15 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 11

15 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 11
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IIOC8EH, ROOMS, dfcC., TO LET. AUOUSB TO LKT-N" 151 WEST TWELKTH STREET two alurtca and allic above b*M-untu', In reapouatbi |?rtin Alao to let, a Collate, wub *11 roouia, ?l Sng Sin? our mile from depot lu-,uire at Hun Mutual Ineurone Company. 49 Wall atreet,??!' W K KKINCKERHOKK. _ A HANDSOME BROWN STONK HOUSE TO 1.ET VKK' low?No. I'SA Moat l-'orli--eventh Hire t; hlc'll aloof luree alory, JOn.Vi, wttli ul| tin- oiieirrn improvrmeula. Kirt claaa neighborhood. Apply tot' I,. JONES, 16 Union auuaiv trom to lit A. M. and i'to tf 1' M ; or to N. B. HUXIK, C William atreet. A FOUNDRY TO LET?VERY LOW, AT SING 6ING _?\. N Y . or will be a Id . t a bargain, or exchange.! tu eitY pro|?erti; has (team en-inc. tr, Tlila la the cheaiaM rrut ever ottered. Audre.-s foundry. Herald olllc-e. Apart ok a house to let, being the uppei part of the E; gush n??'iurut Hoiiee No. l it L .. Thirty litlU atreet; tux or sev.n Koouia, with hath, wale cloael, gaa, Ac. (to a family "t vr.iwn persons). The reaidu of the houM! la occupied by the ou iter. Beat 01 reference required, Apply Irom Id A. M. to 4 K, M. A BAKE CHANCE TO HOBSfSHOBBE.?TO LEI anil Inures for sale, o a H il.n llioelng Shop long esLil Uahed, now doing a gisal biei e?>. in the beat location in ill ?Uly. Inquire of C. JOHNSTON, corner of Seventh avene land Twenty acoond atreet; iioin nut responsible persons uee 'Ply A DESIRABLE TENANT CAN KENT THAT KIRS' class brown atone H"llr?. No. n East Thirtieth slreei near Ktfin avenue, at a lower ligure than any other house li the neighborhood, bv aiipl.iug ti JOSEPH Mt'OUIKE, H Nereatb street, la-lore LAN., or at lid East Kurty-niuli at reel, after 4 1*. M. Apart ok a house to let?in blbbokej alree., near Macdouval, r insisting of Seeoud Kloo ,(three rooius) and one attic lu-dr nun. Kor l urlher partlcu iara laquirn at iI4 Bleerkrr Mr et. A TWO AND A HALK STORY HOUSE TO LET?WITI Saloon in haaemeut; also lu:e - alory brick. Shop In real of No. 10 Thomas aire-1; ttril! he )et anna rale or together fo ny reaper ibta huaiueee. Inqaue ol" E. L. A B. T. Bl R.N Jt A.M. Ml Hudaon atreet, N. Y. A STORE TO LET?ON THE CORNER OF BANI Hirert and Wavrrley phtoe. tent low. Ainu Store ?< jDwetliugblO Hud*un street; tent $ kit). Also ltl Rooms a 308 Bleecki-r street, all impro a. .h-d'h $131). ADo Ser.ont FlMr 6f SHI Weal Twelfth *o *:,all! ..irovementa(4rooma) Inquire of E. L. A B T. BJltNll An. Oil Hudcou street Itiw York. A T UWO BRANCH, N. J?TO LET, A COTTAGE AN I .XV Garden, Willi hU.bie room it named, within a lea loiiuutca' walk of Railroad depot uud near the sea: rent $20U Apply t> K. B. LEWIS, 70 Veaev street, New York, or It tt W. TKOUTMAN, near the premise*. AT NEW BRIGHTON.?A LARUE FURNISHED KAMI ly Mansion and Villa to rent?On the.Heights; uioderi improvements, water works, flower, fruit and tegeuole gar Wens; amble*, eoaeb bouses, extensive grounds; view itnaur tiaaaed, and Ore intnutea from ft r.y. Apply to T. BOND, IT Broadway T> AKKKV.-TO LET. THE OLD AND WELL 1181'AI J J lulled Bakery, No. 42 Frankfurt afreet; term* mod' rate Apply at 4,7 Pearl street, or of C. DE\LIN, Fifty aeventl eat. noar Second uvenue. <.10UNTBY RESIDENCE TO LET?AT CHATHAM, N J )., near the depot of lb Morn* anil Essex Kuili oad, ant tillable for gentlemen doing bualm s* In the elt.v. For par tfeulars apply to UEO. W. CAMPBELL, 15.1 Maiden lane. ,d 10TTAC.ES.-TO LET, IX NEW .1ER8KY, THREE NIC! \J OosUccs, five milca from oil , steutuboat and alaget Funning nfil,iii three-quarter* ol a utile of the places even h ilf hour. Plenty of fruit. Tit" houses are in good eondt tion, and Intel.', located. Kent from gull) to $2UU per anuntn Apply to J AS. DEW8NAP, 82 Carmine street. <1UEAP BENT.?UPPER HALF OF A PRIVATE HOUSI J to let. consisting of live rooms, pantries and Ctotoa To a good tenant rent $!' p-r month. Inquire ou the pre mites, 86 Fifty-fourth atreet, West of Sixth avenue. (IHKAP RENT?THE THREE STORY HOUSE NO. 10 1 East For ieih street, next to Lexington avenue, with uiod -# !? unprovi inenta; gas fixture* m the house; will be reutet low Id a good tenant; rent $426. Applv to J. H. DOUGHTY INI Bowery, or ALVIN OKA IF, ITs'f Water h( n;? t. "| VRUGOISTS-TO LET, THE OI.D STAND, NO. 1,141 JL/ Broadway, corner of Twenty-sixth atreet. Apply to K M. 0UDLIPP, 119 Nassau *ttcet, or to the agent, from 10 t< Uson the prctniaea. T,1 LEG ANT COUNTRY HOUSE TO LET?CONTAININt J j twelve rooms, handsomely furnished, stable, one and t jiait acrra ot grouna wen una out. nowi>r? and trull. th< ground It high, the air healthy, and only ten minutes' ridi Iroot the city. and half an hour'* Horn Ibe city. Apply U M. HUEBTKL. 830 Broadway. XjTUKIHSHKD HOUSE TO LKT.-A SMALL. OENTEE1 J? family, daring a brown aim*- I root House on East Kit ? eth street. in a good neighborhood, will Irt it furnished li a good tenant, and take the rem. io board. Address A. 8. C. tux 134 Herald ofDce. "Jj'UKNISllKO HOUSE TO LET?IK BROOKLYN X three story, brink; mo In n improvements; ailuaiad it desirable neighborhood, within one block of Fulton ant Atlantic avenue cars, Elliott pin e. The home is neatly ful mailed. Will be let reasonably to a rtnall private lsmilj Apply to J. H. HAVENS. Sift Fulton arantie, or to Mr*. J I'k.Nl I.AM). 165 Fleecker -t em, N. V. VURNIbHKD AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO KEN1 .F ler the aea on or by the year, aituated at New BriL'htot and Cwatletnti. Ktaten Inland. For particular*apply to N. M WitnTEMOKK.S^; Exchange place. Furnished cottage to let.?to let, at islip, L a Hue large lurmeced Collage, with aiahin antj lawn. Kilioad coiiiamnirtiti.in twl'io a day. Rcut $450. Aptdy at 110 Front street, to JOHNSON A LA/.AJiUS. "LTUBlf i.sii kd COTTAGE T'l LET?IN THE BEST FA HI J1 et Mrtiok yn. lor aix month* or long T, at. low rent to t nod rnepotiHihle tenant, Contain* tin rooms with tbi modern lintirovrinenta. Furniture ^ood. No. 1 (Jardei atieei, neat Joralemou, five minutes' walk from Wallstrce Jerry. LnniNI.dlM) COUNTRY RESIDENCE. TO LET. OJ X Bergen Hill, l'aliaade avem e. North Wavertey; contaiu Ing all tnc modern Improvements, with beautiful garden am aiabb-attucoecl; r jnimanding a tine slew ol the harbor, Car jmas every fleon nilnutea u< ar the house. Aptdy to tlHAS K UlLUEKsLEAVE, -"J William street,. comer Exrbaugi JiUoe. XtOR BENT?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY BROW? r atone, Eug'.i*h baaenient House. on Tweoty-seoont street, near Sovuutb avenue. Inquire of J. F. FR ANKLIN IIS Broadway. FlOll Itl'.KT?HOUSE NO. b DODflUM STHEF.T Boiokl vu, quite near Com I street ami City llal', ver; eh rap. foe one yean Alao tine Coonlrr Residence on tot Iliidaon $ltt'0; one at Mount Vernon, $.*i0 F. I). RICH AKDSON A CO., it! Hint dt Natuau at reel, f "L'OK HUNT?BY C. C. PINCKNEY, 7l! WALL STREET J1 1S4 Eidridgn aire, t; rent $t(N). ?15 Weal Twenty . eveutli at reel: rent $400. d iRKEWICtl STREET STOKE TO KENT?STORE ON Vf rutllitt nriciiwlcb Mrwl, between Murray mul War"reo; very de-d'tvule !o tnon lor* dry goods, clothing mi furniture (tore: al/e 2Sit>5. Apply to W. 0. OODDAKD. It Cedai airael. House to let.?the three story and base. m til brick Hon c, with bath, hoi and colli water, gas, a ll tilde ires. Ae., 17ft Ma dougal 'reef, uesr Wanti-ugion jurajc ..MMiriil. Apply to E. ALEKHACII, 1X4 E*?--X street, vi No. 7 (hi d afreet, troni 1 10 3 p. M. House to let and furniture for sals-ai Nonark. N. J. All exo--,Ietii opportunity for luirtl'i couimeucitig luiuaeicei-ping. inquire ui T1IEO. EVANS, No A Libeity place. HOI SEA 45. 47 AND ?I LISPbNARD STREET, NEAR HniHilwHi, utiil House 134 Franklin atrcct, car Yauek 4u let at lie* ivoia. Apply <> A. JOUKNKAY, 373 Hi-ondivay Hotel and lodging house to lease?at re (I k el reut; modern built; eighty rooms, atoms, base ?nent, vaults, A".; down town, on one of the great thorough i area; the own tr will ?id III ttn.ly iu Ittrniab.ng it. Apui;.-ii 36 Nc* How-cry, auction more. I ARUM ROOMS TO LET. CHEAP?THE TH1RC J S'nryot '.tj and h/i Slxtli avenue, 43 by S?): nleo. tin Second Stn-v of 97,amt the S-u-und and Tniru Storiea "f W OOlSlky'.il; hi;h <*11.tigs, Ilgn and airy; m-li sailed foi I-In u sii lsctiir ng porpoe a. A inly to It. L. SUVDA.M, 15." Waverley p a-v, near Slxtli avenu*. LAHHK. NEW HO\RDINO HOUSE, TO LET CHEAP? He.eiiilnlly altuated, in vv w of the bny and an: roo,| liabtng, totaling and bathing; thtrty-iltree index from N--w \urfl. A rare chance l'orn u-rniu d-olriug to uiak" nioin-,. B SKIDMOBE, AmltyaUle, LIJOW RENTS IN BROOKLYN-THREE THREE STORY J and bascm -nt Houses. w- ll built, with raa and water, ?a muth aide ol Hnyt street, t?ltv*'-i; Butler and Dooi h r eireola, heretofoia tented tot 1AMI, tvlll now he icnled to one family tot or to Itvo am 01 InMilb s for $12, en, h. tn. lily, at v a. m. or h I". M.,at No. 16 Untnirrcy Park, Kset Twentieth street, near Irving pla e. PART or A HOUSE TOUT IN BROOKLYN.?NO.Ml Hicks street, near Defiraw , comprising Hie back o?-ntuent, front parlor on lirat flour and the whole of third floor, or Ilie two fwrlora would be let, with Imck basement and part of third floor, Has throughout nnd venter in yard. Rent very low to a di-nlrahle ten.in'. Apple on lli? pr miv-? -or to U BO RUE LANE, 35 Park plate, N. Y. PART OP A HOUSE TO LET-IN THE SEVENTEENTH runl, eonalat tig of ail rontiia, with gas, hnih andwnt-i, good dry cellar and large yard. Appiy at AHTEN A TU HOt KMORTON'S. 353 Bowery. Rooms to let?furnished or unfurnished; imnt I'.irb r. Bedroom and Kit-hen. with nntrr. gns Ac. Csti In- seen aft-r 11 A. H. at k7 Third avenue. UQOKAWAY.?TO LET. COTTAGES ADIOINIM1 THE Pavilion, al Koekawsy. L. 1. Inquire of T1IOS. CARROLL, 411 Park row. New York. oECONU I LOOK, CONSlSTIXU OF FOUR ROOMS I. i Willi privilege in hailiruoin, *Im> iwo or 'hree room* ihnve, 10 * email American mnily; house flrat cls?s and now lining mil in rood repair. References exchanged. Inquire alter lOo'clo. k A. M.. at ITS E?l S >-ni enth urnei. OOUTII BROOKLYN'?ELEGANT PI RNISHED HOI'HE ti or kmmn-A family sung to E inqw wonlil let ihetr reafdemw (rings to the ferries) or peri therein', lor lour month* or longer. The hoiee ? eap<i.inu* and Ilea ail the modem unpt ovemeiua. Flair and linen, II require.I. Adtiic*e H vlmim l, but IOS llcrilil otti . rLKT-A DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESIDENCE, AT KlI'Hlielh, N. Ii'ti minutes' mlk from a depot. Tne hoete I* b anufiilly hauled, end contains (ran, fur nam, ranee ind water. One in re ol ground, nlc-ly laid out; plum* of anrablwr), fi nit and thadr irecs. arrleije house anriAualile. tiiidv at No. A Kid Thirty-Diet arreei.ur toll B. WHITTLE,-BV, at Kli.el.eib, _________________ TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, KI PTE EN MINUTES HT <?ia lioin the Hamilton lorry, a large Cottage end Siahle, 'atwreu Twelfth end Thirteenth slreeis n?d Kourth end Fifth avenue*, rrinniBK Innn eireet to flreet, BilvilOU. The li otine hue leu it |?lntad P iUlrte and refalred ia?td?, a new arbor end front tnnoe lately erected; tree* end grapery on ilio premmee. To a responMbln .nmily li will be let low f?r one or mure years. Apply to H. B. IIUTCIIINCJH, 3tt John atra?t rihO LET-THE SECOND STORY, CONSISTING OP L Ave roo n?, of e mat?lea* linwn etone home, containtiiif nil the modern lmpr iventenl* No. 141 Weal Thirty eighth treat. Tiie i a*t of inference siren and required. rpo LET?THE POURTII STORY OP A FIRST CLASS J. lio.lv oil tie north shle of Silt? 0" olid alreel, lirwl houee west of Tldnl ivetiua, oiisiKting of eti l oom*; tee mid water. Apply 011*10 ond a'oryrof Seine home. mo LET?IN It'i-EVII.I.E, NEWARK, N J? ONK I lloo?e, c mteinlmf Imni parlor, <el 111tin room, dining room mi 1 ktiulien on A ret Boor; front perlor and three lied room* nil norm id (lour, and la nt* bed room lit gert el: well end ctelrru on IIw pren>l*ea: rent tk^Otl i>er yen, 1 would let for the aeaaoii. Aleo two other Honors, ea-.-1 eiuv.iinlii" in room*, at $lt>? melt, fa ilitie* to Newer', mid New York hy h<roe track, a'agc, ,,r inilic i t > * r> hour, troia 6 A. M. unlit S P. M. " J tfEW Y IIOUBK8, ROOMS, AC., TO LET. rpo LET?TUCKER, FLOWER STORK. 7# BROADWAY, r J. u*s lo lei, torriy led u Counter and Shelving A lew [, door* above E . bill atreei. rB ) LET?OFFICES AT LOW KENT, ON SECOND. thud ainl loilrlb UuoraOr bi .Mine 175 Broadway. ?uilaf ble lo. jewelry or gold pen, or almilur buauieaS. Alao the it OlUee now occupied hyT M. Uyuner. in wbole or lu part, it Apply loE. M KliSTfeK, on the preinlaea. 8 rpo LET?THE BRICK STABLES ANI> TWO STOKY 1 brick Ruining in the rear, m A avbiugtoii alreel, between Morton ami Barrow street*, containing 21 alalia and I alora,.e loom or h iy Hem $35', and Crotou wnu r lat. r Apply lo M'KEilEN fc. HUKKALL. (4 Wall aire t. " rpo LET?A HANDSOME HOUSE. WITH MODERN X improvement*, *t 114 8uUivau relit njodoralc to it good ten.ii.l. Apply 10 JAMES II. TAYLoK, 799 r rpo LET-IN GCTTKNBUKU. NEW JERSEY. BENT e X low, iwo UoUMia; oneaunanle for a bakrry.wi'h new s oven ami goon well of w ater; me oilier will be let out III rooina. Hoib have stable* attached. lo br vaen ' y applying to Squire DM YliK, mar the prriutaei, or at Buliler Jt i Fluck'a brewery, 'I TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT HTK\M POWER . 1 IN HKKBMAN STREET?The Se. ond, Tblr.l and Sixth a Floors 01 No. 2D; tlm Sixth Floor ot No. 31, and lUn Fourth and Sixth Floor* of No. 33; lb - nivllt Floor of No*. 2'.*, .31 and 33. eumwunieate wdb each other, aud are well light*! on all T aide*. , ,l IN CENTRE STREET?The Second Floor of Koa. 23 and ' 3D, ibe Tliiid Floor ol' No*. 28. 3U and 32 and the Baaemeiit . and Vault extending from Duaite to Readr atreets; all aduiL tably adapted tor mechanical puijatsea, and well lighted on ' VdCANK STREET?The front Baaement of No. SI. Apply to JAS. CONNER'S SONS, 23 Centre (licet, corner of ' Heade. TO LET-TWO THREE STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT llouaet, No*. 98 and 1R1 Weal Twenty-Hub afreet, near Sixth aaenua, with modern Improvements. Reut low. ApI ply to IIA K DM A N AU8BOB N, 182 Grand at reel r rpo tET-A TWO STORT BRICK STABLE, SITUATED ; X at 237 Ninth alreel, near Second aveuue. l-'ur lermc inquire at 6r St. Marlt'a place. J , rpo LET?THE FOLLOWING DESIRABLE HOUSES, AT J X reduced renta:? [ No. lib Ka-uTulrleentb etreel, for.r atory, brown alone, Eng. 1 lleli basement. No. 132 Ea.t Thirieenlli etreel, four etory, brown alone. No. 176 Earl Fltleeutb atreet, three etory, high atoop. No. 137 Baal Nineteenth atreet, three etory, high atoop. " No. 21 Stuyvesant atreet, thr< o atory and attic. > No. 118 Kaat Thirteenth atreet, lour atory, high atoop. ' No. 2II?( Eaal Twentieth atreet, three atory, Engliali baseI. mem. ? No. 14 Livingston plat e, brown atone, four atory, English basement, opposite Stuyveaantarpiare. No. 48 Cliuton place, between Fifth av. and University place. No. tin West Twenty-Midi street, lunwn atone. ItlgbVoop. t No. St West Forty-fifth street, three atory, high sloop. No. ItM East Fifteenth street, three story, high stoop. No. M East Fifteenth street, lour story, English basement. 1 North aideSeventy-eighth street, betweenThird and Fourth an ntf*. brink two story. high stoop. $320. Apply to THOS. MA.rKARI.AN, No. ISO East Tenth street. ! rno LET?A TWO STORY COTTAOE, WITH GARDEN. i A lruit true*. AC., end l>?rn. situated in West BUKimtleld, N. J., oue hour fiom tlieeiiy and live minutes' walk from tin: depot R'Ut tiJdd Apply to HARRISON A CRANK, it utr the premises. 1 rpo I.ET?A GOOD OI'POHTUNf i'Y-?A NICE COTTAOE X ou the corner of Srvenly-biUi a wet nnd Broadway, In good order, with Kits and Orotou water, where a faint.y of ! tntee persons would like to board with the oc< upaii'a. In? quire twi the premises. I\ J. BONKSTKKL. - rpo LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OK HOMME W? WK8T 1 Thirty-fourth strrrt, consisting of four Rooms and Hutliroom; hoi and cold water, gas, Ac, House ti i st class. Kent S:''N>. For further particulars inquire on the premises. ! rp j LE1'?TO A SMALL FAMILY, AT 107 EAST FORTY1 eighth Street, the Second Floor and Back Basement of a bricc cottage, consisting of font room* and back basement, with large court yurda in front and rear, and with Croton 2 water in the house; terms moderate. Apply on the premises. i rpo LET-TUE LOWER PART OF HOUSE NO. 4 , JL Tenth street, between Fifth and Bit lb avenues, consist inn of two parlors, two basements uud two rooms in the at tlv, all complete. To lie seen between 3 audih 1" M.; rent ) f.'sib to a small American family ouly. ? rpo LET?IN BROOKLYN. A BEAUTIFUL THREE A stiry, basement sud sub-cellar, mastic front House, iu , t'aciiu: siteet. near Uoyt street; gas futures. range. Ac. ' house in good order; rent $.'151. Apply to 8. PKTTIT, .'546 ' At Antic street, Brooklvu. ? I ; I rpo LET?THE ENTIRE BUILDINO NO. 614 BROAD J way. or ill pu ts; a half basement. 24 by 100 feel, wel Itght'd; shire over the same now occupied by a music dealer; second story (known as the American Headquarters), a Hue hull, and two stories above In rooms. luqiiiie iu the " barbershop, 614 Broadway, or of Ine landlord, 130 Eldridge street, from 2 lot! P. M. or in the evening. . rpo LET?A I'.INB THREE STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, X No. 2d Cl o -by street, 170 I eel from Broad way, corner ol ' Houston alreet. well suited lor a public house. Inquire (not j withiuI but ol the landlord, 130 ISUlridge alreet, l'rom2to3 P. M. or in the evening, or of Col. RVKK, in the harness store, til- Broadway, corner of Houston street. ' rpo LET?IN NEWARK. N. A FIRST CLASS STONE A fri nt Hou-e, imtrteeu rooms, modem style, with lui . nai'e, gas and wat-r, within live minutes' walk of Market ; sueet ile|sjt. Inqrite at :;3 Murray atteet, New York. Rent > cry low. . rpo LET?'THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT I luiek Dwelling Home 172 Wtst Twentylilth afreet; rent I tUt. Abo the Duo tuu; House IK! Franklin h)i?n; rent 1 $tkAi. Apply <o EDWARD T1MP80N, 170 West Fiftieth Bill 1 rpo LET?TOST AND SECOND HUOOMOF477THIKP A avenue, near Tim y- mirth atreet, constating of parlor nud iliniuK io mi, kit-hen. three bedrooms and -It closets; marble mantels. ga? usturra ani all modern improvement". Apply on tin: p oniiM-a, to THOMAS Mi I'll KKSttN. rpo LET?A HOL AK AND ONE ACRE OK LAND. AT A Bath. L. 1.: the house contains eleven room*, in goo-l order. Apply lo J. .1. MOORE, opposite 145 Weal street. rpo LET-IN' EAST BROOKLYN, SEVER AI. DWELL A ings, built In cottage style, with all the modem improve, wrote; gas ami Ridge wood water: near the ears. Inquire ol P. E. O'BRIEN, builder, Skillmun street, between Myrtle and Park avenue*. Rent $250. rpo LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, A NEW THREE STORY A and basement brick House, No. IS South Tenth street, foroneor two ural rta -a tenants only; two kitchen.-; hot and cold water in each atory: ga* in every room and beat loraHon; three block* from Rooaereli and Grand street ferries. Inqulro of IIENKEN A FISHER, 106 West street, or to MORGAN BROS., Id South Seventh atreet. Williamsburg. T) LET-Ul'LKHEAD FRONT OX WEST STREET" North river, near Canal atreet; Store, Basement and Collar, 26 Bookman ?<reel, for wbolecale trade; two large Dwellings. 17V.and 174 Hums'ou street, suitable lor* xcond o!a?#ho el; 32b West Kitirentb street, uear Eighth avenue? all the modern Improvetiieiita; *6 Ka--t I'orty-uinth atreet, w ar Third arenas, nine rontn>; rent $300 and Croroo water tn*; 2| Vestry street, Second Floor and part of Third Floor, water and pa*; rent $201). Parts of Houses, Apattim-nt*. Stal.lea for car then, Workshops, Ac. Apply to JAMES PRICE, 200 Hudson atreet. /TO EE I'?THE THREE STORY IIIUll STOOP AND A bas- meni brlt-k House, No. ISO Mod atreet, near Hi-amie atreet; has all :no model n onrcnieme*, cairiage house, table* nud lmtidiug in the pear: lenilow, A-plvtoC. A. WATKKHI RY.S.) Franklin atreet. )p(i LET?A TWO STORY DWELLING. IN GOOD ORA i.er, No. S Woo-ter aired, near Canal .nnl Broadway; also No. 10; rent $650 and $t00. A Second Story, S5I Canal ?>re-t. snln.i I" Tor bitainei*, near Kiovdwav. $2JU Apply lo MA JOR THOMPSON, 26 Woostor street. rpo LBT-OXE OK THOSE DESIRABLE 111(311 STOOP x Hotlva; alto one of the low rtoup", on Mau*to"ld plane, ii<* *r Eighth avenue; ami! hoit*rt contain all the mi. lern Improvement*. Ileni low. 111 )11.r>* on the pieniiaea, No. IS, or oi' D. 0. CROSBY, 1.13 Xaaaaii at met. TO LET?A HOTEL AT PAR lUM KAWAY. L. I., NEAR tlio Pavilion, with hall room and bur room attached; I e house tilled. and range; all ir k'hui'j ixaithui'dinjt*. Also at "I iiijo. Aim l?ufta, .v.l?l Pearl ttreei. New York. Apply to s .1. I? NuKTON, rornc ni Ei.Siih and Gland s reete, i ini!uiuiiMii?. I,, i ; fro LET?THE l.OWEK PART OK A llOl'SE, 301 MI L* I I imrrjr utrl ItVealey place). n~?r Bb- k-r atreet, ton* I?i.ii4 > two Urge I'm riot a and H'dro.im. Mum Basement and siitull Kilcli'-ii, vim privilege of bath; will be let 10 a .mail I ?i,illy tor ?;<M a yeir. Inqulr-ol JOHN II. IIIL- 1 [1 LIEII, 41 III wli'i *.ie-d, between Ih* honraol II and 12. TO Vnt-TTYo DESIRABLE ROOMS ON THIP.D I floor ol lio'.iar ,V{ aiMli avenue. Alao Altl; Room; Cru. ton and ua*. I > a . "'ir.iido Iriiain I no rUdr.n) i.ir low. Apply to Dr. BLAtyKNEY, an the premla"'. TO LKT-THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE 26 HENRY if?i, i-ontalniu.' im room*, to a genteel family of crown persona; gna, bet auil nnld water, wnh the prlv Urge of beI liroom. K m moderate 10 s gix l lenam. TO LET?A THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK Hoiix'on K iiy tbfril aireot, between Fourth and Kll'ili nvein.- -. No. linn blin k of avian Itonaea; rent Ajipiy at 224 Muuth elie-t. rpo l l.r HIE STOLES AND i.OKI'S SOS. BAND II I (V.lai ait cel., near Peerl mreet. It*ni imi . all lor the whole b'.lbling. Impure 01 K BLANCHRT, JIM Sixth avenue, before 10 0VI0. k A. M. and ai.er 4 P. M. rpo LET-IN ONE OK THE MOST DESIRABLE LOO A* 1 t|f>na. n lirai r.la?a brown atone House, sitiate.1 ISP Weat Forty-third * ' reel; rent $010. Alan, 8 two at on t'ottate H> 'ir'-, wnh all t ih improvements: gna future* included: rent $40d. Al-o. three atoiy I'reme llonae; rent $226. Apply .11 164 West I'm ly-thiid atreet rptt LKT-THE FIRST CLASS VOI R STORY BASEJ mem Houses, ;TR?, :{11 and M \ Wm Thirty-riftto a ieei, replete w n all ihe triolein Itnproveinenta; brown tone front to ar ond floor, larte hay window, atatnarr Dalian and Liabou marb ? manie;-, vestibule marble; walla hung wltu gold auil pe*rl paper, Italia with black marble; kandaonte gna ntnirea and cbandedera, speaking inhea. Ac.; nil In good order: rent $600. Inquire a- :Vi7 Weat Thtiiy-fli tb trmt. 1AO LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT . Home. No. 6 -Second atreet, rxmainttig the modern Improvement* and *1* tutnres. Rent low. Possession loineUlately. Apply to W. SCOTT JAKVIS, No. 221 Canal at. To LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE SJSWBST Fm y-fich alrenf, between NTn'h ami Tenth avenue*, containing Ave Roonta and two pantries, with wafer and gay; alao to leaae, two Lota adjoining, with ?ublca and aiteda; aiao one lot in Forty-fourth afreet, wt;hatable?. latptlreat 276 WHt Knry-ilflh atreet. rpo LET-THE THIRD STORY OF HOUSE 787 SECOND X avenue, between Korty-niiilh and Fiftieth atreeta; home blown atone, with ga? and water, at reaaotiable terma, ;o a autall latin,\. An elderly couple preferred. Ioqnlre at the honae. I'O LKT-THE FOLLOWING PARTS OF HOU8E8* ?U.?The uwer pans ol No. 242, Jtd. 2lfl and 262 West Thirteenth atreet, contain 'he modern Imrrovemenfa and will lie occupied by unlv two t'emiit"?. Ren; low and location IIrat rate. Apply to ROBERT OIIKK, JR., 168 Weal Thirty TO LET?THE tWRI.UNll PAUT OK THE HOUSE NO. IIICRrrry alrcm, m-ar Oatharln* well Adapted lor* NiHi.ltnu houae; nl?oth? *.'<on.l Mnry of li u.n l?5V Henry *ire?t, near JnB'rreoii aireet, Applvio.l STEEL, 111 t bony atrret. To LET TWO SEPARATE RESIDENCES, WITH 1TA i r and c?a; id* room* f u h; wr n l floor on Si*ih ivrmm and IVuvilev pumr; pi i" $111(1 p. i ymi. Inqulin n 181 Sixtli av. n'iT. TOLET- IXDEED CHEAP TO KAVI I.IKS, SUITS OP 1'ii .n I, Kloor*, lloon *, Bedroom*, rnacmiimn, om * .mall S.CI ' I lin.ii*>* 111 Bra V I!"' *> 'll, 411.1 Orr-onn 1 li, i:?l lltwlann, SI N'irili Moore, 'ID Varo k, 87 Walker, jv* l,l*p,.n.,,1 KMnklin. U > Madlenn, ' I IIII'I - > Mar,.11, u".'. 8.' nod 11.1 ] .'t It " -idwny, s Rata re. mid HiflWea or Biilr'ier'a s\.,o t',,, . imiv i>n?k Hot,a- ?i Will. I Mr *?; r.'in #l'i? per \ ?,r. Imp lit In Oil t* MRU I, 111 E*.l UU'?U?f?), tmniro lately. ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, HOVBK1, ROOMS, ?C., TO JUWW TO LBT-FURN IHIIRDOK UNFURNISHED THE OApanto.a Huililin , S6 nprtng street, our dour cut or Broalwa). Itissutubia for either a dwelling or lor buatu a. purpo-ea. It poascaacs all the modem imprui emeuta au i convenience, of a lirst class bouse Will be put la good order to a good truant. TO LET?POSSESSION OIVKN IMMEDIATELY, A DKairablc three atory liouae, SI King an act, witn utoderu improvements; may lie divided for two families; also the First and Sreoud Floors of 36 Ring street, with g is and wat r Inquire at SI King all act. TO LET-A NEAT COTTAGE, C0NTA1NINU EIGHT rooms. with one to tru acres ul land, pleasantly situated at (iodwmvil> Stanou, oue hour from New York by Erie Uatlwgy. Address H< dgc A Co., J'ateraou, N. J. riio LET-AT II10II BRIDGE, THE COUNTRY SEAT i of it. F. Lsruiau; booae coutains tifteen rooms, basement, laundry, Ac.t the grounds, consisting of nlue acres, are well laid out with orchards, green houses, Ac.; the house hiisgasaiid wuter throughout; alsoatabie, coach house, gardener's house, boat house, dock, Ac. Ainu, at OarmauavTllc, several Cottages overlooking Hudson rtvt r, rent from $200 Ui tM) Inquire of R K. CARMAN, 1.251 Broadway. niO LET?THE VERY DESIRABLE. FIRST CLASS L Ktulish hasemeoi House 7-t West Forty first street; has all llie luoderu luipiotrcuienls, and will he let vrry low to a good leuant. inquire of JOHN A. COKMACK, dU Wnl FtU'-. Fy-lirsl street. TOLET-A PLEASANT COUNTRY PLACE!, ABO IT ISA indes from the city, on the Central Kailruad of New Jersey, witbin a lew uuuuteaof village, of schools, churches, depot, Ac. For particulars addicts F. A Wallace, slaiiou h Post office, New York. rLKT?m CHARLES STREET, BETWEEN HUDSON uii Greenwich; a small three story Dwelling House. Rent low. Aiiply la H. A. BOGKBT. M Wall street, third Bur, tmaJL TO LET-A SMALL HOUSE NO. 01 WEST TWENTY Bllth afreet. Fiirnilure for sale low to a cull customer rpO LET?AT GHEEMVdOD WORKS, ORANOE COUN A ty, N. Y? forty miles Ironi Jer ey City, on the Erie Kail io*d, a commodious modern Dwelling House, nearly now, unt urnWhcd, containing nlue rooms, with garden, stable, Ac., aiiaebed: it is oaavenienl is the atataoir, and would atut a fdinilv WishiliP in un<>mt (Iim iiniiMMP in nuiot itppffptlv healthy luottmuiu locality. Terms $200. for lurttier particulars addies* G. ile Pmgler Atden, box 481 Post ofllee, or ?|>ply at the otJice uf U. W. PULLKlt. RKi Wall street. rpo LET?DWELLING HOUSE, NO. 197 WOOSTEK L street, near Houston; two stories, attic and basement. Hen! modciiue to a good tenant. Apply to F- H. GR08K, 49 Greeue street, from 7 to 9 A. M. and 3 to 9 1*. M., or loJOHK H. HARNETT, No. 1 Hanover street. TO LET-A COTTAGE AT StNO SING. BEAUTIFULLY situated on Stole atreet Terrace. l'iue view, troila, well shaded, near station. Seven bedrooms Rent reus m.tble. Appiv t??J. W. ltOHINSON, udsnnung tlie premises or J. W. HaMKKSLEY , 2311 I t iL avenue. rpo LET?NO. 294 WEST IWIiLKTH STKKKT, AT $400. 1 A brick Cottage House at $3ty>. The entire lower pin t of a tirsl rlaat House in Hudson air. el, ami four Bedroom* in fourth atory. $250 Appiv u> JOHN ROB8.48 Eighth avenue 'pO LET?A FURNISHED HOUSE AT NEW BRIGHTON, X on Richmond Inrnicc, near the water, be iiitilully ailuaied, Willi tin* lawn, a ill water bathing, Ar. Address C. C. I'., Sara Id office. rpo LKT-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE. NEAR THE HIGHJ. bridge, accesmblo by steamboat and ears, containing eleven Rooms, pure sprint; water, eistern, Ac. Oood stable attached. Inquire ol Cupi. DALY, at No. 101 From street, or st the Woodbine Cottage, Highlit idge, near the preuiis-t., rpo LET?THE LARGE, HANDSOME NEW STOREX lulling elegant plain glass windows, Ac . No. 00 Sixth avenue, uear Jefferson niarkei; a desirable location lor the clothing, dry goods, hardware, or other business; reut low. Apply to K.'L. SUYDAM, HAH Waverley place, near Six-b avenue. rpo LET?THE DWELLING PART OF NO. 889 BROADX nay. corner or Mnelcenth street; a tine location tor a deuliat, tiilor or dressmaker; rent $1190; four rooms, gas, hath, die Inquire of E. H. CONWAY, on the premises. rpo LET?THE STOKE NO. 2 CORTLANDT STREET. X near Broadway, 29x90. Inline.lute possession. Apply on the premises. TO LET?IN GOOD ORDER. AND POSSESSION GIVEN immediately, a very desirable Floor, two (lights of stairs up, in house 379 Sixth avenue, third door above Twentytbtid street. This floor consists of large front and hack room, two hall rooms and plenty of closets. Also, a Bedroom, in the attic, and privilege to the bath. Kent low to a small genteel family. TO I.ET?THE MODERN BUILT THREE STORY Dwellings. Nos. 121 and 131 Chariton street, near North river, newly painted, containing gas aud gaa tixtnres, but and cold water and baths. Possession given at once. Rent troiu 1st of May $490. Inquire of PATTERSON, KNAPP A CO., .' 29 Washington street, uear the houses. rpO LET?HOUSES NO. 145 NINTII STREET, NEAR X Broadway; 228 Ninth street, uear Second avenue: 22tf Second avenue, two Honrs and lias-meat; 94 Bond street, two upper Hoarsand Basement; have gas, water, Ac. Apply at 37 East Twenty-second street. rpO LET-PREMISES THIRTY-NINTH STREET AND X Broadway, tor a livery stable; 19 stalls, curriage room, 25x50 feel, first and aecoud story; third story lor shop or insiiu tu-tory room. Apply ai561 Sixth avenue. rpO I.ET?THE METROPOLITAN GYMNASIUM, NOS. X 9.1 and 95 Sixth avenue, opposite Eighth street, replete with npi-arums, fixtures, Ac., &> .; tit very tine order. Rent very low. Apply to K. L. SUYDAM. lo8 Wsverley place, near Sixth aveune. rpO LET?TWO OF THE ROW OF GENTEEL THREE X story Lame ll'iiibOM, with veranduba in I rone, 011 north bide ?i Eighty sixth street (100 tret wide), between Fourth snd Filth aveuues. Keul low. Apply to JAMES KING, tirbt lionw in tbe row, or to R. L. SU f DAM, 158 Wavcrley place, near Sixth avenue. rpO LET?THE COMMODIOUS FOUR STORY HOUSE j X No. 8J Cliff street, very auitahly situated lora boarding ' house or install ran' Mould be all'-red lor business purlamea to a good teoaui. Apply at 81 Cliff afreet. rro LET?TO A SMALL. RESPECTABLE.FAMILY, THE X tliud Floor, eonsisuug of tour rooms, with all the modern improvements, ol private house 177 East Thirteeuth a'rent. Reut $171. A.?o, if desired, a Kooin on fourth lloor. rpo LET?THE LOWEROR UPPER PART OK A THREE X story brown stone House, with all tbe modern improvements, hot and cold water, kj* aud fixtures (all complete), bath, Ac., at a very low rent .o a small family. Apply at No, 78 We.-1 Forty-sixth street, near Sixth avenue. TO LET-THAT LARGE, ELEGANT THREE STORY atllcand basement house No. .101 Easi Broadway, barma alt the Improvements. To a good mnant the rent will be very low. Apply to .loSEPU McgUIUL, 88 Seventh street, before 11 A. M. rro I.ET-IN SOUTH BROOKLYN, I.N A OOOD NKIGIIX txnbood, ne.tr Atlantic street, cotiveoletu to letr.es and euy cars, a mat class three stoiy brick llouse, pirtbilly furnished. and rent taken in h.iaid If desired. Address, lor three days, .1. S., box.) KM New York Post oilier, staling uiimii r in family. A-. 'po LET?A HOl'SE AND THIRTEEN ACRES OF ' X land, una mile trom Astoria. Apply to J. M. BLACKWELL. No. 61 Pearl street. MVJ LET-A SMALL. GKNTEEI. rilRLE STORY AM) X basement house in Twenty-fourth street, near Fourth avenue. The location is very desiraole, and the house iontarns all the modern improvements, and is very eonrcnieutiy armnged fur a small tainity. Item only $& *). Impure of N. II. OSGOOD, -7u FoiiiiIi avenue. rro LET?THE LOWER PART (ENTRY IMMEDI w l. X ly I of the newly painted modern high Sloop llouae lol Perry street, one no u frulu Hudson, rousistlng of psrlots, baihiouui, front and back basement, and two rooms; with gal ttxturea, range, hot water, hath, ,ve. K> nt $ 3 10 (ju ner, wife and servant utiiy lire up sialr.-. Exira rooms - an be bad al increased rental. 'PO LET-A SLAUGHTER HOUSE, STABLE AND X Wagon House, 3J7 Woat Sixteenth street. Impure a. 71 UHinnv s ieet or 6b und 70 Washington market. rpo LET-CHEAP. WIT1I1N EIGHTEEN MILES OK J- 1I..M1;, uu lilt orw tiavru nam-nan, a desirable l[t-s|. donee. it has been occupied by (lit owner lor ten Year*. For lurlber partlru'ars apuly to OEORLK LOUKWOoD, .?'! a tot .'58 Ba 11'lay tireft. a to I JET?THE THKER STORY AND BASKM KNT bri It lloiine, wlcii sub-cellar, I4J Clinton street; contajna ml tlie modern iutprot -un-nts, su'-ii an gas. h ami I old water, !iatli, Ac. App.y to liBOKuli U. H At.l.Oc'K til Sodolk str -?-i. 'po LET?IN BROOKLYN, A FLOOR. SUITABLE FOR JL business, to the beat location m Kuiiou street. Imiuun .1 -"It Fulton street, up cutis. | rpo LET?A Lt 1 FT, SUIFEET, IN BUILDING lit) EAST X Tin riorum et 1 cot, urar Tblrd avenue; rout low. Apply on 1 no promises. rpo LET-IN FIRST STREET. ONE DOOM FROM (HI X bow cry, lour i.oiis, M by Al feel; a good bolat wheel; mao aMore and Luit opposite, very cueap. Apply to A. b. SMITH. JUS Bow ery. rpo LET-THREE SPLENDID SUITS OF APART I X menu, with ; aa and Uroiou water; one ai $17. one at $1.1, mid out: at Hi per inontli. inquire 011 the preuuaea, cuinrr o! F orty-IHst sel ect and Fourth avenue. TO LET-FOR BUSINESS, SOCIETIES, AC., T11E CORMr Rooms now occupied ry tuaCaihotk) Library; 1 irvni and corner Rootna on aecoud, thir l and lonnb Uoors of 1 i6, Ml ami oil East I'w eh tn atrert and MM Bro.idwac JOHN S KELSO, Ci William afreer. rpo I.KI-!'VRT OK UOCU M$ SULLIVAN STREET. X near Spring, ctwllng at* IriMiNbaM Room witn twa bedrooms on aec<>nd Poor; also front. Basement. ln> hiding Ba nn oui with hot ami co.d walcrand gas. Will be let to; e- to r 01 sepairately. rpo LET-IN A GOOD LOCATION, TWO FOUR STORY X Eugllah bj*rmrnl brick Houses, newly painted throughout, who all modem improvements. In Thirty-nun street, near Eighth avenue WlI be let very cheap to a d'suabie tenant. Apply to DANIEL THOMPSON, I.IJM Broadway, near Forty second ntreet. rpo LET-A FIRST IlLAW"FOUR STORY HOUSE. IN X |erie< ily good order, newly paiutad and papered, Itatlia 1 and water clvsrth below and above, gaa and gaa nitoica ! (uiougboiti. W ill be reptted low to a good tenant. The :o a- 1 lion la desirable for a private rraluen-e, or 11 woild l-e rented for any respec table business purpose. Apply at Ml lireeiie street, second bouse irom Eighth street, Clinton rlace. TO LET-A HANDSOME TWO STORY AND BASE ment Brink House No. lot East amy 111111 street. Is in ! eicehent order, with gas Uiiurca 1 oniplete and all the modern Improvements; in an ea.eilent neiabnorhood; rent very low. Apply to p. CoRRIOaX, Jr., Real Estate Agent, 7M j Sc. -j.ul avence, .... F Tin TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. A two story, bav-mcih and attlo House, In |ooa uiurr, in ninuii|uuj siren; w?cr aua (U Rent $30(1 IX) One In Livingston street, do " .'?) imj One 111 Csrll street. do " IX! Od A Store in Fulton street, do ' u i For sslo?34U slisvcs Miojklyti City Kniliosd Com,sny Stock. Apply nl4fl F ilton street, Brooklyn. TO UTT-ON BROADWAY, NEAR FOURTH | STREET, Tsrtul 11 House, In perfect order, c 011*1*11114 thite rooms on second floor, bathroom and two rooms 111 the sin ; j ess, hot and cold wst-r; rem $.UX To be s en Hum 4 to 4 o'i lock. Inqnire 111 ii?S Broadway. rpo LET?LOWER TAItT OF BRICK HOUSE, WITH J. Snibre Mild two rut 1* Lots, on sontU side ol' FUly-iliu d street, nisllionac west id Sixth nveniie. Item $.l)V Ap,,U 11 saM'L LOVE, O|i|ioslie slite ol tin street rpo LET-AT CARMAN8VILLE, BASEMENT TWO JL story nine Iltntse, til modern iiii|>roieinento, large miitleii, unit snd *hsde tree-; ne.tv uT river; one hour I out | Cm !' .11. lit e 11,'Hull's.: 1-dUi depot. Aiqil) to W. II. AT II A- , TKil, K Mtndeo Uu?. I APRIL 15, L862.?TRlFLb HOVHIS, ROOKS. AC., TO LKT. TO LKT?TO A BARBER, A dToKK OK BASEMENT; first rale situation, ,eiy th ap corner of Fi?nr*h ave nue sud Forty lirst street. Inquire at the Amity llu.el, be (M t-eu Forty-first And Fony second streets. TO LET VBRY CHEAP?$1S PKK MONTH A COOD ki?t 1 for a Oro,; ly B.ure corner of horty first street mil for li ayeiiwe; a la,, on. other titure, adjoining, for l|il> per luootii 1 U'i'iirv on the premiaes. T> l.hl - l WILL RUNT, CMifM TH YN ANY bo ? In the city, four of die prettiest three story Holism lu the city, in a row of eleven houses. Inquire on the premises, 1(7 Real Thirty third aire' t, ne.tr becoud Areoue. rriO LET-AT A MODERATE KENT, THE HOUSE NO X 7ti Stale street. Bioohlyn: three st ir.es. with All the

iriodcru improvements; i* iu good order. Apply to F. WAYMUsMI > er tuwt, N. v TO LKT-A SUIT Of NEATLY FURNISHED BOOMS, for lions'keeping, to a small geutocl funiuy - Apply at SI West Twenty-tilth street, between Sixth sou Seventh are. nue*. TO LET?THE DWELLING I'AKT OK HOUSE IS South ScVeuUi street, Williaiusb rg; two Parlors, with two Bedrooms And Basement, $174. Third floor, consisting ol an Rooms, $lwO. Una slid water. Apply to K. l?UNt AN, 70 Frankfort street, New York, or ut 1W south Second sheet, Williamsburg. TO LBT?UPPER PORTION OK A NEAT HOUSE, cheap. sultsble for a shiaU family. Inquire on the pre* niLes, W IfowntiiR stieet. T> I,ET?THE STOKE ANO DWELLING HOUSE .1X3 Eighth avenue, now occupied in a butcher shop, nnd one of the best locsfious ou the uvruue. Apply on I be premise a TO LET?STOKE, BASEMENT. SECOND AND HALF of third tloor ol No. .371 Bleecker sliret; or the whole House If desired. Lower part of a Ilcttse, garden with grniieg, currants, 4c., at Melrose, twenty to In u tea' walk from liurlotn bridge. Rent $o. Apply to A. A. SCHAEKl'EK, 111 West Forty- ilxth street. fpo LEASE?TFTftEE LOTS ON 117TH STREET, NKAIt X Avenue A; two Lots on 131th street, between Fourth anil Fifth avenues, and one Ian on Firti-sixth street, neat Ninth avenue. Apply to A. A SUHAEKFEIt, 111 West Furty-aixth street. TO LET?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE, No. 11 Hanotv street, near Fourth; has gas. range, water closet, bath, hot and cold water up to the second story, Ac. Will be rented low- to a good tenant. Address Robert Mat-lay, ISi Wrsl Fuitrtcuuth street. rilO LET IN BROOKLYN?TO A SMALL FAMILY IN K.\ X change tor board, a his. class handsomely finished Iloife, on Franklin avenue, fourth door northwest ut Put. nam avenue, two blocks troui Fulton avenue cars. Rent X). Brut of r ferences required. i rua r.vT iv iruiTV vr iinrc a hi i.< iuivi< uvwi L der.ce on Broadway, iu the villa-.c ot White I'lain--, Willi about two m-rea of land attached. i'irSM'--,ioii given on or before th t l?t ol Miiy, Kent (259. App'you the premises, or at <1. \ underbill's agricultural wom-house, No. 23 Fulton Hire*!. Now York. mo r.ET CHEAP?THB nBBT CLASH FOtTS :-f< it; V J. Knilisli b rsc QIC lit lloiiw- No. 37 West Tblrty-ulth strei- . Ii fa in a lit at dam neighborhood, in complete order, furnished Willi (tits tlx I urea Hurt nil modern itupmveini nix. Applv toT. WEBB. .38 Kant Twentv-M 'hth street, orio SAM 1 I I. SMITH, 1? Maiden to?. rro lex, WITH IMMEDIATE pos.-e.v-io.v-"THK SEW X throe story and basement brown a,one ft- ni Hou*e, I'M East Thlrty-li. th ? t-el, near Thud avenue, replete with every convenience. Rent to suit the time*. Apply on the ptamlacsto CjttAti, A l'ARFlTi". rito LET OR roR BALE?THE EI.KUANT THREE X .story, basement, Ac., brick Dwelling, Willi modern improvements, wither without Furniture, shunted on ihe norlhwesterly corner of Clati-a avenue unrt Ryciaon at reel. Brook, lyn. Brine low and l,?rni? easy. luipiire of If. A. Sl'AFAKD, No. 18 Wall atrcet. New York, oral 817 Heart at., Brooklyn. rpo LF.T, fob sale or BXCHAX6K?thk foik X story brown stone Houses No. 59 Kaal Tweuty-e.chili and 229 Wefct Thiriy-ioorih street; imniertlate po-session given, free to May I. Apply on the premises from t to tf i*. M? or I as per bills. To lf.t os lease?the uppf.r part of house 74 Sixth avenue, corner Wavct'ley place, containing seven large rooms. Bent reasonable. Impute in the store on the premises. TO LET OK LEASE?AN KLEOANT COUNTRY REaidenee, on the banks of the Hudson, ai Feekskiii, eommanding one ol the nneat view* on ilie river, and within tlve minutes' walkoi' I lie railroad depot, i'be temperature of the house Is ei|ii;.li(o t thtooglioiil by steam healing apparatus placed ill all Ihe rooms and halls. It has, besides, gas. hot and cold water, baih room, water eloeeta, range, stationary washtubs, speaking tubes, bells aud nil other possible conveniences of a modern house. The arsbles and oui buildings are large and commodious. A tine tiatden, well storked with fruits of various kinds, and about seventeen arte* of i In > ice Land. The house will be let luriiish'd if desired. For further particulate apply to Mia. C, TOWNSEND. on tlie premises. or to .fudge NELSON. 70 Wall sireei, or ,IOtlN B. KETQHINO, ESQ., lp I'm. street. a 10 LET AT LOW RENTS?THE HANDSOME NEW three story lloitae, 102 Waverley. plsre, nrcr Sixth sv, also the three story House, No. 9 Lmght stteet, oniasdiit Usual street. Apply to K. L. Sl'YDAM. 1*8 \\ avt-i ley hue. near Sixth avenue. TO LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE HI H,DIM; 814 Broadway; store ltd by 25feet: live atones, wtih im-rmenland under basemeui: would make a hue saloon; or each floor separately; two upper Hours have la-en lilted up for lodge rooms. Impure of 15. OALRRAITII, Ks(|., 127 Fulton street, or A. EAULKSON, 738 Broadway. rpo LEASE?CORNER of Broadway AND HOWARD X street, the Building422 Broadway, with ihe artpniuug one 41 How ard street, a -parately or together; also the. eutne BuilJing 428 Bi Old way. To pood teiiaut* a leu-e ?<1! Dgiven at moderate ten's. Impure at 19 William .-.'reel, loom ?Jt Is,,., I I..1 n'i*tii. r TORENT-THE STORE IX THE AS TOR HOUSE NOW occupied by Hie Western Transom laiiun Ooiiiiutnv. Apply 10 HUGH AliI.KN, No. 1 Cnenitea Klip. rRENT?Bt'II.DIN'GS NOS. P.'t AND 4J6 BIJOAD wav: also l.arge Hul'ding in car III.mire n J. McLEAN. 67 Wall afreet. rpo RENT?EITHER THE ROWER OK UPPER PART J ol the three alory ami high baautrni Inmae, No. Is Amny place, with range, bath, hoi alnl raid vvnlnj-. large yard, An. Rene low 10 a responsible tenani. Hmi?? <?ti lie a-en from i til! 5 o'clock Apply l > M EDA V A GO.. No. 21 Spring street. rro rent-in south Brooklyn, a h andsomk kl kX inshed House, very ronrenient lor u smuttier resident'*; Ilia house, four aiorles high, three roonia <Jrei>, ha* a'l the modern conveniences, und I* heaiiiitully In,-aled; ilia litrntill* is elegant and almost new. Xon liut a rerv n-j * tsb'e Tnmilv without children will he acc*i>ied AUdir.s hot t.OiM Pnstuftlrc, orspply at lOKIf'U Hieone 01 No. 7 15rem!-Mi third tloor. TO TENT-THE STORK NO. I ffi BROADWAY. I OK one year tin u lat ot May. Kent t'toO. Apply on the pre nils' a, to 0. * T. sTEi ENsoN. ".'7 Wall airee TO RENT OIIE.Al'-A THREE sTORY AND BASE rat Uon.?e, oewrau iinid arnm and Stayvesauii Park; giant ne.ghiairhood; rent pitti and water t.u. * Oi the S'-toud Kluor and one Basement, to a *iii?l| tiiinlh , $1 -0. Apply at Ins Kan S"\ente<uth stirr . rpHREE AOTTAGES TO LET, AT YONKKRs?SITUA ated be. ween K. midway and Sprina atreer, ten minutes' wall, from ihe depot. In.pure of E. POST, at th" Pom other, Yonkera, ori'68Spring atieet, New York. Rent very low. mo BARBERS?TO LET. A SMALL SIIOI'. NO. I?7.'4 X lliitlaun mreet. Rent low. TUealann ?.?. mm o-. nweu na h b.ubei 'h ?iu>p ?r the Let len yeata. iri?| 111- ? Na luj Hod-un mrm, ill it nii'hinehrr1<<. mHE LOWER FART OK HOLM. IbS KJKTH STREET, 1 DOM > i-diiil avi-iini', to lei. WMbl Kg " I M> pa'-lm., iruul bu-ement. and two large rtaiina <111 third atorv, ?ilU (suainn) bnil. Kcui iiMitTHi". K?r lurtner |tan filar* apply as 1X11 I .a it T u b attrei. (ijonn -to iM nil three ?y6i:y~ brick JpOUU. nmi"r III ri .ir irl' No. 14 'I 'lift. *(|i f, le*i\i<'eii rilih and BHib avennea; h.i* private entraatte tindMnti. inna throughout; ri'iit # ton. Apply in KRANt'ls II. dyker8, im\ a?hingioti p a:r, ..< < '(? a m, or liente-u A anil li I*. M. tW.'IWk BKNT.-THE I II RLE STORY IND MASK. P"# "1 F ini'Oi lloime. ivnli modern nnprovoitnil*. ITS W?#t Twenty-iet-en It at t ee1. AM repair* needed will He n aor. A|iply in 4li Kicliant* plat e, in the baaiinent. vT?T?".n KENT, ?THE THREE "isTORY I NO RISK IP"J?F*T men I flume, ivitli moi1e<n In pruveoienfi. I?f We*? Twenty.** ond itpet. All ii palr* needed w 111 tie ntitilr. Apply al 40 iixchauie plan*, In the batetnent. WATCHES JEWKliKV, dir. (TASII PAID I OK DIAMONDS-DIAMOND .JEWKLKY J ex Imaged lor Inula t uiael's ll.iir slian.*. Mon y i<> loan. Km na n* of.e;.-it in Dlamoml Jewi iif. Apply unit ' in.in ? till HI MMl 2 to K. \Y. I'i.l MB. Diamond Broker. jU Broad" ay, vppii*ite hi. Nebula* Hotel. Tkl'.MoNDS, DIAMONDS. DIAMONDS?TDK REST It itnil. lion ever ottered lo '.be publn' I* our 1'ai i* iloulile .'lieCalifornia Diamond*. Holm; nil by real diamond laj i i'aiIt*, ike leal jndfie*are deceived. Karaalo onlt a' J. T. THOMPSONS p-welery atore, 4S1 Broadway, throe ?lnn above I'anal atrect. , TTEADV1'AKTEKS KOIl CHEAP JEWKl.R V.-IH) XX pin e* oi ,It'lleliy tin S4, fompi ollltt the *?ine deeerip i ion of jewelry a* need n utikMorjt |i? .age. One ior . of jewelry aent|i??l.'le pakt lor lOrem*, ?nh a IP mai givtua a den 'i'lptlon of imr anode. Alio Stationery anil .lewe rv ' pi. kage*. the b??t In the market, at pi iee* varying turn till i I'fiita to $1 AO a ilo/en. Ai.ilrena J . T. Andrew*, llo Stidhttry afreet, Ronton, Xa?*. AHTROLOOY. ASTOUNDIM; Cl'RES AND DIVINATIONS-IS IN i.i health or lnoitile, ronaull Madame CLlKKORD, norlraili'il tneilf.al. buaiueaa and aniri mat elan lujatr. No. In7 Dean (Met. ooratf ol Httyt, Brooklyn. Sue foreioos evenia, details dlaeaac, prai rile a remedies, ami tunl* ahaenl I'rlenil*. Biulnei* interview*, At) reuuii hieritral. $1. By teller, cncloaing hair, f Madame ray. '.'do seventh avknlk. ~ni.ak Twenty viemh ?ir<'et, ?nrpri*ei ill nhovtait her. Ti e aliik, t roobl' <1 nmi unlucky should teal her p.<wrr?. She I'll* your very thought*, itieiy numbers, loaaes. Ladle*, i i!8c,: gentlemen, MM. N* B.?WHO HAS NOT IIKAKD OK THE 0E1.E ' in ?! ?! Msciauie I'RlittsTKK, who has removed to No hot East Thirteenth ilri-nt, hoiween Klmi and Kr .n,il ave ; tines, and who can ne eon-ulied with entire saliafactioni She haa no >'i|iial. She tell* tin- iiameu. lutitre wife or hnshand, I alao thai of h-r visiter. If yon wiah trnthgivn her a call. I The greatest wondf.r in the world is the ! young and accomplished Madame HYRON, from Parts, who tan be. coiianlled with the. strictest . <mI, a mi all *f. fairs of Ilia; rnMore*dmnhen and nnialthfnl hnaliands; lias i aa>'i:rutto make sou beloved by your hesil'sidesl, and brings | together thos* long separated. laidles &V eeuts. Resident* 90Third avenue, above Twelfth stin t, IIMIO WOI LD NOT (H) WHKP.B KORTl'NK IM'-UO ' ft tp, sea Miss WELLINGTON, the great English Pro- i phcteas, i he best of all, and i annul be eic- Ib-d. i 'an bo milsuited, jiei snnslly or by letter, on all affair* of Urn, eoneernIng law suits, juurnrys, absent friends, Imr, rnnrtshlp, mar. | i lage, liaalih, wealth, and who can radaim drunken and nn- ' faithful husbands. Miss W. Is inn only pet son in tliisnlty who baa the genuine Unnuin and Arnhlun talismans for Iota, good luek and all bnaliieaa affairs, and sr- guarantees for tile. Delay no' to ronsult this nninrally gifted mid beautiful young lady. Lueky number* given. Hluhlv reat? etal?le city referenee. fan hi- se -n a' Imr reslden -, 101 Ruth arcane, ! opposite Eighth atreet. | - HUt.l.IVAN STIIKKT.-MKS HOLDER OIVKS 'I > ) true and wondflrlul iiiluriieii m on nil all.iiratlii,>< ,;ti lite She is the only tine near and nd paluim in this city, il. Loader gives trie-and < on set Itifiumacon <u lieallh. wealth. [ nnurlas . loveall'rtlia. journey*, law suii?, dlflleiiliv In l> i?llie**, absent friends, sirknr-s. ,ie Tin us.inds of Visitor* t ail Willi -a llie n-lllli ol her enn-i el latehnluns Hew n* of |uiposition, Mrs. ('.order is 'lie same Inly who lorinmlv | . fi,..| m> tn-,in yeara in Wnosier "dree'. lies r Am III sVl liiieul llliii-l iple i street. H -inutnlier her residence, IhHullt | v in atnoi t, n. a, llruoine. I i SHKKT. _ _ SAI.RH at ArCTTOS. Auotiob notice KU S.SEI.Ii W WK.sTrOTT AUCTIONEER. CrrMUIWrf !?> i?l I BEAU 11 KUL EU It MTU Kit, , Of fill ii>-?Tiptiiins, I WITH A SAKE COLLECTION OK PAINTlNlAS , Jiiii i BLKUANT WORKS OF ART I AN BXTKAOKOINAKV OPPOKl'U N ITT KOK OUHBPEKPKK* At the elegant dweltni! It?ii?e. N?. I.t2 Wra> Twenty-brat lit reft near Sevtuh ifwiiia , this (Tieaday) afteruuoa, at 8 o'cock, pre teiy, comprising , the entireenittentaui theaoiisr t the whole < uiitbimii . a collect,on seldom ,?u, r l n' tt'H'U in. consis'ina of a.tperh rtitewiol ParlorHiiite, roaewmd i't^elre ami Pier Table*, Silk and let or t'uruiliia Etl/aU. him E' i geres, elegant roaewood Pianoforte, Stool anil Cover 1'iiritlali lio'in nni .mil Arm Chain. iiivoi'ti enl Muntel Va-esot l.sv.s iittil Parian, in irhle Boat of liyrtin, Hion/e I ll.e-La, v tlna ile i rnllr'titni nl II atom-al ami Landm-ape Pairings tVhly | trained; (.old an I Landscape Shadea, Chandelier, run., i Kutrert's, Jewel Cairn, Ac Oil V M UK its AND OININO ROOMS Elegant rosewood Beda'eailS, Drrealtttt Bureaus, marnl* to; i; ('out" o'c*. two walnut Stills, lovered in rein, made to ortler: Card Tablea, Flower Vaaea. Sufaa, iSiiru.;; .Seat and Cottage Chairs, Kocaera, Halt Maltreasea, elegum Hedaaiwl He ding, Oval Mirror*, Sofa Bed-.leads. Ac., with a large v. it. iy ol China, ncliCut Ulas* ivory Cutlery, Bilvrware, atet Bettiootn Furniture of every dew r.ptiou. All to be an Id, rati) or nlnne. Catalogues al boose. N. B ?Housekoe|iers will lind Hie aale won by of apeetal alien lion, as the I'ntn litre is all in latrlect order. Auction saxk. W. M. llor.UNOSHK \D, A letioorer Second grca' pat-k??e auction aale ol' Boo'.a an I Shoes on Friday, April 18. at tOW o'clocky by CUAKLE3 0. WARREN, No. 'AS Corliaud street. H iyeia ate rr.j e ti'ully informed lint I his impjrum aalo u iU include Train tir? bundled to ONE THOUSAND l'ACAAOKK OF BOOTS AND SHOES, embracing an muoruueot of FIRST ( LAB* SEASONABLE GOODS, a iapvej to the trade of evert section of tUacouniry. special notice. AUCTION SAi.ES OF BOOTH ANDSHOES fWKRKJ.V) ON FKIUAV, hereafter during the season Ala#, io a aepaiaie deiMitiueul, a large HJAek of Boots ami Sbora at private aale, by the pat kaga, al * below inanulacluieiV prices. CIlAHltf.S C. WARREN. ConimlaH On dealer to BooU and .slim a, 21 Curt land ai reel. J^ S. KICHAKDS, AUCTIONEER. 1,01)0 CASES BOOTS. HHORS AND BltOOANS, At a'leltou. Kv KICHaKOS a whiting, On Wednesday, April 111. ut 10*4 o'clock A. M., at Itie s'..re, No. 44 ('orl Until a; '.ret. < mnorWnga luHaasorlroeui or MEN S, WOMEN'S. MISSES' AND I llll.DKEV S wear, l or city and conn'ry liade. Ann inn aates every Wednesday. MI lll'if nVlopk A. M. AUCTION SAIJC OK CROCKERY AND GLASS.? lll.NKV C. EVANS will sell lor rash, in loin to unit lira turn, on TiP'silii), April l.\ a1 ID o'clock, ut K5 Maiden lain-, a well a-sorted Moo's oT Wtutr Granito Hurt Common Wato, Glassware, fancy China, Ac. Orniiiliy nienliania would ilo r.rll lu uiirnd these sales. a? llir.r will iir a bin in pttrehasu Ihrlr.-luiply liw below ordinary trade prices. Goods carefully icpucki-d lor slopping. AUCTION' NOTICE ?ST CRATES CROCKERY WAKE. By WM. W. Sill 111,BY, Thiiisd.iy. April 17, ?l 1') rio. k. ni 281 IVail direct. hi order of assignee, .1 large slock of Ware. In lots lor ib- iters. s.ilr positively for cash. 111. DOUGHTY, anrUoiieer. ; A COTTON KALE-OP I'VPER HANGINGS. MACHINE, ! J\ rv, Paper, R ieks. Tabb s, Ries-es, Partitions, Ac.. Ac.? | liv K. II. LUDLOW A CO., 011 ThiiiadAv April 17. I8tt. at I the laeiory, Nov. 16'.', 151 and 156 West Twenty nintli Mreel, j near Eighth avenue; by order ?f Ibe A-Mgii'-ebeing the en tire stock of a liril class factory. BY WIU.1AM IRVING. AUCTIONEER -HOUSEHOLD Km 11 it 11 rr.?W II. I.I AM IKMNG will aril, Ibis day, in I 10'i o'clock. at t lio mi tearoom ;? Nassau street. a largr assort ' nii-iii of Uonaeiiold V'lirallure, consisting of Suit* of I'urlor Fiirnitnre, Bedroom Suits, Window CI trial lis, Brussels and lugratn CupHs, Stair Carpets, I'lauo, foil tier Bed". .Matin sses, Palliasses, Guilt*, Slireta. Bo stei* and Pillow a. Arm CliattS, Cr.ulrr and Kllclislou Tables, Sifil*. Chairs, Dressing Bmratth, hi In ure, Refrigerators, Olire Desk Stools, iattterl'iess, Kitchen Punilture, Ac. BE.V.I. MKURITT. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL BY virtue oT a chaf 'el mortgage. 011 Wrdnraday, April 16, ?i 10 o'clock A. M? at IVt West Thirty-second sleet. flie Stock and Klxttnesof a Grocery and Li'tuur Mora, lojellier M it It lli,is- Wagon anil llarnrss, A. Y. cry KEY, A' inrocy for mortgage ". W u. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. Pa. HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. E. 11. LUDLOW A CO. w ill sell at suction, 011 Wednesday, Apiit 16, at ll o'clock, ai 227 I'dlli avrnoe, near Twentysi-truth alien, the euiira Km inlin e contained ill arid liouse. I'daelsliufi in part of rosewood Sofas, CLairs, and four Chain | in while and gold satin damask and crimson and silver aaitn ; damask; rosewood Outre Tablet-, statuary marble lopa; one I rosewood I'iauOlotta', made I. y Nil nils A Clark ; elegant Pier and Mantel M:r.o s, w iih Console Tables. Mantel Clocks, malioguny S-ifa?, Chair* .and Rockers. in satin damask and ' lie 1 loth; ticli Sa'in Curtail)*. liued wilh silk: Gitl Cot-nlci-a, ! nisi egar* Sld-'lmaid, insiblr top; Extrusion Tables, French' | Bo-iao *dn, ninrtile 1 up Bureaus, Wasbstamls% Card Tables, 1 A -.; 1'slliasses. liaii Mallressea, Bolstersand Pillows, rich : Mi ..al'iou Velvet Tapeelry. Briuiarls and Inrrain Carp"la. > Oilcioi lis, China aud Gla-sivare; together with the Kitchen I'nvu tniV witli irbi-li the s?> will eomuience. Cu'utogte* 1 m the auctioneer's nlttrv. t L' II LUDLOW, AUCIIONKKK.?LARGE BALE OK I } l io Vl n-hiiK'i v. t'aitetu*, KiiklutV", o( at i'?ppr ( \ I.I.Migin^H MhuiH i'Ioi'v, l?\ o(il^rof tbe I K- II. I.I'DliOW ?k Cll. **ill Ii hi auction. 'nnn.^Uy, A|mi! ii, atl ll nCkx lt A M , at Nos. lf?-, IM .mil IT? '. Went T>vcijiv nintli Mtteel, Uclvrt-fn .S??vfiith nml Kichtli atvf?im#?n. N#mv ? ork, i?l! the Mii'.'AiriHi y and appm teuaiicea ol' a ijrat i lass I'ajier lUu<iiitf? Manufacuii/, nearly new, and of the . I'U^at and moat Improved kind. etnibra* tugStamping l'ltH"!, ! for embroidered mn pap i -, lutii'* i?v. Austin ?t Campbell, New York, and Poindiing. Groomtiug and Kiiibo-tui^ Ma chin#*"1, made bv Walriroti, of New Hrun^wh k, with Cabn* dm sand of bet* Machinery. Also, a large aiaorttncnt of 1'rmtinij Bullet* and hlo-k?, many entirety uew, with Printing Ptv.ws, Stands Tablet. lima. Shelves. Partition*, Krtcka ! and all other article* infil in the hn-iu^ss. Msoatarge I nt.mb'T id satin and other ground*. Plain and Filmed Pa! l?er* and tini*hed Pape? Hanging*. To la* add without rejo'i ve. Catalogue* ready on uiornint? of *V*v Good* can be t 1 m oie* "d the d.iv p: trior*. -l^hWAHf) SlYUENlOlf. AUCTiONKKK. J\ STOCK Of A FIRSI <LASS CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER. This day, at lfM? n'Moek, ? t tli* m'^mohiik 117 Nu^aa j arret, near B-ekutsii aireet. oyC. W. DAVENPORT, a pori t mi oi tl?e el**g?uCy HMorteci Mock of a cabinet maker and I uidioMercr ;* liiiiia trom bus in-**, rotuitllut; ot' . ?;il II PARLOR. DIN!NO ROOM AND LIBRARY SUITS, KOBE MOOD, MAHOGANY. WALNI I AND OAK CHAMBER SLITS. ; I) 11. ? s Urge eollei Hon oi noh ar'ad -s of Furniture of ev?*ty do* Cpftoli. The wind" or will h ai r warranted of t!.? l?rKt\r irk and mad* *pe?'taliv l or the I o?t ret a tj tiade. Can . lie rxit'iiinnd hofoie **Je liy eataltjgne. |7UWAK1? I'KTt'INflKR. U i II6X1 KK I a .'i0 Wall firret, will ?"t! on Wednesday, \pril Id. 1' 10*? | o'< fork, at tho JOB PRINTING OFFICE -f Henry I ?Tate. No. I tT.tui.lin aquar**. !' mi I a r^et, *41 the mak i-outnined 'beieiu, <ouM*tin;; *>1 Pre?M*?, Meml aud VVo*??J V> jie, G.?l!e?*, t ioi* ?? , D v i< ea. Murder*, and aeUotce i n u |it intei v ii\;u**Miils; a'so, Otii :e i urn if tire. The m m e " i' fc|tr.?i,n||y invneil to aiteua. Sale punitive. |*D\V\r.Ii SCUFSCK. Al? TIONEKl:. \ j FINK Oil. PAINTINGS. By F.D\V \KD SCIlDNt k, on \\>diie*?<at, Id li net., at 11 1 h - !%a!e?iiHii)n* aud l.*?T Br*>Mil?nv, a * otter Ion Im I'M** i?'I Palntnr*. in *uy of them hearing the c?riiti>ates jf tin- ail M . Among th'-ni uill ! found ? Fin?* u\\ ititer S'-ene.'* bv Suim1 *; *'Sho?'ji.*' 1?\ Ro :? Venoe < ' b\ r. K. Ni ?l<f; two"W mt^rS?r: ??%. * byJJr Br:vo, ! mi:tl iii<e? ?pf?iittrut< In J. Sorb uv . liuuWfr, j It rirlmti* u?i rli";s ibf fi^inru??^ ?if now "U xlubnion, ! and s? p?Mfivi'l.\ >o' * wit hind jtM*rv*l/Xi:<TT0KS SAL15.-THK l.NDI-.PMtiNT.D. EXE j I 4 4-ii con of Mm? I*. Varan, fir . ? *<!. will 11 at pibhc [ *m ihf lr?ih vUtv ?il A|?ril, uii ii?* fiifii?i4**a, the | I'nififlly LtHy ?\\ n?M.! ami owmpird by tli#' i?l !#*< i mm'mI, I iv i.?n Inv ? '?ii" liwi'Him; Hmw . , ? Tenant Hn'isfj and Banif I'fiv o<?ois!,la vio) L? d <i:arl ? %). It lma a good rinv ?V.?- Jw1 i ivci' anil Willi.l* li? miuil*.*1 walk ?>t lie ; imhIU?^ Iv IS SBM OKU. l?.? sr.\TI> BART'lV ! l>jv. U N? . K'miii.li Mmtli M, I***, p i?!.*it?\, m ? rioM;i r. ~lai;?.k u.\u ok , I !K<)i;*r!it )<] l-'i.rivvne and i'an v t.uoil*.?Tula day , > (T< i. ,\)t I If#. ,#i Itt>f ??' ! :k, it< II,i l'? fton anfft, ivur ' Sh ?MuW, *.t iMl'fc* >1 *?OltUl' I) Oi O ?| |" \V Nll'l ond hand t Ptminur * mm >oi*>. 'i>ir WM'thobea, B< o.? ?.* ?, i > ?A Tin* rv So LoUn^o, I'lr* or hvu uii n ol Par* j ; lor i'urinj.nt, i it i ii|< Ma 11 Mn ryra, Drt?s^ 1 \ iiit and Plain K- ifHib, lla' Sfalnf?. A . A ? ?>!? veff I.in* H jI?m??J iV*!**, coupler. t !-o a at\:e inant nf of y;i?o<f ?Vti?, Pntnli*, Kandv Oowu, Peri'tnnai \. A . T e Kai ' * a if of it " ?? .! o\f*?nsivf kind, aiui will (!' in, <ln* ittn to <U?* li>d ..nd all otiiei* in u-nn1. Tfl COI.TON. AUrriOM.KR? LABOR HALE Of r? 11 d?l Korallurf, r*ip#?fa, Mirror*. Kminr mal ttmlronin r?trnititif, Ac.?Un Wednf?dar, tpril Id. at l<>? ^ ?Vio k, ?< 22bOr?fnf n?*ar Komth. tlif ?uui? Kutm. I tore?>: li?- bouai*, om|>t'i?iri: in jmn inaiKigany and to* wood PumHiirr, Tnp^^try, BiUfflf, Thrr -piy and lngtnin <'ai'pfv*: Oib-Irv na, I>i'? aMn*r and Plan B' m u'im, lifda eni|?, H'tlrooin and B**"inetn Knrnlttirr, tonrtherw tb ?*v * i v art! If In thf iioiiaf. i "ITE-VKV H I.KKlis, ALOTIONKKR ?A LARtiK AND I .I! valoiiMf mtftorimeni ol iio.?I #Vni nmiif. In i nf , iirdfr.?IIKNRV H. LEEDS A TO. will *<*l!. by i?*tntlorv on ' i'ttftday. April 1.% at IU>? ml '?&} Otffnf ntp'ft, >>na door north of Warfilej ? Wlvft, M**<taii on, Bv?p ??;s and othfr L'afpftp; ro^wotnl ratlnrsulia, rov.-ia d m rrlff#n aiik bnn^atfl and i i ifn*??n aint mbl. ailk velvnt. Me.; rMtlr itrvd Eragfre; a vory linn io?*mwohI mttfn ?a uv?* 1'iano- i forte, ma'i" by llain# a A Bro?.. oat Hdt; *iir<ng iMckOhairt, in mik bntitfl, A<*.; h very line Havllnlnr i t'balr, made by Kin<, ootrrod in into ?? ? lai^ekiuiicl anil Plf r Ml! n?r*, oval Mirrora, ioa**nroo?l .M mlcCto. Rfpa and . Womtrd. Brocatel and L*?n Window rnrta.na; < haira, inv. I i rr<< In lutiiKii* nil li t. i?.? ILu.ui fA, . . ' lixtetuion Inhle, China and i .-lily uar*? d r * I wi.nd B"d?tenila. Iliad" hy II "IX A .tlei-ka: fry fur Mm- I 11 ? *> > a, "lllha. In nn li, nearly new; B<uoii ia and l'ill>?* to : u.ateti, rn??wi?>d Wardrobea, reaenond - nir B.rra.ia, , blank walnut and inah.igain "?n! Miirora. Hoe. Ilea In <J? , l>inrmVilwlliudrlliimns oial.aa, An, wiifcrnt reaerre. ' Ibe entire furniture l? in line order. Airmail llie (la* dinner lou'.alnej Iii tlie al'ote, ?U? In*. Bra ft-, A' HliMlY H." LKKTiH. A 17CTIO.N li K ft.?<1A d CI IAN DE~Mera,*.-. IlKXRY H I.F.KD* * ro , wlllaeU at Me 'ion, i n Tntaliy, Afill li, <1 l, li he-It, at the anaMoom kJXaaaan itra>i, Itu* entire at... k tlaa Fulnren of a Broad, waye?laMi?l?n" Hi miiaMing df Krone anil Ormolu Chanile.(era, Mnll Penduita, ilaa Fivnr? a, ?nltah|e for at"*eaand itwetttii(a: Binnie and ormolu finir llgltl, ma light and alt i i *1.1 una Hracke't: Chandellera, ho h ni br'dire and ormo'ttj ' I.I v Bunk la, Kaicy Shadea. IMi n? Sliadej, le.. all In Una I enter. | HEX BY ' HCRIBNEK, A lOTlONliBB.-ll BNMY 0. ! HCRIBNER tri.1 aril Una day (I le ailax i at liu, o'rloi k , A. M., ai aleaiiHim. Ill Mnaaaii aireei, Colli Jewelry, Mi-er eliaiiin and Kaney l'l|?*?, Ml,IW) Havana and limneatin . 8< gai a, m iota to ai.lt |inn haaera). The ano?e three dl-iln. t ae|.araie tnrohvi will i>e ?o:d without reaerte for e.iah. ' T.ie Jewelry 11.n lie relied nn. and will aland teal; the I'lpea a tiie wtiti'k i.f a Herman lm|?otrr, .on-latum of twenty { kltnN. Til" Hefara are I rum a large operator obliged to make I an aealgnineni. 11>11N l? YANDtiWATKH. auctioneer. Faroe HAI.K, at im'RI.ic Ai rrioy, Hjr A. JOURNKAY, TUK8PAV, Al'RIli l i AT M A M. AI anlraroom ,'IT.T Hi oadu oy. leiiei T,i|ieairv Inc-aiiand Venetian Carpellnga, Mat- I linga, Oilcloth*, li' a?, Ax | II 8ALKS AT AUCTION. IAKtiK aAl.K OK hTlXJK AT At'OTION.--WHDNKB J clAy. April lb, at 11) A. A., 'ii Ua? utmuiiMit, <*t Uoe Maiio* *j?r.ti;t II iiim*, !*?? the r e of Robert W K tibert iin^ a Union luwii?li u( H- r^u county V\ J K.?;eia, propi* lor. I. H Nu. I fci at 20 d ain^le of double tirivtu* a -r^i, Miopnirof ru*u <ed thai can tr.K very f*At, utbnr* will make goo 1 tiiae; out wt.l uo JUhide o. - iP, and it fc'.de 01 Ilium i'ck hju^I'v N ?. J One M > gtu Sit I.on. N* I?TwoOnl*, on" m tuv, four years old one gray, *nUre, 'I atiN'k. v?r*b the attention ?{ k<>m I burnetii n Ko 4A ltd of Akierii-v C<?tUe, some Uioro t.b bred, and two paira *1 worktop l aUir.. Terms t uny, and in ul.- known on ti?? lay ol Kal<? Kmc Itoilroad ratio* leave from the foot of 1- ta'iei*! ?i &L?*ud 10 A A for the at at ion. KOMKRT V\ HI TIlKHKUItD. MbOUUUTY. AUCTIONBBK. WILL 8BLL, OA Toend.iv. April *5. at It'H iKeFaA, at Ko 41A KighlA avenue, i?'?i Thir.y n oad *treet, Geotnel Household Knrm Lore uoa*iaMug o' H-Itan** 1m and Ingrain i a^iai*, OiMuib, mahogany &??<*?, L'baira.Teu* o tetea, CentreTula*.'. Minor*. I I'UiUv huleiiioou Table, limner and T a Bet*. ( l-tsaware. II vaiiif Hoi mo, Wa*h*aan?la. B'daleada, Hair Maitreaaea, Feather B dn. lVol'ieia aaJ Fillowa; Toilet K<tU, Utl Faint >u*?, A> Ac . together witL a geurrai i-oortuwat ul Hnae tio-niMiut K.uvieu Furniture, ?vi h whicu the anltf will om me new. \\ iKMJiilJTf, AU( TIONhKK ill . MuliTtiAGiS 8.\LH OF IIOUKKUOLD PUKNITUKB B. Do IH, 111'* will aell on WedueatUy. April lb. a' l<A? <> clock, by vntue of a chattel uu*un,c, han<boiue ilouaA h 'Id Furuil'ire. renin, ml IW r.*u. eoieuce of aaltf iroiii TciiLS Sheei, rouauiiug ug 'mNTiV"--"' Krm U p .it' Mantel Mirror, 2 do. l'irr GliuHt. I rosewood, richly carved, Parlor Brut, covered in cuinson aud maroon bns-alel, 1 do. tu h.ur loth, 1 Iilark walnut do. id r.-ps, In roll" of nrw Tapestry Carpet, 20 Mvond hand Hruvwls rvud Ingtain ('ar[>e'*, mat 'jgany an l walnut Beerelary and Irbrnjf Hook aaes, Kktemuou Dnrog fables. Dining Chairs, Buffet*. insewoou Llanere*, I lat Ktauds, Iavoe Window Curtains, Cornices and Shad a, Mark walnut and o d marble lop Ohambar Soils, eoamalled do., mahogany aud rosewood marble lop Drve-ing Bureaus, Wash stand", Mali Maltrgaaea PsUiase*, Lounges Ac. AlrO. Two Rosewood Billiard Tallies, with Bad* and Cues oern pleie T>HIJIP R WILKINB WI1.I. BELL AT AUCnON. DM i Wednesday, April 16, nt 10 oh-tock A. M.. at Mo. ?JBwsenth avenue, eosi si da, bet ween Tweuty-uintb and TUiroaik streets, by omerof the moilMW, Rlcom toiler and Engine, Planlag, Stocking, Mortieiag. Misdoing .tad Borin* MaeW'vra;Olnrular and Crosscut 8* we, Turning Lathes. Horsoa, Hasuras, Trucks, Mahogany and I'ino Lumber, Tools, Ar. jj? PHI MR K. WILKINS WILL 8BLL, AT AUCTION, ON Tceaday, April lb, al 12 o'clock, at the Merohauta' Baohen;e, lie order of the Supreme Court, under the dbi-etlusi ol Win Mitchell, T-i., rsfereg. lbs II u use and Lot Mo. M Thompson street, situated outlieeast aide, Uvltveeu OraaA and Broouie streets, being lit by Mi fort. PAWNBROKER 3 SALE -O.N Till'KM DAY, THE I7TH, JOHN MORTIMER wilt sell at No. U Bast Broadway, comer of Catliarimr idie?t, a la rc aumrtnn-nl of La Ilea* H ealing Ap|mi*rl. enrol-line ol silk, Merino DMalne and 01 :er Die-itrsiSb im la, Under (laments, Quilts, Sheers, tina lluru lUinask Table l.iotbr,, Tlllowa, and a great variety of othei art elm worthy tbr altrini-vn of dra'ers and lio.uokeepers. By order cit H. HARNAKD, <1 Ti trd avenue. FIWNBBOKXB'B s.ti.E-TUrs DA'.', BY W. C HIO (HNS, al ltil avenue It, one door from Tenth slreer, s Im ye assor ruient of men ami v.' wren's Clothing, caastsUoa of I lo.ii s PjuU, Di-chm-*, Quilt*, Ac. To commence at t'Si o'clock. g. O. FARRBLL. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?THIS DAY, BY JOHN MOB TIMER, at 12 o'clock, at No. 15 East Hroadway, coa iiH' uy of Women a Wearing Apparel. Drc?sc>. 8 is Shawta, Capes, Mantilla". Dress Patterns, Skirts, Sheets, Qui lis. Curlers and various ruber articles. By order of Mia. Cow lotto. M Mart st reel yy M. UOIX.1NOSI1EAD, AUCTIONEER. i'tve hundred cases BOOTS AND SHOES at auction for oaah, on Thursday, April 17, al 10.'; o'clock, BY ALEaIS BRAOO. No. 90 Warieo street. Comprising * very general assortment of fresh and seaaoanlde goods, to winch the ultentlon of buyers is reapoetfulkr invited. ALEXIS HKAOC, 30 Warren street. William dumont. auctioneer-handbom* Household Furniture, rosewood 1'lsuo. Ac., at auetlon. WILLIAM DC MONT will sell ut auction on Thursday, April 17, at lOf* o'clock, at 17 81. Timothy's place, Fifty second si reel, between Eighth avenue and Broadway, a general aaaortmrutof handsome Household Furniture, consisting of WlPon, Tapestry and Brussels Carpets; Pier and Mantel Olu--sea, rosewood Sofa, covered with satin damask; large Dm wlug Room Chair to match, a superb Etegere. Centre Table, rosewood Pianoforte, seven octave, by Cbickertog; Tete-n-Tete, Cut Glass, China Dinner Set, rosewood Bedsteads, Hair Mattresses, marble top Bttreeus, Dining TttWe, dr., Ac. Catalogues npw ready. .-w? WILLIAM IRYINO, AUCTIONEER.?WILLIAM IB,' VINO will sell at auction on Wednesday, April IA a 10*w o'clock, al Nn. 145 South Fifth afreet. Willisoishure. 1 Uo'iichdl'l Furniture, conaisttng of Broseelt Carpets. Patltil'Mini in frl'AAH nliicn pna -niwl Rtaaaie I'imf IIiwm.e T >m ilurlnins, Centre Table, rosenood Piano, Reception Cfaait. Tele-s-Tete, Arm Vhalra, Bookcase, Work Table, enamelled Bad room Hull, Dresung Bureau, washstanda, Feather Beds, Mst cresses, Holsters and Plllowa, Comforters, Sheet*, Dreaa, lit'.''f.ildes, ouk Arm ('hair*. Oilrloth, Sewing Machine, fine Engrarings, Oil Paintings, Refrigerator, Kitchen Purniuti*. Ac.. Ae., Jrc. . WM. M. HOKUM! SHEAS, AUCTIONEER.?I.0U4 f T cases Boots. Shoe*. Brogues and (Jailers, at auction, oo Tut lay, April lf>, at 10}^ o'c lock, at the store of J. T. Whitehouse, So. 25 Cortland! strcei, comprising prints lots of Sluing floods direct, from the manufacturers, and well adttp ed to city and country trade. Catalogue* ready ou Monday. | ___ MUSIC Ala, Banjo tauoht-by r. uinon, the champion Ban joist and Jig Daiieer. tat ai 191 Cherry an ret. between Market aa i rik? a rc Us. Depot of the Alexandre oroan. ' Fur Che.relies, tt.uiiris, Schools anu Drawing I looms, 2i'S Br taiway. SOI. E MEDAIt OF HONOR a (lie Universal Exhibit ee of lttS. This iiiagnili-vni insirutiieui(patented in the^Uni'sd Statea Nav 3, 1.1591, which I lie brilliant periormauoe of TIIALBKKU, VII.ANOVA and MLLE. WKI.I.U have rendered as popular lu Amet ica as in Europe, has beea adopted by Ibe greatest artists and connco-ers oi boihoonto nettle. UOTTSCIIALK, 1.THZT, ROSSINI, MEVKRBKKR, dr.. Be. The Alexandre Oman is celcbcaled for the aolidlly and preotHion of ita mechanism, at well aa fur lite I ulineaaand power uf its lone, and lite tviitai kaole quality of keeping perlecuy in tune in all climate-. Price* at the depot, 945, 950. 9I0U, 9W0, 9I?, 9?9. 9*?. ?.KTO. 9340. 9400. A descriptive circulsr sent to antr address on applinatina to E. KARKKOUKTTE*. Jr., jus Broadway, Impoiter of Buaaon Acoordeon*. Violins. Violin Strings, me. OHO AM ST.?A FIRST CLASS OKUANIST IS I/EH4 ioom of obtaining a aittiailon la this city; can give thw be-t reference* tit ir.nrii to character and quuiiucaUoaa. Fur particular* apply le 8. Jackeon. 41 Maedottgul street, er addves- tii ganisi, If*' keitsaek. N. J. s PIANOFORTES?OF SUPERIOR TONE AND FINISH. to, **lr ant to litre at prices to suit the times. Parlies* > tvieh ng to pun base ivlil Hnd it to their advantage to call oo 1 JAMES van RIPER. 174 Wooster street, near Bice ker. THE HORACE WATERS PIANOS AND MELODEONR I nn<1 Alexandra Organs, arnlT. Gilbert A Co.'a celebrated Eotnm 1*1 jno*, are tli?- tinoit Instruments lor parlor and Mum hes now :u use. A large a --ortment ni be wen at iho nrwwjivroiiiii, No. 4SI Broadway, between Grand and Br ' > i.e I r ell. w.tii li n ill be vild at extremely low pucea. Pianos ami M"ln le. u?. from sundry malt era, uew an I second liund. 10 let, and r nl allowed li |>ur. ha-edaa por agreement. Muutlily payment! leetved for Ibo aamr. Sheet Mimic, Music Hooka rod all kinds of Music Mei-haadlse at war prices. A pntiifat In alt udanve will ti j new uiuair. instruction. I VOL'.N't* GENTI.EMAN FROM VALE WISHES A I .A. a.i a'ion aa teanner In a high toned lumtly of New At*se> or Bionalvu; lacumpeteiit to fit a bo* lor ollege, aim a ieij aticueasfui teacher of singing and b'-gluneis ou tb? ' p.ano. Ilaa an excellent inslriinieui, the use of which ha I would extcud to bis pupils If d-sired. Would accept board i and furnished room ?? compensation Address Teacher, ; uor Itl'J Williamsburg. - -? -x* \X ENGLISH L\DY WISHES AN ENGAGEMENT IN tlve country ua resident guverneaa; her a< ipiuemena arc Enijifh, tin I' Migbly; French, wln>h she apeak*, uii.aie ant drawinjr, with the i u Huien's ol S, atilsh and Grinan. 'i'Le'lilgheai testimonials ptvea. Addrcsa O (> V., Brooklyn ' Ho-i oiB'-e. \ T St 60.-WRITING, ?l l.ESSONS; BOOKKEEPING, ?'\ $10, lesson- udiliu.trd. Penmanship and Arithmetic. |ier 7s le?ms raeli. $10. No*, li.' Bowery and ItSA Fulton - met, Brooklyn. Aa a .splendid |> ninan aud skill ni teacher , t' i|. PA INK ii?- no superior.?Newport New. AT OPOMD'S REPORTING ROOMS. MS BROADWAY boon band Writing la taught aa tiaual, day and evening, wl ere youtig men ate prepared for professional verbatim AI' lting, ane.h as taking testimony, arguments. charges, earic >. ?f?e lies. Ac. i PA RIME S N B WISHES EO t.l\E LESSONS IN aA. Ei- n h io gentlemen only, Pleaae sddrrsi. *talin< ?i ere an inter*lew cau lie had. without waning lot an answer. I'elielte, Broadw ay Pott olio e / t C. MARSH, AUTHOR OF THE POPULAR WOKKb on Bookkeeping, gives Private Le*-onsnn Bookkeepiiik and Business Allans at Ills ruomi. 1*6 Broaduav. Circulars, with teinis, on applieatton. Hyde park seminary.?a family boarding s Pool for boya, Uvlord. Coiiii. i ll aituation is noted tor Ua salubrity and beautiful situation. le in- Srin pet Sea* s'ou of 'JS week?. i i real art can be utnainen of WM. IIOAGK. IS; avenue B, New York, also of it e Principal, M. ii. HYDE. VI ORRIS FEMALE INSTITUTE OFFERS TO YOL.NU .11 ladies superior mlvairag.-s tot a i ho oilgh and an oini dished education. Sprcialaueitlhin will be given IO French. under the inatruetlini of an accomplished covernese fruua IVrts. A an to Mu?le, antler the dire dion of one of the best oiasietaot New York. Ko? parueulars address the Principal, t'. U. Ila/eltlue Morrts'nwn, N. J. IRAKIS, FRANCE.?AMERICAN, FRENCH AND ITAX nan Collegiate Institute, lor the le epiion of a llmlP d number of young .adia* as jarrlor hoarders, eslabllahcd nnar Parla. Forrlrvtilara, Ar., apply at ih* ofllee ..r H. G. Nichols, K?o-24Plne street, (tew \0rk. or J. M Nichols, l.'KPeail airrm. New York. CCHOOU MlR TOt'JtG l.tniKd, TilROGG'B NECK. O Wnatchnaier.?Bupcrioi adiantai.es lor a thorouah evlu ration :n Eneliah. rirti -h mm ninaic. Tn? a> inni i* pii-a at.tlv Innafitn nanr lha dound, anil ha* twaiily ami of prutin'l?''iichnd: the ?tltiali?ii M nnlad tor II* .alunrfty, ?o.l I* >onrcnfr ntlr mar the itijr. Tartn* mmlatata Fair parliCuMra aililra.a Mi?* Onran, Ihiiim'* Ma. lt. ?>* heater. MATRIMONIAL. VYOt'NU mam. in vIOOD circcmilami kt ani> fair proapafta for the tntore, mreitty.tliire y reran: ?.-r, mild di*]>o?l!t<>?, end ra'lri good looking appearem a, wl*iia? toopcn artHTBaimiKtcni-r iv.ilia yitoe lady, w ih ? ?let? i?? matrimony. Maana are no .iliie. t. dlio in oat lie oi a inn* nud luting 'llafoa.iloii. HI 'loinmnnlaauona .trkily ronii? Urmial. AtHiraa ll.irry Pa Wilt, Newark. N. J Matrimonial.?a retired merchant, <u years o. atjr. a widower, without' hlldran, malic* to rurrre. iKiml a Mi an amiable antl a-'ump|lnhed lady wim I* . npai.la of pr-aiding mar III* .inbl aMhieul nnil miniaturing m liht cotillon MO?n?nouh|acl. Tha advartlnar iloa* not addr..* hintnclr 10 roniaBtln voting girl*. h I to a gnnnlua, acuslblo woman ivlm imii l>d?' ? ilhTl.* intirmllic* II nn d ha. am: nr. lonl litm mm! .ml ami ttltanilon, in latnrii lor wluuh lip < ? ? otter her a In- iiltlnrnae an l Ilia |>ni|aclon of an honor, able name. Adiltu*..Uinta L. 1'., If. raid uitn a. EAA ANN* I IW THE AMOVE *)UU M ATM I MOM All AIHERITSKMENT frank lkalix'a vosiiilv maha/.IN I OR MAY. I'rtaa ttotnlA FRANK LEMUR Ift'ily flail H|iinre, N V . uml all bookaellcra.