24 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

24 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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USES, ROOMS, AC; TO LET. _ SOME I'A It I,ul< AND BEDROOM TO LKT.|c for a dm-tor'a utllce, d,-t?ti?t. merchant tailor, or ght business; alao iurulviied Roimia fur gautlel tu auit tua times. Nj. 'J!> 1'iTuce alree., A lew Df Broadway- ^ _ CHANCE FOR CLOTHIERS -TO LET, TWO Blot,-* . n Fulton a rte1, running through W moderate. Apply at tM Kultou street, up Mains DatiBuOT. __ IE HO: SK IN l'J.'iTH STREET, IIAKl.KM, a-ii S.-u'ii li and K'^h'li avenues, wii a.l modern nta large g..r with fruit and shrubbery. is i?a. T, a responsible teuaut it v ill 1m- l -a,ed >w. In pipe nf Mr,. A K<>SS, 175 h*' Twenty. , or of SAM KtNit'N, corner ol l?ld street aud ue, Harlem. STORE HACK ROOM AND FRONT BASES' let on Fourth avenue, amiable fur radliuerv or a. Fi'tai i? e 1m aiiun; ah In lu?t in' -oiilur. Kent session Inimediately. Apply to JOI1N McKiR* Fourth avenue. TLY FURNISHED FLOOR TO LET-TO A : family; lira ' be s house, all ronvciiu u lea for tug; location pleasani; teriua six ilollara par week, 'we nty-aeventb sited. V TO LET?WITH V I OOO OVEN AND SPURNikehuuae, in g<><> 1 lenantahle repair, one hlie k l a tit al Park, Willi or without a h a-"-; tcrna.ow; torn itae corner ot Fifty-set cuth street nil Eighth RN'T TO LET?ALL THAT FINELY LOCATED luent Room, corner of Broadway and Bond street, three divisions. suitable for n painter, plumber, or netliauical work. Apply ou the premises. HIED HOUSE TO LET.?THE BROWN {flout Hnu-e No. 56 East Thirty-seventh street, for months from Mny I: completely furrii-hctl, and iteil low. Inquire on the premises, or address bo* I odloe. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, SITUATED FOUR is front Fulton terry, on the oust side of avenue, uear Atlntute avenue; connection every cs wil'i all the Brooklyn ferries; aizn2vx38 suunt and bin k basement, p irlor story an?t thlr l t try, proved stvte, garden attache I, wits troll uvea and y. Rent it 170. Inquire of 1! ENRY E. SACKMANN, street, New York, or on the premise)* FOUR MODERATE SIZED HOUSES, WHICH rent very low, 617and 507 aecon I avenue, brtwe.-n Hi and Tnirl streets, and 177 Hast Thirty, i! si so one for Also Inquire on the promises or HAW, 83 Nassau street. s AND ROOMS TO LET?IN THAT SPLENlocal"d and welt li.-hted building, 0 .S Uio.ilvv.y. ' Bond street. Lurp.e or small Rooms. Apply on iifH. f 1MLE, ON THE HUDSON. it or for sale, the dee,ralde properly now oeoupled ti Bates, Eiq.. routpiislny i contain,!: ,t.? 'ion e, with gis tlx; res nd pur ally plumb-,I, i'/mre in, garden. test, fully laid out; iletu lied tullii rd K li house, alahV an I gas works. Rental/All). '1'he Phin 500 js.dsof t -e railway station, and com i extensive v|, w of ilie river end oi the adjacent Apply to-BABt'OUK BKOTHLllS A CO., No. 3 lr at. AND ROOMS TO LET?AT REDUCED RENT. >iore 57 Crosby st.n et, long eslab' -al.e I esa tiiuiiljr nd well l-ieated tor uny business; uDo a First Floor, m ueparatn; large yerd, with every convenience, the premises tills wr.ok. POWER TO LET.?IN HOWARD'S BUILDINGS, , 40, 18 and 50 Greene street, near Can ,1 stre.i" and v. One Roo.u 20x85. Kent low, and immediate posIven. Apply on the premises. It' STEAM POvVEB TO LET?LARGE AND K iiikti, well lighted; well suited Tor a machinist; ,:ion. 4l>9 Water street. T-AT THE FOLLOWING REDUCED RENTS ? '1 avenue, five story brown stone ifl'lli) lltth street, three siory high stoop fifit) S'.lth street, tliree s:ury high .*to >p ofill i.M street, four a ory browu stone tHW 21st street, three story and attic, in complete ' * .... 700 14th sir ret, three story and ettlc, now vacant .. 700 tw.ch avenue, three storysnd attic iMt <> street, House uttd Sto.c boo i; ?n avenue, time story high stoop dun '.Mb street, four story brown stone tMt 10th street, three I'.o y.jti:tud bath 430 on street, two story and sttlc 410 3;t.h street, three story, ass and bath 4'Jo )7t!> street, two story cud stti'-, gas and tint urea 3 0 on place, 34th street, three st<Ty 480 list st., three story, hath and tits :SO i lliih street, three at ory high stoop, nttvly painted 480 i 10th street, thie* story high Stoop 476 > title, House and Store 4.0 si tStn street, three story, res and bath 360 beta. M. k Vf. DEN HAM. Eighth avenue, corner ot Sixteenth street, mot ulu< to 9 In the evening. . -THE LOWER I'ART OK THE THREE STORT a.-, 9.i East Thiriy-thiil street; uto Room*! on first o i a.-amenta and ttr.i looms on third; has nil the 'i f.iveuients, chandeliers, Ac. Possess ioc itntot" e. : low to a small family. f UI'FKR PART ON A HANDSOME HOUSE. t? of four or live rooms, with kip-ben and dining fa: a, aas lixtnres, <tc.; tltst class neigbbo. bo nl. P rate. Inquire on the premises, 2ttS We-t TwentyllVt KV.-A SMALL, PLEASANT FAMILY, NOT AM u of d'splay, prel'emng .out fort *ml m-p.. lal.i.Hv ' .1, may l.nl wh'ii In wanted, 111 the be*( par. of ... * r-liinol one e ling S'M ? month, by applying to Li, <7 Cliff street. F.T?A FURNISHED HOUSE, WITH ALL THE ler.; Improvement*. hoi mid mid water, bath Mumi nut. The present ocrupint*. a gentleman nu<) bin ml' remain and Ho-nil, tl* agreeable. Inquires! No. " '-A IT- THE NEW FOUR STORY BROWN STONE .1. , No. Tl \VV>1 Furty-Bfll? street, between Filth and i-nuea; -ent Terr low. Inquire on the pr< mines, or i > DWELL, MB Chambers nuvct. ir?Tl) A SMALL FAMILY, LOWRP. PART OF ino King street, r,insist ng of Brit door, front ha*ei'i nree room* ou tlnr.l Hour. Inquire on the pro: of B. BOCK, N. Y. Po?l ullice. i t' -THE SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD 0 home l .1 MTmI liveoty fo r.h Mr I .. Hv rooms hath; JO., an 1 water in etery rooo . For furtbni n - inquire at Jl Warren . treet. Km* , w. :r?A HOUSE, 80 EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, wi n Fourtti aveuue and Irving pise.-, ntae Union will lie let low to a good tenant. Inquire i>, 0. , TH Kuat Flltcgatn reet. KT-TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY, THE THIRD >.- and part ot tin- Konr.b. containing gas, water and ipo* and In gooe. order, of House I'J Hubert stive,; .tinder ol the bonne Is occupied by a small family. ii Hie pr t.ili* a. KT-A FURNISHED FIRST CLASS HOUSE IN rt nth ctre t; he* all tlu mo lern imurove ui? nn.l ; fnntia ei wlifi awrytbt^g; real la . i e -r i. int, WD, with Imfcr" 1 ite t>< aae--t.ni. Addiees it. )U, Oodttwy's Union aqnare Fust . a , S... Broadly I?A HOUSE AND EIGHT LOTA, OX WASH;n a avenue, Brooklyn; ha* 15 mama, with all the i improvement*; omit for u???r i u vu ??< ; fruit a i ia In abnti'lance: one of Ho- neat local.ona on the Av.lv to HKBtVSTER \YOuD. X , 7 Court meet, A. M. to IS M. i:t-tiie upper part op the three story K'1 out stoop House, No. :u (ir?nv. rli avenue, c m- I ' I trout ami car, Pailorennd three bedroom-.. wi ll i ilili range, boiler, *ink, .vc., complet ; ho: .md lit baili, An., ou second Hour. The latuily (KC'ip) nig the no it* oi throe grown persona. To h.-seen l> un 10 mill it p. m. Apply to EDWARD A riANDERS, 506 Art et. Kl-A SNUG MODI,I.H BRICK HOUSE, IN COM troi l. r, Ho. Id Betlmne am at, foi a moderate rent >d tenant, with ??*t.kitire*. 1'oM salon mine .lately, me nice ApartiuenU Apply at MiBl kei sireel, te ohore properly. t, CUDB1KTU. ,1 T?FROM MAY 1, TO A SMALL FAMILY, PART 1 the Sc. on.l Floor ? d nearly the whole ol the Third .f 1 oner 1*0 Eiiet Tl Irteenth rtiret, near Second ave rlvlleve of bathltig room; gas. hot and coin water on t.o i ; rent t~6 per year. Apply ou the premises, to I O'atotk p. M. LKT-A VERY DESIHARLE SMALL HOUSE. n mom eaei Ode of tow n Also, a cumin .dire * meI i| House; Tw :u y-lovciuli street, no 1 r have. ,e yerd. K nts low. Inquire of C. PITT A >ON, hjfile plate. er-at HO. 75 east fortieth street, the ootid Flooi (three l;trr,r R routs and Jtntlir otn), and >oui-on tho th rd Hoot, wi ll privilege oi w..shins In .lien Kut$.lo Inquire at lot) Ea-t Twenty-, r-t .ET?FURNISHED. A THREE STORY MODERN i a II n ee dealt tiny Ioial'd to P. led | a- liiOoalvll, l>'* Hinn FultOn avenue: will in* let in. to ? jri ate A| ply to J. H. U AYEnS, U5 Pul(?u avenue, or at ei iter street. J. l'ENTLAND Ki?1THE UPPER OR LOWER PART OF IvS sE n ! ,i vi line, to a am >11 taini J ; haa all Hi n 0 I. in I. neittt, vis: itas. hot ntitl .old water, 'nth* water no* mi dry. Foi parti^plaia apply a* above. No bill on M LET?TBI UMI HOUR! BO. M OMUf JOIll li t-1. Thll house Is modern toiilt and llu^ s i ili<: llll H. i 's; Is well ariangeu ?md adgitr obly < .11' nlatcd for a ?. h doghouse. Also the House No." 20 Bond street, ho * ** era connected, and will be let i- ,ci ln-r for a log liu.no or private hotel puipoaes. or wi'l lie I.-' arr.ai?v.r> low rent, Inquire of SMITH A MEAD. Jit b avenue. . LET?THE BEST LITTLE STORE IN THE < 1TY I,1 a Jeweller, wat'hmaker. >e ar more, 10 any'.the, as* is i'iii Inn a good Bland. Ha Fulton street,' Knot Jug- _ __ I gT-NO. It WEST FORTY-SIXTH 8THKBT, IIK Ween Fifth and Sixth avcuuee, very low. a four story a atone'front lleuae, In perfect order| the Carpets, 'litiiies and Furultore, which are in vary good order, re sold very low. Inquire ou the premises. LET -I HAVE FOUR FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY loti-as whtrli I will rent v< ry low. Nos. It. ye, li-t sod est Forty alith etreel, between Fifth ar.d Hlitb aveInquire-on the premlees, or of JAMBS E. SHAW, sseu atreet, from 1 to3 clock, or utornlnga end evenit 95 Weal Forty eevenib aireet. LET-SECOND STORY AND I'ART OF TIIIKD, TO I atnall family. First dais lew. Neighborhood unil oiable. Convenient for housekeeping. Rent RMt>. 1 after 3 P. M. at 223 Weet Thirtieth an >et. LET-TIIB SPACIOUS THREE STORT BRICK otise No. 174 Wcet Tweutr-flret etiret, between BevenUt li jli 11 evenuea. In addition to Ita modern Improvei. It haa Juat been painted and papered throughout, and ie let at very reasonable rent to a good tenant. Posaea:an be had Immediately, Apply at 33 Fcrrv street. LET-FOB THE Bl'MMRR OR LONGER, OR FOR tie, at Rye, Westchester county, a llrst class Residence; nine la large, built recently and with vegnrd to every mistical the atable and nutiuiildlnyr are In comtuue j there are alt acres of ground and a good garden; the 1 Is furnished, and laeotnidcta In all us aiqaihunenf, intends a fine view ol the Hound ; distance from the llaven Railroad atatlou, hall a utile. Apply to y J,. MAN, 113 Bioadwey, New York. I.F.T?IN BROOKLYN (23 CIt SEVER PLACE) o ? small family only, part of a three Itory and 1 aeeHouae; from tare. to urn io<jm?, (0 gullaPulivati1*' ratgf, Tgtuta roaavnable. NEW VTC i Hoimiss, rooms, <fce., to i-kt. tO LET-APARTMENTS IN FIRST CLASS HOUSES, IN 11.e vicinity of Ki<t Broadway, Henry, M doton an Cllntuu streets. Lower Parts, secmd ad l tbi d K ?ci Room Mnl Bedrooms, at tow routs. Apply at 21.' Ea-.i Broadway, near Cliutun street. tO I JIT?TUB WHOLE UPPER PART OK HOURS NO 21 Third street; rem $275 to a ultab'e tenant, cmudstiiiit oi Tour K >uma and Basemen, bath room, we''T closet to upp r part, and gat. Apply front IU A M lill 5 P. M. tO LEI ? The following desirable Houses, At very cheap rales, No. 23? West HI 1 street, high stoop. 251 West 13d street, high stoop. 21, West 21th streat. high sloop. 306 Wes' 31ih street, hl;;U sloop. 207 West 33d street, Kugpali liasement. 241 West 22d street, En.lish casement. 2"J0 West 31th street, English basement. Aud several others veiy loir. PINDAR A SMITH, Real Estate Agent", 326 Ntnta avenue. tt> LET-IN HICKS STREET, BROOKLYN, NK . R HE grew, a three story br:uk House to one or two fanni es; rent $360. UUSTAYIT8 BAYLIES, No. 1 Pint a refit. tO LET, FURNISHED?A THREESToRY IIIOIl STOOP brown stone House, sitiiuted at the junction ol' Broadway aud Seventh iveync, tilted op with ev. i v modern 1.011Tehiente. To a private fatuity the rent v 111 tw mod .ate, T. T. DAVIS, No. 1 W.Ilium street. rno LET OR FOR HALE?AT NEW WINDPOK, TWO X mites south oi Newburg, a small Gl dhic Collage, partially furnished, beautifully altiuted on an en Lieuce commanding a line view of the lt d-on ami hi.hint,d; attach ft ate 13 aetes. Including carriage hoiiae, or hard berries, Ac.. In abitti lane". Terms moderate. Inquire of K. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 l'tne street. rpo LET OR FOR SALK-TWW COTTACBS. WITH AN X acre id giouud each; rem $176; one Iim.i aud a ball by rail front New York; very deatrable and cli.ap. Inquire Of R C. BACON. 162 Broadway. tO PERSONS WISIIINO TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY. To let, a now House, with line garden, ple.isandy situated in ihe village of Port -heater, 26 mlh s from New Yoik. Runt very low. For purtic '.tiara in det. It inquire of J. O. KANE, bookseller, 120Nassau street, N. y. 8TIT AVENUE S10RK TO LET?SO FEET DEKI', WITH p ate glass windows, cud unit door in George Kcycs' largo dry goods store. A capital tend for boots, xlioes, grocere b, clothing, Ac. Apply at 31! Eighth avenue. ftonn ?to lit, in noosLix. uo prospect ?jp?)U". street, live minutes' ??lh lrnm pnltuu lerry, First Floor?six r""n\*. Every mir ivouieni; g.-.g, water; murbl mantels, high ceilings. 1*. rlors, bedrooms, kitchen, On oil" flour. Airy and well ventilated. HOAKDINO AXD LODGING. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING IN TWENTY-THIRD street, Madison square, would let au elegantly furnished l'arlur and Bedroom to a gentleman and wife, or single genle.ncn; tlrst elate house, with every convenience. Apply to MuS. LI. 311, 21*2 Fourth utreutte. A ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING GAS, hot and voh! water, with ba lironm adjoining, to let to a gentleman, or a gen 'Ionian and Ills wife, Willi full or partial Hoard; family private; references required. Apply at S.il Lexington avenue, Utltd houso above Thirty-eighth St. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET TO A lady and gentleman, with Hoard for the lady only; also, two or three single ladies ran he accommodated with pleasant Rooms and Hoard. F'or particulars inquire at 11 East Eleventh street. A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLE men only, w:th alt tli? modern Improvements;faintly private. Best of lelerenees given ami requited. No. v Washington place, rear New York Hotel. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A HOUSE ON FOURTH afreet, near Broadway, will let three or lo ir tutni?hetJ or unfurnished Rooms, after 1st of May, to gentlemen and their wives, or single gentlem -n; full Board if desired; din nci at 6 o'clock. Address Home, box lift Herald ofllue. AT NO. 80 NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fil th avenue.?Koooia to t-t, r n suite or bingle, witn ilrst class Board. Dinner at 6 o'clock. References given and inquired. No moving in May. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SUIT OF ROOMS ON eecond tloor of a newly furulsbed house to let, wits Hoard In a private family, to a gentleman and wife or tw single gentlemen. Apply at Sft Ninth street, between FPU ami Slxilt avs. \ NICELY FURNISHED ROOM-ON" SECOND FLOOR, to 'ct, with Hoard, suitable for gentlroian gild v. ife ot two single gentlemen; the house is modern, loeatlun eligible, n no a pleasant heme realised. Apply at SI Grove street, ??, tweetj Bleecket-and Hudson streets. \ PRIVATE FVMIT.Y, HAVING A SllT Of ROOMS JV Iino-ipt'g, would lake a fatuity of (two oi three pet. sous (two preferred) to'.Board troni the I at of May. 1'b" house is in a ventral location, rooms dev.able anu t?bt< unexc-pUnnaMe. The parties wouid have svery comfort, and .a fts.r compensation would be requiied. Add ess W. W., box AGW Post otfw. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAM BE AOOOKMO i v with Board (boar. I (or Ud.v ouljri; furniture new: ali the modern Improvements; location near I t i' 11 annas# Call at No. 86 Else; Fifteenth street. 4 PRIVATE family, IIAvino two spare rooms, - V wuul. li t iiifin 10 a gen.l'mso kit<i wife or one or t\\ t Single ret.tleuien. Cad at 114 Ea*t Eighteenth rreet, be twwa IqOm plane and Third avenue. 1 HANDSOMELY ETRNISIIKD FRONT PARI.OK TO Tx lot?In the private house ttt Orogbv atreei, lor a single gentleman. A SHIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LElwi'h Boars; private table, i. required; house am. laaa; 1 rally sinai. and ? ie< t; itdbren-e .en-tired Apply at 1U Lexington avenue, vouthcast corner o! Tweuty-n uth street. ITMEAffi TWENTIETH 8TUK NEAR bkoad f Y wa.i. 11 . v J.J .sat.., Uio lorwie tTleeit Room, baud (uniely tiiruL . <u a gentleman and wife, or t*.? vagis gentlemen, v u: iiuavd. II Ural olaas. Modern cult tnlenoea; locution very dfairaldc and . onrenieut Alar^k front room and pantry on the second floor, furnished or unfurnished, to let, with Board, to a gentleman awl wife or a Con single gentlemen Also a rer) (Itutreb.e Room on the third floor, suitable Cot one or two persons, in a pilva.e family. Call at (iJS Oreeu tvich street, near Mo. ton. Kuferritre* exchanged. A PRIVATE rAflUT BATS A UAND80MKLY HJK nishnt nil of R om? nu -coud floor to let, togethrroi paint'-ly, with or without board, to nitiglr gentlemen, ll.nae Ural clxaii taims moderate. References exchanged, Call at No. M AVo?' sixteenth street, between Kift'.i and SixU avenues. A raw KAlIlUt WILL BE TAKEN AT NO. Ill . V Congress street, Brooklyn *nnf they will have all th< i-Dtui'urtaol home. Ilaeitig no braiders at yet ttiara la tin* a choice of Booms. A ve.y desirable locution and ?i>od neigh borhood. At m seventh avknce, third hocsb above Fourteenth stree'.. to let, a targe a lid small furnished It.i irn. on ike upper Cooi.wuh Board, to a family or singta Kentl?iuen. Terms moderate. Beiereiiaea rxrhsuged. A gentleman wishes to obtain board, with suitable apartments, for hlaiasM'. wtfa and servant none but those whocau tuini-b flr?t elasa accuiiPr -bailum n"edapplv; would go as high n Fortv-seeonil street. Ad iirataU. W. 8., Herald otlrrr. AT I3H M \Dl~ON AVI.Nl/K.-A GENTLEMAN AM UY wile s?- king the coo t ntaof a liouia in a WO etas' bouse can And a suit of Itoouit on second Ooor. with Board aaabove; also Itooma for single geuilrnuii. Beat of tefe rentes gieon and reqbirr d. A private family would let. wiru hoauu a Nick Parlor uud Extension on first floor; Kovn,sot aacoudand tli id. I mushedor uofdrnishod, with gas, I ?'ii ,t<\, at a moderate pitcc Apply at TAG W?al Tw.:oty-ec<on< at: Pel. Attention is CALLED ok tbobi UYZEfl n hotels.'iid boarding lio >a t to nn e ubl.vhineut 0|ned at lit) Macdougal airot and lurnodiud with oreiythlng ne. crssary for housekeeping, id order ijiat a family may have n comple'e home and Use at a low rata. t T HO EAST TWENTY-FIFTH .STREET.?ELEGANTLY \ rio niMo-d Rooiii to h i, *1 u Board. Aprlrac table i, J 'Sired. 1 A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVING FOLK KOO.MS YfNKE u.V Una tkoy will occupy. lesi.o to 1st theoa. wUh Hoai I, Imm tba 1st of Moy, to r-mleineu and th'ir wivta or sin;:ta c hlleman. Location Twotity-flrnl alrert, near Bronuway, Address K. w . bo! till Herald ofll a. A KHALI, FAMILY, HEftlDlNG IN THIRTY-FIFTH trai l, near Filth nn nti". dealre to rrn' a large *>< ond ?, ty.Rooin, to ag"Utleiuaii an 1 lila wife, nuli Hoard: a'noa It .mi ou llur l lloor, lo one jor two single gentlemen. I'll' doubted references repaired. A ldres?, with name, A. B. I!., station O. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR ONE OK TWO KIN g,a gentlemen, can bo n cumin. a ted with plea ,nt It. .. u ilh or wltfmol Boa, d ..I ? W..I I'.fl ....... between Fifth ttniTifixth aTen'uea. Anon boom a no bedroom, on rkookd tlcor, tn let, with Bourd; alio one nlte Room uu il.ir.l l! jor; plenty of cloaeta, hot and cold Water, yaa, 4. . Apply at 21 Scremh avenue, between Twelflfc and Thinm-nlti i-ir 1-. lermalow. At 118 west fourteenth street, gentlemen and thair wive*. or emgi- g'jnili ui?u, ran have a choir" ?>l'boom'1on tho around or third lluor, ftiruiahcd or nnliiruian, it. doiucretd. A few rooms. ki.ro an i i.y furnished, to let, at ni"drrute rate*, to gentlemen. u mar contain* all tbe n.o ern improvement*, ami I* ailuutrtl In an en client U'lglr bnrhood. apply a' 109 wen Twenty -fecund airrrt, neat Slittli aveni.e. ~j Asm al.l. american family can have a dks1 rabln unit 01 Kumni at i? vary low rent, in tli* in w brown at >nr front hon-r, wilh rvery convenience, No. i.al w**t Thirty "Hftb ati ret, o|ipoalw the Art-ual. Aiplyonlti preinlaea from s till ii anil from 2 till 8 n'cio k. AT 20S TENTH STREET, NEAR SECOND AVKNUE, to irl, with Hoard, lu a Urat claa* prlrate boarding hougr, a Room, 10 a am tie man and wilt; alao, Itoowa lo alugle genie m Dinueratti. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. OR TWO GENTLEMEN, aau be accommodate! wilh furnlahod Room* ami Board, lu a private lionaa; term* moderate. Apply at M Waal I , 11 * v Ilttk alreet. MatN llroad" ay aud Nlnh aernoa. A pleasant. neatly furnished BACK ROOM. t\ taring the north, plenty of cloeel ,rooin, to Int. aiao ? lla!l Room, tbtril Uoor; modern Improvements. Apply at 116 Weal Korty-alllh atroet, betwacu Suih and Seventh eveUltra. No muring. A GENTLEMAN AND LADT CAN HAVE THE CHOICE of two or three Kooma. iiirul.hed or uu. urinal* d, with Uo?rd for the lady, In a amall, itulet family, and etcry a oommodailon that la neoiiaaary for comfort, at f I;, $6 ot |l*i per wet k Addreaa (t B., llcrald dice A NICELY FVRNIHIIED ROOM TO LET-WITHOUI Board, to a genie man. $1 *9 per week. Apply at lei Prince alraot. AT 118 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET?A TLEAR \N1 ami of Rooma, nn the aecoud lloor, to lei, wl it Board, aiillahlr lor a gentleman ami wife, or two atngln gentlemen, where the oomfurta of a hoiue can be had . rtfeicnoea e?changed. A SECOND FLOOR. CONSISTING OF TliKEK large mid handaotnely fnrnlahed Kooina, with aep.tan Iniproeemeiiie, to lei, w.th Kaard, en milio or aeparatr. Aim two 'me Rooni?, an table for alnglu gentlemen. Apply at IP.Edit Fonrteettl.i atre?t. VLAPY. II tV NO T.thKN A FIRST 01.ARB llOlirilt In M.,d aon itvini 1., n a I) ll.ign ? Ian prepared to r eam' hn>t claaa tamlooa and gentlei.nn, if aime 01 eiu?.e llootn with tint vl*M Biaid 1.11A. I) VI Ul U Sf Aid VI )KK HERALD, THURSDAY BO Alt dim; and LUDOIKU. , A *01111 i WIDOW LAD*. LlMNd A DONE, AM) J\ h?vm<l itill ul CuiQiib''(lKoout|nn Hip Qrit dwir, nhe voul'J lei t:ic u In geutiemeu ami ladle*; a aid f r Hi la die* only; no in vin. iu May. tu intra at liff B e-cker street, near Co.lcga |>liac. A LABOR ROOM, WELL FURNISHED, ON THE j second ilwor. lo lot to a t,riiilrniaii ..ud li .y; Iliad lor i i the lady oniy; ti rm* low. Call at IS Third at.rt A FEW YOHNu KEN. WLSIIINii TO ROOM TOULTIIEK ! Oi separately r*u i>r ironing aud wilU nicwly f' 0(1 Room , ;,iih aOo 1 i! mill, unll ,'anieni loi ill en doing bltaiuiia doivt nv i,, I,ri I' all Mi ' hotel* a lid *lag' a; two mil u. ''V walk tin : II oadway , at HI Clio in1 alreot, three door* .mo - c Spring a mi (. * lady, who BAITAI8KinUT0UH hoi 88, A on Mio'Uou areuue, m ready to ne,;otia ? with ps'll*-* who wish e> 'it lino a and tiiblclas I. a1 parti iwho w ill to turn ah their own rooms will lr ib rally treated w.tli. Apply al l!l West 9lh it , between f, b and 6;'l ?mm OOABD -A SMALL FAMILY Col'LD BE ACCOM MO.1) dati'd witii pleae tin Roo | h, with H ard, in a pii.ai" family, o appivinuAt lit* Eu,t Tinly-ionrth *l id , between Lexington a l l'uiid avumn a. TJOAUD?NEAK WAS INO'fON 8QIURK |.>T WAVER Jj lertiinoe. Ko uu* *' liable lor iaioilic* or ginipe gentlrineu. Dinner at six. Reference* exchanged. Board -a lady wisiiisu board duri*(j ookli::e .eiii, au liud oyer, tlni.it reiiui-ite, 1 io nfoi s and me n'ftl air union, in a phvhi i in'* family. Uo ,ao (null all improv mental, delightful y lo ,te I, within a f w mini tea uf the city, lir rail or water. Kami1* small and aen eable. Addn k? Dr. lie rv, station u 1'oat oiliia, Now York city. BOARD.?FLKA8ANT FURNISHED OK I NKURNiSH d H oina, front or back, lo lei, with Board, in a an all Tanmy. at m w. si Twenty sum atrt-ai. inn uoi se t? una trinity loi st-ul, hasall the modern Improvement*, and canvenirut l>- sta ;f? and ears. D.nncr at hii o'oluck. Board ?a family wot 1,1) let a handsomk front R '"in and Bedroom, on heooud tt.ior, iiuluruiaiiod; linuso new, with all >be Iniutovemnti lupine a, UJ6 West Thirty-fourth street. near Broadway. Board.?ay ?? west nineteenth street. beim'i'i'U Kig'ith and Ninth avenue,,. one large front Room nuii Bedroom adjoining, with gm lint and Kda w t r, uad Dntli ; tillable! liK it gentleman and wlie, or Hire * single gentlemen, Willi i artia! or full Board ; reference given and required. Board.?wanted an unfurnished room, with Boa id, '01 two ladies, and oUe on Sunday, between 1 Twenly o gblh and I'orllet't street* aud Beennd aim Seventh a cnuea. i he nan oi' a Piano an be had In part payment f dui'.red, Terms not to ciceed #7 per weolc for tlm thrt c. Pcierenoe* exchanged. Call at, or address Board, (7 East F rtleth at root. Board?hoboken -logati<in bkai;tiki i. and convenient, at No. 1 llud-.ti tcirace. cluad to Ihe.nry. Ucntlemnu only. Rooms to wit dlfl'crrnt views. Rrferencpi r ,ulr?d. Board?a family, between seventh and Eighth avenue*. on Fourteenth street, would let their eutne Second Floor lo a gentleman uud wife, or 1'irnn gentlemen, dm ulahed or unfurnished, for fir, per week. k ft'rciv r* given and required. Dim,or at aut. Addreea liouiu, liqruld oir.ee. Board.-gentlemen and their wives, ok singin gentlemen, oar bp accommodated rrlth Rooms In attU or single furu.*h 1 ?r unfurnished, at ITS Won PourUientli stroel. Ke'.e.ouota given aud required. T-rru* moderate. Dinnorat alg. BOARD-a GENTLEMAN AND HIP WIFE, OR A small faintly, can make a very favorable Arrangement for Roumt. with Board, in a private faintly, by applying at 1M West Vnrty-eighth etreei, between Broa way uud Klgnrft I avenue. Board?at 151 tenth street, corner fourth avenue, one block troui Broadway. A KoouAiu lira! door, suitable lor a physician; also a Room on aeebiiu flout and Bedroom on fourth lloor. Dinner at Six. References 1 exchanged. . Board ?a gentleman and his wife, ok two Ingle get ..omen. can uj> accommodated will) a (' irn(ahrd Room, Willi Board, ? 101 Madltion eirettt, belw- an P1ke .?nd Rutgers; term* moderate; lotgfion very deelrable. Board.?is# west twhnty-eiohiti street, set oud story; alto. iblrd story Room atpl Heuirotug^ joining, suitable for gentlemen unit their wives or a part* ? 1 single k ulnmeu. llou?e first visas. Lea t Ion uueioep' tiouuhle. Board can ok had for a lady and (JENtlb man: board lor the lady oriv. Apply a 63 Weal Twenty-tifih stmt. Board on murbay Hill?a family having 'iirnllure .?u ixaaire a desirable Suit ml Rooms, with Boaid, on the second fioor of a bi - wn stolid lj<B? ? as above, between Firth so'1 Sli'.b avenues A<l?trSes Merchant, box ?,63H Post olUve. Board up town.?a small family would lei. was Bosril,a pleasant Loom uu the er.oad four, fmnl-hed or unfhrul.sh d, to gem tuen oragenl^rrsu and lint wife, in a desirable location, at lit West 'rblriy-sixlb street, tiesi Broadway. BtftRCCM ntnapd. Board up town.-a shall private family wo.ihl Int. with Boaro, pleasant suits ni furnished or unfurnished Rooms, t"^*tber rv eepaiately. Rhtereiii.es excloniged. Apply a \IA ITem Fm ry-ereond sir ret, uenr Broadnay. .... Board wanted?by a lady and son. with one R. om and Be inwnn attafliQd. Private family preferred. No objection to a tew bo-irdef*. Location between Poorteen.h ami Twenty-bird a.feets, wesj, noi beiow H"Veath avoniie. Beferttiret etMlsnged. Address J. U. B . Herald o2.ce. 1joard wanted?for a UBNTLEMAN and wife, JJ wi hinten minutes' walk of Twenty-nrst a'r.'et Church, moir Six Hi avenue, large and small rooni?, turuisbrd, with pantries ou the s ootid Hoot; modern Improvements. K< :?i en. m esotiunc'd. P ais must he aiodei ale. Andreas A.B., "Ot l/.'i Herald nlll -e. ,o. two dgvg. BOVRD WANTED?FOR A tiHNTl.RM.\N AND WIFE. it Parlor ami B.-droom or one larr.e Kouru, between Si-.-ond and Nmh avenues and Fourth and Twenty-third tireeis. Addiess bo* ' the Pojl olive. stn'lug terms. Board wavikd-fok iwo uholi owiumebir' brothers; would Occupy one large rooiu tugo.hei, wtrti separate beds, and reo'i-'r* href kfatt Bud tea, wlili dinner on d-ndsys: a priv?-e family ov *?,?? raw boarders are taken, prefer tad; teime not lo exceed g-Spe, week for l>otb. Adwm H. s. R.. Herald ottoe. Board wanted?FOB two you No ladies. >ir ters. who are ?ngapr-l in bustnqitsall day, in a highly revpe. tehp* boarding house: -ovation west side of Hruadw-y not abore Ninth street net- b^krw Blsecker; Pruts must bo ' mole rule: un x.-eptlnnaKe references given nud reunited. Addles1- M. N. B., II' IS ..til C Board wasted-bv a youno lady, in the immedla e vl initj* of Broadway nud Nluth str??u ; pti1 vete laniily pielerrod. Terms moderate. Relet cooes eX ?banned. Audreys A. W. -are n; Lewis A 8ed.-o.-d 7511 Bro.ilway. ^ lVniDii nrivTrn uv k Viivvn t I nv tv ? ! Jj pruaie tainlly, where t^iric me trv* or ao'tnarder . Aiiiln .vn, sating U-iiiis, ? ieb nr*at be moderate, !kl A. K, Herald OlllOe. Board want fd?)iv a m>oi,e onfTtnui, in s pi-Irate faintly n; town Teftns most t e mmUm*. " Family respectable, AtMruss far two ?? .??? log tarn,a, !ij? iijii ", Ac., W. L., Hmalrt 01<re. , 1JOARDINU ?A LARUE AND ELEGANT FRONT PAR. J J lor, ? > IM ncco.irt item. with Bedroom attactuid, to lei, ei her fttrulshed or uufut n.ehed, wlilt Bosrd, suitable roi ? gemletnau oil tils wife or * (mall family, at the entire do. r iMti Im> had if rte?tretl. References exchanged. Apply a'. ItM Second avenue. "OOAUWMti.-TWO FlRNlslIhD KOOMs FOK TO CFG JJ gmt'Cineo, ill a Jill rate family, adjoining Hi. John's [ Park. Inquire at 171 Hudson it. BOAKDINO.?A LARI.E BI.ECANT FRONT PARLOR on .nod lli.or: ?'.*> .1 Hilit nu third liu.r, Just va .i*.<. oppo-lte (irametcv Park, v.ih or without board; hot.-a and 1 tame lirstelaea. I'liooepiionable referonoea given and vequired Dinner at two o cloc k. 98 East Twenty-Brat street. BQABMMi-rVMIRUBD BOOMS SOB YOUNG OlM? tleiui ii wlih Bri akf.isi Mid fen And till 1 hoard on Sunday. 2ii8 ffw Eighteenth street. BOARDING-A SMALL. CAffifTI, FAMILY WANT A medium afzed llo .a all or )tanlnll/ furnished; rent, all or pari, to ho taken in Hoard, with privilege of taking a ; lew -?le I boaitiers. Locution between Ninth sn l Tlitrmih Htreei*, ea.ii aide. Kcieirm.es e(changed. Addiraa M , bo? 4,117 Boat oMoe. BO ARDINII?AT NoS l?.i AND 101 WES I' I of It' e nth atreei; a anit. of Rooms on aecoud floor: alio* rooms or two it uili men | Dinner at do'eloek. BOARD!Nil ?A PRIVATE family, RESIDING at 71 halt twkteenlh street, would like to ac onnoodaie a lee cc itleruen or gen Icm.in and wife, willi full or |>ar<ta, Board T rrns reasonable. BOARDING. ?A WIDOW LADY, RESIDING AI.OXE' In the neighborhood of Twsnly.lifib straet, oloae o a , ear roule, wlakc i i hoard a lady and gont.einnn, fn'l Board lor lite la ijr i lily. To a responalole party wbo can appreciate the rntutortaof a quiet home. lbl? will be found trey dn.r.t He. li.iiln hi .or. For further parltvulars address Mrs. Day, Mtnlisoii square Boat olllee. Boarding ?a private family offer a choice of U?nni? ion party ot two; a second floor B?i It Re.mi, ? itii a larg. Ettenaom and I', niry. for $10 (so weak, a h.ri at ry Front Boom for $8. References exchanged. Apply al M west Twenty.nnun street BOARDINO-IOA WEST FOURTEENTH STREET.? Tiip'O nr four Rooms, with Board. Tha house arid sltnaturn very des'ratile, eapeclallr for the summer, the |ni>miin citondiug through to Ft/team li atraot. BOARDlNll 1.1 BROOKLYN.?TO LET TO OENTLEmen and their wire* nr tingle gent'emen, pleasant front R .. u< on the H 'eotid or tnlrd floors, furnished or niifnrnUhrd. 141 Ailelphl street, hull' a block south of Myrtle avenue. I'rLat* family: termii moderate. Bkooklyn.-a small private family, iiavino ne.re room than they requlrs, would Uka to have a gent.aman and wife nr two slngl- gentlemen to Hoard. House contains all modern Improvements. Location unsurpassed. Apply at 174 Atnlty strafl Brooklyn hoard?pleasant rooms, front or rear, furnished or unfurnished, for gsiitlrmen or gentlamira and wlfa; a<an inundation* first class; location good; t*rtns moJarnta. Dinner at (I V Apply at No. 77 State (iraaf, nppoaiia Aid nay plant, tiaar Wall street or South ferry. Board in rrooklyn.-a obntleman and wife or two alngla gentlemen, can liava Board, with large or email Rooms, In a private family, fifteen minute* To Fulton or South ferry; nloe location and modern house. T?ims moderate. Address C. < llcotl, bo? 204 Herald ofllre. Board in Brooklyn -a drsirarlb suit of iront Hooma to let, with Board, aullahle for a faintly or f -ntlemen; the house Is pleasantly located, ounrenlent to ulton avenue oara. References eicbatiged. Apply at W , Lawrence atreat. Board in brooklyn.-a pleasant furnished Rn,m I'll second llonr, with two pantries attached. Also, one Hull Itce-m, III the iionga of a small fam.ly, not live minutes' i alkfroin throe ferrlaa. Bath In the house. Terras moderate. Apply at 77 Clinton street, one door from Livingston. BOARD in brookl ? .?A few oentlemen and their wives or si "cle gentlemen can obtain pleasant Koo-m., ir.th <>r i.Itbonl O ;>! II ard, on making application at 107 Pineapple a!r*et -nr FuOon, and Within Uv? minutes' I walk of Wit II Street an- 'u'tnn terries. UOARll IN BROOKLYN.?A I.AItOF. FRONT PARI,OA on s-rund floor, n intsh?rt nr unfurnished, f >r a gontl ii msn nml wile; slso one on ll led fl )"r, lor Iwn drv;i" in mlei no it, Location desir e, roiiienont to Bom.li aid Wall , elr jet ferries. Tei ma j. **uu; ble. Ulniior ?i?, Call at bf fttat? atrstt. , APltiL 21, 1862.-TR1PL

bo\aoino uv taynfft; BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?TVH> PLkAaANT LiOOainlN a nr?t "la.-r it' 'hi, h it fully located, with g 'tfd Board, private la-t.tly Call in Klt.oll pUoe, corner u! lljnaoi. t lace, lioiisc with t ay win J aw Term* moderate; refureuct> ei ch inged. Dinii'r at GJt'. BOARD IN BROOKLYN?A LAROE FRONT 8TORY Room; lion at tiaa all Hi" modern improvement*; wnliiu Qve niitr.iUV !V <.f Sot.ili !' ry No tM Iftory effect, fourth door from Amity street BOARD IN BROOKLYN-W'TIIIN KIVF. M'NUTEs' o nl\ of Wall a. ,1 Funou ferries?a lai. andpl' - of f. ii' P . lor a o li,. r om, d ly fur ; ,.t ' .1 a - all ltoom tor a an,ilr ut-u l*man. Apply al l:W llenry eirnt t, between P.erre, out a ,ti t alk. BOARD IN BROOKLYN ~DK31 -A Bl,R KPONi KOOMfl to l<*t. on lb# a rnd floor, at dog II,. .? airee., between W .ll a reet and 8" itb ferries, D un-i at elk. Rel'cieneed eieliaumd 1)0AUD I.N BROOKLYN ?A 8IN0LK MAN 18 IJ aiixioun In ..I .aitt | a til II tard atttl an iiril'Tiueh J Ki.-ai, in a *triotly private family, convenient to the Pulton or Wall street leriy; t:ii"\. e.i.ioi.able relcreucc g.veri Add't > Ki'tguaou, H"f?M oil e. JIOAP.O IN BROOKLYN.?A WIDOW LADY wanTR _I) ll'i.titl 111 SoLttll Kliit'l.lyn, sront parinr, uii t i i eeond fl'tor, Willi I ml loom adjoining, hotii u;tl ,luetic I, in a pnva e fanulv, or where there am If/ boarder* Addie**. with particular* a* to location and price, G. 0. 0 , bns K-l Post uilice, New York. YJOAKD IN BROOKLYN ?1'LKASANT ROOMR. Sl'ITA .1) toe lor mm rled and alltg'e gentlemen, wu'u H mia, i an ho bail in a pleinant Home and neighborhood;convenient to the principal I rr.e* Apply at47 tloiioord ctieet. Board in Brooklyn?a i.arhk room with hot and noi l water and lar^e cln.et*, cull oe had, with full 111- oartlal It.inr.L at I'M Paeiiie ?ir,..t - mi Jtriiry, Brooklyn.' Board us Brooklyn wanted-by two young hm I'iu'-ii, in .^nme Uoaiiuole jiart o' th i liv, couvi' nieut to Wall uiniet or Booth ferry, would prefer i to rn* adjoining. and dinner >i A o'olook. Address, atatlng fvili partleiilara, A. Q., I>01 119 It laid ofl'oe Board in mouth Brooklyn may be obtained fur a i:entleno<n and tvifr. a:?o a single eutlouinn; and On tin-lai <>' May the B ;cond Finur, iiiiliu niatiod, Will bo vacated: and wlirru tin- coinforU of th on* maybe had; :.n, Imth, Lot:.nd cold waicr; c .uveultn'. lo the ?i* and lonu. Apply at 3lt Harrison struct, two duor.i from ciidijii stroet. Board on brooklyn heights -a gentleman aiul lady, or singleseiuieuiun, n ay obtain Bond, van ban dsontely fumialnid R lotus, ut Kid Ilury direct, ft?fcreuces ^iren and re>i uired. tjuooklyn llEIiiHTM?llti COLUMBI A 91KMET, RIVX) er slue, overlooking the hty. choice R "Oma, fit si ami rceou Hour, villi Board, suitale )or a urtiiliuuau anil ivlfe or two single g -ntleinen; aii.iattou tine.' u Brooklyn, bo twcen Wail-ureet and Fullon tcwiee. Dinner ai It o'olock. Rr on ii. <? . "itiire 1. BOARDERS1 DIBBCTOBY, Ml BROADWAY. -bo tED* era furnished full iiartto'ilara m' genleet ho .rding linud-n and families in this'-uy, .Jer?"y I lily, B on .ju, mid country, sralultou* ; par ir* wishing demi-nhlo boarders, oiiy or oouuliy. should apply iiniuedia'ely. A. N. HUiif -.K A Cl). Ithl.'jnch BOARD?MADISON AVER K, NEAR TOE . park.?Two or ltire? hplleg wishing gunis'l a i ?miitndaIton* with private labia, wiil he well an ted: Room I m: seooud and third floor*. Reformon of tUn highest order raquue-l. Address Jaoi) ea, Horaid ollice. I1BEXGH BOARD. YEEKOH tEBTEUCTXOX, AND BOnal Life, n Frofiiesm K Kotaudle's family. No. 10 L nlon a'luare, Fourth avenue. Best reference* reipd-ed and given. YARBNTIX BOARD.-ROOMM TO LET IN THE FAMILY L ot a French lnach< r, airleily prlv;.t?. Uuol opportunity for learning ihu language. Apply ai 118 East Twenty dial street, nenr Grauieiey 1 ark. IAUBKISHKD.-ONK OR TWO HAND30WKLY FBR1 utihed Uremia to lei. to a gentleman, wltbout Board, m a four story brown a:one linns*-, with a private tiouilr. For particulars, apply at 37 West 'Twenty-fourth -ire-i, ue- Fii lb Avenue Hotel. Furnished parlors to let?to a lady and gridletrao, wl'h or without board. In a small. uulrt family, witfioiit c liidieu: the house contains bath and ;?? throughout. Inquire at 411 KaM Tbirtetutu street, iwweee Broadway and University plane. TTHIRNISHFJ).?THREE ROOM!/, ON SECOND FLOOR. X to Irl, M)uoUi*r oi scpara'ely, to gOnt$mtii| W I'mul Boaid, Or M> akeljt'.eiusn and ? H e, wttli ptlv '"jeot root '.Rg. In a hflnse with a hibbII latailr. Umi; 1 net $8 to 14 Far *...s ia>.i> .> HI ur?ut .. >k ...... TTANDSOMRI-V rw.HISHEn ROOMS TO 33*-f<) XI gentlemen. without boam. tu me modern it u.e No. 'A Nib'h atreet, l?eureen Kin a ami SUtn avenveu. HANl'BOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS To I.KT-wltu Hoard, It. a hou?e cou'Ktoiiic all 0>e modern impiovemenf. located iu a pi* ?au( pan < tbo our, and oomewntnu to both nai? and !ta|t:?. Appl.i a. 8", \Ve?r 'iirnu'T fir?t street, corner ot Slxtti avenue. HoHOKBN.?EOO'IS TO KENT. WITH PARTIAL Honrd, at It Mraibiugiim t'rtaae, two adamee' nelk lYoui the ferry. TS TUB VKR* DGSTRABI R LOCAIJTY, BETWKEN I Thirteen,h and RouiteenSi s'jw'i, tbi ? fninlatn.il Rooms to let, with ot wt.bo.:. partial board, in gentlemen yn>?. To permaeieut pat tiea niortaiute terras may be matin; ?<> me modern JOl) &uth avenue, Mlts. M. B. ol MNKR. NO. i: WHSI HHWMItKW atl net, rati uuw Oder tbe ' 'loii'n uf act era Bool. .* o j pa. tie* (leading to obtain Boariifm tUb veei'Oi t.anelea.h-. t OenilenJeu wishing to re in a u m the eiyr through Ibe ar.ra.ner | ? H Snd thla au eligible locmlo . Refereueea eirhanged. >ro. J? sr. MARK'S FLACK.?A T.AKOK PARLOR l ami Knoui on lite aetnnd story to let, with Rnr.nl; also J Ro?:y> ior riugia gentlemen. T)LftMAN BAT HOARO WAN I HO -A QKNiTiKAiAN I una ni wish t? *nguge a p easant iiufui'iilvlteu Roem, f will. itoaia. tu a pilraie family, up lo?ri, A>t<..me, e..tlu4 ! tAioi*, t*. H. U.. lie raid oltine. I t>learant room* to lit?with board, bither j .IT furnished or un'.urnlakeA. Apt > at No. !? Wareriey ' paur. I pi.EASANT ROOMS. WITH PARTIAL HOAltlf, TOR L a rally of two or four yeu.lfrilaii m?? ' e bed in a p:I*ate family, tuquire a; No. lf-8 Wna?Twrinh alieit. Kt'OMa.?HOOD QAM, AIRY. KIHOIB IOOVI, without board, wlO, a?v and ? atei, at IHtAjtraad etraet, j liar way between Broadway anil the Boweiy, io let, up no> I monlj' heap, to ?'U((ie *e?tVmeB amy CaH and too. Loot. Rooms. wti n h\ suits or 8dt0l.t. MAT be had aiS* Mi cat Font lerntu str<?t, front the 1st of May. I Apr'y ihl? war's at. lis Whi Ela.entb afiaat- Homo If h'jln# I thoroughly panned nut papered. rpO simple osntlembn.-.A SMALL PRIVATE FA1 I anlvwtUlei luoQtiui iwo acuUeineu a large, noMli fiu' n'trod R ioib. adjuinim! ha'.hnaoui, on aaoond *?< . Tn'?t t rioderite. Hujaa p rviaantlr !o .led In Varlolc yTa-e Ov>Ui! t.n H xtad, between HonMoti and Bleechrratree'e Aedreae ' L. t. H., aStiOo A, Spring aunstt. ' rpwo OK I'fcvtUMT S CAN flVD VERY 1. yd'man'. And iteaiiy ftiftnahed Kooura, wn.io.H Board, j ti a ii (truin family. *? ? a'' the tn'iivi omenta, aaa . to aht-nya'rod .faawnble arc; ? ? ???><j e -i f iwrl o, loo city. | rieaae Nit al M Kiog ItrofA, I rpno ?;kkti.kmkn and i HKut wives, or a smaix I fainlv. -an itiaae a v?r? faio.aO" ? ugemer.t. Tot ! Kn. nM. with H >*i d. iu a pivcau* fauny. Aopl" ?i 111 West j Ttvetityitxih atrect, near Eighth avenue. ; ley?with board in the modern kiiilt i L honae. 71 Macdo.g a. eat, si. (: > ment'? place. lai.e | yStknaut Pa'tor ou tin' Mri> Moor. Teiuia tnydorytn, fpO l' t?a PARLOR floor, ki\k RoOMe. NO dark j L uwiaia; ren AM - innn n; water and nil owveinen am , fur booneiae; iu. '?u be Men ai 1*5 Went J'oi.y.fonrth I a'rroi, t>Miw.?n Kiftli ,iu(t s\.n Aran nee. In ? reti i.o the chnrefi. W'AMLD-BV v I.MKR WOMAN TWO OI?L- TO II Board. a' I7K E?? ThlrtjMPlX'h ?'reet between Fir*' and Swntid at en ,o? \L'ANTED?i'BOtl iwr ol MVtf. B* A obntlkmaN If and wife, l i.roll'.-d R mmi iWil'n a I hot room) mil; fluent. H >a:d for condemn* -nl.r, until.' iy, the lady betnr In the annlry, Aod."?s^ B. 1) Herald flu o, nat| in. t-rtna. v* 1.1 b in n lie moderate. WASTED-HOARD, IS If AHI.KM, ?y A ukntlkmas ?t aiiilhia wile; 1o?i.||i. ? ad wild a ; u.av: family; a pood locution, ami good ncnamttiodtttioioi iioalrad. t'lerao a ldrcaa immedlatelj r B. S., Herald onioe. lDAMIUI-SliUVli OR IHIltD STOUT FHhNT II Room, Willi li an d, liy a *'iit>ionii and wife. AddrcsM, rtuilng leruiaaud location. L. K Herald ofliae. WANTED-on WE-T SI DK O' TOWN, AIIOVE T? 1'iMirih alreel nn'#i nlaliel Boania, wltli Board, for -otil^n ati, wlf" and rhi'd; price no: ui ejrtad $9 | rr we. a. Adder*, r. II. P.. Ito* ISiHemld ndlra. \vasted-sv a okntlf.MAN and dal'hutbk, an II nufuiniab>d II-mi and B U < oin, Wllb pa '.? Jfnir , fur the gan'leuian; ?-*'l gnre ilialinctiun <>n the |dnno, har. Itigoneoi Sl-lnway ? h?ar; pDeaie family pieforraJ. Adtii??a, aianoK terma m,, Herald oflln TI'ANTED-ABOl T MAY IS BOARD FOB TWO * \cooi, kiu", . auu ii, in o . it. mi rj miliuj, ?. . u I'llniahed I'iiitxbcr lot a young man , I'tcatiou to 1 auearthe Dow-iy, not ahove Urine* atrial AJd.esaM. W , Hui a><t oll.o , stating terms, which must he very moderate. nTH STREET. NO. liBIVKSr ELEVENTH-A NirK Parlor. Bedroom adjoining f rrqired, has large > losets, hoi ami colli water, tola' rCiiaOaatsIr lo a fi-rmaunul |>artjr, furnished or uul'irnlnhed; one .sittgjo R', ru good location. JUnuei at six. Reference* exchanged. ft"I cy a WERE WILL itK PAID nv A QKNTL1 Pii mat 'or Board lor himself, wife, Infant and nurse. A ueaUy furnished )>edi i?m with hall room or rinaeisattiched, required. I,oca ion between Fil th and S'tt'i avenues and Twenty-saroiid aud Thlrtr-ftmrth ?.reels. Reference* given and required. Add nr.* ft., tan l.oW Cost olLue. 1Q FIFTH AVHKUR.-A NEATLY FURNISHED P.YRJLv lor and Hadroom nti Drat Soor, also ? ?eral single Rooms, will lie let in gentlemen oniy. WllkMl Beard Oft UNIVERSITY PLAl'K.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO ZA) let, lo geiHlegtau only, without Board. Do uot move lat of May. Qn AND tl WERT THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR Zi" Fifth avenue?A ault of second story Rooms lo 1 l. handsomely furnished, to gentlemen, with breaktaat and dinner If deeired; alao handsome Rooms to let to a family without children; private table or without; hreaklast at f, dinner at ?X o'clock; honM tirat. ;s*e. aefwikown tulrwd. tlfk WEST EUM1TBBNTII NTREKT-BETWH** FIFTH Z U and Sixth avenues, eaii now offer the choice of Mrerat Rooms to parties desiring lo chain Hoard. tteuUrmen wishing to remain to tha city during the summer will Bud II a p easant location; dinner at 0 o'clock. Reference* ruquired. *2(\ UNION SQUARE (FOURTH AVENUE)-A EUROU Dished fiant Room lo let, with Board; also, a single Koum; reference* required. *>1 MARKET HTRRKT.NKAR HENRT ?A OK), T1J5 Ol man and wife, also ? few alnMie gentlemen, nan Iv accommodated with good BoflPtl Huiereucas required. ft "CHATHAM STREET. -STORE fo'UiT AN KX. si ccilent location for any kind ol bnaiiie.te. R rt lour to a good tenant. Inquire on tue prrmleee. of L E STANTON. ?J ~ AND 17 w KsT THIRTIETH BTRKBT, BETA BEN O*) Broadway and Kith nseuug.?Ttvu or thica ail it families and three or four feint'men can in* bo acoommousi d with soils aud single Rooms. 'la do Hr .| olaas. Reierence* exchanged. At* WENT TWlV.TV FOURTH RTRRET, BETWEEN lU Fifth and Sixth avail ?t>'oiiu?io s , m in suur or a ngi", aultHliic lor fanilu's or A.ngiegrntl'-tneii, can bo , bad ou f jAioukblc i turns m iho abofq prat class DouM. e iE SHEET. I AV'D LODGING. I A I EAST BROADWAY.?TO I.ET,\vilit HOARD, ONE I Tt I large square it. o n a noib < t'-.r a geml. nun -d wife ) 01 pv'y o young in. furtii. ed Or onruriiDhed. al.tt am. H i I Bedroom; usunud hath, uu! uii'l* iu w* er. It feicli"'l e<eh nyed. ! r.i nm arson. nrweat tvnn and uxtu i ?1 avimu#-.?A neiiUiiii.nl aa 1 wife or singe genld-iorn I 'mi l?e aco in dated wiili Jt * .. and mi . ?a-u s i of it guns, tii!li"r h [grate or tug thar, ou thp Meouii Uoor, a ih ei ry uio cm cou.o deme, also a atuglo Know for a > ui.g K 'fl li'ti-Au; cioo i at 6 u'eiuok. K7 J-.AsT TWENTY I KJ T0 *KI I T Hi K NO KTH if I i?iiui'.?1> sn:,..ie it a on m -.T floor imparted or m ir.it , and . ? on ntleuii n ami tin .r wisea, to 1 l, WHn tin.irJ. in ii i.ml tans bouse. No moving in May. Reliance. oxu.ia iyo ! 79 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOK FROM FIFTH AVE. I -J n e.?II in -,i111- iy liiMiiMii-ii au'lii ?f it 'I - to mt, witii Ruin il. to firxl class partii . i.i -u'iii , u. ul cod fury aparluienls, ?i h pnvaHi a Ii- it i>in<ij; several single Rooms for geii leun n. i>inui-r at 6 o'< h.c<. 7(i IPBIJ10 STREET, THREE DOOR*FROM BROAD. I c' wn\ Tu let Tmnl.omeiy furnished rooiiix to simile 10'inlfuijii ; the location is n ur ill' Hie lust h?x hotels and I luces or amus,uncut; reading rcoui fiee. Inquire of ANSON HOUSE. Q*> OR1.ENE STREET. ABOVE 8TR1 NO?ALSTON t7? I Mi due.- -Blegamly furnish" I si i > of Rooms; t . 1, Crol"ti afld every oouvciueuce lor house keeping roouoii.ii ally, IHiniiiiilai'ly anitalile for muall re-piiable families or single geuUemeu. iteut low to pu. tnaueiil tenants mOHRTSTIB STREE l -FfTRNiaSEO ROOMS TO lei. Willi or witbniil Board. Alw, a few IiuIIph < an lie acomi undated with Board. N moving ou let of May. Id/' AND 148 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, UOItIt" nrr oi Hr o id avenue.?Ti re- hue large front Bo no. ami Bedrooms, to let, with i'o.,r I, to fauidir. or geu tlen.eo. Terms i.-isoua lie. X-'> rniNi'K BTRBET -A LAROE FRONT K ni8 TO tJ't let, with or without Board; m-o . >a< k Room,and Oile r single H ums, lo g. titkinen and t 'i' ir wives ur single genUemeu. Terms moderate. No inoviuir ou lai of May. I 1 TRINCK MUET-H CLAIR BOVn.-BU> I J.? ?v> gamly furnisho R ins, with Bed n oma at: iched, , wiih ?1 the conveniences for DMMlu?pliu[ emylaiti including ;as and Oroton water, to let lo respectable lamilien or single gentlemen. BL8BCKER STREET, 0PP0MT8 DBFAV J."?? I row.?Km nln'ie,'. Rooms on second iloor, w th Board, soluble for a lamlly or parly of gentlemen; laigu hot an! cold water, gas and bathroom attached, R ftreucea emhan,e.t. onn WEST TWENTY-THIRD 8TBKKT ONK DOOR from Serenthareauc.?Salts . single Boonsto lei, with Bouid; bo nao i* lirai class and location unaorpnssod. No moving in May. C)|A ELK STREET, MBAB SPRING -EURNISHBD id III Apartm. nts I or itonmdiate necniianejr. The lowevt r. ut* In I e city, considering the convenience of eeouomy In housekeeping. Bast. heddiru and liirnUuie, with range, cooking uwusik and ilnen complete; gas and Uioton 9/n KOl'RTH AVKS1K. THIRD DOOR BKl.OW ? I)) Twe.nty-firatstr.pt.- To let, 1 tonus uratly furnithawl. singly or >11 soils, to taml'itn. with private lufde, or to Single teiitleineti with partial Hoard, or Rooms without Board. KeTeivuiuea excbitn 'd. til | KOt/KTll STRKRT.?FURNISHED OR UNFTROl.^lt liitflied R ?-nis to let, w itlionl Board. lor gentlemen | only. A Suit on hr*t floor, auitabli fora| yaiotau. OOA FOURTH STRBBTt?ONE LAJtUB Room To 10~T let, with Board, on second lloor, with pantries and buib attached, also in. upper Uoon -nitabh foi two gcn'lemen, b 'tween 8roa iway and Bowery, I I')," BROADWAY, BETWEEN TWENTY-FIFTH l<l^tj and Tw-nty.sixl" Streets, eiiposlh* Madison square.?Elegant >oma may now he * t nicd, fu; uished or unfurowbed, single or in su.t*. COIM'HI BOARD. A Lkl>\ AMD UKK DAUGHTER, HVINC. IN A VERT A has1 l.j village in (tonne tk .1, eonvun. n> to ale?:ubo?l I and ggihe-iu. woi.'1 Itke to reecPc. a fen children lu Board [ and tnarr k: during the snnnnei months; 'erms re*s> nalile. Relet euce* gtvau an,I required. Addiv?? K., box fl'l Herald . oflna. BOARD ON RBROEN HEIGHT* - A GENTLEMAN iiud wife, or t-arre pereona lujolls). may ootmu nl ely forutshed Room* with Biaro, iri ? ir.: s?e lam ly, where home otnfortabiay be ett?!tiert, abp'ij went. minute, from ferry. Addi es? G. Prentiss bug 4,IIP Co?t office. C^OCN'TRY BOARD.?A FAMILY OK FROM YOUR TO J neesuiis can he daods- mat* aeeo i uiolaied in a beantiluli" sPimlwl private mansion urar llie Sound, one bo n fto o Ren Toi k; good haiblug, lies drives and \ eni\ of stabling rart.es in waul ot a mpeiio: home wtti please afllreaa II. Ua'i, Herald ofllne, v. 'Hi m.rnbev nl family. Ac. /lOHNTRY BOARD?LO.H'Sr SIU. AVRSUJB, VON L' Iters.?I'aallteo and singlegenllenier- .v-irin; Bnnidfor Ae iimmer will find superior u>' on: uioditt mi sat 'he above place. 'I'ue house I ; 'aige, ap'.endld g3.den, iVoil uees and Huahto,. The a aasrv lit niia> roasted. ro ., l,,:ii.atiir it niaani. deem View oT the Hudson for mile*. Pov pn* inquire et-'d Uu r?i*i(T jj'fv, ennter to* Niuili ;''eer. CIOUNTBY HOARD?IN ^DIKY, RETIRED 1ARM I honae dealrr l f"' a lady and infant. Do-ation mtt?t be hoaltbv, ik>' i'?r !'n>i i * r!:iaa? " ";l8v e?vi*?i by railroad fiom tlua rhy, end distem* uni ?> excitd thirty mile*. A piniu. homrl.io' family prf nrd. Terweunnihr moderate; nay pimup:. Adnre?*, atatinij f"U |?i:ioula , Mrs. J. P. W., Broadway foot ollke, New York. f 'Ol'NTRY ROAKIV?A PBIV.YTR PARTLY, RERIDiNO V./ 011 a faun, about a mile from '.lie reihvay rtation. will aornmtnoiiA'e * family or pari ~ 01 r<o: min e than h'vu p"r: mi*,withBoard leaunui . TheatriaaxoeUaat. The j i.e ..dbori.ood abound* w iu r'ttiotan* *bt< Rofcreuceatik* ! fluug <J. Addi*** but 354 Rouphkcopa!: Do*'..iller ftOUNTRY RUV.RO. -SIN OR ?[(}!('!' PERSONS (JAN I Vv' Obtaiu b"e ' ib' ctitnwer ? * ti. -m houeewbere I ta.i-veu e no other h de/e.ini healthy tru p'. ohout hn ai tni'i on the New Yurkund ti e Rai.'t iau. I1* .fo'.r from !he ; < ' /. Address Roer i. An fi r n, Hi k'.and Co., N. Y . / tuKYiKt BOARD WASTED?FOR rHK SEASON 10 | V Novo her, in a prir*'" family, V;!o . Ytmhei*. ueiir the / r.iy and * rea-ih'o y h/.m or i?' r.iaii, fc.- ti i'eri.1*?men. j wife, n i. a*. ? .,ell hoy and in uit i prira not to rif-erd (fin i u'l iiIeitiO' iiinuth. Aditv s* Na'ary. S.? We i e'leei, rear J Wnif, uj>. UiOUitTRT BOARD WANTED?BY A YOi'Nti UENTLE. J men ami e it'e, infant < I' nn tct < eld}, slatei and iinrxe i ?i: anon within one honr'e i-'e ?t fin- ; iu tin rh-inlly j >?:' Wa*hing"vi Heigh'* preferre t Addren Merchant, ilr. ; rel'i office. ! I IOI MR1 WANil.il noil fat Off MAI *0 j v let of #"i Iambi i. (?: a emltj ?. e gtti children, from : on" tn eleven nt'dd, the inn'bet end ? raiil, e> e fanner's | house. with pain. >uI s'iti:?ii?i fare, end pu>s* j h)> irtm.'ii a. | The advsi l*rt-will l uinitsh hi* owu hrd end hndditiii. Net iir.oro than ft!0 to $75 per luon'h will tmrmid. Vddteta, meiittpr, e end all |>eii tiers K S..b.* S.?6, >'ew York Po?l ofi.'ie. : i OCSTRY BOARD WANTED rBMUSUmY, HY A \j 'a ty. In t'ltnucl' it; B :*i>u> or v' bi!t? preirrred; PWs $*.)" Week, ill aiiiati e. Settaier'ory refwwni-e e I'ett and . V,It red. A'Mirn Mre M. ft I'd Muothiilgai j ?'re?; a w Tn UViUM r.R K BIORm. HKvTU HOI IE JOfuu: KY ei VOUNTAIS* SPRTNOR, N I. li.iTinjt letCo.i tt; a eleti.ut and i?ip l.u 'Mab'Uhment I a'.alt npen i* on ?h? la' ol .Innr. n ii 'r*h? relitted ml u iwly furnlaMB, wRIt linen, oroekerff. ?i AM|<>w i th h ''el iyiiaiiit'taa tin- A'tnr Uuiet' , N*. Y.. an i miinr liratnliee h >.alj#e:iahii ' ..e'n itlteaee imnre t el it will lie k' pi til ttr ?n b".' r; tini'r. Traitie foi the MoiuiUiii, ?i.i M"ii? and K."?a? H 'rn "d, h ave fi'Ot 01 I'm ilaud due at A. M i d '( , C X. Roorr e unu' now he enon favorahlA i fem e. ll"r? peOiciilar Infmrr.auni may he h.a.l by addreaii tnj uiiwat d'?'rllirr, "i1 hy railing on Vi .aXKTAON . of the ! A tei Ho"'i?c. >'-w York. K. B. COL KM 'N. Proprietor. I ar tin: iirr.ai/. farni ? f fiirt .ii'i'i.'nr i.v urn { JJ a'ei on the aouth aide, iu *l?w of the South bay and ly itr., 45 mFca I row Net* York by mil. I* now open for Up reo<) Hon of mj>?ny. Pamihcb 'des'i in; lo ? 'Ulr Room* wiil Hddre?? A ft. St-llc uwcrf. MOUH.AN I AKK?WITHIN 1'. Hill tils BIDS. Muii, i ritmui RohmIimioI im bra ntiful and ) healthy *poti to lira Slate. Kaiitilm* drmrUiit summer | Board nay aeplv o WALTER K. JONES, Md Broadnuy. tldrd floor. A Cottar", with garden and ft aviei to let, or Fare, for aale, 3ft a ' CtUXIMlT If Of RE, N. J.?THIS HKAl'TIFI I, AND ?a boalthy aniiiiaor reaort, rltuatod on Ibr line oi 11.? MorrlSSttd E??rr Rallr, I, will 1)0 opened for itie i'"<?ptlon of toa.-uera and vialtera on aud after May 1. Families or i?r. Hsu n ailing to moke ? . a ligaments lor the -on o r by Ilia year will p euaa androua tie tulwrlbar, until May 1. at I'atarson, N. ?f. >. II. RITCHIE. OI'MMEK RESORT. J} in EAJf HOUSE, NLWFOKT, K. I MhrSRF. KKKNEK A BIRCH beg to lnfiirmiheir frfeui'a and the public that-Miey bare rented the Oc -ait I loose for til* e"nm i, arid will open it for the rewp'inn ol guests ui ihe. Df"r part of June. A plan of ti e house r.nn be *een at the Clarendon H>:e\ where apartments may be enraged. Nrw York, April II. IfcoS. KEENER A BIRCH. TIIK I t TOURETTE HOUSE, BEBUBN POINT, N. Will be open for the re,'option of gues'i the 1st of June. Liberal sironceuienls mad" with famlibs entailing for tha aeaaon. It adUr (jomiininbuUon by the Eltraoeihport and H >rg"ii P tint boats, from tiler No. i North rlrer, at 7 20 and II A. M ,3:M, I SO and 4.10 P. M WESLEY W. HILL, Propiietor. THE RKUELLIOM. APUTLKK WANTED?FOR ONE OP THE OLDEST and b"?t Nan York rctfinianta, lu the ai m> or the Potomac ll? mint be an active, competM business mnu, with sufficient capital, and i?ady Pi ruler uimn liin ditties at once. For full particular* ajdnsa B., bo* 2,?ilft Poet oti oa. OFFICERS.?>A UB1FOBM AND COXFLBTB OUTFIT for a United States mounted officer will te* told cheap; n..rl. nf-u. Atn.lu AT Nil AS Ri.StTuiOfth X11 ,<*(. T) S A I* llt'OSd way. ' OILK AND Bl'NTINO FLAtiB, ALL SIZES, OS IIAND O (or silo: (l?i Strtfla, Mountnia. Trimming*, Ka.lo* St:-a, Si ear Head* Ac. Ornamental Painting ami Kinnrol'luring on Silk. IKMER A OKAHAM, W Duanc etieet. Manufacturer*, l'alntrra ami Deaignera. TT KITED STATES S\KITARV COMMISSION. WASHU Ington, April 18. ItWJ.? Nutae* lor (he Sooting Hoapll?K One hundred able liodied men, not readily Tiabla to alcknaaa. ara wanted 10 acne gratnltnualy aa numaa upon 'he Flnallng H'tafiltala which are Udng prepared by tha I'nltnd stales Sanitary Oouiral**loti, under order* from government, Appl aanta niuet be men ol rune t habit*, Intelligent and nipariancrd In the oare of the air* and wounded, an J fond orauch labor*. Apply to DK. E. HARRIS, lid Fouith avenue, New York, between < and fl o'clock V. M. \\TANTKD-A AiglWP OS PROM ? To l? MEN TO It.IN TV tha Fifty-ninth regiment: located near Wanhlnguin, or which a fair prtoe will be paid. Apply at MS Broadway, com if. H AK HKT, JKWRLRMic, H EADOl'ARTERS FOR CHEAP JKWELRY^-kOO in ran of Jewelry for St, compimiii* tha aain* deacrtption of jewelry aa u*ed Iti etatlntiery package*. One piece ol Jewelry *ent po*t?ge paid for 10 rent*, w ith a circular Riving a de? Option of our good*. Alio Stationery and Jewelry perkis ?, the iieet lu the market, at prleea varying from id' cent* io$l SO a do/en. Addre** J. T. Andrew*, lit) Sudbury atrect, Boston, Maia. TtlOM AH 0. f?K " hVt'iTDEALER TN PINK OU Bourbon WhUkava. Brandlr*, Wluee, Sogam. Ac. I"* mllie' ?ui idled with tlie ilnret In themailut. t!78 Broad way, oppoalt i I.Alargi- Hoiiao. t>-lt OASIS fflTlt A I l A,"5*1 DO? MARASCHINO, (I i A'.lU i.o AliMntnn, S60 do. aa? M'ted V >rdla ?'v kii <11 raar And AW bj????ta inlitlM, for aale bv THOMAS V 1>E LULL, OiS Uioailway, oppo*ite La.arge U9j*? ? 9 Ml'SIC AX*. A GOOD PIANO WANTE')?IN EXCHANGE F >K A first class city mad- antliorao Cat riage a-pl? u> m. C. TURNER, a,J Washington all?dt A great bar;ain -splendid seven octavb Puuo, u,a !e by on 01 Cebe.i iiukma au.l I ully w xrrsnu-.l, cm $10); been uaed a . ? mouth a. op rleel order, wi.l t?i sold at a great nti--. for uili. ln.p..iv at 42 \Jroea ?!<!'< avenue. A tenor sinuur, or great power an?kink uu. Ity o' v,. . , ,n ,'ue- a utm iu a uurie'le rlinr iN'i* Fork > Bi ooknni; na? .'mil louryears' experience in E . apa i . :.?!. I ni -li e I It r-fi'ituiki u U nib ratter .ml ability. Address U. S. W. Jr., cure of rtftdi. Pond A Co 4 MAONIMOKvr seven octave ROSEWOOD LA Pianoforte lor .sir. eleyentlf carved let', an J cuu, e-eratiung b.>->,. . ' lion plate, lined wi'h saiiuwoot; liaa all lie' modern i ' nveinents; iii.de to order; h-en in use see n months; - o, v. it < sold for $2 ) in -1 elin.t Stool a el Covi r. A'sn I' ir K'uiiitir-at a aarrltiua lui'.ircat 70 W eat 'I went;, -sixth a: r -el, near >ivth avenue. Asa' 'riruie ror cash?$iau.?maonikicknt ivev, n oiave Pianoforte; original pine, $*75. nearly new; a'l modern inipioveiumi.'s, oveiali on* hass, nou plat-. ]ari;e rontiil coiners, roaev. taal mould.tuts to;, an i tail out. snlcncid Line nud touch. Apply to McOONALDa l'o , .M Bowery, uear Fourth street. Bargains.-pianos, mei.odeons frrm-ii obgaua, Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Segar?, arfeg. Boose, Paper, Painting* U na. Pia Is, Sen In M . .-a. Ci a.. a an ad Ste; m Engine, Ac., Cm sale cheap. Ca i adv., uc s on cou? guiu ml . 1. P. jones, 83 Ann aim i, aecoud Door. /IHITKCM MUSIC.?A tenor, WHOSE PRESENT " I tcrui of eni.getn.ul nip re? ,,u the 1st of May, la open to engage from that ilate. Pro.era the Kpia -opal service. 14dreas Music, box J,7l<5general Post olli e. Filkoant beyen octave rosewood piano* J loite torvtll Ita value, as it must b> retuored I. n modi, atr'y rrat JJ0O w.tblu one year; has rminil corm-re. Iron tram , carved leg-, st and action, atool. cover, Ac.; price $16$. Apply at 13.i>a 'fvietitieth atrret, near Third avenue. Ipou sale-vert i,ow for cash, a sk \ en oo' tare rosewood Pl.tuuforle, of a must superior tone aul lin sh, largest acaic, iron plate, overstrung lavas, round oornera, richly ejr.ed cose and lega; three years'gusrartiea a" from the best city makers given. Apply at ttj North Sixth street. Williamsburg. TAOR HALE CHEAP-POUR NEW SEVEN OCTAVE r Pianofortes, finished in the h. si style unci made by the , best city makers, w.tlt >11 the lat -at improvements ami warranted. Impure at 12s East 'Tivsuty-cighth alrci t, beiw eea Second and Third ureuues. (nr e a tbargains in pianos, at h56 broadway, X near Kotii tronih siroel.on ancooui of reiuovlug, a suieudhl lot uf Pianos, lull Irnn frame, aud warranted. Will ha sold at a hat <;-iiu before May. CA REATLY IN WANT of MONEY ? I WILL MAKE A X p-i lVcl sacrifice of one ot the up.si splendid Pianos la this city; wis tna le to mil r for the present owrnn at a rust of raiving aione $151); vv ill i;? mini, If upnlirJ foiAthts week, for 1.225; ararranlel by ihe makers; satlsfad&oa guaranteed. Apply at IB Henry sireM, N. V. 0KOANIST? AN ORGANIST, FOR OVER TEN TEARH onc iceii In apverul of the lirsi . lass el.u uhea ot thia rity ati'l liio kivn, will be o|ieu lor an et.? .gemeitl on lh? 1st of .May. Can produce moat salt-,fa.'lory testimonials aa lo character and cap.t' lllty. Will furnish a choir If desired. Ail.ltes. U. S. T. box 150 Herald nffloa. PIANO FOR SALE-SOLID ROSEWOOD FRAME. round corners, full octave; cost $ki(J. lwtulre ol VV M. IK VINO, :tfi Nassau street. nrixtbd-a .-'1TUATION, by A sopfano SINOKR ?f aputlntni with the Presbyterian and episcopal roc vice, In a church ui tilts city or hi Brooklyn. Address M. J!., -'17 JUaHWtfc it. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SOl'RKANO, FOR Tllft Kev. Dr. Plan's Church, Hydury Brooklyn; hho nniHt be an ut*i?o ;ii>lip4i"<l vocalist, a k<k><1 r*h<i?r, fully rHjunt lo the nioist dbli nlr ('a h'?lic. music; ftalnrv lb*ra4. A; ply juTHonal r to t. It. M.ninth, or Riilat. 61 West Baltic Htreet, b.'tween Henry and Clinton treot*. Brooklyn. Biea PIANOS.?WAR PRIORS. NEW 6U OCTATR Fi'IU I'isno?, u 11 round cornera, overstrung and non frames, for $1.'*); 7 octavo do., lor * 17.',. f (10 and $2fs). Second Land Pom ? si great bargain*. Oto 6 octave, $60; one do , (lUbort, *110; one tij ." octave,rosewood. $120; one ti+i do., Wat era, mm do., lifi, bl.'K). M !o d> on-?4,*i octavo, *f. ond band. $40; ft octave do , $60; do., piano si/lr, (lift. Foreign muaie at 2 cents per pay. Terms osu. uorai'k WATERS, Agent, tit Broadway. <D"| 7 7 -THE PRESENT HARD TIMES ALONE IN tPA I *J. dure me lo adveriia, my Piano Pot private hale; i i* seven full >'latee, overalluih Dana, ihree row, of solid rosewood moulding, carved i-is and lyre; is a splendid joaon in every reap* u; lias b-en in use oidy vlt months; oat $1175: if 1 ean ratac. $170 the piano shall go. Call at SB liiec ho street, between Bowery and Broadway. houses, rooms, ac., awl'mi). Apartments wanted.-'tiihek or fork rooms or one boor, anitable lor a so.all American family; i cut UH 'ut'lf I'l Jliln month. Address for two days A. B.C.. Herald ofllce, slating, ; ?i tic'ilara. ' > j Hora wantrd?barrwrkn rlrbckrr ani? Fourteenth h: reels and Third and Sixth avenue*, witla all ilie motleni improvements. Tor a small and genteel family; rent moderate. Address 1 te niae, lleiald office. HOI SE WANTED-XEAR SIXTH ATRMITR, ABOVE Twenty-third s'teel; rem $<Ut to ffltw. 21 fact wide, in ihomnith is pair, and god neigh o -hood. I suited wo ".lit purchase, by applying the rent in puymut. For am h a do* sirable tenant will be found by aending lull parti ulara to boa 705 New York. Post oilier. OFFICE WANTED?UNFl'RN 18IIKD. ON FIRST OR second floor, below Duane aireei. Address, *tvliuj location and rent, Ofllce, Herald obicc. PARI' OF A FURNISHED HOI SK WANTED?UP W town; no china, bedsteads, bedding, linen or kitchen utensils rc,iuircd; by a caret ul American laiuily, four adulla; or would turn* charge of a ltrsl class house t or lli- summer at a nominal rent, lli a reference*. Address UaU-y. 21 West Twenty-flrst street. PART OF A HOUSE WANTED.?'THE LOWER PART 01 a House itanted, in a quiet neighborhood, tocatod between Tenth and Thiitieth streets and Third sad Sixth avenues. Address U., 100 East Thirtieth street. I>AKT OF A HOUSE WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS JL neighborhood, by a small family. Address Reno, N. Y. Fo?? offf-", with description of premi-.es aud rail particular*. Rostrum wanted?suitable for a meeting room o. a military company. Any one hiivlmt tin stove for sale che.;p, can app y lo CRANDALL A i'V. OS, I ornei Nat-uu and Liberty Btree!*, rpile lower part of a neat house, in a A soou i0 atjon, wanted?By a lady and gentleman. They w ill furnish their own apartments, pay it reasonable rent, la advance, if any Inducement, and exchange ftr?i o'os? refai. n e-. Panes having such aocomuioda Tons a il! please ad* hi ess box l,dHt Post offlce, giving full particulars. WASTED?TO LEASE. WITH PRIVILEGE OF RUTII Ing, a Farm ol 36 or 40 acres, wit', good comfortable h use and ham: plenty of good fruit; convenient lo ralltoad. not lie to tliau lib miles trom New Yorit. Address, with particulars, A. U.S. ili Broome street, UrANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE CROWD |e-rsons, pari of a House, from the 1st of May till the t-t ot duly. Address D. L , cars of Beer A Uohlrmer, 701 Broadway. Y\TANTED?TO PURCHASE A OBOCERY. PROVISION II Stole or Market, for whash a fair price still tic -men la Stuple nriil Fancy Diy Goods. Adores* Houier, station K, PoSi Ill's*. WASTED?IN A GOOD NEIOHBOBHOOD, A MEDIUM II aired Iwgh stoop three story house, mo u rn improve inents, or hall o house; family, sentleiniiu and wile; m rirat reap'. lahillty mid rcspousibilliy; bi lwreen Fourth and Rightls enu s. above Kcurte n'helreet- rent modcoat". Address with full particulars II. D., Iiox 101 Herald offlce. WANTED?BY A GENTLEMEN, IN BROOKLYN, i'.BII t?" nt'oiiitst. e'au I the river, Kultcii and Hiulii fef rice, a lurni bed Punor and Bedroom, at.bout Board. Ad. dress, staling terms, It. F., box 140 Herald .11 ice. \1TANTED?BY A FAMILY OF THREE ADULTS, II threa or four Rooms in a house with one family, between Kirstaiiil Fourteenth street*; rent not to exceed $9 per mouth. Particulars mutt bs given. Address B, lleraid office. UTANlED-BY A FAMILY OF THREE, A SMALL House, or part of a House, in New Ink in a good location and ?t a moderate rent. Best of leteretice plien. Ad'treas. giving location aud terms. M. I) , box Itih New York P..-! r.lh, S UrA.NTED-TIIE SECOND.STORY OK A HOl'SK TV A genteel net ;lib >rhood, for a email Amnricnn latnlly. bctwe u Twe.uty au I Fiftieth etr-ela, we?t aide; n nt g'JoO; would Join a par y in taking a bouee. Call ou or aadreaa t*. 0., 140 wi'nt Thiny-MXtli (ireel. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PAMILY OF THREE adult*, four R Hrnia, ou rocond or third d< or. In a prlrate lionae. Kant fmui glOD to $130. Addreae T. V. H., ?tv tiou A, Spring (treeI. TkTANTED AT A LOW IIENT-A MODERATE 817,ED V? Soap Kar.tory, with one or mora kettle* of at l?a*t nv? barrel* o?|.aoity; near th? lower part of the city or Soulk Brooklyn pi a.erred. Atltlreaa, with full particular*, T, nam. Herald office. \l* ANTED IM vi EDI ATE LY^ON TlTB~WE8T~ ril Dbfo? I? the elty, below Thirtieth alreet, a F1 . or through, ioaalaiing of four or 1 vo rooina, with gaa hurt water, for a to.all family of three rrei ?ona?mu?t be in a r-'tpeci*b:c neighbor* h <o.l?for a go 'I teuant. Add I'M II. B , tlallou B Poet ofllce, Eivhth arenue. 8TKAMBOATS." THE STEAMBOAT LONO ISLAND LEAVES KO* Norlhport, tooeliing at the Intermediate landing*, ererjr afterno m i biiuday eieerted), fmm Fulton Market a.lp, at three r.'etoek Returning, lamaa Northport trary morning, at half-p**t Ore o'clock. "mlatrimoniaju ~ ATTENTION. rorifo LADIES.?DON'T ALIi WRIT? at ouee.?Proposal* will lie received from any pretty, erlura ed, ai.vompii'he l, faarmotnia and affectionate ruung larly. lot the heart of a good looking young man. who la living alone In affluent*and wealth, and wlsiiaa mi.ne lady that will anawer the above d. eerlpllou to ?hai* hla aboda with hlin, an hie wife. Addreaa propoial* to Ou*. Mourkul box LA) Herald offie* AYUUNU " LAOr OF PBEPOMBS8INO APi'EAKanee wlahes to form an al llano' with a..me gentle mi* of wealib and go d (octal position with a view to matrtmoiiy Adiirr. e, rurioaing oar l de rlelte, Mile W Bertoa, MIIVH njii iil? iHWt, . , A VOi~NO LAl>T Of R>n!*KD MA5NERH. AiiKDR A .wiaha, to corretpond with ? fg"n? ?fcinc * aarno quattllan. with a now to W7 v0"., ^ M IhB advirtlao r tlM fuwi||LA?.r-b0?.-.g.jy taken un * m eu:lot?ng carti d* *Ultf. A 'Urate Miuui# oua ley, etatton B. Vf ATRIMONUL ""A FORRIOKBB . 2" ^ BAKf (d ' ^ M *?% In thl? aountrr, blg\)ty nonnactad nn tltt xn-iof flno uoiooal appearance would 11 k? t? form, thm' ib corrjaponiT-nce. ?n * qamiarn* with a ladV from WW U year, of a In regard to a *te w w nat.Ui'ny lt>? adrartlaer would bo nu?at partic ilai about lha iwita?H? of lhfSmlll and tb ao.iualtfl'aot tho hoarj iX.Ttiiy "? ** tho Mil. Of ronl h?ppiDOM BuflMm 5IL?.,i? Ind?aorry to aaj ? mnan? are alao requtrad. letter* ; u,?.ti.w"rodBl" be rairrntd If daalred. Addreaa Ueplior 1 lion, Herald oftloe, - .? Till- BtHSC KI BE It I TDK -1 RO IS OK CO It It KB I' I *U?tna wifh a young middle a. ad laly, with a view t* ' inn'I nii'i * Khr nm t ng and h to' ul, cio?- apd K'm<i ' nature I, coaalng "?'t tea?in*. y aiding and tiactln&JM mia and confiding, aari oaMa an I pntvuilng, homely ?nd go d looking wicked'y 'ktona and (nnarlontiuualy onptnncipod JH,,: *; ,? hare I ght, blr k ha<r. g do aradfcolh. a d 1 ?,.,ik con* Itu I on. At?> tady poaata md tha abota aualtflmtwna m J addr-wit i tualu gn? couUdau.a. bvli/if fdOllaO Ida Hi U f*?l vW'.d,