5 Mayıs 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Mayıs 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW WHOLE NO. 9369. NEW YORK HERALD. YORK, MONDAY, MAY 5, 1862 PRICE TWO CENTS. VORKTOWN EVACUATED. Flight of the Rebel Army. OecupRtion of Their Immense Works by General McClellan. CAPTURE OF GLOUCESTER Our Gunboats Gone Up the York River. All Oar Cavalry and Flying Artillery, Supported by Infantry, Pur suing the Rebels* Ammunition, Camp Eqnij?n?f, Heavy Ordnance Abandoned by the Insurgents. THE NEW REBEL LINE OF DEFENCE THE CHICKAHOMINY, &c.? &c? &c. Washim tom, May 4?12 20 F. M. The following report haa just been receive J from fertrese Monroe:? York town was evacuated last night. Our troops now occupy the enemy's works. The enemy left a large amount of camp equipage and guns, which tBty could not destroy for fear of betng seen. B. & S.VNFOKD, Military Supervisor. rro*AC,"\ l.M. ) Budqvartbbs Arhv or Potomac,"] May 4?OA. Te Bon E. M. SrimoN,Secretary of War:? We hare the ramparts. We have guns,ammunition,camp equipage, ke. We hold the entire 1 ne of his works, which the ongi aeers report aa toeing very strong. 1 have thrown ail my cavalry and kortt arUUery inpur tttii, supported by ivfantry. 1 move Franklin's < hrisUn and aa much moro as 1 can transport by water up to West Point to-day. Be time shall be loat. The gunboats have gone cp York river. 1 emitted to state that Gloucester is also in our poasee etoa. J tUtt port Pit meaty to tfu watt. G. B. MoCLELLAN, V^or General. Voiron* Moireos, May 4?4 P. If. lea. Edww II. Sumo*, Secretary of War:? Yea, no doubt,have been inform, d by Gen MoCleUan, treofie ere toYorktown. JIHN ?. WOOL, Major General. Th< Proas Dtipalrhei. Hxadqo *tbm, a*my of tub Potomac, 1 Hay 4?10 A. M. J TbKi morning*! fir* o'clock jro ir 'orrespondont on tared the enemy's works, which it>c roar of their army deserted four boar* before. Everything *u found to bo ta utter confu?km,as though ther left in groat baste. Between forty and fifty pieces of heavy artillery have Boon loft In their work?, after being spiked, tig'-ther with a largo amount of ammunition, medical stores, camp equipage, teats, and private properly of ikeir cAcors. A negro who was left in I be town states that the rebels throw a largo amount of ordnance stores into lb? river In prevent Ms falling Into oar bands. Several deserter*-kava Miccaedcd in running Into our lines. One of tbem, a very intelligent man, originally from Now York, who has been connected with the rebel nrrinance department ever since the works at Yorktown have been ccnstructed, states that the rebels evacuated ?wlng to the near approach of our parallels, covering the immense siege works of our mou; that they feared the Success of the Onion gunboats in tho York and James rivers, by means of which their communication with the ?utar world would bo-cut off. The order was given to evacuate by General Johnston tm Thursday, to commonco tho following morning, which was accordingly done. G?u? al MagruJer is said 4a have most strenuously opp sod the measure, stating If they could not whip 'the federals bore there was no ?ther plaec in Virginia where they could; that besworo ta the presence of his men, who vociferously cheered htm. losing eomplete control of himself. Oen-rul KeUrt S. L**, rebel Command'r in-Ckirf, 'ar rived at Torktoum on W, dnenluy, and minutely examined iAs uerlrs cf General M' Cltttan, when he it Co hart rttommemitd the abaruiwimerit of too rebel wurki, deeming ? them untenable. The deserters sll agree In dialing tl>at their troops inn very much demoralised and disbenrteuecl then the order to evacuate mi mnde public, as they all antici pat-d having an engagement at that point. Tlicjr alan a#ree that the rebels had oae hundred thousand men on the peninsula, together wlthifour hundred plcoer of ft-ld artillery. From the best Information received the; have fallen tack to Chickaliomur creek, boyend Williamsburg, where It ia expected they Mill n.ake n stand. Immcdl uely en the facts ef the evao at on b'. coming known, ?te troops were ordered wider arms, and nre .now in mrtton (rom the right and left wing* of the army. A large farce, under command of General 8 tone man, .consisting ot cavalry, artillery and infantry, ere In the .advance,and will probably ovnie up with the rear cf the .aaemy before; light, If thay remain near Williamsburg Tko guuboafc have passed aboveOforktown, and are aow^tfiellioK U>0 shore on the way up. (following them tea largo steamer and vessels loaded with troops, who Will effect a iaMk.ig?probably Gen.FraukUa's division. Magrutlor swore he waa "not aCraidof McCleiieu, if Lee *TM, ' ard that tf he ceuld not successfully light him feet*he could aowl?tre. Only oar man we* le?| In York town, ami fc< was a a>4cre. General Jameson mhI Colonel SaMiMtl Black were the ?n* to enter .the enemy s main works. Xhoonly e*analiy tttoi occurred .was tbOfkillirg of two men and woundIng of U>bo? by the expleelaa of a concealed abeli within.tho enemy ?'* works. The following are their names They belonged ta rri?f -*, lirWHh New York ? RtUjm. George HtFerland. Mich eel McDcmou WOUffOMh ' BsrgoaolVeeMe Snaltb, I redertok Fkelck and Ukmdm Burns. Hbe worker eery eitensive, end show that ihey were designed by eeiektHc engineer* An official re,vrt just made to headquarters show* that Me en'my UJl vuty e?u guut on l/u mrht. At Gloucester Pci.M ??* guns and ordoaac# Stores were alio left Another deserter l?.s come ie, and repsrt* thai Jeff Da ti 'rim wi'h let Wtdmtdan laM, mtrdmfUr a MMaHWivr. with iht rmt pn^twent cjf^r', <l'/ iMW-f to Ike ?wk im' ftn rwji ? THE EVACUATION OF YORKTOWN. The Flight of the &<jbel Army-?Strategic Points Around Yorktown and Richmond. IlkUOOriKTKKX AR)ITO? Tint I'OTOM-ii', Hay 4, IMS. It ta-ccriant that tho rebels received reinforcement* by steamers rrora Richmond on Thursday Inn I, but dnl not <1i?ou.bark thorn. Their soldiers aro badly demoralized, and?videueo rymptouns of mutiny on account of tlx rc treat. Inside of the fortifications and along tho Williamsburg road, on which they aro retreating, they have buried torpedoes Mid percussion shell, which are occasl< ually exploding and injuring person*. Cenesal Joseph Johnston's baggage has Just boon cap tured. 0 |t tatkrop, telegraph operator, has been mortally wnuuAeU by the explosion of a torpedo. Another torpedo,attache'! to a thirteen inch shell lian just b? u discovered in the telegraph office. iKir Special Army Correspondence. Camp Vkak Yohktown, April 2), IHf:/ Cfnt Ikliphl of Ike Troops o? R*t> ?u'(/ the Ntutt from Item Orleans?Xijr>u of a "SkrdadUW' by the H<Mn, itc Tho inns of tho capture of New Or!e>uis has |u*t rout Ii*J us. The troops are wild with delight, ns tliey sethm It an'ist h-ivc the eO'ect to dampen the ardor of Die fc o b^foro us. should this army succeed, as tliey mi st. in id f siting tho rebels m tholr line of for: iIIca'iopr on this peninsula, Halleck s triumph tu the Houth,wlth New Orleans in .ear possession, as a basis for incroofod .offensive c.porntions, it Is lmrd to perceive bow tho bogus govercfceui of -Tell. Dtviscan continue Its even present sickly i-nce. Tr iiny our batteries frrm left to right have been play ing i.t intervals upon the enemy, without, up to U>is time, r riving a return of the compliment. From the unusual sikr.ro manifested by the rebels, it is belkved by many here that they are evacuating at least their nearer tine of torts The Kftet of the lVewa> Foktkbw Howaoa, May 4,1M2 The news reoe:\ "d here this morning of the evacuation of V' rktown took everybody by aurpriae. For some days we ha\? MMtovidtnci nf.t he lnt?n;ionof thecucmy, but it was uot stiong enough to induce belief. On the ar .rival of tho news K wa? quickly circulated on shore and through the fleet, aut tho greateat ercitcmcnt ?v ICiaMfoHed. WsflMMM*! May 4,1862 the intei ignoce of W>e cwx.atlon of York town has eo ?aaiuned mtoglod surprise,?i oitsment and r?joicinjr,?nd tho publit; n.u.J to hear farther respecting the awvemt iU3 of tho A ? my .ofAbe Potouarn. Seas* of those who t freely criticise uUirs .a that <]iMfi?riMd prcilictod tl'icvuot. The friends and o.ipo jicnttf offie&eralMnCt' :towi djlflsr widely .to opinion, while other* *r?. (*;<-posr l to wait and Judge tfeejftrrHa of the question ly tbo mails. The Hew ilMf of the AkollUoalMi. WjMMMOP, May A, IfUij TVasw* fron Ir'orkt"vtr this ?vani-ig list produced wild rM .umenl The o\acu.V"u of the p'?iUun by the rebei. :.as lafceu eve y CM by jairprisr, Catll Urn arri val t>, this iDtelilgriKe oven Ut# >?oe^ > >??< nreua of tk? ftnti McC'Vilai faction hollared fflip's tebol defences at Ytwktcwn we>iM be <*rried oaty by' * moat desp?rato struggle ;ui; w it'h imn,"sa? io?s of 'ife. Tliey shufr d MiClellea Vrttl.jui stiut for allowin? the i.'bel" to forilfy tb? peniit^clfl, 4i.d opeul; |iredicte<l tb4 4v^ff*t ft our in my Miri o They iiiS'Stcd that Gei.. M<-Powell should f>c assigned to a m pura'c command, in order Mint bo miphi C" (o Richmond with m>ioc |<ortion or oor army, a? it wus utterly impossible for tienorai Mcl'iellan to Advance a single inch without the risk of lotting iiin wh<lo army. To-night ,?viih a* tone-hiii# versatility, tlicee f.aiuo inen ore ridiculing and denouncing McClellau for having driven the one hundred thousand rebolH from their intrench meals without a battle, and accomplished tli< capture of Yomtown without Iho loes of thousands of lives. Now they profers to have knowu all the tituo thai tbeie wan no rebel army nt York town, nod that McClcllan might bare gone on to Richmond Ion# ago without a contest. With singular inconB.Htcncy, however, they o.<sertthnt the rebels have only fallen back to WilUanixhurg, and that it wan always intended by them that tho great bat tie of the campaign xliquid bo fought there. U is do elar?d that information wan rccclvcd long ago (hat tbr ?tro?ce*t re!x>l works ore at Willlatnxburg, ami it is tt:eir intention to make their stand at th it poiut, out of roach of our fr uti boa is Those bloodthirsty radicals, who cm not appreciate a victory unless won at the expenso of thousand* of killed and wounded of the Union soldiers, may ?nd will probably And tlui they have fallen bnlr from their position In regard to Yorktown only to be nioro soverely moriillcd hj the failuro of thoir predictions aa to Williamsburg. The opinio.i of tho best informed men here is lhal lb* aivindonmontof Yorktown Is virtually an abandonment "f the contost on the part of the rebels, and a proiinuuary to th? disbanding of their Kaaternarmy. If they cannot tuak ? a stand at York town they can do so nowhere eNe. At that pomt their defences were complete. Warwick river, with its natu ral and artificial obstrnctions to tho advanco of an army, left them only about a mile and a hair to dereid bo tween it and Yorktown. It would have benn noeessary for tho whole of General McCHellan's army to l>?ss through this narrow gap in thnir advance. Both flanks of the rebel army were perfectly protected by the dofencee at the mouth of Jam. * river on one side,and by the fortification* at Yorktown and Gloucester I'oirt on the other. To turn the left flank of the rebel tinny u. was noorssary for General Me< 'ieiian to land a fere* ia Mob Jack bay aud attack the for4s at (lloucester Point in the re.n Preparations for tine movement bad b??b made, but it involved desperate fighting, while tbe grand aaaeault wne going on in front to force the defences botwocn Yorktown and the sluice of Warrick river. In railing bock to Williaasburg they leave their leit dark < utirely exposed to a flank or evou a rear - attack trom our forces from some pomt on York river, where they may be iunded under cever of a half dozen of our gun hosts After Yoi ktown tboro ia no spot on ttie penin sula where the rebels can have batf the ebance for a suc cessful defence; besides, there is no better position to wkkb they can retreat Richmond, with its three bnes of circumvailatiun, ia a mere earthwork to the dt feneea at Yorktown, And may be assailed stmwl Uiueouaiy ono'lsldes by a comminution of the t'nlon force* now tl re.?i vn bg it. Ihuso who haro studied m<*t closely the i>Mitio3 regard the evaluation of Yorktown ns an abandonment of the rebellion in arms 10 the Kant, and rejoice tlifct it has been attained without the Immense Ifita of life and blond that wee ?nllci|<ated. It makes IM victory bt General MoO^Usn ten times more glorl m.? ibat it was bloodless rodiv >1 tooyrieis at., uovevrr, tVpytisnng tho peo pie by tbe violence of their U irangues and denuncia tions in hotel corridors and at Htreet corners. The p*o He and tbe government rejoice tbat the end has beon so quickly and easily attained It might have been done a ??rck ago with the lost of live thousand valuable Ifvee. It was done to day without the loss of a single one. THE LINE OF THE CHICXAHOMINY. (From the Richmond Examiner, April 'J3. Republished from the New York Hekald of May 1.] The clouds ?f war thicken eAch moment. The enemy are povirinj; large for<ee Into tbe Valley of the Rjppa hnnoock from sevoral directions. McCleilan is reportel to have despatched a body of troop* up the Rappahan nock from the bay to reinforce McDowell's division at Fredericksburg. A citizen of Fauquier, who arrived yesterday, reports a large army as advancing from War i ronton, tionernl Jacksnn is said to have fallen back from tbe valley to Oordonsvtlle before Hanks, who fol lows after him with a column of about thirty thousand men. IT Banks an<l McDowell should combine their divi sions, which is probably their purpose, Richmond would l>e threatened from the direotion of the Potomac with sixty thousand men. Oui gom-ntnriU ha* ordered heavy reinforcements to

m d thete approaekitg toiumiu. and it M tier.' probable that a tleottim battle nwy be Jeugh' north of Richmond before Hint on Ik* ha* trumpired. Our best lighting geuerals Lave pursued the policy of giving the enemy a flei-oo fight before falling back under the pressuro of Superior forcer. Ilils was the tactics of Jackson at Win chester; and If ho is let alone, will doubtle.se be his tor ties agu in before falling bark behind tbe line of tbo Chick ahmnlrty. The effort of tht enony will donbtloss be to effect * junction of bin forces under 1 tanks and McDowell somewhere in tre county of Ijoulsa or Oaro. line. Wo suppose It wilt be neie*?ary for tieneral Jackxon to withdraw until he con get both of tke^ie floluuimt in lila front. This done, the Instincts of the man will,doubtless, Induce l.nn to offer e battle. Our Corinth it on Ihi Chic' ah i 'iny, and oim Shiioh tomtmhtrt in mtvan e in i'aromn ?r txmina. IF? .dkouul not 6e nurjiriva at tuartno utthiu " u>"k of a fierce battle on Ihit advanced theatre, wltereur it wj be. Wo augur well IV the result of a?iy engagement that may come off In th-u ragton of cc.mtry, The e.nesty will be fat from fti wKerhtsr of operation*. He will be compelled tr. nest us On oqunl terms m every respect except his superior nt tirbers, and wo csn manage pretty heavy odds of the. e. A soldier amounted in A soldier's satisfactory way f< r our yielding at last in one of our I most important battles. Ifn said we whlpiied them the best part of the lime, and?as long as we oouid tight, mid we siiould have whipped them an the time if they had not" out reinforced until there waK no end to them. They got tbe better of us en the secood day at Shi lob, simply by this process of " out rotnforclng " us, which their proximity to the river enabled them to do. If they come in up u us as far as Caroline or l/iulea, they will be so far from th?*ir water trausportatlon that this favorite plan of " out reinforcing " will be impractica ble. Whatever odds they open the hattlo with, those odds only will (hey hold acalt st us. The men that light nod sro wliim*'.'' one dny, will have to Aght ami be whipped tiu id it It' they mMt ?h? encounter. 4 whipped army will not real while a fresh army com* forward to engage our troop*, worn and weary with a day * exertion and excitement, as on other occasion*. It it nut for tu to rtieulge the number of our own troop* that art eoncenlratittg on the Una north of HxcKmtmtl. Suffie* a to mi/ that we believe them to be ample to withstand ami rrpuite the en--mjr. There is this further encotiriiging feature of the campaign in that direction?namely, that both Generals Jackson and Ewell hive the repu tation f being fighting general*. Earnest and vigorous work on our side ii all that Is wanted. Dispute every mile of the road, sell every foot of territory for blood, is the true tactics. The sage policy of the hack track m iy do very well at times, and the virtue of spades and sand bags may be very great in the proper place; but hero is a campaign in open fleld, where numbers will not be greatly unequal, aud whero neither side has had time for engineering and dirt digging. Tbat country, too, ofn-rs many liattle flolds; and, o.> thU w.tr at last must be decided by battles, bettor llml they rflionM be fought promptly and bravely tli?'i jogtponed to mere conve nient season* and localities. If Richmond is to fall by the want of valor in troop* or conduct In ron?ral?, it may us well fall this month as the next, und if 11. > en.my is to be drivnu, ben ton and disgraced from our soli, far better that It should be done when tbey have freshly entered than after they have ruined the country by a long occupation of it. We late mr>rt by delay to .in Uuf do. Their expenses go on, whether their armiei* are within our territory or hanging upon our borders. We lose thousand* ot duliars ia value every day the marauders letnain Incur mius*. The strategy of the back traek Is a \ ery costly oea te us. ItexliauM* the pocket. It crashes the heirt of the country. The wear and tear o< ieelltg it entails is fear ful. It protract* the work of ruin, it Intensifies and pro longs indefinitely the agonies of exile, which Is the i-ttl nan'* living death. Inrvlnn should he the signal of bloody and denperato work?of flerco encounter nnd wrathful blow?uot of oold strategy an I impossible o!ti*ial p<ilicy. NEWS FROM THE LOWER MISSISSIPPI. The Latest Direct from the Paaaes? Movements of Geaeral Butler. Important Report of tit* Operatleai o* MaJorQcncral Butler la the Department of the Oalf IhunqfjaiMi!, Osi*ai?tmkht or tub Otu, \ fmr Ibi a*t>, April 13,1862. > "By the Hon. K. M. ST A WO*, Secretary of War:?i Sir?1 have the lionor to report my safe arrival at Ship Island on the Mat of March, nfteraserlo* of casualties, set forth in my last report fr>m I'ort IteyaJ, to the <J*ne. al commanding the arinjr, but froin thence had no furthor accident. For three days after my arrival a storm prevented the landing of either troope or store*. I'pon consultation with Flag Otlicer Farragut, 1 waa informed by him that be would probably be able to mora l_i seven days. Accerdingly, by dint of the ntrii strenuous lab'jr of mv tioops, day and nlgln, I had embarked ami ready for embarkation Six thousand of my best men to support hi* operation ? a force jU'lged to be "tiffleient for th? advanee?'o b ? at once supported T>y the remainder of my diaj esab's for??e. After wail.i'g four dais with trooi* on sklpbonrd. I lesti>ed from Uie Fhg Oltlwr that th? storm# tnd low wa ter at ttie bar lia I prevented bis gmting hi* *hip i it J positioa For ?smta'7 reason* I disefuba; kod the troops, ? d shall re-embark to-morrow, and thill sail for the lie ui or the posset, when J urn informed tliat the navy will be ready for operations. I have pleasure ir reporting the sale arrival of >11 (b? troops assigned to thin d< pnrtment. The la"t regi ment froni tho North arrived last night?the <otmeo ticul I'llirleenth Volunteers?except Kirns' la'tery, tli? only drilled eor| n of artillery gv n me. which had for some uuu\plained reason been di- a>ned ul Kome?s Mon roe. During my enforced dolav by atiipwreck, tleMrai Phelps bad sent away both tlie Constitution and Fulton steamers, lo that 1 am much crippled for tr .usp iruuion; but where there is a wi 1 there is a way: and I sba I tin able by mean* uf aa. wg vessels uuder tow to make my way up the Mississippi. But for ult rior movrrount* on tUo . oist, one, ai leas!,of thetns'eam 'is will lo >f ib.i 1 last ucee- uity as well as sever 1 light druught si- amirs, for whuh I had made re-i '.is it ions on th" Q arrer.naster I General. In the meant ime, I have sent a r> g m .'tit and a ye. turn of a battery under tno direction nl' M.;jor Strong, my Chief of S.alT, toco ope: ate with the navy, 'o ? oman<l a i a ? logy fur an insult to our dug of tiu e rent ou an errand of mercy with a hipw recked passenger,as well as to dessroy the position w a'uv.imeut of Hie enemy at 1'asn Cbrieiiai). This service was gal lautly performed and th^ pro <r a,*?logy uin.ie at Uiloxl. Tho town surrendered iuto our hauls, and the rebels .tt PasaCUrtetUui?an equal force, will, foi.r . .cvsof arUl' lery?driven from their camp, which, with Its material!, wo.* burned. No lives ui-re lost,and only ? wo ol our men w- ro wounded. I trust my next <les[iai( h. by the first opportunity of sending by a mail h earner. will give an account ot a larger, a:.d an enrcessful an operation 1 Ulink .1 due to tin; good c< bdyct i f tlic brave men of the oxt o.liiiiii. masU lo lia.o published the general order u; i?n that subject oi.closed. i h-ive the h nor to in*, very respectfully, your obe dieutservant, JiKNJ.VMIN K. BUrLER, Jklajor General Commanding. GEI.ER/iL tMDBRS?NO. 10. llr-vrxjCAi irKH, Iufaktmiuit ok this Gi't.k, > ' MUi' ISLiNU, April 12,1862. f T.e Major General On maodii g desires publicly to tCHtify his approbation i f tl.e gallant courage and good conduct of ibn Ninth re^iincut of Connecticut Volunteers, Colonel f'uhill commanding, and a sec tion cf the iM\th Massachusetts battery, uuder Cuptnin t'.vorett, in the recent expedition to Biloxl and 1 ass C'ln isiian, as exhibited by the report of the stuff officer .u command of that expedition. Of their bravery in tho Held he felt assured. Bui ano ther ip.f ity more trying to tlic soldier claims bin lu.mt ration. Alter having been lor months subjected to the privations nccofsarily incident to camp llfo upon this island, tho-o well disciplined soldiers, although for many hours in full possession of tho rebel villages, tilled witto whut to them were most uo-irabie luxuries, abstained frimtlio least unauthorized interference with private proj erty and all molestations of peaceful citizens. This bolia\ r>t Is worthy of all praise. It robs war of half Its horrors; it tenches our enemies how much tiiey have been misinformed by their desiguing leaders as to the character of our soldiers and iho intention of our govern ment. 11 gives tin m a lesson and an exampln in tiuma uity and civilized warfare, much needed, huwevor little it may bo followed. The Goneral commanding commends the action ol the men of this expedition to every so.dler In the detri ment. I.et it bo imitated by all iu the towns and cities we shall occupy?a living witness that the sokier lights only for tho I'mon, the couBtltutiou and the eniorccmeut of the laws. By command of Major General BUTLER. GedrokC. Stfojui, Assistant Adjutant General. Oar Key West Correspondence. ? Kkv Wust, April 21,1802. The United States stiip Nirhtingalo arrived here to day after the quick run of forty hours from tho Hoa<l of the Passes, with despatches to General Brannau. The Nightingale reports that Flag Oitlcer Karrogut anil Com* manner Porter commeucea the attack on Forts Jackson and Fort St. Philip, on Saturday, April 19,18(32, at 11 o'clock, A. M. General II. F. Butler and sUiff, with troops, were at Poss-a-l'Outre, trying to t\nd the entrance. The Nightingale sails to-morrow with a loci of ord< cauco stores for the squadron, and the mail. The following is a list of the United States ship Night ingale's principal officers:? Gamma*'rr? Pavid B. Hurue JVrrf Offircr?Abratn T. Delnnp. ?Kdgene Hion.te. I'Uat?Thomas Stevens. TRIUMPHS OF ONE WEEK. The victoi.cs gained by our arms are now so rapkH? following e.v;h oflier that the events of a week t:go?eeaf comparatively to have been as many months distant a? they are really only days, Tbe news of the following glorious triumphs have rcached us within the space ol one short wtck:? Ok Stsday, April 27, we received the news Ikftt the advanced guard, under General halleck, bad attacked and driven back a body of rebels which acted as rea* guard of the rebel post of Corinth. Date of flgbt April M> Lieutenant Gwhin.of the United States Navy, inoos? mand of tbe Tennessee river fleet, led a land expedition to Hear Creek Bridge, of tbe Memphis and Cbarleaten Railroad, destroyed two spans of the bridge,eachoae hundred and tea feet, about Ave hundred feet of treat!* work, and half a mile of the rebel military telegraph line, Tbe rebels hastily retreated after a short skirmish. Momuv, Aran. 28.?Received news of tbe capture o( Hew Orleans. The surrender was fermally mad*en 8a* turday, April M. General Mat'Iella* captured a lunette fertlteatieo in front of Yorktewn, driving tbe rebels out at a charge. This capture was also effected on Saturday, April 20. Gen. Banks reported our troopa in possession of 8taa ton, Va.. Saturday, April 20. Wio.xsfDAT, AiaiL 30?Received news that a cavalry reconnobrasce met a foi aging party cutsidrfW Monterey* near the Mississippi border, and after a skirmek In which five rebels wore killed, including one au^jor, cap* tured nineteen prisoners, putting tbe rest to flight. Major Duncan, of Geu. Canhy's stalf. with a small force, obtained a victory over the Tesan rebels tn New Mexico, routing them entirely after a spirited light. Tht'k^pat. May 1.?R<reived the news that a skirmish bad taken place within a few miles of Corinth, between one or the advance brigades of Gen. Halleck s army and tbe rebels. Tbe Union army wae victorious. Date el light April 29. Friday, May 2.?Received news that I he force* of Off. Hal leek hnd a sk Irmish with the rebels at Purdy; Urovff them through the town, which th* Union troop* tooH p. wo?siou of; burnt two bridges and ran a locometivt luto the river. This action cut off all coin muaication be. twe?n Corinth and the North. * Patff of action April 80. Received the Intelligent# throufh rebel soorcc* tha Foi t Macon had been surrendered after a lengthy bom' bard men t. Date of surrender, Saturday April 20. Can* ?i al Mi'chel telegraphed that hi* forces had *klinii-he?l with and routed the rebel* at Bridgeport, Ala., capturivg t^e place. Date ?-f tight Wednesday, April 30. Oeneraj Hal leek reported that M.ijor Hubbard, with one hundr?4 and Arty of the Flrat Missouri Volunteers, had d?f?at*4 (?i<n*l* c.>flVe and BtenruweitfUt, with a foice of tlx hundred Indian*, at Ncosh". capturing sixty -two prisoner# and seventy *ix horses. Data of conflict Paturdny, April 20. Bati'Miay, May 3.?General Mltchal reports that after his skirmish of Wednesday, his troops crossed from thff H and to the muinland,captured two eaanea and their ammunition. The rebels retreated is great eoofMioa without again offering battle. The evacuation of Oorluttt reported in the South. Noofflclal account thereof received from our troop*. Baton Rouge reported one* nor* in thff peesesslon of the Union troops. As the news is from ? sew?*ion source, the data has not reached us. BcSoaY, May 4.?Received full particulars of th* bailiff of Camden, or South Mills, under (icnersl Reno, reported by vlie rebels ss a victory for their force*. It ha* aineff proved to have been a defeat. 71m arrival of the Santiago de Cuba bring* intelttgenca of th* capture of the rebel steamer Isabel, or Ella War ley. i actors of th* schooner Hee, center* of a scbooneg wl'hout a nam*. Ac. 1 he Hrrlval of th* Empire City report* th* capture o? th* contraband steamer Nostra Signora Reg'a. The c?pt<ir*d reb 'l steamers Bermuda and Florida ar riv*d at Philadelphia on Saturday. May 3. SiTsnAV Kwtns, Mat 4?Yorktown evaluated by the rebel*. General Mc? 1"il? repoi ts hi* ftroe* in pa*, session of th* rampart*, guns, ammunition, camp *qu|. page. and hln troops in full pur*ult of the r? treating rebels. lUoucester in possession of Hie Unto* truope General I'aine made a reconnolsaftiwj* to FUrmingtonj Mlsslssipjd; me'. fougftt wWl> ??1 d*f*?t*d four thm*an<| Ave hundred reb*l*. and captured the po*HI?n,tomff prisoners, the* t*nt*,oamp equipage, *c. The cavalry in pursuit or the retreating rebels. r*ateof light May ?. An aitltlffrjr reconi a ?sanco destroyed two tree tiff bridges t,n<ls<ine track of the Memphis and Chsrloatoff |'sllro*d at (.Isndaia, Miss Pste May 9. ' if ni reader* will glnueo one* noro thm ,gh Ihw ab M?t they will see that April 20. 1**2, I* an impor ts in th* aanal* eg our ?ni ntry * history. <m ihal day both N*w Orleans snd Fort Macon were sur rendered to th* I'nton troops, (tnttni' n?aa oecupie I be our loii vs, a> d otb** ietori** a tond?(i our arms ft other pans of the#