16 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

16 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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SAI.KS or RBAL B8TATB. ALAKGK TRACT OK HEAVILY TldBEKKD I.ANDts? wull located on a stream iu Pi ini.?yivaui >, lor sale or aiohaugr lor real ea'ale, tn or near this city or for merchandise. Please address T K., bur i,UUH Post o Hon. a HUU8B, BARN AND OTHEB OUTHOUSE* (XKW), /V with two aertut or l'root L out, oeautil nil* situated >u Now Canaan, Conn , c -St ?3,*10 ullered lor I. ??t!.?n *3,000. Eighteen acres adjoining can Us had. Apply at l'ultou street, Brooklyn, piano rooms. A CIlANCE -POR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, A HOLSB and Lot, No. 1(M llmlaon avenue, near lb- Navy Yard, well known ?? an old established greet-ry and it |Uor place. To a smart, active man this i* a rare opportunity. Satisfactory reason*given lor seldng. ln.pt.re on the premiss*. VTM O STORY AX D ATTIC HOVSB, WITH ONE story wing. seven lo;? in garden, Variety of fruit trees, grapeviuea, Ac., for sale or to let; just pot in order; bit card on the corner of Washingiou uvoum- itud Tenth aitee Tremont. Kent *200. Apply; to GEO. W. DITi'HKTT, No 2 Chamber* mreet, comer ul Chatham, or to J THOMAS, ltd Ifu.ton street. AT AORBAT SAiRKlCE.?POR KALK. 1 HO Kill MS tn Westchester roomy, DOan.l 311 a re-, near the ouuiry seat of K. K. Collins, * acres near Iligu Bridge; it seres at Karenawood. A.C.IUYTON, OBcr of Tomlia-utn A Brighatu, No. 4 Net* street. A FIRST CLASS KK >WN STONE HOUSE KOR sate?With ?r without furniture The house is four atortea, 3**40, with all modern luipr. venient*. annate ou a wtdastreet, near Broadway. The furniture is nearly ucw, and eery hantaoinr Wit. be sold at a great sa- rlhce. CHARLES K. MILLS, is Cedar ?treef. A HOUSE AND LOT NOB $S,0*$-ON TENTH STREET Irtwtwr Fifth and Sixth arenue*. The house l* iwo story atlte and basement, 31.10x40 with gas, Ac.; very cuntPortable, lot Sl.lOxK block. Vert- little luuuey wame t. CHAKLEH B. MILLS, SI Cedfti street A SMALL COTTAOE HOUSE FOR SALE?ON THE most desirable block In Vorkvilte Cor private residences; surrounded by good improvements; free from nuisance* of any kind, and combining ihr advantages 01 ?ly anil conatrr. Hftut SlU, with tie modern improvements; garden nicely "laid "out; mora ground may be bad for a stable il desired. TaqaireOa Uie premises, southeast oorner or Eiglitv-fourth atreetaad Ffrat avenue; oc ol. J K. SMITH. No. 1 Fine at. Excellent farm-im acres, well located for a market garden, price lour anil terms ease, or mill exchange for city pioperiv or merchandise. For particular* Inquire of WM. WORTS, Su Cedar street CHEAT PROPERTY.?AT WEST HOBOKEN, FOURteen arrrs ot Land, with two good houses, i-utTiage bouses, young grafted truit, all that could be desired; thirty minute* walk from the ferry, railroad or stage: In the midst of great Improvements. Price $#,01)1; $5,000 can re. matu OB the premises for three years. Apply at '.IIS West Thirteenth atreet, at the LvVenx Valley I'nul office. THOS. T. STORM. Farms-a MONO THE BEST IN NEW JERSEY, 30 TO #00 acres, $3,000 to $1,500. Countr* Si ais. 'i to 15 .o-rrs, $1.0*0 to $10,000. fur sue and exchange on mogt liberal 1 tenus Also City Property and Farms in i his St ite SOlTitWICK A WOOD, s3 Nasa ot street, FOR SALE?a villa chateau, eleven rooms, four lota, carriage house, beau.iful situation, $?..'0<> A large double Mansion lw-l?r extra sized lot,, carriage house. Ac., $8,500. Anmhcr, eight lot?. 18,000, splendid water viewa. Abo, two villa plots, 50x311 feel, utulroi.es, water views. Ac., $1,000; very little ca.*h rci|t?:re<l, en One Hundred and Thirty?erenth sir?el. near Harlem Biidg ferry and Mott Haven ataliou. Apply at ELTON'S 34 Bc-kmau atraet. or on the premise* daily. FOB SALE?AT ROSSVILLE, STATEK ISLAND. A twoatory and attic frame House, Bsrn, Ac., together with iouraoreaof Land, very pl-asaritlv located, near the t illage, j n the Wooilrow road, leading to the deficit. The House la ' nearly new. in good repair, Ac. There is also a rope walk upoa the premise*. For terms. A- ., apply to john MACliRBOOB A CO.. VH Paarl street TjlOB SALE?ON GILFORD PLACE, FORTY.FIFTH ' three atory high stoop brown stone front llonse, bnili l>y < lays' wort, with all ihe modern improvements, known as He. SOtlford plaoe; terras eavr. Impure ot <1. 1) WELCH, at Me. U. 1 JjK>* SALE?VERY' CHEAP, A FIRST RATE I.OT OS ' JO Third avenue, between Thirty-ninth and Fortieth streets. Alao one on Poiay-fourth si rest, lit) tret west of rtflh avenue. Inquire of J. B. SHAW, 95 Wen Fortyseventh ear ret, mornings and even ins*. For sale?a cottage house, with onf, and a half acres ot ground, at Whlteeuvne Point. T ?* hou e la aitualed near the water and has a fine vitw ot Loug Is.ana Hound. The rooms are well arranged and in good order. Tbeta in a line vegetable garden and choice iruli trees. It is forty-ave minutes sail, by boat, from Fulton slip; hv cars almost hourly. For particulars Inquire of Mr. OEuR'lK OWYRK, a Liberty street, er on the premises, of MONEY BATLKH. j FOll 8ALK?THREE HOUSES AND THIRTY LOTA ASS Bedford end Lolayelte avenues, Brooklyn. Also uXrge and elegant Country Seat. In Wratrbester counlv, our hour by raUrwtd from Mow York; on which there la a One ifankiou house, ail nice cottages, a Ural rate aaw and grist mlil, a splendid lake and water fall, alao hot and cold graimrlea, green houas, Ac . Ice bouses fllled, outhouses, barns and carriage hauan, all m good order; so abundance of fruit uf every description. The above property will be sold at much less than us rrhl value for cash, or part cash and balance in iininnumbered productive city properly. Jeip'vto JAMES MCBRIDE, 17* Washington street. l^OR SALE?A THREE STORY. HIGH STOOP. BP.OWN If atone House, with nil tha modern improvements, ar.d ;a good order. Will be soldo) a great bsigain il applied for immediately. Inqure of WM. L. TURNER, Lexington avenue, between Forty-third and Ferty-tonrth streets. For salb in Brooklyn?a new three story and bsuiement brick Hou-', with bravv brown stone trimluinga, worth |<J00 will be sold for $4.80); tenna ease. Inquire of T. B. JACKSON, un the premises. In Elliot place, wear Pulton avenue, north oiile. | 1/OK HAl.K OR KXCIIAM.K?A THREE STORY HIGH r stoop brown Moor iroui lloiue and Lola on Hrut>tiyu Heights; bonne in good order, painted throuchnit, baa atwaya been occupied by the owner: str.e SSxSO, lota 4HIV0. Apply at DO Columbia slrcel irrmi accommodating. Fob sale ob exchange?a good dock pro. perty, wlib Coal Yaril, Hrii;k. L me. Lumber, Ac., doing an eicriient business, welt located oa the Hudson nvar, baa an boar trow Sew York. 3. A W P. SEYMOUR. IS Btadway jj'ob SALE or EXCHANGE?A HIGHLY CULTIVATED I Farm, containing one bundled a<-r-s, in .V nn.outh county, New Jersey, with large and handsome Manama Houaaand a variety or fruit. Apply to AUG. J. BROWN, rT Cedar street. room II. iv)b SALE ob EXCHANGE (NOT MUCII MONEY X wealed I?A three story wooden Houae and Lot, bui.i capraealr for a bakery: good well o( water and atable for a' hurae; ia Ibe thriving Tillage of Gtitleoburg. N. J., opposite Seventieth street, New York. Por further particulars apply to Squire DRYER, near the premises' or at 37 Wett Twentydrat street. New Tort. XM>R SALE, EXCHANGE. OR TO LET?house AND A Lot. with atable, 307 Adedpbt atreet, Btooklyn. Lot so. ma, In One order.' R A GAINES. 344 Pearl atieet, N. T. I/O.". SALE OR TO LET?SEVERAL TWO AND THREE X story Houaea. brown atoae bseement and stoops, with ?h modern Improvement*. In East s.ity-fitth street, near H-cond avenue. Also several Tenement Houees in ibe Nineteenth ward. Inquire of WILLIAM A. JUCH, builder. Second avenue, between Sitty louith and but), tiita streets. 1/OR 8ALE OR TO LET-A FOUR STORY HOUSE. 6? X Seventh atreet, with all the modem Improvement.. Inquire on Ibe premises, or at 90 Cliff street. "C>Oll BALK OK TO LET?THE GYMNASIUM AND F three Bowling Alleys binutted in W.whingtun avenue, two doors Booth of Vniton avenue, Brooklyn. It was built sod has been used by a private club, and lain toed order. The gymnasium building would make a tine billiard room. Apply to JOHN F. MtOOY, 9S CUB ?tre?\ New V ork c^e?? vy-rc. ^k l/Ofc HALB OR TO LET-IN THE VILLAGE OK NT A* ark, ona at (he m?at healthy aud delightful situation* i (be Hudson rlv< r House large, with modern Irnmweiurnt?, only 1 wratyelrbl mil"* from iMt lty of New York b steamboat and isllroad". Ken! low (o a good e* n t. In O'.ire of JOHN A. LYDRCKKR, 1(17 Union street, Br OSIvn. or of HYLVESTKK GESNER, at N "LIOR BALK OR TO LET-AT TOSKERK, TWO MILES X from landing and e?r?. a new House, with etevan arres 0 good Land, under cultivation; also a small House aBd Ram. Apply st MM liudarin street. New York. f^OR SAIJt 'lit TO I.KI ?A BEAU 1'IH I, COUNTRY Heat on the banks of the Hudson, ionta.nl g IJ rooms, 'ar and garret, one a<ir >. ground, set out with every variety oI the beat frufls. berries, grains, Ac., In abundance, 1 rum the Roeheater nurseries. The place U unsurpassed, In the village of Nyack, perfectly healthy aud ?ood netghboi lurid Also a beautiful goihlc House, containing 10 r-Kims cellar and garret; rarrlage house, Ar , complh'e Two boat* leave daily at the toot ol Harrison street nler Aldruaaor , ill oa J V ONDRRDONK. Brack N. V F^OIt EXCHANGE -A GI.NTI.KMAN OWNING A \ AH able and improved j r p?rty near New York entirely trca |r?m xamlminw, itnlrM to pttrcbaae a min rUM' | r-?idener hi Kf? Yot-V or Brooklyn. Apply <, ARllEV IIAK l>KN HRKi i H BS Wall itwi. j HOUSE AND LOT IX NEWARK, N J n il SA1.1 The llouee li*g ten iin..-,h"i room*, >otlage built, thelo' I h; ."00 deep, tit uaied on Mount Plaaaant irrnnA Porlur- 1 that particular* ?ddrea* .lohn R. Crockett, Newark, X J. I LAKOK flU XTRT IiOU<R NEAR THW CITY FOR j ?ato or to lev. in wuole or part, clteao. luuu re at II Old t>p, up BUIra J kRANOR X I?A BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE !OB 'It a n,; all tint tnort'Tti Improrem nta; burn carriage tiii iMi A' ; line *ha<)e, irult nil *brtiht>ary, fltre, t?n or till* > mUM For aale or?r n<g(K ' H * W 1', SEYMOUR. is? Broadwae. wriK.-B FARM ON NKW VI.RK AND ERIK It All" '' nad -Urp mnn?lon -aw mil. and out hulldlnta Also M one Magging idum ry ncr Hiidvon river now lietog pro,it*. "" VEST VACANT LOTH WANTED.?TWO OR TT1RRR LOW. lorkSi* t troBt. centrally incited tlp ,0WI worlk boot RA.tnO. In -haiif* lorrity Impmved property' laying II 'ba midr-11 tonyenlenoea and la a goad loeatloa. AortT I fiM Eael TweatyatltN *treet. 7 WANTED?A COUNTRY PLACE, NEAR THE t ITT Of New York, for which a Una four ?tory Knaliih Lavement Honae. with all the modern impr ir. itiet 11 Homing large park In Weet twentieth met, aou.d Met. changed at a reawinable prlue for a pleaaant plaoe w .rth boat $4,000or Bft.Ohl, with gomeground attached Impure of or addreW A J. OAltEISON, ? Broadway, Nea fork. WARTBD-A FARM OR COUNTRY SKAT, IN PART eachange tor pioliotive city property. About one hundred aarta tmpron-d or not. mint ba an aalt or freak ? ier, and not la ane-ed ten or twelra ehouaand dollar* la valHe A plaoe on Lone Matnl Hound preferred. Any peraoa a -In* pro party anawerln t the above deaerlptian, and wtehbu; to diapoaa of the aame, can make a good trade Addreae L A. BENSON, Harlem. ?. Y. II,'ANTED TO BUT-A FURNISHED OB t'NFURNISHVf ed double llouae, in Kllth aramie A <ernar h',u?e, ? uho'it lay window* pratarrad Atldrraa E. C , boi 143 lie Aid ofltoe a. I |)AD WILL BUY A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE TVl .?M/U and Lot, flee room* and good cellar, one block 'ran i the nan, running ta three terriea Ejno to $?i*i raah; the ii iianee BIO per month, without Inletem. Applratihe Ore of D. 0. DANIELS, owner of Filth areutta and Four leaath ?treat, Brooklyn. <27 r/\li ?TOE SALE, A THREE STORY m?U *p I .rj'/f't atoop brown alone Hunt Motive and lot, ti ?..uw! I* la food order, and li pa nted throughout. It La., it* a. Man oorttpia-l hy Ilia owner. Sire 9f??93?UW Afn'; > ' >< A eat Thirty D> >1 a Met, near St?th avenue Eacuta avAunwddatlu* X *1f NEW YORl boarding and lodging. AT no A) NINTH STREET. between UNIVERSITY place and Filth avenue. ? Room* to 1-1, eu suite ur ?lu *! ', with tirst clans Board, Dinner ?i 6 o'Uuck. References given and required. Nu moving 111 Mav. A lady and uentlem an can he accommo. dated with handnomely t < ruished R Mima. H>trd fur till- lady ouly, by inquiring at 6 i Went Tweuty-liflh street. A 1ew furnished rooms to lkt-to gentle tlemen on y. with .i'l the modern improremenis; family private Ke^t o' references given arid required. No. 9 Washington p a v, u ar N--w York Hotel. A front room in an enulis11 basement hol'sk, kuitablf lor n pli so lan's oUice, Lu let, u ith Roam, if re quired, lioiu May 1, at IM Duflimd Mreet. Brook.ya. A GENTEELFAMILY, HAVING A FEW t'NFCSNISH J\. ed Rooms, will rent them, with Hoard. For particulars app t mWtHu T? only third Slivei. IT 123 NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF f V Hi uvultvay, a gt-uUeuiau and w.ie or siugte geutieuiou can obtain pleasant Rooms, with Iloitrd. The house contain* tin- modern improvements. A neatly furnished room. with breakfast, ta respectfully solicited in a private family, oi wurr a lew hoarders are taken. by a young gentleman ot the legal uroteasion. Location preierivd between Washington place and Twenty-third street. Addrcag Fielding, Herald otli e. A PLEASANT THIRD STORY FROST ROOM. FOR g-utleinan and wile, or I Wo single -ru'Jeuuu, In a private far.uly, where the comforts of a home may lie en.ie; ed house coutain.v all the modern improvements; dinner at $ warn I Apply at 77 Fatirlh arrnue. AT NO. 30 EAST TWENTY.FIFTH STREET. HEtween Madison and Fourth annuel?Elegantly luiniahed Room* to let, with Board. A private table, if dean ed. A LADY AND-GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A HAND~ soutely Turniabed Room, with Hoard lor the lady, at lL.' W., Ttven.ly-eighih street, near Seventh avenue. A ROOM, WITH PARTIAL BOARD, WANTED?BY A t'eiitlenma, in a pi-ieata-family, or where there are not many boardrts; house, must be on the east ante ol Broadway, bqiow Stteeuth street. Address, staling terms, location, Ac., It. Y. G., bo i IW Herald office. A SI N't; LE GENTLEMAN DESIRES A SMALL plainly furnished Room. Willi or without Hoard, in a private lunula, on the east tide, below Thirtieth street.. Addrtstaling terms and lotatl m, Board, boa 177 Herald office. I 4 handsomely FURNISHED room TO let to A ! A !a ty ?ii(l genll*man, with Bonn! for the lady only; also, two or tlire.r single ladies ran be atommodaled wiiS pleasant K.oin* and B aril. Kor particulars inquire At II b>>{ Eleveuth street. A lady and iikr daughter, living in a very i healthy village in Couiiecili-Ui, convenient lo strain i.oai 1 and rullruari, would like to receive lew children to Board 9 and ineiruri dtiiMiK ihe summer mouths; term- reasonable; < referenc-i gtveu and required. AJdres- K.. bok 51U He. aid odice. A GENTLEMAN AND IIIS WIPE or TWO ok THREE J Single gent.emeu can he ai commodate,! with Beard 6 hi <1 |de .isjiii iRooms at 111 J Es-,1 Twenty-second > reel. The holme has .til the niottrru improvement*. 4 party op oxk or two single gentlemen aV ctu lia.e a nea ly furtiished frout Kooui and Bedroom, a itli or t\ iihout |wr ul Board, with use ol gas, bath, Ar.: reference required Appiy at M Jaue street. Board-rooms to let, with good bovkd, to families or innate gentlemen, at reduced rates, in the I rat class boose 40 WV*t N nib street, near Filth avenue. Board.?wanted, in the vicinity op new York, on a farm bordering the Uudaon riyer preferred, mbsianiisl Hoard lor a gentleman and his wife; comforts and cleanliness beioie fashion. Price must be moderate. And' VI. N., box 4.10; I'oat ofllre. BOYRD.-A HANDSOME second 8tory front room, well furnished, to let with Board, for lady aud genlieuiah, or without board for two jgen'l'men; alao a single mom adjoining. Andes! 42 Wer. Wash, rig ton place, second jo ir wesi of sixth aternie. Board?hi east Broadway.-on or before the lsi oi May. a furnished or unfurnished front or bark Room, on second lloor, In a respeelabie private latniW, tor a gentleman and wife or slugle gentlemen. Oas, bath, Be. Rol'ieticrs given and required. Board.?several pleasant rooms, with Board, at IB Clinton place, near Fifth avenue. Dinner at i o'clock. BOAltD.-KOOMS TO LET. WITH BOARD, SUITABLE for married or single geuilemen; modern Improvements Jin the house; terms moderate. Apply at 41 Seventh street, a law doors west of Second avenue. Board?a gentltman and wife or one ob two tingle genUe.meu can be accommodated with Board at 54 West Twenty-third street. Will no', more on Maj 1. References exchang-d. BOAltD.-a gentleman and his wife or a small family can make a very tarorable aiiangeuieot for Rooms, with Board, in a private laraily, by applyiug at 158 West Fort)-eighth alree:, between Bruadwav and Eighth avenue. Board.-desirable front rooms, suitable lor two |ieraons, at from $7 to per week; single k.uuns lor vrnilemen at Ah SI) to S4 lr>r>fl..n oleaa..,!! ,?1 convenient. A|ip,y at L',4 Hudson street, coiner of Morton. Board.-a uentleman and wife and a few single gentlemen ran he accommodated with flue Konmi U4 Braid in a bona having alJ mo lern improvement*, dinner at six o'clock; ref iv-necs required. Apply ml 41 Bleecker ireei, near Broadway, during this week. Board near Washington square-io7 waver lev plate. P!?ma?ut Kooma suitable fur gentlemen or a family. Dinner a'6 Referen e* exchanged. Board and tuition-v private family at ;37 Wavtiington aimer, heiween Tillary and Johnson, Brooklyn, would like to receive two or three Utile girla to board at.d educate. They will receire a mother's rare and be instructed in in* English breathes, French and music. Terms reasonable. Board or town.?a small private family would let, wiih Board, pleasant suits of I urnlthed or tinfurnished Hi oma. together or separately; diets, a large re- . caption Room, amiable lor a physician. Keierencea exchanged. Apply at 124 West Fortymeoond street, near Broadway. Board wanted-by a widow lady, an unfur. ni-h-d Room and B-mourn on the km- nil floor of a rerdty lurmahed honac. Rest of inference# given and requ.red. AddreaiMia K 8. MMiirbst. Board wa.med-by a i?f.ntlbm ?.n, wife and aervaai; in aj>rir-iie family preform!; -.oulu require the second slmy of a bouse with modi- n Ik .irovemerits; in- ' a; 10n weai ot Broadway, beiween OSn.vl and Houston streets: liberal prr-e aud bear ot references given. Audrrse K, t* II.. Herald office. Board wanted-for the bprscriber, wiff. ana iwo hildrrn (aged two and wen), within an hour a ride of tbe i tv. Terms must be decided y moderate. Adder a*, with fuii particulars, A b. 0., box is.' He-id ofliee, Board wanted?by a gentleman, wife and child, four years old. in a private famiiy or ftrstcAss bospdlng nouse; terni? oat taeiceed $50 per'month. Reier>-L0-sexchanged. Addrees A.. Herald oliiie. Board waxted-for a young lady, i? years oi ..ge, in a nrsti Us* family; will require u Furnished Room and B'-aroom. with fnil Board, tn a couse where a i 1'iano tn her room will be no objection, aa sue is nmshing her musical ed?" at < n stub a in si class teat her; would make an arrangement tor on* year with a suitable pai'v. Krlerene"* ex uaitged. Address, giving ioeatiou and l'i ins, Mus e box ISO H era Id oilier. Board wanted?f<iR a gentleman and wife. m biu ten minute* wa k of Twenty-grat M. ebnroh, near Mtth ifrmw, laige and ami! Rooms, furnished, with rantide J on 'be second floor; modern iinrf overm nta. lleferenora exchanged. Trine moat b<> ntpdeiat". Addr-'ss A. U., box 176 Herald ofliee, for mo daya Board wvnted-for a gentleman, wine and ch d i yars old. with a private family, w, h a aeond or third floor ol a nigh stoop Mouse, m a ftrat class location; will fui nish furniture, Ac . and arrange for one year Stale full I artlculara. Terms uiurt bo miuTerats. Address P. W. H . Herald ofli e. Board wmw-aila oimMiir, wife, sis ter and servant, wit plnssant ltooma, in a private fa mil t. or where there are but few boarder*. I.oenuon in or near the Ninth waid. Addrer^ box 8,247 J*o?t other. BOARDING-rooms to i.et, wftfl or without B ?rd, et Jt 5 L?roy atrent. near Buerger tiroton siiicr and gas. BOARDING?TWO OR THREE ROOMS WILL BE T.\. rent, about ihe 1st or May. at >' >. Iu6 Weal Fourteenth treat Hoarding in jersey city.?very r lea san t and dea i able Ro mis, with Board, for a family and al-o tin slugls gentlemen can be obtained near the lei iy, by applying St 51 Orsnd a'vee'. Brooklyn-handsomely furnished rooms io e with or a ubnnt Board, in a arnall private lamlly; diunerat 6 o chock; references ex hanged. Apply at 28 llrnry street, between State and Atlantic, near the South riry! Brooklyn board?a gentleman and wifb oraiuaie geut.etnan '?n find pleasant Rooms ai d good Ho*rd In a de?in?b!e location, a' SI Garden atree'. Board in brookltn._a gentleman and wife an have B< irl with ether large >r imail hooma, ia a private family, mcl' tn hocae, and nice naiphlorln ml. iu ai numa b> <iara t?> Fulton, Wall and South let lag. Addroa 0. VV H . V.I l.lll Poat office Board in brookltn.-good board can be ob lamed nuthe brown atone no ih H'S An.ry au?> i. i.ta Bnnu'ei walk ! mm South ferry Tb? henaaeontalna all lh? tncdtra Improeeinenu. Dinner ai < .or* K?f?nn.>? lien and required. BCMRD IN BROOKLYN.-Ill < LINTON STREET ? Room* unable for a gentleman and wife or amgie gen lemen. Diuneratan. Board in brookltn -handsomklt rrr.vr.sH. e. i Kuo.na. w.tb good B ard in * dial tlnaa ho *. te-au. t If <1 It? located, iua? be had by cal 1114 In Elk 11 place, corner 0! Haina n inane. Terma modeiute. Kaferrnoaaei banged. 1. r a' a), o 0.0 I. Board in boi th brookltn mat be obtained for a gentleman and wife, aiao.a amaingentleman;good Board, where Hie oitnforta of home mar be had; Rba, batb, hot nr ,l cu d water, conaentent to the oar* and ferrlea, by applying at M Han iaon at , two doora from Ctlaren. Boarders' D1RE< TORT, Ml BPOADWAV -BOAR? ir.4 .lu.iaeaand fanliea wlehlng genteel boardera ahoold at try I't m-iMie.y. iwrtiaiiartgia'miotig to hoard aeekeraof pi a ea (eliy. eMnity or country). Beard waned, ia city and country, fur many applicant* _ AH. BODISB A CO. DBMKABLK rook and BOARD WANTED?BKtwnea Thirtieth and Fortieth atieeta, Second an I Filth aeeauei, at $4 t >B6 per week Addmaa Water atreet, Herald office 1 Fnast TWENTY THIRD street. WEST side ok j Fourth avenue.?An cleg* t hailcir and Bedrooma, in i a private family, to let; tine houae, with ill nio letn improre. 1 acuta; Board If required, Apply to Me*tia. Lt'Hll, 291 Fourth aventf. ii'KENOH BOARD, KI?EN''II lessons?a good op iior'nnP? for peraona wlahing to barn French. Rom. a | and Bedroom! to let; alao a large back I'arlor, fmniahed or iinriirniaheil. at M Eaai T "nty ae <n,d *'ren Families and single gentleman ? an obtain Kooma, en anlte or alngle. In a private laoiily, hy ap tilrmff ot 107 Eighth atreet.between Fifth and H ath nren... a 'f ie ho,rae haa lieen recently t.ikcn and ncwlv filled up and eontalna all modern ItnpinecmetHb. Hc'ercn ea ? en and required i I E HERALD, WEDNESDAY BOARDIHO AND LODGING. T,M1RNI*HKD ROOMS, WITH BOARD?TIIR SECOND -T II >ur, I n tlier or e-uatalvly ; a-ai Rooina on third lioor, editable ior iainiliea o, uglv itriitleiuvu; bouar liret cl? ? containing all modern e< n" iiirD< e?; (referenced t* n' d. Appiy at 46 bdkl Twenty-lourth aireet. Furnishki? rooms to let?with hoard U Went i'lenly-.ichlii ?. rert, tJ (<> $ pei week. The le.t oC reference ip en and required IiU'KNISIIED ROOMS TO I,KT TO GENTLEMEN. IN Hie filern bouan H-' Weii Twelfth Ron occupied / a 'mail prirate family, rouven ent to car* ami oinoihu."^ Reft*relieve exchange I. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED rooms TO LET-Willi Bio.ru. The hniien confamaall ihe modern Improv iiivula and ta loi aied nt a |>|e?.-an' pan <>f the (Utyyroiivenieut u> with car, and etage?. Apply alt>3 Wet Twenty ttrhtttrrct, corner of Sixth avenue. Handsome furnished iramm to ut-to ktiiglrgentlemen only, with r?r without partial hoard, in a private family, atlU I'll 11, avenue Kelereucea eachanged. VTKATLY FURNISHKD FARLOR ON THK KlltST l.a tlunr; ala two Kuoinaoii w ouil Hour, to let lu gentle lin n, w Hi or without lutrlial Hoard; private table If iritmred. Apply at 7'.i hail Twelfth atreel, near Bioadway PLEASANT ROOMS AND BOARD MAY HK OH tamed wilh a private family at No. M Weat Twemy fourth 11 eet between Kit tU and SIHU aveuu va. Referenda exchanged. PRIVATE BOARD IN BROOKLYN -TWO I.ARUK AND hantliu.mely i nrniahed trout Kautna, with ample clear-la, aeond and third Hoora, to lei, to parttea without inlanla and iiiim.>a; luvatiou lor heat'h aud beauty unaurpnaard. Fulton aveutte, around door eaat from Franklin avenue Rooms.?three elegantly furnished rooms to tel. eepara-.ely or in atnta, to gentlemen, <>n the aeond noor of a BrS elaaa houae in Ntn'lt alrerl. Tatnvly pn vale Kor partiuuifra apply to S W. R1FLKY. Bag , Ml Broadway. ?. . , thooms to let?FURNISHED ok UNFURNISHED, IX ?. u.? -I r.... r_.?. . ... ? i? _i 'a uibi Sixteenth hi reel, uear Filth avenue. rpy LET?WITH BOARD, PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON A the second boor, tint urnnJted, and 11*11 Rooms. lur mhed, to single f-uJemen. House has *11 the m.Kleru liu proveuieots. D.nacr at six o'clock. Inquire el lilt; East Tenth street, near Second avenue. TO LET-THREE OR FOUR PLEASANT ROOMS. EUR niahed or tinfiirni-lu d with or wi il.out Board, including ess and hot water, in a house with only one r*anlv at lit East Forty second street, near Lexington avenue Ti r us reasonable. Vl'ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIPE, AN " uiniirnislied Front and Hall Room on the second loor. with Board, in a respectable private t'uuiilv. between Fourth and Sixth avenues and lielow Thirt'eth atruet. Teitas HI! or $14 per wolt. Rati* fa** tor v t-efetenre given and retuircd. Addreas P. P., box 119 Heiald ollloa. IITANTRD?BOARD FOR A LADY AND SON OK 17. f? in a respectable family; will furnish and pas from IS 50 to $7 per week. Best ot reference# given. Address, li lting iMrtautlai-N, f. W. B . Madison square Post office. l\r ANTED?WITH BOARD IOR MAN, WIFE AND If twuchildren, a large unfurnished Room, about the 1st i May; plain hotue comfort preferred to e:vle. Address H. if. D., box 119 Herald office. GREENE STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET -ill to gentlemen only. Rooms at 7.'?rent, to $11 por week, llku similar rooms and rooms lor housekeeping, at No. 1 Monroe street, corner of Catharine. J(V UNION SQUARE (FOURTH AVENUE).-A FUR. l)? united front Ro un to let. with Board; also IwoSlngle Rooms. Reference* given and required. O'j WEST UNION SQUARE?TO LET, WITHOUT llO board, a Suit ot elegant newly furnished Room* on lecsuid door, with lelvet carpet and rosewood furniture; Uroton water and gas; fronting the park. Also other Hooma, landaomely furnished, fronting the park, atlordtng a daightful view. To gentlemen only. L>Q BEACH STREET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED DO double aud single Rooms in let. with or without luard. Modern improvement* No moving in May. Terms node rate. 5Q GREAT JONES STREET-GENTLEMEN AND t>0 their wires or single gentlemen tan ba accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Board. Dinner at six o'clock. References exchanged. A A WEST WASHINGTON PLACE?BOOMS TO LBT. Xlt with Board, In a bouse desirably located, containing til the modem Improvement* References given and reluired. CD EAST SEVENTEENTH 8TKKET. THREE DOORS ill) front Union square.?A lew handsome front Rooms to lei. with Board; bona* first class; dinner gt six, Refe renws exchanged. Terms moderate. fr 7 EAST TWENTT EIGHTn STREET, NEAR POURTU t) I avenue.?Desirable Roouia on second floor, connecting ot separate, and suitable for genllemen and their wives, to mi Kill. U...-.I i n - ?... ?1?. he?. mi??in? In I? ? ? References eichanged. L't) HAMMOND STREET.?LARGE FRONT ROOMS, Ua with CrOion, g*? and i>sniri-s; also single Room* can be obtained, with Board; dtnasr at 6 References exchanged. Qf| EAST TWENTY-FIRST STREET, ORAMERCT OU park.?To 1#L a auit ol Furnished Rooms, with ii'iard, on third door, unliable for a family of rrapevlablllly; house tint class and beautifully toratad between Lexington and Fourth avenues. 90 GKEENR STREET. ABOVE SFRfNO. ALSTON e> Houae.?Elegantly farnished suite of Rooms, gas. Croton and every convenience lor housekeeping economically. panic ularlv auitable for email respectable families or single gentlemen. Kent low to peimanent tenants. 1 "Ui PRINCE STREET?SI'. CLAIR HOUSE.?ELSX?JU giuitly furnished Rooms, with Bedrooms attached, with all tbe conveniences for housekeeping complete, including gae and Crokun water, to let to respectable families of single gentlemea. >. JfW WEST TU ENTV-THIKD STREET.-SUITS AND singi- Ronton, w lib Board, can be obtained in the first 1 Las house 2MI Wr?t Twenty-third street, one door from Seventh avenue. House has all modern Improvements, and is finely located. No moving in Rev. til it ELM STREET, NEAR RFKJNM.?FURNISHED _ J " Apartment# for imuied ate occupancy. The loweit renia in the city, considering the convenience ot economy in housekeeping. Kes' bedding aud furniture, with range oookIng utcns'iit end linen coianlate; gas and t. ru'on. 9(' A EAST TENTH STREET.?A FEW tiBNTLEMEN 1iUT can Lave Board tor $ I SO per week Also a gen-msn and wl!*- can have a small Parlor, with Bedroom, for 17. Qa* ami bathroom included Kooan. furniaiied or unlit: a is bed. with Hoard. COUNTRY BOARD. \ FAMILY OF BIX OK EIGHT EBRBOhM CAN BE

accommodated with good plain eountrv Beard, at a arm b?MB, si '.ateij on the Haileon Hsl'l sd Attn ,'otir miles lro-n New Yore. The location ,s very jicott and rr si! by, and bnt onetni'eand s 1 a If from ta?!e a Best o' references given ami required. Address C Vilsa. Hera hi oglce. Board at orange-t family at oral's, will re'?|ve I'o ir xdulte to Moa .? fiom May I ym I ? lltltHN i>r Xof ubfr. The lor-aiton v?rj d*a nw t * ? tun ?*ar ;i depot. v?i?'idb n xnd 1 run in A Uim Comfort, *?oi W I'ffhL 0B1C+, h. V. BOARD ON STATEK IM.AND WANTED B\ AtitNiicmnii.lt> A prICk'e larniy. Addree*, wub loll pattit I. L., Herald olio*. (101NTRV BOARD -TWO SUITS OK ROOMS, WITH J .it hi films Board. mrti be had by iwo families. for the aumnier or kiiortci period, in h rery pleasant anil healths loeailnu, on the Htidann; one bourb\ railway iron Now York. addrmt Uieetihurg hiiiim, Dobbi' Kerry, New York. / lOI.'NTRYBOARD ? A VILI.A FARM. HITADY U ROVES, Vv pieatoirw ground*. garden, Iron tract; torlT-flrc mlnuteatnim South fcrr., Brook! m; depo: hack m garden; Jamah a l ig?t irk-h lh.- houne et er y hour 10 Kakt > ? 1 orb. Ai-niy to W. S. DUNHAM, 104 Brne^way / OIXTY BOARD A tiK.NTi.KMAN AND WIFE, OR V fin agio latin ea? obtain Board laaprtvnto fauiii>. Unilr ight Ukii* k Iroin .New Vork and three miniitea'walk Irom'Netv York anil New Haven ilep.it; referent ca eichanged Adrif t* .1. O. K'., 1MB Front ttreet /^Ol MP.V HOtKD W AN TED?BY A GENTLEMAN wife, fluid anil nurs?, within to hour*' ride of trie t itr Hall, and ar enable be ?te*m raraor boat from 7 A- M. lb 7 P. M. Andres* N. Iki, KM Herald office, aiating teuuk, wlri h must be moderate. CNOUNTKY BOARD MAY BE HAD IN A PRIVATB KAMIJ It, wnnin three hour* r.de by raitroarl from .New York, ihree't h'iii per day. In a pleasant, well lurniabed. lai-fe houaC, in an airy, elevated and eiceedlngly healthy loealloa; acf mmodatloti* for hoiMe* and nan-lave* if deaired. Addrr-s W. t . Hickok, <3 Broadway, or K. T. Karnam, Bethel, Coon. CLMVEK RESORT?THE COLUMBIA KPRINOS O Hooae. near H rdaob, N. V.. will be open lor visitor* no the lei nf May The public will lind the water at tlieae punts etiperinr to any in ihe Biate for the cure of all eruption* of ihe -In and blood, alto rheumaiiim, dvapepaia, genera, d- blllty, lota of appetite, Ac. C. B. nash, Proprietor SI. M M K R BOARDINU ON IHE 11' DSON RIVER. Tlie subtcriber will be ready, on the lai of May, to offer opener ic ominodationa to parties detirout of securing a bea 't loct'ion lor a imaier board. The houte ft pletaamlf tlmai'd near Klthkdl landing, and enmmanda a tplendll Tiew i.i iue Hudiun ritor. The ground* aie abundantly fr iieu and well *h*ded, and the place i* auO'-iently retired to u.a.e it ,n everyway dealrablO. Trims moderate. 8pe?dy eiiplh a'Ion t.eesaary to *e. tire room*. A Idrena Mr*. 8 A McKnd-y. Flabklll landing Good areummcdat oua attached 10 the preiataea lor boraet, ASTROL.OUY. * M'ul'NDIM) IIURK* A M> DIVINATION*.?IK IN jY HI baa tb or trouble, lusult Ma tame ULIKNORD. tiurleaiiad medical, buttons* and aril luial clalrvoyaau No. 107 Uean atreaj. i iirvr or Hoyt. Brooklyo. Mho forela'Ja few, datota dim-e, prenrlbei ienia.1' a, and bndn ab aot irlenda Bualnaai int. nf*i, 00 renta, medjaal, $1. By letter, eo.-loa.ng ban. %.. A STONISIIINU -MADAME MORROW. SEVENTH A daughter, baa a gift of foreatght; telta how aooa aod how olten you will many, and aJi yon wlab to know, erao four ?tj tbonuhia, or na j ay. X t'ky rbarma free. Her etj el ia not to 1>? found. Her Marie Image ia now ia l ull oprral.on?184 Ludlow atreet, below Mooaton. I^Ttoe tf oacta. Gentlemen aot admitted. VRO.NA FIDR AITROLOOI8T. THAT EVERY ON* can depend 00, ia Jfma. WILSON. wbo i?iu the object of miir ?l-lt aa anon aa you eater. hbe telle the paat, prewiit and future of your life, and warna you or danger a, and inuga ati'caaa out of tha moat parllout undertakinga. H. B ?t'elehrated magic cnatmi. No. IW Allan atraat. En t?een Uouaton andHiantonotrreta, ererttie bakery. I'hargee lor la<liaa and (aotlaman, 80 o?ata. Madame ray. mo seventh avenue, near Twenty ?evenih aireet, aurprlaea all who v|?,t bar. Tha ark, Iroubt'd and unlucky ahotild laat bar p iwera. Stia tclia rour rary thought*, luaky numb-ra, loaaaa. Ladiea, 2?r, 1 gentleman, Wr STB AN BOATS* FlOlt BRIOUEKOHT.?THB STEAMER HRIbtlEI'OKT will leare I'erk Slip, K<tal rlrer, every Tneeuar. Thure lay aurl Saturday at twelre o'clodk, noon, ariltini at Hrulga. jairt In iiuia 10 1 onnoct with all tha riprea* trulna Etiu.ht taken and >? iy lull to all atatlona on llouaatoui.' limit md rpilE HTEAMROAT I.ONO INLAND I.EWEH KOR I N till putt 11. . Inn-at the Internie lale landinga, ernry iiit.Ttiui.n iHuii'layact'I'pK'dt, from Ktillon market alip, at :t v M lt-l r nil'learaa Noriliport c oty tun niug al 4 W A M. r, APRIL Itf, 1862.?TRIPI HIGHLY IMPORTANT. ANOTHER GREAT UNION TRIUMPH. The Unconditional Surrender of Fort Pulaski and Its Garrison of Eight Hundred Rebels. Seven Breaches Made in the Walla ot the FOrt. All the Barbette Guns Dismounted. 8ketch of the Fort- and Its Surroundings. When and How it was Soiled Last Tear by the Rebels. Its " Repossession" by the Union Forces, &c.( &c, dec. Bai.tiuoich. April 15, 18C2. The Savannah Republican of the 12th announces the unconditional surrender of Fort Pulaski on the previous day. Seven larfe breaches were made in the walls by our batteries of Parrott guns at King's Landing, and all the barbette guns on that side and three casemate guns were dismounted. Three balls entered the magazine. Colonel Olmstead, the rebel commander, signalized the day previous to the surrender that our fire was so terrible that no human being could stand upon the parapet for even a mo* seat. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS. t'oatnsss Moaaot, April 14,1862. a nacor truce weal up to Craaey Island this afternoon, and brought back two Norfolk paper*. They wore taken to headquarters, and, altboogh containin* tbe important Information of tbe unconditional surrenderor Wort Pulaski, an eflbrt waa made, In accordance with the policy that prevails here, to keep even good news from tbe representatives of tbe press. 1 am, however, able to give you tbe substance of tbe glorious news, as published in tbe Savannah R'publiami ? The Rtpu.',Ucan says, substantially, tbat it learns, with deep regret, that after a gallant defence egainst gune mostly superior, Wort Pulaski surrendered at two P. X yeetorilay, tbe lllh. Corporal law, of the Pulaski Guards, wbo did not ieevo Pert Thunderbolt nntil after tbo flag was bauled dawo, brings the intelligence of the event, The surrender was uncoaditional. Seven large branches were made la the south wall by the Union battery, of eight I'arrett guos, at King'e landing. All tbe barbette gune at that aide were diemounted, ead also thro* of tbe casemate guns, leaving but one gun bearlog on that point. Threa hails entered tbe maga/ioe, and aclean breach waa made in it. Tbe bafta used were conical, and wera propelled with such force tbat they went clear through tbe walls at nearly every Are. UOIonel UliDSiean, wdo wan ID command. i*iogra|>d"u the |n??i*M craning that oo human being could stand .una the ramparts for eveo a single moment, and that over oue thousand large shell? had exploded within lbe fort. The F'pi'lAviin publishes the shove as a postscript to a part of its edition, and makes no conimenis nor gives any particular* nj to the number of tnen end officer* in the fort at the time of the snrrendor. It say*, however, that none of its defender a were hilled and but four wounded. HOW PORT PULASKI CAME INTO THE HANDS OF THE RKBKI<$. So soon a* the election of Mr. i.incoln was made known in tlie South, the secession element of Georgia begat taking the initiative in bringing about the secassion oi that State from the Union Howell Cobb still held h;l Cabinet position as Secretary of the Treasury; Sena'ori Toomb? and Iveraon etill retained thoirsaats in llioI nner siateaKcuate. nail, although the muttering.' of the com n| storm were very distinctly lieard, the Unionist* of tin Ante endeavored U> rally iheir force* to defeat the plain <>l the HHcess omsta in a general Stale Convention. loi ?n by Hon Alexander H. Stephens, they made an excel lent ehow of their strength, and enticed so firm a deer minatlm to thwart thadosignsof the Jisunioniets tba ilieir opponents niami'eaied great alarm for the final ra iitt of the eon teat in wb ch the two parties were engag ed. Ih# Governor of Georgia, Joseph K. hi own. war be |iev*d to h* favorable to the Union or "cooperatioa' cause ae it was then termed, and great reliance wai placed i'n hit ori-rcpeated lion during the t.nbein* tonal and President ial < amps glis. thai " he waa a fniot man per re.'' Bull aoua bei ama too ev :den? tbal tin (,.<rarii"r wa* ?nl? a pretended Union man, and that, a heart ha wan a *?c?ai>ioBiat, and wan in constant rorre spondrnce with Twouiha and Oohh in Washington, a? wel aa with tha avowed dieun.ontrla of tha adjoining State r South Carolina, and was so rally preparing hit P aua and co operating with thorn to piecipitare th< seceseioi of Georgia. Still tha vary strong Vn.oi aantimaal that had rnanHoatad itaalf throughout >ho* Stata, especially m loth, Ncrlhwtmi and Middle tleorgia,compelled hint to act cautiously, ant not to throw off bia mask too soon. A aor.aa or corro apordoaca was all tha wkila being hald with tha leader* of tha diaunion movemeut and their adherenta as to th? haat course of policy to bo pursued to effect tho objecl tbay had in viow. The lacaaoioniats hoosroo bolder and bolder dally, tod at laal It wai determined that throats ware, at a certain tuna, to be made to the enact that tha jnpulart wouU trHO Fort Piilatki and wrest it from tho ft Ural goormmofit. This gave tha Govsraer an opportunity to garrl. son it with Georgia troopa takrn m.lvriorly from .SVtnwi sa>i -a deeply dyad sacaaaion city?aa being tba noareat point and the daagar nf aaiaura represented a? itiuai. neat, tn novation ao apportnna could not bo lost, to II sm immediately embraced, and, to tbo aurpriao of all eitir.ens of the Stste, save those leaders who bad bear ceculted regarding the matter, on the 4tb day of Janu ary, Isttl, tha telegraph carried tbo nawa far and wid? that Governor Brown had takaa poaaeatloa of Fort Pu Is ski, in ordtr to prtrtnl t/a Uiny retrod by a mob of sreel timiUi- This protended ronton for tho Govornor'a aoi was throwu out as a halt to quiet the active exertions o1 the t ni'w men, who wore still working with might and main to hoop the Spite lathe Union , and although thi m"TS discriminating men of that party doubted tha ain cority ot the Kxcciittvo, alill the lose discerning ms:-se< ..l the poo.de worn deceived (as was the intention of thi tho accession leaders), end even wnal so far as to preisi hitn lor bia fvaelg eOt'rti iE SHEET. The companion Hunt to garrison the fort were the 8a vaiinab Right Guard nod Savannah I.iyUi lufantry, IPly men each, and lw?uty live inon belonging to the I'bathain artillery, the crack corps of the city All these wore place ) under the command ol Colonel Alexander K. Raw ton , a native of South Carolina, and graduate ol West Point, who waa at the tune President of the Savuuuah and Augusta Railroad, ami an open and avowod seoes smuist. Subsequently a reinforcement of 100 men aui added to tbe garrison, which thon numbered '2i-> nion. The secessionist*, cmUiIileued by this act of Governor Brown, grew very insolent toward* the Union men of the State, threatened lham with expatriation, the ttonhs c ill m i?l their property, kc.., and subjected tlieui to such coutiuual annoyances that the Union sentint"ut eras almost entirely suppressed?Uovornor Itrowu, in the mean time, having published a letter to the people of Georgia, in which lie throw off hi* disguise, and oome out openly and boldly lor immediate necceasion. Thua matter* remained until soon after the secession of of lbs Stat* (January 19,'1861). The Fort was transferred to the provisional authorities of the Confederate State* and wa* subsequently garrisoned by 800 of tbe confeder ate soldiers As showing tbe inexcusable inofflriouoy of the federal administration at so im|iortant e crisis, we may here stale that the total federal force in Fort Pulaski at the time of the seizure was (venty men. Tbesa were, of course, unable to raako any doTouce against tha ferces aent to take possession of the work. In'the Hwunof January 5. we made the following comments regarding tha action ol Oovernor Brown:? But what shell we say in excuse for the wnatire of a federal fortress by the Governor of Georgia, wtuSe that State w still in full cetuinunieo with the general goverumentr And what of nimilar revolutionary acts reported ?a bevtng bean eemnntted in North Carol inn and Florida? Thhtf an in Km AnmmnnifAil / o4Jfans fl* mI*k nf e'en tervention in hehaif of the federal government against the mob, but we feer that the local authorities. la th?ee pro ccodings, have been led astray by the noise of the mob, or by their sympathies with the mob, and have thus descended to the level of the mob. SKETCH OP SAVANNAH AND ITS DEFENCES. The unconditional surrouder of Fort Pulaski, the key of the city of Savannah, has left that Southern capital almost entirely without protection, and its capture by our troops may be conQdontly expected within a very brief period. Savannah is a very important city. It is the seat ofju3tice and the largo.it city in the Stalo of Georgia, being inhabited by 20,000 por=ons. It is situated on the southeast bank of the Savannah river on a high oluCT, forty feet above low water mark. It is twelve miles distant, in a direct or air line, from the wean, and eighteen miles, following the course of thoiivor. The city is regularly laid out in the form of a parallelogram, with streets (mnny of them wide) crossing each other at right angles. There are ten public squaros in the city, containing two acres each, at equal distances from each other. These squares and many of the st rests ere bordered with trees, and particularly of the genus known as ths ''Pride of India," which give thein a beautiful appearance. The monument erected to (leneral Greene, and especially the one to Cbunt General Pulaski, who fell in the attack against the British at Savannah, art beautiful and tasteful structures. Msny of ths houses are of brick, and a considerable numbor of (hem. Including the principal public buildings, are elegant The cily it lighted with gas, and well supplied with water from the river, raised by two powerful steam engines inlo a reservoir one hundred and twenty feet above the surface of the river, and distributed through the city in iron pipes. On the east and west of the city are marshes, and a pine barren extends two miles to the south. The cily affords good facilities for vessels in distress, having a dry doclt capable of taking vessels 235 feet in length by sixty feet over all, and everything necessary for repairing vessels. There are also ways for drawing up vessels or three hundred tons. There are twenty feet of water on Tybee barathigh water, with a fall of six feet.. The city was founded ia the year 1733 by General jautss Oglethort? and others. It was taken by the British in 17TB^t>ut thoy abandoned it in 1782. On the 10th of January, 1820, four hundred and sixty-three buildings ware destroyedby tire?four millions worth of property destroyed; but it has been rebuilt with additional beauty. THK APPROACHES TO 8AVAVKAH. The whole space between the city and the ocean is cut up and loteiiecied by rivers, cracks, cute, swamps and epenioge. Wall's Cut is an opcninf from Tort Royal into tha Savannah river, with some two or eight teat dapth at high water. This cut opens into tba Savannah river about six miles abova Fort Pulaski, and is of course out or tba ranga of its guns. On tha Georgia aide of tlia river there ara two openage, known as Wilmington creak and Kreeborne't. Cut, connecting Warsaw Sound with Augustine creek or river, and from thence with Savannah river. These two openings run for noma distance threugh the marsh, quite near to the main rivar, say within half a mile, and this at a point opposite Wall'* Cut and about two miles from it. "Skidaway ' is a large island lying parallel with tha main; It is about twelve miles front the eity, and is connected with tha mainland by bridges. There is a heavy draught of water there. tbb sa van van in v ten .Savannah river is the dividing line between Georgia and South Carolina. It ia formed by the Tugeino and Kiowea?two small streams which rise near the south frontier of North Carolina, and unite on tha boundary beiween Anderson district, South Carolina, and Krauklin county,Georgia. blowing in a general south southeast direction, It forms the bonndaries between tbeaa Stated through the whole of its subsequent course, and enters the Atlantic near 3'J degrees noMh latitude and 81 degrees west longitude, and eighteen miles below Savannah city. The length of tba river, exclusive of branches, is estimated at fonr hundred and fifty miles, lbe navr | gal on m good from November tilt June?about eight | months in the year, large vessel* ascend to Savannah| and steamboats of one hundred and till/ tous to Augusta, \ about two hundred and thirty miles, and smaller boat* 1 one bundled and fifty miies highe . i on the SavattDah river the bodier o'l ide swamp land* I ar# eictenMVn. and are cult'.Tated upward* of twenty r mile* f rom the brackish marsh up tb* river. There > laii<b> are conatdered I lie most valuable in the ?tate, on ai cot,Dt of their growth of roe. Mttnr of the rice p an1 Ulioti* have a pleturee?iue appearance. | Sketch of Fort Pulaekl. . The city i-guardedon it* *eaapproaches by f ort rn'askl, 1 built "li Cockapur Island, fourteen m le* from Savannah, at tb* mouth of the Savannah rive'. The rite of the fort ideation waaaelet ted by Ma or liabcock, of the United t SWIM Kngineer corpa, abnnt twenty -i* year* ago; b ul it wan not till 1131 that, tha work. of meeting ilia pretent m?s*iTa riwionryfortiflrat Ion wa?commerced in earnest. In that year iaptaiii sj*r ?ctle.cl, m>w lima-nl Mnn?fie!il, ? in ci'tntnatnl of Newport'* New*, too* char?e of k? I c"t>?trir lion. The fort wan flui?he>1 a few nm mo at a ro*t of $968 000. 1 lia fort la of a pentagonal form, coveri in* *e?eral aeraajtia walla aro forty feat high, and prea ?eni two face* on tb* sea approach. w 'h rangr* ef fir, t lad atingal oppoatle arg'e* Tbe fori if embrasured ou lha front and channel a do for ono row of gun* urd#r I bombproof resetnate* with an additional tmr of (una open f or *i bnrMt*. Tlio sa'i?ni po iii* and fank ng a|iproa< baa I in lha roar of the work ha\e no eanbreinre* for beary t cannon, but ara thorough ? covered by antlladiag mutket i loophole*, which render a ard or e?oalading attack eitr't 1 feaeardoua to an aneror Ti a full ai moment of tha for1 , cot)*i*te on the lower ?ttrof*i*ty.flre thirty two poundar I iron piacaa, and the upper tier with tiftysbree twenty. four pounder*, fonr eighteen poundar flanking howitjari, i one thirtaan in< b mortar, twalra eight .n. h columbiaila i and taaan tan inch mortar*?In all, one hundred and I flfijrgun* The columbtaJi, to which rtferaeca ba? been made are rerjr deatrnctlae weapon* of Jong range, and I adapted to tiaa apheriral abet or abeilt Many of thoae i now in Fart l'u!aah> can be mounted te hits e horliet.lal I fireef one bundrad and aigbty degrees, end a vertical tire ef flee degrees d*pre?tu n to tbirty-?i* degrees ele. ration. The Interior of tbe fort te well inpplied with maaeiee furnaces for aaet ng tbot, ofllcara' quarter*, I toldiera'barrack* magaamaa and a tolerable aupply of , gket and powder, on the exterior line of the fort therela I n ditch which eerrouoda tbe work,and which, whan dry, I can be ntad by eharpsheotere. or.ahould It be neceeaary i at tha approach of an enemy, eaiily flooded. Beyond thia ditch ia a giacin er inclined bank, which iaenflladedby t the gun* from the lower or oeiamat* row of the fortIflcetlun The fort, at tbe time of Its surrender, was on a full war footing. Tba full war garrison ef the work ia eight 1 hundred men. Vetaei* of any eonalderebie' fixe, In beat. r (ng up tbe channel to Paranaah, ara obliged to approach I wltbm aeventy yard* of tha fort, and at thia point many i g. n*of larga'-a ibrt can be made to eonrantrnta tbair Are. The fortification ia pronounced by expert army t engineer* one of the strongest and m wt perfect of it* ? kind on thin continent. It merer* more area than tort i> Sumter, inn ha* one tier of gun* ia * than that work tort I'ulaaki waa gait itoutU by upward* of eight Uuq drcd Georgia State troops The garrison wus formerly under tlio command uf General Alexander t< . Lawtou,a graduate of W'nt Point, an it aubeoii'ieiitly *11 officer of lit* First regiment of L'rutod ft'ites artillery lluaUar Wlb rwiiMd, uid IwijiiM/r 'Milviit of the liiv uiuah and Augusta Railroad. On tliu llllli of ilarvh lest a oouple of doa Tiers, whe ? from Fort Pulaski, reports I ttii?m .elves to our forces on Joues' Island, in tlie Ha v aim ah river, tbont four iniios above tho fort They reported tint, being ?"? hi lorn] tmifootly sound on tins socesli question, they <>t? lamed istriilissiou to go fishing. Tlioy got into tlni boat and piillod a short distance from tho fort, ami than I ait tlioir oars in tlis ho it and coniineucisl hshiug. Ilia tulu at that tuus ruuu ug flood, or up tlio riyer They allowed the tioat to drift <411 lotly up with tlio Into until tlioy got, at ttioy thought, far enough Iroui tho fort to ouable thorn to malm their o.-cupe hoforo tlioy ware discovered ami flrod at, when they tei/ed their oars and pulled for liberty Itrown suit I Herman era 1 lie names of (lie two men Tlioy are botla i Germans. They reported Colonel Olui-Uaad in reminander of (ho fort. The garrison consisted at that tune of three hundred and sixty-eight persons all told. There were a Gorman rouipatiy and an Irish oompauy. whose term or service or enlistment oipired in January They wore very anxious to he discharged and allowed <0 go home, but tliey were kept there by foroe, cocao fluently were much disaffected; in fact , tl?oy gare it ah their opinion that there were net fifty- men in'the fort who-were really loyal at heart for the rebel cause The , fort contained provisions and water for *ix uaoalhe, Tlieu enaimiuiirilimi with Havamvh wne affactually Out rnr. The deserters give the. following ** U10 armament of the fort, via:?Four ten-inch cot not loads, four twelveinch mortars, two on til* ramparts and two on the ground in front of the fort, two rifled twelTe-poundora. aud one rifled eight plunder; the balance of the guns are thirty-twos and forty-twos. TVlal number of guns fifty seven. The maga/oie of the fort coutaoied flfty thousand IMMinda of powder, besides sixty rounds for each gun. Thoy reported, also, that among the curgo brought by the Fingal?(bat succeeded in running the blockade someiiioutbs since?were Ave hundred and sixty infernal ma chinos for destroying vo eoli. UKRKI. ACCOUNTS OK THK IIKPKN0K8. So long ago a' January, 1*61, tbe rebels supplied tbe following intoru3tiRg particulars concerning the work:? "As against an assault from tbe water Kort Pulaski to dot ended by on ample Dumber of tbirly-lwo poundersuiueh bailor mounted and in a much higher etalo of effl ciency than any ono bad supposed. Not simply the casemates, but lbs quarters at prosent oocupied by the otOcors aud im vales, are b proof?the a'ctuid ceilings, thirb-on loot in thickness are covered with a stiff bank sod. The open area witblr the fort Is not paved; the earth U covered ivllh a yield iug soil, formed by grass and mud thrown upon what was originally a sandbank. If a bed had been artistically prepared for the purpose of receiving, capturing and utterly demoralizing a shot), it could not hava bean bettor devised. A shall falling upon it must be buried ia the sand beneath from two to eight I'eet, sad by the red above will be stripped of the power evea of throwing sand into the eyes, if, indeed, tbe fuse should aot be extinguished end tbe shell should oxplode. Those who were shelled upon from San Juan d'Ulloa, during tbe invest raent of Vers Crux, will remember that the seoond raoraiug after the landing the attention of the enemy was specially directed to a sand hill occupied by Oenerml Quit mau'e brigade, which was thus exposed to their eyes, doubtless to draw their fire. Tbe shells, to dodge which iu their descent became after a while rather a pleasurable excitement, buried themselves in tbe eaad; their fUssa were generally extinguished, and the caanaltieo resulting from their explosion, when they did explode, were but Tew. A very little work will piece the Interior r tort Pulaski in auch condition as to remove the mm within it beyond the reach of even auch casualties. The i ovHi Dor, whose entire action in this matter to, we itoP?iii. beyond ail praise, has placed at tbe disposal eg Colonel Kawnni, in addition to the usual armor ef sack soldier, one breeebloading carbine, throwing, to the hands of au expert marksman, sixteen ride beta minute; a Colt's revolver and one sabre. The ditch ll?r?rl > ha.nir pinilllT rlunel mil iindae the orders of Colonel I.awton, rice Held negroes having bee* placed el tins work. SKETCH OF COtOMKL OLMSTHtO. Colons! Olmstcatf, who commanded the rebel garrieea in Kurt Pulaski, is, we believe, a native of Georgia, sad was, previous to t be breaking out of the robelltoo, a resident of the city of Savannah. When Governor Brow* garrisoned Fort Pulaski with rebels, Colonel Olmaleed lield a lieutenant's commission in the Chatham Artillery corps of savannah, and went with Itia company to the fort by order of the Executive. Subsequently he wee coiuiui-sioned Major in the Ninth Georgia regimant el Volunteers, Colonel Mercer, and served in Virginia, hie regiment being attached to the Second brigade of M*)oe Central Joseph K. Johnston's division, and eommanded by Brigadier Ceneral Joeos. Being delnched from thle In ignde. he was placed in command of Fort Pulaski, with i he rank of Colonel, which position he bus held since the taking 01 Port Royal,S S. Colonel Glmstead has never received a military edncation, webelive,and until thebonibardmant of Fort Pulaski wae never under Ore. THE ROC I INK OP THR ltKBKI. SOCDOCRT. One of the soldiers of ths rebsl garrison also gave the following account of the exercises and discipline of the rcliel garrison immediately after the seizure of Ike fori:? You base, doubtless, beard el' our successful occupation of tbi? fortress, and tbo cirtitrastaDcea connected Ibere* ilb Since ibe llret detachments of llfty men eaehfrom tbe "Ouard" and "Light Infantry," and tweoty-flvp man imm the ''Artillery," a reinforcement of fifty men *n..h from tba two first named corps have arrived, milting a total of two hundred and twenty-five men now tinder arms. Tuey are all in fine spirits, and, considering that many of litem have only tbe rations dealt out by (be State, exhibit a degree of patience under tbetr privation* which does credit to their soldier-.like fortitude. We are under atrb'l military discipline, and tba Adjutant read an order yesterday afternoon from tbe t'olotiel in command (Colonel A. P Ijhvp>u), that any sentinel caught asleep on hi* p, st should be shot. Thus iniide some of the nien draw a long face, but all render a . iieertul ohedieni e to everycommand, and vie with each oilier m the prompt and accurate discharge of their dutie-. At daylight the reveille Is beaten and the rolls aie culled. At sunrise a gun is Died. At half-past right o'clock tbe guard is changed, before which the oflicor of ilo> day examine? the quarters and sees that they are clean During the day tbe wiioln force is engaged in dnii'ng or pulling the ammunition in order, moving caunou balls and powder, making cartridges, bags, An. At sun.-et another gun i:- fired, and a certain number ul tn*n fiom the imantry corps drill every day in the niain.al of the artillery, as this service is Ibe chief means of defence. There is a number of mechanics at work on tbe g> n carriages, putting them in good woik ng order and In a few days the fort will he in thorough anil i ornple'e repair. At sunset another gun is tired,and at tune o'clock at night tbe "tattoo" Is beat en and the roll i ailed again. You may judge from tlila 10 nd of duties there is but little tune left tor anything in (b? shape el'fun. though we do have it not withstand itig. There seems to be ajperfet understanding between ottu era and men. and tit* tamillarilies which are permitled w hen on "bandbox" duty are entirely Ignored. A salute is always respectfully g vi n to a commissioned oftf er whenever lie parse*. with a pleasure that shows il is from respect as much a* from duty. Ulta remarkable circumstance that hut few men are in tbo hospital lluee men were confined to their rooms vrsierday. but I bo'.iese are a'l out today There ia the b*st feeing imaginable between a'l fli* orpe here, and a brotherly sympathy which is giattfying. Our corpe (i.e. C. A.) i?Fiip'i||cu wuii cvei T'tuoK, ?> ir inmai it purinci, wiu we wilt nnl have to ligui empty atoinaih*. There are m?uv ?.pin.<>nt amongst the privet'1* aa to the propriety or itie atap * have taken id obtaining thia fort; bug [ whatever the*# difthrroi"-- are. they are all sunk In' the I p"nr,ety of obeyingimr Governor's order. and In maintaining the honor and dignity of the Kmpire State of the booth ' (?n aaropylng th- fori the rebel* Immediately set abotii repairing and strengthening ibe deienceo?a work to which they hav? per?everinglv rootlnued all along. The Savannah HrpuMimn of the ilk of January, ISdl, just attar iU eeirure. rep >rted that all waa going on well, an it that the Southern eolnnteerr were In good spirits, "The work of repairing ibe iraperfei l gun carriages," he said, "Is vigorously progressing, timber and morhanlca fop that purpose having bean aril down by I ha Samson on her Iret trip, and in a very abort time (be entire battery of caeemeied thirty two pounders will be mounted and In potmen. A few days must determine whether wear* to have 000 for ibem. in which event hi* Excellency Governor Brown, whone prompt, cool and Arm action Mi justly commanded bp all, will bo prepared to send any amount or reinforcement* necessary to hold tbo fortreae." NniwithitandlnR all three preparation*, no long commenced and tenaciously continued, we uow record the fall of the fortree* under a flrofrora our battoriew ouch aa ha* aetdom been experienced. Tyber Island. The pantion on which were oreetod the destructive bafionea of the tTnion forcoa thnt reduced* Fort Pnlaekl Itea near the mouth of the Havannah river?which la liertthe dividing line tnstween flon|fi Carolina and (.nor gia~ in the eoulhward of the liar, end about twenty milea HOtilhweni from I'ort Itoyal It. in ono of ttio tong chain of a Mtaada that straloh alt alone the coast of tliia and tbo J