24 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

24 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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2 FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL* Sihdat, March 23, 1862. The import for the week ending yesterday are again very litavy indeed?some >1,100,000 more than t!io-e of the corresponding week last year. The principal item* are us follows:? Dry goods .$808,022 Cotton fJG:).4K2 0>b m 27,-^4 Honey 24,421 !*da ... 86,4*5 India rubber 34,243 Sauces, ki 31.730 Molasses 29,697 Watches 2B,Uo2 i.iiiSeel 26,443 Hides 121,572 Sugar 300,261 Champagne.. 28.216 Tea 287,061 L'Sd 94,714 Tobacco 60,443 died 24,381 Wool 115,217 Tin 107,440 Nothing further is known with regard to'the purposes of the Ways and Means Committee in Congress on the subject of the tariff. Leading merchants seem to think that no further increase will be made in the duty on tea, sugar, coffee, &c. That these articles can bear a further duty without reducing the consumption or pressing unduly upon any class in the community is obvious. It is apparent to every one who it cognizant of the facts and rightly interprets the signs of the times that the country is on the eve of a period of great prosperity, during which every one will consume foreign goods in large quantities, whatever the cost may be. it will be just as easy as not for Congress to make the tariff yield $100,000,000 during the fiscal year 1862-3. All that will be necessary w iil be to raise the duties on tea, sugar, coffee, hides, wool, lead, tin, tobacco, and all kinds of foreign dry goods and articles of luxury, from 25 to 50 per cent all round. No one doubts but it would be a gain to the country at large if many of the foreign manufactures and other articles of merchandise which we take from abroad by the million every week could be wholly excluded from our ports. As this cannot be done, and as our people, when they have money, will buy foreign silks and linens and woollens and jewelry, and champagne and tobacco, and sauces and watches, all that remaius for Congress to do is to make these articles of consumption bear as heavy a proportion of the national burthens as possible. The special arguments in favor of doubling the duty on lead have been frequently urged in this column, and will doubtless be pressed by Western members. Tin and steel, likewise, will bear a large in* crease of duty. The following are the official tables of the trade of the port for the week and since January 1:? Is roars. rorlhfvxxk. I860. 1881. 1862. Dry go. de $1,787,014 742,819 *>8,022 General merchandise. 2,670,402 1,137,258 jUfeo.057 Total for the week. $4,437,508 1,880,077 3,238,079 Previously reported.. 62,210,808 39.576,647 34,042,925 Since January 1?$56,648,314 41.455,724 37,281,004 Exports or Producx and Mxrctu.ndiss. I860. 1861. 1882. For the week $1,580,044 2,161,949 2.143.971 IIOTIIIUSI; IJjJVO.JOV 0 Sine* January 1 $17,080,024 28,061,411 28,049,467 Exports ot Ui KC.S. I860. 1861. 1862. For the wsek.... $429,260 91,161 640,909 Previously reported.. 2,789,676 1,836,389 8,334,853 Since January 1 $3,218 935 1,927.560 8,835,821 The banks showed last Monday a specie average oi $30,773,050, being an increaae of $330,406 from the previous wee):, and a loan, average of $130,622,77C, being a decrease of $2,432,372 lroni the week previous. To-morrow they will probably show a specie average of about thirty-two millions, and a loan, average considerably less than that of Monday last. It is understood that the banks hav6 increased their mercantile discounts during the week. But they have sold so nisny of their six per cents that the aggregate of their discounts is lower than it was. Some of the banks are perhaps in a position which compels them to dispose of their government securities in order to accommodate their regular customers. Those which are not thus situated will realize a handsome profit by holding their bonds for higher prices. The sixes of 18S1 are the only United States bonds in existence bearing six per cent interest, and having twenty years to run. The six per cents author ized by the act of the present year are redeemable at the pleasure of government after five years, and will therefore be unsaleable in Europe, and not at all a tempting investment here. People whs have money to invest permanently will naturally select the bonds of 1?81 in preference to all others and if no reverse occurs to the national 'cause nothing can prevent their reaching par this summer except an excessive supply by needy banks. The public will be more ready to buy at par than at 94, and foreigners, as experience proves, are always more ready to buy stocks above than below par. If our bunks were well advised they would withdraw their bonds from the market and dispose of their seven-thirty notes. The result of this would be a steady appreciation of the sixes, which would enable them by-and-by to realize a handsome profit to reward them for the sagacity and patriotism which characterized their action in the dark days of the national cause. The specie reserve of the banks is on the increase still. It may fairly be questioned whether further accumulations cf coin by our banks can be conducive to the public good. Under the Sub-Treasury act the banks are practically relieved from the penalties consequent upon their suspension of specie payments, and cannot be compelled to pay any check in coin. Their reserve is unavailable for purposes of commerce. Whether its steady increase will not lead directly to an advance in the premium on gold, by creating a scarcity of the precious metal and furthering the purposes of speculators, is a question which admits of very little debate. The money market was fairly active last week, tuicu/ iu vvuH'tjucuuc ui IUU n|pprtn au u ui gu* ernment certificates of indebtedness, redeemable st the pleasure of government within a year, and bearing C per cent interest. These certificates are sought for by capitalists and hankers at 98 a Yr We presume that there will be tioo.ooo.ooo of them, more or less, afloat within a short period of time, and that they will serve as a currency thronghout the West, and will answer the purpose of bank notes or gold. Business paper is more abundant than it was; first class names are discounted at the note brokers at 6 per cent, and the banks are increasing their line to their customers. The stockbrokers pay C a 7 per cent for call loan*?the rate fluctuating from day to day. Abroad money ia very abundant and eery cheap, (n linden money is a drug at \yt a 2 per cent per annum. Under ordinary circumstances tho emission of largo amounts of paper cnrrency by government ought to render money plentiful and thoapor here; but the probability is that the issue of the new Treasury notes will be followed by io mooh speculation and such a development of enterprise and commerce that tho iomand for money will increase even Taster than the supply. The first of the new Treasury notes are expected to go forward to Washington about the 1st proximo. Soma dolay hat been cansed by the order of the department requiring the signatures to be engraved; but when the printing once begins the work will proceed rapidly. The bank note companies expect to have delivered the whole amount authorised by Congress before the 1st of Jone. Foreign exchange closed yesterday at about 112 for bankers' bills on London, and 1.0") a 6.10 for franca. At these rates the demand is slack; but, as wrraatila bills are very scarce, the bankers nrs not wfllmg to draw at a concsseion. Oold fluctuated dll lam week between 101% a 101%. There haa ban a good deal of speculation in the precious sum. dbe reread daahne having attracted new tym, while the heavy amount of interest on sales tellers ho oflbr Qieir options. Tf our impntatmlJ' >? kept down within moderate flguraa tMre uould ha no ground *'ot anticipating aa ad 4 vanoe in gold. But it is plain thst our imports are steadily increasing, and that they will continue to increase no long aa successes in the field and issues of paper money tempt and enable people to spend money. We are already exporting coiu at the rate of very nearly a million n week. Since January we have sent abroad nearly nine millions, against about two millions in the same period lust year? and rather more than three in the same period of 1H60. As the spring and summer advance?especially if peace should be re-established?our im-, port trade will receive a marked developementand it is not probable that, under any circum stances, we shall obtain a sufficiently copious supply of Southern staples to pay oar indebtedness in time to prevent a very heavy drain of bullion. This is what the bulls in gold are relying on. They 1 tcue that when we come to export two and three millions of gold in a week, a* wan the case in 1M67 and 1860, while the banks can refuse to part with their reserve, the demand for coin thus created must cause an advance in the premium to 4 a 5 per cent at least. A few days now will enable us to test the soundness of these theories. The following table shows the course of the stock market for the past week and month:? t'eb. 22. Mar. 1. Mar. 8. Mar. 16. Mar. 22 U. 8.6's, regist'd 90X US 02?f 93X 94'; Virginias 83 61 62 61 CO*-; Toiiuessces 62 60*; 61i; 61 ?>! Missouri 6's 63X 63 V 63>4 6?X 62X New York Central 84 83 X 84 63X 63 X Reading 43 X 42 X 42 X 42 X 42 X Kris 34 X 34 X 36 3*>X 38 Krie preferred... 58X 58X 6?X 62X 62X Michigan Central 64X 54 56X 57X 56X Michigan Bouth'n 23 X 23 X 24 X 24 X 24 South.guaranteed 46 48 48X 4S>; 41X Illinois Central.. 66 63X 65 66 66 Galena 69 X ??X ?8X 2? 69 Rcclc Island 65 X 57 6?X 57 X 66 X Toledo 45 X 45.X 46 X 47 X 46X Panama 121 ll?X 118 121X l-'l Hudson River.... 37X 36 37X 38X 36 Pacific Mai! 93 X 93X 94 X 95X 96.X The stock market, as a general rule, haa been dull during the past week. The public have been waiting for news of army movements, both on the Potomac and in the West, and speculators have begun to differ in opinion with regard to the course of the market. The leading members of the Board are believers in the rise. But some of the jobbers have been getting out a pretty considerable short line in some of the Western shares, apparently in expectation of some disaster to the national cause. The earnings of the leading railroads continue so large as to justify the belief that some of the non-dividend paying companies will thie year be enabled to divide something among their shareholders, and that dividend paying concerns, like the New York ^. 1 .,, 1 , . 1 I cemrai ana uaitna, win mereusc meir semiannual distribution of profits. In the event of peace it seems to be generally expected that railroad traffic will be further developed, as the West and Southwest will receive a large quantity of goods by rail, and the westward movement will become as active as the movement eastward. The most active among the speculative shares last week were Erie and Toledo. The former is mainly affected by European advices. It is pretty well ascertained that the clique of operators connected with the London Times succeeded, during the dark days of our struggle, in frightening the holders of between two and three millions worth of Erie securities to part with their property at a sacrifice. Letters from Europe predict confidently that some of these victimized parties will endeavor to recover themselves by replacing their interest at present prices. Within the past week large purchases of Erie (on stocVt and Erie bonds have been effected for account, as is supposed, of foreigners. The preferred shares are disproportionately high as compared with the common stock, which, as experience shows, will rule the property and can make its own terms with the preferred. Toledo has been active, mainly in consequence of a dispute between bulls and fi4 tn ttiP nrnhftltilitv n. Knincr rl*. clared. It is conceded on all hands that a dividend has been earned, and it is generally understood that the floating debt has been disposed of, and the bonds maturing this and next year placed in a position which renders the company master of the situation. Whether the surplus earnings shall be divided among the stockholder or used to strengthen the financial position of the company is the problem now in debate. Practically it is of very little consequence. If Mr. Waring was still alive its solution might readily be predicted. His successor is not so well known to the street, and what course may be adopted at the meeting on Tuesday is matter of conjecture. The speculative inquiry for border State stocks has fallen off. as might have been expected. At present prices neither Tenneseees, Virginias nor Xorth Carolinas arc a tempting purchase, as no one can tell in what condition the rebellion may leave those States, or how long holders may have to wait for their interest. Shrewd capitalists are transferring their means from these bonds to United States stocks and the securities of the better class of railways. Nothing turthcr has been done in the. matter or the California mails. We understand that Commodore Vanderbilt on his recent visit to Washington declined to enter into any negotiations on the subject. As the case stands merchants are still sending their letters by passengers in the Commodore s ships, and the Overland Mail Company continues to receive the pay for carrying the mails at the rate of a million dollars per annum. It is not likely that the House of Representatives will follow the example set by the Senate in passing the foolish resolution recommended by Mr. Blair. We presume that the steamship lines between New York and San Francisco would be willing to carry the entire mails for the postages; but it is certainly not fair to expect them to carry the mails while the Ov rlnnd company gets the pay for the work. We notice that the Associated Press correspond, ent at Washington correcta a popular error with regard to the use of Armstrong guns by the rebels. Sir Wm. Armstrong is not allowed to make guns for any one bui the British government. The rifled 100-pounders in the possession of the rebels were made for them, it is said, at the Lowmoor iron works, in England. The mercantile community are anxioua to know whether these are the same iron works which have been represented here by an agency in Beekman street, and which have done a large and proiitawe business in the loyal States. The telegraphic despatch sent by Mr. W. H. Russell, ot the London Timet, to hia friend at the Jfew York Hotel, on December 27, announcing "very good news," and requesting him to "act for you and me,'' continues to be the subject of much comment. On referring to our flics we And that the stock market opened on December 27 with a languid feeling, but in the afternoon became buoyant. We rightly ascribed the change to the effect of "private advices from Washington." The public were not made aware of the surrender of Maaon and Slidell till the afternoon of Saturday, 26th. The advance in stocks caused by Mr. Seward's despatch, and the profits probably realized by Mr. Russell and bis friends, may be seen by the following comparison:? ITnkt Morning of 27IM. AfUrntxm <f 28'A. t"ni!#<l States 0's 80 Pacific Mail ?).' ill New YorS Central 7?K 7S\ Erie 'it . ?>< Toledo 31 34 Kr preferred. 48M 62K Michigan Central 4?K 4? lilinrie rentral AS>4 OOK Rock Island 47 40 CITY CONNEnciAL REPORT. fervaoar, Marob 22?8 P. M, Aens* ?The market waa steady but quiet, while traall alee were made at $6 r,0 for pearla, aad at $6 7ft for pets. The stock m the inspection warehouse of Meiers. Lester, Palmer h Co eonaleted cf 2|? bbla pots sad 210 pearls? total 004 bbla. Baaarevrrvn?Flour?The market wee dull and aales isecMve, while pricoe wara austainod. The demand waa cWefy from the home trade, there beli( mile or netted for expert. Ae transections embraced about NW YORK HERALD, 7,000 11,000 M)lr,, clotting within the range of the fol towing pricex ? Superfine riUle $6 20 a 5 40 hxtra Stale 5 4{> a S M> Su|H<rllue Western > ?0 a 6 40 C<>nnriioo to ehoice axtra Western 6 46 a 6 '0 Canadian 5 46 a 6 60 f> mi thorn mixed to good superfine 6 TO a 6 0j Extra do \\\\ 0 10 a 7 00 Coo.l to choice family do 7 00 a 7 75 Rye Hour 3 00 a 4 '46 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine. 2 00 a 3 25 ?Canadian Sour was in ntodorate ri^u^t at the altovo quotations, while sales embraced 600 a 600 bids. Southern flour was dull, while prices were without change. The galea embraced about 300 bbl*., within tho range of the above quotation*. Rye flour was quiot and nominal at our flgurcs. Corn meal wag dull at quotatiooat with amall galea of Jersey and Rraudywiiie. Wheat was inactive, and in the abseuce or galea of importance quotations were nominal for most descriptions: gome 6,000 a 7,000 bughe'g in small lots changed hands at f 1 30 for Milwaukee club, $1 36 for Western red winter in store, and $1 38 for do. delivered. Corn was in fair demand, though some less buoyant, whilo the tales embraced about 26,"00 bushels at &8Xc. a 69c. in store, and flOe. delivered; 00,l4'c. a 02c. for Southern white, and 6Wc. a 60c. for new dry yellow do. Rye was quiet, with small sales at 80c. a 83c. Barley was Arm, wilh sales of 0,000 bushels at ft for Canada Wont, and 90c. for Canada East. Barley malt was quiet, but Arm at $1 05 a $1 08. Uala were in mode rate demand and prices steady at 37>{e. a 39c.tor Ca radian and Western, and 37c. a 40c. Tor State. Connm.?'The market continued to be quiet, no sales of moment having been reported, while holders demand full previous rates. Corros.?'The market was excited, and closed in the afternoon at an advance of lc. a 1 '^c. |ier lb. The sales, however, wore confined to about 160 a 200 bales, closing on the basis of 28c. a 28fjc for middling uplands. Frskihts.?To Ijverpool 600 bbls. flour were engaged at Is. 9d. and 600 packages lard at 20e., 1,500 boxes of bacon at 20f. per neutral vessel. To London 100 boxes bacon st 20s. and 250 tierces India mess beef by a neutral vessel at 5s. Od. Bates to Havre were quiet and unchanged. Fwii.?Pry cad of prime quality was scarce, and wanted at full prices. Mackerel were inactive, while prices weresiibtaiiied. Smcked heriung wore in fair demand at 22c. a 23c. for scaled and 14c. a 15c. for No. 1. Karri.?The market was quiet, with moderate sales of layer raisins at $3 40, and $1 66 for half boxes do., and nituon.WJ Ul DIIUIU >1 *0 M, tUl<l USIV0S 81 >1 40. A email gala of boxes of shelled almonds were wade at 22\<r. Hat waa in some better supply, though not large, and price* wore somewhat easier, with sales reported for shipment at 75c. a 80c., and at 85c. a 90c. for city use. Hinia were comparatively quiet, the firmness of importers having checked sab s. The receipts for the week to ted up 18,447. The total imports from the 1st reocliod 71,280, including 09,293 from foreign ports and 1,087 from domestic ports. The total stock in hand embraced 130,000, against 314,2C0 in 1861, 250,580 in 1800, and 58,SCO in 1859. Hops.?The market was quiet, with a moderate demand from brewers at 14c. a 20c. for the growth of 1861. Most sales were making at 15c. a 18c., with some lots of 1860 at 11c. a 14c. cash. Iaos.?The market, as a general thing, was quiet and nominal. Ijms.?Rockland was steady and in moderato demand, with salts of common to a fair extent at 60c., and of lump at 82>t'o., cash. I.KATHiR.?Hemlock sol* continued firm, and the previous quotations were fully sustained, while the business doing waa moderate. Oak sole was in limited supply and prices quite Arm. The business in French calf skins was in fair demand. Prime ouk.tanned do., American, was Arm, with tales at full prices. Naval Sroaa were quiet at f 1 05 for spirits of turpentine; the flock embraced 5,200 bbls. Common rosin was quiet at $5 50 a $5 62.^. The finer qualities were scares, and held with much firmness. ? Otis.?Crude, sperm and whals were quiet aqd sales limited. City linseed was steady and in fair demand at 87c. cash, in caak. Sal's of ol:ve oil were reported at $3 50 for quarts and $4 for pints. Tallow oil was seilin' at 7J?o. It was reported that several petroleum w?l" ia Ohio have gone dry. The slock hero is large aqd prices unchanged. Sab s of petroleum napthn were made at lie. a 13c. Provision*.?Pork?The market was hoavj and del! while the sa!os embraced about 500 bbls. at $13 37)? * $13 50 for new mess, and $10 50 a $10 75 for now print*, j with 500 l-bls. n#w mess for July delivery at $13 .V), j with considerable for Jun* delivery at tho same figure. ' Heef was steady, whilo salog were lignt and prices un- | changed. Beef hams were steady at $17 a $17 50. cut ' meats were quiet at 4^c. a 5c. for dry salted ihoulJer*, j and at 5)<c. a 6c. fur hams. Bacon was quiet, with sa :? * of 100 boxes, chefly Western Cumberland cut at 6 \ . Lard waa steady, with sales of $00 bbls. at 7Vc. a i 8>*c.,tb* latter figure for prime. Good to priiue Stale butter ranged from 18c. a 22c., and Ohio at 13c. a 15c. State cheese was at 7c. a 8c., and ? hio at Cc. a 7c. Ssm?'.?The country demand was more active, with a stronger market. The sales of clover during the week embraced about 1,000 bags at7>,c. a 8c.. and 500 bags timothy at $2 25 a $2 50,and 500 red top at $2 75, closing firm for all descripi ions. - ?? Sonars were steady, while sales were confined to about 140 hlrde., chiefly at 67? a 7>?e. Tallow was steady, with fair sales of prime city at 8Vc. a 9c.,and of Wes.ern at8?,c. a8?ic. Tsa was quiet, but generally held at full prices, while the salt* to tho trad* were light. Tlx wss firnwr, with sale-< of Straits at 28}?c. a 29c., and of Banc* at 30c. cusb. Plate* war* active and prices steady. Wool.?There is no perceptible charge loth* market this week, except in a slight improvement in demand for immediate wants. Die transactions are to consumers almost entirely, there being no Important rales on peculation. 95 bales Cape wool acid?a portion at 35c. a 27c., and a part on private terms. 12,COO lbs. washed llagadorn brought 31c.,and 2,0C0 lbs. unwashed at 20c. Scmu small parcels of domestic fleece at 45c. t" 4sc. Nothing doing in pul'ed. Wmskxt.?Tl:o market was heavy and un?'ettle<l. closing at 22c. bid and 24c. asked, wbils co sales of moment were reported. The Grand Survey of British America. TBE OREGON BOUNDARY LINK DEFINED. A number oi the nou coimu.sslontd . 2 - * - au<i men of th? Royal Knginetrs who left England some years g.nre, for the purpose of nrnkma a complete survey of the Brit ish Territories in Western North America, have returned to Eogiaud. They arrived at headquarters, Chatham, a few days since. Tlie chief duties in whicu the deta< hnient of Royal Kn g.neers v. ere engaged * :? in tracing the boundary of the Oregon Territory, ami in laying down the boundary Hue bctwoen Frazer river and tbe extreme termination of British territory in Central North America. The labor requirol on the part of the Royal Engineers engaged .n the undertaking was severe and exhaus ing, as tbs boundary had often to be earned a res* deme forests, in which the party of surveyors were literally compelled to hew their way. The men employed received a high ?oa c oi working pay, in add.tiou to their regimental pay. The remainder of. the officers and men fcrm.ng the expedition will shortly arrive in England. The great eritn. cow. as* against Hon. R. Hollaud Pucll, republican member of Congress from 'he Twenty-tlret district Of this State, was not trl-'d at l?ir.f hamton last w?rg, for the reason that the defendant rau.e jj-t pre ioua to the dourt and settled it by paying the injured h a?hand 12,000. PKHSOWI,. T.10R ADOPTION.?AN Y RESPECTABLE PEn-'ON r who wi-bea to adopt a fine, b<-ai hy female child <n<? month old, can do ?o by ailllng at iI8 E.iat Seventeenth tree', third floor, front room, lor three day*. Ip the gentleman wno exchanged his over. coot, Inadvertently, at Walaek'a Tbea're. on Sa'urduy evening, will ooii at I'J UnlTerelty ploc- he will get lilt own. Jh. v ill be at the picture gallery mon day aft r.ioon, at 8 o'clo k. V?THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS. I WAS NOT . there. Bern*?. It (hall b*u joti nlib, ai far as I can. Youre, E. ^ LECTT KK S. Richard doorman Will deliver hl? celebrated Lecture on OLIVER GOLDSMITH. Before ti.e Catholic Library A'tuciation, AT IRVING HALL, On Monday etaning, March 24. Ticket* 26 sent*; to be hod at all -tie bookstore*, from the ?**tont of the Catholic < h ir lies, and at the door on the erenng of the lecture. ? IPOATIX0. FOR SAI.E-A LARGE NElVKOT'NDL \ND 0OH, 19 nion'hi old, weighing 132 lb*.; will be ?<> d h' ap. ?* the owner la leaving be el'y in a few daye. Apt ly at loo Rjrer ion alrcet, Biooalyn, or 77 Pulton (tree*, N. V., up stairs. For sale?thb schooner yacht jcmkt, near 90 tone, in perfect order, built in 1867, diawa Cfeet without centre hoard. Apply at 48 Weet E-.eventb itreet. ROW BOAT ?WAN IKD, A MEDIUM SIZED ROW Boat, in good condition, al a price *o a-iit the times Addreitt, itating *1 re and price, T. A c? station E, Eighth avenue. YACHT-FOR SALE. A PAST SAILING YAOHT. OP fifteen tons buChen, copper fsataned throughout and built In the b>at work|iau'>ke manner, with a Ine fto.ny cabin. fln< I* trt'd up. w th all the arconiinodallone to make hi r a comfort*) ! yacht. <len be aim UJ applylog to LOL'18 STROBEk;?o ith end of Warten atreet, I'.eey City. ~~~ ITlAMiOATR. VJ-OTH'E.-TIIE STEAMBOAT lontj I-LAND WILL lM re.'ttno her tripe to Nor'hpo l, making the fotenneilate land oar, comra?u. tag on Monday, V* b 2*. from Jama ) p, t S IV M. Returning, will !# ?? ertry morning (Sundat* excepted) from Nortnport, at t A. M. Tab steamboat oko. law, capt. j. r. van Kirk, wltl l**ve ror .\?w Br< jiawt, k, making the latarmediate landinge, rrom fool or Ajblnaon atrret, It 2 M P. M. 11" turning, w.ll leave every morning (8 inrtay excAmed) from N?w Brinewlck at# *) A. M., Wood'a Landing, Booth Atnboy, Perth Am boy, TctfBA, WotnJbrldge, Roaaville, Union, Chalaea. w11ei amd LIHlORg. For sale ?to liquor dealers-a pixblotop Imported Brandy *nd other Liquor ?nd Wine Plavorliivk for eale' *t foee than coat, io cloefa e<iji*j o*rnhin. Will be told In iinintlitek *o attlf pup-hatere Inquire atShHoward atreet, |n the bt?einent. 7 matrimonial. An intelligent^ and handsome vol no man, Intereated In a Valuable drug bu'ljTye. Wrsbee to correapoad with *o acrompllahed yo'ing lady with a view to matrimony. Wfth hla hgart ha wlu glee a handaome fortune, aod only aafa III return her WMIth of lor#. Addreav Harry A. Oriffla^driOthL Trgatop, New Jertey ilaaai; MM page#, lilnairnted. JjoU ppatfald, on ramfpt ,>f IB oenta. 0. f. JUW? N Beetmaa treat. MUNIJAr, MA.ROH 24, 181 MUSICAL. AM AON I KICK NT SEVKN OCTAVK KUSKWOOU PImill t-loraalf; elegant cart ed Icf.w aud caa.-, or rstruii; I a s. tu l lr<>u p a e, 11 no. I with i aim wood |-a? ill modern improvements; ui vie to old, r; burn la u-e mo?u muni ha; oc $39J, fur $'5W. Inrl.idsii*! Slool and Oover. I'm lor Vuruituir at aacrtlice. Impure at 70 Weat Twi nl- iixU. airec* n *ar Smh avenue IjTOK BALE?AT A CIKHAT KAC'RIK'CB FOR CASH, A miigu li eut lourd sete-i 0 t.'.vc lo.cwood 1'i.iuo I..rg. est n ale, lull Iron plate, ot a iiu. bum, run: d oorueri, richly catted raae and lci?. Or?i ciass i lly niaCn g wean tec gi.riL Apply at 87 N irtb slxlli street, Willi. 1NSTUCTION ON THE 1'IANOKORTE-KV A TIIO roughly competent lady P-ach r, at the n- njxnc, . * p pile. Particular care taken with beginnere. To ml $d |mt month. Audrm-a Teacher, box 111 llerald ctlK-o. MUSIC LESSONS KOR TUB TIMER UPON THE I'uno, only 60 a quarter to all pupitv engaged before March 31. Tuition payable armi nuarterly Ir a-.-.ctre. Addrrsa Miaa C., or call from 13 10 t at 331 W.'S'. 1'if. tenth airert. Reference, Win. M.son. 0ROAN 1ST.?CHR. B HEItlHNO, TEACI1I ! <-i TUB organ, piano and vo -nl music, is desiroui id'obtaining a situation as orcamst. References? Krtw. I' M i?. ol Doolor, Henry 0. Tlmm, the Rer. Dr. Muhleube Rev. Or. Kt.nnlnn Ae tlnivnrullv II.i l.linn . . ., . PIANOFORTES AT WAR PRICKS.?WE ARE NOW JT* wiling our Plauoforlis at greatly reduced pri-cs for cash. l'artiea wishing to ohtaiu a lirst class Pianoforte at war rates are Iuviled to call. LlUHTB A BRADiiURYS. 421 Broome at reel, NJT. PIANOFORTES?OF SUPERIOR TONE AND FINISH, lor aalr ami to hire ul prices to mm the tunes. Parties wishing to purchase will hml it to Ihi ir adt a ilnge lo call on JAMES VAN RIPER, 178 Wooaler street, m a. Bletvker. TITANTED TO PURCHASE?AN UPRIGHT PIANO, OF T the uianulacture of Krard, Pleyel, or any other rood maker. Addreaa, stating price, bos 3,021 Post ofllcc, New York. (Jjl H fj ?A M08T SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, PX I o. Willi bcautilulcarved leg* and lyre, large round < orners, terpentine mouldings on the bottom, two rows of rosewood mouldings on lop, overstrung bass; cost $4<X) a few mo tha ago; will he sold at $176 if applied for aoon, at No. 48 liigh street, Brooklyu. INSTRUCTION. " AT $10.?MR. PAINE'S EXPERIMENT OF OIVINO srventy-pight lessons each In |*ninan?hip and arithmetic. or bookkeeping lessons, unlimited, for $10, end hie adm'rable plan of allowing each student individual instruction, have the effect of Inducing hundreds to attend. No. 62 Bowery, or 286 Fulton street, Brooklyn. A CARD.?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupils, day and evening, this week, for Instruction in bookkeeping, penmanship, Ac. A good handwriting taught in ten lessons of an hour each. Private instruction given. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH, No. 6 Fourth areuue and No. 335 Broadway. A LADY, OF SEVERAL YEARS' EXPERIENCE AS teacher of the English tranche', and music, vocal and Instrumental, desires a position in a family or sehool. References in Ibis city and Brooklyn. Call at or address D. B. P., 124 West Thirty-seventh stiect. A LADY, AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER, CONTEMplating taking a cottage on Slaten Island for the summer, desires lo obtain a limited number of Boarding Pupils for the season. Parents or guardians desiring a pleasant

home for children or wards where they will receive Ihe kindest care and thorough instructing iu Ihe English branches, French and music, will find this an opportunity rarely met with. Terms reasonable, and the best of relcrences given and required. Address Mrs. J., Herald oilice, for one week. A LADY CAN RECEIVE A MEDICAL EDUCATION by addressing Surgeon, Station D, Nctv York. Terms reasonable. BOARDING SEMINARY.?Sl'RINO TERM OF FORT Edward Institute bestns Me rch 27. $3t> for 14 wctks. Teacher accompanies students from New York. Can be seen at Howard House from 1 to 4 P. M. Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25 and 26, or address Kav. Joseph ?. King, Fort Edward. N. Y. F BENCH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROP. E. TBLLERIKO, 819 Broadway (established in l.-<52). will receive applications Tor private instruction in the above lanfuogra Langue Anrlune aux etranpon; Greek, Latin, ranalatiug, Urnininai. Dramatic Beading, /"I0VF.RNES8.-A FRENCH LADY, WELL EDUCATED, \T and j o- ' si-liii; a thorough knowledge of the Spanish in ' -o i i a situation aa governeia in a respectable i pdva!" tully. In iiddlt on tothe French ami Spanish languages, slices n'mlUic. 1 to teach tlic tiaual English branches and the i udltitents ofjmtsie. No objection to the country or to trai?1. Erferenc a exchanged. Apply at Si Washington rriil. SPANISH LANGUAGE is TAUGHT, AS HERE I loiori, by Ciprlnro Gorrino. Apply at 15 West Twenty 1 sUth street, Thtec. dears irom Broadway. 6 V.\? ING ACADKIUIES. ? HOim Oil M S DANCING ACADEMIES, ; .1 . V I lit j areutie, cor. Twenty-sixth St., New York. N \ It: Montague street, Brooklyn, i t.'l. oES?Ttieadays and Fridays in'Brooklyn. t'i.AS-lES?Wednesdays and Saturdays hi New York. Uin u.ars tor terms, Ac., may be had at either academy. SPECIAL NOTHK8. ~ BOAROIwO SEMINARY.?SPRING TERM OF FORT Edward Institute begins March 27. g'itS lor 11 weeks. Teacher accomj anies student* from New York. Oanb seen at Howard Hotel from 1 to 4 P. M. on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25and 2), or address Bev. Joseph E. King, Fort Edward. N. Y. C1HEMICAL BANK, NEW YORK. MARCH 21, 1J62.) Election.?The Ktorkh-Jders of this Bank are hereby no titled that the Aunnrl Election lor Director* and for Ins;**-tora, at th- u 'it ensuing election, will be held at the Banking House on Mondy, the /th day of April next, between the hours of one aud two o clo.k. O. O. WILLIAMS, Cashier. Consulate general of france removed to N? 2 Bowling Green. New Yoke, March 22. 1802. Discharged volunteers who enlisted for two or llir?e years or tlie war, also three months volunteer and the Widows and heirs of ail such, call ou F. ROWING, I# Nassau street, for further informa'ion. SPECIAL.?MR. P. O'ORADY, RECENTLY OF THE Stevens House, Bioadwiy, has rotuovud tu No. 751 Broadway, corner of Eighth street, where he will be happy to meet hW former l'rleuds and patrons. LOST.AMI) POIND. IOST?IN BROOKLYN, ON THURSDAY BY E s INGitt 111 i inatsnt, elihsrjtn or oo 1 at lug a p'uilon avenue car, a Mink MulT. The Under will no liberally rewarded by leaving the same at 79 Seventh street, New York. TOST?TWO PROMISSORY NOTES.?ONE NOTE J fiom John F. Ellis, Washington. V. C.,an.l one from II. Br.?u?. Newh .rv, N Y. WM 11 V I.I, A St '-N. IOST-ON SATURDAY NIGHT, ABOUT 11 O'CLOCK J on Fourth avenue, neai Fifteenth street, or lu i? Fourth avenue vt?g?, a black Opera Gl te \ with Ica'her cage. A reward of live dollars wi t be paid for tlie ainie on ila return to Mr. Bankett, 3t Mart Twenty-fo irth street. T OST?SUPPOSED TO 11 AVE BF.EN LOST AT THE I . , . Itfu, .. u .. I... - w I Purtrmonnale, remaining a sum of money snd ii order. Any pei sun delivering the same to the barkeeper ?t Jones House, Broadway, will receive a reward of twu a'y dollars. BIWABM. reward*?lost, a whits poodlb no.;; tjlv ?u.?w us to the name of Charlie. Whoever returns bu t In Si' Great Juries street, or to Mary Provost's theatre, or will giro information tl.a' nil. lead to hta is overy, will re civ tio iaward. OOA REWARD ?LOST OH STOLEN, FROM THE PRE JiU misea .'I New street, a buck to Bunk Box, marked .V 1'. 0., containing valua le p.spers < f nn use to sr.y but the owner. Tb -a ov? reward will be paid upon the return of th? box ami i;..nt"uts to (be UD.ersigD ul, id NVw aireel. and no questions asked. A. T. ( ONKLIN. 4; -<l RKWAHD.-LO.sr, ON THUKSDAY AFTERNOON ip?)u SOth Inc., bet wee u 4 and 6 oV!o:k, in going from button sirret to Broadway ai.d B nd street, in s .~e.i ntb avenue sis;-, a larg" ?i/c d clol i Wa . h delath'd lever, dohnsoc, maker. The above rcw. rJ will le pad to the Under upon leaving the same at the odl e of tleo. W. Legget t, No. 2!) Oiiff street. (binn REWARD.?LOST. *9 SOVEREIGN'S, IV A ?1UU little oo'.ion bug, from 335 Doian oy sir et t :'Ul Hivlngion street, Ornnd rtrc t or on the wharf. Any (O d feeling person will letnru it. us It ts tbc savings of a poor man ot icars' labor, and with a large fami.y JAMES NTZPATRICK, "AS Del in ey street. LOAN OFFICES. At no. 9 chambers STREET-money to loan to any amount on Diamonds, Wat he., J-w'ry, Ac , t,y tre we.l knew n ar.d old fab is bed ISA AC, looker and i ornmission in u i bant, No. 9 Charmers sticet. V B.?No bunness trausaomd on Saturday. At j, h. barrivoers, commission broker ? This old established office a.Iran,' s the bl ;he?t sums on, or buys for < ush. diamond*, sir unset; wst-bes, [ ear;* P u'e, furs, merchandise, op'cal Instiuinents, Ac. No. 212 B oadway, room 13, up stairs. t T 77 BLLECKF.R STREET, THE HIGHEST CASH V price advanced on Diainonis, Weuhes, Jeweay, Pianos, Dry GtuIs, Seg?i s, Ac. N. B.?I'swubrokei s t < ket? bought. H. NEWTON, 77 Bleeoitcr stree-, up slslia. VT 480 BHOADWAT-UF.NRY HYMAN ADVANCES ON Diamonds, set or unset, or buys the same fer cash; also advances on Watches, Silver date and a.l Pertoual Property. HENRY HYMAN, 4*) Broadway. ATdSNAN.VAU STREET.?A. HONIOMAN, DIAMOND broker, makes liboral advanceton Diamonds, Wa'"he*, J? welry, le., or buys them at full vsl te, at Ins pritateofl' ?, <C Nassau street, room No. 9, up sis us. Busn-ss conn deatlsl. Liberal advani es made on diamonds, Wsteles, PMe and Jswelry, or bought for aeb, at the highest pi, Parsons hs^ving oid Ooiq nrBtlvor jo sel]can. mil uu i/r truiiu ?,i on l.i' 18 ASKll.H, /-3 Hroulway. MONEY TO LEND.-ABRAHAM .1. JACKSON, .NO. HO Wa.ker afreet, near B. .adway, rate 49 Read.. ?tr?. n lea oa Monor in large or ?r? I a mi*, on Wat< tin*. D amonda, lewetry, bclver Ware, O ma, Dry 0'o.la, Wearing A|ij ar. I and Perronal property of tnry oeserlptlnn. Monet to~lend?ok dTamomdS, watT-heb, .Tew elry, Silver, Dry flooda. tn>l Petsonal I'rup ny of il deeonptlona. Article* .an be rede"m?d at any time vviihia one year. H BARNARD, 21 Third avenue. tLivate office, entrant-hell door. HOTBXJ. ALBION HOTEL AND BOARDIN'l HOlSH, NO. MS Hudson aneet.?Pleaaant and well furnished Room*. In Mills or alrglr fr m $1 40 to ft per neek; board ami roorna from $4 to f& ?.?*:? perann*, and from J7 l?$II Cor marr ed. T. LAMBERT, Proprietor. HOTEL, NO 10 WAVEHLKY PLAUH. ONK 1 I lo k from Broadway?Roeuia to let for lamitf'-a and single gent'emen at moderate price*. Table d'hote at all o'tioefc P. M. liAIL.RO AOS. Hl'Lts. N UIVER RAILROAD.?TRAINS FOR ALBANY tr-y, the North and Wirt leave Chamber* street at 7 I and II t M., and 3*), 4and 10 IV M. \jRW yorc, Harlem and alrany railroad I In Phr Albany, Troy, Warm and West. Witter arrtufeirtjni. eoltmenring Monday, Not. 4,1991 Per Albany?lf> A. M , Btproaa Mall Train, from Twentr aiitll c-trael t?M, 32. 8HIPPIWO. rnilK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MA C. X Slcuuiehips, ru >u irrw rou to i-ivaaroot. ^'"((MlnFu^e $I,'iO nd Cabin Pass igc 75 ?KO. BOS ION TO LIvauroOL f Oubin Passage $110 S .lid CaWu Passage 10 1 tie ahlp? from New York rail al Cork Harbor. ship* from HokU.ii roll at Haliiax and Cork Harbor. P .UK! A. Capt. Judkin*. AFRICA, C?pt. Shannon. A. \ 111 A. Cant. J. Si one. CANADA. Cap*. J. Leilch. ASIA, C.p'. R. O. Lotl. AMERICA, Capt. Muir. AL./I'lt A I.ASIAN, NIAUAKA. Cap! Monde. Cant. Cook. I KUROI'A. Capt. Anderson. HCOTIA, CHINA. Theae vessels carry a rlrar white light at maat bead; green on htorboard bow; red on port now. Caaapa. MoOauley, leaves B .alon Wediieatay, March 19. Arnica, Si one, leaves New York We lu.aday, March 26. Aai.moa, Moodie, leaves Boatou Wednesday, April X Asia. LoiL leave* New York Wedneaday, April 9. Niaoana, Muir, leaves Boston Wednesday, April 16. Bertha not aecured until |>aid for. An experienced Surgeon on Itoard. The owner* of th. ae sin; a a ill uot be accountable for gold, alleer, bullion, ?|>orie, jewelry, preclona stouea or melala, unless bills of lading are signed iheretor and the ralne thereof lliereiu expressed. For I t eight or iiaasage, apply lo E^CUNAKD, No. 4Bowllug Oreeu. IONDON EXHIBITION. J RETURN TICKETS TO LONDON AND BACK First Class $160 Third Claaa 66 Steam weekly to Liverpool, touching at Queenstown, (Cork Harbor.) The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend despatching their full powered Clydebuilt i on steamships us follows;? GLASGOW, Saturday, March 19; Kill NBC ltd, Saturday, April 6; CITY OK BALTIMORE. Saturday, April IS; and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, frvtn pier 44, North river. an k or ragaaaa: First Cabin $76 Steerage f3? Do. lo I-ondon HO Do. to I.oodon 33 Do. to 1'arla 85 Do. to Paris 38 l>o. lo Hamburg 86 Do. to Hamburg 36 Passengers also forwarded to Havre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rales. Ralea from Liverpool or Oueeustown?First cabin, $76, $35 and $105, 8teeroge from Liverpool, $10: from Queenstown, $30. Tickets can be bought here at tuese rates, enabling peoole lo send for their fi lends. Theae steamers have superior accommodations for passengers, are strongly built in water light Iron sections, and carry patent fire aniiihiiators. Experienced surgeons are attached lo each steamer. For further information apply In Liverpool lo WILLIAM 1NMAN. agent, 22 Water street; in Glasgow to ALEX. MALCOLM. No. 5 St. Enoeh squate; ill Qus--n*town to C. A W. D. SEYMOUR A CO.; in London to RIVES A MAfEY, 61 King William street; in Fails to JULES DECOUE, No. 5 Place de la Bourse; in Philadelphia to JOHN O. DALE, III Walnut street; or at the company'soAices. JOHN O. DALE, Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP I1ANSA, U. J. Von Saiilon commander, carrying the United States mail, will sail from liter 50 North river, fool of Chambers street, on SATURDAY, March 29. at 13 o'clook M., rOR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, Talcing passengers (o LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the following rales:? For the llrst cabin, $100; second cabin, $60; steerage, $35. For freight or passage apply to __ OELMcHS A CO., 68 Broad street^ Royal mail steamship africa-for liverpool. The AFRICA, Jas. Stone, Commander, will sail from the stream on Wrdnesday next, 26th instant. A Ktcumboat will ply between the company's wharf, at Jeisey City, and the Africa, from 10 to 11 A. M , to convey passengers and baggage on board. None but parseugers can bo lalteu ou board. The ASIA will anil April 0. E-CUNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Qrcfn._ STEAM TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL, BELFAST, LONdonderry an I Dublin, for $Sd.?The A1 powerful Clyde built new steainship^UALBDONIA, dept. Clark, will sail from pier .37 North river, foot of Beach street, on Suturday, March 20, at 12 o'clock noon. This steamship is tilled in the most approved style to insure the comfort and safety of passenger*. Kates of passage:?Csbin, $60; Intermediate, $.35; steerage, $ to, inelud'ng an abundant supply of cooked p.-Ov Lions. A,.ply to FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO.. No. Bowling Green. THOMPSON'S BLAOK STAR LINK.?FOR LIVERPOOL, the splendid packet ships JKREM'H THOMPSON, at pier 36 Ka?t river, sails Mar h 29; WEBS 1'ER, April 6; ORIENT, April 10. Drafts on Irelaud. Apply at the olllce, 275 Pearl st, IjdOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON.?TAPSCOTT'8 1 Line.?Ship WM. TAPSCO'lT, lying at pier 33 East ritrer, sail* for Liverpool Mnrc:i 27, and ah p HEIRESS, lying at pier 17 East river, sail3 for Landon Ma ch 2>. For passage, at low ratrs, apply to TAP8COTT A OA, 86 South street. 1.30R CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. . A first class steamer will leave Now York on ths 1st, lllh and 21st of each month, except when these dates fall on Sunday, when the day of depatture will be on the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only office, No. 5 Bowling Green. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. Australia monekr line, carrying the United States Mail.?The new Biitish bark JULIA ANN, of Iloitit Kong, it now rapt .ly loading for Sidney, N. 8. W., at pier 26 East rivet, and will be despatched positively illh April. Has superior ac-orninoJations for til at cabin passengers. The last sailing ship SOUTH AMERICA is now rapidly loading and will have quirk despatch for Melbourne. Ha* superior accoiuu.odatlous for first and second cabin passengers. For fret hi or pa-tttge apply to R. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. T.30K HAVANA VIA NASSAU. N. P.-THE BRITISH P ami North American Royal Mail steamship Kamak, t'opta'n Lc Messttrier, will sail for the above ports, from the Company's wharf at Jersey City, on Saturday March 29 | Saturday May 24 Saturday .April] 26 | Saturday June 21 l'ttasnge money to Nassau...,. $45 Passage money to Havana 60 AnVx|>erieuced Surgeon on iKtsrd. For freight or passage apply to E. CUNAKD, No, 4 Bowling Green. I30r havana. 1 The United States mail steamship COLUMBIA, R. Adams, United States Navy, Commander, Will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Wednesday, April 2, 1>*62, at 12 o'clock precisely, l'sssport* can be procured from the Spanish Consul. For freight or passage apply to SFOFFORD, TILESTON A CO., 29 Btoadway. HOUSES, ROOMS, AC., 1VA.VTEU. A GOOD HOUSE WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN FAmiiy, without children, where the rent would be taken in hoard, with the privilege of taking utlier". Best reference given. Address Mutual Beuetit, ataiion F, Third nr. A SMALL COTTAGE, OR PART OF A HOUSE, WANTe-l, for s family of grown persons, in lloboken, Jersey Ci'y or New York, not too far up town, for whlrh a good tinn, number of rooms, water, Ac., Ac. Address imtuedlat -iy Tenant, bOk IM Ilei aid onh-e. Furnished apartmentswanted, by a six gtr gentleman, a comfortable furnished Room, (!lr?t tloor preferred.) between Fourth and Fourteenth streets and Second and Eighth av-mue?, with gns, hath, clo-u-1. Ac. Address Mr. p., station P. vtating terms which must be modern e, with or without breakfast. IiUllNISHED HOUSE WANTED?FIRST CLASS, where Boaid wo d l bo an equivalent for rent, naar Kuth or Maltson avenue, by a neat, cat etui, highly respectable A me ilea n lamilv. Refer.-nee of the first order gi.'-n. Address Rnpalye, 21 West Twenty-first street. House wanted?any party having a moder.re sl."-d first class House, between Fourth and Sixth avenues and Twet.t.-fifth and Thirty-eighth streets, which they arc dlspo-cd to sell at s b.irgat t, will please address, nitiiln; loAuiun and lowest price, f. J, R, bij 1,141'ott ofllce. House wantf.d-in Brooklyn, of medium ?Oe. neat the South or Wall str> et fi rry, by a gentleman and wife; r n: :rom g-100 to $!(*) per annum: or If partially furnish d, would bond the owner. Address, with par-1 -'tiers, 8 .? , - 101 Herald oAce, r\KT OF A lit)'. SB WANTED?EITHER FURNISHED or unfuri,?i.<-to, a lantlly of lour glow u | crsons aut) one li l t (girl), t? . years old. A Kitchen. Parlor end two or Hire- B 'dro tier will be required. Must not be more than one other faintly In the bine*. Reference J) en and required. Add;cis, slating lull part enlars, Meyers, Herald ofi.ee. pt)OMS WANTED?SUITABLE FOR HOUBEKESftXO, J.b ouuaiUliig of three Rooms, with water, Ac., bv a genlleman and w.te un'l wo small ehlhir n, in a private house. In a respectable lo allty up town, nt ar Otli or Sth avenue care. Andrest II. L As iton, H.oa tw.iy Post office. No notice taken ol answers unless terms (which mes be low) ar- nt Had. WANTED-A MODER ATE SI7.F.D BOUSE, WITH ALL the modern lniprovem"nt?, In a good neichborhooJ. b lween Fifteenth tud Thirty fifth streets und Third and Ninth sveuuen. It-*nt gi'W o ?(?), se.-uted. Posse-elon lmm I itetr. Addtres M. c? Herald ofiice. WAN I ED?A MEDIUM sJ/,ED BROWN STONE Ho tse. by a sn ail private family, unfurnished, or with parlor cars*!a. 1/u.s' on be'wc n Stveenth and Thirty-sixth ret* enlThlid and Eighth avcuue*. Renl not. to eicrd Be*l references given. Addreas bo* 7,MS Poat office WANTKD-FOR THE SUMMER SEASON, BY A PHI vate umilv, t furnished Cot|.?ge or Farm House nt Long Branch or In >he vicinity: neur the wa'er pre tort wd. Addrcaa, giving pirti >lar<ue to location, Ac.,.Int. Henderson. bo* 11 Post office, N. Y. W AN TED-FOUR OR FIVE ROOMS ON THE SECOND tt Sow, 'ii a house w 1th one isniilv. phtiuilf oat?d in the upper part of the city, between SUth ami L ghth are. nue*. Any ouo having the above room* to let to a i t.ell Taoilly will find a good icnuut by addressing H. N., Herald efltae, for three daya, mating bom*, whh h muM be mode, rale. WANTED?THREE NICELY KUKNreHED ROOMS IN a .-mail private lannly, lor a tnat ried cotipte, aulbib.'e for liotiielrefpfng; reftren ft git en. *< : tent not to etc 'od 912 or 91J a month. Address Home, bo* 117 Herald office. WANTED-AN ENTIRE SECOND KI.OOR, AND ONE or two Room* on the third floor, tvith all modern lru* prr.vetnent*, by a g. n ieman and hla wife, tn a hou?e w.th a atnall tainily and no cblldr-n: location between Twenty* ? eond a ad Thlttvlourth streets, and Le*lngton and Fourth avenues: good references given and required. Address B, Lot No. 4 Po?t office. WANTED-BY A FAMILY OF TUBER CROWN PER?or? and a daughter ten year* old, the Lower Part of a genteel modern hone: lo atlon between genon I and 8*vrntb av.uuesand not al<ove Tblrtlaih street; the neighborhood nui't be good and the family o^upylng it 'iBficepiotiable. The beet of reference given and required. Address, with pur1 ttou'are, for two days, K. EC. Herald oflhe. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, PART OF A HOUSE (lower part pre >rrelnn a nr?t < lusa neight orbood, or afhtally ar tweadtilta, with the ptiV.lrgeof isac. In* a I laea of pop* Address, stafng ierm?, whb It ran It be mo| derate, House, station tN. Y. WASTED-A FIRST CLASS FOLK STORY HOUSE, *nh all the modern Impior'turnta, k.iIi?1>!? for two email femlllee, between Seiorvl end Fouith nrenuea and Tcutd end Twentieth eiiee e. lt?ni tut to en ee l $000 |er annum. AildrrH llonee, l?ot I,.**) Pom oH ce. lVrA>TRD?A SMALL BNULISH EASEMENT HOUSE, Tf < ti'?luing * I tut mude.il u?, rivimmin, lo-et. 4 b tween Twentieth end ThtrtMh e'reei* end Sliih end Eighth renuee. Rent not to etceed $tnA). Addrree Dr. L, bttilOU Herald nRk*. WANfED?A DVKLL1MI HO'JSE, CENTRALLY LOrefi'd,?i'urne? pr?feired, in ei hinge for a corner i' .re jiro^t^ctntrefly incited ne?r thn water. Addresa WASTED-A NEAT THREE STORY HOUSE. TN A Wee luuaUon between Bleacher entt Twentieth etreets, end Third end Eighth eveguc*; rent front SflOU to Pu? rfcm lindledlAf'r Adiieiei M. F. ., I'lMM A, l|rtl|S. I VLTANTSD. ON A I.F.ASK-\ FIRST CLASS FOI R ! VV enrrT htch agonn 11 nee. with ell modern improveImeuta. hAtrlen Mwith end TwentyXotirib etreaie, Fourth *MmAw Snuff*, eh medotete rent, by a good. reepontlMs UfitSI KPnw lu.I, union e%tttre Foot WBce. FOU KAIiE. A FIRST CLA88 GROCERY STORE, UP TOWN. FO^^H sale; doe? a good business; capital inquired about $l.Mfc^^^H I; a good oj>p<i: tniii?y for any one wishing to eugage in tb^^^H business. Address D. II. W., station 1>. a cheese, produce am* uknbka^i J\ Mark* i for Hale; looted on a corner on one of tho avenue* iutbecity. a splendid stand lot-the biiMurss, will be aold at a bargain. Apply at A!# Broadway C. B. HOVVE8 A A RARE CHANCE -ANY PERSON WISHING TO KN^^| gag - In business may pun-base at a bargain tbc Sluc^^^H and Future* of an old established Hardware Store. Ai^^^H dreaa I. A., Brooklyn Post o'ftce, with real name. A BARGAIN.-FOR SALE, A ROOK. STATIONERIES and Fancy Store. A bin-ill capital will insure a goo^^^H paying business- Suitable for a Udy. Terms eaay. Lai^^l rent. Apply at 61 West 16th St., uear 6tb av. A MILLINERY and dressmaking ESTABLIBH^^b meat in Brooklyn, having been established for the paa^^^H four years?the custom being the firsl families of the city? now offered for sale. For parti ulara ad-Ins* Mrs. Harn^^H BrooklynJViSt office, or Price A Thomas, 575 Broadway. N. Y^^H Bakery for sale.?corner store, the bbs^^I In Sixth avenue; every part btted up new, evcrylhm^^H in the best of order; not oue article wanted to carry on buaineaa; a good established trade, doing a good cash bus^^^H ness, mostly over the counter. Five years'lease. Kentrer^^^l lour. For particulars inquire tn the bakery, 519 Sixth ave^^^H nue, corner of Thirty-Ursi street. H. B. CU8HM am. Boot and shoe store for sale -lras^^I Stock and Fixtures of a B< ot and Shoe Store for sai^^^H on liberal terms. Apply at 206 Eightli arenue. Dental practice and residence for saE&^^I Twenty miles, or about one hour b* rail from Nei^^^H York; location healthy and tine; houae modern, twelve Isrg^H rooms, besides a large basement; gas, furnace, waler^^H Stabled. Ac.: practice ol twvuty years stun ding, and liiatclaas^^H price $10,001). Address James B. Rutladge, Herald office. Fixtures of a butcher's shop for sale?bu^^I little used, consisting of a Meal S all. Be .ch. Corned B?e^^| Tray, Ice Box, Ao. Price $30. Store to let if desired. Aff^H dress C. It., Herald office. For sale.?the splendid and well known^H place of amusement, known as Mug -r's Palisade l'art,^^B Is herewith offered for sab', under wry advantageous oundi-^^H tions. The proprietor, having established a periimnentliual^^H neaain Washington, is unable to alt-11 d to both. Those wish-^^^H ing -to acquaint themselves with the terms, Inquire at um^^h premises, from now Uil the middle of April at the lartheat.^^H \wl. MAOER, Proprietor of Palisade Park, Weehawken, N. For salk-at a baboain, as tub owner cak^H not attend to it, the fixtures of a Drat elms cortin^H Liquor Store, on the best business avenue up town, doing a^^H good trade; a large store; rent paid to 1st of May. Apply ti^H T. QAFFNE Y, Auctioneer, 59 Centre street. For sale-a coal yard, in one op the bksi^H locations and doing a tirst rale business. For partiou-^^H lara call at 78 Ludlow street. For sale?at bergen reservoir, within two^I miles of Jersey City ferry, 4,187 tons of pure Paasaia^^B I.e. Proposals will be received by JAS. R. TUOMI'HOIL^^B Jersey City. Terms easy to responsible patties. For sale?the stock and fixtures of a|i neatly fitted up Porter House; a good location, convw-^^l niont to several steamboat landings; sold on account Of siok-^^H nesa. A good chance for a gentleman or lady. Apply at Spring street, near Hudson. For sale?the lease, stock and fixtures or^| a splendid Liquor Store in the Sixth ward; it must bsH .sold on account of ill health. Apply to T. P. PAYTEN, Division street, or 87 Mulberry street. For sale?at a bargain, one of the bbst^I Groceries in Brooklyn. Choice stock, cash trade, rent. Whole or part of stock may be had. Inquire of CHARLES, 217 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, between 10 A M. and 4 P. M. . For sale?a corner liquor store, neatly^I fitted up; will be sold at a gieat sacrifice; the owner ia^H in bad health. This Is a chance seldom offered. Apply at 7lH Mott street. H For sale-a GOOD grocery store. for partloulsrs apply at 519 Second avenue, between Thirtysecond and Thnty-third streets. No communications r?-H ccivcd from agents. For sale-the old established coffee andH Diulng Saloon 97 Sixth avenue, for less than half its value, and now doing a good business. Satisfactory reason* for selling the ssme. Apply on the premises. TJtOR SALE-TO DIVIDE lofts AND OFFICE8, SB- H j? veral large Glass Sashes, with strong plank board Partfr tions, and line Sash Doors attaehod, most suitable for sufedividing lofts and ofilccs. Apply at 96 Liberty street, nf^H stairs. For sale cheap?a billiard saloon inthirdH avenue, now doing sn excellent business. It consists of two rosewood Billiard Tables, Bar, Furniture and Futures, with everything pertaining, nerly new. Cheap rent. Siek-^H nets the cause of selling. Apply to F. FITZSIMMONS, llH Centre street. Flour mill for sale-very cheap, twentyH miles from the cily, in complete order, In a first class grain region; plenty custom and other work; dwelling, ont-^H buildings, about three acres of laud, and a good plif n to maka^H money. SOUTH WICK A WOOD. 82 Nassau stree'. Given away-newspaper cabinet, states in-H dicaled. Thirty-four compartments. Patent newspaper files. Complete. Cost 910; olfered for $12. Librarians. newsrooms, hotels and lestaurants need it. Apply il^l HODGE'S REPORTER, HI Fulton street, second floor. Hotel for sale.-the prescott hotel, no. ash Bast Houston street, tit teen doors trom Broadway, IsH ottered to let, sod Furniture for sale. Very low rent anfH central location Atinlv on the nrctni&es or to OEORC2R R.^H MKNDIM, W Ccdar'a'treet. ' " Hotel for bale-uncommonly cheap; ok will exchange fur a farm, and pay tome money. It ia handsomely lilt1 d up and furnished, superior location, long and favorable lease, and doing a large money making bustnew. SOUTHWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. Propeller for sale, freight or charter. adapted to inland naripition, of 130 Ions burthen. Inquire of Captain A. D. TATE, 161 Chambeis street STEAM ENGINE FOR SALE, WITH LOCOMOTITK boiler, cylinder 21 by 8% Inches; can be seen running. Inquire of WOOD A UCOIIES, Silversmiths, 102 Fulton street. TO HATTERS.-A FIRST RA'TE CHANCE FOR A IIATter t > buy the Fixtures and Furniture of an eslabllMheA (12 years) list Store; reulofetorc Is reduced. Apply at 11 Park row. (feOft?FOR A CONFECTIONERY AND FRUIT STORE, ipOU corner of Canal and Motl streets; excellent locatioij. Call and see. <S1 AH WILL PURCHASE tub LEASE, stock AND qpAUU fixtures of the Oys'erand Drinking Saliein corner ot .Myrtle and Clssson aveuues, Brooklyn; or tlxturea, Ac., witto it siook, to suit aeaah custon.er. Apply on the premises, u the basemsart. Gil Krt WILL ,JUY A WELL PAYING BUTTER AND qpAtlU Chee-e Siore. doiuy a cish tiude. Lease at tha lo'.vn: rent in me ovivcrj. r?in ion mr (mr; or me money tf ueeded. Apply at I'M Bowery, uear Gran J alreet. J?Qf\n??B A FAIR CASH OFFER I.E88, WILL vOWU ptirrbaae tlif? innnntactory oi a new and beautiful article, suitable for hotel- and private houses, and adapted to a large wbiil- lale and r-tatl business; profits heavy and realized at ome. Apply at tee factory, IfiH Canal a tree t, fourth Hour, from 9 to 12 A. M. and i to to P. M. FINANCIAL. /IHEMfCAL BANK, NEW YORK, MARCH 21. 18M.? \J Kurty-h: at dividend.?Hie President and Direclora tf thia bank have this (lay declared a ipiar-eyiy dividend of six per cent, payable to stockholders on and after Turaday, the I at day or April next. By order of tlir Board. _ U.O. WILLIAMS, Caaliier. 01 : \ r..?TREASURY DEPARTMENT, MARCH ft, l IMders of bonds of the United States, dated Oc I. ?n I payable three yeura from date, are bee t cd that ptuvialon baa beun tirade for the paymen ii f the coopona of *?ml annual interest which wl:l ( on- due on the I at of April tint lino, icreeably to their trio r, by the Treasurer of the Lnltrd Sia'Oa at Washington, tiy the Aral tarit Treasurers at Boston, New York and I'htlad.-lp.ila, and by the Depositary of the United Statca at Cincinnati. O.i'o. All such'coupon*, together with a-liediilea ahewing the number and amount of e.u-h coupon, and the aggrecate aum of raob parcel m itt he pi"-<?nicd for examination and vertfl a. Ion at least three full bnalneaa daya fa-fore piyment. S P. CHASM, 8 < rctary ot the Treasury. OFFICE OF THE I.O.JAN COUNTY MININGAND Manufai tut lng C-nnpjny, No. 31) Pine street, New York, March 17, 1V2 ?The aenil-annuai In'.ere-1< on the bonda or llit* rompai.y, due April I, will be pnld at till* offlce, or at the banking I.ou?-of ,Jo*epli W. Davie, 25 State alreel, Boston, on presentation of tl.e coupons. , BI-.N l. F. WEYMOUTH, Treasurer. U~ S. 1 PER I EXT ONE YEAR' BRTII'ICATES AND , Qnarterinaaiera' Vouchers bought and told, or collected by LIVERMORK, CLEWS A CO . bankeri, 41 and 4S Wall alrest NITBD STAIRS SIX PER CENT DEBT CBRTIFI,-atea, 7-V and A ner c -nt T.onsury note*, and Gold and Silver l ought an I aold by K. P. J VME9 A CO., 45 Wall street Nil ED ST \ IKS CESTIFICATHS OF DEBT ISSUED to contrac ora wanted. ROBERT SEWELL, 72 Wall street. UNITED STAIRS CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTED ncs?, bought and (old, by E. MORRISON, 17 Nassau street NITED STATES MX l'i-.R CENT ONE YEAR CEBttlCAiae, and Unar er-tasfrtV Certificates lamed to OMtMaaua wanted hv IITCHAHDA K V SI.AND. Banker and Broker,1 No. 4 Bma-1 atrrct, N. Y. ANTBD?WVWOS BOND ANU MOIITOAIIB, VOR f ? mi year*, at 7 per <-od?, oii dire proporry, i ?nlr*lljr lo< ><!, n??r the waior. A<ltli n* 1). B. II., rod t ITl o. on r,nn wanted?roR one year or lonobr, Pii.oUU on red rotate ,n New Joittey. four mlloa from the Oltjr Hall, New Turk, worth thr-a ttmoa tho amount. O iod homlamon. Frlnclpola, or roapontlblo poraona will adit maa 9. St., toi 304 H- raid office. ftR AnnnR $10,000 TO LOAN ON BOND AND Tt/.UU" r'aage; on Improved rod ratal*, In IhlacUjr. Aldrona Rajr ...I, Ml 114 Herald ?Bce. for two daya. SEW PUBLICATIONS. _ T\R. I.IUHTH1IX 9 NEW WORK. J ml published: A POPULAR TREATISE ow nv 4 vvviia ITS CAUSES AMD PREVENTION. By K HonforJ l.lgbth II, M U. With illudratton* One elegant 13mi>.. doth bound. I*r1<-o SOcentn The deploinitte drgrea of Ignorance -wiring among (ho amoral public In i?#?rd (o maitrre mn or n lug thin highly valuable organ, baa convinced tho author that a popular woi k on tba subject would '? of linmcna- value and ho haa endeavored In tiitallltJa vol :m* to disseminate, in plain and iiniplo language, a p?i fo-t non-ledge in tho nnvov which produce doai dent, and tho mean* bod calculated lor Ita rrwtootion. Bcnl l>y mall free on ro elpt of .10 conla. UARLBTON, Publisher (late Ktidd ,1 CarlMon). No 411 Broadway, curlier L:*p- itaid street, N. Y. MRU. HAN KIMS' I'APER ?ETIQUETTE, ARTS ON lloanty, tf. oial (lames, Courting, Original Story of a Prtrail- Hpp, I'l ltina. Ac. Unlike otiior pop-re. Try it. Brier d 'i nto, or 76 oenta a year. Very en'enalolrg. Oltlcn No H Walker drool. That " curious" book of citt women: ob inlrrouting Female Cbaivob ra In Now York, Cheap adtt.. n, 111 pagws, ltmo., now ready. Price IB rente, or mailed free, .<? iwnta. M. OAl'NTT, publisher, M Wnlkgf drad, Naw Ttrk.