25 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10

25 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 10
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10 upoiTinrsoi ioeth cisoinu. March of General 11 urn side on Beaufort. Abandonment of That Place by the Bebels. FORT MACON BLOWN UP TheRebel Steamer Nashville Destroyed. OCCUPATION OF WASHINGTON. Sketches of Beaufort, Fort Macon ind tha Wodivtllo. &C>) &c.? &c. Fortress Mohrob, March 23,1862. TIM iliamnr Chancellor Livingston arrived from Hatteres Inlet last night. Immediately after the occupation of N'ewbern an expedition to Beaufort was started by Gen. Burcsido. The place was, however, evacuated before our troops approached. Fort Macon wan blown up by the rebels, and the steamer Nashville burned. On the day General Burnside occupied Newborn sixteen thousand rebel troops were on the road betweeo Golds bo rough and Newborn. The Suwanee sailed for Hatteras yesterday afternoon with mails and passengers. The steamship Illinois returned to Now York this morning. The steamer Yanderbilt arrived to-day. The new gunboat Chocura arrived from Boston last sight. Three more deserters from York town cents into our lines si Newport's News this morning. Thsy do not give say aaditi onsl information of Value. ZUltuiou, March 24,1842. On Thursday last an expedition left Newborn in steamers and went partially down the river, and on landing struck the railroad, aad took up the march for Beaufort, with hand cars from Newborn loaded with ammunition' baggage, he. A few days before the gunboat Stars and Stripes went outside and assisted the blockade lest the Nashville might try to escape to sea when the troops come Inland. Me opposition was made to the advance of onr forces. On the evening of the same day (the twentieth), the rebels, learning of our approach, blew up Macon, fired the Nashville,and retreated across the river to Morehead City, Carolina City, and finally in the direction of Washngtoa. Beaufort was almost entirely evacuated by people. Oar troops occupied the place next day. On the same day (the 20th) General Burnside sent a force, with several gunboats, to Washington. No opposition to landing. Our troops occupied the town, and Che Union flag is flying on the Court House. There was nothing particularly new at Newbern. Our picketa extend about eight miles towards Golds borough. On Wednesday last three men strayed beyond our lines and were made prisoners by a troop of rebel cavalry. The inhabitants are gradually returning to the town and taking the oath or allegiance. Sketch of Beaafort, IV. C. Beaufort is a port of entry of North Carolina and capital of Caterert oeusMy. It is situated at the month of the Newport river,and is only a few miles from tbo sea. It is distant from Raleigh, the capital of the Stale, one hundred and sixty-eight miles by the turnpike road, and one hundred and forty-three miles by the railroad, in an Jst-soulfceasterly direction The town m eleven mile* northwest of Cape Lookout. The harbor is the beet in the State, and is accessible by steamboats from Albomarle Sound. The town had considerable trade previous to the rebellion, particularly In turpentine, rosin and other products of tno pine, with which the State abounds. A lighthouse had been erected by the United Slates government on the point at ( ape Lookout, but the light was extinguished by the rebels. It will doubtless now be replaced by our forces. The entrsnre to the harbor at. until the present event, defended by Fort Macon, and when peace is restored a suitable defence will aga.n be stationed somewhere near the site of the fort. To 1862 state that tbe shipping of the district to June 30 amounted to an aggregate burthen of seven hundred and seventy-six tons registered and nearly two thousand tons enrolled and licensed. During thai year four schooners, with a burthen of rour hundred and sixty tons, were built at this port. Tbe town of Beaufort contains, besides the county buildings, several seminaries and one or two churches. The population in 1863 amounted to about two thousand. In tbe neighborhood of Beaufort are good Osheriec. herring and shad being abundant. The county in which Beaufort is located contains about four hundred and fifty square miles, and is situated in the southeastern part of tbe State. Part of the county borders on the Atlantic Ocean and part on Pamlico Pound, tbe other borders feeing inland. It is Intersected by tbe Newport river, on which Beaufort is located, and partly separated from the sea by long, narrow islands of sand, Ac., on one of which is Tape lookout, and oo another Fort Macon. The surface of the county is level, and much of it Is covered by swamps and forests of pitch pine. It was formed in the year 1729,and derived its name from Sir t;forge Carteret, one of tbe proprietors of the land. The popuia lion of the county, according to the census of i860, was six thousand, eight hundred and three, and thus divided:? White population 6,187 Free negroes 149 Slaves 1,687 Total #803 The*' had a federal representative population of # 208, and it iho before-mentioned date there were id tho county TOT wh-.te* over the ago or twenty who couia no, read or write twelve insane, ten blind, six deaf and dumb nod gu idiotic. Mkeleh of Fort Macon. Fort Macon, which guarded and protected tbe town of ft-a fort, was situated una bluff on Bogus Bank, one mi e and three quarter* from the town It commanded the entrance to the harbor, bating a full eweep of fire ever the wa n ihaimcl. OpponW the fort, at the eniraiK-o ol the harbor >e HhacklKurd Hank. one mile and a half across. Tb>- fortification waa of a hexagonal form, hod i wo tiera of gune?one 10 raeemated bombproof, and tb? other m lartntl I to armament consisted of twenty thirty two-pounders, thirty twenty fcur pounder*, two eigbteon-pounders, three field pieces for Baaking d< 'ence. twelve flank howitxere, eight eight inch howitzerx (heavy), eight eight inch bowitter* (light), one thirteen ,ncb mortar, three tea inch mortar., and two Coehcra mortart?making a total ef eighty ame gun* Tbe war garr won of Uie fort waa three hundred men. For boat itig ehet there wore large furnaces in the fort, and at the tune of the teixure there waa a largo quantity of powder m the mngaxioe The moaonry and iroo work were tnu?h ml of ropmr whan the fort waa aaixod hy tbe rebel*, wh icb waa done by order of Governor lllfie on tbe fid of January, Iftfll Much of the woodwork, Ac., waa then tn a slate 31 decay The piers of tb? wharf and the superstructure warn much out of order, but it is reported that tbe llcting Gov err. or bad placed all tbe forte of tbe Plate in a most efficient .tale of preparation for defence and re istance Governor Pickens, of South Carolina, immediately after tba neixnre of Forts Mecon and Caswell, tent, for their defence, some dozen ten Inch columblade, which ware divided according tn the respective trengtb and necessities of each, Tba amount of d# struct ion caused by the blowing up of tbe fort is not yet ( certaincd, hut doubtless the injur/ wui not he to great NEW YOl u WM at Brut supposed. It is, nowsver, now in the hands of the Union forces, and the facts will soon be made public. Sketch or the Steamer Nashville. The name of the steamer Nashville has become as familiar to the public as that of the Sumter, on account of the time when it was stated she had run the blockade at Charleston, having on board the rebel ministersSiidall and Mason. Three of our best steamers were instantly despatched in pursuit of tho Nashville, but, as it afterwards appeared. she was not the vessel honored with their presence. Her next appearance was her arrival at Bermuda, West Indies, on the morning of October 30, 1801, she having run the blockade at Charlaston on the -8th of October. Upon her arrival at Bermuda Captain I'egram applied to the local authorities for a supply of coal; but they declined to furnish it, and the Nashville was obliged to go to the harbor of St. Georges, where she obtained a supply from private sources, and sailed for England. While at the West Indies she kept, her future movements a strict secret. It was thought that she had on board ono or more rebel agents or commie sionsrs, but it proved not to bo the case. She arrived at Southampton on the 21st of November, having on board the officers and crow of the ship Harvey Birch, which she burned at sea on the lUth. The furor caused by the appearance of the Tusrarora at the same port with the Naahviile, and the danger of a collision between the " belligerent" craft in British waters, is too fresh in the minds of our readers to need repetition here. After a diligent watch had been kept on the movemeuts of the Nashville for some length of time, she managed, through the connivance of the British authorities, to leave their watere without damage, and the next that was heard of her was the fact of her runniug the blockade and arriving at Beaufort, N. C., on the 28th of February of the present year. She never again left that port. The blockade was efficient enough this time. The Nashville was formerly used as a packet between this city aud Charleston, and belonged to Spofiord, Tileston k Co'g line of steamers. She was seized by the rebels and converted into a vesstlofwar. She was built in this city in the year 1863, rated A2, and was 1,220 tons burthen. The following is a last published list of the officers of the Nashville:? Cmmander?R. P. Pegram. Lieutenants?J. W Bennet and W. C. Whittle. Acting Master?J H. Ingrahum, Jr. Paymaster?Richard Taylor. Surgeon?J. L. Antrum Midshipmen?Tary, Palton, l'cgram (son of the commander), Sinclair, Hamilton, Bullock. McCiintock aud Thomas. Captain's Clerk? ? Hascll. Her crew consisted of sixty men. Sketch of Captain Pegram. Captain Robert P. Pegram, commander of the rebel steamer Nashville, was formerly attached to the United States Navy, in which he held the position of lieutenant. He was born in Virginia, and appointed from that State Hie original entry into the navy was in the month of February, 1820. His total sea service was about seven teen years?on shore about eight years, and the balance of his time was unemployed. He was in the navy nearly thirty-two years. He had been lately engaged on the castsurvey. He, too, like Hollins and others, turned 1 JO V It ft IU IUC Ud| U1IUCI WUHiU U? UM m%>B T w? ivi i* lojf period at tbe breaking out of tbe present rebellion. Before ibis Lieutenant Pegram bad won for himself tbe respect of tbe public-at large and of bis fellow officers, by tbe good qualities be bad always sbown and bis cool courage. He bad rendered bisaself popular by bis connection with tbe affair of tbe Water Witch, in tbe Paraguay wators, in connection with tbe Japan expedition , where his coolness and daring secured for bim tbe 'banks of tbe British Admiralty, and a handsome sword from bis native State. Up to tbe time of bis taking command of tbe Kasbville be bad done nothing to bring bim prominently before tbe people, with tbe exception of tbe affair at Sewall's Point, where be commanded tbe gun that partly disabled tbe steamer Harriet Lane. Capt. Pegram is not alone in tbe rebel service; be has relatives in high position there. His nephew, John Pegram, a graduate of West Point, andl for a long time in the ser vice of the United States, holds now tbe position of a colonel in the rebel army, and in tbe engagement at Laurel Hill, Western Virginia, waa taken prisoner by tbe Union troops. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Monday, March 24?6 P. M. To-dav's bank statement compares as follows with that of last Monday :? IWtrk ending Loans. Sjttcv. CircuVn. D-porit-. March 15. $130,622,776 30,773.050 5,904.866 100,290.704 March 22.. 127.615,396 32,023 390 6,260,309 97,601,279 rccrnic. $3 007,470 ? ? 2,695,425 Ii.creaM). ? 1,250,340 355,443 ? The decrease in the loans, which is heavier than was expected, shows how freely our banks have been selling their government securities. They have reduced their discounts below the figure at which they stood two years ago at the corresponding date. If they are wise, they will sell no more 6 per cent bonds, but allow them to touch par before supplying the demand. The specie reserve continues to increase. It is now neurly ten millions higher than it was eleven weeks ago, when the banks suspended. The circulation is likewise increasing, which will be received with satisfaction by the public. A good deal of inconvenience has been caused by the withdrawal of city bank notes from circulation. People who never carried anything but gold or city bills have lately been compelled to take Pennsylvania and New England money. Money is in fair demand at 6 a 7 per cent. Some lenders declare that they have no loans out under seven, while money borrowers are positive that they are not paying over six. Parties bringing money into the street to lend on call would not probably get over six for it; though speculators, seeking to borrow money on call, would probably be obliged to pay seven. Treasury notes are fairly active; the brokers give par for the sixes and seven-thirties, and sell the latter at 100%. Mercantile paper is rather more abundant than it was, and the bankers are taking a good deal of it. Foreign exchange is as yet inactive ; to-morrow is packet day, the st amer sailing on Wednesday morning. Bankers ask 112 for sterling and 5.02% a 5.05 for francs, but people do not seem willing as yet to give so much. Gold is steady at 101% a 101%. The general impression among bankers is that gold must advance; but some of the Wall street speculators have discovered that it can be sold short, and kept out with almost a certainty of profit, and they supply the demand. Humor states that a few houses in the street have contracts out for the delivery of from 15,000,000 to 17,000,000 in gold. The stock market continues firm, with a moderate business. Governments continue in demand. The sixes rose % per cent this morning, and were wanted at the advance. Missouris and Tennessees both advanced % per cent; and at the morning board Central rose %, Erie %, Mleliigan Central %, Rock Island %, Toledo %, Prairie du Chien x/%. We learn that the meeting of the Toledo directors will be held to-morrow, and uiat a > per cent dividend will he declared thia week. This aompany has never defaulted on any of its payment*, and ia now in a condition, after five yeara of em bar raaamenta, to rename ita poaition on the dividend paying lift. The atock naed in former times to flnctnate between 60 and 80 per cent. Between the boards the market waa without change. At the second board prices were well auatained, and Pacific Mail waa higher. The market closed steady, the following being the laat quotation*:?United States 6'a, registered, 1*01, 94% a %; de. 6'a, coupon, 1*81, 94% a %; do. 6'a, coupon, 1874, 87% a %; Indiana 6'a. 78 a ?; Virginia 6's, 58 a 60; Tennessee 6's, 68% a 69; North Carolina 6'a, 69 a 70; Missouri 6's, 62% a 6.7; Pacific Mail, 97% a %; New York Central. 83% a %; Erie. 37% a 38; do. preferred, 62 a %; Hudson River, 36 a %; Harlem, 12% a 13; do. preferred, 31% ? 32; Heading, 42% a 43; M.chigan Central, 56% a 67; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 23% a 24; do. guaranteed, 47% a 48%; Panama, 121 a %; Illinois Central, 66 a %. < CJalnna and Chicago, 69% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 46% a %; Chicago and Hock Island. 66% a 67; Cliirago, Burlington and Qninry, i 2% a 63%; Milwaukee and Piairie du ( him, 26% a 27%i Cleveland Columbus and Cincinnati, 112 a IK HERALD, TUESDAY, 115; New York Central 7's, 1876, 101 a ?; Erie third mortgage, 93% a %; Michigan Central 8'b, first mortgage, 102 a 103%; Illinois Central bonds. 7's, 94 a %; gold, 101% a %. Mr. Cisco this afternoon disposed of three millions of 7.30 notes at par to some of the banks and private bankers down town. The notes were after ward offered at par in the street, but the presumption is that they may hereafter command a premium. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as fol lows to-day:? Receipts $1,614,577 61 ?For customs 259.000 00 Payments 2,979.005 69 Balance 3,571,458 97 The Secretary of the Treasury has just issued the following official notice:? Trkascry PiPARTtntNT, March 21, 1862. Holders of bonds of the United States dated October 1, 1861, and payable three years from date, are hereby notiiied that provision has been made for the payment, in coin, of the coupons of somi-annual interest, which will become due on the 1st April, proximo, agreeably to their tenor, by the Treasurer of the United States at York and Philadelphia, and by the Depositary of the United States at Cincinnati, Ohio. All such coupons, together with schedules showing the number of each coupon, and the aggregate sum of each parcel must be presented for examination and verlfication at least three full business days before payment. S. P. CHASE, Secretary of tbe Treasury. The following are the rules and regulations established by the Secretary of the Treasury, in accordance with the act of Congress "to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to issue certificates of indebtedness to public creditors," approved on the 1st inst.:? Congress having authorized the issue of certificates of indebtedness by tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury in payment of audited and settled demands against the government, as well as in payment of checks, drarts drawn by disbursing officers upon amounts placed to their credit with the Treasurer of the United States, in favor of creditors who have furnished supplies, kc., and who are willing to receive such certificates in satisfaction of their demands, the following regulations are presented aud will be strictly observed in the execution of the act:? The certificatt s of indebtedness will be payable to the claimant or creditor of the government, or his order, and in denominations of one thousand and five thou sand dollars. Certiorates of the laiger denominations will be issued in all cases where the nature of the claim will admit of it. A book will be opened by the Treasurer of the United States, in which shall be kept a record of each certiticate issued under authority of the act; the name of the person to whom issued: tbe (late, number and amount thereof, on what account: if on Treasury warrant the number thereof, and if m draft or check of a disbursing officer, the name of ihe office, by whom drawn, tbe date aud amount of such check or drart, kc., kc. 2. The certificates shall be signed by tne Treasurer, and countersigned by the Register of the Treasury, who shall also keep a complete record of said certificates, *s required of the Treasurer. If issued upon a warrant, they will bear even date therewith: or if to a disbursing officer, then with tbe date of the presentation of his deed ftp Hrat t nn tha Trrtaanrar of thi? f 'nitari Stat ab 3. When the Secretary of War or Nary may desire to leave a credit on the books of the Treasury in favor of a disbursing officer of his department, he will draw his requisition on the Secretary of the Treasury in the usual form for the amount desired to be placed to the credit of such disbursing officer, and specify the appropriation properly chargeable. Upon such requisition being received at the Treasury Department a warrant will be issued to the Treasurer, and he will accordingly place the amounts to the credit of the disbursing officers named, who will then be authorized to draw checks or drafts thereon, to the amount of such requisition, in favor of such creditors entitled to payment by him as may desire to receive such certificates in satisfaction 'of their respective demands. The chocks or drafts of disbursing officers will be in the following form:? ! , 1802. The Treasurer of the United States will pay to or order, on certificates of indebtedness, dollars, being amount duo for , as will appear by bill and receipt therefor, in my possession, and which will be rendered as a voucher in my accounts for the quarter of this year. Signed. ? * . To. F. E. Spinner, Treasurer of United States. 6. As the certificates of indebtedness are only to be issued in payment of creditors,'and for amounts liquidated and actually due them, the disbursing officer, before drawing bis check or draft on the Treasurer, will take the same voucher from the creditor, and will, in all respects, be subject to the same responsibilities as if making payment in coin or United States notes. 6. The requisition in favor of the officer will be charged on the books of tne accounting officer as other requisl tious, and vouchers will go Into the general accounts of the disbursing officer and be settled with his other accounts. The business of the Reading Railroad for the month of February was as follows:? 1801. 1802. Received from coal 1107.680 29 147.026 43 Received from merchandise... 30,602 20 44,694 IB Received from travel, 4c 22.255 97 25.641 61 Total $160,538 46 217,161 20 Transportat'n, roadway ,dumpage, renewal fund uud all charges 90.357 70 102,689 95 Net profit for the month $70,180 76 114,471 25 Net profit previous two months 186.839 83 234,817 92 Total net profit three months.$257,020 69 349,289 17 The La Crowe and Milwaukee Railroad earned in January $01,054?a gain of $7,156; in February, $54,785?a gain of $9,096. The Chicago Tribune of Friday says:? The railroads leading to the East have reduced their rates of freight 30c. per barrel on flour and 15c. per 100 barrels on fourth class goods. This action on the part of the railroads caused rather more inquiry to-day for flour and provisions; but even a further reduction will yet have to take place before any movement of consequence lakes place. Stork Exchange. Mo.viiav, March 24.1862 $13000 US6'e,'81 .rag 94'; 360 she Erie RK.. blO 38 7MHH) L'86'S,'81,COU. 94'; 250 do 37% 500 do. 94% 1200 do b3 38 75000 do ....b30 . 94'? 400 do b30 38% 6000 (' S 6 e, 67.... 94V 100 do b30 38 1OOUO I S ob,74 ,cou. 87 \ 300 Hudfon Kiv KK.. 36'? :?000 <lo bl6. 87?; 10 do 30?; 1000 111 cou 1*1*. 70. 90 100 Chic, B k Q RR.. 63 1000 111 coo bd?,'77. 00 260 IU Cen KR acrip. 66 1000 111 war loan... 89;; 60 do bSO 66'; flooo T*nn 6 a, 90.. 69l; 60 Michigan Con RK 66k 1000 N Carolina 6'a. 70 60 do b30 67 8000 Missouri 6'a... 63,'; 70 do 66?; 13000 do 63 100 do b60 67'; 6000 63 60 do 66', 3000 N V Cont 6 a.. 96 60 do *60 66k 6000 II R 3d nig bda 83 60 Micb So k N I RR 24', 1000 H R KR con bda 76 100 do 24 3000 C,K4r4lKK 8pc b 99% 200 do b60 24',' 2000 Micb So a f bda 91 10 Micb So It N 1 g a 48' 2000 do 91?; 60 do b3 47?; 1000 Tol * Wa 2d mg 47300 Clav k I'll RR.bSO 18' 3000 do 47?; 300 do 18 2000 do 47K 100 do 17Ttf 600 Amarican gold. 101 <; 6 0?1 k Cbic RK. . 69 40000 do 101 >; 100 Clav k Toledo RR 46 X 20000 do *10 M'4 2700 do 46?, 2**00 do b60 101 *4 200 do 030 46?; 26000 do b30 101j; 400 do btw 46?; 22 ?ha B k of Anwr. 100,'; 100 do btw 46?; 10 Bank of Republic 92 60 Ch k R I RR. alO 67 6 Hanover Bank... 76 60 do 67 926 N V Ontral RK . 83?; 300 do 66?; 5 do 83 ?; 100 do 1*60 50?; 60 do alO 83\ 43 Mil k I'rduCb RK 26 W 200 do b60 83?; 60 do 26'. 200 do 030 83?; 200 do 20?; SECOND BOARD. J20000 CS 6'a,'81 ,cou 94';. 60 alia Pac M SS Co.. 971; f.fifni do 1.30 94'2 60 do .1*60 97 V 20000 <76 6'a,'61,rag 94)4 100 do 97X 3000 Tr 7 3-10pc n * 100 240 Mich Ho & H I RR 23 J, lOOOTcnn 6'e,'90 . 681< 300 do bOO 24* 7nooo d<> .. "20 68 X >00 Erie RR 38 2000 Miwontl A a.. 63 60 do 030 38X 100 N Y On KR.. 83?J 200 do blO 38 100 do bSO 83\ 60 IIICenRRacrip.aOO Ad 3000 Tol k W? 2dm 4714 60 do b30 6A?4 2(?8iM.I*rdii( latin 89J4 200 Have k Tol RR .. 47 400O Air.encantiold 101J4 100 rhl k Rk I RKb.60 6714 6 eta Pee M8S0r>.. 97 160 Mil k Pr dnCh KR 27 16 do. ..atwk 97 16 Nor AWorRK... 36 CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Mwtoat, March 24?6 P. M. Aanaa?The market waa a lead y aad price* unchanged, while aalaa war* amall at $6 60 a $6 76 tor paarla and pot a. llmuwrrrnw.?Flour?The market waa Btradjr but quiet. Tba demand waa chtally for local and Raetora trail#. The Iranaactiona faotad up about 9,000 a 10,000 bbla., clnutng within the following raaf# of prioea*? "uparfina Plate |6 30 a 6 46 KiiraAtate..,. 6 46 a 6 66 PaperOna Wretern 6 30 a 6 40 C< nimon to choice aitra Weatcrn 6 46 a 6 AO Canadian 6 46 a 6 60 Unit hern mlaail to good anperflne 6 70 a 6 00 Extra do 6 >0 a T 00 t.ood to choice family do 7 00 a 7 75 Kre flotir 3 00 a 4 26 Corn meal, Jereey and Hreodywtne. 2 90 a 3 16 _(nnad.au Dour waa unchanged, while there wax Home more inquiry from the trade, the aalee embraced 700 bbla. wMhia the above range of Lpricei>. Southern Dour waa haavy and dull, while aalce en.i raced 800 a 900 bbla., cloning wiihln the above quo. taiione. Rye flour waa IB fair demand and price were aicul) at our quntetlone. With aalca of 20r? bbla (Or* m<nl wa? uBthariged and the demand fair, while the Hlea I inhraced about 160 bbla. Whe.it wna inn. tire,and ii i he al eticc ot relet of moment pr usee wore nomiiial; aa.es m email lot# fiolcd up (Cfte 6,000a 10,W) buahclt il MARCH 25, 1862.?TRlPLt at (1 35 a$l 87 for red Jersey and Pennsylvania, the latter for a tot delivered, and red Western at $135. Bar ley waaflrm and in fair demand, with aalea of 2.600 bushels of Canada East at 88c. a 60c Barley malt was steady, with light sales |300 bushels were sold at $1 Ml ou the dock. Corn was unchanged, with a fair demand; the salee embraced 25.000 a 30,000 bushels at 68c. a 68>{c. for lielaware now yellow, and at 58>4c. a 69c. for Western mixed, in store, and at 60c. a 6014c., delivered. Oats were steady at 37 )4C. a 30c. for Caiiad lan and Weslerti, and 36o. a 40c. for State. Rye was in fair demand, with sales of 7,500 bushels of State at 80c. a 82c. Co>kkb.?The market was quiet, and in the absence of sales of moment. quotations were nominal. Krbrihth ?To Liverpool 300 bbls. flour were engaged at Is. 6d., 10,000 bushels corn at 6d., in bulk; 600 boxes bacon at 16s. a 20s.; 300 tierces lard at 22s. 6d.; and by steamer. 1.800 boxes bacon at 35s.; 1,600 do. cheese at 36s . and 300 llrkins butter at 40s. To London 100 tons but staves at 22s. 6d.: 160 boxes extract of logwood at 25s. lo Antwerp 60 tierces lard were taken at 25s. ToGlas gow 100 tierces lard were taken at 22s. 6d. A ship of 100 tons was taken up, hence for a direct port in Ireland, with a full cargo of corn, at 8d., in bulk and iu ship's bags. Cotton.?The market wag firm, with sales of about 1,000 bales, closing with an upward leudency in prices, on the basis of 28c. a 28>,r. for middling uplands. Hay.?The market was steady, with modsrutssales at 80c. for shipment and at 60c. for city use. Mola.hmes.?-Sales of 180 bbds. Cuba muscovado were made at 25c. a 26c. Naval Stores were firmly held, while the market was quiet. A small lot of spirits (30 bbls.) closed at $1 06. Common and tine rosins were also firm,while sales were limited. Provisions.?Pork?The market was heavy, and prices rather easier, with more doing at the concession. The sales footed up about 1,200 bbls., at $13 25 a $13 37>4 for new mass, $12 25 a $1237)4 for Western prime mess, and $10 60 a $10 76 for new prime. Tborc was some inquiry for future delivery, with sales of 660 bbls. of mess, deliverable In June, at $13 60. Beef wasquiet and prices were steady. Reef haras were Arm at $17 a $17 50. Cut meats were steady, with sales of about 200 packages at 4%c. a 5c. for dry salted shoulders, and 5>,c a 6c. for do. hams, and 6c. for plain pickled hams. Bacon was in favor of the buyer. Sales of 600 boxes were made at 6?4c. for rough cut Western, Cumberland at 6>|c. for do. for long clear, and 7,'4c. a 7\c. for long clear, and 100 boxes at Lard wns steady, with sales of 700 a 800 bbls. and tierces at 7 >ac. a 8)jc. Butter and cheese were steady and prices unchanged. Rick.?A sale of 100 bags I'atna were made at 6 !,'c. Sigars were steady and in fair demand, with sales of about 850 hhds., included In which were 160 bbds. Porto Rico at 7*4c. a 8 <4c. The remainder consisted of Cuba muscovado at 6)?c. a 7>4c.,aud the balance at p. t. Mr. rur&ur huiu 101 nuus. roriu swicu, uj> buuiiuu, mi. a 8,'?c., Tour months, and 300 bags were gold at p. t. Whiskby.?The market wag irregular, with gales of 500 a 000 bbls. at 22>i'c. a 23c. .chiefly at the lattet figure. New York City Banks, March Banks. Loan... Specie. Circulation. Deposits. Am. Exch.0,1279.861 2,675.969 167,944 4,609,810 America.... 6,202,826 842,877 57,063 5,320,261 Atlantic 743,770 101.390 93,150 383,090 Broadway... 3,592.260 1,470,749 309,8S5 4,311,840 Butch.&Pro. 1,541,102 226,298 198,600 1,016,381 Bull's Head.. 416,001 46,458 130,372 372,408 Chatham.... 678.911 101,630 45,839 427,153 Chemical.... 1,734.940 2,460,818 159,252 4.309,855 Citizens'.... 701,642 141,984 137,371 OtO.656 City 2,219,496 1,819,414 ? 3.086,390 Commerce... 13,620,562 1,695.662 1.975 5,882,136 Commons h 1,569,939 255.828 276,598 998,801 Corn Exch... 2,072,968 370,944 190,909 1,315,282 Continental. 3,048,060 397,457 199,337 1,412,743 Pry Dock.... 398 514 101,653 102,338 306,868 East Rivar.. 251,433 38.728 102,998 188,544 Kulton 1,488,080 417,190 94,377 1,440,120 Greenwich.. 387,165 422.898 48,310 685,801 Grocers'.... 463,835 09,302 31,650 326,986 Hanover... 1,691,530 148,900 41,772 778,448 Imp. ft Trad. 2,590,390 282,070 138,885 1,922,671 Irvine 080.309 88,892 103,480 409,284 Leather Man. 1,432,046 803,193 09,941 1,300,410 Manhattan.. 4,763,872 1,968,915 124,885 4,662.898 Market 1,679,113 243,407 171,335 1,041,203 Marine 1,124,031 168,683 158,960 806,089 Man. It Mar.. 848,073 215,055 51,473 590,160 Mec.B'gAss'n 665,292 149,294 74,212 420,966 Merchants'. 6,298,540 1,365,639 76.682 3.598,002 Mechanics'.. 3,602.977 572.673 163.081 2,613,823 Merch. Exeh. 1,989,409 196,884 74,507 1,059,571 Meeb. k Tra. 949,112 209,854 156,748 894,075 Mercantile.. 2,914,789 610,029 7,299 2,386,086 Metropolitan 7,209,278 1,554,163 135,606 5,383,906 National.... 2,080,941 409.802 85,080 1,138.633 Naasau 1,821,480 290,742 66,419 1,240.859 New York.. $4,799,906 1,281,013 373,637 8,690,826 N.Y. Exch'e. 314,638 54,233 98.216 290.769 N. Y. County. 310.790 69,380 09,885 263.387 N. America.. 2.178,434 269,332 111,846 1,047,238 North River. 691,778 90,618 67.319 432,671 Ocean 1,002,792 236,286 61,400 1,081,772 ! Oriental 646,109 99,927 82,761 462,099 I Pacific 1,122,420 209,431 134,779 891,647 Park 6,934,327 2,061,405 103,118 0,463,169 People's.... 668,738 93.012 42,038 514,762 I rbenix 3,292,784 684.219 58.641 2.340,566 Republic ... 3,746,682 1,103,069 188.132 2,773,137 Sev'th Ward 1,203,618 279,919 100.819 842,997 Shoe* Lea.. 2,851.776 260,116 275,130 l,e47,552 .Slate 4,308,865 901,427 84.996 3,391,297 St. Nicholas. 1.301,437 146,018 77,011 714,974 Tradesmen's 1,569,232 207.556 144,295 901,297 Union 2,668,098 1,415,363 100.434 2,041,946 Total $127,615,306 32.023,390 6,260,309 97,601,279 Clearing* for week ending March 16 $118,957,977 86 Do. do. do. 22 115,376,381 06 Balance* for week ending March 15 7,220,297 69 Ik). do. do. 22 7,794,681 11 S HIPPING N E~W~s7~ acs anac ro* HEW TORE?THIS dat. mm rises 6 56 i moor rises morn 3 12 SON SETS 6 17 I HlOU WATER eve 4 55 Port of New York, March 34, 1863. CLEARED Sleamshin Kberaonese (Br), Hough, Liverpool?Williams A Union. Ship R Robinson. Long, Liverpool?Snow A Burgess. Ship Johanna (Prus), Demke, Antwerp?W Salem A Co. Bark Indian (Jueen, Hodgson. Liverpool?Trask A Dearborn.

Bsrk Henrr, Wilson. Marseilles?W F Schmidt. Bark J Godfrey, Clarke, Fortress Monroe?Dunham A Diroon. Bark E Dwlgbt, Crowell, Elizabethport?Master. Bng M T ElUwoilh (Br), Lawrence. St Pierre?D R Dewolf. Brig Enrique (Sp), DeCastro, Port au Piatt?A C Rossi re A Co. Umitf n TJ fiornnann fB rV Thnmnuin Philariolnhin?R V BmalT Schr Geo Dunda* (Br), Young. Pertnuda?Tvnes A Smith. Schr Claia, Barrett, Roanoke Island?N L McCreudy A Co. Schr I, Birdsall, Ru|icr, Washington?Van Brunt A Slaghl. Bchr M Fleming, Shaw, Wilmington?J W McKee. Scbr 8 Moore, Rlmiil, Elizabeth port?Simpson k Clapp. Rehr B W Eldridge, Know, Gloucester? A Howe*. Rchr Mary Maukin. Beer*. Boston?Dayton k Co. Schr T Wlnans, Da via, Providence?L Kenny. Schr Roman, Sparks, Providence?Master. Schr Bucephalus, Mcintosh, Providence?Master. RchrM II Mifflin, Gladding, Bristol?L Kenny. Schr Zona* e. Packer, New Haven?Master. Schr J R Mitchell. Tuttle, New Haven?J W McKee. Schr Village Bride, MrCarty, Westport?Master. Sloop O Ames. French, Taunton?Master. 8!oop J Coltrell, Clark, Bridgeport?J W McKee. A RR1VKD. Steamship Ilansa (Breini, Von flanten, Bremen and Southampton, March 12, 9 PM. w ith mdsr and passengera to Oelrb-hs k Co. Had tine weather with variable winds; during the last 24 hours passed many vessels bound W. 16th Inst, lat 60 12, Ion 21. signalized ships Hamlin, and Atalanta; 23d, lat 40 52. Ion 67 36. saw ship "Margaret Russell;" 24th, saw an Am ship sbow.nk from the mainmast a blue Hag with a white square. The llaut steamship Teutonta, hence Feb 22. had not arrived out when the H left Southampton Steamship Illinois (1* S transport). Barton, Fortress Mon roc, 21 hours, to C 8 Quat termaster. Ship Kate Prince (of Portsmouth, KB). Gerrlah, Liverpool, 70 da) a. with mdse, to matter. Had a continuous NW gale the entire passage. Rhip Kear*age (of Raco), Sawyer, London, Jan 8, In hal last, lo W H Riversmilh. Had hear) NtV gales; split tails, and strained the ahlp greatly. Feb 7, lat 44, Ion aft, fell In w ithKorw bark Johannea, Capt M Korn, henee for Cork, with signal of distreaa flying, toully disabled and In a sinking rondlth n; took off the captain, his wile, and the crew of 12 men. all In a miserable condition from fatigue, want of provisions and water, and constant eiposure to the sea. the l?t k having been a wreck for 13 days. As a consequence of the Increased number of persona on hoard of the K and her long passage, all bauds have been on short allow ance of bread and water far the last! weeks. (Ree Miscellaneous.) Rhip Torktown, Meyer, London and Portsmouth, Feb 12, with nidse and 21) passengers, to Grinnell, Mlnturn k Co. 6th Inst, lat 44 19. Ion 48. signalized the Bohemian, hound E; 1Mb. lat 41 80, Ion 60 31, signalized steamship Arabia, hence for Liverpool. Rhip Theobald (of Richmond, Me), Theobald, Havre, Feb 7, In ballast, to master. Rhip Rattler, Almy, Havre, Jan 27, with mdae, to W Whitlock, ,lr. From Feb 9 to 26th eijierienced a continuous heavy gale from BW toNNW, at times blow ing a hurricane, during which lime drifted from lat 48, Ion 36, to lat 36, lou S3. (See Miscellaneous.) 8htp Scotland (of Hallowed), Dillingham, Hamburg, 83 days, In ballast, to order. Had heavy weather the entire passage; lost and split sails, Ac. 1sth Inst, lat 36 30. Ion 70 20, spoke bark E 11 Yarrington, 103 days from Messina for Philadelphia, short of provisions. Rhip Charier Oak (of Hearsnort), Carver, Port Reval, RC. a a... i. I,.11... w.l.l, i a l-h... Skh (?., ,.n Frying Pan Hhoala, apoke LTS alilpa Fernundlna, Brown, and (leneaec, rrttlalng, nil well' no date, off Ifatleraa, naw brig N Stowem. from Port Royal for Portland. Ship Arracan (of Ho?ion), Kelley, flatter*! Inlet, 8 ilaya, to U ft yuarte rmaater. Bblp Ann B Thompann (of Bath), Mrrriman, Ilatteraa In let, t data, in hallaat, to II P Thnmpaon. Bark Haxonvllle (of Hoalon), Gardner. Calautta, Oct ill. Sand H>'a<la, Nov 13, pwaaed Cape flood Hope Jan f.V aaltpetre, Ac. to order irr at St Helena J?t ad, nailed a?th in company with ahlp Europa. ol Bath, from Calcutta for London. Experienced rcrv light weather till up with Bermuda, aim* whb b hare had heavy galaa all round the eomiwaa. Jan 8, lal 32 43 8. long 30 8 E, waa boarded by a I Oat I iota the Br hark Leading Star, from London for Port Natal. 131 dags out, ahort-of water, aupplled them. 13lh Inat, no lat, Ac, apoke achr Oilman D King, of Calaia, irmn Machlaa for tlavana. If darn out. B?rk Traveller, (Br) of Liverpool, Randall, Rio .Taneiio, Feb It, with coffee, to J L Pblppa A Co Feb 21, lat 24 7, Ion 32. apoke htirk Lapwing, from Rio Janeiro for Baltimore ; XHh mat, lat 2V AO, Ion 08 30. apoke whale ahlp Klectra, of,and for Ne.w London from Sandwich lalaoda, 124 daya out; aome nay paaaed the wreck of.a reaael aupnoeed a fore and alt achooi.er. with both rnaata gone, bulwark! atovc, troth anrhora on the bow and full of water, w aa about 170 tona burthen, had on her "termthe name Darning Wave, place of hailing |?nly waahed off, but could dIMIngulahed the lettera Bo; auijpoaed U bi he " Boat on. ' Rark Xagdalena, Day, Aeplowall, Feb 22. with bldea Ac, to J FJoy. Bark Venua. Athlnaon, Cnraeoa, March 8, with wood-Ac, to Joa Fculkea Sona Sid In mmtianywlth I'S gunboat Iroouala, Cominnnder DeCamp, tor St Toomaa, office ra and crew all wrH Bark Helen AnfnetafBr. of Tnrkat Ialanda), Ctilta, Port an Prlnee, March 10, with logwood, to R Mtvrrnv. Bark John Wlfithroii (of Boaion), Eldrldge, Mitan/aa, 10 date, with ?i gar, to Neawlth A Sona. Hailed in continny with l ark K F t'luiae. for Portland. pai k Jill/i Bti a (Br, of Bermuda). Cooper, Bermuda, >laich 14 tt th i. ??'?hI and coffee, to Ti cker a Llgblhotirne. Baik" " oi .Myelin, Lewey, Tori tig. Kla, 12 dag In bal a-d, a J ,-ii A flo. Park ) agnol staraey, Porl Royal, SC, 7 daya, In hallaat, to I ; Ur: irrm i ' r Bark II i ntnan, Cheney, Untlrraa Inlet, 0 day a, ,n bal.an. to 11 U lliiiokirian A Co. Hi u t an >I? ( Br. ol Cotcheilcr), TurnlmTenerlffe, Mdiura. u> baliaal to fhomaA Migney. Feb 17, lat 25 M, ton 17, epv'ke 1 SHEET. ship Nabob (of Boston). Baiter, 100 days from San Francisco for Cork, all well Brig Ores (Olden), Schmidt, Angostura, Feb 17. from the River March 6, with hides, to T E Schmidt. Brig Exemplar (Br, of Yarmouth, NS), Clemens, Ponce, March 10, with sugar, to Sturges A Co. Brig A P L (Br, of Arlehat, NS). Landra, Manuaubo, PR, March 10. with sugar, to Vatable k Reynal. Brie Abby Ellen (of Belfast), Oilraore, Retnedlos, March IB, with sugar, to B D Morgan k Co. Sid in company with brig Roaeway Belle, for Baltimore. Brig Annaudalc (of C&mdeu), Tilton, Sagua, 11 days, with sugar, to Metcslf A Duncan. ? , ,. . . Brig Lucy Darling (Br), Sonper, Nassau, March 15, with mdse, to Jos Eneas. ., . Schr Amy Chase, Benismin, Malaga, vte St Thomas Matv-h 9, with fruit, to BK Small. 19th inst, 1st SB 20, Ion 74 02, spoke bark Texas, hence, steering 8W, S days out. Schr Wm Lancaster (Br, of 8t Andrews, NB>. Wayeott. Laguayra, March 1. w 1th coffee Ac, to Miller k Houghton. While lying at auchor at Laguavra durlug a heuvy blow lost both anchors and was obliged to put to sea. Had very heavy weather the entire nas-age. Schr Ocean Bird (Br. of Wlnd.or, NS), King, Arroyo, 10 days, with sugar Ac, to D R Dewolf. Had some heavy weather. Schr Chara (of Harrington), Grace. Naguabo, PR, March 8, With molasses, to Brett, Son A Co. Schr Fellow Craft (Br, of St John, NB), Lean, Savanna la Mar. 14 davs, with logwood, to P I Neviua A Son. Schr Boston (Br, of Cornwallls), Smith. Gonalves, March 7, with logwood, to D R Dewolf. Has been rt days N of llatteras, with heavy weather. 21st iual. lat 38, Ion 74 20, passed steamship Philadelphia, hence, bound S. Schr L B Upshur (Br, of Annapolis, NS), McKeuzie, Havana, 14 days, with turpentine, to master. Schr Romp (of Tremont), Stanley, Sagua. 15days, with molasses. to Mason, Moril/. A Co. Haa been 7 days N of Halters*. w ith heavy MY" gales. Schr S Mills, Dayton, Hatteras Inlet. 6 days. Schr E R Dement, Irwin, Fortress Monroe. 8 daya. Sehr R P Smith, Waters, Fortress Monroe, 2 daya. Schr A B Jacobs, Jones, Cliincoteague, 2 days. Schr Sea Lark, Snead, Cliincoteague. Schr M Y'au Name. Y'an Name. Georgetown, DC, 4 daya. Schr W II Smith, Dayiun, Baltimore, 6 days. Schr C A Crook, Evornhatn, Baltimore, 6 days. Schr J H Y'ouinans. Peterson, Baltimore, 4 days. Schr Rergei, Cole, Baltimore. 9 days. Sclir H Law, Mumford, Berlin, 2 daya. Schr J M Tavlor, Lynch, Snow Hill. Schr Three Sisters, Grav, St Martins, Md. Schr Barbara, Decker. Ycnmlfo, 6 days. Schr J W Lawrence, Tuttle, Pocomoke. 3 daya. Schr J L Bcwley, Burton, Delaware, 3 days. Schr O F Hswley, Buckley, Philadelphia, 3 days. 8-hr R 1' King. King, Philadelphia. 10 days. Schr O P Binns. Bartlett, Little Egg Harbor, 2 daya, Schr Mary, Smith. Port Republic. Schr Enterprise, Milton, Red Bank. Sclir E Davidson, Allen. Perth Araboy for Boston. Schr Texas. Champlin, Elizabethporl for Boston. Schr Keyport. Velrer, Elizabethport for Fall River, Sohr Brown Stone. Herrlck, Elizabetbport for Norwalk. Steamer Baritan, Slover. Trenton. BELOW. Brig Black Hawk. HrYankee Blade. Bohr Murium: Star?All by pilot boat Marv Catharine. Ship Thornton, Collins, from Liverpool. Feb 13. Sbi]i Seth Sprague, Dyson, from Greenock, Feb 1. Ship Orozimbo, Pntterson, from Havre. Bark Aeronaut, Sherman, from Turka Islands, Schr Horace, from Havana. The reported arr.vnl below of Br bark Lady Sandys, yesterday morninE, was erroneous. Ship Ocean Traveller. SAILED. 2.3d?Ships Alexander, Shmighae; Manhattan, Invincible, ami Elhvood Walter. Liverpool; Aeqnator (Brem), London; Mary Ross, of and fur Hamburg; barks Penguin, Hong Kong; Heroine, Cane Good Hope; Luna. Cape Town; Nightingale, Valparaiso; Realm, Aspfnwall; Topeka, Havana; Brothers, Cienfuegos; Mnry. Trinidad; J K Davis, Key Weet; Petres, Philadelphia; brigs Belle of the Bay. Bordeaux; Conflict, St Kitts; I ran i, and Cyprus (Br), Cienfuegos; Magna Chnrtu (Br), Sagua: Princess Royal (Br). Bermuda; schra Virginia, Demarara; Challenge, and Earl Mulgrave, Halifax. 24th?Steamship Star of the South. Wind at sunset W. Miscellaneous. SHir Charter Oak?Captain Almy. of the ship Rattler, at this port from Havre, reports:?Feb 19, 1st 4030, Ion 39 10 strong gales from W, with heavy squalls, ship heading 8SW. with storm staysail set; observed a ship to windward on the same tack. At noon, saw ber colore were flying union down; at 3 PM, she kept olT, and ran down to us. She proved to be the ship Charter Oak (of Richmond, Me), Witham, from Philadelphia for Liverpool, with a cargo of flour and grain, in a sinking condition, and requested us to lay by and take them off. Sent the second ofllcer with a boat, which, as the night was very dark and a tremendous sea running, succeeded, with great difficulty, in returning to the ship with Ave of the Charter Oak's crew, vis:?E D Jameson, first ofllcer; Wm Whitney, second officer; Wm De Gross, scaraan: Levi L Whitney and Frauds Reed, boys. When the boat left the ship the barometer stood at 28.94. aud was falling rapidly, so that when she returned it was 28:42. A few moments after the boat rame alongside the wind hauled to NNW. blowing a perfect hurricane for three hours, when it moderated to a heavy gale, which lasted to the 26th, renderirgit Impossible to save more of the C O'a crew. The ehip muet have capsized and gone down, as her light disappeared suddenly at 9.30 PM. When the boat left her she was nearly full of water, and the aea was making a clean breach over her continually. At daylight there was nothing to be eeen of the ship. 1 The Charter Oak left Philadelphia Jan 31 for Liver pool. She was of Ski tona burthen, rated Alig. and built in Richmand. Me, in 1864.1 The following is a list of thf C O'a rai-go:?7,349 bbls.flour, 19,266 bushels wheat. 1949 do corn, MN bags clover seed, 80 tierces beet, 180 pkgs butter, SO bxs cheese, 41 pkgs Urd. Norwegian Bark Johannes?Report of Capt Korn, of the Norwegian bark Jobaanea:?Sailed from New York Jan 7 for Cork, with a cargo of 21,700 bushela wheat, and on Jan 27, in lat 44, Ion 50, had a hurricane from 6W to NW, during which atarted stern post and bow, carried awav houses on deck, stove hatches, shitted cargo, sprung a leak, carried itway fore rigging, jtblioom, Ac; was IS days on the wreck, with but little provisions and water, and all hands worn out from privations, anil want and exposure. (See report of ship Kearsage, Sawyer, from London, in port arrivals.) The elegant first class clipper ship Kitty Simpson, Captain Mayo, now at pier 47 East River, Is to sail on Thursday next, 27th inst, for Shaniihae. Two more cabin passengers can tiud excellent accommodations. See advertisement. U S Rtkarkr Waksctta. Commander Stone, hence for Port Roya', SC. put into Philadelphia 23d inat in diatreaa, having sprung aleak on the 20th, W) mites E of Cape Henry She will repair at the Navy Yard, and proceed for destination in 3 or 4 (lays. Kmr Criterion, at Boston from Havre, which gronndcdon Bird Island Flats, was towed off by steamer Rescue morning of 23:1 Inst, after discharging part of ballast. Barb N W Bridge, from Malanr.aa for Boston, put into Nassau 4t h in -1 Irak)', and was condemned. She had probably sprung aleak on the coast in the recent heavy gales. She had a cargo of 420 hhds and 30 tea molasses, consigned to E Atkins, which was lauded Hnd in store 17th Inst. The hWB was 256 Ions, built at Brunswick in 18M, and hailed Irotn that place. Bk Bark Socraxoir (not Laurander), fallen In with by ship Merearv, sailed hence Jsn 15 for Liverpool, and put Into Boston Feb 5. whence she sailed again 2d Inst for Liverpool. Her crew was probably taken nil by some pausing vessel. The 8 was built in Finland in 1848, 525 tons register, and was owned iu Dublin. Hero.irgo consisted of 2b,500 bushels of corn. Bark Barah Parr?Report of Cant Yaughan, of the bark Sarah Park, of Bangor ?Left Chatham (ballast) on the 2d Inst fort'ariliff; passed the Wight on the afternoon of the 5th, a London channel pilot on laiard: at 3 PM, blowing heavy from 8SW, cloae reeled the topsails; at & PH. wind In creasing to a heavy gala, and every prospector a dirty night, concluded to run In and come to behind the Wight. When we made the Needles Light, it was very thick and bluwiug almost a hurricane. Th" ship being to leeward of It, kept close by tl o wtno trying to weather Hurst lights; made thow right ahead, carried away fore and main yarda, split inainaail 11otn the gaskets; tell rapidly to leeward, let go the an clior, but t<a>k the ground at 6.40 PM on the beach about a mile to the northward of Hurst lights. Hope to Oust the ship off on the next spring tides. Bark Hkxrt 1 RowBRinct, from New Haven for Granada' with loss of inainmaat head and mizenmast, was spoken 10th inat, 1st 32. Ion 72 30, bv achy Brnadfleld, at Boston. Brio Ada?Report of Capt Charles G Chadbourne, late of the brig Ada, of Bath, Me:?Lelt Montevideo on the 9th day of December, 1861, (bone and bone ash), for Falmouth, for orders. Nothing ot Importance occurred during the voyage until the 4ih of March, at 030 AM, being very dark, thk k and s<|iially, accompanied by snow, sleet and hall, rame in collision wiili the. English brig Brill, of St John's, carrying away everything and setting the Ada leaking so badly that in 20 minutes after she went down, having only iusttimelo save our lives and getting on bonrd the Brill, with lose of all ourclothes, Ac, and were landed at Cardiff on Friday morning, March 7. Bkiu M P Rich, Dim, from Palermo for Boston, put tntn Qurcnatown 11th mst, with loan of loremnst and all attached. Antwxrp. March 8?The American brig China. Ipaen> which sailed from Marseilles Dec 8 for Lagas, was totally lost Jan 7 ?c the coast of Afrioj. The crew were all eared, and srrired following day at Lagos. The Cnina was built at Dartmouth. Maes., in 1848, oi 187 tone. Bonner, Keb 13?The American ship Grace Darling, from Sunderland, reports:? In lat 18 40 8, Ion 78 M E, passed a quantity of w reck, consisting of cabin doors, binnac le, gc, appearing to he the furniture of a shin's cabin. Onthe'th Jan experienced a hurricane in Ion 18 E, lat 24 8, which lasted JO hours. The American ship Challenge, Thorndlke, from Hong Kong, which arrired here Dec 21 leaky, has been sold for rs 78,000. She will be docked lor repairs. Calcutta, Feb 5?The Chas Cooper, Jordan, which arrived hcieJan IS from Colombo (ballast), g rounded in coming up the river, and is In dook being newly metalled. Dual. March 7?The American bark Mary Broughtoo. Derrick, from Tyne for Surinam, put back to the Downs very leaky, with loss or sails and other damage; also lost anchor and chain, having to slip to prevent collision, and is getting supplied with others from hence. Paval, March I?The Victoria, of and from New York for London, put in here Keb 2.1 with loss of foremast headend all above, I lire J aid, maintopgallantmaat, Jlbboom and sails, snd upper works oprimd, having been struck by heavy sens. She has l? en surveyed and recommended to be temporarily rigged as a bark, and procure a ship to lake 2JU to SOU tons of her cargo. The American bark M F. Denworth, when ready for sea, was wre>k"d In the bay, cargo nearly all saved, but ship almost a total loss. Put In Keb 3d, the 8 E Smith, Gates, from Liverpool for Boston, with rudderhead damaged. Put In 27th. the America, Gates, from Havre for N York, leaky, and with loss of sails. Glasoow, Marc 8?The ship Sailor Prince, M'Ken tie, from NYork. experienced very rough weather and head winds nearly all llie passage; head and headrslls evrrted away; cutwater sprung, sails split, skylight stove, and binnacle washed overboard. JgRsvv. March 10-The Flying 8-ud, I-a bay, from New York. In entering the harbor strut s on her anchor, and has eight feet water In her bold. . tlth?The brig Flying Scud, of this port, arrired last night from New York. On entering the harbor the anchor was let go. but failing to bring the veeeel up she forged ahead t -- - -a - -a >ha ta nrhnr fthg* Stork fulllff thrfktlifh tlise veaael'i port bilge. Both pump* were Pet (nine, but were iinablfto keep the veaael free. About two-tbtr^ft of th? cargo (wheat and flour) ara anppoaed damaged; m?aaurea hare Wn taken by LUyd'a agent to aave what la aound. The Ftytng Hcud eiperlonced dreadful weather on the naaaagc, and loal boata, bulwark* (both aldea). Jlbboom, wheel. Water taaka, and had akyllghtand companion atnre In. Kiif*ALK, March fl?Put In the ling Mary Ellen, Martin, of and for Liverpool, fr-im Jamaica. On the 21al February. In lat 41 M N, long JB fO W, apnke the bark Hope, or Home, of Fleetwood (flour and corn), In a pinking Hate: ma?ler begging w? be taken off but owing to the atateor the.weather waa unable to do ao. After lying by her for two daya, when the weather became thb k, and loat aight of her. Livmrom. March 7^-The ahlp Dreadnought, Kamuela, from New York. arrieed here, ie|>orta hating having naaaed through tielda ot ice off the B inka on the-ind Feb. Hbe waa in collwoll with a large outward bound (hip, name and date at prevent unknown (aatd to be the John Kvana, but not pure). The Ocean S ud, which arrived here 8th Inat from New Turk, had thrown part ol cargo overboard. Tire Locomotive, from New V< rk. had thrown part of cargo overboard kth?The Ivanhoe, from Portland, arrived here yeateiday, with decka awept and purl of cargo thrown overboard. Mh?The John Evan, which waa In colllalon with the Dreadn uiiihl. P imueip, two nlghta after the latter left New York, i auppo>ed to have aunk She hailed for the Dreadnought to heat e m m ehe waa ainklng. and the Dreadnought returned ovei her track for pome houra without aeelng or hearing more of her gth?The Annie t'lulda (a), from Wilmington. Nf\ for thla |kiii 'coliou, inam and tobacco), pot Into (Jueenatown Saturday, abort of con*, having run the ModtxrJi. niic haa on board the crew ol ihc Kill) Oordra, abandoned Feb23. lti? Marian, whKU *niT?d alUiia pvil to-day (rum Bom ?? ,pj bar, fall in with the brig Baperio, in lat 22 N, Ion 40 W, Pet* (. three month* from Loudon for Mew York, the crew starvlug. The Marian supplied them with provisions and water.* 11th?The Washington, White, which arrived her* tha same day from NYork, bad thrown 1,000 bags of rraln over J board. The Sylvanus Blum-hard, York, from NYork, axi'S the Home, Jeffery. from tit John. NB, which arrived here oul the 9th, had also thrown part of cargo overboard. Locoh Fotlx, March 7?The Jura (a), from Portland March 2, at noon, took off the crew of the Jettmar (f Detttnsr), which was abandoned Feb 27, from the American ship Molocka, for Boston. Loan Island (Cork), March 5?Pnt In, tha Bose, Brings* from New York for Queenstown, with loss of bulwarks* stanchions, and other damage. Mac aim s, Peb 6?The American ship Cheshire, Reed, from Calcutta for London, put iu here Jan 28 with loss of all masts and everything attached, water casks, boat stove, andpart of cargo (rioe and seeds) thrown overboard, having ex*' perienced a hurricane on the 7th and 8lh of Jan, iu lat 17 SJ Ion 79 E. Nkwport, March 10?Report of the bark Queen of BngJ land, Ready, from NYork:?Sid Jan 16. Encountered most fearful gale* and sea the entire passage, wind veering alt round the compass, blowing a hurrlcance at nerth and south* Lost bouts, bufwaks and sails, stern stove in, lost wheel and? roundhouse, bouses on deck store in, lost all stores iu cabinM bad to throw overboard )iart of cargo. Qdkknstown, Marcn IS?Put In through stress of weather*the Katherine, Baiter, from Boston for Liverpool. 6th?The bark Yarni, arrived here from New York, reports having been in collision Feb 23, in lat 61 N, ion 16 W,l with the brlgantine Express, from New York for Queenatown, when the former tost heudrail and jlbboom, and tha latter jibboom head, Ac. 7th?The Merrlnglon, from New York, was in collision last night with the Ureek brig San Spiridlone, and sustained trilling damage. 8th?Arrived the Dronning Victoria, from New York, witlapart of cargo thrown overboard, loss of three anchors And chain, water casks, Ac. Put in, the Skulda, Knudsen, from New York, leaky. 10th?1The ship Silistria, of and for Liverpool from New* York, was abandoned Feb 2L in lat 40 N, Ion 26; crew takenoil' tiy the brig Agnes, from Bahla, and landed here. The Amerieun ship Nabob, from Kan Francisco, arrived March 7 (wheat). In coming to anchor she grounded onCamden Bank about 6 PM, and remained till 8 PM, wheat she was assisted off and subsequently towed into dock. Kcii.lt (St Marv's), March 9?Yesterday the wind ws* blowing strong from the W. and the sea very heavy, and tha brig Sea Foam, of NYork, at anchor in the roads, parted one of her chains, and a new anchor and sixty fathoms of chain were taken from the shore to her by the uilot cutter A Z, fog which services the pilots were paid ?16 las. Put in 6th?The Express, Thomas, ot this port. Iron* NYork for oriler*, having expiwiein-ed terrific weather during nearly the whole of the vouge, and lout pulwars, ealla, and abo very leaky, having been in collision with a nark, which carried away the cutwater, jibbonm, sprung the towtprit and i ausert other damage. It 1* expected that t lie cargo wilfe have to be diacharged here, a* the vessel i* not in a propeg lute to proceed to any other port. St. Michel'*, Feb 15?Intelligence from the east end oC the ialand (Fayal) report* that the American lntrk Robert Fennel, Do wen, was wrecked there; particular* not yet > knowu. 'Whalemen. Arr at Seychelles Jan 16, bark* Janet, Coffin, of Westport. nothing since last report?put in for provision*; 18th, Osceola lid, Barker, ol Nil, 550 ?p iand *id Feb 4), Sid from do Dec 14, ship Brewster, Beebe, of Matt, oil as per last report. Spoken?Jan 24, ofl? Providence Island, bark Champion, Coggesall, ol West|M>rt. 3 whs since leaving Mauritius, making, all told, 400 bbls sp. Spoken, &c. Ship Sarah Newmuu, Uobu, iioui Calcutta for 3oston, Deo 21. lat 2 N, ion SI K. Ship Edward, llalc, from Liverpool for Calcutta, Dec 31. lat 3d S, Ion 32 E. Ship Lucy Thompson, Crocker, from Liverpool for NYork, . March 4, lat 51 N, loll 22. Ati Am ship, steering SHE. showing a white flag and black; ball "J II," Feb 6, lat 13, Ion 31 W. An Am ship showing 3d disg pendt, No 4610, was seen Jan 31. lat 4 N, Ion 26 W. Bark Asia, fiom Amoy for NYork, Deo 21, lat 23 3 ? 8, Ion 42 45 E. Bark Fetar Clinton, Bragdon, from the Clyde for San Francisco, Jan 11, lat 10 N, Ion 27. Brig Waccamaw, Nichols, from Boston for Cardenas, March 14. 1st 38, Ion 68 35. Brig Mary E Mllilken, hence for Matanzss, March ll.lak 30, ion 71. Schr Gem (3 masts, of NYork). from Cardiff for Montevideo, Feb 17,1st 42 49 N, Ion 1640. Foreign Porta. A if twerp, March 6?Ari Chaw, Edwards, NYork; 7lb? Boxidar Opnich, Zubranicb, do; 8th, Anna, Knopman, do; 10th, Voloscano, Kiganti, and Heraog Jobann Albrechl. Brandt, do. Alicastk, March 2?Sid Cora, Hatch, NYork. Axsostcra, Feb 17?Inlport brig "Wm Wlllson," for 8ft Thomas March 1. (The brig Wm Wlllson, Grant, sailed from NYork 2d Inst for Ciudad Bolivar.) BbLTAST, March 5?Arr Colon, Schntte, Baltimore. BkODWEKsnarKM, March 7?Arr Jubilaum, Kimme, Bel*, voet (and aid for NYork). Bordeaux, March 7?Sid Empress, Lecau, Liverpool. Bombay, Jan 27?Arr Harriet * Jessie. Deshon, Hone Kong; Feb 7, Lizzie Oakford, Eldrldge, Liverpool; 10th, Grace Darling, Bearse, Sunderland. Sid Jan 30, H B Mildmay, Webb, Amherst; Feb 1, Charger, Smith, Llverpool;2d. Aspasia, Lamb, Moulmein. sat Bkrmuda, March 14?Id port bark Hyperion, from NYork, in distress; brig* Mountain Eagle, from do; scbr lEmplre (Br), Doe, from do; also a brig, mahogany laden, in diatnaa. Sid few days previous to 14th, brlga Judith Borneo,-and WOiter Kelly, Culia. Cardiff, March 6? Arr E Cochrane, Bowdea, Baiter* dam; 7<h, Sarah L Bryant, Lane. NYork: BinuDornuin, LinnoU. Cork:8th, Investigator, Garvar, Newport. Sid Mb. Ocean P-arl, Meaner. Genoa; 7th, J C Boyntuu, Theobald, NYork, 8.h, Stateam an. Coysh, do. Ckttk, March S?Arr N A H Gould, Smith, NYork; 4th, Volunteer, Gorbam. do. Sid 4th. Bloomer, Kuder, NYork. Cadiz. March 2?Arr Richmond, Clark, NYork; Lebanon, Giles, Havre. Sid 1st, Lucy Heywood, Sta le, Palermo. Calcutta, Jan 24? Arr Aramtnvo, Cassan, Cocanada. Sid 26th, Portland. Learllt. London; 30th, Granada, Miller, Bom. hav: Feb 2, Gertrude, Young, Colombo. CtJKACoA. March 8?In port U S steamship Quaker City. Kralley, from St Domingo, coaling, to sail 16th; Imrks D J ex. Guide, for NYork 15th, Idg; Fleet Eagle, Kaynca, for Ham, burg in a few days. Idg. Dkal. March 8?Arr 8tar of Peace, Twombly, London (and sld for Boston, hut put hack loth; 10th, Crimi a, Pcurody, do for Boston (and anchored). Sld 9th, J H Rj cue n, Latham. NYork. Dublin, March 6?Arr Flight, Slocumb, and E F Max, GnUch, NYork. Cld 7th, Queen Victoria. Conwuy, NYork. Fatal, Feb 14?Arr Azor, Burke, Boston. Falmouth, March 6?Arr Camilla, Anderton, NYork; 7tl? Antelope, Wuir, do. Sld Dth, Parmrlia Flood. Anderson, Limerick; 10th W R Beehe, Crawford. Kooeerpolucr. Put bank 6th, Elizabeth, Nepperns, for NYork Glocckstkr, March 6?Arr Nmeiden, Pederson, NYork. Olasoow, March 8?Arr Sailor Prince, M'Ken/.ie, NYork} 10th, Martha, Hilton. and Jane Daggett, Lambert, do; ATf Whidden, Gamble, Aux Cayes. Gknoa, March 6?Arr Edw O'Brien, Seavey, Hartlepool; 7th, Lelaon Georgia P, Mephee, NYork. Gibraltar, Feb 18 (not 28th)?Arr hark J M 111 ks, Greenman, Palermo (und aid 19th for NYork). Sld 2'td, brig BlaeM Swan, l'odger, Safll, to load grain for Cork < Falmouth. Passed by 24lh, bark Lucy A Nickels, Nickels, from I'alermo for Boston. Wind East 'Attn. Arr at do Feb 27. J W Hands, Burges, Palermo (and cld fon NYork). tilt do Feb 28, Liberty, Avery, from NYork for I.-ghorn. [ In port Feb 25, nhlp* C I) Merwln. Merwln. liniKhvl icm* porary repairs, will commence Id* 26th; Chiinhora/o, Mohan, I die*, unc. Go.iaivkj, March 7?In port achr Albert Dealer, Doane, from anil for Boston 8 days; ami probably othe. . Havre, March 6?Arr Cheltenham, Wilson, NYork; St Geucvieve, Fteard, do; 7th, Wiu Froth Ingham, Mcl.ou, do. SU1 Hth, Etcle, Curling, Liverpool and Coifed Stales. Clift 7lh, Golden Eagle, Bvmonda, NYork. Hklvokt, March 7?Arr Tonlenakjold, Ilansen, NYork, Sid 9th, Ucean Kangrr, Avrrdl, Newcaatle. Jacnkl, March 4?In |sirt brig A Sinlthers (Br), Johnson, I from NYork, arr Sd, dlag. Jeremik, March 4? In port achr East Wind. Buah, front Boaton, arr 2d, disg. Kchrachke, Feb 6?Sid Sea L'on, Alexander, Calcutta, Livt hi'ool, March 6?Arr Adeline, Klrinworh, and Cbria| tiaua. May, NYork; hth. Harvest Queen, Yu..ng, and P 1 Kuoop, Wright, do; Thaluba, Kelly, and Victory, Aloaworth, do; Devltx, Lupman, Knltlniore; 7th, John Bell (a), Soo t, anil Dreadnought, Samuela, NYork; Alexan lerM irrhali, Marshall, and Clari?aa Currier, Klltner do; Jura (a), Portland; 8th. Grandee, Howell, Easlport; Dennis Ilorton, M'MllUn, Fori land; City of Baltimore (a), Jeffrey, NYork , Jeberland, do; Waahlngton, White, and Frioreaa, Corbelt, do; 9th. Aame Hodgman, Falmer, Boaton; Catharine, Baker, do; SyD vantia Blani-hnrd, York, NYork; Admiral, Haealoop, Baltimore; 10th, Thof Jefferson, hollina, NYork. Slddtb, Emerald Iale, Coin.ah, NYork; Crusader, Hill, Boaton; 8th, Gertrude, Doane, NYork;Endymion. Williama, do; J Baker, Allen, Callao; Oriental, Ballard, Bombay; 9th, Elizabeth Kimball, Harrison, Boston. Cld 7th, Duke of Kothenay, Davie*, San Franciaro; 8th? Florence Chlpmsn, Jones, Philadelphia. Ent out 7th, John Bell (s), Boott, NYork; (ilenalaon, Mackay, (ent Feb 26 for NYork); 8th, Bdlnghnrgh (a). Mlerhouae, NYork; Cordelia, Horn, and Alex Marshall, Marshall, do; Nova Hcotian (*), Portland; ItKh, Art Union, Morrison. . Shiuighse. Lonoon. March 6?Arr BenJ Bangs, Bartlett, Calcutta; 7th, David Impsley, Bcadllng, Saline; 8th, Plymouth Kock, Hammond, and Maud, Taymr. NYork; llludoatan, Small, hornOrero; 10th, Patrick Henry, Moore, and Quh kstep, Wada, NYork; Amazon, Hovey. and Heury, Davis, do; Hth, Golds* Era, Thorudlke, do. Cld 7th, Mountain, Edwarda, Falmouth and Boaton: 8th, I. ur.k_>... VV...S- II,k Kln.cl, I;.,,..- R?a_ tun. But out 8th, Noonday, Henry, Boston 10th, Christiana* Monk, NYork; 11th, Iaaac Jeanra. Drlnkwa'er, do. Arr at Uraveseiid loth. Surinam, Blaek, Boston. Wd 9th, Nesiorian, Worth, Sunderland and ttingaporc. Lkuhorn, March 4?Arr .Mary Morton, Kootl, NVork. Laouatra, March 1?N i Aiu vessel In (tort. Malaga, Feb27?Arr Black Fish, Falnlilld. NVork. Marskilles. Man h 7?Air J W Sawyer, LelgDion, NYorka Bid 6ih, Kevolutlon, Webb, Messina. Malta, Feb 27?Arr Musan Hlnrki, Attwood, Newport antt Gibraltar; Frank Haynle, Randall, Cardlll, Eureka, Hurton, Gibraltar. Madras, Jan 26? Bid Geneva, Harnett, Calcutta. MAi'Him-s, Jan 9?Arr Aatrea, Nickels. Calcutta (and slit Feb 2 on tier return); l.Sth. Calliope. Hiinm ms, Madras (aink aid .'Hut for Calcutta); 22>l, Blonuel, Milllktu. Singapore; 24th. Cheshire, Reed. Calcutta lor London, In distress. 8li| 17th, Clarissa Bird, Bird, Calcutta; 9Uth, Borneo, Hansen. Penang. MATAOt-kk, March 9? In port s-hrs Edward Sawyer, Bayley, for NYork 7 days, Ruby, Tracy, fioin Boston, ilisg. Mankauso. PR, March 10?In port Br brigs Mariner, fa* NYork, lilg; J W Johnson, Hay, lor do do. Newport, March 6?Arr GarihaliH, Nellsen, NYork; 9th, Queen of England, Roddy, do. Naguaro, PR, March 8?SI I Br brig Black Hawk, NVork. Plymouth, March 8?Arr It ivensduie, Hugs, NYork; 7th. Contest, Work; Alexander. Rollns, B -ll/e. Portsmouth, March 7?Put In, G b Lamar, Bradley, from London for NYork. Portland, Marrh f?Put In, Wlndaor Forest, for NYork. Pohcr. March 10 (corrected)?In port bark Ttvola, Brown, for NYork I8tb. Port ad Prircr, March 10?In port brtga Afton, Teal, for Boston 2 days, Delhi, Darnnby, from snd for Philadelphia 8 daya; Br seltr DwHula, lor NYork .1 days. Qi-krhrtown, Mar h 6?Arr Otodinl, Hill. NT"tk; Margaret, Cnmmlna; Si and is. Pedersen; Ocean Pearl, Cooke, dig' (and aid loth.lor Waterfnrd); 6th, Yartn. do; Koekllghts, llsdley,Callao (and aid lOlli for Antwarpt; Allienu, Laraen, NVork;_7th, MerrHtfiton, do; Nth, Nation^ Hosier, Han Fran claeo: I 111* (7), ill "tk; ooiihto. no, do; L M HtrottL WllllniiM, Klo Grande; lmh. hknlda, Wear York; Heroine, and Bilmheih Ann,dpi llth, Kineo, Kve. relt, Moulmeln; Grace (Urxenl, Mftchel, Oallao. Htdk. I W, March 7? Pol In *1 Motherbntik, ?h^? G B L*? mar Hradlev. from London for NYork. Hi'o JiRtmo. Keb 17-In POrtbrlgOnda (B.), for NYork. 2 ila??-La PI?U (Dnlch), for.l'klUdelphla. bid llth. ahlpa HhimroJt, Doano, Boaton, Ulh. Ben.h,.,; K..n, NYork j l?lh, arhr Coernlne, Baker, Philadelphia. 17th, xhip Have%id>iuiiii. Marok 5?8ld John Merrick, S> era, llenoa. Huso, Koh 75?Arr Win Tell, NYork. 81o 7/lh, Elpla,. TOm* Mirch 7?Off bark Johanna, Al'invht, fronv N*mTH*B^>?.r?^rch 'I?Art Hanonla ( ), llnmbnr* fo? NYork 8r NA*Ain*, March 5?Arr llollland, Weatoc, NYork. HhiklD*. March 8?Arr K C Howard, Nicker* u, Loudon. Smanoiiak, no dale?Arc J I'atti n, (.AiUill Vai.iocia. Frh 27?C!d Comet, Roeeia, NYork. WkymoiTR, March 8?fill In, wlndnor kor i*t, Delano^, from Havre Tor NYoik. Tut Into Portland Road a for ahcller, 8th, North Wind,, Jc wilt. from London for I'nrdilf; 9th, Kandol| h, from London for We*l Indira; Valentin. Aiiatin, fi oin do for Callao (and I* reported to have proceeded anno day). American Parts. FALL RIVER, our o ji?d, . a nra II W Morae, Benton (or (lar file.), I'.illa rlplil.,; T o.a W Tlturne, Lav la, NYork} Ht'hird Borden, Arnold, Klitaoelhport; .nop Neptune, Da via, do. Wd?Arc a< hr Ellen Burnm, Rrnpe, Bllrabetil port, (ILOt i ENTER, March 19?Arr brt? B Young, Look, Calais fvr NYoik.