21 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

21 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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SAI.KS AT ACCTIUn. AM MgHWI.V ACT ONEKK. Hv BAN'oS, Mi.K , IM a, CO., Irving Building*, SM Bud 690 Broadway. FK1DAV FVENIVO, March 21, A T U rluek. PRH'AT? LIBRARl-Oi valuable Eian-lard Work*. Inch: jiic: > aur vJhMce and marea Books, and a large rari ty of >1 IsoeUaneoua Liu-..''alu'c, Ac. A I'C170* MOTIOF-a^ltNKST no 11 MVIIONEEB Aju extraui dh .,r p*f?riun ty r ll .?.,., j(k r< )u the trade. Ore.- i 111'"t' woriil o ELEOAVr Hot tEifolJ* KLHNITI'RE at p..' In Auction, this day, at the prlraiu rcsi in 12s W.reriey place, hetaicei. tV ishlngiou square an l Bixiu nr -n e, sale xinill.enoIng at 3 n'clouk precisely. AU tim a? da liav I Men used nly nil.I- II",lithe, and were made to Older lor the present ow ner, cui,e ating of beaiiiiful Mo,tall,. n, Crosse n, Thri*- -ply an I I opsin Carpi-ia; msewuod Pianoforte, Uauttful I',r or ttulli, euvcri-u la hro utel and uiir' d r< ps; ru gh-oo Kia- ' ci rt . marble top Pier and IV .tin Tables, I) mart and Lace 1 inula a*, ttnn r.iln in. s. large or..l Mi rm*. rien China 1 A use-. Corner and Book Sunls. twenty ore da> bron e Clo ik, rosewood and malm'any round eo. ner Bedstead, B ir, una, W istisiande, H iir Matt. I s. S, Beds, Bed,ilnf, Hollers. I'lllow*, Blankets, Sheets, l'ill i?r Cases, lil>. k wa nut T t aTeles lind Easy CI air*, t nered in hair cloth; Soi'e B-di, Korkeis, Spring Beat C.ian-s, Lounges, Bookcase, T.-aTt oes, Clocks, Mirrors, black wain a E lendoi, Tal'ie, m iruln top Buffei. twnlro Dining Ch. Irs, it Olaaxwaro, Coins, ' Ola,? and Silver Wars; Table On1.le y, Parlor and Kit lieu ! Eto.es, Oilcloth, Chandeliers, Sl?ir Carpets, A>. Bile positive. All the goods nt urn be r -moved forty -eight hours alter ' the sale. j AUCTION NOTICE ?M It ' H VPMAN, AUCTIONEER. 1 MAONIFK'K.NT UOUrtKl.oLU I URAITUKE, , FAIM'INUS, bTATI AKY, A ND MAN If HAUL AND CuS 1LV WORKS OK ART, At public euciion, Una day (Friday), March SI, At the elegant led-lence 41 West SixtnHuth street, between ! Kll'.li an I rtutlt a' . noes. Sele comioenrim: at U o'clock, vb ? SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOIORTE, Roectvood Drawing Room d iits, Lr dim and ormolu Chan "II-. V..1.-I M..J-ll,?n f- , r..-,. Uuvr M an .1 I Ir-s.l. ., fil, Ornaments, Pier and Man.el Mirrors, embioide-ed La a Ouriaina, Oil- Fainting*, by omluent artists; Kiurena, t>uIre Tables, Encol .inures, Ca-lnrtn, Lady's Work Tab e, ' imperil bronze Clock. Dresden China Ornaments, two f,ill nits Drawing Rouin Kui ntiure, covered in groin. i oi< and bine brocatel: artistic Bronzes, representing II unlet, Ksuiiipallia, Crusaders, A''. MAGNIFICENi 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, ovverslnmg nasi. round corners; marie to or-lcr, cost J.6U0; ISinol and Corel-: Canterbury. Extension Table, sideboard, China; (Unas, Si'ver Were, Tain- Cutlery, Cinc.es, Ariu J Chairs, Clocks, Engravings, lint 8 and, rosewood and ma- , bogany Bure aus, Arinnlrt-n-Cla. e, Bedsteads. Hair Maltres- : es, Feather Beds, Bianxeu, Kooi.ers. Hntas. Cliulra, covm ed with 1.air-doth: Sofa Bedsteads, Comniudes, Toilet Sea, Stair Carpels, Oilcloths. A k.i Furniture of aerrants' apart- ruente. Basement and Kitchon Furniture. ' Auction notice. , Tills DAY, AT 10 O'CLOCK. 1 by LOCKWnOD, BROS. ,t U'NDERIIILL, AUCTIONEERS, Nor. 29 M - riay and Aj A'arren atreeta. LARUE AND ATTRACTIVE SALE of , Orut's Furnishing Uoodr, 1'aris Neck Tier. Youth's Clothing, Ac. i Al-> Silks, Merinos, Dress Goods, Linens, Einhmi erics, Domestics, Cloth*. Cassiuicre*, Ves'.ings, JHosier}'. -Shirts and Drawers, Ae. ; Auction notice.?j. bogart, auctioneer.?by . 8 A J. BOGART.?Saturday, March ti, at 11 o'clock, J t 117 Eitsl Br- a-lway, mortgage suit-of the Furniture of the , boml culled the East Brouilwuy House, consisting of a g--ne- j rul assortment of Fa-dor and Bedroom Furniture, together 7 v -'.It Barroom, two Billiard Tunics, Counters, Mirrors, l'aint- j lugs, Engravings, Cro- kery, Ola a a :ui Silver Ware, Ac. . 11UUI1 KELLY, attorney for mortgagee. Auction notice?j bogart, auctioneer? j TI is -lay, at lli>j o'clock, at the attctiou rooms No. 1 North William street, Hon chold Furniture, consisting of i Sola*, Lonnges, marble t. p Centre Tallies, Ilatst in-is, Mir- ? ror-. Easy nnd Rocking Onaii's. U italeuda, H ir Mattresses, Bc-l-llng generally, China nnd Glass Ware. Dau ;isk and Lace , Curtains, Brussels. Three I'lv and Ingrain Carpets; Kitchen t Furniture, Ac. Ai?o a l-i of Or Kairiesand Pi-lures, Ac. , Auction notice.?j. bogart, auctioneer, by ? 8. A J. BOGART.?Friday, March 21. at lu^ o'clock, j I the auction rooms No. 1 N -rib William St.. on ucoount of whom H may concern, 10 i ?v keeping and expenses, one t Oi 'ijr Horse, Lumber Wa.n and Horn an. Al-o, CnusUi Inn's sale of 24 pairs of Boom, An. A. 8PRING8TON, Constable. j Auction bale ? furniture in the fillmorb i Ho .se, Newport, K. l.?Tlie aubiterli.ers, assignees of J Win. W. Hazard, will commence the sate of Furniture lu the t Fillmore House at auction, on Saturiluy, Mutch 22, and con- a 4inue the saute dally until further notice. . tiEO. A. ARMSTRONG, 1 t T. if. II AZAltD, } Assignees. > Assignee's bale booart. auctioneer, by t 8 A J. BOOART.?Turauay, March 25 at It ncock, t At the auction looms No. 1 North Wil-lam Hire, t, b? order of the assignee oi NeUon A Manuel, Ave one-etghtn pipes of *i Vlnrtsrd Proprietes Biundy (in bond); also all Notes, J Claims, Book Accounts, Ac., of tlie lot- uim. c T. 0. T BUCKLEY, Assignee. i BA. CHILTON. AUCTIONEER. " . LARGE AUCTION SALE OP CORD WOOD BY ORllER OP THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. -| Will be sold St public aucth.n ou ?a:uid*y, March 22. l.*B,at j 12 o'clock, at the depot, nt Hempstead Branch, on Hie Lone c Island Railroad, about 9-U con's tit well seasoned Oak Wood. , V?r terms and particulars apply the auctioneer, 45 Nassau street, N. Y. Bale by order of j Colonel D D. tompkins, , Assistant Quartermaster. i CONSTABLE'S BALE.?S. A J. BOOART, AUCTION. ' eer.?Thursday, March SO. at U?X o'clock, at Sfl oruenwich street, the eoui iiln of a Liquor Store, consisting of Stand Casks, Counters, Beer Pit up. Serai Care. Looking y Glass, Futures, Ac. HENRY WEST. Constable. The shove sale Is postponed unto Tttrsda', Mstch25, at r the same time and place. HENRY WEST, CotihUtble.|| u Dd. caulkinb, auctioneer.? office 135 4 Broadway. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, y Kl. h French Plate 1'iei and Mantel Mtrro a. SUPERBLY CARVED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, I ELEGANT SILVER PLATE, Ac., t Purchased at a coat < f over $15,000. t On Friday, March 21, I At the elegant private residence 218 West Fourteenth street, I nea Buthth avenue, I Commencing at II o'clock precisely. t The sale comprises tns en'lre contents of the house. The s elegant Parlor Furniture wit- made to order, and Is in solid rosewood. The whole will be aoht to the highest bidder fur y caab, offering extra Inducements to purchasers, as the entire furniture of the house is new, having all been made within i all mouths. <] Elegaut rosewood seven m-tare Pianoforte, with all modern ( Improvements, overstrung b:i>s, Ac., cost $CU0; rich rose- j woou Stool, covered to satia. and embroidered Cover; thiea elecani full 8ultsof rosutvoo t Parlor Furniture, In rich brocade and satia; rosewood Ktagerea, sp'eudld and coatly Parian Ornaments, rich Vases, Ac.; also a magnifier tit collection ol rare Paintings, rosewood Turkish Easy Chairs, In litis reps; rosewood centre and side marble top Tables, riehly i narred. ' Chamber Suits, in rosewood and mahogany; Bureaus, I earreu Bedsteads. Waahstands, Sofa Beds, lu tiue hslicloth; ! feu pure nair Mattresses, rrom lorty to fifty pounds, inado to order and In excellent conditi >n. n Dining Room Furniture consists of flue oak Extension Taldr, Silver Ware, rkli China, Ivory and Silver Cutlery, Porks, Spoons, Ac., with he * vy cut and engraved tilmeiware ,J of every deacripUon. Sale positive. h Daniel a. MATiiKws, auctioneer.?salesroom i 73 nassau STREET. I1ETWEEN" FUl.TON anij 2 JOHN STREETS. ?C11 ATT K L MOKTOAUK sale of " ei.koant rosewood fviu.ok and hedkoo.il furniture, 0ARRETS. AC. f B> virtue of a chattel mortgage, I will expoae for eale, by 1 daniel A. matiikws, lineoneer. Satuidey, 22d, at iu* H o'clock, at 73 Nus-au airct t# o: e rosewood Far.or Suit, rou- 3 aiding of two Soiaa, lour aide Chalra, our Arm Chair, in I rrtui<on aa'ln firo utei, with lip rovers; a quantity ot other , Household Furniture, Canada, ,vc. ? M. IIAL'jORAN, Attorney lor Mortgagee. David d. koah, auctioneer, will hell this i day, at 43S Can al stri ct, at two o clock, the Furniture a n house, removed 1'io.n Twenty-sixth Street, cniisislln; of , Canesc.it, Rocking an H.iir I >ih (Titers; Bedsteads. Bu- ? reaus. Centra, Bxlens On u..d Dining Taldes; Sofas llall ! Mauds, Hlisvlnt Stands, Ci.pets, Oilcloths, Mais, Itiigs, JSlovrs, Cornices, Looking tilna-.es, Barhor's Chairs, Ac. I id H. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER i Si. HAND.-O fc II I n Ell OLD FURNITURE, v BRONSEN, J NiiKAV 1NOS, AC., .! a i auction. j E. II. LUDLOW A co. * Will si II at am lion, on a Wedne lay, March 2fi, Id 2, at 11 o 'ock, at 23 West Twenty- J first street, between Flit i and Ruth avcuues, the elegant v Furniture contained III sa d house, constating In part of g handsome carved rosewood Farlir nirta In crimson ratln J. and green biooalel. cr in son satin Window Curia na. I-ace Ciiriains, rosewood Pianoforte, seven octave, madu hy Btoddart; rosewood Centre Table, tuaiMe top; ebon/ Cabinet, rosewood Quartette Table, elegant hron/.e snd marble Msiiial J Clocks, Ac.; Candelabra*, mahogany Extension Table, m?- ? ho.-sny Chslra, in mororco; rosewood Kieurh Bedsteads, ^ Dressing Bureaus, Am o re a (Tree, Washa auds, tuarbhi j top, lark# Wardrobe*, Com hes, Chalra, sc. Also a number j of line Engravings, Brusirl* a,id Velvet Csr|H Is, Mailing, Ae , together with an ns ortment of Kitchen and Laundry Furniture, with whi h the sale will romnience. Maps at Hie J auctioneer's oflh e, No. 3 Flo street. I IriDWARD BCHENCK, AUCTIONEER.--SUPERB J !i Household Furniture.?By EDWARD BCHENCK. ? en Baiurday. 221 Inst., at 11 o clock, at his s .tearoom", INS nd 1(7 Broadway, a large ami elegant assortment of lust class Household Furniture, comprising Parlor, Chamber, LI brary and Dining Kooiii Bulla, and other elegant Furulture. , GEOKOE COOK. AUCTIONEER.?ASHIONEE'S SALE ' of auperb House led I Furniture today. March II, 'J at 10* n' clock, at sate-mom Ul Broadway, one of the largest I to-'ks of first class Furniture ever oilered at auction In this city, consisting of Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining Room Furniture, an suits; also Bo ikcascs, Bullets, Ex- ; tension Tables and most m tides required to furnish a first ' Class house. 8ale positive. ? N. B.? At 12 o'clock, a superb grand action Pinnolorte. Henry ii. lekdr, auctioneer. SPLENDID CABINET FURNITURE, EVERY ARTICLE OF WHICH ib ou.tRANTKED IN EVERY PARTICULAR. I 1IENRV II. LEEDS A CO. Will sail at auction on Friday. 21sl March, at 10* o'clock 5 each day, at the spacious marble stores. Nos. 50i and 504 Broinlwiy, opposite the St. Nicholas Hotel, where the form ture hul been removed for convenience of sale, none hut the highest quality having txau admitted. Among the inanufacturcrs am aueh as Msrcotio A Co., 1 A. Rdtt* * Co., K. W. Ilutchlrgs, J. Herter, ] Pottler A fltymus, A. Vr-de, H. Stoney, Launt A Klinbuil, J. ' at. nit. A Hons..I. Dessolr. .1. II. Belter A Co.. snd others 1 being tint rlcheat nn l beat ml* of Furniture ever got up in 1 thta city, vl*Ebony and ormolu Cabinet* ntid Olaaaea; rosewood, oiled blank walnut rich Parlor Hull*, rovered and tincorered, In rariou* style*; walnut Inlaid with marble, < Bookraaea; do. Etaeen a, elaborately carved; DiTK.n-j llu- ( r an*, in every style; Mining Room Furniture. In oak and < walnut. Library do. and blah walnut fancy Chairs, Heor*. ] tarie*. Bookcase*, Centre Table*, every style; all kind* of i B.-.Imom Furniture. Pa'enl Refrigerators, Dinner ttda, Brume*. China and IllaraWare, and almoat every other deaci Iptlnti of the bom Furniture in tk# city. Can be aeen and eiamtned until the daya of tale. TJENKY H. LKEDH, AUCTIONEKR.--HENRY II. i J L l.KKD.U it CO. will sell at auetloii, on Friday, March 31. at III o'clock, In the gallery over the salesroom, XI Nassau atreot, a beautiful collection of Oil Painting* and Kiigraving*, embracing Madonna, by A'onao Cano Carlo Mar- ; ratli, aehool of tlnldo; In n tery anU.|iie nnd eurtoua Pie- . turn, auppoMd to bo by Albert Dnrer; Painting ol War, by Lvw OIoniano, Vila?'rt?z, I inlfraneo Alidren del ftarto; Commentaries on tlm i il l an I New Testaments. by Haiirlu, In live volumoa; togethct \v! h bo Works of W. M BrO.tn, Fielding Itugglea. Pag ', He ullo t, Talbot, Le M tno, Hale, Otter, llutterworth Alao very hue Engravings, Lithographs. Henry d. miner, apctionkkr, salesroom 37 Nasmtl alrrel, opposite tl,r> Po.t offlre.?MINER .1 BOMKItVIlJ.K will sell III auethm, Batnrdav, March a, at 1UJ4 o'elo k, nt llieli an'- rmin 37 Nnaciu a-rcct, lor a oont ol whom It mvy mnicrn, oi.o c.ot containing about Buni) Ar ista', oilder'a nnd first ic r's Itiuahea, com| rlatn r bolanra of itoek ofoneurtl ol.il" .t city Import'o l .1 k .y . tela of all varleilrn, of the moat desirable, description, and flail In pel feet onl'M. nnd will bo aold lu lots to suit purchaser?, Without reaorvc. jiales at auctiow. Henry it"da auctioneer -mohtuaiib ?a - of homwh^la <k"n?.wrw. uk *hy u.lieedb a C ?. ?111 b II. at auction, On ?*?tarda,. March fc..at 1U* o' lot*, ai .hi aulf-srunui. * >. z! f u , nm of h< ii imjii i * i t Kuril li.ro, eouMailu* ?,S Curj f*, iujIid ;uu> estualuu Dial** ?i??ln i. ares auu . ase; rosewood, Jjlaclt ?* , , ,. ? stead*. ?!o in .rile top Wnshaiand* and l?.' ' gilt frame Mirror*, Lace Win low oirtiuia, .. . gill Corn; ? ?, row wood inardc lop c litre ?u l a.' , ,, inalioranv Clock, nrfwl rwwvouil Dinn ::<'h lis, F? ' , rosewood inarols top kuyi rr, mahogany dttl'h, iiuin *.u Arm uua r*. iu hair clnth j ma og i >y lie i nn g Ch.iii a, ro? wooll'i rT hies; aato, a latje avsorttnen of Oroci ery w;.rr, Iu ol kef a. Drill),' lloun f .rnitnre, ac.; aino, h vent . n kegs of kmi rv, bar ol oi Faint, with other articles to lie a d Wiliiou reserve, wbluli will lie enumerated in tl.t)r*tiii>gur. Henry h. iiekts. ju , auctioneer. I'll ELAN'S PATENT BILLIARD TABLE. HENRY WOOD A CO. will sell oii Friday, MarchH, at loC, o'clock, at the salesroom*, 430 Broadway, one marble Or.l b.Hiard Talile, O Co a r A Colleiiiter a maunta-iure, with I'helun'a patent Combination Cushion*. TernisCish. Hen by ?. hurts auctioneer. ansi on ee s sale i.k ELe.ii.vnt cabinet furniture. heine the entire stock of a liiat claas inauiifactiirer. I1ENRV WOOD a CO. will sel, on Friday, March 21, at ii o'clock, at llielr salesrooms, 430 liioadwtv. an ENTIRE STOCK Ol BICII CABINET furniture, Lomjnulng In part earred row wood Farlur Suite, m ? .tin, hro. atel, velvet, pltuh, mualin nml lnilr cloth; rosewood, walnu', oak unit mahogany marble top Centre Tabic*; richly arved *nlld rosewood soil walnut Kilrabethtan and loiiia ^uatorxe bc.lsteuda, rosewood Armoirca, Wardrobes, Score.srics, Etcgeies, Ac. Also, Richly carved solid rosewood, oak. walnnt and mahogany Sullew; Extension Dining ta'des, French plate Pier Minors, iii manatee gilt frames; Tur? ah Lounges and Easy Chairs, a.-lid oak and walnut Loting- a, Ac. To be sold positively without any ies?rve. Terms cash. Catalogues at kale. By >rder. ezra f. kbllouo, Aasi.nee. Henry b. herts, jr.. auotionekr. sheriff's balk of lumber, ac. henry wood a co. will sell, on Tharsdav, March u, it 11 o'clock, at the root or Uansevoort xrmit, North river, iboat !0 (MM feet Virginia White Oak and Pitch Lumber. J AS. LYNCH, 8hert<r. N B.?The above sale ia adjourned until Monday, March M, it the same time and plaoe. By order.* JAMKS LYNCH, Sheriff. Henry b. herts, jr.. auctioneer. SHERIFF'S SALE. SHEET MUSIC, Ac. II EN It Y WOOD A CO. vrlll noil. on Friday, March 21, at 1 o'clock, at the salesrooms 450 Broadway, a lot of Sheet dusic, Plates, Ac. By order. JA ME8 LYNCH. Sheriff. Henry b. herts, jr.. auctioneer. SHERIFF'S SALE OF GROCERIES, AO. i ENRY WOOD A CO. will sell this Friday, March 21, at .0 o'clock, at84 DivMnn atieet, a lot of GROCERIES, LIQUORS, AO. By order. . JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff^ RENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM NO. 27 Nassau street, opiwslte the Post olliee.?MINER A >OMI-.K\ 1 l.l.E wilt sell at auction, on Saturriav, March 22. n their salesroom No. 37 Na*-nu street, about 4J.0U0 Segars, lelng the balance or the slock of an assignee; to be sold with ml reserve to close the assignment. JOSEPH nEOEMAN, AUCTIONEER.?ADMINISTRAtor s sale.?Tuesda:, and Wednesday, March 26 and 2?i, it 10 o'clock A. M. each day. at No. 10 Maiden lane, the Urge ind valuable s'ock of Watches, Jewelry, Precious Stones, lewellers' Sales, office Furniture, Tools, Fixtures, lieonglug to the estate of the late Stephen 11. Palmer. Cutaoguesat I lie sale. U DOUtlHTY, AUCTIONEER.?PEREMPTORY SALE ML. OF FIRST CLASS HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, CARPETS, MIRRORS, AC. M. doughty VIII sell, this afternoon, March 21. commencing at 2 o'clock it the private residence 233 East Tenth street, near First irenue, all of the'llrst class Household Furniture In the thore residence, most of which was made to order, and been lot little used, consisting of Brussels, Tapestry and Ingrain htrpeu; gilt Irame I'ior and Mantel Olsases, rosewood narble top Ktagere, marblo top Centre Tables, black walnut uid mahogany Parlor Suits, covered In reps snd broeatel; Oil 'alntinga, eueus,nn Dining Tables, Dming Chairs, Dinner ind Tea Sets, Cutlery, Mack walnut anil mahogany uiarble op Dressing Bureaus, Waahstands, Bedsteads, Hair Matreaees. Feather Beds, black walnut Chamber Suits, in oil, tc., the whole to bo peremptorily sold. DOUOHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS DAY, Lfj. ? ii<^ u'ckki, ill soo niiim avenue, curlier 01 rwen* y-?venlh street, the entire contents of the aliove first class ;ro ery (tore, consisting of two Horses, one Grocery Wagon, tie light do., two acts Harness; Fixtures, consisting of Shelv* iiK. Counter*. fancy Tea Cheats, Glass Cases, Gas Pipe, leak's, Weights, Iron Safe, Refrigerator; also an assortment pf Uroeerica, Teas, Sugars, Spices, Flour. Coffee. Began, Soap, Starch. Ac., Ac. Toe above will bo found well worthy he attention of dealers and housekeepers. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-JOHN MORTIMER, AITCtioncer, wiil sell this day at.No. 15 East Broadway, at II I'eioek, 35t) lots of unredeemed pledges, consisting of 811k, 3e Lalee and Calico Dress -s,. Shawls, Under Cioiht a, Boots ind Shoes, Ac., Ac., by onler of PKCARB A CO.. 19? Qrand street. Ik T. IIAZELL, AUCTIONEER. LU. WUITTEMOUE A HAZKLL will sell at auction, this lay (Friday), at 11>X o'clock, at their salesroom, 156 Broad* 'ay' HARDWARE. CUTLERT, AO., n lota to suit city and country buyers, comprising n large >nd desirable assortment of henry and shelf goods. Sample lards. Table and Dessert Cutlery, Ac., well worthy the at teuton of Hie trade. ALSO, Cotton Clothes Lines, Clocks tn variety, Ac., Ac. If ALUABI.E PROPERTY AT AUCTION.?WE WOULD f call attention to the snle of valuable Property to t>e nade at auction by E. II. LUDLOW A CO., this day, at 12 p'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. Clinton pltce (Eighth treat)?Valuable House No. 70. East Houston street?No. 0, House and Lot near Mulberry atreet. HTM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, THIS TT day, at 2 o'clock, at 454 Canal street, the autlre genteel furniture, Ac , of a large house, comprising Parlor, Chain mt, Dining Room and kitchen Kuruitur?23 Velvet, Tapearv. Three Ply and Ingram Carpets Oilcloths, Parlor Suits, *ler sud Mantel Mirrors, Pianoforte, Curtains, Bedstead*, led<liiig, Bureaus, Washstauds, China, Olsss, Silver, Wood, ron, Tin and other Ware; Wardrobes, Stoves, Ae. All of hp ftlxiTB good* are la good order, an l must be bold to close ,n account. Suitable for dealers and others. nf i M.I AM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 4 TT Ess< Broadway, m ils on Saturday, at 11 o'clock, the fining Saloon known as the Third avenue "Lunch," In rht:d avenue, near Sixty-fourth street; Counters, Beer 'iimps, Chairs, Tables, Decanter*, Furniture of the famfy, *? CLOTH I NO* A T. AT, AT THE OLD STAND LADIES AND GENTS ft. can obtain from $7 to $33 for 8ilk lirie.es, from $3 to 111 for Coats, from $3 to $7 for Pant*. Also Carp is, Purnllire. Jewelry. Ac. A note by post punctually attended to by !'/EKlKf<8, 131 Seventh avenue, between Nineteenth and 'wputlelh streets. Ladles atteuded to by Mrs. B. Moeonlecilon with any other house. A T THE ESTABLISHMENT 212 SEVENTH AVENUE ft. Is received a large order from the West, to purchase adles' and gentlemen's wearing Apparel, Carpets, Furniture, lc. I guarantee to pay the full value of nil articles, without nv humbug. Please call on or address T. ROSENBERG, !12 Seventh avenue. Ladies attended toby Mrs. R. A TTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ?IF YOU ft. wish to get the full vslue for your cast off Clothing, larpets, Furniture and Jewelry, the best you oun do is tu end a note to the well known dealer, 1. HARRIS; there ton may be convinced you will be dealt with to your satlslar. ion; for dresses, f roin $il to $30; for coats, I rum $1 to $13; or pants, from $1 to $3. , Flense don't forget F. HARRIS, SCSJVcntli avenue. Lnnles attended by Mrs. Hurrta. A GREAT QUANTITY OF CAST OFF CLOTHING ft. waute '.?Furniture, Carpet*, Jewelry. Ac., to aupply the %'estern market. I piy h* follows:?For SllkDrea*e?, iiom 112 to $10; Coats, irum $10 to $ At; Pants, l'roin $3 to $8. 'all on or u hires* A. Doras. 2IS Seventh avsnue, between 'weiity.fourth and Twenty-llfth streets. Lailies attended to ty Mrs. D. A GREAT UNION WCTORV IS GAINED.?LADIES AND tV gentlemi n. It lma been vleiorlou* In being pronounced ty a great many that B. MI.NTZ, of 175" Third avenue, hi.a aien luiylng the highest price for east otf Clothing, Carpels, furniture and Jmvelry, and atill mean* to coutinur ao If >uu rill lav or him with a iiut* or call. He will not humbug the oimuunlty by offering $40 for silk dreaea, $go for eoals or 17 fur panta, as la done by other dealer*, but lie agrees to pay he full value for en li article In cash. Flea*e icmetnber the veil known dealer, B. MINT'/., of 179Thlril avenue, near levcnieenth street, bite of 137 sixth avenue. Ladies allendd by Mrs. Minis. AT THE CALIKORMAN AND WESTERN AGENCY ft. S ore the lllghe-t priea cm be obtain, d for east off llothlug, Carpels, Jew dry, Ac. For Sdk Dresses, from $8 to 136; for Coats, from $3 to $13; for Fants, from $1 Soto $3. I note addressed to II. Harris, 333 Bowery, opposite Great dm a street, will be punctually attended to. Lade a atteuded iy Mr*. Harris. A IH MANP ? $12,000 WORTH OF CAIT OFF CLOTH' ft. tug. Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry wanted, for which lie most vnlue ean be obtained by tolling on or addressing i. II., 73 Hlv'h avenue, n ur Wsverley Ladles atended by Mrs. K. II. Plcaso remember and try 7# Sixth ivenue. V . e A TTBNUoKI LAOIM AMD OBNTLRMEN.-I HATS fV ju?l r reived $4,11*) to purchase rail oil' Clothing, Purlit in'.- ii uil Carp is for the I'alllornl* market. I do promise 0 p>y tbe iiig.ii ?t prlees in the . Ity l>y .-ailing on or addressnan uote to K. MINT/., 13/ Sixth at. nor. two doors above IVnth street. Ladies atleuded to by Mrs. Mint*. Hemembor, 37 BUtli avcuiie. A POSITIVE FACT.?I.ADIBS AND GENTLEMEN, IK you want togi-t the lull value lor your east oil Cbuhinir, Furniture, Carpets and Jewclrv, tha best you ran uo l? to tali or solid n note to A. HARRIS, 451 Third avenue, heween Tim ty-v Ighih and Tlili ty-ninth streets, east side. Lalie* attended to by Mia Harris. Attention.-i have to fill up AN ORDER for the West to purchase Cast off til. Ciln-*. Furniture, Cariiets and Jewelry. Ladles and gentl.ii.eti can rereive the tlghest price by calling on or addressing M. ABRAHAMS, !13 Seventh avenue. Ladles puiictua ly a tended to by Mrs. K. AT 143 SKVtNTH AVENUE, LADIES AND OKNTLBmen ran dispose of their east off Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay ttt'ty percent mire than auy other dealer in the city, an.t not to be hum. !>"ggeil by great puffs anil false pretend, re. Please call oa or kddress.r. Anli ili, 143 ffef nth avenue, between Twentieth ind TiV'-nty-ursi street*. Ladlss attended bv Mrs. Anhalt. JUST ARRIVED FROM CALIFORNIA, WITH $10,000.? A largo amount paid for Isdl"* and grntlemcu'seiatoff Slothing. I will pay twenty-live per cent more than any >ther establishment. Send your notes to D, 07 and 09 West Broadway. Indies attend. .{ by Mrs. K. tlnbay, and genlleTien attended by Mr. S. UAUAT. MKDICAls. Du. powers treats all disk vses of females wllh uupuialli I' d sue ess He call In u-uisulied at 13 Uulght Street. Attends constantly. Doctor hunter himrelp-thb physician e lin established the Hunter. .n Dispensary, No. 3 Division street, New York elty. in IBM, ran bo consulted from 1 A. M. until 10 o'clock at night at tho old olllec. Private entranc DK WARD, AN EXPBRIENCBD AND SUCCESSFUL physic al, and surgeon, eau be consulted its u-iiul. Ollleo 13 Laig'.t street Private ut.anie. Hours from 8 A. M. till 'J P. M. iielly. 1 )K0F8M0K BKSTKLL, 162 CHAM HERS 8TRKKT, CAN | be ions died as usual. Agcnii, 137t< Liberty street, It, y. In Brooklyn, 174 Fultou street i> COBBBTT, M D., XRMB8R Of T.IE NEW YORK 11, University (M dl -al CtllVge) and Cul ege of Surgeons, London,. mi l>r nf nib d as ..sua., at Ills oili. e,No. 2u < ntre ill-eel, b iweeii oiinnibcrs sn I Reade, having a prl,ate . ntiaii.e ai No. 6 IJIljrHsIl place N. H. ?Ah ii proof ol Dr. t; s qtuUdeations, gee his dlplnaa as above, In Ins cfllcc. NEW YOUK HEitA.LT), I I SHIPPING. I rjlHB BIUTISH ANUNOK.il A (KICK Ah KOYAL MA/ 1 X blcrt lUftliljlft, I . r* '* NKW TO lift. TO LAVftKfOOL. Chief Cub. u l'a?.*ngo ?ij I S'-uauU Otthiii ii;e 1 _ IK04 TO LIVKHPOOL Cub n $11 Second *'* iu l\*?s ig?* 6 The ?iij. J:oin New Yurk <**11 *< Cork Harbor. The < up* fr?,m Boston call ui li.iiifak and Corn llnbor. J'Ek.sI v. Capi. Judkiua. I AI'KiCA, C <1>: rl. iiuoon. A I: AH1 A. Caul. .1. Sione. I CANADA. i'*<?;. Lu trh. Ah/A, in. K <i. Lott. AMKKl<*A, < h, i. Muir. AUoITtALA>lAN, NI At AKA. Capi M.,. <i . C?pt. Cnok | Ki'ltOl'A, Capt. Atuler-atn. SCOTIA, (5 :1.NA. T>?" veeneD curry a <1 ui whit-* at maat head; greet on.t.irW'd ** . red on ort . ..v CiNiDi. <v>t.uuley, lea,* h 11 loll U < lues .ay, Mai ell 19. A.HK.a, Sionu, lC,,v ? N>'? York We n aday Muivk 28. Amihica. Moo.lle, .leaves li stou VV. do v, AprtLA Asia, la>lt, leave* Self York W?*illl- . uy, A -i'lill. huuiKi. Mnlr. leave* hk.'?U)U Wcdnc da,, April 16. Berlin not fce.umd until aw' lor. An experienced Surgeon on hoiwd. The on iirri of ihi ue >hip* wili not be accountable for gold Oliver, hull Ion. '><* ie, jewelry, preciou* atouea or inetaia iiuo aayuiN of lading a e alguccl i he e'or uikj the mine iLnTe of ihereiu expre* ??T. Kor'<ei hi or pawno' , apply to E. CL'KAItl) So. ? Bowling Orern. STEAM WEEKLY TO UVKKBOOL, TOUCHING A1 Uuc iiniouu (Cork har r). Tlio Liverpool, New Yorlr and I'll I adelplila Kieomaiiip Company Int ml de*| .ilchlnj ili.*ir full pottered Clyde built iron ateainahiii* an follow**:? CITY OK WASHINGTON Saturday. March JZ OEAKi.oW Saturday. March 41 CITY OF B LITMORV Baiur.lav, Aur 6. and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from pier 44, Nortli river. tutni or I'assauS. prat Cabin (75 I Steerage M Do. to London SO | Do. to London Y Do. to Parts....... 84 Do. to l'aris .If Do. to Hamburg... 841 Do 1 to Hamburg.... * Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rat' ?. Rat ? Troin Liverpool or Oueensiown.?Plrat cabin,$75, $81 JJ|J $J05. S'ecrage from Livei pool, $40; from Quecustowu, $30. Ticket" can be bought here at these rates, enabling people to aeml for liielr friend". Tlieae ateamera have superior accommo latlnus for paanen. gera, are strongly built In water tight iron saotions, ami enrrj patent tire annihilators. Experienced surgeon" are attached to each steamer. Kor further Information apply in Liverpool to WILLIAM INMAN, Agent, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. MAUIOLM. No. 6 St. Enoch square; in Queen-down, to O. A W. D. SEYMOUR A co.; in London, to KIVKS A MA CBY.6I Kin- William street; in 1'arls, to JULES DECOUB, No. 5 place de la Bourse; in Philadelphia, to JOHN O. DALE, 111 Walnut street; or at the Company's office. JOHN O. DALE, Agent. IS Broadway, N. Y. Hamburo american packet company. S cam to London, II imburg, Havre and Southampton, The favorite lirst class and elegant Iron mail steamship 11 AMMONIA II. P. Schwensen, command r, carrying the United Stain mall, sails from pier 21 North river, foot of Kiilton street . positively on Saturday, March 22, and takes passengers foi London, Hamburg, Havre and Southampton at tho follow lng rates ? Pi i st cabin $71 Steerage Si No second cabin passengers w II be tak< u for this trip. The Saxouia will succeed the Ilamuionia on Aprils. For passage apply nxclu-ovel. to C. H. RICHARDS A iiOAS, 141 Broadway, N. Y. The north qbrman llovd-s steam sun llAN.-vA, II. J. ton Sanien eouiinander. carrying tlx United Status mail, will aail from pier 30 North river, footo Chambers street, on saturday, March 2$. a' IS o'clock M., roa bremen via southampton, Taking psseengrrs In LONDON, HAVRE, SoVrilAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the lollowiiig rates:? For the first cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to OELRICHH A CO., 68 Broad street. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER pool.?The Montreal SteamshipCompany's first class, fill powered, Clyde built steamer, NORTH AMERICAN, Capt Burgess, carrying the Canadian and United States mails will sail from Portland next Saturday, March 22. Rates o passage from New York:?First class, according to accommo dationa, $80 and $66; steerage, found with good provisions $30. Cerlitiuates issued for bringing out passengers from al rhe. principal towns In Great Britain and Ireland at very lov tales. For passage apply st 23 Broadway. New-York. SABKL A SKARLK, General Agents. FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.?TAPSCOTT'S LINE Ship DAVID HOADLKY. lying at pier 20 East river sails this dav. Shin HEIRESS. Ivitia at ninr 17 East rivel sails for London March 24. For passage, at low rate*, appl; to tap8cott a CO., 80 South street. THOMPSON'S BLACK 8TAK LINK.?FOR LIVERPOOL the splendid packet shlpa JKItKM'II THOMPSON, at pie Sit Kant river, sails March 20; WEHSTKB, April 5; ORIENT April Id. Drufta on Irelnad. Apply at theolllce, 216 Pearl at t7>or california via panama. J A first clan* steamer will leave New York on the 1*1, till and 21*1 of each month, oxcept when thean dates fall on Sua d?y, when the day of departure will be on the Monday fol For freight or passage apply at the only o?ce. No. 6 Bow jlug i;recti. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. Australia pionbbr line, carrying thi United Stales Mail.?The new British harkiULIA ANN of Hong Kong, i* now rapidly loading for Sidney, N. 8. W, at pier 26 Kaat river, and will be drapatchcd positively 11 il April. Ha* superior accommodations for lirat cabin passer iters. The faat nailing ihlp SOUTH AMERICA la now rapid \y loading and will have quick despatch for Melbourne. Ha auperlor accommodations for lirat and second cabin pasacti Krs. For fruikht or passage apply to B. W. CAMERON, 9 isver street. The steam8uip roanoke will leaye pier i North river, on 8attirday, March 22, at 12 o'clock pre ctscly, for Havaua direct. LUDLAM, IIBINEKBN A CO., 115 Broadway ~ ~ DRT OOOD8. _ 3 At emberson'8, 357 sixth avenue, corner 01 Twenty second street?Just received from Paris a larp Invoice of tlie celebrated Josephine Kid Gloves, the best til ling glove Imported?the only home lu town that has thcin0117 MS cents per pair, worth $1 Id, in all color*. Bargains, bargains, bargains. WET BLACK SILKS, WET LACE CURTAINS, wet enulish hosiery Just received, the above goods. Bold on account of the Insurance companies at auction. W. K. PEYTON, No. 274 Bowery. CORSETS AND SKIRTS.?NICE FITTING CORSET!from 75 cents; best Steel Skirts, fid cents; also Werley' Paris Cornets, very cheap, ladles' Under UortnsiRa, Edging! Knittings, Trimmings, Sc.: Jouvan'a Gloves, 62 oents, at 88 Broadway, near Nineteenth street. CLOAK AND MANTILLA TRIMMINGS. SPECIALITY. French Ornaments for Cloak and Dress. T. LAKTOIS, S3 Bleecker alreet, uear Brand way. IMPORTANT NEWS FOR THE LADIES ?AS I \\ about rumoring truni SO* Bleecker slreut to No. 727 Broad way, corner or Waverley plaie, I am now offering my stocl of good* at a great sacrifice. Embroideries, Laces, Trim minra. Millinery goods. An arc now selling cheaper than ere belore offered iu New York, a* the gooda muat be aold pre Tloua to muring, regard lens or coat. SAMUEL TUCK, 302 Ble.vker at. JUST RECEIVED?A FULL ASSORTMENT OF NO. IS five )aids worked Skirt Braid; alao a new and ver dcaiiahli- Crochet Braid in twelve yard ptecea. BUB KOUUlIS, ALLEN .V CO, importers and jobber* of fane good*, forcaah, lilt Beade street. j^JANTILLAS AT WHOLESALE. Large and attractive stock of MANTIIXAS AND SACKS, Including alt THE LATEST NOVELTIES, Man v of which are eietuaivc in style and material, manufar tured In the best manner for firet class trade. Oreat Induce men is will be offered to WHOLESALE BUYERS. LOUD A TAYLOR. 4C1 to 467 BROADWAY. STOCKS OK (lOODS WANTRD.?$100,000 OR AN! leas amount of Dry Hoots, suitable for country trade wanted ior cash and real estate. All comnimiloattoua confi denlial. Address Ira Bidwell, Adrian Michigan. MILLINERY, AC. G1RAND OPENING OF SPRING AND SUMMEI I Fashion* -W. OI KNIIYM, 21 an 1 21 Division aired will open on Thnrsdiiy. the ?>th insi , with a large and ele gant slock of French 1 atteru Honuets of thn newest am richer t designs. Also a large and varied stock of Milliner] and Straw (binds, just received by the last steamer fron Europe, and will sell alpr.cea to suit thu limes. A cull L olidted before purchasing. C1RAND OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS FOR 190 T at >lm? DKMOREST'S magasia des modes, 473 Br ad way?New paiterna oi tlis l'arls snriiu inshions; Sprln Cloaks In great variety, new and elegant rileev *, Walsu Wr .piiers, Capes, Jackets, Ssi-ks, Ac., Ac., with new am bMt.iMii Ii>t inlsveu OKI on>*, OI an ajpis. ill Spring number of tliu "Mirror or Fashion" now ready. MlrSES K A i: OALLlhKS. 4*1 CANAL STREET np<m il on Thursday, March JO, with a handsome elocl of apnnii Millinery. N. ft ? Puluii n Bonnets lor the trade. MRS SCOTT, SI9 CANAL ST RE IT MtflCmrUI liiforina III rehanta anil milliner t from the country Ilia she Is now- prepared to exhibit the very luteal styles ofTail apt Iiik Millinery and Pattern Bonnet* at the lowcat whole talc prices, Sly Canal street, west of Broad way. SPRINO MILLINERY?LATEST STYLES.?MRS. M KEKLY. No*. 7 and 7>4 Division street, la now |>reparei to oiler at wholesale iiml retail n large and beautiful aeaorl uient of spring Bonn la, to which ahn wonlil rr*pe if nil, Invite the aiiention id merrhniu* and milllnera fio.it ever woUoa of the country, aa this stork, for variety oi atyiea am superior work, cannot be equalled inthiaclty. As uaiiat, a this establishment, nil ord ra from the loontry ahull rt telr particular and prompt attention, ; (tucker s, 7w broadwaYi NEW BPRINO FLOWERS. NEW BRIDAL RETS. BRIDEMAID'H WRKATIIH AND VEILS. MATRIMONIAL. AYOUNU GENTLEMAN OK WEALTH AND PORI linn In society desires the acpialnlanre of ayotin lady, similarly situated (beauty essential), wlita a new t m .tinnoiiy. Address J. Laurent*, Tituavllla, Craw lord coin ty, I'enn. AY00UNU LADY OK REFINEMENT WISHES Till correspondence of a gentleman of education, In o, Ainiyor Navy, Willi a view to matrimony. Address, fc two days, Mian M. 0., Philadelphia Post oBoa, A WIDOW LADY. KINDINO HERSELF ALONE AN1 without mean III the t liy, desires lo form tiie n< amain anee of Niini'i ehlerly j!"iulemsn wl'havlew In mnirlmi.n; Atldreaa lor three tlays, t imildeiiiially, Mrs. Henry, statlo A, Spring unst. Iadtks and gentlemen matrimonially i> j cllned tan make tin Ir wants known to the marring J brnVt r. thereby bringing together such us are physically, nil I r illy, intoll irtnally ami I ecunlarlly suitable. Appileunt s fc $1. For particulars nddreas Dr. John Wayi, Herald mllcc. ICXIMIKRHKR. T mJRNII AM S KUKNITL UK, EXPRESS AND PACK J\ , inr i t btlahmrnt, II# W < Elevsatli sirvet, batwea F f h n id H xth avemics.?Ilonsi h tit! f irnluire hot ,i on 1 fhippe I to a I purls of the world; cover. I waaons for ri 1 moving f'tnituru to and irotu the tommy, 1 urultui atorod. FRIDAY, MVUOTI 21, 1882 j HIIIgRMKW. L I \MUUVa O*"*" , ? I ]> aii 1 M m?u. -?. E L. DAVENPO^1 ? ?' JABK TTaml W. W?1UTLB?\ ? I riftl. vr* k", 1'?<i; * 6 MKS. JOHN VTo? aud Mw ' J, \ 'L Li FBI U UY T*?? ***' " Flltll . n llD 1 M i

0 THE ORKAT el'I-HT ^ >* ,,, A ,x 'i'aK ? OEEKEN Ba ilr, the ? . w. .. B'iIL)ES ?>' (i.tltUVO.VP's v , r<-u.,. Mylea Na ( uppaleen, *!?>, *. n-w ! fclly OOofuir, u mun .1 ?. I" w " ' 1 utod 1.1. i S. LL..D11" '.',?.\Eiwj SUPERB Al'Pol N'T.V E.N r-, 1 THE OKIOIa AL JH'SIC, MAliMKIlEN r I A or CIIAKAt IT'KS. I'rertet.a to th ?>.:! H uvr.. T.r. n I'o .n'turceof ? , TEDDY IHE 111.KB. Mr. 4. Colllua. W i b lie Bon: i t?P TIIE LOW HA' K D OAR, TUli bIMlU OK SlllLLALAUH, . PUrOY M OKK, I'D MOURN Till llili'b I HAT I.KAVE Kg - And THE ( Kl'lSKKKN i.AWh Allan 1 talon 80 i iu- S"ureu Ran,:: itRulla, 7icenU. I' mil.. O 1 ( '*, Z't urntH. | Dooi?< p u ?t 7. Conine n. e at 7H 0'cio k. I H'lNTER HARDEN. I \\ ?i YTILDA HERON math.da heron matilda heron Will appear tliia evening aud every evening In her gioa? role or ' FLORENCE U KPERTON, FLORENCE UMM.KTt N. . FLORENCE UKIEKION, ; Iu li-.r new aud original hoire play THE BELLE OK THE SEASON. T IE HK1.EE OK THE SEASON, THE BELLE Id' THE SEASON, i WTitch ba? mvakene : .lie dc'-ix-M luiereatof any p'ajr proi duee l In manv yi a > , ami wiiRh u nlgliuy recelv. il i.y 1 oki ,vded houses crowded houses ' Wilr line moat ENTHUSIASTIC DEMONSTRATIONS OK DELIGHT. FRIDAY.?Bei.eul of BlISs FANNY BROWNE, i When will be preaeutci au eolci '.&uiuieai of extraordinary attraction. [ Mm book now opon. Winter garden. MISS FANNV BROWNE , Begato anuouuce to her fri> nd . n ctio public, that her WB8T BENEFIT tn New York ha* bnmued lor i III* EVENING. Friday, 21sl On tins occasion , t MATILDA HE ROM. with that generosity sni h is her unghiest characteristic, , and which is ever the most b ..utiti.i accoiMpaniinetii o gi'iuu*t has yielded up a ni.tht o' her engagement and tendot rd iter services and her aiici eastnl now plav. Bhu will > appear on this evening in her great role of FLORENCE UPPER TON, In the belle ok the reason. Aftee ....... ? Miss Kan 11 y Erewne ' Alter which will he pr esented ? 1'AREMl) AND GUARDIANS. Bob Nettles Miss Fanny Browne Academy of music. SECOND GltA lit MILITARY CONCERT OF ? UELMSMU LLLtt'S i'M'ENTY-SECoND REGIMENT > band. r on Saturday evening, March aa> Aseate 1 by Miss ISABELLA HINKLKV. Signor m aNCUSI, ? _ Mr. 8. t'i. CAMPBELL, Mr. OTTO SPiNDLER. Solo Oboe. Messrs. Fit UIKA t l .-UZ WArii HAUSi-M fCoeuet). Mr. WILLIAM SAUL (Trombone). PROGRAMME ?Pam I. " 1. Twenty-sc-cnd Reginn nt March Wlttarv Band n ? "* ? ' Ftulow M liter Hand 11 3. Vals" ten.ai.o,'' V? nxano M *.< U.ukley 4. Trio Conceruilte for two Cornet- ant Trom. bone, Di* the . Meyer Diejt f W ASH A UdEN all' SA-'L, with Occlim; ra aeeo np .iiue; m e 6. Aria, Irons "tin Hallo in M iscnern,'' Verdi...Si, . Mane ,at j, a. Wwitr. "Trnhllnus K nan ' Guiag-l Military B..ud l 7. Sexte'to, (rum Lite, a ell Lammermoor," Dou.r Cornet Ba.id rast ta 1. Tables*, "Drums and Trumpets,or a Parade In Br >adwa<'," (lleiuismufler):?(o> Drum CWpssud Band Approaching. (.,) C.i a rr Hum I Til, i d It .ldue. nl I. U..I, f meut Urn. 11 Cot . a unit Hand. ( I tier. enty-iirai itiguuent U. .mi Corps and Band. (#> Fife nndUru na. if) Twenty-wo u I Regimen Drum CorpsaudBan : '....Military Band r 2. Potpourri, "Uu Kalinin Masolieia," (VeidiI.Military hand 3. "Lbt all obey," "Euchaulreav' (Balfe). Mi. at. C. ('riu|iu. .1 4. Valse. Ron.iu fur ub tO. Spindiur).. Iln r Otio Sp.udier &. Duello, "Lo ci du. cm iu mauu," iroiu "Dun Juhi,' (Mo/.u.< Hiti Huxley andBig. Maucn 1 ? 6. Olonufo March, (llel-oa-nuller) ....M.lu .ry B ud 7. Hudson River itnil.aadUal<>|> .' Military Band CONDUCTOR, P. R. IIKL.MaMULL.BR. ' ncaairs. rirrr ck.vts uaCH. can be obtained at llit- Music 8torea of .Mrs.re. Beer A Schtrtnor, (mine sums to I.. K nosing) 701 l.roadwuy; M-esra. ? Firth A 1'nnd, 347 U'0.uiway, and ai the i.ox ou.cn ou the t, evening of the perforin. iice .. The front row or boxes, in the Brat circle only, will be reb served; may be seemed at thu intuic a(. ru of Mrsa.a Beer i- A Schlrmcr (successors to Hreuaiug) 701 Broadway. a rpne UKEAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL.?THREK A more ageuts start ior Euiope next week. .Xawiaicuie 0 only management-In Ainnrlca that bring, ou. iresb taleul, concert bail proprietors ma, apply to us. 5 /"\U> BOWEltY THEATRE. I- BENEFIT OK THE WIDOW AND OR' IIAN OK THE LATE CAPTAIN UORDON, lO KIOHT. z Read the names of the C .minuter. RESPOND TO THE CALL. The object la wurtl.y of your attention. f LET THE BENEFIT BE A REAL ONE. rriHE (JREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL HAS EN A gaged all the llrat c'.i-a ia.enl now in Europe. W. m nd new agents next week to keep on the qui vlve foi rising artists. Managers iu need inay n|>p y to ua. CUPAHTIVEKSH1P NOTICES. COPARTNERSHIP.?ABRAHAM SOLOMON AND ISAAC Wider have this day format a copartnership under the name and firm of A, Solomon A Co , and will combine the boot and shoe bualnees at the old stand. No. 104 Chatham I. square, ABRAHAM SOLOMON, a New York, Maroh 18.1*82. ISAAC WIDER. i, 0 /COPARTNER <HIP.?ANY PERSON ENGAGED IN THE VV wholes*v grocery or ship chandlery busii.e *, wishing a partner with $!.1KiO or >1,50 > cash, ami who can Ming $15,000 <>r $2 MX*) or trade, may address, with full particulars, R. T., Ileiald ollice. Dissolution?the copartnership hereto, fore existing under the name ol J. So.union k llmincr, , atNo.ltMChatha.u street, Is this day dloso.v. <1 by mul.ia * consent. Isaac Solomon will attend to ail bisinc-a relating to the late linn. ISAAC SOLOMON. k NkwYokK. March IS, 1*12. AUKAHAM SOLOMON. I- ' 1 PARTNER WANTED?IN A LIOHT, LUCRATIVE A cash business, well established ami proalabte. $300. Those wishing business will do well to giro us a all IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO , 63 Nassau street. t PARTNER WANTED?WITH A FEW HUNDRED DOLf. A lars in money and credit, to extend the business ol one r of the best located and best paying photographic e lablishnieiils In New York. Apply at the Art Gallery, No. 411 Broadway. TIIE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING under the lirin name of O. Marshall, Jr. A Co., or o. Marshall, Jr A J. Hllbert, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be con dueled by O. Marshall, dr., whn ts siithoilsed to settle the Hltaira uf the old Urui ? March 17, ISbd. G. MARSHALL, Jtt., J. H1LIIKKT. WANTED-A PARTNER OR CLERK IN THE AUC. lion and comini-sion business. In<pilre of Mr. .lauiorJ 135 Bowery, second door, from Id to Id A. M. wanted?a PARTY OK PARTIES TO JOIN TIIE TT subscriber III the Patent Medicine business. Any party Latin ; capital can address F U., Herald ulllnc, wlmre he may tunl tlie pioprletor of an article on which a large fortune can be made. r <?') OftO ?A RELIABLE MAN WANTED, WITH *Px?l.l/l'V. this amount, aa Partner In an established pro .dee and provision business. None other need upply to 8. BOLIVAR, 335 Hroauway. <JjO |)j l| I TO PARTNER WANTED WITH MpOaUUvr this amount in the niuiiu'aetnrln^ of leaiher I In this city, well established and doing a good business, , w auls more money to enlarge the business. Address, ? th tianif, lor one ne. lt, staling where an inlrrnew can he had, 1 Tanner, Hi raid ofliee. ' fli'-i HAA - IH AMOUNT IN CASH WILL PURs JPO.Y/U'J. chase the half interest of a {-arty retiring from one of the liesl I M-al-d and best isiying Dining Ko ens In New York, near the City Hall, l'lils is an opportunity oel?J dom mat with to secure a prolltuble cash business, ami la I- worthy of attention, ss it will bear thorough investigation, g eml every satisia ttun given upon Intervt w Addr ssJ. 0., ij box 183 Herald oliiee. " <C I II (Will WANTBU? in A WKATK FAUTO RY, A ^Jvf.lJUvf Mli iilor active partner. wliocin Invent the above ninnunt, a* it shall he re-|iiireil. Security given to twin- the amount In stork; prollu partly guaranteed If ret quired. Box IS! Herald olli e. T flt'l H fthH -pARTNER WANTED, WITH THIS , ?PJLU.UU"s amount?In consequence of death?in a I atendy old Urm. Address hot 2,2.0 Bust office. OOVlaMTS AND At HINTS. "" PARTIAL DEAFNESS, DISrilAKHES FROM THE Kara, noises In the head, H'indncs*, Cnrunic lnllammii: imn t|r,inulal.-d Llda, Dlmn-'S ,n 1 Weakm -.a ot Sight and y all do. u-e-of the K\u and Ear su-o-sa ully treated hy Dr. y GRAVES, HUM Broadway, N. V. Coiieultalloti tree, personally 1 Or by letter. DENTISTRY. Artificial teeth -we continue to extract teeth In tarn seconds, without pain, with our benumbing fluid. No eatra charge lor temporary ante tr extracting. Teeth Inserted without extracting the roots, on our improved atmospherte pressure plates. We Invite all to call anil diamine our apecimeiia before going elaewberc. We hate i hemhally pure chloroform and ether, which arc perfectly harmless to take. lira. DURE IN A ROUSSEAU, 373 Canal atreet, oppoaltc W -it It roadway. f a KTIFICIAL BONE FILLINII.?CAUTION TO THE I il public.?Blnoe the Introduction of the above diw-nvery, , a numlier of cheap nperntnra nnd quacks hn> e advertise I under a similar name apuriona imitation*, awaiMing to their mi-enible acidulated compounds the -. alua.de qualities ol my g>-nnine iirtlhctal hone. The only safeguard that tlie public p may have agnlnat imposition Is to rail at my rn .ma, *fti? Rioadwnv, where may alao lie had the celebrated Ou -an Dentlfrl e '' ami IsUlon, the only harmlesa article known for keeping the 'r te. th a.uind and white and the guma healthy. ? 4 KTIFICIAL TKETII, OF TIIE MOST RE I TIFUL , ,f\. kind, are slttl being Inserted by J C KR.nKUV. Den " list. No. IAS Row i ry, three doora bel<>w Spring ai e< I, at nla c nnusi ally low prlo a. fheie ,eeth are gtiatstiice t-g.cperfeet antlaWtlon, are Inserted without pain, and wu n without the allghtest Inconvenience. Whom set a, on go d, front , or on silver, from (ID. I'orthtl acta, ou gold, from |2 'p each tooth, or on allver irom ft. o T\R 0. A. WHITE'S IMPROVED An i r [ IL TEETH? J I S irrasalng ull others In beauty, oomtort and natural npji -aranee. II h. le :u Is, M to $40. Teeth extracted without pain. Filling . 0-. to SI. Work warranted. Denial ronma 1.1 llond aireel, New York, and 717 Ar--h atr et, Philadelphia. li 1 IAYINO II ID ONE TOOTM EXTRACTED WITHOUT I I Jll feeling any pain, whatever, ny Dr. .1. J YY' Vll.l.Kllh, ij. - 15ft Grand aneei, two . locks from IIiouIwmj.I el c nily e I In . rt ah In as a recommend,i mm to itm - wishing the n-r leea 1 ot a aailtul denUai, MAliY JANE WUMLOW, Yorkvllle. ? A>H SKMK^TS. ' AITALI^OIfi f f K ii?u ra in Rroattaay ?* ! Tt.lrt er'h utreet I'tomiu o 11.la w.uh a. 7, an t u ai f-p at NOTICE ? Ou and aft. i Hot. .vii i i., l,? .l'ora will op u at iu. -pual acv. it, nit. tti p rt.'.n.iitirea lo ooui.utuce a. 9. MuRK NOVKL'n SECOND N'uHT til. 'E Of Sknl.ian Kaowlea' imp a ?),? oi was pNHf btr a . r mv.. M a.nl i I.e on lldndk l.ihl nit;. lit n and ..ludl.n iin ti .i'?( >f appwua-, .turf litr p.In iiulari >u cai,?4 renal ly. rc thr certain Jut. >i l..e | r^rraa uui at the Cn.it lusioa el the coir.' .' . Ill S EVENING, t ItiD IV. Wit; h* rejva ? ' the .ta t.i; : nniie'i n live ?' ??. Iiy Rliari0i_ n tin n.i-i, u .tuHi til tu. lidUtU .tea. ' attu "Toe Wile," C . lla"'' ? * THE LOVE CIIA8E, WUh the roUowtuf l"Oiirut fjr Irons cast ? vii imkc . ... . M'. Lealer Wiillaek rt iVUtiaiu t u '.oi Or. Mara Smith M later Waller Mr. Charlea ri tier Ir ir i,>r;h, trie: <1 tc v. t. u'.e Mr. Key? nda ttiiinpbiira ..M Hmane N' Hi M I'arkea l. t?li Wildnhe s tr o n Mr. Earaloe it . Mr.Tur. iT Cnnautm(la i V. r o sir Wil tain 11 * Hoey Widow Grecti. Mian Mary Gannon l.jilla M.do Ma.i. tine tien lc#tt. A.Ice M . He. in fmelie M tatlre.n Ante ta M.? Caiman U'.'-rilla Mf??ia (tlr.il r 9r' leinm and La Korteet Ttie K rn-rj, hv I -ill IK WOOD. wM coi tiat of A I'arlor la the ' litter Crimea" Tav n, in London? Drawing Konm in blr Wit.tain t'omllove'a?The Wl. ow Ore it', lln.i I ilr?Grand .daluu? and 11...1 el Kecnptuin at tue vr tilo i.r .-nV Ttie In. idenlal Munlc, (rnfoeed hy R. STOEI'EL. Klclt r nmuure and AppontmenU by Mr. TIMuNKT. d(vcai? T.?rilB WAV To '.ET MARRIED, which wae nnnl.rd by a fu l. ta-ii'onabte and delighted audience on Tb relay, with kre il laughter and appr.ioauon, will be re|>. ateu. TflK IIKIR AT LAW, THE JEALOUS vi; 8, a.vrt WTVT'-d IU TtfVV urvuw ." > - - ? u..u >fru ai?un AV IHKI AUC. Tiir a ore Cuiuedica Hiv in ?| active aUt of prrp?rai<<in. Family lircle WcenU liuien an i Parquet Micell a | OY heatra Sulla $1 Private li ilea. ... $1 Laura keknks theatre. Doore opt-u at < K; ui-rformana comraenoea at 7K. nvNIUOT. AND EVERY NIGHT TILL. FURTHER NOTICE, W.ll be flayed macaktiiy; UAC UtTHY; OR, pbbp 9 day?PEFI* o Day-peep O' day. P p p p NEW IRISU DRAMA, p P p p e b k b e e r b E K K E In Uiree acta, SEEK p P p P p P p p o o' o* o' ar o' o' o1 o' d d d d d d d d a a a a laura kbene. a a a a V Y Y Y Y Y Y Y peep o' day?peep it day?peep o'day, Winch Will li*' prraenuid with new and characteristic irish music, WRIi LI AN l AN 11 VIVIDLY HKAUTIKUL SCENERY, STARTLING MECHANICAL EFFECTS. pictl KKSvji e tableaux. THRILLING situations, And a cast of peculiar and positive strength, Kmnraclng LAU8A KBENE aa mary kelly (The Colleen lawn rhua.) emma WALLER aa NELLY brady (The Han Ca>>inthe.) Mr. waller aa the macabtiiy Hubpoi ted by trie bnttke strength Or t1ir present favorite company. synopsis of SCENERY and incidents. ACT VI K.ST 8IONAL TORCH AND MEETINO OF THE PERT O DAYS. AN IRISH JOKE. captain peep o* dat lilL POOR SONGSTRESS. the ban i'AOINTIIK. naturr true to her instincts. other and child are reunited. irish courtship. THE SHAN VAN YOOHT. an IRISH jio. characteristic tableau, Realizing Ciirb'lon a cel. br.ited Word Picture. THE PACTION KIOUT. act second. AN EXHIBITION OP MORAL PullCR. the macaktiiy 8 supposed falsehood. betrayek and betrayed. tub oath. mary h dea ih resolved on. the iieugb school. acquiring THE ALPIUUET UNDER difficulties. A DISCARDED DAUGHTER. A 1 iii.iiiiAn-uuHiiiMi THK MAIL TtIK PURLOINED AND RECOVERED PAKUON. HKLKN S ABDUCTION. THK MURDER IX THE BLACK VALLEY TERRIFIC LEAP and STARTLING DESCENT Of the BAM CAOINTHB Into the BLACK VALLEY. ACT THtRD. THE MACABTHY'g ARREST ON THE CHARGE OF MURDER A COURT MARTIAL. UNWILLIXO WITNESSES. MOW NOT TO KISS THE BOOK. THE GEOGRAPHY OP AN IRISH OATH. AN IRRUPTION OP IRISH LANOUAOB. THE SCHOOLMASTERS TESTIMONY. T.IE VERDICT OP GUILTY. THE DEATH SENTENCE. CAPTAIN PEEP O* DAT aud the PEEP 0' DAY BOY'S PARDON. DETECTION OP THE VILLAINS. A MORTGAGE RELEASED EVIDENCE oP THE BAN CAOIMTHE. TWO NEW WITNESSES. DISCOVERY OP THE IIALP SISTERS. HAPPY CONCLUSION. Box Ofllce open daily. Seal* may be wen red In advance. OLD BOWERY THEATRE. FRIDAY EVENING, MAR 'If M, 1MB. SYMPATHETIC BENEFIT FOR THE WIDOW AND OR. HAN CHILD OP THK LATE CAPTAIN NATHANIEL GORDON. UNDER] ru? CONTROL OP TIIE SUHIOINKD COMMITTEE OP ARRANGEMENTS: H. S. fining, Captain W'oodaide, John Irving, William L. Brown, Jeaae A Buddl k, M R mo, A. Conrey, Captain Tilli-v. W. II. K lib. ALL OF STICKNK Y SCI RC I S COM PAN Y WILL APPEAR Digelhcr with tin- follow.ug .olnnti rm ? JULIAN KENT, C own and Conversationalist, C. SIIAKP, from C.inrinPs Clr, iia. liuvana, Cuba, SAM. LONG. Clown uud Comic Stnacr, T. A. JONES, Preotirr Vuulter. from Dsn Riee'agreai Show, FERDINAND AND THEODORE TOL'KNAIKB, And WM. NAYLOK, tho DaaUing Hurdle Rnlor. Lrt tin)'e who with to assist the need* p'irchaar Tickets of the Committee, or et the Box Ollce of ine Theatre. Academy op music. The world turned Prnfesecrs of the Magic Art, THE I.IHIN BROTHERS, Til ir LUHIN HItOTilEltS, will thortljr apprar In a wrlo* of their arand KOiltKES MAGI^UKm, the vast stage of the Academy b'fng transformed Into a magnillcent C AC MOSTRON AN Til EI M, OH, Ll'BINIAN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR. Full partlrulnri lu future tilvt-rtl-i-mi lit*. GREAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, BROADWAY. AN EVENT T?l?e chronicled in the history of nrninc-m-nts. TllE TWO GREATEST TKIUMI'IIS OK THE AOS At Out; Ilo ? THE OKllAT t'ANTKRBURY. MISS KATHLEEN ONEIL, Ml MS KATHLEEN O NEIL, MISS KATHLEEN O NEIL. MISS KATHLELN O'NKlC MISS KATHLEEN O'NKIL, MISS KATHLEEN O NEIL. MISS KATHLEEN ONEIL, MISS KATHLEEN ONEIL, AND THE BEAUTIFUL ZAN I'll ETTA, TIIE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA, THE BKAL'TIKUL ZAN1HKTTA. THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA. THE BEAUTIFUL ZAN: KE 1TA. THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRETTA. TIIE BEAUTIFUL ZANFRKTTA. THE BEAITIKI L ZANFKETTA, tin- former TIIE MOST ATTRACTIVE ACTRESS. VOCALIST AND DANSEUSE llinl liu ever ?pi>e?rid In A in-rim, tin* Utter THE li RE A TEST FEMALE PERFORMER UN THE TIGHT ROPE In tlie world. MISS KATHLEEN ONEIL pueiirs nightly Iri HKft UKBAI Uiuimiau oi/nuu AHU llANtKH, int..tulmg t)ie OLORIOl'S COMIC SCRNAS, THE IRISH CURE . AND BILLY BRADLEY. THK IRISH CUKE AND BILLY RRADLKY, THE IRISH CURE AND BILLY BRADLEY which have been received wrltli THUNDERS OF APPROBATION ay CROWDED HOUSES. THE BEAUTIFUL ZANFKRTTA wit i. a rr*a k IN ENTIRELY NEW ACTS ON THE TIOIIT ROPE, WITHOUT A BALANCE POLK. Feata the m..?t daring performed WITH AN EASE AND CRACK, throwing jj pi jj RL'iNDTN BLONDIN BLONDIN BLONDIN BLONDIN Far In the shade. THOSE GREAT ETHIOPIAN ARTISTS, billy birch and ben comm, BILLY BIRCH AND BEN COTTON, billy birch and ben cotton, billy birch and ben cotton, billy birch and ben cotton, In new Songs, Danoee, Burl?*|iire mid hlu at the men and manners of the day. J. A. IIERMAN,HE CLIJPF>,Br) HlBTERS, CARROLL, CHRISTY SMITH, ROSS WILSON, OERMAINK, and ALL THE GREAT CANTERBURY COMPANY, In AN ENTIRE CHANGE OF PBOORAMME. GRAND MATINKK. ON SATURDAY, AT 2 P. M., Wh#n A MAMMOTH ENTERTAINMENT WILL BE PRESENTED /,-! /? NOVELTY IIALU ?I6 blO BROADWAY. Beat company In Ihe city. LOOK at TEE TALENT. Ml?? Ward. Mixa Lottls Farria, MU? DontDon, MleaNiehnla, Mi.-h Hooper, Jm. Clatk. Billy Blair, llank Maaon, D. Rliera, La Pell' Rachel and Master Bwyea. ADMISSION, TEN AND TWENTY CENTS. REAT CANTERBURY MUslC IIALL?THE ONLY \Y 11 ce of a Hiiaeincnl In America tliat liaa (Ire agenia in Europe . onstauHy eugagr J la procuring Ireah talent lor ua TIR<iY THEATRE.? MANAGERS, AIKEN A W1 I.KIM. SON.? Ih.e r?iahHs!iment will open lor Ihe aeajon, M ire.h SI Memlxra of ill prtifeasiou w lulling engigeiucuta ta.i apply toO. L AIKEN, Troy, N. Y. rpiIF, GREAT CANTERBURY M' SIC HAUL INTENDS 1 rending thrt i new agen'.a to Luropn > J*r_! Miimn;er? tvlahliig i-erfiirrner.-may api'ljr t? N. ti.?BetllI rai spare perlortuera ou hand. 7 ANIHKMUVrS. ACADEMY OF K'l^ic-OPRKA-MAKTHA. l'li'kel nHflM oyii ^0- lay at the A<ad*n>y, Sibrll and l?e. r A S. Imumr'a, 701 fir* *''** * where aeata cam beae.-i.rfd f.r Hit* t I'-.iday'B) Opera and to-iujiruw iSaiurdn> a) Matinee , ? I'll IS RVESI.NO, EKTl>.iTi M?r 1' 21. wit* produced t iuwv% che d' M.vra maKtti \. Mi tt CLARA Ol SK KELLOOO in her Til -abler . ui 1*1.1. Urn l ie t M ME STltAK .8. U Nam y i KUiNOLt Li mel S, R'N' P un e t B.IK1LI Tr.staa ivi tor ..iid Cundu io' CARL AN OHl TZ rill- 'avo: ltr opera will, like the praeed'n . < in udm ed Willi new atonic e.Hecu, * d with tue a*-ia.*noe al a. v i vi l v L* * ?ENo?TTA CCB.V.S. Sijnor XIMENE.* au 1 a lull Cur s le Ballet, in llie Market a.< ue. lo-iuorruw, Saturday, Umnd ua-a Aiatl re. . M AS.v N IELI.0 w 11 no repeated with lite w.nc -ait and aPra't.on ? on laat evnlug. Seats f.,r tin malniee luay be aecured without ?aIra harm-. M HE. DE LL'SSAN'fl debut ne?t week. ACADEMY OF MUSIC.?MlTlNER?VAANIELLO. datuiday. Murli 32, at 1 door*u|n at Id. Admiaaiea to a.I part* of the A ad inv, *1. SEATS CAN BE SK. KKIl WITHOUT EXT'AA CHAROB al l e Arridemy. B t-r A S-uiiruter'a, 701 Broadway. and Sibrll'a, Wali air.et. On tiiia occaaiun will be prod n<-M Auber a chef d'onvre. MASA.NIELLO, ' with the aame caat and mia-- rn *i:en.- ** on taai evening. Tbr Itouae ou lUta m oaaiuu will be tiliiui.naled aa an laat CTvuiua. T1IB Dl MR CTRL O" PORTICI. ,. SEN OKI! A CUBAN wSI appear for the la-t time in th area' role of FeaeUfc,IR? liiunn lUrt o' Kirtlel. Miaa Hinkler Elvira | Bngnoli Maauuielln Huainl . I'l.-lro | BariB Borah I lt>.bio >lni? la the Market Seoneu CKANO MAM.KT by SE.NOR1TA CUBAS, SEN UK XIMKNES, aud the Corpa da Bailee NEW KOMI RY TIIEATHK. dole pcul '-iotora M -aar-. O V Fox aod J. W. HnRld. BENEFIT MB. W. TRYOJL TREASI-RKS. Friday i wns H?r b 2! TURBK SPLENDID 1'IKCBS. MR. C, W ClaAUKB. DON CJSSKK DE BAZAR. MESSRS. W CARLO AND O. ROSS, IN DOS PAYABOS, BLACK AND WlliTE. MB. 0. L. FOX AND MISS F. IIZBBIB# IRELAND "AS IT IS. DANCE by MISS LOUISA BBOWM MB. U. C. BONIFACE AMD MRS. W. O. JOKWB THE OUN.MAKKB OF MOSCOW. Box bonk now open. Coma early or aecore your aeatA BAKNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM. FRIDAY, MAKCII 21, H62. TWO DAYS MoltE TWO HAYS MOltK of li.oae magnificent attraction*, the like of whloh kivf never been been on the fa e 01 the globe, including THE $.*),OUU NUTT THE MO.OOO NUTT, THE *3.t.OJ!? NUTT, THE ilO.tKW NUTT, the emnltcst human being of hia age ever known. He elutf Patriotic ainl Comic SonDance* the SebottischO and Bator'b Hornpipe and given the celebrated GRECIAN STATUB&. THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, the great Behemoth of olden tlmea, from the Hiver Nile. THE LIVING WHALE, from the Northern Seal, the Leviathan ?! the Qreot Deep, THE WHAT IS ITT Or, MAN MONKEY from the wild* of Africa?a marvellous Nondescript. THE MADAGASCAR ALBINOS. THE LIVING HLACK SEA LION. LIVING MAMMOTH GRIZZLY BEAR, the largest ever caput red olive; wtlgha near 2,U00 pound*. LIVING SEAL. LIVING MONSTER SNAKES. LITIIMUAl'l'Y FAMILY, LIVING TURTLE, GRAND AQUARIA, with its multitude of beautiful Llvlag Fish, and near a Stlion other Curiosities. THE GORGEOUS SPECTACULAR DRAMA, SADAK AND KALASRADE, at three and half-iutst eeveti o'clock P. M., daily. Admission to all only 25 cents; children under ten, lieaela BRYANTS' MINSTRELS. Mechanics' Hall, 472 Broadway, above Orand (treei. Monday, Maich 17, and every night this week. UKAND SOIREE D'KTHIOPE. interspersed withjokee and commiealitiee by the comedian^ Horn, Emmett, Florence, Peel, Getting!, Nell and Dob Bryant. S. C. CAMPBELL, the popular vocalist. Oould, Ulllon, Leslie and Fowler in new conga, chornMt Ac. " Blacksmith's Jubilee,"''Dots Whatsde Matter," bacco Jake." YE OLD FOLKS CONCERT. Daddv Hemp, *yn ancient conductor. Dan Brnet Door* open at fit*; curtain rleea at 1%. Tloketa, S& eaale. HOOLEY'S MINSTRELS, C59 BROADWAY, oppoelte Bond etreet. CROWDED HOUSES?NOVELTY WITHOUT BED. HUNTING A PRIMA DONNA?SIAMESE TWINS, nvicn uvm.vv iM nit niVi P un.i.v nnua n?. HEROES OF FOllT DUNELSON?BARBARY ALLEN. BOE1IM FLUTF. SOLO? PLANTATION SCENES, Ac An. Ti e ereat urtlata, FOX. GRIFFIN, REED. HOWARD. rf.KVgS, MELVILLE. M NALLY, HAVES, HOOLEY. IIA LAM. SPINDLES. Ac. Doora open at hair-pant tlx?to commence at 7\ o'clock. Tickets U cent*. Mary provosts theatre. THIS EVENING, FRIDAY. March M. BKNBFIT BENEFIT BENEFIT J. WILKES BOOTH. J. WILKES BOOTH. J. WILKES BOOTH. who will appear la hla GREAT CHARACTER OSEAT CHARACTER GREAT CHARACTER 0rS?CHARD nr. RICHARD nr., RICHARD KL. la which character he haa created a GREAT SENSATION. GREAT SENSATION, GREAT SENSATION, and la WITHOUT A RIVAL. WITHOUT A RIVAL. WITHOUT A RIVAL Prioeaof admiaaloa to Parquet and Dreaa Clrclo, 10 paata. an<l Family Circle 3d cent*. Box nhcet open between 9 and 4 o'olock, and aeata mar hO aeeured In advance. NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MUSIC TO LET. FOR OPERAS. BALLS. CONCERTS, LECTURES, An. Apply at the ataye door. Fourteenth, atrcet. MISS EMKLIA 1 BOUOHTON will make ii elt debut at tije academy of music, on Wednesday, april r under the direction ok tiik CELEBRATED carl AN8CHUTZ. MEU)DE0N. SS9 BROADWAY, BETWEEN 8PR1ED ami Prince streets. PIONEER CONCERT HALL Or AMERICA. CHEATCONCKESS OF STARS APPEAR NIUHTLY. eta BRENT, fanny forrest. sa* sharpley, fattib stewart, joe enoliso. miss louise, tb" lady drummer; kate pknnoyer, rons. velarde ai (justa walby, adei.e calla, With oier ONE HUNDRED performers, The onCre company forming the OltEA I EST COMBINATION OF STARS Ever witnessed in olio oslablishmcnt. A change of pro* gramme 11 ik'itly. Admission IT cents; orchestra IS enrta Open at 7 andooinuience at S o'clock. 1m1e pride and glory or Tin* Magnificent cily 1* the world famous " RARISIAN CABINET OK WONDER AND anatomy.* ^ MB BROADWAY (ncit door t.> Ball, Black A Co.'a). AU whorahio wisdom, noi'iSRUieut, knowledge end poww should at ouce visit tbla frulv EXCITINO, most wonderful* EXTRAORDINARY, marvellous, TURILLIRO, UNSURPASSABLE, SUPERB, invaluable, INSTRl'CTIYS Sf-IENTl FICAINSTITITTON. Open for gentlemen only, from 10 UU 10. Adinlsatou 25cents. Debi t of master dudlby waller, the Young Orator, only ill years of age, at Dodworth'e Hall, Broadway, on Friday evening. March 21, 1882. He wlH be a ail ited by bis teacher. J. B. Brown. Professor of Elocution. TlrkctifiOc. To commence at fl o'clock. AAA ?THE ORF.AT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL, 444-"< ^ ~ EVER FIRST IN THE FIELD In everything app i taming to ORTOINALtTT, TALENT, GENIUS AND VERSATILITY Tlieie li but uu<* Miiiii* nail in me woriu mai can ooaa* w a company In which ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ALL ARK STARS, and thai la IU, TUB MUSIC IIALL OK TITR MASSES We have no aeco.id rule perfnrmcra, each art|?t mult be a DIAMOND OK TUB KlAsT WATER, look at the llat ? TONY 1'A.SfOR, TONY PASTOR, T"NY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR. CHARLEY WHiTBL CHARLBY WHITS. L. SIMMONS, L SIMMONS, L SIMMONS. K. HART, I PIERCE, C, O VRDNKR, II. I.KSLIK, MISS ERNESTINE DE KAIHKR, M1>S LIZZIE SCIIULTZK. and THE BRII LIANT CORPS DP. BALLET, under the direction of the great maaier, MONS PAUL BRILLIANT. GRAND MATIN EE tlRAND MAUNEK UVKRY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, At 2? O'CLOCK. EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, AT 2S ON'LOCK. ROBERT W. BUTI.KR, Sole Pr. prleter and Maa?ger._ Last chance?to citizens a nd strand ere.? Cloving of the gn at D'ieealdt'if|ilallery. ftA Hrjiadwajr lu order to afford i|>aco fur the n.it annual eilnhllionil the Nfflinnal Academe of Dcilan the en Itj? ?! e'.MM great Duaaeldnrf Painting* wlT b* tlun after Saturday, Vnndi if, J ,\ main on vinw day and even n*,aff'Ming all the Mat nppor lunlly to tee llicm. Admieaioa ih nan la , notiikr TI'TORY.-OLORIOl 3 NKttB.? ATTBN' A Me?"Mirth and aoctabillljr, at the Comet Hotel iu I i,,Jnarrt ?ir. 't, on Tin -day ami Friday evenings. Helao ?u,iV. /rpn? ih " late?i operas. Salines at hal past Id HIED. HILL. p,..,.neioe^ Till aTRK ROYAL LYCEUM, TORONTO. 0 WliE.NKY LINDEN, Leswe and Manager.?'The pmeenl a ,,c?rnl * -neon will cl.me April Pi, and rcotn-n A|rdll. Earner Monday. Ladlca and g.'ut.emeii wl?hlng empvpy no-ni* will apply al on, ?, poaipAtd, aa above. N. IP -A tort wlihonl Wardrobes need not apply. Stira liberally treat** Tkuimw, Mar h 17, ls?2. rrilF METROPOLITAN THEATRV, BUrKAlAJ Wll,I 1 i p n about the let 01 May. 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