24 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8

24 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8
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4 8 8ITl'\TIONH WASTBO-KBJ?(ES. fc'o* OUirr \V?IIU Mer Scion.I Httgt. \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RLHPBUTABLE OIKL ?- a .i.ilrcM an I liiamberm ii I, or w a >.?i in lln- *a mm; ami 1101 ii. , v.? I I k to tl.e untrv for li t* .a titer ll..?'he beal -f c.ty letcoiuoo. Can ? lvH? Ut? tjc.b at-. iwor -ill a* , tveal aide. \VOt'NO WOMAN WISH EH A SITUATION AS buix' taenia * it tailing chnigo nl hub. from tie b ilk, ui bb cUiuin u iiuikc . baa ihu beat oi city rot.-i* noir?>iu liei last inure. ' .ni *i aVi 0th ?v , betaenn 22d and 23d :?. -email ilour. Trout room. A RESPECTiBLR HIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS u .ml*. iibk! baa uu objection ikm-i * uli iLe ? a?lilua and ironing eity inf. renco given Can k -wn foi two ilsvs ul liie coi ner of Uwli ar.a Drgraw sIm , Brook j u, li> Ilie bakeiy A RESPECTAB1.E VOl' NO WOM AN WANT* A SlT i.nlio i ia hum! anil seauiatreas or as ch mbeiiaaM im.i l" ilo line ?as. nig anil ironing. i'uiI ,.i lii 7th ?? . lor two ay*. A SITUATION W ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE tllKL An uuise au.1 ai-awalte**, or cliain ermaiil anJ waitress tan be limlily rceoiuinen. e i irom bi-r 1?? situation, wurre alio has lived two year* Can be seen lor two dais at N 1 IIU West 11.1 at, between hroa I way an I 6lb ave ACTUATION WaNTKD-BV a respectable young girl, to conk, waab and Hun'n a small private family; bet I nl :ty re toien u, has no obie. ii.ua > go a a lion distance in tnecountry Can be aeeu loi iwo .lata at 2US Cuti JOtb si , corner 01 1st ave. A RESPECTABLE VOL'Nil WOMAN W 4NTS A SlTl'A tioii it* good pium cook, tirsi rate washer and iroticr Kt*Ki baker. good ottv refer-suce hn u > objection iu the ??uo:ry Cwil at 2?M Hick* ? . ?u Lie bak?r> Brooklyn A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT talKL WANTS a nit iuit >o ?" mirte and plum sewer. oily reference if ??M?n ed. Call at 439 We*t l?5?.u at . top floor front room A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ??IKL WISHES A _/\ situation a? waitress 01 clrtniherw-orK ami waning, good f*ity 1 eft* rer.ee from last employer AJdrest 01 apply at MH West L'Oth st. ncai Ctb af ASITC ATION W ANTED?B? A VOL NO WOM AN. TO do goneiik] hou-muork or plain ending in .? private family. good city reference, no objection u? ihe country C*:i be *c? u fo? two days at tiL1 Wssi I3tb ?t tk'iWfV n 61U and 7t)i a', s Akesi ectabi.e voc no woman wants a sire atlon as chambermaid an i 10 a>t st in the washing and ironing, has .he left rccoinuieudatmna. Apply si 173 Hue! 22<J Hi., second Uoor A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITL ATlON AS rook in a icspectHb'.c larnuy. <*o her daughter a.? nurse and seamstrei'S :u the seme family, the b"*t t charnc trr can be g.ven by ho'h *hev tvi ni l Lie to u ? a short .lis fame in the country. Applv at 173K:ibt si second floor A RESPECTABLE YiH NO WOMAN WANTS a M TP anon to do i htinberwoiK ami a suing can do fine washing .nid ironing. ci'y n 1 ere nee given Caliai 94 MUh st . betw een f?th uf and BroudAny i??? objection (o go a abort distance in the country AMUR 1 PtON m A N FEB- Ml A REBI Bf I AH/ E young girl, to do plain rooking, washing and >r lung, or would do Lie housework of u smulJ private family Can fife good city refer core from tier la?t place where she has Jived foil years. Call at 95 Wyckort at . between Smith and Hoyrt, Brooklyn. fm two days ASITCATION WANTED-BV A COMPETENT COOK, understands her business, win assist ?u washing and liouing City reference Call it 214 West Itith st , rear AN 1NDL8TRIOI S VOl NO WOMAN WISHES A hliuation as nurse and lo do piam >ewing, oi willMmsl Hi light wioliiug. has no objection to do chamherwnrk, the besi of city leierencc can be given from her lu?t place where she lived loty years Call for two oay ? at 20ft 4lh si ASITCATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND wadrvMM, ui as line washer and ironer Apply .?i iter present employer's, who are giving up ftousekeepng. 103 A respectable girl, wants a situation r<> do general housework in imail private family, ma good <..?k and a lirat rale warftci an) Irutior, h.ia good il> reft renee from bnr last place Call .'It .MO (lib a*, between Hint and '.2d kts A situation w vntkd?bv a vol'no woman. a? wet mime, good i lly refeivnoe Can t>a aeeu for two dava at 40 Frankfurt at, second floor, t rent room Anmiahoii waww-ii a respectable young girl, a* <-hamberin:tid and vrvjtie?t., ?r would do ehaniberwnrk and a??tst in the waelllng and Ironing So lije< ti..n~ to the country B. rtof .iy reference CualSl Wvt 28tb ?c. between 0tb and 7lh avcn.. Ural Hour, back room. A PROTESTANT I.1HL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook, waalier and tr uer, can make go. <1 I.read and pa-cy May bo aedu for two day?at 172 Went 2dlb at li e city reference. AS1TI ATION WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE young woman ae ttrsl ? !? ? laumlie.s. understand* Frrn li fluting,crimping. Ac., and 1a thoroughly roiopetcni lor her busuie a, diet ela?? riiy re erel:Of given i..tn he seen for tw o day* at 112 West 19lli si secnd ttoor, front room. A situation wanted-by a young woman. to do general liontew irk; go>>d dti lclereme. I.k'i Oe aeen for two day* ai H) West 2oth m,, between (Kb and 7in venues ? a situation wanted by a respectable il ynmg girl, akehainberniitid a .Itraitiesa or i i do j a . tewing. g.aid i liy leieren. e ? ? . r two ,iay? at 3ur A lai. lie ?t , Bieoklyn. In 111'* store. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANI SCOTCH WOMAN wuiua a all nation to eook, aud iion for a private lamilj; Iwat city reference. Aypiy at 324 lUlti av between SOth and 3l?t am., 'or two dava A yoinu woman wishes a situation as cluuu eimai I anil w attri to da eliamle i .voik an i wing; uiideretatnkH waillug | ei le .ly i mi give :l,e Lh t ol re fere m e Can tie seen lor two days .ti No. 0 East Hist St. A situation wanted-by a young woman, to do general boo-it ok t I'l.ymbci wr K and ?vn. ing; good rity refeiouee. r ail at No P>9 '.Vest Hhb et aecum! loor.fr ni to m, lor liny* A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT GIRL WISHES A | J\ a.: mtiun to o- nasii am' tv n r :<t <to the work of a amul private fin,, y goo 1 referei m | resent omploycrs Call at 3d ml place, Snuto Hp nklyn. young girl wi?tif.8 a situation to do J\ l h IRil e|W .-r!t .11 I 'V .'..ill.', >r thlil- lUri- if lull! I'l'u ; ll:i< good I') r- f .i'iu from ln-r Is at |> aw. I ai. at 130 Wea; P.-th t.. near Jib are. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PEK' on, ;:s i lain '' k. a i.-dii r and liom-r. l.i i-lty ui our. try g' d refereu e guru. Apply at 7 '. W>*; 2,*:li ?t. AMO.-T RESPECTABLE Ycl'NO G1 RE .WISHES \ alt nation a t ...in ww.u and u iakeoarc of children: no objection to Mniinberwork. lii'i lire fort to day- at 77 W.st astli st., top Coor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIKI to >to gi in r.?l house* irk: l?a p oJ plain .h>k, and m ri' tl i nt w?ab?i and Irom-r; lias c .d no rd'ereni-e. <'?n be -en 'or two day :it 111131 a* ucar l6t'i St., third Uoor. pr?iy the our try, * S WET XI RSE.--V RESPECTABLE M ARK1ED Wo.A. ntan. a lio haa jnat lust lier '??> ivisln a got a baby to nuib- at )n r own ho t-'- Call at U5 Mil St. between 1st and 2.1 ai ? , sec >ud lin front, ro un No. 10. A UK SPEC TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ai.ort i . no hu t*".!urk; ? iod city r"!'-rruie gr . n Apply at 79 Weil 2b . at., between Qlh ,iud 7th ar*., eeeond nor A german protectant seamstress. who i'nder lands cutting and fitting ; nli? , anil children's clothing, wishes a situation In a private A i url.au family , haa nu :>ji- llu to uc a lady a tai l. Ca'l at 16 av. A, In thi it' re. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS goo ntik and i ike-; Is a first rate ? a- i*r an i Ir. tier is willing to go any where to a e.uly pia. ? ; un lurstaiitU het ti'i'fiii" tliur,?'y. Good rclcrchi rati lw giver, tl reouireu Can In ?en for two daya at 41 Spring St., be oe n Il inborty ~ii Mi tt, tirst floor, front r run. \ RESPECT\BI.E C<iLOREl) GIRL WANTS A SITU" atiou to do gri. -il I- "i?nrir? : lias goud city ri ferciRLCan i nvi, alldtya a? Br-mine at.. In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?B. A RESPECTABLE WO r..ai . ' r-uain'n-rnr id .rut ivuti'-fe and ti iis-i -i v tk the washing and Ironing. City ref'-r? < * Iruni l ist idaCall Tor iwn days a: > 1 flonton at., tn-ni B' ivv. A SITUATION WANTED BV A RESPECTABLE yo-mg g.i!, na chamb'-rinaid and akill ??, to jo a alnn : dtiis i-r in ilie to ;:itry with a private laiuny. Four years etty r-' .estfrom last employer. I an tie aeon fut two day ? ZOdfit" it,- il D' r of 17th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE . girl, 1,1 (In gp-ifnl I... .ai-sinrk in a priva'- far sly. in Would take a ccok'* place; Is ti gi?>il plain conk, anil an - . r?ll< nt waalief and Irotier: Dooajpi'llon to gu a st o I distance in tin o utrj. Res- City reiarenccf Call at No 8 Mb at , near the Bowery. A SITUATION WANTED?AS I'OOK MY A KBSPEt T * .if KngH?h wromaa; haa a perfect kn..>v!?.ig. < f h-r boon-a*; Would tint object to a hrai i i*?* anting I". ? > Hint hull#"Ik*'"' vr Peat rity r.Triei.te Call be ecen o.r t?" Uayaat It*! Lmm ITlli at., mar 2<1 at. A YOUNG OIUL WISHES A SITUATION AS NI'RSK ami >eai..?trci.>; ran cut ?nd Itt ladi" *'eed chlldten'a dre?. ?.e; i<.. objecti *n l? ..t>ain ill cliamherwuik if reiiu.red. ".an < ?e.ii ml !i Woet IQth at, between 5lb and ti ll a*a , trotn 10 till 2. __ _ A ITl'ATIOM WANTED?SY A PROTESTANT YOUNG wn.n?n. ..achambermaid, or child iiurae and plain newer;...od i. Terence . an be gieeo. Call at AO0 3d ar., . orIter of J"HH at., third door. A SITUATION WANTKD-AS GOVERNESS. BY AN miwh aa'd taaci.-r, for itir numin. r.iu a family going ui.o the country. Ad<irei?* JHtee O. P. T , Broklyn Poet O0..?. A situation waniei?~bya protest a nt oir/., Hi-. ainatreat; lliiil.Tauinile (Irt'-Mmakiug. can cut, lit, ami .1.. all kiuila <>l needlework, ?-omI"I uk. care of growing cl.ii.lien, or d.<" hamberwoi, no oh.iectlnn to gn in the country, liar "he heal of role ret.1 en. Cau be teeu for two data M 77 Karl 27ih ft. 1 Asm ATI" IN WANTED?ft Y A RESPECTABLE . ><j. it v urn' , to <1 hoiiaework, hi , email prl?at? family i hot >.t city rulerenc- giti-.u. Call lor two ii i/a at ?7i W. at 2>t ?t., front bareneiil. A SIT! ATI >Y WANTED?BV A MIDDLE A'ifcD I wldo'. v.ouan, " >ih a Whecltr A W'l. on ecwlng ma chine; nndere aiid? Are ? tinning In ail Ita branch.*, and \ rhMdi 'ti'e cb.th'-at no enjeetl m fo* > in the country . >*hk> ? | not ar, much .1, .'..uta conituiTabla hbiae. ".'all for two i tla/a a' 271 W -at 2nn *i , t,ri.l II. or. A GERMAN WIDOW f PROTESTANT i NISIIKS A situation, in a private t . 11 an lannly, a* >*wk. H"?i refcr-n. e* glrcn. InijUit a' l.*2 IV o ne at , beitretiu Wooa"ir and Li.* . i ? . AHITVATHi* WANTED -BY A~ RE A RENTABLE V"""ng gi . a k; l? wii at toAaaitl In waeliiex And i ulna; in. nbje".uii, to in a rhorl dirta .er in the mino r, 'family relcrence irnni her Uat | laie. Call fur -no d >i at 42' 2fltii at., a-coti.l Itoor, bark r*....11 Ann a r :?>v w.-.tv.h-hv atoino wontn^to ' del! -I . -I k .11 . .,11 lainil . r V . I < . Ill h I In," JI , < , I, , | ,r Ji'm i , n 7'ii in ! g'|: a e front a?e>A Yuirxii wi.M \s w. MRS A ITVATI"-n ts I ham* A tx rni..id o.l iv.o - ..iid. lain'- all kin la of family netv . r. , . e Klv ? , ? ,,, Sn, at. Inilw. tn W,.*i .Hi" I ,1 ,1 c r<fa vn ? -vu-enl >or. NEW YOU RITr 4TIO*S W \STEI>-PI!*ALF?. 4 SIT. VTION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J\. j u ^n?ri,uie. ?, ? >t tmr and ir < a* no on ec' l.on to the.vjomi.ry 11 r toe summer; hut* tl.e liesl eit) iriai n eioaihei i u.e Call al ltd West 30iu ?t., mat1 Until. ' , A YOUNU GERM AN GIKL WISHES A SITUATION l a*, hi a ?).<>i.ri Amei.io 'a . .y. linymfe at k7S ' Bioom si , lieu! A lieu, up stalls. I 4 GOOD COOK WISHES 4 UTCA110N; PERFECTLY I ;l iii,u?r-i nish'i b..s. .icss, a so a young girl as chain. 0 inaii* . ii. i irii. be i cit.v r renec Ifoiu taal |dai?, I .. 'she Las iired six years. Cau be seen foi tw o tli) it .4 West Xdd si. V SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE yoiius g rl In do unking. vv..sbingand iryniii, in some K'fi ; si'.t: family She ba-t good city reference from her 1 ift |..ui .in is not afraid oi ? o s Please >?cl at SI'J West tlytti si., toy no (. Itetiteen lo.li ami 11th ats. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE lilBLi as ibatnoei n.al.t. tu Jos wing, ui io do chamber* -r, Sii.l vvailn uooUieetloii In assist *Hb vtasiiiiigaa.il B nig,the best of coy releien e can be given from her last [liaee Can bo seen at l.V dvtb St., corner of 7ih av , third floor taeS loom A MTUAHON WANTED?BY A UtTECTAlLB .V young wo ail. as cook and to asim in washing and ito. iiig. tindersiaii.ls all kinds of family baking, no ..tijeeUou o ?o a short disutnee in Hie country, fbe Deal m eny refere nee. tali lor two days si V4 loth si., between Broadway and filli av A SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN ENGLISH SERA vant. as plalu cook, waeher and noiier, goad city reference, ii re.|u.red Cau be seen for two days al 'd3 6ili St., in ti e rear, seeded door \ RESPECTABLE WELCH GIRL WISHES A SITUAlion to do ire bouse woi It of a mail yi h a e lair.ity . It a guad ,ilaln cook an i a itifal nastier aim ironer. Is a first clsss ctiamtvi oiaid Best of references given. Can be sen it III Wet loth st . near Dili av. Inquire al the base went auor V respectable married woman wishes a sit u uiv. ii as wet uuibO. ,ut to take ?? buoy to wet i. u at hci own j la-.-e No objection to the country. rail m 2o lienter f?t. front faaniei.t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO* xX tcstuni wonmu, \w?o thoroughly understands iter business. as cook, wa^nei and no tier in a respectable privut family Ouod e<ty icfcicuce. Cull for two day* at 239 8th t\ * . ;>eu 23d at \ SITUATION WANTED-BY a K> raCTABU voun ; woman, to do ? ham bet w ork and a-ssiut 10 tlie n..?h)u2 and ironing, or to take eare oi nliiidr* n; baa no bjeciiou to go to the country during the summer ux nth-. Good it fereru e j?iv? u Can be seen tor two uu^s at 3."3 2d uv., betwee 21 m! and 22d ate., tirst Iloor A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, an coos. washer and ironer, baa good I eny reference. A; ply ut .572 3th av , second Iloor, trout room. ' 4 SITUATION WANTED? AS COOK IN A PRIVATE 1 J\ faintly, is u gooa cook and bake: and an ?*i ell.'Ut laundress bat the beM ol ?i y ieioren*e t /r character and <*p vbility. Can he seen at 1*3 27th stM between 7th and 8th avg., third Uoor A DRESSMAKER wants to engage with a pew i iirre lauiilif.-, by the nay, week oi mouth , b is no ob- ? jertions io the counny or to :javei with a tamily Call at 87 Hieetli' r t., uear Broadway. ? A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA1 IN 18 A GOOD i plat cook and an euvdent wa>her and honor, or wo..Id do the housework ot a sin ad private 'au.ily, in either city or country. Ti.e b*a o city reference given if required. Call lot two lays t 51) 15a..aid st., .vi.oDd Iloor, rear house. ' a SITUATION WANTED?BY I RE8PRCTABLS i /a. young woman, hh chainb- mnaid and nurse; ieavtsrv good sewer; can emb.ouier nicely, has taken care of ch-1ilreii Best ot reference Can be *? ? ? for two days at ber present cmploy r'a, rib Wot Utb st., comer of 6th av. < AS COOK -A SITUATION WANTED, HY A RESPECT- I able young woman. in a private family; is a first class 2 cook and ^aker; it ai. excellent washer and Iruner; or wouid go as laundre*a; no objection to go a short distance in the country Bebt city reference from her .a>t p'ace. Can be seen lor two days at 1.57 West C?r h at. i A lady, breaking up housekeeping would Ilk* to pro are a situation for her waitress amleham- 1 bormatd. She can recommend her highly as competent and faithful Call ui N > 8 West 33lb at. VBITI ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN ' gfarL to do any ktnd oi hght bur.sejvork; wouid like to < ti-av^i with ? familv. Cmv reference. Inouire at 120 East TU*t. _ ' A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, TO 1 ook, wash nr..I Irmi or do general housework; best city 1 reference, : wo years with last employer. Can be scoa ti l f engaged at 317 W.* *t 2ith *t. i SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE j\ teady wnman, as an experienced nurtic; jg competent < of tuaiuit fnll charge nf an infant from its birth. . r to bring it up by hand ; is willing and obiudng ard a good seamn?re?s: no objection* u> docliaiuberstork. >1 would to m illluv to An rue washing and it on ng, has '.vug and snttafiv'.ory city refere* c.o Can L>e so n until engaged at No. 3 7tl> av. /AHAVBER.MAID -WANTED, BY A IJICJILY HE " ' ?peri.jtiir Protc.-tant girl, a situation as chambermaid in s p .o to family. Can refer to tbe highest family .nth a ctt) ?' ,n be seen for two days at IDS 7th ate., near did su, ond Hour,back room. no K. ?A SITUATION WANTED AS FIRST CLASS V' ..olt. one who understand* soups,game, ledi- > an 11 a* try. aid 'if erstandsall kind:; of made dud e<. .vail have no ntjeauaa toeoasbort dlstaaea In the country; can larnlsh the lg"?t of citv refetciire fur capability and cli.uacter. Call ?t r addles- To.'; East 13 it St., betw feu 3d and 4lh avs. ncOl -A RESPECTABLE SCOT H WOMAN WHO V- 'it h-r-tiinds her Imsmcsu tho"on ;My, desire* a sitnatl m sseO'tk :ti a llrat las-house. Call lor two days at her ; resent e. iployi*r's, 116 2d av. IAl NDRKS.-'.-W AN IEH. BY A COMPETENT Pi K J son. a few ladles' bum g* rlh men's east m ?; t a.- work, d I in a laundry I n the la-l its. ypft ? rat. >i?-lt end .ron liea'it nil} with.fit any Ingredients "> lnj..re lit* tloihy.i; er.n glo- gentlemen's .-hit 's e;;-n-' y Iris a large grass plot t > t.'ea .h clothes on; t. > jcti .ti ; > latnily aa-hing: 75. , . r d'on-n: ii'tcnm n ; let it If re (Ul d. Call at 127 fc'.'.v. | 24til ?t.. bet*, ee.i 2d ui.: .',1 area. N'CUSE'.- 8TTCATIOM W I N n:D.-A TUT RESPECT..'I.*, t. s* in hy worn n. .f many y at*, ex; rle. e in Ene'rud sn 1 *!? l.'oi: I Sia ; <?u take ?*. t'.-c vargi . a hal.y from its rib Can i ? hi; hi} n.con.meu led. 'io bo uu i wo d its ..* !d& E > 34th st. VCR'H ?WAN'i HI). 1 -i fl ATluN V- NI R- E, BY A a.s saiddl * ag.*d Protestant woman, accustom."! tv iIm are . f eh;, ir i., ; ihio of titkiug the uiire ebargn ,*: an in taut. Apply at 372 *th we., near 23d st. OITI'ATION WANTED?BY \ fU'AV, TU1V WOMAN, 7 a? ?? ' plain .one ..i:*J '..et 'ute w.a, 1 11 .n ! i re run I* glVen. Cm l<r m : r two day* it 100 ?" M 17th a!., tn-tvc i Oth and 7th ar?. OIKTI ATIOJ vAmD-ai > bkseei rAui . nu O lodoim lions 'lorkofa small family; tin fu n .;ro piain cook, lirst rate washer and ir mo. mis good irfn, . Fium her i?? p.;n ?, wInn sin- has ivr,? ;uj y ..,r? Apply !>r l?rT! : p:?i' lit ct?j.!?r.*er'?, 1'* Cilt'tver phlCC, .soull ' Bio v*> ??* *? ?* OfTI'ATInSS WAXVED-HYTWOl ??MPf TEN l vol N<T li women. one a? flra?. i'!n?? -i ik unit to hem ,* in -.s?? '.i il le iitni <1; tin "i1 ? u wuhroys an I "i u--l?t in '!<?' ihamhersterk; t! nr; ! ' city rcfe'en-'- i,iu brglvii; i o otirctlon to go short Ji iame in the country. Call for two (lay* ut 150 West 2Sih at. (SITUATION WAKTBD-SY A TOUNO AMERICAN O la I' li. * rn-i *'' *>!' family, na liniisek-rpr-. 1 >nilirte'it to uke the entire eha: go. Rrfenne gi.-o Can 1?- I n li t- m o dayy at So. k'lil East IStl. at., top floor, bark room. OITi ATIOM WANTED 16 Y A RESPECT A BLR YOl NO ' kj mm in, as chambermaid, or to n-' -i in . . m hlug, I unlng . r nnraiiif. Call for two day* at 73 Writ 33d >t. ^<iii ATIOM WANTHD-B* a RESPEt I I I i PRO O l"-''ir oil*', ;* s .mliirniald, in mind children, or to do plain sew ii.u. .'all a' PS We-l if7 h it., eerond I' i ir. L?ITPA'PTflNS WANTED?BY TWO YOl'NO WOMEN; n .?mo.,|i and l.?undrr-?, the other ?' rSair.t?i and ? ? ti' S". Ilea the heat of i ty reroreiie-; no objcn lioua j t" i.o in the country, Call at 118 West27ih ?'. situation wanted? ah chambermaid am) O trailer,by iyoungwoman, who 1* wflttag toMavtin tint wi!*litog and ironing. App'y ul her present place, ?;i K if .yoth at. OITI ATIOS WANTED?BY A YoT'NO WoMAN. A" O chambermaid aud walirea*. Call r r tivo 'a>* al 337 Iriat ,'th brat boor, tiont room. None but pri ?*.e family need app jr CITl ATION WANTKO?BT A YOUNG GfBL tij lad'* ? maid end acameire-s, ofaci?m*treai and chamber maid "*i e dti raa; ran fill and til' hiidr'h'a slo*hr? and am hroidrr. la wiling 1 1 make liar~' If useful in any *. i? ; wouM likf i " trayrt a lalannl). Call this acek 4ilUni.it 'JX\ -t., Iictwieu 7th and gth ava. RK-PF.i"ryni E IMtOTESTANT OtltLS WANT 1 t n? m a ?a i imk, washer end Irounr, and tin utkirt' < |i >m'atinnd nn I waltresa; Mould ..ysir in il l id nud ii iilh. Rrst id alt/ifferance can begtvan, all v |P Ks i< ?t., ' a < arn 10 and 3 o flock, .1. II. tl iiortnan U'ANTF.D-\ ?ITl*ATIllS, BY A RESPECTABLE jrn ig n .iiian, ua norotic irho liaa I. > ohji e i< I. to |.,kin? air of rhl:dr?ti trom tlialr infancy; on" ?b .Ili -It!> r " w or worf t tlirm no objr fion to g i a short din. tiD<-a In lb'country Good hdercuca g' ?. Cu or two days at ta3 7th avc., brtween ."St h a|.,t 411th ata. UTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A Kh<PEi TABLE imI, aa cook; wo lid haee no objection to aaatal -sid ihewaaMntlf re'iulrad; i? nn am ellrnt bread and b acilli rnakar and undaratands all kinda of rtaea-rta; wn.tdllketo go to ilia country for tin- aommar. liaa tbi - ya? .y r, rarence fi-om liar laat p ace. Call at No. B Ludlow place, for w o days. U'ANIED-HY AN AMEItl' AN PROTESTANT (JIRf.. B'ltuatloaa* crimral hott-rwnrker, or a hainlx.r maid nnd walirr, or would lake a ro ik r'a, Can gin mir?rr|,tiotiable rcli-reinr Can I" am-n at lirr laat piatr, N .< K i mii( pla<* betwcn Cllmi-ii an I ll.u- :i Brooklyn UfANTKD?BY A R*?PBCTAHJ-H WOMAN V Mill A tlon aa good nook . baa no' bj"dlou to aralm tvllb tlie warlotig ami Ir-Nilrg. ill at 117 .'h an , :, r > t ' t.;, i< rnorn; /on ! rltjr rBl'-ran o, UrA.MEO-BY A HE-I'R TABLE VOI'NO WOMAN, ,i Mtuatloa u? < bafn hernia id and wanrra-.; b?at oil/ 1 af. rrence rum hr in | -;? , ? ' rn aha i,.i? . ! tr ? y. l ull at 28 W'rat tilth I botwio-ii Mb and tkh ;>t ? * UT ANTED?BY A RKsPKi'TAiEE YOl No WOMAN A ltuailon aa waltr-aa, "r a* w?ur?a? an I chambermaid; III. I livi. yi-.ar-u' n?r I. a' I'. IW, ami in g.- n tai ory r<-fci,m>-. < n or -n u fof two lay 4 at r | -in I'liiplojrri , TN W 1 ill !i ?!.. ? M' Ur AN TED?A 811 CATION AR CH A Ma." UN AID, 0? to n??i?t In ttailimi ami ironing; nan da pi i n ? v in* and embroidery ami mi'nJ to rbUilren; l a- a.i . n-fr* rei - e tmm h?t i j?l u'arr A ppljr for two da/a a. u , twt? <-?n I'Tili aim iikin at.Iii-i Ilm.r, fron' rtr-io. Ur \NTKI>?BY A EE T ABEE WOMAN A HITI'A. ii <m cli tsalirrmald ami loindrraa; good illy n-fr. niM-r {> n i '.iI at-llu Weal MKh at., near itih av . for tyt o i'.hv/ U'ANTEl- a -tri AT;oN.Ar rriVr,nV"xi ?j,k' or to no pi.iIn aewlng, ran c it and lit chiidini's dr- am, or would do I'limlrr i irk; liaa nn 0>i o-cllona in go In the ennui >-. < h ru loi two-laya at iti;1, End loth I. >'ifj reference, U'AKTKD-BY~A~RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A "SlftTA* i on aa ?liainlv rm Oil; no olijpi-tlona to nuatat ;th i tnr w.<ai iiiy i-1 d Ironl'i/ and laar ,n# of cliilt!t' , |,,| I etn arwinr; oo iv-ir tl-ota lo go in Uj? eat!'/. la .'i? at-un j Ibl 1(1 <v>> at 147 Wr?i^7l!l at K. HERALD, THURSDAY SITUATIONS WASTED?FKWILKB. WANTED?JY A BBSPRUTABLE YOUNG W<>MAN, A ? ? illnalluuto do gemnal nam !work. ?'M. be ?n lot two days ati pr- sor.i cm. :oy, . l.i Cihi'O'i ft*., w si Hide, third h-ju.se south of Park av , Brooklyn Al/A^TED?A .SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT I acunsttvm . an . ut .m l lit ludira' and olilldrm's dre eg, and und. rslundaalt kinds ifian.iD sowing; w nit 'i.-dat or take entire . barge of growing . Mi'Iien. ("at of r, nereuee givea. Call at oi add,, ae .74 Weal SaOtl* tit., for two day a. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A S1TUA ?? l.oil ;o ,10 hauiUrr'voi it. City rcierou, two >r.,rs at last piae'. Cull to' two lay*, from 8 A. M. tiii 5 P M , at 54 Attorn, j at. Wanted -A SITUATION AH KIRHT CLASS WAIT II I'. a aud to nssiat in the chninb.'rttork, th oat itjr rticr. ni.' gl\en. <"aU at 78 We-1 j|7th at. wiimo-a SHUAIiON by A rkhpei table II young woman, aa wot ouraeuud n aolit tu the n> edlowork , good oliy reference. Apnly at 81 Lexington av. U' a.OED-IB* a UVBCTAIUI BIBU a situaII lion as chambermaid*and ? ma. or chambermaid and (dam sewer; no obje, lion to the country; can get mu x. . cptiouoble city reference. Call at 31 W rrcn at., South Brooklyn. WAV"rK[>-A SITUATION, BY A 1'EoTKKTANT WOII man, to rook, waali and iron, or <i>> arnmal housework in a tr.ible taiuny. beat city reference. CuB At AM East 2i?t street. II'A^TEU-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ii yo ng it ill. i* chambermaid and wmtreas, or laundro,; good ret ? in n from her itw-l place. Apply at 87 Weal 4 th at , ton Uoor. WANTED-BY a respe table YOUNG girl, a II Hit.iallon to do rlHUiibr/work and waiting, or sowing; rati do tin i washing and ironing; la a very willing gnl; has good ,-ity refetenoc. Can be seen at her present plate, 13.1 2id at., tietwoeu titli and 7th ava., for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS II wultrrae, or todo rhnmbcrivork And waiting; ia willing and obliging; no objeetlbns to the country; guod refeici. 'c. Aupiy at ISd 7th u>bet ecu 23d ami 24tli ate., third tlor, ba< k room. WrAN I'ED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A UESPEOT" ah.e Protestant woman; understands all kinds of Vtkcry ami dairy busiiiras; best ol cltv mid rouutrv reference. Can be keen for to o uays at 11! 2*th St., m ar 3d nv. WANTEIJ-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE IT i'rotea'.iut girl, na chambermaid an I to aaaiat with washing or pi ,lu ww ing; would do light waiting ill a tniiall lari.il\. l'lca e - nil for tw o day a at ill) West 26th at, lu the rear basement. W anted?a situation, as cook, and to assist ? f wit a t?? washing ami ironing; or to imc car" ?u children , the best of ret> rence can be giv.-n iroui her last euiployer. Cull dor two days ut 112 3d acenue. Urintbd-st a respectable young girl. a situation a* cook, washer and Irouri; or us cltambcriti.ii I anil waitress, anil to assist in the washing; the best of city reference. Cull at 122 East 2<Uh St., betw ec n 2d and 3<1 uvs., sc.iond Moor, back ioodi. WANTED?BY A BBSPBi T.iHLK YOUNG WOMAN. a si' nation as good plain cook; is a gooil baker, was icr riot ironei ; good reference i rom ber lant pln 'e. Cull for two lays ut37 VV est -Ijtli St., between Oth and lilh ava. \I/ANTLl>? A SITUATION. BY A KESl'ECTABLE GIRL, V? uh I'tiati.h 'i maid and laundress, or chambermaid and Jro w asher ami iioncr. Cull for two days at ct-ki W est lytn st 117ANTED?a SITUATION, BY a RESPECTABLE VY young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, uo objection 'i take .ere of ' InMr m; has the best of city reference iro a i?r la t place. Cat. be seen for two days at 7U West 28lh a;., lop lb.or. lkTANTED?A SITUATION, BY a VERY EtPERIVV , ?d and highly recommended servant, to take charge if uumery and claimberwork; can ti.k-* care of an lnlaut run. its birth; has no objection to do ' i.e washing and Ironng the best of city reference Can be seen for two daye at liR Water St., Brooklyn, near Hudson av. VITANTEK-A situation, by a respectable I young girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or to do general^kusewnk in a small ianuiy: is w ilbng to go a short distanViiuthe country: las good city reference front her last l iar. . Call at i+t'Uesi 32d it, near 7lh av., second iloor, itont room, for two days. Wanted-a situation, by a young oikl, as chambermaid and waiter, or as nurse and seamstress. I es ihe be?t of reference. Call for two days at No. 50 Brr, n -tree!, Souih Brooklyn. \ I"ANTED?BY an EXPERIENCED PROrESTAN1' VY woman, a situation to take are of children and make ;. rself useful. She desires a ulct, i omforluMe home mo"e .hr.n Urge wajes. Cull at the fhiead and Needle Stoic 158 Id ar. WANTED-BY A LADY, A SITUATION FOR AN American girl, to do chnmberwork or mind children, [full, after 10 o'clock, on the corner of Linden street and Cr hidw ay, Brooklyn, e. D , opposite the goihic house. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A fir. tuatioii m take charge of children and do plain sewin ; or ; ,!r chain network; no obje' lion to go in the country h r the summer. Can lie seen lor two dnysai 138 Eu-t 3811; "t., '.H'tween 21 and 3d uva. The Lest ol city reference from Iter -a4 l c'a' e, IV ANTED?BY A UE8PECTABI-E YOUNG OIIIL, A SItt c.atlon t<> i nok, wash an ! irnu or to do < liaml. rwork. (j,ioul city rot'eriu-e from her in it place. Apply a. H'tiS.h wc., in .n :'ltb m., second UOui , i'rui.l room. W'ANIED- \ SITUATION AS COOK. MY A YOENtJ ?? v. oo?n, tvho Is willing to nmOt n. ill > washing and ironing. Apply at her pre em place, 33 Eaal 30th at. IF ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RUSI'ECTABEE 1 W .'ill, to do tbu liMitauwork of a small private family; tinla i- o city relerfii given. Can be seen lor tuo days at BS I'.te I : St., between llieksuml Henry sta.. Brooklyn. Ur VNTKD?A SITUATION, BY AN HONEST GIRL* TO dog. neial li'eihow a; best reletei.ocs given; piiw.te family (.vfei.s I. Apply at UOEa'ii'i'i.s si., In the . o t ami si. at im. ?1T ANTED?RT A KKS"KOT\BEE YOUNG HIRE, A VY iii.tfioit as t.ltam it i - ! or lo do plain new ine; a oilld have no ohm-. .i tahccaritof el. alien, l)4'St of le.'e. te cs given. < an be nr.-n lot twodayaat Iter last employer ?, g;t? tt ?i IV INTKD- MY A KKn.'Ei TAB. K Jl A Kit I ED WOMAN, Ti 11'Mt: -1 u* w .time. ,- iii at Mb Ea 1UStb s:., between 21 a n'1 o>l av? Ur \ N i'ED?A SITUATION, BY V RESPECTABLE >.? 1Ill, to do ebaiiibcrwork and wan ng and loanM -1 i it i he v. .odniig and I r- n tig: w ill i >. ha in hi i w era ai.il hi. wash ig.' i io-uidil.ipr.il .tKiaing in ? anailltumily; I* orjnl'1:. . bti'ig 1.1 ' i'y M-rei-eiiee fioii, her lest piece; is I.t-ioliihi en. Apply In iw at 334 tjth tie., between elb ami gs' -ts.. third floor, 'iiu-a eooni \V ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN, T ) t? do el - "lb- iivoik and Me washing, a as lanndr h..? llu " years < { en- e i, om her t | la ; no o'lje, lions io -ic ejiitiy In . roa;2yl 1stfv., I.ineen 17th and l-ili is., it. he .- si ire \V ANTED?BY A HESI'E- TABLE Ol Ilf,, A SITUATION T? to da .."I4 wo. k In i small i rtrata fa niy; ta a good i ...It on.I a t: I ?1 ..... naslii'i-and _ is u initio end ..nil. glnfr it; refcrcgye. Col'at N<\ J86U1 ? .. '.? ITRD B1 A MBPBOTABUt WOIUH, A BtTCA* ?Y t telle maM -I 1 all bo Mvfl at ,,e- i 'i. ' >y : No. II Wc?t Huh at. a'ASHM SITI'ATJi>N HY \ YOl Mil WOMAN TO Yl ' i (i nwork na 1 private family; a >...; lime i.i> U.'-'i iii to g> a abovt >i - .nv- in th>' country. [ r.. iiy r fee, tc c Kith''given ' ill t". two day a at 111 We?* lytc k* aeeond hour, Back room, between 6th an ! 7ih are. tt \- ID A UfDAIlMI BY I RMTBCTABUI ft > nit, j:r . to '! > hooa ii chamber wok, or to take ivn of cinl'iiu'i n a nail I'l'vnt" family; good city ,efer. m K yi i n. * all for i" o tlayn at 174 Dmttc at., neeoud Hour, If'ANTI l>-A SlTt'ATlON BY A ItRfil'E'TABLE ENOIf |t yirl, a* u'*A. fan bo uc u for two dayaat No. J7X Washington si. _____ VV VSI ED? BY A HKSPEfTAHEK PERSON, A SITt A. ff Ho , * lady's oahl r - c 'i.?trc-? fi,(lci?Lai?W hair (lrc?aiii:, il-ni.aklna an J pi.'tn s-wio^. V pit nt 3*1 .Mac., n Die latin wore, betwo u '.'tli an t lUtli its . for two day?, II'ANTKD-HY A YolNO WOMAN A SITUATION AS If ui M mid ' airs' r-'-is can ' i embroidery; I a* city ref. ret c from Iter la-t |c c ; no objection to ro a abort dlsta in tlio onnliy fan t acen 'lot two days at 116 Eitl im n iMrd o 'or. Droit, _______ 117 tlTI IV-BY v\ till-,ill' v n PROTB TAXI YOl SO t* girl, n Mloatlon as utirtb anil a abuorrse, or < bombermaid, tvlili a c1 "j1 re< ornmeli'la'bio. Thti-'t wishing such iicj tcp'y t"i two u .ya at DUT W .'ai.ia^U'U ucct,a cond floor, frGm'. row?. U'A.NTKD-BY \ ItF.SI'ECTAHI.E OIK!., A SlTl'A tlon a* bratcln * laundron; Ilia brat of city reference will U' K 1" f an ' u ? u fur two u.iya 11 3"o SUt av., torun 146th at. llT ANTED? HY A IIK'TKI I AHI.K DIKE. A SITUATION If an ulll r aU'l seamstress would alao be willing to do t'bamber.v. rk; Ii imobjrci o to go a short distance Into II h conntry; good 'It; reieret fan he aeon for two daya a- lain Sib iv.. corn, i gbtli at. U'AMl'I> BY A RESIT.C TAHEE YOl NO WOMAN, A aiti,u ion as ch .uu ei mal 1 aid waltieaa. and to assist Wlih the nitablugai'd ironing, 'an be Men lm two day* nt an w .-nil t. IV ANT F.I) BY t REsPECTABEB YorNU WOXAN, If a- notion a* c ? iiHtrca and chambermaid; can do embroidery; willing to make U i " If generally nselnl. fan b> u en lor i a day-ai bei pr< Mill eiiii'doyt i m, ttWe-tlpth *t , betive ii >1, ;u,,t r.tb ava. Ur ANTED? FOR A YOt'Nfl FUENf II EADY, 111 YEA US ,,l i ' .i -i1 ..,11? i, in iuii, c >, I Ian, Iv. I'cnidina inn ?\ .*>- nn< iiMidii' l (linn Now York, sb Hai-her ot < ? > p.iinon - iiiu tMtlen "i children, in \rb<>iii Hreiich would "r i ii'iihi in e.rhangi li i Kiipl-h. Tiltliug tmntieiiMatloti re-pit v bere n ui.0'1 limiie ruin'l le- bail. B. hi re'rrnu ci i- - t.ealre VJ"lr"-? II V.I,, llerald nfll'it, foi oa week. \V' IS! I.D-HY A KKSPEorABI.E niKE, A BlTtTA f? Hen ms i Imtti'iernutld nf It do general boum-work, <>l 1.1 take >?rc 01 ibllllreil Mini anklet with tlie washing miic Ir n.at. mm I nit) lelereiict'a. Apply ai Mr. James C. Hal|iiu e, 5.-7 oh ek. 11TANTED?A OfltL, A HITUATION AS CHILD.' ft n ' ami -"nmstieMM or lo da lij|l<i cbnmberwurli ail ! ? ? Call be Ml t n Mt II W net iidll ,t li. AM I II-A HITI ATION, BY A HKSP tlCTABiiT I* y<> inggirl, a* laimdreai or lo do chariiherttnrk anc .in* lire wa" ig mi l e oiling, III it pi iviite tfamily. Hnod ie f reo .' -I run her I*mi plane. Can In. -m-ii at ber I t .Men p. clou ("f ti e reniMinder of ilna week, at 111 Wem ZAtli at, N I wren (Pit mv. ami Broadway. m \t ANTID?A' HITI ATION, BY A KI.HPECT \ HI.E ft nun; A'i'iiaii, ti ilo general liou?"WnrIt, |? a good w. .alter ami ii nrr B* at <?' rity r fir. me; bun .if -it tli* Its' two > umte w itii nut . a mlly. ' al piy g<| at lot t It ret day*. \\T \ S IP. H A HITI 'A ITOM, BY A BEHPEt TABU ft P r teaiant, um< 10k itml to ?m?imI ,ln na?hiin( an.l nun Intf. lute ao el Hy reference. C i il ?l lift Wiim Join al Ur ANTED?BY A HMAHT YOl'Ntl WOMAN, A BITI A ti'iii: la a if"0'l eoot.. and n wl|. ng tn go a "In ? ilia lance In the i uuntry: good retain.i p given. an be Been lot two (la)M at "Vi.'i litli mv., near 'AM at. ll/ANTED?A hlTUATION. BY A REHPE'TABLF TT young woman, a. marnatpeaa in ? private family; rar tint til id .Ii en 'a cin'hlng. no objection* to wait on a lady Call si 100 Wast 17th St. ^ \i; AMKD-BV A IIKAPKCTAHLB WOMAN A sir A

ft ti>.n g>. Pre' 'at" .' * J la w in - ng Ui a*' ill - in. and Iron nr. ? t " vln.nUy: Iter prelCDI en ployrr h tV- ai if t) i' >? !? ro Mb ht ii tiM are. j APRIL 24, 1802.?Till PL | im ATJONS "WAXTKD?FEMAL.ER. 1 \V 'S*'KlC-A KITt'ATTON, BY A YOUNG PROTE8 ! II taut gin, asseamstress and chambermaid; isagood j mi .trwis; tan ojijujr. t inWhe'UrA Wilson's and Oro cr I ? Baker's sewing machines; r.o objection to a->-i8t in lllfi i nnrs-ry or go in the u try. t,'Ity reference. Call at or address 113 West 15th at. \\f ANTED?B'? A KKSI E 'TABLE GIRL. A SITl'A ? * tiun im nurse and reamsirt -?s. or chambermaid o watlreae: no objection to go a short distance from th. . :ty; the beat kind ut c ty rrfnmte jrlven from last employer. Oail at or add: ess far two days M72 Sth ?* ., seci n 1 hoor, front. W ANTED?BT A BBffECTABIiB YODIS OIKL, A It situation us chambermaid and waitress >r to U>J are of children and do plain Dewing; no objection to th* country. Cit> reference from h-r Inst place, c'uu be secu for twoda. a at 113 St. Mar k's ; a e. H'AMl-.D-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NU WOW\N, A ?T situation, to cook, wast, and iroa; no objective: to do ehaiuherwork. Has the best of elty reference. Call 1. T two ?a>> ut 23 S ale St., South Brooklyn. TA"ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A KESPI't TABLE vf young woiuan. as chambermaid and line laundi?<s, or to assist with children; understands all klt.ds o family sew lug. Has six years' reference. Can bo seen at 312 West Kith si., near 3<1 av. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNU WOMAN. A SITl'ATiON AS VY cook, washer ami irouer; has no objection to do the general housework of a small private family. Best of city t eferenee. Call at 376 3d ave., between 2dth and bhttn ?ts,, in WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO hi an, an plain C"0k, washer ami Irotier. N" ub ? t.on to so a shorl do-tanee |u the country. Be.-tol city refereu-?. Can in* mm a loo WMt l'Jth St., ni tin; rear. W'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to take care of children and d- p.aiu mswing.or 'o do charaberwork ami waiting. Uood >-ity reference. Cull at 318 West 10tii eU, for two (lays. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as nurse and chambermaid, or us nuise and seamstress; no objection to the country. Brat of "tv reference Call at 64 Atlantic St., between Hicks and Willow, Brooklyn, first lloor, front toom. TTfANTED?BY A PROTEBTAET WOMAN. A KITUAT T ti n tu cook; wonltl be Willi >g to assist \t nh the washing and Ironing; would have no objection to go In the country lor the summer. Best of city rclereuee from her last employer. Cull at 107 tlth a.., near 41st st. TITANTED-A SITUATION AS NURSE, BY A RETT sp- '-table woman, w - o fully understand* I iking charge of an infant from its birth or to bring it tip by hand. Best city reference. Call at 37 V\ est 12th St., between bill and 6lh av-iujcs. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT-VBLE young w man, to do chamb-> work and lino wasning and Ironing, or to do plain sewing, or as cbamh -rmaid and waitress; hilly cupa' 1 to do eltlii r. lias rood city re! n in e. Can i e seen lor two day s at her present employ er'a, 10 University p a a. SITUATIONS WAUtED?MALES. t KIT I ATION WANTED?AS i OACHMAN AND JY groom; Is a good reinsmun; UU IcrKlands tie tre.itmcnt of horses, and Is reliable; was six years in his last place; has had twenty years' experience In the i ity and country; ha-- references to show for the same; also understands the cure of a garden ni d a country phn e; h?? a w lie and one child; prefers l-nurd wir es aud a * ullage than to go alone id a first class situation as oo ichuian. Address J. II., box l.Vi Herald office, for three days, or at Tarry-tow n, Ween healer county. SITUATION AS COACHMAN AND HRoO.M WANTEDBy a respectable married man, who tin l< rttund* his buslnes-; is o rood and eai.-ful driver; is perfectly oouvc:sant with the care and maiiageiiieut nl horses; will b>- found aitentive and obliging. Unexceptionable reference given. <ran be seen at the stable of hit present employer until eugn?'d, 71 West list St. WANTEDw-EMPLOYMENT IN ANY CAPACITY. BY a reliahl- man from the country, American, aged IS. Never uses tobacco orlopicr: not afraid of work; good reference. Address Mars, box 227 Herald office. HELP WANTED-MALR8. t GENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE?TO SELL WOODXY worth's novel Uneom utiiing Begar. A descriptive olr Call from 10 A M. to 3 P. M , oc addreia Bridges A Lane, AO Cortland! rreet, comer of Greenwich. VCENTS CAN MAKE MORE MONEY BY SELLING KL KARDs UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECEIPT PACKAGE than bv airv other Investment. OCR PACKAGE 18 IN SUCH DEM AND THAT AGENTS EASILY M*KE FROM $10 TO *IA A DAY. ? ikci laks mailed free. S. C. K!< K \KD.S A CO , 102 Nat^a . htreet. A GENT-IK YOU WISH TO INVENT A. A SMALL CAUITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Emmine me merit* of iho mujltomiciwJUn, Call and ?ee it. or -<?:itl stamp for circular. S. O. KICK\KIM .* CO., 102 Nussati at reel.?. Y. i CENTS-"STRIKE WHILE THE IRON Is HOT/' JV Yon rail make a day l>y selling 11>e DIME PANPKOSPIIOSlf'M PRIZE PACKAGE, Price 10 cent , Co iteming " X'een now and original article*. incldding a gift o/ jewelry If jo i would piaka no nev now. 'end Gamp for a circular. W. It. CAT&LY A CO , KB Nai.an street.. 4 GENTS. SEND FOR OCR CIRCULAR, MAILED FREEA PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, UNION AND RECEIPT PACKET, PRIZE PACKET I OK TUB Mil.I ION. EYOELSIOR STATIONERY PA' KEf. , pai keis wrnr and without jewelry. 11 llEAD'vUARTKllS FOR STATIONERY PACKETS HASKINd .t eg., 30 ITesV m n nirret, New York. A RON WANTED?BY A PHYSICIAN: ONE USED TO a Iniric preferred. Apply at nl En at 12th st. 1} oo K K EE PER ?W ANTED, A THOU' iCUHLY COM, I) 11 'III' bo ik keeper. A lilrra <1. W. A Up.t oOlco, c .el".11p r.'tl stamp, and stating ago. 0 .peril: ice, efe ron. e and cr'ary. T)OY WAXTED-IN A LAW OFFICE; MUST WRITE ) a (t " d l.n d. Aiidrea*. with specimen of limi'lun It Riialiiiinre. ho* 111 Herald otliec. Bar tender wanted?to attend in a ay hole sole :.n I retail liquor store. To a person ertnprlen: and nu iv e'l rerommendrd a permanent ?Itit.iti<>u % . ill S g'vru. Apply this 'lay, from 10 in IJ o'clo to M.< I, 1d V ,rrell. k4.? Ilu Gun ct., lorner of Br our. /TOOK.?WANTED, A MAN COOK, FOIi A MILITARY v.'1 ho ptlai In tliii Sta'e; he inu?t bo n. vis.nm, <1 t.i e ink. !> i a In "is; ihc situation v. ill lie norm it."i.t atld It >gulp;, l<) th" wars. Apply at Hookhan A Bedell's, 317 and jl>.i 4 b ?v. Call earl v. / 1AN". ASSES WANT III?... SKLL ' fli-ri. ality \J o! Hi" ill Ike rity o, Nrw Vol*. A 111' r I run'mi* "II ?ill O" ioii>l to a auitablc party. Address A1 ( him, - i, II . m d tiH. " HEL'" WANTED?TWO YOI'NG men IN A NEW-' p, pe p u king an I forwmding Imsini : rii'i-t t o. ?ill Ine to !> a-, the tin at three o'rl k in tins looming' can lravi uMib'Hiili" same lionr In tlio n t 'i i'ooii moai hr rapid penmen and ooriert at figures. Appl> at 21 Ann M.cct, on Thursday, April 21. after lour #V;, rk I'. M. HAMILTON, JOHNSON A FARRELLY. |>|RTER WANTED?IN A RETAIL DRY HOODS \NI> .L '.'hi11 e "lor. ; n licit jrnuug ".an, willing to worknheap, ran tin t conrant employment. a y< nng i un to II hosiery. Apply lo Geo. Keves, SA.'l Hi?> av. QALEsMAN WANTED?IN A El'JIN If I' RE sTuRE O Oil" woo c ill git n K<'Oil r fcr< n o- and !s abl 'to i >au iiis rmployi'i fro n $ OJ to SMM ? ill find a p* i maun situtitton und a liberal aiary. Address M..I. H., Herald oilier. WANTED?AGENTS EVERYWHERE. TO SELL VV LAMB'S near nrtlrle, ami 'thing n ry man woild'ni glad to obtain: no-o ie In n million rm m? it. N arii'l" lust ever Wat Invruled will -nil equal to it; also other lira ar'.lohsr. t'lreubir with rut? n li -otoa tv nddrOSCAR E. LAMB, I' O. Ink ll.57f. Boston Mnra. WANTED -A RIDBB BOY FOB CTU! DEM MUM Tf and olhtr work, at 50 iln-rn ; -t. IVAN TED?A SALESMAN IN A EA I'll It HANGING IT and upholstery store. None tier.I riqily but H " < ? '1 ac inalntad with the hiislnr'a. and have the l e-to' refeie i e T. W. I'DATES, 314 Hp I on at. WANTED?AN AGENT, TO SELL ON COMMISSION, Vl lor 'ash. Brand Irs, Whisk" Gin. a< par risk; ir in: nerd apply l?"t I how who have a large nombei of c , Mintaur< K already, aud <au command a good trade in Nop York or la tin- o ii'ry. To "I' ll a man a very b nidnoinr commission will la giv< n. Address Brandy and Gin, HeraMoM o. WANTED-A SMART AMERICAN B<?Y', Til WORK IN II a I lani.inl and -pen "ystris; nonr bill those who thoroughly nndrr-land ihr tni-'n< .a n?rd aj>ply at thr < urnrr of t'th uv. and 22 I si., after It) A. M. WANTi;D_^T 49 WALKKIt STREET, IN THE II \SK II pirntf a boy, 15 ("III years of i?gr, to go enauds and make himself oac'ful. The bed of ref< rciire' required. WANTED?A STOUT YOCNG MAN, FOR THE HITCII. II "ring hii-lui ? Go , 1 reformer roqu re I. Apply to Th ,mns Hushell. 34J Columbia si? corner ot Warren, South Brook)) n. tit ANTED-1 RKEIAKLE MAN TO ASSIST IN A travelling bmduen; Ihe ilgni paity, with a1 nut can have u pel im-unit It'Ui'lon lit $'Vl ? month ami hi* c?. |i?hhs paid. AY. Mall land St Co., 101 Broadway. IA7ASTKO-A CLERK FOR A BROKRR'R OFFICE Tt Apply at (ill Knltoi at.. Met limit.?' Clerks' !; itl?uy 1 and Advertising Otl.i-. Mtuutioni procured ftu u-.-pi table | purlieu. Reference lo liiv.a?? Ikmim1". Eatabll?liei! l(J.yt. i Conducted on a new pt tr iple. Call and not our I' t iii*. I t tera by mall omit enclose stamp. 1 \I'ANTE1)-A BTOLT BOY, TO (JO A SHORT OIKY? tarn* in the country; must I* willing to tvork in the ' garden, milk a cow and make himself generally useful I anuind the lion ;e; no objection to a good hoy lately lauded, i Apply ?t 10Tlllnry at., Btonklyn II,'ANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE BOV. ABOUT l'OIJR. YY two ymiiold, of genteel npp.rrnui.,-, .. good penman, and not afraid lo work for a ainall salary Apply h-tureen M J and O'clock. WOODMAN, ivb Broadway, up ataira. \irsNTKri-t MliMlhtf, IN THE FURNITURE YY More 15? Chatham at. -VtrAXTBO^rOR A MANTILLA BTORI i if KM. FIRM YY c'aaa aaleamcii and thrrn young ladlea, who rauai have n full kno? legit* id the Broadway frnde Api If to Jim. Turner, 477 Brnadw a v. ' 1A,* ANTED?TN A rnREfON IMPORT I No liOUHE. A YY hny 1.1 to Id ycuraol age, must hi- ititrdllgent and in1 diietrltiU , and of re*peetab!e parents, lettldiiig In th>- dtv. halai t ?l'ki in *t y. ?i Address, atatlng rofi rencei, J<. U., hot 4^,1 I*. ?l oilier. | ItTANTED-A HOOKKERl'KR AND CORREsPONDl No Y 7 iJin k ; alau .i \oting man. who apeak* Outman, ,ia light potter. Apply at l il Kit ton street, M i hunt*' Clerka' ftr ? ,try"lhn'. Situ.til in* pro -tired. Referrncoa to flirt hoc.- .. Isinolished 185(1. < 'inducted on a ucwr auit advantageous i principle ?ANY OKNTRKMAN HAVINO THIS AMOUNT pi/?), at hla hiiiiicdtaia dlspoa?l,c iii hear of agun-l in ri-at'imnt, hy which 'ir can receive f .* |ier -lay prolit, hy calling at 4ft Hi nad? av, mom Id. C! (fin OR $MW.?A HAItK CIlANi'B FOR A MAN P'H'U with Hie sum ot gtnd ni t sS1 to travel; a re! apminlMe altoatlnti, aa troaaur r. A me a eafnv nt an i|a i gund salary For lull particular- filli at 48 f-tsp- naril atrecT, room No. J, batwaeil I aud 4 u clock. None hut primipil* need apply. Sim LABORERS ffANTRD-ON a RAILROAD tN t i)UU Neu .ler?w. Wages 11 a day. Apply-m hoard U- Sfe-niit oal Aurora, font pf Itoblnlou it., be I'm e 3 O Clock I each nay ,15 SHEET. I I IF. UP WANTED? FEMALES. A DOZEN SMALL UIKLS WANTED-IN GOOD FAMiltex ami j teady homes; some to sac. p and dust ami do I light work; some to take raie of liildren; one to go a short dlstaii eoi'to: to , to good huiut'i. Apply immediately at toe Jstrge Institute, ISM 11th at.,corner 6tn av ,to Mis. Floyd. APPRENTICES TO THE DRESSMAKING.?NONE BUT go ,U sewert nued apply to Mr*. Sutton, VJ7 6tli av. AYor.nh ladt waSTED-TO attend in a taucy store; good referenc es are required. ADOLI'II KINO, :?I0 and 3Ul,'i Bowery. / TOOK AND LAUNDRESS WANTED?FOR A SMALL Vj family; loth women to uud-istand their business thoroughly .end tocue highly recommended from last places. Appl.. at ::m East Twrnty-iouiih street, corner of Fourth uremic, after 10 o'clock A. M. / tOOD MILLINERS WANTED-ALSO ONE WHO IS 'X able ami w I ng io assist iu selling, at E. K. Ureene's, t.V 6ih av., one door below gtlth si. JERSEY (1TY.-A OooD COOK, WASHER AND Irouer wanted?At 187 Yurk__st.; white, Herman or col red,t ut must come well recommended from their las' place as to a thorough knowledge ol work. Such an one may cull for two days. Milliners wantkd.-tiiuee or foi r hood Milliners wante d; also ttvo chess can makers and it good saleswoman. Inquire of Mrs, Gallagher, 221 Sixth avenue. Milliner wanted-to trim children's straw bats. None hut an experienced hand nerd apply. Iuquire at Bantu's, 3a7 Canal St., earner o. Wouster. Servants in Brooklyn please notice.?t have a'uinuance of places every clay, in the very host families in Brooklyn, at the highest wages; large numbers of ladies are coming every day, wanting servants of every dc s i?ii ion cum" ana see lor youi?ei>IB. -appiy to nr. CHRISTOPHER, 10 Tillary St., Brooklyn, late Manning A Co. TO MILLINERS.?WANTED, FIRST CLASS TRIMMERS ami (me accustomed to trim children's liata, ut Men. Jones', 102 South Sixth sired, .Williamsburg, flTANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL, EITHER UEUMA.N TV or Irish Protestant, to ho gen ral housework In a lamily of lour persons. Muni lie a lir.-it rate washer anil ircnei ami good jil.uu cook. V agei Jdu mouth. Good reference required. Inquire at 21ti West 27th st. WANTED?A RESI'ECTAHLE GIRL TO DO GENERAL lionsiworlt; must be a good cook, washer and holier, and come well recommended from her last place. Call ut US Grove st? corner of Grand at., Jersey City. WANTED?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work; city reference required. Call at 77 Eant Jfith si. WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, A SMART GIRL IT tor general housework; must be a good jtain cook, washer and irouer and kiu 1 to children, and be well recommended. Apply bettvei n 10 and 12 o'clock at 342 West 15th St., between Sth and 9th avs. WANTED?A WifM.VN TO DO THE WASHING AND ironing of a family by the month. Apply at lit Irving p ace, between 10 and 12 o'clock, to-day. WANTED-A NEAT, WILLING AND QUICK GIRL, AS TV cliau i.ermaid. Wages per month. Apply lor two days at sti Amity nt., with references. WANTED-A GIRL, To DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; TV a good plain cook and first rate washer and iroi.cr, with good city reference. Apply for two days at US Eu.m 32d nt.. between the hours of lDaud 2. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL, AS FIRST CLASS waitri ss and to assist In washing; must have good city reference. Apply ut No. 2 2d pluco, ilrooklyn, between 10 uud 1 o'clock. WANTED?MILLINERS AND TRIMMERS; MILI.Iuers wanted; live Trimniera wanted, two Improvers, two 8 tieswoiueii, Trimmers wanted, at L. Bum.-,, MilUncty, VI Hroadway, Ml. WANTED-A GOOD COOK; ONE TO ASSIST IN washing, lor a small family; city reference required, App.y from 9 to 3 o'clock at 7* West 2Sth st. TIT ANTED?A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO PAN PIT TV and muke dresses, and is willing and obliging, ra.iv apply, with city references, at 197 Amiiy street, between ill anu 1 o'clock. W ANTED?A RESPECTABLE GIRL, AS LAUNDRESS TT and chambermaid; must be willing and obliging. Apply a'. 167 Lcxiugt >n ave., one door from 31st st. W ANTED?KOl'R FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND TT trimmers, itt Mrs. Cruinnier's, 403Cana. st. WANTED.-A BE8PE4 TABLE GIRL WISHES A SI M tuail.ui as eonk ami to assist with the was:, in: mi l ironing: good r. feience cau be obtained fioin lier pie e employer, where she tan be aeenfortwo duvs, uttiS Hani lith st. WANTED?TWO GIRLS: ONE TO DO GENERAL TT hou-iSH -rk and the other to lake tare of children and p.sslat in the washing and Ironing. Apply at 110 West 4Gth a'. Wanted a good, first class dressmaker, tt by the month. One who ful'y understands bor burl eta:. CaHtwa 0 to 2, at G'J St. Mark's pl.ice. WANTED?A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL, TO DO GF.NEral housework in a private family. Good reference re. quire 1. Apply at 35 Hanky st. U7~ ANTED?I MM BDIATSDY, A COLORED WOMAN TT to Mo the teneral iio is?work of a -mall I'aniTly; intst lie a good plaiu took and brst rate washer atid Ironer; no other need apply. Call after 11 o'elock al 185 Grand at. WAXTBD?A GIRL AHOl'T 16 YEARS OLD. TO GO A tt few ml lea In the country, to take care of an infant and truike herself "ene rally useful; wages $1. Apply at 54 Huh street, corner of 4 dams, llioiklwi. UrANTED?A GIRL '??? DO GENERAL HOrSEWORK; musi he ii good weaker and Ironer; on woo Is willin : to go to Jerre , City. None but Pfoestant or Geriiiaii need apply ill 1.3 Fr inklln st. THE TRADES. i 4 NY ONE THORO'.'GIILY ACQUAINTED WITH THE A ml'.ugaiid .riuaing of w lilte lead In oil, and is w .ding tounia ! Ills in'o. nation, may do widl by ol lie-oiiK !' C., Herald o'lnc. II I* Mesne t to f tale where he bus been cmployed, Ac. Brewer wanted?to brew ale and poster Apply to .VI. Mien, .dpi Woal4.hb d. /TOPPER-PLATE PKIRTBE WANTED?AT E BE V/ ihdl's, 30J Hiiindwuy. High wag's and st ..dy w< rk to a coo l workman. TjWJftnCEB OR PILOT?WANTEIA BY an ENGL .Id ii"''i ... siv yone I'xp rleii * on t ie Canada Gen ral llulli ui u id t . o }" nri" on La'.i Erie a union us en.diie r on a railroad or st n :"r. or as | i ', or as in a- slant to eit .rr. Addn-?s Q. Da. is, In < iiiy ol Mo tin S'.t?) f. 71 Conluildt s*. OFFICE OF MILITARY DIIU'u IOK VND SUI'lSRlN tciitP lit ol' ltd si is ,n I lie: Duped States. Washington, Aprilfl, IMS,?Wanted Itnuied at, ly. by the I'nit <1 Ma c goveruiue.it, ten bridge l'.remcn and one bun !r* d hr.u.r c:i r|suH'-* t. No.in reod apply wiio eauiii t produce fcrtlmnn u > us to eitpei .enco nI ' 'p.i I1;1 in till* p i ril mar biviuch d'ar|ien.e lug. 1). C. MccvLLt'M Military Dire lor, 4nd S ip. i inte.elei.l ol ltsilr . .n Ih i I up 1 Mutes. .star A i; iinti.eiG nR I'lVtikV _4 t? A tlT TIF. ;l rtfXG >5 to ii-.irn augm l ining, but p i tic Urlv i>< i.ing, WMlma to m il ' uriangi-iiie.uta tvitb niu' oni -ibn ,i id wining 11 give ! , ... tit ..I li.ntrtuUloii li : ire tin pan En ? .cii l'i T mil in a ihe,- ;. o:h|?'ti -;i: "ii iM li gi\, u. A'tilrc".-', at King t 'line, Ai-., O. 0., tin* I HI lib i lei o tic '. rr?l KINIKUEIS.-W ANTED. A FINISHER OS ( VMSI ?!' i m. Apply at 7>i8 Broadway. s. MARY. rro 11 akxf.ss makers.?wanted, a hood hese.1 rul liainl; our v lio li?? baten a<t;u?ti?"i<"tl to att"nJ atn c prcf-pW'tj unt*t hnvi'uootl reffi tier. Would laltu a ani ilile partner. Apt 1) ! 'K I, iwrr, !C1'Htmdway, uearSlit at. 'IHI MA1TEU8.?SILK I1AT ITNUHIEKS WANTED, AT li! L I luiik'ui t at.'i'Ft, ti'Uith i'oor rito PHOTOGRAPHERS.?WANTED, AX A JTIVE. OENJ. tIt-1111 ly .Tiuing man 01' cl|wtli net In m.ik tig plnnta gi iptitr "lltiiiga; "iif u Ith a great ri al of patient" dud *rtlntl All att'l tl.OI "ll.lily H''4ll.lll,tlil Willi til' lusll.C-.,. v n 0M11 ra ni'i'd pply t On: imy'a g llcry, 7J7 Bt .idtray. ro Ail.RiUANT TA1M>RS.?WANTED, \ HITl'A HON, I. by a "lit . r, iv 1.1 ini" 1' -ii - up inl' ii 1"if "i a i.i-'ilunnlile tai or.iig 1 "labllaUiiicnv fnf 1I1" la*; r|,h' yearn. Tin l e-t of reform e given. Apply to or ? liit-.'-a Heuiictt, Jin. 70 Howcry. II'ANTED? V tio ID I'l.ATE PRINTER; ONE A< f I'SV| t uii' il 10 inn* pii tore jr tllnf. Apply i't 1c, Krautlln at. \\rANlKD-A WAHOS MAKER, TO HO A SHORT II d'Miumi; in Hi" KMintry. E- r l'ir''ier pirtpuli r? In (yitlt" .'I .1. A. Hiinipuriy.'.ig 1'h .in'iora at , S. V. U TASTED? A HOOD DAHl ERUEorYPlHT; OSB WHO I. a '.0 to s-ne .'mil |" Inn; aal.iry ,.c ?iding in merit. a| pl.> i i i. Drill. an Cliatliam *<J .am \tf ANTED?A PVNTAT.OON VND VEST CUTTER AI'It ply tn I'. t'. K. mum A t'Ibii tTiHt'.iaiu pinr. . KRKNCH ADVKUTIKRMI-INTS. ON DEM VNI1K -USE BONSE EltAS'i'AISK PHl'R aolaiit r li ii| ciifanta, rut etlge ipt'olle a."he coudre. K'adrewr a M. K. K. Du'a'a, ii E .. lia ,.e p a ?. r SK FILLE FRANCAI-K, AHE Dfci 19 ASH. DES1RK a placer routine tainrc d'enfanls. H'uln rn ?.i iMM I 2ir\e ft v., an d unlom", aur In dtunci cliatnbie No, 9. 1 For other \\ 11ilia H?r Srronil Pt?ijr. AMU LKilOK*. N' OTICB.-I HAVE TIMS DAY AI'POlN Wif) W.J. ik v "llj N". 19 ii in- .hi iilr'Ti au'l .H Retvinnii ?trc it, oily Of Ne ? Y ,'k, n'li' hr"i my raie Ail . ah orrcr* u niio lai' tdn i will to-promptly .nt'oded (<i. Tliepnlill. arura'iii- i d <" rain draigitlng is-ramie, who have aiirreputloi i ly ohtaln'-d my raalte, hthI a-r idling them witli an air oriolei lor quality and v-> ding tin*-aim- an ini nmiuilactnre. I will gnari nt- < none ?<'Imih? ntile?< puMnj?t"1 ul \\. .1. It owe'I. ?" agent for S'iw fin k. run ani'i.rniv A|>r|i II I - j. tVM Rl'DMA.V Ri i? M s N 8 pnibADKbrHu ali i herbbv ii itlfy Hit' pnlilit- iii.it i mn no Inngei agent fur tt t,t, u. ! It man. nor . Ivlllntativ alo lepruacuiing It to In if 1.|HI. uui ;r ; P it I # n netting ii ip-rlor arMelt- at n lowrrprl , In. ved by Mi. il oa.lt. I'onr w, who lint boon I. wlii: I r Mi. rt'i'tunii foi the pint i n year*. mi. who li.i | i Jim mi| tiM ra,i ii , n out an .art trie oqntil, if not atlpert.ir, Id any til n 2 Mr. Ru'tnan i.i I! plod ilcr. *' It rmi m-iiplr ,t .ii HfSTKK A PKNK'itjli'n Aim\anln, 74 ? ? 't n Mi. f. HENRY 0. FOSTER. KOR NiUiK. Fllilt PALLOR 1:XCIIAN(.E KARMOK XfXTY ACHKM; ii!?",nne hi ll Mil. in Now Jer* >; om f 1.1 arret, near.Intnu'oi, tor iia'i; oue "f 40 n ut TO a-r?a, In New Jcrnew ; onn of 80 a-nee, ami one 12". i". KEOLIO, 12 Centre atreet. tjiOH F.IK TttB UADl ARB OOOD VliX Of A 1 in-- eta p ilar MMl oM rgtablteht-tl Pkhlta ilauae, alinairit mi uur of ih?- riti- pal avemiea, i-ontialiitg of a aulnittw lotlgr room OB the third atorv, a veil lilted up billiard 'nti on o-i to nnfl atnry, with ?l? iahlr?, furniture, AO., all In good order; togother with Ilia Kl*tiir a an I Furniture hi ihennrio in aalom, A--, ennne.to-t. A i . t m ? !i Im Ijlqnora nml 8--. art II l? one of ilie iio?t ataii ia In Nov. York for huolnr ?e For pwrtl?Mlar? apply t<> E. I?. liAWHKKl K, I JO I MroMway, iiotiveon Thirly-ili at and Pinny no <md ata. JIOR BALK rilEWKU v fABLIMfBD WBBT INDIA Good* and Hoda W.iti r Bnalni-sa, rornor of t'anal and lai-iran* air- ta Iran*, fmt, i ixtiirof,Tool* and lull luoti ii- tiono Ai-)dy aa above t-i WILLIAM LOFT. 8AL.ES OF REAL. EsTITB, A desirable leasehold property for .-a or exchange?On La< Broadway, near Msikcl sir. tuur story bn lt House, 2ft\ii6 feet, well rented, pi ice h also other properly In New York ail Brooklyn. CHAH. E. MILLS, 3t Ccda. slree A BOUSE AND LOT FOR $ >,000-ON TENTH NTI hot we 11 fifth and Sixth aveuuea. The house i Stories. basement and alii.-, 21.10 ,40 feet, with pus, Ac. H comfortable Lot, 21.10x4* Mo. k. Very little money w CHARLES K. MILLS, 31 Oda- u A GREAT VARIETY OK FARMS, RESIDENCES A] oantry Seats, Convenient to villages, depots;, chiirtj schools and the city?$800 lu $ 15,100 A Mo New York . lirooklyu pioperty, lor sale and t ic ange. S. A w. i'. SEYMOUR, 182 Bruadwta Brooklyn.?clinton aveni e property sale or exchanged In pari, six Lola, with a nrst House. 40x40, with a pi.t/xa; ail conveniences; garde Ulled with limit; u stable in iho rear, fronting on Viinde' avenue. This property will be Hold clnap or exchange part lor a small Houae in New York oily. Apply on the mlses, iliird lionso aoitthweai iron. Myr.le avenue, In Bt lyn, or at 31 Spruce atreet, N> w Yoi?. Choice country seat on the iiudson -ale low, eligibly located on the Albany l'osi Rat. twren Tarrytowti and Sing Sin., ha f a mils front the road nailon at Sear, oroogi, We-tchester couutv. At rior house, nearly new, with twenty rooms and every et nleuc -. Also, gardener's hou e and ait nenessnr> out b lnga, with about seven acres ot the nnest building .'.nd dcuing land, thoroughly stocked with the various irul the climate, and handsomely a .aded with evergreen deciduous trees; a law n, u garden, an orchard, it vine nil exceedingly l.tie; a stream oi living water tbrouglj grounds, and a psospect over the Hudson and Its "liore^ beauty au l extent almost unr vall d y any .n the world tta.ubrlty and lieulth!ulhe?s. lor religious and educai advantages, ami for everything desir. Me to a genteel fa the local Ion can acarcely he set-passed; in short, '.hi everything upon and aiouud the plat e to make a co residence complete. Purchasers wishing to acquire n ciasH property of this description .-heap will Una live tractive. c. a. PRATT, 32 Pine afreet, room N, C10UNTRY SLAT FOR SALE US OLDFILLD l'< ) Long Island?30 ai res, with English cottage, hiirro by forest ire s, all necessary out iitl.Uinga, line 1,ad acres of young orchurd oi rhoiee fruit, ornament >' shrubberv, vlic s, Ac, (loo I hcaeh lor bathing, fi-dilu U 8. HUTCHINSON, Noa. 31 and 33 Wall street, Mecb liuuit Ruihilug. tpARMS, COUNTRY SKATS AND RKSIDENt K8 all eiaea, prices and locations, convenient tothi near villages, depots, Ac., lor hale, on easy terms, change foi city or Bi oo'ilyu property; 180 acre Lan'' rants wanted, for chr'i, SOUTH WICK A WOOD, S2 Nassau sit HMt SALE?A SPLENDID FARM AND H"If L site, on Eaton's Neck, Lou, Island Sound, .'id trom New York city, of loo acres, 70 tillable, rich Inbalance chh-ily loeust; south. rly water (rout, cotni view of the Sound, bays, Ac; a..ootids In game, fish, t and clams; extensive .-lay aud ,.nc -and hanks. Com ration dally by steamboat and railroad to Norihpoit. SlO.lKJO; payment easy. Apply ,1. F. LEWIS, 24 1 sir--, t, Brooklyn, or to E. SORER, No.tbpori, L. I. LlOK HALE?A FINELY CULTIVATED FAR " thtrty-rtl ceres, wit.i nop* in; bona . bai i Improvements; live acres of wood, at Mousey, I! conn'} ; terns easy. Inquire of C. w. JEW j.ll. iyj wi<M street. UOK SALE?A VALUABLE FARM, NEAR F Brunswick; una hundred a e.s under iigh cult! abuuUan>'e of fruit and sbaoe trees; tlwc.JI gs.u.dut ings n'l Id complete order. I.uuiro 01 WAllF-EN Di-.NHURGIl, 96 Wall street. f^OR SALE?PRICE REDUCED TO $1,000?THE 1 or the four Story Building, lurthe.iat coin r o. avenue and Thirty-tilth street, together with the G i anil Fixtures; satis acioryveu on. given lor so ling, to K. D. LAWRENCE, l.iidl Broadway, between Tie aud Thirty aueoini streets. F^OR HALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR A HORSE Ob value, a be lUlifcll bright Hav Mare. 16 u .nils ill! Ilsh abrl free driver, beautiful sud.tle uare and psafe for family use; price $130; warranted sound A 43 Chrystle street, near Canal. 1,10It HALE OR BXOHANGE?A DAIRY FAR * 1(0 ares, w est of Albany; .oil soil, bulldh ;?, xvat.r r.nd wood; cost over $>.000; will be sold, t, cattle ami all, ior only $2.0 *); $1,900 rash, balance or can remain on llio place. Apply for three day. Bleccker street, in the bakery. Farm for sale or exchange?two Irom Hudson, N. Y. It contains forty acres vc : rior land, good building", ice limine well Llieo, good, bathing und s uling, very liea thy .ovation, c .eel e l borbood? In tact, a moat dcsuable home in .v. ry Farm, wiih team, stork and utoiuita, worth $10.<X exetpinge for a good house In New York or Brook!}! dre.-s Farmer, Hudson, N. Y. Tn- house must b u neghborhood. and worth about $9,000. A great bar Terei. For sale, exchange, and some to Farms, i.ty and cou .try Readences. mi situ! ties, prices. locations, Ac.; sjiue great bargains. Hons" to let in Fortyfouitu street; oao do. in l street. Brooklyn. F. D. RICIIAKDHON A CO., 62 and 64 Nassau In OR sale OB TO LET?THE THREE RTOIIY 1 dwelling House No. flj West Twentieth sttv", Sixth and Seventh avenues; lot 22.6 by half the bit ply on the premises or to C. a. kal'.yllo, 64 W all QVAUi FAtM OF 40 AND 100 ACRES, 10 O Ir in New York, near villa ;e, mills, Ac.; fr el cionbranee; price lrom $1 to $3 per acre; good tiba will make sai l farms. Now is the time to g i to Will go ami show ilese lauds. It not as retirev i psy expeis-.. Far-there nnd return by tab road rily tn tt.u owner, 199 Bowery, near Grand street, tar store. ii nu n iiiii ui^ iu n Lsinn.i , V? to hire, or l<i buy (ivltu tow i property on ri' < r In Wn i rn VIreinla) u luin.ui'i hie rotmpc nl rum* with purOen umt irilit, lirar the city. IV l>\v. Address Emigration, N'i. 1 Wall street, room U TESTERS" LANDS VV \NTKD-IN EXCU.Wj It.t 1..1I ami Coal Kuiid. ..nil Stocks. Ai i>, RICHARDSON A CO., M! ami 81 Naa-au street. U'ATKR POWER MILL IN NEW JERSEY, N i-iiy, for Silc nr \chante, wttli g,<oi will w til li in l?iv anil pi citable. Tne ml,I a mil I be re.ponmble 11 iriy on fa. ore, le tenna. A|i|'ly to t KLK A WlNANs, No.1I I'iuc tivct. Ci'J *)l\l\ A ; V KM OF FIFTY At'HE V^i^UU Mti, (net a.ul taUdnga, IncludJ near dep t; 2b tutbn from S, w York city; t t r j, 1 on in '.lie clmni store, 0< Coitiamlt street. WM. II) fOK NALE. Drug stork fob hale-long bstabli; .1 10 I In ailmi; v eil mo ikc l, neatly lilt' il 1: , I In * 1 ut. On i" count orotic r b mluom will b ills a low pnoe. Apply a" tJii Se.enui uremic, ne I'iui ;b "irn t. (Inoi openin; fin a pbysl inn or ) log buaiiicM. ]\IU(i STORE.?FOR FAJ.E, TIIK LEASE 1 ' m il Future! of a liticiv 1 .rated !) ,p StO j i.) <il |ip' ri|?tloii iiuH.iic"". Ha: s in tory iv,(>ou 1 will in -jiv en. Stor'<?? ,,rtu nl tin; money. 1'rl- j W. M.UTL.VND a CO., H'l 111 L'Olt SALE?TIIK STOCK AND KIXTl'KK f Grtic Feed and L tpnir Store, Eve ber w , nl fuLi ye; >. lull, 1 be di"po^> il I'f b\ tne J.-I >: ! oa ner i" I av.ne the city. Apply ai i&f l*'L * em j A M. or 1.ft. r 4 1*. M. N , ag. nu in idriipply. L'OR SALE?A l.OOll. FA lit HOARDING in ! I e: 1 ill up Furniture, ITmuiys, Ac. A fit:: tin* owner ha purclie-td n I arm. I.ninn'.lue It, ,.l A 1 b. V'j 1 1 1 c , ,:ood, lair hern an I wn 1 ] i V. D. IIIVII tudko.n A i ii . -sand ?l > Moi: -ALE-rTTEAV, THK HXT RKS ok. J" S i!?'>n extendi" tnongli to l> lonvr.ted It"" und dui'iir s do n. A rai r ? nnn lor an axp.rr Willi u .nail <: i|ml. Apply oil tliu premise*, .0' j teruiid lliinitaii iirNtn. 1AOTJ SM.R-lK OLD ESTABLISHED TEA ' . on of tin* leading sei-iiues ol I In* city; i\ wi ll m wit!.mil hio k. AiMicisKKllnti.il li i; l/OR SALE ?CHEAP FOIt CASH, THLi !.?: L Mxtnrfs in mi Ale und Oynter Saloon. I Hioud.vn.v in I lie saloon. I'ric $260. till IK .-ALL-IN BROOKLYN, A WELL EST * F Hi I. cry. -Hunted In Myrtle uremic, two I . itn .'.reiine. doing a po I and pr. iitnlile l,v kuld in OTi>c (in ucc ot a death In tin: lu'nily the preuile 4. trill: s 1 'IK A I' FOR CASH, A NIC J F Urinl ::i: HiplOyterS loot), In Br. u (?ny.| I -t 1 '; I. ..11 I II wllinis tin* 'Wow tins lug A]>!' > 10 Wll. ABBOTT, No. 4 East Broadway TAO;i SALE CIIEAI*?TIIK LEASE, STOCK X1 t nrc* of an excellent and >.c|l ...ir| up ?( 1 retell LI |i1 H'nre, In tip* be.t In mtlon of it c >1 ; ? in od linUiifsa. Apply l*ir two days (o T., 6i <'cn r Html, Hotel for sai.k ?the pkebimtt hot K??i Houston 4'ivct. neir Bronlway, fur to U So ti1, II ' .Mlllh'lllc 111. 11; It 1.4 flint .all" I I'll' -p' mi'.(11 piii A nriler, ami ne wly full of boarder the prem i hc*. I fOTKI., 12 Fl LTON STItKFT, BROOKLYN 11. I'nitun ferry.?Lmsc, FuriiUnri'mid Fixn Ic.in-Jtltti'c j in- t il run; prion $1,200; none t mcc need pp'y. For particular* apply 011 tin Hotel a no restaurant, known as' No. V Rant lloituii street, f. r aale. Km years. Son dew ; a sucortiafiil lundue**. Or * jmrtiier. Inpt iron llie premt?"?. MIK'tOKS 1 OR SALE CHE AP -TWO i.ari plate Mliin li et i y II .11 lies. id l frann III port r 11 $1111. I .-ill i.l 64 Morton street. IJllOTOOHArillC liALLRRY FOR SALE. H-tabll-hed I! year*. Apply at Mi Bon cry. It# ^ v II" l naoi.iwniiKi'i ?? D Ae,t ??ri'>t * Ireatloiin and I'rtoe*, loi t*.., ij '^B I'lini' to cxchnn.a; alno nil tlis .nicient k o : ^B nliv.iv* nil bull.I rlM'Hp. ^B .1(11111, 1CK A WOOD. ? N , rpo BOOKBINDERS?TWO KUMM1 MM I H JL IV'.ng Machine, Lying l re*-. ?. Caper Oil ^B H.o r.K Vlci". Hlnilnm Klinnri, K iiioliltij T" >1 ^B an t T.ible*. S to S3 Inchon. A".. io b nobi cheap. ^B I rpo 1>KIXTKltS -OMR IIOK N MEDIUM Til H .1 llaiiil IV "*e, OB" Ana , I'ltM, two ^B I'lcn-cc, two Emb onelng Mnoiiint'ft, Job Ty) ^B At'ium, ink Tabten, Ac., to bo ? , I n a n.icrlrteo, ^B coin ? filE FIXTURES, ' OK' ONE 0 7 Ok/. Ilti i"nrnlr Store- n .n.iI n.ivntl ^B Mali.'lar- nla c ater, Ae., on It-m wily > ^B lii'inlr nt III Na.\ I' 'Hal so ' H (J.1 f/i _KOK SAUK?A l.tyl OK STORK H tjll w.iv: tniio.i 1,1,our|,.is,(ct, ron f Mjipo-iiion Hmiioulnrn rati In bail at thr t'o L: |IOIl;llr: Rtr?l t. H OOfl STOCKS ?>r" REKs f'oR SALE?N/ H 11 1 ; gl M ii r. 0 boxen. k<> k I Do . .('Mini' - Mit 1 ,ui ?u|>:i .nil Aluier j ^B Hi. Jolinnrillo, N. V. ^B tO,|j(l ?THE HTOOK, TTiPfi lies AND |H D'J'Mr. a fnni rate ..o;cr* aid Ll |U0, ^B 00 hoc "tit' f llio own r Holng lino o lii r i nm *1 In.i \\1 nt Minn o*a., brlwetn KianMlfl Mil I .No iiKcntn nc'il apply. ^B J(-jW| ? ltllt HA I.E. HI'liEb I'lK UK.-1 I ?pOs/V/? L'ni' I; II" ?" "n Kiont nlrct ^B rut lit 'i man ^B 111 Kll'tf-lhiir! niiect; elegant li ntlon; (MUitiMl 111 tl." yn 11111K|Z lin o,""' WVnt RVI tW>. . ,|'iilj for thrcn days nt 57 ..nlhaiu ?>. * 1 ^B