13 Mayıs 1864 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7

13 Mayıs 1864 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 7
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SALE* AT JCCTH)\. I C RAKER .V: OO. AUCTION KEHS ALBERT HAYWOOD AlCTIONKBR. .S80RTMKNT U? hOI'SKIJOLD I CKN1TURE. PAINT1N , -TATTARf, BRONZES. K AM) COSTLY WORKS OK ART Au.. Ac This lay l S'RIliAY) Mar 13. figaut man?in . I We t Sot neath ?.treet, between Fifth a Sixth afeniiM. Rain eoruiiicu i. ; ;.i 11 o'clock utciMlr. Bttoaeer wu 1 III ? ill! the ( ?? ticn'ar aiwut on of his id the public to 'issna'n. Cataioiue comprUtnz a aaortmeut ol fait o o. Plat ofnrte. Paintings, lirrori 4c. Catalogue* at the houae Hale pe it llaomR-S' i e r> Salts En nlture cover"d wth I the richest in^ripllon ; ele^aui Ne' - or Window to mate1 th" S .tin; Eta-jetes pine Rls's floors, res Secretary ui 1 RonkeHM Centre Tables sta blctop; Hrui^ia ui Ormolu Qiiamlelierti. Cabim-l* Ormolu and Dresden China Ornaments; Marble Uron/.e Figures Oil Paintings by eminent artist*, tie Bii ravlnL'H SIKICKNT SKIKN OCIAV'K ROsfciWOOD pi a no forth, anteed b? the ma er* ; Stool. Brocade Cover, Min e tiuH, Ac.. Hiii riumd, Chair* to match , oak Bullet, i Taiile, Thai m, Solas. cutMiii! engraved i liana ware mer Ret. I> > u ' I from I'a U for present owner; oner and iei S ivice, eastern, hpnona, Korku, km i. Oy t'r I) 'I Tu eeu. Table Cutlery, Linen, anil wu nut lire sing Bureau-. Bedsteads Ar lacu, en suite Hi ir md Sprinir WattreswM 24 pair >"*is. 24 -li t tr Pillow Oawea U pair Krone# Blanket*. uuterp.inna. Marseille* t.'ullta Fl ench Toilet Set*. ' Kolas, H -lUi-a la Chair*. Rockers. .to ; also Fnr servant*" apititinftnu Parlies wishing to attend lake Fifth or aulb avenue cars or *ta?e*. from Nichols rT vie i npolliau Hotels, 'euvlns >1 S'V ei'l, a few doors from house N B ? Every aril in removed Immediately after thesale )N NOTICE -r>. O. CAULKIN8. AUOTIOMBRB. purchasers of re.V.ly 11 rat oiaa* ? i ?tiy KutoUuie, rich Kreuch Pier and Maniel Minora, superbly carved rosewood Pianoforte, ?liver I'bite. Ac THIS 1JAY. (Fridav). M*v It. ?aldence 218 Went Fourteenth stre?t. near Eighth (mminenrin^ at 1111-, n'cloelt A M. ram or ablne. c comprise sumn of th'' richest and most elabo ired Parlor Furniture ever offered al public auc to be sold without unv reserve. An examination cpay int< nriltiK buyers contain three elegant full suits of toaewood rniture. In rich crltnaon anil maroon, blue mid orange colored luticai'e and satin: rosewood 1 splendid an I c< mtly Parlau Ornaments, rich CKNT ROSRWOOP PIANOFORTE, SIOOL AN U COVER, l Instrument, with round corner* beautifully ; and c.v all modern Imprivem 'Uts jiki'iil: cent collection of rnio Painting*, rosewood, bd Easy Chair*, ui tine reps, rosewood Centre and |e toil Tablet, rli. lily curved; Velvet and Brus-el* lc., Ac. r Suit* in rosntvood an I mahieany . Bureaus, fcd*teads WaMhs'ands. Sola Beds. In fino hair ?pure tlalr Mall reatea, trom 10 tu AU poun Is. made K excellent condition. koom Fnrnltuie r"ti?lKt'nj of fine oak Ksten^on fclc, osk Armchairs, Sliver Ware, rich China, fcllv v < !ery. ! or1 k B|km>us. Ac. . with heavy cut ?ed liln- tv?ie ?> every desertptton. ? iu attendauc- o art. pack i r shiji eoods for pur Jl'RWIN. M CTJONKKI! I HO' -KHOI.lt FIJBMTCRB. kMEKWi.N A i will fell at auction , on i kY MORNING, MaY 13 Ai' II) O'CLOCK, I AT U'DOI'C.AL STREET. NEAR HOUSTON, sssortun nt ol I'urlor. Dlnlnu Room I'hutnber I m Furniture, Cooking Uteniils. Ac. IndndiDK | a I and mahogany Parlor Suit* Saie peremp [ it r-gard to weather. ' SMITH, Al I noSEEK Wl 1.1, SELL THIS at 11 o . lock, at 1 7 Stnyvoantit (Ninth 'tween Second ai;d Tbird aventies f?u- of ' be and fin^h; oojl $650: f*ar!or Suits, ro?^ m/ih 'giany Stiitn. Ki?ckern, ijor?itfnjr \ hoennv and ma'-l'1 Chairs, Tabl<?R Brtinsrls und 1 pets, a:.d everything that nelont;^ to a lirtt class NOTICE.-POSITIVR ANT) PEREMPTORY SALE UK MAOMKIOENT HOinSHOLtt KI'HNlTi: KK food Parlor Suits, Rich Carpets, fanning- I'.ronJ' i l.iciant Pianoforte, Jut Glass, French China, ,ic The entire content* of the house, er $12.00'. To he Hold without re-ervii r) afteru"on, at Jo'nlork, at 152 Wi'it Twent y. tween Seventh anil Eighth avenue- will tie it a*?ortment ot ele am Kumitii'e and costly oOered at auction thl* *ea*on ? Walnut Suits. Centre - tv i I'lerTabe*, Turkish Lounges and tch; ?? pt-rb seven octave Pmuofoile. marble inet, .Stool an.1 (lover; over VO" yards of Ta gram Carpets eleeant ro*-wo? ; Ftng?ra stvle four xuperii Bronze OhalulelierM, Matnel re P trior ^ Ornament*. eo?Uy Hrou eg. usee Shades, collection of lat^e and valuable Paint J ROOMS. PINIVG ROOM AND TTALL >ro- - ( n g Bureaus Spring and llatr Mattrc-ses In rreen r--i?~; Cottage ami other Chair. K. d*. Bad* (??Md*. nval Mirrors. Clocks. Ckisa Cut Tat e CutiTs. Oilcloths. ruaewood Hall Kur rata o> shine IIENUV K WRSTCOT1 Auct.oneer NOTICE -E. BOTH. AUCTIONEER SPECIAL AMI I'EKfcMP TORY SALE >E I.LEOANT Hr>lT3HI10LD rUKNirrRE. INIFICEN'I I-aRI.OR FURNITURE ' RUCTION, THIS DAY ( KrMay;. May IS. it the three stonr resin rnre ?C1,1NT?>N i'LA.'sK, Eighth street. Between Fifth and Sivth avenitex cnmmenclngat 11 o'clock precisely. iipri?"s the contents of the house, and most of toor ier for the present own?r bv cel<-hr*t?d nd ujed but sev-u month*. The whole >?lll bo rtly, rain or shine, offering extra Inducement* AND DRAWINO ROOM FlTRMtTHRR tiful nolld insewoo.i and black walnut Parlor t to rich trench satin brncatel and rep*; ?Ol.airs and Lounges to match; rosewood ler Tables. Kt meres, <5oruerand lto<>k Stands t Cloek. rich China and Parian Vases, Parlor Irgnnt Brocaml and I?ace Curtains, a fine eol 11 Paintings. Engravings. large Mirrors and NT KOSE WOOD PI WOFORTE, 8TOOI. AND COVER; COST $t>j0. Ustrmurnt, with rounJ corners, beautifully d ? t,ir with all modern irjipro-errents. over nil inn plate, French action, full seven oc I aa4 mahogany Bedstead*. Bureau*, W?sh Chsirs. Rocke-s Mirrors Clocks. Taows. Bed '?nd Hair Mattresses. Beds. Blankets. Tea sioti Tube, Class, China and Silver Ware, Ac. Sale positive Deposits required. S I CO. ACCTIOtf EER8? Et'RNITt' RE ?ms, 616 Itrcaawnv? Will sell at auction on r 14. at U'o'chvk Velvet. Tapestiy Brussels, fijrrsin Cnrpets; P-er Mirror* Haire Table, Mint, also live losewood Pianos. Ai.'CTIONI KR. [VEs.t CO. win -c", at t) ei store. 99 Liberty Curri:ti*'? and Harness: 'wo di'ai" lined and hav. several rears old, but very kin t anil title, w th Rockawnv and Harness it vit- hi [tarr s??. m de by .t P Lawrenee. bin little t. 0 and in moo |ierfect order, are. tid hand aeon 'w i seated Koa I W^ou, Rocmivray , d Ribs, to pav advances N. AUCTIONEER.? LARUR "ALE OK C*R lOf'.d 'ths, French p ate Mirrors. Par or Fur r with any ?!?: >n:ity o. mahogan* and rise. of ?very nescrlpt'on. F COLTON will **11, mmU, It lit ailBllta room. No. lit I'.r.iad the Vw Tnrk BOMl. an < tra i.ti se amo mt nf and furniture ?f every description, embrac . RositrdSHS Dre'slnc Bureaus, French lied, ?lea marble top Cent1 e Card and Extension ?nd Slass-vare, French p at<- Vjrrors and ("ar wltl ahout UH' Csrrets of Wl'ton, Tupfltry, hree i Iv which will be sold from 12 to 2 er. w.a*iinc imi v ts or any other descnotion irnttore ? i!l llnd this sale a favorable op e pcr.tinptory. )OK. irCTIOlfFEr. B'?C8EIIOU? FURfHTl RE. t II o*>lock. ?t sRle?ro"u s 141 Rresdwar. a dent of line Fnrnlmre. vli ? finperb rosewi>od Wardrib?'?. Fia^-er-s Centre Tallies black ads. Biranns, Wa?hstands. Ilal' Stand" Sido ilon Tit n* Tab es l.lbrary and Dininjr Ro. i,i , Enav J'n iiis. Desks, very ?U|ierb Marl, wal r Chanber attiti', oue laii;e oval Jltrrur, Ac tie 18EV. ACCTIONEER. WILT. SELL AT I:tion. m M ind?v. May 10. at 12 o'clock. ti"on. yn Cth- Salesroom. No. 44 South Seventh n*bur?," the lollowin* Real Kstat*. viz ?* South Second str?ei. n*ar Fifth; 2 Lots ,h seenrt .ir?et near Sixth street, and 5 Lot* ?nc and North nenry street, in the Seven 1 tlie lllfi of the Oratid street and Newtown I on tineenoolnt ?vnue. near I'nlon ?venue, rame D*ell ins *nd taofull Lota of croupd. poin* f*rr>?. Term* of sale made known on full arli"ular apply to the auctioneer, at LEETS AECTIOKHER? HENRT H. i Ml VI'K ?IH s?!l at anetion an Friday. Mav ai thcp new sales'itont. Libortv ?ir*et. ine Fr?nrh pUte Pier and Mantel Mirror*; ood an' mahogany Plann. of '"?autlfol tone 1? by Water., dale A Co., Stodard J A I> >. lisle; A Co.. L'lmaiue A Co., all of which >r * Latlie, with Tools, Ac . and one Lath* p-wns, At'' THIN KKR [t>j,t> ??! rtNir; rk i:ospwono AND PIANOS I'.KH \NI> MANTEL MIR ROKtf. As: (KKD" % XiNF.R wtH wll ai ?'icl|on on 10'., l'r'w.S. *t thrlr n?r iintl purloin '..llwrty utrMt. ? few do.>r? *?i of It road. _ Frn-JfTt'RV-ronnl.Vni '( ? l?rW and nifnt. r>- .>-pd for runvnirnr.' of ??lr on I HfiwI- Kmt Ingrain rni*ii; irvnd r.?. pr?>??tf?l am! haircloth . fO*e??oo , mil blank | Itiirmim vv??h?tan.l? nn 1 rnmnrten, ele narbte ii n t'nntnle Tallin*, broc* '?! and ri * ? jiiinilil.lt ''"rnn'rt, la? ditto, ivl. friiion [l llnlr Mntlroiw* Stnuv P*IIU?w? ||n?'<. nrr.1 rn.-wo iil bla 'It nalnni ut. 1 <-*rv?<i I,d?hm, in brormcl. A' . irar.ctyof other lurnlture, all in eice1:?nt tiwrwnt of Kitchen Furniture, mil In good nn rn?p*-rrtd and mnhnmnT Plan- ? In giod urti>n( LaibM. with TooU.Ar. Rale ppremp liKKDS. ?l ? TIONEKR. S<M"N?:1I>I I' H'KXt 1 1 IP J.I- f i'S A Mi*l"R 'f ' 'l ?nr'tmi. 'n K jiiUi .-lock, ?t ISI WnM Thirty ?ltfhih I H<- ' It ? ;i 't r.khlt. tlxn eel Li. m ttr properly of i? family declining ?o ,? it;: of Ve:?rt ti>. I r.nxie!* < arjntv Bill*, erred In green ?llk retrf ? do. I?, 1-IMh I ''n* orc!?r. ri e>*ood Oertre Ta I>|, . Cl.i-..* I> i ti tn if linn in P i-Tilnirr a t nf ('l i t i'"l ' Ware Table Pnrni PUnofnrtp. n ade tv th? nelebrated riWMti r Mfi't'nHi Vihoranr a. id nnameiv-.i ri rim ' ? l'?r'or It !??>?'? a larjt aianrt ????<?? ft' ?v? Q >? III- roiinterpann , JJtnn .ot(, fF .ri ore, it In good ortVr Including p? x vt It boil n-errr ILeI.IH Afi rinSKI.lt IIOiSliK, All T.KI 'I ? MINi.li U.I. ?nt; at mrtlon on ?; I ?i rim I, In f r i . n t oi on i urn *a raruom, (H'.AY M AtP.S -16t^ b ird* high. * and# HO 1 pi'r'i ulr ni.iml and kind In erorr rr i . t . .Ii' .iiut.|? Tv ,s \ i ,i art .if iniilm Harm ? I .)Bir i ?i.?|..mir dark lia? I'ariUge | *.i I n linn, an ; .<> wealthy. ?iiind. let ?o'd otl? ?? th? owner UK l*r the* PRF' KAI.H-TTTIP D/T. \T BRM. A IN I'M ml" r<vmn W New R .wor?, ??iii?bln Kf.ldluc Ht>l? W?|chM Md JfWtl MOW. HAI.KS AT AllOTIOK. TTENRY If LKKPS. AIJUTlONEl.B u OOUPIL .1 CO.'s I.I rr nollecilon of FORKIOR PA ] N T*i NOS "tui'v' * *1NFI' Willi. HUM. ?T AI!C. ? ouJ',l,H'>AV ^ir?*V KVKNINWH. May M7*?<"?ok, at the OLD DUSSEL DORI GALLERY. MS Bruki|w.u, uaxt nniTi??i a. .doVr Ttlfany A Co s ??? ussi u ?.??. K 'NTII'h COLLKCTION OK KOKRION r,? i ? .?w c,r'"1' value, with many line txutni.le. of the AMERICAN SCHOOL. Many raluihle Importntrons _i; V 7,1. '""de VV espeel*' attraction t,> Ihl. and which will bo th?n for iht> |!r?t time exhibited including ?P'> of the very Hn?<t works bv that celebrated historical pa: uter, C. L Mmler, VARil ANTOINETTE IN PRISON Also. for the so ' irnl tine In the hlstorv of auction *a! >? fn till* country, urn* or tlmae marvel. of art by the trc-4 Men noiileur. THK (STANDARD RKARKR the ls.-ge.t pictu.eeveraeen In Ameiica l.v Verhoackhoven? ol a "HUH H;ln;" one of the Uige.st and hn.t of li grblu. sinner s works, ??The Toilet;" two very charming alibied, by the popular ltd Frere. ?n I chol.e selections from the work- or Ijnidclli- Rn-'Kercan. Tmilmoiiche. Ohavet Tra> nr \an M nyden, neranger Valeria Tmvnu. tiude I . tit' < tttlie. Bourses. Lamhinet Pompta Ca i?. Thotr Cotiiou' Her. Lemmens, jrhwo Krnr,-. Veyragi.it, Me Kra-keleer W Hems. PecrtiR, J eyn.1, lloulinur, Lasalle. David Ms-boi, Oa lerniann Jaonue. Lunfetit d? Met/. Van M.rek Kcnin dorp"- fr'rk,nrv "r'? M";^rt,,H,;hc:,:'w:; French aud fore,? ^VooU ffn*"' m,ny ?,h"K of ",e TIIK AMERICAN 8CITOOL 4 B";nh,,r of v?ry dee,r.b,e ptotures. r^l f i "? 'he artists. an I contributed e, j ? ? Amonp Othi*ra we -pro*fHit thf* ii-im<-? ? Duratid kencatt Hlerstadt OiL'tmux OusMear tliir ?r.i J?hn?n??. <?rav. lb.- two Hart, v.-r?n>oe l?n<' 11am. I nn?* ("hM|mh Wi *r. "ZT" hl*he^t,J)f?nfP.Sl?M*r,,re """'"?'"''ng one work ol the verr f^ bVaThWoaSriW^''1' <?? "'""rated P,cr .... , "A KIADNK " ariNtA H n.-rand? C?Untry b' tUc d""ife???U?d ^e|,v o'' hotM6 of omiPTf. VAntA^J nv. Cft^Vir al,,T'n^h tf,v?n ?-b.slr lnjp?? Utiorn a<l ov??r h!! oth#.r partlcv AtthUflniR too th^lr n*\ n,"w'i".?n "r*I)urtir'"!*r fndncemeiita to c^Ilectorn hh the n? \v taiffl and ooiiMtftQtty trtrrf?<winjr I'iih r iti*K of Avohun?^ HE?7N??s?.', AUrTrOVBER-SALrSROOM rr.it 11? , ? ?i ? I. "PPnHU#? thf Post ofTlc<?.? 8a!?* Ot rTe Tint UouKfihold Ptirnflun*. rowrtwood PmnoM &'? vi?n\nvf<i for con ven 'en.,- of ?al- M F \ R K <t SOMEBVTI r.R wHI ITn 11 *l 1"J* o'clock. at hTS Kr'^l. hoM i. mil ?nd and ilreal Jnoe< utreetn. el?eant IIoiiw ?1?WS! ?ttt ?S5? Ss? oil red hilct'" rt""",M, "'a' ,on a"'' hu',k hwilf Bedsteads do r*r\T^hC Chi v'a* ('; ! ?? ""r Uvl o r's t?n"d ry??X ^ A rn": h " r* '",Prb ??lna. I'rt.,l-r h ro??wo?d scenic grand 7 o. tnrc Pi.ru, mailn hv Erard. of Pari*. Co<t Pl.O'Ki: roncwood 7 ociart? round "1H,le bi ^ 'CCi-mer. o| N.-VI- York a very su pcrlor Instrument , rwimd 7',oc>a?e piano by Lndcm... 4 s>on ol New York 'richly ca-v?d ?nJ U\? upright bmufoir Pinnn, r:chU inUM. mi'lf l>^ r?otr * r o;,re',i,,;Vhft ooJ Parisian mnnutneturer. nnponed t.. order "? the "c^n. oivner. in etcelleut condition, having been htit'llttle ,Wd ttenp.y d miner auction ERR.?S A LKSPOOM "7 RfHIKByn"i vrM!!i n^nnH,tr ,b" p"sl ""'e*. -MINK P. A IM I L will del at ancllon. Thitradav. I2t|i - Friday nth. and Satur diiv Mil, M,v ut IT o'clocit each "dar at their aaleapoom. S" Nm?u airn et, ? large and line ooilei-tlon Of ordinal modern OH Palminc^. in thf various s chools of modem ?r[. m null.,, Krench. O-r an. name^of ?' l'"1 1Ql <Jti"man sclioola are the Kr.i^ioan. J>a,id Col, 8, net.. Ca'r'ataHr. Krerion ^f*ns^r,lonok pleei'i-od?^ of the FrerrV'^h'ooi are re ^WdeXtet, potter, nan I.,ole Hl|l>0?f|, Fenst. Hubert ^nn ?T.!r."ehT.l,ra.?hooV,,;,:a t0 tbft The Am?rl ljt"y M^Spepcrr, ?e,rr. Morelnnd. ? iJ c i""' Roaeiman <J r, Hrown A. I>. Bee, her. Wilbur, K?lan, c,TtTf , , il!,trr *?'1 oUl"rH Alan a ???erv fine ... plci'irea of :he Voyiice of Mfe by Bftkm fr m".?"'1" t0 "fder by II, e late Ch.rlea mil. . ? i1'1' ' :""1 ?i-e finest cooins p?r?r hi i* .7 in " Prl,,? " ??ollectlnn. a Pie Me Pattr, bj <V .itteau. nndimhtrdly orlWnat, purcbaa'Tl by ih ?> !?vl^t?W^r K"r"P?' I4ni1 "'-1 atVrl",? At 1? m a car,ed rosewood 7 octave round AU?. o, > i w!" v v?w Torfc com ?,iV?. of Par'i u;"* Boudoir Piano, mads bv Detlr. piWVBKOKSS'S HAf.K-TRfs day r\MES agar" wiirKr^r11;"! New ?< ioxo-ckk.*: Witalio. and othor llreaae*. Traon C?i?h RMrt? ll?WV'' l",lVrl",1 Spread*. T.tble \*?r'*tr ?r koo.1., t . nnnieroii* to mention W'iriUy the attenUon of drmlera and ho.i.ekeep itrcei ? ? Cl't,no. '*lp Pecare A Co.. I9T Oraml PAinwURM^D^.?t7 ?A1'R ?1'' MEN'S CIiOTIIINli.? -PV *iV, J? TIMF.ll Will .ell thw -lay. at IS Flat Broad way. lou or Men ? C k>thlni{. worthy ihe atienliau of dcalara and other. It v order ol ni'GII MrAI.RBNAM. f,2 lHulberrr etreet. T5 T. nASRliL. ACCridNHKK i\- , , . . frioav. may 1% at ?())( o clook. at OIII ?iIe<roim 02 Ln?rty atraet, . . . HARnWARS AND OUTLBKY, in iota to six It bufr*r? ALSO. FRRNCH TINNED AMI) SNA MRIXBI? WARE, ertmnrlsiog in ?art fiaii-eDiuj. Stewnan*. Settle. I,adlc? Da.1Kr?'B>imr^l^.#.DO<)",^nd Pori^- Waal, Uaaln., Ac. ' S 'ID\ RliS ? "fct . Jo <eii D liandl? Shovel. 8L YTIIES ? 43'4 do/pn a*< 'rle,| Scuhoa AliflO. "I** concern to clnae an Interest. Si , DO/.RN SIL^KR PIiATED SI'OO.NS AND FOKKS about lifl piAce-, I.-e ? Pitohers Catterj. Fiah Kuivo^, Ac : IS" bolcoon \a?o<. ''ream Pitchers and Sesar Hold er.; 30 dozen Decanters, champagne and Wine O^aa^ea, At, Catalogue* aud laoiple* ?*rlv on morning of sale WriITTRMORP. ? IIAZEl.T., Anotlonsci s. ?-i liibertv at r??t. r> T TTA7FT.I. AITCTTONKER t> We will In : use In mir .ale of ... , THIS I?aY fPBIDATi. Way !?, prwl??ly. at aoi .ale- room. 62 Liber'r .t-eet S?',(1 i o,f T""*"??. ??>???? 1 7(>i lbs. SK(* A KS ? ID, nop Oonwv<iMr Sftgart ' KOAT? 20 boxes Knmi!?' Sunn. B??F? 6 b^rr^U Me?s B^f WHITTRMORE Jk UAZZLU u Auctioned a. f> 2 Liberty street. T? t?,f fI|Ci'I iNR A!'' ' ioS! h ? -Ml Iil,R"nT ? . . .V v .j" i' tl,!* J*vt at 'l o'clock, at 4 $ Canai ftTdT K u >"raHur?. mahogany Sola and l^nnge. I w. I ? ttn'* Three-olvi ("irnrtji, maho ?any_ black WKtiiil ai d O itiace BeiiHtri lN Bureau. W. ii ftotida Toilet Crockery Hair and Mo*. Mattre.*.. F-a-her Chalra ^ P.^r' fu" '^'"i S" '},*? <"aoe ieat and Parlor r?: ?""?'* ' ,1!" O IIKKMANAio AlCTrONFPKS SgLt THIS DAY ^ M?r 13 a. II '.Vaock, at IS Bo? ?, \. Marahal's ??e of Wines. Llqoon and Se.-;ani. y|? -I'a.k. ol fine old Otard and Cognac Br?ndle?. pip" and barrel. Holland and l^in don Uin, Port Mi- bherrr Wme?. ?a barrel, old ciiol.* Bour bon and ftyeWhl.keT ?40 tMlk?U And OMM rhant.i.gne, d;Sr.T?, A1?W:oiof Li'iuors In ca>e., S ?KBYAN * S?- a I'onowgEna? sKLfi tm? d;\vr < iTtda?). Ma* 1,1. at 11 o'cioek Af 11 Hua #t? ? larfr lol of damacf'i Hardware, nr. ? rhia#?ia Aucer* *n?i Oiber Tnol?; WH) Wire Str^t 250 rhampkc^lJ^ ? nd,rRuM 1'biuvT<r-*'iChi * '* 8'' iot "f ^ntudW., Uin ??nn Rum. alto. &? \tblrt rvenneJv'H old ntm Hr?n rh** Whisker. To be acid for whom it msy ^oceru Bn"rt?n O A .1 BOOAtT AU tTI ? i.N R K Ks WILIi MUM i jZ* t v^li' ' 3f.',,?*jr *. '''!l o'?"pc*. At the auction re una No. 1 North Wl Ham -trert lloiiaohold Kurnltui*. Ae ton al.tlngo rosewood Pai-lar Suit do. l'lano Horaa. Tablr. ( hairs. Htireau*. Wa.'i tonda. Iniok'nt Ola.* He l?lr.,l?' Hair Mattresses. Beddinr Rm?els Tfcree ply and l^filn ( arpet?, Malllni/ a'ao .It cases Hoot, and Shoes one ma hoK?nv Piano Wardrobe one black Hor-e Baker . Wa^on one Steam Table, with ColTee Botl?r, also mortgage mIo of flya k?? and lly? pail. White l.ead. JOHN H HILMER, Marshal mO BB BOLD AT AUCTION-ON SATURDAT. MAT A ? Seaman a Boarding Rouae aitua ted at 79 Oliver itr*e\ if not before sold by private bargain. No. 2 Jama. din. bv WM. ABBOTT XV-M WITTKRS. AUCTIONEER. WIIiL UK LI., THIS *? day. at 2 o ? lock, m iM Canal street, two Parlor Still., two Pier and two Mantel Mlrrora. Lace and Damask Cnr tains, Painting!., reatr*. Dining and T^a Tables; rid, Vol yet, Tapestrv. Thre*-ply and olhei Carets; Oilcloths Freuch aud Cottage Hedstoads. Hair and other Matii-es.es. Feather Red*, marble top Dre,.,ng Rnraans. Wa.Mtanda Toi'et, Chins, flla.s and Silver Wars Stoves and all other Ooods for huusekcepiug. also 2i sncond hand Carpets, bo on btit little need. PROCOIAliS. TO CONTR A'Te?KS.? THB tNDKBSIONRD WILt. rtN?.|?(, Pru|MiaalB at tke Louisville and Nashrlllr Rail road o(D e. Louisville, until We.lue.da; Mar |0, for the lira>luatlon aad Masonry of or SC miles of the Lehanoa Hratieh Fxlfnslon of said road. Proflles and sperHlea'.inns of the work can he seen at the company s oftlee on and after May 10 The company reserves the right In reieet ?t,y or all bl *- UBOROE MACLKO0. Engineer TO CONTRAi Ti K> -HRPaRaTR hF.ALRI. PROPH '?a, . each endorsed with the tttlii of the work fiti wlii, h the -arn? 1^ ottered, the name of toe per on presenting toe auie .nd the dateof|i< pre-oniallon. will be fwe|v?.l at IH- 0"'?e until IT o'clock M of Ttte -dav Mar ??, y(M for the con trucllon or -''wrr. in the fodowlng creel., to wit ? In Third avenue, from lslii -treet t< i^ih .tpeet. with hraiicl, lu ICAd street, between Second and Th rd avenue. n'*o 111 119th -tree!, between Kirn, and Mltili.avemie-i. aleu '? On"iir.| street, heieeoo Hon -tan and Mi.initm ireei.; al.n In KIM<eth ^Ireei is-iwoen Feitrlh and Letlns'on ave nne?; also in Tenth avenue i-eiween Thirtieth at i Thirty JI, ji ""o ,n Seventh avenue, between Thirtieth ... .15' street.. The plan, for the .hove may he t '.mi r A, ^ !00* oW?""'d <?n applida.ion to tho t.ootraet Clerk. TIlos. BTKPIIRNS. .... HfiHT I. D a Rlt Atlli ( CrotonAqnedtMt Orrtr* fiM. A W CRAYR-N. S "owd t.noro* Agrnun.-r f>rr??T?*sT M-iv 12, !<??. T 0 C.ONTBACTOBS -skparatr heai.kd PROPO _ sal . each endoiaed with the name ol the |*iMn niM !nc 'he .aine, ihe date of lia nre.entaUeo ami the iltie of the work to wulth It relate., will be received at tbl- ortlce until 12 o'e ock M. of Mondsy. May I0? IfM. f r ihe con lrutUoo of the followttg street improvements, to wit ? Scwnr In Fllty-iecond street from Seventh avenue to west side of Broadway, sewer in Mlnetts slreet. from Hlei-ckcr street lo near Mlnetta lane; aewer iu S,?th avrnue from li'tv n.nth sireev to and through Fifty f.uirih street to nut Heienth avenue, sewer In Montgomery xireet. from Mndinnt- m nrs' Ren^ street and sewer In Montoe eirert, between Market and Pike streets; a'so for ia?lnc ,-ros.wslk ? In aveirie A, at IIAth street; In First sventie. st I Uih llMh nnl 1 1 7th streets and In Second avenne st lliiib. i|?n lidlh. II, II, sml II9II, sueete, also for cros.wslka In Siilh avenue, on Ihe easterly side, f nm Forty seventh lo FIDy sevenlh street; end al'O for crosswalks In Flrft avenno, from Ftfly third lo Slttl fr.t street; and for a trap block pavement In Fllty eighth street, front Second to Third avenue. Spend- anon, and blanAa for the propoeai.c.sn be obtained oa application lo the Contrai l Clerk at this ofllon vv T1IOS STBPHERS. ) Crotoa R'lMT. L 'A KRAOII, ? Auneduet A. W tiRA>nN, Board., , orNoi Cww Awwgm OgrAHtMin. Mar l. UN. ? ALK8 OK R.1EA.L, ESTATE. AOOOD IN VliKTMENT -W5 WRM, l,OC ATRT> AND eirallent Holldlng !.??? In the villnir of Jamaica. L I , V e r v . heap Terms ra?v. witii indiiry furnihlied furnti pruvum. M?|>k of ilia property (with aoturau- draw lugs of four valoxble dwelling-* lo (M'^lvrn the purelia*<-ra M the sale program*) fiiriimlivd by applying I? OHADWIOK * CO 71 William Kir. f( AUKKAT BACRIKICII WILiL BK MAI1R IN A tenement Monnf nn Ksat Thirty -??f cth street, lot li?l. four Ntorii Rnt w? lar; rn <?nt be Hold- Apply to .IOJIN PRTTRKTCU. ?I8 Third ateoue. A CHOICE KRTUT ANDOARDKN KARW ACRR<?. Iilnhlv eultirated koikJ l*o ami a half story reaidunne ??U omb'.IMInca. ground* finely I ml Mlti liad.; lawn, Ac . tlnely loiated. 10 utiles in Now .term* for shI" low W. I' SLY MoT R. 171 Broadway /vhintky uuiwvaomira lownum sound \7 two wnter fruuU, new liuuse ami baru eiten ?ive ma rine privileges And proape. t; ishltis and shell on the premises; garden land; ue.ir steamboat and village; must be sold ; prlws t" 700 WAl.TKll W. WKTMORK Si Pine street LUItM FOlt HALK? BITUATKD IN JUNE AH COUNTY " vVI-mu Is, rnntalniii? about WO acrf . 00 under rulti ration, and fjood bulidinfH WmiM e^chang* fur property In New York or Brooklyn, or ncmitr. K.?r further parti ouUr- apply to TIIOMAH NORTH ALL, So'J Fulton ilieel. Brooklyn. F1ARM FOU SALE? ON STATKN ISLAND. 10t> ACRES, about 8K miles from Vsndarbl't Landing. At the luw price oT ?'?I'l to close km ns'aie. Permit* of A JOUilN K A Y . NO. fl Finn street For sale-cpwa kd-> of onk hundred bract tlfully situated hulldmr Lain, in tile village nt Nf? town, L. 1 liiirtv minutes by rull frum the cltv, which is offered entire orln iwirt verv low to part'e* who will ttii prove. Apply to TJUNTAVUM HAYLIKb. ?40 H roadway For hale-a large. first class brick house. with 12 Lola of around. 011 WsahiuuUjii avcuue. uear I.J?fave!te Tt Id built In the Ih-hI manner for the pre nent owner, with All I be modern Improvements, heated by a;>ain throughout. The grounds are laid oat end stocked with ahruhb?ry an'l fruita of choir* ?<il?ri.ion Will he mild ? I a liaren n. as the owner in going to Kurope. Applvto J DAVKNPORT, oorner of Puilou avenue and Oxford street, Brooklyn IT OR BALK- THE I.ATK COUNTRY RESIDENCE OF P Johnston Livingston. Ksq , in the town o." Llvmgatou. Columbia county inns miles iron. the city of Hudson, con t?inng seventy-eight acres of the i .t ? a t land . or 'lie improve ments. ana only llfly acres, at the optiou of the purchaser. Large and comfortable Dwelling floiisc: barns. stable*, laundry, irata Ind^e and fen^eH, all in rood order. The treea on the place are o'd ami reinarkabl) Imv neighbor hood verv l-oa tiv. road* excellent : ..ccner.v beautiful. with a view of the Cat skill Mountains 1 ?-n church' a, Po' t olllce, atores. tood phvsu >ana. teachers Ac :u the Immediate vi cuiily. Asafanih reaider.ce it otr?rs very inanvattiac tiuna. Apply to W L. LIVIN8T0N. II Wal, street. For sale? on states island, a small place of 0' ? a -res plentr of fruit; house and barn, all in order: garden made: p.saetalon when sold. ln-<uir? at New Dorp nation tor JOHN OIKLING. FOIt SAI.K-AT NEW ROC '.IE LI. E l4 OK A MILK Tromtiie depot, a handsome Country Residence. with U acres ? ?f floe land with fruit in abundance of choirs varieties ? the bouse i? large pleaaiintly sltuiitert nnd finefv shaded: tlier" ia a good barn, with rarriunc house liable, ivoodhouse ,4c. Apply to P. 0. BULKLEY. 43 Wall -tr?et, ?lauiicey court. FOR BALE? THE ORBNZBBAGlj MANSION hovsb and six handno'nelv .-burled Lots of OrO'iud on the north weat onroer of Third avenue and Seventv fifth street In a rapidly improving unction ol' the cltv Price $2ri oUU. Terms i-aav Applvto W. J. STEWARD. 157 South stree', or JtH Broadway. FpOR SALK? AT BULL'S FERRY, ON T1IK BANES OF 1 tho Hudson river, lour iniles from Hoboken, on the Hudson river tnrnntke or 25 minutes from New York by steamboat, fool of Spring street a most ilnsirahle Piece of Property, containing an.uit ft iicr^a. with good dwelllnf, barn, stable* wafer shade trees, fruit, warden nn.l a froniase on the river of eboul Tin I'eet : a'ao a'lOnt 111 acre we?t of tt. containing msriv excellent building Mtes. cummandinc ex tensive views of the Unison river, north and Routh New >ork. I.oni! la and. and th?surrour,dii!gcountry. all nl which inuat M Been t" he appreciate.! : a so '! acre* nt Coytav^'ie, N. J. ; 3 acres on lop of Ihe Palisadea, with amsll dwellinn. and ?'! acre- en the river, lind^r the mountain. The whole or part \* ill lie "old on term>, to anil nurchi cs. Inquire of W. H. KKMI', I7fi Hudson street, from 7 to )l) o'clock A. M. or f rom A to 7 I' M . Agent* used uot apply. FlOR SALE-A BRAI T'KirL LOT OF TWELVE ACRES. iu ?l o ii or in part iocated in the pleasant rillhre of Bloomfleld. N.'J.. aoutb west corner ol Pi-Ospect and W?sh ingt"U streets; sl'usiion unmrpaaaed. Aleo a !>ne Lot of 0 Sii li)0 acres in Mnntola'r. Refer to .1 McMaston. room 12, Exchange place. Ne<v York; k I?. Tompkins. Esq., Or snge. N J.; Wrn .lacobua Esq , Mnnlelair N. .1 JitOR MUM SPLHNDfti PROPERTY. KIT! ATKD " m the town of Orave?ond. on the Conev Island load, consisting of a house snd nine acres of Land; ha* been kept as a hotel for a number of vpst-h. and it would make a flne ? rlvate resilience: will he sold cheap. Inquire of WIL LIAM FRANCIS, on the prem'aei. 1j?OR SALE? A FIVE STORY fiOI'SR, WITH LOT. O ? F Teuiii avenue, near Thtrtv tir-t street- well rontea; priceS.2SU. Apply to JOHN MoCLAVB. 44 Pine street. ? POt SALE ? TO CLOSE AN EST AT I ? A FINE OP P |v>rtunltv for s profitable investment. ? \ three storv high Stoop brick House I!?x40. and lot. in East Sixteenth Street, neai Stiivvosant si nare. w !h ns. waler and heater; ail In perfect ??rder; tirice es tsai- rented for 1!7t*>. Terms easv Inquire of E. M. HALHTKD, Executor, or J. H. KNAFP n Murray street. | For sale-villa sites, from a to 8 acres csch, oeliRhtfnlly located on the sea shore on the south side o: StaleiulHland. near KHIncville Railroad ileoot. within one hour of Hew York, by railroad and boat: unsur passed families for boating bathlnr". fishing, vatchlng. Me. Apply to A. .IOURNEAY No. 8 Pine street F.VOR SALE? SKVFK tr. FIRST CLASS MOT'S K3. RE ' cently put In the market; earlv possession given. Ap ply to B. H. LI'DLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine street. IPOR SALE? A ran FARM OPTO ACRES, PLEASANT, r ly Situated, on the Central Railroad of New .Teraev, one ami a half hours from New York; has good dwelling house barti esrrisge house. Ac.; fine veeeiabte garden lii^ntv of fruit snd shsde trees. Wilt lie sold sor fl4..N>l of which $l<>.0l>i (,an remain on liond and mortgaf;s For fur ther (tartioular* apply to CHARLES W. TIIOMAE, 141 Water atreet. FOR SALE-TN LAFAYETTE. I1 Mtl.r FROM .TKR. jiv Citv terry a Hrst ( lass new House, built 'n the lieat manner with ail the modern improvements: the liouae Is 33 WV3.3 feet, lot .'*1 hy imifeet; it h? a full view of the bay. and the ?en"ry is unsurpassed , horse cara pasa the hon-e everv rew minntes: i* a desirah e place , one of the healthiest places in the S'ate and will be a<*lil at a hwrgain Applvto EVAN. TONES. 11 Montgo- ,ery atteel, Jeriey City. For s\le-an improved farm or 90 acres. _ w?th half a mile of water frout; les- than ?') miles from New York : on south aidu nf Ijong Island; <tock and implements; crops In For partlculara apply toTHOMAR M. KRt>KLIN. 51 Willlim street, corner Pine fpOR SALE- AT PEFKSKILL OV THE H I'DSON. A ' hsnilsrvme tlothlc and about i.nescreof Ground, Onetv fruited. Wi ll a ma vuffoent v iew of the river. Apply t3 BENEDICT A COIT. No. 4 Pine strset. F10R SALE-FUNNKH8D OK rNFURNTPHKD. THE high st orehouse (a?hr?) 12 B?orinan place. THtitv third street, between I- iglitn and Mioth avenues. Apply to WIS L. TAYLOR, 76 Wall street. For salr. ciirap-a paiim and mini ral Spring. no.?r Say Harl or L. 1 . eimiainlm; 14 acres of good 'and; buildln2? new and in complete order, crops and stor k if required. Inqulro of the ov tier, !7? Bowery for tWO lays. LV.R SALE <iR TO I.ET-A FIVE SWISf- COTTAOE P >n Outt? nberg, N. ?' . oppotlte Sevanlv aecoud atreet. with a splendid view of the Hudson rlvt-r. flower and fruit, rard' ii attached, e-'tuniiiiileat.nn w?th New York by steal - beat and cara Anplv on the premises or a' No. 9 Maiden lane, t<> B. WALTER IjlOB SALE OR TO LET -FCRNIBJIED OR IINFCR P lushed? a hundaome t.'ittaae. wuh Kta'il"*, ti.e acres of land, flower aud vegetab'e garden, at Oollase Point, on the flushing bay. Accommodation hy railroad and steamer. Call at -4 WUttam street, ruoin 19. or at SR Clinton place. For hale or to irt-a neatly fcrnished c.otlage. nlcly shaded, three minutes' walk from Port Chester depot, one liO' r Trim the elty. with eight rooina, wood and waah bouse, Ac. Price $1 9"n. or J3P" f>r the sum mer.' Address William Bealty. Port Chester, N Y If"?R SALR OR TO LET-THE liOWO ISLAND MAR ' ket, corner Fulton and Carlton avenues. Itrr.oklvn: also a large Hall, suitable for billiards or manufacturing pur poses, al-o a Ilorae cheap Apply as above. FOR SALE OR TO T.RT-A OOOD HOIT8E. BARN. Ac ; ten acres of Land; all kinds of fruits, good flslilng snd bathing: situated In Summit. N. .1, near the depot Apply to R. S. TILTON. 116 Fulton stiset C30K RALE OR TO LBT-W1TH IMMEDIATE POS P session, a three story high stsip House on Thirteenth street, near Eichth avenue. Pnee $ii iOil; or would rent for $49). J. B EDWARDS. JT7 West Twentr-thlrd street. For sale or eioiianof -seven lots on seventy ttfth ttreet. 130 feet west of Third avenue, would egotiaoee for a good looated house tip (own Apply to .T B COTTE, 1? Bowery. For sale uii bxchanuf? a coi ntry resi dence at New Boebelle. con-l?Ung of a large modern House. Stable. Ac . ami Gve seres o( Lsnd. with plenty of shade and fruit It la one hour from C'ty Hall and four mlatvea' walk from depot. Also 140 seres of best Iowa Land, near Dubuu'ie. and near railroad. Also for sa'e the atone front Ifouaa. Bo 33 Nin'h street. Inqulr? of HENRY OKA NR. ill Ninth street. I7?OR SALE AT A BARGAIN-NEAR rASSAtC. N J? P a beautiful furnish *d Ceuniry Seat; new double two alory house, with all tli* modera Iniprovements; two nere* in tardea and lawn abtindsnee ol i hoice fruit; only ten minutes' walk from the depot; half an bonr hy rsllroad from N?w Tork. wl Hell, Willi or without Furllture Por pi Ice and terms aprlV to J A KBN YON. 83 jiassatt street LIOK SALE AT A I1A RO A1 N? A COI NTUV SEAT AT P Vonkere 411 acrs? of choice land good house and out. hnildine -. abundance of ei.olcs fruit ?ne view of North snd East rivers; only one n lie from the depot, will tie sold at a great sacrlflce If applioa 'or soon. J. A. KENTON. 83 Nassau street. IjHRST CI. ASS nWKI.LINO R0CSB8 FOR SALE r with posse slon within tblrlv davs ? I.*?i*tito* Avr -Brown stone. It feet, fine order. M*m? t Am- FJrat class "flx. ss feet, brown stone T irrn Ave ? 1 stories. feat, with stable. W I7vii St . near Sib ave. flr-t class, w th extra lot and stable. tY 1 9tii St , near 3th ave., extra largo and elegant bouse. E. f>ro St do. do. 2M .ft feet, 4 s<oriea. K JlaT St , do do flrat class, alone JftxflO feet. K 22i> br? do. do, superior tio.iae. with or without turnltiire R t3n St., eerostTa Mtnison ruisna? Bitra large tad nleesnt iDuae R ?l*n Sv isasR M 4 Pispff Sunt**? New and beautiful basemert houae W flrn v. KKAR IVtti AVE.? Fine hoitee, with atable K TTth St , near 4th ave . 3 -toriea, stone, In flne order R 'JStu St near f-ih ave , 2A*i0 icft, all Imrroveinects y Idi u s't . near tih ave., new and elegant 3 atory house, w Mo St , near ftth ave 4 stories. ?ftxfiri feet E 34th St near 4th ave , Brst clam, wltn or without fur niture W IftT" nt , rear Ml ave , 3 ^toriea Wx43. and extra W i7tu st , near Mh ?u> , 4 at irtes IlxSH feet, Bne order. W Ittrn HT.. near .Mb ave., 4 storle*. a.',\(1it For full t>artlcular* and p'ruiita to view them appljr to H. H LUDLOW t CO., No 3 Ptae street Hotel pbopbbtt reaii tub treascry. statr. War and Nav y Departmenta for sale ?The *nhs*rlber? are autliorlie I to sell a Hotel prisimity. finely le< aicd In ine vicinity of the drpartmeata. uomainlng seme eighty rooms herroem barber skrip, An., the whoio la fnll tide of aueeeaa. and making money without trouble. The property has a front ef Itn feet ?n a pi ineipal airnet, ami Is well furnished throughout For tar ma, Ac., apply to.lAI. O. MoOlHRR A 0(> , Auctioa and Commission Merchants. \JTARHATTaN .>i'*RR LOT8 FOB SALB-OB RIOH JyI ty-fourth street, west of Bif th avenue Four splendid Full slsod Lota for IMW talk. OaM ea er adireas bata, M I UrtalfldfHt. I OBAMGE. N. J ? FOR BALK. A KlItST CLASS LARGE alrr House. 14 rooms modern atria with barn Ac largo canton. fruit. Ac. . lot I0i*33i feet, Imaied within flee minutes wa'k at depot Inquire of K II BNSION, i:>6 William street PICTIIRKS'.MI K HUDSON KIVrK RESIDENCES KOR Bale.? King Slug, oleven an c?, #ir, uun Term* easy I' holographs at 240 Broadway. room* 12 and I t The ubo j I* a great bargain Send for clrcu *r JOITN IIENRT HUM. f|UTO OF THK CHEAPEST KAUMS IN Til R COH NTRY? I (In* of II Bcrt*s. $.VjO. one (it !A acres 5>i pood building, and crops; one of 4 > acrc<. to trade, all Kttbln 3d mile aor the oily , muni l?" * ild In pure of WHITE A CO . HI M urray street, near Greenwich sl.eet. N Y THREE LOTS FOR 8 A I. R? SOUTH SI DE OK TM1R ty third *tro"t. near Elrvanth aveaue. suitable tor man ufarturing puiposea. Apply to WILLIAM 11. ROSS, 7M Broadway WANTED? TO PURCHASE, A TENEMENT IIOl/SE. four, five or all (tort** in a decent neighborhood Address Thus II. Keeaing, 2W W ad Fourteenth street WR8TCIIKBTBR COUNT! ON THK UNI OF TUB Harlem Railroad.? A Farm ol liii sorea, heavy tlm tier,!,!, admirably adapted fur fruit and nleutifnlly stocked wiih the choicest varietiea buildlnfa nmatly new and abun "lam ruuning water at tbe d nor good neighborhood and healthy Address Jonah Knapp Cross river. N V nnn WILL buy two ooou buildings ANP ?IpO.U'M; ii Trinity Lease ot a full sized Lot situated iu Varlck street. near Spring now renting for over $R?i good Leasehold on Wi ?t Twenty Urat street, cheap to JOSEPH Mciil'IRK. 115 Third avenue Alb,, a Apply FINANCIAL.. intranational INSljaAN08 ooMPiLflt or Nli vV YORK Office, 11^ Broatlwa* CAB fl CAPITAL, ONE MILLION DOLLARS Tli a International Fire Insurance Company, having a cash capital of >1 000 000. all paid In and securely Invested, ia now prepared to luaure uvery klud of property, including ships in port and their cargoes, against ioaa or damage by Ore on tne moat favorable terms. WII.L1AU K. WAilRF.N. President. HAMILTON BRUCR. Vice President. OBOROS w. SAVAtlS Secretary. l.MMi 8TOCK8? WELL AS ALL OTIIEK KINDS of securities bought aud aold at all the Ktoik hoards to New York. Boston, Philadelphia, Ac ., or otherwise on commission, bv ALBERT 11. NICOLAY, No, 51! William at. NEW YORK AND HARLK.M UAH. ROAD COMPANY - Treasurer's oilice. corner of Fourth avt-uue and Tweu t.v-simh st>eet. New York. April 2tl irfrtt. MEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. NOT1CI TO STOCK HOL ORBS. The annual election for thirteen directors of thia company for the year ensuing will ie held a' the oilice ol tin com punv, comer ot Kouith avenue and Tweniyauth street, on Tuesday, the 17th dav nf May next The polls will l?e open lrom 12 o'clock at noon until - o'clock I* M of that day The transfer book* of the common and preferred Hooka will be nlnaed from 4 o'c'ock P M . of theiith dav of May next uutil V o'clock A M. of the IRth day of May ne*t. W H KMI K80N Secreurv and Treasurer National like and limb insurance com pauy ol New York. Organised tiuder a spec al charter by the Legislature ol the Stat' of New Yerk Capnal Stock. ftlliO.OtMI. with privilege ? I increasing to $S*0.000. Th'a company ]M)s?ewte all the powers and privileges of a General Life Insurance (Company, and in addition the powers of lnsnriui; the lives and limbs of soldiers and .sail, us In the I' ailed Siu ea service III pursuance of a resolution ol the Board of Directors, l ook* will be opened at the oif.ee of the cotiinanv 241 Broad ? ;ty. for subscription foi $25,000 additional stock on the 13th ot May. directors Major tienei-al Dnni?i b. Col W. S Hillyer Sickles. Pie Ident hylveati r Teats. M D John Cochrane, Attorney Win II Van Bnreu. M. D. (leneral State uf Naw York. Robert Crowley Vice President Wm. Coit James Kelly. Piealdent Siuy- Joseph Wilde. vetiant Insurance Co K II. Luinmns Howell Smith Samuel J. Olaasey. Sy lvester M. Bearda. JOHN L. CI LLEt, Secretary. IIod. W.m. I.omkkkr, Treaan er. OFKICB OK THK ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD Company.? New Yolk, May (j. 1,-trit ? Tne annnai meet lug ol the shareho'dera of the Illinois Central Railroad Com pa ny, for the ?lection ot IHrectora and the transaction of other business, wiil be hi id at iheolUoe or the Companir in the city of Chicago, on Wednesday, the 26th day of May, 1864. at 13 0'cl0<'k noon The transfer book a ot the t till and acrip shares will \>e clos.d at thf cl se of lms:iiess oti the 12th inst , and reopened on the mornlnu of the ij<ili inst. L A CATL1N. Secretory Orricc of tub pknnbyiiVaxia coal com pa* t. Ill Broa iway. New York, May 10. I>t>4.? A dividend of aeven and one-half per cent (7 , 1 on the capital stuck of the Pennatlvanla Coal Pompauv, will be p?id at the oillee oi the company, in the citv ot New York on and after the 19th inst. The transfer books will be closed Iroui the .I.Tib t* the l?th lost,, both inclusive UKO. A. H OYT, Treasurer . OFFICE OK Til R PACIFIC MAIL STI.AMSH1I' COM pany, New York, May 10. 18iU. Notice is hereby given that the Boaiil of Directors have this day declared a dividend of live (5) per cent out of the net earning* of the last tbree months, payable at the on,ce of the company, or Thursday, the Wth Inst. The transter books will etu e on the 12th inst.. and reopeu ou the 2%1 inst. Bv order of the Boa idol Dtrccioi*. TIIEO. T. JOHNSON, Secretary. OFFICE JBTr BESOM LEAD COMPANY Nww Y"?a. May 12. ISM. A meeting of the stockholders of the JeUerson Lead t'oin psnv is hereby called lor the 2-1d inst., at 1 o\ lock P. M? at the office of the company. No. 21 Nsssan street, room No. 6. for the elecil.iu of tnisteos for the ensuing year. ROBERT MIDDLKfON. Secretary ROPOSALS KOR tWKOiiO CENTRAL PARK IMPROVEMENT FUND STOCK OK 1 876. Sealed propo al< will he received at the Comptroller at lieu until Tue day, the 17th da? of May, IHW, al J o'clock P. M.. when the -urnr will be publicly opened for the whole or any part nf the nni of Thrae Hundred Thousand Dollars of the. Centrnl Park Improie nent Fuiiil .-tock, authorized bv cnapter 86 of tbe lawa i f 1-kl l aud by *? ordlnauoe of the Coinuiou Couocil. approved by tiie Mayor April 2.Y Irt 4? The said stock will bear tntere t at the rate ot si* per cent Cr annum, payable ipmr eryearly, and the priuclpa^ will redeemed November I, l,vo. Tbe proposals will state the amount of stock desired and the price i e ? ue hundtf'l doilstf thereof; and the persons * tmse t>ropr.?al? arc a rcpted will thereupon tie required to deposit with th < Cha nl?er ain ol the city tne suma awarded to them respectively , , On presenting to tl e Comptroller the receipt* of the Chamlierlain for such dep is ts. the paitu swill be entitled to receli e certificates for e.,ual amonnts .f ine |^r value o( tlio Slock, hearing intorest from tne dates ol iiarmente L*ch propositi, n should be seaiad anil emloi ? <i "Prop" ' sals for Certml Park improvement Fund Stock and in closed Iu a second enr.' ope, address d >n the Comptroller. The rigfit is n^er^e I ?o reject any or all of the bid* If the laieresm of the forporation ?e'in,ia it MATTHEW r. HRKNNAN Co.np.rotiar. Cirr or N. w \o"*. Dsr*Ht*r.n m Fik?x< . j Cow rraot. !???'? OvrtCB. April IS, H<>4. ? CJOrTHKRN HANK NOTES WANTKD? NORTH CAit O i.iina South Carolina <l"(?rt;la Alabama iennes<ee VircituaanJ Nn? Orlenn<i bank note-, hi MANNING .* DK VOBEST, baiikert and broKers Is Wa.l SI reel rrO THE STOCKHOLDERS 0> THIS NEW JER?*ET I Consolidated Coppet Com any.? Tlie annual m.'eiins of the smckboiders ol tbl- company ; will he held si the offloas of the c^nnnsiiT. on rueaday. 17th ln? fctll.M.. t or the election o( or.l'r- forth* ens, nn* year Ihebook will be closi-d f.om Krniay, 13th, at J P. M.. and o|>ened on Thuradav .^h inst ??!? K TRAVHRH I'tesident UNITED ST AT '.3 10-4' FIVE PBR i BNT LOAN. ? mo, .HHUN a co., bankers No 17 Nassau Street. SUBSCRIPTION ADBNTS for the above loan ar~ now preuared to noalra auhaarw uons and furnish the Bonds Une-eiah h per .-ent com ml* sion allowed to banks, bankers and brokers. Stock*. Bonds and flold bought ait 1 s- ?! on ctHWM? I ___ DNION PACIFIC R VlLBOAD' COM PANT. ? NOTICE is hereby given to tic p' r " ^ /"f of the I nioo Pacific Pat ' Com|ianv that a call for a fur thernavmeni of icn per nt upon the amount Ol then so i ? hM liau 'made ??!? " lh,' ,?f the Company 13 William street. New Tork. on or bafore tha SUtb of June nest By order of Siacatlv. Cwnmluee. ^ ^ djx ^ ^ Jon* J. Ct*<*>. Treasitrw New York. Msv 10. Iff.t , _ a/v e f\ i \ t % TO LOAN ON MORTGAGE ANO (iTHF.lt $25.00(UecUVitr, Anply to U BVAN8 Alio. nev Noiarran d Comml- loner for taking acknowlelgmeo ? i Of ^>eed? an d Afll da? is lor M.e ? ~ yr**? ?. ? r Paople's Bank. 39a Caoal ltm<. ft' 9 t0 0 c,fw /?/\a TO IiO\N? AT SIX PBRCUT INTKR $125,000 ?fl(.ror:?n y?nn or !???, ojj bwnd mnd rnoame on real estate in Una ' APP'J '? the oSSs of tha FaoPiy^ |w??, y ? Wall street d? I CO ikOfl TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORrOAGl'.. S8I??0 l)UU al sis percent, lor ten tears or le-s in New Tort or Brooklyn. In sums App r loO W BROWN. No. 9 Pine strea, second floor j para n(\fi to loan <>n honp and moiit $250,000 ga?e. a.?lt|e cent, for a term 01 years, on New Tort c?v proper' ln vl ..Vi.'i" 'rt^irns 10 ana 11 JOSKl'H MASON 'S P'** *trr"' rootnl *"* '*? (hfivn n/iO-TO LOAN ON BOND ANI> MORT $250,000 gage, s. ^ per een! p-r annu,nn..rt ot It fifr Bv. yeara JRVIMG ? nRF AT WORK OF ART. I'llR STKRl Ol'l H ON. will open at tbe abose tiiaiinl'ifcnt ''*11 . ON MONDAT BYhBlBO "Al l? Tickets 2.v cenia. ? iMtar Family tlckete ^trlcmg six [letsons, one lol.ar P ^ rVRIlTl'M A RARE CBANt E Ftm HOl ^EKBEPBRS.? SUPERB Moueehold Fmrltnre for ale at a saortfliv. ?A faintly deellning bonsekeei n4 will aeM in lota to -nitf purchasera ail the rurnllure iwrlaine.i In theli tasidenee No 111 West Twenty thiru strec, n. >r !>ivtn aventi*'? v|/ I'ian.iforta. ,'srlor Sti't*, W.nd' w Curtains to mail"!!. K'sgere.. Kamt Ions Brontes, Caipets >fcv>k<a*e 'Mirrors, riinine Room and Chamber Kiimiture en sut'.e, in use seven months An lxtraokmnary oppokti nitt for hourk kespers ? AH tin) c egant HoiiM'bolit Kuraltnre of a private family, at ti e rc- i, n>*. Ii!' Weal Blahth street, tielweeo Fifih and Vlxth avetv ? ?. ?* ill he ao'd at a i:reat racrlflce for e^eh Three ma 111"' eel I 'arior -.tl Ite, covered In nch br?ca?e! and rrench re t f'irlor ('arp-ts Lace (jur tain* Mirrors, Rion'e clock, Jltageri". tuarhle ton Tables Hcdwvom and nimng Boom K H'Hii c, f. The Furniture will he sold In lota to suit purche-ers A RA*ROAIN IF APIJ.M'D FOR TM'rKI I ATKLT -a > \ P1ini|itnii Secret srriictlslcsd, in perfect or ter and as good iw new. snt'sh e for nsrlor <r furnished room, cheap for rash, the tamtlv liarmg no f nrtlier use tur It Appiy at 2H Third street, near Hccund ,.vuiiue. A TURKISH Ll)l NOR AND FUBNITCRB Of \ front parlm and bodr1 r. t t salesnd m let, verveheap now ocen .led bv a phvslctai1 ? sii helor# pi a M or be tween Ii and f> 1'. II ,t ?i| Fotirth avsnue n?ar Ternilr. eighth slreel F'OR HALK?TWt) LABI ,f. PARLOR LOOKING Glasses and Ornaments, and some Furniture. Apply at 71 East Thirty filth streol. Miuiom >a numbbb of SECOND BAND fib r class Mantai and Iher tilasses. with oonew i ag Uor hices and Tabtaa, for sale; of modern design and in etiVl. lent condition ; are tlrst class Frnnoh piaies a mi acnmple-a sat of lias Fltture? Will he sold very rea on.hiy at the wjjjyjjmjM* 0. K. COY BR T. Ml Broadwar. mm Twaat*. MISCBLLAIIBMV*. APTtrrrnr mm an itrx hai>b T" OROfF 4H?> liwrt?4 ny I ?r V HAITI' * ?' OOUli ftj* ANM (fomi"rlv br HuIiu<ibii9?m of Pint), kWJ wav, Nm* York A hM Al.lj HlZKII SF.i'ON O IIANI* HAPK WANTED J\ Inquire of 8 OANTUKI.L, SU Jlro?<tw?r Mlj100M>M V IH WKAUTH." ? VHANK I?IN. THR Fj t'reaterft of modern idnlo*opher* reman *> that "a p^nn? ?*vpi1 in i l*nrty mrnH." Tnoteft t of destroying your want m paper. pieaerve it ami receive it* ?quiv dent to ca*h. whlrh we wi'l nay for old of every de* cintioo. whole or torn , old pauiphleta of all kind*, old ri ?ufftN, liftMHilli Udfceia, car da, catalocuaa and old eenw> paper in u\\ tin vaHetlea, In ?iMitntltift* larire or amait AImo oM writing MOftr and aafeool hooka. old blank hr.oka. led t+m, Ac of any Mtyle, it matter* not how nrieh they maf be written on or mutilated STOCK WKLL \ EMRRSON 55 Ann atreet One dooi wnat of Nnatm atreet Tmmkvse pricks pud r m old noocs? i.oui Photo*ranhtn Albania on hand ?*heip lOd.OOO Sclentifle and M? Pceilann*>nA Work - at half pri<?c LKUOAI HKOitlKRs. linaiHntim?t t)o*r Bookman MAUBIiK M 4 N T K L# SLATE MaNIELS THR BEST selection fn *he c'ty Weat CaatletiMi Slate ('onnan* 274 (?anal atreet, three doora eatt of Br oat way Kemvvtd from 412 Jlroadway \a akklb mantrls ?thr best placr in thk JtI clt' to purchase cheat) an i ? ell fln?s't?* I Mantel* u at A K LA RKK'H Mantel Manufactory Baal E?sfbtoeutti Mtr -at near Third avenue. New York. Cut Una out MARflLR MANTKL8 ?A FINK flRLROTION OK M AR ble Mantel* on hand, and ofTrre i cheaner than an? where ?\m\ at S KLAHKK'8 Marhl# Varl 54 Kirat avenue, near Third atreet. New forfc. ClH and examine for your aelf VfriiLTONR Of DOLLARS MaV RK R4VRO GRKAT !? I auflerinjc prevented. health and hannliieaj aectired if all married peon-". and trio eco'item* 'apn;' the name pom aenacd that cem of knowledge 'or' '"le** In va'ue) which la aectuvd bv addressing bot 5,573 Po-t o:' co. New York, en cloaing only 'Jf> centa MANHOOD AND THR VTflOR OF YOU HI KF.STOWRI> In four wee'i* Dr. RI(?ORT)'S Kant?nc? of Lif*\ Thin \vond^rf??l uc^nt will rnatore mahood U> tha moil nhat trrcd ro ?atitution? whether arlsinj from eicesHea. acif abiihft the Art ecru ot clin.at# or natural cauaea The time rOtinired to r,i?o th?? moat invetwa'^ rnnp i? four wpeka Failure ^ lir,t>o?alble Dr. Ricord'H Ka^^ncc of Life ia ao'd In caaca with Imtructfoni for nae. for SI. or four onintfti** in one for $!? Snnt carcfully par : ;e | on r?*c??ipt of r^rnlt* tanrr by hit a*'orr?4lt??d H4?*ot. Circular nent on receipt of .lour a'ampa. P f f fl? I P ROLANI>, No. 447 Broome atreat, Neu- Vork one door w<*ai of Hroadwav MANOLF WANTRD. ? ANY PRRSON HA VIVO A >1AN* Ijle m coo l o^It. fo?* sal?* will fin !aca?h customer by applying to Mr. M UN l>U M, 75 Chambrra itrrot PLANTS PLANTS ? VRRRRJIA?. ROMF.S. PRTUVTAR. standard ItoaeM and all other Plants for nalc. and aod, mould and manure funlahed. ami afar l^ns aid out an ' plant ed by contract or otlicrwlae. bv VV. KITZI'ATRIOK Moriat. corner o Twenty ninth street and Broadway. N. R.? Plants packed and aent. to any part ot the count rv QTOIS MiK FOK PITRNtTURP. PIANOS TRUNKS, .40.. an b" had a? 0!' Sl\ti? avenue, on rensonahle rerma per \pply up atalr? from 9 to II o>loek A. M. Tna i ra"??*e m p'- wt. rilHK MllTRt II AN iK"N "OtiNimV HUM' nK 1 Forty -at *tn aireet. North river (formerlv curried nn b? Meaat* ?*i>* A OliMiuhi, ii now in? "?r?il to furniah caatlnir* of all leacrlptionM. n/. ? V achlnerv, St -ve Platea, Uraie Work. Oru.'imiMital Hai Inga, Ac. Particular attention paid to jobbing work. Tt^ANT^n-TO PUY A CALORIC R MO INE : TWO OR v* four hnr?|ifiwpr. Anv on* bavin1! t'ie aame to dla poae of will tind a ciimomer hy applying at ?' 1 ? I Hroadwiiv. r DUCREUX WANTED? A LIOI1T DRAFT FT 'AMBOAT. CAPA !>!<? of carrying 'mm one to t'nee hundred pnaaeti 'era, to ply from Fatrtuo'int to th* Belmont '''d'-itne. tddieai irrliht 4 rifinia. lie "ion t fottai", uear Columbia brirts* Twenty fourth ??i I. I'lulad lpMa \rr ANTRD-ONR WROUGUT IRnjf SHAFT SIX *? in-lt. II to 12 feet long. aitto one >> t > 6^, Sti to 38 test long. Id t-.voor three piece*. il. N WOOLS. 2*.? <lrr?tiwlcli atreet. Wanted to purchase? fifty thirty embt t" forty tnehea wM? lioomi to mnV* ? nghami mm Una kr Apnllcanta addreas Manufacturer, uot All Pus: office. New 1'ork. WANTED TO ri7ft0BAM-?0MR [ROW TANKS, fir a keroaenn oil factory Send particular* to bat J.541 Poat o1i?* "tl'ANTFD TO HOY? A OROSBY BI.I.VD SLAT TKN ?? oning Marline. Adilreat Win. Krowu. 129th itrr?t. Harlem. New York. MANOEES-AT TIIK 0!,D STAV'D. R.-TaB Itahel In IRS*. .1. <1. WK?T ? late puncai ? We'll. $60 Mingle* prnoelled by "team n- bv ' ami Price* $15 $Xi, $PI. $S0. $l>6, $W>. $ll'<> O*" rilling, PluniWlh, L>< k *mtthliij and Bell llang'UZ lilacnnnt to a^eut* 4 and 10 Liberty place, near the N Y. Poat o Tire. POST OKKK K NOTICK. POST OFFICE NOTICE The tnalUfor the Tolled KiagdO'o an t 'he Continent, via Queen town ind l.tverpoo', per ateamer Citv of Waah luuton and fo<- tlie Herman State*, via Hamhury. p?r ?learner Havarla. wIP cioae at llitao'lU-e in&altirdftv. Hie un .lav of May. ?t I0H o'clock A. M . and at tlw uptown atattnna aa follow*'? Station* A and M, 10 A M Elation* I' and D. ?tk A. M Station* P, and F, f><i? A M Slatloti <1. V A. M A H R A M W AIRMAN. Poatmaater. DRY OOODK. T,AXCMrsfVELY FJCKNCH YI.UTISa. ON* TO TWRIt Pj tv Inche- wMe. ? All material* luted In un onai'rpaiwd manner at Mr-. (iOLMKN'h French FlntlBif RatabliahinenU, In Amity atreel, a block and a half from Broadway: 127 Blcecker atrcet, below Wooaler and Wl "u'ton atreet, Hrnnkli n. N. B ?No machinery uaad lu the geuuine French Hilling N F.W SKIRT FOB ISM A new and gr*at invention in IIOOP SKIRTS The ? Duplet Elliptic." for doublet S ?? Surmt. ?I .1. A J tl tYRST ' 7 rhamheri air.-e. \-w York, air tho uwuera ol tti* patent and the excltiilve luai'.irao tortr? el llila .1 W BRADLKT"* Pateuted "Duplet FJliiitlc ' S:*e! '?'P'; ig HK1RT Thia Invention conilala .f d ,pl*v for two elllntle ateel apruiya, ingenlontly hialded tivhtly and Urm.v togeihar edae io eUiie making the tougheat. moat "lastic ^??xlMe an! durable anrlnj ever n?*d . enx^llng Hie weirer in e?n?* fpienee ol ita great elaali ' ty and lletlblan -aa. to ilar* ind lold tlie <kl' t when In >i?e eaally an I ? i |. ? Wrnacon vee enee aa a al'k or mnalin dreaa II eni ie v ot viatea ?n I allencea the onlt objec; lo a W> koop ?k.ua- : tl 'ao-iov. inw lo the Wi-arer *a wi ll ?a the piiIiPo, e-n-c.alt/ In crowd ed a?aemh;iea carrlagi-M railroad cara. chnn-i ;#wa or in any crowded p are fr m the d' ' riiitv of e^.- '.rae'.'nc It" > aod ocettpvlu ' a amnlt apeoe. Thla entirely rem ivea ' e ||f. Rcnlty wfille giving the aklrt the itanal I till and a? iiin.etn vl form, an ' ia the llghleat. mut *ty| ah and craccfui appear ance for the atreet opera nromenade .r n i?e dreaa A ladv baviia en 'oyed Hie nleaanre eomfort. .m l ureat con yenlotiee or wearing the Duplex Kllmtie loving Skirt for a aln.-le dnv. will ne.er a'te'wardi -vlllmglv diauenae will> th? u?e of thein. Thev ure the l>e*t nualllT In ever v '?rt. and by far the lightest mr ? duraMe no >'fo -aV* *i.,l ? -on iroical akut make. Merchania w II be aupplled a? ahoy*, and i dlea in moat flratc ?aa ?tall ttoreg in thla ; ? tn I lh ' igh oul the dl rerent Sta-ea Inquire 'o the IMtPLI'V RI.LIPTIC SPRlNO SKIRT. N TRW DUPLKX BI.!.lPTir SPRIV J SK1R! K THR M08T POPU'.AR AND FLBX IBI.K IN tmr? A T STEW A (IT t CO Hroadway and Teoth alraet II MACT. . NOW OPRN OUR RPRINO IVIPORTATION OF mo (JLOVS8 EI.F,i?ANT SHADKS, K EST QUALITY. AT LOW Ptiirri* "S)4 and 2f*> Sltt'i avenue, two do >ra below Fourtee'.b atree! niLLKERT. I? A IfONKYWRLI. HAS F.ST * HM SH RD A HRANOII PJ. of her bnalnea* at 1,1 ?' t< Broa Iwav. next lo the corner ot Tweuty-altth street Ttil* i* for tne partM-u'a" aieommo dation of her un Povn euatomera, >'hll<1ren a lia'a an 1 t'a?w, Roya* llata and Ladiea' <caahor* Carrlare and Ruling Ilala MME R. WII,LIA*tN HAM ,U!aT RECEIVED THE 'ale?i atvlea and tnoat elegant aa?ortm-ot of French Honneta. Round Mat*, t'oiffoeea, Flowera and RibVini Prlceaveiy reasonable ij> Nlntli alreei. near Itroadoav MME. RAWLINOS SIS CANaL STREET. II tS JfTST recelvad aone elepant French Bonnela. They art ?upertor in atyle and elegance lo any aver before Impovei CTRAW HATS AMI CAPS-AT HaNTA'S OLD STANP. ii i:.!enei of 1'anal und Wooat~r atreet" I have now tu atore ? large atonk of straw, leghorn and Hraid Ilala for huja; Braid. Leghorn and Straw Hat? liirfrli Neapo'ltau "Hilt S'raw and (loe Leghorn Hal* for liif^ la f m y Straw and IKbt Summer t aoa for hova aoft Felt llata. Panama, Milan. Uanloa. D'Jiialaule, Braid and Swi-a Siraw Rata fur gentlemen and for at' agea ol oorhood and yo'ith; light roul an l ec in 'njtcal brad cov?rlng fur the approaching hot ?veather N '< ? 'Jood^ aent to a'l parta of the rl'r or ad Jolnlr.g -tllea free >f charge. WM BANTA MT (Tana' atreet corner of Wooater LOAM OFFICE*. ? T 7f. -MONRT LIKKRALLT ADYANrRD AT 77 A ON DIAMOND8 WaTCHF.S IVWP.LRY. A. HORSES, HARNESS. WAOONR, #c.^ AT-7 PAtVNRi;?KERS4Tt-RRT3 WANTED AT T7 Of Diamnnda. Wilchea, lewelry. A' , and HO paroeril more pat 1 than tan >>e ? !'| ai r e, I a', a if otlitir pla e in 'he city at 77 Hiee-ke- atreet A T 1.1 ? PAWNBROKERS TICKET* W ANTED. T \ will nay pw? cent in, re than any other pvaonln |!i ? cltv for tlcAa'a ror Diamond* Watche* -Jewelry, 0 u,a. Plain ia ?llk < ,*c , Ac .. at ? Chatham *trert, r0 oi N > ' over fh? hat atora. a T U<? PAWNRROITICRS Tf-RFrS PI KflHSEP OF ii. I?iamond?, Watchaa. Silver Ware. Piano*, (tew, on Ma ehtnea M'tali-ai In*tr"ment* ilniti l'i?iol?. 1<rf Oo'da Ladle.a an 1 lentlemen a t^'oirting Carpet-, K -i'a ancf H*d ding. Fnrnitura Ac or 'he tan - b ? g'it at .'?lr pr -ea ttS i .itirtl *<met, third doo- *a*i of Eowerv under C ilr'B* Hank. A r )*HY LfWK.RA r.UT A T)f 4 0^ OTA ojifif, rT, s 'ff r Pll%l ? I i ?Ir. a2?o I'fcvrn wanted of )i* nor 4*, I^wdlry, fittvtu. PKtoU. *r , for l i pay 1?I0 t^pfl^nt morn tbrth <**n b# ftf HilV r?!i.rtr In thi* ?( t? r>jH> BromiwAv. corner ol tKouMtoii ?4roi up *iAirn. r(M?rn No, A At hknrt IIYMAH S U RROADW A Y, tJORNER OI Monil atreet, room No, A np ataira. wi ' r?? tie high eat ea?# (wice for Dlamonu* aetoronaet, IF* ( he* and nil ver Ware or adraarr* made m th* aatna ami aiao on riano* lUWt Hroailwar T li? NARSAT R HURT, ROOM N?. !. THI. HIOII .. eai pricoa a" ? -r lu *? 1 ?< t l"?- . ? '* i n and Jewelry of evary aeaerl| tlon ,\'?o lie m??t liberal advan'*ea rna*'e on iionaiirnmenta of the abova arifctea. hr A. HONIOMa.N, niamotid Broker. pAWIBROKERS TH' K I TS pi Rl'llASED. Of CLOTH I Ing Ac? A lave 'ot ol Clotliipg on 'and. Bualt.eas foal* $A to $'0 it a> <?!-"? a?. E ? 10 fin, Aip? a </ .W, Ltnnn foils, f%, Caattinere f t to < Veaia $l to H OKt' I.RVIK. t'i7 Rroome.atreet The hiohert i asii price paid for camrl llatr Hhae I* old Fur Cape* line Larea, old Cold pnd EliVer hy I.OUIH ANK10U. Hi Bt Al?U, uujfl Ut? N?w Tart HaML A a irrt^Fiwr vt?? Ma AMr> mks o. vanocniioki ??* S|o'ONf? t'nithWI'M. KKAI.IN4 AT DOO WORTH'S II A I.I. RVT' It DAY I VFNINQ. M4< U. ?AH VOU Jj! K K IT rakhpm. vh pith wick To tMMHW at tf o'clock. TlfiHeU Hi 'vnf- ^ 'P'lR SAI.AMANnrit. Tr?P HaI'AMANP**, J UK RAI.AMANUBK Till! S ALA X AN DEB. on Ki!*u Or rniR KiNcH AT JUNKS' WOOD. MAI 18 B A NfO INSTRUCTIONS ? I OTARANfFll ANY I'KR m)ii a p i r, 't k .ovs of tilf Hanjo In ono ootiw Ihrtf months' Instruction with onci without a pfcvlowf k-iowledge <?f tl?o ioKtruin^nL Mv method ts new. how' and origin*?, which *ny p??rn'?n ran feain in lift eeo mistilna Bati'o of ifie tuoftt hrjf i hi: tone furnl hvd the ?upM for practice II r >N , 74S it road way, n *r Klgbthjst_ SlU?OR nilRIsTOPffORO RUONOLftRf TIIK ?.RK\T KINO OK FIB* KIWOR will walk in fir p., hill walk llf ffRRL AT JONKs WOUt*. MAY \flS8 katk van<'K;m iiK-JKKrr 1?L KRII>A V KVf-NI N<; Mi/ 11. AT TIIK NKW ROWBRY TIJRATRR Messrs MITD'JK A VI I/O 11 S vt ill n>{?f>^?*r with the klnl permismon of R U. Hooley IODIC OUT FOR TOR ITALIAN * ALAK AJfni'R, J KROM THK ? HKMOKN8 <;*Ul>P.N LONIJON HK WALKH IN >U<|LLI A Fi ?' KIRK AT .ION I5H' WOOD. MAV 2 rrni' atrioal.?a ntorly furnishf./) uoi'xh J at a tav>rlte wa'*?nn* pla'f s litabl* fo? an ? rtwr wishtnz to retire where? he pimi plnv ? r mi ..-tv during tU#? *U<nrner ?nm>ths App? to J AS i'ONNKK AtiO 45 We* Houston fitreet. For A in imr m r tit ? niul Other ArtvrrHas* menta Hre Ntntli and 'trnlVi t*a|;ea. |{OAR?lM(S ANDIidDnilVti, AT !(? F.AST FOIFRTRKNTU HT UK V T Ori'OfliTE ? In- Arn i'vnv of Husic? .Two tr? tin m ? Rooat on par or floor, having all th" ?mp?"?"iMn--n?<- ,M,, h*<t with Hoard. Dinner at 6lu o'clock Referer. en *?< hanged. A T 24 NINTH HTRRFT BPTWFEW PI FT If ANHRIXTff r\ avenues. handsome Rooni to let nth Board, auitabUi for families or single *j?ntiernen A T NO ftt NINTH STRP.RT. W ST OF V N 1 V MUUTT /\ r?'aee. to let, wti > or without RO'i J Ro .in *, Mingle and en ^ ti 1 1?* RiiUnble for f;imtll?? and Truminnt boai lers Ukt-u. Ilouie tlr t ela^.^ AT Ii LRXfNOTON AVEHVK - \ FRW liAN]>ur>MR ly lurnNbed VvonniK en suite, <>r Hepariteh for kIh?I# Centlemen or ? aratlien of ait llM cianfl. family kinatl onlv pnrt?c?? willing to pay liberally need upjriy ^ reltfrcncet eich.iogel. A PRIVATE FAMILY WII.L LI T WITH PARTIAL Hoard a lar^e nnd well fw ni tie I R > ?m. ?uttnb!e two "ffiilou en. Also a handnnmelv ftirninhed 4<oom on the first I. o? r at t>.'{ Ifarnmond Hti eei, 5j ?tw??iii lJleocker and Fonrth Referencft required. AIIANDSOMR SI-IT or ROOMS OOffflfRTINO OP tw Inrv'e Parlors and Hedrnotn wili be with Roard, at 201 West Fonrteenm atrcet. Reference* eichanped APLKASJAWT ROOM 1^ fTKmRPP-WITH BO \ Rl> bv two yonn * men jr ation not above Twenty fifth atreet Ad-Ires* F and P., box J. 442 Post oGlce No an awe in nrtlicud unless terms are stated. A LAROK FRONT ROOM WITH 3MALL ON R AD. touting, on se ond fl k<<r nie?> furnished, to ront. with Ronrd tt's 1 wo su a I R' oms <n tiitr-l t|oor A|>plyatlST Wes' Thirteenth *tiv<>t eornrr of Seventh avenne A WIDOW LADY. WHO HAS OCCUPTFO A TlfGIH Koctal position, w h'* to met-; with >?n* or more uen J,'emen w o w?.nld assume the rent of a lift ?dr??? house in ps m^n' o*' their board A refined and pleaaant boms. Ad*! 1 e- s, tor one week Mrs Al^iander, station D, Rible Hons** AFKW 8IN0LB Of NTr4pMKN CAN PK AC< OMMO dated with Hoard at No. 1 f> W o-tor stroel. ne?r *'ftual ASI'IT of TMRKF ROOMS ON TffR PARLOR || . or in let, tosethT or wpparatelr. with full or partial R >ard Apnly at ll't Wavor!'?v place, near Washington sijnare Ar.APV. HAVINO I N K A Tl, ^ frit K.N IK II Kl? I KONT Room won la !"t I' to a C'l't'eOiaO mil (filly, with H ?rd 'or 'fie lady oiiIt ar flnulr 1;u'c tio o'.ln-r hoardero Ukoti ; prion of room fH tml week m adranue luqulrauT Mrn M , M'l Thotnp?> .tri'*'. ROARP -Pl.R.A^A NT ROOM 8 ON SBCONO Kf.OOB <% r> '1 (?!>? .1 Board pun tic bta -ned at 'fil Wr? ThPly fourth <tr*?' in-iww i Snventn an I I.glitti aronue* Itefar ear.-' eic.iHnged. BOARD TV BROOKLYN -A FEW HTNOfiE OKNTLR miMto i.v. MtOj fimiurt wi neatly f nroiKhed Room aari'l f' ?a*d :it 1 IH WaHMni;tojt atroel. ho ttve-n ONWHl and Tl'Krv tre-fi. Hi* iio-m liaa all mo mm iinproromenta. Pinner al 4i? o'olo k. Fl RNISHKP ROOV* TO LKT -KltON r AMD DARK Partora. neatly InruiKbod, In ? nriratD house and n loo iirtcth >orhorv1. ti. ?ctnnr "i <ingly, wilb i.an ilWinlinm, tit. Apply at l:>2 Uo>>r<>* street. I/HJRNlHl'EO DOUBLE ASP SINOLR ROOMS TO r let? w'th Roar. I u Nn?. 14ft '(? 1*>2 F.aat l*norlea?Ui I'rMI, "ilner ?f Second ??tnn? Inference. rTehanged First class board, with kink roomh, ok nerond door. in-w'v fnriii?h<~l In tfc>* benl uiauiiei. with labraom aljoimim. ran *e n&d by two gant'amen and th'lr wivea <>r tiro or aingte gentlemen, i i tk<* limine of a widow lady. wh'NM nbiec! i? nmlnly to aMuro ?<>me gonA company In her hmiae, ?he h trine been leodilly breavod of horhu hand Heat of relerenrea irV'en and re j ilred Lo catl 'D I2'l Wan Fortr third Mreet. Now Tork French board wantrd-hy a toi/n<i oentlr man. wliere Ihar* ?re f?v? or no hoarder* and pore Pla ruiao Froni-h n a/nkm. Iwmwu tflith aod laeiloi'Mi a?*o mien and Fourteenth and Thltlr fourth atrorU Addreao J. C II , No. I Bant Twentieth >.irret French ro.arp ? pesirahi.r parties cam rk acrotnmoda'ert with a tront Parlor ami lir*i1r??ofri. am iecotnl lloor and Hoard in th? (????. myle Apply ?i l.f Weak T?? fth aTPPt. ho'wri-n KITth anl Hlith arruun* HiiRllali , Spanun and 0*rtnan aiiokcti LAI>r RO\RI)KIt^ WAN"' -\T ?| WK8I UK' I A D w\j fx>.v Vnrk T)0OVIfl ON THF KTR^T \NI> TH!K1? 1L.OOR8TO I >i to aitiglo ni-iiUmnnu m eantleni?u aud th?u wiro* furnUh" I t nnf'11 lla ????!. with or wltl-Out Iv-a-d Apnl/ at IMI West Thirty ?Utb "trapt, Wwpmi Rroadway be ealii avmiu" Or.VF.RAr. NF A Tr.Y Fl'I'NtRtlKP ROnMH TO I.KT? ' to ? pi i?alr hoinw at 6? T i irup oa .ticet, lent uiodo rat-. TO I.KT? TO OKMLRVfl N A PARLOR ANf> IIKI> 1 room ail i a dioj!* Kootr . 'veil | intitl!'?! un Mi'iigd lloor, at II! ?onrtli ??ei)u?, *?li.vr Union a'iur'? 'po i/ t_h \Nn,ovKr.r riiRNiairRi) roomh on I th? ?"*unil floor ti> aim: >? .'?nll?Tiinn in a amall nrlvalo fttlll'y Ar ??'? ?l ?? S" .<m1 " naar !>.ra>nd ?r?ii'in. 'ror.Fl TO 0 1 NTt.F MF N OR OIN7r.KMF.N AND I thair wivi'< two I iro f-d Hi m* wit^i or wltliont fc i 1 ???({atbrr or rnar.-i:.'vy *i. I'll W .sai Twnnty hfi i'Od ?<r?i*' pornor otxth fvooiir TO *'? PER ni l r* K'?R I'.OAHO IN ulNOt.B ?p* ' Rooit ? a' th'- If ? "n' llo i-i* <*om of I|i?Mii all l.ai. b* ?-r ???f t I ? u- ^ Jo in H ;.aik tt to (7 to |>"i f >na mom ? n to4?thar $t.*> ?!? nit lodvini:*. W1 per day to tram"'] ? Watchman al1 nlgi 1(1 Wa' 1 KLK\ PtiAi.'F N K A R imiHUWAV -TO 1 I": in ft-i'Biifly f'irniihpd '-nit <? t AoarfiriPnti. ?>? parlor four m ? prlvuta whara no 'Mhar boaidnr* *r>- taknn, amtalilrt for ihraa or four dantlatnitii Tn<l',T V-I&K* P WE? ROOM*. NKWI.I KIIR !"?' niahad **on:aluine all the niprovemeot*. to lot, with or wlf bout Board iJinnor 't? j rOIMRTI?KRvHIP. Wanted? a. sileut partner, wrrn tar r.v a ?'l? ?ho I? doioK- ?? proi.i ?b; ? f.n'i bualnaaa Addraao for one a-ri-k A. B, C.. Motion I), Rlbta lt( Liir <51 -WANTKD. a RRLlAIILh MAN WITH ?PI. f)"". thm atnonn' in eaali. to invent e pially with tha i lr<-rtl?i"r III I |i rtwil buamoaa r?tnrprl?" ihat wld raa'i a ? "j e for'"ti? for >o i In !; tnon h? A ldre? H H Homy, l'oat Ofllfe. N. Y PIIUITAKT -\NI? H?VA1.. HBADOUAI!fRR-.iTWF!?rY EIVTn RF.W TOKIf l'?T ?iry ? Avoid the fraf, l?oy? Tew ifi.oil man wmf?4 lor oon < omm ?a.one<t oinoan ?-(er?na t>rcferred, loom ?rem, ?oddler and a few privata* < amp at Ma- tloifa H >ua4 for Ta\a?. Ilign >?! bounty paid Kor* Iwk out .or hrokero o J run.ter* Poll Itarora I P M ?t N Oaiuro atiae', naar Peorl.on fap'A o HENRTr.OI.IS $B00 CABS IJ? Hand FOR If tiOOD MEN KOa in'antr*. ?*?*' rr lijjhl nr hearr artli or* or for home Wfl'tn. Alao m.-n ntni?,| fo tM n? y Ai>t>ly fei ooco at 17 North W illiam atreet CI,OTHINQ. At THE NEW STORR ?J PARMINR STRPRT T^diea ind <ent!ann'n ran reooiee 8rt per rant more for Caul Off Clothing, by r.illlng on or addrcaalng H HIIII. WP.RO at the mora n irn'or Loiiieii a'tenJe/| by Mm Mkllbarg HKW PIBI.II ATIO.1l. Ant of the tplrrratrd frerch moors cam lw ieni b|f mall alo?a!? wa'e I ("A RTRK PR VrslTK, STK RKOS' 'OPtP VIB'VH, 40. Eurloaa r??l rimp ?r rjr "ar mil nrl~o liaf II HRI>WN, Bot 1.772 N?w Vnrk l'oat nffloo Books t artps ijk visitk ami> * hporthhi i Jnoila of rrrry dnanrlptl'iri ft a la nipj^ied at roa om able rates. .Send lor ata ?iuf to 0 J. UUMI'ERT S, 7S Ramon *?r?i t, N T. Tttsr piiBr.t-ofRO-THR t.itti.k hikkr Mii.r, or el Wli at anil llurtiOr Rent In a<'0'Kd nti?elO|ie on re m Urn rentM or e <th all eiimnte Photograph 'o< sypii WaTRON, P il'lUhai N T IETTEP. OF ADTIT FDR t.AnfRs J "tTF AN a T0MI04ti RNiJRAVJNOf Hat infrrm.illiia nrser before pilMlaliOd tool froe In ? aealod e'i?alopo rnr Ifl i-anto. A Idnii If; Sal I Iff |I bm i .New York Poat i>fl?. ?. D Rr.RTOTAV.R. P. WTLXI AM W HANOBR fl.ATR URaiHRNT PUT tlrt.'f ' I' up fal . P i eg? 1'il'a U.atni1 boa r r niniaB 0 No 7.T7 flrt. i I ?a' or r?"'o A dor pln.-e 1 vR Tl i R V f T II A d F MOVED TO Nit 27 A M I TT I ' f.|rret, r hf *e hi' mrttnuat to rer ore birth m r^- "M ara ?anar ' by liurvaor iheiw ??, tu>nor?, molea, and ail I'i^ool iraiionaof ii.o tkla, wllhMN pain uit lh?M Iot?r?ato4 Ml pe*ii*?'e - i ATCR a 00 H rRACTWAt. LtTiiooiArnMa, FROKAYRRR ARf> PRTMTKKt !?a*n fi^iairH to RO lit TIROADWaY. frinlty Ron I oy Wltil, IMPORTER Of WiN'M AND or? tm ie o>id fron n ri' ?n? airoet li? 'BP Oraa.1 utrcai, neat Hinodway Removal ? madams iiakri broa to irform i In I rrioad* and otitlome: ? thai nf" I a? URnnert Wllfc ? beautli il aaaortU" ^nf of Itni n.l (lata, b omen an l rio?o?* Ro 7 tlrtrofirl plai^, Tenth utrrfl He* r y Mimic Ur.MOVAU-OllIN TAltit * U MU ?>0, U lo N?. * riM ? WAR0 UAVB MOV<

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