29 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

29 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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I IITE DATS I1TEE TEOM EDBOPE. THE NORTH AMERICAN OFF CAPE RACE. Tn? British Abolitionists and the United States minister in London* Exeter Hall on the American Question, and Mr. Adams' Reply. A Rebel Privateer in the Waters of China. The Prinee de Joinville oil * .ni?J CliSn^ Garibaldi's Command in the Army of Italy. STATE OF THE MARKETS, fcc, ?kc., <fco. St. Johns, N. F., April 28, 1382. The aUatnshipNorth Atnori-an, from Liverpool April 17, via Londonderry April IS, passed Cape IltOJ at leron o'clock yeitorday (Sunday) morning. She was boarded by th" news yacht of tho press, and the follow, ing nummary of her news obtained, which is Ave days later The North American experienced strong westerly winds up to tho 21st, and a strong northwest galo ou the 22d and 23d of April. The political aud general news is unimportant. The question of armor-plated chips and floating b-.tteries continued the prominent topics in England on the 18th Inst. It is vaguely rumored that England has lately made a diplomatic :ectmmeudation to France in favor of the withdrawal of the French troops from itome. Encouraging advices as to cotton growing in Jamaica and Peru have reached England. The British government has given preliminary notice to the Royal Mail Company. West India line, to terminate the existing nivi contract at the expiration of the present term. The Calcutta mails, of March 8, were forwarded by the Bremen to New York. We are under obligations to Captvin Re.rgess, or the North American, for bis kind attention to the press on this, as on many other occasions. Our Liverpool agent advises that the commercial reports are somewhat meagre, on account of the holidays, Good Friday having been the date of the steamer's departure from Londonderry. The steamship Hove .Scotiso, from Port! and on the oth instant, arrived at Londonderry on the lGtli. The steamship Anglo-Saxon, from Portland Ma'ch 29, arrived at Liverpool on the 16t.li instant. She bruits her intermediate shaft on the 11th, bat got a ainglc engine to work en the lltb, and reached Liverpool via the sooth of Ireland. TheOre.it Eastern had been got off the gridiron at 1111. Ihrd in safety,and steamed to her old moorings. The American Question. MTOTATIOM FROM BRITISH ABOLITIONISTS TO TUB OMTl.Ii STATES MINISTER IX LONDON?THEIR PROPOSAL AND THE 11KPLY OP MP. ADAMS?A REPEL 1 PMITATNKll IN THE WATERS OF CHINA. A dep-.tation from the British And Foreign Anti Slavery Society waited on Mr. Adams, tho American Minister, on the 16th, and presented an address, in which the hope is expressed that the restoration of the Union would be founded upon the abolition of the true cause of at rile. The reply of Mr. Adams ,s described as having been very aati .'artory to th? deputation; but the Loudon T>mes thinks it indicate* the policy of Northern politicians, which w to have liberty to deal, according to circutu.-taiices, with the slavery question. The Houg Kong (China) correspondent of the London Timet, writing about March ?, report* that a Confederate privateer in the China Seas had been lallen in with by Her Maje-ty's ship Plover on the coa-t of Borneo. If there at all, she must have beeu on the lookout for American ship* outward bound, being in their course by the Pelanin passage against the northeast monsocn. Tie'' corre8|K>udenl says this Is particularly unfortunate for American shipping, as the federsl government has not a single war vessel of any description in those waters .except the Aiginaw, and she is rotten and useless. France. The Prince de Joinville is about publishing a pemrh'.el on iron-plated frigate*. His work, it is said,will present |he subject under new aspects. He does net admit the invulnerability of the new vessels. It is again questioned if the Emperor Naroleon will go to the London exhibition, and asserted that if be does il will be strictly incognito. Ike Bourse was flat on the 14th and lower. R in asserted that the Spanish government is takin^ alspa to restore it* credit, and bad oommiaaiODSd two land in; firms in Ixindon to put tbs whole of its tunds on a basis sal nfectory to British capitalists. It is atatS'i that tba proceeds of the Moorish loan raised in London, and which are payable to Spam, are to be retained in f.ondon to meet the scorning dividends on Spanish stork and pay for tba steamers ia course of eeaetmrtien m K.agtand. Greece. Message* have reached the goveruaant at Athens Unoune.ug that thejgarnsou of Nauplia was breaking up. A great number of insurgent officers and soldiers have ssrrandareil. Poland. Twelve persons engaged in tba lata disturbances at tba Waraaw Cathedral bave been condemned to military Service. Tarkey. An obetmate light occurred between the Turk! and Montenegrin*, near Nahricb. The latter were repulsed. There ?ia considerable loss on both aides. Raaeia. It Is reported that the Kmperor or Russia has appointed committee to eousider a continual r-nimt fer Ruaeia. Italy. Geribaldi hae gone to Rrescfa. It is reported that h is nomination an Commander in Chief of the Nation* Guard haa been decided u|>on. Portugal. The Portngueee government exempt! from export duty, ?r ten year*, all cotton produced in the l ortogueee African poencaaioas. India. Addlttona teeoatehee from Bomber. March 91. an aeuced that tori Elgin was installed Vieeroy of India March M. Mogul Bey had be** handed in front of the Palace of Delhi. A Wide spread Kahrani contplrscy had heea dtacor red and suppressed at HyKrnbid, in the Dm car. Byearas .lung, President of Nnniie had abolished the Xpert duty on cotton in Monitor. Markets. TBI LOHDON MOPET MAUaar. the Nads continue steady, with Mdrceiy My demand for diseooat at the bank,and on the Block h"vur,_# lb(lM leans are oflfered at 1 per cm. Mold cootiei** v,, flow he bank, srlth no demand for export. There u nothing definite ae yet ee to the Russian loan; but It Is aa-ierwo that tha arraagssaenta ware eoncluded, cot with u.? Bar tags, but with the Rothschild*. Losoop, April 18,1M3. s Console lib m^ey, W4 n #4. nilnote Geetral eharee. 43 'i a 47X diseeset, Erie hares, 31 a as. v UTg&FOOL fhEdDSTtTEit MaMET. * m,. ~ ~ Lmmrnot, .April IT, liM WStsrs Richardaon, gpene- k Co. and Wakefl-ld. Sn<h fc Co. report ao regular market since Tuesday, ow.ng to the helidays. Flour firm, with an ad ranee ol ?1. on iht week. Amerlsan'juoted Ms. a 80s Wheel Armor and Id. a 3d. higher on tna week, rsd Waiters, loo 3d a lis. 3d.; red Southern, lis 3d. a ll?. fd., white Western, 12s , whl># hoalhnrn, 12s 101. Corn rti.l edrancng, Biied, 2*S. !W. a 2S? #4., while, 3"< a .'l-ds. id. ntortatOK market. OMkl hdthrrit.fi report hssf duli sad un?hsa|?d. NEW Y( Port quiet and steady liacon steady lard aouve at 4&>. 6d. a 44s Tallow drm-i . sales at 45* Od PRODCC* MAKtKT. Ashes tending upwards, (Kits. 33s. , pearle, 32e. Kos?n easier cumuion, 13a. 6d a 14b gprnln t;irjmslui??No Balsa. Sugar heavy Cotteo?Vo sales. Kica Hat. Cod Oil very dull, Linseed oil tinner at Otis. London, Auril 16,1H62. Breadstuff* quiet and steady. Sugar steady. Codes urnt. lea steady THK LATEST MARKETS. Liykupoo:., April IS, 1 The Brokers Circular rejorts an artvauce ofone-cighlh of a penny a one quarter of a penny on American cotton, and oue-qnarter of a penny a three -quarters of a penny on other descriptions, witu n buoyant market Tbe sales of the week were HO.'JJO bales, of which 29,000 were le speculators and 112,500 to exporters. The sales to d iy (Friday ) are estimated at 12,000 bales, including 6.000 to speculators and exporters, the market closing lirui and unchanged. The authorized quotations are ? Miir. Middling. Orleans ......... 14 '4 10S, Mobiles 12 % Uplands 13>,' 12^ The stock in port i3 estimated at 300,000 bales, of which 126,500 bales are American. The Manchester advices are favorablo. The market for cotton goods and yarns was active, and tending upward. The breadstuflls market is Urm,with a still advancing tendency. Provisions are quiet but steady. THE SLAVE TRADE TREATY. Treaty Between the United States of \ America and Her Majesty the (fcuern of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, for the Suppression of the AtVicnu Slave Trade, Concluded at Washington, April 7, lHd't> TREAT* ion THE SUPPRESSION OP THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE. The United States of America and her Majesty the Queeu of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and lroland, Doing desirous to render more effectual tho means | hitherto adopted for the suppression of the slave trade carried on upon tho coost of Africa, have deemed it expedient to conclude a treaty for that purpose, and have named as their plenipotentiaries, that is to say: Tho l'resident of the United States of America, William H. Seward, Secretary of State; and her Majosty the Queen 01' the United Ixiugdom of Great Britain and Irolaud. the ri^ht honorable Richard Bickerton Pemell, Lord Lyons a peer of her United Kingdom, a Knight Grand Cross of ^er most honorable Order of the Bath, and her Envoy KxtraoruiDai y and Minister Plenipotentiary to the United Statesol Atn r>ca, who, after having communicate 1 to eacli other their respective full |>owers, found in g?)d and due torm, have agreed upon and concluded the following articles:? Articj.k 1. The two high contracting parties mutually j consent that those ships of their respective navies which shall be provided with ypociaLinstruotioiis lor thai purpose, a.- hereinafter mentioned, may visit such merchant J vessels of the two nations us may, upon reasonable I grounds, he suspected of being on gaged in the African slave trade, or of having been lilted out for that purpose, or of having, duriug the voyage ou which they aro met by the said cruisers, been engaged in tho African slave trade, contrary to tne provisions of this treaty; and thut such cruisers may uetniu aud send, or carry away such vessel, in order that Itiuy may be brought to trial in the manner heretnaller agreed upon. In order to lix the reciprocal rii'hi of search in such a manner its shall be adapted to the attainment of the object of this treaty, and at the same time avoid doubts, disputes and complaints, the said right of search shall be understood in the manner and according to the rules lollowing:? First?It shad never be exercited, except by vessels-ofwar authorised expressly lor that object, according to the stipulations of this treaty. Szvntf?The right of search shall in no case be exorcised with respect to u vessel of the navy of either of the two Powers, but shall be exercised only as regards merchant vessels; and it shall not be exorcised by a vesselof-war of either contracting party within the limits of a settlement or port, nor within the territorial waters of the other party. TU-rtJ?Whenever n merchant vessel is searched ley a ahip-of-war, the commander of the said ship shall, iu tho act of so doing, exhibit fo the commander or the .Merchant vessel the special instructions by which he is duly authorized to search, and shall deliver to such com nunder a certtiicate, signed by htmseli, staling his rank in the naval service of his country, and tho name of the ve sol he commands, and also declaring that the only object ol the m ?rch is to ascertain whether the vessel is etoploved in me African slave trade, or Is titled up for the said trade. W nen the search is made by an oUlcer of the cruiser who is not the commander, such officer shall exhibit to the captain of the merchant vessel a copy oflne before mentioned special instructions, signed by the ccuimaudcr 01 the cruiser; and he sha.l in like manner deliver a uertilieate signed by himself, slating his rank in the navy, the name of the commander by whose orders b* proceeds to mike the search, that of the cruiser in which he sails, and the obe-tof the search, as above described, if it appears from the searrhth.it the papers "I the vessel are in regular order, and that it is employed ou lawlul olvects, tho offii-r sh.ill enter in tho logbook of the vessel that the search has been made in pursuance of the aforesaid special instructions, and the vessel shall be left at liberty to pursue its voyage. H.s rank of the officer who makes the search must not be less than that of lieutenant in the navy, unless tho command, either by reason of death or other cause, is at the lime held by an officer of in erior rank. fourthly?1 he reciprocal right o. search and detention shall be exercised only wtthin the di-tenc o of two hundred miles ironi tbo coast of Attica, and to the southward of thu thirty second parallel of north latitude, and within thirty leagues from the uoa.-t of the Island of CubeAkt. II. In order to regulate the inode of carrying the prov.sions or the procvding arlcle into execution, it id ?hr?eU? t\rft?That all i be ships of the navies of toe two na vlous which shall be hereafter employed to prevent the African slave trade shall be furnishml by Their respective governments with a oopy of the present" treaty, of the inslructn ns tor cruisers annexed thereto (marked A;, and of the regulai ions for the mixed courts oi' justice annexed thereto fmarked ft), which aunexes respectively snail he considered us integral parts of the present treaty. Syi.ndlv?That each of the high contracting parties shall from time to time communicate to the other the names of iho several ships furnished with such instruction*, the force of eecli. and the names of their several commanders. The said commanders .-hall hold the rank or captain la the navy, or at least ihai of lieutenant; It being nevarth-leae understood that tha instructions originally issued to un officer holding the rank of lieutenant of the navy, or other superior rank, shall, in oass of his death or temporary absence, be -efficient to autho me the officer od whom the command of the ve-sel has devolved to meko the search, although such officer may not hold the aioresaid rank in Hie service. Thirdly?That if at any time the commander of a cruiser of either of the two aations shall suspect that any merctiant vessel under the escort or convoy oi any ship or sbiris of war of the other nation carries negroes on boa. d or has been engaged m ihe African slave trade, or is fi'ted out for the purpane thereof, she commander of the cruiser shall comtnu who, ac -oinpaoi*'! by the commander of the cruiser, shell proceed to the search of the suspected vassal: tad in rase thosuspicion* appear well founded, according to the lenor of tine treaty, tlun the and vessel shall be conducted or ceDl to one of th? places where the mixed court* of justice aro stationed, in order that it nny the,a he adjudicated upon. /uur'A? 11 is further mutually agreed that the commanders of the ships of the two navies, respectively, who .-hall bo employed on this service, shall adhere strictly to the exact tenor of the aforesaid instructions. Art. III. As the two preceeding articles are antirely reciprocal,tba two high contracting parties engage mutually to make good any looses which thair respective suhiecte or citizen* may Incur by an arbitrary and itle gal detention of thair vessels; it being under-trod that this indemnity shall be borne by tbe government whose cruiser shall hava been guilty 01 each arbitrary and illegal detention: and that the search and detention of vessels specified in the tlrst article of tlua treaty shall be enacted only by abips which may form part of tbe two na viae, respectively - *D'' by such of those ships only as are provided with the special instructions annexed to Hie present treety. In pursuance of tbe provisions thereof. Tbe indemnification for the damages of which tbia article treats shall ba paid witbm the term of one year, reckoning from tha day in winch tho mixed court of jus lice pronounces lie sentence. Art. IV. In order to bring to adjudication, with as little delay and incanvanience as possible, tha vesicle which may tie detained according to tha tenor of the first art! cia of this treaty, therasbail ha established, aa soon as may be practicable, three mixedcourtaof j'tstice, formed by an equal number or individuals of tha two aations, named for this purpose by their respertivegovernmnnts. These < ourts (ball reside?one at Sierra I/eona, one at tha Capa of flood Hope, and one at New York Rut each of the two high contracting parties reserves p. itself the i If hi of changing, ?t Its pleasure, the place of residence of tbe court or courts faeid within its own territories. These courts ehsll ludge the cause* submitted to them according to tba provisions of the proseut treaty, and acturding to the regulations and instructions whisb sr* at>n exsd totb* present treaty, and which areconanlsred an integral part thereof, and there shall be no appeal from inwir uw irivu Airr V. In ca*e the commanding officer cf any of the b;r? of the naviea of either country, -trjiy commissioned ac oruing to the provision* of t)i? Orit articieof tble treaty, tall deviate id any reaped frern the etipnlationa of the aaiU treaty, or from i be luetrveion* annexed to it, the government which .-bail incelve iteelf to be wronged thereby, -hall fee entitled u> reparation, and in ?uch e,a?e tbe government to which sneh commanding office r may belong binds iUc|f to canee inquiry to ho made >riu? the subject of tho complaint, and to inflict ?l" n the raid officer a punishment proportioned to any w Tui iraatgraoaloD which ho may bo proved to have committed. Ami VI. II in hereby f'lrlber mutually agreed that e??ry Amor.can or British mer hart reard which shall be aearched tiv virtue of the present treaty, may lawful ly be detained and aant er brought before 'he mixed onnrts of justice ettahliehed lu pursuance! of the provletona thereof |f in her equipment there aball be found any of the things hereinafter mentioned, r.ime'y ? PVrrt?Uate.nea, with open gratings, Instead of tbo Cloee halcho-t which are uaual in merchant voeaelt, Stfond? Divisions or bulkheads in the hold or on dock In grestor number than aro noce? .try for vossels ongaaod in lawful trade Thiol?Spare plank fitted for laying down n second or slave deck IH.vr'A?fhaetclex, bolte, or handcuffs. /V'/V?A Urj?f nubility o( water to ca^a or la links )Ii? HERALD," TUESDAY, thin h rebuilt# fa: tho consumption Of lbs ciew af the vessel as a merchant vessel. SiiiA?An extraordinary number of w?ter ruki or of other vesse -j for holding liquid. unless lot aieai'tr shall produce a certificate from the C us.m House at tho place frotn which he clearrd outward, st:it:ni; tb?! a inlflelent security had boon given by the nwutn of nuch i essel that Buch extra quantity of casks or 01 oilier vo.-.>?ls should be usud oaly to Uolipuua oil, orforother purposes of lawful commerce NenrvtlA?A greater number of mesBtubs or kid1- than re tuisite for the use of the crew of tho ve^.-el is a iuoi Client \ oasel. K lith?A boiler or other conking anpirnttis of an unusual size, and larger, or capable of Point Blade larger, than requisite lor the una of the crew of tho vessel as a tnerch mt vessel, or more than ouo bo..?r or other cooltiui.' apparatus of the ordinary size. Yirtth?An extraordinary quantitv of nee, or the flour of Bruzil, of ntaatoc or ca-saila, commonly calied farina, f f maize, or of Indian coru, or o; a.iy other ar.tclo of < od whatever, b >v,>n t tho pr ba'do sr inn of tho crew, unites- such rice, farlni, flour, malzo, In linn corn, or other article of food, be ento.ed ou tho manifest as part of the cargo for trade Trn h?A quantity of rauts or matting greater than is nec -saury for tho use of the crew of the vessel i* u mer chant vc.tscl: unless such mats or ma'tiugbo otitered on th" manifest as part of the cargo for t ade. If tt be proved that any one or more of the articles above specili?<l is or a. e on board, or linve been on boird during the veyage in wmcb th > vessel was captured, that fact shall l>e consul re 1 as prima foci evidence th it the vessel wub employed tn the Africa slave trade, and she shall in consequouce be comlcmuod and declared law ful prize, unless the master or owners sliail furnish clear and incontrovertible - videncc, proving tu tho satisfaction of the mixed com l of justice that at the lime of bar detont ion or capture tho vessel was employed iu a I a iwli I iTiilnelalelnw fin I llial ii ua>i t\f 11? a iKff.v-Attt nrt iitlftB above specified as wore found on board at the lime of detention, or 11s may have been embarked during the voyage ou which site was engaged when captured, were in dispensable fur tho lawiul objoct oriier voyage Am. 111. If any ou# of the article* siiecilled in the preceding article as grounds for condemnation should bo found on board a merchant vessel, or sh uld be proved to havo been on board of hor during the voyage on which she was captured, no com|Mtusutiou for losses, damages, or expenses consequent upon the detention of such vessel, shall, in any case, be grantod either to tho master, the owner, or any other person inlora- ted in the equipment or in the lading, oven though she should not he condemned by the mixd court of mstice. Art. Vlll. It is agreed between the two high contracting part es that, in all cases in which a vessel shall he detained on dor this treaty by their respective crnlsers as having be-u engaged in the African slave traue, or as having been fitted out for tho purposes thereof, and shall con-equontly bo adjudged and coudentned by one of tlio mixed courts of justice to bo established as a ores iid, the said vessel shall, immediately af'or its condemnation, bo broken in entirely, and shall be sold in separate parts, after h tvingboon so brokcn\np, unless either of the i-.vo g ivrnmo its sho Id wish tolpurcVi-e tier for the use of its navy, st a price to be ti.vitJ by u couipotiini puis .u chosen lor that purpoa- hy the^nixed court of Justice, m which case the government whoso cruiser shall havo detainol the c nJemaeJ vessel shall havo the Urst option of purchase. Airr. IX. Tho cuntain, master, pilot and crew of any vessel c 'lideniriod by the mixed courts or justice, shall be punished according to tin laws of the country to wnich such vessel belongs, .is shall also the owner or owners and tho persons interested in her equipment or cargo, unless they prove that they had no parlicipati .n in the enterprise. For this puriu.se, tho two high contracting parties agree that, in so far as it may not he a'tended with grievous expense and inconvouicnce. the tnaau.r and crow of any vessel which may be condemned by a sentence of one of tho mixed courts of justice, as well a-' any other persons found on board the vessel, shall bo sent and delivered up to the jurisdiction of the nation under whose flag the condemned vessel was sailing at the time of capture ; and that the witness"* and proofs nocessary to establish the guilt of suoli master, crew or other persons shili also bo seut with them. The same course shall be pursued with regard to subjects or citizens of either contracting party who may be fouud by a cruiser of the other on board a vessel of any third 1'owor, or on board a vessel sailing without (lag or papers, which may be condemned hy any competent court for having ougaged in the African sla\ e trade. Art. X. The negroos who are found on board of a vessel condemned by the mixed courts of justice, in conformity with the stipulations or this treaty, shall be placed at the disposal or the government whose cruiser has made the capture; they shall he immediately set at liberty and shall remain free, the government to whom they have been delivered guaranteeing their liberty. Art. XI. The aots or instruments annexed to this treaty, and which it is mutually agroed snail form an in t. gral part thereof, are as follows:? (A.) Instructions for the ships of the navies of both nations, destined to proveut tbo African slave trade. (li.) regulations for the mixed courts of justice. I Art. XII. 'Ihe present, treaty shall lie ratified, and the ratifications thereof shall bo exchanged at Ixmdon in six months from this date, or sooner if possible. It shall con tinue and romaiu in full force for the term of icq voars trom tho day of exchange of the ratifications,and further, until the end of one year nft"r either of the contracting parties ahall bavo given notice to the other of its intention to terminate the same, each or the contracting parties reserving to itself the right of giving sucli notice to the other at the end of said terna of ten year*. And it is hereby agreed between them that, 011 the expiration of one year after such notice shall have been received by either from the oilier party, this tieaty shall altogether cease and determine. In witness whereof the respective plenipotentiaries have signed the prosent treaty .and have thereunto afflxe I tho seal of their arms. Done at Washington the seventh day of April In the your of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and sixty-two. WII.I.IAM II. SKWnRI). LYONS. The Hnclcley Contract* St'PItKMK COUBT?SFBUlAf. TKKJf. Before Hon. Judge Barnard. Arwn. 28.?Lewis Baker tit. A. J. Hackley and other*. Hie Court made an order in this ea.se to the following effect:?It being represented that there are large sums due to laborers and others for work <!. 110 under the contract, and that such person-" are dependent for their support upon such moneys, it is ordered that the injunction shall not prevent the payment to or receipt by the defendant, Authonv S. Hope,of any moneys due, or to become due. on the contract; bat that the moneys may tie received and paid in the same manner as if tlie injunction had not been granted. Ail moneys not necessary to pay the laborers and sub-contractors shall be retained by A. S. Hope until the decision of the lnoiiou for au injunction and receiver. MA.vnijrrs AOann THE MATOR. The people at the rela'ion of Charles W. Baker TV. the Mayor.?Application waa made for a mandamus to compel' Mayor Updyke to countersign a warrant drawn in favor of plaiutifl' for binding two thousand volume* of Kent's Commentaries and Notes to the City Charter. The Judge ordered a peremptory mandamus to issue. Arrivals and Departures. AKEIVALS. Rio Janeiro?Brig Abfcy A KliEsbetli?Francis B Parker. J M de Silva. 8 W ltoyes, C H BlUs. (laughter and 2 sou-'. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. April 28?6 P. M. To day's bank statement compares as follows with that of last Monday:? 1Vr*l mUtUf. S, r~ir. Cireul n. DrvnMt;-. April 19 $121,070,26.1 .14,071.521 8.064,663 96,179.340 April 26 ... 126,086,825 15,297,944 8,118.571 101,897,435 Increase. $2,010,502 020.416 63,908 6.718,095 The feature of this statement, as foreshadowed in this morning's Hkkalo, is the startling increase in the deposits, which iudicates the increase in the volume of currency and government paper. It is the first decisive indication of the new financial era upon which the country is entering, and to persons who understand it rightly will convey most important information. Prom this time forth we shall probably have to record a steady increase in the bank deposits and loans, arising from the accumulation of money at this centre, and its employment here. The actus! deposits to-day are understood to foot up nearer one hundred and five than one hundred and one million*, and they are steadily on the increase, Nothing but the necessities of the government can prevent money from falling to an nnprccedentedly low figure. The increase of bank circulation is less than was expected, considering the want of -mall notes, which in still experienced. The money market is very easy. People are running about trying to lend money on call at 5 percent, and money is left oo call with the established houses at 4. The Hub-Treasurer received 41.022,000 on depo4t to-day. There is a very active market for Treasury notes: the 7.30 notes are worth 101, the < per cents 100%, the certificates of indebtedness Wt% a Exchange opens more firmly; the bankers ask 112% a %; the best bids, however, thus far, are 112%. Francs are held at 5.02%, and 5.05 is bid. Gold was firmer to-day; tbn c were sales at 101%. The news of the fall of hew Orleans, which was published in this morning'sHcrald, was generally believed en the Stock Exshange to-day, though discredited among the cotttn and exchange people. It had the effect of tausiug an advance in United States sixes from M*/? on Saturday to 96 this afternoon. The whrnr insrket, was better. The gradual derline in the value of money is produring its usual effort in stimulating speculation jn bonds and storks, and every time we receive good new-" the market responds. At the first board to-day Pacific Mail rose Central %, Erie Michigan Southern '4, Panama yt, Illinois Central Galena '/4, Toledo Jff, and Rock Island The must active stocks were Toledo and Illinois Central, wfeich have hecn oversold. After the board the market was better, and there was quite an inquiry fur stocks. At the bccoq4 board the impmi meat continued* Ceu, APRIL 29, 1862.?TRIPLE _ -V tral advanced %, Eric preferred %, Toledo %, Illinois Central %, an 1 other shares in proportion. The market closed very firm, the followiug being the last quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881. 9j% a %; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 95% a 9C; do. 5's, 1874,87% a 88; Indiana S'a, 77% a 78%; Tennessee 6's, 66% a %; Virginia 6's, 65% a 58; North Carolina 6's, 65 a 66; Missouri 6's, 49% a 50: Pacific Mail, 108 a 108; New York Central, 85% a 85%; Erie, 36% a 37; de. preferred. 61% a 61%; Hudson Ilivcr, 35% a 36; Ithrlem, 12% a %; do. preferred, 30 a %; Reading, 43% a 45; Michigan Central, 54% a %; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 22 a %; do. guaranteed, 44% a 4C; Panama, 124 a 124; Illinois Central, 59% a %: Galena and Chicago, 67 a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 4'!% a %; Chicago and Itock Island, 64% a %; Chicago, Burlington andQuiucy,62% a 63 ; Milwaukee and PrairieduChien, 25% a 26; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 112 a%; New York Ceutral 7"s, 1876, 103% a 101; Erie third mortgage bonds, 94% a 95; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgagci 100 a 100%; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 87 a 88; gold, 101% a %. The European news from Cape Race Ls import, ant in regard to the increased firmness in breadstuflj. This probably indicates a continuance of the bad weather which, at latest advices, caused so much alarm for the crops. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows to day:? Receipts. 92,508.920 11 ?Kor customs 118,000 00 Payments 2,183,297 23 Bitance 12,668,875 41 The exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this morning were 626,543,778 14, and the balances $1,580,041,04. | At auction this afternoon A. H. Nicolay sold the following stocks:? $2,U(K) Lagan Co. Mining and Manuract'g Co., 1st mj. 76.Y 4,000 Peoria and Oquuwka, 1st mortgage, flat 31 4,000 do. do. 2 I mortgage, (tat 15 10 sharos Washington Kire Insurance Company 100>, The receipts of the Harlem Railroad for the first three months of this and last year were as follows:? 1801 18C2. January $101,494 100.022 February 88,201 9C,93J March 88,700 103,023 Total $280,480 800,8 2 280.486 Total increase Tor thro months of 1862 $20,305 The. Harlem Company did not run any express trains to Albany this year, rosulting in a great saving of expenses. The way travel and freight has largely increased, and to this cause alone is to be attributed the increase of freight. The bill for opening Madison avenue, passed by the Legislature 15th April inst., will enable the Harlem Company to lay down their track for their Fourth avenue cars to Scvonty-niuth street, on the Madison avenue, and wheu finished will greatly augment their income. This is a very important city improvement, and will prove a very great accommodation to the public visiting Central Park, and js much needed. The Harlem Company have the right to run their cars on this avenue for thirty years, under the act of the Legislature passed

April IC, MS* The following is a comparative statement of the earnings and expenses of the Boflalo, New York and Krie Railroad Company for the six moths ending April I:? Earningt? 1861. 1863. Passengers $53,043 60 965 Freight 223,(Ma 366.176 Other sources.................. 14.63H 21,807 Total $231,650 438,956 Exjientfs? I Mnintainiug road #48,008 71,662 Repairing machinery......... 34,846 52.4.8) Operating road 91,932 112.101 Total $174,787 236,224 ?Net earnings 116,803 202.725 This makes the increase for the six months $85,s61. The net earnings of the period, $202,000, are more than sufficient to pay the interest on the funded debt of the company for the entire year. The company has no construction account. The eurnincrs for'the first fifteen davs of Anril show an increase of $!>,284 on the same "time last year. Stock ExehCBKC. Momih, April 28, 1882. $10000 USfl'c, 1881. re< 94 \ AO shs fat M SS Co. 108, 2000 do 94 ?i 50 do h30 106}i 40000 USA's, '81, COU 00 100 do 106 20000 do or.'.' 210 NY Central KR.. 83?4' 5000 do ?U) UK 25 do 83>; 1000Us6's'810rwl^y 94!^ 100 do sio 93?4' 30000 US5'a, 1874,cou H7>; 260 do P30 S3'4' 1100 Troaa 7 3-10 pen 100*; 70 do 83!,' 2000 UH6\s,ly cor. 98"; 50 do s30 83!,' 70000 do 983; 50 Harlem RK 12?; 30W>Obio 6 s. 1860.. 100 4O0 Erie RR prof.b30 61>; 1000 Illroup ba,1877 90 100 do sl.j 61* 12000 Teun 6'a, 90.. 50 100 do 61* 7000 do 06 >; lOMicbS&NIndl'.R 22 10000 do *30 56 50MI~hS AN Igftllc. 44); jOt/OO MiMoari d's... 49* 5 Panama RK 124 50oo do bio 49 >; 150 III Can HR sorip.. 59]; 1000 California 7'a.. 86\" 20 do 59\ 5000 N.Y font 7'a... 103 100 do b30 69]; ::n00ERR3duil) 83 94 250 do 59'; 5000 do (30 94 13 do 59 1000 K RR 4th m b.. ?6 100 do *30 59 500 Mich So 2d m . 74* 50 do 8.30 59* 500 III ('en RK b... 87 100 do blO 59]; 8500 do 87* 100 do *10 69* OOOOTolAWablstm.. 80 200 Catena A Cbic Kit 67,* 5000 do 1.10 80'; 60 do 1)30 67* ?000TolfcWn1)2dni.. 52 556Clove A.TbladoRR 42 70UU t.iav IviOl n I IIS 3J -MRI V. 3S60O American gold. 101% 100 ^do fi30 41 % 5<)00 tlo *10 101', 200 do 41% 25000 do sl5 101*$ 100 do blO 41% 10000 do 5:10 101% 400 do 41% 15000 do 060 101% 400 do s.30 41% 10 xb?Mer< tiauls'Kk 96 .350 Cbii Altl RR.bdO 64% 5 Batik Commerce. 84%' 100 do s30 64-, 50 I'jc M S8 Co..H0O 105% 100Chic, Bur k y RH 62 208 do 106% 8KCOND r.OAKO. f.34000 Cf>? it.'81,rei; 95%' 215 rii* V Y Cen RR. 83% 1-1000 U S 6'?, '81.COU 96 200 do blO 83% 5000 US6 ?HIOrw; %y 94% 426 do 83% 16000Tenn 6'*, 90. 56% 11 Kric RR 36% 5000 do blO 56% 100 Srte RR pref.... 61% 7000 Misaouri O'a . .. 49% 50 Hurlem RR prof.. 30% 5000 do SCO 49% 30 do 30 4600 do 49% 60 Mlrh On RR. .. 54% 10000 FrieKR-Smb. ?3 94 % 160 MiSo A N Iml RR. 22 , 1000 'lol k Wab2d in 52 325 Panama RR 124 10000 do 52% 100 tlo b60 124% 5000 ClfcTolbf b.b:!0 87% 50 III Cen RR scrip.. 59% 1000 Mi< bSoskg t b* 92%' 50 do id) lOOOo American gold. 101% 25 do b.70 60 15000 do 101% 300Clev ATcl RR.a30 42% 50 shsl'scM-f Co.?60 106% 650 do 42% 110 do 108 60 do 42% _____________ New York City Bank*, April '40, 1801. Bti'tkt Loo 11}fp*ru. Clrru'dM. Dfptttf*. America $0 4VI *78 1,210,760 61,235 6,949.526 At.1111! is 424.144 122.866 93,317 405.522 American Kx... 6,171,361 2,965,162 242,913 4,860,723 Rrondwav 3,501,793 1,43.3.801 366,415 4,182,847 Butch. & Drov. 1.462.172 238,313 280,422 1 246,060 B ill's Head .397.558 50,180 127,648 36U.U56 Chemical 1,598,182 2,544,484 134.724 4.289,' Chatham 834,721 119,246 89,1.39 Ml 460 Clti/ene' 776.353 148.870 154.781 607:596 city 2.212.771 1.941,960 ? 3,376,497 (oDimerra 12,816,901 1.064 460 1,075 6,376,*69 Corn F*changa 2,211.719 f.04,S49 206,764 1,28.3,600 Continental 3,070,801 317 808 215,023 1,383 3)4 Coinmonwaaitb. 1,481 0?8 276.876 286.196 956.619 Dry Pock 435.694 99,148 161.829 304,393 Fast Riaer 365.181 4.3.540 108.922 262 380 Fulton 1,470,680 465.864 T.3.171 1,447,6.11 (ireenarlcb.... 437 260 419.682 117,840 552,367 c.roreri' 499.880 68,411 50.800 394,331 Hanover 1,718.889 138.072 96,636 842.926 Irving 721.988 104,917 115,224 817,874 In.al eakTea.U a O tit (V.I MiR ?IA?I tn.t a saa Aa< nip' iniiiwi n <.^lo,inil tr<U.DID -UaH, 1.10.1,200 Lnatbar 748,314 308,774 1,206,321 Mario* 1.161,163 308,172 182,638 748,182 Market 1,887,718 280,811 220,r,28 1,008,848 Manhattan.... 4.844,018 1,737,186* ]08,1?2 4,604.774 Man iMcbl*'.. 777.701 202.264 38.008 886,283 M?rc hai-fg'.... 6,338.474 1,616,362 fl0,602 3 974,822 Mechanic!'.... 3,977,828 714,477 285,048 3,006.580 i Marcactila 2,800,403 636 299 8,991 2.248,198 MatropoHUa... 8,613 833 1,812,023 235,676 0,277,997 Mrrrh ts^ih. 2 019,825 218,347 126,329 1,057.188 Mecb. * Trad.. 999.760 220,063 188,173 963,20.3 Maeb Bk|.Aaa n 791,667 161,767 83,983 616,089 National 2,098.972 483.766 168,210 1.I23JM Nasxan 1,718.142 .308.911 36.204 1,211,738 Saw York 3,902,436 1,829.138 420,122 3,692,806 N*. Y. Exchange. 368.431 82,048 99,661 341,890 N. Y. Coantr 311.325 66.318 76.607 278,688 North A8P?rl4a. 1,048,488 200,128 146,288 1,278,792 North Hirer.... 683,191 101,034 73,077 471,286 <6 880 1,889,380 278.662 78,149 1.120,409 Orintal 646,736 197 824 104,049 600,193 Park 8,116,839 2.890,514 326,413 7,096,769 Pacific 1,121,681 203,183 133,214 890,121 People a 677,030 106 248 82.942 498,896 I'hinIT 3,304,641 601,086 60,188 2,311.761 Republic 8,889.971 1,341,381 227,796 3.040,226 fst. Nicholas... # 1,195,484 121,658 124 :440 802,782 Harvanth Ward 1.212,004 307,821 182,004 818,194 <tho" A leather. 2.867,294 246,686 301,961 1,856,548 Statu 3,909,658 676,737 173,072 3,677,153 Tradwtmen'a... 1,517,814 238,217 205,386 1,047,919 Luion 3,088,037 1,665,464 198,914 2,925,404 Total .. .m5,089,82636,?7,9448,118/?7HW,W7,436 I SHEET. CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Moan at, April 28?6 P. M Asms. ?'Tlw market wm steady, with small sales of both sorts at $5 62% IIhkaiwtitts ?Flour?Th# mar' et in tbs morning o[*neJ dull anl about 5c. per bbl. lower; but the receipt of the foreign news caused a reaction in prices, which dosed lirm at about the rule* or Katur day. The transactions footed up about 12,000 bbls.' within tbo following range of price3 ? Superfine State $4 80 a 4 90 llxtra State 5 to a 6 15 Superfine Western 5 80 a 6 90 Common to ch ice extra Western 5 15 a ti 50 Canadian f> 10 a 6 50 Southern mixed to good superllue 5 40 a fi 00 KMra do ti 10 a 7 00 Good to choice family do 7 00 a 7 50 Rye Hour 3 00 a 4 15 C iru meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 70 a 3 00 ?Caradian flour wis eaior at tho opening, but closed with firmness at better prices. The sales embrace !about 1,400 lib s. witbiu tbs above range of quotations Southern lour was lirui, with sum- o, soo bhls. witluu the range oi tbo above fig.ires. Kvo llour was steady at our quotations, with sales of 175 hbls. Corn meal was quiet at the above prices, with sales of about 200 bbls. Jersey and Brandy wine. Wheat was firmly held, while sales were light snl prices unchanged ; the salos wore confined to about 20,000 bushels, including prime wliito Michigan at $1 41. with a small lot of choice roisirted at (1 44; 61 33% a fl 34 for choice Indiana, and $1 20 for Milwaukee club. Corn was firmer a; ihe close, though dull and lower than on Saturday. Sales footed up 18,000 a 20,000 bushels, at 57e. a 58c. for Western mixed, delivered, chlelly at the inside figure. Rye was iu light supply, and prices we e firm at 78%'r. a 79c. on tbo wharf and at 81 %c delivered. Barley and barley malt wore quiet but tirmly hold. Oats were in moderate demand, with sales of Canadian at 38c. a 50c., and Western at 38c. a 40c., and State at 40c. a 40%c. Covkmc.?The market was quiet. A sale of 400 bags of common ltio for parching wus made at 18c. Corrox.?Monday is usually a dull day, as lew spinners are commonly on baud on that day, while tbo Southern news tended to lesson tho animation previously prevail. > ing in tho market. Hence there was scarcely enough doing to establish a market. '1 he sales in small lols embraced uboul 200 bales on tho average of about 29>?c. for middling up ands. Knmoins were steady at Saturday's rates. To Liverpool 2.500 bbls. of llour weie engaged at 2s. a 2s. 3d.; 10,000 nusl.e.s of corn atfl%d. in bulk; wiihsume previsions at 2s. 0 '. To l>?n ion 150 tiorivs beef at 5s. a 5s. Cd | Kates to Glasgow and Havre wero unchanged. May.?Tim market was Urru at title, a ouo. tor snipping, and at 70c. u 75c. fur city use. lloi..i8 >ns.?Sales of 22 tierces Culiu muscovado were made at 32c., and 32 bbls. at lite same figure, and 175 hints. Cuba muscovado at 32c. Nayai. .Stoics.?Sales of 150 bb!s. spirits turpentine wore made at $1 42><, ant 300 do. at $1 40. Common romug were quiet b it firm at $7 5u a $8 pur 310 lbs. All tbo rosins above common in q a I ty were scarco aud'flrm. Sales of 400 bbls. Wilmington tar were made at fil ''novtsiess.?1'ork?The inarkol was more artiv and prices wero firmer. The af.es embraced aboin 750 hi.us., a: $12 37 a $12 50 fur new ine.-s, and $10 a $10 25 : Jr n 'W prime; $12 63>? for uninspected megs, und $13 50a $14 for clear do. Hoof was flrui and in gnud demand, I with sales oi 3 >0 bbls., at $13 a $14 for plain mess, and $:4 50 a $15 fur extra do. IV-ef hams and prime in ss beof bams were quiet and nominal. Cut mn s were in gxid donand, and pricus linn, with sales of 4so a 500 |at ikag-s at 4c. a 4>ic. lor dry salted shoulders, fitfe. a 6c. for hams, aim 6e. a 0\'c.. for pickled do. II icon was in g'tod request, with sales of 250 Nixes at 6 Vc lor short ribbed Western. I.srd was firmer and in g ?xl request, with sales of 1,200 packages at 7^c. a 8>?c. lluttor and cheese were iu moderate re lueat and prices unchanged. Sugars wore unchanged, while the gales embraced about 800 hbds., cbietty within the range of O'^c. a 7^c., closing with some less spirit than was inauuesled last week. ffmafKY.?The markot was steady, with sales of 900 bbls., at 22>?e. a 23c. lor State, end at 22c. a a 23){c. lor Western. shtpfing news, HortmtnU efOeeen S tea.mere. FROM KUROPK. JTetnat. X??M Omit. For Cttv of rt unhlngtnn. Liverpool April 1#.. .New fork Bremen Southampton April 16.. .New York North Amrrie.au Liverpool April 17?Portland alu ah ao row h?W tore?mi* DAT. suit vises 5 011 moon sets eve 7 M onsets c 531 aiaa water eve 8 44 Port of New Yorlc, AprU 28, 1863. cleared. Ship Adelaide, Cutting. Liverpool?William* A Union. Ship Thereae. Doane, Olanzow?T Dunhuin. Ship Seth Spragtie. Tvaun. Antwerp?W K Sclunidt. Ship T W Krone. . Philadelphia?Hick* A Bell. Bark Trajnu, Bahbldge, Kalmoutn?Welsh. Cftrrer A Chase. Mark .1 A lia/anl. Isiwaon. ltin Janeiro?Q 8 Colt. Brig I>aiiru Gertrude, Campbell, Tenenfle?Dolluer, Toiler A C<>Brig I .on Amigna (Br). Johnson, Retire, lion?I Jei. Brig King Brothers (Br), Laraway, I'ori an Prince?Ilobt Miirigv, Jr. Brie Ladv Washington (Br), Morrison, St Johns, NF?1' I Nevnu- .* Bon. Selir War Eagle. Holgdon, Laguayra?Dovale A Co. Srhr Argonaut (Br), Spinney, Bt John?D K Dewolf. Sohr Adela (Bri, Waycott, St George?.1 Frye. Schr L It Eodlrott, Coeds, Philadelphia?Muster. Hehr Antares, Cord'-ry, Philadelphia?Muster. Srhr Naiad yarn. Hulae. Philadelphia?Muster. SchrT Rotter, Rvekelt. Philadelphia?A Hoivea. S'hrC Warner. Mrl'ann. Philadelphia?.1 W McKpe I Sohr Convoy, Merrill, Portsmouth?W 8 Brown A Go. SchrT B Hodgman, Prince, Hoaion?UL Hatch. Schr Texas, Ellis. Boston?A Howes. 8loon Paramount. , Ohinroieng'te?Master. Chared 2ilh?Steamship Ta-K ang (new), Sanford, lion-.; Kong?Oh pliant. Sou A t o. (The aoovo was misprinted in Sunday'.-; paper.) ARRIVED. I" 8 steam gun lout Connecticut, Commander M Woodhtill, ' SW* Pa?s, Apt it 12, and tiom tire entire Blockading Fleet, via Fort reel Monroe 2D hours. 8teainahip Fulton (L S transport), Wotlon, Port Royal, 08 hours, to C 8 Cuarterina-ter. Ship Capiulaui < Br. ot Shi.-;ds), Sbie). Foottbow, Dec 11, ' Willi tens, to Rowland A Asplnwall. Passed Anjlei .Ian I, I I'ape Good Hop.'Feb 20. touched at St Helena, and crossed the Equator in the Atlantic In Ion 28. Feb 20, off Cap fl-?od Hope, spoke swe balk A.esaudnu, from Algoa Bay tor HaI h.a. 21th Inst. IntlVS.tt), Ion 49 20. spoke sclir William Marin, hence, steering SW; 2Ai.ii. lai 16 4 j. Ion 79 24, bad a violent hurricane from NE to SW; split sails, Ac. Ship Hermtne < Brem), Brnncksn, Bremen. 39 days, with I mdeeand 229 passengers, to E 1'aveiistedt A Co. In lat 41, Ion .16. txieaed several Icebergs. Ship Kingfisher (of Bostcu), Freeman. Boston, 3 days, In be 1 last, to mauler. Ship Cambria, Mam beater, New Bedford, 40 hours, in ballast. to Roger Hro?. Berk Sytpblde ( Br, of Sunderland), Ilenih raon. Barcelona. March 11. I assed Gibraltar 27t?. in ballast, to order. Bark Wuheluiine (Biein), HV-renhurg, Hio Janeiro, Man b J, with reflet-, io.I M Hooker. Brig Abby A Eii/.abeih, Martin, Rto Janeiro, Feb 21, with rotlee, to ma-tar. 20th in*t, lal 34. Ion 49, .-.poke scbr Julia K Gamave, from Port'and for Cardenas. Brig All.indnlc tBr), MeBurn' , Cornvvallta, 13 days, with potatoes, to order. Bug W'ui I'r iwtord, KuMerloni, Saco, 8 days, with heading, tomaa'er. Brig Irene, Collin, Culuis, 9 days, wi;n lumber, to Jed Frye A Co. I Sehi Emma i Ui, of I.otidon), Howard, Santo-. Feb28, w.lh rotter. to Aymar A Co. schrCaniitiia (Bn, Munroe, Cornwall!*, 14 day*, with potatoes. In D K l.'ewolf. Soiir bnick* (Br, of WUumt. NS), Fowler, Coiuwralli", 12 day*. with t otntoea, to Dnryee A Hyde. Schr Inilunt v, Smith. Philadelphia. S 111- Out' s, Endyi t?, Philadelphia. Sehr Norma, .lurk, l,onK Branch. Sehr W J' Ritchie, Fisher, Robbtnston, S day*. Srbr K"s?nih, llotchkiss, l'ortland, 4 day*. Schr ti A Stevens, Miller, Portland for Albany. S hr Loduakla, Ross, Math. 4 dava. S hr I,no',out, Butler, Trrtoont, 5 day a. Sclir Helen Mar. Katnsay, Tramont. SchrJohn Adams, Hatch, Rockland. Scltr.I'aiah Achorn, Hatch, Rio bland. Sclir Pallas, French, ItockUiid. Sehr Ralph Hewitt, Rhode", ?' cbbind. schr I ncle Sam. , Rockland. Schr Silas Wtirhi, Adams. I.n Klnnd lor Sandy Hook, S 'hr Superior. Robinson, VinsUiaven tor Sandy llook. Schr K Ann Steel, Oha'c, Hsurlrh. Scbr Ua/ella, Kelley, Gloucester. Sehr Seraph, Allen. G!otiee?ter Schr W s Bai nca, Raymond. lilJi'iccster. S hr S I. Stevens. Sundry. Salein, 2 iluya. Schr Leocadl*. Sniitll, Salem. I Schr Klleu Pork.n-. Johnson, Dfnnis. S hr Myra, Havelock. Provincctlown. S hr Convert, West, Barnstahlel Schr Florida. Kellev, Boston, A <|"y?. S hr<" D Hallett, Petty, Hoamn.K* 'lays. Sp hr Nnanor, Pat kcr. Boston, dSiaya. Srur New York, Goodselt. llostiA, 3 days. s. lit- I'lytno ith lis k, H rr, Bo<t?n. 3 aayi. Schr Moses Wsrlnc, Nash, BostoR Scur Charter Oak. Kelley, Bostoi? Schr Henry Gibbs. Coo. New Ptflford, 3 day*. 8. nr AbbvWeld, Ilutchins, NewBodiortl, ] dayt. Schr Ansler, Besae, Wareham. fl Sclir Dart. Coleman, Tininton. S'-hr -I P Wallace, Staples, Tann'Bn. Schr Maria Untlsa. lllner. Fall l?ver. Sehr John R Watson, Packer. Kail Rtvtr, SelirStlaa WrlaBt. See man, Fall River. S< hr Chase, Mllle, Providenoe. J Schr Amelia, l.ane, Providence. I Schr Ann Kluabeth, Johnson^Pf m ldence for Albany, i Sehr Orlando Smith, Barber, Wijcterly. I nr i line b? adiwwii -a"""". f. hr Annie J Rpaapll. npdgr*. Wortland, Ct. ?>< hi T l Mil It, Lvraaa, Me* Hk?#n Schr Cynihla Jen?. Bennett. liatlford. Srhr Peafciytvanla, L*dd, Norwich. Slnep Mml, CnbMgh. N-w B-itford. J day* * Sloop lull* A an, Davla. New BedtoriL Klnep t'llo, Prcnch, Taunton. I Sloop Hreaker, Palmar, Provuladoe. Sloop Pointer, Nichols, PlovMenij. Sluon Bnoite Ielpnd, Hemliifton. rroeldmce. Steamer Kire Brick. Kenton. Philadelphia. Rgronvro?Steamer Ellen S TetlryiUS transport), Chapin heme J7 h for Newbcrn, NT, lli ouMequauce of .having sprung aleak la her tollpr. 1 BELOW. \ Shio Ellen ilenart. CoOin, from (London, Deal March 17, for ordera. , Wind ateaaeet BSE. i niacelUBtoii. Bp STPaai'Ht' K ? !??*, before repoiued stranded at Maaaan, left Havana l.tlh nit, about 12X o'clock P.M. with a strong northerly wind, and at 11W o'clock! A M on the 15th, on nearlnp Naaaiai, look on hoard Mil t'ooke, one of the I .ranch pilots. On ernaalng the bar at; Ki lo'cloek the reaael struck I eavllr. The ahlp waa ihen thnWn ly the anrf on thn coral r-ef. the eiiBlii' s all the lime) working In parfeel order, wiih the hop'i nf getting her off. (put of lire trainer* lying In Nassau harbor, not one of them wai in condition to render ihe allghtesi. asOatanee. The s learner Thomas L. Wragg (idle the Vaahville), waa at anchor very near the Karnak, tbilt, having no eoai on hoard, i >be was pnwerleas. The boiler ot the steamer l>r|i being u nder repair, conld not have Iwen g >1 ready lor norkini: in li as than ~i* hoiira, bo' nevertheless Captain I'arlln did all hV could tofarllllale he work, seeing the helpless conditio i "f the Kurnifk The steamer Ella Warlev arrived at 4 o'clock from Havana, hut having a valuable cargo en h tard, and drawing nearly as ranch watei na the Karn ik herself, ould do no |aervli e, more especially aa the latter vessel l.,d hllged before thai time. The Engl Ish "timers oia iialorand Southwuk were out of rnal, a nd therafuio wee as nseleas a* the rest The Karnak n I d heavily farm side m en, thumping awfully at every (urn,in half an hour f rdde the itlUK aneelruok, began to leak. The steam pumps were iPen Ml to work, but after a short time the pipe* were broken. The force-pumps were immediately manned, and by thia tune a number or mm from the shore cauie to the vessel's uaaii-tauce As soon as the tide began to fall, and further endeavors to release the vessel had become fruitless about is o'clock 1* M Ik wreckers in port were engaged la remove the cargo, consisting principally of sugar, coiiou tobacco and segare, and roniinued working during the who.n uight, the puuips all the while being worked by iUe cr -w. Several or the wreckers a"e reported to have tieea drowned by the upsetttug of u boat In the surge, and insiiy received severe wounds and bruises while in ihe vessel's hold, by the shifting of bones of sugar, occasioned by her rot.tug loot 10.1. Since llie Karuak tirst struck she has com. plctely shifted her positiou, uu 1 now lies with her head to* wards the south. Bake Akiki (of Boston), Levonstou. from Providence' was ul Goree, W\ A, March ;'J, hound to Sierra Leone. A let. ter from on bos says?"We arrived here March 19. after a alorinv (isssage of lit days. Feb SB, in lat Wj?. long ?7 29 rxinrirm ed , vi ient gale from SK: at 4 P M the wind shifted sudd-ngv to the westward, and blew with iu easco violence; al d f.M hove the ship to under bare poles; at II I'M was struck by uheuvv sea, which threw the vessel nem ly on h?r beam ends, sprung uleak, stove boat, carrying spars aud everything lo leeward, lost forward booby hatcu and live i sles of hay, Marled three water caaks, stove bulwarks and gangway, bioke the forecastle doors, aud filled the cabin with wuter. The ship lay with her lee rail under water unitl noon of tne 2Jth. At 2 I'M, the gale aud sea having moderated, got the ship oil before the wind under forciopmast staysail ami reefed foresail, when she righted with three and a half feet ol water in the hold. Continued pumping until 5:50 J* M. when a ship hove iu sight, which proved to be the Wanderer Forbes, from Havre, of and for New York. Hoisted signal of distress, and brought the ship to on port tack, with the intentiou of leaving her, but finding h r lo lay easier ou this luck, sounded the jatmps aud c intliiued pumping for about an hour, when we found that we were gaining on the leak lowered the signal, aud concluded to proceed on the voyage. Tnc gale continued with little abatement fur three day. March 3, fell iu with the wre k of a schooner, with loremaat and bowsprit sianding, the rest of her spars aud boat gone, wuierlogged and abandoned; had the appear..we of b tng but a short Hum ill ihut condition. Made out her na m- t > be the Ouracon. of Windsor, NS. We have hud our pumps golug since the t a'.e ul' Feb 28." Bark Makv Lucrktia, Bowers, arrived at 8t Thomas 1st In-d, and brig Hampden, Miles, from St Michaels, arr gilt, both in distress. W hat nature not stated. Sett tt D Townsknp, at Philadelphia from Trinidad, on 12Us ilist, lat 31 40, Ion 79 30, had t> casks molas-es washed oil' deck by a heavy sua; sprung foremast, shifted cargo and unstained uiher damage. ticiiii Aucukr, of Cold Spring, with a cargo of coat, while at anchor in Ihe stream at Elir ibethpojt, was run into '? a s eaming a few days since, and had her stern cut down to the deck. The schr would return to port for repuira. Sohr I C Hurts, before reported ashore oujtbe West Chop, was floated oil' 26th inst, uninjured. Scun Ai.HKttT. before reported lieached at Holmes, Hole to prevent Mukiug, has been puuipcd out and hauled off. Sen it Pauoasskt, Cant V Keen, which Railed from New Bedford ill the fall of 1S60 tnr Daricn, Oa, where she was employed in the nutating business by the master, who ?a priurijnil owner, lias been conli-calod by the rebels. Cap" Keen is still at Dai len, having been robbed of ev rvtiiuiu, nuil is one ol the only two white in n remaining in t iwn Upon the bre.iking out of the rebellion Capt K continue 1 Ida business, as it was very r-munerativu, thinking that the war would be of abort duration. A number of lilida of damaged sugar, landed from brig ,Oen Pierce, from Matan/as fo- New York, b"1' r o-'-t at Nassau in distress, were sold at auetion atNassm 14th Inst, hold by order ol survey, for the bene it of all conrerued. Ship Wm C Nye, of New Bedford, now at San Fr incisure whine she carried a cargo.of coal from, this port, has hem purchased by McBucr & Merrill fur the sum of $10,000. and will lie employed in me o..auiig o.i?i..csa from the port of Snn Kranciaeo. Bark Franklin, of New Bedford, 273 tons, was gold at uiirtion 20th inat, aa she wua discharged trom her last voyage, (,? B B Howard, for $IS6d. Brig Mary Wilkin*, A2, 266 tons, built at Salem in ISA has been aunt lor $0000, eaab. bu'MHre-Hancock, Me, on the 15th inat, from tint yard of Wouster A t ouug, a staunch, thoroughly hu.lt schi of lib tons, called the Ijiurel. She was built eanressly for (Irand Bank lishing and the coasting trade, by Master Th'? Merchant, and is owned by Wooaler k Youns, Jero Wocatee and I U Fuss. The following table gives a summary of the veasels in th* harbors of New York. Bostou, Baltimore, Charleston, Savannah, New Orleans and Oalvcston, at the latest accounts froua each of those ports:? NEW TORE. Steamships lit Brigs II* Ships 104 Schoouers 125 Barks 105 Total . $1$ BOSTON. Steamship* 4 Brigs 21 Ships .'<7 Schooners 3B Barks 29 Total 131 BALT1HORB. Steamship* 3 Brigs It Ships 13 Schooners t$ Barks It Total 9? CHARLESTON. Steamships 1 Brigs $ Ships 2 Schooners ? Barks 1 Total tt SAT ANNAS. Steamships.... 3 Brigs ... S Ships 2 Schooners. 1 Barks X . Total.' - 10 NEW ORLEANS. . Steamships 12 Brigs S Ships 12 Schooners 10 Barks 4 Total i 40 CALTESTOK. Steamships 1 Brigs ? Ships ? Schooners a Mru ? Total S Whalemen. SUI from New Bedford aritli lust, bark Orrajr Tift. Tyaon. Cumberland lulct. Sid iroui I'roviiu-' town 18th iml, aehr Win Martin, M. rtm, A'l.intl' Omni. Back Acorn, Allerton, from Bo?tn? for the Atlantic Ocean, which put into Gloi cater leakv. Ins oeen repaired and ia ready for sett. The leak waa around the lumber ports, a id only required allibt repairs. Sid iroin lloioiulu Feb 10, ship Florence, Spencer, Ochouk Sea. A Icllcrfrom Cant Lewis, of ship Corinthian, NB, report* liora1 8>. Carlos MTeh 5. liar ng taken 80 bids o unit JOJ do wiis'e oil since leaving Sandwich Island. Would sail ou the i th fin home. A letier iroin Captain Benson. of sehrTeica ofFalihiran, dated at Barbados April 2.1MB, reports her with 16 nhs sp and 12 do blacklist! oil?I ootid to the Charleston Ground; had seen whales hut twice since leaving home. A letter Iroin Capt Sherman, ot bark Gov Carver, of Westporl, reports Iter at Mahe, Sryi hell?s, Fob 2*. with 550 hhls aj? oil. Spoke .Ian 15, bark Perl, Norton, NB. 40 ap; Feb 16. Messenger, Gilford, do. 400 do, OaceoU 21, baker, do, 560 do; 10th. North West, Dun lur, Nl.. no nil on board. A letter from Capt Klrliy, ol hark Henry Tuber, Nil, dsteil at sea Jan 111, reports her ha', .ng taken ?0 hols sp oil siura leaving Psyta?all well on hoard. Spoken?Feb 12, oil" Giiuffo, hark Sappho, Coflln, NB, with 800 ap 300 wli. March 25, on Csllao Ground, bark Anseonda, Paun, NB, 440 sp all 'o!il. Maicii 25, nil Callan, bark Nautilus, Swain, NB, nothing thin scaron. Spoken, 4c, Sle.iuisbip Si George i Hrt, lli'im lor Glasgow, WAs pasaed April 22, 1st 42 12, l?n fill". Foreign Porta. Accat, WCA. March 11?Hi |*>rt barks Manchester. Web*, bcr. and nkr, Borar, not Frontssa. Mex. April 1?lu port schr R-d Jacket, Parson, fir NYork 10 day*. losook. Anrll 12?In port shine .losiah Brad'ee, Ilopnt-r, na<l Noonday. Henry, lor Beaton; 0 (li mn 'I, Spencer, for Work l'/ih; Patrick Heniv, Moora. Aina/.on, llovey, and J A Stamler, Young for do: and others ah liefore. M ?vai;csz, April 12?Iu |k)rt hark AddLon Child, Saalth, for Marseilles ld(; In I? (Jendare, Snow, from Boston, (Hag; K-hn. Benson, lor Baltimore |invda<-a; * lira Amelia. Ba> lay. lor Neivburyport Ida; Martha, Niho.a, ler Philadelphia. Naa-ia^, NP. Mnn h 28?Ait brig Mary Emily. Mayo. New York tand rid -7th lor Cuba); 27tU, .-cur Anna [lame. Mora,*, Kernandina; Anrfl2, schr Pride, Oi.i-, Charleston, M il. eicauicr C<:< lie, Carlin, do; Mlh, achr Lorf Kowr, Keller, NVoik; 15th, steamer Ell, Warier, Swascy, Havana; aclir Time i Br), Havry, r. NYurk. Slil ilarrh 21," ship KU/.a sail, rtutker. Liverpool. I'ntvtuscco, Maruh 23?No Am veaa'd in po: t. Sai t Pons, WCA, March IP?In port bark May Queen. Fienumg, line. S istos, I-vi> SS?Wo Am ve-rrl in n rt. Si Tiio*a?, Mar. h 81?Arr n.trk Vigo. Thurlonr, ImM lyre- (end clt April 1 lor Cubai. a.'hr Jos M Line. 1'oolc, Now York (and < bl Id (or Corn I-lend); April 1, barka Our L'liion. Kent, Montevideo (?n.l eld 2d lor Nagnano); Mara Luerotla, Brown, do, III illatrca; brig Aroostook, AIwoihI, B?i?noA Ayfes (and i M 2d tor Boston); vhrs Smithsonian, Oat i . do; .Td, Chief, Eldridgu. NYork (and eld 7m torliranada); 4th. bark Clara K S .til. ScandclL, NYork; brig* Baron de Caailne, (launders, Cardiff; Hampden, Miic*. St Michaels, hi diatt. sa, blown oil the l.-bind; 5th, berk Atlaa, Know lea, Bi anoa A; rea (nnd M Icth lor Porto Rb o); brig Nani .ake., O n er, Boatuu; s.-br Joaeph, Cobo, do (and cla Sib lor a. Audi' vva); 7th, l ark Z.oon, Farnaworth, Rli? Oiaude (end cid Uth for Ro 'klani!?since spoken); achr Julia Anna, Uardi-i., Pcrnambu o .and e|d 8th for Turks la. b.nd-1; Mb. brig Addy Swift, Avmy, NYork; schr Gen Knox, Smalt, Gibra tar (act (Id 18th for Arroyo); 10th, I ark Mary SIsou, IJrar. Ktoilrenile. <*1,11st, bark K S Means, Means, Falmouth, E, tvilh curat > \ ark Then Curls a-hi* Suiitli-onian. Oavl-, NI oik; kd Taliauiau, Coun.-r. Cnravoa: 2,1, bra; Louise P Snow, Land. Porto Rica; achi Lotus, IVbi ek r, Turks Islands; 4th, bark Comani, Oliver, Falmouth. E. In port April 5, bark* Arthur White, Wymnn. 76 days Irom the Olvde; Alliance from Cardiff lor Halifax; brig Baron d< Caailne. Saondrra, from Cardiff, arr 4ih; anil others, Br ?ehr Mar.a Flora, Caot B rub r.|whn h left Boiton Fa* 81, had noi atilved at Si Thorns" l.'ib kit. IP?H HTKAS*Nir MOUTH AJ'KHKAI, Off CAPK RACK?TCLA graphic. J Arrfrnm Now York Fob 10. "Typo," nnd 8. am, at Bydoo*. April I, Herald ni Valencia; 10'li, M lie Hnn', at M*r*i'ilk< 11 tli. Hir llo it l ee), u: Hamburg; lit n o, ai ll.n re; Klbc. <1 Klnnhin r; lAtli, Lenta... at Brl?ol; 1 ;tli, ln< tn< File, ai j.lvcr? pool; 151b, Keaoime, mil Sniiamlo, l do; Ibth, kiicr-mitese at do; Mill, I.i' I' Si..r I'ross. Dpline, and Sylph irie. at Limerick: Idoler \d'-m c, aii<i k.OilaVende, *1 rlalway, Rum-, at HuiiijerluOil: IjiIi. M..igaiiU, at (iloucecter: Tiiunia at Klnrelown: ITtli, Alicante, and Peony, at Qu emtoivn. Arr from Phlladeipnla I.VIi, Williolirin*. a'. Liverpool. Mid for NYorli Stir. Lottery, from 1'alcriiio; Otb, (It or*,aD\ and (Jlynu, do; Mth, Ronona, from the Clyde; U'lb, Marian* na, CardlO , Mib, i liancallor, Liverpool. The J W Bearer ha? been towed Into LHboti. The Fredcrlrt, from Havre for New York, put Into Pal rnoiith April 16. uliort of proTiaion*. The Malacca, from Foo. bon'foo for New York, mi wreck ed on Frataa Shonli. American Porta. BOSTON, April id. PM-Arr hark Radiant, Taylor, Mew . olna; brlga Helen (Br), Oram, St Ttioniai rla Torki I?land*| fclhe i Hr), Iroiicetl, Port au Prim o; achr. Rctrue, Ha >a. , Ooreruor. Watson, and Ahlioir Lawrcn c, rf'aiiley, riillaileh > I plila. Dd eblp lAnnaWal.h. Pendleton, (juftin . to loal fo? Europe; *> bra Sanli Cull-n, t.ullen, Korteea MourofjJP Babcork, Hand, Philadelphia; .1 W. Fanlkl.n. NYork. Hit hip Richard Mow, and nnebored In the Koadi, where abe remained Sunday night, In eo with achr C Slathcwa, which went down Monday. 77th?Arr ?hlp K B Sumner, Wegrott, Liverpool.; hark Lu ry A Nickel*, Ford. Palermo; brlu Uen Boyd, Uilpatiick. Philadelphia: ?ehr* O M Pettlt, Clark, Ftoutcra, Mei|e0i Clara. Crowell, Mavaeue*; Erama A Higgle a, l'lerre; K>;. preee, Pierce, and Luther Child, Crowed, Tangier; Cha-m, Crowed, Baltimore; P L Pharo, Crniuner; Montareii, Pat keiib'irc; Foreat City. Imvell; Edward, Binith, and Jamee Barratt, Nlckeraon, Philadelphia; Pavilion^'Langley; Ann Flower, Atiattn, and Governor, Chaae, Elliabethixut; M C Tiirliell, Harry, Maiden, BY, S M Trier, Phiuney, Rondotit, O L, Loreli. and Telegraph. Rogerv, New York. In the bay bark Han Bden. from Mrvelna; and two *hip?. jgih?Arr (by tel) ahlpaClty of Mm in?l, Liverpool; Mar caret Ann. Falenotith: hark (tan r.din, Me al-ia; ?rlg Mentlrello, Mlragoane; aehra B B Hewlett, Marseilles; Lotua Crand Turk. BSlFABT, April 17?Arr achr* Angelina, lllv, Ntw York; 18th, Sarah. Hoiden, do. BANGOR. April 2ft- trr achr John Rui'gl??, Varnum Philadelphia. BRISTOL, April 28? Arr achr Saml L Crotker, Preabrejr. Taunton for Philadelphia. LIZABETHI'ORT, April 28-CM aehra Pearl, Wnrthley. Red dank NJ: .fane, llaak?'||. Saleui; Clinton, Borden, Kali direr; E W Baheork, Roblnron, Prorldwiee; alo p< Vletorjn Cole, and Sophia, Bnnce, hew Haven, Waap. N ?h. Bridget per' L Enalgn, darker, Enat Cheater, E VYIIeon, Smith. Fi' Roekaway. I Ld.,1 l'UUi\ April 16?Atr itbte Bebjaadu Baaaetk Ne t