15 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9349. I limriON WAN TED?FEMALES. For Other Wwh See Eighth Page. AYOI'NO IIIRL IMBIBES A SITUATION AS NURSE ud KMutrrM, or would Instruct children In tbe preparatory branches of Mi Engtlsh education: Is trilling to sitke herself generally useful, end has no objection to the errantry. Apply et 19 Stele si, Hew York. A RESPECTABLE YOUMQ GERMAN GIRL W18HKS n situation in a private family going to California, as a eanaastress; eansi>eak Herman, English and French, can hrinyj good city reference. Inquire ofMias Hoffman, 136 Fill A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO A man, as ttrst clans cook; she thoroughly understands her business la nil Its branches; can aire the beet of city re-, fsrence. Apply untU engaged at ??l Ith or. A PROTESTANT QIBL WANTS A SITUATION, AS nurse or seassstrees; wen three yearn la her last place; hM good dtp reference. Apply for two days at No. 109 West A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 81TUAUou aa waitress; the beet of ell; nftrane) from her leet IfCan be MM for two days at MNEaal 19th at, corner 3*1 av. A SITUATION WANTED IN HOBO KEN?OR A SHORT distance la the country, by a reapectable young woman, as laundress and chambermaid; do general housework A wanted, la a email family; the beet of reference from her last place. Call at No. 3 Wll'ow at., third bouse from the rtd[ug school, Aral floor, Hoboken, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS ohaniberaiaid and waitreaa, or waitress alone. Can be 1 t**9 at West 30th at., near Broadway; baa good eiiy referC * A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WO^AN, TO cook, waeh and iron, or lo po general housework. Oo<vl eity reference. Call for two daye at 14 Clarkeou et, brat door, front room. A PROTESTANT OIRL WANT8 A SITUATION AS laundress, er aa chambermaid and laundress; undcrmaodeall klndaof line washing and Ironing and Outing; bent ally reference. Can be sum al 38 Weat 13th at., between &th and 6th ava., for two daye. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, aa lirat claim cook; undereianda her business 1n all ita branchea; best etty reference. Can be teen for two dayaal87 3d at., aecond floor, corner of Lexington and 3d ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECT able and well recommended young woman, aa first class eook In a hotel, boarding bouse or reapectable restaurant: undereianda all kluda of jellies, game, Ac ; is an excellent pantry cook; no objection to goto the country. Call at 237 Bltxabeth at, brat floor, in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. as chambermaid and waitress or to uke care of children: best city reference can be furnished from her last place. Cull for two days at 15# av. C, corner of 10th st, aeI ond floor. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION; la a good cnok, and willing to make herself useful; wonltfcasaist In the washing. City reference. Call for two days at 83 Weat 30th at., between bib and 7tb uvea., front basement. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, to do general housework or go out by the day In a email family; a good borne preferred to high wages. City reference. Ca.1 for three days at 87 28th at, between 6th and 7th ava,, In the rear, top floor. A STEADY. INDUSTRIOUS YOUNO WOMAN DESIRES a situation as cook, washer and ironer, or lo do general houeework; understands her duties thoroughly. Beat of atin Mfaronna f!oll fne <?*/.. .laus .. ii'.Qi.h mt i^.w AKBSPBCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO do general housework In a email private family. The I Norf'Ik rt? ^ ,W0(ta,"*41M A** SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNQ GIRL, AS chambermaid and waiter. Has tbe beat of city reference. Can be seen for two days at 136 36th si., between 7lb and Sth avs., top iloor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Jit Aral class cook; understands all kinds of pasiry, jellies, Ac. Seven years' city reference. Can be seen aQM , Bast 9th st. ____ A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS riR8T class laundress; und?. stands the doing of all kinds of ftne washing and Preach fluting in the neater style; has no objection to go In the country with a family; baa the bast of city reference. Can be seen for two days at 116 West 16th St., near 6th av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT, TIDY YOUNG girl, as chambermaid and to take care of children, or trtsMds waiting; la willing to make herself useful; good reference. Call for two days at % West 20th si. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, to cook, wash and Iron In a private family, she is an eteallent washer and ironer and a hrst rale baker; she thoroughly understands her business In all Its branches, has no objection to go a short dlstanoc In the country; baa the boat of city reference. Call for two days at 1M Sth at, between 2d and 3d avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do bouoswork In a small private family; la willing and obliging: Is a first rate washer and Ironer and a good plain coot; would have no objection to go to the country for the summer; has tho best of city reference from her last place. Can re seen for two days at 437 7th av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO chambcrmoik aud wailing or housework in a small private family. Has good reference from her last place. Call for two days at 132 West 33>1 si., near 7th av. A young woman wants a situation to do the houeeworfc or a email private family or would go at aurne. Can give good city reicrence. Cau be a<en for two days at 23 I'arroll at., firat llnor, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT girl, u* gmxt plain cook, waaher and ironer or as tbautketiuuld and waiter. Can be seen for two day a at &> Prospect at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and to do line waahiug and lrumug; would do housework lor a auiall family. Una no objection to go In the country, flood city reterence. Can beacon lor two days at 211 West iMfr at., between 7 th and 8th a?a. * EEHPECTABLE COLORED Wl M VN WANTS A .A aituation aa laundries. Can glv< k-n>d city its.erta v. Can be seen for two days, at 7.1 East Tnirty aeeotid at., between Fourth and Letiaglon uvea. A respectable qirl wishes a situation to uo general hou.iewors or a* laud < trees. No ubjet lion to go a abort dlatan'? lu the country. Cab tie eeen Mr two days atdd3 7tb av.. b-'iweeu 2btb and 17tli ate A situation wamel)?as laundress and chambermaid, by a young womaa w ho has bred in that capacity In ene ot the tirat faun Ilea In tbia city, from akom she can I'uamJah nitraceptinoahir reference. Can be areu at ItM Weal Mill at, between tab and 7th arenaes. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHILdre.n'a uuraeand |>iain aewer. or would do chautlier Work and aaidal In waalilng and imaSog; haa no objectioaa to the country lor the aununer. Haa the bent ?f city refeawace. ('ail at 1311 Weet 20th at., between ftb and Atn art. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A private lamily ae cook and good washer Hnd ironer. la ] "Willingand eery obliging Call at 21 Weal 12lb at., in the agree, fur two days. A SITUATION -WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chaniLflriaald and wadtreac City reinvented required. Call at 2M Weat 17th at., between Mb mad 10th at a. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUalienaa-ctaamberwanl and laundrcaa; cau Uo French fluting; nmtoMtanda her buatueaa. Haa no objection to the -eeuntry . Uoed city reference. Call at 126 Last Win at., near Sd avr. AKESI'BCTABLBdJIRL WIftHKS A SITUATION TO do general Louaewnrk In a email private Lautny. Uouti -|HJ reference# ClttH 107 Smith at . Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RKFTKCTABLE young girl, IMcly arrived from Earope, to do general houaewnrk Una email larnlly; haa an objection to uo a abort dlalanee iu the country Call at 36UM *v*., near lidd el., for . two day*. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A FIRST CLASH COOK; , understand* cooking In all ita branched, jelly, pastry aaud all kinds of amipa aud dame; lined In tlie lest'itUiili-s, -etiher Aral etna* family or hoarding house Heat of iwfe. ren< r?, tAS fat two day* at SHI East Houston eL, la the day C*oda "tore. ARBSl'BCTARLE YOU NO UIKL WANTS A SUVA tlon earhiintbermald and fine waaber and kroner, or as waitress, or am old do Ihe general housework in a entail tawu ly; beat nlty relarenee froan ber last clew Call tar two il.ys at M >.ih brut fb or, l-ont room AYO: NO WOtfAN Wl?0 IH A KIUST KATE WAf I K and Irouet, wtahea the washing of a Tew gentlem an or ot a small lain 11) , .si It t o?n house; Deal rrfr i i'S' giten, >1 iA.|Utrnd. Call el lift Beat7,'lh at., top ttno.-, front nsiiu AHITUATION W ANTKIk - BY A RESPfcl TA ill K WAR rtcd woinao. aa wet ounre; good city relaienue Call lor two day* at ISt litli et., < . .. . ? *L AflTUATMN WANTEO-BY A RESUECTABTB girl, aa good plain conk; la a inoat cinnllent wash, r nod i.mner, and a good breed, hisetdr, pie audnake baker; would <te the work Ota atnail private .family; onuavy and < uy refeialter. l,'ail at lift Weal IVUi at., batween tfi a and 7th ava A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TO UNO WOMAN, is a good cook, m aslnjr ami nwnoi; ben ally inferencegiv. en; also a> hamhecnald and welter. Cell for Uo data at ra Want 19th at., in lAe ban-meal. A SITUATION W.ANTKD-BY A YOl'NU womaN, AH Drat ratorook aa.l ore* lent ?? t r aon I rone r In a ..mall private I amity; na oujflcltoa to lha countryj two r' <r-' rare, re nee. Can lia aeon lor laa tlajaalZlO lai av., Latneen mta and istk ale., fleet floor. Arehpbctabi.b oirl wants a situation as wet nuree; hae the beat rttyrelarence. Can bo ereu Tor two daya at M Wrat Waatiiitaiou place, Aral floor. ARKHPKCTAM.R YOONfl OIRL WANTS A HITUallon to <lo xeaaial hoime work; no objorllnn to gn a abort dlatanre In the country; the boat of tlty releraana nan ho (Iran. Call lor two dayo at >13 Eaat Ztd at. to; 'mm r, front room. ARFHPIttJTABf.K YOUNll WOMAN WISH KM A attnatlon aa ? an and aramatreaa, or ckatnbennalil and toameireaa. than aire flood otty roferei no. Ilaonoottjoetioii to the nouiiiry. t aa On aaan tor two Maya -U 444 Rant 4that., to the roar A SITUATION WANTED-ItY A KEHPBtTABI.E TOttnfl (Irl. tn cook, waah and iron or to do (tenora I houeawort in a amall private fannlr. The beat of city reference ran be (Iran, tun be aeon for two May4 by raHlne at 37 Doabroaaaa at. ARESPECTARI.K OlRI, WISHES A SITUATION >8 lanndrra ; has no objection to il? line waxhtnit, IrnnliM and rhamberworh. iim ihe hot of city reference tan to Men for l*o drt}? al a I VVAfluinfttoii H'l'iar*. [E NE NEV THE IMPORT Appearance of Island "r~? \ ? \ - s \ ><NxL * \yiib |ffS ^ ]j|-? j( % f e A?Nedwai transport*, witb troop*. B?Mortar boat* C?R*bel Htoamur Do Soto, witb (lag ?>f troeo lb?Tug going to true* boot. K?Deserted $ m imoiia. SITrATIONS wawtkd-fkmalkn. A protestant GIRL wanth a plaukin a km *11 family. Inquire at H9 Ridge street. ANIMATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO cook, WHih ooit iron. Good city reference. 0*11 for our dar as 129 Court It., near Wyi'kofT, BrookIj-a. second dow, book room. I A respectable yoono woman wishes a hititation a* cook, washer and lruoer. Good city rciererv e can bo given. Call lor two days ai 1IV Court at., Hriooklyn. Actuation wanted?by a german woman, who rpeakaEnglleh. with ?om? American famtli, Prowatam, lo do chamherwork and up a lairs work. City re rerun sc Call a' 314 3ih it. near at. A. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION a? STEWA aidess: ia act: .sunned lo tbe sea; would travel. Go kI reference given. Can be seen tor three day* at431Iamil ton s?. AKKMrKCTAHLK *??'*? WUIAD WAWT:* A MTIA linn in a private family to do general bon??work; in a good plain oook anil an excellent waahcr ami Ironer. The heel nt city reference can be given from her last place. Call tor two uaya at 110 Warren el., between Boyf and Bond, Brooklyn, llral door, back room. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A altuatlonaa wet nuree. City reference firm. Can be 1 eeen tiUM ave. A respectable young woman wibiibs a siti aHon aa cook, or to do general hotiaew >rk In a email family. 1'Ik* beet of city reference given from lier laei place, where ?bc haa lirod two year*. Call at Z1S Hold at.. Brooklyn, for two Ua/a A respectable YOUNG GIRL WANTS A biti.'Ationoannrae; la oceuatomed to children; 1* a good plain ewer. BalMfatinry refereneea given. Call ot J?? llu-kit tt. flrat door from Atlantic, Brooklyn, #e?end floor, reoin No ft. A respectable woman would like to uo out by the day to do cleautng, thoroughly ui.deratanda hrr boainesa. Apply at 52 Sheriff it., aecoud floor, front rooui. A 8 nl'rse.?a respectable yopno woman wtahea a altuutlon aa narao In a private family; can take rare of a baby from lie birth; la a good aewer, ha* long and aatiefoctory city refereneea; can produce ten yean' refereneea from her laai two plana Can he w^-n for two day* at Mil 2d are., Mcood Hour. Ah cook.?thoroughly understands her boaineae; would have uo objection to aaeiat with the waabiup; would go a abort dUUtnc" In the eountr/; haa got the lent uf city reference. Can baaaen for two day* at .in Weat Nth at. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A rekpeotart.e WO" man, at Kood plain rook, la willing to aaaiat in the wa*U" tug and ironing; no nbjecliuii to go a ahnrt (balance In the country, good reference, Call at 77 Wett Ittth at , baiwe. n tith and 7lh Ave*., front baeemrnt. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIUL, aa chambermaid, or to lake care of children ami do plain aewing; can do all kind* of embroidery; ia w|i ng to aaeiat In waahing and Ironing; haa lived all yaara In her laal place; Peat ultf relerenoea. Apply for two day a at 122 Eaat ICal at., bctweea 2d and 3d area. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE A (JED ENOLIHIl PROteatant woman wtahea a alinailon aa aeamatreaa and (o do light chuinberw ork, or aeaoiaircsa and uurae. City n le ARKRPEt TABLE PERNOR WI8HEH A SITUATION a. twain.ire.a and to take rim of grown children, undendaiid. Iiitllng and lilting rhlldren'a clothing and all klnda of family rawing. Bol ol oily reference from wham ?ha haa liven Ikva yeara. Can bo ?eau Tor one day at M Wml 30th at., batwaen 6th and 7tharea. AHf'.HI'Et.'TABI.R (IIRL WANT8 A HITUATIOR AH chambermaid and wal'.raae, or to aarirt with the Ana wanking and iiornng, or take charge of children; la a neat aowrr; would d<> general houaewnrk In a email private family: lea good baker, no objecting to go to the country. Rr?t of city referenco I roin la.I place. Can be a en lor two d^a at?? lllcka at., between Amity and Pacific, Brooklyn, around floor, back room. ATOIJMit OIRL WIHHBS A SITUATION AH CHARt>' i iilaid and waltraaa, or te take care of aiilldran and da aewlng; no objection to go a rhorl dtatanoa In the country; good inference. Call at lid I lib at., betwaan Atb and Aih ava. A SITUATION WANTED?AH NURHB ARB PLAIN J\ aewar. Call Car turce daya at 149 Urand at., aecond door, front room. ABtTUATlOII WANTED?BY A PBOTK8TANT CIRL, to cook, waah and Iron; goatl two y ra' reference from her laet plaoa. Call at 9.10 bridge at.. 'Irooalya. AREHPRCTABLR MARRIED WOMAN WHO HAH loat a hall), lira w??k? old, would I'' a In ike a baby la wet nurrc at her own rcrldcn. " Noabici: ion i > baby Iroin It.blrib, Apply at 1?B Kaat99da.., th.rt ho tout, room Mo. 19. Ahituation wantkd-bv a REAM. ' ABI.R OIKL. ?? nuraa and chamliei mad or lo ill 1*01 owing Rett .faity refereneaa given. Can be aaen lot v .layaait&f t)ih 4V , corner 98th at. , room No. A A TOCNOIHRLWANTB A SITUATION TO HI\W \T|T|| a drrtamakcr or tullercaa, W- to .he . on id h,\ird who the family, would are for it .nail impenaatlon. t .'.ill on 0r addre.. Mary, MM 7|> Wlllianiabntg. W Y O V YORK, TUESDAY, API ANTOPERATIC No. 10?The Gunboats Time of the ^ ^ ? % t ?. ? . ' t v * i |S?ff* i" /o^^T ^ ?"<: 5# -?ol i\ liSi 3 9 9 fo H M ? ? M f? If ' ?Ordnance buildings. O- Wharf boats. H?Floating battery. -.Shuttered field pieoe. K?tkodup s bouse. SITUATIONS WANTKD-FKMALERA SITUATION WAKTED-RY A YOiJNO WOMAN IS A good plain cook, good washer and iruner. Oood ? ty reference Can be seen for two days at'960 lit it., between 22.1 and 2?d at*. A RESPECTABLE tilRJL WISHER A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitress; la willing to assist in wasliiug and lr >nlug. Oood city reference ean be given. Inquire for two .lays at 484 7th are., bei went Mth and 40th tla A respectable yoi-.no WOMAN WANTS A SITCA. lion as ehainhermaid or nurse , is a good plain newer and an ea.elirnt waslier and troner; no objection to the reuntrr. Call at 2H4 21st at, between Island 2d ate., top Uoor, front room. A RESPECTABLE ORRMAN UIRL WISHES A SITUalion to docbainbrrwork, tine ?ewing and Ironing, good references given. Call at 410 7tli avenue, near 35tb at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, A8 rook an I to naaivl in wa-blng and Ironing, In a private family; ha* the beat of city refcrenee; no objection lo ihe country. Apply for two day* ai 177 Eaat J8th at., between Id WW Ml STK., mil D?ur, DW> rWIIO A MOST RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TOUN0 UIRL hum a xilUktion tu wkf uic of children and lo do light ehamherwmk or waituu table, in a amall private fav lly, whe re ah* can make heraelf generally uaefu). Apply fur two day* at SK Want 10th ?t. AS COOK?WANTED, A SITUATION, BT A YOUNO woman. a> brat nana cook; aha thoroughly undenlands her buaioeaa In all tu branchea; haa no ubjoctlun to na ahurt dlatasre In the country for the anmmer moritha, beat ofrlty reference from her laat place. Apply for Iwo day* at No. 06th at., aecond boor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl, to do plain rooking, wnahlng and Ironing, or to do general houaework In a auiali family. Hae the beat of city reference from her laat place. Call at 076 8th av.. corner 4l*i at., third Bogr, harA room. t SITUATION WANTED -BY A KEKI'RCTABLE OIKL, J\ aa good plain nook, e ire I lent bread and biacult baker and fine cia*a Jaundreaa, la nut a el raid of ??, k. Bekt of ulty and country reference. Apply at M0Eaat 19th at, toroer of iJo av., over the store, for two Jay a. A SITUATION WANTKD-HY A TOON WOMAN, wbo la a good plain e?Ok, an einellent hake r and ? good waaher and troner. ood die reference can be hud t ruin her laat place, where abe baa lived near iw yeura. Call at H6 Weat 17tb at, between 6th aed 7tb ava <'ail at the front begement. AM situation WANTED-BY a respectable young woman, a? .iurw aud plain newer, or chamh rrnaid and waitreea ttoud city reference. t an be aeen at 99 V*eal 19th el. A SITUATION WANT! P-RY g COMPETENT YOUNO woman, a* rhambennaid and waineva. Hae two year*' r Terence from her laat pla<e Can be eren at No. J Hanieon at, room No. 8. AW SITUATION WANTED-TO D<t C1IAMHEKWOKK and waiting, or itenrral boueewotk: baa city reference. Can !> aeen fur two daya at Ml Wcat.llatat. Affltl IILY RESPECTABLE DIM. W 4 NTH A SITU Alion, la a god ik, waaliei an I if would do general houaework. liaa good elty reference. Can lie am tor tw,i daya at 196 37th at, aecond lloor. nt ?t the atore. Am yol'NO WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION AH NURSE and *eatnalreex; ta ca, able of taking care of children; iiiderxtaii .? working on Wlireter A Wllaon'a aewlng machine, or would like to travel With a family The heat of city referent* f m her laat pace, 94 40th at, between Broadway and 6tb av

Ayounc woman wishes a situation as chambermaid and waltrraa, or aa chambermaid and lo do tewing, or aa waitreea alone Can glvo the heat of reference from tier laat place. Call for two day* at Ne 4 Ka?t Slat at. Arehpe- table married woman, witu a freah hreaet of milk, wiahra a altuatluii aa wetnurxe. Can be aeon at IW Ptoapect at, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WTflHBH A SITUATION AH good cook; 1* willing to aaalat with I'ltrwaahlag and ironing IB a nlw arlvata family. Can gW . good Hit rriaren. ? Call at'AM III h aTr batwaoa Wth and 22th ata. A RESPECTAHI.K YOUNli OIRL WANTS A HITUAtlon to do cbamborwork or gmieral hunaawnrk, Th# boat of city raferaaco can bo glron. Apply at 402 Hutlaoa to., Brooklyn. A SITUATION* WANTED? BY A itEBI'Hi TABI K 1 \ yotiog woman, aa rhambormald aod waiter, or to aaalat wltn waahlng an l ironing; can giro two )nara' rofnronco from har teat plana. Can bo aeon at 118 Woatifthat., nrar 7tkar. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A~ YOl'NU WORANrrVi do cbamborwork and waiting and aaaial in waahlng an 1 Iroalag, or would do llgnt honaawoat; na olfaction to go , abort dlalaneo In Iho country; baa th* baat city roferaar-. Call at lilt Waal aim at. A SITUATION WANTFJJ- Y T YOUN<f(lIMf,, Tt) i,() rhatnbarwurk ami rowing, or would aaalat In waahii g. la neat and tidy; would go a ahorl diatan,* In h? coiiutry. Call Tneaday and Wednraday at No. 2 Kaat lilh at. AHlfljAT.ON WANrKD NY A Kl< --PK< T AI Cr. joniig girl, uachainb, rinald ami to aaalat In the w??li leg and Ironing, or I n on' c a?h aa I Iron fur ? amalt t.111 bj . lata ilia > rat ni city referanco front bar Inat place. Cain' [ No. tty Wr*l 37th at., near 7Ut Brat ?ovr. R K 11 UL 15, 1862.-TRIPLE SB INS ON THE I i, Transports, Land B Surrender. ^ ^ ^ ^ * \ 11 ?? 0NOST064 s l^0^0 ^ I ! \3 i^ 0 m & \\As /p i/M / ^^- N'2 * ?*> *? ^ a a m,' f 1#?Orndup's uogrc abantiM. IB?M?c**ln?e. m,?Uona not mono tod. to?ReDol ncAinpmonlfl. e?Fedora) MCMpnitnii. SITUATIONS WAKTED-l'EfflALKB, I A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE I iouiik nil I to do chandwrwork anil waiUn*. or to do I chamlierworkand to aitalal with the waeblng; Is capable of lomgboth; la a neat and tWy girl, and la obliging and willing; baa the bent of city reference from bar laat place. Call at 437 7th nee. until suited. "\1TANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, YY a* chambermaid or nurse; would tate charge of a baly from it* bn th. Can give good city reference. Can be net;u or one day at 103 Smith at., corner Pacific at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION AH LAUNDRESS. OR would ? at at chamber work, or do tbc 'Ino waahlni:. Call at 111 1Mb M. Can give good reference. Can be seen lor two days In tha basement. VITANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE AND BEAM YY strena. by ,an eije rieui-ed fin, with food refereucen. Call ou W. T. Hatch, E?<|., 77 Clark at, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN HONEST, INDUBi rt..ue girl, to do general buueeanrk. la a good waabcr and Irourr; can give the lieat of relerencc from b< r preaent employsr, at 113Vari<-k at. WANTED?A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND eainatn-aa; ua.le ralniida aewing on Wheeler A Wi|. ami's aewtgi; machine; bsa good city reference. Call for two day a at IBI Eaat 12th at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woasan, aa cailt and chambermaid, c?h1 city reference giv-Wr Apply at 474 eth an, for three dayr. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPKt TAHf.B young woman, aa waltreaa or chambermaid ami waitrere; the moat reap*, table city referen - can be given. Can be aeen for two days at 144 West .Tib ., between 7th and Sth ay* WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TO UNO WOMAN, aa awmitnu. or to do rJiamberwork or uks <ara of children; no objection to go In the country. Can be aren for two day* u? 142 Eaat 33d at., back room. TITANTKO?A SITUATION, BY A HIGHLY RESPECT YY able wom-tn, aa nnrae; Is capable of taking earn of rhlldren iioui their birth; can sew, or would do lumber work If Wo ilrfd, la truatwnrlhy and obliging; U-at of city ISftNMnSM bar la>t place. Call at No. S WealJfr.h sA WAVED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT rl. a "filiation aa chambermaid and to aeatnl In waahingan t Iroaing, or to do plain aewing; goo I ity leferem e can be g. en. 4LU1 for two daya at lift Eaat 22d at. WA "TED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS, SITUA timiaih a reap.- table family, one aa ook and the other aa chambermaid; hare good > Ity refarencea. the cook haa liver, live yeara In ber Jaal situation. Apply lor tw j daya at 3H1 Mud*.'U at met. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY yccin; girl, a* chamliermaid and nurae; is a good plain arwrr, haa no objection to the country; good city relereiicr can be had. App.y at 274 Uo,d at., between W Sloughby si. ami Myrtle are., Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YG0NO WOMAN, TO doeheniberwork ami aew or ohamberwork and tins w aablng; haa il.n be?t of rnonmmeitdati ina; haa 10 otijec tion to ko a abort distance In the eonntry. Can br seen for i vn daya st 434 4th are , between 30tb a* lilat ata., aec.nd I) or. back room. Wanted?a situation, by a toumo woman, ah good plain cook, * saber aud Ironer, haa tba heat of city reference; ta willing to go s abort dlaiance In the coun. w h , for mm .faa at 4114 4lh are., between 30th i.tfii .'tin ata, aecond floor, bank room, WANTED ? A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE you ng woman, to no up atalra work, a* walir. aa, or lo do bnuaework in a ainall pritate fainllyi.an glre g.,od '-liy rr fere m a from hrr laat pla.e. Call Tor two day a at It I VV.'M 2Ih| at., between Sih and 9th a- -a WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 411HL: TT ia a tlrat rata rook, waaher and Ironrr; alao a ko.xI baker ot i.rwad and plan; undvratanda all klnda of family corking, Itaa the heat of rtty referring. Call for two oaya nt 1*1 wrai .flat at., near Stn are. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOIINU WOMAN, a initiation to rioehamberwora and watting; liaa good city r. o rente Vail for two .laya at 431 Till an, near Jdth atiwe;. ______ Ik.* NTKD?11V A REHI'KCTA MLB PH4JTK8TA NT WO Tlr man, a aitoation aa cook on.ieraiaa la all klnda of painrraml raking; can Uke ruurge of aaoiali dairy; baa no lObjr. II 111 to go la the country; city and country relnrencea. j an b" man mr two daya at aHS lal ae.,Mi ner of 17th at., gjttrd lloor, bark rooui. WANTED- HY A RENPF.CTARLK AMERICAN WOman, aailnation aa wat aurae. Apply at 7*4 3d are., top flaor. Beat of alty reference. WANTED- A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A girl a lto can to.nn well raroimuvadrd; la willing lo take rare of children and aealat In naahlng and tiuning. t all at or addreaa .19 Strang place, Booth Brooklyn. W ANTED HY A REHI'ECTABI.B IIIRL, A SITU A Yr tiou aa cltamlieriiia.d aBil Waltrena; ran Jo flncwacli Ing and Ironing. Apply at tier praaent pla e, M taught a.., for thrra daya. tlf 'NTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, fV i ciiild id w. i nniee ai her own n anionic, where II will hare a nuitV r'a caia. Ad.irras IU)< Oiove at. In Ibr rvAr, fur Ihrta day*. ERA I [EET MISSISSIPPI. L attenes, &c., at the / , , 1 iaa 1 t ^ ^ , ^ ^ ? L % t ? ft 1 : % t * ? *1 " i ?N* ? * \ * , t * % a a % ? t %- t . ? * ? WATERS -SON ?> ?Groop offrav* atonee. O?PHee of commissary itont, P?Robot headquarters. IL~?teaiu?:r Crampon .since eu&k i BITUATIOWB WANTKD?KKMALES. WONTED?A B1TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or In lake 1 mm or children, or lo do plaiu wiring: is willing and obliging lias two yrars'city reference. Call for two days at 17a West 10?h In the mar, third floor. Wanted?a situation, bt a respectable girl, aa nurse uud seamstress. Beat reference* frutn h> r last place, where sin- has lived two years. Call at 81 Butler st, between Hoyt ami Smith, Brooklyn. WASTMD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do the general hone-work of a small private family. Can be seen for two days, until suited, at 111 West 26lh st, between 7ihan<! Htli ats., intbe rear, ml lioor, be. k room. WANTED?A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS AND chambermaid by a young woman who ran cut and bt in ties' an I liildren'o ilmaaea; can give good city reference. Inquire ai Itfl East Uih st. TITAN 1 ED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION IN YY a private family as < ook, washer and iruner: la a good plain cook and brat rati- lanndri-M. Call lor two days at IM West 37th at., aecoml floor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonnggirl. a* chambermaid and waitress; has no objection to do housework in a am at - family; the best city reterence can be given. Inquire at Ml Elisabeth st. for two days WANTED-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, a situation as chambermaid and to do plain seeing, or to aa-ilat in the washing and ironing. Best ol city : reirrenre. Call at 101 East loth st for two days. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A YY situation as rhenibrrineid, or chambermaid and seam ^ B ?: ' n> ie ercuce given. Can be seen for two daya at I'JO East 26tb at., tup flour, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOman. a situation aa firat claaa laundress; understands 1 French fluung. Uood clljr referaooa given. Call at 81 Went 19th at., mat 6th or WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOI'NO WOMAN. A a altuatloo aa laundress or cbanmertnald; would alao do the fln>- wanting and ironing; haa the beat of dtp reinre nee Can be seen lor two days at 176 Weat 324 at. 11TANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, VT aatluatlonaa chambermaid and to aaaiat In washing and Ironing, haa lived In her laat situation five year*, nod cun bara the beat of reference la the city. Apply nt M. A. Enieroon'a fancy atore, MO 3d nr. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa uurae ana aramatreaa, or as chambermaid and to aaaUt with the waahing and Ironing. Call at 16 Woudhull at., Brooklyn. WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TOl'NO WOMAN, A situation aa brat rale cook; la a goo I baker of bread andblacuit, uiideratamia all kin.la of pastry aud Ueanerta; no objection to tha country; would aaaiat In the waahing. Can le in n for two daya at ISO Eaat 37tb at , between 2d and 3d aTa. Beat reference. It" ANTED -IIY A SMART AND TIDY YOUNO WOMAN IV a situation aa unrae aud aramslreae or wattr aa. Can five i he l?-at of city reference. Can be eecu lor two daya at 24 Went 32d at., lop Uoor, tront room. \X' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VT young wotnaa, a? chambermaid and aalircaa In a email private tamlly. le a competent peraon and fully utideratanda he, business; la very willing and obit tug aud kind iocl.il dr?.n. the b< an Ity reference. Call at 82 Weat 33d at WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A REHPECTABI.E girl, aa chambermaid and to do the f ne washing, or to aaaatm Ilia waahing aud Ironing, the beat references. Can be ?een for two days at 260 Eaat 16th at. Noue but for the country need apply. WANTED-BT A YOUNtl OIRL, A SITUATION AS nurse and to on plain sewing In a respectable family, haa lived over nve years In her Inai ulnae The beat city raIcirnces. Call for two dnvsat 3)7 let av. I1TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO UIRL, A TV situation aa plain cook, washer aud ironer, or aa lAundreaa; beat of city relarenca given. Call at 40 Eaat foist. _______ WANTED?HT A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, a situation to lake car* or enildren, doembroidery and C" In sewing; ha#good refercr. c. Call .1 261 Weat Housat. WANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aarnambarmald or walliens; la willlug loaealsll* ,ie waxhln ; and Ironing; haa the Oval ofcity referenue. ito.u her laat plane. Call at 44 Bcharmarhorn at., near Court, Brooklyn. WANTKD?BY A IMI'SCTABLK WOMAN, A RITUA lion aacook: m n good batet. good rlly releren- a irom her Iknl Cull or laro divja, It nol eiiKngrd, kl 1M 7th eve _ WANTKD-BY A RBHI'BCTABLK WOMAN, A RITUAiion to no gem-rat h-.uewwnrk, or to tana earn o. children an l do ?lii?i..lierw.ir?, gi ol rclerems given, fall at l&hK *VciL 78lh !., near 7:b a*o. WANTED-A HITUATION, KOH A OOMVKTKNT <11 KL, a- wmireo* mho ch vii.b rm.nit, or ae aeamelrsit* ?n,i to o uhamnerwora; .an v? w. 11 rovoitiwended by her pri-eeui I mployi r, av Al Wrlliltlt si. For Oilier U'auU Nee Kighth Page. I ,D. PRICE TWO CENTS. JPERATIOIS OV THE MISSISSIPPI nteresting Details of the Barrender of the Bebels at Island No. 10 and New Madrid. 1 dap of the Island and Its Surroundings. The Military Canal from Island No. 9 to New Madrid. L*HE WAT IT WAS OFJSmsn. nritation of General Pope lo 8tz Thousand Rebels to March Into His Camp* .Tie Steamers, Land and Floating Batte ries, Guns, Generals, Inferior Officers, Regiments and Small Arms Taken. topography of the Rebel Positions on the Peninsula. loubts, Division and Distrust of the Rebels of Their Cause. tapairing better frem a Rebel Colonel to 1.1. Sentry, of Teiaa Secession Poetry and the Stimulant ef Southern War Songs* Important Commnnication from an Arkansas Officer, as., as., as* i Omr Ml?I?tppt SlTcr CtnwpwSim. Oh Boabdtsi OonufOnnHM*.V Nbar lauHD No. 10, Aprlll,lMft fy l%4 QuwWil OirwiiM ft*wiii| ft* Mil A Rrmarkmbl* Im.iAad h?fOuMUl$ of flU XnoNy 6y OhSmO Ommadort Jboi$, CWmm) WmU amd AmmI Pop* Arrmi0$ la iMitlbw imTkmr Mear?KajAoralim of Cobm1 BiutU im Caaam ft* BttuUi Fhvorable?Prtparatiem and Saidmf of A* Di minvtivtFUA? Impediments Jlardtkipe Jtm$HgkQu Sag?They PimaUy Mmtrge?A Masked Salient em Ike >iiw>iinSkore Opeaton 7kem Ootmtl BimU Apgriat Omweodert IboU?Bt Stnde the Carmdddle Bit ieriel mm A Terrific SWrm PrteaUs at Ske Paeem Ike tatteriee? TkeJUbeU Open Hi > into Arrirnl aad JMhw storm of the Creto?Tke Signal?The Stecittmenl mike?? Arrival at .Veto Madrid?The Plane ef Oemmedere JMl Doingefortke Week, At., Ac. The moat brilliant sxplolt performed line* Um war commenced, or at least the moat brilliant ana that it haa been my lot to chronic la, waa consummated laat night by tba iron-clad gunboat Carondalet, under command ol Captain Walk a, in running paat tba rebel batter tea below ua, and going to the aupitort of General Pope at Nam Madrid. You are aware that for several daya paat Colonel Bissell, of the Knglneer regiment, haa bean engaged In the arduoua task of transporting steamers everland from this point to New Madrid. I say overland] but perhaps I should explain what I mean by the ward, I would not have the publto Infer that the erafta wars taken over, as the children of Israel were, from one aide of the Red Sea to the other, " dry shod," or that they were taken any part of the way except by water; bet I will say that if any reader of the llaaaLO haa a desire ts perpetrate a feat of which to boast in his old age, and will come to thia place before our troops have meat lea ted all the oereals upon the neighboring plantations, 1 w)U take him to an old Union farmer who will treat bias to " corn dodger," the derivative of which waa raised last year upon ground over which the boata were taken. \ But let me take a shorter cut to get at the facts. Aftef the drat day's light with the rebels hero It -nnif obvious to every one that the enemy could neve* be dislodged by gunboats ua morun aiea* ad thai our only hope of eucoeaa lay hi get} ting a lend force hi the rear of them. Aoeordtngiy Commodore Foote conferred by letter with General Pope, who bad Juil auoceeded la drirtng the reheht out ot Southeast Missouri, and asked his oo-operation. Genera! pope signiSed his williagaese to lend the aid of hie brae* Infantry; but how to cross his troops orer the swift ten rent of the Miastoeippt was the question. There wee not a single craft propelled by steam la the hands 01 Union men below our own fleet, nor could we get hole of asm owned by rebels. In order to "proas it late aer< rice." To attempt to ran one past the rebel betterie wonld be to send her te sure destruction, and to heps Ij cress without the aid of steam, or in any other way, we^ sheer chimera. But where there m a will there la away, It is raid, and here ie a proof of the correctness ef the saying. ColonelBisaell was called into council, and whta told what was wanted promised to hare the needed transports at the New Madrid lores Inside of two weeks That night the Oolonel, with a party of picked mea atorted la can ore to explore the oeuntry lying la the bend of the rlrer between General Pope's forsan and Commodore Foots s flotilla. Abont half a mils abort New Madrid,Cbi-ponea creek,a email "bayou," empties into the Mississippi rlrer, up which the Colonel and be party wont some four miles, to a locality known as "the flag." Thla "Hag" la a eort of prolonged Indents, tion in the earth, caused by the earthquake of 1811, ts< reached from Chepousa creek to Dry Bayou, a dlstanc* of orer fire uilea. Dry Bayou unites with the Mis els* sippt Just at tbsfoot of No. 8 island, about four sslleS a bora where we are now at anchor. The Colonel'* perty went through "the Sag," baring to sua a pathway for their boats through ths tangled floodweod tbst had beea deposited there during the last had century?smerged Into Dry Rsyou, down witch iheyi came to tho rlrer and to the fleet In safety, arriving as ths flagship after thirty -alx hours of uninterrupted Mbor* It would do you "a heap of good," (ae they say out West) to see the old Coramedore'e eyes glisten when the (MoneJ reported to him hie success end unyielding belief In I ha feaaibility of hla proj. ot. Ad order ru given to long overy old potolble. details of men and boats, aad dim, and ropoo and ipadea and plkaa, and avary other thing needed, were made. The"ligbt draught and faataallleg atern wheal steamer W. H. Tarry," (I quota from one at her adaertteeroenia,) was placed at hia disposal, and ?a Thnraday, March 30, the little fluet entered Dry Bayo? oa Ita return trip. Prom that time until to-day the toll of getting thrnngh hai been incessant. Thnaaaada Of treee tiara had ta be out and dragged away fro? th? hanks of the narrow creek* In order to allow the hlgH chimaey* and upper worka to pane through; atutoga aag flood wood without limit bare had to bo removed; the channel of "the Bag" han had to bo deepened la ?-y plarea, and obstacles a I moat Inaurmountabie have bee* mat and overcome, auch aa would have dleoouraged aaj 0r.a but a Y inker of the Hisaell achool, or thn untiring and unfllnchtag Western boya whom ho commanded! Wednesday afternoon the Tarry emargotl from "the Sag into Cbepour* c eck, and, with all bands on boar^ I*