9 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

9 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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Orient for $8800, nak, and will hall from the latur port, to aeumaeanded by Cant Prank Norton. Sot ice to II or 1 mora. liqiitoonaa at onmattrork irut, riaaima. Itoasuar DkrABraBiiT. OrncK i.icarHouaa Boa an, > Waariimton, March *9, 1882 j Tha lighthouse on tba bar at the eulrenee of ch-rryetona Inlet hawug be?u rwJiUed, a lil l? re on.ib.Uid Iroinmidaf. tar the night of Wecueedav, April SI. lHttf, and will bo kept burning (faring every night thereafter, from auuaol to sun' Vhle light la aituated on the tV elde of the entrance to the Inlet, iu abo'it 4 feet of water at low tide, and la Iff mile R of dandy Point. It lx a eciew pile structure, hoxagum.1 In plan. The house is painted white, and the pUee and lanlei n are painw-tl red. The illuminating apparatus I* a Pre-nel lene, ttb order, anon in*, at an elevation of Hoii fuel above the water, a tlxed Nfnt of the natural color, and Illuminating 370 dug Of the borUon. The light ebunld bo rtaibie, iu ordinary weather, a dUtan e of 10 uuutleai mtlea. By order of the lighthouse Hoard. TlJOKNTuN A JENKINS, Secretary. uocsit Uonr-r>N-k M'v or tmk tuamks. Tbirity Horse Lordor, March r,, 1863. Notion le hereby git,11 inuitwtii a t << w of nuderiug the Light at the W end of the Mouse Sand uiure r> a Illy dfatlnguuhalile, it lk the intern .on ol this Corporation to cauxe tba game to be altered from a Kl\ed Wal.e Light to a Revolving Light ol a Creeu Color. The alteration will be trn Se on or about the let Sept next, when further particulars will U- ru, babe.l. By or er. T. II. BEKTIION, Secretary. utcbrubd raoATiiid lioht rkau run .ikakwkatukb sabb, ir tiik hkmtoi. cu.ir.nh.. FftjU, Mtrdi 17?A toiler i ?r?ived litre Irom Cap! Blake, T berk A etlve, KB, reports her Do 1st, Ac., Jan 1, 1 wh siDce I IWTtn rayU; ban ? ? una wb?.e? but Iwloc Id 7 my*. Ait at TaVabuano P ji> 20. bark Vigilant, Cole, NB, 200 sp taagcruiar?;oo?p ! ) Wii all told: retorts at Juan Fernandez o dale. bark Geu Pike, Puber, NB. having taken two whales Jaa M, making 140 bbls ap oil nlnne leaving Takahuauo. Alas arr HUtli, bark Morning Light, Luce, Nil, 2J0 w h 460 ?p on Chili: report* ?n Chill Ground do date. ship Kurupu. Hauler, iidKur'.own. tod ?h; bark fcappho, Coffin, Nil, 101 bbla *p all told; the Morning Light la Uuing for a crulac and bone, Id 21ft, bark Clarice, Brown, KB, cruiae and home?ha* taken 1A) obi# ap on r l,)il from bark Samuel A Thomas, oi' Ma l?i oieel, and 8,600 iba b- ro from I am Oen Pike. Bark Catherine, uf New Lrudon, arr at Uonulola Jan 34, after an absence Of 16 davs (Capl Hempen ml having been loft there slckl, during which time she had taken four whales, making 60 uinl'eld oli, in lat 3016. 8hi- eld again on ti? 26th under command of Copt UepplngatOLC, to cruisa weatweid and in the Arctic. A letter Jrom Capl Ho comb, of ahlp Chandler Pi ice, KB, reports her at Talcai.uano Feb 9, having takan 400 bhU wh ail oa Chill Ground this sea. oo. Ha.; a-, n 2t0 bbU ap oil on might from bark Maria, of KB, and 130 do. from bark Rippis, of New Loudon. Mound home. A letter from Cap' Baker, of ship Gaislla* KB. reports her I Sidney Jan 18, with lfiUObbls ap oU, all well, to be at home Im August next. Report* epoke Dec 30, no 1st, Ac, .hip Elizabeth Hwiil, Cbaae. KB, bad not Mt-n a whale in 6 month#; Japan, Grant, do, it/Od apt Gay Head, Lawrence, do 600 ip MSwht Hudson, Pish, fit, 14U0 ap; Zone, Galran, do 130 sp Mno* lh? death of Cap' Fraaer. A letter from the first officer of ahlp Emily Morgan, WhiteAdo, at NB, reports her at Honolulu Jou 19, to kail same week for Japan Sea. with 330 bbla wh oil on board. R-puns thai ahlu Raduga aid on the 17tli for New Bedford. Ship Nassau. BuTnu, KB, arr on tbo imh from the South, lfO bbls all Mia, bono. I North. Mr Ryd.-r, late mate of ship Thomas Diekasoii, NB, diea at H on the 13: aame day, Mr Jackson, second officer of bark Jehn P West, NB. fell out of his chair sad. A letter from Capl Baker of berk Wna Gilford, KB, report* her at Bay Of Islands Dec31, oil as last repotted. Bhe put to, having mat with a disaster, viz: Dec 20, touched at Mongenu! for recruits, hut obtaining none sailed from that port aad went into a bight boy for potaioea. and lu running hi for Ike posoags struck upon a sunken ruck, Inside the ,rCavalWtA " Tkffi altln waa nninir al ika ral? >/ K no 7 krn.,ia aad nko BM high out ofwater; carried out an anchor, .umd water, nod after remaining on for 1\ koiira, at high tide forged her ever the rock; expected eke would sink, but woe surprised to ? ? that abe made but little water, and bad only lost all of Mat keck forefoot and some sheathing and copper. Wae bound to Sydney for repairs; would sail that day and exparted to arrive March lT A letter from Cant Moo re a. of bark Kathleen. KB, raporta karat Banbury. RH. dan 33, having taken 9i bi.ls spoil rtnoa leaving Mauritius. all well; bound to Bnuloo sea. ike report# apoke Jan 1, off Capo Lewln, ahtp Swallow, Powun, MB, a months out, clean, all well; bound to Booloo A letter from Capt rennlman. of bark Minerva. KB. re* M*t\h*rat tea Sept Mi, no 1st, so, having taken a to bbl ep whale that dap, making UO bbia ap otl all told. Capt Thomas, of bark loe Ortnnell, NB, reporta her at Ban VOnaetavo March 10, for a cruise in % dare. Capt Liter, or bark Morning Light, KB, reporta bar at Tab tohnano Feb 31, with 000 en 1060 wh on board, bound borne. Would lake 300 bbla on fgt from bask Smyrna. Capt Her oik of bark Kltxa, KB, rejorta her at eaa Ker 30, i M lat, do. with XV- ep and 1 right wh. 8Capt Cola, of bark Vigilant, KB, mparts asr st Talcahuae l Feb 33, with 7U)sp 100 wh sit told; look 200ep Ian* cruise. 'as bound on e short cruise, and would return !u T for provisions. Bpuken?Off the Three Kings, no date (hp the Alktue Adams, of Fatrbav n, srr at Sydney, MHW. Jan 20>, Sophia fkiirsion, Brings, NB, IS month* out, COO bide oil. Dec 10 thy sh p Japan, at Russell, KZ). skips Kllsabeth, Wlnslow, KB. 400 sp; Herald, Little, do, SOU ep; llupe.Olfferd, do, nothing alnoe Icarmg Sydney; no dale, barks Boric. Brown*. FTI, l.OOOsp; Alpha, Caswell, Kant, l'Oep alnoe Irarlng Si; Mohawk, Swain, do, an months out, 300 op; Alabama, c..fflo, do, 10 months out, 000 bhls; Columbia, Mekerson, do, 100 do. 8 poke it, Ac. Ship Pni-ah Palmer, Reed. dap* front Akyab for Cork, Bee 3, Ini 1301 N, Ion Sd 60 K. Bark (.vupooeed) Cnmpansro. Duhell, from Farsklbn for Brttleb Channel, was se- n March 34, no Int. Ac. Mark Mary C Dyer, from Cuba supposed for NTorh, April A, no Ink Ac. Briu H R Klrkisnd, front Cienfuegoo for Fhtladelphia April A, no int. Ac. Foreign Porte. Bobbst, Feb 37?In port rhlps (irace Darling, Bearse, and Bospborut, Pendleton, report"tl to.- IJterpool; and others at Btnsns Annus, Feb t? Arr shi,. 51 Oeorgs, Leary, New Bedford (and remained Uth.dlsgj, In port Ob 0, ship Carohnii, Huiford, for Boston Kama 1st, BaoiA.FrhJd?In port ship Blr John Franklin, Despeem, from Rio Janeiro 'or Bremen, Ida. ('arpkxas, March 2u?Arr brig Serf, Bwretland, Portland; ecbrshidonla, Wall, do; 3Jd, Franklin, Anuria, Apelarblaeia. Bid JOth. achr Palmetto, Bragdon, Philadelphia; 2VI. Kirk Emma V llsrrliivan. Hiirrtman, Cork; brigs Aualrallu, Ultra, Por-lMid. Klizabatb (rrbcl), Bnrkman, do: Aliaro'a, Reed, NYork: a hr Almore, Hoffses, do; 34th, bark Ibta. Miller, Liverpool; achr Joy, Anderson. Rockiort. Omrto tio.t. Mairh 30?Arr bulks liat riel Kpalding. R< Stir, Havana, 33.1, M II Bietaon, Jordan, Boston: avhr Ro tan. a. llnio an, TiiiiMad. Kid 23d, harks Reindeer, Philadelphia; 33d. H Burgees, Boston. HrKanara. M.ireh IA?In port bark Lamplighter. lhornp on, from NYurk, dlag; brig Muscovado (Br), Butler, from Baltimore, do. Falmouth, March 3d-OF, East Indian, Lacraw, f a n Sa arang. Havava. March 34? Art eohr Glno'(Sard), Tories!. New Orleans; JA'h, hark Olrstla, Howes, Portland; ? hrs lodeBnd' it" (reiiel), Kksloo. Mnbilfc; Cuba (rwbel), tgiieorii, do; lb. berk Faith, Kenrey, Hostnn; b.lg Ororiuiho, Tuey, Por'.uod. aehrs Phobe. Morriw. NYork; O D King. Moflrr. gar. Hi P'ci b' i., NH , 37th, btrk Almoner, Lamphcr. NYork; acbr Ka^le (rebel), Ai - mi, NOi leans. Bid 2Slb, brig Nell e < 151). Scull, K Vjn k; !bth, brigs Crocus. Burk, Trinidad; H U Berry, Rue, Bdatia; O \V Itsvier. Toll, dp; Fredonla. Lord.doj Msh'ool. Carlton, Ramulto*, schr J A Heath, Williams,Ordrnas; 27th, hark Chi'.'.on, Vennell, Fori laud; brigs New Olobt, Phillips, Baryor; Kuali, Bab kidgr, begun; * hi Omar I, Johnson, Key Bwl. (ltd April I, Iwik Cctrslla, llo.ves, Sagvs; sclir Senator, la'nnekin. NYork. In port April 3, eltlpi Willism, Berry, fop Falmouth; Oen Berry, Bmlih, and Baiuberg, Wltnei, one, harks Lillian, Oil sore" for Cork; Faith, Kentiev. and Lucerne (rebel), Gilpin, nne; K A Allen, Fallen, lor NYork: brigs Young Dorchester (B'l, MeD- rinin, fordo, Nathaniel Btersrs, Katnn, and Oroatuibo, Tra. y, nm; at hrs B Repnbll- (rebel), N rihr.ip, fcr Msiamoros, Phebc, t'nrruir, lor NYork; Mary Wo. d. Hl'cld. for Philadelphia; W llor ay.Clink; Arlington, Mur ti, end I; P Knapp tHr), lui ,-erty, one; and ihe isoeul am.sis. Livrnrooi., Maich 24?Arr Isabelta C Jooea, Woudbtim, Philadelphia: k? h. Prank Boult, Morse, dp; Chancellor, pen. er. NYork; K non -a, L"ciaw, Bonlaaut; Mth. Veins (a), Burroughs. NYork. Ln.noSN, March 17?In port ship Lvdla, Nichols, from York. MaTewaAS, Mar. h 21?Arr hark Henry Mm k. Nlohola, Ns* York; Wd. aehr A h Cannon, Powell. Philadelphia: 2Slh. herh lalnnd t It), Koblnton, Bos top; bilg Plying Magi', TnWMB, ?rj wmu Hl.l 21 At, hrlg Want, Hodge, NV?rk ; * hr Annie H-ll, HowBen, Baltimore (alncr reported aebov >; Cd, brig Alrnon Bowel',. Boyd, Portland; IPItb, b,rk (lei.. a?-e, Mdntyr.., Cork, brig* California, Canon, Hrbrol; Mautlan, L-wla. Fblladelphla: Mansuolllo. Baitleit. Portland; iAMi. p.... land, Tknmaa, and Rrnkoiky, llarrrr, do: aebr Harriot Ha*ri, Webber, do; 27'b. brig Vidunl-rr, Mltrball, Falmoidh. llAiaau, NP. M?r It IP?Arr aoh. Carrie fLntard, 1 laKteli, ft Johns, Kl?: 1*lh, nbmp Cuqnelte, Moor*, Cberl*aton;13d, aebr Argtle, Darls, do Banna, Mar. h 17?Arr brig Bea Poem, Havana. Hid Iftib. awkr H*aa L on, KVoi'k. ?r Mian-:-, Maiib If?No Am raaaa' In Port. Tan nan. Mar.-h 27?Rid a hi Maria Hall, Patla'ton), Saw Jv American Porta. JUyRXANDNtA, Aprila-Arraobr Nightingale, Nlckeraac, "BOSTON, Ar-rll 7?Arr aUlps C'1rwtl*l KmiHre. Pin-.*, LI v. arpool; Hiar, Tbomaa, NTork; achr Kanma Amelia Mauling, 1 FhHadelpble. Signal for a brig. Old bark paiilrl, H'anlaa, Marseille*; arbrs H A Hammond, Paine, Fhlladrlp'.la; Vlar roe. Ha on. do; Lady Mian, Ooro n/do vbi N? w I oi k ; Bay tau-, ila'lntf. NTork. Hid elt.n.T K Patlon; bark. Burette ar'ha Anna, Daniel; briita ACmd, If B L?a enc. BALTIMORE. April 7-An ' lira 1! fayaon, Orowel . Hov gon; Ha' bant, IVt ker, NYork Old Br ba-k Persia, Fulns . Mm Janeiro and nikt: a-hra B ttukoly. Oolburn, 1W?t Indie*; ' It H I'afri idga, Ill?. Kali Hirer. BATH. Aprl ft- Arr ablp Hoigbt?n. Olive-, Marr* BBlln rOL, April g?Arr sell r America, ItasnoMa, Prut Bancfor .TYuil. Kid aohrCorbulo. Wlllar, ??Sork. 7th-Arr wltr T W Thome, Pari a. NYmk ( r Jail It >* ; gtaop f'r d Brown, Cai r, NYork lor Pruvidenro. BAKllR'H LANDTXU (Warwick), Apil! 7?SM ? imp I Fashion, Yonnr, NYork KLI7.AMKTHPOUT, April T-Old * bra Larljr Adavr. Olsd- I win, font-irel; Penj f ranklin, Ward, Cornwall; lloratw. ( Bunker, Boat on; Editor, liioklc; H .1 Waring. Bmllli, an. CJen Morion, Oabom, New Haven; t! L I/irerlug, Jaraa, Taunton. BANT ORRKNW1CH, Aprl 7-Arr *ebr K nir* Itogara, , Vlili" an, KII'alK'Uiport. FU.L Hit KB, April 7?Arr ?ehr Mlncea, Jalfbrfan. VUI. ' lBdtlphi. , 0. urn, Davla, NYurki Maria Louisa, b'.mm nga. . Trinity TIousk. London, Jan SI, 1h82. Notice l.i hereby given that with a flew of liullca ln^ the Mthe intention of iliie Corporation to cause a Lli'hive sel to be placed m ar itie W end of tout S ind tnu1 a mmk Revolving Red Light to be exhibited therefi om, on or about (be I t Oct nesu Forth'-r notice, relative tp the exact pos'tlen, Ac, of the Ugblvcssil, will be duly published. By order. P. H. BERTHON, Feeretary. Whalemen. Arr at New Btdlord 4th inn, hark Awu.-honkt, Cleveland, (late Mnrblf, doaecri) Indian Oo1 an. Kree/iuintle, OH, Nov IS, Bt Helena Ft) \ 1, with IJ) bbk sp, 10) do wit oil, ami (XI > Ibebinm; returned to port on account or the death of C..pt Marble, as It fore P ported. Reports poke Dec 3d, nil South Madagascar, ship Brunswick, Baker, Dartmouth, & 0 ap, 100 wh?(renotta Si oke a few dujn previous, ship Bar.tit, Buth r, MB, TOO sp; Jom pli Maxwell, Jenny, KH, BOO. Heard of oil' Bt Helena Km i,baik America, bin e. Homes Hole, bad Itten 400 1 hie oil on Rtdcrlque rr tend (Amelia. S!oenmb.ND. oil not leporteJ; Draco, \\ on h, NB, do do?expected to he at'hnme lnat oi April ; B Franklin, Brown, Pall River, recently taken en 60 bid whale: Otorg A Mary, Pier, e, West] tort, sane ar last reported The A hus not seen a whale since the decease of the captain. Had pleusant weather on the passage until cm into the Gulf, when had heavy gales Jsn 6, let 70 4b B, long 36 1:2 E, lost overboard and drowned, Edward llortou, teaman Passengers, Mrs Marble and >ou, and Mrs ft ancle, of Bt Helena. The eaptatn's body was brought 1 oute. Arr at Honotnlu Jan 10, schr Mart Ida, Copeland, Fauniug's Island 11 da., s, with ll.UOO galls cocoanut oil. Bid Jan 14 liark Isaac Uowlttud, l.oug. NB, Westward and Rahotsk; Keb 1. ships Emily Morgan, Whiteside, do do; Mllo, Ponthuitt. do do; 4tn, Nassau, Uutuu, do do. Arr at Pannlns's Island Dec 5, Florida, Klsh, and aid 7th to enrtae on tbe Line, 13th, South Boston, Randolph, PU, and eM seme day lor Jarvis Island. At Bt ?arms Keb IS, shin Corinthian, Lewis, NB. At Russell, NZ, Dec 14. ship Petrel, Fuller, NB, 1660 sp 23) hphk, tilting tor home; 2olh, ship Japan, Grant, NP, oil n?t reported; Dec 12, lat 37 8, lea 168 90 K, lell in with a eeeerl of about 68 feet keel, newly eheaihed, with IS o/. usu metal, or waa so a abort time before she capel/ed. She appeared lo have been several months in the Mine elate. Captain Grant endeavored to earn her, but there being to much era on he oould not accomplish it: he therefore hod her eeul led and left tier: 2?ih, ship Sophia Thornton, Brings, do had tnxen 600 bbls sp oil since March, '61 Mnd sideline Bay >. NEW Y(. m .... i. BWwthport. Bid eohr Enoch Pratt, Brlgbtinan (from Be" *HIORLAND LIGHT, April T, 3 PM-Pa?aliig out, bark Mar;!,a A HUM. t I'M?Paaalng out, ahlp Jae K Patten, and bar* Daniel. HAUTl OiiD, April 5?Arr eebra AO brtw. Smith, Ellmbethpori: ? 8 Buckingham. Dlckinaon. and Little Kin, U'ltx, NYoik; hlopjobnl Wilaie. Daitou. do. Si 1 #tb. chr? Cltax 8 Hazard. Btllard, aud U A iiaydeu, Smith, NYork; Dorr i la Kahn, Miner, do. NEW BEDFORD, At.nl 7?Arraclire 0 Carroll, Pr .lt, and Win l.oper, Kotdnaou, Philadelphia; B Enjgllab, Hathaway, Elitabi thuort 8ld whr A igueta, Perry. NYork; Iruui below echr i'xahton. Reamifrom NYork t, War-ham. NE? BlIKYPORT, April 5?Arr achra Young Amrrl-a, Pearl, Onytiiue. Pulton, Bragg. New.a?tie. Del; 6tli, ELauiey. r, Bay lev, NYork. NEW PORf, April !i?Arr aohix Argonaut (Br), Morten for NYork. Round Brook Ent'ry, Rockland for do; MGTetbel. iiuiidr, Baroalalile fordo. IbI.uoI Home, Allen . Uloneeeter fordo; Ell Ailante. Hinckley, New Hertford t or Baltimore; Oiarlaea, Oabora, Bel a?t for Fortreaa Monroe; Ktu U Fogg, leunbml Buxton tor Waahingtou; Geo A Mary, l.ord, do for Wilmington, Did; Copy Harlow, Haielwich for NYork; Ida Herliert, Porvere, Wollfleet for Tangier; Ilero, Ukonan. Moatott for Pbi aaelphni; Sea Bird, Chaae, Pail River for N York : SnotiVH Pitoill, D nnla for do; J Prankllu, Jewell, Portland for Balilmorr. tiih?Arr dire Urbane, Wilcox, Pawtneket for New York; Corbiiio, Will e, Brixtol tor do; Now Regtilui, Ball, Pall River lorEli'.abeihport: sloops Ag nt, Daniela, and .VI E Baylia. Gat tar. Providence lor NYork. 7th?Arr Ur brig Prln" Alfred, Carroll, NYork for Hallfax, leak.in; l-udty, hat tig been arhore on Point Judttli; schr Isab *!, Tuyjor, Philadelphia. NEW LONDt N April 3? Arr erhr* 0 Bpeloutn, Rpelinan, Providence for NYork; tlth a 7th, Chief, Champltu, Philadelphia for Norwich; .1 Barrett, Nhkeraon; It H Dalv. Cash; M Jahnnou, NtekerKon, Ann Ptuwrr, Lovell, and rrvphenia, No" r- t n, Boston for NYork; sloop Blaekaione, Allen, Pravidunce for do. PORT IIOYAL. SO, April i?Ioport eltlp Wm Cinnmlng*, " tbir^ 11out Philadelphia; hark Toxee, Ajres, Irom NYork; FUILiibeLPHU, April 7?'Arr brigs Lady of the I.ake, II >'iv II. and > hurlou r, Grocer. Huston; Lillian, Bailey, NYork; Jacob Dock Tliorni noil. Wilmington, Del, schrs D II Biyleg, Jrurne; Daniel We'-ster. Chapprell; Alexander Blue. Komie; Ho.op, Stanley; 8 N llnll, Paddock; Jan Bliss, Hutch; K J Mnuaell. Kelly; Coha-sett, Tob y; J W Klsh, Bhaw; island Belle. Butler, and W 'ollyor, Bayner, NTork; Zoe. I oiter, Newport; Thus I' Cooper, Taylor. Eist Greenwich. Cld barks OnHS Keen, Swan, and M Williamson, Tbompauii, Ship Inland ; brig A Peters, Le.. is, Bag ra; arbra Ale* Blue, K nr. Port Royal; Leerburg, Swilt. Morblehead; H M Jlall, Paddock, Aliddlciown; 0 o Falcs, Nrckorsou, Providence: Eva, Northrnp. Nuutuckol; Zoo,Potter, Boston; 11 Harris, York, Newniryport. At Di 'aware Breakwater 7th, barka Ploreata. from Rio Janeiro; Hamilton Gray. Young, from : scltr R L Tay, from N Yor k for Alexandria- bud been got t ff lrruky. 1'OitBLAND, April IY? Arr ship t imberhnid, Walte, Sunderland. Cld Hr steamship N'ovu Kcutiurr, Ball.inline. Liverpool via Ijondonderrv (arid .sld); barks Clon ics Edwin, Llttlejolrn, Mutan/.na; Diligence, Voting, Cardenas brigs Kio Grande, Oreenleaf, I? a; Ben Dm n ng. Winchester, Ht Jago; schrs Dr Km i ler, Cardenua; Jamea Carvelon, York, Baltimore; K ! via, York; Lucy Ames, Horbrook, ami Ann, Blake, Philadelphia. PORTSMOUTH, April 4?Arr rehr Grand Island, Short, Delaware City; hlh, brig Billow, Uodgdou, Philadelphia; auhr Kossuth, I<ee, KYnrk. PROVIDENCE, April 7?Arr achr Chare, Mills, Elliabelhport. Sld schra Mall, Kelley, and Huntress, Disney, Philadelphia; Christopher Columbus, Bacon, and Win Baylea, Krtapp, Hnvers r-w, NY; Justlo \ Sbfcid' n, Ellzabetbporl, sloops E Spray ire, Oibbs. N York; Gold Leaf, James, do. Mp -SAI.KM, April 6?Arr schrs Corvo, Ilolbreoc, lloekland tor New York; 6ih, Corinthian, Tapley, EHrabeibport Sld0th, schrs Planet, Corvo; and others bound E. WISCA8SKT. Aorll ?? Sld aehrs Richmond. Baker, and B Furbneh, Kimball, Fortnas Monroe; O Buxton, Williams, Baltimore. WAKE1IAM, April 2?Arr srhrE E Poller, NYork (amlsld ,1<l for Bag llarbUr). Bid S.I, ecbr* J W MeKce, Christie, Phi ladelplila; Oho, tow, Hardin?, Rllzabelhport; 4lb, Angler, llesse, NYork; 7th, Monitor, B>as?, do. MUOELLANEOVR. J^OYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. OFFICIAL DRAWING OF MARCH 29, 1882, Noa.Prizes. No*.PrlzeH. N,,?. Frizes. Noa.Prizes. Noa. Prizes. 46. ..$400 5462...$40) 11127. .(100 1304)8. ..$8H) 21263 ..$400 196... 400 6fldM....3tt> 11377. ...401) 1.3743... .800 21686... 4>'0 409..80000 5717. .401) 11.391. ..4*) lrilOO ...600 21636....400 607....400 5614. ...400 114187 400 19182....400 21789.. .1000 718. 500 5861....400 1165"....500 16146....*.? 211?3....500 909...400 8000. ...4"0 IKV.0... 40) l?A6... ,8<0 22022... .400 1547...1000 607.)....40'!H8n:i... 1000 16317...,40t' 22072....400 1319. ..400 G24A....4 0 1I834 ...OtO 16320... ,4f0 22122... .400 1425...400 6367....50O 12492....400 16546....400 22173 ...400 1387... .500 6119....400 12574...400 16603 400 22214..". .400 1816.100001 6602... .400 12670... .4' 0 16736. ...400 22742 ... .400 1687....500 6696....?*)|12757 ...4001)7130 ..1000 22750....800 1639....400 6709....40J,12810....400117223....400 22767 ...400 2012... .400 6053... 40) 12822... .40 > 17278... .400 2W34 . 400 2099....400 7198....40>,128j1....5OO I72&8...1000 22855....400 2012...400 7203.. .1UUOI12941.'.. .400 172 0....600 22895...103 2296....400 7358....400112J68 ...40) 17389....4(0 21116 ...400 2419.. ..400 74<? ..10UO 13044 44?) 17658. .. .500123316. .. .561 246'J... .400 7449... .. .400 17741 .. .400,23346... .400 2160 ...400 7456....8# S&l 17826... .4% 23431... .500 2481 ...400 7643....5U0 1V377 .600 17981.... 400 23480... .800 2866 ...8(0 7749....400 13409....500 ID0J7....800 23573....400 2899.. 10 0 7819.. .60001134411. . .400 18261... .400 23612 .1000 3014 ...400 796.3.. .40011.1871....800 18461...,400|23707 ...400 SOW... .4.0 80CS... .400 17898 . . 500 18619... .400 23766... .400 3129....400 8084..,.400 14088....400 1S818....800 23887....500 3224.. .400 8173... 800 14093 .. .4C0 13867... .500 23938 i*OUO 8317... 40) 8255....400 11118...400 19063....44,0 21U69..10000 8553...1000 8302....400 14237....400 19212....400 24168....400 $14$.. . 400 8588 .. .800 11347 ... .400 HttS)... .400 24254....800 3788...1000 9019....400 14308....403 MM)...1000 $4133 .1000 3887... .400 3812... A O 14385... .500 19318... .400 24487... .600 3885 ...400 8001 400 14412... 400 19374 . 400 24523. ..400 3996 .1000 00.17 ...400 14687...400 19366... .400 2I>8... .400 4096 ...400 9235 ...401 14697 ...40? 19622....SOU 24601....400 4240b 1*851....410 11871....IU0 19784 . .500 24736 ...400 4282... .400 9997...1000111369....5UI 19848. .400 21771... .400 4314....40) I0U7I....4-J0 15061....400 19986. . .400 25085... .600 4370....400 10077....400 15134...400 20299. 400 25161..,.400 4451... 500 1)182....400 15126 . 4C0 J0642....4(0 25490....400 4525....400110)67...1UW) 16843....?0. 20563... .400 25603... .509 4541... .400110559 .. .0)0 15256.. .1(0)124)686... .4UUI256B0... .400 4754... .400 14)774. .. .00' 15393... .400 3?fcU... .40b 25786... .400 471)6....800 10931 ... 5t?' 15432.... 4(JU 210)6... .400 25827 400 8231. ..840! 11043....50. 15478....400 21015....400 85831....400 5276... .4001106')... .300 1550/.. ..400 21140. . 400 25467. .400 8896... .400, Hut 6... .4,0 18308... .600 21239... .400 23916.. .403 6110....400,11207....400 APPROXIMATION FR11B8. A164100.000:Al de aaOOOIAl'dc 3U.OOOIA1 de 10,0001 A1 ds 8,000 Noa.rnu-a. MM.rnifi. N<ia. I'rizra. Noa.rmca. nob.riUaa 1(14....$6D 407 $10' ai8tt...$40U 24037. ,.$40o 7H47 .$400 litis 000 40* 400 JSSW7... .Ml 2403S... i?< 784S. ..400 1017 LOO 410 40C XOM....400 ttoOO....40.- ,'8S0....400 Kis aw 411 40o awo.*...4ft. 24061....400 t?si....40? Priiea oaated and Information furninbad by TAYLOK A 00., Bankara, IS Wall alreel, Mew York. SEEK AND YK 811 ALL FIND SEEK AND YK SHALL FIND SEEK AND YK SHALL KIND SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND SEEK AND YK SHALL FIND SEEK AND YK SHALL FIND HKKK AND YE "SHALL FIND SEEK AND YK K1IALL KIND Ntii-.K AND YE SHALL KIND SEEK AND YK SHALL FIND SEEK AND Y'E SHALL FIND HKF.lv AND YK SHALL FIND BEKK AND YE SHALL KIND KKKK AND YE SHALL FIND SEEK AND YK SHALL HMD HKEk AND YE SHALL KIND SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND SEEK AND YE KIIALL KIND SEEK AND YF. 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I.AMD, bvv l)iil oi'ce, doil m, U.mi, TO TIIK NKKVOI'8 t>K flOT I 8KTES..-A KBT'RED* clergy mult having Keen icbloietl lo in a f..? ilsyn, efie'r tneiij year* of gn ;it uervotu- etr cr."/, iv n liliiu to Melnl ruber* ??> eemlliig tl.iw) copy of { ? >r*erripKon need. I)iIff ! the Rei. John M. DAguiftll, lbu Kiiitoti erf"', Brooklyn, N. V. TIT A NT K D - A SMALL STOCK OK OROrBKIES "vl YT e ll en cutnnlite m or fur e Sriu, in ,t 'oumiyeio , thlrt'cn mile* front New York. Hood r#Urrt, ? g ten. AailreeeOo'intiy S'or , IK r?ld oilier. FlllAIK'IAIi. AMKKiruN OOI.D AND SUA KB, 7.X I'NIT'Jf) Hni'ea Tn aturr notna, mid tb? rut aunt m I nil* ii?dnaar boi.aht oud ' l > " I- a. iat ? T i" Dt'nauil Moles, for liiitle*, 'lira* f "V Y. IV .IAMK.S A VII hail ere, 4ft Wall aii act. AKMV AND NAVY I'AV and HOI'SI'V OK.'li li. IIOHKKT 8UWKI.Ii. 31 Wall alraH, innier ol Hioail, New Yoik. I'?y, Itooiay end Vil/e Money colleeled, tut IVli?h.lv. procured. ym\ KIIWKNI fl!iAIM OVKIOK.-. OLniBRS* OH II Ihtlr hel*'*' ?n1 on'i icon' la mi iij>uit?"4 the ????. einmriil. Kouirl t. told ami e >i;<" led. iikai.ho.n ,v a kilbv. 2 mil' uy el w.o, IOl^iTler-s' ?inl Trailers* Ban,, ItulMIni; U~ OH?5 UTS I M AV Ts US BANK. ? OKM.R OK UlUH <i i nih .li""' en". !i|,Kih a\r, i c.?4)|k n daih n m 1 to 1. I* *.. BertiiPSdaja en I Saint data aim! 7 IVX. Hit/tr c"it' inter*. on 1 en ii ,i .nil"'. II p aim oidc or. r befin n i|i" IS nl A|r I dr.nislnlare' I,p i ih" lei ,, ,. 'DOS CHRISTY I'l tiOri I. n<IH*HPU I'mi, ' ee'ePy. %0'i 000 T? 1,1 "? nnsn ASD *wrv*uBmW M ' < }.,. .1 1.1? n r;i. u fi <?ii)y n? #?d ? i?.,u t4t the Kit I fr- * li .o Ji?< om|iau\ ? li e. to il. WET /.hi., liilH.ni luay, fmn. 1.', to S ovE** |* kjt HlSTAUftANTB. VI l.UHVri OVHI'BK AND DIM MO BOOM*, lit) l |ir ton ?tre?t?The iine?t Oysters, siaeke, iViop-, fmiri* Mam and KM*. Yankee Klah Oakea, Bnal.m fa i4ir>, ran li"e Hnrehanut atvl nil,era n il r.tt'1 the ai ti tan ,ei i art a' lIda plane ihe licit Ir. the marl" I. )KK HERALD, WEDNESDA SALES AT AUCTION. _ Auction notice. HLEOANT IIOI'SEHOLD FURNITURE, ? _ AT PUBLIC AUCTION. M. B. CHAPM AN, Auctioneer, will-ell this day (Wedneadajr, April to, at 11 > clock, at pi lvaw> residence TS Wrtt Bta1 taedth mrve1, between Firth and Ki?lh avenues, Tlie Property ul a family d'tchulug bouse ..tepiug The annimieers would rail ine partleular attention of their friends aud the public to till# sal". the catalogue couipr *lng the laiy mi and rich eat assortment of Itouerhuld Furniture otfcrbdat auction this season. Tlin furniture waa all made to order for the preaent owner by city maker*, aud la of the be-t dcacrlidioQ. Drawing rooms?Two full Suita carved rosewood, and covered with aatin broeate'; m-iwool Kta .erea, Statuary marble h p, lined with aatinwocd; Secretary an<l Uookcaa plate tlaaa dors; Centre Tables to uialch me auiU, Lady a vV orfc able, Inlaid with p ail; anti pie and golhic Reception Cliair*. c ven d with India Reclining Cha r*, cover# 1 with vch? ; Ki U'dguurc* CahlncU. Oil l*aluU?i'S~tWO So. perb Mar.no V ewa by Kolcbull. iuiniacnlate Couecption, copy of Mnrldo's reb heated ptiiiiin,* tn tho Lonvre gallery, Pari*. Winter Scene. 9 nit Piece, ad. French Hoc tn.ravine*, Embmldeii ?, Lv? t u Ulna, su|* r'j bronze and Ormolu Clock*, artistic irouze Stat.sty, Vaaea, Ao.; Sevres and UrcMlen China O ma. 7>f OCT AVE HOSK WOOD PIANOFORTE, Musk S'aud, S . ol an i Cover. Hall?Ill.u k walnut HaUiaiil. Chairs to match; 0 1 loth, Mais, Velvi l Slwir Carpets, * v r jlati d 6.air Hods. J) inn* room?Solid oak B iiret, s atuary marble top; Ertemion Table to mat h, Ch.ilr?, 0 niche . ulrrorH, China Dinner and Tea Beta, rub) and cry via silt and engraved Oiaaawar volid silver Dlnni r an I Tea Service. Simile Id T.tb'.e Cutlery, a.lver plated Castor*, Collea I'rna, Cuke Bosket*, cpo u , Butter Knives, Nwpk n King*, Salvers, Table Linen, Ac. CH. uhers. Roeewood Drrsdng llmeaiK, delates Is, Commode*, Wardrobes, Siia In; Stand*, Ar oO.ro 'i-tilaO.,,Tulle. Tables, Hair and Spring Ma tresses, i father Beds, Bianhet , Linen Sheets. Counterpanes, Solas, 1(0 kern,' Chairs, iJaisiaiids, Stair Carpets, Hods. Ac. Alio a large assortment of Baae ueut ana Kitchen Furniture. Auction notice. K." W. WKSTCOTT, AUCTIONEER. $12,1 Oil worth of su|ierl> Parlor, Cham her, Dunn; It.aim and Library Furniture, i-.l aut Mantel Vases and Broniee. Valuable Paintings, splendid P.anotorte, Klcn Carpets, Parlor Ornaments. An., with the entire elegant ariung. nienls of a Mrst class house. A ran opportunity for bousekre|s-ia and others to purchase llrat lass Household Kurultiire and alaguul ailoriimenta at auction prices, the sale beta; poiimi and peremptory. Descriptive catalogues at the elegant residence 162 West Twenty first street, near Seventh avenue. SALE THIS DAY < WEDNESDAY), AT 2 O'CLOCK, P. M. Cons.sun.', in parlors, of Buperior 7 octave rosewood Pianoforte, made by Fischer, with ever) mo lern Improvement. Marble Top Mtime Cabinet Kmbroid. red Cover and Stool; rich Tapestry Carpets, soil I roaewood Secretary und Bookcase, rosewoo i M irble TopEtagcre, rose win il Centre, So a und Pier Tables; rich solid rosewood Parlor Suits, with Armolrca, covered in Solferino and Henoa silk an 1 green and gold brocaiel ; Turkl-h l.oougea with Chairs to match, in iieh satin damask; lour elegant Pier and Mantel Minora, Brouse and Oruiold Chandeliers, lady's Freneb Seerelary. lined with satin wood; corner Kugi res, elegant walnut Suits, tovcred in gr < n aud French reps; Encoignetiri, Bronze and Msrbla Klattieites, rich Damask and Lace Curtains, Cold and Landscape Shades. Hron/e Clocks. valuable Laudacap.- Pamtiii s, rich Bohemian, Lava nnd Sevres Mantel lams and Omniucn's; Jewel Bore., Card lie.-elvers, Bou.pict Holders, Marble Statuary, Flower and Bird Vases, Re cption Chair*. Ac. Oil AMBER AND DININtJ ROOMS. Elegant rosewood Bedsteads, with spring and hair MaU iresm-s to lit; marble top dressing Bureaus, Wushstanls uud Commodes; French China Toilet Bets, rosewood Shaving Bland, superb Feather Beds and Bedding, Telo-a-Teles. Arm Cnalrv, Hookers, Engravings. Hulls in hair cloth ami rep*.; (!HPt1 TbIiIdi lM<vka itinl \fiiVktiu HVf n. Il ami fit. inr.vf.uL Chair*, marble lop oak 8 dt board, Eit-naion Table, oak dining Chair*, rich ruby crystal cut Olap*' of every description; French and India China, rich Silver Ware. Chip, u ,nlng Heretce, Caster*, R?l?ei*, Spoons. Fork*. Cake Baskets, Napkin Rings. Ivory Cutlery, Ac.; with two handsome Sola Bednuadsand a very large variety of n ahogany Chamber Kurnilure of every description. N. B.?Housekeeper* will linil In this tale everything tLv.sll>able for a fashionable and costly furnished resin-nce. Auction notice.-e. roth, auctioneer. AN KXiRAORJMNAKY OPPORTUNITY COR HOUBK AND BO.tRDINU HOI HE KEEPERS. The elegant Household Furniture of a llrst class hoarding house will be sold at public auction this day, April 0, at two o'clock precisely, at lid Wnvvrley place. between Washington square and Hiath avenue, consisting or two beautiful Parlor Hulls, covered in rlou ra'ln bro-ate) and green figured reps, each suit consisting of Sola. Tete-a-Trie, 1 Arm, 1 Reception and 4 medallion hack Chairs; rosewood Biag-ics, with m-rrur back and doors: Centre and Pier Tallies, Corner and Book Htnnds. fine Paintings, Va-es, Mirrors, Curtains, twenty oarday Clock, Card Tables, rose wood and mahogany Bedsteads. Bureaus, Wash stands, Toilet Sets, Halrhlullresces Beds and Bedding, Bolsters, Pillows, Lounges Spring Seat Chairs. Sola Beds, Ko here. Minora, C..rla'.ii-V Shades, beautiful Cut, Bohemian and French Uluaa end China Warn; Tra Tables, Bullet, Extension Table, r ch China Tea Hols, Table Cutlery, tine Silver Ware, hand-onic Brussels, Three-ply snd Ingrain Carpets; Oilrloih, Ac. Sale posiilve, N. B.*?All goods must be removed iweniy-four hours aft -r the sale. Auction notice.?daniel a mathewp, Auctioneer. ROSEWOOD AND MAHOOANY PIANOFORTBH DANIEL A. MATllK'.VS ulll -ell th.ii day, at li o'clock, at his salesroom, 7i? NASSAU STREET. NEAR I ELTON, One rosewood seven octale Pianoforte, ma-le be Hcab.iry. One rosewood 6% octave do., made ir* !la lei A Cumston. One -nahognny grand do., mule by Brcadwood, London. On* mahogany s-x octnie do. They sr? nil in good order, and will be sold without reserve. Auction sale of household kurniturb.?a M. CKIHTALaK, A'fthmeer, XI Bowery, will sell on Thureday, 10th Inst., st il o'clock, loe Furniture ul a private family, consisting oi Hu rents, Bedstead-, marble top Washstands, mahogany Chairs, gilt frame Mirror*, rosewood Parlor Bull, Chandeliers, Velvet nnd Brussels Carpet, poor and ball Oilcloths, a large mt of Remnants of Velvet and Hru* srls Carf-eting, W indow Shed's, Engravings, Oil PsinKnga, Hair Mattresses Pmled Ware, Table Cutlery. Ih e Ion Dining Tables, Curtains, and various ottx-r aril ?. ?he 11 a*. A JOB. L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER, TV ILL BE 'HIH . day, at I oYlodk, at 157 Eighth street, ne* . U>< lwi.j, one Plan-', three rosewood Parlor Bulla, rose to -.i - - J niahogaay Bedroom Butts, black walnut, mah g. I maple Chairs; Koikcrs, Pter Classes, Table*. Inns :'v ami T .gram Carpets, Oil Painting*, and everything hejtti:, nr :j a first class house. Hxle pot I tire. Auction *otice.-hemil stock op choke Cnovkary, Mlesa-nd Oni a. M. DOWOUTV, Auctioneer. WW. W. BrilRLKY will -il this dry iWi-dntaday). at 1(1 o'clock. at !K13UtuUou sUneurncr ol \t idain Hi ret, ell (ha Stock and Plili.r.ianf Sunn,fur cash.In let* ftrr eioilera. No reserve or peatponament. Daniel a mat ewb, auctioneer. BAJLESKOOsi NO. 71) .NASSAl STREET. NEAR I'llLTiUi STREET. PEREMPTORY HALE or UANO-iOMB HOUSEHOLD FURNlTPMK ROSEWOOD MA.VO, CARPETS. PIER MIRRORS *41., being the entire contents of a private nMtdCBer Id Fourth a'rerl, removed for convenience of aal*'. PANIE1. A MATHEWS will (ell, thl* day 1WEDNKHDA Y), ail",', e't-loak, at bis salesroom, 79 Nanaau nrwi, a lai-Rv assortment f handsome Household Furniture, consisting in part of ruw wool I'arlor Huns, in bro au l; mahogany Holaa, Arm and Parlor Chair*, Hru* nla, Velvet and Ing aio Oanieia; elegant Branch plate Pier Viiroa, Console Tables, Lace ? -rtaina and 4'ornivt*, Centra Table*. rose* ood, walnut and mat.ngany Dres-log Bureaus; French He Utrada, Hair Milup --w*. Spilor lli il*. Piillia*?e?, Bo)?ieis, Pillowa. than gets, Sha.'ia, IV .ah* and*, Wnrdiofcca. KUtr Carpets, Window Suaoes, Flo r i utoa. Extern Ion Table. BoUVt. Liming Chairs. K*fii<r?r?;..ia A'oKlchco Eornliur., with wLl. li .he aa a will eoininruo IN H 1.1'DI.OW AI0T10NF.KR !i, PKRKMPToHk MALE OK VAI.l Alii K PHOPEUTV ON H ROADWAY, IIY OltllKR OP FKSNt |SW WAI IMI, A..STUN KB. R. II. LUDLOW A CO. will sail atnu-ilon. on Tuesday, April l.'i. 1*4T.', at II " lu- k, at tin? Merchant- Bxihanee, Uronilnu).all the right, titlr and Interest wt.i. li Uorn-c Waldo Pal on tin' 111st day of M?y, l&jl, In the to'of (pound, will) the tmiMirg thrnoi, on the nurlhw nau i'y uirncr ol Broadway and ueitar at rout, nmntng Ik ? ugh to Temple ain-et, twine hfteen l'i.-et trort o i Broadway, ttiir y tfi: eo f, ct on mar nml 1.13 feel on 4'a.li.r aireet, and a no > r>??* No. I.V> Hromlway. A'so, the unexpired ;ci in of taint}, ne ye., rs ft nir the lit o May. l'A4. ai i rrated l:y a certain lease dated Kehiuury lat, 1861, made betv.ran Mttiy A. H 11 e|*n nod o h era oi lint Or>l part, and Iloraea Wa d i 01 the n mod pari. In atul Pi tha undivided twrlvc-tifie.-nthr part of Mm I.nt on tha westerly side of Bio nlwsy, adjo nir g the al-nia n e Honed property on Mir north, nnd known a-r'o 137 Bnv.dwey, snbji-rt to an niinual rent of $4 Aal. y lyah'e ipiarlei ly Tfi 001 TON. A' CHOUSE*-l-'ANi Y troops, i ol Nr , lera, Msttirra, Ae.. AThe lost sale of Counter*. Kit. lores, l-'anry liooda, Ac., Ae., will take plso-al Hot IIi ntdwav, m ar Fourteenth street, this nay (Wi-Unaada) i, April f. at It K-k pie laely, and will eloaa out the Wocle ?to k. Also Htove*. |)?? Fixtures, Counter*, Ae.. Ac. Henry ii. lekds. ali.tionekr. SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD Kl RVHURR, MOS1I.Y MADE HY U. HKRTcIt, I.N TDK UlC.riE.ST .STYLE. HENRY II. LEEDS A CO. will,-til at am tlou on Ttniradny, Anill 10, at bali-pa*t In oh Io ?. No. 8' Went Eleventh a fret, U-lwern ITrth and St.tb a a. a'i rlaguet aaaortmentof liiiusi'linld Khrniture, eonalst.,of Parlor M il * of roaewo.nl, ebony and ormolurovi-red in rich tllkbmratel: do. ol r chly iwrveit roaawninl, inlaid H li de Ri.ae, ee-iaied in arrco silk irpa; Curiam a, roaawooo Eluger-, lo-iewood Pianoforte, Valval Cwipahi, richly oarrad rueetvisod C- a'rr rn-ila, raal or.nolo and lirouai Clo k, and Coiieeiaheas irom Puna, t h ndadei* lo m.d h; laige lui-r.rn Pi|ii a*, ebony I*- aaiala. D.MS'. Room??loinp> e In l-lai k wa'r .; B 'flal, Kxtaualon Tnlilr. la.iiuga and Chairs, coven-J 1 n in..i-o->o an..-ep , B -ori oni Sana lu i arved lootvul; tn. h'a.-k ivalBot uo., polished oi-lt Ac.: Hid-.inn, Chinu and U!a(< and otneirui-ait'irn. Hi'e without rrmrvr. Henry bcr*oner, aik.tidnrkr

i,i a1 and' i-.llraai'e of aniwrn . s'urnil .r*. .uljinal Uii I'o.ni'.tn;*, I i?n !. p'eia V t-ror.,, .Maltipa a , Ae. IIEi-ic. rhi liTIEs ?o .l-ia (Wt-.1 ie ? ' .? > nioi'nIn*!, a< 1 n n'eioea, at .it., . M sriaiin, lit N???i;i art, ?U|* rlo- fl* k> d F II* i "ir.i-1 ng m rarlor, i amlist a l- nit t ?e 'a, 11" all dc 'e; ..ttrnj; VTi u. a**, 17.a. r*-* tt i . ... .V.Tit- *4-i iii. -ivl ho ,j?a, eia a .i I .. i)?-i I .-n-'tti* ' ? nirmsb ,.i Intl*.* I to -tl? a* a* 11.*:. a " iin..-i; ion'o; i-t oi .h. Catai ,'U> h 4i..i II i n. iu.1 pirtii. ar uvu 'al nsu racly ho,. nENHY M. Mi.NK'l, AUCTION '.E.t-Ul ?*> :'?.vM 37 Nhssiiu tr? l, v;-m .Hi ' * Po?t v'V'A.?Mli Lit A SUv.| RVII.LR wins ,1 i. ?r,-.d i.i Hi.,, ,v, ,tprd 10. a' II o'i-Rkui, ?' their aalosnoiin, I. Na*SHii a'-.e., a una. llaelint of mo,'cm O.I Pmnilnaa * iprlaln, 'he ork?iif Wm. M. Brown, lb- Muntar, A. llnlx, F. la. t',.l Ta'bo', E F. ih aiilieu, .1, P.inbry. Canltimau, Chanol, Vun Eltan, i'hoag, The abuv- nrv ntw ill t'lhltdiioi and will I*'add aPhoui I "m-i > '. KF.nry n mi\Kit. M f tionkh:. sau mo* C Mint, DpUMl^ Ihf! I'f'Vi 111 - MIKKR A UiNKitVlI.I.K win m.I at an lion ?hl?d?yiW m -'u* i April 9. at I0>4 o'clock, kl lb* PI ir at* t < lip n a V ? Atnlt" piacn, Lturana atrarl, snntral HiiiimM Kin niluir, c ri?i?iJng of Hrnk??l* and likjram liar^ata, nmh'iMiir Knfna bi d Ubilrr, l'i Mrrinilij row-aroint ( oiiim Tab>i, I: mutr! t:ur. lain*. PI i Mlipiri, rn.hvpir.r Ruraua, I Imla and tYaahktknua; llalr lUuiinitr, F ? .*' tr?sr l'i lotra, 8'air 0.iri>?ti>. Oi:.l.i?lia, Ida-' nalnnl B?t? n?tnri lab t and Ohalt a, Hull 8 aiid nu I ("lima, t.'v kivjr, Ki.ihan War*. At. UKNKY F. IIF.RT*. .IR. At IH'NJ.KR. II) llfc.Mtt WOUU A U., sii' vit. s n\i i; -t omi:n is ok Di:lM -tors IIKNl.V AVOOi* * ?'?>. Alii mill. it 1,0*1. DAY A I'll f I, p, a! II i-'.icKk, ai i. 14 i>i.ad iwi n<r id' T? M.lvaiMh aired, a liil <>f 8I10' iln'tW Patent and i ihar Meiil'inra, iv agiaia I' .'ki Skad a. iii 1H an, *? ina llitnnk ac? An. JtMES I.Y.M'H, HIicriR. IUUN I.. VAKDKRATklt. At CIIONi KB. Large aale at public unction, By A. .iolRNEAY, At SaXtmui, J7t Htoadway, OR 1IIIIRSD ?Y. APRI1. 10, AT II A. M., t OF VELVET, TAFESfRYTTwilRAIM AND TBNBTlAR i fARI-ETPIOF. MATT^Ov OTLiT.OTIIF, Rl'0?, ! A\, Ac., A?'. | lY, APRIL 9, 1862.?TRIP] MALES AT AUCTION. JOUM L V ANLEWA rtK, AUCTIONEER. SPECIAL AND PEREMPTORY WAIJ, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, OK 640 ROLLS NANK1NO RED < HKCK AND WHITE CANTON MATTINUS, By A. JOLRNKaY, at Kalcarooiu, 373 Broadway, On WEDNESDAY, April ?, At II A. M. JonN II. WHITHON, AICTIONEKR.?WlllTSON A HONS will mil, ibiH liny, At the Twenty-fourth iwl II- rati Bazaar, 70 aiii) 7- Kail Twan'jr-fourtij btreet, ai 11 aViock, aiiout twreiity g mi i big work boric, carriages. harii' am. Ao. Tburu ?U1 bo ai.oliou aaic* cv ry WoJnc aday-aud BaIi inlay, Jr. DAVIS, AUCTION KElt.?040 CAKES BOUTs) Shoes atid Bniftana to be old ul auction on Thiiiaday April 10 ai 10 o'clock, at the more of J. K. Davi- A Co.. Id Cortlaiult a tree!, cowpii-iiiig a larijc mid I r- - h a-Aorttin:iit of city loads and IJu ic -u (joodr, suitable fur city ai.d country tri.de. J P. TRWKR, AI OTIONKER.?OKKICE "7 SIXTH . avcbt.A. HyllUTi'llE ON A TLAVER, on Thursday, April lt>, a; lidy o'idouk, ul/7 TbO'iipio .i ?. IfrosscU and o h.tr Cuf ft", Kofaa, S l.? Bottom And other Cbalr?, Talili a, Burn u4. Bedsteads. Kriincb plute Miiruia, CoAinber and Kerb 'u K'lriiUurr, ,io. MKIKVS, AUOTION8EK, WILL (IIVL HIS PER Aotuil aUt-iilion lo all aio il n sales of i'ut nllure at prL trato reatdeaucA; tcrniA IP oral. Ofllce ud 1 olintbia ?trwt. IJAWNMt'lKKR'H BALK?WM. U. TIIGG'^B WUaL Ik r, It 14 t w?vln< H.lav ) uioruiug, at Id* o Id k. at ill. Third a a h e. near Thirty i.r-d s reel, uh tit 4' J hits "f Carp' is. Shawls, Pants, Sheets, C at-. Dmm Hoods, Boots, Clo ka, Ar., b., tudor of W. 0 II., Lirhs. d Pawubroker. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL HELL ( us tiny (W edncsday), ni Itil Bowsry, tip stalls, by order of W. ? i ujia mi * Co., w lir e t[tiaii-l'.y um -deemed phd-OV, i .insisting 01 flown-, Shawls, Reiona :?*, Carpeta, 1'iUovt , vc., ai'. Site tocntuni no at 10* o'clock. PAWNBROKER S SALE.?W. N. LEWIS WILL SELL un TIiiiimU , April HI, at if> Chatham at.act, a l.-.rae and valuable lot oarpen-er's anil inaaon'i. Tools. By orili r of J.JL A J. HLMPsOW. RT. IIAZKLL, AUCTIONEER. ATTRACTIVE > AL . OK HARDWARE. W 1IITTKMOKK .V 11 AZf.LI. will mil. at atu tion, on KRIDAY, APRIL II, at lb', oVIo-k, at their sab troiu, lid Broa 'way. Hardware, Cull. ry. A- ., in lots to auit pii-chaseis. ALSO, an eilen-nve assortment of IIIKMINOII AM SAMPLES OP It A ROW A RE, (being tiia a took ol an Importer rrllm|iil?hlii.' tlie business), comprising i't pin t: Lonksofall t itn'H flpoone, Ho-s, TroW'-ls, Cai-leii TimiIs, Bobs, HiUgO*. Trace.., Chisels, Mutter O.inlli*, Tea Tray-., Candle-tick*, P)nc*r<, poli-bedsteel Kirc Sets, plutnd and sb-el Urn! c Bit s, Btirrnpa. Cuigryeomba, Brid.es, (inn Implements, S -A Bella, Pow-l-r 1 lores uud Kihssr, Hour (Has-es. Drinking Cups, Tea Hells, H. miners, I aid h a, Coal I toils. Do;Collat-s, Mailt nnaileal Instrnmeutii. Bras* (looda. At:., Ac., til will n the allention of the trade is ret)t|eslcd. S.t J. BOH A KB, AUCTIONEERS.?WEDNESDAY, April9, ISn2, at (lie New York Sue: H allies, corner d Koity-tlilrd slieei and Sisth .iveiiue, peremptory tale of IS lion,Up Pony. Wityiti H.irnotw. Saddle a it Ill-idle, a complete turnout fuv children; one Cua-Ti: one Pli?-t in, ll) op n and to.i Waauut, 4 arts hue Double flame*.,, 8 et? Single Harness, I Lady'a . id 4 Centl-men's Saddles, Itohea, llian. kets, .tap, tlie vt hole toiiprts'.ivi the entile stou t, of a hi at elites livery stable, r-moved for eonvo itenee of a a a el sold toolo e atsMlcoin. Pale positive, tvtlhuut regard to weatner. Drserln'lve ea a ouites on Toes lay a. the sinbic, and at the ofileo of the ait- tlnnuem, corner of Kraoktort and William streets. Q A J. HOOART AlHTit NKKRS.-THLS DAY, AT 10,', i i o'clock, at l?j Ninth e r. near Broad-vuy, sent-el Hoa?e!iii!d Kurnllui?, ounsl-oing ol ros-wo-sl Parlor Suits, 1'i-eueh P-u'.e Minors, J.*--,. Wlncow Curl. Ins, Medallion Carpets, O le'.ull s. Oil Paintings, Kng.-ailug, lire.sins and Plain Bores.is, Wasbstunds, Kr-ucii Bedsteads, llalr Mattresses, Beds slid Beddit g. Dining Ro m sod Kilebcn Purniture. A dep-JVl I. 'Ato si. pu ulms-rs. tioods must h? ribiifc-. .jinn day. C* A J. BOH ART, At CriONEBRS -J Hl.'HSDAV, APRIL t>? 19, 812 P. M.. si Ihe . orrn-f of fifty. third sireet and Tbirdavenue, Bllliaid Table, Sa mm pi roidire, .tc,. consist* lug of one Sharps' marble n d, Phelan's p. t-ut cushioned Billiard Table. \rm Chairs, i;Uiek, Knjid-T. gs, Do-aniej-s, Tn-nbleiu, t!>o cry and lila--. Wure. K: ehen Utensils, Xr. SHK'tM IN. ALVI'IONISEIL-.I.SSDLNEE'S S '.I.E OK . Really Made Clothing. Piece Hood*, Jar. S. HERMAN A CO.. v\ ill sell on Tuurs.'.ay, the KUh mat., al )0V. l,s k, at DOOCana! strce , tbe entire sfoek o:* Cl.i b ng In said stor--. consisting of about 3 *) In e of fine Pro k, Bos n s?, S -k an t O-'er oais.tsis l-oei-s, doeskin on 1 ulotb Pauls; smin end Marseilles Yesis; Moths, t'us iiuere.uud lhrs.in Satinet,; large lot of S.iuooer Uoods; Sldi t-, Drawers an I it ven.-ial ss-oir -neiit m"r.rn-1 me Ko-ii<shing 15 mui?; Counters, Shelving, ' lis, and-dh i Kislures. Also Hie Lease ?: said preni si-s, tno yejis io i mi fi-i:n May noil. Mso w g.-nrrsl sssortinenl Of lions -hold Kiimlliire. This sleek will be -old only In io<s -o so" -h trade and well wurtny t-n.-lr at-rnti. n; I rery to: po 111 ely to be - ol t for --ssh. Bvo'der o:' the asslgli. e. tp CWKiNEI, AL'CTttINEKH?hAIJCSKiJOM !>) CRN A. lie sl-eet, will sell this da;, at |il'_ o'e'-vk, 'lie l.eace, b.oi-k uti i Piituras et the Id pier Ho-"- bi Molherry sreet, oasis'in ot r. large stuck of tine Bia idles, ?1 n, WHes, A-- ; a-snl'-udid Coii.-u, Poims, eoaud C??ks, Header', line |.|,lur..? Ac. WM. WITTERS, AL'i1IONKKR. -? iXir8EI.L bMVBl. day, kill) o'c <ylt, at Mullen's Kiehmigu Hotel, l-.l Weal street, ihr eiiilto Euro I hi re, KiMuiea, *< ., of tee attire bouse. Splendid English Beer Pump, Bur and Bar Future<; ?mc Olaig Ware, Dining Room. Chamber and otner Furnlturr; Steam Tbblr, Wima. I.tfjuora and Sugars; Wildrr'a Safe, marble top''onnler'. luster. Dunk, looking Uicnalla, an i ererythlna conncu("d wi t a ('.rat loan dlulitg and drlnk:ij saloiu and but >K' irii. wItFkm. ' ao Yio.v_kh.-wii.i. "skmTtTiib ft 'iav. ut *34 ' anal atrctt, all (be gri.feel Furniture, Jte., of a laigc ec^i dtns bnutMi. Fin y accent] baud < hi-ihus, ball aod ba mutant Ol'olo'.ha: Piano, Centre, Dining and Tea Tables; J ue", und fiber Coi nlna- Vrenrh end Cottage BertkUa 1? Ratr MnUrersor, Feuthar Bade, netldlng, mnrble top Drtaainii Burnt ?, WaHbttanda. Tolle' Tablet, China. Glass and Silver Ware; S.o?e?, and all other goods usually found Ina we:! furnished bouse. WM. Wll'TRIM, A 1'CTIOVKKR, WII.]. REM. THIS de>, ai a o'akak,at 434 i.'uual aireet?Morlgage aale of two hcary work Hore-t, eound and kind, anedtan build. By o drr of PaH'uk McNab, Esq., attorney for witgugr. W II.MAM ABBOfi', At.CTIONKER?HK1J.S ON THIS day, at ltl?? oVIo k, at the au'tlo.i looms No. 4 K?rt Broadway, tbe riiturni >( a Millinery Store: Iron Maude, Fan-y Botes, Furniture. Alao tfce contents of a J.lqt.or Store. TWHfc TlRr~ If M ION COrilbU. I.. I.?TROTTING?ON THURSDAY, ) Bay ti, at .1 look, a iv.it ac and a*?ke of tttrO, mile h'-air. heat 11 In :ti h.rnerr. .lumur D. .McManu name* gr. g K-lwat.l. K Rddy. Samuel Wei n.gliMn unities a. it. widow M C ea. Odtil'l I'ltft t nuniea blk. to. Hnniiy Side. Th" tatnr boraes will iris lo sipm one week trum the uittivedav. FI It Ml d W11ITK, Proprietor*. IIOHMBS, CAKRIAGKI, 4sC. A SIX SKAT Rf)CKA?AV, IN GOOD oROKK; PRICE (8k \ very uyll'h Hint, f!l:K \ ;*u <i-ut S.elgh und I'ole. any fit'.. I.adv a Side Had.il' rod Bridle, $U). For nalc. Apply at |>| Ivate ttbia 19 Weal Thlr .eriitli at reel ttOMMMlSHION ) CARRIAGE UARBKR OYS, rti Uroadttay, t.n rC.tnal atreei, New Yoik. B W Tff.TON", Agent fnt .cmt of It ' in.-at reliable, moivrfautircrs of Carritt^ta, Ko.kaWwyt, I>o tt. s l'ha'ona, B 'gay Wagons, Tio lei';, Ac., In tbtn and ntner eWie*. Two t'oarlieaio ho -. I'w > c ltd hand R > tanuyt, 1*011 SACK KAY HOUSE.*? YEARS Of.l), OYER . ." 1.1 lian'le It long tall, a-.yli' h urlter In double or a "gle | barne..-aud |, t.e '' v Bound; wo ild at i: it ooupe. Ai?o. u , jailrol' port, built Hilt eee; vo:ll an-we, for n hark. Alaw, ; two retro; ilautl" tin; tee . V\* 111 h void "..e.ttt m atiil thi- 1 a I mdtu I'b . t.f II i* ??'i I'.Jki lthfPfHlh il'rp' tt 11 Rlllil. 1/IOR SALh?A VLRV MNK l.MUJK CWT op. TRUCE P Hornr, niiHWt*' rr> . -a?M 'o *, 10 Itnndi* * lfi*hri btj.h, 7 }eari<'M m <1 kind In hfiruapft. K?r por' will & * old chfMp, A|?:-;y i 161 a* d l.'rt Jane a? luqulr* for Mr. Hub uck - !Uu*n H rtarVTett fttr**ct( nt !br taFor haiTr-a borrkl *ark, fiktkk.n hand* Hgh, arv?'.it yram Old, warranted >uud and Und in Mm do ib> hwi m, ? ?liaM* for crowia, buloharv or an? light biudnm*# Apply f?> I*. Vf ATKWON, O'J Chriry rt. li*OR SALE-A ROAN WOKrfK, HTX YKAH* '?LI> THIS F Bprlny, aouud and kind In all I aman, ard ian t ?? 1n 3i 40 iitrf; will I*#** old mm the pi? mnt ov. um bus no Uni* ' u? tldo. For iiii'ltiT par; cdam *<' ir??v, W. M., bo* 100 liri'tld cfltoe. LV>r. bilk CIIKAI'-A r.ain F. NEW WAOoxjrosT J? $l.Ml; will be eolil l it ?IW, lit * d:?b' for una or two li(.r?i'i. Appljrnt S6I ftiirJ aren't*. fllliK Si BSCRIBKK Wl- llKS TO EXCHANGE HIS X 1 ^lil shifting lop Fnery, 'ii lite order, fur :t genteil Iwn eeeted wagon far Mt Dote*; would eleu ruhenge loo Loree lii ? pi .iv in inc. Addle.*,!, P. Ij., toi 16 Ili'iiH O'l c . 1 I-?OK A BOB i I. Pirrx SPRING TOP WAGOK ifllt)lf erd llernt<M ill complete, The hrent I* so'mil, tivh.h end Int. good r.'li i- nu'lill" and petT'-olly neall'. Ini|uire hi M' Kartell, in r.rber -..op, 70t Broadway, -j> etnlre, from Sio A I*. M. MATRIMONIAL. VYOl'HO HENTI.l.V Oi, Ot GOOD TO.S.IION AND I ruai ), lull ? e.r iig> i In llil. citjr, i o liu m obliged to rr.1.1 d* If w* I'J Imltl til. eeqllHlntelUM! <>1* -t Well .'III' i?<**d ti. iiig l.d,,. wt.in ol ii>in| erunn.nl, end epi'ieriallte of irtpii mt nt To i<'i'h woman he would o'tcr. In ell elneei.v, etnrtei lirei i end n I ail eflP I?nt ti prlecl a wtp, l ,.'un ed'l:f?? llenry MulJletor, Hi. n I", Aoi;.vti.em \y ok tw knty sk.ven, educated' pr.|?>e-e??lng etui moving In the bo-it enototjr, deelme b> ?i,i-n ? inn iv ?pr nd ii me ?it I; e lit1 y withe view lo r. > ! intonj. l itrtoeptione1)!? iet?r?n ^ e" h" given uf the eteuiilng, Ac., ef Urn ttplier, whuec luntltiK me ?',n.-en . The ledy nmel I*- pretty, eocomplAlie-1 uiu' v orthj up I onorehle irlen<l>h'p AUdreev 1". . e' llmi Vvw N ork Pnfi noire, AMfTY, TdS-hsSIMi ilKKJNKMK.Vr, SIX IA1. P0 . elllnn, eeettli end I iteghb-e . il'tle?, 13111 eecrulu br i i ,e?| onding with C wlebf. ?i*'n.i II l'n.t oUlc. Iliel grn I't meti td tilioo ibted reepe.uhiUl, end po'Vi-?lug Intrlnelc irerli I* eH. ' lely eei-hiug a e lie. MATR1MOMAI.-A GCNTr.rtMX ItKSIBBS TO COB i.ejHind villi e jroutif Uiljr of rettieiuraf,ed atlon ett.i .r blunt If llh A rln'f ll. Iflutl rflflfl V T.MI?n IA ((if. ,-> ? I ? hi Jill vldie**, III cnnfldwut, II '.gtiini, Dili' l'|IM|t> |*OUI O'l.i*. MATRIMONY M.AIiK RAXY- WITH IKeiRl'(rri054 lor c mining, in orrtr. iuk<ii tl.r a Ttirlioit* ol tb" npnu?||C ???; IC pA^' S : il. Aunt ou po'd, i . mrip-of iUi c nl?. J1 I'. RIN N, Hii' rn?? rtruul. HOAItlHNf* AlfU MIlllilNU. 4 r NO. AO NINTH RTMKK'r, UKI'WKUN I MVKKtflTY ?V I'll" ami I Iflh a oiiuc. ? Koou.a I I, in r .1 < 01 ntnlilr, with Tnrti'W* Hah ?I. Dinner 6 o'WOfk. ItclrrntN glvon ml inquired. No moving In May, A LADY AND OKMtt.l MAN tilt IHFo (II.. Ti.KMKN . ?n Imd a plcndi'l suit id I'.i inr n i u lady, Ijnlq p t?on? 111' * ' U i A I, in ; a'aj ihi* p 'nr Ird*: I. ii a irp tio n a!1 ID -Bioml v^y a H|na, I'lca-e cull *1 6S Wr* 1 Miiriy- > nd sin11. AT IA.I AND Itfl WIJHT I'Ol HIXEXTH STRtBP?TWO grntlvmun and th"lr whn? can be? wimndatod with (h'rdiA'.'iijr Roiiinu au?l Xmli ?mi?. Aluo Iwo ."Ingle R> nm< for guntlmnnn. IHnnr aiocekk. 4 I.ADVIN BKOORI.YN WIHMKS TO I JET A BUR. J\. Milmd llonm:, iih h few bonrdtra In II at pp- tnt, in would '?>! i>ni|iy in board wf'fi h?r ibat would Iw ! i .iMlnlij Inl I'm P L', n l:lcli "timbre*. Apply lot line* daya 4Cd:g??K ,H'i?Tif ce. [?E SHEET. KOAHDKO A MO laOOUlMO. AHHJ1ILY RESPECTABLE GERMAN FAMILY, wj hu ,l > blloreu, <jucu|i)Ui'. a Uih4 ,lft?* bourns wtU b*l ft cboi * of l.tit.'i* uiel. in. tun ed Ko inn, with H Mr ! it prl, *VftU' tftbb:. Apply at A- Earn tfinuai urn I. uear AUKUK FRONT PARLOR, WITH kfeiUMOOM, uuely luruUhril, n flr^t Sour, wl'i be let to una or two 111 BlIi'tiiMii Oi kciil.em.,1. ulnl utie, wuti or without Board. at 6JU Bulb fttui.uv, Liciwi .-a Tinny i L,b h alio Thirty olulb alr?> t>. AT HOARDERS DiREOIOIt MI BROADWAY, Uoa.oi-rn Iuruhwo l wit.. pa.Nh uUra of gi-uUi'l I o.ruin,' bona i., .iu<l laiiiili' >. .u tula ft, . in < a y . j- . y t t.y . ul eonnlrv All parties wis In or d> ?ir lib* hoard ra, Wty or country, ebould apply hull laxly. A. 8 BuDlNE t CO. AT 38 OKEAT JONES STREET GENTLEMEN ASD 1 ii their wive* or single geniletin u c.tu am'uuiuiodHtcd Wit!. pleaham Rooms, with Boa. .:, Dinner at 6 u'cloi*. Re. Terences exchanged. A LARGE PROMT ROOM AND PANTRY ON TUB x? accoud lloo , luru.it < <1 or uiiLirni-led, U? Pi, wiili Bomb, to a gentleman auu a if-', or a 1'* a s.ogloienl e.n.n; a no v. ry be irubbR.ui on the third lion", a>. table tor oneort.vu peisun*, iu a private ftuullv. Cn 1 al 0.8 Greenwk b a met, in a,- Morton. K f. true, s tchauasd. AkUIT OF FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH H .ml, ,uilabls to a family, lhe entire Utlril Kin or of tin private Hons ft) Kh-i Tv.-. nty-tirsl sti'ict, opposite Oramercy Park; our nt h best loeauous In iu.- ny. A ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, OONTAJM.NO OAS, J\ but mid co .I iv :e tviibb.il!. om adju mug, o be let, to a netitlvuiau Or a gt llUt uiau uml tun v\III*, w.ih . uil or i art a Roard. Family pi .v t -. References i"|utred. App'yat Zfci Lexington at en , tan a lion .eu iuvn '1 bit l.t a 1Kb i b alt bet. A FEW UOAKDKR.s Wlr.1, 11.. TAlvl.N At 111 WEST Fourteenth a r?i t ta des'iale location), ill a pri ate loudly, t?LO w ill ir.aa" aco nloitible bo...a Cuobm oi Itooina to be bad. Dnnrrutd. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, DEHIRINU HANDSOMEL 1 M ill'lied ito III* I Jlu..rd lor the ludy u.ily) pn a?e cull at ti '. Wr.-t Tw my- iftb s'ro. t. A SUIT OF FURNISH ED ROOMS TO LET, TOGETHER or a. p.miio, wit.i pml al Jtoaid i! ib aired, lo acoueuicu oi.lv, In u pl> i. -ant l cut Inn; the bouvu i.rai lima. Rc.ercnces exchanged. App y at :1 Wed E vculli stri ct, near Hub avenue.\T m NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF hrnu.livct, a e> nil uian and wile u iucle ^uutn uieu tan obti.iu pleasant Ku mis, wltn M..ar.l. . be lintii.ii contains Ibe modern improvements. ASMAl.li PA MILT, liK -101 Nt! IN THIRTY FIFTH atri el. urn r Finn avenue, can ncnunimo tale a lew persui a w lib excellent R o'na and Hoard. None but tlio o of the highest respectability need apply. For timber parliciiJurs address, with real in.me, A. 11. O., station U. Avo: NO WIDOW, LIVING ALONE, AND OWNING tier buii*e, clctaui y furuLucd, would hko a genii man m means, who w ould pay Id erally, to rent a room, or would b.ciiM a btdy and neiu.emau, board lor Ibe lady only. Addreks Mis. Calvert, htai.on D. A FEW DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET?EITHER FURii.gai' ior uniurnubed, wilb bnl class Hoard; parties deairoua of making p riiiai a.it ai-ruiigenu uts tun d" a > upon lavorrnle t. rine, Kc.'ereiicas em banked. Appiy at Ida W est FiHirtfeenth street A STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY OF FOUR. OCCUPYn>ia bve alary r.-, class bouse, with uil modern ui P'MVi'inciita, in a very desirable locution, would mbae a lineral anaiicc u -ui Willi any responsible aiully win. uic In pnr-ull o Ho.iins, with B i.ir.l. A silli O. Rooms of 5 to I can lie are iinuodand. and meals Tnrniib.'d a.iy uf ibe rovitia: a ti'iuity oi A lo 7 would be preferred, and uil th': comfoi '* of home would be guar.i litre i lo'bcin. References exebi.ii.ud. Adores, A. K., ilcinl.1 o Inc. i t tW BAST TWENTIETH STREET, NKAH HROAD* iV way, i Ii?d:Iih>:ii ly lurnu-hed aud very pl-.-artit Suit of Room". oh s-'cond linn , t*? rent, with linar-J; aiiMiother Ho tun; boose ursl clam,; iuouerit ciiiivcnl.nc'i; ) ? iilitni < t\ onvelilmit. B"-:,l Wi rm on otlervd. At to clinton flack, near uroadway?single gentlemen, or a family ot adulta, <uu obtain |>l?iMnt hi.4 tvtll l-ti nt*in-d Hooiua, Willi I oil or partial Uouul. bintier at "ix u'-;lo-li. * young Lai>y can bb accommodated with jV 1: ?ii I'd and a !ui ?.< , ploannnl i mm llnom in un: bullae of a y i. " i'n.l.all wi'ii.w ml), living unite atone, no boarders In in hn re;.as, dr. Aruiy at lb Urti-Dc ?tre<-t, mar Blo o.-. t IVJIVATK I AWII.Y, RESIDING IN VI'iiNTTWENTY. i i ' i i sire, I, m li i-.-t a i?i0e IUImailed Ir.nil Room, on * -- *>n-1 : o ir, w llli good Board and ail < uniform m a ie. lo ad 11L* nun alio wife or two single gi iiuriinii, at prr w i-*; im x 'oiiiii hi Aid, Willi Irntli room, itiia, lire, but and ini wuti-r, piunriee; le.erclHes .ebangeu. Adureaa lor one v.ci'k Mcr-u.. to, .nation K. Mo May moving. \LADY WANTS A ROOM, WITH BOARD. IN A REH.'V. table |ir?i ate family, on ti,e caul aide of tlioeliy, a "iv,! four b alreet; n it to rxren I $1 per work; reference# ext It i ng-sU. Addroas Moit'iii, lluima iillioA, ANY RESPECTABLE PERSON DESIRING A FUKaA. ii.uk u Room tip tuwr, w ith tu.l or partial lioird, at a r -.nuuable prior, in n ttrst i la s iielglibur.niod, and lnm?e oe copied lit a private 1am ly, can hear o. ?n uptmrtniniy by addro oliia a note to M. I) , aiation O Cult oillee. I I.AKiir; THIRD STORY FRONT ROOM, FURNISHED A or i.n'uruialie.:, for t^an.l. iuan and wtl? or two n.ngle g-lul-n on; h-i'iM -iiiiiani- all ibo niod-rii improvements: g-s, oaf a, Ac. Auul, at 77 Fuur.b avenue. Duni-r at 6 Aloek. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH J\ Honrd, a' AO Union ?'t are. Alan a single Ro ill. Keiereii-ea given aim re?pilreu. A1ADY OF yl'IB'f HABITS wishes A neatly tn. uiabco I'artur and Bndmuui, with Boaru, ,u a rsaji rlnb r. k.nw; looatlou preIVrrrd ftclwan Blrec-trr and Fnnrie.-rilli streets. Ad..r- ?a H. M., Heraid oBc?. 4 BTRICTI.Y PRIVATE FAMILY, I.IVINU IN west it Taeni, liitrd abaci, baring inure room man they tequlrr, v. ouU u-eoauaoSatc a Inmlly of two or tbiae pcraoua with han?aoire Apartments. The lie>t of refereuca given and r.-qulred. laureta O. T , llrrald oBUe. A STRICT I.Y PRIVATE FAMILY OF five ADULTS J A, would ice. Ive .v.. p, .am.a nr.o U.eir family. Tlieae wioiivtbo lliwi and unl] Inurdrra .and may, If lurDiarlvva agreaable, ttnd a n-eaau* Liunt. Huum brown stone, with aU lb' iiin.iein lmproviMi?nta, lovaird to Wnat Twenty mwiiil dwl. Ad-.r m 1L, Herald oil ob Board.?klf/tantly furnished rooms, en nuiiv or s n .iv. with or without boa: d, vacated uy parlies going to i lie . ountry, In a u: at I*kh bonne, with mouern improve mi nta, ? XI Burl i re reel. R-feranora, xr. Board.?a front room or parlor and bedmum to rent a No. J.I Grimt Jou.a str-at; also Rooiua for ?inglr qentlemi u Dinner at nix nVlock. Board-handsomely furnished suites of Ro. uia at Ad West Ya enty-airoud street. "itoahd.?rooms, with board, in a house de .17 mramy ju.ii.nu. t-"uiainiug un .bo mouerti niipruveiinu.te. Apply *t 44 Wni Wa-l.itigl.m place. References rxciiangeu. BOARD. -A IiARUK I. Nh'l HNI3UKD FRONT AND : ok rarlnr, on second i!o >r, velib Pantries, la a private rau.il>. Surabl. tora>oi email anil wire or a.ng;? griilis. men, b! .'41 K?f>; Br. .idioy. K- ere nor* given unl injured, bo!*, Board is imr street.-twd beautiful r iu?r" Room i no tli.: mcum r.o..r, with ira , taib, .ire, I h I and cmd ? eler in the r>?.tue, Ac., in a entail private faI Diil : also:- 'ingle Room I'm a Kctiilemitu. Apply at 72 Henry slreei, near Malk* t. | 1J OA Kit IP TtllW?A KM ATX PRIVATE KAMTLT I .1) v . Id h , v, ith buni il. -> a ,ant suit bt furnished or nil lUliitl Runut, | .<e lii'i or separately. ilai, a tine IP eptlon IT inn. sul'nw tor a pbya:e.an. Apply at 124 War: hoi ly- ,'oii 1 air. c, ic.-un 1 il ir ivrst o ' Seieiilhav. UOAKD wanted FOR one IVDVANDTWO <;K.N llani-11 !ti u a .Mail fiiinll.., b-.wiS.i El^lim Itlli ?ml I a oiltn air -ns, and Tnli !. u i nr. !. ave..ues; inns*, be ne.it, pre'ltly tuinl-i ' I rud g.. "I table. All unaware stale lull ! parti: "urs, Muranalt, l.mon aqunrr Foi l oilier. ! ltOAUD WANTED?A OKNTI.KMAN (PIANIST AND II pro'* ? ii ?wvvl- u if .ir;wo r: U.i^l Rooms, io j : !v?n iffn' li'H'.ilf fitrr.lh*, It Iii p>rh og?* purtnlW { {.ii u in uiuii'i. Wry o.letsu. ' Fir t 11 11 ity rt-'iTt rr j *n. T tnur. 1? mo<1<*rate. j Aijilif-HlurotM W'~ k Ail? ,.rot I o* 1,1*41 Fowl oilier, N. Y. Board wanted-i*Y \ simnisii oentlkman in a awl tly prlvuve family, who: a lie oouM learn I iiKusli, j slid sth-re t.ia joinlortr in u . (in-A home rati ' o had, will jay liberally 1: sullei. Add ret.' Eros, fleralil o ?. BO'.RT) WANTED?BY A OKNTI.KMAN. WIFE AND i.. nglilrr: tw. unliirnieli?I Ib> s, one ..n frond i prior, frnni. Ternn nmet be lenstmsblr. Ail Ire-a H. W., Hi- r.i.l . IIOARD WANTED ?A OKNTI.KMAN DESIRES BOARD [ .*? in I'lirale laiully; lic.se lln.a' be nrat . less; .lluner ut ( or hall-pie:; location between Pourleenih and Tli ntuli i at: tli nini FciilB ami 8 mil m en ilea. A.blrra# il. r. W., j BmM office. BOA RII WANTED-ON STATEN IB I. AND, UN THE New II: igbtmi -bl-, by n family, rousim .go uentlcinan. I wl e, child and sfrvani. Address, aialing tlluni.on and term., b . 1.084 Nev A .irk Post ottlec. B' OAKD WANTED?POK A i.KNTLBXAN AND WIFE, w'th IT mi and Hedr?wn\ Oirolabed or 'il.l nriilah-d. In s In.II ? with ?il ilie modem Impiovcments, not store West Toi l'. :?lreel. Terms must Ire moders e. Address hut 1,7Sb N'. v A in k Post oi> e . BOARD WANTSD--IN TOR HOUNTRY, FOR A OHNtleo;..n, wile, tiro .blldien sud serrani. lej.slion must leintb' line of ina II.i '.son lllier Itallma I, near IBs elty. il a.l a .'ominoUl'.'ii ' 'b ibecomforts nf a home. laaa I dun must lie pleimuni, nudtliv enjoyment* of the'iuorv drureti ; object lo bom iln ; h" *?*. A ldwi V., It r.ild other, ?'3i|n,; etacl location nun tfina, o'herwive they will n?l i- wiv notice. BOARD WAXTKD-A LADY, IINUAIIKD IN TBAHItiiiy. liiWIro'H of obtaining Hoard in a private family. Ixj.union Le'.v.een Thirtieth *iuT I -l.tn-th idiru, ami Miu and fclg'.ith avenue*. Tcrmi must bo mod-rate. Addition for lb; ' ? d?) *, ainllnv term*, M. ft. .1., Cation K. BOARD WAHfKD.-A LADY ?AHD l> W'l.Tt'fKIl ao.nd ilk* lo ir.il i iHiCdrrablr D?at, |>ialu Fui nlti.ro, in (k f(M Hoad; A line I ?'"i owl F tarn Included. K~ler -r rwbauped. Apply at 19" Kaal Twenty Ihlid at. BOARD WAXTFiD-IOR A LADY AND OKNTLEMAX, rrh Board I f lady only, in a prliete la-nlly where j iheie r'e no oilier boaiJrra. l.omlon Tenth aim Firly| ?ei*?nd trtei", and Fmir:ii ml E .-Mb avenue*. Addreaa In o -i. HMMd ?B a BoARDIN?.-?To l.F.T, IftTll HOARD, AT HO. M Clinton | la e (1. gbtlt aueet), a very deoiiabln nuti of Rnon-*, u i th- a'coiid do ! front, to a gentleman end hla wife, of n | ai it ol fit' iionen. Alao one on the fourth lloo?. 1|K' JOKI.YH.?BOARD FOR (IftHTLMM MX, OK CO IT. 11 I'lrt, w|(tim?t children; roomalnrge and mry, with cloea a ifroie'. a.id ta'de alrl 'th lire! c'aa*. Location within nvr mlo ne*m l of HO'.ilh in R ail am at fen jr. Apply ai Ji) H'nia alree; BrooklynBrooklyn.?rooxbi with hoako. mtuui loi a ?en'.lrtn?'e ad wife or a nglc gentlemen, may ba : had On or ?ef' r fin-la of May, at M Clinton at-ert. Aopty lo Mi. "ANDKUsOXJU Maiden lane, Hew York, oradtlirM ! a nu;i i ' Mr* II. LlnTgalone, Brooklyn Prat office. UO.AHD IX BROOKt.YN.-~,A UK.NTLKMAN AND ll< n- : wo or three ringle gentlemen ran ttnd pleaaani It auv s in- ;ood Hoard, where the romforla ol a liorna may , be en toyed, .v applying p.I i?'l lP-rgen alrert. ltetw> en Bona ami fie trie "treeta; Atlanllr. oara run wltliiii Ibree ahorl 1 Mm whoI houee. Kelcren-ea elchanged. nOAKD IN HRtlOKLTX ?A (IKXTLBMAX AHD WIFB and a few ilngle gi nlleiueh can find pi anint Roc ma 1 end r>i "1 H 'ird, wVr- the (vm'"rt"il a bom ntuy r e:i1 toyed, at 24# .lav Mrret, b iv en My it'v avenue and Jib nun ' avert, X. R.-Oae, bktt- an I hm'.tr. 5 BOARDING AND LODOiNO* Board in Brooklyn.?front rooms on third story tor slngh and married geulirm?*i. houae iiu oil In.- m<Klcru Improvements, wiU..n Ova minutes' walk of boutii and Wall street fan tea Apply at 33H Henry street, fourth door from Amity Board in Brooklyn wa.nted-ih a location convenient to feme* for a ceutl- man and wife. Addreas, alaling local ion, terms rui a.?ouundjUlooa. also diuing hour, C. T. K , uea l.tv.ti New Yolk I ost ufl.--.e. Brooklyn msioara?to let--tv o or three peasant K- um-, tu a lamlly ur rli g.. -gentle ,u< u, at 18 . \t 111-a t el; ellg l.ly stti: Wd;tht<* minut e'walk from Fdiou 1- rry. Diuiiir at sla o'clock. No removal toe tat of Way_ T> BOOKLI N HEIGHTS.? BOARD. FIRST CLASS, WILL I) l> giteu incaoiani," for Furul'ure, to single oi uurrrd pegmne Dcmer at t> o cloc'r. Lr Caluy tin at mitiuL s'walk to either Wall or Fulton terry. Any uno having lurnttura and wisling to ao ca< hang--, may address 0. U. 0.. box US llernld oll.oe. til AST WDTHB1W) mKEl WEST SIDB OF J Fourth avenue.?An elegant Parlor and Bedrooms, In a on.at.- family, to lei; tine boiae. wtb all modern improvemens, i ard if required. Apply to Meaara. LLibii, m Foui ili ..v. ? e. tflRliNUIl BOARD, FRENCH LESSONS.?a hood op MN'tuni ' fur pairs >aa wishing toImw Freuoiu Roome and It. dlt.ou l" let; uImi a i .r.;e Lark Parlor, furnished OV uut unlist ed, al UH Eaat Twenty-secoud street. t.1URNISI1ED rooms to let ?to ukntlkmen V "Illy. I" a lirsi. laae utttte, t.i- ilv put ate, lest of refer. tt-e-, given and required. Inquire at 173 Uacduu.jal alreol, near Eighth. , T.MRNISI1EU FRONT AND H VCK P VRLORS, ON THE J/ I rat t-.e-r, to l>- ?Toa lady and ?. nil man. with or Million! Hoard yiwi ow only wl.uout -.-uudr u , tiie i.oiiae contains .nodiru luipr.-vemen.d Tn , ire at t'.i Eaat Thirtoeutn sir.-.-t, ..-imiu u BroadMay a..d University pleee ONE OR TWO HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS to .et?without board, to a single geuuetiutu. lu a pri* ViAti*. l? r killl't hrott'n aljmn liAtldJ liUt.iUil lliiOf l? iflh fed uui' Hotel. App y aifJ7 West Twenty .luurtb street. ONE I >K TWO SUITS OS 1' N FURNISHED ROOMS TO let?with Hoard: also an Engl si basement Oilicc. for a wiysii tun. A {Hil ly having Home Su umirw to aell will be favorably treat. d with. Apply at 1V7 Well Thirty-second street, a few doora weal of Ei,hlh avenue. PLANTER8' HOTEL, ?48 BROADWAY.-FAMILIES OR i ? i> le aeiiilf-nn-ii tvlll And pleasant and handsomely furniahed lt" iu? an I a liberal tabie at tola house ; Uouae Urah cluas, looation unsurpassed. Terms reus n <ble. PARTIES HEdlKINO EXCELLENT BOARD. WITH boiol accommodations, a ill i n I ibu Asbiaud Hons", 5U1 ami aim I uurth aveuue, between Twenty.third and Taciityfoin tli streets, a very desirable place. Slices to suit tne times. Tao Suns of Rooms o.i second llo r to let, with Bond, to faini'lee, at a low nguro. Pari es desiring to furnish their own nparliiicnis, two Suits of Rooms on third Hoar trill I e let low, with Hoard. PRIVATE HOARD IN BROOKLYN-TWO Lot ROB AND hamlsouiely Furnished Front Room*, socouu an t third IliHirs, to let, to puriles wliaout Infants and nurses. Isratlon for health and ueauly uusuri assed. Fulton avsnus, second door east from Frsukl'O avenue. rPWO VOI'NO MEN, OF GOOD PRINCIPLES AMD 1 quiet latins, are desirous of mining a pleasant bsini, with rood H ard, lu some small nitrate tanifly, o Christian principles, where they can enjo,. home oo.nforu and privileges; loiatlun belwi en Bleeder and Fourteenth streets. Terms not to e.oecd $7: |ay prompt. Address lor three days \Y. and A.. Herald o:ll e. a 1WO OR THREE M.I.VTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO let to gen 1 o. u. without Board, in a private lamlly; house osv all tUe modern Improvements, anu eouvemenl to curs und Slaves. Call at 54 Kin ,' street. T'O LET-TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD; house bos all the modern Imp. oveinaula; no moving lis Vay Apply at HAS West Elgh.m-nth street. rpo LET-TO ONE OR TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, A J. lar?e front Room, with b.ilmuy In front, neatly rurlilahad, ill a nice, clean, quiet ho tse, with all modern iulpto eiueuta. Apply at 27 Amity street. U7 ANTED.?A RESPECTABLE FAMILY OF PIVR rr person* want Hoard, for U\ c or six months, In a private loudly, in a good farm lion*', of convenient access to his city. Add res-, giving description of place and terms wilsh m l l>c mo i rite, J. T , at llib. rl Carter A Brothers; ! hi oadwjy. corner of Spring street. TIT ANTED?BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN, A OOMTT fortubly furnished Room, with Board, in a LOod locality, In New Yora or Brooklyn, or Rooms suitably furnished lor housekeeping. Ter.ua moderate. Address, stating terms, Ac., Wiillnin, box 20b Heraldollice. WAN TED?PRIVATE BOARDING. FOR A FAMILY d-s ring :i parlor and thr e chambers. Location must be between Eighth and Thirds, h streets, ttecoud auo BevsaUb avenura Address Immediately. Room No. 81, St. Nl- iiolsn Hotel. 117ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIB WIFE. vv wiui asirwuy private jhiiiiiy, am iimiirninu. a r*i tor ar.il Bediuom, with Hoard, in a good hicaltiy, and where they i nula hi ng mm - rurnlt..ro. This might be a rood chanoa for a puny t,*'itug in housekeeping. H it of refer, aces glv an uiul required. Address A. L, tox Ml Herald nlBee, stating t u.l peril, uleri and terms. IWAVEllLKY PLACE, CORNER OP BROADWAY.? Kuril If bed Rooms are to let, in families or single gen- / tlemen; th lo-uttou Is tbe moat ceoti~.il in New York; B"srd can be I urn.sued tf desired. ' i)Li OKEENE STREET.?PL'KNISHB1* BOOKS TO LBT, aiQ 10 gi-iitlemeu only; Ro inn at 75 en.i to $3 per Week; alio elm bar Rooms and Humai lor bouMkeeplug, at I] Man roe street, corner of Catharine. QC AND 37 WERT THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN Of J Broadway and Kit th avenue.?Two or Uiree Mi eel i amilie'Uod three or four gentlemen can now be accommodated with aulta and ilngte Rooms. newly I'urnlabed, and la on* of the moil delightful location! In the city. Table Hi it claw. Heterencei excEsoged. , * A VVWti 8 OH ARE, NEAR SEVENTEENTH Tt airaet?Proat Rooms over looking tbe l*arfe, a ad other till* of rot mr. to let, with Board for the luiumer. A L* WEST TWENTY POWRTH STREET, BETWEEN TV) Klftb and Ruts avenues, furnished Rooma. ta auMa in single, Fuitanla for f< mi Ilea or ilngle gentlemen, can b* hid on reasonable terms. C7 EA8T*TWSNTY EIOHTH STREET, REAR POURTH %) ? avenue.?Desirable Ko .mi on second t.oor, connecting or separate, and suitable for genllomen and ihilr wtvi s, la lei, with Board, In a first class bouse; no mo ring in May. Kelcrenoee tsobaagad. Tu Sl'KINU STREET, THREE DOORS PROM BROADt7 way.?To let, handsomciy furnished Rooms to single gentlemen; tbe location la mar alt the liy.it alius hotels anefi pUn i Si.r annulment. Reading rooiu free. Inquire of ARSON Hoi SE. QQ OREENE STREET, ABOVE 8PK1NO, ALSTON f70 House.?Elvgauily turmrbed Bulls of Rooms: gaa t'rotun and every convent' uce for liousekaemug eeoaamtrelly; particularly suitable for,>mall. respectable Tan. Dies or slugle gi'iiili'iuen. Ht.nl low in pciiaanettt tenants. lift MACDOUUAL STREET, REAR BLEECKER?IS lit/ now tinetied aa a nrtvate fain tie hotel tap the reset) tten of single gentleu.-eu ?r *m?U families tired of boarding. I'm tie* desirous at housekeeping can find every eonrenlenc* at tue above cslanltsbiurnu 1 ">'-l wavkrley place-A FEW ubntlembn OR \.ZiO ctBilrnrn and Uielr wives can find pleasant Rounta, with Hoard. locution between Filth and Sixth avra. 1 -xfi PRINCE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELBluU gautly furnished ltoowe, with Bedrooms attached, with all tha conveniences lor housekeeping complete, Including gai aud t'rolon water, to let to respectable families of single gentlemen. 1 Olft ELM STREET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHBD Aparlineioa lor Immediate occupancy. Toe lowest renta In ; he city, eunMdering ihe convenience of economy la housekeeping. lira. t edd-ntf and furnttnr", with lunge, cooking ntent la aud llurn r-innlcte; gaa and t ruton. Of* | EAST TENTH STREBT.-dk FEW GENTLEMEN uaU'T" run have Board tor $3 M per week. Alao a gentleman and xvile can have a email Parlor, wltb B drooro, for $7. tlaa and bathroom Included. Room, furnished or nnfuinialird, with Btiard. country boarlt. Board at vonkers with a private family ? A ciiilemnn and aia wire run bo aorommodeled with KihI B. arl with a prlxute family at Yaokcra, loeaiad on lb* nl.aof tbetiiideon river, with beautiful river vl-w, and only irn mluutea' walk from Rleamlioat landing and lower depot, or Iwo mlnutea' walk from Ub-nwood depot. rrtew 18 per week. Addrcsa U. T. M., boa 1,643 Post oflieo, Row Yuri. CtOLOIBIA HALL, LEBANON SPRINGS. N. Y.-THB / Hotel at tbla faalil'mable mate ting plaoa Will be onsmed to v.ailuni on the Utn May. Pamilira and parties wishing accoinmodatloua for theseason, wlU plaaaa address thaproprletor. Term* reasonable. A. PARSONS, COUNTRY BOARD ?FAMILIES wishing board ir I lie country lor tbc coming anmniar, can find good Board and Rooms ui Oak IIUL altuatad twenty miles weal of the Hudson ritra, at Catakill. Stages leave CatakUl Tuesday*, Thursday* and Saturdajaror the place. Terma ?4 per week. H I 11 nee given. Conveyance* and (tabling furnianed. Mra. RHoDV BKI.L, Ifntel, Oak Hill, Greene county, B. Y. COUNTRY BOARD?A FBW FIRST CLASS board ci h ran be a<i immndated wltb Board and ploaaAnt Room-, >n a private family residing In tha beaaltful Tillage or Farramgwn, t'onne t ru'. Ad lraee boa 63 Karmington Fn t o lie". Refereucr E. E. t'owlea, No. 4 Now atreat. / to I NTH> BOARD-TO HOTEL KBBFBRS AND ulhera ?Permanent country Board wantad, for a genlie man, wile, child and aerxant, xxithln or about thirty mile# front the rity; mutt be of easy and rapid aoceas. Address, slating terma and accommodations, H. a. P., boa I3S HemM tMBce. nni'tiTitv unaun a Mftv ittninisn ta ma v moutualna, on the Brl* Railroad, M mllee from New Turk, would like to gal a few children (glrla preferred) to Board ami Educate. They will receive every alienlloa and molher'eeare; a compeient teacher wHI be employed to Inatmct On-m. City reference given. Fur further partlcuLaie aiMrt aa V. P , Bloataburg, Rockland eeuaty, H. J. (fOl'NTRY BOARD-AT PAIRMOI'NT, TWRLV* MI LBS J fro:.- City Hall; eaay of ac--**; t-oe garden and plenty of fml-. l or loriher particular!addrvee Country Beard, nation O. COlNTRY BOARD WAYTED-FOR FIT* OR MX PAm.Ilea, wnhtn iweorihrer houra' rlile of therliy- alan ler Meveral ?iini;le gentlemr 11. Apply to the t'eualry and Clljf Hoar l R-vi.try, Broadway, room 21, or addrea* A. c. J once A Co. CTOINTKY BOARD WANTED-IN A FRBVflH KAMIJ ly, for a lady and daiignter, from the let of May nati) the laat of October. Baal of reierenr.-a firm and required. Atldrcaa, elating parlieulare. M. H., nation F, Third ar. t iointhv board ma* be obtained by two ?>n I j tine# .ingle genU?m?n who require upertor nwomno dattoos. In a llrel c.aae private h-iuaa; amiated ona hoof from New York; acaaeatbfe many litnra a day by boat or rare. flood boallng, hallilng, halting nnd eplendld drive. 1'artlr requiring each a?-ommodatieaa aaly win pleaae a<lqreae Country Board, Herald office. Alao good ataidlng. t>r*MER hoard r anted?by a hmall family, i r in a neal and ooml-n table larm bnoae, where there are no other boarder*. Addreaa, with partknlara and stailr a tarma, nblch mutt he moderate, bo* R.B77 New York Poet 0 IB re. ________ THRKR FAMILIES C AN BR AtToMMoDATBD WITH good country Board, from let of May. in llokotua, on ute New Y- rk an.l F.r-e Railt.-a.l, aho-it one ho r a ride iroin ike city, at--t t*-u nilnutea' walk fr m depot; ol-awntly located ar'l pr-rfertly heal'hy; pl'nty o- fruit, v# tahl.-a and abmi-luic e ->f mi.* For lurther'i-nrtictilare inquire of JOHN 1 A If, ra-m- , W3 Washington etrceh