4 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9

4 Mayıs 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 9
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att-e, feat wboee princlplee ? burled la lb* dost of ages, WtOo tbey shoch om'i feeliuga "by pretending to N alive." Garibaldi's reception beresurpaaaed every mtlM ever paid v> a public character in tbe British metropolis II even surpassed that of tbe Dm tab Princess, thirteen juouthe ago; and it diQera froea every other paklle re ?s^rtiea given a foreigner here la being coo toed to ad ^aa, but Including an, from tbe Prime Minister down. The only way that tbe tory papers eaa threw a star oa II U by abusing the working classes, and calling them rag ged? as If It waa aot i he mainspring of tory tactics to niaka tbe rich richer and tbe poor poorer and more 'sagged. Tbe grand effort to get op a Ji lnl stock concern for 1-uun mg ibe Mockade baa received a damper liom tbe opinion or ibe Attorney General that tbe shareholders in aach an enterprise will all of throe be guilty of a misde meanor, punishable by One sad Imprisonment. This baa struck terror into tbe hearts of tbe English rebels, and r asai tbe rebel loan down from 60 to 62. II is known oa tbe Stock Exchange thai the city editor -OF the London Tim* waa "induced" to pad this Ian! blockade speculation; but notwithstanding that its prospect* are uot very brilliant. More articles are still appearing on tbe Injustice for ?is i Ice) of some of tbe decial' ns of tbe United Btatee ?rize courts, and , If tbe quotattoaa from high authorities an international law are correct, I think some of those decisions will have to be reversed In tbe Supreme Oourt or create trouble. >-o utterly friendless Is this English government now Uut tbe ministers and people would make an alliance with old Nick himaelf If be bad a (rood standing army. i h ive }ub? met a gentleman *bo waa at Venice a tow weeks ago, and be says everybody there Is expecting an emeuU almest any day. The Austrian government here thirty thousand troope In tbe oity of tbe Dogee, aad not a square or a corner eaa be paaaad without meeffrr armed men. Aad all the Venetians firmly believe thai when the war comes tbe ret of Italy will be free. Oar Parlb Csrreependetse. PaM, April U, 1?M. flU Bod,iin A ilmenti ? f th? Emperor if itexicO?Uit Act at' Renunciation? T\- Puling in Vitnnamnd to franc*? Ik* Marriage of the Count it Paris, 4c. , 4o. Tbe nef^Bmperor ef Mexico must be gifted with a a many Uvea ' as a cat to be aW* to anoeeaafMty and so promptly recover from an tbt various maladies with which be le afflicted, aad wbioh follow each other with euch remarkable rapidity. When la Brussels, where b? remained sevgral days after be should him departed rot Paris, h? waa troubled with a severe sold. Be would have sailed from Trieste on Monday last, according tq the announcement in tbe Monitwr, had be net been attacked with a "light feVer." The next day he would certainly have taken his departure; but he tras Just then afflicted wHh "bronchitis," and oeuld net go. It seems, howeverl that be has happily reoovered from alt his ills', aa H it annoeoced tbia- morning that the Movara, bearln < her precious freight, left tha port c f Trieste yeaterday for Clvita Veccble, where Maximilian is to deMkft, aodr pro ceeding to Rome, la, aa la generally believed in Paris , to agree upon the baala of ? "oonoordat" with tbe Pope, aa tbe price of receiving tbe apoatollc benediction from the hands or the Holy Father. Tbe Vienna Journals state now that the renunciation of bis rights to the Austrian throne, made by the Archduke Maximilian, la full, abaolute aad final? not In any man. aer or degree depending, as waa Stated by his Pari* organ, tbe Memorial Diplomatique, upon tbe duration of hla reign in Mexico. There Is a mystery about this mat* ter which will not be cleared up until the agreement is communicated, aa It is said it soon Will be, to tbe Auatriaq Chambers. There is no doubt a large and influential party inAuetrla which has opposed from the beginning the shameful bargain which has beon made between the Kin per or Na Kieon and Maximilian, aad it ia still asserted that tbe iperor Francis Joseph is at Its bead. The Fatrie of day before yesterday stated that letters from Vienna aa aert that the parting between the Emperor and his brother was very cool. Tbe idea ot cMexiaan empire, these let ters aver, with an Austrian prince as sovereign, sset with a decided opposition up to tbe very last moment in official circles in the A ua Irian capital, and now. that tbe useless ?eaa of all theee efforts baa bean demonstrated, tbe watchword in the political circles ef Vienna Is ' 1 Mexico and its Emperor are strangers to Austria and her in* (areata." There la no doubt that the Emperor of Austria opposed aa long aa be thought he safely oooid tbe acceptance of Napoleon'aprepoaltioa; but it la generally believed that Inwards the last a praaeure waa brought to bear upoa him wb ch he ooutd no longer reaist, and that be was informed la tolerably plain terms that, unless be wis Dad to make Napoleon an open enemy, he bad better yield aa grace fully as passible to tbe force of circumstances. Visions of another Italian war, In which France would, lake a part, aad which. In bar preeent dilapidated condition, would be such a severe blow to Austria, roae before the Em peror, and be yielded, hot yielded, doubtleas,eursing tbe Power which bad been able to make him, to a certain sxtent, his vassal. ,?i ijuuk Now that Maximilian la really gone (if be be really , thetfeeltng throughout France will be simply one of and Ibankfutneaa that Che raapoaatbllity of tbis whole affair baa been shifted from tbe shoulders of France, ami that ao m#ro mea and treaaure are to be ex Cied oa it. We shall see next week, when tha new torn teen le pat upon Ibe market, how much enthu siasm the people of Paris will exhibit in behalf of the aew empire. It Is generally believed that the loan will not go atr with remarkable rapidity. The Kmperor Napoleon must feel greatly relieved. Now that tbe Emperor la 'easier to his mind' be drives out to tha Dots da Boukigno every afternoon with bis pair of American horsee and open buggy. In order ta make bis marrlsge legal in France tbe Comte do Paris bat had banns published In the First arrondlsse. seat, la whieb be formerly resided, at the I'alace of the rmleriea.tn.lbe sssae manner aa though be w?? a pi Ivate parson; aad the announcement which ia posted up among the others at tbe "Mairie," opposite tho Louvre, ree-ls as follows:? "M. Albert d'Orloann. ? omte de 1'aris, of the Halaceof Claremoat. In ibe county of Surrey, England, aad MUa d 'Orleans, Infanta of Spain, of the i'alace of rit. Clmo, at Seville, Spain." Paris, April 10, 1M4. IV Mm can loan ? Ruth of the Pamiant for tKe Stork Maiimvian amd (*? Queen of Spa n, <te. V soma enterprising speculator were to gat up a loan tor the construction of a railwty to tbe moon, or, better Mill, * ere tbe government to patronise one for the pro motion or "constitutional g< Tcrnment" and "liberal toaUluttona" I* tfce north 4?tur , there would probably h? no difficulty in getting It taken In the elty or Paris, provided Ibe Interest was placed at a sufficiently high rat*. Tbe publlo subscription to the now Mexican loan wan oommeoced yesterday, and, as it Is issued at a nominal value of one hundred, bet a real value of sIxtjMhree, francs per share, aad paving a nominal interest of six per ?ant, er promises to pay a real Interest of nearly tan i>er cant, and aa It seems In a certain part to be ginran teed by tbe French government, it baa nsturnlly at traeted a large crowd of ignorant, credulous * or king' peo. pie aad those who hav * a Utile spare capital to invest. At tbe opening of Uie loan at tbe bureau of the Credit Mobtllsr in tbo I1ace Veudotne, there waa a " queue ' or three or four hundred per?.one already formed, and to dav tbts nnmber la swelled to st lesst a thousand. By far the larger portion of the cr>wd is evidently or tbe working eisst, and include* ajconslderable number of wom?n. who are only too glau to Invest their little savior I t a l?an which promises them a much larger Interest than they > au securj in >iuy other manner, but who ol course never dream that their gnUJcn fruit* of the future wtll probably turn to ashes some dav, and their bonds will not he worth tbe p ipor on which they arc so beau ttruily primed. The convention between the Kmperer* Napoleon and Ms\itnillan, published lu tl>s Vumteur of Sunday morn tog. and according to the tonus of which France tgrec^ to act tbe pollccuuui for tbo n>iw Mexican fOVferprmtrt for some years, hss doubtless b.td a vary iieuclklal tilect upon tbe pr spectsof the loan At the sime time it bus disappointed tbsl large numtier o KrotiChnx-u who have always opposed the Mexican swindle, but wbo had hoped tbst when Msximtlinn b.d fairly sssumed the throno France would he rid of further responsibility In tha mit tor Ibese men see trouble brew In k In the future, and tbe Opinion lUvi mile (the organ of Prince Nspole n. who hM< always opposed lbrsoiiroMexic.au pc.hero* ) well ex presses thnir views in sn Article In it* last tsaaa. '-When the Southern Stales." says this journal, "have made their submission, und when the American 1'niou Is re esisb isUed, which wtll take place In st least two yesrs, Maximilian Flrat will tlnd for a aeiahhor a republic So much tbe more aggressive that it wlllhave on Us bmds au army created by civil war, and which It will not know what to do with, and who?e ac tivity it will be gl.id to tlUllae in u foreign war. Krarv e rnuy tboo tlnd herself compromised In mi armed struggle againat tbe Monroe doctrine, with the ii rootest?hie hca tlluy of Peru aud tbo South Amotion republics.'' The only governments which have received immediate aotinoatloa <* the accession of Maximilian arc live of Paris, Londoe, Vienna, Home and lirtlfSelB. The others are not ?e be officially intormad <* it naMl he is . airly sea edupnn the throne. It Is said that Maximilian re ceived an invitation to (to to Mudild and pay las respects to the Queen of in/ but thai, he relused, ti*lcg-< the Spanish government would send n Rpan sli vessel of ?tar loacias aoeae?rtf.r .he Xossra W Vera . ru*. This wftT doc'lTed, and hence Mat d?es not to to Madrid , aid It Is Slid therein already a considerable be I weea Spain add Mexico. Car Bsrlla Cerremeadenee. BMUft, Aptll 18, ik?4. Indignation of M< K'nplUh Apn>*> /Vtu-is and of the Prutainnt A^oinrt fctigtand? Tbe King in it Libel Of the London ifmet ? The I nnftrente? Poputa n ty of Louie tfapoioon in dermmog, Jr. The fiermaaaare naturally a quiet raoe; but when their ?libera are wruag they cm fly ioto a psssloa aa well as ether people. Mothlag can evened the indignation pro deoed amaag them by the language of the English press Pari I iinen t in reference to tbe bombard meet Of SeodcrtaMl. WMI, My Mtey, Englaa*, who bM more o?m tWM than My MUM Ml ChrMM dom, who Ma sboHed UopMMgea aad 04mm. aad Uiea ?bonatftBlMr, who bM baraed the Cbpltot at Washing too, and bM Joe* converted Kagoetma tatea beep a uwt lag rulne ? tbat Eag land Ma tbe aMuraace to lura up ber 4jrw Ml aflboted terror, aa4 to accuse ua ef bar. barity tar cuNMItii a (own attcl, by *a admlaalon of the Uaaaa themselves, la M mucn a part ef their rortlfled position m the town of SebMtopol wm of tbe Russians. Dom aM lb ink (Ml tbe records of tba paat are entirely obilteratM.and bacauM bar alatM men aad journalists tod it coaveeteni to have a abort memory tba rnt or the world are equally oblivious? Tba King himself la furi-ua, aad if Mr Andrew Buchanan should venture to aak (or explanations, m Lord liluaMll appears to bava instructed bim to da, be will receive soeb m aaawer aa tba aaaala uf diplomacy have a ever yet far* aiebte an uaaapta of. XlaUaodMt aaya It will eon sisi of a photograph representing tte buralng of Ksgoainsa, ?ithtbo inscription "People who lire la glass houaee ihould not throw atoaee;" and thereout be no dMbt tbat it will be in tbe (u omotm style. Seqtdiog bM al ways been M de Bisinark's Turte. and wltb an opportu ally like this ba will extensively indulge la it to bin heart's content, aura or tba applause of bis countrymen, who will pardon bim many of bia peccadllloM far the sake of tbe satiafaetioo tbat will be afforded tbeaa by a catting reply to tbe "Insolent calumalM of England." Tbe exprsMlon of tba London Tim*, tbat "tba reputa tion of tbe Prussian army bad naterbeen at a lower ebb," baa given especial aflbnee : fort be public are of opinion tbat bltberto their young soldiers MM acquitted tbamselvse reaaarkably well, aad bave proved tbelr superiority to tbe Danes la every ooMlderable encounter, not excepting tbat Mater Monday, wbioh they maintain waa tbe re pulse of a Danish sortie, and not, as tbe foreign presa as Berta. an unsuccessful attempt to atorm tbe enemy's in trensbrocpta. indeed, such an attempt, before even the first parallel waa opanad or My of tbe Daafeh batter lea silenced, would bave mm u act of temetlty which tbe Prussian generals, who are very cbary of tbe llvse of tbelr seJdlers, wsrs hardly likely to be guilty of. 4g to tbe taunts Mont tbe dilatory conduct ef Me oporatloM, It la obaerved tbat tbe French and English were eleven montna before tbeyeoold take Ba baatopoL although they were magtera of tbe aM and had W steel cbtd nolf Krakea tooontend- with; and tbe Ger man pikers add, aaeerlngly, tbat ir tbe French had not storased tbe llalakoff the Engllab would never have got into Sebactopol at all. In faot. by wounding tbe national pride of Germany, tbe Kngtuh have doce tbeir pretepet, tbtt Danes, tne worst service they could possibly render them. Tbey have en venomed tbe quarrel beyond conciliation, and of course tbe nnfort unate OaaM will have to pay the piper. Nothing, on the other bud, can surpaae the adroltoeae wltb Loola Napoleon MS played his carda. By keeping Wlsrty aloof, and displaying a ml or aflfetited retard for tbe wlsbea of tbe German nntloa, be bag gain ed golden opinions among tbeaa, and almost lolled to sleep thesuRpicisM tbat were formerly entertained against bim. Not a year ago England wm looked up to by tbe liberal party In Germany as the model State? their natural ally against iipperialiam and dMpotlana, Now no words are tbougbibltter enough to express their detestation and' contempt for perfidious 'yn, while the Emperor of tbe French Is eulogized as th^fcfly man who really under stands bla Ume. HIS proposal to settle the Schleswig.' HotoWln que?' Ion by aa appeal to tbe vote of the, popula tion bM been accepted with eagerness by tbe llberala of eve v "hade of oplnicn.and , what Is rather etngalar, even Prussia doe# got Show hersek so averse to It as was ap preb?Dde<t M.fif Blstn*rk Is by no mtaog a timid poll tician, nor does he pique nunMf Op consistency, to that he attains bis otyeothe does, not much care for tho modus operandi, and he bM sat long enough at tbe feet of tbe Rpbynir on tbe Peine to be willing to employ tbe same expedient whicb bis pattern bM made ose br with so much dexterity Md so much advantage to himself. Besides, tbe PruMlan Minister nay think be la quite safe In listen ing to a project which is sure to bo reflected by Austria, Kngland, Russia and, above all. by Deoraartc; so tbnt he wtfl bave a good opportunity or making political capital without running tbe risk of its forming a dangerous pre cedent, to be turned agalnat Prussia on tbe Rhine and In Poland. Oar Swtae Cerrespendencs. Zurich, Switzerland, April 18, 1864. Secrstion War Report t from America, de. We should believe pretty things of tbe dotngs of our Amerloen army were we to credit the telegraphic re ports which reacn us here, which are always n pack of lies, m we are sure to learn on the arrival of the Hbsai.d a few days later. Tbe Zwriehtr Ztitmg, for Instance, pabllsbes some or tbe funaleet things Md tbe most se cession it is possible to ooncelve ? and these from Ameri can correspondents al tbe North,' all of whom are evL dently warn sympatlffcers with the dlsnnlonlsts. Something rather worse than usual appeared a few days since, whereupon oar American Consul, Mr. J. Remington Falrlamb, called upon the editors, and. arter stating the facts in' tbe osm, wilfnlly perverted by the Zvrirher ZHtvng In an editorial swearing to and oon ftrmlng theaayinga of tta oor respondent, Mr. Falrlamb leformed tbam tbat tboy richly deserved a thrashing for publishing things of that sort, snd.wbat was more, If tbey did it again be should give tbem one. For tbe last rew days tbat worthy Journal has been still as a mouse regarding American affairs. THE AWEiiTnAW QUESTION. A New Rebel ???ejr to IV* po I eon. [Purla (April 30) eorreaitoDdence of tbe Liverpool Journal.} lira. Greenhow, the Southern heroine, tut* been staying bore. She ta decidedly oousklared a wonderful woman. Sbe has been admitted to an Interview with the Kmperor, and Is regarded by the lad lee of Paris aa tbe personifica tion of tba patriotic berolbe, Tall, handsome and grace ful, ber yonth aad beauty produced aa atneb surprise aa a<1 mi rat too among tbe diminutive raoe which people the drawing rooma or Parie The volume published In I?n doo by Bentley, and called "My Imprisonment at Waeb In g ton," baa excited great sympathy for tbe atatcmenta it ooataina. The I'aKrd Itaua Steamer Kearaarge Aahore. 0H?sn CR1NCR FOR TltK BLOCKADE Itt'NMF.RS. I From tbe l/>ndou Shipping fiazette, April 11. j Tbe' United Slates abip kearaarge has had a narrow escape she had unsuccessfully pursued a CoDfeierate cruiser ana a blockade runner laden witb cotton, and proceeded to ostend to revtctuel. Tbe captain bad aa (totetul pilot onboard, to whom be left tbe navigation of tbe abip. Suddenly sbe wa? carried against tbe Leopold embank m nt, and grazed tbe floed gate Tbe captain raabed on deck la a state of great Indigna tion , and accused the pilot of hiving blundered wilfully Whether tb la waa so or not tbe Ttseel, wbich Is a One three-master of one thousand tons, was fixed Brnoty, and ao exertion could get her off She bore her poeitioa very wall, however, aad It la expected that when she is light ? ened of ber heavy gtina and shot, she will float off. But It will be nenesaary to take her lato dock, and in tbe meanwhile the Confederate* and blockade runners will have It all their own way. THE HEXICAH EMPIRE. French Opinion of the Anserfrfta Com. grrselenal Declaration. (Trom the Paris Temps. April 21.1 A stngnlxr error committed by the Mmi'tur this morn ing shows that tbe official ournni can lay no more claims to infallibility than the common run of newspapers The Mmiteu r declares that the malls from N'#w York bring '-ao news wbich merRf attontlon.'' But we read In tbe Ame rlean deep >t< hes of the I/>n<lon hm't that the House of Kep-eeentative* at Wa?htngton unanimously voted on the 4th of April, a resolution propped by Mr. Winter Da vis. to tbe effect that the I'plted states csn never recog nine ?r tolerate s monarchy in Mexico Ttie In i iwmdine* Brlgt gives the same newe, with a variation, iiccordlug to which the Congress brva simply protested against a monarchy established with the assist ance of a European Power. Whichever may bo right, we ran only b>)ltove In en inadvertence of the .Veii'mr. It cannot have a wish t< suppress news, which is by do moans unexnocted. and the important or which must not, mornover, bo oxaggeratod The chamber o Representatives at \Vash>iwt<>e is not the American government. Tbe President is mucb more indeiiendent of Parliament than the gticen of Knglaad lite revolu tion we are anh >tnh:ffeg is not so mnch an art as an indl cation. Wo may, besides, be certain that the Umtod States will leave Mexico tranquil while llie civil war te unikaielied As to tbe eventualities whioh maf arise a'ter the re-entabilshmeot of the Union, the Kmperor Maximilian would have been very Imprudent bad be not already thought of tbem ; and ?i be hns accepted the crown ws must cooclude that hi coniuttri Aimvlf pre pared to bra iw Ukt kt.il it* of Ik ? United Suitrt. Convention Between rmnee tnd niexteo ftegwiating the Term* of the Oer*n?> lion hy the French Army. I Pro? the I'aria Moalieur, April 18.] The government o( the F.mperor a T tbe French aad Ihat of the 1 rauuror of Mex co, animated With an equal desire to Bcmre the re establishment of order In Mexico and to ' consolidate the new empire, have rsoolred to regalate by a convention the cmidllloiis of (be stay of tbe t rench trooiw la thiit ommtry, and hay* named Iheir plenl(>oten | tl..ric? to that effect . vl* ? The Emperor ?( the French, II. Charles Herbet, Minister I Plenlp tentlary of the flr*t clean, Councillor of stale, W' rector of tbd^linhtry of K?>re!gn Alhlr*, (Trend Onicer of i the I avion of lienor, Ac.? i And the Kmperor of Mexico. M Joaquin Velasquez de 1.000, bis Mmt?tor of Htate Without |>orll. Ilo, (irand offi cer of the distinguished Order of Our ljtdy el Cuada lupe.Jtc ? Who. after haviuj commuolcated to each other their fall powers, agreed mi the following provision* ? Art V Hie French tiooje at present ta Mexico shall be reduced as soon ss |*mMIiN to a oor|4 el* iO,OU# men, fhc'nding the f-rrtgn let-Ion. Thle corps, In order to ?afe guard the imere-ts which led to tbe | t?rve?ti >n. shall remain toui|> ?rarily in Mexico on lb* condltloaa laid down in the loltowlng articles ? Art. t. I be trench troo|? shall evacuate Mexico In uro Brtion as the Kmperer or Mexirv simii he abte te erglkn i the troops nsce-ssry to replace them. Art a Hie foreign teuton in tbe -errlce of France, composed of a, ooo men, shall ne\ erthrtess remain In Muxi c > stx jre^rs after all tbe other French tfoopa sball hdve been recalled in conformity with Art. 1. From tfMt m>< m nt the aald legloa shall pass int?> the servlm^ia piy o the Mexican gov ernment, which reeervee to tUelf the right of ahrMgnur ike duratloa of the emph) meat of the foreign leg ma in Mexico. Art. 4. The points of the territory to be occupied by the Kreucb troops, m wall aa U? military aifediuajia. *>' Ui* aakl troops, U there be aay, imH M dsfsrsslaed ia oiimdm aaoord dirseUy trtawi tbs Cmperer of Mexico and the Commandant Id chief of the French corps. i Art #. On ail the i otois wtere the g*rr>?oa shall sot be exclusively compceed of Mexican troops, the military oesauiaod aball devolve M Ika Frock WMWittf. lo caaa of sapedtlioos combined of French and Mexicau troops. Iba superior direction of iboaa troops shall also heionfto tba French oommaodar. Art. e. Tba French commanders shall MX interfere with My branch of tbe Mexican adsaiaielreMoa. Art. T. 80 long aa tba requirement* of tba French MrMd'amti aball necessitate a two monthly service of traneperts between France and Vara Croi, tba exponas of itM service, Axed at Uia sum of four hundred tboosaud fraoca par voyage (gomg and returning), ahail ba paid by Mexioo Art. 8. lh? aaval st?tleos which rnM matatalae in tba Want India* and in the Pacific Ocean shall often send vessels to ahow the French flap to tba porta of Mexico Art. 0. Tba aipiMia of Um Preach expedMMo to Mexl ao to be pa HI by tba Meaieao gevernsMDt are lied at tba atim of two hundred and seventy mlllleae to tba wbsle duration of tba expedition down te tba lot of Jatf, 1M4. That sum shall bear interest at the rate of three per oeot Cm xnnum. From the lit of jqiy all tba expsaas at tba ?xican army aball ba at tba charge of Mexico. Art. 10. Tba Indemnity ta ba paid te Fmaaa by tba Mexican government for tbe pay and maintenance of the troop* of tba ?otjm (Parsier, after tbe lit of July, 1864, re main* fixed at tba tuna of one thousand franca a year for Mill man. I Art. 11. Tba Mexican government aball band over to tba French governmea* tba aum of alxty-aia mltllona ta hoods of tba loan at Ma rata of issue, viz? Flftyfour milllona to be deducted from tbe debt mentioned in arti cle nine, and twelve millions aa an instalment of tbe in demnitlea doe to Frenchmen in virtue of article fourteen of iht Dreaenl oooiiuUod. I Art. 13. For tbe payment of tbe aurplua of tba war ex ponssa, aad for acquitting the charges in artloiea aaven, tan and fourteen, tba Mexican government eagagsa to pay manually to France the sum or twenty-five Bullions in apaele. That aum shall ba imputed:? 1. TO tba earns duo la virtue of articles sevsn and ton; % To tba amount, In terest and principal, of tba aum fixed ia article nine ; 9. To the indemnities which shall remain doe to French subjects It; virtue of article fourteen aad follow rag. Art. 18. Tba Mexican government shall nay, on tbe last day of every month, into the hands of the Paymaster General of tba army, what ?hal| ba due far eeverlag tba expenaea of tba French troopa remaining in Maxioo. in conformity with article tan. Art, 14. Tbe Mexican government engagea la Indemnify French lubjectafor the wronga thsy have unduly suf fered, and whlob war* tba original cause ol tbo sxpedi tlon. Art. 18. A mixed commission, eompoaad of tbroo French men and threO Mexicans, appointed by their respective governments, shall meat at Mexico within tbroo months to examine and determine these claims. Art. 16. A commission of revision, composed Of two Frenchmen and two Mexicans, appointed In tbe same manner, sitting at Parw, sbsll proceed u> tba definitive liquidation of the claims already admitted by tbe com mission designated in tbe preceding article, aad ahall de cide on those which may have been reserved for its do Oieion. - Art. IT. Ibo French government shall sot at liberty all the Mexican prisoners of war as soon as the Emperor of Mexico shall nave entered his States. | Art. IS. Tbe present convention shall be ratlfled and I tbe ratifications exchanged aa early as possible. , 1 1 Done at the Castle of Miramar, this lOtb day of April 1804. HERBKT. H JOAQUIN VELASQUEZ DC LEON. ? Napoleon on tfee Indemnity from Mexico. Tbe following Is tbe letter addressed by tbe Emperor of France to M. Fould, Minister of Finance, in reference to the convention entered into between France and Mexi co:? PAtacn or tbs Tnumic" , April 16, 1864. Mosictm li MotmsK? The happy solution of tbe affair of Mexioo makes me desirous of seeing the country derive benefit from the first reimbursement of the expenses of the war, by a reduction of one of the taxes which welch heaviest on landed property. 1 therefore request you to ascertain whether it would not be possible to effect the Immediate suppress!* n of tbo second decline kof tbe registration dues, retain lug only those provisions of tbe getieral law prepared by tho Coun cil of State which are strictly necessary for tbe e<|tiilibYi um of the Budget. This measure, in conjunction with the hopes or pe.ico, which become every day more certain, will contribute, I hope, to the development of the public proaperity. Whereupon. Monsieur la Mlnlatro, I pray God to have you In His holy keeping. NAPOLEON. Maxlnlllan'a Farewell to Trlaate. The Emperor Maximilian, before embarking for Mexico, addressed the following letter to M. Porenta, Mayor of Trieste:? * , Muuxm, April 12, 1864 In placing myself, full or confidence in tbe aid or Beaven, at tbe bead of a distant empire, 1 cannot refrain from addressing a last and mournful farewell to the dear and beautiful city of Trieste. 1 have always entertained a serious affection for that place, which baa become. In a oertam manner, my native town, and I feel, la leaving Europe, how strong are the grateful remembrances which bind me to I L 1 shall never forget the oordlal amiability of ita Inhabitants, nor tbo proofs of attachment which tbe people of Trieste have gives to my person snd to my bouse. That remembrance will follow me abroad aa a friendly oonsolstlon and a happy augury for the future. I aball always be P*? ? * to laarn that my gardens at M Ira mar are visited by the Inhabitants ?r Trieste, and 1 desire tbst I boy shsU remain open every day so long as circumstances permit. In order that tbe poor shall preserve a token or my aflection. 1 have invest ed a sum of 90,000 florins, (A0,000f. ,) ao tbat tbe Interests may be distributed annually on Cbrlstmaa sve, by tbe municipality, among tbe poor families of the city As for yonrself, Monsieur Porenta, 1 confer oa you the Cross of Commander in the Order of my empire. MAXIMILIAN. Announcement to the Mexicans. (From Gallgnanfs Messenger, April 19.) M. Gonzales, a Mexican officer . embarked at ft. Nazalre on Saturday for Mexioo, charged by the Emperor Maxi milian to announce lo the Regency his Majesty's ap preaching arrival at Vera Cruz. Maxtaatllnn'a Hegro Battalion. [From tbe Moniteur d I'Artnee, Paris, April 22.] The Kgyptlan negro battalion, apecially organised to serve In tbe Terra Caliente, baa perfectly answered wbtt was expected from it. those men, beiug accustomed to a burning sun, have resisted the rude attacks of the cli mate and occupied posts where tbe health of the Frnncli troops would have been seriously endangered. I be General Commander in.Chief, wishing to recompense the devoU'dness < f wbich this battalion his given proof, has conferred tbe Cross of tbe Legion of Honor on Captsln Mobsthed Almas, wbo com lands the battalion tul interim, and tbe military medal on four sub-officers, corporal*, or privates. THE DANISH WAR. Details of the Pall of Duppel? The KUf Of PrnMla Uoai to the Seat ef War. Further del all* of the fall of Duppel are received Om hundred' dsad and eight wounded Panes were coo ?eyed to tbe Inland of Alien. A Copenhagen deepatch of tbe 30th of April says ? Nothing of importance occurred at the seat of war vssterdsy. Hostilities were suspended for six hours. Among our killed are one general of dlvisiou and two commander* of brigades. A flag of trues wan sent to the enemy to obtain Intelligence of our officer*, wouude >1 and prisoner* Two hundred of our kilted bavs fallen into tbe bands of the Prussians. A rrusclan telegram, dated Oraveniteio, April 20, says ?Our loo* on the Hh. In killed and wounded, amounted to sixty ollloers and upward* of one thousand men. The Danish loss, inclusive of prisoners, is at le.t*t four Ihousaud men. Eight hund ed and eleven 1*11**180*. many of whom are severely wounded and twenty one Danish officers and (Irs hundred and eighty men, are now m our hospitals. The King ef Prussia had gone to the seat of war. Ho pasted through Flonsburg and Rendsburg on th? 21st of April, and was received wKfe demonstrations of entm sla-in In both places Oo the following day the King visited tbe vie nlty of Duppel Tbe troops defiled before him. and be salmsd an J thanked (bone wb?*u>rm<Mt Duppel. Tbe Kitig of Prussia, Is a speeoh made by bim at Rends barf, Is reported to bavs ssld ?"Tbe cause of the Dwchiee Is sacred to me. Tbe work which we have c om menced with such earnestness shall lie completed m like manner. The people inay he sseursd that tbe blood of my children has na bsen shed in vaio." It is said bis visit to the ducbies is to sound ths popuia ?lon sad psvS tbe way for a vote in conformity w.tb the iews oi ths Prussian government. It Is also said that the Emperor of Austria was ev poi imi to visit ihs duchies. Military operaltooa on the Slst of April wsre unlmport ant. Rsmmsry of the Plgktia| at Dappel. (Prom (islignani* Mee*enger, April 2).] The government of Copenhagen does not attempt to extenuate in any way Its defeat. The conflict was ad mitted to have been terrible; hut ths dissster is in Svery respect booorabie for Itoemerk. tienaral Duplnt and the other held oflloar* wbo were either killed or badly wounded belonged to the left w ing of the Dane*. That part of the defending for e being deprived vf Its chiefs, and opposed to an enemy far supe ri ir In huinbee, wag obliged to offeel It" retreat under a murdeiou" Are from tbe Prussian artillery I'he right wing wan taken on the flank and over whelmed hy the beslegort II made its retreat hut Is I In Ihs enemy 's hunrt* s gre?t number of pri?' n>'rs. inde p^ntl ntly of the de d and wounded ? ho strewed the k round At length tlie renin mts of the sin ill I'ankh army succeeded in reselling the frfe ilt I of Oder burg fn tbst plate wa* tanewed the' sacrili' e ef fiver see As Iiium was i.SQcxsAry lor tlie dlllereitt teglmest* to pass over to tbe IStand of Alten, two or three b itti lions haatily usaembted and sustained tbe sli? ? ol the ei.emy The remains of lbs Danish ermy found refuge In the inland, bul with drcndiul loss, lb* Cupenbagea de-patch, with 'ei rllde pfafabev . declaring that the greater part or foe Di? brigade had disappeared, and one half uf the Kigiith hud liecu >te*tr?ve<l. iccordtug m tbe iwiorin.itioo received from b?>tn sides there appe?ra to be bo d?ui>t that the snack wss as iktlfiiHy orranlrsd as tie rtefofiee wss ? wra e mi* the fi ussinns had spl inted a IprcO hf t?entjr tUe tb' n**nd nt<>n for tlie s*Hault. Dfisen Ift-ms ind (licked mee fr is the rs.lnM.uta of Itr odeburg and Westphalia wore t > form ihs allia-klng party, the remaining ten lb SSSlil constituting the reserve. I'he I'fssstas* t<?4 ttvif mea sores sn well thit their lose* wers relatively smtlier. bsli'C Slaty officers weended, sis or seven tilled, and eight hundred rank ud Ate pal hart 4* comlai Among the wounded are menliooM General* da Maanatem and i de Her to, ud CoIomi d? Coeel The naval War [Krom tiaiigtiau I'a Meeieuger, April 33.) The navel wet would appear to be becoming more n landed. A Hamburg veeeet, the Albertim, haa b?e* oap tured eff (uxhaven ; Mother Uemin ship, the John Bw Iram , waa chaied by a Dan in h frigate, but got off. At Lubcck, and la the Mecklenburg and iTuaalan porta, there are ?tld to ba at preeenl mora than one tbouaamt merchant vcsaela, which cannot venture to leave, and tba crewa of which have landed in great dialrex*. The (lermaa journala paralat in declaring that tba block ade of the i'ruaalan ooaata, ordered by the Daniab govern meut. is not effective The Baltic QvutU autee. with reference to tba port of SwmemunUe alone, that between the Mib of March and tba 13 th of April aa many aa thir teen ahlpa entered thai part, and tba aaaaa number lad II without eu? baity ?tapped m Ma way. Tim LaMt. borroon, April M, 18M. A Gibraltar talagram data! yaaterday (tataa that lk? Austrian squadron , consisting of abipa, bad J oat ?ailed far tba German Ocean. GABIBALDl'8 TOXJE. fht Ota?rnl Brtftkfaid with tk? Rtftrai Vlab la Luadon-ilii Villi to (he H?au'| ?t Urdi?0fMt A(M?lloa Amoii Id* W*rlilnfin?R-Tk? Prince ol w?l?i Cloaeted with Garibaldi? Napole on Ac cused of Udaclag Oarlfealill'a TUIt? The dtacral oat tb? Amerlcaa <tn?c tlon? Parting Add rasa ot tfel tlbcrator. tteribaldi breakfasted wilb two hundred members of the Ntfurm Club oo the 31st qf April. Ha reiterated his deep gratitude to tbe English nation, and declared tbat England was hla adopted country. on lbs a ren hag of that day be visited tba House of Lords wblla it waa la session, aM met wilb a oordlai re eaption, ?, l3 .um.im ?iiis.imi) * I A work logmen's Garibaldi reception committee, which slu at tba Whittinfton Club,- London, so tba sight of tka Slit or April passed a aartaa or aaiashlesoae aad Intemperate resolutions, founded oa tba assumption that Garibaldi's health la vary food; tbat tba opinions of l|r. Ferguson, Mr. Seal? aod otbar af tba Gene ral's meads, aa to tba rlak of a break down, ara not vorth cot tea, and tbat ba goas aa acooaot of tba pressure pot upon him by tka governing classes. Meat tags are recommended for tka porpcek of eapresslng tba Indlgnatton of tba workingmen af London? tbe first to ba bold on Primrose Hill, on Sunday, tbe24tb, and a final resolution proposes tbat thla committee put itsali Into communication wilb all tbe workingmen 'a societies in the metropolis and the provinces. Tbe l.ondon Timet remarks that, after being received wltb almost royal honors by ovary class in the kingdom, Garibaldi will not lend blmself to tbe absurd suggestions that his sincere admirers belong to one close only, and that all others are leagued with foreign deej>ols to expel him from England. A deputation from Newcastle waited oa tbe General on the 21st of April, to lavlte him to visit tbat town. In reply be said ho bad a lively reoollectKw ot hh former visit, and, though be could not at' present acccpt tbelr Invitation, be hoped to be able to return to England within a snort time, when be should certainly visit New castle In tbe House of Commons oa tbe 21st of April Mr. Gladstone made a statement witn reference to tbe sudden departure of Garibaldi irom England, and declared that tbe storied which had been circnlatnd as to government pressure being put upon him were destitute of tbe slight est foundation of truib. The General waa present with his fous during this interlude. On Friday, the 22d of April, the Pnooe of Wales, y?ho had gone to London rrom hjs seat at rfandrioghnm (It in supposed for the expross purpose), paid % private and friendly visit to Garibaldi at tbe residenoe of the LJuke of Sutherland. Tbe vteit lasted ever an bour. Tbe I-ondon Tim# remarks tbat "the news of the pri vate and friendly viait of tbe I'riuce of Wales to General Garibaldi will give sincere smjef apiiee to the couniry " At a little bo ore three o'clock en the 23d Garibaldi loft Stafford N use lor Cleveden House. near IdaMeabead, tbe seat of tbo DueheM Dowager of Hutberiand. He woald resume bis journey for Plymouth on Monday, the Sfith, and will pass that night at Colonel 1'eard s, In Cornwall. Oo Tuesday morning the General ea4 hie s tea would embark on board the Duke of Sutherland's yacht for Caprera. No effhrta bad been spared by delegate* from tbe vari ous deputations to Induce the General to postpone hie departure for at leaat a time. . ^ The Karl of Shaftesbury had addressed a letter to the London Thnet confirming, on tbe word of a gentleman, the statement tbat be and other friends of the General, ta glv ' Ing tbelr advice, were Influenced solely Vy consideratiene for his health and position. Lord ^hat tcsbury adds:? "It was, 1 assert, tbe General's own and unauKgeaied decision to give np the provincial journey altogether. Be eould <*oi, be declared, draw aline of preference for certain towns, and tbat to accomplish tbe whole list waa tmpos Bible. The Ix>ndon Xewt gives a political object to tbe visit of Garibaldi. The Emperor Napoleon, It says, la a (aitblesa friond of Italy. A too cordial alliance la suspected between Austria and France. The Independence of Italy Is in dan ger. Garibaldi's visit was an appeal to English sympathy, to Engllsb Influence and English power, not to allow the great work or Italian regeneration and unity Id perish. The GeaeraPe ipaaah to the Magllab People. In Guildhall, London, at the Cloee of the address pre senting tbe freedom of the city to Garibaldi, Mr. Scott said be was also commmiKKWned by the l>>rd Mayor to oiler tbe rlpht hand of fellowship to tbe Generei'a son, Ricciotti, the other son. who was wounded, not having tben arrived. Tbe Chamberlain then shook bauds with the son. and the loud cheers of tffe court testified ta the approbation felt. Ueaeral Gahihamu, who had not reauraed his seat, after a few moments' hesitation, apparently arising from un certainty as to whether be was expected to speak tben, addressed the nssembly nearly as follows, while a deep silence pervaded tbe court: ? It la certainly iuipoisinle to express ni gratitude to you, as the representative of tbe glory of tee city of Loo don, for tbe honor which you offer me to-day. I am prouder of that honor certainly than of the first place In war. tbe first rank in war, the first honor in war, ba cause I consi'ier it Is the greatest honor for me to be a free man ?? f this glorious city? (loud cheers)? tbe tocos of the civilisation of the world. 1 do not exaggerate In saying tbat, because t have seen sow that tbls city la tba verv centre ot liberty. Here there is not a stranger, be cause every inhabitant is at bome In England. (< beers ) I repeal tbat it would ba impossible for mo to express my gratitude to you and to tba city of I/mdon Hat 1 re turn yon my thanks, not for my own self or for my bro thers' sake alone, but for tbe sake of my country , which looks to England for any support wbicb aha can givo in war. Certainly my country can never be grateful enough ta tbe Engliak pe>ple for their support aad svmpatby, and for material aid in every circumstance. Tbla is not the only occasion tbst I have been hapry with tbe English feopie. 1 have been happy wltb them in mau places In tbe world and at many times, In America particular!*, and unde^some laataaces l? la owiag to tbe protection of tbe English people tbat I have been sated. In China I received from English people aid which it is impossible lor me to forget, and 4 taen aaM tbat in avery part of tbe world my gratitude, affection aod leva for the Englteb people would be imperishable. 1 repeat that I am grate- o I generally to the kaglieh people on my coun try *e behalf. (Great cheer leg.) The General spoke with groat animation, but bis words were sometimes not well understood in couseyueocc ot his Italian accent. It Is evident, however, tliat be spoke aa be I ell ..tor bis speech is aot only longer than tbe one which had been previ"us!v sent to tbe Chamberlain, in accordance with etiquette, but Is essentially different. Qarlbaidl'a Vlalt to the Americana. [From tbe Ixxidou Express, April li. | General Garibaldi having axpreaaed a deaire to meet tbe Americana resident In London before bla departure, accepted an invitation to breakfast with Mr. Morse. Consul of the United States, at bis resident., 2,keaaington Gala, yeaterday morning. There were present Mr. K. M Morse, Mis. and Miss M rse, Mr. Adams, the United flutes Minister ; Mr. Wilson and Mr. Moran. of tba United States Legation ; Hon, W. M. Everts, Mr. J. 8. Morgan, Mr W. E/Forstsr, M P. , and Mrs. Fore tar, Mr. U W. f ield. Mr. Kossiol Ac Mib eijueotiy a large number of Aaterlcau ladies and gentlemen were presented. General Gerlbaidi expressed himself warmly In favor of tbe Uotted mates In the struggle with the date power , aod said ba would go there at ooce and tender his servioes If they wore needed, but happily they were not. He also said lie was proud to sckuowledge himself e citizen of tbe United States, and that be oonld claim them as bis adopted country. They were tka great bulwark of human liberty. England and A me* lea, unltod In asotlment, would keep tba petKa of the world. farting Addreaa ef Garibaldi. 1 he fbltoarlBf is Garibaldi's address to the English na tion on bis deffcrture ? 1 < (ler n?y heart el t gr.ititude and thanks to tba Koglah natioo and Uieir novornroont for ibe reception 1 hare met wltb In tbia f.ee land. I canto bare with the primitive obiect of thanking tnem for their af mpnlhy for me and for my oountry. and this, ray first oMect, is sceotn pitched. I have desired to be altogether at the disposition of mf English frie ds, and to go to every plsce where I might be wished to go, but I fitid that I cannot n"w rnlttl ail ibee<i ougageraenta of my hvnrt. If I have caused some trouble and dl.-appoial inent to many friends, I ask their pardon-, but I cannot draw tbe line between where I emiid and where I amid, 11 not go shd, therefore, for the preeent, tbeee tn my thanks and my farewell. MU) I hope? perhaps at no d|s taat uma? to return to see my friends in the domestic life or Fngland, audio redeem aome or the eogagameei* with tbe generodi people ot tbls country which, wkh deep ref ret, I fbdfthiit T mnaot now fulfil. G. GAKlliAI.I'l. Maulai'a 1 aaal le Pal a sad. On Htiaitay, aprd 11, (laneral Garibaldi, aocotafnnlrd by h* sOdretary , Mgnor Mier/oni, look fen.* at the house Of the fflstlngniahed Russian exile. M. Alexandre llvr /en, at Tedding ton, uear l.onl'>n. A select party of Eugtfeb and foreign friende were assembled to meat him, among* I whom were Mguor gaflT. Prince U'lgorodWeu . Slgtmr Mnrdmi. a memtoor of the Italian Perflasaestt, *e. .KH^b M.rs-ol was a Mm* praaiat. A lunch# m %d been prepared, at tbe ronciuslon of which Matrhii r >?? and pn>i***<t the bealtb of General Garibaldi ih tbf follnwlrrg worX: - M) must sa I ionlnAe all that Is 44>r to us all, tha<e thleiis ler wbl<-h we liar* maam and suiven. I drsak to the lltmrrpwif Ibe. e<wn<a tniMaM??l'ilM,i'if the people* to the man who H the livin* Incsrnatl a of tbe?e great Idem, Joseph GaribaMf, to iu<t t>o*r, aa red, borilo i^e ! land, wboae sons have been silently fighting and dying for liberty for more th.au a year, to I but young Russia, wboee device m land and liberty? new Huaeia, that will at no die Cant day hold out a slater's hmd to Poland . aeknewledgo her equality and independence, and ceoeel tue reasem brance of too KiwrIh of tbe Czar, to thoee Ruatffana wfen, with onr friend Herzen at their bead, havo moat wrought and labored towards tbe creation of ihm naw ttursie. to that reliKion of duty which will give u* strength toetiive and to devote our*elvea, even unto deatb, for the realiza tion pf these Ideas The toast having been drank with en tbualasm, Garibaldi reae and gaid ? I am about to make a declaration wblah I ought to have made loug ago. 1 here la a man among ua here who has rendered the greatest servli ?e to our country and to the catme ?t liberty When I wan a young man, having naught but aapiratioua towards the good, I sought for one nbln to act a* tbe guide aod counsellor of my v?uog ysarn. I sought auch a man even as be who ia atblru seeketbthe spring. 1 found ibis man. il? aloe watched when all arouud bim dept. He aloue fed tbe sacred name. He has ever remained* my friend ? ever as full of love for his country and of dev&tdw to the cause of liberty. Tbis man is Joseph Ua/ziui. To my friend and teacher. The General afterwarda rone a second time and said' ? llezzini baa uttered noma word* with regard to en happy Poland to whit-h I adhero with ill my heart Now let as drink to that young Russia tbut suffers, struggles, and ?ball triumph like oarselvea, and la destined to plaa.* noble and important pact Id Europe. After litis, raising his glass for tbe last lime, Garttoaidl drank? To that free England, whoea generous hospitality and noble aod. ffultful sympathy hive won from all oppressed peoples ao large a debt of gratitude and aflectien. final Brltala. In tba Honaa ef Lordaca Ue 21st of April Karl Rue aell, In reply to tba Earl of Carnarvon , atated that the reason the conference on tba affairs of Deotnaik aod Germany bad been postponed till toe 2Mb waa that tbe Austrian and Prussian representatives bad received la BtruetkHia not to take part in the confareaoa until M. BeuMt, tbe representative of the German Wet, waa preanot. Tbe Eari of liaimeaburj boped tba go vera men t would be on their guard against tba repetltloa of theae post pone men la. In tba House of Commons on tbe lame evening, after aome alight show of oppoeition, Mr. (?ladstone'a recm aaeadationa la regard to tbe Ore insurance duties were agreed to. la the House of Commona on tba 22d of April there waa a debate 90 Pbioa? Mr. Liddell bating moved a reee iutloo agaiaat the policy ol the British government In ffcvoriag U?e Imperialists. la tbe course of tbe debate the House wat "counted out" for lack of a quorum. The Prli? Ring. J 111 MA CB READT TO RBCRIVB JOB COBCRW. iFrom Beli '? Life in Umdoo. April 23. ] According to promise Jem Mace bus forwarded his flfly pounds t? bind the match between him and Joe Cob urn, and will meet Joe as soon u be arrives in this country. We &V? written to Coburn to this effect , so that be may now Marl fur the Old Country us anon as >>o likes. In the meantime Jem Maco Is starriug It in Irelaud with great success. This match will be watened with grout earn eetbess, end will doubtless create extraordinary excite raent Commercial Intelligence. LONDON MONEY MAKKEI-. fFrom |hs Manclicatcr Uuardian (city article), April 23. ] Omsois this (April 22) morning again opened without alteration, and the subsequent tone o[ tbe inarWot, owing to the recovery reported from Paris last evenfug, wus rather good, The ouly <1 notations of consols have been 81 X a for money, and 01 a 01?{ <or the account. There have been no gold operation* at the liank to-day. The demand for discount lias boeu moderate. In tbe toreign market there hag been a geueral aver.ige revival. Mexi.san, *; better, at 4ftT*. The scrip of the new Mexican loan introduced by Messrs. Ulyn ft Co., whumtuo Archduke Maximilian selected as his llrttrtqu agents, has, iHiwevor, fallen to a discount, notwithstand ing the eil'irts made in its favor in l'aris and eldewbece. Ttie <Jon:ederitie loan is steady at 56 Financial shares have been Brtn and railway stocks steidy. ,, . , Krsna.? Ouaeols, money. CIX a 91# ; do., account, 01 ? ?114; do. , ne>v tfiroes, Stftf a 89 >k , Indian taaa, 106 a 106 U ; Exchequer on is, 9 a 4 dis. OmsoU ciusRl after oiUoial hnur? at 01# a 01,V. Span isb passive Arm. A great International Contract Company is announced, beaded by Senof im salamaoct, tbe Spanish banker. Capl tal four millions sterling. Baring Bran, ft co. quote bar silver fie. l,'*d. , dollars, fis. 334d., sominsl; eqgl?*,TM. 4<? . _ Bartig Bros, ft Co. b?v American stocks have been neglected Uaitod lutes' 6's, 4 20, offered at 01 without buyer*. No reliable quotation* cao be gtvea for other securities. PARIS BOO EBB. 1'aris, April 23, 1864. Rentes opened 07 f. 15c. TUB LIVERPOOL. COI T N MAHKBT. UvsmPiX.I., April '23? A. M. The brokers circular Bays: ? lho improved aspect of aflatrS'n the Continent, ombloed with rather better ac counts from the East, have inoro than counteracted the In fluence which the r is.1 In tfte Bank interest might have had In prlcei Tbe market opened with a steady detnand.from the trade and exporters, and a large business has neon done daily jtftotb on tbe spot and lor arrival. PrKos class Br inly lor American at aa advance of }JL and for Br oxd and Kgvptlan >.d. per in. Ja Sural, ftc. , the large arrivals and increase of stock have hindered aoy adweaoe, aad last week's rates are only Just maintained. Tbe seise of Hie week have been S3, 270 biles, including 11,230 te spsruismrs snd 17,730 to exporters. Tbe business yesterday (Kriday) was eellaiated at lt,i)00 l>sles, including 6, 000 for export and speculation. The market cloned Arm, nt the following rales for mid dllng Amorican ? New Orleans, 27 '?d : Mobile, 27d, ; up lands, 26 Vd. Stock oo hand, 418,380 bales, locludlug 18,010 bales American. At sea, from India, 241,000 bales TBADR AT M ANC1IESTBR. Tbe market yesterday was stronger. Inferior qualities of goods and yarns were more salable, and tbe flnor qualities were in good request at higher prices. BREADaTCVTS MARKET. Messrs. Richardson, flpence ft Co , Uigland. Athya ft Co. and. others report : ? Klour dull and ottered at 6d. de ctine : extra Stste 19s. a 20s. Wheat very dull and enter, but quotations nominally imoiwiiged red West ern 7s. 0<1. a 8s 3d. ; eoutberq 8s. a 8s. 3d. ; white ft* 6d. a !>? 6d. per rental. Corn Blow of said, at 3d. decline: mixed 27s. 9d. a 28s. per M0 lbs. ; white nominal at 32b. TROVISION8 M4RKRT. Messrs. WaksOeld, Nash ft Co., Gordon, Bruce ft re. and others re|wrt ? Beef quiet and steady., , I'ork un changed; business small Bacon dull at 36s a 40s Cbeese steady Butter dull at barely former rates. UM barely maintained, prime 42s. a 43s Tallow in limited demand and a shado cheaper. North American 90s. a 41s. 60. PltODt'CB MARKRT. The brokers' circular reports? Asbes firmer; pots rather dearer: sales at 36s a 80s. , pearls, 34*. Sd.aSfia. rtd. Bugar opened firm ao? active; but there bis since been some Irregularity, though priest closed fully as bigb as last week. Moiaaxew inactive. Coffee in limited de mand. Klce steady aad rather more deing. Bark? Sales or lliiladelpbla at 7s. Bd. I.laiesd again is dearer for Homi>ay. l.inseed Ml steady at 42s. Bd. Mb seed cakee? Sales of American at t? 17s ?d. C'torersee<i? Red American , 36b. 3d . a 36a. M. for new. Jnte very flat , and a considerable reduction would be required to efiect sales. Nothing doing in flab oils. Rosin dull: oommoo 27s. a 27b. 6<l. Spirits of turpentine? Retail sales at 86s. a 8?s. iTtmoLsm.? rtoult, Rngllab ft Bflaadao report an ad vince.au d the market closes With an npwsrd tendency. Buyers of refined at ?. 2d. a 2a ad. Crude has sold at ?18 lbs. LONDON MARKRT*. ? Messrs. Baring Bros, ft Co. report breadstuRb very dull. English wheat about is lower. Iron dull. Rails and btrs *7 a ?7 6s.; fcetch pig *9*. 3d. Riser In stesdy demand at rather higbsr prices. Coffee Oat and partially 2s lower. Tea mead v. Rice suiek Spirits of terpentine in more demand French, 8 is. a Ms. ; American, B8?. demanded. Petroleum? Crud" ortsrs at 117 10s. rsflned held for 2s. 2d. Linseed oil Hat at 39s. 3d. Tailow lower: Y. C. 40s. I.insoed ratbor easier. Sperm oil? ?74 for American. TUB LATEBT MAESEfS. I.IVKRIMOI., April 24, 1HB4 Cotton yesterdsy was flmaer and ?td. bighnr salea 18^)00 bales, including 7,000 to speculators and exporters. BreadHuflh dull aod tending downward. Pro visions quiet and steady . Traduce steady. I'etroleum leds Arm. 3 1U)xthin, April 23? r. M. C"n sols closed to day at 01 % a SI X for meney . Erie shares 07 a?S; IlHSols Central shares 15 a 14 dis count. WATCHB8. JBWBLRf. AC AT ??rWATOHKS. DIAMONDS. JKWKLRT. BJLVBB Plate. Uune, Plesala, fto., BouskL? I will uay 75 P?r erat mof* than sapbeebuined ?t any ether plate la the ?t?y M a? Aleo Pawnlwokars' Ttrkets wan led I ?r the abeve arUclaa, at the aaaia r?u>. ?* Broadway, soraer or Moaatea atraet. up ttair*. rueia &? ABMT AND MAVf-ROLDIERB AND C;VlUABB. volunteers and regu??r-s drafted mea aad cea?;n i>t?, aaybodr and ererrliodr, U *aa{ W?J' Jotir money in a Watrb go w the Original lacobe. 407 Broadway, between Walksr and M*i-n?r i street*. Silver and geld Dieted Hunter*, ill treble plate, not t'lnpeitlon 813 el I extra Sne. ?*>. do. Nickel marevio"** sad a lease variety ef WStekee al e iust v low priors t.vrt* Wa >el> w?. ranted by spinel gua- en'ee for two years OH Wstc.liae hoiigbtfor oBsb Or uken Is atrl>ange. Original L JACOBS, <07 Broad?Sy ' 1 itabllfted I *48 . DUM?WU?OOi4> ABB WLJ.BR, PertsSkwho wish . kmd of eld fSshiouei to-,,D;3fe:?^y ed/eweirv go th U)PIS ANRtCH, m Breadwsv. 2 so?ltr*edaei. li pav? .10 per cent more loan any other peroon. B'taMuhed In Tork since tltS ad ministration of the late Martin Tea Bursa Make oe rale ISke? 723 Breedway, udder the New Tork Hetei. ^ WAT ruts AND JlWItLBT or ALL DgSCBIPTrONS, er ?aVh, q p ^LLR V, 416 Broadwsr. doer below Caaal atreet. form'-rlg 11 Wall street. * wiwicB. Sm.' , ~~ IJKRSONR ABOUT TO LOCATK 1K THB VK'UtlfT JT Of Mroedwwr. Hleeeker etrve? es t the Bowery, na the Est of Ma#, would do well vo uali at Uuf'R S eeraar of ifil l?b*ik aad BlSrckei ?ir?et* and test tbe <|ueiitlea of his B ne Wiaee, Brand. e?, Alee, itesara. ke , where roar be feoad the purest ef articles, at MfeeoiiaM^ pr'we. M. B.-I'ure IIS iters csrsfo lv p t jp for mestca: aid U.iriy use. , . iHiPPiao, CTKAM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL. TOPCHIMQ AT p Qnneaatown (Cork harbor) The Liverpool, Raw Yo|k and J'hiiadeipbia Su* unship Company laiau'i tear alch tali their full powered, Clyde built, Iron uleuaaUipa aa fol low* ? RfHNHUROH, HATOROAT, MAT 7. CITY OK WASHINGTON, SATURDAY MAT 14. CITY OP MANOII .STI.K. B itorday, Stay 31. in ) every n cceedlug Saturday, at noon, rrom pt?r 44, Nartk "Trr RATRH OF PABSAOR. DAj*bl? la gold, or iti equivalent la enrrine*. niw ?'IWm ?*> ?M?raga $30 Pint Cabin to London *ft Steeruije to London *4 Plr*t Cabin to Part* 95 flferage In Part* 40 Plrat C?Mn to Hamburg .. !?) Steera?e to Hamburg ... J7 Va???Tiger? aJ?o forwarded to H ?vre, Br*me?, Rotterdam, Ant warp, Ac., at equally low rate*. From Liverpool arQneenitown - Flrat eabln, S7B and $10#. Riotnwa $M. Thoee who wl?h to lend for tbatr fr ftliiia can buy tlcketa here ?? the?e ratee. "n! ?e utr emer* have superior accommodation* for passen ger*, ara strongly buIN In water tight Iron sectioos an I ?? afrr ?*tem lire annlbllatora Eiperlaitood snrgeuae ara sita<-hed > eaeli steamer. _ . Por further n ormal Ion apply In Llvorpool to WILW Alt INVtAN Agent, 22 Water atreet; In Gloavaw taALKX MAL COI'M, No. ft Ht. Kuooti squara: in guaenatesni W C A W D. Bf YMOIJR A CO.: In London to EIVEft A MACR*, M Kin* William ?treet : in 1'arls to JULES DKOOOK 4fl Rao Notre Dame de* Vlerolre* Place de la Ronraa; In Phllad?l phla to JOHN O. DALE, III Walnut stroat, orat the e?n >any aafflcaa.joH)) ^ DALE. Agent, IS ?rondwajr. N. T. rllE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL 8TRAM8IIIPH, BETWKKR NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, flALLINU ATC'iKK HARBOR: AND BBTWKKN HOSTON AMD UVRWOOL, CAUI.INO AT HALIFAX AND CORK HARBOR. ASIA leave* Hoaton. Weitnesdxv, April 27. AIISTRALAHI AN leaves New York Wednesday, May 4. ARABIA leavea Ronton. Wednenday. May II. ?('on A lravea New York. Wednesday M?r 18. AFRICA leave* Hoaton, Wednesday Mar 2ft. PERSIA leavea Mew York. We tnewtay ,lun? 1. riAH KKW VOHH TO Livcxroou Ohlef cabin passage $11] Ml Second cabin passa e SO 00 rnon Boston to LivuarooL. Cbief cabin paasni'e 1 12 SO Second eabin passage 'X. payabe In gold, or Ha equivalent in United Hiatal currency. Berths not secured until paid for. An experienced surgeon on board. The owner* of these ahli _ _..lpa wl 1 not be accountable for -te or viiluahlea, unlena bfll? of lading, having the value Mpresaed. are signed therefor. Por freight or paaaage ayjIMo NARD, No. 4 Bowling Graen. TUB LONDON AND NSW SOUK STEAMSHIP COM psny will deanatoh semi-monthly Ihctr naw and first olasa British Iron steamships CKLLA. B'LLONA. ATA LANTa, IOWA, INDIANA and MANHATTAN, each MOO tons burthen. betwe n London and K?? fork, calling at Havre on the vovage from London. Rates of oasanre. pavs bla In 1'nlted States currency Krom New York. Finn Oa bin $00: Re-ond Ca'dn, $411; Steerage. $.15. Krom lx>nd?n or Havre Flrat Cabin $:i'0 Fnr passaue apply to THAR. A. W I1ITN lit, at No 78 Rroailwav. For freight apply at M South street A<1rani'?a made on merrhandlin consigned lc Ilia London agents FIOWLAND 4 ASPINWALL^Agente. STKAM FROM AND TO Ql'EENSTOWN AND UVER POi ?U CUNARD LISP. From New York. $3A currency to New York, $35. gold or tqnlvalcnt la currency OiA MPIIS salli Wednesday May II. NATION At, STKAM NAVIGATION COMPANt. From New York, cabin, $100 and $*'?: st---?ge. $^<i Pn??blc in currency. PENNSYLVANIA on Saturday. Way 7. For pavaage apply l<> WILLIAMS A OUION, 29 Broadway. ROYAT. MAIL STEAMSHIP AI'HTRALARIAN, FOR Ltveriool.? The AUSTH ALASI AN. T Cook Om m anilcr. will sal! ft om llie stream on W KT>N K.SD AY NKXT, 4TII INHTANT. A fteim'iont will p'v between the company's wharf, at Jersry City, and the Australasian. from I2$t to l>% P. M.. lo ?oitve? passengers and liaiittaec on boaid None b it d wtiyi ? can ho ta'<en on b >ard The 8' OTI A will sail on M? v I* E, CI'NAKD No 4 Bow ing Giean. THE NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S STEAMSHIP BREXKN, C Ve,er eimmandr carrying the United States mail, will sail from the Bremen pier, foot of Third it reel, Iloboken on SATURDAY. May 7. at 12 oVIoek M , roa BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passengers to LONDON, HAVItK. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN at the f<>llo.vlng raiea, payable In gold or I is equivalent In currency ? ... For the first cahlu, $109; second cabin. $62 SO; s'rei age $37 .VI. The BREMEN will Ite followed by ihe KAMA. May 31. For lrelgbt or paasage ai.ply to ' _ OELHICHS A CO., 68 Broad street. t UE HlVBl'Ba AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S x ikon mail steamships. rro-n Southampton. From Now fork BAVARIA.. Aprils 1*4 May 14.1884 OtJRMANIA April*) IBM.. ...May 21*. 1884 2H52?IA a ^ ,KM- JuM II. W4 5A*ONIA...r ..May SI, 18*4 dune 2b. IM4 BORtTHRfA.. Jane 14. I*V? Jul, ?. 1864 From llumhiiru pier, toot of Third elreet. llohokea. takln| passengers for Hamburg. Havre, Ixuidon and Southampton at the lolowmt mfi-Hm Cabin. $104. aecond cabin $??6j; a tec race $37 ft', payable In gold or tla equivalent For freight apply lo KUNHARDT A CO., 48 Eicbangs P'*?N5 For pasaafe apply lo C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, No, Ml Broadway. OR CALIFORNIA. _ M O. ROBERTS' LIBB F T<? SAN PRANCISCO AND ORB00IT. Via Panama RaiJioad. The steamablp MONDAY, MAT 29. AT NOON. The fin rat fastest and siron/est steamship (a I be Obllfor Bla trade wl I tall a a above, from pier Am* of Warroa at reel Nort|i Rtrer. n, MewW', , ctmotoi.. Comer of Warren and Weal moeia. L'OR CALIFORNIA VIA PANAMA. F A first claaa steamer will leave Now York Oa the S4> IStN and TUl of each month, lictpt when theao datoo fall on Una* dav, when the day of departure will boon (bo Monday fol lowing. For freight or paiaa^- apply at the only ofAoa. Bo. 8 Bowl. Ing tlroen D If. ALLBB. Af-mi. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT? THM UMW VSV fl? Ktatei mail iteamthlp UBOR'JE CROMWRLL Oap t-iln I'oit, will leave pier Now t North livor oaf Helurdav, May 7. at 3 P. M I'a.aage, with unsurpassed arcomnwla tloos. $H0 No bills of lading signed on day of Millag. Ap ply lo II. B CROMWELL i CO.. ?? West strel fOR NBW ORLEANS DIRECT. To -all on SATURDAY, MAY 14 at 3 o'clock P. M. The United State - Mall Idewi.eel team- hip MORNING STAR, ? Henry L Hepburn Command#**. will call a? above Irani par 47 North river, foot of Hon-torr, ? t reel. For freight or pa ^ a^ to w N. B -TI.e EVi NINO BTAB will lollow, and -ail oo Saturda-, May 28, IWI. |?oK HAVANA DIRECT. * Thoolegant.t?am.h.6Exic0i 1. S. C now a t. Commander. will leave pier 13 North rlrer for llarana direct on Batnr day, May 7. at 3 o clock P. M.. tireeiaely. No freight received or Mils or lading slgosd oo the day o f sailing. Fer freight or LC Fh.am, hbineken a CO.. lis Broadway. Ff 'OR HAVANA VIA NASRAD. N. P. The Hritlsh and North American Royal Mall Htrac Packet Company's oew steamer CORSICA Captain La Me* rarer, wllf sail for the abovo porn* fr-an the CompsMy' wharr at Jeraav City, on SATURDAY MARCH 28. And ?a SATURDAY. APRIL 23 Paaaajre money <o Naaeeu. $4> Passage money to Havana 0 Payable la gwtd or lu oonlvalenL No freight received aa day before aaBlaf. 7<w freight or paaaafle apfriy ta B. CUNARD, Ma 4 Saw 1 lag Urean. P>R LIVERPOOI,.? OLD SLACK BALL LIBB.? Till ship ORKAT WESTKRM will rail ponptnallv ?* Sat.ir day. M?y 7. For uaasags snplt on board, tout of Be?kma Street or ta BOCH K BROS. A COri' BY . 69 South street. CI HEAP PASSAGE / TO AND FBOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND TAPscorrs Bmigrallon and Foreign Exchange ofllca. * So-ith ?lre?t. Drafts on England, Ireland Scotland or Walea Parties wishing to send for their friends or rc ni? mo te to the Old Country can lo so at the lowest possible iVe? b applying to TAP8COTT BROTHERS A CO . SB South stroet NEUTRAL FLAG -AUSTRALIA PfOBEER LIVI carrying the L'tiltod States mails The Al British sh CE>T t'Rl ON, CromweM. tnast-r is n?w rapidly ,oa<in for Meibontne. ?i plei 12 East r.fer will be ? the Wth losl. The Al S'lilsh hark WEsrWARD HO. w llams master, is I'allni for Rydtiay N. S. w. , at |i$r Esst river, and harlog already Z.ntn barrels of (lonr lu h bold, will likewise have prom t despatch as above Tl Bremen ship IfKRMINE, Wilms trailer. Is loading f riunadla. Port Otaan New Zealand. Knr freUhta&ap. sage apply only to R. W. CAMERON 8$ Beaver at. >TOTICB TO CONSIGNEES -Til F STEAMER CFLL ^ Bil Ing. Master, from L.adon, will roaimeace to d charge, under general Order, at pli-r 21 North rlvor, Wednesday, Ma, 4,.^^ ^ ^ iy Bllllnge. will ijave plor 21 North rlyer Tbr I ract, on Thnraday. May li. at two P. M rrwoise y HOWUAND k AxPINWaLL jg OTICE.? THE STBAMBB CKLLA OAPt, ftiiW as.oj.. u,?li tiieo r. e sn..^ , WALL. Ageati QTBAMER KDINBI KH WILL < OM V KNOB TO P O charge ander generil order today (WedrO-daf; It M. St pier 44 Nartl, river, and th- ClTf OF W asmin TON at pier 49 North river, oa Th ?rsdav morning, i O'clock. Oo"ds not r.' moved within .?? t on r? will be at risk and oipenee of cou?lgnces _ .. , *on.y o. dalb, am?' m&?RUKHK' 1. 1 I l?K. Bi OSON BIVRR K At I.KO t D -TRAINS Kon M I nj. Troy, ttaa Sortb aad Weei. leave Chambers so and 10 A M. aid 3 li ? and 10 4" P. M.. M4 oa Sua' at 8.22 P M , from Thirtieth slrset. VTBW YORE, HARLBM AND ALBANY RAJlEO, A.1 Fur Albany. Troy. Bonk aad WesCl ?vs Tw algtk street depot sa 10 A. M. and 4:28 P. M. Sunday at 4 2ft P. M liOfitffM/1 ra ? - ? ? 41 'H " Clock A N^aad^f*?*! * W *tillr ~ r- W A N i7b or t let K? T ?*"? 'n ers at Thirties , h iL Newbure "Vs snd rrllays landing , ^^^Ponghkeepste, Rhiaeberk. Cms

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