24 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?' , BOARDING AND LODGING. SUIT OK HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8 *0 be let, w-.th bourd, or a private table, ou the second Uoor t very eouvetiiruily located and first class house near the th lerry, UrooRlyu. Kamlly private. Apply at 116 Cms. reel, four doors wast of Henry street. rrENTION 18 CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN H0irls and boarding bouses to su establishment opened at lit) .11. c lougu street, ami furnlale d with everything neon y lor housekeeping, iu order thuta family may have a tplru-1 tine and live at a low rate. UESIKAHLE SUIT OK K00M8, WITH FULL Board, in the first ilaxs house, No. 6 West 'i'wenlyrtb street, opposite the Klfth Avenue Hotel; or the whole nan be uhta.ued if desired. SINGLE GENTLEMAN DESIRES TO RESIDE I'ER mum ntly w ith a privute family of undoubted rrspectaly, iu tlu neighborhood of Lal'ayatle place. Hcliuement, al cultuie ami comfort will be appreciated rather than -enn ; appeuruncea Kleaseaddress, slating terms, J. B., 2 573 I'ost ollhe. LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMOdated with bunds.juiely Kornixhed Rooms ami good rd (ooatd lor lacy only), with a widow lady; houae fern, brown stone; terms very moderate and ueighbord unexceptiouab.e. Apply at 6d West Fifteenth sire t. LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMOdated with Board (Board for the lady only) house elly private, in u good location, near Union square, with , h sou gas. Call at 86 East Kllleemh street, HANDSOME SUIT OK ROOMS ON THE SECOND Uoor, w ith excellent Board, either separate or together, ner at 6 o'clock, lt'd East Twenty-first street, Grauiercy T ISO MADISON AVENUE.?A GENTLEMAN AND wife, seeking the comlorts af home, cu find at their wisal a sun of Booms, on second lloor, with Board, in a class house, as above; also rooms for single gern.einen, .1 of references given and required. T ? EAST TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD- i way ?Board?A second floor trout Room (single or en ) e), alro, other very desirable Rooms for gentle.ncu and kr wives or single gentlemen. House first class. Modern veniences. Best rcfcrcnc.'S offered. I NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT I board, to a gentleman. Kent $1 26 per week. Apply I 63 Prince street. i GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO GENTLEMEN ' can obtain nice Rooms and Board, in the bouse of a dl American family, st prices to suit the times. House i talus tbe modern improvements, is utai, quiet and corn- c sbie. App y st 166 East Twenty-third street, nesr Second < uue. VERY NICELY FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET, to s single gentleman, in a small prlvste family. Apply I 6 Amity street. I HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, without children, occupying a lirst class house, will let a I Ice of handsomely furnished Rooms, with Board orprl- ' t table. Eugiish and French spoken. Apply st 68 East t ecker street, near Broadway. a LADY LIVING QUITE ALONE, WOULD LET A " meely I urniabed Room to a geuileniau snJ lady, full .rd for lady, with all the comforts ot a home. Price moite. House has all tbe modern improve incuts. Inquire lo. 9 Amity street, four doors from Broadway. j NICE ROOM?SUITABLE FOR TWO GENTLEMEN, t ran be obtained, with good Board, at No. W Macdougal ) el, near tl.e Parade Ground; bouse contains all the mo- < n improvements; no nioviugin May, j PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LET A FURNISHED i front Parlor on second floor, with use of Piano, to a gun- l van und wife; Board for the lady only; or to one or two 1 ea Apply at 66 Macdougal street. c DARD -TO LET, W1T1I BOARD, AT 137 SECOND ' avenue, betae-ll Eighth and Ninth stroma nli'Alw for. f . <cd R< tm?, on inodcruto terms, to (MIHUMoccupant*. > allon very de-imble. References exchanged. DARD.?ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN MAY HAVE B>>?rd at S3 Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner ix o'clock. <1 OARD.?LARGE ROOMS, SUITABLE FOR A GEN- v tlemaii and wife, or two single gentlemen, can he had at n 87 to $A per week. Kiorns for gentlemen nt #.') IV.), Loon plea mint and convenient. Apply ul 434 Hud>on street, -I uer of Morton. f ? j, OARD.-A PRIVATE FAMILY, DESIROUS TO RE- P duee expenses, could accommodate a family, or two 1 til families, with three or four pleasant R >umik, with ' rrt. House) brown atone, pleasantly located in East * ity-fourtb street. Address G. H. L., Herald office, for M day a. 1 PARP.-151 EAST TENTH STREET, CORNER OF f Fourth avenue, a,ie block fiom Broad eay. 1'lean.ot 1 ma on the second lloor to let, with or without Board. " Per aid. Rclereneca exchanged. Jj LARD?A FRONT ROOM AND BEDROOM ON SECOND P . floor, with gas, water and large pn utiles, can be ob- _ ?d, with Board. Thoae wishing to make permanent ur- | pemenla will full at 82 Hammond street, between Bleeck- ' nd Fourth. Dinner at 0. Best references given and re- ' ed. a LARD ?THE LADY OF A PHYSICIAN, RESIDINO within a pleasant drive of the city, will receive in her I lehold a lady expecting to require kindueaa, cure and * e attention. House ia delightfully located, accessible by " or water, contains bath, gas, hot and cold water, Ac.; use a ano and carriage If desired; family small and tinrhtru. 8 Address Ho i Sejour, station G Post office. New York>ARD.?AN ELIGIBLE APARTMENT IN A VERY 1 small, unobtrusive family to let, with Board, to an in- * I or a lady expecting to require medical cure, kindneas ' home U't'ntion. For location, terms. Ar soulv lo or c ess Dr. Thlrn, No. 1,217 Broadway, near Twenty-ninth ;t, New York. * " ARD IN CLINTON PLACE.?TUB RNTIRE RE- J , eond Floor or R.inmx en aulte, al very low rates, until ' ?t of May, at 97 Clinton place. I ARDINO.-S31 GREENWICH STREET. A PEW * gentlemen ran be accommodated with r<m><1 Board and ' tarn Rooms, at Mrs. Taylor's. Terms $3 and $9 80 1 ???* J ARD WANTBD-BY A YOUNG I.ADY, WHERE 8HE ? could assist in sewing as an squiralent for her board, or 1 payment; others having good accommodations n ay an- . '. References exchanged. Address M. O. C., Herald I v ARD WANTED-ON STATEN ISLAND, FOR A LIT- 0 tie boy six years old, with a plain family, where there ome other children and convenient to a school. Addrevs , 1., Madison square Post office, for one week, stating I is, which must t>e moderate. * ARD WANTED-BY.AN ELDERLY GENTLEMAN, , in Brooklyn or New York, in the house of an elderly _ -or widow without childr* n, and where no other board- 1 ,re kept, and plain board and the comforts of a home can I id. Terms must be moderate. Address for three days, , hg particulars, Boarder, Herald office. (l ARD IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AND IIIR I wife, or two single gentlemen, can obtain Board and . rnt Rooms, bv applying at 57 Henry street, five minutes _ of Fulton or Wall sti eel ferry. -j ARDING AND LODGING.?A FURNISHED FRONT f* 'Room on the second floor of 783 Broadway, between i Ah and Ninth streols, to let to a gentleman. Bathroom * .me floor. llonac bus modern Improvements and in In a ant location. ARD IN BROOKI.TN, 87 RTATE STREET?A VERY 1 'pleasant Parlor on Second Floor, for t*o gentlemen. tl noving In Mny; convenient to South an 1 Wall street in. Bath, Ac., on ume floor. Location desirable, i board. Terms reasonable. -i jOOKI.YN HF.M1IT8.?PLEASANT ROOMS, WITH t< Foard, at 37 Cranlerrv street, between Willow and Co- o la. Situation do* ruble, Ave minutee' walk of Wall 1. t and Fulton feri lee. OOKLYN HEIGHTS.?TO LET, TWO HANDSOME- ] ly lurn'.shed Ron nt. with Board, to a g< ntlciniin and p or amgte gent'omen, ran be obtained at 18 Willow h t, three mioutee' walk from Fulton ferry. No removal w at of May. n ARD WANTED IN BROOKLYN?WITH AN UNFUR- o ulslied Ruotn, for a gentleman and his wife, In a plain, , private family, where there will lie no otl.er boarders. ,a seven do.lars ncr week. Good reference given. Adit' N. W., Brooklyn Post ofTh e. ^ OOKLYN.?ONE OR TWO LARGE FURNISHED OR * nfmnished Rooms ran now be had In a delightful lo , for families or single gentlemen; superior an-ommo- ?, ns; large storage room. Terms moderate. Dinner at Apply at 77 State itreet, opposite Sidney place, near . ernes. -i UNTRY BOARD.-A PRIVATE PAMILY. HAVING A , large modern house, in the vicinity of Tarr) town, can . nmodate a lew boarders. Situation very henlihy, with , y of land, garden, Ac., and accommodation lor horses If red. References exchanged. Address box XI I'ojt o.Uce, [ town. [ RNIS11ED ROOMS, WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, 1 to lat to ladles or gentlemen, or a email family; house J lie; family rousitts of three;tno children. Call at 03 West < iy.second street. 1 uu iiuku amu choice rooms at .112 WEST . Fourth atreet, near Broadway, for gentlemen and their l or aingle gentlemen, at reaaonanle price*. Genteel ' Sborhood and good tahle. Refcrcueea etc l unged. No 1 ing at May. ? RABANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WITI1 1 Board. llouae luiaallthe modern itnproveinrnla. No 1 ,ng In May. Apply at 460 West Twenty-third atreet, opla London terrace. " RT1ES DESIRINO EXCELLENT BOARD. WITH -I hotel ae ommodationa, will tnol the Aahland limine, < ml S <1 Fourth avenue, between Twentjr-lhlrd and Twrn- ' tirth atneia, a very deairahle pl??". Prices to tun the f ?. Two aulta of Rootna OB fourth floor to let, unfiir-d, Willi Board, 10 famlliea, at a low figure j 'OMS WITH BOARD.?A FEW SINGLE GENTLE I 'men. or g niietnen uDi their wlv-a, ran on a roinmo- < 1 wlt'i plea?. ut Itooin* at l'Jj M-tD mgall street. Refc. " 'if en Imaged. 1 JoMS AND PARTIAL BOARD WANTED-1N BROOK ' Km. A gent rman dealrrt 10 litre, . ' him ell, nHp and " iter, rour Ko m , Inmtebed or tin; urmahed, on t.ie ae- 1 liOot of a good hoiiae, anpi-lh .1 with ttan-r, gat Ae., and " tpar lal Bond, the vulniiyo. Omit and Aniliy areola 1 rred. If- tilt I, Ihe a ivert iai r wiahea to la- permanent. J heal r eferen ?? given and ttq.ired. Addiean lo? 216 t kljn I' at olllee. p 'KitAI. SINGLE GENTLEMEN TAN BE AcVOM ' uodal d w ih lurnaiel Koo.ne an I Board, at Nj. W tlglii y atrrr I, Br oklyu. K< ferene.-a eiclianpe I. -j E PARLOR K 1.0OH, Olt St IT OF ROOMS, ON SEC , in I n >r Li the ura n? h uae 19 We?t Thirty ighth e 1. : iiiIjr firnlahed, ran ho hud Ity a gentleinnii mil wife <j idie gentlemen, Willi or iv.thoul full or p.nihil hoard. d OiN FEMES . V I III . \ I FAMILY DESIRES | fo in o . gentleman, with out Hour I, a orally fnrnlaued It. mil mid ruuli v, Willi uae ol' hath to- m adorning. c pi at 11 M til - oil alreet, i iirnei of Maedmidal. 'KY DESIRABLE ROOMS, HANDSOMELY FURI no h d. lei- I .111 men V tit u ,i Hoard, in i' e inn- I Ihouae 'it Nmlh as > el, between Filth and Hlvlh aveiinea, I anted-board i-or a family 0/ pour per. ' i ' ''" ,v'l; 1 '' !! "iL"" Pantrlea, itnaaud J-. Ad-reaa N o. I ., bo* lit Herald ulilee l\NTIl>?FI'HN tail ED rooms, on eikbt oh be- t i did ho u s, p.,rlor, i d.t.om and tail.room, by a tingle I a limn, in It priva family In the vhlnity if I'nion i ,-e, With or without. hreaklaal. Aildreaa K K., Ilerald t.NTED?HOARD FOR A GENTLEMAN. WlFB AND , three children, aged 9,10 and 12; no atirer. Anew era i e aiaie number of room', fire and gaa, with prtee i IT it' 4 Fe moderate. Ileal of refereaee given and re- a d. AddttW U , bo* 3V llcrald oflice. I N _ BOARDING AND DODGING* WANTED-OP PARTIES WHO WOULD BB WILLFT ing to board for rent, i medium >utd Uihiw, fuliy or partially furnished, with the privilege of taking a law sslo t boarders. Must be pleasantly located, soil eontala all the modern linprovemsnia Best of references given. Address M. B., station D. WANTED?A WELL FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDroons for a gentleman, lady and child, between Catharine and Montgomery, Madison and Hruome streets. Full Bonn! for the lady and child, and partial for gentleman. If suited, permititeut arrangements ''an be made. Helerences given and required. Address box 2,542 l'ost office. WANTKD-BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A MEDIUM sixed furnished Room, with full Board. Located between Second and Firth avenues, and Fourth and Seven* leeutli streets. Private family preierred. Address Mr. Bra bury, station D.stating full f a.Oculars. Referencedexchanged WANTED-BOARD IN BROOKLYN, BY A OENTLEmsn, wife, small child, infant and nurse. Private fam ly pre:erred. Address 11., Herald office. WANTED-BY A LADY KNQAOKD IN BUSINESS IN Brookl>n a mccly F'urmshed Room, with or without Board, convenient lo ferries; best oily references given and required. Address, staling terms, Mrs. J. L., station D Yost Olle a. <?Q PER WEEK FOR A PRETTY FURNISHED ROOM,. ?yO with full Board, io a gentleman and wile, including gas, in a tirst class house. Also Rooms lor gsutloinen. 94 to pr week, its! West Twenty-sixth struct, near Eighth aviuue. OA UNIVERSITY PLACE-THIRD STORY FRONT AilU Room to let, without bturd, lo gentlemen only; wi 1 a commodate one or two. Do not move 1st of May. OA UNION .SQUARE, FOURTH AVENUE?A SUIT l)U of furnished Rooms to let, with Board. Also two single Rooms. 7Q SPRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROADI <J way.?To let handsomely furnished Rooms to single gentlemen; the location is near all the lirsl elaas h tela ami places of amusement. Reading room free. Inquire of ANSON HOUSE. QQ GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING.?ALSTON tJtJ Mouse. Elegantly furnished suits of Kooiiik, gas, I'roton and every convenience for houseiteeiiing economically; pstrtleularly suitable lor small, respeetable families or tingle gentlemen. Rent low to permanent tenants. I Zfi PRINCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELEI'JU gantly furmsbed Rooms, Willi Bedrooms attached, with all the coi.vciiiencc a for housekeeping complete, in. diidlng gas and Croton water, to let to respectable lnmlhes >r single gentlemen. ATA ELM STREET, NEAR 8PRINO.?FURNISHED alio Apartim nls lor immediate, occupancy. Tlie loivc-t ents in the city, considering the convenience of economy in lousekeeiiiug. Best bedding and furniture, with range, cook113 utensils and linen complete; gas and Croion. ^ UA g AND M7 BROADWAY ? (1ENTLEMI5N WILL find elegantly furnished Rooms at this liouse, posa asuig all the advantages and comforts of a lirsl class home, it moderate charges, SALES OK REAL ESTATE, A DESIRABLE CHANCE FOR FARMERS.?FOR .A sale, a large and viiluable F'aim, wltliin two hours of s'cw York by two railroads. Them arc 230 acres. 40 of which ire woodland, the balance being in a fine stale of cuHlyu .ion. iiiiTv iku lar/'' una jtauurouie uoiintc nouse, which is* just imeii painted, ami n tenant house upon it; ?n apple ire-hard, and a lurue, yoi ng peach orchuru o 1,t0j trees, u>l coining Into full bearing?the latter will alone | uy the ntcrcst of the purchase; barns, alable*, cattle sheds and ratiaries. To a pra, th ai farmer theie are few sueh opporunlties offered. The lo ulion la, and has alivaj s In n, lice rotn chills and fever, and is perfectly healthy and very nr. essible. Alarifl portion of the p uvhuse money may rennin upon the pluee at ti percent. Tliie farm will he cold or a price to make il n desirable investment No o'fers for ixehangc will he entertained. The crop* In the ground and mw on hand go with the farm. Apply iiersonally 01 hy Icier to DANIEL HARRISON, 105 ff'.d Tluny ihtli sheet. A FARM ok COUNTRY BEAT WANTED?IN EXHl elian 1(0 lor a va'tiable N:ore down town, or for very eslrable Store property in Brooklyn. For eountry property hat suits n liberal exchange will be offered. Apply at No. M Vater street, from 3 to 4, for the owner. Brooklyn, clinton avenue, property, for Sale.?Six Lots, first Class Dwelling House, 40s 10 piurxn, nmaie, range, i as, bath and closet, water, Ac.; Stable, fronttiK on Vundcrbili uvenue; garden has abundance of fruit, caches, cherries, pears, two kinds of grapes and oriiaun nal trees. Apply on the premises, third ho ise southwest of llinton avenue from .Myrtle avenue, or at 31 Bpruee street, lew York. Brooklyn?biuok house no. 523pacific street for sale; three * ory, basement and sub-cellar; lot yi-.'JO eet; house 22,41 feet, and in thorough icpalr:?Contains asement heater, range, holier, stationary wash tubs, hath nd water closet, with stationary wasinstands in oakaud itarble, and gas In every loom. Will bo sold eheap. I:'not old soon, will be rented to a good tenant. Apply on the ircuiises, letween ID and 2 or alter 7 o'clock. Beautiful farm of fifty acres?first class bnilultigs, well limbered, watered, arid ab ;i.dunce of ntlt, fine yard, shade. Ac.; pleasantly situated; n ur depot nd Tillage, n. J., 1},' hour trom city; for sale at a bargain. H. AW. p. SEYMOUR. 112 Broadway. country SEAT for SALE on OLDF1EI.D POINT. J Long lsiund?30Hires, with Etigllsh i ullage. surround' d y forest trees, all necessary outbuildings, line lawn, lour ere* of young orchard of choice fruit, ornamental tnc?, hrubbeiy, lines, Ac. Uood beacli for bulbing, fishing, Ac. O. B. nt'TCHlNFON, No. S Wall street. Q1ARM FOR SALE OR TO LET.?A F\RM of 800 D acres for sale or to let, on Eaton's Neck, lluntinfjn, L. . Inr,ulre of the owner, on the farm, or ut .his rer nlence, orner of Ainslie and Leunard streets, Btooklvn, E. D. JOUN CA8SIDY. GMRM WANTED.?A VERY DESIRABLE CORNER P properly In Brooklyn, uear the ferries, which rent* for >1,000 a year, will he sold low for cash, or exchange il for a ood productive Farm, including clock implements, Ac.; or roulu like to reul a email Farm, from twenty to foi ty arrcc. tddresa Leonard, box 120 Herald oilier, for eight days, stating articulara. FARMS FOR SALE-OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY, P Town, or Brooklyn Fioper.y. One 139 a-rea, one 8J crea, one 70 acres, one 3l>i aciea, one lOacic*. Apply to '. ZKQLIO, 12 Centre Mr-ct. CHARMS AND COUNTRY KEATS FOR SALE AND EXP change?Of >11 rarietire, sues, pricra an I locatlouc. concnlenl to the city, near depots, villages, Ac. Also It odenea, Western lands, Hosln -as and l'erincrshlp chances. tOUllllViCK A WOOD, 82 Na sau net FOR SALE-A BARGAIN?A TIIRRE STORY AND P basement brick Hmiee and Lot, 148 West Thirty-third ireel, runts thing all the modern improvements. 1'rlce ,l.fi'JO; ftS OUU can remain on mortgage. Apply io II. M. IAILEY, 22s Broome street. FOB 8AI.E-A HOUSE AND FUI.L CORNER LOT IN P Willlamvl u-g, In First street; lager beer saloon. Aisia eautlful villa site in Newark, N. J., 60 feet front on .Mount lea cant avenue, running through 2 O feet to Broad ?lreet, no 90 feel front on Broad ttreel; will bo sold very cbeap and n easy terms. Apply to W. LON'EY, 60 Fourth street, Willamsburg. FOR SALE?A LAROE, FIRST CLASS, BROWN STONE P front House, 28x65, No. 162 Madison avenue, near Thirtyuurth street, built In the very b st n an tier; kb boo. doo. a nd walnut stars. Inquire on the premises, or at No. 72 last Twenty sixth street. FOR SALE?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC HIGH P Sl?0|> House, 20 by 90 leet, 12 Boo. iu.in place, Toirtv ?iril street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. Price 11,009. Apply to WM. L. TAYLOR, 76 Wall street. JlOR SALE-A THREE STORY HIOll STOOP AND ~ has mrnt llnuse, id Thirty first street, betw? en Losing >n and Fourth avenues, in thorough repair arul the he-t rder. Kor terms and cards nf admission, apply 10 VV. 11. IB LOMCEY, Jr., 10 Pine street 'i^or sale?on lino island. a farm and store, with or without the aiore; the store is now diuga rotitable business; the Farm consists of IS a us of lsii.1: as n good house ami ham und other oiitoi.il lings; is stocked itli | iod fruit; has a good wall of wnt r. and In s with In one lileol the Sound and forty.one m l sfr in New York. The leatnboat runs dally. Fur t urther parih nlars nf ply to the wner, vhtrcan he seen a; 1'Jj Concord street, Brooklj n. [TtOR SALE?$2.6(10 EACH, FOIR THREE STORY AND P I ascnient brick Houses, hard hnlslicd walla and tnarhlc nantela, Nos.lt, 16, 17 and 18 Flushing avenue, twar HIIsion avenue, Brooklyn. Pi ek slip an I Fnllon fctrycars ass the houses. Two thirds of tlw purchase money can reialn on bond and mortgage. Apply to THOMAS OILIERT. nctt to the preml?r*. No. IV or at 171 and 172 Centre ow, West Washington marki t, N. Y. For sale-a very desirable hoise and lot, In Brooklyn, furnished with gas ami water, ami stable ii rear; the whole in lirat ram order ami will be sold lew, as he owner Is about moving in the nm,t y. A part nf the noney ean remain on bond and mortgage. Inuuiie on the i remises, 112 Vandcrbilt ate ii no, or ot JAMES B. LOW, iter 2D East river, oltlceof New Haven 8'raniboat Company L10R BALE?A NICE LITTLE I'AKM OF 2d A< 11F.8, P with Stoek and Crops, handy to the city, In New Jersey. V ill tie sold at a bargain. Alsoone of seven acres, a nice i.lie place. Impure at 629 tireenu ich street. C^MALCOLM. tpOR BALE?A SPLENDID FARM OF 100 ACRES, INC der high state of ciillivaUtin: guud Hons > ami out.nultl ng?; *11 under cultivation but eight aciea of oak ami ehesttul timber; gnotl marl pit on the farm; no better faun ran m found. Any man can make fl.Otllla vear and a good liv ng. 27 mllss Irom New York. In New Jersey, by boai; two iillea from boat to farm. Iutpiirc at 62J Urrenw.rh street. C MALCOLM. tpOR SALE-OR TO BXCliANtill FOR MERt.HAN1 dlse, two llrst els as brown stone 'mil Houses, In the ilty of Brooklyn, within five minu'es' walk of ths Fulton mil Catharine ferries. App y to l o-W.R A LOl'ER, No. i taiids street, Brooklyn. For sale-in Brooklyn, a thref. story and basement high *i> op House, with all the modern tinmovement*, built by tlay s work. Inquire of J. I*. SEKLKY, m the premises, 7s Port tin en place. LH>R HALE-AT A BARGAIN, A HIGHLY PRODUOL1 live Faun ol 40 aeree, only 21 mifca on Long laiamt, r.lli largo bouse, harn anil mil moldings, abumlanre of lrult ,n.l spring wat'T. K. A. BCNCE, No. J L it) Hall placr, curler of Chamber* street. LUiR SALE-A NICE COTTAGE ItOIRE, EIGHT " rooms, an a> ra and a hall <>r ground, Orat rate out iiitldmge, ice hon?e lilted, fruit and anrnhbery, and everyhlogin good order: one mile irom Keynort hoat landing; arc 2fi enta from New York . prim gs.otri one half c?n renam. Ap| ly ut No. II W> at liroa. ivay, in Ilia aeed aura. [/OR HALE-7S ACRES OK FIRST CLASS LAND. A I i I'M'"' ra ground,graded level from M to M IWrt v tie, proper i, ni?; a di II<hifi.i drive for ph-a* ire or i xrrat r 1,0 aes; wa? .ntend, d for two mile ; giapery Inside i.nd nitMde of pleasure ground; nil the si < k und uoi aila, unine11u e pu aescloil given. Apply Hi U.i Mai ket ?. real. I/OK BALE ClIEAr-THE IIOIHE ANO II YEARS C lea<0 of Lot No3 Jd Weal Forty aevcnln street. Inuolie m the pi snilaea. MOR SALE CHEAP?A NKAT SEVEN ROOMED C<IT r tigc nil two beautiful Iota, with ai un mure of cl.o co roll*; located in fifteenth street, next to Tenth a, h .ol to it i Brooklyn} price $i,HW cash. Impure at IDS K,.lioii itreat, tiled iimit, front. I/OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A Kt BSTANTIAL P inrcc iiory brick llouae, Willi the modern lni| rovementa, wKb iwo full lota ol ground, aituuted in Houth limoklyn, nar the retry. The above will be exchanged lor a good Karin or a atoek of Liquora In bond. Applr at No. I llarrlmo atreet, New York. raoR RALE OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROI'ERTYa A beautiful Country Seat and Fnrni of one hundred tnd twenty Ave acres, with Duelling llmite and out hmhl nga to t>snl order and ahum anee o; I rut, on Rnrltun river, lenr New Itriinsel I, N J. Also a Farm of fOnirea Willi mod H ,lid nga. Pileefl .Athl. Inqo'r* ol WAKKEN HAKJENBl'HGIi, M Wail alreat EW YORK HERALD, M( lAUM Oy REAL ESTATE. ~L>OR SALE OR UCHANGE-FOR COCWTR* FRO A perty, lour First avenue Lola, uum umliei 1, near Uur Mm, even with the grade and .unlj . if sold tiolencu; 1 ei handed more will tx required. Address 11 I). (J., llerali olliee n For 8alk or to let AT ijackknra' k -a new D \ elliug House, euutuliiing e.even room*, 1 renting 'in Rw* tri e(, lureo minuie*'w .iik lr?m depot, it at ?*) I. Fo<sv?.-lon ilium dislely. Inquire of S. V. ilAKINU, No 17 Reach street, N. Y. For sale or to let?the lakob first class Eiifjllati basement House, 47 West Twenty ninth street b. iwi en Fifth and Hiith avenues, uontaiulng a.I the moderi improvements; auliable for aj>hyaician or a mat class boar.! Inn houae. Will be sold or let low, to tuit the Umea. Appl] on the premises from 3 to A o'clock F. M. For hale or to rent?a farm ok 125 acres with good Dwelling House and outbuildings, In ex- eilcn onler, three miles from Newark, on the roal to Newark. A Il uie and Lot st Roaeville. Newark, N. J., with goot garden, all in excellent order. 'l'his Rellxvilta Kri'rrtniir Oiiritv. at HpIIavIHa V .1 will ten a- rea of land, all ready for iiiian-vlng. JOHN WHITEHEAD, Newark, N. J. For sale or trade for city property or a small Kurin In the river counties?SCO acres ol Land, a Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, near ibe county seal, bordering 01 laike Michigan. Apply to Mr. A C. 08TRANDBR, No. I l'ark place, room No. 9, or to TIIOB. T. STORM, 298 Wei Thirteenth street. In RNI8IIKD HOUSE IN THE FIFTH AVENUE FOP aale or to let?A first class brown brown atone, higl loop, elegantly furnished House, on the Filth avenue, neui Twenty n.ntli btreet. Inquire of L. Sl'KlNU, 19 Na-utai ati ret, N. Y. rpo CITY TAXPAYERS.-FOR SALE, THE 8PLBNDII A Country si ef E K Co.bus, conaiatlng of :i00acr-:g; i tine, suhaianilal old maiibion, iu a iawu of It acres of 'oil] Blmdo trees, native and Imported, of innumerable varieties a garden of four acres, tastefully designed and stocked will fruit and bowers; nil neeeaaary oulbuiTdlnga, including fartr house, bowling alley snd ysclitman's cottage, fronting on I fine harbor. The si; nation has unequalled advantages foi either private residence or for simulation, having a hob shore on th Sound one mile In extent; two aides betted li; creek and inlets and one side by main road; Ihc lands traelnj the river geuily slope either way, to that a hunriie.l build lug sites can each command splendid views of the Sound uni surround.ng country, leaving in the centre, If desired, a lini park; two-thirds of the sites will have water fronts; thi place is perfectly healthy, water excellent and the air Invigo lating: distance eighteen miles by New Haven Railroad; ac ccsslDlc almost hourly; business men can reach Ihe City Hal from this place in less lime than those from Harlem by thi avenue e ,rs. Persons desirous of avoiding city laxes. ant the detention and dangers of lee and fogs. In crossing ibi rivers, will do well to l ive this advertisement attention. N< estate within a bandied miles of New York, of equal quan tlty. combine . lhe divers be I advantages and regal elegants of tnis. T c grounds are nobly p aimed, abounding in grove and splendid trees. A propeny In every particular and all iti appoinlmrnls, luxuriant arid grand. For terma apply to thi owner at J. H. Caldwell's olli-e, 24 Pine street, or his real dru.e, 71 West Tuirty-elghih street, N. Y. WANTED?A COUNTRY FEAT, WITH GOOD IM provemeutsand a few acres of land, worth $8,01)0 tc $12,000. w ithin one hour of the city, in exchange for u valuable up town house and lot, In a good street and neighborhood (e.-ith furniture complete If desired). Principals oulj will apply lo or address J. F. FRANKLIN, 112 Broadway. O7O EAST BROADWAY FOR SALE?20.9 BY 78 J I O High stoop, brick, two story aad attic and base ment and extension of four rooms. Modern tni| ..ovemeuts Price $7,t 01, $:),000 cash. Apply to HOMER MUitilAN, No 2 Pine atr.-el. <H^nn WILL BUY A FARM OF 100 ACRES FIBS! Iin/uu rule larming land, six acres under cultivation line new h nne, barn and three head ot cattle, fanning tool ami hay; plenty of good water, line tlnib-r, healthy climate market good, railroad and canal, school*, mills, tanneries stores, mo public roads through the farm. Whole pnci $I.10D $( 00can renin n on mortgage on easy terms; 100 mile from New York. Address barm, Herald ofllee. Q7AA ? FOR SALE cheap, A HOUSE AN] P I UW, Store doing a geod business, together with hal an acre of land, forming a line grove, situated one mile iron the Keyport landing, New Jersey, on the main road, will b< sold hm?$.MK> eash and $J0d on mortgage for one year. Ap ply to 0. W. IVIIITLOCK, 00 Stnnton street, before 10 A. M or at Lei 4 1'. M. ftQAA ?LOT FOR SALE-A HANDSOME BFILDlNli ipi7UU? Lot, between Third and Lexington avenues there H not a more handsome place up town to build a nlet cottage house lor a man with small means to get a nici healthy home lor his children. It is only three blocks fron the Centr:il I'ark. I willgDe a man a goodchnn-e. I will sell him the lot for $ 0), hud Will uke in cash and leave $ >.'10 on mortgage for four years. You aid pay more t! ar that for two or this# rooms down town, where you uud youi eliiulr. u are suUocalcd In summer. Yo i have a home foi ever, healthy and nice. Apply to FAYTEN, Jk> Divtslor street, up Mali's. <J> | QAA WILL BUY A BRICK STORE AND DWELL PltOUU lug o.i Fifth avenue. Store alone r. nts lor $lo( per year. Terms, $Ar.) cadi; the balance to suit the pur chaser. Apply at the oii.ee of D.O.DANIELS, corner ol Fifth avenue and Kourtei nth s reel, liroo.Uy n. ' TIIE REKELLIOS. A liberal SUM WILL HE i'AID, IN ADDITION tc the regular pay of $IS per month un^JlOO county, loi a few R'icriiiis for one o! the hesi r jimeiiWnow at the sea1 a war. Apply to Lieut. W. A. WOOL), recruiting oUb'i F.fty.iilth regiment, Lafayette Hall, 9U7 Broadway. All kinds or swords and sahres on iiani and inuila to order at moderate prices. Oh' swords rc paired like new. Also Sollugcn Blades, Eaglrs Spear Hendi l'ur sale, by WW. E. FISCHER, 78 William street, upStolri T.tLACS, BANNERS AND REOIMENTAL COLORS X Stalls, Mountings, Trimmings, Eagles, spear Heads, Ac Ornamental painting and emhr >1 ering on silk. IIOIVIl a llllllllU D7 Oil-mi. eh-a.t IflOR 8AI.E?TWO TUOl'SAND LONG ENI'IEU 1 Killea, now in port. Apply at No. 11 P.att street. Military men, attention?a compent ma> who haa SO ineu altvady recruited, Can obtain a Kim Lieutenancy in a legliueut now in Virginia tThird unit buy) For particulars Inquire at 165 Broadway, in the acgar store REVOLVERS?ENGLISH AND AMERICAN ARM! and Navy Revolver*. For aale by W M. IRVI.kU, 21 Cliff atreet, New York. The best chance is offered for a few dayj by the Kirn regiment Now York volunteer*, to llioai wlalilug loeuliat. Sworn In for two ycara from laat April 1 ha* but thirteen month* tnoi-n to aerve. Uniform*, Ac., fur msbed at onco. Pay coinm tic. a froiu dute of enlistment and men forwarded to Newport's Newa, Va., where the reel inrnt Is pleasantly located, being In barracks, with bed* atovee, Ac. Apply at once to Lieut nam Colont 1 J. KltED P1KRSON, 31 Broadway, Recruiting officer. WANTED-FOR COMPANY D, FIFTH REGIMENT TV (Excelsior Br gade) Untied States Volunteer*, fifty abli bodied men, for whom 94 p r ." ti will be paid. Also twenty voting tnen tor non-commi*s> I officer*, pay from $17 tc $22 per month. CiOthing an I s 'Sistence luund immediately alter muster.ng. Inquire at o'llce Staten Inland ferry, foo of W hitehall street. W. II WOKMM* Captain. WANTED IMMEDI VTELY-FOR SWAIM'S CAVALRY the ouly cavalry regiment autborueu to b- rata, d ti thta State, twenty-live tnen, one hiac^sin'th and two mual cians. Apply to Captain Anderson, No. 15 Court street Brooklyn. _______ " A GREAT QUANTITY of UA8T OFF CLOTHIN( wan ted?Ftirnlture, Carpeta .leivelry, A\, to a ipply tin Western uitiii t, I pay as iultoe.s.?For Bilk Dresses, f,ou $12 to $40; Coat*, from $10 to $2(1; Panta, frotn $1 to $"t Call on or a . trees A. Dt.can 218 Seventh avenue, te tweei Twenty-fourth aud Twenty-tilth street*. Ladltr attended t< by M i s. D. A G HE AT DEMAND FUR CLOTHING. FURNITURE /V Carpels and Jcw"lry,?l^adiei unit tcntta'ceii can r? c;ive ll?e toliowini; price*:?For 8.lie Dp-***, from $3 l.. $.<6 fin- Coats, 11o n $2 11 $18; for Funis, f. otr. $l to $5, ;?y culllt| on or wlorarilni by post I, Abrahams, g'-J Seventh airnne be.uei 11 Twenty-filth ami Ywenty-aixih streets. Ln-.ieipuno tiially attended 10 by Mrs. A. A DEMAND.? $12,UU) WORTH OF ? 1ST OFF CLOTH Inn, c.upitts, Furniture ami Jewel, y wanted, tv wind the mo-t vgluc can be obtained by Calln ; on or ml 'rrsstni E. 11.,"No. 7V Sixth avenue, near Wa?erley pla< e. Ladici ntt?mt<-d by Mrs. E. H. Please rcmeui'jr, and try T) Sail avenue. ATTENTION UDIII AND GENTLEMEN.?IV TO? wish to gel the full value for y iroastotTCl thing, Carpet*, Fi rnilure ami Jewelry, the' b;?t nm en.olsn send a note'.< the well known dealer, !'. IIAKIMS, ihert you may be convinced you will be dealt I itli to your *. tialae tlon; for dresses, fioni $:i to $30; for coats, from $1 t o $15 lor punt*, from $1 to $5. Please don t tract F. HaKKIS 150 S 'v ntli areiititf. Ladies attended by Mrs. Harris. AN OFFER OF FIFTY FEB CENT MOKE THAN ANY other dealer pays lor SiU Dresses, -.'oats, 1'iitiia, Car |>ets, Ac., is guaranteed (having an order Horn California U till tip), by oelUug on or addressing a note by poet I even styn, S9> Seventh avenue, l.adies attended by Mrs. L. Attention, unu and osxtlbmk*.?i hati just reeelved $4 .ono to pure base cast <>tt? Clothing, Fur nlture and Carpets for the California ma hot. I do premise to pay the highest p dees in the city by ca ding on or address inga note to E. Ml NT*, 137 Sixth avenue two doors soo.'? Tenth street. Ladles attended to by M s. MiUtz. Rente';ber, 137 Sixth avenue. A GREAT UNION \ 1CTOUY IS GAINED.?LADIBE A grtitlemen, It lias been vIctortOM in being pronotn. by a great tnany that B. MINTii, of 1711 Tlnrd avenue, -t been l aying the highest prlee for ast off (Tothlng, Cat pels, Furniture and Jewelry, and still means to continue so it you will lavor him with a note or call. He will not hnmhmt tbe community by oflei ing $-40 lor silk dresses, $20 for eoata in $7 for pants, as Is ih ne by other dealers, but he agrees 11 psj the full valuo for e? h article in rash. Please remember I In well known dealer. B. MINT7., of 179 Third avenue, m si Seventeenth street, late of 137 Sixth avenue. Ladies attend ed by Mrs. Mint/. A T 163 SEVENTH AVENUB, LADIES AND GENTLEJV men can dispi"*c of their ca,-. olf Clothing, Oarpeta, Furniture and Jewelry. I guarantee to pay Bfty p;r eeni bugged by great psfTs knit false pretenders. Pease call " ei address/. Anlialt, 1.12 Sen-nth ?fnio, between T#?n: nh and Twenty-first Streets. Laities mended br Mrs. Aulia,. VT THE ESTABLISHMENT 212 SEVENTH AYBM T is received a huge order tram the West to pun-hast ladies' hihI gentlemen * Wearing Apparel, Carpets, F . n tore, Ac, I guarantee to pay the full ralto- of allari' < ?I hunt any humbug. F lease .-all oa or address J. M , lit 8> t -nth avenue, second house above Twenl; fourth * ct Laities a ten ,cd to by Mi s. M. ArOBITIVE FACT.-LADIES AND OENIXEMEN, It you want tog. I the full value for your mat oir (mining Furniture, Carpets and Jewelry, Die best you can no ? ( ail or send a note to A. HAIlltIS, Ml Third avenue, h" twi en Thlily-clghth and Thirty-ninth streets, e isl side. .'.:i die* attended to by Mis. Harris. AT THE CALIFORNIAN AND WESTERN AOFA v N o i* the highest price can be oliialm d for cast " Clothing, Carpets, Jewelry, Ac. For Silk Dr.-sers, from tJ, : 9:1ft; for C' ais, froin $2 In 9lfl; fur Finns, Iro n 91 SO 1 ' t'; A not addressed to 11. Han is, ,'ISS Howery, opposite o Jin i s sn net, wid be piiinluiilly attended to. L. dlrsatte, by Mrs. Harrta. 4 T, AT, AT THE OLD STAND LADIES AND OA JV can oiualn front $7 to 916 for B.Ik Una *, from !?'. 1 9'ift for Coals, from 99 to $7 for Pant*. Also Carp is. Finn lure. Jewelry. Ac. A nolo by poit pnnci alljr ..nemled ' :,j B/EKIKLH, 1.'.4 Hevcnlh a*. nue, between Ni-ict cnth .1 Twentieth streets. Dailies aliende 1 to by Mt?. E. Bonn nectlon With any other house. /GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTH Nt \JT purchased lor the Wes'ern market, In large or stnal Iota. The full value will be paid without haggling or seek ij to imposi'. Please call at the store or adiliesa Thus. D, Cm roy, *4 Centre street. JUST ARRIVED FROM CALIFORNIA, WITH 110,000A large amount patil for lultes and gentlemen'sca*! of Clothing. I will pay twenty-Ore per cent more than khj other-establishment Bend your notes In Ml nnM 9f'S Wrs

Rrtadwav. I at lies slu ndeil by Mrs. It. (I.thsy, anil gentle men aitemled by Mr. H. HABAI, between LeunatA aai kraukllu kireeW )NDAY, MARCH 21, 1802. HOIISKS.UOOMN, ?c., TO LKT. A"" FOUR STORY AND BASEMENr HOUHlTO LEr? on Weal Thirtieth street. gas nature,, Ait. It is a ?< ry f complete mod desirable bous>- having nil Uie linprovsuieu a, 1 and being la ? o 1 on!? Will l? r. nted very tow J. It. EDWARDS, 277 Weal Twenty II trd dwl A FOUR STORY BROWN 8loNK K.NtiMSH BASEnient Ho ia<- la n m, ?n West Tuirtj-fonriti street. Mo. 144. To a coo 1 b-nuiit will lie rented at u reduced rata. . J. It. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty thud street. A THREE STORT HIOII STOOP HOUSE, BROWN stone. in fine order, baring all Improvements, gas hi, turea. Ac., 13 HL Timoihy'a plae, West Filty-second street. l This is a vary pretty bouse: rent $(00. - J. R. EDWARDS, 277 W'S Twenty-third street. A' 9M STORY HIOII 8TOOP HOUSE (WIDE) TO rent, on West Twentieth street, Mo. 229: all Improve, ments, gas fixtures, Ac. Will be rented lor $250 leas than t ordinary rale. J. R. EDWARDS. 277 West Twenty-thirl street A FOUR 8TOBY HIOII STOOP HOUSE, 151 WEST Sixteenth ctreet; one of the beat arranged high stoop* to be found; rent reduced t:50. J. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty-third street. A WIDE POUR STORY BRICK 1I0UHB TO RENT-ON Went Twenty-set ond street, just finishing, to be ready for oicupanc y by the middle of April; ail improveuls. Rout $TOO. J. R. EDWARDS, 277 Worn Twenty-third Hreel. A SMALL THREE STORY IIIUH STOOP BROWN none 11 out Hoove, mi West Tweuty-tbird street; modern Improvements. Ac., W illi gaa fixtures. Possradon Immediately. Kent SMO. J. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty-third it reel. A THREE STORY HIUII STOOP HOt'SE, THREE rooma deep, to rent on Wnet Thirtieth street; modern improvements, rent low; good location. Also sane kind of a House on Weal Tbirty-nrst atreet; Due location; at a reduced rent. J. U. EDWARD8, 277 Weal Twenty-third atreet. A SMALL BUT NEAT THREE STORY HIOII STOOP House on Weal Twentieth street. No. 177. Will rent It ftutilHlied or otifnrnished. The bouse is in first rale order and very prettily furnished. Kent $660 or $760. I J. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty-third aire. t \ NEW BROWN STONE HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO | A let for $060. 80 East Twenty-seventh street, near Lex iucton avenue; all modem conveniences, furnae, hot and 3 cold water throughout, bath, range, wash tube, dumb w aiter from kitchen to drying room on top lloor. A aery no e houee, suitable for a small family. May he aeen from 2 to 4 o'elot k. ' For cards to Me the ho ise apply to JOHN FOLEY, 163 [ Broadway, or at 88 Lexington avenue. A THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET; ALSO PARTS OP Houses with modern improvements, in a good neigh" borl.ood, In Sixteenth street, between Sixth and Smeoth \ avenues. Inquire at 132 Weat Sixteenth street. A' DINING SALOON TO LET OR LEASE-ALSO A two and a half alory House; also Building in rear of house, used for shop; located at 16 Thomas street, N. Y. Inquire of E. L. A B. T. BURN HAM, 611 Hudson street. A FINE SUIT OF OFFICE8, HANDSOMELY FINISHed. with every modern tmprovemenl, Croton, gas and everything that i? desirable for a first Clara physician; English basement. Residence 123 Ninttsstrcet, a few doors weat of Broadway. AH AfJDSOM E FIRST FLOOR TO LET.-TWO LARGE Par.ors, \v tlx marble manlela, two Bedrooms and Kitchen, close1.-, j> ntries, water and water closet, all on the rame floor, wltli nritiieg; in wash kitchen, go a throughout, to a-mall genteel faintly only. Apply on the premises, 119 $250 ' " """ aT NEW BRIGHTON.?TO RENT?TWO VILLAS, ON the Heights; modern Improvement*, bath room, Ac.: flower, vegetable and lruit gardens; stables, eoach hou? -a, hade tr?^en; view tine irpatsed; Ave minuter lrom ferry. Apply toT. BOND, 132 Broadway. a LARGE FOUR STORY 1IIGII STOOP BROWN "tone front House to rent, on West Tweety-flrat street, f opposite the seminary (round-'. It is in elejant order tnrougnout, and la a most substantial house. The locution, , although far west, Is delightlu'. Kent$'JC<). J. R. EDWARDS, 277 West Twenty-third street. AI'URytSHED HOUSE TO RENT?I HAVE TWO three story high ft up Houses, our most elegantly fresI coed nnd furnished, having all the modern improvements. To good, responsible private panics they will either of them ; be tented low. Both an-well located. ; J. R. EDWAliDS, 277 West Twenty-third street. a1ARGE COTTAGE HOUSE. THIRTEEN ROOM*, acre' enclosed, plenty of fruit; seven miles lrom | South rrry by th" cats snd atuges; run every hour. Inqui e r ofJAJiES UUKL'S SMITH, 15 William atieel, or JAMES FARI.K.ss, 74 East Tv enty-thlrd street. cTOUNTKY PLACE TO LET-SITUATED AT RYE J Neck, at the entrance to the harbor of Mamaroueck, surrounded on tbr e sides by the waters of the Sound, ronj Misting of dwell ng house, barns, stables, Ac.; 14 acres of land, good kitchen garden, fruit, Ao. Access by steamboat f and by New Haven Railroad. Apply to GEORGE R. JACKSON, 2111 Ceuirc street. cLEAR t O.Mi'ORT.?OOTHIC COTTAGE. Franklin street, Astoria; eleven looms, gas, furnace, , range, boiler, fruit, gnrden. Good closet room. Rent $350. J For sal , $9;000. ' / tllEAP RENT.?TO LEASE FOB A TERM OF YEARS, \J Ibat large live story and basement House, 4GI Broomu street. Extra slued lot. suitable for any kind of business, j Lo.v rent. M. CANNON, 135 El:zal>etb street. "IAESIR ABLE FIRST FLOORS TO LET-IN THE NINTH XJ tvatd, near Leroy street; eight or nine rooms to one, two or three nlee tersuts. lieuts $10. $8 and $7 00. Apply at 223 Hudson street, In lh< furniture store. Feed store to let, for sale or exchange.? Is a good store for Hour, feed or any business. Inquire of A. MARTINE, 402 Wen street ) TTOTEL TO LEASE-THE STEVEN8 HOUSE. LATE XX Delmonico.'s, No. 33 Bn adway. New York, huvlfig lieen , put in thorough repair, painted and supplied with the con' veuien. es of a modern farst etass hotel, is now offered to * lease upon favorable terms to a suitable tenant. The furniture may be purchased upon renscnuble terms. Apply to BEWI.RTT A . No. 6 Bowling Omen. or to IIOMER MOROAN. 1 So. 3 Floe street. , TTOV8E TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR RALE?IN A * XI very desirable and central location, suitable lor a lade e * boarding house. The furniture rnusists of a iron superb 1 ami ample supply, and will be sod heap it Simla d for Immrdlalely. tor pirttculsrs inqulio of II. B. HERTS, Jr. 490 Broadway, Houses to let?witii modern improvements ami moderate rente, Idd and 207 East Nineteenth street; 160 ami 102 East Sixteenth street; 160 and 178 Earn Thirteenth , street; 15 un I 19 Stnyresant street: the last partly furnished. Apply lu C. J. FOLSOM, 130 First avenue, corner of Eljhth J street. ! TTOTEL AND COTTAOE LEASES, LOW RENT8, nOJ II tcl Stoics, Baacmei.I and 80 rioin* In Bowery: Cottage House, 7 R>> ma In South Brooklyn, 38 month; house i4 r< o.ns, shade tre 5 and garden m Ynrkvllle, 3225 a year. Ap ply at at Columbia street, Brooklyn Heights. 1 T OFTS TO LET-OR WILL BE DIVIDED INTO XJ olUces. Inquire on the premises, 2 4 Broad < ay. S. P. MOORE'S SONS. LOFTS TO LET-THIIEE FLOORS OF NO. 8 NORTH William street, separately or together, well lighted and adapted for light manufacturing busltteaa; rent low. Inquire ; at the (Res, "ti assaad Soar, from u to 2 o'clock. 1 T) AVENSWOilD.?TO LET A VERY DESIRABLE, it large. Country Seat, n ar the East river, w itli one and a 1 liu f or thirteen acres; carriage house, gvrden, shade, shrub' lo ry and fruit in abundance. Apply to J. C. MALLOllY, 2118 Br tnlway, ruout 1, fio.n ten till three o'clock. ! QEOOND AVENUE, NO. 65-TO LRT, FROM MAY 1, O full Iront, thre 'ai try, attic and basement brl k House , balu ami gas, rent gTs'. Only responsible persona need app y from 11 till 8 o'clock. STORE TO LET.?A FINE STOKE AND TWO RO ?IS in new bous PI Dlvi. l n street, troin 1st of April or May, o.. npleit at pr< sent a a boot store. It is a goou stand , fjirsny business. 91 Division street, near Chatham. | rrti LET-MR. HA0KXTP3 VILLA, BROADWAY i X (North) Yonkers, with Imtnedlale pissaslon. It consists flu" Hiurrtv J brick dwelling and carriage house and stab ea, [ fruit and shade tree*, (lowering shrubs, Ac. The Furniture of toe boon may be kM Mltk Um premise* by a suitable , MMMi AI>||, l(p let or lease, the large bn. k Untitling (8b.re i and Dwelling) eorncr Broadway and Wells avenue, wi h three meant I'da adjoining. Also, a House nnd I<nt, on Jt'arburton avenue, near Point aireet. Inquire ?r JOHN K. , tBACKSTT, 661 roadway. TO IiKT?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO lhO Weal Twenty-aeveiiih atreet, near Sixth avenue. The house :* three rooms deep, baa fas, hath, wash tuba, chande> lie I a and large yard. K< nt %'M Inquire on the premise* TO LET?THE THREE STORY AND EASEMENT btiek Houhc U Warren place (Charles atreet), near ' Greenwich avenue. The house la 2t)x6l tret, three rooms deen on earh floor, haa all the modi rn improvements, an I s well c aleiilated lor one large or two small families. K..r further Information or for |>ermis?inn to examine, apply in MOSES DEVuB. 10 Jefferson Market. TO LET?TUK SECOND FLOOR, FRONT BASEMENT, with two Bedrooms In the aillr, of house htt Mori in street; between Hudson nnd Greenwich. Kent ffllAO to a amall family, without children. A| ply on the premises, rpo LET?AT A VERY REDUCED RENT, Til REE suI A penor brst class four story brow n etono front Houses, lnneiirrl order, in a tlr*l tint-a neighborhood. Inquire at r 37 West Forty-tilth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. ?. mo LET-IN JERSEY CITY, ONE TWO STORY AND X luis'-nient Btiek House, se on i door irom Barrow, In Grand street; gas and wat-r. I'.cot $.140. TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, IN SUITS OR SINGLE, in brown tone house 33 Bownry; very desirable. Als>, [ the same at #HJf Broadway, second story, near Housi.ua street. Apply on the premises. A large tine . nrner House r to let Imni '.(lately at SliO Houston slri st, corner of Crosby. Inquire wUfatn. TO LET-A LA ROE FOUR STORY HOUSE, CRNtrully Mated, near Broadway, suitable lor a ladies' s boarding bouse, with all modern Improvements, \ddrtss B. A. L.. Herald othce. 1 rpo LET?A CORNER STORE IN THE FIRST WARD; I a good ?tand for grocery and liquor buatne<a. Aipl> U> CIIAH. Met-'AY, 39 ami 41 Chuinbere itr'ot, United Mutes M iiahnl'R olic?. rpo LET?AT MIDDLE VILLAOE, TOWNSHIP OF ,\E V > I. town, L I,? eottm;e Homo and garden, with lar>;e luory.ird, |. only ??I fruit ami ehrubhery; rent JI.'O | rr ami nn, I'OM Ion Immediately. The ?b urn place with AI'j nrree, l r of land, K?od largp ham ami outbuilding*, plenty of fi ,*<-,! for aaln rery low. Term a raey. Stagee paaa the j, }?> ' i? ' hourly. Inquire at No. 9 Weel Broadway, In the rpo LFA SMALL FIRST CLASS BROWN STiTTe ' I II- v Rent $56?. Impure Ol H. T. KENNEDY, Real 1 ???m It, 12) Ka-t Thiny flfih alrnet. f| LET ' iVn PART or ROUSE 141 WEST THIRT1 I uli street, nenr Eighth areuue, with all the modern i - , ,i a. P.-nt low io a mall lanilly without chll^ > ' I n<p In; M the premise*. 1 rpo LET?THE DWELLINU HOUSES 124 AND 129 I Charlton sir, at, with all tne modern linprovein t, Tho ' "seawlll In-put In k<>?<I or, lor for aonil terminal v?iy moderate rente. Apply to MaKTIN WATERS, IV.: Choli' Ion street. ? rpo I,ET T1IE HANDSOME NEW FOl RBTCI Y PRICK A Store 99 Sixth mt< nne, near Jell'erann market; al?o, Lefts o: aame, 2#xHft feet, high eeliln ra, Ae. j aleo hating the modem Improvements. Apply at IM Warerley | la.e, near j Sixth avenue. 'i rpO LET?THE THERE story and ATTH HIOH 1 aloop lloiiae, containing ahnul 20 room* iiimI >11 the ino1 dern improvements, 159 Waverley viae* near Sixth areuue, Kent rery lew. Apply next doer, No. IM UOUNJBN, ROO.U1. AC., TO LBT. rpO LET?THE TlJttEK HTORY IIOl'HE NO. tLAlOHT X aneei, d fvcliy 1 routing Cuual iirwl, aveiy desirable location lur i (lit business purposes; puaaa.~a.ou innni-uiaie,y and lent veiy .o? 10 a food tenant. Apply at lad Wave, ley place, near bixtb avenue. r LET-TUB l-OUK STORY BROWN 810MB HOUSE, in uerfect order, ZJ) Wt-al Tblriy-wooud ?irect, liaa gas bxiurcs, and contains all ibe extra modern Improvements; lac.ri.un unexcepliouabe. Apply to ROBERT USHER, Jr., 164 Weal Thirty-fourth street. rno LET?THE FOLLOWING THREE STORY HIGH X atoop kricit Houses. lit., 461, 2M, 448, 2jt> au.l 264 W at TbirP cnih atreei, containing ail llie mod rn improvements. Rr-nt $176 p< ranmini. Apply to ROBERT UHUER, Jr., 162 Weal Tblrty-fourlb atreeL rLBT-THE SECOND AMD THIRD FLOORS OF A first <lara house, iu a dealrable neighborhood. Rent $350. Addreea Mm. Miller, Union square 1'oel ul.?. TO UST-THE NEW BROWN STONE FRONT DWELL lug House, No. 56 Weal Forty-aevcnlh street, corner of Sixth avem conntmlng all the modern improvement*; VI el I adapter i physician or private rauilly; will be rented on reaeouai ma 'o a respectable tenant, with carpeU, gaa fixtures .re. or without either, aa may beat ault the applicar nre on tbe pren.iaea. TO L -AT WEEIIAWKEN, N. J., A VERY DEalraulc Farm, auitable for a larmer, ma'ket^gai deuer or country residence. with good house, barn and outbuilding", tbe proirerty of the late Wni. Spencer, live uitnulra' walk fi oiu the Weebawben ferry. Re il $4(A>. Apply on the premieea TO LET-IN NINETY SECOND STREET, CORNER OF Third avenue, a oecond Floor, in a two story flume Iioiihc, wi; b a large garden attached, to a small laiiiily. A| UJ ig n?. Bi'MflUl*,!! Kivmgton street, or MJ2 and MM i w?tr street. r rpo LET?THE Til REE STORY AND BASEMENT t X brick Hoiiih! UOThuui|>iu>n street, near Prime; has gas, bath, range, Ac.; will he lei cheap to a good tenant; cau be f seen between the hours of 10 A. M. anil 4 P. M. Apply 10 RALPH L._ANDKltTON, 1101.rami street. < mo LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, A LARUE FIRST CLASS , X Store, 2jxlu0 ami cellar. No. 2A) (fraud street, suitable j for a dry goods or shoo store; will be lilted up to suit the tenant. 0. W. KELsEY, 1X1 (Iraiul street, Williamsburg. f TO LET?THE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY HOUSE 1 32 East Tw< ti tie Hi street, between Broadway and Fount) t avenue. It Is replete tvltli erery convenience, including <:le- j ant gas fixtures, and will be rented low to a respectable private family. House 29 fret by 65, and contains 14 rooms. f May be seen fro.n 12 to 2 o'clock. Apply to S. 1'. Kl'SSEL, 2,1 Broadway. t rpo LET?AT NO. 10 WEST ELEVENTH STREET, FOUR J A doom west of Hrondway, mo furnished Rooms on sc. v coud floor, with all the modern improvem nts, with orvt i.h ( out Board. Also a Basement, suitable for a physician. TO LET-TWO THREE STORY BRICK HOU8ES, 123 and 127 West Ten i it street, in good order, with modern c improvements. Inqune at 121. Can be seen from 12 to 1 9 o'clock. t TO LET?FRONT AND BACK PARLORS ON SECOND ? floor, witn pantries between, and Back Basement; gas, J Ac. Can be seen fiom 2 until 5 o clock. Apply at 149 itlv.rig- 1 ton, one door from Suffolk street. j rpo LET?THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF 1 X brown stone front House, 2ii60, 477 Third avenue, two . parlors, four rooms, six closets, kitchen, washroom and eel- ' Inr; gas fixtures ami marble mantels; a complete home on one floor. Apply from 10 to 3 o'clock to THOMAS * MCPHERSON, 477 Third avenue, J TO LET?THE MAGNIFICENT STORE <71 BROADWAY, ' adjoluing the main entrance of the Lafarae llouae, sixe * of store 2&x46 feet, with two sp'endid show windows attach, ed; one of the best locations on Broadway, and suitable fur a ' jewelry or gents' ftirulshlug store, or any other genteel business. Will be let at a very reasonable rent if culled for im- J mediately. Fur further particulars apply ul No. 421 % Broadway, or at 101 Easi Thirteenth street. 1 TO LET?THE ENTIRE LOWER AND PART OF THE \ Upper mums of a modern built three story and htph , basement House, (be remainder to be occupied by u respei la- i ble laiuily of three persons; very cheap und desirable, on Murray Hill, one door east of Podrlb avenue. 03East For- J Ueth street. Inquire fur four days on the premises. TO LET?A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, 190 WEST TillRly-second street; is adapted for two families, without nji- l pcaritig so exterualiy; two kitchens, bathing tooms, water ] closets, A *. The gas lixtures belong to the house, and, what j Is rare la New Yors, all Is In perfect order. Ionuireof A. IMIKT.I'ti Sl l'in-,1 cat - ( TO LET-IN EAST BROOKLYN, SEVER XL DWEL- 1 lings, built in cottage style, with all modern irnptove- i meats, gas and Kidgewood water; near the car*. inquire of i 1*. F. O'BRIEN, builder, Sktllman street, between Myrtle and Turk avenues. Rent from $200 lo $300. ( TC LET-T11E LARGE TWO A>$D A HALF STOKY ' brlrk House 503 Broirne a reel, near Broadway; all the 1 modern improvements; gas fixtures and uhauiltliers to let wttli the bouse. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-LOWER OR UPPER PART OF HOUSE 129 Monroe ftreet. The owner will o cupy either part; thi ec in family. House thiee stories, basement and under cellar: 1 has modern Improvements. Apply to ALEX. LAUDEK, 226 South street. TO LET?THE DWELLING PART, FURNISHED, OF House 45 Third avenue. Rent taken In board. Accommodation for other boarders. Apply on the preuilaes. mo LET?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BASEJL ment Houses 3.30, 339 aid 341 West Thirty -111'Ih street, replete with all the modern improvements, brown stoue front t > the second lloor, large bay window, statuary and Italian marble insniels, vestibule marble, walls hung with handsome paper, handsome gas fixtures and chandeliers, speaking tubes, Ac., all In good order. Rent $800. ALo ; House 119 West Thirty-fourth street; rent $700. Inquire of 8. SPARKS, 337 West Thirty-lifth street. TO LET-VERY LOW, A LARGE STORE, SITUATED No. 370 Sec >ud avenue, having good living apartments, and would be suitable for a butcher's or fsncy and dry 1 foods.or any other business. Inquire at 179 Kuat Twenty. ' bird street. HENRY HUNT 1 TO LET-A FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ENGLISH basement dwelling House, 143 West Forty -second sited, with all modern Improvements; rent low. Inquire of A. PHELPS, 34 Pine street. TO LET?THE FOLLOWINO DESIRABLE HOUSES, at reducedrents:? 2H9 Second axenue. four story English basement. 146 East Thirteenth street, four atory brown stone do. 152 East Tuirlecnlli street, lour story brown stone do. 291 Second avenue, four Story English basement. 176 East Fifteenth street, three story, high sloop. 137 Essl Nineteenth street, three story, high stoop. lt>2 East Thirti emh street, three st >ry, high stoop. 11 St'iywsant street, three story and attic. 146 East Thirteenth strc< t. four story, high stoop. 210)4 Ksat Twentieth street, three story English l?t*enient. 14 Livings oil plat e, brown slone four story English btseni.nl .i.tiuiHiln Vtuvir, i t uilliff p Uiiiton pin,*, iNtarw Fifth av.-nu.-anJ Unitrr.ilv -1 m! ' U?'?*??*ry EujlUh basement. S! vKf", . el' tu'ee "tol v- high stoop. ? 5 V rr**tJ blown moil.-, high stoop. 83 We?i h 01 ty-ni tii *ue't, three etory. hieh Moot) Apply to TllOH. MACFaRLAnJZ) E?.l TeZ. street. TO LET-TllE FOLLOWING FIRST PLASH THRl-F story and utile bi?h stoop brie* Dwelling IIouh?n [n. cat J In i lie vicinity of Chelsea square:?No. 2,3 West J,[ tecu tli street. au.l 2tt West Twentieth ,iwl Tne above houses have jnet been painted throu, hunt, ceilings whitened andI t.ior.iughly cleaned, imd replete with fvny convenience U A CL^HMANdijH1m.V,ll*,U JOT"~i0" Apply to N"""vrn""1 be,,ve"" w T?f,L,!:Tw L",w OB VKTUBjnraBa w. i t? , 1. lo respectable tenants, houaca 2IW and 29J i f of *"-o?nh 'df.-et. in the r ar of L di.lon lei race with all the modern Improvements. and l.i good order Inquire at 236 Weal Tw.iit) second sine.. rru u;t-an ELEQANT BASEMENT in tin km . an ,"*"""'" ''f11'" ,lin?lw-'y, Ill-Ill Pan il etrrei; sire 2d by 40 I. ctj n-atl> furnished, with low rent. To.- i>ie?.o,t owner Joining t o- army in oonve,,.., nee c.n be had on an garalfdr.1*1* 'lu?ulre ^?>a Broadway, in the ??mo I ET THE I K . INT WHITE KAMI* rvoas , ! e i'tt.I' at ein.e, between Nlii.-icemh an I Twrntl.'th streets, furnished with gna and Crolon. Will b- rented low to a good tenant. Inioiediat.- possession given A Dili V 11 "Ta.-.n^M rro LET-SEVERKL VKRY HAND80MB KIK8T AND .1 hccond Floor*, orate I on Ninth av**Tiii<?, hmwuen Nine, ir Mit i And Twentieth f-tnen, imi on Fitte?'tith turret b# t\\ fj? n fcighth and Ninth avrtmf*. Thrse lloorH couUin an I e-x roonn ea. li, furnished with gas and Crolon fix" .ma audsenarale meter* for cneh boor. Halle marbled and nib ' clothru throughout. Affording; a guiited iviiMrnrc for Mnin.il I ami 11**, at modern'? r*?ntp. Apply to D. A. CU8IIMAN 1^2 Win U Hveinie, between Twentieth Ind Mqrfim TO LET-THE FOUR 8TOKY BRICK IRHBE, WITH ba-.eiu.-iit ant. parlor*, 61 I'm eti.-et. New Fork _ CAROLINE FACKXER. Tm O LET-TWO HMALL HOUSE* WITII ALL THE WO dern improve.lien Is; will be rented very low to com! Warns. Apply lo W. K. BERRY, 172 CeSireltrwt^p TB o 1.KT-IN BROOKLYN, FIFTEEN MINUTES BY ear. Iron, the Hamilton lerr/, a large Co, ime ami H,? ?JTi 'S.TT "or'"' M"."?1h" 'ro,n "*"? <?> imo' .m; an. klb-lien; s.uated between Fourth end Fifth avenue* nn.I Twolfih en. Thirteenth streets, running from eirre., SO feet fc;, ??. The houee Lw, 2 JJSJJd and |?jme.l, a now arbor and front fa now has been i elw.odv fen.nA1:'" ""i1 rml"r' Pbcmleee! The prSrM tens.it baa ...ended the l.remleea lor the leet five vrsrs. To * reapotislb'e lamtly It will be let low for on* or more yei ra. Apply i > H. II HUTUIIINOS, M John un ci TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, A NKAT, CONVENIENT COTluge, ccnlk'mng thirteen rismie, wsier mi l gM. In a de. uli-nbl" part of the rlty (m-ar Clinton avenuej; convenient to the ferry by hlty cmraj rant mod. rate. Apply to 0. O. BATON, IUJi nbiMt ktiret, IncUia. TO LET-ONE THE OLDKaT DAUI.'EKRKOTYI'R I Qallirlei v, allunted In the best block or the Bowery, hctwi M-at. r anil Grand stm ts. For paniculate npptyatNo.il Bowery TO IM-TUK LOWER ' K I OF HOUSE NO. 4 TENTII street, c . o, it '< < | i\ lor?, two basements, an>l two rooms ii t'i . t $3J0 per annum. To be seen between 3 anti St M. _ ____________ TO LET?lfcl tVM F.1 i 15Y I I,A< E, CORNER WEST Tenth si- \ He' er part or House, consistinK of eight rooms, v.it t'lw mc-Jern Improeenients. a separate entrain0 to to ia: part I (Hire at No. Kl West Eighteenth street, of on Ww i 1 Possession lit April.] TO LET?/? Noli HE II OK DESIRABLE HOUSES, vlr.:?1.1 I.W and 107 West Twemy-seonnd street; 7 and 10 West to tv-nrsi etret; 931) West TliHiy-srinnd stie?t; 1U0 West Fourteenth a r-at; 48 Greenwich a-entre; liY> West H renteenthstreet: Jfl# Hudson nli> el; l7HWe?tTta rty-n'nth euerl, 1V7 West Thirty- ret street. 91 Clinton plnce.jfir nlshrd: IS Lamnrtine place; JiJ lln-bon street, lions- and e'nre; 131 K glitl av.Mine, house and store; 134 Eighth nvc nue, house ir.dlt i> Also, a number of other houses. .1. A W. I EMI AM, EUhth avenue, corner of Sixteenth street, 11 om morning nil 9 In th even inn. TO LET- V NR\T COTTAHK HOI HE, CONTAINING tcnrooo i and six cloeeis; situate on the north side -f Eighty thi' I emert. between Third end Fourth nvrnnes; rent reasonable > a good tenant. Apply to J. A. HILLICK. house and land sjcni, Eighty-sixth ttivet, between Third and Fourth are' nee, or at ltr7 Fourth evrnutt, near Twelfth stre-i. TO LET?Til E ENGLISH BASEMENT HOUSE 7J WEST Twenty-ninth street, three re.ima deep, eontalnlnc all the modern improvements Rent ?:>IW to a rs-xp msible tenant. Apply for particulars to A MA I,I.KT, IS Clinton plare, or Kt the drug store 475 tilth arenas. fPO LET OR FOR SALR-TWO THHKK STORY AND A has: ment houses, modern Improvements, on L"S a veil OS, near Ross street, W llhunabtrg; rem $4AO; or tors He at war prices. For k?ys Ar., apply to A. OWEN, oollaga house, Roan street, corner of Lee avenue. 3 HOUSES, ROOMS. AC.. TO rO LET?HOl'HE, WITH STABLE IN THE REAR. ?W VVualungion Biuret. The ho ? cou'aliui uiueieeii ruoiii*, viUi gA?, wnt r and newer. The ?tab.e u*b nix b?rge till-, rah room lur wa^oa, gut, water and newer lending from II o sewer on etrei t. jt ]H a very <le?i cable location for a ? art* nan or expr? naaiaxi wbhn.g to be near his atuble. Ar Ijr ou he pitrO LET?THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 61 QOUfRRneur at reel, coinaniiiig ol sevtu Kohium, t?? a mh?ii, r? iptctable family. Oat amlCroiou water t'.ough the hotae, tttii pi-biii-gi- oi uslug bath, inquire on the preiniw*. IK) LET OR FOR SALE-TUE TWO STORY AND ATTIC f 12 Uiroy street, suita h for our r two .amiwm. Rent $500. Inquire on the pr< miv'i. r? LFT1 ?0R ^'-E, OR TO EXCHANGE?A FURlushed House in lioboken, llr.t class, three stones, nth water, gnu range, 4,- ; auualion No. i Hloomfield id M e. rventh house above Fifth street, in Bloom eld street; House rery comforUbly furnished; wil l-t bouee and furn.tuie lor WO) per annum; will aril at g-t OlH on lavorable teri is, or could exchange for a firm , la*. House, well bx au-d lu Irooklyn, worth about 15. di. Apply ou the premtareor to JANIEL WAiJhWiJKTIl , 2 ?7 1'i'ori street, N c ,v York. rLET OB FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN, NO. 2(W Bridge etreet, near Concord hlT.-n munuye ri-om Wall r Fulton le: ry, a modern mown atone an t brick U uee ra'cr and gas. RcntgfOO, very < heap. In pure of J.IjU FAU, M Liberty etreei, up ataira. New York. rO LET OR LEASE?STORE AND DWELLING NO. 231 Bowery, one >.o tr fro.u the corner oi Prince atri'et. lute glaas front: dwelling baa all the iiiodcrn itnptovu iienle. Rent $1,000 per annum. Apply ou the presume. rO LEASE-THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING tu Broadway; store 110 uy 25 feet: lire stories. with ba-enenl and under basement; would make a tin - saloon; oi ach Unor separately; two upper Boors have Iteen lilted f or lodge rooms. Iiupiire of H. GALBllAITH, Eai|? 127 Fob .n street, or A. EAULESON, TM Broadway. rO LEASE-TEN LOTS OF GROUND, SITUATED between Forty-second and Forty third streets, fiuiuiug in the East river; bulkhead with water 'M leei deep; auiUtdo for storage, a fouudiy or the manui urine oi heavy uachlnery, where good wharf accommodation* are r -'iutreu. Apply at the Cedar depot, ou the premises. rO LEASE FOR TEN Y BASS?AX I.N TIRE It LOCK of grouud <>n the East river, w itb largo .beds ami but tings thereon, together with the dock, Ac. To a reMsmsible enaut a favorable lease w111 he made. Apply to TllOdAS MILLER. 7* Broadu ay. rO KENT-VERY FINE STOKES ADJOINING THE Bull's Ilead Bank, on the Third aroni.e, lietwet n Tweny-lifth ami Tweniy-suth strrele, 85 feet l>y 2-J feet Olncuee, lepg ttly titled up. Ren. $.'0 ) per annum Alan larg- Baseiienis. light and airy, 8250 per annum, f> l-t with stores if . .,-l_ ,i;.. i...- 1 1 VCi W ITUIIV M chamber* n't reel, room N'o 5 110 KENT OR FOR SAI.E-A HESIRAHI.E COUNTRY . residence, situs cd up n the Passaic rivar, n tlx- v age if Bellevill , N. J.; a lar.e dm b.e stone home, con a.umg hlrtieu room*. besides basement, kitchen and cellars; in he midst of a beautiful la in of about oue acre. with ue >IU shads treci. The ground* extend to the river shore, [iving opportunity to enjoy the tiahmg. boating and bathiui'. luge* and ateamboat* run each aix trip* daily to Newark, n connection with the tra n- to Xaw Yuik. Communication villi Wall street inside of an hour. It nt $iM. Apply to V. H. WRItSIIT, 1$ W ill street, up atalr. Stable* will be milt If de?lrei),and M ' proportionately incieaaed. rO RENT OR LKAMI' A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RR. sldrm.., ou the ol I K.ng-br.dge road, u ur CariuunavlUe, 11 Iruaant. old laahluned llonse, with gu- aud water; line IMA. healtl.y ha anon, itaole an 1 garden; trrtna modem e, 0 - It the times. Apply to H. M. llROAPIIURST, corner or 4Uh street and Tenth avenue. Post odiee uddress, Waahiug?n Heights. rHE FOI.LOWINO CHEAP HOUSES TO LKT?WITH nil modern improvement* in: 4 on Kurt Thirtieth street, snl gSiU to (ft'Ai; 4 on Tutrly lirst street, $##<? to$7 A); Son riilrtv-thlrd street, $0X1 to $(><; 2 "ti Thlrt; flTtli street, $.00 a> $<tX>. 3 on Thirty-sixth atreet. $A>t. II! on Thirly-ulutb r.tset, $311); 1 on Fotty 'ilih street, $400: 3 on Forty eighth itreet, $MJU; 3 on Fiftieth street, $310 to $.'4)0; Fltty-lirat street, $300; 3 on Fifty-third street, $!.Vl to .JjtXi; 3 on Sito.k! avenue, near Fifty-third s'.rret, $430; 6 oo Fifty tilth 1 riet, $160; Siv.v tilth street, $360. Heven'y-thlrd street with two lots, $)2j. several others on So o id, Le- injton sou Fourth avenues. Apply to JOHN KETTR1TCH, 41s Thtni av. rO CIBINET MAKERS AND FURNITURE DEALERS. |To let, the old established Cabinet War 'house ol the lain iVtlliaui rsliner,70East Broadaay; t ie Store and Reno, d floor, with privilege in the ce lur. Posses-ion immediate:y. 'nt;ulrc ou flic premises. t> } ~ A PER ANN I'M.?TO IET. THE THREE STORY POtlO basement and cellar nrst class House. No. Iti6 Eest rhirty-llrst atreet, aecond house cast of Sec ond avenue, cona ning baths, hot and cold water, water closets, Ac. Apply . o\VM. KENNELLY, 21 i'inc street. feyj AA ?TO ut, THB HOUSE 2S8 WEST THIRTY. Ptt'/U. third street, containing all the modern loiprmenents. Will bo let for the nb ive low rent if applied tor Imnedtately. F. S. EDWARDS, 03 Liberty street. MISCELLANEOUS. Articles for tkayei.lkus.-trunkr, raor, hat and Iriai Boxes, e rgaui t ans nutdr Indies' Travelling ind Shopping Bags, Ac. Ac. JOHN t'ATTNACH, Mnnulncturer and Importer, HO Broadway, corner of Wall street, and 70J Broadway, near Fourth street. BRODIE'S DYSPEPSIA PILLS?A SAFE AND HE liable remedy for every disease originating In a disordered slate of llie stomach. Your druggist hi lis tbetn. D 8. BARNES, geueral agasl, 2IJ Broadway, New Yolk. *v/uuifl oionva *xin Dl T VTIJ I'llX' i lit' D Tfl X XT UUU1VD, OAOliOO anywhere el?e; be Hi <|iiailty u no'"'X . . N. f. KIMBALL, 7? Beekn ? i elreet. _ INVALID.?YOU WILL OET THE RECIPE KOR A 1" ?ure cure for Cuuei.s, Cold*. Conenmpllon, bv sendincto D. A dee, 381 Peerl ulrrct. N. Y. He Mends it free. Write for it. It hae cured thMeuMB. MAKBLE MANTELS.?TIIE SUBSCRIBER INFORMS llie public lb Ml lie l? celling M.nt'l., Ac.. chi-up r than kny puraun In tl.e hueliieee. Tho-e wieh ng to purcb.,.- should Mil sunn ?t A KLABEK S Merbie yard. 113 La?l tigliieemli Mrcei.weatof Third aeenue, New York. Royal Havana lottery.?oieicial drawing of Match U. 1882 ? A%. ,V,i Prime. S<>. PHl'. N. >. Pi it*. A'?. 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" A LARUE STOCK OK NEW AND SECOND HAND Rililaril Tablet, *lib Fi.laii'i Combination Cushions, for anlc at prlcea to tult the tlmeg. I'll ELAN A COLLKN 'BR. ? to*) Croaby *t. N. T NOTICE.-W H. GRIFFITH WILL REPAIR TABLES put on hit improve,| Combination Cuahlont. fomlafc Cloth i u v, Halla, Cue leather*; furutth Chalk and Billiard Table* thirty percent elieiier than < an be bought elsewhere. W. II I.KIKFITII, ltd Fullon street WANTED?TW11 tiK THREE FIRST CLASS BILL1 ARC l?I.lea, t'ate beda. Call for two day* at Weitern Hotel COAIa* (CUMBERLAND COAL AT *6 Ml PER TON ?JUST REJ reived, Cumberland coal for *mltb'a, of auperlo* quality, wbldi wtU I? delivered at the alnrre rc.luee.i ?i t?e. Also, e?!i?;antly on hand, Loeuat Mountain, L"hlgb. Red Ash. and Cnniiel Coal o h- brat uuallty and lor aala al Hie loweat market price. THUS. TKUSL1 ?W, JR., Mi Kaai Fourteenth Mreet, New York; fool nl South Tenth at fee I, Wtriamal urg I It .let a t an be rent by post, or I 'ft In boiea at 'AM Pearl street, or 241 Water all eel. MKDICAI*. " AM MA1R1CEAU, PROFESS* iR-TRKATS ALL . dtBcnAf'ii of leinalcN with i^rulmy and 129 Llb^r'jr TAR. COOPER, 14 DUANK STREET. MEMBER OK THE J ) Cob'gr Pbyaotlr n. a.,,1 Burg?,.;* ??, i* mnanuru hihj hi mm i,?i, ? ? In tb<- evening. nn K K. KoBKUTi ?'AN MK 1'O.fSBLTEO OilLT fr-e (if charge, *1 7i ? ? Tlur;> eighth atrret. Con HI'Itnltoim 1>Y teller, $1, T\OCTOR HTNTRII HIMSELF THE PHYSIC! AM J J Who eaiabiiah .1 til" HnnNrian Diapemary, No. ? Dlvlalon ?tr<rt, N w York city, In lt*W, can l>? lonaulied from S A.M. until 10 o'elwkal night at the i>H odli*. Private enlranc nil piiWKR riil'ATS I I t. I >1SK ASKS OP FEMALES with unparalleled anc i a Ho ran b<! rounilte I lit No. 12 Lat-ht aireet. Aile ida eoaaiantly. DR. R A I. I'll.?OFFICES 1.19 CROST1Y STRRET, COR nrr ut llo'ia on. llonra 11 to 2, and 0 till f l'. M. Dr. ward, an experienced and put cbmrful Phyrh Ian and Rirgron, can be ronaiilted i? uatial. Ofiirr No. 12 l. oahi atrret, private entrant*. Ilonre from ft A. M till 9 P M dally. "PROFESSOR RF.PTF.M,, 102 Cll AM HERS HTRERT, CAR X be aonanltr I aa usual. Amenta, I27K Liberty aticrL M.I. la Bi'i ' ly i- Ufl F ultou atreeL