25 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE's ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE s ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE's ILLUSTRATE!! NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE's ILLUSTRATED NEWSntl'ER. frank LESLIE'S 1LLTST RAT ed NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE's ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIE's ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER FRANK LESLIES ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER Frank Leslie's illustrated newspaper frank leslies illustrated newspaper frank leslie's illustrated newspaper prank leslies illustrated newspaper frank lb-lie's illustrated newspaper frank leslie 8 1llu8ekated newspaper frank leslie s illustrated newspaper frank leslie's illustrated newspaper . contains contains con iains contains contains TUB following illustrations:? war in north carolina. Prow original (ketches Ay Mr. 8obcll, our special arluR accompanying the expedition. _ 1. BATTLE OF NEWBI3RN. A grand picture of four g*gea, *ho? ids i he bnal charge on the rebel fortliicatione. " LANDING OK THE UNITED STATES TBOOPS AT 8LOCUM 8 CREEK, 15 milea from Newborn. 5. BOMBARDMENT OF FORT THOMPSON by commodore ROWAN's OUNBOAT8. A VIEW OF NEWBEKN lrom Fort Thompaon. 6. OEN. BURN SIDE S HEADQUARTERS on Roanoke Inland. ?. THE REBELS IN AMBUSH FIRING ON LIEUT. ANDREWS and lila RECONN'OITERINU PARTY. war on the mississippi. From original eketchea by our apecl.il arlLt, HENRI LOVIE, on board the United Stale* gunboat Con"Moga. 7. THE BOMBARDMENT OP ISLAND NO. 10, March IS. 8. GENERAL BOMBARDMENT OF ISLAND NO. 10. March 17. 9. NIGHT BOMBARDMENT OF THE MORTAR BOATS, WAR in FLORIDA. From original aketcbea by our epocial arti?t with tbe expedition, Mr. Crane. ^.-INTERIOR VIEW OF FORT CLINCH. II.?rORT CLINCH FROM THE OUTRIDE. II.?PORTRAIT OF THE CONTRABAND PILOT "Pit ;nck," who piloted the United Stales gunboat* up tbe L Marfaflw. WAR III TUB WEST. IS.?GENERAL ABBOT" end hli staff at Pea Ridge. H.?PORTRAIT WTtXtotl FRANa TJJITB, Commander el the Prairie Seoul#?from a photograph." *t?eji? IK-SWORD PRESENTED bj (Re U.K?f 0* ? L,,^ w Ooueral Halleck. i&PW- ' ' ni. noma to _1C.?A KEB?L tCiIPEDO. For the deaIructton of United uais at Fort Donelaon. WAR IN SOUTH CAROLINA. From original aketcbea fc,17M^SCBNB ON A SB A ISLAND COTTON PLANTATION?UNCLE SAM PAYINO THB CONTRABANDS. Id.?CAPTAIN BUDD, OF THB UNITED STVttS OUNBOAT. CUTTING THB TELEGRAPH WIR^R BETWEEN FORT PULASKI AND SAVANNAH. WAR IN VIRGINIA. From a sketch by M* Bale, one mi Ul Artist. Occupation op Winchester at a detachment of general banks' army. 4 ?t8^lackbird Ac Nellaw. maryland The literary eon tenia o'f this Double Number art equally varied and excellent Tbe Editorials etp'-facq all the prominent toplce of tbe day, * 'THE VICTORY OF NEWBERN SUMMARY OF THB WEEK. THE FRUITS OF VICTOR*. f THE RAPFAHANNOCK. A CENSORSHIP OF THE PRE8B. SOUTHERN BRUTALITY. KBBEL DESPONDENCY. FRENCH FOOLERIES. ATTBNtlON. RIIYMER8. seWarm on national tolict. THB TAX BILL AND TAXATION. The eiteor Editorials are also upon aubjocta equally apro Klo the crista. E KOUANOESare? The Halt Siatere, a Tale of Metropolitan Life. One of the moet powerful aeid original remaiues ef tbe age, by one of wero.l dikllng'uxbed American author*. The Women I Loved and the Woman who Loved Me. A MboeyncraoyBorrhomeo, th? Astrologer. A Monkish tsle. To Esther. A mini remarkable story. Alio an article called One of the City Missionaries. Old Folks at Home, an incident of the present day In additlen to the above are articles describing the lllnatra Alone, containing a graphic account of the leading erenle of TO^HOn'BARDMENT OH THE MISSISSIPPI THE BATTLE OP REWKKKN AM) BURNSIDB'B EXPEDITION. THE CAMPAIGN IN VIRGINIA. SCRAP* AND FANCIES THE HUMORS OK TIIK WAR. SCENES AND INCIDENTS OP THE WAS ISC ALLAN IBS. " WAS NKVVS. DOMESTIC NEWS. SOUTHERN NKW8. KOREIUN ITEMS. rOETKV. """" Hi" In all reapecia, whether in the artistic beaaty, niunber, accuracy and vital Internal of lla lllusiialtoaa, or the eariaty and eioellenae of lie literary contents, this number la ua. oau ailed by may single number or any Illustrated matnei aver lsaued, In tbls c. unlry. Europe or twloa LOOM OUT TOR LOOK OUT FOE LOOK UOT FOR LOOK OCT FOR LOOK OUT FOR LOOK OUT FOR LOOK OUT FOB LOOK OUT FOB LOOK OUT FOR 1 ms tfffiipa&sas srs*k prank leslie's illustrated newspaper. ' gkes asks? ss :w?pape5 1 &g? hgagf pistes 8gsgtf&: frank leslie's illustrated newspaper. *|f*k leslies illustrated newspaper. ?5^5 f?8w!4,b illustrated newspamkr. M hsfhi rasifss?? jrie5 i'sshis illustrated newspaper. '. 1125 h55h5 s illustrated newhpapbr. eas* (*5sf'!s 5 illustrated newspaper. 6i2r rsshl! 'llustkated newspaper. wsa22 reshs.s illustrated newspaper. FRANK {52he2 illustrated newspaper. frjnk irshks }h'h2trated newspaper. rank leslies illustrated newspaper. prank lksl7r. locujr iiall mtuarr, new xois, [E NE NEW WHAT GEN Scene of Operations c 1 v. -/ ^ CUMBERLANJ^HfPvlr \ V T \jw*ktSV7S kw V v/y PiWK v \ ^Vv \ M?&w\ > #/iende|^SONX. I y\A )| v AW/.? V/7 (T^\ \Cl ^*>^^rBJOy > M\\6\ ll I J fALUNC Cl>9% J<MV?ftY*BORO v I [ ] J f \ rA/S\"' | J /fyr*/c \ ***<?*. V I WuiU' WAV?LLr\(^ \ N ) n J^v1" \ILLi&A' l teesaut ) \L^^,uyi^^>sy *WX^A?J ?^JVj Bu/ic ui1 Y. > J '" R" fimjft' SON sc. See Tenth Page for Particulars of tl OPERATIONS 01 THE C0A8T. Our Special War Correspondence from the Cult el Mexico, Atlantic Coast and Hampton Roads. WHAT THE NAVY IS DOING, Mi, *?.? he* Oar Ship 1 eland Correspondence. On Board Trim Hrramer Magroim, I Ship Ularr, Keb. 20,1802. / Mucitsmg Chase tf a Rebel Vessel? Highly Interesting Account eff the Capture of the Magnolia?Horrible Suffer, iesgs and Death sf One of the Engineers? Namee of the Deeded States Qflcrre Who Saved the Ship?Services of Engineer Frater? Efforts eff the Rebel Captain to Destrog the Vessel,de.,do. Alter tbe mooetony of being at anchor about three weeka, we have et laat bad come excitement. On tbe 19tb tut. we were in a fof at tbe entrance to face a IHJUlr* wdicd un mtbu'pwi ua lur icn or ?w?it? Q?/ > o Chat we eould not iee fifty yard* from the Teasel. At golf-past all A. M., tbe man at tba masthead reported a riimr qutta naarua, but bo ooald not aeo anytblaf from dock. Wo immediately spread tbe fires and shipped anchor to glee abase. U proved to be tbe crack a tea mar Magnolia, and ifabe bad some eat an hour sooner she would have escaped u?. It was a moot exciting chase, and we did not overhaul her until she was within twelve or fifteen miles of Mobile Day. The Brooklyn retrieved her obaracter this time, as she made thirteen knots, and for a short time fourteen Luckily far us we had a stiff breexe, with all our canvass spread, the engines making fifty-dve evolutions per mlnnl#. Mr. Alexander V. Fraser was in tbe fireroom all day, and was complimented for the manner In which he kept up steam, and for this reason was selected to pick out a certain number of men and lake charge of tbe Mag nolta and caf?y her to Key West. On getting on board he found that la bL'Olr desperation tbe man had attempted to destroy the ves.?e! end her cargo. They fastened down the safely velvee am.' succeeded In exploding one boiler, scalding one of the engineers to death. Thoy cut open a good many of the biles of cotton and eat (hem iw yo YORK, TUESDAY, MARC EBAL BURNSII m the Coast of North -v\ Wi\\1*" wM?</ r^^^i":v?*b^*S S^Tfl^ 12^$- ?&> r-n VM^^'i S?#i' vy-y/ w u dj*jaborook. Ji*< aj& Vr?&?m hzr.'n XMH ^^15 y nit-stump ... ,z / tili soundfst c?rlg^ifet!?r%?.% ' 1= / ,4, -W .i*// ?JP1^ *2?0 ^ s ,i5 gj /jplP^L * $ts%&jb^um*'"l*retf f llJ^j^r^ZOfi*JUL ^ ^ p mbfsanov tnul ^ ^ ] wttmso/^bobo ? ff<*' ?v* IL^* ^/strwisr gk JfsMITH8 L ** mcapefeaa cb =*2 tie Abandonment of Bea^ifort, Blowing on flro, knocked off the guards of I bo mo oocki, and cut hole* In tba copper injection pipoa with aiee. It won only by superhuman exertions tbal Fraser and tba other men Mead tba vesi*l. Aa coon aa the craw I bad committed the vessel to the flamea they took to their boate,and were trying to reach the ahore, but the South Carolina managed to bead them off and took them prisoaeia (twenty an in number). During tbe cbaae tbey threw overboard about 200 baiee of cotton, but there are 1,000 balee atill remaining on board Tbe officers found all the drafta and other papers on board, to tbe amount of fifteen or alxteen thousand pound*, on Baring Rrotbera, London, aad on one r two prommant merchant! In New York, wke are deeply implicated in aiding tba rebels. The Magnolia waa bound for Havana, but wbon abe found we were overhaulteg ber they hauled up and tried to run for Mubila and get under ih# gun* of Fort Morgan Tbe i?or tuan who had been acalded w?a found staggering around tbe deck, perfectly blind, with bla teeth and tongue dropping out in plecea, and crying, "Oh, take me borne, take me borne" He died the same night, In groat agony, and waa buried on the 20lh of February on Ship Island. We were lowed bere by the South Carolina, aa one boiler was rendartd useless by tba explosion and tba englna badly damaged. Wa hava tba seven officers on board, and have had to keep watch oyer them with revolvers, as tbey tried again to fire the cotton. To-day tbe llugabtp Hartford came In, and this after

aoon the i htol Kngineer came on board and took charge to repair tbe engine and run tier to Kay hiai wiid ooa boiler. Tbe men who saved tba reasel ara sadly dlsap polntad, aa they expected to get some credit for their efforts, but the Commodore la afraid that we will loee our easel if we go much farther, aa Ibe Brooklyn baa gone back to Paaaa I'Uutre, and la ordered by Commodore Var ragut to proceed to the bead o( the Paaaea, ae that we will hare all New Urleana and all the Ooatlng infernal machines coming down to nail ua. Fraaer and the men with him are ordered to rejoin the Brooklyn tbe first opportunity. Tbe prise la werlh about $260,000,as Ibe bales weigh from 600 to 000 pounds, and the cotton is of prime quality This is the best price taken yet, and, be aides, the letters obtained gtve tbe government Information of aH the steamers engagad and ready to run tbe blockade. Tbe engme is a beam engine, arty inches diameter, twelve feet stroke, and during tbe chase she made fifteen knots with the sea dashing over her. They carried Ike maim so high that ail the mercury urns Mourn out of the tjphon gauge t, which are graduated to thirty-ftro voundi. Tliey burned cannel coal or (he finest quality. and burned fivo barrels of rosin bestdea. The carta in told me himielf that he tried to Mow up nit hdntl and the testel, too, when he found wo uere sure to ea ch him, 41 he toy 1 he will not dare to go hark to New Orlearu, as tbay will think he gava ber up, and kill him. The prize crew sent on heard wars aa follewa ? (ieorgo Dawburst, Acting Master Allen K. Noyes, Mastera Mate. A V. Fruaar, Jr , Hecond Asatatant Knglneer. J. Brightf I tin <1 Assistant Kngioeer. Thomas T) son, first chise fireman. Jobu tlatilisns, first ih.se fireman. RK H !H 25, 1862.?TRIPLE SHI BE HAS ACCI Carolina, from Elizab >>1 r * * * Up of Fort Maeon and the Destmctioi John Rourka, coal hearer. Patrick McKarland, coal hearer. una. F. A. Heath, Patrick Murray, George Wallla, John Prica, John Brown. Hugh Mclilnnle, Jaiura Roacb, Martin Willard. Dauiel Grimes, wamm or rittoiwa uin Captain Shannon John lewie, Mat* John Brown, Second Mata. John Kenard, thief Engineer. John Wild, Second Engineer, acalded to death hp the wnloelnit nf tho hi> ilnr Joseph M Datcn, Pilot. George Thompson. Carpenter. Wm. Wbann, Jr., Purser or Supercargo. Hour; Gregor, SMwirt, James Amson, Cook. Wo ore Id o continual atoto of excitement, as tbera aro some nrtaao stssmara heavily armed and ready to run Iba blockade Wa are, therefore, at quarters almost every night The report of Englaeer Fraser on the en gines of the Magnolia baa been highly approved These engines ware built at the Atlantic Works ta 184T. OPERATIONS ON THE MISSISSIPPI. Owi Ganbeal CarmpoadHttt Or Boaan srsirsr Airs, 1 MiaatSBrriRivn, March 14, 1869 J Afioaf Once Mort?fk* BluffI Where (he StUl Batteries Once Stood?Arrival at Columlnu?BfinforttmenU?nff Down Ik* JWeer?Hickman? JMrure of Tcltfraph Off**, 4, ? tPAat Kim Took Flat* There?JMei Atrocities? Our Sh*lek, Me. This tnorn.ng at daylight wo wars embarked on board the gunboats and transports, and set afloat adowa the nvsr towards "Dials," the Uagshlp Benton leading the way, followed by tbe Louisville, Captain Dove, Clncln nail, Captain Slembel, Carondelet, Captain Walks, and Oonestoga, Lieutenant Commanding Blodgatt, tbe rear being brought up by tbe Alpa, tow k g coal barges, and tbe Wilson, Wisoonsin, Hammltt and Tike, towing eight hugs mortar boats. Three or four small despatch boats are dodging around among the fleet carrying orders, and two or three transports are lying at Bird's roint, lad.-n with troops and supplies The ammunition boats Judge Torrance and Great Western are to follow us as soon aa rlgnalltd by the flagship. Tbe rsportorlal profession ban been kindly cared for by Captain FVnnock, who has placed every convenience at )i r disposal T.ie morning is clear acd beautiful, a slight wind from ERAI SET. IMPLISHED. eth City to Beaufort. QHfitrOAT l ^pAPEHENB^ ? INEpk * 0 \ * * ft ft lHK==3S?L^e=3 r. t, ffAum. i of the Hebel Frivateer Sf ashville. lit* southeast dear* th# river of Its foggy envelop* as It ris*s, sod a warm spring son cheers us by It* bright radiance W* have passed the little vlllsge of Norfolk, Mo., Fort Jefferson, Ky., and Luces'Bend, and are now in sight of th* Iron banks above Columbus. With what different feeling* we approach thos* frowning bluffs now from those inspired before at any time since last August. Up to a week ago we would always drop anchor at this point, and, with a whit* flag flying at our peak,await th* approach of a rebel steamer to learn our wishes. Then, If w* ventured too far down, n rebel gun would send a shot athwart our bows to warn us of our danger, and our eyes would be greeted with a view of a rebel flag floating defiantly over the rebel fortifications. Now we are greeted with th* cheers and hurras of a blue coated garrison, and the glorious old btars and Btrlpes float from the staff that ouce peaked the Confederate baunor. So It will be a week hence, we hope,all th* way to M< mphis. th* river will be cleared of its rebel embargo, and the old but long Interrupted commerce of the river be resumed. But here we are at Columbus. H>-re we are Joined by th* three other " iron clads"?the Flttsburg, St Louis and Mound City?making our fleet number seven iron and on* wooden war vessels, eight monster raft#, and (even tow boat* and transports 1 wish I could, with pen and IDE, poriray ?uw inui u?>w " .?w??. ,., -v crib* the emollon* I bat (well lb* baarti of all, wbatliar aflvat or aahore, but all ibo word* id " Vfabator unabridged," poaltlunod by tho m>*t eloquent and elegant rhetorician, would fall to do It juallct. FuPtce It loaay that we are going to act at lb* pioneer* Into rebel water*, and we eel oil with feeling* akin to Unite experienced by tbe bold and akllful navigator when be atari* upon a voyage of dlecovery Into seme hitherto unknown region. AlColumbue,alee,our lufantry force was augmented. At three o'clock we left Oolumbu* for, at wt auppott, Itlaad No. 10, but our Oentral* and Commodore* keep tbetr own countal* to cloaely that our deallnation may be New Or lean*. Cuba or New York for augbt wt know. However, I anticipate that wt will hardly got to Now Madrid without a bit of a Sgbt. While our fleet wan lying at Columbu* I took occasion to run over town awhile and to chat with tbe people. The Aral man I met waa a grocer, who formerly llvtd In Mataachuaetta, of couree a Vuioo man, and aa bappy an a tpring thad on Jereey flaia He told me n long nnd (trange ttory of unredreeeed wronga inflicted by the retraatuig rebel* aa tbey left tbe town; how they itote and da (troyad all tb# property tbry aould lay tbelr thieving palm* upon. how tbey robbed and murdered th-ea *ua peeled of Unionlem, and bow, Indeed, tliey ravlahed tbo moet re?pectable ladle* of tbe vicinity. Tbm laat atrocity I could ecarcely credit, but a further Inquiry convinced me that tb* half bad not been told. Th? name of in* lady, living about twelve mile* below, on tho Union City road, wa* given mo, who was so foully treated by th oat rebel flend* that for aeveral day* bor life wa* despaired of However, lot me do the juatIre to aay Ju*l here that whru the outrage came to tbo **ra of (Jvnerel t heat bam, ef Tenneeeee, that olT.ccr oacorlamed who were the trorpe ,D. PRICE TWO CEKTS. r?t.>r?, and, ordering (hem into hia presence, made (ten (cktiowleiig.. their guilt, when he drew bin revolver,nod, eitho t judge or jury .shot three of the unsc. euuls dead >n the spot. Another gentleman?Parson W. K. Talbot, ol :he I'reehyle lau church?told me much of rebel outrage tnd abuse. The "secesh" had hhn twice under ark-St? ince for no other reason than because he had the manhood to admonish some rebel soldiers whom he caught in the act or stealing his chickens, and again because be preached a sermon against fratricidal war. Ho was liberated, however, by the Reverend General Polk upon his parole not to rurniab information, aid or comfort to the federals, after he had b.en kept under arrest for seventeen days. At about one o'e'.ock a storm oarae up, and such a rata as we had during the remainder of the day was enough to disgust one wuh rain storms forever. Rut we had one satisfaction in the thought Uut tbo more it rataed the higher would be the river ?nd the more overflowed would be the much vanned Island No. 10. It was not until about throe o clock that we steamed down the river at a rapid speed, Um Ueuton leading tbo way and the other boats following along as they pleased. Wo made good time through the rain and mat. and finally, about Ave o'clocs, saw the town of Hickman tying far down the river, eo the Kentucky shore. h? half aa hour we were abreast of the village, sad in a few minutes more the gunb at and mortar fleet were anchored off the town, whilo the transports were fastened to the landing. An immediate debarkation of several oompanles at troops took place under Col. Buford. The first business was ths reizore of the telegraph office. The operator was nosed, and his office was also stripped of instruments and batteries. A few miuotes before landing he bad been seen riding a borse wildly upthi hillside leading sot of ths town. The troops, after forming on the levee, marched quickly to the railroad depot, hoping to capture a train it cars which had juat got in. They were a moment too lato. The engineer had taken the alarm, and was backing his train in a great hurry Just as our soldiers caiuo in sight. A volley was ffred after him, but it was not discovered that any damage bad been d.'Ue him. On the first approach to the city a troop of rebel cavalry w.o? seen on the blulT just over the town. They seemed to bj watching our iu ivenieuts, riding roc tie My to ami fro on the wdgeof tii. ciilf, hn the moment the troops advanced in that direction they hurriedly disap peared. From the citi/oruof Uu km >u 1 learned that th.s squad of cavalry was a part of a force of about 2 0O0. lliSir headquarter* located at Union City, n town or railroad Importance m the trite; i?r, *ud ah ul llftoeu niin'i iroui idu river. Bquuas 01 mis cuvn.ry nave w it gco1 ;ring tTio CO' ntry for weeks, and have male tlai v visits to fl.kuuin. The squad in view when wo airn > <1 doubtless lkw like the wind, andooiainunicated (he uow.< of our arrival at Union City, from whence, ere tl> a writing, it has been radiated through Memphis and lint whole South. I, with numbers of the offlcors, passed on shore, and mingled freely with the citixeas. They were polite but sot cordial. The only encouragement or sign of loyalty Uncovered by our heat was the waving of several whit* handkerchiefs at our Boats ss they passed up to the landfleet la lying at anchor off Hickman to-night, and before the morrow's sun is up ws shall steam down upon Island No. 10, which is distant about fifteen miles. The rebels srs determined to "do or die" nt that place and New Madrid, and we shall, doubtless,have hot work. The gunboat ieuiavllle. Captain liove commanding, 1 am aorry to aay, sustained a slight injury in ons of be* boilers, and to-night we are towing her back to Columbus, where she will relieve the I'ltiiburf in guarding that town, and remain until repaired. More mnoni: VISIT TO BUOXIj MISSISSIPPI. Ov Gulf Correspondence. ' Ukitkd Smtm Futoamr Hxarvonn, > flair Island, March 1,1842. > Appearance of Bilexi and Diepceition of (he Inhabitant*Interview Between the Mayor cf the Jbwn and the "Inlading Yankee*"?Visit to Ocean Spring* and Ike Pact Office of that Place in Search oj Southern Newspaper* The Accident to the Fensacela?Establishment of n LightMouse on Skip Bland, etc., etc. This morning at an early hour 1 left this ship and went on board of the New I/mdon, for the purpose of vtailing Biloxi. The Hartford's launch was armed and e^ntpped for several days' cruising.and, in addition to her regular outfit, a corporal and six marines ware sent along. Midshipman H. B. Tyson and Master's Mate Locks want in charge of the party. On going on board of the New London I found Col. Butler, Col. Jones, of the Twenty-sixth Massachusetts, and Lieut. , of the United States Engineer Corps, on board. After the launch was made fUt astern we up anchor ena stoou over m> lue una oi Dixie. Oar run over wes mado without anything of im. portance oocurring, end at little after tun o'clock we slowed the engines, and finally "came to" abreast of the lighthouse, and lowered away the first cutter, and the party embarked. Lieut. Iluchauan was the offloer in charge. The launch was ordered to follow us, while the New London took up a position so that If we were molested she eould shell the town. As we ncared the shore, which gradually slopes down to the water's edge, we could perceive thst the people saw that it was our intention to land; but as we hod no flag of truce flying they were eouly puxsled to know the object of our visit. The first apiearanco of decided alarm made itself manifest by the flight of two horsemen, who rodo as if for dear life in the direction of Mississippi City. They were followed by three others, whose speed exceeded that of their predecessors. Two stragglers brought up the rear, and no more equestrian movements were seen. As we neare* the shore 1 made a few notes of the general outward appearanceof the place, and herewith submit them. On the extreme left of Blloxl, as you approach from seaward. la the lighthouse, which wua erected to guide vessels through Mississippi Souud. At Its base Is a two gun battery, built of sand begs. buiH so as to oommvnd the entrance over the bar and to sweep the water front of the 5lace. The guns were removed on a former visit of the few London, and the battery bears a deserted and dreary appearance, with none to watch over it, while the tall and ghoetly light tower looms above it in significant silence. A few yards from the lighthouse a wlurf Juts out several hundred feet. The houses in the vicinity look entirely deserted. They are well built and look very neat and comfortable. Passing along the water front, which Is broken every few hundred yards by wharves, which put out Into deep water, the Lou ass increase In number and importance; very few of them are over one story in height, with the exception of the summer boarding houses, which are flue buildings for the use for which they were put up. (In arriving at a wharf our boat landed, and we Inquired for the Mayor, and were informed that he would be at Drown'a wharf la a few minutes. Here we found a well dressed gentleman, who gave his name as Patmore, whom we Invited to a seat In our boat and requested him to act as our guide. Quite a number of Ill-clad people gathered on the wharf to '-see the Yankees.'' All were civil and orderly. When we left the wharf they ran along shore and arrived os soon as we did. On reaching It own'a wharf the launch took up a position about thirty yards off shore, so as to command the town, while the marine guard wrre ordered on shore to protect us. The parly was well armed, and ws feared no danger. Aa soon a* war* fairly on ths wharf s crowd of at least thirty paople assembled and watched our every movement and remark with the moat intena# anxiety. Word havIng been sent to the Mayor that ws wished to see hire, and would not march into town until ha mads his appearance, ws awaited bis arrival with tome impatience, and spent lbs time in conversing freely with the byitandcrs. After Inspiring them with some confidence, and assuring them we ware cIvillMd being*, they fell to and talked quit* lustily. Soma, however, would not convene with us. and stood aside in groups, talking in undar ton#*. A half hour i>ass*d away and no Mayor made his appearance; so the marinas fell in and we marched up a long wharf and to frmi Jirma, and In front of a large build.ng bearing the namo of Brown'* Hotel, and kept by on* John Brown, formerly of the city of Now Orleans. The h use was very neat and claan, and the flr t r> om we entered con tinned a bar and a billiard table. Standing undar tha abad* of an amplt portico w* waited for tliia sow Mayor. In the meantime aaveral grouse of women had gathered and were looking at ua with emotion* mingled with fear and abhorrence. Several of ua went to them with profound aaaurances of our friendly iutention. This had the eflbct to quiet tbem, and the cbildren war* scut to assure those who fled that ws wors not cannibals, and to ooms down and take a rood look at the Liticoluites It waa near noon when the Mayor of gikixl made bis appear aace?a Jolly, good looking man of about rorty Ova yaara of age, inclined to corpulency, but of a commanding apt mmmM mttnh nlaaaari ilth hti fard And hi'il l and una who know* anything of human nature could not bavc rallad to ba (truck with his appaaranca. His appearance was tha signal for a group to draw up Into our assembly to hear tha confsrencs between their Chief Magistrate and tha Yankee Mayor, aa they called Lieutenant Buchanan. 1 ha greeting was substantially ? Meant?Good morning, gentlemen, lb what am I or to whom am 1 Indebted for this visit? User B?Mr. Mayor, we have landed here for the purpose of obtaining late New Orleans |?pers. If you hare any, and will giro them to us, wo will depart; U you will not giro them up, 1 will obey the Instructions of my superior officer. Meroa?I hare no papers of my own. If these, my people, choose to give you any they can. My authority does not eitend to the disposition of their private probers the public palaver oeaaed, and the Mayor conversed with some of, as be said, the leading cKlavns, and they bed coma to the conclusion to give up all their papers. I obtained a Hew Or loans Crttctnt of reh. 94, confirming the news of the capture of Fort Henry, Fort I'otislssa and all the Waetern victorias. which art old storlss with yon at the North, but great and glorious news for us. After securing a large number of papers, and Mlktnyrfreely with the people ami obtaining mm h valuable Information, we bade theni adieu. The M.ivor, shaking each of us by the band, remarked, ' Gentleman 1 trust ws will meet ayato, whera It will not be necessary to be so formal, and wbero them Is no show of armed force." Whila we had been at the hotel the New London's cutter chaFed a amuck, and the a<ampa, tlndtng they won Id be overhauled, to k an axe and stove a hole In her bottom, /