24 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

24 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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4 OUR NATIONAL DEFENCES. laijwruint Report of the Military Coniinittee of the House. Tho Utter Uselessness of Stone r'.or titrations. What the Military ( oiuiaittee ItecoiuLtPUil, Ac. io., Ao. *< > ? Jt . vn. lit t. iW -U.-a on Military AfTtir*, ycrttor lav made !i??1 '"Kovrlsg cportr? run ( >.'uiuiilfM >n Miliary Affair*. in rtiodi.nce to n > o.'-u! ijim tlj? H.i.ko * .directing 'hotn u> avuinu th, , n A -y.iomaf |>or:iiauont du t(Mu>s m iti.' c niitry k i , .r. o?e <T .lacerum.ng j vii.u m >uti,-*ti.inj| of th- > di I.M18, t any, nr. required ? > :v ? iuc i:n ! m< v f at: "> *' 1 l<> ralK1" " * bii! or u.b rwwr have .. 4.i t u " 1 * ?',l,re K.J 'rjU ?i, jU I ii.ati . dr.; me .? * .bunt the lollowing report and acrcmpanMui'bill:? I.mi!uo.al>..:tf i > all attack* ? lh?'?e Of a? ?*traorduiary .haraot.'-, 4 tba .a > t pertect insurance S'-'-UDu 'e by 4 poworiLi' nod >.js Jetu. nation a^amst Ifco CiU.mrt? of war. An * u*?'u ? Diliuey .?, to be langerB r9Ti"';9 t'mo <>r preprratio , and ir. a air*. 18 *} f, 'IT*. >ar n< :,irH4 me*.,, Of defence. Ibuoo . n;* 'verbee; the an; of military ?i.,n * r" c" " k-onticr defei v- my nt only to r ,MHl ,lh? greatest Mlorta winch >uM be in.ide stiUtlcnly oy iho fiuc-is 01luiarily at tl,< command >f powerful r'v tk'tig car-e tha; 1 he for illicit.on short Id ?!*' ??? uiargcuieut ?> 'a. desirable ear-m. rin Husking oi Oo inordinary deibrioM is wislly l?ri to lho thtcU demand theui It 1.1 not >?fe. b wt ' *r' , , u*t U> forget that, .?? tbc science w.-siti . population nd |kjiv ol eadi.r.: irot ertms bis ino*e? ' n'I\ J*1,',' <??: , nr.at tli' ,ir. ..iith oi the ordinary dei J?.< hf. roam-d., nor must it bo forgott' n th.it w -rk. f bum.' cjit: I by sudden assault one ye 1 1 > ?? application. ..f tcies- - and of ruecko te 1 Mto rulnorabio the next. . 'inaid the H .so m fo-aiing an rotell g.- t J .' !\1' oon the merits of our present av-tun of fro wouH the committee havecotlectcd^tnd apfieude 1 Y ,* terai oiit, re; .t:s of army engineers' and as "'I t ;*. and also that of Secretary Co-- u|?u that ' V 1 tbe-e reports elaborately dh<cuu,s the sab|?v!; 01 , r defences, in alt Its varied bearings, w th t :J", i.abeJ l ie, and as they are scarce and ti'.'Bci win, the print.og ot" an emr.t number of them is at. 0 V" reoeanniund.od. " They iu-e worthy of the attein iee 1 juration of evory military mail n. the republic, cit consideration amy lea l to profitablesuggea.ioaji. HKST MFUI w. , Of lite fov. -a roa?; fortifloatloiia built prior te, a, ri, >ring the Rcveiutioi.ary war few remain, and ail a. oWe. Viiii of the harbors oa IUe Atlantic and (lulf front ter. tro any lied with small protective works after tlu i-tkin/ o :tof the branch revolution of ITStt; th is 4enuuAied b\ the engineers as thu drt-t syatein of c 1st feuc ->. aaonsn arsrtM or nrntM ar. v Prior to the war of 1(112 appropriations wore made fee I UUcat.oni., "and there wan not a town of any mutT'i1* tle upon the coast not provided with 1 ueor more bnc';ss " ihese worits are caibni ''thedofstdces of H-. on ! system,'' and. though much hotter than the Uist,. tre.sjy hensral Totien, "small and weak,""bsin. ' ill. foe Ui< ^ake of preaenl economy, ol . nesp muter ? and workm in-hip, were very porishaftle." "The erumetil iware of this waakne.-s, tulle-1 out to their pport, during the war, vaat bodies of miUtta.at ec u - * ?5s expei =?, ov r ug these ir.ope wi'h e-.tauaivotuv.u * I'- **< : iva. i tsmt fae in 'e^nacy of those small vtrnrki.oveu when aided 1 "<* ' targe bodies of nuiilia, and iho largo cost of lilo \n.l I oar >ooy Ifcetr occasioned, ddtntaiJovl and re- I "< ivod attention as .d,?n as the war cloeart am thit?:> sv-tm or rmtvcw. raai The creaij n of she present, or third system or frontier i ftrn-ei lath S described by General Totiau,tibial hu vis r railed ?Ul6fl Army ? t.?ot rhe rr.irw. l, E iglnnd bwiigorcr, ihagorammcm pr-mpt- 5 vnietv :pun a |>erijeireiUo%sii ,u of raaat defence, ja.d to *'7 ?l endrocu-tnu l a bemrd ot engineers, wit 1 ins: notions v'- ** in-he eaamlua.i :: > *< d plan.-. s-ibje. 1 to the rev' 011 'f . ?di r eh'.ef engineer, and i* sanction ih' Secretary i f Wai \ id a is this, the il.ird sysietn, thai has boon ever eii*- 1M". ? , rnn . ?( o: s.ecntc j, and -a now, is we shall see, wvi need. Wh'-ne''er rhe exain.nationa oi ihr boaid ef cunt- ,,,v 5e s included positions for dock yard*,, naval depots, ,1* iva! officer- 01 rsitknai *X|>eripnro v, ere associated wi'li !' ,ew The board dethird several years unlaiernat fly to oris c d't. ? pr-ie-if.'. rsuci -valve rej -?vaud ?ul?rr. ? a,. r<-t, .,a, .si,s 01 the rortincaiions n-ed'-d at t ie muai in>por**!it ? >i?ts, Afterward, hey weia soUicleiitlv In advsn.-a 01 1 ? veculi >n of the ays'.eiA to apply inosi 01 'heir Mat to 1!. ( trie l c,,ns'vuc'.lo:i, string in oceaai 'tially additional-f'l pits and plans. In rare cases it has tin, p. tied hat plans the a/e been made cPder the particular direction of the rjji f -p pgineer, 'rvrteg to difficulty, ai moments, o: bsav.iig no rj T- l v 1:r?.-d members n tb? Board fiom heiri. Jn i-m ' , rvi-'i. The hoard and t.ie chief engineer arranged tlio *" tef u-"* info rladtes aieoroins 10 their new of the rel. ' ) tvo n .or' itice 01 li e pro.. ? d i. rk?. in the-rdei of tinn Cbrhis o'der baa been generally well 1 i-eervoi la the aioeoU-m tin M thr sis. -tn, w-ilh the exception 01 on" COSTS u whleh, t# my hs irt.oc. Of Congress,. ?s ' " < ? . advanced oat il .J,? I.nici advised by'he hmrd I many yeasagrvnt-"...i tortie attons were m.we nmmaily 6/ Uohgreas in a grnac IVrich wma; 1 'tHic. "l -g 'o t ui?fei.?.. " Hie Pr. -idenr. But since Ma. hit. 1*11. the appropimtioua S ha.'o iicci s|.c< :t,, begrsnts to; e.teh work bong par e-'i i > et iicd K many vc,irs r .ery iicw t . Ii.c.m-m hea, h.-:ot . belng n ule'he object of app ''pnaUoa* beet -ant imei ?. a ?;.! 1 at act of Congress, upon r tuii. ailst-.ou ?. It M.ii ' wry tV>etin!*'ee. XIIINS ajcii M |?K Ol Tills MfSSStnt sTKIKl*. ... ..v,,,..,,.! hiinr at f' .rtll tho mPass ar.d H; Ul" c-'lliluiiK* < ih>Jo recommended hy the OOM -i f Eo .0. *ii?- i: defence of 'ho maul me from.ars ot'the In.lm .*ta'>?. 'a ^B and adopted. than l?jr eiamnt Bg wm Mlewinf extract H front a report mede la 18;&i y Olotrtl Bmd i ??'. nenbera f(be <> <1:? We awowi io mmMvAi meant aalAiaMi Jefreaive avrtein, which it ia for the iutirreni at he Unif ' "I B State* to?G' pt. Thr Beam ol <l< trie for ia- e?ahO?: .1 < f ?-;r ?- . .i k- ?ie?. <-?n''.:oimg a ayatea, may be nleaaed ai toliows r*t, a navy, a-cond, forrtLcauou, third. Inter o. H* kMn ...I- ' -it hy UaJ and wuer, and four b, a nv - '. army and are irganlred mtlil . itMwti a itai '?aia tableaufor oeauti i c fair, aut'una. haib>>r? ot r?ndezTiiip. ?nd porta m refit,- ? H all ap' u -i hy fort lu-.-it una. ilcirii ?d hy repilar trim: H a ad ii.i .. i' I H liu'i ?? inter-commuT..! .vino. thong 'he on') ' . ! in afenaive ir e own pall i ariati our politic I ? It a prrparad t a the great pan wbteh Ita oarly .uihtevemruta hare proti i in to which >t? high deauny art 1 laad l oraUrat wi? m . clij" ali ion do a. 'i enemy, aa - ma to H our mil iary and commercial murine, ft-i on>l, moat 4 price au ci ? . y of all-fon? pout'on* wt.ere, protected hy at auprriort'v. he mlght fit pi rmitnetit fieri-n? inn irtef.-loiy, H t ar in prue-tial alarm. 1 rd. iiuat cuter uie . > from at' it 11 ti at prevent, a far aa pracin pre I < nura ... 1 r nat igai u from being hi irk* 'ml. weir riitiar e In n tlianrean. Fifth, tnnat eararth emu I ? i?r and uteri-i' nacifitl m. he c| .ton th<- h.ir or* ml lue ? % f o.i t:.? w ri.'V rtt I mun.r-ai .ml thereby further . id the aary m ; r?e in,P the mil ! Mof th'- Cptmtry; and. tilth, M pr tee lie I great naval < ?lah *h? i ill* luterlur commune i ima w,l! t "O I|h-f .-a lie *i,i ,a Urn.. i I lahluhmer'e for opm - notion and i era r, for * u*> ilt the i . . * u- 'Ij : .i HB ywli eti.a f ii. ii- orre an-1 -n I gf uoppa o nt laaaothar: liieurt lu iheae alao hi. i H la ii r ' r|i a.i , v : I p . .iU I ?,re 1 I,. I ' : 4 , > 'h ire. I . o i.mi-r- I B partoda af the moat active external warfare rlie army hu : | militia, log-lher * ith the miiruv. eoaail.utn tin % lull pnnci II ? ! ? >: th- e, .-e:, 1 , n ? tIi r *, a.cn .. ' ay.tem of l-fenee i< rompo*?! of el inei.ta tt .nae n < ro'ia recipr-eal rulatluut th aH -li other, and with ilin -Ml I'lti'-. -i (J ,e . ,eni ir ) liure ' ' : I.'. I. tn i i . . . it ' Wi \tv ' e i.ny a--I - mut" B.ee.re, am. iraw intai r ...i i .-a ii it . ' nn f i m.f it ,'t ",v i . .< ?? ! . h . for want of atippllea; au<l the fortiiratl in* an otfer U> t a le le re-ntai IV f r w it- if elv rem ?i. n - t . draw fnrtiGcatloua, and there ten u na Milt a Haltered and naked navy. With war dtpdridnodP of ttia d radvantages of feehiy pr.'tecti-tl frontiers, the rnlted ^tata*, Uronyh .al>orn>K under the burden of a heavy tieot, o imuiar tail tlie ahot c deai rihed aj stein iinrnediateiy after the cloao of iho war. The Hoard of Fnnitieers who (ilanned the praamt aysieui I trap odBslittitad for that puri* o a< the vary ll.-st e??*.ui ^ ~ uInihil I o( f'.ugro*- ai in i - ? r. I.iats of tha fortlllC?tiOnS prrposad 14 be constructed under ths usw nyriei.i together with estimates of cost, pua>a end war garrison*. ""c., **iil ha r< i.iirt *ttscl>ed i? the reporti of the anglnun i?rsrif<l with this. The ,nt?r.or (loinjuim >i> ".4 > : by ?'Ovrr. rnnru hi * ma daiu I'd roads na turn Wa-hingtou city u ong the Allan. iC ' i t t> Sew " * ?, iinothei t .'MO the n<; ; ii. . i i by ha wjj I hi. villa, an 'lii r u ,S - !.-. by the -ay Ter.iii iMinilii i. ay, to H'jTiiio ml l ine Kris, and a fourth fr*m CutuberUud to fl'. !/? .i ibeao with till c Miliary Toada of llie c .|* 'ry, it ** w ;I.I i,r..*tly fheiiitato Hi" tuo v anion t of tr h. ? ?m1 supplies, in lb* war to t s furttflrstl pi end nnva' .1 wp? Ml" ths eavaral weiar fr< hilars. Nsithar of ths four was ?var biilU, though U'ga autns of m nay w .ro aspen ad | on lbs iaat usm 1 before I *M finally Hb.sd >0'd la ths dst.ii sd plans ?otne srrors ware u.a'a which fi. :a?ions . mtiis i , in a B* ;?anditurae on lha fertilerati ns Tbass ara n.4 .> in iU* following ram? a* ma la to a report of ona of lb" angiuaaro In Ikfil:? In planning 'be jaw ? ' rka, It ?fi.n to hare brno i?hen f ir graaisd. .n many Ira'iane. h.?' .".cl. work must depend oa Itself, without thome > ucr >r froM foresa .pierat'ni: on t.e rear ea.1 flank a Wur'n nr thus const, ucte ! tosuataln ? ?iOia 'rum ten in 9My da) , In ' .a mMalof a pnpii.a Ion i rum wbu h relief to li e inverted , rk eoul'l be drawn In twe-iit fjnr hurra. Tie ii^iyie a^ra a?in til of IM*S ten J aefaiiee* lia a trr-atty lucrea - ?' of ifca work" a re-gj fr nn taeir na'ora * if csatiy, aad at ,nl? iiay aima a.'ia turpi i?? -?f 'ha nrufesa a! laiainai <:, anted with tlia "aat m*an> of e.il alaral i.'(i,...,? |?.un?"l jibe I'mtad ftalea, that hnjtliiu* in oa ho. I nave U-en re.ji.lred lor ynoat of tna wur is tnan aecut .ly ageiuM .issault ty alana Dot on tha whola tbara seems to ?-a liftla t ragrat. Oh ha csirary the tug nte-a eaeni to have ebown remarks tola oompetaiioa and apt I fnr tha.r a.'. c. re and moil rsapaosibis dutiss flume lbs loiiialiou or tha tuir l system of frontier do foncaa, forty all yaart hsv* p '*' away. In that par.od tha ooodition af the country lus beari graatly hanged, Steaotlmato, rallrohdy canal* tc'.S',raphs, Sleaisfhii.e ami Iron ships, Isaraased w.ta.th end locreasail population pits oaw e'aroarus for ho consldarstn ig 0t u,# *0( Hear lha old work* 'of dafsuca on our coasts with heir old armnmasta, art l . ef|val to tha new means of hit lark Judging from tlio ahll-iy of 0,? 9MrB?,r#(1 pbipe to daatrey tha flu? gi etilta furls sf ibeChiuam it aeams aahtsiy thai eiiy eoi s.dfTabla Bumbhr t?| on* I t \ luatious could long rssial ths concamrated Hreofmsi t t, laao issb suns of * "sat of heavy ships thorough, v f'on eiad If losda iiiat* to such rae stan's, our nut >. lo all its looraassd sirs (tu vi tnaasurably ? ae *. . )<sa as la Idtfl What is asoaasary than |-, mtka aur de'endM asi sfM Iir?? la??iearabis to 'rtariiaxa of ? Isat comporsJ k. ' I ^NEW Y< a* many tVB-oUl vewieis 3* any natr-n, without ext ordinal t eflfort ,co?ild readily eoncouirnlt agmnat In J. The creatvu or arte . it" me.ma to ? *? "''"J? ,rom 0 burboi * h..?i o ohtps, armored ve--el# inch 2. The p: oritin of a ,liable mean* to data tt "tvedi artuiee on ebipbetM. whan u?wr rn .or tan I t ,rli us itt irtiii time t? p? an> an i! m> of ibe United m 10 transported to iln- piui .ws.ciiied. U. rite oounlrui li-n of cliaiiu.'li ? which 4 'c'"'v gunboats from lUe (Self ol M??ico up the Missm* llliuoia iiveib, iunl iron* the Atlantic ocean op t4 " "u aon river, into the and from ei.e lake ?Jk ? other. 4 The creation of a !ur*resi oil the river St. I.avoet oi at tlio fool oi Jake On.-no, of a capacity a:.d pwe fully c^ual io, or auperior ? that at Kiugaton,ua the ^ posiu ah -re, also fortitie il.<>?.-. on the Niagara, or at Jm foot of taike Kr.e, of c pneity. 6. 'The construction, for o .ft pi "taction of the Pacific ocean trouiier, or a first clau* military coi mimicalio:i between the river Missouri nd the bay of San f'raa CISC". 0. A decided increase in our tnnna of building aud repairing \ oaaeLs o; war ol munu'Vluring. te.st.og aud repairing ordnauce and small arms of a.'i grade- ai d of making and testing proiectilea of all kinds, aud lor every branch of the service. 7. lite duplication or enlargement of the military and naval auuiti mite miiu d.ately after li ? extinction of the icoellioii and the ru-c.v abashment of peace. And 8. The constitution and permanent tauinteniuce of an arury tiud navy soilicietit in utimbers ami excellence to command respect both at home nud altroud? respect based on reaaowtMe assurance of our ply .cai ability to promptly repre domuatio insurrection and to rcpei foreign cggies-don. Your con.iiKUee invito special attentis n to each of these point*. They vrtli be conaidored in thefr order. In 18f.l, aftor a careful survey of wlial had been done, one of the engineers deviated in an an otticial .report that an ?u?iiiu...n .... a.1 * it, . f l >,.. I'.,,.?,l g>-iu -. il.n time, possess the boat fort hied seacoast in the world.'' This probably no longer remains true: but.ll . tali true, it is uoui: the lass important to us lu Ktii/W whir'Aier our fortiSraltoiis have sufficient strength to eadiu e Tie modarn tests to which. id the ?' nut of a war with i: flr-t class maritime Vower, limy wouldbe instantly a h.vctcdr Whether, in additi a to prolactins themselves, they c.m anle'.d rrom the assauit* of iron clad vessels tha citi-s iu the adjacent harhor-T And this brings us to tha < onaideration of the most ripor'ant point in i system 01 detouci-s con?:rueted for the proteuiou oi a water frontier. sniBKuru of -in. l'RBsKfr voRnricii.' s 1. Will th fortifications cm at muted by the United States on our Atlantic, Pacific, O'lif and 1 ska frontiers cer<?inly exclude a large ai.d well organized i eat of armored ships-ulwar from our harbors" Could the ort;. even if w .1 garrsoued sud heavily tinned v.ah the bc.-t ordnance hitherto iu the aervice, prevent, by d.iy ami by night, the eut"auce of iroc-clad stoaiu ves-cls a ch as ii-e now maintained on hcropean peace c-tablisnm >tit. . nit > either <>uu of our hai mo a, and from shei.iug lha city located within it! ijumt-clah stkamsbtps op vtir mat rt my f??ts It wi.s very clearly shewn I v Lieutenant Daii.gren. o' the ti ivy, (ut a repeat made by hint in lSiil , that n ak.il u! naval comtuaudcr of a j> wer; i! n- e.of steam-til a of the line could pass imo th'' inner liarbor of sew York itself, in di sj.ite of Hi" utmost opnosilirn that ooa'd ba made by the forts located at the Narrows. Your com mitioe do uot believe that the n creased weig! i ur 1 range srnco given to ordns.ee pared in our nuro important forts lias increased tha dth'Ctivdtie-a of the forts to a greater degree than the armoring Of steamships has inctcased their (>owor of resistance. lienceil is ensr erod n the highest dMgree probe ne that if, in 1861,alieetol i on-clad .si amsh' s of ths Iiub could force a pas-age ir.to X-w York harbor, especially if their c mm under was w iling to saci illce a r? .v <>f tiiOui to rlbd the passage,a 1. a: of armors! sieaa.sliips, by a similar sa iiih e. (and probably single "lies w ithout sacrifice), can achieve a j m.lar r?f uit in W". primp* r system or nei km k- meitfrnvr Here, then, is tlx iirst defect at onrpreeeat system oi frontier defence. It is vulierabie. The forltflrstioi s c mi of ahte'd the cit.es they wort built to protect; they cannot protect tiie objects thay were specially designed o shelter against the v aults of even a few ve?.;eU?perap?, not rgainst "ne or tar. So f?r as can no t I ? disc-mod we cannot rely on our i tiflcatione fo. ream nab!" protection, if thsjr eauuot be tllcienily strenglli r.ad t" be affe tire then !bey must superseded by what can be shown to be adcpima. A ledv for tL.i* delect should not'.,ml w.thont hmsm. y delay; ourcitie: oenaot In* left opcrn to sudden insions ,roni every petty principality which h?s :uotiey redit enough to bulhi or bay au iron-clad ship. IV o v t fail to |- rc.iive U at Uereafter leading maritime ns will niair.uia, at least a* a part of th-ur ordinary l j e.-txh'isiirii ita. a float of veasola not oniy ablo 'a , our fori.* uninjured. but, arm. d with the fiftc-n and , y-imh go.mow iikoljr to bo introduced, able, pro a -. to drnir.:.-h ihc forte. In ull ages of the vrorld tion and ra|?ciiy have found cccssion to-plunder ^, elrs-c ritie* To ho able to maintain our ltidew !(> live in B.ifety, and to preserve peace. our it* V defence* iniwt l>e ado. mute to elf rd protection j a all attac's, except thcc of unusual rid extra 5* T power. 4PldV;.i{iAL l.Ti.MTS. rob th*' remedy it. : of the deficits of cm .oat ?;-tem of defences, which ir-rn ovunis e t ovealed to us will not. necessarily, >-e v?:# anoi " ret', .iy may possibly* b> looiul a f "v additional fort-, m armonoj.' -i irl? iron i? tin "Id and the new ouea, and muig th. 4c ?jtl. '. *? l':| <>rdn:i ice attainable by art. these u * d may be found i oceesary I" :?dl iron-cl ai Seat iie-ta i a and ttwtu rinr. in ad o; thef.trtx, .< alio. iiru.O' 'f doagei I -i. . c entirety a ? . inn >10 lea-ung in > t .? harbora, or o.k*e eh-iai w.. \ ia.'.ei w. !h rafts, ivreperiy olai d, wenM r. ?f, ? r ...P sof hostile vtteeia .'.hen it. froot .>f M(M it. i iid direct ui?of their gu* .... Thu? declined, Uc i & retire o:-?-on*ftnt to he destroyed: for -u tt ill if..si . iiiat.ce.iaip.ar. be cm*'roc ted po*?e-4ir.g jih p O ?. ?iea.i Isagi *. h first (Ihs furlifl nl - nvt 'oi rejioitt of engineers on menus ei ..botch > taeu'' > .cere' ia aexed.) yc bol ri < nlireiy >.?w system of do.euce* ii.ty >.ecut hoeSt "i*> however. is .tusrcoly to ie expected .a iir ':M o< w( ndori'al me -balneal mtr ati > >, uigpu'et acfacra a . ing.i.oe.-.ua, an.i I ho l n *'1 l .* . e <f . i u-ufi'L /a tCM . v * br . ? Id UMMHni Mo rOOMI id the pei*<.?.e if the sultje t to thrui* -a d.lt <V: ? cs to dor res e.'aa? which, ?n<n fully ween'"-P. vail .kill i 'be 0' * i. a. ? ? to exclude b"Mile Bee's i.. ;a ill ,;iori.?n? harle -c ?u a :r sovera. win. fr< ma.'*-.. ihe ,,nmiu-c- will n a -vlthh'.Iit an o; uion th*' P>x'<r a periiaps onti ay dti -ita. , . <4 du.eu i oi | tub', in character and sin ,s? .n i.iicatkon muv he a in 1 to i -|>ol the most port irt'ul and artntuieo: We hav- reason to beltirve cjta' i win l?'u Kd * trco, thouiih sliusioa tveu .he ukt'tre uad tb sracte: of th-?e piata,swast, of h ate now un'- t ex riar' an, tre' ld be -awate uti'omtc^'b filthut vxifsor- I -aid Secretary P .j.O'tt:? \v> .11 ntwrl: iii.ad liir.t dem . .01 . -. ? ? I tt.ee/ . t points on the*'yrjatJor eo'ild u'oac unst .no.e >e thw ii . limn ; >. i ry . . Im i mmm t< i " II* i : * ti< njni -a-y o "k ;ori o? > > >v? o .1 mi is J* i Itr n'l-p# iuti.' in ihep ni'.i j ("sen. I ' Mac! unc [ UllH af*| ,i*nt y??i u"UV i -jt| .** uiii i <t?i?c vis ' j?!. . ma V.hi 4 i tiimr rxpaasa. Tt? - onlgr anuta' ;mi rautly it ? ills j. I- OB i?*UV. S-VHin -f 4 1'ODC'i M Wttltol jg ua am' In v'a.? t HMCfirMMJIf I* OWWBTCf .KO -awx?: >T* JT.V.IM41 M mv< II :S I tiin tfil t:i?t it ... I ,,t.j';j .ra"ijt i? I- nr .i# fly .i ..in ul " i' ? i If i.'afai cea wlni .s ar* u U|j , i ?l I . VI . -S f# . aa > Ij.t t tin ?. i?Ml ft it 'I. i .f til: j clan, Mr. St ,-r# arj ' oinsa't rejilla ' ih .t:?I .1 !|.i-?r. ! ' -'.v, t.?U .? J s nnl villi!.*. in | ii ..up:-" "I f" fi. . ';.* li n iui" ? .. n mil aft-nat. * ;Ji?i : if niir ..0. ...a ri./j.-ih. \ Pi | i J.'-IIII f ;wlij^,*i j J |?.|. m i>ie ifiirvi n . <ry lor tia.t p y,x. But. ?aiJ Mr. Poic t?? 1h? *? he I IS- #. ? , .nn .5 a . "lent h?" bill f"W | III ' > ' l? ' it" ??' li r julai and pon tana It . I .. m m nf ill , to U.u'i; evt'iiy mum. ?1 ^ thltwiKof pane* iu b ala ar 4 ataall? n . ? ,, u 1 I, I'll InT* r I.r wit- !? .1 > a . . || <t.? 1 nv til I ' ! f* i"1 % ?> a l| i'lit . r .. ii. rin- :.!> 'i I * j ir p f'-.i - .Hl't \V-?r\ " ' ''(***1 ' * '** n M t I ! 1;' ?i#*Rt opntnipr tai . " ' n*ti\- . ?r 'y ,-iUi <1 .. - . ' - ; . .' ^ ? m ri ,i uf in* anl ^ r?* -a -i * t ,, r*i. for > ??? \KMf - t A * <i;owv, nl?c lltAi IMo li'irawr o; m-.i i? 3 .v t .-f ..,t ? fn tho ot t'-.* :o . 4 if , he-tuova ! ; n . ih.it n'. -< y v*ii. 'in ' - J -U in (iUs?i'1m 1 r 11* * 'I J': * ' *. y ' '* ; r/?v nn I v f i:/i "*r i!i 1 rtil >" u . J r?. j ?r,, r ?if# if intr - r.? r'i*'* 'ii ' ? 4 jn?u of % . 1 vauuoi brt Uio art '?> a 1>,j1 t wi'i.b#rc tro?pa will ba-? i J ' I tl nli,.r ?iian t i v ? y *r i4 so h n -.? teni wi fu- > o.', " riinjc^ ' ^ t ? 0ll, Iniiauiion* t?i f .t.| >y ttiH inilltlw a >y . ? (1oiVnc> of tti country yoiu threa * t-* "' ' f or im-nrruat point j, ii, tw itt nk ti* ipi-.nfo .r -in n,> ?v? r.t*i*ry ali r ihav?e*l ?1 sin.*" ? i?<oiii(( o i(*nt r?H n* -a*io *nU. . but, ?? a' . ?. %.tit an I |?jjiu am iv c pro;' : '! "> olT mrt i.'.i r?i>l>' i. hi r'Hu|?.itt I -1 vjr a? ii w v? tV'i th? n's nf at?- ? 1 .?h ... a?a ' n--' '?* uspr-ji/ p f nf n.ii c? : . *ii"f"t. .*i'viRii liy tKi1 acn-if .lion I>f Tota* antil nlifoi i *;an tnirJ.citle i In sha'lr w limb r n i n??: atrnn ,j, ce ,n cot.sa *>?'' "f/t!.a .Jap;?' ,< i r v? : r II. It dr . .t tn UMaa-oric nf tl'? * ihi.^ot war. nH h? <wm* Montfor. thaugh oi li^iit ilrauviii fi.e carry a? li?.v. y a a.' tliu Wa, ixji , euU iiana .V)- run l?y any f-'C* ir h?r vta ty * rtominWr; - -1 - M ."? h?.a . 1 rtil in. flii(.MnfiA i.C ??,. A.i MSOnr in iw* ... rueina of prevention, mm^nce iin *?rk of t|e?trm u Pit ilu-i gh Uue a'tero-' "siiU'.wO 01 r flair- lay r>: on to stuck ronsrol .nportmit pe nU not horetofor ?.y frf> ' ' stl'i, aa.bntre- ?rtf<t,oor tne.riao m oan* r?i1 y iu?l the ocroai.nl demands uj oa thfet ?i :r c.< ntry In competent to ifet link 01 plar.ng th In a oomph to atate of ilafeuoo tfltlii-ut heln t a I > Julreieed tiy tho po'forniamie or it. Tberui ot nor present upiw '? wmild, pr*'httt>iy In it month, far mire than S'tfBoo to place "our frot tiara Id it po'feolly -leleueible oomlltion. Tho Ftc.lt' frontier tf, of ooirse, excepted in tho above romer! Hut, tf -n p unti'lo luvoet fratlon, tho engineers an ii..?al o r.'-orn -ha. ascertain that n-ie-iuate national d< fetoss cannot bo ci'oelf'^ted except ot yroot coot, tti worka will yet hnve to be built, howovor unw?li:otr tho bur Ion unless, iadeed, the nation Is prepared I ?r.o<ni<:-klte lirnvhun-'i ed traxim*, an- c>b -ant to ow he security of Its frontier cities, and tho see irity of c tnuiorco which hoe become as wide spread so it) world, to tho merry and furWranco of Its aisrit.ni tsighbors. Having *hown that tho drot step t., ,?te to aecursoi wotsr friniliors from ib* casual! lie* of uoexpeeled assau a to cone'ruel defences, iierrnaneu*. and fl-at iig, wlilc are com; ateo t to resist any sudden itteitc -hates r?? I y bs niS'lo With a -all meSuS a- ar crdinsrily In It I ?' - '*, ?s enemy yo<r comioiiic bo .o e thai th ett stop in Importsc o a:? ) l T i pr esi a to mi of defonro of tho crest not I !.' h.Srli- j at rill Coin rl hoe Ills ?0 tela I I "-k N; ifio at at ?"tre distune rom the h rb'"-* i 1- th to 'itr lib . . troo'a ilitis SlTbrdlO/ to us t . e I ?y 'w tro ps to the poK* m.oxtemd iuadvsno tU? srr T?;' f the euso*. ORK HEItALD, THURSDAY, ra- I Wtvn our roads were few and bad the importance of iii" ] oompolliiic Mi enemy to land * day's journey from im > .r | portent points was not so striking as now, when troops ca i bo laced in that space of lime in largo number* teug twrcu U.? point thivatened nud nil invading army. Inf : fo. men ay the telegraph, and aided l?jr (be Milmdi, t be j coin ii.su 'or defend.tig a country possessing so many J soldiers us ours can, in a brief period of time, confront ey Willi a supvruir force mora *i in its than the outire fleets ini of nay tiatiuo can transport In one voyage across a wide id- ocoau. I'll s is in a leant age in llio deieuce ot a country uy of very gr. at .vineiil. To achieve it, a nation situated at a great distance (run warlike aud ambitious govern e, moms, would be justlfl il in m ilting very largo expemtier tui' M. If. in addition to this, wo maintain respectable i fleets and armies, carefully drill a well orgaui/.i?d militia, anil i site caro to keep on hand ahund.uit munitions of war, th United Stales would be, practically. Invulnerable. r Mm eg? ptions to the geuoial lemai k, th it an iuva ting I army, land,eg al any imiairlaiii point iu the Unite 1 I states, could l>o confronted in a few hours with a superior i rce are f<-a , und con he found only in the Oulf aud Pacific j ^ ites, and in those bordering on I akes llurou an i SupeI ^ Th'-.-e exceptions aro rapidly lessening in n .mbor, in n lew years wiil disappear. It is a matter of ii r.de aud great national en use pic noo , ihat no country it l^e Sl/ ' ol oua our largest Plaits lias such Uciliri 'Oil as oxiecsivo lines of wafer and railroad commini'* lions as the lulled Males. No system ol de.ei ce, tlierefw ' w"uld be perfect which is rot go planned us to renim available, to its greatest exient, th'S power of c 'i.Locm t'nK forces rapidly upon auy a-sailabio point? a power x "lc'' "ur country possesses tu so extraordiUirv i .|c? **' 'a:'ge cooMry, either iu ancient or modern turn ever possessed such ample and reliable menus fair ?. uJ>y transferring la-go liodies of men from hp* distam H lto 111 "other 1,3 our own; and because Me -real po>x% T ?f "ch means h is never been eflectit eIv exhibited ?. a great war of a defensive character is not a teas u V? us to ?*>^reg.-xrcl it. Its iuhcrent valuo ?..,i '...? ocntry whcie. as .ill nations well know, the'a-adden aeirwv 1 of a few I'1'1**. however Valuable, a.iiiot endanger t ts. integrity, or seriously cripple iu movements rrr ob vims to the liuroblcHi ui.der.-tAi.dinr. Sei/u;ea achieved* ' Sr?ut risk, ami promising no decisno results, are. ra'B,-v attempted by able lenders. Th rouiih iterance* t "nstru( t?d with direct relen<uco to a lull dot eio; mei.l'nf tllu usefulness ot our interior communications, will ce far to Insure our country ever against attempts to niv. AUd sucli a result is tho highest aitu of a sysveoe ""''tary defences. The location and the cl aracter of the worts necessary to prevent the lanUiu^ of. a tior.ttle force on the coast coar important harbors can "nl ( determined t>y engineers, and to them it should bo \ "eferred, with Instructions to erect the:n. i.y-ws.ic- or thk a 'Rtheks kr. >jrnwt. o and 4. How can the nortl lu' n or '*kr frontier be successfully defended, especial! /_? the United States aro prohibited, by treaty, from It 'J i id in a war vc&soisou the lake On tin- shores of thee ^ l?l?us fire United States have many cities and villages,. unJ Bl,on tholr waters an uiiioer.se commtii'Qj these are unsheltered by any dctences worthy of special notice, '"-ft they areas ojion to incursion as was Mexico when* 'nvadud by C'nrtez. A small Ihet 11 light draught he.wil, armed iron clad gunboats rild, m oue short month,! ' despite of any opposition that could bo made by ox empoiizod batteries, pass up the St. Lawrence into the sk.s, and shell every city and village liom Og.h-nsburg Chicago. At one blow it coind sw ep our couttcrt ' from that entire chain of waters. Such a lleet would i ave " power to indict a Iocs to bo isckoiied ouly i 1 hundreds of millums of dollars, so vast ts the wealth L '"s exposed to the depredations of a maritime enemy. T? '* 10 strike a blow so effective, Ureal iirilwti , constructed a deep canal around the great falls of h iagara. By this su.gle work the entire chain of lakes ft 1 opened to the cm anco of all British light draught tee* vessels. Perceiving our ability to erocl fort ucations v u thettt. Lawreni e that might command its ohunneley 0,1(1 "tun n?utral.se all ihoy had done, Ureal Britain-due 11 canal from the fool of Lake Ontario, on a line parallel to the river, but beyond the reach of American guns, i ' 0 Pb'iit on theM. lawrence below, beyond Amene-itB, urisdlctiun, thus -ecuriug a chanuel to and from the 1?k? out ?f our rr licit. j Occupied by our own vast commercial em or prises and by violent party conflicts, our people faiK,a to notice, at the time, that the safety of our entire iwi'fwgi 1 frontier ba,l been destroyed by the digging of tweuewn t canals. Near the bead of the .St. Lawreuov, at theicot '-ike uutasio, the Briti li, t.. complete their soproewsr. v 0!l "* lakes, hiivo built a largo naval depot for the - cmU ruction end repair of vessels, uud a very atrong f?:r?r?-K Pro tact the <!c1ot and the outlet ul the luke- -e tori which cannot be reduced, it is supposed by tbcras ctai 'pt by regular approaches. They haw also stroc^-denst :es ol the."1!, latwrence jt Montreal, Quebec, &c . tomwktstt '' *" inn-oi taut bat,flel u.- safe ?n possible to Ileamitt a* and egof th-ir deets. As tli.ngs now are,a ftritidt comd sail from the ocean into the Uke^. cssmsk't* cuius upon the shores, seize the cominsni'bl < ?* . a? ou their waters, end then. in a few days, appear <Sl B.x?4 ". New York or New tiriearg. to aid in- f|-onv ems agoA sl us on the o'-cau lrootier. 1 o place our fit* atier i*. g, " go d condition, the United States nasi [*r mcts : * ' an ,n!?t to li.c lakes,iu.l must possess tin. n*.e ma to % I low an enemy 's flees from one lake to moth e-"with,i il 9 vase and certainly, the me-t hsio * navui tk-> < < of v* responding extent, ? well secure ! uod as ,jai i tSuusly h rated for commercial, as well us warlike ,nh |3tt-a>s. h aduitiou to these w* should have eeieticeetabtbo trance of ca h lake which will cftclually < wmuiandl them; in the St. Lawieme should be lor . Slt.aiot:is, (alMkj floating bai-.^riea s oeceeasryl ccaa |MHt t 'a c .ntrol the chautit-l, hoacvev uur.icroas the hut ! he ttcet 1 | To defend Hi- NurUw rn frontier, tuo Uuit4 d'.l States*^) . 1 .1 1.! I I iUju.1 |!pu! oil the ak( a St-rtili u 11 i n" mti opponent. t V ainouui nave udeijuate a auna of 1 i I ?ruL-port alloc v < MuiujL.il tu im able lb apee I by con- i I neutrate ot. ihe m Lawrence a force ef ncWtagab i ' cothpe *nuy t tulle M llie car.ad uri4 ofi'ltou- r j trf.ii, and hold ttwm. TW tioaaessiutk by ih j United i I Sut? of the outlaw of ladte Ontario, and ?1? JMo it coal r | antla'" oownmnicatt jus, would cut oft all supplics-from 'i >a? fjuiudwr.-, an>t leave them tu nn uimip|*?-te trnd I leWf.*- , ecu Lot w'Us all our forces, Mich N co.Whct * tw.hi '<? wither pret. acted uor dungioiu. -t> *n.n.ta\ cctu/ "? ill u the Called States have a .1 \ .{able c ha mad f rtiu tdkMu can to tno l.-i?s ..f an equn value with that-,#>a- * j UMBedhjH 1 ail IhlUlUT Undoubtu ; and a bettor MM, | "Hie F.rio and IInd3 .1 canal can rea. 1 j be so enla4'g"4-u.i a 1 to I llo\t O. the p' jeage of a ves* I u. fifteen huiutred or tl ?vr u two thousand tons burthcu. when complete.!) a. c mi sol could enter Lul.e Eri" sooner from Now Vork !etr. S 1 I'O r than from If aiM 'Ulb <T the St. Lawrence, and with' ui I of 1 the delay slid danger artsirg from rapid*. 1 :k.> .atrt P 1 if*. The Illinois rivi r and Inko Michigan canal can Iw l? [ e till nt< re reed: y andchoupljr enlarged lhau the Hud 01a ol \0 Ml Kris, and would (Mm au < oun les.ei I'um.Nw , i rr' i.utk to ante the lakes amonlh eaalier in the xpr ug it | J Ib.iii (die entering uy the Way of ihe tiuif ofet.Iutw- . d' I rtiuue. A ru-.*l iround Niagara Kalis can !>o raai'.rty t! | built of any d-s.rabie capacity. Neither of tticw clian- tl V nete would bi within reach of Brit tail guoa, whereat v s? 1 right to pUot AmtrioM goao the hau?.% oi the"., ui Lawrence, ti. ni> 'Irtish channel to the ikw,b '.v?^ 10 the L filter'. Stales. I1 mllxtailt ap- i.vt.ll i-.s ok c.lv ?is kki* th1 la .ibm to tub ? ocu 0 msxico, avd totim notftu inifrtC. bl In tha ubn.Mioe of ships ef war on the laieg, and of all ? t i-ati: to c-.u.ey them tiiero from tbo ocean, the fulled ti rjt.it-is, u; on the breaking out <>f war, would, without v navy yard* and suP?b? d< k -.liave to commcnc the P building n . ? iio-1 upon 1..-.U Ontario, and another ou tlio ?' upucr lak-jg one iiritish H ?t libit uu.g for boih. The r< luhcd ? aie could ijoi h ave tlic valuable ci.ie~ and ci c niincrce f t'j upjs-r 11.cs uiidcfendod, nor could it " allow ;!>? British we veisols t * dominate lathe Ouinrjo, i! li.Te In# Du:\ oi i r > in cuoin--'v ? ' m oil i. a; y ,i.ul navvl resource# to to found. lbu.uc, tw>> llccis 04 would L# iiiiir ,'i rwb So lung ;* the Hrii sh ran h 'ld a I,?k* Ontario and II i>ui'?t# :1m* < ,;#:?. , lung : 4 o ? ' ' da \uv 'i.eiub.o. * .4 #o long ,.?n land .Him ba .i. rit ' a?must our clt oa from BtiH u to Ut ra, nu I nuv.il oiiu- 0 to voi v port on the upper . : w-'.l as In*. la'.- Anil ci l'i lot, j *i tliO Brit. <:) oc- *n 'le t on al :. > liter ilu- \ hike- >>J what mean cou'd -rtpj-.irdson our -!.o:e-> In [ no prutcted from t'-ieir goi buiitl on to make it a to " build, vi - s 1- within them' Wvinl.* not tlic cu t aa-l <lo- d feci# i f haaiy building. of lit tuiuIi pro'e-'te-a of s: ali'pyard, turn th cf i.ouclal I tu ' -, a:i 1 the 1" i of lowna, u-.d i?i commercial \ o. la, and t ie pay and ' \ .1' 'ft i f ?.\tr;; b ull troopi along tlio whole frontier, fi . . .tlj exceed, in three taouiha, the entire c st of tin ' i three cauale ? " 11 s Tnc iirtt advantage of.tbeee eat a4a lo the Undo 1 Slat'-a c ? wo in lio, then, hi# ?U"i n'n .rc of those oil .r .vae ua- I 1 avoi'iitbl evil#. A aorond advantage would lie lo .i d in v ' our it' i.y in i ..eke one tleet an-?er far two. A tliira '' advantage would b# t'nt we could build vc .-Is hi lbs I t Ohio, Mi-? Srippi, M'ftii '!, IUinoif Ht'.d*<r rind a. tig 1 '. lafl line# Of II.s C in.ii >, f:. i> from all danger of ntti'lM 1 ' an I where i*b4>r ?ud mil- rial* w ulJ lie sbundit t an l v r c* #p. A fouilb advantage wo Id tie oi ally decid-d: 1 j in toad ot being i.url. -.a to tuo Untied .-uio?, ov i-pt u, on tlie l ike-i wl.ere built, the rigging of tho r ?i.al? t w old enable our v ar ve us out i> Ink' .u ten daje ' d uftcr the receipt o rd re.te make ihelr appearance at 1 t* New Orlean# or U'.alle for n tval in . etni ids i.. the J" Indian, or nt New t ork to operate in the North Atlantic, i two dw rend miles further to the n'Tt.n n. Ti e ik>. 4 H-s.rji n oi the power to tr naier a b lor kail 41 II oi by a I ^ Mil* inland route rora New York to New Orb ana, o44 front I i) New Orleans to New York, la, if It-elf.an inn h table ' [. advantage Inn uu of war with a -trong maritiiui- rower. * ,i A. h advani'ige might arii>e In tt.i* w.so:?iSnou'd the 14 Brit,nh l.ert waiter at the natal depot, under the protection T tho forti#ii, c* IIe aaf?ty anil c i lenienc-4 would 4 i. die ate, i"ir i?c , long alter tb? British neet was Ice bound, could pak. down tb Mlifiv p; i anil id onrforcea j in tha i.uif r Mexico and C.ir.'j'ioau a third of thu * year, and ; st ho hack to I4h 'vtloa beloie the enemy < could aid tr-uo its icelro nd hvrbor. i The Inst ndvantage which your committee will name & at linn ilt-e i* the facilities the cunais would afford, in J tiuufs of pe-.ee, to agri " itcra, comt .erce, manufacture# ,? and the tneubitnto arte. i'r.ict .< aliy tbn navigable c. an 5. nelof i'-o llud.-on is exiendeito thu .UtMiMlppi. Hie 4 s atuaiii.ji|) lo dod at St. Fnui, Omaha, t. Inula,I/tuiita vilie. Metnhbie. or Chi tag >. would t4un?t/nrt Ita ttmu ,1 san-:, ufissri hundred >. twothouaud ions of produce ?. to v?-v Y"rk, lfst-jn or lh :*drlphi.?. or .my other point m on'hssnt'-o eou?t, si thu pleasure of lis owners, ac i H exchange it for over y iabi ,c k.,own to the inercLao't snd tli* artisan, fins would infuse now vigor iuio *1! lots dristrlal pursuits, snd benont all portion* ol llifc. gi ..ut I. country. It is bvilcvwl thai If eighty ton horso boats |c, tub ii1>rd to pity tolls high enough to Support shallow j oanaU two thousand ton steumb ate, b?ing i ,bi?ut. i to ,<t loss sspcBP# per ton, can aiiord to pay ?no ,gh higher tohs to support it so per oanals if gr..mer .at -je. ially is sMii-idwre-t ii connection villi he i.ir ia-gei , utie IC business the drop cansl to I<1 tranraoi. They ought, :o withis a reasonable thou, to rei.nbune tbeii flrst v -i. ? flsncs no reason Is peneiYed, from the nv ney point of

s new. why tires# sxreediBjIy itrportaul tnl'ltiry chan is lisle should riot bs dug. is Tbers arid other considers1 ioe? -vhicii n<-?d not ; err nteratcd, most of whlcli relate dirsctly to ths military lr value of thcsi aionue?, induce your r. rnrwt w to urge It ths eouatrjctioa ?f the cmal from ths fool of ijig, tpeb.. h gen to the Mississippi rivsr and around .be falls of Me. D gars, connecting the uppe; nnd lower luges. It is at* is doubted the geeat resources of the Slat* of New Verk, ,a snd the interest of that Stats and it* commsrrial capital I which is also the ruimrnsrcialoauits! of the nation), will i, sup,. \y ihe means and a motive for the enlargement if the f.rie canal on a ale eoual t'. the other works md x? it aoon as 'hey e?n bs completed by ths general govern ; ""hii chain of interior water ei mrnunlrstlrtis, which I ran r'vir he established from'bh b?k of N?w Y?rii A PHIL 24, 1802.-T1UP1 and of the St Lawrence atreb hiny through the lake* snd.by their union with the Miesi'sippi river,to N--w <?r leans,to St. Caul,I' ll-diurg and the foothills o! the Kockj Mo mains, disclc-e a moat ronrai kablo feature in thi geographical formation ot our codnt y, aiidhrtug.it' mind another e<|N>illy singular ami important fact oftei referr d to bjr our wv tuners, and worthy <> Cousiderati n in this connection. It la wha ui ght he e.11,-1 a second count line, created bj mat: mg a u vigable channel near to and naralle vriih the coasts on the Atlantic and Gulf, ant having numerous connections with those viators Such channel would possess two vory valuable proper, lies; It would enable the Cn tod States to trausior oui ships of war, by a aafu and speedy route, in the pro.-oi.cr of a superior naval force, irom ai y ono point on oui coital to any otbe", and it would preserve our vast coast ing trade in unimpaired act vltv throughout the war The military value of this measure whs urged by the en gineers more than forty years ago, but of late years Con gress sotun.1 to have forgotten its imporlunce. Now thai the coasting trade has an annual value of morn thai throe hundred millions of dollars, and it has come to In well understood that unl ess a belligerent l'ower can maintain its trade an t commerce, tnciiey to carry on tb< war will be found scarce and dear, it is to bo hoped eame-t consideration will be bestowed upon the importance of an un a-roast channel. An interior channel, beginning in the Mississippi rivor, above New Orleans opening up the bed of the Ibbcrvllle river (closed by General Jackson in 1812-15, and uoi .' Luce ope jJ), may be continued along the c a-t lie-w?en the islands and the main laud, via Mobile arid Ponsucola (crossing fluids with a ship canal), Savannah, Charleston, l'oaufort, Norfolk, (near) Haltim"re,Philadelphia, New Brunswick and Now York (illrmgh Long Islai dSound, Narrazansott and Buzzard's bays and bv a short canal), to Massachusetts B-iv. Such is the opinion of the engine rs. Wilho.t at till r time. entarincr into the details of the feasibility anil coat of this valuable no ans or deft dcc, your comiu.itee will be content to call attention l<> a practical j>omt or two. There is at this time in opera lion, between the lower waters of New York hai bor ami tho Delaware river, a canal?Delaware and Rarit?n? forty three miles long and seven feat deed. It is navig itcl by small pr< pollers an i chxips. Tha Cites i; .ike nud Delaware canal connect a i'Uilale'phU, on the Delaware, and lull.more,on the rho-apenko. It is only thirtoen iitnl a half miles lung, and is ton font deep. The Dismal Swamp caDal is twonty-tvt omi.es long, and connects Chesapeake Bay with Albemarle .Sound. Hore, tli. n, is an interior channel, which, when the coasts have been put into a defensible condition, will bo a sate ono along an extensite ami exceedingly important part of our c mot from Now London to Beaufort, direct.y cominuuicatiug with several of our largost St a toe and citie?. To make this extensive channel available both in peace and In war requires an oniargomoul of three short and Inexpensive canals, of an aggregate length ol' but soventy eight and a half miles. An 'ihei interior channel of similar iruiwlanc.i can bo had (by moans of the lolwrville river and iAkcs Mauripas, I'outcbartraiu and ilorgtie) from tho Mississiopi river to Peusacola. This would connect all or the cities o1 the West with all of the cities of tho (,'utf by an in toriur and protected channel. The cost of this would he even less than the other, and both might ultimately be extended so as to becomo one. Thus, with a few slight interruptions where it might he noce.-ary to venture upon tho open sea, an interior line of'water communications can be established from Now Orleans to Vow Yoi k and to Boston. Those interruptions even could be protected by powerful floating batteries, and our commerce in time of war, oven witli the most powerful maritime nations, could make a secure and peueofrl circuit around the country. The enterprise of individuals has provided us with this almost complete water lino along tho coast?we can sal'eiy look to the same source for the accoiu: lisliment of much more where nature lias done so great 4 share. Tho government maiuievor bo called to do mi.ro than sanction by Its authority, in order to insure the completion of this grand design; and yet the very struggle which we tire now enduring, against the disseverance o, lire Union, marks the conviction of tho mass of our countrymen of the essential unity of our country, and tho dependence of the whole upon ovary part; and tho same energy, inspired by the same soulimeut, will s nr day hind this now ligament of strength around the nation to make its Union perpetual. l'KKKX'K OK TX1F. PACXTIO COAX. 5. in addition to good harbor uud oth -r defences upon the Pacilic coast, tho Pacific Slates and Territory, to be 'im . -I, . I Ul,, ami, in I lw oll.il- ,.l . ..W ., 1 ,?.ll.m m.,u. h connected with Ihe slates lying to the nail of their mountains by a good military road?try a ilr.st class, faithfully constructed railroad, c inpoteul to the ready transportation of the heat Uat oiduatice, uh weli as lares bodies of troops oud then indispensable supplies, 'fiie present population is i-x> small, and too tiwch scattered, to bo able to d-'teud so extensive a frontier against the attacks of a well organized naval and Uadfo. ce. Their frontier exteu.ls f: oui the ihiiiy second u> the forty ninth parallel of latitude, scveiitcou degrees, esoiud.bg iliu indentations and windings Of the co.tsi. To defend it is not within the physical power of so lew jiersous. Mau> years hence things will be nntc.h changed. The v. ar <-i 1812-15 calleu forth oonsiderablo eliort- yet we theu had Hvht bullion* of people. A powerful ration could sufu!) detail for an attack ii)>ou the l'acitic States a milch larger loree than was employed against us in 1812. it is not wise, therefore, 10 stake the safety and m dependence of iho Pacific Slates sud Territory upon ibeir infant resources. Xor is it prudent for us to rely upou our nhilily to send Hum troops ai d supplies by sea, around (,'uiie Horn, or across (he Isthmus through the territory ut a foreign nation, ritn h a reliance would subject as to too much osiay and ?*pause, ami ex rose our rainforooiuen'.. to too n.uay casualties of all kinds. A go d road wouid be self-sustaining, i id uliimaiely linghi under Judicious management, rtn ihurso a portion of its first i .st. it is reassuring to c% lect thai, if it., great cost is ovident,ao tbo numerous >ei alius which would (low from the road we equally uiuiabie. Instead of repining ai tbo iiece* ity which io.tu uds the construction ol throe uanals aud a ailread o rs inter our national defences eHViuiit, the tiatiou li s rent* cause for saif-gratuiatiou at havii g ocean inn to contrurfe so few?has gi?at reason to lepo-vtol .hit indliduiU enterprise and oneigy shied, without national id, bat created so many thousand luiias of i oniiuarciat 1'iatmis .cat i'?* of the first order of completeness and ttieiancj , not only for the purpose of commerce, but Wo so 4 dnurably adapted for I ho military purposes <4 v? gateit nienl. The tins limn luted oilort,?f p.acol oi Aniens fa r peioeful ends have oreaied for Urn Uui!?<l tales a ater and ne>re complete system of noinmiin,itioas, u? 1 located end welt suited for military parthan i nr created br the in-uuim-i oolii-o, iJ ami siiu* da'.ed by I tie mightiest warriors <* any *lu the world. tthileanua "ih ha* boon done lor the gorerrrsasi by avitlMiia.ia '1 so much more i likely hwrnw to bo or by itii-n., directly available for military purposes, nr jpverBium .t h? abundant catiM of thanainlnes* ia(??liUle(< conu'iuoni'c remains to Ixt done by it ill,ami sin. ilit proceed (lie ooration o( its l*?': ?j* th abeittalmg at* .rity. The building dT a greet roml irom M. Ipm.-. fa-,sun rancsseocon.ioli '1?m? the itowor >( Hie ( nilnl .sautes, a lobuiie* the |>o*ver ? the I'mtea Slate*. Not only eo, lit, tl would hjwe dlly Oianc to be populated m:m >rs fertile v tilery e\ist.iig aio.d those voikJj'Ii!.' loouu* ua ranges e lti.e- o ,r imps errat. juuvly represent as one :v-taie?oi tie ?-lntion; it u-nt i thu* burioiiHly aid in roTidiug liardy mountaineers ant likely t - c.t j j! reil'lr.-o[ the !:?? of the (Joldtui (taw I-rue. eve; ? -.a.ton that c in bo properly nnrt?l ,:i tar?-r of pyac'in; a aunt. y Ir a statu of deienre, y ot:r r.Mnn..t4i urju iho \rly oonetniciioii of a Rood aunl reliable .xia I ,;? !,<, Us iiUf river to the l.av m >uii IfViitic /? It may tie proper to -?y befot < leaving (he .nby.v t of a t def ni l's on Die I'.'iliia, lli i', yi? .r o, mii.atoo conillur goo-l dcio; i\, w rl s a.i l'nget S aj<! and l>? t*ihn I try ..tor', in ' 01 11 e Ibe I'oloi .1 i'?,at. the h.ei t of tin tilf tl i fcllfornie a. in*: ponsuble >a >in;i:<v.-.fu fefem.e J| : the i nlii'i I ulo iMoiti-' < ant JiuP.omh* moa ?o?a uat ilud i > soi or. p rina rettl modi in 'he fvrtihe ai e; s "I t. o r-.l-rado i f the West, and open n a- water * I I'ttgQI So nd ..r' also , 11: c. nliv?'y - M.itnlo-t, l?v the .Hilary Mhm'i of ihi- inter*-', inn ocean iwntic*. In. : liana di'.ioee >, 't ; or! ad ' ( i"i,n!a i..? n, r... |H)i tabio nun ' rra, woi.: I. in tho ? iful -r u lotgo ".a\. i sg'eal taluc h tic n't' ' % - . ol I e c'"?t t.mx t'n i oWoSeeeB. 'ifsimilar Taint wniM be ?. raUroatUj oral' . .'.ic:!''-1, I nil.1 T . ai.'l Sail .i-x'Pfi'i *,. bi y v in 6ia 1 r i . go, wuli , '?i .n.ch r. m i px. it a t j COS'.a't'U >'t? 1* " '"'a ,'1*l t'abka "f *.!,'> ' letni'al", Hiid nortlierlj a 1 r . ? 'in- o-o ^irat.-c, .?' h >unti v ?!li a'.l-w, an " .no in'. j?'p!t|r,tu? ro-i'd jiisl' y ,ch :ii ' ! .v i'! '. rr illy .? *..?? '|j? a).''..siv" I'biltiy of -iin '.by r.-nl'-ri n; on it U ifivier to <| ilrkly aj-Mi ib., an w ,-rre* g ml. "saulis; it w all I it he ,T I in IlU'f III ' 'Ug- i ^ ho r ad to the Mb art rWer.lB'lllwi ttN It) a. p iTiincnt aid 8hf :M the l>r -pleot M.at a'a'.o deoat* p lui.ti it. INI l-f. If A* ? > 0. The event* of the l ite ! --.an an I a,;?t m * 4 ,n *' 11 as tho.f of -ur j*i' .?e?l to > - .'.-lb .1.' j.., bo nroe. 1*1 vn, ail" '.1 're " < tl.'i lbivwil HTjt yirtlii ua il.iMtitlUhiaflit of im ^(101 h" lak 'S, th : o- -bit "i"il <'. a I" a i'1'W-1 . ? ,, i-instr'.n.tioii at u ; - i'"iiotnii i.e hp M ,n p tbe orooool *t w.ir Mid m miommP bi aOt.li b ; s a I rail: nad nli'.s irun : be 'mii'i r J 1 rT, inch ol the - *v il frnntinr u 4 nut nuy nlry, a ior, .rr'y lor n-ai and at aO'*)-slble yc tfi * ui. 11 cf . ,, , ,t, itrui liou another Tatl'inai armory, located . a ,i,. km ib 1. a luge incrfi.'i- lu tin* mil i'u , i|n.'. , .,Vi ^ ind 1 am.'; "f rirdnaac'' 1 'r nrniinii orui in * see cie; n.g?- iPi 'iaae 11. th rn.rnbo. , pie: 1. md tl j,. , ? fiilMf aaoakato, carblaee and pfatota; a& Itw . . 1 e.i >i i:ty of M bnl' nf T"i n,r and 11 depoilt. X limited m ii -in In the we gin ,1" a ;s 11 <>,('.nm f , me for no in I'ort 1 fleet loir.and on Nhipb 'aid le pai'.f arl y de.-ira |?v:t much eaall/ ait lr?fit?lo * j; g,? twon'y iix h gun* cim In* fabric lod, 11 i. .* * ' i-1 y doubt* wtidhur - i |'" < >n bo Ir i i. winch co V - u -tain, (oij nj i: t.iidorah1" tim* *h?* r'-ucnhtratod ol a Urge on m mod vmiH Ihsm. Mil- i-f a hall to' 'Iaiglit, thrown will the prnprr *?' city. *< "fiK H ai tu? hum* mo nieot, ?? Id proi ubiy on d?*iroj 0 jy v<-?*cl bilhe t dov. .4. rtp . I ox> srimrniH * B tliU r.'u * ?.f ord nam and Willi impr n-d project, ^should || mitbOiui'i by ( ogre . 'lii* Icuowlwig# wIik J ' ur oilicors oil lam and aoa Hi- hot i;i" > g rsla-.ivf to t!i power am rait-'' 0. Ih I flu*?e% <A impr jtml ordnance ;.#eialiy <ju*' r.o'? thorn to utsa t(|?*n tii? merit* A rival gun* ?ni )rojactil?? ?ery Intolligontly. fboy h.tvo paeaeil from tho tlieorica of ii> clonal to tho practical t-si* of tha banjo Hold, and w ill returt with matured opinion* ?' to tho actual value of tho anvo rai lending feature# which distinguish tb? boot or tht now iiivontiou*. 8olht pn gross has boon male. And w? nm?l avail ourseltrea of It Id All that wo do horwaftar Not a g .a should h? made, nor k ih.p nor n a tifl .stint IniAt hut in Airiot accordance wtth tiia rule* i f the mill sary art, as niodtfled by tha recont r*vea.en?ci cxte rienc? All elso is wsste. Mll.rTAKY AMD NAVAL OHflOWl. 7. In addition to ilio construction of fortlQcationt nnc l> pa and tho ac<'iiuulation of Appioved anna And of mu a) i lions of wai , v. o rows'. to loaure Suoressful it fame, ss cure an unfailing supply of ac annOc An<I looroighlj trained oflicor*. In this respect it would b* noflner cr# dil'ibic nor salo to fall behind any otbor nA' "D. Tho ad v lita<?a flowing from |ii*oinf Heat* a d armlei under ai Intel iA?rt direction Bood net bo *nwm:r?tsd toon Aim rican Congress nor to Uio A mar Icon poo, la Tba mil; 1?.o-11- ii I*, how large a nunibor ought to l a educ it.-d ii Ilia best m?' ncr Tor ',h* u*vaI and military so vn sT '1 hi i a difficult quaHibn i. answer. I* u> y, howsv*. , sfsl voaiuio'wi, lr, g ucrai toitus^that n?iyo as tbtmy sa w jE sheet. # have heretofore <vl "tied will be wanted her exhe- Tho oaaialtle-; b?> to b liken iQt** account. Ihey tfi o: r be avoid* i We deplore lU dmih* ami uyur.ei ? and regr >t the reMguHtluu-of aecoiupllshod and usufiil > oncer*; the loss by re-igual <>n is. lio*evi r, partially i uii'.'iinied by tho cons* i .o t b.itietit* t" in" ula tn as r null commence and by Hie formal ? f * vis ble re l set v . .Nearly all ofticcrs who rcngn d mi to am the r , aai vi-s# of railio ot and steaim- 111 cuaiiai or ?IVr 1 ;>ii| orient concerns, which ea.i'ti i i i n ihe 1 government. 1 the u ri.ugnod otlt In I'tuted -Mate* poshes* a vuliriblc rusm vo r surplus, from which to druw su|iph. r m oihicMi il olhooifl in times of wnr. The availability .ind military vame of this ri servo was de muustrate'd >u the Mexican us well aa in thu present war. The m?meiit their country needed thuir services larpe numbers of these r*si ne'l mtlcers came forward with alacrity to serve the country which liad ed' cited tbem tor it military puritoscH In their retirement ui my had organize I and I ruined volunteer corns; when the war l>r ke out they had ucquired an intlin'lice wliich enabled thorn to easily organize largo volunteer forces, which they promptly led to the Held. As in the pa?t it b am or b.'i n thus, it is reasonable to beliuvo it will be so in tbn nit ire. 'ltu In'| oiicj of rosi.'nation should not, there fore, doter us from adhering to our system, though thu ovil may call for pioveutivt a in certain possible contingencies. Before leaving this subject of securing tor the I'uit.-d S;a;os educated uavzl and military talentfor the dire ti"U of our forces by -ea and land, your committee will t ke occasion to rem irk that the growing opinion iniavorof allowing p ireuti and guardians to educate young men f promising talents ut tho I'uitcd Stiles Military and Naval Academies, at their own ex;?n?o, seems t" be worthy of consideration. Ae to w constituted, no citizen is pi rmittcd to educate Ms son or ward .t these academies , however willing he maybe to defray the entire espouse, an t that the pupil shall in all respects conform to all thoir rulea and requirements, unless so fortunate as to obtain for him oue of tho row appointments ali'Wud by law. An able corns of oflicers.of all giaJoi, cud of both arms of the service, ia now being practically educated in thu military art; then schooling is conducted in the Hold and on the sea in tho actual presence of the enemy; thoir Icarons arc expMued anil demon strated by frequent practical examples of tic most varied aud Instructs u character, v. II c ilcuiated lo fit them to cope, sh uld it ever become uecossury, with tho lea tors of tlio armies cf uuy nation. But, in the course of nature, these in a low years will have passed away, anil year by year should bo succeeded by young tue t well qualified by a thorough propuraiory training to take their places, a. now coustituted, the two academies aro unable to prepare the number which will bo required by tho future exigoticloa of tho army and navv. They will b? unable, inasmuch as commercial men. mantuacturers, mechanical c.U.iD'ibUmenis aid ranroaus, a* tint biiaine&e and wealth of ttie country expand, will make iacre-vdng demands upon educated "talenl; a'.d tlic bolter wo prepu a cadets f. r duty tlio sharper will be tlio compaction ugaiu-t the government: the abler our od'co'tbo more attractive will be the inducements hold out to them to exchange the public for private employment. h'ccero legislativeonactmonts will not remedy the evil, but au increased supply will. To this litttor remedy must we reaurt if wo would maintain the present high charucter of our uiheors for hcimulic military attainments. ihj committee thcreforo recommend that another military academy be established, to be located iu the West, and another naval academy bo established, to be locate i iu tlio Northea.st, or that the c.i|>at ity of tlio present establishments be enlarged, nr-d Hint the President be directed to submit to the next (longies- the b >t plans for the diphcati 11 or the onia- g n .tir of so -ii institutions, togell. Willi estimates ol cost; and also Hi t the l'reaideut farther report as t<> theoapo .i my i op aing to both cla ;ses of cadets, as wcil those > led! be appointed under the present system ;t\ . tlior- \v'i" may lie educated it those institutions at III . their parents and guardians, the opportunity > n . ing commissions in the army and navy at ih > tiiir academical career by requiring a ccita ii y i merit to entitle either'to enter the service as ? . rr 8. To place the United States m a good com! it in n." ii;. for.ee, we must alb" constitute and maintain in amy and navy entirely sidticirut iu numbers an i excellence, in p-i-toinH and* mUeriet, to command the respect of oilier nal ions?a r?spect bused upon a consciousness of oui being prepared to promptly punish wanton aggression. Hitherto, instead of having an army resectable for its six, it had been insdo so unpopular (by artful appeals to our national dislike to maintain large deeds and armies) ar to resist all effort? to increase our military strength to un extent oqttal to our actual wants, that traitors wore able to commence, unit actually did commenoe, a rebellion at a liqpo when the gnvorumeut h id scarcely one thousand, soldlort east of the Mississippi river, amid a population of more than tweaty-hvo millions. Forts scorned to hive been built for ornaments' rather than useful purposes. The Idoa that one of the chief objects of establishing the Union w?s to !,iusura domestic truu Hinilit) ' bad come t" be considered a "glittering gonerality," quito inconsistent with State rights. The stirring events and trials of the pas' twelve months hare, at a cod of rivers of blood and a thousand millions of d?i. bra, thoroughly dispelled these wretched hut wu e popular delusions. We now see clearly how wise were tiro earnest recommendation* of ottr military ouibo lilies. Bad they been heeded in 18U6, wben the Treasury was so full that (long i ess dcemod it prolan to divide u considerable i?ortion ol the public moneys among the uevorel StftU.-, the present rebellion probably had not occurred. V.'c should larva b.i I two forts wkttre we now hnvvone; the i .-I of ati would have been hut ebout thirty-one mil i o sue iiunimu tiio'hiina uoiiartt; timir peacogurrieoris wou'd liive bei u live thousand nine hundred and lorly -. Idicis: their war garris nSaicty-tlree thousand theee ii u.'.ied and ninety one. With our forts garrisoned, traitors would have orborno I rom engaging iu war: b it f otherwise, how raauily coula they navo boon sei/.eol llnu small the cost of the defences, how wit ail the cost of iiuiuituiiiing (he afarrisona, compared veiih our presets expenditure*! Jo protect our iwenflse interior Torritoi --os ag.iiurt II.! numerous Indian tni'icv who roam over them ia a work e pis I to the uinjo;*' cllori* of our priieu' rigiilnr forces, uud more than tb? havt hithurto been at v proporlv to perform, au Incrca ? <1 tl.c regular aruiv-so an extern adCMUate to the pi ?>w garrisoning of our frontier oeloiu.i's, under the /-wised estimates which hate become iw ">suijr, is thu eft'.*a ni itaiy r>oo?s.-iiy tv eeh cannot be ;>. intently ove!-.. 1 n< rae^jeclcd by Coegrese, on tlu? p int a caiotiil esiin.av-' Uonld lie rcrpiised from au aide tioaril of engi::evra of nor-" than usual experience, fhd preservation oi > ie? *itU foreign nuiiota ia not a greater blessingthan Uw ma'ntmiAnce of d iu?i.c tranquillity aud the nriitwnttuno ot a well appointed army wild oavy, suitable to Mctwilifi and our n: wous will poaori'uily aid us iti tha nroaer alumni both. himilsr views nuturdiy prssotii themselves ixcelatiou to a judicious increased the navy, and a re, or; iher. on ah'iuld he prot ideii ine-at an ?-ir'.v i'av : nnu h o', us pie . miii force h entirely tempore y, md will do- ppwr with die ore isioti whichdettiiiudf.d us accumulation. liavmg tils nation i\ ith a twvy ijulti aute^uiite to u?i wonts. y oui committee ha *u ei.dn* .on d to show at nnuie length, t.ist our fiop.'toc ip-'-it's. are cepi.Hue. and -sli .i.hi therefore 1)0 oilhc. imp v?.? or supjreodtd. so as t, aUunt protection oi a character n, no . i.;ii wo s.u ruly. H hi-, iiewn ?ivg?d thai iu our de'emes compared vnth Ithoseof ottar nation- are ra.,(M-oiahl>.-, mid the great kins-- .if oin pe ip'.o arduotly 1 re peocu.aod thereiore in J this .ice i: ru dy af vanning civilization not likely io j? prtvvi'h' iian.li in tie: bp- .sis oi e.ison.ibte poo, o lo t * i oiitt.t ho iiitlea, why. ui tli s time of heavy lean I tioa, mslst u|*iu emerii n upi'u the the woikof conatruc " 1.11/ exU'U/iv ' in '. costly defi US" Why insist upon o >t auling a>tli niU'TWi us wore 11 -i ihou miiy uy i sj/n ii at lapiue in! c mpuM \Vn oo..imil*<!? ;?r? ? ? insensible t? the am^.atii.w ; f( Oowm whit h mIvmcIii CkrMlMit) end olvlhxaUott 4 i -t. ailily n'id b.vi' i -Kiillv working .mi. i.g in.- Ie.ul 1114 a in. . 14'uuru 1. "ill |n ''''tin o lorhii.s ik III he hand li 1 UK- iiiliudi.oi. vi hi -h sunt-" ion i I cmum trcul aud r Kimi'iK" 111 ' 1 .v ilr> .-till o\ i t hi u.i t!i? una h 11; 11; -jvj I J w!io i nut; -tin' l(i i'.i a vorr.nii'iiis u l ici' i iti. IVUat ' I i lit" jA.iini in ut ! > the ouH-rpriMiig and highly Mit'J light a ! 1.1 ighb a* ill' an v* iii.ii; I mi de. w ha v k rccomP in inl.vl oxp'".aivo vvi 1 t.s of iteti'ini')1 What in -an tluiox ? ; at Dermutiaand Halifax? I ibaoji iliittn xj-.n-r. andtxtllMduumel w ho I 11.a 1 ! ), Into the Ink U|ioU our d ei.ooie ' IM'I I l'.:| I'l'i H I ' h III till' 111- 1 \ "I 1 101 i-. ll.lUi IK 'tll* iliij 111 ha lo'ii d !' Justify lh siiini- sili iiiih.it she Is li."l, in ko (.'.mada an iiidepeu.ie-. cy, and tU.ih - Ivo 1 i a area neighbor igalul IbepoaetMe ggnrtkmtat wh m it ?i -1 I til l In' ojiiuy t i rt,angle guard, it mi. lit I iiri'P-i to d;.ar?v.ird tlio vviao tuax.u:* "I s,un I leave i n northorn frontier in its prr.-nl do. on-i s mi,1 ox ji .-.I i null Hon. I Jut if. on Mm contra y, ilia vrh -lo v, arid hi'ii' i s Mroai h'l i'aina t'? increase, lu?t vl of -soiling, 11 - dominions, and, in ?ln-1- nt of war, won'it vigorously th-fnud limn;, hen it becuiu 4 us. hfco other iiaiio'a,'a p it our 1 loni'< ! s into a no hI it ion or He-'urity i 111 1.0 t'l ,?r. - inland: with tin dictate* of good sense. an I a , .'01 tul mi itory , olioy. ilie li'ion-lhliip oxistlng Ik?iweou Kuglnnil r:;l Kronen 1 tin In*o'. urn e in hitiito and - < -m orailv .- during iliu i- .si , ton yeuis t'.ian, 11 iiiiithly, it li.m . ho"i: !-ofii. a m veral > cuiiturie*. Tie y hare unit) 1 in lav> irig vvur against ij s r sis, .i ;ainrt Chum, and g.uu.-il Mexico anil la incr-iaso Ihnr inliinicy liaio "V?n I'h.iii. ut IV- ia-hl' "Valium. nl 4 the 1 expedite countries. let iicvo". in ten r.iitiirte', I.a- tlii chunt.ol hut.mud them been so caiv'ully rl.dded 'villi foi liUcMiaim, Ikc itoil ;ii d ! till ta iKgar-lfal of lulii! iiv science, rog irdlo.-s 01 cast, as during ill" past i l..-n years. Kach has alt > vi -d with tliw oilier in luiinling unpraveil .mid model ships of-war nun c lie unliable than Hi" world ever uaw b? liti s sua enob has main t lined, arm; ? at h in" mil am ni ,1 an .mi- isisol which s are en inn mated only hy hi ndreda "f thousands. Koch ;? fi ;ii.lsh.|i uiu n?' tl i mi ?t hi :hl.v vllix.-d niti us of t.hl-i cyan ivhen it iissuiii..- IL ; form of liiiiiimi y. As in the event if h mi-Hal contest i.nlwwti other 1 rations, each <T the*" allies arouM UBh" da aig-y pursue r the path imp. .vol hy its . 11 .11 u I interest, -rh ire oovor t that might uh'i'K a in le 1.1, ihov Bin) be s i id to h" never 1 - out of ii-iiis ii a lii i li. Ii.'l 1 t1. a tfieir slia s thev Ml ntr ciid In armor; ud each of them MtmiVbtiT opinion thai tl. i more e mpir e ills armor 01' bo.h.lho more likely is ("oic t<? bo m.iiniulnel. ami the morn I li1 sly is tholr friuurtehlp to continue iiitluinto .sud corI dla'. Tu keep Urn i one , e.u h ni these intimate friends, I instead of rui> in . on tbo civilisation nnd Christianity , witch i?'> eminently distinguish their peoptee, hoe con i strii'ted powurful r-tIHlo.itn>u.-, built many whips, and reined?i,j iiiiiii intneil mnny soldiers, ready to tight at a I moment notice. llovs amazing l''S capacity nml com i ploioinu:: of tho French arsenate of cousin < lion! The British uavy ysids era bewildering ta tliair immensity, i The mere barracke, hospitals suu storehoosm or tho.ia i nation# bay# bsau erected at acost inpiai to thai of all our farttflcatioM on tlva thousand iniles ui coast, i v UticS ia the practice among tho w,<?it usitons of our tiu t- and your ooniniiti11* consider that It would ha ncaadii.j y dangerous la disregard It, and weakly allow a powarn.i and litlgous neighbor advantages again-1 which good (ansa r v.-olta. Wa un? make available, at an early 1 day, advantages of a corre- i Hiding value. Instead of indolently repining at thni enterprise which has opened to British fleets an exclusive and a fortiflad channel Into the r entire obain of ths great North American lakaa, thus on covering aur extended Not them frontier, the United States mull unhesitatingly imitate the spirited example, a Ho. also. If a ravolutlon la the art o' protect! ig ships i. againet the efl'ct of snot endere our forts inadequate tc y the duly fur which th ly i ire designed, instead ut sitting n down to bewail our in is ri ne, or lia'tlng to ronsldet e tfiuilher n dim a have i o' Waitis ?n good And an ust at y to lie hereafter Incapable r ling u* a wrong, ws must en 0 |a.go and stieiiglhcii vu> >rks, and face thetn with Iron, thiol armor ani >ipr ^ht duahnj unit 1 a:? ? >le.?'euUW< lo tnuk.u nations fri-nd*. I' wm wall n*id, S'-uu ear y day , by o, r engiaeera, that Nvither 01. gc< graph rut jtolltutt. our Oui' fo > it mire, n * 11m* e iiitv ? I our pulley, em aliiavn uvail '? under the reliillun ill which |l ? .nil- destiny to h. iUd m the re?i ,.f Lll* ! world. We are udiii iuuuitd |,y history to bear hi mind'hat ; wui .;tiiiiot ;M ail times lie avoided, however pacific un ' for be.ii in ; .en policy ; and that nutti'ug srili o md ' more U mi iitii.nit l i mited peace lb in that riate of iirep .i.-t'o i a hi. li ; e\|i..-e? mi weak | olnt In the hostility, una ol'ei s no * Jtlll ! cation to the cupidity ill' the ot her uul en* til the e.irlli | Cro lulily, procrastination and helplessness have ru i ioed many nation* or well a-i individetiis. Wo m st not only perceive and recognize what is projier and judi cuius lo place our aye torn of iruiitier defence* in a condition calculated to insure our safoiy and independence but must seriously and perset erit gly act in earnest ac cordiin e with uur innturod opinions. tiougre ? umat tint ouly make appropriation*, but maka tnetti at tin suitable timet and in ^uilicitiut amount*, to bo most ef fociive, appropriations must be not only adcquulo, but also tinn iy and consecutive; also, idle hand* and waste of material* will retail, as liuretcfore. in unnecessary losses, lu tlie construction of ships sud fortifit stiona delays Increase their oust. Karri bought and prompt!, tude,faithfulness and integrity will, at uu surly day, at a reasonable c st. call i i > existence iJmirable deieu es of the eacellouue of which our nation will be proud. The oomniiiteo repo, t bet owivit levtrul bills iniuud ie to carry out ? ch of their recoin nonda!ions a* have uol already been hr-uahl befi re tlie ii<- . r by this and iu other commitloeir*wii.I ask lor liteir tocoianiondationi such considerations as tho importun of the subject de mauds. The Bill Providing for a mission oa Coast and Harbor Heft-ticca. wu*hi*<.ti>i?, April 29. 1882 The bill report<-d from the Committee on Military Allans to-day authorizes and requires the i'resideut te convene a Board, to consist of two oflh ers or the orpe or eugincers, one ordnance officer, one artillery, tw? officer* of the navy, two members selected by reason ot thoir scientific and practice! atlalnnie. ts, and as oll'cor of the corps of engineers as secretary whose duty it shall be to examine and con aider our system of seacoast and luke fbrtifl cations, with spocial references to such chAigat, as m?y ho necessary or advisable because of ilio introduction >4 new elements of utluok and defence; to ox.iinine new devious Tor defence, and test by experiment such points tu the construction of l'ortilications us tlie Foard may think needful; tho Hoard to report to the President, for transmission t Congress, its conclusions and ro-uits, wilb such supporting information us tuny seem appropriate. The I'io. lent may, if in his judgment the ext gnuciug of the country require it, order the work recommended by the Commission to he commenced and prosecuted without the previous assent o( Coheres*. The bill further provides that the amount appropriated at this session for fortitlculi<>ns shall bo ex| ended, under the direction of the President, upon such defonsivs works as shail be recommeuded by llto Commission, and authorizes the President io accept any a ins of monej I sur d or advanced by the several States for the constr iction of defensive works for the protection of the States, making such loans upon suoh terms as shall be agreed upon bet ween the proper au tliorities. Tho Board is also required to exuminc and consider the propi lety or constructing a navy yard ami depot on the Worthem lakes, of a foundry for heav y ordnance, and also an armory and arsenal of construct ion west of the Alligh wy Mountains, and for additi-nal arsenals of da> or-il aiid ropair, and shall siibecf them to tho approv al o. tho iTrsident, locate the same at surb [aunts as shall, from purely military considerations, appear best for the ! dc.riicoof the country. i The hill also provii'.eu that there shall he added to the | n unbar of cadets at both lite Military and Naval Aeade! ru;-, >, a number equ.'l t.< I ha presi nt number allowed by tiie existing law in those schools, to u? selected one from c.icir of tho Congressional districts and Territories by the Aaadentic board !rota among such applicant-' as shall apply for admission,and who upon examination shall ire deemed best quaiilled, provided the number addded shall have all expense defrayed by parents and guardians, who shall he required to deposit with the Su. perinlendent of the Academies each year the estimated amount of money necessary to pay all expenses for one year; the cadets being subject to all the rules and rogutaT-itions established from lime to time for the government oi said academies. Prjoei-vk Hoirrrcuutnui. Socntir.?'The spring exht. bit ion (if this society commenced yesterday, at the Academy of Music, Montague street. The show of flowors is an unusually fine one. The exhibition will rentals open until Saturday. Kxhimuon ton Lxi>ir>.?-Dr. Co!ton givei one of bie cxclling exhibitions of the laughing gas, tor Isuios only, at the Cooper Institute, thi~ afternoon, commencing al tli'oo o'clock. These entertainments have become very popular end are always well attended. Episcopal Church Etcctious Iti Haiti liiuix* .Iahks ifORixvi Bcsgirr, Eonoit >? tai Hntun:? L'Eah.-'ir?i Wring to a greet exo dement which oc<*rrrt4 hen yesterday in (trace ?u,l other Episcopalchurches up. en the occasion of au election for vestrymen,our much beloved and lovsT Bishop Whittiughnm became much ax died, and declujyd that ha would do*11 In his power to put down iroasoolu our midst, iml wnld consequently in future decline otiilrm nsr buy candidate? for niomberahip or administering communion to any member of the Episcopal church who was unwilling to t?ke the (with of allegiance to sup;>ori the const i tut Ion of the failed Stales and the aduKnistralioo. This i t a move in the right direction, am. is an exampia set for ell good and loyal bishops and other uhnrcbnieu to- follow. I hope yo . will ina';e this public through your paper, and that a!! 01 her bishops situs toil as Bishop Wh.ttiiigkaiu is may follow tus example. With \ cry few exceptions aii the we .'thy ami intluent al traitors of this city belong to the Kptscopal church, and bave caused most ir not ail, our iCeent troubles, and the Bishop has adopted the only sens* 'eft hun to kiloall inf.neuti.il trua -ou. Youra slo'jcrely, I.KN'O. Baltimore, April '_'2; ISO.'. Graas in the l'nrk. TO THE UMTOK OK VHK HKK VI.ll. Naw York, April if!, Igth8 Cm you not wake up the City Kuthars to tho im parlance of replacing 't o cha.ua, .'sc., wound the trieogular spaces in the i'ity Hall I'ark, and thus ofTcr the :iruse aoiua indncemett to show itself, which would ra,ievo the eyes of us Golhaniitos whoso !ot if is to traverse this part of our goodly city. I'.' s 1\ 1'RBE, Stebiil .Hater. TO TtlK KDtTOK OK 1 UK HKUM.O. N; w Yon*, Vpril I' t, 1V62. Wih you nl'ow me, **i<?ugh the medium 01 your columns, <> uil.u m in v :. i, .Us el the putuii' lli it 1 li.ive ? i.ndruwo ;jy ii une inun i ne piee mini" .1 >lr. bu h'a Subs'. Mater, to-mo n ow tn n. 1 LVRA V. KiilXKERIIOFF Suit.ksi. 'mm - ? t'oninr.?1'irl 1?Oy?T and l>r?iner. i art -J?l ist; isnu, I (CO, MO.Ti. 2C58, ItneO, 20?3, joiu. vow., -.( to, .oso, J1 *j. joti, 2020, liunj, 2u04, 2'n.v 21'nl SfiKK'K ( in in. t?rm?Tim Itai'klny rontrncl a a. Si p II.II i'i.i M ?fait 1 -So*. 1721, l-ll 1, 27R:i. 1187, 11.-;, I'm, Jiw, 1)21,132;;, a;;., l: .7,4220,1773. I7?7. iso-l'). l:Vi.?, I'ld miiiihor. Cart 2?to., 2114, tttft) a-l'J8, .'770, lHts, 3618, 7l??, 1382, 14J'), 1740,1370, CIO, 10,0. \ RW IU DL1CATIUNH. '?IT OW TO MAI. R MONfcl BY At). ERTISINU; II A I K O IICAL .MAN S ADY1CK. ' Neul for utiu ti.r< unit ..mi in uy ml J it i. ROUEUTMiN A CO.. - mi ! 4 N.i an i NT* York rlty VTEW Bl'BU'ATlON?ENCLOSE TEN CENTS AM) i\ yunr a i lr. **'a tiinul,. C ai n, m it...n A. Spring? r pi. And sin- will -iMiii you i printed eopy of Hi OrAi ike ever p!nri* i l?i*11ii? ilio public. OLD ESTABLISHED CATHOLIC ri'BUSUlNH Hon.-,- of KDU Mil) Pl'NHtAN .t BROTHER. JA.VKA K. KtiiKKK, ,?.hi Bi . d.vi..., New V?.rk, up Nl .tin. The Urges* u id niu*t lOinpl. i - rum r. of Cu'liolio Pmyti J" >f.... In various Img'' g i l>.Vo i, Dpiuttonal W'.ia'. .it in Irnr inro 11 CmiTioIp IV r, i 'o bu fo ind In Now York, alv nut un hat..I, nnil th - lor. i.?t ",'i i''i"- for c -h. JAMt.H B. KIRKKI1, WJ Bro'.iv.i*, npstairf 11KST.U RANTS. G? keen tcrtiiK bocp and steaks ju?t akr ilv.1? KKI.l.Y hat Jin-* iwiW'. ilno 1-u.iM fit- il Turtle - .pot.i Key W.C, Thi'iti lie will mm up iUcv .>n,j alu pin r, III.' Tinlie I OH!) Hoiic. No. 4 0.. if.lott'-n , eel. Kamll,'* iippllnl. KXPIll'iSSKS. rriiK Mounts express. 2-? broad siuiirr, patko J iiUrii by uii.tt ,r tin- nit;... irt.1 bi> tofNcw Yui k, on wild l'n??a||uit ' . KilP'i"! cvm > !' : ly mid Krlilny; t" Jins-ao, ll.iivii i. Si. Thui him ind all i r W.?? (nil'"a, byuvi i'v 'I'Ainpr. The <,ni<M? ol ihit etpiv-M in Loudon, I.ivr. |- II'. Iimri' if mr'BMi, I .1111 II I ?, ship Peck..if* 10 I'irt Unllril SMtc-1. h tV MOKKIS. UClliItt'i'V AVIi AtaiSTM. DKAI NESS, tUKCIfAI.CK.S KU< >M TlIK K-WW, Mlindiirs', Ohronr lolnrmattiu, nnd all dUevm i.l ilu mill mi il*> it- rvoni nil lm< mul . ? iriti, ill* fi* iiiteuJ pause "t dm'tine'i, ouful by I)r. 01: A VErt. ( i.n?uli,'? tlon free, fi isow.'ly or li.i- Her, SUSHi" idway. TOO liATK FOR CIiAHSiriCVriUI, AT THE Ot.l? STAND, KZKKlFJi- CAN Till. Hi 'Oiiinl In |><*\ iroin $S in $11 lop silk il'TS'im, from $7 m t l.i lo, i: i.tls, Ifoiu $i 60 lo j. fur inii .? A -o, i hi | rts, i nml tun-. Jew ?lr|, A'. A rune by pu?i j jiir.iullr ut. mini :o lis K/.EKIRL0,1<HScssnth weniie, Griw?n Ntiioiceii'h .mil Twentieth streets. Ladles attended to ny A' . s. K 4 LABOR ASSORTMENT OF HorSEtlOLD FT UNI i\. tore nt private sale, at a secrlure7 r.av" rosemoil Flam-forte, post $600, for $270. In Initio* Hinnt unit ?,'o r> I'arlor Knit for $111. 1 do. $*); Bmno, Bi<reu.us r. mr( Tablo*, Evtension Tables, Bullet, Oar| "i*. Mir urs, Punt, lug*, flock*. Be.leiOi.ti, Me'?r?,.?, s, a ;n hull lb" origin*: . ooet. Apply it 70 West Tw. . ty sixth strive, near Mxth arm ne. DOOS?FOl'h YOUNG I'UI'S FOE SAT E, SRVKR weeks old, fall biel i.wch brred, * 'I po ten. t.mi * seen at No. 16 Ooetvk . XV.v V. ;k, ' >i liwi iU>?, ol i until told. A rate chain.. for rnciina nut otln rs Mrdioal _ . ? MRS. ft VrNROR, El.F.CI RIOlAl? Vi?? r>*n*tf tq dl tier a.ut ?t> at-t.