27 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

27 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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\ BOAROISG AMI IXWUINU. Ar-.W YOUNO MEN, WlhlllN . TO U( OA TOGETHER o ? irately, can be aruoattr.o iU-il with naviy furutan d Uunine., e :li Bood Hoard, on.-..-em (or men doing liusi cm do* o u>wit: near all the Holslaend Mages; two minutes' walk from Broadway, at SM Grceno street, three doors above prion Street. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORB KOOJI TUAN they desire, will rent, on and alter May 1, aeveral nine, ly fnruubed Rooun to eiuple gealicim u, * fthout board; the bou e !? on Twenty-tilth etreet, near Fourth avenue; very centrally located and convenient to cars and stages. Ikofe rem re exchanged. Addreea 11. M. E., box 1.16 11 raid bltlcc. A private family will let to single ok* Uuineu Kotirna, furnished or unfurnished, without board. Apply at Jti Eaat Twentieth a'reet, near Broadway. ABMALL FAMILY, RE91DINO IN THIRTY-FIFTH street, near Fifth avenue, dealt n to rent a large ? cuud story Rc. in, tc a gentleiuau and ltU wife, with B-.aid; also a Room on third tloor, to one ,or two single gentlemen. Undoubted references required. Address, with uaras, A. B. C., station 0. AT 280 SECOND AVENUE, FIRST HOUSE ABOVE Btuyvtaaut l'ark.?Gentlemen and their wtvea, or single entlemen, can be ancotntnodnted wltb pleasant Rooms and Board. Dluner at si x o'o ovk. References exchanged. A WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN A SMALL HOUSE, near Lexington avenue, would let to a lady and gentleman a nh?ly furnished Parlor and Bedroom, with Boaid lot he lady. Address K. W., station F. A8UIT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND AND THIRD floors of a hrst class house to rent, furnished or unfurnished, wltb full or partial Board, to gentleman and their wtvea or single gentlemen, at 62 ht. Mark's place, near Second urout. oirijr aiuner. A FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-ON the Sound, forty minutes' froui the city by tba New lis ?en Railroad: line news, fishing anil ba'hiug, everything In the bouae and about the grounds first data, and In gool order Apply to or addreaa B. 0.. 71 Weat Thirty-eighth street. AGKNT1.RMAN AND WIFE, OB TWO SINGLE GENtlernon. may obtain a pleasaul front Room on the aeeand story, with a Bedroom adjoining; wll I be let together or separate; al.oa handsome baok Parlor; house baa uuderu Inipruvainema; small pr.vale fatally; dmuer at all. Apply at 338 West Twrnty-seemid street. A SMALL AND STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY HAS a Suit consisting of three large B urns ronneetlog, elegaiuly furu'shed, to h i,on aecund noor, together to one parly ar aepaiately; no better opportunity for seeui lug roallv ever-*, lent accommodations could be offered; location ue.ir Fifth Avenue Hotel. Addreaa J. B., box 170 Herald odice, stating where an Interview may bu had. A SMALL FAMILY IN BROOKLYN WILL LET TWO Rooms and un Office, together or separately, nithowithout Board; has bcun oceupteit by a doctor for three years; first class house convenient to the ten tes. Apply at |7 Clinton street. A LADY, HAVING Jl'ST TAKEN A HOUSE IN THE moat delightful as well as fashionable part of the city, will lei two elegantly furnished Kuoum to gentlemen only. Breakfast In room 11 desired. A first cihks nailer in attendance. hltudli/n only live doers west of Fiuh aVcnue. Address M. J. 8., WY 108 Herald ofice. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM JO LET TO A SINGLE gentleman, in a p. ivate family; lo.-41'"" Twenty third street, near Ninth avenue. Apply In swi$ 180 Ninth avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets. A FAMILY; ALSO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, CAN OH lain Koouie, eirsuite or (Ingle, hy applying u' 107 Eighth Street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. The house has been newly fitted up and contains all the Improvement. References exchanged. AT M EAST SIXTEENTH STREET, NEAR IRVING pJaee-Hi'oms to let, with Board, fclnjle oroonnccted. AT 30 CLINTON PLACE.?TWO LARGE ROOMS CONnesting on n?roiid tloor, would be let with Hoard lo u party <<f s.ngle gentlemen or a small family of adults. Dinner at ti. ABUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, with Hoard, for the summer; pilvate table if required; terms reasonable; family small and select; reference required. Aniily at 173 Lcxinsum avenue. ninth alreet." AI.ARUE FRONT ROOM, WITH BOARD, MUTABLE !or a gentleman tintl h:g wife, maybe had in a privu e family maiding on the Fil th avenue, for feit per week. Al? . a Krte Room, for a null "gentleman. Rclereuc a em hanged. Ipply lo W.JP. W., <J3 K-adn Street. "A PRIVATE FAMILY OCOOPYiNO A FIRST t.'I ss iV blown stone houae, wish to reduce tlielr e>' nse, nv taking a few p'-a-sanl boarders. All the w-l0T,'V? , uuie't hom-, wilh a U'leral table, will be rov*Wed ftl mo^ra,v prleea. Apply at 71 West n^y^ighth ?uect. Attention is called of those living in hotel* ami boardin, ho is, s to an establishment opened at lit) JJfdougal street, and famished with uverythlng ne. Mwary for bo igeUehTduz, In order that A family may uave a complete home ihd livu at a low rate. A tisw BOARDEK3 WILL be TAKEN AT lit west JcX Ftotlfteenlh atreol, lu a pilvato family, wheitt they will have all i ho coin fort* <>! a homo; n desirable location and food neighborhood; choien of rooms. Dinner at 6, A I.ADY, HAVING NEWLY FURNISHED A HofSE with all the modern improv omenta, ta Nlneieimlli afreet, near Sixth avenue, will take a lndy aud tenth un>ii 10 Board; full luuird for tin; lady only; no moving on the L or May, .iiny three boulders taken. Audioes K. F., Mmllanu aquaie Post office, fot three (lay*. AT NO. 117 NINTH STREET?A FEW DOORS WEST oi Broadway, elegantly tu; malted Rooms 'o let lo lamb Ilea, Willi Hoard, or lo aliirh- freuilemen wdih or wlihofit bo..r llotiae liaaall the uiodorn vuuveuiena. References ex, lumped. A LAItGE BACK I'ARLOR ON THE FIRST FLOOR, furnished or unlurnioned, with vie. to let; plea-mily I* ate.I la a good neighborhood; suitable for one or twn geniienieu; moderate rein; family private. May be scut at ItO West Houston etroef, near Maedotfgal. Broadway stage., paav tlio tioor. A SMALL AND STRICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY HAS A ax. hiiu. oisiattng hi threo large Rooms, ooni eTiud?ele. gaiuly in nim-rt, tolet, on second flour, ton'Mher to one |*?rty or separately; no l o tcr opportunity tor securing renliy ex. collciii a? oiuinoilauuns euuUl l>c o tiered; location near Kit il> Avenue lintel. Address J. B., box 170 Herald oilier, slating where uu Interview inuy bo bad. All\NOSO MELT FURNISHED FRONT ROOM WANT, eil ..y a gentleman.?Jliuailmiy, tu Vl-iuliyof Ble. imt etieet, pr 'ferred. Aldre-s, with full particulars, Uctidciion, b'>x l.till Poet nltl e. AMIIKKAL PRIVATE TAB1,E, AND an ENTIRE aoooni) Floor, mtfurn1irt."d, iovri), ran be had li.nuediate.y by :i I'aintly of :tie liluitesl res| cctiibllity, wtehiic u strict:r novate,lint e!a>s borne In Mrrtieon avenue. Address i. J., bo* 2,71 < Po?t oUee. AFr.IV FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLEnull only, w Hi alt t no modern Improvement a; faluilv pilvutc. Bc..t o; references given and required. No. 9 Warni-. ton placd, near TfewYoik Hot I. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE AND ONE OR TWO single gentlemen con obtain eloeant'y fnrnlabeil Ktamis In the in, t elaaa private houae No. 2iJ0 West Twenty-i?ild at reel. cm ii< r of Scveulli avenue. Uiuuar al It o'elook. AT IW SEVENTH AVENUE, THIRD HOUSE ABOVE F* *ul* eiitb atrcnt, Jp'iilieiii n end iLelr wlv.-s and oln fte ;i- iiii uien eun be arcominoi'titel with Hoard and for. n a I 'll rwiiie; dinner at t>. Holei-cnoc. exchanged. AGENrf.EM.AN AND WIFE CAN OBTAIN FIRST dun tioa it and lin-'iy luruiibi d ltooui m liuom In mi I pi irate lainily; houae bu all the modern lini roieKleitLd; location Ural class, Twenty-tunrth street, between Fifth uod Sixth uremics. Krfrren.'ea given and required For furih. r j srdcular* a lrtivs, H. ?. H., Herald otl'.ee. A YOU NO WIDOW LADY, LIVING ALONE, AND b iving a 1'ai oimid turo Bedrooms aita< bed, wo .id let them to ar-ntleuirii and ladli % Ho nil for lb.- Uo.es only, o. without Board, Inquire at Idi Blaeckur street, near College place. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A MoDl.KN BK<i\\ N atone I Ouse, desires to lei a huinlsoiiiely furnished Risen to a lady an I i in l in.iti. InU Board lor lady onIj ; ad e, v lia.i Room lor a suig gentleman, neighborhood mi eiecjitiutiable. Apply at (S3 West fifteenth street. a NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LF,T-TO ONE UK J\ two gentlemen; rent $1 50 per w i- a. Apply si 162 Fit .<* atrivt. API.F.ASANT FR' NT ROOM ON THIRD STORY TO tel. v. 1th Hoard or a gentleman and wife or siu,li' gen.teiioii. ai lie Weil Fourti alb street. Art HE LARGE MOHKKN HOUSE NO. SO WHITE stive', one dee r "a?t of of Bins Iw.iy, Double and s uglc Roo ir , w ,ih B<i.ird. for gentlemen. Re eren -e requb -J. A PRIVATE FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDREN, OC il ylog men own house, In a rteh-iuttul amli.ui. nbn liaitllon, Ucve a few hand, uic Rooms to let, fiirnl'tird o nnfm uirlied, with IT ml, at Id Abingiioii pla< e, la. leg ,lie aq ua re Ar-..i.v I.I. r a >i 11.1, MiSiuiiiu l.n IHIVAIISBIUM) at". t, IIear Ninth nrn?. In a Inn 1lan? bullae, w.ll rent a i.iii,' " h Parlor and BelioO.n adjoining, handsomely (< rnahert, : i a K' i '!"m?n an) wife, together with l:<>. rt .il*> iwu or three Knrpl'he.l Know* for sln.le r n'lmi' ii, n lih Board, |.<M? uu> ?ei'pitunable an I In m modern! . related . ' I' b.in:',l; Hi. n I" ay. Fourteenth and Twentr-'hl,U iin-n aiagts ?I'hln ?ne luluuta'a w iU. Impure at 2<A Weal Tar , > a o, da.\ et. BOARD.?OKNTIXMER AND THEIR WIVE8 OR SINui>' i U.HI l>" a '.oinuii"lj',cd With Rnoma. In anils in k ii , at No. 1; c i <1 atfc'l. The hO'tae hal all the ihrtain liii|>r,>vemrnia. BOARD.?A ROOM am) Rr.droom TO a PARTY 01' gentlemen, or In a gaolleni.ui and al|?, pai.lyturnlHl.il: la i. a lull! HihiIii, ;o a ? ti?.a geutltinxn; Ionise liua all:, e Mrit lm|iniraiiiial<i iHniiti al 0 oVlocU. Iiar^iilre n( K.tai T'-in.h au.'rt, near * court avenue. Board-i*? west twkntteioiitii btrekt, a. ' on I army; nlao. Ihtrrt Mora Konin ami Beiitcoin artjoining, amiable for geuilamen mi 1 tlirn uvea or a i.?riv ot ainmc g.ai|eiiisu. liuitse Ural data. Location una tern, twin aide. BOARD-PLEASANT rDRNTSIIED OR I nfurmrh. i-rt II o i i fmai or ba t , in l?t, Willi Board, In a. an,all fltnlljfi lifl WrillVaiili iltlli MMt Tan Uouao la |.|,'a aantly lo.-at rt. lit* all tin* modern liniiroveiiietitr, and com ronlenl to Mu : a and oar*. Dlnnar ai alt oijoek. ooard-a i.aiu1e tarlor, m irn bedroom at Jj bu hl ,I, fttriti'he?l or unfurnished, tub' let aliiglv or together, In thi' tit? : -la** house'JOT Wail Tweiity.secauil atrcai, tilth ilnor frnm Ki hth aeenne. Term* ma n-ntia. Board.-to ley. with soamc to a lady and ge 11 l"in ail a liirma .ert or mil .imlaiied Room on ilteaecourt slori. with 11pi* of lul.ii' mil. He. Dinner at O ut,?-fc. Apply hi V fe a, Tw- n ?-eighth a:real. Koakd.?mils h. a. pai i.knlu, NO. 5s east mx aticcl, lua? 'a li-l, wil'u Boa ill, Ito m? ? tue M'.ind anil Ihlril Hum*, lu.nlabed or nliluiiiiahetl. Hoard-attiii; i'irhtciiabh horri, no mwkht Thii tr-aarenth street, i^-ihcch Filth ami Ritili atrnniea (Murray linl), h grutltiuiau mi I hi* may obtain rt tightXtil l unit n.i.iui*, u It't -upr, ini Hi.anl Hint aosmiiiiodatlnna, In a quiet iiiinllv. upon moderate term*. Board.-a back room, on second floor, 01 it* aiih'fur n ( nV inuii Hurt wlfi* or Ian single ceatlot.ien, ar ill rixi.I Bn ml, a t|> if ml |Nvrir?jr-lir?t street. lima innderate; hmiac con h im nil Die modern improvement', ami i am ly p.tvi.te Board.-a nk a ilv fi iixmikh iiuom to let, in a ania.1 <|||MI : .ml' , n b'1, II h,. i o oilier l.onr.le a; the boiiae.t-n it.itiiHi.il tlio inn I. in Initn.ivrinenla. 'UHmy. ?e?ai,i illW, neai lli^ibtMttaM, hotrd.-a OlioH'k ok koom0 tl.tN he iiaonn J > nll i nil. i Jl > '. in n in II f iin Iljr I An tll?.il ? tn lb Hirn't, n ai ? oad .?.>?. fw fiii einen t"n be ; cwt'i Bi'.datoak. HOARDING AN1) LODGING. BOAKD-TWO OK THREE GENTLEMEN WISHING to luniu .egetbcr tun b. wLuuinikJtW<^ niu. full or partial Board, a: icdured prices, In a respectable American laiutly. Location pl atanl. Appiy at 367 Bruumo street, between Hudson ana Var. k. Also, a >ingle Room. Board.? gentleman and wipe, and single gentleman, will find pleasant Rooms, wilb reaaou.tb.s terms, at <91 Fourth street, near iUc Parade grouuda, bouse witb all tiro modern Improvements. BOARD-HOBOKEN ?LOCATION BEAUTIFUL AND conveuienl, at No. 1 lluilaou leiraoe, close to the terry. Gentlemen only. Partial Bu.?id auil Rooms to lull dlHerenl ! Views. Refrrenees required. Board.?rooms, with board, in a hours dkairaidy lucre J, oout lining all ibe modern itupioveniens and where but lew boardera am taken. Referents elvbanged. Apply at G'Vest Washington place. Board at lis west twentytuiho strkbt-a lilt of Rooms on second tloor, suitable for a genlemau and wife, or tingle gentleman. R jfereuo, a exchanged. Board.-a gentleman and wife ok two single sent leineu can liave a nlrc front Room, un aecond lli or, well lurnlabed, wnh botaudoold water lu the room, gas and ball), In a small American family; alao two or I irea young men. Terina moderate. Apply at AS Leroy an eel, near Bedford. Board at 215 fiftieth street, between Elgbtb and Ninth avenues.?A large front Room and Bedroom adjoin lug. with gaa, hot and cold water and baih, for a gentl-man ant) wife or single geuileiuen. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Boarding.-two or three gentlemen will llntl pleasant tarnished Roo.no, in a private family, with Breakfastand Teu; gas and hath, and two lines railmada near by. Apply at 21.1 Atlantic street, two doors from Court street, Brooklyn. Boarding.-verv desirable boohs, single or in suit, eau be obtained by married or single paries, in a first chus mo .em hous", eligibly located; private table If deaired. Aim v ,1 L West elvnteeuth Slice! near Fifth avenue. Boarding-ms henry street, brooklyn; looat tun unsurpassed, and onnvrnient to Smith terrl- *. Neatly furnished Room a on second and third doors, with partial Board; ienu? moderate. a|>ply as above. Boardjng.-two gentlemen can be accommo l.ttod with Board wbctu there are hut 'aw boarders, by applying at 101 Eldridge street, between Rivinglou and Stain it streets. Dinner at 8. Boarding.?an elegant front parlor, on the second liiNir, with Bedroom attached, to let, cither furnialted or unfurnished, with Boat J, suitable tor a gent "man and his wile or a siii ill family, as another room - an lie added if d aired. Keiur mus exchanged. Apply at 104 Second avenue. Boarding.?furniktibd roosts for young gen. tlemen. with Hr-akla-t end Teuuiid mil Bourn on Bunday. 2'lri Wen F.lghio-iith street Board in thirty-fourth street.-a private lainily would let, wlih Board, a pleasant Room, to a gentleman uu 1 wtie. al-o could ao.'Uiiiui .talO ono of v o aim,'le gentlemen witb Buard; terina moderate; hcti'o vc-v pl' usautly located, convenient to cars and stages; ha- ill i modern inipiMT'inentH. In-pilr.; until May 1, at 212 Wist 1 Tltlrty-fo irtb street. TJOAKD IN HLNRY STREET?FOR A GENTLEMAN Jt and wife or two single gentlemen; a splendid front Kuuut on second tlnor, w.ih ri It enamelled fin tiihut ; hot and cold water In ihe room : in a Hi st class American fumllv; 1 terms moderate and referent- s exchanged. Aiso a small single foi a gentleman. Apply at No. 72 Henry street, near Market. ' - ? liOAlii' WANTED- UY A VO' jfJ lADvTlN "^7,"^. jJ vst- lan'."", w'betc kiii'l U'Cuttin ni inaybe cxptvif d; location we.t of Broadway; reTe-vnccs given and rc-iuirod. Addr-os O.. llerahl oltlee, stall tig terms, which must be mod-rate, as payment- are sure and prompt. Board vvanted-by a gentleman and wife i-i a pro a'e family, or where thcr- ate birt few board* err. The gentleman, i cing in a travelling hi-sine a, isa-vuy most of the tinte. Terms must be mod-ret--and'o ration on ! tlio east side of the city. Address, sutilug full putlicohirs, CX nrrsldom-e. 1 g j .j-_e Wi i m ' weA-1 I Bo a Ft 11 wantud-for a JIEaltuy filll-D, six mouths ol-l. whets-It will have wet nursing and good cute; a due opportunity for auy-me who will givcitatten- ' Hon, Address 11 1'., llcraH o'llce, staling terms, which 'List be reasonable and laid in advance. Board w an ted-in Brooklyn, ten minutes* walk from South fcrrv, in a resp'-iahle family, by 1 two young men. Aodr-ss tor cue-lay 0. 8., Brooklyn Poat 1 oOiBoard w am ki>.?a young married max wants ' Bond fo hlttisel''and wife In a qhlet, r epcclabl- is- ' mlly, elih-M tithe city or Brooklyn- 'rout Hie 1st of May; jri e not to ue oot ya perweck, auhtcm ? ?. rimam , QUtNy BOARD W ANTEIJ?HV A GENTLE JAN AND LADY, in ] a pri'. at f nilljr a widow's ptvlerr <1. where'heroare !> > oth'-r boa (I n. u parlor ami l.edoont, with all the moJem teipiuite-. AJdreis 1-1. A. M., Herald (II' . BOA III) IN II Mil. EM.?A W I DOW. WIlOsB UOU.SS Jo pleasantly s lusted on 1251H s reel, hi p.veen l-'onrlh and 1 Virtu a nine*,* wishes to en'sln a few select hu ild i ??a pen- ' tlenian ami wife or Ihr e or imir ainele gmitlPTni n. Copers uknt to r*i s auJ steamboat. address M, 8., Post ottb'e, llarIem. BROOKLYN?TWO PLEAS ANT ROOM'S, WITH 1H) \RT>, ?h re there are Irit lew hoarders, In u til'ist rln*S loir. 1 ooiiieiin ntly loeateil, mat the Si.ii h Terry. Apply at ietj OoDM*dH? sin <:t, lour door* ncstol Unity. Brooklyn.?a ui.xtle.man and wivk or two -lie,' n gentlemen. ran ontslu pkaaunt K mils, furnished or im!'rriil?hed, Udmurml, with Board, In a p. I.ale liiipily 1 of I on i i cootie. TV in IS midera.e. Ajply at W7 Jongnjii a tree t, near Lawrence. Brooklyn ?a party ok yofno mux, wihhing in .win,i together or separately, ran Unit pleasant lio. m , with Ho. (I at 238 I'lihrl stre -i, n ?r Sue! oil. Oonvrnlent to lln nolinn art into a id So .lit terries. Terms mcdeute. BOA Hi) I.N BROOKLYN ? A PLEASANT FURN181111D i Ri, -:.i. oh .- '"ill ! i'oo , >vlilt two panti le* nlt r lii'll. Al- : a, one Hull Kn.iin. in tin house of a antnll lamllv no' live luiuul", ??Ik It III I '.'.VI' Terries. B uh In I lie hoi.se. Tefllli ir.D tei. te. Apply il 77 Clinton street, one diwr ftnm Livingston. BO.lCl) IN BROOKLYN?A LAR01K FRONT ROOM, lian nnielv Lintlshed: all the modern llriiirnrT'mei.u; wUbil liio intitules' Walk of South feriy. 2lio iitnty i.reet, foil :h JocrTrnn Aml'y. Board in huoo'x'lyn?may he obtained for i gei'tlmnm anil wife, alto an le g niloineti, in a prvati family, whet e rverv tour oil oi a liolii tan be Lai: odd and liut baths. Apply at 2111 Dean street, Brooklyn. Board in Brooklyn.?'to let. on second t .r. i : rout Kuotn, willikuiuli onn adjoining; the loom cot 11 to hot afld'edd \ iter, cue. rlnti. r.jtvitti In the hn .se, i. un r at CJ* o'clock. Apply at l.si Clinton s.,ert. U hard in brooklvn.?a large front par mir on* cond floer. furtllshed or tilliuriiialipil, fill a iretitlontwi tin,I wile i .ileu one on . t in) rtoot. tor two ?:n I lytplein n. l.o all >n fWir.'hle, cntiveini'iii to S> nu in d Wall slreet I-' rt*? I ->1U* reasonable. Dinner at six. ('.all at 87 Sj-.lt. s.teel. HU iu? in r.iiiiuivJM >.?a kn ur..Mi,; .111 < \.n In a ?mi, .ula'"d wlili Board, an I (linns int a II N?mm'i in" I. tv.tbln llvr i.huu.i a' walk nl tin piiticlp.. 1 furrim, Willi Ha'!i, ?.i", A' R?frrun"ei mqnliiirt. Board iv Brooklyn-a oentlk.\ian and wo k. II :?u iillgtr gmiil.'uieu. can gbta .l It srl tn a small pr.tat. Inniili. <esi Iti'd in ('Hilton sii- t mac Harmon, Uy * Id reeking M., I-OI lot llrrnlil odlce. K"i.-rein us i-kcliangmf. HO\RO IN BR. iOXl.YN ?A PRW KTSU. I.B OKNITE- > urn <>in be a <>uiiu >dai?d with mat mars parim! Board and f.imt Kmnta. on the an-on t llo n\ Loth tl on pin*, iabi. Hi'iae wilt. nUwodeni improvements. 1! Willou^litiy ? reel. BROOKLYN UPlUinV-GENTLEMEN INI WIVES <11 al'uic KOit'Oman, run nml |ile??an' lb-. "?. with gin .<1 I: '.r a. -I". Ill 'La are l.tw.i minors' o.ilsc fnr . Wall street 1.h-\. llmianfirst ela??, iVU i i'ver> m rl 'in Impnm menu ltti> ' me. eauhangi-d. lllu. er at m\ uclock BROOKLYN HE OIIIS.- 116 COLUMBIA STREET, rirrr ?|i|., >>i prior. Ing the lay ? V front Parlm and B. 111hi ,, ! I.o .in- on .mil iioor. t>til. Jto.ii4; amiable f ir i grrt'man <m! w ife or two a.mile l^ullfmen. Dnner at alii i clt. I'm. ' AH . ailon in Brooklyn, bvlwei n W..II ami Knll'it lorries. I: i. r n<e? .rqnlfed 1>l)A RP IN HOP *hEN.?A FEW htlfOLK GliNTi.EI in.*n wit lie ac '. -nnr'ated wlta p awnit Hiniua. w li or without Board. ''.V ?r 'lyitu to or add: .minii I!. II Su. AS Harden ilfil. Inailnn pleasant, alid about IL mt lilies' w.'Ik li in tlir ferry. KOARD IN HOUOWK.Y-A PARTY OF GERMAN OEM ileineti rah h" ?r am nu tated with a i'l"e set of R.ioiiin and pailta. Board, ai No -7 Union plane. between First and sei oiid s'vi-.'is, only Hire." mlntitea' w?IV 1mm the ferry. BOARD IN 'KI.'HEY CITY'. ?PLEASANT ROOMS ON kr< ond lltan; aim on third, cutniiiiini a.in,;, lo bo let lilnw ,n, iv ur together. Lars* (Fmble hunae, water nml gaa thr ni'iliont. A few minuter walk from the feiry. App/yrt.'il. at* ktreel. DBA1KAIII.11 SUITS OF ROOMS FOR GENTEEL UAlulllea. 11 a', Vs >1 pet III. nib. N ?' House, rnar d" inantela, tia?, 1.- Apply at 'g West Tbn Iv lil'ih atieai, alter 8 A. M. L'Rh.M II BOARD. PRKNI'H INSTRUCTION AND HO. r rial III", In l*iole? or E. KKZAN0IK S tnmlly, No. 10 Union agnate iKourtli ?i'anr). Beit rtfercuees required and qiven. U^KONT I'A RI.OK ANDSllvLL llALI. BEDROOM TO i; ift-nuiaiom'it iiii'iikk i, in ainge reiiiipi.ipii, wiiu ml. Hi a il, < if Un?', wlii< li in*) la- hail, if desired, In l\><( Toll I'tnih street. wlmrli fifth and 8l**li aeamiee, Hear Uciui iiii ? < new rerlauiant. Addier* hot ,i,t99 l'nal OHle*. I^i'iinii-iieri room* rnit oF.sri.i:MEN-wrrn or wlllio.,1 breasfaat, ai A>7 Broadway. FI RNIHUKn ROntf TO LET?WITH OR WITIIOut Hoard, lo. simile gentlemen or gentle man and wile, lnqnli n *1 Broome etreer, near the inv?ry, N. Y. l'urnisiikd room? ro let. from may i, a lack r IV rtnr an the Hint floor. Apply at < Rlvingtoo atrnet. TjM'It.MHHIil) ROOMS ro LET. -TWO GENTLEMEN AND r their wirea, where the comfort* of a li..inu may br lonnd: atao two ymiiig ladles who work out. may bo ae. otninn l?te.d with Board nmaouahly. Apply at Ml Yarlck meet. Reitr* ciic* Pkehangmt. IftURMSIIED ROOMS TO LET-TO UENTLEHLN, wllhool Rn nd, in the moilem hmia , No. 9> Qri-at Jour* treat fpi RNtSllF.tt OR UNFIfRVISIlKO ROOMS -WITHOUT X Board, on parlor, *eeond or third flnnra, to lei?In tho fine moral locution 21 8:. M n k'a place, near Third avenue an.l Bioai'way. ?J AMtSOMELY FURNIHIIEO ROOMS T-? LET-TO XX Kenlinnien. without boaid, In the modern hoii?a No. 23 Ninth aireai, t? *o n Killli and Hluh atcnntil. HANDSOMELY KntNIsllKD ROOMS, Will! OR without in at ' lna? Jlonnt. at li'i fca-t T . I lib id net, one door Iron Fonrth nven ie; lainlly amall. Itelor. ueea ei? ilmlig.ot. Hanohumb faRLORN ON TUB FIRST floor TO h i ,T-o ii iljr riil'nl*l|ed Rnnqi on the aerond gooi ; house Im* all li e i oil.n il iiupiYiveii'oniK ; referent. * n' ; qtihcil. Ap|il) a . Sf I'o ir;h airrrl, opri siie tV.iaftliieinn an in PP. 1 ijOi.oK/\ < i.Altur. i itftMsiiLo ro .?i to l:;t, II n lih inv'iui I' i ! I: m it'I im nl a I'.i' in ,i ie q o ? ?!, In in- . i- n. hi it |. , p i,i o,i,,i , n ly Pi N . I I >t t- ?utf I H i ll I put 'T.-t), in-.,I- 1|?. J ?">/ KEW TORE. HERALD, 1 BUARDHO A!fD LODGIWG. HOBO KEN. -PLEASANT RO< MR TO REN I'. WITH f II or partial BuarJ, el 21 li.d>jn Uiioik, nun block from tb? fi rrlcs. nOBOKKN-BOARD-TWO LARGE FURNISHED Rooms iii lei, with partial Board, at 12V U.U*. a Mm Uaa and bath In the bouse. IMMEDIATE HOARD WANTED?KOR A GENTLEMAN wife arid muse girl; front r oin. go, id In, anon, lerati not to eiei d ? 10 per inuutii. Audresa Malcolm, Herald oilier XN HARLEM.?TWO GENTLEMEN AND T11E1H wive*, or f, ur single geuth uiru, ran find good Board ami pleasant a< .miooi'ai uiih, In a rmall private lauulv. Fui particulars impure of tbe starter of the 1 bird avenue vara, al the Park. Madison avenue.?a ladv having taken those two new and eligible brown atone Houses, 141 and ll3 Madiaon avenue, between Thirty-second and Tulriy tlurd streets, and newly furnished Ihrm, is now prepared to let in Ural claaa families and gentlemen me choice of el> gam aulta and single Rooms, with or without labl -If dninj. The luculun la on* of tho moat delightful iu the oily. Bcfereucei exchanged. ONE OB TWO DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET, WITH Board. In a email private family: ga? and b ith in the houae. Dinner a: 6 o'elooa. No. US Lexington avenue, uuo door above Twenty-Uflh street. PLEASANT SECOND STOUT FRONT BOOM TO LKTTo a gentleman, iu a small private family; bouae central ami baa all ibe inudoiu improvements. Apply at 74 Amity afreet. PRIVATE AND elegant boabl) rooms, en suite or single. Hatha, gas, furnace, every comfort. ito>>mr are uuusuallj large nndiury. Five minutes' walk from Wall and Souili ferries, <>n tbe slope ul the Height*. 137 Henry tree!, Brooklyn. Terms moderate. -pOOMH TO LET.?HANDSOME!,T FURNIRHED ROOMS jcv lu mi, wunoui uuai .1, w gentlemen, at .No. 01 Fourth Tontie, near Ninth it rest, one block from Broadway. Rooms with board, en suite or singly, may he had at SI We?< l'O.ri-enth street. from the 1st of May. Apply this week at 11G Weat Eleventh street. House la being thoroughly painted and papered. TO I.Er? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, second lloor, with or without pa ual Board. Strictly private family. Inquire at 151 York atreet, Jr. try City. TO LET?WITH PARTrAT, BOARD, TO one OR TWO gentlemen, a Parlor and Bedroom, In a first class house, pleaaantlv located near Hadlson square Aphly at 36 West Tneuty-loiirth street. TO LET?ROOMS ELEGANTLY KORNISHEl', WITH OU without Roanl, at 22 East Fourlecnth a root. TO LET?FURNISHED ROOMS, 6U )? BROADway, ph ? ai't and drs rtble. A up v up itlatry, sec .d story. Alan .u browu stone boon 3i Bow ry. Base-nenl and Stori 618 Broadcay. Apply for the la.ter at CI ija Broadway. ^ 1 third story boom3 to let?to gentlemen andthokrl os, or a'ti^le g< nt'omcn a' 15 Ron 1 a rod. a i aw do .r? :rom Br ad way : also one Room oil the a-to id il "t ; dinner t sis o'clqcf relcreuccBuheu ttud required. XiWENTY TUIRD STREET AND NINTH AVENUE, 13 oV! ok Saint !ny. l'lcude rail for a note lo th 1 above tddrcrs, at Unionsqunr.i Put oJi .e. VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS AND COllPORTA IILE Raid at No. li t East Fourteenth street. iYn. a moderate. VERY PLEASANT ROOMS, SUITABLE F OR FAMILIES or single gutttleuirii, with lull ur partial Boaru. Ucl'creneei exchanged. Apfdy ut 112 Secou 1 avenue. Wanted?by a qen ti.uwav XKTi l\t)y a pleasulil Pal lor uud l> di oqni, Willi fuiPir p" ewl u *.rd, ill a French family, ivli -re there arc no oth r Ix ardn s; i.> atiou I'rntial. Address, aiating teinta and locoitty, A. B., boa 100 llcrahl < fit e. l\rANTED-BY A YOl'NG LADY. A ROOM PARITY TT furnished, where :t fire can he kept In winter. Hoard Tor Sunday only. London h'twecn Second avenue unit Broadway, not "above Eighteenth atreci. Fleam a ldre?s, Hating terms, M.-sC.IUon, Union kqii.tre Post oilier. A T.Toa', jTTkvT ciuLUlThN TO Board and ednenlr. Theyean havr a mnlher'k cure. Address lor one momh M laiiuoi tine, Ji racy Cliy. TIT ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A DOWN TOWN W merchant, a tvcIV furnished. lto im or Parlor, with breakfast only, in this family of a young tvi low lady, where no other bomderinre taken. Address, tvlth full particulate, Germany. Herald atllcr, tl WEST TWENTY .FOURTH STREET?A SUIT OF O R o u-, handaouoly fuiiriaheil t ic ; also, Hall R ioitis. Lo anon desirable. opponi.o ti t: Fifth >v tine Iloiel. | warren place fCHARLKs street)? 5 nicely X fnrniahod Second t>W'> Float Parlor u .d Bedroom U? let, with Pond, to two persona for $'l porwerk: li'it elaia i.rivaie hot a-, family Sinrlt; genteel neighborhood; n.nr Sixth aven te and Tenth etrecl. 1"1 TH STREET.?NO. 183 WEST ELEVENTH -A NICE J.JL Parlor, single Kotiui au.|o u1ngll required, second lloor. from: has arte c*os -r, ho: and c<dd wa'cr. A<.. to let reasonable to a prr.iiA'fnt party. tlood location. Dinuet at 5. lie.": iiecs ex-haived. 1 O WEST TWESIY.FOl'UTH STREET, OPrOSITEfllE I O i i ill Avenue Hotrl.?Very desirable Koo.n* to i"t, * Hi or without Honril, to laiulli s and tingle. gentlem nr. [I u?c ami lontion first oIhm*. References giveu ana reil n tied. Iff BAST SIXTEMNYtl STREET. BETWEEN I'NMS It) square ami Tilth a\ i nin?very title Rooms, handsomely 1'iirliit.lied, lo li t n Soil* or single, to yen 1-men, without Board; Sscond 8iory, iwrisisiIiiR oi tour moms, all councctIng; liiniae hasall the modern lui^r veine. s. l)A UNIVERSITY l'LACE.-FURNISllIiD BOOMS TO ?\J le: to gentlemen only, w lihoot board. Ilo lu tinove 1st o May. Qfl ANI) WWW THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, NE'R ' Filth uremic.?A I'.iuor and second story to lot, wi li private table, psi-pcls entirely mw, and I'muituie new, trine and huu-e lirsl elasa: aluo, Parlor and Bedrooms loll, lo Ingle gi ittlpin. n, with breaklaai itnd dinner If desired. It;fgrenrca reunited. *} > P.RKVOORT PLAOR, TKNTU 8TRKKT.?SINOTF. *.0 gentlemen or families van bo areoiutnoiiatcd with b-ai d RolVien o\< hungeM. <# ill WEST TWENTY KlUTl.TU STREET, NEAR FIFTH OX avcnu .?An elegant 1* trior and other Hie Ru nt: -. an now lit- obtained, w.ilt or without tirst class Board. Rclcreneo glvon and required. .1 A tl.VTON SQUARE. NEAR Slit EN'l EE NTH SI II EE f i t From ltwonia ovei'loosiiif Hie nark. and oilier amU ut Room* lo lot, witb B aid reasonably to the itimuin'. A (' WEST SITfl STREET BETWEEN 5TH AND B'l H "XU aroutieii?1 in ills' d lit otus.i n miIio ur ?lm,h\ suitable r r fatuRI a or single g title < n in be bud on reasonable terms lit lite above lit"*: <ta? hottae. r .7 WEST IWJBlsMB S'KhET. BETWEEN FIFTH ij I and Sixth avenue .?'in tot, with Bodf.., tivo large, nb rsan' Rao tiirniah-d or unfurnished. In a first class [ion 'IV. US i.iud'-ia: . Q/V&ABT TWENTY-FIRST STREET.?TO LET, A tgx" siti* or turntslied R?<iins, with Board; the entire lliii'.l lii'ur, Htuitiblo lo. a family. The h i.ink is tlrsi class und been ifully located, between Eexlngton and Fon.rh Svet.tiee. (\>) (JRKKNK STKKKT, AHUM! SI'Kl.XI, AUtTUM 'Mi Horn Elegantly lurnlahea Mill of B onia; gar, Cits to i nn l ryrry on*enlenre for houvk-i pirn. r 0.10mlr<iIIy; pai tu mini ly suitable lor mull re*p.u't*l>Ir fmuUi'-a: t nilow. 1 "ilk jii i;i-;< !a-.i: IVBIXT, wlsi or AND NRAJ J J." Hr' ?l\v.ir ? l''irtil?h*<l Boons, with or with ml iinsid. M.-.tia n rt'ial 111 room* 11? desired. Transient bou.d era act ommndateti. I.ocatiun pv.-tratit and ccntial. 1 Oil HURf N'f) STREET.-to T.ET-IURXfSHKD laiV Fcoiiia for gentlemen. without Soartl. Se-ond i>loek from Broadway. "I I)" E VSTTWEIFTH STREET ?FCRMSII KB ROOMS, 1^1') In suit* or aiiiglu, nuli Board, for aentlc.iv n 01 I**11111 nirii and their wlrra, ran be obtained by oppliiug as above. Refer lire* t toliuiiged. 1 f>7 CURY8TIE STREET.?FURNISHED ROOMS TO l?il l"i, w 11 ii or i* (limnt Uo rd ; als" it IIn'in- < an be ar. in mods led w.tlt Board No n .or lag ua the l"i of M.ij. 1 tin ninth street. near bro vmr.vr?to let jmi' wkb on-. glo ?. ?, < 01 nit i? in.i ihnndrll !>; n?w I. ing painted and ptt'ln beautiful oundllkwi; snltnM" lor resident e i>r buslnrn purpo*ri Apply 10 IIE.vuY Hit. TON II Kim Twenty-eighth airret. 1 rt? PRINCE RTRBBT-ST. CLAIR HOUSE -Ei.E I Ml gandy lurnUhcd Rooms, with lie lion.ib itluuhod with art 1 ik* conveniences for nnutekerplng inn pl -tr, ineluding j'.ia and Oroton water, 10 let to 1 esp > uhle lanulici or slug', griitleim-n. 1 rleeckbr street.?a orntleman ano luO hla wl'c, or a party of "Inula gemlrmen, >an bin u. inundated wnli it "nil or Honm* 011 act olid tlooi, with Bonrd; dinner ai ail; lei ms moderate. nil) Et.M street, near SPRfXil ?furnished ^ L' ' Aparnnru.a at low irnia, with rttry eouropleiut lor In) i"ahptplns; be 1 furniture, bedding and Ilif-n; cook lug nteuails, gas and Ui0:011. old fourth rtreet, near broadway-fur OlT ninhi'd or lutlnrnhhed RiH>ma, without Hoaid. It let to gentlemen only, t? ICi all mtxl rn coareiilenoea. AUi a anlt of Room* on tii r I lluor. aultuble lot a phvulc'.in. ?JU/| HH.'Rl'H STRUT.?LAlloE AND DESIRABLE Oorr Room* to let, with Rnnrd, aultehle for two or three ?oil*inen. Loc itiou deep able, b.'InCt ii Broadway nod tbc Bo .ten. Rorerencex exchanged. ' a ? I I 41 ft BROADWAY, BETWEEN* TWENTY FIFTH j.l<u^t and Twent)-*IilIi alreeia, np|.n-it,> Ma ilt. >n aqiiure.?Elegant room* mar now be aceured, fill ulibe.l or unrumlaberi, alngle or In (tilt*. porting. _ JIKANCIH Ml i'LER, NO. S PECK HUP, UAH AELT1IF 1 chnl' A breed* for atork and *ale. Butler'* InfaUlhli Manga Cur* and Plea Exterminator, SO cam* per bolt I* Hutlcr'i "Jlrordlng, Training. Dlaeaara, dr., or Do**,' f I Dog* boartlnl, trained, Ac. M dicta#* lor all dlacaeo*. tnor halb-tiih PAST HAILINO, sloop K100ET1 J jui ht REBECCA. Apply for particular*, at the Hniald oflto*. For halk-a paut haii.iko pilot boai Hoaoonar, Tour yoaraold. about 100 ton*, well adapt** for a gentlemau'* yaiht, brln* completely fttrnlabed, ,(ui. nnil i? well adapted lor trading lu the Weal Indira or th? OiiW of Mexico. Aadreil A. B , Union iqumro Pout office New York. For salr-vkrt low. the yacht bdoar, in prime outer; Sail. aud Kiirollurc complete, formerly belonged to Frank l.e?lle Apply to JOHN J DAVY, New nrk, N. J. _________ IMPORTED POW(At JUHT ARKIVRD AND FOR HAI.R X Blin k and white Spamab limbing, Bremen*, Dominique Folantl, Pbi awmt, H|*tnglml Hamburg*, Bolton Oray*, Hrt Hi ililit*, ac. Oanie from the yard of the 11to Prime Alher of England. AI?o. Ktptaof the abore breed* (Warian'.eu I fol ban hu.K, J J a do/en. Sent by ctpre** at our i l*k. Adduai John Renaon ll'n, |,i,n Iter* and brredrra, Long 1 dam Uenery depot; Md Breaaway, N. Y. CM'ORTU l.-KOR .-APE OR TO LET, A TVVI A I I le?! S? LSout, debt f'1"' beam,copper Iratone am 00 npiep., M. ylTIUI KY lla olmtri" i, K. V 1VATCMT.H, IRVVELHY, <kr. * *PKU \ ULARHKH AT llALF PRICE. -A ITVf-K 1 I '>ivt ItA tu Of* r i |? rn4 t i * I ?) ,um ft.Mll.f .M. I'd 1 'I.HO! Ihf Mlf.tfr ( 11. MJ> J? plt'.lOll lu . I < ?| i<fk;nah Ml r ?.w < nliaucr'|lii ii .* <fit : i ,1/1: by n jud c.o ?? j?. I.. e. ' )&. ? II Jil K .? Cli hi) 't, MTVvIl SUNDAY, APKIL L'7, 186X COUNTRY BOARD. | A few of ntt.f.mkn can obtain count: y i b"-. >1 at the D> rp llo I Nrw Da p. Huteu J? ki d, . forty minutes* ride from Nrw Y ,ik by rudroud aud o t ] froin p , r No. 2 N irlk Uiver. Call ou or addieea Mr. 0. Curi nutu. New D ud. K. I, COUNTRY BOARD WANTRD-FOR A KAMIIY OF four persona, ou the Hudson river; location l or. >u New York ri I I'ar ytown; air. s,,bie to the ears, llrui lean I Board, ** I Ur;n mi.i Rooms, wi'.D bulb neiuired. Address i A. H. o., Herald ofn CTOtNTRV BOARD.-TWO BIN OLE OEMTLEUEN J having horses, ran he ? '.lumodkU-d v. lib Boitiil, for the

season. al Vuuki-ra one mile iioui the depot. A,.,lie: s J. D. W., Yonkers, New York. | CNOI'NTKY BOARD-TO S0CTTIERNER8.?A LADY I J from Virgin a, he.ug in wn embarrassed p sit-on. Would I be plcaard to nierl with par i' a ? ho would assist Uer .n getling a bouse iq ike ni irons of Nrw York, lor which tav. r a ?|i , nan I home for Ibe summer w.U be given. Address Lee, leratd oiliee. COUNTRY BOARD?A FEW BOARDERS CAN FIND desirable a. coiiiuukIu tluna at tbe Brevoort Mansion, KlfSr fourth street and East river. Lo auon unsurpassed, beauful shaded ? aika and gardens, and lineal river t .a .v iu ike i eily. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED-EOR A GENTLEMAN and wife and two chil Iran, ages four and aaven, within a short diatan. e of ihe i-lty; a good faun house preferred, where there are but f ?w boarder*. Address, wilb reb trence and full dem-lption of the place and location, terms, Ac., II. E. m . hoi 1,404 New York Foal olliue. C10UNTRY BOARD.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, NEAR / Tnrrjlown, will lake a very few boarders; the ih.ce coiubiuea tbe advantage* of a modern bonce, with larro, large rarden. Ar., atlartnul: lneiithiu high, healthy an i very liliaaanl. Aceoininud.'tioiis (or horses. Adore A, immediately, s? bo* 3- Boat utttce, 'farryinw n. /toUNTRY HOARD. \ FKW OP.NTLE MEN OtS BE " ) wko ii no dated in a delightful location on the Ret'cen Point plank toad, forty live luinulea' ride l'lum New York. Tbe plaee commands a beanttfol view of N nv York Bay in frouiaiidN wark Bay in rear. Uuod ba>.h iug, boating aud Qeliiog facilities. 8 luges pace the door hourly; fore tire ccnta. Convenience for uatriatte and hoi sea it required. For par i r.laia Inquire at No. 4 Jones lane, belwceu Front and South atreela. New York. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED ON THE line of the Erie Railroad, w.tbiu two bo.ua* ride of the city. Loral inn pleaaam and heal'by. Apply at 64 Weal TUirty.seeond street, between 2 anil 8 o'clock P. M , ou Monday aud Tuesday, 28th and 2!!tli inn r FIRST CLASS FAMILIES?A OENTEBL FAMILY. wiki.iug to live hi Urei rials stele, may arrange for Board and private Table with a gentle man briny one "f the most desirable place* 011 In Hudson, it i* denghtfullv located, perfectly healthful and 11 ar the citv; plen'y of fruit, extensive lawn, large abulia trees, good "bjuilug, bathing, A .; Pioellent stables anil carriage hoi ue; the dwelling laigc and eomino iiotis, lias gas, bath, hot and cold wa r, A. .; a liberal price Only ar -p .-d. A .areas II ids u, box 130 I Uvr.ua mime. sr55?k ki:sours. CtLIFTON, 8TATBN ISLAND -TH K VILLA ON I T. 1 I), i.inl' i, K?|., will b<! prepared tor the reoeptiou oC.i few first cbs- families on mid al ter May I. Or- n oailiins, lint ?l'"iv. k jiiu totli; freiih milk and vegetables. K-ie. fences exchanged. HExTII HOURS. SdtOOLKV A MOUNTAIN sprixos, N I Having tskeu ih<h elegant and popular caiahdshuient I shall njwn It on the 1st or .Inns, generally refitted end newly mm / bed. ntill Uusu, crockery. Ac. A iuiotexperience in tli* hotel hti ;iiPMat the Aster House, N. Y., and other first .'lass hotels, cuab! f> uic to giie assurance that it will be kept in 1 the very best m niter. Trains for the Mountain, via Mo-ris and Essex II .ilio id, lea it toot ot Cortland! street at StJ A. M. tnd 3^ 1' M, Rooms may no.r bo engaged on favorable tniiuCi More particular Infortna Ion uiav he had by addrct srnjllik auVi.sAo.r.or by calling on Mr. STETSON . of the 1 Aster Iloufco, V .rtf. k b COLEMAN, proprietor. Norton house?this first ot.ass family iio". tel Is uow open for the t?*i?i,iion ot boarder*. Tim house Is very pleasintly In .tied. 'pleittttit uati.o an i soiling | ond adjoining, t w. n.y-lour ioi.es liotn the c.tr, via n.? New York and Erie ll.tlroad to I"atci-?on, N. ,1. j S W. MATHEWS, l'oinpion, N.J. \TEPtVnE HOUSE, NEW iio nEI.LB-WILfj UK XN open o;j May 2fi: hot jiartlvH bo along up hoiisisk. spini; and desirous of coming tJ the eottutry, ? nl !* taken at uuy time. The propiletor is now toady to make arrangements for ihen asott. kMUf W11. f.lH Of;E \N II lUSB, NEW I'O'lT, R I Messrs. Eeruer A Hir- h be, to iiu'orin their friends and the jot lie that they have ren' d the O-ean llmtse for the heaaon, and will op nit tor the reception of guests to the latter pari of->t:ne. Toe appointments of iho house which are unsurpassed l>y those of any watering p'.o e hotel in the eni.tiiiy, combined Willi thecoi.tidi uoe wh oh the undersigned natter themselves limy have glided Cu;in* llielr In. experience in thu business. tender It nine -es-ary to enter lnt > d t .its. Me?*rs. Kertier .1 K eh would simply *ny that they intend to keepjh" ho el In every re?)ie?t lirst. ln?s and worthy of a continuance oi he extnthc.nU hi-hit appreciated patronage it hus Mtin to fit loved. A plan of iho house eah lie seen and roomsrnguacil u'. tin: Clarendon Ho; 1 K trr.NER i iiiiu'ir. Ct-AHKXBOK Uotkl, New Ynrjc, April 2o, 1* 2. kjvM iiEit REAORT. o OCEAN HOUSE, Newport. it. f. si rui i.strt ,'i ijiiii ii in* in tiuo.in i ii?>iiui'ima ami tiff public that thi y have rented the Ocean Ilouae lor the He: sui, and willopun ii for the ff ceptlou ofguea'a in ilie laticr pun nf June. A plan of 'lie house an In seen iu ilie Clarendon II )'<'!, where apartmenis innv b i>gaged, m:w York. Ap-il ill, HW2. KBUNEIl A BIRCH. SOIDi'i'i: HOUSE?H \T!\..T'.v, L I., S8 XILEfj from No v Yurlt, now opened i,n tbc fason. Delight nl I ration Km- i.mil.iin who dealer oiiuixj IJnni' l Ais nimnod ilion for liorx , bathing, boating, Ac. llunlthy at.d no liios<|iilu>a Address for one week, Janes Oils, Herald ollite. rpHM LA TOCRKTTE HOUSE. BERGEN POINT, N.J., 1 wiilupi n for ih<'. reception ol guests on lb< 1st of June. A reduction from rcc'ilm* rate* nm in wiiii famtll 'a eng.igin" or llir scuson. 'I n,' Bcrgon I'oini boats leave Hler Mn, 2 K n ib riv. r ?t 7:2(1 nr.d II A At., 8 2J, 4 SO and 5:40 F. M. 'iinn. .torn New York Sd minute.-, WESLEY W. HIIX. Proprietor. 1'IIJ'l I'M"!f If>\, NEW BRIGHTON, WILL OPSN ott the l illi of May. Tho pro, re inr la now prep.fr-d m m.i e ariaugruieula with pai'tlen wi.lilu : to lake room- fur tbeaumnmr. K BLANCARD, Piopnctor. ' CLOTHING. ATTIIEXEW STORE, iu THIRD AVENCE, LADIES ii ..n.l gouthtueu can dupoa. of tueir cute. mi Ctoi'.iL.g, Cnrp.'t", Furniture, Ac. I guiir.tnlee lo pa) lor Dr. ssr from in (.*(, lot* Coat* from $4 to ? I5, ibr Han's from pi lo PS. l'l an. do tint loi get lo call on or addresa MIS1I li4'i'b,rd nvnncr, n< ar route," ;h street. Ladira attended by Alia. Allah. Attention, ladies and gentlemen.?if iou m i - ii lo get tin- In. I valiii- for your CH"t,ilf t'othlnf, Car- I p la, Furrlup ...id Jewairy, tin beat you t an do is lo *>aU a not* !o ihr, tvi'll Icnonti tfrmer, F. HARRIS, l.MI Seventh arenuo. Tbeieyo'i uiay On convinced yoa a.II laid, alt tilth to your abalarilct, For Dieses from S0iof.2t), for Coata iro'n (4 lo (15, lor I'anf* i nun (1 to (', I'l l', do not lorgel to r?!: on nraddrp'K F ikri,, 130 Seventh avenue. I,ado tattcmle i t>y Mi a. Ilairt^pv _ AN ORDER just REi.'EIX ED?A LARGE <<L\NlTTY of ,*?': oil Clu'liing moat lie pnii ba utl w.itiio a aboil tlm . Ladles or gentlemen having any to dlspoa t f oan ob alii a btkl.', |iri,'f than ,ver before by l.in; .not adfrr ?I117 K. fl , " S ?th mvnii'. Yon can inevettl being humbugged by othur latxe pretend*is; ulsu Carnal*. I'ninilMio Hii i Jewelry bough'. Lad' a aitcnde.l to by At i s. K II J'lcnse remciiib r and try "b Sixth avenue, ucar Wavrrley 1 Dee. A LARGE ORDER RECEIVED FROM CALIFORNIA i\. to putc'ia-e mat OH Clothing, Futoilute, A'arieiia. A. .? Lndlc- and genii. 10 n, I yHarantce to pay th? inu talue on All arth tea. N. M ?l>o not believe lb" e 'alv pr 'trji l, i s , who o 'T I bote Clio, ,ii,)n> I ri ,'i. Hi as,, rtllon Ol addr, sa T. ROtiE.MlEIiK, hid 8> rmth nvenno, there vo.i n lliereive the highest piiecs. L.iJiea attended by Mia, R >i' uberg. At the californian and western agency Stole the lughoat lnltv can be obtained for ,j"t oil CI' hiog. Carpets, Jewelry. Ac. For bilk J)-ea-, a. from (H to (11 >; tor Coals, in 1 u> (J 10 (lb; 1 or Hants, from (1 >t 10 AO. 1 A nm iiddr." sell to 11. Ilairia. 339 Hon cry. oppoaue t.r at J on1 s a: reel, a ill be puneinally attouded to. La In a attend"J j i? mi . lun-im, k HKTlF*t CHANCE THAN BVKR.-r HAVE Jt-T ixunod JO.OJO ifou> J. iiiixbiiuin A Co , l':u iniia l, to ' p ie'n?? lalte*' nud scntlemenhi Cast O.T Cmhliig, Fiimltin . , C?r|K:t ?, Jewr .ry, go. 1 IMrMtM to pay hlt> pel .1 mote than anv other deulei. Pliutt >Mil on, or addrres, \. IH'CAS 2IS Keiemh avenue. letween Twenty-I nrth Mid Tweiuy-llMi ?tr< eis. Ladles attended to by Mis. D A POSITIVE FACT.?LADIE** AND gentlemen, if >01. want to net the utmost value tor yum aaot >11 i Clothing, Carpets, Furniture and Jewelry, the brat you ran to la t<> end a nut* to A. IIAIIRI8, 6&I Tlil d avenue, oetweeu Thirty eighth and Thirty ninth etroeis, east aids, I Thorn yon may depend you will receive 2j pur rem mora than Alan/oilier dealer's in Now Voik. Ladies attended f?y I Mrs Harrl?. At the old stand, etekiels can still be lound to |?v from to lor atlk di.-sve?, fro u $7 to I rtr-tore re, from $2 M) ?o $7 for pants. A'ao. < arpets, I un.l l.itv, jewelry, dr. A note l/J post punctually :r tended to by KKEKILLS. IN Seventh avenue. between Nlnetceinh and Twentieth sliTins. I.adiea att -nded to by Mra K. AT 17.2 Slit KM H AVENUE. LADIES AND OF.NTI.Emen ean dispose of their ee?t off Clothing, Car|..us, Knr- | i nuurc and Jwolry. I guarantee to nay ufiy per r i,l more I than any otter dealer In the cltr, and not to lie humbugs -d I by great pifla and lalae pretenders. Pl.a~o oa.i on or n.lI dresa.f. AuliaW. 151 Seventh urenue, bftweeu Twentieth and i Twenty-lit't streets Ladle* attended by Mrs. Auhait. AT aud SEVENTH A TEN LE?17 Ttj" $40 FOB NILE Ot eaaes, $t to g?A for Coats, gj to H7 for I'an a. Ar , wIII | be paid, for the Halllornla market. Call on or addr. ?* / j E>at Levrnatyn, JQt |8eventb avem.e. Ladle* at: nd'J >y ) I a. L, | I tALlKORNIA AND PIKE'S PEAK TRADE.-A URtAT demand lor ladlef nnd g ntlemen'a raat off Clothln*. Furniture, Carpetaand Jcwalry, I guarantee topav twenty (Ire percent more lUan any ether eetabtlshment, and no > humbug, callat ora.Mi l a note to 8.1 01 80U Weal Bread' way, lietwe -n Leonard an I Franklin atreete La tie* attended by Mr*. R. tiabay. an.I gentiem n by Mr. S Ualiay. GENTLEMEN'S NEW AND LEFT OFF CLOTlVlNU purchased for the Western market In large nr small I lou. The full value wilt be paid wlthon: haulinj or seeking I t > Impose. Please ca'l at the store Oi a idless Thomas D! I Oomoy, 41 Crnire eireet. ________________ the nrnmii. " ENOIRE COM PAN V 18 ?AT A 8P8C1AL MKET1.nO ol Engine Comtmjyr 13, held at the engine house, on Saturday erautng. Apr.I 2>, 1961, the following res .bilious w ere adopted:? Whereas, It hae pleated Oa I In Hie Inf!nlle rn.ntness to Ukelro.il our naMsl one who, In the relation ol meiub'r, brother, friend, hea deservedly wen Hie esteem of l.ts ast<<clales, who h>aored him Heme, truly evnipathlM-U with him In hla protre.'ifd attlfarlnge, end though they mourn hie departure, they irjolee to know that he died in the triumph of rhlth, and left a bright evldeuea that he has gone to reoetre a rich inheritance in another and brighter world. Terofore li It Rooked, That la the death of Jeremiah Donovan, form-rlv an exempt inemiwr ol this company, wo have anslolned a Inaa deeply to be deplored. It solved, That we heartily eympatlilse with the Wegvel ? one* mourn ? niiirun bihi ? in-miiei, ami u un> mil I liter will look I i llirn who rnn giro litem ili.it .nippurl which ill.- - ?'nr.l fMnUith in m-ed of In thalr ? 1 bui ?vcnicn'. Kc? il.r , Thai HC attend llm fuuoi-Bl o( our d-|>triM r j f |. it In nVnly aad wear the tiMfcl bndm of mourning lor I tl- n\ <1*,. l;< nhc.l, T ' Ofiv of lh? ftfajnln-* pf?ii'iMn mlivti. I. i i? i in- to o.i il .'the I amity ot Air in ..IDo.iu v..it ;i I- 1 ilr - 1 r ii ' I -li"'l In ll n It-riiM, I a ' r, wcrturr n l tfaa t?> Kj'M SO VW Mi,ill .1 i-Tl.l l-'T: i f)S | i flK'N/n r'. IKWlf, , i; jiii ii'U' , o';r,i,l Ml \VAf "II. I .0 -i>' II IV M.I . is I '"i!"tiA8 i OMON,rorc.nfB. ri,0B.? K h.i.KV. SWCtMV. KOR HALF. | AFTK IT < L\BS BAKEHY lOli KALI- J <> ATBDON 1 En;'itli avenue. Il ik tun tun eeialn bed H .en u tii a city, and a no* doing a large. proti.a <* '?ua m * f a ie it rare t. lance. For IMrueuiax .apply to W. ii MIlCliLLL. 77 Cedar at. eel. \ UBROTTPB AND PUOTOORAPH GALLERY FOR U\. aitie. Established on Broadway i.flaeu yen .-, no* <1 lug a rood bnafneaa. will ex haic r fur <al ea'a tbe eiiy nr oiuutry. iu luiie of Mi Ul toll, la>l b oadway, at Holmes' t'ark liallery. 1> EC LA It PROOF HAKE?NINE FELT FIVE IM llhn I) l>y tii feet two Inches, free fa i ilir n oat wist spring (1U). and Win i* to d I'll (idj; -.1 utile fur bank. rs, lut ranee com) tun a r a silit house. Addrets livx 3,'Jdd I'oat oilier Bottom htonb and building stone of the de?t uiiall y f.naei .Apply to M. CASE Y, At ilia ipiai i.?, 1 Fifty-sixth atic-ct and Ninth a. due. I CaanaL BOAT FOR SALE.-IS<J: IKE ON BOARD THE J boat at pier lift K.od river, near tiie Catharine ferry, or of WILLIAM 11. BOLl'tlN, Not. 3i aim32 Calbariue Manet. \ FOR SALE?THE PUBLIC HOUMB KNOW!* AS I ihiUna', on UarlMU lane. Pur pniticnUrs Inquire on tl.e preniiaea. For sat.e-tn hrooktyx the stock, fixtures 1 and go ai will of Millinery Store, well rant',dialled, and 1 now doing a first rate carnbusluen lu a good loesion; will be Hold low if applied lor iinineUi ilelv. S.iilafai inrr r-aama | given lor aeliiu^. Additea Miss i)., Itruoliiyii I'oat olht". I For sale?stock and n- i x teres ok a fancy j Store on tiie b at *id ol Fill on street, Hi uklvu. Terms : low. Htnck r,iuall and web asm led Apply to H IFiiL'.NSF1 ELD, 37? Atlantic street, lirooal} 11. 1,3011 SAL!-, t M'-A SET or CHANDELIERS AND X (iail'ti nm 1 nt for a foni re b u.dlui;. App*v to ' KEA A I'lil.Ltn ... IV: rubers and lia* Fnieri, cone of : Ui'i enwtc.. end Uorluuint ntiectJ. "L^OR 8 tl.K?A BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE CYLINDER JP oscR'atlng aj iiarEnyini oi th r? hyr* power, per fin i in all La dciu l., euimb'e lo< a ti.cllnai, Oi a eoflee nrjiamt ""I : or A. <.AUI'r.lf, I b3 C illoiidt street. FOB MAI.R- BE KB MASUPACTt KIRS' NOTICE ?AT i No. Ml Ill Uf.iTiti .'tl.oii# liiiv** (-"ilit Water and liner 1 Foimi tin, with so'.id blucK tin It Cool*'., connected w .lb four fancy in :c*rs: If or Casks. Syrup Juga, A-e. ; nltni t ic I e\clusi\e right to inaii'ifwtluio a peculiar Root Bcr, called the beat ever in.ul'; It; thin city; tno si lr wall fares, ?'t n ' Hhelvt-t ami Gh.s* Do>.ra. soltat.le for a Milliner or 111<t j btore; one larg< t'o t"i , two lamy drug bits'Show Boti lee. ! Alt the above will te positively sold . n Monday. Apt till'. ?t 1UA .M. T ROOBB8. 1.10K SAI.E?THE LEASE OF A LONG ESTABLISHED Public House, tv'lb Hillinrd Rooms. Tubs, te. To any mi" v ho wish** lo . nniuiMiiC't a Public Mouse ou a large scale the above tco Id he a good 'ippodutilly. .1 u. 1>1... HAM, Eighth avenue, Co iter of Aitleenlh street, from irt'jr.iiu^ to 9 P. M. WOH BALK?ONE OK THE BEST CORNER COMI'Ei 1; tin er. 8 ores Inthect , u .? Uo.uk a g' od rath bus n a ; cuhI'Ms e i ? x >ea:s. a K"od workman wit! -try tvho has|i\ "I'kcU for tills "lore m . yea."*, if u anted. Apply at 399 r.mal street, eurncr o! Thompson. Fittii SALE CHBAMBB STOCK, FIXTURES AVU Good Will of the Stationery, T.v and Periodical btore No 2..I Sixth avenue, one door ahoie Fi 'trenth aitcet. No agents or auctioneers need apply. Inquire lit tin- siore m the cveiitug. lolOIt SA1.E-A COUNTER AMI SHOW CANE; WILL I? i c aolU cheap. Apply at 3*.'d Xui th Sirth street, Wtliainsburg. Fok sai.e cijeaf-a good counter, together with Screens, a idantne Bar Flxtnra; also aliml mto Awning, nearly neiv. Apply immediately .it Id lltulaon , street, corner of Reade street. WiHl.o sold together or separate. 1.10U SALE?CHEAP. TWO FINE MTKItO'.'.rt 90X21, OK . very heavy Kreiioh glass; ai?o Cm nines and Console Tablet to match, all inn le to order. For limbec particulars pl'-fisc all at 01 Htoug street. C"lB SALE-.\ iTIfiiroil SUOJIOMjOFFERED?TO A J1 Cash customer, If sold lielot e fL" Tvt or tw.^> oul '.ailPlfll Will be (tivcti to tho buyer?the Leave, Furniture ftiidFixturcs, ail complete, of the Wavcrlcy Hotel, corner of Ninety-sixth street tin I Bloomlugdalc road. So d m the proprietor h m other busln*??. GROCERY STOI K. FliTrRES, At', FOR sAl.E, nl a hat vain. Locition on the corner of one oi the leading aveimea. tinly a few liumhed dollars required. Lease ef preiiilscast a very low rent. Apply to J. W. OILLIES, 2.11, 2:15 and Washington street, .V Y. __m__ Hair ures.serk.-a first class bathing and ITMrdres in? 8.1'non for sale, In one ot the best lo ntious in the city, niiu du.o a hi si rate hiiBlucss. Forinfor* pinion inquire of W. l'RQTVKAKD, Rainbow Hotel. Hetkluan street. Hotel for sale.-the pkescott hotel, no, t? Ksst Houston street, nntu Broadway, tor ailu or in let tea not*1, responsible ins 11: it 1* fuBnlaliad .otnuleta throuidiont, in peric i 1'iUci, and nc.ily full ol hoarders. A] ply on . the premises, H lilt 111 NO'S SAKE TWENTY-ONE INCHES SQfT ARB, i for t .ltt.<?riii* ?o0. Al?n .? la?r;, $4i.O '? S.if#?, \ViMcr'* 1 at *ni ;? ? *! 94fNt, wlU !??? ? Id for ?*Ntiiia C.iu b ht'Qti ui u M ibit'ti IKON LAMP PO.-TS FOB SALE-FPI fl KANOY LWP I'oHh, with .tad Lan nv, ..s tl> similiu to tho o now 111 f i soitoi N1 bio > (lar 1? u. In 411111**' an< lion lxiomh < f UBaVRT WOOD A ' O , 460 H o > hv.iy. Kerosene, klfid and alcohol btore for I bul?'.?Ot>? ol \hr bc-t nt'iinU in iho ? i<v, iumr lug | iunn live to wmii b ni*l* . ucik. \bo a q..?iiiiy u i (ilas- an?l Eiitfhfii W ire. WllJ.bo Mil I c1iom|?, i- rv | i?i.i$oii yiveu tor t> liing lo lu tlif No. 00 NV?.*at j Broadnay. | OTEAMBOAT for sale.-THE KAYORfTK sTI AVI { O boat Field nmv riinntttjc b??tw?*eu Ha.lerr, Hi:h Bridge itu ! li 115R ri?^i'. Said li a. th 1 y is ulo'io In ii-sl tiTt >n h'liath; tv.rniy t?%ot b? aai. thri*? r<*et fliau -.hii.f n ..i? r, is v*-ry silil'uiul Ft ttiii li. and is 1 ow u\' ruiiug^boiu tufive hoi mp.bl'n 01 parrying live iiutnlr - i p. .... ng"i.i I im pwiior j Ir'n n, t rn'ft^d in oih??r litislne.-**, . *111 sell ho obi-no for u. 1 For UPb?-r iAforioathiti apply to Oho.VV. DEVOfc, o:t tp* d, 1 or add rent Mm at Fo thnm, W"?,?',h -!r- v >mi?y. fTEA COFFEE AND PHY C.UOCKRY FoR JiAI.E.? | X Una JaoruHy fiiied up; crtubb*h<ul Uir co \eui>; uu lor low rent at.d ouig n iptoJ ojnb tr to; ur> 1 lit, wilbcfO'd I low. Apply at 1576 Srvcniii arcane. TO PRINTERS ? ONB HOE'S MKDICV PRJES8, TMKKK j Hand Pr*w*e*. outs Adii'u*' i'rc.-i, tiro Clip' ? Pl.-t- ' two E:oKo?;<iiiig Job Typo, linp'S itg 1 S;onw>, Iii 1? Jabit*, Ac., t?? be s'iM ut a . i.k? , I) y ! rpO BOOKBINPKKS?TWO KU.JNU MACHINES, ONE ' X IVijfit a M.icbit c. Lelu* fri vcf Phpc. iNuun: I' * s, | bewail Vtrra, Baider* Nhturx, Hnbbiii; Tool**, Curd K'-etn* and Toole*, 9 to 25 Inches, ?t \, to be fold eheup, wt IT.i 0 y si I TMlliKLRV KD s \Lfc OF A tlll/ss bl'slhess.?ON IJ T11 a lay,-U h lnit., w.ll hi ?n1' .it 1-2 Knmdvn , ttj? w nolf >''m L ?( Tiiie"*a, *?., binning tu lue una kiime St I'l. llipa. Sala al 12 n'rlock pre' l.ejy. alii! STOCKS OF BliKt FOU S.UJi?NATIVf_S VXD i."" Lilian*; glnee bmi*.' bovee. K . ..? .in Par C Rtwv. On .l*r-1- nt M *11 ipi'ii.uu l Aiora. M. ij '-.i > 81. Johnny! lie, N. V. | <51 i oil ~f0r *al'r s ilr. siock and i VAiTi'Ui Fixmiea ol an ?Im ni-li' d Hui Stole, dotny .1 i fnir biiaineaa; iea?o.i? for .elliiig > iii-f i.-."/y. Ad tr".? .1. It. 8., box 112 Herald office. IIOVHH1, ROOM*, SiC., W.VITKI1, Any dri'fioist ravish \ ukthi. -<t<?i k of Dr.i*? i< r *iU*. wiui or without. tlie ?u>ne, ?jIi audio*# O. M.'nno!. n.'tnM "flu \ ?t?tiil< pirtt' ulnra. A WIDOW I.ADY, HAVIVil SOME FI'RMTI RE. would luce i" rent a iuiiiU >y fun i-urii lln ,-e, ?In ie mi' rant would '.e taken in Bui I, w.tu the nrh iVje :'m?? ' select boar. era. Ytldic-. i'ji t?o daja, Mr*, s. t? l?, ?.j- i lion D. AMY PARTY HAVINM VJ.VIHK I<:E BOS, rno* . io T feet lonjr, for aal . eau tin ( ni'h i mtomei' in ? 1loK oil oi ail.Irrs ins; C. J i.Tark, M<i E ^litii ? onus. Brooklyn, ?wanif.d, foi: six montubfiiom i>t iif S'.iir. bv ii aiiiall t.iuiil.". .i num'.irUiHIv fi.rni.hed Muuw, a i 'm.bV to it ierrtc?; mat n#i intiwil ! ! ;fr n oiC AddlWB t. boilM M-iatd OKIK'H WASTED?TO MK A FURNISHED IU>OM, with an ranee from atr-o-. and an u<tj.>1 n ncaiai ' w"i?? i? r bi-ti-iiuui. ai*>tumlon-d. K -Hi u? i? m.(in-1 t o, hut Itoniit n >t wanted. A'I' 1 re* 1 I. W. .1., Km >id ufll. . Se' 'MND If AND SAKE WANTED ? HKltKfN'Ks new latent, lojr BliKAH A I'll.. Ifii Bro-idtaajr. UrANTED IMMEDIATELY? AN UNI I'RMnHElJLODO. inp Ituom in a: Broadway, lw: on >li fourth *IitcI*iuI ' Union square. Add i ons Ul arle*. Mtnald o.lkr, mating Itr -ait'in utid tcmii. | IV*ANTED?TO KENT, IN A i OUNTRV PI.APR, ON vT the Hudson flaw, between "Hand li*l mil -* n; N-w York, a small Ilvaao; vu with a ? (|i iuii.i: an.'able lor tiir anlll ii-'-jr nnd dr-?*m-oklii.-lio-?l !? ?. Pa" .ah vlnvthnlxoVt to 1-t will please jddii:?, L I , li-mid owe , slatInx terms and loeat.uii. \\-anted-a terv sm w r. it.use. wnn modern Tl linjo mri ineiiit, el w I .r.lctii street, by ? small r?m It; rent not to ek -ed BUM: uueieep i ina'u,-ivletvii'-e. td liieaa A. B ., I Mil I sb n- IV \ "tit I'l uut-t. wanted?two s.mai.l pukmsiikd rooms vn? IT dotal. Luonsivn li i?tu rw.-md.vth ml T 111 i Mrr t?. nniir Broadway. Tetma Mr tent >1.' o month. B m { of refomuces gWen mi t ir.j nre I, Addrus- for wae ? *?? ( A. t.. O.. 91 > Ma litem N V w ANTED?TWO OP. THREE HOOD SIT BURNER IT Chandeliers no i . o ne Md( lit autre. lias Uurntra; I secomluand no objection. Ptro < h.orlng .'f 'i to ?.-|i cm tic.11 of ? .<rood cuatomei Itjr lil ltsmni Out dU I'oat ode: WANTED?A FIRM CLAM* H KNIrtllRH HOUSE, wliui a I lie rent would b- ' ibel Id lull nl tor tti# no Hpi , and the privllcpe of ? low other Imntiieie ntri-ii. Uoeiii-ptionK'-lc references glTcn ou t r.-p .. t AIIipu Box lis Brooklyn Pout iiUloi . WANTED-A IktlVl "H Al.t, MODERN ~1MTT provemcut*. ituod jar.l, wit 4 Id to 29 fc?t front, li tweea Pi.ib and Mum arnnu--s, not s'iovs Thlriynltti tri ct, good neiglilooihoi it. by a small family. no chlldteit, and fur whi. i $AV) will l-c p* J. in adrau li required. AadlHn' I. O W.. Herald ottti Am 8TRANOER Iff THW CiTT 1N11IKR A COBHKS. (oimfuii<)niN jtIIIi io u? mul lively vm.iig lady, hoping It nay lead man ari|?ainianrr tliat will liegii.le loii-ly hour*. Adtrrsa lortliiM d iy? Thvotloia W . llama ?'lrtar?, Poet oOee. A MIDDLE AUKD llBNTl-EMAN, A H1RAN0KR~~IN JV the el! y, H ilcniM .tui lmm.uL' ili? aiMnaintanm or a lady, with a rlew of mantinony; all* in'ic bo oiaivlv tlunat* ainl loTtng d *| otllloa and lint orvr thirty-Die yi yr? ol aire; neana no tmjort. Adtliea* In eonihlftlior', Willi ? a, i Iptlon of permit and charavt?j, and, If ui i.cn am, rn In hln? mien in ?nli?, A. 0. I*,. bow IM ll-rahl nil'a AN ISTKLIiIOENT yoono MAN, Stt VKARHl'P auk lilt rated In a valuable < a: btinlni witie? in ioh'pa|K>nil with an ImrlligenL a went I .imp i -I yonnf lady. Willi n vletv I" nin'rniiony. ttnli h,t liean lie "III dive her a h?n latum* lie nine, and only aa'?? in r In n h'r trea t . ol In. r. T'io?' willing 10 -ill ? ell a |>l in iy ? I lieva. In. loaliK' ' I* earfe t lat or de i-rljv'osi of jwe-o- al apnewi-ame Elnnoul | IVi'aloa, Minimi Chunk, Carbonaeuui.. t' A YOUNO At. lUIUi i VK.tlM Ol t'.' m ?oi-.r oajwnd v.ltli ? v.mn ladv not me, lovi m, y Jta nlil Willi .1 Vli-w m Iiiat'lini nv in l.tdyrtnaf nwtr.wf-l hii?.|, if ii'tP* t'pp ti|ipMitvi:iP4 f?n-1 fmrtflit. Tii*Sf ti; ? < iimii *N?il 1.1 i??-; l)i" It m ??n I la t tl p i | > ! t ,i? M* * ffK?M ?l'*r* .?!, fv.tt M f n HM* n g? ?l ,t?tr? in-n*'*'i*? ' t, . P m K , r. \ i r. 4 ! ;.?. t ,s \ ! t v iuf, MlK'.fV el of of. wih ? u? iv.i . 4T 1%. ? WW't 3 horses, carriaors, dtc. t .NEW THIN.; A isin'mk 1 STEVEN', Hiii.ii ".urerof flit i i'ltM Cwr.liMt 72, 74 and "i> W ilkar droet, Firm door fail ol Broadway, a ' upltu' until their uai riaCca and ru.o! wagons the Halt-it >! a.!! ?. 1 iGrooved Aii"i jiuit, edited. ,um ? the velncle 'o run li U M . lif ii un the uid fashion carl trou but. \ r^e black tolt forsake hired by birr s A hit.-. Haul., f?u? yearn old Uii? npr.nf, l.r.ku la d utiV an t Hi ati* blW ?t; kinil .ml Utile. Alan a gray Hor?e, nine ycare old, which will Ui ta i l dpap. A|,|>ly at J! ? n livurt t laden, Stale at reel, cornet of U-ruui, 1'r <ok!y a. * black mare, five years old, fifteen il ban thigh, prrfo lly fund, kind and g ntla, amwble f, i th ? JJ ; ats.. t rail Wani'i. but t by Browatag; role and alia':*. Can be eeua at K. Muck)'a ?table, 121 Weal T'ii'iii)-lbird at reel. Ahpixn'did dapple saddle okay mare, ib I .t'.d" ,1 i i hit high: run trot In I hr*a mill 11 lap, iery lyl i x yi u a old, am mil and kind: al"o erven other vri> fact iron tin* Hoiwt, irmn 1A iiandt to lb three, lobe won *1 Wuvcrloy Hotel, earner of Niuety titlb Htreet, Bio m ingdulu rot I. A PA1K OK HANDSO ME YOUNG HORSES FOR SALKA 10 lunula li'g.i, ii .th long ta 1?, In aiiiiful driver*, perlei'l'a aen'Jc lu cvnry . ,j 1, iviU be en'tf eeparalnly or together. Attn a net uf Ii uhl lb.rue,-- and two Seta o' Single Harnett, a lo|> Wagon, 1 la and S.iafla; alto a Trolling Wag-in and Bin keta Wo .1,1 bo 1 tiangi-d fur Iruninei* chamlite. Apply at 00 We t Thtrti th at reel. IT PRIVATE STABLE, 10 WEST THIRTEENTH J\ at reel, in not nrd.-r, told cheap, on? tit real Rockawrai.Sm), ouetiyiuh Bre.t, $17A Cau uetcuai all lioua un'r M ay I. 130ard yolr horkeh at the new york tat JJ a mati n Slvb avenue and Thirty-ninth street, being oun nf the bout arruoiti d, moat uuiuutodious and heal eunduci d maul.? in me rliy, bating an exorulaliiK ring free 10 nil boarder'. Cai riftip B to let f<> call* an I the road. Regular talot a 'dilution, rvrt T- ?nd?y ai U uVloek, of llorao, Wa I una, llarur<>, *?-. See %n,-in n load. HENRY PALMER, Salesman. Business w agons oy-tvkry kind constantly on I and or made to order, audi at Groom, Matter*', MMk and Etpregg. Yon w ill Hud tbin plane aa favorable an any that ran no found, rnt every article warrant, d an repre ant oil, in n i E WART's W.i n Fii-tury, Fifty-third MlWM, betwc'011 Broadway and Eighth atomic. IjflXPRESS WAGON FOR SALE-BIT LITTLE WORN. J and adapted to any unilutuia, at I'ALYKK s, IS Dou lag street. I dor sale-a fine bay xabb, u minds hkh', poriectly -Oiiiid, kin 1 and gentle; price $dutl. Apply at 1H!>Third avenue. IDOR SAI.E?A BRIGHT SORREL SADDLE HoRsE, F It.4 lian 1 >? h;gh, long tail and inune, han taoine, faai, i i d and high splrlt-d. fan be rem at the stabler or D?v i<l Si vena, Twenty-aliilli atreet, ue?i Broad w *.>. Pik? $1(0, 0 all. TfOR SALE?A FINE BLACK HOUSE, ItiJJ HANDS, 7 X yearn o'.d, miltnuie tor a earram or i oup?. Cm in - en m Hit -itblc in Tweuiy .-ixili aireei, ouiner of Tuird avenue be lore o'clock, TjW>R SAI.E-A OOO? PAMIL.Y HORSE, WARRANTED J? sound, kind, very free and laat traveller; Willi Wagon, Harness, Blankets, Apply to I. B. GAG Kit, I K Wall at FOR BALE?A BEAUTIFUL SORItEL MARE; A FIVE satlule heat,I. * ?-1!. ut to the wagon, sound and kind in rvet y re?|>ect. Apply at Tiimnre'i R illng Academy, corner it Taeniy-sixth street and Sixth avenue, uf Mr. STONE LI UP. _ _ _ _ LfOK SM.IJ CHEAP?FOR WANT OP USE, TEN GOOD 1 Wot K Huraea; prices from $6 it i fl.Wca' h; aim one tram line Poulea, very cheap. Apply to R. C. BELONG, ;Ud Went Fourteenth ilrei't. IPOR BALE?A FEED STORE, DOWN TnWN, RSTAL h'.lahe 1 eight or vine years; fie business is hi I n'l and eitlectlve operation further pal tleulara giren liy addressing W. It , buy HJ Herald ollieo. 1A0K SALK-A PAIR OP VERY PINE BAY HORSES. Li1, hands high, scrcii year* old ihla spring, aound and fc.?J j? siu rJe or ,io ih/? harness. (he property of a gentle ma i; w ill be Mold cheup as ho has uo further u?! for them; also it IVagon cud set of tingle and double H iriiem. Will lie sold together or separate. Iii<iulre of M. Fly nu, 113 E.??t Eighteenth stieet, near Tuird avenue. t-'OR BALE?A PAST DARK GRAY MARE, SEVEN yenrsold in July ueai, square trotter; vreiglta s7A pounds, 14'j hands high; warranted perfectly aound ami kind: haa biieu ill's spring in ".hi; will go n 2:40 easily when in condition. Priei $tS). Address N Halloch, Clicu, N. Y. lAon HALE I.OW-A SUPERIOR SADDLE HORSE, L 111"! Loin fnult or vice, 16 uaud> high, stands lir-', miisio m l 1 eom'it vr; war anted In every respect. At Dlckel'a Rl l'.n ; Academy, corner oi l l.iii avenue and ThirUeoth uree;. fii'iutie orda-lmn. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?1TWENTY-EIGHT YOUNG Horses, juat Horn. Canada Weal, from four AO seven year-old, fourteen to seventeen hands high, all sound and 1, lid. inquire III liic blaekfitiilth sliop.lgi) Norfolk Siieet. Al-o Jiue milch Goat. A'l tuba arcn until sold 1 I ORSIiB. TOP AND OPEN BUGGIES. DEPOT, HOTEL J 1 and Ks'lioad Wa ,o;u, family Bo k.nvrys. Inruseat, jump suit aiil slidlre seal Buggle., I'ea. lie*, ilrelta. Bu inei-.s arid Gruc rs' Undone, ot all kin la; 2NI forgale?10 N< vim aiinet, 1.(4 Fulton avenue, and No. 9 Flaibuah are.liue. Brooklyn. TTORBKS VOIi SAIJE-A LARGE PAIR OP DtRIC I 1 gi , loud mils: also four iiue large slncl" lioraeatroin We '"in N w \ork. fan he aeeu at No. 7h West Tinny iiiutli ef' e , la l.veen Sixth a. unr nun IS roadway. Tl'ST ARRIVED FROM XUK NORTHERN I'AItT OK ?l this State? Fnir -xirc? line pair* or H r*s; two very fast mad llmses miiI two e ,ujtr lioi a. The above ire rcaly worthy of an In-TW tint from those wishing to inirehns.-, a* i ey are suporuu in anvil'lag iu luiirkeFaud wrui oe ode red *t low ti?tnre?, <!io l?* * en at the Metrnputttnu stables,corner of 1'rlneo unit Cmi 'j tree Is. Al?u, a tRhrrtve on Monthly in.initio; next, f >ur ol tlt? Aaost pairs I ?t has Ixcn In iu.it l lots a. asnu, together trdsftfinl coupe, road ntttl saddle ilorn n. With this lot In otto Of H,<- fluent coupe homes that let* b-en In this market lu live years. F'or puilicr ari Impure a* ulsive. I OUIS BRANDT, VETER1SAKY SlTRtlKON. NO HI IJ Earn Twenty fourth street, betwt.-u I.. .In,, n ami Tnlni avenue*. By n practice of inoro than tbirti yen sin (tnTi-r-nt countin * una rltmatca, the nuiieitUtteil' lout been enat'lo I to h>< .one lUuruiighly aeipitintod with the .tiii'm.nt i a to tt lih lt Itoraea Mi' 'subject, h iving paid ( nl a untio* nictiio joint Ian oimm* or contraruou oi tin- h ?<i, which he has cnre.l In almctt evct r ease will nit leaving any cater,...i tn.ii.ka. Mr ihatl ndii o givt n 10 | only, ai t hnl 'h seller*. TimtraMe eases will be examine I free ,,f ch. ige u , roughr to my oiltcc. All Oiiir di/iue.,1*. auiuvil* at I er-l-nttemlpd to. Oil,re hours from 10 \ M.tolP 11 !.<H IS BKANDT. aniln r of the "liilalltble OnulcluDu . r the Apei ol llnrs-a"' PON 1KS OK AM, StZKS, AND lURNTWF?Al.St > Uu.it*. \\: :uns ami Unt il , ?, tor tain encup it I If second tsueot, b> ttveeii Fifth and Six h ?i,nt.?.?. UEUKclE BftONdOtf CADDMi HORSE FOR SALE?15!,'i BUIOIIT RAY I.ONli O i I!, six i eat* ol . trots arid ran torn: ha? Uoan ridden by a Inly ; snood ami g nt I* w.tho't f n't: * week's trial wtll b- g'ven. t.itl b>- ecej at 4rti Water suec, from i lu fl u .nc . I' M. OPAVIN INFIRMARY NO. 1,900 BR' ?A !> W A Y.?PARO he* lu lite country an I others who apptiod e?n new * nd th< ho .. s Spa, :ns entirely removed ami e(f etu llyrnred without in ingot Ihtslerlcg. V\?nted--Au encrge'.u ti.att In t sivi In this hi,Sines*' one wl'h some mean < a ,.l fohd of bolts preluroe. APi 1_. It.the udko l.oOU Brondwray. "II rAM'KD? V MARE WITH FOAL. ADOBE *d BOX I? .'.'87 1'ost ulli i', Netv York. Hating coli r, age, pile, ,?,?< si c?-'a j>. Ii e an I ,*u-:e the can be aocil. \I*ANTED?A HANDSOME. FINK DARE HAY OR TT bin k Horse, a'seit |", hau l, high, from *1* to -eight i vcor * old, kmil an , well broken, a good li uieller, and suitehle in ever tespeet tor a entlemsti to drtye or rfte. AN.'a h>,uil*'Uin: l"P Hagg} tV'e.un attd a ligh' Itviioi,?hl'li i have b*<-ii hut Utile ttaeil and in good order A hires* T. T. U , IL'iald udioc. I siisiwAvairrv I ASTol MH.Nt; OI'llKS and divinations.?If in ill li> nib hi irnub : * eointtlt Madumn CMSPORD, un iIfn i' lJlumrv vt, Aledn'al ami Spit tunl I'la ri 'yam, No I' 7 Dr?n affect, "'Hi-r of Ilnyt, Brooklyn. She fn-o ellaevr l?, | <J?- e. N d.?-m|ut> ilboa ivroc'llfl*, uint tlnl, ?t> out . frleud . Hue interview*, ?)r. nli; tnrdlm!, $1; Sv tetter, ativ'Odng nor, $2. i m in a kidt: anthologist, that bvkrt onr JA . un (1af*Od on, in Nmf. WILSuN. n i?> Mis ?h.- ? ,jrri ol yo ur visit a* amiu a* mm cm-r. Sin* tnll* the part ptoannt nii.I future >< your il . . and warn* ymi of dan. cii . ml brntiiaaiuco** out of ti.e ino-t perilous biub'tiai tin; . N ; It.?Olriuated uiuyir cb.Ai m". Nil L"f Allen an n t, Iwnr, llourt in and B >ii oo it. ul", orr r tUu bakery, Pliargcs lor laiiiea ami /> iiit?ii?:ei. b'l ( nt?. Mli*. r. T. HAVES, MKUIl' All AND BISINE-H a: 11li~vo>ant. ran be unmifled . ? ii iml a VI lev y | atrert. noai'Hlenvaer, tn laien durii-cdfliiid nlwut ii*?n..a [ ari l ! !> * 11 >e re*n?'l|?? i>u all ill.<a?e?. 15ur It: is and irie.ilI i-allnt- rwewa, $1; by latter, euelnelng bair, H THE i.REAI tST WONDi.H IN THE WOKI.D IS TIIR 1 yoniik and ai'Uttt| ,Nh'1.! Mutant* BVKON, front Pari*, a lio nu d i?tu ultra arlti Hie rtrice et < valid encr on all adalraor 11 r; re?tor"* drunk' n an I titualthtitl lutebtimlit, i na* ft tecrc lunakayuu Iimit d by Lour In art a ideal, and bnnit* loeeiliei Dow-lone a-imrn'ed. l.?UI'-Zlc-nl? Ren J di'Uoe it) Tim d avenue, about TweUilt tdrert. AT MRS UAYKOR'fS PARIS COESKX AND HK1KI' e?>ai. b btnent new and elegit aty1?* In enfttuie:' j fonla; sl.gir ll'ien Part' made poraeta and I win at Uaiilite Sklr a. In '.i rmnr, l*ea, and brlllianta I altelo li, and otln i TiHfeli.Ui ft' ula, o.i hnud an 1 mad" to order, good jilting O'-ii-tr and Skirt* tfnnt ft. Ml raw Coraell aod War la. 11 i It: oodttay, near Liitnn afiiare, t CHOICE AND WKIJ, sEIJ-it'TKD RTOCK OK Mj'ltlNil ,'\ Mill tin if mul Straw O irnta of IM Iteimal diaftr and atylea, ?r? olierod to tlte lading at the loWeal ra?a !?+ ?*, at , Mr* blMMONH'. *17 Hiuailway. N. B.-Tbotrade ttip|,lt. ,t Bonnet- ?tr\w hornets ani> ribbons, nkw atyle*. Sjtlti Sua if an t il-'Ufh and itea-ly Hun t*. [ Ot Al a- lla*? rleat.eu and altered Straw Slmmera ami Kugiiaii lUta. D HINNS Millinery, Ml Broadway. Ml. opiioalte Motrnyohta* Rat.-I /aorsHTB AND skirts AT MR*. KUli:n-8?NICR ttt? *1. lunik ft onto, cnt! roll red, $1 .d, Brrley'a |r,en,'^ ,Wl ,W Skirt*, beat anet, O.trn make, rrdtn Ml ranu if B _ia?iil.'*l?i'der gariuenUand urw I'reuch frll bug 1*0 hsxdwaf, near Nlneteotith alroat. Mi n \ MR A- NOP REIT, "u"iui;t re 11 street, neab^roadwat. falAi i.i* ' i* I" II*" "I "r*r Torn mm nr n? rawiy i-iitit.-u. IK* win* ol tbi fftj AIM b?<iM? lb I'arU, m rlvb .f ?'.n from HrnwW, ? '"** ?<< li?n l?nmf flor'iuii ol ' I'UlNT < dl A^'Ttt<l,Y Afl) Offl'lTrti t,A?'K?. Mil M.UV I I OK W I.M'UII, MAMTArH HH? ofl'nomll AiiiiMrl Hrn?* Aim Klowrrb, Id MoU trrot Nrw Ynr,., bol\??*? Uianil and Rro.mn' iu*ri?, (i, i. Ill rniiAtb ii r?Hb'4i> ?s?nt nr rblrnman In row? rltj. lYim* liiwr.il. MAIM Ml* MIl.t.F.rt BKO-I TO ISTOltM THK LAD1KA ii Nvh Vwik il??i ?hf will rrniorr In r -lulill-lnnrni on I * |? .it M > I No. 10 I'ntri r Itv nU' i\ m or oi ?Thiii>n, Ki'im irinl l)r ?>l iuhUi* o i tin* l)i'M . , ; )| p 11 * n . An rit ) bill ili'gani Mj lr ni.niratf Willi I K IM ?i J'A !* * iiw*?,?. TUP. nKiiffLLntn. 1' iiii.lKd ' l'i: <.\VM.RK'||IW?'I| 5. SRW YORK; t ft ii' y Oil rr? ?ii<*" r If. liw.lii ' 'ml; Ii ?. i , i.'i- lin in, in ni- l?? iVnnl?il, ? , i,i nni> \ h iiMii. to i,hl.) for lArt# } .ii o mi','. ..... Ai.|'i, i