2 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Mayıs 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 10,090. OCULISTS AID AVEim. jQKArnbha, DBAPMBSS, IBPAIRKD NIGHT, KOIIKli IN rHK HI AD, 04MUH1L aVpBCTIONR m tii THROAT. CHRONIC OATABBH, CATARRH of THB TTMPAMIO MUCOU8~ MlillBRANB. OBSTRUCTION OP TIIE Kl'BTACHlAN tl'BB, CURKD, CROSS RYE HTRAIOHTERED IN OKt. "MINUTE, u4 mr* 4t*M** of the Eye and Kir requiring olthar inedV *oi or aungtoal ?*e?ded to* ?v DR. VOK~R18BNBER?, DR. VON blBKNBBBCt/ DR. TON KlriBNBBRQ, DR. VON~EI8BNBKM, AoMmt WT "Sunsleal MO Fractkal ObMmlitiiM U*Di? 0 ?mm44In Km, wlth4ho New Mod* of TNklMil," It hla ?0i?. No. 81? BROADWAY. oniNioRB or ihbjirW bobs prish. CATARRH COBBO. [Prom l)M Ararnil of Cmimim. ] THE CABS or BtTCRHMj^TrnR "LIOHTN1NO CAL CULATOB." Than* m published In Uieao column* * few dny* olnco tM aanuuikabl* cure of Hutching*, Iho "Lightning CaIouIa tor," eo ir?ll known to the public during (he mujr year* ho ? nk felted Rig wonderful Arithmetical power* at Barnum'* Buaotin, by the celebrated Oculist and Auriat, Dr. Yob fclaeaberg, of thla c'ty. Hutching* la repreaanted to have been at iu point of death, and hut for (ho tfjooly Inter ference at the d< otor. would now bo reatlag la hi* (rave. Thta la a remarkable eaae, and worthy of (to attention of person* similarly a'Hieted. Wo think It la but jnat to Dr. Yon Elsenbtrg to call public attention to tbl* e *e. There are hundred* la (ho community (uiiermK from catarrh, who. Ilk* (he "Light ning Calculator," It not actual y praylsg for death, aro oeady to accept of anything that promlie* to relieve thorn from their dl?tren?ea To aurti we would *ay trttle not with taetperlenced men, but edShilt. without unnecessary del:iy, Br. Von Elsenberg, who. at lean, ha* the honeaty to aaaure his patient* whether It i* within hi* power to make (hem Whole VI Mi DEAFNKS.1~CURED. deafne.ss~cured. DEAFNESS CURED. [From ilm Tribune.) EARS TO THB DEAF. Every dim. and especially every woman, belleree la hia m her phratoan. There ure philosophical minds which hold to an abstract faith in Allopathy, or Homeopathy, or Hydropathy or eome other form of acientific rare; but with th? world at large the belief In not In the avatem, but in the doetnr. Especially la thla true aa regard* auriata and ocu Mala. The patient who baa rconrered hia light or bis hear lag la aura that the bleninf eflnid >>?v* been restored to him ^ a* * *?j. -? . .. - ?. i, . i ? * , , by m other psactutonar man mat particular one by whom hia eyea or ears were opened. Dr. Too Blmterg la aaaong our bait known surlste. Ha has not lent us ears aa a brother practitioner h a* eyea. and ta whoaa skill, there for*, w* believe above all otnere. But w* hear -of him Irani those wbo eateem hiut aat merely aa a surgeon, but as a benefactor. A resent eaae baa been related ve us, K. r the truthfulness of which we can voueb, thouch we cari name no nam** The patient waa a lady wbo had been deaf from latency , aa a consequence o( some of th? ailments to wbl*h shildren art liable. Latterly tba dlsaaao bad taken an acute form, aaA the patient waa subject N Intense suffering. The deal net* was rapidly becoming comp'ote. and the general hMltb breaking down under the physical eihaostlon attend ant vpon constant palu. Ordinary remedies and ordinary s#Hm wars u as Iras, and Dr. Von Elsenberg was called In. Wt nr*d not repeat hta diagnosis; for that would be only a j VIM of hard name* to the general reader. But he dotectod at 'Wight the ee?t of Hansen, first iu one portion of the organism, then In another, and with manipulation aa skilful aa hia testcM waa amrate, ha removed the aauaea. and she who, fr..m Infancy, had board with difficulty , and latterly hardly at all, waa restored. Brat to perfect hearing and then to per feci hoaWb. Dr. Ton Bisenberga advertHensent reminds us of this ease, which w* thus briefly relite. though not at hia Lot him that bath not oars. hoar. [From the Christian Times.) BIGHT Kh STORED. OOKCBBN1NQ BYB8 AND OCULISTS. OTUe five mom*, thai which we <*11 aeeing 1? the meet liH n 1 r ? 1 ud Start Tattled. Ia proportion aa thli mdm Mia u a. ?a ara reduced to helpleeeoeaa. If entirely deetl MM of sight, how (law arauld ha our pvogrets la knowledge, and how limited our aphere of actioa and usefulness. En dowed with It, the aataaiaa becomes a new erration, clothed with beauty and dleeraiflod bf that Infinite variety which never fail* to attract the mind aad heart. For several aaalba peat tbie haa been a practical subject law. la massed condition of the syellds. ooneoiu Bleating Itaalf ta tbe pafdt. Tendered tM dlsshargs af daily datiaa aot ea'y patafW. hat dangeroas, Attributing It to the af fatter aoald. we endured It through the spring. with the hope (hat with UN return af warm weather it would en lira If diaaitftaar. But ia thia we were doomed to ditap pot ? Marat. Summer returned, hut aot our wanted alghL What aright have been the reault, either of further neglect or of ten ea^e tent treatment, we cannot aay. Mating eur eaaado a friend, he aaaured at that a afmllar ? ta hlswwn family had raorntly l>een ttaatad with entire rbj Or. Voa Bluaberg. af thi? olty. Satlsfylag our I'by ?aatra particular Inquiries that the doctor la ae em but a aclantlte ocullat and aurlst, we concluded to aeafe theibanaAta af hla treatment, which art have aew rea eea ta aefcnoertadge aaaary great Though but a fair wecka uader hia saas, tba nftantea af eureyea baa totally rhaaged. The dwpll la aaw~f.nl aad clear, and tba lids are satlralf iaoe from Maamalla. The daotor tays that the optte nenre haa beea areakeaed aad tha retina assumed a chronic Inflammatory elate, af recti ng mora or lets all tha ether Useaea, aad ihrsaiaalag. 1 1 neglected, to end la Amaurseia OpthalmiUs. we balleea. Is the tarm which o. ?jiau apply ta tyes affected pa* were ours. Having aibteined the ai itch d tawed relief, we M *? fnat pleasnrs ia aakaowladglag aw Indebtedness ta ih? latent of Dr. Voa Blsaaberg. aad of calling to it tha at tenb on of othavt who atay he safTeriM froat a similar or area worse oenditloa of their eyes. It Is said that Pravi dene* provides aa satlJete for every bene It Is oeruia i hat the 9* Is, la those time** sskjsit to ee rarer trials thaa formerly. Let us be tbaakful. 'hen. that aa we ta araa as the ?eadenelea whlah deal ray the area# #f vteton, the prngraes af ssleaea keeps pass wic. thaaa lea,' tat lit, if not la ad we of taeai. Off'r" aid BBOADWAV. EUROPE. NEWS BY THE EtfflOPA AT HALIFAX. Bailing of tke Emperor aid Empress of Mexieo. Convention Between France and Mexieo. Tfce Danish War and Lenden Con ference. 6ARIBAUH'? 8PBECH TO TAB IT4LIAM. Tie Foreign Ifoiiteri, with the Exception ef the infcraidori of the United States aid Turkey, Abceat from the Dneheii of Satherlaad'i fete to Garibaldi. 1DTIMCE a THE UR OF Dlf COURT* l?? U| III Hiuui, April 90, 1844. The steamship Europe, Captain II?ckley, from Liver pool at throe o'clock on the afternoon of the 16th, via Quecnstowo on Uie 17th of April, arrived at this port at three o'clock this (Saturday) morning. Her dates are three days later than those already received. The Euro pa ban fifty eight passengers for Halifax and eighty eight for Boston. The Kuropa had a rough passage. On the 17th she possed the City of Washington, and on the 26th tho Persia, bound east It was rumored that negotiations were going on for the sale of the steamship Great Eastern to the French government The Bank of Prussia reduced its rate of discount on Saturday. April 10. Tue steamship ftdiubunt, from New York, reached Liverpool on tho evening of April 15, and would sail again for New York on Monday, the 18th, justeud of the 16td. The steamship Olympus, from Now York, arrived at Queenstown at five o'clock on the morning of tho 15th and Liverpool on the morning of tho 16th of April. The* steamship America, from Portland, arrived off Loi dooderry at three o'clock on the morning of tho 15th, and ut Liverpool on tho morning of tho ldth of April. Ihe steamship Cbina, irom New York, passed Crook baveo on the 14th of April. The American ttaestlnn. MOVBMKN I S OF THB PR1VATKKR8. An Antwerp despatch of tho 13th of April says that* the rebel steimer Florida, recently from Brest, put into Bermuda, where sho was well received b j tho English luthorlties. 8he sailed from Bermuda and arrived at a port In Portugal, where she was refused coil aud obliged to leave immediately. At last accounts sho was in a Spanish port. . sunt* illlrms that it is quito certain that the lats V^'droy of Pgypt did give Mr? Laftd the order Tor construction 5*'tl? botonoua Horsey stoam ru*>? The London shipping that the officers or the customs at Liverpool still retain possession of the gun boat Alexandria; but M Is sUtod that her owners have boon not'.aed that the crown Is reaJfy to deliver her up on '.ie usual appllcatlou being made. The Mexican Throne. MAXIMILIAN'S DKPARTURH FOR ROM It AND MEXICO? THB NBW MEXICAN LOAN. Tho Emperor and Kmpress or Mexico quitted Miramax on the afternoon of the 14*h of April, amidst enthusiastic cheers and salutes from the ba'terios. They were expected at Rome on the 19th of April, and w? ul? set out lor Mexico en the rol'owlng day. The family agreement between the F.mperor ef Austria and Maximilian has been communicated to the Austrian Retells rath. Ibe renunciation of Maximilian, Tor himself and heirs, of tho right of succession to the Austrlau throne is said to be unconditional, and not dependent on the stability of the Mexican government. The Introduction of the Mexican loan had been post poned until April 18. It was for 7,440,000 pounds ster 4tag, of which 2,400.000 was to be paid as war indemnity to the French government. A despatch from Paris of the 174h of April says:? Tho convention between France and Mexloo ie pub lished. The trench troops are to be reduced as soon as possible to tweoty-five thousand, Including the Foreign Legion? the latter to remain In Mexico six years alter the recall of the other troops. The Frooch troops will gradually evacuate as the Mexican army becomes or ganised. The French commander la not to interfere Ic tho Mexican administration. The expense ef the French expedition nntll July of the present year Is fixed at 270,000,000 francs. Alter July Mexico will pay an annual indemnity ef ljOOO franca for each French soldier. Mexico Is te pny to France 24,000,090 francs annually. The Daalih War. The st?#? of Duppel ?u iteadlly progreeelng. The Prussians bad connected tbelr tranche* with a M* paral lel, and without lose. Cannonading wai going on night tod lay. A special telegram to the Iaodon Timet, dated Augua tenborg, April 14, say v? Gorman newspapers aaaert (bat intimation was given by tfce Prussians before the bombardment of gonderhurg. I ooaflrm the telegram that no Intimation whatever waa given. The Duppel position bold* oat bravely, and the Danes arc detsrmloed to raslat4o tbe laat extremity. The Danea had announced tha blocked* of Oantilc and PlHau from the l?th of April. Danish ahlpa were reported to be making capture* at the month of the Kibe. Tbe Federal Diet bad, by a large majority, Jointly re aoived to send a representative to th* Confer en oe, and Baron Voa Heuab waa aim oat unanimously chosen. Count Appeay I , tbe Auetrlaa Ambassador at London, is A-ustrWs drat represeetative and Raraa Englebeh bar aeooad. Couot Wacbtmelater, lb* Hwedtsh Ambaaaador at London, will repreaent Sweden. Russell aad Clareu doa will represent England. The London Put aaya that a preliminary meeting of tbe representatives will take place oa tha soth of April, at tbe official residence of I he Pramiar. Tbe London Oterwr says that tha conference mil eHber put an end to the Dano-German war altogether, or Its influence will extend far beyond Its present limit. Tbe Oftervtr also aaya that It is generally believed tbat Lurd Clarendon be* succeeded in eatabllshtng a ovmpiste under atand lag between Greet Britain aad fraaee, to wUch Ruaala wUl probably adhere. Tlw Aarlbaldi RereptloN. HONOR TO TO* BBKIRAL IT TH* KfNTffTlM 09 MS DNjrKo ht at Re AN? n;ntar. Garibaldi continued to reoelre tbe greatest attenMen In London, aad tbe popnlar enibuslaem in his faror waa unabated. lUa visit to tbe Italian Opera waa a perfect ovation, both I aside aad outalda tbe theatr*. It waa ranaarked tbat at tbe Dnehses of Sutherland** brill mat aaaaably, ia honor of Garibaldi, tbe dtpla mal'lo body wars eonap tenons only by tbelr absenoa, tba T'atfted Matae aad Ttrbuh Ministers aloos being pre sent. Garibaldi waa to dine with Lord Patmersten on the 16th, aad a Kb tbe Reform Club on tha 31st of April. THM OBKMAl AT TBS CRTiTAt, PALAOB? BIfl BPBBOB to ran Italians. A despatch freak London, of the 17th of April, aaya: ? General GaribaMI baJ a magolflesnt rsospthm at the Onui Palace yesterday. >"'om two thousand Are huo. 4rM to Urn* tfcenaaM M were present, Including ? large number of ib? arisl-craoy , ud nr tutors of both kouwi of I'arilaBMOl, m4 of tfcs legal, scUaliAc ud Hlarury praml?H. Ibo IWIm eoamliMi lock lb? moat prominent pari to UM pro? edlngs of tbe day. A dag of Italy waa pro aaata4 to Garibaldi bearing Ibo worda "Homo aad Vanioa." Tbo General addressed Ibo representatives of ibo Italian worklngmen with *u animation and eloquonce which con trasted rem^^ably with Ibo fsw atmplo phrases of bla previous addresses. Tbo Italian concert then followed. Tbo chorus of Ibo Oaribaidi Hymn waa sung with treat fervor. After Ibe ooucort, tbe aword presented by Ibo Italians of London waa presented. Garibaldi, accepting ibo aword, said ? I thank you, Italians. for this beautiful present. I promise yen I will uever unsheaih it io Ibe cauae of ly rauny, and will withdraw it only In rapport of oppressed nationalities. 1 hope yot to carry it witb m? to Homo and Venice. Tbe proceedings were marked by a great display of en thusiasm. Slant Britain* In tbo Houao of Common*, on tbo 14th of April, Colonel Bartellot moved an amendment to Mr. Gladstone's bud get, that a part of tbo surplus money be applied to tbo relief of tbo malt tax instead of tbo sugar duty. He dis claimed any party object; bat after debate, in which some of the leading conservatives supported tbe amend meal, it waa ioat by two hundred and forty- eight m%jo> rity.and tbeityuae agreed to Mr. Gladstone's proposi Ttae London Herald says that the game waa altogether in tbe bands of the conservatives. They were aafe for a majority had they chosen so; but upon tbe highest grounds Of political failb and dialntereated alateamansbip Mr. Dieraeli and bis adherents ferebors, and tbe ministers were reecued. Parliamentary proceedings on tbe 10th of .April wars unimportant. Mr. Cblidera la tta? new Lord of the Admiralty, vies Staasfteld, resigned. It la rumored that Mr. Lowe, Vice Preaidentof the Council of Education, baa tendered bla resignation in con sequence of tbe late vote against him In the House of Commons. Queen Victoria was unable to bold her proJected State reception <m the 16th of April, owing to on acute attaok of neuralgia. A Cabinet Council waa held In London April 16. Jamea Chitbcroe waa hung in front of Klrkdale jail, April 10, for tbe murder of Mary Wends. Francs. The Emperor Napoleon received Lord Clarendon on the 14th of April, and afterwards Ixird Clareudon bad an in terview with M. Drouyn Lhuys. Paris rumors assert that Lord Clarendon will certainly sucoecd In establishing much more cordial relations be tween Eng and and I'ruuce Lord Clarendon would remain in Paris until tho 18th of April. The Paris correspondent of the Tendon Times says Tbe real object of Lord Clarendon's visit is to smooth tbe way, oy personal communication witb the Emperor, for n comuleto agreement between him and tbe English government on points to bo discussed In the approachiug conference. Tbe tourse was weaker on tbe 16tb of April, and tbe Rentes closed at 06 f. 60c. Hwlfxrrland< The Swiss federal Council had resolved to put in force the decree for tho expulsion or Mazzini.on the ground that ho had several times lately abused tbe right of hos l^tiiny. Cr$?r? t0 bft<1 been to dlf ferent cantons. ? . ? . ... Exchange 27 a '27 \ . Coffee, good firsts, 7,800 ^ 7,400; stock 65,000 bags. Raiiia, March 26, 1M4. Sugars 2,700 a 3,200 Pkrsamstco, March 27, 1804. Sugar, white, 3,900 a 4,200. Commercial Intelllcence. TflK LONDON MONKY MARKET. Funds on tbe 15tb of April dull. Consols declined All socuritieK downward. Mscount market tight, and demand at bank heavy, owing to unfavorable specie re turns and apprehouslon of a rl*e in bank rates. amkrhmn sievHirin. Raring reports only small sales, and prices nominal. Erie shares 60?, a 67,',, Illinois Central shares 14){ al3X discount. Consols closed on Friday at 91 )? a VI for money. The bullion in the bank has d xreas-d ?536.000. I.ivkRrooL, April 10? P. M. The Bank or England to day raised Its rate of discount to seven per com. This depressed the markets gene rally. Consols for money, 91>f *91%: Erie shares, 07 a 69, Illinois Central shares, 16 a 13 discount. U.SDON. April 17,1864. Orasols after official hours yesterday 91 \ a 91V- Mar ket firmer all around, although some inconvenience muy be felt in mercantile classes bv the advance In bank rates. The drain on precious met* Is will probably be nrrested, and a check given to the mania for speculation, lbs discount housos will allow 5 per cent ror money at cili,6)k with seven days' notice, and 0 por cent with fourteen days' notice. The rates for discount in open market was 7 a 7^, per rent on Saturday. THE TARIS BOUK0R. Par?. Anrtl 10. 1894. Bourse Arm. ? .... ' PiRtf, April IT, 1804. | Bourse? Rentes opened at Odf. 06c. TBI LIVEBPOOt COTTON BAKKFT. I.ivirpool. April 10, 1804. The Broker*' Circular report* the sales of cotton for (be week st g.i.000 bales, including 17,000 to speculators j and 23,600 to exporter*. Tlie market ha* been buoyant, a-- price* are Kd a ?*d. higher for American, and a Id. for Egyptian, while In Sural* there ha* been only a alight Improvement, the market cl< sing quiet and steady The sale* of Kriday were 7,000 bale*, IncludlnK 2.000 to speculator* and exporters, the market closing quiet The authorized quotations are:? Middling Orleans, 27d.. do Mobile, 2fl*^d. -. do. uplands, The slock In port is estimated at 305,000 bales, of which 30,000 are Ami ri can. STATE or TRADB. Ihe Manchester market is quiet but Arm. LIVERPOOL BMADSTUPr BAREST. Very dull. Rlchsrason,' S pence k Co., and Blglaod, A thy a fc Co., report? Flour dull and nominal, wheat rsry dull sod slightly lower, red Western, 7s . Od. a 9s. 3d. ; red Southern , He. a 8s. 4d. Corn quiet: mixed, 2hs. I.ITBKPOOL rROVISIOBA * A MEET. Wakefield. Nash fc Co., and Rigland, Althya k Co. , re Ert:? Beef leading downward Pork dull and unchanged, coo heavy ? Butter heavy and 3a a 4a lower. Inrd Inactive nod easier. Tallow dull and Od. lower. mtbbpooi# rttoimcn mabbbt. The Broker*' Circular reports:? Ashe* easier-, rales at 84s. Od. for l>oUt pots and pearls. Sugar Irregular, open tog at an advance of la 6<L, which wis partially lost. Coffee? No salsa. Rloo Iras. Unseed quiet at n decline of 1*. ftd. I.ioneedjoil still advancing; aalea at43e.0d Cod oil Orm at ?62 Ro*m? teles small. 8ptrita torpeutiae in setivo; sales of French at 86s M. ltoull, Kofiiah k Brandon, report:? Petroleum buoyant; sales of crude ?10 10a. per ton, and of refined nt Is. lid. a 2s. per gallon. LONIMB MABBBT*. Bariog'scircular reports:? Brendstu A quiet and steady. Iron dull, at ?7 a ?7 6s. 6d. Iter rails and bars; pig, 60s. 0d. Sugar firm, and holders demand an advance. Coffee heavy, and Od. ats. lower tor Ceylon. Tea steady. Rice quiet and steady. Tallow still declining, sales at 40s. od 1'etroienm firmer. Unseed still advancing drover k Todd report ? Provisions steady. Rosin teudmg upward. Lard steady. TUB LATEST MARKET?. Uvsarooi, April IB? P. M. Cotton.? Sales to day 0,000 bales, Including 2,000 to speculators and exporters. Market quiet and unchanged. Breadstuff* quiet and eaeler, bnt quoutions unchanged. Provisions doll and unchanged. Produce quiet and tending downward. The Loudon produce market Is nnchsogsd. KAVRS OeTTOH MASKBr. Havrb, April 14, 1804. Cotton steady and unchanged. Sales of the week 11 .000 bales; New Orleans tres ordinaire, 860f. , do. Das, S?0f. Btoek 10,000 bale*. The Tnrf, ?BATH or TBB CBLSRBATBD TROTH bo STALLION OBOROB M. rATCBBM. n?e famous Bashaw trotting stallion George M. rntcben died yesterday afternoon, at four o'clock, nt John I. foM (Iter's, near the Ubloi Course. Bis death wss oc casioned by rupture. At the time of ba death he was, a* believe, the property of Mr. Waltemlre, who par. shnsed Mm *bont four yean ago rrom Dr. Longstrest, or nurds** wn, M. t., tor 196,000. George M. Patches wss abont fourteen years sM, upwnrds of sixteen hsnds high, and dark bay color, with black point*. He was got by Qastno M. tiny, out of n mare owned by George M. Pntchen, of Brooklyn. Although at txalnlag stab Is*, we hsms not Isarned that ha had say engagements for the oomfng season. His owner, bower or, bad on several occasMM drrlng the past winter Inttmeted his rsndmseo to trot hist against sny other horno In the oenntry, nny race or for any amount. His less will be much re (retted by iksafo^HM cdfo(besl|y generally. I THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Mi* H. Dkvldion'a DtipMCb. IJRAI^CABIEM, I'lRST I IVALaV UlTI ION, 1 1* TWPt QAVALRY* Carta In L. G. & 1m, late A-?ifl nt Adjutant General for Brig :divr Gener.il Klpatrick, bu been relieved by <ap tain L. Bettor!, who will hereafter b? Assistant dju taol General or General Wilson's division. Captain Enies rtj-lus bit old commander, Geueral Kil pa trick lio Is much res M ted by lbs officers <>t lue division. Tfco Kim Vermont ? i Tfctry has been loinuorirlly trans ferred from ('niter's brigade, or Torbert's division, to Chapman's brigade, or Wilaon's division. Captain Swell* tor, com m tuning tbo Klr*t regiment, regular cavalry, Mine down with bis officers and band last evening, and Serenaded General forbert wilb some gay aud lively airs. TIIS WKA1UKR. Tbs we?tlier is most lovely, and is improved by fre quent drills and reviews. All spring wagons are ordered out or tbe army, and all officers are proi lblted riding government boras*. Tbey must turn tbsaa into tbo Quartermaster's Pepartment. Oar Special AleiaadrU Oeipatch. Aim anuria, Va., May 1, 1804. Kwonuumo PKOflPKCis. There lias been considerable activity bere during tbo paat week. It would bo unwlao and Imp ilitlo to stata wbat troops bave been moving or wboroor In what direc tion tbey have gone ; but sue& have been tbo develop moots th *t the friend i of tbo governmsnt bave taken fresh luwrt, and are now looking eagerly forward to the hour when the Oral crash or conflicting arms aball herald Um groat, decisive conflict of the war, believing, as wo do, tb >t such an army as ours, and under snob leaders sa Grant, Meade, Sedgwick. Hmcock, Warren, Burnaide, Butler, Smith and others, c mnot but be successful. ALRXAJ.HKINR RUMORS. The town la full of rumors to-day, and every one who comes from tbe army, bo he soldier or civilian, is set upon by so anxious and inquiring crowd ot information seekers, out some of those who have recently let the .army do cot seem to know hair as much about what i# going on at the front as do those who bave a constitutional weakness for home, and who wonder wby tbe Army of the Potomac don't move. It was currently reported last night that tbe entire army was in motion, and ot one time wo bnd tho news that yesterday tbe sdvance columns bad encountered tho rebels south or tbe Kapidan, and that a fierce battle was going en all day. This story gained credit last night, when carload Rafter carload or sick and wounded soldiers were brought in; but, upon inquiry, 1 learned that these hospital case1: were only those wbo bad been inmates or tbo tleld hospitals, wbo are now being sent lp in order to un Incumber the movements or tbe army. ALT. Qt'lKI O* TUB RAFIOAN. There is nothing new or strange, or even Interesting, from Grant's army, and all who know concur in ?aylng that all le quiet on the Rapldan. 0?r Special Washington Dcid'KcIi. W/*?<iiii*?;Tnif. May 1, 18M. riVB CKVTS FKR 1III.E ON TIIE JSIUTART ?4l!.HOAIX>. To day i Do order chanting rare at the rate of five cents I per mile on all military railroads goes into effect. Tbia will five ?n Immense rcvouue to be applied to tbeQunr termoster's Department. THK HVMOM IN WJt<WJN<,TO]?. As usual on tbe eve or importsnt military operations, Ibe city is fun or all sorts of rumors in regard to army matters. N?tblng is positively known in* regard to In tended operation,, General Grant having tbe rare sccom plithment of keeping his own counsels, and Ibey are only revealed by events as tbey actually transpire. .fail ' r..,' ? ?? - ?? 1 h? PrtH Denpatcli The information received from tbe Army or tbe I'oto mac to-night states that the troops who went to Madison Court House on Thursday, burned the town to a?hes. It is not known whether this was doue by orders or not. General Burnsido visited General Meade last nigbt and spent some boors iu his quarters. Deserters who came in yesterday report that Lee's mrmr ?? eighty thousand strong, with twenty two thou I sand elective cavalry, all in good eomtitioa. with fa days supplies distributed to them. Tbe railroad trains were rqpning nigbt and day, bringing up reinforcement*. INTERESTING VIRGINIA NEWS. The Military Governorship of Alexnn driA? ttoveraor Plerpont'e Letter on Official Corruption? General Butler's Krplr-Bushwhaeksre and Deserters, d(Cit,Ae< OCR SI'ECIAL ALEXANDRIA DR8FATCH. Aiiiam.ru, Va., May 1, 1M4. lieutenant Colonel U. H. Wells, who for more than ifteen months has filled the o Aires respectively of I'rovoet Marshal of Alexandria and Provost Marshal General of tbo Defences south of the t'otomac, has been appointed to a lull oolonelcyt and H is said he will b* made Military Governor of Alexandria in the event of thit ofllce be com lug vacant, which is not improbable. Brigadier General Slough, the present Military Governor, has asked to bo relieved, and it la said that tbe request has been complied with, and that he will bo ordered to take command in New Mexico. The friends of good government will part with General Slough with many regrets; but the seceeh sympathize? will have a glorification upon his departure, unless Colonel Wells or S' tne other uncompromising Union man be selected to at! bil place. Governor Plerpont has at last got bis letter to President Lincoln ?nd CongreM printed, and will to-mnrrow lay a copy of it before each member. I send you a copy to I night by mall, it Is an exposition of the corruptions of ! the military authorities of Norfolk aad Portsmouth, and | la terribly severe no General Butler. Although the great est er. resy has beea observed lest tbe contents of the boo* should get oat before tbe Govoroor was ready for Its distribution, some zealous frleod of tbe General stirrer titivusiy purloined a proof sheet from the printing office, erd on Sunday last forwarded tbe same to Fortress Mon res. I he cream of tbe whole affair Is that Butler has a rsply all ready to lay before Congress simultaneously with tbs charges. Butler still lives. "f there have been numerous eases of bushwhack ing In this vicinity, all attributed to Moebys men, of course but a careful Investigation by Colonel Wells has demonstrated the fact that tho marauders, in nearly every tnstancs, were renegade employes 4 the Called States Uoartsrtnaster's Deportment and stragglM* soldiers. Five of there outlaws were captured yesterday, under such circumstsacee as to leave do doubt of tbeir guilt. ?crl?ms Sheeting Array In Thirteenth ?trs et. PROBABLI MATH OP ON* Of THR PARTIM TO TRS APPAIR ? Till OCItTT MAN OITI9 I11RSILP VT TO TBI POI.ICR, ?TC. A very serious eboetlng affray occurred last evening ta a drinking Mloon kept by William Psttersoo, in Thlr teenfi street, between avenues A and B, which win un doubtedly result la tbe death of one of tho parties From tbe particular! of this aflalr. as far an tbsy oouid be learosd last evsntng. It appears that a man ?am.rf .John U irns, allxs "Hper" Burns, said by tbe police to bo a noted MsckreUytDe rounder, met on* William Brode rick, ao-thor reiide ntof Msekrellville.sl tbe corner of Thirteenth street and avenue A, In front of tbeMloon of cwen Tally , where toy bad an altercation relative to Hroderick's freoueatmg Tally's saloon. It immm ihlt Puma bad been arrested eome two years aloc^fjr sua bing Tally, and that since that event be Li wgL.T. i to prsvsnt any of hie aequslataacee from frequiot?Df ^ place As Brodsrtck continued to be a patroTof the silo? Burns Oeoemc his enemy. All through tbe alien?**# Sunday bo (c lowed tbo former about to tight which rballenge wu TOST' SXR r met on tie corner at Thirteenth street and avenue 1 at ibmi mentioned. wb<a Burns again challenged Hroderlck to fight. I bit not being es?ei>ted he stroow him VJir.wI two clinched and fo?(bt uattt the police oimsnn ri!i? then separated, sml Rruderiek "oot SnwaT ZJSZ kept by Patten on. Mem. feftowsj sbJ^y arteSJSdT artf m. t Brodcr Ick la the hallway, talking wltb ThVoro' pnetor Be jaid to him, ?Tou r.t to Ll Jtt' rick, or I II bO yon " Brodarlck repited tf .^^n ." let me slone I'll shoot von. Bum .termed' beck Cd d?w a revolver, but before he could use it Vroderk-k and Bred. The ball ps?ed in aTThe le? skh rflST aSTf snd took a downward om.rse, pWclnV\be J. i?,M. Burns sxclaiited, "If. going rlX down to m?h eirt* He was removed to IfcMevwe Tloep?.i by offlcer^ha'n eon. snd is a. t sxpected to ree ver. tWoderichmade no attempt to rrcapo, but surrendered hlmsoir at nice u, officer larreli of the Seventeenth pccuct wb<"t< ok h,m to the station house. He is ? p^sterer bt trad^and^ single man. B.rns is a marrM man, abo l twV.iy.ftv2 years of age, and Is said to bold s<>ro? appointmout in r.ne I of the city department* '"uneai in one THE N A V * . Mohican, 7 ? Hie t 'nitod Stilt* tutixr tfohicw arrived St ihls porl >>o S itiird iy, '.'3d ML, tlttr an arduous and >a< successful orulse a Mr the reliel pirans Alabama, Klorld* and Ge r?la The Mohican la I Buenos Ayr*s* the latter pari of February , being called from there.' to prole I the American! resldeut In Montevideo rr<>m mo expected raid of Geoeral Flore*' army. After a lurio is bombardment, In wh|> b not much damage was dene, General floret raided the siege and withdrew lolo the li.'erior. I be Mohican then left Montevideo for home, touching at ? lo de Janeiro, B ibia, I'ernambuco and ;it. I bomiu ? not see Irk or hearing any thing of tha rebel pirat*?. The llub lean hie, during tho past ei^hteun months that ? he hits been in commission, nailed and steamed over 87,000 mile* ; baa spoken with and boarded 142 vessels of all aattone, and baa visited over fir ty orelgn ports Owl | to tbe indefatigable energy and perseverance of Captain 0. 8.-Giisson, her commander, the rebel i>lrat?8 were driven off tbe coast of Brtzil, and ever afterwards debarred from entering any Brazilian port whatever. Tbe rebel vessels, condemned bv the United states gov ernment which. It will be remembered bv the m^et of our readers, tbe Mohican was watching, still lie at the pert or Rio de Janeiro, tbelr owners having given bonds to tbe Brazilian government that thoy will not attempt to go to se t until the case Is ad Indicated upoc. The following la a list of officers of tho U diican:-? Oliver 8. Glisson. Lieutenant ami Ks'cut .< 0/Jiccr ? Rufus K. Duer. Acting Muter? Robert B. Kly. Acting Kntigns?.K. D. Campbell, A. F. Holmes, George T. Ford. Acting Matter' i Mates? Wm. F. Veltman, E. S. Snow, Julian 8. Reynolds Susgeon ? K. F. Corson. Axsiitant /'uym<u er ? James Hoy, Jr. Knginetrt ? Acting Flrs| Assistant in charge, George If Hollo way ; Acting ^ecoud Assistants. Calviu R. Weaver, John I.ardner: Acting third Assistants, James Buckley, John Crawford, J. W. Mucin Captain's Clerk ? Oliver s. Giisson, Jr. Paifimuter's Clerk? Vim. I*. de Behreoa. Tamrean ? iron-clad, 3 guns;? Tbe iron clad battery Teonnisch, built by Sccir ft Co., George Blrk beck , Jr., superintendent,' at Jersey City, wan put in <-ommia s*on on Tuesday, 26th ult. This ves-el is the lineet one of her class, being beautifully ventilated and lighted, she carrics two flrioen-lncb guns, and Is commanded by one of tbe finest gentlemen and beat officer* in the ser vice. Her Chief Knginecr, Mr John Karron, is the gon tleman who saved the Weebawken from foundering at sea on ber voyage from New York to Port R >yal , and is one of tbe best engineers in tne service. Comm <dot'e Ringgold, Hon. Mr. Brooks, of Rhode Island, and a large number of ladies and naval officer* and others were present when she went into commission Mr. i-ecor and Mr. Hirkbeck were also there to see their handiwork transferred to her owner, Uncie Sam. The TeculMafe ar rived at Hampton Roads April 29, having made a line trip. The following is it list oc ber officers: ? C 'Mwtt^r? Tunis Augustus Craven. /.if ?/ tianl ? J. W, Kelly. Acting Aikiiftmt ?iurg-nn ? Henry A Danker. Acting AsfL'tarU Pityn it er?lle orgo Work. Act mi/ Matter ? ' harliM K I.a gloy. Enrit,ns?V. H. IHl Ksttinauvillc, <?. Cottro'l. Engiiic-rs? Chief, John Karron; First A*wi?rantg, Cbas, Pennington, W. L. Penell; Third Assistants, F. Scott, W. D Kuy. t'Urk to < 'dfilaiu ? fs.ii.ih Conl cy. Mattamcsktt? side-wheel, 10 guns, 874 ton*? sailed Wodne-dMlf morning, 25 h ult. , at an early hour to take tho iron-clad battery Onoudagn in tow. This vessel Isonoot the new double-endcrs lately completed. .She Is coinmandod by some of the finest officers In tbe servioo, and will give a good account of herself in due time. Her destination is not yet fully decided upou; but It is expected that it will not be loug before she will see active service. Tbe fol lowing Is a list of ber officers: ? CWiH'l'kifr ? Jolin C. Kebiger. A. N. Mitchell, Acting A mutant Snrgmn ? a. P. Boyer. Acting Assistant fai/nu'tUr? Henry I. Meade. Arting Ma:tcr\; Mates? Isaac A. Pierce, C. P. Fisher, A. M. Heck. fTHvinxri? Second Assistants. C. J. McConnell, A . Stock ett; Acting Sccond Assistant, J. F. Hawkins. Aoting Third Assistants. Alexander Bates. Isaiah Paxausn,W. A. Men tier. Acting Gunner? H. A soul*. Wats? 8 gun The Iron-clad Wave was pat In cos# mission at New Orleans on tbe 8d Inst. f?be has sailed from New Orleans for service. Tbe following la a list of Acting ITiAuntetr Lieutenant Cummanding ? Benjamin W Iiorltif, A<1ing Asitant Paymaster ? Alfred O. l-athrop. Acting Kwigns ? Franklin J. Lathi m (executive 0/11 - oer), Peter Howard, Wm. Mellon. Mas'er's Male ? Charlos Catncron. Jfsfiwrsri I" Hill. Assistant, John Thompson; Second As sistant. M. V. Fltzpatriok; Third Assistants, John Rod gers. Wm. H. Wilson. Paymaster's Clerk ? Ch tries H Grace. Coast nu, sldewheel, 6 guns ? Sailed from the Charles town Navy Yard Aprils. Tho following is a list of ber officers :? Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Commanding? C. F. Bohm. Acting Ma*'er ? Geo Kerrls. Acting r.ntigm?V. P. Bobbles, George A. Harrlmaa, Frank Millet Acting Assistant Surgeon ? J. G. Dearborn. Acting Atrtt atit I'lii/mtU'tr?A. P. tastiakv ,lif.f?7 AJfittant IS nuineert ? Klrst, K. R. Ram mage ; Second. R- Kieming, r. J. Uurry.O. Y. Hill, Tblrd, J as. H. Boy ii ton. Geo. Altbam. Acting Matter's Ma'es? W. Warren, Geo. n Wood. Mamins Coars.? Tbe Naval Retiring Board, of which Commodore Wm. Mervlno was I rosklcnt, that baa been In session for the past two years, bos been dissolved by order of Ihe Secretary of tho Navy. MtACKLL ANBUU*. The Naval General Court Martial which bu Inn id see ?Ion at Pblladelptla for some time past baa born tr?M rerred to thia city It will moot at tba A* tor Houao oo Monday, May 2. It Is understood (bat eeveral gov era - maot contractor* will ba ordered baiora It lor trial. The following are the member a of the court ? Omm.Jora Wm K. Lai timer, President. Commodore Charlo* ftwrmwi. Cotnm?d >ra Wm Inntna, Captain J no. 8. CbaoriSav Commander t ]*rrah iwt. Commander Jaa K. scbeack. I.irulenanl Charlo* Tbomaa. Flret Liautauaut John C. Harris, United Statee Marines, I*rovoat Marshal. Judge Advocate Nathaniel Wllaon. Acting Mailer's Mate Danenhower, wbo waa lately triad before a naval court martial at Philadelphia, on tba charge of murder of tba mata of tba British bark liaxou, baa bean released from arroat and return* to duly. Captain John C. Grayson and Lieutenant l)evereux bare bean placed on tba r^lrad llat. Tba guard of tha I'nited Plate* ataamablp Pentacole, under command of L4?ut. Nokea, were oc Thursday laat tran afar red to tba Marine Barrack*, Hrofclyn. Viral Lleutanant Jobn H. Hlgbea haa bean ordered to tba command of tba marina guard of tba United st&tea ship Nartb Carol lua. Colonel Jobn o. Raynalda, shiee hla lata appointment to tba command of tba Brooklyn Marina Barracks, baa baas indefatigable In bla exertions , and It la gratify Ing tonotloa the graat Improretnent la thla command, both In dls clpllaa and general efficiency, tha offlcars of tba poet are:? Cotnful Commanding ? Joha Gaorga Reynold*. Captain and JH?cwHw Often-? John I? Hrtx my. Htvitnanlt? Wm. Wallace, T. T. Peat, E. P. Meaner. MOVEMENTS OF REIEl T800M. Mr. ?m. H. H?rt'a DMfftUfe. Nswineas, N. 0., April M, ISM. Newt baa bean racelrad bare indicating that tba rebate ?hate vacated tba vicinity of this part of North Carolina and gone Rlcimondward. Information baa likewlaa been race I v ad bora tbat tba rebel authorities have takea paaaaaakta of all tha rail- ' roada in tba South for tba aaat *lxty daye, durlag which time no cltlzena will ba allowed to travel on tbem. Jt baa alao bean learned that troopa froan Cbarleeton, A C., bava been brought to Wilmington, and there rallerad troopa a bo bava since proceadad to Ittchmoad. Missouri's (laota Filled. Pt Lovia, April 80, IMi. Coogreeaman Hall teleprapha from Washington that tna credita of enrolled militia, re-enliafd veteran* aad oolorad ^troopa railuca the quota of Missouri to Ave hundred aad thirty. Tha negroee en I let ad since tba irt of April Mora I than co var this, fraalug MUnouri froaa tba draft. Mi** Avovm Jovtra will make bar laat appearance at tba Winter harden thia evening. fha will appear as Medaa and ai<o at Black Janet In the Horoeree*. Tba yurform I anca is for the benefit of thi talented art-**, and tha dotib'e event will no donbt fl" 'he bouse. STEELE'S COLUMN. Til Advance if (he Army of 4 1 hat Mi livtrda Ike Bel BlTtr* The Rebels *Vrivei from Eikla'# Ferry and Prairie de A ioa. Prioe and Marmaduke't Force* Outfought and Outrun, fc?H IMh *?? Advices from Camden, Arkansas, ray that Qn. Steele1* army Is there. Gen. rbsyer Joined C,e u Pteele at Klkta's Perry , at the Little Missouri river, where the r^eis were drhen from ? line of breaatw?rks commanding the river bottom. The enemy next Blood at Prairie de Aooa, wblcb waa torn fled with a line of ride pita and epMtemmta for guna en barbette a mllo and ? half long. Hen Bteela (leaked their posltioa, and Gea. Price skedaddled, after a brisk fight, towards Washington * Other sklrmlsbea occurred during the march; M oar total Iom waa leea than two hundred. Prleo supposed oaa. Steele was rorog to flhravsport via Washington, aad moved hie command from Camden to Waahlnctoa after the flght el Prairie de Ana*. ? General Steele pursued the rebels towards Washington^ acd tben suddenly turned a d pushed for Camden. Prica discovered bia mistake, aad started for Camden also. M desperate race easuad, aad, although heavy skirmishing occurred all ilia way, Maruiaduke being la front and nockery In the rear, with cavalry and artlllerv, Steal* ei mo ont victor, aad entered the enemy 'a fortlfloatioos unoppsstd. Camden la Strongly fortified with nlae forte. All Ha approaches are well guarded, and It can be held against a largely superior f?r<e. A large rebel transport waa captured tblrty miles be low Camden. General Steele's force la fully ftron" enough to whip Klrby ^mltli ah -ulrt lie attack him. No ? ears need ifa entertained for his aafety. [H will be seen tbnt iheab ive despatch from Camden la without si date, an<t It may. therefore, he ?omc weeks old, as letters ui .at nere"?arliy t.ike a gront l"u^th e f time to travel by a wkou r< nie 'mm thit |>!aea to Jt. have heard via the Red river, that hreveport hi" heon taken hy General Steele and, a* ( anvlon Is but fl.'ty milea from that city, (he rei? rt in y bu true, an nowi ccrtuln ly travels lasler by steamer* K?. Hkhaio ) St foots, April M, 1844. BLEW8 FROM MEXICO. Add Iflonaal Psr(lcnl;iri nltuiit the Cnp? l"ff of "? nbnufo t?y the l?lber<sls, ?fcr. A gentleman who h>s J'l-t arrived froiu Tabasco (sin .lam BnutlsM), bus fuinMi ?>! n.-t wllh *01110 mlditlo ?) ? ?an Icularx of tbo sieae and capture of that plncc by tha liberal force*. Jle says that tho sle^e wnr b' nn on lb* 13ib of January. The literal forces consisted only of tbe mllttin from the am.uler toivn* and rUtsgrF, and whc wee relieved every week, amu'iuting m?M to eight hundred and at other time* to elcvca huinlrod me:?, unlj five hundred uf which hml en. #; the rest wore only pnv vblod witli (? kind of swor<f). Thoy hid flva ?mall cannon and two twenty four pounders. but ward Itm unnfTxi ??.. * place, near tbe river b inks, a id supported by Tour nvn o(-war, of which tbree, named I* Tourraent? I.t I'Wiuo at.d I'lz-irro. were French atenn g.inboat*, and tlie Oin Berviulor , a Mexican steam iruiihnat, '.tie artlilory which they carried and those on shore altogether amounting to twenty or twenty-one guna, with plenty of ammunition. Wiieo they I >at rabunco their forces were threo buudrrf aud fll'tjr well armed preasod l/'exlcina and cn liated foreigners. cnmmaaiH by enteral Jlanuol do Is Vega, and about two hundred and fifty French marlnera. without taking into recount the crews of the gunboat*. tin the flrat days of the sle^e the boaieired mado a few s rties, arltbont ratalrg any advauUicee. and tbey were received a? g?l>aotly by tliu poor Tanawiulan laborers ->nd conufymen th-t ib?y did not dare to way tbe samo |nni) s?i|n There were more woutideil bv tbe mui.~h.Ut th.i > by ball*. Tbe lib eral* a>ivunce<l . lighting bouse by bouse a. d street by street, the hevieged, in the meantime, cuu sntiior mem selves wltb throwing shells and b ills into Liie bouses and buildings as tbey moved along. The littorals, wth one of their twenty lour f ounders, nave tbe rourmnnte nice well directed -hole , but b 'ing then without anv sinmuaitiea, they hid to wait and load tbeir ptecv* wben any twenty lour pound bull* from the Mexican ?uubnata wre found. When the liberal* readied the lino ot house* la front 01 tbe besieged, and tbe flrat attack on tbe barricades commeuced, tbe order mm given to evacuate the lortnicatiou*. I'be French auxilia ries aud Ou. Veitan' troops thou embarked 10 treat haste, leaving the place and eleven cannon on Hltorc to tbe libe rals, and ran dowu tbo river to tbe village of I rontera. Tlie explanation given by the Trench of thtemrioua re treut is the following:? On Vega having ret need to make a sortie with the troop* and French atviu era under his e inmand. ?nd oiler battle to the enomy , he wa* aaV . if be could do ao with a trench reinforcement of hundred and Ofty men ; but ba having answers* ?-?V~ tbe retreat wsa resolved on. * ^ Tbe liberal* Immediately e tared tbe e ernor Sierra .gala ea.abllahed the c m?%*m t^rJ/n -'?y- ,n montha of the tbU ranmr? that? Bor# hM '*?" <ostreyed '? Ctbla eonntry tw ^ all U?e former revolutions put 10 ?TrIm* winual budget ? f the Mate Is tM.OM. Tbe fr,7?. -ey 'a governor. P. Wuardo Arreb^io, extorted _ abe mere lis nts, bankers, ke.. In tbe ilrat aix ^.ir.iba of bla rule, more than 1160 000, nod tbe atrocl 1 ilea committed by bla ofTleer* and meu aorpaseed all out ra?oe ever experlem ed by tM peaoenbla peoflf of l*b? eo before In aty rev..luil< B, altbongB 11 jj pfevkoCT* ly eeeai tbe ne*y ef their Governor, who hud been shot, bn aatit %n town, bong In tbe market, ead the bead cet elT and irled In ell. Tbla waa dene by eraar af Saata Sa na's reaeral, Ampadla Neltlier tbe Tabaeoo liberata aer Oenerai flallaaa fee w '?thirty of tbe moat prominent Mexieeaeof the pieea, who bad taken aides with tbe French." as tbe ? am poachy eue reatv?dant**ays. General Hal naa arrived from Oaiaci be fore tha village of Tuxtla (< hupir) wtb ojw militia, at tbe very moment when the liberals of I his Stale were be sieged by tlie Inter vealiouiat Governor, Jasa Oriara. maoe a sortie and diepersed hi* tmnra. 1 be Ohtftea aad Cblspaa liberals, wltb flva hundred mea, drove back Ortega to tbo capital, aad eater tag It at bla bee!a, made him retreat to tbo anal aarta eastern part of tbo Ptate of Oilapar. Ho arrived aftarwarda with Itfl In Palea^eo, and whoa tbo liberal hirooe apfroacbod lo't thia ? 'lace. aad teek rofaga In Carmen's territory. General Salinas Ibsa aaaiebodi* join the liberals of Tabasco m tha atege ef tbeir as pita I (Han Juan Rantleta), but ia Teapo, a lawa ' ease thirty tm forty mils* dlstaat, ba learned of tha captara ef |h4 place, and retarnad without visiting It. Two executions look plsce s'ter tbe oeeopotloa s t th? capital of Tabasco? a y-ung Kpaalard, eaoslwl of having amused himself during tbo siege sbootlaf hberaia from bis employer s bouse do.ir. be not being a aoWhor, sad a daaerter tbat tbe libsraht found who* they ea tered tlie city It would have beea utterly MepoaetMe to hava banged thirty Mexicans, while tbo aambgg Of ill thaaa who take aides with tbo t rench In tbo wholo (Mate of Tabasco oouid scarcely reach half that sam. THo Pay mt tbs Paaaeylvaala Mtlltla. Himarts, May 1, 1M4. Tbe Governor yesterday commua oated to tbo Lsgtsl* taro tbo fact that Co agrees aa yet bad aaado ao provlab? for tbo paysMBt of money advanced by tbo boaka for tha pay of troops called oat for the omergeaay a* IMS. Tha msssafs waa a vary fall sao, aad gave esptaa of tetters of tbo President and Sscretary of War, la wbleh tbo Wover aor waa ass* red that the money would ho rofoadod epoa the meeting of Coagroas, aad asm tbo faith ef wbleh ba m^le tbo loan aad became rosfaaalMo for Ito payment. A bill waa at oaco latrodacod la to tbe fToute, dirsctiag tbo Governor to roioabaroe tha lendera to tbo asseoat of seven haadTOd Ibnaasnl dollars from the mate Treasory , which waa paaaad aad concurred in by tbo Soaata Imme diately, and, having received tbo signature of tha Go*, ornar , la aow a tawi Kitaailre JTfra Im Vow Havoa. Kaw lla van, (oea. . May 1 , IM4. The largeet Are that we have bad for thirty years lootr plaoe last alght. The aaeledoon factory ef Treat * Dav is, the carriage fsctorlaa of Hale* Co.. J. P. Coodriea ana PnnoefeCo., tbe silver plating shop of D O Oslbralih. the llnrsnport Mission Chapel, two private res idea ass aad a brick bara were daetroyed. One mea, wbeee asma coald not be aoeorl ime*, periafemf la lbs Han* A boron was burned. Tbe total loee by lire was (rem MO.eOO I* |M.0M ah? isenranre on wbleh t. -haaaM aas oaa.

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