21 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH "WEfoLE NO. 9323. THE MI8SI88IPPI VALLEY CAMPAIGN. Immense Efl'orts of the Rebels to Defend the River. lei. Beanregard in Command of the Army of the Miftiiuippi und Gen. Bragg of ^ the Second Grand Division. . THEIR GENERAL. ORDERS. MEMPHIS TODEB MARTIAL LAW. The Citizens Already Chafe Under tk. Vnl/A iuv uaiuu^ jt vavi The (ioveivors of Mississippi and Louisiana Call for Troops. Beauregard Will Accept Ninety Bay Volunteers. The Troubled Feeling and Despairing Cries of the Rebel Press, THE RIVER BLOCKADE AT NEW MADRID. TV* DMBAftMUiMT OP MUIB HO. 10. THE VERY LATEST NEWS, Ac., Ac., Ac. t1)? prseenl etmpaign Id the Mississippi V?Uoy and along tb# river of that uamo ia oco of the moat tmpor . tul movements of the war. Wa therefore compile from lata Southern paper* the general orders and proclamations of the rebel commanders and Governors of State* 4a that vicinity, for th# purpose ef layidg before and tearly showing to our readers the groat efforts the rebels an nuking to defsnd that river for the purpose or protecting l-omsiana nod New Orleans from our advancing forces. THE REBEL ACCOUNTS. eanrrgard l? Command of the Army of the Mississippi. Beauregard bas issued tbe following proclamation frsm Jackson, Tennessee:? SMNKBAX OlfDEB?NO. 1. lUMhwiunnmK, Anirr ov m Mieensim,? Jackson, Tens., March A, U62. j 9oi mbhw?I assume this day tbe command of tbe army Sf tbelliesiesippi, for the defence of otir homesteads and Mtoerties.aad to resist tbe subjugation, spoliation and dishonor of our people. Our motbers and wives, our sis tors and children, expect us to do our duty, even to tbe sacrifice of our lives. Our torses since tbe commence ' ment of tbe present war, In killed, wounded and prisoners, are now about tbe aame as l hose of tbe enemy. He saust be made to atone for those reverses we have lately experienced. Those reverses, far from dishearUiuing, muat nerve us to new deeds of valor and patriotism, and Should inspire us with an unconquerable determination ) So drive back our invaders. Should any one in this army he unequal to the task before us. let "him transfer his Tins and equipments at once toluaver, firmer hands, and return to his home. Our cause is as just and a acred soever animated men to take up arms; end if we are true to it and to ourselves, with the continued protection sf tbe Almighty we mnst and shall triumph. O. T. liMURKOAKl), Central Commaudiug. PrsclMiatlos of Alas-tlal law at Memplila by General Bragg, cibmrai. otlbkk?no. 2. HEADqCABTnts SlICOND IlKAVIi DlVl-ioN,"} Aewv Mississippi Vaiicv, v Jackson, Touu., March 0,1SA2. J 1. Ail iroops connng vvitliiti (be limuw ol (lug division from Louisiana ami Mississippi will rendezvous at C'rand Jun> lion, Tenn., un I those from Alabama at Corinth, MIh?. , ami rendezvous at Henderson and Belhel stations, tm the Mobile wild O.iio Railroad. 2. J*e'sand Browder'n regiments Tennessee Volunteein ami straggler* .mil unattached men will proceed fruin Henderson station to Corinth and ro;:ort to Hr.gndior Central Kugglee. The .Seventh regiment HaMp|l Volunteer* will procee 1 from Jackson io Henderson. , 3. Okie's of etafl's will see that the nere??ary supplies nd tracportation are inrtnshed to effect th#?e nrn eats. 4. Rui'rusds wllhiu the limits of ihis commaiul, bemg absolutely aeetsaai y tar military puniosM at thie timfe, are, to the extent necessary, placed under the conirol <?r the t) lancrm i (ci 'a Ivnari mant. To suppress disorders, arrest all persons 'ravelling without authority , ao<l prevent undue intci-.V-rnco by unauthorized person* "0 the Memphis and Charleston, and Mobil* ami <%io railroads, Brigadier denoral Buggies will make the necessarv df tail* from bis command to send a guard of one coininiai-ioned officer and ttve moh with each passenger train on these roads. 6. 1 ho 1 ale or supplying m any manner of Inlnslcatmg liquors within live mllec of any station occupied by troop*, or within one mile o! any public inch way need lor in ill tary purposes, except for medicinal purposes, on the written |iresorlpilonof a regular physician, ts prohibited. AH grogshop# and drinking saloons within euch limits will be closed. and the supplies packed, subject to military inspection. Any violation of thie order will lie followed by prompt arrest of the offeuder and destruction of It hit stores of liquor. ?. Martial law la deelared at the ciir of Memphis. A Arm oad discreet "fllcur, of proper qualifications, will be Metalled by Brigadier tiveeral Buggies, to assume the du ties ofProvoet Msrebal at that piece, who will publish fete orders, and call on the commanding' officer of thai City for the necessary guards io enforce them. 7. The prisoners of war at Memphis will be transferred te Mobile under a guard of fifty men, to be defiled by Brigadier ( < neral Ruggles from his command at Corinth. TTu- commanding olflcer at Mobile will forward them, tux I or n p-epei guard, to Vos-alo >sa, Ala., for > oi.finew.cnt. Ity command of Major General 11P.AGO. H- W. Vfii.nw, A. A. A. General. MIMTART NOTitJ*. caxmai. onnitn?no. 5. Earnjt annas (!u,..vu lb vision,) Akhy at thk Mwsicsim. Jackson, Tenn.,March O.IK.'. I 1. Offb.erf. and soldiers travelling under ord< rs,aM<ion mst? or lurio-ijin, are required on th-or arrival at a military h?t.'U to Immediately to the cotunmno n?; ?>il i or. Itioae not comply tig with thi? regulation, ami oil trim may bo found In or atvnt the towns ami ramps with ut proper tvrltlen authority, mil be promptly at relied ml tin n? I ovrr to the guard? on regular traiue for traua rirtatioa to their stat-nim. i iu|>ei ipi ivls will he ilet tiled v onmai indere for ttie eth, ieot execution of thia or4cr. II. No leave of atu-en?-.eoi furlough,. iui p? <-.? g-v'a frllQrate. wilting forth a nti-e* Ity ft?r change or lOiatlon.Wil! ha granted, utiles* appro-cd at lhe?e hea.iquai-wi*'. All nu ll u* h.ivo been itcretotm e grouted am revillod, and tho pa idle* are re '.red to rey-u ilieir mpNtlve sti'tiona immediately, or h? ronaMimtl ?a 4 ?-a?'.Here. III. Xo officer* wtfe-er family w II he permltt-vi to remain w it It tho 1.1001* tu tho It-Id, ami aoofficor ta til, mnlur Mi) lUi-cuinaiancee, lie all.mo I te aha* ul h.msotf at night from kla proj>e.?tal.-ui. Hy .-omniau l of Miwr tumoral RB tutl. <.ao <5. Wattst'i, Assistant Aujnlant General. MII.1TAKT XOTKB. Orrtlt l??t. toivRaann *fto I'a >vo*i Mmeot, | City ok Mrvratta. vtarrh 1*3, Ktw? f t T?-e pollre tour* of the r.it* of Memphis wlil h# eon. gin ied .>u duly unik-r oi der- from Una ollfca Tto Chief f I'riUce, tlie eaptaina of tlieilayand night polire, and pi-i- al detevtive*, erill report te ihla ofltaa lor taatruc tlmiK aud orileia. II. Tie t'uv Kt r lei will coatinue to exert i-c lh? i unction* of hie o'ttK e. III. The keener of tho pith lie Jail of the <;tty wlti t-ona in oe in the discharge of hi* datioa. IV. Feraona leeviag the city by i abroad ?r aloamhoat re required to prooet a paaa|iorIa. Mr tie-"-go IVlndMe er is folly antlwrtred to is-me passports. Persona arrirtug n thoefcy be rtviroad and aloanilioat are required lo report to tbm office. v. HtaambMte ?a arriving at thia port will s*-nd a list of pa* uMiprre ?ad i-Ofw of man!fc*t 10 thia u|h?w. They e? i it not bo pa-mi tied to dier-barg* nny freight until lli't fpanlleat lias burn aiemined. VI. The - :pre*?i..n of drtinkonna-S ami th sale of ingot ieUlng liquor*-- Ireiqy of eital )m?>oi tance, It ia niailo the duly of the military and civil poll, e to arrest ail per mouh foe?4 en tha sttreete In a ala'e of. intoxication, and arsons so arrested, If they bare sufficient Intelligence ? ihe time of the arrest , will bo re-|uired forthwith lo point oui to the police ihu person from whom, and the gilai e whero Iho liquor wa? obtained : otlu-rwlee they HI l>e imprisoned until they hare recovered their sense* a-iffii i- Idly lo giea the required information Hotel* umi reatanraota arc prohibited from supplying their guest* with liquors. 111 Iffy sir.I auti aiUitary pvlicf will artist ot^, I a :e ne tr. lb* discharge of their doty wbf^vsr cicitioo renders U noceseary. VIJI. Tbo military police wpj arrest all soldiers found tn tbo city witho.it proper p'j^gg. Tbey will alao arrest all persons dtessed wholly fa partially in the uniform of the conleuerate Staves dtrmy, who havo not proper pomes. | IX. The removal or "all the sugar, molasses and cottou from the city having faen heretofore ortTerrd, the ownera, agtuf. Hud teesignee* controlling either of said articles* will proceed immediately to move tbew from the cJ*. The piece te w Uiob tbe.v shall be removed w ill be bmicaled on application nt this office. Any or eaitl arttulee tbat are not removed an required by this order will be destroyed, espeutaily snob an ma/be feeadeeereted. X. The attention of militia officers il especially directed to Major Centra! Rragg'g general order So. 4, pub belted in the city papers, fbey are prohibited from interfering with ?r demising the employee and train bamln of the railroads terminal ,ng at tbie state, gr with any of the government employee or operatives, or . with telegraph operators: or employes. XJ. H. P. union nub .lames H. ftmiih are hereby ap pointod beads of Hie civil police, and all officers and : members of sa;d police are required lo report to and re j sport them accordingly. XII. Junius K. liarion. of the SWiol Arkansas, inhereby appoiutod Deputy Provost Marshs). U will be his duty to see that all pre series and drinking saloons within flvo miles of the city til' Memphis, in the State of Aiken- j bum, are closed, ami if necessary he will forcibly sup- | press the name auu arrest the oUemier. T? P. M?8I8ICK, Civil Oorernor and Provost Mareba). What la Martial ban! TUB YOBlt AI'PEAJttj 10 ft ALL THH FFOFt.B OP MEMPHIS. Il'rom the Memphis Appeal, March IS ) A considerable diversity of opinion pre. ails in regard to martial law, character, extent and ineti uinentRlities. Many person? suppose that military law is martial law. This is an error. The former is a code of. laws prescribed for the go, eminent of tb? army. It relates exclusively to persons attached to wte military sorvice, and does not, in its operations, embrace those engaged iu ordinary eivil employments. Martial law, on the contrary, embraces every deee.-option of persons within the rlty or district over which it has Ijoou eBtabiieh'-d. It is not itgiined anil ascertained by enactments and judicial <ie< n i< n-n- in the case of military law. Iti' nfwiVip* from IK? will and judtmmt of !Ke comma linear whote duty it it to enforce 11. It supercedes the ordinary iaetritnsntalii.es of courts, such ue Judges, juries and ehrrlflb. It may even suspend, for tns time b*ing, the great writ of habeas oerpoe. In otKrr worth, martial law may be raid to he no law at all, hut rather the unll of the military tmtmandiml, regulated, it is true, by an enlightened regard for tho general welfare. It* truo totem and a,in ta to place all power, as we' aa ali the resources of the uie trlct. In the hands of the military authorities, to be used and wielded against the public fipemy. But at wt hao d t.rr ice must admit toil, at the name Huh it is piopei to remark that in the executiou of martial law meat prudence is to be exercised. Cliief Justice .Taney holds "Ihel no more force eau be used than is necessary, and if Ikt power bt turd for oppression, or any j wilful injury be doni to person. or property, the party by whom or whor e order it is done, will be responsible to the injured person. ' * * After rittng a munbar of legal authorities, the article proceed* as foUuws:? " The best opinion would seem to be that in time of war, the covtnment, by act if Congress, may flowt tin com'.ru unJii martial law in a UmiUUand mitigated eeiut; though there has beet> much controversy upon the limitation of the power. So. alee, in the language of Judge Wood bury, the commanding officer of troops may "extend certain righto ot war, net only ever bin camp, but Its ee vIrons and the near field of hie military operation^. lleymd thf, neither the goobrmnent mr the Military commamdtrran properly go. ivvunrfy VM /n' ?* wn ?r naff } xmrwtrrf/ f ? wagm iru wear p*wnn of far tuny, >an anlhoritt lk< comnumdt. to tufrnd or arrmt tho trntmiimi gf ordmatg ami prooat. In tbM m in other respects, the safety of the army will fee the rulinf motive of the military oom rounder 3%tre are t>ut hco insane* in nftrh martial low teat remrttd to umdar tU old foKrnutaU. The flret ?a% in Mew Orleans, in 1814, when General Jeekson took, the autbo? rity, againrt the opinion of Kdward Livingston, oneef tho ahV -t jurist* of his day, to piece that city under mast is! law. The second was iu 1142, and occurred in Rhode Island, during what i? known as the Dorr rebel lion. Proclamation of the Uevrruer of Mississippi. Whereas, the T.eriMnturs, hy su act approved tho 29th day of January, 1842, has authorised and empowered ros to issue a proi tarnation immediately, catling for IKN JHoPXA.M' . OJ.l'.MKICKS, fhv the defence of the country, to rsndeavons at such times and places, and in such number.-, trltbic the limits of tbsStaic;n Imay designate, to serve for the term of two YK*K*, or such shorter period as tho imbUc exlgem iee may, in div judgment r?)Oire. Vow, therefore, iu virtue <>f the power thus vested in .mo, I issue this my proclamation, appealing to tbv patriotism of the people to evince their willingness to respond to every el! their coontr> may make upou them in the perilous < risis through wb'ch that country is called to t?<s. Tiiepowr to dm ft hat bert coHfa rfu njxni in by th- legislature, wb'H eolun'ters laiitt to itf>end. I have too muclt cuntldence in tho determination of the peoplo ol' Mississippi to in"t?? every responsibility aud hour every bur thou which may result from thenseverance of connection with an oneuiy intent upou tli ir destruction, to believe that it will ever become necessary for roe to resort to the exercise of ibal power. After the libera! contribution Mississippi has rnrrirheo ill men end money for the prcser ution of the war, the art au'/uuiiing this*all vmh'M never have t?n jfasft if the nt>ti?Uy hutl not b*?n m st Uiiient. 1 will !b< teforo receive volnnteers to tho number of TKXiMOttu^n, to ssrv" for the term of two vim . They are expected to bring arms wall thain,for which they w ill be allowed a fair value. To such as hav c no arms th-y will, ?s far aa possible, be rnrnlshed. The time and places of rendezvous will he hereafter designated. Com/1'iiies entitling muter Ihii call will report to the Adjutant Genual ut Jo-' ol. K.ch company is reunited by the aci \Q VI f IXI jr-ivir Mini imio nik. UW JOHN J. pmc*. ElE'TTivt Orrict, Jacmox, Ian. rjj. npi2. PioclH iiiatfon by the OoTfinor of I.ouIiUM. H'iMirMiitM l/wisuiia Mfuiu,1 \ k.w Ori.kaf, s, Feb. 14, 1862. ) The PrciMOBt of I be < iinfederute uu?( > ha\ ing made 1 requisition upon nu? to "fttrnlrhfrun lite Sflilr of Lnuitiatutjivt ixtrf a Half rryimunti nflrnoptfmr ? v war," there fore'l.Thouias U. Moore,(ioiernor ottbe t'tate of Lou teiana, do hereby proclaim that volnnteera will l>e re reive! in ?c<or<l?nee wiih ike Preeidani'n proclamation. Volunteers will be received by companies, battalions or reKitrent*. F*rh company will be composed of one captain, one Orel. Ile?it< ;mii?, two ne< ond lieuteunnte, lour sergeants, four r?r|>ora'H, and not leea tlian siityfour private*. Re intents mnel contain not lees than ten companion, and battalions not le*e tbau lour coni^er^ioe. couiin?nd;og ojjlcti? niU report as soon a* (hair respective omiu?nds are organized to Adjutant t'tneial M. Grivot, New Orleans. The troop* will be nm* tared into Bervice at convenient camps, and will then be clolhed, supplied nnd armed by the Confederate government. K*rh soldier will receive from the Confederate government a bouuty of fifty dollar* wbcu hi* regiment or coiniwny la mustered into na aorvire. and will be allowed tinnspoitaiiou by it from hie home to the place of rendezvous. It is earnertly desired that the troops now callod for be reodv by QrOtf<?v the 1 Mh of Morrh. Relying upon the activity and patriot imn of tuy I'ellow citizens, 1 anticipate a reeponee from ibein a* prompt aa the emergency demands. THon. t?. MOORK, (lovernor and Commseder in-Cliief. ANOTHEK rttOl LABATION BY TllK OOVLHNOH OF LOUISIANA. Frtt.ow C'itizek- ami Soi.oikrs?(address you today in J adouble capacity,uGoxernorami Conunander-ln-f luef. 1.1 <vi Ml mm luaai i.jeiii ittm r?a iiwrai nron. -j^iiv? y?, 5,()0<l ewu ''I defend th- MisntripiH ml I fit, uud with it your loved Mala, tbia beautiful city, sud nacre then all, our t hmnes ami those deasvr than all iNp, nm honor. The , U^ifaril and tho da tard awaits Hie fee at lb# vary ahnne I ufrbe sanctuary. II In the pari of the hravc a d uoble h'-a- ted 10 mrti htm at the threshold or bsyoud It; and did wo choose any other portion we would he Teh" to our history ami traditlocn, recreant 10 our broihem' blrsst which laiuod Hie hard (ought lielda of Virginia and Miaaouri. anil unworthy of III hgli gift uf iDdepcuih uce <> a nc lifted by I ha blood of jxitri'i mertyrn. nin fj noi Ihf hour fur rain regretr or ifmpondtucy. JVc, iiuf nun fur hftila'uia. An iaadtnt and i? ahea fy <4 the radlegatc?the cmltut uf Ihf ?ngh'o 1 iyc f(j,n11 hi w "I hit Jhut ndiviu rig for our lietlrudiim, ami lUet 'rgiVph uirtt IrciiMi vii'h tho awe of hit nttmt%ciiui miu,?,i>. Ill the name or all mo?l dear to ua, I entreat joh ro meet hint A hrlre general, our fellow ritIrene, calls for you, and his tiarrloi lien't feels you will come. I," 11 reft Pi (it already cludered around huhroic, and he telle you to share with him new honors and new viclo ri?*. ".SVr ,1 ficn mu>: In mad', but the recollection of thorn will nerve your ami in the day of battle and uuike dearer your successes. fathers hnstismis, brothers, lovers,your rountry calls you! Citir?n?, your pro|ierty arid your rights nre In danger! Will you not gof The hour for glorious action la u|win us; let It not pass unheeded by. Gnu ml Bum regard doer hit fellow rlNrrm tlii honor to teieh Ihtm at hit ml in 1 he homo of trial. \ special messenger. m bcr of liia matl. Dr. rboppiu, waits to return to bun a r mua reaponae. I'pon lolnnifring, i/on null la orilfi ' ,j Gcum ml Brnmrfgrnrii, at ./oru*n, Ann , a/id in a few meeltt when thr net. oily it pa ', yon .c01 rrlurHvtch>riout, %r b<ti* your ii(k<*~t?t i.iu.tgri minim*! in mi,- heart*. THOMAS 0. MOORf. fJovi rnor and t 'omuandar-in Chief. SOLPIKO* OF MtW OHI.KANF. I'oa ore airare if the dioada* uhwh htmbefallen our arm in the Wat. Great,r dftoMere .dill am Marino tu in Ihf face. Gen ial Braurego'tl-lhe man l, vhoinivr .unit Urft at Ihf saieowr of our ommlry?eetid<< me amour you 10 summon you to a grout ilulr and noble deeds?jn vole'nganl inspired by 'be sacred lore or country and of priceless liberty, he has lakeu life deathless resolution 4e I ft reaper "" <'? let mitre. And with tho immo-. tal couv'dance and holy fervor nf a soul willing, if neod tie to meet suartyrdom.be calls upon ybu tAjotn him, in or drr that hrmhy rmtnrr. to our rounlry "dial the hat toil, and lead >V? on to glory and Independence' In tones right and aulUn MthaMillinga of the Con# Pit, knell. but with ilMMia ,tet wtiW f*bd a Sbirlp^ryv>gb W YO -mC ^ - - - - _ NEW YORK, FRIDi wry heart, and string tbe uei vot; of every man, be cries out lhd*hnul refrain of that immortal hyu.n? "Am amies citoyene! Ibrut/ \ on l.aiUiiloi.H, MUK.Loii* I Van-hone I <}n'un sang impur ibrcuvo (log Billons !'* Creeies of I-iouisiana, on to tbe work I 8. C'HOHPIN, Surgeon flen. Beau regard 'fc fUS Kkhbvubi 26,1862. JvOnCK TO VOLUNTKUt OROANIZATlOKB THROM.HOlT ink gram, omriui Km* (!aiJW??', Fel>. 1! 1882. Tbe Co n. mo Oder mCliM and Bli^or ilcneral eloct, in order promptly to put in operation the new militia law, desire to eiplsln to the volunteer companion of this city and State, and at! persons disposed to form volunteer > inpanios, the ohari cter ami dec' of the law. 1. All tbs present volunteer cos ,lames, battalions. re giutenis, brfeiulea and Uivlsiouti are disbanded !>> opoiatk>o of law, on tbe 16th nav of Ft luuary . iw>2 2. Volunteer companies, UUuun, legitimate and brigadur.. iu tbe )*iicbes of i trfcanti arid Jeflernon, maybe formed so as to be put ui o rmmi.itaie cperttiion. KOHtLATK> f V? UOCI'/NIW. 3. Volunteer compani'is n.uy bo formed until tiieiftUi of March, J*?2. Afler that 'lato none .'an ?> formed without tho consent of the Contr,lander ip-t'bkef, and uo prrma ean be reooited into a volunteer rompauy. after tbe 16th Of March, without the out suit of the Major ffi ueral. 4. Volunteer companies moat consist of not lees than sixty nor more than one hundred private* forartillnry and .nfantry, and nor, less than thirty-two nor more than one hundred private* for cavalry. b'llMMAT.fiN lit ITM.lifVTW J k It MRIfiAlll.fi. r 6. Regiment* ni?y be forme.! o! not less than iwi ?wi | ptu.iea, ho<l brigades of not lec? than four nor move than j six regiments- but tiny company < f artillery or eavalry | may be .i'.inched to a volunteer brigade with ins consent of thoCommander in-fbiof. oiDcr.afi o.? oovrnKtrs?wsAWThY a no aktiuxay. C. Kj?? i. cumpuny of infantry- must have one captain, one brat lieutenant, one second lieutenant, one third lieutenant, five sergeants and four corporals, ha< li company of at tiller v must have one captain, two first nontenants, two second lieutenants, eight sergeant*, tweh e ourjioraiK, lw?> buglers an<i si* artificers. OHSCKSH OS BV.1MXNW?IVVaNITEY ami A?THJ>?r. *. Kech regiment must have one colonel. one lieuten ant colonel, ono major, one nrijatnnt, one assistant quar tormaster, a ho shall act as pay nuts t'er- one surgeon, one assistunt surgeon,one sergeant major, one quartermaster's sergeant and two chief mus.t iocs. 0SVKU8 OF BATTAUON* -INSAMRV AND AHlll.lA.llV. P. Two companies, or not mote 'ban four, shall form a battalion to be commanded by i, major, and five and less than ten companies, may form a battalion, to be commanded by a lieutenant colonel. Ot-mTRS O* i AV?uiY. P. A troop of horse must have one captain, one first lieutenant, one second lieutenant, one MMMPj four sergeants, four coritorels, otic fnrrter and one -toddler. I ltl. Two troops of horse Shalt form n. squadron, to ho I commanded by tbe senior captain, four squadrons shall form a regiment, to be commanded by a ooi mel, lieutenant colonel and major, with the same staff officers as a regiment of infantry. XI ! floe AND APWllSTXBNT OS OFVU KW. 11. Volunteer ivmipanies, battalions, regiments ami brigaf.ee may det-jrm ne the modg of electing or appointing their officers. Any movie by which the sense of the eompany , battalion, regiment and brigade may be ascertained will be sustained, whether by resolution, ac la mat ion, cira toee, vote or ballot. 12. Any volunteer company, battalion or regiment which shall not have attached itself te a brigade by tbe ldtb ?f Marcb, may be attached |o a militia or volunteer brigade by the i'omi,.?nder-tn-Chtef. 13. Ket urns of elections or appointments must be made to tbe Major Ceneral, who will certify tbe election or appointment lo tbe Aoveriibr. and the proper eomrniMiOfis * >11 be issued by tbe Governor. w-iemnwotntr on?H?a. 14. Non-roipmieeinned officers must be appointed by tbe captains of companies to Which they betOM. A certificate of their appointment must iseae to thtRn. signed by the captain of their company,and if attached to a battalion, by the commander of tbe battalion also. STASIS. 15. All staff ofi'rers must be appointed by their immediate Chiefs, end will be cwmcitetieed by the Governor. - They will held their oflke at the pleasure of their immediate chief., An officer of tho lino receiving a staff appointment tempurarlly, will retam He commission In tbe line. BAY". ' 19. Field and company officers of volunteers w ill take rank according to the date of their previous commissions in tbo volunteer service, fn eases where no previous commissions were held, the rank will be determined by tbo dates of the commission*. When commission? uv*t tuw I>?uir ?"? vv ' - huhcuom l?/ jui. 17. Volunteer corps will take rack >u the hue aueording to the da to of their formation; if of the same date, their rank will be determined by lot. it). Hikes and lauv.ee will be furnish* I bv tlie -tate to all volunteer organizations not supplied with Urea mm. TH<)8. 0. UiNikK, Guiaroor and Pomniandnr in-Chief. .iohn }.. ljtwig,Mi\jor GofierA) elect. Any Kind of Men Will Sow Be Accepted In Bretirrgard'o Arpiy. The following m the brief, but elo<inenUy significant d." ;tat' ii received front General lleaft'regerd by Goienini Monro I ? snow, l'eb. 1'8. ISHli. 'J'o Oor. T80M ?a O. Itnnr.i.I w >U accepted u<> eynip fit Uoops, unilor at I nl' ^l*t August, that willofTcr, iuuI for niirty l.et the people o! l.tmimuia nudei land that fibre io the proper place to defend l.oftmiana. f!. T. BKAI RBG Kl>. Governor liarrin and tin lenntntt H?l?el Troops. ? UENKHAh OHM MS?NO. 4. Kxsittmt liRAi>gr^irrcn?, ) MeentM, Tinn., March If, lbd'i J 1. Volunteer companion will rendezvous at the following point':? fruit West Tennessee. at Grain!.lunoiinn. Prom Mniillo Tennessee, at Vd'aski. Krom Past Tennessee. Ht Knuvv die. J. Capiainn of yoliuiiec; oopipamee organised pucc the 1st of February, 1843, or thai may he orsaulyd iq the fliture, will report their organizations to tjie Adjutant General of the Slate, and will prompt ty more their com in an ds to rendezvous. By cotnmaud of 1SHAM ti. IIAKUIS, tfore: ner , He. w P. s\ hit) boh nr. Adjutant General. AFEUAI, OHDEB?NO J . Hkaini jinany Foima Mwwo* l*eaneai..h Miuha, 1 .Iaiboov. March 10, lM'J / To i hk Hpir. 4miw <irvk* ?ta opthp KiunrrpNiH, Nivri v.ny i u, I'WT.MIITH ANI, TWHUTT SPCOKK DW: ADK?:? ]u obedience to the order of Uia Iiioellency Coventor IlMiriT.tiie orders hereto ore i?vied directing the details to i siid?/toiis at Heudersop Station, on I lis Mobil* and Oh,o Railroad, ar* hereby changed, gnd I ho d*t?kb< from ?our iasp*..ti\e brigade* (except Obion county), art h*r#by directed to reode/xoua at Qrand .TunctkiB, iu Hardeman county, 'i'enuasae*. By oofamaml of Major OoiiTrTl bRookp. If. P. Wain, A. A. Qenarah Drtpalring Call far Trospi. Tito following rail uppanrtt in the most pfomin< ut pits* in the Pauld'tig (Mi*?i??ippi) Cla.ion. It m set In double leu-led small picn and beirays that which .loff. I'avit would coficaal?mimaly, th* oniuriad defeat* of ih* nMi ?> , MII.ITAHV VPET1N0. A meeting will beheld iu Paulding,on Mum,ay, for the purpose of forming volunteer company to he temiered to the floveruor under th* lata call for troop*. flex. P. P. Me?tor is expected to ba present and deliver an addroaa. Thr mm of this county taetd no urpiny noir to cause them to turn out aud Oil up the rank* 01 tin.- company promptly. V'As time it at hontf trhm em-it man able to-tumMn a. fin ha* lo no. Tb? enemy is at our doors, ami ivvrrr* art crer iwhirr- our, ,thing our armt. It is now to do, and Bo at once, or our cdnw it ('rail, an* m are h*f>elet*ly leaf. (From tli* Paulding (Mi* .) Clarion. | Countrymen' fallow cltiMlia! th' tint' nf' y*,it ao.< em,it. All that is di?nr to ua ia auapended upon th* leene of arm*. Th* pwomi ij tha arbiter, and tha sword is alaiie potent when unmhera are Hiflklent. Hear this truth iu imud and let uono lav I that thay are exempt, let ua Imitate tha example of the am ,er.ta, when the cry w ru Rome demands your lialp," all front tha higher) to the most Imtnbla flaw to arms. Or, if nerd Ot, in spirit nl least, im'fo't the Cwthi'inman uxnnrn, who rut ?f th'ir hair to took'rope for th ir Miart*. To arms, countryman! Wo list o nothiug to hope for but victory or daath. My connection with the editorial department of ibis papor ceased from the iireient nnmbar. in order! list I * o??>ir tliA nrvkiv ?.!' fli#? rmiffilcrt1! Stat#* ? J ? Advance of the Ptdrrtli. [from the Momplys Appeal] We Iter* Information from several mwmsi Diet Parte, Tennrsaae, wua occupied by th> federal fwrrea yesterday. About throe th<" and, it wee thought. cmpoeed thu ail ranc" guard of tbo iuvadera. All I he |>ubllc property bad ?<u removed. The Hirer Blerkade. |from the Memphis \|>|?v?l, March 1A.| The transports II. I>. Mo.ua and Mary Keorn arrived from above yesterday, ha*in* peered tbe federal batteries

at Point I'laaaant without eueiamiug any material Injury. Eighteen ahotafrom the oneiriy 'a artillery ware Ureil at (he Mrara and fourteen at the Mary Keen?--ibe lirn ocaplng iimniiired, n (<Ut panting Ixroogk tv Trrui of (h In'ur. Hoth veeeeh were M<av >yed by one of oiur fallbihH) and paaee.t ih? I'n nt under a run hand ?>f atoam. Thv tmilioal turew a number of hot .it the enemy, one of which, It was thought, from ihe co.ifueioe trleible, dietin until one of tbeir gune. The onemy appeared to bav e live giiBK menated, end our naval oilt< era mtimatod the targe.-1. to he rifled twelv e-|mttndere. Several "f there ebeta Itnck the trees on the oppoetin bank of the river. We Irarn alio I bat mmiii'inkition ?ilh?i;l delay, witb the troops at New Madrid aad Island numl><u T> n, Ima been geeared bt another route, of which, of roureo, no indication should bo given. With the aid of the gun lxuM> im eipccted relnton omenta our foreea war# onft'lent of being able to maintain tlieir pnation. Ttie follow trip latter la from a gentleirati who ig in poeition te apeak iinderatandmfty, end upon wb.um malauieiiie the i!iiu(?Arriian?> otui ba piacad:?. Maiuuii Hasp, March 11, IfltiX Tinned iltinai t irinrai llrttirrn tina fuil tha nfwr ?? efl>. tike defence. Tb? forte be bad erected at Naw J Madrid ere improgaeHc The enemy ? ropOrtod thirty thousand strong IV g mboatf have appeared tytneral McOCwn baa iafuted njbigb aptrit among the whole army RK H IY, MARG1I 21, 1862. here. AH are hopeful ai.i1 re?<jy. We will unlto this an Amei toaa Thamopyln If uecsaary. H. H. B. The Kiprdllion up the Te?ntMee Hlvtr. (From the Flor' tioMla/otto. March 12. | We inAruno yeetcrilaj ln*l ilie feitaruW had larded a Urge fore* at Mavaouaii Teeu. We ?vfH>ot>e they Hie inning preparations to g?i imereselon of the Memphis _ AT. d Charleston Railroad. TU y nti/M u oer fee rllouril to net lit11 yrtot Lknn.oo' fu t in Uu>r pamuM, fur thill too Mienld nidu.d bo cripjilmi. i he labor anil unt .ring indue* try of too many faithful ami energetic tpau huvc boeu eipended ti|M>n tins read, (o bring it up to 1tapresent s'i'toof usefulness. to Imi it fail into the bauds of our enotiiv, to bo used against us. U in net bo protected. We, us u people, ate abie to protect and ?ai e it. If uu AcoufaMe, let /A< m ho re tuir row. but to- hipe H is 'A' united sentiment ff Our prop1' <hni we mil tuioeoui railroad. W hat a NI*lak*>Not tiitrn11 In tlieAVrtt* (From ilie Richmond fhrpat'-h, March 7.'| It ia stated IliRt the federal troops, a?tuo twenty thoesima .* tronj:, Inttfy mgmjed on th* t'oinher'and and I'enbeese# river*', HMe fallen hack to Padncab. (,'oncral Polk, nntii Ipating that the < l?ject of fbclr fating bach was P> touke a rtank movement on Columbus. whntheeaumj !a ordered forw aril, lias ordered I he bridges on May field .v <" yn.^mrn. | lliti f'ederrls are presumed W> be toily advised of tlw Tact , that there never hns been any idea of evacuating Cohtm 'on*. Haiti Vp for a <*ui>?iultla. The following unique udverUfceiueut appear* io the Mcmph.s .4pt '<d W March 13 :? QVHHUl I'H -HICH I'KIUS. Ilia undersigned, iwciv e uiilpj; from Memphis, on Big orcok planfc road, will give eight MUi,-.-. a dug i t cof ton , or Mt o dollar* in money and buurd,?or a In at rale gunsmith, to maku a newly invented rICt out and out. Apply by fjiimlay next to .J. 8TKK1 B .V I.O., Karhnsge Building. THE UNION ACCOUNTS. Tlie Upeiatloim of (lie Wo >tma t Fleet al Itlaiid No. fO. It'ori espetidetico of the >. iitc.uueti Commercial.] Uism-hii in Kivkk, March ID, 1Sd2. We left Cairo at eight o'clock on the morning of the J4tb, the folio* >ng i ctso.'e comprising the Hoot TUB Ft.BET. Kiagalhp Benton, l.iowtrnant Phelps, aetirg bag captain. vliiiibnai Cincinnati, Commander It. N. .-leninel. Cunboat Carondeht, t'unnmander Walk. Ounbnai Mound titty .Commander Kel'.y. Cnnho.u louisville, commiilider iw. liuirtioht Pittsburg, l.ientenant Thompson. f.unboat St. Louis, Lieutenant Paulding. Gunboat Oanortoga, Lieutenant Ulodgett?the only boat in the float not iron clad. Kaclt boat (designated numerically) bears a tnorUr weighing aaveuteen thousand one hundred and eighty, four pounds. discharging a round shell, weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds, without its aouteuts?the mortar being charged with twenty-three pounds ot powder. fbey will carry from two to three mile*. The mortar boats were in tow of the steamers Hammift, Wif*oq, Pike, Wisconsin No. ti, and J.jIcoKrle No. a. The running csew" of the mortar boats consist of one cap. tain and twooareuieu?tUthuat men. The mortars proper are worked In action aa follows:?One captain to each brace or mortara, and one lientenaut, or aeend masters, add twelve men to each boat. 'The following are the names of omcsits OF TUB MORTAR FLBET. Captais H. k. Meynadier, commanding fleet. Captain K. B. Pike, ssaielHUt do. T*i r mil IfMtii r Mn rr 1'lamfnrrt ler#adtt ? fiS.iAndu alld .InbMtOB. Hie crew propeUiug, running, or whoea duty H is to place the boat* in position for action, m ordartd by Capt. Maynadier. are.? Ko. 6. Captain Tazwall HoftVuan, of Aurora, la. No. T. CaptamChea. M. Jackson, of Rising* to, J*. No. 11. Captain Austin R. .Smith, :>{ ? Unc inn at i, Uhto. No. 19. Captain .tohu Sparr, Yev ay, la. \0. 22. Captain K. Bolniirt?i , law rencebnrg. J*. No. .3. Caplwin Ambrose Kacemoir, Hiking Sun, la. No. 27. Captain James Dougherty, lAwretv-ebnrg, la. No. 29. Capiat a .tames NcOeister, lAwrdhcebtirg, la. No. 30. Caplaiii Boston Wearer, Cincinnati. No. 39. Captain Wro. fiitlf, J.awrenc 'berg. The llamniut and V ilson, lashed tore liter, lowed four mortar boats; Hike and Wtaooaain No. 2, tonr more. Two additional having born lei't id. < 'ohiiiibu*, Ky., a ion days ijirtca, were tett^i in tow from that point by the l.a\a KrioNo. 2. fb# Alps followed with u tnel tow . a barge Is.Ian with < <J4l. Then I'nlionAd ibe Ordnance steamers Great Western, Captain W,,f. Hamilton, ami Jnd-e 'fofi'ence.Captain Fraaa Ki> barunm _tht? deportment baiug m> barg# of Option Senfford, Uuited fhatM^ N..\ j. The tranaiHiru Hob l!oy and Silver Wave ilieit oine long with Ibe Twenty seventh llllunig infantiy, Coloiial Huford,andFifteenth Wisconsin infantry, Colonel H. C. Hag, ibe latter ivgiiuent huing composed exclusively of Nope eKiiine, and *r may add iliat we have never met a more ellkicnt am' Rial worth body of man ill the camp or Held. A battery in the Hwcuuil ), lino is artiilary likewise coiiipaniad lite et|teditiutt with the gunboats on the right, followed hy tlm nior lot dadt,ordnance boats and transport"- tritliVoopii, the failed State* gunboat CoueHloga brought up the rear, prelecting Ibe transports, while eight or ten little eorew uru|wncry. ?jpu?i mm mim ? > h;iu i">|?,urii?s from I he flagship tp the fleet, were busy, darting about in all direction*. Our Dfm ariived s.t CohimbiM. hy .,#.1 one I'. M., wbtie we reimrited until three r. M. A-low down as ' nlmtibu<t, Jom-s landing and Hickman, we noli, oil pontoon b.'.ifc'e*, which had been permitted to drift down from PoduoaU iimti'iilro. in fact,we nave 11 from reliable authority ibal ft number or !ht e httrgcs, pur. ticsed try Uncle Sam for flftOO each, caught drifting, bad proved veryservlcexble to lite rebels during the eT.iualiou of Oolumbtfk. THK TROOPS RNTKH HICKMAN. Folweon die ai\,d a fx o'clock P. M. the llwt rounded to and lauded at Hb'kflian, Ky. Tlie. receptionwa? tint very cnrdia), howel i r, although a number o;' liniou Indie* ap pan red atthe doora and windows ol iheir dwellings and waved their handkerchief*, white 'he men cbeered the the old Her: The tow n had b?'u partially deacrted. Jnet ae the infantry were marebiug up the h'urr, at tbo upper end or the town, wo heard a abrill whistle?t?x>t, toot, toot I which proved to be the locomotive iu?t In from Union City, ueed exclusively for rebel military purpuies. As coon ae the engineer discovered his mistake? that Hicktnau wen occupied by federa'? be rcveravd hie nginn, and with the laat "tool,' darted bark tbe way be came, with lightning epced. A lew musket thole wore Died after bitn. but he waa ?oon o.il of range. ami back to hie hole in Union l ily for aught we know.' t RE OITUBib Weconveteed with a numiter ofciti/?i>*. both loyelaed rebel. One old gentleman, Mr. Freeley, uuller, introduced to tie by Captain McMillan, of the Silver Wave, wua ahuoel overcome with joy. He bailed tbe old flag with tremulous and tearful amotion. "All!'' hesay*. "you don't know, can't imagine, I row ?nd what we've suffered. FM, think Hod, there'* the old flag! f know it would coine. Yea, I knew it would come." Wegavohim ft IMenowkpai er, and told hlur of the evacuation of Ma Bateau,defeat o: Price, be. He replied, pointing 10 the paper, " I'hit< ia the be?t treat I've bad for many ? day.'' Weatktd hmt for a late Mempliir or other Southern paper. lie said, ' We have none, seldom nee them, a* onle only * few are struck off, owing to the ? arcity of paiier." We were introduced to vera! le-liee, wb-we husbands and father* were in the Noith. and from whom they had received no tiding' ?hice tire breaking out of the rebelling. We communicated t" one la I) and her ilaughior,from New York, the intelligence that her husband, Vr. Spencer, was In leiro llw master a''uorer in tbv government machine shop AWAY FOll InLANh NO. 10. tin tftluidg} , the lbth ma'aiit. :it his A. M., the expedition left Hickman for 1-iatxf No. 10, tho weatiier being rold. end raining, with high wind. Here your correspondent, left the Haiumttt, and boarded the United Sutex guniHiet ClBciuneiI, Commander P. N. lumbal, in anticlpal ion of witnessing an engagement with the enemy. Juat below the foot of Inland No. 8 (twelve mile* bolow Hl' kraau). the re bel gunbi at Orampti*. observing our fleet approaching. rounded down from the Kentucky shore In e hurry, being some two milei ahead of the flagship Benton?the latter aendiug a couple of rllle 4g.|>oimders after her,both shot* falling short. In the it ean time the (iianiptti aciitbled off down the river at , her belt e|s oil, her steam whistle shrieking and scream ' me ineeewuilly, in order to warn the rel?ei batteries be. ?# f>. At molil A VI un uttiMwiffiiiliiAil (n I?tw UT "in B|>flV?>u. J>< v.,... ...... ... ............ ? follow the movement* of tn?' flagahlp, when all thegnuIxiatt dropped down fturu foremen 10 a point within one mil* uf the head of \o 10. being Iorraail in n line arroaa the river, all handed up stream?the flag ship lat eral hundred yarde in advance, end the farthest down. The fleet droppod down alowrly to within half a mile of the Mlsaonrl IVint above th" island, whs h, by an nir lino, U two end a halfmllea distant, while be the river, owing to the heed . It la four toiler from the heed of the M itid. wc oriat fitix. While in thi* poeit Ion tho flagship opene I fire on Hie Kentucky shore, two anil a half mitre above No. 10, dlecoveiiug un unknown rebel battery, gave it thiee sevt my-potind ruled shells, which fell short of Ihe battery halt a mile. The) responded promptly, their ahota uot reaching tu within onu mile of tte. At twelve M , weather raw and chilly, itill floating around in the aiienm. the llagahip again tried her gnne but waa at too great a pittanc e to reach tho enemy. Unr decks were alj i lent od for action. AttwoT'.M the l)wu Pollard arrived from Cairo w iih Ihe tnail, and alro new a of I he i evacuation of New Madrid, Mo., bv the rebels. leaving all the arms. nniiuiiultion,A;n., in Ihe hea l of the luiteii State* army. Titr mort1h bpa ranil.khi'k a iuttkry. i At fort) minute* after two P. M. nonuple of monarhoat< i were got into po itton on the virrouri shore, half a mik alm? e the i'e.nt. when tbej enmnmnced throwinge t?s? or ov tr the (adnt on Island No. 10. Owing to the Intervenlng w mlr the "(fkrl prmlnced wit* not learned. trtct i throw ing three or four shell In that thro-lion, they tnrnei i their attention toiberebel batteries prevlottaly eheilnlbt tlm lieu ton The llrat two shell lalling short, v ore inune' dlately replied to frotu the batteries, when,at our nex i ah< t he v ing got the proper c'.ev a' Ion. ion,n eigbl or uiiu of our elielle apneai ed to laud ami ex dode dire, il] amidit and ever the ononrty a worka. r ,?ro waa not i i amgle euti afterward tired, indicating'hat ttieir batter j J wm . n? .s i silenced ilm distant# *?g fu) f twi ERA1 miles. W th ibv am of the giaee, ttetcral cf the mortar wero seet. to exploit# one. in iiarticular, striking their ?ar;iHvorK. wending up a column old.rl ttti high as the tali cotton v. uod I: ee top*. fh s buttery being dilono d, the mortars again turned their attention to It and .So. JO, which they continued to Kh?i! in. til dark, but w 1th what r.uccciS a e could uot learn. The Keutuekt ithfire ia lined with touts for two miles at the hood of Inland No. 10. A glimpse of the head of the island .? all thutwoe iier'-epCbie tWrou, h tlie limber. Sot an or eight transports, including the Ohio Belle and John SiKonda. eould be sei-u occasionally cros.-dug to and " trum tlui uland to iho Keniuuky snore. From all we can i see, the Island is strorgly for tided, together with the Kentucky shore at the lead and the foot of the island. I froiii ilia Chicago TribuneCorrespondence. 1 I?i.a.Mi Xo. 10, Mo., Ma oh 10,1802. Got under way at daylight this i?>ortiing,drop|>ed down 10 within range of tlu< upper battery, and commenced to I arou-e ih -iu with ihe nfle? of the Bunion, while the mortar boats were being towed into position. THB VI.Ml lit Tl.CCK OUI'RAUKD. Only a couple of shot* wore m ud when a white llay uaa seen to move < iolently from tbo work and to eon tii.1* mo\ iug until answered by a while ttag I'roin the hag ship* in tour.se bring ceased, as dhl also all liustlle operations, e\en to the moving of the mortars, while a leg carried I.ient. Biahop down to see what was wnntod. "n urricify at the work, he loos ? **<acted thai thry iwre ?iQiMUJi<y ijiawoik* the ririt', and tiid not with to ftmpivni*at* with v?a dirty tuiterfuge to coin lime, which ma' fotloiaetf up l.y the Grant/tin hoittinrf a white ./foi/and UiumJi'i t'licui'lOie mgfroui the. island, l.ieut. Bishop v, as of opinion that time enough had been lout, anil did not wait for the Grampus, but steamed up lor the Benton; and the Grampus hauled down the white l a , and tan hark uiiiir:*.-over .'gain I |> 10 Mil* tirni! no ri'lx-l colors IiiiU been whown fiOin the battery, liut now limy wut up, iind tbo preparation to&' thciu dnwn rep'.i'ai iy ami l>y approt ed methods wont on with renewed vigor. Eight mortars wore noon in position ami engaged in throwing their terrible thirteen-inch shell. The Denton's rilled seventy fours also opened five with such skill that. the robels run from their work, anil iben liny was covered with ilirt niul water. Tbe tiring wu.skcpi up stewtily, though slowly, inilll CvMVluok in the afternoon?ihu mortars expanding iliOTlrblle am! the Hctitou forty one. THE VERY LATE8T. Otipati'.h from Commodore Poott?Ilavit Work Alitad-Tbt Firing Kept Up Day and Alight?'rite Eeemy'i Flotilla Completely lleuiraeri In?Engagement Between Their tinnboati and General Pope1! BaUerit??One of Thela- dan* bode Hnnk, \e. Wasm.Mtros, March 20,1862. >?. official c?t>|u,nh from Commodore loots, received at twelve o'clock last nigbt at Cairo, and telegraphed hither to day, a 'ye:? ? Island No. 10 is harder to conquer tban Colutnbua, as the island ahores are lined with forts, each fort com. nanoing the one above it. f am gradually approaching the island, but aiili do not hope for much until the occurrence of certain events, which promise success. Commodore l'oofc au> ? We are firing day and night on the rebels, end we gain en them. We are having some of the most beautiful rifle practice ever witnessed. The mortar shells have done fine execution. One thai) was landed on their fleeting buttery, and cleared the concern in short metre. * IU. I nv.o U?>l, Oft Ififi-I ?< uvvv>j vntvu j ?u?> . The enemy'a flotilla, which la licmuied in between Commodore I'oote'a and General Popa'a, baa mada an. other attempt to escape down the rival*. Their gunboat# engaged General Pope's batteries on the 18ib for an hour mid a half, but ware driven back with a severe lose. One gunboat was auuk and several badly damaged. They are completely hemmed in, and can escape only by fighting tbetr way out. NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Re an It of the decent Klectlon In Loyal Vlt'Kinla, die. Fortreos Mosaon, March 19,1862. Returns froui nearly all the precinct* of Aeoomac and Northampton counties tliow thai Watson is ahead of Segar for t'ongross by nearly 100 vote?. The result In Hampton precinct, liowover, changes the result, and Joseph Voger is elected by IflO to 110 majority. A flig of troca was sent out today: bit no news was received from the South. Ry order <>f General Wool, the boat's craw were not permitted to icreive Southern newapapers, and conso<;uci>tly the press is cut oil'from the supply heretofore drawn upon. The -teuincr Rhode Island an n*od from Key West with ilie mails yesterday evening, and sailed immediately I'Or Philadelphia. St. Mary; , Florida, has bc' ii occupied by our forces al*o Jucksotn ille. t t>e I nit' <1 State. bark Young Rover,from the mouth ol'the Rappahannock riter, arrived last evening. She brought no news from that vicinity. It ba? been discovered tliat the telegraph cable was c.tl about t?u miles from the Ehfeteru shore. A man has iiA?n :.rumt*i) ^ ho iii miimoMoil to have llSOtl th.1 cul Ipril. Hehssbeen sent tn tlenerel kosknood. An example will be luaris of him. Ilia win'I in earn and the weather unpleasant. The Defence of Wear l urk Harbor. mu iimi or ihr ciuni'.iH or coxMLuct COMMIT IKE. A meeting of the aiaeUI coiumiltea appointail by lbs tbawuer of Ccmucerce to collect fJoO.OOOfor the purpose of procuring suitable protection# for tho harbor of Now Yuik took place yesterday at let noon. but no douuiie plan of proceeding ?? agreed upon. Mr. A. A. I<owe was vailed to (lie chair. Among thoro present were Mayor Opd.tke, t'bas. II. Marshall, II. A. Witthaus, Win. F. (lodge k. c. Morean, John A. hiev dp, of the llanlc of Commerce. A. K. .Sllhtnnu. of the Merchant*' Henk. end lb J. Mui dock, or the continental Hank. Speeches, in a convert*!ional way, were made by the May or end othere, and a plan, which met with favor. wa*> proposed for railing the required unto int. This plan cone Fated in a proposition that each bsnk and iugnrance company should contribute one per rent on their total capital. Several persons representing the insurance compaui's took part lu the proceedings, and showed a willingness to take a prominent part tn eontiihutiag to the pmi-eworlhy movement of the t'liaiuhw of Commerce. Th# committee will hold several mors meeting# to mature proper pinna. A'soxtn r>? Mpwc.?-It is several years sin -a Aober'a ?>'/ ("Maaanlello"') was prod need bare. It belongs to that clasa of work# which depend as much for their popularity on their etage effects as on their tousle. The latter, though brilliant and sparkling, is not of a character to take bold of audieneox whose admiraltoa can only he captivated by the bigh pitched vocalization and noisy instrumentation of Verul * composition#. For hot It these reasons the opera is raiely given li >ro In the umeilain condition tn which musical matter* Mtsnd at present tt wss doubly hazardous on the part of Mi. (Iran to rruture upon it as one of his cards for the. prexftil xeaxon. The inducement w a pre-cme for producing the work .lust now wse the opportunity atPird'-d of airing the ro'c of l'enolle to an art st so aci oiopi.-hed and in every way xowell adapted for it as Senoi iu Cuhas. M ith the exception of this feature of interest, there was Iilllfl, iprrtuciilaiiv coBeklcred, 111 lh*<>|x>r,i a* rcpi c?eiit< '1 1**1 night to atlord gratification to llmee who had M< n it performed abroad. The climurea were imiwrf'v, mt?l broke down more than once in the llrst nci The billot wan in turn marred, aad excited the merriment of the a diem * lijr the roper* of an aw kwitr.l littlo^icirnfr, who wan but loo evidently ocl ol lior |>l?eo in it Mat. lota, howtrtr, improved a* theopera procccvlnd, an i the market rhorua, the fl.-hermen's < home, and the hrauitful ilnale at thei'int of thu third act, were given with a tolerable rM.*tnW'\ The fatilta, auch a? they were, are, 1 of cotirao, incident to all ttr?t r?n>t i<aontailnn?,ntid wre 1 auiV'V r"''W'~! '>* l^PUnei iu which the vim ra v sm Detained hi tha principal nrtate?Mlaa lUuJHoV Hugi; t i and Hi ii.uo'11?the i?tt?* of whom aang t!i. Pfiaitti'Xil I mnmiiaa in tlm |?-t act with deUeiou* oA'oct. I ThuFenelbiofSeiinritaC'ibn we* a Htlkin;; performance, though In "no or two so- una oniew hatexnfgerat?v|. Thil wa* in a great degree owing to tier uervowne-aui Uuding ! heiaelf In a giutlaini'd rofc ao trittch out of the tint of her t uauat ?m>rK i*he w?? warmly applauded throughout i and when the opera comes to be raiwuted will n? "touhl hod atill wore favor In the tort. To night "Martha" wl! r ho git ro, with Ml*x Kel'o?? 111 the erf' . f Lady Henrietta 1 The thfaniah daneera will afco agninmrtke their ag|>oar r anceon th'soceaaion. t The Hrpahltran Htatr (Convention ol i Hhntle I a to iid. f rnovioaw r. It. I., March 20, IMS. a Tim Republican State Convention voted to day that I f war .nea) eviient to tu.iHe any ovin nation for t.i"veraoi D j or othfi Slat* effctrr jD. PRICE TWO CEIS TS. ANOTHER BRILLIANT VICTORY. Gen. Garfield Completely Routs the Rebels. ANOTHER FOOT RACE. THE ENEMY ABANDON EVERYTHING, t(i) Ac., Ac Ci.vn.snATi, Much it), 1M2. Tbs Caiiletaburg correspondent of the Cincinnati too* umcinl says that a boat has just arrived from l'lbston, bringing tlie particulars or General Cartleld's expedition to l'ouud Gap, forty miles beyond I'iketun. There ware the thousand robels iutren lred on INC summit of the Cumberland Mountains at Pound Gap. Garfield ascended the mountain with his infantry , by un. frequented paths, and while bis cavalry, by advancing along the main road and making a vigorous attack In front, drew tbe rebels a short distance down the nmmit, the Infantry advanced along tho ridge, and completely routed them after a fight of less than twenty nuii.t'e. Tli# rebels abandoned everything. , General Garfield pursued the rebels six miles Into Virginia, anil after quartering his man over night in the captured camp, burnt their barracks, consisting of . .x ty log huis, with a large quantity of stores. The rebels lost seven killed and wounded. Nobody was hurt on our side. MEWS FROM GEN. MTLELLAN'S DEPARTMENT. ,t Interesting Army Order of Gen. McC'Iella n?Reviews in tlic Carnpt?tiplcsdid Condition of the Troops, die. Washimuto:', March 20,1842. Tho fine weather of yestorday was taken ad \ ant age ol hj tho different divisions for dress parades and reviews. The regulars, under the ooinmand of General Sykes, were inspected by hint, and General Franklin * dtvisioe was reviewed by General MuClellan. The men were la splendid condition. Their bearing and appearance elicited high commendation from the General commanding. The following comprehensive army order has just been issued from headquarters:? UEMtKAI. OKDKRS?NO. 102 llXADOUABTKXS ASXT OK IBS POTOMAC, 1 Cam* nr?a Ai?xant>ria Skmpwary, Vs. , March 19, IMS. J Piri:?Commanders of army corps have authority to giant leave of absence for periods hot exceeding fifteen days, and furloughs. Necomt?Commanders of army corps may grant pssssa to the officers and men of their respective commands within the limits of the Army of the Potomac. Such passes must bo signed by the commander himself, or by not exceeding two members ofbis staff specially dealg. , nated for the purpose, whose nsmee sad signatures must he reported immediately to the Prevail Marshal General Atari fhn lliiitarv tinrdrnnr at thi Tlifttrlr.t of Columbfe. Third?Inspections with a viaw to tbe condemnation ot property and boards of survey will be ordered by th* commanders of army oorpe. Fourth?With respect to troops serving wllhia the limits of this command not assigned to au army eorpe, tbe Military Governor of the District of Columbia will exercise tbe fanct loos above delegated to commanders of army corps. Fifth?All troops serving in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and ou tbe eaetorn shorn of Virginia, not assigned to an army corps, will immediately report to Major General John A. Diz, commanding at Baltimore, who will exercise in regard to them all tbe functions of army corps commanders. .Sixth?Until tbe division actually join the army corpo to wbich tlicy have been resigned, division commanders will exercise the factions of commanders of corps. ' SrvH'h?The commanding olllcers of the artillery and cavalry reserves aud of the regular Infantry will ha\0 lho sains powers us commanders of army corps, except that alt applications foe leaves of absonce to officers their commands must bo forwarded for tbe action of thee headquarters. Liqh'.h?t 'ommauders of army corps, separate divisions and detachments will mako to tire headquarters, every Sunday morning, a consolidated report of their commands. Xiuth?The following provisions will be Hriotly observed. when not rendered impracticable by the distance to general headquarters, throughoat tbe active portioa of tlit* army. 1. Comm. ndcis of army corps, division- and detachm?nts will seud ines.-ongere to tlioso headquarters at Ira A. M. aud five P. M. daily for order*. 2. Orderly hour at Ilio.-a headquarters will be twelve M., at which t iin<- daily a staff on cer from the heed' quarter* of each army rorpa and scparato command will attend at the otllce of the Assistant Adjutant ( tutral, at these headquarters, for orders. J. After every march, the commander of ea<-b army corps or separate command will cither attend in person or send a staffoffice, to the oflice of the Asaletaut Adjutnut General at these headquarters for orders, and M report the location ef headquarters of his eorpe, and each of its division*. 4. Aflsr every march, the chiefs of the staff departmeuts at these headquarters will attend In person er send a staff oRcor to tbe'offlce of the Aeslstaut Adjutant General for orders, and to report the location of their respective office. A. f oinuianders of army corpa and separate commands will use every means to keep themselves constantly in. formed of the location of general headquarters. 10. Flags of the following descriptions will be used in designate the location of general headquarters and thn headquarters of army corps and divisions ? I'or General Headquarters?To be blue, six feet square, having a plain white elar with four points, and three feet sis inche? from tip to tip In the centre. For Readquarloi s of an Army f'orps?Red, sis feet square, having a white star with four points, and three feat six Inches front tip to tip, In centre, the number of the "orps in ldack in tho middle ol the star. For the headquarters or divisions?Sis feet square, divided horizontally into thrco parte; the upper and lower third* blue, the middle third white, the same of tho division commander to be borne in Mack in the centre. The flags will be attached lo a portable staff, sixteen feet long, nmde in two Joint* of eight feet each, and wHl be hnbitually displayed in front of the tent, or from seme prominent P*;?t ?f tho house or vessel occupied as tint he.idq'uu tern they designate. In the movements of the srtny, ?nd noon the field of battle, the positions of the Generals will be designated by smaller flags or the same i>atl*rii, but four feet square, and at taebed to light poi. eor sta#? twelve feet In length. ii.iai iarmkkinr'u 1 o'tart rnmit will t*Mr> lmmpdiA'A mo tin ** to supply ih?.4? lings, u|h>^ requisitions approved by army oorpe eowunaadere. Bv command or Major General M CI.KM.AN. e'tVuiua", Aaaiatant Adjutant General. The Bfarattioii ot Aqul? Creek. W^smxirrosr, March 20, lfWU. deserters, hr..nght up by I ho -famcr Iealta tbia orauir, onttrru tlie report of tha evacuation of Aqtna -.ret TIkv aay the rebel forcea thara bad bean twe thousand Before tlie rebels laft they tore up a largo pa.i <f 'ha railroad, ?at (Ira to the station, wharraa, he., atU burns* larta -cbooner. Tha h *r In Ihe Month waati ' At. Lorn, Mar. h 20,1 MS. .at \, nailaah hi* owned the following orders *? ?< net of tb? r*ccnt f*,>?rtmant of tha Ohio aa ia intlu lod in iba pteM""1 Department of Missouri will he I laaiaoatvd the DMrin ( Ohio, and will ooutinet to be commanded liy M?K>" Osncral Boell. Tbo depot! of prisoners at Columbus. tndiaunpeiis, and nu< h tliers aa may be established, will be excepted from [ tli < arraiiK'uiaut, and commanding ofllcera of thee* I depots will r port directly te the** headquarter*. AH otbar <'Ulcers of wbatover rauk or oorpa will report to General Duell a* horet- fOra. pi igedler General Denver will b* assigned to tb* com man I of tha district of Kansas, to tnclndc wbat was r be tob re kuown as the Popart tuant of Kansas, except tbo Kans. a troupe now in tbo ilald under Colonel Dictator, n*ar the SotitUwoatern frontier of Mtaaourl. Thaee troop* I will report for duly to Major General Curtis, in Arkanaa* r All boars of the district or Kansas will report by let tor to Brlg'tvller General Denver, at Fort Leavenworth, \