5 Mayıs 1862 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

5 Mayıs 1862 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE RBBBLUOI. A BUY AI?6TnaVV UNIKOKM8. RICHARDSON, Bl'KNCK A THOWOK, Menliant anil Mi.*., Tailor*, 470 l>rua4i.aj, Hew York, De* ? to in rite the attent on of OIU. r? of Hie army and ttOV) M'kllr house. wh >-ti ha* Vieen patron:*-d for* nunit> r of yum Oy umuj alter*, ititlttdiiw lue moat urominrut in bot!i umiiliu ol the service. who, by (no r continued patron age, Mkniiwlfd,'# th.-ir ap|.ro.al of the superior uaiform* and el'Ueni.' dieas furnished by the establishment. Ueiule nn'n a J. tan e, wtioae muturr" are not uu lie book*, will at their requeal tutve Measuring artU *ent to ihtfm by mail. SILK AND BUNTIW FLAGS, ALL SIZES, ON HAND for Mil'. ai?o .stall*. Mournings, Trimmings, Em^s, Ball*. apt*i Heads, Ae.. Oi nituenW. fainting ana Eiuluui dering on silk. HOJMlt t, uHA.ll i .?l, 07 Diane street. UNITED STATE.; NAVALBBNDEZ VOL'S, NSW YOBK. Headquarter* Ho V Clirry street, ur <36 South street; the onto United State* Na al Reudezvtuis iu this eit*. Wealed, l?in.Uiuen. sm amen and Ordiuary Seamen, (o ship for three year* o. during .?e war. Apply immediately, aa above. ?\T08BUHOn CHASSEURS?KIFTV-TItlBD REGIMENT Y Hew York V ilunt-er*, organized under special au thority from th ? War Deuarttm in. quartered at Be'lsvue Warden. Eightieth at met. has: i ivcr, un !rr command of Co lonel George A. Hnckl"ii.?m . lat. Ma.tor of the 8eii?nty-lir?t realm nt Ke? Y.rk Slate Miilna). It 1* inieni'.ud that the "Voaburgh Chasseurs" ehail not be evi e.le i by any regiment in ttte neld. Pay and subsistence to commence from date <>f enlistment. Recruits will be ???nt at out.*to camp, wheie good quarters are p ovided. $100 bouutv to each soldier when honoraoly discharged irom the"sei vice. Tint fair lliee 01 those enlisting will be aided by iho State. Hood men wanted to till up Company K. Apply at 270 Grand street. Captain L?. W. DIiHiS, * Late of Ninth regiment New York Stme Millti*. Y08BI BO CHASSEI OS, FIFTY-THIRD RKOIMKNT H. V. r.-II rry up lor lhat$IU8 bounty. Last change before tl e war. mi?. Recruit* now wanted at No. IU tJhat liam Square. Api T to Captain Ml'MKORD oiUeutenaut Sl'BBLING, lorii.e ly of Duryee's Zowive*. LO.iT AM) FOUND* II?OUHD AD P.I F T X.J THE NOBTII RIVBR?A YACHT twenty-eight feet long, pan ted black and t,reen bottom. The owner can bate the property tiy proviiix and l aying charge*. Apply at Whitehall slip. M. St LLi' AN. Lost?on the nmut of may a, wo. while going to a S.veuili district tire, a Foreman'* HaJge, No. jU. of Now York Engine Company 47. The liader will plca?e .return the *amo lo the engine liouae, 127 Mercer aire.-t. N. V. I OCT?THL'BSDAY afternoon, betweem liber II ly *tri et and tiie Hark, a pair ol Gold Si<ectaol^s. The finder will be rewarded upon leaving them at 101 Ln eriy st. Lost?on bcnday eyeniho. while going through Oreeuwich *tre-1 to Jersey City ferry,gold plain set Amuthyst Oroaa. A lib ral reward wdl u? j>.iid on return I uk the wune at M. Hurlaux's, 44 Whit* street. LOST.-LErr IH HAMILTON AVENLE FERRY BOAT ' Montague,' le iving New York al 0 A. M. on Sntidsy mornlog. a i>arrel t oniaiiflnK two large Books. i! ree M?mo randuiu Book-, and aouie i?per. Tiie Under will be suita bly rewarded by leaving ttie above at the oflloe ol the Wash ington Hotel, No. 1 Broadway, N. V. CAl'T. JOS. HAN3HAW. LOOT?ON SUNDAY, MAY 4, A BLACK and TAN Dog, with scald mark on liia aide: answers t < the name of biiijr. A simaole r. ward will be paid on hi* return to Si Haautu atreet, * >.u No. 8. and no >|ueationsa*ked. Lost?on the eybning of jTay"iT*iio"in city biila, rolled u{> in brown paper. In the vicinity of CaaaJ street and Broadway. As it was lost by a poor ybung girl the nnder will rereive her thanks and a rewaid of *4<) on re turning it to SOU Canal s Ircet, or 59 West Twelfth street. Loot?corner of canal and hudson streets. on Sunday afteruo)ii, a Nowftiundland Dog; amuver* to tha nam* of Bruin. Whoever will return bi.-u to 2J7 Hudson atroei. will b? liberally rewarded. QTBAYBD?FROM NO. 340 WEST TWENTY-SECOND O atreet (ga* meter manufactory), on the morning of *?y*. a white Cow, witli yellow spot'". Anyone returning her to the above named premise* will be suitably reward-'d and re wive the thanks of the owner. REWARDS. Reward?$3.?lost, on satukday nioht. in Itleecker street,utile yellow Spaniel film. Tin- aBove tvwari will i t paad by leaving the D;,at 172 Biceeker *i. rrwai:d -LOOT, A SHORT LEGGED SCOTCH <PO Terrier, yellow colored Dog; lost in Koiorih avenue, a>ar Tweniieth street, on Wednesday moniiiig The flnder will receive the above reward by leaving him nt :>44f Fourth ?venue. SoTRRWUiD"-I.0.-T. A SMALL Wim ti I'OODI.E Vt) Sutt, an?weiin? to 'h.- nam-' o Lily. f. e i.ri. will ri'~eive the alwv,- reward l y l?avioj( ker at the Drug stoie, comer of Grand and Klin *i: e>-t*. fl* - l;l',v. ARD ?: o?T, A SMALL SCOTCH TERRXER. J1 -) Coisr,ir ppi'tml mintai^; hid on.-ollir. with own e. '..nam ? an<i Ute aitdre^K. Wiio'ver will bruii him to B u t nifi * Mlablr 57 Ininp place, will rec lve uve do.lm-b roivarl a d no que*' ious asked. i I it*re Varu-mockinw iird lost, ON SVNIUY qP J.U a t-rn<H>n,.May 4. The tinder ?ul re. rive the above r- ward on returning nini to the owner, at 1^ Ens Nin" tee nth airee1. *1A KBWARI>.?LOST YESTKRDAY AITEiTnOON, v on Broadway, ue.u Houston street, while r.d.ug on >iti e. a t'oit n.onnai.-, nn a niug aeventv-tiuee dollars. The owner, being a p >.>r man. hop.", the Cil ler will He ?n?d riiougb to retitru the saw e an I re. ei. e the above leeai d lo John Finch. Broadway Squad Police, oalcc 4IS Bi'jm street.. REMOVALS. DOCTOR WILLIAM schirmer?removed to ? tk'r mli ait* -i, near Second avenue. Odice hotua '.root 1 tot A ?..anas to 4 P. M. T\OOTOa LRWIP HAS REMOVED FROM 39 JAY JLJ etrwu lo No. 7 Mcacn ?r?cl, ftetwu rn Varlck mi re t aid wart ln*4?if. S M1 LEON * CO.. importers OF CUTLERY, AC., ha?e removed lo 49 Warren atreet.l 18. E. M UN RUE. ELECTRICIAN, HAS REMOVED to 91C*rmiae street. HOTICE -THE AOENCT FOR THE SALE OF GOODS BM'ifocttir*') br TUB I'iriOK IIIOIA RUBBER COMPANY ?Ol be removed, on tic lit of May neit, tro.-n No. 103 L V *rtf MM to N<?. 1* Park pla?. HY. O. HADDEN, Preeldeat. Mbw Toes, April IS.1MT _______ _____ REHOVAL.-WE HEREBY NOTIFY OCR PATRONS and ihe public Ken-rally, that o-ir work", heretofore tnowa as the "Concord Street Flint Olns" Worm ' Concord street, Broo I t n, kaa ibis day been removed to o.ir new aid uwcHMit buildings. corner Kent avriiue and 'ISylo- street, Brooklyn, whi-re we shall continue our bwdne? under the uauie ud lit e of' EnitJlr* S ?te Klin! til*-* Work-. LKINIXaER. HlliL A CO., Propriety g. iNlun, New York, May 1, W62. Removal.-wm. c. oilman t son, dealers IN INSCEAXCE SCRIP, Have removed to 44 Piae street, oormr of WUIUm. Removal?william w manoer, m. d , has re moved to l& ijlliswti place, Eighth street, a few doors weat at Broedwuy. v mew rraucATfpfs. DR F. NOLLICK AUTHOR UK "THE MARRIAGE O'.i'lr "' .hi i L- t.jrer on the Phlsl ? i>uy and Derange ineoia oi i be Parental System; oil** No. .W Broadway, Iruaa JO till 2 d jr, "kcspt Sundays. N. B.?Dr. 11. attend" only to tbnoe'p?' "'is' ijwea d u. rined in h?e well tuims ng>Al and leciarw. A ldreas bos l'oat oilli e. The mahriaue ociDE, or nati ralhwokvop Oen -r.itijn--A privet- ii;atm tor foi m.i ? t t?r?.;n*, ur thoae jbon' I ? matrv, both and fe^mle. uv Ft? <!' rtM Holliek, M D, MStbor aad l*- Utter ap?'< in- i\.y?i ? mi* IMram ?l the n*-in-rtti\<? Organ*. <?!? . nvr.i. eii.rar tns,* and <"Moro* piat-o; 20 Hu e iron, m< -.ii mlafj* : and Improved, and brought down >n Uimrnvaenl dev. I'ri ?? $1. Saat by nan. |u?t*z' pail, on re< <?:?: o' ti,<-prl I. W. B PRO NO, pubtiaUer, 9S Naesau street, N. V. A'?o lour other worka by the a.ime author. S-r.d tor it i-ata.o^ti". Tae only 1 work sof the kind published.?Med. Journal. WIHEI AND LI4IIORS. HOLLAND OtN-IN PIPES AND K PIPES HIOH flavor and proof. Also Wee Drop, in c??e?, lor sale m bond or duly pail, by JOHN P. KELLOOO A CO., 35 Broad sti eet. Koch Illb"Randy ?"a~beionette,"' im'qia ft lers end ocla.ee. for tale in bonl, or duly iitd. b? JOHN P. KELLOCO A CO., 33 Bro id street. WANTED-AN aoeIit, TO HBLL ON ('ONmission, for oash. Srandies, Whlsktea. Oloa, Ac.. r<-r ? ?"?. Nona need apply but those wte bare a large numb r of ?c XiiaMttonors sli?sdy made, aad ena oo:nm?nd a good u nde in ewYotkorln hecotintrr. To Sueh a man a TGTf bnnd wine eommtsi>ioo viu be given. Addreae M. M., comer of ColuotMa nod Warren streets, Brviklvn. H. O. MEDICAL. Doctor hunter himself?the physician who -atabluihcd the ll'iatertan l).i>|ieu"eiy, No. 3 J>nl stoa e'reeu New Vor? fv, tn ?S3?, can b. consnWl from 8 A M.. nntil icn t^efc" k at nl^til, at the old otli' e. A prlraie entrance. Book lor noth.nj. DR. POWER-! THE v IS AT.L DISEASES OK KEM \LKS with unpir^Ji-I 1 <itco Uk lie caa "e .o.is i.i.;,t a l% l.at^bt atre-t during all bourn day and evening. Dr. WARD-A* EXPERIENCED AND SCCrRIWFt L ?Matltinn-r. toorough'y on-f-r-wnt in tr railn- di? .is- e, jaa baeanx'iltod at 12 LsTgbt street; a private entrance. B . gratia. Attend" alwava. DE. COOPER. 14 ?DANE NTREET, mImBRR OrTItE CMIi'ge of rkyrtciaaa end h irgeuaa A New York, may t?. consulted dully at Ms 'jflci from 8 >u ll.e w iii n inttl | n me rv >nt tg rBOFESMOR REHTELL, 1S3 CHAMBERS STHEET.CAN be ooneulfd aa Mean I, Aj<eB'% I27J< Lib rty street, f. la Mrookiyu, ITAFul'oa atr>et. WH. hunter M D . HO, t DIVISION MTRBET, N . Y., stn-e KM, ci rea ipiioti* or i.ii--k u, ? r>tuia ta erery lorm, wbl e frweiMng, otchltir, TBrieotele, hjd <?. !?, gravel, tiatnla. rb< umat.siii, a ule, cii.onlo or In^ai.^ina ioiy No pay till e?tn d BPORTIAU. I/O It MALK-A KAMI" 8 UUBO 1'ILoT BOAT *' IIOOX JP ???'?< elxnit in- hund -Hi l n.; four oft, wA loi a ?? ntl>'inM'a - ?< >it, li?tM<taM>i*l*lf ftn !?,, mmd f lii'iM for iri!liti([ in i ? \\ ? ?t Indl-t or Ouif of MrlXXt. A'Uti. ?? A. >S but I.Ill Jr. T. Poftl ?.ill ?. ~ Ml LIT AAV* nWt BBUIBKNT, COMPANY K.-THB MKMBURfl OK tin* On tiimuy v. Ill ? ??mlile ?l ihi- Aimorj Hon Ml *? 1*H " mi gt ? wtoUnbH'j .o^lWU. Hrmerol Ca* U TBAKiOlD. T. MM!-. Orderly S Tg' iHit. HII.I.INKHY, AC. \TTHBOLD dTA.MD, t.U BROADWAJ-THE LAft'igST IM| br?t jiB'Vnuil ?>( .S|irfiitf W V.,n?tf mid *fmw il?nd? W M fiHia I in the city, a? lit* W"K 1 '-"U at may MNMUM8, #57 Bru.Mwiy. "?0Vir.il, MMMi?'?( .. ro Mff, ' A rCBBMHKD COUNTRY Rt^IDBM E TO Ltr-O A it* Bo?n<l, fwiy mli.tn-w Irani i.i?f <-lt* hy tint *<sw llnrim kHmad; i, i-alilnc (Mid IwMHf; ? . . .J? s..u?. ?H'1 ?txi'il 'b? , I ? .!? ' .11 rU?.a. MM in (rxxi Apply to ?t ?<l<lr*ui A. 0., 71 WmI TMc/Hliittiili nr. AOO' KTBT SBAT.-TO LIT, AT A VKKT *OUE rate rvnt, a Ho'ina, nlltiMml mi rh? iianki nt II <ni ? hi Hnr, ? (* n??rfitf? ton* of (round ail* hi>d, with <?),<? am* 0*?w gnritm. atw frxti troc* and rtrukVi*. At MB r*HII au?i. . IIW'fEi, KIWMH, ?tC? TO LET. , A STAND TO LET? f AVOBABLY located III THE v> uuty o! Mr uahingtoi. nnrtei, well adapted lor tha 11 ul and produce bus n -as. In pure of 1). 1). STARIN, al the loot of Bar lay a reel, uu tha pier. A BAKE CH.'.NOK-A HOUSE TO LET, WITH 15 A Kou n*, ? ut.iKle for it iu cbanlc?' boaiuiiw house or Bitglia'.i ale bo .ae, ha* range, kitchen and dummy. a'l oom. t'l' te Rent uhe?e u> a good tenant. Inquire on the premi se*, I'l Spring Unxt, three door* from Broadway. Tne aliorg ia a leairab i place for business of any klud. A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE (FIFTEEM room*) to t, west of Hruadwuy, bel w Ninth s :eei; onntalns all the modern improvement*, mirror*, ihan<lelser?, auperior piano, Ac. ; to a goo i tenant for $1,214): lmaiedlata poM-^taiou. Adlress Ri hard, Broadaay rost offloe. /lOlNiUI HOUSE TO LET?FOB THE SEASON, AT \ Ssaraioga Surfeitl!; a line, spacious brick House, newly furnished, iu Franklin street, a few stnpa from Congress Spring. For particulars aidreas W. 13 , box No. 79 Saratoga Spring*. Furnished house in brooklyn'to LET-THB three xtory brown stone front Houw IS! Hem-" u street, contains all the m'?I -rn improvements; rem Ho per month. Apply to T. B BE UDELL, No. ? Coentiea *llp, New York. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?AT SO 3? FOURTH ?treat. ' atween Broadway and Howery, a Suit of Room* on fir-t i:?x r. eiegautly l"urnisi>ed. to a small family wbo will p.iy llb?rall>. wlili privileges in kitchen. AlaO Room*, hand NO.iielj lYr.usbed, tor alnglt gentlemen. HOrsE TO LET.?THE FOUR STORV ENGLISH basement Hotiaa 171 West Thirty-seventh street, all in perfect ordei, w.l! be rented at a very low rem for this vear. Apply to EDWARD D. JAMES, 239Broa iway or 170 West TUrty-aev outh street. PART OK 1HHF83 TO LET.?THE SECOND STOBY AND part of Uilwl ?ory of 313 W ?si Forty-th.rd street t, Iu ar Niuth avenue; bare ill the modern improvements Bent J2UU Call an>! examine. Apply u> J. E. HATCH, 373 Nln.h avenue, c-r JY. D. CORY, tti John street. RAVEXSM OOD-TO LET. A VERY J?ES[RABLB coun try seat, near the East river, wlfti large gurdeu, c*r r a,e h'juse, ali.iJc. ?hi m>b:ry and fruit in abundance. Ar ply to J. C. MALLORY, 2Ud Broadway, room No. 6, from id io 3 o'clock. STEAM 1'OWEB.?A FEW SPLENDID BOOMS, LARllE and in all. remain to lei in I. j. tfliuer 4 8a.'?MteMlw new bnldliig, on comer* of Delancey, Man,in and Tompkins streets. Steam power steady, coin eniences complete, and rente reduced 25 i er ceut. Inquire on premises. STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LABOE AND small Boouis. well lighted and a laptod to uiauufactur lug purposes. Apply at No. 499 Water street. STOBE, ROOM ADJOINING, AND VAULT 57 CROSBY street, to >e , long establisheda* a lamlly grocery, and well liH ated lor any business; has gas tixlurcs, water and counter; rent low to a good tenant. Apply at 114 Warerley place, near Sixth avenue. TO LET-THE FOUR STORY'BROWN STONB ENO lish B ix-m- ut House 12H>? E ist 'i'uirteeuth street, with all the modern improvements; rent low to a good teuant. Inquire of HIRAM MEBR1TT, No. 49 Third avenue. TO LET-THE FIRST FLOOR, BASEMENT AND COUN ter Cellar of the lirst class .store, 17 l'arn place and 14 Murray am ct, fixtures includ'd; rent low to a good tenant. Apply to JOHN R. FLATT, 79 Murray street. TO let?FURNISHED OB PNFUBNISHED, A BEA0 titnlly Si'iiated Cuimiry Residence, on elevated ground, near ferry. North StK.re, S aten Island; Utvns of several acres, zarcen. siable* uud every conveuieaoe. Cad at Dr. KLUOTT S oilier. University Building, or on oeoroe BAURKTT, Esq.. No. a Wall street. TO let?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STOBY IIOUSB, IN complete order, newly painted aud papered; bath an t water closets an 1 gas aud gas nxtures throughout. Will be r> uu d cltler to a private family or lor business purposes. Apply at 2.1 Ureci e street. TO let-IN OUTTENBUBO, NEW JERSEY, BENT low, two House..; one suitable for a bakery, with new oven aud good well of water; the other will be let out in rooi.'.s. Both have stables attached. To be seen by applying to Squire DWYER, near the premises, or at Kohler Jt Finek'a brewery. rpo LET?A I'LEASANT COUNTRY residence ON X i'liisi iii^ Bay. House containing ten rooms, with good and ample <.ut iUtl.l.iigs oa the premis s, situated about three miles from w-n.i, Newui.* n and Flushing. Foru rmssnd further iw rticulnrs ?; ply to J AS. T. SAN FORD, No. 93 West street, N--^ York. rro LET?WITH OK WITHOUT STEAM POWER:? 1 IK BEEKMAH STKKET?The 8econd, Third and Sixth Fioo.? 01 No. 29; I lit: SixtU Floor of No. SI, and the Fourth mi' Si?rh Floors 01" No. SI: the Sixth Floor of Nan. 29, 31 and '3imniuuicate with cach other and are well lighted on all S IN CENTBE STREET?No. SO, tlio Basement and Van it i-ten tin ?. iroin Dnanet* Reads streets; admirably adapted (M Bnvbanicsi p irposes and well llghlRd. Apply to JAS. COSNERS' SONS. SiCentre street, corner o. K- .i .e. J O LET?FURNISHED, OK IN PART, A MCK llou*U A ?.i 1 i?i i. rj puMr iwiDted lu IrrMO a good cellar and line grape vin ? to Hit- ?ai\l. 'Apply on the pr iuis?-a, ZH East Thirties > eel. rpo LET?THE UPi'RR PART, CONSISTING or THE 1 se.-oni an i ufth iloors at the liou.?e, No. 103 Third ave uite, r? i-eniiy pur.ted, ps; erw! and repaired thiuugtiuut. con taining and ditures. Apply to THOMAS MAC KARL AN, N . iS-l Eist T"nih street, near Third ?ve:.u?. rpo LET?THAT FINE THREE STOBT AND BASE 1. in -ut ho-iv, No. 123 Monroe street; has all the modern ?aipi-oreoM-nts; will be let low etioui;h to lull the moat econo meal if *>1-factory. Iii'i'tlre ot"?T L WILLIS 104 Louie ?ir et, u.-Mi Sun ton. 'p> LET-IN BROOKLYN. A LABOE COTTAGE AND I Stable, net ween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets and i ou.tb su t Filth avenues; grounds 30x2UJ; Qfta- n minutes' front llaiuSi on ferry by car*. Rent moderate for* term of ve ir-. A. A. SAMANOS, 233 Broadway. rpo LET?AT ELIZABETH. NEW JERSEY. A BEAU A tlful Cottage, containing ien rooms, double parlors, w ith marine Mantels. l ining room and kitchen on first floor; large ttttrdeu. Lot SO tjy 130. Inquire of A. PHELPS, .No. 7 Pine street. rlJT-FOB $m<> EACH, TWO TnBEE STORY aWR b*?eineu! iiou?-?, "outalBing all the modern Itnprore rn'-n a, and in very desfrable situations?on? at Hi West Tw ente-aerond street, ar.d the other at 178 Weat 'l'weiity svcuth street. Apply at 40 Exchauge place, la the base u:en . TO LKI'-A STORE AND BASEMENT ON THE FIFTH avenue, suitable for a market and lee ir.ara saloon. Apply ?? the corner of Fifth avenue and Fortieth struct, Croton Cottage. r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILT WITHOUT CH1L dren, the second i.oor et four Booms, two pantile*, liot and .old water, bath and gas. A very pleasant anil quiet neighborhood?3St Weat T* enty-eighth street. r LET?THE UPPER OB LOWER PART OF A WELL F irnlshi <1 Hoiim-, to a family w:iiiout chil Iren; all the mo lei n improvements Trrxs moderate. Reference* re. In'i "<t. Apply ai No. 9 Amity plsc , between Bleecker aud mitt streets. TO LET-THE SMALL, OENTREL HOUSE lttt 1 AHT Twrtty-otghth street, betwera Lexington and mini avenues. containing dminj sn 1 reecpiiou room*. parlors, lour sleeping ri u ns, baseuj'-nt, .tc. Large yard. S40U. Open irom 1.' to 3. AI?o, s? nn I floor if 140 East Forty-tilth ?tr et J. it. WILCOX, 1-5 Fi: tit avenue, corner of Twenly-'hird street. ?? ? - ? ?? ? ? - 'PO T.ET-THE THREE STOliY AND BASEMENT A Houee Ut Eaat Tnlity-second street, between Lexington and Th.rd avenues; lias as a, hot and cold water, bath, sr.; r lit I" Irufu 1 re OS t'.ie premises, from 10 uil or to L. FKTTtUITCU. 418 Third avenn*. r LET-PART OF HOISE OM SECOND AVENUE. <?#ruer o T iltty-fo nh ?ir *t p' "-e; in in p -riM-t urde ; tADlarge pari it ?, nau-? tm if |n-il an l piiia d; ? ti n. de.i rs in - ieh j ai It; I .i?e traortioni, with i-Io-msI*; ktaucn, a .lu raii.o an I K'stlonnr) uh . Belli rH nn!. rp<? I.KT-'WITHOUT BOAKH, TWO HANDSOME l'AR" i lur^. wttli extension,ctandeii m rr?rs, ,?r.: slsoan eli ganl s'tit o. lour Roi :ut. I ut miueit or uoluru nh- it, singly oring her, on third tioo. . in the Orsi d?i Englitli 1 usi mem House 121 Ninth street, four d ors w -nt of I'ruedwsy. r LET?THE UPPER PART OF A TWO STOBY AND lieeement 1I?M; live r> otu", rent (12 a mottt'i: water snd nit Otmvplii- nccs fill Iiou-I ae-ping. Apply at Hi Went Forty-tourth ?tie?-t, t/etv.een Futh aud 8ixtu sveout., next the churvh, rpO LET-TO A SMALL FtMILY, THE UPPER OR A Lower Half ot Ho"?e IS8 S?-onil avenne, with 'i.odetn Improvements, ai gas, liot and cold wat-tr, wntet closet?, trains, iaundry, Ac. No bill on ...? notice. For particulars a | p!y as above. 'po LET?1HE MAGNIFICENT STORE ?7I BROAD 1 way, sdjninin-j the main entrance (o the Lafsr^e H mse: iM/c siibul lei t. w 11 h two spUndll ?how w.ndMWsat tS' lied, one oi the beat hmlneas li/.-stton? on Br< adw^v. and mtdablelor a jewel'-y, g nts' furnwhlng,or any oilier een teei btiain-?. Will It? let at a very reasonable rent il < alie<t lor iinm?dl?l?lv. A mer> bant tailor or j?w-ller would have iwi nnposltloii in this whoc hie tit alder May next. Krtur ther [siiilculai n iniptir* ?t No. 4211^ Sioadway, lo irth dour above C?na street. ?po LET A LARilE WOEK ROOM. WELL I.tUIITED J. s ittebl-for any kind o! man it'ai-'ory, Parties reniov* ing, who re jutre storag-', can si-o be *. nm'iiii tati d, at tuo delate ciiargra. Apply to MANMNO, 578 Sixth avenue. PLKT-FURNISHEO Oft UNFURNISHED, A NE \T tiiree ?tory llo'iMh In gi.o I order, containing fourteen rooms, now BM?-.I wflli a g.?fl class ot vtoardera, or the furul ture. whiu.i is almovt new, vtill lie ??>ld at a bargu n III tr-alih Is the -<>le eatme lor selling. Fur partlcillar* iu>|iiue a- Mark"t etn-eL fro I.F.T-A TWO SlOrtY AND BASEMENT HK'i R I ig? > lull Hon- ?, p ? ?-miL.y ?? ii'^d in [??|h4tlt ?ti'i i, n-?r-? <)?J htcuh*. on,ainn:g ten rutint, wrltb ga?, ?a< i Mrr*. Cr .a WA<rr, ba'h room. ran ft in ktu-li"D, '-lo A.; na? i?.-n raoentiy paiiit"dT, Innu.'e an I mil, and Uaiidaoni ly iu|<T?d; h?? a torn* !i-out yard, with win-m ?v w>t?. and * tin* -m'ng gra|>?'iln* A dralrahie i? nam an *v? ,i i mi ? ?. *i 10 rarata moderate rent. Apply to K W. WHITSEY, with Wright A Kcl" h?ui, i'Sl Broadway. rpo LET-HolBB M> ,i SOUTH FOURTH STREET, 1 lit ?.?.> II, near :??- fer, ..urn mid water through lite liota*. r ut to*. App jr to JO' I'>15 O', 873 Broidway. TO LET-FOB BUSlNI.s*. HO.IF.VIRH, CLUBS, AT. el<gl*>:e front an I rorn*i R<io<n*, n *17 nnd 8W Broad way. c <tn*r of Twlfik xtie-t, nlm a ?iac.oiig entrance; V fOHNS klil.-O l ? r ? i ? < 'I". EBT-KUNT RBDl ED i' ? r. ;i Vvr rot'* X at or* browna'?na Mo <?? ii9 >V*?t Thiry-ionrh atra't; M f?"t ww'p art tka ?ray op, airaet I'M ttiw .. Apply on on ?<?(>: 'mi ?? "JOHN .1. K l-.I.MO,-I i Vilar < (*??? rpo LET, LOW -II'M HKS NO.H. 8 AND 10 WOOftTKR 1 atr-ai, n?a: Canal aireet and WroadTav Ai?o, n ,r U'imi, Willi nil modem impMifrnm *, .No ? Mulii^gh rren, M o klyn H-lth'* AWrea .1. F.. Mural i .,ii <? ihi?? minute* : ioui h ? l>rrv. Kr1 Apply on if oral .8 WoutfUt 1 n. TO IJSr?1'llE THREE >T )RY AND BAILMENT Ilfijn at oof I loir.'. Ifi< Lpvlng'on arenne. corner Th: > < ?? Mna inrDM o, tob^a, l.aili, gaa dittuaa, in <-.'i4Jig . h.?ndel>r?. wmer cloa^ta, Ae, Rent redded in $?<M Can be -sen at nr reasonable hour. Apply to TIlOx I'A.NMNO. Jr., a> B w -ry. T? J.KT-PARr OK THE HOUSE 1.173 BROADWAY, Ikuvkii T? entya-*< nth and T?eniy*nlitii atieet., .in .Ininj f> hi p'e*?atu room*, * Ith MTglar and gag. V ply II ll* Mofe. . ?ro I-BT OR EXl llAM'iK?A FARM Of I* ACftCft I Wo d Iruildinn*; Itmou; aoil, hloo oliy, M liKli'a, It utM"< trim Brooklyn, *t depot. I'?!<?'? lino i*r aere. smii** ok oi a lalr?; will keep w?*?. Rent low. Dr DKRI< K HIT Fourth afreet,}(. y. f|M> LET POSHRBBIOW 0ITl!? IMMEDlATRLY, THE I iirat Floor ami fioiit Bawmant of hmiw ? King <?trral Atao four or lira (tnoma on iha aroond floor of 29 Klug (iraet, witli gat ?..4 watar. (B'|nint at J1 Slog atietl.' | HOUSED, BOOMS, AC.. TO LIT. PLKT-UiHXH 47 LIHPKBAK? STUKKT. AID Socoud F.uor o! hOUs* t> LUi'imarU *wi. at Hr?. I way. Hut lu?r Apply to J01:UNKAY, 171 lir>udwa> rpo LKT OH FOB SALE?YfcK Y DKSIRiHl.B - ' .N ? J. real leu ? in Belleville, N. J., on the IWicrw, eleven To mi*. Iwai las but iMioal, kit lien au.l cedar*. I'wul an ure oi grouu I, lli.e fruii and ituJn uvi, wtta riier from. Item OoMuanl t l< o with Wa I MNel V'lW ?n hour, an times itall;. Inquire of W. U. WK1Q1IT, M V* all Mroet, up stana. r LET?IN BROOKLYN, #3 Fl'LTON 8TBBBT. TllKKK bio. k s fr<'Ui terry, a Ur^e do'ioie Uouar, ?>nlalni< g t< rooma, w.tli gaa, ruijn and wain, suitab e fur a mar lin| liouse; or would rent ?o t?o families; ratal low. App ? wa premises In alioc awre. rLEl'?IS DIVISION STBBKT, TUB FIBST FUXtt. flue i up .villi all till urea, suitable for a u il In rt <>r otlier ?i? aln-i lius.n-sa Teruis low. Apply to II. A. DO UKH!'. 51 Wail -treet, third tloor, front. TO LET-AT F0RD11AM, ? ?IIWIBlMii OOfOTV. J. the Cottage and mor.- or lea* o! tun Fat m U?? ? .?eup.a4 by C. B. Megrath, Ba ; ; thirty acre*. t>ui.din< nearl) #?, and well Hi luted. I'onaession Immediately A.ply to UKO B. BUTLhK, at A. T. HUswai t A Co A TO KENT?ONE Or TUE MOST DLSIRAMUI BB*t d noes in me vicioltv of New York, fronUu,< on me w ->ier. Xh' situation la unaurpasaed far k u j and brak . the house lias all modern isiiivenle.ies??? water, Ac. It will be.routed to a private lamlly, furni-urd. for the sum mer, very low. Apply to Wit. M. WU1T1BMOKB, 1.' ? Bx-hangt> place. rpo LEASE?THE ENTIRE MARBLE BUILDING M? 1 Broadway; a.ore 110 by 2ft feel; uve storiea, wi.u base ment aud unaer buseiueut; would make a line aal.mn, or cacti Unor aeparaudy; two upper Uoors have i?eii tittrd ?? for lodge rooms. Inquire of H. iiALUKAITU, U?|.. 137 Fiu tou atreet. or A. EAOLE-SON, 7JB Broadway. r LEASE?TEN LOTS OK GROUND. HITI ATKI> OS the Eaat river, between Ko't * -ae<uUu an ! I rt_v llird streets; bulkhead, with water thirty loot deep; t? ?u.tab ? lor 8 orage, Koun ry or the manu acl'ire ol b.-avj Kenio ? rv, where good wluir: acco'.iuio laiions?ro nx|uXri.'4. Apply at the Ceiiar Depot, on thept ciulsea. TO LEASE?A COUNTRY 8KAT AT l'ELH AM, WK-iT cheoirr county, ouiiainini! SJ a'-rea ol land, with line large house, ne eaaary ouibuililingi and in k<kk? order. Will be let low. Apply to ?>E i'KUN A MILLER, 3d Wail aiiwri rpO BENT?TUB HOUSE AND (JROI NDS OK THE A late K. L. Coll, at Fateraon, N-w Jersey. Tue ouw l? built ol aione. ia aixty feel ai{uare, two xtoriea, baviurni and atilc, aud fuitilahed with gu? aiidvtaler. Tbr grouuda coiuprute about 111 teen acrva, baniiaomeljr laid out in lawn and garden, and in perfect order. Attached lo Ike b<>ua< It a large tNinacri aiory. Tliere are alao ein naive Orapn-a, and nil the ueceaaary oulbui dinga of a large- plaoc. Apply to THOMAS O. SMITH, A^ent, fatcraon, New Jeraejr, TO RENT OR FOR BALE LOW, WITH SMALL TASH paymeuta, 'he English ba?'inent Houae M Ba-t Twelim aireet; house 17xi>0, lot 110 feet deep. Tb? house la in good order and ri-pl te with all the modern oouvenieuoea. Apply to L. P. MORTON A CO.. 131 Uum.e at reel. rilO PHOTOUBAPHI3TS.?GALLERY TO LET, ONE OF X the oldeat and tieat atand* on the wi-at aide or the city, where a fortune hag been made. Apply at 1ft Carmine atrret, corner of Blcecker street. UPPER PART OK HOUSE NO. 9 HAMMOND STREET to iet, consiaiiug of second Floor and part of third; rent $2M. WANTED TO LET-A SMALL FURNISHED COUNTRY House, not far fro.n New Yora. Address Madntue L. M , Mestager Franco-American olllce, SI Liberty street, New York. (Jk-1 C PER MONTH.-A VERY GENTEEL COTTAGE ?Ply to let, In a healthy avenue in Williamsburg, con uiuiug seven rooms, balcony and gas; cars (3 ccntsjjuaa the door; schools, churches, Ac. 49i Grand street, Williams burg. BOARDING AND LODGING. A GENTLEMAN WISHING A NEATLY FURNISHED back Parlor, with or without Board, in a small, quiet family, can obtain the umc by applying at 63 Bright street, Jersey City. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they d'Slre, w 111 rent, with or without partial Dmrd, several nicely furnished Rooms, to single gentla.uen. with gas, bath. Ac. The bouse is very centrally loca tod. and con venii'iit to cars aud stages. Call at 31 East Twenty-fifth street, or direct a note to It. M. E., box 166 Herald ottlcc. A FEW ROOMS TO LET-FURNISHED OR UNFCR n shed, with or without Breakfast aud Tea, at No. 4 Fourth street. A FEW BOARDERS WILL BE TAKEN AT 114 WEST Jf?urte< mil in ii pi i\?i? iaunlc, where th-y will have all the naniOris <?( a name; a di xirxbii' location and good neighborhood; chiiec ol room*. Dinner at 6, At no. a; mnth . tki et. a few dooks west of IHUj.IWAN ?uiohrti Uouuia tO Ittt to lmu*. l.es, Willi B ur l, or to aliifrte gentli'Di'lt with or w illmiU board. Ilmi-e has all tbu modern conveniences. Rele ren en e\. lian Td. A gentleman and wife can obtain plea tan iui nl>li.-.| Rooms, on the second door, in a first' lass house, whore nut few boarders will be taken, by applying at 2U West Twelfth street, a few doors from Filth avenue. Ite lerence given and required. A PRIVATE FAMILY WOULD LKT, UNFURNISHED, with Board, a liack parlor and extension on tirw door, fienl room a id bedroom on second and ro-ims on the ih'i l, with gas, I'aih, Ac., at reasonable prices. Apply at 246 West Twenty second street. AT NO. JO EAST TWENTY-FIFTH eTBEET, BETWEEN Madison snd Fourth at emirs, haudsouiely lurnisbed itoouii to let. ?fun board. A private table if debircd. ATNO.fc) NINTH STREET, BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place and Fifth avenue.?Room* to lei, en suite or sin gle, with tint class Board. Diauer at 6 o'clock. Rcivivuc :s (lien aud required. A PRIVATE family, without children, occu pying their o.rn houa?, in a delighful and convrnrnt lotmtitm, hare a few hand.-4i.nr, furnished Rooms to let, with board, at 16 Abinjdon place, lacing the square. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GEN II.men o?n be a>vommo lated In a private family with to >d Board, aud a pleasant home. Reference given aud re quire I. IS* Twelfth street, between SutU aud Sleuth avenue". A FEW HANDSOMELY FI'KNISHED ROOMS TO LET? la suits or ?e|arate, to Indira an I gentlemen ot kindle gcuilemtn. Willi or wllfculU fall iii partial B"?id; (nil Bjat'd lor ladles only; with a widow lady oe-.npyin: a modern brown stone house. Apply at Weft Fifteenth stieel. A GENTLEM AN AND HIS WIFE, AND ONE OR TWO single genii 'men, cau oiitsln elegan.iy fu rnlsbed i'ooma, Willi B 'ar>l, in tae botse re<*Mlly tl led u p as a nrrt class lejardlng houae at No. 2 4) We?t Tarenrv-thi id sue?t, Writer 0t Sjveuita aveuu ;. Dinner at six o'clock. Refer nee re quired. ATTENTION IS CALLED TO THOSE LIVING IN HO' tela niid Doardin^ homes to an citablinlimeiit o|a-iieil at No. lid Ma ilotigal street, and furnished Kith everything tie. eosaary lor lious - keeping, in order thai a family may bare a complete hoine mi l live st alow late. A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND SMILL CHILD WISU an tinfuruMM t second itoiy front K >o u ami Hall It d room adjoining, with Board. in a r"*pe 'al>le private family, where tn?ie are few or no t*i trJei ?; KK-ation oetwe a Ten ty-eigbth and fbirty-sfxttl streets ami Sixth and Xiuth itve. lines. Address, stating :atins, wui U most, be moderate, rt. H. Vi., box III il .-raid 'iOi ? A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN SOI Til Brooklyn, within two minm ??' walk ?f Court atiwi oai'H, would i*ei i one i.r two icoileiiii ii a furnished Rao'ii. w an pu iwt Board, or B. -Wl ml and Dinner. Ln^l ?n and O' man ?r*>?e.i. K nii' i at C t. V, U I'cienei -, ??. handed. A'iun s? li N., box I'll 11* : iiu o e. t OREKABLE tARTfl.s?GKYI'I.KMEM .AND THBIR -.1. wl? ?, and Iti'i tugie ;'uileiiien. may liud a f leiMtnt li'inieat 1J \ hl.iul place, corner of \>av*rle| jilt e. Din n r at su. >!ooma ritmls.ied or itnlurnlsheU. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LEf, WITH BOARD, TWO ehoi e a. .e Itooais, newly mi t neatly turiiish< d. So. l;il W ?t l'wcut , ei U ii . ie"'. hr?t I'l ins brow n slone uoumi central an I most de?irahle 1 ? atlon Iti-ihe city. AH \ND80ME FRONT ROOM, ON THE SEt 'ND lliair, wrdh view o(' Giam-i. J pn k, tilt'd lot a ? in umn an<l wi.e or a paityot gentleinen. with soul iioard. Dinirraitl. Terms very low. I'4 East f iren.y-tiist tlreei, Grs nen y jiark. A LARUE FRONT ROOM and BUDROOU TO LET? with Board, (arnliM or ttafnmtatieo. to it fiui-n.au mi<1 wne or : wo ?- ngio *en: iiii ii; hoim tii'?t ?'???; Iwatlon inirtWi it' Ditr Kutirik irenue; leim- r<-?/ion<ii le; rete renceaaS>-haBged. No, 99 Enn Tw- my-c nbh atifi t. t LADY engaged IN BUSINESS DESIRES BOARD ./X In * (|.il-t, gi a eel l.iiull)?Ki'tlill or O'M man pr?-!"tml, Ad<ti> ? lor thie? cayt, ma.lng trru>?, but i,r -' ntUc-. 4 UK.N fLBMAN and Ills WIFE cam BR ACCOM. ii.oJatrd '.vi li the uoajioru0 attaint borne in a nr.< y pnTuU' laniily RcicrMi'-ea <-ii.Tiai.,;i'd. Apply at ,i 4?-w iwcn;y-?mb air at, kMoralor alter ti I*. M. A PRIVATE FAMILY HAVE TWO DESIRABLE I X. MHil?htM IIumm, replete with aaatriea in l aiudein com -nleniea, ?' ? moderate i barge. Young ma> rmd wu.iid and it to tbeir advan age to. alt at 4U8 Weal Twenty tL.iiI utreet. AOESTl/EMAN AND WIFE OR ONE OR TWO Miagenflemaawi b? a<oina?adaied with ) l ?-un> Koostl, ?| ii or without Mini! a'. iJ IVtf FiIMIUi airtei, b"iw?<n Kit to and ft >'h ar<-ii?*l. VT * East TWENTIETH STREET, NEAR BROAD wr.iy.?B ai d ? A mud?r?te p. hanili'om-iy fnrnlah r<; ?n.i nrjf plai<aal Room. a utaiile for a g^Mlamaa nail ?lff, O'.' iw i g-niein'n, House flr<t < lain, A leiy ?!e- rat'le ?ninm' i looitlon. All mMti MMM'iiiM A HANDSOMELY FCRSI81IED PARLOR AND RED rooai >D ill*- llaor, ala" large I'.o.nu on iw?m|, to let, to Jan leinen or a tmiiil/; private labia If deairad; l .aiuilv private. In?, ire at 14 W>-ai Twenty ti it k inet, ne-.r KiUli a*euue. Abbspei table yopno lady wants board tn a private family lip tuwn, wim | i ivilege oi i?lng i mho. Taraieiri"* a inou"i*te. bem relarencu gitiu. AUdreaa U. V.. Herald u'li ? giving rartlnila'a. t HAMDAOMK Xlk/'OND story FRONT ROOM, IN Iurn tailed e?>.epting arpei,to I'M, at IS i Went Four tp-r.Mi ?' ? ? t, M- a. Klgllta aven :e, witli limil lor one, g?, or tit Mi 'i *<i i-arauBn Bi ikmit at 7; dinner at 6 i T iii sliVKNTH AYRNCE, third IIOI SE ABO\E Kuiii ? Ian meat, g utb'iu 'ii and thair wlveaand ?ln t|i- gfiill i iii nut <?? * ? - jinuiodatt'd wnb itoaid audliu in?i)i*d raw-; dinner Mat. Wfrrenc** aichilig'd. 4 OlirrLKMtN AMD L V I'Y, OR <Jl'fEr H?V, CAM ?- a plrel; i iml?!.ed K >nt or H?rli Room, wlih Bon ?Kor r?lr, lit i#and $7; ;?;I lh? iii'idsrn iKprm m?n ?, : ii sly and WiauSW* tak?n. App;y .u S<. .*? . ity atmai. 4 SMALI- I'RIVArE FAMILY, ilAVIMO MORE ROO<? J\ (In . . y , "Jill l?l iba S' UU'I i CU.|I?.1|. iii i'tr tO'inf, rim ?h'd With evtifilling i.?<, l-lta inr li ea.e i mg. It Mi nr d, iaa family wtibaut ehlMfW. Ap l>Ij a I/T Wrat nmty-aiai.b a'fees near Bn*itb atwwt'. i Clioict oir MOW, Wll? MMBO, VvBBMIKi J\. iii irn;?H' iii'li'-Bi'" I'm 1'0'i-e. with .ill linpior? ib'-iih, lit w ."il*v cla**, b^twe^n ?l?th avnae and waahin,i'#n 1'i'n. ,: i<ind. Diiini'r at d oMo-sk. Anew hoi u with all the modern im pr<i\en en I' < i-nn: Ro?<no?, with eioallent Boar'l, frwo At M to ?"> i "f wrwl lor (Ingle Kfiill*m<-uj faiailu i fio-n fl ?<? >lft; ilinner at<o'alwfc) atfrdand 178Bl"e' l?er alroei. AT no. "ii NORTH moore MTRRBT, IN THE nwgtitMrho<Kt ?f 8t. tohn'a Park, a few ce?tlame:i or a gm'ieman and wifaeaa be acc iotio Uia i wT|b Board) alaa oaa fiiung lady. koimo no uidui^ih Jpukatf virr ?trrr or a ubntlerasi aa4kt.aua ur .?> ?a,la ga*l a iim.mm Waa? ?.at?

nOARD TWO LAR.1b ROOBR OORRI mtratwo, ?t'l ?* ??! ?? ? i i. J k.r m i ???? ,... i ti?m .. in. wha ?-? ??'*, itotoim in ?! f **? i. Boakd -a rrjtath pahslv WILL 4oc?0muodattt a *. t*u??mkj *?4 ? ?hl? iwmhi#?we'll . _ _ _ _ _ Tka kauaa la . ? 4?it amj .> | o a' ~a ?t> "if lull 1 A# ? t'hfuj ?u? a..a ?? <.r tit iv* * ua?- ^ ?. ij ? k*?l? at'lt iti.itw; a,?r*u., ?<? i _ ? >sf? *><j o ? ? ??h. i? mm j ijr ?? 7? *m T ?? mr ? "~h a-.r w>u? **M>a* Hoard .a back room or ?r<*d pwoob. mr; .u.-? M i .?? ? i ww ?..?iafea at wra f?4 ?...rrt. at lit **.| t '?>? ? rv ??.? . tka h.h cwitaina au hi naf? iiif?>?n?n m* Ami.t mrt*a? wm iu-?*r*ia uc/ak1i ?a f.AR<> R ha?h oRRl.t rtrm?RBO 1) ktim. ,?? m v., , nuar, m ?lu, it wl, >t u; ?..? >f?mu? la l**u R?ktlt a 1.4 rlmt kk*tl. ?>. a 1 iw ? fobowta a*4 kta at* m tmm gtmil'mum. Urn*-* at t ? tiaka. mfrnnwi i* |? r#4 Board -?a>ik*orel? ri r?'*mkd iiu< ?r with ?41 lit* atw.rr* tu m. , ?-? a R--? u u> a mminami t i*.'i ? at* |... l?.j* ??.!* , |mmm? nmml aadrwlw mum v.?a? M c.. kr * )? .f r? ?*<? |?OARD_a obbrt.br AM ARB vtn or r*? a* atdgl'' -? ?l ?? a <1mi a a iilaaaaai r* ?? ?a all b R ?'?, Ik ? aa.all I tail 'j M >?ar ma all Ik. mini muavxn.rtl^ la balk in. t*a i?????-? at ? a u * ai p f at &?ot?at*r4 atlkai, fcmtaaa* V*mi ???* ??? rtt.mfc al aat-. nOAKD -mfliu ruoikt rt imhiitt) hoomr. A3 w.la ? ?-It ail lha-m ?> w olf m? ? 4u< arwmm. iiwmmui mm ??ikhtumm #?? ?pn? vivas or 1> ?l ra* atria>a ? li> -mm " R Mils wmfc !> ?'4. al *!>!*? i ? ?um *|<it"u>?? lm w a?iiibt ..?! a i,i?ua4 |><uKI>.-WAHTA? romk iir4volami pt'bsiti rr. if i ?? will, R ~ 4 m u im ur or ? til to gw a ?a kmilrih k it. 11 a?a? i?4 a- mi? .4?ita -a ?ka k?? m hiwul)* A*<i?aar ?' ?l ??<?.>?>>?. |*aat Board -two osrrumbrmi a (;r%ti.r*4t ?*? litmft, i all la* at' ?? a h i a ?? U) i mim fioatl ?- irwnn ? Ik R?a. a a* ft ?? hal- it- fan* l<* i gfuu* aiaa turmiwklk; i rf ? rirak-, m m maillaou aiiwt. kt itrrt ? i la *a4 hn a> ra ijoaho ?rfor. cajur, A(ky kln .lk ok lj luri.l k. u t??l<t oilaa Baa>4. ut .?<??.? t a , ikat U>'?l*? imin., ktM.a- !?,?? ant ca? at tt. ilraa . hmi, nr?i l> u,i|mia)ia imu rkana ? Ma i Board-a htro ??r>iv rt'imi iib ro >r o* li141 tm* U> m , wmk R?m?4 .?* ik* ?-i> *mif .mm <??? om-fm4 ku'mr. auk ? ?> "*-? fmt k t- ; nf, t*a audkatk ja.i ilra at ra S lu m ,Atn* .--la ? ? a *it.lt< aa a ud maodo ngal atralta Board wastko-in the to *ii'? c4>?r**iicw in hrautifu i .if IUI.r<a A Ml .?i. na?. '?1 two arnatl i hlwran mai R.*i a u'?; urn '4 ?11 ff mm n, ih ruian. ul ij a..n?4 atmraaa fat tkraa *af% i. A hatami orn Board w4!?tkd~rt a oi.ntibrar am? win In ?|>rnalf u'm f.uaiawaf n? ? M ??4 i aw i ?k air.- 14mm kuurih mi (RMMRM mm?r Ml *a mm thu prr jpur; rvfrreimiaa giara a.<4 ra. ? 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BOARDING ALWtUE, Ml ELY M RM-IIKH I ?*?? nil *i>cond llnor, to let, ? ilk M * - ? UMlrMk MM his wile, or livo ? ugle ?rni;?ni<*B ? I -re .in r ? l? .1 I ? Oi.hcr boil lei s; couvt-iit.iil to Hr < " < il ili? WkdMI KigiitU nveuuc cat*. Addrean It. I'. t! ? nipO'i Mtliu* A. Spring alreei, tor no* weak. Board at its west twfnty third ?-tkm i mi: oi R miiMo i aaaaad , mu? >?. lot a * and his wile IT tili.lc eeni|.inau. tti.h :ta? l??l if of home; hoiiar iiift i ???. R feien i?c,ilon,j o. ? BOAIID ON MURRAY 'lllLL?ONK (II TWO i.Rv I14MI wliUHImUMM in IMM lm MMMH. Will Cml diar.bl. Rooms0:1 Ibe ?t?: I It n, \ I'k ? qui t faiuliy wit# outchildren; house lir? ? -m ? a ?'n*.'no. n rjii d- Ui-bttul. Ap|>l> al .'tf W 1 ? T I'1 iijblti ? ? ROOKI.VN ?FURXISHUD RMJVS UN THK .->Ri OM? floor, with or without pat tiii Mo.. 14. >1 I'll iir stie?l. Brooklyn ? BOARD FOR ORKTLKMI.N. XI'AUIOt'* Room*, wlib Am clnsa Bo nil. a $4 and M to per w k. Also a I uudsnuicly 1 urn I.'bed wcond Hurt from Hriirn'im for a couple at $12 (ier werk. Addi-e-- A. P.. bo\ 11#< Post oUiee. ? Board in* krooki.yn?a okntleman and wifr or uvo single geiilleni?n can obtain Hoard; front Room on Mmud story; lionsa furnished with hath, gas, Ac.; live minutes' walk to Atlantic terrv, tru to Wall street terry. Dinner al bnif-p i?t <i o'clock. Apply at 92 Clinton atrial. B Board in Brooklyn.?marrikd or singi.f. ii'-n'l-uioii tan l-o accooimodeled wiib Board and pleasant Room* In a modern built hoti?c. lua pleasant neigh borhood and convenient to lli? principal feuies. Apply at 47 Concord street. B0AKD IK BROOKLYN.-TWOBlSULi: GENTLEMEN, or a gentleman and bla wife can bo aecommndaieri with thai class Board and fiuut Rooms, on sevond tluor, in a pri vate Unity, on reasonable terms, bona* having all the mo dern improve mcnti, and (oureuieut io the cais; location pleasant. 32 Willooghby street Board in brooklyx-ki cunton strbet, one door I'toro Atlantic street. A s?<ond atory Roam, with thiec window* and hot and told ml r, uewly furnished. Dinnei at 6 o'clock. Board ik Brooklyn-* qwtunmv a\d wife and two or three am^le gent' men can i>e aocoinraodaia I wiib 100 i Board aud pleasant Room?, bv applying at 327 H-nry street, between llairisju and JL'egraiv, convenient to I In in i' <0(1 av -line and & uth ferrle?. R-iert n<-ea 'I'-hanged. BiiWID IN BROOK1.TX.-A GENII KM AX AND HIS w.fe or on? or two single aetu'emen run ohlnin ploaasnt R uinis, with Boaid in a *mall ramtlr.at No. I4Nj?*iu street. Uonvemeni to Fullon terry. Brooklyn hrioiits.?oentlumen anh their n|v<a, or ?iusl^ ifntiTncii. iati nnd mo |.l???ni. R-I..ma nt 213 II ? Its street, n-ar Wall mre'-t feirr; house Hi si ebisa, wl'ii c. pry modem inipioreuient. Diinei *t an o'cick. 1>R03KLVN ni'.IOHTS - KLKUAfT ROOM?!, HINiiLK > 01 en suit:-, on accond and laird 1 oora, wlih B aid, at 87 lien y s rect: len:se laige an I r-t clao w tb I nth Mil tbi-ou^honr j'ifit newly cleaned and renovated. Table 1 all 1' ' ipeiler, and in all tilings ee lrable to in*s( elaas l<ni>it|ers. B KOOKI.YX UKKiU'lH. ?TO i!E.\r. WITH BOARD, ' iuriiMi-d > l* ii"f n ni- hi-d, a larje l!? 'Ul aud tia . rt-: room, (in le-oul floor; also lierinison tb.rd tloor; In a New England lainlly. IJhhm- intge and airy; nalb. Ac.; enure* i.wtit to I' irle>; term* tinler.ue. 51 Willow ..iieet. Bo U'.i? ix boi'Th itnooKi.y.\*.-iwo ci;.vti,i:mkn nudtnHr wIvi sand two or three aluide Mnilrmon an lind el j;.| ly fn'i.i.-Ue A'.* tnieii': aB! Bt*r<rtn?? Rein'st 11 Kits |>|R e, l< we n I'.ilitun an.t 1.111111 Mtaeo. I'll* fa mil. 1* 1 Ictijr prita " aud ilie lo a'Ion wiiiii|i>t it. Ujiuisoii ?e mi' lid t nrd ?Iw o-. Dlnitei' al ail. It I". len-e? e bansied. BOAltD IN WI l.l.l A USB URu.?TWO OR THREE Jooug m' li i?ti obulu Board and llooiiia in a booae wbei" he mmforisu h ?ne may lie enje. i-d. Tertris, ft.1 ;or br ai ,'st an I tea; lua bo.rd, 93 HO. A] ply a1 > Momlt Ninth sirei't I^ASf TWENTY THIRD Ml REST (MADISON SQI'ARE). j A siiiall pr vate aiiilly deaire 10 lei an e.u.aui 1 mniabed I'lirtur, a:ao BcdumMat with r>r wltnont inarn llom.e fiat elas*. Referenea tM-heiged. Apply to Mr. LI Bll, 2M 1- ourii avenue. TOCRNmiBD ROOMS.-A t'ilOK'E or NICELY 1} fmniahed RoOtna to iet, 11 Uie laini.'y of a widow Uuiy; the In ntIon 11. v? r?d'-<-ir?Me and centra : t' .iua n- x iate. 61 Bull'1 ^.r?et. Wl RNlSIinD APARTMENTB To LET IN RRODKLYS r in aitlik 'T SMarate, a iih >11 lb" muoei u improvainenla, .? a>er, v?< ami hslk; n-arthn r?ri :es ami cara; reM mnio> ta'e. r?r pnrtk'ulirnln'i uroat SiMB Mge atrret, Ronkl/n 1^1 RNISIII D RtlOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, WITIIOl T r Board, at vc-i Ion !..t??, Willi ttse ot ew and hath, in tlie Modern built h "i?e 26 Hom nl k street. I'l?a ei.all and ejainint lor y<> itt Ives^ The in<attlon is 111 eilem. 1/BEXCH B< iAl.'D -l iiKNt'll LESIONS?AN OfPOR. J tiinity lol-arn rireneti by pr?. ilea, ffimmr B Iranws, t'ini abed a hn 1. I'ar.or, tin ulshad or tWlfnmlsbed. Ap, 1* to the t'reneb !??*? her, HH fast Tw?M) -aecoM a:ien. IfVRJIIKHID ROOMS TO J.KT?WITH OR WII HOi T Hint; u ! r. i.: ,n, 1 buck , r. on M,c ?>r. mil II, vr and a I Irfiiii R'juiii on t>i?'h'rd Ouod KnTCIicni ft Ten ?n< re \ qnfrad. IriMtnrr at No. 8 E..?t- Tweatt:<>nu ?tr*? , near Ipt ^si-iikd rooms, without boari>-at no to 1 Ui'n 4p?h I'rtH, n ar tSio Uaay N? ? It andaje ti?r y MUl-Iied Apartm'n'a, ting ; nr fii ?-ilir, ..i T?ry loai.eia c pill ? m UU'I'MSHED ROOMS to I.KT-KOft ONK OR TWO r dltic n K<M,llei'l< II It.,Ill III the Il0,l?e) N". 6 I.'TIT plate IterrtrwtV iiUUNIBHKD room8 TO LBT-to OENTLBMEN. 1 with' i bourn, at N" 4 Bead Mreet, near Broa4h ay. IU'RMSIIED ROOMS TO LET?W1TII OR WITHOl T partial Toiirt. or f'.r h i?rii?eping li c!e irad. Apply ai ?7 W?m. Tntdtjr-aeven l> ?ne",attw4n 8uad?ay aud Sath RT?niie. fH'RNIsiiK.n ROOMS TO I.BT-FOR 'iENTIBMBN, in a deauab:<?:>?? aiioa 117 reran street, mar Broad way. _ IU'RMSliED BOOMS in FOfRTBFv.NTH M HBRT*, ii'ar l'ii"n n|iiaip. Mimlnnflt lmuieli"?l I'tnora an ! Hffi louna. wilh or wllho'it Board, in a flr?i ' i?a* l.o me k? Anurtaa b>? ttt foal cOke. B?f' imcee as i h?ng?il. (11. > ILEMBN A.NIl THEIR WISES, AND A FEW KI1T JT t (CHM'aifB ran t>? well ao otamodatdd with uood Bear<<. iu ? |> '???*' ' lo ?'ion imd n??r twoata^e looirn; a|?o a I' W day Boardtii*. App y at U A)lea atraet HAVDSOMEMT l't R.MHHED ROOBS TO LKT?TO ^IB tlfgentl-'inea, or piiikKn aud than hup*, umli ar without K' aid. A -o, a ? nt ? f Par'nra, titrnMied or nai'ur Hi-bed. AppiyaiM Wt* Iw> utylomth atieei, near filth i e II' ' I. __ _ Mr*. m d. skmneh, no. n wkht twentimjnth , at reft, li*i an? lae ?>vou.l atari I'lott Si.lt, tie Reci p I Hon Roon. undtv.o lai- a third atorjr Itooma, to i<?t, it.iI, B<iarJ;ril<o un?- oinl atoijr anti two third atoay aih^le Jto- m?. lUlnlBM" oiciiMscf. ari/jbh to lbr--iiandsomki.t ri rni.^hro, ?i<li :enM"n and *i<l" U iom, io ?cntlein. n, >vpu miI Hoard, if "a jrowa family, with <oni eiitenc^a tor boitar. k"'p i>*. iUi'errlKV a eicuan?rd. Apply at IM Wavcrlcy OSK OU TWO dkbirabi<b rooms to ijit, with If-iid In a ?mall JinlTata family, 0*aandiiath la lh? hou.i-. i-lnii^ratCo'riork. Ma, M Le?in('?ri af.mua, oae HOAHP"<> *in) Lopuiiio. - R >OMg TO LET?EITHER IN sum OR SINOLE, ?Uli nwl Bo,rl. la iho Oral Ojtaa ItouaaiU Waal N i uU street, uear ?i. Hi umiu. TWO HANDSOME BOOMS, FURNISHED OR UNi-'UR ill tu ? Mr?nti III..II and wi:S or two aiiiijitt ?*ui? i? '??? ar?i iitu, ?T1 mu.l.iu iniproveim-tila; I'ami.y l?rt? I pro a la mil me Umce 3J* W. el Thir y iifth atreel, ii'*i l.l.um avenue. rpWO OB MORE I'KNTl.EMKN CAN BE ACCOMMO X ?tlU K<?r I III the lirst alaea house, containing i ? . , i. ? . ? N . 311 Fo iiin aired, uelgtOoi hood ??< eltoai. T . u?? iuo urate to lull tli? time* rO iif\l. BM1 - ' AN HR ACCOMMODATED WITU ? m4 IaiiI, ???-. Me., n 143 OUuloa a;roet. Ije lt?? !?.>..>? Slid Oreud ximu. THHBB OB FOUR I NFl RNISIIED ROOMS TO LET, ? witR >11 iiitoi iMrtwewuU; hot and cold ?aur in I*"?, ? i'i? rlntata, A . iwuiiir floor. Inquire for one aerfc ei 114 W.--I Fourteenth --.r.-el. Rem model ate. a IN Ok roi R 8INULE GKNTLBMEN, OR GEM nf? aad <he>r Wivea, reu be accommodated wuh K ?na i* inat ur ?e ou t Uo>r, wl'h Bo.tr.i. iu a i-ri ?? . i?m. ? K ...m? fnrnMi.d or iiafurtilahed. (.all at No. Hi l.iJr. ia' alrart. KU.ieu. r gir<-u an.l required. \'BBY PLKABAVT B<K>MS EITHER FIRNiSIlED OR aafa an eg, mat be bad with ? private fam'.ly, o cu pviiigafti*! Uu lieu a-, who Wish iu reduce their r:.|>eiijee. A I t!i? ?>al r a ?( a noma, with a ?? u r>ua table, will ba |> e> grd al i*e?>eib e pr ose Satlfatory icleit-ueca ?\ > baa# >t Cat. ?< T1 Went Thirty-' lgi.Ui r.reet. VFBT DKMBABLK BOOMS TO LET?WITT! BOARD, en ai.it* or Uu.-r, l.?aUoo ui.r .oerliouabta. loo ?l la it wa* retab g, Ita> la* eiar/convenience. at 137 Weal T htwwb alien, aoribxrat t/rnei of Seventh avenue. lUlmi * re^ ' tre.1. 81 WMI BLRYBNTK BTREBT, NEAR BROADWAY.? Oa?? ** j fnri.lehari R?"> ? ? l'> tel. 11 Ki'iitleiiieil Only, ? tm braakf.-t aaa Tea, aad Di e r on Sunday*. (ft f\ TO tT I'BK MONTH.?FURMISIIED ROOMS TO Wl, very las ,a lib water, gaa, A<f, to gentlemen, or a'te ..aa aa I ?Mr, ??!*. fr vate boiiae an I aood lot-a iiaa Apa y at Ke ? Ka?l Tweaiy-clghth alreel, n ar MaAi aaa anew. 41 kA"ST BROAD VAT?ROOMS TO I.BT, WITn *1 1 Ba*rg, a< tu .c lor gealn-no-ii and ihelr wirra; alao at .??- p-i.tlM.ra. A frw Day Buardera cau be ait?uim3 baled. Reteira +* e^l anfed. I1J BAM? TWBKTV fOl/BTH MTRBET?DBSIRABLB t "I Retxna. with Bu>t|.; for fa i.illca <r aluait; ? nlk-uieBi benae IK aaa Beierw ?? ekckanged. nSPBINO RTBrBT THREE DOORS FROM BROAD ? war ?F? I?, laa.waii.) lun.iabed Muom-. lo am r e aaaor u.-a. T-.e la anna i* aaar a I the Urat t iaaa houla atMl I > a at a rnta u>. n .a R.d.ak rooaa fiae., luquireof iVMII IIOIkB CO BAMT TWBNTT-FIRwT btbbbt, offobitb "" " >i ?'-u v I'ara. ?f? i< i, a Bail af laru>?beJ Kouiiia, auk H ?ra, i be rati re third H-iar, auHibl. for a lanilly , b '?ar ?ie? i-laaa aaa >? ? r . . . I> ai d ??? |ae-:? 1. *'ii,.t<u atMl Foaitb a raw wita |Hwa j jl. ii*-?a. C||?R?T tmirtt fibbt ibhi, nkar sixth > " ' e?- i.?a?<a ? Frea a fan > |. K <aaiM to l* t, turatetied M MM WHb k <ar- . i.i??u ?'?!?* Iniilt n. op lion e. ?>??( ra laaewrfwrul, very eerreairal lor ? *ge? iwi.i aa<a. R'-!. eeaa-a?? bauaei ll.aarr al 6 a't look. Termk ? oe aw M.?* afynnuM. lei ibaas a taking la lutpiave tbea e?l?ea la tb. ? reu.a taar>a?e. U*> NINTW BTRBBT. RBrVBFN FIKTH AVENUB D? at-4 I ?t>* ?? f i? r - Nee'lr ur?iafa -d lion' Kiwn>, Ml SHI Ur. *Mb Boa. 4 I' ei r ? .uauir n-ia.aii'-'? *t??a a?4 r?|.,ira4 iNauer al ? a ? la .. ?M| OUm* FLA< K KBAR FIFTH AVBNUB, Bla>t" abteet -UM' bar,a ?? e'Ha n. t In rnn.i.h. d . aa .< Raaaaa * .?-a >lm I' .otna. i-o a..Me m ?? >?*.? C'audi u ao ekiertwa. Dlnuar at ail. fnaaaau n? <bO OKF.KKR mtrkbt. ABOVB SCBINU. ALSTON ? ae> Itauav F e*.<?)i) I * r? e>.r<i ealo <* R ata.* aa>, Cra ?aa aa4 evary Mi>?a?a>? let auaark -piua e. e iotakally; pari lea n>1y mHala far aatali ra >i> <aMr taat.ttaai iaai law I j r B AfT TWRJ TTB aTRBKT ?Fl'MNfMllEb UOoM.-, ?<?) la ?aMa ar aMMlr.ei.ia Bear J. fat fraltaaaea W a- a I a., a aaa tbatt wlvea, aa be **<ata*tf >if a|?j.l.. lag aa *b?t. Ma?*i -if?? f aeaaagrd 1-1 i I v t I II, I Mil -IKIM ? (iBNTLBM AH iRI <M ? ?aaa aad R" - Maat aa iaa .m.ad I'tf aiaa Iraai R-aa aa tkir<l b*?r. Tbrat- aaa lei t> I aiatily very MsaI M- atr.aaa g?tea aa4 nmM IJUt FBI*' B ifuH'f-iif. lllll HO nt.?BLB ItBI c>ai r* .at k-a... a la |i>4r? > a takel. an' i ak tin- 'we > ?.wwa? mx bwkn atat tngi.eu. i i|ak|a|kt awl O?at *a a ate ta laa 'a ti |Wtta la 'i-ikK. at a.ng1' fan ??? a 1 7ft Ahl> ^ M.BLHBFR <mn.f.- l KBIT IIOIIfF, 1 I II till H tb ? at-? ?ra ?.-? 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K J-PIRRr \J eiSMiaocOUJBIodeilOOa P*it..-e ? lab.ug Bjard >ea ae>e lame and alp-nae t>? < atl.ug awl procuring -><tr II trrm .if charge, of dealtable pUc a on Und.ua or lu ??< - ? ?>??? t.i ihm country. No. I Ureal Joae? aire* t. rfikT i ?Al>L /lOlMTRY AMD CITY BOARD WaRTI.D-TO Mf.ET V-/ wlalie* of *-reral lira' ? lea. r* ami ? ngle paiiu** wailing for gooil buaidlng p-a'*. M. H ?Kim Ji'vetw.ie ?Won to all v.-amlag Roe id, rt> Mir ui ? .ly A. a JOWKn A Uo.. Stt Beeealaaar. COUNTRY ROARD WAVTfctt?BT A OKMTUUI i*. ? Il'r, iwr I'MMim ami BWi*e, ?? a trst (iw ,'aiaa booae, iioimri forty ur 8U< rrwn tk ? <i?>. aw ? ? rej?.ina'l? diaiaa ? at a .ailra.l aaetw TN ll>i<i?.a R.rer runt prv'eirrd. Aitd.na, ft* n4 (till imiU'iIon. ClOVNThT BOARD Wa>TB?~POR A MAUKIRD ) lady, in t lie Brighton U.-od ol Bui rtiiag. i-n a .erm, ? her* ibrrr ara baat tew lairMit. A*t/? iHr> J K , Iw W' ?l Rlaveath dteaat. <?l?| l*rm . a e? iai We *e4?. rat*. ClOVKTRY BOARD \ Hi/UA ' -MILT. NJMj t iratlnnt*aa<IMratnv, ?* a inwi g<ni*ia a ?l? a Sown- la ? ?oiail pmeta 'aao y, > a ' r a t .tnia?> dated *1 H p ee??iit Ku m? act ? ? d B ier.l ua H . a- " Mil l.'j.ntw*i ?? ??l, *U'1 i-wai'ahhIII aba ueta |m umr ar>'"k U. H. <1., U>? l,?4 Peel aiw /lOUNTRI BOAfTI> W OSTlUa -f OR 1IIBRP. JtMlbW. \J in a h eltliy l<i ?i>oa, a tatr 11 ? ?? ?i i'? p .4 f .?"- a tai.hmg -laili aboatld epH< MBiaar tmelj a< out gi e. el.klt It IB" wnljr re|ml4* . ?-? la lk> /la ?'tun hi a ?l a buardn*. K-ta'nia ed I*W *0. I lir a> ? . i I Hi t A UAlUa CloI NtRY R .ARI ?Al SUrflMI. WATKI lNUk?. 0'ai '-m. a and ila> li w|v?* ?a.i ?a.i- .? tuau out llii'l ii |>laj>ital l.oiiw, la a <<? li^k'fai n?l f-a im %?w Vara avaaw, w MM* ? ^ aii.j Ma* b?y. wMtila t'n imnum'walk u \au -ru.i i u 'rng I " KMMXM M.M K RO\K|.lN?;. -AM.kPKK Tk It "j Uu>, frutn tli" . I jr ?>..? ... ii t>. . Maa?i?a Ua 1^1 III Mr. ? fiarl'iiii Knri-, af Ti-!*???. a aetrM and larwt i aaa U><ar4>W[ Mwaai^ t?,a >a aav<> nwiH ?? ma ii* .uuir um ?.lawit.i i< . ;i <i. iiiiaM . i .-aa-i. t?r IJO w*r?rw ?. .??"?a III all i"i i *a h I! I?? | n ? m I i' Tri> |?.a?i i? p|>-?v .."lilr i> .m ivtu n. Bf | | I i . iU^i . . a I a .ii *?? ?? I. .?? >.i ? ? n ??.: ' ?a .la-, ! ??? l l>r BtKuihaa at Hum aaa in? ar'u k la ilaa a?i i .. ?? | Itinii KuH II lattjf alij'. fi?tl da (OmiaaMit ami I I* ; 1:aajiapdl; Ikr tmt 'iu.mn I. ??!?; aara'nii at ai ln * ?u mi I Bi|' aiW' of a Hiiw. Iar ??!? .1 t itlma l?w* y i ?aturuiug. Ail'lr. a Mia II..M ik? | v ? %1TKBITIIB-'TER l ot laTV.??BWaT BOARDIMU TV jtMHMMi If MnagMMWR ?? JtMpMBi frw -in ill ami ?*l* i lamlii't, wttliag la pay Mia-1 a'ly, ?iw i?f Ilia fiiifa1 r>',?l4. m^a n'ar ilia r ly nn p?v r irWr^ (lit ooafi H? im) ?'tr? V*i a aaf aoifi "4N "> any .<* a tloS. Tli?>e ?ii* wiah i? aplll of tk a < fjvirt iniy. nliior n tUio'ii ihrir |i?r*y lo tak? '?fc?r,a, oaa aii'ti aa k C , i? .i ?i? liuai.:lu?, b'i* i7t> llr;t!il uC.i'. HI MMRU HKMIRTl / ' PKEX latOVE KEYI'ORT ?I ills FA "JT wwrllnitia* *<f?aiii llf n *?_ ?? ? ( > i r?; lam ina* v ip| M nak airaynnafu it. ?naa?n a ?' be aaooaan ixlai* I ?>? war* anotT-ra'a i?*r?aa?. pi ^a?'??M I,-ava IMI I.f fl a Mt-aida y. IW |i,.i ^ ,? a -ipyai ? VuMiumIXm Vo.a, ar pi?- " Lakp. mohkcan iioumr, tak'K ju hkuiv wiix >p n mi M '\ V far ik> a? ummoi *?*?? ??! U+n>~r-. H t'lalmt f-? r i.mM-* ????! of P. ? t??n| na ikr 11. ??, , una bo ir and a lialra una lr<*aa Man Ymk Tei ana ?ia .I* an irr *u?. ,u?ii>? A. W. PAlaarr.caaauaai ai!!? v*i, 1* ? .a iillL Hao a (??? ?"?! Pan. it R. tna at ika ? uutii-ra al, n r.navt, i* B inn .?a' aaic liaia ;p?a d p ? ll l?. a K m Railn i'l. KHrirtw-a, rlM m?a Rraaiug Pn#. U n!J. I?t.i ana Rob**ri II NriauM, itf M*ado aaa?"t. Lakp. Moi>K,tL.AKB UBOMOR. BBTT BY *11 PR 1'- : * . I - a Itwonia MN k . at*. . mu>. Apply ay latirr. or i?'ura>?'ion I an ? a ua4 a. Mnag a laet. .\o?r Y?d-?. ??i?a aaldd.>-ol Ma K'ATIONAI- HOTEL IX?>i<? BMtVOII RJ. Ill \?W afa u !nr Ual re "??"'?? Ol *uuaia. ? am.i ?a 'V?uai lu a. iaua.e l<>-me -<a- B r?a m ?? prm ? laa 4 lk? ltu<?a, b.v ap|)!}lag io D. C. PRTERII. r?a;.nvi?r. Oi KAM IIOlHR, 1BWPORT. R. 1 M aara. EerM* A BiMi beg la mtmm Ik r' aa I tk? i*iblie ilia'ti ?v,ka?-f i?i.h<I tut O ua ?.? *> far iba miiiiiii, hi.I ? ill ->i fa II far tka af g Ma la tka Irli. r | a. t <>i Jun? I ba a pa lutBieaacfiba lio 'ae, wkirk ara >n<u.(a.a?d by Ib.iea xi any <a er B* | la? b. 'rl'? Ik* cu lMr?, (Bw ,e,| aritb the i-o indi-ncn tviu a Iba ?>???? ingai d ii?i?> i tk- ? i?li?a Ihey hare gain-<t dvrina ? ' ir luag ')i??i.? u. ike tin. Ri'ia. yodir Ii iibh?. < ?? ry to ?M?r iniade aila. Miaar*. Kei-aar A Mn.n n oaiM aiin|>l? aay ibal Ikay iat'iid 10 keati the lion-. iu ?v?ry reipe< t Br4 rlaga, an.l aaa a? ?.| a ?oBtmnM'? of tb? a?"n?t*e ?ad b%blr ?if r ,ai?<t roa ace it kaa lmh?r n aat ioyi-d. A r<a . al ?'ta aanaa an b o?a H<MWMMBll.i<a iIn, I], ti ?jti * i?o\ IfOtfcl, ??' w )?ik, Af?ii *?ft, IttfflL MATRIMONIAL. WEALTHY YOIJ.XQ MAS, OK MIUII MTANUINU Vn to :ieljr. t"'"l t Mi? t in?n??r? and ail> -t gun di*li*? o mat* Uir ?o<| lalnaaco ni in joing mly twralih no nbje< i). with a ?! m iu 'iiai. miuMy. Ai'dr'unv ?r'tk, Orlnnfo, MtiM I, ? m ?r ? a* vuiii? VM YOl'NO NWAI, OKFl?'RR, WHO HAN SKKN Till warM ?lid i? liitd of li?lng 'D labnn iriltt, ant iiong over fe*la thr no<>d of a genul lady < om|?ni-in, ?lah?< >o c<>rr?*|?>ii<1 wllm lady pn-ao'ln* (l.a mem* to fill* don a ri m'nrUi"!J. H"l?lr?nk. hOBnmb!" ??'l ?in- ?v. ?lln >? ll'Xtr, 'loiilfja Uui?n I'o^l og?r, VI i'roadway. A NY ANsWER TO THm WI I.I. PROVE IP TWK.nTY fl*gf*af?, Mrarty, ?4lV?tk>n, ?nod look*, war.n lam pgraMwrlag tonylwi <an ?iatc* a ?.f?. i.< ? ? only : ? 'inIi <-<1. Addreaa lor On* ?t*k 11 J. P r >?? gau.a, ma.iuu K I'tM oM). ___ Aokktlrmar, aboit m vE\n* ok auk, ?s ?lrr* to form tar a.-qualntRMn ol ajrnttng lady, with a vtrw to matrimony. All tomtnttnlaatloii* airkttly annM?n II*I and aanwrt. Ad<1r?M, aiailng/rW^fo an intcrtMr na b? Wad jjj, a. tturlea, n?w Voffc foM (MM 8At.Kg or nuu. BUTATK. AGRKAT SACUIKIOE -KOR liALB. OK R E N T.A FIIU1 oia** lour story brown atone House, .liihor Witiiaat Furniture. It la full width, well tailed, and u*a ?a im provements. Furniture fhv handsome. ami as ROod aa new. 01IAIU.E3E. Mil.id, Si Oxiar sneet. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT FOB 8ALB-0B trade for city, Jer>e\ Citjr or Brooklyn property; gg acres; ulna mile* in New Jersey; $13,900; 76 acres, watec front, $'J,SO). Karma mall prices and locatious; aoms vci y desirable, at 1 <w price*. W H. MELICK, 407 Broadway. A LARGB. MAGNIFICENT BESIDBXOE, NEAR TUB Ciiy by freftuent trains, pleasant location, groi.n l? beau tifully a imaged, lawn, anade aud fruit trees, shrubbery, flowers, Aa, lor a ile, a bargain, or exchanged for city pro. Ijerty. HUUTUWldk A_wqui>,fti Nassau street. A BARB OPPORTUNITY.?A MO.-T EI.EGANT LOt oi l.and (160 a i e ), with very largo fr'iiiti'e on the Hudson river and ltailri>ad, well located for buiidin ; plots, will bi> owhanged, In whole or lu part, for desirable oil# property. Apply at 433 Pearl street, near OUatbatn. N. V. For kale?ciikai', two splendid farms, at Nortli|H>rt, tblry-eiglit tulles ou Long Inland, of ulty and mxty-llvc acres each, with extra go nl buildings and fruit of ?l! kinds la abundance E. A. BONUS, No. 2 City Hall place Farm for sale-on statbs island, near tot tensville.?A small Kami, woutaining twelve aores, with railroad through the aunw, and improvements, all in gote < ultivatlvatiqn, with all kinds f fruit. For further particu lar* inquire at Richmond Valley, or on the premise*. JOUN D it WATERS. Farm of about so acres for sale or bi* change, for Brooklyn property, situated in New Jersey; one about 55 aire*; one about 140: one about 10); one abottl 5ij0; one about 170. Apply to P. ZKULIO, 12 Centre street. IrWR SALE?ON MURRAY HILL, TWO NEW FIRS* 1 class Tour story brown stone front Ilouses, one No. 29 Bast Thirty-eighth street, near Madisou avenue, 23 by CO; a.id one No. 47 East Thirl) seventh street, with all tlie mo dern improvements. Inquire on the premises. FOR fiALB-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SBAT, AT OB anittt. N. J. House, stable, carriage house and tonpiM alley Tlic house has water, go* and all modern improve ments; ten to ft' ty acie.d of ground. For particulars inquire of .1.4'. kl.INE, No. itfS Fulton street, up stairs. IjlOlt 8ALB OR EXCHANGE-FOB A FARM, AND 1 must be disposed of at any aacridee, that valuable, la proved property 327 Tenth avenue, corner of Thlrty-hrst street, at the Hudson River Railroad depot. Apply on the premises. FOR SALE, EXCHANGE OR TO LET?A FINB HO USB on Forty-fourth street, between llfth and Sixth avenues; hiith niiio;1, brow n stone, lu st story and trimmings; in per te t order, with ail modern Improvements, sub-collar, halls all carpeted; possession nt once. F. D. RICIIAUD30N * CO., 82 and 84 Nassau atreet. Fob sals or exi:iian<;e-kour houses in IIro k yn, near City Hall. They are small, well rents*] will give a iood tra.le. or cheap for <a-ti. Also ail kinds of R. al Ksiate, Farms, City anil Couuty R sldences, 4c. F. D. Kit 11ARDSON A CO., S2andMNassau street {"OR SALS OR BXOHANOB.FOR A SMALL FABM 1 or country place, lour First arenue Lota, unencumbered, situated near Harlem, oven with grate, and sandy. If aoU, prior $730each. AddressH. D. G., Herald oflloe. IpOR HALE OR TO RENT-THE TWO STOBY AND , at ie House 13 Pike street, near East Broadway. 1'oa session Ifttii of May or Jst of June. Rent $SS0. Apply oe the premises. |jV)R 8 VLB OR EXCHANGE?FOR GOOD STOCK OB f ciiy property, a good paving business. The owner ia uoli.c.Uo sell ou account ol ill health. Kor full particulate Inquire iuiru oialelv at 333 Delancey street. yiOB SALE OR EXCHANGE (NOT MUCH MONBT J wani?dj?A threo story wooden House and Lot, built riprcesiv for a bakery; good well of water and stable fork* hon* ; in the thriving village of Outtenburg, N. J., opposite Seventieth street, N-Mr York. For further particulars apply to Squire D W YER, near the premise*' or at 97 West Twenty tirst street. New Tork. WOR SALE OR BXCH ANOE?FOR IMPRO^D PRO r p-riy, three Farms in R?n*selaer county, N. V., flvo imica a?'it<< of Albany, ou th i river road, from 89 lo 119 a tea Also, 70 acroa at Morrlstown, N. J., under a high slate u' culti.ativB. VAN WINKLE A WINANri, It Pine street. L'liK SALE OH EXCHANGE?FOB UNINCUMBEBU r cujr property, the late Country Kesldeui** of Johnstoe I. lo: ston, Es'|., siiuau-d in the town of Livingston, Colum bia ro ut.; c nuiua 7? acres of I^and, admirably adapted to f r uing pur|KiM's. The house Is large sud coniforuble, and o ether with the oiitbuildlnKa, Is In verrgood orler. Fo* fin tier pjitleuiars apply to WALTER L. LIVINGSTON, 41 W i ' a I pel, 1-r to JAM KB B. GLET WORTH, No. 7 Broad at 1.<<?B KXt:llAN(iE FOR A TENEMENT HOUSE NOT r b'-a< li ei. a titers I?A now three slory and baHcmaot l.igk so^.p IIoil - ? in K fty-Hith slr.-el, 20*50. lot 20x100, witk a.im id iii impror. metita. Prie ? $?,&0J. M >t ^age to aulk AtifM) to JOHN KliTTitEi' T!, US Third avenue. VO* liAlje AT A BARGAIN?A THREE 8TOBV AND r learmeel liame House and Lot, 1W West Forty third s.i >1, | ,i J?t>j 100 feet 4 ineb'-s; house ?0 by 4& Prion $a,?o eaah. Tlie lui is a orth $.t,UW. Tide perfect. Inquire ?i 14 t o> Uaadi strreC EB BALE OB TO LET-TWO VBBY SUPERIOB I or sleiy hl?h so-*p bio.vu stono It >umm, 64 and SC (?MtysMiiih Street, Is-iwnen Fourth an<l Fifth aveuuaa, el wa una a Possession Immediately, Inquire of the Ml r.CiBast Foitv-nlnlh street. Vt>B SALB OB TO LET-THREE FIRST CLASS JT three story brown stone Housea on Fifty-second street, a.lioiienj tha era Methodiat ohuroh. corncr of I<exingto? ,a<Mue. Apfily lo PI t' K B N S A CASLBY, on the premisea. HAi KBNfACK VILLAGE LOTS FOB SALE.-FOVB - on i he outh side of Essex street, near the depot; several Iran* to New York dally; very easy of aooea*. Anply t<> U. J DAVID, louuaelior at lew, lid Naaseu street, or W. B. DunaM, adjoining the oremiae*. tjumroi UA.LK OB LEAUB?AT HUDSON OITY II twa luliaarrom J??jf City ferry, and known M the N- wtlrk Him i. Tne houae la nearly new, contniin n large ?uMtorratf par ion. with bedrooauauccbedisingle bedroiina, ?UiwU, i> , and well adavtod for a large ouuntry boaiding litmr or wot' r rtire retsbliKhment. The premiaea will M re*W i hoap, ar be Iraaod to a good tenant, or eold if de al red A u?' yaid la attacked to lha premiaea, and therail ia< ie from Jeroey O.iv and Hoboken paaa tbe door awjr or im m mi*. A|H' Jr at taa Drug atorc, oo tbe premiss*. Lot wanted-fob cash; must bk between Hi <?d?ay KUtl ifevrut'i avuue.and bclwe*n T urrn ly-ai ttb a ad Ton twth aire*!*, wlih prrfe-1 title, for about f1,000 Ad drteaat awly K'na^latoiy atto Kaat Fourteenth afreet. rmro cointbt skats adjoining the "Jat A Huine- eaa." at Ketlord, W-etrii?oter county. Ka Ii nali a * i ?t 11 one" i, 01 ?l?ne, with 40 acrre, lenanliyoo optad i t J. B.hlei Wrljht, Baa.; Smith Clin", Ka|.,aad ? Mwtixn aad Urinneil. Tbe 8'. Jobn'a Cottage, alao ui et?->e. .. itb ihree . orera, both at low raiee. Apply to 8. H U/IH.OW A in . X ? J Pin. it et. MfUWk K,,R A """0 rRUIT FARM OF 75 AOBSfl. .""'I Irieta i--Z H'o<-* MM llotiae Furniture Oood ?? ? i, a ui. Inill'1 "s-a i I ?><>?> t; J6 milaa from New York. i al a tUe ? U- r* t-?rr ii tJoitlandl atr.-et, wm. hintow. C'LOTHllU. | a BAKB I II\N I. l.M>ll.H AMI UKNT1.KMRN, IF j\ you a tail to i.n the lull t alu>- for your caat off Cloth ? . ? ' ? a ?ou ran do la to rail or aeM l a note to tb* wen tavwa H. Mi.tr/, >t blub ..venue, There i a> ???a"r. la retwir?t0par or tit mure than l>y any Wilier .e.|e a K H?|H> not believe ihefalae pretsnlei* Oh ' l |l I ftti allk dieaaea, 1.' I (or <oa<a, or %f tot PmtM, aa In ar a taPabnj l^ia alien's 1 by Mr*. Mint*. | rewienitNtr, gvj Auk avenue, b-tweew Eevglaanlk , aid l .igi > entb air-eia. AnaraaaL i *ff aw wmjuaoLr-u m ?t in .e| tbe fu't vair ? !i?r your caatolT('.othiug,Oar> | tare, Fumiui''aed Jrw< try tbe >-?? ><? ? am il'i ii to aend a Mbl w IH V II ba J* II <J M.rr, r. UAklitA. Imi .HrTruth ir? [jK ||?ir may ?? . ihivii. <1 M atie dealt wtUl W i ae>? kw Die*ea nom <<t? *10, lor Ooatafle* A> ? ?!?. I'M l a'i ? .. urn si ? *?> ri'aao uot iorgatt* ial ?' i <i a 'd . <?r. Ilarri', IM Cerenth avenwa. LaAlM wwi?a uj Mia llama * ABBTIKR ISAJKI 1IIAN KVI.lt.?I HAVK JUST r n ired u*if i.ni J. Bu* mum A t-'o., t^iu iunaU, t* ?nr>k >ae l<M-?' and g^nilein. ? - aat un fi itlnng, KurnU mm*, anieia, Jawetrj. Ac. I ?naiaaiij?- lo pay Bfly per orat ..??>1 hen an/ ithei u-at-r i' e?ae i ill en or adureaa A. I>l'i ??. /IS 4 >ra'b a?*a ie, i?iween Tweniy-fo?rrti and [ fcwBMMlA ?m*eia. l^d aaMjNM to by Mra D. rMrWBKT, B. u.. ?a7k or 7?sixth avb - . ha? a Kie?t de-|i? i.i |.ni-haae a Urge quantity or i aa i ?* We I It( Al par<-', t ai I ia.Jihrlry.Ai' M> calling on o ?rf i,.- .aii?g. udtei and ^i n'leuien caa ubtaia the ut ? II ie ( .r ea h aM'rie, an 1 nil! rvot be Imp.aad upoa, a* ? |?d uy au'l.e athwra, (jiot-a imeaded by Kra. K H. p ?r |vmr?Mr aa.i iry JW Bow-ry, uppaaite Ureal 4mm A1 I T TUB OUMIftAl, OL.U WKI.l. KNOWN II. HAB l: IX BatabHa*in*eW<, MM Seventh a-enue, formerly 4 .!? * b ?<tie?a at I * : n b a<enue, iala or the wi ll aaawaOatlfwinaa an4 IfaatM ageni > aim-- of VM Bowerr. i .i ..?!? i? k a^.nn a hi- uM ijiiertera, 104 Seventh a?e a e (Iiaianieea tu imiI.ii e. aa er r 1 alore, by paying UM .? ?* r?'?> |.?rCaetOtt V?inl| Anara, CariMta, rur I..I ie awMe ?. |, y. ii tad lea ar g"ir em-n ran reel aatte n. a b] i ~ ? Ivttig iha f in value ler ibeir ait'cire. lhay oaA W'l. I M i beu.g p'Ki.ed nr ill'awiuged by (aiaa pretender* ? a>< bisk e bv a<|?g at >ia ?> ?r addreaaiaa the nld mm lbna?a '"i>ai H. if*r..a l<i Savratli avenue. Vau may at i. ii i, Mm .i l a nil a n< a. upua *?ia< <tea:t with to \our a< via (ion l.i. i'a a ifid .l ity Mia, II Hamik fleaaa t,ui ? iuig. i l<M .<???. eaih a' enua, vaWeea i'wrnijr-flret aad I ???!??.. -rwa i atrweta. 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