; niuM be a good washer and Ironer and plain cook; one '.bat :a willing, oblbrlua and kind to children. Apply, with city reference, at 122 west 43d at., near 7th sr. WANTRD-AN EXPERIENCED NURSE, TO TAKE the entire charge or a child sercn months old. None but a Protestant, bringing the beat recommendation, need apply. T? such a one a rood home and liberal wages will be offered. Apply at No. 3 Rutgers place. TIT ANTED?A SCOTCH, GERMAN OR WELSH GIRL. TT to do general housework In a private family; must be a good washer and ironer. Apply for three days at No. 294 Henry at., Brooklyn. WANTED-AT THE BROOKLYN MEDICAL AND BURileal Institute, a middle aged woman as nurae. 230 Washington ft., Brooklyn. TITANTE D?-A GIRL, AS CHAMBERMAID, LACN TT drese an-1 plain sewer. Good city reference requiredApply on Thursday, from 9 to 11, at 127 Henry at., Brooklyn^ TXTANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS NURSE; TT must be well recommended. Celt from 4 to o'clock at 14 West litis at TXTANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, THREE GIRLS: TT Oral rate cook, a chambermaid, to do fine washing and ironing, and a waitress; they muat have good city references. Call, after 9 o'clock, at 48 7th ar. TITAN TED?A SMART, CLKAM, INDUBTRIOUS GIRL; TT one who can wash ai d Iron and cook well, and baa lived In a good family and been aeeustoued to do general housework. Must bare good city reference. No other need apply. Call et 239 West lath at, near 9th ar. TXT ANTED?AT 49 EAST 218T A FIRST CLASS TT cook. Beet city references required. Apply between the hours of 9 and 1> o'clock A. M. TIT-ANTED?A GERMAN OR AMERICAN GIRL, OR A TV mlddla acod woioin. to do tht work of o amoll fsmlhr Id Wllllamsbunj: must be a good oook, washer and lronei, mi) kind to children. Bueh * person will get a good home and fair wagaa by applying at the oOoe of tke oil factory, 333 Stanton at.. hew York. ' TITANTED?A HI RAY RATE LAUNDRESS. ONB WELL TV recommended can Had a desirable situation, with full wages, at 33 Remeen St., Brooklyn. Apply between tbs hours of To and 13 A. lit. WANTED.?A THOROUGH 8KAMSTRBM, WnO UNdemands making boys' sad girls' clotbas, also ladies dresses, wishes io go out by the day or week. A permanent situation preferred. Plsass call at 193 7th sea., third door from 3M at "TITANTED?A PROTECTANT GERMAN OR PRBHCH TV nurse and seamstress, to take charge of three children, the youngest years old, In a country tows one hour's d lets une from Mew York; must be neat, fond ef children, and hare f good plain education. Apply at M Wast 18th at. TTTANTBD-A GOOD OPERATOR OH WHELRR A TV Wilson's sowing machine. Apply at 334 West tSd St., from la 13 o'clock. -nntHTBD-lR A PRIVATE FAMILY, A CHAMBER. TV maid and waiter; ana who fully understands her duMas. ^glbronm required. Apply lo-dajr, after o'clock, Xlf ANTED?A GIRL TO TAKI PARE OP A CHILD TV aad do plain sewing. One who understands operating on Wheeler A Wilson's eewtag machine preferred. ApCy arter 10 A. M. at ITS East 33th at Wanted, aleo, a person do iO ne embroidery at heme. WANTED-A GIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND IRON ; aba must be of aa oMgtagdisposition and a good wsaher and Ironer. Apply atUA Weal 43d at, between 7tb and Sib area fn OIRLS OF ALL CAFACITIBS WANTED?TO FILL UU deflmble eltustlona Cooks laundresses, ehambermatda waitresses, numes, alrla for general bousawork.at the oldest and best oatoe. 143 (freed St. 1 no MANTILLA MAKERS WANTED.?NONE HELD 1UU spply but those asmsiomed to work for flrst class alty trade. Apply between 7X and V o'clock st 47 and At Liepensrd at GEO. CARRY. PRKUCH AOV ERTISRMEKTa. UNE DKMOISBI.LI PRANCAT8E. PARFAITEMENT alavea, HWI Jnlle, halihi;?a a la b.miic sodfft*, aranl deja enaelfti* at anrhant Irnlr un? mal-on, dcalra m jilwur rtnni una lamllle ropceiable. Bouoaa recoinraaadatlona. Addrnt* French Lad/, 8< I 4th uv. UNB HtANi'AISK, POCTANT OONNER OB BONN PS recamn.andatlona dartre ?* placer comma boooa d'eufantr. B ndrtiicr an 70 Lco.iard tt. UNB HJXK FRANCAIHE OF.PIRE SF. PI.ACBR PANB una laiull'e pour r item cnfnnu etcoudro. ha diaano i>o11r (! ?> joure an 18J \T> I flt'ii at. "pVE JEVNE nTAK FRAN^AIP OEBtRR BE TLAV rcr 'n>a mi' ta iiUle A'l.er^aliiu pn tr ankn: r lu enlunta in i> iir r-iftrtia. Tile pmii lonrnli lc* mrilttKRa rdICmuiAiHUlifD*. B'aUiewer an ho. 7 Hubert at i HKUF WAMTKD?M AI.Kg. J Agents wanthd-to sell the best prize hta tionery Packages iu the market. We have aevcial ra r.ete a, both with aud ul bout Jewelry: uiu suit everybody; the articles Ip our packages are ol good qua'ttv. ami we guarantee satisfaction; circulars tree, nankin* 4 gjn 34 Beekman street, N. T. Agents: attention).?a beautiful mjukosoope, magnlfyiug SOU times, for 28 ccuta (*ilv<-i); lite of dltfereut power*. $1. Mailed free. Address F.L. Boweii, boy mo, Boa ton, Mass. a GENTS 1 DO you WANT TO make SUDDEN fob- j -fa. tuuea f Thcu hurry up 1 Heud for /ample ualis of nir patent Skirt Rupportcr* and Dreoa Holders. Ma le,l free, with circular, for 2d cents. A. UIC11ABD8 a co., New London, Cuna. A clerk wanted.?must be steady and indu'iinoua, and able to furuub $1,000 on good security :. salary good. CalLfor particulars at Out) Broadway. (l k. bliss. A business man wanted-to ACT as agent tor a professional gentle nan: honesty and business capacity Indlxpeorable; $200 will 1 nan re a permanent situation ... only a portion of that amount re mired down. Apply at 420Bread wry. C. b. 11QWES AJJO. Boy wanteo-amekican. fieteen years old! Apply to II. A. Graham, 233 Fulton at., up alalia. Boy WANTED?salary fifty dollah8 first' year. Apply at 2101'curl at, seoud door, trout office. DBUO CLERK.?WANTED, A competent yol'ng' man, from 18 to 21 yenrsof age. Apply nt 132 Olhuv.,. fi om II A. M , till 2 P. M. An opportunity is offered to study/ medicine with a physician. Milkman wanted?a young man wanted. torn e cake of ten or twelve cows, ou a farm iu Weal. cl eater c..unty; none but a tood milker need apply: Scotch, . English or American preferred. Apply at Smith's,71 Liberty atrect, 011 Thursday, at 10 o dock. PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT.?PERSONS ENCLOS. lug ten centa to Charles Brown, New York Poat office, will receive a valuable receipt, the kuowl dge of which I guai u.uee will juty ?3 to $4 per day. Thiu is no humbug. SALESMAN WANTED?A WHOLESALE MANTILLA. ' O uud douk house la in want of a haleimun who .an commaud a cash city and S'ate trade. To auch a one a model ate salary and liberal com missions will be given. Addroa'j Man. lilloa, box 723 Post o>h< e. SALESMAN WANTED?TO SELL FE'lAItS ON COMmission, 1-oth in city and country. I'm ties travelling let business that wotil l m 1 is 11 11 could muke favorable arrangements. Apply at 17 Broi. d way, up ?U vs. UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS?WANTED, FOR the United States Marine Corps, ".0J able bodied unmarried men, between the ages of 18 and 4) years, and not le,? thnu & feel 4>4 In In a high. Minors will be enlisted with the rons.-nt of their parents and guardians. There are greatInducements to young nn*n to enlist In lhls>?>rps. For pa rticular: apply at the Marjno Barracks, Flushing avenue, . Brooklyn, or at the recruiting rendezvous, 13 Bowery, New-York. '<TI7'ATT*8 ON THE MIND" TT Is not m> Interesting a study t? OUB AGENTS as WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE, mixiyij uc audo nivjr >uuko muucjr Miu i/v L'iticc niUQB/by eugaxln In the fa'1 uf thi* o^iy VALUABLE PRIZE STATIONERY RECIPE PA'bKAUE AND ENVELOPE in the market. Our Stationery I* superior, iind our Jewelry consists ' FORTY VARIETIES, each ai-ll.Je manufactured with ARTISTIC TASTE. Wo pat la each .pannage a beautiful and life-like engraving of GENERAL GEORGE B. Mr CLP. CLAN, 6x10. 75 valuable R ilpcs. 6 sheet* Ladies' Billet Paper, . 6 sheets Commercial Note 6 B ff Etiveb pes. Paper. 2 lluu Steel Pens. 6 aliens luulies' Note Paper. 1 line Pencil. 6 white Union Envelope!, in 1 sheet Blotting Paper. colore. I Accommodation Penholder. 6 Ladies' white Union Envelope*. Also. A VALUABLE PIECE OP JEWELRY. For further part.eulars send for one of our circular* . wblh we mall free. RICHARDS A CO.. 102 Naasau street, New York. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN WHO IS ACQUAINTED ' with the wholesale small wares aad fancv goods trade. St-ite references, the wanes expected, and all particulars. Address H. K., Herald oilli e. WANTED?A STOUT. ACTIVE YotfxQ GERMAN. IP * or ID years old to work on a farm Id miles fro.n New York city. Apply to E. J. C ,wley, Id Piatt sk, up stairs. Irony 9to 12 A. JL __ " WAITER WANTED IN A PRIVATE FAMILY?WHO understands hia busines and la well recommended. Apply at 15 Nassau St., room N j. 7. WANTED-A YOUNtl MAN IN TIIE GENTLEMEN S 1 urnLbiug business; one who hss some knowledge of the buainesa preferred. Mast have good references. Address J. F. Z? liei aid oOlce. WANTED-A NICE INTELLIGENT LAD TO WAIT ONI a gentleman and ft with a carria c; a character lor boncstv and sobriety inriiaptn: able. In pure for Peter, at McDonald's stable, 2d West 12;h St., about the middle of lh? uay. WANTED-A MAN, IN A PAPER TIAXGINO AND UJ?" holstery store; none but those haviug a full knowledge of the bnslne-e and the best of references need apply. Addrcas 8. D., Herald oBlce. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. TO GO WEST, TO TAKB charge of the books of a railroad company. Muat bo m Crsl rat' bookkeeper and have had some experience in railS>ad accounts. Address, with rtrercnoes aud views as to as.ry, Railroad, box 1,735 Post WANTED-A YOUNG MAN AB ASSISTANT IN A drug store who Is fully competent to take charge ol the prescription department, sua well acquainted with cltp hut. Good city reference required. Addiees Pharmacy, . ( bald oiltce, for two dajs. One who un Jet stands German preferred. WANTED-A YOUMO MAN, AS SALESMAN AND MATY nager of a hoop skirt factory. Apply fb the Federal Skirt Co., 283 Bowery. TIT"ANTED?6 MEN FOR STEAMERS. 2 CLERKS FOR YY grocery stores, 2 conductor,. 2 brakemeu.2 boys for trades, 4 girls to travel. 1 stewardess, S porters, 2 express drivers, clerk for a steamboat, 1 entry clerk. Apply at No, 7 C)ia> b tm square, WANTED?IN A DRY QOODS IMPORTING HOL.tli. A mart, aotire and intelligent boy; one residing with his parents preferred. Salary liret year Illy dollais. Address B. H? Herald olttce. WANTED?IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE, A OOftRKSp mdlng clerk; alao two aalmuiau an<l a ck"-- in u country alora. Apply at 1S1 Pulton atreet, Merchants' < I Tit a' Registry Office. Situation* procured for rt apnctable uartiue Reference to Brat data houaea. E?t?bli?hci?i86'j. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED ENTRY CLERK IN A jobbing bouse. Addrcsa box 1,UM Post utllce. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN ABOUT 1G OR 17 YEARS of age, who writet a good hand, aud can come well recommended, to attend an oflloe and make blmaelf generally u?eful. None otbera need apply to J. Crevler A Bon, 03 Duane at, corner of Broadway. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN, BETWEEN 1? AND 77 yeara of age, aa waiter In the restaurant of a hotel. Ap^ly at Sweeny's Hotel, lietveen the hours of 10 and U WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A {FURNITURE BALES- 1 man; one who thoroughly uodontauda the business. Inquire at 442 Pearl at. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN TO ATTEND BAR, MUST hare experience and good recommendations. Apply at the liquor store. No. U Liberty street, between 13 and 0 o'clock. TIT ANTED-AN OYSTKRMAN; A YOUNO MAN. WnO TY understands lila buxiners. Apply st the BL Nichols* Keatsuraut corner of Brua<lwuy and 8pring at. "flTANTBD?A YOUNO MAN. ACCUSTOMED TO RUNfl nine a moulding machine for tucking pine mouldings. Addrcaa Culler, atation K Poet office, for two daya WANTSD-A YOUNG MAN, TO TAKE FULL CHARGE of an office. Ome having a capital of $t0 to i>7&and a good writer, may apply to Hinalley A Co., Kschau^e Broken, 447 dlh dr., after 13 o'clock to-day. WAJtTBLI?A IUUTO HAH, WUU UAH MA? JSArErlMUMl M ml?mm IB a bat More, impure at 7JP Broadway. i THK^'ritApic?' ~ A WATCH MAKER AND JEWELLER OF TWELVB: 7?r?' experlenee wuu a perrnanfnt eliuation. Toy parl'ctilare tddrui N. A. Vurgason, Norwich, Cuba. AS GARDENER -A MARRIED MAN. WITH NMALL. family, of Uic beat practical cipuMca, a Ad who? reference atanda hkh, wantaa eltuatioo. Addreaa ft W. D., H) raid oOm, or IS John at., cata of Jaa. M. Thorbum. An experienced photographic printer caw find ateady employment, and to the right man the X? Tb'SIK HSSaKSST'' TJRBWER?AN ENGLISHMAN. WHO IS THOROUGH Jj iy aoquatoted with the KoglUh and Atner.can eyatema oft brewing, lain want of ? altnatlon na brewer In me of the' Wnatcrn Stalea. The production of ftrat cla? arllnlae gaarantaed. Addreaa A. H., Pool oBee, Weal Troy, R. t. PAINTS. COLORS, AC.-THE ADVERTISER. A. PRAC tionl paint and color maker, and for ? vnnu rears paa?< In aola charge of one of our oldest manufactory a, ft open to an engagement. I'nereepUonabla reference* given. Addreaa 8. B. K., care of Jaa. A. H. Bell A Co., 148 Maiden Lut*. New York. r BREWERS -an alb and PORTER BREWER,. who l.a - had the mnnagemenl of the p-sctical brewing of Iwo large London breweries, frotn which he haa the blpbeat I?tlmonlala of ability, Ac., and who baa coadaalodt elmilar establishments In Canada, In ohn of wbleb be It now engaged, and hi* be*r la giving the greatest satisfaction, Is < open lo an engagement, or would_glra practical Inatruellon. Addreaa XX, care of J. Connery, K?q , bos 16, Newark, N. J? r ENGINEERS AND MACHINIST! -WANTED, TO' apprenllee, a reapectabla and Inta.kaant youth la the aboreT Addma* or tall on O. Kendall, IM W?t Broadway,, corner of Beach. ?~ --. uc.twaa _?lVTEn Tf? ItrUL A MAW. fliu jsnnnn myjyj uww.? , ? 1 fully competent In mix MMMIW w^Mlilii Hill aMtl superintend the easting of the asm-. To a person romp#tent to fill the above situation a 111 oral compensation and steady employment will be girt n. A I.Iron w. II. Van Ule i eon, box l<? Newark, H. J , or rail at No. U Arch sireei. TOTAILORN.?WANTED. A TOUNO MAN, TO CV* euaiom work: none need apply except those with the I l>eet etty reference. Call for two day . betwe n lOand 12, alt 21> Qreenwluk el. SARl.Rd A SAND2. r PAINT?IU!.?THE ftUBHCRIHER OFFER* FOTt ealelhe stock, trade, Ac., of his old eaUlilUbed paMtM | shop, now doing a good business. To a party wishing to star business this Is an opportunltyaeldom met with. J. W. HOW It, 2(2 Csn.il street,. r PHOTOGRAPHER*.?WANTED, AN ASSISTANT* operator In the rhcm'ral department; must be rotnpe lent and satlstied wit'i moderate nay. At ply at Bailiii/'sl*li?'orraphie Academy, corner Twenh iblrd attest sad' Broadway. WANTED?A GOOD PHOTOGRAPH BR, AT DUCUO cltoi* A Kla teci a, (TO lirnaduay. \|TAN rWTi-TK.s FINK SOFT HAT FININIIF.lt*. AP TT p'ytnll M W t'.'t . 22 Wall TlT/NTPt) - 1MVR lTATm.Y, A PIIOTOORAI UI.R AND rr a .bro'jpist i faiicry, N?, 2J0 Bowtry in I euirednrtiig me day er eTentng.