April 26, 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

April 26, 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH WHOLE NO. 9360. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AC. A GENTLEMAN 18 HEHIKOUB OK OBTAINING A suienor Roadster, nol over nix or ssvcn; g. till*, bund KM, sound and kind, and nlOcknUy /act, for which he 8*1 ( lu exchange cither of ib? two /ol owing described ketHH, both raiar.d and bred by him, and both perfectly und:?First, a chestnut Gelding, thoroughbred, four year* Id this epilog, with the rcqu'eluts of beauty, strength ?nd docility to make him (in l.'je hand* uf a horseman) as splendid Had (In Horse M is even on Central Park. Second, a Brown Sta'llon, tuoy-.ar* tliis sprt/ig. of great size and prendre, bred from Ibo best trolling stork, and uotv lit to bo token end driven. Would cvrhnnr he two for a very supsnor pair of horses. No d'a. 1 apply. Address or sail at ltd Lexlngletf avenue, corn Kfvuetb street. A MEW THING. MINER A STEVEN J, Mum. . of first clas* C&ti ????> 72,74 and id Walker street, Flral door rust of Broadway, Are using on all their carriage* and road wagons tho Patent J Malleable < Iron vert Axel Box, which rouses the vehicle to run turn lighter than the old fashion cast Iron box. AOBNTLEM4N, GOING IN THE COUNTRY FOR THE si mm -, ull. tako charge of a raddle Nurse forhls ke.'p, wllh good cute. Address r. II., Herald ofth e. A FINE BLACK COI T FOB RALE-SIRED bV BDRTVH A Black Ilawk, four yearn ol<l thin spring. broken to (nuble anil si igln ham ss; kin J anil gentle. Aieo agiuy Horse, ulno years eld, whle i will be sold cheap. Apply at rowit'll livciy stables, Butte stre- t, comer of Boerutn, Brooklyn. Board your uokbeh at the new york tat. torsade, BLib a'.emte ami Tbitly-niuih street, being one of ike bent arranged, moot commodious and best conducted stables In the city, having an exercising ring free to all hoarders. Catrlngi a lo let for calls and the ioad. Regular tales at aurlkon, every Tuesday at 12 o'clock, of Horses, Wa (oua, Harness, Ac. Bee auction head. _ _ HENRY PALMER, Balesmgu. HOARD YOIR HORsEti AT TUB EXCELSIOR 1) stables, c- rivrof Sixth avenue ami Thirtieth street, the best ventilated, airy, over ground stables In the Uy. Jail and see the in. derail low. A handsome parr ol black Horses (or sale. eubtnehr"! wagons of every rind constantly on hand, or mado to order; you will And Ibis place as rorablo as any that can be found, and every article war anted as represented at BTEW ART'S wagon fuctory, Fiftyward street, between Broa>lway and Eighth avenue. Business wagons of every kind constantly on band or made to order, such as Grocers', Bakers', Milk and Express. You trill nr. ! this place as favorable as say that can fe found,: it I every article warranted as repie aenied, at STEWART'S Wngou Factory, Fifty-third street, bet worn Broadway and Eighth avenue. SARRIAllES-OARRIAtiF,*. at no. hi cedar street, opposite THE post One new top Buggy for $130, which vre will warrant equal lo anything to he had lu the city for <200. Ono light Brett at $200, as good aj can be had In the city One good Phaeton at $126, well worth $176. One good shifting ton Buggy at $96. One slide scat, with pole, for $1:10, as good ns can oc hud In tho city for $20). One goc I new top l}uggy at $76, with several other new '"ritca^ove stock of Carriages Is well worthy the attention ?f purchase i s. N. B ? Carriages In exchange for goods suflahle for a country store. /NLCB STABLES, ?2 AND 24 WEST THIRTEENTH \j street, near Filth a'enue.?This csta: llshment I exclusively tor roadsters and gentlemen's turnouts. Hiall* ail above ground. Accommodations supetlor >.o any iu tho etty. .J. C. KAMF A CO. Fm SALE?A VERMONT BLACK HORSE OP THE JS.auk ll.iwk *:oek ; t lands sixteen baud* ; it sound, spirit, d and very showy, In good under saddle or in Moult; harness; would make a Urn carriage horce; siv y> avs old in June nest ; sold for want of us?. Apply to JOHN P. 'JOTTON, M West Tweiity-foartlnstreot. F)R SALE?A FINE, HEALTHY MARE, ABOl f bEVEN yeaie eld, true in harness, baudst'iue traveller, easily kept In fltrn order; for any use, Apply lo P. UBL'BII, lutl Bediord street. FOR RALE?A FINE BAY MARE, 16 HANDS HTGII, periect.y soucd, kind and senile; price Apply at MB Third aven le. _ "IjIOR SALE?A HANDSOME, MMAl.L SORREL HOUSE, r with Jagger Wagun and Harness. Apply at Jariin' StaMrs, corner of Broadway and Thirty-ninth street. I FOR SALE CHE AP?AN EX PRESS ROOTS, TOOK ther wit > Horse and Wagon. Apply at 6iW N ntli avenue, feotween Fony-secoud and Forty-third streets. ?10R SALE?A PAST DARK CRAY MARE, SEVEN years old In July next; sqnaru trotter; weighs ?75 pounds, hands hlyli; warranted perfectly sound and kind; lias bee a this spring in u ft>; will go tn 2:40 easily when in condilion. Pili>$tW. Address N. ilailoch, UUco, N.Y. TD?R SALE?A VERY SUPERIOR ROAD IIORSE; IIAS S} trotted his mile in 2 41, and originally eost $700; win bo sold for half his cost to elote an estate. Address S. J? boa 1,041 Post utttce. XjtOIi SALE CHEAP?ONE PATR OF LONG TAIL Jj black Ponies, fonricen and a half hanuabigh, sound and bind In single and double harness, eau irotlu 2 W; also, shifting ior Wagon and Harness, nearly new. Can he seen at Ike Metropolitan stable, corner Princo and Crosby streets, rR SALE CHEAP-A BLACK HORSE, FIVE YEARN old, 16 hands high, kind and gentle tn every respectand a gaoA stepper; said on account of ihe owner not having any txrCber use tor him. ilhll and sea for one week at the stable, Eighty-ninth street, Yorkville, between Third and Fourth ajoaues, ol the owner, WILLIAM WHITE. FOR SALE, CHKAP.-JUPT ARRIVED FROM YERmnnt, six pairs of matched Horses and right single Horses, $QV genbciiien'* roadster*. Also, several line saddle llorse*. bane seen at the Metropolitan ? tables, corner of Prince sad'Crosby street*. JHOR SALE CHEAT-ONE LI01IT TROTTING WAV son, built bv Dusnnbury A Van Dnsor; also one set of Hfhl Harness. The above has been used but a few times during the present month, and will be sold very ressonably, as Ihe own'r intends leaving the city durJug the summer. an bo seen at .1. C. KarapA Co.'* club tub)':*, ?2 and M I We'1 Thirteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. I tj^OK HALE OB EXCHANGE-TWENTY EIGHT YOUNG r IIo.hch, JuH from Canada Went, from four to ?evcn wear* old, fourteen <o seventeen hand* high, all sound ami Vtnd. Ini|.tlroln the hlaclumtth shop. 120 Norfolk street. At?o one m. < h Goat. All to be con until ?otd. IjtOR SAjuB OR EXCHANGE?FOR A HORSE OF 1JJS8 1 to iti beautiful bright Hay Mare, 10 linmla high, riykali and free Or \<>r, beautiful m.fl lie mare ami perfectly "are . Mr family una; price $160; warranted ?r. >nd. Apply at 49 Ckrystir Klreer, near Cnnal. HO.UF.K, TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES, DEl'OT, HOTKL a id lt i.lroa! Wi;.mr, t,irmly Boekawayn, turn\er.t. Awing a utt and el'ting nut Biggies, Coai he*. Brails, Maa ami tlrtr it1 Wagone, ol ull kinde; 2.H) tor sale?10 ke*iu* nireet, lot F ilton avenue, anil No 9 Flatbuek avenue, Brooklyn. Horses for sAi.h-team <?r okay carriage Horse*, long talis, 7 year* cM, Round and kliidiprke moderate; also a bay Ms.iv, pony built, 7 rear* old, ?oan?l tad kind, .viih Do. tor's V. niton and llnrni ?*; also oue excellent nay II -e, tvah several top and no too Wagon*. Jtecnemny <. ml her . chlrlea, single and double liarnrea. Apply at in li. ; ard '? IGHT BRETt' FOR SALE?BUT LITTLE USED; MJ made b? Wood Hroe. Will o: silt rho to, ae the owner Jka no further me '"or it; can be seen at No Ji East Twelfth treet. Heats lour. TWO LIGHT WAGONS FOR S ALE < IIEAP-BY A GEN lleinnn going to Europe; one in a L'uht Shifting Top Yacht Wagon, the other a Single Heat Trolling Witgun of 1(7 pound*; both are hrst class Brewster wagons and almost new. Can be *ccn at Mnckey s eta' le, 119 West Twenty third itreel. TXTANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND TRUCJK OR YT Feed Wagon lor one hom ; ?ne wbl.h ha* been but Ue used Apply at 10 Jem** alip. WANTED-A MARE WITH FOAL. ADDRESS BOX 3,:i87 Post oUi'e, New York, stating color, age, rite, tewest caab price end where she can be seen. WANTED-A PAIR OF HORSES. HARNESS, CARrlago, Ae. The horse* must he kind, aoend, and good Arirera. and all suitable for family use, for which will be Ireii Id exchange two un-town Let*, improving rapidly In alee, and w*ll located. Address box 8,6bl Poet office, etatlDg articular*. WANTED TO FDRCn ABE?A PAIR OP COACH Horse* and two Family Horxee. Apply at lONcvln* treat, Brooklyn. ~ LOAN OFFICKI. _ ~ j tiii uKANii HI Hb?i, TnriEB Doom WEST OP JX. Broadway?Money advanced on W?iAfi, Diamond*, Jewelry Plate, Dry Uoods, and ptrBur.alpruiierty of over* Aeeertpilnn, or bought and aold by JOSEPH A. JAUKSOK, aaaUiaetr and broker. AT 213 BROADWAY, CORNER OP PULTON STREET. The beet prtoeapaid for Dlnmonda, act or anaat Ad nance* on WaP bea, Pearl*. Plata, OpUcal I oat rum an M, Ac., ft an aale, or a III bur them at a fair valuation. J. H. BARR1NUHR, 312 Broadway, room 13, np ataira. A T 90S BROADWAY, CORNER OP DUANK STREET, A Woaay advanced to any amount on Diamond*. Wntobe*. Jewelry, Ac. Bualneaa atrirtly confidential. T. If. KEE6TNO, auctioneer and brokar. Private entrance in Duane etreet. Brat dear waat of Broadway. ATM NASSAU STRERT.-A. HONIGMAN, DIAMOND A broker, nmkea liberal advance* an Diamond*, Watobe*. Jewelry, Ac., or buy* them at fall value, at bl* private office, M Naaeau aircet, room No. 2, up alalia. Bualneaa conn. Baa Hal. Liberal advam'Eb made on diamonds, Walchea, Jewelry and Silver Ware, or bought for r*<ib att the htRhmt price*. Periona having old Gold and feilier ware for rale can do no better than tall ?n LOUI8 ANRIt'H, 7M BroaWvay. L JACOBS REMOVED FROM M t EDAR STREET.? Money advanced >>n Wnichee, Diamond* and other valuable perwwal properly, or bought for eaeb. B'>%lnc?e atrktly confidential. Obi Mold and hiiver bought. ? fONEV TO LOAN-IN SUMS TO SUIT, ON WATCHES 111 Diamond'-, Dr. flood* and all valuable Pereoutil Property, Silver Plate, Ac Apply to R. WOOD, *3 Fulton atn et, eeeond Boor, Iront rooui, Ironi 9 to 4 o'clock. Monet lent-to any amount, on all kinds of peritonei prop rty. a* Watclie*. Dlauion.l* (? t ar.-l Wt?*et), Jewelry, Dry tloonn, Ac., by AARON ADOLl'IIlik!, Mceneed loan oflicr. 111) Pear) etieet, corner of new Chamber* Street, j)AWN BROKE JUS TUKF.TSVTRi ?? ARBDOPEAD I BR' A and ()enttem*n'a Clothing, Jewelry, Ptatola, Plnitoe, , Mry C"iod*, Faiuy Uo-ula, Carpel*. Ac. A lot of 6r*t .lam Clethritj for ??le t Huaiueat Coat*, Caa*lnvete Pant*. Veete, Julie, lb OF.OKUK LEVIS, Commlsalon Mervbant, US roomo street. fHE HIOHRST PRTCB"PAID FOR INDIA CAMEL'S llair Shawl*, or would be taken in exchange for Diamond Jaw flry. C'aah paid Tor Diamond* Money to loan. [E NEW I NEW YORK, SATURDi IMPORTANT F WWV,A^1/^WVWVVWNA?VW-N(VVVVN^VV\ 1 V Terrific Bombardment of Fort Jackson, o yir ^JfwueiEHAi ^ i H> r kZZI ) Ift I H P CHTC H A HT li A I K EoWc.AnP?j-l!||NNER J rnlS'tT Jit S* ?* iiiMiF,c?i m? PQtNT A k%?.artliTTr^S^a=_5a^^ %!\ ^r-$?5\*?*?i. _r r\^?^/-C^V^- . .?rZ^Z W ^ ^ ve*i SOUTB M(?SJ Pk^T^/0/ bay CAANO B^l <t/c^r AOi/f I1EF1 From tfc? city of How Orioaoo loCamitoa ,7.....;.!...Via 77777. From iho olty of How OrUwo to Koanor m? UlCOltyo# HOW OjrTOOM |QFa* MOW**.. 0t? 51mi hi \ ork hera: LY, APRIL 26, 1862.?TRIPLE SHEET. ROM NEW 0FiLEANS in the Mississippi?The Rebel Defences at New Orleans i$isxwe7/ar COLUMB7A6I ,?7' t( / y Sgl y v. 71 j S spRm i ^ PASS

V?NUEI0R PJ>mT fl5W0^?Mj||^^^RAWa ISLAM) ^|$fSk , ?!^^teoc7K^ po,NT ft* /sz @?s JMm- a ^ _ ?': ,.\ #a 7?r^bs;/^5^/^ iiistariM \ ' *4 e ** ***** * r/4/vo OW0 ^ f?*?H?VAL ECRENCKH TO MAP. C miles | From thsclty of New Orlesns to Fo?t Moors,,. .1. #? W *"*' 10 milts | From thoolly of New Orleans to tU old battle (round, or M)? kmw fertlfloalieis. ,1..,.,,.^. ,j."? 9 N* 87 wiles | A fct fciwt Sftwt M4 2*i?re?Uag Itotoiia, LD. PRICE TWO CENTS. iflirnia. I ONDON EXHIBITION. "" " "" J TE'I1 KN TICEETB, LONDON AND BACK., Dm ik>] (leu Thud 1 t?-i ... M BTEaM WLEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, touching atot.eenstown f Cork UarnorL The Liverpool, Now York and I'blla d ipkta H'eainshlp Company inl ud d tapr.reUing tbeirfollP red ' lilt ion Kteainshiuj as follow s:? CITY Of NEW VnRK. 8uu.r$?y, May 1 o .V 1)F t\ aaHINhIuN .Mil, ay May 1< KolNBUIlU Saturday, Mar 11 ? a .d ?very ?ucc- ciling Saturday, at hood, fioni pier O, Nurta titer. . JlAJi S or PA8NAOB. JTrst' $7'i Hte-rage $90 Do I. r.don? {JO Do. Ui Lriidon 33 Lo. . I'.irli 83 D<>. to Paris. ......... 38 Do. > Hamburg., V. Do. to Hamburg ..... 33 Pa sei gem also forwar led to llavre, Bremen, Rotterdam, Aot* rp. A,;., at. equally low rat* ?. Kales Iroui Liverpool or Ouee.istowu: First rabtn, $70, $86, $10S. Btm rago from Li'.erpool, $10, Front Queenst'lwu, $30. Tickets can b<- bou.ht hereat th??? rate*, enabling people (o vntl lor'heir frlenita. These st. aiii' Ts have superior accommodations lor pAasengets; are strongly built In water-tig a Iron section*, an<! carry patent tiro am.ll.Uat.jrs. Experienced -.urgeoua are attached to eacti steamer. lor lur Vr Information apply In Liverpool to William Ionian, Vf.'rtt, 91 Water street; in Utu-Kow to Alexander Maicolin, 6 St. Enoch square; in Onanuetown tuO.it W. 1). Keys nvoiir ,v O".; In Loo l ai to El esA Maoey, lit King W.Miaul atr. et: In i'.iris to Jules Docoue, 6 Place do la Bourse; In Philadelphia to John 0. Dale. Ill Walnut street; or at the Company's i#i ?. JOHN O. PAL!:*, Agent, 15 Broadway. New York. THE NOItriJ HERMAN LLOYDS' BtEAMSiilP BKB MEN H. Y.N -., is, v.uiiii under, jrurrvinu the I'ni'ed Ntau mail, in . caii from pier JO North river, fool of Chainhers utrcei. on SATURDAY. .MAY 10. at 12 o'clock M-. roa BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON,' taking pa1 fencers to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTBAMPTON AND BREMEN. at the follow lug rates ? Tor bei rr' cabin, $101); second cabin, $00; steerage, $3$ For Ire lit or passage aoply to HfiLKKUB A CO.. 6B Bror-d e'reet STE.\ M TO LIVEUPOOL. ULA8UOW, BBU'ABT, Iioudondc-ry and Dublin, for $30 ?Tiie A1 linn <!lydo bulli steamship JOHN BELL will -ail irom pier 37 North river, foot of 11 a U nireet, ou Saturday. April 20, at 12 o'clock no.ui. Tills steamship la fitted in the moft approved "tylo to inanro the confort and safety Of passengers. Ra'es of passage:?Cabin, $G0; inter nedialo, $37; steerage $30. Including an abundant -wpplyof eookod pro. viHions. Apply to EH AN 013 MAC DONALD * CO.. No. < Bowling Ureen. New yoke to Liverpool. THE BTEAMRHiP UHEAT BARTERS will toil from New York U r Liverpool on HATlllkDAY, MAiY 31. Prlc * of passage in Flret Cabin $9Pa?133, according to state room .tcoomuiodaiuns, all other privilege; P. ing lual. Third Cabin . .$30 a $Wt wutli very Huoerlor vwounnodations. Soils of Rooms tor families uiaj ' no iageil by epc Inl ai rang-meat. No Berth secured umil pa'd for HOWLAND A A8P1NWALL, >genut PIntis if the ship may b aeim, and engagements mode for fieign or ittssaife. on at piie-'ition to Chas. A. Whitney, a) tlie other, .v . 7 Br.iadwai, NdW York. STE tkl TO LONDONDEKI1Y, OLASUOW AND T ITER pool.?ho Moot. j1 St amsbip Company's first ebnup foil powered, ?' vd- ' .i.t steamer NOKWBflTAN, Captain . Mi vimter, ''*rrvti!g ut?? uanaatau aim lawn -skiujh umw. will-ail'. rn I' . Unl next Satin-day.April 36. 1'.?1ch of piiHeayte rrom New \ ork ?hirr.t elaas, neooruinit to ac- ommoda-ions, $Hd .ml tii'l; tUoc iaao, found with good prpy iaionn, $?0. <Vru. a; <i 1 . !? 1 fee h hnjlng ?nt site i.?e i frumail the pi iucip.ii town 'i hfrcat BnUvlu ?iul Ireland at very low# rawpi. For nasoan' rpi'le ;u jri Broad" iiv, Sew York. i lBEt ? SEAK1.K, Ooneral Agent-:. HAVBCKO AMERICAN RACKET COMPANY. ' To LONP0N, HAMIJI RO, HAVRE AND SOCTHAMTTON. Tin) 'ai onto in ?l eln r.tnl el 'i;ai,. nun mail sujumslifi TK'nT'lNl \, If. T . .nr. ' o nm.unier, carrying '.ho (.'mo i ! .les uinil. ills !' mi pl-r Yo. II North river, fo ' of 1'iilio.i . . ?, p. vtlvly on SATURf'AV, May .7 ami i i-.'H jir 'iii,. rt for l.n.idou. Hamburg, Ua? ra and Southampton at the folo.w.ng rates:? Find: : .inii B'eoml i aliiii., lit St fliu.'.o 38 111" hot I " -ft v " an ceil tJm TEI'TONIA on May 17. For ). i a|.|)!> ex ! "slvely to C. H. llli 11 vHI) A BOAS, 131 Broadway, Now York. (10>l>n;.N0IN*<i MAY 1, ISO;'. J Nl'.iV M'.i:.x.Niii.ilENT. roit imui'oknm. ma Panama. For the be or aceomiouduiion { tlis lariie number 'f pen pie. ""v. o.;i:iv in, io tin: mid .lining district* of t.'.ilifornia am! Hiitisli P'ol" ohi \ FO('R tiimumi? p- r month will be despat in i| fi.ini N w A .>rk ami irotn tlaii Fi iui'-h jO respic tlvelv, ! .if .iT?etaait , itfire. Re.eeb.r d .j r olV prion: Horn ,V. IV York, on in# 1st, 8:.b, 16:1. ml .'1 .1, e v will II *in.-'o.iau li. 1 oil .SnudaV, wl .o the dsr of deport n - - !i; be #ln? >Jo i 'ay foBiiwlnp. For :> > |..i - iipply at l'" "lily odh e or the Hoc, No. S JlotUk' til "ii, .V. w York. l>. B. ,VLLL>, Agent. t t'SfRAl TA.?KAN'' AROO I.INK! 5>TABLlbllKIl k\. Cad,? 1." p i lidill to- lass New A otkb n't park'I 'tp INHJVNA 1 ikid m , llo'i rn, or. ?y dor, ..11 lia.'# the usual prompt e. pan h of this line tor Mi itiouriw dinTnc a e mod . , lor lii ft! and ecjoilJ moill I aa i'i'.Cin are i ?^r s w o .'id net ,i.?. i i-u i , e nr. .1 'yti'ixi hi *pp'<n"ii'.o Al All.'Eh. LORD A O' EI.'BAU, 1 bW ! root. LOR i A t'O , e its rn as ..t >MU v rn -. ' liUlJl t'AKJAU.N AS,?'i'HJi i.HJj'l'EilliD AND F A8!T|8AIfj P In t tl ii; 1 VlMiO .V'. !:uviim : |;l I p U : e r 01 ill. ? ear *0 eo jag.'tl, iii.I r.1 I for Hie nlnire p rt o a : v d? . tor.r Iglit or p It* . I .vlng Pile :iiv nine d t ? . r.j y ) A?A.s.A.NO\'A BKbi., M Hi iianx" place. IiAOK HAVANA VIA NV.- 'IF. V F. -TDK HRITIHII and North Amcrl : Jep.| AT- I -m i tru,, I'arita.n Im i , wilt sail to : ie nbotopo 's, freui th* Jnnii. ij'x 'a. .it .P. i.e. n fcaiM-uay V' .?i M | ti .i'ilwiy.. . ... . "*T?y it I 8*4.r>li*4 Vi * fcC i >ii r.i.,, . i-?' it i Hi. M* *?: I * t .. I *4.1 Il'.nr.' j ' < |f;iv::r:.i. . fil An <"Wi* ;. ??<' ! nv'lj "'I *1. Ho. *'-i l*i ... > h ,.|n awl) ??' ri."?AI 'It* >> t B* .4 'iitf I,** cii. ? T. (.Vl'iill*. A CO ti>! Ill ' ' A m r.i:>. > v at -rwhkr. !? . ? 41' . I'T", R4m:I.* J : *.t "lo V ' i . u ), ?k'i. Pranicfort,A !* v * f- >". Anvr 'mi .\ \- i*\v ; \ o* HOHKI. r -H'.v 1.1 i., SI H'.,' ? . I": VJJ' , 4i I'.ijr, B .i.ni/ ! ' i', :. Vun\> j?* ' ?J. SUlf I'ccti. . 4 I' '4"4|. vtavv ?*.j.s n .r?n i m.rr.4"-.'i> t a' li: ' 4:1 .III ' ' y !j > II. [I >> >'V.4 11 ?!r>* ?. rn * 1#' . tiVIY OF ? ?-:*V YD" !- lM' r v V ) <.1. '141 ' 1 II I .1 IT. I I . J' ... 1 '' I. . I 01' < !.. V Hi,'- . 44 '1 ' I- s'o 4 i.b' . 10 ?' I p. 'ii tli* l?t-..ay : * 11, '.>>4*, 44 . - !. .! I. . .* ill * My Hal !"i ? " 'M h* 1 in <4- I ' .. ' \ * >n y ' rt* . 4f I 111 'ho I 1 1 *'i !>?:? I. K ..nl 1 I'tl.iii K.inJs i f f . f'lrii' .1 ii 11. I'Ii 'i' . ;> J * 1' J"/. ? ? 1 -ii April li, IK, ?r" in to '!; V " c i'n*"'y;*. . 41* dro.? I to ! 1. ' , . 1 ., . n ; > 1 nl <Jr *-?l, > 14 ! th*' l>t of Mm yr> > imo. n? (' *..1.1 I . II h ft . iiH"..'NiiUI fer I.e.I In ?am? III ?m.'? mid 4, !!l. Mr *.. iii?.n hi* p'.. .1 li* 11 ' aunntii, payat: . 1! 1 uir li v, 11 it-- 1-i i!?> ifM j n. ' V" tonjO'ifn' ii *i yar. hii'I t!"i prir it-1 44 ill to r?<! n aitki NiWimlxr i, l?4. in*-* will i'ju h* I 1 iilonttn* . t i.lr-. o' r*s, ot'.j . in 11 th? 80 01' 'n 1'11 p ,n?'.i in, ot tln? oili.'\ KuUKUT i. U.tW I, I'omi.'.r ,ll"i. fYdVi'.BNMKSl ??Ms ID" !\ J K1 < ) *i'i 1,HIT. r I"'?lc 1 lif.'i""' in.I I i In W. I'ltHiriVt IH4I1II II li*. #rarl ?tr- > (, conn r o. Wall' XTEW YORK ri.' VTINn DRY DOCK COMPANY, 394 is South ?imet .1 j'l ?K(J2 Ti e board of Hire tort luure lilla ujiJ J'\Lr .... Vtit. 'id of inoUer.ttnt \i?J on nnd aftT tbr r ' ' f Miy :iTlio Ti?uirer Boot* will chard uutd the dty of pavmeTit. It. V. MASON, SccreU-y. UNITED HfvTKS Kl\ PER t'B.NT BONOS. 73'Mtruwui'| Note*. 0 potent One Year I'crttfloa''?, Ordnance Oh) una, N'a.y Agent* Claim*, Qnart-rmu iora't ihrrkt and Cor'.iftoalea, BOCOUT AND soon BY I AYT.OB BROTHERS, 2*i BHOADW t Y. earner of Murray otter t, 7<i WAIJi STREET, comer of beurl "trt'l AOr (Wkt| r-> E"AN ON H.'N-It ANO MORTCAOB 3)Oo.O"t.' to sum* of ftt.lWaud upward*. uu uropertj well |o.-a"i| tr. thti rtty. Apply to D. K. IIITCHOOC* I fOM, No. 0 Ra'lJtrec, taactneni. " Kt It NIT I 11K. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED KCIlMlTT'Hjr, A In ail colon, (if wan-anted roan ufac turn t also aollo Chestnut Chamber Hul't, plain end ornamental, at B. F. SARIUNOTONS No. Sd8 Caual Unset, uppoaltaWooatfr. tablnhed In IMA. A It AIR PRIOR Git EN FOR SECOND HAND PDRNltun-, Mlrr>r? and Carpet*, at AMI Hudson atroet, eorn?t of Perry. All -alls promptly attended to, by adrlreatfti* a line. Futnliureaa altovo. Country calla attended to. Apori.or suit wanted or hktsn pikcrr-i* rosewood or blank walnut, modern el?>, and m (<>od Condition | It rtirap would find a cash bijrer Would alM buy a food parlor Carpet. Andre** M. B. /. Herald o?ca._ AT.ARCE ASSORTMENT or IIOCHHIIOLD Vurni lure at ptleaut aalo. at a ee:rlbce.?Seven ootaba roam wood I'iano, P'irlor Rulte, p .-aca-e* H.irnua, Contra Tw blot, ttariieta, Mlrroia, Bfd't. ad". Matrea.ee, A\ Apply fof 11 t ee days at 74 Eaal t o.irt.-mtu alreet, near Fourth aeeauji lavi l.i.Pn ciitvBf.'K Sl'ITM or ruRNlTlIBBi _ ?U In kit -olor* nn 1 'W<- < ?hok*-!e and retail; IM rgeet ato<k in the > SnluflOtod upward*. A1*>, aoiid wabut Buitr. Mat WABbTm Canal .treat, s four tionm ea.t of Broadway. TOIHHT CI *~*N ENAMELLED t'rRNITURE?-FLA|M P decorated ami 'rained, solid walnut and oak 8?ta; Haiti at MUand iipw?r?l*iMiiWre?e?, H|.rin? BmM. Ac. * J. W. KIMlIEK a CO.. Manufacturer!, tf) Broadway, between H orkti aBd Bo mi street* FflWTCRE BOt OUT-KAMI! IEN 01VJNO PF hoiiaei(eep|!i|cnn a li their KnniHuic for re*!), and recede a fair tui.?, at i7f Tinrdavi tine, near T'drty-fvirUl street. All rallo or a note addressed Ktirutttiro, a. above, will bo prprupily Btteaded to. TjioH salb cnBAp-omci fcrnitithb, conJ Slating of Tobies. I>v?k*, Qburt, OiM-ri, < 'awe, Pt'tiw, Sc., Ac. Alipte.i 2*7 QtceuwhJt sir ct, over Irtlnd Bank, from > A. M. totf . M. * PLIMPr6N'S IM PROVED PATENT P.VEr.OR BEDsteads and other hr.t lata Kurnp'tre, 'old who'""ale and i. nil; a'*o f ' "h i by m oitMy payintate, atlUTeuUt attest, f rmerly Nntlut nl Aeademy ot IV dsn S^ORAOF OP FrmmrnB, ,tc , v\y PB MAD IN the sptslnti* BsNMiaga No*. S?7 aud fee Fmirtk treat* Jkftif M JgttJ liiOMi JgJI, e* U>* J*tad** ...