1 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

1 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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^ HljiFWAaTBIUMIfiM. A 0KNT8 Or ACTIVITY AND *NKBOV CAN MAN A. (rum $6 to $10 par day by engaging in tba aale of to tall VALUABLE PRIZE STATIONERY RECIPE PACKAGE AND ENVELOPE _ _ . I u Ibe market. Our Stationary la auperlor, ami our Jawalrjr ronilata ol FORTY VARIETIES, cadi article manufactured with ? .. ARTISTIC TASTE. ... ? We put in eAch Package a beauiiiul aiul life-like Eugrartig of aEN. GEORGE B. McCLELLAN, 6?I0. 16 valuable Recipe* 6 sheet* Ladle*' Billet Paper. 6 sheet* Cumiuerclal Note t> Butt Envelop,-a. Pa|>er. 2 tine Steel Pen*. 5 aheeta ladles' Note Paper. 1 line Pencil. 6 white Uulou Envelope*, 1 sheet Blotting Paper. In color*. 1 Accommodation Penholder. , 6 Ladle*' white Union Euve- Also, lopes. A VALUABLE PIECE OF JEWELRY. For further particulars send for one of our circulars, Which we mail tree. RICHARDS A CO.. 102 Na*aau itreet. N Y. Agents, reai> the contests of the ikTuir vtvitiin.iMiituMiu prize package. PRICE 10 CENTS. Agenla can maka mure money by this than any other Tpickage CONTENTS. 0 Sheets Commercial Note 1 Design o( Work Basket. Paper Games for the Social Circle. 6 Envelopes to match 1 Design for Zouave Jacket. 1 Sheet Blotting Paper. 1 Design for Ladioe' UnderGeneral Advice to Letter sleeve. Writers. 1 Design Travelling Dress. JJ Ways for Making Money. 1 Design for Girl's Basque. Advice for Ladies' Toilet. 25 Valuable Heel pes. 1 Design for Boys' Gaiter. 1 Calendar fur 1862 also a piece op valuable jewelry. We only ask one visit from our customers to convince themselves Bend stamp for a circular. W. M. cately A co., 102 Nassau street Agents, agents, agents. the popular demand Is for the multomicroon, multomioroon, multomicroon. We acknowledge no competition in this enterprise, and nly ask lor an investigation of its merits. Coil and s.e it or SEND STAMP KOK A CIRCULAR. B. C. RIOKAKOS A CO., 102 Nassau street. Agents wanted?in etery state op the Union, to aell Dodln'e Patent Kerosene Oil Burner for Fluid Lamps; has no competition; over 100 per eeut protlt In agenta; sample sent on receipt of lour red stamps. Call on or address J oeeph Dudin, 22 Ditane St., New York. Agents wanted-to sell the best prize stationery packages. We have several varieties, with and without jewelry; can sutt every one. The articles In packages are of good quality. We guarantee satisfaction. ClrouJarstree. MASKINS A CO., M Beekmau street, N. Y. An active man, having an extensive busi tieas ac<iuaintatice, wanted fur an hour or two ovpry nay taaot as agent; u go .d salary will be- paid. Address Robert. h! Mills. llcrald ofllce. ~rov wanted-about sixteen year8 old, to jl? im in a liquor more. Must liave good re tore era lot Jbonoaty, Ac. Inquire at 313 Bleocker ?t. Closed on Sun Jays Boy wanted?who can white a clear hand, and of gunteel appearance; none oilier need apply; wages lira! month 91 60 per week; reverence required. PH. HLAKKNKY. 63 tith are. COLORED WAITER MAN WANTS#?HE MUST FULL* understand hti business, and bring the best of recoinmeadnlions from hla last place. Apply at 22 Beaver at., up atalrs. Drug clerk wanted?a young man compk lent to discharge the dutiea of a drug alore. Apply al 32 Catharine Street. IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT.?ANY PERSON ENCLOSins Clients (tnsilver) to W. liood, 167 Monroe street, New York, will be mailed, free, a Book c mlalning a VALUABLE SKCKET of an article in ureal demand, by which $14 per week can easily be maue by auy person. OrKICE BOY WANTED.-NONE BUT A SMART, AOtlve voiilli need applv. Call at 6V Worth at., up alalia. Salary 9W to $luo. PORTER AND WAITER FOR HOTEL WANTED-THE waller to uiideralaud how to open and cOuk oysters; good recommendations required. Also, a man to make tires, at Suaaman A Sbaide's Employment OHe, 179 Bowery. SALESMAN WANTED?AT. O. W. SNEDEN'S Fl'RNI lure atore, 263 Bowery; one who understands the bus;, neaa and is not afraid to wm k SALESMAN WANTED?ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS the eloak business, and general dry goods; must give good reference. Apply to Thomas Mills, 2M Bowery, SALESMAN WANTED-A OOOD SALESMAN, WIIO U capable of dressing windows. None need apply but tboee having city experience and good city ret ereueea. Apply before lo A. M. to B. H. Maty, 204 and 206 6th av. ipO DENTISTS.?WANTED, TWO ASSISTANT DENX lists. Hilly competent to operate and do mechanical dentistry. M ill applicants will a'ate age, single or married, how long dentists, In what branch they excel and the wages wanted. Also a dental student. E. A A. PKBTEKRE, 1 J# Bowery, New York. . rpo DKUGh CLERKS.-WAN TED. A( SMART YOUNG .Broadway. WANTED?A KAN WHO UNDERSTANDS T1!E CAKE ot a t.ora ; la u good miUer. i an make plain gat den, and rata. ,e.;ctabl?*: wagea u>l to exceed |U per month, by kheyeai. Apply at No nJuuu at., in ihr aeed alure. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN, OP SOBER AND INDUStrioua liablla, to Like charge ol' a liquor atore, 110 ob lection to one recently no o the old country, having a Knowledge of the bualn-aa Goo I city referencea required. Call at Ml 7th uv., corner 24th at. "11TANTED?A YOUNO MAN AS PORTER AND GENETV rat Helper, from alxlcau to twenty yeare 01 age. Apply at Mapca' reatauranl, 6W Jiio ulaay, northweal corner of aui at. WANTED?A MAN WITH A LARGE ACQUAINTANCE Willi Weatern merchant*, to a,men Irelghi lor an exfireaa company. To the rignt |mi l> a liberal comuiiaaion will >0 paid. Addrrm A. M. C-, II r il 1 OlMoa. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TIIUF.K YOUNO MEN, TO Weil on table and attend the bar, at No. 21 heekuran atreet. Nun hut tho-e well recommended need apply. WANTED?IX A DRY GOODS JOBBING HOUSE. A bo> having eiper.en. o In the buatne*a. Addrevs, naming relereneea, box 2.M2 l'oal ulbce. WANTED-A SMART ACTIVE BOY. TO ATTEND T" olhr bualueaa, atom la ycara 01 age; iiiuat wi.te a good IimiiiI. Addreae, in own bind, D., Herald ullice, aiutiug ainoonl of aalary wanted, Ac. WANTED?TWO BOYS TO SET UP PINS IN A boo ling aaloon. Call U-iw u 7 and 10 o'clock In the 4 vcn.ug at B. Kteuch a, 324>, liowcry. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR. APPLY at 171 South at. WANTED?'i MEN PUR STEAMERS, 3 CLERKS, 1 aah einan, 2 couductora, 2 braaemeii, S poricia, 1 exTte?a a re, 1 eapreaa driver. 1 miry clerk, 2 porter*, 4 g.ri* > travel 11 Europe and Calltori.la, 2 boya to leaiu traaea. Apply a No. 7 Chatham *quare. WANTED?A MAN TO TRAVEL THROUGHOUT TIIK ni.n. ? Ol ilUMCllUaK.lr, t/OUUectlCUl, *? ..?*l?Ulit lu the cut iiti?u ul a Hue pau?.cna One having about ( 0 can meet wuli a good chalice. A .dreaa, with real nauiu end tealdeii. c, Panorama, box lib Herald ulll e. WANTED?A CARVER AND FIREMAN, IN A DINnig miIooii. lio|iure at U2b Grand ?t. WANTED -WE AUE WANTING YOl NO MEN FROM Hie country every day lu uu munition* in aiorea, oibce-, Ac. Application* by mail uioa. b - aec inipaiiied. by a re i lamp I >i circular. 4S3 Broadway, 10 uu In. WANTED?A CLERK IN AN INSURANCE OFFICE' alao a yuiin; man In a Do..r aui.f.w uurr and two MtlMuna. Apply al 131 Fulu.u at., Merchant*' Clerk*' HeK .try MM. S iiutiuu* pr.c.uca iwf r. -p-viable panic* It -lei elle. Ul III lit Clao* liouae*. KmallllallCU 1 *.*>. WANTED?A GOOD CARPET SLALKSMAN; ALSO A ley* out *U|eeu year* o: aj* i, with a good onucatlon. Apidy *t - iMtea',314 uu ,*u.i at. WAN TED?A.N OYhTEKMAN Will THOROUGHLY uiim i i-tauda hia uu u<> f r a urat cL*< piece, and who I* ipialllied to tend I d required; lunal could a. d lolge whet employed. Apj ./ tt in. IT. llanki.ia, b tweeii 2 and 4 I'. M. to-day, at I)i e' .. *1. WANTED?A COMPETENT MAN AS DELIVERER OR loui.try agent. App.y *1 2i o. ekluan *1., Ibird 1.001. WANTED?A YOU NO MAN, AS CLERK IN A FIRST t'Uw lioiel; moat nave ai. (he ucvoiiip,i*nmcu a m-ceaaary. cona relerence rcqu.red. Ad 11c** A. H., Iierald oOice. 1V-ANTED--A FIRST ( LA. S BARKEEPER. A NOTE TT addlcnaed to M. S., a 1.11 refer -lice Hum 111* !a*t emptoyer, ami luit at the Herald oil.ee, will le attended to. YTANKEK NOTIONS-WANTED, AN ACTIVE YOCNO JL m.ill tnoruuaiily aoqitaluted u illi tne l. tall thread and a?edl. |iu*iu?m; tu.iat Have Ur?l cla*a re. ommemiatiuna aa to lioneN.y * ml ability, and In williu 10 utaae liluiaell' eene. rally us-tol. Salary 4AM A ir.- for Hir e days It. l7. ()., Herald nm *1(11) ? WANTED, A PERSON WITH TIIIH AMOUNT l? null the various cain|hi 4ihiinil Washington guy, ran make $IU a day. Apply to PORTER A CO., JJ.i Broad o ay, mum 17. <fc*4nn ~A YOUNO MAN, WITH THIS AMOUNT, ACipOUUi <|Uaintad with tiali*, ran have stcalv eiiip.uy uient, a salary and an Interest In a prodMlda xroery anil provtalou husiueas. Address atu< ke.?e, Herald oiliee. mm a a. The noutii oekman llotdi* steamship new Volts, o. Writke, commander, carrying the United Stales mall, wilt salt Hum pier ku North liver, looi of Cuaiubar* street, on SATURDAY, APRIL 12, at 12 o'clock M , on BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON, "LON IHJNI"!?A" RE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at tha i id lowing raiaa ? Por tin' iirat raldn, $100; aeeondeabln, $10; atcerage, $3?. Fur ireUhi or passage apply V> UKliKli HS 1 CO., 48 Broad street. FOR LIVERPOOL?THOMPSON H LINK ?THE C'KLKbraird packetBMp JKRI-.MiaH TMOMPHON, Captain Blake, at pier 37 East river, will haul tmu Hie atreain ,,n thnraday. Eur paasngc Irom or to Ireland, apply at the o.lue VI Paari street. FOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON?TAPKCOTT'H LINE? Mhlp Co,VIII El.l.A I'lON aaila IO m <rr iW lor Llvei pool, and anlp VI I ,I.A FRANCA, at pier 17 East river, aalta April k, lor London For passage, at low iht-a, apply to TAPHOOTf A CO., M Haath street. AU8TRALIAKANOAKOO LINK " KOR MM, bourne, 'alilhlUlied lhAl.? I'll" splendid lirsl class ahlp ATLANTIC, I.MM tons, u ld clear on Tuesday ii"?t, and ho ready for ae.i on the tftii lna>., \? lien all |Mseeitgera must or au board. A lew more areond ealnn passenger* - an be taken. Apply lo MAILLKH, LOiill ,t Of l'.ltE Vl., Ills Wall sued. Lord A Co. ioiialgnuea at MciIniiiino. Main draila tor sale. The steamship roanoke will leave pier No. 13 North river, on I' . ? I April 13. u I-' o'n. i, lor Havana direct, roiu.ectlnt ?'"h the siesta, i which h avea lor Vera Cm* "li tlieilsini April, LUDLA-M, IIKI.'.b \i'.N A CO., IIA Br adway. HKLIIHOth Ati l it km. a 1 HACK CHURCH. AOOOD PEW IN Tin; MIDDLE \t aide tvlil ' leased or aoM at a tery low pih . ai ply ut to li Cedar ?treel, room It. NEW Y WTUATIOMI WANTED- MALES. AN EXPERIENCED ACCOUNTANT, WHO HAS BEEN engaged far ft number of yrara u* bookkeeper and cashier in olio of tU? largest uieroautile Iioum;* in the West, ftud who has a lftfnft acquaintance iu that wcllou, deaire* employment la tome capacity. Exi>ertatinn* moderate. Boil of city reference*. > dnraftft U A, bo? 3U6 Herald ollhu. AYOUNO MAN FROM THE COUNTRY, 17 YEARS OK age, mull a (ltuatiou lu any re?pectuble bualneas; la competent to keep booka, both double and single entry, aud ran oorne well recommended. Addreaa C., box 215 Herald ofllre. A GENTLEMAN, AOED 50, ACQUAINTED WlTll THE dlllerent branches of mepautile transaction*. conversant w1th the Spanish, French and German language*, with ten yeura' experience in the fancy goods, Yankee notion* and druggiat suudrica buidiiesa, having acted an traveller and head aalenmaii for oue of the tirat houaea In thin city eight years, is ill March of a altuatlon where the al ove i|iialitle? may bo of aervlce. Refer* to A No. 1 houaea in thia city. Phase addreaa for interview Salesman, box lift llcral l otliee, ?' "Y ? A SINGLE MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK IN a pi ivate family, or as servant to go o Kurooe. He lias been in France ami Iuly, ami speaks uillerctit languages. Add rem E. M., Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COLORED MAN, AS coachman, either In the city or country. Refer* to tils late em|iloyer, J K. Uoyt, Esq., 381 Broadway; call for two days. A COACHMAN'S PLACE WANTED?BY AN ENGLISH married man, who understands the duties required of him aacoaebinan and groom; can show tire years' reference from his last employer; no objection to the country. Inquire for Coacbuiau, at Brewster k Oo's., corner of Broome and Mutt am. A YOUNG IRISHMAN, WHO SPEAKS FRENCH AND German, and cau write a good hand, wishes a situation aa porter or deliverer in a store, or at any othi r Itlnd of business that may otter; has good recommendations from last situation, is of an obliging disposition, willing to work and give satisfaction to bis employer. Address T. D., Herald office. AYGUNG MAN OF 10 YEABB EXPERIENCE IN mercantile pursuits wants a situation as bookkeeper or cleik in any nOlre or grocery concern where be can make himself useful; can produce the best of relerunces. Addre.-s Clerk, Herald office. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROtestant man, who Is a good groom and careful driver; would have no obji o Ion to assist ill a garden; can couie well recommended from his Inst places both for capability and sobriety. Address J. M., 145 East 41st St., or box 148 Herald office. Coachman.?wanted, a situation as coachman in a private family, by a young man who Is a thorough groom, as well as a stylish driver, and Is wil ing to devote tile whole of his time to the horses and carriages, and is iH-rfectly cumpelent in his business. Can give the very bedi of recommendations. Address J. M. D., box lbd Herald office, for two days, or 79 Bleecker at. Situation wanted?by a respectable man, (German) as porter, shippingolerk. Ac. Writes a good hand, and is a good marker. Understands French and Lai tin. Good reference from hit preaeul employer. Addles, H. B., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?AS HEAD WAITER, IN A CITY or coun>ry hotel, by a middl - need man. ltcst of city and country retereucee. Address A. B., got 1st a\., for three days. Situation wanted?by a youno man as bookk?eper; la i ompeteiil lit take tin- entire charge If re |iilr<-d; hue no objection to go oul of town, or to nam*- wateri in g plan* lor the HMMf sea?on; write* a g<?od hand; can pro luce llrst class city references. Address W. 11. K., box li.U Herald olllre. i mo merchants and manufacturers ?wanted X a situation in any capacity bv a mint thirty yea is ol at{e; la handy about machinery; can keep it In running order; can write a good hand; not afraid of work. Address A. B., box m llorald olllce. To lumbermen -wanted, by a youno man, having had live years experience In the litisineca. a situation as clerk in a I tun I er yard; liestof references given. Address Lumber, box l,17u Jt. Y. Post olllce. TiO BANKERS.?A YOUNO MAN WISHES TO ENOAOE his services in tlie banking, exchange and collection hnainess, having had muny year* experience in an old established banking houa<-; references fiom banks and broker* in New Yrtrk and I'hiladelphl*. Address R. E. L., box 4,723 Post olllce, New York city. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO MAN, A Welshman, as porter or wAichman in a store; he has been four years iu a Broadway silk store; lie is a good carKnter, and has a chest full of tools; he is willing to lend one indred dollars, providing he will get a permanent situation; I ran furnish the he?t referencea Address lor four days X. W. O., Herald olllce. WANTBD-A SITUATION, AS MANAOINO CLERK IN a law olllce. by a young attorney who is fully competent to take ehargo of tbo business of an olllce. Satisfactory reference given. Address W. R. (?., Herald oillce. WANTED?BY A YOUTH, 17 YEARS OP AOE. A SITUatiun; Is the sou ol a pliyse-iau resullug in Canada; ran cuiun well recommended, and every satisfact on given as to honesty, induitry, Ac. Address A. B., 81 Blecckcr si. WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE YOUNO MAN, OVER 21. who has been In business for himself till Jan. I, s situation as stock clerk, assistant ml'S.nan. or assistant bookkeeper in sumc lira! thus dry goods, cloth or Yankee mdion house; Is acquainted with dress goods, white goods, silks, A \; beat of rrfeienc- from last employers, Ac,; a. 1 ry about $-V)l or $3Ad to begin on. Aldnss A. B., box lit Herald oOJoe. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. SEVENTEEN YEARS u. age, good penman and .pilch at ligmcs, sanitation thai will support litin; t-i not airatd to wura; can give re commendations from gcullcmen whoa* employ he lias bee in for ? ven year*. Address X. A R., box 149 Herald oilier. W ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNU MAN. AS IT isrver. He la MMMIMM charge ol a -aluoti or rnstauraiiI. h tvlug hail eleven years' experience In the bus,no-*. Brxt o. illy reference given. Adlr out 8. A. U., Herald VJM. Y\'ANTED?HY A YOUNO MAN. WHO HAS I1AD A TT lew year*' experience, a altiiallun on board shin a* purser or captain's clerk; 111 at class referein' a and testimonial* can be given. Addieaa II. 8., box 125 Herald nfli box 1,2 d fust oil,, e. or applj io W. Baker, 45 Malum lane. \1'ANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN WHO HAS HAD 8EVETT rsl years'expeiieni e in viuillar cap*,-Itle*. a situation aa bookkeeper, cashier or general clerk; inn er,since the best of references and testimonial* trom English and An,rr|, an houses. Addie-a T. D , Ikix till llerald other, or apply lo John B. It ,e, Atlantic lto:el. Jersey Oily. YVANTKD?A PERMANENT SITUATION. BY A TT young man. In aoiue wholesale house or merchant s odlce; wninu lend bla employ er SJtki. or a little more It rei|Uiied. Address A It., hoy 216 Herald olliee. Yt'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SOBER, INDUS TT t;lo,.a vouii'.'ootn, as porier lo a drv goods or furnish lug store; la Willing and able to work. Salary not so much an ooje, t as a permanent aitiiaiion. fan come well rwonmnielided Iroui Ills iaat employer. Address A. M., box l.llM Post olliee. YITANTKD-A SITUATION, AS WAITER. IN A PUP TT Vat*-tamll). b) a respectable Kreic limun, who under' wiun i>? ifiiKiim, una luiljituuu 111 III* country. ItCsl oi cuy re.ervnccs. Call for l*u days at tin- tor*, 7d 3d ave., bHVM llth and IJtii els. "VI,'AN TEIJ-BY A SINGLE YOL'Nti MAN, A SITl AU uoii as gardener, win> tuii't'i htotiiU I,i hua,uc?s In Mil Iti rati' hri. Has good tr-tiinoii.nln .ruin hU last employer, Hi r tarts sobriety mid attention to business. Apply by leitor or p i sonally to Garden, r, 12 West st. iitantki ? a SITUATION AS COACHMAN, BY A REIt spa table married mail, who lias Imd nittrrii jimkiii Ilia last eliuullo.i; lie la a careful driver, g > ul gloom, honest, sober and obliging. Kor trf -rences apply lo his late employer, 3ti SI. Mark's place. TM10 TRADER, l FIRST CLASS GARDENER WANTS A SITUATION; A la u single man; be has lived over eight yraia in lux last situation: tan mine highly r.-cMnmeud d In his laxi employer. Address to A. badih, sec I merciiaut, 71 Liberty at., lor three day*. IS FARMER?BY A SOBER, HONEST AND INDUSJ V Irtmis man. with Ihorotlga kuowleugeo! f irmhu: un I a iM-k, an t hlalnjr recommended l.y I,la laat empl ner. In ptlie at SI l.lb-r y at., olU e ol Mi Samlfnrd, at mid a.ter .0 dock. DRAt OIITSMEN WANTED. TWOGOOD MECHANICAL draiigilin neii wanted tiiitti. dintely at l.in bcl nil,to American ..line, .17 I'ark row Persons accustomed to making patent odlce drawing, preferred. J^NtllNE TURNER WANTED. APPLY AT 2) JOHN CTARDKNEH.?A SITUATION WANTED. BY A SINGLE X iiinit (German), as gardener; lie la a good reg-tilihgardener, and ha. no o ij. i t.on to take care oi horses and cows. Address A. N , hoi 12d Herald tilflcc. / ' AKDENKR'S SITUATION WANIED-BY A MAN OK VX l-ina .-i[M-i-lonee and city references lor rapa. ity. sobrlrty and industry. Any g -ntlnmait that will employ the appncsir will w.er l?- dmHtKM, A nee ?< ut In th* c.ire of Mr. Coagiuvn, cooper, lot William at.. New \ork, lor T H.,gar.ener, will uiect with p umpt aiteuiion lor live days. Lithographic printers wanted?two good onra, Ujr Sbcatman A Hart, W Pulton si, QITVATtON WANTEO-BY A PROTESTANT YOCVO i' man, an gardenn or eoaekinan; undnrstnnda the ear - and inanaRcmi-nt oi horses and cuwa. Hood irferem es. Address K. P., box liWi Herald otitic. qtRAW HAT PRK8SEP8 WANTKD-TlPPKIt, BAND * . t.?.u- |"U nrat . i.iaa nation iir>'U apply inW 0. lUvfiililtl, K1 Bioadtvay. rpo DENTISTS.?AV ANTED?A FIRST < LASS MKCHARfJL cnl aorknirn lo lake nliargr of a l.iimraiury; al?o it boy 01 ?on>''rtprrl' ticfi 111 ihi> lrn?ine-a, im<- who nndn.tnnitn r .boer work prelrrred. Dr. BLAKKNKY, 4.'! ttth ??r. TO MtLLUIl!*.?WANTED, BY AN EXPERIENCED inlllrr, a .itnatlon run a mrrrhani or I'lKiioni flouring inlll, or an ntmie Irrwr: ban reDoen.e: no olijrrtlnn to ihe ronnlry. A.ldrra" M lllrr, box T22 llrrald nflipp TO ARTISTS ?WANTED, A FIRST CLASS ARTIST, TO i-oior I'lmtogrjpb.; onj who iindxraiatid. bulb oil ami water colnra piefri rod. Apply, with iprdawkt, at Wood's Oallory, Mm Bowery _________________ MM) MKR II ANT TAILORS-WANTED, A SITUATION. 1 by a ?,?od piact oil cutter, wlio > an iiillnrne aome < aah tradp. A Plica S , box I'l.'l Herald olllce. WANTKD -A TOUNO MAN, A TAII.OR KY TRADE, who la doalroua ol l"in lung to i ill. rail linm an opportunity of doing ao In Olio of tin- h-nt fatabltahtnpiila in tnn Pity, f?y directing a Una to P., Herald olBea, giving namo and addrraa. WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED JEWELLER, WHO iiioloi .taiida Hip bumn- aa thoroughly uu.l I. wi ll no. qualntr I with th" trade, und baa a oapttal or |3,i?XI, wan'a a partner with the name amount to ftiai.li.li a Jewelry eiorn on Broadway. Tup ainre i. p.irtly otigngpil. lor it la in nnn of tlip b*'.t Peallilen In tho . Ity. For ltirth"r Information inquire at 13 Jon n Wro.-t, room No. e, rro.n 10 A. M to 3 I*. M Inquire lor .Mr. EDM AKD WANTED?A SITUATION, HY A FIRST RATE i:UA ?? ton Colter, to go Wo*1. Addr.-aa t'liarba, cart o M. II Wallace, oornor of Harrow and I'o.inh ,.t*. WANTED?A FARMER INI) HARDENER, ONE WIIO W undeiaianda intra mi l plant., and ral-i.ig vr? t ii,|,.?. S? o'.'li o. t. 'iinaii preferred. Ap.ily at Centre .iron ilfu.it' N av*. N. l . of Ira M tin. UTANTED-A MACHINIST, WIIO UNDERSTANDS .mall work. Appyal i W at Hon.Ion ai ; trill MAKER WANTED URsr CLASS, NONE I ?> other licod apply at W A Uatvlivlua'a, Iblioud at., N. V OKJL JtLKHALD, TUESDAY .BOAEDISO AID LOOGINO. API-BASANT. WELL. FURNISHED 81TTINO ROOM, on the onid Uoor, wrilb a Hiiutll Bedroom joining, lo let. to a single gentleman, of quiet liabiu, la a huiuII private 1 &ruily, with Board if desired. Apply at 41 Eaht Thirteeuth street, corner of University place. AMMIRABLE SUIT OK ROOMS WITH KtILL BOAHD, ill the tint class house No. 0 W. s Tweuty-fourth street, opposite the Fifth Avenue Hotel; or the whole floor can l>e obtained if desired. A FAMILY HAVING FU RN ITU UK CAN OBTAIN THE eutlre Second Floor if desired, or choii e of Booms, with Board, at 6C State street, near Henry, Brooklyn. Booms furnished for single gentlemen. The house with mo icrn improvements, near Wall and South ferries. References exchanged. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY S\ without children, occupying ? 'lr*t ' lass liouse. will let a choice of handsomely furnished Booms, with lull or partial Board, or private table. English and French spoken. Apply at All bast Bleecker street, uear Broadway. AT 83 CLINTON l'LACE, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Broadway.?Handsomely furnished Booms, In suit or single, to let to parties desiring porinaueut or transleut board. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE. WOULD TAKE A gentleman and his wife lo Board, or two young ladies. Apply at No. 0 Prince street, near the Bowery. A LADY, HAVINO A MODERN BUILT HOUSE, IN A pleasant street up town, would like to meet with s gentleman and wife, or single gentleman, who have some suitable furniture to suit, and who would buard in the house. References exchanged. Address lor two days, stating where an interview can be had, II. M., box ISO Herald oflice. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR A FEW SINGLE gentlemen, '-an be accommodated with Board at mo le rate price*, at 10 First street, neat the Bowery. The house contains all the modern improvements. A SUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH Board, in a privute house; the entire third floor, suitable for a family of respectability, at No. SO East Twenty-flrst ureei, opposite uratner y rars; one or me nest locations in tne city. A lady and gentleman, or two ladies. can lind a beautiful Room, well furnished; bath uiiil.walrr cloaeU connecting, in a privat family consisting of three. No children. Terms reasonable to quiet persons. A few doors from Broadway; convenient to cars. Stages pass. Call st 63 West Thirty-second street. Board.-a handsomely furnished second story Room, containing large closets, gas, water, Ac., to lot to a gentleman and wife; also a Hull Rcont for a single gentleman. House and table tirst class. Kind treatment and a comfortable home guaranteed. Apply at No. 170 East Fourteenth street. Only a few lioardcra taken. Board.-a very small family, having ahuare Bedroom, can accommodate a men and his wife or two young tallies. Terms very moderate. 335 Third avenue, near Twenty sixth street, second Ho. r. Board.?elegant furnished rooms, en suite or single, at 32 Bond street, with or without Board. References, Ac. No moving in May. Board.?a family can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms, with Board, in s private family, by applying at the liia. alone house west of Third avenue in Tiiiriy-rourtb street. Board and instruction for children in Orange, N. J., a pleasant and healthy location o.i a farm, and a good home and the beat of care given. Terms about $2 per week. For further particulars address lor two weeks A. C. J., 335 Broadway, room 21. Board at the hygienic institute, no. it Iatiglit street, New York. A convenient and plcasuul place. Rooms clean and airy. Diet strictly Hygienic. Hatha and gymnasium free. Dancing 111 Hie lecture hall once a week. Persons tronbled with constipation, dvs|*-psia or other chronic diseases wlU iiud this the right plai-e tu board. E I*. MILLER, Proprietor. TJOARDrNO IN COUNTRY OR CITY?FREE DIUECJ) lions given to all appllcsnis for board at the Country and 1 City Board Registry, 336 Broadway, room 21. Those wishing drat class boarders or board can lie suited by addressing A. C. Jones A Co. Board wanted?in Brooklyn, by a young n an; vlelnlty of Cumberland street, preferred. Terms must Ik easy. Address H. C . bos 3,916 Post olUvo, N. Y. Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife, with room* furnished or not, in a stri tly private siui respectable family, having and Intending lo receive no other boarders besides the advertiser. Positively no boarding house required, and only such as can olfer the above reuuiaiies need address, with paitieulars as to terms, Ac., M. if., I ox AIM Post oilier. Board wanted-by a young man, in a pri vale family. Location below Canal street and between Itriitiitt'iiv M'ui 4Vntr#? Mtrri*t Ki>IPi-piii>fH pupituncp 1 Art. dress SI. P., No. 36 Centre Micel. Board in Brooklyn.?a lady livino in her owii limine, within lire minuter' walk of Kulton ferry, would like 10 let oil" or two Room*, with Board, to a yeiitlcman and wile or single geutleraau; private fninily, where Ihe romforlr of a home can be enjoyed. Terrna moderate. Call at M Middagh atreel. Board wanted in Brooklyn?for a oentleman aad liir daughter, in a guitrel, responsible laioily, where Ihe: e are lew or no oilier boarder*; near Wall aireet and Kulton ferrira, and west of Clinton atreel, preterm!. Andrea* K. H. I'.. Brooklyn 1'oat Ode r. Board in south hrooklyn-a private family rending iu a lirai claar hoiire, eonreiueiitly he aled iieur the Sooth Kerry. Brooklyn, will receive aa ininaleH Iwo or three gentlemen deairiug n comfort tide home, or a amatt family, with ii'priviite table. It preferred. Apply al liG Congress aireet, four diaira weal of llenry. Boarders wanted, ox the Hudson?a family oh uing a tllla on the bankr of Ihe ii ulaou, ennrrmen to ihe cilv by rrl.ro td or boat. In in.' aboil twenty mile* lio n Chuinbeia atreel, would like lo make an arrangement w itli a tamliy ot four grown peremia, or two gentleme i and their wive*, without children, for Boird from M IV 1 to November, it dualled, a separate labie would be fiiriilalied. The house liar water and git* throughout, convenien ea for boating and bathing, and stabling for lioraea. Italercucea eneliange.l. Add rear Villa, boa 2'D Port olllee. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?iiy A tlF.XTLKM AN aud wile, ciiureuient to the city, in a plain country mini, ly, where they can have good country board, plenty of milk, he.; where there aie no other b under* preferred. ' A Idrrai, with all particulars terms, means of accent to tue city. Ac., Nova Scotia, ID raid i fll c. (itil'NTRY BOARD WANTED-AT CORNWALL, ON J the Hudson. A |iarty cou-i?tlng of three adult*. lliree childreu and Iwo aervania, want to lind Board for the aitiiimer in a fiirm hooae, at or near Cornwall, Orange cnuuy. N. Y. Answer lo atair number of mum*, atliialion and prh+; no other* noticed. Addreaa J. B., Ho* No. lbs Herald odier. /COUNTRY HOARD WANTED KOR SIX MOM 111, BY V a young mail, who, cbll<l and mil1*', In priv-m- >? l ? It* fan'iilv; di> agreeable healthy loeility, within twelve ml'ei ot Ihe city; lerina not to euved t?*r month. Addrratlir one week B. tl. 8., tin* *>1 Iler.iM oUaa. FURNISHED ROOMS TO UV-M SECOND KLOOR, Willi or wltlio it partial Hutu, 10 one or two ainiie getit.emen. Willi use nt ???, Iwth, All Ihe eomiorla uf a home. Referenrea r-'|Utrrd. Apply a I M.June atreel, beIween Eighth avenue anil llmlnnn atreel. Furnished rooms.-a gentleman and vm or two or three aiuitle Kenileineu ran lie aeeninmudaled with ho>r 1 in a private family, where Hie roniioit-ol a home may la- enjoyeJ. Apply at 77 fourth avenue. D niter at 6 o'clia k. jOMO ISHND SOUND.?HOARD WANTED. EHOM J June Ifi to SepteinWer It, by a i,e tlleman, wile, mi I'd ami ai-rran . a nhlu foitjr mtlea of New York. Houae ranat be nil j in en I to the water, and near the depot or ateainlaiat landing. Addreaa, with full purttculara, T J. M.-Kee, No. 4*7 Wall atreel. ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN HAVE A Nlt'E front Parlor on tue luai Hour, tiirnlahed for a a e -|iin{ ai?rtm"Ul, lor $.T u week, ai l.'ai Hivlngi'iii alreet. ONE OR TWO YOl'Nti MEN fJAN BE ACCOMMODATED with K iiHint, with or without Hoard; alao a ci-mb man and wife. A large Itnoui uml ttedroom, uiiiiironihed to la>, ai No. 21) Henry atreel. TO I.KT, WITH BOARD-A PLEASANT KKOXT ROOM on the ae und Hour, with pauiry. for $d; alao one on Hie I ii I ii I Hour fur $/. Hnuae hna all ol Ihe Improvenu'iila; liaHon o, eaay nr eea to uin nnd atagen; illnn r at 6. lit WVat jilth alreel, liei ween 7th and Htli aventtea. \\TAN IE >?BOARD, IN BROOKLYN, KOR THREE M adiiila, in a hollar wl h modern iinpruventeula, weai of Kill' >u and C mrt aireeie; a aeroml aiory lionl loom iind Ii,ill r "I'll io nin'inlemug, iinlnrniahed. Terma not loetleetl ?l3|>or week. Addrr-a 8. 8. S., Brooklyn Poet ollire. llrANTED?BOARD.?1THREE GENTLEMEN DESIRE if lo pr a die Board, on the weal aide of I own, la-low Wa trerlev pin-a preferred Good, aulialan'tal late nml where home in?mlortaenn lie had. Aildrma W. II., giving full parDemurs bo* 2,pip New York Poat olhee, \% rANTED?UOUNThY HOARD. WITHIN ONE lloI R TT ol New York by eara or boat, near tlie Wat ir, fur a urnlleinati. wl e an I moiher. A larinhouaii nrclerretl Ail. Ore**, elating irrms, xxhhh m>ml be moderate, Hoaid, box 197 Herald o.l.o . \VrANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM FOR A SINGLE TT genileni., n. A prof aaloiial man alalia* to bud comfortable aconnimo latl.m* In a private family, ionvcnient to Fourteenth iiiwl nnil Third avenue, Addicts, tiling I tally l-rinaand pariietilara, box ll.l Herald ofll ?; such auatxers un y mil mini In. IVAlTID-lY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, A FURTT mailed R otii, wl'li or w Ithoiit Hoar I, III a llrat .-la-a hottae wt.ere lot ran enjoy Indie* a h I <ly. Adilreas with particular* box 100 Hern III wllice. aa hammi.ni> strict.? umi front parlor UZd ami Hall Room, on second 10air, i-an lo- obtained. wi>h Hoard, I y h gentleman anil wile or two single gentlemen. Alio, a liall Room on Ihlril lloor, water,gas, Ac. Heat ul relerenee* given and requ'rrd. KIKAHCIAt. ARTISANS' BANK. Noil -o la herrliy given that the undersigned has hern appointed by 111" Supremo tlonrt receiver of all the estate, funds. proiK-rtv and ellecta of the Arilaaua' Bank of Iho my of New York. All persona Indebted to said bank are required to render an ai: nuiil of and p .y the aaine lo the undersigned All per ona having In their posseaalo.i anv pro;ierty or elleela of aald hank are required to deliver the a-inu- to the undersigned, and a.i credltuf* of aald hank are required to deliver a malemem ol ihelr demands lo the undersigned by the lat day of May next; nod all p'-raona holding any op<>ii commits of sanl ban < are required lo preaent the aame In wi lling and 111 detail lo the undersigned by the aald lit day ol May next. All whl' h notice* and am-oiinta ran he preaenled nn.l payments made to mo at myollloe, No. Itf7 Bmadway, In thevli'y o. New York. II. I'. TANNER, Roi-elverof the Artisans' Hank, N. Y. Dated Feb. 19, 1882. CI AI'ITAI.ISTS, AGRICULTURISTS AMI FRUIT J grower*.?$9,001) to $10,(Ml wanted on mortgage on ail Improved hum of 1,100 aerea, xvortli $40,11*1; other, wlaa an Inlerrat In it valuable farm will lie grained lo a party d-aliliig to engage In a permanent, ante and ivepectabl i agricultural bualne**; an Indeiiendenl lorlitne will gradually bill anrely he made. For liarib ular* rail on or address I'ra th ai Farmer and Hortlculiurlat, room 7, No. 112 Bre.ulxvay, New York. /"totl? and silver. 7JO, six prc CENT united * T S atea Treasury note* bought in I aold at iho best r.itea, A... f. i'. james ,t t:t).. 4ft Wall street. rrilli APRIL COUPON DUK ON THE 7.10 UNITED j. Stales Tie isuiy limes r.i lo-il upon pieeent.ulon by F P. JAMES A CO,, bankers, Wad sheet. tjxt) -AO WANTED-JH.Itdl ON A IIOUHK A Nil I.OT V.j.i)lMi In III i*.xii. e-l SHon n li.i'is-nod thi-elo'r |ix largeII, N. J. Apply at %W> Washington stircl , APK1L 1, 18C2.-TB1FLK M At. ICS AT AUCTlOi. _ Auction notice -m. h chapman, auctionekh magnificent household kurnituke. Painting*. Mstuarj, aud many rare aud elegant Works oi Art. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ou tbU day (Tuesday), April I, ula commencing at eleven o'clisk precisely. At the elegant residence 4M Wi .t Hul-enth street, between Filth end Mi>tli avenues, VI*., 7 octave roscword Pianoforte, Rosewood Drawing lloom Suits, Bronze end Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China Vases, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Embroidered Lace Curtains, Oil Paintings by Eminent Artists Kosewood and black walnut Chamber Furniture, Oak Dining Kooin Suit, China, (ilusu and Silver, The auctioneers w ould call the particular attention of their friends and the public to this sale, the catalogue comprising the richest assortment ot Household Furniture, Ac., otTcrcd at auction this seasou. The Furniture was all made to order leas than seven mouths ago, slid is of the best description. Sale positive, without regard to weather. Drawing K louts? ltosewood Bookcue and 8 i retarn i, Encoiguures, Lady's Work Table, Writing Desk, French plate Pter Mirrors, marble slab aud brackets: two large Mantel Mirrors, richly carved frames; eiubi oldered I,ai e Curtains, French Shades, Combes, two maguitlcetit suits Drawing Komi Furniture, covered in three colored satin brocade of the richest description, carved in solid rosewood; two Tete-s-TcUl Sofas, two

Arm aud eight Oral Buck Chairs, rosewood Ceutre Tables, statuary marblo tops to match the stills; Elageres lined with satin wood, marble ton. mirror doors and hark: Etna's iuleut KccUnlug Easy "L'hatra; Pier, Hard and Iguartctle Tables; Oil Paintings bv Cole, Iniiian, Legraud, Sellers, Kglaw, and other eminent artlaU; Assumption of Virgin Mary, fruni a celebrated painting in tl<e Louvre, i'aria; Storm at Sea. by Deb ut; two auperb inau'h Painting" by Pole, tbe Aleheinlai, by Tenarea; Interior, do.; Magilelene alter Muritu, Fruit and Flower piece, original, by Kouaaean; ldl) yur.la velvet Carpels, Kuga to match; auperb luon/.e Clo It, art s iu brunae Slat turv. Ilauilet, Mnrgart tie, Cruaader, Cheral da Marley, Franklin, morble SUiuarv MAUMKIl EST K08EW00D PIANOFORTE, the rlclieat instrument ollered at auetiuu Una aeaaon, auperb curved leg a ami caae, round coruera, lull iron plate, over Htruug basa, all modern improvements. made by city makers, fully tealed by uompelent judges and pronounced a auperlor instrument; rosewood Canterbury, do. Stool, covered In brocatrl; two rosewood marble top Dressing Bureaus, p ale class Mirrors, n.aewood Bedsteads, richly carved, style Louis XIV.; Comiaodea Tilde de Null, Cou hea, Ko' Iters, Arut Chairs, Oval Back Chairs, covered in moguci ; Tapestry Brussels Carp-la, lace und bro ade Bedspreads, Ilair and Spring Mattresses, Feather Beda, Blankets. Counterpanes, Bolsters, Pillows, oval M irrors, pastel Paintings, decorated Chirm Toilet Sets, Turkish Tow els, brocaiel Curtains. Upper chambers?Mahogany and biack walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, W.ishstands, Sofas, Rockers, Hooltracks, Toilet Sets, Corner Staiula, Bidding, Ac. Diniiig room?Solid oak carved Bullets, staTusry marble top; llert/.'a Dtmiig Table, extends 1ft feel; Couches, Armchairs, elegant acts crystal and rttby Glamwure. Auction notion.?b. w. westcott. auctioneer Peremptory sale of beautiful Furniture ol all descriptions, with a rure collection of Paintings and elegant Parlor Ornaments, Comprising the entire contents of the fashionable and costly furnished residence log Wust Tw nty-nrst street, between Seventh und Eighth avenues, This (Tuesday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock precisely, The whole eoinui isiug a collection seldom ollered al auction, consisting of imperii solid rosewood and walnut Suits of Parlor Furniture, covered in silk hrocnlcl, green and gold and crimson and maroon, also in reps, all made to order; rosewood Centre, Pier and Sofa Tallica, llamaak and Lace Curlulus, elegant Collnc King-res, lady's rosewood Secretary, lined with satin woo.I; 'fin Irish I-oiinoes with Armchair* to mud li: Corner Etag-res, with marble tups; handsome Carpels throughout ih" house, four cleg ml Per and Mantel Mirrors, bronze ami ormolu Cbsn.'u.i us, m.ignili"ent Mailt I Vases, Broii7.es and I'ar.or Ornament-, marble Bust of Byron, Lamls. aii" uml Historical Paintings, Jewel C ise.s, Ac. ELEGaNI ROSEWOOD PIANOPOKTE. MARBI.li TO I' MUSIC CABINET BTOOL AND COVER. chambers, dining room and lihbarv. Superb rosewood B.dsta.ls, w.th Spring and llair Mattresses to tit ; rosewood marble ton Dressing Uurcuua, Washstands and CommoduN to match, China Toil.-t Sets, Oval Mirrors, elegant Chamlier Suit, in reps, seven pieces; Tet---aTetes, in hair; Arm Chairs. Soring Seal, do. Rockers, Oold and Landscape Sha les, lurge llair Malirvsscs, superb B. Js and Bedding, Card Tables, Flower Vases, Hoheiulau and Lava Vases, Sola Bodslea Is; wilh a large variety of superior Parlor, CuanilsT slid Dining lt.s.m Furniture, nol. enumerated; marble Bullet, oak Chairs, Kt tension Table, rich French and Bohemian China, elegant Ruby and Crystal Cut Glass. Silverware, Cms, Casters, Tea Service, Spoons, Forks, lee Pitchers, Ac.; with handsome mahogany Bedroom Furniture. Catalogues at home. Deposits will be required of purchasers. N. II.?Housekeepers will And this sale worihy of special attention, as the whole will be strictly sold without reserve, ruin or shine. Auction notice-e. uotii, auctioneer AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY l OR HOUSEKEEPERS AND THE TRADE. HANDSOME FURNITURE. BRUSSELS CARPETS, CRYSTAL, GLASS AND CHINA WARE AT PUBLIC AUCTION This day, April I. at tw n o'clock precisely, at the dwelling home 128 Warerley place, east of Both avenue, consisting of two beautiful Parlor Suits, covered in broealel and reps. each suit consist ng of one Sofa, Tete-a-Teie, on.- Arm. one It < eplioii Slid four Medallion Back Chairs, rosewood Etna-re*, marble lop Tables, Mirrors, Curtains, Shades, Vases, Paintings. Lounges, Sofa Beds, Rockers, spring scat Chairs. Tctc. u-Teies, eoi ered in haircloth: Ess. Chairs, Bookcases, rose woo I and mahogany Bedsii-ada, Bureaus, Wa-hslalids, Totlet Sets, llair Mattresses, Bolsters, Pillows, Beds, Hlnnkels. Ciocks, Mirrors, Corner slid Book Aland*,Tea an 1 Extension Tallies. Bullets, Duong Chairs, Paintings, Glass, China and Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, handsome Brussels, "Ihrec-ptv sod Ingrain Carpets, Ac. Ssle podt.ve, N. B.? All goods mmt be reraot ed twenty-four hours after the sale. A A. RICHARDS. A0CITONEEIl.-l.OIM CASES h'mttm, hhiwrt iind bn)^biim mi kiiciiiioj kil iiakds A WIIITINCJ, on Wednesday, April 2, at li>Vi o'clock. at store 44 Cort.andl street. Wc invito buyer* from all ae'ttmisto ltd* ea c. u* the whole caialogue will be compos -d of fresh soring good*. Sold without reserve. Auction notice. SALE or KINK IIE.VDY MADE CL0TH1NJ, ON- WKDN f.SDAY, APRIL 2, CummonrtnA *' 10 oVIo -k, 2,000 GARMENTS OK STRICTLY KI118T CLASS CLOTH I Nil Will be noli! an above. The particular attention of uiiyera ia im ite-1 Catalogue* ready on morning of *ahi. \VM. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneer*, No*. 9 iinil II I' rk place hiuI No. S Murray atreel. Auction sales ok kurnitukk at iiocses and stock* or goods at stores, allcnded to, at \ ery moderate charge*; return sales prompllr made uy J W. NEW'kON, Auctioneer and tleueral Broker, IS." Kiiltou street, west aid*. RRrcKKMl'K*. Ilia Honor the Mayor. I'eter C'miiht, 17 Hurling slip. K. II. Brown, I'reai.lenl Mechanics' and Trader*' Hank. N B. (Iraliam, I'reaident Kumnen'* Kun I Insurance Co. CONSTABLE'S BALK.-S IlKltUVN, AUCTIONEER, will rell on Wi Incaday. April it, *' lll)j o'< lock, at IJ Itowery, a large lot >i Kei oaeite oil and Km id, in barrel* and can* large mid atnnll Oil Can*, K rotcneunit Hold Ltttnpt, Chimneys, Cote. Me.ts irea. Ac,; a large ltd of Crockery, Hardware nod Cutlery; al*o 8.00b roll* Wall l'ni?er, Kurnltoie, Ac. K.< order of John Ford, constable. DANIEL A. MATTHEWS, ACCTIONKKit, WILL SELL lo-ni >rrow (M'cdn mlay), at 1UV, o'doca, at hi* sal-k. room. 79 Nassau street, a Urge assortment of rosewood, walnut aud in vliogtinv Kurniiurc. Carpets, Ac.; also a superior aeren octare rosewood Pianoforte, In tine ord r. Partlculara to-morrow. Ij<DWARD SCI1KNCK. AUCTIONEER !i HI! PERU HOUSEHOLD KCRNITURE. By KDkVAltD 80I1KNCK. Till* day, April I. at 11 o'clock, .it Idssnli-M-oom*, No*. l.'iSaiid 1.17 Broadway, a large und elegant Assortment oi It ml class l(o ischnl I Km iiiturc, comprising I'arlor, ChamlM-r. Library and Dining It mm Hints, and oilier elegant Kuril lure. Ijl H Ll'DLOW. AUCTIONEER. li. HTKAM ENGINE BlIILKItS AT AUCTION BY ORDER OK I. HENDERSON, NAVY A .ENT, K. II. LUDLOW A Ci?. wl.l sell st miction, ou I'liursday Aitiki, ill 12 n rlin'k, at tin' Nov/ ? iril. Urn ikiyii, three lloll wm nf steam engines. LI COLTON, AUCTIONEER.?LARHK SALE OK HOUSE I? i hold Furniture. Carpets, Mirrors, Billiard Tsbls, Sliver Plated Warr. Ae.. Ae. This ilnv (Tuesday), April I. ul 111'J o'rlnck, at till Kullon street, near N assail, thi* entire Kurui ilture of a large lirst class Hons . ictnovrd I nun tin* iip|a>r I part of tIn* city. 11 vi lli riimprts' ultniMl rvrry article re UUUIle for housekeeping, of rosewood ninl iiiahogaiiv. logottn-r with Dining It-sjoi II ilrtium ami Basement UwM, large ipiantlly id superior llair Main rases, Beds, Pillows, Hl.ver Ware. China and Ulaat do., Extension Tables, marble top Centre and Pier Tab.ea, Kreneb Plate Mirror*, French and Oiitiiii' Bedsteads, Bookcases, Dr-ssbur Kureaiia, Knnen rurnliiirr, Ac., An. Alan on- marble b d Billiard Table, Bull*. Cues, Ar. Sale |ierciuptory. rNBOBQB COOK. AUCTIONEER. T A-sig er a sale of elegant llmisclioll K impure, this day, at lt)Jj[ o'eloek, at falesrn un Ml Broadway, a n ry lame stork ol tur l eal made work and of the Iiiim faahinn able styles, removed lor convenience til' sale, consisting ill' Parlor Suits uf varoua styles, Ciiaiubrr Sulla ol new and elegant detlitna, LI.irarjr a ul Dining Itoom -Su.ts, I'arlur S -erntailc*. Ktajens. Work Tablet, Lihtary and Secretary Bookcases, LI ma ry Table, Mainlands, EttenMon Dining Table <. Ma,trraaea', Ae. The whole Ming worthy the not be of buyers, as Ike sale is absolute, Catalogue* at sale N. B. ? Personal Atleiiiiuu given In aileiyiif lurniture and ml,er goods al the lea,denialv or stores ol sellers. Several lirst class nuuaaa t let. OKOItOK COOK. AUCTIONEER. PIANOS This day, si 111 o'eloek. at ailesroom 141 Broadway, one rosewood seven oiarr Pianolorte, nrw, also one seven orlave Urand, In itoud order. CIEOItOE HOLBKOOK. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL r mis day, at two o'eloek, at 17b Lauren* street, ih- Kor nlture ol a latiilly leavlrut i he city, consisting ol u general as. sortmn.il of Parlor. Chamlmr anil Kllebcn Kurilllure CI BO RUB IIOLHKOOK, AUCTIOMKBK?OKKICB, M T Broadway?Mortgage sale. JAS. CAIJNKV will sell on Wedi.evdny, April 2, at IU>? o'clock, at 74 Crosby aired, all the rich and costly roa-wool Kurnitiire cunialned In aald house, an I eomprises, In pari, two rosewood Hints, III nro-alei; Iv.o Pier Olasses one rosewood Piano, one roaewnol Boukease and one Wardrobe, ais rosewood Kedsteals, an Hureaiia, all Washslanda and ten Tables, all In mstrii, made by Messis. Meeks; mahogany and walnut He Irooin Kuriulure, isn line Velvet sn I Brussels Carpets, three line velvet H sli i A; |iels slid plated Ho la. Hall Oilcloths, eoally Laee Ciirtalna and Cui nieea, one liron/e Clock and two iiguroi. eoal gral: heat ll-iir Mstlresse*. Holaters and 1'lllonrs; one line lot ui Bed Liueu, Qullta, Blankets, Ac.; one oak Ellen Sinn Table and Lining Chaira In mateh, togeihar vv lib a large lot of Plated and Cns'kery Ware and all tne Klteheu Kurnitiire. 11. K. BLANKM AN, Altoruey lor Mortgagee. Catalogues on moi ulni( ol sale. On Kridav. In Thirty-seventh aUMl< "' f Reventh svem e, a line lot ol Household Kuril.t ire, HBNRY H. LEEDS AUCTIONEER . ? BE A UTIKtTLOtL Paintings.?IlLNKV II LEEDS A CO. will aell ul amtlon, on riuiraday, April 3, at II ocliaik. In lb,' gallery over I he salesrisaii 2.1 Nassau si reel, a splendid pnvaie eollecilon ol lirst . lav* Pictures, In rich frames, selected hy a gentle man delusively fur his own lasie, eouiprlslng vvurks of ihe best modern and ancient artists; among them are thmc of A. B. Dursnd, K. l/ 'ibe, Geo II. Baker, Jas. M llarl, Wm. flirt, J. r. Ke|tioii, .1 r. llmpa-v, (MO. II lUII, A. f. Tilt, fnil Wel.br, riioi. (' >!*, tiro II. Houghton, la>nia latng, Win. Snayer, Nr., J. I>. Hlon.lel, J A. Ueatel, A. K. Rello.va, Thm K-iiiria-jr, A. L> Shatunk. 1 uai. Dmnihiy, t'onvanl and Jilxl 'n, id fail*; nhnlir, or Dreaden; NaM and Wenderoth, ?nd m iiijr olltera. Thl? w,l| lie found, on evainlnaelon, to Iw equal to any oofleeilnn offered by am'tmn Inr many ;runr?. They ran 1* aeen In the abotre gallery from TnnrwUyl It.'ih Inat , until the day of Hale. ijKNHV ii. LKBM. AOtnONJ r:.( xi KliKIIANT IIUIISKllOl.n kuhnitukb, B HOKUM, i'aim riNtm, *t; IIKNKV II. l.KKDH A tJO will Heii hy auction, We.lnea day, April .. at liaifpaa; ten o clo< k, at .17 H.iai Slit enth atrert, near Union annare, ihe rnluable furniture In aald lion-e, in ide liy It'-tt \ A , K W. Ilutchlnga and oihera, eoifinlng of rli-h Velvet M.-ilalllon t'ar|>et<, I'.. i lor Sum, rove red In moqnet. nt"dallloa llgured br .ratal, and orange hbiIii iliiiinik Uitrlalna to manli; rlenly ctited r .ee.vood l-t'g if, M.ititf'l m 11 * I ri?*r i n Oil I*m in t ln^fa, ioi?' Miiol c.iimhI ami gill P.anoiorte, inn da by Ihllri a lbvi.4, ro?t $r><)0: fOJU'Wooii II ?, R'Oiinlni; ( rtnlm, Sijlt oi niojuft; Wall Klmif;'* *fH Hr.-tckrt, renl HMnufi, riitaiiv'A t 1 H-k?, imk Oliiliig Ko.?m .Suit, Pit !, Kit* union Table, o.iK Hooknive*, lit ?ka anil fcni?r?v?n:n, Kionch Oh inn, UlaM W*; iiinl (?uili'ry, oik Ira ni* Matt ?v OIiiaa. B'mIi-ooium K i lily rarve.i in-nwool Itfilnti* !*? ??i difforoni iyl<*n; Atliiob ulilan*, lliirp'ttm, A?., Ml treBdi", ftcMiii", . < ?\ fli I '' i !* ' f II It'll ' . V I "ifII. .-i u Mb |< WnifH The whole lo be Hold whhMiijaO) nt ivc. SHKKT. mubi at afctiow. Henry h lbrds. auctioneer?-kijb<i ant hoyse bold furniture, in tine order, made by llcner, Maroolt* A Co.?HKNK H. LEE Do A CO wUi auM by auoUuo, on Wednesday, April I, at ll)>; o'clock, at 9H Kan Twriiiy-tirst street, north able Oramercy Park, a vary handsome awo-t ment of Furniture, consisting of Velvriaml Brussels t'arl? u Parlor Sulla, covered in Satin damask, do. green do., alao, Reception Room In black waluut, eiegant oarv.-d S at nary, marble lop Elegeic aud Centre Table, oval Ptrr Mirrora. Silk and Late Curtalna, rosewood Secretary, roaew .,od Pianoforte, Oil Paintings and Kntravlnga, ChaudelbTa, Dining Room, of carved oak, Extension Table, Carved Huf. fet, China and (llaaa Ware, *a>in wood Bed-room Suite, raised pineU, do in roaewood, black walnut,Ainoirr-a-tilauc, enamelled bum, Kitchen Ware, ac., wilbout reaerre. jjenry b. herts, jr., auctioneer. HENRY WOODVCO. WILL SELL, On Tueadajr, April 1, at 10k o'clock. At 21 flreene street, HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD fuknitu-.k, Comprlaialug a rich and full assortment of KUSKWOOD PARLOR SUITS, In plush and tapestry; Velvet, Bruaaels and Ingrain Carpets: rbli Srenrn plate I'ler and Mantel Mirrors, aoperb roaew ood seven oetavo Pianoforte, lace Window Curtaiiisand Cornices, Chandeliers, valuable original Oil Paintings, to-etvoo I E ngerea, Ks retoires, Centre and Side Ta'dea. Bed.leaea, Bureutta, Wusbatands, Toilet Table*. mahogany and walnut Chamber Suits, a large lot of line Bedding, Hair and Spring Mattreasea, Beds, Pillows Bolsters, China, Olaaaware, Plated Ware, Crockery, Ar., together Willi the usual assortment ot Kitehen Purnilure and Utensils, with whieh the aule will commence. Catalogue# ready early on morning ol sale. Henry b. iierts, jr., auctioneer. By HENRY WOOD a CO . o'clock each day, nl No. 234 Bowery, a large Htock of lienth-men's Furnishing Goods, Shirts, Hosiery, Hearts, Stocks. Neck Ties, Huspeuders and Under Clothing; Ladies' and Children's Hosiery, Ac. The goods will lie sold in lots to suit purchasers. Terms cash. Sale positive, without any reserve. Henry o. scriunbr, auctioneer. Salesroom 111 Nassau street, a few doors south of Beekman street. HENRY C. SCKIBNER will sell to morrow, couimeucing al 10K o'clock, an Important stock ot Dwelling and Counting House furnishing Articles, consisting in part of rare 1'aiutiugs in oil, elegant Household Kuruuure, Mirrors. Hair Mattresses, Ac. full particulate mdrn tng of sale. John l. vandkwatek, auctioneer. By A. JOUKNEAY. salesroom 373 Broadway. Tuesday, April 1, at ll)>? o'clock, large sale of Velvet, Tapestry, Ingrain and Vcuii.au Carpeting, Oilcloth. Matung, Rugs. ac. HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS. Also, House Furnishing Goods in great variety. BILLIARD TABLE. Also, one first class Bi.liard Table, In complete order. JOIIN H. HURLEY, AUCTIONEER?WILL HELL this day, at two o'clock, al 441 Canal street, a large assortment of Bureaus, lleilstotds, Chairs, Tables, Washstands, Toilet Ware, two Bar Glasses, one l'icr Glass, 12 small do., Hatrarka, Curtaini, Cornices, Wardrobes, Chun tleliers. Gas Fixtures, Sofa Beds, Lounges, 33 Brussels, Three-ply and other Carpi is, Oilcloths, Ilalr and other Mattresses, Feather Beds, t'Ulows, Sheets, Blankets Spreads, Cooking Stoves, Earthen, Glass and Kitchen Ware, Cot sju Huns, Ac. Everything for hous -keeping. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL ON WED? nesdsy, April 2, al 1U>? o'clock, at salesroom 83 Nas sail street, a large assurtinem of new and second hand ros.. wood, mahogany and walnut i'arlor, Chamber and Dining Room Furniture, vix.: solid rosew ood Psrlor Suits, covered in brucalcl; mahogany I'arlor Suits, in Halrclnth, rosewood Etageres, Carpels, Oilcloths, Secretary and Library Book cases, Centre Tables, Dining Tables, Buffets, Dining Chairs, Dressing Bureaus, Wasbstauds, Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds. Lounges, Chairs, Wardrobes, Ac. Ac. Also two rosewood Billiard Tables, Counting Roo.n and Ollicc Furniture, Ac.; tlio whole to bo sold to the highest bidder lor rash. Mortgage hale.?david d. egan, auctioneer. will sell, this day, al 433 Cau.il street, al 2 o'clock. Household Furniture ?Besteads. Bureaus, WaslisiandsSolas Hola Beds, Lounges, Tables, Wardrobes, Chairs, lesis* lug Glasses, Pictures, Crockery, Ac., an 1 a quantity of second hand Furniture, removed for convenience of aile. Also the contents of s Millinery Hlore. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?THIS DAY, AT 10VJ O CLOCK, at the salesroom 2d New Bowery, by BELL A INOItAIIAM. 400 lots pledged Goods, a tin- line of Welches a.id Jewelry, Herring's large jeweller's Safe, Billiard Table, Wagon, Counter. Show Case, Ac, By order. II. POANAN'SlsI, No. 2 011 /er street, formerly 434 Hudson street. PAWNBROKER'S SALE-JOHN MORTIMER WILL sell this day, at 13 East Broadway, a large assortment of Men's and Women's Wearing Apimrel, Sheets, Quilts, snd a variety of other articles loo numerous to mention. By order of A. GOODMAN. 31 Centre street. RT. IIAZELL, AUCTIONEER. WHIITEMOItb A IIAZELL WILL SELL AT AUCTION. THIS DAY (TUESDAY), At 111)4 o'coek, at Ihelr a desrootn, 138 Broadway, HARDWARE. CUTLERY, AC.. In lots to suit purrha.ers, comprising in pact Axes, Hammers, llatrhcta, Saws, Meat Cutlers. Shovels, Spades. Rakes, Had Iiom. Tailors'Irons. Wagon Jack*, Drills Mupmieks, Hay Forks, Hoes. Wreaches, llracee and Bills, Glmle ?, Spoon and Shell litis, Fry Pans, Compasses, I'lyers. Punches, Hpt.e M Us, CUui| S, Nippers, Callipers, 31allei*. Sad Iron Hlniids. Filer, Bins, Ac.. Ac. Table, Dessert and Pocket Cutlery, Kaxom, Scissors, Ac. R\V DUNHAM WILL SELL AT AUCTION THK ALE IloU'f, 71 Tnnmpaon Klreel, including Ale, Luiuora, b<t< Entitle,, I'ainlin?s and Kurdturv, Tue.tay, April I, at 1 o'clock A itiaiice lor tboae who wlah to atari nuautea,. SA J. BOOART, AUCTIONEERS, WEDNESDAY, . April t. al ItOJ o'clock, at Ihc auclion ro ima No. 1 North William aitect, mortgage ailc of Uouadinl I Furniture, Sola*. Lounge, Burraua, Waahalnnda, Bcdaleads, It da and Bedding, Kitchen t'urnlllire. Cartel*. Ollclotlia, Ar. Also one Milliard Talilc. To M, a neat Collate 2d Wrat Fifty-fourth aircct. Alao a amall brick liouar 281) West Tim t> -third airrct. SlIKKMAN. AUCTIONEER?HY 8. HERMAN A CO.. tvtil aril on Wednesday, at II o'clock, at 1.7 Howery, lor account or whom It may concern, a I art" lot of Wall Pastern, Hrtiahes, faints, Ac., Ac. To be sold positively for iMk SALE FOR THE ARREARS OK I'RRSONAL TAXES ? My virtue N a warrant la me A1 rooted I y tho Imiwi of Taiea for Ihr city and County of New York, I u I.I rvpo*e to sale, on Monday, April 7. 1802, at 10o'clock, at No. I North William alrrcl, lor tile arrear, of personal late* for lite year 1*01, a la rip. quantity of Hardware, consisting of double barrel Uuna, Razors, Sctatorr, I'adlock* Ac. JOHN II. IIILLIKR, Constable. 8. A J. BOOART, Auct oueera. WILLIAM ABMOTT, AUCTIONEER?OKHCE NO. 4 V? Ka?t Broadway, will sell on Una day, at 10 o clock, the Sto. k and Kikiurev, with L?eae, <>l the Drinking and O sier Saloon coin t of Bro m' and Eli'alteili streets. oonnstin* <>' Counter*,Chairs. Tildes, Mirr.rs, Piiln'iuga. Hue Brandies, Uiiia, Wlnea, Ice Cheat, Ou*. Futures, Cuandeliera, Ar. KOR SALE. A BAHRAIN nUKM OKKERED. ?THE LEASE, Slock and Ftdiir a of one ol the heat Rcaiaurunia and Dining Saloon* down town; been eaialdiahed for over eleven yeara; neatly iiu-d and everything rnmplda. Will be sold it a MNHNi Apply at lli John aireet. AKAKR CHANCE ?THE SALOON KNOM N AS THE Ft out Siren CoUee limine, mo. Ii, lea-o an.I lUlur."*, ? 1,1 Ih> Mil l cheap lor . a<h. Au|4y on lite pcnniaea to THOMAS A JOHN C. CREED, 117 Front aired, one door Irom Wall. ABUTTER AND Omil STORE WILL BE BOLD . l.cap for cavil. Kickaraa la ilie only rtaaon lor aclllng. A 1 ood lo a loll Tor iMIaln-aa. Rent verr Ion- Applv al M4 Egh h avenue, between *nirty-ninih and Fortieth alreew. DININO SAIGON FOR SALE?VERY CHEAP, Off loaaonable terms; han laoineljr end fully inrniehed, no I b'lalaeoa, ni a low rent, sag location unsurfos ed. this In n good chance. ISAAC A HIOOS 71 N.iauil fclria-l, Ohi o stuuk for HAUL?a splendid new r.s ta'illahed Drug 8 ore in a line Kttdl ah ndglilairhood. Only u a mill capital It r. ,pi. red; $IAD ua.h, and Hi-teal in dillercni lerma. Apply al HI Eas Broadway. ipoa SALE-A FINELY FITTED, CP TOWN SALOON, r cheap fur cash: n Mnall Hold, well located, doing n good bnalneaa; alo, :i Fishing K?iul.|i-,li.nenl, with every ennvenienee, mi,I ?..? rra y or opera'! in. F. D. Itli HAKliSON, A! and *4 Naaaui alreet. "LTOR SALK-AN OLD ESTAULIS1IE!) CORNER 1,1 r i|norSore; an .1 on anronnt ol the owner hiring In t .r wholesale biialnea-.. For tecina apply al corner of Bridge and Plymouth aired*. llrooltlyn. IMS SALE?THE LEASE, STUCK AND FIXI'I 1,'I.S OF a llrocory and Li-pior Sto For pa. licit ... a 111.p.Ire in the store, corner of Thoma* and Church strreta. FAOR SALE-A SPLENDID MARKET, ON ONE OF THE hc?[ avrnnea up town . nicely ntp-u up; two atalN: large aiore Very low rent. For |Nirticiilura apply to PL'KDY A ANT.IOY, XB En Hon street. IjlOlt SALE-A NEATLY FITTED UP RESTAURANT ' anil O.alor Saloon, will. IU. and COOklllg ..pparalna ?g.nipl"ir. in a ilrai rale loeatloii; rent cheap, a mat rahplace lor llic Introduction of codec and cakea. A.l.lreaaC, K., H. rald itflM. fADR SALK-A MILK ROOTS. HORSE. WAiloN AND 1 ll.irne*a Will l?e aold cheap for cash. Inquired K. M ABBOTT, 47 frk swl 1aoi BALE?'THE lease. stock and fixtures of X a "'II Uttc t up Parier llnnae. Tli" tieat aland in tli r.tghth ?>r.l. K<?r paiti-ulara np,.l/ Hi Kelly'* Pa tu. , Washington, ii" ii Spring "'reel. IiH>N UIJ-THI LIAM, STOCK CTOfllTDUl ok 1 n wUoleaale mi l retail Liquor Store on llm corner of new Howery and Oak *iret. will lie ?oM with or wnlioul Slock. Apply until ?oM nt No. 3 Ileal. r atrret. If OH SALE-TIIK LKASE, STOCK. FUKNITl IMS AMI ' Flour* of a lli.l ar I S.1I0111, allh two lino Hllliard TaMea, located in Third avenue, and now doing an eycellrni bnalnena. Cheap rent- A bargain. Apply to F. FITZSIMHons, ii at met. tfllill HALE CIIEAP-TIIF. PKWS AMI) HKNiTIKS, 1 and also, the (Jal.ery and Sea a, of a cnttreh, all In ?oo.| order Inquire at 214 Siith aireel, near iv"line C, until H 'cluck A. M and alterd P. M. JOHN WKNPKL. STALK, WITH DECORATIONS COMPLETE, BARS, Table*, Chairs, A"., sut.ible lor a cuneeri aaloon, will be a. Id at an ??eea Singly low pi Ire, in all or i?rt, a* may be required. Ad lre** hoi I.IKi Poat other, a uilng ? here an la ten lew may lie had. Sofa rrnchbn or skats for sale ?a, from hi to III leei in length. In line order; togatlier ur rep.rate; auliable for a Theatre, H iloon, Chur"h. Lecture Ro on or llo le . Will be -old lor otin-l'oiirtli their value. Apply to S. DAV, I An Weal Fourleeuth alreet. doioil WILL PURCHASE THE STOCK AND FIX IpjlMi lure* of an old and well esmbliahed corner Lnpior Store, III a g.ei.1 buaiiioar put of Wen alreet; rent only (Id P 'r month, and doing a good luialnea*. Apply to T. OAKFNEV, auctioneer, MCenire alreet. <?1 H'Wl -THE DOLLAR IIAT STORK FOR S4LK.'' JPL.v'UIF. tilled With* aaleablo a toe*. Thl* atore liaa alwav* d',11" a profitable tmalnraa, audi mm Hire" to Ilia ttiouaanil doliara net prollt call l e in id" In It annually. The pioprielur l? eoin|*-lled to go In Europe, and muat aell Inline, drily. Inquire at IS9 Greenwich aireel. <a? k nnn -roR iale. A manufacturing RUSI. JJVj.VMFIF. nca*, wlilrh will torn over $90,009 thl- ym; pronta over IUO per cant; atnck worth $2,um; wool l taken partner. AI*o ot? barrel* of Hmirlmu Whiskey and flud Unite I Slate* Army ynllt*. W. MAITLAN it, lot rirundway. WATCHRS, JEW BLRT, Ah . nUMONIH, DIAMONDS, DIAMON Ds.-TII K It EST i in it.11 Ion ever oil red In the p mile la out Pari* .h "hie e it f ill: v>'nl i t)i itnond*. R ing i ill I y teal tint mood I i|l Inre a Irani ?e|eele 1 eiyatallxed tpiari/. an I mounted in I* em go d, the iieat Jud ea ire iLerite . For ??le only ai .1 T THOMPSON'S j-w Iry aiorc, 421 llro.tdway, three Uoiri a hove Canal alreet J AMtgicmcm. Academy op music. THE LUBIN BROTHERS (Krederick mid Jerome), AKCOMOTKUKS EXTRA'>RDANAIRE. lUie ilie honor of anuouncug that they will, ON MONDAY, APRIL 14, commence a term*of those recherche, uniuueand faahlonAbln SOIREES MAGiyUES MtlTUW A NIGHT IN DREAM LAND I Which, stamped with the seal of approbation by "the mightiest Blinds of the stentldr world.1' and elicitiuii the highest encotiituiiia Jiout "mouthsof wisest censure" have crowned them the Ma ichin ?par excellence?of the universe As a |??eiimiliary proof of their marvellous alull, ths Lainns will transform almost instantly the vast stage of the Academy tulo a magnificent wi/.ard an Cagliobtromantheum ; lilt Ll'BINIAN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR I Purnishcd tu the highest style a siileudor and artistic beauty with an apparatus, pirapb rna'.it an ! "mise en scene" Ilia tiiosi splendid in the world, prex-i.t ng to 'he eye a perlaci reali/atinii of a poet's ilri atn > f the realms of manic. IIA lit liY II HODWORTH w ill conduct the giaud orchestra CI HEAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL. BROADWAY i THE K1RST CONCERT HALL in poinl of 6pl? iidur. Talent, Vcsatlity. Originality aad R.* .1 A tul.ilitar IK I UK I Nil hK.-E FIRST WEEK OK THE ORAM) )>Ol Bl.K COMPANY. Tllb ORAM) lJOl BI.E COMPANY Til E OKAND DOUBLE COMPANY. TilK (IRANI) DOUHI.E COMPANY * ms.-nnioih bill ???r tin- Evening, TUESDAY, APRIL I. W! TIIK HEW riKI L /.ANKKKTTA. THE BEAUTIFUL /.ANKKKTTA. THE HEAL III Ul. ZASKBBTTA, in \o c null more I luring Art* ON (TIE TIGHT ROPE NEW KEATS NEW KEAT8 WITHOUT A BALANCE POLK MISS KATHLEEN O'NKIL MLsS KATHLEEN O'NEIL in niw laogr mid dnuc x III.STAVE KIDKAL'X, OC.SIAVE HIUKACX. OU STAVE B1DEAUX. in inn rmnd xolo mid rhnrnx, CROWNED WITH THE TEMPEsV, CROWNED WITH TIIK TEMP BUT. from i?? opera ul Ertiani THE CARLO FAMILY. THE CARLO FAMILY THE CAKcO FAMILY. Ttina* famous puiiumtiniaU appear In ihep original fhAK minx in the ulonoox pmitoimm.c xix-eiaclo, THE RED UNOMK; OR, THE DEMON AND THE KAIKR, (he fT??ie?i pnniuiniiii" ver pro lured here. HEN COTTON. BIN CoTTON. HEN COTTON, mslst ?i? remiooainiire tins eveuinK HI 1.1,1 ltl Ki ll III l.i.Y 111 Ri'll BILLY KIRCH In hn new mil inkto., lutx at tin; nines. An CHARLES DE VKItK. the Flying Man, in lux wonderful iLuA roue pertunngnen. MR JOHN IIAINES. Ill* Uiimlinliln xkalei M 1.1.E ADELAIDE I'lUCR M 1.1, K ADELAIDE PRICK in Imr lexnuriU dances, mid in lie' greul character ( DEW DKOP, Iii tlie cnoi) miry Puntoimuie J A HERMAN J A HERMAN Id hi* emjuiaur buUudx W. N SMITH, II. M CA'tlloi.L, GEO CEKMAINE. II A Kit) WILSON. WM. II. ROSS, II. CAPPOLO, GEO. ROSS. 11V RON CHRISTY, THE CANTERBURY MINSTRELS. ahi> THE CANTERBURY PAN10MIMIC TROUPE ALL APPEAR Till-. EVENING IN AN EATIKK I IIANGK OK PROGRAMME AN ENTIRE CHANGE l)K PROGRAMME. GRAND MATINEE ON 8ATUKDAT. AT t J* DODWORTH'S HALL.?MADAME ERNK8TINB DR V1LLIERS end Iter luvui it French Puniet, will milM ' Iter disliot uoGllrely, an Friday next. April 4, as dated by Mademoiselle OCTAVIK OOMlEN. Contralto. Monximir GEORGE CKOZIKlt. (1 ml auneamnr* in N. Y.I Mr. WILLI A H SA \K. Pianist. Mr. T.TIIOMA.-, Violin. Mr BKANr.S. V. .M.-.-ello. Muster CHARLES SEDGWICK, the wonderful juvenile, on the English Concertina, late of Mine, Bishop's concerts. Mr. T. II. GOMIEN. Conductor. Admission 81. Loon open at 7; concert at 8 o'clock. Tickets for sale at Be-r A Sohlrtnijr'e, 701 Broadway; Firth A Pond's. Hall A Son's and Shuhort t Co'*. The two grand 1'ianoa are from S.einway A Sons, Waikei street. Billiards.-the tournament at this noble game conimen es on Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock. Match between twelve ol ill - greatest players In America. Irving hall ?the billiard tournament com nicneen on Vi -dues lay evening, at 8 o'clock. Theatre royal, Montreal, casada.?lesseb mid Munag-r, J. W. HUcKLAND.?Ladies and gentlemen ?1-diing to make engagement-, fur the ensuing season, commencing about the Slut ol April, ran applv by letter os lierHonaiiv, netwe-u lite hours of loaud 12, to Alfred Na aoa, Ac.ing Manager, 49 Jtteeoker eireel. BILLIAKDS.-IRVING HALL.?THE ORAND RETURN Match b-ltiecu Michael Foley and Dudley Kavanagh 00 Thurs lay evening, st 8 o'cl- ck. BILLIARDS! BILLIARDSI HILLIARD8!?TRE GRAND louruamcut ts-iwc.-u ti e greeted players In the w rid. Wednesday, Tliui a-l.ty and Friday Many men ok merry minus meet at f. hill s Coun t Hotel. 02 Lmp nanl are t. free an E ?y 0 Tuesday an I r riita ecr.iui,* Messrs Mac. tint. II ti bam, Brunda-e. Nai'mr, Rusm I' aud Ihe Esceli-uy G e C ill-. five.P. \. II.LL. SALES OF REAL ESTATE. A SMALL. NICK FARM. ALL NEW BUILDINGS, TO be ao d tin- ,i hat m ii-iililiiit-s tl me i od . adjoining ihe rit. limit* ot liingha iimn nve.1 <>kin; t--e eliy, river, railroads, Ac; or will be evci.and fo . nod three slnry hnuae in the city. J. \V. HAKTLKTr, uanei. 471 Broadway. N. T. Block ok lots for sale or excuange.-a full block ol ilflyais lots, desirably situated on paved streets In Brooklyn, and moderately Incumbered; will be sold cheap or raihan, ed; equity $18,1)?: also IIW Iota Ire M. S SHELDON, 83 Cedar street. Beautiful farm or w acres, first class buildings, well limb-red, weler-d ami an abundance Of fruit, line yard, shade, Ac , pievaantly situated near village and depot (Ne-i Je-sey). I1, hour from ih- city, for sale. Han i n oilered. 8. A w. P. SEYMOUR, 132 Broadway, ISA SIT HI.OOM VI El.n V .1 ?Pint SAI.R A nitglRA. JHi bte Cottage. with >-11111 ami a-half acitp* of Land, situated mi Hi.- ol I HI o ii'IpIiI m id ahoii' half a mil- rant of tho vi. a e, all uudpi cnliliaihiii; lom'lhar with barn, carriage III) 1Ac.; a Ix-aaiitn i I .a en, goo I water, an abundance of fru t; a lew minute walk IMm the rallioul depot, and within an hour- ride of N w Torn Location healthy. T rut- easy. Applv to J. II. CHAMBERS, 1U Naaaau street, N V . in on the premises. bit)It BALK-OX MOUNT HOPE RIDGE. THE MONT, uuly tuny inlimlea' rule by Harlem rnilnmd fiom Twenty-sixth a.rei-t depot, and two nitnuli-*' walk west from Tremont aUttlon, a Cottage, with 2)* acre* of laml, well laid out, and containing about 200 fruit trees, aome of which are now b-urtng; good alable and roac.i houae; aliundaaee of a il I wab-r. and a splendid well, w Hit ptp a Inside ol houae and bitliroom; marble mant> la m parlma Thlicottage haa jnot le-en decorated throughout, and commands a tine view, atamlinii on lii^h m ound, llfly leet above the railroad track. Applv to J. II. MERUIT. on the premlaea, or at 27 East Eighteenth atreet, New York. Term* $&,&*). FOIl KALK-A LARGE AND WELL SELECTED ASMir Hunt ol Karma. aUr, a numl ar of beautiful country and Ity R?ldenc -a, and all teal eaute exchange-, aalea ana bu?itiei-a chancea. P I) KICIIAKDSON A CO , 82 and 84 Naaaan street. liAOIt BALE?THE COUNTRY RESIDENCE OP TIIK C lion. Robert M. McLaue, aitualcd in the towuofLlvInggfoo, t'oluiuufa county, N. Y.; the house la built of brick, has all the modern Iniproeiutits; outbuilding- and fence# In perfei t order; the place contain- twenty arrea. divided la gialn, grass and wood land. Aa a reat.lence. It |msaesaee many ndvantayea. Poc forth'r Information applv to WALTER I,. Lit INUSTON, 41 Wail atreet (Jauiiocy court). New York. _ LA or RALE AT ORANGE, NEW JERSEY?A NEAT P tuoaiile half -tory Cotagr, containing l-n riNima and a ?ood e.-mauleil cellar, plenty of cloeet and | a ilry room, fatrr brought lato the house. t'Lw/a acroaa ti.a front and running along able to rear cnJ of houae llmi-n commando a fine view of the muiintatn and country around. Wtthta (He mmulea ot de|att to New York, two mlniilea of stage rtnilf t<i NVivurk. tlvi* In t mi t f rlmtiU nml rhiiri'hpd. Lot 12411 4. well latil out, and a variety ol fruit. Trier about 43,0 a). T rm?r?y. Inquire of W H. MARVIN, 8U and M L-onard ?lreet, N "W York, or Walnut atreet, Orange LtOK SALE OK KXCHANUE?A POUR STORY HOUSE I? and Lot, In a goo l location to rent, for a amall place in t,ir rouiiti \ near the city. Apply at lha hotiae 174 Baal Thirty fourth alrret. ijlOR SALE. EXCIIANUE OR TO LET?A SUPERIOR llnu?e, centrally located In thr Eighth ward, lavupled by the own-r; contain* IN roouta; l it 4, lift Ollrlotha, car* pel a and nilrrora ran remain II ro<|ii!red. Call uo oradilreaa K A. Olrklnaon, 3D Hrekman atreet. tjlor sale ok to lkt-a house and lot at r Italh, I. i lloux'conuina cler 'Q rnoma. In good order. Inquireul J. J. MOORE, oppnalt' IMVfm airert. For sale or to lkt-the basement saloon now itreuplnl a< a bowling alley, lorner of Crualiy and Broome alrrcta. Apply i n ihr piemlava. For sale or to let-in the villaob op yonkcra, a llralclaat tf?r and three aur a of Orouiul, 11 atrd on the bank uf the Hilda >n river, three."ii-htiia ,,f a mile a<mtn m tne depot. Iion-c 34 Iwi ?|uar>\ mill lluouga rcntre, ll roo na, cu|ail i, ami plenty of pantiy and rlimri looin : ,aa and ??? iitlur a hroughnut; plat/a on fr uit and at aides stationary w.iahtuha; pump, and range In ih<? kitchen. dumli waiter, ature loom, ei client liirnaoea, Ac.; . good ata'ile, carriage huuae, well, clalorn, pump*, Ac ; ground* nnd garden in line order; truIt trwea, all ele tree*. *i?7 Mnmdw*/ N-'W York. * RKHIDKNCK WAMTKI)?FOR WHICH I WILL PAY |?rt In r?h mill the l??!?n In tlr?t ?? nnencuinhri*< Wmtern pniprity. Call no or *d4rrM M. C. Snmh, ul luw li-r A W< il? , Hromlwuy. _______ CALK-IN BROOKLYN. ONE NEW Knl R HTOUI O brown iione lluuw, on I'ortlmid n?enne, nr*r Wmn Inttonpurk; ml ihe modem tni|?mvemeul?j Am oiib (our alory brtrk House In Klllntt pLc , near Kudoii me nue mm; SA.iJUU. T'rmi rMV. T. M JACKSON, on ill" premise*. TJIK FINE 1 sTiiRV IIIWH STOOP BIIOWN HTONR Mouse 7l? R**t Tormiljr-nnLi eir-ei to lie sold.?All to modem liiipioroini iiiK, ii<? ilxlnrrs, .v ., *11 rumple e, 1.1 7.S00; term* lo anil; if nn? anld lorthwlih will lie rented J W MAItTLKTT, owner, 47;i Hroadwur, N. Y. WTantkD?a Kinsr clash hoi SB rp town, in W <-*i'tiMiiiir>. Ill curt, for onuhe idtjr lots. ln*wem go Ina i?rilniil?r> or I>m-*III.v, mud Ions, rem, * lir <?, Ae? * , only no ire 1 for* f"W d?y? lHrut 10 Hu>?r. Her*ld noire 11* an ikh?a l)on|> assortment ok MRKCHAN11 01. lorn lanlsnine, l?r*? YDlng t Piopiuty, worth StUJUU. All tier mm O.ear. Isaac a. RIiHJS, ~.\ Niimiii etr e . 11*antkp?to FUKi HAsE A SMALL COUNTRY 1(1 11 .ni i' with Irom tmee to xli lotx 01 (| "iii<i*m h o, on Itercrii Mill or South Hei'den, coiirriilriii to rar?. iir i> twrrn Buy Id I He die k *n.l Fort II* nil on Aildr. IV II I'., box 4,810 New York rout oillm, w 1111 full p iriirnlmi end lowest cmwii pi wo.