16 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9350. aiTlUTIONH WANTED? FEMALES. Por Other Want* See Eighth Page. AVOI'NO (ilKI DESIRES A 8IT0ATION AH NURSE uml at a inn l rasa. or would inilruct children id the preparatory bran< hee of an English educatiou: is willing to take beraeif generally uaetul, and hn* no objection to tbe ouuutry Apply at 19 Hutu at, New York. A KESI'fcCTABI.E COLORED WOM VN WANTS A situation aa laundress. (.'an give pood city relerence. bem-en for two days. at7HEaatThirty sccoiidal .be tween Kuaitti and Lexington avea. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT 01RL, j/V to ct.ok, wash and nun; good two yeara' reference from her leal place. Call at 2.X) Bridge at., Brooklyn. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A8NUR8E ana seamstress; la capable of taking care of children; underalands working on Wheeler A Wilson'" aewing inaahine, or would like to travel with a family. The beet of city reference frotn her laat place, tM 40th si, between Broadway and Sth a*. AN EDUCATED GERMAN GIRL, WHO SPBAEB iah and French, wisbea to obtain a situation in a I vespeclable family where abe cunld teach children the ruriiwicnU of the Herman language, and would be willing to ilo aewing; city reference. ? all ul SIS Broadway, in the 'ancy atore. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES employment to work by the day; lean excellent liiuudress, la willing to do any kind of work; la honeat anu industrious; can furnish the beat elty reference. Call at 729 9da?., .truer t'Jtli at., fourth Hour, back room. A MIDDLE AGED RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES a aitualiou a* nurae aud seainatreaa: la cnpable ol taking charge of an infant from its bath, or would Vu' waling to lake the charge of two or three grown children, hat no obieiAtou log'! in tint country or to travel; baa the beat city reference. Call at 265 Clinton at., between llatriaun and Dcgraw Brook 1\ n, in tbe randy store. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTR A SITUATION TO J\ do general houNework In a small family. Is a plain rook and good waalier aud irouer. Call at 222 Weat 29ih at., third nor A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUAUon In a private family, na rhuinbrrmaui and to do lainily aewing; or wuuld lake care of children No objection logo In the rountry. Can be se n all tins week at IM Pacific at., South Hnaiklyn, lirat Moor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A KITUatiou as laundress; understands all kind* of washing; best ol city reference from tier last place, where she lived three vears flail at 222 29tb at., between 8lb and lltb ava., mom 13. ARESPECTAIII.E PERSON WANTS A SITUATION an miriu: unit "rainairiiw, can cm und lit for children , > ob jectioaatu line wafcbihi: and ctianitierwoi k . beet <il city referent*. Can be seen for two daya at 4.13 fill) av , between ttth and 37lb flln. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPEt TABLE girl, ua good rook; in a tirat rata waaher and Ironer; or to do general houncwork; thoroughly iindrmianUa brr buaineaa, beat of oily reference from her laat place. Call for two daya at 13b Weal 4l!d at., near 7th a*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, A8 chambermaid ami arainalreaa, or aa cbunibevinaid and wuitieaa. Beat of ciIV reference front her laat place. Cau t>e aron for two daya at 130 St. Mark'a place, bth at., aecund Boor, back mum. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS EXcedent cook and baker; can produce naliklaclory refereucca. Call for two daya at 331 6tb avenue, between 30th and 21*1 *ta A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A 81TUAUontodo cbamberwork and aewing or charnberwork and wailing; has the beat of city reference from ber laat Clare. Can be aeen for two daya at 161 Eaat 25th at., between it and 2d ava., third boor, back motn. A YOUNO WOMAN WI8HES A SITUATION AS COOK, aaber and ironer. In a reapectable family. Good city ferened from last place. Call at 22i;We?t 21at at., Aral door. A* RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUatloo In a amall private family, aa chambermaid and Innndreaa; no objection to ge a abort diatanre In the country. Beat city reference. Call for two daya at 126 Wi-al26tb at., between 7lh and 8th ava. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nnrae and aeamatrcaa; la fully competent to lake care of a young infant; la willing to do light charnberwork. Beat city reference.' Call for two daya at 8U Weat 36lb at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A1 YOUNO WOMAN..AS _n. cook; tindei stands all kindsof cooking. City reference. <?u be eeen for two day* at 31 Writ 12tb it., between Mb and tUm . A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE f J\ girl, to cook, waab and iron; ia a good plain cook aud an eieellent waalier and ironer; ha? good city refcreiKe. [ Call .it 2J0 Weal 2dlb it., between 8th and 9th are*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN OIRL, TO do rhamoerworlc, waiting or general housework; good eitjr references. Can be aeen for two days at 223 West tOlb at., between 8tb and 9th area A C001C AND CHAMBERMAID. OP UNDOUBTED rern"'tibibt , having sis a .d two yarn' in at re ienee tr >m tbeir U?teiti|>ioyei', wnni sliusthn< m r ?re a le prirate faiudlre. Can be to n for twousysu. No o out at., arc nid Toot, front room ASITl' ATTOW WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE young woman, 11 do tl e pi.on cool, ill warbmg and IroniBc in a small private family, or to do the c 'lamberwork n a p.am private familr, good rrferei c '. Call for two daya at 7b Atlantic st , Brook vn. over the harb>rahop A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITU AHon an coos, washer and irner know* her business thoroughly has the hestof.it) reference. Can b seen lor two ilaya at 32 West 44th st , betwceo Stb and Cth are. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN; IS a good plain cook and very good washer and noner, is willing to make herself generally useful; best of city refe ienee can be given Can be seen lor two day* at lit Ea t Ale: at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young widow woman, ns nurse; b -st eity reference. Call for two days at 4b6 7th av., between 3blh ami 3tllh st*. AHKSi'B "TABLE YOUNG WIDOW LADY W1S1IIS A aituation in a widower's or bachelor's Sainily, where she can have a pleasant home lor her*-.' and child; wages an object. Address Mr*. Helen WilaM, Eli/nhethpni I, N. J. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WIS BBS A A situation to do chain berwork. plain sewing or (o take rare of children, no objection to go in the country. Heat oi nj i*mrrnrr. \ an re F-ril lor iwo liaya Ul va." Sin av , DCiivi i'i, Mln 111. ! 35lh >?., ill ibe bukery A respectable girl wishes a situation as < bambei maid and ouiae. (loud reference. Call ul "M Atlantic at., Brboklyn. tup llnor, front room A HEALTHY, RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN ivanti a rltiiutlon aa wet nur?e; baa lately loal her owr. baby; baa no objectlona in thecountry; would go travelling I an be aeon fur two (lava at 721 2Mb at., lel'.vei'ii lat av and av A, front room, top floor. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A SITUATION FOR J\ a(aitlinil domeatic, who baa been in ber am?t jor h Of J. url. she will go a* laundreea or chambermaid, and jo aaalat In waaliing gQd Ironing, or aa chambermaid and iRjrae to growing children. Apply at 41# an. at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS C001; would aiiiit In the waahing and Ironing, If required, er woi^d ^aa^lauudrtaa; bff) gj {jig refBCvXtCe. Can neaeeo AfilTUAliUF WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOmbl?, Tomlnd children and aaaiat In general boueeworb, JI tlulfgbl cbamberworb in a a mall reepectable fainllj; Ik Wlod orchlldren. Two yeara' reference. Wage* moderate. Call at 418 Weat 29tb at., between 9?b and lOtb ava., for two day* A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AB chambermaid, or woold do plain cooking, waablng and Ironn.g, baa no objection to do the houaework of a amall lunitly; haa the beat of city reference from ber laat place Call al 77 Weat 2M'i a' , between Oth and 7th ava. * SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL; J\ la a good plain cook and exceileut waaher and trailer; Ined twelve uionlba in ber laut piace. Call at 197iltb at., between 2d ai d 3d ava , Ural floor, front room, for two daya. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa t-bainMermaid and waller; alia baa no objection to aaalat with the wi.ahlng and inning , can lie well recommended fiom Iter la-1 place Call at No. !' Mb at., lor two daya. \ YOUNG .COM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK' Heat of reference given l ull lor two daya at #4 Weal 43d at. A SITUATION IV ANTED?BY A OIRL. TO DO aA. < haiuber.vnrk and waning, or aa nurae and enamber. uniid ; la willing to n.ake heraelf naeful. Call al her preaenl p a> e, 170 \Ve?l4ftlh alieet. near vlh av. I A S TRAVELLING COMPANION OR GOVERNESS ? J\. A lady Ik dealrotl* it an engagement in tliin capacity, ? r knorvli'i a of the Brglmh, Krench and German lain iiaa'ea ?il make her enciwremeni an a 'vantage to any rcapccuble parly. Addreaa It. L. It , Humid oflice. A KESPKCTAI'LE PROTESTANT WOMAN DESIRES A A minatiiin aa ai-an.?i? >*; tin lcuianda all liltida of family ana log; can operate on Wheeler A Wuaon'a ?e.?in* machine, would ha""- no (injection to ?ce to growing children cm bo wen at lift Eaat -2cl *< a S COOK, AC.rA SITUATION WANTED 11Y A RK JV apectable PrdfealAtil woman in a pi ival? i amity: haa no bji-eilnn In making httin?-ltgrueially iiaefiil; can ;|ie ?ans fa-dory referrncoe Call for lhn;c day* al TO Hayaril a'., third Boor. __ A SITUATION WANTED-BV A KKSPKCTABLB IVO A man, aa III -I elaaa took; aba thoroughly nmlerslaiida her bualneaa In all Ita twanchea. Can i-lva tlic bat', or city re Terences Apply nnill engaged al HI Oth ava. A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA|/V lion aa chambermaid sod w;.ilreui; baa two years' ra. fereme front l a laat place. Can be aecD al Ku. 7 Ha;nam at . tlmm Ha I i SITUATION WANTED?AS WET MOURE, ST A I j\ reafiMUble mat tie t Woman, Can Ml *> en (m iwa day* at AM nth as, bulweeu sienna Dand Lewla at. He*i of city I rr fare net I i VUiNli r.NUI.I i.l. WISHES A All 'Alios I \ td (MS r.tri* I It and to do plan > Ini.<1 Irbambefworfc. tin il oca. Can bo seen torino Idava at 2341>t ai.. ?ii? ?tid MadMaa aena> I a KKSI Et csm.!: VHI.'Ntt IIIRI. WISHES A SITUA I ;\ Hon at haw la i mailt an.t to neaial with tut iea-ht..g ami lirenlaf, or ebamnerrrnrk and in lahe aara of cbi'dren; haa IcoOd ally laferoow. fan ba seen lor two data at Kl Hth a* , third Hoar I i voi'Stl WOMAN WISHER A RITUAT10N TO DO i\ i on -co rl In a arau I lainily, tea food waabwaftd ironer; t* wrinoi to make herself generally intrfiili haeina l'. at lit r. leionci'. Call al 173 Smith a' . fieiv era W yi koT land WAnd its . Brook I) , for tea day a. I A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WIlTTtS EMTZoT y\ meM b? id day ?r waafc Heat my Iifkrttire Ir i-. I. (diMtnwiHlWM [E NE NE^ THE CA] Tlie Positi< JOl\i*j b ! i A v a ^ ^ ^ WILMINGTON I BLANC TBE POSITION OP PORT POLiSKl AND THE CI ->r r red b <T\i pr * If^aR JKy" \i ??*, A' SITUATIONS \V4\TKD-Fr',vm.l'A. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A8 Ook; would AMlit with the wa-hiDR And honing, or ox hku.b'i ii old and flnn waabrr. Brat cliy reference ?*u 11 e?r two dava at 1H4 Eaat IMth ). ^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO (JIRI.j AS or ironing: haa nu objection to tbe country Can bo arm for two daya at 284 9tli ai A SITU AVION wanted-by a respectable young woman, aa pond CO?k. Waaler anil ironrr; hna Hirer yrara reference from her taet plan Can be arm for two daya at 176 ? at., between 7th and Hih avea. A PROTESTANT fOOKO WOMAN WISHES A HITUA tiun aa aruinmreita anil loaaalat In the niireery: ran rut and lit cliinlrrn'* dreraea; underalanda a I kuula of family en lug. Call lit 417 6th nve , bet'vftci) 2St i ami I'tllti ata A SMART YOUNO U1RL WANTS A SITUATION AS 4iauiberinaiil and wain r or an | lain i ewe rand eni brolderrr, or an general bouaeworkrr in a ninall family, flood nty rnfaranee. Apply alTlTillaty at., HmoUyn. A RESPECTABLE tilRL WISHES A SITUATION AH good plain cook, wander nnd ironrr: laaflmt rate Oread baker: will go aa > hambrrn aid or will do plain aewinp (ioori ivty reference il re inlreil. Can be Mien for two daya Ml .if Kurt Kaltlrat . Brooklyn, fit lit lloor. hark room. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOt'NU GIRL, AS laundreM or rook In a mnall family haa no objection m to general homework In a amnll niivate family Ha* it uveal a rrierence. Can bo aeon at her laat employer'*, tar V. ml 10H [ tn.ilav onlv A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MBPSCTABLB young woman, ? chambermaid and tvulireta, or would lake cure of uhlldreu. on leietnuda doing up ladlre1 Una motlltit; thoroughly iimleretande her l> itlneee; hay the beet ol til* reference from her latl place; no ohjerilon to the country fall at 13 Union court, University place, between 11th and 12th rtii. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE voting woman, to do < liambcnvi rk and eewlng or ? aitlug, or to cook, wuOi and lion In a "mall family. Alton young girl to do Unlit cha.nl km work aud plain aewing. Both can I),' aeon at 211 Eaeiluth at A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN TO cool and lo aw*?1 hi washing and ironing, in a email piltntn family; Isagoo.t bread an I biaciilt maker; good oily reference. Can bo aern for two day* at Itt 7ih >. 1 A SITUATION WANTLD-BY A HBSI'o.lTAo.MS jHL young girl, to cook, wriali nod Iron, or om .1 nonrewoi It in a small prtealM family; has i lie h- 'v i nference. Cell hi ITS West 2.Mh St., between 7|ti a a eecoiid floor, front room AYOltSO WOMAN WANIS A SITUATION AS HOOD cool, etcellanl vtaaher and ironei. It. ?t oily rotare nee call for two days at 127 Weal 27th at., hettvren 7ih and 8th am. A SITUATION WANTKD-A8 NURSE AND 1't.AlN newer Call for three iteye at ?0 Croaby et. AS CIIAMHERKATD, AC., IN A PRIVATE KAMII.Y Situation wauled, by a reapeciabta Herman gu-l, karing beat nf referentee; speaka Engdah eery wrll; would dr.it or lo wake baiv lf gnoerailt oaciul luiuire at ill i kleediegai et iW YO r YORK, WEDNESDAY, A PTUREO] an of Fort 3= atteries on 0 I f ^ 1 CYsrre BCAcej^ TY OF SAVANNAH, WITH THEIR SURROUNDINGS rn? nMSAwsoMu $> w Vsy??y.T^/ v if/7" .v? / #2X-J .d?fyf IF %* '* i ? <v<* 7 kV s INTERIOR SECTIONS 8ECTI0B BETWEEN CASEMATES. A?Tannic h oolamhlad fl?Forty-two pound gun. C? Brick woe k. D?Wntar moal. B?'Clatarn, algbl hnudrod gallons (drinking walei /*?Earth. mitii/vtiomm WAMriB-riMUM. ARKSPlCTABtR TOUNOtllRr, W1RHRR A SITI/Aliou aa eicallent tnnmlia.B. or chain barmaid ami Una weaker. Ila? ihe be?l of city reference from her laat place, linn no objection in Utifro nitre. Tall for twn dan. If aot engaged, at 62 Weal Still at., between tilh aid 7th are. WANTKD?A SlTUAilON, BY A ItESPKC; TABLE voiinit womau, 10 do the i ooklnjr, weaning and Ironing ol a family, or wow d ham no objection to do general home work in a email family. City ralrranca given. Can lie mcii for two daya al 31 Monroe at., near Market. W" ANTED-BYlt RRSPBefrRLE GIRL, A SITUATION aa eh* nhrrmaid and waltrraa, or to lake full charge of children, would liavo no ohjecilona to travelling for the Bummer, I aa the heal of reference from her I.tat employer, where .he cu lie acen fnr two days. Apply at 267 Henry at , Hiniih Brooklyn, In thealnie. UAXTKO? A SITli A I ION. BY A RKsPKt TABI.R I Rl) teaiant an I, aa i h imbrrotnld ao I in do plain rowing; la w IV.ng 10 make h?raalf uaefitl. fail at 13 East 16.b at. RK .PRLL 1$ 18G2.?TRIPLE 1 FJFORT P ulaslti and rytoee Islan

do err MirA' FOE? HILi&W, IN P0S8ESXK FUJI OF FORT PUIiSRI, SDOW VNJjE OF FORT PULASKI. SECTION AT CASEMATE 50. 32. ft?Sixteen mcti pice titnbor ff?Arched naaomato (brick work) J? Rain parte (sod). K?Trayeran ), L?Arched door if?Arched chambnr between eaaamato* SITUATIONS WAITED.RKMAI,F.S. Wanted-Br a rkhpepjablb top no woman, a altoa'lon aa chambermaid awl to aeaiat In nnah'ng and Ironing. ha* ll?ed In her Imi altuatlon live year*, and i an ,avo' ebedot reference In itm eity. Apply at M. A I'.merion'a fau. y atom. MM) :til a* WANTMD-HY A RBHI'KCTAHI.K MARRIED WOman, a aimatlon aa wel nur>?; la healthy, and haa a full breaat of milk; ha* the beat of elly ref ranea. Pall at 913 19th at., near Hih are. No ob|< cilnna to the < oui.try. WANTED-A SITUATION AS PIIAMBERMAtD AND nraitreaa or to aaatat with the washing and Ironing. Pall at 14/ Wnat 97th at , between 7th ami Hilt ava. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl. a altnatlon a* chambermaid and aeatnatrea* or eha'nt.ermald and lanndrhea, or would take rare ?r children; a onld like to go in the country for tho enmmer; good rlty rd.ereutt. Anily rear of ID# Prtnoe at , between rtu.Ilran and ' dou?ah ERAf SHEET. TJLASKI. \ h tl tlae Union 1 Ld. s ~X~! a * HOUSE' mpBAUEnyt ' jp^ ^ I w " cittle tveee^j &&AJUD \ / WATERS-SOU ?NG. ? or m union moors. INC TI1E cm BN BARBETTE. JOQUB txm ^7 SITUATIONS WAHTBD?FRNALBS< WANTED-BY A RENTE! TABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tlon A* laiimlrraa Ina prtrale family; g?>od city reference nan be given. ("all at 106 \Vni>t loth si., between fit a ami 7tU area. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO OIRL, lately from England, a nitiiatlun to do chamherwork and waiting. la willing toawMat In the waabing ami Ironing; Ihn beat of reference given, if rei|uireil. Can be Mien lor two daya at 164 Kant Slat at. WANTED?A SITUATION, RY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid uu<im altrcaa or to aanat in the washing and ironing; boa no objection lo the count -y; h.v- tlie bo?t of city reference, t all for twoil.iyaat lttl Km tug at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yotmg woman, aa tlr?t rate waitreaa, or la w illing to do light rhatnberwork and w tahln-; haa the beat o[ city reference from her Inat place. Call at 37 W at I2lh at., between fitli ami 6th ava . tor two daya. WANTED-A SITUATION, sv A FRENCH OIRL, OF altli en yenra of Age, in a email rcape, tait'.v faintly, to aaalat lit light hotter work And do | Inin aewilif; a < objection to go n abort dlalanee m the country. Apply at No. 8 White at., for our week. ___ T*TANTED-BY A RB8PBCTABLR WOMAN, t BITTA TT tlon na cook and to wa?h an I Iron. Good city rcfcrencg. Call be -ecu for two daya at 462 6lti a* , corner of JSt n at WANTKl^HY A KESPECTAIli.K WOMAN, A BITUA' f tt? <1* < hnmbcrwork m?<f II i* nvc ycai* ri'ifiTiu o Jr?ira la*t place, rail ai 462 6th *r. Tor two day*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I young girl, as chambermaid and waltiera or would lake care ol c.ill lien and do plain *ewing. hut th* heat of dereference irom her Ih at plane. Pall at or adilrree til ffMtJMI .1 . (irat lloor, frnot room. WANTED-A SITUATION, MY A YOUNO UIRL, IS year* of age. a Prulenant, lo take care of chlldirn. A abort time In thta country. Pan be aeeo lor two day* at 114 10th av ___________ WANTED-A SITUATION BY A RESI'EPTABI.E UIRL, lo a private family; I* a go id plain cook, wa?hrr and rotier Pan be wen at her last employer'*, where ?he hai Jived throe year*, II Weal S7lh st , between tllh and 7tb are*. IVANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Y Y young man, 24 reara of age, well amoatomeil tn work, wrltoa a good plain hand. i|ttlek al figure*, and ran nee carpenta< *'toola; want* a situation n* porter In a ilnre, or any situation whoie hla aet vlre* would he required. Ever? rati*, fsoilon as r?S| ccta character. Apply l>or address J. I). 201 k i.il 4-td at. WANTED?A NITIT'.TION, BY A MIDDLE AOKO VYO nian.aecMid'a ttneao; le capable of taking marge nt a haby mini 111 Willi ati 'an do plain aewiug H.-at ol rliy reteren e*can he Ken. all for tun daya at 111! West 4ih a'., rear, from 12 to ;t WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI A tion a? cnok ?v, .her and Ironer; la willing lo mnke hoi olt ii?cful. fcrenceglYcn Call at Sift IIli ke si . Brooklyn, oear Anniy. "ll/ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young girl, aa rhambnrinald and aeamtlics*, or to a* tat In wishltv; and Irni'lng, or would <|n general housework In a .mall family , ha* good reference, ha* no objection 'o go Iii it e country'. Call lot two dnyg at .>9 Pulton at., third floor, back room, Brooklyn. ' ld. PRICE TWO CENTS. UTU'ATIONN WAJITKD?KKMAIjKM. I7A.N TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'Nii C1KL, A 'I .nuatimi us nurse, or would do chamherwnrk am ailing. Bo't rrft ranc ?. A; ply lor mo days at I3ti Joia iiioii st., Brooklyn. A? ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITL A 'I so do chain' er rock and waling Good reference liotr rrladpUc-. Country preferred. Call at 432 1st av., nr?l nor, front room, for two days IV A NT lib- slT CATIONS. BY TWO KJS.sl'Kl TA BLH I f .voting mi ls, Olio as rook, washer aud ironer, ami Hie itheras i batnberinald and waitress or to do plant sewing; nth in un? house; lint boat city reference. Call at 30- West titli St.. near the aveuue. lITAVrKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN II a situation as chambermaid and waitress, or to ds ha nberwork and take cars ot children; lias good reiarwiie !an be seen for two days at 193 llih si , tieiween avsunei i and H IVANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A KKHl'E' TABLE II young girl, to do general housework; is a rood wasliei iid ironer and kiud to children; is willing and obliging nodcity relereuouaif required. Call at 1- Clarkson at.,in he rear. IITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL II as cook, washer autl ironer; is fully ouuipeie.it to taks barge of the kitchen; or would do general housework in ? mull family; no objection to the country; la a good breac md biscuit maker; is willing and obliging Good city refer ice from last place. Call at 103 East 26tn si., for two days. IITANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RE8PBCTABLB yt young girl, to do chauiberivork and assist hi washing adiMumg, or take care oi children; no obincUon to go a ImOL,...-li,iki r>jll ni an H thlh ?L. ha wen In and 3d avcuuea. Cuu be seen for two days, if nul iBgaged. 11TANTEI)?BY A RESPECTABLE U1KL, A SITUATION TT as an experienced nurse, can lake lull < barge efua ntunt lrum lis btrih, or bring ii up by baud; is a M"U<1 neau itre.ss, and would do sewing If required; is wnliugand dinging. Hood my relerrnce. Can be scon until engage> at >7 ww 41nt st., between 7tb and nth at a WrANTED?FAMILY KEWTNO; STITCHING DONE ON Wheeler A Wilson's machines; shirts out and made 01 i stipcuor u.ainier, and warranted to nt. Appij at Mil lllrn it. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8JTUA Vi tlnn as . ook in a respectable pi irate family; ba> It, so hrce years in her last place. Best city refereuce. Cuilfot wo days at 24 Christopher st. II"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO (I1HL A Vt situation as cliaiuberuiaul una whitish hi a pnsate ainily; good city reference from her last place, where am ived three years. Can le Been lor two dajs uiihiWrtl ISth * WANTED-* SITUATION, BY A YOl .V. MAN. WHO has hud some years'experience in a wholesale ubun louse, and who has travelled West lor a ta.lors' tiimniiug louse, and can iultuence some Wcatc.ru trade. Rcfereacea hi. Address A. E. W , box 123 Herald ollice. YV ANTED-A 8ITUATION, BY A YOUNO ENGLISH It man, as porter In a store, or to work in agentleman a 'amily, gulden, or any other employment. Will work lor moderate wages the lirst six mouth*. Address J. Wear rood. Herald olllec. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general housework or to assist with the washing and ironing of a small respectable family. Apply for iwo days at 186 llenry at., third Uoor. \trANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT YY girl, to cook, wash and Iron, or to do housework; beat city reference can be given. Call at to Orove at. WANTED?BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN, SITUATIONS: one a*s laundress: the other ae chambermaid ate waitress, or nurse. Can be seen at No. S East 12th eL, where they have lived, one Ave and the other four years; they leave In consequence of the famllyimoving la the country. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOBD woman, a situation as cook, or to do general beasewerk in a small family; m a Aral rata cook and washer-sad li-oner; the best of city reference given. Call at 143 Kaa4 2Mb street. W ANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID AND BTunetrcHS, or waltreaa; no objection to go io the country lor the summer with a family; best city reference from her last place, where she has lived for two yean. Caa be seen for two days at 1,266 Broadway, near 32d eL WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO cook, wash and Iron, or to do chamberwork and waiting. Best city relereuce from her last plaoe. Call at 372 3d sr., between 28th and 29th ate. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SJTUAiioii in a small private family to nook, waab and iron. ar to do housework. Good reference. Ceil at 322 4th at., south of Washington Parade Ground. WANTED?BY A YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION A> waitress or chambermaid; baa no objection to go in tbe country; good reference can be given. Can be scan at 1*8 7th av., between 23d and Sttb eta. WAKTtSU?a MTUAUUa, jo x a huiidvijioiw young woman, as chambermaid, has no objection to do the general housework of a small private family; beat city rclerenue can be (Iron. Call tor two daya at lid tlutter at., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WOman, as titiiae; ha* no objection* 10 do light chamberwurk; can take ears of a cmld from lu birth; no objection* to go in the c mntry; the beat city reference given. Call at No. 11 West 24th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, by a respectable gill, aged 17, to do cbauiberwork ana wailing ; beet of reference irotn her last situation. Apply lor two days at 4ft 3d av. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A KITUAtion to tin general hous-woik In a email privule farm ly good city reference can lw given. Cull at 4ti7 2d av , uor ner tilth at., third door, tront morn. \\J ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TV kiiu at ton to tlo cbauiberwork or general houeeivork; good city rnterenoe tor tnree year* from her last situation. Call ,or two day a at did Hicham., between Paclttcaod Amity, Brooklyn. Wanted?by a young woman, a situation in a luinliy going to Europe or California. Impure at 1ml East liith at., rear, up stair*. hc.-i 11ty reference. WANTED-B* A TIDY YOUNG OIRL, A SITUATION. as chambermaid and to aaabt with the washing ana Ironing, or to do trailing, lis* the best of city reference. Can he men tor two days at No. Thlrty-hral ?L, third floor. WANTED?BY TWO KEsPEt 'TABLE GIRLS, SISTERS, p.an s. MM a? t ook tt aslitr and troner, other chambermaid and ?utter, or would do hoitscM-oik in a small private family, fan be seen unill engaged at their last employer's, where they hate lived a long time, ami will lw recommended. Apply at H>, East Broadway. Ik*ANTED?BY A TOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS VT plain cook, waahsr and Ironer. Alao a young girl wanta a situation, as rliatiiberinaid and waiter. Both nave good city reference. Call at 142 Weal 28th at , second Poor, back room. e II'ANTED. A HOME.?A YOUNG WOMAN. ALMOST A TV atraturr lu the city, la dextrous of pro, tiring a aUnatfun lu a private lainily; is a good embroiderer and very loud of nildivii. and Is willing to make herself gmeially useful to her employer, a home being a greater object than compensation; no objection to city or country. Address Chris Uii" lioWftl'U. DOS liu tipraiu uimc. TirANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS Tf a alitiaiion 10 do ilgbiciiainbcrwork or 10 like tare of children. Beat city reference IrJfw laal place. A| ply at Ml Writ 2Sd *1. WANTED?BY A REBt'E<'TABLE Y0l;NG WOMAN, A attnat nn In a email private family; la a good rook Md an??i:rrit w unbar and ironcr. Can give tbo brat of <Bty rofo> rvn.T Im at 171 We ai., naai Sth a*., for iwa-daya. W \XTLD?BY A Kr.oI'ECTABLE WOMAN, A BITUA" lion aa good cook; nndrrstaiida euupe. gaMaa aad Itry ; 1 an coine well tw-otumaiided; la a good weaker had llMna > Call al 229 7th ar . m ar 25 th It. Ulmnted-by a middle aged American widow YY lady, a aituation an bona keeper In a cenii.tuau'a lanni.v or hoirl In or near 1 lie illy; good reference given and repaired. AAdrnae for mm wrtt, 7(1 Mi ar. . Ti.'A.NTKO-mf A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A BITUATT lion to 1110k, wneb and Iron, or ka cnam'ieruiaid aad wai(re?a. Inquire for two daya al No. 6 Ba.sl Slat at, b?n Mh and Madlaon ava. VJlTANTED-A SITUATION, AS GOOD COOK. 18 AN II t'jk.ellriit wad > and irourr, by uu aiperlenced aad capable yonug noma.,; la alko a i.ral rata baker, willing and obliging Good reference. Call for two daya at No. g Canal at., Jcieey city. WrANIEt)?A SITU AT? )N, BY A RESI'ECTABLB ? 1 Touini w.man, .0 1I0 general homework In a amall prieaie au.lly. No objection to go a ahort dlalanra In tba country. Call at IM Wnl Abb 11., between Tib aad 8U1 a?a , Mat boor. UTAN1ED-A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLB yo nig woman, aa . uok. weaker and ironer In a private family Ilea no objr ilone to go travelling to auy paiC Oait 6lee good city rafeaaiice. Can be Iran for two daya at Si2 irgraw 11., Hmokijn, a few duoraeaatof Snaith. \\,rANTKL~A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG OJRL, BE11 tweeti la and 18 year* old, to do light chamber work and take care of children. Apply for two daya at 194 Biate at reel, between Bond and Neviu ata., Brooklyn. W AMtr;?n i a ncni i aiiuu n v.n.in, a miv?c tluu; ran do phi..roldeiy, lake car* ol ehthlren and *a*iat in washing Mid Ironing, the beat of i lly n-rerenca. Apt I) at '.NI7 Went 11 Hislun at. AI^ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A 8ITLA?? tton a? good rook; la a good baker nl hired ami pantry; will analM with the waabmg; no < h nton to the einin< trjr. fall at 75 Went 17th si. Good fnletenee. \JLrANTED-BY TWO RESPBCrAMLE PR0TK8TANT VI g lia.almailonn; one aa child's m-el and >inio p ain aewlhg; the other at 'haoioermahl and io aaaiat * ilk the washing and ironing; are willing io go to the <ounr/. Cam be seen lor two days hi iNO Jay at., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WoV.iV. A RITL'Atlon to do the washluj of reapr ible Indies and gentleman, fall at Weat Sstli H , ntc nd floor, hack room. _____ _ *17" ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE if EL. A SITUATION W to do general iioiinrivork; no ol.j. cUon in go m thai eonntry fallal H4 7lh a* . a. ann.l fl- .. Wanted- by a respectable woman, a situ a. tten nagood cook in a prtrat" family | in willing no 4m Dnrt of the washing; ha* good referr.. e; no fthjMMM tog* in the connirr, I* a garni bread linker rail at or niltlrean foe two Ham *7 wan Wth at., near <t> nv. Wlntkp-RY A BKSPEOTABI R WtlMAN, A SITU A. lion us chambermaid aud waitress; good leferencw given, fall nt ?W Weal Pilli *C WANTEP-A Sin A I ION. Itv A UF.S I' i tVABI.H young girl, a* chamiwrniHid and to n mat In the waotf lag and troiuug lla* the belt of ctty relernnco nnd ran bn *een tor two day* at A3 Weat I2lii at., between Mb ami ,lh ava. For Uth?r Wants Bra Klgchth Pag*. \