29 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5

29 Nisan 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 5
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17th, ftankJimHuckiiig, NYork; lltih, Merrill, Knight, flvUdelphw; Anvil, Wbalen, NYork. FALL KIVKK, April 26-Arr achra William E Stevenson, Mean, Philadelphia; Geo K Stone, Johnson. do, Daniel E Marito, Boil lb, Bon lb River, NJ. Bid acbra Herald, Knight, Baltimore; Ellen Barnes, Brings, Elizabclhijurt; Bela Peck, Oalur, NYork. Jfib -\rr tA?>p Neptuue, Davis, Elisabeth oort. I juLOlTBgnill. A pill ?5?Arr achra Island Home, Allen, HTork, b utile Sam. Keller. Rockland for do. W8W BEDFORD. April 14?Arrnchre Freemen, Chapman, pnrtoul, 26th. Heroine, Cbamplin, Pbibtdrlpbie; B Watermar. Bowman. Jersey City: Isabella, Baker, Falmouth for NYork. iHu XAui. whip Cambria, aclire Exchaugi . Boole, Phi ladelpbia; Abby Weld, Uutclilna, NYork; sloop Rieuzi, Coble lain EHvaU'thpirl. Smb? Bid- srhrs ion Marlon, Odboro, NYork* S Waterman Bowman, do vie Palmoulb. bfABTlICKOT, April HI?Arr a hra Eva, Nortbrup, Fhiladekfhia; Mat. Pilot. Eldridar, .NYork. Hid PJlh, achra Fly. CtweaeuiHO. Pliitedelphia; 2Mb, Eva, Nortbrup. do; Try.ill, Adams, NYork. NEWBHRYPORT, April 25? Sid achra Mary Clark.'llew erd; Henueh Grant, Disney, and Amic, Pcrkiua, Pliiladel^NEWPORT, April 25?Arr achra J Bliaa, Hatch, Bosumtfor Philadelphia. John Thompson, llahini, Philadelphia for New Bedford; Gold Hunter, Wnrc, York. Mr. for NYork; Biles Wright, Seaman, end Mary, Tarrlll, hall itivcr lor KUsabetbeort; liuc.v (hkiuaun, Davia, Hoiueraci lor Philadelphia; 1 P Hanaro, Wilson, Providence for NYork; John Valu e, Baker, New Bedford for do; Helen Mar, Ntckeraon. Hoaton for Washington, BC: Tiger,UoldthwaU, Haco for Pbiladeluhla; J M Farter. WUUslon, Bristol for New York; See (lull, Carr, Providence for Chester. Md; Henry Clay, Delano, Pawtuck ?t for Niork; Dart, Phillip*, Taunton for uo; aloopa Rhode Island, Remington, Provi-rencc lor NYork; lleorge, Bright man. Pall River lor do. Sid scliris Island Hells, Bull r, Philadelphia; Artist, Kurre.ster, NYork; Harriet Ryan, Staple Flilauolphia; -tpouOliver Amen,.-' laplea, NYork. ktltb?Arr sloop Pointer. Nichols, Providence for NYork. 27th?Arr achr Abrona, D< xter, Weahiugtou, DC, for Boaion. PHILADBLPIII4. April 2C?Arr aohra D Towuasud,Town euu. Trinidad; Ann ft Cannon. N .well, Matenzaa: Small Elizabeth, Kt-llcy, ftostuu; Little David, Foster, NYork; 3 B Ashntitsd, Young, Norwich: LA .May, Baker, Boston; E H Atwood, Bleb, do. Cld bark Thomas Dalletl, Dill, Lugunyra, brig Vlctolre (Br), Morrell, Dtmarara; schra dun Bum, Parker, Potuie, PR; Rubin*, Parsons,Port Royal; .1 H Btroup, Mater. Key West; Grand Island, Short, Ncwburyport; L A May, Baker. Portland; Bllver Magnet, Perry, Bosp n, BlUabeib B, Baker, do; General Marion. GrUflibj Batli; Flyaway, Davis, Boston; Mnry Anna, Qlbbs, Weymouth; Fair Drgler, Cor, Banjor; Ezra F Latvia Yorke, Portland; W U Roue, Harris. Hyannts; Sarah Clark, Oriflln, Boston. 27th?Apr ship Torawonda, Jullu*. Philadelphia; barks Iiapi rador, Power, Pernanabucn; Oak, Ryder, Boston; brig Lu Piata, Crowell, Rio Jaueiro; achr Marl ha Nichols, Small, PEMBROKE, April 26?Air sehrs Mecca, Huekina, Philadelphia; Willow, Parker, NYork. Bid 2Ctb, achr Wcnouali, Owims. New Yon. POBTSMOCTn, April 2S?Arrschr Sidonia, Wall, CnrdebW: PI.YMOCTH, April 20?Arr achr George It Lanfair, Snow. MYork. PROVIDENCE. Aiirll 2(5?Arr steamer Falcon, Williams, MYorfc; safer* F l.utoA, Taylor, Yeumtco; Victor, Scars, EUxabetfeport. 8M srlir T J Beckett, Shrfflald, NYork; sloops Marv (Wise, Racked; Mary E Bay leu, teller, ami Velocity, Smith, do. 27th?Arr ateamer Westchester. Nee, NYork: sloop Blackatone, Alien, do. aid srhrs John jonea, Corson, Philadelphia; J PR >ss, Smith, Rllzahethport: E M Wells, Ko<; R 8 Warren. Warren; Chase, Mills; Keiudecr, Davis; Van Buret!, Wall, and 'Jltarnpion, Htupliu. NYork. 'mmmmmmmmmimmm f MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Fenntibfon?Ko.-ter.?At Olivary church, ou Thursday, April 24, by the Rev. Dr. Hawks, Kohkut (ouiciioin Fkroi>ron to Mrs. Gkokuina Fuktbs. Jonus?Thompson.?Ou Monday, April 28, by Rev. Win. McAllister, money C. Jonms to Hiiro a. Thompson. Kmvamb?Greene.?At Trinity church, Elizabeth, x. j., on Tuesday, April 22, ny the Rev. Mr. Warren, ft. Groves Revanh to Emily S. Gkkknr, daughter ol 11. Greece, Esq., all of this city. Died. allison At Uavarstraw, on Sunday, April 27, Anna Xltaabbth, with of Brewster J. Allison, and daughter of William C. and Sarah AugustaHousman, in the 27th year of her age. Arms.?In Brooklyn, on Monday. April 28, of consumption, J. Carlton, second son ol Charles Arms, aged 21 yeaka. The relatives and friends of the family arc respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Wednesday ultcnioon, at two o'clock, lrom his late residence, No. 411 Sands street, Brooklyn. Anna ewe.?On Monday, April 28, James Andrews,aged 48 years. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to aiUitd tho funeral, from the residence of Joseph Andrews, lie Cedar street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Interment in Greenwood Cumotery. lhaoart.?lln Monday, April 28, Ciiarum K., sou of tho date Henry and Nancy lieldeu, in tho 34th your of his age. Toe relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, ou Thursday afternoon, at throe rNclook.lfoiu theroudeuco of his brother-in-law, Churles WushWiru, ISO Madison street. The reiri.au>- will be tafcen fur intermont to Kye, Westchester couDty, on Fri<)rt morning,at a quarter to twelve o'clock. Bbkkvin.?On Monday, April 28, Mrs Auxes A. Bkbnju*, aged 70 years. The fiVnda of the family are invited to attend the fQnerul, from her late residence, 206 Allen street,on Wednesday alter noon, at two o'clock. CAUnaanic.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, April 27, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitade, Nancy Caldekua.nk, a native of Kngland, aged 48 years. bar friend# and those of the family are respectfully invited to aftend the funeral,on Wednesday afternoon, at wrooMock, from her late residence,aa Front street, BOow-On Monday, April 28. Mrs. EixtAiuru Cone, a native of Wexford. Ireland, in the 62d year of age. Tile friends and relatives of the family, and those of her broiber-iu law, Nicholas Code, arc respectfully invited to uttaad the funeral, from the residence o! her daughter, Mrs. Mitchell, 101 Bridge street, Brooklyn,on Wedneailuy afleruoou. at half-past one o'clock. CoaxEixY.?(m Monday, April 28, Joun, sou of Michael and Murgrct Connelly, .iKed 17 months ami 22 days. The trie:ids of the family and mom- of his nudes. Owen and Pr*ucis Warren, and Thomas Connolly, are requested to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon at cue o clock, from 62 cut street. licutKa On Saturday ovenmg, April 26, at the resi dence ol her son in law. Captain Win. T. Anderson, at i'rtuceioo, N. J., Mrs. Kaimsl B. IIackkk, widow of Rinhard Decker, h?q., in the 7'ad year of h?r age The relatives and lrain.is of the family aroresrectfiiily invileal to atfnnd the funeral, thia (l'ues.Uy) aUernqoti, at fbur o'ciock, at the io?idcnoe of Captain Anderson, at Princeton, N J. The oars leave New York at ten A. M and twelve M., trmn the fool of Cortlandt street DOBOK.?On Sunday, April 27, r"RKluaui k Dohks, late Assistant Engineer lulled States Navy, uged 23 years The funeral will take pl.e e this (Tuesdayj afleruoou, at two o'clock, from Iho Methodist Episcopal church, South Second street, Brooklyn, li L>. The friouds of the family and of his grandfather, Peter McNauniru, are mvited to attend without further notice. Mis r? mollis will be interred in the Cypress Mills . umelery Donkcan.?On Monday uioruiiig. April 2?, the infant dauguter or name] and noiena uuu?vnn, a0u 1 ? mourns &u<i Si days. The Irlcnds of the family are respectfully iu\ itcil to attend the funoral, from tin: resir.uuccoi tier parents, m avenue C, this (Tuesday) allelic on at half-pasi one ' lock. Duncan-~On Sunday morning, April 27, slier a long Ibices, FkANCis Duncan, m the b2d year til bis age. llie funeral services will be bei<! at two o'cf cV this (Tuesday* alieruooii, id the fust street I'resliyteriin vburt h. Rotative* and friends of the laimiy.atitl members ?T Habbatb Scbuoi Xo. 14b are invited to attend without flu liter notice. Holloway.?OnFmulay m rnitig, April 27 after a leng and painful illuess, wbicti she bore v itti Christian fortitude, Mr*. J ana Uolloway, aged 43 veais wile or Isaac Holloway,8r. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited tc attend the funeral, from the First Presbyterian church, Yoikville, this (Tuesday' afternoon, at one o'clock, without further notice. Holland.?(in Sunday, April 27, after a short but severe Illness. Fllkn Holland, the mooted wire of Richard V. Holland, la the 4.1d year or her age. The relatives and Iticnda of the family, and also llie mombers of the Cleary and Liberty (iuurds are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from her latu residence, 10 Vandowator street, on Wednesday afternoon at ono o clock. Hi'ivr.?On siunday, April 27, Jamls 8. Hint, aged 66 years. The friends of the family aro invited to attond the fit ncru., iruni his late reaidonco, No. 1 Ashland plao Perry treat, this (Tuesday) morning, at nine o'clock The remams will bo taken to I tica lor interment. Knit.?On Monday, April 28, Ann Ksut. native oi county Westmeatb, Church Town, Ireland aged 38 years. Her funeral will take p.ace at her late residence. No. 1M West Nineteenth strevl,between Filth aud seventh avenues. Her rvmaius will be taken to Cavalry Cemetery for interment. Latson.?On Mouday m< rning, April 28, Dr Ws Iutnon, in the 31st year ot his age. The friend* of the family are requested to attend the funeral.at ib< residence ot hie fa'licr in law, A Miller, No. 4 First avenue, this (Tuesday) aflcruuon, at tour clock, witnout further notice, the remains will l>? lAkuu lo i old Sonne Putnam somite. N. Y .. lor inter tut, on Wednesday morning Lk Font.?In Hrooklyn. on Sunday, April 27, Toward tHAiirrr La Cost,sou of Kdward 1* Fori, m the 25th year oi bit age.. The rotative* and friends are respectfully invited to attend hla funeral,on Wednesday, ntibreeo'clock in the afternoon, from Ins late residence, a7ft I'acillc street Maxwsu. ?On Monday, April 2H, lenimLu, relict of Jamos Maxwell, of Portalerry, county Down, Ireland Blwmd are tbe dead winch die in m? lord. The relaUvee and rrieedx of the family are icspectfafly tavlted to attend the funeral, from her late reeideuce. No. 24 Uttle Twelfth street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock HeKast papers pleaae copy. Mansnas ? At liobokeu, on Sunday, April 26, Mart, widow of Patrii k Madigaii, in the 53d yoar oi her age The fttaods and aoipiaiuvarices oi the family. and those <f her eons Michael, S'al> Ick aiid Simon, also those of her eon-ID low, Patrick llannon, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, tins (Tuesday; morning, at sloven 'clock,from St Mary's Ho man Orthotic Chun h. Ilolioken, where a solemn' high mass will be offered for the repose of her eon) and ironi thane to St. Peters Cemetery, Bergen, without further Invitation Buss -hi Wtlllamebiir;, on Sunday morning, April SI Wnxus II., eon of tbe late James and South Ann Mil ter , to the SMb year of hte age Hie relatives and l r tends. and those of his brothers, David James sad Kufue N. Miliar, nre rem artfully invited So attend the funeral, rrom tbu residence of Mr C. S. 8to -ecus, i;w Division avenue, opposite histb street, tba <Tiiesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Mmstmjws ?On Monday morning, April 28, Dr. Wn i.lAM Mitiiiumin. Movrm ? on Monday nwrnlng, April 88, after a sbor hut severe illness, Ma no aw K , youngest daughter e jebn ami Mary B M< Obi, aged 10 Tears. Thn relatives and friends.of tbeVamlly arn invited V attend the funeral, on Wednesday, afternoon, at on' a'eloct, from tbe residence of her father, No. 161 Eae efwdhtyhrst atrest. # t NEW Y< county l/iagford, parish of Aucbakertu, after a abort illness , ago. | 64 years. Her friends, and tboM of bar husband, are respectfully requested to attend the funeral, this (Tuesday,) after noon, at three o'clock, from bar late residence, 142 West Thirtieth street. M'-I.arnok.?On Sunday, April 27, Da.vibi. McLarkon, lately returned from the war, aged 21 years. The funeral will take place ttus (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock,from his late resideuce, White's place, West Eighteenth street. OConnkk.?on Sunday, April 27, 1'rrtK O'Co.n.sek, aged 27 years. The relatives and friends of the family, aud those of bis brothers-in-law, Samuel Cornelius John 11 Horan, and Peter S Fowler; also the members of Jaeksoo Hose Company, No. 13, aie respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from the residence of his father, 578 Second avenue, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. l'AYNTAJt.?AtYorktown, on Thursday, April 17, Shot while on picket duty, DamiblZ. Payntaji, aged 21 years, 8 months and 29 days The relatives and friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho resideuce of his lather, Mr. Abraham i'ayntar, at Dutch Kills, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at half-past two o'clock. Kkad.?On Sunday, April 27, Auucbt Ed. Ksad, infant son or Wm. A. and Sarah M. Head The funeral will take place from the residence of his parents, 25 Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn, on Wednesday. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to attend, without further notice. Reiu.y.?After a long and severe illness, Scsan Reilly, wife of Thomas Rellly, in the 60th year of bor age, a native of county Cuvan, Ireland. llcr friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to altoud the funeral, from 282 Mulberry street, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. S< hei<mbiui <sk?On Sunday mvrning, April 27, Attain* dai u Bruce Sciiermehsokm, aged 48 years. Tho relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully invited to attend the funera), this (Tuesday) afternoon, at I half nast thiee o'clock. Iron< (trace Church. Hrnadwav. without further invitation Srsiii KToy.?Near Daufusklc Island,S. C., on Tuesday, March 11, while in tbo discharge of his duty as a member of the Forty-eighth regiment, N. Y. s. V., Tuomah Snrauroit, aged 18 years, 2 mouths end 5 days. The funeral will take place from tho house of his father, No. 4 First street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. sruani e.?cu Monday. April 28, Artue J.'.ve, wife of James J. Spraguo, aged 21 years, b mouths and 10 duys. The relatives and friends of the family are resjieetfully invi:ed to attend the funeral, from the residonco of her father, George F. Shaffer, Esq., at No. 100 Ninth street, on Wednesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Storms.?on Monday, April 28,at the residence of his granddaughter, Catherine Collard, 34" Viest Twelfth street, John Stcrc.ih, in the 78th year of his age. The relatives and 1'neuds are respoc,fully invited to attend tho funoral service, at his late residence, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at ono o'clock, iheremains will bo taken to heyport, New Jersey, for interment. Storms.?At Iiobbs' Ferry, oa Sunday. April 27,of consumption, Armenia A., wife of Thomas J. Storms, in tho 28th your other age. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to uttond tho funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from the l'resbytc. .an church id tho above place. Toole ?At two o'clock on Monday morning, April 28, Catharine Toou:, beloved wife ot Patrick Toole, aged 40 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to atteud.the funeral, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at oao o'clock, from her late residence, No. 179 Fast Thirty third street. Tooki;k?On Saturday, April 26, Noah Tookkb, in the 23lh year of his age. Tho relatives and friends, also the active and honorary members of l'uulding Hose Company No. .87, are resiwctfully invited to uttond the fuuorul, froui toe residence of his brother-in-law, Jonas L. Coe, 261 Went sixteenth street, this (Tuesday) raoruiny. at 10 o'clock. Westervkl'i.?on Monday, April 28, Anna, wife of Flower J. Westervclt, in the 65th year of hor age. The funeral will take placo on Woduosday morning, at nine o'clock, in the church corner of Christopher and Bodlord streets. The relatives and friends of the family arc respectfully invited to attend. W mm.?On Monday morning, April 28, after a short and severe illness, Caroline, the boluvod wife of Frederick Wbipps,aged 47 ycurs. O mother, dear, 'tis hard to parti It tears the chords around our hearts. But soon in Heaven wo hope to meet And sit with you at Jesus' i'cet. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the luueral, from AH Saint's Up: sec pal church, Henry street, this (Tuesday) after noun, at ;wo o'clock, withrt.if t'nwtinuilatuin KKWAKIM. $0 REWARD-LOST, ON MONDAY, APRIL 28, A O tiin rolulud Scotch Terrier Milt, wltn shaggy hail. Tlic li 11 tier will r< eeivr the reward and no questions asked, by returning the slut tolas Broadway. (J fr REWARD.?LOST. ON SATURDAY MORNING, ?kJ be-nve. il 8 and y o .noch, near Spring .ii.eei Alark. t, a lilack Newloiiodlaud Dog, with white ou breast and front fret. Apply at ooO Bioad.vuy, up sutirt. REWARD?LOST, ON SIN DAY LAsT, BE IPJLtJ tween Dr. Jlelluvm ehurtth, Fourth avenue und West Tweuty-eecond street, a Turquoise Pave Leal liroo. h. The Under will he juvt-l the abu.e reward on delivering the name to S. Hammond ,'t 1 o., 44 Mor. i ant.s' Lxruange. <J> I /A REWARD.?LOST, ON I-'RIDAY, 25TII, ONE DIAipiU inuiul Ring, unttulabnd, wi n two.ed St.men, wiappe.1 lu paper. The hnder will please louve ,t at s?"i t. Broad w ay. A. J. KATK.N, de??Uer. Q1 (A REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY, ABOUT M.E ?J." o'elo.'K, lu C ,nal atreel, Broadway, Fran aiiu street, or Went Broautvay, a Brutvn Paper, containiBi; ubuifVli, The tinder will receive lb above reward by leaving it at N >. Xlo Canal atreel. rt.1 r REWARD ?LOST, FROM THE HALL OF NO ?J.?J 104 Fourth uv.nue, two Overcoat*. ihe above amount will be paid fur the return of -am* 10 No. y2 Pearl atreel till Wedneaaay, or alter tl.a. date to No. ol Broad atre-t, and no quenuuua a,.,.;.I. $>)() REWARD.?LOST.?A PAIR OK EARRI.GS **Vr loat, lu, or ?n getting Into an Elgluh avenu and U oust ou -ireet stage, between Macdougal Htrc.t and Broadway, a . I.isle, o, diaiuoinia surrounded o., OMOHl; Un y weie ill a box When loit. Any Ji' i kou returning the .-nine to No. y Ludlow place, will receive the above reward and no que*tioio united. ACA REWARD.-LOST, ON SATURDAY, I1GTH INST, ?4/U between Uie hour* 01' y A. M. and Sjj F. M., in me lower pari ol the city, b.i iuuod by lit uadway, A.aie, sou h and Fulton streets, a Leather W allet, cousldevaoly worn, contain.leg between je.hgi ..till tJW, neo-uy 111 c.ty oois, uuu two business curds containing memoranda of uitbUrsctneiuis ou ulaiek sid '. The muter will receive the abovq reward, with thanks of the owner (a poor man), by n-tunitng the runic to l-'raxee Dunham, at .1. McMurruy A Co.* store, 63 Mouth street, cornet el rlno. DP/t REWARD.?LOST, ON THURSDAY AFTERNOOJ* ifiJU 24th Inst., n tidy's gold bunting case Wstcb, No. tM-J, inaje by U. Rusili it, with chain, cross a.id knife .uta< hed. It a paw nuroker, or any one, will return the watch, iliejr will receive tne above reward, with thanks. Should a thief have them, he need have no tear in returning them, us he will r.celvc the amouui, and positively no questions u-kcu, by returning to Cashier of M. A. Howell A Co., 37 Lineriy "street. <21 oh bbv.'ard to tub person who can ipj UU give any Intelligence of Michael Fox, aged twenty-seven years, about live refit eight Inches, auil rather dark cot pis k 1?1 wore a black frock coat and overalls; last seeu on uic corner of Cannon and Urooine streets, at 7 o clock on Thursday, 3d lust. Any information about him will he thankfully received by his brother, at 272 Monroe street. Philaj. lphla and Albany papers please copy. MlMCHlrbAlfEUDI. Attention.?corns cured for one cent each, by using Dr. Briggs' Corn and Bunion Alienator, a sale Mi l certain cure lor corns, bunions, frosted and blistered t ei.Ar , 25and St) cents; sent by mall, sold by druggists. Dr J HrtlOUS, Chiropodist, proprietor, 212 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's c hurch. Bookcase wanted?mahogany or rosewood Mecrtwry. Also a Three-ply or Brusse ls Carpi t, 5 feel suuaie. Address, stating condition and pi let-, A. K., box 102 Herald offlee. C10RN8 CURED FOR 2i f'E.NTB EACH.-BUNIONS, INJ verted Nails, Ac., cured ibv Dr. RICE, practical cniropodlst. oUieii 58 Bowery, coruer ol Canal street Dr Rue's Anuthilator cures corns, bunions, chlllblatns, frosted auil blistered leet 25 and 60cents per box. Drug fixtures wanted?address james. box I2A Herald office, staling quantity, epialily uuel where there inay he seen. / uk fixtures to hire by tiie year?this is VJf noun uioie conveni ut and cheaper iheeu purchasiog. Houses titled si short notice. Old fixtures removed ami re iiuiMiru Api'it si smv n?-Tu?cr mrcrv. Strengthen t1ie stomach. ft'KIEV THE BLOOD, inviuokate the system, By nalng that delldou* liquor recommended by (be wbole medical laculty, ri80eli8 BITTER (1IN, Compnnn from the original recipe. A euperlnr tonic dinrelic, anti-dyep> ptlc, anti-billloua, invigorating liquor. Sold by Urat claaagrocer*. drugglata, bar* and aaloona. Sole Importer and proprietor P. C. E. BltoWN, depot New York. AddreM f C. E. Brown, Kourtli atreet, corner of Sonlb T ntli, Willianiabur,,'. L. i. Tank wanted-ikon ok wood, about i.m?ualluni, to nndeiiM Mutm lu; alio large Pump lo raiae water by attain power. JOSKl'H BOCK ITT * CO., Raymond i,treat, Brooklyn. TOO LATE VOIl CLAMIMIOACIOil. A WIDOW FROM THE NORTHERN PART OK OERmany, wno > peaks bur native language correctly and lew a very wen, wtkhra a place aa nurse. Meierenoek g.vru Apply at 7ft Allen at , rxuMt 7. ALAKtiE ASSORTMENT OK HOUSEHOLD FURNIturc at private aale, at a eaclflce.? Seveu octave mae a . m.. , ,,-i aaiar i or aavn ,... m ,?.i ?,,i Cuter; Parlor bull'for $136, one do., ?d0, Bookoaae, Eia *.rn?, Centre Tab lea, Ettenaion Tablna, MuBret, Carpall, Mirrora, painting*, Uiocke, Bureau*., Be.lat.aii>-. Mattreaaea, Ac., at ball original . oat. Atthy at VOWant Twenty mini utrect, between birth ami Sevenlli avenue*. FURNITURE-WANTED TO HIRE OK BUY CHEAP ou.e k-r.(Kl nocond nam! Parlor Furniture. Addreaa U. U., mom No. 7 Ollavy Building*, corner ol Broadway ami , Cortl.o dt auart. CJENTr.EHBN HAVING ANY NEW OR LEFT OFF I ClolhtiiK 10 diapone of ran obtain the blglieat nim* bl catling at Ibe alora. or addrvmtng John Morpliy, AOi Pearl atreel. AU ordara punctually attended to. C' JEN TLBMBN'R NEW AND 1JSPT OFF CLOTHING F juirchaeed fur Ibe Wcetern market, 111 larue or "all Iota. The foil ?alue will Be paid without hatirllng or Keeking to impure, l'lraee call at the atoru or atl.lreaa I'hoinas D. Oonruy, 44 Centre atreel. . ||l| F. T IIAYB8, MEDICAL AND H.HNK-N i lfl Clairvoyant. <* .be.conaulted aa twual at SB Ceroy f atn al. near Hleeeker. to delect d|aeaa?n. And aha-ut friend* and plaerrtbe ronieefc* for aU dfaraaea. Bua.neaa and inedl I cat Interview*, fl, By letter, aaaloelng hair, ta. 1 W^NTED-A SMALL CENTRE HOARD YACHT, SLOOP *1 r VI' JM} Kntfd *vr. j reapeoi.Taat aatler, i KjiswSafc UKxvffl ? JRK HERALD, TUESDAY, UOAHOINQ AND LODUINU.^ A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WHE, AND ONE OKTVVO single gentlemen, can obtain elegantly furnished Rooms, with Board, In the house recently Ailed up as a first class hoarding house at No. 5100 We-l Twenty third street, corner of Seventh avenue. Dinner si nut o'clock. Reference required. A WIDOW LADY, OCCUPYING A HANDSOME FUKnlsued House, up town, would let Rooms to two ladies end gentlemen, with board for ladies only; Also rooms to single gentlemen. Address Mrs. Thomas,box 119 llcrald odh < . A WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN A SMALL HOUSE, would lot to a genilcuiau and lady and elrgunlly lurniHheU Suit of Parlors, with Hoard lor ifio lad jr. Apply at 9ti East Tturtj-aeuond street near Lexington avenue. 4 SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM IV than they require, would let to one or two gentlemen lurnlshed Room, with partial Board or breakfast and dinuer. Dinner nl six. English and German spoken. Address C N., box 1M Herald odiee. A GENTLEMAN AND III8 WIFE CAN OBTAIN A pleasant unfurnished Par.or and Bedtoom un the second floor, wltb excellent Board, from $9 to 99 per week, and Itu ms lor single gentlemen from (3 to $4 per we k. at 172 Bleeekerstr* et, the house has all modern improvements. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARUE, WELL furnished front Room, on third floor, to gentlemen, without Board, or with breakfast served in room if desired. Loeat.on 48 J West Seventeenth street, between Filth,and Sixth avenues. AW IDOW LADY, OCCUPYINO A MODERN BROWN stone house, desires to let a handsomely furnished Room to a lady and gentleman; full Board lor lady only; alsu, a hall Room for a single gentleman; neighborhood unexceptionable. Apply at 63 West Fllteenlh street. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OS TWO SINGLE GEN lleinen, can have large and pleasant Rooms and Boat d. In Twenty-third street, or if desired a whole Door. Inquire at 119 West Twcuty-sccouil street. The house and locution is Qi'Bt eJttis. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND TWO OR THREE gentlemen, can be accommodate I with vcty pleasant Rooms, with or without Boaru, at 42 West Fifteenth street, between Filth and Sixth avenue. Raferen c r. quired. AT NO. GO EAST TWENTY-SEVENTH STREET? Rooms to let, on second hour, with or without Beard. References given and required. AT NO. 22 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR UNIverslty place?One vary handsomely furnished Suite of Rooms; bath room, Ac., attached. Also a few single Rooms. Bourd hr?t class. Reference required. ALBION HOTEL ANL) BOARDING HOUSE, NO. Mb Hudson street, corner of Charles; rooms in suits or single, mutable for inarriod or ginglo persons; with or without board; stages and tars pass ibe duor. T. LAMBKKT, Proprietor. AG8RKBJUX AND WIFE OR TWO OR THREE SINpi gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant R'oms and Beard in a small family; bouse bus all the improvements. References exchanged. 144 Thompson si reel. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR a FEW SINGLE GENtlemen, can he uccoinmodated with Hoard in a ph asalit family, having few hoarders. Terms very moderate, ilouse eontiuns all modern improvements. Apply at 127 East Twentieth street, or of 8. 8. 1'., 18 Cooper Institute. A large front room on the second floor, containing gas, water, Ac., suitable for a lady ami gentleman or two single gentlemen, to let, with i rst class Board, on moderate terms. Apply at 226 West Fourteenth street. A LADY AND GENTLEM AN, OR ONE YOUNG LADY, ean mid beautiful Rooms ill suits or single wllb u si. all private family, consisting of three, no ehiluren; terms reasonable to p rinaiient parties; convenient to ears; a step from Bro.;<lw..y, lid West Thirty-second street. A (GERMAN FAMILY WOULD LET FROM THE 12TH XX. of May, a handsomely furnished Back Parlor, with Extension Room, and two adjoining Rooms en the second hour, with U are tifr. nch style), to single gentlemen or gentlemen and choir wives. Appij ?c in West Ninth street, between I'llth and 81x111 avenues. 1 ren.-h alio ?i?,atn. Reloreucrs exchanged. Board.?a neatly furnished or unfurnisiied Room to let, in a small ipiiel family, whoro tnere are no other boarders. Tne house < oiitains all the modern improvements. No. 3d Sinyvesain street, near the Bible liouse. Board.?a private family woild let two or three Rooms on second Hour, unfurnished; the house is a first class new lour story brown stone, with all the lmtlavements. lmiulre at 108 West Thirty-ioniTh street, near roadway. Board.?a few gentlemen g .n i b acgommo. Uuted with lull or partial Hoard, at Mrs. WEIL'S, lid Ninth street. Dinner at six o'clock Kctereuces exchanged. Board.?a gentleman and wife and two single gentlemen can obtain Board in n strictly private family, by apidylug at 258 West Twenty-second street. Board ? rooms, with board, in a house very ocstrably located, containing all the modern Improvements, and where a lew boarders are taken; ulso a burntsouie basement Room, lor a pnysiciau. Inquire at 8/ Clinton place. BOARD.?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY O GUPYING tneir own home, m a very desirable location, will rem. a few Rooms, with or without Bosru, to a few gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives, at a very moderr.t i prhe, Gall al tiC East Tweniy-sct'ond street, near Fuurtu avenue. Board.?three rooms on second floor, connccling, together or separate," with llourd, m a pi lvate iuinny; locution pleasant, with one large garden; com ciiienl <o i him, with all the comforts o: home. Terms mode ale. Call al 73 Towers street, between i'aullic ami Dean streets, tiruoKlyn. BOARD.-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM ON lirst lloor to let, with Board lor the I.my only; also otto oueeioml lloor, with coiiveuienoes lor housckecpiii,.;, gas unit i alii. Inquire at No. 3 Ludlow place, Between So.man and Micdougal streets. Board.-flkamant rooms, in a new, first class Drown stoue tiouse, smuthle for raoiilica or single, gentlemen. Best of reterence given una required. Appiy at 47 East Twenty-eighth street. Board.?<a oentleman and his wife can bb aecouiiuiMlftted witu Hoard, where the com;oris of home may tie tiijoyuo. Tonus moderate. Apply at -il West r o.irteeinh street. Board?a handsome suit of rooms to let w.tb Bourd, furnished or ui.fnrnieheo, to a gentleman and wife or single gentlemen. House lias nil t ie modern improvements and hret close neighborhood, o'J East Twentyeighth street. Board, and pleasant rooms, for hknti.emf.n or families, at lUf Waver ley place, near Waehtnglon square. Dinner at nte. Keferencee exchanged. Board at iw west twenty third mtreet-a suit of Rooms on second door, suitable for a gentleman and wile, or single gentleman. References exchanged. Board it town-wanted, by a lady, roard in a strictly privaie.family, location b< twreu Fourth mid sixth avenue. Address K. 11, Madison square Host otib-e. Board wantkd-fkrmaNent board is wanted ior.a widow la ly, either in New York or Brooklyn, bourd not to ox< eed two doll ,rs or eighteen shillings per week. Address j. m. c., box 4<> New York Tost mllce, which will meet wlib attention. Board wanted-by a mingle gentleman, in a private American family; fiirmsUcd Rooms, w.tb cither full or partial Board. Address, with full particulars, S. A. box 174 Herald olllue. ijoakd wanted?for a gentleman, wife and JJ cblld, three year* old; would require twu icooins, uuiurnivh -d t'H'iqq carpets, 10 allo.i belweeu Fourth ami fciehteeutb street*, went. Ail.Ire**, staling term*, vvbicu must o? moderate, C. Ii. K., bo* 2.3UU l*osl olliee. Board wanted-immediatkly, bt a yocnh lady, from thecouniry, wltfeMM Mat, sma 1 fatuity; a good, sociable home wante I; price %SM per wee a. Address J. J., bos 2Utf Herald t.lliee. Board wanted-hetween thirteenth and Twentieth streets, east u( Broadway, tor a gentleman, wife autt a boy, ill year* ot age; locality iiiitsi lie respects, ble and price moderate. Address ?., Herald offlce. Brooklyn board.-a private am11.v plea sutly local, it, having uo small children, would >et, wltli Board, oue or two well Itirnitbcd Rooms to a gentleman and bis wile, ore few single gentlemen Apply ai No. 114 Amity street. Board in Brooklyn?con veniknt to koith or Wall street ferry. Desirable Rooms and Hoardlora sentleman and wife, and one or two single gentlemen. Apply at 230 iiiclta street, between Rule and JtMMM Simula. Board in brooklyn.-tw si.vole obntleub cau lie accomutoduled wilb Hall Bcdronms, nu seeonil floor; the hotme contains all the modern improvements, din ner at t>^> o clock. Apply at I'JS t llulon street, Board in Brooklyn-a oentlkma and iiir wife or two single gentlemen can obtain two pleasant Front Kcoms on tbe sei ond bi or, with Board, at 232 lin ks street; near the Wall street nnd riouiu femes Terms moderate. Board in brooklyn.-two pleahant second story Rooms may be obtained in a small private, family, at 7V Joraietnoii street, between Clinton and Henry, The location is pleasant, and very near the Wn:l street aim Hon to Boakd in brooklyn-a gentleman and wif >T a li'W MUglt- geiilleu.en uu ue ov. ommodaied null Board and plea>wnt Room* In a very rrapfctable neighbor hoou, at ?4tl .lay atrucl. Una, bath and clowll. Board in brooklyn?within five minutes walk oi Filiton and Wall Street ferries A laryte and pieaK.iiil I runt mom aad neuroum, ulerly lurinnhe.l, alao a nail room lot a ?lnti><* genii. man. II.mid contuimt mode, o Improvement*. Apply ai IJu Ueiny street, between I'n rut pom and Clark llWHa Board in brooklyn-a gentleman and wise or two mngle gentlemen can obtain Bonrd; limit Room on second atory , bourn InrnlHliMl mill 1..1U1, p.i?, A , livo minutes' walk to Atlantic lorry, tin hi Wall Mtreei leriy Dmuei at boll-pist ii o'cloi k. Apply at IT.' Clluton air. at. Board in south Brooklyn may be obtained lor a gentleman ami wlfo, where the comforts of home may In- Into; nan, balh, but and cold water; 1 omits 011 Hecotid Door vacated on tbe In of May, .inf.iml*hfd; convenient to car*and ferrtea. Apply at M liainaou street, twoaoor* from Clluton. Brooklyn heiuiits-iu Columbia street. river aide, overlooking tba hay. A Iront Parlor and Bedroom, or Roomaon second door, with Board, anltalile fur a gentleman and wife, or two single gentlemen. Dinner al aix 0'clona. Klnoat aituatlou In Biookiyu, between Wall aud .ill"., laeelaa Wainramna rt><tiiiravi BOARDERS' DIRECTORY, Ml BROADWAY?TOLL particular*. it'nhiluiw, lo parties wishing Board tn thll city, Miooklyn, Jersey Oily and roiintry. Board!m< houses and famlll** wlshlnx genteel warders 'anould apply. Board wanted foi many applicants. A. H HuDlNK A '?) I \K8l IUBUB BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED ON CASTLEJ ' ion Helalita, Hiaten laland, wlUnn tan minutes' walk of the I nolo g, oy uldiesalag lot 3.A24 Now York Row oill. e. LEUANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-EN J suite or singly.* u.> or without Hoard, or wi<i prlTaie laule If dealreu, at 32 Last Fourtseuth street, between University place and Fifth wseiiue. EIURNIBHBD ROOMS FOR OENTLEMEN, r ftl'l Broadway, Opposite HI. Nlcirolaa Hotel. $1 lo IS per week. Inquire up stair*. KlURNISIIK.il BOOM8-ON THE SECOND FLOOR, MAY ? I o had, Willi Board, with a amaU private family, oeo? APRIL 29, 1802-TRIPL1 BOAIiOlNCi AMD MIOUINU. IjU'KNIbilKD ROOMS TO LKT?ONE OK TWO II A NH smnriy lurni?hc,i Rooms wiluoul board, to it hikgio gentleman, in a private four ktnry urcwn Atom- house; location near Filth Avenue Hotel Apply at 57 Went Tweutyfourth street. IilURNlKHKD ROONK TO LET?WITH HOARD; SI'ITA. ble n.r s.iigleg. ul.iuu orgi ullemen ..ml tneir wives; blewn tioue llJUSe. No. 3 S Mai a'* place. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET.-A PRIVATE FAMILY will lot a lew Room*, newly and handsomely furnished, without board, iu tbe modern built bouse No. 3H3 Fourth street

I BURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN A MODEM! BUILT l-o .ie, one block from Br ilway, in Knurtb street; a choice ot r.Hiinv, single or >n suite. I o a responsible party without eli.drvu. w Uo will pity liberally, will be n-t the hrst floor, consisting of parlor, dining room aud sleeping aparu meut, with privilege in the kitchen and a room for servant. Single Looms for gentlemen, newly and elegantly furnished, oh second and third floora. Address U. B., statioo It Poet office. lftUKNIHUED ROOMS TO LET-TO OENT1.EMEN, P without Board, at No. 4 Bond street, near Broadway. Hotel lodginuh.-olean single rooms for St y>, tl 25 aud $1 per week, or 25 ccnta a night, at the Manhattan House, 29 Ouire street, one block from the City Hail i'ark. Strangers will And this a quiet, romtortable place to stop at. nOBOKEN-KOOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, WITH psrnal Board. Apply at No. 15 Washington terrace or to BALDWIN A CO., 9] Liberty street. Large and airy rooms, furnished or unlurmshcri. with or without Board, may he had en and alter the 1st el May, at No. 19 Bond street. Ruoms, in suits, for families. For particulars ap, ly at the office of tbe Bun. ciell House, until May 1. VTKATLY FURNISHED APARTMENTS ? SUITABLE A^I it/ "ihglel gentlemen, or gentlemen and thtir wives. Also, TiTa WW dlys, a larrij unfurnished Parlor, ou llrst lloor, and Suit of Furnished RJomT, VQ fe'loud lloor; use of kitchen lor housekeeping. 47 Amity sir. el g'ECOND STORY ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD. ) where only a few boarders are taken. Inquire at 49 oininick street, between Hudson and Yarick. Three young persons (adults,two brothers ami lister), desire Board, in a private iumily or where there are bat few boarders, in a modern style hotis'; will require a front Room, with small room couLg uus, for which $18 per week will be paid. Address Trinity, lleiaid office. TO FIRST t LASS FAMILIES?A OENTERL FAMILY wishing to i.ve in erst cluss style, may arrange for Board and privuto)Table with a gentleman having on" of the most desirable places on the Hudson; tl Is delightfully heated, perfectly neaiili!in anil near the < ity; plenty of irlut, extensive lawn, large shade trees, good boating, bathing, Ac.; c.xc dlent stables and cairiagn l.on-e; the dwelling large and romuiodloiis, has gas, hath, hot and cold water, Ac.; a libei al price Olll HCCCpiCU. Allure "N I1I1USOI], OOX IJU Heruiu oiuce. TWO PLEASANT ROOKS, FURNISHED OK b'NFL'ltnlsb. J, on tin. il fluoi' o: bouse No. b'.i Sixth avenue. No boarders and hiiiuII family in house. Apply to Or. Blikem-y on i lie premises. 11WO OK THREE SIMILE (1KNTLEMEN KJAN HE AC comiuoduled with Roouir, Willi or without board, in a private faintly, at lill East Tin: leu street. TWO PUBA8ANT ROOMS, I''OR FAMILIES OR SINgto genfletieii, liuiy he ootalned to application at 21) St. Mark's place. TO LET-A FURNISHED BACK KOi)M AND PANTRY ou the third boor. Term* $2 per week, in> .uuiiig pas. j also Board it' required, inquire at list Eighth avenue. OA AND 22 WEST THIRTY-FIFTH STREET, NEAR ju' j Fifth avenue.?A parlor story and second story to let to a lanirly, with or witnoiii lu nate table, ttouse lour story, brown atone; carpets entirety ue v. Also, a aecnud story, handsomely l'nriiisiied, to u,t to a puny of gentlemen. Tablu hrsi ela-u. Reference given tlQ EAST TWENTIETH STREET.?ROOMS TO LET a-iO furnished or unfurnished, lo gentlemen only, without Board. rn,?w lainily, no children, no boarders, hath, gas, Ac. 40 CHEAT JONES STREET, NEAR BROADWAY ?A suit of fuinished Rooms sultaole for u baity u. gen tt< men or a small lainily; terms moderate. Qus ami haiu, and every convenience. A f* EAST TWENTY- FOURTH STREET?DEb.'RABXiE TtL) Rooms, with Board, in n first cluss house, containing ail uioiieru conveniences lor fauniicaur single gentlemen. Refer,'nees exchanged. Ai? WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, BETWEEN tv) Filth and S.sth avenues.?Furnished Rooms, in suns or single, suitable lor families or single gentlemen, can be bad on reasouablo terms in the above hrst class home. &i) NINTH STREET, BETWEEN FIFTH AVENUE AND kJ University place?Neatly furnished Rooms, with Boaru, tor a gentium n an., w.lc or siiighi g iiilcii.cn. Dinner ill b o'clock. Kefcrenou given if lequircd. No moving ?u the Jsl of May. 1 >7 NINTH STREET, Nl-IAR BROADWAY-TO LET. JLO I without Board, a suit 01 Rooms elegantly I iiriiikin.il, suitable lor it gentleman an i wife, or single gentlemen; or will b<' lit for any genteel business; also illlgln irunl ltoums. 9ho west twenty-third street, one door svj'JjZj Irom Swingi uvemn .?S ill.- an 1 single Rooms to lot, with Board, from either Is. or 15ui ol M ay. uouse is first ' luiis and location unsurpassed. COUNTRY lIGAIt O. \ T NEW BR1UI1TON HEIHHTS, STATEN ISLAND? A Sa|ierlor accommodations, for one or two families and a lew single gentlemen, can ho nail, from May 1, at the ao o-iooH mansion on C. K. Ham: on. E q.'s, i a. ate, Evergreen Hill, nvo minutes' tvalk from tin- lorry. Extensive, hihly cultivated ground*, fruit, veget..bl< s, Ar. Excellent stabling. CtOi NTRY BOARD.?FIRST t.'LASS BOARD MAY BE J nail with a private family, at a ret,red country vent, w ith extensive, nuely thaded grounds, on tlie north aide ot Stuten Inland, ode hour trom this eitv. Excellent acro.iunoualluns lor horse* and carriage* Andres i Mansion, box 214 Heralu omce. Cnol'ntry board-on the banks or the hou* J satoiuc river, 2,'4 h .urs di?taii from the city by Ne,v Ilaveh raiiruad. The uoioc is commodious aud b -untiluliy located on high ground, commanding a line view of tne r.veined surrounding country: tnio during, salt water bathing, boating, balling, and unsurpassed good atabling. Address Horn-atonic, box 115 Herald odlcc. (tOUNTRY BOARD.? 1 HE AI)\ EIt 1'ISER, liAVINli A ) cotumodloux house in South Nor.valx, Ooiui., live minutes'walk lr?in the cara or aiearnboat, will a utiiuiodale a few persons wltn Board. Prices moderate. For particulara apply at 514 Sixth avenue, fur one wcoa. CCOUNTRY BOARD-A PRIVATE FAMILY, KES1DIN0 J on ihe line of the. New Unven Railroad, in Westchester county, 45 minutea1 rule from the city, and 10 luinuiea' walx from the de]H)l; wo .Id like Ui receive a few gentlemen and their wives at $1 per week. For particulars iut|Ulielti the. store 263 Bow? I'Jf. COUNTRY BOARD AT NEW RKItillTON, S. I.-A few families can he accommodated with Board in a private house, deligntfully located, ou York avenue, commanding a line view of ihejiiay, and only live lnlnute-, walk from the steamboat landing. T. T. DUNN. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED NEAR LITTLE Neck, aevenieen miles from New York, on a larm, Willi plenty ui fruit, rood table, rimiiI beds, an i very good accomIsibuiH A.., at 44M Atlantic streeL Brooklyn. COUNTRY HOARD WANTED-AT A FARM IIOUSE, whence tin- city tun be rca< hcd within an hour and by 8 A.M. Three Room* required. Addre**, with particular* uini tenia. II. K. V. A. boxS.I2B Post ofloe CIOUNTRY HOARD WANTED-ON THE HUDSON ) river, distance from Hie city not to exc-ed 15 mile*, by three German gentlemen, In a private family, locnliou to be ro ivcmciii to a railroad station, ami lat.n in..; term* not to ttiimd $<> per week. Addre** C. K., box 1.1M5 p. mi olllce. (lOUNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN J ami wife and two children, age* four ami ? veil, wiibln a short distance ol the city, a ;ood farm lmue - prefi rred, when- ti.eiv are bat few tx a den. Address, witii refareaee ami mil dearriution ol place ami location, term., jr.,11. t, R., box 1,501 New York Post office. MII.JL.1IYKKY. *iC. A CHOICE AND WELL SELECTED STOCK OF SPRING Millinery ami Stiuw IJnnd* of toe newest *hutie and Mtyle? are Ollereil to the laiill a at the li tveni i ,i> h lirleeM, at Mr*. SIMMONS', B37 Broadway. N. B.?The trade supplied. LOST AND FOIM). I POUND.?CAME TO THE PREMISES NO. 159 WEST ' Thirty-ninth street, a large Newfoundland D >?; Tne owner tan liav- aim iiyprm.ng propeily and paying expense*. If not claimed wit on two week* will be aoltl to pay expenses. ytot ND-A SETTER SLI T. ADDRESS HOX 311 r l'o?t olliee, oi call tit on tne porter at ?iorc l il D iane irrct. ? trtOUND?A HUIISCR'I PTION, WITH TEN DOLLARS 1 em n*ed, lor Mr*. Sollg, who was robbed on the r.ithl of the 9th of February, ISdi Apply at Henry * restaurant, No. 131 Water nireet, IOST?ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 2S. IN J Fourth avenue, between Seventeenth ami Twenty sc. eoiul ?trecl*, a I ady* Gold Wat Ii. huntms ran . A loltable reward will oe utveu on ret ruins it lowEaalSartnteentb street. LOHT-ON SATURDAY EVENING, 3DTH INST., TWO Brooklyn Academy of Music Stocaliolder'a Ticket*, No*. :i.t anil .* Tin' iimler will confer a favor l?y leaving the n at tin* Fulton Bank, Wi Pearl street, with G R Diitlnii. 58 Wall meet, or at White A Nu hop* hardware *tnre, 30b Fulton xtreel, Brooklyn, tbe ticket* having been cancelled. LOST.?UM Tills ?'i !i a uui.u m iiaib/i.i Watch l'ln. ret with black enamelled, In ?'olng from Broome aircet ehnreh to Broadway, and up to Great Jonea Hired. Whoever will return lb* lame to No. M Ureal Join a atreet, will be. rewarded. LOST-ON FRIDAY EVENINO. APItIL 26. A GOLD ami black enaiaeUed Badge, bearing on ita tare u.e Greek characters 'Aria Pbl" and Ibe (antra On Hie reverae name of llie owner A tunable reward will ba paid on Ha return to C. A. Jaukaou, No. Pine atreet, room lb. I08T-ON MONDAY AFTERNOON, IN a SOUTH J ferry atage, a bag In which were $26. The finder will bo suitably iuwarded oj leaving It at Ibe United fltatea lio let, In Pulton alreet, with George Carlton Lost?on april 28, am account booh, marked 011 .the cover Louderback, Gilbert k Co. The finder will ba paid for bis trouble by tearing It At S3 Park row or i16 Tbomes street. Lost or btolbn-about the beginning op Marrh, a Hank Book. No. 316,780, belonging to the Bleerker alreet Haringa Hank. The Ruder will re< elm a llbei al reward by tearing It at the Bank or at Mre. Crawford'a, J8 Lauren* street. In Ibe rear. ~ ABri.LfARU MATCH OF MO POINTS.CAROMS, WUJU be played al FEDDKKH'8, 267 Bowery, lietween Caaper I), ami Geotgv d., for f 100 a aide on Tueadav evening, at 8 o'clock. ALAItUR .trOt'K OP NEW AND SECOND HAND Bliiuro Tanlea, with Pbeian'l Combination Cuhaloua, for aale ?l prion* to antl thedtmee. CHELAN a COL4JKNDER, 08 le #9 Groeby atreet, N T. PKRKHONH IN WANT OP MILLIARD TABLES WILL Ond It tn ihelr advantage to rail at Sharp a manufactory, 148 Fulton yuaet, w*?re they will Rod Ubiea a ith hia new iy Inr. Dtadjpaleniraab)ona, admitted by the beat judge* tn b< , I*a4h*r to m* new m m. Second band laWeo on bead. S SHEET. frui. AJItHUMiCNTS. 1* UOTT*(;HALK -NIBLO'S 8AL >0N. J. WEDNESDAY, April and l iull.ii May 2. OOTTSOHALK, PATH TOMBESL MUM, MOLLENMAUKK. SANDERSON. PROGRAMME KOR WEDNESDAY EVENING 1. Pantaste, V iolot.uelio Molleubaurr 2 D iet, D'.n Giovanni 1'uttl, Kerri 3. Overture, Win. Tell, for two pianos. UolMubalk, Sandersou. 4. Komanza, Louisa Miller ? ?.........Tombesl a. Aria, Pardon dc Ploremel. Pit'l t. A, Vaiae Pl.ttiijUO, 11, Mlnuil* Seville tlutlaci.ais PAHT SklCONIl. 7. Duet, Massuadteri... Paltf, Tombesl 8. A, Andante, from Beetnov.r. Sonata Patheinjue; 11, Poioutu, (.rand Caprice .Uottscbalk 0. Roman/a Pavorila Kerri 10 Aria, A> oirto. Toutbesi 11. Repunu's moi (Datnca), lor llie tlral inn., for four hum!*, composed by Uoitschalk 12. Terzetto L.in'aidl Pain, Tombesi, Kerrl Mi.ntc.il Director and Oouducior Signer Mtulo Admission to all puns of the bull $1. Seats cat. be secured, without extra charge, at Beer A Sehiriner's, suuce.str of Breusiug, 701 Broadway; Bil.eil's, 12 Wall street, and in the evening at the hall. Brooklyn athen.eim.-uottschalk. Mi uottschalk's ONLY CONCERT which most positively cuu be given in Broukl>ii, will take place on THURSDAY, MAY 1. on which occasion the t olio wing artist* will appear UOTTSOUA LK, PATH Debut of the fauions tenor, TOMBESI, L'VDD UCIIVUltn L'[. QlUtiCDCn Admission $1. Heats be secured. without run charge, at T. Gulberlet'x (mte I'm*'*), 214 Puiton street; Kose'x, 112 Atlunti '. anil SibeR'a, 12 Wail struct. Programme will to the nuuio us on W. dnesrtay in New York. Laura keene-s theatre. Doors open at 7 o'clock; < oojmer.re at . TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY!, APRIL, a LAST NiOlITS OP LAURA AS Great li lit Drama, THE M YOAKTliY ok. PETP O' day which has been tieifi, mc t SEVENTY NIGHTS with UNABATED SUCCESS. The faithful ih ltn at on of character a..d oautlful construction of this pi co hna (taincd the APPROBATION OK THOUSANDS, who pro' ounce it tbu moil pei.ect r. prcaeutaliun 1RIMI LIKE during the memorable STRUGGLE OK -98, when that beautiful im uot ii troUilen country, with traitors in lier midst, looko t m vain I'ur a PEEP ODA. ELABORATE SCENERY, aaA UTI V'UL MUSIC, CUARAt TEK.S'I IC DANCES, NO. EL MECHANICAL effects, STARTLING TABLEAUX, UNE'Jl'ALLKD CAST OK CHARACTERS. LAURA KISBNE as MARY KKI.LY MRS. EMMA WALLER AS.... NELLY BRADY Mlt. WALLER ax HIE MACAKTUY Ait tue uieiuuera ol ttiix favorite co upauy. NCTlt E. In reheat sal. A DP.YME FANTASTIQU adapted from the French, entitled REASON AND FOLLY ok LIKE IN PARIS. "QARNUM'S AMERICAN Ml'SEUM. LAST WEEK, POSITIVELY f that splendid Juvenile pu ce, HOP U' MY THUMB; or, THE OGRE AND THE DWARF. COMMODORE Nl.'TT, TWO FEET HIGH. The mete xheimp of a man. plavx the pail of ihe Dwarf; THE BEl-GIvN CHANT, EIGHT FEET I11GH, the pari of the Ogi'i . making these persuuugee REAL LulNG CHARACTERS. Thin il positively tile LAsT WEEK OF THIS PIECE. It will be pluyed thin afternoon ami evening, followed by the farce WIDOW OF PALERMO. LAST WEEK POSITIVELY also of that mujtuiticent mechanical rpei tuciilar scene. THE BOM lilt OK BEAUTY. Lust ween positively of tbal towering mo.iuiAin o. humanity. THE BELGIAN GIANT. COMMODORE NUTI'?THE $30 GO NCTT, the smuliesi man In the world, !J inches lngli, ami weighing but pounds, is to lie seen with the Glum, AT ALL HOURS, DAY AND EVENING, as are alio THE QUAKER, OR WOODEN GUN, lroin the rebel formications at v'entreville, Va. THE GREAT ElViNO WHALE. THE MADAGASCAR ALIGNOS, THE LIVING SLACK SEA LION, LIVING MAMMOTH GKI/.'.LY BEAR SAMSON, LIVING MON.VIEK SNAKES, LlVING UAPl'Y FA. MILY, LIVING TURTLE, i.hAND AQUARIA, with its muiuu.deot beautifulLIVING FISH, una near u million other curiosities. Anmle- inn 10 nil. 2.1 cuts; children under ten, 13 pent*. A GRAND NATIONAL liAH i .-.HOW will take place at the Museum on Ti ESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY ami KK1DA Y. June 3, 4, ft and 6, wiieu upward nt ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS will be paid in premiums lor the exhibition o. the tinest Babies?TWINS, TRIl'LETS, QUARTETS atni EAT RABIES. Circulars containing all particulars In regan! to premiums, ages of Babies, Ac., can be had l ree at the Museum on application nt the Ticket otlice. CN KEAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, I SS5 BROADWAY .So THE GREAT CANTERBURY. GLORiOl SLY SljTl'OKTED RY THE PEOPLE in its i on ten against an unjust mid unparalleled enactment. HOUSES CROWDED, ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE. I N C ON TROLL A U LEI ENTHUSIASM, GLORIOUS SUCCESS. THE GREATCANTERBURY AT THE ZENITH UK ITS GLORY, looking down with contempt on all petty ellorta to crush out Its tune Ineu and ht nonibic existence by UN* ONSTITUTTONAL MEASURES. THE GREAT CANTERBURY has alwavi stoo l ln ?t lu the brain nt i. ip lability, taking rank with THE LEADING THEATRES, and overshadowing them in the production of novelty anil the presentation oi gri st performers, ARTT.-TS OF UNUSUAL EXCELLENCE. Such preeminent art ists as THE BEAUTIFUL MARIETTA ZANFRETTA. The most grnceful, daring and liiuahetl leinsle performer on the tightrope in the world. THE WONDBEKUL ALEXANDRE ZANFRETTA. THE EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL NUT, GENERAL NUT, the smallest comedian In exl-tence, half the ante of BARNUMS NCTT, BILLY BIRCH. BEN COTTON. THE CHARMING CLIFFORD SISTERS, MISS ANNIE UOARDWELL, MISS HATTIE BNC.EL, IN A MONSTER PROGRAMME EVERY EVENING THIS WEEK. A GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY, AT 2 P. M. CHRIS NORKI8, Proprietor. fit HE IIIPPOZOONOMA.DON JL IN BROOKLYN, At the junction of DeKalh ii.ui Fulton avenue*, Tl ESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Performance! 2U and 7), P. M. This magnihccni, novel and compile (publishment ii new open in Brooklyn ax above. Amuui its chief attractlonx ia Urn LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS, OR llEUEMOTU OK HOLY WRIT, of whom Job say*:? "Upon the earth there if not hia like," and which ia the only specimen of tbo animal ever seen on tliia continent by civill/ed luau. In udditiou to this la the ATHLET OLYMi'IM.VN'THEL'M, comprising a troop of llio MOST talented equestrian artists ix t1ie WORLD, among whom ia the beautiful and accomplished female 'W,r ARIANE KILICIA. before whoae brilliancy all the hitherto UKEAT LIGHTS OK THE ARENA "pale their ineffectual tirea." The company is composed of the beat and moft talented I AUK NIC CELEBRITIES, and the altracilon of the IIIPPOZOONOM ADON are GREATER THAN THOSE EVER BEFORE OKI KKEl). THE HIPPOPOTAMUS will be exhibited in ula IMMENSE AQUARIUM, and alao in the runt. _ TUB FOUR MAMMOTH PERFORMING K..KPIIANT8 will also appear and go through ilieir WONDERFUL FEATS. Remember the date, next monday. TWENTY FIVE CENTS. remember, the hippopotamus is coming. It will b? the only opportunity ever offered to iho citizen* ot Brooklyn for feeing him, Cs RAND presentation t soirees, Commencing on Thursday cv.-ninr, May I at Don worth's hall. 122 Preaenlf, Including a aplendid roaewood Pianoforte, which can be neon at Firth, Pond A t'n.'s, M7 Broadway, will b< given to the potion* <>r theae entertainments. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Madame Ernestine deyilliers-dodwortith Hall?r?*|?-cttully aiiuotince* 10 her (rictnla and the public in general tlmi abe will give her arcond Urand Via-al and IhHiruiiienul Concert oil TueaJay evening. May 13, a*sl*t< d by the moat ub-nb d artlat*. Admlaflon $1. Ticketa loraale at all the principal niuak atorea. Foster s star troupe or pantomimists are prepared io negotiate with matin r* o. re*i onalbllliy fortbe production of Comic Pan'oiniu >. varying tnuu one lo twenty. The Troupe fnralan wardrobe and trlcka for the va'rloiia production*. Addrew J. C. F., lib Division ftreet. New York. Lamps.?three large fancy lamps, with or lamented Iron po-ta, guard*, Ac.; exactly ainular to ilin,i< n.iw In frnnl ui NthiO a Garden. fiuiuim at tha mir. ttion moina nl liKNKY WOOD A CO , 460 Hr a Iway MANAOEKA AND AKTI8TH WIHI1INO TO PURCHASE the original hianuacr.pt and Mimic ot th- (teal apevta. In of "The Bncbanlrcaa," now play Inn with unparalleled ?uowM 11 Nlbln'e Harden, aan do ?> by addraaatng the author aud adapter, J. C. Foatar, 116 Division "tract. New York. SI J1MKII ItKIOHTI. SUMMED HOMB.-A tlENTI EM AN AND WIFE, without cblldian, ran tlnd a delightful Hummer Homa with a private Unilly, harliK a beautiful leahlrtico on tha Imnkaof the Iliulsoii, one uonr ami e gunrter from Chamber" atreel. Tho "iirroundlngs arc <m*urpit"*ed. Ma" all the modein ct <n rente n era or ti e i |t? uaiun, gaa. Ac. Would like to arrange to hoard from May to November or ?a doaired. Addteaa Tllla, la? M> Poet oil CVOUNTItY RF.SOIIT? WIIliHE UEtl.TH AND COM. ) fort la the object, itnrtn: tho w ami month*. Very tie IraMe Apuitm?tila may bo Lad by a .mall family wlalilng to aet their own table, ron?l?tlng of tore" or four ruotna, rcadj furniehed, with kitchen and rating toooi d. ta had from ale houaej (owl bathing, Halting, Ac., anuatcd on Newark Bay, near He g* n Point; of taay .vceea-t. Autdy for one week at 77 Moatgoiucry street, Jerai V Cuy NEITIINE llOUHK, NKW RtH /IKLLt- WIU. HE open on May &, but part lea brak na up liooackeeping and denlrou" of rotititig h the counll'j. will no taken at any tunc. The proprietor ta now ready to make "."".AT'enta fttr the acaann. JAMW WlfrMB. TIIB'la Till HKTTE HOl'SE.BKRiiEN POINT, N.J. will opon for the r*< rptioa ot n*e*t* on the lit of June. A rcluclion from reguUi rain# mno* with rnmlMrj engwginj nr lite uprroiv Tiir kitrg?n Point 1**1* \J.e* 2 llorth rifer Kt7:20tl>d11 A. i Tim# ftom New York 96 ,ni~y ? ^ ^ ft A.H1 SKMKNTM. 1 WINTER OA It DEN. Conuuued inumph of MIS8 iiATEMAX THE YOUNO QUEEN OK THE AMERICAN STACK Wi <>sp ..xtcuordiiiary ?uo?*?? in THE GREAT DRAMATIC EVENT OK THE AUE, Uu paralleled slue.- Funnv Iveuilde's debut. TUESDAY EVENING, April J'J. Bulwer l.ytloux l)i auilful Drama of THE LADY OK LYONS. Pauline Miss BATEMAN Claude Meluuile Eij wiu Adaurt i'?'oiu*l Duma* Jli'. ry I'lMiB Monk. D..'s<:iiapelie* T. L. llofrM H .. .aeant J. groarcmis olavia A. H Daveupoq I ami! rd ^FruMf <Ju?pur 11. Howard Captain (ier.ai* H. W?I Captain Dupnnt Evanl Major Deainoullu* I.. F. Kane Notary . Style} S-ivaht . W?l?| Madame Da.scti appellee ... Mra. W. R. BiaM Widow Melnottc Mm. H. Howard Leader of the llnl iatru , Mr. E llollrnliaiiei NO OTHER 1'IEt ! : THIS EVENING. Doornopcu at 7; i*i formation o inui uee* at K and o>a eludes at about 1(1)4 P. M. Ruk Olliee opeu Hum It llU ? o'clock. 8' ?ta may oe secured hi a ivanee. TO MORROW (WEDNESDAY) EVENING, in covruama with iii.knt iiii'UT, THE HlXOHHACK MI SB BATEMAN AS JULIA. 45 S 19 ?? BOW CRY in i W Kit V RE iPl-.tt REOPEN an or about the flrat of U.i.ax the VARIED THKATR&, VARIKTV TllK.YlKK. Wanted, Performeraoi every description. Noue but brat class need applv. a 49 4 ft BOWERY. JOSH. HART, Sole Proprietor. LECTURES. __ _" IECTL'RE.?.JOHN L. DOURANUE, ESQ., WILL, BY J l.y particular It'ipleit, .1 'liver a Lecture, ilnn (TueadayJ evenin.', April 2tl, at 8 o ciock. Subject. "Eminent Women of tlm Past and Present Age." Tickets 2?c., for sale at the door. FOR SALE. A WINK, FRUIT AND CONFECTIONERY STORE and Sa upit- Room lor sale cheap, m an excellent localily; -ilo. a and hxturcs complete; owner euga.ed in oilu-r bust, lies*. Apply to ASA HOvT, .17 Park row, room 17. \ LE VAULTS FOR SALE. APPLY ON THE prem1. A s-s, yo Chambers street, in the basement, irom 4 to 0 0 clock. p. m. \ BEAUTIFULLY KITTED CP CORNER LIQUOR J\ Stur.*, with or witlnnil stock, lor Air; mix hern oornl pled for 'In! lust three years uy t in present. proprietor, who 11 AH .-lie A No. 1. ana is now diniig an tjaci-ll.nl business; i. choice corner; most decidedly one of the very best in the Fouite-iilb ward, on a Mil with and near Broadway; a ureal thorough are; will be saili-tied when iu i aee; -.ellmg only on account o! having two siure-, an.i cannot a tend to botn; will hciI either one; boh n o lust < lass; i vory thing In perfect order. L. a-e mice ye rs, and r-nt low. THOMAS BUE.nnan, 132 Nassau ?tnet, n. Y. DRUG STORE FOR SALE?A NEATLY KITTED UP Drug Store, with Slock and Fixtures, with 1-use for term of yearn; doing a paying business; three rooms attached, HUitable lor a family. Apply ut tin: drug store, on Third avenue, between Eighty-scvciuh and Eighty-eighth street-?, Yorkvlllc. TAKI'l! STORK FOR SALE- 3011 HUDSON STREET J J comer of Spring An old established a tore and phy-' r.clan's ollice, be.ouging to the eatato of the late Dr. K. B. Newman. Heul of the premises low. M. B. NEWMAN. Executrix. "lARUO FIXTURES FOR SAI.E CHEAP?TO A CASH A J customer; the owner can he seen where they are stored ihla day, from 8 to 11 o'clock, lied lluuaou street, near Spring, Only $100. Coat $200. "1 \ruogistri AND Root BE Ell manufacturers.? 1J Ft r sal'-, exireuiely clc-ap, a superior Root Beer and s.al.i Water Kouiitain, with exionslvu block tin icc tooh-ra. Will tie positively aol.l on Tuesday, April lit), Ac lore 2 P. M., as the proprietor leaves the city. Call early at 217 Bleeeker ltrust. T. ROOEKS. tidor SALE?an ESTABLISHED express line oh r one of the principal railroads from Xevv York ; a ram chance for an enterprising party. For pa. ticu.ars apply to H. W. SHIPMAN, No. SO Cedar street. For sale?a hardware and ship chandlery Store, ten years established, doing a good cash business. Price low. as tue owner eanuol attend to it. Address Frank, box ICO iletald ollice. "LAOit SALE?at A B ARGAIN, A FIVE|YEARS' LEASE. 1 w ith 8,ok and Fixtures or a nice ioi nrr Liiiuor anu Lager Beer Saloon, with a on -garden and dwelling. Kent $3j p-r month. A rare chance. Apply >u the premises, 103 Bloomtlehl street, lloboken. IflOR 1SALE--cheap, FOR CASH, THE STOCK AND F'ixiuresol a urst cla-sritar and Billiard Si.luon, located in one ut the niusi public tliuroughiares in the cliy. The 11 x? tures ate new. Lease to run lour years from the 1st of Muy. Ken! paid up to 1st of August. Satisfactory reasona lor stlhng out. App.y to ISAAC A. HI iUS. 7SNassau at 1TIOR SALK-A CH ANCE FOR :j 0-A WINE AND J? Lager Beer Saluou. Apply at 1113 .Myrtle a-.euue, Brooklyii. JIOR SALE?A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE. with a lease of tive years, or the sto -a removed and the s;ore leased; a good cuauce lor a busin a man. the present owner having inner business, cannot attend to it. inquire in tiie more, No. 118 West Sixio n-.a street. T.1U R HALE?A KEEL) STOKE, DO.VN TOWN, EST A BX1 Halted eight or nine yeura; the buaineaa lain lull audi edecuve operation. Kurllier portiouLra given by addressing W. It., bu> Id) lit:raid ofllee. Ijiok sale?the 1jum and FIXTURES of A it ally hind up I/ipior store, doln ; a good buaiuexa 2 would do much hotter If tbo owner could atleutt to It. Wi'k bo ix>1J cheap, t all and examine, at No. 34Glludeou atreet* comer Charlton atreet. IjlOR bale?A SMALL STEAMBOAT, SPLENDID 1 engine and holler, in.nut III teen It. r-.e power, v. ry taxi nu 1 in p rloct order. Too boat U about 40 l'orl ill leugu.; una pleasure iiont. Will tuk p art pay lu trade. Appiy to ISAAU A. BIGGS, 73 Xuat.au atreet. k/OR HALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A FINK r corner Grocery and Llpnm H ore, dun ; a good coala buaineaa; tan bo greatly lucreaaed .>y proper attention. Tbo own. r hua other bualnraa tnal l cqulrea lifa wliolo time. Da liable leaau lor atore or lionae . an be had. Impure at .>H7 Br .iidw.iy, corner Xlnt tetnth atreet. N'agent am .1 apply. IPO It SXLE?THE 11. H.NL.-S ill' A l'KOi 11 ABLH ' Kindling Uood concern, elluuted la a good local Ion ami doing a i; oa bualues*. Thta I* a good oppoi tunity tor a man ot aiuall capital to o ill o bn? n< a., A goo I reason will ba riven fur .selling. Call on or nddreaaCl ll., 312 Wcat Twentieth atreet. TP OR SALE-TIIE 'ENGINE AND IIOILERH OF THB J Kteumboat Houiheru M.chiguu, now lying at Bull alow The engine i* 72 inch lyln er and 12 net stroke; ha* wiought Iron ahalta and crank*, and waa built by the Morgan Iron Workn, in Ihn euy, and ha* been in active serve a out twenty months, la highly liniahed and in good order, and ia well a.lupte.l lor a aieainalilp of 1,000 to 1.300 tone burthen. Kor lurther particulara luipitre at tbc ulBce oC loundry, 343 W. at Twenty-aeveuth aneet. JOSEPH COLWELL. I30R SALE-FIFTEEN STEAM ENGINE* AND ROlle ' era, Irom live to forty home power, and would tradu any ot theui for common lumber, auliabl for .beds ami fem-ca. Aptly at the oitlre of found.iy, 343 W cat Twenty* aeventh atreet. JOSEPH t'OLWELL. IflOR SALE-AT LESS THAN HALF THE I'OHT, A 1 Hluat'a Sewing Ma'hlnc, new and In per.cot order, to paiy advance*; coal gib; will acll It lor ?:i0. Apply at71 Bleecker aircet, up atair*. H. XAWTOK. For hale-an extensive bakery, in complete order, with all Irrae*. wa.uiia, sielgiii, l.arneaa; tbo route la worth all that we u>k for whole, good lo atlon; cheap rem. K. H RICH AKllSON .* t i L. *2 .,..|-4Xi *au street. IilOR SALK-A EIRHT CLASS CORNER IlylOR 1 Store and Leaae ol whole Huur Apply to .IAMKH IIEALV, No. 57 Wealatr-et, crner ol R < lor, irom 12 till 4 o'clock, or in the eveuliigat 223 Seventh avenue, corner ot Twemj-uiui airo-i. For sale-one i,a roe, first clash, irom Safe, with patent lo *. Will be aotd cheap II applied foe noon, ni 182 Utoadw i), room No. 4. 1,1 OR SALE?TIIE LEASE, STOCK \NI> FIXTURES of a neaily idled up leiiioi more id lite Sixth ward, no* doing a goml uualiicas, will In- gold cheap. Apply at A63 Washington atreci, in the liquor more. Grocery store for sale-for half its value, doing $3SU wo kly. Pilee lor g.md will. Stock and Future*, $.'p(?l K' i-oii lor arlllng, the party la In the wbolcaale buaiuca*. Every satisfaction Kiveti in fore purchasing w. m.utla.su v co, tot iiroHilway. Hotbl and fubuo hoi iMiirm fob sale * the Fin nitiire. Bar and Flxiurea o. the ited Houae, 106th atreei and He< ond avenue: la a good cban.e lor portiea wlahInitio tit up a small hotel or public houae. Apply on the prrmiaea. HOTLL FOR SALE.-THE PRESCOTT HOTEL. 140. 30 Eaat Houston street, near itmoalway, for rale on re*> nonahle tertna; it la f irul.ned co up.etch throughout, In is rlei t .rucr, and nearly full of board rs. Apply on tha premlsM. THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A FINELY LOCATED llrng Store, doing a good i.indneaa, for sate cheap fog cash, hatiaiocioi y reason -ivan mr a. lllnd. W. maitlanu A CO., 104 Broadway. r BOOK BINDERS.?TWO RULING MACHINES. ONE Pairing Machine, Lying Pr'tees, Paper Cutting Prtaeua, Hewing Vices, Hinders' Hlieara, Ftiusiiing Tools. Card Shears and Tables, V to is Inches, ac., to he auM cheap, at No. XI Dry street. TO I'KINTKHs.^-ONKHok'H MFJIUM PRESS, THREE Hand Presaca, one Adoma' Press. Iwo Cof>|? rplate Pre** ?, two Embossing Mocl"?'.*. '? ? "iPe, Imposing Stones, Ink Tab lea, Ac., to k> ?"ld at a aacritlor, at No. a Dey street. (Poo -a gbntlbma* ntnq orlioed to leave iTtZu for K trope, dispo*- o* "name** by which any young man ran mailt' - P"- P'out; must be a tale penman. Ad. rejjgoAonugrapner, H. raid silk*. Alien _JO? BALE. A WELL KHTABLISHED AND PmOUi re'speroti. Heal Batate Coiiitnlaaion buatneaa on Hn.ad.yaT OOlce naaly and handaom. ly furnished. Real I .W and o'? of the linn will remain II ueMred. PRICE A TIIOMAE ??? Broadway. tHRUfllllli: I I A VKKV. *188 A. B , WILL THIS DAY CAU, fOR A J\. pirkaer at the plane aho iiirwetnA It in he aent. OU8. , gjlOR ADOPTION?ANY KKMVElTAHI.B fMlti r wiehihg to adopt a i no. healthy female oji Id, ten montha old, con have the npport* n ty by applying at U"> i irand igrR M~ Tss ELIZA Hi KKUnoT WUO~WI8IIE8 TO flN|> Mr. Alexander D??aon. will p.eaev cab at 13 Dorr a atreel, aa he cannot find her realdeuoa. HK PARTY Wn<> II AD *AN ADVRRTiRKMElfT Ml ihn llcralU ol lent Thur?da>, mailing to know the a*. .Irene nf Auguat. recently In Ihn employ ol Rairlirlnr, tti Roait turret, I* requeued to call at Iik plain, IN Broadway. miuBil Mi WANTED-Foil ADOPTION, A 8WEET AND INTEi r at ox l.ttle female elillrt, from Mtien to uve yeareM ago. A a< ed koo.e and a g< nu al rrai.ng ami edit auon ..Wall and will lie awarded the cnild. | i plr ?l 118 Bi lom> iBiul. , lorwo^ayi.lrau. MA.*. talP. A, """ TOIk