14 Nisan 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Nisan 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. WininiuT, April 13?8 P. M. Tt>o ek market was again unsettled this morning, anl nearly all the leading share* fell off in prioa. Com pared w Ali the big best cash sales yesterday, Erie prefer red stork advanced K, Illinois Central %, Cleveland aud Toledo x, Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Si Alton and Terre Haute S. Chicago and Northwestern Chicago and Alton S. Pacific Mail 2\. Cumberland Coal 2, and Quick ?Uver Mining S. New York Central declined >a, Frls Railroad it,, Hudson River 2, Harlem 6){, Reading 1, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien 1, Michigan Central 1, Michigan Southern . Galena and Chicago 2, and Chicago and Rook Island ,S Tb. market was better sustained in tbe afternoon, and prices took an upward turn Tbe closing quotations were ? New York Central 144, Krie 125\, Krie preferred 113'J, Hudson River 167, Harlem 176, Milwaukee and Prairie d i Chien 86',, Reading 164%', Micbigaa Central *5TX, Illinois Central 151. Galena and Chicago 14> i, Cleveland aud Toledo Michigan Southern 115 Si, Mississippi and Missouri ?'?. Chicago and Rock Island 134 \ Alton and Terre Haute 85S", Toledo and Wabasb 74 S. t umberland Coal SO7,, aud Pacific Mail 134 S Pri. e.- of railroad shares at tbe first board to-day com Cred with those ubta ned on Wednesday of last week as lows ? Ap>-il 6. April 13. New York Oeutral 144s 143)> Erie 125.'? 125 Brie preferred 113 112S Hudwxi River 103 S 156 S Harlem 160 171 Reading inos 104 MicbigHii Centnl 150 155S Bithv at Aoutbern 114S H&'i Iwoi- (entrai 150 \ I4ti Cle??i >ud and 1'itisourg 127', 132 Gfelena a:id I Ulcago 130 142 Cleveland and Toledo.. 166 l.'4S Chli?go and Rock Island 124 s, 134 Milwaukee ana '/rairie du CUieu bT 80 Toled,. in'I Wab.sb 70 74 S Pittsburg and Von Wayue 151 146 , Alton aud lei re Haute H6 85 S Chicago and Northwestern. 67 S f,9 Chicago and Alton '.rj a, s<y^ Pacttto Hail 2o0 232 \ Cumberland Coal 86 80 Canton t ompany 72 74 Qui kstiver Miuing 83 8C The loiiowmg uere the quotations for government sc Secui ties ? Flve-i *eniv cou >on bonds, interest on 113J{ tire twenty registered bonds llu Seven nd ibree tombs Treasury notes 112'4 llogistered o ? of 18sl 115:i Uoup u (> s oi 1881 110 One year currency certiorates 99 s Plres-.r 186?. 102 Flie< .r 1867 113 Sixe.o: 1>?68 130 Oreg ii w ar ioan 113 r v iiange advanced to-day from 193 to 196, and closed dull at iIi.i latter figure. Money coutinueg activc at seven per ccnt. and tbe sup ply is ahuudaut The speculators in coin were rampant to day, and almost be,nte themselves with tbe idea that they will soon be abie to run noid to two hundred?and tbe present pnwiieot so?ms to favor the impression that their hopes are ml doomed to disappointment. While these move ments are goin^ on among the gamblers, the members of the United State* Congress, wbo were sent to Washington by thoi; constituents to protect the laitb and credit of the c ouatry aud to look after its saiety?the former bomg now in gre.ter jeopardy than tbe latter are waiting the hours, which at this time are more necessary thau ever before, to be devoted to devising tueaus for tbe preservation of our natiousi finances, m linking over cach other's political antecedents aud prejudices, and reverting to former ac lions ot political parties. Iney see the rapid progress we are making towards tinuicial ruin, and they know that the |>owor to save tbe country from such a crisis is in tbalr bandit, and yet they permit their partisan feelings tooarry mem away lroui the performance of llieir duty. The speculators have reduced the value of tbe le_;al ten der Treasury notes to but very little over one-half their full value ?*ud yet Congress neglects to make auy move ment 'Aiwardn checking the rapid depreciation of the gorornmnot pa;>or as will be seen by the quotations given be>ow, the premium advanced in about one hour to-day?between fifteen miuuies after twelve and a quar tet past one o'clock?tliroe aud a quarter per ceut ? 10 o'clock A M... 174'4 12:80 o'clock P. M.? 177S 10 15 O'clock A. M... 174;, 12:55 o'clock P. M. . 177 10 30 o'clock A. M . 17j 1 o'clock P. M... ITS 10 46 o'clock A. M .. 175X 1:15 o'clock Y. M... 179 11 o'clock A. to... 175S 130 o'clock P. M.. . 17&J; 11 15 o c.iock A. M... 17.">S 1-46 o'clock M... 178', 11 30 o-ci ck A. M. 175S 2 o'clock P. M 178 1145 O ClOt k A. M .. 175 2.30 O'clock P M... 177'? 12 16 o'oi ck P. M... 175\,' 2 45 o'clock P M... 177r, 12 30 o'clock P. M. 176', 3 15 o'clock I'. M .. 178', 12 35 o'Ciock P. M... 176 '4 3:30 o'clock P. M. ITS1, 12 40 o'clock P M 176\ 4 o'clock P. M... 176S 12 46 o'clock P. M... 177 ??The market closed comparatively weak at 178#. Tlie ?lies during tbe day covered a large aggregate amount the greater portion of which was on time. Mix.r.s A Irian H. Muller, P. K. Wilkins k Co made the fj.towing sales of slocks and bonds to-day, by order of the txeeator of Wtlliatn Mandevllle, deceased ? 101 sliaros Merchants r xebange Bank, (50 each . 10C S 100 V<?'tiaolcF Hunk, $25 cach lil 100 Ureeowich Bank. ?2 > each 196 60 Metro|*>litan Ba:.k, f 100 each 120 , 72 I'e tple's Hank, $25 each .- 108 15 New Vorkt o iuty Bank, $100 each 153 oil M.iuuattan CotH|<auy, $60 oach 146 100 h ireman s lusur tau Company, $17 each 143 $4000 U. S n's, 1>?6J, interest January and July... 130'* io'H) N Y City 8'S, 1S75. (Water Loan) 108 * Ivixi N Y City 6'a. 1876. (Central I'ark Improve nient Fund Ills 4000 N V c;ny 6's, 1887. (Central Park Fund)... lib 3'JOO H'ldaoo River H.R Co, ad m, 7 p c ree b, with cou. due 1885 int June and Dec , $1,000 ea< b *. 123 800-> H.rie RR 2d m 7 p c bds, due 1870. int Sept. a:i.l Match, $1,000 each 1W*; 4000 N Y Ccn KR8pc bds, due 1383; int May and N<?v $1,000 cach 114 ?5 0 U H 6 friOO U S 6 i . u s 'i k. u tt? c?t Hluck Kxchangc. WEDiltDir. Auril 13?10 30 A. M 61 133 2uO aha trie pref 11'."; 300 Uidaon Hit RH .... 1^>, gnOQ U H 6 a, . 115^ 60"' <lo 114 12 0> US fin, O *1 V K 1'2 200") U .s 5 *. 85. cou 182 9UU0 i s 6'?.'9.. cou eo 11 'i,V flOO-m L' S t> a. 1 Ji ? er. W 200 MO 400 100 60.1 300 do blO do ].V do i;;s do 860 150 llO 1 J'> '4 do 155 HJO'X) u a o a, i yi ?r. ?? ? w a? ioa 1#.>?) Tu >???? 7 9 10.O.*A ! 12 V lOOU Harlem RR I6*? luu 320" <10 F A Au< 112^ frJOu leooi'aaee ? a, 81 * 500 160)uIn 6? HI Ii? 1U0 ]7.mo M.**ourl o a 7t.V 7(.HM Mo alaav ll.tStJRR 95 S.??l MuH'xjii to I'RK >*> I?i Liuii'iutfi't..... 72 2 .M Callfo ma 7 8 >42 lOOtio Olilo A Huacer o4-, 2 vOO .. 64?? IPJUO 40O ~ 6i HOC do b90 06H So 65000 do '>15 65 h'~ 8600) do blO 66 yr l> T 0?ti;ra: 6 a . 112 lot) W t Centra 7'a .. Iu2 IOJO Uarl?ui la' uitg . 116 3?<i llarlan 2<1 102 do 171 do 83'I 1 70 ? do ...bio 172 W 50 Norwich AWor BB. i"4'? 500 Heading KB 1?4 20 do .. ........ M3X 100 do blO I63\ Soil do 163V 700 do 161* ?'"0 do i?3 #00 Mich Ceo BB 155 SUO do 165V 100 do bSO 146 v '00 Mict H t Ma BB. 115 , 500 do 115V kju Micb IAN I BB ? ia 156 Vw to I64>4 00 do 154 t wo llMieu> Ti UK* lu?v lou 111 Cen RB fiilVatk 13' & KHIA u.,.h . t In:" UnMli'.n RD I iu UMO Mich no a l ?da... lljv ISM) A!', t I II la n?Vf llu ao? ah 11 tt 24 a> p. y? lOOO Alt A T 8 tO? VI ? 6H?. iO 93>i loo?) oi.uk NW uiiii it>V M an t;hi A !4 W lit mlat .<!, I 00 r Ua KtWA<)>.i]m |U 1000 I'lll* flWACIi 111 l"5 l.?aj I'ltta KlW.?( liiitn I;;* 8000 < MoeaAfiUa 4lbm *3 MV'i'Hi A x It -a aim llo 19000 V*?.Wl?lrii CMIr. II): IO>4 Aitiaricio (Old . 175V 15000 do 175 . 10 ina Bk ) omtnerce.. 117 25 Haimrer Dank . 106 100 ' It' ni t>aa, H kirn I !2 W) Oaoloa l offiinuv 74 aoo 'In bSO 75>? 1(11 l>a A Hil l I 'ana Co 251 I Win n: (ioa: i ".... 96 do n> 900 Comb C >ai prri 86 1 (I di alu -5 l<?*i <io . \1 100 do ?M MV 900 Cbl H<ir.tVKK 8> Amen ao Coal <\i 17 2"? Mil A f 4u ? Kl. ftai do 10* A?l do H>I do I()?v 200 Tol A Wab KK I 100 ^uiokallrer Mug i'o -It, 60> ? M d? 100 do bl5 4M d> .blO 9W d c -5V 9" do "?> ID) I en Am 11 ?n? On f'5 10' P.u m M?U hS Co 2.32 100 <lo .... 232H 10' <t" i.t', !W do hlO 31 901 ?<?rk r- i KK III lJuo 111 Cen BB bonda. ii</ zoi do .bl6 14?V *?'> da I4?V -'4 Cieve A Pit la BB. 131 l'OO do 191V -V do 132 10' do bl5 I32?? 500 do bill 192 4 6?>i do 1;J1V 2h Uaiena A Cbl BK Ml U>> do i4lv V?J do 1 *2 10li do *(' 141* >0U do a?< 141 lO) do ?J0 141W 9>*> Clef A Tol BK. '&<?, 400 do ?3)i 153 lO' Cllirajo A B I RH 134H lo do.... blO I'M* do 194 , do - J94v do 134 do blO 134 1 iS do DW io< K? 1'4) IB B."K 1 m 14SV K><, ' I* s New .leray KK 16' -6X i'll'itla. Ki W A Cbi _ llijH 5IH IOj 21' 12'?i I'M 20' 10 do ' *> 147 do bli I4>'r'4 do do 90' ilo ?J d<i .. 1.IVI fcr a KR 100 .?I' 14! b IAJ0 1 O ?'?> 2.VH do d<> do 1 do Bdo ...... J 60' d' lOI Erii* i? eferred 150 <1 ' 70n alia Hu"k? <"o loo i<r?#orr t ouaoli'?<> 45 ?50 Orrt'try lioid *jV ?/9.I uuari/ Hi I Mm <'o 25 l<B(VeWlnCo l oirra 10 S lanKo rtii Nat I liana I'll 14' . IT ill 143 141 .. I.'ft b w 1261a 030 125 j lj!0 U5 4 . 124', 1J4 , 124'! I'24 'n blO i . V n:v dO. '41. do,... Il6'i <10 14 1 do HiM 14.' 3">i Alton.?rrHa<?i.'BK 5" AllonATrHa lie i rpf 101 10' <ln I 2'. f'O-Cbl ANWVslarn Rl; s.jj frai do , da .'.If V) dj . .. 13 1" Cb J >'Weataro pief !>*) do Ii*i do MO Jf?i do ... bio I0>i 0bi * Alton RH.... 4U>' Marlat aft< in I at |>l IUI do 20" dc . 2") Marie'ta.*i'n2dpraf 111 II I Si Jo Kii pi el 2'?l Manpo-a litoiD*1" !*V do . 1<?0 Chicago V Ml KK 2iai Miaa A Mi? i irl K K III do 130 on V fi'i VI C5V ??Iraai M,r P.bu. D??,d. ?4a??iUl,, i J M .. ,rt !!1"ir?VL,..Hk* . ' "?c? lt?>v Amarican jJ .i j-y - Caio 1 M *r kN (j;i*. 10) a .a Kiit HH |i*v ? * Ki <i- |<r f#t r?fl | jjjJ S? #0 do w !<?) I'ltta r I W A t; KB 146 ? >.? US'' f ? 100 do sSOIlSS Iff) Chic A Allan p*ef . !<<?*< M ?0 ill'i 6D0 Tol A Wabash RR 74* 10? Hudson RIvel KR 157 100 do biU 7ft S>? tUrieni BB . . blO 17ft 6UI Hiss * Mj HR .. Mi 2>< Heading RH . .164* 2>i Panuc Mail . WJX 7lW do .1)10 16ft 100 Centrai Am?-r Tcao 56 UW Mlcb Central HB... 147^ 100 Cumberland Goal 86 fcs) do 167\ UK do * 500 Mich S A N 1 BR... lift1. 400 American foul .... 110 80 >10 . s3<l lifts S00 OutckHllvtir Mg Co V. l.m M SA N I guar slock 137 S 'AM do r*>>4 l'W do 167 ?W do I>? iftii %J0 Illinois Cent KR 151 100 do .... 1<10 87 WfclClere A Pills KR... 1M 400 Rutlan d Marl.le.... 24^ Soo Oalena A Cbic RR t4V4 *10 Books Count* L'-a-l SOWl?ve A Toledo RR 1S4\ ftIO do '.'Ox'liic A Rook I RK I34\, 600 Cauaia O q>pei.... 100 do 1S4\ $ CITY OVHMEROIAL BKPORT. WiDMsuii, April 13?6 P. M Ashes.?Recipls 33 bbls. Market quiet and unchanged BuKaiKfrcns.?Receipts 6,457 bbls Hour, 90 bbls and 935 bigs coru meal, 8,796 bushels wbeal, 1,258 do coro, *400 do. oals. The speculative lover in the flour market rua high again to-day, and the advance was 25c. a 40c., and holders teeme.l to |>art with Ihoir supplies very re luctantly eveu ai the extreme prices paid of course the big advance in gold was the great lever by which the maiket was thus forcod up, leeing that the export do mand has long since ceased, aud the legitimate borne trade inquiry is uo greater now than u was a mouth ago when prices were two dollars j>er bt>l. cheu|>er The re ceipts continue remarkably light, considering that iDlaud navigation is 0|>en. A sale was mado of 1,500 bbls extra State, deliverable last half of May aud first hair of Juue, seller'8 optiou, at $7 50, which Is 50c below the price the same gr*de of flour brought to day. The salos for imme diate delivery wero 18,000 bbls State aud Western, 2,000 do. Southern, and 800 do. Canadiau Itye flour sold to the eMteul ol 250 bbls., at very full prices. Corn meal was in speculative d< ui.tud, with 1,800 bbls. sola ai au advance in prices We quote ? !-u|>erfloe State and Western flour $7 40 a 7 70 Extra State 8 00 a 8 20 Choice State 8 25 a 8 50 Common lo medium Western 8 10 a 8 60 G od to choice do . s 60 a 10 00 Kxira St Louis g 50 a 11 50 Common to good Southern 8 16 a 8 40 Goou to choice extra do h so a 11 26 Common Canadian.. .. 7 95 a 8 40 Good to choice extra do. s 50 a 10 00 RJ ? ?uur I 6 75 a 6 40 Coru meal. bbls 5 76 a 6 36 torn ineal, puncheons., 29 50 a 30 00 ?Tho advauce in wheat to day was fully 5o higher tw es tahlisbed by actual salos, though the supply is so light that husiuess was necessarily restricted and prices largely nominal; sales 70,000 bushels,at $1 75 to $1 80for inferior to prime sprint; Chicago. $1 76 u $1 82 lor Mil waukes club, $1 95 lor choice amber Michigan,$1 90 lor commou white Canada, $2 lor white Western, and fl ao lor winter red Western. ISve was quiet but dearer; sales 500 bushels Jersey, at $1 36.' liar ley met with a good inquiry, with safes of 25,400 bushels at $1 48 a $1 55 for Canada West and fl 50 for liliums. In malt uothiug transpired Coru was lc. a 2c. }fer.',SQl1 n,ore active. Sales 50,000 bushels at $1 33 v mi . 1 f(.'.r old Western mixed, in store, and $1 35 tor estern yellow, afloat. New yellow was hold at $l 35 oats were in better request at 88o a 90c. lor the rauge Comtek was dull, but firm at 43c a 44c lor Rio. without Miles uf mm out. Cotton was flrmer, and activo at 80c ? 81c. for mid dling bales 2,800 bales Krsu.hts inactive and depressed. Tho ex|?rl move meui is much restricted iu all directions by high priros. and ships loading must lake freight for almost notumg or go away in ballast lo Liverpool, per American flat ? ,oiXH>us-hels peas at 2d , 7,000 do. wheat re|>orted at Id' and ,5 tons tallow, lard and bacon reported at 2s 6d per ion. per neutral, 250 boxes bacon. 12s. 6d per steamer, lOo boxes bai;on 20s., and cation HQ. To GIss gow, per steamer, loo tuna tallow at 20s and 100 tierces Jard at p. t. To Marseilles, per neutral, 200 tierces lard o5 irancs. To Hamburg, per neutral, 5,000 hbd. slaves! " J^a'es of ireight to San hrtucisco loud upward, as suitable vessels contluue very scarce, and held lor ex treme prices indeed it is difficult lo induce shipowners to go to California ai all, for tho reason that freight money is received there iu curroucv, whilo ail disbursements must be made in gold. The war risk ats'i adds to the cost of the voyage, and tends to render it unprofitable, especially as employment there is uuoer taiu, and often unremunerative Most of the vessels now ou the berth are getting 50c. per foot, and clippers about to go on are held for eoc. per foot and 1 '4c. a lUc por lb The Shipping List reports the following charters I wo or three ships, under 700 t?ns. fr m chincha islands i to Cork, for orders to a port miue Cuited Kingdom, guano at C4 a Bremen ship, 1.032 foos, from St John, N B ' to i.ondon, deals, 61s.; a Br,ti?b hark. 530 tous, from Newburg to a port lo Great Britain, oak tlmber.36s ;a schooner, 163 tons, from Trinidad, Cuba, to N'ew York molasses. $3 76 underaud $3 50 on deck; one, 150 tons' to West Indies and back, |<00 oer month ojo, 200 tons' same voyage, $960 per month, one, 98 tous, it00 per (mouth r llors steady, with sales or 75 bales at 23c a 30c ac co: ding to quality. ' Moi.assm continued quiet and Arm. with sales or 200 bbls. New Orleans at 90*.-. a $1. 1'crpiR.?Sales of 3,400 bags in bond at 21c., cash l'nas.?a sale of 7,600 bushels Canadian was made for export to Liverpool, at $1 25?an advance ol 8c. on'last sales. ! fci roi.wm. ?Receipts none. The market ror crude oh was greatly excited to-day aud prlcos wore very trregu lar. the rates varying lo tne extent of 2c. i ,Jc a gallon, lhere was an active demano for oil on the s|K>t. aud though there were sales ear v in tbe day at 36c.. there were subsequent sales as high as 37c a:t7*i;c. and "set tlements" of ?'contracls'' were done as high as 38c. Tbe movement was wholly illegitimate, however. Some par ties having bought up tho "contracts" for this month's delivery were endeavoring to get poeae> sion of the bulk of the oil on baud, so tbst they canuot be filled. By this moans | prices have been forced up and a very lirge margin es 1 tab ished between the -contracts" ami the market price 1 It is a shrewd move on the part of tho speculators Be need in bond was quiet, bu fully lc. higher. Kree was ic demand and lc. higher. The sales were 7,000 bbls crude (mostly contracts), ch ei.yat 35c. a 37c a37i,c. for 40 a 47 gravity, on tbe s|h>i, and 36c a 38c. for for ward delivery; 2,200 do, refined in bond, 54c. a 56c 1 060 do..in Philadelphia, 52i,c.! 4 500 do free, 64 1 .c. a 66c., on the spot, and 66c. ? f'?7c for forward delivery. Ben zine sold to tbe extent or 600 bbU., at 31c. a 35c. on tbe spot and for May delivery. Provision*.?Receipts, 286 nbls. pork 2.193 packages cut meats and 2,137 do. lard. Tbe excitement in the hog product continued, and the large rise in gold helped the sellers to get put up prices. The uiaikei was greatly excited, however, and prices were mjrelv nominal. Tho Ctmaod for pork ai me commencement" of 'Change was not not so active as yesterday; out tbo largx advance in gold created great excitement, and au active detnaud en sued when an advance of 25c. to 5oc per bbl w?s ??stab lished with little or no trouble. A pretty large business was done, chiefly ou speculation at tbe advanced (ales, but sales were restricted by the firmness of sellers. Beef was in fair aemaud, and prioes ruled in favor of tbe seller. Heer ham* were quiet but held Crmsr. Bacon was in moderate demand, but the sales were generally at bivber prices. Cut meats were ; in good demand, and imses were higher lj>ra was ae live, excited and nominal!) at ^c. a '^c a (found higher i with a pretty large business at the advance Butter was in ! fair demand, and the market rul-d at firm from 2>c. a 45c a 46c. as to-justify Ct.eese n-a- Arm at 16c a 18',ca lo< The sales were, on the spot, Pork ?6 0 )0 bbls at >24 75 a f25 for old mess |2fl a $26 37 1J f'?r uew mess $23 50 a $23 75 ror new prime $26 75 a $20 50 for prime Western I $25 37>, s $25 50 for thin mess and $25 50 for old clear I for future delivery 500 bbls mess for Msy at $26 75 and 500 bbls. new do. lor Juue at $26 25, both sellers'op tion slso 500 bbl?. prims mews lo srrive at $26 Be?f 1,200 bbls. si $14 s $17 for plsin mess, aud $17 a $19 for extra do. Keel bams?60 bids , at $26 Cut meats.? 1.200 pkgs. at 10',c a 11 -,c lor shoulders. HWc. ? 15c for sbort cut hsms, sod 15*4c for long cut do. Bacoo.? 450 boxes, st 13c. for Cumberland cm 13c for sbort rib bed 14c tor sbort clear, ana I6s,c. for loog cut bams Lard ? 3,000 bbls. and tcs st 14c a 14>,c for No 1, 14>?c. a 147,c. for fair to prime, steam and kettle render ed, and 15c. for fancy also for future delivery 2.500 tcs for June at 14%o. SrosR wss Urns, with moderate sales o? T50 bbds at 14l?c. a Iflc. for Cuba an?T l5Vo a l?wc for New Or leans Tallow was active and, dearer salos t5o ,000 lbs. si 13mc. a 14c. lor Ka-tero, Western and city?the Isttsr lor Butchers' Association Woot.?in cons?juence or tbe advauce in gold sod es change operations in domestic and foreign wools were restricted. but a fair buamess has been done at ad vanced prices. Sales 170,000 lbs domestic at 72Wc a ?0c lor low to choice fleece 26,000 lbs pulled at 74c a 78c lor super to sxirs 25,000 lbs California, part al 43c. a 47c 200 bales MetUm at Ufcr a 40c.. 260 Dales Oonskot at 47c. a 5a.i^c 90 bales washed Arnoao ai 62><e 60 do. Kio (?mnrte to trrivt, ?uil 200 do uuwubod Sfriao oo prtTAM (ertDt. ' w iiiskiv?ReceioU 394 bbls. An active demand pre vsiiea, with sales of fi.ooo bbls at $1 17 a $1 JO for Stats and Weateru. cloaiug at tbe top price FINANCIAL.. Opinion or counhbl on kouktii national Kan* ditbcalnea. Now Yuhk. April 9 IM4. The following re?ol itlon, aVipted at a meeting of the B. ii-'l 01 1* rectora of the fourth National Hunk on the tth id* ?oi, haa heen aobmitted to -m for emielde ration, ?i/ ? A propoauion having heen made by eome of ;he utork holder* mat tbia He * ue wound up. Keaoieod?That the innt er he leierrfld to the COouael of the Hank for hiaad Tiue .port the anbiect, and a* to the pi a inability and le.ia'1 tv of a oh a proceeding, and that the Articled ol Aeeoriailon ai.'i Hy La?*? be atibmiUOd to him imme'liateir." Wd underatan t that the oecaalon of 'h a r.-tolul ?n waa ao informal niaeiiug ol eome of the atoofcbol le'-a, reooMiy held at Mr. <>(>dj?e a houae, at whlou, IB c.nr d Uie un tor.nnatr dllTereaeea of opinion eiiafng lietweeo fflnr ani a in* juritf ot ihe Hoar I of Utroutore, In r.jgnr.l t<> taia fltueaa for the office ol 1'iemdeot a de^idad mpMiUOD *M Mot lente l to wind up the Barn ami II waa detoi mined on the part I cerum jf the ?i ic?lioiilera to puiaue a courts which Would lead '.o mat reiult. With that end tn new they hare cal.e i a meetlag of uie atnekholdera for the l?th met, for the purpoae ol conitderinij tlna among other pt.?|?>a llona It ia aeedleaa lor uitg.iv lor It moat he apparent to I everybody. that there la no ne eaaary connection or re'ation 1 between the a lion propoa.' t by tiioae atocliboldeie and the 1 illfUnulty winch haa auguafted It. The propoaed remedy la ii't an appropriate one. The quhrtlon or toe lliueaa or ?ti* fltneaa ol the P teal deal for thodutlea of thai otliee la one which la to be conaidered hy Itaelf. and it cannot. In our judgment, upon aay principle of law or ol reasoning be made 10 Inv.' to ihe piop?i>unn ol winding up tbe bank: ?n 1 il audi ptopoaillon haa no otbet baaia. and laaup|H>iled br no otbei I ooalderatimi Ihm the |*?hoiihI prrteienne* III t:i0?e n ho <ake aldee with tbe Preai lent anil who i.are leternrnrd either to keep him iti ofllee ot deatroy ttie luntltution. It cannot, iu our jodgmnnt, Im nai l to have any proper'or aullicient warrant. We advert to Ibla p >lnt be auae we think that if the aiockbolden filial be |?Jmnted by Ihe government to break up Ihe hen* at all, It will ooljr he ipon aoriif co>d and aiilDclent gro .nd. Il will ear aitilv tie deelrable, If ihe bonkdatobn broken I up that all ol the i>roce?d'ng? for that put poee be conduct , e<l lb a lehbeiate and prone* manner, and, If poetble, In A | joat and eaodid apirlt. And with a caralol eonelderaiiaa of l l the dilfieii'tie* which pradeace r?|ulrea that nro vialon aiioutd be m ide. R.?b and baaly action will only lead to > onfuai'Mi and Mlg ii.on, and e.nfuaioti and IHUfa ii. ii cannot reauit otbei wie than Injnrioua y to Uie lotereeU Of all eoocemed | Nothing la bett?t aettled III an tb?t If the Aliokhotdara de ?tre t > act lo their A?fr?gaie oaptjlly ia order to effect Aor rwiioiAfc irit importaat rkua in the present ?(Uii*U*d or 10 eompal ? wtuding up or ihe luaiituuon. they must do so at an aa semnly or meeting of (be whole body of them duly and regularly called, and of which lea*! and suflieiuui notio* ihall be gi*ea Apart from i outrolTing principle* of law vpoo this potal, the ueoe*?ty af * '-noetla*1' of the otockbolder*. In ordei to obtain auy expression of their will, u Implied in the language uaed to the eighth of the article* of aaao-latloa. Tlie question then arise* how auch a meeting can be ba<l The tirat pre requisite of a legal meeting U notice There I* uothlng in the act of Coagrna* 01 ia the arttcl<** of aaeo ciatioo which provide* for a notice of any other meeting of the stockholder* than for a meeting la place of the annual tneeilDg. If for any reaion the latter should be omitted to be held at the time (lied for it. The by law* <?uiy provide for other general meet ing* of the *iocihoidera, aad the** require thai " thirty day*' uotlce of the time, place and ob jeol* of *ucb meeting* be given la two aewapaper* of dally circulation publlahod id tills city." It ia. we under atari d. i i. n.io i tbat the l>? law* are, foi some reaoon oi oilier. Inoperative butuoauihuretencecaa. la our iudgmeul lie successfully maintained They barn been adopted by the' Hoard of Director*; aud by the express provision of tbe artirlea of association. the director* are authorized to make all by laws that mar be required to regulate tbe business of the a*soc anon aud m regard to tbe matter of r.otioe of meeting* of tbe stockholder*. tbey follow in eiaci teiiu* tbe form ot by laws which ha* becu ore oared by the Comptroller of tbe Currency a* a guide to tlie bank* In tbe preparation of Mich regulation* ll. howeter. the by lawa are to be dlaregarded. then the question a* In wlut iintut i* necessary, lu order lo bitug a< out a legal and etleciivs assembly or meetlug ol tbe itoek holder* I* au oix'ii oi.e aud e*n only be determine I by re leering lo the geuers i consideration* applicable lo tbe sub jeet. Who can definitively dec de this question *o a* to leare lb* matter free fiom doubt? ho can *av what kind of a non e m ueccts.irrr Must it be apereiual notice, a* ha* been deemed eascutial in sotne cases* or a notice through the mails, oi i?y me?D> ol the newspapers? Should it be a fire. ten. t wenty or thirty day*' notice The act of Congiesa provide* tbat thirty days' notice shall lie gtven|of a meeting of tbe sto> kliolder*. (oi the purpose of electing director* oo any ot her than the auuual election day; aud It i* fairly ui (stable tbat thirty day* a* the period of m.ch notice was required, because il wn oonaldered reasonable and proper. If reasons le and pro|>er for such a meetlug would any ?liorter nonce be reasonable and proi>er for auy other alockh ddera* ineetingr If it would, why? and ho* much shorter iiiipbf II be :md answer the re juitemeuls of the aw a* to iea*ou*bleness, tn order to give eSect and validity to tbe meeting winch it shouldannouce? Thenflort lo meet tbene inqtiu les will present to any ud orejudtced tniud the great Imprudence of departing Irom or disregarding the provision in the by laws it|s>n tint sub. )ect In our judgment it would be the height ef folly lu do so. aud that there is no other sale course to pursue In getting up a meeting of the stockholder* tb*u to give tbtrti days' notice of such meeting through the newspapers. It would, we think, be imprudent and uusafc iu a legal point ol view to pnraue any oilier co>ir*e, If tbe objects to !>e ac coinpltshed in calling the stockholders together were ordinary and legitimate oues, but when the purpose i* either to elle' t rsdical change* iu tbe structure of the hank as al ready organized, oi in the alternative to break it up (a'moat necessarily involving no ent antagonism and eitreuie dif ferences or opiniou), a deiarture irom tbe course which we bavo siigteated would, m our judgment. Indicate a degree of indifference to ordinary piecautions hardly to l>e ei pecte I o( men who?e own intere*!* are at atake If a legal meeting or tbe atockbolder* shall be held, and a majority shall determine to wind up tbe In stttuliou. the inquiry presents itself whether that can lie doue, and il so. bow r Tbe law Itself under which the bauk was oiganiied, contains uo exiires* provision lu regard to a voluntary relinquishment of tlie corporate privileges >f as sociations created nudei It; the only wtnuing up which It contemplates beiog a forced oue for insolvency or positive violations of law Nor does it seam lo contemplate au in? detinue i>erioil of durattou In tbe creation of such associa tions Tbe language of tbe eleventh aectiou I* that ? every aasoc ation formed pursuant to the provisions of this act may make and use a common seal, and sba.l liave succession by the name designate! lu its ar ticles of association, and for tbe period limited there iu " Whether, therefore, tbe language in the seventh of the articles ol association, qualnying the provision establishing the iieriod ol duration ol tbe bank le tbe 25th ot February. iHS:t, "unless sooner dissolved by the ai t of the ma tony thereof, is surplusage merely, or has any legat effect ia a question about which there may lie a great diversity of opin iuu and in relation to w hich we bave not come to'a c mclu sloo One of tbe obiecis Of the law, aud Its primary object, was to provide a "national curreucy. 1 The banks lormed under it become, to a certain extent, in strumentalities of the government lo accomplish that pur pose, and whether it is within the meaning an! ohieci ol the law that | ergons, after having be-u permi led to acquire the rights and privileges winch it ac cords can voluntarily ttnow off tbe duties and obligations which it imposes in re erence to the national currency, aud in rclereuce to tbe national debt, is, to say the least open ? discussion. But while we do not express any opinion up >n these point*, we are of tbe oplntou that the q lalifyini: words in tbe seventh arilcle bave o|ieratlon only as between tbe stockholders tueuiselves, and can have no further ailect (ban as giving to the act ol the majority tne same etbeacy ar . force a* would be given lo tbe unanimous act ot the wh e body of tbe stockholders. If no such qua'tQcjtion were : .1 tlie articles of sssocts lion. Id other woids. they have afreet among themselves that the act of tbe majority shall je the act of allot them?nothing more. I W about detertuiuing the question, then whether the ,n?tl I tin ton cau be dissolved at all. or if it can be, by wh* K'nd I act on tbe pail oi tbe majority tbat result can so fat a* tbe stocklioideraieooncerned.be accomplice 1. we juoceed to *av that, in our tudgmeut two thing* must at all event* oe doue Ueiore it can be eilectually accomplished In the tlmt place, the stockholders mtis: surreoder the institution; aa I iu the sucoud place, the government must accept *uch sur render ? Chancellor Ken'., lo his Commentaries Trol. 2. p. 311). ssy* ?- Tbe better opinion would seem to be tbat a torpors iiod aggregate may surrender, an'l in thai way dissolve it selt; but then the surrender must l>e accepted by ,overu meat, and be made by same soieuiu a i to render it com plete. ' Augell and Ante*, tn their Treatise on Corpora tions say (sec 771) ?'Iu this country the power of a pri vate corporation to dissolve itself by Its own assent seems to b* assumed by uearly all tbe judge* who touch upon the point ; although it would seetu that as 'there are two parties lo toe charier compsct. tbe o&seut of both wo lid be necessary lo the abrogation of it. .fudge Oakley, in decldiog a question raised upon this very point, in .New York .Marble Iron Work* v*. Smith, reported in 4 Duer s Re. poil*. nag- :v.2, says. "No corporation can be dissolved bv a mere resolution ot its director*, stockholders or members, uot evtrn w here ail iu membeis concur in the act by the iaw ot this State there arc only two modes by which the dissolution of a corporation cau be effected by tbe vntnoiary action ol Its members. The one by a petition to the Hu pi cine Court iu which the statutory powers of tbe Chancel lor a>e uow vested;" (and which mode we remsrk in pass tog could not be resorted to in tbls case for the want ol any piovtsions af law applicable to corpora tious formed under the act of Congress) "the other bv a formal surrender of its corporate rights and privileges to the State, aud in the first case the disso'utiou is not eotn pieled until the player ot the pentiou has been granted by thecou11, nor in the second until tbe surrender has beeu accepted bv the government.'' lo tbe same ettect is a decision made by Chancellor W.nwsnb id :hc esse of Ward va Sea losursoce Company, reported in 7 Psige s fteports. - >4 He says ? '.Neither ware the directors of the corporation, even with the assent of tbe stockholder*, authorised to discon tinue their corporate business and wiud up the atlairs ol the corporal.ou, or to distribute the capital among the stockholders, uules* by the authority of a special a< t of the L>e?islature. or under the decree Of this Court di* solving such corporation tn tbe manner prescrilied by law." "and," be uroceed* to ?ay. "every cori>oratton is, or at least iu legal contemplation is supposed to lie. created on account of tbe H'tiebt which tbe public at large, or some particular section or clase of the community, will derive from the ex ercise of Its corpoia'e powers, as weil as for tbe individual beueut of the stockholders of the company." In this view of me sub icct, we cannot toe *tremiou*iy urge upon all persons concerned the duty and propriety of act' >g with deliberation and circumspection lu w.iatever Co i se they may deteuiune lo pu.sue. to do ootniDg hastily oi uoalvisedl) . to bear In mind ibat legal actiou only can hive any e lect whatever and thai auy otoer kind of action inn*: necessarily he djaregai ded by t lose upon whom the duly and leiuousibditv ol taking -are of tbe oank has been devovt-d. hVAiUs. SDL 11IMAYU A CHOATE ALPINK (SOLD COMPANY Capita; #1,300,000 Sbsre* ... f 10 each Tlie protierty of lbi? company Is situated In (Jilpin conuty. Colorado Territory, sad oousists of i s hundred teei ef mining cla'ms. ou the following rich gold bearing lode* in Nevada district. \ 1/ ? ALPS' AND "CALIFORNIA." These claims are among the very richest and best in Colorado Au amp* cash capita' of Clot lltinired Thousand Dollars has been *ubs>-nbe.| for at par Tbe books open for suoscrit tion to a limited number ef ?hare* at live dollars per stare, at the ouice of B T. H. tiiosoa. Etq . No. M >\ il lam si.eet. lo day, at II o'clock. orricKKS. E T. H Q'bson Presldeat M. V. Pour Sscretsiy and Treasurer TRUSTEES. n. b. palmer, COKKhLICH S HtSIIHELL. HI-.NKT .1. KIOALOW, HENRY V POOR S. T. U. UIBSON. Bkigus hold COMPANY MINKS -BRIOOa * ORE gory I^de*. Uilptu ooxnty. Coloiadn Capital U'.OtM (bare*, $)IM eacb. 1KU81BBS J 8mitb Brigs* Culurado Geo M Pullman, Cliu-m* i Anthony Aruoui. New York Hear; C-ggill. New Yor*. K C-irueil VV bill. New Yarn Wm. G Augell. Pntvidenoe. 8. (. Preeldent-J, SMITH HBIGG8. Tree?urer-*ALTKR K LAWTOR Bncreiarf?D. LITTLEJOHN. Counts!?J. 8. WOODWARD. MialbgSuperintendent?CHARLES H. BRltJtfS. ONioe 16 Cliff etraet LACE-HAWK OOLD MINING COM PART M1NB8-BOBTAIL. OKBOORV *0. LODES OILPIH COONTY. COLORADO. capital. shaRBs. ?i ij bach TuniTicn P H J HDD, New fork W L LfcB, Colorado ANTHONY ARNOIIX, New T >rk UEo BLI 8s J a.. Naw York. O W CHILD, Be* York J B WILLIAMS. Rale Y..rk J HALL pleasants. Baltimore LEONARD SWEET, Waahlngoa CARLOS PIERCE, Boewa Pre?ident??' H J UUD. Vine Prealdenl?W L. LfcB Tre??urer-W ALTER E LAWTOE. B*' reiary?L>. LITTLEJOHN. Co miel?JOHN a. WOODWARD General Director?MYLO LBK OFF1CK NO ttjLIKK MTKKfcT. NBW YOEK ^OE18AN*IEold MMyyi mm?. EACB 1)1 RECTO R8 JAMES IIARRiSON, Ba<i Irrloglon, I*. T. BTBI'H bR P. NUCKOLLS Colorado. CLaRK C WILSON New Torb. DkXTEK H BK1TTON Mew York. DANIELT LAWSON WelliMlle, Oble. JOHN 8 CHRISTIB ... New York IIRNRY DB SaVaLA. New Tork. Hubwrlptioat lot be capita. etork of tbti compear roeel*e4 fcl our olic*. LEAVESWORTU & (ANDERSON. IIWAIIMTML ffinancial.?an opportunitt row oppbrb poe ' ibe profitable Inreatirenl, l>y a few reipeouthle garnla men er live hun.lreJ dollar* eaen. in >? oahle mining pro l?eriy in tbl* 8laM. where tbev cao ar?roely fail to treble Hiair loreituieo'. witbla amy day*. Allnia A. W , Herald oiDca INTEREST ON CITY STOCKS ?TilB INTEREST OH Bond* and Stock* of ibe city and county of New York, due Majr I, la6?, will be paid on Monday Mar t, by Denial Derlin. Ea'i., chamberlain ol Ibe city, at the Headway Hank. The iranafer l> oki ?iM be eloec'j T iMday, Uie 121b iu*i.. At (brae o'eiock P.M. matthew T BRENNaN, Comptroller. D*rAKTMB?? or Pifcm, CoBrtBoiLaai Orrioa.1 CltT or Naw Voaa, April 7. 186L INTERNATIONAL PI KB INSURANCE COMPANY OP new VOBK OSce. 113 Broadway, CASH CAPITAL OffK~MILL10R DOLLARS. The laiernatlmal Fire laaurenoe Company. baring a ea*b capital of $1 OJO.mm, all paid In and aecuraly inraatad, I* now prepared to iiuiure f>vev kin I of property, Including eh11>* in r?>rt and their cargoea, again** i<ia* or damage bf Ore. M tha moat favorable teiiaa. WILLIAM B WABREN, Prael-leot HAMILTON BaUCB, VlflS PtoaldtSi I Uaoaua W. Itrtvt b?:r#iarf. FINANCIAL. GABB1S0M* MININO COMPANY NOTKB tU STOCKHOLDERS. CertlfUalee for utock aro n?w r?ady, ? M (lie office of the Company, *0. ? Willi.. streel. - her. ^ i)ro4pecUi u| ^ .ad.^^.o.orthenrtUkeu^ ^ ^ ^ ^ l00 feel. may he ?eea Q Q MBAgB secretary JOHN B MURRAY A CO . __ BACKERS aNO 6HABB BROKERS, II Broad street. near Wtt", New York. nuv aud sell Sharoa. Bonds ana Gold ou couiinuutoa, at thb regular and public board* LAKB 00U> MININO COMHANY, COLORADO. Booki are now open at the office of TAYLOR BROTH ER8.76 Wall street, for subscription to the oaptial slock of IbU company. at the subscription price of $1 SO per share Office of MOULTON AMD VANDYKB No 19 Wall street, New York. * DAY A ~BUSHNELI? MINING COMPANY. OK COLORADO. cfp^AL OOt.OOO. in 300,000 share*, $19 etch Teuatua. JAMES J DAY, President of New York, Provldeucs and Bostou Railroad Company CORNELIUS 8. BUSI1NELL, o!' New Haven, Conn XlloMAS C DURANT, Vice 1'resident Pacific Railroad Company. B T. II. GIBSON, corner Pine and William streets. New forli. II. YVINTIIROP ORAV. No. 71 South street, New York \V W BAI.DWIN, corner William street uui Exchange place. New York. S 1. M BARLOW, corner William street and Exchange place Sew Vork. THOMAS II. PERKINS, City Exchange, boston GEORGE COOK, of Central City, Colorado omasa*. t're?ldeut, JAMES J. DAY. Secretary a-id Treasurer. TUOMAS CHALMBRS, 4a. llauksrif, Messrs. M. MORGAN 'S SONS. Mew York. Counsel, Messrs MARTIN A SMITH. New York. Messrs REED A WAKELY, Colorado. president. Manager and Director in Colorado. OEOROE COOK, Est. Books for subscription for purchase of 80 00) shares of the capital stock of the company will be opened at our office on T cslay, (he 1-th ltist , ai 10 oclock A M. Subscription price $8. t3 to be paid on subscribing; $5 payable on the 2 .lb Inst The property of the company eonsisii of upwards of 300,000 feet of gold bearing quartz vein. selected especially for us loruiatlon duriug tbe summer of last year, from some of the richest and best developed veins of the Terri tory long previous to tbe speculative excltemcnt uow ex isting. with Noecial ren-rence to a safe aud profitable Invest ment of capital The advantage it possesses for profitable workiugof us veius, uiih its ample working capital, aud the number of claims it can oiler for sale for the formation ut other companies, makes It the most desirable Investment lor capitalists eve: oilured to the public. MOULTON A VANDYKE, III Wall street. New York. OFFICE OF THE COLUMBIA FIRR INSURANCB CO., No. 161 Broadway, NEW YORK APRIL 11. 1864. At the annual election for directors, held this day. the fol lowing gentlemen were unanimously chosen ? TIMOTHY O. CHURCHILL. OEORGR Ol'DYKK MONTAONIE WaRL> JOSBPH W Mfc.l-.K3 Eli K.N SUTTON. . WILSON O. HCNT. DANIEL BUTTEKFIELD. B1.L10T C. COWU1N EDWIN O. TUKTS. of Boeten JOHN Z. HASHROUC&. JAMES BNULlSli. ISAAC N. SEYMOUR. JOHN OIBNEY JOHN AKMSTRONO CHARLES DENOURISON. GEORGE B SATTRRLEB. A. M C. SMITH. JAMES A TIMPSOM FRANCIS LRLAND EDWARD 3 ATI EK LBS. A L SAYRE B H VAN AUKER El.IAS H BltOWN RICHARD 8. PALMER. DEXYKR A. HAWKINS. K 1*. FABBRI JAMES OLvVELL ENiiCII Cll.iMUtiRLAIN THOMAS P WAY LLOYD L KRITTON CHARLES B CHURCHILL. OKO. F. CODINGTON, JR. THEO R WOOL3EV EDWARD OOTHOUT. CHARLI-.S M CATLIN. JOHN DE RUYTER WILLIAM H I.E. . GEORGE L KINiISLAND. OTTO LOfc.SCH. (? K WILLIAM S OPDYKB At a subsequent meeting of the Board, TIMOTHY G. Cm'KCUILL. hs|.' was unanimously selected President. EOWARD KEMEY8, Secretary. OFFICE OF THE PITTSBURG. FORT WAYNE AND Chicago itaiiwa/ Company, April 8. 1864.?Dividend on stock. ? roe it >a..l of .directors have this day declared a di mend ol JVi i>er ?Mut >u tbe capital stock of the company ur-be tuarter uuJiu March SI last, and out of the net ear ..njsof said (inner, payable (Treeof government tax) ou sn-1 ifter t io i >tii da.1 or May [irox.. at the general office ol theco u-ia-iy, iu she city of IYtsburg. to the stockholders whose* >cic i ?nds ou ibo books there, and at the agency of jo o u^a w Wiuslow, Lsuler A Co.) No 52 Wall street. lu tli. ciu of New York, to ibe stockholders whose stock stan lu.1 t ie books there. Th?-rmler books ol the company will close at 3 o'clock P. M. ? ie-dot May. and remain closed until 10 o'clock A M. on the 17th d;?r of May thereafter. By order of tha BOARD OF DIRECTORS. W. H. BAKtfts. Secretary. OFFICB OF THE CENTRAL AMERICAN TRANSIT Couuianv. flew York. April 11. 18C4.?Nonce is hereby given that the directors uave this dav mude a call of an in stalmcnt of five per cent, to wit ?Five dollars on ea- h share of the capital stock held by the stockholders of isaid com pany, to ue uaid on Tuesday, the J6th day of April. Iv>4', to <obn A Morns. Treasurer, at No. *2 Brondvrny, and that tbe shares of stock on which said instalment shall not be paid at tbe time a>Orc?aiil will, with all the previous payments thereon ais le be forteitel, the entry of which forfeiture for the nonpayment of sal I Instalment will he made on the 3Jth of April, 1804. The transfer b>>ok* will be closed on the 22d and opened on tbe JStti of April, 1864 A J. HAMILTON. Secretary. OFFICE AKIZONA MINING COMPANY, NO 3! PXNE STREET. nku Yokk, April 7. 1S64 Notice it hereby given, id accordance with a resolution of th- Board of Tn.sit-ej of tue Arizona Mimnn Company |ia*sei1 bis day, th?t books will he opeued at tuis office I or ten Jays from '.he .late of this publication for subwriptloa lor ihe beiauce of the reserve *;ock of said company at thirty five dollars per suxi in gold payable in four monthly instalments. as follows ? l>n dollars per share. in go: 1, on 1st day of May. 1864. Ten dollars p?r s.iare. in >ti .?t lay of June. IS.*. Ten do'iara per ?li ire in ;;0<'J on 1st lay of July, 1864 Five dollars per share in goid. on I-it lay of Auguat. 1861. The mock wll. be issued on pa-, meat >>r the'ast install m.'Ut. SAM r. P.UlThRWOKTII. President PROSPECTUS or riia BELMONT GOLD MINING COMPANY. CAPITAL $J. iOO.OOO ISSUED FOR THE PURCHASE Of MINES AND MINING PROPERTY IN COLORADO TERRITORY. TRUSTKkl AUGUST BELMONT WILLIAM B DUNCAN, IhAAi: 8KLL 8 K BUTTF.RWORTU ?. l m. barlow. robbrt l cutting. PKV*iD?m WILLIAM B DINOaN. vick I'linsiuhMr EDWARD CUNARD (HiilOHX. AU0U8T BfcLM'JNT. ??CKBraiiT WINTHROP SARGSNT. SOrKKINTkRniiNTg IN rOl Oil A DO PITZ JOHN PORTER. ufc.Or.OE K. DUNNING, Buperinteoieot United States Asuv OtUce, New York. RA.NKRK4. DUNCAN SHERMAN A CO. ?oucnoi' B0WDOIN.M.AB0COUES a BARLOW, New York. WAKKLY A REEU. Central City, Colorado. STAR GOLD MINING COMPANY OK COLORADO. CAPITAL. WO OlM Mil ARKS ISSUED FOB THE PURCHASE OP MINING PRO PERTY. The property of thle company oooiprtaei IS,061 feet on tbe beet iole? to Cloar Creek eounty. over 4,000 reetef which are already developed producing from $100 to $300 per eord. with the ordinary stamp mill; aleo thirty nine hundred feet ol valuable water power, and a twenty -lour diap mill in working order Title undoubted. THU'TMS. nathaniel HAYDBN, President Chatham Beak. J>0 W. MOTT, President 0 S Warehouse Company. JAMBS I DAY, Preeldent Providence end Boston ReU roed Compaoy. SAMUBL R PLATT. A Iriauce. I'lett A Oo. WM. B BELCH BR. Sackett, Belcher A Co HAMUELA WALSH. No a Piatt Street , WM H. BU8SELL. Colorado riKiDKsr. natbanirl (UTDEN saoaarAKv JOHN N POWER SAvaRHS CHATHAM BANK. MOHSM.. Meters PLATT. GERARD a hUCELEY. New York. Messrs. WAKKLY A RBBD Colorado. RKSIDBNT ?aRAMRM ANI) XUI'kRIMIRHUrMr. JOHN SLAWSOB. Pormarly of CHIT Mine. Lake Superior. N.UOO shares of the atoek are oiiered (or aaie at $10 per share books will ba opened at ibe ofllee of GEORGE A SAMUEL BROWN. Bankers, II Well etreet, ou Monday, the IStb instant, el eleven o'clock A payment of $2 per sharp will be required at |the time of eabserihiug. an i the haian.-e ou the 21st mstaut, when oar tlfleates will lie delivered TH" AMERICAN GOLD MINING COMPANY. or Colorado thus rem washington HUNT. PHILIP S. VAN MBNtHbLABB. FRED. B BRTTH. CALVIN DllRANi). JOHN VAN NRSr, HORACK (lALPBN, NATHAN A BALDWIN The property of thle company is of immenie value, and some of the develop-1 claims on the Flsk, Bates and other Lodes will yield. <1 is estimated the present year over ?600.000 In (old A limited numlier of shares are offered. Subscription price. >2} per eh are. Tbe boikt are now opeu at the office of LIVBRMORR CLBWs a CO, 31 Wall ttraal. Third avbnuf havings bank. Corner of Third avenue and Twenty tilth tlreet Chattered 1454 Baok oped dally from in A M. to 3 P. M., and on Mao4ty, Wednesday and Saturday evenings from 8 to 8 P. M. SIX per reut Internet allowed on all tunii(from 91 (o ''An'monOM deposited on or before APRIL JOdraw Interest from the let. SPENCER K OREEN. Pretidcat. Richard tSUT. Secretary rpHE ANTHBACITB OAS LIGHTING AND kbating X Company of New York?Capital $1,9)0.000, sharxe, $1110 each Books of tubeerlptlon for 10,009 shares of the capital etock of thia company will ha op*eed at our ofllre, on Saturday. Aprl' 16 The Comiuoa Ooiioolt has (ranted to Una Company the right to lay mp< ? and mains throughout the enure <*ir of New York Ten per rent payable on sub aonirtliM). the balanqe in instalments at the work prosresaea, JURtJMB HltfGS 6 CO., to I{(ghaoge iHtoa | riHAKOUb. Tub kbnmbbkc gold mining Capital $500,000, to tOO.OUO shares of tt?irh. Otai-ltaa ourrency. PROVISIONAL DIBBCTOBS Tbe Boil Thoa Ryan. M L 0 C S Brydges, B?n , Manning Dtreotor Qrand Traak Rail WM K M Hopkins. Esq., Hudson Bay Oampjay Andrew Wll.au. bag Walter Stanley, Esq., II P. Thou Reynolds Esi The Uon 4. J 0. Abbott. M P HKOKKHH Metiers. MACDOKQAL A DAVIDSON. Mo. it Merrhauta Exchange. Moutrett. aouorrovx. Messrs BOSK A RITCHIE KK* YOHK AOBNDT, BO. 3ft PINE STBBBT ' raosPEotos. 1 be proprietors of certain mining right* in the gold be?r Ida iliatrici of tbe valley of the Cbaudiere propose to form a company under tbe uame and style of the KENNEBEC OOLD Ml NINO COMPANY ?The lands over which their mining rights extend are situ ated iu the townshipsof Liulere ana Mailow, iu the co iutv of Beance, Canada East, southeast from and within 75 miles ot Quebec, and arc easily accessible from tbe Cbaudiere sta tion of tbe Oraud Truuk> Kailwajr, over au excslleut road liaising iu Its eutire length through a thickly populated, well cultivated, ferule and productive aouatry. The property lias a Montage or 2Ji miles ou the River du Loup, one of the principal tributaries of the Cbaudiere, and la penetrated besides at uvo points aud in Its entire depth by the I'ortage and Traveller's Rest rivers respectively, both of thorn tributaries of the Du Loup. These rivers are all ot well ascertained auriferous cha ractei, an J bars fuli sufllcleut iu their course tiirough the above described property to allow of their waters beiug ap plied to the hydraulic method of gold washlug of late adopt ed with such successful results in California aud other gold producing countries Tbe whole waier frontage of the property in question, on the three riveis above uamed, is upwards .of uiue miles, aud there are besides, some lesser streams and rivulets iu tersectinn the property at various points, all similar iu cha racter to the uialu water courses referred to, and into which they fall Kxplorat otis and experiments made In October of last {rear, Iu t!ie diluvial deposits along those rivers (witblu the turns of tbe property in question), proved them to contain the precious metal In such quantities as to luduee the ex pectation that here the miner will be richly rewarded for lils industry, and iu many Instances earth taken from the banks at a ueirfhi of from thirty to forty feet above waier level, was fouud to c mtaiu gold particles iu sulllcienl pro portion to ensure hanJsime returns when operated on by tlie hydraulic process already alluded to It is propsed to place the capital of tbe company at $5HOOOO. divided into nun hundred thousand shares of $5 each . upon ninety two thousaud shares one dollar per share Is to be paid up to supply the amount In cash for which tbe proprietors offer their property to the company. The said u skessinent of one dollar to be payable on the issue of the stock cert Urates, which will not be uutll the whole uumber of shares shall have been subscribed for. Beyond a small assessmeut of perhaps six pence per share to form a fund for inauageuieut aud agency expenses, u Is not contemplated that any further calls need be made upon tbe stook, and for such assessment the.whole of the shares, with the escei Hon of eight thousand allotted to the origin at >r of the project, will l>e alike liable The eight thousand shares referred to are to be treated ?s paid up in full, aud therefore wholly unassessable. i-rnm the known richness and value of the property which is to farm the basis of the imposed association, the pro jector* of the Kennebec Gold Mining Company confidently anticipate that in the course of the ensuing summer the shares will be id demand at rates far above their cost to the first holders. Appenned ta this prospectjs are extracts from the able reports of Sir W. fc Loean, chief of the Geological Survey ol Canada, showing the estimation in which that distinguish ed auihorltv holds tlie Riviere du Loup aud its ti Ibutaries for their auriferous qualities. S?vn'T thousand shares have already been subscribed for in Canada, and the halanco are now offered to the publis at per share, payable ou application st tbe nilico of the subscriber. J. H.BERREf, 35 Wall Street. The subscription books will lie opened on Thursday, the Mth instant, at tbe offlce of J. H. Berrett, 34 Watt street, late of tbe firm of Berret A Foster. THE BROAD TOP COAL AND IRON COMPANY, CAPITAL OP THE COMPANY $2,000.0n0, to.ooo shakes ok au eaoh. The subscription book is now open at the office of Messrs ?fer >ui9 Klggs A Co,, No. 46 Exchange place, at $17 50 jK?r share, payable $i on subscribing aud $12 00 on tbe 1th WORKING CAPITAL $100.00(1 1'tiis company own about threo thousand acres of tbe Broad Top Mountain semi butuuuuous coal lauds, carefully selected after a thorough geological survey Professor Shepherd, of New llaven. in bis report upon these lauds made a few weeks since, uses this language ? "Should you be fortunate enough to secure this property I have no hesitation iu stating that I bciieve you wilt be the ownot ol ene of the most magnificent coal properties in the world." And again he savs ?"Itis. In short, another Cum ber.and coal deposit, id a greatly lass area, more readily ac cessible and nenrer tbe market." Tbe reports ol other emiueut geologists and mining en giuceis who have also evanuued Cliese lands prove conclu sively that they contain all the coal seams of this celebrated deposit Letters aud certificates of some of the largest steam engine, locomotive and other manufacturers, and of iron masters, railroad and steamboat men, attest the su periontv oi this coal over the Alleghany, Cumberland and other semi bituminous coal. Six known workable seams ijf coal underlie the whole of these lands, maUug au aggregate of some thirty-two feet of tbe very best sumi-b'.Htiuioouscoal It is also the nearest coal of this character to market, both by railroad and canal, and it cau be delivered in New York and Philadelphia at ft lower price tbau the Cumberland and Alleghany coals. The timber ou these lands is of large growth and tbe most valuable kluds. and will yield. It is estimated, fifty dollars per acre. A vast amount of rich Iron Ores is also found upon the property; and, from tbe close contiguity of coal aud ore. competent men have pronounced ibis to l>e the best location iu 1'euuS) ivania tor tbe manufacture of iron. Many opeumxs are already made in the coal seams; and the colliery now being erected near t'oaimont will be soon ready, it is calculated, to seud coal to market. Mi he coil cars and canal boats are supplied by the Broad Top and Huntingdon, tbe Pennsylvania aud the Keuditig U.itlioads. and the Pennsylvania Canal Companies. The village ot t'oaimont is upon this estate About uiuety unsold lots, several miners' bouses, a iar.e boarding house and a well finished note;?forty by eighty feet?are m.ludsJ In the purchase rpiiE BROAD TOP COAL AND IRON COM PANT 1 CAPITAL. 40.000 SHARES, OK $M EACH. Hooks of subscription for a limited Dumber of shares of this company will Im oifucil at our otlice on Wednesday, April 13 Ji.HOME KIUUS k CO.. 46 Exchange place. THK PEOPLES' QOLI> AND SILVER Ml NINO COM panv, chartered by tbf State of California, Decomber ISi>'(, location, southern *lop? of the Sierra Nevada Moun tains. tiout!i ol tba celebrated tiould A Curry mine. Hon. S. Newell, secretary, re?i tea ai tue mine and superintends the workings, winch are vigorously "prosecuted. mgbi and day A few shares can not* be ai $5 per abate, and no ai-ii'?smarH Iiereater. Rico aamplea ol tin- ore from this company's mine can be seen at their transfer oifloc. No (J Pine street. room No 4. JIHE BROADTOP COAL AND IRON COMPANY. CAPITAL 40.000 SHAKES OP $50 EACH Books of subscription (o-? limited n imber of shares of ihts ( ompaoy will Lu opeued at o?r ofllce on Wednesday. April 13 JEROME. RIOU8 A CO.. 46 Exchange place. UNITKD STATES (iOLLl MIN1NO COMPANY ORGANIZED I'NDER THK LAWS OF THE STATE OK Nfc?V YORK CAPITAL 8TOCK?$1,5 >'.UU0, IN 7S.OUO SHARES OF SJJ EACH. TRUSTEES. WM WHITEWRiaHT. Jr. New Y*rk. WM. A BOOTH New York WM. It. SCOTT. New York JAMES 1) FISH. New York W. B. OODEM. Chicago H H. HOUDY, New York LOWELL HOLBROOK, New Yoik OFFICERS WM. WHITEWRIOHT, Jr.. President H. H BOODT, Vice President J. P. STKPHENs, Secretary and Treas ?ei. J. H SCUDDRR. Counsel Books of subscription for the sale of SJ.btO shares of Ilia capital slock of this company will tie opened, at tbe ofllce of H . T. Morgan A Co . No. :V> William street, on Wednesday, t'ie JUtb day ol April inst , at II o clock A M., and close at 3 o'ctnea P. M. of the name day Should a larger number of shares than tbat abore indicated be subacrlbed for. they will be allotted by tbe Trustees. Subscription prlro. $10 per sbare, payable S3 at the time of subscribing, the balance on the call of the Treasurer. Tbe Trustees will receive $125,000 a* a working capital. W. W HITEW RIGHT, Jr , President. N?w Tosc. April IS isot. $1,000,000 L0A"_ or THK COUNTT oFsEW TORK PROPOSALS FOR $1,000,080 SOLD1BJU BOUNTY FUiTd BONOS. /Being the balance not awarded on bids for $1,000,000 Opened April 1, 1364>. Sealed proposals will be raosired at tbe Comptroller'* Office until Saturday. April 16. 1864. at 1 o'clock P. M? when ibe same will b* publicly opened, for tbe purchase of tbe whole or any part of tbe *um of $1,000,000 of tbe "Soldier* Bounty Fund Bonds," authorised by an ordinance of Ihe Board *f Supervisors, passed March 18. 1864. and by ao act of tbe Legislature of tbe State of New York, passed Febru ary 6. ISM. being the amount not awardsd on bid* for $1,000. J00 opened April J. 1864* The *ald bonds will bcarinterest at tbe rat* of its ptrceat per annum, payable scuii annually on tbe first day of May aod November in each year, and lb* principal will be re? daetuabl* a* fo io?* ?Five hundred thousand dollar* No vember 1. IS99. and five hundred thousand dollar* Moras ber 1.1390. The propoaals will *tate tne amount of bond* desired and tbe price i>er one hundred dollars thereof, aod person* wboae proposals ar* accepted will tb*r*upon be required to depoalt with tbe County Treasurer tbe *um* awardedlto them respectively. On pre*entuig to the Comptroller the rec*lpt* or tb? Countr Trsamrer for such depoeit*. th? partie* will be eo titled to receive bonds for equal amount* of tb* par value of tbe sua* awarded to them, bearing tntfrni from the date* of payment Each preposition *hould be aeeted and endirsel "fropo salj for Soldier*' Bounty Fund Bond*," and encloifi (a s second anret^pe. addressed to the Comptroller. The right is referred te re ject any or atl of the bid* If oonsldred neoewery to protect or promote the Interests of Ihe eountf. ???. MATTHEW T HRENNAN. Oomplrollef. Cltf Of ISW Toil. DrriRTHRffT or fin knot, Vvni-Tltukkiu 4 OrriRK. April i H64 i 'WMOIlt. * UNION DIMK ^TINImTbaNK. t*7 and ^9 ^nal etooet, wrner of Vwict * AsoKln, ?1.076,460 63 Open daily from 10 A. M to f, ?Ud froni 8 t0 7 P u ^ ceut lute rest paid on sums of l?? ?ud under, aud 6 per oaat ou larger lumi Money deposited on or before April aj w3l bear iuu?re*t from April 1 KV.HAUUUWOOT U OnAftn. Secretary President. TIT ANTED?$9,000 FOR THREE TEAM AT 7 PBS vf oeu: on fii ?t clans security, neither real eaute Block* A 1 lress Loan lieraid o.lice. TITAN'PhD?ON BONO AND MORTOAQE. ?9,OUO AT ? Tt per ceut, ou a House ouLxiiugtou aveuue.' worth $14,000. wltU privilege of payiui; %i 010 after the tlrst year Apply to JOHN FETTRETCH. 418 Third avenue, ?ia onn T0 ?>AN. AT SIX PBS CENT. OS i(llU.Uul/ tirst bond and mortgage ou good city pre perty, for a term of three or U\e years. Applicants oaaal state location ot property Addreas Antic, Herald office. MVSICili. A M AGN I FJCF.NT 7^ OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO J\ lute, made to order for present owuer, lias all mo ffern impi-oveuieuU. four roaud comers. Elegant oarve4 leg<audc.w coat $600 will be sold for $300. Alan I'arlor Stills covered with brocade; cost $1U0. for $2<)0; EUweree. Carpets, Paintings, Ac.,' iu use 7 mouths; will be Hold at a Moritiw Iuqutre at 113 Wojt Twenty-itiird street, ueat Hi itli avenue A SPLENDID PIANO FOR $22r.-Q A H liAKMORR, manufactory 34d bleecaer street; seventeen Oral prise medals; warranted for tlvo years; without exceptiou the bett piano male; testimonials from moat disuugulshat artists A BASS SINGER DESIRES 'A SITUATION IV A tuatette choir after May 1; is a good reader, and fa miliar with the Episcopal service. Addreas A. He rail office A SOPRANO BINDER DESIRES A SITUATION IK some Protestant church; good relerenoe given. ii> dress Soprano Singer. Herald office A GOOD BASS WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRO te*taut church. Address Do 1a Grange, box 1,016 Port office for tbree day*. C1ALENBERO A VAUPEL, MANUFACTURERS Of J overstrung urand aud square Pianofortes, the very best and cheapest now in the market; wai ranted, in writing, fos live years. Please send for a circular. Warerooma 09 and lOifBieecker street, second block west of Broadway CCONTRALTO SINGER.?A YOUNG LADY, WITH A J Que voice, under good cultivation, desires a situation as c.juiialto nuijet in a I'rotestaut church iu Brooklyn; first class references given. Address box 41 Brooklyn Post olBoe IN PRESS?EXCELSIOR MU8IC BOOK, NO. 4, FOB violin, tlute or cornet, 25 cents, mailed; contains latest popular riusic, such as "Faust March," "Finnigan's Wake," "Kaust Waltz,'' "Last Daya of Pompeii." "Tone Gallop," "No Irish Need Apply," "Loving, 1 Think of Thee," "Lib* erick Races,' Ao. Musical Instruments of every description Price list scut ou recipt of stamp YREDERICK BLOME. *08 Bowerr. Mason a bamlin's cabinet organs-fob Inrallles, churches and schools. Recognised bv the musical profession as greatly superior to harmoniums, tmo lodeonsand nil other smalt organs. [See our Illustrated catalogue for explicit testimony to their superiority from a inaim lly of the moat emiuaut organists in America I Pricea $85 to $500 each. CAUTION TO PURCHASERS.-The ureal reputation ol our Cabinet Orimne and the eitenelve demand l or lliem hare induced dealers, in some cases, to advertise aulte dl.Tereut Instruments as Cabinet Organs^ and in others to represent to purchaaera that harmoniums and other reed organs are the same thing. This is not tru#. The excellencies of our Cabinet Organs, whlchlhave give* them their UiRh reputation, are the result not merely of the superiority of mrir workmanship, but also In large measure of essential differences of construction, which, being pateat* ed. cannot lie used by other makers. From these arise thai* better qualtty and volume of tone, and capacity for expra? sion. Every Cabinet Organ has upon its name board, to lull, ttie words ' MASON A HAMLIN CABINET ORGAN.* Only warerooins in New York No. 7 Mercer street. MASON BROTHERS. PIANOS MELODEON8. HARMONIUMS, CABINS* and Alexandre Organs. Piano Stools and Covers, Shoot Music, Muiic Books. Music Merchandise, and all kinds of Musical Instruments at wholesale and retail. Second haaS Pianos and Melodeons at great bargains. New Pianos ao? Melodeotis to let. and rent allowed if purchased. Monthly Savmenta received for the tame. Pianos tuned and repaired ash paid for second hand pianos and melodeona. HORACE WATERS, Agent, No. 431 Broadway, N. T. PIANOFORTE FOR SALE?AT A GREAT BARGAIN for cash: price $100: has Iron frame. French great action, roun l corners, sweet aud brilliant toue, and In par ted order Call at 10 Allen street, near Canal. PRECENTOR.-THE ADVERTISER DESIRES A 11$ nation *4 precentor or tenor ia a quartette choir, to New York or Brooklyn; is experienced and competent; ie( erences if reiurired. Address Crotchet, bog 140 HoralS olllee The iiardman piano?established ists. <fao? t 'rv and warer .oins 118, 130 and 124 Amity street. Par sons visiting the city in waut of a good piano, would do waS tocall and examlue for themeelves; warranted for Ova yean The violin ?the violin?this most perfect and beautiful instrument taught ,by a new and easp uiat'jod in courses ol twelve lesaons. a thorough snowledn guaranteed. Terms moderate. Apply to JAB. GORDAW, 34 Sixth avenue WASTED?A FIRST CLASS BASSO, FOR AN EriS copal church quartette; salary $300. Address SaM^ Herald oJice WAN1ED-A SECOND HAND SEVEN OOTAV* S'eitiv ay Piauo. Address S. H., Station F, statlag terms, when and where it can be seen. INSTRUCTION. AT DOL.BBARS COMMERCIAL ACADEMY. MS Br tadway gentlemen or boys can have private lessees in rapid imsitiess writing. pisetical bookkeeping, arthuietiet Ac. m I learn more of business allalrs In one wsnth than la years it boarding school*. All. the; rnglish branches, including book. keeping, iwunm. arithmetic, algebn and grammar era tangir at lOWNSKND'S Commercial Academy. 2tH Bowery, near Ho st<ni strce;. Separate rooms for ladle* and for prt Mif Instruction. Special attention given to roinmeraiel branc'iea No classes. Open day and evening. Term* mo lurate AliRKAT REDUCTION.?PUPILS OOMMBNCINO this mouth will lie received at onehalf the usual charges Instruction In Penmanship, Bookkeeping ini Ar thiuetic. Heparate rooms lor ladles. OLIVBR B GOLDSMITH, 758 Broadway, corner of Eighth street. AT MANCHA A BURNS'. S64 CANAL STREET, YOUNtl men are praov.ca'.ly prepared for the counting room. Boolc*"ep:fig nil Commercial Arithmetic taught asappUeA In business Terms reasonable. Writing. 12 lessons, $|? Separate apartment for ladies Open day and evening. A PARISIAN ELDERLY LADY OK EDUCATION and reiiiiement desires a situation in a first class young ladles boarding school or private tamily to teach the Frenea language and music: no ob jection to go a short distance ta the country; best testimonials. Address A. 7... Heraldofllee. A MAN. AOED 27. WITH GOOD REFERENCES AN0 with eight years eipcrlence. desires a situation aa tutor or teicher, is lully competent to teach the English branches, rudiments of the classics and vooal music. A4< dress A. K , Herald oiOoe GOVERNESS-A TEACHER OP THE ENGLISH branches end music desire! e position In a family ta teach la exchange foi Board; bas a piano Address Icaoner. liet HI Herald o'Hoe. Guardians or others, desirous op sbcub lug a home In the country for children, where they will receive Instruction and every care and kindness neeat **i y to render it a real hoina (every limited number onlr being teceived), mav hear of such e one by eddresslag Miss S a Coe. Mtddletown, Orange couuty, N. Y. Mercantile library association, astob plara, and Woman's Library. University Building, po?H9 Washington park.?Prof. THIBAULT DB L'OUBST | is to commence a rourae of French by hie new, slmpltfleA an.l p-acticit method. Apply at the desk of either ltbraiT. NOTICE TO PARENTS.?PUPILS DIRECTED TO SEMI naries?$l'J0 to $?*>. and each presented with e head* some outfit. Notice to Tearhers ?Desirable openings 00%. tinually reporte 1 for competent cendidete*. tltO to B1.80L Cell et or address Atnericau Educational Union, 713 BroaA way. (opposite the University end Astor Library.) WAMMi ?HV A YOl'NO LADY. A POSITION AS housekeeper. sitnpsnlon toe lady, oreoverneaeieha lias reoeived a finished education: salary no object. Address , for four deys Miss Crane, Union Square Post oOoe, M. f. \1TANTEU-A HERMAN LADY AS GOYBRNBSS, TO vv teeeti two children the German and English breaches and piano. None only those competent may address, alat ing terms. Ac.. G E . station O, New York reel eBee. PERSOKAIi. Adoption -a beautiful female baby givem to adopt. ibree months old: derk hair ead eyee Call for three days at <0U Teuth avenue, corner of Forty tnk street BESSIh.-THURSDAY. It A. M . CORNER OF FOUB tee.iiU street anJ Kourth avenue; have my envelope la yo>ir hand D. W. R. R A~DO PTI ON?A FIN bT H B ALT HTMALE CHILD, one week old. of American parentage, will bealvea ta a respecttble party Address for particulars Mra. M. Clark, station U, Astor place IN KO It MAI ION WANTED?OF MABOARKT AMD IK*i? Gallagher, county Tipperary, who llvee sotaewheea In Br xims street, by their brother Denlel Gallagher, at Oeaue FORMATION WANTED-OF MARGARET AND Kate lr Nin OaM(*a ___________ INFORMATION WANTED?OF ELLEN. MART AW* Ann Reilly T i?nland, of Mulrlek. count/ Csvan, IrJ laad. by tlielr brother James, lately arrived la Mew Toy*. Call at or address ?t Hamilton street. New Tort. IIIFORMATION WANTED?OF THOMAS WOODS, WHO leu Su.miieh. Georgia, about three yeere age. Whej last beard ol was In New York. Any Information of'We whet eayints will be thankfully received by his wife, Mre. Theresa Woods. IU Bast Houston street, third floor, talks dressmaker's INFORM ATION_WANTED?OF MRS. MOORE.I FOB 1 merly Luev Anderson Klrkham, of Bath. England Aar one knowtug iter wheresbout* or having proof or her death will be suitably rewarded by eendlng such information la Aithui A. Kirkham. KM Hroe.twaj IF~MRS ELLEN RYDER, A NATIVE OF WIIITR haven Cumlierland county, Bngland. who came to this country in the year 1961. will call on or send her address to K D W Irtd Nassau street, New York, she will beer ei some property that has been left to her in Bngland. IK MR H SOLOMON. FORMERLY OP THE FIRM OP Hrady A Sol onion, will send his address to G, bo* 1,611 Post oflee, be will hear I ram an old friend. IF DAKRH, OF VIDRO DIAY AND GARCIA. IM Boulevard, Besyou I'aris, is in the elty, he wiliheae from an oM fn?ni by eroding his addreee to J. A. M., Madi son s tit-are I'oet oliee ___________ TULIA A R?, FORMERLY OF EAST TWENTT ?I eights street, will plesse eend het address to W. II. O., at Go1tray's. Ml Broadway. _____ _^___ O V A LI N A-?M-0LY MPIC, TUESDAY JflGETj 0? ahestra sests Please Addiees Walter, Madlaea s 1'iars Post o^ee. ? L MR PAUL RRRRRT, CABINET MAKER ARB carver, will please send his addrees to Mr. .lordaa.eof Water street. New York, and he will hear from his brother la law, Qerbea Afes Mulder. I^RBrllE Ar ILCTU OCLOCK THIS MORNI^NO. ISA MA EGA It P.T H ENN BS Y-A LETT EB~FOE 10% In tiio Post otn^e T O. TUP, SUliSORIRRR will thankphixt" AO knowled any lofnrmstioe as to Uie whereabout* er Mr TlieO'Jirc P .-+L, re^fiiif ?*,d to tie nngaged In the Cue tem Hons? WM. u VANORVtbli. ?NWu? Mfhre. Bar. im M

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