26 Mart 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mart 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TE = WHOLE NO. 9329. )(?m rm IOBTH caboldu. Arrival ef the Pitted States Transpert Cee. Peakedy. The Biported Ctptnre of tie Haihvilli by the Sain Blockading Squadron, 'Ac., Ac., Ao. AiDaHM outM transport 0?o. Peekedy, Capt. Travis, from New barn, North Carolina, March 22, Id ballast to Um Unit ad State# Quartermaster^ arrived hart yesterday moraing. Stye left to company with ataanaar Now Brunswick, tor N#W Tot*; passed orar tbs Swash on Sunday at eleven A. M. Found at tbs Ujlst ataamor Port Ro/al, from Now York; all wall. Loft at the inlet atoameys New Brunswick and Louisiana, baring on board many of tbs sick and wounded from Gen. BnrnaidO's division. The btosmer 8. B. qpauldlpg left tba inlet for Fortress Monrds an boor previous to oar departure, having on board some of the sick sad wounded transferred from the Louisiana. Wo arrived at Hampton Roads on the {24 th, at one o'clock i..k., where wa found a largo Seat of transports at anchor. Among the paseongers by the George Peabody is LieutColonel Robert B. Potter, of the Fifty-first regiment New York Volunteer!, who was so severely wounded at tbe battle of Newborn. Among the remains of the killed on board are those of Chaplain Benton, Captain Johnson and Lieutenant Allen, of tbe Fifty-first regiment New York Volunteers, and Lisatenant Walker, of tbe Ninth New Jersey. She has on board several fine seceth horses which Generals Burnside and Foster sent home as trophies. Just as we left Newbern the expedition sent to Washington , N.[C., wag returning. It consisted of several gunboats, and, by the ehferg and animation, it is supposed to have proved successful. The expedition to Beaufort had not reported back, except the capture of the Nashville by our blockading boats, as she left that place on the approach or our troops. The troops apd crews of tbe vessels at Newbern were an in Sao health. Hie United States officers on hoard the Geo. Peabody express their admiration of the masterly skill and gpergyef Captain Travis in taking advantage of every chance which might promote a speedy despatch, showing that gu?s>?lent has at least one faithful captain, and also peeving the confidence end high esteem in which he is held by the Commanding General to be well founded. The George Poatpdy is te return immediately, with a heavy cargo of Subsistence stores. The faUewmg ire the pose sogers by the George Peabody:?LMutenahMMonel B. B. Potter, U.S.A.; E. 6. fisher, United States Quartermaster's Department; Mr. Cook, and Mb. BatcbeMer. NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS. copy of tbe Newbern (N. C.) Preprsw, of March 22. bee come teband. The paper la edited by George MUla Joy, and Is published by E.L. Davenport hOo. We make the following extracts:? ALUTATOBT. Tbe Progrm makes its appearance to-day under new nuaptnm, and si together new management. We come beforo the people or North Carolina an earnest advocate ef that morious Union which her patriotic ancestry so nobly aided to cement and establish. The patriotism of this SUM is unquestioned, and she proudly points to the Declaration of Independence, mods at Mecklenberg, long before tlis United mates declared their disenthralment, as the harbinger of that ever memorable event. We feel, therefore, that it is a work of supererogation to enter into an elaborate defence of the change of policy which we inaugurate in connecting ourselves with this Journal. The Progress will hereafter advocate an adheranca to the federal compact, and labor assiduously to preserve the federal Union without one star being blotted out, or its lustre even being dimmed. We shall endeavor to pursue an impartial and independent course towards all with whom wa have intercourse. To this end we shall not war upon the peculiar institutions or reaerved rights of any class, but shall advocate an adherence to all constitutional requirements under which our nation has thrived so long and happily. TbS ProgrtaI has been heretofore one of the most virulent and bitter oppose to the government In the South, and its former proprietor, not satiated with treason already committed, has Gllod his cup of bitterness by openly taking up arms sgaiusl the Union which baa so long fostered and nourished him. That government so foully and wickedly wrouged, has taken possession of this office, and henceforth ail publications emanating from it will aim to disabuse the Smithem mind of that prejudice and error which has boen encouraged by previous publieattone. Wo war not with the Institutions of tho South or with opinions, si war rather with those demagogues who have so indamed the public mind and caused an appeal to arras necessary to Vindicate the majesty of law and good government. To this end. therefore, we shall devote all our energies to sustain the Union aa it waa. The world never saw a better or more Just government. It excited the envy of the whole civilised universe, and hence dsns goguea sought to dismtmbor it end rise upon Its ruins, but with ill euros es. The pen pie of tho republic rallied to the support of the government and hurled back tbe armed cohorts of rebellion, and are sow crusbiug out the last seeds of disunion. There le no gainsaying the fact. The recent victories of tbe federals at Forte Henry and Donnlaon. Columbus, Springfield, Bawling Green. Roanoke, Nashville, MurfTeesborough, Newborn, end ine evacuation of M*n ass as, all go strongly to sbow that tbe bravado of tbo demagogue baa been dissipated, and tbat tbe majesty of government and law will be nobly vindicated. W# do not propeee te enter into e leng prosy detail of what we propose to do; suffice it to say, we know our duty, aad knowing it shall faithfully try to perform It. Wo are aware that we may err sometimes la Judgment, but to Mr la Human, and we only claim that charity to uf that wa, ia ro versing positions, should ha willing to accord to othere. Try u, and wa'll try ta give you a journal of which tba people of Newborn and the old North Slate may juetly be proud. Literature, agriculture, commerce, art and acionce will tad a fitting place In our relumaa. We eball laaue the Progress on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until we rrcelre a aupply of paper from the North, when we eball leaue tri weekly or daily. TBI BATTLE OP NKWBERN. Thla quiet city who pretty thoroughly waked up on the 18th inat. by learning that the Burnside fleet had appeared In the Neute rlrer on the previous evening but not nnlil the morntug of the 14th wee hoard the clash of arma, which raised tbo citizens to the highest pilch of excitement. After the land lug of our tr?epe at Slocutn s creak, flfleen mllea below the city, e fatiguing mutch of ten miles up the river, and a meet uncomfortable bivouac In the wooda through n night of dreuohing rain, it must be confessed that the Union troops were lu poor fighting trim. But the spirit of our soldiers did nut and by daylight they were ready to rolkiw tnei.- I trusted leaders to victory. The pickets of civ airy were driven In toon after daylight, and regiment after regi mont wera silently marcbed up te the very face of the intrenchmente. The rebels bad chosen tn make their Stand bore, and the formidable character of the works indicates the wisdom of their choice. They bad t he day before abandoned a strong breastwork a couplo of milai beiow, preferring, as it seoma, to risk the fortune of the day upon one struggle in their very strong, at |iositluc. Wo had to lako a breastwork of a rail# and a quarter m length, in a straight lino, extending the whole distance from the railroad to the river, and terminating in a fort of thirteen guns, cs led Fort Thompson, which was both a land and water battery, ten of ita heavy gins bearing up?b the river aud tnree of tbrni enfilading the timl film fldlil in f rnnl nf f l>m rn a ia Ksaaai a. n. i. _ j . a. _ Intreiicbment were eleven piece* in position, iomi of them tho bent Napoleon gone, end on tb? enemy's right. close to the railroad, wnen two gun baliery commending tbo approach op the road. Beyond ibo railroad, an J nearly in a line with tbo main hreestwotk. extended tu a distance of three fourths or a mile, a re- l-s of lunette* r de.actied Infantry latrenchmenia, which aerved as rifle pits, and wbicb were manned with the bint armed toldlere of their troops At tbo extremity of these in Irencbmenta, of which there were alhveu in ail be*idee two mora that were unOnlabed, waa plaated a two gun battory acrooa a road, bayond which ?ere tbiok pine wood*. The mala road to Newborn from our pi* c of landing, apprnacbaa tbia breastwork diraclly in front, and a llttla to tbo loft of lie centre. Tbo enemy had elea ed aud burnt over a apaca perhaps sixty reda wlda, lu front of his works, front tha railroad to tha rlvtr. Woods'brickyard, a cluster of wooden buildtnga, la sltoatod in tlir aogla, ntlghtly aente, which is formed by the straight bieast work and tha railroad. Some of that# buildings wars All d with sbarj shuotera, who delivered a galling Are up n our left wlr.g. Such waa the character of the enemya works at tbia point In thair aarlaa of defences?admirably adapted, In the opinion of the meet sktirul engineer!, to bold In check a greatly superior force, aud decrhed auflUsiem, in connection with the four other rleer banericn which were completed and manned, to drive back our irhole fleet and army. Men after seven in the morning wa had engaged tha may nloflg his whole line, General Foeter'a brigade in front. Gene ul Reno r on the left and (lonernl Parke supporting h??h an nceaaion required. The battle opened in gallanhAtyl*i and for Iw# houra the roar of m isketry ,be boo#s?f heavy gone apd tha additional thunder of ? V ahull* *uf funboat.0 in tha rlvar, wera not for IE ifl NEW THE TOW The Supposed Prin J >4 -4- i to instant Interrupted. Nothing hut the daring intrepidity of our soldiars and the porfect coolnesa of ool officers, inspired hy a sense of the rlghteousnea* of out cause and the favor of the God of baitlee, could have ufllced to overcome an enemy go numerous and eo well intrenched. But not a doubt of the result ever entered our thoughts. We came to punish the diaturWs of (he public peace, and did it. We camo to scatter the armed lurcea that wore in rebellion ageiust their owu lost government, and we did it. We cuuie to show to jJ, i raitors that the government of the Umtod .States of America is a Power in the earth, upheld by thaatreng baudr of loyal I millions, and wa did it. A euccesaion of brilliant cbarees near lb* brickyard, on (be enemy's right, and i.p the read in front, (loo led tne fata of the day, and by halfpaat nlue o'i lock lb* Star* and Strip** were waving ulong the whole lis o of their broaxiwcrka. Thu rebel force* broke and ran with great precipitation, leaving their (una unspiked, and their camp page, ammunition and storea behind them. They had? probably with aatrong preaentiment ol being whiptied out?backed down a train of car* upon the railroad with four engine* attached, and to theao they betook thain etveo in hot baste. The last to give nj> wore those in tbo ride pit* on the enemy 's right, and it was there that wo auccceoed in taking aeveral hundred prisoners. At the earns tun* that tb* works were carried the gunboats on the rIvor moved up towards the town, shelling out battery after hattery, until from Fort Dixie, Fort kill* and Fort I<ao*, as well as from Fort Thompson, all lb* hrave dofenders of the Southern confederacy bad acampersj like inghtened ebeop. Our infantry followed cloaa uplu the heels of the flying rebels, and our nrtillory forces woi e not far behind; but the enemy made no eland after their utter rout They remained in Newborn only long enough to Ore with vandal hands the splendid railroad bridge over the Treat, which they had lust crossed, the largest hotel in the place and saveial depositories of naval stores. Those were burning when we approached the city at about tbroo o'clock F. M. It waa a scene of avrfol sublimity?the black cloud* that arose from tbo burning turpentine and roam overhung tb* doomed city like a pail, and on* could think of nothing as be beheld It but Sodom sod Uom?rrab, or or some old picture of tbo infernal region* Hut lbs armies of the I'nios are now in quiet possession. There will b* no mora Area for wanton destruction Ibis pleasant end beautifully shaded city has conic Into the hands of its real friends and deliverers. The enemies of Its peace have gun* forth in haste, and with them, too, many of its deluded citizens. I.et them return to I heir net, un ler the protecting folds of the old flag, unlets they wish t# fael with atlll more crushing severity the trlpoof a government wbicb is all genllruess to Iheob* dient, but aflerror to Ibe disloyal. Thu battle of the 14th was u blow struck at Ibe rebel lion, and was never intended to intei fare with tha private lights of luynl people. Wo should be glad to see mure of this latter i lass in the streets and dwellings ef ihialine old town. Their i nly war of exit from their troubles Is to retrace their steps with penitence, and yield supreme pllegiaoce to the constitution of th* I'mted Stales. TMK WAR. tur i:iyii war now c iiTu,img our i*n<] Dida rair lo Li<> brought to a epeedy torm.uaiiou. Victory alter victory geeini to alight u|>od the f? tonal bannere, and onward is the word. As Ibo Kurupean towers havo utterly reluaed to reeog nlr.e Ilia Southern confederacy of demagogues, and tbua abut off all hope of foreign assistance, tba rebel cauae is brought lo tba verge of diaaolution. As tbe federal armiea advance, tbe boneel porttvu of tbe Soutbara yeo manry eee wherein the strength lies, and the eipoaure ef tbe eopblatry and falecbood uttered by the charlatan wbo aaptrea to lead Uietn on in rebellion ageinal the beat government tbe world ever aaw. Tbey alao aee tbet tba federal a Idiera are not given to rapine and needless shedding of blood. These ara arguments that are bard to be denied. Their men wbo are teben prisoners nre I treated with great lenity. Anotber prominent and noteworthy fact la, United Mates Treaaury notes are, end have been for a long tima, j tailing for thirty per cent premium throughout the confederacy. If tbe rebels ara so confidant of succeae, why does not thilr own money circulate in preference* It cannot be for want of abinplaetors, for tbe Southern vintae are as full ef them aa Egypt was of locusts. Com mg events cut their shadows before, end it is this fact that Inducaa them thus to aekuowledge tbe more stabio currency of tba Union. Tba radial government propones to deal Jnetly and up rightly with all. It aitnply nka the misguided men who have been cajulcd and threatened inle taking up anus, lo lay them down, return to their loyalty and enjoy tlia protection of a government that la able and cumpataut to perform all it, undertakes, while tbe inatigatera and arth traitor* who have inaugurated tbta reign of terror Rink Inte gloom and obarurliy, pay the penally of their perfidy. nud fell into t.attorn' graves, unwept, uukuelleU, un mourned sod unsung. All ciiisena upon complying with the requirement* of tbeautboritlee, will be protected in tbair rights and pri Ttlrges. There need be no hoaitanry oo their part. Tba government is able and wi ling to make good all it pro miMS.aud tba cbaractar of the geuuemen In command or this department is a sufficient guarantee of their fidelity. KKWBgHJt. Newbern li a most lovely apd I evitiful city. Ativan : w y o YORK, WEDNESDAY, MA N OF FREPE cipal Point of the New Line ill See TentU Page for a Brief J togeously situated, It I* tba commercial centra of a large section of country, aud a large amount of busineis is done bare. It baa a good harbor, railroad ?ommunicai tiou.andall tba modes of transit demanded by a business people. Tb? city is laid out in squares, streets running at right angles, abouning in sbade trees. Newborn boasts also of a theatre, a magniflcent Masonic ball, 1 churches, academy end all the it cetera of civilization. It certam>y must in midsummer bo a paradise; even i now the grata is green, peach and plum trees in bloom, the trees preparing to put on tbeir leafy vestments, and a cheerful aspect reigns here. Citizens and marcbants who, inf.-cted with the panic, fled on the approach of our victorious forces, are beginning to return, and order ence mora reigns in Warsaw." We bare two marine railways, machine shops, rutin and turpantine stills, ootton gins, he., Innumerable. In fact, Newbern is in ad ranee of anything we have seen in the South sincu we entered Maryland. MILITARY GOVERNOR. Brigadier General John G. Foster, of tba first brigade, bae been appointed Military Governor of the city of Newhem and ita suburbs. This is what we call putting tfee rignt man in ths right place, and it give* ue great pleasure to greet eur commander as Governor. General IViter is an old and triad soldier, having served in Mexico, and a Captain under Mq)or Andenoa.al Fort Burner. The battle of Newbern wet the twelfth action in wbieh be baa bean engagsd. Merit nlena baa promoted bun, not influence. If he makes aa good n Governor aa he ie n General, the municipality or Newborn will not suffer * from the change. FRO YOST MARSHAL. Captain Maesinger baa been appointed Frovoet Marshal, and baa established hie headquarters el the Bank of Commerce, on Pollock street. ORDKR RESTORED. Newborn la now reduced to a state of quiet end order, under tbe superintendence of the Prevoet Marshal. Anarchy and confusion no longer run riet here. Merchants and mechanics can now return and rilv their aeve ral avocations at their pleasure, and they wlil bs pro tactod sad encouraged by tb? officers in authority. It is the dosiro of the federal powers to protect and encourage industry and ruercantfle pursuits, aod bow is the time for these classes to return and reap a golden harvest. Come one, r.on>e all. aad open your shops and stores, and let the busy hum of business once more ring through the streets. POSTMASTER, Corporal John B. Head, ef Company C, Twenty-fifth Ifastacbiisvlta, has been appointed Postmaster in Newborn. The mail leaves for the North twice a week. Connections are also made at Hatteras sod Koanoke Island. CAPTURE Of OtTNS. tin Monday, Lieutenant Mart, of Company D, Twentythird Massachusetts, waa detailed for scouting and succeeded in capturing a heavy battery of two heavy guns, just across the river from this camp. REI7.UKE OP COTTON, BUSIN AND TURPENTINE. Captaiu Johu Hobbe,of Coiupauy I, Twenty-third Massachusetts regimenl, began to silr himself quite lively laat Saturday morning By the time reTeille was beaten, be had seized live hundred barrels rosin, one hundred barrels spirits turpentine and seventy.Ov* bales cotton. This was a valuable seizure of articles in much demand and now commanding very high prices. lie is to be cum mended for bis prompt sction. AN OLD ADVERTISEMENT. Among tbe old sdvertiesinsnts id the Prwfrtu Is ths following, which is worth repeating:? SOCTHBRN MANI VK.TI-BSS, Professor Doberly having been long engaged in studying and teaching the theory end practice of modern chemistry. in lit application to the useful arts, and lbs imuroved methods of manipulation la tbe manufacture of many of tboee important and aecttaary article# of unlvereal conaumptioa, eo much required at preaent in tba Caafedaraia autaa, la now preperad to aatar Into partnanbip with raliabla aaaoclaiaa, wba can command officiant aapltai, and glva thalr lima to werbe of uaaful and profitable induatry. 1'rofaMor IKitiarty la occuptad with bia actaool?Newbarn Academy?and can aparo but ona whole day In tba weak, but morninga and evening* are alio at bia com mand, and be could direct aad aupariatand varlnua important and lucrative manufactured, for example, node, oap, roam eoep, reltned aoap, caadlaa, tallow and adamantine; lima, from atone, marl or ehal'a; aulphuric aaid, ganpowdar. itarch, tab, Ac. Proftraor nobrrty alao doairaa to nail abara* la a now patent water Biter, and la the patent right of bia approved eonleai bullet ror month bora guna N B ? Where pareoaal auparlntendanro and Inatrue tloa are laconvaulent or impoaaibia, full and explicit written inatruatlona can be furnlahad at reeaonable rataa. Apply la I'rof. W. II DuHl-RTY, A. M. New ham, N. C.

Military Intelligence from the North Carolina. Hebrla. PROCLAMATION BV TBI GOVKHNOR OP NORTH CAROLINA. North Carollniaua, our rouatry naada your aid for ita prrta:tinn and defence enamel an invading foe. The Trepidant of the Confederate baa made a requlaltloa npou our State to complete her q iota of troopa m I lhalield. Our oiPl tordiri are irnruAd by ih* mcm>t in iRK B RCH 26, 1862.?TRIPLE 5 RICKSBURG, Right Wing of the of Defence. a ' * ms ' ': >! i iW im*m tt;** 1 X'''*','-v /'/' \\ Description of Fredericksburg. furer, now threatening an advance to deprive us of liberty, property, and all that wo hold dour ns a sulf-govsrning and fiso people. )Ve mu.it mini hini at all hatards and by every m-ans in our power. He wagoa war for our subjugation?a war forced upon us in wrong, aud J prosecuted without right and in a spirit of vengeful wickedness without n parallel in the history of warfare among eivilt/ed nations. As you value your rights of self-government; all the blessings of freedom; the hallowed endearments of home and fireside; of family and kindred, I call upon you to rally to their defense, and to sustain the noble and sacred aause in which we are engaged. A or Hi Carolina hat always pro red true, constant aud brave, in lite hour of trial and of danger. A'ttrr lei it he raid in the future thai the has failed to maintain this high renown. If we are tbroatened now snore then heretofore, end upon our own soil, let our exertions be equal to every demand en our petriotiem, honor and glory. A'o temporary reverses dampened the ardor of your ancestors even though the enemy marched in alumns through the Slate. The Ores'of liberty still burned brightly in their brussts. They were moved to new energy, and resisted, by gallant deeds, with abiding hope and unflinching courage and perseverance, bravely contending with enemiee at borne as well ae tha foreign foe, until after a struggle of seven long years, our Independence wee achieved and acknowledged. Let ue imitate their glorious example. The enemy is redoubling his efforts, and straining every nerve to overrun our country sad subjugate us to b is domination?his avarice and ambition. Already it is proposed in their Congress to establish a Territorial government in a portion of our State. Now ia the time to prove our zeal and animate by our example. I call upon the brave and patriotic men of our State to volunteer, from the mountains to the sea. lou are wanted toJill up our quota in Hit Cur\fedrratt army, and fur the spe cieU defence of the State. 1 rely, with entire confidence, for a prompt and eheerful response to this call upon your patriotism and valor. Tender yourselves in companies sad in squads under officers of your own selection. You will he at once accepted and organized into regiments under the laws that are or may bs made, and which it Is my duly to execute. The Adjutant General of the State will issue the necessary orders for this purpose. Fallow citizens?Your first allegiance is due te North Carolina. Railv to har banners. Intevervmaa do hia duty and oar country will be safe. Oiven under bit bend and the aeal of the Plate, at Ra leach, this 22d day or February, 1882. HENRY T. CLARK. MILITARY OBI'KR TO REMOVE COTTON, TOBACCO, ETC. crNcnai ost>rae?ko. 4. H?Ai>i<iAKn;iO', HKrAnmiaT or Nourn Can'UNa,) Qouieroao. March 9.1882. { fly direction of the Secretary of War. oft cotton, tobactr, and naval dorrs within thii d-p-n lmeM. iii ul le removed vi-tt of the Wilmi union and Weld r? fiailroad; or if distort.' from any railroad or navigable itrcum. put m ruch placet of iei iirity that they cannot be reached by the enemy. Such or the above mentioned products as are in exposed pneilione, mint U. irnortd at once, and those lean exposed, removed or secured by the 25lb lost., otherwise tkey willbedesfieyed t>y the military authentic/. The generals commanding the districts or the Cape Fear and i amlico, will seu that these orders are carried into effect. Itil hoped that theowneri themirlce! unit apply the torch, rather than see the enemy gain possession or these much coveted products. Whenever it shall become necessary for an officer or ciluec to iledriiy private properly to pre cent ill falling into the handt of the enemy, be will make a report of the racls and circ mstancss to these headquarters, accotupaniad with a stntsment id the property destroyed and to whom .1 belonged, end rurmeh ldo owner with a copy or the statement. By order or Rrigadlar General OATLIN. Jobs W. (Jejuni. Acting Assistant Adjutant tieueral. Oar Bridgetown (Barbados) Correspondeaee. Bs.neross, Barbsdee, March 1.18(2. railing vf of Ctmmnt? with the Unit?d Statu? Market Jvr Kite-Health ?f the hXand, Sc., A* For lb# lut two wNki w# have bad bul twe arrival* from lb# United lut##, and our market la meatrau ly aupplied with hraadetoir*, although talta #r? not vary actlva Wbit# Cut India rl?# I# waated. Don# In market. yellow id Riodirit# eupply Mil proTimone?kleaa pork Iti large aupply, with eelee #1 lit 30, cl##r meea, $17 60 a 917 Tl. Mutter, lard ?n<t batr.a are d goed ?up. ply. Codfish Is in mederete supply and tell* at 917 per caak of four quintal*. Lumbar abundant. Wtalhar ?l nar, an# acgar making la proceeding iteertlly' the product thtg year wltl ba from M.ooo la ?o.ooo bogehead* Island hea'thy, and the burnt dlatriet la duw the lineal portion of Ilia city. The supply of puiaaprlng water from the Interior iw rarer railing. New Urantwlck. ' S-. Joan, March 24,1*92 The steamer Adelaide, from I'ljmouth ria Bermuda mi the 20'.h Inal . arrived here thlr morning hbe ha* th rly three other ra and aeven hundred Mi l actvmennf the Fiftoenih regiment [ERA] IHEBT. VIRGINIA. I Bebel Army in its { ii fill r UI i. u iiimi FOUR THOUSAND REBELS MARCHING TO ATTACK TBI FORT. [From tbl Alls CaliloruiRD, Fob. IX.] Our correspondent at TMM reports a force of S,0OO men on tbolr way to Fort Yuma; 3,000 aro ut Mesilla, rider General Fibley, and 000 aiTucion, under C lonol Baylor. They will be sure to rocciTO a warm reception, as our gul'.mt volunteers are ansiouily awaiting their approarb. H la le be hoped that wo shall soon receive ordere to move towards neM and lleallla, as that neBt hole of traitors needs a cleaning out. FILIBUSTERING EirtDITlON INTO SONORA. [From the San Francisco lit ial.1 and IMrror, Feb. 7.J A distinguished officer writes ua nowa, under dato Magdalena.Sonora, Dei'omber 10, eoncerutug the movements! of secessionists toward that quarter, under Baylor. Tbia is, perhaps, the advanced guard or the expedition mentioned some weeks sinee as being in eourso of orgaoixation under Van Dern, and which has lor some time been lost sight of. MORMON SECESSIONISTS TAMPERING WITH THE SOLDIERS. Tbe San Francisco Bulletin corrsspondent, writing under date of January 31, from Camp Latham, I-oe Angeles, remarks:? I think it is since my last that we arrested two Mormon secessionist* who visited the camp, ostensibly to ell butter, but tt seems, in feet, to tamper with tbe men, and iadure them to sell ibelr arms, blankets, Ac.; and it ie even eaul thai they endeavored to got some of tbe cavalry to leave, with their beraee, describing to them in glowing terms the chances they would have in Salt Lake City, and the beauties of their peculiar institution; but tbe boys" were in believers, and informed their elllcere of tbe attempt thai bad been made to Induce them to desert. Wbereupou the Mormons were arrested and brought into camp. It appears they got an Inkling that there was trouble brewing, and Jumping into their wagon they were nearly a mile from camp before pursuit was determined upon. They were soon brought to, however, and returned to camp in charge of several officers. Here tunc, returned. After flamming into their case be read them a lecture, told tliero ho should be out their way before long (they t ame from naar the nig Meadows, or Mountain Meadows T think they are called), and spoke to them in reference to the monument he had erected there, over the romains of those slain in the Mountain Meadow* massacre. They told blm that of the monument not half a doren stunea remained together; but I think they profereed ignorance of the doers of this disgraceful deed. After receiving rune advice in regard to their disunion proclivities they were allowed to depart, thankful, 1 pre aume, to gel off so easily. TrnmBI.K FLOOD? OlLA CITY BNT1IUCLY DKSTKOYBD. [Kruui the AIM Cnlifurman. Keb. 11] CotoRaoo City, Jan 27,1862 Our desert country has bssn the ecene of the largest Hood wilhin the knowledge ef the oldest Inhabitant On the 22d lust tbo Colorado and Gila rlvars commenced rising aimultanaoualy. Ths greatar body of water coming from the Colored# caused the Gila to hack and overflow the whole country Hefr re word could be sent to the fort the water waa four I'eet high, aod rising rapidly. Major Kifg immediately detailed twenty men to reuder assiatauce to the sufferers. They crossed the Colorado in a scow, but before they reached the scene of deatruclioo, Mr Hooper's One adobe waichouse.one hundred end ferty feet long, waa entirely destroyed, together with all of the fine beddings belonging to the Colorado Navigation Company Captain Geo A.-lobuaon s eitgant dwelling w;ia nearly deslreyed. The principal auflurers are Meears Hooper, Samuel Wallet. (1. K Gage end Ihe Colursdo Navigation Company. Tba Its* will probably axotwd $30,000 Gila City waa entirely destroyed by the flood. Huprrme Court?General Term. Hon. Judgas Iograham,((r. J ), Clarke and Leonard. RBL10I0CB CORPORATIONS FROPORIKO TO MORTGAOB OR 8BLL. Marcs 24 ?The Court ordered that in all future appliABllAfia niB/iM in this I'nurt hv PAllffinilt rurnnralinHn fr.r leave lo mortgage or Mll.il ahall be Decaaaary with tba Clitina* to aubutl ilalemtm epeaifymg what property d bean aoKI by lha corporation uadar any order of the Court at any time w.thia Ore yeara next preceding auch application, and alao (bowlog the object Tor which aaloa, If any, were order*d. aid the diapoaillon actually raada of the proereda of any eele; aecb atatement ahaII be verified by one of tba ofOcera of the oerporatiou. ' Supreme Court? Sperlaal Term. Before Hud. Judge Harnard. Mmm 24.?The I'cojlrof the MnU ef h't<? York at thr Hr latum ?f AnhilaUt liutull ue. Lanrmet McCarthy and (/thrrt 'The dafar rlanta in thi? caae were irgi.lar In die continuing the flret certiorari, the accord la now In fnree. They muat, however, comply with an order anailar to that af the 18th February within live daya, or the aecood writ will be oiamieaed. A rthur A't'rtrj <ind athrri w. Char. H. Talbot ? Motion granted. with lit) coate. There were aeveral olhor caaea decided by Judge Barnard, hut of no public interact; mnoag than ware three uita fer divcrre, in whioh the toured tr>>mrn were the npnlica la. LB.. FKICE TWO CEtfTS ABRIYAL OF THE CHAMPWI. $490,368 Dl TREASURE OH FREIGHT. News from the Isthmus ol Panama. INDIAN DEPREDATIONS IN CHILE. Complete Triumph of Buenos Ayret (Ivor the Argentine Confederation. URQUIZA ABOUT TO LEAYE FOR EUROPE. Ac., Ac., Ao. Th. aieamsbip CLampiou, Opt. Jodm, from Aaplnwa) on the 16th, with California mails to tha lat, arrived /a* tarday morning, aha aailad from thia part on tha lat inat., and arrivod at Aapinwall on the 11th. She bring! $490,348 80 in speeic. Tha following ia bar 8PBCIX LIST. Order $5,000 Buck I tn 5c Crane.... $12,000 Richard Patrick 0,000 J. St.auas Bro. h Co..38,'241 Waab. Marinelua. Co. 1.000 G. Ernatein Sl Bro.... 0,200 Scholia Bros 14,300 H.CohnACn 21.000 Wm. Heller A Co 8,000 Kerly,Byrne ACo.. ..lOOtf Win. Mayer A Co.... 4.500 A.S.llufccuoaaui itCo. 14 6t>C Order 7,399 Duncan ?herin*u&Co.3>i,S6t Allen McIjuio 9.587 J. 11.-Newton A Co... 8,0 .7 M. Lederer 4.618 Howea & Crowell 10.10C Richard Patrick6,800 Eng. Kelly A Co 32,000 j Metropolitan Bunk I. .40.443 We.ii, KWgo A Co.. .92.600 ] DcwiU Kittle ACo... 16,154 ?? j Wm. SoligmanA Co..25,000 Total $486,366 A. E. Hecht .... 7,268 ntov AarmwaLB. Jennings A Brewstar.22,000 Wells, l-argo A Co... $170 A. E. A C. E. Tilton.. 3,003 Ribon A U inog 1,000 P. Naylor 0,000 Jaa. Halo 1,832 Ana. Kxcnange Bank.. 6,000 Horace Ripley 903 J. $. Parker A Son... 9,000 T Dallaf At Ileoa f. 04VS T-.1.1 ?A tfMVl MEWS FROM MEW GRAM ADA. Our Panama Correspondence. Parana, Hard M,llf Arrical of the Talitman at Jepimeall?Naval MovtmtmU Sha'Jf f a Telegraph Operator?Itew Beam Lim Be ttuee^- epinwall and Liverpool, Be. Tha screw steamer Talisman arrived at AsplnwaH on the 18th Inst. Ska encountered rough weather en Mr ' voyage, and, being somewhat behindhand, did not loach at Oarthagona. W? bare had no later arrivals from the coast of the Slate of Gauca either?so there is nothing now from the interior of tbo republic. The Isthmus news Is uninteresting. After the grand fleet which was anchored in the bay has left no the streets appear doll. Most of the Preach and English men. of-wartbat have left our waters have gone to the Mexican coast. Those remaining are the stdewheel steamer Case in i and the British war-ship Termagant; end the American frigate-of-war Saranac, Capt. Ritchie, is also with us. The Perry is stationed at AaplawaU. Her Majesty'a ami! steamship Melphomtoe,fifty guns, is aim m that port. Mr. Chase, for some time hack aalegraphie operates t for tha Panama Railroad Company, died of consumption at Anpinwall on tha 11th met. , Mr. Alfred Holt, owner of the lino of propaUmn ho- i tween Liverpool and Aspmwsl), is now among us. Be has come out with the object or making arrsagemcnts ' for the establishment ef a semimonthly lias as seoo so the vessels In course of coaetruction are finished. Hie I wonderful the increment that trade with Europe has taken within the last year. A small steamer, every two months, was then sufficient to carry it on. Mow, a monthly steamer will not do it. Cotton continues to come from Mexico by every steamer. The Panama Railroad Company's bark Goldtn Rule takes some three hundred hales. MEWS FROM SOUTH AMERICA. Our Faustina Correspondence. Panama, March 16, 1863. Mealing of (Ac Electoral Colleger of Vera?Attempt to Rate* (Ac frigate Cailao?Celebration of Waehington'e Birthday?A Mew Railroad in Peru?The Wheat Harveet in Chile, <tt. By the mail steamer Lima, which arrived at Panama on the 8th instant from Southern porta, we have date* from Valparaiso and Santiago de Chile to the 17th o February; from Lima and Cailao to the 28th, and from Ecuador to the same date. PERU. Poeeident Castillo has issued a decree appointing the 4lb day of May nest for the meeting of the Electoral College* to decide the quest ion of who is elected President of Peru in place of himself, whose term or office expires in (Ictober. General ban koman, who I* aaid to be elected, has resigned lus post of General in l ine! of the army of the South, that be may constitutionally come before the College, and bis recgnatlon has been accepted. General M. Diet de Canseco has been appointed bis military successor. Ou the 2oth of February an attempt was made to raise the forty lour gun frigate Cailao? before named the Apuritnac?which sunk about a year ago by the eiaSing of the dry dock, but it proved unsuccessful. Another trial will sgsiu be made Washington's Birthday anniversary was celebrstsd in Lima by the Americans. Nearly all tbe foreign ministers sod consuls raised their Hags, and ths Castle at bants Cstallns fired twenty one guns. In the month of Jaunary 11 ,vsa tons of guano wsre shipped from the ( hinchu Islands to Europe. Don Auteliuo Kudolfo has gone to Europe on tbo pleasant mission of bdrrow tug money. It is recommended that ha apply to tbe moneyed usen of Holland,Belgium and Franee.aain England much guai.o, the only security Peru baa to offer, is already hypothecated for advances. Tbe government is also try ing to gel two millions ef dollars from tbe Hrltiah geano agents in Lima. The new English mail steamer Peru, Copt. Blooinfield, arrived at Cailao, from England, on tbe 30th of February, In forty-two days; thirty Ave of these she was under steam, averaging twelve miles an beur. She Is 1,460 tons and is extremely economical In the matter of fuel, which is a good point in the waters of tbe Pacific, fib# brought forty marines and three officers for lbs British war ahipe in Panama. Don Jose Falls Paz Soidan, Minister of Public Works, has published remarks on the survey for a railroad between Araqulpa (the second town m Peru) and its port, Isloy, recommending It a* feasible and prodiable. The road will bo eboul 100 miiee la length, and c<*t $10,000,000, on which six per cent interest is reckoned lor Mi* investment Arequlpn la situated among tho mountain*, about 7,000 foot abov# ibo soa. < CBILB. Th* now President, Peiex, viaitod Valparaiso on th* 12ib February, with tbe intention of remaining thoro one or two months, and waa received with extraordinary honors Trom all claa as of tho iwoplo. ihlrty thousand piTsons mot him at tho antraneo of tho pity and escorted him into it. In tho avantug an immanao mass followed ban to lb* thoatra, and cheered him through the atreota to hi* hotel, at the conclusion of the partoi mam as Thus H Nelson Esq , United States Minister to Chile, has presented to tho (resident of Chile an autograph loltar irom Praaident Abraham Mncoin, congratulating him on bis arceesion to tho Presidential chnlr. Tho latter was accompanied by a handsome add: ass on tbo part of Mr Kelson, in which ho took occasion to say that "tbe government of tbo I'ntted Suites desire* and intend* to present no claim for redres* which does not irroaiatibly commend itself to its *l*.ire*t perceptions of right and pisttee " To which President Pen t replied:? "Ihaeti-nto satisfy the petitiona and demeude of yoor fellow cilisene, as wall aa those of every larelgu resident in the republic, wherever tbey are presented, baaed upon foundations *o solid." lb* Indians of Aranca eontinu* to b* troublaanaae, having lately murdered seven white* on tbefmntinr. Business baa nearly reoovared froaa the abotk of tbe commareial crisis, but the market* have been dull this last fortnight. Tbe wheat crop has not been so abua dent as waa anticipated, though all other kiad* of agriculture have yie.ded well. In mining industry the silver mint* have undergone no charge. but the produet of the coppar and coul mine* was increasing. The custom houses have the enormous am' ont of thirty millions of dollars' worth of lm:<orts in atcro, enough, r th* goods ware wall assorted, to 'V1.'ro,r^7:. *V?r IB Mia il *3 7ft ?.> W? par <jiiinwi ui iwin.ia montha. Bnrley (ti bage, email aalea, at $1 enah. No Carolina rieo mil but lllllo Indli aad Lambttaqve to Brit bind* Sugari baea men a littla. on band 376,000 arrobaa (116 Iba) of ?H klodi. Ki gluh coals acid at ft 76 a $10. c?-h Bare<>pper,$7 7SV, c..*lt. tire* at ?l 12a 63 1HV. cub. Exchange on Londen,niMty day*, Ml. n 4d<kd. to tbo dollar. On Franca 41.00c. a 6f. to tho dollar Oa united -tatea ten per cant nointual Kreighta to land and Hambuig ?4 a ?4 4a. To United gutaa $16 par Knf liab ton. CUADOK. Thia republic ia quiet under Genera) Florea and hla aon in law, l'on Garcia Moreno, who rule It with a rod of iron An Italian aaiaaain waa lataly executed in Quito for killing a French captain, and a good deal of acandal waa ocrnai'nad by the rafuial of the RxerntlTe ta eon rldar hi* petition or cotninuUtlon of p'tniehment. The prtcen of all artldleo of tint naeeanily hnd riaan V aJb I