9 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TE WHOLE NO. 9343. SITUATIONS WAIKTED-FKMALES. For Other Went. See Ninth Pag*. ATOUNU OIBL DEKIBVH A SITUATION AH NURSE and seamatreas, or would instruct children iu the prepreparauiry bran. lies of an English education; la willing to make ieraelf generally useful and has uu objaclluu to the tvuntry. Apply at It State at., N. Y. AN AMERICAN WIDOW, AO ED FIFTY*, WITHOUT family, friends or home, would like to meet with a lady or gentleman that would Rite bcr a home lor her wrvires; alie la tiuatworthy and ludustrioua. Addrees Mrs ?:?, atatlon A, Spring st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS seaiiistrfas; uudeistands cutting and titling eblMren's drvaaea; or would he willing to go as chambermaid and aeamstreaa. Hits unexceptionable city referenre. Refers i? ker present employer, where she haa lived for the iast four yrara. Call at 79 3th av., near 16lh at. ATOl'Nli WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION as OH ambertnuid and seamstress; understands all kind* ut family 'wing; good reference glvnu. Call at 111 Suck-it t., between Hick* and Columbia a Lb., Brooklyn, basement door. A situation wanted?by a respectable uerman girl, U> do genet al housework. washing and ironing and i lain cookiDg. In<iuir<- at 701 A! ave. A situation WANTED?by a BB8PBCTABUS girl; is a good plain <-ook an 1 eicellcnt washer and ironer; has lived for twelve month* in her last place; has the b'-st of city reference. Call at 197 9'h at., iiral floor, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A respectable Oerman girl, to do cnoklug, washing and ironing. Aitply at 33 Oroaby at.. New York. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS rhambcrniaid and waitress. or to lake care of children ; would be willing to go in the country; has good reference from her laat plate. Call at 130 Wert 33d St., corner 7thave. Arespectablejscotcii woman (protestant), ia dcsimueol obtaining a situalon in a family; would take care of children; la a good pialu sewer, or wouid do fight chamberwork; never lived out in tbia country l>efore. Can lie aeen for throo days at 212 ?th St., between 1st and 3d a vs., second floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT YOUNO woman, an nrat class chain bet-maid; is fully rora|>etent to take rare of children; has lived six years in her last place, and can furnish the very best of rity reference. Can be ecn for two days at 42 13th St., between ilh und 6th avs. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES A situation a* chambermaid on a boat; good city reference aan be bod. Call at 216 Sullivan at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamberwork, walling and plain sewinc. or general housework in a small family. The best city reference given. Can be seen for a lew daya at 228 Wcat 361b .. first Door, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wasb and iron; la a good plain rook ann an eiceQent washer and ironer. Good city reference. Call at 212 East 17th at., between lat av. ami av. A. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOCNO WOMAN, TO do chamberwork and take care of children, and do watting and plain sewing, in a small private family. Good reference. Call at 173 West 33d at., between 7th and 8th avs. A WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A RE portable fiinllv, as cook, washer and ironer, in a small family; ban a boy eleven years of ago who could make him elf useful about the bouse. Prefers the country. Can be seen at 113 Christopher St., rear, first floor. A HEALTHY YOUNO ENGLISH WOMAN, WITH A aood breast of tnilk, withes a situation av wot nurse. Bow living in the country, but can be seen at 29 Marion rt., ear Spring at. N. Y. A RESPECTABLEYOUNO WOMAN WISHES A NITITA" Han aa cook; ku BOobjection* toassist with the washing nil ironing. Call for two days at 94 West 34th at., near titli nve. A* AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A situation as chambermaid and waitress or aa chambermaid and idaln aeamntreaa; would go a short distance in the j country. Apply at 48 Wcat 38th at, corner of tlth ave., for two days. ARBSPEOTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHER A aituation to do ohambarwork and Hoc washing and ironlag, oraa regular laundress: ha* the beat of refeienee from tier last place. Call at Ob Weal. 19tb St., between tilh and 7th ara A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook and to do general housework; can be well recommended. Apply for two day* at 133 7th nr., between Hth and *)th ata. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, aa nrrt class eon*; she thoroughly understands i her business; city reference Call for two days at 814 Hicks street, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS "haosberiuaid and to do plain sewing or to take care ot growing children. Can be aaea ah the week at 413 3d rc., turner of Jttb ? . A FIRST CLA8S ENOIJSH COOK WANTS A SITUAJ\ lion, understands cooking In all Its branches; no objection to the country. Apply at 338 Elisabeth St., near Houston. AYOPNO OIRL, 9PEAK1XU FRENCH, WISHES A situation aa nuraa or to do light work; M willing sod :>vii^iiik, wb|t* hui mj niti o an opjen ua m good Mnsc. Apply iht* day at her laal. employcr'a, MO Wr?t 18th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REBTECTABIE touok girl, aaokaQibarmald and waltrcaa; ao objection A go it) IT>* Mniutoy for lit* xompwr uxfrtim; l?fl trr plan?n itvoiil of <bc lady breaking up houaekarploa: baa the >est of city reference. Call tor two daya at .110 3dd *(.,be.wac* 9ili and lOih ava. Actuation wantkd-by a tounq woman, to do p*rveml hoiiwwnrk; would do chambanrork and vailing; but <d?y reference. Call lor Urn day* at JTtWeet 1 <tb airael. AYOUNU WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS COOK. In a private fami.v, t*a good rook, waaber and lroocr; ndarttaoda cooking la a:t brant-be*. 1* willing anil TLIigtnu and rlrjtn In hev detwi tm.nl*; liaa four yraefrefe rt?ce froo. brr )a*i plat*, fall at 11 tith *C, near 'be Bowry. _ AS COOK. AO-HOUSEWORK SITUATION WANTED by a n apcctable woman, in city on. >untr>, to cook, ? m. >r iron, and do general boueework; good rrfrreix ra glvru. fall at MS Waal Nineteenth *t , boiweeu and Nth mm, A RESPECTABLE HERMAN WIDOW WANTS A SITUatlon ?? xranialrr** or nurne In a famllr, or to po to Ellon*. She la a firal rafr drraamakxr li?a a . *XI . iIMl At roue, top floor. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE YOL'NO i\ Pro*e>unr fillmlntl ? hi! 1>IV *? HA-Iai w rawing ir light <hutnherwork <1*11 lit No MO nth *v., m ar 77th at. A MIDDLE AOKD AlKRIOAl WOMAN WTSHKM A A. anu?i?'.ii ?i bioieAA?ej?", nr i/> travel with in luralld. ni|Olrr At No. 8 Honitlo atncl. A SCOTCH WOMAN WISHED TWO OK TIIKKE chiWreii lo Board, w here they tan hare the rpiniorid if n i:o <1 horne and a m'thrr ? rare. A po,>J % hool near jr. lall at M Whi 77th at. AYOINQ WOMAN WANTS \ SITUATION AW CHAN, bri jiAtd and waiter. oi to take OA re ol tilldr< n ami 0<> ev iig, no o.ijm tun l.i the ii'iinti/. th'1 In*, ol uiy el t ce. Call a' JO* W-'t 18th a?.. helwcen Vtb find Ath tt ?. A . "I ATJON WANTED-BY A YOf NO WOMAN, AS it Inle-rmajd and lauinlraoa. o: to do bouvwoi k In a aia1' Ivate lain'ly. Hit* eirallriit reference. Caa be il l ' i r two day* At 173 Wert dial at , in the re?:-. \8iti k i ion wanted?by a kebpkctablk it. it run, who thoroughly uurter-wi d? All klnd?of eonpe, ica'b and poultry; U wi.llne n> ,n washing And lt..n n?; no ubn i i'iiti t? Iheoouii'rjr for the aummcr. Una the fin eference frotn ber la?t place. Call At 160 W-at | Ihb ai. A YOl'N'J WOMAN, 11A VINO 1IER SECOND BAUT* t<vo week* old. wri-lie? ta geraaother baty to nt.i ? lu tiehoi.tr Can be aoen lor two daya at 296 Molt * ., front use nent. a sffratlon wanted?my iy09jmi woman, to fx. do frmial lininework in m final I pitv.ile family; 1* a nod A Aiiliei and liotier. I'Hy reirrru e. t'?u oe e n for no day at ltd E?at -'la*, at \SlTl A i ION WANTED BY A KKSl'ECT ABLE i (IKE, an butnhermau!, wal'n OS or arametrera; ta willing In akeiAtei' itii.di.r. n leretoe if |-I pilred. C.iilfur wndnyant 1*6 Madinnti at., Aral floor, bliek A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PESPKCTA MI.K (III'.L, ? good plain vMk{ la a mo-' tin {let waaherana [rvmvi; ? ? *<>" i , r~ <* and id* in Mk?i roaM4othiwork of * Mnaii pHnMn fWmllj. untryr?M It/reftr i??? p. ? tQft iTIIMii,, iNKirMti fll lilt Mn iTd, 4 SlTlATIi'N WANTED-IIY a RKKI'W TABLE l\. imil>f .< uiiimi., K? wit tiuw; ban h inth br-.iat ? ?. k. no ! !']< in l? j i to ibi rouniry; Ha by in thrrr a Mta ' J IV I 1.7 U < * i*l' b a*?*., third lioni.ba li mnn. AI.VT'V WISHES TO OBTAIN A SUTl AI ION TOR A girl, 'ho haa lirnl wnh hi r ill t in, mp i-Ii.uhIh rioaoi | ill I to a."'iiii nr.ih h 1 'irn. '? a1 W lina -I ?l . b- .? ? u i J " > h. A SITUATION WANTED? ?Y A VOI'NO WOMAN. TO do g?i rial houaawothj I* a pliln < ,??k nnd good ???h,-i Illd I oil! l . i I PO I -n, trn.lt la-t |".i1 I-. Oil H to- r?rli for to da> a 24 I'ltl ?!., near Broomo, from ho an. rnt v LADY OOINO INTO TIIK rOCVfRY WISHES A .'V an nation lor an oarelloni glil liambrnnanl and MnnlTHisol m l o.i- . I'ali a' l.n |H. rrni HipUyrr1 it Iotnpklni Brvikljn. \I.ADY 'F.-IKKS A SITE \T|ON I'OR A HOOD OIIM.. tooo ' ?'!"ral liou*"*, rk I? u nod tvaahor and Irnnrr. ind wT'iio > ik. Ai>; ly ? N li H? >ir?i?in |>i? . Thit > ibl'ilatfr 'iar".'K lilgnlh I III Ninth avrnura. AI.ESI' AIIEE VOI'NO IIIRL WISHES A KIT II A. i.e. ran. and itan do plain w-wing. No , 'hjrin inn* lOr-niAtm vrv: 7" rl I tiy H'liT'ii Am lym her la-1 ni.pl. rrT Yrit ijih ?t., t* r?n Jth ami Hill armor*. Asm i"N .v hmkb-bv a ke -'PKotaiiu: oire, a ' . '"loialil Mini wano ai T"?i of oijr twferrir < fi? n I r. In inur at I'Jt |{?m J.iih al. A SIYI'A . ;N WANTED?BY \ VOI'NO WOMAN, AS , J\ ? nan ' imaol and aaltrr' ? an 1 in aaalat n ttir wi,alilng audi jni '",oi m > i" uml *Mm?iir?i, no otijrr'lon In III* mi'/- Oily frii'irn ? On. n- ta-n lor two d iva al la .At at t Sl riON WANTED ? I! Y A RESI'Kl TAMER i J\ An r i* girl, a, nhamhrrrtiaid I, t 111 li-arml l Par t 'alt for two .in ai II* Natami at, b?t?r?a .tar and Hmls aia Bi.o.l} a 'T ABI E VOfNO WOMAN WIMSB A BITI J\ >1 ' ' gi-nnal houarwor,, l? a good p mu rook ai"'. i#i,*iiP ii" r igMy hii-i 'la.aud- ,.n I.,? ' fifra, '< I ' I- I ? ! of . "V rmrrrii. 1 J. , ti >'ii?n, , , rill 'I .'all lor two daya at IM fc?a' n ,, g?rr > ? t?a.. lop fioor. back room. [E NE NEW MAP OF The Virginia Peninsul .OOPNAM 7 ^ ffeLANDr^ ?? U a iwffp mm repi^-sH9A / SMITHFIEL^ n # SOALE OF MIL 1 xT'1" / See Scvcnti MTCATIONN WANTRD?KKNAtiKH. A RESPECTABLE YOU,Nil WOMAN WtSIIIM A MTU atton In a pi Ivati family a- Drat ' Inns laumlreia, or a* r b iniboi maid or'Jo op tin* mm III,; Oral of reference from bei !? ! pl?"' G?u ?l Wl Writ 24th at A SITUATION WARTED-BY A YOIINO OIRh, TO dochainberwork lid line washing, or an chambermaid nd child a miree; can give the be,t of nip rrfeienre Call it her preaanl place. 37 Ka?t 1411 AN ACTIVE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION to do rhamherwoi k and waiting, or ? On Id do the liouar work of a imill faro ! , Ki? no oh |nHon to the enontrr; lirnt of e.ljr referetire. Can be seen for t?o d iya at IS Union *o?ri, 'Jojtcfil'o nine* baiwern Itlb ?nd 12th via 1W_YC YORK, WEDNESDAY, ; YORKTOWN

a Between York and UcClellan's J/ Imi^pNdwIpjjp WAVWWgjr^^^ IjLBEJtRy POINT\ \ ! lis,,.,, VsMitS^^ra /> JAIL PLwrs p^7%^ 3E?C^=Ek "^= \ S<4f ~~~~ =ff _rJ -*^??fc= TH E2 P> i Page for Zoitest News from Te SITUATION* WASTBD-rRNALBS. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A PROTECTANT YOl'NO woman aa capable cook, would aanlat In the waahin,; and irontna, If rMmrfl wood file reference. Can hp ??en for twodaveat Is IToioo Ct?ur\, UnlTerktljr place, between lllh anil 17th ?l? A SITU 4TION WA*TED-HY A RESCBCTAMLK young girl, ?o do bouaework; la a ?ery good plain cook, atrong auu willing Haa the belt of city refarenoe from her iaal Plane, and la capable of doing her work. Can bo ?'rn Mil auited at No. *87 7th a? A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A KK I F.rTAHI K ynunp. woman, at a'lree and aeamatreae nr aa chambermaid ami to do plain aewii'g In a reap* cable family lion I OUT reference* glran Call mr two Jam at 4217th ?r , nr? d?tb it IRK H APRIL 9, 1862.-TRIPLE S AND SURROl James Rivers?The Sc Operations. Gjjw* V Ww NEWPORT*^ YVSP OJ NT "Qtri i ? ? L 1)RAQGE& ^ iilp **r JtziZ .p|g PM NT">^^ <*" T/N/CFty, ^rv^^TK^"""- nro.w FTMosnncrjk OK flu -S >&, -*? -By J ?3 W 8 . rktown and the Army of Qeneral : MTVAYMMVS WARTIO-riMALM. A COMPETENT OF. KM AN OIRL. ACQUAINTED with the Kngllaii and h'r"tr h l..ng"a,"M, wiatica to obtain* situation In a reapr. table private family to Inatrnet children la il?rm?n knit tab* rh?rg.- of them, or aa laitv'l maid; live yea-*' unexceptionable eity referenee can bo given from the family ahe lived with laat Apply at 7? Willetl at,, oear Rlelnglon at., aamnil floar A~~" SITI tTInN WANTKD-BY A RBSPROTABtB Wo tnan.iaa flrat rlaaa rook and thoroughly understand* her biiKlneaa in all It* brancbea; ran give the beat of city rafererre can be seen for two daya at 491 filh ave A1 SITUATION WA.VTED-BY A TOUNtl AMERICAN Virl, IS yraii of >ge to ear# of eblldren or do light I chair barn in k: rau give liret my irfarta e Call for two 1 ay at IA!>, Atlantic at., Brtohlvg. [ ERA ] SHEET. INDINGS ene of Major General ' ~^ -----35 ~ RIP RA / R?gggll *f 0 jflz z=rz -jrr?~n _ 5 J WLLOVGHBYtL* O LOUCHB r*? mM ^6ro s UM McOleUan. MTVATMMI1 WAIITKII-I KMAUM, A SITUATION WANTBO-R* A YOI "? WOMAN, TO do general houaework In email " .vale family. Cliy rrfimoi. Uan he ae.-n for l*? day- at 75 Weal Ivth at., Ural tenemeni bonne Irom Hlh av ARKSPKCTABLS PROTMTANT 01RL WIBHKS a all-nation In mind children and >?ht rhetntwraeork, orchamheranrk and I'lnln erwin tJ? orndaraai ,VjO We?l Ntlh at., between Hlh and #t i a** ArRor>:H*Ki? okrmam cool PROTBNTANT) ?i?ne. a titration In agrntlen . andly; nnderttanda cooking in all lie hranrhea, ran 11 nli r t . 'lata < li? reft- I rncti. lDqulrealIMWMtMiho .il * a* Por Other Wanli !>?? Xmili ('agr. LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. NEWS FROM THE MIL The Rebel Congress and the Recent Onion Victories. NEW LINES OF OPERATIONS The Foreign Consuls Invited to Leave the C. S. A. LEAD AND BELL METAL WANTED The Rebel Iron-Clad Rams, and Whai Is Expected of Them. Rebel Official Reports of the Latt Naval Action Between the Merrimac and the Union Vessels. No Report of the Fight Between thi llerrimae and Monitor. THREE VESSELS RUNNING THE BLOCKADE. Dissatisfaction with the Jell Davis Regime. MONEY MATTERS IN NEW ORLEANS SUBSTITUTES IN RICHMOND. Martial Law and Whiskey Distilleries. riTERESTIM lIHCELLilfBOM ITEM, &c.? Ac.. Ac. Wo have received a froth batch of Soolhero papera, from which wecclect news items, edHortala, he.,showing tbo condition of ttungo in lb* rebel Suto*. The data* received from the principal point* in oocaooia arc:? Now Orleans, Helta. March Mobile, Tribune March Maori 11 New*. March 1* Advertiser ?n<l Register March 18 and 18 Kxplolto of tho Merrlnaae la Haoploa Roadi. official narorth to thb rkbkj. oomum. [Krora tb* Mobile Ragletor of March M.] We annex below a communication oent t?io Onfrw | on Thursday by the Present, wMh rcferoac* Wtho Tie I tnry, and covering tbe official report of tho oagagi i meet'? rUaiDEXT'S MBBSAOI. | To thk Scaurs too Home or Rirawairr.'nvw op w I ? m-nmin aurw ? I herewith transmit a letter of the Secretary of the N'a\-y. of thin date, covering the official report *f the naval engagement between the June* river squadron eed the enemy'* fleet et Hampton Roads ce the 8lh tbgt. The cuflcei a end men of the navy engaged la thia hrllHaot edhir deeerve well of the country, and are commended to Mi- consideration of ('..ogress. The disparity of the for. ee engaged did not justify the anticipation of go great a victory, and it ia doubly gratifying that it baa beea won upon an element where we were euppoeed te be leant able to compote with our enemy. Special attention ie called to the perfidious coodurt of the enemy In bottling , on the frigate Congreee, a white (leg, and' renewing Are from that v#e*el under the impunity lime obtained. Mori b II, 1MJ. JDTKHSOM DAVID. C. S. Dram RAmntr Viauma, I Otv Snwau's Furor, Marcli 8, 18B*J. J Ki an Oi vwot?In consequence of the wound of Flag irfllcer Buchanan, it becomes my duty to report that the Vrginta left the yard thia morning, at eleven A.M.. steamed down the river punt our batienee end over to Newport's News, whore we engaged the batter let ashore and also two large 'team frigate*. supposed to be the Minueeola and Koenoke, and e aaillag frigate and several small steam* a, armed with heavy rtflod guns. We (ink the Cumberland, d-ovo the (ongrrv* ashore, wh 'i: ahe haulel down her colon and belated the white ; flag; but aba tired upon ua with the white fltg flying, | wo mding Lieutenant Miuor and several of ?ur men. wia ; agent opened fl* upon her, aid ah. Ie new In flame*, j The shoal water prevented our reaching the other frigates. Thia, Witli the approach ot night, we think, saved them i from destruction. Our lose i* two killed .end night I wo. nde.i. Two .if our g'tn? have the muzzle* shot elf. The pr?? wan twisted and the armor somewhat damaged. The un. hor aud ell tunad. ihot away, and amoktaiack a i l ateammpe were riddled. The bearing of the officer* and men wa* all that could be w ithed, and in fact It eould ol h"ve been nth-rwi-e "ifter the noble nod <1?rtngi co?<1 < l of tbo I lag Ulltccr ,wh*' wound ir deeply . igrtlM by II on board. who w 'Uld pnrtly b*vo vacrtUo-d i hemes >s In order to uvi Mm. Wr wera accompanied from flie yard by the Heaul<>rl (LMat. Parked and Hxleigh <1 it. Alexander), and on .toon as it van discovered up tho J nines river lluit Ibe action had commenced xe war* j n >ii by lb* 1'alrlc* Henry (Commander lucker), iba -l.uu'-siown (I.ieut. Harney) and tba Tearer f-ei-grant Wolibl.at which were a mally engaged and rendered tci v elective iter viae. Knolu-ed I aand (bo eurg. on hi ra, port of naytiniiioa I have the honor to bo, rir,very ree,?rlfiilty your obodlani servant, CAIT*HY AP R. JONFSf Executive and Ordnance officer. 'lag Officer F. Koawr. Tbaoffii.itl re|?vt of tha naval battla in Hampton )'o? awn- roail. Tbo accompany ing loiter of Ibe Sec. ratT* of tha Navy stales llutl Flag OfBoar F. Iinchanan war d sab'el near the close of tbo engagement by n pa.m il wound, though not very dangerous. lbs report was madii by tbo executive officor, upon wh m >lte command devolvad. I.,am# ant Jonas. The Confederate a> tola on;a(od ware thn nteem stoop Virginia, of ton ! guns, the Patrick Horry, C mmandcr Tucker, of el* g.int; the .Umeatawn. I.io. tenant Cemmandnr Harney, of two gun* iba Raleigh. Lieutenant Commandinc Ale* ' antler; the Benf rt laitaiianl Commanding Parker, tb Teazer, I ieuieoint Commanding Webb,each of ana fun. With Ihla . re (twenty guoal Flag Oil>?r Bn! ch tnan engaged the Demy's daet, consisting of the frtI ra>u ('umbei mini,o leeiny four gun* UtaCongress. of I fifty gunr. the St. : awren a,of fifty gune; tbo steam frigate Minnesota, of firty gutia. tha enemy's batteries it \>wpeft'e News and several email eteamera. at mad v. :lb heavy rlflod gune. The I ngaga.iifnt cofnmem ed at half-past tbroe P. If , end at lour I* M Capinta H.ichauan had sunk thn ? umberlind, oeptured and bt;rnal lbs Congests, disibied and d' vt n tka W no. -oi* aabore, and defeated thePt. law I (' 1111 nwv, WHH"| nn?Bt 11IW Mgga ol fortress Monroe Tim of the enemy ' small -loaniers wore blowu up. an I the two transpoit steaiu.re were i sptured. The Cumberland went down with all on board, bar topa only remaining above water, but many of her people were saved bj heals l om the ah re. I he Hag ol the i onnb*< and the swont of the officer commending at the time of ber aurreoiler are at tha Nary IWparUnent i b? report i onelmlw m follows ? To the .lushing coinage, the patriotism an<l em rent ability of flag Olllcer Iluohanan, and to the . fllccrs and men of ht- sqow.run,our 10 intry 1- indebl <1 for thin brilliant achievement, whi'h will bold a eouapteiKiue place among the berote .luteals of naval history. s U. MALMiRV, Secretor) of the Navy. Uh.it th< llama Will Do. I "run the Mobile Advertiser of Mir. hit] A l on-equanea of lhe>urrt*a ol tha Virg niu will doubtless be immediate and desperate efforts ot the enemy to occupy and possess the ro.vt cities and port* whera we could construct end harbor slmilrr monsters Charleston Savannah Mobile an I New Orlom.a ure ohier among there menaced place*. but unluckily lor them they are too late in ib? ra?e of tha two lattar cities The rama, ?b so < enstrpctlon they would preient, are the agency win. h will work their destruction. (Kmm the Mobile Tribune, March 18.] Wo see that there ia a great bent in different parte of the country stooe me victory in llatnptoti Hoed* toward* building any cnantity of rams We hope that lb* tan ilency will be carried into effect with a* little delay a* possible If we had a i uin in ca b of our nrinc nal bar *