12 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9346. BOARDING AND DODGING. ^ AT NO. AO NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY plate and Fifth avenue.? ROoine to let, en euile or aiuKle, with tiraitla*" a,Mid. Oicuer at o'tiock. Kcfereucea riven aud rec|iured. No moving in May. AKOOM ON SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING OAS, but and told water, with balhri.om adjoining, to be let, to a renin man or a gentleman and bia wile, with lull 01 partial Board. Family priTalt . Referent ea required. Apply at ktll Leilnytoo avrune, third bouseaboee Thirty eighth atieet. A FEW BOARDERS RILE BE TAKEN AT 114 WEST Fourteenth aireet la deeiratile loration), in a private family, who will make aeomfot table home. Choice ol Rooina to be bad. Diuner at 8. A LADY, HAVING TAKEN THE HOU8E 38 TWELFTH IX. street, a tew doors welt 01 Broadway, la prepared 10 let Rooms, either in suits or separately, with Board, to gen ' <-'i?n aud their wiiei or single gentlemen. The bouse is legaiuly furnished. All the accommodation! will be in ihe best style. A FEW BOARDERS WILL BE TAKEN AT 93 HOD son street, near Franklin. Terms low. No moving iu *?*?. ____ AT Z? WERT FOURTEENTH STREET OENTLEMEN and their wives or single gentlemen can have pleasant Rooms with Board, f urbished or unfurnished Dinner at six. Hsftrti.es exchanged. A OENTLERAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GENA Ueinsa can bud good Board and pleasant Rooms in a private family. Rooms furnished or unfurnished, on second or third floor, with pantries: hot and Fold water. Inquire at KM Twelfth street, between Sixth and Seveulb avenues. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM ON THIRD FLOOR; also single Rooms uo second, to rent to gentlemen, without Board, bouse modern. Apply at 61 Fourth avenue, mr Ninth stiset, one block front Broadway. AT 38 GREAT JONES STREET-OENTLEMEN AND their wives or single gentlemen ran He acrommodaled wilb pleasant Rooms, with Board. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References exchanged. AT 20 EAST TWENTY KrKTll STREET, BETWEEN M idisun and Fourth avenues? Handsomely furnished Rooms lo let. with Buaid; a private table it desired. A LARGE, PLEA8ANT FRONT ROOM, ALSO ONE large rear Room, suited for a gentleman sod lady or single gentlemen, can be obtained at 4b West Ninth street; rooms contain large closets, hut and cold water. Dinner at 6. Kciereucus exchanged. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. OR QUIET LADY, CAN naves large from Parlor, bouse English base men I, with or without Foard for lady; location tenir.il; family small, and a1! no d i n improvements; no moving in May. Annivitl "t Annlw ,-lreet A FEW SELECT FAMILIES OB SINGLE GENTLEmen can obtain lirsi ruu accommodations id a private family by applying .it lit? Clinton place (Eighth street). Bust of reference* given una required. A LADY AND HER PON DESIRE TWO UNFUR. Dished Rooms, with Board, In a private family; location not above Thirty-eighth street nor be ow Fourteenth street Address, stating terms, which must be moderate, A. T. C., Herald office. A FURNISHED PARLOR, ON FIRST FLOOR, TO LET, with or without board, would answer lor a doctor or dentist's office; none but those who are established need apply. Reference* exchanged. Apply at 312 West Fourteenth street, near Broadway. Abscond floor of three rooms?unfur Dished, for a lady and gentleman, with or without Board for lady only, m a small bouse, with all the modern Improvements, and where no other boarders will be taken. Address Mrs. Havtn, station D. A PHYSICIAN HAVING EVERY CONVENIENCE, A tine residence and surroundings, will receive into his family a lady expert ing to require medical attention; comforts of a home, care and kindness can be realized; eicellenl neighborhood; family unobtrusive. Addrets Secresy, station () Post office. New York. A WIDOW LADY, HAVING GOOD PLAIN FURNIJX lure, wishes Board for the use of it. Address Mrs. Webb, elation D. for three days, staling where an interview sea be had. A WIDOW LADY OF RESPECTABILITY WILL LET, to one or two single gentlemen (German preferred) a front Room, on the second floor, neatly furnished, with Breakfast if desired; house has all the modern improvements, no boarders or children. Apply et 27 Amity street. A ROOM and BEDROOM on THIRD FLOOR, WITH large closets, water, gas, he., to let, with Board, on res aouable terms. After 1st of May two froat Rooms on availed floor. Kooma will no* be let unfurnished. Call at 21 Dtfealk avenue, between Tweirtb and Thirteenth streets. Board-vert desirable rooms and home eumforta may be obtained at 181 Eaat Fourteenth street. Board -rooms to let, with board, suitable for married or single gentlemen; modern improvement* in the house; terms moderate. Apply at 41 Seteuth street, a few doors west of 8ecnnd avenue. Board-elegantly furnished rooms, en suite or s'bgiv, with or without Board, vacated by parties going to the country, in a first class k>>uae, with rnoucrn improvements, al 32 Bond atreet. Keferen es. Ac Board-a suite of rooms and board, after May 1; suitable for a gentleman and wife; van be aecn now; two rooms empty; would suit single gentlemen wishing a good house at moderate price. Inquire at 26 Abingdon square, neat to corner of Weet Twelfth street. Board wantkd-by a middle aoed widow luily, where sewing would be considered an equivalent or pan a! equivalent lor Board, either iu the city or country Addivtm Mrs L. w. M . box 212 Herald office. Board wantkd-by a young lady, in a privute fainuy Where they will allow her to work in her room, terms inuat not exceed $3 id a weak, would preler living up town. Address Board, 1,144 Bnadnay. above Twenty-sixth alieet. Board wanted-in a respectable family for two ladies and a girl eight years of age. Terms not to exceed $3(1 per months. Address lor two rlays Mrs C., station g. Boarding.-a hew gentlemen can be accummodated with good it.mid and pleasant Rooms, in a plain family, at #4 Greene si reel. Terms moderate; tw o minutes' walk from the St. Nicholas, and convenient lu business I men. Boardinu-a pleasant suit of furnished Room*, on second floor. are offered, with the Comforts of home, lo three adults, by a mill family, pel inaiieutiy located Teims le.moi able. Those wl>o respect the - baubatb prelrrred. Inquire at 68 West Twenty niutb street, from 3 to ftp. M. Brooklyn-handsomely furnished rooms to let, with or without Board, Id a ?in?il pnvate family. D.nner at am o'clock in tbc evening RKeretit es ? ictiaiiged. A|'|ily at No. 2118 Henry wr??l. between Stale anil Atlantic streets, urar tbc Koi.tb ferry. ? mnmmm directory,' 6ci bri?auw ay.?all IJ wishing genteel Boarders should a, ply immediately. Parties wishing Board in this city, Brooklyn and .Jersey Oi y, also country, furnished full particulars gratu toualy. Board wanted for several Jamil e* and single i-iitlcineii Immediately A. S BO DINE A CO East twenty third street, west side of Fourth avenue ?An elegant Parlor anil Bedrooms, in a private Tamily, to let, bun bouse, with all modem .intnuvr- i mcnts. Board if required, Apply to Memos LI >11, JSi Fourth avenue French hoard, FRBKCH less NS.?a good op portunity for persons wishing tu I 'am French. Kooms and Bedrooms In let, also a large back Parlor, fi rnslicd or unfurnished, at 98 East Twenty-second street. i filURNlSHED ROOMS?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY r vvdl let tliren nicely Furnished K oms. i. hsri t orn of an ingltsfe kaaefnenl kous, tapthlf w sspailtc, so stsxls mi* tlcuien, bouse tunlaiiis modern lmpm< emcnta. lu ai.un oihI, mid convenient to car aud stage lOuter. c id at 212 west Tweilth street. TjUJRNIgHED ROOM TO I.ET?HINOLE OR EN SUITE, P to single gentlemen or families. Apply to Mrs llullv. :U5 West Twi iitv..bud street. Stages passes the door. Niar the i ark "Lit RNISHBD ROOMS TO LET?WITH OK WITHOUT F Board, at No s Hi Mark's place. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LF.T-WITI1 HOARD. TO gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlemen. In the hist duns house, with all the modern I nproveitieuts. No. I) Ashland place, Perry street. No moving lilU KNIHII ED ROOMS TO RENT-WITH FlJLl. BOARD, P fur gentlemen onlv, in an elegant house in Twenty, third street, near the Fli'th Atenue lint I Address VI o I Madmen equate Poet oilier, H4u llriMtdtvay TBI RNI8IIKD OR PNFIRMSHFD ROOMS TO LET, P with full or paitikl Uuaidg^ii ll^Sc lol avi our. Kclcrrnrea rtchiingrtl. HU'R.NISUKD OR I'NFI KN1S1IEJ R4H? C-WIT1J Bonrd, In a ple.iannt locality >n vrry reasotiU'ie tern a, i'.. in be bad at Mi Kaat Thii tee (Mu at reel Mrs marv n shmner. jj west twenty nintit Urn ! ran no* oiler the choice of several Moll* ami sin rl. K, o,"S to paraoon desiring to tonic aitiihgcineiltB lot Hoard lor tin- emiiing your or traiinlmitf). Kelerc irea ?tllwnfMl. Rooms to let-witii hoard, on third and Iimii 111 noor* of 614 Kant Sixteen,h atrecl. bear lrioig place; lii.iatifidle pnesenalon may Do had; relet, m en ri HmUM TO T.RT-Wini BOARD, PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON tli* ami lid floor, unfurnished, and Hall Rooma, Tor malted, to ilnglr I'lltlnnieii House liaa all llie in,?l< ru in, urovtmietit* Dinner at alx o'clock Inquire at *13 E.iat Tenth alrnet, near Second avenue. \rKRY DES1RARI.R SPITS OK A PA K TMENTS POP. ainall ip'liter I famlllra, in n tie* limwn aionn Moose, n Ith marble inaiue!*. fiaa, ivauir, Ai at AU i t inoi.ib. Apply daily allrrll A M on Hi* premier!, r*i West Thirty fifth anon, oppoaite thu Areenal. WANTED-A PARTY OF THRKK TO BIX PESTLE V? man Uonntera, to occupy a lent* Pallor, with Mart ny Rooms adjoining, i,. Clinton an tine, Hrosljru, Inun liny I Rooms will tie turnl-linl nmv and io anil Ad tr, ?a A, getiiou, box IJu Herald ollice, ?A?A WK'-T I NIII.N syl AHK -T'i I.ET Vt I : IIiTTt all) board, A Knit ol rlcgant bewly furnished Rooma on aiTorol lliair, with i*lr*t oarp*l and rsmcwood fin nitnre, Ciidon water and rns; froutine the park Also other Kooma, loiiiilsoiurly furnished, fronting the perk, a Hording a Ue li?hifnl view To genII"men only. T(k SPIHNO STREET. I'lltlKK DOOPS t rom bro 11) ? way ? In let, hanileomny formatted Itcainn lo tingle gentlemen; llir :n, alien is n> ir nil the I f xt clasa hotc's ami |,lai ra i,f ainiiaemeiil. Heading tooin free. Inquire of AN RUN MUUBE. (Pi 11 HELM', STREKT, ABOVE SPRINtl". ALSTON *J?f llo'iae.?Elrgaiiily Inrm hrd Suita of Kooma, gas 4'mton ami every runroiilenee. for henaekeepina eeonomlrally . puill, olarly skliab o lor siaall, respectable families or aliicl* grn'b'inrti It nt low to |,i maiient lenanla fk>? BT MAJRK R PI.Af'S HOOD BOARD AND WELL >J I tn,malied Itooina lor gentlemen and their wlvex, or aingle trntpinen ,\,l modem improvement* Dinner n. enoVitis. I'rli e oioi.etiie. ) [E NE NETfl BOARDING AND UIDGINGt 11H HACOOUUAL STREET, NEAR BLEECKEK?IB I1U now upeued iu> a private faun I* hotel, lor the receplioo of single gentlemen or imall families urcd of boarding. Parties desirous of housekeeping > ?n lind every convenience at the above establishment 11a bi.keckek STREET, two BLOtKR west ok J.1U Broadway -Furnished Rooms to let. u lib or without Board; meals served in rooms tl desired. Tiansieut boarders accommodated. KOR. SAL.K. A LIQUOR STORE FOR HALE OK TO LET-A BARgain will tie given, lease tor several years inquire of J. t. BOIIMFALK, 816Third avenue,cuiuerof Filly-hUb street. BUTCHER 8II0K FOR SALE, CHEAP-NEATLY fitted up .with marble slab and futures complete, good location, Mast be aold, as tb? owner is going to the country. Apply in tbe grocery, KH Flaibusb avenue, Brooklyn. IpOR SALE?TUB STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A Lager Bier Saloon and l'orter House, at 72 Third street. Teruts reasonable. FOR SALE?IN BROOKLYN. A FIRST CLA88 OROeery. good location, selling out on account or the owner rng South. Address, slating real nauie and address, C. v., lleruld ofboe For sale-a confectionery store, six tears established, tbe best lucailoa in tbe city for doing a g?<xl each business, su experienced worbntan will stay if wauled, who bas worked Ave years for ibis store. It in a bargain, ('all m tbe store, corner of Canal and Thompson streets. For sale?thR lease and fixtures "ofr a wholesale Oroetry and Liquor store, lie slity desirable anil the business good. Apply at 21S Kill ton street. FOR SALE-THK OLD ESTABLISHED DINING AND Oyster Saloon, known as the Sylvan Shore Retreat, at llarlciu Bridge, together with 18 Fishing Boats and Fillures. Apply tin the premises, to WILLIAM KENNEDY. For sale-a confectionery, ice cream and OytP r Saloon, in inn ol the beat locations in the city; Will 1is* will.I ist a hiirauifi Aniilw on lh? urriiiiHPk 4IL*> Sixth avenue. Jrioit sale-an Ericsson caloric engine. 24 ' iiiehaa diumeiT For particulars apply to sa.ml el mil! S, at the iiiui bine ahop ol Mr Young, CI (Voire street, rear building, or to PKEDR. FRANt'K, 517 Pearl street, tirst Boor. Ij^or sale?to a cash customer, the rich it to ' manufacture for the State of N<uv York an artlc'e which is wanted in every family, hotel, saloon, oar and slagc < ompany, it pays two hundred per rem prom, and can ho man ilaciurcd with very Utile trouble and upon a amallcapital Will he koM for (MX), part cash, and the balance < au he paid from the profits. Address ('. P. T. boi 1KB lleiald odlre. For salk-at a bargain, as the owner is going (Veat. the Lease, Slock and Fixtures of an axcelleut and well lilted up cornel Liquor Stor-, on the east ?ide of the city. Apply to T. GAFFNEY, Auctioneer, 59 Centre Street. For sale?the fixtures, AC., op a first class English Ale Houac; one ol the heat locations for busineaa In the olty, a lew duora from Broailtvay and near the theatre*. Also, the llimie to let; to a KOlvetit truant and -?nt. customer a bargain Is olli red. No agents need apply. Address, with real natne, t. Wilkes, box SSQ llerald oiaee. FOR SALE-FOR *461). THE LEASE, STOCK AND Fixtures of the beat corner Liquor Store in Hoboken. with a On* three atory and basement urick house and garden; lease for six years; reut only $35(1; no taxen. Apply on the premises, 162 Bloomtield street, corner of Fourth. A rare chance. For sai.e-at the city of pougiikeepsie, a valuable steam power Engine, 20 horse, and boilers sufficient for tlie engine, together with all the Machine 17, now in auoeessftil operation, consisting of one of Woodworih's large, class Planets and Matchers (the only one in the city), and an upright Mill Saw for resawing; and, in addition, all the modern improvements for Box manufacturing, with s good run of custom in New York city. Tills establishment la located on the dock, near to boats and rail reads, in s three story building OH by 100 feet, the (esse of which building runs three years front May I, 1802, and can lie extended. For more full particulars parties at e requested to apply to VAN KLEEUK A KNICKERBOCKER, on the piomiaes, 01 to HENRY W. Sli AW. real estate broker, at the city of Pougbkeepste, or of T. REED, 2fi>J Washington street. New York, if not previously disposed of will be sold at public auction, on the premises, on Wednesday, April 16, at 2 o'clock p. M., to dose the copartnorth pi For sale?the recipe and entire business of Lord Ward's Woreetisnhirs Hauce, Machinery and Block oil hand. The proprietor bat ing other busim si, cannot attaint to It. Address c. E. D.. box 120 Herald office. For sale.-a boda water manufactory appa. tun, (English patent), with BottlingTableattached,anil, able for druggists or confectioners, for sale elirap at 23 Betifortl street, corner of Downing, church basement. For sale-a small, neat, newly fitted up Restaurant, Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon; tent low and fixture* cheap; a pood plat e for business; reaaon for wiling, want of means. Apply on the pretntat-a, At East Twelfth atr.rt. IpOK SALE?THE WAVERLEY HOTEL. COMPLETELY ' furnished; a chanre aeliiom offered; situated on the Bioomlngdale road and Ninety.aixth street; >a a Itrat class roa.l house. It baa no e<tual. The above honl will be sold at a great bargain to a rash customer. None others reed apply Inquire on the premises of GEORGE W. jenkins, proprietor. I7IOR SALE-GROCERY STORE ON EIGHTH AVE" lute, well located. Tin* opportunity will be olfered to a person with a few hundred dollars to sc< urn a well established business. Rent ot store only $J7S. For parti ulaia apply lo DYE A CL'RTISS, SOB Sixth avenue, between Thiriiethand Thirty lirst street*. IjHiR SALE?THE FIXTURES OF A BUTCHER'S SHOP, ' consisting m a marble lop Stall and e rred b. el Tray, a large sued Ice Box, Spring Balance S ale- autl Tools, also a Cart and Harness; all in hrst rate repair Wili he sold cheap, as the shop in which they arc t* to be to ti down. Apply at No. 3P5 Sixth avenue, corner of Nineteenth un ci, wt.ere the above articles can be se-n IJIOR SALE-STEAM ENGINES AND BOILEUs, FROM 1 three to fifty hmse power, of all descriptions; one No. 3 Steam Pump, one No boo., one Hand I'tau r, ;s,UU)p .da S'.pcriur Journal Metal, lot -ale cheap t.y Till IS K MILLS, ID Wall street. For sale-whole or iiialk of a finely hu r nished Saloon; everything connected Is in tirsi ta e order, ladies'and gent's tt< o< ulid tenement owl-a.l, mot for wl.olc, $ <00: grand opportunity with $3(M)oi ftXH). F. D. RICHARDSON a t O.. s2 and M Nassau streel. 17IOR SALE-A 100 HORSE POWER ENilNE, 10 INCH ' cylinder, 4 feci stroae; also, an Upright Engine, u no b Ol.nder, 10 'nehes stroke, a Donkey Engine; aboni so fee of 4 inch Shafting a quantity of Belling, various sl/ea; 2 30 Kirc Br.i k, JU0 Wbeelbirnws, suitable lor a hm kyard; t Carts, Ac. Apply to BANKS A ANDERSON, 04 Wall street, or at the East River Bank 6-4J Br sdwsy. For fiale-a wine, fruit and confectionery Store, choice su ck of botlleil Lupine*, Kcgars, Spnm, Ac. Sample room pays all expenses; nu civ luten op, .mated on A it mill-In tlieir.il....fare Anulv.n VV X I'sr v.. ?< B.oaiiway. room No"l, bnlwren'iu ami 2 oMiork. FOIt Mil \ BMt 4 ND HIIIMg SAIOONAup.y at 57.'. Unrtwiii atreet IjVJR HALE FOR S2M-A RMALL AND \EUV FRET 1 ty commiatdon liuaine?a; la doing n (air tin* i.r?a, ?ui< h can he fthown: it will beur an eiamiDatioii , preaeiil propm lor i* .ntere.ted In ft i atrnt. F. i>, RICHARDSON, A CO , 82 and fel Naaaau aircrt FOR SALE CHEAP?THE LEASE, MrOCK AND FIX lurra ol ft wholesale and rrtftii Liquor More, in the beat location m the With ward, ealahlmhed tm ?in?l ymrifti.il do ng a good bunineee. Apply to T. QAFFNKY, Auctioneer, W Centre aired. 1.1 OR HALE CHEAP FOR CASH?THE STOCK. FIX1 I1 ti.row and Oood Will ol tnr Stationery, Toy and P'riouM) c?l Hloie 231 Bikth avenue, our dooi above Fil'.-ntli afreet, no fttii oi* or aneUoMera need apply Inquire in tbe ?Wue In Ihi evening. HOTEL FOR BALE?A COUNTRY HOTEL FOR sale, with g.jod buildings, situated In a pleasant village on the nation. Kaiiioad For panic laia inquire of 7 TOMLINHON A CO , 28#Oreenwieh street, N V. IRON FAFF. FOR HALE-A I A ROE IRON FAFF. FOR nil'. It coal $HIK), will bo ?<pld for 51 111. It ia ncuily new, and a* good as now. Inquire a' No. IS J'lno a reel IRON COLUMNS FOP. FAI.E-75 I.ENOTIlH SIX INCH" met Iron Steam I'I pea, 7 >i loot long e i?li, tollable I or col umna in baa m int* and miner icllare, oi l..r con.eying tdraui Apply at 2) Dey *lrret JOHN I HKEDIKERS HOTEL FOR HALE, THE above Hotel, i omplet.-ly fur. lahed in tbo lalcaiaa.nl tonal Improved maiuier. aitualrd on the Brooklyn nml Jamaica I'lB'ik Rondn, a ahort distance irmn lioih the Union and Cnntinville Race Cnuraea, together with about 22 arret of Lnnil, on w lilch are the largest ari l moet dealii. ble amble acci ii.modatlon, la now offered for sale, on tbe moat liberal ? rime Ah a Ural euaa road bouse |t I .am no equal, ant ita oltei .* in op|)Ort'iiilly seldom offered, to any oi.o wishing to go In business liomedlatcly, aa possession will be given on the 1st ol May. Idbi. The laud alUclie.l will ha ieil<ned to whalt tec number of acroa the purrhaner may deMrr jf not aoid iuimedlfttely, I' woiihl be leaned for a term of yearn to a I.ret ! :??, responsible truant For further lulnroialion and particular* addre>a or Inquire of .IOIIN A CROHN, Esq , . ate ol Marvin Cross. lumber dealer, foot of Morion atreet. MILLS FOR SAI.E IV CANADA WEST-A STEAM (trial Mill, with three run o aloiiea, and Cirrtilar Saw Mill. Thev mat mri $.S,IK)0. The owner, lielng engaged In liter hwlnean, to help the trade "I the eniage would well th< in in mi acme bneimaa man tor near half ol lirat eo.*l. Th- v ar. nearly new, now doing a good i>iiainr?n, are acHun Inge.nialy ailuaied at tin* Hiam hiun elation of the linrlph blanch of lhr llroat Weaterj Kailaa), would mar property for a pattof Ihc pnrcbkM tnuury. \VM. RosEHt Rilll Branohton, 0. W MACH1RBRY FOB MALE. -ONE. II0R1X0NTAL KM line. i.tijiKi Imhea; one horlrontiil Engine, lurkee, mi* beam, rnndenaing Hnglnr, ?D4?.rH Inchea; alao, Engine*from ttve to twenty hor-e*. ami dealer In Lomntotirea ami Varhlnerjr JOHN STI'A ST, 19ft Broadway STEAM B.MIIMK FOR SAl.E-0.SE NEW HORIZON III, twenty hora* power, < limp to. e.iah. Apple In A A ItllEl. I'AW, Enrnierr, Kn E .at liniiiioii alreet, N V, Safe for rale?wit. drips patesr, nearly new, will Pe enid i heap to a ea?n pnil.aarr; iftinniial.ine ) TiXl I IliCllea l?0lit,3 Iki t In t'.< * In height, and I nut 10,4 inehea In depth. Ai one of Furtaiiki' R. aha Apply in Lawrence ii iiisckaco, t? wufctoaumi TO CARRIAtlE MA RE US-FOR SALE, AN OLDER *al>ll?lieil Carriage Mannraeiory, with Muok. lonlaand flee yenra'leaae, In acnmlha'allnii, ? itli a choice lot or cue tnmera Apply lO llEbtiK A UAL'BEItr. No 39 IV, a atlp New York The stand and hi biness no 310 west wahi7 '.naiou Raraeifor aali; rbeap. Tli? preaeiu owner hat none a rnmmlaalnn t-uainea* of JflO.uO) ihe la?t eear The aland will heanhl wither without the huaiueaa. fn.piim ?,n the itai.il At) AlHt WILL PURCHASE AN INVENTION USED JJZ.llllW til I eery l*ok,. eniitl g lin.lr ami an n. >e t.ii>ln"?y m n . .n make Ii ia> n n t. on.an . H.> I..> p. r ai.n im. Aifinie need uu'. apt l?. Adoreaa liana, Herat I elSte. :w yo J YORK, SATURDAY, AP 9al.es of real estate. A BEAUTIFUL FOUR STORY HHOWN STONE FRONT House, tux incut and sub-cellar. with all the modern improvements, oo Brooklyn Heights, 58 Columbia ?:nri, op ?o?ite Colonade row, u ili i. :,n. view of New York bay, will e sold very cbeap, on ea.y term*. Por furtbei part culars apply to or address T Simpson, avenue 0. A FIRST CLASH BROWN STONE HOUSE FOR sale?With or without Furniture. The houae is four .(oriea, 25\60, with all modern improvements, kiiuate on a wide street, near Broadway. The furniture in nearly new, and very baodiome. Will be sold at a meat sacrifice. CHARLES E. MILLS, .14 Cedar street. A DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE or exchange?On East Bruadwav. uear Market street. Four story brick House. 23*65 feet, well rented, price low; also oilier Properly in New York sod Hrooklyn. chas E MU4foNMVilml A GOOD INVESTMENT?EIGHTH AVENUE LOTS for wile ?Three Lot* on the went side, corner of Fiftyseteinb street (100 feet wide) and witbiu it lilork of Central Park. Sold separate or together. Apply lo 8. L. LEE, 301 Broadway, basement. A HOUSE AND LOT FOR $6,00O-ON TENTH STREET, between Fiftn and 8 tth avenues. The house la two (lory attic and basement, 21 10x40, with gas, Ae.;\ery comloriable, lot 21.lot >4 block. Very little money wanted. CHARLES E MILLS, 34 Cedar street. GIOBT 98,000-A RARE CHANCE TO GET A FIRST > elaaa Dwelling below cost ? One of the Ave modern built high basement three story Houses 120xt5 oa 100 feet lets), north aide of Fifty tilth street, IU0 fact eaal of Third avenue, for kale, 10 let or exchange . gas, water, dotal*, baths, Ar. .IAMBS A( HERMAN. )0I Nassau street. (AHEAP PROPERTY?AT WEST HOBOKEN, FOURJ teen acres ot Land, with two good houses, -tamiiae bouses, young gi ailed I rial, all that could be desired, thirty minutes' walk. I rum the ferry, railroad or stage; in the midst of great improvements. Price $0,000; $6,000 can remain on the premises lor three years Apply ai 298 West Thirteenth Blreet, at ihe Lykcns Valley Coal olhre. TIIOS. I STORM. DE81RAHLE CHANGE.?TO SELL, FOR $li,t)00, ONLY $l,Utk> to pay, or will be. exchanged for a house, value from $8,0< 0 m $0 0 hi. and balance paid in rash, a good three stury House and Lot, all improvements. Address Trevor, box 111 Herald olOce. For hale?the property uh west twentyfirst street. In si lot from Eighth avenue. To ! ' , pu t ol Cottage 133 West Thirty fourth sli eel; six moms, ualei and gas. Inquire of .I. WIGGINS, 620 Ninth avenue. Tj30R SALE-A HOUSE AND BARN PLEASANTLY LOJ? cnied on two lots at Maspctb, two and a half nilleg from tho Williamsburg lerries. Singes pass every half hour; houseI'lintnins seven ro'ims. price $l,:t0!V, tcrinseasy. Iu i|iiire ol JAMES A. JOHNSON. Mil* pel h. |AOR SALE-AT A GREAT BARGAIN?A Til REE STORY F and high stoop and counter cellar House, 22x52 tret deep; lot 22x98 feci 9 inches deep; with hoi air furnaces and allot' tho improvements; well arranged for one or more fainilleH. For particulars inquire ai No. 205 West Thirtysixth street, ou the premises. FOKSALE-T11E HANDSOME THREE STORY, HIGH sloop, brown atone front Mouse, No. 201 Union elreet, between Clinton and Henry streets. South Brooklyn, in a very desirable neighborhood, clo?e to Court street curs, and only a few niiuuiea' walk from Hamilton ferry. Ik well built auu lias ail the modern improvements, w ith gas fixtures un 1 chandeliers. Will be sold for $8,600, the greater pail of which rail remain on bond and mortgage. Appiy on the pre. in i sea. Farm or country skat wanted-in exchange lor a valuuble wore down town, or for very dealranie store properly in Biooklyn. For country properly that suits a good exchange will be offered. Apply to owner, 58 Water si reel, from 3 10 4. FOR SALE?A BARGAIN-THAT WELL BUILT AND conveniently distributed small three story hmwn stone front House No. 265 Socket! street, Brooklyn, between Court and CUuiou streets, with all modern improvements; the house is ncrfertiy new. and will be sold chean. For narticu. lars inquire of E. H. DAY, 24 Douglass street, Brooklyn. For sale-three houses and thirty lots on Bedford and Lnfnyetle avenue*. Brooklyn. Alio a large < and elegant Country Heat, in Westchester county, one hour by railroad from Now York; on which there la a doe mansion house. *ia nice cottages, a first rate saw and grist mill, a splendid lake and water fall, alto hot and cold graperiee, gieen house, Ac.. Icehouses filled, outhouses, barns and carriage house, all in good order; an abundance of rrnit of every description. The above property will be told at much lets than its real value for cash, or part cash and balance in unincumbered productive city property. Amdy to JAMES Ml'BRIDE, 178 Washington street. __ For sale-a villa chateau, eleven rooms, four lots, oarrlage house, beautiful aituatlon, $4,MX). A large double Manaivn. twelve extra sized lots, carriage house. Ac., $8,500. Another, eight lota. 88,001), splendid water views. Also, two villa plots, 00x210 feat, two fronts, water views. A.-., $1,300; very little ca*b required, on One lloodred anil Thirty-seventh street, near Harlem Bridge ferry and Mott Haven station. Apply at ELTON'S. 24 Beekman street, or on the premises dally. 1NOR SALE-THREE MILES ABOVE THE VILLAGE ' of llactsnsack, N. J , ihe old established Store and L imber Yard of fifty yearn'standing, situated on the Huc'.tctu suck river, with tine dwelling, stoic housi t. barns, Ac. Also about twelve acres of good Lund, with fine dwelling; will sell together or separate; stages run twee a day from the st.,re to the Hackeusai k Railroad. Inquire or JAMKH C. DKMAHKXT, on the premises, or of JASPER DK?I AKEST, atNo. 297 Greenwich stieet, between Chambers aud Reade streets, New York. 1/tOR HALE AT A 8ACRIP1CE-SIX BROWN STONE J Houses on Second avenue, between Klftv-tilth and fifty, sixth streets; or will rent tbein cheap for onr year, enough to po-y interest and taxes. There Is a iniut on the premise* to show the houses. J NOR SAI.E, VERY CHEAP, RE CASH A EE A DTI1 ful H uldltig Plot on Mount feasant avenue, lit ty feet and running through 2U0 feet to Hroad street, Newark, New Jersey. Apply to W. LANKY, tii fourth street, Wilimmsburg. t^OR sale LOW-a f arm OK fORTY acres, IN cenJ iral New York, sixteen ml es Irom Syracuse and one mile frotn Oneida Lake a large bouse, barn, good tern es, on hard, garden, Ac. The village lias a good school, cluuvhes, society, Ac. Apply to K. B. WATMAUUH, No. 68 Cedar Itrwt. I NOR SALE VERY IOW-THE K1KST CLASS KOIR 1 story brown stone House, elegantly situated. 20.) West Thirty-fourth street; built by day's work, all the modern improvement* on improved plans, extra stairs, Ac-: is in good Older, aud will be sold at a bargain. Apply on the premises. I NOR SA1.E OR EXCH tNOE-A PLOT OP GROUND, ' HX) by 143 feet, on the northeast corner of Wvtbe av>. ntieand Rots street, Brooklyn, about half a mile from the South Seventh street ferry; line improvements adjoining, streets paved; would be exchanged lor a house in New York well situated and worth from $?,WJ0 to $lU,UtKJ. Apply to J. K. SMITH, 15 William street (NOR PALP. OR EXCHANGE?A NEAT COUNTRY 1 P1M on Long Island, about tWttve miles from me city, containing ten acre* ot ground, buildings all new and convenient grounds well laid out and slocked with choir* fruit large poultry yard, hennery, Ac. Will be sold for a small amount of rash or exchanged on fa> orable tei ins. Apply at 2.19 f ulton country market from 2 to 4 P. M. FOR SAI.E OR EXCHANGE?200 ACRES OR "TIP top ' Land, free nud < lear. wlihin 39 mile* of Chicago, in Will roomy, Illinois. Will b* sold cheap or exchanged lor a smalt Country Plato. Inquire at 29 Bond street. tpOR SAI.B OR K\< HANiiE-A PERFECT LiTTLE 1 palace of a Hume, garden, fruit. Ar , i n view of tin; Hudson, twenty two mi Ira ironi th- city; price $1,000 In good city properly, or quite a discount for .-n?h. F O. RICH ARDM1N A CO . K2 nnd *4 Nassau sir.'*!, IjlOK 8AI.E OR EXCHANGE (NOT Ml i ll MONEY ' wanted)?A three story wooden House and last, built expresslv for a oakery , goou well of water and stable for a horse; in tlie thriving village of Outtcnburi!, V .J., opposite Seventieth street, New York For further particulars apply lo Squire OWYEK, near Hie premises' or at 37 Wesi Tw< ntyhrst street. New Tork. IjVjR SAI..E OK EXCIIANUE FOR CITY PROPERTY? ' The lieaotlliil Country Hesldeioe of Hie hue .lames Conner, in Westchcsiei county, on the rudl leading Irom We ti h< ?ier io Raatibaater, three fuortbaof a mils irom the strsnilioat landing, and one and a halt mile Irom Williams. bridge depot The property consists? 1st. Ot a tone stone Mansion Housr, with large Harri snd Outlioosrs. ti ai res of land, excellent Harden. Or. naid. w ith fruit and ornamental trees, and shrubbery and grapes In great abundance. "2d. Of a large plain House, and 12 acres adjoining, contalcing a great number ef fruit trees 3d Of a new House and Barn and 12 acres adjoining. A very desirable resilience. Ten acres additional ground may he. had w ith ettliei ols 2 or 3. tli. Of two parcels of ground on tlie west side of the road, Opposite Mansion llisise. containing shout 40 acres, with a gardet er'shouse, a line stream of water running through It, an I abuit two acre* of wood laud Apply to BENEDICT A COIT, 26 Pine Street |AOB (All, TO BXCHAXQB OR TO 14ET-A SPLBN I* did gentleman's country rest lenrc, at New Rn helle, Westchester uoiluty, with live scrrsol In ml attached; toons.; hauiisomely frescoed, and hi good order; liarn and stables annexed. For full particulars Inquire ul JOHN if BIRD, 92 John strcel, room No. 7 IjlOR BAI.E. TO EXCIIANUE OR TO I.ET-A SPI.F.N ' hid g. iilleitiaii s Country Kasulem e at N w Rucln fle Westchester county, with live acres of land at no hi I. house handsomely frescoed and In good order, burn and akiides annexed. Fur full (articular* Inquire of JOHN II. BIRD, z:t7 nrouwijr, rootna r? n 17 ami io DOB MUOB BXt IIAMI ok TO BRKV-riVB NBW J* brown alone ironl IIdumw on uorthcrly able of V.nat Porty-llrvt afreet Itrvt II?* hoiltea from Heronit avrmte, he (went Kirvt ami Hecontl avcnuev. Woro limit liy ilay'v work, ami have a t the modern hnprovemeiita. Tonus to suit pm haverv. Apply to A. 8KKUEANT, 16 Wall atrnef, ot In the third houM on 1 ho premise* lilim HAI.F. IIH TO l.F.T-A flora* IN HLOOVWNtl r to 1, III . well mluainJ. to w ami larye, niorty mniir Time to open It now peculiarly favorable, the liest hoove (tho Nirholla) havin? recently been burneil ami *111 not bo reoolll. Kent low to one > ho will rnrnliili, anil monry loaned to my fnrnitoro If desired, with pertert arcorlty. EI.1I1I alorea in tho tiulldlNK? two lor rout. Teroiaol pay mom made easy ton buyer Apply to L. Lewiv or L C.Snep hard, Hlootnin ton; lloinor Mm'tan, No. 2 I'lno aireel, Now York, or li>a auoaerlbe r, In WoetUelU, Mm THOMAS ASHLEY IjioK sale OB fO UT-A i iusr CLAM muit ' atory blown atono Homo, 26x11.1. with an rib noon, now ami in the moil ileviralile lorauos In tho ottt Apply to WM I). .MaNH.E, 46 Pln? (trust, third atory, between 12 nil 3 0Vim k. 1/Oit 8ALK OK TO LRT-AT NBW WINDSOR, TWO 1" inilei aontli nl Nrwhiui!, a amall llothle Coitnje, i?u Ibtlly furnished, beautifully altuniinl on an eminaneo mm mandtti* * hue view of the llmiaon ami Highlands; altarhcd are IS acres, including carriage liouae, orchard, berflev. , In abtimlnni e. Will lie let or aolil low Itii|uirsot E II. lil'DI.OW A CO., No. 3 Pine atreel T.KIR BALK OK TO LKT-AT CLARRMONT, N. J., TWO f mllrs from ,1 eraey Ony lorry, a Collage Honae,22 i.y 27 le-l. two vtorv anil aim , with winy, 111 hy 22, one story ami a iial ; lot .it) y 126 loot, A splendid view ot New York Mm Hi .te? p .aa vei y near the p ace about ov. rv hall hour, on the 1 If rai n Point pank io.il. ImpUrem I t AN JONES. No. pj M ibijjoim rv street. J. rsey City, or of MONKS UDELL, IU Hiouil vitrei, New Moth, out beard nienainerv, RK Jrl RIL 12, 1862.?TRIPLE S RAIiKD AT AUCTION. Auction walk ok first clans hkal ehtatk in Jvnm-r City by F.VAN JONES, auctioneer on the premises, on Tuesday, April 16, ai 2 o'eftiell 1' M Hale w.ll commence with the new brie* building No. 12 llci dersou plAte, in Huuei street, near Warren; also, the bra k House, three stories and English laaeinent, 2oa York strvi i Also, by order of lienry F. Col iut'la- ob Weart, egecuiure of me Hon. Samuel Westcult, ue ceased, 3 vacant Lute, 1Z3. 126 and J2S>2Bl< uben slreet; alro, ibrre Lots cornet ol Pru-imit ami South Second airert; also, two Lota on Ornve si i I, near Newark aveaue; also, three Lotncomer of Baimw street and Kaiiroud avenue, Capitalists ate reiterated to lake notice of this sale, as it is in the best pa?s of Jersey City. Kor further particulars iui|uire of the auctioneer, 1'J Montgomery si rare, Jersey City. Auction notice-e roth, auctioneer. will aall this day. April 12. at 2 oVlo k prseiaely. the etc rant Kornllura of a private family, No 12H Waverlev place, near Slam avenue, consisting of three elegant rosewood ami black walnut Parlor Suits, covered in broralel, b ps and haircloth, Marble Top Tabiea, Klagerrs, Curiaina, m h China Vanes, Mirrors, Parlor Ornauieuts, A?.; also all kind* uf Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture; Glass, China and Silver W are, Matire-ses. Beds, Bedding, Brume,s, Three-Ply and Ingrain Carpels. Ar. EH LUDLOW. AUCTIONEKR . EXECUTOR'S HALE OK HOUSEHOLD PUBN1 TURK " E H. Ll'DLOW A CO. will sell at au' tioh. on Thursday, April 17, IM 2, at II n't lock A. M , at 76 Clinton place. Dear Kil'tb|rvenne, by orderof K R. Hhcrtnan, eiecntorof Xeth Stapler, deceased, the entire Kuruiiuro eontuiued in said house, consisting in partef mahogany Parlor Furniture in haircloth. Pianoforte, Pier Glasses, Pier and Centre Tanles, mahogany Bi lls , ads, Dressing Bureaus, Chairs, Tath s, A.. BiusmIs and Ingram Cat pets, Oilcloths, together with an assortment ol Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will eomnieuoe. LfDWARD HINT5SENICH, AUCTIONEER.

Vi PEREMPTORY SALE OK ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MADE Bt THE BEST,CITY MANUFACTURERS. At tbd salesroom, 117 Nussa i sued, THIS DAY (APRIL 12'. AT 10R O LOCK. BY C. W. DAVENPORT-A VERY ELEGANT STOCK OF RICH PARLOR SUITS, in green, crimson and blue brocatcl, grceu and ir.nioon SUPERB CHAMBER'FURNITURE, in rosewood, l>U k walnut and oak , Armours, B .reu s Bedsteads, Ac , In great vat tely DINING ROOM AND LIBRARY SUITS, in (utk and black walnut. Bookcases Ac. HANDSOME HALL FURNITURE. Including Tables, list Trees. Stands, A''. The above- Condi are of th< best e ass, and for peremptory n. I,UDIdf. AtJCnOKBER. !i. HANDSOME I!OUSKII?iLI> FURNITURE AT AtMTlON E. H. LUDLOW a CO. will sell at auction, on Wednesday. Apul 16, at It o'clock, at 227 Kitth avenue, ueai Twrutyseventh stieet, tl.c entir Puru-luie < on mined in sa.d house, consisting in part of rwrwuml Sofas, < nans, and lour Cha ?a in white and gold aattn dam?-k and > iinisoi- and silver sann damask ; rosewood Centre Tat-lex, *t?tuary marble tone, one rosewood 1'iano'orte, made t-y Noons A Clark; e'egani I'.ei and .Mantel Min ore. with Conaolo Tatiloa. Mantel Clocks, mahogany Sofas, t hairs and Rockers, in aaliu damask and hair-loth; rich Sat to Curtain*, lined a illi mlk;Uilt Corel *, mahogany ShleboaW^ maible top, Extension Tables, Krenrh Beilat a-ls, marlda top Bureaus. WasliKiniids, C -rd Talile*, A'-.; Palliasses, llaM1 Mattresses, Bolsters ami Pillows. rich Medallion Velvet Vptoauy, Brussels and Incrain Carpels, Oilcloths, Cblaa adVtila'Sware; together with the Kitchen Furniture. with which the aale wilt c immrure. Catalogue* ut the auctioneer's office. Edward schfn.-k. auctioneer. PERB.VI I'TOKY SALE OP BLEU A NT CABINET FURNITURE, By EDWARD 8CHENCK.?This day. 12th inaUot, at 12 o clock, at hi* salesrooms, ISA aod 147 Broadway, a large stock of the finest Cabinet Knriiitiiro. made for first class city trade, comprising elegant rosewood and black walnut J'arlor Suila in brocatci, repa ami plush; anperb rosewood aod walnut Bedatoada, marble top Bureaue and Commodes, superb roaewood Blagvreaikle*aot roaewood and walnut Secretary aad Library Bookcase*. Amoirea and Wardrobes, Buffets, retention Dining Tables, black walnut Library and Dining Room Suit* in re pa. Lounges. Hall Fnrnltnre and other elegant Furniture, will be peremptorily sold at 12 o'clock without reserve. FCOLTON. AUCTIONEER.-LAKGB SALE OF NEW and Second Hand Furniture, Carpeia. Oilcloths, Office Furniture. Fancy Goods, Ac., thiaday, Saturday, April 12. at 10X o'clock, at 113 Fulton street, near Mas ana very large assortment of good, new and second hand furmture Irnm two different fannies, comprising all the various kinds of Purler, D'oliigrooro. Bedroom and hm-hen Uoods; all kinds of Wardrobe*, Dressing Bureaus. Bookcases, Centre, Card and Sofa Tables; Carpet* and Oilcloths, Mirror , one roaewood marble bed Billlanl Table, Bed*, Mai tresses. Lounges. 300 Chairs, Ac.; also balance of Fancy Goods removed fiwn Broadway, such as Br- shew. Comba, Poriomonnatea, Card Baskets, Oils, Essences, Periumsry, Counters, Klaiares, Ac. Sat peietnp uiry. Ferry lease at acction.-by virtue op the Authority vested In him. the Comptroller will sell at publio am thin, to the highest bidder, with adequate security, at the City Hall, on Saturday, Ihe Huh day of April, 1H62, at 12 o'clock, noon, the lean of tin- bulkhead and snort piri at ihe foot of Duabroaaea street, bciug sixty-five feci iu width alongthe West-ny side of Weal street, or so much thereof as Deionge to tne corporation 01 in* city 01 new voi *, wiin ih right te run a ferry tbwrefiom to the foot of llartimtm street, Jersey City?hut euch lauding place at Jewy City to he proTided by the lasnee at hia own e*pen?e and cuhI?for the term ot ten years from the lat day of May. IMU. The lease tocootain all the condition* and eorenanta uanal In ferry leawa made by the Corpora*ota, aud aiao an< h ?? are pre ecrlbed hv a resolution of the Common Couneil id relation thereto, tamed Novembers, I MM I ROBERTT HAWS. Comptroller. Department of Finance. Comptroller'! office. New York, Mar. li 2?. 1W3. / t EORGE cook, AUCTIONEER.?ELEGANT houseVJT hold Furniture?Thi* day, at ll>% o'cio a, nt store 141 Broadway, licit the American IVlegrapu office, a very la'ge iitock of tnal ciara city made Km in lore of vni inns kind* for parlor*, chamber', dining room", dr., to which t o- altcnlion of old fricnda i* asked, a* the aale la abaololc CatAh gi.cn at <a)c. George cook, aui tionber -obokce cook will aril, for a count of whom it may concern, on Monday. April 21. 1No2. at 12 o'clock. *t m.laerooin 141 Broadway, tin- following Account* and JuUgiiiti* belouslllg to the late firm of Win Bonier A Co , of New York ?W II Willmin*, Philadelphia. $.'tH9 W; Robert Rconie. Lodt, $240 Mi; Ablmtt A Taylor, Provld-Dce, $fll 50; Alel. I'metly A Co., Philadelphia'$15 14. O W Gardner A l'i L.uvieiice. Mix, $2W0; Goth hard. New York. $16 27; Mr. K Iwarda, New York, $12; houthwortli Paper Company, $1 .XI. Tim*. Siin'h, Phi.ailel plila. $17; Da i? Rr i A Co . $21 W ; Haiina A Co., Steubenidle, Oh o, $44. hadey. $fi, .1 udcnp iil against Cacon A Hard, onleie : Jnue 20, I'd!, for $1 ?2s K4, Eaton A E ni *, Philadelphia, $150 "22. Nun la Co| and. New York. $.4 <16 Per order or WM BOA LEIt. Henry d. miner, auctioneer, salesroom 37 Na??au atreet, opposite the I'o-l ofli e ? MINER A SOMEHVILLK will aril at auction on Saturday, April 12. at eleven o'clock, at their aalearoom, 37 Nu'tan atieot, a large and tine collection of Line Engraving*, Etching*, Water Colot*. Ac . Ac embracing Blblicil. Cla>*toal. Mythological, Historical and Allegorical subject*. The above are uow on exhibition and will he koIiI without rc*erre. Henry c. scribsek, m'< tionkkr-henry c. Ht HIRNKK will tell, thi'day (Saturday I, coiiinwiicing at 1(0^ o'clock A. M ,at theaalearoour. No. ill Na>*au street, to |?y advance*, elegant (Jil I'a ntinea. Huperior Cai n et Fur nitur.', Freneti Plate Mirrora, Hair Mattreuwa. Ai ..consisting ill pan oi Suit* id Parlor and Chamber Furuituic, Ko, kcra, Enc.y Clour*. Etagrres. Lounge*, Mualc Rack*, eolul oak and bla'-'a walnut Ktleimlon Table*, Counting lloiae l) ik?, aix do/en Pat lui Chair*, in lot* ol all. Ainu, a ric h collection of Original Oil Painting*. Atcloaeol aalr. an invoice oi Havana K.'gar*. Henry h. lbkd's. all tionkkr HENRY H LEEDS A co. wui pell at auction on Saturday. April 12, ul twelve o'clock. In front ol the rah *, room. 23 Nassau atreet ? DARK BROWN IIUR8E?About mxteeer hand* high. '*ry powcri nl and nf great endi. ranee, amuhle for * iknur: lac f?*eii lined a* a 1 ami.y liorae and iluv. u by a lady fo auiue tunc, wi I and any where wl bout lyin ; i i.r e> ly ; < title, uihI ?traid m notlioig. IIDRSK. WAUON AND HARNESS?A fu;i blooded Mare, about iwnlvi yi-ari oid, thlrteeu bun a high. lung tail, uund and kind in bn hm>, nod a good auddl" man . A WAIloN AND HARNESS? In good order; aold anile ow nor baa no further uao lor them. UENKY 11 I.HEDS, A t' CTK J N E E R - U K N RY "if I.KKDB k CO. will ?ell at auction. on sa unlay. Air.i 12. at lot, o'clot, ul the talearocin, 2J Naiwau -treci, .1 lingo u-aorimrnt of in o and aertnd bund Furniture, ronaiuting . f HruM> iaand Ingrain Carpcta. Blair do., roue wood, mahogany and black walnut Bedateain. W irdio'ien, Emiialnn Dining T?bli-? mahogany Work Table*, rarved rnaewood Bull, covered in bnmkiel; gill Irainr Moron. Window Curtain*, Dak B ulleL l'?k Chair*, ciiumi'lbul Collage Butts Oflband Library Table. Ha.r Matlreaaea, Bolder* and Pillow*, mahogany and I'Miwi il Sole and Centri Taulei, Cane Seal 1'ha r?, 0.1 .1 uurl I top Tab'.-, rosewood EtAserc*. b!a k ?aluut B- ok aw - mahogany UirnMng B ireaoa. row-wood lieddli a.li.* tin entire aanorttncnl to lie mild without reserve AI no 11 !* wood *evol. octave I'.aiio, made by Btylor, of Boaton, of bea iti.'ui ton-- and bniab. LAKt.E SAI.E DK STOCK AT APCTlON. ?WKDNBB lay. Ann. Id, at 10 A. M . 00 in prion 11,0. al the Boiling Spring Ifoow late the rcaldrn e i f Robert W R.lherturd. In Union tuwiahip, H-rgancmuty. W.J Koewra, propria-, loi 1, it No. I?Eight go ul aingb' or double drlvlnc llorar*, one |ailr of matched lli r*e*. tniii can tro' very 1 at. other* will make gmil tune. 01.e wi I go utvide ul 2 40. id tan 111 aide 01 3 iiiTb 1 tea, ilngle. No. J (lm- Morgan S.allion. No S? Two Coll*, one a hay, foin y.nri old, one gray, entire, good dork, wuth the attention 1 good boraimen. No 4 A lot of Aldarney Cattle, mime thorough bred, and two |>mra of winking fettle Term* e?-y, and mule knn-n on tho day ol -ale fc.ilu Rauroad trim leave Irnui tliu loot of Chamber* alert at 8 15 and 111 A M for the itat'on ROBERT W KCTHERFUBD. MDDt'CHTY. AOCTIOWEKR?MO lf:AOR BALE . of llineeliold 1'iirnltum ? Id DOUUHTY * ill ?ell ibia lay, at 10)^ (Clock, at ralesruom K8 Nassau ?lrcet, by ?irb e ol a chattel mi tgage ?One rnaewood l'?rlor Roll, covered In brooatcli me black walnut do., In repi; one mahogany do In bairr'-th . Ik Hrueael* nod Tapettryr t arpeta, ' ki verd* do . in roll; i n Curtain* arid tl< r*. nmrnli- top r'- niro Tahtea, S' i rt.aiy .Hoi L braiy Bookciiata, Kilenahm D nm* Table*, nim r' V'lr?, MntTera, nr tho/an* and rnwn nn-i mar hlo lop Uh'Mor Hmt ana, Wa'halfcntla, MMtmIi, llair Mat treaaea, Ilea KnUureo, Minora, tinier anil Counting room Furniture Alan* quantity ol Reennd (land Furniture, re movfil to MOarouin lor cmii'iiiiiN of anle UT HAIKU.. AI'CTTONERK . IMHI'KTAN I' KAI.K Or- AN KNTIKK STOCK OK IIAKDW \KK, i UTI.KRV, AC tVIIITTKHOUK A IIA/.KM. A,II veil at auction, on WRDNKSDAY, April T\. and following <1a>a un II aonl, Couimtncing at ID oYlork MMlll "lay, Al No IR He-kmnu atrect, the entire *?i||in"l atoi k ol Mo?ra. Kill* Hrnthor* A Co., com|irlalii|t A Mt'ifO and wall aeleeteil aaaortimrnt of heavy an I ahrlf I'.irlware, Cutlery, Ac , to which the attnntlon irr buyer* t* riqneatrd T*rii>a- Mil' or ' >r |Autl eaali, In bankable funrla; all evor thai flinuiul In i "i ntlia'appi uveil 1'nrlorr.ni iiolea, payable In inanity ?f N' 'v York, wl.h internal added. Catalog!!* w * he it . j> ami rn tin liml at the odii* of llio atiitoiixrt I tiro*'i . y, on krlilay, Wth Inat. U A J. IIOIIAHT, AU .'ONKKKS -HIIHKII'K HHAI.KI Mon.uy. Api I '4 II oYhvk, loiilliin.ilion a.tlo of Hardware,Culler) I'o , Chain*. Ar , Mr. .1(111 N KKI.I.Y, Idle Hheulf c A I. BOU A ACCTIONKKR8 ? MOKI'HAIIK kj, ante.?Mon .a Am i II, m 1 o'clock, at 74 it.iknun all' i. Mookbind"ia lo ami Murhinrry, Culling and mi* In/ M iridic*, I'm arat Iron Mule, Rtovi a, II.a Fixture*. Hmlrra. A, CHAN F. WATTN, Attorney for Mortgagee. rpilOtlA' Rtl.RY, Al l I'lltNKKR OKFh IB !.H NINTH I m enor, >ynl aril llda tin', at IDJi o'rlo *, the Aim k and Hl\td.etol a tlyt -r itt.il Ifi.iiiir ft io.ui I Nmlh aT 'iiue, convicting of Hat Fixture*, Beer Pumii*, Table*, Ch Ac [ ER A1 HEBT. JlMUBBMBIVTIe NIBLO'S GARDEN-SPECIAL CARD wTtni f?tcit>l'Xh'ii?-nt will i ? CLOSED TO TUB CUJ'UC THIS (BATL'RDAIO EVENING, APRIL 1J, ]u order to give tlie Btaiuu iknati, aicuiarn, iiiiit a no cBOnoa, etc , the uae Of the mage for A NIGHT REHEARSAL Of the Grind Operate .8p"elgeleof TUB ENCHANTRESS, which. afitr MONTHS ON ELABORATE PREPARATION. I'.l be pioduced in MAGNIFICENT STYLE, on MONDAY EVENING, April M, I>41 Wleu the touho ami. h ' i'an ca>tat*ir?, MISS CAKOGI.SE RICI1INGH. wot i> r uiiate to r telei mied tbaiacler of STELLA. THE ENCHANTRESS. Tlie ?e,I know: ailie n, Mr P RICH I NGN. Mr E. L DAVENPORT. Mi WILLIAM WBEATLEY, ai >t Ibe Preir.ine Dann ?". ANN ETTA UALETT1, 1 eai on to i tic leading berkdere of THE SPECTACLE The pie. e will l* pi. upon tbe Mage wilb entirely new scenery. MAI.Nil II ENT COSTUMES, extensile mechanism, AND SUPERB APPOINTMENTS. Together with A GRAND BALLET. fl'll operattc ch0ru8. 'naI*GMenteo orchestra. SettBegn he re urpd three, days In advance Mary provost s theatre Owing lo me aereie innl?rO?irt >o of MARY PKoVOST, Ami bv the utgont ?dv ue o' her pliynci-.n. THIS GREAT ARTIST hiB (for ibe ri*?e i) make lie. LAST APPEARANCE in New York thle (SATURDAY) EVENING, April IR, Wbtn alie will a) peat to her GREAT COMEDY I M PERSONA'IT > of NELL G WYNNE. In Reed A Taylor'* prl/e dig-i a'le Commy ?r COURT AND STA< E Supported tyilioiL ire eomp .ii*. , Dmm open at 7'.,: eiirtem rtaeeal S o'elnck. tlwilin to Mi?? Piovokt a iIIiichn the Theatre will Hoked i during i'&w> mi Week. mid >r pen id on Earner Monday Evening April 21, with an entirety reorganised ooinpaov, | or I In* pre* ntanou of Specui* ular Umma. Vender 11 (, Pantomime and Farcr, at reduced prices of admission VIEW BOWERY THEATRE Solr ProprieR * J, W. L1NGARD S H?AY, APRIL 12, Tbe li.Sluricu) 11 Iiniinl THE THREE GUARDSMEN Favorite Duma M ma Louisa Browne The Ulbern an orania o HANDY ANDY. Auil Itn nuiiaou*: dianu of JACK SHEPPARD. THE HIGHWAYMAN. Mr gkoroe vandenbofk rexpectfoily iinnoiiiiiri tliivl he wi'l gi?e bia FIRST SOIREE since hi* return Jroin Europe. ann?tcil by MRS a. YANDRNIIOFF, On Monday.Evening, April W, At DODSWORTH S HALL, MM BROADWAY. Reading* lrom Shakujw re, Tennyson. Dickens, Ac., by Mr. Vauilrrhotf. K< citation* by Mm. Vanderhoff. And Mr. V. will tivi* some nolo* on and . IMITATIONS or FF.CHTERIM II AM LET and OTHELLO. ' Ticket* 40 centa Commence at H o'eto fc. M' ELODEON, 439 BROADWAY, BETWEEN SPRING and Print** afreet* THE PIONEER CONCERT HALL OP AMERICA. TREBLE ATTRACTION. CONTINUED SUCCESS. MAXHOAN'8 GREAT BQUEBTKIaN TROUPE, Comprising the mom Beautiful Equestrians, Bouieiaault Thrawer*, Leapers. Vaulters, and the great Performing Horace and Ponies. Mile. MARIE, the great Female Australian Rider. JOSEPHINE OALLIANN A, tbe celebrated French Equesti irnne. Mr. JAME8 MADIOAN, the celebrated Leaper, Vaulter; only double aomerkaulter la lip* country. JULIAN KENT, thejrounfTArni rican Clown. VALENTINE DENSER, In bia great Globe Art. At'UUSTE SIEUJUST AND JOSEPHINE OALLIANNA, In double acta i Look at our usual combination ? MISS EVA BRENT. MISS FANNY FORREST, RAM SHARPLEY, FATTIE RTEWAKT, Kate pknnoyer, auuusta walby, MISS ADELE CALLA, MISS SIEGRI8T, MLLE. ROSA and the INFANT BLONDIN. with tbe Mammoth Company of the Meionaoo. numboring ONE HUNDRED PERFORMERS. GRAND BAT l ot; LEAPING. , BT THE EMUIB COMPANY. Thunders of applause to we MR. JAMES MADIOAN, In his Great Somerset Art. All tbe gr? al combination of otais appear nightly, including lh*MISS E'^A BRENT, MISS FANNY FORREST. MISS KV A BRENT, MISS FANNY FORREST, MISS EVA BKENT, MISS FANNY FORREST, MISS EVA BHENT mir.'. FANNY FORREST. SAM SHARPLEY, SAM SHARPLEY. HAM. SHARPLEY, SAM KEARPCEY, the creates! Ethiopian Dclim slur i f the age KATTIE STEWART, FATTIE STEWART, FATTUS STEWART, F ATT IK STEWART, KATTIE STEWART, FATTIE STEWART. FATTIE STEWART, FATTIE STEWART, On: iinitrallrd Cmmc Slbier and Murium of run. MLLE. ROSA AND THE INFANT BLONDIN, IIU,I. ROSA AND THE IN FANT BLONDIN, MLLE ROSA AND THE IN KANT BLONDIN. M LI.E KOSA AND THE IN KANT BLONDIN, MLLE KOSA AND THE INFANT BLONDIN, MLLE. ROSA ANU THE llWANT BLONDIN, MLliE. K08A AND THE INFANT BLONDIN, in Ibair riral and wood rful TIGHT KOI'E ASCENSION. TIOIIT RnKK ASCENSION. Hi.Ill' KOI'e ASCENSION. TIGHT KOI'E ASCENSION. MISS KATE I'KNNOYER, A DLLS' i A LI. A, AUOIMA WALBV, DEN/.F.K BROTHERS, J. W WAMUOLD, *uh all lbs iri.iul COMBINATION OK ATTRACTION COMBINATION OK ATI HACTION iOMRIN\TI<>N OK ATTRACTION i IidHI A A| |i M OP ATTRACTION lilt i.I N A 11> .N OS ATTRACTION i AIM III N A* I I T ATTRACTION uAuallV oflfiini Or' Mr'i * H BEST ILAiE OK AMl'SEMENT in th* rity "I|. frrai?M innaif r%?r wiinr?-m. Ail hi iArii.ii, I* , OrcMaUA, 1R Dooii opan Al7, CM' ni.'iicca aI 8 NOTICE. DONT FORGET THAT A OKAND KOIESTRIAN MATINEE GRAND EQUESTRIAN M ATI FE E I. HANI) Kul LhlKlAN MAI I NEE GRAND EQUESTRIAN MATINEE OKAND Eul'EHTKIAN MATINEE GRAND EQUESTRIAN eatinee I Aba* plfirr At tbo Mrlixleun, WEDNESDAY AND SATCRDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AKD SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, U KllN SUA V AND SATURDAY A F Tfc. KM IIIMS. wkdnkbday and saturday afternoons, wednesday and saturday afternoons, wednesday and saturday afternoons, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, wkdnksday and sati'rday afternoons, wednesday and Saturday afternoons, wkdnksday and Saturday aktkhno< ns, Wednesday and Saturday aster nouns. for the acconiRio.lallvti of ladies and families, indies and kamie1eh, ladies and families, ladies and families, too.mem ii k i icom- y at OIKEE O'CLOCK. three o'clock. I I K' s; O CLOCK. turk!: o'clock. tiirks: o'clock. r three o'clock ' All the ennonn.in arte will t e given, making It a ?er? fine pu?r lor Indira to tiwt. No Utiuorafor argara wtil b? told at the Matinee Kemem ? (, the neat afti rriwin performance takes place on saturday afternoon. The fridk and olory or Tin* NaenUlrent rity i? the werM famous " I'ARISlAN CABINET OF WONDFRAND ANATOMY." witukoadway rncit door to Ba Blar It I Co '?) All * bussiue wiMlnm, amusement, knowledga and power should al oucc nail this i rulr EXClTINO, MOST WONDERFUL, extraordinary, m ARVEI,I.OT'S, TIIRIELINO, unn uk i'ass able, SUPERB, invaluable, INSTRUCTIVE awn _ SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION, Open for gentlemen only, from 10 till 10. Admission i'Scnus. rII.HARMONIC SOCIETY OF NEW YORK?TWHNlli-ili season, IHH-62 The I'ulillr Rehearsal (iiumOer Imirtoen) will take plara 'llV On's'i'i't'RDAY, April 12 at SX o'clock I* m. Entr* ticket* AO cants each Bv order. J. <1 BEISIIEI.M. 8ec.reUi?. noWRUY THEATRE TO LET?W'TH SCENERY |> Wardrobe anil I'moertlea. immediate noi?e*?tnngiven Apply t? JOHN 8 OILKtt, Keeeleer, A4 KHtahetli alreet. TIIK+TKIOAL and BqUEBTRIAN I'OfllF.rv AND Tighte. A freal asaortinent const! I'll/ on hand, or made to outer at ahorl nollee a SaNKIN a CO 96 Bownry. 1/1NAL EXHIBITION OF r t II L RQH'S "HEART C ' THE ANDES '? AT UOHP1LS. 772 BKOA Of AY, From nine In ?lt oVIoeh Admlaelon i cento Vlaltnra are repneatrd to bring ?| era ula????. THEATRICAL NOTICE,?W ANTED A I'AKTY WITH $2,lMMnr a theatileal apm itlition Fortnrliitr paiMmlara apply I mm l(no 2, In ClIAKLfcS J BERNARD* CO, 4?<l Himidway, corner of Broome atrtot /IBEATOOXBINATtOH OK TAI.'.NT AT TIIK HOM vl ot Common*, 2A Weal Hnnaion ureal, thla evening, on which oreaaion Jamea Kllry, the treat Iriah comedian, will appear, alter a ii.ceeaaful to n-of tier yearn, together with Mean . t'onlav, IIill, Ned K Icy, Aiirndgft, Myron. Brown, and (It urge Wtay, the pleating tenor Thnlneig, ptnnlat ROBERT BMITII, Proprlator LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. WALLACE'S. Euiram r? in Ribadway and Thirteenth ?ireet Tne di'orN will open at liuli' paant w?en. an d I be perfor* antes lu i cn>iii> i.ir ?i pi,-hi. < ON.VIA NT CII ANtiE 0HEAT* VARIETY. TWENTY TWO KINE JK.niMATE COMEDIES have already been revived, wnh every aiirntion 10 SenM Effects, Correct ( oMnnien and Cosily Appointments. Each one baa been a. ted several mollis, and yet continues W ATTKACT CHEAT HOUSES on each representation OTHERS, nererthel*??, ire iu active uie|Htrai:ou. Mn..??r will be revived<Ural lime here), Eourtlcwell'. great con.eily or LOVE AND MONEY. Totaoar |ln tonv*'ijence of nnmermm aiiiiticitioeai. THE BELLES STRATAUEM. Weoaatnar. A CURE TOR TilE HEARTACHE. TO NIGHT. SATURDAY, will be performed, Sheridan's Legitimate Corned* of the SCHOOL. roH SCANDAL. elraedv acled to audiences that on sir occasions haveerowdes tbia ed'ihce to en eaa, and who evlnnrd their r'cat gratifies too by cuQUuimuB piaudruand prolonged hilarity. It will be repeated ui-ntghi, wth the STANDARD CAST or THE ESTABLISHMENT Chat lea Sur.'ac Mr. Lester Wallack Sir Peter l>arle Mr lllti Sir Olivee Surface Mr. Meneo . Sir Benjamin Hack one .Mr. Hcrueld' Joseph Surface Mr Charles rlshei Crabtree Mr. Jelui SeUen Mu.es Mr. George Hollaria Tup sr. Vonsi Careieas Mr Fleyw Snake Mr. PeHMl Rowley Mr Brewna | Rici.ard , Mr Paaeloi William Mr Turret Le y Tears Mil. Km) Maria Mtfci Madeline tlaortqnei LaOySnen wr.il. Mrs. Hloai M a ('.iiuld ir Mtaa Fanny Moras. The Comedies <4 every one has his fault, LOVE IN A MAZE. are 10 preparlinn. Ai,aur.u i wr ,ti v nil,. THE LI BIN BROTHERS 11red crick and Jeiome), ASt'OMOTEl'RS EXTRAORDINAIRE, will on Monday. April 1*, comment* a tcricani those delightful soirees MAUlyl'ES whieh have asloul bed ana l nlemnud iu>? mod Mutt anil criin?i niinila ol E .rope, vvuiniDd the highest euoomjums and most enthusiastic approval, and stamping THE LI'BIN BROTHERS a* the first Magicians nt the inneieeiith century. The Academy will undergo at the bands of meat wiotlr ful | lofe-aors, A METAMORPHOSIS UYRTEH1EOBB. being Iran formed into a hrllllant wzardiau CAtiLlOHTKOMANTHEUM; OK, LUB1NIAN CABALISTIC BOUDOIR. Gorgeous and re-plendept In Us arl'.slic beauty, I i n Hill big and h uh enchautinit In the cumpleleneaa of It* lnyktit appointments This marvellously anreeeafut einertamrmvnt, entitled A Nltllt T IN DREAM LARD, la at once unique, select and Instructive, embracing SO II docs tbc re-una in tnc scieniiha minds of the universe, and a deep knowledge of ibe wizardry OF ALL AGES AND RACES OK THE WORLD'S BISTORT making a new era in the chronicles of the Magic art. Even those dscply versed lu the lure of ancient diablerie. Tbove who have * ilneaacd the so called miracles of THE JUGGLERS OF THE CELESTIAL EMPIRE. The seemingly supernatural and incumpruheasible IrioAl iisartiaed by ihe raker's or fndtn upon the devotees of BRAHMA, VISHNU, BUDDHA. SIVA AND JUGGERNAUT, declares them totally eclipsed by the performance of Unas WORLD RENOWNED ASCOMOTEUR8. To tbo knowledge seeker It opens a new mjne of Iboembt To the learned it shows to what perfection too appliance* ol art may bo brought, even to tbo myatifviag or tbo aeoMa. To the young it ia a perfect realization of tbo woadera of lb* "Arabian Nigbu." In abort, to tbe young, tbo old, tbe grave, the gay, tbe aioid, the jovial, the cultivated and the Uiucamo, it ia alike a rare source of enjoyment. Tbe celobrsied msestro, HARVEY B. DODWORTT) will eonduet , THE GRAND ORCHESTRA Admission M cent*. No extra charge for reserved N*tb Proeceotum boxes ail dollar*. Seats to private ooxea, $1. Amphitheatre, 25cents. Doors open at T*?, commence at 9 o'clock. Seats may be aecuied at tbe boa odice three dayo la aA vaaoe. Laura keene r theatre. lauka keener theatre, Open at 7 o'clock, begin quarter before 8. TO NlliHT AND EVERY NIGHT. TflE NEW ANI) ORIGINAL IRISH DRAMA. . BY LAURA KEENB> THE MACARTllY , PEEP ?0' . AY, PEEP O- HAY, ' i ."In MM T rK'il' ?Af' NELLY BRADY (the Bon CaolBtbe).\'.'.'.EI(NLA wauA MARY KELLY LAURA KEBMB Father Peter Mr Burnett | Dennis Mr. Richardson Peary Riordan....Mr. Dulun I Mnrphr Mr DeLittlo Darby Kelly Mr. Sioddart I Phadrig Mr. Mile* The Babbv Mr. Raymond I Thadr Mr. Btlbv Capi Marueary Mr. Marlowe Helen Maneerj Torrance Mrdown.Mr. Feiera Mr*. J. II. Alien Aleck Pnrrell Mr. Daly I'atary Moore. Mlealcne Burke Capt. Howard ...Mr. Lnvlck Mr?.Mutrooney.Mre.Mariwwe Larry Mardade Mlaa Burke Molly Flaherty MiaaEvereM Johnny Haul.. Mine Marka Widow Mnlloy... Mr a. DUkm Koldiera, Ptaaanla, Beep o- Day Boya. . Brooklyn academy or music. Kor puaitirely oue night only, THE OK AND COMHINATI0 raoa NIBLO'rt HARDEN. forming an array of diamaiic laleni never before assembled in any theatre in the world. SATURDAY K\ KNI NO. April 12, UM2, will be preatuiiu Sheridan ? brilliant Comedy of THE Rll Al.S MARK THE DISTRIBUTION. kir anthony ahsoli e mk. john hilbsrt NIK LUCIUS O TRIOUEU M . K L. DAVENPORT t ATTAIN ABaOLLlE MIL ?|M. WHK'ATLKY KALKLAND MR. J. W WALLACE, JR. ROB ACHES MR. T. PLACIDE LVDIA LANUClsH MHS. W. C. l.LADSTANB JULIA.. MISS EMMA TAYLOR MKS MALATKOT MUS MARY WELL* LUCY MRS. bEEKEETl To conclude with the great Na- liral Drama of BLACK EYED Sl'SAN. William (Ihe ail'.orl .Mr. E. L. DAVENPORT I'ricer ? I'ari'iel, balcony and dreaaiime. Mieenla Serureu uai<|ue. and he cony aeala ,. 76eenU Family eirrle 'JSreuta The Bret aale of an ured aeala will laae place al Ike A?W demy of Mueic, on Thuitday, from HA. M. lob P. M. A card. WINTER HARDEN. The management liaa plraauir in being enabled to AA nounce thai MATILDA HERON Ilea eo far yielded lo ih- ?>il tlailon of many friends and ad Biirer*. and Ibe urg'-nlly eipree?ed wiab of the nuhllr. aa te arrange, al much lucouveuirn r. lo prolong her a lay m New York for TWO NIHUTS MOKE, THIS SATURDAY , April 12 and MONDAY, April M. Por the purpoae of affording tlioar ? ho nave not jei witneaa ed llau opportunity ol aeelng hi r in her magalllceni re e of CAMILLA She will arrear in tlila character on both II eee evenlrge, and the p ibilr arc rempecifully ntormed thai theee mual be the iim.r kerkffbntations OF Camii.lr, Miss Herui briny ?mnptlltd to Irate town on Tuesday Si ate lusy now lie eriiireJ. BRYANTS' minstrels, Mechanics' U?i . i.i llivadwat. aliota Grand at real MONDAY. April 7. and evei v night dnpnc the week. CROWDED HOUSES IMMENSE SUCCRBS Of TK OLD FOLKS CON< KRT. YE OLD FOLKS' CONCERT BLACKSMITHS' jubilee DR. Tl MBLETY OUTDONE. DATS WHAT i DE MATTER. Horn. Campbell. Floretire, Emmett. Raton, Feel, I lob ha, Gunny*. Fow.t r, lldion. Leslie,Uarai.iyua, Gould, Maineon, NKIL AND DAN HKYANT, 1b a brilliant variety ol Sony*. Dames I'lamatior Neenea.Bc. Doora open al<j?. curtaiu rlaeaat 7 V Tickets, X> centa. VAN AMBUROII A CO.'8 .MAMMOTH MENAGERIE GREAT MORAL BXIItMTIO HYATT FROST . . Maaeaev. Tkte Inatrnetlve al i mteieei tig rollertlon of Living Anlmala I ruin every part of the world la now on aiblbitian AN IMMENSE NEW PAVILION, AN IMMENSE NEW PAVILION, cailt decorated with i rca of al nations, on MtVKNTI RNTH STHKKT. NEAR SIXTH AYRRtTR. SEVENTEENTH BIURET, NEAR 81ATH AVENUE. There are TURKU. PF.RVi iRMAN'i EH EACH DAT, THREE PERFORMANCES EACH DAY. Doora open at 10. t anil 7 rerlortnance l|tf, and 8X o'clock. Adimtxlon 2.1 centa. Children, under nine Jims, 15 cents. In his MATCHLESS *OOI,o rlCAIa collection, MATCHLEsB ZOOLOGICAL COLLECTION, is I'n at rat PERFORM I NO ELK I'll A NT, TIFI'OO RtlB. PERFORMING ELEPHANT, TiPPwO sAfH. Trained and |wrform<rt l>y professor NAS1I, esefntina featanever aivoiapllabed by any clepliaiit luAmmca. Alae GREAT WAR EI.FPHANT. HANNIBAL. great yv a It elephant. hannibal. Ilia really imposing tn <-e aurh a mountain of vilalilt obedient to Ihe will of B. F THOMAS, bia keeper MOST TRIUMPHANT MOST TRIUMPHANT asp UN PAR A rle LED SUCCESS UNPARALLELED SUCCESS or THIS I NEQUAl l F.D EXHIBITION LLiiii. i i rn vviiiuirioa 00 It* Grand Oil"""* >i?1J J* BP Town ALL PRK> KDKNT. HKVOND ALL PRECEDENT DON'T KAIL TO GO IMMEDIATELY DON'T MIL TO UO IMMEDIATELY toM? thi. ?r?^,^'{{|fDorl, COLLECTION TUPENDOIB COLLECTION to liannwattlrr.on .. ?K\ BNTKENT11 STREET, n??r Siiih atamia, SEVENTEENTH KTHLK1', arar tiiatb aw*, for II rrinaina In thr rlly f.ir A PEW DAYS ONLY. A PP.W DAYS ONLY. A IK* DAYS ONI,*. /1 RAFl'LLA'S KKVKNTI1 REGIMENT NATIONAL IT (iuani Hand.?t'hai Ighlh promr-nadr Conor rlt and l??l fur lh? urawni, Will takp |'l?w <>a Salurday Kvriuna, April 12. IW2 Tlrkrtaran lid nhtaioM fdim ituihiIum ,,i if!,. r i nam only 1'iwltlTrly noiirarta aold nor munrr li t ituui V