14 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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? 2 I'll It TPRT. rpUE KC13S. RIS) IH AND KKISNLa; IO Yhji II \t.B~ J. Mile Trot :ug Iracl uow U -tg wan... u?u- > -f r. cii.> Men Dubois. u ?r llie ei ghth gee . A en ? Ut|i. are lterebr ?aoi.rued Ui tut', i gi it*' lime H if W, Oft IVduu *ly ! re ii in . to.ii lb,at idg'u; w oieti., .? jrgaui.t then ur.'tl'. a. lint nff? l~ I HOR4KH, CAUHIAtiKH, *f. A fA.iT BAY MAttl !5 , il VMl IlI'.U SIX VL AUd ! i\ oi l; a very pi. gggnt driver. ?i.a will gig In al " :* a)?o it no wp . g ' Bug; . " .1 l..jv . St J|c u I Urnlii .ii perfect madm-n. All*''. Iu.-i.itir. of i r. giir* M the mtruts m> Is .it lb.ifaeventh 'i-e?t, one <lu>Jr ?dt! if LtXMllia ?u:i. :?, AYRSHIRE t'A'ITI.E AJTD SHETLAND YOilFS FOR -*> liy tin: Kut'ion ei. ii. -ecu .>u l;V-! : t. u ut \fe?l F,.n?s. H"uli?'?i. rfOnuti. Apply to V il Vi ATSilri, & Park place, X .. %'erk. A STABLE AXD CARRIAGE HOUSE |iU, OR JA pur.) to lei? S2 IK litin ullt, 8vo s-ajli.. :n arf. ir vehicle*. Kent uu'iauitlly low Ini'uieO'l 'l? prm iu.es 47 Afuy UhO. F FOX, NV. 82* Biosd-say, ooi i?r of Twelfth nu. et. BFyEWtil'ER ICO, OK PROONE yTRRKT, MANUFACTURERS OK PINE CARRIAGES COR TOM X A\f> COUNTRY, AND Klrat Cttt HO AO WAGONS, lavtle tu la I'fcllon of g mr: ly of vehicle*, egulitsivr Ol'lutu o? o ntgii.ifiiCinrr, and of Oelr 'is:.;i ?. ' i J of STYLE, QU Villi Y AN1> FINISH. The g'kuowlmigei! aujicfiorili ot ;hsr Ii. 'A3 IV 10No It'll! be at riot ly main t.yi... d ami in tl 111'' Tn tnepoj Bl-ir atylra iulruilii '.I by then ilit. iug The two Mil AwiioiK tii''y dealer In eitii ipy'v at Attrnilnu to the style foi IH6.' "TIIK GENTLEMAN'S WACHIN." Now ready for inapmuon <ti Iheir ONI.T FLACK Oi- BUSINESS. 572 gn 111/4 Bruiiaie, corner ul Moil -1 cel. # BRiitt'X HOK4B. BIGHT YEARS OLD, FOP. SALE? A beautiful Carriage or Saddlo ilorae, ? mud, kind and get, tie In n'l bgri eat, faet t.aeeUer. Allu u largo SuSf.il Cgyring- Apply .o A. JCH'R.nEAY, S7J Brpudway. nOAHD YOU it UoKSSS at TUE NEIV YORK TAT AJ tert-.u'a, Sixth avenue and Tnirty-umth atram, being .me of Uie lies; wrangod. moat comioo iinug acd b ftco .ducted atahte- iu the tiliy, Itarloggn esmvimugrhig; free to all boarder*. Carriages to let for cnlia and tUa road. Regular g.. Una galea t rery Tuesday, at 1? v-lo.-k, or Horses, Cairia;-'*. Ui' Jioas,4u. p. VYJTTER3. Auaiouew. wENRY PALMER, Suic.suwn. rRAKRIAOEB, HORSES AND HARNESS. FOR SALE - \J Th> attention of pur h.MMki in now specially alle.l 10 'lit* Brooklyn Kind's County Cain age mautifartor.v and * vtirfnmiv.i, win-it rjity b: musJ a Luge stock of ili n<o*t ppruved sol fashionable spring styles of Ca: rloj >?, Coaches K.tlM. Park Pliartuus, C'leches, lop an J i pea buggies, ttermantown ami turn sen Ri-ekawsys Goer's, Inresi uod Business buttons; Depot and IT net C utt,js?s and Wagons of a . lunds; a. Ho.tea and lUi,.1 , au,l 'all. log at prices delving eooipc'itlou. 10 Nevtns street, IM I 'lltun sv ;uie and S'o. 9 Fiaibush avenue, Brooklyn. Carriages i-on K -v niton i..;t of vx.tt~ business and UqotWMtM) a'-no, a ni:rob< of second Ua.id tiiga, sago tl as new tor and no lop Buggies, etjusl to tie Lea; uia.te In tl;Is city: will be Wild low for Vn.? a Vi'ii lUtl'LkrY .190 At e ih aven .tt, Fant nomE-for sale, an '.amebian starC ,U.W'<I to Oranf m i , i- 14 1 M five years nld last fall; ran trot In J 30 i r l"??, uu'ralned, to ?at war on, Ituci action, good bone and ia clean limbed; got-a in good etvlc and U a piessau' driver; he p>onil?e? rcry hliortly to mak.< a first class trotter. I'ricc SA00. Add n. a Ameitsan S'ar, Herald office, For sale?a lot of good draught hor^e-'C'liAGIN A OO .SrtJ West TaelilU st.eet. FOR cale-A tark riULri.N, nearly NFAV. tun sunder with f ui pting*. rr j f make. Can be seen at j urate stable. Ill Eai stree , oue dooi iroiu Majt'oii aveune. ' tfOR ?ai.e rniir ra? want or wm, Nuoitr m, ' aititabie for ice cart or trn a. K. 0. DKLONO, SW West FO'trU-enlU street. For sale?a fine fair of you no nort^K^, just from the couair;; one black, the olh- r c-ay , would make a tiler em; sold separate tf required; both are gioj iravellera. and afiout Id hands high. Inquire a! liiti East Twiiityflith strrel, bctweaea First lud Second avenues. TJtOR SALE?TWO SECOND HAND CARRIAGES; .|? also a Stable te let, suitable lor coach and buggy and tour bor^a. Kent $130. Inquire at No. UuJ. ersity ;dace. ft) it S A LE?LIVERY STABLE. AT PORT RICHMOND. I? Siaieri Island.?'This tea portion of ttoe pi-operty of wm. Burger. P.aa . deceased, consts-.iug lu part of six DC Umx, double and single Can lege#, Buggies. opeu Wagons. Feed Wagor, double and singleHarness, Bian'.c., Ac. Tb'r ""table is ot 1 jug standing a:. J U now doing a large and pi'O sUDie huBtu"?s, and will V sold tow tot out",. Tea man of eriterprUa this oSera a rara opportunity. Inquire at Burger'3 Hotel, ua the pretnU-r. u?or rale-A sriendid ROAD ifo RPR; can trot JP la S.3?; la a stallion, perfectly Tillable l? eve-y way, end wet. worthy the attention o< any geuth man wanting a good aafe 'nor?s, 18 hauls hlrh, it 8 yehrs old, very stvifsh andattractive. Re can be aet-a on farm where foaled by addressing *1.. box 2,811 Poat oX *. eh)8 sale-a brown mare, ve r v stylish; well JP trained to harness and sad 11.; also Buggy Wuuo aud llamrai, nearly near. Apply at lt|iu j (telle, 71 West Twenty-second street. > Fob balk?a sorrel pony, about u hands high, alaaya u-ied by a lady, "tld for wauiofuse; would (ratio for a Ur< r ho. sc. Ia.iuiie a. 107 ouiLian tract. FOR SALE-AI'AIROF iiorses, truck and HARnesa, auiuiblo lor any business. lu i ire o: tur car man, at .190 Broadway. Fop. sale-very cheap A h lnd90ke bay m > ee, seven years old, LVt !-.ar?'..< ht.Th, kind and a IV 'raveller. Inquire at TompfctrV i n. (? li. e. y s ii lr, Thirty, road street, neur f'our.b arcni . For bale?a number of sr.>ne and brick Truakj, one light \Yagou, llarcae, sc., at S>1 Wrat Nineteenth atreet. JAKES JOHNSON. Fob 8alk-a small four wnr.f.l sprino hand Wagon, suitable tor alm e or erorksry store. Inquire at 8S Aan street, where It tan be *sen. T?OR RALE-ONE GRAY HORSE, 18 HANDS HIOU, I? sound and hind in double or tingle harneaa; price BIN. One Bar Horse, sound. and kind in harneaa, or would make a good saddle horse; i.rl .-e $178. Aisotone Two Horse Carnage, pr.ee $00. Onr Kockaway, for either one or two horses; price ffiti Oue LL'ht Wagon, no lop; price $6A. Apply at Van Rami's livery rabies, 271 Canal street, near Broadway. For bale?a pair of dark bay horses, long tails, closeiy matched, lij, haoda high, all years old, tillable fori, private family or the road; warnnted sound and hind in (Ingle or double hur.crs. Can b- seen at the te#d store, corner of Sttteeulh sheet and See? nlb avenue, for two''ays or until sold. Also. Coup* Horse, 7 yeara old. 10 hande high, dui K liiy; cannot lit* surpassed tor style and action Id the city. Either one can trot, single or double, in thrua and a liair in.antes. Foe rale-a bi* HosdE. ?>* hands hioij, 8 years ot<l, sound aui kind In ail Lamccs. Apply to TU Weal Houston street. H. WILLIAMS. IROR BALE CHE IP?A HORSE AND SPRINO cabt A; and Harness, with the work of a store; tl.e owner went 00 the pot ice. slso. seven bmoiies, tops and no tops, tight S"'s of Harness, and a large dry < eilar to let; elan, twenty Hruu Stalls to let, from (180(0 $k iter mouth. Apply at 42 and 44 Moll sttoet. Frv-fi HORSES, Jt/ST PROM THE COUNTBT, FROM 13 to 1C hands high. 6 years "Id. pony built, tit for truck, stevedores, ei press or any down town work, will be sold cheap or traded tor uuii 1 of tree rains. Inquire at Hi Canal street. Horses-new Yor.it iior.->k mart, m and ?b Peyard .". reef. I'sr.ies h?"lr R fast, draught and other H ?p>e?. Wagons and otaei Horse bl k iu .cii will Bud ibis mart ssaista "rj. Terms moderate. Payments pro up' Uorseti taken on livery. IttCHARD WALTERS, proprietor. IMPORTED ALDKRNET CATTLE AND leicester Sheen.?The subscriber has for ea'e some estra ni'-e Aidrrney Cow*. Imparted last f?U and pure Leie??t?t Sheep from he beat docks in England. Apply to mod. KiCMAKDbUN, IS Broadway. rCST ARRIVED FROM THE NORTIT?A LARGE LOT of very fine Horse* cons sting of matched pxtrt, coupe and family t-orse* and trotter*. Call at corner PrtDC: and Orsby streets. PONIES FOR CHII,DRE.Y?ONE PAIR, Li HANDS 1 hlgn . one ijoai W >gou and IJarusst; one gray IIt ree, IB hand* high. pony tiarnc**. The whole soM ch sp. at Kurty-second street, between Fifth and Slrth sventi -a. GEORGE BRONSON. STABLE TO LET-AT 490 SIXTH AVENUE, HAVING ronui for four carriage* and eight boi.ei, site WifO feet. Inquire on the premises COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. ~ DLNT1STRV.-A GENTLE MAN, HAVING A THOrough knowledge of den 1st ty, with coRsidcrable eiperlenc# in the mechanical department, is desirous of making en engagement wttb a first class dentist, either a* partner or *?Hi?tini. Res' or reference given. Address KspcrtQuoe, bus Mi Herald afliea. tCIIWl -COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE.-A PARTNER VIUU, wanted, with $100, to -site the place of a rettung pa"tner In a profitable eash paying btitlneas. To a manor energy and small enplta.1 this 1* a'rsm chance, one that set. dn n offers. ProUts equally divided. The reason why re. tiring >* that lie has other business to attend to. Payment received in Instalments |f tcqittied. Addles* for two day* *i. U.. bog_I?7 Heiaid office. C9nn -A partner wanted, in ttie best lit fftAvVI tie manufacturing business ever offen t tn this ntv. The art,.!e is ,.f rest ,iltU,? nk?,i .n.t larg* proflta raalizai. Th.n offer* titra inducement# to the rutlil w*D, wllb a lllil? money. K IX KtCMARUMQN a CO., M and St Swan Vreet. -'artoer wanted, in a first class wO"vi brolrri*' and ,.n' mit'>n bonne"; prnlita large Mil no ri?k. Alao ? p?rtn -r wnnlwi, wub S200 cap ul. In a reaperlable trarf HID* hiiiltieaa totuiug money rauilly. Inquire be.?r? 11 a. Jf., or from 3 lill t r U , at ojj and 306 Broadway, r*nm No. . AOnn O* **"> -THIS AMOUNT WILL HECUHB AN a|)OUU aqua I interest In a mennfartnrin* and patent uedlclne bualaeaa long eatablfahed, and In ooe oi il.e ben locations In Brooklyn. A young rnan pw lerr-d, on a who , will laka charge of lie bueineee. Or Ihe proprietor -111 *e|| the aaiabliahident, a* he ha? other buaineaa tnal requires Ma time. Call on or artdreia J. Spender, 67 Myrtle avenue, Droeklyn. feftnn -PARTNER WANTED AN ACTIVE MAN. POUVe with the above amount, can engage with the advertiser In a safe and genteel bu-lneaa, that WiU pay him abo. t W.OOlf par annum. Address c L., bo* ISO Herald of. tine. with name, Ar. nnn 70 ?.?*?-* person with the above amount,aud with torn" business'|tinlifl<aitni, wlahea to unite klmaell erith ? honae already eawtdial.i il in enme ?*fe and paying bit neaa. Addr. *a, with u nne of bualiieaa. Ileury Frearlria, New Tor* Poat oniee. 9 CA*U AND ACTIVE PARTNER W.VM EDii' ""v In an etaMtahed manuraeturin' l> ?dne?a; established, with actual property to repr ?ent the full ent and tecilitlee to net from SS.'vi to $ - 'HJOp'r I treaa Security, lioi 10.1 Herald oilioe. l|| TO |M,mo-A PARTNER WANTED. To ' J"in a gentleraan of long experience. to ina liide of general demand which haa h il.crto lie duller, and c' puiaen aaveA. Pa>. for It leu too .iret yi ar. It. fore to leading w ma it land. i'm ei mdwaa J HOARDIWS %WD L9DGl?n. A ROOM i? SECOND tl.<><>*, OOMTilMlkU OAS. h . 11 j * i e . u ah ba.hri oui *ri, .in lid. '? 1,0 lf*? i w > jii " .u <v > _ nil. iiiAu auj hU ? i iri'ti ul?rp?r> I 8 ll > i" niv ,>r v U'_lrrei? i ' I ? ' AiN?'yat J in . .inl aou-t- abov in', i li neb A KKW BOARDERS WVLL UK TAKE* AT M HUD 4 i -i ( t, uxit t mntiiu. Tcrias low K'*RItuj m I. ?/ A TTtI' >N 1 i .vLiKU OK THOSE LIVING IN J\ > a. V in . t ?n e-u blt-diiucut ?; ?urd u IMKii'O :. ?!? It-f a.ilium <hPd with ererylbtafl ne - .j ii I o - uiti. in order ibM * family ui?y bare a c !? >'o i?" ,.v* and ? ? a * 1 ,;'V i?tif. 4 UlNfl.BMAN AND WIRE MAY FfND SUPERIOR a\ i ..vi.?-.a .iia.ua ,ul, iIoidUy. oa oi.idora la terms b .n; . t' . .. iw b.m?! #.' Wen Tturiy-'eireu.U ? re. i, . I* im 'i i r'li u 1 Si-Hi ivnuM. 4 T -.1 GRKAT I iVKS STREET?UENTUEMEN AND tt> - i . ?:e ^'i.ii ui. a ku tie a- uMnuiodat. d ?;., I... .bBoai.I. D.uui r at 6 o'clock. Ucfcltu < Ml: ?Og' 1. ? ITS'1 3.1 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY ' u iii i i Int. ?u mite or aia i i r.ini rli Board. Dlnuerat Co'clock. Refeicace* . add required. No mOTtnc iu M?>. MDY AND GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOM MO. A i l . U liHiiWmuely iuruuhcil Rjuiuo. Bourn for !u ..ii, . n'y, by i-m'tiriurf at At Went Twemy-flflh at root. AniU'lLY RI'.SI'EiTABLE GERMAN KAMII.Y, OCyi:iR i fli'ki i-U?? boi-e, will let a thoiceof head- 1 Mirn y I uimthed it. on e. with Konr.l or jirlv?le UUa Kug.i.u una Ki. nob o]>.ikeu Ai>p<y at No. iS Baal Blrccker " slivci, odar Broadway. ? A furnished pari.gr. on first elooIi, to let, ] with or without board: would aumer for a duc'or or J dentin'* offlie; n >ue but those who are ae'abliahad need a|>. a l-ly. Re -roiiera erclaugcd. Apply al 31? Wrat Kouiteeutu ? niieet. ueer Broa.t etiy. I A FEW BESl'E TABLE YOUNG MEN CAN BE AC- I A commodkled a .tn Il a 1, torma moderate, by applying -I a'. 393 s ! nth tiveau-, s-coud floor, bark rooms, all the week. < AT 126 NINTH STREBT, A FEW DOORS WEST OK Broadway?A title Bui: of Rnooia, lOuMaling of porlor "] au.i two i" li.ioaui, or wu H be divided, v illi Board. Beat J ct rrfi r nrvagi.ru aud required. c A >U' K)iY FURNISHED BACK PARLOR Tn LPT? I to a gcR'iriiui'd and lA'tr; full Board for lady; partial ( la. afnUrruan M ro.iuired; also a very cheerful elude Room to >t. Iu>tui:<'a. Vi. 9 Amity atrcet. Houae haa all the tao- T derti liuiiri.veuicn'.a. J AFKEN.HI LVDY, WHOSE nUSBAND Li SUR- A geuii in the tuiuy, would like to titid in a private family ot upylng a tnodTQ house one or two unf-'tnii-hcd 1 R o cS, ^ i'-ii Board for ho.itelf and husband wBeu her*. Ad- J dti-aa, a'a'iue t etna. At.. |he- paid, bov '.'.lUl Rout offi *. v AT 16 EAST TWENTIETH STREET, SEAS BROAD- ivjj -B ei-J.?A handsomely furnish'd Suit of Room* 1 on s" and floor; als t other pleasant Rom* at moderate J price hou flrnt e'a.o?; modern oonvt uleneea; location very l1 convent it. Bur areace offered. il Ar.emlf.max and HIS WIFE OR two or r <hr .eutlctnen .?u he a,icon in lated with F >*id ;?uo p pei- ti-.t itoj na at UMi East Twenty-aecoad ot ec The house ha< all th in j-l-Tu improvement! J * FEW FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO UBNTLK- a jlV iieaiun on y. w.tb a 1 lie modern tiunrovruieuuf. lam'- tl lvprlra'c Best of tvfe.'-ueea jiven and required. No. i> c Wu > .i i a ti ar K r'oik UotoL A FURNISHED PARLOR TO LET-ON TIIE FIRST ] floor, by a .-.mail r- spci l.>'V.e family without children, t suitable lor a nun and wife; wili he let with or without t It -rd, ni with pr:-liege ot basement lor cooltiug Apply at 'I 10* West Twetw! :tti street. A SINGLE GENTLEMAN' WISHES A COMFORTABLE ] Rom, and would not object to take breakfast or full a board, ut a price aa: to ei-eed 510 per week, in a pii'~a<e I family, or where (h ie are hut fciv bottrdnra. Location lie- c low Twentieth street and between Third and Sixth avenue . References to be cicbouged. Add. tea, with lull parucolnn 1 and uau.--, Sampler, Ltornld oSice. J ? ' 4 Attention-board wanted.?a widow lady would let heauture Parlor, Bedroom and Kitchen For- 1 u: ire, Piano, i'ifl|Buav Carpel*, Ac., to anr sniill ruapc.:- J able ismiiy who would lake the name aa whole or partial f payment. Address for three days. U. S. D., Herald oCice. <> A FEW GENTLEMEN AND LADIES CAN BE ACCOM- 1 nrodatcd wita Board at 40 Franklin street. J A SINGLE GENTLEMAN DESIRES BOARD IN SOUTH " Brooklyn, In a German or French famiiy ot first class standing. Address K. 1*.. bo* 12.1 Hera'd ollk-e. j Board.?a very desirable front room. scfr. r able tor tw? persons, can be had at from fig to Wper U week. Single Booma for gcrrlem-n a' $3 5b Location e pleasant an l convenient. Apply at 154 Hudson street, corner of Morton street. | Board-on Brooklyn heights, with very s pleasant Rooms, comauntcaiig, on wcon,, Door, te let to ;enileatcu and their wires, or to arable gentlemen, at No. r 5Poplar -.tree, within three minutes'waU of Fulton:err/ J and eight of Wall street ferry- Houae modern. i f, Board-very desirable rooms and home i comforts may be obtained at 161 East Foomeatb-street. ? r T?0ARD.?ROOMS TOLBT. WITH BOARD, SUITABLE - JL> for married or single gentlemen: modern Improvements I J1 In the house; terms moderate. Apply at 41 Seteiuh street, ' a few doors west of Second avenue. * BOARD.-A SMALL I'RIVATE FAMILY, occupying r thcieown hou.-e, iu a very dealiable location, will rent a few Rooms, with ov without Board, to a few (p-ntlemeii or ' gentli-inm and their wives, at it very moderate piice. Please c call a! 60 East Twenty-second street, near Fourth avenue. ~ BOARD?24t EAST BROADWAY-ON OB BEFORE the 1st of Msy. a furnished or uufurnlahcd front or back u Room, ou second C.o >r, in a respectable pi ivs . > tau; ly, for a " gcniletr.un and wtfa or alng'.e gentleman. Oa?. hath, tec. ? References given and required. " Board -to let, with board, one room and a Bedroom, on second floor, t rent. Tc.iria $12 per wee it. J Apply at No. 169 F.aat Foiirp-cntn street. D.uuer at half- 2 past six. References exchanged. BOARD.-A SHALL FAMILY CAN BF. ACCOMMO t dated with pie.taut Booraaand 13u.n l. l.v applying at 11.4 f et Tblrty-fo irth a'reet, between Leiicjlon od ratid ace- * noes. No other boarders. ? BOARD.-A NEW BROWN 8TO.VE H0HS8 IN i Twenty-elgluh street, will be ready fo, 'be reception of boarders 'he I?t of May. Gentlemen aud their wives or sin- * ale g-.-nilemeu ran And superior nwominodetlon ? sod good T Board. Applv at 70 East fwrntj-sixth street. RtferetiCca 1 given and required. Board and tuition.-a private family at Z?7 WasMag'on eiicf, between Tlllary aud Jobnsou, Brooklyn, would l!kr- to receive two or thire little girls to hoard a'nd edticaie. They will receive a mother ? cai? and he ln? ru< ici in the English tranches, Frenco aa-l music. Term-, reasonable. BOARD CP TOWN.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY would let, with Board, p.ea unt auita of furnished or unfurnished Rooms, together or separately; alio, a large reception Room, suitable lor s poysiclah. References exchanged. Apply at 124 West Foi tr-secoud sir* et, near Broadw?y. T>0\RD AT HARLEM.-TWO GENTLEMEN WILLING x# ' V ixwui vigwwri ??u k^;ouibiuu? tn WJUI JIMI i n Boari in a j/tlratr faintly; pleasant rooms, and *11 mod -m " improvement*; reference* r-qm.ed. Apply m On're House, Second avcuuc.bettvecu U2d -mi lAJti streets, lor cue week;. Board in hadison stref.t-a gentleman axd 1 his wife, or iwn ?euti-iiien, can be HCLOinuiodat d r wllli s nicely Furnished Ituom, wuh Hoard, sho a K?i, lilah Hull Bedroom fur a single sen'ternac Terms moderate. No t moving in May. Apply at i9I Med 1-on iliaet, oruieeu Tike aud Rutgers aires t?. ? Board in a private family can be obtained ' by a gentlemen an t w i.e. with haudaoms .e < onuuodations, ill a first clasa biown stone bonne Containing all the i modem Improvements, and in a good location. Terms mod- , ci ue. and references exchanged; No. 70 East Tw, nty-sev- ( entU strati, n-ar Fourth avenue. t Board wanted-by two gentlemen and their ! wives and by a single gentleman, tn a first rla-*J private family, in au uurxcepiiouaila neighborhood, betwreu Four, leetitli aud Twenty-tit'h stive ta, and Fourth and Seventh srenoea, wiili two unfnm>-hed Room* on the second floor and , a Hail Bedroom. Tbe terms n'.*l us rtasouab.a. Addi>a , f,r ten days, with references. C. K. 0,251 Wast Twentieth street. Board wanted-by a simole gentleman, in nxehanga for a fine Bud of t x rooms, up town. !u a ! PI o brown storm bouse, wheie ibr adver ser d??iT's to ? mako 11 h's borne; a small qniet family, wPhont nobs* r bll* _ dien wilt pleas* add res x. with particulars, Economy. Herald office. " Board wanted-by a gentleman and wife, 1 with g< n'eel furnie ie i Bourn aud clowns, gus and tire, T"rms not to ex ted B8 per wick Refereoc.a exchanged ' Aidr -a K. fc , box 215 Herald office. | Board wanted-in a owiet, private family. ! n ar tba Now iluvcn Railroad depot (Fourtu aveo 1 aud Iw>nty*evcn'h street). Two rooms required, one wnn tlie and gas. Addraaa box 2,21'J Pott offi e. with terms, l which must ba mode. ate. < Board wanted-cp town, between tourth i and Slxlh avemn-a, by ajouog rady, in a staictly private I f unlly Board not to exceed $7 per week Bes' of r. ferences given. None who b?V" or wrl ca?e oiher boarders need apply. Address M. E , stuion D. doakd wanted?for a married lady and two ( X5 small chillico. within fifty or sixty miles of ths city. , Terms must be modera'e. Address M. D., a'siioo D. J Board wanted-for a gentleman, wife and ! child, in a private family, or w here b<r a few b orders are taken: will fillnisb their room, location west Of Elshtb avenue, from Eighteenth to Thirleth at'eeia. Addroaa 1! B, I Herald ufllr*. Referen -at eicbanged. \ Board wanted-with two or three fur i ntabed r mmunlvatlng Room*, with bath on iimf f.oor. ' for gentleman, wife, two aiu?ll children and nurve, id either < private lamtly or re?peotable boat ding boil#; $50 per month I will br paid. Call on or eddreae Price i Tliotuaa, 57J Broadwar. i BOARDING ?831 GREENWICH STREET. A FEW { gentlemen can obtain good Board and pleeaant Booma at Bra. TAYLOR'S Trrma $3 aud $3 W per week. BOARDINO.-A LARGE. ELEGANT FRONT PARLOR on aecond lloor, oapoitc Orernei .y Par*, with or without full or partial Board : bona* and labia Aral eld**. Re'e. rencee of the hieheat characer given and required. Apply ^at 9rt Baat Twenty-fleet street. BOARDINO -ALARGE AND ELEGANT FRONT PARlor on the second floor, with b'-di mini al'arhod, to let, wtth Board: anltable for a gen Oman and hla wife, nra email family, ae th?> entire floor can ba had If do*tred. Rererencea given and required. Apply at lot Kwond aventia. BO ARDI no.-1t? NINTH STREET, NEAR HHOADWAY, gentletm o and their wtvea or e ngle gt-o'lemeit can ho accommodated with good Board, on tnoilerat - terma; aiao a f w da; B -dei a will t* taken Reicreneea et-hanged. Boarding-a small family, having a modern houae, would rent the Bocnnd Floor 'ogettier or ?ei aratelv, 'Ither v ,ih or without H ard; the rootna are a ell turoiahed. lo atPn in?t r.laaa, a tew tloora Irom ihe Fif'lt A-etiue timet, it . , n. ea eichabgrd. Apply at Jtl Wea> Ttmt/fonrth itre-v. Brooklyn-board for gentlemen or coi;. pie-.. Larga and airy rootra fnrniahed omnfurnl-had; honae and tilne atrte'lv llrat i > a < ; location with in flee mlnutea walk ol Ho-. h ot Wall atrt'-t terny Apply at No JJ Bt.tta a eel, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?a few stnolf. gentlemen or fatnlll. a < in Itnd nmtly fur-, ahed iront It . ,,, on . .ml ihr't'-ior e iih Board, tu . j.t la . - latui.y u 221 N at atr?et. Terma l>w. NKW YORK HI5UA.LD, 1 BOARD1KO AMD bODOIWO* Board it. brook'".irk?a i*ady living in uiu ima H lurh w artthia (tea luiuulaa' walk of l i< i ul ?n ferry, would like lo ! ( ou? or laa luouia, wnii board a a man and wife ? mugte (<uitenirn. lana'ijr ?).. >* iUe comlu i of a buwe uujr be enjoyed. T?. uis u> <1 (rule -Appl.i at No &> Mii.ojk aneet. Board in bkoklyn.-pleasant boohs with B ami. a ! ul xiugln gentlemen. la i nod. ru built Uouie, ui * Hue tieignnoi baud. euareutrat U the |.iltii|>el frrrtei. An>'jr al 47 Coneurd auaet. Board in south uttooki.ym ?pleasant koqka w >Ui Ural c'hn B ki I m iK-oo juue t ?l 91 Co *i *> dree', wt hin tinge lunto' u Ik oi' Ruutb fe-rjr. lb li.u < v'Haiui all llis modem mi|inncu.<i;'i. watei in u>? room* kith, Ac. diuuct' n 6 u flu It. BUOOkl.VN HiriOIIT-S? A I'LK AHANT BOOM OA e*<-ond Moor to rent, with Hoard, loa gruilntnni and V fr All H unit for geuUeuteu, iu a New K.igU.id aniilr. Il iuae pn :u.*i>lly aituAlad; bath, Ac.; coureuleni k errlM. Call at M Willow airael. Boabheba' directory, sot beoadwav- board in hotter* and fetniUea HitppUnl with (rat* I h erd-ia vecbaige for boarder# actually obtained. Full pariua'i il dest"-toe plaora ?ia"ntou-1 > Ooirtlera. Board waninl u ;ity a id oOuntrv, for aiUny applicant! a. S. bodiNF. a A O Dektharle and nicely furnished rooms w nU Hoard, amiable lot famtliea or kiaglo ganrttiuten, in lie nb'niaed -n a Aral claw hnttke andgob lofallou, b; itig el kvaai I* foly-ei-Mlb iti-ei, neu Broadway Jin'iei al ai*. Bob renreagieett aud le-iuired. Bleo.vm' furnished parlors and beusoomg lu l-t ?k u auiie orfdugle, with or without boird. u' no. 12 east fonr'.eenih street. betwecu fifth avenue and cutursiiy p'aee. no mor'ag m may. ? .? East twenty-third street. west side op fourth avenue.?an elegant parlor and bedroom*. iu . private family, to let; tine home. vr.tu all modern iinjuotrn-oita; board if required, apply to meaara. lush. 292 fourth avenue. French board, frenoh lessons.?a oooo op portunlty for |ieraous wishing to learn french. itooma mil bedroom# to let: a'?oa urge hark parlor, ftuoiihed or iid urniahed, at 93 htt>- twenty-mound a reel. eh7rmshed front and back parlors to let? d on the that floor, to a lad) end gentleman, with or with* ml mo?id. by a widow iadjr without children. the h< n-e maamlngal) mode "a iinproveinmla and in a quiet lu a'.ton. uquire a' 49 baa tuii teenth street, tietwoen broadway and tulverai'/ ! lair. . rjhcrmsord rooms to let-witfl board. to p gentlemen sud hetr wive#, or a.ngle gentlemen, to tlie net class house, w.iu alt the modem tmproveioouu, no. 11 ishlv.td phiec, perry etieel. no moi iug. itu rnisued rooms to let?singly ok in suit, p in the stun'; inmili of a widow la.lv to<- lih-atioa u try ilealu:tile, aud the rooiua are iveriuruialied. cjua. bai'u, ic, in the house. tc. in* iiiodmalc. 5d bond atreri. lih'rnisiied rooms to let, with board-a p family without ciilldirn will im die front sad back 'ariora, aeeeod floor, and front room a, third tloor, to gcu it-men or gentlemen nurt the.r wtfes; house contains all the and' rn improvements; onvraieut in .ara aud stage-. refe. eneea exchanged. dina r at t>. call at 116 wavetley lace. gh1rxi3hed rooms, with board. in a first p t lata imuae, toui.nii.ag a j modern conveniences. and in deaitawe locatiou, the second floor. also rooms on third oor. no 46 kaat i'treaty-fourth street. reletentea exhanged. ni'rnisued rooms for gentlemen?i.n a p genteel, quiet neighborhood, partial board, if required; amiljrprlralf; uo children; hatha, uo! and '-old water. be weer broadway aud siiih at enue. apple at no. 47 west 'weuty-serenlh street. 1trs. mary b. bum nek, 22 west i'westv-nintff yl siim-t. nan nowofler the choice ol -.rvcrat suite aud siu;le rooms to persons deslrinc; n> make arrangements tor toa d lor toe ensuing year or iianaienily. beteronce* exhinged. Pleasant furnished rooms to let-with board, auitable for families or gentlemen. apply at 115 fourth street near bowery and second avenue. Pleasant booms and board may be okta.ued wlih a private familv at ne. 51 west twenty* o-.irth street, between fifth aud slklh atnut-s. references vch?ug"u. PLEASANT KDIT8 OP ROOMS. WITH EXCELLENT Beard, at the Ashland House. 307an l SO# Fourth aveue, foi r?:uilies. Ouc from Ro.uii, over lue pailor, juet acnteo. Single Rue jus huJ Board for gentlemen. $3. [TOOMH TO LET?IN A PRIVATE PAWII.?: ONE TO [V t-hiee Rooms, on second or tbiulUocr. furnished or uoonji?|jo-t. to a single gentleman, of genfh-mvi and wife; re?loua persona preferred. Ifouae brown sioae front, with very cuuvcui?uce. Callat 110 Hast Th!iiy-'.hlrd strret. OOOM-S TO LET-FURNISHED Oil UNFURNISHED, [V with Board, for famt't-s or siiigtpgentlemen, at itt West iiteeuth Atreet. uear Plftb svenu*. rWO LARUE AND ONK SMALL ROOM, ON THIRD lloot. suitable fer a gentlemnu and lady, or a party of injle gcotvrrteu. can be obtained, with Board, at Id weal iiiiih afreet; rooms contain Urge closet u lioi and cold water, tinner at sis. Reference* ege'.iu ngeti. rO LET-FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH OB WITHOUT pariisl Board, fora lew geutVineu in * email facnty; la other tmardera; no children; Convenient i<> city railroad*; ernis moderate. Apply stUPS B' id? street, lietw-*?o Myrrle >nd Wlllougbhy at recti-, Htooklyti ' 0. OARTRK. rO LET?UNFURNISHED, FOR 3TNOT.E OENTLBmoo or gentleman and wife, a Floor, with c**. water, tc. Reiireu < ? required. A; p rai 48jjj Lai*. Twelltb street. orner er B-oaduruy. rO LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LA ROE ROOM AND alcove, unfurnished; house hx* alt the modern ituproveaents: a gentleman and wife having furuti'tre will tind it 0 their advan'jge to call St o.irr. Applv at Ad Wei t Twelfth tenet. between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. [IT ANTED.?A LADY WISHES A Ft RMSHED ROOM TV with a small .suuly, with breakfast, and dinner -,n iuodav. Terms mint b- moderate Address U. D*. &.. ho* 10 Herald office. IITANTED?THREE UNFURNISHED ROOMS, WITH TT fuli Bna.it, lire, gat. ?< ?r l* h. A- , for * family n( ive aduita, at 840 per iiiunth, between Fourth ;ii?1 West Cometh streets; prompt pay therehii. If t-ruia suit ad1 rest, with particulars, Huu.e Bo. rl, bin SiO I lei aid office. t9 rtrt ?cheapest board?mcb rooms, with FAiO'/i good Board, at ttM to $1 a week, and uprard*. l-ad'csand fare!lie- sui'ed vers low. nice parlors i* th isanoa, 48 Lfapenard slree< o-?r Broadway aodt.'suiil ireet. Watchman; ?nd lodgi ug?dwgp. >*J WEST UNION SQUARE?TO l.ET, WITHOUT iff board, a Suit of elegant n-wly furnished Roam* ou <: oud iioor. wim velvet ua;p?: ana rgvvMd lurnuire; truicn water and ?ai: fronting tie p l ie. Alto other Rooms. <11 homely furnished, fronting the jwrk. altorduij a d* ijh'i'ul slew. To gentlemen only. > ft AND S7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, BETWEEN Broa iway and Ftfih avenue.?Two or three Klwt lan'tieaaud three or four |cntlrtne.t'in no*- beaccemmoated with 8'iiU or Single Roomt. .0 roe 01 the mot delightnliocailoue in the city. Table fird class. Refcitin<-ee exhanged "7 TWEI-KTII STREET, BET'TEEN FIFTH AND J I Six'b avenue*?To let. with B-.srd ;i mdi'iI Bovtui. nt ,ioili' d r unfurnisned, (or gen'l- men aud their wives or ingle gentlemen. .? ? WEST FIFTEENTH STREET-FURNISHED [)1 Rooms to let to single, gentlemen, with home comforts; i- *u4l lei an entne Flour io a family, with exclusive ilh lien. Parllreconld have an independent home o i mode ale terms; or mould letthceetire house furnished. 7Q STRING STREET, THREE DoGRjl FROM BRO W) I ft war.?To let, handaomely fui n V.ic.l (Vena to single teulletnen; the lo'a'lon I* near all the r.r-' c ase lu'tele and i.h'ts of n'ndeerneru. Kni'llng room tree. Inquire of AN (ON HOUSE TO GREENE oTRF.ET. ABOVE ftPfilNO, ALSTON ijij Ho ,ae.?El-osii'.l.v fur untied suits of Rooms, g??, Irotnn and every convenience for hoc -efcerplnj eoouoml vmy, parile ttsrly eotteble for small respectable famillee oi nn11 - gentlemen. R' 11 low to peiruumni te .anla. 1 Z.H pnisrn 8TREF.T?ST, CLAIR HOUSE.-ELEItJU gam y I unlabel Rojiui, with Bvirouma aU-cb?d, With ?!l the con?e!;J?n'' for housekeeping ' implete, Iniludtnr gaa and t'ro on warer, to let t"> ">|)<?iai>'o lamtllei >r single gentlemen. |fiQ EAST SEVENTEENTH STREET, NEtK STOYLUt/ veannt square.?A few pl-suii' R. una to 1*1. with iuard, to gent'enieu and theli wives or single gentlemen Io .. .ring May I. IQQ BAST BROADWAY.-PLT.tr ANT ROOMS TO L'7t/ let, with Board, for gen'trm >ijnrt theti vivas ci in^le genttamen. Terms mouera e K- r?ieuoea given an-1 Apply as .. . /IfY ELM STREET, NEAR SPKlXG.-wKURNIgliED 611/ Apartmed a lor nnmed ale uccopau y. Tue lowc?t eida Id the city, considering :be coovt men 'if economy in ionsekei ping, Bee'. brd'Jin"aDrt Turn' ure, with range, cookng utenails and linen cnmplc'e; g*? and Crouin. On A EAST TENTH STREET-A FEW GENTLEMEN 6Ut ran haw Board lor S3 90 pr*" it. Also a gen l-mau and wife can hare a small I'e'lor w. a It- dioom, foi (7. Uas and bntliioom included. Room, furnished or uo fin nlalied, with Board. COI'MTRV BOVKU. pOCNTRY HOARD-THE OW NKK OK A LARGE AND I, commodious houae, situated at Bar U.dgc, L I, twt mnutcs' walk fr<ttt> railroad, v,1th in three quarter* of ai mnr'aride of alt Ib< Brooklyn ferries, will licai wlibeeve ?1 gemlemen and wives for Board for the aeaaon. Kefe mces required. Address W., bo* 1 7??7 Poal oBlce. pOUNTRY BOARD-A OENTLEM \N WlnHEd Tf L' si ' iaB arrtln lire rountry in a private family tor hi. arlfe and iwo young children (ail and two yqnriold . an< For himself one day iu Iba week. In a quiet country viliagi tatily a "aslble to the city. Torma must be moderate. Ad ire** swing terms location. Ac.. Wni L Aahtoo, Fua' ofuce Kew York. L10CNTRY BOARD WANTED-KOR KITE OB SIX KA J online, wphfh two or three hours' ride of ib? city: ale for several tingle gentleman. Apply U> theCountry and Clt Board Registry, 333 Broadway, room 21, or adoreaa A. C /ones A Co HOTBIaE. DELMONICO'S, DELHOMCO fl? DELMOKICO'S. DELMOHICO'S, dblm6nicoi Corner of Fifth ?"nat and Fourteenth airaet. Corner or Fifth arena* and toirteenth street, Corner of Fifth arenne nod Kouneenlh atreet, Corner of Flflh avenue and Fauitm-nth airaet, Carner ef Firm avenue and Fourteenth afreet, SUl BE OI'ENED ffiZ BR OPENED WILL BE OPENED WILL BR OPENED WILL BE OPENED WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, IW. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 9, 1H6X WEDNESDAY. APRIL 9, 1112. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1*Ji. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, I8K1. NEW PVOLICATIONH. How to Hake money by advertising 'A PRACTICAL MAN'S ADVICE. Sent for ttir e neni stamp to anv add"** ROBERTSON A CO . sj sml 44 Nasnsu street,New York CU] That curiocr" boor of city womeji. or t tT"etlnn Female Ohntertef* In Ni w York. Chihpei Con, /l?|HH-*, llmo. Price 2A lenls, or mailed fri-e, rcot*. M. OACNTT. nu|llehfr, 50 Walkfr N?w Yw IONDAX APRTT7 It, 1862. won. mi.w.

t A ghanuk -^iUAL BJdlNKd* IOK MAi*k. EST Ai X.X I'lwht'i An J pa..ug v?i. ! < Jlioii?T)?, wubiu iline , m !?.'?'? ' walk ot a if try, >n ?i< (xaImvI; lurn-'d ui> i | g-xM afreet, aim ngb.a, ncc.l-u Aoil-Uojk, ?ln . t : uuiv wtih U> .? ?iid toaveii''nl ton >r-, K>: n.'ntr , tralu ti ? 0f?: ab.'dx, II >ortii*a. Li -in. ~ (;n?, ?i>4 li'-wau*T U' <#ri\ Hi llir b ibin-w,-.H i'i ruMiuta oML'r, lit | <i udiux carta, *1 cgli*. Aid t* tvu-i 11 Uoi x~* ?-ili or-old ?. i j bargain. l.ifnip. to kill p ii .ar Apyl i nm 'dlap Iy for . ItaAl.k'1 parti- ?!?. W M'litUH IIUOi. ll.Uo, A) Wtlli.iu I iv.I Nt ? York. AN MtkUifSU f nUJ.lU 1U> -K to UK tiOLT>-FOK lAaiiouly, lung I>ax nod < Irret'- real; do ng a fair I bownom Apply :; > A 0 I.A fltliMOB. 517 Broadway. a bbautifuf. mfnkosoopk, JA MAGNIFYING bOOTItini, FOR MOI.HTS INdUO'EH. r I' Ua of dJile n it powrara. 41. M i 1ml live. I Act in-a F. L Uiwio, "Oi 3M, Upiioo_Mx4?. Bl akiciu' hk an s -rUQixa a aonu nou bumIke**, ill* lie of the box: iUiiii? lu lbs city for fa'uily Uaaiigj mail'. U- -.Old, .?u ci m u Uo givcu il ? aacrittw. For puiicnlxia iiujn.re ?i 11} Knit TuUrl) oud atreet. i pcwfsofioifBXr, panor bakery and rcit i t J Cream tsa'o i> f or sale?Kil".ils in a tlirti lux lovni; bund, kunciy Ullvil up ai d airatigo 1 otouy, full aWck aua *11 cotuplele; doing good u ide; id excellent ctlauou I a got la mope* aiaLiug bun ii?s? SiiVlinnOK * WOOU, M NeweastreHu Duua store for sale?in a good iocvuty, *r'latocked, neauy filled up and doing a good bitainee*; eainblislied urn > . .? ?. Apply nt Ait! Seventh n? rone, n"ar 1 Treuiy-fo'iitli a.root, Good opening ful a |>hjraia,tn oi (at on euiertug ottaluejx. Drug bro::K for salk-sw hudson stbf.et. corner o. Spring. An old eatabU v.ird *lw? aud pi>y?aelan's olUce, belonging to Ilia exlaie oi tlia late Dr. B. B. Newuiau. Rem of Iba pre nd tea low. M. B. newman. F.xeetUtU. rvRim CTiAitG m>? xil.c tvirr. nit ynr.n if a ..LP great iwilSce, the fixture* In good order, doing a fair buaiueaa; lent very low; uoilihrd six year*. Apply lu the tare, 4tO Tenth areaue, near Forty-ami street. FOB 8ALE?THREE SECOND IT AND CKLINDER Boiler*, 36 i rich' a diameter, 7ft feet long, la goad order, with tonueotuoi*; wtll >w aolil cheap for r?ah. Apply to THOS. SUORTLAND, fcJNoith |4er, ;v '.utUo Dock*, Brooklyn IjHlR BALL-CUE AP. DHYO'S 8NAP AND CAKR " Batery, loaoaah four jur? ratabiiahed; e* cluairecaeli butdneia of B20.0U0* year; mutea, good will and tirture- Reason lot ?nliuig, other batitieaa occuptra all hia I'm.. For further particular# inquire 011 'he niemUrs of L. DKYO, lit Wert Bighteeuth atreet. New fork. For sale-the stock and fixtures op a small Fancy Store, doing a good huatnc.-* in the stamping line: blockaUoup* for embroidery iu all Hi biu ? ii ,must tie cu.u at lhc p: oprie'ur i* annul to leave for Kutope; will be Bold Otea p. A ppty a t iii Boive i y. IjtOR NALE-A CONFECTIONERY, It?E CREAM AND Oyster Sahod, in ?ne of the "*at iocationa in ihe city, witl oe -old at r liaryin. Apply ?u the p.euiiso. A3,'. Slith avcutf. TfOR SAT.F.-A RUFFLE SHOT, WITH M 8EWIXO A1 Machine, iu full ojieiet! .uj eiarbiiie* run by Meant power. Tula I".i rare ubsuce for per-uua who llkoa light, neat and reiy ptolliabie businea*. a* lac goods ate In great demand. Good rea?u? given for selling. Pur fall particular* apply on the pieiu.*rt at At Fulton sneet, Brooklyo, tip auirt. For sale cheap-tjus lease, stock and fixturns of tue Lager Be< ., Oyster aurt D aiu;: Saloon, now do.up a fair bttalueea; must bo avtd an 1 Ua- a otuer business to attend to. laqutta of I*. DEVALL, in tbo.-aloau; 799 Sixth avena?. IAOR SALE-A 3TEAM ENGINE AND LOCOMOTIVE 1 Boiler, shout ten hove? power; can be ftn running; w.ll tic ?old for onc-lau'd ha value. Apply to P. CASSlDx, No*, i to to Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, dealer in all kind* or machinery. For sale?the good will and fixtures of a tine liquor aloe, doing a good btteineai, and In a hoe location. Inquire at taj Baxter atreer. T7IOR SALE?THE STOCK. FUTURES AND GOOD L will of the o'u es'.ibtlthed Hat, Cap and F ur Sioro Sdl Canalsirect; attached Isn targe, well lighted and well yciitlla ?i vrortsuop aiifllrieot for twenty nniahera, trunmere, and capatalterl. Apn'y a? above. I TOR SALE?A lot! IIORSR POWER ENGINE, 201X011 of lladrr, 4 feet atroVc, a'so, tin I pri?ut Engine, i. inch cylinder,16 inuhtu s'lote: * Donkey Engine; about 80 fee of A inch .Shafttitr; a quantity of Be.Una. ratiouaei/ca; 26<> Kite Br.'ek; 100 Wheelbuirowa, euitnH- lor a brickyard; t Carts * ' Apply to RANKS A ANDERSON, &A Wall atreet oi-at the Ear- ItlwrBAnk.gSOBf.adway. BTOR 9ALE-AT THE CITY OF VOUOIIKEEPSIE, A 1 valuable aleani power Engine, SO Jtorao. and boiler* auf tic-it ni ftr 'lie eugfrte, together tiiih ail iye Machine!?, now tn sue efifut op'ia'lon.WmaWlns of on? of Wood worth's isl ac'Jilts ) i tiflir* Hi.Q anwuris UQijr uuv in LUC CJIJ >( and an. upright MR! Saw lor raanwlng: aol. In addii'on, all Cue i?' deni impri'Temeul* for Boi manufacturing, with good iuu <r vunloa in Now York city. This establishment 1.4 Vhuiiod i n in* <!ock. uiur to b.>aui and railroad*. In a thiee storybull" ?u 50 by WW toot, lit* lease of wtatcli building niu? three years n<o?? May 1, IS>?, and can bo extended. For . moi? full 'mi tic ilar* uartiooaio requested to apply 'o VaX KLKBCJC'* KNICKERBOCKER. on the p.emlses. or to HENRY W. SHAW, real "aUIo broker, at thecity Of fmtgi.keepote, or of 1'. RR?1), 3#9 Washington street, New York. If not pievtonaty disnoa-d of wiliboeoid at tribl.o auction, on '.Ue premises, on YVMne*d?v, April lb, at 2 o'clock 1'. M , to close tUeeopartnership. For sale-grocery btore on eighth avkdm-, wcli lexleB. This opportunity vrill t>e offered lt> a peiabii with a t* linn ire.1 (lunar* to s>-< iirr a ?ll established business. If-out of stote only $216. Vor particular* appir to DYE A CURTISR. 608 Sixth areuiie, between Thirtieth and Tairiy-Mrat streets E'i.ik sale?a first class corner liquor more, with enures all coinp'.eie, situated in one of the b?-Mn nitons In the city down town, for particulars snpiy at .toj ar-nne A. corner Twrivietb ?'.iert. or 21 Butter st. For kale-a* oi.o Established book, sta tioneiy sad netv?p*par stole. which tin b:eu establish, nd nineteen years; 1? i-A.-.Ad tor ?ile on ie?aou.ible term*. A |.H?d opprn f .ui jr tor no ptrw# wi-hiug to roxuienre tinb i?iiP ss. Inquire at 4? l Uu UOU Street. 1/oR SALE-A HANDSOME LITTLE TEA AND COPr me Store, in a good l.e all y, eaa'?l;?ned three years. S*iwf? inrr . eauoiiM" sailing ?i? inn proprietor, wao it laudlord o the premises Inquire at 571 Sevntb are. fpOR S VLC.?THX OXBAtBftt BARGAIN BYBB O* r fried; t. 0 Lease, Stock uad Kii'itrea of a Liquor S ora m Hock'U. with a One tbn-u atory ajid ba*err.eui brink Ho se; .u and water and a good garden, ten: ft ", no tai-m Apply .Aimedlately op iu* premises, "n ncr ol Fo iu anil B.njmiMd itreeis. FOR HaJ.E?ilorNTKR. DESK TABLE: AI.SO, WAitnttou S"iff, G'.a?a Etaui-s. Clock, Pigeon Holes. 4c. Iiii^h i e-a'. Ad Ann atieet, Itp stalra. FOIt SALE?A BILLIARD SALOON, WITH BAR AND Pitt !rs Appiy ai 6i.t Hudson str eet. FOR SAUK?AXIB ROT VPE AMD PMOT00KAIMI DAL lery. IAA Bo we 17, now Jo.tig a good liuainrta. A r.trr opportunity tor a pn. -n ?Mi sniair means, as liie ihiuga Will be sold tor srnat they ure worth. A party pur huuug not knowing tue On a ne.-? will ha ta 'gbt. For saI.e-thk best paying billiard haloon m tlitn citw. our nisu boring t'JOO mot $*00 or R830) iu rjib. eau '-oiiiaien"e at cure iu a paying business: drat tliii', leaf,liable ihu', .te Si.-knesa the hum lor selling Ale" "ther Sal'tOu*. F. D P.ltlHAKUSON A GO., 91 and 81 Naseau sheet. L^OH SALE?TO DIVIDE LOFTS AND OFFICES, X1 "Ttml4t:gr. 8??h Windows and Saili Doorl, with beard paiittloua: mending Phew Cases. live ie?l high Alvj interior sit, t fht TVtipiow>. Ai p'y to P. Dl FORf, PS Liberty stieet, Men l'etfc, upstair*. CvRO'ERY FOR SALE-NO. 118 FOURTH AVENUE, F ruin r til T.vHitb aired; one 01the beat locationsin the e.t* Sold on a-ro nr ot'Mie owner quitting the bttalneaa. Hotf.l for sale-the prf-scott hotel, no.30 Last Hourfoi a'ree'. near Bnudnnr. foi ?alo or to tit, to a good reapcoalb - rani It l? T'lrniahr I complete tbiouttbout, in perf< "t order. und U ntm'if lull of boa nisi a. Apply on tlii prem'a-*. IjVoR SALE?v SHALL. NEATLY FITTED t I' tiROeery Store, iu Ibi Bovery; rej*oti lot ellluc the owonhat other t>u?inet<e to attend to. Apply tor nvo daya hi 'J.3! rtvwety. li'OR SALE ( HF.AI'-i GROCERY STORE, WITH I Stuck an I Fixi App'y ou tbe prenrtea I'OAliaut c ?tr?et, B ook yn. T 1QU0R STORE FOR SAlE-THE BEST FAMILY la o?i and bollletng Liquor Store In Cherry atrwel. 40U fmnilic* In the 1 I" K . 1 a rtb wa.d. is yeara a liquor store; nea: the uiaikct; ul'iet be aold. Apply to FATTEN, 8b Di ?ion trret. MACniNF.RY FOR BALE-ONE HORIZONTAL ENgme lol,a36 I i hi* ne horizonlal Enainc, ii'W ,n.. if. no O'-Mii. ondcn-iuis En?,tie, Hffthi in h'-?; also, Etik.oea trout lire 10 leouty i,orie?, and dealer iu lai oaib Uveaaed Machinery. JOHN STI'ART, 19AB oadway. STEAM ENUINE FOR SALE, FROM Kit III r TO TEN ho-w pow er with bandwhe I m l nnmp at'achetf, pearly mat, and iu pe, lent order. Apply at the Fee ory, lilt) Horntio ?L _ (JTORE FUTURES FOR SALE?CONSIS I INI OF 0 Shelving, Countera, Desk, A'1., tollable r dmPing, dry aood. or nco'f and !>"? . Imp ire in lb- -do \.>, Jti Kigluh avenue. between Tsvea'y-aeveoth au I Tw<ir;, eighth ( street*. ! TO CAKKIAUE MAKERS?FOR f.AI.Ii IN OLD ES1 labhahed t tairiapt Mati'ifa< tory, w.l? i k -ila-tid tiveycara' leaaa, in a apod lastllnn, wPb n < mi- ' >t of cut iomera. Apply to UiSDHE A OAUBLItT, No. : >> I*. k slip. New York. a rrtHE SUBSCRIBER HAS AN IRON SAFE. WITH FIRE J. pi oof took, made by Valentino A Bn let, wbl< h he will > sell tow. Haanot the etacl ipeaanremenl; about IOtUMF) outalde, be ililuka; mav be seen at *7 Vest Twetny-dlfMh street in tb* evening, or you ran inquire or CIJAKLES ' FOL <OM, tt Maiden l ute r BUILDERS.?FOR BALE, OH BAP, ONE ?? FOOT Arch tilrder, at H. HOSIER S niaohlnery, uyi an 1 any cond band tool atore, M East Broadway, nehr t baibim quart. fflOr.A -FIRST CLASS MANUFACTURING BU8I |)?wU neat in complete working order, State monopoly aectred; oa?h returns at nnee. Apply at IM Canal atreet, fourth floor, from 8 to 12, and 2 10 fl, for two days. ~~ jUTRlMditlAL. '* A HANDSOME TO UNO MIDSHIPMAN, UNITED 2\ Slates Navy, whole healthy, wealthy, agreeable and laaoinaiing. dealrea the tompaniomhLp of some charming ^oung wi/ wbw i? mi-i| r^vhii/iimicu, i<iTi(i| nnri i 4D tli* pre late a mmfortaWe homo and in tntynt lioaiiaad. Ad. drc?? Prank I'ncc, bo< luo Herald ?>m- ? MATRIMoNI tL.~A RETIKRH MERCHANT. 61 TEARS of af?>. a widower, without iduldren, ?l .haa to oorrcapond wi ll no ?mi?iil'' and a-< ouit |UIi?<| lady wim Mcapnldn ot preaiding over lil? aatabllaliun'nt and nitolatorlng to hit oomfort Mean* no ohjert. The ndrartlaar doee ant adrircaa lilinantr t? romantic young girl", l>m to a (anutuc, eenilhln woman who tain boar wllh hla IntirmWoa 11 need hA, and aflord dim kliiJ uara and attention, In return for whtoh ha can ? o!t?r liar alil'a ol aflluenre and tln> protection of au honorable name. Addreae Jamea L T , Herald oflkoa. enn answers to the abovb , Owl/ MATRIMONIAL A HVKKrldEMRNT. r FRtNK LBiLIB 1 MONTHLY1 MAGAZINE ~ ? . ml f0B *** N riU';25??l II PRANK LBHLtK. T |9 Cilf Hall auuare, N V, k and ail beofawllwib m i , > mrr i t A i 8iLBS OF nUA^ KSTATE, AUOOMY R1U0JL AMU?K?*N BfON* RAaEMl.NI ' noun" i?r -taJc. Mo Sob Pm' Tenth eat, pri.y EdV> Til.- olrfK't. b iftawiof ferry tradi.'ds loUiarwiar, n (Tr.uu d (o a r.-ry tii^M rtai (a i I for propry ? due. A BKdtRTiriU FARM. Mf tR MOHRl?rOWN-to, U A ju Mu mi. '?<*? ti?tUr. building*, i'i all". Au.. tAbil. EXOwaud 13,1*10. #0 *<!* L ''r a uulc irom d"pot, tu KjilrUud CO idly two urchard*. good build Ml;*, $7,U>1. W U. MEI iCK. W7 8lO*dwr?J Asplknthh par w, n acres, water pr ?xt, at 11*ck.e L, AV <A>' 6i ac;s, a'i'ily ilcut C ft ?, do . 1.1 U ; Hi' ... 04 ,.ppj 1U> VookC ?. I' HI" P*t, $3 (WO, fc'jod UlllidtUgU, J*,; yil farit. w U. Mi.LI<'K, Mi B.oidway. (TUBAC n'o/Eniy ?AT WEST HO no KEN, FOUR J teen aoree ol L ind, wilU two r.ood (?uMb, tarr ago yoiiug graile t fruit, all thai n>"td l?e Seated; (1> Hy 'i-uiutei Walk Icom too ferry. 1 *'ir. '*0 o. si*. ; in lite midst of orest Improvement*. P.-u.- bO); i">,0iW. m rr. in sin oo tie pi em xl, ior three tahth tp-.ly aiu* Wert Thirteenth atrec', it the L> neiw Vollii mi'Otf. _ _ TltOS. T. Hi'OR.V. tkesiraulb count.;!' ?ea? jm wkafchkstl'.k 1J county for tale, near tbu oily, on the go .no. ?mii%!' or realdeme the ynu round, ha* all outbuilding* lou.jj'cte, and the hauuo has c*a, uaicr ciouei*, Ac., and the oonreulciiwk of a < ily d ,i tilling; health, eoeuetT, ronit rta, no1 aur| L>.id by any t.Halloo. Can bo reached from lit" oily in ln?* titan *a hour b? private conviyaacu, and by alramboat and ruUr-ad every liO'ir. lit 1 I bo Hold i t ry low, airl dO pi r cr.nl let on boud and moriaagc, or will exchange for good city properly. Apply to A. M. LYoX 21 Walt street. B'ABM fcOit SALK-?i,m-T1VO DWELLING HOUSES an 1 Ij. in ami eiook, 25 mile# iroru I fir oily on l.rug Laud; Al. -f caah, lalaoue on uwtnaae. Apply at T. b. tleor's priming ollice, CO Knlbiit UlMl, J? If. INARMS, OOrVlFY SEATS A Kit RKMDENOEB, OF P nil i ariet eg. gia** and price*, convenient to Ckr dir. near village*, ilen dr. huhoo'* sn l cbuintac*. for ?a'r and cir|i?pi;? I or etty ,?r MraeAlya properly, or ia Twinlty, will deal on the niosl libi rai t?rmg. moufhwlck ft VTiftOO. ? Maanau atreeu rlt SAT.P-ATAflRRiVT-HAROAIV-ATHRKKflTORV *adli't;ti ?.oop and co intar retiar llo<idc, (eel deep; lot ia??9 Iwt 9 In'dtea deep; wAb hot a;r lurn.,tcs sad all oi Uie impruremeiiU; aril avrruard .or one or more firotlmo. For parl1rii!?r? itiauin: ai No. 11X5 wed Thirtyrtsthalrocl, on iho preunsea. IjlOR RALU?TOE PROPER FT ItM WEST TWENTTP Ur?t rtrroi, deal lot from Bixhlh ayctme. To 1C, put of Collage 1SSW"*! Thirty fourth trcei; eii rmrna, wain and foe. Inijuirr of -f/ltlQUlMR, b'W Ninth uTrnue. TjlOR RALE?A VILLA CHATEAU, ELEVEN ROOMS. J? tour lot., carriage house, l>i'.iu.iful illuatloo, $4,CiX) A liege double ilnn?ion. twice n'ra nhi-it Ion, r*n"*ac house. Ac., $3,500. Another, el;hl lots. ^d.bOO. epieudld water rievi'5. Al-o, two villa plole, S.wsid feet two frouta, water .lav-s, Ac., $1,'AW; very little c*?ti requ'red. ou Oue Hondied ?nd Th!isy.-i-centh wr.v.l, near It nr. run BrlOgi fer s anil Ml, II.../-s A ..,.1 ~ i-lovaasia ..s. ?? * . *?? ?? orrf m .11 *<r??\ or on tho prftroii^ CJdly. FOR 8AI.E-AT K(>33Virj.E, STATEN ISLAND, A t wo ami j ami attic fiuuie lions*, Born, Ac., t.t1: r Willi fonr?e ei. 01 laini, vry pteaauntly located, u, ar tie vibrar, on the W ood.*?w l oJ't, l.Mdtag to the ileum Tuo House is n-arljr nc-v, in coo-l repair. So. Tnerr it also a rope walk upon 111- |.if-mi r?. for terms, A"., apply to JOHN MAC(HtEOOK S CO., I M Peart street. FOR 8 VLK-TO ? T.OHE AN EH THE LOT Wirn lh? Buildings thereon, No. :ai Walker, corner ofOhur !? street, being 26*70 tee'. Add tea* E. K. 3., bo* 144 Herald off*. Fop, 8ALR?ON STATF.N IS[.AND, Vi ACRES OF L"ml, w!t.i Mo.isf, Jisru, Fruit Tree*. Sc., u few minutes' walk Horn Ann ndH'e station on Staten Island itai road. Anply to A. J. OKYSO ALE, G7 Wairuu street, up siulis. IjlOR SALE?ON GILFORD PLACE. FORTY-FIFTH .(reel, between Lexington and Third avenues, a new three atory hi ah stoop brown stone front House, built by days' work, with all tho modern Impioveincats. known as No. 2 Uiltord pla'o; terms essy. Inquire of J. D. WELCH, n< No. 13. . ' ' lS'OR SALB-A HIGHLY CULTIVATED FARM OF 85 L acre*, near the shore, CO miles on Lone Island, with good Buildings, neariy now; fmil, wood mid water; prico oni/ $3,000: 'arms e.iey. R. a. BL'NCR. No. j city liat; place, coiner or Chambers street. FOR KALF.-TF1B ELUG VNf BROWN STONE FRONT House No. 10 Baal 'IMrly-seventh street, between Fifth and Madt-'onarsnue>, Mttrrav Hill. It was built by the present owner, for bis own use. Has been recently painted and frescoed, aod is in complete order. Apply as above, or a. 2U Pea 11 st, For sale?for part cash, balance good city properly, a v-"|<r valuable farm. atUrrai Bend, Pa.; bouse, taroe Uaia-r. p.anlr of outbuildings; lions* within twenty rods of 'lie derv.' ?u tlie New York and Erie iiaiiioud, 290 acres; price #l-VJ.*i* ?lso a tin*.? l*etu>n o Farms, all alas, toca ioua. 4?-. V. U. Rlt.TJARI'FON & CO., 82 nod 84 N'at.-.u slicet. Fob sale-a cottage house, tvnn one and a half acres of ground, at Whlteaiore I'o-uL Tb? bou e Is sit lated near the water sod has a line vie* ot Un| L-'anu Hound. Theipotns ?i? witll armnped and in tfdbaorder. Thne :s a due vegc able gatden and < bote* ivuHdroes. It '? l'or;y-?ive minute* sell, by beat, from Fu ton slip; by ear, almost hourly. For parti ular.s Inquire of Mr. OK'HIGE UW^fiitf 67 L.'beny street, or on the prcrni tu, of MONEY IFOR SAT.t IN BROOKLYN?FIRST CLASS Til USE ' s'.orynijh s?orp House, with sit the mo torn Improvements; bull! by lb" day. Inquire ou the premises, id Fort Green pirn e. IrAOR SALE VERY ClIEAP-A FARM OF 76 ACRES. 120 17 mil's iron New York, on Erie RaillCud; good House, Barn, Stock. Cr. piano Furniture. ,1. MARTINE, 78 Nassau ?'iet-t or 201 West Twenty-eighth s'reet. IjViR HALE. VERY CHEAP, I'OR CASH?A BEAL'TI' ful Bulling Tioi o.i Mount P'.'atant a- suii", iltty leet ami ninning through CC? teel to Broad street, Neaoik, Kew Jet.?ey. Apple to W. L VNKY, b5 fourth street, WU'ldiurbury. FOB el A EE VERY I.OW-THE KJR8T CLASS i'ocb nory bruAu atone House, o>t?uil* gunned. syi West ituriy,fo irth street; built by list's work; nil the no-tern improvement* on unproved plans, extra stairs Ac-; ut in ;cod order, and w.Il us sold si s bargain. Apply on the rueui'ses. For sale or exchange?the iioinb and mt No. RliSeiv.ntli arret. A farm will b" >?neu in port psymem; the 'utio nee jo remain on mortgage. Apply to the o". on, on the pieman-*. ifOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A NEAT TWO STORY F Cot i';e llO'tee, at l'nrt Richmond. Sutcn IsUud; A lew motif* wui.vlni'O he landing. If a d"Mr?bl? exchange bo "Uered some cash jvj?ii can o- lisd tu addition to the hotter. Apply to J (JLI uS R. ro.MEHOY, 'Stl Broadway. 1AOR SALfi or EXCHANGE (NOT ilL'Ofl MONEY f wanted)?A rhiv* atory wooden Hoiim mid f.o;, built expressly fnr * bakery, good well ui trtiet end stable for* liuiac; lathe thrirtag rtTlsge of Qnttcnburg. N..I., opposite Seremlrth Street. N*ur York, for further particular* apply toSqutre l)t*Yt tt, noarthi* premises' or a' 3i" West Twenty, lirst street, New 1 H'it. For hale or exchange tor city propertyTiie "caoLtul t'ottntry Rediieir e of the late .Istm-i Coonac, to Westcaestei county, oti 'ho road leading trotn West,-brain to lia-i. Itester, ihree-l'ounbsuf a lul'.e ironr the sieamhoni tnnilioit, and one and a half mile from Wtlllsuit, bridge depot. Ibu pi ripen J const ' i? 111 Of a line n'oue Mansion IIon.-.e, with large Barn and Outhouse*. 27 acres ol 'and. errellnnt Garden, Or, hard, wttii frntt aud unia.ncutal trees, and shnibborr and grapes In grea' abundance. 2d. Of * lar^e plain House, ant 12 acre* adjoining. containing a gr> at number ol fruit tiers. 3d. Ufa n< x lie use an i Barn and 12 ante* adjoluin?. A veryde.eirsbl- ie,idenc*. Ten sum lut.al xiotind may be had with cither lots 2 or 3. ? , Mb. Of i wo parcels of ground onihe weat sideof the road, oppojitt- Aiant on iiousr, containing about 4o aorta, with a gar leuer'a liouae a lire stream of water tunning through It, ?nd about i ao ac.cs 01 woodland. Apply to BENEDICT A C0IT, 26 Pint: street _ _ I^On HALE OR EX RANGE, TOR CITY FltoPEKTY1 A Partii oi 17' a rrr. IQOati* Iropi-orcd. Three Barns, t,vo Orchards; we" watered; near depot Ac. One of till Mieht'gau. Apply al 4.T*; I'eailHieet, New York. L10P. SALE 08 TO LET?A HOTEL, 131 BLOOM!NO r tou, I!!., r all ?toaitd new unrl lingo, ninety room*. Time to open |i n i |? -nil*! it favorable, iha b->i boner (ibe Ni Urn ) li? '.r; rn.-'uliy laen horned and will ni l i>< rebuilt. R-nt low \o nun who will lurnUli. and tuonej lomert Ki put fiiiniitiie If itealred, v.ltb perfect i"cni1ty, Elstit florea iuliio building?lt> > r<>" rent. Teruiaof uuy mentmadAeaav to* t- > r. Apply t l. t,"w. o i,. p. sfiep bin i, Rloominiton: llo,u?r Murnait, No. 2 pine atroet.Nca York, or the tuba t ibcr, iu IV re Hlclii, M.v,. THOMAS ASHLEY. LSOR SALE OR TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, THE P iironn ? on? ft oat lloare 1U Fori Orn-n pla< a, near Fn! ton are nun; eoovanient to rain; ha* ali the nvderu improve, no nt? Ti.rt in o.nplete o d?tr; it.[I bs mid at? great bare Tin. Addreaa Hotiae bo* Ml Hera Ioill I ft OR SALE OR ro J.TiT-AT CL \ REMONT, V. J . TWO r mlte? from Jr-raey City ferry, a Pottage lloua*, It by 'Jteet two.: rv. .p. I-.' : , v, uii iriug. IS by ?', unaatuiy and * half; lot Ml,> llAfcet. A eplfludia vow of New York Lav A' .gf prae eiw nearthe place aiiO'it every balf bone, on tilt B rgen Point p'ank mad. lnouiveoi KvAN JONES. No. IS Montgomery atreet, jene.y Cly, or of MUSKS OLE LI,, I? Hro.id ?(re?t Nev Yo a, old li>eI'd meaitirrra. LM>K SAIL OR ro LET?IN IV EST FARMS, WEST P cheater ron ,it v a cen'. el, plr?a..nfljf slutatad two and i [ -lory and basement bom". uovble ;nilor? wl'b aliduig .toora i luge garden arid froll tree*. Rem SIM; barnyardgBi | aialn-a atiaohed. rent $i!W. Imp'tre of JOHN Af KBRM AN | near the preiniaef. H^OR BALE OR TO LET-A HOUSE AND 4 OR SLOT! on Waahlagtno avenue. eaa> aide, anond In me ueril of DeKa b Kvenon, Brooklyn. Ila* 15 rooma, w.th all ih modern iinoio nienin, and bttilt wlthotii regard to eipenn for ownera oecupatur. Oroiindu thot'Od lu frultaand flnwari .4 pplr to BKE'.vSTKK Win i D. 7 Ton rt at rem. from V AM to U M FOR H\LE OR To LET?THE OTMNASrUM ANI thraa Bniviing Altera mutated In WaaHington avanot two doora moth of Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. It n built and hat been naad by ? private tdtib, and la In goo. order. The gyntnaalnm l?o|f ling would make a tine bliTiir. room Apply to JOHN P. M.POY, 98 Cliff alreet, Net York rlty For sale or to let?at toxkbbs, rwo mjlei (run landing and ear#, a new Honae, with rlet an acre of auod Land, under cultivation, aiao a amall ilunae a* Barn. Apply at UMHitdaon afiael, New lurk. HOUSE FOR HAIaB?'l-U6Ar?o? avoi* uprr.wn lor MOV, half oath, tb<- balanco In laro jraar?. Kara anil lot 347 Weal Twenty alxlh aiieet, ralo^bleproperty, jiri. ?? *), half r-aah, balance on mortgage! A|iphr )o .loH! RODOERg. a?*al, W Truth erenir. or II. f. TOWNbENL lawyer, 13 Clumhera afcect. Real e?tate roil salk.-ior sale, to lbt 01 i aarhuDf,the Urtt i last brown atone laur atory hiu at nop Hon"'', JOS Lexington avnue, wilh all the nioilein In prorementa. Apply lo WT. CLARK, 00 Eaat Twen'.y?i?t atreef. WANTED TO EXCHANGE?A DISTILLERY, i] YY ynlnt;*. III., nt nnlmp ored Propoity In Itrooklyi New York, for llurdware. AdJreta U.K., box S,Jft) ft Louit, Mn <?1 nnn - 'OR HALE, OPPOSITE CENTRAL MOI tj)l.?'ris^nla atatlon, a double Mooae, SJbylOftrea Cam atop live tlnn-a a day. The hooae haa a gftnd teftftil Call at No. BTryoti roa-, room 16. Cl7 KI\A ?EOR HALE. A THREW ft TORY HIU V I .0'"L Hti'op hiown atoae Ironl llouoe and Lo Tli" Ii'i.iho I in n od order, and It pentad throughout, hat alwaya l>raii n' upl# I by the owner. Hlr? 2n??l2?II App y at "O W"*t Thirty flra\ biraot, wear Silth aranu Teruia "ct-vmmftlaMi'B- ' Iiofurs, ROOM ft, A.C., WAVTIfD Alil'MXRM\H AHD WIFK (AYIERIOAM. Willi ueilWcbi! I"'" ? aerraal, vrt?h <o bite tbr e llo , i with pi h iU v ul il*1 uvioi. i\ 41-iito._i luju?t*, . . li'.od l> twtcu Tl?-ift and fc rth lyeAuee and T van .?. ? >ni 1 Twi .11 v aieib a i.-i Is, at a iu j lera.o ?,ir A 'ur.?? Ecuij-jy, i ftt^iPoCOllI _______ AROUM WANfED. UNFURNISHED. VniHOlM tviai 1, in a pit' >i? ?? nllr, by i-'i ? (I Hljr U.iy. U-ut 1 ui mi bo m morale. A JJ'uao P W 'l , UevalioiUte ! A FUKNISTREII FIRST IiASs no'.ISE \7A NTP.tii A Bel >ur T.i.rtv lijui ft. llreiiL l>y l.??!..i/ rvspv'.U>li'? careful Aui'ns^a lanu > ; n*ut U.on. yLiUl. wftf'{ Ut?rd I tic ow ner li agtucuSte. But of r'rr:.e< ?tr*a A i !i - w> 11*1 fll;.-. 2i We i Tn-on1) iLrol str.-r T\Rt'0 ;-)TORP. Firn'KE-l WANTFD.?PARTIES I 1/ biviug retail fixtujro ibeup fur on'i i> 4/ fa 1 two 10 V.. 3 K.. No. #.4*Vulii suae. ! |7?l,I5NlSUKO holtse wanted?bi'.TWKKN powh-. : J licuth and Tii?iitr-fifth ..trect* nn( flrnl nay ami * n'.fitU aremie: part or all of tu.i runt 'o l>? Mkeu ia board. Addicas O. O. II jthM oHlce. HO'J.sB WAM'hD.-TiiE ADVBKTI *BK WrallES T# purchase a clump liu'Ue, in a driuno a location, in tuia I cli. fo- whl b tinauo tubered K-al E- ale, in the cilv ol Byric i.e. worih $.',00ti, will beetcbaiwd, a: 4 Hi > tiuUuc.- paid i:ira;h. Address B , 82 Nv,?au street, ro-iru in. Housn wanthd.-a oentubman and wins, to a.o d tbo inconvenience ot Ooyiiliiij, would like fu take charge of a Uu? House, furtilai.-id or uu!>.mi.-bed, thai <e likely tu rruiaiu ra ant, at the imuilual lout of $200 per aatii.tn. AddroasO. K., lie.aidutiles. J OWER I'AKT, f.NTTKK, Of A< HD'J-iK WANTED I j My a sarin American ramuy, couusuug <>i louraauiU; the house must contain ?ll ihc m lern Improv-mmta, and be located between Twe'ily-tulrd end Forty -* < oud street*, and between the Fifth and Ninth tivenuoa, ami In a g ?xl and respectable neighborhood. WmiM prcter to have the balance occupied by the owner, wbnw family is satalhand who can give, aa well as teqatrp, good rolereooc Prompt pay and a good tan mt will uo found by tddiesslng Uy. Dean, box 162 llerald otB" , lor two days. OFFICE WANTED?WITH BEDROOM ATTACHED, both furnished, with separate entrance from at reel, without Board, bat rooms 10 be attended In. The businens of most quiet character, principally writing. Address L W. .1., Herald offloe. ROOMfTWANTED?BY A FIRST CLAR3 DRNTIST, IN the tinmedla o viclni.y of Un.on or MadUon square; wilt require an operating room, In bora lory ..nd use of partor. Will b? permanent from the 1st of May next Address Inline d ateiy, with full particulars, Snlovor, Herald offlcc. omall three story Souse wanted, by a ft prompt and careful tenant (private fatullv) la a good neighborhood up town; ront not exceeding$W0 or ?980. Ad dress, with ftiU particulars, box 111) Herald office STEAM ENGINE WANTED?ABOUT FIVE HORSR povror, with Boiler, in good order. Address Steam, box 3..118 Pud oflice. N. Y. fflO JE\YBLLBR3.-WANTBD TO POBOtTASK FOR J. ra?ii, a Store iu a good lc-atlun, with fixtures, stock, Ac., and apartments for laiully; Sixth a.'eiiuu preferred. Ad drcsa, atatlug pat titulars. Jeweller, Herald office. WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, CONVENIENT TO TIIE ferries a small House, or part Of u House. Must con' tain live rooms, baxeuieut, water, gas, Ac.?fo, a suisll iauil1.1 Address J. A. 8.. box 3.9CJ, New York Post Office, Stat* pig lowest terms and location, tITANTED?AN IRON SAFE, SECOND HAND, ABOUT YT 9 feet 9 iuches In height, and 3H feet wide. Address G . S Cl.apln 420 Cuo.ilnaming tue price Wanted-by a small amkrican family, kite or six Rooms, In the neighborhood of the Filth Avenue Hotel: rent uot to exceed #2u0. Reference given and re* qulr?d. GasandOrolon water ludlspeusable. Address 0, O. D.. Fifth A< euue Hotel. WANTED?AT LAKE MAHOPAC, A WELL FURnishrd House, pleasantly boosted. Address, with full particulars, A. P., box 148 Herald oflice. WANTED-BY A SMALL RESPECTABLE FAMILY, to rent from May 1, a country residence, with elgat to tea good sifted rooms, outbuildings, Vegetable garden, trull and abade tre -s, and If possible one or two acres of land, situated on or near the banka of the Ha? n riser, or la West* Chester county, or oa the Morris and Essex IS >1 road, beyond Orsngrjof easy access to and within ten to twenty miles o! the city; rent t rom $900 to 9400 per annum. Address, with particulars, box 2,83V Post eiUee, N. Y. XV"\STED-THREE OR FOUR ROOKS OK THE SAME (T Uc v, inhabit iur housekeeping, by gentleman, wife *ud one th!M; tnnal c totaln Che modern Improvements, mad be within fifteen miuutee' walk of (he Metropolitan; rent from *8 to $h) per month. Add re u?, stating nil particular*. Wab-n maker, bo* 1T3 Herald oOlce. WANTED-BT A RE8PEOTABtiB FAMILY, A HIOE M part oi a horse, tn a ?ood location, containing about , Are or id* rooms with modtrn lmpro.-ementa; rent not W evesd ?70l> per year. Addrmc J. H. R.. Herald oBce. WAKTP.D-BT A LADY WHOSE HUSBAND IS8URgcor in the army, ]?r* of a moderti House, tn' rood location, treiu Fourth to Thirtieth auc.it, between Fourth and Sixth iivernier. Terms uot to eloeeti g-'JO. Addrrag bos '.',811 Xow York Post ouUa. T|rAKTKl>?A MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE, WITH ALL if Uio modern lunnov.menls la a good neighborhood, wnrrc all or part of the rent would be takan In board. Addie**, with fttll i an!'.ultra, William, autkm F Posioffloe. tv an ted-to rent, from matj, a country rer T ?ldeu. ?, f lrnlahrd, with eight to ten rooms on or near the banks of the Hudson. or near the aaa ahore. Must be oI eery nece?a lo city by railroad or boat. A.ldre >s Country Resklence, Uu.on square Foat otkoe, for ono week. WANTED to KENT?A HOUSE IE A OOOD LO "Alion, vvmpletely or pitr'.lr furnUhel. Cash will be paid for ib<- furniture. Apply to er addreaa PRICE A THOMAS, Ki K road way. " ~~ 7 T i>OAN OFFICES, AT 111 GRAND 8TRBBT. THREE DOORS WB8T OF Broadway?Money advanced on Watcher, Diamond*, in. airy, Plate, Dry Uooda and pereonal property of ever/ ietcripUuii, or bought andaold, by JOSEPH At JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. AT MS HKOADWAY, CORNER OF DUANR STREET. Money adraaeed to any amount on Diamonds Watehca, Je ti;-v,4kr. ilus'ueaa etrtct and confident's!. T. U. KEESrNO, Broker. Pi-irate entruuee on Dnana etraei, dial door from Itroadwajc AT 71 BLEEOKER STREET, THE HIGHEST CASH price advanced on Diamonaa, Watches Jewelry. Pianos, Dry Goods Segara, An. N. B.?Pawnbrokers tiakota baoghi. H. NEWTON, 77 Uloeokor atreet, up stairs. AT no. 9 CHAMBERS 8TRBBT.?MONEY TO LOAM io any amount on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, As, by the well known and old aatabliahed ISAAC, broker and run..nlaalon merchant, No. 9 Chambers atre.-t. N. U.?N? ulsmt'm iransamcu ud ouuruajr. At 06 nann vt; street.?a. honigman, diamond broker, nukes liberal advance* on Dtamou.ls Watches, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at bis privateoBJce, Ml Na<sa i afreet, room No. 3, up stairs. Business coofl. uential. Abraham j. jaokson. no. to walker street, near Broad a-a jr. (lata W He'de air or:), !oani money In Urge or amall anma, on Watcher, Diamonds, Jewelry, Surer Ware, Oun\ Dry Ooode, Wearing Apparel anl peitonal property or erary description. Liber vl advances hade on diamonds. Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware or bought for each at the highest prices. Person* having old Gold or Sliver IV ire for sale can do no better than call on LOUIS ANRICH, 72J Broadway. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS WANTED?FOR CV8H. I The highest cash prioea paid for Pawnbrokers' Tickets Of Diamonds, Ws-chen, Jewelry, (iuna, Pia'ole, Ar. H. NEWTON, 77 Bleeckera reel, upstair*. PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS OP CLOTHING, AC., PUR. chased for cash at 141 Broome sir. cl, a few dooi s from Hioad.vay. A lot of first ulaas Clothing im hand and for aale a' 93 a sutl. GEORGE LEVIS. I 91 O BROADWAY. OVER ' KNOX T'TE HATTER." wiw The best po>iible prices pal I for Diuinoud-, a t or inset. Advances on Watches, Diamond*, Pearls, Plate, Optical Instrument*, Ac., ieft on aale, or.,ill buy the oauie ?t Ihc hlgheat market value J II. b ARH1NGER, 213 Broadway, earner of Pulton et> ~ fuwimre. Am^m BEDROOM SUIT Ol ENAMELLED FURNITURE, in ull cohira, of warranted inannfa. lure: also solid CinMill Chamber Suits, plain and oinauicotal, at H K ' h'A ruing TON'S, No. :m Canal street, oppoaite Wooelcr. Established In 1M& ALAROK ASSORTMENT op HOUSEHOLD fukniun a at private eal', at a aacrlflC'.?Bcvcn ocuve rosewood I'lsiioiurle; coat foiU, lor $260, including SIojI and Cover Parlor 8oU. i-osi for $llti: on- do.. $ *>. E'ag?ica, B"ok<aee, Curtains, Clocks. OH Paintings. Bronves, roa wood Chamber P irniiure. Bedding. Ac , at lea* than naif coal. Inquiie at 70 tt est Twenty-tilth eirret, near Sixth | avenue. All kinds of furniture, looking glasses. Bed ling, Ac., Iielow auction i idera, warranted and de' livoted tree, at O. W. SNBDEN'b, 383 Bowrry, between ; si ir.ton end Houston streets. Csll snd save money. No a ' ibe number. Rosewood Parlor Bulls cheap. CABINET FURNITURE AT AUCTION PRICES ? $Ja,i)uu of rosewood, mahoganv, walnut, oak and ent ivmeb d Furniture, ell of the beet tjually snd the nevre.f pat. : (ejus, at the old stand, 30 Catbarlns -trwo, near East Hr a-II way. SOLOMON FANNING. NAME?.LED CHAMBER SUITS OF FURNITURE? <J In all colors and styles, at wholesale and retail', the , largest dock In thectfy. Bolts $30aud upwards. Also, solid walnut Butts, Maltreaeee, P?ilii.*<ca. Ac. ' warren ward, 'j77 Canal street, [j I our d oors east of Broadway. l U'lRdT cla89 ENvMELLED FURNtTURE?PLAIN. r decorated und grained, solid walnut and oak Bets; Bulla (I $30and upwards; .Mattresses, Bprliig Beds. Ac. j. W. FIBUER A co.. Manuraoturera, > <04 Broadway between Bleuckcr sad Bond streets. ? Is1 UKNITURE, OAS FIXTURES, PIANOS, CARPETS, >1 r Ac., lot sale at halltTicai the owner Is going to leave ror 8 Europe; price $7M; to ntrnlture dealoca would give the rrtv vlteg" o; auctiun tn the house. For list, Ac., address A. O. uo* 140 Herald oifce. ? TJM'RNITURB, CARPETS, BOOKS, rAMPHLET9 AMD n F Ltr.rarlea bought for teady money,V 113 SUth are a Mr, 4 I*tTern Ninth nntfTenth atreeth. Furniture BonoiiT.-rAMii.iEs oivma up houaekeeptag can (til their Furniture fur . ??h, ami re' eilre a fair prior, at 47? Third an nua, nra: Thirty fourth a creel. All call* or a note add reared r'urnl'nre, as above, will be promptly attended to. >t T>AKT1E8 BREAKING UP HOU9EKEEriNu ANI? JT wlablnc to mU their Pmnttuie, wtll llod ae.iahouatomer by addrerainc a lut to L. T., U0 liudaou airier, ft Country raUa attended to. ?- T>LIMPTON'B IMPROVED PATENT PARWtR BEDU X eteada and other brat eia.tr rnrnltura. rn< 1 nrho'?au a ad retail; alao furoiihed bjr monthlypaymmte *1 Ill Tenth a'reet, formerly Nattenal Academy or Derlyn ?. UTOBAOE IB N?ANTKD-TM A DRV ROOM NEAR I- O Wiath aventuhand Twenty-ruth street, for tho r>;rnltnre or a three rto.-yhouae. Addreaa, with a de?u Ipllnn oi the roome and yearly rent, N. n., ho* 2,903 Post otlii e. ? VJTORAOV or FURNITI RE-CAN BE FlAll IN TIIE t* O mo.le'.n lire proof bnlldinii, K i. WSitth avenue; fninllns will Bnd dhta a aafe plno? for their |iro|>erty; on' n tin,.' 1(1 to - 13. Hi alatA' tory referen a given. Charges ran sotmble. t! II/*. r?. OT'SfF.HM IN, DEALER IV NEW ANU It 41 aeeond hand Pornl'ure, Carpet*, B"lr, <}m fit 9 w eyeiy deverlpiinn i 370 (it ind t < n N ttuia ?, and Hufl'o'k sin t- Ailtbe arlioks lu the altorc Up boo tit, i. aotd or ci 'taogi'd,