26 Nisan 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8

26 Nisan 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 8
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" W1TV < Of ru Bauu. wt. It* H?? t?M. Arm M?, UN. fc*r ?gbb.cIN tbe ?'?? D*P*fUws),<wmest#coutri?oleeer ft>m r m J>* ?iuw<B(! ft swetrd for oar favorl*. e;en,r?l MVxrtw ocrr b*r*w'lfc ?eN each one dollar We BARS* ?'?!*??? <* Nfcw York. ?mV C FTOrfi), CHA8. 1 MJSBgNBObf, JOHN WAN. fcRECUiK.KOOBrVkll. M? D ABKK, T. A ROXOAiJU*, J # "Ll. a#d". ROPT * MON7GOM0T. J ' . TEXIDo ?w? poii.au ?PB?ri*TTr'ON#. ? nn ii tob ot m ha<u>. ><* f Ntw Vim Ai,ril Sft, KM. I\ 'HUs ?'m? aft ar effort was made by the fr ends p-- W t-?i>?rai Metlellaa io tbe army tc raise a faa4 (ficlu ?teeiy frcaa the army) for tb? purchase of a sword tc Be ?resented bna Tbe preset was received w tb s< mecb ?aecr tbat the powers I hat ha at ?n<e s?)<?eief>ed it. ?atkBguisber tias araic been pal npoB en honest effort to KSaiB the sanie ob eon Allow mo to propcwe tbt ft lew tea ?That diT.alyCur be received,. not exceeding ooe del. Ht frcro sa< b i*sor for the purpose of pirct.Ming such a sword ?s L* fr.eo.le will cot be astamoo.ic > rtecul ? m-aiiii. a one to be selected ty a ecn.petent rom- ' ? "?? an amount be rased more Abso wre d be cods dered sufficient for the purr*** thai tbe ka ance 1* donated to tbe Pold ers' fJ-neral H. sonai fai 0 *hie will enable hie many friends, bexb civie and ar.Ma Z ^J^r,h^e.lbmr m'Ae? '* ftDy *v?Dt they will ?e aerusefl that tbe ?mount received will be applied to a worthy object ] erc'oae ooe dollar ?e a rumor ]f u ?y ??(oe loo tbick appoint a reco ver. aNTifj am THBt-TyiMVB tfNT PU?M (UtTlUN. *c Tin itnck or -nnt iibraLi-. K** Yorr, /pr.l 2P, lfio4 W1? ttirti.fi) the Ehuu, tbe , ro ZTZ Pr?-"?btiBg to t,euerai George t Mo. leiian h ? < ?i ' ycu!d do boiior to the dooorr hbu n'orv to 1 ,.1 wrro.t1e<1 in dr?o it irom tUe ^ ?? defence of hie cc.intrir Thie > d,.i,r i, aij C?a letsii'^ to our worttiy General ? (,rum gi ? K?fc b< c/euecl at several jiurcs theory for cor.tr'bi MtiBe, hJtrwmp cfj one individual tc tav^ f i orti vole, ??o for wt.ieh he ebali pay twenty t ?e cents . MJd We (xatl ewe-epi "Uttie Mao" With a awtiru teet.'i.fi Ui.ftOO n ???r tUfc it.rty dayr p s p Personal Intelllgeaic. Mejf-r Geoera. KIocr.iE, formerly of tL? troty of it.r Toirtr flc, Iff oi ?whence he wa" trsot rerrc * in u.f. Tw?frti arme corrr to tbe Arm* ef ttie i i.moer:tiLd to feitior with tf o tc< mt ere of ?ne etiui 'ru* ut ^t : .'ui? ot, Ibt 3Sd ml Tie i6 ordered on scrv ce dewt tte Mi >:e" * TP' ?-nd is '?? rent* to Victflmtg Mf>>or Oecnt.'.l ,?y?ee forR.er!.? of :bo /rrrv if i!n> Pintemao arrived at i?nv?uwr>rtb. Kam ks. ? n itt ii*t . under orders t<S report to Gttu.ia crt s out'Dfint W, H. Men jro,, of the t** Uutdrcd tua r.ny niutti *-e?- Yor* Vokcteore, tnd of ??:o-a I : ? *?r:er * et if\ Lae been elected *u honcirsry 11 en.i e' <>t tie I't iloFr.pti 04.1 Society of Itiokmeoii Col f^e, } ?oe??i rai.,i. E* J .e?Kient Bucb.'iuat .cvorrnr C'^rt n hi d ?+.ener..! Har.roc* were ?n<*et on ttie e. tec ocu.: -u MAR R? AGES AND DEATHS. Murri?il, BniW'8-Ktrif?on S.judiir At ril T4 it Ftephen ? <?,?ron, ty tbe B?? ' .iosepf - ; i rice r. I -. > oot t-T R. Prt .v.vo lu ijiee Ua"n*ii Krc vip) a'i cf tti ? rnoinT.R_P,r,?<-*? ?pr M' Dday, April JR. ry tfce H?-v. . iitik jLctri -oo, Mr. A. Cvonrvji-^ Km* /'nmp V in, , L. ?ft c.?iifUer cf Mr.nei e d Parmcte. r>,, , or treeLv> L. U*?r w?/?)?Od Tt-.rday overinc f v me v. . atber *s.rrel], 'otn ( Pjiirti.. ft rrtK-r.v cf i- .^J;e m> (/iuasji?ie tU<.>iN, of New Vcrli. ' 1 I^? tun tapers pie.^e u:uy ?"o 6a*di*, Aprtl ^3. by Rev TC T\.t U*f< v citv 'Jf' D?fc<C 10 k:lb* fc'ci/; a'lof riTiin t.i-ATtv fTt*r?At U6W Or'cr.tif, or 't?r?da? >pr,i 14 by th. p? w,il0D> roair 0 M 1 FiT/Brou, O! Bro.?*;>!), tc ?!.bs M. Ji.ik.en * Arm STEAr, cf -.'c w firloatie Amm?Ak*:si?up.?At the eAme t Hjo, c >'?rm to fc.es EliZA /.K?| WK/?, both of l.< v :u MUi Jio cauls. Mrit.i e?N<,v*,c _;K Grti.-e church. Vcwr.rx on Tbrrs ? April 21 <>y RevPebaftiao P. I.'orlces >.*3t.ie of Newark N. J .tc HiRHjn M >., da^r itr of the Inte Ibotpnf Norm, cf Now York. Ircy and Krot^jo' papers r lease copy -? tJ ?y'cl^r1'*' cri ?orday. Afir : 24, > , the T5ev lfM^fp?rr'"*W'<^AR'** !* 'r>fl r?'- York, ^ i.r i e T Ej--u7T' 01 Biit more no a.-dF, no ftrKKitn?Waiters ?On Snnd.iy, /.pril 24. Pteiks' darter of Sau.ue.D Waivers, a.' < th ? ty <*BAMA>-Warwlu?Trodce^Cay ev?n.rp Arr'l 4P by tbe Rev. lir. Howiabd. C. H. Kiamaji it M V , Wwwai.1 ail of this city. .< ^?|0*i'pTp0*',i-i-;?in Brofklyn, onPundav, Afril i4, j riiiT L? ?h"cb- **<? R??. !. E M-.?ls. raptam J luc**-. or I-angiT, Wales, to 1) xiirm / 1'owa t. ?f Cattnarthen , Wales , ' Kcglmb aiid Welrh papers | lease.copy Wh? B-KBi-.r-In New;.^k N. J , on K Lriae Aft 1 28, ty the Key. Paniel ^v*r0or Teen J. Wn,?V of :r s c?ty, tc Vl.'NMi K?uv, cf Newark N. J ' Chicago and Nashville please cj v _ Died. BtvrrcBar ?On Monday, aj ril 2ft, after a short lit ess ?aiuj?B?juw>,oojjson of tmileand Fnuiy E lieniB.' r??! a?'Od 3 narntbf and 19 dcys. Irttrmru *" W:U M lkkeo tv VetT ^'ibrwick, \ for Pu-day afte'nocr.. AprH 24. Cosiro., A. 4. ?.d 8 dVys ' *Bd JU>ulM CJw' aCe<: 7 m nibs The fi.Lerai wfli u.to place from tbe r?p donoe of f 'S |?rtnts AjLudl. Wftreet.tb.s (Xotsuay; afternooe at ?c? o'clock The relat ves aid fr erds are .n?.ted to at. land witDout furtbor not-ce. Cka g.?At Elrcira. N. Y.. cn Towday April if) er ?eBocrihace of tbe Jungs, a.'ter an illnefi #,f tec davs *At?rui I). <?*>!?. c nduclor cn tbe trie haiiwes, ac?d UK y??ars and jo months fe 'We are seldom called apoc to moi.rn for on? so tn . wrrealty esteemco) Tbe cmp.oyors o! the Frie J^a/wav *..) telegraph susUtn in tbe de?tL of iCr ( ru r tba toss cf a true frimd and valued associate. < i'kn? ? In W,.gt fiutkbr dpe Mass ?n Fridsr trri| P^uro pcei-moBia. Mrs. A.uu ttCtti# "aged el J'oylb.?Oi Monday mcrnicg. Apr! ift M/.r.v fcii a ?At.veof New Ross, W'n crd, Ireland ti ed #' years. ' Hie irsenfiK of tne family and tbrwe <>< ner sen P. ?-?yie.are rcpcctfuliy ipi ve<: tc attend tbe f uneral from tier tale rt-.denoe, 370 Mwr^im ttrett lh.s n\iesO?y) af. v H?rei'On at two o'clock. ^ Kab^Wi ?At Harlem, on Mooda, evet nr Arr'l rl^ jltOUAii Kiiisnt Karij-v in tl.e 7ih year of W aire \ I*? relative* aud fnenUt of tbe fam. y are nvitsd-o ?ilWnd tne tuuera!, lrom the res-din. o cf his' tArents Tourtfc a->en. e between l'J4tb and 12Mb rtrctte, on Wed' Aweoay afternO 'D, at oce o'clock. f?i?r* ?<u Monday, April ^.Cba'ci* 1 r rstB acca i ? years. e m- otbs ano 15 days. fc TVe r< at.vos and fr,et.es o: tbe fair y are mpeei'dlv 1, * 'ed ^ attend the 'uner.il. fr< sci h:s .ate residecoe f.f\3 y. S'fi avenue Bear Korty s *tb street, on WodLesda, fci Boiuc;. at one o'clock, w.tbf ,t ftrtber no tation 1> ireu us will tr taken to Greebw. od for ?nteriijent C ??r-.4'11.1'rld?y; Apnl 22, Sarah akniGss <l*jt.h;er of t. >e l*u James A Id red, formerly tr Mauvb'tier xi: land, ? tt? .'4th year ot her age ?^.tier, txg 2be 'rea.a.ns wsr* tw ?eye.: irom the Otero* cf tbe 'D carna. *>c corner of MaJison aveni. and Twsctf.eicLtb street. Sunday afternoon, to Greenwood femetery tor mi- ? Mai' . (Ecgla.td) pap^re c<iy I'oori t ?Co Mouday. Aj-r'i Z'. Ftum tloorttt son ef 3. C. a&d Miry ?. Reaper . jrf iO ye .rt at4 ir,?.Eih?. In* tru ?"** "?>d reJtiirM, ace a<rc< tte active atd ton erary nei. tot 0/ MaobalteB fogioe CotDpasy No. are rt*(*(tful ' to kit end ;rjr fuoerai. frou. ttt resi oeti-eof bit ?*???. le, }><'? 17 ?'-tftut f.rttt. 00 WedBMdae a ttrcixi , a, W-o-o'ciocn k*hcm.*~ JCoutlay even,og, Apr as, y. n*ti a. Earm so* eor. Daniel H?rrisoc. :jf \ r?-?. FcrtL*r coin VCffb* fcoe-al wtU be j.vet ,u tnrr row f |A|?r. Kn n-.?Ot VotAty, Aprii 21 AwtTnt. e, ct !y Snojlter f f t:\.t Ve'.b. atd Sbe lite JoLl W Krtrf'f cf I SbKIll lADdltlf Fooeral eerTice % ??!< be ted at M abm s cburcb, M?ieAW?c, on V*?. tii*?d aftcrBtioti. at two o'ejotk. Kmt ?<*> ^undi V 'remg, Apri' S4. Mxtuiu Kn:t, a'tior a tobg Mid sev. te >?. , a tat ve ot tbe on.ftty >,?j( . Irei&od, '.o tbe 3 ?ar of bit A^e. lie trieode too acq uaiatanret, aui tbife 0?bie brotb tru, t w :n aiid Ibeodt te H clle an> rcipectfu.'y requested Vo Bt eod tbe ftoera), tr^ti nit iate residency No. M>3 Oma? ft pt?i, tf,.e ("I i?*da>" aftwL'xc, at 2? *ioc*. J? r< nr. a i t will be Ink tt 1 aivtry OeBrietery for teter IMU L*m y. ? 't RrookfyB. 01 leooday, Apri, 24, Jon* Liw.?, ?t^d to y??r? Bm :r >Bds atd ?Cfjukiat. *o?? ?r# r?qa?tt?d ?o atterd lb* fuit?ral ib? < iijcf J*? V ' fWrtirx.L. at ?we o clocfc, ?rem No t FUlbusk aveLu*.. w "boot fur)ft?r do Ik*. *??m ?f't Sutvloy Apr 111 ? .'?hikuh >1raMft , 3.'. >ear?./ n: ve t! tfcf V? f Kilforrt, (vuety rcrt, If nand. iu< fr ei d* f tot ram f iW lc aitet] ?bo faoer*), ID* 'Iu??day atterti ?"0 at one e cfrom l# late rwid 'u**. it'-O Firei aw 0> >' ?li ./? -<ti( nday snort inf. 24, V't iM ?.** mtlr et Jobo M lier, ??ied 2. yvxn*. '? ??' ctf* ?rd It day* tjh? friet de Mil r?'*il\?'? cf Hie /a x.iy *rt r^^.;a j> .BTti?d vi aueo! M>eioti*r*l. fnmi n?r ,au d?nrf. te pi ttrtn't. na.r Noetrund a ??. aa. Hrr-ik yu it r tTi?acayj arieiaovB, altweti'tloclr. >i*r reiwiw ?) i t* *?o to tor lDUirtne ? Mi ?h*i. ?f'ii fatu.'day ?otLXf, 4rr.! sr. Ba* >*j/i A. Mi MHMt, of It.e IV I be .'?Hit 7*1 v c? ape Tbe feJat re? a"d fr t. ide of the fiiir* * ate 'eepecMr., t m t iod Uattr.d vHo rj., at ? a'? w? iburrt e>ner JicrtL nveB'.ear.O Ta ?ty f.rn ??rt*-. tb-r ( fuetaae > uieri ooo^U balf f>??t to o ve 5te ititt w w . ?< v kee te Cat**>11 >. y., for Lieroier. t. New fiori aod Protid?D'<, H i.) j?f?ra j rfa? tvjy H'.R..?iuy.?"1 M".(!ay ?? n*. *pm ?!-. at tj re? > oe, J2SSet?rd itreet, f.r. *?m K. Mo* *mtt ace>d M '"..re a bailee of 1 lu^.e, oa, uily Karre, IretaiO. >e "* rae a brother of tbe , ?t? ?.r Tl uu, tt- ' arte ri.c.' O (ape't T'ienee oc>| y. vrt )r? of foneral r*reaf;er. * >" it?to M ti<?ay. Apri 2-*, 4't*f ? ?c.orl ttd ?? ???? tl:r.ee> Tn?* * M < a a: attec -3 year*. 7b<f'.n'.itt* ?id fr <?rde of tl? \ y haorbone .( ??? Krtfcrr, F.ryaa. atd t.eiaci e, m? ter??*? I CWII are tft- ly ir- rvefl to at ?8<! tti? fi|Eera , ?r'ltr. b ?; 'erw ^me. 14." t??t Twe?,i) eatobd wftel, ot WadL fr*y aftert'inc at f*be c dtk H fe?* * ?Ob Mftday norr'tf' Af% 1 2f? tl.ta j,,f <?>< ? rrtitf. wife of w I ;>n. Mt' 'euaTw A ftn t* ai 4 10 nx>ctbe me reiatieae an<1 frrer de of tbe faa y are re#, ?r'f?i''y iVittil K ItMM tttt fuml, tb? (Tveertayj a^t* 'rW'Ot?, ?? net < e.' k ffflir f^e ^^ottd H*forw?4 I reeb^t *'at> *?, tr^ ir. *?ie pf't, >|reet r?*r Orchard. Kff Bnife ? Ob Mi brtay Apr 1 St M'BY, bet*"e4 ' ?' J? er btTb llipe and diii.|h?er of >fc t? F MifMrri eo nty Caear, Ifeiaiid ;~iie r ?. <!? ' t-'# 'aat 'e ho<I ot t??*r r< iti?r? are r? ' ? * ?? 4 to attend itie fiioetui froi n.e j . i eet t ? f ?? ? ??? ,i't " mm c at I 1 <? 'J? I mm, ?* ceneossptwn. CJ9UM D., wife ef ? Phflh**. The riiD?r?i viU take place tbtn (Tuesday) after***, M kslt t*ei iwoo ttotk fakdPbw fete issiftw, N*. IN *l"?4, Em, }Hi|Nt ekO* 1 Robert J. w? Kate A Rebj, aged > fMur Tbe frauds nod reiativee it U? feasily M Invited M ?tteed the funeral, UN (Tuseday) afternoon, at beV-pagt twelve e clock, witheut further notice. RottM-'Oft Mwiday morning, April 28, SnoWs JRonsas aged 3S y?wi ud A saontbs. rbe relet ivee Mad ?too da ar? respectfully Invited V> attend the funeral, from bie lata residence, corner of | JOfth etreet ard Firtl avenue, on Wednesday afterwom,, at two <; c'.iuft. . ... ? Snaoua.?At tbe residence ef fen mother, Middlebury, Ml , cm Monday,*April 11, L U. Srrnora, D 8. N., on h? 2Kb birthday. Brooklyn and 8t?teo Island papers please copy, Sbkhmah ?\n Brooklyn on Her day, April 3ft, Cusswrs W . eldest rod of S J. and M A. Sherman, aged 19 yeais and ? Moths after a abort but severe rieknees, of eon (ration cf the brain. Notice of funeral n to-morrow's papers Tajiia.?On Sunday, April 34, C*tharins. wi'e of Ctoaa. I. Tcale. aped 66 years and 4 mouths. The funeral will take p1a<?trom her late residence, 2M Pulton avenue, Brooklyn, ibis (T eed.?y) meriting, at tan o < lock. Nott ogham (ICnfr'tnd) papers pieane copy. Wi au*nr> ?t<n Sunday, April 24, after a painful illness, 3vh.ni Wow JIT), equwlnm. Tbe prole^aiun and the friends aid acquaintances of the deceased are invited tr attend the funeral, tb>? (T n- d.iv) morn.ng. at l neo'clock, at ibeWorden Hoose, <rrner Bowery aud Hay aid streets. Tbe remains will be taken to i.retnwood <*eiuetery fcr interment. Cicrcnati paper* pieafeeecpy. w?m\?On Stcflay April ?4. I>?b W>itn, aged 75 y*TU relatives and friends, also ibe friends of his eon, Rugene Ward are respectfully invited to attend tbe fu neral. fmra his 'ate residence, No 6 leroy street, this ('v '.day > afternoon, at two o'ciock. SHIPPING NEWS. fr* this ir? s?-? > J Fo* aus?.iuc r* * waw vo*??nns na*. f lift l ?or>n kiir< eve U 11 6 80 I mun vtatb? morn It 'i> Vovt cf ft: w York, April as, 1SG4, CLF.AREP. ?. Steamship llavara, (Irvui, Qkvana and New Or)e*n?-.T > ?? ? n*H> a Co Libert* Wtihoh NewnprJ. H.I?HarsCv.B A Co. Bark Kr.r.cn (Br>. Iltivj*. ?'ape Tf*n?T Sprtne. V?.rk Tp& er iBr), Andereon, Voateeo Bay, .}??Geo F Buliv^ACo Para Sailer Trite* (Br), Troop. Cttrdenas? C C Duncan A Co Prir Diadem <Pwe). l'aceen, Bristol?TanCh, Meincke A W?DC'. Pr.g D Tr. vMMjf, Lrcn Ponc??D Trowbridge. >r.t ilarveit V'ueen (Brj, Uolns, et Johns, PK?J V Ota ??> * 'Co Srla Pp*rk.iae Hea <Br), Pepur, Sac,.a? B V Sherman. FnitOiRa. Olobs, E'rccbethpen. Peh? !'r??f K).nor (Boliacd), Lever, Aratierdam?F ,csh, Mt'incke A W? i t.L (tr<i. ej](fcr , <?atu.ar^ Para?Bitbop A- Bro (sec< nd cl? arance). 8cbr Qec Pre?oott><Br). Smith. Jarn.pl?Wifrslaff A Sn..tb. k"ctt r.tVTl Pialth <F;Pick. Pt^'otn, NB-A Bmllbere A Co. fchf RM.tuwell, MiCormick, New Cr'eaua?Tncrer .1 Bf.Ut.e. ?Sehr Benga', Gctt, F < k*port and Pearrport?J V Ravi .and. Bchr Tt rl ?non. Providence?.7 V Hnvi'aT>d. 8chi /iJelio B, Can-.p. Pi ladelfhla. Steai,.ei Ari.saii. Blaufteld. Bali lucre. ARHiV'rn JT B *'"ai:,er Oe<>> .. y, p Cliti, Cmnmander. Boston. ' w !tfai,.'r i Farritt. Boe'nu. Ste^nithipBmptre i.ur Wi?l tjion, with mt>e .-.wl pakseneera. to.'ss Hi nd m ^IcOie^lan. Grav, New llavrm cark E izroeth i^'we"' Trmye ios Phanebae O.fe 17, r At. j ci re* ID, vr,<l toorder. Fe" 13. at3:',41. Ion 21 H. K. Mpnaiivi! a ba>k. tB?>. fron. Roochow for New v ji<, show v Nr - Ot.9. 2d f'ndant. tiAi k H sai.f (Han I' :ow Fnerr? Avre* Nov 4. via P' Thome *p.il 1 (a'bcresbe put ul^n diatresa), wilhhitiea Ac, tc ir.h^lor. K.rk l.?* scion, P???e. Baena Ayr- s. Feb 20. with wool, t" Wa t.scbn::igei X Palu..o April 17. lat 33 S? .... CO M. ?i, ke i is Crescent, from C .tia (or Liverpool; 2' Sli ioi. 7. u , spots bark W J Treat, irom Ba.tlmorefur Porw R co Hark Rf.tni' c^r. V:, hat,l.-Trn dud. 14 dfvs, with ? ;car Ar, toMetcaif A T< nr.,-. n Bark !!i r?<-?. Banre, r<-i t RoyaV 8 days, to ballrst. to Biiny A "o Btir Ca'.pso (7u . Lon/j-abad, Smyrna, 9P<la?s, with iodte to order. Htigi W .'ohn?lor, of Ljvei c*ool, NB), Poster. Barbados Z* dars, w h satnr. Ac. t' T T Ilw istt. fci ir Rir,.r Atbo : {F.r, of ci Thomas), .'ixtan. M?vn)c>e]!, Jfi days w,H ? iiar .-.r.U ?elas?es. to Roche Bru ? c"ey. 24H. mat, lat 36, loi t 30, n ok* brn Coral, hence f'-r N?.i V tAt Bri? K; ;. ,o (of Windsor. N8), Deiter, Maracti.o, 24 cs. r with ofire. to D R I> 'ivo)r Br f B< : ty T1 arkrrcy (oTTnras lf!ard>. Mulligan. Mira goane. 22uayr w;U> tocwood At. lo Rol'i Ktrray, Jr I'th Tti?t. r . r? ck< ?! Jtlar.il ra*?aB?l ?i oitr ?rhr Varin* of "fw ? irk itieerinii F ?m rt of i ?o\ sior s; bfins short ours" vcs. cou.d noi fippiy U,?iu 14th. ?v bsngrd slfnals with i,r Km achv tteerinc H, iihowite a white aiuual wuh bl. ee tniroer, atdleti'rbT R in it. Brifc Jfnif Rhycr.s "f famdenl. Carver. Matari7.is. 18 days, vritb molasses, to Waigh, Carver A CLase. 20th Inst. ,11 a NE pale whiie In tlie Gnlf. ahipprd a f a v,-|k h tll'-d forward I oi,s?>, nore wat< r casks scd sttirtid deck )<-, ? cf moi.,s>-t's Br.t Mov.r.t Vernon <of R!r,gFt. n Ja\ Earner. 8 ltgo 14 days w.tbsvaar, :> K rkland A Von Fs^bs. iflh in?t. fcsd a Ua'-y sal?-fiotr NR. C ,nng which liau ueiks swert. sciit Kills an'' rf "ired other damace. Fr.j! ent (cf Ai NF\ I..ttlewocd, Neovitas, 12 dayp with snjrfi Ar. 10 B FSrral1 A Co. Brig ? Caries W H.ng, Hurtlrv 7a?.a. 2r davs, w m sn.'sr ?ml mr.?x?(, to Warren Kay. Eau heavy weatler led Jtbboom. wuis Ac. Brig T n ?wr, hor*mann, Port Royal, Tdarafnh."'. 1st: loDo'lnei PollerACo Pr ndoc Ma:amcrca. 22 tiaya, with octton, Ac. to Victor k D -k-.-it? srbr 0! ve Vaiilila (of Parmboro), Wi'iar<\ Ponce, PR 27 riayt. w.l tupar. to Utiniel furr .* hr Fr.t?r: riae (of Cornwal'lt NS), Oou'd. 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N B for NTork: Alex ander (lei'ilerfon. Rnrce?r-Tlli/al'?Jlirort; ITarford. Ken uard. do for I'ortland: (J W Raw ley. Allen. Maryland for "I Tborrn* Cn?mrm ?let?on Rockland for VVork- Camilla, AprleVy. Phlladelrbia for Iiewliiirvnort: D P. '(pomrann. Fa.timore for do; M.iisoehuwl'*. Hunt, Wor'4 for Sal:? bi.rv Nor' We?ter rHlller NYorkfor Vewfonndland. HOLMES' HOTjB, April XL J" M-KId brira Miyllower, TrUde'en, Heinhaw. StrOT?iie?? (Br): arhr? A''e n (BrV ?? >r.r? HI t*. .1 Aiderd'ce. Clara W Klwell, S O Hart Hltfy B Pr^rnnn. Mr,to anil W'lliam (Jrny. 2?d. * A M?In port achr? H*lr?on Honent Abe Wind SW V ACff 1ARPORT, April IS-Arr brig .la* Murcbie, Mmh ?H Porto Rioo. VYKT1C. Conn, Arrll ?0?8 d ?i:br? l.onlsa Burdsell. Trlb bjc. hm<I Volta Denigop. NYnrk. NF.W BF;r>FORP, April?"!?Arr aeVr*. Coba*?*t. To'-e?, Phi|ndell)hta: 1< W Dyer Snu'Oer. Baltlmoie; Arm;uli)10. < lii.?e NY' rk J Truman, Swift, Eliuahelbpi'it NaNTl'< KF.T, April 17?Arr acbr Je??e B A'len. Ca*e. Pli .ladelobla I N KWHl'RTPORT. April ?2? * rr *rhr<< T) P. Tlmmi ?on, nod 1 Murv C'ark. D?*nev. Pbiladelrhin Cunill'a. Api'^bv. do; la Msniwehraeit* Snv'h. NY rk PId 33d, ?chr? Vary Ann, " Eivnnt, foneanorl, Md: C?|inlh?>. NVor* KK1V tlAVKN. Aprd 23?.Vrr ?lea?ncr Mrn^l'^n: ??.br?T <1 l.vman Stannard; S'ar..li Kn/aheih.. Pmlth, and K VI (Mark, Work: Eli/ab'th .lohn*on. New llrunawirk; Eaxle ilr.-.n Hill; Sarab Jane, Rrcre; l?aac Merrill, H-irbkon; H*r rr Wop'nm; floors Pbenin. flbepard E.'>/a'ir.|hpori. li<i>r?. Hnbbell: Sonhia *no. Martin; Mi.tto Clil aetir* Roairin. Eil7aheibpori: P'erre, do; John, do; Eairlie'tl. do; E i ? Hamilton. MarvUnd. PPOT ROYAR April "U-Arr abip Ti T,Stnrpe? W H!?ma, RewTork. ICth. brs Mar* Cnbn, Onncaa, New Tnrk . aehr C ii'MOtep. Avirv, New l.oniioa: 17th, e'ramer Pal.-.i-scO. Vrij ?jy k. briua C V William*. Thompaon, PHIaiii 'rh.a; .lis P F.ilicoll Devoreu*. ilo. nrhr Pancanefitt, Wc|ilr? and ?;trv il.-iiov, Ualnv. do; A H Mancbeaier, Nirkernon, and Var?ir.t. do; IPlh. .frbn M Rroona'l. Tlonstaw, do, atramersTna r.e*. Arey. NTork, 19th. Vnruiia. Pen' nv ion ill S'o^'b Point Bernet'. Annanollc. Ne ly Pei ee, f^nwev do; Tborn. Olvba, Ale:andr1a; ?cbr* F R Per,fit, Irv.np. NTork. 2i,tli prbra.'ane*' Patteraon. Willeiin Wm W 1 ? .11 Artie ^arwoid, Wil'.et!*. and Con ral An e r?a f'l:!llipa. Pkiladelpina 'd i21ii. I'fiR Klepben Pi;n"in. Tvler. Siono; ? hr W ].'nil?"y. J.ewta. do; 13th, ',:ir'< Alinora, Vitbh. i*0: "<'h, fi i! Mvatle, I'orry. do: ?chr? 1{ VI Demlll. Hendriel.iin, leiha; Ifith. Edwin T Allen. M'en do: !<!th b'ita Mountain Fa"le ta>-vi? do: " Wilherell, Timmx n. do; ? ?'?nmi'r Salvn Chtrhester. K"Vir'"<? Monroe lfitb. ?? hr I B ^ rnn!.?. Smith ,lae'<?oi) I'e: 10th. cieamer" l'ail"iiore. Lewis l^irire?? Mooroe: Victor Srcr and C.t? of Rlch ri or.d, K'Hr, do (ami both xvi. '.Vth. Tha^en Arer, do; P, n Pe'ord, l'a"ei? do (and aid) leawforl Mnlth. do; br e Hami U Artams. Holland. Ph' art'-WMa i%-d *ldl; whra Z P>. ,r, II M m*. Hn'timore 'and aid 21at); Thon.aa VYinar.a, Todd, Vortreaa Monroe. Sid 12th. achia C.<rah Ranker and Conct'tulion: 131*1, ba't: *'i. i na; achr ,! W Llndaev: lC'h, brit'J P W'aherel!; er'ir F T * ilen ? 2"th. br!c Foyeeier Murray. Baltimore; whr R II .'???p. Paelielor. Philadelphia. PITH ADE1PA1A, April ??.'<? Arr bark* R A Crcl-rane. Pendleton. Trloidad: Arena, W>'lame New Drl>an?- brltn Vaine. Ferria and For.:. Vayn C:e fnepoa; W.:ierloi>. C '::r ?cbr *delia Rellv Ctaae.'Port Royal. Be'ow hark Orare Rtcwe. from Liverpool. PORTLAND. April 24- Arr bark P?bra Crooker. Tarie. na* l rit RpuiNiaw. flTtth. do: ?chr Writ??arroll, CTur'r.an, N \ Oi k. ??": -Sid ?teaniiifcip Pernrian (Br), Liverpool via Liir.den i^?rrv. ?iilh?Arr brio Model. 1Ia?<ell, Cardena*. rriRTSMOrTH. April 20?Arr ""hr Sarah Julia, (lillev, NYork. Cld 2'et, acbr Roekinuhatn. Talpev. WI1" Ineton, T>el. v:a WnahinRlon Sid 21aU Rcbr Rebecca H Warren, Pirkerine. Phi aielpbla PVWTOCRKT. Apri 21?R11?.hm 11 W Benedct. Care, JJVf rK: Mary A Hi' ireth Cleavolan l, do. ROrKLARD. April If?Arr "'hr R l^eacb. cl.*rman, S. rnre Head and ? d 17lb lor NYork: lfith L OtiptiH, Onp till. NVi.rk lor Brlfa'l: '."Oth fient'ie, (latobe'l. NYrr*; Slat, A .tamesnn. NYork, S'd 17th. ?rbr? M S Partrldr-e. 11 NYnrt: lr'h Bav Stale. Yeaton. NYork; ISth. (Iwrnin, ?'et?'n. NYork 2fHh. VlcVkb- rr Haskell: Laura Frances, H'Kfflnn: Ruth P ITodcdon, Hall and Llr.rJe. Olover. VYork. HAl.F.M. AprH'-"C?Arr fchr Governor, fbase NYork ?id ?chrr Oalena (from PbiladolpnlaV Port'ard: Hannibal (from Eli'aheihporl). Bonpor; Charlotte (from New York), I P"rt?mrritb; Pav euie (from Ro-kland). and Boundary I /from Rockp'>rt). NTork; Helen Mar (from Lane's Cove). Pnilade i-lila. _ I WT^MIiy^TON, Del, April 26?Arr brig Alice Lee. Her rinr. NOrleans. UKWAKM. REWARD.?LOST. ON SATrRDAT AFTFE^OON. dT?> t*:e 2**ii inaL. en ibe Shore road to Fort >lamilton ? 'ady ? Sable Fur Collar. Ti e reward of %b wi'l he pirar. to arv person brlnKlng the same to Charles Taylor. 51 Pearl meet V Y , or te bis bouse cn Third avenue aud Fifty Cr?l streei. Somh Brooklyn. $*rRFW\RD-l,OST. ON SCNDAY NHJHT APRIL ^|?) 24 Irom 141 Prioee s'ree:. bi-.ween Wooater and Lau reps streets, a *mail b'.ae* B ill Terrier, answerlot: to ti e nuine n? Fannv The above reward will be paid to any per i eon Je'iverinp said d>>n at 103 P- ai ureet. ? rr r'-wvrd.-lopt on svti*rdat f.vbmno at <rO the Fgir. or in poing thronsh .Tar <? air??t. Elr'ith ave rse aril*. Fo'irte?nth street P^ke'.b nk. ron'kinin a sum c' mo ?v, a "e r-eccv hi)d?r" and a i enkn.'e?'be last va Pd ?a a keri sake The ' n'.er wi,' i ea?e a, ply \o Cattl ? A Vail, corner Ureenwicb anil .lane street*. KV HAITI'KK. A RARE OUAN'-R FOS Hi-I'SEICEEPER"-Sl'PRRB Ho ?e'i!0!d Famivjre Tor ?? ? il ? sacrifice. A family decl nitty hourekeepinc will *<>11. In I- t* I" mil purrhaee'*, ?t ! the K> TJi'tLr* contained In their retirieD)**. Ho. IIS We*t Twentv.ihlrd street. n?:vr Rtxth nver.ue?1? unotor-e. Parlor Rniis Window Certain* to match. Ewgrrea. Palntlnj:*. Breeze*. Carpets, Hroffi**, Mirror* tlr'Ug Room and Ci.arr.ber Furniture en suite, In use 7 month*. Apart v. insRino to xrdtob thbib houbb* hold, o >r True Pari, r and ordinary Purnlture, in variety; BruM-snnd Tnrraiu r?rp>m: will he sold at re diced pr cc*. Cull e<>oo Hi 24.1 West Twenty fourth street. FCRJUTCBR.-A PKKaTK PAMM.V oscmriko housekeeping. w.H sell very low indeed, in loistosmt pit-ehaaer*. all tkeir Furn ture; one err fine seven octave rosewood P'ano one fine French <"lo-.lt. China Va?e* bronze Caariieufeka, ro?e*ood and Week wa.nut Hr"x ii s Bureaus, Redste/l*. Wardrobe Ro:a Hainan.' Feather Beds. Mat -'re sees, Carnets. Mattinv. Crocks, v Kitchen Ware. Ac Ap fly at IM Thompsoti street. uear P.-m e, for three day*. EVRVTfRE. MATTRfcSSF.f. LOOKING OLARRER. P Feddtnc and oiher housekee;>inc articles che?n?>r ii.*n sisewhere CaJI And sa?e m nev at G W. SNEPPN'8 2?t3 ro verr, between Btan'on and lion':, b streets. Note the nrmber. Goods warranted. Furniture is Suits. CRNITt'KK Kf.R RALB-AT THE RERIPENt T. W sixth a'T'ii--One mahogst v ''han ber Rult and one ta "fry rarp t, about fft jsrda T'V ahove are almost n*w ar d may be Seen from 2 till f> o'clock for two days. FrRNirrRE-rHF.AP for r\sn. tuts pat at room No .1, thirl lloor. New York Unl?er*lt*. Wusbit.e'on tq tare?Down and K>-at> ei Bed*. Bedsteads, Pt ves, B okcass. Caihart A Ne-dh. m s double r<*ed Har monium, Cbaira, Rups, Cortices, Ac. Ft'RNITrRE FOR RALE-THE KNTIRB FDMITUR* of No. 9(1 West Broadway. on Widuesoay, April 26, at t o clock A. FrSiirrl u wartbd?ciRpSfS fbor, 4c, to furnish a lartr house a air price will be laid for larce or small lota. Address. with lartlculars, Haipson. t c j 141 Herald < flice. "L*OR SALE CHEAP ?THE Fl'RRtTt'IB OF A FAMI r It defining housekeeping will be arid Ti'tsdar and Wednesday mornings. In 1 ts to salt purchasers, at a great aa-rtfloe It ciniists of restwoed and black walnut Pailor Bull* tnsrt'.e tcr Centre and Pier Tables. Pier Ola**. Eta cere. Bn?]'sb Bru??el? Carpeta. Chamber Bulla llnlr M-.l tre?aea. Eiten on Table. B tret Pelar Refricerator, Ac The .th .it Kurnituie ta in e 'caut i^bdltiuo, and cau be aeen at ?W West Thlrty-C;th ?tr?et. Ii*OR RALB-A pi.tmtton bbdrtbad. or TBB ' 'ate?t I attert.: i.t tie.: n ,a< a abort tin e, to d'ow Ar, l| ai '.'IS I'eaii nioet. P?H RAtF-A rAK, k TR GUAM. W!TH C'oueoie Tal'le end < maub. Apply ?t We?t Eiiihteeritr. street. FOR ?ALB CHBaP?EiOIlT ri'BHIOBBD SBTTEE8 <>ak atained). I) to 1? f*et lone, aultable for a fitting room, h'.tel ?.r rub'le bolMlnn a!?o other niturea nf a L< Ri>nm. To ?ter or. Kaiurday Monday. We>tfne?ilaf and Friday. froti>:to?p M , at M Dtvinoa atreei. ta>rd Boor; or aadreaa C I> M . > 01 J.>v Peat office. SF.O RIl HAND Ft" HN IT I'RB ARDCARPBTR BOt'OPT. Tbe hl?he?t I fire r k'l on or a< dreea?l O FAR RELL, :oriiV Thut; tiftb nre?t aod Eifhth avenue. W\NTF.D-A V l fir fARLOB FHBRITt'BB TO hire, with pr ?i>(,e rf ) ,rhaa?; bla'k walnut, 'o> ?ere<i with creeo r, i ? ? c ,tj ti en for care aod *alt.e Ad-'reaeJ 7., HeraMv^ e Tt'A??TFi)-A rj TV1 T v >-B TRT ? RV PEPSI BAD yy tf ate pattirn, Ma<-k walnut rate. ACOrtm Jobu * ?JWI d "I (I 1,444 >ew Tor* Peal {.me. WATCHK* fivi.t HI, At fl? WATCFt.P niAMiiNPR .1RWBLRT, RH.VBR Plate n ,na Pt?<- ? Ac . bo. *b>I will pay BO per tent mor<' than nan be i.ed at any other iJace la ?f>e 'llf N P?Alae Pa?r,r-.,??r? Tteaet* wao'ed for tie at> re art c ee at tfce mu,? rat* ??t Proadwav, coiaer ef iJo inun atieet i ?ta ic r. eiuf, At 77 BJ.EB KFR ATREBT TOU C Kt* OBTA1I* <*> , F ettt n.O'-e 'or i a,.if i 1* W-iobe? .Tewelry Silver Pate t. i - 4* ?t. - p.\ *. ?? h-?i?o PawL bin-krr# t.? k? .? ho, gi i f(,| it,?. n-, r? *rtieiee D I AMOK OR, OU> OVID MDVER 1MABOBO*. _ ?1.D OODD ARD BIL'BR. retaorewt,,, W .1 u eail D.atw?da. old (??t.i, ?llw,or any t^o'em lael . i.e.l Jewa.iy, ?c f> L01H? ABRlOH, 72,'t Bioauway, A p< xlttee fa?. he i*?i Jn per eeat more than auj oa? i ff r?r ., Betabuhed ill I*ew Tot* ?.noe the al' a iit ntraiif i., l (he :ate Mr..tin Van B"ren Make no mi* lake?,I'll -eaditav i-ndci the ,1ew Toik Hilei. | IVaTOIIKR AND ,'EWKI hy vy OF aLI. D?B' RJPT10NP ' Foi ea r ny OKO o. Ai r,?N, 4ir Ttrnaewa? >ue (Icq. alidtt. Iviiiuurgi li W?l< 4kre?a * DOPTTOH ?A lUDTirOL uttlb bo*. ONft & twragsBR AHHT rERHOW WHO CAR om INFORMATION AS I to who IM Iwc MM Van who carried ?*?> oil bundled toqi petaa from theWaaklii. im?| dock on Mon day. ittlMl, will be aultaWj (awarded by iaforaaiag *??? ?warn of MM koo? polen DQMn * HOW, 148 Wale* Kiwi. E t t> informs a, ? d that hi is will, AD dreai Chatenaj, to Antony, Seine. France. YNYORMATION waJnted?of margarbt hat. or J Mount Loftlca, etmnty Btllkennv, Ireland. Any Infor mation of bar will t? thaakfullv received by John Baden, Buy Ridge Port office, L 1., New Tork. Quebec (Canada) TP*per* pleaae copy TNFCRMAT1CB WANTBD-OF WILLI AH OURTIN. 1 from county Waterford. IreHnd, by hie nieoe, Bridget Ray, aoy at Caatie Oarueu. . TN FORMATION WANTED?OP PATRICE HA8BATT, 1 by b a ken Michael Haaaatt. When last heard of, wblch wut two montha ago, waa Id Brooklyn. Any Information of his whereabonta will be thanklnlly received by Michael llaaaett, Mo. 0 Shippenvtlle street, Hoboken. TF THE PARTY WHO ADVERTISED THROUGH THE L Personals in December last for the address of Thomas Anc.erson will address No Ml Mcrrer street, Jersey City, he <ao obiuin the Information required. IP ROBERT 8WIKDLEHUR8T. OP AOCRTNGTON, England, who came over In the ship Roger A. Ileum, will write to John Wa'ch, First Connecileiit cavalry, Con script Camp, New Haven, be will confer a great favor. IK MISS ELIZABETH BUCHANAN, FORMERLY OP 1 England. will call at Chatham square Post oOlce ahe will find a letter there for her to her advantage. L. R PUTONT. TP JACOB RUSSELL, EDGE TOOL MAKER AND MA I chicWt. formerly o> Portchester, and now ihutiiFht t<> re side in Brooklyn, wit call at 168 East Twenty seventh atreet, he will hear of something to hla advantage. I BIT HER HOME-ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, J Maria Riley. Had on a black com and sroy felt hat; is deforme l ami ha? a lump on her left l and, fight com pleiton ; w 16 years of age. Any information of her where abi> .to wui tie thankfully received by her distieased mother, ut No. 6SW Hudson street. May -von doubted mt dbolaration. which w;,s sincere and had lone been *o, only awaiting <fv portunltv and confidence to titter ? Pray b'lieve and ([,?? tt at thr thought of von Is alwavs with me?that yoni nb-.enec s grievous. M ike it as brief as pe?sibie and let me Know if. and when and how, 1 may write what 1 would say. A "ord from you would be some consn'ation ? ? ?. FLl'TO?11AVB WRITTEN 8KVKRAL TIMES, AND received no answer Would like to hear soon. Reward ofpep.kd for reliable informa tion or Mrs Pornel Hicks who was in London in April, iWll, and is now believed to be in New York. WAT Si'N jt NASH, Counsellors at Law, 43 Wall street, Jauncey court, New York. ILL MR JOHN DEAN. ,7R., PLEA8P CALL AT Dr. Gibson's, 17 Amity street, immediately. WR 8.?NOTE FOR YOU AT STATION D. POST . tranter did not look in right box last even'nc: call for them at 2 P. M. Yours, Alii'lIIB. \TES, I WILL WRITE. w AIATKIMONJAL.. A GERMAN GENTLEMAN. AGED 27. WITH GOOD /V euncaUOn. willing hand and small capita1, wishes to meet. a young lady of nisa^e with aotne means and cheerful disposition, will* a view to mairimnn.v. Address in confl decce I or ivvodi.ys Julius, Madison square Post ollue. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN, TWENTY YEARS OF AGE. wishes to form the acquaintance of some rounc la?1v wuh a view to matrimony; money no ob ect. as he has suf ficient; all lis w >hes s a loving heart and ^oort disposition. Addiem, for one .vpck. C. W, S., box 140 Herald oil.ee. Carte de~v,site exchanged. ATOUNO GENTLEMAN. AGED TWF.NTY-ONB, A "?tranter Id the city, and from the country, wifl.es to form t r aoqaainlance of some .votinr &nd beautiful l.irtv, with a view ?l matrimony. Carte de visite c^ihicsed. A'l dreta. for one week. G. 8. H. box 14" Herald otl.ee. A YOUNG SOLDIER A(iED J2, WHO flAS SERVED in the Armv of the Potomac since its organization, ai d whose liaie ftf enlistment willahortlv expire, desires to open a correspondence with some vcungllady, between the a^?s of 16 and 21. with a view to matrim nv. ' Address Har ry Lockwood Co E. 146th reaimeut N. Y. V., Fifth c rps. Washinfitin. D C. \ TOUNG OFFl'-ER IN THE UNITED STATE! J\ Navy, who aoi n expects to return hoti.e wishes to cor respond with some vo'ing lady, with a sincere view -o mat r ir.onv. &Uc must be eood looking and accomplished, as the advertiser Hatters h niseit his peraopai appearance Is no queetlonable. He has a sufficiency e4 money, besides a shar# ir. several valv.ahle ptlret: therefore m'-ne.y Is a mere se condary consideration Flense en lose carte de visite and ad dress, fn slnccie filth ,'o'in II Sevu our, U ?c. N , United Staice st'air er Nltn, Key West,. PI rida. L.OS.T AN1> raVNO. CANARY RiRD 1,OPT-ON SIJNDA Y, APRIL 24. FROM 67 Weat iiii.tf eighth Htreel Anv one returning the airr.e will !<? ?uitably rewarded bv Miae Spring. DOG LOST-ON FRIDAY MORNING. A SM MX BLACK an# white l>og with long ?<vir on one aide. Anawere to the name of "Mfo." Any one leaving blm at :'2 Seventh aueet. will be liberally rewarded. ESCAPKD FROM ITS CAGE ON 81 NDAY-A YOTN'O Mo king Bird A \rrv liberal reward will be ra'd lo any one wbo may return II to Mine. Gllleapie. 811 Broadway. FOI'ND?ON FRIDAT MORN I NO, IS HUDSON ?treet, a Pocketbook, containing a email eutn or money,. At. which the owner can have bv pro Ting properly ar.d i ajlng for thia advert.cemcnt. Call at 164 Front ntre< t. tJJOCND?ON SATURDAY RVENINO. IN BROADWAY, r a r<>rk<>ibock. coti'.ainlnc monoy Car. be had on ap plication by proving the property, at Second precinct police nation. 49 Beekman e'r<et. Found?on the 2,id inst., a large new pound- ( land Dog The owner ran have htm bv p-ovinr pro cr iv and i.nj ng eipeneta, at 144 Ba?i Twenty.f.rai atreet, In the at re. LOST?A BUNCH OF KEYS. TUB KINDER Wil l, BE rewarded by leaving them al 802 Second avenue G. W. C. LOST-A SCOTCH TERRIER DOG BRASS COLLAR round hi* neck; Mawera to the name of Jerry A liberal reward will be paid for bia return to 9tf Went Thirty ae-.et.tb street. LOST-AT THE FIRE FOOT OK FOURTEENTH dreet. rn Sunday evening. April 24 a Diamond I'm. A reward of >5 will he paid, and no qu> aliOD< aaked, if ce ntered at J. Wlncbeater A Co.'a, S4 ,Tohi. atieet. I oar.?LEFT ON A NEW T SRSEY FBRRY BOAT, J on Tbnraday aat. a email Boi. containing a lady ? hrairt; maker ? ca-d. J Shalfner, in the l-oi. The nnder rn leaving it at 1711 Broadway, up ata.ru, ro-jin No. 1. mil it *-i1tablv rewarded. ILL SELL A PART. OR THE WIIOLR. INTEREST. IT of a fii*t c1a?* Dming. Ovster aid Ladle* ?* oun with bar atlac'.ied. In OLe of tbi' hest location* in tbe env; will b*nr tbe cloaeat investigation Addret* II. M G , Herald ofioe. Agenta excepted. 108T?ON 8r*DAY AFTERNOON, IN GREENWICH 2 avenue, boiw^m Charlea afreet and Aahuind pare (P"rrv atree", a Point Laee Co.lar aa<l a black Morkic Brcaitt in. The finder will i? suitably rewarded by return ing them to No. 3 Cbarlea atreet. I08T-A CART MAN'S ACCOUNT BOOK, IN GOINO J from I* Chariea atreet t ) Hud?on River Railroad de pol in Worth atreet. It the finder will pl*?ae return the fame to A. W. Hadden, oartman, No 1 Water ? tre?t. with all the paper* It contained, he will be eultably rewarded. IOST?ON SATURDAY, BETWEEN GREENWICH J atieet and Robeken, a Perteeaoaaaie containing a check on the Meet, an tea' Bank, > ana certiorate of depoail and o'.her met, with a email ainonnt In bank uote*. Oy returning the aame to J. Oilbert, 142 Pearl etreet, the finder will be liberally rewarded. LOST-CERTIFICATE OF SUBSCRIPTION, NO. 154, dat?d April 16. 1h?H. from the Firat National Bank No. 4 Wa'l atreet. fot a $*10 10-40 l.ond. aigned 8. C. Tnoini eon. Ail parties are cant oned not to negotiate the aame, at pay ment ha* been atopped. T OST-BANK (BOOK 144.814. ON THE BLERCKRR IJ Street Having* Bank. Tlw finder will plraee lea- e It at 9<4 Weal Thlm-aliih ?treet. or at the deput ol the Siith Aven'ie Railroad, and receive 'he tlianka of theowi er, a poor man. T 08T.?LEFT IN ONB OP THE SIXTH AVRNUE AND J J Ilroadway aiagea. on Monday mot ning. a arnali aquaie Bo'ik. of n>. 'ive t?. any one hut the owner. If^heperaon wb'i found it Mill leave it at I1V Broadway, up atalra, he will he enttably rewarded. I" 08T-ON aUNDAY EVkNlNG, A LADY'I GOLD J Watch, with blaok ribbon and key atUclied; "f rom mv mothT1' engraved on the hack. A liberal reward wiil be paid if del.tered to 143 Kaat Ninth atreet. IOST?ON TUESDAY. APRIL 1?. IN HUDSON OR j (ireenwlch *treet the making of a pair of Kanry Slip, tiera. the name of G. W Rea<. on the lining The finder by leaving tbem at h2 Pulton atreet, will receive the full valua tion or the allppera. r P*" IOST-A M KMORANDl'M BOOK. WITH THE OWN. J ?r'e addrele, for which t2 reward will be paid If de I vered at No. 6 Bowling t.reen. IOST?IN BROADWAY, APRIL W, A BOND WMQH J 'a of no uae but to the owner. The finder will j-,eaae .eave t with Mr TiilMR, 10 Wad ?tr< et. or at the (lire of the Hair :ton aven ie | ferry, er with Mr*. Hnat, 21 Preel denia-reet Brooklyn. IO?T-( N MONDAY, APRIL it. A BARREL OP EOGS, J marked J. C. I? . from a cart. <'(.tning from Hndaon iver Railroad depot, Chamber* at'eel through W?et Brnad* way L ai-eriartl. Car* , Elm and Grand C'reeta to Centre Market. Wt ever will give in ormaiion where it may he fe ind will be auitabl* rewarded t > giving informailon at No. 8 Centre Market pla^.-e. 108T-ON MONDAY. TUB 2HTH IN6T . IN GOING J tkrmtgk Twe.ftb lire t to the Third aven.ie ekr or from ihecai tkro i.gk Thirty eighth atreet to Biith aven ie a arnali P.n. e ith * bile atone* ??! 4b ?il>er Tbe fnder will be tilt aM? r> warded by returning It to Mr Holwell, No ifM tun T'valfth mm LOVT-TN BaRLCM (THIRD AYINUB AND 1?t7i atreet), hired from the atabl* of MoMahon Brp?? at 12 o'riotk or, F<,n<.av Hal. a dirk Cretan Horae. about 18 ham * high, new Harnnea and 1 ?ht Rone, black Wagon. Be tri. Any inforrr ation reepecting tbe aame wii; be ihankfully ri pe veil g'TOI I N-i'N .I7CRSDAY, APRIL 7 1ST4, A BLACK * Vara r, nat. e l.i?h, v?rf bigi. Ueaded and rabbit fat* long tail, ifcrrie* rather low, about mnevraia old; cne eel ef mn?le allvei riated Ilarneaa. ivilh Dufcli '-ollar one light loi Wagr.n. palni'd bla> a, running p. rt ?tr||,?,i wuh red Wrea'h jialnted fa a de of body. h?<dy lined with bin* cl dh and blue rioth c ah.on?. . i.e while Blanket, checked with Mark van tnk'-n by a amall man, about five feet four mrbeehigh. Il4bt mprnal and ntMMteh* lame of prttead eftole ame for wh h j ?fl>r a r> waid of |;n/or horee. wafn and hari.e** and f Mi Tor the n a" A BUKM, 197 Barrow atreet,. #r?ey C tv NGUARM AllB TOBArcn, rron v <00 AND .--KiUR# HAVANA LEAP TOBACCO r wlepper* and Filler* or euoerl riiin.ly !,y too b.ilf fpat lt Hibhoie. all kind*. Jigarrtte* Ac. SQ44WQ ! VTU. B WILLIAMS TAKES pleasure in tag her frteado and customer* that ehe ha Aay the moat iltgul uaorlinul ?' Part* *Prl! |?4 Hfin mm bum rouo4 H?U, Coin urea, Laeea. Haven, Rik taM, of every *ooertplHia. U wrj NHOMMpriNt R*. MHm stroet, mm Broadway. v ORT covin. .,...., TTH?f8ITipH ATEWCB CHEAP 8TORB. . Ws will offer bargain* all this woek. noiMnrit wal Bishops Lawn. 18c yard, worth 3a. 64. (Ladies should call and see this; it la a bargain.) 800 yards Am Preach Dimity, tOc per yard. a great bargain. A tat of aaoellent Kid Gloves, 78c a pair, plain and stitched. 30.000 yarda first rate Paper Musllu, 16c. per yard. BnebrofcWtred Curtain Muslin, 2a , 2a 3d- is.. 4a 6d.. cheap. 1, MO yards Vestibule Lace. 18c. and 29c.?a bargain. _ _ STRAIT GOODS, 8TRAW GOODS. We aavg received large lota Trom iaa( week'a aalea. Ladleo will here Aad all styles black and colored Neapolitan I, Lad lea'. Mlaeee' ami Boy*', of every style, cheap. Boaaet frames, all stv'.es,- from '2ile up BONNBT RIBBONS, TRIMMING RIBBONS. Bonnet and Trimming Ribbona. iaall the new shadea. cheap, velveta?brown, drab, b'ank and white, at auction prices. SMALL WARES. TRIMMING8, AC. Ladiea, you can save money bliving these good* here. A lot of Coatee' genuine Spool Cotton, wet. Ac. 3.000doxeo Clark a Cottoa. black and white. 3c Preaoa Working Cottoa, 3c.. Hooka and Eyes, "c." a card. Beat Pin*, 6c paper: very beat Needles. 6c paper. Paper Muslins. Bii kraniH, W-ilflt Lining, Ac., very cheap. Milliners and dressmakers supplied very low. Embroideries, Laces, Muslins, Handkerchiefs Ac . cheap. RONALDSON A MBARI'S. Corner of Sixth avenue and Nineteenth street. ?1ARPETING8, CURTAIN MATEKIAL8, Drug"eta, Rngs, Sheei.ugs, and House Furnish Oilcloths, stair Carpeting*, Drtifreta, Rngs, L.^e Curtains, Window Sl.ades, Blanket*. r' log Hoods Id great var.ety. LORD A TAYLOR, ,250 to 261 Grand street. 0IURLOTTB G. SMITH HAS OPENED FRENCH Cloaks and Mantillas, far spring and summer wear, also a up amliil assortment of Breakfast anil Dinner Jack ets, selected by herimli froiu the leading houses in Paris 1,142 Broadway, one door abuve Twenty suth stieet. CORSETS AND SF1BTS AT OAYNOR'S. NEW SPRtNG STYLUS. The largest anil mo?t eieqant assortment of COR8RTS AND SKIRTS over offered at reiail in the United fiutis. At OAYNOR'S, 765 Broadway, between 8tb ar.d 9th ata. EXCLUSIVELY FRENCH FLUTING?1 TO 20 INCHES wide. AH iratei a s fluted in an uns irpassed manner at Mrs. GOLDEN'S French lluttnn establishment. 18Amlly street, one block and a half froiaB roadway; 127 Bleecker Htreet, below Wonsier, and*?6l Fulton street, Brooklyn. N. B.?No machinery used In tlie genuine French fluting. ptSHIONARLE DRESS GOODS. CnALt.IES, GRHNADINKsTcREPE DE cnBNB OR. GANDIFS. BMKROIDERED MOHAIRS. JACONETS, PARIS PR1NTR, BAREGE8, ALPACAS. Ac. LORD A TAYLOR, 4C1 to 4K7 Broadway forncr Grand street. Also at stores 265 to 261 (iranii street. ] m- And 47 and 4'J Catharine s reet. 17ILUTTNG FOR DRK8S TRIMMINGS DONE IN A ?8U. V perior style, for 4 ceDts per yard; over four inches 1 oent per Inch. l>y yie French Fintms Company, 271 Spring street, between Varick and Hudson. Agents?Mrs. SHAN. AHAN, 361 Third avenue, near Twenty-seventh Rtreet, and Mrs. aLLKN. Fifth street, coi ner of Graud, Williamsburg. FiRENClI FLUTING FOR DREBSE8?DONE AT THE shortest notice at 3, 4 and >'? cents per yard, at No. 69 Bleecker street, three d'ora cast cf Hroadway. J^ADIES' AND CHILDREN'S FURNISHING DEPARTMENT, AT LORD*"TAYLOR'S. 4fc! to467 Broadway, corner Orand street. LAD1F8 AND CHILDRKN'S READY MADE LINEN AND UNDKRG ARMENTM, BKUAKKAST ROBES, ROUBS DK CHAMBKE, Ac. N BW LACB8 AND EMBROIDERIES. liLACK AND WHITr: LACK SHAWL", FARBES, SETS, COLLARS, t'OIFFURBS. PaHaS<)L COVBltS. Ac, in new and clerant designs. LORD A TaYL'OR. 401 to in Broadway, corner Grand street. Also at stores 263 to -U Grand street and 47 and 4i) Catharine street. PAPER HANGINGS. WINDOW SHADES. LACE CURTAINS, At very low prices, by B. L. SOLOMON A SON8, 369 Broadway. R ICH PARIS DRE88 FILK8. A FULL ASSORTMENT OK KXTRA RICH, PLAIN AND FAFCY SILKS ALSO, LOwTTuCFO SILKS, Plhln, Plaids and Fancy, In threat variety. ""LORD A TAYLOR, 461 to 467 Broadway (cbrner Orand sireetl. Also at KtoreK 256 to 2<il Orand street, and 47 and 49 Catharine street. R H. JiACT. NOW OPEN OUR SPRING IMPORTATION OF KID GLOVES, ELEGANT SHAPES, HEKT QUALITY, AT LOW PKICLS ?ol ami 20f Sixth avenue, two doors below Fourtectb street. glLKB, SILKS, SILKS. ' BLACK SILK*, BLACK SILKS. TUB LARGEST STO'ToF BLACK SILKS AT RETAIL Hi THE CITY. TFrCHASED LONG BEFORE The great advance <n prloee, sod wb'cb we Are DOW will eg at LESS THAN WHOLESALE PRICES, To order to dispose cf our immense stock and Benefit the public. Ever? irate and quality of Black Silk imported will be found ia tbe atook, From is. Art. to 96 a yard. CRYSTAL PALACB EMPORIU\T a,2 bowery, W. R ROBERTS, Proprietor. gPRING CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. A full assortment of SPRING and ?VMMKR MANTIL. LaS and CLOAKS, Including all the latcit Pane sbapesatid tleilgsi, will be odeed at retail MONDAY. ATR1L 2& LORD A TAYLOR. 4*1 to 467 Rrouliiay. corner of Grand street . 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JAMES Pll<>yKS fci the NeutBof Ryiresenian.ee. on MK < IIavk S k*rANS|f?N OP Tim OVRRFNOY, snit tlieeoei of it in foiul and tu liil?'?r aed |ro|Mrty, In re i> t !?> tko Hsu. M' Merrill, of Te ut?St. and tlie Uiui Mr Steohiii*. ut New York, la ttaeBVBMSO <e dat ,'J s*Ua;w Tfet D*fea<aal R?fu?i to Amwh ut? IsltmcMwlM-Aa ittmyt ?o Tak? tkt Cut Oat af Jaig* B?ra?rd'? lUai* by AypljrlBf Mr ? Writ of PftlUMIto* to Amotiter Jidft-Aa AltachMtat b? l?MI Againit the Oellnqatat-lau Vlu4 at Oao Tkaauad Dollara?Iot? NMlag Proctodlagi, Ac. SCPREMB COURT?CIRCCIT. Bator* Judge Barnard. Aran 25.?TV PeopU w. Horace Qruley ?Tfca coi.rl room waa crowded thla morning in anticipation of Mr. Graeley's appearance to answer in the contempt caae. Tbe defendant waa present, with bis coueboI. Mr J. T. Williams; but wfcen bia Honor took his seat upon tbe bench Mr. Greeley was nowhere to be neon. Be bad left' tbe oonrt, by advice of counsel, a few minutes before Judge Barnard arrived, thereby disappointing a great maoy of the spectators, who expected that be wonld be preaent during tbe proceedings. In making his exit, which be did in a somewhat harried manner, Mr. Greeley accidentally tumbled over one of tbe chairs, and came very near having a severe fall. The incident caused a general laugh, and all ayes were turned upon tbe de fendant ae he retreated to tbe front door. Tbe Court having been opened with the usual ceremonies, Judge Barnard inquired if tbe answers to tbe inter ro gatories bad been filed? Clerk?Not yet, sir. Mr Williams? May it please the Conn, 1 dee're a poet poremcnt in this matter for a few days, find will proceed to explain my reasons for asking for a delay. On Monday next the general term or this court will be in session, and, as your Honor happens to beione of the judges com prising tbat court, 1 thought that, uador the circum stances, you would have no objection to have the matter reviewed by that tribunal Acting under that impression, I applied for a writ of prohibition this morning before Judge Marvin,* In the special term. Judge M&rvin has listened to the argument, and has asked time to dec^e the point, saying it was inconvenient then, but he would consider the matter and give a decision probably within twenty-four hours. In any event, Jii'lge Marvii. will an nounce bis decision within forty eight hour? ? that a delRy of two or three days will be sutCeiont fcr our pur pose. Judge Barnard?The rales of tho Supreme Court of this district, as printed and circulated for the benefit of tlio public, expressly provide that all motions should bo made before a judge at cham' ers and if any appl.cat'on is maoe before a judge not sitting in chamfers it le irregular. Mr. Williams? At tbo time 1 rande tho appliculicc tb?fe was no judge sitting in < hambars, so that 1 was obliged to go before Judge Marvin, in the special term. 1 Lope this explanation will be satisfactory to your Honor. I thought it was the usual practice of the Cor.rt, aDd if your Honor will only consent to postpone this matter for a few days 1 will take H as a personal favor. My labors bave boon very arduous dur.nu tbe puet week, and I hardly feel able to go on with this case to day. $ Judge Barnard?The interrogatories, if they bave been answered, may be filed with theClorkof the Court, an>l tbe Court can inspect them and dec Me vrbetber tbe con tempt claimed lias been purged or not. If there are any answers to the interrogatories they can be filed new. Mr. Williams?The point we inteod to take is tbat Mr. Greeley may be subsequently indicted, and that in that event these answers to tbe i nterrogatories might prove injurious to his interests. We do not want the defendant to crimiuate himself In a c>3<> w'.ore he may bave to go to prison In the ose of Hackley, the contractor, tho admissions or theQlefendant on tbe witness stand were used as evideuce against him. and it iaMht turn out so in this caso. It is pretty well established that a witness should be protected agaipst criminating himself, and in this case, wbere a grand jury may bo induced to #ko cognizance, it might be bi.bly injurious for Mr. ?oclev to make any statement whatover. The Judge?In Harkley's case the Court of Appeals af firmed tbe judgment of the Recorder, who compel.ed tho Witness to answer. Mr. Wi'liains?Tbat was under a special statute. Judge Barnard?On an indictrnfut lor libel, any an* swers that the de'endarit might make to tbe interroga tories would not bc^ised as evidence against him. There kre two kinds of contempt?civil aud criminal. In tbo civil case there are no into* rogatories; but in a criminal* case like tbe present one the law prescribes that inter rogatories shall be served upon the deiendant, and tbat be shall be compelled to fila hi^atswera, with the view of purging bimself. The application for a postponement will be denied. Mr. Fultrrtoo?My ass-chte objected to the proceeding* when the Court was last in session in consequence of there being no affidavit tiled. Judte Barnard?Tbe District Attorsey announced tbat be had an affidavit in open c urt. Mr. Hall?Tbat Is so, your Honor. Mr. Williams?Yes; after the argument waa closed you mentioned the fact; oat we have not been served with a copy of the document, and have not seen it yet. Mr. Fuliertoo?There Is no doubt that this ease involves a very nice point of Jurisdiction; aud I am sure that your 'Honor does not wish to exercise any jurisdiction that does not belong to yon If there is any doubt about tbe juris diction, there oao be no harm In delaying the matter for a few days. Judge Barnard?You can test the jurisdiction of this Court In two ways: first, by applying to the Judge at chambera, and, second, by bringing tbe matter up balore the general term. Any other oourse would oe irregular. - Mr. Fuliertoo?There was no particular object in going , before Jud^e Marvin; neither was there any ob set in not going be'oreJudje Peckharu on Saturaay. Tbe pa pers were prepared tbia morning, and the application tor tbe writ of prohibition was mide before J idge Marvin only because tbere was do Judge sitting in chambers. Judge Barnard?If the writ hud been granted it would have been granted on a state of facts tbat do not exist. Mr. Kullerton?I d > not think the ends of justice will bo defeated by a lew days' delay. Judge Barnard?Have you filed tbe Interrogatories' Mr. Fullerton?There in no occuioo for us to die inter rogatories Judge Barnard?1 mean the answers to the ir.tf rroja torlet. There Is no misunderstanding, 1 believe. Mr. Williams?N<>, sir I believe not, I wish now to matcea few remarks tn reference to tho affidavits claimed to he on fl!e. If there are any afbdsvits on (lie, the argu ment at the last session of this Court was certainly based upon the tact of their absence If there are any affidavit* we certainly have not been ncJflod of the fact. This ap plication is u?t made in ansHTactious spirit to your Ho nor's e'arte, an<l If your lion r will otfiy reflect for a few momenta you will come to the conclusion that it if not done in an un'riendly manner to this Conrt. There is no baste in this matter. No ore Is going to rnn away, and I am quite sure that whon the case courts up before tie general term, where youi Honor acts as one of the pre* d, ing Judges, lhat you will And thai our point Is weil tuken. Neither tnyffeir nor my associate would think or asking anything at the h ind?of this Court which would in any way detracf from its dignity or usefulness. But we have a autjr to per'orm In these premisos, and if we were to fall In doing what we considered best for the iLterest of our client your Honor would be one of tbe flrst tofs cialm?"Tou hare been recreant to your trust us attor neys of this Court, and deserve not the privilege of prsc Using within these walls.'" booking at the case m that light, jre ask roran adjournment of a few days, in order thai we may have the benefit of Judge Marvin's ''eciston oo the motion for a writ or prohibition. Judge Bernard?The point baa been decided by the Vice Chanosllor of England, and at tbe proper time the decision will be produced. Mr. Williams? If there has been such ddecision, and that Is law, we trill be among the first men to u<me and bow down to U. But we bave serious doubts about tbe matter, and we thought it would quite agree with your Honor's ideas of the law to argue tbe case before the general Urm. where your Honor will act ae one ot tbe presiding justices. Mr. Hall?Id tbe torhnleal course of this proceeding from day to day the motion ror a delay will necessarily be granted. The defendant does not refuse, neglect or decline to answer tbe interrogatories. Neither does he sepear In eourt. I suggest, therefors. as avricut curia*, that an attachment be issued against Mr. Greeley, so as to bring tbe defendant before the court, when he ran five bail, and then, If tbe writ of prohibition is obtained, tba gentlemen can go on with the oase in tbe regular way. The attachment could be made returnable at eleven o'clock on Thursday, so that tnere will he plenty of t rot to besr from Judge Marvin In tbe interval. Mr. Williams?I have not seen Mr. Greeley since out last adlournmont until this morning, when he called at my office and aaked me If it was neoeamtry for h'm to be present. He said he was very busy, and was engaged la a very important task; and, knowing that his presence was not strictly ueressary. I told him he need not re main. I am very aorry that my learned friend sboulC think It necessary to bave Mr. Greeley here, but It m quits clear that there was ao necessity for it Judgo Barnard?There Is no nacess'ty for hia preset;.* savs when ordered here by the Oonrt. Mr. Wllllama?There Ms been do such order issued, 2 bells vs. Judge Barnard?You M? correct, ilr; no such er*?rbae v been mane Tbe Court then directed tba ilerk to eater an order M> suing an attachment against Mr. Greeley, bailable in the mm of 91,000, and returnable oa Thursday, at elerec ?'clock. Tbe following is tbe writ of attach men r? At a Court of Oyer and terminer held In sad for Ifef munty of New York. In the First Judicial district of ti e Supreme Court of the State of New York, and en th*? iwenty-flrib day of April, In tbo year of our Lord Ore thousand eight bondred and slaty-four, and of tbe regu ar term of said April of Coart of Oyer and Terminer,. Mid present tbe Hon. George G. Barnard, * Justice af the Supreme Court, aeeigaed to bold said eourt at sod luring aald term or April, which began on the flnt Monday of April aforesaid. It is now, on said twenty Ifth day of April, on tha accusation, Mtrjpcit, of tuo ?aid Justloe, holding gsld Court, accused scd alleges n open oourt that a newspaper purporting to bo pub ished on tbe fourteenth day of ss'd month of April, l? tbo county of New York, and called tha New York oontsins sn sllegsd report of certel* proceed mgs of said Court on the thirteenth day of ssld dprfl, asd la open court, wbiob report the saM fttttps and wart, m atfWo, accuses (of iUd within lis own knowledge >f all tbe proceed inga bad en aaid Isst mentioned day of .erm. and sapenally of tip proceedings alleged to be re iwrted) to be a grossly lnaccarase ropm of said certato ,nocee?iings. and not to be sHher s true or full or fair -esmrl of tbe said alleged proceedings, la that It, the ulegfd report, meaningly stpprossse a most malarial por ?on of s?id iwrncesdlngs, sod to hs presumr>t;veiy a :rlm'u?* coB'fiui it of tnia Court tb' iein, and the *a a ?VT5 SUmiiil?T 23SKI

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