30 Mart 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8

30 Mart 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8
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The Jaly IlloU. ? on* or in MNHuuui or m won? toowwrr m nOMMKiiKNC* or a NWf in i rmmoMtm mmammd ru a fc." Bvu, ft powerfully tnuU k?.u P^^oed ?* MUM??? aMMmt K* """J *. ?? with spectators, la ???>?? um prm*-*' ttorta? g*?nsd considers toe j M m af ?oe iMOtri of tbe Mb during the ?4 M M I tot?I D*lrtcl AUon*>y Rcbort C BoUbtngn ap >4 fer lb* prurecution end ?? Judge IStawrt tor UM m , Hatchings, to opening the osee. staled that the Mlttte *M charged on* havtog ?>tor*ed ?e?ey frs? Mr. Bamnel Down oo IM Mth of July last m riding e grey bor?e, bed ? drswn award to hto 1 end appeared to b? tbe leader of the nob. r SwwlDowu wu, it> oil ,*l<ed to tbe stand end teo ? asfoMows - I rrr.tr at No 819 Wirt Tweaty.ftrst My rtoce of basin** ? 'o Wwt TwMtyseowid share 1 pe mclro, I nv Bvils op 'my bail door ?o Ibo l?th of July leal; be ?U on e gM hone and bad a drawn sword in his band; there were a mini^r or m?n with btm wi the street; two or MtoM<al the crowd oUkd out "There goes Mr. Down " Anrhtt baiknt ice. and said. "Are you Mr. Uownf" J sent I wen Bo>*?aak?d Mtmibert waatbeowDoroftbepreper Ml 1 e?id I waa: Hurke s&td, "Oo yon want tbo-factory mm* t" I eatd, ??Certainly I do;" Burse eatd, "Lot me fcavc one hundred dollars','' > answered. "I bave not got *%? Rnrke Uioo Mid,' I?i mo bave flity dollar!I eald, MJ bete not not Ui<t arocnot either," he said. "Weir hew inocb bave von got i" 1 answered, "About tweuty ?veer thirty dollars," Hurke tben aaid,"Let no bave that " 1 took out my pockntbook and found 1 bed not got m much, and told bin) I should have to go round to the odtoe ;.ud getst; I went round to tbe factory, which la In the roar or my borne; on coming back and opening tbe hell door Burke waa not there, but two or throe of the erewd ulH him, and he rode beck; I handed Aim the aaowcy.aod bo s?ked me bow much there waa; 1 tod him thirty dcllare; he naked if It wa* an right; I said yen, he might ooum it; 1 waa induced to give him tbe lanay to save the factory from being destroyed by tbe 1Mb; I saw the mob on tbe sidewalk, apparently waiting tor acme orders, but did not aee them commit any act of r*Manoe; there wore a boot one hundred of tbem Oreae examined by ex-Judge Stewart.?Q. Bow many tWKhn yon resided In tbat ward V A. About twenty ?re ?r twenty-six yean *) a Juryman?Q. Old yon over know tbe prisoner M Me tour before that day? A. No, sir A* Recorder Mid It was very clour to Mm that there Omni be no eonvtottoofor robbery in the first degree, as ?harped to tbe indu-iment, but that there might be for 0Md larceny, which wouUl be for tbe jury to determine ?Iter counsel had got through with the proof. "Butcbings, after a short consultation with Re ar HoCtaan, decided to abandon tbe proseeotlou, and red but Honor to instruct the jury to render a verdict af not gntily. The Recorder, addressing tbe jnry, said tbey must re tm a verdict of "not guilty" in corsequenco of a vari mm between the proof and tbe Indictment. In bis view ef tbe law oo the case there could bo no conviction under the present indictment, which oould not be sustained, as fhe statute clearly defined robbery in tbe first degree to. he robbery, accompanied by force and violence, or a glv ton up-of property under tbe fear of great bodily barm. In tbe present oase it bad boon shown that Mr. Down mvs op bis money to save hie factory from destruction. If U?e prosecution wished to follow up the case tbey ?tnst reindict I ho prisoner. A verdict of "Not guilty" wu returned, and tbe pr? ??er remanded, as Mr. Hutchings announced that the JMetrtct Attorney Intended to frame a new ludietment. City Intelligence. Toe Fan Arummr?Tbe Faculty and students of tbe ?*oo Academy bave commenced a movement In favor of ?liiattag that institution to tbe dignity of a college. A SOttUM bas been prepared and nemerously signed, which OKI M presented to the Legislature in due season. Sfca Booeskllebs' Etri.iq Trad* S-'als.?Tbe aucual trade sale of the New York Booksellers Assocm commenced yesterday morning, and proceeded well the whole day?books selling generally at fair A large number of tbe trade t'rom all parts of the , Sast and West, were present m the after part of fee day, and there is every prospect of spirited bidding ?b toorolng. ' '?"* Bui.?A grand ball Is to be given tb>* ovcuinp. it Inrtog Ball, by the ofloers and men of tbe First reg Mot, Phcnnix Brigade, (the Ninety-ninth New York 8Ute Hdlsnal Guard.) Tbe aflhtr will doubtless be mot>l in teresting. Fata in Cuitbam 9t*s?r.?Between elgbt knd nine ?Aetock on Yoeedny morning a fire broke out in tbe hat ?ndfar Store No 83 Chatham street, Wm E. Ptomming ?oaogar. It orlglmrted through tbe careleeaneeo of ? gin ?oased Annie Duflon In throwing a match apon the floor ?Her UghUng o fire Hi a atore on tbe socondUoor. The ?uaes spread among some cotton batting claying*. ?nd Mfbre they were eitlnguiabed damage was done bv lire OM water to the extent of 92,000. Tbe building and stork Cowned by Mrs. 8 Flamming, and are fully 'Mured m AMor and Brooklyn i^yuranoe companies. Cormtfl' laqvtltl. VMM. lUnaoAn dai'ax.ri ? Pohcuii.v RniOntfi rtjr. |M noti TB t Dud Koosb.?On Monte; evening a small kt( ?Wiwd John Donnelly, while hanging on to Uif (rout fcMCcrm of oar No. 70 of the &ast River Railroad line, ?a M 1MB paasrog through first avenue, near Twenty seventh a, (lipped awl fell before the wheel, which passed m4 eroabed bin terribly. He waa taken uj> b? ~ t, of tbe Eighteenth precinct, and conveyorf to M*nt Hospital. where deaib ensued soon after Kurds, ??beequently the parenta or deceased called at the bospi hi and demanded possession of the body, but or oourev ? eaold not be delivered to tbem. Tbey then left, bit kk d patamed with a large crowd of highly exerted peopU, Bi ac&led the high brick wall or the hospital. and, rush to tbe dead nouse, removed the boly rrom ibe ooflm wKii which they salely escaped to the ttreet, onder t*o ?art of the hospital authorities, who were unmile to rca'tt Vbe remama of deceased werr taken to the resi-'eoce of * fee parent*, *outbwo?t corner <A Firai V-^s- "v> 9wa?ty ulrtb soreei. ,iUja jurot>?T Coilln Win bold an w Mat/. * Svioiir or a Paho* ? i orooer Vaomtsa yes(erdsy beu (? mqo?st at 148 Wert street. on tbe body ot Tihmeliart )?ecbieti. fbrraerly a mate of a Brer,en ship, wbn c.n ?utter* auicida by* taking laadanara. OeteS'i?d was ? frkMtng man, and waa laborlcg under depression of spir )te,mused by long ceatliraed siritn(?a. There bel'ig lit tle cr no prowpect oi ever regetnisg his health, l/ocbtei raeol\ >1 to die by his oera i.s.ud. :md accordingly s?a' pwd " ~ aorraa kbout tbtrty-flvo yaara cf age and a native of <<ermauy Aniinn on Boabp a Vmr -Onroner Nai-.uiano held aa Inquest on U.e body of Robert Manna, i dnatb was theTesnlt of Hn accidental fall from the amr d< < k or the barge Suaquebenr.a, lying at the foot of warren street, North river, to tin deck of a schooner lying Bguide the barge. Deueiaed was engaged lu unloading at tbe time of the fau>l orv;nrrenre Babua waa twenty eight years of age, and bora ia Ireland. tbe fatal ilraueht. Ibe jury rendered a verdict rraapondicg with tho fr?rep')r\7 nu 's. I>f?ec<>ed w*? PI?iter to ihc /Ublng Schooner Alice. Bosro*, Marcb 29. 1864 VMaleamtr Eat '*rr. Queon ran into the Ostnbg i b<<>t ar Altoe early this morning, drowning oue tcan and > am I tbe schooner badly. Court fiaJenriiir?Ttita Day. !fcm?ir?K Cotrrr?Cnwt it.? Part 1?Noa. 148J. MX MS, MM, 27.1. (100, M7. n: 1,11,2, 1168, it. 12X 1184, tin, di8, tm, ii." liw.. lias ?*;. i*rt *-Nob. latl. 1884 13*8, nue. 1414, 1418. 1420. 142*7, 14.4, UM 1428 1434, 14.*. ' CU 1440, 1444 14^ IM Ibb SvricaioB '*ir at - Adjourr.ed for tbe term OoOBT at ( OMWCN 1'IX*K ? Kqnitv I MTtM. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. ^larrlc?l. tt? M*Ci ?(W Iaesilay, March 28, Mr. Hr>n Kfi* ta Mtsa '"auinu M*tn, both of this < :ty ?Johsswm ?On Taasday, Mnrtl 29, ai ?t>e Ckarrbcf tbe Tranafl^.iration, by Rlgbi Rev Horatio fetter D, i?., i, j, p | jifKirt'.' by Kev. 'Jaorge ft ?awbi'xi l? p.. Rev (Jensi.ii B Bossoa, iroiees'ir in 0L Mrrhen s ?V lleee Anoandale, to Masy W Jowcvn-*, A?erhirr ol the latt I ran- is V JoUnati <, M. f- , t-r line Iwe*?Orweiw.-s?fm Si.rioay ev rmg. March 27, by ?ev. J. B Wardle 0??r< v H. I vsjtto lltfs Pnasv t;ra fDw*i??Cooa ?On Hotiday eveaiog, Harc^ O. at Aha restdeuoa at the t>ri0c ? t*r< Lte, by the Kev. Mr . ?HI, Mr. <?*.. K. Towm.w, Jr.. ta eidot daughter at JlMie f oea. Csq , all at New Yo k. Tfl si?A Amp?<?n Vhursilay, M^rrh 24. a? fdd faint Cbn. fort, > a.. b) the ''lev. Mark I. Chetvrs, Mr aljkki Baa. of New York city, tv Ki.^ Mart E. Abesi*. el aionrt. Va. BwemofMl, Va , pa pare pieaee ropy. I)lrd. ?r?u? ?On Monday evening, March 2fl, foddcnly, Joseca Avai*r ae?d hb years. He net pa IB Cbriat The friends of the ramiiy are raspectfnily tnvtiad l? attifn' fnne?ai. f'om h?s late mi'denoe, Ho. 12a Dean ?tr*?u. ?r<*?k'*n, on rh irs'lsy aft'tnoon, ?t two o'eiack. i ./I Hhn i/ilttgda/e.Suty e^ail street arid Her- h Hi. Avmu, daughter of >ert 11 ??,(? ' sa pa e Atkeeb rgti. ag> ',r3 yaara. 1 taeo'd aed ft 'lays The frten-is and rels' ,vea of the ismfly ars ">sfi?btf?Iiy mattari m attaed U>e luaeral, on ThwrHlay afternoon, at ?aa ?>ctoe?. 1 Hva? ?<m To?-rtay, March 2n, after a long riqeaa. vw ">e flfctb year ef bar age. ?'??"'* of her brother, Patrl It ? *?' ft** h*?%sw>.Ill tnss snd J.iroes u'<Vnnor?. " T'''' "> 't? itad lo attend tho rnuarnl, <? Thors ^ya/i.rBQon mi m o eiork from the r?idenre of her mmwmm, fa Mm u>? alr)<l, a<i?s QaTuiTdsT Marrh 2g. Mam tui, wife of Ma Haoa Halmes, aged if1 r?*ra i m"iih and 21 davs IM^rteDdeand ratal es of u? family are r?sp?rtfully ?avtiHl to Ktiec.i tba funeral, fro,a lh<., t,nreh of ?bs Aa jwaif *?, earlier of York .i I i?r ttr.*u, Meaakivn <n ffc- rs ay mornti'g at tee a nloik Hs'rr" (to f>e*day morning, Morrh ft ? Mi#Mea x *tr'? Mie>-t, Hw W I'ajiTtv, eg. d ya?ra. *??? mvumt w? I Ire fvirew tc ItldCetrb t> *tfr ronnty __ - ? -- ~ *?, Inn Www feeeJTw^ t?am^hm9+!iS!J!&!S> 'tinKwB?(Wttartfc teth? Kth MHM Ovm, afMT ? SIMM M? |?M*I BIMM, MUM ttlk frteede of tbe (taffy *? respeatfwny tl>ltod to attead the fuacral.franiberfather'B lutttaee, 3frtWoday mm**, at *M >?l ?M?I ?***_ (J?iw.-0? Monday, Mm* M.fiwu*# ftr.m ?f Jacob aad Louisa Oottger, aged a yaws, M aasoiha and 1 <??y*. The meada and aoi'iairuooan of tt?? family mr? re ?McUftO> mvtted to aliiM It* funeral, UN (Wedoeeday) afternoon, at two ov.toek, from No M Walker rtmt, eer Mt of tkwck, without furtlnr tnvtUUM. IUiubt ? Oa Tow day aaermag. tUrdl 38. at eeven o'clock, Mrm-CiJKMjjiii Onrmia UuuHr, widow of JqUm Cilhrt Haigbt, aged 64 yeara. The friends ud rahtlf? ere respeetfalty MM to M tend the funeral (without farther notice), at hor late re aidence, 30 8niUi atreet, between Livingston aid Heber merborn striata, Brooklyn, on Friday aitornooa.at three ?'alack. Kaioraoi.?Oo Moo day, March M, Mam Amu. eMail daughter of the lata Coleaal William D. and Kacbol A. Kennedy, aged IT yaara aad 4 Months. Tha funeral service will take |daoe at No. 39 Hammond ?tract, tMe (Wedoeeday) afternoon, at four o'clock. fr?nda are requested to attend without further taviuuoa. Rnanr.?On Tueaday, March 39, M^aa-m, eldest daugh ter of N A. and Catharine A. Knapp, to tha 13th year of her are. funeral acrvksaa at the reeidenre of hor rather, No M Kast Twenty aixth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at four o'clock. Toe relatives and friends of tho family are MTHed to attend, without further nottoe. Khowi.to*. ?At Bedford, Weelohosier county,oo foefr day, March 29, of diptberla, Auwto Kkowltoa, aged 27 year*. Ibe frieadauud relatives of the family are rcspecifuily invited to attend the funeral, from hia late residence, on Thuraday afternoon, at one o'clock, without further no lice. Qrriagee will be In waiting at Mount Kisco ntatlon on the arrival of the quartor i*wt oight o'clock A. M. train from Twenty-sixth atreet and Fourth avenue Matha.?<m Tuesday, March 29, after a lona Illness, Icaubla, wife of John 0. Mather, aged 20 yeara and V BOBtha. The relatives and friends of the family, and also these Of her brothors, Frederick and Abraham Pitch, are re ?pectfnlly invited to atteud the funeral, thief Wedoeeday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock, from the residence of her moth r. No. 80 New Canal street. Mort.?On Tueaday, March 29. Jons G. More, Jr., youngest son of Lawrence P. and Mary F Mott. aged 4 yearn and (l months Notice of funeral to morrow Macau*.?On Monday nigbt, March 38, JojwMai'Mji*, a native of county Monagban, Ireland. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully *vit?il to at)end the funeral, from til* late ro-tdouce, No. 0 Knst Tweltth street, without further notice. MO'Owan ?On Tuesday. March 29, John McCowjir.a native of tae parish of itrumelilT, county gligo, Ireland, aged 41 ye?re. The friends of the trimly are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, on Thursday afternoon,"at half-past one o'clock, from his late residence, No. flP Baxter ureot California ?nd St. Louis papers please cupy. MoNai.lt.?On Tueaday, March 29, I'ffuirtt. tbe be loved eon of Patrick and Ann McNaliy, aged J1 months and 22 days The friend" are respectfully invited to att>nd tbe funeral, from 74 Mulberry street. 1'ui'KR.?On Monday, March 28, at baU-i>a*t ten P. M . FUMOOt, youngest son ol John V. and Helena Pupke, aged 4 montbs and 14 days. Siuoiiwa ? At Bergen Point. N. J., on Monday, March 2H, Coa^Eutm Suonbon, in tbe 67tb year of his age. The relatives and friends of tbe family are invited to attend bis funeral, on Thursday nfu-rnoon, at two e'clocs. from tbe Episcopal rburcb, Bergen Point, witbom further Invitation. Smith.?On Tueaday, March 20, Anninrn Jaivhov, only aon of Alfred J. and Mary Ann ?mirb,a?ed 1 year and W montbs. Taffbn.?lb Brooklyn, on Saturday, March 20, or dis ease of the beart, ''tuuiica S. Tahvh*, aged 31 years auu 8 months ! Tbe relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, tbt* (Wednesday) aficrnoou, I at half-past one o'clock, froai bis late residence, No. 147 High street, Hrooklyo. hoe ton and New Haven paa*rs please copy. Vawrr.?Oti Tuesday, Mareb JV. Thkotirik V*rkt. relict of Lewis P. Varet. Tbe rriends and iictjuainiani eR of the family, and those of her sons, Oscar, Pelpbin and Kmlle. arc resiiectfiiliy invited to attend tbo funeral, from thf< burr.b of St. Vincent de Haul, Twenty tblid street, on Tbaisday m< rn Ing, at ten o'clock SHIPPING news. ?Dlf r?* OAT. ?uw tun.'. n 121 *1'"" ?'*"* >2 i* ? Hinn wtrtH .eve I 42 *?ort of Wrw York, fflartb JI9, 1904, 011'AKKD Ship J 81* wo?h , hrjv?"<x?'-C OM..MIL 8mvih?. ( r)' I.fv*rpooi_*,rr<tfH? A 8o?.IP C',V ?"*?*??. Wall., Kow A Hark niw^'.f.roSn *'?" Orlt'ftjit-N H ? Wenrtt dahl (',or,? T?"*l?U"B. lUv.?_HslllPb m#1IjUi# * Co'* 8MB ufcePkwd <br). Frtnbie. Cayenne-.) a* B Ward Heincke S'w* ortlZ' >B" '' R*br"' iio,t4''??tana?Funib, W??TAD?* (HaB<,v> O/^fo-Kutrb, N' /DUe 4 Sr!i a'u'H"0 Hlrgtohl. Anilgim?Q Wt-? J SHbA fltib^rt 'Br . HiU, Haiifai-n R SSr4B0'* *?>'. Bawdoti Hon" ?,f Schr Brothcra, Meana, TortM|au._Ku>rbu.* a r Th-n.,*.!, *,??*?." SSSSlSSlto,, Rmlth r Ro?a, lltlnaiI"",1 richr .H^inJlh.n. <'^'"Kton-I, Km/ I' krrtoi). fi"hr Ko,r Not, Goo<l?i,:^ ? Hch'Kixon riu?trtT. N?wijiinn-^j 'l, ,,>A r'i?>n Ncbr laiaou Hutne. Allen, llir-K^l y * KobrO Brc ? n. OeJnm. _ . Scbr Pawn**. Cbapmai Rfcckett A Hon. Schr H Rvan, Snow, K hilll ?1-11 8 Kacketi A t on S'br T C Lymat,, Cr l ^ i?"n t ? oori ?Srbr L Rra'tnrrd r?;:h*ret>?I <? Ward l <'.o. HiMiner Aruww. {**"'? "^*fo'*- " ? Ra.*eti k li?n,ir>m ?* Klr* Raliltr.ore. Htt-amer V Young. Heiun<?'?i steamer D?rk?r, MuItII. US,./, ARKIVKI'. R.rtfc*"i?Kl!r i!**'aar Cmol. A.n nt Voj C Jirm*, .i,n? ja?3?V?ri?" "i , 1"" 2,?, ,n*' *;?' A-M' la? ?T 37. loo ?S^?&'JrssJr.r. !<'<a'n?h.r t'nlUd () f ir?n?i..n, ? Mo.,rw U ? Wuaru rma*t. r. rM""r" Nirlre* '''b.sK^r hi; /?& MS#or.fcoor'; w" P?M?d tj? kW r , .J1,,! J?*., w ?n "k? b*"k' n,d?i?'^j'wIWwH! il-o' L"""U ?r Wight ?.b. th^ outward Job,, pr<,in tJir? 41On iZ'k "th ,M' ""4,,,e' <U|?.l?Vi)i m!w lo^ MrV'^aaiV^'u'u ?'? "i? out, Witb IOM or n ainrriaat. ^i'ila.i?Jpbia, 21 dan r^^rTuXno. wL"!?! * wllh hghi wind*, t>*aimcrfm?ib* hanZ? 10 ^nkn lot; M fo. and *,wTo 5Cr ^T.r^ fe''V* A tt?*>? naJijed a^lp Uo^i %? riu, k.n-1.,; 1 ? ?0. Ion ^6 10. tiff W?nry XucU.^ ^Vool: UtZ overheard and <*aa )(?ai 6 nAaiulofwwi jar J WSNeUteAd^^fcj" n With iron, ,0 rraun. Tltnir on. , ?*u ad^X^'f,'Hn :<' ?U/?rd and wm inrUBito afluJ v? .i^S U/ m",B ?? (uaatlli-a of 1? M ?? !dU? ^ Cf.rnral i. from Tjlrw ^ f* j "P?l - Hr t.r, ber bow. <r*re ?>e?)lr V^.^rt b*''n ,n ,b? HMp DeutH liiir A (T'l f i,^?" t* "' in '"?1. ...Kvnba'^ A n, J* t,r<,,n, -<? w.ih nark <iraf K'i)f (fVna) v?VAr r ., ?d Arilr, Nor IS, .?p?.4o 4 ?/' P.- Tin :"-1*"* low * Pro Had k??: iim wT,-,i. ~ ,K "?*. ,fl A A awai t Qlwark* 4f I, bjci Tn t "o ?lfTi#?rt OmA.bjwt Heiv J|? frr, r ton^n fo^W^V ?kiWI ^ ? ?S~." Sjflte5?t,?T;r2' a :v"? W ^ arote ?bin LtH?D 01 TarmcuOi Ns fro? . -i44, ln" tor R'iftob, Ti data ant, ""? rro,n *rdroMan John.ZR. ^ from Q etpnfu?wn lor Ki ?.?" r'.r^"?<?*or,|f r 'llld^aitoSi'W 0r^*C ,,',r,,"T *' the tb leeiiT ?""0* w W#" ""O drlr..? off tar*tr MliW** H*aiV"^anY^jyyjP ?i!h en rimlaalla. ir. llth Ijii Vf p *a,Mi "Pli'?nd roairtiua?t h+na 10 in# rt<M?h ?? * f" w^*n,*Q? 1*ll from tie Hn. HI'u"lUl tl1Z?oV't.?l?DS.U!'*1' k ?'d '*?<?! "' oM,r Job.% fB, a day*, . ?rlg Queon of th* jLW*mV>*r- . ? ?nn w-7vb heSS1 (js: Ao'r "S?n-I# ? w ?*r lo Rt. A Mtrk **rm* n fT.rf .l]# '***"? ?'?? "? >1 .e paaa^jt *?** 8 ?*ro?.l, head ?lnd, (Poet J^RSK-i f*!'li "*"*- (J<'rn+'>M*. Mdaye, wltb po hrakj'wea'hari t?uii ,1'"^;'' T'k"'P,fltl H?a<J?, Jf dajre ){i?i MataLFwttaa^ _ _ _ I 9m Immmw Sekr Crwaoa, Turkr. Maehlaa. If 4ut Bchr Uo? Pearey, Kanalng, La baa, I <n Mir MmmU*. . &UL Mi A J B?tw. Imk, Imi, 14m. H?hr Petater CVnais, WtliMil Refer 0*n, Bally. Raw ItMorO. 9 4a,m K< ur T iTortine. kimIkis fall Itirar (or Altsabethport Bfhr JoiMiph Ross. ?, Kali River. Bckr Beat p. mmm, Kewport Schr Ouaaa Star, , N<*mA Sokr A Inn, Sackeit, Raw BeiOaSti Stoop Cornelia. . Provkdaaaa. Steamer ria*o ID it transport), Bolsar, Twtwti Motwoa, m balli.su, to U H Quartermaster. Aboat 8 miles 8 of Caue Haarj u> a veaael, aapooaad a aehr. aaha**, toad oa, with jibe aat; was too far off to get any partkaular*. Staaaaer Hketacket (0 8 transport), Kaaoey, Waahiaftoa, (a C 8 (Juawrmaater. HRLOW. A Fr gnabeat boaad ta.near tfea Lightship at aaaaet Skip Moateaunta, from Liverpool, M lajt AIM, one bark, name nnknowa. SAILED. JMk?Steamers America, Peril, R Rama. euipa miaiatra, It Rottebobm, White Kagla; barks Clenfuagos* clansman, Jasper; brlcs 8 W Barter. Delphln, Eureka, J Tilta Naiad. J Blenkhora. Marie. Julia, Neihe; achra Lima. 0 Ben IV j J Wood, 0?eaa Bird, J Nickersoo. Wlad at sunaet KMK. Aaatvku Htlyaaaiiuir AhmI??*?*? XoUWui Oraam?Itoona SS ax* 15. The renewing approved Maatara and Officers hat* raesivad conmlaaiooa from tMa isaMWInio CapUuna Jobn T Morion, bark Osprev; Iv)*! C Jordan, brig William A Mary: Cornelius Disosway. srhr MUt, Henry Lawrence, ship Catharine Holbroak, Jobu H C tie Haan, brig Dolphin; Rnfns P Trefry, brig Joseph Huron; J*" " Lauridsicu, brig Anne Jorgtane; Wm 8 Doe. bark Sarah K Chapman; 8 A Gardner brig Joint Batch; Wlnthrop K Me Mann, brig Morning HUr; Kriedorloh Brandt, bark Herman * Moll?, ?leo T Hewitt, brig Amies; BenJ F While; Frs L Church, aehr C Pendleton; Jacob 14 Loirs (male). M laeeltu neooi. Bnrr f hub Rma?See report or scbr Mil Rhode*, in port srrivala, above. Shit Oowckiii'm (Ikinnki i., Hpenoer. from London for New York, pat into Portsmouth, K, on the 16th lost, w itb loss of ysril. Snip Avmk.oiji. of Prorlden<?, Al, before reported sold to Boston parties, brought (00.080. A Rlrw Rim' bow on the stocKR at the yard of Jos Collin, Re w bury port, (XJO Ions, has been sold to Calvin Adams, of Boeton, for $.11,600, whtoh comprises the bare hull. Jiiiin N <n*BT. a-liore at Snltnate, la very badly damaged in the bottom. Khe may be got oir, but the eipense or re pairs will Dearly, if nut quite, equal her valne. 8?R R L Kfnut <cf t'hathani), Basselt, broke adrift In Chatham harbor durine the gale of SSd lust, and Is hwb and dry on Muskeget Island. Nkwport, March 16. 1:M PM?The Ellora, of Liverpool, henre for New York (railway Iron), is on hre off the harbor. A tug has [.'one off to brlnj; her iu on the mud (or tbe pur poii* of scuttling her. L*oki'hki>? At Rockland, 34th lust, ?rom the yaid of the South Knd Mar ax Railway Co. aobr Catawaiuteak. about l.iH tons, Intended for general freighting. At Batb, ^Slh Inst. from the yard of Leinont k Robinson, ahip Aberdeen, about WW tons burthen, to be commanded by C.mh Anderson *t Camden, 10th Insl, from tbe yard of O C Ciary, bark Rva ft Klsk. 49C.W tons, to be <x>mmatuled hj Capl M 11 Flak, of Bo inland, where she Is owned. Notice to ntarlneral IjinuTHonst: Orrica, ft mi Dttrmcv. I Biltimokr. March id. 18M. i A Ligl tvrsae! cxbibitlnga single light, has boon placed . n th<* East side of the Channel in Elizabeth Rlrnr. near Nor iolk. Virginia to mark the obstruction*. By order oI me' i^ighthousn BoarO. H Y I'URVIAJiCK. Lightbo>ite Inapei lor. Wbnleiiien. Rhip Bmliy Morgaa, Alheam. NH. waa at Falkland lalaode Dec 12, 6 mow o-it, with 100 ap 300 wb SOTO ibu bore Spoken, Ac. WMp Volga, of anil fi-om Boston for NZealand, Dcc IP, lat 41 8. loo 17 K. Ship Lytllclon. T.iv lor, from Beaton for Lyitietmi, HZ, Dor 16. lat 43 8. loo 17 K. Bark Kgvp:, llall fiom l*< rllarnl for Mooarriden, Feb 6, lal 0 K> 8, ion Z? 30. Poniga Porta. Aniikb, .)&n Ty? In port ahips Beverly, Poloam, and t.'ej Ion Ham ion l oth for Bauvia next day. Accha, Feb ft?lu port bark Tlilal Wave, Ooldamith. upc Asri^WiiLL, Marcb If?Clil l'?rk P I'end.'i tuu. Moxey, XT'. ntdad Bhk?kkii?v!.f. March 12? Arr (Jireohnrg, R Snellen, au<l P B Thompson. Neil, NYork RounKAdx M.ir-b 13?In port ships Ocean Traveler, Stone, for NYork IStfc; L Cetard 4KrChevalier, for New Orleans ?Vth; .loaehim (Fr) Cotinaall. fordo April 20. Denis Afl're ( Fr), llurvoy for San Kran.-ieco Maich 18; Cote d Or (Fr), Mmiicr. fordo, ude; I ark* Siu;a (Mor), Hansen. for NYork Sls^i Halfdan (Fr), Tanncsen. for do .!(Hh; I'ltuae (Kr), Hlanchard. (or NOrigan* lsib; Olaneiire (Fr). LePape, for San Franoiseo unc. Capm. March 8?ATr Tlos avhlapbusch, NYork Oau i, ita, Feb !>?Arr ship Bullion, Siqitli, Coionibo (Dot Colorado, its misprinted). fiii i 'oast, Feb 13?in port barks ?'c surelil. Mor&nt. froni Boston; Sylph, Webber, fordo soon. Bid fith, bark Man - cheater, Rowley, Boston * PAm.s Feb 15?In port prig Alice, Lefavor, from Boston via Monrovia, one. Oae? HA-niir.*, Ma:-cb 1?? In port Br brie Example, for Boatoii i days. Oi.asoow, March IS?Arr Britannia (a), Melklereid, NYork; 14th. Melrnsa, Cousins, do Arr In the Olyde 16tli, Caledonia (?). Oralg, NYorfc Host] Koko. Jar 3(1?Sid snip Surprise {not %a before), Kanlett, Manila. Livlhpohi.. Marcb lf>? An fionsldea. Oliver; Auatralia, Tnwart. White Sea Rvana. and Virginia (a), Craiv, NYork; Don gatfntte, Johnson, Sun Frutieiaon. Pot bark loth, Harry Warren, for Boeton, with eraw mm II none. Sid 16th, Ne Plus I'Ura, Coomba, NYork; Empress, Lj one. East port Old 1Mb, P B Cuitinr. Malon*. NTorV. Km out lutb. City oi Cork <s>, Tii.otUa; Hwla (a), Ma can lay, and Peraia (?). Loll for NYork Loanoa, March 16?Arr ?Y>?gnu*. Drinkwiv mail 8aca more. Owea. Caloutta. ,, ^ , Em out 16th Grtf?t ileyubln. Umebni7ier, for NYork M iuu, Marvh'j?riil *orw bile OiiV?r Oddeu, Tarsen. NTTnrif. ? ? * MKi.ROcum, .Ian J4?In pori bark Tr^O** *!?V.i>ar. Boole fir Auckland with pasxtm^rH. ^ MataccI' March 8? In rnrt briga Robt Mowe, for K V0T? (leorfe far .Vew Haven i Mata* .as. March 2V?In port bug Win Maano. Small, for Sagoa Sd to lead for I'Htntea ? - | MawsaviilA, March ll'-Arr Vffij t Li?<1*ay. ?'!?% i ton, J a, t? loud tor Boston I i .o!'i"^??'rH' in, r nrinncii, Bpaueer, Irom " 0 ? ,?r rtYorli, wuh loss of ?ear. Pr.'JO' Maixii f?|i' W""1 Florence, fot NYork f day", achr C A Farn'WQi'.ii, h r d< 4. BUI .'id, b?rk Mary Morn^er NVork- . ? ^ ^ K<?- itv t?. March ?Ar \saempllon. Nadu, N\ork. St Joh5? i'H, Man-li S? v?-?l in pon. MM, March it? C'ld bri? Tlmea, Rich. Oaaaivea IPxn SiKAsmir Cut or Manchkstv?? Thk l.araar i 4ri troin NYork >!.--r?,at RnMol; Malnies. at Oloaeealer; iillib. hi'-eisior, Cnlti?ator, and I'ndurvvrller at Liverpool \meriran Porta. boh roll. March JH?Arr V 8 steamer Rhode Islam). Tren hard, Caiie H?vtien. llan hark Kmelle. Boole. Livsr do?L Uld ship Harriet. Ualton, NOrteans; bri^s Luchetti (iisuj, Bi'hai'entiiirfi, Harba.:r? and fit Tliomss; .laiinel Packet (Br). J>avis. Ift'-mel: Relief, Bush, t'ardeoas; Vok ter lraei-\, pTi'ailelr'k a. ""-Iirs Spring Bird, Randall port Rn<al Broadi'rfld. Fisk, Baltimore. 8 d barks Antlocb and brig Jolij. fiom the Roads, i.ark Alice Tarltnn. hrlit* M T Rllrn orih. Murine, and Rdnlti i-tarted and piobni'ly an-bor ed in the Boala. . , . X'tli?Arr srlp Waverley. I.i> erpo?l; barkk Riral. Li'arr.r bell, d". F.aun. U'v*'i ir??..n. Bl'Ckh^i'RT, March Is? Air achr W T Rii.tme, Dorr. R1VEB, Maah 27?Rli! rn.tr Pannv Noss. Davis, HOLMES' llOLB. Man It I'M?Arr rchr Sarah R IIW rls. Delanu, F.li/+bclliporl lor fvrtsmoMb. ? Mldachi* Hatiit K Simr*' d, and Msr;?ret. i"tb?Arr Svbi B n--sl Ai?, Prvvldcn e via rarpkiiitb ??.<?, wli^re ?he l.as b?en acbore; is l.any and win proba bij go ot tbe mar oe re'lway 'or lepaira. 8lu scar i o.oud I May ^8in?Wind N. Noarriral. Sid aebr Rorr'se in port nri.ra'Alexandria l'< enii i Bri, ravilton, ^daiine, Juno, Maracai!?>. B Kama and Honest Abe. NEW IlKDFoitf), Mar ti 17?Sid schra Pavilion Baker, Harwich lor NYork. Copy, Kelley. and Sarah booster. Jjoid, do; Jfi'b. K .1 Midiki I, Rellev. do NI.W HiRYi'OUT March 24?Arr sehr Eierrtt, Biacle O .olt, NVork. 81d sehr Amelia. Bu iey, Cort/. Ri??. N'.WPOJIT, Msrc1'. 3C -Arr ^ rs Hrotners Ha^ns, Boston for Baltimore; Nil lift?peran<lnoi, Biob, do lor Portree Mor. roe; 8 Baker, Keansfd Weill eni fordo; M Webe'er. New rorrli.Boaton for Norfolk ; K M illard. Pr>iery, do ii,r Ts'i I.'D, Fiowers.ldo for I'iilladelphla: Monitor Besa?, Wsrrh.nn lor NYork; OIlTe Avery Ken oar Knnklarfd for 4o. t'npia, Waaa, New Bedforo foi do; O Fraaole, .larkson. V ualliaem foi 1'lilUwleii Ina I. Merrli an. Ilauiiiion, Ponland for New l York; Whistler, Presbtr.r, la inion (c- d,i 27i!i? Hid tlx-above arrival*, and ntanv eilrers ?/Sth?Arr Br nark Hhetn-ld Foberuoi. Am it saan fo rro vi ieuce. In i>ortat A AM. bark v.'bll'iAn. sberwiKHl. Irom Kiliabeth port for Portland, t>rig John Hatch Gardn-r, for tloba iclij ?jo'h). schra Donna Anna. Chaw for Sa. oa 'dg. Massacan. setts. H'int, from Horklend (orNVorn. H I?wia. Sloldho, for do. NRW LONDON, Match 2f.?An s. hr IA bite Foam. Milli ken. 1'ro' iiieni.e or NYork and slu 27th;. Mtii?Arr aohts Daniel Web"t' r. perry. Piuiadeiphia for Provipenee, Ohlef fhainplii auil Fmulre, Dayton. >ll*a betliport for do, sloop Blaikstonr Aden. NYork for do. Kid schi Ro.lie' lane, Roath, Nt'ork, aioops Spdaa>-r, Ho t. 1 and Aurora. Wl',llama, do PHILAOKLPhlA. March J8 Ajr atch'nalili> '?-aion, Mai tha?s. Ronon: schrs C I. YsndervMoi, Olobiester. J P Hi p kloa. Neaci inl?. WellUert 1'aollne, Freeman, do. Win Mr | Cobb, t;blptuao, NYork, Smith TuUle. Rim, Piovjticni'wn. ' Bloulse, Thacher. H D Steveus Whitn,ore, Mary F etcher, ] Traeay, and .fani' S A'lerdic*. Stltea. Boston Ned Bnmler, 1 Tfiorndlke, Wlnterport; I. A Jtihnson, Cukrer, S W Pa>?. Below bark Alex MsNeil.froui fort lioyal, brig Rr.no .? Mane (Biem). from NYoik r'd bark Iddo Rlinbali John- ; ?on. New ^Orleans: bn?s Moaea Day, LmAta; Tmrknry, 1 Taylor, do: M K Thorn| son Utinpl.er, Key Wast, schrs Ned Mnioter. Thornrtika. Si.co: IVarl lltll. do; .'oecph MaiOeln. Boston, Naia<l (,'uei n, Daniels, and J" Henediev King Fr... 1 rMsaoe; Reaeni-, Keliy, frovioialown. Fly Che^semao, Nant icket Went to sea an b, snip Hsraoak for IjlTerpool; bark Maxonvilla, fcr Ke? ' irirao- and two biiaa PORTLAND, Map h /?i Arr sieamshiwi America (Rr>, , Martya, Livananl: I)C Molay, Hatnoson, NY'.rk rht J r I Csrver. P*nMil? Basiport lor NYork K"orgie lldl>ora Nor wood. Calala for Phlladcipnla, Jnilet. l'hil" too?. Frankiort ?or Fort Delaware; Albion, Moor-, Rockland for NYork Cld ateainshlpa ,<nra (Rrt, lllllho, t?iverp?ai; Csss ndra Hollo way, NOrleana; ahlt. Westmoreland, Hecaa. no, Itrtga Plillip l^rrah?e, Dallv, Havana: Wm N' kula. Atoe?. Haitimor sehrs C B .lonea. Freeman, do: P.mhlem. Ha'd'ng do; Mary Wmev Spinney, do; Lady coifl ik. Krtsbee, FhilailaJpi ia /7th?Arr achr Ai h"rn Snow, RoriOouL PROVIDRFCK, Maieh XA? Airaiearners Falcon. Jonea. and Annia. Dana NVorr . sloop Julia Ann. Davis Croton, NY. Nld schra Frneet tannery NYork;New R'g ilvs, Orow ?or. and Ma>la I/Oiilsa snow, da PA WTIICKKT. March l?-Arrgthr Lady I?ke. Tlllolgen, ?lirabaJiporL not J K LAND. *arrh2J-Arr achr O Praneia Hnat. VlnaV haven far Pbl.adalphia (and ?IdJith* Mid ilst, aalira Mm ?reas. MYork; 8'isao A Mary, Hall, and Augnala. (iMorf. dot itl'd O A very. Wilson, do, 24th, J Achorn. (J ragory, and Hardaerabble, ?<re?ory da HAN FRaNCIBCO, f?h 24?Arr hart* romerts (Dnteh). Devrlea. Hong Koa?i Aalsa (Nor). Dab I. Foeobow. Kth. Nouvalle Pallaa (Fr), I'alien. Rmidaaui; Maieh I, ahlp Ar iaean llam), Ritlkan. Liverpool rla Bio Janeiro. MAI I.M. Maroh W-Arr i.n.a AMlaae (Br), Bt .lalm, NR, for NYork; Amiroee Lajht, atabl. Wlimiiigtee. Del. f?r Newhonport, aihra Margaret Ann Br . Bt John, NB. for NYork; Lu/la, Olorer, Kfmda it; AnerMM Chief, Fxaaaey. NYork, Cameo, P..wall, do for i'embroka; Wm Rmman, Binarft, Searaport for i blladali bin. Mid *7th, bnjp Al aton. Baw.er, Washiagtrn, DO, aehrs Roaanoah Hi aa. Bnrfc??. dot* P I arkar. FlUgereld. NYork ; Olivia %niM, Poo>e. Phllailelphla: Wm Rtilinan 8TON IN (J TON, Mar h N Arr aehr (urn prom lae. Brown. Kllrahetl port lor PretMiea<?, ilw i, Joel iiao BiakHL R?" dent for Uighton. Kth-Arr aehrs Ploclda. Kelley, fudoia, M and Aa drew Patera I.ord, fcll.a. ethp. rt for Host- n, C ias KlT'e i'l"' ..'"H,1". 1,0 L L ^rivldi nee: Kaqmmaux, Briiii'a h ''d N ireitu, h ilsuii, n r?i ? lor 4. . A i'am^<i A t? vw.aat n, ' ? We ' nah Triniui i Nortb. do for F ill I ' '??Itnan, HM>latih, fc-ai-u >alsi,,j f?ij New j msomiUiaoiia |A,,3SfflSf*"*'-1 s. ?? AMD THV QRBAT Bl'OCKHh attkhdino it _ ^ , *M*aa?f wMtattalaaisiamaf PataMMtyOM ?unptHm m< gtvea ?p to dto. I resided la Philadelphia, ' aad br. Jtauk farrtah. ihaa Of this ftttf. ordered nae I* Morestowo, k. J., a dhUnee of nine inHcs. whVh took ma 1*0 days to mni than Oa uif arrival 1 was put u> bed, aad tfcera laid far aaeav rim Two waa a> uuvo place, where ah tav toll; lived aad had diad of (Saaumutkm. Or Tboratou, who attended my talker la Ma taut 111nana, waa called. and gave nee aaa week la ti a* ai* alTalld. Ha had seen all my family go thai way and thought I waa to ltd too. The* 1 hoard offtbe remedies I now offer lo the public. wbWi cured ma. It seemed lo mo that I could fool them peaetratiag ?? whole sy stoat. They aooo ripened iho matter oa lay Innge, aad I would apit off mora -thai) a post of offenaivo yellow matte, every laorolag. Aa aooa aa that begau to subside, ni cough, * null), niffhi ???..? -* ?- 1 ? ? M iicvh c??r aiuc?\ ror m.tuv year* I have enjoyed uninterrupted good health, keeptug ine liver and etouiaob healthy with the Reaweed Toole and Mandrake Ptlla. aa I aiu of a bliloue temperament. My weight la two hundred aad twoniy pound* On uy recovery people would aeod for me, far uid aeur.toaea if their eases were llko mine. Vor thla pit r pose I pay troicssional viaiu In the larva tilled The consumptive* wlah lo aee ihe ono that ntakea ibeae medicines, and who was enred of consumption by ihern. To make new inags I* nnpoMaible; but cavittea In the lungs and tUiroitio ulcerations of iho bronchial l tbes can he healed. Such cans* ana dying hourly oadar Ihe ordinal? treatment of physicians. and juat auch are enred by the proper one of Mcheneks Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed Touie, and Mandrake Pills. I am now a hoailhv man, with a large cavity In tbe m ddle lobe of tbn rl?nt lung, the lowor lube very much hopaii/cd and complete adhesion of the pleuera. Tim le i lun. ia sound, and the upper lobe of Iho rl<til lung is in a lolsrably healthy oondiliou. The great reason why ph^alciaua do not cure consumption In tboy try lo do too much; ihey give medicines to atop the cough, In atop ebtll, lo stop ?utbl sweats. beetle lever, and by so doing they Jeiuuge the vrboie digestive powers, looking up the Mwrcllons ami eventually tue putidtit sinks and dies After I mike a carcful siautf natlon of the cialtont with the Rer>pe<otnitor and nod 1 unfa enough left to cure. I direct the patient how to ii'e the three remedies I do not try to stoua rough. uightjitv eats, chilla or fever. Remove the can a* and they will all atop of their ow n arfcord. No one can If cured of consumption, liver com plaint. dyupepsia, catarrh. tinker. ulcerated throat, unleas tbe liiur and stomach is made healthy. In Mew England Ihia canker, chronic catarrh, operated throat, elongation of uvela, is more prevalent than In any other section of the country. This la frequently caused bv a foul stomach Yoi may burn it out with caustic lime and again and all they will get is temporary relief Correct the stomach and liver and they will hnal up themselves ?tocwi nutrition is the remedy (f yon have any disease I n any pari of the body, il|will reu.ain there and decay more and more until you '-an got the stomach ia the condition to di ivat food, aad make new tiiood to Ukc the placa or diaraaed mailer. i bis is the only way to heal cavllios in tbe lunga and ulcerated broucbial tubes Oorreo> the aioiuaa'h ?ud liver, and natpro will do th" healing. .Many pernona nave an Idea that cerVin idediciitey are great purine.rs of the blood. When blnod Is once diieased, it ennaot bo pnrlUed; it U dis eased the aaine aa the diaeuiied matu:r In Iho ijalem*, but Sfnt the apparatus In order, the liver and atomach, aud give it plenty or no'irishlnu food, it will make new blond whir.b will lake the nlai e ol ihat which Is diseased. K' hen.-k ? Pulmonic Syrup in no of Hie best pr<l[>nvitlnns ol' iron in nae. It is a |iowcrl?ul ionic of iuuir, and ? hou the 8eaweed Tonic .liasolveii the mucu? In the alomsch and it ia carried otf by the aid or the Mandrake Tills, the Pulmonic Hyrup is made into b ooiL This is Ihe only way lo euro consuniptloB if I cau not get a good appetite aud food does not diitc'i. I cariuolcure the paiient. Nevermind Ihe con ;h, remove the cauxe and ll will atop oi lt?ol! This is IIki most trouble I have with my paiisula a( mv rooms. Tbev sa>, "Doctor, I feel stronger; I can i-at, my nii;ht sweats are better and I feM Di'ller ever/ way. hul my coit^h is no bad yet," and ihey a e itatiinished iu hear mesayth.it doeM not matter; remove the cauae aud tne rough will stop ol ii*ctr Hcheuok'a Seawe?d creates a good appetite lo about uinc days when there la no Inng dicase, unless the liver is to i-ongealcd thai ihe Mandrake Pilia eanuoi unlock the duels of ihe gall bladder in that short apace of time in order lo a'lo?v the stale bile lo fiass <>fT. Keep tbe liver and stomach healthy and there is eu? danger of consumption or any other disease. It la hard lo lake cold when tiioae organa are hoalthy. Those that are bilious, low [spirited, dre.iry. feeling stupid, loafed tongue, poor aiipeUle. nervous. ?tomvh toll of w'nd Rverything tiling thai ia eaten ilea heavv. loaa of memory, try one bot tle of riOHKRrK'S IMiAWKBI) IONIC and one boi of MANDRAKE PII^U*. It ia only a cost of 6ne dollar and twenty-rive cents, w.th firil directions This is sufficient in many cases- to satisfy what the medicines are frequently one t?ttlc makes a great change in the system. Any person Ihat enjoys ordinary health, by using tbe Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills occasionally, uiun get the digestive organs in such a healthy condition that they become fleshy, lean produce a number of my old consumptive patients now en joying good neallh. weighing near 2iM pounds. ( will conclude by relating thr^e cures I have made In New York, which are all dl:ierenl. and wNh any one who feele any interest in the matter to visit them. Klrsi ia Mrs Par low residing then at No. 107 Houston aireeL Her husband called upon me ai my rooms X! Bond street, and wished m 0 to call and art; her He said 1 could do no sood, that, he bad had ai> llin he?l medical attmulsiire, and ail said nlie was too far gone with ??onaumption lo be'cured; but ?he bad heard of some great cures 1 had made, and be desired to gratify her wiahes. 1 called and found her iylni; confined to ber bed in ibe last stage of bronchial consumption tad withon t itoubt null have died aoon I eaamined ber Inaga, found both bronchial tubes very much attested, bul no cavitiea bad formed, her eongii was very severe, Hie spltboi was hair lull of tliicK pua Pulse 1*<1, legs swoPea vsry muob; and worse than all. she had chrome diarrho a. Her bowela had been moved eleven timoa thai da; I told ber thai (he had lunfcs enough to be cured, but that this dlar rb ea had tieen of long standing, and her atwmaoh waa in such sn nlc rated condition that I waa afraid nothing could be done, Slid that the course I would take might weaken her so she might no' recover, that wa? to pbyaic her with Man drake Pi !? iirut. to earn o't the' diarrhe a. She Insisted un my trying, which I did trv giving her a dose of pills flrat and the tonic and ajrrup frcly. Tnat was on Tuesday, :?nd by the neit Sunday the diarrh i a wai carried off. her appetite had returned, and she could sit up in bed and eat her din ner. She la now well, and gave me a King certificate, certi> tied lo by the Kev. Dr. Dowlinv. Mrs. Bartholomew, 88 West Forty fifth street, came to my rooms with a tumor on her liver She was low spirited, akin aallow, tongue coated.' bowels ecgtlye, no appetite, and fast ainkln;' into the grave The said tuflior had been running over ioarlecn ycara. i ga* c her Kyrup, Tpnicand Pills, and lold har to lake then just aa the dirt-olla!** were printed. 8l.e ceuie baek to my reoma. XJ Bond street, is two weeks. M?m? better; her tongue had begun to c.ean a UJHo around the edges, her agin whiter and her eyr? brighter, artrf lu mor discharging vrry otlansive matter much faster thta It bad ever done before She kept gradually improving, and in about two tnonthH she oame to my rooms very m.nh> frteh enoa. saying *hat the tU'rior had nearly ?topi>ed flRtTnc .?!!!! w*" h*?1,n* ??? "nd 'hk? ?v*ry doctor bad 5oi<^"~Ttf tin.. .,ev"1' healed .It would Cause hei detilh. 1 to.*X h?rAd all left her ?yatem, and nature would lital tllo nicers up fhry are now healed and have been far about a y?r, and ? b' !?. as hearty and a robust woman as ynu wtll hnd in a i sye va.k Rhe I* glad for any one to call on her. and 'skes great pains to yl^tt snv one that ?hc h^arn has anything l.kehtr ra'r. and tries lo get 'Jinn to come and aee me l b* next oaa. ih Misa Sea field, from Stamiord. Conn Mr? ilartiiolon.ew pot I er down to see me and she has been e> er ;sinc at her house. VVhcnahe tirat oa ne to my ro >mi, she was mv.eh emaciated with a dislresatug cougl , ?f'litiDg large <|tantiliea of blood. 1 eiaminei: her lungs with the respironie'e*. and in all my 1 precipe ne er found one wPn one lung a* ar gone and the other lung ao aouad. I couli not give niucu en'-onrajemcnt. I thought ahe wouid die; oat to m> gr> at aatoniahment the Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed l'on<o and Mandrake Pillaail fseined to go rlg'il to work, the ping Is all healed over, leav ing a cavity sa l.irge a* a gc.oa" egg tlood uppetlle. fine aptriM, and baa gained ?>tue thirty nve pounda in weight. She hat some eoagb M. which 1 do not thins wUl leave her he fore J tine. I should think it would be or great interrai lo aome unprejudiced phyaieian to viait tliesr taara, psrtlrn iariy Mrv S'coOeld. or ?uv of them who have hern cured l y mv medieioer. ihey are numerous lo New York; but the above throe all dlher rrotn eai'.h oilier-, and il my tnrdtcinrs ere dotug what I repret*nl they are. they "houid have the ered.t anil the afll 'trd U; know where and how they may be cured J. H. KCUBNOK. M. U / MM**. BCjnOIW. 1BTRRTBD NAII.S, CHILRLATN", I / Ac, cured without tain by Dr. R1CB. surgeon chiropo di-t. 5i Rower y. over f'lti/rna' Rank, t'lce a Annibilator curea cort.a, buuiun ., Ac By?mail, 60 cents. J VVnSlTl'flE. a LARGR LOT OP FrRNITt'RP MINTED-ANY A fanmy wiahiug lo dH, oae e." then Furniture, In wbola or part. r:?n?flnd a caah tnyer ojr railing on Oi aJd tegjng H. n?ld, IS I'eajl ?tr?f ij H V. 4 LAROR DOIBLE PARTjOR 8CIT FOR SALE -AT iV. * gn-al aaci lltee One ^ofa, <.ue Arm Chair, Tnrlil h Lnane", and aix medallion book Cfcalre, made to order ftrren nionUit ago. c'i*t ?J7i, fbr*l# . Alt" u ol of I'Arlor and B'sdnioniT'iru'iMre at a barcaln In?uire at ' 1'J Weat Etchih atreet, near Biith avenue. r ^ AN BLEOART A^BORTMKNT r>? PARLOR, CHAM . her and D nlng Kooin Finn iore for aai ? at a ancriace ? The?abacriixii willaell hi lota tu - nit turchasere. all the Ku.-mture contained In hla reaii'.en e 113 Weal Tweuty third utrew near Flub arentu'. Kianoforte. Painting*, t'arlor Buitn. Btagere*. Mftvra, Ac. U. RIDDLHTON (1ABIRET FURNITURE. J $12.1000 worth of Kurnliuieat mtinufacmrfr*' pr-eea, eonalailug of ro ewood an ! walnut Parlor 8uu?, Li'.rarv and Chamber Suite, oa* aud wa'nui Dining Boom 8'tlta, all made under lae etiptnntCi.denee or J. B Braundadorl, in the lateat atyle, and warrauied both a? to material and workinanabip. WKIl, A BUAt'NSDOitK, Noa 128 and 127 Biriticton street, Hew York, Kactoriea Noa. #6, !?7, W 101. Ift-i, lu5 Suffolk atreet N B ?The Broadway and Fourteenth atreet (gridiron) Rutiroed oar* paaa within two block* of lb* warehonae MURNITURK WANTED-ANT ONE HAVING LARGE r er email lota of aecond hand Fnrnutire Carpeta .tc . to dlapoar of at a fair price, will find ? raih (iiatomer by r.duieaaing Weat, Herald office. A MATB1MONIAU W1FR WANTED.-AN A8TROLOUI8T AND CHAR. __ a<ter reader wi*hea to marry a poor bui rrapee labia widow lady, without in may or frtanda, from ?> to 30, no* keeping houae. For partlfliilar* ae? c^ieh o'ber'e letter* Ad drcea Dr. D. L. r. R., I'oat o l ee for three <ta.?a, aialiiiit wha* atreet and nnmbe. of bnime I: wing In, an i whan to call. Gentle re*4?r t icaa* :af ?iu euch a lady of tbu notice Aorstlrm**. aoed r, wishes to form thr afel'ialntane* rf % i*>|y hetween the age> of If and 34. wtlh a ?iew to matrimony. Rea^eetabllliy. (rood look* and adoration deeirod Addrea?. a aitng whml an Iniemew niay bo bad. R. B. Morton, ataiion K, Third ai-eane, NOW LADIi:*.%H?>T ALL RPEAR AT ON E.-A talented, nandeooie. fun to<lng young man. with ? fair aaiarf, with a ? lo form the *oquaffl'aa?e oi a pretty, well Informed ?o inj lady, with a ?i?w to matrimony. Ad drtaa. eneineine ? art# de rl?ite If ronren oai, Harry Bll llare. bo <* WJ llerald ?'.re. ~~~~ i>kuxu iuvicm. NOrtcti.-nzTkrn or jamshbiiatty, DKoiiA??r>. I* fif^o to all iot?r#4i?<1 that Jam#* Reatt.r, late of Antrim townahip, Franklin county. Fen a. .in.,;'ulirj 1,M- l**T,n? a i?raa eauie, whiclk, by hla iaai will and teatament, wae <le?ia?d and be n neat hen to hl? Brat ootiaiqa br the father'* aide, and to hla ?rat eoualna byvha mpUer'a aide . The molher'a name w?a Huaan Allen. All who are rotated to eald decodeni aa ahora mentioned are tn.tiflwd lo preeent and eatabllah their clala to a i?sa?v 'Jndar the wlU of eald d?o?a?ed, IAMF.R Nil.I, T B. KENNKDT. Ktecntora of J amor Uaatli. decaaaed. CwAoaaiunbko, Pa.. March IS, I8W ' * NOT1CR - KSTATK OF OATS AM Rl BKATTT OH ce??ed. ' Rf'tlee i? heict)* given to all Intereatod that Catharine Baaity. laic of Aoirien townablp Franklin county. Feonayl ?ani*. deoeMed, died lo Jaaaary. ?RM?. leaving a ianm eetaio whleh by bar laat will and teatament. wae <lerta?4 and berjoeathed to her drat by Ute father e etdo and lief Bret eoualna by the muMier'a aide (the mother ? aamo waa Unaan Alieal. All who are reUtao to eal I de>edent aa abote menilonnd, are nonfted ?o preaent ?,?: i>alal> iah their claim a to a legauy under tho will of laid m< ? aard IAMRH NILla Rrarntof tf Oaibartna I:, alt*, , CS4HaA?*?i uk, l a , kaJ'.b <6. HM WISH ART'S TAR, CORDIAL. ?bhab*b w53Lkt? viu. curb consumption. OmMtpOoa tea de stayed mero ?r the borata fhrally hi ui other dtaeaaa. aa4 tkikM pknWw(irM? yeara tew l-wlwi af a care, or a remedy that would baal the inn tot for mora tbaa two hundred raw tbo whole aiedteal world kM been tmpreeaed that tbero ni a myste rtaaa power and eHeteacy la the Flpe Tree far to heel tho lone*; therefore they have rccoaaataadad tb? nee of Tar Water, which tn many caeea had a good offer'; hut how to eeatblne I la medieai properuoe so as to neal the loon haa ever boon a mystery nntil It waa discovered by Or. L. Q. 0, W1SIIABT, of Philadelphia l'a., Ihe proprietor of Wlah art'a Pine Tree Tar Cordial, ami hta been put tn boUlea, patented by tho United States roverament We My to the afflicted that Dr Wlahart'a Fine Tree Tar Cordial will produce tho INV1GORATION~3F THB DIGESTIVE OR OAKS, TflR STBENGTH F 1*1 til Of THB DEBILITATED SYSTEM. TI1B PURIFICATION AND BNBICIIMENTOP THB BLOOD, which moat expel from tbe eystem the cor ruption which scrofula breed*. While (bla I* effected by tbo powerful alterative (changing from di*ea*e to health) pro peitleaof the Tar Cordial. ita heating and renovating princi ple In uIko acting n|<on tne irrigated surfaces of the lungs and throat, pcnctraUag to eti b disieued part, relieving the pain, subduing initammatlon and restoring a healthful tendency. Lot thla twofold power, the healing and tbe utrengtkonlng, continue to art in conjunction with r.ature's constant rocu poratlvo tendency, and tbe oatleal in savetl. If he ha* not too king delayed a resort to thn me?ni of cure. riNB TRBB TAR~ ~CORDlAL IB AN INFALLIBLE CURB FOR SORB THROAT AND BREAST. Dr. Wlahart'a Fine Tree Tar Oortla) la a great and effect na) remedy for % BL1BD AND BLRUDTNO PILES. BLIND AND BLEEDING FILER BLIND AND Bl.FEDINO FILR8. Thonaauda have been cored of the above disease when all bopeof ever reeclvlng relief waa gone. 1NFLAMMATI0N?"0F TIIK LUNGS. INFLAMMATION"OF TUB LUNGS. INFLAMMATIOlT~OK THB LUNOS. Tbero la not a medicine discovered that baa ro ranch power Undissolve tbo thick inuooaa that stops up the wtnd pu>?agea of tbe Innga aa the Pine Tie? Tar Cordial, which subdueathe fever and inflammation that dostroy tbe power and vitality of the lungs and consign the patient to the grave. We aay loan wboao lnngaare affectad. nae Dr. Wlshurt'a Ptne Tree Tar Cordial with great confidence, aa II hai restorod thou sandsef cooes to.henlth that were hopelessly given tip to die. colds and"coughs COLDS A/'It OOl'GBR are speedily mired by tae nae of Or. Wlahart'a Pine Tree Tar Cordials It doea us work at once, and tbe patient la cored before other medicine* would hare bad time to hava any beneflelalfeffeei. DR. WTRHARrS PINE TRBB TAB CORDIAL DR. WI8HART-8 PINK TREE TAR CORDIAL DR. W1SHART9 PINE TUBE TAR CORDIAL DR. WIBHART'S PINK TRBB TAR CORDIAL IB A ORBAT RBMKDY FOR SCROFULA. IS A ORBAT RBMKDT FOR SCBOFULA. IB A OBBAT RKMKnf FOR SCROFULA. IB A GREAT iSmEDT FOR SCROFULA. 11>? Ptna Tree Tar Cordial will purlfv the blood and cleanse It of all scrnfnions matter that la cons.autly breed tng sores' (sternal and eiterwii. Saltrheutn, sore legs and all akin diseases are especially enred by Dr. Wiahart'a Fine Tree Tar Cordial; it la good to bo appliod internal and asternal IB the above oases as tt baa great powaa to baal where tt^-omee tn enntaet with the human flesh. P1NB TREK TaR CORDIAL FINE TRBK~t7h CORDIAL Ja a great roaaedy far rbronlc croup and diptberla, which is fMding thooeands ami <bo>i*aad*of children to a prema ture grate '? ?*B k? cured by Dr. Wtsbart'a Plus Trse Tar OoNtel. Out of ten thousand eases where it baa bosn tried tn tbe past two years. It haa never missed a case where It was taken In time. All families should have 1< on hand, aa It fives instant relief In croup and dlpthena. AKTIIMA AND cocoa ASTHMA TmD COUOH. ASTHMA AND COTJOH. ASTHMA ANI) COVOH. The Vine Tree far t'ordiai givea taataatanaooa rellaf In cmm of aathma ami hooping eooKh. It ot ten eoree hooping before It rum half it* oourae aa it acta at once upon the ph'"gm and mucaa andeipcia tlmm from the throat, and tna eiifTrrer la relieved. In caae 01 aathma nite Or Wlahart'a Dyapepela Villa with the Cordial, aa they hart nevrr been known lo rail to cure thai dtaeaae. I a*k nil to read the following certificate* The* are from men and women of nnqueationable worth *nd leputatton ? D*. WlJHAM ? Dkab Sid?I liftrt a varj orcadfu! <ouBh and ??-.e throat' for one year, and my whole ey?tem -vns fail giving way, rfnd I waa proetrated on tny bed with b'lt tltn*> hoi* of re. c-iTerlnR. My di?eaae nailed 'he power of all medicine*, and In a ahort time I mi*t ha?e gone to my grave; hut, thank Oori, my daughter m Inw would not re t until ahe went to your iitorc. No. [(Worth oonrt *tr*et., and rc'ateJ my caae to you, jmrchaaad one brittle of your Pine Tree Tar Cardial, and T commenced to ua? it. and In one week I waa m'irh hotter: and after 'lelnfr three bottle* r am perfectly well a wonder lo all my fr?en?fe, for they all propounded mt past ore Publi*t my mw If vou think r>r?p?r ? WKBKOCA HAMILTON. No. 1.321 Wylleatreei, Philadelphia. Mr. War<l -ay* ? Dr. Wi,<HAnT? ?in?I had bronebltiit, lp("?mm*t < p < f the I 'inge, ahort neaa af breath and falpltiatt-.n of the heart In their worn' forma, I had been treated by e*yeral of the won eminent physician* in Philadelphia, ?>nt thev eanld not atojp the mi id oourae of tny riiaeaae, ant! I had deapatred of eyer being re?tored ta VtoaHti. | waa truly on the verire of the grave Tour Pine Tree Tar Cordial waa highly reeOTt men led to me bv a friend. I tried it. and am thankful to aay that, after nnng fotir l?r?e anrf one email hott -a, t vt ^ reitored to perfect hoaltb. Ton can give reference 'M mv bonne No 88! North Second *trert, <w ?t my offioa ^ u, eetver of Ta?es, from 0 A. M. lo t P. M.. corner r/ rheat nut and Blxtb atreeta JOHN WARn. Read the follow r>g from IHion <m Dr. WiinARr ? D*ak 8tn?I take plraanre In infoiuiUtg y<M tbreugt. ihia aouroe that your Pine Tree Tar Comlal, whleh waa reoom mended for my daughter by Or. ,?. A. Hall, of thia cltj, iiaa ettred her of n cough of more taan Pto month* *tandlng I had thourht her beyond en re, and hnd employed the beet of medical aid without anv benefit I can cheerfully reeou> mend It to the pablle a *?'? and anre remedy foi all th<>*e atmilarly afflicted, a* I know of imay other eaa*? beatdee that of my daughter that It haa entirely cured of long (land In* congb*. Tour* reapeotfnlly, _ JOHN V. PAUKP.fl. Da? uerrean Ar'lat, 12(1 Geneaee (treet, Ctlea. e e ? e i bare aged Or WiahaiVa Pine Tree Tar Cor dial In my family, and ean 'ord tally reoanamend it aaa valu able and iafe medicine for eclda, cougna ao 1 to tbo*c pre dlapoaed to consumption Dr U. *? FOHTBR. 1(10 Geneaee atretl The aborts arn a few among the thonaand* ?hfcb thl? great remedy haa a*>vrd from an untimely grave. We hare thnuaand* of letter* from phvalelen* and drug ?lata, who haya preae.nbed and aoid thr Tar Cordial, aay I rig (bat they hare never uaad or aold a mMi' lue whleh gave aticB nmrertal aatlafaetion The TTlfR TN1B TAK OOftnt*!, wltl etira Cmtgha, Sora Throat aud Hreaet. Erottohltla Aathma. Ilo-ping Oangh, I>iptherla..and la alio an ei.-el'-m remedy for dleeaaej of the kldne^l and Anal* ootnp'atnta. BEWABB 0? OOONTgNPBITg. BBWABB OrooUimtBFBira ? BMW ARB or CODWUnrilTB. BBWABB OP COPBTBBFEITt, BBWABB Or OOVBTBBrBITB, The itculxie baa the name of tha proprittor and a pica tna blown In tha bottla, All oibera are apaHoig Imitation! Prioe Fifty Oenta and One Dollar per bcitla. Prepared anlf by the proprietory DB. la Q. C. WIAHABT. . No. 10 North Moatid afreet, Philadelphia, fa, Bold by drngglato aearyahere. at who'eaala by all Haifa to aad Baw Tork aholeaal* dru|giaia. BBW TOBK AOBNCT AT BI&MBOLD'B DBUO AND CIlRMICAl. WARB I * BOVHK, RBItBBOLD'B DBUO ~ANo < IIRMICAD WARE MO. MM BBoTiTwAT. N. T BO. m BBOADWAV, N T MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. Board ?f AMtraut, Vtox, Janeo, MoMnboo, WW, Shannon, Chtpn. MaKnfeht, Ryora, Jeremiah, Hardy, llaoteraoo, Oetlw?: Farley%J ihe mlnuloa of tbe previous taming Mr? nM and u. proved. ^ By tbe PassrnsnT? PetitUm ot Charles H. Lilly for oon ucUou of mouou tax. Which *u referred to Oommltlot on Ifcaoa. By Alderman Ottiwblv? Petition or property owners on Cliff street M hove aaM ?treet paved with Belgian pavement/rom Becksaao atreot to John ureal Which waa referred to Committee on street* By Um mbm? Petition of owner* aad occupants of property for ft sewer m Third avenue, between Twentieth and NeMj flrst streets. Which waa rtforred to Committee on Sower*. By Alderman faki.sv? Petition of the Pautor of Bt. Lawrence chare* for a do tation snftlcieut to pay an assessment on the property of the church for tho 'tpenlug of Madron avenue from Forty - second Street to Fighty clxth stroot. Which was referred to Committee 00 7iouoo? Ry Alderman Fox? Petition of owners and occupants of property on White hall stroot, to penult Henry Gilbert to keep a paper stand in trout of numbors bixty-one and sixty-four Whitehall street. Wliich was reconsidered, and prayer of tbo petitionera granted. By Alderman Ryrrs? Petition of James C. thinn to bo refunded excess of In spcctor's fees on wnrr of flag.;!'!#, etc , of Fifty-CoarUI street, between Tenth and Eleventh avenues. Which was referred to Committee on Finance* Jly Aidcrmin Hardy? Petition of the President and Faoulty of tho College of St. Francis Xavler for a donation. Which was referred to Committee on Finanoo. By Alderman I.o.vu? Potitioo of prorwrty owners to extend sidewalks of Ow Hnndred and Sixty sixth street ten feet. Which wms referred to CommitlodV>n Roods By Alderman Ottiwbia? " Petition of property owners to havo Twenty fifth street paved with Dolg'au pavement. Which wax referred to Committee on Streets By Alderman Kahlry? Petition of the Board of Officers of the First regiment for a.donation. ? Which was referred to tbe Committee on National Affairs. ? MOTIONS. Alderman Vox moved to reconsider too vole takdtt at the last mooting ordering on Ulo tho uunutl report of tho Comptroller. Which was carried. He then moved that four thousand copies of said report be printed Id doenmont form. Alderntan Farihy moved to amend by Inore&stng tbe number to five thousand. Which wop nocspted by Alderman Fbx. Aud the motion was then put and carried. UK XII. ITT IONS. By Alderman Sii'NKOW? Resolved. That m rmlwlon be, and tbo same la hereby, granted t? Edward iioncolly to erect and maintain an iron staircase <>n the east side of tbe building owned by him on the m>. tbwest corner of Grand and Allen streets, wider tho direction of the Street Commissioner Which was adontod. Ily AlJennan MiMahov? Besolved, That permission bo, and tbe samo is hereby, given to John S. Magnire to erect and maintain a abutter box in front of his premises, No. 203 Grand street, daring the pleasure of tbo common Council. Which was adopted. By the same? Resolved, I'hat tbe wages of all persons employed bp the city as laborers and pavers, be increased to tne mm of two dollars per day, to take etiect from the Oral day of Jaouarv, 1x64. Which wua laid over. By Alderman Ixura? Hasolved, That a sewer, with tbe necessary receiving b.ixtn and culverts, be built in Second avenue, from 1JM street, toconuect with tho sewer in 12tth street, under tbe direction ot tho Croton Aqueduct Board. Which was referred to Committee on 8ewerg, By Aldormnn Hardy? Kesoived, That tue Comptroller be, and bo la borate authorized and directed to draw hie warranl In favor of Walter Koome for the sura of one nnndred and stxty-Ove dollars; also in favor of a S. Grafulla, for tbo sum of two hundred and sixty dollars, for muato furnished on tlio reception of the Russian officers, as per bill hereto annexed Which waa laid over. By Alderman Kaklbv? Resolved. That a sewer, with tbo neceooary receiving basins, bo built in Fifty fifth street, from Fonrth to Itflli avenues, and in fifth avenue to a point Ihlrty-oovps fool north ot Fifty-fourth atreet, under tbo direction of lbs Croton Aqueduct Pep.irtmont. Which was referred to Committee on Sowora. By Alderimu Mautkrsoh? Resolved, That permission bo given toTbOsoao A. Don* and Michael Mo.'ermott to flag, curb nod gutter m front ot their promisee in Elc/enth avenue, between Forty* second and Forty-third streets, at their own expeuae, um der the direction of the Street Gommiastooor. Which vraa adopted. By Aldarraan M a stbwoh? Recolved, That the Elxtb avenue, from Thlrly-foortfe to FUty seventh streets, be renumbered forthwith, undo tbe direction of tbe street Commissioner. Which waa adopted. By Alderman Omwnik? Resolved, That permission bo and tbo same is hereby granted to John Dromberg to eraot an awning to front Of bis premises, number one hundred and sixty .eight Chat* ham street, the same to remain during tbo pieaoare of the Common Council. I Which was ndpoid. By Alderman >Ja.x.i i|i-. " . Resolved, That ,>ermission Ho and tbo same to berehy gj-ftBtetl to John Gihson to ditpi.^y good* hi front of bin store, number two hundred and iTeventoeo Bowery, tb* R-me to remain durlnc tbe rleasu.*0 Of tho OoauftM Cornell. Which was adopted. 'x, Py Alderman I/wo? Resolvod, That tho sidewalk in 110th afreet, bv^frwewv Filth avenue *nd the Harlem river, be made thirty' fee* wide, :>M that the owners of property thereon be cranked permission to er.close fifteen reel In width of the naU5 hlflrw.tik ao wi.lened for court yarde, the Corporation re? serving the right to revoke saul permission when, in their npinlm, the necessities of the city may reqalre lt,tfc? ear ? t<> he done under the direction of the Htreet Com-, missioner. V. h: U wis rot"#ed to Committee on Roads. By Alderman Uai;tkrso!?? , Resolved, That the curb and gutter stones to Fifty-, se.oud street, betweon the Seventh and Eighth aveeues,' be set and reset where necessary, and that the sidewalk^ be flarsred their full width whore rot already done, uDder: tbedirection of the t-treot rvmmlaai.tner, and that ihft' tcoomi anylng orlmanco liiereior be adopted. Which was laid over. By Alderman Fox? Rssolvod, Iliat permission be given to tho Exoelsiov Vlro rtsuranco Company to lay down asti-lnch Iron aewet pipe from their ; remises,' 130 Broadway, to main aewer In Cedar street, tho work to bo done under tbe so per vi sion of tbe C'roton Aqueduct Depirtpeot, at their ow* satpense. Wbxh was adopted. flv tho Prkjioij*t? Resolved, That the resolution passed by the late BoftM f Alderman complimentary to tbe President, William Walsh. Esq., and the late O:\iacllineo, complimentary u> the President, M'rg-, Jones, Keq., be engrossed and framed it an e.tper ^ nut to oxooed *360 each, which sum is hereby apgro^,atod ihorefor, and the Comptroller he and tie is ft. rrby authorized and directed to pay the same, up the t rosentotlon of thn proper vouch ere, aod charge eaiuo to Its appropriate account. Wuir.h was la.d over. ??M ! lly .\Morra*n Kahibt-- , Resolve*, That the romptroller ho and he la hereh> antho'ri -<*d and directed to draw bis warrant in favor of lion ji hi in F. U.uUy for ibe mm of one hand red an A e'.nhtv dollar . for engrossing and mounting rasolationt. as per annexed bill, and charge the same to Ito appro! priate account. w nich waa laid over. Br Wd?rmnn K*a?v? Resolved. That Fiftieth street, between Foartb andj Filth aveu'jrs, be regulated and graded, eurb and gnttest set wfcere not aireaay done, under tbe direction of th* Htreet < ommlssioner. Which was referred to theCommittee on Road* Hy Alderman foino? Resolved, that tbe Street Commissioner be and Is here*, by requested to have One Hundred and Twenty-ninth street. from Third to Eighth avenues, repaired, aM are*.' walk laid in sixth avenae and One UMN4 and Twenty ninth atreet. Which was referred to Committee oo toads. aironr* The Committee on Roada presented a report to r?ulat% and curb sixty alxth atreet, from Broadway to Eigbib. avenue. Wiiich was laid over, ? Tbe Committee on National Afftirt presented a repor-y to pay bills of sundry peraons for aervloeft render.<j during tho year on* thousand eight hundred and sixty?? three. Wh'eh ws? laid ofir. The ' omrelttee on Road# presented a report to remilatA and curb Eleventh avenae, from Fifty ninth to BtrtjrJ third streets. ' Which was laid orer. Tho Committee on Roads presented a report lo re* onrb and getter stones in Forty math street, from Tw avenue to Hudson river. ^ Whi.h waa laid over. j The committee on Streeta prs*> nted ft MNl to par* Feat Twenty fifth atreet, between MaaUM ftBd Leilngtal avenues, with Belgian pavement, -w, -* Which waa laid over. .. Tbe Committee on Sewere preeenied ft report to Mfwa aewer la Third avenue, between Ninth M# Mitt rtreeW Which wa* laid over. - ln whfl The Ommit'oe on Road* pr???ntod a re?r^ rewaww and grado Fifty-third aire*, bet wees fsftlk Seventy avenues. I V Which was laid off._ _ , -J jbbs cso^?| BroadwAf, from tirttl to UM *.!?*?? Ui Tb? committee on Repairs and ?op^)llee preaented ft rffe port to fit np tbe building for UtoDseoM Dtttrlot Ooar*. whioh wa? laid over. * ? poMrt!tKU?aw. 4 A oommnntratkm waft received from the Ptreel rVrrw miss loner, with apportioctaest of a?eo?uneot for pftlto J yifth avSneft,. 1 Which was ordered fm flit , A oommunlcation was received from' tbt OtimptrOtlO'j i tiE ?timjuuxx urn \

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