25 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

25 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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_ srrrATiows wakted-fbnai<hnActuation wanted?by a respectable girl, ui do |jl*ln cooking, washing mid Ironing. or gene? ral housework. Has good cltv ief, r.-nc*?. Oaa ?i*i'n for two d?y?at47&K P*oitie at., b twc^n 4th ar. and Powers at., Brookl) n, where ahe haa lived for two years. A SITUATION WAMTKD?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do nhatrtberwork a id mailing and to asaist with the washing; liaa the be?t ot city leiVreOco. Call for two day a at 6y We*t 37th at., near 6th uv. A SITUATION wanted?by A younq gibe, a* chnmliermaid a1111 wuiire*>, or lib ciilUi'fi nurse mi'1 plain sewe r. Best city refer tie#. O.m be see 11 uuill en (aged at 120 St. Murk '? pi let, 8th st., aaunad Coor, bank toouiA RESPECTABLE GIKL WANTS A SITUATION AS cliumherinald and seamstress; is a neat sewer, and understand* all kinds of family sewing; will dochtunbcrwork and walling; will l>e found w illing mid ouliglng. Best city reference trom lier last place, dull ut her former employer's, 3J West Uth st., between University place and Broadway, lor two days. AYOUNtl GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHaMber.naid, or to do the Work of u small iatuily; reference , given if required. Call ut No. 2 West 46th si, A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A PLACE IN A PRIVATE family, she can wash utid iron and do chamber* ork. < Can be s en at 176 2Stli st., between 1st and 2d avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and waitress, or chambermaid und plain i sewing, no objection toriiy or country; city reference. Call (or two days at 365 6iH ave. A RESPECTABLE til HI. WANTS A SITUATION A8 chambermaid or seamstress, or to do general homework In a private family; the best of city reference from her last place, where she has lived three years. . Call for two - days at G5 Butler at., b -ooklyu, in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-UY A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO JA. chain berwork and washing, or would attend to children. Has lived thrae years In her last place. City reference. * Call at 613 Second ave. Can lie seen for two davs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waltresa, or to taka care ot children and do plain hewing. Hat good ruferenoe from her lam place. Call at Ml Eighth ave., this day and tomorrow Ayounq woman wants a situation as cook and laundress. Understands her business in all lit branched. She nuderaianda bread, cake and |>lea, and all .'kinds of desserts, lueaM and poultry, of all kinds; hat no objection to do general hou-en oi k in a aiuall private family. Haa no objection to go to the country. Please call at 422 Orecuwich at., over the grocery. A8ITUATION WANTED-HY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO cook. nasli and i rou, and bake, in a email private I amii ly. City reference. Apply for two daya at 26 Second ave. A SITUATION WANTED-UY A RESPECTABLE Woman. at good plain cook; id willing tuss'lsi in washing and ironing, (food rctcreuce. Call at 145 We.-1 35tlt dl, be tween Broadway and 7th av. Cau bo teen for two duya if not engaged. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do up stairs work; would do waiting; no objection to do housework in a email familv. (food city reference. Call for two dayd at51) Atlantic st., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIUL WISHES A SITUA" tion, ad cook, washer and ironer. or to do geueral house* work in a small faintly; can give, go.nl city reference from last place. Call lor two days at 100 West 14lh St., between ?th and 7lli avs. A protestant oirl wishes a 8ituation as good piain cook, washer and irouer; good reiereuce. Call at N >.East ctn st., near 3d av. A situation by a respectable youno oirl to do plain cooking, wanning and ironing; best city re* ference. Call at M West 43d hi., near 6th ave, A SITUATION WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE young girls, one as cook, washer and ironer; the other Stf chambermaid and waitress; have the best of cltjrrefei rente; have lived four years In the last place. Csn be seen atSUi West 33d St., till snltod. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A iCOMPETENT PERJX sou, aa cook, washer and ironer; good city reference. Call lor two dayaat 177 East liui st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS seamstress; understand cutting and ttttlng ladles' and ttiiildran'a flnthiiiff in tli? nmnner and all sirta of plain family sewing; Is willing to do light chamberwork. or assist in the care ol children; good reference. Call at 120 224 st.. between 2d and Slavs. A young girl wishes a situation as good cook, washer and ironor, is willing and obliging; has no objection to go a short disi ance in tha country; has good city and country reference. Gofl for two days at S3 f Ike at., first floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAtinu as cook; best city reference; no oh jeoilou to assist In washing. Apply at 177 East 33tb at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA" lion in a private family as rook; is a good cook and baker; would a?stst with the washing and ironing; or as chambermaid and to assist in the washing and ironing. Five years* reference from her last place. Call at 147 7th sr., between RM> and list ata.%third iioor, front room, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chamberwork and waiting, or general housework in . a small family. City retereuue. Call for two days at 272 . West 27th st., nearioth av. A COOK WANTS A SITUATION; IS AN EXCELLENT cook, and is willing to do part ol the washing. Good . reference. Can be seen st 123 Clinton place, third Uovr, room No. V, for two days. A8ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do g -neral housework, or chamberwork and walling. Cny reicr nee. Cau be seen for two days at 126 mkh st., near 2d av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUAtiou to do general housework, or chamberwork, washing aud Ironing; she it willing to rnahe herself generally useful. Ca.i lor two days at 217 West 2atb st., between Sin and Dili sir. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL, SPEAKING ENGLISH -aV Fr jiich and German, wishes to go to Europe with a family to lake caru ol' childr- u and make herself generally useful. The best of reference given for the last iwe years From hrr employ -rs. Call this week at 36 Bayard st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A BABY TO wet nurse at her own rc?.dance, whore It w iU get all of a mother care. Can tx aeon for two daya at 201 West 26ih at., in ill.- rear, <>u iuaam-oud floor. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do a n -rat housework ta a private family, la a Ural claaa cook, yraaliar and ironcr; no objuctlun* to a hotel, aaloou or boarding bouae; bc't of city reference from her laat place. Call tor two daya at 29 Monro* alrect, near Catharine. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A aituatlon to do chaiuberwork and waning, or take care of children; ?ood reiereue. Call at No. 12 Kent are, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROlA leaiant girl, aa chambermaid aud *eam-ir-a?, or aa Inlaat* n.use; underatanda family sewing, or tbe entire charge of a baby; baa the beat of recommendation* I root her former ^Uces. Call at 277 Weal XJd at., near 10th ar. Ring the lirat A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH OIRL WANTS A SITUAnun as chambermaid and waureas; can give from four jeain to . ourteen month* good city references. Can be aren lor 4wo daya at 39 WestSOlb at., between Broadway and tith ar A YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE or chambermaid; la a Ural rate embroldraaa. Call for two daya at bid Hudson at., lu the rear, top tloor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Woman; la a good rook and baker, and understands making butler; no objection logo a abort distance in the country; I beat of city reference. Call at lib Weal 19th at., between bib aud 7th ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNU GIRL WISHES A SITUA" Hun aa good plain cook, wiiam-r and ironer, also a good baker; the Im-hi ot city reference. Call at 377 1st sr., third Boor, I rout room. A SITUATION WASTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, aa laundreaa, or aa chambermaid and to do line waablug And i.tiling; abe thoroughly uinlcr.tanda her (undue*, haa the beat oi city referencea; would nut object to go a short distance in the country. Call for two daya at lot 7lh ar., between Aid and 23d ala. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid, or waltr-m, or to aaalat In the washing And Ironing. Beat reference iioiu her laat plate- Call at 471 Kaat Tilth at. and 2d ar. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yuu.ig woman, a* ciiainuermaul and waiter in a private family; naa three yeara' reference from her laat place. Can be aeen lor two daya at 92 W??t 19th el. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A PROTESTANT, whdies a situation aa chambermaid and waltrr*a, or -viii.1,1 ciare r.t nklUmn .till ,1.. ..I. In anwinn K.. II... I nine year* In her lent two plnce*; hits the best ol ref?renre. < nil fir I WO days ut Nn. 344 tfih Mm, In the rear. A TIDY (URL WANTH A SITUATION AS CHAMBER maul anil waitress in a prtiate tamtljr; Is willing to make hermMl generally usetul. Best ciljr relerence. Call at 106 East 1 at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED woman: la a good cook , would assist with the washing and Irmitiiif. and ran do the hakim: (or a small private lamny. Has the hoit i lty reference from ner last place. Can be seen for two WKJ% at 123 NVes4 24ib at., between 6th and 7th ava. A YOUNG WOMAN IS DESIROUS Of OBTAINING a situation as atewardeas of a ship or steamer or to travel with a tuuuly to California or elsewrherc; has lieen accustomed to the sea. Call fur two or three days at ?6 Orchard St. A COMPETENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; IS a good cook; can make good bread an l pa?iry. Can come well recommended front her last place. Can be seen for two days at 136 Weal 1.1th at,, between 7th and 8ih a.a. A RESPECTARLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUanon lie chambermaid and plain sewer, or would do ibouseu'ork for a small family. Call for two days at 3d Cariroll street. South Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKI>-BY AN AMERICAN LADY, aa housekeeper; a person competent to take vultra charge. Can lie seen at 110 Went 22d at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION limit; tan cook In hum the American and Kngllah aiyle Uood city reference I mm h-r laat plai n. Call at 1,184 JBioadway, m arSSd at., back room, aecond alory. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ?/\. chambermaid and w*ltre?a; no objection to do general housework; la willing to go a ahoit dlatanca in the country, dinoil city reference. Call at 22o Wcat Slat at. A WIDOW LADY, AN AMERICAN, THIRTY YEARS ol age, ol rennement ami ivupeetablllly, reduced In clronmatance*, wishes to find aotne unliable employment. She la well educated, and can teach either In a family or aehool, or la willing to auperlntend a gentleman's house. Addles* Mia. Leonard, Herald oilier. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNU OIRL, AS cliaima-i'innld nr to do hollsework in n amall prlrate lainily; good elty relrrence. Call for two daya at 77 Wcat 19th at., between Oth and 7th ara., front basement, If not engaged. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plaincookjgood witam rand Ironer; best oi city reference. Call at 2bd Myrtle av.. Iltooklyp, over the liakery. SITUATION WANTED ItY A RBSPBC1 Mil K Woman. to I "ik, waah and Iron; la a goodJiremi and biscuit Inker: good rtty reform oe given. Callaiini Wcat 12m at., second lloor, in nt rontn. A respectable, honest and willing girl Wishes It alluatlon lis el pcrmat | and to a a at In Washing and Ironing. Can In) ?-eii nnill engegod ?t her i rcsciil omploycr'a, 20/ Bute !.. near Court, Brooklyn. NEW 1 JMWATJOSg WAJrrKD-FKMALEH. A respectable middle aged woman wisiiei a situation, m a tirsi ciosa cook, beat of city relercnc. from her last place. Call for two days at No. lie Weal 19tl at., between 6:h a id 7tli ars, aoconi ifnor, rear building. An knulisu woman wishes a situation ai rook, waaher aou inner; uiidcrsi?nde her bushtca perfectly. Can be teen for two days at 84 Wyckuff at. A SCOTCH UDT, HAVING LOST HER BAHV. TI1REI aV vterk* old, w.altea to list eotir lo nurse. Call for Ihre (tars at 366 11th ar., coiner 3&lh at. A PROTESTANT CIHL WISHES A SITUATION T( do cbatnber? oik au<l aaaiat In taking rare of children City reference. Can be seen for two day a at -1S East Aid at. AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, OK THE HHJIIEH respectability, Would like the position of houseke< p< la a widower's family; referencea given and required. Ad dr'saforoue week, staling particulars, bor 77 Post office lloboken. A situation wanted?HY a RESPECTABLE (IIRL aacook, waaher and truiier; la a good bread, biscuit pie and plain cake baker: would do the work of a small prt vate family; best city reference. Call at 173 33d at., betweei 7tli und rtlh ava. ABITUATION WANTED?BY A OERMAN WOMAN to do washing and ironing; understands French Inning Call at Itid Eaat 27Hi at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA lion as inirso and chambermaid, or would do chamber work, waiting and take rare of children in a email family good city reference from last place. Can be aeen at 91 Wee l'jth at., betweeu 6th and 7th ava., third lloor, back room. A GOOD SEAMSTRESS AND DRES8MAKER WOULI take in work at her own houoe or go out by the day oi week. Heal cily referencea. Coll at or addresa Seamstress 186 6th ?v., corner of 13th at. A neat, tidy, honest, willing and obliuinc girl want* a situation to do geueral housework. Bm city reference. Call ibU day at No. 4 Warren ft., Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN; It a good plain cook, an excellent washer and lronur Beat ilty reference*. Call for two daya at 213 Woe* 26m at. between 8th and 1Kb ara., that floor, back room. A STEADY WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS YIBS1 rluaa cook; undoratauda cooking in all tlx bran :tica. Best city references. Apply at No. 7 Weal Utb at., ueai Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man; la an excellent cook, waaher and iruner, nut thoroughly underatanda her buatneaa. Beat of city reference Call for two daya at No. 6 6th at., aecoud floor, back room. Avery respectable girl wishes a situa tlon; la a good plain cook, waaher aud lrouer; baa n< ohcrction to go a ahort dl?tance in the country. Call at 3 Weat 43d at., between &th and 6th ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART, INDUSTRI oua girl, to do plalu cooklny; la a good waaher and lion er, or to do geueral housework, la a neat and obliging ser vaut. Uood reference if required. Call for to o daya at 6 Weat 41st at. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO COOK wash and frou, or to do general housework in a amal lamily. City reference. Call for two daya at 170 Weat 31s at., between 7lh and 8th ava. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion aa waitreaa; haa no objectiou to uaaial In chamber work. Cau We seen for two da) a at 423 dial at., coruer of 3< av., in the bakery. AYOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO D< general housework In a small private lamily; liua goo reterence from her last place. Cau be seen tor two daya a 140 Johnson at., Brooklyn, in the basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUA tion to do chamberwork or waltlug; haa no objection t the couutry. Call for two daya at 182 East 36lu at., tiri floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABL1 young girl, to do niunoaork In a small lauiily, or to d< chamberwork and aaatal wltn the washing and ironing. Gooi reference can bo given. Can be aeen lor two daya at 8 Laurena at., near Spring ah A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, Ti cook, wash and iron: underatanda milk and butter Call for two daya at No. 3 Rocior at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT OER man; young woman, to do general housework; lai Sod waaher and Ironer, and plain .cook. City reference ill at 32 Vcetry at, rear building. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRE88 OR AS WAI tresa, by a very competent girt with good city reference Call for two day* at 91 11th at. East of 2d av., second floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL, Ol good education. waul* a situation aa children's nurai or to do chamberwork; la a good plain sewer aud has coot city reference. Can l>? ink al 133 sth ave. A respectable woman. speakino kkenck ana Bugllsh, wishes a situation In a gentleman's laml Ijr a? nurse or to do cbamberwork and waiting; baa no oil jccllon to travel. Call fbr two daya at 224 East 9th at. A situation wanted?by a respect abu married woman, ua wet nurse; baa a fresh breast o milk. Apply at 12 State street for two days. A COLORED OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO OE neral housework In a small lamily, lu city or country Call for two days at 147 East 24th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNU OIRL WI8HE8 A SITU A tion to do cbamberwork and walling or to do chamber work aud assist with the washing and ironing. Good clt; reference can be given. Can be seen for two days ut 4510 Oil arc., between 29th and 30th sts., room No. 7. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. Tt do chamberwork and waiting; no objection to asaist it waahlng and Ironing and take care of children. Good cii; referents* from her last place. Can be seen for two daya a' 212 Fulion h v., BrooalyD. COOK.?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon aa cook in a boarding bouae or a saloon, or hotel can cook all kinds of meat, tiab, pastry and soups; bas goo< city reicrcnce from her last place. Call for two daya at 271 West 17th St., near 9th sv. COOK.-WANTED, A SITUATION AS FIR8T CLASS took; she understands soups, game, jellies; is a goo< baker of bread, and makes all kinds of desaerts. Best clt; re fere ii.e from her employers. Csn be seen for two daya a 21S West 26th St.. Ilrst boor, front room. Dressmaker.?a competent dkessmakei wishes to work ont by tlie day; ope rate son Wheeler J Wilson's and Singer's machines. None but tirsl class faml Ilea who want a dressmaker need apply. Call at, or addresi 3d4 Bowery, op|Mislte Sth St. Housekeeper.?an educated lady, op supe rtor attainments, having excellent management wit! children, desires the supervision of a widower's family oi would act as companion to an invalid lady, at home or tru veiling; cvuuuy uui ihijituihihuic. auuicn Ciiirrgjr, ouj 144 Herald office, for three days. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BV Ah English woman, or nurse to th? sick, or any light aitii atton. Inquire lor lira. Marson, in the grocery, 6I*t at. near Lexington avenue. Millinery.?a youno lady wiio has bke> homo time lit the buhinena wishes to go aa improver u a tirst class millinery house. Address for two data F. T Cogan, Union equate Poet office. Miss kelly wishes work at dressmaking; is a good Utter, and goes out by tbe day. Call at 1(h) Ens aid at. Nurse and seamstress?s ituation wanted liy a young English wumun, who thoroughly under stands the rare o? children, and |sawing in all its branches la a good operator on a sewing machine, and competeul t< teach children. Addrena L. W . Station A, Spring htreet. SCOTCH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO CHAM b iwork or lake care of childreu. Apply at 133 8th av. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL to cook, wash and Iron, and U a good plain cook and ar exeellenl washer aud ironer, or do housework in a amal private family; has good city relereuce. Call at 6J West ditt at., betwai n Ath and tith ave. SITUATION WANTED-BY A SCOTCH GIRL. E1T1IKII as nurse or seamstress; no objection to going in tbi country. Apply at 122 4lli ave., between 12th anil 13th an. CITUATION WANTBD-AS COOK, IN A RESPECT A O ble private family; no objection to asaiat In the wash lng. Best city reference. Cau bo seen lor two days at I'd! East 13th St., between 1st and 2d avs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNfi woman, as nurse and seamstress; hns no objection to gi to the country; b"nt of city reference given, Impure at .'111 tfth ave., t>p iloor, for two dnys. SITUATION WANTED-by A RESPECTABLE PRO festaut w oman, as wet nurse, ller own baby Is lout weeks old. Call for two days at 112 Smith at., Brroklyn. SITUATION WANTED?BY A CLEAN, TIDY, RE spcctahle young girl, In do general housework In s small family; oest elty reference from her last situation Call at 2UU East 13th St., second floor, front room, for twe days. SITUATION WANTBD-BY A NEAT AND RESPBCTA b!e girl to conk, wash and Iron, or do housework in a smsl family; la capable, willing and obliging. Excellent refe rence. Apply at NtW PadII" at., near Grand ave , Brooklyn. Situations wanted-b* two respectable young glrla: one as laundress, the other as cbambermah! ami waitress or m uu piani s'wing. oan tor two uays ui ou. 0d ??., 11rut llnor. front room. Situation wanted-by a good cook. washes nil Ironer; ha* good city reference from her last place Call at 36 Henry at., ursl Hour, betwecu Catherine and Mar ket eta. Situations wantkd-by a cook and waites (man), In a private family,or to take charge of a slngb gentleman's house, either In idty or country, fur the mmiiicr None hot first claM will lie taken. Address T. K., Unloi square fuel ottlee, Inrnue week. Situation wanted-by a respectablk younc girl, aa chambermaid an<l plain sewer, or to do chamber work and take care of growing children. Call at 144 40th at. between 2d and 3d ava., lor two days. situation wanted-by a respectable woman O aa conk, washer and Iroucr, in a private family; beitclt] reference given. Call lor two days at ItM Tbompaon at., It the bakery. Situation wanted?by a respectable younc woman, to do housework; city referent*. Call for twe daya at 61 East 30th st. Situations wanted?by two respectable women; one aa good cook, and willing to aasiat In wash lug, the ntlier as an experienced nurse and aeamstresa; nt objection to lake care oi children; best city relerence. Cal till i ngnged hi 117 West 26lli at., room No. II. Two girls wish situations?one as gooi cook, and has no objection to assist In washing and Iron Ing; the other as waitress and chambermaid, or us chamber maid and see to children; wish to go together; c ty reft rem e. Call at 2H3 7th av., between 08th and 20th s\, thin door, front room. TWO S J ST E Its WISH SITUATIONS-ONE AS LAUN dress, or lo cook, wash and Iron; the other ns chamber iniilil and waller. Have three years end a hall reference Call at 022 East l'.Uli st., top floor, backroom. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?A VOUNO LADY, HAYINf some expci Icnue In water coloring, wishes a sltnailoii |i n gallriy, citier in New York or Brooklj n. A hirers lor twi days K. W., box 001 Herald ulllce. WANTED? BY A VERY IlI'.SI'liCTAULE COLORKI II woman, a situation aa ladles' maid to go lo California Tie In s' in ii I'ersiitcgiven, lu pilre lui Caroline Uurllev ul 100 SWh at. OKK. 11KUALI), TUESDAY, SITtATIOIIS WANTED-KEMALK#. Wantkd-a situation, bv an american girl as seamstress aud chambermaid, ur alt nurse; cau opeh rate on sowing machine*; ia kind to children and willing and obliging. Can l>e wen at her pres' ill employer's, 325 II' Dry street, Brooklyn, until April 1, unless eng igcd a YATANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS V V nurse and to do plain sew nig. ur aa chambermaid. Apply at 117 Laurens at., near Prince at., third Uoor. WANTED?A 8ITUATION IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, by a reapeelalile young woman, aa eoolt and laundress, who is fully capable of Idling Ibc situation for which she ap ) pi es. She may be seen for two days al the house ol her present employer, in w hoso service she lias boon lor three years. Apply at 22d Union at., near Clinton St., South Brooklyn. Wr ANTED-HY A 11ESPE TABLE GERMAN OIltL. A siiuatlon us chambermaid aud srainstress; understands all kinds of family sewing; would bo willing lo wait ' on a table; Is willing aud obliging. Call for two days at the corner of Bergen aud Neveus sts.. Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PROTESTANT YOUNG woman, a situation as seamstress; will assist in light j rhamberwork; can cut ami fit all kinds of children's clothes. Beat city reference. Call for two daya at 336 3d av., near 26lh at., secoud floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation aa chambermaid and to do line washing ami ironing; or as laundress; can do French lluting: heal of city reference. Can be seen lor (wo days at 2fM East lUlh St., between 1st and 2d avs. W ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUAtlon as cook and laundress; is wilUug to make herself generally useful, ur will do honst-work in a small family. ) Call for two daya at 87 Weal 16th al. Uood reference Iroui r her last place. WANTED-BY A SMART TIDY GIRL, A SITUATION aa general servant. Apply for two daya al 126 East j 36th St.. corner ol 3d ave? fourth lloor. "ITITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL, A 81YY tuatiun to do chambcrwork or waiting or to take care of children; no objection to travelling. Call at 78 Concord at., beiwoeu Pearl and Jay ata., Brooklyn, for two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation to do general housework, or to take care of children or to do chainberwork. Uood reference. Call at 81 Weat Slat at., near 0th are. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WASHING and Ironing at live shtlUugs a doxun, or would go out by day's work aa waaher and lroner; beat of reference as to (capability. Inquire at 203 East 20th at., hist door, for WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAtlon; la a good plaui cook and an excellent washer and lroner; oak come well recommended from her hut place. Call at 104th at., between 13ih and Horatio, for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtion to cook, wash and iron or to do geucral housework in a amall lamily. Uood city reference. Call at 870 Bleecker at. 1 WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS YY chambermaid and waitress, or to take care of children and do plain sewing, haa lived eleven years in her last place. | Call ut 192 19th St., between let and 2d avs. ' "WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUAYY lion to do general housework; la a good plain cook, washer and lroner. Uood reference. Can be soeu fur two i. days at 330 Degraw St., South Brooklyn. W' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as waitress or chambermaid. Can y come well recommended. Can be seen tor two daya at 832 4 Broadway, between 12th and 13th Ms. 1 WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE8PECTABLE vf girl, to take care of a baby and aaslst in light chamberwork; no objection to travel. Call at 158 3d av? betweeu 0 10th and 17th sis., in the t'aucy store. >l "WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A Y Y situation as good plain cook and excellent washer and j lroner; is a good baker of bread and blaeuU; is willing and ? obligiug; haa best of city references. Can be seen tor two j days at 13U West 19th st. * WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAV Y tlon as chambermaid and waiter and to assist In wash j lng and Ironing and make herself generally useful; best of city reference trom her last place. Call at 68 President at., * betweeu Columbia and Vanbrunt, South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to take care of children; can do all ktnda of " plain eewing and embroidery; or would do chamberwork and aewlng. Cau be eeea until engaged at 173 Smith St., Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as chambermaid and waitress, or cbild'a nurse and seamstrrss; can cut and fit children's dresses. Good reierences. Cali tor two days at 231 West 29th St., near 9th uv. WANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO HIGHLY RESPBCTabie Protestant Oris; the one as thorough seamstress, understands outtiug and fitting children's dresses, aud also boys' and ladies' ureases; the other as chambermaid and nurse, or seamstress. Have tbe'best of city reference. Gen be seen for two days at 33 I3|h si., a few doors from 3d ar. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurse and seamstress; understand* cutting and fitting children's clothing and alL kinds of rami ly sowing: the le st city reference from her last place, where she has lived for the last five years. Call at 626 6th av., between 31st and SSd sis. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS chambermaid and laundress. Has no objection to go into the country. Good city reference. Call at 62 West Washington plaec, second tloor, back room. WI ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA. TV lion to do hamberwork and line washing, or as iaun. dress; good city reference. Call at 14 East llih st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUAtlon to do ibe cooking, washing and ironing; is steady and agreeable; can give the best oi reference from her last pis or. Call at SIS 7th av., near kith st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, as chambermaid and tine washer, or nurse and seamstress. Can produce lite best of retereuce from her laat place. Can be seen for two day* at 16J Adams street, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAtlonaacouk. Is a good washer and ironcr. No objection to the country. Best of city refereuces. Call at 96 West 24th St., neat 6th av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO WOMAN, AS good cook; la a good baker; understands all kinds uf desserfs; Is willing and obliging; no objection* to the country. Apply at 224 West 16th sU, between 7th'and Bib are , lu tne rear, ae uud door. WANTED-A 8ITUATION?BY A PROTESTANT young woman, as nurse aud seamstress; good city refe, ren?e. Can be seeu lor two days at the house ot her prearnt r employer. No. 32 ha,t 19th St.; Brooklyn preferred. [ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young woman, as chambermaid and seamstress, or as waitress. Call at No. .15 Weat 13th at., near 6lb av., tor two f days. Beat city reference given and required. | V1TANTED?BV A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION TT a* nurse and to do plain sewing, or to do cbantberwork and waiting; la willing and obliging. Call for two daya at I 152 Weal 27tn at., in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK, IN A PRIVATE lamtly; la a good waaher and ironer. Oood city reference. Apply lor two daya at 124 Smith at., Brooklyn. I WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, to cook, waah and Iron; good city retereme. Call at ITS Smith atreet, Brooklyn. W' ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE wooiao, aa rook; nnderaianda milk and butter; baa no J objectiona to go do the country; haa the very beat of city reterener. Can ho aei qjfor two daya at 33 Weal 12th at. WA!,TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A TT aiiiiutlon to do chambcrwork and take care of a baby. Call at 96 Clinton atreet, between State and Schet mcrhorn atrci ta, Bioiklan; can be aeen for two daya. I "11/"ANTE1>.?A SITUATION WANTED. BY A NEAT i TT colored woman, aa cook in a giaal family; la an excellent cook, and la capable of taking the eniire i barge of tbe kitchen. Call at 134 West 29th at., Iietwcen 7th aud Sib ava. ; Hoarding houae keepi-ra need not apply, i [ WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE It young woman, aa seamstress; understands cutting anil titling die-aea and making all klnda or under garment*; no objection to the country; haa good city reference. Call lor f two daya at 191 Weal .'Silt at. WANTED?BY A WELL EDUCATED MIDDLE AGED Engltah lady, without Incumbrance, a situation aa j housekeeper or companion to an elderly lady or gentleman, high tratltnonlnla can be given. Addresa for one week I.. .1, A., Morriannia FostoAce, Weateheater county, N. Y. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUAlion to do general honaework; ta a good waaher aud Ironer. Can be aecii for iwo daya at 72 Weat 28th at., third Moor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, aa competent aeatnatreaa; can cut and lit ladloa'and , chtldrens'dresses; would go by the week, but u permanent situation preferred. Call at 40 Weal Mm at., between 5th and 6th area., front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS FIRST CLASS LACNdre??; uiideratanda French Uiinng. Beat of city reference; haa no objections to go a short distant* in tha country. Apply nt hi Weal 28th at., Ural tloowfrunt. I \]yANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT eiluallnn at good plain cook, tint rate weaker and Ironcr, or to do geuerel houaework In a email lamily. Sellafactory reference. Apply at 576 8th ar., corner of 41?t at., j ao- oiiil lloor, back room. WANTKD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitreaa. Uood city reference. Apply at 216 Wott 36th at., between 7 th and 8th ava., for two daya. S 1VANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, to do general houiowork. Uood city rete| reice. No obje-tioiia to the country. Apply lor two daya at 671 Columbia at., Brooklyn. | TITANTED-A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A TV yoang American woman. In a private lemily, refercneealir?tcla?a. ('all at or adrtreaa A. C. D., 5S tlrove at. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young married woman, with a freah brraat of milk. \ Call at or addreaa Mil Weat 27th at., entrance in the rear, for l two daye. WANTRD-BY A RK8PE0TABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A aituatlon aa waitreaa or chambermaid; haanoubjec | lion to do the general houaewurk of a email reepectable family. The beat of city reference given. Inquire lor two daye at 489 6th eve. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A , VV altuation to do chembcrwork or general houaework In 1 a amell family; one who thoroughly underatanda her buelnrra and la willing ami obliging. Boat of city reference gtveu. Call lor two daya et Ail Beat llTth It. WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU AVV tiou aa Ural nlaaa lannrtreaa, or 10 do houaework tor a email family. Uood city reference given. Call at W Broome 1 at., aecond floor, front room. w ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT (URL, A SITUATION TV aa cook and to aaalat with the washing, liaa ihe Inn of city reference. Can In: w en lor two deja at Bi Weat Jith at., third floor, In the rear. YYTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 TT young woman, aa chambermaid and waitreaa, or aa i chambermaid and to do plain aewlng; ahe umtrratatida her ? loiaincaa pcrfi ctly well; li.ia the Vei y beat ol city and conn try reference?, (bill lor to o daya ?t oK Weat 3Ulii at., bcltvron Otli and 7tn atl? aecond In.or, front room. ! \i/ ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE OKll, TV in n rill, to a ..rial ill waailng and Ironlm, oi (.iking cam ul children. Apply ai IV tnlvoroUv plate, no.irVlh at. MARCH 25, 1862.-TR1FL SITUATIONS WANTED?PISH AI>RS> WANTED-by A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE Al,ED woman. a aituatlou t<> do cbuiubrrwork and lake aire of < hildren, or to do funeral Litua-wurk in a atiiall faintly;

food reference. Callal 315 ilicka at., mar Amity bout It trooklyn. Wanted-?T a respectable Vol NO WOMAN, a kiuutiloii aa coo*. waaUrraud iroaer; two year*' reference IToui ber laal place. Apply lor two day* at JSU Weat 17lb at., between sth und Villi av*. "VITANTS A SITUATION?A YOUNG WOMAN W A NTH YT a siluAtiuu; 1, a perfect uir?e and aeainalrrsa; can make chtldren'a cluthra; haahad aix yenra' cxpirn-uie; city reference I rmn ber laat ph.civ linn nc aeon lor two daya al 137 7tli av., belweeu lath and 20th ala. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG PBOTEBTANT GIRL, A 11 Miliialion as nurse; imderatanda the rare of children perfectly; or Would take tin* place of waiter; beat of reference. Apply for two days at lbs Ea-l 24 b at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KES1*EUTAB1,K young womau, aa chambermaid or uurae; be#l reierence. Call at 83 St. Mark'a place, cornrr of lal av., aacoud floor. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girt, to do gruerui Iiouaewerk or up alaira work; Bund reference. Call for two daya at 13/ Smith at. (entrance in Wyckoll'j, Brooklyn, up alaira, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE tjirl, to do chaiuberwork and wailing or to take care of childieu 1U a ainalt private lautily. Cau be aeen for two daya at 221 Court at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A aitiiatiou to do general housework In a amall prLi.ie family; no objection* lo go a abort dialance In the country; la a plain cook and good waaher and troner. The beat of city referema can be given troin ber laat place. Apply at 21)1 Wrat 2dth at., between 3th and Vth ava., In the rear, top lloor, lor two daya WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL, AH chambermaid and waiter, or to take care of children, or assist in washing If required. Can give the beat of city retcrcnue from her laat place. Call for two daya at 18U Kaat 34th at., drat door, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN ENGLISH PRO' leatanl woman, aa cook, or to do general houaework" She la eOlcitni, kind to children, and run give uuekception' able reference*. Can be aeen until auitcd at No. 4 Sanda at.' Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY an American woman; has no objection to a widower'* family, or to do the work of a plain private family. Inquire of Mra. Connor, corner of Lexington av. and ftlih at. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH WOMAN. A SITUATION aa cook in a til e American family; la willing la do anything to oblige. Good city relereaee. Call lor two daya at 203 West 17th al., near 8th av, HrANTED?A SITUATION RV A nesPBcrim w VT young Wuinau, tta chambermaid anil waiter, or tn as 1st in washing and ironing, or would do the general house'work of a small fa nily. Beat ily reference from laat place. Call at 63 DouglMa si., between Smith and Hoyl, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, in a private family; no objectiou to assist in washing If required, or to do the entire washing; is a good cook: understands meals, poultry and soups; is a good baker of bread and biscuit. Best city reference irom laat place. Can be seen lor two days at 358 West 26th St., belweeu Ulh and ltlth ars. tlTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAVV Con as good plain took and lirst rate washer and ironer in a small family; can make good bread and biscuit; no objection to do chambertvoi k and plain sewing. Best of re lerence from her last employer's, where she has been for six years. Iuqulre corner of Bioonilleld aud 6ih au., Hobokeu, ttrst boor, up stairs; can be teen for tbrte days If not employed. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as cook in a small family; Is an excellent laundress; best of elty reference*. Call at 68 La arena si., belweeu Broome and Grand sts. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa waitress or to dochamberwork and waiting; baa the best of city reference# from her laat place, where abo baa llred are years aad four mouths. Can be seen for two days at 300 East Mth st, near 1st nr. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUAuon to do geneial nuusework in a small private family. Beat of city refereuce* given, call for two days at 60 West 30i t st. ' WANTED?A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS OR TO do general housework. Good city reference. Can be seen for two day* at 93 West 19th at., between 6th aad . 7th ars. flTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV young girl, to do plain sowing and take care of children, or to do plain sowing and assist with cbamberwurk. Apply at 293 1st ar? in dry goods store. ANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION A8 * i.uituii.ui uiuiu sun Ktuirui, or to uu care 01 children | and assist In sewing. Thn brat city rel'eivuco given. Call for two days at 40 Weal liih at., In the rear. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO GIRL AS nnrae and seamstress; la very toad of children; can do all kind* of aewlng; can give good city reference. Can be scon at 218 East 18th at. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT OIRL (? do chauberworlt and assist in the washing and ironing, or to do general housework for a small private family; is a good washer and ironer; good rlty reference. Call at 82 West 19th St., in the basement, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A situation as took: understands all kinds or bread and biscuit; has no objection to assist In washingand Ironing; has no objection to city or country. Can be seen for two days if not engaged at ISO East 3Yib at., between 2d and lid aves. Oood rcl'erenc: can be given. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, THE washing of a few young gentlemen and a few families. In Brooklyn or New Yora; the nest of reference given as to honesty and capability. Apply by letter or In person to Mrs. Uourke, comet of Dikentau and Orchard au., South Brooklyn, over ihe store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED woman, a situation as child's uurae; no objections to or a short distance in the country; good reference. Call at 3M 6 b ave. near 23d sr. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO ENGLISH girl, a alt nation aa chambermaid and waitress, or to do sewing and lake care ul children; haa no objection to the country; city reference. Call for two days at 182 East 116th at., between 1st and 2d aves. WANTED?A SITUATION BV AN EXPERIENCED cook, who tin roughly understands her business In all its branches; is willing to assist in washing If required; good refereuce. Apply st 218 7th ave., In the store. TIT ANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE PROTV lestaul Scotch woman, to oook, wash and iron in private family; best of clly reierence. Call lor two days at lit East 42d at., between Lexington and 3d avet. ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS, SUP/A m inuia, one ior general housework ana ins other lor | chamberwerk and plain sew:n.;, or to :><o care of children. Can be seen lor two days at their present employer's, No. 124 Weal 24th at. "IV" ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AO ED TV woman, a situation as oral rale cook; has no objection to assist In the washing and ironing it required; is an excoh lent cook: Is willing in go a abort distance in the century; good reference. Call lor two dnys at 202 East 21at at., between 1st and 2d avs. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A YOUNG OIRL, AS chambermaid or line washer. Can give the beat ot elty reference. Call at lot Weal 2dd at. VT*"ANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TV girls, situations, at chambermaid and laundress, otto dociiauiberwork and waiting or conking in a small prlvute lamily. tiood elty relerencc can be given. Call at.15.VNlh a v. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIUL, A slmatlon to do up alali a work or lo take care of ehildren Hood elty It-nfftsoft Cull at Ntlgth uv. for two daya. 1IrANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITI'A" TV tiou aa chambermaid and wattless or nurse and seamstress. Can he seen until suited st her preseut employer's, 12 I2ih St., uearhth ave. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do general housework; no objection lo the country; city reference. Call at 172 East JMlh St., third floor, front. WiKTl *?A SITUATION AS COOK OR TO DO IIKNKTt lal-.ouwork; best of references given; no objeeilon to go in tue i outitry; Is a sober, honest and Industrious w o? man. Can be seen lor two daya al 432 Hudson at., roont 1, lirst floor, in the rear. WANTED?BY A YOl NO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do general housework; good releretice given. Call at 123 E tat 47th at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE American girl, as chambermaid and sewer, or lo take care of children and sew, or as ehamhermaid and waller; no objection to go a short distance in theennoiry. Call for two days at 144 Weal 32d >1.. between 7>h and Nth avs. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A idiuato.i lo do cbamlx rwork or to take care ot children; no objection to go a short distance in the country. Call at 121 Weal 20th st., front basement, for two days. uood utjr reference ran be given. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls; oue, a Protestant, to do cliambcrwork and fine washing and .Ironing; tlie ntliar aa cook. Boat of referi uco given. Call at 288 East 12th ai., neurav. B. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and wait mm, or laundress. Haa the best or city reference for two years irom her la*t plnre. (tail for two days at 7? Wast 28th ?l. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youna woman, aa good plain cook and excellent washer and Iruner; Uto very beat city reference given. Can be seen for two dayt at 67 Til.ary at., between Anama and Pearl, Brooklyn. WANTBD-BV A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, GENTLEtnen'a waahlng to do at her own residence em; and ly's washing, haa good relereuce. Call at 42 Weat 30th si., second tlour . WANTED-A SITUATION. AS PLAIN COOK IN A private family; no objection to assist In washing, best city rel'eraaoe. Call at 4VI Sd av. TtTANTED?A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT TV girl, as seaman ess. nnderstands dressmaking and la mllv needlework. Call Tor two days at No .18 Elisabeth at., room IS. * WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT girl, aa nnroe sod seamstress or ebambermald and waltreaa, ueat city reference. Cat) at W7 Kaat 18th at, near 1st av , first Boor. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITUATION T? 10 on yrilf-rai niiiierwora in a pi irina laniiij, tlna m go a ahnrt dNtanue in the country; beat or rulrrente. Call nt 114 Wml 24lh at., lor two daya W\NIM>-BY A RKBPSCTABLX TOUKO WOMAN. A aitiiaiion tooook, wimh anil Inm or lo ilo houaeivork. no ohjei 1I011 logo a abort rtlatanc? m thr country. Hi ai of ttjr rcfarontnian bo girrn. Call a .11 L'lltabeib at., in thr rear. f*KW i'i in.K tritiNs. MRU. HANKINH' PAPER -KTIQt'BTTK, ARTS OK ltriiuiy, H anal (ianira, CotirUag, Original Slot) ot a Frinnli' Spp, Kictiirrn, Ar. 1'nllkr oltirr pipcra. Try It. I'rlrr 8 r?nt?. or 75 con ta a year. Vrry entertaining. Udlca No. at Walkor atrnet. mil AT " I'CRIOUH " HOOK OK CITY WOMKN; OR INX ici rxtln* n iaalo Oaarton ra lo Naw York, ('heap r ittmn, .'io pair , Umo., aotv toady. I'rloe 2ft renla, or nulled t i c. .m 11 ma. HI. (J AI NT I', ptlMiakar, 00 Walhi-r aUrvt, New York. Jfi SHEET. HELP WANTED?KK MALES. At tub frunch inimrtjtiropvc. uauxasd 51 Sixth avenue, euiplo ers can el.uia !he most efhclent 1 reach, English, livrmtu and Am- ric.ui nrviuu. male* and females, Of all Capacities, and hrsl class aerrauu the most desirable situations of the city anil euuntry. 51 Chub avenue, near Washington place. All families and ciood servants will find the Urgent old established Instllnte, at the e n r of Sixth avenue and Eleveutti street, lor German, English, Iruh and American wonicu. Mr, Floyd in atteu.adte. Uood places always ready. Protestant* always n un e 1 APItO'l KSTANT (IIkl WANTED FOB gknekal huusrwurk in a fatndy of two persons: wages $5; br?t nl reference reiiuired. Apply at 154 West I bib St., in the 1 as . uient, from 10 to 12 o'clock. All employers wanting first CLASS domes Uch, of all nations, for rvrry capacity, ran be iuimediaely supplied at the Empire City Institute, ,'(7h 6th a where good sen ants can ubtain the most do drable sltualious without any uela> . Ciook.?wanled, bv a respectable youni; wo J man, a situation aa good cook, and to assist in the wash tug and ironing. Deal uty relereucea. tan he aeeuatSfi West 10th st. near 6th av. NURSE WANTED-A YOUNO PKOTKSTANT WD innn wanted as nurse. Apply at 101 M.idtsou av., lie fore 12 o'clock. SEWINU HANDS WANTED-FOR BUTTON HOLES lor light t 'tils. Apply at 56 Murray at., ttpalaint. r NURSE.?AN AMERICAN LADY has A FINE male child, two months old. Would put It out to nurse with a rexpec.able person who has nurae lor it. Adder.** M. L. L., Herald olliee. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED MILLINER, TO ACT as forewoman in a large millinery business, with good salary, to go to Syracuse, N. Y. None but u good, experienced person In the trade need apply, to L. Brouuer, No. St Chambers at., up atairs. fatantrd?a respectable oirl, to do oeneral It hunaework, in a small private luinily; must lie an ex cellenl waalier and irouer, and have good relercnces. Call at 261 Cumberland at., near Lafayette ave., Brooklyn. WANTED-A GfBL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK ; the beat of reference required. Apply for two daya, between 10 and 4 o'clock, at MO Pacllle at., Brooklyn. \ATANTED?A CAPABLE. NEAT AND WILLING GIRL, TV aa cuanibcriuaid and waitrcaa; muat bring reference from her .ast place. Apply at OB Weat 11th at. Proleatant preferred. WANTED?WAITRESS AND CHAMBERMAID, TO AS aiat 111 waahinv and ironing; muat bring good city reference. Call at 101 Weat lllal at. on Tueadity morning, trout 0 until 12. W/ ANTED.-A GOOD GIRL WANTED FOR GENERAL TV houacwork. One willing to work for moderate wages will be treated aa one of the family. Apply at ilOO 3d av. "WASTED?A GERMAN NURSE, W1IO SPEAKS ENQ TV Kab, to trke care of a baby, and who la a good reamatrrax, ill a amall lanuly. Apply at 234 West 28ih at . near 0th av., for two daya. The beat city referencea required; without them nobody need apply. WANTED?A COOK, W1IO PERFECTLY UNDER atauds ber buameax; alao a washer and irouer. Appl v to A. Moore, corner of 25th at. aud 6tli av., betweeu 12 and 1 P. M. on Wednesday. WANTED-A FIRST RATE COOK, WASHER AND irunt r, tor u amall family. None need apply who >aunot come well recommended from her taat ptaca. Inquire ai 34 Weat 31al at., between Sand ii A. 31. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK A lidy, autart girl may apply at 87 South at., near 5th, Williamsburg. WANTED-A OIRL TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORK; ahe muat be a a good wasber aud tronrr. Good city reference required. Apply at 663 8ih av., between 40th and 41al all. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO OENERAL HOUSEWORKA ainart. tidy one, may apply for two days on Latayettc av., eight doora eaat of Bedford at. Good re'fereuces required. WANTED-A GOOD MILLINER, (MUST BE A GOOD trimmer) logo a short distance in the couulry, in a healthy town; good wagea given. Apply to W. Oprnhym, 21 aud 21)f Division at., between 10and 13 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; good referencea required. Apply at 2u> Weal 23d at., between 10 and 12 A. M. WANTED-A YOUNG QIBL, AS NURSE; AMERICAN preferred. Apply at No. 2 Hanover place, Biooalyu. WANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, AS QOOD vT cook and Urst rate washer and troner. City referencea required. Apply at 121 Weat 38th at., between 10 and 13 A. M. WANTED-A GIRL TO WAIT ON THE TABLE AND do geueral housework; must thoroughly understand her business. Apply at 130 llenrv at.. Brooklyn. H/"ANTED?TO GO TO RHODE ISLAND, A PROTEST IT ant girl, to do the general housework of a small, genteal family. removing from the city; meat be a good rook, wa?her ami ironer, and come well recommended. Wage# St). Apply at 10 Tillary at., Brooklyn. WANTED-TWO TIDY AND NEAT GIRLS. PROTKb" taut* preferred, one ua a good l uci, waaher and ironer and the other aa chambermaid and waitress, and to aa*-l*t with the ironing; muat couie well recomuienaed. Inquire in t.'iluton ar? tnird door from Myrtle, Brooklyn. WANTED?FIVE GOOD SALESWOMEN FOB EMBROIderiea, three for millinery goods, one for ilower dapal tlueul and two good bonnet trimmers; nolle but thoee acquainted with the did'trent departmenta need apply, with rrtereurea, at 221 and 2?t Eighth avenue. WM. KI.Xinl.EY WANTED?CHAMBERMAIDS, NURSES, COOKS* waller gu la, laundre.-*ae? and gins lo do general housework, bom wuite and colored, fur excellent situation*, now ready. Apply at No. 7 11th at., several doors west oi Broadway. J. S. SCL'DDKK. WANTED-NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, TO GO A so or i diaiauo* in tha couutry; she must tboruuglily understand her bualuesa, and be abls to give good cliy refereucea. No other* need apply at the northeast corner ot 41 si ai. and 3th av., betwueu U and 1 o'clock. WANTED-A COMPETENT GIRL, TO TAKE CHARGE ot ?u infant and make heraell generally utelul. One having city reiernnce may apply at M Wear Baltic street, naar i liuton, betweeu il and id o'clock. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY,-TWO GIRLS. one a* cook, who must thoroughly understand Inn bnslneaa; the other aa eh* mlierma id and to do Hue aaahiug. Apply after I o'clock A. M. at no 7th are. WANTED?NKAT RASTERS AND WHEELER A WILSON operatoia. vi Franklin at., up one atair. WANTED?A GOOD SMART OIRL, TO DO THE housework of a small family; must und* rsland ptato cooking and be a good washer and ironer; wage* gtf. Apply alter 10 o'clock A. M. at No. 717 1Kb ave., betweeu 4dd and 4dd *t*. Wanted?milliners and trimmers, five milltu<r> and llm trimmers wauled. Also MMMt apprenibe* and iwo wire train** maker* to luuk- buuunt frames. Appy at L. bluna' mill.nery, 6 1 Broadway, opposite JUtrupwi tin Hotel. Wanted?a few ladies and gentlemen to learn a very profitable new bualn-a* that ran be done hi hum* , aud 1* hteady summer and winter lu all elites; It will pay at lea*t Imtn $13 to $-0 |?r week; terms very low . Apply in persou lo Dr. K. Love A Sou, inventors, HI Grand aiieet. WANTED-KOR A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE FAMILYthree girl*: our cook, waihor and Irouer; one memberirmld and WHlirrva, and our nur?.'; all nnrt Ir-wrll rrcom Uleuded; good wagea will be paid to thoae aintuble. Ca.i at 276 Bowery, lie ir Hooatnii at. 1*7"ANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK. WASH AND IRON VV tor a email pr.v.tte family; must be wrll recommended from lirr laat pi*. e, and be willing to go a abort dial ami; tour hoiir'a ride) Into tar .wintry, If required. Apply at 44 r.a.l lltk at., 11out 2 to t o e.u V. ?>? HANDS WANTED?TO MAKE BONNET KRAMES. JUt,J Apply 10 JA CI > B Y, 41)7 Bimmi.-at . Cik (41HI.S WANTED THIS DAY?OK WELL KKCO.WlJU lie inled aervaula, to bll excellent altliatioue; pio..!Med cooka, cook, waaher and ironrra; .liamberiiuilda, waiter*, la.in.lie.*ea, glrla lor houaewoik, at tbe S< riauia' luatitulr, 148 llranj all-ret. A Protestant waiter wanted. Sri'tATIONS W.VNTED-HALE8, A SITUATION WANTED?by A YOUNU MAN. from the roiintry, ai clerk In a Brat claa* grocery or wholeaale alore; I* a' good penman and quirk at rtgurea; uudei aluu.la the limine*# Addrraa (jroerry Clerk, Herald oilier. A YOUNU MAN, WHO HAS SERVED AS BOOK kreper tor flu ynin, ? rltra u fair hand, qui. K and correct at ligurea, would like to make an engagement in aerv? In any rapacity. Flral elaaa reference given. Addreaa S. II. U.. Herald office. AOENTLEMAN, A THOROUGH JUDGE OF DIAm.inda and orriy other kind ol prerloua atone*, perrrnly ? opvri *..nl wltn all European m.ukel*, a good bookkeeper and bualneea man, and a perfect Encltah arholar, wilh a alight knowledge of the tjrrinan and French tangnagra, w mid be glad to meet with an engagement. Uue\. eeptional refereucea vau be given. Addreaa X. Y. x , Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\. young man, aa coachman and grn..m; ih..roughly on deralanda hia Immncan; ha* ihebealuf ill|n(MMfM hla la*t employer, wh-re lie hn* lived for four yean; no ob j. eilon to city or country or to travel with a genteel man Call at or addreaa lor three days No. I6 John at., It not before era ployed Agents wanted-to sell the best pri/.e sta ilonery Paekagea In ttie market. We hava amoral va the articles In our package* are of good quality, uml we ij> mntr.' satlalactlnn ; circulars frre. liAbK J NS A CO., No. M Bcekmsn street, ft. Y. A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE voting man, as farmer, who has been thorn ighlv brought up til il; also Ilia wile, as dairymaid or gem-rat lions-worker; not lonii In this country; best of referi nee. Call for two days at m West 17th si., between 7th ami 8th avs. \mim t'Ol.uKKH MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS I'OKTKR In some wholesale or public store; Is willing to make himself generally tisefsl. litmnl city reference. Address Pe terson, hot 1:0 ileraid ollloe, for two day*. AhE BUSINESS MAN, THORoVuii ACCOUNTANT AND oommrretal Kirrespondent, of long eiperlenee, wants employtni-ni; Is willing lo work far his bowrl and washing. Cau give nml class city reference. Address Clark, Ileraid ntbre. S COACH MAN-WANTED, BY AN KNOUBHMAM, A | situation as gruoiu and coachman, or as coachman ami gardener; Is a married man but has no family; the wife would not object logo as seamstress; the very best of city reference. Address P. R , Ileraid olllee. A mmItHHTKCTANL8~MARRIKt)-MA~N7KNflMsri, WIPE Scot h, w llhout family, desires to meet with an engageinent fur hlmseir and Wile on a gentleman'a farm In the country, where he could have the aceotnmndauon of a house, the man In ai t as care taker, and to ford and attend hors. a, slock, Mr. (In the management of which he has had thonvugh nspcrtencei; wile us dairy maid, and lo at tend to thelala.ng and falitni of poultry. Address until Monday uavt Kaimrr, Herald nOlre. A mm YOU Nil MAN A(IKI) 25 TEAKS. WANTS A SITU Atloli ns pol ler in a wholesale store or warehouse; can write u fair hand and wnnls n situation wli re there la plenty of work to do, n'pl a ehnnee to make himself geneially useInt. Address a. It, I> , Herald niltra AMSTrtTUATTON WANTRD BY it YOUN'i MAN ilFftj . ran)as i lers or porter in a stoie; Is a good penman nn(| qi Irs. nt tig .res; has undoubted referen - s; wages not ?o in e h ati nbje t as a sieady place. Address fi two days bog let, III )a n a uuc. 9 ITViTIOBI WASTKU-MALKd. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAHIIIBU insn aa plain gardener and farmer, understand > the *r? and maiiacein-nt of bursea and cattle; i* willing to make biiuseit geuard y iid'ful; (<mhJ cuy ref,reuee; iu(?i "( ao m-ch an object ua a comfortable home Addrrae C. N , boa 120 Herald oilice. AYOUNO M an I i YEARS ok AGE. WIS IKS A SITUain n in a wholesale gro ery; no salary required. Addreaa box \ tl 11, raid oilice. CtGAl'llMAN?A SITUATION WANTED. BY A RK/ a/M- i.iuli young man. tvlu? uudert-ianda Ins hnain-as: has bad many yeura' experience; la a good and carolul driver, liaaliad hi ml, cx|a-ruuiar in grooming and treatment of lioraea: will lie found willing and obliging; g?o I eitv refiv reni e. Addreaa E. D.. 91 Writ 19th at., or bui 212 Herald oilier. UOSIKltY? SITUATION WANTED. IN A WHGM5a--le ..naiwvy houa , by a man who baa bad m?r* than Id years' experience, and rain give uncu atiuimble refrrencca. Addr.-ae lor two daya Hoaiery, Herald oilier SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. AN EX< perieneed bookkeeper, with firat el.iaa referem c. Wpuld be willing to gn out ,n towd. AddresaN. O. R , Herald ollira WANTED?BY A TO UNO MAN. A SITUATION, IN any bind of bnainesa, eilh i wholeaaie or retail; baa served liia lime in the liquor and dry goods buaineaa in Una eiiy; enn write a good hand and 'in keep ai-counta; cin prodnee the very beat ol city refereucea. Addreaa O K. boa 131 Herald oilice. \Lr ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN, TD TY take car* of norsea anj carrtagex, lu a private family, or would take rare of a vegetable garden; la willing to make himself generally naetnl. Tbia will lie promptly attended to by addreasing box 107 Herald odioe, for two daya. Tl/ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A MAKR1BD MAN, AS TV cnackinaii bmt 1 a dener; he ia a good vegetable gardener, and under-duiida the treatment of horaea; la a atendf and earetui driver. Beat city reference. Addreaa P. McU., box 13U Herald offiee. WANTED-BY A YOENO MAN PROM OANADa. A TV attention in a wkoleaaln or retail grocery; fa tkoreugbly acquainted with the buaineaa. Addreaa U. K., Herald offlre. WANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN WHO HAS HAD several yeara' experienca in anultar capacities, a situ atlon aa bookkeeper, cashier, or general clerk Can prodooa the beat ol reterencea and lealimoalala from Ritgliak and American housea. Addreaa T. D., nox 101 Herald oilice. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS HAD A lew years' experience, a situation on board ahtp M |iui nvi in r-iiiftBiu cicrfc. riiai i-ibiw rvivrentwi inn u*Ril> mouiuls can be giveu. Address H. 8., box 136 Herald <?IP e. <J?OAA ?WANTED. A SITUATION, BY A YOONO ifl?iWu, man, as barkeeper, or aa light porter m a store: can b an bis employer the above amount; cm gl>a the heal cit> rrterenre; wiahra u permanent aituatiun. Audroaa M D., box 111 llerald oilier. HELP WANTED?MALES. AOENTS OP ACTIVITY ANI) ENERGY (IAN MAKE from $5 to SIO per day by engaging In (he aele t>C the only VALUABLE PRIZE STATIONERY RECIPE PACK AOS AND ENVELOPE In the market. Our Stationery la superior, and our Jewelry conaieta 0( FORl'Y VARIETIES, each article mnnulavtured with ARTISTIC TASTE We put in each package a beautiful and life like Engraving GEN. OEORUE B. McCl.EI.LAN, CxlO. 75 valuable Recipe*. 6 sheet* Ladies' BtUet|Paper. tt sheet* Commercial Note 6 Bntl Euvelo|?a, Paper. 3 tine Steel Pen*. 6 sheets Ladies' Note Paper. 1 tine Pen ill. 6 white Union Enveloped, in I sheet Blotting Paper. colors. 1 Accommodation Penholder. 6 Ladies' white Union En velopea. Also a VALUABLE PIECE OK JEWELRY. For further particulars send for one of our circular^ which we mail free. RICKARP8 A TO., 108 Nassau street. N. T. AOENTS WANTED.?THE WASHINGTON WBITINM CASE POR THE MILLION. II la made of WOOD. and neatly covered with Moruoau paper; la in the shapeef perfect desk, and a very pretty present lor young LADIES or any one; and Just the srtlcle every SOLDIER needs, and contains evervthinc for writing. Price IS cents. Circulars tree. JOHN U. TING LEY, bookseller and etationeer, 153t? Fulton street, New York. AOENTS. LOOK OUT POR THE PAN PR0SPU08IUM. PANPROSPHOSIUM. W. H. CATELY 8 CO.. 103 Nassau street. AOENTS WANTED?IN EVEBY STATE OF THM Union, to sell Dodin'a Patent Keroaene Oil Burner foe fluid lamps; requires no chimney or alters lion of the lamps. Sain Die sent on receiptor four red stamps. Call on or address Joseph Dodin,22 Duane street, near Chatham street. New York. AUBNT8I DO YOU WANT TO MAKE SUDDEN FORliinest Then hurry up I 8end for sample pairs of ouc patent Skirt Supporters and Dress Holders. Malted free, with circular, for 3?cents. A. RICHARDS 8 CO., N#?r Londun. Conn. A SOBER. GOOD DI8POSITIONBD MAN WANTED? to take the management of a popular, sure paying enterprise; must have a rew hundred dollars In cash; fSUO can be cleared weekly. No agenta noticed. Apply at 188 East 10th at., near 3d ave. AN ACTIVE MAN HAVIKO AN EXTENSIVE Business urqtulniancc want-d, lor an hour or two every day. to act as agent. A good salary will bo paid. Address Robert H. Mills, Hrrald otbcc. Boy wanted?in a wholesale diit goods tore. Sulsry $30 the first year. Address box 731 Post OSes. CTLERK WANTKD.?A SMAItT, INDUSTRIOUS MAN. J a good penman, who can ftirnieu *1.000, for which coon necurity and interest will he Riren; salary $10 per week. Call at C0J Broadway, room 10. C K. BUMS. Coachman wantkd-a single man. who underslauds hi* business, and is willing to make himself generally ireful. Oiv that understands gardening preferred. Apply at it West .H 11 at. Dry goods salesmen wanted-two first class salesmen, who iinucratsnd window dressing to perfection, sad good judges of money, mar up,dy to W. U. Campbell, 178 3d sr., any time up to tbo 13th of April, wlib best city reference. No ran arounds need apply. Fortress monroe, fortress monrob?agents and canvassers wanted in this city aud State and la crery State of the Union, to eeII a colored engraving of ForIreaa Monroe. Coplee I or warded by mad on receipt of order, with 73 csnte enclosed. A. LAZARUS, 239 Broadway, room K XT BAD WAITER.-WANTED, AN EXFBRIENOBD MAN II aa head waiter for e lirst class hotel a short distance irom the city; mil at be thoroughly competent, and to those hating uti<|u alienable reference* p'riiiaiinnt aitualtonaud good wugca w ill he given. Apply at 1(7 Bowery. OYbTERM AN WANTED?TO OPEN OYSTERS AND attend box; mud thoroughly under-tand hta bnainnea. Apply at the Oyster Ray House, 3M Broadway, sficr 10 o'. lock a. m. TTN1TBD STATES MARINE CORPS?WANTED, FOR L ihe United Statca Marine Corps, 7tkl able bodied unmarried men, between the acre of IS and 40 years, and not lew than 3 feet 4>? inches high. Minors will be enlisted with the consent of their parents and guardians There are great Inducement* to young men to enlist In this corps. For particulars apply at Ihe Marine Barrack*, Flushing aveuue, Brooklyn, or at the recruiting rendezvous, 14 Bowery, New York. WANTED?A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER; ALSO, A travailing salesman tor New York, Hoxum and Philadelphia, In a ntapcnder manufactory tn Connecticut. Addresx, eui:li>iiug stamp tor return pottage, Raymond, Herald otitic. WANTED-A MAR, WHO I'RDERSTARDS KAUMINO and la witling to make himaelt generally its-fill; mini* a girl, aa 10 >k, washer and tmner, to go a short distance la iheionnlry. Inquire at 123 Pearl at., up stairs WANTED-A YOUNQ MAM AM SALESMAN. IN A in ill warn and fancy good* house. Address, with references and salary evpe- led. P. H? Herald oflioe. \| ANTKD-A COACHMAN; MI'ST BE A RLE TO T AKK TT charge of a an.all garden. He must conic well recommended. Inquire of Win Edwarda, No. 3 Tryon row. W'ANTKD-A M AN ro WORK ON A FARM, ONE with a wife and no children preferred. Apply at UW F'ulton at.. New York. WANTED-A BOY, IN A CROCKERY STORE. INgdfV In crockery store, M Knlilnaon at WANTED?A OERMAR COACHMAN AND OARDEW, er. muxl be sober, a tire, understand bta bualnea well a single man, and willing in work. Apply at the otlloe of tba llomeai, .id linuram e Company, II Beekmau at., fiom 13 to 3 o'clock. WANTED?A WAITER INQUIRE AT THE D1NIMO ahwm if.' Broadway, between 8 and 9 o'clock this morning. Wages not to eiceed 810 WANTED?A CLERK rOR A STEAMER, ALSO A clerk for a country hotel, two aaleainen andgux-ery clerk. Apply at 131 Kulton at, Merchants' Clerks Registry ottlce. Snuationa procured In all mcrcatitlle branches and shipping for n-apectable parties. Established 18M Rel'e. retires lo Ural class houaes. WANTKD-A 8TRONO, ACTIVE BOY, TO CARRY parr-eta, Ac. Apply to Utndhaugh A Co., No. 8 Pitta Avenue Hotal. tlTANTED?A HARDWARE SALESMAN, TO EKPBOT ?? aaeani cuiitry rrom wmplin, In the Western and near by Stales. None hut those saving soma know I d ge of tha business. ami willing to dart aalaa on commissi..n, need apply. Adda-aa, post paid, boa S.7SH Post oinr.v Ur A1TER8 -WANTED, TWO YOUNG MEN. TO WORK in ilming saloon. Appiy nt the Franklin Dining Mali ons, 17 Fulton at , Bruoklyu. WANTED?A drug CLERK; one who understands English ami German. Call at (B Stanton sr. Oar 8 In ilia morning. vita^ed-two boyb. who can found soft f * hats, In tha hat fantory of C. Crol, eomar Johnson at and Union nr., Williamsburg, YITANTED-A BOY, ABOUT 12 OR 14 YEARS OF AOS. ?T to attand to a paper atatnl, bn inuat l>e hooast and bctlre, and somewhat acrioaliited with I ha buatness. Apply for two days at Ml 8in ava., between ??b and Will aia WANTED?A COMPETENT MAN, AB DELIVERER OR country agvnt. Api>ly at 27 Raakman at., third Moot. WANTED?A SALESMAN IN THE PRODUCE BUMnana; ons acaaaintad with retail gro art sad la wtlllnR to make bime. If generally useful. a German urelerrsd, good r-coTiiniendaiiona ne.essary, Apply to Rodh A Mtrrn, IN VMM Mnat. M main, 1?TANTED-Btx MEN FOR STEAMERS. TWO CLERKS Vf lor grocery stoma, two boye for trade*, two conductors, one entry clerk, one latnwardeaa. three porters, two exprt ao driver*. one coaehman. Call at No. 7 Chatham wptare. tl'AVTED?A SMART. ACTIVE YOUNO MAN, WHO f I hue * knowledge ol the general gmr-ery btflnma. Nona need apply btil those who are thoroughly aopinlntad w Hit every branch of thn trade, and who ran come well re.. m mended Irom their laat planet. Apply Pi J. Price, ,4 til and at., Bruoklyu. E. It., lor two days. TITANTED?A FEW RETAIL SILK, SHAWL AND vv tnautllla * ileanten, Those thoroughly coni|N t--vt t ant ncrtttaiomed to fl?t cius? Broadway trade will lie liberal! dealt with; none others uetd apply. AKo i niiniterni ama lulcUigcutcash boys. A, T. bih.it AMI A CO.a